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Christchurch City Council jobs website.

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For specific enquiries about any of our vacancies you can contact the Christchurch City Council Recruitment Team on +643 941 8999 during normal business hours or email your query to jobs.noticeboard@ccc.govt.nz.

Questions and answers

Some answers to commonly asked questions about library work.

What jobs can I apply for?
All vacancies advertised on the Christchurch City Council jobs website can be applied for. Each job requires specific skills, qualifications and experience. Before applying for a job you should match your skills and experience with those necessary.
Do I need a library qualification?
We have a number of jobs that do need a library qualification and others that don’t. Each job that we advertise will describe the type and level of qualification that is needed.
How do I become a librarian?
To become a librarian you need a library qualification. There are two main options to study for a library qualification: Many university graduates use the Library Assistant position as a stepping stone for a career in libraries and often study while they work.
How do I apply for a vacancy?
All vacancies at Christchurch City Libraries are advertised on the Christchurch City Council jobs website. To apply you will need to visit the website and follow the online instructions.