Inventors and their inventions

Who invented it? Invention? When?
Thomas Allbutt Thermometer (medical) 1867
American Electrical Novelty & Manufacturing Co. Flashlight (torch) 1890s
Nicholas Francois Appert Heat-bottled food (glass container) 1804 (factory)
Ralph Baer Video games 1967
John Logie Baird Television 1926 (demonstration of moving object televised)
Bank of Stockholm Banknotes 1661
Frederick Banting & Charles Best Insulin 1921
Christiaan Barnard Heart transplants 1967
Paul Beiersdorf Adhesive plaster-covered bandages 1882
Alexander Graham Bell Telephone 1876
F. H. Bennett Dog biscuit 1908
Melitta Bentz Coffee filter paper 1908
Karl Benz Automobile, internal combustion (gasoline-powered) 1885 (1st patent issued for gas-fuelled car)
Charles Best & Frederick Banting Insulin 1921
Clarence Birdseye Frozen food (rapid dry freezing) 1923 (Birdseye Seafoods est)
Ladislao & Georg Biro Ball point pen 1938
Anthony Blatner Fire-engine 1518
Dr Thomas Blundell Blood transfusion 1818
Nils Bohlin (idea) Seat belts, 3 point (lap and shoulder) 1959
Gail Borden Condensed milk 1849
1856 (patent)
Thomas & William Bowler Bowler hat 1849
Jacques E. Brandenburger Cellophane 1912
Louis and Jacques Breguet Helicopter (first manned vertical lift-off) 1907
Dr David Brewster Kaleidoscope 1816
1817 (patent)
Harold P Brown & Dr E A Kennelly Electric chair 1890
Edwin Beard Budding Lawn mower 1830
Dr John F. Burke & Ioannis V. Yanna Artificial skin 1979
William A Burt Typewriter 1829 (first US patent)
Dr Thaddeus Cahill Typewriter (electric) 1901
Francois-Louis Cailler Chocolate bar 1819
Dr Wallace Carothers Nylon 1938
Joseph Bienaime Caventou & Pierre Joseph Pelletier Quinine 1820
James Chalmers Postage stamp (adhesive) 1834
Min-Chueh Chang, Gregory Pincus, John Rock Birth control pill 1960 (approved by U.S. Federal Drug Agency)
Claude Chappe Semaphore 1793
John P Charlton Postcard 1861
John Charnley Artificial hip 1972
Godtfred Kirk Christiansen Lego 1955 (registered trademark)
Georges Claude Neon light 1910
Christopher Sydney Cockerell Hovercraft 1955
Henry Cole (suggestion) & John Calcott Horsley Christmas card 1843
W. F. Cooke & Charles Wheatstone Telegraph 1837 (patent)
1838 (public demonstration)
Denton Cooley Artificial heart (implant, human) 1969
Paul Cornu Helicopter (first free, piloted flight) 1907
Jacques Cousteau Aqualung 1943
Francis Crick, James Watson, Rosalind Franklin DNA (structure) 1953
Bartolommeo Cristofori Piano (Hammerklavier) 1709
George Crum Potato chips 1853
Nicholas Cugnot Motorcar 1769
Gottleib Daimler & Wilhelm Maybach Motorcycle (petrol engine) 1885
Sir Humphrey Davy Miner's safety lamp 1815
Johann Christoph Denner Clarinet c1690
Sir James Dewar Vacuum flask 1892
Earl Dickson Band-aid 1920
Rudolf Diesel Diesel engine 1892 (patent for proposed engine)
Marion Donovan Diaper, disposable (nappy) 1951
Heinrich Dreser & Felix Hoffman Aspirin 1899
Richard Drew Adhesive tape, transparent (Scotch tape) 1930
Philip Drinker Iron lung 1929
John Dunlop Tyre (pneumatic, with valve, for bicycle) 1888
Peter Durand Canned food (tin-plate canisters) 1810 (patent)
George Eastmann Camera (flexible roll film)Photographic film (using celluloid) 1888
Thomas Alva Edison
see also Joseph Swan
Electric light bulb (incandescent filament lamp) (jointly credited with development)
Phonograph (commercial)
1879 (public lighting demonstration in New York)
1878 (patent)
Paul Ehrlich Chemotherapy 1911
Willem Einthoven Electrocardiograph 1903
Karl Elsener Swiss Army knife 1891
Frank Epperson Ice-block (ice-lolly, popsicle) 1923
Henri Fabre Seaplane 1910
George Washington Gale Ferris Ferris wheel 1893
Adolf Fick Contact lens (glass) 1887
Alva Fisher Electric washing machine 1908
1910 (patent)
Alexander Fleming Penicillin 1928
Henry Ford Mass production assembly line 1908
Benjamin Franklin Bifocal lenses 1784
Rosalind Franklin, Francis Crick, James Watson DNA (structure) 1953
French Academy of Sciences Metric system 1791 (proposal)
1799 (standards adopted)
Arthur Fry Post-it note 1974
Jacob Fussell Ice-cream (dairy mass-produced) 1851
Dennis Gabor Hologram (principles of holography) 1947 (idea)
Richard Jordan Gatling Machine gun 1862
Dorothy Gerber Baby food (commercial) 1927
Henri Giffard Airship 1852
King Camp Gillette Razor (disposable blade) 1901
Joseph Glidden (Illinois) Barbed wire 1874 (patent)
Robert Goddard Rocket, liquid fuelled (first launch) 1926
Alexandre Godefoy Electric hair dryer 1890
Charles Goodyear Rubber (vulcanised) 1839
1844 (patent)
Betty Nesmith Graham Liquid paper (typing correction fluid) 1951
Dr George F. Grant Golf tee (wooden) 1899 (patent)
Wilson Greatbatch Pacemaker (artificial, implantable) 1960 (first implant)
Robert Green Ice-cream soda 1874
Hanson Crockett Gregory Doughnut 1847
George Fellows Harrington Dental drill 1864
Sir John Harrington Water closet c1590
James Harrison (Australia)
see also Alexander Catlin Twining (US)
Refrigerator (simultaneously) 1850
John Harrison Chronometer (marine) 1735
William Harvey Blood circulation 1610
Hermann Ludwig von Helmholtz Opthalmoscope 1851
Henkel et Cie (Germany) Detergent (household) 1907
Rowland Hill Postage stamp 1837
Felix Hoffman & Heinrich Dreser Aspirin 1899
John Calcott Horsley, suggested by Henry Cole Christmas card 1843
Coenrad van Houten Cocoa 1828
Walter Hunt (US) & Charles Rowley (UK) Safety pin 1849
Christiaan Huygens Clock (pendulum)
Engine, internal combustion (gunpowder-fuelled)
John Wesley Hyatt Celluloid 1869
H Vernon Ingram Laser eye surgery 1964
Mary Phelps Jacob Brassiere 1914 (patent)
Richard James Slinky c1945
Hans Janssen Microscope (compound) 1590
Edward Jenner Smallpox (vaccine) 1796 (first experiments)
Jean-Baptiste Jolly Dry-cleaning 1845
Whitcombe L Judson Zip fastener 1892
Dr John Kellogg Cornflakes 1895
Dr E A Kennelly & Harold P Brown Electric chair 1890
Arnold Kent (idea) Airbag (automobile) developed by U.S. automotive engineers 1961
William Kent Perambulator, child's (pram) 1733
Jack Kilby Calculator (pocket) 1967 (patent)
Ray Kroc McDonald's restaurant franchise 1954
Rene Theophile Hyacinthe Laennec Stethoscope 1816
Arthur Leslie Large Electric kettle 1922
John Lea & Williams Perrins Worcester sauce 1838
Georges Leclenche Battery (dry cell) 1866 (patent)
Anton van Leeuwenhoek Bacteria 1673
Jean-Joseph Etienne Lenoir Engine, internal combustion (coal gas fuelled) 1859
1860 (patent)
J C R Licklider Internet 1962 (concept)
James Lind Scurvy 1753
Hyman Lipman (Philadelphia)
see also Joseph Rechendorfer
Eraser-tipped pencil (simultaneously) 1858
Hans Lippershey Telescope
Joseph Lister Antiseptic 1865
Johan Edvard Lundstrom Match (safety, phosphorous) 1855
Ives W McGaffey Vacuum cleaner 1869
Archibald Hector McIndoe Plastic surgery 1940s
Charles Macintosh Rubber (waterproof) 1823 (patent)
Kirkpatrick Macmillan Bicycle (pedal) 1839
Carlton C. Magee Parking meter 1932 (patent)
George William Manby Fire extinguisher 1813
Italo Marcioni Ice-cream cone 1896
1903 (cone mold patented)
Guglielmo Marconi Radio (cross-Atlantic transmission)
Telegraph (wireless) first Morse code signals over 2.4 km
Siegfried Marcus (experimental) Automobile (internal-combustion gasoline-powered) c1864
Wilhelm Maybach & Gottleib Daimler Motorcycle (petrol engine) 1885
Hippolyte Mege-Mouries Margarine 1868
Johann Gregor Mendel Genetics 1866
Georges de Mestral Velcro 1948
1957 (patent)
Harry M Meyer Jr & Paul D Parkman Rubella vaccine 1965
Morris Michtom Teddy bear 1902
John Montagu, Earl of Sandwich Sandwich 1762
Joseph-Michel & Jacques-Etienne Montgolfier Balloon (hot air) 1783
Gordon Moore and Robert Norton Noyce Micro-processor 1971
Etienne J. Morel Tourniquet 1674
Giovanni Battista Morgagni Pathology 1761
Garrett Augustus Morgan Gas mask 1912
Akio Morita Walkman 1979
Samuel Morse Morse code 1837 (patent)
1844 (first message)
William Morton Anaesthetic 1846
Colin Murdoch (NZ) Disposable syringe,
Tranquiliser dart gun
1956 (patent)
Isaac Newton Reflecting Telescope 1668
Joseph Niepce Photograph (first) 1826
Alfred Nobel Dynamite 1866
Robert Norton Noyce & Gordon Moore Micro-processor 1971
Elisha Graves Otis Elevator (safety) 1852
William Painter Bottle top (metal) 1892 (patent)
Ambrose Pare Artificial limbs 1575 (book: Works)
Paul D Parkman & Harry M Meyer Jr Rubella vaccine 1965
Gustave E. Pasch Matches (safety) 1844
Louis Pasteur Anthrax (vaccine)
Cholera (vaccine)
Rabies (vaccine)
Charles Pearson (idea) Subway 1863
Pierre Joseph Pelletier & Joseph Bienaime Caventou Quinine 1820
Dr John Stith Pemberton Coca-cola 1886
Henry D. Perky Shredded wheat 1893
Williams Perrins & John Lea Worcester sauce 1838
Philips Co. Audio-cassette 1963
Gregory Pincus, John Rock, Min-Chueh Chang Birth control pill 1960 (approved by U.S. Federal Drug Agency)
John Polson Cornflour 1854
Charles Gabriel Pravaz
see also Alexander Wood
Hypodermic syringe (simultaneously) 1853
Mary Quant Mini-skirt 1965
Grote Reber Radio telescope 1937
Joseph Rechendorfer (New York)
see also Hyman Lipman
Eraser-tipped pencil (simultaneously) 1858
Regency Electronics Transistor radio 1954
James J Ritty Cash register 1879
John Rock, Gregory Pincus, Min- Chueh Chang Birth control pill 1960 (approved by U.S. Federal Drug Agency)
Wilhelm Roentgen X-rays 1895
Erik Rotheim Aerosol can 1926
1927 (patent)
Charles Rowley (UK) & Walter Hunt (US) Safety pin 1849
Erno Rubik Rubik's cube 1977 (patent)
Sidney Russell Electric blanket 1912
Jonas Salk Polio (vaccine) 1955 (field trial results announced)
Antoine Joseph Sax Saxophone 1844
1846 (patent)
Jacob Schick Razor (electric) 1928 (patent)
Henry W Seely Electric flat iron 1882 (patent)
Friedrich Wilhelm Adam Serturner Morphine 1805
Dr Washington Sheffield Toothpaste tube 1892
William B. Shockley Transistor 1948 (patent)
Isaac Merritt Singer Sewing machine (domestic, production model) 1857
James Smith and Sons Cough drops 1847
Lucien Smith Barbed wire 1867
Sony Walkman (personal stereo tape- replayer) 1979
Percy LeBaron Spencer Microwave oven 1945
James Starley Penny Farthing bicycle 1870
George Stephenson Railway (first passenger steam) 1825
Levi Strauss Blue jeans 1850
Joseph Swan
see also Thomas Alva Edison
Electric light bulb (incandescent filament lamp) (jointly credited with development) 1878 (patent)
Nikolai Tesla Telegraph (wireless) 1893 (public demonstration)
Barthélemy Thimmonier Sewing machine 1830 (patent)
L N Thompson Rollercoaster 1884 (patent)
Richard Trevithick Steam locomotive 1804
Konstantin Tsolkovsky (theory) Rocket (liquid-fuelled) 1903
Earl Tupper Tupperware (company) 1938
Alexander Catlin Twining (US)
see also James Harrison (Australia)
Refrigerator (simultaneously) 1850
Johann Waaler Paper clip 1899 (patent)
Ruth Wakefield Chocolate chip cookie 1933
John Walker Match (friction) 1827
Frederick Walton Linoleum 1860
Ezra J. Warner Can opener 1858 (patent)
Lewis Edson Waterman Fountain pen 1884
James Watson, Rosalind Franklin, Francis Crick DNA (structure) 1953
Charles Wheatstone & W.F. Cooke Telegraph 1838
Frank Whittle Jet engine 1930 (patent)
Dietrich Nikolaus Winkel Metronome (pendulum) 1810
Alexander Wood
see also Charles Gabriel Pravaz
Hypodermic syringe (simultaneously) 1853
Orville & Wilbur Wright Aeroplane (controlled, engine powered flight) 1903
Ioannis V. Yanna & Dr John F. Burke Artificial skin 1979
Eduard Zirm Corneal transplants 1906