New Titles Children’s July 2014 (arrived in June 2014)

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Terry Deary's Greek tales, Terry Deary.
In The Lion's Slave, Archimedes servant Lydia is the bane of his life. But when the Romans besiege Syracuse, it is Lydia who comes up with ways to help the Greeks…
The Town Mouse and the Spartan House sees orphaned Darius going to live with his uncle Alcmaeon, a general in the Spartan army - but he finds Spartan life shocking.
In The Boy Who Cried Horse, young Acheron is known for his tall tales. So when he tells Prince Paris that the Trojan Horse is a Greek plot, no-one believes him…
Finally, The Tortoise and the Dare sees Elena in danger of becoming a slave after her brother makes a reckless bet in a sporting contest.
A fine step, directed by Jonathan Meyers.
A Fine Step is an uplifting family drama centering on Cal Masterson, an award winning horseman whose relationship with his beloved horse Fandango allows him to achieve multiple championship wins. However tragedy strikes when Cal and Fandango are involved in a serious accident, ending Cal's horse riding days forever. Cal's devastation is slowly overcome when his new neighbour, 14 year old Claire Mason takes an interest in Fandango and convinces him that Fandango's competing days might not be over.
Barbie and the three musketeers (DVD), directed by William Lau.
Join Barbie as Corinne, a young country girl who pursues her dream in Paris - to become a Musketeer! There she meets three girls who secretly share the same dream. Can the girls dance at the masquerade ball, transform into musketeer costumes and save the prince - all without breaking a heel? Come along on an exciting adventure that shows dreams really do come true!
Barbie as the princess and the pauper (DVD), directed by William Lau.
Barbie features as a princess and a poor village girl - 2 girls who look alike. The girls' paths are fated to cross when Princess Anneliese is captured and Erika, her look-alike, must try to save her.
Barbie in The 12 dancing princesses (DVD), director, Greg Richardson
King Randolph sends for his cousin Duchess Rowena to help turn his daughters, Princess Genevieve and her 11 sisters, into better ladies. But the Duchess takes away all the sisters fun, including the sisters favorite pastime: dancing. Thinking all hope is lost they find a secret passageway to a magical land were they can dance the night away. But what happens when their father suddenly turns ill? Will they be able to save him in time?
Barbie. The pearl princess, directed by Zeke Norton.
Lumina is a mermaid who dreams of being a princess. As long as she can remember, she's had a magical power that makes pearls dance and glow. Lumina and her best friend Kuda, a pink seahorse, embark on an adventure to a majestic mer-kingdom. There, she uses her powers to help her friends prepare for the Royal Ball. Lumina then discover that her magical pearls are the key to unlocking her true destiny and ultimately saving the kingdom.
Escape to Grizzly Mountain, directed by Anthony Dalesandro.
Heroes can come from any time — but heroism is timeless. This follows a brave boy back through time in a race to save one of Earth's cutest and most lovable creatures.
Frozen, directed by Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee.
Fearless optimist Anna sets off on an epic journey — teaming up with rugged mountain man Kristoff and his loyal reindeer Sven — to find her sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter. Encountering Everest-like conditions, mystical trolls and a hilarious snowman named Olaf, Anna and Kristoff battle the elements in a race to save the kingdom.
Grizzly Mountain, directed by Jeremy Haft.
Two time-travelling 20th century kids go to the wild frontier of the Oregon Territory in the year of 1870 and help the Indians of Gizzly Mountain to save the their sacred tribal homeland from the scheme of greedy land developers.
Marco and the pirates.,
In his dreams, Marco Macaco is a cool cop solving major crimes - in fact, he is just a dedicated beach officer on a tropical island where nothing seems to happen. His hopes to win beautiful Lulu's heart get shattered when charming Carlo arrives on the island to build a gigantic monkey-shaped casino right on Marco's beach. Jealous and suspicious of his rival, Marco starts an undercover investigation and reveals the incredible truth: Carlo wants to take over the island and instate himself as president! When Marco tries to arrest Carlo a problem rises. Literally from the ground. Because Carlo's Casino is a giant robot.
The bracelet of Bordeaux, directed by Casey Kelly.
Someone is dognapping the canine citizens of Chem City, Texas! Two tween girls overcome danger and conspiracies as they set out to solve the crime with the help of a magical bracelet. As they battle the mob, a punk gang, and a crooked cop, they learn about friendship, courage, and the importance of hanging with the right crowd.
The iron giant (DVD), directed by Brad Bird.
Hogarth Hughes has just rescued an enormous robot that fell from the stars to Earth. Now young Hogarth has one very big friend and an even bigger problem: how do you keep a 50-foot tall, steel-eating giant a secret?
The little rascals save the day, directed by Alex Zamm.
Join the fun with Spanky, Alfalfa, Darla, Buckwheat, Petey the dog, and the whole gang as they are up to their usual mischief! The Rascals try anything to raise the money needed to save their grandma's bakery. The only trouble is, they just can't seem to do anything right! From botched pet washes to terrible taxi service, they can't raise a penny. Their only hope is to win prize money from the local talent show, but have you ever heard Alfalfa sing?
The odd life of Timothy Green (DVD), directed by Peter Hedges.
An inspiring magical story for the whole family. Cindy and Jim Green are a happily married couple who can't wait to start a family but can only dream about what their child would be like. When young Timothy shows up on their doorstep one stormy night, Cindy and Jim learn that sometimes the unexpected can bring some of life's greatest gifts.
Turbo, directed by David Soren.
After a freak accident, a garden snail with dreams of becoming the fastest snail in the world might just realize his goal.
Walking with dinosaurs : the movie, directed by Barry Cook.
In a time when dinosaurs rule the Earth, the smallest of the pack — a playful Pachyrhinosaurus named Patchi — embarks on the biggest adventure of his life. As he tries to find his place in a spectacular world filled with fun-loving friends and a few dangerous foes, Patchi will discover the courage he needs to become the leader of the herd and a hero for the ages.
Add yourself to the sound, Snapdragon.
The wheels on the bus playtime.,
Songs for bubbas [sound recording], Anika Moa.
Ben 10 omniverse. Vol. 4, Duel of the duplicates (DVD), Cartoon Network.
Armed with his Ultramatrix, the evil Albedo has gone deep undercover, disguised as Ben, while he seeks a device that will finally change him back to his Galvan form and allow him to succeed with his most diabolical plan ever. And it's up to Ben, Rook and Max to stop him from absorbing Azmuth's intelligence and taking over the galaxy. But with Khyber as an ally, it looks as though Albedo is unstoppable.
Dora the Explorer. Dora's super soccer showdown.,
Help Dora go for the gold when she heads to Brazil with her team for the Big Cup Soccer Tournament! Plus, travel back in time for an ancient Mayan ball game, help Dora save her cousin Daisy's soccer game at the stadium, and thrill to animal athletics at Boots and Baby Jaguar's circus!
LEGO legends of Chima. Volume 1.,
Once a pristine, natural paradise, the Kingdom of CHIMA has become a battle ground for eight animal tribes. Best friends are now enemies. The animals fight for control of a natural resource called CHI, a powerful element that is both a source of life and potential destruction. Only a few brave heroes in CHIMA understand the true nature of CHI, and the possible downfall of CHIMA that will result from its misuse. Their stories, and the stories of those who seek to destroy them, are known as… THE LEGENDS OF CHIMA.
LEGO legends of Chima. Volume 2.,
Once a pristine, natural paradise, the Kingdom of CHIMA has become a battle ground for eight animal tribes. Best friends are now enemies. The animals fight for control of a natural resource called CHI, a powerful element that is both a source of life and potential destruction. Only a few brave heroes in CHIMA understand the true nature of CHI, and the possible downfall of CHIMA that will result from its misuse. Their stories, and the stories of those who seek to destroy them, are known as… THE LEGENDS OF CHIMA.
LEGO legends of Chima. Volume 3.,
Once a pristine, natural paradise, the Kingdom of CHIMA has become a battle ground for eight animal tribes. Best friends are now enemies. The animals fight for control of a natural resource called CHI, a powerful element that is both a source of life and potential destruction. Only a few brave heroes in CHIMA understand the true nature of CHI, and the possible downfall of CHIMA that will result from its misuse. Their stories, and the stories of those who seek to destroy them, are known as… THE LEGENDS OF CHIMA.
LEGO legends of Chima. Volume 4.,
Once a pristine, natural paradise, the Kingdom of CHIMA has become a battle ground for eight animal tribes. Best friends are now enemies. The animals fight for control of a natural resource called CHI, a powerful element that is both a source of life and potential destruction. Only a few brave heroes in CHIMA understand the true nature of CHI, and the possible downfall of CHIMA that will result from its misuse. Their stories, and the stories of those who seek to destroy them, are known as… THE LEGENDS OF CHIMA.
Mickey Mouse clubhouse. Minnie's pet salon (DVD).,
Whether you have a playful puppy, a funny frog or a bouncing bunny, Minnie's sparkling new Pet Salon is open for business and adventure! All your Clubhouse pals are bringing their animal friends to get spruced up for Pluto's All-Star Pet Show. With so many pets to bathe, groom and train, Minnie needs help. Luckily, Mickey and the gang are there to lend a hand. But when three adorable little kittens go missing, it will take the right Mouseketools and help from YOU to find them in time for the big show. So who will win the Grand Prize? Get ready to be surprised!
Peppa Pig. My birthday party (DVD).,
"Peppa is a loveable, cheeky little piggy who lives with her younger brother George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig. Peppa loves playing games, dressing up, visiting exciting places and making new friends, but her absolutely favourite thing is jumping up and down in muddy puddles" — Container.
Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, Season two, volume 3, Spooky stampede (DVD).,
The crew continues their thrilling and terrifying tour of the 'Most Hauntedest Place on Earth!' In these final episodes of Season 2, the Mystery Inc. crew races against time, creepy creatures, and other interested parties to solve long-buried secrets of their hometown. Can the gang also solve their greatest mystery yet and save Earth from destruction?
Sofia the First. The floating palace (DVD).,
Do you believe in mermaids? You will - when you set sail on a magical Junior-length adventure under the sea with Sofia the First! After Sofia helps a little mermaid named Oona, Sofia's amulet grants her the power to transform into a mermaid and visit her new friend's secret underwater kingdom. But when Cedric (disguised as a sea monster) plots to steal Oona's enchanted Mermaid Comb, danger surfaces for both worlds. With a little help from special guest, Princess Ariel, Sofia embarks on an adventure to rescue Oona and prevent a typhoon before it's too late
SpongeBob SquarePants. Deep-sea games (DVD).,
Team Umizoomi. Umigames.,
Join Team Umizoomi on four mighty math missions filled with exciting games, including the biggest sports event around - the Umi Games!
The wild Thornberrys. Seasons 4 & 5 (DVD),
Following a mystical meeting with a mysterious shaman, Eliza Thornberry is imparted with a wonderful gift. She can talk to animals! Now she, along with her eccentric and adventurous family, travels the world on a mission to communicate and help the animal kingdom in ways never before possible. Episode highlights include the Thornberrys fighting a forest fire, Nigel and Marianne filming a wild orangutan, the group attending Dr. Jane Goodall's Chimpanzee Sanctuary opening, Debbie saving Shane and Eliza after their canoe capsizes, and more!
Galactic poodle, R.L. Asquith.
Keith, King of Threggs, spinach finder general and lord of the loonyverse, is ready to attack Earth with some very nasty baddies and an evil Thing called Mandy. Can Flowkwee, in his schoolboy disguise, save Earth for a third time? If you don't care, don't listen to this book. And never learn the significance of the Galactic Poodle.
Sequins, stars & spotlights, Sophia Bennett.
Crow is on the way to becoming an international fashion designer. Jenny's been discovered by a Broadway composer. Edie still wants to go to Harvard. Nonie - isn't really sure, but knows it's something fashion-related and wonderful. They're growing up and on the brink of glittering careers. So why are their lives so complicated? Why does success demand sacrifices, and which ones are they willing to make?
Poppy's hero, Rachel Billington.
When Poppy discovers that her father Frank is in prison, she is angry and bewildered. Seeing her wonderful, heroic father in a London prison looking pale, subdued and in prison clothes, she suddenly has a brilliant idea: to free her father. She and her friend Will invent all kinds of escape ideas for him — until she hears that he has been removed to a prison far away on an island, with five years to serve. But when the prison decides to stage a musical using professionals and prisoners, Frank is picked for the lead role. It is then that the questions begin.
Casper Candlewacks in attack of the brainiacs!, Ivan Brett.
Grab your glow-in-the-dark trousers, Casper's back in this third ridiculously hilarious, hilariously ridiculous madcap adventure. Most villages have an idiot but Casper's village is full of them. So being bright makes poor Casper something of an outsider. A side-splittingly funny romp for girls and boys, featuring a massive food fight, an evil French chef and a machine that fires omelettes.
Casper Candlewacks in the time travelling toaster, Ivan Brett.
Most villages have an idiot but Casper's village is full of them, so being bright makes Casper something of an outsider. Luckily Casper has Lamp to keep him company. Lamp is Casper's less-than-bright best mate who is also a strangely ingenious inventor. Lamp's latest invention is a time-travelling toaster, but when Casper time travels to the future he finds the evil Blights have taken over everything! Will Casper save the future or will he just end up as toast?
Alice's adventures in Wonderland ; and, Through the looking-glass, Lewis Carroll.
Alice falls down a rabbit hole and discovers a world of nonsensical and amusing characters.
About average, Andrew Clements.
As the end of sixth grade nears, Jordan Johnson, unhappy that she is only average in appearance, intelligence, and athletic ability, reveals her special skills when disaster strikes her central Illinois elementary school.
The Spook's destiny, Joseph Delaney.
The Spook, Tom and Alice travel to Ireland, fleeing from the war in the County. There, Tom must tackle a group of evil mages who are desperate to rid their land of the Spook and his apprentice, and to increase their own dark powers. His dangerous mission against the mages leads Tom to the Destiny Blade - a sword with a dark side, and a thirst for blood. Will this new weapon give him a fighting chance against the Fiend? If he's to survive, he'll need training, and only one person can help - Grimalkin, the witch assassin. The dark against the dark …
Circus Maximus, Damian Dibben.
The History Keepers are in terrible danger once more. Stocks of Atomium the crucial ingredient which allows them to travel through time are perilously low, and the agents must embark on a risky mission to find more. And now a new and even more evil member of the Zeldt family is planning a hideous take-over of the Ancient world, and they are forced to travel further back into history than ever before in order to save the day. Well, all of the days actually. In this exciting sequel, "The History Keepers" embark upon another rollercoaster adventure that takes us into the heart of the ancient world, from the doors to Hades, to the streets of Rome at the height of its glorious empire. You think the chariot race in Ben Hur is exciting? Wait till you see the History Keepers racing round Rome.
Shiverton Hall, Emerald Fennell.
Arthur Bannister has been unexpectedly accepted into Shiverton Hall, which, as it turns out, is an incredibly spooky school, full of surprises. And it is just as well that Shiverton Hall has made its offer, because Arthur had a horrible time at his previous school, and was desperate to leave. Timely indeed … But Arthur has no time to worry about the strange coincidence. He is too busy trying to make head or tail of Shiverton Hall, dogged as it is by tales of curses and bad fortune. At least there are a few friendly faces: George, who shows him around; also Penny and Jake. But not all the faces are friendly. There are the bullying Forge triplets for starters. And then there is the acid tongue of the headmistress, Professor Long-Pitt, who seems to go out of her way to make Arthur's life a misery. Luckily Arthur has his new friends to cheer him up. Although there are some friends that you don't want to have at all, as Arthur is soon to find out.
Blackberry Blue and other fairy tales, Jamila Gavin
Features six magical stories. In this title, you can watch Blackberry Blue rise from the bramble patch; follow Emeka the pathfinder on his mission to save a lost king; join Princess Desire as she gallops across the Milky Way on her jet-black horse. It is suitable for readers of all ages.
Spiral, Roderick Gordon & Brian Williams.
The Styx have surfaced. If you thought the Limiters were nasty, think again. This time, it's their females that provide the creepiest surprise. And all that stands in their way are Will and his friends and a rag-bag team of retired Commandos.
Space lizards stole my brain!, Mark Griffiths.
When Admiral Skink, an alien-lizard warlord from the planet Swerdlix, is attacked by The Hideous and Unimaginably Vast Comet Creature of Poppledock he faces a certain death…but luckily his underlings have installed the BrainTwizzler 360 Mind Migration SystemTM. This nifty invention safely transfers Skink's mind on to a memory wafer and jettisons it through space to find a suitable temporary "home" until he can be rescued by his fellow Swerdlixians. Unluckily for eleven-year-old Lance Spratley it just so happens that the temporary home for Admiral Skink's mind is his body! And while Skink deals with being trapped in Lance's useless body - it can't even breathe fire! — Lance is transferred to a virtual waiting room surrounded by the lizard race who seem intent on destroying Earth when they have successfully retrieved Skink. Will Lance ever get his body back? And even if he does will he be able to thwart Admiral Skink and the Swerdlixians plans to invade Earth.
Fizzlebert Stump and the bearded boy, A.F. Harrold
The bearded Barboozul family are the new stars of Fizz's circus. Their act is full of magic, mystery, fear and fun. And it's nice to have another boy around, even if he is a bit…hairy round the chin. But then things start going wrong. The lion loses his dentures. The clowns lose their noses. The Ringmaster loses his temper. And the circus is about to lose its licence. Is the bearded boy to blame? Can Fizz save the day?
Fizzlebert Stump, the boy who ran away from the circus (and joined the library), A.F. Harrold.
Fizzlebert Stump lives in a travelling circus. But although he gets to hang around with acrobats, play the fool with clowns, and put his head in a lion's mouth every night, he's the only kid there - and he's bored. But then Fizz decides to join a library, and life suddenly gets a lot more exciting when a simple library card application leads to him being kidnapped by a pair of crazed pensioners! Will he ever see the circus again?
Doc Mortis, Barry Hutchison.
Kyle wakes up in hospital in the darkest corners. In this hospital the surfaces aren't clean, and the instruments are not used for healing. But it's about to get much, much worse. The doctor is ready to see him now..
The ghost dog, Peter Johnson.
When Daniel and his friends make up a ghost story about a terrifying dog what begins as a story turns into a nightmare… A spine tingling tale about a boy haunted by the monsterous creature he created in his own imagination.
The islands of Chaldea, Diana Wynne Jones.
Aileen was supposed to grow up magical just like the other women in her family. Unfortunately, she's just found out that the magic seems to have skipped a generation but that's not her biggest problem right now. In her world, there are four Islands of Chaldea. The largest and most magical island has been cut off from the other three for decades and is slowly draining the magic from them. But now a prophecy has come to light. Someone from Aileen's island will gather a man from each of the three islands, bring down the magical barrier, and unite them with the fourth island again. And according to the king, that someone is Aileen's Aunt who insists on dragging Aileen along.
A dog called Homeless, Sarah Lean.
Fifth-grader Cally Louise Fisher stops talking, partly because her father and brother never speak of her mother who died a year earlier, but visions of her mother, friendships with a homeless man and a disabled boy, and a huge dog ensure that she still communicates.
Moon bear, Gill Lewis.
When twelve-year-old Tam is sent to work at a bear farm in the city, he has never felt so alone. He hates seeing the cruel way the bears are treated, but speaking up will mean losing his job. And if he can't send money home, how will his family survive? When a sick cub arrives at the farm, Tam secretly nurses it back to health and they develop an unbreakable bond. Tam swears to return his beloved cub to the wild, but how will they ever find a way to be free? Deeply moving and powerful, Moon Bear is an unforgettable story of compassion, hope, and bravery against overwhelming odds.
Itch, Simon Mayo.
Meet Itch an accidental, accident-prone hero. Science is his weapon. Elements are his gadgets. This is Alex Rider with Geek-Power! Itchingham Lofte known as Itch is fourteen, and loves science especially chemistry. He's also an element-hunter: he's decided to collect all the elements in the periodic table, which has some interesting and rather destructive results in his bedroom. Then, Itch makes a discovery: a new element, never seen before. At first no one believes him but soon, someone hears about the strange new rock and wants it for himself. And Itch is in serious danger.
The middle of nowhere, Geraldine McCaughrean.
When Mary Pinny dies from a snakebite, she leaves her young daughter, Comity, and husband Herbert in the Middle of Nowhere. As Stationmaster of the Kinkindele Repeater Station, Herbert Pinny takes great pride in his job; receiving morse messages and passing them down the Wire to the rest of Australia and beyond. But Comity dreams of a different life - where her mother is alive and she has her own horse and a new piano - and sends letters to her grandmother and her snooty aunt full of colourful tales of her imaginary life. That is, until the new station assistant, Quartz Hogg, arrives and brings Comity and her father sharply back down to earth.
The glass forest, Andrew Peters.
Ark lives a mile up from the ground - in the last trees in the world. But Ravenwood faces a new threat by the empire that wants its precious wood. Ark and his friends must travel deep into enemy heartland to find out what evil is planned Awaiting them is a glittering forest of glass skyscrapers, a twisted echo of home. But the wildlife within is infinitely more dangerous.
Precious and the mystery of the missing lion, Alexander McCall Smith.
Well before Precious Ramotswe founded her Number One Ladies' Detective Agency, as an eight-year-old girl she was already solving mysteries. Here, in this delightful, new, enchanting tale for children, we see how the young Precious became the crafty and intuitive private investigator we all know and love! Find out as Alexander McCall Smith tells the story of in another adventure featuring Precious Ramotswe.
Worse things happen at sea! : a tale of pirates, poison, and monsters, Alan Snow.
A mysterious doctor has arrived in Ratbridge touting 'Black Jollop'; a wonder cure for all ills. As the townsfolk flock to the doc, Arthur's grandfather is one of the first to take the medicine, but disaster strikes when supplies run out...
The last leopard, Lauren St. John.
Martine is looking forward to the holidays and riding Jemmy, her white giraffe, until an accident sends her and Ben on a journey to the Matobo Hills wilderness in Zimbabwe. It is a lawless land, where nothing is what it seems. When they uncover a plot in which the fate of a magnificent leopard and the lost treasure of an African king are mysteriously linked, their friendship faces its greatest test.
The screaming staircase, Jonthan Stroud.
When the dead come back to haunt the living, Lockwood & Co. step in. For more than fifty years, the country has been affected by a horrifying epidemic of ghosts. A number of Psychic Investigations Agencies have sprung up to destroy the dangerous apparitions. Lucy Carlyle, a talented young agent, arrives in London hoping for a notable career. Instead she finds herself joining the smallest most ramshackle agency in the city, run by the charismatic Anthony Lockwood. When one of their cases goes horribly wrong, Lockwood & Co. have one last chance of redemption. Unfortunately this involves spending the night in one of the most haunted houses in England, and trying to escape alive. Set in a city stalked by spectres, The Screaming Staircase is the first in a chilling new series full of suspense, humour and truly terrifying ghosts. Your nights will never be the same again.
The wickedest witch in the world, Kaye Umansky.
A retelling of the classic tale of Hansel and Gretel with an unexpected twist.
The Crowfield curse, Pat Walsh.
It's 1347 and fifteen-year-old Will, an orphan boy, lives at Crowfield Abbey. Sent into the forest to gather wood, he rescues instead, a creature from a trap - a hob, who shares with Will a terrible secret. Somewhere in the forest behind the abbey where he lives, is a grave. And buried deep in the snow is an angel. But how can an angel die? What has it to do with the monks of the Abbey? When two hooded strangers arrive at Crowfield asking questions about the angel's grave Will is drawn into a world of dangerous Old Magic.
The Crowfield demon, Pat Walsh.
What lies beneath? Things are not right at Crowfield Abbey. The building has begun to crumble. And what Will finds beneath the floor of the side chapel is truly terrifying. Is this the end of Crowfield forever?
Harry the poisonous centipede, Lynne Reid Banks.
When their adventures lead them to explore the biggest and scariest villain of all, Harry and George realize that they are not brave, only reckless and foolish.
The pop singer wish ; &, The birthday wish, Phoebe Bright.
Cassie is determined to be a Luck Star - someone who can grant real wishes. But first she must collect six magical charms and use their powers wisely - helping other people's wishes to come true.
Prison break, Andrew Cope.
Spud is scatty and accident-prone, but good with gadgets. Star is super-smart, and ready to pounce. Together they're Spy Pups, following hot in the paw prints of mum Lara (that's Licensed Assault and Rescue Animal to you). Spud and Star are on a daredevil rescue mission to save Lara from the evil Mr. Big! He's been in prison plotting his revenge and unless the pups can outwit him, Lara is in deadly danger…
Birthday fun ; &, Spooky sleepover, Tracey Corderoy
Willow Valley is a very special place. Nestled in a hidden valley, trees of all shapes and sizes grow on the rolling green hills and pretty flowers dance in the meadows. Only the animals who live there know their way in and out, but they hardly ever want to leave because they're having too much fun!
Moonbeans and the dream cafe, Annie Dalton.
Jax has just moved to a new town and is finding it difficult to get settled. Her mum is busy opening her new cafe, and doesn't notice that Jax is lonely or that's she's missing her dad, who died four years ago. But when a pink lightning bolt delivers a sparkly kitten to Jax's door, everything changes! Jax's magical moon cat, Moonbeans, seems to bring Jax luck wherever she goes.
The king of the castle, Garth Edwards.
Kidnapped by the King of the Castle to make pixie soup, Titch and Mitch are in trouble again. Yet they still find time to free cuckoos from cuckoo clocks, save the crab queen's crown and solve the mystery of Echo Quarry (all with a little help from their friends).
Rise of the zombie rabbit ; &, Flight of the battered budgie, Sam Hay.
Joe is just an ordinary boy until he makes a wish on a spooky Egyptian amulet… Now he's the Protector of Undead
Make friends, break friends ; &, A friend in need, Julia Jarman.
In Make Friends, Break Friends, Daisy has two best friends, Phoebe and Erika, but they don't get on. Erika thinks Phoebe's feeble and Phoebe thinks Erika's a bully. Daisy has a plan to get her two best friends to like each other, but suddenly everyone is against her! Then the three girls have to spend a night together in a spooky old mill … In A Friend in Need, Erika is good at everything and has loads of friends. But her friends Daisy and Phoebe are worried about her - she seems really quiet and is avoiding them. If it wasn't Erika, they'd be worried she was being bullied - but surely no one would bully the most popular girl in school.
Escape from Ice Mountain ; &, Hollywood showdown, Gareth P. Jones.
Legend tells of The Clan of the Scorpion, four mighty meerkats sworn to protect the world from their longtime nemesis, the Ringmaster … The Clan are escorting their mentor, Grandmaster One Eye, to a Kung Fu Grandmaster Meet, when they are ambushed by enormous spiders - and Grandmaster One Eye is katnapped! In a second adventure, Bruce's favourite Hollywood action star, Vin De Pain, is appearing alongside the canine actor Soo Me in a sequel to Kung Fu Chihuahua. But there's a new member of the cast - none other than Doris the Dancing Dog, the Ringmaster's faithful hound. What is the Ringmaster up to.
Ellie May would like to be taken seriously for a change, Marianne Levy.
Dear Everybody, I'm an incredibly famous film star! I get to sign autographs and go shopping and I have my very own chaperone to look after me. Hooray! But I am also a very serious person. I love nature. I have a bag decorated with butterflies. Did you know that butterflies turn into caterpillars? Amazingly amazing! And that's why I'm helping my new friend Lettice save a nature reserve. I've never saved anything before, but it can't be very hard. Can it? Love, Ellie May xxx.
Ziggy's big adventure ; &, Honey's new friend, Sue Mongredien.
Ziggy's big adventure: Ruby has been looking forward to taking her playful kitten, Ziggy, outside. He's a born adventure-cat, and she knows they'll have lots of fun! But it turns out Ziggy is terrified of the great outdoors. Can the Kittn Club help Ziggy to stop being such a scaredy-cat?
Honey's new friend: Ella loves her playful kitten, Honey, but Misty, the family's elderly cat, isn't so keen. Honey like to play, while Misty prefers peace and quiet, and soon the two cats are at war. Can the Kitten Club girls find a way to persuade Honey and Misty to be friends?
Showbiz sensation ; &, Tour troubles, Tamsyn Murray.
Showbiz sensation: Harriet Houdini is just settling in to life with her new family, the Wilsons, when she is spotted by the producer of hit TV show 'Superpets'. From daring backflips to thrilling escape attempts, Harriet is a true stunt bunny: but does she have what it takes to be a Superpet? Tour troubles: Harriet Houdini, stunt bunny, can't wait for the Superpets tour. But evil Miranda wants her opera-singing poodle, Doodle, to be the headline act - whatever it takes. Harriet's going to need all her stunt bunny tricks to make sure she stays the star of the show.
Genie in a trap, Ciaran Murtagh.
When Balthazar and Dylan, Jamie's two best friends, lure him back to Lampville with the promise of a fantastic adventure, Jamie finds himself stuck in a trap so fiendishly difficult he's not sure he'll ever get out! Why have his friends tricked him? Who is the mysterious cloaked genie who seems to have them under his spell and what terrible plan does he have for Jamie and the Genie Academy? In this latest hilarious adventure Jamie will have to escape poison spikes, fire-breathing frogs and double crossing friends to make sure the genie world is not destroyed for ever. Sometimes magic just isn't enough.
Chloe the kitten ; &, Bella the bunny, Lily Small.
Enter an enchanted world of animal friends! Each cute animal has its own pair of pretty fairy wings and a special job to do in Misty Wood to make it a wonderful place to live.
Paddy the puppy ; &, Mia the mouse, Lily Small.
Enter an enchanted world of animal friends! Each cute animal has its own pair of pretty fairy wings and a special job to do in Misty Wood to make it a wonderful place to live.
Sterling and the canary, Andy Stanton.
Sterling Thaxton is in love with Lizzie Harris - the beautiful new girl. Her hair is the colour of magic. Her nose is as sweet as music. Her arms are as slender as rainbows. Problem is, she's not interested. Luckily a small canary turns up with some excellent advice.
Don't go in the cellar, Jeremy Strong.
When Zack and Laura disobey a note telling them to keep out of the cellar, all sorts of mayhem breaks loose. Can Zack and Laura put a stop to the maddest machine on the planet.
The ghost in the bath, Jeremy Strong.
Luke doesn't like his new school - and he likes history teacher, Mrs Rubble, even less. And now he's got a week to prepare a project on the Victorians for her, and he's no idea what to do. That night he's relaxing in his bath when a young woman gradually appears. She says she's a ghost searching for her lost love and that if Luke helps her find him she'll help him with his History project.
Emily Feather and the secret mirror, Holly Webb.
Emily?s house is enchanted. Behind its many doors are strange and wonderful worlds, full of the kind of magic most people never even dream of. Emily’s family are the gatekeepers of those doors — guardian fairies living in a world of mystery. Emily can only wish she had fairy powers too. Especially when she tangles with bullies at school?
Lucy the poorly puppy, Holly Webb.
Lauren's dog, Bella, is about to have puppies. Lauren can't wait, even though she knows they'll all be going to new homes as soon as they're big enough. But when the puppies are born, one is so tiny Mum and Dad aren't sure it will pull through. The littlest puppy, who Lauren names Lucy, needs hand-feeding around the clock. It's going to be a lot of work, but Lauren is determined to do everything she can to save Lucy.
The abandoned puppy, Holly Webb.
Zoe is thrilled to be helping out at Auntie Jo's animal shelter over the Easter holidays. But she doesn't expect to come across a box on the steps of the shelter containing three tiny abandoned puppies. It's touch and go for the littlest pup, whom Zoe names Cookie. Over the next few weeks, Zoe takes special care of Cookie and a close bond if formed between the two of them. But how will Zoe cope when the time comes for the puppies to be re-homed?
The case of the stolen sixpence, Holly Webb.
Maisie Hitchens lives in her grandmother's boarding house, longing for adventure. She idolizes the famous detective, Gilbert Carrington, and follows his every case. But Maisie is about to be given the opportunity of a lifetime: her own mystery to solve! In the first book in this new series, Maisie rescues a puppy in peril whilst running an errand, and adopts him. She decides to investigate the puppy's original cruel owner, but instead gets tangled up in an intriguing plot involving stolen sausages, pilfered halfpennies and a fast-paced bicycle chase. The streets of Victorian London are never safe, but Maisie's on the case!

Into Reading

Pup-pup-puppies, Bonnie Bader.
Do you love puppies? Well this book is just for you! Puppies make some of the best pets, though they take a lot of work. Read all about how to have fun and take good care of a puppy!
We are super!, Guy Bass ; illustrated by Jamie Littler.
Jonny and Tommy Atomic's dad is the world's most famous superhero, Captain Atomic. But while he is off saving the world, the boys have to stay home because they don't have superpowers. But soon the boys discover they have powers too!
Wanted: Prince Charming, A.H. Benjamin ; illustrated by Fabiano Fiorin.
Princess Reverie never stops daydreaming about her Prince Charming. But she never seems to find him! Join in with her hilarious attempts to find her true love.
Lottie and Dottie sow carrots, Claire Burgess ; illustrated by Marijke van Veldhoven.
Lottie and Dottie love growing things and when they take a trip to Mr McWelly's Garden Centre they make the amazing discovery that carrots taste much better when they grow them themselves.
Mr Monkey and the birthday party, Linda Chapman ; illustrated by Sam Hearn.
Mr Monkey is a toy monkey who belongs to Class 2. No one can quite remember now how long he's been at the school or where he came from, but once a week one of the children has to take him home and write a diary about their time with him. And when Anya takes him home, she soon finds out that Mr Monkey is more than just an ordinary toy.
Ed and Kip, Kay Chorao.
Elephants Ed and Kip play with a rolling rock.
New friends, Tracey Corderoy ; illustrated by Hannah Whitty.
Willow Valley is a very special place. Riley the mouse loves living there, but he wishes he had more friends. Surely someone must know a kind badger or a fun hedgehog? Find out how Riley makes new friends in this Willow Valley adventure.
A pet for Pete, James Dean.
Garnering attention after painting a picture of his new pet goldfish, Pete the cat receives so many requests to make paintings for his neighbours that he devises an uproarious solution.
Return of the Jedi, written by Emma Grange.
In LEGO® Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Level 3 readers will follow the climactic last battle between the rebel forces and the Empire. Returning characters include Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia and the villainous Darth Vader. This thrilling finale to the Star Wars saga features Jabba the Hutt and a battle to destroy the second Death Star.
The Empire strikes back, written by Emma Grange.
In Lego® Star Wars©: The Empire Strikes Back, Level 2 readers will follow the adventures of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia and the rebel forces as they fight against the evil Empire. They will meet new characters, such as the bounty hunter Boba Fett, as well as discovering new worlds to explore, such as the ice planet of Hoth.
The pirates on holiday, Adam and Charlotte Guillain ; illustrated by Rupert Van Wyk.
The Plankton Pirates have been so busy working that they need a holiday! Bored of the tropical paradise, they turn to the Windy View Caravan Park as their perfect place to unwind. But will they really fit in?
Nat the gnat, story by Lori Haskins Houran ; pictures by John Nez ; based on the bestselling books by Doreen Cronin and Harry Bliss.
A skill-building reader starring Worm finds him taking a turn caring for a class pet gnat that accidentally escapes from its tank.
Anei taku wheua, written by Katie Kool ; illustrated by Cindy Tan ; translated by Ruihapounamu Ruwhiu.
E mohio ana au, written by Katie Kool ; illustrated by Cindy Tan ; translated by Ruihapounamu Ruwhiu.
Kei te toro haere matou, written by Katie Kool ; illustrated by Cindy Tan ; translated by Ruihapounamu Ruwhiu.
Simple adventures of family life with Charlie the dog.
Titiro ki nga mahi ka tarea e au, written by Katie Kool ; illustrated by Cindy Tan ; translated by Ruihapounamu Ruwhiu.
Charlie the dog is once again doing something naughty.
Toku whanau, written by Katie Kool ; illustrated by Cindy Tan ; translated by Ruihapounamu Ruwhiu.
Eye : how it works, David Macaulay with Sheila Keenan.
Introduces young readers to the nature and structure of the eye and the process through which the eye and the brain work together to create vision.
Toilet : how it works, David Macaulay with Sheila Keenan.
Follows a tour of the bathroom and the sewer system, from the family toilets to municipal water treatment plants.
Selena the sleepover fairy, Daisy Meadows.
Selena the Sleepover Fairy makes sure that sleepovers are full of fun and games for everyone! But when Jack Frost's naughty goblins steal her magical sleepover objects, all sleepovers are in danger of being ruined, including the giant sleepover that Rachel and Kirsty are attending!
Joe and Sparky, superstars!, Jamie Michalak ; illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz.
When Joe the giraffe and his friend Sparky, a turtle, see a television talent show, Joe tries to find Sparky's talent so that they can compete.
Go, cub!, Susan B. Neuman.
Join the little lion cub on his day of adventures on the African savanna. Watch him run, jump, play, eat, and sleep, cuddle with mom, and roll around with his brother and sister. Told in simple yet lively text built with sight words and using picture icons to aid reading, National Geographic Pre-readers will enchant kids just beginning their journey with books.
Jump, pup!, Susan B. Neuman.
Introduces puppies to young readers using simple, repetitive text and photographs, including senses and play activities.
Swim, fish! : explore the coral reef, Susan B. Neuman.
Introduces coral reefs and the animals that live there to young readers using simple, repetitive text and photographs, including seahorses, clownfish turtles, eels, and minnows.
Swing sloth! : explore the rain forest, Susan B. Neuman.
Come along on an adventure through the rain forest. Along the way, you'll meet new friends big and small, see amazing sights, and learn all about the creatures that make their home in the rain forest. Told in simple yet lively text built with sight words and using picture icons to aid reading, National Geographic Pre-readers will enchant kids just beginning their journey with books.
The boy with the pudding touch, Laura North ; illustrated by Neil Chapman.
It's Jack's birthday. He makes a wish and gets a super power! Everything he touches turns into a pudding. He thinks it will be the best birthday ever. Then things start to get sticky.
How Bobby got his pet, Jo Simmons ; illustrated by Steve Wells.
Bobby doesn't like moving house so much. If he had a pet then he would have a friend who he could take with him wherever he went. When he meets a little black kitten, Bobby know this is just the pet for him.
Robo-Robbie, Chae Strathie ; illustrated by Mark Marshall.
When Robbie's dad creates a robot version of him, Robbie is delighted. He doesn't need to clean his room ever again! But hang on why is Dad acting so weird? He's created a robot version of himself too!
The purple butterfly, Holly Webb ; illustrated by Erica Jane Waters.
Molly loves animals and wants to be a vet when she grows up, just like her dad. Everyone says she's got the magic touch! One day a butterfly in the garden talks to Molly and teaches her how to fly.
My new friend is so fun!, Mo Willems.
Gerald the elephant and Snake fear that Piggie and Brian Bat will have so much fun together they will no longer need their best friends.


From children's literature to readers theatre, Elizabeth A. Poe.
How do you get children excited and engaged with books? Get them onstage! Readers Theatre is a staged reading of literature with participants reading from scripts, conveying the book's story using voice and facial expressions. In this book Poe introduces and shows how to implement the concept, demonstrating how Readers Theatre offers educators an innovative opportunity to acquaint children and young people with quality literature, develop their public-speaking skills, and teach teamwork in an activity that is as entertaining as it is educational.
Poetry aloud here. 2 : sharing poetry with children, Sylvia M. Vardell.
Poetry is all around us. Informal verses and rhyming language are so ubiquitous that we take them for granted. From lullabies and baby song to standard poetry collections, learn to help your classes connect through sharing and discussing poetry in all its forms.
Cooking up a storytime : mix-and-match menus for easy programming, Susan Anderson-Newham.
Anderson-Newham sees many similarities between the preparation of delicious food and the preparation of exceptional storytimes. She has compiled a storytime cookbook, from the basics of creation of appropriate opportunities for learning, to the ingredients of books, fingerplays, and activities, to a series of "menus" for storytimes.
Transforming preschool storytime : a modern vision and a year of programs, Betsy Diamant-Cohen, Melanie A. Hetrick ; illustrations by Celia Yitzhak.
Learn to use repetition creatively in preschool storytimes. This book includes sample sessions, book and activity recommendations, resource lists, and much more. It serves as a guide for expanding and transforming your storytimes.
A year in the story room : ready-to-use programs for children, Dawn Rochelle Roginski.
Preparing programs can devour the time of the most competent children's staff. In this volume, Roginski provides an entire year of programming that serves a wide range of youth customers. Each chapter includes tips and tricks for working with a particular age group, to help you save planning time, maximize children's enjoyment of storytime, and develop early literacy skills.
The silly book of side-splitting stuff, Andy Seed ; illustrated by Scott Garrett.
This laugh-out-loud book is bursting with lists, facts, jokes and funny true stories all about silly people, silly animals, silly inventions, silly names and much more. Discover The Great Stink, the man who ate a bike, a girl really called Lorna Mower and a sofa that can do 87mph. Find out about famous pranks, crazy festivals, nutty cats, gross foods, epic sports fails, ludicrously silly words and really rubbish predictions. There are even lots of great silly things to do. Unmissable!
Eye twisters : boggle, baffle and blow your mind!,
Seeing is believing with these amazing optical illusions that will twist your eyeballs in their sockets!
Emotions in motion, Rose Stanley ; illustrated by Lisa Allen.
Everybody experiences all sorts of emotions at different times and in different situations. This book encourages children to identify their own emotions and be able to express and understand them. It is a book for every parent, grandparent, teacher or support person who wants to nurture a child in their life.
Is nothing something? : kids' questions and zen answers about life, death, family, friendship, and everything in between, Thich Nhat Hanh ; illustrated by Jessica McClure.
In Is Nothing Something? Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh answers heartfelt, difficult, and funny questions from children of all ages. Illustrated with original full-color artwork by Jessica McClure, Is Nothing Something? will help adults plant the seeds of mindfulness in the young children in their lives.
Currencies of the world : how money works, Julie Ellis.
How much money do you have in your piggy bank? Have you ever used an automatic teller machine? How are coins made? Which country uses giant, heavy stones as currency? Find out where money comes from, how it is used, what the word 'economy' means, how you can spot counterfeit banknotes and much more.
A thirst for home : a story of water across the world, Christine Ieronimo ; illustrations by Eric Velasquez.
Alemitu lives with her mother in a poor village in Ethiopia, where she must walk miles for water and hunger roars in her belly. Even though life is difficult, she dreams of someday knowing more about the world. When her mother has no choice but to leave her at an orphanage to give her a chance at a better life, an American family adopts Alemitu.
I Taniwha, written and illustrated by Olivia Aroha Giles.
Short stories in a poetic prose.
How Maui found his mother, Peter Gossage.
Retells the story of how Maui's mother relinquishes her baby to the sea, thinking he has died. As a young man he seeks her out and is reunited with her.
The little mermaid and other fishy tales, written and illustrated by Jane Ray.
The sea is full of mystery and enchantment and this extraordinary collection captures every drop of its magic. Retold and illustrated by the renowned picture-book artist Jane Ray, "The Little Mermaid and Other Fishy Tales" features an international selection of captivating stories and poems: "The Fisherman and His Wife," "Whalesong," "Lobster Quadrille," "The Ballad of John Silver," and many more.
First words in Maori = Nga kupu tuatahi ki te reo Maori, Paul Tilling.
Pictures and text present Maori vocabulary for objects found in a variety of everyday situations, together with their English equivalents. Each double page spread covers a different theme, for example the park, the classroom, the building site, and the marae.
Dad's book of awesome science experiments : from boiling ice and exploding soap to erupting volcanoes and launching rockets, 30 inventive experiments to excite the whole family!, Mike Adamick.
Don't get caught off guard by your kids' science questions! You and your family can learn all about the ins and outs of chemistry, biology, physics, the human body, and our planet with Dad's Book of Awesome Science Experiments. From Rock Candy Crystals to Magnetic Fields, each of these fun science projects features easy-to-understand instructions that can be carried out by even the youngest of lab partners, as well as awesome, full-color photographs that guide you through each step.
Mysterious patterns : finding fractals in nature, Sarah C. Campbell ; photographs by Sarah C. Campbell and Richard P. Campbell.
Nature's repeating patterns, better known as fractals, are beautiful, universal, and explain much about how things grow. Fractals can also be quantified mathematically. Here is an elegant introduction to fractals through examples that can be seen in parks, rivers, and our very own backyards. Readers will be fascinated to learn that broccoli florets are fractals just like mountain ranges, river systems, and trees and will share in the wonder of math as it is reflected in the world around us. Perfect for any elementary school classroom or library, Mysterious Patterns is an exciting interdisciplinary introduction to repeating patterns.
Tornadoes, Charles Hope.
Tornados are a result of extreme weather. They are powerful columns of rotating air, and occur in most parts of the world. They are fast, unpredictable and deadly. Every year they kill people and livestock, destroy homes and cause billions of dollars in damage. Learn all about these violent and destructive weather events.
Dinosaurs, Charlie Gardner.
Introduces children to the world of reading, with lively illustrations and simple text to help build confidence and development. In this book, questions such as "what did dinosaurs eat?" and "where did dinosaurs live?" are answered. It is suitable for home-reading where children can indulge in their interests and for both parents and teachers.
Can you tell a stegosaurus from an ankylosaurus?, Buffy Silverman.
A dinosaur with an armored back chomps on plants. It swings its tail at a hungry meat eater. Was that a Stegosaurus? Or was it an Ankylosaurus? These dinosaurs looked similar, but they were very different. Read this book to become an expert at telling these look-alikes apart!
Eye to eye : how animals see the world, Steve Jenkins.
Profiles a series of animals with unusual eyes and explains how such animals use their uniquely evolved eyes to gain essential information about the biological world.
Octopuses, Colleen Kessler ; content consultant, John A. Cigliano.
Learn more about octopuses, how they use their cleverness to survive, and how they are astonishing scientists with their surprising smarts.
Weird insects, Michael Worek.
Insects account for more than half of the more than 17,000,000 named species of living things. This fascinating book reveals a rare and close up look at the odd beauty of some of the strangest of these tiny creatures. Despite their large numbers, the world of these particularly weird insects exists largely hidden from our view. Included in the book are some of the most interesting
Kids meet the sharks and other giant sea creatures, Andra Serlin Abramson with Greg Skomal.
Kids Meet the Sharks is the ultimate book for kids to learn about these fierce yet fascinating creatures of the sea. This full color, completely illustrated addition to the Kids Meet series features dozens of different types of sharks with captivating photos, die-cuts, and a friendly dialogue that won't scare kids away! They lurk around the oceans, sporting their sharp teeth and prominent fins. They have captured our imaginations with their mysterious ways, but what about their lifestyles, diets, physiology and behaviours? Kids will be intrigued by the dozens of shark species featured, along with gripping facts and tidbits accompanied by amazing photography. Every full color spread features a different type of shark to give kids a comprehensive understanding of these incredible beings. Though often perceived as terrifying creatures, sharks are actually guardians of the sea and vital to our oceans!
Kids meet the reptiles, Paula Kovacs Ross and Andra Serlin Abramson ; photographs by Chris Mattison.
Presents a guide to forty-two different kinds of reptiles and amphibians, discussing their physical characteristics and other fascinating facts.
Galapagos George, Jean Craighead George ; paintings by Wendell Minor.
Tells the story of Lonesome George, the giant tortoise who was the last of his species and lived to be one hundred years old in the Galapagos Islands.
Kids meet the snakes, Andra Serlin Abramson ; photographs by Chris Mattison.
Kids Meet the Snakes features snakes from all around the world, from the common garter found in many backyards to the fearsome Egyptian Cobra, with each snake showcased on a full-color 2-page spread complete with die cut.
Dolphins, Tammy Gagne ; content consultant, Stan Kuczaj.
Learn more about dolphins, how they use their cleverness to survive, and how they are astonishing scientists with their surprising smarts.
Elephants, Tammy Gagne ; content consultant, Raman Sukumar.
Learn more about elephants, how they use their cleverness to survive, and how they are astonishing scientists with their surprising smarts.
A baby elephant in the wild, Caitlin O'Connell ; photographs by Caitlin O'Connell & Timothy Rodwell.
With in-the-field photographs, this photo essay brings young children to the African scrub desert to witness how a baby elephant survives in the wild.
Grizzly bears of Alaska : explore the wild world of bears, Debbie S. Miller ; photography by Patrick J. Endres.
Describes grizzly bears' behaviours, habitats, and life cycles.
Gorillas, Andrea Wang ; content consultant, Alison A. Elgart.
Learn more about gorillas, how they use their cleverness to survive, and how they are astonishing scientists with their surprising smarts.
Chimpanzees, Jody Jensen Shaffer ; content consultant, Michael L. Wilson.
Learn more about chimpanzees, how they use their cleverness to survive, and how they are astonishing scientists with their surprising smarts.
100 inventions that made history : brilliant breakthroughs that shaped our world, written by Tracey Turner, Andrea Mills, and Clive Gifford ; consultant Jack Challoner.
Discover the inventions that helped shape the world we know today. 100 Inventions That Made History is no ordinary history book. Take a look at the trailblazing inventions that have advanced technology and transformed the way we live, as well as the gadgets and gizmos we couldn't live without! From cars and planes to the printing press and television, from the light bulb to antibiotics, the electric guitar to jeans, this top 100 comes from all over the world, taking in all types of inventions. Each profile explores key inventions in depth, let's you review similar inventions side by side and brings together the major inventions in a particular area. Plus, the inventions are put into historical context with "It couldn't have been done without." and "It paved the way for." panels. Take a seat and unveil the brilliant breakthroughs that have changed our world with engaging graphics and unusual facts in 100 Inventions That Made History.
The Usborne complete book of the human body, Anna Claybourne ; designed by Stephanie Jones and Stephen Moncrieff ; illustrated by Stephen Moncrieff and Juliet Percival.
An introduction to the human body and how it works. It explores from allergies and brain waves to x-rays and zits. It allows readers to look at scans of the inside the human body, take a 3-D tour of the brain, make an edible model of a DNA molecule, and more.
The human body, Jon Richards and Ed Simkins.
Welcome to the world of infographics! This exciting form of data visualisation uses icons, pictograms and graphics to present information to kids in a whole new way. Marvel at the science behind the human anatomy, genetics, diseases, reproduction and our senses all visualised in beautifully designed infographics.
The eyes, Lorna Hendry.
Our eyes help us make sense of the world around us. They are an extraordinary part of the human body. The different ways animals see the world are just as amazing. They can see in ways that we cannot. Welcome to the world of eyes.
What's up with Harry? : Medikidz explain burns, written by Dr. Kim Chilman-Blair & Shawn deLoache ; peered reviewed by Mr Ken Dunn & Mr Naiem Moiemen.
Where does gas come from, one in a series by Rob Tucker and Sue Bramwell ; written by Sue Bramwell ; photography by Rob Tucker
Uses a story format to convey factual information. While Harper is out eel fishing he meets his friend Evie, who is a geologist for a gas drilling company. Evie takes Harper on a tour of a drilling rig and a gas production station, and explains where gas comes from, how it is extracted from the ground and how it is processed.
Batarangs and grapnels : the science behind Batman's utility belt, Agnieszka Biskup ; Batman created by Bob Kane.
Look inside to explore the real-world science and engineering tha has inspired the gadgets on the Dark Knight's utility belt.
Batplanes and batcopters : the engineering behind Batman's wings, Tammy Enz.
Explores the real-world science and engineering connections to the features in Batman's
Batmobiles and batcycles : the engineering behind Batman's vehicles, Tammy Enz ; Batman created by Bob Kane.
Explores the real-world science and engineering connections to the features in Batman's road vehicles.
Kids meet the emergency and rescue vehicles, Andra Serlin Abramson.
Vroom vroom! Beep beep! Honk honk! Woooop wooooop! Make way for these emergency vehicles coming to the rescue! Kids Meet the Emergency Vehicles, the latest addition to the popular Kids Meet series, teaches kids in a fun and friendly manner about some common and unusual emergency vehicles including fire trucks, police cruisers, ambulances, rescue helicopters, motorbikes and more! Kids will learn how the vehicles work, what their purposes are, about the heroic crews behind them, and the amazing rescues they respond to. Each spread features a different emergency vehicle complete with full colour illustrations and a die cut. Fascinating images, simple dialogue, and personal narratives will keep kids engaged throughout the entire book!
Kids meet the tractors and trucks, Andra Serlin Abramson and Paula Kovacs Ross.
Features photographs of all the different sorts of rigs, trailers, and tractors that fascinate
Taka ki ro wai : he korero purakau mo tetahi hoiho, ko Keri Kaa, te kaituhi ; ko Martin D. Page, te kaita pikitia, kaitatai pukapuka.
"A true story about the birth of a foal, set in the small rural community of Rangitukia, on the East Cape of the East Coast, in the North Island of Aotearoa/New Zealand. Reflecting rural Maori life, the story is an observation of the cooperation between animals, and contemplates the magical and the miracle in nature" — Publisher's information.
Dogs, Nancy Furstinger ; content consultant, Alexandria Protopopova.
Learn more about dogs, how they use their cleverness to survive, and how they are astonishing scientists with their surprising smarts.
Cat champions : caring for our feline friends, Rob Laidlaw.
Looks at the problems faced by lost, abandoned, and feral cats, and offers examples of children whose volunteer efforts help improve the lives of cats.
The brilliant book of easy recipes, Susannah Blake.
This colourful book is packed full of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner including snacks, salads and desserts.
Lego Star Wars : the visual dictionary, written by Simon Beecroft and Jason Fry.
Presents the Star Wars line of LEGO action figures and playsets, detailing a history of the toy line and how each playset connects to the events in the Star Wars films.
Mummy & me craft, editor, Jo Casey ; photographer, Dave King.
Helps you learn how to craft together. This book includes 20 fun craft projects for the whole family, from felt creatures and paper jewellery, to origami and paint projects. It is packed with things to make and do, like animal masks, pom-pom creatures, wooden spoon puppets, and monster pencil toppers.
Music everywhere!, Maya Ajmera, Elise Hofer Derstine, Cynthia Pon.
Photographs from around the world celebrate the universal joy that kids get from making music, whether they're playing instruments, clapping their hands, stomping their feet, or singing. Music can help express one child's feelings or it can bring a whole community together.
Star Wars complete vehicles, written by Kerrie Dougherty et al. ; illustrated by Hans Jenssen et al..
For any fan who wants to explore the inner workings of the spaceships and vehicles of all six Star Wars movies, comes this fascinating expanded edition of a fan favorite, now with new cross-section artworks and a wealth of new photos.
What would you do in Winnie's world?, Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul.
A collection of over 200 pictures, each creating a window into Winnie's world stimulating discussion, storytelling and the imagination.
Get the giggles!, Bronwen Davies.
What's worse than finding a worm in your apple? Finding half a worm in your apple. Another perfect book of jokes for all young comedians!
What the heart knows : chants, charms & blessings, Joyce Sidman ; illustrations by Pamela Zagarenski.
Calls up ancient forms of the spoken word and translates them into the twenty-first century.
The real wonders of the world, Moira Butterfield, Tim Collins, Anna Claybourne.
A journey of discovery to find the most awe-inspiring places and experiences on the planet, incl. The pyramids, Area 51, Harry Potter World and much more!; Combines traditional world wonders with the 'real' wonders of their world, identified by 8-12 year olds; Intriguing facts, colourful illustrations and amazing photography throughout.
Off loading with Sonny Bill Williams, David Riley.
"The story of how a determined and humble young man became a champion in three different sports … and one of the most sought after athletes in the world" — Back cover.
Flags of the world, Julie Ellis.
Flags have always had the power to stir the imagination, unite and divide people. Learning about flags opens a window through which we can view other nations and cultures with more understanding. In Flags of the World, Young Reed covers the history of flags, how flags are used, colour, design as well as international organisations and their flags.
World War I for kids : a history with 21 activities, R. Kent Rasmussen.
Explores the defining conflict that involved all the world's superpowers — including how it began, what a soldier's daily life was like, the role of zeppelins, key figures, and how it ended — and features hands-on activities that illuminate both the war and the times.
Meet the ANZACs, written by Claire Saxby ; illustrated by Max Berry.
A picture book series about the extraordinary men and women who have shaped Australia's history, incuding our brave Anzac soldiers. Anzac stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. It is the name given to the Australian and New Zealand troops who landed at Gallipoli in World War I. The name is now a symbol of bravery and mateship. From Ned Kelly to Saint Mary MacKillop; Captain Cook to Douglas Mawson, the Meet series of picture books tells the exciting stories of the men and women who have shaped Australia's history.
The Great Fire of London unclassified : secrets revealed!, Nick Hunter.
The Great Fire of London destroyed the homes of almost 90 per cent of London's population. Could it have been prevented? From the outbreak of the fire at a bakery on Pudding lane, to fire fighting techniques and meddling Lord Mayors, The Great Fire Unclassified takes readers on a journey back in time to uncover the true story behind London's most destructive ever fire. Real-life artefacts and documentation enable readers to build a true and real account of the Great Fire and how it shaped Britain today.
Elizabeth Colenso : the teacher, written by Alison Condon and Gina Taggart ; illustrated by Tania Hassounia ; produced by Dave Mann.
"Six year old Elizabeth Colenso screams in horror as her young Maori friend is violently taken from the classroom by an enemy warrior. She knows she will never see him again. This moment sparks a desire in Elizabeth to commit her life to spreading God's message of love and peace. It will be a life of hardship, sacrifice and challenging adventure" — Back cover.
Patuone : the peacemaker, written by Alison Condon and Gina Taggart ; illustrated by Tania Hassounia ; produced by Dave Mann.
"A Wesleyan mission station in Northland has been raided causing the missionaries to flee for their lives. A Maori war party is moving through the bush towards them bringing a new danger. Chief Patuone has a decision to make — kill the white people or follow the new message that is coming to Aotearoa" — Back cover.
Ruatara and the new beginning, written by Alison Condon and Gina Taggart ; illustrated by Tania Hassounia ; produced by Dave Mann.
"Ruatara loves adventure. The young man from the chiefly line of Ngapuhi can't wait to set sail for England to meet the King. It's an adventure that will nearly cost him his life, and which will bring about enormous changes in his country" — Back cover.
Te Pahi : the adventurer, written by Alison Condon and Gina Taggart ; illustrated by Tania Hassounia ; produced by Dave Mann.
"When Chief Te Pahi meets Samuel Marsden on a visit to Australia in 1805, a new relationship begins — opening the way for a friendship between Maori and missionaries. Te Pahi is impressed with all the new things he learns, but one day he hears something he thinks is very wrong. He knows he will have to speak up" — Back cover.
Te powhiri : the welcome, written by Alison Condon and Gina Taggart ; illustrated by Tania Hassounia ; produced by Dave Mann.
"A new relationship is beginning between two extremely different cultures. It's a relationship that will be tested to its very limits. There will be uncertainty, hostility, injustice, hope and promise. Take a glance at New Zealand's early history from Captain Cook's visit in 1769 to when Maori invite missionaries to live amongst them in 1814" — Back cover.
Taratoa and the code of conduct : a story from the Battle of Gate Pa, Debbie McCauley ; illustrated by Sophie McCauley ; na Tamati Waaka i whakamaori.
"In the early 1860s people around the world were reviewing methods of warfare and improvements to how wounded soldiers from all sides were treated. Tauranga Maori were among those pondering the same ideals as notable reformers Henry Dunant and Florence Nightingale. Henare Taratoa penned a Code of Conduct prior to the Battle of Gate Pa at Pukehinahina (29 April 1864). After the battle the British were stunned, not only by their defeat, but by Maori compassion. This bilingual book tells the story of Taratoa's Code of Conduct and the compassionate actions that resulted" — Back cover.
Wagamama ojosama to nakimushi shitsuji, Aikawa Shin ; Kuroyuki.
Pokapoka, Arai Hiroyuki.
Chinmoku no ti kappu, Aso Kazuko.
Boshi tottara : shikake ehon.,
Poketto no naka no bansoko, Fujisaki Ayuna ; Naoto ; Mikito pi.
Tsuki no maki, Fujisaki Ayuna ; Maruino.
Ishi o daku eirian, Hamano Kyoko.
Uta ni katachi wa nai keredo, Hamano Kyoko ; Nezuki ; Doriko.
Raibaru wa chonoryoku shojo, Higashi Taeko ; Tibu.
Fushigi dagashiya zenitendo : 2, Hiroshima Reiko ; Jaja.
Kimagure robotto, Hoshi Shin'ichi; Arai Keiichi.
Inu ga kaitakatta none, Hosokawa Tenten;Satoshin.
Iroiro ofuro hairitai!, saku Hotaka Jun'ya ; Nishimura Toshio e.
Barubaru-san, Inui Eriko bun ; Nishimura Toshio e.
Kimyo na keijiban.,
Uzurachan no takaramono, Kimoto Momoko.
Papetto tanteidan no mirakuru raibu, Kisaragi Kazusa ; Shibamoto Sho.
Owari no nai yokubohen, Kuwano Kazuaki ; Ishikawa Emi.
Okasan damono, Matsunari Mariko; Satoshin.
Mieru ga kowai, Reijo Hiroko … et al..
Yoake no rakugo, Miura Karen saku; Oshima Taeko e.
Nigedashita osama, Miyashita Suzuka; Ishikawa Hyuga.
Koneko no reiko wa ichinensei, Negishi Takako ; Nishikawa Osamu.
Anton sensei, Nishimura Toshio.
Ari no odekake, Nishimura Toshio.
Bananan baba, Nishimura Toshio; Hayashi Kirin.
Dobutsu sakasu hajimaruyo, Nishimura Toshio.
Imoimo horihori, Nishimura Toshio.
Mori no ofuro, Nishimura Toshio.
Sakasakotoba de undokai, Nishimura Toshio.
Watashi wa akaneko, Nishimura Toshio; Satoshin.
Hen na kao, Omori Hiroko.
Bu bu bu, Ohnari Yuko bun ; Hata Koshiro e.
Kotoba no katachi, Onari Yuko.
Kyoryu ja nainda, Saito Hiroshi ; Takabatake Jun.
Maho shokunin tanpopo : faberu gakuen ni yokoso, Sato Madoka ; Kuramoto Kaya.
Namida nochi hare, Shibano Rinako ; Takeuchi Kozue.
Sanpo no ki, Shinju Mariko; Satoshin.
Taiketsu kurayami no tani, Tamori Yosuke ; Fukushima Atsuko.
Tsu in wan meimon furaido chikin shogakko, Tanaka Shigekazu ; Hara Yutaka.
Tomodachi dayone.,
Ninjin daikon gobo : Nihon no mukashibanashi yori, Uegaki Ayuko saiwa, e.
Shuketsu zenkoku no raibarutachi, Wada Hitomi ; Takahashi Yoichi.
Bokura no yakyu chimu o mamore, Yamamoto Junji; Miyao Kazutaka.

Older Fiction

The night gardener : a scary story, Jonathan Auxier.
Irish orphans Molly, fourteen, and Kip, ten, travel to England to work as servants in a crumbling manor house where nothing is quite what it seems to be, and soon the siblings are confronted by a mysterious stranger and secrets of the cursed house.
The bravest princess : a tale of the wide-awake princess, E.D. Baker.
Sleeping Beauty's younger, non-magical sister, Annie, still can't rest while trouble in the kingdom threatens her good friend, Snow White.
Clash of the gladiators, Catherine Chambers.
Seth and Abrinet travel back to ancient Rome when gladiators entertained the crowd.
The adventures of Pinocchio, Carlo Collodi ; illustrated by Robert Ingpen.
The astonishing tale of how the old woodcarver Geppetto made a disobedient puppet boy from an unusual piece of wood, who could talk, dance and turn somersaults, has been a much-loved story since it was first written more than 130 years ago. In this handsome new edition, award-winning illustrator Robert Ingpen has captured the rascally Pinocchio and his extraordinary escapades as never before, breathing new excitement into this enchanting classic.
A dark inheritance, Chris d'Lacey.
When Michael Malone saves a dog, he discovers that he has paranormal abilities, which bring him to the attention of a secret organization, UNICORNE but he plans to use the ability to find out what happened to his father, who mysteriously vanished three years earlier, and save his new friend, Freya.
Deep blue, Jennifer Donnelly.
When Serafina, a mermaid of the Mediterranean Sea, awakens on the morning of her betrothal, her biggest worry should be about reuniting with handsome Prince Mahdi, her childhood crush. Instead she finds herself haunted by strange dreams foretelling the return of an ancient evil, and dealing with the deaths of her parents as assassins storm the betrothal ceremony, plunging the city into chaos. Led only by her shadowy dreams and pursued by the invading army, Serafina and her best friend Neela embark on a quest to avenge her parents' death and prevent a war between the mer nations. In the process they discover a plot that threatens their and our world's very existence.
Brilliant, Roddy Doyle ; illustrated by Chris Judge.
When Uncle Ben's Dublin business fails, it's clear to Gloria and Raymond that something is wrong. He just isn't his usual cheerful self. So when the children overhear their granny saying that the Black Dog has settled on Ben's back and he won't be OK until it's gone, they decide they're going to get rid of it. Gathering all their courage the children set out on a midnight quest to hunt down the Black Dog and chase it away. But they aren't the only kids on the mission. Loads of other children are searching for it too, because the Black Dog is hounding lots of Dublin's adults. Together and with the help of magical animals, birds and rodents the children manage to corner the Black Dog but will they have the courage and cleverness to destroy the frightening creature?
Loyal creatures, Morris Gleitzman.
Like many of his mates from the bush, Frank Ballantyne is keen to join the grand adventure and do his bit. Especially as a chest full of medals might impress the currently unimpressed parents of his childhood sweetheart. So Frank ups his age and volunteers with his horse Daisy and his dad. In the deserts of Egypt and Palestine he experiences all the adventure he ever wanted, and a few things he wasn't expecting. Heartbreak, love and the chance to make the most important choice of his life. From Gallipoli to the famous charge at Beersheba, through to the end of the war and its unforgettable aftermath, Frank's story grows out of some key moments in Australia's history.
The castle behind thorns, Merrie Haskell.
When Sand, a blacksmith's apprentice, wakes up in a broken castle, he must find a way to put it back together.
The hero's guide to being an outlaw, written by Christopher Healy with drawings by Todd Harris.
Posters plastered across the thirteen kingdoms are saying that Briar Rose has been murdered and the four Princes Charming (Prince Liam, Prince Frederic, Prince Duncan, and Prince Gustav) are the prime suspects. In a desperate attempt to clear their names, they discover that Briar's murder is just one part of a nefarious plot to take control of all thirteen kingdoms a plot that will lead to the doorstep of an eerily familiar fortress for a final showdown with an eerily familiar enemy.
Half a chance, Cynthia Lord.
Lucy, with her mother and her photographer father, has just moved to a small rural community in New Hampshire, and with her new friend Nate she plans to spend the summer taking photos for a contest, but pictures sometimes reveal more than people are willing to see.
Sunny Sweet is so dead meat, Jennifer Ann Mann ; illustrated by Jana Christy.
When Sunny Sweet, age six, devises a science experiment that requires her big sister Masha to look weird all day, Masha will try almost anything to get them home from the science fair without causing a scene.
Best kept secret : the third generation, Ann M. Martin.
In 1977 in Princeton, Dana's daughter seven-year-old Francie is struggling to keep her dyslexia a secret from her teachers and family, and even the thought of high school and college is part of the remote and unattainable future.
The tin snail, Cameron McAllister ; illustrated by Sam Usher.
In the 1940s world of elegant, luxury automobiles, the Tin Snail is no beauty. But it's facing a tough challenge: to carry a farmer and his wife, a flagon of wine and a tray of eggs across a bumpy field in a sleepy French village without spilling a drop or cracking a shell.
Bad hair day, Sarah Mlynowski.
On their fifth trip through the magic mirror, siblings Abby and Jonah find themselves in the story of Rapunzel — and they set out to free her from her tower, reunite her with her parents, and give the story a completely happy ending.
Dream on, Sarah Mlynowski.
In this third adventure, Abby, her brother Jonah, and her friend Robin get sucked into the magic mirror and end up in the story of Sleeping Beauty, but when Robin pricks her finger and uses up the sleeping spell, Abby has to come up with a clever solution and a new happily-ever-after.
Waffle hearts : Lena and me in Mathildwick Cove, Maria Parr ; translated from the Norwegian by Guy Puzey.
Meet Lena Lid, Norway's very own answer to Pippi Longstocking; a feisty, funny girl whose days are packed with offbeat adventures. Nine-year-olds Trille and Lena are neighbours and best friends at least, Trille thinks that Lena is his best friend, despite the escapades into which she regularly drags him. In the wonderful village of Mathildewick Cove they have plenty of time to re-enact the story of Noah's Ark (or Noah's Shark, as Lena calls it), enjoy the beginning of summer celebrations with their families and even advertise for a new dad for Lena.
Ultimate showdown, James Patterson and Julia Bergen ; illustrated by Alec Longstreth.
The Khatchadorian kids are an opinionated duo, they don't exactly see eye to eye. But when wild-card Rafe and mostly-straight-laced Georgia go at it, the only thing more fun than their ranting is getting to join in. This title features more than 80 anecdotes from these dueling siblings, as well as dozens of fun-filled activities.
A tiny bit lucky, Liz Pichon.
Me, Derek and Norman need some serious band practice for the Rock Weekly Band Battle. But I'm not panicking because we have loads of time (I think?)
Storm chaser, Sheila Rance ; illustrated by Geoff Taylor.
Silk whispers. Clouds gather. A storm is coming. Many years ago, a storm brought Maia to the cliffs. Now she is Sun Catcher in the land of Khandar, but when her father, Tareth, needs silk, Maia must go back to the clifftops she once fled. Danger awaits her every step of the way: assassins, thought-stealers, the Marsh Lord all greedy for her power. And Razek, who deserted his people to follow her, must pay a high price as he tries to bend wind and rain to his will and chase away the storms.
Horizon, Jenn Reese.
Aluna and Hoku, Kampii from the City of Shifting Tides, and their friends, Equian Dash and winged Aviar Calli, are determined to stop a war. The maniacal ex-scientist Karl Strand is planning to conquer the world with his enormous army of tech-enhanced soldiers unless the four friends can get to Strand first. Aluna's plan is dangerous: pose as Upgraders and infiltrate the army. But the enemy isn't what they expected and the strategy begins to crumble. When the friends are torn apart by conflicting allegiances, their slim chance of avoiding war seems to disappear completely. For Aluna and Hoku, what began as a quest to save their own people has become a mission to save the world. But do Aluna and her friends have any hope of defeating Strand if they can't take him on together?
Tales from a not-so-glam TV star, Rachel Renee Russell with Nikki Russell and Erin Russell.
Nikki is in the spotlight. A reality TV crew will follow her and her friends for the whole month of March as they record their hit song together. But will the excitement also cause unexpected problems, now that cameras are everywhere Nikki and her friends go?
The eighth day, Dianne K. Salerni.
Orphan Jax Aubrey doesn't expect much on his thirteenth birthday, but when he discovers there's an extra day squeezed between Wednesday and Thursday whose origins are rooted in Arthurian legend, it's clear his lfe will never be the same.
Another day as Emily, Eileen Spinelli ; illustrated by Joanne Lew-Vriethoff.
Susie is jealous when her brother is deemed a town hero, so she finds solace in the poetry and reclusive lifestyle of Emily Dickinson.
Countdown, Natalie Standiford.
With Amy and Dan still in pursuit of Pierce, Amy does something unthinkable that sends shockwaves through her family.
Flights and chimes and mysterious times, Emma Trevayne ; illustrations by Glenn Thomas.
In nineteenth-century England, a boy is about to discover a mysterious mechanical world he may never escape. Ten-year-old Jack Foster has stepped through a doorway and into quite a different London. Londinium is a smoky, dark, and dangerous place, home to mischievous metal fairies and fearsome clockwork dragons that breathe scalding steam. The people wear goggles to protect their eyes, brass grill insets in their nostrils to filter air, or mechanical limbs to replace missing ones. Over it all rules the Lady, and the Lady has demanded a new son a perfect flesh-and-blood child. She has chosen Jack. His only hope of escape lies with a legendary clockwork bird. The Gearwing grants wishes or it did, before it was broken before it was killed. But some things don't stay dead forever. Fans of books like Splendors and Glooms and Goblin Secrets will find Flights and Chimes and Mysterious Times irresistible!

Picture Books

1, 2, 3 with Peppa.,
Not suitable for children under 2 years of age This book lets you count 1,2,3 with Peppa Pig. With simple text and colourful pictures this chunky board book is perfect for little hands! It is based on the award-winning animation. Look out for more Peppa Pig books from Ladybird including: ABC with Peppa and many more!
ABC animals.,
Teaches the alphabet while providing facts about animals that begin with each letter, from armadillo to zebra.
ABC with Peppa.,
Learn your ABC with Peppa in this colourful board book. A first concept book perfect for the very youngest Peppa Pig fan! With simple text and pictures this chunky book is perfect for little hands.
Hiro the old steam engine, based on The railway series by the Rev. W. Awdry ; illustrations by Robin Davies.
Japanese engine, Hiro, was once the 'Master of the Railway'; he needs Thomas' help to restore him to his former glory.
This first kitten book is packed with pictures of our favourite feline friends. With exciting touch-and-feel textures to stroke and fabulous kitten personalities, children will love getting to know these adorable cats!
This first puppy book is packed with pictures of our favourite pets. With exciting touch-and-feel textures to stroke and fantastic puppy personalities, children will love getting to know these adorable dogs!
Find lots of different shapes with all your Play-school friends.
Snow is my favourite and my best, characters created by Lauren Child.
Lola is extremely excited because it's going to snow!
Kicking a ball, written by Allan Ahlberg ; illustrated by Sebastien Braun.
First written as a poem, the little boy in the story has been brought to life perfectly by artist Sebastien Braun. This book takes us on a journey from childhood to fatherhood full of humour, warmth, friendship and football.
The acrobat, Alborozo.
The acrobat works in a circus, but nobody notices him. He decides to leave and find a new audience, but even his very best tricks fail to catch anyone's attention. But just as the acrobat is about to give up hope altogether, something extraordinary happens to change his luck.
I love you baby, Giles Andreae & Emma Dodd.
Ten little fingers, ten little toes Two little ears and one little nose. Two warm cheeks, all rosy and bright A kiss and a cuddle to say goodnight. An exuberant and heartwarming book about the arrival of a new baby from the creators of I Love My Mummy and I Love My Daddy. One little boy discovers all the wonderful things about his new little sibling is this joyful top-to-toe celebration of babies. A warm-hearted, celebratory book that's perfect for sharing when welcoming a new baby to the family. From the bestselling author Giles Andreae, whose rhyming text perfectly captures the joyful exuberance of young children, and the award-winning Emma Dodd, whose cheerful colours and irrepressible illustrations delight children and their parents everywhere.
The Queen's hat, Steve Antony.
With a Jon Klassen appeal, Steve Antony, a debut author-illustrator, is the one to watch. A sudden gust of wind sets off a marvellous London adventure for the Queen, the Queen's men and one very special hat. So let's follow one determined, daredevil queen through the zoo, over Tower Bridge and up Big Ben just where will that hat land?
Baby's very first touchy-feely farm play book, illustrated by Stella Baggott.
A brightly coloured, high-contrast, multi-sensory book for babies. Delightful to share, this touchy-feely book will engage even a tiny baby's attention. Books are vital to children's education and introducing them at the first possible opportunity helps babies to understand how books work and to love interacting with them.
Snoring Beauty, Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen ; illustrated by Jane Manning.
A new spin on "Sleeping Beauty" told from the perspective of a little mouse who can't get to sleep because of the princess's very loud snoring.
Birds fly, Graeme Base.
Birds fly. But how do other animals get around? Graeme Base's distinctive artwork comes alive in this beautiful fold-out book for the very young.
Cows say moo : a fold-out book of animal sounds, Graeme Base.
Cows say moo. But what sounds do other animals make? Graeme Base's distinctive artwork comes alive in this beautiful fold-out book for the very young.
Pigs have piglets : a fold-out book of animal families, Graeme Base.
Pigs have piglets. But what are other baby animals called? Graeme Base's distinctive artwork comes alive in this beautiful fold-out book for the very young.
Daniel's Matariki feast, Rebecca Beyer and Linley Wellington ; illustrated by Christine Ross.
Daniel is nervous on his first day at school but through the class activities that mark the Matariki Festival he learns that it is a time of sharing and beginning new friendships. He learns the true importance of Māori New Year. Beautifully illustrated by one of our best-known and award-winning artists.
Littleland. Around the world, Marion Billet.
Join the little ones on their fantastic voyage of discovery around the world. There are fascinating new sights and sounds to be identified in each country, from the UK to Japan!
Hinepau, Gavin Bishop ; na Katerina Mataira te korero Maori.
Hinepau is cast out by her tribe because they fear her difference, thinking she is a witch. But she is the one, with her upside down weaving, who is able to heal the land after it is destroyed by volcanic ash.
The baby tree, Sophie Blackall.
After learning that his parents are expecting a baby, a young boy asks several people where babies come from and gets a different answer from each before his parents have a chance to give the right answer. Includes advice on answering questions about reproduction.
My name is Bob, James Bowen & Garry Jenkins ; illustrated by Gerald Kelley.
Bob and James are the best of friends: everywhere James goes, Bob the street cat goes with him. But what happened to Bob before he found James? This is the story of Bob in his early days, when his life is turned upside down and he goes in search of a new home and someone to love him. It is a moving an uplifting tale (tail!) that will melt your heart.
Growl! Growl! with big flaps to lift, Sebastien Braun.
Five lavishly illustrated spreads, big, recessed flaps and a host of farm animals to spot, name and mimic combine in this delightful little board book for the very young.
Count to 10 with a mouse, Margaret Wise Brown ; illustrated by Kirsten Richards.
Learn to count with Mouse as he explores the pages of this book.
Washday, Eve Bunting ; illustrated by Brad Sneed.
One sunny Saturday in 1889, Lizzie helps her grandmother scrub, boil, rinse, and hang loads of laundry, although she would rather be having a tea party with her best friend, Lucy, and their dolls, Amelia Cordelia and Belinda Lavinia.
The troublemaker, Lauren Castillo.
After playing a trick on his sister by stealing her toy rabbit, a mischievous little boy wonders who the new troublemaker is when his toy raccoon disappears.
Hands off my honey!, Jane Chapman, Tim Warnes.
Three friends join forces to out-wit Bear in this rollicking fun book about teamwork, brought to you by award-winning husband and wife team Tim Warnes (I Don't Want to Go to Bed!) and Jane Chapman (Little White Owl). Bear has a big jar of yummy honey, and he won't share it! But Mouse, Mole and the Rabbit Brothers are hungry. With a dodge, a jump, a leap and a roll they set out across the forest. Can they get to the honey without that scary bear seeing them? For more growly bears from Tim and Jane, check out The Slurpy Burpy Bear and I Love You as Big as the World.
He inanga, na Carolyn Collis ; kaiwhakamaori Piripi Walker.
Reader for children in Māori that looks at whitebait. English text on back cover.
He powhiri, na Carolyn Collis ; kaiwhakamaori Piripi Walker.
Reader for children in Māori covering different Māori salutations. English text on back cover.
He tuatara, na Carolyn Collis ; kaiwhakamaori Piripi Walker.
Kei te warea, na Carolyn Collis ; kaiwhakamaori Piripi Walker.
Reader for children in Māori. Looks at what keeps us busy over the course of a week. English text on back cover.
Kei whea te kuri?, na Carolyn Collis ; kaiwhakamaori Piripi Walker.
Reader for children in Māori. Oscar the bear is looking for his friend Patchwork Pup. English text on back
Nga kakahu, na Carolyn Collis ; kaiwhakamaori Piripi Walker.
Reader for children in Māori. Oscar the bear is choosing clothes to go outside on a cold day. English text on back
Raranga, na Carolyn Collis ; kaiwhakamaori Piripi Walker.
Reader for children in Māori. The bears look at colours from the beach and decide what colours they will weave into a scarf. English text on back cover.
Taku pakiri, na Carolyn Collis ; kaiwhakamaori Piripi Walker.
Oscar the bear is busy playing the drum for the animals and with his friends.
Te huarere, na Carolyn Collis ; kaiwhakamaori Piripi Walker.
Te mahi toi, na Carolyn Collis ; kaiwhakamaori Piripi Walker.
Te whakapeke, na Carolyn Collis ; kaiwhakamaori Piripi Walker.
Rapeti is looking for Ruby. The rabbits are playing in the daffodils.
Tuitui, na Carolyn Collis ; kaiwhakamaori Piripi Walker.
Reader for children in Māori. Oscar the bear is helping choose colours for a scarf. The colours are from each season of the year. English text on back cover.
Whatu, na Carolyn Collis ; kaiwhakamaori Piripi Walker.
Reader for children in Māori. The bears look at colours from the bush and decide what colours they will weave into a scarf. English text on back cover.
Boo!, Tracey Corderoy, Caroline Pedler.
A hilarious book about a very playful rabbit by children's favourite author Tracey Corderoy. Hullabaloo the rabbit loves playing boo! But when he jumps out to surprise his friends he causes chaos Squirrel lands in a puddle splat! Hedgehog topples over crash! And poor Timid Mouse bursts into tears! "No more boos!" everyone shouts. Whatever will Hullabaloo do?
It's potty time!, Tracy Corderoy ; illustrated by Caroline Pedler.
Baby Bear is learning to use his new potty, and so is Bailey, his toy rabbit.
Where is Maisy? : a Maisy lift-the-flap book, Lucy Cousins.
Can you find Maisy, lift the flaps and play hide and seek with Maisy and her friends.
Boom, Snot, Twitty, Doreen Cronin ; illustrated by Renata Liwska.
Three unlikely friends spend a day together, despite their very different ideas about how to spend their time.
Don't spill the milk!, Stephen Davies, Christopher Corr.
Up the downy dunes, across the dark, wide river and up and down the steep, steep mountain, Penda lovingly carries a bowl of milk to her father in the grasslands. But will she manage to get it there without spilling a single drop? Authentic setting drawn from the author's own experience, this is a wonderfully fun introduction for small children to a completely different culture.
Hairy Maclary no te teri a tanarahana, Lynley Dodd ; na Waihoroi Shortland i whakamaori.
When Hairy Maclary and his canine friends go for a walk and encounter Scarface Claw, the toughest Tom in town, they run away.
The lion and the bird, Marianne Dubuc ; translated from the French by Claudia Z. Bedrick.
A lion finds a wounded bird in his garden and decides to care for it through the winter. When spring arrives, the bird's flock returns. The bird goes off with its flock. Lion is sad. But autumn brings a wonderful surprise.
Do dare duck, Joyce Dunbar & Jane Massey.
Does Duck dazzle as much as the peacock? Does he dawdle like the tortoise, or does he dash like the hare? No? Well, what does Duck do? Does Duck dare? A gorgeous new story from the author of Tell Me Something Happy Before I Go To Sleep and the illustrator of Daddy Is My Hero.
I am cow, hear me moo!, Jill Esbaum ; pictures by Gus Gordon.
While showing her timid gal pals the wonders of the woods, brave Nadine the cow discovers that she is not entirely
Fossil, Claire Ewart.
Upon finding a special stone, a child imagines the life of a pterosaur, the ancient flying reptile that lived, died, and was fossilized into that stone. Includes facts about fossils and how they are formed.
Chasing shadows, Corinne Fenton, Hannah Sommerville.
Everyone feels sad sometimes, but when sadness lingers, shadows appear. Some of us, even children, chase shadows. Will a wriggly, mischievous surprise help Beth chase her shadows away?
Possum magic : opposites, Mem Fox, Julie Vivas.
Now even the youngest readers can get to know some of the adorable Australian animals in Possum Magic. Children and parents will love this variation on a timeless favourite. Possum Magic has been voted by booksellers as Australia's best-selling children's picture book.
Good dog Hank, Jackie French ; illustrated by Nina Rycroft.
This is the story of a dog called Hank, who obeys all the rules by interpreting them in his own way. This is the story of a dog called Hank, who obeys all the rules by interpreting them in his own way. A very funny and affectionately warm picture book about a dog who is convinced he is doing the right thing and a family who love him, no matter what.
The hairy-nosed wombats find a new home, Jackie French ; illustrated by Sue deGennaro.
Once upon a time, deep underground, there was a colony of wonderfully whiskery wombats who all had hairy noses. They lived in the only home for Hairy-nosed Wombats in the world. Could there ever be another home for Hairy-noses? Created by wombat-loving and award-winning duo, author and Australian Children's Laureate Jackie French and illustrator Sue deGennaro, this is the (almost) true story of how finding a happy new home for Hairy-nosed Wombats helped one of the world's most endangered species to breed and thrive again.
Chu's first day at school, written by Neil Gaiman & illustrated by Adam Rex.
Chu is a little panda with a big sneeze and when his first day at school approaches he is nervous. Will the other boys and girls be nice? Will they like Chu? A fabulously warm and funny story about little Chu and his enormous sneeze!
Dog vs. Cat, Chris Gall.
A dog and a cat, both newly adopted and forced to share a room, do not get along until a howling, smelly, terrifying newcomer unites them in a common cause.
My dad still thinks he's funny, Katrina Germein ; illustrated by Tom Jellett.
My dad says, "I've told you fifty million times, don't exaggerate." Dad is back by popular demand with more hilarious material. And yes, My dad still thinks he's funny.
My dad thinks he's funny, Katrina Germein ; illustrated by Tom Jellet.
My dad doesn't like babysitting. He says no one should sit on babies. My dad doesn't eat seafood. He says there's something fishy about it. My dad doesn't lie in bed. He says you should always tell the truth. My dad thinks he's funny.
My mum says the strangest things, Katrina Germein ; illustrated by Tom Jellett.
When Mum's busy she says she's run off her feet. When I dawdle, Mum tells me to shake a leg. When I say, "I'm coming," Mum says, "So is Christmas." My mum says the strangest things.
A baby for loving, Libby Hathorn & Tamsin Ainslie.
Join this charming family of bears as they sing and chuckle and snuggle their way through a sunny afternoon. They delight in each other's company and they delight in the myriad ways a baby can bring joy to everyday life.
George and the dinosaur, written by Felix Hayes ; illustrated by Sue Heap.
George likes digging. He finds some gems, a sword, a pirate's leg and, to top off the hoard, a dinosaur egg! When he cleans his treasure he finds that the gems are just stones, dirt and dust. The sword is a spoon all covered in rust. The leg is a root, cracked and dried, but the egg is an egg, with something inside.
Supertato, Sue Hendra.
Meet Supertato! He's always there for you when the chips are down. He's the superhero with eyes everywhere and he's about to meet his arch-nemesis. The fabulous new character from Sue Hendra, the bestselling illustrator of Barry the Fish with Fingers and Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell.
Down by the barn, written and illustrated by Will Hillenbrand.
Ride with the tractor driver around the farm to pick up all of the animals.
Mr Chicken lands on London, Leigh Hobbs.
Mr Chicken can't wait another minute, so he finishes his breakfast, collects his camera and flies to London. He wants to see everything. Join Mr Chicken and let him show you his favourite city in all the world.
Mighty dads, Joan Holub ; pictures by James Dean.
Told in simple rhyming text, hard-working construction vehicle fathers guide and encourage their children.
The mouse who ate the moon, Petr Horacek.
When Little Mouse wakes one morning, she finds her dream has come true. Outside her burrow, a piece of the moon has fallen from the sky and it smells delicious. But what happens once Little Mouse has had a little nibble?
Build, dogs, build : a tall tail, James Horvath.
The doggy construction crew return for an ambitious development project involving the demolition of a old building and the construction of a new high rise with a shiny pet-house apartment on top.
Nest, Jorey Hurley.
A simple depiction of a year in the life of a bird.
Imagine a city, Elise Hurst.
In the city of imagination, anything is possible, and an outing with their mother brings every kind of possibility to life for two lucky children.
While he was sleeping, Ayano Imai.
'Who needs friends?' thinks Mr Brown. 'I can suit myself and wear my smart hat all day long.' Although he won't admit it, he is actually very lonely, so when a woodpecker decides Mr Bear needs company, his life is transformed. When the birds leave for winter, Mr Brown becomes lonely again, but while he is sleeping, something wonderful happens to his hat.
Pirate treasure!, Chloe & Mick Inkpen.
The sun is out so Zoe and Beans and best friend Oscar are off on a trip to the seaside. They've got buckets and spades and they're ready to search for buried pirate treasure! But digging is hard work and treasure is hard to find. It looks like it's up to clever Beans to sniff some out. A new story from the unstoppable Zoe and Beans and a perfect summer read, ideal for families off on a beach holiday and any small pirates!
Count on the subway, Paul DuBois Jacobs & Jennifer Swender ; illustrated by Dan Yaccarino.
Illustrations and rhythmic text describe the sights and sounds of a subway ride in New York City as a mother and child go uptown, counting their way from one to ten and back again.
The Hueys in None the number, Oliver Jeffers.
One of the Hueys tries to explain the concept of "none" to another by finding different numbers of items, one through ten, then taking them all away.
The Numberlys, William Joyce & Christina Ellis.
Before the alphabet was invented, life was very orderly though not so exciting until five friends set out to create something new.
How big were dinosaurs?, Lita Judge.
Dinosaurs and modern life collide in a very young picture book that clearly illustrates how big dinosaurs really were.
Meaniehead, Bruce Eric Kaplan.
Henry and Eve are going through a phase of fighting with each other all the time, and their battle quickly escalates from arguing over a toy to leaving a path of destruction across the United States and beyond.
Snail and Turtle are friends, Stephen Michael King.
Snail and Turtle like hiding, but never from each other. Snail and Turtle are friends and love to spend time together. They like to run, walk and enjoy being quiet together.
Pig and small, Alex Latimer.
When Pig hears a strange squeaking coming from his nose, he thinks something is very wrong. But eventually he realises that the noise is just a little bug. The two decide to be friends, but their difference in size soon becomes a big problem they can't seem to find anything that they can both enjoy. But when it comes to friendship, does size really matter?
Just the job for Dad, written by Abie Longstaff ; illustrated by Lauren Beard.
Dad's job is so dull! But what if, instead of going to boring meetings, Dad was out sailing the seven seas, defeating dragons or speeding through outer-space? A laugh-out-loud a tale from the author and illustrator of The Mummy Shop.
Princesses are not quitters!, Kate Lum ; illustrated by Sue Hellard.
Three bored Princesses decide they have to do something different. Something that will entertain them and take their minds off their lives of luxury. So they swap places with three servant girls and their minds certainly are taken off their lives of luxury! Work, work, work. Will it ever end?
The windy farm, Doug MacLeod & Craig Smith.
Why would anyone want to live on a farm where the winds are so fierce that even the pigs are blown away? Fortunately Mum is a clever inventor and can think of one very good reason. The Windy Farm is a hilarious picture book with a very pertinent message about wind power and environmental sustainability.
Presto change-o! : a book of animal magic, Edouard Manceau ; English adaptation by Michael Shneider, Shoshanna Kirk.
See the raccoon hiding in a magic cauldron? The owl pretending to be a clock? The lion masquerading as a flower? A rabbit hiding in a hot-air balloon? Kids will love working magic with just a few simple turns and a few rhyming verses that transform everyday objects into familiar creatures.
Two speckled eggs, Jennifer K. Mann.
It's Ginger's birthday, and she has to invite all the girls in her class to her party, including Lyla Browning. Even though she doesn't want to! Lyla isn't like the other girls: she smells like old leaves, doesn't talk much, and once brought a tarantula to school for show-and-tell.
Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat, are you going to school?, Bill Martin Jr and Michael Sampson ; illustrated by Laura J. Bryant.
On the first day of school, Kitty Cat discovers that there are lots of things to enjoy. He plays, he enjoys a snack, he paints, he sings, he listens to a story, and he shares something special during show-and-tell. No wonder he likes school so much.
Crikey and Cat, Chris McKimmie.
If the stars were blown out of the sky by a storm, what would you do? A beautiful new picture book from the amazing, three-time CBC-shortlisted author Chris McKimmie. When there are no stars in the sky, sometimes all you need is a ladder a friend a dog a cat and an all-night hardware store. A story celebrating creativity and friendship.
Baby bright, illustrations, Samantha Meredith.
This high-contrast baby board book is packed with baby's first words! Every page has an eye-catching shiny gold finish and a simple illustration of one of baby's favourite things. The black and white pages, with a bright colour and shiny gold foil, are designed with baby in mind.
Baby sparkle, illustrated by Samantha Meredith.
This high-contrast baby board book is packed with baby's first words! Every page has an eye-catching shiny blue finish and a simple illustration of one of baby's favourite things. The black and white pages, with a bright colour and shiny blue foil, are designed with baby in mind.
Baby twinkle, illustrated by Samantha Meredith.
This high-contrast baby board book is packed with baby's first words! Every page has an eye-catching shiny red finish and a simple illustration of one of baby's favourite things.The black and white pages, with a bright colour and shiny red foil, are designed with baby in mind.
Tools rule!, Aaron Meshon.
In a messy yard, a team of tools gets organized, then spends a busy day building a shed.
The amazing A-Z thing, Sally Morgan ; illustrated by Bronwyn Bancroft.
Join this charming family of bears as they sing and chuckle and snuggle their way through a sunny afternoon. They delight in each other's company and they delight in the myriad ways a baby can bring joy to everyday life.
This is a moose, Richard T. Morris is an author ; Tom Lichtenheld is an illustrator.
Director Billy Waddler is trying to film a documentary about moose, but the moose in question has no intention of spending his life in the woods and his animal friends, who have dreams of their own, help him prove his point.
Happy birthday, royal baby!, Martha Mumford ; illustrated by Ada Grey.
The Royal Palace is in chaos yet again not since the Royal Baby's birth has there been so much excitement! Why? Well it's the Royal Baby's first birthday, of course, and the palace is awash with activity! There's the cake to think about, balloons, presents and don't forget the bouncy castle and the Royal Baby's favourite game of Pin the Tail on the Corgi. The Queen may even do a spot of parachuting it is a special occasion, after all. Busily brilliant and fabulously funny, Happy Birthday, Royal Baby! is the must-have picture book, perfect for all little ones.
Star Child, Claire A. Nivola.
Star Child wants very much to visit Earth, but his elders tell him that to do so he will have to be born a human child and endure an existence far different from what he has known.
If I had a raptor, George O'Connor.
Our heroine can't think of anything better than bringing home a baby raptor all teensy and tiny, fluffy and funny. It would cuddle and play, stalk birds and dust bunnies, and curl up on laps. In short, it would be the perfect pet! Readers may notice striking similarities between the raptor's behaviour and that of a more common house pet. But whether their first love is dinosaurs or kittens, little people with big imaginations will definitely warm to this perfect picture book.
Fancy Nancy and the wedding of the century, written by Jane O'Connor ; illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser.
Fancy Nancy can't wait to attend her Uncle's wedding. She envisions the most exquisite celebration to take place after all she's never been to a wedding before. But when Nancy learns her uncle and fiancée, Dawn, are taking a more non- traditional route, she's afraid it won't be a fancy wedding after all. Fans of Fancy Nancy will delight as Nancy learns that sometimes a simple celebration can turn out more magnificent than she ever imagined!
The duck song, Bryant Oden ; illustrations by Forrest Whaley.
After a duck repeatedly orders grapes at a lemonade stand, the owner becomes so mad he threatens to glue the duck to a tree.
Blackie the fisher-cat, Janet Pereira ; illustrated by Gabriella Klepatski.
Blackie is no ordinary cat. Blackie is a cat with character and a cat with a kind heart. She also knows what's good for her - food, fishing and friendship! And Grandpop is in need of a friend. He has returned to his favourite camping ground, but this trip is different - Grandpop is alone. One morning, Grandpop discovers Blackie on his caravan step. Over the next few weeks, a very special friendship emerges between Blackie and Grandpop.
The girl and the bicycle, Mark Pett.
A wordless picture book in which a girl sees a bicycle she wants to buy, works hard for a kindly neighbour to earn the money for it, then gets a pleasant surprise.
Number one Sam, Greg Pizzoli.
A competitive race-car driving dog learns that some things are more important than being number one.
Made by Raffi, Craig Pomranz ; illustrated by Margaret Chamberlain.
Raffi is a shy boy who doesn't like noisy games and is often teased at school. But when he gets the idea of making a scarf for his dad's birthday he is full of enthusiasm, even though the other children think it is girly to knit. Then the day draws near for the school pageant, and there is one big problem no costume for the prince. And that's when Raffi has his most brilliant idea of all to make a prince's cape. On the day of the pageant, Raffi's cape is the star of the show.
Froodle, Antoinette Portis.
One day, amidst the usual chirps, tweets, and caws, a little brown bird decides to try singing a new song and sets off an interesting reaction.
Lamby Lamb, Chris Raschka.
The narrator uses reverse psychology to get a young sheep dressed.
Whaley Whale, Chris Raschka.
The reader is invited to find Whaley Whale's hiding place.
How to babysit a grandad, Jean Reagan ; illustrated by Lee Wildish.
Filled with humour, energy, and warmth, this is a great gift for or from a grandparent, and perfect for reading when Grandad comes to visit! Illustrated by the winner of the Red House Children's Book Award 2013.
Lucas and Jack, Ellie Royce and Andrew McLean.
Every week Lucas' mum visits Great Grandpop at the nursing home. And every week Lucas waits for her outside. Waiting is boring! Until Lucas meets Jack. Jack is tricky and Jack is fun, and he is a great storyteller. Lucas and Jack is a great book for introducing young children to the idea that old people can be fun and that deep down we have more in common than we think. More importantly Lucas and Jack encourages children to ask questions, be curious, imaginative and empathetic.
Big bad bubble, words by Adam Rubin ; pictures by Daniel Salmieri.
With gentle prodding from the narrator and help from the reader, four monsters are led to face their greatest fear: bubbles.
Farm baby, Annette Rusling.
See how much mummies and daddies care for their farm babies in this charming, double board book. This little book nestles inside the big book, allowing children to match the farm animals with their little ones!
Chengdu could not, would not, fall asleep, written and illustrated by Barney Saltzberg.
High in the trees in the middle of the night, all of the pandas are sleeping except for Chengdu, who tries everything and still cannot fall asleep until he finds the perfect spot atop his brother, Yuan.
I've an Uncle Ivan, Ben Sanders.
I've an Uncle Ivan is a free-wheeling rhyme illustrated in a nostalgic 1950s style that introduces readers to Uncle Ivan, his extended family and 14 different modes of transport. Ivan has a niece on skates, who has two hitchhiking brothers. They have a cousin on a scooter, whose sister drives a Mini And so it goes until we meet the whole family, who are travelling to a secret destination on every form of transport from unicycles to bi-planes to trams! But look more closely; in each picture there are clues to the true identity of this remarkable family and their exciting destination. The climax of this charming caper occurs when everyone descends upon the pie stand at once and chaos ensues.
The adventures of Beekle : the unimaginary friend, Dan Santat.
An imaginary friend waits a long time to be imagined by a child and given a special name, and finally does the unimaginable — he sets out on a quest to find his perfect match in the real world.
Pig kahuna pirates!, Jennifer Sattler.
Pig brothers Dink and Fergus love playing at the beach, but when Dink wakes up from his nap in a grumpy mood, Fergus invites Dink to play with his new pirate ship of sand and gives him the starring role as pirate captain.
One busy day, written by Lola M. Schaefer ; illustrated by Jessica Meserve.
Mia's big brother Spencer never seems to have time to play with her. But with a little imagination and lot of love, Mia shows Spencer it's a lot more fun to be busy together.
I got the rhythm, Connie Schofield-Morrison ; illustrated by Frank Morrison.
On a trip to the park with her mother, a young girl hears a rhythm coming from the world around her and begins to move to the beat, finally beginning an impromptu dance in which other children join her.
Turtle Island, Kevin Sherry.
A giant turtle's loneliness ends when a boatload of animals is shipwrecked and makes a temporary home on his shell. But when they decide to sail for home, will the turtle be alone once more?
Spring joy, Liesbet Slegers.
This colourful board book is filled with simple images of spring days when the sun shines and birds sing.
Summer beach day, Liesbet Slegers.
Hurrah! It's summertime! The sun is nice and warm and we are spending the day at the beach. I play in the sand, collect small shells and splash in the water. A book filled with recognizable images of a lovely summer's day at the beach.
My daddy says, written by Justine Smith ; illustrated by Angie Stevens.
Beautifully illustrated, warm and humorous in tone, this is a simple story about friends who meet regularly in the park to chat and play until it's nearly dark, and about the very special relationship that exists between children and their daddies. A soft and gentle take on family life and relationships that perfectly captures the humour and impulsive nature of family life, and those people who hold a special place in the lives of every child.
Three bears in a boat, David Soman.
Afraid to face their mother after breaking her beautiful blue seashell, three bears set out on an high seas adventure to try to find a replacement.
The most magnificent thing, written and illustrated by Ashley Spires.
A little girl has a wonderful idea. With the help of her canine assistant, she is going to make the most magnificent thing! She knows just how it will look. She knows just how it will work. But making the most magnificent thing turns out to be harder than she thinks.
A hot cup of chocolate, Rose Stanley ; illustrated by Lisa Allen.
In Johan's world, he thinks that most problems can be solved by having a 'magical' cup of hot chocolate. He has a happy home, which he shares with Mum, Dad and his little sister Lani. But Johan's friend Henry has a lot going on in his life and Johan finds out that being a supportive friend requires plenty of cups of hot chocolate …and a whole lot more.
Fiddlesticks!, Sean Taylor & Sally Garland.
Mouse has built a lovely new house. But as he stands outside to survey his handiwork, he notices one window is a little crooked. His friend Bear offers to straighten it. Except, in the process he pulls it off the wall. Fortunately, Squirrel passes by and offers to fix it. Except, in the process he breaks the pipework and causes a flood. And so it goes on until Mouse's house completely collapses under the weight of all this help. Mouse's house is ruined! What will he do now?
Too many tickles!, written by Thomas Taylor ; illustrated by Penny Dann.
From Mum's swirly-whirly tummy button tickles to Dad's great big side-grabbers, there's no escaping the tickles in this house…
Snug, Carol Thompson.
What makes you feel snug? Is it being curled up in a blanket? Feeling safe in your cosy bed? Being at home? Or being given a hug? All sorts of children are compared to all sorts of animals as we look at the different things that make us feel snug.
Mr Miniscule and the whale, Julian Tuwim ; illustrated by Bohdan Butenko ; translated by Antonia Lloyd-Jones.
Mr Miniscule has always longed to see a blue whale so he sets off to sea in search of one.
Wake up, Rupert!, Mike Twohy.
Rupert the rooster is tired from rising early to wake everyone on the farm up. Will his friend Sherman the sheep be able to do the job?
Even princesses go to the potty : a potty training lift-the-flap story, by Wendy Wax & Naomi Wax ; illustrated by Francesca Carabelli.
From princesses to dog trainers, toddlers will discover where each person has gone despite their busy day to the potty! With fun gatefold flaps, this hilarious story teaches children that everyone needs to take time to go to the potty.
Yoko finds her way, Rosemary Wells.
When Yoko gets lost in the airport, she uses her sign-reading skills to find her way back to her mama.
Queen Victoria's bathing machine, words by Gloria Whelan ; pictures by Nancy Carpenter.
Inspired by a true story, when Queen Victoria is unable to go swimming without her subjects glimpsing her in a swimming suit, her husband, Prince Albert, comes up with an innovative solution so his wife can indulge in the healthy exercise.
Who goes there?, Karma Wilson ; illustrated by Anna Currey.
Just as Lewis the mouse is settling into his near-perfect home for the winter, still wondering what is missing, he hears noises and must roar to scare away whatever horrid creature is scratching and tapping at his tree.
The Hans and Matilda show, Yokococo.
It's the school show and Matilda gets the starring role. Hans decides to wreak havoc with the other acts, including Clumsy Tony the magician's. To escape the angry cast Hans runs into the magician's wardrobe. Hey-presto! he's transformed into Matilda, winning Clumsy Tony the prize for best act in the show!

Younger Fiction

Violet Mackerel's helpful suggestion, Anna Branford ; illustrated by Sarah Davis.
Violet Mackerel is excited. Her best friend Rose is going on a trip to Japan. But Violet is going to miss her terribly. Six weeks is a long time. What if Rose forgets her? It may all be a slight disaster. Unless Violet can come up with a perfect plan and a very helpful suggestion.
More of Monkey & Robot, Peter Catalanatto.
Presents four stories about best friends Monkey and Robot, who try out Halloween costumes, visit the beach, consider what to do with a tire they find, and figure out if it is morning or night.
Pearlie and great aunt Garnet, Wendy Harmer ; illustrated by Gypsy Taylor.
It's Opal's birthday and Pearlie is planning a surprise party. Hurly Burly!. There's so much to do! Pearlie must buy presents, sweet treats, prizes for games and the best birthday cake ever.
Pearlie and her pink shell, Wendy Harmer ; illustrated by Gypsy Taylor.
"Hurly burly! Pearlie arrives home after a long day of making sure that everything is perfect in Jubilee Park, ready for a refreshing cup of dew and a lovely nap. The flowers are nodding and the birds are resting in the shady trees but workmen have covered Pearlie's beautiful pink shell in nasty, smelly grey paint! How can Pearlie live in a house that is the colour of a rainy day? Jasper is making a terrible noise in his kitchen and Great Aunt Garnet's shop is closed, so Pearlie has nowhere to stay. Luckily Opal is going to visit her home in Rainbow Ridge for the night, so the two friends travel into the desert together. But Sapphire and those naughty rats can't help causing trouble while Pearlie is gone. And how will Pearlie change her shell back to perfect pink without her wand? Pearlie will need the help of all her friends in Jubilee Park to get everything back to normal.
Pearlie and Opal, Wendy Harmer ; illustrated by Mike Zarb.
Opal the desert fairy comes to stay with her friend Pearlie the park fairy and experiences life in the city.
Pearlie and Sapphire, Wendy Harmer ; illustrated by Gypsy Taylor.
Twirly-whirly! It's a perfect sunny day for the first Fairy Twilight Fair at Jubilee Park. Worker gnomes are busy setting up the flower ferris wheel and lots of fun rides, and the decorations look spectacular. Everything seems to be in its place, just right, until Pearlie's cousin Sapphire arrives.
Jim's lion, Russell Hoban ; illustrated by Alexis Deacon.
Alexis Deacon, brilliant illustrator of Russell Hoban's final masterpiece, Soonchild, now re-imagines Russell's touching story about a boy in hospital, who dreams wild and extraordinary dreams as he faces a life-saving operation. Jim is in hospital. He's frightened. What if the doctors send him somewhere that he can't find his way back from? Nurse Bami tells Jim that he must go to his "good place" and there, his "finder" will come looking for him. Everyone has a finder. And so, deep in Jim's dreams, he finds his: a lion.
Superhero Levi, Robyn Kahukiwa.
A young Māori boy who pretends to have superhero powers, saves a girl being attacked by a magpie.
Tuatangata Levi, Robyn Kahukiwa ; i whakamaoritia e Kiwa Hammond.
Lindbergh : the tale of a flying mouse, Torben Kuhlmann ; English text by Suzanne Levesque.
In a country far away, a new invention the mechanical mousetrap has caused all the mice but one to flee to America. Now stranded in a dangerous country, the last mouse decides to build a plane and fly to the land of freedom.
Tilly's big problem, Rose Stanley ; illustrated by Lisa Allen.
When Tilly's problem gets too much for her she confides in her friend Ned, who is pretty great at helping her with the tricky stuff. But this time, even Ned can't come up with a solution. However, he does have a great idea to help her find someone to talk to. Together they devise a plan and have an adventure along the way.
Lulu's mysterious mission, Judith Viorst ; illustrated by Kevin Cornell ; jacket by Lane Smith.
When Lulu's parents go on vacation, the formidable Ms. Sonia Sofia Solinsky comes to babysit and Lulu behaves as badly as possible to get her to leave until Ms. Solinsky reveals her secret.
Lost in the snow, Holly Webb ; illustrated by Sophy Williams.
Fluff is the smallest and weakest of the farm kittens, but she surprises everyone with her strength and spirit, and soon she and her brothers and sisters are ready for new homes. But nobody seems to want Fluff. After a heartbreaking encounter with a little girl called Ella, she gives up on her dream of a loving home and flees from the farm out into the big scary world. Soon Fluff is lost and all alone …
The stone lion, Margaret Wild & Ritva Voutila.
Sometimes statues are granted a chance to become warm, breathing creatures. The stone lion has only one dream to run, pounce and leap in the park across from where he sits. But one snowy night, when a baby is abandoned at his paws, he is compelled to think differently.