Short Stories by NZ Children’s Authors

My dog … your dog
Text by Ted Dawe, Illustrations by Jane V. Ridall

Dedicated to Oliver Ridall-Dawe

My dog’s better than your dog!

No way!
I've got a hairy dog

Hairy dog
Sheep dog
Call that hairy?
I've got a sheep dog.
Sheep dog?
Check out my cow dog.
Cow dog
Bull dog
Never heard of a cow dog.
I've got a bull dog.
What use is a bull dog?
I've got a pig dog.
Pig dog
Whale dog
A pig dog?
I bet it eats heaps.
You bet!
My dog’s a whale dog.
It can dive to the bottom of the sea.
Elephant dog
Seal dog
I've got an elephant dog.
It’s got big ears and a trunk.
My seal dog can balance a ball on the end of its nose.

Chess dog

Algebra dog
Good trick!
My dog can play chess.
Brainy? My dog does algebra.
Knitting dog
Trousers dog
Algebra is easy. My dog can knit. Knit?
My dog made these trousers.
Trousers dog
Hat dog
My dog wears trousers. Mine wears a hat.
Little dog
My little dog is the same!
Whose little dog are you?
He’s my little dog.
What a nice little dog.
He’s just the same …
… as my little dog.

Readers' Comments

I thought it was kind of funny but I have a lion dog
Ciaran, 13
Its fun to read
Christianh, 14
It was pretty funny but my dog can do better.
Dylan, 13
its very good
Hamish, 11
Well I tink it was realy funny I have a pupy that rips thing apart
Riki, 11
I think this story is a pretty good story. all so for kids.
kurt, 11
I think its a very stange but cool stroy.I have a dog that likes to eat funny food like scraps.
Matthew, 11
I thought the story had lots of humour i also have a puppy she likes to eat my shoes.
Hamish, 11
it was funny!
Dylan, 12
Well my dog can sleep for hours!
Maggie, 11
I think its a very funny story i've got a dog as well who likes to do tricks she’s pretty funny at times and she’s a foxy and she tries to chase her tail even though she’s hasn’t got a tail.
wonderful superb triffic
Maddie, 10
different, but I enjoyed it
Helena, 13
It has a lot of dialouge not good.
Megan, 4
Very good! Quite a good, fun little piece that is a ROFL! Keep them rolling.
Leina-Marie, 11
Seriously, this is funny.
Monique, 10
Oh yeah? well MY dog EATS elephants, but seriously, that was good.
Slim, 22
I think it was very creative.
Maryellen, 12
I think it was funny, I have a dog that plays with a balloon.
Megan, 13
It was a weird story - what weird dogs!
Zayden, 9
cool :)
Mal, 7
i thourt it was quite funny like the bulldog it was a bull
Lucas, 10
i just have to read it over and over again. I have a dog that chases small lights and shadows
Lucas, 10
Oh Yeah!! well our dog eats shadows!!!!
Lily, 8 & Lucas, 10

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