New Titles Children’s January 2015 (arrived in December 2014)

Audio Visual

A monsterous holiday (DVD), directed by Gordon Crum.
Andy reaches out to his neighbour Dr Frankenstein to help him win the upcoming science fair. But he meets the next best thing, a green football-loving monster called Frank, who turns out to be a teenager like himself. Andy uses Frank's knowledge and lab to make an invention for the fair. But he inadvertently creates a monster of his own and they must work together to save the town and Halloween!
Animaniacs. Wakko's wish.
The outrageously zany Yakko, Wakko and their sister Dot star in this feature-length animated adventure full of song-filled, joke-stuffed Animaniacs mayhem… Wakko wishes upon a star. His wish is granted, but with a catch - he must find the fallen star and touch it for his wish to come true. Word gets out about the lucky star, and the race is on!
Antboy, directed by Ask Hasselbach.
Ordinary twelve-year-old Pelle is transformed into an extraordinary superhero after he is bitten by a super-ant. When a young girl is kidnapped, Pelle, now Antboy, sets about to rescue her, bringing him into conflict with super-villain, The Flea.
Anything is possible, directed by Demetrius Navarro.
When young Nathan is separated from his mother while serving on an overseas rescue mission, he runs away from home only to find shelter at a local orphanage. There his incredible talent at the piano is revealed and he becomes the star attraction at a benefit concert to raise money for the orphanage. Inspired by the kindness of so many people, Nathan holds on to the belief that his mom will come home and his family will be reunited.
Frozen (DVD), directed by Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee.
Fearless optimist Anna sets off on an epic journey — teaming up with rugged mountain man Kristoff and his loyal reindeer Sven — to find her sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter.
Home alone. The holiday heist.
In this hilarious holiday tale for all ages, 10-year-old Finn Baxter thinks his family's new house in Maine is haunted - but the truth might be even scarier! A trio of thieves is after a priceless painting hidden in a secret room by the previous owner. So when Finn and his sister find themselves home alone, Finn rigs up an elaborate array of techno-gadgets and booby traps to protect his pad from the bumbling criminals trying to break in.
How to train your dragon 2, written and directed Dean DeBlois.
While Astrid, Snotlout and the rest of the gang are challenging each other to dragon races, Hiccup and Toothless journey through the skies, charting unmapped territories and exploring new worlds. When one of their adventures leads to the discovery of a secret ice cave that is home to hundreds of new wild dragons and the mysterious Dragon Rider, the two friends find themselves at the center of a battle to protect the peace.
Madly Madagascar, written and directed by David Soren.
Your favourite Madagascar pals are back in an all-new adventure! Alex's favourite holiday, Valentine's Day, brings hilarious surprises and excitement for the entire gang. Melman plans a big surprise for Gloria, Marty tries to impress a new friend and everyone wants to get their hands on King Julien's love potion. Bonus features included.
Mickey's twice upon a Christmas (DVD).
Find out who's been naughty and who's been nice in an all-new Christmas celebration. Santa Claus, Mickey Mouse and all his Disney pals star in an original movie about the importance of opening your heart to the true spirit of Christmas. Watch the hilarious antics of stubborn old Donald as he tries in vain to resist the joy of the season, and laugh along with Mickey and Pluto as they learn a great lesson about the power of friendship. Through the magic of CGI, you and your family can celebrate the holidays with a wonderful new look at your favourite Disney characters in an irresistible collection of Christmas stories.
Rio. 2, directed by Carlos Saldanha.
Jewel, Blu and their three kids are leaving their domesticated life in that magical city for a journey to the Amazon. They encounter a menagerie of characters that are born to be wild. As Blu tries to fit in, he goes beak-to-beak with the vengeful Nigel, and meets the most fearsome adversary of all: his father-in-law.
Santa Claws (DVD), directed by Glenn R. Miller.
Santa is allergic to cats, so he has a policy against delivering them as gifts. But little Tommy has been SO good, and all he wants is one small kitty - Santa says OK. But instead of one, the whole litter climbs into the sack. When Santa has a major allergic reaction, the kitties have to take over and deliver the presents.
Tarzan (DVD), directed by Reinhard Klooss.
During an expedition to a remote African jungle, the Greystoke family's helicopter crashes, leaving one survivor: the young boy J.J, nicknamed Tarzan. Raised by gorillas, Tarzan lives by the laws of the jungle - until he encounters another human being, the beautiful Jane Porter. For Tarzan and Jane it's love at first sight - and the beginning of a thrilling adventure - as Tarzan must protect the jungle from a group of greedy businessman who want to destroy his home for profit.
The adventures of Chuck & friends. Big air dare : movie.
Chuck the dump truck, who can lift and build, and Flip the race truck, who can race fast and do stunts, meet for the first time. Challenging each other to a contest, Chuck makes a stunt course and Flip a tall tower. As they each try to outdo the other, they learn that they need each other to succeess.
The fox and the hound (DVD).
Meet Tod, an orphaned fox cub, and Copper, a perky hound puppy - two inseparable friends who don't know they're supposed to be enemies. Under the watchful eyes of Big Mama Owl, Tod and Copper play and frolic in the forest -unaware that the days ahead will pit them against each other and put their friendship to the ultimate test!
The Snow Queen (DVD), a film by Maxim Sveshnikov and Vlad Barbe.
Follows a young girl, Gerda, as she journeys across a harsh yet beautiful winter landscape to save her brother Kai from the evil Snow Queen, who has blanketed the world in ice in an attempt to destroy everything. Adapted from the tale by Hans Christian Andersen.
Toy story of terror!, directed by Angus MacLane.
What starts out as an exciting road trip for the Toy Story gang takes an unexpected turn for the worse following a detour to a roadside motel. After Mr. Potato Head suddenly disappears, his friends find themselves caught up in a hilarious mystery that must be solved before they suffer the same fate in this thrilling story of TERROR!
Thomas & friends. Tale of the brave : the movie, directed by Rob Silvestri.
After a monstrous storm on the Island of Sodor, a landslide unearths some very unusual footprints. Thomas and Percy are eager to find out what could have made these marks but obstacles and danger seem to appear around every bend in the track. With the help of new friends, a little digging, and a heap of courage, they discover the surprising answer and, along the way, uncover the true meaning of bravery.
Frozen : the songs.
Get up and dance.
Little boppers : pop hits for the kids!
My favourite Christmas album.
Playlist. Kids party [sound recording].
Counting 1, 2, 3 (DVD),
Have fun with numbers and counting in this collection of episodes from ABC for Kids.
Dinosaur train. Halloween special (DVD).
Learn about all different types of dinosaurs in this spooky special. Join Buddy and his family aboard the wondrous Dinosaur train to travel and explore the world inhabited by these amazing creatures.
Doc McStuffins. Mobile clinic.
When toys are hurt or sick, the Doc Mobile will get there quick with everything needed, including on-site cuddles, to fix them good as new. Ride with Doc and her trusty team as they rescue Dress-Up Daisy from a tree. Then, race to the park in time to help a wind-up mouse get back to doing fantastic flips. Get ready to get moving' with five amazing, song-filled episodes. Wherever adventure takes you, Doc's Mobile Clinic is your ticket to healthy, happy fun!
Fireman Sam. Ocean rescue (DVD).
New coastguard Ben works alongside the rescue team to keep everyone safe. Mike takes on the choppy sea alone as he sets up some fireworks.
Geronimo Stilton. Volume two, Intrigue on the Rodent Express and other fun filled escapades.
The animated series centres on the life and adventures of the famous Geronimo Stilton and Benjamin Stilton, his fearless young nephew. Geronimo is an intellectual mild-mannered mouse who would rather spend his days reading or playing chess. But then adventure always comes knocking on their door and they are launched paws-first into a caper in New Mouse City or in other exotic locations around the world.
Get up and dance (DVD),
Dance to the beat of the ABC for Kids drum with this collection of toe-tapping, tutu-twirling episodes.
In the night garden. Let's sing & dance.
This series is about a magical picture-book place that exists between waking and sleeping in a child's imagination. Words, rhymes and music carry the viewer through a happy world of loveable characters and nursery rhyme nonsense. Have a sing and dance with your friends in these episodes.
In the night garden. Time for bed.
In the Night Garden… is about a magical picture-book place that exists between waking and sleeping in a child's imagination. Words, rhymes and music take children on an imaginative journey to a happy world of lovable characters.
Joe & Jack. Rock stars,
Come and join the fun with Joe & Jack! When these two are together their imaginations run wild! In these episodes Joe & Jack dream of starting their own band, try to prove they have super powers like x-ray vision, do all they can to avoid a bath plus much more.
Lily's Driftwood Bay. 1, Sea treasure.
Driftwood Bay is a special island that exists in the imagination of Lily, who creates a world of adventure and friendship from different treasures she finds washed up on the beach.
Mickey Mouse clubhouse. Super adventure! (DVD).
It's Super Mickey, Wonder Minnie, Super-Power Pup, Super Goof, Dynamo Duck and Upsy-Daisy to the rescue! In an exciting adventure straight out of a comic book, Power-Pants Pete swoops down and starts shrinking everything insight down to teeny-tiny size. To save the day, Professor Von Drake transforms the Clubhouse Gang into super heroes with incredible powers. But Petes merely a sidekick; a wily villain named Megamort is the true mastermind behind the shrinky-dinky caper. Can our heroes outsmart the bad guys? Only by working together, with help from you and the right Mouseketools! Packed with action, surprises and nearly two hours of fun including three additional episodes this Super Adventure celebrates the unstoppable power of teamwork and friendship.
Sofia the First. Holiday in Enchancia (DVD).
It's Sofia's first Wassailia (aka Christmas) at the castle and the moment she wakes up and sees it snowing outside she immediately gets into the spirit. Amber looks forward to opening presents and so does James. Meanwhile Roland and Baileywick are out on "Royal business" which is in fact getting last minute surprises for the kids. However on the way back to the castle, they lose their horses and their coach crashes in the middle of a snowstorm. They meet a woodsman who offers to give them shelter at his cottage. Back at the castle the Sofia and the family are starting to get worried about Roland. So they decide to go out and find him with the help of Minimus since all the other royal horses are sick with colds. As they fly across the forest, the snowstorm starts to get worse and they are forced to land. Lost and worried, Sofia's Amulet summons Aurora who tells her she can count on the animals of the forest. Clover, Mia and Robin had stowed away in the coach to help Sofia find Roland. Mia and Robin fly around the forest asking all the animals to help find him and they do when they bring back the royal flag to Miranda. They follow a white owl to the cottage where Roland is and the royal family is reunited and celebrate Wassilia with the Woodsman's family.
Sweet dreams (DVD),
Hop into your pyjamas, brush your teeth, and snuggle together to watch these sweet bedtime shows from ABC for Kids.
The Moe show. Time to explore! (DVD) .
The Moe Show is a preschool puppet series following Moe's adventures of discovery as he travels around New Zealand - meeting people, asking questions, experiencing life, and making sense of the world around him.
The Tom and Jerry show. Season 1, volume 1.
Comedy chaos courtesy of the cat and mouse! The ageless antics of Tom and Jerry are back in an all-new show… all your favourite Tom and Jerry starts are here, including Spike, Tyke, Tuffy and Butch.
Little Princess. Lots of fun.
Little Princess is full of energy, charm and questions about how the world works. As with most little children she has an irrepressible curiosity and is delightfully stubborn when things don't go her way. But however demanding Little Princess gets, you can't stay angry for long once she puts on her big smile and tries to make it all better.
Nomad, R.J. Anderson.
Exiled from her underground home by Betony, the jealous queen of the piskeys, Ivy sets out to make a new life for herself in the world above - a quest that leads her to mystery, adventure, and a hoard of spriggan treasure. But a deadly poison still lingers in the Delve, and Ivy cannot bear to see her people dying under Betony's rule. With the help of some old friends she sets out to warn the piskeys of their danger, urging them to rise up and free themselves before it is too late. Yet Betony will not give up her kingdom without a fight… and when her evil threatens the friends and family Ivy holds most dear, it will take all Ivy's courage, daring and determination to save them.
Voyage to the volcano, Tom Banks.
Stanley, Rasmussen and the rest of the Great Galloon crew on their way to the greatest party ever held: Count Heinz-Marie von Forbes-Martinez of Eisberg's birthday party. Can he attend the party and be reunited with his beloved?
Fawn, Margi McAllister.
Kirsty Weaver loves watching a herd of deer in the hills behind her house. She discovers that a fawn has been left abandoned on the hill. She rescues him and coaxes him down from the hill and into a shed. As Kirsty battles to keep Fawn both safe and a secret, she realizes she can't keep doing everything alone and has to decided whether she can trust Toby, the local farmer's boy, with her secret.
Dragons at Crumbling Castle, Terry Pratchett.
Dragons have invaded Crumbling Castle, and all of King Arthur's knights are either on holiday or visiting their grannies. It's a disaster! Luckily, there's a spare suit of armour and a very small boy called Ralph who's willing to fill it. Together with Fortnight the Friday knight and Fossfiddle the wizard, Ralph sets out to defeat the fearsome fire-breathers. But there's a teeny weeny surprise in store. Fourteen fantastically funny stories from master storyteller Sir Terry Pratchett, full of time travel and tortoises, monsters and mayhem!
Wild moose chase, Siobhan Rowden.
Twins Burt and Cameron are in competition with each other about everything. When they hear the Queen wants moose cheese — which is near-impossible to make — they embark on a dangerous world-wide venture to collect the ingredients for the Queen. Only they are so busy being in competition with each other, they don't even notice Dr X, another competitor, steal all their ingredients to claim the prize himself. And worse, the twins uncover Dr X's plot to poison the Queen with his moose cheese! The twins must figure out how to work together for the first time ever to save the Queen.
Blood & fire, Dan Scott.
A distinguished senator has gone into hiding after being accused of treachery, leaving his family to fend for themselves. His elder son Quintus has become a gladiator, while young Lucius works as a servant in the gladiator school. When the gladiator troupe is sent to Pompeii to take part in the games, Lucius is befriended by Valens, the sponsor of the games, who offers to help him find his father. Meanwhile, strange rumblings and tremors are felt in the town, and a seer is warning that the ?end of days? is approaching. Can Quin survive his fights with the seasoned gladiators of Pompeii? And is Valens all he seems?
Look after me, Aoife Walsh.
Phoebe's mum and dad are foster parents, and they're having a tough time. Her dad's moved out for bit, and her little foster brothers are playing up. So when Phoebe and her brother Adam find a baby abandoned in their den, they decide to try and look after her themselves.
Tom and Jerry. Santa's little helpers.
A special delivery of holiday havoc from Tom and Jerry! It's going to be a wild winter with your favourite cat and mouse as Tom and Jerry return in this new collection of their most wonderful wintertime hits!
Greek warriors, Chris Blake.
On his fourth adventure, Tom becomes a Spartan soldier and must fight against the powerful Trojans. As he dodges clashing swords and flying arrows, will Tom find the next amulet?
Run! The elephant weighs a ton, Adam Frost.
Tom and Sophie join their mum in a dash to Whipsnade Zoo to help an elephant deliver its calf, and another exciting adventure begins. At first the elephant calf, Dirshani, struggles to survive as it doesn't eat well. With expert help and lots of care, the calf grows stronger, and Tom and Sophie have a new animal friend. During the next year the young elephant is encouraged to take its place in the herd. Tom and Sophie dream that one day Dirshani will take part in the elephant demonstration. But there are a few hurdles for them all to cross before that dream is realised in this thrilling animal adventure.
I am still not a loser, Barry Loser ; commas put in by Jim Smith.
Barry has a new problem: Gordon Smugly - who's got the most perfect name for himself ever in the history of having a name, because he looks like a Gordon and has stolen Barry's best friend. This book lets you join Barry as he attempts to get Bunky back, organises a girly-screamvo.

Into Reading

Frog's lucky day, written by Eve Bunting ; illustrated by Josee Masse.
A beginning reader book containing two stories in which Frog and his friends try to find the end of the rainbow and Frog looks for a new pond when an unwelcome visitor won't leave his.
Monstar makes a wish, Steve Cole ; illustrated by Pete Williamson.
She's green. She's fluffy. She's Monstar. When Monstar digs a tunnel to a Top Secret workshop, she finds a magic lamp! Now all of her wishes can come true.
Snowy, Berlie Doherty ; illustrated by Keith Bowen.
Rachel loves living on a narrowboat. There are so many things she loves about it but most of all Rachel loves Snowy, the big and beautiful boat horse.
Peas & tickles, Kes Gray & Nick Sharratt.
Eat Your Peas: Winner of the Children's Book Award. Just how much does Mum want Daisy to eat her peas? Well, she'll give Daisy an extra pudding, a baby elephant, and even a chocolate factory. But Daisy has something up her sleeve! You Do!: When Daisy's mum tells her not to pick her nose, she replies, "You do!". What other naughty things does Mum do when she thinks Daisy's not looking?
Splat and Seymour, best friends forevermore, based on the bestselling books by Rob Scotton ; cover art by Rick Farley ; text by Alissa Heyman ; interior illustrations by Robert Eberz.
While planning a surprise party to show his best friend Seymour how much he values their friendship, Splat keeps so many secrets Seymour doesn't want to be friends anymore.


STEP into storytime : using StoryTime Effective Practice to strengthen the development of newborns to five-year-olds, Saroj Nadkarni Ghoting and Kathy Fling Klatt.
There are challenges to creating programs for mixed-age groups over a wide range of developmental stages, while keeping these programs "age appropriate" and engaging the children. This book offers the background knowledge and framework to use as a springboard for understanding the complexity of interactions with children, and for increasing your own creativity as you plan and present storytimes.
The little book of storytelling : telling stories in the early years foundation stage, Mary Medlicott ; illustrations by Martha Hardy.
Let Mary Medlicott help you with a key skill telling stories without a book. Ideas and activities are carefully explored so you feel confident and enjoy the experience as much as the children will.
Kids who are changing the world : a book from the Goodplanet Foundation, photographs by Yann Arthus-Bertrand ; text by Anne Jankeliowitch.
Profiles forty-five children around the world who are taking steps to help the environment through fund-raising, public demonstrations, and creating activist art, and includes suggestions on how readers can get involved.
Reading with pictures : comics that make kids smarter!, Josh Elder, [editor].
Featuring more than a dozen short comic stories, this volume addresses specific learning concepts in Social Studies, Math, Language Arts, and Science while offering an immersive textual and visual experience that kids will enjoy even as it helps them learn.
Transport : then & now, Charles Hope.
Humans have been using transport for thousands of years. The cars, ships and planes of today have come a long way from the vehicles of the past. Welcome to the fascinating world of Transport: Then & Now.
My grandfather's coat, retold by Jim Aylesworth ; illustrated by Barbara McClintock.
A tailor's very old overcoat is recycled numerous times over the years into a variety of garments.
Usborne illustrated stories of princes and princesses, retold by Susanna Davidson, Rosie Dickins and Anna Milbourne ; illustrated by Alessandro Roberti ; additional illustrations by Antonia Miller.
A fully illustrated collection of classic fairy tales, that includes Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, and more traditional tales from around world.
Usborne Aesop's stories for little children.
This collection contains some of Aesop's most famous fables, including 'The Fox and The Crow', 'The Greedy Dog', 'The Sun and The Wind' and 'The Hare and Tortoise'.
My big barefoot book of wonderful words, Sophie Fatus.
Follow a bustling family through their busy day. The story unfolds through simple header sentences and bright detailed descriptions.
Know your numbers. School, Alex Kuskowski ; consulting editor, Diane Craig.
Teach kids to count and read at the same time! Know Your Numbers: School introduces early readers to numbers by paring them with simple sentences about school. Beautiful photos and graphics tie the written, numeral, and visual forms of each number together. For instance, one page has a picture of 18 lockers, a sentence about them, and four different ways to see the number eighteen. Help early learners gain reading practice and counting skills while building an interest in numbers. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. SandCastle is an imprint of Abdo Publishing.
Know your numbers. Animals, Mary Elizabeth Salzmann ; consulting editor, Diane Craig.
Teach kids to count and read at the same time! Know Your Numbers: Animals introduces early readers to numbers by paring them with simple sentences about animals. Beautiful photos and graphics tie the written, numeral, and visual forms of each number together. For instance, one page has a picture of 6 zebras, a sentence about them, and four different ways to see the number six. Help early learners gain reading practice and counting skills while building an interest in numbers. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. SandCastle is an imprint of Abdo Publishing.
Know your numbers. Food, Mary Elizabeth Salzmann ; consulting editor, Diane Craig.
Introduces numbers one through twenty using food.
Know your numbers. Toys, Mary Elizabeth Salzmann ; consulting editor, Diane Craig.
Teach kids to count and read at the same time! Know Your Numbers: Toys introduces early readers to numbers by paring them with simple sentences about toys. Beautiful photos and graphics tie the written, numeral, and visual forms of each number together. For instance, one page has a picture of 11 robots, a sentence about them, and four different ways to see the number eleven. Help early learners gain reading practice and counting skills while building an interest in numbers. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. SandCastle is an imprint of Abdo Publishing.
How far is deep space? : a mission of discovery, Guy Holt.
This is the book that begins on page one at the surface of the Earth and, as you turn the pages, takes the reader out through the atmosphere past all the major milestones to the very edge of Deep Space.
Space record breakers, Anne Rooney.
Space is mind-boggling. Time is measured in billions of years, and distances in trillions of kilometres. Space Record Breakers takes all this wonder and packages it in digestible, factual form, focusing half on the natural wonders of space and half on the history (and future) of humankind's exploration. Which is the biggest known planet? What's the hottest star? Who's the most intrepid astronaut?
See inside weather and climate : an Usborne flap book, Katie Daynes and Russell Tate.
This is a lift-the-flap book that introduces readers to the science of weather. The work is filled with facts from how hurricanes and floods happen to how global warming is affecting the Earth's climates.
iStorm : wild weather and other forces of nature, Anita Ganeri.
Discovering dinosaurs, Bob Walters and Tess Kissinger.
Features information and illustrations of nearly 140 species of dinosaur, including the latest discoveries in the field of paleontology.
In the rainforest, written and illustrated by Kate Duke.
A lively introduction to the rainforest combines illustrations and diagrams with explanations about the abundant plant and animal life that can be found there.
Hunters and hunted, Charles Hope.
The animal kingdom is a dangerous place, especially at mealtime. While hunters are out searching for their dinner, the hunted are using all sorts of tricks just to stay alive. Welcome to the frightening and dangerous world of hunters and hunted.
Lifesize rainforest, written by Anita Ganeri ; illustrated by Stuart Jackson Carter.
Lifesize Rainforest offers a unique opportunity to see a variety of amazing creatures at their actual size. Unbelievable, eye-catching illustrations show beautiful scenes and perspectives; the artwork is as vibrant and real as a photograph, but better! Presented in a lavish picture-book style with lyrical text that will fascinate young readers. The exciting adventure takes you from the very small tiny blue poison dart frogs to the huge a scary green anaconda. Deep in the forest you will meet an array of creatures, including fighting Goliath beetles, a cute Philippine tarsier with her baby, and a snarling jaguar. Pages at the end of the book show each animal in its entirety, along with fascinating facts and figures.
Honey bees closeup, Charles Hope.
Take a closer look at these important insects. Not only do bees provide us with honey and beeswax, they are responsible for much of the food we depend on every day!
Freshwater fishes, Amber McEwan.
Introduces the physical characteristics, habitat and behaviour of different species of New Zealand freshwater fishes.
Searching for Great White sharks : a shark diver's quest for Mr. Big, Mary M. Cerullo ; photographs by Jeffrey L. Rotman ; consultant, James Sulikowski.
Provides information on great white sharks and shares a shark diver's experiences searching for and photographing them.
Kali's story : an orphaned polar bear rescue, Jennifer Keats Curtis ; photography by John Gomes.
Follow the photographic journey of orphaned polar bear Kali (pronounced Cully) as he is rescued and whisked away to the Inupiat village of Kali (Point Lay in English). Villagers care for him until a plane flies him to the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage. There, he grows and learns skills from zookeepers filling in for his mother. Since young cubs need companionship, animal experts find a friend for Kali, Luna, a female polar bear, at the Buffalo Zoo in New York.
How to be a space explorer : your out-of-this-world adventure, written by Mark Brake.
Everything young explorers needs to know to travel in space, covering what life in zero gravity is like, how to find your way around the solar system, and the all-important question of how to pee in a spacesuit! Unique illustrations take kids to the heart of the action and amazing photos show what the universe is really like. Incredible stories of real-life space exploration for kids aged 8 and up, by author and astrobiologist Professor Mark Brake. More than 300 amazing photographs. The perfect present for every aspirant astronaut!
Disney Frozen hairstyles, [author, Theodora Mjoll Skuladottir Jack].
Learn how to create beautiful hairstyles, including braids, updos, buns, and ponytails, inspired by Disney's Frozen princesses, Anna and Elsa.
Get into art. People, Susie Brooks.
A children's activity series that explores a wide range of artists' work while encouraging children to develop their own skills and techniques. It includes an array of portraiture artworks from artists as diverse as Leonardo, Suerat and Munch. Each is paired with an art activity for children to do themselves.
Art for all seasons : 40 creative mixed media adventures for children : inspired by nature and contemporary artists, Susan Schwake ; photography layout and design, Rainer Schwake.
"Art for All Seasons" is a well-thought-out handbook of nature-inspired art adventures that can be explored over and over with different results each time. Perfect for parents, teachers, grandparents or anyone working with children making art! The nature-based lessons are beautifully illustrated with more than 400 full-colour photographs of the process and additional inspirational images of contemporary artists work.
Origami dinosaurs, Lisa Miles.
Offers step-by-step instructions for origami dinosaur projects, including how to make a diplodocus, allosaurus, and stegosaurus.
Origami pets, Lisa Miles.
Whether cat lovers or dog people, readers will enjoy making paper art featuring their favourite pets! With an introduction to the basic folding techniques as well as step-by-step instructions, these origami projects will engage readers in learning a cool new kind of art. Each step of the process has an accompanying image to help readers create all kinds of petsfrom turtles to hamsters. Brief, interesting facts about each animal augment each project, while colourful photographs show each featured animal in action.
The beano annual. 2015.
The 2015 editon of the annual collection of the Beano comic.
Marvel super hero character encyclopaedia, Scott Peterson ; illustrated by Pat Olliffe and Hi-Fi Design.
An A to Z guide to the Super Heroes of the Marvel Universe from Ant-Man to Wolverine, and everyone in between! The guide gives detailed descriptions of everyone's favourite characters including their origins, powers and secret identities. Full of trivia and fun facts on more than 100 heroes, this exciting book is sure to delight Marvel fans, young and old!
Drums, Kate Riggs.
A primary prelude to drums, including what the percussion instruments look and sound like, basic instructions on how to play them, and the kinds of music that feature them.
Disney Frozen : the essential guide, written by Barbara Bazaldua.
Shares facts about the characters, themes, and locations of the Disney movie "Frozen," while recounting the story of adventurer Anna, who teams up with a mountain man and his reindeer sidekick to find her sister and end an icy curse.
Ballet spectacular : a children's guide to ballet and an insight into a magical world, Lisa Miles.
Stunning images from the collections at The Royal Ballet are accompanied by informative and fact-filled text to offer a detailed insight into this magical world. Ballet Spectacular is perfect for budding principal dancers, those who love to watch ballet, and anyone with an interest in this beautiful art form.
Where's Santa?, written by Bryony Jones ; illustrated by Chuck Whelon ; designed by Angie Allison and Zoe Bradley.
He's making a list, he's checking it twice Santa's preparations for Christmas are going well until his elves go missing! Santa launches a global search, and the hunt is on to find the cheeky helpers in time to save Christmas. Can you spot Santa and his ten elves on each delightfully detailed, hilarious scene?
Spot the reindeer at Christmas, Krina Patel & Tasha Percy ; illustrated by Marc Mones.
Christmas time is full of treats and surprises! Can you find the little red-nosed reindeer? There's so much going on from wrapping presents to decorating the Christmas tree, that he may be hard to spot. Don't forget to look for other hidden objects as you work your way through every spread, taking in all the magical detail. Fantastic spot book activities, combined with festive settings, make for an informative and entertaining series. Interesting facts add further educational value to the books. Children will love this fun-packed book perfect for that special time of year.
The great fairy tale search, illustrated by Chuck Whelon ; edited by Hannah Cohen.
A truly magical search book brimming with enchanting scenes from kids' favourite fairytales. From Cinderella's glass slipper and Jack's magic beans to Little Red Riding Hood lost in the forest, there are plenty of fun, familiar characters, creatures and objects to spot on every page.
Everything is a poem : the best of J. Patrick Lewis, J. Patrick Lewis with illustrations by Maria Cristina Pritelli.
A delightfully wide-ranging poetry collection taken from previously published and new works by American poet J. Patrick Lewis is illustrated by Italian artist Maria Cristina Pritelli.
A little ABC book, Jenny Palmer.
An animal poem for every letter of the alphabet. Find a little flying squirrel, otters, giraffes, penguins and even a little unicorn inside!
Sawdust trail : a collection of New Zealand stories, Marlene J Bennetts ; illustrated by Trish Bowles.
"The Sawdust Trail is a collection of true stories for children based on the author's childhood years growing up in remote sawmill camps in the North and South Islands of New Zealand" — Back cover.
Meet Nancy Bird Walton, written by Grace Atwood ; illustrated by Harry Slaghekke
A picture book series about the extraordinary men and women who have shaped Australia's history, including Australia's first female commercial pilot, Nancy Bird Walton. Nancy Bird Walton grew up during the golden age of aviation. By the time she was 13, Nancy knew she wanted to fly. When she was 18 Nancy studied under the famous aviator Charles Kingsford Smith. This is the story of how Nancy began her career as Australia's first female commercial pilot.
Shoot for the stars, 5 Seconds of Summer.
Find out everything you've ever wanted to know about Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton. With fab faves, info on their secret crushes, behind the scenes gossip from their time on tour and loads more, plus tons of gorgeous glossy photos. Includes bonus sticker sheet.
5 Seconds of Summer : the ultimate fan book, Malcolm Croft.
5SOS write their own songs and play their own instruments. They are a lot more than just another boy band. Inside this ultimate fan guide you'll discover a whole heap of exclusive information about Ash, Cal, Mike and Luke your new fave group! Join them on their journey and catch up with everything you need to know: the two world tours (so far!), the awesome music, the fan fever, what they like and what they want. And of course the (One) Direction they are taking with their very famous friends!
The legend of Saint Nicholas, written by Anselm Grun ; illustrated by Giuliano Ferri ; translated by Laura Watkinson.
An introduction to the saint who is the inspiration for Santa Claus.
The right word : Roget and his thesaurus, Jen Bryant, Melissa Sweet.
The story of "shy young Peter Mark Roget, [for whom] books were the best companions and it wasn't long before Peter began writing his own book. But he didn't write stories; he wrote lists. Peter took his love for words and turned it to organizing ideas and finding exactly the right word to express just what he thought. His lists grew and grew, eventually turning into one of the most important reference books of all time.
50 things you should know about the First World War, Jim Eldridge.
50 Things You Should Know About the First World War is the perfect introduction to a tragic chapter in world history, published to mark the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War.
Bu ke si yi de lu cheng, (Mei) Ailun Beikeer zhu.
O, bu!, Andelie Buxiaer zhu hui ; Shao Lei yi ; Ren Rongrong shen yi.
Yi zhi hui lao shu, Kaiselin Bodun wen, Jinmu Feiernandesi tu ; Xie Ying yi.
Pao long tao, Mixiaaier Aisikefeiye zhu ; Rang-Fulangsuowa Dumeng hui ; Shao Lei yi ; Ren Rongrong shen yi.
Mang lu de xiao lao shu, Youjinniya Feiernandesi wen, Jinmu Feiernandesi tu ; Xie Ying yi.
Xiao lao shu de da ri zi, Youjinniya Feiernandesi wen, Jinmu Feiernandesi tu ; Xie Ying yi.
You kun you lei de xiao lao shu, Youjinniya Feiernandesi wen, Jinmu Feiernandesi tu ; Xie Ying yi.
Xiao he li de cao mao, Gao Hongbo wen, Lai Ma tu.
Kuai tao kuai tao, zhe shi wei xian da bian!, Sushan Gaici wen ; Chaersi Fuge tu ; Wei Xin yi.
Wo ai ba ba, [Ying] Danni'er Haowosi zhu ; Song Hongtu yi.
Wo ai ma ma, [Ying] Danni'er Haowosi zhu ; Song Hongtu yi.
Ni xiao qi lai ke ai ji le, Shanmu Maikebuleini wen, Chaersi Fuge tu ; Gao Xiaoxiao yi.
Wo men xing, Shanmu Maikebuleini wen, Chaersi Fuge tu ; Guo Yanpei yi.
Bei ka zhu de ya zi, Kaier Mouben zhu ; Ali Taiao, Yuehan Aolaili hui ; Hao Fangyuan yi ; Ren Rongrong shen yi.
Mama zui qing chu gai zen me zuo, Jier Mofei wen ; Wei Xin yi.
Yi dui dao dan gui = Double trouble, (Ao) Daibola Nilande ; Huadong Zi yi.
Rao zhe di qiu pao yi quan. Di san ji, Zhong hua zhi lu : Dong Nan di qu.
San ge he shang : mei de pian, bian xie, You shi wen hua ; cha tu, Yu qing gong zuo shi, Zhang Yanlei, Gezilu.
Ni neng bang bang wo ma?, Babala Shimite zhu ; Dike Shimite hui ; Xu Yin yi ; Ren Rongrong shen yi.
Qing jiu jiu wo ba!, Babala Shimite zhu ; Dike Shimite hui ; Xu Yin yi ; Ren Rongrong shen yi.
Sima Guang za gang : zhi hui pian, bian xie, Youshiwenhua ; cha tu, Zhang Yanlei, Gezilu, Fu Bochan.
Ji qi dong wu, Kelisi Tujiasi zhu hui ; Tang Cuiyun yi.
Di 101 zhi xiao hai ma, Magelite Huaierde wen ; Tairui Dandun tu ; Wei Xin yi.
Pipi zhu he ba ba, Magelite Huaide wen ; Sidifen Maike'er Jin tu ; Xia Mu yi.
Konchikonchi chaemchaem, Choe Suk -hui kul, kurim.
Naonda naonda naonda, Ch'on Mi jin kul ; So Yu no kurim.
Sankoltchagi Yoni ne pibimpap, kul Ch'on Mi-jin chium ; kurim Yang Yun-mi.
Kkaemulmyon andoe!, Maik'ul Tal ; Adam Rek'odu kurim, Kongsang kongjang omgim.
Pungo ppang hyongje, Ho Yun : Kim Mi un kurim.
Appanun norit'o, Kim Mi gyong kul, kurim.
Chedori ui majimak kongyon, Kim San-ha kul ; Kim Han-min kurim.
Agiga ajangajang, Kwon Sa u kul, kurim.
T'okkidului pam, Yi Su ji.
Talryora, kkoma pobalggun, O Chin won ; Kim I jo kurim.
Saekggali kunggumhae, No Chong im kul ; An Kyong ja kurim.
Vegetables = Yachae : English-Korean, [designed by Hakan San Bortecin].
Modu modu annyong!, Yun Yo-rim ; Bae Hyon-ju kurim.
Bolshaia entsiklopediia voprosov i otvetov, Dzh. Dzhonson, E. Kei, K. Oliver, C. Parker i P. Raili ; [perevod s angliiskogo M.M. Zhukovoi [and six others]].
Masha i medved. Masha + Kasha, avtor teksta, Nina Imanova.
Istoriia o starike Kulebiakine, plaksivoi kobyle Mile i zherebenke Ravkine, Liudmila Ulitskaia ; khudozhnik, Daria Gerasimova.

Older Fiction

Watership Down, Richard Adams with illustrations by Aldo Galli.
A phenomenal worldwide bestseller for over forty years, Richard Adams' spellbinding classic Watership Down is one of the best-loved novels of all time. Set in the beautiful English countryside of the Berkshire Downs, a once idyllic rural landscape, this stirring tale of adventure, courage, and survival follows a band of very special rabbits fleeing the destruction of their home by a developer. Led by a stout-hearted pair of brothers, they leave the safety of Sandleford Warren in search of a safe haven and a mysterious promised land, skirting danger at every turn. A book that resonates as vividly today as it did nearly half a century ago, this keepsake Oneworld Classic edition showcases more than twenty sumptuous, evocative paintings from Aldo Galli, an illustrator chosen by Richard Adams himself.
The fairy-tale matchmaker, E.D. Baker.
Defying her mother's wishes and the Tooth Fairy Guild, Cory quits her tooth fairy training to explore such things as babysitting an adventurous Humpty Dumpty and helping Suzy organize her seashells by the seashore until, at last, Cory discovers a power she never knew she had.
And the band played Waltzing Matilda, written by Eric Bogle ; illustrated by Bruce Whatley.
The iconic song about the Battle of Gallipoli, written by Eric Bogle in 1972 at the height of the anti-war movement, re-imagined by esteemed children's illustrator Bruce Whatley.
Spirit's key, Edith Cohn.
Having finally developed the psychic ability her father has used to provide for them, twelve-year-old Spirit Holden, aided by the ghost of her beloved dog Sky, investigates the mystery of why wild dogs are dying on their remote island.
A Christmas carol, Charles Dickens with illustrations by Arthur Rackham.
Ebeneezer Scrooge is a cruel, mean, miserable old man. Safely tucked up on his bed one cold Christmas Eve, he has no care in the world for his poor employee Bob Cratchit and his dying son Tiny Tim. But Scrooge's fortunes are set to change.
The beach they called Gallipoli, Jackie French & Bruce Whatley.
An extraordinary exploration of Gallipoli created by the incredible Jackie French and Bruce Whatley. Many books have been written about the battles of Gallipoli; the men who went to war and what they faced, the letters, and the tears of those left behind. But this is a book about Gallipoli, the place, and what happened on Gallipoli Beach from April - December 1915. With beautiful and painterly illustrations by Bruce Whatley this is a book that explores the beach where the battles took place. In focusing on the actual place of war, the book will also examine many other aspects of WW1, from the soldiers and the conditions they fought in, to the civilians at home. This is more than a book about ANZACS; this is a book about and for all of the nationalities who fought at that cove, not matter what side they were on.
Thursdays with the crown, Jessica Day George.
Castle Glower's towers have transported Princess Celie, her siblings, and her pet griffin, Rufus, to an unknown land. As they set out on a dangerous adventure to discover their whereabouts, they find an entire lost people, divided by the wishes of two wizards in a centuries-old quarrel over their beloved home Castle Glower.
The island of lost horses, Stacy Gregg.
Two girls divided by time, united by their love for some very special horses - an epic Caribbean adventure! On a remote tropical island, twelve year-old Beatriz is about to embark on an epic journey, through hurricanes and across the high seas and back to the time of Christopher Columbus - when Beatriz stumbles across a wild mare with strange markings in the jungle she can't believe it is real. Yet from that moment on the strongest connection grows between them, and she begins to uncover an incredible history. For centuries ago, Felipa and her horse, Cara Blanca, were running for their lives. As the fates of Beatriz, Felipa and their horses become entwined, Beatriz realises that the future of the world's rarest horses depends on her. Based on the extraordinary true story of the Abaco Barb, a real-life mystery that has remained unsolved for over five hundred years.
Rosabelle, Linda Harrington.
"Jane Williams is an 11 year old girl growing up in 1970s New Zealand, a farming nation at the bottom of the world. Living on the outskirts of a small rural town, her family have no telephone, no fridge, and use an outside toilet. However, the family does own a promising racehorse, Jane's pride and joy - Rosabelle. But when the family falls on tough times, Jane finds out that all is not as it seems in Woodville. With the help of her Italian best friend and Scottish teacher, will Jane be able to uncover the town's and her own family's secrets and save Rosabelle before it's too late?" — Back cover.
Bo at Iditarod Creek, Kirkpatrick Hill ; illustrations by LeUyen Pham.
In 1920s Alaska, when five-year-old Bo and her two adoptive fathers move to Iditarod Creek to work at a new gold mine, Bo feels homesick until she realizes there is friendship to be found everywhere and Iditarod Creek may hold some surprises for her already unconventional family.
Biggles' secret assignments, Captain W.E. Johns.
Takes author from the icy wastes of Antarctica to remote regions of China: hunting a Second World War German submarine loaded with stolen gold battling with desperate villains over an ice-bound treasure ship tackling his arch enemy Erich Von Stalhein and teaming up with Gimlet King's special forces unit undercover in China.
Half a world away, Cynthia Kadohata.
Twelve-year-old Jaden, an emotionally damaged adopted boy fascinated by electricity, feels a connection to a small, weak toddler with special needs in Kazakhstan, where Jaden's family is trying to adopt a "normal" baby.
The jungle book, Rudyard Kipling ; illustrated by J. Lockwood Kipling, C.I.E. and W.H. Drake with a foreword by Ben Fogle.
The Jungle Book is a collection of Rudyard Kipling's animal stories, wonderfully told and interweaving moral lessons with classic tales. They include the stories of Mowgli, a boy raised by wolves in the Indian jungle, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, a brave mongoose, and Toomai of the Elephants, the story of a young elephant handler. Gloriously illustrated with the original line artwork by J. Lockwood Kipling C.I.E and W. H. Drake and with a foreword by Ben Fogle and a ribbon marker, this beautiful hardback edition of Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book, which was first published by Macmillan in 1894, is a truly special gift to treasure.
The Emerald Shore, Barbara Mariconda.
Lucy travels to Ireland in her magical house-turned-ship to find the pirate treasure that will end the magical curse haunting her family once and for all.
Cold as ice, Sarah Mlynowski.
On their sixth trip through the magic mirror, Abby and Jonah find themselves in the story of the Snow Queen, a troubled character who chose power over family and friendship, and Abby has free the children the Queen has under her spell with the help of her new friend, a talking reindeer called Ralph, and a strange girl named Sharon.
Half a man, Michael Morpurgo ; illustrated by Gemma O'Callaghan.
From a young age, Michael was both fascinated by and afraid of his grandfather. Grandpa's ship was torpedoed during the Second World War, leaving him with terrible burns. Every time he came to stay, Michael was warned by his mother that he must not stare, he must not make too much noise, he must not ask Grandpa any questions about his past. As he grows older, Michael stays with his grandfather during the summer holidays, and as he finally learns the story behind Grandpa's injuries, he gets to know the real man behind the solemn figure from his childhood. Michael can see beyond the burns, and this gives him the power to begin healing some of the scars that have divided his family for so long.
Rogue Knight, Brandon Mull.
When the hunt for his lost friends leads Cole Randolph to the kingdom of Elloweer, he and new friends Mira, Twitch, and Jace team up with the resistance movement to search for Mira's sister, Honor, but enemies abound and Cole and Mira must use a new kind of magic to protect themselves.
House of robots, James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein ; illustrated by Juliana Neufeld.
It was never easy for Sammy Hayes-Rodriguez to fit in, so he's dreading the day when his genius mom insists he bring her newest invention to school: a walking, talking robot he calls E for "Error". Sammy's no stranger to robots his house is full of a colourful cast of them.
Isabel's war, Lila Perl.
Twelve-year-old Isabel has no interest in the war in Europe until her family welcomes Helga, a German war refugee, into their home in the Bronx.
The red pencil, Andrea Davis Pinkney ; illustrated by Shane W. Evans.
After her tribal village is attacked by militants, Amira, a young Sudanese girl, must flee to safety at a refugee camp, where she finds hope and the chance to pursue an education in the form of a single red pencil and the friendship and encouragement of a wise elder.
Once upon a dork, Rachel Renee Russell with Nikki Russell and Erin Russell.
The Queen of the Dorks is back in a brand new installment of the internationally bestselling series, now with 13 million copies in print worldwide! After a bump on the head, Nikki has a wild dream in which she, her BFF's Chloe and Zoey, her crush Brandon, and mean girl Mackenzie all end up playing the roles of some familiar classic fairy tale characters. Will Nikki's dream turn into a nightmare?
The map to everywhere, Carrie Ryan & John Parke Davis ; illustrations by Todd Harris.
Twelve-year-old Fin, a master thief from the pirate world of Khaznot Quay, and Marrill, also twelve, of Arizona, cross paths in the magical world of the Pirate Stream while on a quest for a mysterious map.
Fat & Bones and other stories, Larissa Theule ; illustrations by Adam S. Doyle.
When a farmer dies, the decades-old feud between his son, Bones, and Fat, a fairy who lives in a tree on the farm, escalates, with surprising consequences for Bones' mother and the farm animals.
The missing pieces of me, Jean Van Leeuwen.
More than anything, ten-year-old Weezie wants to please her momma. She babysits her spoiled half-sister, Ruth Ann, and little Jackson. She makes tea for Momma in Gramma Emmeline's beautiful teapot. She even tries to cook dinner. But nothing turns out quite right. And Momma is never pleased. Hard times and a daddy who ran off before she was born seem to have stolen all of Momma's love. If only Weezie could find her daddy, she's sure her life would be happier.

Picture Books

Babies will love this touchy-feely book, packed with appealing photographs of cute animals and tactile textures to engage the senses.
Train!, Judi Abbot.
Join Little Elephant and his friends in this fantastically fun story for toddlers who love trains, planes, cars and diggers!
Moonman, Ned Barraud ; [text developed by Tania Norfolk].
Moonman has often wondered about the glowing blue globe that he can see from his home on the moon. And when he hitches a ride on a passing shooting star down to Earth, he finds a wonderful new world with trees and fields of flowers and the shimmering sea. The only problem however, is that Moonman has never encountered daybreak before, with its burning sun. He must now get back to the moon.
Cats got talent, written and illustrated by Ron Barrett.
When three cats find themselves homeless in an alley, they form a singing group with the hope that they will earn the love they crave.
The witch with an itch, Helen Baugh, Deborah Allwright.
Follow one little witch as she tries to cast spells on some innocent woodland creatures. Each time she tries a bad spell, the witch gets an itch that sends her spells off in all sorts of unexpected directions. Discover the solution to the mystery of Little Witch's itch in this wickedly witty rhyming read, brought to life by the bestselling illustrator of The Night Pirates.
Princess Sleepyhead and the night-night bear, Peter Bently, Laura Ellen Anderson.
The moon's in the sky and the kingdom's asleep. The cows are all slumbering. So are the sheep. The ducks are tucked up in the roots of the willow. The rabbit is drowsily nibbling his pillow. Night has fallen on the castle, and all the people and animals in the kingdom are snuggled up and snoozing. All except Princess Sleepyhead she's tried running, jumping, counting and chasing, but it's no use she just can't get to sleep! Luckily the Night-Night Bear is on hand to help. He knows that what every little princess needs at bedtime is a story, and most importantly a goodnight kiss.
The big question, Leen van den Berg & Kaatje Vermeire ; translated by David Colmer.
How do you know you love someone? Elephant has this difficult question on her mind and she can't stop thinking about it.
The great game of Kiwi tag, Curt Boring ; art and words by Curtis L. Boring.
Everyone loves a game of tag, even these adorable kiwis. So, come join the feathery fun.
Miss Brooks' Story Nook : where tales are told and ogres are welcome, story by Barbara Bottner ; illustrations by Michael Emberley.
A school librarian encourages her students to make up stories, and teaches a lesson about bullying in the process.
The animals' Santa, Jan Brett.
A rabbit named Little Snow is celebrating his first Christmas, and after all the forest animals tell him about the animals' Santa, he is excited to wake up on Christmas morning to find his own surprise.
My New Zealand 123 book : learn counting with art and objects from Te Papa, text by James Brown and Frances Samuel.
Learn numbers from one to one million! A New Zealand board book, featuring highly recognisable popular images of objects and artworks from the Te Papa collection.
My New Zealand colours book : learn colours with art and objects from Te Papa, text by James Brown and Frances Samuel.
Learn colours, from red to rainbow! A New Zealand board book, featuring highly recognisable popular images of objects and artworks from the Te Papa collection
Babar's world tour, Laurent de Brunhoff.
Babar and his family take a trip around the world.
He kereru, na Carolyn Collis ; [kaiwhakamaori, Piripi Walker].
Oscar the Bear visits a kereru in the bush. English text on back cover.
He tuna, na Carolyn Collis ; [kaiwhakamaori, Piripi Walker].
Reader for children in Maori where Oscar the Bear finds out about eels. English text on back cover.
Roa, na Carolyn Collis ; [kaiwhakamaori, Piripi Walker].
The toys are taking turns to stand by a height chart to compare their heights; written in Te Reo. Oscar the Bear stands on boxes and the toys tell him that is not how tall he is. This story supports topics on measuring height. English text on back cover.
Taku arawhata, na Carolyn Collis ; [kaiwhakamaori Piripi Walker].
Oscar the Bear is asked to go up his rope ladder to get objects stuck in a plum tree; written in Te Reo. This story supports describing a sequence of events and problem solving. The topic of helping supports value studies. Text in English on back cover.
Maisy's Christmas tree : a Maisy shaped board book, Lucy Cousins.
Get festive with Maisy in this delightful Christmas tree-shaped book of fun and learning!
Toby goes cycling, story by Mary Cowen ; pictures by Lynne McAra.
Toby the Dog lives in the city with his family and loves going on adventures with them. This time, Toby's adventure is a trip to the park in a bicycle basket.
The little school bus, Margery Cuyler ; illustrated by Bob Kolar.
A happy little school bus and Driver Bob wake up early to pick up children, drop them off at school, then head to the garage for some minor repairs.
Snow, Walter de la Mare ; illustrated by Carolina Rabei.
No breath of wind, No gleam of sun Still the white snow Whirls softly down As the day draws to a close, a family prepares for Christmas decorating the tree, hanging stockings by the fire, putting out a plate of mince pies. Outside, the world turns to white.
I am Henry Finch, Alexis Deacon ; illustrated by Viviane Schwarz.
For budding philosophers of all ages, this is the uplifting story of Henry Finch the loveable little bird who strives for greatness, gets it all a bit wrong, then makes it right again in a very surprising way truly becoming great. Henry Finch is a total inspiration. This is an inspirational book. It is also very funny.
The lonely sea dragon, Helen Dunmore ; illustrations by Rebecca Cobb.
Callum and Amy discover a sea dragon in a cave along the beach. The sea dragon is lost and cannot find his friends and relatives. They buy the sea dragon ice cream, chips with curry sauce and a balloon to play with. As the summer ends it's time for the sea dragon to find other sea dragons.
Catch that cookie!, Hallie Durand ; pictures by David Small.
Marshall refuses to believe that gingerbread men can run, even after a series of clues leads his class on a riddle-filled gingerbread cookie hunt.
Go, shapes, go!, Denise Fleming.
Circles, rectangles, ovals, arcs, and more have fun moving about, along with a mischievous mouse that wants to play, too.
Oliver and Patch, Claire Freedman and Kate Hindley.
Oliver is finding the big city a lonely and scary place but when he finds a little lost dog he makes his first friend in the city. The trouble is, he knows that somewhere out there someone is missing the little dog just as much as he is loving having him, So, with a heavy heart, Oliver sets about doing the right thing.
Olive and the embarrassing gift, Tor Freeman.
When the other animals laugh at Olive for wearing the hat she received as a gift from Joe, she is not sure what to do about it.
The last polar bear, Jean Craighead George ; paintings by Wendell Minor.
Tigluk and his grandmother paddle out into the Arctic Ocean where they find a young polar bear whose mother has died because of the changes brought about by the warming climate, and they bring the cub back to their town so they can teach it how to survive in a changing world.
Cats are cats, Valeri Gorbachev.
Miss Bell loves her cat Tiger, despite his tendency to act like a tiger.
I am the wolf … and here I come!, Benedicte Guettier ; translated by Penelope Todd.
Watch the wolf put on his trousers, his T-shirt, his socks, and more. But what is his plan once he's fully dressed? Careful, he might bite!
My Aunt Mary went shopping, story by Roger Hall ; pictures by Daron Parton.
A cumulative rhyming story in which Aunt Mary goes shopping and buys all sorts of weird and wonderful things.
Princess Patty meets her match, Charise Mericle Harper.
With no Prince Charming in sight, Princess Patty sets out on a journey to find one for herself.
Outside, Libby Hathorn ; illustrated by Ritva Voutila.
Like the garden it portrays, this is a Baroque wonderland waiting to be explored, a shimmery place of texture, luminosity and colour where time stands still and memories are born. Two internationally acclaimed creators - author Libby Hathorn and artist Ritva Voutila - have coupled their dazzling imaginative powers to capture the wonder of childhood in this homage to the magic of a garden.
Fall leaves, Loretta Holland ; illustrated by Elly MacKay.
Wordplay with homonyms puts autumn on display and captures the art and science of season change.
Counting aussie animals in my garden, Bronwyn Houston.
Bronwyn Houston makes counting to 10 so much fun! Her textured and vivid illustrations bring a tropical Australian garden to life, with a touch of humour thrown in. From kookaburras laughing on a fence to bull ants marching through the dirt find out what these Australian animals get up to in Bronwyn's backyard.
Celestine and the penguins, Penny Ives.
Re-released in paperback, this title features confident little duck heroine, Celestine, who is bored of waiting for the snow to arrive one winter. She decides to make her own, but cotton wool and paper just aren't the same. As she trudges back to her house, who should be behind her but a host of baby penguins, set adrift from Antarctica! After attempts to recreate the chill of the South Pole fail, it's up to Celestine to find a way to send the penguins home.
Numbers everywhere, Elliott Kaufman.
A follow-up to Elliott Kaufman's Alphabet Everywhere, Numbers Everywhere reveals how digits and mathematical symbols can be revealed in the world around us. Kaufman's photographs discover numbers unintentionally created by architectural details, shadows, light and natural elements. In addition to pictures of the individual numbers, the last section includes simple math equations using the photographs to create the formulas.
Michael Hague's illustrated The teddy bears' picnic, Jimmy Kennedy.
A newly-illustrated version of the song about teddy bears picnicking independently of their "owners."
There was an old lady who swallowed a fly, Rashin.
An illustrated version of the cumulative folk song in which the solution proves worse than the predicament when an old lady swallows a fly.
Roar : a big-mouthed book of noises!, text by Jonathan Litton ; illustrated by Fhiona Galloway.
Who's the loudest animal in this fiercely fun book of noises? With colourful, concentric finger holes on every page, this sounds book with an exciting rhyming text makes learning noises come alive!
Tiptop cat, written and illustrated by C. Roger Mader.
A cat finds the courage to climb again after a frightening fall from his owner's apartment balcony.
Bear hug, Katharine McEwen.
A young bear begins his winter alone in this tale of seasons, family and the cycle of life.
Elmer's treasury, David McKee.
Offers a collection of five favourite stories starring the world famous patchwork elephant, including: Elmer; Elmer and Rose; Elmer and Grandpa Eldo; Elmer and the Lost Teddy; and Elmer and Super El.
The really abominable snowman, Valentina Mendicino.
A laugh-out-loud funny story about Milo, a lonely and misunderstood abominable snowman, who will try just about anything to make some friends.
Rosie's radical rescue ride, story, Kyle Mewburn ; illustrations, Mike Howie & Flux Animation.
On a New Zealand dairy farm there is a big problem when the tractor breaks down and the farmer can't cut the hay. With rain threatening, this is a big problem. But Rosie the cow, with a bit of number eight wire thinking plus teamwork from the herd, comes up with a novel solution that gets the hay cut and that also gives everyone a fun time!
Bug on a bike, Chris Monroe.
The bug on a bike is riding somewhere, but no one quite knows the destination. But that doesn't stop all the other animals from following along.
Naptime, Iris de Mouy ; translated by Shelley Tanaka.
All of the animals in the jungle are grumpy no, they will not take a nap! But one little girl may know just what to do to make sure these creatures can get some much-needed shut-eye.
Bow-Wow's nightmare neighbors, Mark Newgarden & Megan Montague Cash.
Bow-Wow, an expressive dog, tangles with some unruly neighbours in this wordless, spooky Halloween picture book.
Hunters of the great forest, Dennis Nolan.
A band of tiny hunters goes off on a mysterious but worthwhile expedition, evading predatory birds and animals along the way, in this wordless picture book.
The book with no pictures, B.J. Novak.
In this book with no pictures, the reader has to say every silly word, no matter what.
A piece of cake, LeUyen Pham.
Mouse has baked a special treat for Little Bird's birthday, but delivering it to his friend isn't easy not when everyone he meets along the way offers to trade something for a piece of cake.
When Angus met Alvin, Sue Pickford.
Angus is a gentle alien who loves growing things in his space garden. But his world is turned upside-down by the unwelcome arrival of Alvin, a cocky and boastful alien from a different planet. Until Alvin's clever-clever tricks misfire and turn him into a minute, pin-size creature, Angus helps his visitor recover - if he promises to behave better and learn some manners. Maybe the two aliens will end up friends after all.
Jingle bells, James Lord Pierpont ; illustrated by Niroot Puttapipat.
"Jingle Bells" is an irreplaceable part of Christmas celebrations around the world. This exquisite paper-cut edition, with elegant illustrations by Niroot Puttapipat, captures the thrill of sleigh-riding in the snow and the magic of the Christmas season. With the turn of each page the scene transforms, culminating in a stunning pop-up finale. The perfect book to share at Christmas, and to treasure for ever.
Lulu loves colours, Camilla Reid, Ailie Busby.
Today Lulu is painting pictures. What colour is Lulu's paint? Join Lulu as she learns her favourite colours and has lots of fun along the way! From big, blue elephants to a bright, yellow sun, little ones will love spotting each colour in this brilliantly interactive book. With a flap to lift on every spread, these perfectly-sized board books with rounded corners are just-right for little hands.
A new friend for Marmalade, Alison Reynolds, Heath McKenzie.
Best friends Ella, Maddy, and Marmalade the cat have different reactions when neighbour Toby comes over to play with them.
A tale of two beasts, Fiona Roberton.
A funny story about seeing the world from a different viewpoint.
Goodnight Santa, Michelle Robinson ; illustrated by Nick East.
It's Christmas Eve, and time to go to sleep. But while children all over the world snuggle up and close their eyes Santa is getting everything ready for his busiest night of the year.
Blizzard, John Rocco.
After a massive blizzard, a boy becomes a hero when he manages to walk to the local store and bring supplies back to his neighborhood which has been snowed in for days. Based on the author's childhood experience.
Bedtime : a slip-and-slide book, Maureen Roffey.
The dragon riders : book three of the Dragon brothers trilogy, words by James Russell ; illustrations by Link Choi.
The brothers find an ancient map and go exploring.
Coming home, Greg Ruth.
Follows the emotions of a young boy as he waits at an airport for a family member to return home from serving in the military.
Splat the cat and the snowy day surprise : a lift-the-flap book, based on the creation of Rob Scotton.
Splat the Cat has a fun-filled snow day in this lift-the-flap book.
Fancy dress jungle, Nick Sharratt.
All the jungle animals love wearing fancy dress but who's who? Babies and toddlers will love lifting the sturdy die-cut pages to find out.
The eel hunt, written by Jennifer Somervell ; illustrated by Margery Fern.
It's summer in the '70s and an idea is hatched to go eel hunting on the Manawatu River. With home-made spears, under the cloak of darkness, the intrepid eelers set off. But everything does not go according to plan. The river is darker and deeper than expected, the eels are slippery and determined not to be caught , and a gruesome discovery is made… .Eeling was common in the 1960s and '70s when eels were large and plentiful in New Zealand. Contains several pages on the real eel hunt. Learn how our unique longfin eel is now threatened and needs our protection.
Snappy birthday, Mark Sperring, Laura Ellen Anderson.
The children can't wait a birthday party? What fun! But their next-door neighbour is not all he seems. For starters, there's his large snout and very sharp teeth. Not to mention his scaly skin. Yes, there's no two ways about it, he's definitely a crocodile. Erm, crocodiles don't eat children, do they?
Sleep tight, Little Bear, Britta Teckentrup ; translated by David Henry Wilson.
It's cold in the woods and it's time for Little Bear to start his winter sleep. But not before he says good night to all of his special forest friends badger, deer, rabbit, mouse, fox, owl, squirrel, and wolf. Now Little Bear can happily fall asleep in his warm and cozy den all snuggled up to his mother knowing that his friends will watch out for him during his long winter's sleep.
The day no one was angry, Toon Tellegen ; illustrated by Marc Boutavant ; edited by Penelope Todd.
Twelve interconnected stories explore anger in all its shapes and sizes.
Mimi and Bear in the snow, Janee Trasler.
Bear is Mimi's constant companion until one busy day, when Bear is not there.
Melissa's octopus and other unsuitable pets, Charlotte Voake.
There are certain animals that make suitable pets, like a cat, a dog or a guinea pig. Then there are other animals that definitely make unsuitable pets, like an octopus, a warthog or an elephant. They are much too large, too messy and, well, just a tad free-spirited. They also have a tendency to break things like floors, ceilings and tables. But can you guess what makes the most unsuitable pet ever? Here's a clue he has a long, scaly green tail and very sharp teeth.
Moonlight Bear, Rosie Wellesley.
Eva drifts off to sleep with her favourite teddy bear. When she wakes in the night. Bear is gone. She looks all over her room only to find that her teddy has turned into a real bear. Bear takes Eva on an adventure around the town at night. They play, have fun and see other children with their animals while they are out. After rushing home before sunrise, Eva falls back to sleep. Was it all a dream?

Younger Fiction

Cinderella at the Vampire Ball, Laurence Anholt & Arthur Robins.
If only Cinderella had listened to her hideously ugly stepsisters when they told her to stay home and clean the house. Then she would not have invited in her Fairy Ghostmother or worn that beautiful gown which showed off her long white neck. Then she would not have gone to the creepy castle or danced with the vampire prince!
Jack and the giant spiderweb, Laurence Anholt & Arthur Robins.
Jack finds a huge spider web growing outside his bedroom window. He climbs to the top and gets caught by the eight hairy legs of the giant spider!
Love from Paddington, Michael Bond ; illustrated by Peggy Fortnum and R.W. Alley.
Sealed with a sticky paw! First class correspondence from the nation's favourite bear, Paddington, soon to be a major movie star! Dear Aunt Lucy, I expect this will come as a great surprise to you, but not only have I arrived in England, but I have an address! I'm staying at number 32 Windsor Gardens and it isn't at all like the Home for Retired Bears.
My father the great pirate : a tale, Davide Cali ; illustrated by Maurizio A.C. Quarello.
The amazing stories Dad tells of life with his pirate crew fire up his young son's imagination. But then, one year, Dad doesn't return home. Now it's his son's turn to make an amazing journey of his own to find his father. Soon he will discover a secret beyond anything he has imagined so far. From the award-winning creators of The Little Eskimo, and the acclaimed author of The Bear with the Sword, What is this Thing Called Love? and The Enemy.
Usborne illustrated pirate stories, stories written by Rosie Dickins [and six others] ; illustrated by Leo Broadley.
A fully illustrated collection of original adventure stories about swashbuckling pirates, their life on the ocean waves, and buried treasure.
Where's Wally now?, Martin Handford.
Travel back in time with Wally on a historical journey of the world, spotting a multitude of fun things along the way! Visit the Stone Age and find charging woolly rhinos, sail with the Vikings and spot a helmet of smoke, before zooming into the future to search for aliens! A favourite title rebranded for a new generation of Wally fans and educational too! Included: a striking new jacketed cover; an original poster of Woof on the underside of the jacket; a spot-the-difference game on the self-cover; a gatefold with a new visual of the checklist on every spread; a never-before-seen section of artwork revealed on every spread; new things to search for!
Dory Fantasmagory, Abby Hanlon.
Dory, the youngest in her family, is a girl with a very active imagination, and she spends the summer playing with her imaginary friend, pretending to be a dog, battling monsters, and generally driving her family nuts.
Lindbergh : the tale of a flying mouse, Torben Kuhlmann ; English text by Suzanne Levesque.
In a country far away, a new invention the mechanical mousetrap has caused all the mice but one to flee to America. Now stranded in a dangerous country, the last mouse decides to build a plane and fly to the land of freedom.
The Squickerwonkers, Evangeline Lilly ; illustrated by Johnny Fraser-Allen ; foreword by Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens.
Meet Selma of the Rin-Run Royals, a clever little girl who is spoiled to the core. One day Selma stumbles upon a band of colourful marionettes, and gets more than she bargained for. The remarkable Squickerwonkers of the fabulous Squickershow are about to teach Selma that she'll not always get her way. Evangeline Lilly is best known for her work as an actress, but her foremost passion has always been writing. This book is her first published work. Beautifully illustrated by Johnny Fraser-Allen, this eccentric and visually stunning cautionary tale will appeal to adults and children alike.
The boy who made things up, written by Margaret Mahy ; illustrated by Jenny Williams.
The witch dog, written by Margaret Mahy ; illustrated by Sam Usher.
The Witch Dance is a special party. Every witch brings a cloak, a hat and a cat. But not Witch Rose. She is allergic to cats! Luckily for her, Nightshade, the perfect Witch Dog is on hand to help. But can Witch Rose and Nightshade convince the other witches that a Witch Dog really can be as good as any cat?
Pigsticks and Harold and the incredible journey, Alex Milway.
Pigsticks and Harold set off on a journey to the Ends of the Earth armed only with a sense of adventure (Pigsticks'), common sense (Harold's), and a lot of cake. They pick their way through jungles, trek across deserts and climb a huge mountain, but the Ends of the Earth are always just out of reach.
Pigsticks and Harold and the Tuptown thief, Alex Milway.
There is a thief on the loose in Tuptown, and the annual Butterfly Ball will be cancelled unless someone is brought to justice. Luckily, Pigsticks has crime-fighting in his blood and a magnifying glass in his hand. Will Detective Pigsticks and his keen-eyes assistant Harold solve the crime? And can they do it in time to save the Butterfly Ball?
Mimi and the mountain dragon, Michael Morpurgo, Helen Stephens.
In her castle lair high in the mountains of Switzerland, lives a terrible dragon. In the village below, lives a little girl called Mimi. When she finds a baby dragon in the woodshed, she makes a brave decision that will bring joy and peace to the village for ever.
The snow leopard, Jackie Morris.
A guardian spirit in the form of a snow leopard looks over a small village in the Himalayas, and chooses a human successor, whom she trains to sing songs that will protect the villagers from soldiers who search for gold and slaves.
The Brockenspectre, Linda Newbery ; illustrated by Pam Smy.
Tomas wants to be like his father strong, brave and fearless. Pappi is a mountain guide, often away from home. He has taught Tomas to love the mountains, but also to fear their dangers the winds and blizzards, the treacherous paths, the giddying slopes. Above all, Tomas fears the Brockenspectre a huge, shadowy creature that lives alone in the heights, waiting for unwary climbers. Its looming figure haunts his thoughts and his dreams. When Pappi goes out one day and fails to return, Tomas knows it's up to him to search up on the high mountain passes, where dangers await. Will Tomas find his father or will the Brockenspectre find him?
Escape from Fire Mountain ; Hook 'em, Snotty! ; Danger on Midnight River, Gary Paulsen.
Over there, Steve Pilcher.
When Shredder, a little shrew who lives alone, overcomes his worry and sets out to explore what lies beyond the forest, he finds himself in trouble and discovers a new friend.
Captain Underpants and the attack of the talking toilets, the second epic novel by Dav Pilkey with colour by Jose Garibaldi.
Principal Krupp once again turns into the superhero Captain Underpants in order to save the world, and Jerome Horwitz Elementary School, from the evil talking toilets and the Turbo Toilet 2000.
The rabbit and the shadow, Melanie Rutten ; translated by Sarah Ardizzone.
Enter the wonderful world of the following curious cast: the Rabbit who wants to grow up, the anxious Stag, the Soldier at war, the Cat and his recurring dream, the Book that wants to know everything, and the Shadow. Over the course of ten short chapters they grow up, learn how to live together and to deal with their fears. A sophisticated picture book.
Meet the Bigfeet, Kevin Sherry.
Blizz Richards is a great guy, a caring boss, and a loyal friend. Oh, yeah he's also a yeti! He's made it his life's mission to study cryptids like him, hidden animals who have taken a powerful oath to never be seen by the outside world. So when a photo of Cousin Brian becomes a media sensation, Brian can't handle the guilt and disappears. But it's time for the annual Bigfoot family reunion, and it won't be the same without him. Luckily, Blizz and his devoted team are on the case. Can they find their furry friend before their secret gets out for good?
Horrid Henry's tricky tricks, Francesca Simon ; illustrated by Tony Ross.
This gift book will be the culmination of our Horrid Henry anniversary publishing to celebrate 20 horrid years of the nation's favourite naughty little boy!
Adventures of the little wooden horse, Ursula Moray Williams ; illustrated by Joyce Lankester Brisley with a foreword by Vivian French.
Rediscover the adventures of a very unique little horse in this wonderful Macmillan Classics edition of Adventures of the Little Wooden Horse.
My Jacqueline Wilson treasury, illustrated by Nick Sharratt.
This is a fantastic collection of stories from bestselling author, Jacqueline Wilson, including favourites such as Sleepovers, Lizzie Zipmouth and The Cat Mummy. With gorgeous full-colour artwork from Nick Sharratt, this treasury will make a perfect gift for any Jacqueline Wilson fan, and is also the ideal introduction to her books for newly confident readers.