New Titles Non-Fiction April 2015 (arrived in March 2015)

Art & Architecture

African art from the Leslie Sacks collection : refined eye, passionate heart, Amanda M. Maples. 709.6 AFR
Ciao, Carpaccio! : an infatuation, Jan Morris. 759.5 CAR
Veteran travel writer Jan Morris hails the Venetian Renaissance painter Vittore Carpaccio in this charming homage to his work. In the course of writing her classic book on Venice, Morris became utterly enchanted with the historical presence of this sometimes-overlooked artist.
David Bellamy's winter landscapes in watercolour. 751.422 BEL
David Bellamy loves to paint winter scenes, when the landscape is not overwhelmed with greens. Here he explains the challenges and joys of capturing winter subjects, from how to do quick sketches in freezing temperatures to how to add warmth and vibrancy to snow scenes.
Everything is its own reward, Paul Madonna. 743.84 MAD
Beginning with his hometown of San Francisco and traveling to cities such as Paris, Rome, Buenos Aires, and Tokyo, Paul Madonna delivers his second body of drawings and writings.
Frank Gehry, Frederic Migayrou and Aurelien Lemonier. 720.973 GEH
Featuring fifty of Frank Gehry's most important projects, this lavish monograph presents the full range of the architect's work from the past two decades.
Gauguin : his life and work in 500 images : an illustrated exploration of the artist, his life and context, with a gallery of 300 of his finest paintings, Susie Hodge. 759.4 HOD
Great houses of England & Wales, Hugh Montgomery-Massingberd, Christopher Simon Sykes. 728.8 MON
Hide and seek : the architecture of cabins and hide-outs, Edited by Sofia Borges, Sven Ehmann, and Robert Klanten. 728.73 HID
Houghton Hall : portrait of an English country house, David Cholmondeley and Andrew Moore ; principal photography by Derry Moore. 728.8 CHO
The definitive survey of one of the great treasures of the English country landscape and British architectural heritage.
James Turrell : a retrospective, National Gallery of Australia. 709.73 TUR
Lita Albuquerque : stellar axis, contributors, William L. Fox. 709.73 ALB
The first monograph on the acclaimed American environmental artist Lita Albuquerque, whose works belong to the Land Art generation, alongside James Turrell, Christo, Robert Smithson, and others.
Medieval castles : stately & historic houses of Great Britain & Northern Ireland : from ancient times to the Wars of the Roses and 1485, Charles Phillips. 728.81 PHI
Mixed media portraits : techniques for drawing and painting faces, with Pam Carriker. 702.81 CAR
Piero di Cosimo : the poetry of painting in Renaissance Florence, Gretchen A. Hirschauer and Dennis Geronimus with Virginia Brilliant. 759.5 PIE
Strange country : why Australian painting matters, Patrick McCaughey. 759.994 MCC
The Cistercian arts : from the 12th to the 21st century, Terryl N. Kinder and Roberto Cassanelli. 726.7 CIS
This is not a photo opportunity : the street art of Banksy, Martin Bull. 751.73 BAN
Viktor Wynd's cabinet of wonders, Photography by Oskar Proctor ; illustrations by Theatre of Dolls. 709.0407 WYN
The Viktor Wynd Museum in East London is arranged with the sensibility of a 17th-century Wunderkabinett. It displays and sells an eccentric and seemingly random collection of objects everything from shrunken heads to narwhal tusks united only by the sense of wonder they inspire in their curator.


Vintage caravan style : buying, restoring, decorating and styling the small spaces of your dreams, Lisa Mora. 629.226 MOR


A backpack, a bear, and eight crates of vodka : a memoir, Lev Golinkin. 947 GOL
Recounts the author's experiences as a young boy fleeing persecution in the late eighties Soviet Union, and his later return to Austria and Eastern Europe as an American adult to track down those who helped his family escape and thank them.
A fifty-year silence : love, war & a ruined house in France, Miranda Richmond Mouillot. 306.87 RIC
After World War II, Miranda Richmond Mouillot's grandparents, Anna and Armand, bought an old stone house in a remote, picturesque village in the south of France. Five years later, Anna packed her bags and walked out on Armand, taking the typewriter and their children. The two never saw or spoke to each other again. This is the deeply involving account of Miranda's journey to find out what happened.
A man of good hope, Jonny Steinberg. 967.73 ABD
When Asad was eight years old, his mother was shot in front of him. With his father in hiding, he was swept alone into the great wartime migration that has scattered the Somali people throughout the world. This extraordinary book tells Asad's story.
America's pastor : Billy Graham and the shaping of a nation, Grant Wacker. 269.2 GRA
Examines the life of Billy Graham and how he impacted American culture by successfully tapping into broader cultural trends.
An outback nurse, Thea Hayes. 610.73 HAY
Thea Hayes trained as a Nurse in Sydney in 1959. A year later she was catapulted out of the safety of her city life into the unknown world of the Outback. This is a story of growing up, falling up in love and finding your home.
Anger is an energy : my life uncensored, John Lydon with Andrew Perry. 781.66 ROT
The book is a fresh and mature look back on a life full of incident from his beginnings as a sickly child of immigrant Irish parents who grew up in post-war London, to his present status as a vibrant, alternative national hero. John Lydon is Johnny Rotten's real name.
At the margin of Empire : John Webster and Hokianga, 1841-1900, Jennifer Ashton. 993.13 WEB
Born in Scotland, John Webster came to New Zealand in 1841. He spent most of the rest of his life in the Hokianga region, carving out a fortune as the region's leading timber trader and cultivating connections with the leading political figures of the day. As he settled into this new home his life became intimately entwined with Maori. He fought alongside Tamati Waka Nene in the Northern War against Hone Heke, married one of Nene's relatives and built up his kauri timber business through trade with local chiefs.
Behind the scenes, Judi Dench with an introduction by John Miller. 792.028 DEN
From her first theatrical roles as a teenager in York to her commanding performances as 'M' in the James Bond films, Dame Judi Dench's professional life has consisted of non-stop acting, leading to numerous accolades, including an Academy Award.
Being there : an autobiography by arguably the most successful all round international rider in the history of New Zealand motorcycling, Hugh Anderson M.B.E. 796.75 AND
From humble origins as a lonely boy on the family farm in New Zealand to the heights of world domination, he explains in his own words the motivation, race strategies, psychology of winning, heartache and triumph that helped him deliver Suzuki its first major Grand Prix successes in the 1960's … Hugh Anderson's career continued for decades after winning four World Championships, with motocross and then classic racing.
Benson : the autobiography, George Benson with Alan Goldsher. 781.65 BEN
Over the course of his fifty-year career, George Benson has performed for hundreds of millions of fans around the world, received ten Grammy Awards, and recorded with some of the most revered musicians of his era.
Born to be king : Prince Charles on planet Windsor, Catherine Mayer. 941.085 CHA
Draws on exclusive interviews with members of Prince Charles' inner circle and on rare access to the prince himself to examine court life, Charles' struggles, his achievements as a philanthropist and activist, and his marriage to Princess Diana.
Breaking the silence : my journey of discovery as I learned to hear for the first time, Jo Milne. 362.4 MIL
Heart-breaking and heart-warming, it is the incredibly uplifting life-story of a woman who refused to give up hope and always lives life with a smile upon her face.
Castle to colony : the remarkable life and times of Lucy Sarah Gray (1840-1879), Meg Vivers. 994.37 GRA
Lucy Gray (1840-1879) grew up in the small Irish town of Birr, at a time when increasing famine was causing death and disease throughout the land. Her father, a doctor, succumbed to cholera when Lucy was just sixteen. At twenty-two, partly inspired by Evangelicalism and a desire to convert others, but also with a genuine longing for adventure, she travelled to New Zealand.
Charles : the heart of a king, Catherine Mayer. 941.085 CHA
He has lived his whole life in the public eye, yet he remains an enigma. He was born to be king, but he aims much higher. Poignant, funny and often surprising, the first significant study of the Prince in over a decade reveals a man in sight of happiness yet still driven by anguish and a remarkable belief system, a charitable entrepreneur, activist, agitator and avatar of the Establishment who just as often tilts against it.
Constant Lambert : beyond the Rio Grande, Stephen Lloyd. 780.92 LLO
This is an indispensable biography for anyone interested in Constant Lambert, ballet and British musical life in the first part of the twentieth century.
Country cop 24/7 : life and times of a rural cop, Gavin Benney as told to Catherine Ballard. 363.20993 BEN
This book tells the story of Gavin Benney's life as a rural policeman in charge of the Hikurangi police district for over 20 years. It is also the story of the Hikurangi district, its people and how it has changed in that time.
Drinking and dating : P.S. social media is ruining romance, Brandi Glanville with Leslie Bruce. 791.45028 GLA
Hilarious, surprising, vulnerable, and outspoken, Glanville's unexpected take on dating after heartbreak and life in general is as unique as she is. Just like Brandi herself, Drinking and Dating is sexy, funny, and eyebrow-raising.
Easter widows, Sinead McCoole. 941.50821 MCC
One week in May 1916, seven Irish women became widows. When they had married their husbands they had embarked on very different lives. They married men of the establishment; one married a lecturer, two others married soldiers, another a civil servant. These women all knew each other and their lives became intertwined.
Eichmann before Jerusalem : the unexamined life of a mass murderer, Bettina Stangneth. 943.086 EIC
Smuggled out of Europe after the collapse of Germany, Eichmann managed to live a peaceful and active exile in Argentina for years before his capture by the Mossad. How was this carefully crafted obfuscation possible?
Einstein : the life of a genius, Walter Isaacson. 530.092 EIN
Published to commemorate the centenary of Einstein developing his theory of general relativity, Einstein : the Life of a Genius reveals the man behind the science, from his early years and experiments in Germany and his struggle to find work, to his marriages and children, his role in the development of the atomic bomb and his work for civil rights groups in the United States.
Elvis & Ginger, Ginger Alden. 781.66 PRE
She had no idea that she would play a part in an legacy as Elvis Presley's fiancée, and his last great love. In her own words Ginger details their whirlwind romance from first kiss to his stunning proposal of marriage. She details his exploration of Eastern religions, his perception of being a "legend," his devotion to family and friends, and her attempt to know the insular group surrounding Elvis. And for the very first time she talks about the devastating end of it all.
Farzana : the woman who saved an empire, Julia Keay. 954.031 SAM
Amongst the riches of nineteenth century India, as the British fought their way across Mughal territory, an orphaned streetgirl ends up at court with the ear of the Emperor. That girl was Farzana, and she would become a courtesan, a leader of armies, a treasured defender of the last Mughal emperor and the head of one of the most legendary courts in history.
Five sons and a hundred muri of rice, Sharyn Steel & Zoe Dryden. 954.96 DEV
As a five year child in rual Nepal, Kharika Devkot struggles to come to terms with her arranged marriage. She confronts poverty, illiteracy, and a society that fails to recognise her basic human right; yet by ninety years of age, she as become a successful landowner, a microlender and a beloved great grandmother.
Franco : a personal and political biography, Stanley G. Payne and Jesus Palacios. 946.082 FRA
General Francisco Franco ruled Spain for nearly forty years, as one of the most powerful and controversial leaders in that nation's long history.
Gods and kings : the rise and fall of Alexander McQueen and John Galliano, Dana Thomas. 746.92 MCQ
In Gods and Kings Dana Thomas, author of Deluxe, tells the story of how John Galliano and Alexander McQueen changed the face of fashion.
In the hands of strangers : a memoir, Beverly Wardle-Jackson. 362.73 WAR
The heart-wrenching story of Beverly Wardle-Jackson's stolen childhood. Separated from her brothers and sisters and taken into Child Welfare care at the age of 12, Beverly spends five harrowing years as a New Zealand state ward - being beaten, locked up, and eventually admitted to Porirua Hospital in Wellington for psychiatric treatment. Her story is one of courage, hope and a truly unbreakable spirit.
Joan Littlewood : dreams and realities : the official biography, Peter Rankin. 792.023 LIT
Joan Littlewood: Dreams and Realities observes at close hand one of the most influential theatre makers of the twentieth century.
Leaving before the rains come, Alexandra Fuller. 968.91 FUL
In 1992 the author embarked on a new journey, into a long, tempestuous marriage to Charlie Ross, the love of her life. In this frank, personal memoir, a sequel to Don't Let's Go To The Dogs Tonight, she charts their twenty years together, from the brutal beauty of the Zambezi to the mountains of Wyoming.
Leila's secret, Kooshyar Karimi. 305.420955 KAR
In fundamentalist Iran, new life sometimes means certain death. When Leila comes to see Doctor Karimi, both are in danger. Born in a slum to a Muslim father and a Jewish mother, Kooshyar Karimi has transformed himself into a successful doctor, an award-winning writer, and an adoring father. His could be a comfortable life but his conscience won't permit it: he is incapable of turning away the unmarried women who beg him to save their lives by ending the pregnancies that, if discovered, would see them stoned to death. One of those women is 22-year-old Leila. Beautiful, intelligent, passionate, she yearns to go to university but her strictly traditional family forbids it.
Littlejohn's lost world, Richard Littlejohn. 070.92 LIT
One of Britain's most successful, controversial columnists looks back on his childhood and how we got from there to here.
Machiavelli : a portrait, Christopher S. Celenza. 320.1 MCH
The man whose name is shorthand for all that is ugly in politics was much more nuanced than his reputation suggests. Christopher Celenza's portrait of Machiavelli removes the varnish to reveal not just the hardnosed philosopher but the skilled diplomat, learned commentator on ancient history, comic playwright, tireless letter writer, and thwarted lover.
Mitch : the real story, John Mitchell with Gavin Rich. 796.333 MIT
For the first time, the rugby public will learn the truth behind the newspaper headlines: from his painful axing as All Black coach to his fall-out with the Lions, whom he had guided to their first Currie Cup trophy, Mitchell sets out the reasons for his successes as well as his failures.
My world the stage : eighty-five years of entertaining, Franki Wood. 791.092 WOO
Life is a journey, with many paths one can follow, sometimes knowingly, other times inadvertently. As a seven-year-old, after singing to Gladys Moncrief, the only path Franki could see was to be a great star like her. For years, whenever she performed, that picture was before her.
On my own two feet : from losing my legs to learning the dance of life, Amy Purdy with Michelle Burford. 796.939 PUR
Purdy inspired a nation on Dancing with the Stars. Here she reveals the intimate details of her triumphant comeback from the brink of death to making history as a Paralympic snowboarder. At nineteen she contracted bacterial meningitis and was given less than a two percent chance of survival.
Paul Simon : an American tune, Cornel Bonca. 781.64 SIM
Paul Simon: An American Tune is the first full-scale survey of the career of one of the most honoured musicians and songwriters in American history.
Punk rock blitzkrieg: my life as a Ramone, Marky Ramone with Richard Herschlag. 781.66 RAM
The inside story behind one of the most revered bands in music history during the early days of punk rock in New York, from legendary drummer Marky Ramone.
Redeeming the past : my journey from freedom fighter to healer, Michael Lapsley with Stephen Karakashian. 283.092 LAP
In 1990, Fr. Michael Lapsley, an Anglican priest and monastic from New Zealand, exiled to Zimbabwe because of his anti-apartheid work in South Africa, opened a package and was immediately struck by the blast of an explosion. The bomb suspected to be the work of the apartheid-era South African secret police blasted away both his hands and one of his eyes. His memoir tells the story of this horrendous event, backing up to recount the journey that led him there particularly his rising awareness of the radical social implications of the gospel and his identification with the liberation struggle and then the subsequent journey of the last two decades.
Rescue pilot : cheating the sea, Jerry Grayson. 623.8887 GRA
Jerry Grayson is an ordinary man who chose an extraordinary career. At age 17 he became the youngest helicopter pilot to ever serve in the Royal Navy. By age 25 he was the most decorated peacetime naval pilot in history.
Robert Plant : the voice that sailed the Zeppelin, Dave Thompson. 781.66 PLA
Follows the iconic singer through his heights of fame with classic rock giant Led Zeppelin, his second life as a multimillion-selling solo artist, and his more idiosyncratic pursuits.
Sophia : princess, suffragette, revolutionary, Anita Anand. 941.082 DUL
In 1876 Sophia Duleep Singh was born into royalty. Her father, Maharajah Duleep Singh, was heir to the Kingdom of the Sikhs. It was a territory irresistible to the British, who plundered everything, including the fabled Koh-I-Noor diamond. Exiled to England, the dispossessed Maharajah transformed his estate at Elveden in Suffolk into a Moghul palace. Sophia, god-daughter of Queen Victoria, was raised a genteel aristocratic Englishwoman. But when, in secret defiance of the British government, she travelled to India, she returned a revolutionary.
The barefoot lawyer : a remarkable memoir of China's bravest political activist, Chen Guangcheng. 323 CHE
A memoir by the blind Chinese activist who inspired millions with the story of his fight for justice and his belief in the cause of freedom.
The lonely war : one woman's account of the struggle for modern Iran, Nazila Fathi. 955.054 FAT
Fathi describes Iran's awakening alongside her own, revealing how moderates are retaking the country and how foreign powers can aid their progress.
The poet's tale : Chaucer and the year that made The Canterbury Tales, Paul Strohm. 821.1 CHA
In The Poet's Tale, Paul Strohm brings Chaucer's world to vivid life, from the streets and taverns of crowded medieval London to rural seclusion in Kent, and reveals this crucial year as a turning point in the fortunes of England's most important poet.
The Romanovs : the final chapter, Robert K. Massie. 947.083 NIC
The compelling quest to solve a great mystery of the twentieth century: the ultimate fate of Russia's last tsar and his family.
The scarlet sisters : sex, suffrage, and scandal in the Gilded Age, Myra MacPherson. 305.42 MCP
Describes the adventures of two sisters who tried to overcome the male-dominated social norms of the late nineteenth century and achieved a remarkable list of firsts, including the first woman-run brokerage house and the first woman to run for president.
The upstairs wife : an intimate history of Pakistan, Rafia Zakaria. 954.9183 ZAK
The Upstairs Wife dissects the complex strands of Pakistani history, from the problematic legacies of colonialism to the beginnings of terrorist violence to increasing misogyny, interweaving them with the arc of Amina's life to reveal the personal costs behind ever-more restrictive religious edicts and cultural conventions.
The wild truth, Carine McCandless. 979.8 MCC
The story of Chris McCandless, who gave away his savings, hitchhiked to Alaska, walked into the wilderness alone, and starved to death in 1992, fascinated not just Jon Krakauer, but also the rest of the nation.
Treading water : in the promised land, Halina Robinson. 940.5318 ROB
Halina Robinson is now the matriarch of a large Australian family, and the centre of a wide circle of friends. At the end of World War II, she was alone. All the members of her family had perished in the Holocaust. She survived because of the courage and devotion of many Catholic Poles who risked their lives and safety to protect her.
Tsunami kids : our journey from survival to success, The Gandy Brothers with Nick Harding. 363.349 FOR
This is a heartbreaking, engaging but ultimately uplifting journey from the streets of Sri Lanka to the boardrooms of London, Downing Street and beyond as told by two inspirational survivors.
Wounds to bind : a memoir of the folk-rock revolution, Jerry Burgan with Alan Rifkin. 781.66 BUR
The birth of folk rock comes to life in Wounds to Bind.
Young Eliot : from St Louis to The waste land, Robert Crawford. 821.912 ELI
T. S. Eliot wanted no biography written, but this book reveals him in all his vulnerable complexity as student and lover, stink-bomber, banker and philosopher, but most of all as an epoch-shaping poet struggling to make art among personal disasters.

Books about books

Ladybird by design, Lawrence Zeegen. 741.64 ZEE
Ladybird By Design is a fascinating look at the social and design history of the well-known publisher Ladybird Books, released to celebrate 100 years since the familiar ladybird was first registered as a logo in 1915.
When books went to war : the stories that helped us win World War II, Molly Guptill Manning. 028.9 MAN

Business & Management

"So what are you going to do with that?" : finding careers outside academia, Susan Basalla and Maggie Debelius. 650.14 BAS
What's a frustrated would-be scholar to do? Can she really leave academia? Can a job outside the academy really be rewarding? And could anyone want to hire a grad-school refugee? This book answers all these questions.
Customer analytics for dummies, Jeff Sauro. 658.834 SAU
Doing good by doing good : why creating shared value is the key to powering business growth and innovation, Peter Baines. 658.153 BAI
En.tre.pre.neur.ship for the rest of us : how to create innovation and opportunity everywhere, Paul B. Brown. 658.42 BRO
How to kill a unicorn : and build bold ideas that make it to market, transform industries, and deliver growth, Mark Payne. 658.8 PAY
Leading digital : turning technology into business transformation, George Westerman, Didier Bonnet, Andrew McAfee. 658.4038 WES
Make change work for you : 10 ways to future-proof yourself, fearlessly innovate, and succeed despite uncertainty, Scott Steinberg. 650.1 STE
Mindful work : how meditation is changing business from the inside out, David Gelles. 158.7 GEL
Mumpreneur : the complete guide to starting and running a successful business, Annabel Karmel. 658.022 KAR
Project management essentials for dummies, Nick Graham, Stanley E. Portny. 658.404 GRA
Teach yourself — administrative processes and office equipment, Cheryl Price. 651.37 PRI
Teach yourself — office information systems, copying and telecommunication, Cheryl Price. 651.37 PRI
The business-savvy project manager : indispensable knowledge and skills for success, Gary Heerkens. 658.404 HEE
The innovator's hypothesis : how cheap experiments are worth more than good ideas, Michael Schrage. 658.406 SCH
The presenting coach, Tricia Woolfrey. 658.452 WOO
The risk factor : why every organization needs big bets, bold characters, and the occasional spectacular failure, Deborah Perry Piscione. 658.155 PIS


Popeye classics. [5], Bud Sagendorf ; produced by Clizia Gussoni ; edited and designed by Craig Yoe. 741.5 SAG
The urban sketcher : techniques for seeing and drawing on location, Marc Taro Holmes. 741.2 HOL

Civil Rights

Dragnet nation : a quest for privacy, security, and freedom in a world of relentless surveillance, Julia Angwin. 323.448 ANG
Running for freedom : civil rights and black politics in America since 1941, Steven F. Lawson. 323.1196073 LAW


Beginning Spring, Mert Caliskan, Kenan Sevindik. 005.133 JAV
Beginning Swift programming, Wei-Meng Lee. 005.26 LEE
Coding for dummies, Nikhil Abraham. 005.1 ABR
Core Java for the impatient, Cay S. Horstmann. 005.133 JAV
eXist : a NoSQL document database and application platform, Erik Siegel and Adam Retter. 005.758 SIE
Getting started with Processing, Casey Reas and Ben Fry. 005.133 PRO
HTML5 : 20 lessons to successful web development, Robin Nixon. 005.754 NIX
Internet security made easy : take control of your computer, Richard N. Williams. 005.8 WIL
iOS for game programmers, Allen Sherrod. 004.165 SHE
iPad mini for dummies, Edward C. Baig and Bob LeVitus. 004.165 IPA
Microsoft Office for iPad, Joan Lambert. 005.36 MIC
NoSQL for dummies, Adam Fowler. 005.758 FOW
Photoshop elements 13 : all-in-one : for dummies, Barbara Obermeier and Ted Padova. 006.68 OBE
Programming for children and teens with autism spectrum disorder, Barbara Klipper. 027.663 KLI
Samsung Android basics, Michael Sawh. 004.165 SAW
Swift for dummies, Jesse Feiler. 005.26 FEI

Craft, Collecting & Hobbies

Metal clay jewellery, Natalia Colman. 739.27 COL
The world of ornament, A. Racinet & M. Dupont-Auberville. 745.4 RAC
A world of quilts, Cassandra Ellis ; photography by Catherine Gratwicke. 746.46 ELL
Carpets of the art deco era, Susan Day ; preface by Yves Mikaeloff. 746.7 DAY
Chunky knits : 31 projects for you & your home : knit with bulky yarn, Ashley Little. 746.432 LIT
Creative scarves : 20+ stylish projects to craft and stitch, Tiffany Windsor, Heidi Borchers, Savannah Starr. 646.48 WIN
Cute crochet world : a little dictionary of crochet critters, folks, food & more, Suzann Thompson. 746.434 THO
Damiani : alchemy of desire : a story, a family and an Italian passion, Cristina Morozzi. 739.27 DAM
Damiani jewelry represents the highest expression of Italian style: unique jewellery collections created with the passion and craftsmanship that passed on from father to son for three generations.
Doodling borders for wood burning, gourds, & drawing, Bettie Lake. 745.5 LAK
Easy bootees to knit : snuggly baby bootees for tiny toes, Zoe Mellor. 746.432 MEL
Encore! The new artisans, Olivier Dupon. 745.5 DUP
Craft is no longer a trend; it is now an enshrined aspect of modern life.
Felt so good : 70+ felted and plain wool designs for you and your home, Tone Rorseth. 746.0463 ROR
Flowers in felt & stitch : creating floral artworks using fleece, fibres and threads, Moy Mackay. 746.0463 MCK
Improvising tradition : 18 quilted projects using strips, slices, and strata, Alexandra Ledgerwood. 746.46 LED
Ironwork today. 4 : inside and out, Catherine Mallette. 739.4 MAL
Knit, Jo Sharp. 746.432 SHA
Knit wear love : foolproof instructions for knitting your best-fitting sweaters ever in the styles you love to wear, Amy Herzog ; photography by Karen Pearson. 746.432 PEA
Knit your own Kama Sutra : twelve playful projects for naughty knitters, Trixie von Purl. 746.432 VON
Knitted rabbits : 20 easy knitting patterns for cuddly bunnies, Val Pierce. 746.432 PIE
Materially crafted : a DIY primer for the design-obsessed, Victoria Hudgins ; photography by Jocelyn Noel. 745.5 HUD
Models of influence : 50 women who reset the course of fashion, Nigel Barker. 746.92 BAR
More monster knits for little monsters, Nuriya Khegay. 746.432 KHE
My favorite cardigans to knit : 24 timeless takes on the world's most popular sweater, Birgitta Forslund ; photography, Asa Dahlgren. 746.432 FOR
Novelty knits : 35 fun & fabulous jumper designs, Gyles and Saethryd Brandreth. 746.432 BRA
Prairie-style weddings : rustic and romantic farm, woodland, and garden celebrations, Fifi O'Neill ; photographs by Mark Lohman. 745.594 ONE
Print, make, wear : creative projects for digital textile design, Melanie Bowles and The People's Print. 746 BOW
Ramsay's catalogue of British diecast model toys, John Ramsay. 629.221 RAM
Sewing for your girls : easy instructions for dresses, smocks and frocks, Tsukiori Yoshiko. 646.406 TSU
Steampunk LEGO : the illustrated researches of various fantastical devices by Sir Herbert Jobson, with epistles to the Crown, Her Majesty Queen Victoria : a travelogue in 11 chapters, Guy Himber. 688.725 HIM
Subversive cross stitch : 50 fcking clever designs for your sassy side, Julie Jackson ; photographs by Ben Britt and Bill Milne. 746.443 JAC
Washi style! : make it with paper tape : over 101 great projects using Japanese-style decorative tape, Marisa Edghill. 745.59 EDG
Winter knits made easy. 746.432 WIN
Knitted nursery rhymes, Cilla Webb. 746.432 WEB
The origami home : beautiful miniature furniture projects, Mark Bolitho with photography by Michael Wicks. 736.98 BOL


Future crimes : everything is connected, everyone is vulnerable and what we can do about it, Marc Goodman. 364.168 GOO
Spam nation : the inside story of organized cybercrime from global epidemic to your front door, Brian Krebs. 364.168 KRE
Explores the criminal masterminds driving some of the biggest spam and hacker operations targeting Americans and their bank accounts.


Billions to bust and back : how I made, lost and rebuilt a fortune, and what I learned on the way, Thor Bjorgolfsson with Andrew Cave. 338.04 BJO
Buy, hold, and sell! : the investment strategy that could save you from the next market crash, Ken Moraif. 332.6 MOR
Coined : the rich life of money and how its history has shaped us, Kabir Sehgal. 332.4 SEH
Daring + disruptive : unleashing the entrepreneur, Lisa Messenger. 338.04 MES
Empire of cotton : a new history of global capitalism, Sven Beckert. 338.4767 BEC
Getting started in stock analysis, Michael C. Thomsett. 332.6 THO
Hall of mirrors : the Great Depression, the great recession, and the uses and misuses of history, Barry Eichengreen. 330.9 EIC
Heaven's bankers, Harris Irfan. 332.1 IRF
A trillion dollar financial industry is revolutionising the global economy. Governments and corporations across the Islamic world are increasingly turning to finance that complies with Sharia law in order to fund economic growth. Even in the West, Islamic finance is rapidly becoming an important alternative source of funding at a time when the conventional finance industry is reeling from the effects of the financial crisis.
Market madness : a century of oil panics, crises, and crashes, Blake C. Clayton. 338.272 CLA
Mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and other restructurings : a practical guide to investment banking and private equity, Paul Pignataro. 338.83 PIG
Private island : why Britain now belongs to someone else, James Meek. 338.941 MEE
In a little over a generation the bones and sinews of the British economy rail, energy, water, postal services, municipal housing have been sold to remote, unaccountable private owners. In a series of brilliant portraits James Meek shows how Britain's common wealth became private, and the impact it has had on us all.
Real economics : creating wealth and keeping it, Phil Scott. 332.4 SCO
Red notice : how I became Putin's no. 1 enemy, Bill Browder. 332.6 BRO
Browder's graphic portrait of the Russian government as a criminal enterprise wielding all the power of a sovereign state illuminates his personal transformation from financier to human rights activist, campaigning for justice for his late lawyer and friend. With fraud, bribery, corruption and torture exposed at every turn, Red Notice is a shocking but true political roller-coaster that plays out in the highest echelons of Western power.
The age of cryptocurrency : how bitcoin and digital money are challenging the global economic order, Paul Vigna and Michael J. Casey. 332.42 VIG
The Cambridge history of capitalism. Volume II, The spread of capitalism : from 1848 to the present, Larry Neal and Jeffrey G. Williamson. 330.12 CAM
The Heineken story : the remarkably refreshing tale of the beer that conquered the world, Barbara Smit. 338.766 SMI
The rise and fall of neoliberal capitalism, David M. Kotz. 330.12 KOT
The thin green line : the money secrets of the super wealthy, Paul Sullivan. 332.024 SUL


Changing our secondary schools, Bali Haque. 373.93 HAQ
A powerful critique of two decades of educational reform in New Zealand, from an educator who was deeply involved. It is also a provocative call for action.


A kitchen course in electricity and magnetism, David Nightingale, Christopher Spencer. 621.3 NIG
An Irish engineer : the extraodinary achievements of Thomas J. Waters and family in early Meiji Japan and beyond, Meg Vivers. 620.0092 WAT
Rocket manual : 1942 onwards : owner's workshop manual : an insight into the development and technology of space rockets and satelitte launchers, David Baker. 629.47 BAK
Spare parts : four undocumented teenagers, one ugly robot, and the battle for the American dream, Joshua Davis. 629.892 DAV
Relates how four undocumented Mexican immigrants in Arizona put together an underwater robot from scavenged parts and went on to win the National Underwater Robotics Competition at UC Santa Barbara.
The renewable energy home handbook, Lindsay Porter. 621.042 POR


Melting away : a ten-year journey through our endangered polar regions, Camille Seaman. 998 SEA
Water and the future of humanity : revisiting water security, The Gulbenkian Think Tank on Water and the Future of Humanity. 330.9 WAT


Sustainable market farming : intensive vegetable production on a few acres, Pam Dawling. 635.0484 DAW


The coat route : craft, luxury, and obsession on the trail of a $50,000 coat, Meg Lukens Noonan. 338.4768 NOO
In todays world of fast fashion, is there a place for a handcrafted $50,000 coat? To answer that question, Meg Noonan unravels the story of the coat's provenance.
Gertie sews vintage casual : a modern guide to sportswear styles of the 1940s and 1950s, Gretchen Hirsch ; photographs by Karen Pearson ; illustrations by Sun Young Park. 646.404 HIR
Icons of women's style, Josh Sims. 746.92 SIM
Just style : fashion guide for women, Dagmar Vorwerk ; translation from the German, Susan Ghanouni. 646.34 VOR
Liberty style, Martin Wood. 745.4 WOO
How Liberty shaped British and international taste in glass and metalwork, furniture, ceramics, fashion and textiles, and brought together generations of great designers.
The great British sewing bee. Fashion with fabric, Claire-Louise Hardie ; foreword and sewing masterclasses by May Martin & Patrick Grant. 646.4 HAR

Film, Television & Theatre

From Barnum & Bailey to Feld : the creative evolution of the greatest show on earth, Ernest Albrecht. 791.3 ALB

Food & Wine

Apples to cider : how to make cider at home, April White with Stephen Wood. 641.229 WHI
Best green eats ever : delicious recipes for nutrient-rich leafy greens, high in antioxidants and more, Katrine van Wyk ; foreword by Frank Lipman, M.D. 641.65 WYK
Bouchon Bakery, Thomas Keller; photographs by Deborah Jones. 641.815 KEL
Curry easy vegetarian, Madhur Jaffrey. 641.6384 JAF
Dairy-free delicious, Katy Salter ; photography by Laura Edwards. 641.563 SAL
Delicious : love to eat : around the world in 120 simply delicious recipes, Valli Little ; Jeremy Simons, photographer. 641.5 LIT
Deliciously Ella : awesome ingredients and incredible food that you and your body will love, Ella Woodward. 641.5637 WOO
Dig in! : classic recipes reinvented from the winner of Masterchef, Brent Owens. 641.5 OWE
Dish it up, Hayden Quinn. 641.5 QUI
MasterChef Australia star Hayden Quinn returns to the kitchen to give you fresh, healthy food that is easy to prepare and share.
Dominique Ansel : secret recipes from the world famous New York bakery. 641.865 ANS
In her kitchen : stories and recipes from grandmas around the world, Gabriele Galimberti. 641.59 GAL
Kenko kitchen, Kate Bradley. 641.5636 BRA
Low carb revolution : comfort eating for good health, Annie Bell. 641.5638 BEL
Make ahead bread : 100 recipes for melt-in-your-mouth fresh bread every day : plus butters and spreads, Donna Currie ; photography by Kate Sears. 641.815 CUR
Marque : a culinary adventure, Mark Best ; foreword by Rene Redzepi. 641.5 BES
Marque is a highly illustrated, contemporary recipe book, celebrating and reflecting on Marque, the succesful Sydney restaurant.
New Zealand wine guide : an introduction to the wine styles & regions of New Zealand, Celia Hay ; photography by Kevin Judd. 641.22 HAY
Oatrageous oatmeals : delicious & surprising plant-based dishes from the humble, heart-healthy grain, Kathy Hester ; photography by Kate Lewis. 641.6313 HES
Plenish : juices to boost, cleanse & heal, Kara M. L. Rosen. 641.875 ROS
Preserving everything : how to can, culture, pickle, freeze, ferment, dehydrate, salt, smoke, and store fruits, vegetables, meat, milk, and more, Leda Meredith. 641.4 MER
Sesame & spice : baking from the East End to the Middle East, Anne Shooter. 641.815 SHO
Shoku-iku!: Japanese conscious eating for a long and healthy life, Makiko Sano ; photography by Lisa Linder. 641.5952 SAN
Swallow this : serving up the food industry's darkest secrets, Joanna Blythman. 338.19 BLY
Determined to get to the bottom of the impact the industry has on our food, Joanna Blythman has gained unprecedented access to factories, suppliers and industry insiders, to give an utterly eye-opening account of what we're really swallowing.
The 52 new foods challenge : a family cooking adventure for each week of the year, Jennifer Tyler Lee. 641.564 LEE
The glorious pasta of Italy, Domenica Marchetti ; photographs by France Ruffenach. 641.822 MAR
The Zumbo files : unlocking the recipe secrets of a master patissier, Adriano Zumbo ; photography by Brett Stevens. 641.865 ZUM
Utterly delicious simple food, Belinda Jeffery with photography by Rodney Weidland. 641.5 JEF
What's for dinner? : delicious recipes for a busy life, Curtis Stone ; photographs by Quentin Bacon. 641.5 STO

Gardens and Gardening

Biodynamic gardening, Monty Waldin. 635.0484 WAL
Kyoto gardens : masterworks of the Japanese gardener's art, Text by Judith Clancy ; photography by Ben Simmons. 712.60952 CLA
Practical permaculture for home landscapes, your community, and the whole earth, Jessi Bloom & Dave Boehnlein with illustrations by Paul Kearsley. 631.58 KEA
Roses without chemicals : 150 disease-free varieties that will change the way you grow roses, Peter E. Kukielski. 635.93 ROS
Small-space vegetable gardens : growing great edibles in containers, raised beds, and small plots, Andrea Bellamy. 635 BEL
The English country house garden, George Plumptre ; photographs by Marcus Harpur. 712.60942 PLU

Graphic novels

Extra ordinary comics. Vol 3. 741.5 CHE
The best American comics. 2014, Edited and introduced by Scott McCloud. 741.5 BES

Health & Medicine

ABC of dementia, Bernie Coope, Felicity A. Richards. 616.83 ABC
A practical guide to help healthcare professionals develop knowledge, skills, confidence and an understanding of dementia, in order to support those with dementia to live well.
Alzheimer's and other dementias, Alex Bailey. 616.831 BAI
Behind the gates of Gomorrah : a year with the criminally insane, Stephen B. Seager, MD. 614.1 SEA
Client-centered exercise prescription, John C. Griffin. 613.71 GRI
Expands the role of the fitness professional from simple exercise prescription to include activity counseling, design modification, exercise demonstration, functionally integrated exercise, injury prevention and follow-up monitoring. This book features seven client-centered models for each major fitness component.
Eat, nourish, glow : 10 easy steps for losing weight, looking younger & feeling healthier, Amelia Freer. 613.2 FRE
Fitness : steps to success, Nancy L. Naternicola. 613.7 NAT
Fix my shoulder : a guide to preventing and healing from injury and strain, George Demirakos. 617.57 DEM
Giving yourself to life : a journal of pain, hope and renewal, Deborah Shepard. 362.196047 SHE
For twelve months Deborah Shepard kept a journal to help her with a chronic pain condition. Soon she found herself contemplating all of life's pains and losses, including the devastating earthquakes that shattered her hometown of Christchurch. Searching for a way through, she began observing the natural world on her doorstep and reflecting on family and friendship, flowers, beauty, literature and art.
Goddesses never age : the secret prescription for radiance, vitality, and well-being, Christiane Northrup, M.D. 613.0424 NOR
Healthy happy sexy : ayurveda wisdom for modern women, Katie Silcox. 615.53 SIL
How I rebuilt my life after suffering a massive stroke, Getahun Hailu Gema. 616.81 GET
LeBootCamp diet : eat well, lose weight now, keep it off forever, Valerie Orsoni. 613.25 ORS
Male breast cancer : taking control, John Boyages. 616.994 BOY
Moringa : nature's medicine cabinet, Sanford Holst. 615.321 HOL
Overcoming bulimia nervosa and binge-eating : a self-help guide using cognitive behavioral techniques, Peter J. Cooper. 616.8526 COO
Overcoming depression and low mood : a five areas approach, Chris Williams. 616.8527 WIL
Post-traumatic stress disorder : recovery after accident and disaster, Kevin Gournay. 616.8521 GOU
Reflexology : for everyday living, Louise Keet. 615.822 KEE
Shrinks : the untold story of psychiatry, Jeffrey A. Lieberman with Ogi Ogas. 616.89 LIE
Slow medicine : hope and healing for chronic illness, Michael Finkelstein. 613 FIN
That sugar book : this book will change the way you think about 'healthy' food, Damon Gameau. 613.28 GAM
The anxiety & phobia workbook, Edmund J. Bourne, PhD. 616.8522 BOU
The birth of the pill : how four pioneers reinvented sex and launched a revolution, Jonathan Eig. 618.1 EIG
The complete macrobiotic diet : 7 steps to feel fabulous, look vibrant, and think clearly, Denny Waxman with Susan Waxman. 613.26 WAX
The creating brain : the neuroscience of genius, Nancy C. Andreasen. 612.8 AND
The digestive health solution : your personalized five-step plan for inside out digestive wellness, Benjamin I. Brown, ND. 616.342 BRO
The domestic alchemist : 501 herbal recipes for home, health & happiness, Pip Waller. 640.41 WAL
The happiness quest : a depressions survivor's journey from misery to joy, Lana Penrose. 616.8527 PEN
The psychopath inside : a neuroscientist's personal journey into the dark side of the brain, James Fallon. 616.8582 FAL
The upward spiral : using neuroscience to reverse the course of depression, one small change at a time, Alex Korb, PhD. 616.8527 KOR
Vitamania : our obsessive quest for nutritional perfection, Catherine Price. 613.28 PRI
Yoga for cancer : a guide to managing side effects, boosting immunity, and improving recovery for cancer survivors, Tari Prinster. 613.7046 PRI
You can sleep well : change your thinking, change your life, Dr. Chris Idzikowski. 612.821 IDZ
Zero belly diet, David Zinczenko. 613.25 ZIN

History, Geography & Travel

A pilgrim's guide to the Camino de Santiago : St. Jean, Roncesvalles, Santiago : the way of St. James : the ancient pilgrim path also know as Camino Frances, John Brierley. 946 BRI
Boundless : tracing land and dream in a new Northwest Passage, Kathleen Winter. 910.4 WIN
Congo : the epic history of a people, David van Reybrouck. 967.51 REY
Early tide to Wakapuaka : the district and its pioneers, P.V. & N.L. Wastney. 993.76 WAS
Exotic England : the making of a curious nation, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. 942 ALI
Gilgit rebellion : the major who mutinied over partition of India, William A. Brown. 954.91 BRO
Brown's memoir capture the atmosphere and magic of this remote country at the close of the Empire.
If this is a woman : inside Ravensbruck : Hitler's concentration camp for women, Sarah Helm. 940.5318 HEL
Magna Carta : the making and legacy of the great charter, Dan Jones. 942.033 JON
Midnight at the Pera Palace : the birth of modern Istanbul, Charles King. 956.1 KIN
Naturalists in paradise : Wallace, Bates and Spruce in the Amazon, John Hemming. 981.1 HEM
Alfred Russel Wallace, Henry Walter Bates and Richard Spruce were English naturalists who went to Amazonia 150 years ago. This book combines all three young mens experiences of the Amazon, drawing heavily on their own letters and books.
Old-fashioned corners of Paris, Christophe Destournelles ; photographs by Christophe Lefebure. 944.36 DES
Ransacking Paris : a year with Montaigne and friends, Patti Miller. 944.36 MIL
What does it mean to fulfil a dream long after it seems possible? When Patti Miller arrives to write in Paris for a year, the world glows 'as if the light that comes after the sun has set hadspilled gold on everything'. But wasn't that just romantic illusion?
Remembering the Styx : pre-earthquake memories of Christchurch's Styx river catchment, Dennis & Helen Hills. 993.83 HIL
The family Romanov : murder, rebellion & the fall of Imperial Russia, Candace Fleming. 947.083 NIC
The fellowship of ghosts : travels in the land of midnight sun, Paul Watkins. 948.1 WAT
The Italians, John Hooper. 945 HOO
The kindness diaries : one man's quest to ignite goodwill and transform lives around the world, Leon Logothetis. 910.41 LOG
The incredible journey of one man who sets out to circumnavigate the globe on a vintage motorbike fueled by kindness.
The origins of the English parliament, 924-1327, J.R. Maddicott. 328.42 MAD
The Third Reich in history and memory, Richard J. Evans. 943.086 EVA
Richard Evans examines new historical perspectives on the Third Reich, such as showing how it is increasingly viewed in a broader international even global context, as part of the age of imperialism.
Unseen London, Text by Mark Daly ; photographs by Peter Dazeley. 942.1 DAL
Vivid faces : the revolutionary generation in Ireland, 1890-1923, R.F. Foster. 941.50821 FOS
Waikaka saga : the history of Waikaka, Greenvale, Wendon Valley and the Waikaka gold field, Allister Evans. 993.97 EVA
What I was doing while you were breeding : a memoir, Kristin Newman. 910.4 NEW
Kristin Newman's funny, sexy, and ultimately poignant debut memoir about mastering the art of the "vacationship." Not ready to settle down and yet loathe to become a sad-sack single girl, Kristin instead started traveling the world, often alone, for a few months each year, falling madly in love with attractive locals who provided moments of the love she wanted without the cost of the freedom she needed.
White city, black city : architecture and war in Tel Aviv and Jaffa, Sharon Rotbard. 956.948 ROT
Wide-open world : how volunteering around the globe changed one family's lives forever, John Marshall. 910.41 MAR

House & Garden

A designer's life : an archive of inspired design and decor, Nicky Haslam. 747 HAS
A Designer's Life is a fascinating insight into the glamorous world of Nicky Haslam, one of the UK's leading interior designers, who is renowned for his flamboyant, opulent and elegant style.
A frame for life : the designs of Studioilse, Ilse Crawford. 747 CRA
Beautifully small : clever ideas for compact spaces, Sara Emslie ; photography by Rachel Whiting. 747.1 EMS
Breathing room : open your heart by decluttering your home, Lauren Rosenfeld + Dr. Melva Green. 646.7 ROS
ClothBound, Julie Paterson. 746 PAT
A richly illustrated glimpse into the life of an artist whose timeless fabric designs grace home furnishings the world over.
Foolproof wood finishing : for those who love to build and hate to finish, Teri Masaschi. 684.084 MAS
Furnitecture : furniture that transforms space, Anna Yudina. 749.4 YUD
Furniture fundamentals : tables, Edited by Robert W. Lang. 684.13 FUR
Good practice guide : concrete masonry, Trevor Pringle. 693.5 PRI
Happy, Amanda Talbot ; photography by Josef S. Rosemann. 747 TAL
Amanda Talbot demonstrates how architecture and interior design at their best can make us safer, healthier, more efficient, enlightened and productive all contributing to a fundamental sense of wellbeing.
Life hacks, Keith Bradford. 640.41 BRA
Simple solutions to everyday problems! Wouldn't it be nice if there were a way to make life easier? With Life Hacks, you'll find hundreds of methods that you can start using right now to simplify your life. From folding a fitted sheet to removing scuffs from furniture, this book offers simple solutions to a variety of everyday problems.
Mid-century modern glass in America, Dean Six with Paul Eastwood. 748.2 SIX
Miller's Arts & Crafts : living with the Arts & Crafts style, Judith Miller. 709.034 MIL
An in-depth, accessible collecting guide to one of the key design movements of the last 150 years.
Modern country : inspiring interiors for contemporary country living, Caroline Clifton-Mogg. 747 CLI
Sandcastles : interiors inspired by the coast, Tim Neve ; photography by Johan Palsson. 747 NEV
Shabby Chic : sumptuous settings and other lovely things, Rachel Ashwell ; photographs by Amy Neunsinger. 642.7 ASH
The Italian kitchen : beauty and design, Cristina Morozzi. 747.79 ITA
A lavishly illustrated volume that showcases the work of the most prestigious Italian kitchen designers and manufacturers.
Valentino : at the emperor's table, Introduction by Andre Leon Talley ; photographs by Oberto Gili. 642.8 VAL
The emperor not only of fashion but also of l'art de vivre, Valentino Garavani is in a class all his own. At the Emperor's Table is an invitation into his refined world of graceful and cultured living.


Best Aussie jokes : how to be the life of the party, Marguerite Marshall. 827.914 MAR
Cheep laughs : 1025 really daft gags, Darren Walsh. 827.92 WAL
The Tommy Cooper joke book, Compiled by John Fisher. 827.914 COO
Thinking about it only makes it worse : and other lessons from modern life, David Mitchell. 827.92 MIT


How to fly a horse : the secret history of creation, invention and discovery, Kevin Ashton. 609 ASH


Burmese phrasebook & dictionary., Lonely Planet. 495.8 BUR
Complete Xhosa, Beverly Kirsch and Silvia Skorgei. 496.3985 KIR
Croatian phrasebook & dictionary, Lonely Planet. 491.82 CRO
East Timor phrasebook & dictionary., Loneley Planet. 499.2 EAS
Farsi (Persian) phrasebook & dictionary. 491.55 FAR
French phrasebook & dictionary., Lonely Planet. 448.34 FRE
German phrasebook & dictionary., Lonely Planet. 438.34 GER
Italian phrasebook & dictionary., Lonely Planet. 458.34 ITA
It's been said before : a guide to the use and abuse of cliches, Orin Hargraves. 428.1 HAR
Japanese phrasebook & dictionary., Lonely Planet. 495.6834 JAP
Pidgin phrasebook., Lonely Planet. 427.9 PID
Spanish phrasebook & dictionary., Lonely Planet. 468.34 SPA
The language myth : why language is not an instinct, Vyvyan Evans. 401.9 EVA
Ultimate signspotting : absurd & amusing signs from around the world, Doug Lansky. 428 LAN
A Lonely Planet book.


New Zealand's gift to the world : to tatou taonga..., Carolyn Henwood, Stephen Stratford. 364.36 HEN
... mai Aotearoa ki te ao : the youth justice family group conference.


Distant neighbors : the selected letters of Wendell Berry and Gary Snyder, Chad Wriglesworth. 816.54 BER
Shares nearly 250 letters exhanged between the authors from 1973 to 2013 on topics ranging from religion, spirituality, and environmentalism to the relationship between art and commerce.
Growing older with Jane Austen, Maggie Lane. 823.7 AUS
That Jane Austen is enduringly popular with both a general readership and academics can admit of no doubt. But amid the wealth of approaches to her life and work, no one has made a full-length study of the concept of ageing in her novels. Maggie Lane's new book sets out to fill that gap.
Tell you what : great New Zealand nonfiction, 2015, Jolisa Gracewood & Susanna Andrew. 820.80092 TEL
The word is out : a collection of writing by New Zealand teenagers, Selected by Tessa Duder & James Norcliffe ; edited by Glyn Strange. 820.809283 WOR
Tolstoy's false disciple : the untold story of Leo Tolstoy and Vladimir Chertkov, Alexandra Popoff. 891.733 TOL


Battle of Britain Memorial Flight : 1957 to date : operations manual : behind the scenes at the RAF's premier historic aircraft display flight, Keith Wilson. 623.746 WIL
Buster : the dog who saved a thousand lives, Will Barrow. 355.424 BAR
Japanese swords : cultural icons of a nation : the history, metallurgy and iconography of the samurai sword, Colin M. Roach. 623.441 ROA
Voices of the foreign legion : the history of the world's most famous fighting corps, Adrian D. Gilbert. 355.359 GIL

Music & Musicians

Excess all areas : a lighthearted look at the demands and idiosyncrasies of rock icons on tour, Susan Richmond ; illustrations by Wilf Hanson. 781.66 RIC
Experiencing Led Zeppelin : a listener's companion, Gregg Akkerman. 781.66 LED
Going platinum : KISS, Donna Summer, and how Neil Bogart built Casablanca Records, Brett Ermilio & Josh Levine. 781.64 SCO
Guitar fretboard atlas : get a better grip on neck navigation!, Joe Charupakorn. 787.87193 CHA
How to read music, Mark Phillips. 780.14 PHI
Let's go crazy : Prince and the making of Purple Rain, Alan Light. 781.66 PRI
No simple highway : a cultural history of the Grateful Dead, Peter Richardson. 781.66 GRA
One-man guitar jam : how to use riffs, bass lines, and rhythm patterns for self-accompaniment while soloing, Troy Nelson. 787.87193 NEL
Sondheim and Lloyd-Webber : the new musical, Stephen Citron. 782.14 SON
The Beatles lyrics : the stories behind the music, including the handwritten drafts of more than 100 classic Beatles songs, Hunter Davies. 781.66 BEA
The wordsmiths : Oscar Hammerstein 2nd and Alan Jay Lerner, Stephen Citron. 782.14 HAM
Citron looks at the lives and work of two great lyricists of the golden age of Broadway.
Ticket to ride : inside the Beatles' 1964 tour that changed the world, Larry Kane. 781.66 BEA
Wayfaring strangers : the musical voyage from Scotland and Ulster to Appalachia, Fiona Ritchie & Doug Orr. 781.6213 RIT
Women drummers : a history from rock and jazz to blues and country, Angela Smith. 786.9 SMI

Natural Science

A photographic guide to spiders of New Zealand, Cor J. Vink ; photographs by Bryce McQuillan. 595.44 VIN
Bugs in close-up, Colin Hutton. 595.7 HUT
Field guide to New Zealand's epiphytes, vines & mistletoes, Catherine L. Kirby. 581.73 KIR
In the footsteps of Augustine Henry and his Chinese plant collectors, Seamus O'Brien. 580 OBR
Traces botanical discoveries in China from the late 1800s to the late 1990s in both a specialist and wider cultural contex.
One river : explorations and discoveries in the Amazon rainforest, Wade Davis. 581.6 DAV


Painting light in oils, Peter Wileman and Malcolm Allsop. 751.45 WIL
Painting now, Suzanne Hudson. 759.07 HUD
Painting is a continually expanding and evolving form of creative expression. This book brings together more than 200 artists from around the world who are defining the painterly ideas and aesthetics of our time. It offers an analysis of the field, addressing such ideas as appropriation, attitude, the body, and painting about painting.
Texture techniques for winning watercolors, Ray Hendershot. 751.422 HEN
The artist's colour guide watercolor : understanding the palette, pigments and properties : exploring the colors in your palette, Hazel Soal. 751.422 SOA


Baby knows best : raising a confident and resourceful child, the RIE way, Deborah Carlisle Solomon ; photographs by Barrow Davis-Tolot. 649.15 SOL
Calmer, easier, happier boys, Noel Janis-Norton. 649.132 JAN
First year first aid : your baby first aid handbook, Michelle Fiddian. 616.0252 FID
Help your teenager beat an eating disorder, James Lock, Daniel Le Grange. 616.8526 LOC
Helping children with dyslexia : 21 super strategies to ensure your child's success at school, Liz Dunoon. 371.914 DUN
It's not your fault! : strategies for solving toilet training and bedwetting problems, Joseph Barone. 649.62 BAR
Secrets of an organized mom : from the overflowing closets to chaotic play areas : a room-by-room guide to decluttering and streamlining your home for a happier family, Barbara Reich. 648.5 REI
Worry-free weaning, Felicity Bertin and Dr. Anna Walton. 649.3 BER
Your baby, your way : taking charge of your pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting decisions for a happier, healthier family, Jennifer Margulis. 649.1 MAR


Chal akela : walk alone, Kamlesh Sharma. 996.11 SHA
The story describes the way of living in Fiji prior to the general elections of 1987 and the unforgettable military coup that unfolded. Chal Akela will echo in the memories of many Fijiindians specially those who have worked in the Fiji Auditor-General's Office in the 1980s. It is a book for all who care about the islands and the continuing struggles of a migrant community.
Lord, here comes the flood : investigating the chains of climate change discourses in Kiribati, Lasse Kolbjorn Anke Hansen. 363.7387 HAN
Nadi : memories of a river, faces in a village, Satendra Nandan. 996.11 NAN
Nadi: Memories of a River is a unique composition of art of memory in prose and poetry. Satendra Nandan creates a vivid world of lyrical beauty and personal remembrances that shine like ripples in a river on a moonlit night. It's really about growing up in a village in Fiji after the Second World war: a childhood and youth remembered on the island of Viti Levu in the village of Votualevu next to Nadi international airport.
Pacific voices : local governments and climate change : conference papers, Ropate Qalo, editor. 363.7387 PAC

Pets & Animals

A matter of breeding : a biting history of pedigree dogs and how the quest for status has harmed man's best friend, Michael Brandow. 636.70887 BRA
House guests, house pests : a natural history of animals in the home, Richard Jones. 591.65 JON
Pet whisperer : my life as an animal healer, Sarah-Jane Le Blanc. 636.0887 LE
The cat's out of the bag : truth and lies about cats, Max Cryer. 636.8 CRY
Why does my cat do that? : answers to the 50 questions cat lovers ask, Catherine Davidson. 636.8 DAV

Philosophy & Psychology

When the facts change : essays, 1995-2010, Tony Judt ; edited and introduced by Jennifer Homans. 909.82 JUD
A great thinker's final testament: a characteristically wise and forthright collection of essays from the author of Postwar and Thinking the Twentieth Century.
A philosophy of walking, Frederic Gros. 128.4 GRO
Frederic Gros charts the many different ways we get from A to B - the pilgrimage, the promenade, the protest march, the nature ramble and reveals what they say about us.
The book : on the taboo against knowing who you are, Alan Watts. 126 WAT
Overturning the illusion that individuals are merely 'egos' contained within their bodies who are seperate from the rest of the universe, Alan Watts draws on the Vedanta religion in order to explain how a person's identity makes them the centre of the universe.
The wellness syndrome, Carl Cederstrom and Andre Spicer. 128 CED
A lively and humourous diagnosis of the cult of wellness, this book is an indispensable guide for everyone suspicious of our relentless quest to be happier and healthier.


Deadly instinct, Melissa Farris. 778.932 FAR
Wildlife photography.
Snowdon : a life in view, Snowdon. 779 SNO
Elegantly curated by the legendary photographer and his youngest daughter Frances von Hofmannsthal, Snowdon looks back at an exceptional life and features a selection of 175 full-colour and black-and-white stylish fashion photographs and iconic portraits taken throughout his expansive and influential career.
Vivian Maier : a photographer found, John Maloof ; text by Marvin Heiferman. 779 MAI
The definitive monograph of American photographer Vivian Maier.


Charles Darwin : collapsing creation, Arthur Meek. 822.92 MEE
Commissioned to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the publication of On the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin Collapsing Creation is a full-length drama about a visionary man who must battle his body and mind to gain the courage to change the world - and the strength to face the consequences.
Sheep, Arthur Meek. 822.92 MEE
Sheep is a series of seven cleverly and affectionately linked snapshots of New Zealand life linked by family and the journey of wool from sheep's back to wearable product.


Otherwise, John Dennison. 821.92 DEN
New Zealand poetry.
Poems, Iain Banks and Ken Macleod. 821.914 BAN
Scottish poetry.

Politics & Government

A novel approach to politics : introducing political science through books, movies, and popular culture, Douglas A. Van Belle. 320 VAN
Against our better judgment : the hidden history of how the U.S. was used to create Israel, Alison Weir. 327.73 WEI
Diplomatic afterlives, Andrew F. Cooper. 327.2 COO
No longer content to fade away into comfortable retirement, a growing number of former political leaders have pursued diplomatic afterlives. From Nelson Mandela to Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton, to Tony Blair and Mikhail Gorbachev, this set of highly-empowered individuals increasingly try to make a difference on the global stage by capitalising on their freelance celebrity status while at the same time building on their embedded club attributes and connections.
Mad men & bad men : what happened when British politics met advertising, Sam Delaney. 324.7 DEL
A hugely entertaining behind-the-scenes tour of British election campaigns of the last four decades. Here are the posters, political broadcasts, slogans and stunts that got us into the mess of spin and hype we are in today.
The Modi effect : inside Narender Modi's campaign to transform India, Lance Price. 954.053 MOD
How did a 'chai wallah' who sold tea on trains as a boy become Prime Minister of India? On May 16, 2014, Narendra Modi was declared the winner of the largest election ever conducted anywhere in the world, having fought a campaign unlike any before.


An introduction to Te Reo Maori for juniors. Book one, Jenny Pyatt. 372.6 PYA
Integrating Te Reo Maori into the classroom literacy programme. Book 3, Years 3-5, Jenny Pyatt. 372.6 PYA
Integrating Te Reo Maori into the classroom literacy programme. Book 4, Years 5-8, Jenny Pyatt. 372.6 PYA
Nga kupu tuatahi i te reo Maori = First words in Maori, Jenny Pyatt. 372.6 PYA
Te paruhi a nga takuta, Nigel Beckford and Mike Fitzsimons. 610.92 PAR
Te Paruhi a nga Takuta tells the inspiring stories of 27 Maori doctors and students - from trailblazing Maori GPs to the latest generation of Maori health professionals and learners.
The brown book : Maori in screen production, Written by Dr. Ella Henry and Melissa Wikaire. 791.4089 HEN


Deeper dating : how to drop the games of seduction and discover the power of intimacy, Ken Page. 646.77 PAG
Getting back out there : secrets to successful dating and finding real love after the big breakup, Susan J. Elliott. 306.73 ELL
Introverts in love : the quiet way to happily ever after, Sophia Dembling. 306.7 DEM
Post-romantic stress disorder : what to do when the honeymoon is over, John Bradshaw. 152.41 BRA
Rebuilding : when your relationship ends, Bruce Fisher, Robert Alberti. 306.89 FIS
The daughterhood : the good, the bad and the guilty of mother-daughter relationships, Natasha Fennell and Roisin Ingle. 306.8743 FEN

Religion & Ethics

Baha'u'llah me te wa hou, J.E. Esslemont. 297.93 ESS
But is it fair? Faith communities and social justice, Neil Darragh. 261 BUT
This is a hope-filled book. It gives encouragement and ideas for action in the struggle to reduce inequality in society. In this book, 31 people tell the stories of faith communities that promote fairness in New Zealand.
It's life Jim… a journey to sexual and spiritual reconciliation via the road of fundamentalist religion, Jim Marjoram. 261.835 MAR
Living the secular life : new answers to old questions, Phil Zuckerman. 211.6 ZUC
Around the world, hundreds of millions of people have turned away from the traditional faiths of the past and embraced a moral yet nonreligious or secular life, generating societies vastly less religious than at any other time in human history.
One nation, under gods : a new American history, Peter Manseau. 200.973 MAN
Paradoxology : why Christianity was never meant to be simple, Krish Kandiah. 230 KAN
Reforging the bible : more biblical stories and their literary reception, Anthony C. Swindell. 220.6 SWI
Taming chaos : harnessing the power of Kabbalah to make sense of our lives, Kabbalist Rav P.S. Berg. 296.7 BER
The art of everyday ecstasy : the seven Tantric keys for bringing passion, spirit and joy into every part of your life, Margot Anand. 294.55 ANA
The gold leaves : being an account and translation from the Ancient Greek of the so-called 'Orphic' Gold Tablets, Edward Jenner. 292.23 JEN
The most good you can do : how effective altruism is changing ideas about living ethically, Peter Singer. 171 SIN


Deep space : beyond the solar system to the edge of the universe and the beginning of time, Govert Schilling. 520 SCH
Eureka! : discovering your inner scientist, Chad Orzel. 500 ORZ
Finding zero : a mathematician's odyssey to uncover the origins of numbers, Amir D. Aczel. 513.5 ACZ
Galaxy : mapping the cosmos, James Geach. 523.11 GEA
Life on the edge : the coming of age of quantum biology, Jim Al-Khalili and Johnjoe McFadden. 572 ALK
What stands in a storm : three days in the worst superstorm to hit the South's Tornado Alley, Kim Cross ; foreword by Rick Bragg. 551.553 CRO

Self Development

Beyond willpower : the secret principle to achieving success in life, love, and happiness, Alexander Loyd. 158.1 LOY
Essentialism : the disciplined pursuit of less, Greg McKeown. 153.83 MCK
Gestalt therapy, Gordon Wheeler and Lena Axelsson. 150.1982 WHE
Performing under pressure : the science of doing your best when it matters most, Hendrie Weisinger, J.P. Pawliw-Fry. 155.9042 WEI
Refire! Don't retire : make the rest of your life the best of your life, Ken Blanchard & Morton Shaevitz. 155.67 BLA
Rethinking positive thinking : inside the new science of motivation, Gabriele Oettingen. 153.8 OET
Stress less, achieve more : simple ways to turn pressure into a positive force in your life, Aimee Bernstein. 155.9042 BER
The big little book of resilience : how to bounce back from adversity and lead a fulfilling life, Matthew Johnstone. 155.24 JOH
The mathematics of love : patterns, proofs and the search for the ultimate equation, Hannah Fry. 152.41 FRY
There is no topic that attracts more attention-more energy and time and devotion than love. Love, like most things in life, is full of patterns. And mathematics is ultimately the study of patterns.
The natural bliss of being, Jackson Peterson. 158.1 PET
The stress cure : how to resolve stress, build resilience and boost your energy, Patrick Holford & Susannah Lawson. 155.9042 HOL
The upside of your dark side : why being your whole self not just your "good" self drives success and fulfillment, Todd B. Kashdan, Ph.D., and Robert Biswas-Diener, Dr. Philos. 155.2 KAS
Who am I without you? : 52 ways to rebuild self-esteem after a breakup, Christina G. Hibbert, PsyD. 158.1 HIB

Social Issues

A short history of stupid : the decline of reason and why public debate makes us want to scream, Bernard Keane & Helen Razor. 303.32 KEA
Being mortal : illness, medicine and what matters in the end, Atul Gawande. 306.9 GAW
In Being Mortal, Gawande examines his experiences as a surgeon, as he confronts the realities of aging and dying in his patients and in his family, as well as the limits of what he can do.
Culture crash : the killing of the creative class, Scott Timberg. 305.55 TIM
Change is no stranger to us in the twenty-first century. All of us must constantly adjust to an evolving world, to transformation and innovation. But for many thousands of creative artists, a torrent of recent changes has made it all but impossible to earn a living. This important book looks deeply and broadly into the roots of the crisis of the creative class in America and tells us why it matters.
Girls will be girls : dressing up, playing parts and daring to act differently, Emer O'Toole. 305.42 OTO
Hand to mouth : the truth about being poor in a wealthy world, Linda Tirado. 362.5 TIR
People's livelihood in contemporary China : changes, challenges and prospects, Editor, Li Peilin. 306.0951 PEO
Power and love : a theory and practice of social change, Adam Kahane ; drawings by Jeff Barnum. 303.484 KAH
Risk wise : nine everyday adventures, Polly Morland ; photographs by Richard Baker. 179.6 MOR
The art of stillness : adventures in going nowhere, Pico Iyer ; photography by Eydis Einarsdottir. 302.54 IYE
Esteemed essayist Pico Iyer explores why it is that the more ways we have to connect, the more many of us seem desperate to unplug.
The fish ladder : a journey upstream, Katharine Norbury. 362.734 NOR
Katharine Norbury was abandoned as a baby in a Liverpool convent. Raised by loving adoptive parents, she grew into a wanderer, drawn by the landscape of the British countryside. One summer, following the miscarriage of a much-longed-for child, Katharine sets out accompanied by her nine-year-old daughter, Evie - with the idea of following a river from the sea to its source.
The Internet is not the answer, Andrew Keen. 303.483 KEE
Keen has written a sharp, witty polemic proving that, so far, the web has been mostly a disaster for everyone except a tiny group of young privileged white male Silicon Valley multi-millionaires. Rather than making us wealthier, the unregulated digital market is making us all poorer. The stakes couldn't be higher, he warns. If we do nothing at all, this new technology and the companies that control it will continue to impoverish us all.
The Utopia Experiment, Dylan Evans. 307.77 EVA
The Utopia Experiment is Dylan Evans's account of how he abandoned his life in 2006, sold his house in the Cotswolds, and moved to the Black Isle in Scotland to found a self-sufficient community in a remote valley, with a group of acolytes he had recruited on-line. As the months went by, what began as an experiment became deadly earnest.
Who rules the earth? : how social rules shape our planet and our lives, Paul F. Steinberg. 363.7 STE

Sport & Recreation

Arthur's Pass : a climbing guide to Arthur's Pass National Park : also including the Black, Craigieburn and Torlesse Ranges, Graeme Kates. 796.522 KAT
Circus maximus : the economic gamble behind hosting the Olympics and the World Cup, Andrew Zimbalist. 796.48 ZIM
Fast after 50 : how to race strong for the rest of your life, Joe Friel. 796.6 FRI
Fully alive : discovering what matters most, Timothy Shriver. 796.087 SHR
A memoir and history of the Special Olympics and a meditation on what one can learn about how to live from people with intellectual disabilities, by the chairman of the Special Olympics.
Paddock to podium : 'the mechanics view', Max Rutherford ; foreword by Sir Jackie Stewart OBE ; edited by Jim Tucker. 796.72 RUT
Max tells about the world of motor racing in the 1960s as it entered the modern age, the days of legends like Stirling Moss, Jack Brabham, Stewart, Jochen Rindt, Chris Amon, Denny Hulme and Bruce McLaren. Max was mechanic to several and close quarters observer of them all. His experiences on the circuits of Europe, Britain and America culminated in an award he shared with Hill as the best motor racing mechanics in the world.
So you want to run an ultra : how to prepare for ultimate endurance, Andy Mouncey. 796.424 MOU
Surf science : an introduction to waves for surfing, Tony Butt. 797.32 BUT
The travelling hunter : a Kiwi at home and abroad, Verb Wilson. 799.2 WIL
Vern Wilson takes a light-hearted look back at some of his more successful overseas hunting trips. Always on the lookout for that special trophy, after all, one is all you are allowed, in most hunting destinations, unlike New Zealand.
The Wisden book of test cricket. Volume 1, 1877-1977, Compiled and edited by Bill Frindall. 796.3586 WIS
The Wisden book of test cricket. Volume 2, 1977-2000, Compiled and edited by Bill Frindall. 796.3586 WIS
Total control : high performance street riding techniques, Lee Parks. 796.75 PAR
A completely revised version of one of the best-selling motorcycle riding skills
Wanaka rock : a comprehensive guide to Wanaka rock climbing, Compiled and edited by the Wanaka Rock Climbing Club. 796.5223 WAN


Isis : inside the army of terror, Michael Weiss, Hassan Hassan. 956.054 WEI
Path of blood : the story of Al Qaeda's war on the House of Saud, Thomas Small and Jonathan Hacker. 363.32 SMA
Path of Blood tells the gripping and horrifying true story of the underground army which Osama Bin Laden created in order to attack his number one target: his home country, Saudi Arabia. His aim was to conquer the land of the Two Holy Mosques, the land from where Islam had first originated, and, from there, to reestablish an Islamic Empire that could take on the West and win.
The rise of Islamic State : ISIS and the new Sunni revolution, Patrick Cockburn. 956.054 COC

Trains, Boats, Planes

Belles & whistles : five journeys through time on Britain's trains, Andrew Martin. 385.0941 MAR
India's disappearing railways : a photographic journey, Angus McDonald ; foreword by Mark Tully. 385.0954 MCD
Ocean ships, Allan Ryszka-Onions. 387.24 RYS
First published almost 50 years ago, Ocean Ships has become the bible for maritime enthusiasts, providing authoritative and detailed information on all the world's ocean-going passenger and cargo ships.
What a difference a decade makes! : Auckland's Western Line station upgrades, Sean Millar. 385.314 MIL


A higher form of killing : six weeks in World War I that forever changed the nature of warfare forever, Diana Preston. 940.42 PRE
An extraordinary Italian imprisonment : the brutal truth of Campo 21, 1942-1943, Brian Lett. 940.5472 LET
Beyond the call : the true story of one World War II pilot's covert mission to rescue POWs on the Eastern Front, Lee Trimble with Jeremy Dronfield. 940.5472 TRI
Code black : cut off and facing overwhelming odds : the siege of Nad Ali, Mark Evans with Andrew Sharples. 958.1 EVA
Code Black is a forthright account of modern warfare, what it is like to fight on the front line and the challenges it presents to those it affects, not just as as soldiers, but as people.
Gallipoli : the Dardanelles disaster in soldiers' words and photographs, Richard van Emden and Stephen Chambers. 940.42 VAN
Major & Mrs Holt's definitive battlefield guide to the D-Day Normandy landing beaches, Tonie and Valmai Holt. 940.5421 HOL
Operation Pedestal : the story of convoy WS21S August 1942, Brian James Crabb. 940.545 CRA
The Battle for Moscow, David Stahel. 940.5421 STA
The Debs of Bletchley Park and other stories, Michael Smith. 940.5486 SMI
The Debs of Bletchley Park and Other Stories tells the stories of the women who worked at Bletchley, how they came to be there, the lives they gave up to do 'their bit' for the war effort, and the part they played in the vital work of 'Station X'.
The train to Crystal City : FDR's secret prisoner exchange program and America's only family internment camp during World War II, Jan Jarboe Russell. 940.5317
The Western front : a guide to New Zealand battlefields and memorials, Ian McGibbon. 940.42 MCG
This divided island : stories from the Sri Lankan war, Samanth Subramanian. 954.93 SUB
Zeppelin Blitz : the German air raids on Great Britain during the First World War, Neil R. Storey. 940.44 STO