New Titles Non-Fiction May 2014 (arrived in April)

Art & Architecture

An unknown treasure in Rajasthan : the Bundi wall-paintings, Milo C. Beach. 751.73 BEA
Celebrates the survival of the wall-paintings at Bundi by presenting a stunning photographic survey of these long-hidden treasures, and including both abundant details and many scenes that cannot be seen by the naked eye.
Art : everything you need to know about the greatest artists and their works, Susie Hodge. 700.9 HOD
Art made from books : altered, sculpted, carved, transformed, Compiled by Laura Heyenga. 702.81 ART
This volume collects a jaw-dropping assortment of art made from books — by cutting, painting, sawing, laminating, balancing or stacking.
Balthus : cats and girls, Sabine Rewald. 759.4 BAL
Balthus's lifelong curiosity with the ambiguities and dark side of childhood resulted in his best-known and most iconic works. In these pictures, Balthus (1908-2001) mingles intuition into his young sitters' psyches with overt erotic desire and forbidding austerity, making them among the most powerful depictions of childhood and adolescence ever committed to canvas.
Beyond the state : New Zealand state houses from modest to modern, Bill McKay and Andrea Stevens ; photography Simon Devitt. 728.37 MCK
Creative block : get unstuck, discover new ideas : advice and projects from 50 successful artists, Danielle Krysa. 701.15 KRY
Density is home, Aurora Fernandez Per. 728 FER
Our home is now in a city which is compact and mixed which grows inwards and is renewed. We are returning to the historic city, to the modern city, to the post-industrial city. We are regenerating the narrow plots of the medieval urban grids, the 19th century urban extensions and the new-old neighbourhoods of the 60s.
Emil Nolde : in radiance and color, Agnes Husslein-Arco and Stephan Koja. 759.3 NOL
Emil Nolde is considered one of the most important Expressionist painters. The catalogue displays central works, including landscapes, seas, portraits, scenes from Berlin and religious subjects.
Franz West : man with a ball, Editors, Ealan Wingate and Stefan Ratibor. 709.436 WES
Infill : new houses for urban sites, Adam Mornement & Annabel Biles. 728.37 MOR
Jackson Pollock's Mural : the transitional moment, Yvonne Szafran and 5 others. 759.13 POL
Examines the Abstract Expressionist painter Jackson Pollock's large-scale 1943 painting, Mural, and presents conservation findings made at the Getty Center in Los Angeles along with art-historical research.
Joseph Beuys, Allan Antliff. 709.43 BEU
The perfect introduction to the life and art of Joseph Beuys.
One thousand cuts : life and art in central Australia, Rod Moss. 759.994 MOS
Piero della Francesca : artist & man, James R. Banker. 759.5 PIE
Piecing together the story of Piero's artistic and mathematical achievements with the story of his life for the first time, a book that at last brings this fascinating Renaissance enigma to life.
Piet Mondrian, Barnett Newman, Dan Flavin, Foreword by Bernhard Mendes Burgi ; essays by Simon Baier and Gregor Stemmrich. 709.04 PIE
Poetic vision : the art of Annette Isbey, Richard Wolfe. 759.993 ISB
Shepard Fairey Inc. : artist, professional, vandal, G. James Daichendt ; foreword by Robbie Conal. 751.73 FAI
Spatial matters : art, architecture and activism, Ai Weiwei and Anthony Pins. 709.51 AI
The dealer is the devil : the insider's history of the Aboriginal art trade, Adrian Newstead with Ruth Hessey. 709.94 NEW
Tiny houses, Mimi Zeiger. 728.047 ZEI
Features over thirty small homes under a thousand square feet that serve different functions and subscribe to the new trend in substainable living architecture known as "microgreen living."
Tradition and change in Maori and Pacific art : essays, Roger Neich. 704.03994 NEI
Urgent architecture : 40 sustainable housing solutions for a changing world, Bridgette Meinhold. 720.47 MEI


A mile down : the true story of a disastrous career at sea, David Vann. 623.82 VAN
Work so that you can keep working. It seemed a proposition that could easily end in suicide. I wanted to escape this. I wanted to free myself from the working world and have time to write. And I wanted adventure. Grendel could never free me, but this boat could. David Vann has loved boats all his life. So when his academic career seems to be stuck in the doldrums, he leaps at the opportunity to start an educational charter business, teaching creative writing workshops aboard a sailboat.
A spy among friends : Kim Philby and the great betrayal, Ben Macintyre. 327.12 PHI
A war of words, Hamish McDonald. 355 BAV
Thirty years ago when Hamish McDonald was Asia Correspondent for the Sydney Morning Herald in Japan, he was given a box of papers by a departing journalist. The box contained a large manuscript and photographs that detailed the amazing life of Charles Bavier. Born in Japan in the late 1800s, the illegitimate son of a Swiss businessman, Charles was raised by his father's Japanese mistress.
Beauty, dis-rupted : a memoir, Carre Otis with Hugo Schwyzer. 792.028 OTI
Teen runaway, supermodel, and actress Carre Otis found herself in the public eye from a very tender age. Millions of people saw provocative images of her in magazine and billboard ads as well as in features on the pages of Playboy and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. By the time she was twenty, they had also seen her on posters for the controversial film Wild Orchid, with Mickey Rourke.
Branson : behind the mask, Tom Bower. 338.04 BRA
Cathedral of the wild : an African journey home, Boyd Varty. 639.9 VAR
Varty's memoir of his life in the exquisite and vast refuge of the Londolozi Game Reserve in South Africa.
Creeks and kitchens : a childhood memoir, Maurice Gee. 823.914 GEE
Gee describes in fascinating detail his boyhood and family life in West Auckland and offers illuminating insights into some of the creative forces which have driven some of his fiction: the creek with its dangers - where, he writes, he glimpsed 'sex and death' - the kitchen with his mother preparing dinner in the gathering dark, and his elderly uncle, later the model for the magnificent "Plumb."
Cycle of lies : the fall of Lance Armstrong, Juliet Macur. 796.62 ARM
Dispatcher : lost and found in Johannesburg, Mark Gevisser. 968.22 GEV
As a boy growing up in 1970s Johannesburg Mark Gevisser would play 'Dispatcher', a game that involved sitting in his father's parked car (or in the study) and sending imaginary couriers on routes across the city, mapped out from Holmden's Register of Johannesburg. As the imaginary fleet made its way across the troubled city and its tightly bound geographies, so too did the young dispatcher begin to figure out his own place in the world.
Fitz : the colonial adventures of James Edward FitzGerald, Jenifer Roberts. 993.02 FIT
Story of James Edward FitzGerald, whose energy and enthusiasm contributed so much to the early history of Christchurch. Orator, writer, politician and journalist, he was the first Canterbury Pilgrim to set foot in New Zealand, first superintendent of the province of Canterbury, first leader of the general government, and founder of the Press newspaper.
Glitter and glue : a memoir, Kelly Corrigan. 306.8743 COR
From the author of the bestselling memoirs The Middle Place and Lift comes a compelling new memoir about the true meaning of motherhood. One of the things you should know about Kelly Corrigan is that she is the daughter of Mary Corrigan, a woman of conviction and grit.
Harry : a biography, Marcia Moody. 941.085 HEN
Herzl : Theodore Herzl and the foundation of the Jewish State, Shlomo Avineri. 320.54 HER
The first biography in almost a generation of the founder of modern political Zionism and in effect the State of Israel. Drawing extensively on his diaries as well as his published works, this intellectual biographical follows Herzl's transformation from a private person into the founder and leader of a political movement which made the quest for a Jewish state into a player in international politics.
HRC : state secrets and the rebirth of Hillary Clinton, Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes. 973.929 CLI
This is a riveting biography which combines deep reporting and West Wing-esque storytelling to reveal the strategising, machinations and last minute decision-making that have accompanied one of the greatest political comebacks in history.
Lancelot 'Capability' Brown : the omnipotent magician, 1716-1783, Jane Brown. 712.6 BRO
Lancelot Brown changed the face of eighteenth-century England, designing country estates and mansions, moving hills and making flowing lakes and serpentine rivers, a magical world of green. This English landscape style spread across Europe and the world. This title paints a picture of the man, his work, his domestic life, and his crowded world.
Louis Armstrong : master of modernism, Thomas Brothers. 781.65 ARM
The definitive account of Louis Armstrong — his life and legacy — during the most creative period of his career.
Matthew Flinders : the man who mapped Australia, Rob Mundle. 994.02 FLI
Matthew Flinders is a towering figure in Australian history the first to chart its coastline and the leading champion for naming the country Australia. In 1801 he was made commander of the expedition of his life the first close circumnavigation of Terra Australis.
My life with the Royal Ballet as a dancer and teacher, Valerie Adams. 792.8 ADA
In this book Valerie Adams describes her early days at the Wessex School of Dancing in Bournemouth and joining the Sadler's Wells Upper School in London. After she became a member of the Sadler's Wells Company at the Royal Opera House, she went with the Company on their 3rd tour of the USA and Canada.
Napoleon. Volume 1, Soldier of destiny, 1769-1805, Michael Broers. 944.05 NAP
This is the first life of Napoleon, in any language, that makes full use of the new version of his correspondence compiled by the Fondation Napoleon in Paris to replace the sanitized compilation made under the Second French Empire as a propaganda exercise by his nephew, Napoleon III.
No destination, Satish Kumar. 327.172 SAT
When he was only nine years old, Satish Kumar renounced the world and joined the wandering brotherhood of Jain monks. Dissuaded from this path by an inner voice at the age of eighteen, he became a campaigner for land reform, working to turn Gandhi's vision of a renewed India into reality.
Paris letters, Janice Macleod. 944.084 MCL
Successful, but on the verge of burnout, Janice MacLeod saved enough money to buy herself two years of freedom in Europe. Days into her stop in Paris, she met Christophe, and her fate was sealed. Forced to find a way to fund her expat future, Janice created a painted letter subscription service, sending out thousands of letters to people who are hungry to receive something beautiful.
Put on your crown : life-changing moments on the path to queendom, Queen Latifah. 791.45028 QUE
A wake-up call to empowerment. Oscar-nominated actress, Grammy-winning entertainer, entrepreneur Queen Latifah has done it all. Through everything she has encountered, she has come to love herself, including her flaws. But this transformation didn't happen overnight.
Roy Jenkins : a well-rounded life, John Campbell. 941.085 JEN
Roy Jenkins was probably the best Prime Minister Britain never had. His career spans the half-century from Attlee to Tony Blair during which he helped transform almost every area of national life and politics. This book tells his story.
Sheila : the Australian beauty who bewitched British society, Robert Wainwright. 994.04 CHI
Sheila wedded earls and barons, befriended literary figures and movie stars, bedded a future king, was feted by London and New York society for forty years and when she died was a Russian princess.
The bush orphanage : recollections of a British child migrant and the truth about Australia's human trafficking past, John Hawkins. 304.894 HAW
The reporter and the warlords : an Australian at large in China's republican revolution, Craig Collie. 951.04 DON
Set against the turbulent background of China in the first half of the 20th Century, this reads like a romantic novel; but it's a true story. The reporter is the intrepid Australian journalist Will Donald, who arrived in Hong Kong in 1903 and by 1908 was Managing Editor of the China Mail.
The third Plantagenet : George, Duke of Clarence, Richard III's brother, John Ashdown-Hill. 942.04 CLA
Less well-known than his brothers, Edward IV and Richard III, little has been written about George, Duke of Clarence, leaving us with a series of unanswered questions: What was he really like? What set him and his brother Edward IV against one another? And who was really responsible for his death?
Whistler : a life for art's sake, Daniel E. Sutherland. 759.13 WHI
You must remember this : life and style in Hollywood's Golden Age, Robert J. Wagner with Scott Eyman. 791.43028 WAG
The legendary actor and best-selling author of Pieces of My Heart offers a nostalgic look at Hollywood's golden age, touring favourite hotspots and exploring period business practices before the advent of paparazzi culture and high-powered agents.

Business & Management

Book yourself solid illustrated : the fastest, easiest, and most reliable system for getting more clients than you can handle even if you hate marketing and selling, Michael Port with visual strategist Jocelyn Wallace. 658.8 POR
Employed but under fire : strategies for dealing with a difficult boss, Michael Smyth. 650.13 SMY
Finding the space to lead : a practical guide to mindful leadership, Janice Marturano. 658.409 MAR
Shows leaders how to integrate the practice of mindfulness, meditation, and self-awareness with effective techniques of management and mentorship.
Group coaching : a practical guide to optimising collective talent in any organization, Ro Gorell. 658.3124 GOR
Guide to emerging markets : the business outlook, opportunities and obstacles, Aidan Manktelow. 658.049 GUI
How to measure anything : finding the value of "intangibles" in business, Douglas W. Hubbard. 657.7 HUB
How to sell to retail : the secrets of getting your product to market, Clare Rayner. 658.8 RAY
Marketing for growth : the role of marketers in driving revenues and profits, Iain Ellwood. 658.8 ELL
Mobile marketing : how mobile technology is revolutionizing marketing, communications, and advertising, Daniel Rowles. 658.872 ROW
Profiting from market trends : simple tools and techniques for mastering trend analysis, Tina Logan. 332.632 LOG
Scaling up excellence : getting to more without settling for less, Robert I. Sutton and Hayagreeva Rao. 658.406 SUT
Talk like TED : the 9 public-speaking secrets of the world's top minds, Carmine Gallo. 658.452 GAL
Team-building activities for the digital age : using technology to develop effective groups, Brent D. Wolfe, Colbey Penton Sparkman. 373.136 WOL
Team-Building Activities for the Digital Age offers a fresh approach to promoting interpersonal communication and encouraging young people to express their individuality and build face-to-face relationships by using technology.
The visual marketing revolution : 26 rules to help social media marketers connect the dots, Stephanie Diamond. 658.872 DIA
Think and win bids : winning high-value, high-stakes bids through superior questioning, listening & thinking skills, Jordan Kelly. 658.152 KEL
Tweet naked : a bare-all social media strategy for boosting your brand and your business, Scott Levy. 302.23 LEV
Understanding management critically : a student text, Suzette Dyer, Maria Humphries, Dale Fitzgibbons & Fiona Hurd. 658 DYE

Crafts & Collecting

Adding layers : color, design & imagination : 15 original quilt projects, from Kathy Doughty of Material obsession. 746.46 DOU
Colour confidence in embroidery, Trish Burr. 746.44 BUR
Concrete crafts : simple projects from jewelry to place settings, birdbaths to umbrella stands, Sania Hedengren & Susanna Zacke. 745.5 HED
More than thirty no-fuss casting projects for kitchen table or outdoor patio.
Designing with flowers, Preston Bailey. 745.92 BAI
Encyclopedia of Matchbox Toys : 1947-2001, Charlie Mack. 629.221 MCK
It's all here! Pictured and listed in this massive volume, now in its fourth edition, are fifty-four years' worth of toys produced between Matchbox's founding in 1947, and 2001, including their popular diecast vehicles, playsets, dolls, plastic kits, robots, and ephemera.
Farming in miniature : a review of British-made toy farm vehicles up to 1980. Volume 1, Airfix to Denzil Skinner, Robert Newson. 688.72 NEW
The first volume in a new two-volume work which will be the first to present the full range of British farm toy manufacturers up to 1980. Evoking nostalgia for the toys of our youth, 970 photos demonstrate the fantastic output of British toy manufacturers during the twentieth century.
Felt dogs, Mitsuki Hoshi. 745.5924 HOS
How to needle tat : a beginner's guide book, Laura Evans. 746.436 EVA
Learn to weave with Anne Field : a project-based approach to weaving basics., Anne Field. 746.14 FIE
Made by yourself : 100% handmade designer DIY projects for the home, from furniture to accessories, Peter Fehrentz. 746 FEH
Making quilts with Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession : 21 authentic projects, Kathy Doughty. 746.46 DOU
Showcases twenty-one patterns inspired by the colours of Australia and invites quilters to recreate them in their own style.
Metal jewelry techniques : enameling, engraving, setting, mounting : a masterclass, Carles Codina. 739.27 COD
Origami inspirations, Meenakshi Mukerji. 736.98 MUK
Pinch pottery : functional, modern handbuilding, Susan Halls. 738.15 HAL
Rag rug creations : an exploration of colour and surface, Lynne Stein. 746.72 STE
Rustic chic wedding : 55 projects for crafting your own wedding style, Morgann Hill. 745.594 HIL
Sculptural origami : innovative models, plus a gallery of the artist's work, Saadya [Sternberg]. 736.98 STE
Soap making recipes : soap making for beginners, Angela Pierce. 668.12 PIE
Steampunk style : the complete illustrated guide for contraptors, gizmologists and primogogglers everywhere!, Edited by Steampunk Oriental Laboratory. 745.4
Strange but true tales of car collecting : drowned Bugattis, buried Belvederes, felonious Ferraris, and other wild stories of automotive misadventure, Keith Martin and Linda Clark. 629.222 MAR
Most car collectors exhibit a healthy enthusiasm for their favourite hobby, a tendency to chase parts, swap stories, and generally live the petrolhead life. Some, however, step over that fine line between enthusiasm and obsession and that's the place from which spring the legendary car-collector stories.
The jewelry maker's field guide : tools and essential techniques, Helen I. Driggs. 739.27 DRI
We are indie toys! : make your own resin characters, Louis Bou. 745.592 BOU

Crime & Espionage

A Norwegian tragedy : Anders Behring Breivik and the massacre on Utoya, Aage Borchgrevink. 948.105 BOR
On 22 July 2011 a young man named Anders Behring Breivik carried out one of the most vicious terrorist acts in post-war Europe. In a carefully orchestrated sequence of actions he bombed government buildings in Oslo, resulting in eight deaths, then carried out a mass shooting at a camp of the Workers' Youth League of the Labour Party on the island of Utoya, where he murdered 69 people, mostly teenagers.
Blood will out : the true story of a murder, a mystery, and a masquerade, Walter Kirn. 364.1523 KIR
Civilian warriors : the inside story of Blackwater and the unsung heroes of the War on Terror, Erik Prince with Davin Coburn. 355.35 PRI
The founder of Blackwater, the world's most controversial military contractor, describes how the company took on high-risk security jobs around the world, completing nearly 100,000 missions in Afghanistan and Iraq, only to have opponents tarnish their reputation.
Death in Godshill : an Isle of Wight tragedy, Peter James Cave. 364.1523 CAV
Early one morning in October 1940, on a quiet farm on the Isle of Wight, 61 year-old farmer Frank Cave was found dead, killed with his own shotgun. After a police investigation, the woman who raised the alarm, Frank's young housekeeper, Mabel Attrill, was charged with his murder. There followed a notorious criminal trial at Winchester Assizes, featuring the most prominent pathologist of the day and one of the country's most brilliant lawyers.
Did she kill him? : a Victorian tale of deception, adultery and arsenic, Kate Colquhoun. 364.1523 COL
In the summer of 1889, young Southern belle Florence Maybrick stood trial for the alleged arsenic poisoning of her much older husband, Liverpool cotton merchant James Maybrick.
I am Troy Davis, Jen Marlowe and Martina Davis-Correia. 364.66 DAV
Tells the intimate story of an ordinary man caught up in an inexorable tragedy. From his childhood in racially charged Savannah, to the confused events that led to the 1989 murder of a police officer, to Davis's sudden arrest, conviction, and two-decade fight to prove his innocence, I Am Troy Davis takes us inside a broken legal system where life and death hang in the balance.
Kitty Genovese : the murder, the bystanders, the crime that changed America, Kevin Cook. 364.1523 GEN
Shadow warfare : the history of America's undeclared wars, Larry Hancock with Stuart Wexler. 355.343 HAN
The Snowden files : the inside story of the world's most wanted man, Luke Harding. 364.13 SNO
The Snowden Files is about how a 29-year-old contractor working for the top secret National Security Agency became the world's most wanted man. It is about the journalists who stumbled into the story of their lives and published against the odds.
Who's who in the zoo : a story of corruption, crooks and killers, Domenico 'Mick' Cacciola with Ben Robertson. 364.132 CAC
Confronting and at times terrifying, this is a first-hand account of Domenico 'Mick' Cacciola's life as a Licensing, Special Branch and CIB detective over four decades.


Average is over : powering America beyond the age of the great stagnation, Tyler Cowen. 330.973 COW
Guide to financial markets : why they exist and how they work, Marc Levinson. 332.6 LEV
The entrepreneurial state : debunking public vs. private sector myths, Mariana Mazzucato. 338.04 MAZ
The inequality debate : an introduction, Max Rashbrooke. 339.2 RAS
The divide between New Zealand's poorest and wealthiest inhabitants has widened alarmingly over recent decades. Differences in income have grown faster than in most other developed countries. Max Rashbrooke's succinct introduction to these changes in our society, drawn from the larger work Inequality : a New Zealand crisis and updated with the latest evidence, is essential reading.
Workers in hard times : a long view of economic crises, Leon Fink, Joseph A. McCartin, and Joan Sangster. 331 WOR


A portrait of Camphill : from founding seed to worldwide movement, Jan Martin Bang. 362.3 CAM
The Camphill Movement is a worldwide network of homes and villages for children and adults with special needs. Inspired by the vision of its founder, Karl Konig, and a group of close associates, the growth of the Camphill Movement is the story of an idea about community: community as the basis for special needs education, therapy and living.
How to learn anything quickly : quick, easy tips to improve memory, reading comprehension, test-taking skills, and learning through the brain's fastest superlinks learning style, Ricki Linksman. 370.152 LIN
The priority list : a teacher's final quest to discover life's greatest lessons, David Menasche. 371.1 MEN


By all means necessary : how China's resource quest is changing the world, Elizabeth C. Economy and Michael Levi. 333.7 ECO
Earth ponds : the country pond maker's guide to building, maintenance and restoration, Tim Matson. 627.86 MAT
There is nothing like a pond. What else can simultaneously increase your aesthetic pleasure, offer recreational opportunities, help the environment, and increase the value of your property?
Earth user's guide to teaching permaculture, Rosemary Morrow. 631.58 MOR
Suitable for creating systems that meet our human needs but also support the ecosystem as a whole, this title offers evidence for permaculture's effectiveness and describes each unit of the PDC's curriculum. It contains a wealth of technical information for teaching permaculture design.
Harvesting the biosphere : what we have taken from nature, Vaclav Smil. 333.95 SMI
Stories of the great turning, Peter Reason & Melanie Newman. 333.72 STO
This book tells stories of how ordinary people in their everyday lives have responded to the challenges of living more sustainably.
The infinite resource : the power of ideas on a finite planet, Ramez Naam. 333.7 NAA


1000 dresses : the fashion design resource, Tracy Fitzgerald. 391.2 FIT
Presents a library of dress styles to be used as a reference for the fashion designer, fashion student and anyone interested in the fashion industry. This book offers a lexicon of design inspiration. It provides a common fashion language of terminology and is supported by a glossary of terms, and cross-references for further research.
Fashionable Selby, Todd Selby. 779 SEL
Isabella Blow : fashion galore!, Photography by Nick Knight. 746.92 BLO
The book of fashion accessories, Edited by Natalio Martin. 391.44 BOO
The wedding dress : how to make the perfect one for you, Becky Drinan. 646.47 DRI

Film, Television & Theatre

Big book of British comedy greats, Michelle Brachet. 792.7 BRA
When it comes to the great icons of comedy, Britain rules the airwaves, screen and stage. No other country in the world can boast such a pedigree of top comic entertainers and their legacy lives on through their recordings and films.
Dancers among us : a celebration of joy in the everyday, Jordan Matter. 792.8 MAT
Collects pictures of dancers striking poses in everyday places and while doing everyday things, including in libraries, on subway platforms, at restaurants, and on beaches.


Legends of the Maori : Mythology, folk-lore, tradition and poetry, Maui Pomare and James Cowan. 398.20993 POM

Food & Wine

A girl called Jack : 100 delicious budget recipes, Jack Monroe. 641.552 MON
Anjum's quick & easy Indian : fast, effortless food for any time and place, Anjum Anand. 641.5954 ANA
Cocktails : shaken & stirred, Mark Harrison. 641.874 HAR
This book has recipes for our all-time favourites, including punches, shots, martinis and tips on how to make the perfect cocktail.
Cook with me : recipes for enjoying every day, Aaron Brunet ; photography by Kieran Scott. 641.5 BRU
Cooking with coconut oil : gluten-free, grain-free recipes for good living, Elizabeth Nyland. 641.6461 NYL
Cultured food for life : how to make and serve delicious probiotic foods for better health and wellness, Donna Schwenk. 641.5637 SCH
Dim sum : a step-by-step cookbook, Ng Lip Kah ; editor, Audrey Yow. 641.5951 NG
Edible : an adventure into the world of eating insects and the last great hope to save the planet, Daniella Martin. 641.3 MAR
Fill the tins : easy baking for home, Sophie Gray. 641.815 GRA
Flavor without FODMAPS cookbook : love the foods that love you back, Patsy Catsos. 641.5631 CAT
I quit sugar for life : your fad-free wholefood wellness code and cookbook, Sarah Wilson. 641.5638 WIL
Mary Berry cooks, Mary Berry. 641.5 BER
Myanmar : cuisine, culture & customs, Mohana Gill. 641.59591 GIL
Por Pors cookbook, Carolyn King, Ng Wong Gar Ling. 641.5951 KIN
Centred around the author's extended family, this book gives recipes, as well as social, historical and economic information on being a Chinese New Zealander, and the unique culinary fusions present in New Zealand today.
Superfoods cookbook : the facts, the foods and the recipes — feel great, get fit and lose weight, Michelle Bridges. 641.5635 BRI
Surprise-inside cakes : amazing cakes for every occasion with a little something extra inside, Amanda Rettke. 641.8653 RET
Sweet : treats to share, Recipes by Allyson Gofton, Annbelle White, Dean Brettschneider & Kim Evans,. 641.815 SWE
The baker's daughter : timeless recipes from four generations of bakers, Louise Johncox. 641.815 JOH
The Bloomsbury cookbook : recipes for life, love and art, Jans Ondaatje Rolls. 641.5 ROL
Here the Bloomsbury story is told in seven broadly chronological chapters, beginning in the 1890s and finishing in the very recent past.
The book of New Israeli food : a culinary journey, Janna Gur. 641.595694 GUR
The creamery kitchen : discover the age-old tradition of making fresh butters, yogurts, creams, and soft cheeses at home, Jenny Linford. 641.67 LIN
The edible atlas : around the world in thirty-nine cuisines, Mina Holland. 641.59 PER
The food of Italy : region by region, Claudia Roden. 641.5945 ROD
The pescetarian plan : the vegetarian + seafood way to lose weight and love your food, Janis Jibrin. 641.5635 JIB

Gardens and Gardening

Designing the new kitchen garden : an American potager handbook, Jennifer R. Bartley. 635.0484 BAR
Groundbreaking food gardens : 73 plans that will change the way you grow your garden, Niki Jabbour. 635 JAB
Sunset western garden book of landscaping : the complete guide to designing beautiful paths, patios, plantings and more, Kathleen Norris Brenzel. 712.6 SUN
The gardens of the British working class, Margaret Willes. 635 WIL
This magnificently illustrated people's history celebrates the extraordinary feats of cultivation by the working class in Britain, even if the land they toiled, planted and loved was not their own.
The house gardener : ideas and inspiration for indoor gardens, Isabelle Palmer. 635.965 PAL
The new vegetable & herb expert, D.G. Hessayon. 635 HES
The year-round vegetable gardener : how to grow your own food 365 days a year no matter where you live, Niki Jabbour ; photography by Joseph De Sciose. 635

Health & Medicine

ADHD does not exist : the truth about attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, Richard Saul. 618.9285 SAU
Few mental disorders have been met with more controversy in recent years than attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder. An estimated 4.7% of adults, and up to 16% of children are living with ADHD in the US. However, some allege that doctors are handing out prescriptions indiscriminately.
B is for breast cancer : from anxiety to recovery and everything in between : a beginner's guide, Christine Hamill. 616.994 HAM
Back pain : how to build core stability for long-lasting relief, Adam Gavine & Rod Bonello. 616.73 GAV
Blood : the stuff of life, Lawrence Hill. 612 HIL
Coping with memory problems, Dr Sallie Baxendale. 616.83 BAX
Death by food pyramid, Denise Minger. 613.2 MIN
Argues against the implementation of the USDA food guide pyramid and the study that inspired it.
Exercise for frail elders, Elizabeth Best-Martini, Kim A. Jones-DiGenova. 613.7044 BES
Fit for birth and beyond : the guide for women over 35, Suzy Clarkson. 618.24 CLA
Food : the good girl's drug : how to stop using food to control your feelings, Sunny Sea Gold. 616.8526 GOL
Happy hormones : discover the natural breakthrough treatment program for better hormonal health, Kristy Vermeulen. 612.4 VER
Kinesiology for dummies, Steve Glass, Brian Hatzel, Rick Albrecht. 612.76 GLA
Letters to the midwife : correspondence with the author of Call the midwife, Suzannah Hart and Juliette Walton and a foreword by Miranda Hart. 618.2 WOR
When the Call the midwife books became bestsellers, Jennifer Worth was inundated with correspondence. People felt moved to write to her because the books had touched them, and because they wanted to share memories of the world her books described, the East End of London in the late 1940s and early 1950s.
Low sugar no sugar : how to reduce your sugar intake, lose weight & feel great, Jess Lomas. 613.28 LOM
Making sense of fibromyalgia, Daniel J. Wallace. 616.74 WAL
mBraining : "using your multiple brains to do cool stuff", Marvin Oka and Grant Soosalu. 612.82 OKA
Only for New Zealand women : ten conversations with a hypnotherapist, Tatiana Blagova-Ives, PhD. 615.851 BLA
Overcome phobias and panic attacks, Sandi Mann. 616.8522 MAN
The 30-day heart tune-up : a breakthrough medical plan to prevent and reverse heart disease, Steven Masley, MD. 616.12 MAS
The ADHD explosion : myths, medication, money, and today's push for performance, Stephen P. Hinshaw, Richard M. Scheffler. 618.9285 HIN
The autistic spectrum, Lorna Selfe. 616.8588 SEL
The calorie myth : how to eat more, exercise less, lose weight, and live better, Jonathan Bailor. 613.25 BAI
The chronic cough enigma : acid reflux, asthma, and recalcitrant cough : the path to a cure, Dr. Jamie Koufman. 616.2 KOU
The complete guide to aqua exercise for pregnancy and postnatal health, Sarah Bolitho and Vicky Hatch. 618.24 BOL
The depths : the evolutionary origins of the depression epidemic, Jonathan Rottenberg. 616.8527 ROT
The diabetes breakthrough : based on a scientifically proven plan to lose weight and cut medications, Osama Hamdy M.D., Ph.D., and Sheri R. Colberg, Ph.D. 616.462
The easy way to stop gambling : take control of your life, Allen Carr. 616.8584 CAR
The Feldenkrais method : teaching by handling, Yochanan Rywerant. 616.7 RYW
The future of the mind : the scientific quest to understand, enhance and empower the mind, Michio Kaku. 612.82 KAK
The gym-free journal : bodyweight workouts for getting ripped, Brett Stewart. 613.71 STE
The hidden mechanics of exercise : molecules that move us, Christopher M. Gillen. 612.76 GIL
The little book of thin : foodtrainers plan-it-to-lose-it solutions for every diet dilemma, Lauren Slayton. 613.25 SLA
The migraine miracle : a sugar-free, gluten-free, ancestral diet to reduce inflammation and relieve your headaches for good, Josh Turknett, MD. 616.8491 TUR
The new science of overcoming arthritis : prevent or reverse your pain, discomfort, and limitations, C. Thomas Vangsness, Jr., MD with Greg Ptacek. 616.72
The secret female hormone : how testosterone replacement can change your life, Kathy C. Maupin with Brett Newcomb. 618.175 MAU
The silver lining : a supportive and insightful guide to breast cancer, Hollye Jacobs. 616.994 JAC
The author draws on her experiences as both a nurse and a patient with breast cancer to share positive insight.
The sleep book : how to sleep well every night, Guy Meadows. 616.849 MEA
The weight escape, Joseph Ciarrochi, Ann Bailey, & Russ Harris. 613.25 CIA
The yoga-body cleanse : a 7-day Ayurvedic detox to rejuvenate your body and calm your mind, Robin Westen. 613 WES
Toxin toxout : getting harmful chemicals out of our bodies and our world, Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie. 613 LOU
Trouble in mind : stories from a neuro-psychologist's casebook, Jenni Ogden. 616.89 OGD
Vision loss : strategies for living with hope and independence, Peggy R. Wolfe. 617.7 WOL
We are our brains : from the womb to Alzheimer's, Dick Swaab. 612.82 SWA
Everything we think, do, and refrain from doing is determined by our brain. It shapes our potential, our limitations, and our characters. In other words, we don't just have brains; we are our brains. This forceful conclusion is at the heart of pre-eminent brain researcher DF Swaab's international bestseller.
Why diets fail (because you're addicted to sugar) : science explains how to end cravings, lose weight, and get healthy, Nicole M. Avena, and John R. Talbott. 613.28
Yoga for back pain, Loren Fishman, Carol Ardman. 613.7046 FIS
Younger next week : your ultimate guide to reverse the clock, boost energy and look and feel younger in 7 days, Elisa Zied. 613.2 ZIE

History, Geography & Travel

1177 B.C. : the year civilization collapsed, Eric H. Cline. 930.15 CLI
A polite and commercial people : England, 1727-1783, Paul Langford. 941.072 LAN
In this, the most authoritative, comprehensive general history of England between the accession of George II and the loss of America, Paul Langford merges conflicting images of the 18th century into a coherent picture to reveal the true character of the age.
Arunachal : peoples, arts and adornments in India's eastern Himalayas, Peter van Ham ; foreword by Alan Macfarlane. 954.163 VAN
The state of Arunachal Pradesh, moulded out of the mountainous margins of Assam, is incomparable to any other place in the world due to its ethnic variety and exuberant natural beauty.
As long as it's fun : the epic voyages and extraordinary times of Lin and Larry Pardey, Herb McCormick. 910.45 PAR
Censoring Queen Victoria : how two gentlemen edited a queen and created an icon, Yvonne M. Ward. 941.081 VIC
When Queen Victoria died, two gentlemen were commissioned with the monumental task of editing her vast correspondence. It would be the first time that a British monarch's letters had been published, and it would change how Victoria was remembered forever.
Children of the Gulag, Cathy A. Frierson and Semyon S. Vilensky. 365.45 FRI
This book offers a comprehensive documentary history of children whose parents were identified as enemies of the Soviet regime, from its inception through Joesph Stalin's death. The editors present top-secret documents in translation from the Russian state archives, memoirs, and interviews with child survivors.
Congo : the epic history of a people, David van Reybrouck. 967.51 REY
Cool Japan : a guide to Tokyo, Kyoto, Tohoku, and Japanese culture past and present, Sumiko Kajiyama. 952 KAJ
A guide to Tokyo, Kyoto, Tohoku and Japanese culture past and present.
French kids eat everything : how our family moved to France, cured picky eating, banned snacking and discovered 10 simple rules for raising happy, healthy eaters, Karen Le Billon. 394.12 LE
Gentlemen bastards : on the ground in Afghanistan with America's elite Special Forces, Kevin Maurer. 958.1 MAU
God's traitors : terror and faith in Elizabethan England, Jessie Childs. 942.055 CHI
Elizabeth I had criminalised Catholicism in England: for refusing to attend Anglican services her subjects faced fines and imprisonment; for giving refuge to outlawed priests they risked death. This book explores the Catholic predicament in Elizabethan England through the eyes of a Catholic aristocratic family: the Vauxes of Harrowden Hall.
History's lost treasures : and the secrets behind them, Eric Chaline. 930.1 CHA
Kings Cross : a biography, Louis Nowra. 994.41 NOW
Louis Nowra burrows beneath the sensationalist Underbelly 'sex and sin' narrative, revealing stories and a cast of characters some household names others little-known that not even a writer could conjure up.
Latinalicious : the South America diaries : a true story of travelling the world's sexiest continent, Rebecca Wicks. 980 WIC
In her latest laugh-out-loud travel memoir, intrepid traveller Becky Wicks sets her sights on both the natural and ahem! man-made attractions of South America, and discovers that while gauchos aren't always hot, strangely, birdwatchers are.
Mother of God, Paul Rosolie. 980 ROS
Madre de Dios 'Mother of God' is a place where the Andean Cloud Forest intermingles with the steaming tropical jungle at the head of the Amazon river. This book tells a story of nature and how we must both respect its awesome power and protect its extraordinary glory.
Mr Selden's map of China : the spice trade, a lost chart and the South China Sea, Timothy Brook. 951.02 BRO
My promised land : the triumph and tragedy of Israel, Ari Shavit. 956.054 SHA
Presents an examination of Israel that traces the events that led the country to its current state of conflict through the stories of everyday citizens to illuminate the importance of lesser-known historical events.
Noble endeavours : the life of two countries, England and Germany, in many stories, Miranda Seymour. 942 SEY
In 1613 a beautiful Stuart princess married a handsome young German prince. This was a love match, but it was also an alliance that aimed to weld together Europe's two great Protestant powers.
Rogue elephant : harnessing the power of India's unruly democracy, Simon Denyer. 954.053 DEN
Savage harvest : a tale of cannibals, colonialism, and Michael Rockefeller's tragic quest for primitive art, Carl Hoffman. 995.1 HOF
Retracing Rockefeller's steps, journalist Carl Hoffman traveled to the jungles of New Guinea to solve a decades-old mystery and illuminate a culture transformed by years of colonial rule.
Sextant : a voyage guided by the stars and the men who mapped the world's oceans, David Barrie. 910.45 BAR
Shadow of the sultan's realm : the destruction of the Ottoman Empire and the creation of the modern Middle East, Daniel Allen Butler. 956.02 BUT
Slow travel North York Moors & Yorkshire Wolds : local, characterful guides to Britain's special places, Mike Bagshaw. 942.846 BAG
Southern light : images from Antarctica, Photographs and text by David Neilson with additional photographs by Karen Alexander. 998.9 NEI
The almost nearly perfect people : the truth abouth the Nordic miracle, Michael Booth. 948 BOO
The whole world wants to learn the secrets of Nordic exceptionalism: Why are the Danes the happiest people in the world, despite having the highest taxes? If the Finns really have the best education system, how come they still think all Swedish men are gay? Are the Icelanders really feral? This book deals with these questions.
The Appian Way : ghost road, queen of roads, Robert A. Kaster. 937.7 KAS
The Roman poet Statius called the Via Appia "the Queen of Roads," and for nearly a thousand years that description held true, as countless travelers trod its path from the center of Rome to the heel of Italy. Today, the road is all but gone. This book deals with the author's adventures along this ancient highway.
The battle for Britain : Scotland and the independence referendum, David Torrance. 941.108 TOR
The family tree German genealogy guide : how to trace your germanic ancestry in Europe, James M. Beidler. 929.1 BEI
The Galapagos : a natural history, Henry Nicholls. 986.65 NIC
The general's slow retreat : Chile after Pinochet, Mary Helen Spooner. 983 SPO
The hotel on Place Vendome : life, death, and betrayal at the Hotel Ritz in Paris, Tilar J. Mazzeo. 944.36 MAZ
Set against the backdrop of the Nazi occupation of World War II, this book examines the history of Paris's world-famous Hotel Ritz, a tale of glamour, opulence, and celebrity; dangerous liaisons, espionage, and resistance.
The lion sleeps tonight : and other stories of Africa, Rian Malan. 968.066 MAL
For Rian Malan, the blessing of living in South Africa is that every day presents him with material whose richness astounds those who live in saner places. Twenty years after the publication of his bestseller My Traitor's Heart, he is still strongly committed to the struggle against suffocating political rectitude. Malan eviscerates politicians, provokes rabid fury in AIDs activists, pursues justice in the music industry, and exults in the company of an extraordinary cast of characters from truckers to tycoons.
The men who lost America : British Command during the Revolutionary War and the preservation of the empire, Andrew O'Shaughnessy. 973.33 OSH
The Northmen's fury : a history of the Viking world, Philip Parker. 948.02 PAR
Tells the Viking story, from the first pinprick raids of the 8th century to the great armies that left their Scandinavian homelands to conquer larger parts of France, Britain and Ireland. This book describes how and why a region at the edge of Europe came to dominate and to terrorise the rest of the continent for nearly three centuries.
The reckoning : how the killing of one man changed the fate of the Promised Land, Patrick Bishop. 956.9404 BIS
From the bestselling author of 'Fighter Boys', the true story of two ruthless adversaries and a wartime killing that shook the modern world. On a cold morning in February 1942, with the world plunged in the horrors of World War Two, Avraham Stern hid in an attic in Tel Aviv, a price on his head. He'd been on the run for weeks, his picture blazoned across newspapers all over Palestine.
The team that never played : Wahine and the 1968 Otago University cricket team, Ronald Cardwell and Bill Francis. 910.45 CAR
The undesirables : inside Nauru, Mark Isaacs. 325.21 ISA
On Friday 19th July 2013, it was reported in the Australian media that over 150 asylum seekers had rioted and razed the Nauru Regional Processing Centre to the ground. The Nauruan community were mobilised into an emergency police force in an attempt to subdue the men.
The world's great wonders : how they were made & why they are amazing, Jheni Osman. 910.2 OSM
Thorndon : Wellington and home : my Katherine Mansfield project, Kirsty Gunn. 993.63 GUN
For London-based writer Kirsty Gunn, returning to the city of her birth to spend a winter in a tiny colonial cottage in Thorndon is an exciting opportunity to walk the very streets and hills that Katherine Mansfield left behind on her departure from New Zealand, but later longed to revisit.

House & Garden

Creative ideas to organize your home : 50 step-by-step projects to bring order into your life, Linda Peterson. 648.8 PET
Decorate fearlessly! : using whimsy, confidence, and a dash of surprise to create deeply personal spaces, Suzanna Salk. 747 SAL
Design bloggers at home : fresh interiors inspiration from leading online trend-setters, Ellie Tennant. 747 TEN
Jay Jeffers : collected cool : the art of bold, stylish interiors, Jay Jeffers. 747 JEF
In his first book, acclaimed interior designer Jay Jeffers displays the sophisticated yet playful spirit of his work. Jay Jeffers is known for his fearless and inventive use of colour and pattern, his brilliant mix of art and furnishings including antique, vintage, modern and the redefinition of traditional style from his modern point of view.
Never stop to think do I have a place for this : how to make room for all the stuff that makes your home warm, happy, fun and one-of-a kind, Mary Randolph Carter ; photography by Carter Berg.. 747 CAR
Scandinavian modern, Magnus Englund & Chrystina Schmidt. 747 ENG
SketchUp for interior design : 3D visualizing, designing, and space planning, Lydia Sloan Cline. 747 CLI
A practical guide to SketchUp addressing the specific needs of interior designers. Already a common and popular tool for architects and landscape architects, SketchUp is increasingly finding a place in the professional workflow of interior designers.
The complete photo guide to slipcovers, pillows, & bedding, Karen Erickson. 646.21 ERI


Letters of note : correspondence deserving of a wider audience, Compiled by Shaun Usher. 808.86 LET
A collection of over one hundred of the world's most entertaining, inspiring and unusual letters, based on the seismically popular website of the same name, an online museum of correspondence visited by over 70 million people.
One hundred letters from Hugh Trevor-Roper, Richard Davenport-Hines, and Adam Sisman. 941.082 TRE
Still writing : the pleasures and perils of a creative life, Dani Shapiro. 808.02 SHA
Examines the process of creative writing and storytelling through the author's personal stories and experiences of living a writer's life and offers lessons and insights to aspiring authors.
Telling true stories : navigating the challenges of writing narrative non-fiction, Matthew Ricketson. 808.02 RIC
The book of legendary lands, Umberto Eco. 809.9 ECO
From Homer's poems to contemporary science fiction, literature through the ages has continuously invented imaginary and legendary lands, projecting there all those wishes, dreams, utopias and nightmares that are too intrusive and challenging for our limited daily reality. Umberto Eco leads us on an illustrated journey through these distant, unknown lands: introducing us to their inhabitants, their heroes and villains.
The essential Tolkien trivia and quiz book : a Middle-earth miscellany, William MacKay. 823.912 TOL
The golden age of folk and fairy tales : from the Brothers Grimm to Andrew Lang, Edited, with introduction and translations by Jack Zipes. 398.2 GOL
Wonderbook : an illustrated guide to creating imaginative fiction, Jeff VanderMeer. 808.3 VAN

Music & Musicians

This land that I love : Irving Berlin, Woody Guthrie, and the story of two American anthems, John Shaw. 781.599 SHA

Natural Science

40 years of evolution : Darwin's finches on Daphne Major Island, Peter R. Grant and B. Rosemary Grant. 598.88 GRA
Offers an evolutionary history of Darwin's finches since their origin almost 3 million years ago. By continuously tracking finch populations over a period of four decades, this title uncovers the causes and consequences of significant events leading to evolutionary changes in species.
Animals of the Serengeti : and Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Adam Scott Kennedy, Vicki Kennedy. 591.9678 KEN
Beasts : what animals can teach us about the origins of good and evil, Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson. 591.51 MAS
There are two supreme predators on the planet with the most complex brains in nature: humans and orcas. In the twentieth century alone, one of these animals killed 200 million members of its own species, the other has killed none. Jeffrey Masson's fascinating new book begins here.
Birds of the Serengeti : and Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Adam Scott Kennedy. 598.09678 KEN
Deer, John Fletcher. 599.65 FLE
In this book John Fletcher describes the evolution, species, habitats, behaviour and diet of the deer, as well as its portrayal in art and influence on popular culture, myth and song.
Dolphin, Alan Rauch. 599.53 RAU
In this book, Alan Rauch provides a comprehensive view of the dolphin, describing both its remarkable zoology and its social and cultural history.
How snakes work : structure, function and behavior of the world's snakes, Harvey B. Lillywhite. 597.96 LIL
Moles, Rob Atkinson. 599.33 ATK
Moles are mighty and beautiful, mysterious and independent, resilient and industrious. Moles takes us deep into their world.
Natural History Museum book of animal records, Mark Carwardine. 590 CAR
Offers thousands of animal facts and records that identify animals in such categories as fastest, oldest, and most colourful, as well as smelliest, longest gestation period, and most bossy.
Octopus, Richard Schweid. 594.5 SCH
In this heavily illustrated book, Richard Schweid details this animal's remarkable natural history and its multifaceted relationship with humans.
Ten thousand birds : ornithology since Darwin, Tim Birkhead, Jo Wimpenny, Bob Montgomerie. 598 BIR
Ten Thousand Birds provides a thoroughly engaging and authoritative history of modern ornithology, tracing how the study of birds has been shaped by a succession of visionary and often-controversial personalities, and by the unique social and scientific contexts in which these extraordinary individuals worked.
The book of eggs : a life-size guide to the eggs of six hundred of the world's bird species, Mark E. Hauber. 598 HAU
The Helm guide to bird identification : an in-depth look at confusion species, Keith Vinicombe, Alan Harris and Laurel Tucker. 598.0941 VIN
This book covers difficult identification issues by looking at tricky species pairs or groups of birds, and comparing and contrasting their respective features.
The Sibley guide to birds, Written and illustrated by David Allen Sibley. 598.097 SIB
The thing with feathers : the surprising lives of birds, and what they reveal about being human, Noah Strycker. 598.072 STR
Explores the lives of birds, illuminating their surprising world and deep connection with humanity.


A parent's guide to gifted children, James T. Webb et al. 649.15 PAR
Geek dad : awesomely geeky projects and activities for dads and kids to share, Ken Denmead. 790.191 DEN
Suggests arts and craft projects that utilise technology to entertain and enthral children, including cyborg jack-o'-lanterns and custom-designed lamps built from Lego bricks.
On becoming a mother : welcoming your new baby & your new life with wisdom from around the world, Brigid McConville. 306.8743 MCC
Perceptual-motor activities for children : an evidence-based guide to building physical and cognitive skills, Jill A. Johnstone, Molly Ramon. 370.155 JOH
Raising gifted kids : everything you need to know to help your exceptional child thrive, Barbara Klein. 649.15 KLE
Raising stress-proof kids : parenting today's children for tomorrow's world, Shelley Davidow. 649.64 DAV
Will I ever be good enough? Healing the daughters of narcissistic mothers, Karyl McBride. 616.8585 MCB
The first book for daughters who have suffered the abuse of selfish, self-involved mothers.

Pets & Animals

Beautiful cats : portraits of champion breeds, Darlene Arden & Nick Mays. 636.8 ARD
Beautiful dogs : portraits of classic breeds, Carolyn Menteith. 636.71 MEN
DIY dog grooming : from puppy cuts to best in show : everything you need to know, step by step, Jorge Bendersky. 636.7083 BEN
How dogs love us : a neuroscientist and his adopted dog decode the canine brain, Gregory Berns. 636.7 BER
So you want to be a vet? A guide for current and prospective students in Australia and New Zealand, Eric Allan. 636.089 ALL
The Griffon Bruxellois : a complete anthology of the dog, 1900-1940., . 636.76 BRU
The illustrated guide to cows : how to choose them, how to keep them, Celia Lewis. 636.2 LEW
The owl who liked sitting on Caesar, Martin Windrow. 636.6 WIN
When author met the tawny owlet that he christened Mumble, it was love at first sight. Raising her from a fledgling, through adolescence and into her prime years, he recorded every detail of their time living together (secretly) in a south London tower block, and later in a Sussex village. This book tells the story of their relationship.
The red canary : the story of the first genetically engineered animal, Tim Birkhead. 636.6862 BIR
The creation of Dolly the sheep in the 1990s was for many people the start of a new era: the age of genetically modified animals. However, the idea was not new for in the 1920s an amateur scientist, Hans Duncker, decided to genetically engineer a red canary.
When Fraser met Billy, Louise Booth. 618.9289 BOO
Billy the cat was rescued from an abandoned house. Fraser was a two-year-old autistic child with a multitude of problems when he first met Billy at the cat protection shelter. Billy purred, laid his paws across Fraser and they have been inseparable ever since. Slowly but surely Billy has transformed Fraser's life.
Wine cats : a pictorial celebration of felines from the great wine estates of the world, Craig McGill and Susan Elliot. 636.8 MCG

Philosophy & Psychology

Plato at the Googleplex : why philosophy won't go away, Rebecca Newberger Goldstein. 184 GOL
Acclaimed philosopher and novelist Rebecca Newberger Goldstein provides a dazzlingly original plunge into the drama of philosophy, revealing its hidden role in today's debates on religion, morality, politics, and science.
How to make a human being : a body of evidence, Christopher Potter. 128 POT
A startling investigation of what it means to be human. Human beings know how to make machines. But what kind of machine is a human being? And could we ever make one? In order to answer these questions, other questions get in the way: What is it like to be a human being? What is it like to be some other kind of animal? What is reality? What is consciousness? Is there a God? What is love? Why live?


Asylum of the birds, Roger Ballen. 779 BAL
Asylum of the Birds is a new body of work by Roger Ballen, one of the most original image-makers of our times. Ballen has always sought to push the boundaries of photographic practice and has created an aesthetic and artistic vision unlike any other contemporary photographer.
Complete photography projects : learn the professional secrets behind the perfect photo, John Garrett & Graeme Harris. 771 GAR
Fine art wedding photography : how to capture images with style for the modern bride, Jose Villa & Jeff Kent. 778.99392 VIL
Much loved, Photographs by Mark Nixon. 688.724 NIX
Award-winning photographer Mark Nixon has created a trove of quirky and nostalgic portraits of teddy bears and other stuffed animals that have been lovingly abused after years of play.
Selfies : self-portrait photography with attitude, Haje Jan Kamps. 778.92 KAM


Heart absolutely I can, Michael Harlow. 821.914 HAR
"Five fresh poems and a number selected by Michael Harlow from previous collections form this book on the hoopla of love - a theme long part of this poet's fascination with the mysteries of human nature and his job in finding the language and music to express it.

Religion & Ethics

An atheist's history of belief : understanding our most extraordinary invention, Matthew Kneale. 200.9 KNE
Belief without borders : inside the minds of the spiritual but not religious, Linda A. Mercadante. 200.973 MER
The last twenty years have seen a dramatic increase in "nones" : people who do not claim any religious affiliation. These "nones" now outnumber even the largest Protestant denominations in America. They are not to be confused with secularists, however, for many of them identify themselves as "spiritual but not religious"
Gardens of the soul : making sacred and shamanic art, Faith Nolton. 203.7 NOL
Imagine there's no heaven : how atheism helped create the modern world, Mitchell Stephens. 211.8 STE
From ancient Greece to modern Europe, Imagine There's No Heaven explores the role of disbelief in shaping human history. Exploring the lives of famous atheists as well as forgotten men and women who paved the way for the New Atheist movement, Mitchell Stephens shows how disbelief has been one of the central drivers of the modern world.
Keeping the faith without a religion, Roger Housden. 204 HOU
Love over hate : finding life by the wayside, Graham Long. 259 LON
From the depths of the human soul to the joys of redemption, Reverend Graham Long has seen and heard it all. Long writes of his life's journey - from that of a social worker who has become a postman, to the postman who became the pastor and CEO of The Wayside Chapel in Sydney's King Cross - with all the twists and turns along the way.
The book of forgiving : the fourfold path for healing ourselves and our world, Desmond M. Tutu and Mpho A. Tutu ; edited by Douglas C. Abrams. 179.9 TUT
You are, therefore I am : a declaration of dependence, Satish Kumar. 294.4 SAT
This book traces the spiritual journey of Satish Kumar child monk, peace pilgrim, ecological activist and educator.


A garden of marvels : how we discovered that flowers have sex, leaves eat air, and other secrets of plants, Ruth Kassinger. 580 KAS
An ocean garden : the secret life of seaweed, Josie Iselin. 579.8 ISE
Desert, Roslynn D. Haynes. 551.41 HAY
Desert takes a fresh look at one of the most signicant natural aspects of our planet, as both a geographical feature and a cultural entity. It examines and often overturns our common notions about deserts, from the fear of desolation and death of thirst on the one hand, to the attraction of the exotic, adventure and freedom on the other.
Differential equations, Richard Bronson, Gabriel B. Costa. 515.3 BRO
Enlightening symbols : a short history of mathematical notation and its hidden powers, Joseph Mazur. 510 MAZ
Flood, John Withington. 551.48 WIT
How round is your circle? : where engineering and mathematics meet, John Bryant and Chris Sangwin. 516.15 BRY
'How Round is your Circle?' includes chapters on: hard lines; how to draw a straight line; four-bar variations; building the world's first rules; dividing the circle; falling apart; follow my leader; all approximations are rational; all a matter of balance; and finding some equilibrium.
Luminous moments, Paul Callaghan. 538.3 CAL
Acknowledged internationally for his ground-breaking scientific research in the field of magnetic resonance, Sir Paul Callaghan was a scientist and visionary with a rare gift for promoting science to a wide audience. He was named New Zealander of the Year in 2011. His death in early 2012 robbed New Zealand of an inspirational leader.
Mathematical modeling : models, analysis, and applications, Sandip Banerjee. 511.8 BAN
Our once and future planet : restoring the world in the climate change century, Paddy Woodworth. 577 WOO
Philip's stargazing with a telescope, Robin Scagell. 522.2 SCA
This new edition of Philip's Stargazing with a Telescope has been fully revised and updated to include the latest telescopes and accessories on the market.
Philip's stargazing with binoculars, Robin Scagell & David Frydman. 522.2 SCA
Philip's Stargazing with Binoculars, fully revised and updated for this new edition, is a practical guide describing the wide range of objects that anyone can observe in the night sky using normal binoculars.
Probability, random variables, and random processes, Hwei P. Hsu. 519.2 HSU
Sabertooth, Mauricio Anton. 569.7 ANT
Sabertooths continue to pose questions even for specialists. What did they look like? How did they use their spectacular canine teeth? And why did they finally become extinct? In this visual and intellectual treat of a book, Mauricio Anton tells their story in words and pictures, all scrupulously based on the latest scientific research.
The field guide to New Zealand geology : an introduction to rocks, minerals and fossils, Jocelyn Thornton. 559.3 THO
The improbability principle : why incredibly unlikely things keep happening, David Hand. 519.2 HAN

Self Development

Decide : work smarter, reduce your stress, and lead by example, Steve McClatchy. 153.83 MCC
Legacy : 15 lessons in leadership : what the All Blacks can teach us about the business of life, James Kerr. 158.4 KER
Champions do extra. They sweep the sheds. They follow the spearhead. They keep a blue head. They are good ancestors. In Legacy, best-selling author James Kerr goes deep into the heart of the world's most successful sporting team, the legendary All Blacks of New Zealand, to reveal 15 powerful and practical lessons for leadership and business.
Mind calm : the modern-day meditation technique that gives you 'peace with mind', Sandy C. Newbigging. 158.12 NEW
Piece of mind, Sandy MacGregor. 153.15 MCG
This title is about how to use the 88 per cent power in your subconscious mind to relax and release stress, accelerate learning and to achieve goals faster.
Quantum creativity : think quantum, be creative, Amit Goswami. 153.35 GOS
Screw you Dolores : a wicked approach to happiness, Sarah-Kate Lynch. 152.42 LYN
This first book in Sarah Kate Lynch's 'Wicked Approach To ...' series tackles the subject of happiness, and how and where to find it — especially when you hit that milestone birthday of 50. As she explores how to make herself happy by ignoring the expectations of others, Sarah Kate Lynch finds great wisdom too.
Seeing what others don't : the remarkable ways we gain insights, Gary Klein. 153.4 KLE
The myth of ability : nurturing mathematical talent in every child, John Mighton. 153.9 MIG
The rise : creativity, the gift of failure, and the search for mastery, Sarah Lewis. 153 LEW
An inspiring book about what it means to be human as we struggle for mastery in our various spheres. It's one of the enduring enigmas of the human experience: many of our most iconic, creative endeavours from recent Nobel Prize-winning discoveries to entrepreneurial invention, and classic works in the arts are not achievements, but conversions, corrections after a failed past attempt.
The triple package : what really determines success, Amy Chua, Jed Rubenfeld. 158.1 CHU
Why do Jews win so many Nobel Prizes and Pulitzer Prizes? Why are Mormons running the business and finance sectors? Why do the children of even impoverished and poorly educated Chinese immigrants excel so remarkably at school? It may be taboo to say it, but some cultural groups starkly outperform others. The bestselling husband and wife team Amy Chua, author of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, and Jed Rubenfeld, author of The Interpretation of Murder, explain.
Warriors and worriers : the survival of the sexes, Joyce F. Benenson with Henry Markovits. 155.33 BEN

Social Issues

A woman in your own right : assertiveness and you, Anne Dickson ; illustrations by Kate Charlesworth. 305.4 DIC
The million-selling A Woman In Your Own Right, revised and reissued to celebrate its 30th year.
Caffeinated : how our daily habit helps, hooks and hurts us, Murray Carpenter. 362.299 CAR
Cracked : why psychiatry is doing more harm than good, James Davies. 362.20941 DAV
Discovering Camphill : new perspectives, research, and developments, Robin Jackson. 362.3 CAM
This important book brings together research from scholars and experts in a variety of disciplines to explore a broad range of issues which affect Camphill life.
Everything I ever needed to know about economics I learned from online dating, Paul Oyer. 306.73 OYE
Stanford economist Paul Oyer offers an informative view of modern microeconomics based on his experiences with online dating.
Fractured times : culture and society in the twentieth century, Eric Hobsbawm. 306 HOB
It's complicated : the social lives of networked teens, danah boyd. 302.3 BOY
Noble savages : my life among two dangerous tribes : the Yanomamo and the anthropologists, Napoleon A. Chagnon. 301 CHA
Now I know who my comrades are : voices from the Internet underground, Emily Parker. 302.23 PAR
Provides on-the-ground accounts of how the Internet is transforming lives in China, Cuba, and Russia. It's a new phenomenon, but one that's already brought about significant political change.
One piece of advice : words to guide you through early breast cancer, Yvonne Hughes. 362.196994 HUG
Playing the whore : the work of sex work, Melissa Gira Grant. 306.74 GRA
Sex work and conditions within the sex industry are frequent topics of discussion in mainstream culture and media, but rarely do these discussions include sex workers themselves, and rarely do they deviate from the position that sex workers must be saved from their evil industry - a position that New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof repeatedly advocates.
Redemption from addiction : the eleven powers and the eleven arts, Gerard "Jerry" Egan. 362.29 EGA
Smarter than you think : how technology is changing our minds for the better, Clive Thompson. 303.483 THO
Te Ara : Maori pathways of leadership, Krzysztof Pfeiffer and Paul Tapsell with Merata Kawharu. 305.8994 PFE
From one of the leading Māori scholars of his generation and one of our greatest photographers comes this beautifully illustrated work that serves as a fine overview of leadership and challenges for Māori today.

Sport & Recreation

Advanced fencing techniques : discussions with Bert Bracewell, Ed Rogers. 796.86 ROG
Archery : steps to success, Kathleen M. Haywood, PhD, Catherine F. Lewis, MEd. 799.32 HAY
Base jumping : the ultimate guide, Jason Laurendeau. 796.046 LAU
Building your own climbing wall : illustrated instructions and plans for indoor and outdoor walls, Steve Lage. 796.5223 LAG
Complete outdoors encyclopedia : camping, fishing, hunting, boating, wilderness survival, first aid, Vin T. Sparano. 796 SHA
Core connection for rider & horse : preparing body and mind for riding performance in partnership, Lindsay Wilcox-Reid ; foreword by Philippe Karl. 798.23
Dancescapes : a photographic journey, Shobha Deepak Singh. 793.31954 SIN
Lacrosse fundamentals, Jim Hinkson. 796.347 HIN
The 4th edition of an instruction manual for the beginning lacrosse player or lacrosse coach.
Little swimmer : improve your child's confidence and physical development, Magdalene Dabrowska & Agnieska Przyblyska. 797.21 DAB
Meccano, Roger Marriott. 688.728 MAR
Minecraft : the unlikely tale of Markus "Notch" Persson and the game that changed everything, Daniel Goldberg & Linus Larsson ; translation by Jennifer Hawkins. 794.8 PER
The creator of the popular "virtual Lego" game, Minecraft, traces his unlikely rise from a disaffected youth who rose from a family marked by drug abuse and conflict to a multi-millionaire and international icon.
Paper tiger : an obsessed golfer's quest to play with the pros, Tom Coyne. 796.352 COY
Traces the author's year-long attempt to earn a competitor's spot at the PGA Tour Qualifying School, an endeavor marked by such challenges as crash diets, sports psychiatrists, and obscure tournaments.
Remarkable lateral thinking puzzles, Paul Sloane & Des MacHale. 793.73 SLO
Road racers, Stephen Davison. 796.75 DAV
Running free : a runner's journey back to nature, Richard Askwith. 796.42 ASK
RYA go windsurfing! : a practical handbook for young people, Claudia Myatt. 797.33 MYA
Selecting the dressage horse : conformation, movement, temperament, Dirk Willem Rosie. 798.23 ROS
Snowboarding : skills, training, techniques, Dan Wakeham with Sophie Everard. 796.93 WAK
Swim better, swim faster, Paul Mason. 797.21 MAS
Table tennis tactics : your path to success, Klaus-M. Geske & Jens Mueller. 796.346 GES
Tag rugby : everything you need to play and coach, Jane Liddiard. 796.333 LID
Tag rugby, the RFU's official version of the game for under-7s and under-8s, is the perfect entry into the world of rugby. A non-contact sport, using Velcro-attached tags on a tag belt, it can be played safely by girls and boys together as young as five years old.
The monuments : the grit and the glory of cycling's greatest one-day races, Peter Cossins. 796.62 COS
The Tour de France may provide the most obvious fame and glory, but it is cycling's one-day tests that the professional riders really prize. Toughest, longest and dirtiest of all are the so-called 'Monuments', the five legendary races that are the sport's equivalent of golf's majors or the grand slams in tennis.
The story of the World Cup : the essential companion to Brazil 2014, Brian Glanville. 796.3346 GLA
The dramatic and controversial history of the world's leading tournament. Brian Glanville's classic account is a celebration of the great players and matches from Uruguay in 1930 to South Africa in 2010 and a bold attack on all those who have mismanaged the 'beautiful game'.
The tennis drill book, Tina Hoskins-Burney, Lex Carrington. 796.3422 HOS
Tumbling basics, Kathleen Ortiz. 796.47 ORT
Who beat the All Blacks?, Alun Gibbard. 796.3336 GIB
It's forty years since Llanelli Rugby Club defeated the All Blacks on 31 October 1972. This legendary result has been called one of the top ten moments in rugby history, and possibly one of the greatest rugby upsets ever.


Total wheelspin! : car culture, quizzes, myths and motoring madness, Tony Davis. 629.222 DAV
Badgerline : Bristol's country buses, Mike Walker and Martin Curtis. 388.322 WAL
Boris's bus : the new bus for London, John Aldridge, Gavin Booth, Stewart J Brown, Hilton Holloway, Keith McGillivray, Matt Prior, James Whiting, Christian Wolmar. 629.2223 ALD
Fulfilling a pre-election pledge, in December 2011 London mayor Boris Johnston launched the New Bus for London at Trafalgar Square. The first prototype went into service the following month and production vehicles are now arriving for a start on the main programme of conversions to the type, hailed as a new icon for London. This book covers the design competiton, the work by the Heatherwick Studio, the prototypes and the first production vehicles among other topics.
Bristol City buses, Mike Walker. 388.322 WAL
Highland buses, John Sinclair. 388.322 HIG
London Underground in color : since 1955, John Scott-Morgan. 388.42 SCO
Looking back at PTE buses, Andrew Wiltshire. 388.34 WIL
This book provides a brief and nostalgic snapshot capturing some of the variety of vehicles that could be seen working for PTEs from 1969. Each page has one large or two photographs, accompanied by detailed captions giving information about the bus, its route and location.
The colours of Greater Manchester, Michael Eyre and Peter Greaves. 388.322 EYR
The colours of the Merseyside area, Michael Eyre. 388.34 EYR
Covers the Merseyside region, with chapters on Liverpool, Birkenhead, Wallasey, St Helens, Southport, Chester, Warrington, Widnes, Crosville and Ribble. Its exclusively colour content spans the period from the mid-1950s to the early 1970s.


And the band played on, Robert Holden. 940.394 HOL
A beautiful and interesting investigation on how the ANZACs survived the horrors of WWI drawing on music and song, perfect for history and military history fans alike.
ANZAC, Photographs by Laurence Aberhart. 940.46 ABE
Features large-format reproductions of 72 photographs by leading New Zealand photographer Laurence Aberhart. They provide an almost-comprehensive record of fifty New Zealand 'Digger' memorials (those featuring statues rather than abstract sculpture), and a representative range of their Australian counterparts.
Burning the Reichstag : an investigation into the Third Reich's enduring mystery, Benjamin Carter Hett. 943.086 HET
Death from the skies : how the British and Germans survived bombing in World War II, Dietmar Suss ; translated by Lesley Sharpe and Jeremy Noakes. 940.544
Grey wolf : the escape of Adolf Hitler, Simon Dunstan and Gerrard Williams. 943.086 HIT
My ancestor was a woman at war, Emma Jolly. 929.2 JOL
This book aims to explore the wide range of roles undertaken by women during wartime. A useful aid in tracing a female ancestors military career, the book also considers wider research into the role of women at war, with a particular emphasis on the Victorian era and the First and Second World Wars. The book includes case studies, and guides to available records and sources.
My war diary 1914-1918, Ethel M. Bilbrough. 940.341 BIL
Amateur artist, and keen writer of letters to the papers, the author witnessed the men leaving for war; the horses at Waterloo waiting to be transported to France; bombings and air-raids; and the introduction of the Daylight Saving Bill and food price increases. This diary gives us a taste of what it was really like to live through the Great War.
Operation Paperclip : the secret intelligence program to bring Nazi scientists to America, Annie Jacobsen. 940.5486 JAC
Shipping company losses of the Second World War, Ian M. Malcolm. 940.545 MAL
The British way in counter-insurgency, 1945-1967, David French. 355.0218 FRE
In this seminal reassessment of the historical foundation of British counter doctrine and practice, David French challenges our understanding that in the two decades after 1945 the British discovered a kinder and gentler way of waging war amongst the people.
The drowned and the saved, Primo Levi. 940.5318 LEV
Shortly after completing The Drowned and the Saved, Primo Levi committed suicide. The manner of his death was sudden, violent and unpremeditated, and there are some who argue that he killed himself because he was tormented by guilt - guilt that he had survived the horrors of Auschwitz while others, better than he, had gone to the wall.
The echoes that remain : a history of the New Zealand Field Engineers during the Great War at Gallipoli, France and the Hampshire town of Christchurch, Clement Wareham. 940.41 WAR
The Echoes that Remain tells the story of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force and in particular the New Zealand Engineers who lived amongst the people of Christchurch, Boscombe and Bournemouth on the Hampshire coast during the Great War, young men from a far flung dominion catapulted into that European war because it was part of the British Empire.
The Great War, Peter Hart. 940.3 HAR
The Great War was the first truly global conflict, and it changed the course of history. Empires fell, others were crippled and new contenders emerged. Markets crashed, and millions would be affected by the Depression that followed. This book presents a history of the conflict whose 100th anniversary is fast approaching.
The last gentleman of the SAS, John Randall and M.J. Trow. 940.541 RAN
The road to En-dor : being an account of how two prisoners of war at Yozgad in Turkey won their way to freedom, E.H. Jones. 940.472 JON
Wives and sweethearts : love letters sent during wartime, Alastair Massie and Frances Parton. 355.009 MAS