If you like…

If you like Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams

If you like humourous or satirical fantasy and science fiction such as Cover: The Colour of MagicTerry Pratchett’s Discworld series and Douglas Adam’s Hitchhiker series, then you might also like the following:

Piers Anthony
Xanth Novels.
Jasper Fforde
Thursday Next series.
Eric Flint
The Philosophical Strangler.
Harry Harrison
Bill the Galactic Hero & The Stainless Steel Rat series.
Neil Gaiman
Won the 2002 Nebula award and the 2002 Hugo award for American Gods.
Has done a number of co-authoring efforts with the likes of Terry Pratchet and Douglas Adams as well as books for young adults and graphic novels.
Don't panic: the official Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy.
Tom Holt
Titles include Earth, Air, Fire and Custard, Who's afraid of Beowulf & Snow White and the seven Samurai
the da da de da da code by Robert RankinGrant Naylor
Red Dwarf
Terry Pratchett
Author of the Discworld books. We have a large number of his books as talking books.
Robert Rankin
Even the titles are funny.
Andy Secombe
Geoffrey Chaucer
Canterbury Tales
Although written in 1386, these satirical stories are well worth a revisit for Pratchett fans.

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