New Titles Fiction July 2014 (arrived in June 2014)


The Lincoln myth, Steve Berry.
American President Cotton Malone tackles the secrets of Mormonism, a U.S. Senator's stealthy secession plan, and a history-shaping letter that was handed down through the chief executive line.
Night heron, Adam Brookes.
Action adventure by BBC's China Correspondent features a Chinese spy, a British journalist and a nation hunting them both.
Sting of the drone, Richard A. Clarke.
Action thriller set against a realistic background of the American drone programme.
Ghost ship, Clive Cussler and Graham Brown.
When Kurt Austin is injured attempting to rescue the passengers and crew from a sinking yacht, he wakes with fragmented and conflicted memories. Did he see an old friend and her children drown, or was the yacht abandoned when he came aboard?
Suspicion, Joseph Finder.
Gripping tale of a solo father who is forced to make a choice which will have terrifying consequences.
Midnight in Europe, Alan Furst.
Failing to secure American support for the Republican side of the Spanish Civil War in 1938, a minor Spanish noble travels to Paris, where he promotes the Republican cause before undertaking a mission to infiltrate the Spanish government.
Full assault mode, Dalton Fury.
Delta Force operator Kolt Raynor is out to thwart a deadly terrorist plot.
Biblical, Christopher Galt.
Epic apocalyptic thriller about a world where visions become widespread. The author is a pseudonym for thriller writer Craig Russell.
Sniper's honor, Stephen Hunter.
Part historical thriller and part contemporary action tale in which Bob Lee Swagger investigates why a woman reputed to be the greatest sniper of World War II has been erased from history.
The director, David Ignatius.
Graham Weber, the new director of the CIA, is tasked with revolutionising an agency in crisis. Never intimidated by a challenge, Weber intends to do just that. Weber's task greatens when a young computer genius approaches the CIA with proof their systems have been compromised.
The zodiac deception, Gary Kriss.
1942 and OSS chief convinces a con man to serve his country by gaining Himmler's trust and persuading him to assassinate Hitler.
The Intern's handbook, Shane Kuhn.
Fast moving tale of young interns trained to be assassins. A dark and unusual mixture of suspense and black comedy.
Replay, Marc Levy
A New York reporter collapses while jogging. When he regains consciousness it is two months earlier and he has sixty days to find out who wants him dead.
Robert Ludlum's The Bourne ascendancy, Eric van Lustbader.
Jason Bourne is now working as a 'blacksmith' someone who is hired by high-level government ministers fearful of assassination attempts. He is paid to impersonate these men at meetings in places of uncertain security around the globe.
Hunt the jackal, Don Mann with Ralph Pezzullo.
Military thriller for fans of Chris Ryan and Andy McNab. When a Senator's wife and teenage daughter are kidnapped, Crocker and SEAL Team Six are sent to the cities of Mexico and the jungles of South and Central America, hot on the trail of Mexican drug lords and a Colombian narco-terrorist who is known as the Jackal.
Fortress, Andy McNab.
Second in the Tom Buckingham action adventure series.
Iron & rust, Harry Sidebottom.
First in new series, "Throne of the Caesara," set in 3rd century Rome.
The blood of Alexander, Tom Wilde.
A modern Indiana Jones steals a relic of Alexander the Great in this action debut.

American Fiction

No one is here except all of us, Ramona Ausubel.
In 1939, the residents of the tiny Romanian village of Zalischik are counting on their isolation to protect them from the catastrophe sweeping Europe. When a mysterious stranger is washed up on the riverbank and the illusion of peace is shattered, the villagers are forced to acknowledge the precariousness of their situation.
The snow queen, Michael Cunningham.
Lovelorn man, transfixed by white light in Central Park, has a sort of religious conversion. Meanwhile, his musician brother is trying to write a wedding song for his mortally ill fiancée. Interesting novel by the author of "The hours."
The enchanted, Rene Denfeld.
Powerful tale set on Death Row and described as "Shawshank redemption" meets Cormac McCarthy.
Wonderland, Stacey D'Erasmo.
Overnight indie rock star suddenly crashes then has to try, at 44, to make a comeback.
To rise again at a decent hour, Joshua Ferris.
New York dentist finds he's being impersonated online: a crazy tale of obsession, faith, modern life and social media.
The calling : a novel, Suzanne Woods Fisher.
Struggling with her faith during a summer shared with five older Amish sisters, Bethany volunteers at a local soup kitchen while railing at the handsome but annoying Jimmy before uncovering a heartbreaking secret.
The one & only, Emily Giffin.
Centering her life on the successful Walker family, into which she plans to marry, Shea struggles to end her affair with a less-than-stellar boyfriend only to have her entire existence placed in question by the death of the family's mother.
The blonde : a novel, Anna Godbersen.
An imagining of Marilyn Monroe and JFK and the world of spies and politicians.
The painter, Peter Heller.
From the author of the bestseller, "The dog stars," comes the story of a man who shot another man, served his sentence then chose a quiet life of painting and fishing. A brutal act by a local menace leads him back to the man he was.
The possibilities, Kaui Hart Hemmings.
From the author of the successfully filmed "The descendants." Story of a single mother devastated by the death of her son in a Colorado avalanche. She deals with her grief then a young woman calls carrying a child.
The matchmaker, Elin Hilderbrand.
Storied matchmaker and Nantucket resident Dabney Kimball has her own life and match turned upside down when her true love of twenty-seven years prior returns to the island.
Goodnight June, Sarah Jio.
Imagines the inspiration for Goodnight Moon, an adored childhood classic and offers a suspenseful and heartfelt take on how the "great green room" might have come to be.
The pink suit, Nicole Mary Kelby.
Novel based on the true story behind Jackie Kennedy's pink suit, the Irish seamstress who worked on it and the woman who wore it.
You should have known, Jean Hanff Korelitz.
Grace Sachs, a happily married therapist with a young son, thinks she knows everything about women, men and marriage. She is about to publish a book called You Should Have Known, based on her pet theory: women don't value their intuition about what men are really like, leading to serious trouble later on. But how well does Grace know her husband?
The conditions of love, Dale M. Kushner.
Traces a girl from childhood to adult as she deals with her parent's abandonment and her own needs.
The prodigal, Beverly Lewis.
Truth can be thorny and even heartbreaking, yet Leah is required to make another difficult choice. Will this secret of secrets bring further sorrow for Leah, Sadie, and the Ebersol family?
Debbie doesn't do it anymore, Walter Mosley.
Black porn star decides to exit her sordid life but leaving isn't that easy for her in this strong, sad tale.
Next life might be kinder, Howard Norman.
Story of the murder of a wife and how the husband sells his story to a filmmaker and a cat and mouse game develops between the two men, leading to a story of redemption and the afterlife.
Lovers at the Chameleon Club, Paris 1932 : a novel, Francine Prose.
A richly imagined and stunningly inventive story of love, art, and betrayal in Paris of the 20's, 30's, and 40's. The club of the title attracts a Hungarian photographer (modelled on George Brassai), an American novelist, an aristocratic art patron and a cross dressing lesbian.
The rise and fall of great powers, Tom Rachman.
By the author of "The imperfectionists." The story of an American owner of a bookshop in the Welsh countryside who travels the world to make sense of her puzzling past.
Delicious!, Ruth Reichl.
Working as a public relations hotline consultant for a once-prestigious culinary magazine, Billie Breslin unexpectedly enters a world of New York restaurateurs and artisanal purveyors while reading World War II letters exchanged between a plucky 12-year-old and James Beard.
China dolls, Lisa See.
Three girls compete for showgirl roles at an exclusive nightclub. When Pearl Harbor occurs, one is sent to an internment camp, not knowing which of her friends betrayed her.
The vacationers, Emma Straub.
Celebrating their thirty-fifth anniversary and their daughter's high-school graduation during a two-week vacation in Mallorca, Franny and Jim Post confront old secrets, hurts, and rivalries that reveal sides of themselves they try to conceal.
All fall down, Jennifer Weiner.
Struggling with the demands of her job, distant husband, spoiled daughter and Alzheimer's patient father, Allison becomes addicted to painkillers and lands in rehab, where amid fellow inpatients she confronts incompatible recovery techniques, barely trained counselors and her own denial.
The secret life of Violet Grant, Beatriz Williams.
Manhattan, 1964. Vivian Schuyler, newly graduated from Bryn Mawr College, has recently defied the privilege of her storied old Fifth Avenue family to do the unthinkable for a budding Kennedy-era socialite: break into the Mad Men world of razor-stylish Metropolitan magazine.
That summer, Lauren Willig.
Young woman inherits a house in England and discovers a family secret of a hidden love affair which has links to the present.

Australian fiction

The strays, Emily Bitto.
Debut novel which is a re-imagining of the Heide art circle of the 1930s, and centres around the friendship of two young girls.
Inside out, Will Elliott.
Story of a self-styled no-hoper who gets involved in a road rage incident and is rescued by the sect of Bliss, who turn out to be a somewhat sinister bunch.
The word ghost, Christine Paice.
Aussie publication; British story. Set in Britain 1973 as a teenage girl falls in love. A tale of romance, family and the occasional ghost.
The Italians at Cleat's Corner Store, Jo Riccioni.
1949 and an Italian family arrive in a small British farming community. A likeable heartwarming tale of small town life, prejudice, love and postwar identity.

British Fiction

From a distance, Raffaella Barker.
1946 and a soldier returns home to Cornwall. 50 years later a stranger takes up an inheritance of a decommissioned lighthouse in Norfolk. Intriguing story that moves between places and across generations.
Darkling, Laura Beatty.
Two women separated by hundreds of years but both under siege: a woman in today's London mourns her lover and researches the life of a woman in the 17th century who defended her home from Royalist troops during the English Civil War.
Glow, Ned Beauman.
Reinvention of the conspiracy thriller, a tale of a conspiracy with global repercussions converging on a small flat about the office of a dentist in Camberwell. His previous novels made award shortlists.
The Pink Pepper Tree, Murel Bolger.
Career woman June Cusack and restaurateur Peter Braga have their successful lives even more successfully planned out together until a chance encounter in Monte Carlo changes that forever. As their worlds spin in totally different directions, forcing them apart, they are forced to take second chances, forging new paths for themselves.
My biggest lie, Luke Brown.
Funny and often touching first novel about a liar whose career and home collapse, leading him to flee to Argentina for a second chance.
Surrounded by water, Stephanie Butland.
Elizabeth's world is turned upside down when her policeman husband dies in a tragic drowning accident but she learns to piece together her life again. The author's experience of overcoming cancer make this a courageous and moving read.
Campari for breakfast, Sara Crowe.
The death of her mother leads to a girl being sent to her aunt's crumbling ancestral home, inhabited by a bunch of oddballs. Eccentric family comedy which should appeal to those who like the work of Dodie Smith and Nancy Mitford.
Gone are the leaves, Anne Donovan.
Set in the medieval past, an extraordinary novel about two friends - a choir boy and a seamstress - living in the home of a Scottish laird and his French wife.
The stories, Jane Gardam.
Superb collection of stories from one of Britain's best novelists.
The enlightenment of Nina Findlay, Andrea Gillies.
Married to a boy she grew up with and happy in her life, woman finds her stable life crumbling when her sister-in-law dies. Excellent second novel by Scottish author.
A man against a background of flames, Paul Hoggart.
James Appleby's career as a history lecturer is drifting into mediocrity until the phone call that changes his life forever. Our adulterous hero is informed of a mysterious chest of 400 year-old documents, which turns out to house a dangerous secret. To his horror, Appleby discovers his research has ignited a global firestorm that threatens to engulf all he loves.
The A-list family, Christina Hopkinson.
Light entertaining tale by British journalist about what life might be like in an A-list celebrity family.
A proper family holiday, Chrissie Manby.
Could you survive a week-long holiday with your entire family? Newly single magazine journalist Chelsea Benson can't think of anything worse.
The Corsican caper, Peter Mayle.
Master sleuth, Sam Levitt, eating, drinking, and romancing his way through the South of France even as he investigates a case of deadly intrigue among the Riviera's jet set.
After the bombing, Clare Morrall.
1960s and a young woman is forced to recall the time - in 1942 - when bombs destroyed Exeter.
In the light of what we know, Zia Haider Rahman.
An investment banker approaching forty, in the midst of his career collapsing and marriage unraveling, receives a surprise visitor at his West London townhouse. Confronting the disheveled figure of a South Asian male carrying a backpack, the banker recognizes a long-lost college friend. From here, the novel takes us on a journey of exhilarating reach and scope, ranging over Kabul, London, New York, Islamabad, Oxford, Princeton, and Sylhet, and dealing with love, philosophy, identity, finance, mathematics, cognitive science, literature, and war.
Without you, Saskia Sarginson.
1984, Suffolk. When 17-year-old Eva goes missing at sea, everyone presumes that she tragically drowned. Her parents' relationship is falling apart, undermined by guilt and grief. But her younger sister, Faith, refuses to consider a life without Eva; she's determined to find her sister and bring her home alive.
The final testimony of Raphael Ignatius Phoenix, Paul Sussman.
Raphael Ignatius Phoenix has had enough. Born at the beginning of the 20th century, he is determined to take his own life as the old millennium ends and the new one begins. But before he ends it all, he wants to get his affairs in order and put the record straight, and that includes making sense of his own long life.
Bad influence, William Sutcliffe.
Fearless newcomer to a street wins friends but gradually is taking sinister control of their lives.
Animals, Emma Jane Unsworth.
Laura and Tyler are best friends who live together, angrily philosophising and leading each other astray in the pubs and flats of Manchester. But things are set to change. Laura is engaged to teetotal Jim, the wedding is just months away, and Tyler becomes hell-bent on sabotaging her friend's plans for a different life. Matt Haig called this "a riot" and Lauren Beukes called it "a gloriously over the top account of female friendship."
Who is Tom Ditto?, Danny Wallace.
Wildly zany comedy about a man whose girlfriend walks out and how he hooks into a world where people follow others, literally and in life.
The legacy of Elizabeth Pringle, Kirsty Wark.
Elizabeth Pringle has lived on the beautiful island of Arran for over 90 year; the retired teacher and spinster is a familiar and yet solitary figure tending her garden and riding her bicycle around the island. When she dies she leaves her beloved house 'Holmlea' to a woman she merely saw pushing a pram down the road over thirty years ago.
Into the trees, Robert Williams.
A child's continual crying drives parents to madness and only in a forest can the child be calm. Things become easier - for a while.
The death of the poet, N. Quentin Woolf.
Radio host falls for a guest and pursues her. His life becomes a burden as her increasingly abusive behaviour goes out of control.


Clockwork fairy tales : a collection of steampunk fables, Stephen L. Antczak and James C. Bassett.
Fairy tales turn steampowered in this collection of short stories by some of today's best science fiction and fantasy authors.
The tropic of serpents : a memoir by Lady Trent, Marie Brennan.
Attentive readers of Lady Trent's earlier memoir, A Natural History of Dragons, are already familiar with how a bookish and determined young woman named Isabella first set out on the historic course that would one day lead her to becoming the world's premier dragon naturalist.
Skin game, Jim Butcher.
Latest instalment of Dresden Files has Chicago's only wizard facing danger.
Thief's magic, Trudi Canavan.
Opens the Millenium's Rule fantasy series.
The severed streets, Paul Cornell.
DI James Quill and squad police London's supernatural underworld in this clever fantasy from a Doctor Who author that also features an encounter with Neil Gaiman.
Unwrapped sky, Rjurik Davidson.
Debut by Australian writer set in a city-state where magic and technology are interchangeable; where minotaurs and sirens are real; where philosopher-assassins and seditionists are not the most dangerous elements in a city alive with threat.
The lost, Sarah Beth Durst.
Lauren finds herself trapped in a town called Lost on the edge of a desert, filled with things abandoned, broken and thrown away. The residents she meets there tell her she's going to have to figure out just what she's missing and what she's running from before she can leave.
The Oversight, Charlie Fletcher.
Gothic fantasy from YA author about secret society that polices the borders between this world and the next.
Property of a Lady Faire, Simon R. Green.
The 8th novel in the Secret Histories series.
A shiver of light, Laurell K. Hamilton.
Merry Gentry, ex-private detective, now full-time princess, knew she was descended from fertility goddesses, but when she learned she was about to have triplets, she began to understand what that might mean.
Sixth grave on the edge, Darynda Jones.
Most girls might think twice before getting engaged to someone like Reyes Farrow but Charley Davidson is not most girls. She's a paranormal private eye and grim reaper-in-training who's known to be a bit of a hell-raiser, especially after a few shots of caffeine.
Prince of fools, Mark Lawrence.
First in new fantasy series, Red Queen's war.
Bird box, Josh Malerman.
Creepy mix of fantasy and horror about what happens when the world stop and how one family must risk everything by leaving their house.
The immortal crown, Richelle Mead.
Second instalment in her Age of X series, following on from "Gameboard of the gods."
Cyador's heirs, L.E. Modesitt.
17th in the "Recluce" fantasy series.
Crown of renewal, Elizabeth Moon.
5th in her epic fantasy series, "Paladin's legacy."
The war of the grail, Geoffrey Wilson.
Second in intriguing series which imagines a world in which an Indian empire rules Europe through magic.

Fiction from the rest of the World

The arch and the butterfly, Mohamed Achari
As he prepares to leave for work one morning, Youssef al-Firsiwi finds a mysterious letter under his door. In a single devastating line he learns that his only son, Yacine, whom he believed to be studying engineering in Paris, has been killed in Afghanistan fighting with the Islamist resistance.
The detour, Gerbrand Bakker
A woman abandons her home in Holland without a word, leaving behind an impervious husband, mystified parents, and an unfinished thesis on reclusive poet Emily Dickson. Across the sea in Britain, she arrives at an isolated cottage in the shadow of a mountain.
Liveforever, Andres Caicedo
Respectable middle class woman in Colombia misses class one day and pursues a passion for dancing across the city. A posthumous publication from an intriguing writer.
Saree, Su Dharampala.
Nila wasn't born beautiful and is destined to go through life unnoticed until she becomes a saree maker. As she works, Nila weaves into the silk a pattern of love, hope and devotion, which will prove to be invaluable to more lives than her own. Set in Australia and Sri Lanka.
The confabulist, Steven Galloway.
From the author of "The cellist of Sarajevo" comes an intriguing tale of the world from the perspective of master magician Harry Houdini.
The pearl that broke its shell, Nadia Hashimi.
A multigenerational tale of Afghanistan that reflects the ongoing struggles of Afghan women.
The girl who saved the king of Sweden, Jonas Jonasson
A picaresque tale of how one person's actions can have far-reaching even global consequences. On June 14th, 2007, the King and Prime Minister of Sweden went missing from a gala banquet at the Royal Castle. Later it was said that both had fallen ill: the truth is different.
Summer house with swimming pool, Herman Koch
Medical mistake goes wrong and a famous actor dies. A doctor is forced to conceal the mistake in this strong ethically charged novel from the author of "The dinner."
Kinder than solitude, Yiyun Li.
18 years after Chu recovers partially from a coma, her friends fight for care and justice.
The girl who was Saturday night, Heather O'Neill.
Set in Montreal where twins live in a rundown apartment with their grandfather and drop out of school. Things change when a film crew arrive to link them to the fame of their folk singer father.
Astragal, Albertine Sarrazin
Tells the story of Anne, a young woman who breaks her ankle in a daring escape from prison. She makes it to a highway where she's picked up by a motorcyclist, Julien, who's also on the run. As they travel through nights and days together, they fall in love and must do whatever they can to survive, living their lives always on the edge of danger. Introduced by Patti Smith who identified with this cult French novel.
Shifting colours, Fiona Sussman.
Story of secrets, love and loss set against apartheid in South Africa and later in Britain later as a mother and daughter become separated by countries and events.

Fiction Selector's Pick

The temporary gentleman, Sebastian Barry.
Jack McNulty is a 'temporary gentleman', an Irishman whose commission in the British army in the Second World War was never permanent. In 1957, sitting in his lodgings in Accra, he urgently sets out to write his story. He feels he cannot take one step further, or even hardly a breath, without looking back at all that has befallen him.
Ruby, Cynthia Bond.
Story of a man determined to protect the woman he loves from a town that is eager to destroy her (East Texas in racist times) and how she ends up in 1950s New York. Excellent debut.
Every day is for the thief : fiction, Teju Cole (with photos by the author)
Young man returns to Nigeria after 15 years in New York and discovers dishonesty and corruption.
All the light we cannot see, Anthony Doerr.
Ten years in the writing, a story set in occupied WWII France, bringing together a German boy, adept at tracking the Resistance, and a French girl who's been blind from early childhood.
Barbarians, Tim Glencross.
First novel that will appeal to those who like state of the nation novels. Follows the lives of a North London political family: a magazine owner, his feminist author wife, politician daughter and quiet son.
Tigerman, Nick Harkaway.
An army man living in a former British colony learns to turn a blind eye to corruption, meets a street kid who needs his help.
Fallout, Sadie Jones.
The story of a young playwright in 1970s London, his producer and best friend and the woman he meets, a dynamic but quite troubled actress.
The lives of others, Neel Mukherjee.
Epic saga telling the story of a Bengali family in Calcutta — exploring a family that is decaying as the society around it fractures, and one young man who tries to reimagine his place in the world.
The thrill of it all, Joseph O'Connor.
Author of the bestseller "Star of the sea" with the tale of a band, The Ships In The Night, who form at college in Luton as teenagers in the 1980s. Toby Litt, in The Guardian, loved it and said it is "too damn entertaining for its own good."
The visitors, Patrick O'Keeffe.
Powerful and moving first novel about two families, the transatlantic distances that divide and the secrets shared.
The bees, Laline Paull.
A member of the lowest caste in her orchard hive, Flora 717, due to her courage and strength, finds her way into the Queen's inner sanctum where she discovers secrets about the hive that cause her to challenge authority and perform unthinkable acts.
Family life, Akhil Sharma.
An Indian family move to New York and the culture clash and family life are disrupted by a tragedy in this gripping and touching tale of a family coping in a strange land.
All that is solid melts into air, Darragh McKeon.
A boy wakes up in a Ukraine village in 1986 to the Chernobyl disaster. An Irish author's powerful depiction of the tragedy.
A naked singularity, Sergio De La Pava.
Originally self published then a hit with readers and critics online. The story of a public defender on the frontline of America's war on drugs who wins all his cases before things fall apart.

Graphic Novel

A flight of angels, Holly Black
X-Men : the age of Apocalypse companion, Howard Mackie
100 bullets. Brother Lono, Brian Azzarello
Batman Deathblow. After the fire, Brian Azzarello
Monsters! : & other stories, Gustavo Duarte.
Sex criminals. [1], One weird trick, Matt Fraction, Chip Zdarsky
The Batman/Judge Dredd collection, Alan Grant, John Wagner
Sankarea. 6, Mitsuru Hattori
The wallflower = Yamatonadeshiko shichihenge. 32, Tomoko Hayakawa
The love bunglers, Jaime Hernandez.
East of West. [2, We are all one], Jonathan Hickman
Shazam! Volume 1, Geoff Johns
Knights of Sidonia. 7, Tsutomu Nihei
Knights of Sidonia. 8, Tsutomu Nihei
FBP. Volume 1, The paradigm shift, Simon Oliver
Batman/Superman. Volume 1, Cross World, Greg Pak
Aama. 1, The smell of warm dust, Frederick Peeters
Uncanny Avengers. Ragnorok now, Rick Remender
Nowhere men. [Volume one, Fates worse than death], Eric Stephenson


Hit and run, Sandra Balzo.
Journalist Annalise returns to her North Carolina hometown where a legendary womaniser is murdered.
The bones beneath, Mark Billingham.
Thorne is facing perhaps the most dangerous killer he has ever put away, Stuart Nicklin. When Nicklin announces that he wishes to reveal the whereabouts of one of his earliest victims and that he wants the cop who caught him to be there when he does it, it becomes clear that Thorne's life is about to become seriously unpleasant.
A dark and twisted tide, Sharon Bolton.
Fourth in the Lacey Flint series and her first book as Sharon rather than as S.J.
The Cinderella killer : a Charles Paris mystery, Simon Brett.
Charles Paris in a Christmas production of "Cinderella" when a body is found under Eastbourne Pier.
The Axeman's jazz, Ray Celestin.
New Orleans 1919 and a dark serial killer - The Axeman - stalks the Mob-run jazz crazy New Orleans.
The winter king : a Hawkenlye mystery, Alys Clare.
All Saint's Eve, 1211. An overweight but wealthy nobleman, desperate for an heir, dies at the celebration feast he's thrown in his own hall. Is it a natural death, or at the hands of his reluctant new wife? Sabin de Gifford, an apothecary and healer of note, is called to examine the body, and concludes that he died of a spasm to the heart. But she is troubled, all the same.
Can anybody help me?, Sinead Crowley.
Scary thriller about a woman who is drawn into online chatrooms where she gives out information about herself so that when a friend goes missing …
The truth about the Harry Quebert affair, Joel Dicker
International bestseller about a girl's disappearance and how, thirty years later, a writer determines to clear his mentor's name.
Roseblood, Paul Doherty.
Medieval mystery series. Simon Roseblood is accused of a crime he didn't commit.
A carnival of shadows, R. J. Ellory.
Kansas, 1959. A travelling carnival appears overnight in the small town of Seneca Falls, intriguing the townsfolk with acts of inexplicable magic and illusion. But when a man's body is discovered beneath the carousel, with no clue as to his identity, FBI Special Agent Michal Travis is sent to investigate.
Black lies, red blood, Kjell Eriksson
Police officer Ann Lindell is great at solving crimes, but she doesn't have much luck in her personal life. When she meets journalist Anders Brant, Ann thinks her luck has turned around. But then Anders disappears without a trace and a homeless man's body is found with Anders' phone number in his pocket.
The murder of Harriet Krohn, Karin Fossum
A clever why-dunit from top Norwegian writer in which a man kills during a robbery and tries to rebuild his life while the police close in.
The distance, Helen Giltrow.
First in a planned series featuring Charlotte Alton who creates new identities for those who need their past history erased.
The devil's workshop, Alex Grecian.
Third in series featuring Scotland Yard's Murder Squad in 1890s London.
Vertigo 42, Martha Grimes.
Scotland Yard Supt. Richard Jury returns in a case that has echoes of Hitchcock's "Vertigo."
Those who feel nothing : the fifth Brighton mystery, Peter Guttridge.
Ex-Chief Constable Bob Watts is hoping to ease gently into his new role as Brighton's first Police Commissioner but is hit with a shocking scandal involving the director of the Royal Pavilion.
The water rat of Wanchai, Ian Hamilton.
Ava Lee takes on a master criminal in her most dangerous case yet.
Darkness, darkness, John Harvey.
The (apparently) final DI Charlie Resnick novel takes in the period of the Miner's Strike in Britain.
A morbid habit, Annie Hauxwell.
Christmas is looming, and investigator Catherine Berlin is out of a job. Broke, and with a drug habit that's only just under control, she quickly agrees when an old friend offers her work. It's a simple investigation with a generous fee, looking into the dealings of a small-time entrepreneur. The only catch? It's in Russia.
Under a silent moon, Elizabeth Haynes.
Police called to suspected murder at a farm outside a small English village at the same time a suicide occurs at a local quarry.
The devil in the Marshalsea, Antonia Hodgson.
Historical thriller set in 1727 when a parson's son is in a debtor's prison and must solve a murder to escape from a world of violence and corruption.
The abduction, Jonathan Holt.
A teenage girl is kidnapped in Venice and the race to save her uncovers a dangerous conspiracy.
Want you dead, Peter James
The tenth book in the Detective Superintendent Roy Grace series.
Hour of darkness, Quintin Jardine.
Latest Bob Skinner tale has the Edinburgh cop faced with a murder on an island and another in an Edinburgh flat.
Live to see tomorrow, Iris Johansen.
CIA operative Catherine Ling on a dangerous mission to rescue a woman journalist in Tibet.
The curse of the house of foskett, M.R.C. Kasasian.
Second in Victorian-set crime series featuring Sidney Grice and March Middleton. Entertaining tale in the cosy tradition of M.C. Beaton.
The ties that bind, Erin Kelly.
Crime writer meets reformed gangster, now elderly, and investigates what might have been a violent crime back in 1968.
The book of you, Claire Kendal.
Gripping thriller about a university administrator who has a drunken fling with a colleague who turns into a dangerous stalker.
Those who wish me dead, Michael Koryta.
When Jace Wilson accidentally witnesses a brutal murder, his life is changed forever. An ordinary teenager growing up in Indiana, Jace is suddenly forced into the Witness Protection Program and given a new name and history.
The human flies, Hans Olav Lahlum
First English translation of bestselling Norwegian crime novelist. Set in 1968 Oslo where a legendary Resistance hero is found murdered.
St Kilda blues, Geoffrey McGeachin.
A serial killer goes unnoticed in 1967 Melbourne and Detective Charlie Berlin investigates.
The bone seeker, M.J. McGrath.
Latest in the series set in The Arctic featuring former Polar Bear hunter Edie Kiglatuk and poice friend Derek Palliser.
The hidden girl, Louise Millar.
Couple move to Suffolk countryside for a fresh start and hope to start a family. They find the rural life threatening.
Resistant, Michael Palmer.
Debut by US Foreign Service veteran. Story of a disgraced diplomat who is sent to the Congo where powerful forces make life very dangerous.
The Red Room, Ridley Pearson.
Series duo John Knox and Grace Chu and the case of East meeting West in Istanbul with spies and terrorists.
The magus of Hay, Phil Rickman.
Merrilyn Watkins investigates a case that may be suicide or murder.
The last refuge, Craig Robertson.
Man arrives on the desolate Faroe Islands to make a new start but his past catches up with him and then a murder occurs.
Sidney Chambers and the problem of evil, James Runcie.
Latest in mystery series featuring Canon Sidney Chambers consists of four long stories. The series is to be filmed for television in 2015 in Cambridge and London.
Field of prey, John Sandford.
24th in this series featuring Lucas Davenport.
Marble bar, Robert Schofield.
Gareth Ford, with a cloud still hanging over him because of his involvement in the Gwardar Gold Heist, has decided to make a new beginning in the iron mines of Newman. But when he returns home from the night shift to find his flatmate murdered, suspicion quickly falls upon him.
Help for the haunted, John Searles.
Psychological thriller debut about a girl whose parents help "haunted souls" and how one night they disappear.
A house of knives, William Shaw.
Second in this first rate series set in London in the late 1960s.
The heiresses, Sara Shepard.
From the YA author of the "Pretty little liars" books comes the tale of a diamond business family at the top of high society and what happens when there is a death that may be a suicide or perhaps murder.
The king's return, Andrew Swanston.
1661 and two bodies are found with cut throats. Thomas Hill realises that traitors are involved in a conspiracy with a dangerous killer on the rampage.
Fatal enquiry, Will Thomas.
Reintroduces private enquiry agent Cyrus Barker and his assistant, Thomas Llewellyn, and their unforgettable world of Victorian London. Some years ago, Cyrus Barker matched wits with Sebastian Nightwine, an aristocrat and sociopath, and in exposing his evil, sent Nightwine fleeing to hide from justice somewhere in the far corners of the earth.
Children of war, Martin Walker.
Bruno, French chef de police, and the case of the undercover French Muslim polceman found dead in the woods.
The death collector, Neil White.
Manchester's top criminal defence lawyer and his brother, a top detective, on the chilling case of a collector who collects women.
Decompression, Juli Zeh
Psychological thriller translated from the German. A writer takes his soap star girlfriend to Lanzarote to learn scuba diving and a sinister triangle develops with the diving instructor.

New Zealand Fiction

Purgatory, Rosetta Allan.
Ten-year-old John Finnegan can't leave his garden. Ever since they were murdered he, his brothers and his ma have been stuck there, caught between the worlds of the living and the dead. Unseen and unnoticed, he watches the events after his life unfold - including the actions of his murderer.
Passing through, Coral Atkinson.
Set in the port of Lyttelton, a community still recovering from World War I, the lives of four people with tragic pasts are intertwined by love, loss and a concern with raising the dead.
A history of crime : the Southern double-cross, Dinah Holman.
The most dangerous people are those with the most to lose. It is 1887. The young colony of New Zealand is in the grip of a deep depression. Insolvent speculators conspire with corrupt politicians while Māori land slips from the hands of its owners. Into this landscape of barely suppressed conflict steps a young Anglo-French-Māori soprano, visiting New Zealand for the first time.
A can of sunshine, Christine Leunens.
Family's holiday to Fiji takes an unexpected turn in this tale of three generations of women.
Soldier to settler : an Irish boy in the British Army comes to Auckland and becomes an Otago pioneer, Donald Offwood.
Follows Patrick Murtagh, who as a poor Irish boy joins the British Army in 1820. After serving in India, he is discharged into the famines of the 40s in Ireland. As a man of 'good character' he is able to re-join the Army in 1847 and come to New Zealand with his family and with the offer of his own cottage and schooling for his children, as a Fencible Corp soldier.


Giving in, Maya Banks.
Return of Dr Maguire, Judy Campbell.
The millionaire's homecoming, Cara Colter.
Heatherdale's shy nurse, Abigail Gordon.
Gambling with the crown, Lynn Raye Harris.
The heart's pursuit, Robin Lee Hatcher.
The truth about De Campo, Jennifer Hayward.
All that glitters, Linda Howard.
The forbidden touch of Sanguardo, Julia James.
Outback dreams, Rachael Johns.
The only woman to defy him, Carol Marinelli.
American surgeon in London, Lynne Marshall.
Lessons in rule-breaking, Christy McKellen.
Sheikh's scandal, Lucy Monroe.
Twelve hours of temptation, Shoma Narayanan.
A clash with Cannavaro, Elizabeth Power.
Someone like you, Victoria Purman.
Sex, lies & her impossible boss, Jennifer Rae.
Beach bar baby, Heidi Rice.
The proud Italian, Alison Roberts.
Through the deep waters, Kim Vogel Sawyer.
Swept away by the tycoon, Barbara Wallace.
Secrets of a ruthless tycoon, Cathy Williams.
The heir of the castle, Scarlet Wilson.
Expecting the prince's baby, Rebecca Winters.
One night to risk it all, Maisey Yates.

Saga & Historical

An appetite for violets, Martine Bailey.
Under cook at a great hall has to accompany aristocrat to Italy where she discovers a household book of recipes and a dark conspiracy.
Dodger of the dials, James Benmore ; based on the character created by Charles Dickens.
Two years on from the events of Dodger, Jack Dawkins is back as top-sawyer with his own gang of petty thieves from Seven Dials. But crime in London has become a serious business - and when Jack needs protection he soon finds himself out of his depth and facing the gallows for murder.
The downstairs maid, Rosie Clarke.
Young servant girl at the big manor house becomes friends of some of the daughters of the house and the Earl's son.
Nightingales on call, Donna Douglas.
Dora and her old enemy Lucy are paired up on the children's ward for the final three months of their training. The two nurses couldn't seem more different, but they may have more in common than they think, as each hides a secret heartache.
A Cornish stranger, Liz Fenwick.
When her reclusive grandmother becomes too frail to live alone, Gabriella Blythe moves into the remote waterside cabin on Frenchman's Creek which has been her grandmother's home for decades. Once a celebrated artist, Jaunty's days are coming to a close but she is still haunted by events in her past, particularly the sinking of Lancasteria during the war. Everything is fine until a handsome stranger arrives in a storm, seeking help.
Sundance, David Fuller.
Gripping historical thriller of love and vengeance featuring Harry Longbaugh, best known as the Sundance Kid.
Goddess, Kelly Gardiner.
Versailles 1686 and Julie d'Aubigny, a striking young girl, learns to fence and fight in the court of the Sun King before leaving to become an opera singer.
The fortune hunter, Daisy Goodwin.
1875 and Empress of Austria has everything except happiness. She goes to England looking for excitement.
The soldier's daughter, Rosie Goodwin.
Bryony Valentine lives at home with her mother Lois, father James and two younger siblings. For as long as Bryony can remember, she has been soft on the boy next door, Eddie, but her best friend Ruth has feelings for him too. When the Luftwaffe begin their bombing campaign of the midlands, Eddie is called up to serve, as is James, and Bryony's world is torn apart.
A Mersey mile, Ruth Hamilton.
1955 and the Northern community fear for their future when government plans threaten them.
The true and splendid history of the Harristown sisters, Michelle Lovric.
It is the age of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, when Europe burns with a passion for long-flowing locks. And when seven sisters, born into fatherless poverty in Ireland, grow up with hair cascading down their backs, to their ankles, and beyond, men are not slow to recognise their potential.
The Last Kind Words Saloon : a novel, Larry McMurtry.
Traces the rich and varied friendship of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday from the town of Long Grass to Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in Denver, then to Mobetie, Texas, and finally to Tombstone, Arizona, culminating with the famed gunfight at the O.K. Corral.
A moment in time, Tracie Peterson.
Having survived an attack that left her scarred and her father dead, Alice Chesterfield is never free from the fear and memories of the man who is responsible. Texas seems to be an answer to Alice's prayers, and when she has the opportunity to relocate to a ranch near Dallas, Robert Barnett captures her attention.
Bridge to Haven, Francine Rivers.
1950s Hollywood where a hot young star with a sad background is lured by the bright lights but fights the temptation for the simpler life.
Theft of life, Imogen Robertson.
London 1875 and a West Indies planter's body is found in the grounds of St. Paul's and the world of slavery and plantation owners is exposed.
Evie, Julia Stoneham.
Land Girls in World War II face the postwar years in this romantic saga.
Ronan's echo, Joanne van Os.
In 1916 twin brothers Denny and Connor Ronan are eager to get to the war before it's all over; Bridie O'Malley, their childhood friend and the woman they both love, watches them leave, understanding too late that war is about more than heroes and handsome boys in uniform.
Before the fall, Juliet West.
World War II and a woman struggles to keep her family together in London's East End.
The yellow papers, Dominique Wilson.
1872 and China sends a group of boys to America to study and bring back the secrets of the West. One of them flees to outback Australia.

Science Fiction

The dark between the stars, Kevin J. Anderson.
The Dark Between the Stars is space opera on a grand scale. Twenty years after the elemental conflict that nearly tore apart the cosmos in The Saga of Seven Suns, a new threat emerges from the darkness, and the human race must set aside its own inner conflicts to rebuild their alliance with the Ildiran Empire for the survival of the galaxy.
Deadly shores, Taylor Anderson.
Latest in the alternative history series about a battle that risks everything.
Gregory Benford SF Gateway omnibus., Gregory Benford
This omnibus collects three of his best works.
Noble Ark, Colette Black.
Mwalgi pirates, parasitic aliens who consume human spinal fluid, are boarding the Noble Ark. When Larkin Trovgar, a half-human member of the attacking alien ship, turns on his own people, saving Aline Taylor's life, she feels duty-bound to watch over the impossible monstrosity.
Rescue mode, Ben Bova and Les Johnson.
Gritty scientifically accurate SF adventure about the first human mission to Mars.
The girl in the road, Monica Byrne.
Fascinating debut that mixes influences of Margaret Atwood, Neil Gaiman and others in a story of two women embarking on extraordinary journeys.
Peacemaker : a Foreigner novel, C.J. Cherryh.
15th in the Foreigner series.
Honor among thieves, James S. A. Corey.
Corey makes a Star Wars debut in this epic adventure featuring Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia.
The sea without a shore, David Drake.
Cinnabar's chief spymaster is a mother also, and her son is determined to search for treasure in the midst of a civil war. Who better to watch over him then Captain Daniel Leary, Cinnabar's troubleshooter, and his friend cyberspy Adele Mundy?
Mentats of Dune, Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.
Set in a place where humans are taught to learn the efficient techniques of thinking machines. A fanatical regime sets up against them and the future of humanity is at stake.
Memory of water, Emmi Itaranta.
Unusual debut with echoes of Margaret Atwood in its story of a girl entrusted with the secret of a freshwater spring hidden near her small village.
Star wars, dawn of the Jedi. Into the void, Tim Lebbon.
Stand-alone hardcover tie-in to the successful comic book series, Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi.
Artemis awakening, Jane Lindskold.
Begins a new series set in Artemis, a pleasure planet for Earth's wealthiest citizens.
The Kraken Project, Douglas Preston.
An AI called Dorothy, designed to control a probe on Saturn's moon Titan, flees into the internet after an explosion during tests kills seven scientists. Being tracked by both its creator and murderous algorithm traders Dorothy seeks refuge in a child's toy.
The forever watch, David Ramirez.
SF debut: on the Noah, a spaceship the size of a city that is halfway through an 800 year voyage to another planet, a man is murdered.
Neptune's brood, Charles Stross.
Fast moving imaginative tale of an interstellar society constrained by real physics.
Theodore Sturgeon SF Gateway omnibus., Theodore Sturgeon
From the SF Gateway, the most comprehensive digital library of classic SFF titles ever assembled, comes an ideal sample introduction to the fantastic imagination of Theodore Sturgeon, one of the great names in science fiction.
Authority, Jeff VanderMeer.
Second in his Southern Reach trilogy.
My real children, Jo Walton.
It's 2015, and Patricia Cowan is very old. "Confused today," read the notes clipped to the end of her bed. She forgets things she should know - what year it is, major events in the lives of her children. But she remembers things that don't seem possible.
Robogenesis : a novel, Daniel H. Wilson.
A sequel to the best-selling Robopocalypse is told through a series of narratives that finds new and former characters fighting to rebuild a war-stricken world under threat of the surviving Archos machine code.
The man with the compound eyes, Wu Ming-Yi
The English-language debut of an exciting new award-winning voice from Taiwan - a stunning novel that is at once fantasy, reality, and dystopian environmental saga, in which the lives of two people from very different worlds intertwine under the shadow of a man-made catastrophe.