About Papers Past

Access to digitised New Zealand newspapers and periodicals from 1839 to 1945. Coverage includes The Press from 1861 to 1928.

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Key features

Papers Past from the National Library of New Zealand showcases historical newspapers and periodical titles, with more being added regularly. Papers Past allows you to:

  • Read New Zealand’s earliest newspapers — the oldest listed is New Zealand Gazette and Wellington Spectator, August 21, 1839;
  • Access The Press, from 1861 to 1928; The Star, 1868-1914; The Sun 1914-1915
  • Read the New Zealand Herald from 1863-1945;
  • Read the newspapers in English and te reo Māori;
  • See full page and article images;
  • Search using keyword or browse options. Browse lets you look at all the newspapers, starting with a year, a region, or a newspaper title.

More information

The newspapers in Papers Past are a great source of information about the social, economic and political events of the times. Researchers of family history, whakapapa, and genealogy will find the shipping news, births, deaths, marriages and divorce proceedings of interest.

A range of newspapers are available on the site, making it a valuable source of information on life in all regions of New Zealand. This is a fantastic resource for Cantabrians as Papers Past’s coverage of The Press covers the early years of the Canterbury settlement, World War I, political commentary and public comment.