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Christchurch City Libraries' New Brand Personality

This article in our library newsletter Bookmark launched our new brand to our public in August 2000.

Bookmark August 2000Christchurch City Libraries - more than you think...

Yes we have a new name and a new look!

This represents an exciting milestone in the library's development. As we move into a new century, we felt it was timely to review what the library means to you our customers and how we capture that in our name and image.

Firstly we concluded that we are Christchurch City Libraries funded predominantly by Christchurch City ratepayers for Christchurch City residents. We then discovered that our customers are surprised by the diversity of services offered by their local libraries we are Christchurch City Libraries, more than you think.

Our new logo has been designed to reflect the spirit of Christchurch City Libraries; we are future focused in a rapidly changing environment; we deliver library products and services with energy and fun; we are bicultural, signifying our respect for the Tangata Whenua of New Zealand; we connect you to the world of information and ideas.

The characters pictured on Bookmark's cover is also part of our new brand. You will see a family of these people throughout our publications they too have also been designed to capture the fun and energy of our brand, giving Christchurch City Libraries a very distinctive look.

So it is with some sadness that we farewell our old logo and name, which have served us admirably since 1989. However we are thrilled to welcome, in their place, a fresh new look designed to take us into the 21st Century.

Sasha Bowers
Promotions & Publications Co-ordinator

The new library logo.

Christchurch City Libraries New Brand Personality

The promotional bookmarks. We continued to use these images on our website until the launch of the new site in April 2001.

Christchurch City Libraries New Brand Personality

Christchurch City Libraries New Brand Personality

Christchurch City Libraries New Brand Personality

Christchurch City Libraries New Brand Personality

This postcard was delivered to every house in Christchurch.

Christchurch City Libraries New Brand Personality