New Titles Non-Fiction July 2014 (arrived in June 2014)

Art & Architecture

AcrylicWorks : the best of acrylic painting : ideas and techniques for today's artists, Nancy Reyner. 751.426 ACR
An exuberant catalogue of dreams : the Americans who revived the country house in Britain, Clive Aslet. 728.8 ASL
Architecture since 1400, Kathleen James-Chakraborty. 720.9 ARC
Art & ecology now, Andrew Brown. 704 .94957 BRO
Art as therapy : works from the collection of the National Gallery of Victoria, Alain de Botton, John Armstrong. 701.18 DE
Art from the First World War. 709.041 ART
Beyond the state : New Zealand state houses from modest to modern, text, Bill McKay. 728.37 MCK
Breaking the rules of watercolour, Shirley Trevena. 751.422 TRE
Buildings must die : a perverse view of architecture, Stephen Cairns, Jane M. Jacobs. 720.1 CAI
What of the "death" of buildings? What of the decay, deterioration, and destruction to which they are inevitably subject? And what might such endings mean for architecture's sense of itself?
Creating CityCenter : world-class architecture and the New Las Vegas, William R. Smith, Scott J. Tilden with Lynne Lavelle. 720.973 SMI
Edgar Degas : drawings and pastels, Christopher Lloyd. 759.4 DEG
Genius and ambition : the Royal Academy of Arts, London, 1768-1918. 708.2 GEN
Greer Twiss : sculptor. 730.92 TWI
I never knew that about England's country churches, Christopher Winn. 726.5 WIN
Make_shift city : renegotiating the urban commons = Die Neuverhandlung des Urbanen, Herausgeber/editor:. 711.4 MAK
Marc Quinn : memory box, Germano Celant. 731 QUI
Published on the occasion of his major anthology at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini in Venice, this catalogue gathers a number of works by the renowned British artist.
Modernism at the barricades : aesthetics, politics, Utopia, Stephen Eric Bronner. 700.4 BRO
Nature morte : contemporary artists reinvigorate the still-life tradition, Michael Petry. 704.9435 PET
Origins of classical architecture : temples, orders and gifts to the gods in ancient Greece, Mark Wilson Jones. 720.938 WIL
Richard Deacon, Clarrie Wallis. 730.92 DEA
This title traces the career of the renowned Welsh sculptor Richard Deacon, who has been at the forefront of the practice for the last 35 years.
Symphony for a beloved sun : Anish Kapoor, editor, Norman Rosenthal. 730.92 KAP
The art of urban sketching : drawing on location around the world, Gabriel Campanario. 743.84 CAM
The urban house : townhouses, apartments, lofts, and other spaces for city living, Ron Broadhurst ; foreword by Richard Meier. 728.31 BRO
Vorticism : new perpectives, Mark Antliff and Scott W. Klein. 700.941 VOR
Vorticism addresses the seminal innovations in theatre, literature and poetry as well as Vorticist painting, sculpture, print making, and photography that encompassed the Vorticism art movement.
Ways of curating, Hans Ulrich Obrist with Asad Raza. 069.5 OBR


A broken hallelujah : rock and roll, redemption, and the life of Leonard Cohen, Liel Leibovitz. 781.64 COH
As I walked out one midsummer morning, Laurie Lee. 946 LEE
The stooping figure of my mother, waist-deep in the grass and caught there like a piece of sheep's wool, was the last I saw of my country home as I left it to discover the world. Abandoning the Cotswolds village that raised him, the young Laurie Lee walks to London. There he makes a living labouring and playing the violin.
Bathed in lightning : John Mclaughlin, the 60s, and the emerald beyond, Colin Harper. 787.87 MCL
This biography of the revolutionary guitarist McLaughlin focuses on his early life before the success of the Mahavishnu Orchestra.
Bertolt Brecht : a literary life, Stephen Parker. 832.912 BRE
Biting through : five years in Afghanistan, John Ratcliffe. 958.1 RAT
John Ratcliffe is a quiet man, not the type of person who stands out in a crowd or draws attention to himself. But scratch the surface and you will find a person who has lived anything but a normal life.
Boundless : a wayward entrepreneur's search for peace, Greg Hopkinson. 338.04 HOP
A near-death experience in an avalanche set Greg Hopkinson on a quest for happiness. - he became a monk. As Greg became calmer and happier he was able to reconnect with his soul mate and to begin to live the life he had always dreamed of.
Bridging the gap : the Carl Thelin story. 929.2 THE
Biography of bridge builder Carl Thelin, contains information on both his working and family life.
Captain Phil Harris : the legendary crab fisherman, our hero, our dad, Josh Harris. 639.56 HAR
Presents a portrait of the late star of Discovery Channel's "Deadliest Catch," revealing his high-risk private life of tempestuous affairs, drug-fueled parties, and motorcycle riding, as well as his virtues as a devoted friend, loving father, and steadfast captain.
Dear tyrant : an extraordinary colonial life, Barrie Allom. 993.02 ALL
Dear Tyrant, as his wife called him, is the story of Albert James Allom (1825-1909), his family and childhood, his adventurous youth, his relationship with Edward Gibbon Wakefield, his struggle for success, and his philosophy of life.
Dirty daddy : the chronicles of a family man turned filthy comedian, Bob Saget. 792.7 SAG
Proudly embracing his dark and dirty side, the star of both Full House and America's Funniest Home Videos opens up about some of his personal experiences with life and death, his career and his reputation for sick humour.
Edmund de Waal. 738 DE
The first monograph on this internationally famous potter and writer, this book brings to life the man behind The Hare with Amber Eyes.
Face the music : a life exposed, Paul Stanley. 781.66 STA
The co-founder and lead singer of the rock band Kiss discusses his childhood, the drama of his life on and off the stage, his personal relationships, and the turbulent dynamics with his bandmates over the past four decades.
For those I loved, Martin Gray. 940.5318 GRA
A firsthand account of the Jewish Holocaust from a man who survived a concentration camp, participated in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, became an officer in the Soviet Red Army, and retired to France after making a fortune in the United States.
Four sisters : the lost lives of the Romanov grand duchesses, Helen Rappaport. 947.083 ROM
Hawaii's story, Hawaii's Queen Liliuokalani ; annotated by David W. Forbes. 996.9 LIL
This classic work is the only autobiography written by a Hawaiian monarch, and provides a glimpse of life in Honolulu during her lifetime.
Herbert Spencer and the invention of modern life, Mark Francis. 192 SPE
A fascinating portrait of a human being whose philosophical and scientific system was a unique attempt to explain modern life in all its biological, psychological and sociological forms.
It will get better, Stella Gibney. 362.76 GIB
Stella Gibney grew up in 1960s New Zealand. She was the fifth child in a family of six. But unlike her brothers and sisters, Stella suffered a number of abusive incidents during her formative years. But Stella was determined not to let years of horrific abusive situations and domestic violence determine her life.
Lionheart : the true story of England's Crusader King, Douglas Boyd. 942.032 RIC
My Salinger year, Joanna Rakoff. 818.6 SMI
A memoir about literary New York in the late 1990s, a pre-digital world on the cusp of vanishing, where a young woman finds herself swept into one of the last great stories and entangled with one of the last great figures of the century.
Peter the Great : his life and world, Robert K. Massie. 947.05 PET
Rasputin : a short life, Frances Welch. 947.083 RAS
Relapse, Jake Anderson. 639.57 AND
The author, a fourth generation fisherman and a featured personality on the Discovery Channel television series Deadliest catch, recounts his life story, including deep-sea fishing off the coast of Alaska and in the Bering Sea, his passion for skateboarding, a series of personal tragedies, and his struggles with injury, addiction and homelessness.
Sammy Davis, Jr. : a personal journey with my father, Tracey Davis and Nina Bunche Pierce. 791.092 DAV
Small bamboo, Tracy Vo. 325.21 VO
In 1978, following a dramatic escape from war-torn Vietnam, Tracy Vo's parents boarded a leaky boat not knowing what their future held or whether they would live. The couple had fled Vietnam under the cover of darkness, exchanged wedding rings en route to Malaysia, then sold them and their scant possessions to feed themselves and their 10 relatives on the journey.
Stations of the heart : parting with a son, Richard Lischer. 248.86 LIS
Describes the author's wrenching loss of his son to melanoma, a tragedy also marked by the imminent birth of another child and the spiritual lessons imparted by the young man throughout the end of his life.
Steam inclined : memories of ex-Coaster Bryon Marinan, Stephen Wright. 385.0993 MAR
Steam Inclined features the story of a former West Coast engine driver, Bryon
Storyteller : a foreign correspondent's memoir, Zoe Daniel. 070.433 DAN
Zoe Daniel is the ABC's fifteenth South East Asia Correspondent, and one of only a handful of women to combine one of the most dangerous jobs in the world with one of the most demanding motherhood.
Talent is not enough, Danny Buderus and Neil Cadigan. 796.3338 BUD
Danny Buderus is a record maker in the toughest rugby league competition in the
The Bosnia list : a memoir of war, exile, and return, Kenan Trebincevic and Susan Shapiro. 949.7 TRE
A young survivor of the Bosnian War returns to his homeland to confront the people who betrayed his family.
The boxer : the true story of Holocaust survivor Harry Haft, Reinhard Kleist. 796.83 HAF
The intellectual life of Edmund Burke : from the sublime and beautiful to American independence, David Bromwich. 941.073 BUR
This biography of statesman Edmund Burke (1729-1797), covering three decades, is the first to attend to the complexity of Burke's thought as it emerges in both the major writings and private correspondence.
The Late Starters Orchestra, Ari L. Goldman. 787.4 GOL
If you thought a fiddler on a roof was in a precarious position, imagine what happens when a middle-aged professor with a bad back takes up the cello.
The liberty tree : drunk to sober : via love, death, disintegration & freedom, Suzanne Harrington. 362.292 HAR
Touching and brutally honest, The Liberty Tree is like nothing you have read before. It raises questions many of us will find difficult to answer, but it is ultimately life affirming in its humour, warmth and candour.
The Putin mystique : inside Russia's power cult, Anna Aruntunyan. 947.086 PUT
The setting sun : a memoir of empire and family secrets, Bart Moore-Gilbert. 954.035 MOO
Setting Sun is the story of the dying days of an Empire, combined with gripping family history, in an extraordinary literary voyage across India.
The strange case of Dr. Terry and Mr. Chimes, Terry Chimes. 781.66 CHI
An autobiography with a difference. It covers the life of a founding member of The Clash, a man who appears to many to be a dual personality.
The surprising life of Constance Spry, Sue Shephard. 745.92 SPR
Most people today, if they have heard of her, associate Constance Spry with the cookery book bearing her name. But Connie was much, much more than the author of a bestselling cookery book. She was deeply unconventional, extremely charming and very determined.
Things a little bird told me : confessions of a creative mind, Biz Stone. 006.7 STO
A fresh, entertaining book about the power of creativity and how to harness it, from co-founder of Twitter.
Tibetan peach pie : a true account of an imaginative life, Tom Robbins. 813.54 ROB
Internationally bestselling novelist and American icon Tom Robbins delivers the long awaited tale of his wild life and times, both at home and around the globe.

Business & Management

#Girlboss, Sophia Amoruso. 381.4574 AMO
A graduate guide to job hunting in seven easy steps : how to find your first job after university, Jackie Sherman. 650.14 SHE
Brand new : the shape of brands to come, Wally Olins. 659.1 OLI
Creating a business plan for dummies, Veechi Curtis. 658.401 CUR
Guide to writing a C.V. [and] conducting a successful interview, Howard Rogers. 650.14 ROG
Happy @ work : 60 simple ways to stay engaged and be successful, Jim Donovan. 650.1 DON
Hegarty on creativity : there are no rules, John Hegarty. 659.104 HEG
50 provocations and themes that lie at the heart of creative thinking.
How to succeed in employment with specific learning difficulties : a guide for employees and employers, Amanda Kirby. 650.14 KIR
Power up your confidence : how to master the ultimate business skill, Alice Muir. 650.1 MUI
Rock the boat!, Annah Stretton. 650.1 STR
Rock the Boat brings together Stretton's hard won experiences in life and leadership in New Zealand.
Social media overload : simple social media strategies for overwhelmed and time-deprived businesses, Corey Perlman. 659.14 PER
The business book, senior editor, Sam Atkinson. 650 BUS
The chief financial officer : what CFOs do, the influence they have, and why it matters, Jason Karaian. 658.15 KAR
The game changer : how to use the science of motivation with the power of game design to shift behaviour, shape culture and make clever happen, Dr Jason Fox. 658.314
The perfect resume : resumes that work in the new economy!, Dan Quillen. 650.14 QUI
Unprofessional, Jack Delosa. 658.022 DEL
A young Australian entrepreneur and self-made millionaire presents a counterintuitive guide to succeeding in today's business
Winning the war for talent : how to attract & keep the people who make your business profitable, Mandy Johnson. 658.3 JOH


Cat person, Seo Kim. 741.5 KIM
Cat Person is a collection of comics by cartoonist Seo Kim. Begun as a personal challenge to create daily, the comics feature a variety of themes from the silly to the serious.
The complete Peanuts, 1991 to 1992, Charles M. Schulz. 741.5 SCH

Civil Rights

A call to action : women, religion, violence, and power, Jimmy Carter. 323.3 CAR
Birmingham foot soldiers : voices from the civil rights movement, Nick Patterson. 323.1196 PAT


Building web apps with WordPress, Brian Messenlehner and Jason Coleman. 006.7 MES
CAD for the workshop, Neill Hughes. 684.09 HUG
Database systems : design, implementation, and management, Carlos Coronel, Steven Morris. 005.74 COR
Ethernet : the definitive guide, Charles E. Spurgeon and Joann Zimmerman. 004.68 SPU
HTML & CSS : design and build websites, Jon Duckett. 005.754 DUC
iWork : the missing manual, Jessica Thornsby & Josh Clark. 005.5 THO
Learning Android, Marko Gargenta and Masumi Nakamura. 005.1 GAR

Crafts & Collecting

All sewn up : 35 exquisite projects using applique, embroidery, and more, Chloe Owens. 746.44 OWE
Arm knitting : chunky cowls, scarves and other no-needle knits, Linda Zemba Burhance. 746.432 BUR
Art of chainsaw carving : insights and inspiration from top carvers around the world, Jessie Groeschen. 736.4 GRO
Bibliocraft : a modern crafter's guide to using library resources to jumpstart creative projects, Jessica Pigza. 745.5 PIG
Chloe tells you how to sew : more than 30 things to make, do, and sew, Chloe Owens. 746 OWE
Craftivism : the art of craft and activism, Betsy Greer. 745.5 CRA
Cutest ever baby toys : 30 adorable projects to knit and crochet, Val Pierce. 746.43 PIE
Decorate with flowers : creative ideas for flowers & containers around the home, Holly Becker & Leslie Shewring. 745.92 BEC
Designer cross stitch projects : over 100 colorful and contemporary patterns, editors of CrossStitcher. 746.443 DES
Floral knits : 25 contemporary flower-inspired designs, Martin Storey. 746.432 STO
Fresh prints : 25 easy and enticing printing projects to make at home, Christine Leech. 760.2 LEE
Fun with Chinese knotting : making your own fashion accessories and accents, Lydia Chen. 746.422 CHE
Gifts from the garden : 100 gorgeous homegrown presents, Debora Robertson. 745.5 ROB
Hoop la! : 100 things to do with embroidery hoops, Kirsty Neale. 745.5 NEA
Jewelry for all seasons : 24 bead and wire designs to make, inspired by nature, Linzi Alford. 745.594 ALF
Knitted woodland creatures : a collection of cute critters to make, Susie Johns. 746.432 JOH
Lace one-skein wonders, Judith Durant. 746.22 LAC
Learn huck embroidery on monk's cloth : 9 easy-to-learn designs : runners, throws & afghans, Trice Boerens. 746.44 BOE
Letter art : 35 stylish letters to make and give, Clare Youngs. 745.61 YOU
Love at first stitch, Tilly Walnes. 646.404 WAL
Make your mark : creative ideas using markers, paint pens, bleach pens & more. 745.5 MAK
Miller's antiques marks, Judith Miller. 745.1 MIL
My rag doll : 11 adorable rag dolls to sew with clothes & accessories, Corinne Crasbercu. 745.5922 CRA
Petit collage : 25 easy craft and decor projects for a playful home, Lorena Siminovich. 745.5 SIM
Quilting with a modern slant : people, patterns, and techniques inspiring the Modern Quilt Community, Rachel May. 746.46 MAY
Russian decorative arts, Cynthia Coleman Sparke. 745.0947 COL
Taylor's no-sew doll clothes patterns. Volume 1, Christine Curry Taylor. 745.5922 TAY
The doll scene : an international collection of crazy, cool, custom-designed dolls, Louis Bou. 745.5922 BOU
The handbook of glaze recipes, Linda Bloomfield. 738.12 BLO
The practical spinner's guide. Cotton, flax, hemp, Stephenie Gaustad. 746.12 GAU
The quilter's color club : secrets of value, temperature & special effects : 12 hands-on exercises, : 8 projects, Christine E. Barnes. 746.46 BAR
Up, down, all-around stitch dictionary : more than 150 stitch patterns to knit top down, bottom up, back and forth, and in the round, Wendy Bernard. 746.432 BER
Wa : the essence of Japanese design, Rossella Menegazzo, Stefania Piotti. 745.2 MEN
Warman's depression glass : identification and price guide, Ellen T. Schroy ; foreword by Pam Meyer. 748.2 SCH
Weaving a large container from New Zealand flax, Ali Brown. 746.412 BRO
Wild blooms & colorful creatures : 15 applique projects : quilts, bags, pillows & more, Wendy Williams. 746.445 WIL
Wise craft : turning thrift store finds, fabric scraps, and natural objects into stuff you love, Blair Stocker. 745.5 STO


Crime and society in England, 1750-1900, Clive Emsley. 364.942 EMS
In the name of God : the true story of the fight to save children from faith-healing homicide, Cameron Stauth. 364.152 STA
Marilyn Monroe : a case for murder, Jay Margolis. 364.1523 MON
Milat : inside Australia's biggest manhunt : a detective's story, Clive Small and Tom Gilling. 364.1523 SMA
The last gangster :my final confession, Charlie Richardson. 364.1 RIC
Notorious, the author was the feared gangster in 1960s London.
The Snowden files : the inside story of the world's most wanted man, Luke Harding. 364.13 SNO
The true American : murder and mercy in Texas, Anand Giridharadas. 364.1523 GIR
Trading to extinction, Photographs by Patrick Brown ; text by Ben Davies. 364.133 BRO
This book explores the sad truths behind the multi billion-dollar wild life trade
Trials of passion : crimes in the name of love and madness, Lisa Appignanesi. 364.1523 APP


Everyone eats : understanding food and culture, E.N. Anderson. 394.12 AND
Powhiri in action : he kete o te reo powhiri, Susan Battye and Kiri Waitai. 390.089 BAT
Special events : creating and sustaining a new world for celebration, Professor Joe Goldblatt. 394.2 GOL
The good funeral : death, grief, and the community of care, Thomas G. Long, Thomas Lynch. 393.9 LON


Beauty queen : inside the reign of Avon's Andrea Jung, Deborrah Himsel. 338.764 HIM
Capital : the eruption of Delhi, Rana Dasgupta. 330.954 DAS
Flash boys : a Wall Street revolt, Michael Lewis. 332.62 LEW
Hard times : the divisive toll of the economic slump, Tom Clark with Anthony Heath. 330.973 CLA
How to grow your money : the no-nonsense guide for the independent investor, David Meckin. 332.678 MEC
Investor behavior : the psychology of financial planning and investing, editors, H. Kent Baker, Victor Ricciardi. 332.6 INV
No job too hard : a history of Fletcher Construction. Volume II, 1940-1965, Jack Smith. 338.7624 SMI
Smart money smart kids : raising the next generation to win with money, Dave Ramsey, Rachel Cruze. 332.024 RAM
The boom : how fracking ignited the American energy revolution and changed the world, Russell Gold. 338.272 GOL
The death of money : the coming collapse of the international monetary system, James Rickards. 332.45 RIC
A sequel to the best-selling Currency Wars
The euro crisis and its aftermath, Jean Pisani-Ferry. 330.94 PIS
The international living guide to retiring overseas on a budget : how to live well on $25,000 a year, Suzan Haskins, Dan Prescher. 332.024 HAS
The simple life, Rhonda Hetzel. 338.92 HET
Rhonda relates why she wanted to change her lifestyle, what simple living means to her, and offers guidance to those thinking about taking the same path.
The zero marginal cost society : the internet of things, the collaborative commons, and the eclipse of capitalism, Jeremy Rifkin. 330.12 RIF
When the farm gates opened : the impact of Rogernomics on rural New Zealand, Neal Wallace. 338.18 WAL
With great foresight : updating the story of Christchurch International Airport, Tony Phillips. 387.736 PHI


'Above the city' : a history of Otago Boys' High School 1863-2013, Rory Sweetman. 373.93 SWE
Building bridges, crossing borders : one young deaf woman's education, Ann Darby Getty. 371.912 GET
Ko te tangata : a history of the University of Waikato : the first fifty years, Noeline Alcorn. 378.93 ALC
Managing effective relationships in education, Carol Cardno. 371.1 CAR
A guide to educational administration, management and leadership across sectors.
School success for kids with high-functioning autism, Stephan M. Silverman. 371.9 SIL
Seven myths about education, Daisy Christodoulou. 370.7 CHR
That's the way I think : dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD explained, David Grant. 371.914 GRA
The time of our lives : a mid-20th century journey : a project on women and education, Judith Anne Crews. 371.82 CRE
Explores experiences in education in the '30s, '40s and '50s of various New Zealand women.


Electrical principles for the electrical trades (machines). Volume 2, Jim Jenneson, Bob Harper, Bob Moore. 621.3 JEN
Teach yourself electricity and electronics, Stan Gibilisco. 621.381 GIB
The world of mining, Jim Wark … [et al.]. 622 WOR


365 ways to save the earth, Philippe Bourseiller. 333.72 BOU
Extracted : how the quest for mineral wealth is plundering the planet : a Club of Rome report, Ugo Bardi ; foreword by Jorgen Randers. 333.8 BAR


Best man's duties, Chris Akerman. 395.22 AKE
DIY wedding manual : the step-by-step guide to creating your perfect wedding day on a budget, Laura Strutt. 395.22 STR


Charles James : beyond fashion, Harold Koda. 746.92 JAM
Charles James, often considered to be America's first couturier, was renowned in the 1940s and 1950s as a master at sculpting fabric for the female form and creating fashions that defined mid-century glamour.
Colour me beautiful : expert guidance to help you feel confident and look great, Veronique Henderson & Pat Henshaw. 646.7 HEN
Fashion is. 391 FAS
What is fashion? This engaging book from the Metropolitan Museum of Art offers myriad answers to that question, pairing selected works in the museum's collection with concise observations.
Hair story : untangling the roots of black hair in America, Ayana D. Byrd and Lori L. Tharps. 391.5 BYR
Rick Owens : designer monographs, curated by Terry Jones. 746.92 OWE
Rick Owens is a Paris based, American fashion designer from Los Angeles.
Sneakers : the complete limited editions guide, written and designed by U-Dox. 685.31 UDO
The Australian women's weekly fashion : the first 50 years, Deborah Thomas with Kirstie Clements. 391.2 THO
The fashion book. 746.92 FAS
The wedding dress : the 50 designs that changed the course of bridal fashion, Eleanor Thompson. 392.5 THO
Tokyo adorned, Thomas C. Card ; edited by Suzi Jones. 779 CAR
Portraits documenting the kawaii Lolita street fashion scene.
Wabori, traditional Japanese tattoo. 391.65 WAB

Film, Television & Theatre

Music in the shadows : noir musical films, Sheri Chinen Biesen. 791.436 BIE
The art of DreamWorks animation, Ramin Zahed. 791.433 ZAH
The new biographical dictionary of film, David Thomson. 791.43092 THO
The Searchers : the making of an American legend, Glenn Frankel. 791.437 FRA
The Searchers, directed by John Ford and starring John Wayne. Frankel explores the true-story-become-legend underpinning John Ford's film, and the making of the film itself.

Food & Wine

100 quick family meals. 641.555 ONE
A change of appetite : where healthy meets delicious, Diana Henry. 641.563 HEN
A year on the farm : recipes and stories from my Tasmanian tree change, Sally Wise. 641.5 WIS
Abdel's favourites from the Marrakech Cafe, Abdelghani El Adraoui. 641.5964 EL
Argentinian street food : empanadas, helados & dulce de leche, Enrique Zanoni. 641.5982 ZAN
Balinese food : exploring the traditional cuisine & food culture of Bali, Vivienne Kruger. 641.595986 KRU
Big book of kids' birthday cakes : a collection of new & favorite recipes. 641.8653 BIG
Cabana : the cookbook : Brasilian barbeque & beyond, David Ponte. 641.5981 PON
Cook with me : recipes for enjoying every day, Aaron Brunet ; photography by Kieran Scott. 641.5 BRU
Cuisine how to cook : 100 delicious recipes for beginners, editor Sarah Nicholson. 641.5 SMI
Cut out the crap : gluten free, dairy free and preservative free cooking, Collette White. 641.563 WHI
Family Italian cookbook : 185 trattoria favorites to bring everyone together. 641.5945 FAM
Fill the tins : easy baking for home, Sophie Gray. 641.815 GRA
French for everyone, Manu Feildel. 641.5944 FEI
Healthy every day : 120 delicious and nourishing recipes for energy and good health, Pete Evans. 641.563 EVA
Honestly healthy for life : healthy alternatives for everyday eating, Natasha Corrett. 641.5631 COR
Indulgent cakes : luscious cakes to delight your every whim. 641.8653 IND
Keepers : two home cooks share their tried-and-true weeknight recipes and the secrets to happiness in the kitchen, Kathy Brennan. 641.5 BRE
Kitchen garden experts : twenty celebrated chefs and their head gardeners, Cinead McTernan ; photographs by Jason Ingram ; foreword by Raymond Blanc. 641.65
Little India at home, photography by Sean Shadbolt. 641.5954 LIT
No E.N.D. cookbook, [Emma Carter, Maureen Hatcher, Donna Wilson. 641.5631 CAR
No-bake baking : easy oven-free cakes and treats, Sharon Hearne-Smith. 641.86 HEA
One dish, two ways : feeding the family without the fuss, Jane Kennedy. 641.54 KEN
Pies and tarts, Stephane Reynaud. 641.8652 REY
Raw snacks, Caroline Fibk. 641.563 FIB
Recipes to remember. 641.5 REC
Robicelli's : a love story, with cupcakes with 50 decidedly grown-up recipes, Allison & Matt Robicelli. 641.8653 ROB
Sachie's Kitchen, Sachie Nomura. 641.5952 NOM
Celebrates Japanese cooking with authentic yet simple to prepare recipes.
Saturday Kitchen cooking bible : 200 delicious recipes cooked in the nation's favourite kitchen. 641.5 SAT
Simply Italian : cooking at home with the Chiappa sisters, Michela, Emanuela and Romina Chiappa. 641.5945 CHI
Stephane Reynaud's book of tripe : and gizzards, kidneys, feet, brains and all the rest, Marie-Pierre Morel. 641.66 REY
Sweet, Alison Thompson. 641.86 THO
Sweet : treats to share, with recipes by Allyson Gofton, Annbelle White, Dean Brettschneider & Kim Evans. 641.815 SWE
Sweet Mandarin cookbook : classic and contemporary Chinese recipes with gluten- and dairy-free variations, Helen & Lisa Tse. 641.5951 TSE
Take 5 and cook. The dinner book, Margot de Cotesworth. 641.568 DE
Tasty express : simple, stylish & delicious dishes for people on the go, Sneh Roy. 641.5 ROY
Thailand : the cookbook, text and photography by Jean-Pierre Gabriel. 641.59593 GAB
The complete photo guide to candy making, Autumn Carpenter. 641.853 CAR
The Four & Twenty Blackbirds pie book : uncommon recipes from the celebrated Brooklyn pie shop, Emily Elsen & Melissa Elsen. 641.8652 ELS
The herb & flower cookbook : plant, grow and eat, Pip McCormac. 641.657 MCC
The patient chef : a collection of recipes and tips donated by cancer patients, carers and chefs, from the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse. 641.5631 PAT
The pioneer woman cooks a year of holidays : 140 step-by-step recipes for simple, scrumptious celebrations, Ree Drummond. 641.568 DRU
The seasonal cook : 150 favourite recipes. 641.564 SEA
The Texas food bible : from legendary dishes to new classics, Dean Fearing. 641.5973 FEA
The virtues of the table : how to eat and think, Julian Baggini. 641.3 BAG
Three Sisters Bake : delectable recipes for every day, Gillian, Nichola and Linsey Reith. 641.5 REI
Weelicious lunches : think outside the lunch box with more than 160 happier meals, Catherine McCord. 641.54 MCC
World encyclopedia of champagne & sparkling wine, Tom Stevenson. 641.222 STE

Gardens and Gardening

American grown : the story of the White House Kitchen Garden and gardens across America, Michelle Obama. 635 OBA
Container gardening, Andrew Mikolajski. 635.986 MIK
Crops in pots, Rachelle Strauss. 635.986 STR
Dear friend and gardener : letters on life and gardening, Christopher Lloyd and Beth Chatto. 635 LLO
Garden design : inspiration and ideas, Andrew Mikolajski. 712.6 MIK
Gardens are for living : design inspiration for outdoor spaces, Judy Kameon. 747.88 KAM
Grow your own fruit & veg, Alan Buckingham. 635 BUC
Highgrove : a garden celebrated, HRH The Prince of Wales. 712.60942 CHA
Jamie Durie's Edible garden design, Jamie Durie. 712.6 DUR
Kiss my aster : a graphic guide to creating a fantastic yard totally tailored to you, Amanda Thomsen. 712.6 THO
Mister Owita's guide to gardening, Carol F Wall. 635 WAL
More thorny problems, Helen Yemm. 635 YEM
Sustainable revolution : permaculture in ecovillages, urban farms, and communities worldwide, Juliana Birnbaum & Louis Fox. 631.58 BIR
The Know Maintenance perennial garden, Roy Diblik. 635.932 DIB
The land where lemons grow : the story of Italy and its citrus fruit, Helena Atlee. 634.33 ATL
The plant lover's guide to dahlias, Andy Vernon. 635.93 DAH
The plant lover's guide to salvias, John Whittlesey. 635.93 SAL
The urban gardener, Matt James ; photography by Marianne Majerus. 635 JAM
Vita Sackville-West's Sissinghurst : the creation of a garden, Vita Sackville-West and Sarah Raven. 712.0942 SAC


Transforming Auckland : the creation of Auckland Council, Mai Chen. 351.93 CHE

Graphic novels

Ned Kelly, Monty Wedd. 741.5 WED
In the 1970s, Artist and Historian Monty Wedd produced a weekly newspaper adventure strip that fully detailed Kelly's life.

Health & Medicine

A breast cancer alphabet, Madhulika Sikka. 616.994 SIK
A nation in pain : healing our nation's biggest health problem, Judy Foreman. 616.047 FOR
Acupoint tapping : a natural way for prevention and treatment through traditional Chinese medicine, Huang Guangmin. 610.951 GUA
Advanced fitness assessment and exercise prescription, Vivian H. Heyward, Ann L. Gibson. 613.7 HEY
An electronic silent spring : facing the dangers and creating safe limits, Katie Singer. 612.0144 SIN
For people who want to reduce their exposure to electromagnetic energy.
Autism breakthrough : the groundbreaking method that has helped families all over the world, Raun K. Kaufman. 616.8588 KAU
Beat cancer : the 10-step plan to help you overcome and prevent cancer, Mustafa Djamgoz & Jane Plant. 616.994 DJA
Beyond training : mastering endurance, health, and life, Ben Greenfield. 613.7 GRE
Blood : the stuff of life, Lawrence Hill. 612 HIL
Bugs, bowels, and behavior : the groundbreaking story of the gut-brain connection, Teri Arranga, Claire. 616.3 BUG
Clear skin detox diet : a revolutionary plan to heal your skin from the inside out, Lauren Talbot, CN. 616.5 TAL
Complete ayurveda workbook : a practical approach to achieving health and wellbeing with ayurveda, Anna Selby. 615.53 SEL
Core awareness : enhancing yoga, pilates, exercise, and dance, Liz Koch. 613.71 KOC
Cosmic nutrition : the Taoist approach to health and longevity, Mantak Chia and William U. Wei. 613.2 CHI
Do no harm : stories of life, death and brain surgery. 617.48 MAR
Dynamic positions in birth : a fresh look at how women's bodies work in labour, Margaret Jowitt. 618.4 JOW
Free to be healthy : how to release the thoughts, beliefs, and emotions held in your subconscious mind to heal your mind, your body, and your soul, Margaret Stuart. 613
Health, wellbeing & environment In Aotearoa New Zealand, Susan Shaw. 613.1 HEA
Healthy at home : get well and stay well without prescriptions, Tieraona Low Dog, M.D. 615.535 LOW
Human anatomy : the definitive visual guide, Alice Roberts. 611 ROB
Integrative parenting : strategies for raising children affected by attachment trauma, Debra Wesselmann. 618.9285 WES
Kill or cure : an illustrated history of medicine, Steve Parker. 610.9 PAR
Love me slender : how smart couples can team up to lose weight, exercise more, and stay healthy together, Thomas N Bradbury. 613.25 BRA
Love sex again : a gynecologist finally fixes the issues that are sabotaging your sex life, Lauren Streicher. 613.954 STR
Mindful hypnobirthing : hypnosis and mindfulness techniques for a calm and confident birth, Sophie Fletcher. 618.45 FLE
Neuroscience for counsellors : practical applications for counsellors, therapists and mental health practitioners, Rachal Zara Wilson. 616.89 WIL
Night school : wake up to the power of sleep, Richard Wiseman. 612.821 WIS
Not my child : a progressive and proactive approach for healing addicted teenagers and their families, Dr. Frank Lawlis. 616.86 LAW
Nutrient power : heal your biochemistry and heal your brain, William J. Walsh, PhD. 616.89 WAL
Optimum health the Paleo way, Claire Yates BHSc. 613.25 YAT
Overcome depression, Alice Muir. 616.8527 MUI
Physical activity and mental health, Angela Clow, Sarah Edmunds, editors. 615.82 PHY
Pilates : a teachers' manual : exercises with mats and equipment for prevention and rehabilitation, V. Geweniger, A. Bohlander. 613.71 GEW
Positive options for colorectal cancer : self-help and treatment, Carol Ann Larson. 616.994 LAR
Postural depression and bipolar : mental illness is not just in your head, your body can cause it too, Shiz Clarke. 616.8527 CLA
Strength training for fat loss, Nick Tumminello. 613.25 TUM
Teaching yoga, adjusting Asana : based on the Ashtanga primary series : a handbook for students and teachers, Melanie Cooper. 613.7046 COO
The 21-day total body transformation, Mark Sisson. 613.7 SIS
The autistic brain : thinking across the spectrum, Temple Grandin and Richard Panek. 616.8588 GRA
The back pain personal health plan, [Nick Sinfield and Trish Wisbey-Roth]. 616.73 SIN
The big fat surprise : why meat, butter, and cheese belong in a healthy diet, Nina Teicholz. 613.28 TEI
The doctor's diet : Dr. Travis Stork's STAT program to help you lose weight, restore optimal health, prevent disease, and add years to your life, Travis Stork, M.D. 613.25
The drop 10 diet : add to your plate to lose the weight, Lucy Danziger. 613.25 DAN
The end of back pain : access your hidden core to heal your body, Patrick Roth, M.D. 616.73 ROT
The end of dieting : how to live for life, Joel Fuhrman. 613.25 FUH
The low-carb fraud, T. Colin Campbell,. 613.28 CAM
The man who couldn't stop : OCD, and the true story of a life lost in thought, David Adam. 616.8522 ADA
The pop-up gym : how to keep fit wherever you are, Jon Denoris. 613.71 DEN
The prediabetes detox : a whole-body program to balance your blood sugar, increase energy, and reduce sugar cravings, Sarah Cimperman, ND. 616.462 CIM
The sick rose ; or, Disease and the art of medical illustration, Richard Barnett. 610 BAR
The sober truth : debunking the bad science behind 12-step programs and the rehab industry, Lance Dodes, MD and Zachary Dodes. 616.86 DOD
The Wahls protocol : how I beat progressive MS using Paleo principles and functional medicine, Terry Wahls, M.D. with Eve Adamson. 616.834 WAH
The wandering mind : what the brain does when you're not looking, Michael C. Corballis. 612.82 COR
The women's health book : a complete guide to health & wellbeing for women of all ages. 613.0424 WOM
Toxic health, Steven Magee. 615.902 MAG
Toxic Health takes a look at the pollution that may be in your local environment and relates it to the health problems that it
What your explosive child is trying to tell you : discovering the pathways from symptoms to solutions, Douglas A. Riley. 618.9285 RIL
Year of no sugar : a memoir, Eve O. Schaub. 613.28 SCH
Yoga for cyclists, Lexie Williamson. 613.7046 WIL
You're still hot to me : the joys of menopause, Jean Kittson. 618.175 KIT

History, Geography & Travel

1965 : the year modern Britain was born, Christopher Bray. 941.0856 BRA
'30 years on' : a brief history of Hororata : newsletters of the Hororata Historical Society, Rosemary E. Dennis. 993.85 DEN
A short ride in the jungle : the Ho Chi Minh Trail by motorcycle, Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent. 959 BOL
After freedom : the rise of the post-apartheid generation in democratic South Africa, Katherine S. Newman, Ariane De Lannoy. 968.065 NEW
Ancient Syria : a three thousand year history, Trevor Bryce. 956.91 BRY
Bannockburn : the battle for a nation, Alistair Moffat. 941.102 MOF
Carse Head and Crichton Park farms : a story of the land and its people, Margaret Pullar. 929.2 TRA
History of the Trapski and Pullar families in Southland.
City of lies : love, sex, death and the search for truth in Tehran, Ramita Navai. 955.25 NAV
Complete flags of the world. 929.92 COM
Dateline Jerusalem : an eyewitness account of prophecies unfolding in the Middle East, Chris Mitchell. 956.054 MIT
Dear leader, Jang Jin-Sung. 951.93 JAN
Dear Leader contains astonishing new insights about North Korea which could only be revealed by someone working high up in the regime.
Down and out in Patagonia, Kamchatka, and Timbuktu : Greg Frazier's round and round and round the world motorcycle journey, Dr. Gregory W. Frazier. 910.41
Eerie America : travel guide of the macabre, E.R. "Corvis Nocturnum" Vernor & Kevin Eads. 973 VER
Fatal path : British government and Irish Revolution, 1910-1922, Ronan Fanning. 941.50821 FAN
From Pole to Pole : Roald Amundsen's journey in flight, Garth James Cameron. 998 AMU
Glasgow : a history, Michael Meighan. 941.443 MEI
Hanoi's war : an international history of the war for peace in Vietnam, Lien-Hang T. Nguyen. 959.7043 NGU
Hotel Florida : truth, love and death in the Spanish Civil War, Amanda Vaill. 946.081 VAI
Humans of New York, Brandon Stanton. 974.71 STA
Japan : the paradox of harmony, Keiko Hirata, Mark Warschauer. 952.04 HIR
Jumbo : the unauthorised biography of a Victorian sensation, John Sutherland. 791.3 JUM
The first comprehensive 'biography' of one of the first celebrity animals who gave us one of our favourite words. Jumbo, Victorian England's favourite elephant, was born in 1861 in French Sudan, imported to a Parisian zoo and later sold on to London, where for seventeen years he dutifully gave children rides and ate buns from their hands, all the while being tortured at night to keep him docile.
Kolyma diaries : a journey into Russia's haunted hinterland, Jacek Hugo-Bader. 957.7 HUG
Naked and marooned : one man, one island, one epic survival story, Ed Stafford. 613.69 STA
Never mind the bullocks : one girl's 10,000km adventure around India in the world's cheapest car, Vanessa Able. 954 ABL
Notorious royal marriages : a juicy journey through nine centuries of dynasty, destiny, and desire, Leslie Carroll. 940 CAR
Our America : a Hispanic history of the United States, Felipe Fernandez-Armesto. 973 FER
Our stories : the way we used to be : the New Zealand that time forgot…, Ian Wishart. 993 OUR
Paris at the end of the world : the city of light during the Great War, 1914-1918, John Baxter. 944.36 BAX
Pauatahanui : a local history, Helen Reilly. 993.62 REI
Power & greed : a short history of the world, Philippe Gigantes. 909 GIG
Railway day trips : 150 classic train journeys from around Britain, Julian Holland. 941 HOL
Robert Bruce : and the community of the realm of Scotland, G.W.S. Barrow. 941.102 BAR
Samurai revolution : the dawn of modern Japan seen through the eyes of the shogun's last samurai, Romulus Hillsborough. 952.02 HIL
Showa Japan : the post-war golden age and its troubled legacy, Hans Brinckmann. 952.04 BRI
The bargain from the bazaar : a family's day of reckoning in Lahore, Haroon K. Ullah. 954.91 ULL
The calm beyond : Tua Marina and the Waikakaho - from the Wairau affray to today, Cynthia Brooks. 993.75 BRO
This is the story of a community which officially began with the surveying of the land for settlement in 1859. Back further to 1843 Tua Marina was also the place of the first and only clash between European and Maroi in the South Island.
The four horsemen : riding to liberty in post-Napoleonic Europe, Richard Stites. 940.282 STI
The reconstruction of nations : Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, 1569-1999, Timothy Snyder. 947.084 SNY
The unlikely voyage of Jack de Crow, A. J. Mackinnon. 910.4 MCK
Join A.J. Mackinnon, your charming and eccentric guide, on an amazing voyage in a boat called Jack de Crow. Equipped with his cheerful optimism and a pith helmet, this Australian Odysseus in a dinghy travels from the borders of North Wales to the Black Sea .
The Waikato River gunboats : the story of the gunboats used during the British invasion of the Waikato, author: Grant Middlemiss. 993.022 MID
Travels in Zanskar : a journey to a closed kingdom, Mark Boyden ; foreword by Dervla Murphy. 954.6 BOY
Travels on my elephant, Mark Shand. 954 SHA
The author buys an elephant named Tara and rides her over six hundred miles across India to the Sonepur Mela, the world's oldest elephant market.
Uganda be kidding me, Chelsea Handler. 910.4 HAN
Answers your most frequently asked traveler's questions, hot travel trips, and travel etiquette, none of which should be believed.
Vanishing East End, Megan Hopkinson. 942.1 HOP
Walk across Australia : the first solo crossing, David Mason. 994 MAS
Walking the woods and the water : in Patrick Leigh Fermor's footsteps from the Hook of Holland to the Golden Horn, Nick Hunt. 940 HUN
Where hornbills fly : a journey with the headhunters of Borneo, Erik Jensen. 959.54 JEN
Why the Germans? Why the Jews? : envy, race hatred, and the prehistory of the Holocaust, Gotz Aly ; translated by Jefferson Chase. 943 ALY
Yellow peril! : an archive of anti-Asian fear, John Kuo Wei Tchen and Dylan Yeats. 973 YEL

House & Garden

100 organic skin care recipes : make your own fresh and fabulous organic beauty products, Jessica Ress. 646.726 RES
Aluminium windows, . 690.18 ELK
Attracting beneficial bugs to your garden : a natural approach to pest control, Jessica Walliser. 628.96 WAL
Bright bazaar : embracing colour for make-you-smile style, Will Taylor. 747.94 TAY
Children of hoarders : how to minimize conflict, reduce the clutter, and improve your relationship, Fugen Neziroglu, Katharine Donnelly,. 648.8 NEZ
Dreaming small : intimate interiors, Douglas Woods. 747.1 WOO
English eccentric : a celebration of imaginative, intriguing and stylish interiors, Ros Byam Shaw. 747 BYA
John Oliver's brick book : a guide to designing and building in brick, John Oliver. 693.2 OLI
Living by water, Lisa Cregan. 747 CRE
Matthew Mead's backyard style. 747.88 MEA
Outdoor living : an inspirational guide to making the most of your outdoor spaces, Selina Lake. 747.79 LAK
Sarah Beeny's 100 DIY jobs : the essentials made simple, Sarah Beeny with Angela F. Robinson. 643.7 BEE
Style & simplicity : an A to Z guide to living a more beautiful life, Ted Kennedy Watson. 745.4 WAT
The life-changing magic of tidying, Marie Kondo. 648.5 KON


At my wit's end, John Lapsley. 827.914 LAP
At My Wit's End is a collection of John Lapsley's best columns from the Otago Daily Times, plus several from other magazines and newspapers in New Zealand and Australia.


Don't spoil my beautiful face : media, mayhem and human rights in the Pacific, David Robie ; foreword by Kalafi Moala. 070.43 ROB
The citizen journalist's photography handbook : shooting the world as it happens, Carlos Miller. 070.49 MIL
The invention of news : how the world came to know about itself, Andrew Pettegree. 070.9 PET


A house divided : a report on issues considered by the government's Constitutional Advisory Panel, prepared by the Independent Constitutional Review Panel and presented to the people of New Zealand in the hope that it may make a difference. 342.93 IND

Library Science

The artist's library : a field guide : from the library as incubator project, Laura Damon-Moore, Erinn Batykefer. 021.2 DAM
The power of reading : insights from the research, Stephen D. Krashen. 028.9 KRA
The public library, Photographic essay by Robert Dawson. 027.473 PUB


Hans Christian Andersen : European witness, Paul Binding. 839.8136 AND
In praise of messy lives : essays, Katie Roiphe. 814.6 ROI
A collection of essays by the provocative cultural critic.
The cushion in the road : meditation and wandering as the whole world awakens to being in harm's way, Alice Walker. 814.54 WAL
The digested 21st century, John Crace. 909.83 CRA
John Crace's Digested Read first appeared in February 2000 and has been running ever since. Each week Crace reduces a new book anything from a Booker Prize winner to a Nigella cookery book is fair game to 700 words in a parody of the plot, style, dialogue and themes. .
The mighty dead : why Homer matters, Adam Nicolson. 883 HOM

Music & Musicians

A friend in the music business : the ASCAP story : the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, Bruce Pollock. 338.76178 POL
A history of singing, John Potter and Neil Sorrell. 782 POT
Ain't it time we said goodbye : the Rolling Stones on the road to exile, Robert Greenfield. 781.66 ROL
Beating songwriter's block : jump-start your words and music, Gary Ewer. 782.42 EWE
Clothes, clothes, clothes, music, music, music, boys, boys, boys, Viv Albertine. 781.66 ALB
Viv Albertine is one of a handful of original punks who changed music, and the discourse around it, forever.
Creation stories : riots, raves and running a label, Alan McGee. 781.66 MCG
Dobro roots : a photo tour of prewar wood body Dobros, Steve Toth ; foreword by Jerry Douglas. 787.87 TOT
Elvis music FAQ : all that's left to know about the King's recorded works, Mike Eder. 781.66 PRE
George Jones : the life and times of a honky tonk legend, Bob Allen. 781.642 JON
Get the Led out : how Led Zeppelin became the biggest band in the world, Denny Somach. 781.66 LED
Guitarist's guide to music reading, Chris Buono. 787.87193 BUO
It's not only rock 'n' roll : iconic musicians reveal the source of their creativity, Jenny Boyd with Holly George-Warren. 781.66 BOY
Mandolin exercises for dummies, Don Julin. 787.84193 JUL
Mandolin for dummies, Don Julin. 787.84193 JUL
Mods : the new religion : the style and music of the 1960s Mods/ Paul 'Smiler' Anderson. 306.1 AND
Nirvana FAQ : all that's left to know about the most important band of the 1990s, John D. Luerssen. 781.66 NIR
Pilgrimage to Dollywood : a country music road trip through Tennessee, Helen Morales. 781.642 MOR
Sunburst : how the Gibson Les Paul Standard became a legendary guitar, Tony Bacon. 787.87 BAC
Teach yourself rock guitar, Nathaniel Gunod, L.C. Harnsberger, Ron Manus. 787.87193 GUN
The Beatles invasion : the inside story of the two-week tour that rocked America, Bob Spitz. 781.66 BEA
The Grateful Dead FAQ : all that's left to know about the greatest jam band in history, Tony Sclafani. 781.66 GRA
The people's songs : the story of modern Britain in 50 records, Stuart Maconie. 781.64 MCO
The time of my life : a Righteous Brother's memoir, Bill Medley with Mike Marino. 781.64 MED
The Who FAQ : all that's left to know about fifty years of maximum R&B, Mike Segretto. 781.66 WHO

Natural Science

A guide to the cockroaches of Australia, David Rentz. 595.72 REN
A history of birdwatching in 100 objects, David Callahan ; edited by Dominic Mitchell. 598.072 CAL
A window on eternity : a biologist's walk through Gorongosa National Park, Edward O. Wilson. 333.95 WIL
Animal architecture, Ingo Arndt. 591.56 ARN
Animal madness : how anxious dogs, compulsive parrots, and elephants in recovery help us understand ourselves, Laurel Braitman. 591.5 BRA
Charles Darwin : destroyer of myths, Andrew Norman. 576.82 DAR
Latin for bird lovers : over 3,000 bird names explored and explained, Roger Lederer & Carol Burr. 598 LED
Nature's nether regions : what the sex lives of bugs, birds, and beasts tell us about evolution, biodiversity, and ourselves, Menno Schilthuizen. 573.6 SCH
Otters, Nicola Chester. 599.76 CHE
Poison : sinister species with deadly consequences, Mark Siddall. 591.65 SID
Puffins, Euan Dunn. 598.33 DUN
Reptiles & amphibians of Australia, Harold G Cogger. 597.9 COG
The amoeba in the room : lives of the microbes, Nicholas P. Money. 579.1 MON
The sea around us, Rachel L. Carson. 551.46 CAR
An overview of the subject, a natural history of the oceans in which Rachel Carson discusses such matters as their origins, the evolution of life, the creation of volcanic islands.
The secret world of red wolves : the fight to save North America's other wolf, T. DeLene Beeland. 599.77 BEE
The urban bestiary : encountering the everyday wild, Lyanda Lynn Haupt. 591.756 HAU
Trilobites of the world : an atlas of 1000 photographs, Pete Lawrence & Sinclair Stammers. 565.3 LAW
Tweet of the day : a year of Britain's birds from the acclaimed Radio 4 series, Brett Westwood & Stephen Moss. 598.0941 WES
Wellington down under, Stephen Journee. 578.77 JOU
This book takes you on a voyage of discovery around the Wellington harbour and bays - a journey few people will ever experience - to the magic and colourful world that lives in all its splendid beneath the water.
Where do camels belong? : the story and science of invasive species, Ken Thompson. 578.62 THO
Where song began : Australia's birds and how they changed the world, Tim Low. 598 LOW
Wild Dunedin : the natural history of New Zealand's wildlife capital, Neville Peat & Brian Patrick. 578.0993 PEA
Wild Sri Lanka, Gehan de Silva Wijeyeratne. 591.95493 SIL


Cosmic astrology : an East-West guide to your internal energy persona, Mantak Chia and William U. Wei. 133.5 CHI
One mind : how our individual mind is part of a greater consciousness and why it matters, Larry Dossey, M.D. 133 DOS
The hidden symmetry of your birth date : how your birth date reveals the plan for your life, Jean Haner. 133.335 HAN


Everybody stay calm : how to support your young child through medical tests and procedures, Angela Mackenzie. 362.19892 MCK
How much is too much? : raising likeable, responsible, respectful children from toddlers to teens in an age of overindulgence, Jean Illsley Clarke, Connie Dawson, and David Bredehoft.. 649.64 CLA
How to get kids offline, outdoors, and connecting with nature : 200+ Creative activities to encourage self-esteem, mindfulness, and wellbeing, Bonnie Thomas. 796
If only they'd told me, Jacqueline Lockington and Natalie Cutler-Welsh. 649.1 LOC
iRules : what every tech-healthy family needs to know about selfies, sexting, gaming, and growing up, Janell Burley Hofmann. 004.67 HOF
It's ok not to share : and other renegade rules for raising competent and compassionate kids, Heather Shumaker. 649.1 SHU
Parenting with love and logic : teaching children responsibility, Foster Cline and Jim Fay. 649.1 CLI
Parents here's your answer : A-Z guide to happy parenting for the under fives, Ailsa McDonogh. 649.12 MCD
Peaceful parent, happy kids : how to stop yelling and start connecting, Laura Markham. 649.1 MAR
Raising children in a digital age : enjoying the best, avoiding the worst, Bex Lewis. 649.1 LEW
Removing the fear of raising a child with down syndrome : raising Miss Chloe, Sue Dymond. 649.1 DYM
Setting limits with your strong-willed child : eliminating conflict by establishing clear, firm, and respectful boundaries, Robert J. MacKenzie. 649.64 MC
The allergy-free baby and toddler book : the definitive guide to managing your child's food allergy, Charlotte Muquit & Adam Fox. 618.929 MUQ
The baby names almanac 2014, Emily Larson. 929.4 LAR
The birth of the modern mum : a new mother's no nonsense guide to looking after herself in baby's first year, Heather Irvine. 649.122 IRV
The explosive child : a new approach for understanding and parenting easily frustrated, chronically inflexible children, Ross W. Greene, Ph.D. 649.15 GRE
The pocket money guide : everything a parent need to know, Anita Stokes. 332.024 STO
The way they learn : how to discover and teach to your child's strengths, Cynthia Ulrich Tobias. 370.152 TOB
Why French children don't talk back, Catherine Crawford. 649.1 CRA

Pets & Animals

Call the vet : farmers, dramas and disasters : my first year as a country vet, Anna Birch and Deborah Crewe. 636.089 BIR
Counting sheep : a celebration of the pastoral heritage of Britain, Philip Walling. 636.3 WAL
Decoding your dog : the ultimate experts explain common dog behaviors and reveal how to prevent or change unwanted ones, American College of Veterinary Behaviorists. 636.70887 DEC
Dogs that make a difference, Saskia Adams, editor. 636.7 DOG
Driving horses : how to harness, align, and hitch your horse for work or play, Steve Bowers and Marlen Steward. 636.15 BOW
My Gentle Barn : creating a sanctuary where animals heal and children learn to hope, Ellie Laks with Nomi Isak. 636.083 LAK
Traces the story of a Los Angeles-based nonprofit animal rescue the Gentle Barn that has saved hundreds of creatures from unsafe conditions, describing how the author and shelter volunteers rehabilitate their charges to become companions for at-risk children.
My pet chicken handbook : sensible advice and savvy answers for raising backyard chickens, Lissa Lucas & Traci Torres. 636.5 LUC
Saving Susie Belle : rescued from the horrors of a puppy farm, one dog's uplifting true story, Janetta Harvey. 636.7 HAR
The happy puppy handbook : your definitive guide to puppy care and early training, Pippa Mattinson. 636.70887 MAT
The Pug handbook, Brenda Belmonte. 636.76 PUG
Why does my dog do that? : answers to the 50 questions dog lovers ask, Sophie Collins. 636.70887 COL

Philosophy & Psychology

Living with a wild god : a non-believer's search for the truth about everything, Barbara Ehrenreich. 813.54 EHR
Pacific parables : learning from Maori tradition, John Patterson. 199 PAT


Bailey's stardust, David Bailey with an essay by Tim Marlow. 779 BAI
Creative landscape photography. II, Mike Langford & Jackie Ranken. 778.936 LAN
Data protection for photographers : a guide to storing and protecting your valuable digital assets, Patrick H. Corrigan. 770.2 COR
From Galilee to the Negev = Min ha-galil ad ha-negev, Stephen Shore. 956.94 SHO
Photography night sky : a field guide for shooting after dark, Jennifer Wu and James Martin. 522.63 WU
Picture perfect posing : practicing the art of posing for photographers and models, Roberto Valenzuela. 779 VAL
Postcards from the road : Robert Frank's 'The Americans', Jonathan Day. 779 FRA
Set the scene : use props to create memorable portrait photography, Tracy Dorr. 778.92 DOR
Shooting models : tips, techniques & testimony from both sides of the camera, Franki Falkow & Adam Duckworth. 778.92 FAL
The Ansel Adams Wilderness, Photographs by Peter Essick. 979.44 ESS
The seventh dog, Danny Lyon. 779 LYO
This is a story of Danny Lyon's personal journey as a photographer a story about photojournalism, the move from film to digital photography, about Lyon's life and quest as a photographer, and of America.
Wildlife photographer of the year. Portfolio 23, Editor, Rosamund Kidman Cox. 779 WIL


The Hamlet doctrine, Simon Critchley & Jamieson Webster. 822.33 CRI


Edwin's egg & other poetic novellas, Cilla McQueen. 821.914 MCQ
Cilla McQueen was New Zealand Poet Laureate 2009-11.
New & collected poems, Ruth Fainlight. 811.54 FAI
Ruth Fainlight is one of Britain's most distinguished poets.
Poems that make grown men cry : 100 men on the words that move them, Anthony and Ben Holden. 808.81 POE
Sweeping the courtyard : the selected poems of Michael Harlow. 821.914 HAR
The bond of time : an epic love poem, John Puhiatau Pule. 821.914 PUL
A net of words across the Pacific …

Politics & Government

Asia's cauldron : the South China Sea and the end of a stable Pacific, Robert D. Kaplan. 327.5 KAP
Democracy : an ongoing challenge, NCCR Democracy, Hanspeter Kriesi, Lars Muller. 321.8 DEM
International relations : a beginner's guide, Charles Jones. 327 JON
So much to lose : John F. Kennedy and American policy in Laos, William J. Rust. 327.73 RUS
The democratic transition of post-communist Europe : in the shadow of communist differences and uneven EUropeanisation, Milenko Petrovic. 320.947 PET
The quiet war on asylum, Tracey Barnett. 325.21 BAR
Why would a country like New Zealand hat has never had a boatload of asylum arrivals in modern history suddenly legislate for mass detention?


How to find a taniwha : a deep connection between English and Maori words, Trevor Lloyd. 499.442 LLO
English and Maori are separated by as great a distance as any two languages on earth, but this book reveals a previously unrecognised connection between their vocabularies.
Maranga mai! : te reo and marae in crisis?, Merata Kawharu. 306.44 MAR
From the time of the Maori renaissance of the 1970s and 1980s, Maori made huge efforts to reinvigorate te reo and the life of marae as the twin cornerstones of Maori identity. Maori television and radio stations were set up, the Maori Language Commission established and kohanga reo, kura kaupapa and wananga emerged. Old marae gained new coats of paint and new marae were established on sites ranging from urban university campuses to rural communities. But have the efforts really worked?
The Treaty in action = Nga mahi Tiriti, Susan Battye and Kiri Waitai. 993.021 BAT

Religion & Ethics

Autopilot : the art & science of doing nothing, Andrew Smart. 179.8 SMA
Deconstructing dignity : a critique of the right-to-die debate, Scott Cutler Shershow. 179.7 SHE
Don't die with your music still in you : my experience growing up with spiritual parents, Serena J. Dyer and Wayne W. Dyer. 204.4 DYE
Geering and God, 1965-71 : the heresy trial that divided New Zealand, Lloyd Geering. 230 GEE
God less America : [real stories from the front lines of the attack on traditional values], Todd Starnes. 323.442 STA
Introducing Islam, William E. Shepard. 297 SHE
Jesus was a migrant, Deirdre Cornell. 261.836 COR
Ko e Tohi Tapu : ko e Maveheaga Tuai mo e Maveheaga Fou. 220.5994 BIB
Learning to walk in the dark, Barbara Brown Taylor. 248.4 TAY
Living in the Tao : the effortless path of self-discovery, Mantak Chia and William U. Wei. 299.51 CHI
Making sense of intersex : changing ethical perspectives in biomedicine, Ellen K. Feder. 174.29 FED
One man's religious journey : from Alpha to Omega in faith, Ewing C Stevens. 285.2 STE
Reading Darwin in Arabic, 1860-1950, Marwa ElShakry. 297.26 ELS
Taoist Shaman : practices from the wheel of life, Mantak Chia and Kris Deva North. 299.51 CHI
The age of atheists : how we have sought to live since the death of God, Peter Watson. 211.8 WAT
The dolorous passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, From the meditations of Anne Catherine Emmerich. 232.96 EMM
The quest for a moral compass : a global history of ethics, Kenan Malik. 170 MAL
The young atheist's handbook : lessons for living a good life without God, Alom Shaha. 211.8 SHA
Untie the strong woman : Blessed Mother's immaculate love for the wild soul, Clarissa Pinkola Estes. 232.91 EST
Why science does not disprove God, Amir D. Aczel. 215 ACZ


Ask a science teacher : 250 answers to questions you've always had about how everyday stuff really works, Larry Scheckel. 500 SCH
CRC standard mathematical tables and formulae, Daniel Zwillinger, [editor-in-chief]. 510 CRC
Essential maths for geoscientists : an introduction, Paul I. Palmer. 510 PAL
Everyday calculus : discovering the hidden math all around us, Oscar E. Fernandez. 515 FER
Faraday, Maxwell, and the electromagnetic field : how two men revolutionized physics, Nancy Forbes and Basil Mahon. 537 FOR
How not to be wrong : the power of mathematical thinking, Jordan Ellenberg. 510 ELL
Is that a fact? : frauds, quacks, and the real science of everyday life, Dr. Joe Schwarcz. 500 SCH
Lucky planet : why Earth is exceptional and what that means for life in the Universe, David Waltham. 525 WAL
Mathematics minus fear : how to make math fun and beneficial to your everyday life, Lawrence Potter. 510 POT
Organic chemistry I for dummies, Arthur Winter. 547 WIN
Physical chemistry : a very short introduction, Peter Atkins. 541 ATK
Science mysteries explained, Anthony Fordham. 500 FOR
Smashing physics, Jon Butterworth. 539.7 BUT
Straightforward statistics : understanding the tools of research, Glenn Geher and Sara Hall. 519.5 GEH
The age of radiance : the epic rise and dramatic fall of the Atomic Era, Craig Nelson. 539.75 NEL
The cosmic cocktail : three parts dark matter, Katherine Freese. 523.112 FRE
This title tells the story of the epic quest to solve one of the most compelling enigmas of modern science - what is the universe made of?
The island of knowledge : the limits of science and the search for meaning, Marcelo Gleiser. 501 GLE
The knowledge : how to rebuild our world from scratch, Lewis Dartnell. 500 DAR
The man in the monkeynut coat : William Astbury and the forgotten road to the double-helix, Kersten T. Hall. 572.86 HAL
The math book : 250 milestones in the history of mathematics, Clifford A. Pickover. 510.9 PIC
The oldest living things in the world, Rachel Sussman. 571.87 SUS
Underlands : a journey through Britain's lost landscape, Ted Nield. 554.1 NIE
Delving into the history and geology of forgotten Britain, and into his ancestors' connection with the rocks of Britain, Nield unearths the raw veins of coal, stone, oil, rock and clay that make up Britain.
Walden warming : climate change comes to Thoreau's woods, Richard B. Primack. 577.27 PRI

Self Development

10% happier : how I tamed the voice in my head, reduced stress without losing my edge, and found self-help that actually works : a true story, Dan Harris. 158.12
60 things to do when you turn 60 : 60 experts on the subject of turning 60, Ronnie Sellers. 646.79 SIX
Can't we talk about something more pleasant?, Roz Chast. 741.5 CHA
Chast's memoir is both comfort and comic relief for anyone experiencing the life-altering loss of elderly parents.
Empathy : a handbook for revolution, Roman Krznaric. 152.41 KRZ
Investigating the psychological world : scientific method in the behavioral sciences, Brian D. Haig. 150.72 HAI
Soul plan : reconnect with your true life purpose, Blue Marsden. 158.1 MAR
The concise mastery, Robert Greene. 158.1 GRE
This title builds on the strategies outlined in The 48 Laws of Power to provide a practical guide to greatness. It helps you learn how to start living by your own rules.
The happy couple : how to make happiness a habit one little loving thing at a time, Barton Goldsmith. 306.81 GOL
The power of the second question : finding simple truths for complex lives, Chris Skellett. 158.1 SKE
Thrive : the third metric to redefining success and creating a happier life, Arianna Huffington. 650.1 HUF

Social Issues

Behind the shock machine : the untold story of the notorious Milgram psychology experiments, Gina Perry. 302 PER
Cannons Creek to Waitangi : Te Pakeha's Treaty claim for equality, Andy Oakley. 305.8 OAK
Community development : insights for practice in Aotearoa New Zealand, Jenny Aimers & Peter Walker. 307.1 COM
Daddy's little princess, Cathy Glass. 362.733 GLA
The latest title from the internationally bestselling author and foster carer Cathy Glass.
Dating Westerners : tips for the new rich of the developing world, Richard Meros. 306.73 MER
With textbook precision and openness uncharacteristic of the subject Meros explains the motives, mysteries and myths behind the Western body and mind.
Dealing with difficult relatives and in-laws : how to deal with angry, demanding and manipulative relatives and in-laws, Roberta Cava. 646.78 CAV
Earth calling : a climate change handbook for the 21st century, Ellen Gunter a. 304.25 GUN
Everyday sexism, Laura Bates. 305.42 BAT
Girlfriend of Bill : 12 things you need to know about dating someone in recovery, Karen Nagy. 362.29 NAG
How to be a man : a handbook of advice, inspiration, and occasional drinking. 305.31 HOW
Lived through this : listening to the stories of sexual violence survivors, Anne K. Ream. 362.883 REA
Op klompen : across two hemispheres, Harry Friedel. 305.83931 FRI
Power failure : the inside story of climate politics under Rudd and Gillard, Philip Chubb. 363.7 CHU
Pranksters : making mischief in the modern world, Kembrew McLeod. 001.95 MCL
Screw the fairytale : a modern girl's guide to sex and love, Helen Croydon. 306.7 CRO
Shards of glass : a little girl's journey back into her world of physical, mental, and sexual abuse, CW Seymore. 362.76 SEY
Sorrows of a century : interpreting suicide in New Zealand, 1900-2000, John C. Weaver. 362.28 WEA
Stolen lives : a New Zealand foster child's story from the '40s and '50s, Netta England. 362.733 ENG
The alpha woman meets her match : how today's strong women can find love and happiness without settling, Sonya Rhodes, Ph.D. and Susan Schneider. 303.3
The art of being deaf : a memoir, Donna McDonald. 362.42 MCD
The art of being employed, Jacqueline S. Rowarth. 650.14 ROW
The Black War : fear, sex and resistance in Tasmania, Nicholas Clements. 305.89915 CLE
The myth of the strong leader : political leadership in the modern age, Archie Brown. 303.34 BRO
The people : the rise and fall of the working class, 1910-2010, Selina Todd. 305.562 TOD
The people's platform : taking back power and culture in the digital age, Astra Taylor. 303.483 TAY
The vagenda : a zero tolerance guide to the media, Holly Baxter & Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett. 305.42 BAX
Tribes treaty money power : a guide to New Zealand's treaty issues, Mike Butler. 323.11994 BUT
We are the rock!, David Riley. 305.899482 RIL
Profiles famous Niueans, who tell their story about how they became successful.
What makes love last? : how to build trust and avoid betrayal, John Gottman and Nan Silver. 306.7 GOT
When your spouse comes out : a straight mate's recovery manual, Carol Grever, Deborah Bowman. 306.872 GRE

Sport & Recreation

Beginning modern dance, Miriam Giguere. 792.8 GIG
More than the odd round mate, Chris Phillips. 799.2 PHI
New Zealand hunting anecdotes.
Obstacle race training : how to beat any course, compete like a champion and change your life, Margaret Schlachter. 796.42 SCH
Organizing successful tournaments, John Byl, PhD. 796.06 BYL
Semper Fidelis : 50 years of the ocean greyhound, Sandra Gorter. 797.14 GOR
The story of Fidelis, the boat that showed Kiwis in 1966 that they could take on one of the greatest international yachting races in the world, the Sydney- Hobart race, and win.
Shadows on the road : life at the heart of the peloton from US Postal to Team Sky, Michael Barry. 796.62 BAR
Showtime : Magic, Kareem, Riley, and the Los Angeles Lakers dynasty of the 1980s, Jeff Pearlman. 796.3236 PEA
The Commonwealth games : extraordinary stories behind the medals, Brian Oliver. 796.08 OLI
The compleat angler, Izaak Walton. 799.1 WAL
The conquest of Everest : original photographs from the legendary first ascent, George Lowe and Huw Lewis-Jones. 796.522 LOW
The Hall : a celebration of baseball's greats : in stories and images, the complete roster of inductees, . 796.357 HAL
The mammoth book of the World Cup, Nick Holt. 796.3346 HOL
The racing bicycle : design, function, speed, Editors, Richard Moore, Daniel Benson. 629.2272 RAC
The soccer book : the sport, the teams, the tactics, the cups, David Goldblatt, Johnny Acton. 796.334 GOL
Your first sailboat : how to find and sail the right boat for you, Daniel Spurr. 797.124 SPU


Building a strip canoe : full-sized plans and instructions for eight easy-to-build, field-tested canoes, Gil Gilpatrick. 623.829 GIL
Speedbird : the complete history of BOAC, Robin Higham. 387.706 HIG
Tall ships handbook, Amanda Butcher. 623.82 BUT
The historical guide to North American railroads, [editors, Jeff Wilson, Randy Rehberg]. 385.097 HIS
The iron road : the illustrated history of railways, Christian Wolmar. 385.09 WOL
Classic farm tractors : 200 of the best, worst, and most fascinating tractors of all time, Robert N. Pripps. 629.225 PRI
Fitting a camper van interior, Rob Hawkins. 629.226 HAW
Legendary farm tractors : a photographic history, Andrew Morland. 629.225 MOR
Mercedes-Benz 'fintail' models : the W110, W111 and W112 series, Brian Long. 629.2222 MER
Richard Hammond's caravans : the essential love 'em or hate 'em guide. 629.226 HAM
The complete car modeller. 2, Gerald A. Wingrove. 629.221 WIN
The new great book of Corgi 1956-2010, Marcel van Cleemput. 629.221 CLE
Following the wires : trolleybuses of New Zealand, Sean Millar. 388.41 MIL


A good place to hide : how one French community saved thousands of lives in World War II, Peter Grose. 940.5318 GRO
A history of the First World War in 100 objects, John Hughes-Wilson. 940.3 HUG
An Englishman at war : the wartime diaries of Stanley Christopherson DSO, MC, TD 1939-45, James Holland. 940.5481 CHR
Arctic airmen : the RAF in Spitsbergen and North Russia, 1942, Ernest Schofield & Roy Conyers Nesbit. 940.544 SCH
Blackwater : the rise of the world's most powerful mercenary army, Jeremy Scahill. 355.354 SCA
Britain's band of brothers, Tom Keene. 940.5486 KEE
British destroyers J-C and Battle classes, text by Les Brown. 623.8201 BRO
Citizens of London : the Americans who stood with Britain in its darkest, finest hour, Lynne Olson. 940.54 OLS
D-Day through French eyes : Normandy 1944, Mary Louise Roberts. 940.5421 ROB
Enemy on the Euphrates : the British occupation of Iraq and the Great Arab Revolt, 1914-1921, Ian Rutledge. 940.41 RUT
Freedom in the air : a Czech flyer and his aircrew dog, Hamish Ross. 940.544 BOZ
Greece, Crete, Stalag, Dachau : a New Zealand soldier's encounters with Hitler's army, Jack Elworthy. 940.5481 ELW
Iowa class battleships, Lester Abbey. 623.8201 ABB
Kaikoura submariner : John (Rosy) Reardon, 9 February 1891-14 September 1914 : the life and times of New Zealand's first World War 1 casualty, Compiled by Gerry Wright. 940.45 REA
Leningrad : siege and symphony, Brian Moynahan. 940.5421 MOY
Lost boys of Anzac, Peter Stanley. 940.4 STA
Oceans apart : stories of overseas evacuees in World War 2, Penny Starns. 940.5316 STA
On the radar : the story of Piha's World War 2 radar station, Sandra Coney. 621.3848 CON
Requisitioned : the British country house in the Second World War, John Martin Robinson. 940.5341 ROB
Sea devils : pioneer submariners, John Swinfield. 359.93 SWI
Secret warriors : key scientists, code breakers and propagandists of the Great War, Taylor Downing. 940.486 DOW
Snowy to the Somme : a muddy and bloody campaign, 1916-1918, Tim Cook. 940.42 COO
South Pacific cauldron : World War II's great forgotten battlegrounds, Alan Rems. 940.5426 REM
Target: Italy : the secret war against Mussolini, 1940-1943 : the official history of SOE operations in fascist Italy, Roderick Bailey. 940.5486 BAI
Te Puke and District World War One Memorial, Christine Clement. 940.46 CLE
The Great War, 1914-18 : In Flanders Fields Museum photographic collection, Piet Chielens. 940.3 CHI
The guerilla factory : the making of Special Forces officers, the Green Berets, Tony Schwalm. 356.167 SCH
The last Zero fighter : firsthand accounts from WWII Japanese naval pilots, Dan King. 940.541 KIN
The mantle of command : FDR at war, 1941-1942, Nigel Hamilton. 940.541 HAM
The secret listeners : how the Y Service intercepted German codes for Bletchley Park, Sinclair McKay. 940.5486 MCK
The silent division : New Zealanders at the front, 1914-1919, &, Concerning one man's war, O.E. Burton. 940.42 BUR
The spy with 29 names : the story of the Second World War's most audacious double agent, Jason Webster. 940.5486 PUJ
He fought on both sides in the Spanish Civil War. He was awarded the Iron Cross by Hitler and an MBE by Britain.
The trigger : hunting the assassin who brought the world to war, Tim Butcher. 940.31 BUT
On a summer morning in Sarajevo a hundred years ago, a teenage assassin named Gavrilo Princip fired not just the opening shots of the First World War but the starting gun for modern history, when he killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
Victory : New Zealand airmen and the fall of Germany, Max Lambert. 940.544 LAM
World War I love stories : real-life romances from the war that shock the world, Gill Paul. 940.3 PAU