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Classic Christmas stories L.M. Montgomery and others.
Catch the holiday spirit with this magical collection of beloved Christmas tales. Christmas favourites from Mark Twain, O. Henry, Willa Cather, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Bret Harte, and others are lovingly recorded and presented here in one enchanting volume.
Classic radio's greatest detective shows. Volume 1.
This collection contains twelve of the greatest detective shows ever broadcast during the golden age of radio. You'll hear Sydney Greenstreet as Nero Wolfe, Howard Duff as Sam Spade, Tom Conway and Nigel Bruce as Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, Dick Powell as Richard Diamond, Edmond O'Brien as Johnny Dollar, and Les Tremayne as Nick Charles, a.k.a. 'The Thin Man' — plus many more.
Great classic stories : 22 unabridged classics.
In the company of Sherlock Holmes, edited by Laurie R. King. and Leslie S. Klinger.
Laurie R. King and Leslie S. Klinger have assembled a stellar group of contemporary authors from a variety of genres and asked them to create new stories inspired by that canon. Authors included here are Michael Connelly, Jeffery Deaver, Michael Dirda, Harlan Ellison, Denise Hamilton, Nancy Holder, John Lescroart, Sara Paretsky, Michael Sims, and more.
The universe, edited by John Brockman.
John Brockman brings together the world's best-known physicists and science writers - including Brian Greene, Walter Isaacson, Nobel Prize winner Frank Wilczek, Benoit Mandelbrot, and Martin Rees to explain the universe in all its wondrous splendour.
When the dog dies. Series 1.
Ronnie Corbett plays granddad Sandy Hopper in this sitcom which reunites him with the writers of his hit comedy Sorry - Ian Davidson and Peter Vincent. Sandy Hopper is growing old happily along with his dog Henry. His grown up children - both married to people Sandy doesn't approve of at all - would like him to move out of the family home so they can get their hands on their money earlier. But Sandy's not having this, he's not moving until the dog dies. And anyway, how can he move if he's got a lodger?
When the dog dies. Series 2.
Sandy is happily growing old alongside his dog Henry, but his children want him to move out of the family home so they can get their hands on their money sooner. But Sandy is not having this- he's not moving until the dog dies. Luckily, Sandy has his three grandchildren, and his lodger, Dolores.
50 ways to soothe yourself without food, Susan Albers
Dr. Susan Albers gives listeners the skills and practices for relaxing the body in times of stress and ending dependence on eating as a coping mechanism.
New skills for frazzled parents : the instruction manual that should come with your child, Daniel G. Amen
Parenting a child is one of the most important responsibilities any of us ever undertakes. Yet it does not require any special training period or prior experience. Parenting difficult children requires "superior" skills. This program is designed to give you the best parenting skills in a fun and practical way. It will give you clear, quick, and lasting results. Dr. Amen has taught this parenting course for many years.
Burn for me, Ilona Andrews
Nevada Baylor is faced with the most challenging case of her detective career - a suicide mission to bring in a suspect in a volatile situation. Nevada isn't sure she has the chops. Her quarry is a Prime, the highest rank of magic user, who can set anyone and anything on fire. Then she's kidnapped by Connor "Mad" Rogan - a darkly tempting billionaire with equally devastating powers.
Shipwreck at the bottom of the world : the extraordinary true story of Shackleton and the Endurance, Jennifer Armstrong
Describes the events of the 1914 Shackleton Antarctic expedition when, after being trapped in a frozen sea for nine months, their ship, Endurance, was finally crushed, forcing Shackleton and his men to make a very long and perilous journey across ice and stormy seas to reach inhabited land.
Divine justice, David G. Baldacci
Known by his alias, 'Oliver Stone', John Carr is the most wanted man in America. With two pulls of the trigger, the men who hid the truth of Stone's past and kept him in the shadows were finally silenced. But Stone's freedom has come at a steep price; the assassinations he carried out have prompted the US Government to unleash a massive manhunt.
Stone cold, David G. Baldacci
Casino king Jerry Bagger from The Collectors is hunting Annabelle Conroy, the beautiful woman who conned him out of millions. Stone and his colleagues Reuben, Milton, and Caleb marshal all their resources to protect Annabelle. Yet all their skills may not be enough when a deadly new opponent rips off the veneer of Stone's own mysterious past: Bagger's menace pales next to newcomer Harry Finn's lethality.
The Great Galloon, Tom Banks
The Great Galloon is an enormous airship, built by Captain Meredith Anstruther and manned by his crew, who might seem like a bit of a motley bunch but who are able to fight off invading marauders whilst drinking tea and sweeping floors! Captain Anstruther is preparing to marry, but disaster strikes when his evil younger brother comes aboard for the wedding and steals Isabella away onto his underwater Sumbaroon. Stanley, a clever boy with a small horn, and Rasmussen, a reluctant countess-to-be, must save the Galloon from sinking, but how will they ever find the Captain's bride?
Empire : the life, legend, and madness of Howard Hughes, Donald L. Barlett
Hughes had always been different. Raised by overprotective parents, pathologically fearful of germs, in awe of his father, unable to make friends, he grew into a man ruled by madness. Certainly his riches set him apart. But he was also tough. Orphaned and a millionaire at eighteen, Hughes repudiated his relatives, seized control of the Hughes Tool Company, the linchpin of his fortune, and went on to become a flamboyant movie producer.
Jane and the twelve days of Christmas, Stephanie Barron
Christmas Eve, 1814: Jane Austen has been invited to spend the holiday with family and friends at The Vyne, the gorgeous ancestral home of the wealthy and politically prominent Chute family. One of the Yuletide revelers dies in a tragic accident, which Jane immediately views with suspicion. If the accident was in fact murder, the killer is one of Jane's fellow snow-bound guests.
Glamorous illusions, Lisa Tawn Bergren
As she travels with her new family from England to France, Cora faces the hardships as well as the privileges of the family name. But her journey of self-discovery is only just beginning.
Wicked all the way, Shayla Black
From New York Times bestselling author Shayla Black comes a new installment in her popular Wicked Lovers series, featuring shy Carlotta and determined Caleb.
The Normans : from raiders to kings, Lars Brownworth
Traces the history of the Normans, who carved out kingdoms from the North Sea to the North African coast. Brings to life figures like Rollo the Walker, William Iron-Arm, Tancred the Monkey King, and Robert Guiscard, who with their kinsmen transformed the face of medieval Europe.
Descartes, Ross Burman
Rene Descartes is one of the formative figures in Western philosophy, logic and mathematics. His famous statement, 'I think, therefore I am', has become perhaps the most famous phrase in all of philosophy. Descartes' ground-breaking writings attempted to establish unshakeable foundations of knowledge, and set a trend for subsequent Western philosophy, which has endlessly critiqued and expanded upon his ideas.
Evelina, or, The history of a young lady's entrance into the world, Fanny Burney
By turns hilarious and grim, witty and lyrical, the story follows young Evelina as she leaves the seclusion of her country home and enters into late eighteenth-century London society - both its pleasures and its dangers. Life in eighteenth-century England is vividly rendered as Evelina is educated in the ways of the world and, eventually, love.
Nothing personal, JaciBurton
A wealthy casino owner and his devoted assistant discover that matters of the heart never follow the rules of business.
Rescue me, Jaci Burton
A former beauty queen and cowboy find out if love can rescue their lonely hearts.
Mob boss : the life of Little Al D'Arco, the man who brought down the Mafia, Jerry Capeci
Alfonso "Little Al" D'Arco, former acting boss of the Luchese crime family, was the highest-ranking mobster to ever turn government witness when he flipped in 1991. His decision prompted many others to make the same choice, including Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano, John Gotti's top aide, whose testimony sent over fifty mobsters to prison. Award-winning news reporters Jerry Capeci and Tom Robbins team up for this unparalleled account of D'Arco's life.
Something to talk about, Dakota Cassidy
A general manager at a phone-sex company, Emmeline Amos, after losing a bet, must handle a call herself, which leads her to Call Girls' gorgeous new programmer Jax Hawthorne with whom she wants to do more than just talk the talk.
Talk dirty to me, Dakota Cassidy
Ex-mean girl Dixie Davis returns to her hometown jobless and broke to discover that she stands to inherit her dead friend's phone sex empire if she can attract more clients than the other candidate--her ex-fiance, Caine Donovan.
Talking after midnight, Dakota Cassidy
When Marybell Lyman, an employee at Plum Orchard's phone-sex company, catches the eye of handyman Taggart Hawthorn, she refuses to succumb to temptation because love could ruin everything she has worked so hard for.
Sunset meditation : ocean waves for inner peace, Greg Cetus
Sunset Meditation is the Ocean Waves ambient audio perfectly captured to deliver that very special moment of inner peace. Whether you try to meditate, distract yourself from the daily hassle, or just trying to have a moment of peace, this audio will help you by surrounding your world with naturally smooth, rich and perfectly paced strokes of ocean waves. Not too fast, and not too slow, the natural world will lead its rhythms and energy for you in this holistic recording to achieve that perfect balance of inner peace.
Her mother's shadow, Diane Chamberlain
As a teenager, Lacey O'Neill witnessed her mother's fatal shooting. Now she has grown up in Annie's image. But when she learns the shattering truth about the woman she's spent a decade emulating, the foundation on which Lacey has built her adult life begins to crumble. Then Lacey's close childhood friend dies, leaving her eleven-year-old daughter, Mackenzie, in Lacey's care.
Kiss River, Diane Chamberlain
The arrival of Gina Higgins, a mysterious stranger who is determined to restore Kiss River's historic nineteenth-century lighthouse, profoundly impacts the lives of Lacey O'Neill and her brother Clay.
Secrets she left behind, Diane Chamberlain
Keith Weston nearly lost his life in an act of arson. He survived — but with devastating physical and emotional scars. Without his mother, he has no one to help him heal, no money, nothing to live for but the medications that numb his pain. Isolated and angry, his hatred has one tight focus: his half-sister, Maggie Lockwood. Nineteen-year-old Maggie spent a year in prison for the acts that led up to the fire. But her release cannot free her from the burden of guilt she carries.
Crooked house, Agatha Christie
With World War II at an end, Charles Hayward is finally free to marry the woman he loves, Sophia Leonides. However, she refuses - the unexplained death of her grandfather, wealthy businessman Aristide Leonides, draws her back to the suffocating environment of her family home. Charles follows, but his arrival coincides with the discovery that Aristide's death was murder.
Dumb witness, Agatha Christie
As Hercule Poirot sifts through his post one particular morning, he alights upon a letter from an elderly and exceedingly rich spinster — Miss Emily Arundell. She is clearly in great distress and seeking his help, but doesn't say why. Her only specific mention is "the incident of the dog's ball". However, what intrigues Poirot is the date of the communication — it was written two months ago.
Murder in Mesopotamia, Agatha Christie
Amy Leatheran has never felt the lure of the mysterious East, but when she travels to an ancient site deep in the Iraqi desert to nurse the wife of a celebrated archaeologist; events prove stranger than she could ever have imagined. Her patient's bizarre visions and nervous terror seem unfounded, but as the oppressive tension in the air thickens, events come to a terrible climax — in murder…
A pocket full of rye, Agatha Christie
Miss Marple is told that her old friend, Carrie, is in danger and she goes to stay with her at Stoneygates, a home for maladjusted adolescents. While she is there, tragedy strikes as Carrie's step-son, Christian Gulbrandsen, is shot dead. There are at least seven suspects and two more murders follow. But the man with the obvious motive has a cast-iron alibi, as he could hardly be in two places at once - or could he?
The adventure of the Christmas pudding, Agatha Christie
In this delightful tale, an Eastern Prince arrives in England with some family jewels which he's having reset as a gift for his fiancee. However, the Prince also has a mistress; she asks to wear one particularly enchanting piece that features a huge ruby, and then promptly disappears with it. Poirot discovers a connection with a house party at the home of Colonel and Mrs. Lacey, and in order to pursue his investigation an invitation is procured for him to the Laceys', ostensibly to enjoy an old-fashioned Christmas.
Appointment with death, Agatha Christie
Among the towering red cliffs of Petra, like some monstrous swollen Buddha, sat the corpse of Mrs. Boynton. A tiny puncture mark on her wrist was the only sign of the fatal injection that had killed her. With only 24 hours available to solve the mystery, Hercule Poirot recalled a chance remark he'd overheard back in Jerusalem: "You see, don't you, that she's got to be killed?" Mrs. Boynton was, indeed, the most detestable woman he'd ever met.
At Bertram's Hotel, Agatha Christie
Miss Marple, Agatha Christie's deceptively mild spinster sleuth, is being treated to a few days' holiday by her niece, staying at Bertram's Hotel, a dignified, unostentatious establishment tucked away in a back street of busy Mayfair. Here is a place where sedate upper class ladies, retired military gentlemen and the higher echelons of the clergy can indulge in the comforts of a bygone age. But Miss Marple begins to feel uneasy. Something sinister lurks beneath the polished veneer. Why are so many major crimes associated in some way with the hotel or somehow implicate eminently respectable people staying there?
The body in the library, Agatha Christie
Dolly Bantry, mistress of Gossington Hall, is enjoying a pleasant doze when suddenly her dreams take a strange turn. The housemaid Mary is telling her that there is a body in the library. As she wakes up, it turns out to be true… But who is the strange young blonde sprawled on the library floor? Enter St. Mary Mead's resident sleuth, Miss Jane Marple.
Cards on the table, Agatha Christie
Mr Shaitana was famous as a flamboyant party host. Nevertheless, he was a man of whom everybody was a little afraid. So, when he boasted to Poirot that he considered murder an art form, the detective had some reservations about accepting a party invitation to view Shaitana's private collection. Indeed, what began as an absorbing evening of bridge was to turn into a more dangerous game altogether.
Death in the clouds, Agatha Christie
On a flight from Le Bourget to Croydon, on which Hercule Poirot is an apprehensive passenger, a woman is found dead. A doctor on board is inclined to put it down to a wasp-sting, but Poirot suspects that a poisoned dart is the real cause - and, perhaps rather too conveniently, a blow pipe is discovered stuffed down the back of his seat. Clearly the murder can only have been committed by one of the passengers or crew on the plane. But which one? Poirot, Japp and M. Fournier of the Surete will make their way through shoals of red herrings before reaching an utterly unexpected conclusion.
Death on the Nile, Agatha Christie
Linnet Ridgeway has led a charmed life. Blessed with beauty, enormous wealth and a devoted husband, she has everything anyone could wish for. But as the happy couple set out on an idyllic honeymoon cruise on the Nile, storm clouds are gathering… Linnet's former friend, Jacqueline de Bellefort, follows her and Simon wherever they go and Linnet senses she is in danger. At first her fears seem groundless. But an attempt is made first on her life and then on her husband's. Eventually the killer is successful, and Linnet is found horribly murdered. With an obvious suspect who cannot possibly have committed the crime, it is up to Hercule Poirot to probe the depths of a remarkable criminal mind and discover the dark secret behind what is only the first in a series of inexplicable deaths.
Elephants can remember, Agatha Christie
Following an otherwise-enjoyable literary luncheon, the celebrated crime novelist Ariadne Oliver is accosted by a particularly formidable woman who engages her in conversation about one of her many god-daughters, whom Ariadne hasn't seen since she was a child. She lands a bombshell with the question "What I want to know is this: did her mother kill her father, or was it the father who killed the mother?" Affronted and bewildered by the assertiveness of this pushy busybody, Ariadne is nevertheless intrigued. There's only one thing for it. She must contact her old friend Hercule Poirot. Together they set about unravelling the mystery of a tragedy from the distant past.
Endless night, Agatha Christie
A doom-laden story relating the courtship of Michael and Ellie, which begins and ends at Gipsy's Acre. It concludes with the revelation of a monstrous crime, complete with all the paraphernalia that had been required to effect it.
Evil under the sun, Agatha Christie
An exclusive hotel on a tiny picturesque island seems to be the ideal retreat for Hercule Poirot from the stresses of criminal detection. But with the appearance of the beautiful Arlena Stuart, the quiet and peaceful atmosphere becomes charged with an indefinable erotic tension. And when she is found viciously strangled in a secluded cove, there are few, especially among the women, who seem to feel either surprise or regret. As Poirot follows a twisting path of bizarre and bewildering clues, his only certainties are that the solution lies within Arlena herself, and that there is evil under the sun.
Five little pigs, Agatha Christie
Carla Lemarchant was a child of five when her mother was accused and convicted of poisoning her father, the famous painter Amyas Crale. After Caroline Crale dies in prison, Carla is sent to live with her uncle and aunt in Canada. Only on her twenty-first birthday does Carla learn of her family history when she reads a letter written by Caroline before her death, in which she denies murdering her husband. But if her mother didn't kill Amyas Crale, who did? Carla needs to know, because she is planning to get married and wishes to start her new life without this terrible shadow hanging over her. She consults the best detective money can buy. With nothing to go on except five suspects, Hercule Poirot is faced with a formidable challenge to find the real killer.
Hallowe'en party, Agatha Christie
Famous crime novelist Ariadne Oliver, visiting her friend Judith Butler in the little town of Woodleigh Common, is invited to a Hallowe'en Party put on by society hostess Mrs. Rowena Drake for the local teenagers. During her preparations for the party, the conversation turns to Ariadne's grisly novels. One of the teenagers, Joyce Reynolds, boasts that she once witnessed a murder, although she didn't realise at the time what she'd seen. Convinced that she is just trying to attract attention, no-one believes her - but later she is found tragically drowned in an apple-bobbing tub. Distraught, Ariadne decides to call upon the services of her old friend Hercule Poirot to solve the case.
Hercule Poirot's Christmas, Agatha Christie
Tyrannical millionaire Simeon Lee has been estranged from most of his family for years. But now, on Christmas Eve, the old man calls them all together once more. Unable to disobey, the children gather uneasily and wonder what their father's intentions are. Does he want to clear up past misunderstandings or cause fresh mischief? Before they can find out, a deafening crash is heard overhead. Rushing upstairs, they discover a shocking sight: Simeon Lee is lying in a pool of blood, his throat cut. But it is the strangest thing - the door has been locked from the inside and there is no trace of the murderer. With so many possible suspects, it is lucky for Superintendent Sugden that the Chief Constable has his old friend Hercule Poirot staying with him.
In a glass darkly, Agatha Christie
A man witnesses a murderous attack on a young woman in a mirror - yet when he turns round there is nothing there. Can he prevent a premonition coming true? Basic human loyalty and jealousy are at the fore in this chilling tale.
Lord Edgware dies, Agatha Christie
Poirot had been present when Jane bragged of her plan to 'get rid of' her estranged husband. Now the monstrous man was dead. And yet the great Belgian detective couldn't help feeling that he was being taken for a ride. After all, how could Jane have stabbed Lord Edgware to death in his library at exactly the same time she was seen dining with friends? And what could be her motive now that the aristocrat had finally granted her a divorce?
Magnolia blossom, Agatha Christie
Theo is determined to seek happiness with her husband's business rival, Vincent. Having fled London for Paris, however, she soon learns of Richard's financial collapse - and discovers that rather more than just his job is at stake.
Mrs. McGinty's dead, Agatha Christie
The gruesome death of Mrs. McGinty provokes Superintendent Spence to seek the help of his old ally Hercule Poirot. The victim's young lodger has been found guilty and is due to hang. But Spence is not convinced by the circumstantial evidence which influenced the verdict. So, at considerable personal discomfort, Poirot goes down to the sleepy village where the old lady lived and where, by chance, his good friend Ariadne Oliver is also staying. There he alights upon his first and most crucial clue - a newspaper article on the present whereabouts of women implicated in notorious murder cases. Did Mrs. McGinty have to die because she had identified one of her neighbours as a brutal killer? Can Poirot and Ariadne act swiftly enough to save an innocent man from the gallows?
Murder at the vicarage, Agatha Christie
In the sleepy little English country village of St Mary Mead, all is not as it seems. Under a seemingly peaceful exterior lurks intrigue, guilt, deception - and murder. Colonel Protheroe, local magistrate and overbearing landowner, is the most detested man in the village. Everyone, even the vicar, wishes he were dead. And very soon he is - shot in the head in the vicar's own study. A visiting artist confesses to the murder, but residents saw him elsewhere at the time the Colonel was shot. If he didn't do it, who did?
Murder on the links, Agatha Christie
On a French golf course, a millionaire is found stabbed in the back. An urgent cry for help brings Poirot to France. But he arrives too late to save his client, whose brutally stabbed body now lies face downwards in a shallow grave on a golf course. But why is the dead man wearing his son's overcoat? And who was the impassioned love-letter in the pocket for? Before Poirot can answer these questions, the case is turned upside down by the discovery of a second, identically murdered corpse.
Murder on the Orient Express, Agatha Christie
Just after midnight, a snowdrift stops the Orient Express in its tracks. The luxurious train is surprisingly full for the time of the year, but by the morning it is one passenger fewer. An American tycoon lies dead in his compartment, stabbed a dozen times, his door locked from the inside. Isolated and with a killer in their midst, detective Hercule Poirot must identify the murderer — in case he or she decides to strike again.
Nemesis, Agatha Christie
Miss Marple is totally shocked to receive a letter from the recently deceased Mr. Rafiel, an acquaintance she had met briefly on her travels. The letter leaves instructions for Miss Marple, whom Mr. Rafiel had recognised as a natural detective, to investigate a crime after his death. There are absolutely no details about the crime, however, nothing about who is involved, or where or when it had been committed.
One, two, buckle my shoe, Agatha Christie
When Poirot's dentist is found dead in his surgery a chain of events is set off which culminates in another death with Poirot assembling the evidence.
Peril at End House, Agatha Christie
Hercule Poirot and his good friend Captain Hastings are enjoying a well-deserved break on the Cornish Riviera. Wandering along the terrace of the Hotel Majestic, Poirot literally falls at the feet of a pretty, dark-haired girl and, much to Hastings' delight, insists that she join them for a cocktail. As she reassures the two friends that living there is more fun than it might seem, Poirot's ears prick up - she is having fun, Nick says, despite the fact that she has had three near-fatal accidents in the past few days. To Poirot, that adds up to more than coincidence.
Philomel Cottage, Agatha Christie
When Alex and Terry set up their own e-commerce company in Philomel Cottage, everything looks rosy until money goes missing from Alex's account. Soon she is questioning her partner - and, indeed, the cottage itself.
Touching a nerve : our brains, our selves, Patricia Smith Churchland
A trailblazing philosopher's exploration of the latest brain science - and its ethical and practical implications.
Dead water, Ann Cleeves
When the body of journalist Jerry Markham is found in a traditional Shetland boat, outside the house of the Fiscal, down at the Marina, young Detective Inspector Willow Reeves is drafted in from the Hebrides to head up the investigation. Since the death of his fiancee, Inspector Jimmy Perez has been out of the loop, but his interest in this new case is stirred and he decides to help the inquiry. His local knowledge is invaluable as the close-knit community holds many secrets.
Silent night, holy night : two Christmas novellas, Colleen Coble
Silent Night: As Christmas day nears, Bree Matthews and her faithful search-and-rescue dog Samson follow the trail of a troubling mystery into the snowy forests of Rock Harbor.
Holy Night: Leia and Bane are looking forward to their long-awaited Christmas wedding on the beach. Everything is going as planned - until Leia's phone rings and a muffled voice informs Leia that her sister has been kidnapped and will be killed unless Leia calls off the wedding without explanation - and no police.
In the heart of the dark wood, Billy Coffey
Mary Granderson's body was never found after a tornado swept through the town of Mattingly. For her daughter Allie, each of the 542 days since have robbed her of a bit more hope that her mother will come home. What light still shines in Allie's life comes from three things: her best friend Zach, the broken compass Mary gave her just before the tornado struck, and the nativity scene that has sat in their front yard ever since — mother, father, and child together. Allie wakes one morning to find Mary missing from the nativity — taken, she believes, by her father in an attempt to force Allie to move on.
The quantum moment : how Planck, Bohr, Einstein, and Heisenberg taught us to love uncertainty, Robert P. Crease
The authors one a philosopher, the other a physicist draw on their training and six years of co-teaching to dramatize the quantum's rocky path from scientific theory to public understanding while also exploring the quantum's manifestations in everything from art and sculpture to the prose of John Updike and David Foster Wallace.
Traitor's doom, John Creasey
In the first adventure for Dr. Palfrey, he is approached by Department Z-5 in regards to his expertise in diseases, which makes him the perfect man to undertake a particular clandestine task. Palfrey accepts the job and helps root out a traitor.
The sh!t no one tells you : a guide to surviving your baby's first year, Dawn Dais
From the author of The Nonrunner's Marathon Guide for Women comes the honest-and sometimes smelly-truth of being a new parent.
A Bollywood affair, Sonali Dev
Mili has been bound by marriage since she was four years old. But when her husband still hasn't claimed her after twenty years, Mili leaves India for America. Sam is Bollywood's favourite bad boy. He'll do anything for his big brother, even travel halfway across the globe to take care of his 'wife.' Yet Mili isn't the simple village girl Sam expected and is soon falling for her.
Leroy Ninker Saddles Up, Kate Di Camillo
A Christmas carol, Charles Dickens
A miser learns the true meaning of Christmas when three ghostly visitors review his past and foretell his future.
Dombey and son, Charles Dickens
Paul Dombey is a heartless London merchant who runs his domestic affairs as he runs his business. In the tight orbit of his daily life there is no room for dealing with emotions because emotion has no market value. In his son he sees the future of his firm and the continuation of his name, while he neglects his affectionate daughter, until he decides to get rid of her beloved, a lowly clerk. But Dombey's weakness is his pride, and he falls prey to the treacherous flattery of others.
Little Dorrit, Charles Dickens
Little Amy Dorrit was born in debtor's prison, where her father, an aristocrat by birth, has been an inmate for the past twenty years. Though her father is too proud to acknowledge their reduced status, Amy secretly works as a seamstress to support her family. In this way she meets and befriends Arthur, her employer's son, who wants to help. When Arthur uncovers an unknown inheritance due to Mr. Dorrit, the family is finally freed from prison. Newly wealthy, they travel to Italy, where Mr. Dorrit instructs his children to sever old connections and learn the ways of the upper class. But leaving their past behind proves not to be so easy. Meanwhile, their benefactor, Arthur, falls on hard times himself when he becomes the victim of a gigantic financial fraud.
The Pickwick papers, Charles Dickens
Charles Dickens's satirical masterpiece, The Pickwick Papers, catapulted the young writer into literary fame when it was first serialized in 1836-37. It recounts the rollicking adventures of the members of the Pickwick Club as they travel about England getting into all sorts of mischief. Laugh-out-loud funny and endlessly entertaining, the book also reveals Dickens's burgeoning interest in the parliamentary system, lawyers, the Poor Laws, and the ills of debtors' prisons.
A wanted woman, Eric Jerome Dickey
The twenty-first novel from New York Times bestselling author Eric Jerome Dickey, a steamy thriller set in tropical Barbados. She is a woman of a thousand faces, an assassin who could be anyone, anywhere. The Trinidad contract was supposed to be simple: to make a living man become a dead man.
In this moment, Autumn Doughton
Aimee Spencer learned the hard way that for some moments, there are no take-backs, no rewinds, and no do-overs. A year ago her world imploded and Aimee has been running ever since. She doesn't want to feel. She doesn't want to remember. To bury the ghosts that haunt her, she is living a life that has become unrecognizable. Cole Everly is a golden boy with a cocky smile and an attitude to match. He's grown accustomed to girls throwing themselves at his feet, but when Aimee trips and literally lands in his lap one afternoon, she's not at all what he expects — difficult, damaged, and closed-off.
Isabella : the warrior queen, Kirstin Downey
An engrossing and revolutionary biography of Isabella of Castile, the controversial Queen of Spain who sponsored Christopher Columbus's journey to the New World, established the Spanish Inquisition, and became one of the most influential female rulers in history.
The hound of the Baskervilles, Arthur Conan Doyle
The country doctor had come to 221B Baker Street, the famous lodgings of Sherlock Holmes, with an eerie tale - the legend of the Hound of the Baskervilles, the devil-beast that haunted the lonely moors around the Baskervilles' ancestral home. The tale warned the descendants of that ancient family never to venture out on the moor "in those dark hours when the powers of evil are exalted." But one of the most recent Baskervilles, Sir Charles, was now dead, and the footprints of a giant hound had been found near his body. Sherlock Holmes and his faithful friend Dr. Watson are faced with their most terrifying case in this wonderful classic of masterful detection and bone-chilling suspense.
The sign of four, Arthur Conan Doyle
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous London detective Sherlock Holmes tackles another intriguing case. A young woman seeks Holmes' help after a crazed, escapee murderer refuses to leave her alone in his search for missing treasure. When the young woman is kidnapped Holmes and Watson start their search in the city's criminal underworld.
ChiRunning : a training program for effortless, injury-free running, Danny Dreyer
It sounds incredible, but running can be a thoroughly enjoyable, lifelong practice without injury or fatigue. Ultramarathoner Danny Dreyer combines the wisdom of Tai Chi with the insights of a champion runner to present ChiRunning, a step-by-step audio program to help everyone from beginners to professionals.
Scenes of clerical life, George Eliot
The debut novel of George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans) consists of three loosely connected tales, all focusing on country parsons in nineteenth-century England and their struggles to breathe life into moribund creeds while dealing with their own personal problems.
American titan : searching for John Wayne, Marc Eliot
An audience favourite and top box-office draw for decades, John Wayne symbolised masculinity, power, and patriotism, but was dismissed as a "B" movie actor lacking elegance, creativity, range, and depth. American Titan challenges conventional wisdom and reevaluates Wayne's life and vital cinematic legacy.
The big thirst : the secret life and turbulent future of water, Charles Fishman
Unlike most precious resources, water cannot be used up; it can always be made clean enough again to drink, indeed, water can be made so clean that it's toxic. Water is the most vital substance in our lives but also more amazing and mysterious than we appreciate. As the author brings to life in this narrative, water runs our world in a host of awe inspiring ways, yet we take it completely for granted.
Jacob's oath, Martin Fletcher
As World War II winds to a close, Europe's roads are clogged with twenty million exhausted refugees walking home. Among them are Jacob and Sarah, lonely Holocaust survivors who meet in Heidelberg. But Jacob is consumed with hatred and cannot rest until he has killed his brother's murderer, a concentration camp guard nicknamed "The Rat." Now he must choose between revenge and love, between avenging the past and building a future.
A room with a view, E M (Edward Morgan) Forster
The story of a young English middle-class girl, Lucy Honeychurch. While vacationing in Italy, Lucy meets and is wooed by two gentlemen, George Emerson and Cecil Vyse. After turning down Cecil Vyse's marriage proposals twice Lucy finally accepts. Upon hearing of the engagement George protests and confesses his true love for Lucy. Lucy is torn between the choice of marrying Cecil, who is a more socially acceptable mate, and George who she knows will bring her true happiness.
Proof, Dick Francis
A BBC Radio 4 dramatisation of Dick Francis' pacey thriller starring Nigel Havers. At the annual party celebrating the success of the racing season, everything is running well to form - until a runaway horsebox ploughs into the marquee, causing terrible death and destruction. A witness to the tragedy, wine merchant Tony Beach presumes it is just one of those awful accidents. But as he gets involved in the investigation and begins to make connections, events take a more sinister turn?
China homecoming, Jean Fritz
The author returns to China, to relive her memories of her youth and to witness the many historical and social changes that have taken place since she left the country in 1928.
Twice tempted, Jeaniene Frost
Leila's psychic abilities have been failing her, and now she isn't sure what the future holds. If that weren't enough, her lover Vlad has been acting distant. Though Leila is a mere mortal, she's also a modern woman who refuses to accept the cold shoulder treatment forever — especially from the darkly handsome vampire who still won't admit that he loves her.
Don't Let Go, Michelle Gagnon
The dream of reason : a history of Western philosophy from the Greeks to the Renaissance, Anthony Gottlieb
In this study of Western thought, Anthony Gottlieb looks afresh at the writings of the great thinkers, questions many pieces of conventional wisdom and explains his findings. From the pre-Socratic philosophers such as Empedocles, whose account of the cosmos seems "a mixture of the physics of Stephen Hawking and the romantic novels of Barbara Cartland," through the celebrated days of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, up to Renaissance visionaries like Erasmus and Bacon, "philosophy" emerges here as a phenomenon unconfined by any one discipline.
The goddess of small victories, Yannick Grannec
Princeton University, 1980. A young and unambitious librarian named Anna Roth is assigned the task of retrieving the records of Kurt Godel - the most fascinating and hermetic mathematician of the twentieth century. Her mission consists of befriending and ultimately taming the great man's widow, Adele, a notoriously bitter woman set on taking belated revenge against the establishment by refusing to hand over these documents of immeasurable historical value.
The man offside, A W (Albert William) Gray
Ex-Dallas Cowboy Rick Bannion has been through the revolving prison door for drug trafficking and now hunts bail-jumpers. His old friend Jack Brendy has just been busted by the Feds for smuggling cocaine, and when Brendy's wife approaches him seeking a favour, Rick jumps at the chance to help. The favour keep the government's sleazy informer off the stand. Unfortunately, when things go wrong, Rick finds himself in the crosshairs of the Feds.
A thousand pieces of you, Claudia Gray
Marguerite Caine's physicist parents are known for their groundbreaking achievements. Their most astonishing invention, called the Firebird, allows users to jump into multiple universes - and promises to revolutionize science forever. But then Marguerite's father is murdered, and the killer - her parent's handsome, enigmatic assistant Paul - escapes into another dimension before the law can touch him. Marguerite refuses to let the man who destroyed her family go free. So she races after Paul through different universes, always leaping into another version of herself. But she also meets alternate versions of the people she knows - including Paul, whose life entangles with hers in increasingly familiar ways.
Green-eyed lady, Chuck Greaves
U.S. Senate candidate Warren Burkett has a history of marital infidelity. Three weeks before Election Day, Burkett comes to the aid of a beautiful green-eyed lady, only to find himself alone and naked in a stranger's home from which a priceless painting is missing. As the resulting scandal threatens to tilt the election, the painting turns up in a most unexpected place … and so does a dead body.
Measure of a man : from Auschwitz survivor to the President's tailor, Martin Greenfield
He's been called "America's greatest living tailor" and "the most interesting man in the world." Now, for the first time, Holocaust survivor Martin Greenfield tells his whole, incredible life story. In haunting, powerful prose, Greenfield remembers his desperation and fear as a teenager alone in the death camp … and how an impulsive decision to steal an SS soldier's shirt dramatically altered the course of his life.
The heart and the fist : the education of a humanitarian, the making of a Navy SEAL, Eric Greitens
The author describes how, after working as a humanitarian around the world, he realised that he could do nothing to stop violence or prevent people from becoming refugees and soon joined the elite Navy SEALs, where he drew on his humanitarian training as he battled injustice.
Betty Zane, Zane Grey
Betty Zane is the story of the first settlers in the Ohio Valley, and their fight for survival during the Revolutionary war. The British have organized and incited the various eastern tribes to attack American 'Rebels' in this lesser known theatre of the war.
Riders of the purple sage, Zane Grey
In Cottonwoods, Utah, in 1871, a woman stands accused and a man is sentenced to whipping. Into this travesty of small-town justice rides the one man whom the town elders fear. His name is Lassiter, and he is a notorious gunman who's come to avenge his sister's death. It doesn't take Lassiter long to see that this once peaceful Mormon community is controlled by the corrupt Deacon Tull, a powerful elder who's trying to take the woman's land by forcing her to marry him, branding her foreman as a dangerous 'outsider'.
The spirit of the border, Zane Grey
As the Revolutionary war draws to an end, the violence on the frontier only accelerates. The infamous Girty brothers incite Indians to a number to massacres, but when the Village of Peace, a Christian utopian settlement is destroyed, the settlers know they will have to hunt him down.
The vintner's daughter, Kristen Harnisch
The Loire Valley, 1895. When seventeen-year-old Sara Thibault's father is killed in a mudslide, her mother sells their vineyard to a rival family whose eldest son marries Sara's sister, Lydia. But a violent tragedy compels Sara and her sister to flee to New York, forcing Sara to put aside her dream of following in her father's footsteps as a master winemaker. Meanwhile, Philippe Lemieux has arrived in California with the ambition of owning the largest vineyard in Napa by 1900. When he receives word of his brother's death in France, he resolves to bring the killer to justice. Sara has traveled to California in hopes of making her own way in the winemaking world. When she encounters Philippe in a Napa vineyard, they are instantly drawn to one another, but Sara knows he is the one man who could return her family's vineyard to her or send her straight to the guillotine.
The spirit and the skull, J. W. Hayes
Murder is unthinkable to the People — a Paleolithic tribe migrating across Alaska and becoming some of the first undocumented immigrants to enter the Americas. For them, murder isn't merely tragic, it's forbidden. Raven is the aging Spirit Man to a band in which a member has been strangled with a garrote. Worse, evidence of witchcraft is linked to the killing — another terrible violation of the People's covenant with the Earth Mother and the Spirits.
The complete Ripley radio mysteries, Patricia Highsmith
Tom Ripley detests murder unless it is absolutely necessary. He prefers someone else to do the dirty work. But if he's called on to act there is no one more cool, calculating and clever.
The Blue Bistro, Elin Hilderbrand
Having worked for six years in the hotels of exotic resort towns, Adrienne Dealey relocates to Nantucket in the hopes of recouping her finances and gets a crash course in restaurant management at a popular locale that is preparing to close, an endeavor that is compromised by her budding relationship with her boss.
Nantucket nights, Elin Hilderbrand
For twenty years, Kayla, Antoinette, and Val have performed their own special summer ritual. Once a year, the old friends put aside their separate daily lives to drink champagne, swap stories, and swim naked under the Nantucket stars. But on one of those bonding nights, one of their trio swims out from the shore and doesn't return. After the surviving friends emerge from their grief, they realise that the repercussions of their loss go far beyond their little circle, and they begin to uncover layers of secrets - and their connections to each other - that were never revealed on the beach.
Who guards a prince, Reginald Hill
Who would sever a tongue from a living mouth? Or kill a pathetic, homeless old man? Or frighten a young doctor into silence? The questions are piling up, and Doug McHarg can't stop asking them - especially when he's warned off by his boss in the local police, by Scotland Yard, and by increasingly professional death threats. The pattern that emerges is of a powerful organisation with links to the throne and the White House.
Illumination night, Alice Hoffman
Beginning on the night of the Grand Illumination, an unearthly festival of lanterns held on Martha's Vineyard, the novel chronicles a marriage and a bittersweet exploration of an extraordinary passion.
The Odyssey, Homer
The Odyssey, which tells of Odysseus's long voyage home after the battle of Troy, is one of the defining masterpieces of Western literature.
The brothers Cabal, Jonathan L. Howard
Horst Cabal has risen from the dead-again. Horst, the most affable vampire one is ever likely to meet, is resurrected by an occult conspiracy that wants him as a general in a monstrous army. Their plan is to create a country of horrors, a supernatural homeland.
The Fear Institute, Jonathan L. Howard
Johannes Cabal and his rather inexact powers of necromancy are back once more. This time, his talents are purchased by The Fear Institute as they hunt for the Phobic Animus - the embodiment of fear. The three Institute members, led by Cabal and his Silver Key, enter the Dreamlands and find themselves pursued by walking trees plagued with giant ticks, stone men that patrol the ruins of their castles, cats that feed on human flesh and phobias which torment and devastate.
An enquiry concerning human understanding, David Hume
Addressing themes including the limits of human understanding, the compatibility of free will with determinism, weaknesses in the foundations of religion, and the appeal of skepticism, An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding is Hume's attempt to revise and clarify the ideas of his earlier A Treatise of Human Nature.
The day the streets stood still, Ja Quavis
Sean was raised by a hustling, well-connected mother who taught him early about street survival. When she is brutally murdered, Sean is thrust into a cold world all alone, until an old friend of his mother takes Sean under his wing and introduces him to a life of drug dealing at its highest level. Sean becomes King Sean, making a solid name for himself and rising quickly up the drug game's totem pole. Sean's only weakness is a beauty named Sunny, who is a friend from childhood--and the love of his life.
The 100-year-old man who climbed out the window and disappeared, Jonas Jonasson
It all starts on the one-hundredth birthday of Allan Karlsson. Sitting quietly in his room in an old people's home, he is waiting for the party he-never-wanted-anyway to begin. The mayor is going to be there. The press is going to be there. But, as it turns out, Allan is not. Slowly but surely Allan climbs out of his bedroom window, into the flowerbed (in his slippers) and makes his getaway. And so begins his picaresque and unlikely journey involving criminals, several murders, a suitcase full of cash, and incompetent police.
Foreplay, Sophie Jordan
Pepper has been hopelessly in love with her best friend's brother, Hunter, for ever. He's the key to everything she's always craved: security, stability, family. But she needs Hunter to notice her as more than just a friend. Even though she's kissed exactly one guy, she has the perfect plan to go from novice to rock star in the bedroom: take a few pointers from someone who knows what he's doing. Her college roommates have the perfect teacher in mind. But bartender Reece is nothing like the player Pepper expects.
Tease, Sophie Jordan
A born flirt and good-time party girl, Emerson has never had a problem finding a willing guy. She's always chosen her hook-ups carefully, and she's never broken her three cardinal rules: Never let them see the real you. Never fall in love. Always leave them begging for more. Then comes Ethan. A hotty from the wrong side of the tracks, he's immune to her flirtatious banter and come-hither smile. After rescuing her from a disastrous night at a biker bar, he doesn't even try to take her to bed--he calls her a tease and sends her home instead. Unable to resist a challenge, or forget the sexy dark-eyed bad-boy biker, she vows to bring him to his knees. But instead of making Ethan beg, she finds herself craving him.
Wild, Sophie Jordan
Months after her boyfriend dumped her, Georgia can still hear the insults he hurled at her — boring, predictable, tame. Tired of feeling bad, she's ready to change her image and go a little wild. What better way to prove her ex wrong than a hot night of sexual adventure at the secret campus kink club? In the shadowy den of the kink club, she unexpectedly runs into Logan Mulvaney, her friend's little brother.
Kidnapped by the Taliban : a story of terror, hope, and rescue by Seal Team Six, Dilip Joseph
Recounts the author's harrowing experiences as a victim of kidnapping at the hands of the Taliban, recounting how he and his friends were abducted, the days he spent in captivity, and how he was rescued in a deadly SEAL Team Six operation.
This shattered world, Amie Kaufman
Jubilee Chase and Flynn Cormac should never have met. Lee is captain of the forces sent to Avon to crush the terraformed planet's rebellious colonists, but she has her own reasons for hating the insurgents. Rebellion is in Flynn's blood. His sister died in the original uprising against the powerful corporate conglomerate that rules Avon with an iron fist. These corporations make their fortune by terraforming uninhabitable planets across the universe and recruiting colonists to make the planets livable, with the promise of a better life for their children. But they never fulfilled their promise on Avon, and decades later, Flynn is leading the rebellion.
Up the down staircase, Bel Kaufman
Never before has a novel so compellingly laid bare the inner workings of a metropolitan high school. Up the Down Staircase is the funny and touching story of a committed, idealistic teacher whose clash with school bureaucracy is a timeless lesson for students, teachers, parents - anyone concerned about public education.
The butcher's theater, Jonathan Kellerman
They call the ancient hills of Jerusalem the butcher's theater. Here, upon this bloodstained stage, a faceless killer performs his violent specialty: The first to die brutally is a fifteen-year-old girl. She is drained of blood, then carefully bathed and shrouded in white. Precisely one week later, a second victim is found. From the sacred Wailing Wall to the monasteries where dark secrets are cloistered, from black-clad bedouin enclaves to labyrinthine midnight alleys, veteran police inspector Daniel Sharavi and his crack team plunge deep into a city simmering with religious and political passions to hunt for a murderer whos insatiable taste for young women could destroy the delicate balance on which Jerusalem's very survival depends.
Homecoming, Cathy Kelly
They say you can't go home again, and truth be told, Eleanor Levine never planned to. Yet here she is, back in Ireland after a lifetime in New York, moving her treasured possessions into a cozy Dublin apartment. The Golden Square is just large enough for anonymity - at least, that's what actress Megan Bouchier hopes, when a tabloid scandal sends her fleeing the paparazzi. Rae, manager of the local cafe, has noticed the lovely, sad-eyed girl. There's little Rae doesn't notice, yet Rae's own secret remains hidden. Connie O'Callaghan has a secure teaching job, an abundance of blessings … and a deep-seated loneliness only her new neighbour Eleanor understands. And as the lives of the four women intertwine, each in her own way is learning about love, letting go - and that finding your way can lead to the last place you expected.
Infamous, Sherrilyn Kenyon
The world has fallen in love with Nick Gautier and the Dark-Hunters. Now Nick's saga continues in the next eagerly anticipated volume. Go to school. Get good grades. Stay out of trouble. That's the mandate for most kids. But Nick Gautier isn't the average teenager. He's a boy with a destiny not even he fully understands. And his first mandate is to stay alive while everyone, even his own father, tries to kill him. He's learned to annihilate zombies and raise the dead, divination and clairvoyance, so why is learning to drive and keep a girlfriend so dang hard?
Infinity, Sherrilyn Kenyon
Teenager Nick Gautier thinks he knows everything. Streetwise, tough and savvy, his quick sarcasm is renowned. But his whole world is suddenly turned upside down on the night his best friends try to kill him. Saved by a mysterious warrior, Nick is sucked into the realm of the Dark-Hunters - immortal vampire-slayers who risk everything to save humanity - and he quickly learns that the human world is only a veil for a much larger and more dangerous one that's filled with all kinds of evil.
Invincible, Sherrilyn Kenyon
Nick Gautier's day just keeps getting better and better. Yeah, he survived the zombie attacks, only to wake up and find himself enslaved to a world of shapeshifters and demons out to claim his soul. His new principal thinks he's even more of a hoodlum than the last one, his coach is trying to recruit him to do things he can't even mention, and the girl he's not seeing, but is, has secrets that terrify him. But more than that, he's being groomed by the darkest of powers and if he doesn't learn how to raise the dead by the end of the week, he will become one of them.
American sniper : the autobiography of the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history, Chris Kyle
The astonishing autobiography of SEAL Chief Chris Kyle, whose record 150 confirmed kills make him the most deadly sniper in U.S. military history.
Hondo, Louis L'Amour
Two men. One woman. A land that demanded courage - or death … He was a man etched by the desert's howling winds, a big, broad-shouldered man who knew the ways of the Apache and ways of staying alive. She was a woman raising a young son on her own on a remote Arizona ranch. And, between Hondo Lane and Angie Lowe was the warrior Vittoro, whose people were preparing to rise against the white men. Now, the pioneer woman, the gunman, and the Apache warrior are caught in a drama of love, war, and honour.
The quick and the dead, Louis L'Amour
When Duncan McKaskel decided to move his family west, he knew he would face dangers, and he was prepared for them. He knew about the exhausting terrain, and he was expecting the punishing elements. What he worried about was having to use violence against other men, men who would follow him and try to steal the riches that he didn't even possess. Yet bandits were only part of McKaskel's worries. For a mysterious stranger, Con Vallian, had appeared one night and saved his life. But was Vallian's true interest Duncan's wife, Susanna?
Sackett's land, Louis L'Amour
Son of a feared fighting man, Barnabas Sackett inherited his father's fiery temper, sense of justice and warrior skills. Declared an outlaw in his native England, Barnabas set his daring sights on the opportunities of the New World. The ruthless piracy of the open seas and the unknown dangers of the savage American wilderness lay before him. And so did the thrill of discovery and the chance to establish a bold new future if he survived.
To the far blue mountains, Louis L'Amour
Barnabus Sackett was leaving England forever to find his fortune in the New World. But as he settled his affairs, he learned that a warrant from Queen Elizabeth had been sworn against him - and that men were searching for him in every port. At issue were some rare gold coins Sackett had found and sold - coins believed to be part of a great treasure lost by King John years before. Believing that Sackett possesses the rest of the treasure, the Queen will stop at nothing to find him. And if he's caught, Sackett will face torture - and even the gallows.
The masterful Mr. Montague, Stephanie Laurens
Montague has devoted his life to managing the wealth of London's elite, but at a huge cost: a family of his own. Then the enticing Miss Violet Matcham seeks his help, and in the puzzle she presents him, he finds an intriguing new challenge professionally … and personally. Violet, devoted lady-companion to the aging Lady Halstead, turns to Montague to reassure her ladyship that her affairs are in order. But the famous Montague is not at all what she'd expected - this man is compelling, decisive, supportive, and strong - everything Violet needs in a champion, a position to which Montague rapidly lays claim.
Runner, Patrick Lee
August: Osage County, Tracy Letts
A vanished father. A pill-popping mother. Three sisters harbouring shady little secrets. When the extended Weston family is reunited after dad disappears, the Oklahoma household explodes in a maelstrom of repressed truths and unsettling secrets. After a sell-out run at Chicago's Steppenwolf Theatre, "August: Osage County" has been hailed on Broadway as the 'best American drama of the past decade' ("USA Today"). Its themes of family secrets and retribution - and its truly epic scope - had critics rushing to declare its author the new Eugene O'Neill.
The Abolition of Man and The Great Divorce, C. S. Lewis
A summer to die, Lois Lowry
Thirteen-year-old Meg envys her sister's beauty and popularity. Her feelings don't make it any easier for her to cope with Molly's strange illness and eventual death.
To marry an English Lord, GailMacColl
From the Gilded Age until 1914, more than 100 American heiresses invaded Britannia and swapped dollars for titles just like Cora Crawley, Countess of Grantham, the first of the Downton Abbey characters Julian Fellowes was inspired to create after reading To Marry An English Lord. Filled with vivid personalities, gossipy anecdotes, grand houses, and a wealth of period detail plus photographs, illustrations, quotes, and the finer points of Victorian and Edwardian etiquette To Marry An English Lord is social history at its liveliest and most accessible.
Mars rover Curiosity : an inside account from Curiosity's chief engineer, Rob Manning
In Mars Rover Curiosity: An Inside Account from Curiosity's Chief Engineer, Rob Manning, the project's chief engineer, tells of bringing the groundbreaking spacecraft to life. Manning and his team at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, tasked with designing a lander many times larger and more complex than any before, faced technical setbacks, fights over inadequate resources, and the challenges of leading an army of brilliant, passionate, and often frustrated experts
When in Rome ; and, Opening night, Ngaio Marsh
Two full-cast BBC Radio 4 dramatisations of Ngaio Marsh short stories. In "Opening night", a leading actor is found gassed in his dressing room. It looks like suicide, until it transpires that he was widely detested. Inspector Alleyn quickly realises that almost everyone in the theatre had a motive for his murder. Jeremy Clyde stars as Inspector Alleyn. "When in Rome" finds Inspector Alleyn joining a group of highly suspicious tourists on a visit to a Roman catacomb. The corpse he finds in an ancient sarcophagus has been very recently murdered.
Normandy stories, Guy de Maupassant
Maupassant is hailed as one of the greatest masters of the short story. This collection focuses upon the land he knew and loved so well - Normandy. Its people and its countryside are portrayed here in vivid colour and with great warmth. Amusing, saucy, and sometimes even farcical they may be, but they are also capable of great pathos, often branching off to end tragically.
Letting go, Molly McAdams
When Grey and Ben fell in love at thirteen, they believed they'd be together forever. They never dreamed that three days before their wedding, twenty-year-old Ben would suddenly die from an unknown heart condition, destroying his would-be-bride's world. Grey would have spent the next two years simply going through the motions if it hadn't been for their best friend, Jagger. He's the only one who understands her pain … the only one who knows what it's like to force yourself to keep moving when your dreams are shattered. While everyone else worries over Grey's fragility, Jagger is the only one who sees her strength, and vows to always be there for her, even if it's only as her best friend.
An unlikely duchess, Nadine Millard
Edward Crawdon, Duke of Hartridge, is being forced by his slightly overbearing but loving mother to spend time with her old friends at their estate in Ireland. He does not know it, but a contract exists between the two families stating that Edward must marry their eldest daughter.On the day of his arrival, Edward meets Lady Rebecca, Caroline's younger sister, under very unusual circumstances. Edward cannot stop thinking about Lady Rebecca, but she is completely unsuited to being a duchess. Will Edward admit his true feelings for Rebecca? Will he defy his responsibilities and duties, his idea of a "proper" duchess, and follow his heart?
The summer girls, Mary Alice Monroe
Three granddaughters. Three months. One summer house. In this trilogy set on Sullivan's Island, South Carolina, the author captures the complex relationships between three half sisters scattered across the country, and a grandmother determined to help them rediscover their family bonds. Set amid ancient live oaks and palmettos, overlooking the water, historic Sea Breeze is Marietta Muir's ancestral summer home. Her granddaughters once adored vacations there, but it has been years since they have visited. Mamaw fears once she is gone, the family bonds will fray. The Muir family is one of Charleston's oldest and the blood of their pirate captain ancestor runs strong, so Marietta drops a subtle promise of loot, pearl necklaces, priceless antique furniture, even the house, to lure her "summer girls" back to the lowcountry.
Further chronicles of Avonlea, L. M. Montgomery
Welcome, once again, to the charming byways of Avonlea and its people, as created by one of Canada's most beloved authors. In this volume of heartwarming tales, a Persian cat plays an amazing role in a marriage proposal, a young girl risks losing her mother in her quest to find her father, and a foolish lie threatens to make an unattached woman the town's laughingstock. These fifteen short stories together present a piquant and fascinating picture of life in the villages and country surrounding Avonlea.
Anne's house of dreams, L. M. Montgomery
Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe marry. Their lives seem perfect until tragedy strikes and it takes all of Gilbert's and Anne's courage to overcome it.
Emily of New Moon, L. M. Montgomery
Emily Starr had never known what it was to be lonely - until her beloved father died. In this, the first of the Emily novels, young Emily is orphaned and goes to live with her mother's snobbish relatives at New Moon Farm. Sure that she'll never be happy there, Emily endures her stern Aunt Elizabeth and malicious classmates by holding her head high and using her quick wit. But things begin to change as Emily makes several new friends.
Rainbow Valley, L. M. Montgomery
The heroine of Anne of Green Gables and her lively children befriend the Meredith youngsters, the four children of a widowed minister seeking a wife.
Trapped : the story of Floyd Collins, Robert K Murray
The sensationalism and hysteria of the rescue attempt in early 1925 of caver Floyd Collins generated America's first true media spectacle and one of the seminal events of the century. The crowds that gathered outside Sand Cave in Kentucky turned the rescue site into a carnival. Collins's situation was front-page news throughout the country, hourly bulletins interrupted radio programs, and Congress recessed to hear the latest word.
Stone Cove Island, Suzanne Myers
When a catastrophic hurricane devastates Stone Cove Island, a quaint New England resort community, everyone pulls together to rebuild. Seventeen-year-old Eliza Elliot volunteers to clean out the island's iconic lighthouse and stumbles upon a secret in the wreckage: a handwritten letter. On first glance, it hardly makes sense. But the longer Eliza studies it, the more convinced she becomes that it's an anonymous confession to a thirty-year-old crime: the unsolved murder of a local teen named Bess Linsky. Soon Eliza finds herself in the throes of an investigation she never wanted or asked for.
Five children and It, E. Nesbit
When four brothers and sisters discover a Psammead, or sand-fairy, in the gravel pit near the country house where they are staying, they have no way of knowing all the adventures its wish-granting will bring them.
The phoenix and the carpet, E. Nesbit
It's startling enough to have a Phoenix hatch in your house, but even more startling when it reveals you have a magic carpet on the floor.
Unwanted, Kristina Ohlsson
In the middle of a rainy Swedish summer, a little girl is abducted from a crowded train. Despite hundreds of potential witnesses, no one noticed when the girl was taken. Her mother, left behind at the previous station, alerted the crew immediately. But as the train pulled into Stockholm Central Station, the girl was nowhere to be seen. To Inspector Alex Recht of the Stockholm police, this looks like a classic custody row. But none of the evidence adds up and young Investigative Analyst Fredrika Bergman is convinced the case is far more complex than her boss is prepared to admit.
Rights of man, Thomas Paine
A seminal work on human freedom and equality. Using the French Revolution and its ideals as an example, he demonstrates his belief that any government must put the inherent rights of its citizens above all else, especially politics. After its publication, Paine left England for France and was tried in his absence for libel against the crown.
One minute mystic, Simon Parke
'Need a break from the mayhem of the modern world; or maybe from the mayhem of your inner life? Then why not give yourself permission to pause?' Such is the invitation at the heart of this book, which arises from Simon Parke's popular weekly columns of the same name in the Daily Mail, which calls them 'meditations to wake up your mind and your soul.'
Doing harm, Kelly Parsons
Steve Mitchell, happily married with a wife and two kids, is in line for a coveted position at Boston's University Hospital when his world goes awry. His over-reaching ambition causes him to botch a major surgery, and another of his patients mysteriously dies. Steve's nightmare goes from bad to worse when he learns that the mysterious death was no accident but the act of a sociopath. A sociopath he knows and who has information that could destroy Steve's career and marriage.
Eternity, Matt de la Pena
History is broken and three children must travel back in time to set it right.
Pigs can't swim, Helen Peppe
Recounts the author's haphazard youth as the youngest member of an eccentric, nine-child family on a Maine farm, where she and her siblings were raised in an atmosphere of sibling rivalry, poverty, male chauvinism, and interactions with their farm animals and pets.
Allegory of the cave, Plato
Plato's Allegory of the Cave is what many believe to be the foundation of Western Philosophy. It addresses what is visible and invisible, seen and observed versus intuited and imagined, and what is public versus private and just versus unjust. It also concerns the meaning and importance of education, the state of the soul, the conflict between truth and beauty, animal urges versus higher aspirations, knowledge versus ignorance, and on and on.
Plato on love, Plato
Plato's dialogue in the Symposium, which has as its topic the subject of love, explores the idea of love as a means of ascent to contemplation of the Divine. For Plato, generally, to love other human beings is to direct one's mind to love of Divinity. One proceeds from recognition of another's beauty to appreciation of Beauty as it exists apart from any individual, to consideration of Divinity, the source of Beauty, to love of Divinity.
King Dork approximately, Frank Portman
With stitches in his head and after-effects from surgery, Tom Henderson finds some of his most deeply-held beliefs shattered, but, somehow, makes out with at least two girls by the end of tenth grade.
The finishing stroke, Ellery Queen
It's Christmas time, and young Ellery Queen has been invited to spend the holidays at a house party. During the eleven nights before Christmas, a series of anonymous gifts begin to arrive, each with increasing menace. Ellery tries to discover their source and meaning but to no avail. Finally, on the twelfth night, things turn deadly. Unable to solve the murder, Ellery returns to it decades later when he happens upon his diary. Will he finally be able to deduce the identity of the killer?
The player on the other side, Ellery Queen
A playing card inscribed with the letter 'J' appears in Robert York's mail, and a day later he is dead. When another playing card shows up, this one for Emily York, all the police protection in New York can't save her. Ellery Queen knows he is up against a brilliant, twisted killer, one who makes a game of death. But with no clue to his identity, Ellery is in a race against time to stop this remorseless vendetta.
The boys of Sabbath Street, Shelly Reuben
When Artemus Ackerman, retired magician and mayor of Calendar, hears about the first fire on Sabbath Street, he sends his publicist, Maggie Wakeling, to the fire department to find out what caused it. Artemus, who still performs conjuring tricks for his constituents, has his heart set on turning the shabbily elegant Baldwin Theater into a museum of magic. All he has to do is convince wealthy widow Claudette Goodwin to donate the Baldwin to his beloved town. But the theatre is located on Sabbath Street, where that first disastrous fire occurred. Then there is a second fire on Street - and a third. Certain Claudette will never invest money in such an incendiary location, Artemus orders Maggie to follow the trail of char, first to Fire Marshal George Copeland, then to the Boys of Sabbath Street, who had so valiantly saved occupants from two fires.
The dogs were rescued (and so was I), Teresa J Rhyne
What would cause a cheese-loving, meat-eating lawyer to become vegan? Her dog. Teresa Rhyne and Seamus the beagle both survived cancer once, so when Seamus develops yet another cancer. Teresa vows to fight again. Unsure of the best way to battle the unseen enemy, she embarks on some experiments to create a healthier life for her family.
Respect : the life of Aretha Franklin, David Ritz
Aretha Franklin began life as the golden daughter of a progressive and promiscuous Baptist preacher. Raised without her mother, she was a gospel prodigy who gave birth to two sons in her teens and left them and her native Detroit for New York, where she struggled to find her true voice. She found fame, fortune, and that remarkable voice in 1967 with "Respect" and a rapid-fire string of hits. Aretha turned the industry on its head by refueling pop with heavy soul. The Queen of Soul had survived, and arrived.
Bury the Lead, David Rosenfelt
Hounded, David Rosenfelt
Sudden Death, David Rosenfelt
A discourse upon the origin and the foundation of the inequality among mankind, Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Discourse on the Origin and Basis of Inequality Among Men was written in response to a competition run by the Academy of Dijon answering the prompt: What is the origin of inequality among men, and whether such inequality is authorized by natural law?
Political ideas, Bertrand Russell
Russell sets forth the idea that political ideals must be based upon the ideals that best benefit the individual to create the best life possible. He details the issues that his current economic system and the unequal distribution of wealth present in achieving said ideals.
Billy Joel, Fred Schruers
This land that I love : Irving Berlin, Woody Guthrie, and the story of two American anthems, John (John Allen) Shaw
Near the end of the Great Depression and the beginning of World War II, a homeless Dust Bowl refugee named Woody Guthrie originally drafted "This Land Is Your Land" as an anthem that encompassed the tough realities of those dark times and as a rebuttal to Irving Berlin's "God Bless America." But the song that Guthrie despised had its own complexities. Irving Berlin had risen from homelessness before becoming America's most successful songwriter, and penned his song partly in response to Hitler's rise overseas. In This Land That I Love, music-writer and composer John Shaw writes the dual biography of these beloved American songs.
Justice for Sara, Erica Spindler
This is a chilling suspense novel about a woman who goes home ten years after her sister's murder to find the true killer. When seventeen-year-old Katherine McCall awakened one morning to find her beloved sister, Sara, brutally murdered, her whole life changed in the blink of an eye. Kat was named the prime suspect and, on a string of circumstantial evidence, charged and tried. While the jury found her innocent, not everyone else agreed, and her only choice was to go into hiding. But she carried a dark secret with her, one that made her worry she might actually have had something to do with Sara's death. Now, years later, Kat is still haunted by her sister's unsolved murder and continues to receive chilling anonymous letters, but she has tried to move on with her life. Until, on the tenth anniversary of Sara's death, she receives a letter that makes the past impossible to ignore.
Mirror image, Danielle Steel
From Manhattan society at the turn of the 20th century to the trenches of France in World War I, this novel follows the lives and destinies of two very different sisters who are identical twins.
Hybrids, Whitley Strieber
Complex biomechanical hybrids, made with alien gene-splicing techniques and spawned in an underground facility deep below New Mexico, threaten the world, while the U.S. president rages against the scientists who have kept him in the dark. Human science proves ineffectual against the hybrids, and humanity's only hope lies in the first generation of hybrids, Mark and Gina, who are unaware of their own origin and hidden superpowers.
Storyteller : the life of Roald Dahl, Donald Sturrock
This is the authorised biography of one of the greatest storytellers of all time, written with complete and exclusive access to the archives stored in the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre.
His at night, Sherry Thomas
Lord Vere is used to baiting irresistible traps. As a secret agent for the government, he's tracked down some of the most devious criminals in London, all the while maintaining his cover as one of Society's most harmless--and idiotic--bachelors. But nothing can prepare him for the scandal of being ensnared by Elissande and forced into a marriage of convenience awash with seduction and dark secrets. Set in Victorian England.
Bible and Sword, Barbara W. Tuchman
A Distant Mirror, Barbara W. Tuchman
The March of Folly, Barbara W. Tuchman
The Proud Tower, Barbara W. Tuchman
Candide : and, Zadig, Voltaire
Candide presents the eighteenth-century social satire of a gentle and kind man who is thrashed by fate and his fellow man yet continues to believe that he lives in "the best of all possible worlds." Zadig is the story of another optimist: young, rich, beautiful, and engaged to a woman he loves.
While we were watching Downton Abbey, Wendy Wax
When the concierge of The Alexander, a historic Atlanta apartment building, invites his fellow residents to join him for weekly screenings of Downton Abbey, four very different people find themselves connecting with the addictive drama, and — even more unexpectedly — with each other.
The Christmas cookie collection, Lori Wilde
There's a legend in Twilight, Texas. It says that if on Christmas you sleep with kismet cookies under your pillow and dream of your one true love, he will be your destiny.
Anxious kids, anxious parents : 7 ways to stop the worry cycle and raise courageous & independent children, Robert R. Wilson
With anxiety at epidemic levels among our children, Anxious Kids, Anxious Parents offers a contrarian yet effective approach to help children and teens push through their fears, worries, and phobias to ultimately become more resilient, independent, and happy. This book challenges our basic instincts about how to help fearful kids and will serve as the antidote for an anxious nation of kids and their parents.
The coming of Bill, P. G. Wodehouse
Kirk, an impecunious artist of perfect physique, and Ruth, a spoilt heiress, were blissfully happy through their early days of marriage and the birth of their first son. But when Kirk returns from a trip to Columbia to find Ruth under the thumb of her Aunt Laura, an advocate of eugenics, parenting philosophies divide them.
A damsel in distress, P. G. Wodehouse
Lady Maud, the spirited young daughter of the Earl of Marshmoreton, is confined to her home, Belpher Castle in Hampshire, under aunt's orders because of an unfortunate infatuation. Enter our hero, George Bevan, an American who writes songs for musicals and is so smitten with Maud that he descends on Hampshire's rolling acres to see off his rival and claim her heart.
Extricating young Gussie, P. G. Wodehouse
Bertie Wooster's Aunt Agatha is at her wit's end. She believes Gussie Mannerling-Phipps - her nephew and Bertie's cousin - plans to marry a chorus-girl in New York. And only Bertie can prevent their elopement. Along with Jeeves, his clever valet, Bertie travels to America in search of his love-struck cousin. He arrives to find Gussie, now going by the name "George Wilson," posing as a theatrical man to win over his girl's father. Unable to persuade him, Bertie is forced to ask Aunt Julia, Gussie's mother, for help.
The inimitable Jeeves, P. G. Wodehouse
Wodehouse weaves his wit through a wide collection of terrifying aunts, miserly uncles, love-sick friends, and unwanted fiancés. Bertie gets into a bit of trouble when one of his pals, Bingo Little, starts to fall in love with every second girl he lays his eyes on. But the soup gets really thick when Bingo decides to marry one of them and enlists Bertie's help. Luckily, he has the inimitable Jeeves to pull him out of it.
The man upstairs : and other stories, P. G. Wodehouse
Webster's Dictionary gives the meaning of the word "miasma" as "an infection floating in the air; a deadly exhalation". And in the opinion of Mr. Robert Ferguson, that description, though perhaps a little too flattering, on the whole summed up Master Roland Bean pretty satisfactorily. Until the previous day, Master Bean had served Mr. Ferguson in the capacity of office-boy. But there was that about Master Bean which made it practically impossible for anyone to employ him for long.
The mating season, P. G. Wodehouse
The resourceful butler, Jeeves, devises a scheme to enable his master, Bertie Wooster, to escape from complicated romantic entanglements.
My man Jeeves, P. G. Wodehouse
Included here are "Bertie Changes His Mind," "Fixing It for Freddie," "Absent Treatment," "Rallying Round Old George," and "Doing Clarence a Bit of Good." The first two stories are from Carry On, Jeeves; the remaining tales are from My Man Jeeves.
Right ho, Jeeves, P. G. Wodehouse
Right ho, Jeeves, perhaps one of the greatest comic novels in the English language, presents a complex case for Bertie Wooster. First of all, Bertie's gentleman's gentleman, Jeeves, has passed a death sentence on Bertie's "tout ce qu'il est chic" white mess jacket. Then Gussie Fink-Nottle falls in love with Madeline Bassett, and Bertie's cousin Angela falls out of love with her fiance, offering a passable imitation of a woman scorned…
Uneasy money, P. G. Wodehouse
It is an ironical fact that Lady Wetherby was by nature one of the firmest believers in existence in the policy of breaking things gently to people. She had a big, soft heart, and she hated hurting her fellows. As a rule, when she had bad news to impart to any one, she administered the blow so gradually and with such mystery as to the actual facts that the victim, having passed through the various stages of imagined horrors, was genuinely relieved, when she actually came to the point, to find that all that had happened was that he had lost all his money. But now, in perfect innocence, thinking only to pass along an interesting bit of information, she had crushed Bill as effectively as if she had used a club for that purpose.

Downloadable eBooks

Animal attraction.
Four of today's most popular romance authors introduce four sizzling new tales of finding love unexpectedly — with a little help from man's best friend.
Baby, it's cold outside, Jennifer Probst, Emma Chase, Kristen Proby, Melody Anne, Kate Meader.
This steamy collection of romances from five best-selling authors is guaranteed to keep readers warm during those cold winter nights as five couples find love and passion in each other's arms.
Best lesbian romance, 2009, edited by Radclyffe.
Putting a new spin on the subject, these stories explore the underlying emotions and complex relationships that help define love between women.
Best lesbian romance, 2010, edited by Radclyffe.
Ranging from the short and ever-so-sweet to make-you-cry passionate, Best Lesbian Romance 2010 is essential reading for anyone who favours the highly imaginative, the deeply sensual, and the very loving.
Best lesbian romance, 2011, edited by Radclyffe.
Romance is an experience that encompasses a panoply of emotions: euphoria, despair, exhilaration, the thrill of sexual awakening, the excitement of new beginnings, and the quiet contentment of the familiar.
Best lesbian romance, 2012, edited by Radclyffe.
In this sizzling new treasury, erotica maestro Radclyffe has assembled over two dozen titilating tales of lesbian couples taking each other to new heights of happily bedded bliss.
Best lesbian romance, 2013, edited by Radclyffe.
Radclyffe is on a mission: she wants to rock your world every single year. And she does. We marvel at every year's batch of annual excellence. Swooningly romantic, shudderingly erotic, poundingly good prose that will tug at your heartstrings (etc) at the beginning of every single year, or every time you open the volume.
Beyond the stars, compiled by Sarah Webb.
A collection of short stories from a stellar line-up of Irish authors and illustrators, edited by bestselling author Sarah Webb. The anthology is completed by a final winter-themed tale from the winner of HarperCollins' competition for young writers, illustrated by Irish Children's Laureate, Niamh Sharkey.
Blue Labyrinth
The book of home how-to : complete photo guide to home repair & improvement
Building cabinets, bookcases and shelves, from the editors of Popular woodworking.
Building Bookcases, Cabinets and Shelves offers 29 storage solutions in a variety of styles and sizes with both open and enclosed storage. Each project includes cutting lists, step-by-step instructions and tips and advice from professional woodworkers who have made each piece.
Central Asia.
Christmas traditions : true stories that celebrate the spirit of the season, edited by Helen Szymanski.
Stories that take the reader on a magical journey through Christmas past and present, while giving the reader ideas for traditions they, too, could adapt for their future. Each story is a true account of either shared or unique traditions celebrated by families, communities, and/or groups during the Christmas holiday season.
Clean slate : a cookbook and guide : reset your health, detox your body, and feel your best, from the editors of Martha Stewart Living.
It's time to hit the reset button. This book emphasizes eating clean, whole, unprocessed foods as part of a primarily plant-based diet, with delicious and healthy recipes that make it easy to do just that.
The complete book of raw food. Volume 2, Lisa Montgomery, editor.
Dynamic New Collection of Over 400 Easy and Delicious Raw Food Recipes The Complete Book of Raw Food, Volume 2 guides you through the process of creating fantastic raw meals.
The complete guide to built-ins.
Nothing says quality and luxury like a custom built-in storage unit, and no project offers greater satisfaction and cost savings than a DIY built-in project. This detailed DIY book gives complete illustrated instructions for dozens of must-have built-in projects, including window seats, home theatre units, buffed cabinets, and bathroom storage units.
The complete guide to decks.
The most detailed, most current and most complete deck building book on the market. It reflects the latest changes in building codes and it features deck building materials that are popular today.
The complete guide to masonry and stonework.
No projects offer more aesthetic or financial satisfaction than DIY masonry and stonework projects. Homeowners can routinely save thousands of dollars in labour costs by buying and installing materials that are now readily available for routine purchase. This book includes traditional techniques for laying concrete adapted to the special needs of ordinary homeowners, but also features cutting edge materials and techniques.
The complete guide to outdoor carpentry.
Outdoor carpentry projects using cedar, redwood, and pressure-treated pine are perfect for DIYers of all skill levels, since the materials are easy to work with, and the results are rewarding. This book features more than 50 projects that easily can be built in a weekend with ordinary power hand tools and materials available at any local home center or hardware store. Each project has complete construction plans and directions for foolproof results.
The complete guide to outdoor carpentry : complete plans for beautiful backyard building projects.
Outdoor carpentry projects using cedar, redwood, and pressure-treated pine are perfect for DIYers of all skill levels, since the materials are easy to work with, and the results are rewarding. This book features more than 50 projects that easily can be built in a weekend with ordinary power hand tools and materials available at any local home center or hardware store. Each project has complete construction plans and directions for foolproof results.
The complete guide to patios.
With all of the DIY-friendly products for backyard building available today, the only reason not to build your own patio or walkway is that you don't know how. That's about to change. In The Complete Guide to Patios (3rd Edition), the expert editors of Cool Springs Press arm you with thorough, comprehensive information for virtually any patio or walkway undertaking you can think of.
The complete guide to patios and walkways.
This book offers readers the most popular patio and walkway designs complete with step-by-step, full-color photo instructions. The projects are affordable yet on-trend and highly valuable, as they increase house value and living space. With hundreds of styles of brick and stone now available, it's never been easier to build a dream patio — saving thousands of dollars in the process.
The complete guide to sheds.
This second edition of CPi's "Complete Guide to Contemporary Sheds" picks up where the original left off. All of the most popular shed plans are still here, plus we've added several new designs to further widen the scope of the styles and plans. All major construction steps are shown in clear, full-colour photos, accompanied by materials lists and a full set of plan drawings.
The complete outdoor builder : from arbors to walkways : 150 DIY projects.
Adding beautiful, functional patios and walkways to the yard has never been easier thanks to this book. Over 150 projects and hundreds of instructional photographs combine with informative tips, tricks, and inspiration for the most comprehensive patio and walkway book on the market.
D.C. noir, edited by George Pelecanos.
Mystery sensation Pelecanos pens the lead story and edits this groundbreaking collection of stories detailing the seedy underside of the U.S. capital.
East Coast Australia.
Eastern USA.
Eminem and rap, poetry, race : essays, edited by Scott F. Parker.
Eminem is the best-selling musical artist of the 21st century. This collection of essays gives his work the critical attention it has long deserved. Drawing from history, philosophy, sociology, musicology, and other fields, the writers gathered here consider Eminem's place in Hip Hop, the intellectual underpinnings of his work, and the roles of race, gender and privilege in his career, among various other topics.
Europe on a shoestring.
Every child ready to read : literacy tips for parents, the Lee Pesky Learning Center.
All parents want their children to read well and to succeed - and experts agree that improving literacy begins at birth. Reading aloud to your child, sharing simple games and wordplay, and developing letter knowledge start your child off on the right foot for school and life. Now the esteemed Lee Pesky Learning Center has created this easy, accessible reference for parents to help foster better literacy skills in children.
Extreme survivors : 60 of the world's most extreme survival stories foreword by Bear Grylls.
Extreme Survivors tells the illustrated story of 60 of the most daring escapes, famous shipwrecks, and ultimate survival stories. These are astonishing stories of human endurance and endeavour.
The FODMAP solution : a low Fodmap diet plan and cookbook to manage IBS and improve digestion.
FODMAPS [Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides, and Polyols] are unhealthy foods containing sugars and carboyhdrates that are often the root cause of painful bloating, pain, and digestive disorders. The FODMAP Solution gives you a proven method for recovering from FODMAP foods.
Prepare for a roller coaster of feasts, treats and temptations as you take in Germany's soul-stirring scenery, spirit-lifting culture, big-city beauties, romantic palaces and half-timbered towns.
Greek Islands.
Hand tool essentials : refine your power tool projects with hand tool techniques, from the editors of Popular Woodworking Magazine ; editor, David Thiel.
Hand and Power Tools Work Best Together In today's world of more-power-is-better, it's easy to overlook the value of hand tools. What most woodworker's don't realise is that combining both hand and power tool worlds is the best way to produce the highest quality woodworking. In Hand Tool Essentials you'll learn how to choose and use hand tools for chopping, cutting, paring, sawing, marking, drilling and more.
I can do that! : woodworking projects, edited by David Thiel.
Beginning woodworkers are constantly stymied by the apparent need for thousands of pounds worth of tools to start their hobby. This book shows them how to build quality furniture projects that can be completed by any woodworker with a modest (but decent) kit of tools in less than two days of shop time, and using raw materials that are available at any home center. The enclosed tool manual explains all the tools and shows them how to perform the basic operations in a step-by-step format.
Joinery tips & techniques : how to cut perfect wood joints every time, from the editors of Popular Woodworking.
From the lowly butt joint to the vaunted dovetail, joinery makes a woodworking project stronger, attractive and durable. Learn how to make the most common woodworking joints using hand tools and power tools, with tips to speed and improve your work.
Local all-star anthology 2014, Emma Darcy, Robyn Grady, Lucy Clark, Michelle Douglas.
An offer she can't refuse: magazines regularly devote gossip column inches to Greek magnate Ari Zavros and the supermodels gracing his arm and his bed each week! Tina Savalas is nothing like Ari's usual playmates, but this ordinary girl hides the most scandalous secret of all: four years ago her red-hot fling with Ari left her pregnant. Her bombshell revealed, Ari can see only one solution: the innocent Tina is perfect for the role of Good Greek Wife.
Melbourne and Victoria.
Musical instruments.
Crisp, colourful photographs introduce children to musical instruments from around the world. Familiar instruments like piano and drums are paired with interesting images of sitar and trombones. Used as a jumpstart for interaction, Discover Series Picture Books are a great way to introduce new ideas, words and concepts to kids.
New York City.
One Direction : take me home.
With excitement building as One Direction fans count down the days until the band's summer tour reaches North America and their upcoming movie, 1D in 3D, hits theaters, this inside source provides everything loyal followers need to know about Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry, and Louis. This account details the band's meteoric rise in 2012, as both Up All Night and Take Me Home debuted at No. 1 and One Direction sold out arenas from New York to New Zealand.
Painting : 29 projects with paint..
Full colour how-to photography demonstrates some of the most popular interior painting designs today. From start to finish, this book gives the reader information on everything from choosing paint and tools to cleaning up when the project is done. In between, there are 18 different techniques for painting interior rooms and furniture, including sponge painting, mosaics and faux designs.
Prison noir, edited by Joyce Carol Oates.
Prison Noir, the newest anthology in Akashic's award-winning Noir series (all titles available from Turnaround) presents an absolutely new perspective on prison literature. Some prisoners are encouraged to write, but few are encouraged to write crime fiction set behind bars in some institutions, that subject matter is prohibited. Joyce Carol Oates has done an outstanding job of curating a top-notch collection of stories, written by real prisoners, that brings the reader truly behind the 'scenes' of prison life.
Projects to get you off the grid : rain barrels, chicken coops, and solar panels, selected by ; edited by Noah Weinstein.
Instructables is back with this compact book focused on a series of projects designed to get you thinking creatively about thinking green. Twenty Instructables illustrate just how simple it can be to make your own backyard chicken coop, or turn a wine barrel into a rainwater collector.
Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef.
Rich Kids of Instagram
South America on a shoestring.
Southeast Asia on a shoestring.
The table book, from the editors of Popular woodworking.
Every woodworker wants to build furniture, but you only need so many beds, dressers and buffets. Along with bookshelves, tables are some of the easiest and most useful pieces of furniture to construct. And most homes have a need for another tables someplace. This book offers a broad selection of sizes and styles of tables to give woodworkers a good chance of finding exactly what they're looking for.
Thailand's islands and beaches.
They do what? : a cultural encyclopedia of extraordinary and exotic customs from around the world, Javier A. Galvan, editor.
Comprising entries by anthropologists, religious leaders, scholars, dancers, musicians, historians, and artists from almost every continent in the world, this encyclopedia provides readers with a compelling exploration of world customs and traditions.
The time traveller's almanac, edited by Ann and Jeff VanderMeer.
The time traveller's almanac is the largest, most definitive collection of time travel stories ever assembled. Gathered into one volume by intrepid chrononauts and world-renowned anthologists Ann and Jeff VanderMeer, here is over a century's worth of literary travels into past and the future.
Traditional country furniture : 21 projects in the Shaker, Appalachian and farmhouse styles, from the editors of Popular woodworking.
Country Furniture That Says Quality. Country furniture styles convey a sense of simple comfort and the warmth of hearth and home. While some country furniture can be rustic, the pieces included in Traditional Country Furniture are of quality construction and design, drawing from the best of traditional American furniture styles. Each furniture piece includes step-by-step photos and instructions, with a variety of skill levels represented.
Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Northern Thailand.
The weekend woodworker's project collection : 40 projects for the time-challenged craftsman, from the editors of Popular woodworking.
Do you have time only during weekends to immerse yourself in your woodworking? If so, then 'The Weekend Woodworker's Project Collection' is for you. Thsi book has 40 projects for which to choose and, depending on the lever of your woodworking skills, any of them can be completed in one or two weekends.
Western USA.
Offers the basics of window installation and repair with complete how-to steps and full colour photography. Features 18 step-by-step projects with a value-priced offering that appeals to today's most practical homeowners.
American Rose : a nation laid bare : the life and times of Gypsy Rose Lee, Karen Abbott
Chronicles the life of fabled American burlesque entertainer Gypsy Rose Lee. Just as the Great Depression faded into the 1940s, Gypsy's career took off. With the Roaring '20s still in the memories of many, Gypsy, under the direction of the four Minsky brothers, was everything America wanted and needed in an entertainer.
The Forbidden Stone, Tony Abbott
The Serpent's Curse, Tony Abbott
Things that float and things that don't, David A. Adler
An apple floats in a tub of water, but a ball of aluminum foil sinks to the bottom. But wait. If that same ball of foil is flattened out and shaped into a boat, it floats! How can that be? David A. Adler's clear, concise text and Anna Raff's delightful illustrations explain the basic principles of flotation and density in a way that will really sink in.
Enclave, Ann Aguirre
Horde, Ann Aguirre
Outpost, Ann Aguirre
The book of tomorrow, Cecelia Ahern
Tamara Goodwin has always got everything she's ever wanted. But then suddenly her dad is gone and life for Tamara and her mother changes forever. Left with a mountain of debt, they have no choice but to sell everything they own and move to the country where Tamara is lonely and bored. When a travelling library passes through Kilsaney Demesne, Tamara is intrigued. Her eyes rest on a mysterious large leather bound tome locked with a gold clasp and padlock. What she discovers within the pages takes her breath away and shakes her world to its core.
Mission to Mars : my vision for space exploration, Buzz Aldrin
Buzz Aldrin speaks out as a vital advocate for the continuing quest to push the boundaries of the universe as we know it. As a pioneering astronaut who first set foot on the moon during mankind's first landing of Apollo 11 — and as an aerospace engineer who designed an orbital rendezvous technique critical to future planetary landings Aldrin has a vision, and in this book he plots out the path he proposes, taking humans to Mars by 2035.
101 Jumping Exercises for Horse and Rider, Linda Allen
The Wishing Thread, Lisa Van Allen
The White Cottage Mystery, Margery Allingham
Get your kids hiking : how to start them young and keep it fun, Jeff Alt
Hiking is a great way to relax, connect with nature, and enjoy time with your family. Bringing your kids along can be rewarding for you and for them, but it can also add new challenges and concerns to your trip. This book is loaded with everything you need to know to hit the trail with kids; from gear to simple proven techniques that will make your hike safe and fun.
The Pacific, Hugh Ambrose
The Pacific describes the extraordinary true stories of four U.S. Marines and a U.S. Navy carrier pilot fighting in the Pacific region during World War II.
Stephen E. Ambrose from D-Day to Victory e-book box set, Stephen E Ambrose
Includes the following books by Stephen E. Ambrose, chronicling the pivotal moments from WWII, from D-Day to the capture of Hitler's Eagle's Nest.
Band of Brothers: A riveting account of Easy Company, 506th Airborne Division, U.S. Army 'responsible for everything from parachuting into France early D-Day morning to the capture of Hitler's Eagle's Nest at Berchtesgaden.
D-Day: The preeminent chronicle of the most important day in the twentieth century 'drawn from more than 1,400 interviews with American, British, Canadian, French, and German veterans.
Pegasus Bridge: A gripping account of the first engagement of D-Day. In the early morning hours of June 6, 1944, a small detachment of British airborne troops stormed the German defence forces and paved the way for the Allied invasion of Europe. Ambrose traces each step of the preparations over many months to the minute-by-minute excitement of the hand-to-hand confrontations on the bridge.
Supreme commander : the war years of Dwight D. Eisenhower, Stephen E Ambrose
In this classic portrait of Dwight E. Eisenhower the soldier, bestselling historian Stephen E. Ambrose examines the Allied commander's leadership during World War II.
Science… for her!, Megan Amram
Megan Amram, one of Forbes' "30 Under 30 in Hollywood & Entertainment," Rolling Stone's "25 Funniest People on Twitter," and a writer for NBC's hit show Parks and Recreation, delivers a politically, scientifically, and anatomically incorrect "textbook" that will have women screaming with laughter, and men dying to know what the noise is about.
The Good Son, Christopher Andersen
At what cost, J. Andersen
During her junior year, sixteen-year-old Maggie Reynolds expected to shop for prom dresses not maternity clothes. Now, instead of studying for the SATs, she's reading 'What to Expect When You're Expecting'. While Maggie wrestles with her options, Justin offers a solution: abortion. But an easy decision becomes difficult when Maggie's aunt discovers her secret and sets out on a mission to stop the abortion, putting a kink in Maggie's plan.
Amazing Leonardo da Vinci inventions you can build yourself : learn some hands on history!, Maxine Anderson
From armored tanks and gliders to "plastic glass" and drawing machines, this interactive book explores the incredible mind of Leonardo da Vinci through hands-on building projects and activities. Most of the building can be done using simple household supplies: construction paper, tape, markers, glue, cardboard tubes, aluminum foil, and cardboard boxes.
All night with the boss, Natalie Anderson
Lissa Coleman doesn't do office affairs. Hurt in the past, she keeps her guard up by being witty and sarcastic But one look at Rory Baxter, her tall, dark and incredibly sexy new boss, tests her powers of resistance to the limit!
The end of faking it, Natalie Anderson
Everyone fakes it. Don't they? A teenage romance-turned-nightmare has taught Penny Fairburn that faking it is the only way to go. It's not until she meets gorgeous Carter Dodds and his bullet-proof ego that she realises how wrong she's been!
First time lucky?, Natalie Anderson
She needed… sexperience! Forced to grow up too quickly, Roxie skipped too many all-important 'firsts'. Now she's ready to get experiencing - starting with the big one - losing her 'V' plates! A hunky doctor, Gabe Hollingworth, has moved in next door. Perhaps he could help her out…?
Mistress under contract, Natalie Anderson
When high-flying Daniel Graydon hires Lucy Delaney as a temporary bar manager, he doesn't expect much from her. Lucy is his complete opposite: carefree and fun-loving. He can't figure out why on earth he's so attracted to her!
Nice girls finish last, Natalie Anderson
After one wild and heartbreaking affair in her past, Lena is now very, very good. She prides herself on her iron self-control - working for the hottest Rugby team in New Zealand, it's all testosterone but no touching! Spending day-in-day-out in the mens locker rooms, Lena thinks she's immune to even the most honed set of abs. Then Seth saunters into her life, and suddenly her inner bad girl is back in the game.
Pleasured by the secret millionaire, Natalie Anderson
Gorgeous millionaire Rhys Maitland is tired of women throwing themselves at him because of his power and wealth. When he meets beauty Sienna Rendel, Rhys decides to hide the truth, and insists on being with her for one night only… Sienna's quite happy with Rhys's offer of fast, furious lovemaking! She doesn't know she's being pleasured by a secret millionaire, but when she and Rhys realise one night isn't enough, they'll have to strip themselves bare - in every sense!
Pleasured in the playboy's penthouse, Natalie Anderson
Bella has always felt like the ugly duckling in her family, but after one night with super-sexy Owen Hughes she feels like a beautiful swan. Until she realises Owen isn't the ordinary guy she thought… But Owen won't let Bella shrink back into her shell. Two weeks of pleasure in his penthouse and he'll have her begging for more…
Rebel with a cause, Natalie Anderson
Can opposites attract? Rugged tycoon Lorenzo Hall comes from the wrong side of the tracks, and this wild rebel has a new cause: he's aching to discover if his new assistant, Sophy Braithwaite, is as prim and proper as she looks! Of course, for Sophy, her smoldering boss should be off-limits. But it's easy to see how Lorenzo's criminally hot body and the dangerous twinkle in his eyes could tempt her to break all the rules.
Ruthless boss, royal mistress, Natalie Anderson
Princess Lissa Karedes, renowned posh party girl, has been packed off to Australia to learn the meaning of hard work! But billionaire James Black, her wickedly sexy boss, has different ideas.
Taming his tutor, Natalie Anderson
Computer guru Abbi Hayes needs to kick her sex life into overdrive - and she's designing the perfect App to make it happen.
To love, honour and disobey, Natalie Anderson
Ana couldn't believe her luck when irresistibly sexy Sebastian Rentoul proposed. Until she realised that being Mrs Rentoul didn't mean she had her husband's love.
Walk on the wild side, Natalie Anderson
A fling with hot Olympic snowboarder Jack Greene isn't Kelsi Reid's normal behaviour. But one glimpse of his wicked eyes has Kelsi throwing caution and her clothes to the wind! Then Kelsi crashes down to reality with a bump of the baby kind.
Burn for me, Ilona Andrews
Nevada Baylor is faced with the most challenging case of her detective career - a suicide mission to bring in a Prime, the highest rank of magic user, who can set anyone and anything on fire. Then she's kidnapped by Connor "Mad" Rogan - a darkly tempting billionaire with equally devastating powers.
Under her skin, Ilona Andrews
"Pack" brings you a tale of a lost hiker and her encounter with some very frightening - and sexy - wolves. A female werewolf helps a sheriff track down a killer "In Sheep's Clothing." A woman must repay her family's debt to a shapeshifting magician in "Grace of Small Magics."
Flowers in the attic, V. C. Andrews
Chris, Cathy, and the twins are to be kept hidden until their grandfather dies so that their mother will receive a sizeable inheritance. However, years pass and terrifying things occur as the four children grow up in their one room prison.
If there be thorns, V. C. Andrews
An old woman in the house next door and her sinister butler give Chris and Cathy's youngest son, Bart, a mysterious book that drives him to the brink of madness.
Petals on the wind, V. C. Andrews
For Carrie, Chris and Cathy the attic was a dark horror that would not leave their minds. Of course mother had to pretend they didn't exist and grandmother was convinced they had the devil in them. But that wasn't their fault. Was it?
Brooke, V. C. Andrews
Butterfly, V. C. Andrews
Crystal, V. C. Andrews
Raven, V. C. Andrews
Runaways, V. C. Andrews
Shooting Stars Omnibus: Cinnamon, Ice, Rose and Honey, V. C. Andrews
Dragnet nation : a quest for privacy, security, and freedom in a world of relentless surveillance, Julia Angwin
Award-winning investigative journalist Julia Angwin reports from the front lines of America's surveillance economy, offering a revelatory and unsettling look at how the government, private companies, and even criminals use technology to indiscriminately sweep up vast amounts of our personal data.
Dual momentum investing : an innovative strategy for higher returns with lower risk, Gary Antonacci
Dual Momentum Investing details the author's own momentum investing method that combines U.S. stock, world stock, and aggregate bond indices - a formula proven to dramatically increase profits while lowering risk.
The UnAmericans, Molly Antopol
Traces the experiences of protagonists from a range of cultures, including a blacklisted Hollywood actor who struggles to connect with his son, and a dissenting gallery worker who begins smuggling and curating underground art.
Sew sweet handmade clothes for girls : 22 easy-to-make dresses, skirts, pants & tops girls will love, Yuki Araki
Best suited for girls from two to five years old, Araki's designs are simple, casual, and look good on any girl. Mums will love dressing their girls in these economical and easy-to-make clothes.
On duty with the Queen, Dickie Arbiter
Retired press spokesman Dickie Arbiter recounts his experiences as a Buckingham Palace press secretary for Queen Elizabeth II, beginning with his appointment in 1988 until his retirement in 2000.
A History of Jerusalem, Karen Armstrong
I adored a lord, Katharine Ashe
All that clever, passionate Ravenna Caulfield wants is to stay far away from high society's mean girls. All that handsome, heroic Lord Vitor Courtenay wants is to dash from dangerous adventure to adventure.When a stolen kiss in a stable leads to a corpse in a suit of armor, a canine kidnapping, and any number of scandalous liaisons, Ravenna and Vitor find themselves wrapped in a mystery they're perfectly paired to solve.
The pirate next door, Jennifer Ashley
Mayfair, London, 1810: In the middle of the night Alexandra hears shouting coming from the house next door, and the viscount's life being threatened. She rushes over just in time to save Grayson from being hanged by his greatest enemy, his former best friend. Thus is Alexandra pulled into the adventures of Grayson Finley, former pirate and terror of the seas.
The magic of Christmas, Trisha Ashley
In the pretty Lancashire village of Middlemoss, Lizzy is on the verge of leaving her cheating husband, Tom, when tragedy strikes. Luckily she has welcome distraction in the Christmas Pudding Circle, a group of friends swapping seasonal recipes — as well as a rivalry with local cookery writer Nick over who will win Best Mince Pie at the village show!
Sowing secrets, Trisha Ashley
Fran March's life in the idyllic village of St Ceridwen's Well is coming up roses.If only daughter Rosie - the result of an uncharacteristic one-night stand 18 years ago - wasn't so curious about her real father, and if only husband Mal spent less time on his hobbies, everything would be bliss. But then a face from the past turns Fran's world upside down.
Twelve days of Christmas, Trisha Ashley
Christmas has always been a sad time for young widow Holly Brown, so when she's asked to look after a remote house on the Lancashire moors, the opportunity to hide herself away is irresistible. Sculptor Jude Martland is determined that this year there will be no Christmas - after his brother ran off with his fiancee. When Jude unexpectedly returns on Christmas Eve he is far from delighted to discover that Holly seems to be holding the very family party he had hoped to avoid. Suddenly, the blizzards come out of nowhere and the whole village is snowed in.
Wedding tiers, Trisha Ashley
Josie Gray and her childhood sweetheart, Ben Richards, always dreamt of a life of rural bliss. And when Josie inherits her Grandmother's cottage, it seems their dreams are coming true. But when Josie's fairytale relationship with Ben turns into a nightmare, she becomes love's number one cynic - until charming wedding photographer Noah Sephton arrives in Neatslake with a very different outlook on love.
A winter's tale, Trisha Ashley
When Sophy Winter unexpectedly inherits Winter's End, a crumbling mansion in the beautiful Lancashire countryside - on the very same day that she is evicted from her home - it seems like all Sophy's prayers have been answered at once. She easily relocates from a static caravan to the majestic stately home. But the manor's association with William Shakespeare leads to heritage issues — and Sophy has relationship issues to deal with as well!
The naked sun, Isaac Asimov
The electrifying sequel to Caves of Steel in which Elijah Baley is once more teemed up with R. Daneel. The two must travel to Solaria, where no human has gone in over a thousand years!
Wereduck, Dave Atkinson
Kate's family has told her that on her thirteenth birthday she'll hear the "Whooooo" call of the moon, and howl back, and become a werewolf just like them. But she doesn't want to be a werewolf. She's always felt more like a duck.
Stone mattress : nine tales, Margaret Atwood
In these nine tales, Margaret Atwood ventures into the shadowland earlier explored by fabulists and concoctors of dark yarns such as Robert Louis Stevenson, Daphne du Maurier and Arthur Conan Doyle.
State of grace, H. Badger
Ever since she was created, Wren has lived in an idyllic garden with her friends. If only Wren could stop the strange, disturbing visions she's started having. Gradually Wren and Blaze uncover the truth: they're part of a clinical trial of an ominous drug called Grace.
Lead like it matters — because it does : practical leadership tools to inspire and engage your people and create great results, Roxi Bahar Hewertson
Whether you're running a large global firm or a small project team, it's the way you communicate and connect to other people that can make or break your success. The secret, according to Roxi Bahar Hewertson, is to make those connections count — to leverage your skills and play on your strengths — to lead like it matters… because it does.
The perfect princess : tales of dragon magic and royal romance, E D Baker
This volume of two spellbinding stories from the bestselling Tales of the Frog Princess series has dragons, witches and wonderfully wicked wizardry galore …
Compelled by love, Heidi Baker
Compelled by Love, the true story of the ministry of Heidi and Rolland Baker in the war-torn, poverty and disease-stricken country of Mozambique, chronicles twenty-seven years of ministry among the poorest people on earth.
1-2-3 Peas, Keith Baker
101 Dressage Exercises for Horse and Rider, Jec Aristotle Ballou
The Great Galloon, Tom Banks
The Great Galloon is an enormous airship, built by Captain Meredith Anstruther and manned by his crew, who might seem like a bit of a motley bunch but who are able to fight off invading marauders whilst drinking tea and sweeping floors!
Voyage to the volcano : being a continuation of the telling of the voyages, mishaps and triumphs of Captain Meredith Anstruther, his crew and his celebrated Great Galloon, Tom Banks
Stanley, Rasmussen and the rest of the Great Galloon crew on their way to the greatest party ever held: Count Heinz-Marie von Forbes-Martinez of Eisberg's birthday party. Can he attend the party and be reunited with his beloved?
Napoleon wasn't short and St Patrick wasn't Irish, Andrea Barham
The moment has come to set the record straight, once and for all. Leading the way in this modern crusade comes this lighthearted guide that reveals the many myths, fabrications and ambiguities found in the annals of world history.
Lethal sky, Greg Barron
A light aircraft flies over Sydney Harbour carrying the spores of a deadly microbe, enough to kill the people below and render the city uninhabitable for decades. Intelligence agent Marika Hartmann races to the scene. Can she save her city?
The stories of the Mona Lisa : an imaginary museum tale about the history of modern art, Piotr Barsony
An artist describes a number of art movements, artists, and paintings through an imaginary tour of an art museum.
Notorious deception, Adrienne Basso
For Ellie, ensnared between the man she loves and the one she must destroy, the battle is about to begin…
To tempt a rogue, Adrienne Basso
Harriet Sainthill suddenly finds herself the object of scandal when her cad of a fiancé jilts her. Ever practical, she accepts a position as a governess to a wealthy Scottish merchant. Powerful, implacable and infuriatingly secretive, "Mr. Wainwright" is no Scottish merchant, but rather a runaway English lord.
Farm flu, Teresa Bateman
When the farm animals seem to catch the flu one after another, a young boy does his best to take care of them.
The Door Within, Wayne Thomas Batson
The Final Storm, Wayne Thomas Batson
Rise of the Wyrm Lord, Wayne Thomas Batson
The golden ghost, Marion Dane Bauer
On a bike outing to the abandoned houses by the old cement mill, Delsie and her friend Todd discover one of the houses is not empty — and a ghost dog haunts the area.
The very little princess, Marion Dane Bauer
When she goes to her grandmother's house for the first time, Zoey finds a tiny china doll that comes alive in her hands and believes that she is a princess and that Zoey is her servant.
You are what you wear : what your clothes reveal about you, Jennifer J. Baumgartner
In this fashion guide that is like no other, Dr. Baumgartner helps readers identify the psychology behind their choices, so they can not only develop a personal style that suits their identity but also make positive changes in all areas of life.
The power of noticing : what the best leaders see, Max H Bazerman
Max Bazerman, an expert in the field of applied behavioral psychology, draws on three decades of research and his experience instructing Harvard Business School MBAs and corporate executives to teach you how to notice and act on information that may not be immediately obvious.
American crucifixion : the murder of Joseph Smith and the fate of the Mormon church, Alex Beam
Beam tells how Smith went from charismatic leader to public enemy, and could not escape the consequences of his ambition and pride.
Rosie Revere, Engineer, Andrea Beaty
The Cecchetti method of classical ballet : theory and technique, Cyril W. Beaumont
Cecchetti (1850-1928) performed and taught in Russia and with Diaghilev's troupe. Assisted by of one of Cecchetti's star pupils, Stanislas Idzikowski, Cyril Beaumont codified Cecchetti's programme for this book, which includes a numbered series of instructions for each exercise in addition to numerous illustrations.
What to listen for in opera : an introductory handbook, Charles R Beck
Covering famous operas from 14 Italian, French and German composers, this handbook is designed to help listeners understand and appreciate the special skills required to sing famous operatic songs.
Love, Loss, and What I Wore, Ilene Beckerman
The unofficial LEGO builder's guide, Allan Bedford
What exactly is a slope? What's the difference between a tile and a plate? Why is it bad to simply stack bricks in columns to make a wall? The Unofficial LEGO Builder's Guide is here to answer your questions.
The beginner's handbook of woodcarving : with project patterns for line carving, relief carving, carving in the round, and bird carving, Charles Beiderman
In this wonderful resource for both novice and veteran carvers, two masters of the craft present detailed instructions and illustrations on how to confidently carve animals, flowers, figures, and more. The authors also include handy tips on tools, techniques, painting, finishing, and even how to exhibit finished pieces. An excellent book for all carvers.
Sketch! the non-artist's guide to inspiration, technique, and drawing daily life, France Belleville-Van Stone
This is an inspirational guide for artists both established and aspiring. Urban sketching is a hot trend in the drawing world. In this aspirational guide, French artist France Belleville-Van Stone offers motivation to move beyond the comfort zone, as well as instruction on turning rough sketches into finished work.
The elements of resumé style : essential rules and eye-opening advice for writing resumes and cover letters that work, Scott Bennett
Scott Bennett he warns against popular "tricks" that tend to backfire — and instead shows readers how to craft clear, compelling, targeted resumes and cover letters that actually work.
The mystery hat, Rune Brandt Bennicke
Crow, Pig, and Beaver are taking a nice stroll in the woods when they come across a red hat sitting in a puddle. Whose hat is it? What mysterious circumstances could have brought it to this very puddle?
Full of Grace, Dorothea Benton Frank
Stitched paper art for kids : 22 cheeky pickle sewing projects, Ali Benyon
You use paper for a lot of things, like doing homework, writing notes, and drawing. But did you know that you could make something super cute with just paper, glue, and thread.
The Baking Bible, Rose Levy Beranbaum
Beranbaum displays her passion and expertise in every category of baking, bringing you all-new recipes for the best cakes, pies, tarts, biscuits, candies, pastries, breads, and more.
Darcy & Elizabeth : nights and days at Pemberley : Pride and prejudice continues, Linda Berdoll
Tthe beloved characters from Jane Austen's original are joined by Linda Berdoll's imaginative new creations for a compelling, sexy and epic story guaranteed to keep you turning the pages and gasping with delight.
Mr. Darcy takes a wife : Pride and prejudice continues, Linda Berdoll
A sweeping tale of adventure and misadventure, human folly and numerous mysteries of parentage.
Death of a dog whisperer, Laurien Berenson
When her aunt's dog-whispering protege is found dead, Melanie Travis must help sort through the growing list of suspects to find the killer, all while juggling motherhood, marriage, and her six beloved poodles.
Glamorous illusions, Lisa Tawn Bergren
As she travels with her new family from England to France, Cora faces the hardships as well as the privileges of the family name. But her journey of self-discovery is only just beginning.
Over in a river : flowing out to the sea, Marianne Collins Berkes
Children will learn the geography of North American rivers and to appreciate the animals that live there while they count the baby otters or dragonflies.
Misdirected, Ali Berman
Desperately seeking fireman, Jennifer Bernard
Fire Captain Jeb Stone and incredibly successful press secretary Nita Moreno have both been burned by love before. When circumstances find them stranded on an island together, babysitting a cross-dressing senator and the very pregnant wife of San Gabriel's most famous captain, they allow the sparks they feel to take centre stage.
The fireman who loved me, Jennifer Bernard
When her matchmaking grandmother wins her a date with Fire Captain Harry Brody at a Bachelor auction, news producer Melissa McGuire, who believes that they are perfectly wrong for each other, is proved otherwise by a curse, a conniving night news anchor, a couple of exes and one giant fire.
Four weddings and a fireman, Jennifer Bernard
Firefighter Derek "Vader" Brown is one of a kind - six feet of solid muscle with the heart of a born hero. It's that protective streak that has him pursuing a promotion to Captain to pay for his mother's home care. And it's why he intends to figure out why his sometime girlfriend Cherie Harper runs hot as hellfire one minute and pushes him away the next.
Hot for fireman, Jennifer Bernard
When sparks fly between Katie Dane and her new bartender, Ryan, the sexy heartbreaker of Station One, she decides to mix business with pleasure as their passion burns wildly out of control.
The night belongs to fireman, Jennifer Bernard
When fireman Fred Breen rescues a bachelorette party after a construction crane collapses on to their limo, the media labels him the "Bachelor Hero". But all Fred can think about is the petite brunette with the sexy mane of dark curls who bolted away from him faster than a wildfire after he carried her to safety.
One fine fireman, Jennifer Bernard
Kirk, a.k.a. Thor, one of San Gabriel's infamous Bachelor Firemen, certainly lives up to his nickname. But Kirk has a secret, and he won't let anyone get close, least of all the sexiest woman he's ever met. Can a feisty little dog and an even feistier little boy help these star-crossed lovers find the passion they both so richly deserve?
Sex and the single fireman, Jennifer Bernard
Arriving in San Gabriel to put an end to the "Bachelor Firemen" media hype, single father Rick Roman, the toughest captain on the East Coast, is unable to keep the tabloids at bay when he discovers that Sabina, a woman with whom he almost had a one-night stand, is a firefighter at his new station.
How to wake up : a Buddhist-inspired guide to navigating joy and sorrow, Toni Bernhard
Bernhard presents a practical and personal guide for everyone seeking greater peace and a deeper, more resilient sense of wellness.
The Leonard Bernstein letters, Leonard Bernstein
Leonard Bernstein was a charismatic and versatile musician — a brilliant conductor who attained international super-star status, and a gifted composer. Bernstein was also an enthusiastic letter writer, and this book is the first to present a wide-ranging selection of his correspondence.
China 1945 : Mao's revolution and America's fateful choice, Richard Bernstein
A riveting account of a watershed moment in history: when America's struggles with the despotic Chiang Kai-shek and the manipulative, ascendant Mao Zedong altered the course of East-West relations.
Map art lab : 52 exciting art explorations in mapmaking, imagination, and travel, Jill K. Berry.
This fun and creative book features 52 map-related activities set into weekly exercises, beginning with legends and lines, moving through types and styles, and then creating personalised maps that allow you to journey to new worlds.
Losing it : and gaining my life back one pound at a time, Valerie Bertinelli
The actress recalls the challenges of maintaining a healthy self-image while coping with the stress of celebrity, her twenty-year marriage to rock star Eddie Van Halen, her battle with depression and weight, motherhood, and her determination to take control of her own life.
Mayim's vegan table : more than 100 great-tasting and healthy recipes from my family to yours, Mayim Bialik
Not only does this book shares more than 100 easy plant-based recipes, but Mayim has also teamed up with pediatrician Jay Gordon to offer basic nutritional information about a plant-based diet.
The complete guide : maintain your pool & spa : repair & upkeep made easy, Rich Binsacca
Includes information on basic maintenance, water quality, seasonal upkeep, and routine repairs. Provides everything needed to keep water features in good operating condition.
Wild things! acts of mischief in children's literature, Betsy Bird
For adults who are curious about children's books and their creators, here are the little-known stories behind the stories.
How to cook everything fast : a better way to cook great food, Mark Bittman
Shows how anyone can spend just a little time cooking and be able to make 2,000 innovative recipes that are delicious, varied, exciting, made from scratch, and ready in anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes.
The three of us : a family story, Julia Blackburn
This is the story of three people: Julia Blackburn, her father Thomas and her mother Rosalie. This story is a tale of redemption, a love story.
Steal the Light, Thieves, Lexi Blake.
Fearless : the undaunted courage and ultimate sacrifice of Navy SEAL Team Six operator Adam Brown, Eric Blehm
Blehm presents a deeply personal glimpse inside the SEAL Team SIX brotherhood that shows how these elite operators live out the rest of their lives, away from danger, as husbands, fathers, and friends.
Horse escape artist! : and more true stories of animals behaving badly, Ashlee Brown Blewett
Some animals have a mind of their own. This is certainly the case for Mariska the horse escape artist, Milkshake the charging cow, and Pony the runaway goat!
Beyond the Pale Motel, Francesca Lia Block
Great answers, great questions for your job interview, Jay A. Block
Prepares you to answer the trickiest questions and make yourself stand out from the competition.
Above, Leah Bobet
When insane exile Corner and his army of mindless, whispering shadows invade Safe, a secret, underground community of freaks and disabled outcasts, Matthew, traumatized shapeshifter Ariel, and other misfits go to the dangerous place known as Above, where Matthew makes a shocking discovery about the histories entrusted to him.
The flute and flute-playing in acoustical, technical and artistic aspects, Theobald Bohm
The modern flute owes its invention to the author of this 1871 musicology classic. It details the instrument's acoustics, explains techniques for establishing proportions, keying, fingering, care and repair, and bass flute in G.
How Great Leaders Think, Lee G. Bolman
How does weather change?, Jennifer Boothroyd
Why is it sunny outside one day and rainy the next? Readers will learn the ins and outs of why weather changes in this book.
What does sunlight do?, Jennifer Boothroyd
Accessible text and appealing photos show sunlight how affects Earth and encourage readers to think about how sunlight affects their own environment.
What is a forecast?, Jennifer Boothroyd
What does it mean to forecast the weather? How do weather forecasters do their jobs? Readers will learn the ins and outs of weather forecasting in this book.
What is climate?, Jennifer Boothroyd
Accessible text and appealing photos show different climate conditions and encourage students to think about and engage with the idea of climate and what kind of climate exists where they live.
Tools of the Ancient Greeks : a kid's guide to the history & science of life in Ancient Greece, Kris Bordessa
Explores the history and science of ancient Greece, teaching about Greek innovations and ideas of philosophy, government, science, religion, sport, and warfare, and how they have shaped world history and our own world view.
Real Mermaids Don't Sell Seashells, Helene Boudreau.
Winning body language for success in career and life : 2 e-book bundle!, Mark Bowden
Professionals can move up in the business world with the strategic tips and techniques employed by one of the world's most skilled communicators.
Stolen, Erin Bowman.
Muzzled, Eileen Brady.
Discovering an apparent murder-suicide involving two elderly clients, veterinarian Kate Turner investigates the disappearance of one of the victims' many dogs before uncovering a twisted fraud scheme.
The miracle match : Chappell, Lillee, Richards and the most electric moment in Australian cricket, Ian Brayshaw
Ian Brayshaw, a player in The Miracle Match, takes us through one of the most electric games in Australian cricket history and gives us a fascinating insight into the careers of some of cricket's most successful and influential players.
The Windmill Girls, Kay Brellend
Essential book of martial arts kicks, Marc de Bremaeker
Provides photographs, diagrams, and instructions to help martial artist's sharpen and expand their kicking skills.
Clifford's birthday party, Norman Bridwell
Everyone wants to give their friend Clifford a special birthday present. But the blow-up ball gets blown up, the pinata gets smashed, the sweater is too small, and the beauty parlour gift certificate just didn't seem exactly right. Finally, Clifford gets the best present of all - his family there to celebrate with him.
The truth doesn't have to hurt : how to use criticism to strengthen relationships, improve performance, and promote change, Deborah Bright
Nobody likes criticism. Handled poorly, it too often stings and breeds resentment — and most of us try to avoid it at all costs. But criticism — crafted carefully and communicated skillfully — promotes trust and respect, motivates individuals, and serves as a catalyst for change.
Letters to Kelly, Suzanne Brockmann
For years, a trumped-up charge — and a Central American prison cell — kept Jax Winchester from claiming the girl he loved. Now he was a free man. Or was he?
Night sky, Suzanne Brockmann
Sixteen-year-old Skylar Reid joins her best friend Cal, Dana, a girl with supernatural abilities, and Dana's friend Milo on a quest to rescue young Sasha from the Organization that kidnapped her because, according to Dana, Sky and Sasha both have special abilities, too.
Tall, dark & dangerous, Suzanne Brockmann
The government wanted Veronica St. John to teach a tough, combat-hardened Navy SEAL how to impersonate a visiting European crown prince who'd been targeted by terrorists. But this guy simply wasn't prince material…
Year of wonders, Geraldine Brooks
Eighteen-year-old Anna Frith tells the story of her remote English village, Eyam, which was infected by the plague in 1666 and where, persuaded by their vicar, the townspeople decided to quarantine themselves.
The Brewer's Tale, Karen Brooks
Art on skin : tattoos, style, and the human canvas, Marcel Brousseau
A celebration of all things tattoo, this visually appealing wealth of tattoo knowledge will have you running for the nearest tattoo artist.
Digital Fortress, Dan Brown
Tori Amos : in the studio, Jake Brown
Part intimate profile, part detailed discography, this music compilation explores the life and work of Tori Amos, one of the most prolific alternative rock artists of the past few decades.
Jedi Academy, Jeffrey Brown
Return of the Padawan, Jeffrey Brown
Darkness of Light, Stacey Marie Brown
Four Weddings and a Kiss, Margaret Brownley
The healing quilt : return of the Half-stitched Amish Quilting Club, Wanda E. Brunstetter
Retired Amish newlyweds Emma and Lamar Miller start a new quilting class, in which they work with an unlikely group of students to achieve emotional healing and create beautiful traditional quilts.
Avenger, Heather Burch
When she is targeted by a demonic Seeker, Nikki flees to safety before resisting the corrupting forces of the Seeker's poison and resolving to sacrifice herself to protect her halfling companions.
Guardian, Heather Burch
As their mission becomes clearer, dangers intensify and tensions flare for half-angel, half-human guardians Mace and Raven, while seventeen-year-old Nikki, torn between them, desperately needs their protection from Damon Vessler and the powerful secret he holds.
Halflings, Heather Burch
When Nikki is targeted by an evil intent on harming her, she finds herself under the guardianship of three young men who call themselves Halflings
Pony surprise, Pauline Burgess
At the Pony Palace Camp, the ponies are preparing for a very special, TOP SECRET celebration. But people, just like ponies, are unpredictable sometimes … Can they pull everything together for the big day?
The lost get-back boogie, James Lee Burke
After spending two years in Louisiana's Angola State Penitentiary for manslaughter, war veteran and blues singer Iry Paret heads for Montana only to become embroiled in a dangerous battle against a local pulp mill responsible for polluting the local environment.
Heaven is for real : a little boy's astounding story of his trip to heaven and back, Todd Burpo
A young boy emerges from life-saving surgery with remarkable stories of his visit to heaven.
What a Lady Needs for Christmas, Grace Burrowes
Safe House, Meg Cabot
Sanctuary, Meg Cabot
The bear hug, Sean Callahan
Cubby loves spending time with Grandpa Bear, especially when Grandpa gives him the Bear Hug.
Redemption of the duke, Gayle Callen
Adam Chamberlin was the third son of a duke, known for gambling binges and drunken nights. Now Adam is the new Duke of Rothford, determined to right the wrongs he's done. Except a secret in his past means helping the one woman who doesn't want his help at all…
Party games, Sean Callery
Containing over 200 fun family and party games to enjoy, this title ranges from classics, such as pass-the-parcel to different ideas for sports day.
Act of terror, Marc Cameron
From coast to coast, our nation is witnessing a new wave of terror. As a classified "instrument" of the CIA reporting directly to the President, Quinn knows that these random acts of violence pose a clear and present danger. But Quinn may not be able to stop it.
National security, Marc Cameron
Three Middle Eastern terrorists have been injected with a biological weapon, human time bombs unleashed on American soil. To fight this enemy we need a new kind of weapon - Special Agent Jericho Quinn. His methods are as simple, and as brutal, as his codename. The Hammer.
State of emergency, Marc Cameron
Two agents, Russian and American, are brutally murdered. College students, working as drug mules, die gruesome deaths from radiation poisoning. Powerful dirty bombs explode minutes apart in San Francisco and St. Petersburg, Russia. But this is only a warning. The next attack will be nuclear. Enter Air Force OSI agent Jericho Quinn and his crack team of specialists.
Time of attack, Marc Cameron
Special agent Jericho Quinn, hellbent on finding the sniper who attacked his family, steps into an even bigger, and deadlier, conspiracy: a secret cabal of elite assassins embedded throughout the globe.
Dauntless, Jack Campbell
Fearless, Jack Campbell
Imperfect Sword, Jack Campbell
History of old friends : a home for retired thoroughbreds, Rick Capone
When Michael Blowen, a former Boston Globe entertainment writer, opened Thoroughbred retirement farm Old Friends in Kentucky in 2003, he never dreamed his idea would grow so big, so fast.
A Christmas memory, Truman Capote
A reminiscence of a Christmas shared by a seven-year-old boy and a sixtyish childlike woman, with enormous love and friendship between them.
Pathfinder, Orson Scott Card
Ruins, Orson Scott Card
Visitors, Orson Scott Card
Blackbird, Anna Carey
Chase Your Shadow, John Carlin
The Backyard Homestead Book of Building Projects, Spike Carlsen
The Dark Hills Divide, Patrick Carman
The Field of Wacky Inventions, Patrick Carman
Tenth City, Patrick Carman
3 Below, Patrick Carman
Beyond the Valley of Thorns, Patrick Carman
Floors, Patrick Carman
200 low-carb, high-fat recipes : easy recipes to jumpstart your low-carb weight loss, Dana Carpender
In this book you get tips for creating low-carb/high-fat meals, and find out why three meals a day may not be needed!
Redeemed, P C Cast
Revealed, P C Cast
The hot air balloon book : build and launch kongming lanterns, solar tetroons, and more, Clive Catterall
Build and safely launch your own balloons using inexpensive, readily available materials. Illustrated, step-by-step instructions for eight different homemade models, as well as the science and history behind them.
Keeper of the light, Diane Chamberlain
Dr. Olivia Simon is on duty in the emergency room of North Carolina's Outer Banks Hospital when a gunshot victim is brought in - Annie O'Neill. The woman Olivia's husband, Paul, is in love with. When Annie dies on the operating table, she leaves behind three other victims left with unanswered questions about who Annie really was.
Lighthouses : the race to illuminate the world, Toby Chance
The Great Exhibition, Crystal Palace, 1851: James Chance is nervously showcasing a new lens that, unknown to him, will revolutionise lighthouse production, propel his family business into world leadership, save countless lives and have far-reaching consequences for trade, empire and the map of the world.
Your Presence is Requested at Suvanto, Maile Chapman
Tamed, Emma Chase
It's the same old story: girl meets player, they fall in love, player changes his ways. It's a good story. But it's not Matthew's story. His story is a lot more colourful.
Tangled, Emma Chase
Drew Evans makes multimillion-dollar business deals and seduces New York's most beautiful women with just a smile. So why has he been shuttered in his apartment for seven days, miserable and depressed?
Twisted, Emma Chase
There are two kinds of people in the world. The ones who look first, and the ones who leap. I've always been more of a looker. Cautious. That changed after I met Drew Evans. He was so persistent. So sure of himself - and of me. But not all love stories end happily ever after.
Fins Are Forever, Tera Lynn Childs
Forgive My Fins, Tera Lynn Childs
Just for Fins, Tera Lynn Childs
The Humane Society of the United States complete guide to cat care, Wendy Christensen
The adrenal reset diet : strategically cycle carbs and proteins to lose weight, balance hormones, and move from stressed to thriving, Alan Christianson
The Adrenal Reset Diet is the first scientifically sound, patient-tested weight-loss plan developed by a natural endocrinologist, to heal any of the three stages of adrenal impairment — Stressed, Wired and Tired, or Crashed.
Elephants can remember, Agatha Christie
Hercule Poirot is determined to solve an old husband and wife double murder that is still an open verdict.
After the funeral, Agatha Christie
When Cora is savagely murdered with a hatchet, the extraordinary remark she made the previous day at her brother Richard's funeral suddenly takes on a chilling significance. At the reading of Richard's will, Cora was clearly heard to say: 'It's been hushed up very nicely, hasn't it… But he was murdered, wasn't he?'
Cat among the pigeons, Agatha Christie
Late one night, two teachers stumble upon the body of the unpopular games mistress — shot through the heart from point blank range. Schoolgirl Julia Upjohn knows that without Hercule Poirot's help, she will be the next victim…
Curtain : Poirot's last case, Agatha Christie
The house guests at Styles seemed perfectly pleasant to Captain Hastings. So Hastings was shocked to learn from Hercule Poirot's declaration that one of them was a five-times murderer.
The labours of Hercules, Agatha Christie
In this set of short stories, Poirot sets himself a challenge before he retires - to solve 12 cases which correspond with the labours of his classical Greek namesake.
The man in the brown suit, Agatha Christie
A young woman investigates an accidental death at a London tube station, and finds herself of a ship bound for South Africa.
Miss Marple's final cases, Agatha Christie
Six gripping cases with one thing in common — the astonishing deductive powers of Miss Marple.
Sparkling cyanide, Agatha Christie
A beautiful heiress is fatally poisoned in a West End restaurant?
Learn work lead : things your mentor won't tell you, Terri Tierney Clark
This book is intended to help women professionals evaluate all of the information available from mentors and others to determine the right path, and to plan for the optimal career and succeed, even when faced with problems that no one could predict.
The comedy, history and tragedy of William Shakespeare, Anna Claybourne
Published in the year of the 450th anniversary of his birth, this is a first introduction to William Shakespeare - his life, times and play.
The redhead plays her hand, Alice Clayton
People are talking, but are Jack and Grace? Her career is on the rise, and his continues into the stratosphere, but will she be able to catch him if he falls? Will they ever be able to just be a couple who can hold hands when they walk down the street?
The redhead revealed, Alice Clayton
As their careers catch fire, Grace and Jack - everyone's favourite couple - find themselves on opposite coasts. Grace has landed in New York City, where she loves being onstage again. Meanwhile, in L.A., Jack can scarcely keep up with the throngs of women who track him everywhere he goe.
Rusty nailed, Alice Clayton
With her boss out, Caroline's working long hours to keep the design company running. Her photographer boyfriend is gallivanting around the world for his job. Neither have any complaints about the reunion sex! Then Simon decides he's tired of travelling and he's suddenly home more. Eventually Caroline and Simon have to sort their relationship out.
Screwdrivered, Alice Clayton
When a phone call brings news that Viv Franklin's inherited a beautiful old home in Mendocino, California from a long-forgotten aunt, she moves her entire life across the country to embark on what she sees as a great, romance-novel-worthy adventure. But romance novels always have a twist, don't they? There's a cowboy and there's also a librarian who calls her Vivian. Can tweed jackets and elbow patches compete with chaps and spurs? You bet your sweet cow pie. In Screwdrivered, Alice Clayton pits Superman against Clark in a hilarious and hot battle that delights a swooning Viv/Vivian. Also within this book, an answer to the question of the ages: Why ride a cowboy when you can ride a librarian?
The unidentified redhead, Alice Clayton
A playful and erotic romance between an aspiring actress and Hollywood's hottest new leading man. When Grace Sheridan returns to Los Angeles to become a working actress, it's a second shot at a life-long dream. With some help from her best-friend agent, will that dream become a reality — or at thirty-three, has Grace missed her chance at the big time? And when an unexpected sizzling romance with Jack Hamilton, the entertainment industry's newest "it" boy, threatens to shine an uncomfortable spotlight on her life, how will that affect her career…and his?
Wallbanger, Alice Clayton
The bug in the jug wants a hug : a short vowel sounds book, Brian P Cleary
Wacky sentences and colourful art present the phonics of short vowel sounds.
The clown in the gown drives the car with the star : a book about diphthongs and r-controlled vowels, Brian P Cleary
Introduces young readers to diphthongs and r-controlled vowels using wacky sentences and colourful art.
The frail snail on the trail : a long vowel sounds book with consonant blends, Brian P Cleary
This volume explains such topics as long vowel sounds with consonant digraphs and inflectional endings by using comic, incongruous situations to get explain the points.
The peaches on the beaches : a book about inflectional endings, Brian P Cleary
Uses rhyme, repetition, illustration, and phonics to introduce inflectional ending
Stop, drop, and flop in the slop : a short vowel sounds book with consonant blends, Brian P Cleary
An illustrated collection of silly sentences introduces early readers to short vowel sounds with consonant blends.
The thing on the wing can sing : a short vowel sounds book with consonant digraphs, Brian P Cleary
Uses wacky sentences and colourful art to teach short vowel sounds and consonant digraphs.
Whose shoes would you choose? : a long vowel sounds book with consonant digraphs, Brian P Cleary
Uses wacky sentences and colourful art to teach long vowel sounds and consonant digraphs.
Dead water, Ann Cleeves
When the body of journalist Jerry Markham is found in a traditional Shetland boat, outside the house of the Fiscal, down at the Marina, young Detective Inspector Willow Reeves is drafted in from the Hebrides to head up the investigation. Since the death of his fiancée, Inspector Jimmy Perez has been out of the loop, but his interest in this new case is stirred and he decides to help the inquiry. It soon emerges from their investigation that Markham was chasing a story in his final days. One that must have been for someone significant enough to warrant his death.
Chinese rules : Mao's dog, Deng's cat, and five timeless lessons from the front lines in China, Tim Clissold
In the twenty-first century, the world has tilted eastwards in its orbit; China grows confident while the West seems mired in doubt. Having lived and worked in China for more than two decades, Tim Clissold explains the secrets that Westerners can use to navigate through its cultural and political maze.
The lonely lion cub, Amelia (Children's author) Cobb
When Great-Uncle Horace brings back lost and homeless animals from his travels around the globe, it falls to Zoe, and her mum, the zoo vet, to settle them into their new home. She's good at this, because she can understand what they say and talk to them, too. But that's a secret! In this first book, a tiny lion cub comes to stay at the zoo and Zoe must ask Leonard, the grumpy old lion, for his help…
The lucky snow leopard, Amelia (Children's author) Cobb
The usually sweet little snow leopard has started to be very naughty. Could it be because his mother is pregnant and he is not looking forward to being a big brother? Thankfully Zoe is on hand to help out.
The playful panda, Amelia (Children's author) Cobb
When Great-Uncle Horace brings back lost and homeless animals from his travels around the globe, it falls to Zoe, and her mum the zoo vet, to settle them into their new home. She's good at this, because she can understand what they say and talk to them, too. But that's a secret! In the third book in the series, panda twins arrive at the zoo. How will Zoe tell them apart? Because one is sooo naughty, that's how…
The puzzled penguin, Amelia (Children's author) Cobb
When Great-Uncle Horace brings back lost and homeless animals from his travels around the globe, it falls to Zoe and her mum, the zoo's vet, to settle them into their new home. Zoe's good at this, because she can understand what they say and talk to them, too. But that's a secret! In this second book, a tiny penguin arrives at the zoo. He's really cute, but a bit of a puzzle - he just doesn't seem to know he's a penguin!
The silky seal pup, Amelia (Children's author) Cobb
When Great-Uncle Horace brings back lost and homeless animals from his travels around the globe, it falls to Zoe, and her mum, the zoo vet, to settle them into their new home. She's good at this, because she can understand what they say and talk to them, too. But that's a secret. In the fourth book in the series, a sad little seal pup arrives at the zoo. But how can Zoe welcome him to the zoo if the zoo might be closing down?
Objects of her affection, Sonya Cobb
Sophie Porter is the last person in the world you'd expect to be stealing Renaissance masterpieces — and that's exactly why she's so good at it. Slipping objects out of her husband's office at the Philadelphia Museum of Art satisfies something deep inside, during a time in her life when satisfactions are few and far between. Selling the treasures also happens to keep their house out of foreclosure — a house that means everything to Sophie. But the FBI is sniffing around, and Sophie is close to destroying the very life she's working so hard to build. She knows she should give up her thieving ways. But she may no longer be in control. The Objects of Her Affection is a riveting story about the realities of motherhood, the perils of secrecy, and the art of appraising the real treasures in our lives.
Lessons in Desire, Charlie Cochrane
Lessons in Discovery, Charlie Cochrane
Lessons in Love, Charlie Cochrane
Blindfolds off : judges on how they decide, Joel Cohen
Remarkably little is known to the general public, or even to the practicing legal profession, about judges — how they decide cases, how they allocate work between staff and themselves, their work ethic, their psychology, the extralegal influences that play on them. This important new book penetrates that veil of secrecy with thirteen interviews tape recorded in the chambers of the respective judges.If you are even remotely curious about how judges make decisions, this book provides some eye-opening interviews that will shed light on their decision making process.
No book but the world, Leah Hager Cohen
Hager Cohen brings her trademark wisdom and grace, depth of feeling and insight to an enthralling and morally ambiguous story. Perhaps, she suggests, in our ongoing struggle to comprehend one another, our imaginations can be more useful than facts.
The Kingdom of Little Wounds, Susann Cokal
There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick, Lucille Colandro
There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, Lucille Colandro
There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Frog, Lucille Colandro
There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Shell, Lucille Colandro
There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Books, Lucille Colandro
There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves, Lucille Colandro
Nicholas Sparks can't beat Newberry!, Doc King Cole
Me and the Bentons down the street decided to get into some trouble. The Bentons were the bad asses, the bullies, the thugs if you will. The three Brothers were in their early teens, and I was their prey. They wanted to cajole me into their antics, and if I didn't they would beat the shit out of me! As much as I tried to avoid them on the playground, they were always there.
Dictionary of music education, Irma H Collins
In Irma Collins' Dictionary of Music Education, readers find more than just a lexicon. It is a journey through musical times and the story of the evolution of music education. Dictionary of Music Education includes entries on key individuals, critical terms, important events, and notable organizations, offering readers a broad survey of the field of music education.
Gregor and the Code of the Claw, Suzanne Collins
Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods, Suzanne Collins
Gregor and the Marks of Secret, Suzanne Collins
Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane, Suzanne Collins
Gregor the Overlander, Suzanne Collins
Gregor the Overlander Collection, Books 1-5, Suzanne Collins
The Burning Room, Michael Connelly
Silverblind, Tina Connolly
Dorie Rochart has been hiding her fey side for a long time. Now, finished with University, she plans to study magical creatures and plants in the wild, bringing long-forgotten cures to those in need. But when no one will hire a girl to fight basilisks, she releases her shape-changing fey powers to disguise herself as a boy.
Would You Baptize an Extraterrestrial, Guy Sj Consolmagno
The crime of Julian Wells, Thomas H. Cook
When famed true-crime writer Julian Wells' body is found in a boat drifting on a Montauk pond, the question is not how he died, but why? The death is obviously a suicide, but why would Julian Wells have taken his own life? And was this his only crime? These are the questions that first intrigue and then obsess Philip Anders, Wells' best friend and the chief defender of both his moral and his literary legacies.
A dancer In the dust, Thomas H. Cook
Ray Campbell, a former aid worker who was stationed Africa twenty years earlier, is distraught when a friend from that period of his life turns up murdered in New York, and he must discover how this tragedy is connected to the earlier tragedy of Martine Aubert, the only woman Ray ever loved.
Fatherhood : and other stories, Thomas H. Cook
Over his acclaimed career, Cook's novels have haunted, riveted, and spellbound readers across the world, and his short stories are equally acclaimed. They range from the intensely focused world of "Fatherhood," the Herodotus prize-winning title story, to the Edgar nominated "Rain," a dark, kaleidoscopic tale of Manhattan on a single, rain-swept night. "The Fix," the story of a famous boxing fix that was, well, not a fix at all, was selected for inclusion in Best Mystery Stories of the Year. "What She Offered," the gripping tale of a one-night stand, was included in The Best Noir Stories of the Century. Like Cook's novels, the range of this collection is, itself, astonishing.
The orchids, Thomas H. Cook
As the world closes in around them, two Nazis hide out in a tropical paradise. Langhof brought with him a cache of stolen diamonds, with which he bought their safety from the small nation's corrupt president. He passes his days cultivating a stunning greenhouse full of orchids, and meditating on the evil acts that fill his past. For now they are safe, but fate has many ways of dealing out justice.
The quest for Anna Klein, Thomas H. Cook
The fortunate life of successful businessman Thomas Danforth of 1939 New York City is thrown into chaos when he unwittingly provides a location for a mysterious woman to receive training in firearms and explosives before she abruptly disappears.
Sacrificial ground, Thomas H. Cook
What Janie Found, Caroline B. Cooney
Whatever Happened to Janie, Caroline B. Cooney
Absolutely Lucy, IleneCooper
Bobby Quinn is shy. In fact, he's so shy, he has trouble making friends. But that changes when he gets a squirmy little puppy for his birthday. Unlike Bobby, Lucy isn't shy at all. And to his surprise, she keeps dragging him into all sorts of adventures — and friendships, too! In this heart warming story of a boy and beagle's friendship, Ilene Cooper begins the series that has charmed young readers and dog lovers alike.
Look at Lucy, Ilene Cooper
Entering his beagle, Lucy, in a contest to be "spokespet" for Pet-O-Rama helps shy, nine-year-old Bobby get over his anxiety about speaking in front of groups of people, from his third-grade classmates to the contest judges.
Lucy on the ball, Ilene Cooper
Lucy the beagle does not mind her humans very well until third-grader Bobby joins a soccer team, Lucy becomes the mascot, and the coach gives Lucy obedience training.
Lucy on the loose, Ilene Cooper
When his beagle Lucy runs off chasing a big orange cat, Bobby must overcome his shyness in order to find them again.
Lucy's tricks and treats, Ilene Cooper
Thanks to Lucy, Ilene Cooper
Bobby Quinn has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving — his grandmother's visit, an adopted baby brother or sister on the way — but what he's most thankful for is his beagle Lucy, who hasn't been acting like herself lately
Minecraft construction for dummies, Adam Cordeiro
There isn't anything that can't be built in Minecraft, but it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start. That's why there's Minecraft Construction For Dummies, Portable Edition.
A crowning mercy, Bernard Cornwell
In mid seventeenth-century England, the nation was in upheaval. In the Dorset countryside, one sunlit afternoon, a young girl - illicitly bathing in a stream - first fell in love with a passing stranger. Her parents called her Dorcas, but he called her Campion and that's what she longed to be, then and forever. She had one gift left for her by her unknown father - a pendant made of gold, banded by tiny glowing stones and at its base was a seal engraved with an axe and the words: St Matthew. So when she flees before the unbearable, worthy suitor who is forced upon her after her forbidden meeting, she takes this and the delicate lace gloves with her, and hopes to find her father, and her lover.
Fallen angels, Bernard Cornwell
The streets of Paris run blood red, while in England the noble Lazenders hide from history's violent storm behind the walls of their opulent "little kingdom." But Toby Lazender, the family's heir, is hunting the brutal murderers of the woman he loved in revolution-torn France, leaving Lazen Castle vulnerable to a secret cabal of assassins conspiring to bring the chaos across the Channel. There is an obstacle, however, to the Fallen Angels' dark plan: Toby's sister, Lady Campion Lazender. Drawn by a mysterious horseman into a realm of fascination and desire, she sees treachery everywhere and her heart could be leading her to destruction … by the hand of the only man she dares to trust.
Gallows thief, Bernard Cornwell
A man in Newgate had been found guilty of murdering the aristocrat whose portrait he was painting. Captain Hawkes is given the job of investigating, but when his first steps produce a sizeable bribe to look the other way, it arouses his smouldering anger over the condition of England.
Harlequin, Bernard Cornwell
In the 14th century, dark days fell on the Church as two popes, one in Rome and the other in Avignon, each supported by different political empires, struggled for supremacy. Hearing of a secret which may bring them victory, one side hired a mercenary to retrieve this priceless information. After surviving a vicious attack on his village, archer Thomas of Hookton joins the army of Edward III as he prepares to launch an invasion into France, but his search for vengeance takes him on an epic quest for the Holy Grail.
Heretic, Bernard Cornwell
In his pursuit of the grail, Thomas of Hookton succeeds in meeting his enemy face to face, but fate intervenes as the deadliest plague in the history of mankind erupts into Europe. As death grips the kingdom the need for the grail, as a sign of God's favour, is more urgent than ever.
Stonehenge : a novel of 2000 BC, Bernard Cornwell
Bernard Cornwell's epic novel Stonehenge catapults us into a powerful and vibrant world of ritual and sacrifice at once timeless and wholly original- a tale of patricide, betrayal, and murder; of bloody brotherly rivalry; and of the never-ending pursuit of power, wealth, and spiritual fulfillment.
Vagabond, Bernard Cornwell
Thomas of Hookton doubts the Grail's existence. But other folk fear the rumour of the grail's existence and force Thomas to pursue the relic, while his enemies, faceless and ruthless, fear Thomas's destiny and determine to destroy him.
Destined for Doon, Carey Corp
Doon, Carey Corp
Watch the cookie, Nancy Cote
Sam and Mousey are best friends, and Mousey is always looking up to Sam and following his lead. They do everything together and share everything, too. So when Sam surprises Mousey with a big chocolate chip cookie, they can't wait to split it. Unfortunately, Sam really has to go and he has to go now! "Watch the cookie. I'll be right back," he tells Mousey. Mousey diligently watches the cookie, but it turns out that he isn't the only one. Pigeons come pecking and ants come marching. Mousey does his best to shoo them away, but it's only when he yells in his loudest voice that he can scare them off.
Nurse on call : the true story of a 1950s district nurse, Edith Cotterill
Training in a hospital in the 1930s, Edith Cotterill's long hours on the wards included encouraging leeches to attach to patients and the disposal in the furnace of amputated limbs. Although hospital life did have its compensations - it was there during the war that she met an injured sailor who was to become her husband. After the birth of her two daughters, Edith returned to work in the 1950s as a district nurse.
Big egg, Molly Coxe
A mother hen wakes up one morning to find a gigantic egg among the others in her nest and goes in search of the egg's origin.
Cat traps, Molly Coxe
A hungry cat, wanting a snack, tries to catch different animals without much success.
Hot dog, Molly Coxe
A dog tries to find a way to cool off on a hot summer day on a farm.
Whistling past the graveyard, Susan Crandall
In the summer of 1963, nine-year-old Starla Claudelle runs away from her strict grandmother's Mississippi home. Starla's destination is Nashville, where her mother went to become a famous singer, abandoning Starla when she was three. Walking a lonely country road, Starla accepts a ride from Eula, a black woman travelling alone with a white baby. Now, on the road trip that will change her life forever, Starla sees for the first time life as it really is, as she reaches for a dream of how it could one day be.
The Lost World, Micheal Crichton
Gawain and Lady Green, Anne Eliot Crompton
A retelling of the medieval poem, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, with a feminist twist. Gwyneth wasn't supposed to fall in love with Gawain. Not like this. Gawain was the May King — a sacrifice offered to the Goddess for a bountiful harvest. His fate has been decided by powers beyond her control. Now Gwyneth is willing to risk everything to keep Gawain alive, even if it means losing him forever.
Consumed, David Cronenberg
Stuff you should know about stuff : how to properly behave in certain situations, Tripp Crosby
Do you know how to properly conduct yourself in a public restroom? What about while in the midst of a profoundly awkward silence? Have you perfected how to get out of helping your friend move? If you answered no to those questions, then you need Stuff You Should Know About Stuff, the book that future anthropologists will no doubt call "the Rosetta Stone of handling trivial life situations".
Here we are now : the lasting impact of Kurt Cobain, Charles R Cross
Kurt Cobain was the voice of a generation. Twenty years after his death, why does he still matter? On April 5, 1994, twenty-seven-year-old Kurt Cobain took his own life. His desperation to kick drugs, his complicated relationship with fame, his tortured soul all these elements came together in one terrible moment in Seattle, and the landscapes of music and pop culture were forever changed.
Apple and Rain, Sarah Crossan
Better when he's bad, Jay Crownover
A criminal, a thug, and a brawler, Bax was the master of bad choices, until one such choice landed him in prison for five years. Now Bax is out and looking for answers, and he doesn't care what he has to do or who he has to hurt to get them. But there's a new player in the game, and she's much too innocent, much too soft … and standing directly in his way.
The Christmas Encyclopedia, William D. Crump
How to Win at the Sport of Business, Mark Cuban
Not My Father's Son, Alan Cumming
A colder war, Charles Cumming
MI6's Head of Station in Turkey is killed in a mysterious plane crash. Amelia Levene, chief of the Secret Intelligence Service, wants the incident investigated quickly and quietly. The only man she can trust is Thomas Kell, a disgraced spy searching for redemption. Arriving in Istanbul, Kell discovers that MI6 operations in the region have been fatally compromised: a traitor inside Western Intelligence threatens not just the Special Relationship, but the security of the entire Middle East.
Grumpy old bear, Jay Dale
Grumpy Old Bear is sitting by a rock. Where are all his friends?
I can see it too!, Jay Dale
To the moon, Jay Dale
The Cardwell Ranch Collection, B J Daniels
Christmas at Cardwell Ranch, B J Daniels
Crime Scene At Cardwell Ranch, B J Daniels
Australian bosses, Emma Darcy
For two years Amy Taylor managed to keep her sexy boss at arm's length. But one emotionally charged morning irrevocably changed all that. Seeing Jake Carter, determined bachelor, with his sister's baby tucked comfortably into the crook of his arm, Amy's barriers had suddenly come tumbling down. So what if matters did get briefly and wildly out of hand? It was business as usual now. Until Amy realised that marriage could now be on the agenda — as her boss was about to become the father of her child!
Australian marriages, Emma Darcy
Mischief And Marriage: Marriage was the last thing on Ashley Harcourt's mind when she met Harry Cliffton. But William, Ashley's enterprising young son, had other ideas! He saw Harry and decided he'd make a perfect father, and to his surprise, Harry found he liked the idea of an instant family. With William on his side, all Harry had to do was prove to Ashley that mischief and marriage was the perfect combination… just like they were.
Australian passion, Emma Darcy
The Costarella Conquest: Jake Freedman is biding his time before exacting vengeance on the man who destroyed his family. And if a blind date with Costarella's daughter will keep his bitterest enemy sweet, Jake will don his bespoke Italian suit and mask his cynicism with a killer smile. Jake's practiced touch hooks the innocent Laura Costarella into a dangerous affair. But Laura is the only conquest Jake's ever desired more than the ruination of the Costarellas!
Wolf in White Van, John Darnielle
Cataract City, Craig Davidson
Cataract City, a dead-end border town overlooking Niagara Falls. Owen Stuckey and Duncan Diggs are fast friends as kids united by wrestling, go-karts, and metal bands but as they grow into young men, their once simple affection competes with the tensions created by their respective circumstances.
Drop dead, gorgeous!, MaryJanice Davidson
I, assistant hairdresser Jenny Branch, am helping to hunt down a real-life bad guy, and the prime suspect is Kevin Stone. Living with flying bullets and constant danger is a long way from sweeping up hair at the end of the day. But if it means being around Kevin, a girl could get used to it.
The royal treatment, MaryJanice Davidson
In an alternate reality, Russia never sold Alaska to the U.S. Instead, Alaska is a rough, beautiful country ruled by a famously eccentric royal family which is ostracized by the other royals and urgently in need of a bride for the Crown Prince. Enter American Christina Krabbe, who is hired by the King of Alaska to become the wife of his unruly son, Prince David, a business arrangement that leads to chaos, passion, and — eventually — true love.
A beautiful dark, Jocelyn Davies
On the night of Skye's seventeenth birthday, she meets two enigmatic strangers whose sudden appearance sends her life into a tailspin. Complete opposites, Asher is dark and wild, while Devin is fair and aloof. Skye has no idea what they want or why they seem to follow her every more - only that their presence coincides with a flurry of strange events.
Ship models : how to build them, Charles G. Davis
Complete, step-by-step instructions for building schooners, galleons, clipper ships, more. Includes scale plans for 1846 clipper ship Sea Witch. Excellent guide for both the novice and the practiced woodworker-? from the first steps in selecting proper materials to final task of painting the model.
Ballets Russes style : Diaghilev's dancers and Paris fashion, Mary E. Davis
In the two decades between its debut performance and the death of impresario Sergei Diaghilev in 1929, the Ballets Russes was an unrivalled sensation in Paris and around the world. Beautifully illustrated, and drawing on unpublished images and memorabilia, this book illuminates the ways in which the troupe's innovations in dance, music, and design mirrored and invigorated contemporary culture.
Oblivion, Sasha Dawn
King Tomb, Scarlett Dawn
From Scarlett Dawn comes the stunning, sexy, sensual, surprising, spellbinding conclusion to the bestselling Forever Evermore trilogy.
A Chapter of Hats, Machado de Assis
The abortionist's daughter, Elisa DeCarlo
It's 1916 and Melanie Daniels, the prettiest girl in Mullers Corners, New York, and daughter of the town's doctor, dreams of making a brilliant marriage. Six years ago a woman died while receiving an abortion from Melanie's father, and now that "the killer doc" is back from prison, Mullers Corners won't forgive and won't let Melanie forget her family's disgrace.
Delavier's women's strength training anatomy workouts, Frederic Delavier
Featuring 40 exercises targeted to the back, shoulders, abs, buttocks, legs, arms, and chest,
The Secret Between Us, Barbara Delinsky
The pandas and their chopsticks, Demi
Presents ten animal stories, each containing a moral lesson, including the importance of being humble, the dangers of being too proud, the importance of generosity and sharing, and how everyone, no matter how small, has a part to play in life.
The global war for internet governance, Laura DeNardis
The Internet has transformed the manner in which information is exchanged and business is conducted, arguably more than any other communication development in the past century. This title reveals the inner power structure already in place within the architectures and institutions of Internet governance.
Alistair MacLean's UNACO. Air Force One is down, John Denis
Alistair MacLean's UNACO. Hostage tower, John Denis
The most ingenious criminal in the world has come up with his most spectacular exploit. He hires for his team: A top weapons expert, who can steal and use the newest, most secret military equipment. The best cat burglar, who can scale any height. A man whose extraordinary strength and ingenuity could conquer any obstacle. Faced with the most audacious crime of the century, the world's politicians can only trust The United Nations Anto-Crime Organization-UNACO-and its team.
Devil's Dance, Daniel Depp
The Taking, Kimberly Derting
All in one basket, Deborah Vivien Freeman-Mitford Cavendish Devonshire
Collects anecdotes about friends from Evelyn Waugh to John F. Kennedy; tales of struggle and success at Chatsworth, England's greatest stately home; and tales of her beloved chickens, which the Duchess began raising as a child.
Krazy karakuri origami, Andrew Dewar
Karakuri are traditional Japanese mechanized puppets originally made from the 17th to 19th century. The word karakuri means "mechanism" or "trick". Krazy Karakuri Origami is a unique paper craft that brings together the of art paper folding and the fun of karakuri.
The Strat in the attic : thrilling stories of guitar archaeology, Deke Dickerson
Guitar sleuth and music-history detective Deke Dickerson tells the true tales of 50 thrilling rare guitar finds that will make guitarists green with envy. These days, classic vintage guitars can bring Ferrari and Porsche prices. As with automobiles, finding that classic guitar stashed away beneath a bed, in a closet, or hidden away in an attic is the Holy Grail.
The Party of Your Life, Erika Dillman
Gaston, Kelly DiPucchio
Ukulele : the world's friendliest instrument, Daniel Dixon
The humble ukelele is making a comeback. Its sweet, simple and friendly quality makes you want to slow down, listen and join in. Read this book and you'll become a believer too.
Four Seasons in Rome, Anthony Doerr
I hear America singing : folk music and national identity, Rachel Clare Donaldson
In "I Hear America Singing," Rachel Donaldson traces the vibrant history of the twentieth-century folk music revival from its origins in the 1930s through its end in the late 1960s. She investigates the relationship between the revival and concepts of nationalism.
The planet of the Cublix, Guillaume Dorison
When the Little Prince arrives, the Planet of the Cublix is covered by thick smog. Lux, the blacksmith, is creating the smog while trying to protect himself from the Cublix, whom he has mistaken for thieves. Meanwhile, the robot-like Cublix are afraid to leave their homes, so they can't recharge their batteries. Can the Little Prince help Lux and the Cublix reconcile before everyone runs out of power?
Dark Matter, Ian Douglas
Deep Space, Ian Douglas
The Nameless Day, Sara Douglass
The Wounded Hawk, Sara Douglass
Sea kayaking : a manual for long-distance touring, John Dowd
Sea Kayaking covers the basics of equipment and technique, including types of paddles and strokes. But the key focus in this revised and updated edition is on sound seamanship and good risk management: how to read the weather and the water, how to navigate, how to travel with a group. It also covers expedition planning, instructional methods and sea kayaking for people with disabilities.
Ernest Shackleton : Antarctic explorer, Evelyn Dowdeswell
Learn all about the thrilling adventures of the Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton and how he and his team survived against the odds. Filled with incredible original photographs from the archives of the Scott Polar Research Institute, this book will captivate readers and provide a window into the past.
Isabella : the warrior queen, Kirstin Downey
An engrossing and revolutionary biography of Isabella of Castile, the controversial Queen of Spain who sponsored Christopher Columbus's journey to the New World, established the Spanish Inquisition, and became one of the most influential female rulers in history.
The Red Eagles, David Downing
Jumpstart Your Motivation, Shawn Doyle
Backyard, Norman Draper
Out of My Mind, Sharon M. Draper
Three knots to nowhere : a Cold War submariner on the undersea frontline, Ted E Dubay
This work follows the author's experiences in the United States Navy, 1966-1972, including a personal background, boot camp, electricians school, the U.S. Naval Nuclear Program, assignments to the ballistic missile submarine USS Henry Clay, subsequent transit to Hawaii, and deterrent patrols out of Guam. This narrative focuses on the enlisted men — the backbone of the submarine service".
Casting about, Terri DuLong
In the four years since Monica Brooks moved to Cedar Key, Florida, she's found a home, a husband, and a business taking over her mother's bustling knitting shop. But when her husband Adam's ex-wife is deemed an unfit mother, will the normally even-keeled Monica be ready to go straight from honeymoon to motherhood?
Farewell to Cedar Key, Terri DuLong
Josie Sullivan adores her Cedar Key home. It's been the ideal place to raise her daughter, Orli, who's just turning sixteen. Now that Josie has realised her dream of becoming a registered nurse, she's been offered the perfect job too — helping Dr. Simon Mancini run his new practice. Until the clinic opens, Josie is filling in at Yarning Together, where she launches a series of knitting classes for men.
Spinning forward, Terri DuLong
Distraught with the death of her husband, Sydney Webster moves to Cedar Key, Florida to start life anew.
Dark Spies, Matthew Dunn
Ibiza surprise, Dorothy Dunnett
Life in Ibiza can be glorious and fast, especially for those who have money. Sarah Cassells is an intelligent girl and has many admirers. Having completed her training as a chef, she hears of her father's violent death on the island, and refuses to believe it when told it was suicide.
Moroccan traffic, Dorothy Dunnett
The Chairman of Kingsley Conglomerates is conducting negotiations, which are both difficult and somewhat dubious, in Morocco. He is accompanied by executive secretary Wendy Helmann. However, there are soon distractions when unorthodox Rita Geddes appears on the scene. Wendy discovers that there is much more at stake than the supposed negotiations, and finds herself at the centre of kidnappings, murder, and industrial espionage.
Operation Nassau, Dorothy Dunnett
Dr. B. McRannoch is in the Bahamas with her father who has moved there from Scotland because of asthma. She is a savvy and tough young lady who shows much independence of mind and spirit. However, when Sir Bart Edgecombe, a British agent who has been poisoned with arsenic falls ill on his way back from New York, she becomes involved in a series of events beyond her wildest imagination.
Roman nights, Dorothy Dunnett
Ruth Russell, an astronomer working at the Maurice Frazer Observatory, is enjoying herself in Rome - that is, until her lover, Charles Digham, a fashion photographer and writer of obituary verses, has his camera stolen. The thief ends up as a headless corpse in the zoo park tolleta. Johnson Johnson, enigmatic portrait painter, spy and sleuth, is on hand to investigate.
Rum affair, Dorothy Dunnett
This mystery is told from the point of view of the 'Bird'; Tina Rossi, a famous coloratura soprano who arrives to sing at the Edinburgh Festival, only to find a murder victim in a cupboard, whilst at the same time her lover, top scientist Kenneth Homes, has gone missing.
Split code, Dorothy Dunnett
Joanna Emerson, a trained nursery nurse, is hired as a nanny, albeit reluctantly, to the infant heir of a cosmetics fortune. She then becomes caught up in a complex kidnap plot.
The tropical issue, Dorothy Dunnett
Rita Geddes is a dyslexic makeup artist whose appearance seems to change with the weather. She is called to Johnson Johnson's apartment to fix the makeup of the famous Natalie Sheridan. What follows is murder, mystery and mayhem, with Johnson and his yacht Dolly, as always, at the centre.
Overworked and overwhelmed : the mindfulness alternative, Scott Eblin
Leverage mindful awareness and intention to achieve better outcomes. Overworked and Overwhelmed: The Mindfulness Alternative offers practical insights for the executive, manager or professional who feels like their RPM is maxed out in the red zone.
The firebird's feather, Marjorie Eccles
London, May, 1911. The new king, George V, is preparing for his coronation. The suffragettes are campaigning for women to get the vote. The East End seethes with unrest. And 18-year-old Kitty Challoner is looking forward to 'coming out' in London society. But Kitty's secure, sheltered world is about to be torn apart.
Scenes of clerical life, George Eliot
The debut novel of George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans) consists of three loosely connected tales, all focusing on country parsons in nineteenth-century England and their struggles to breathe life into moribund creeds while dealing with their own personal problems.
Wanted, no. 1, Kelly Elliott
The Hilliker curse : my pursuit of women, James Ellroy
The legendary crime writer unsparingly describes his shattered childhood, his delinquent teens, his writing life, his love affairs and marriages, his nervous breakdown, and the beginning of a relationship with an extraordinary woman who may just be the long-sought "Her."
After the kiss, Suzanne Enoch
Sullivan Waring wants only two things: his rightful inheritance, and revenge against the man who stole it from him. By day, Sullivan is the most respected horse breeder in England; by night, he plunders the ton's most opulent homes to reclaim his late mother's beautiful paintings. His quest is going swimmingly…until the night he's discovered by Lady Isabel Chalsey. Clad only in a revealing nightdress, she's an entrancingly different kind of plunder, and how can a thief resist stealing a kiss?
Always a scoundrel, Suzanne Enoch
Lord Bramwell Johns, the second son of a duke, is an unrepentant scoundrel. Now that his two closest friends are disgustingly ensconced in domestic bliss, Bram is feeling strangely restless — until the night he overhears an argument. It seems that Lady Rosamund Davies is about to be forced into marriage with a rogue even worse than himself.
Before the scandal, Suzanne Enoch
Colonel Phineas Bromley's won many wars, and even more hearts, but nothing could prepare him for his new life. When Phin discovers that someone has been pushing his family toward ruin, he assumes the role of a legendary highwayman.
By love undone, Suzanne Enoch
Madeleine Willits was shunned by London society for a scandal that was no fault of hers, and forced to seek a paid position in the country. So when Quinlan Bancroft, Marquis of Warefield, comes to direct the household during his uncle's illness, Maddie is determined to detest the nobleman on sight. But though the marquis is easy to dislike, the man himself is a different matter.
England's perfect hero, Suzanne Enoch
Lucinda Barrett's best friends ended up married to the men to whom they delivered their 'lessons in love'. So Lucinda decides to choose someone who definitely needs lessons, but someone who will not complicate her life. And that person is definitely not Robert Carroway.
Reforming a rake, Suzanne Enoch
A governess must never be alone with a man (her reputation mustn't have even a hint of scandal). She never questions her employer's commands (even when he's tempting her to forsake respectability for desire). She must never, ever fall in love with someone above her station (especially a rake - no matter how devastating his kisses may be) …
Rules of an engagement, Suzanne Enoch
For proper young ladies, good behaviour has always been the rule… Captain Bradshaw Carroway loves the seafaring life - though he'd rather be battling brigands than his current assignment offering a boatload of spoiled aristocrats. One passenger, however, has caught his eye: a bewitching young minx who definitely distracts him from the rules of shipboard decorum …
Mavericks of sound : conversations with artists who shaped indie and roots music, David A Ensminger
In Mavericks of Sound: Conversations with the Artists Who Shaped Indie and Roots Music, music scholar David Ensminger offers a collection of vivid and compelling interviews with legendary roots rock and indie artists who bucked mainstream trends and have remained resilient in the face of enormous shifts in the music world.
The Badger Knight, Kathryn Erskine
Jennifer Estep Bundle, Jennifer Estep
How to play bass : for the bassist looking to progress their skills and knowledge., Gareth Evans
How to Play Bass explains areas such as technique, fret-board layout and theory in detail with over 150 photographic examples, illustrations and purpose-made diagrams. Music theory is explained in terms of the bass guitar fret-board and a system categorizing the all-important major scale into three basic shapes is used from which further scales and arpeggios can be understood.
Henna House, Nomi Eve
The drinker, Hans Fallada
An autobiographical novel written during the Second World War in Germany in 1944 during the author's confinement in a medical asylum. It is a self-portrait of an alcoholic and the effect of his behaviour on his surroundings, especially on his deteriorating marriage.
Buzz Kill, Beth Fantaskey
Barnsley buses, Stephen Farnsworth
Roger's research and writing skills deftly bring to life the story of post war bus transport in the Barnsley area. When combined with the photographs and memorabilia supplied by Steve Farnsworth, Roger's historical framework and descriptive prose brings to life this fascinating account of post war public transport in Barnsley.
The lonely war : one woman's account of the struggle for modern Iran, Nazila Fathi
As a nine-year-old Tehrani schoolgirl during the Iranian Revolution, Nazila Fathi watched her country change before her eyes. As Fathi shows, the forces unleashed in 1979 inadvertently created a robust Iranian middle class, one that today hungers for more personal freedoms and a renewed relationship with the outside world.
Believe it or not, Tawna Fenske
Do you believe in accounting? Numbers never lie, so Violet McGinn found safe haven in the most boring profession she could find. Until her renowned psychic mother lands in the hospital and Violet has to run her business. Do you believe in music? Drew Watson is the jaded owner of the local hot spot next door, and doesn't need a single thing except a good crowd to dance to what he's spinning on Saturday night. The only thing Violet and Drew seem to have in common is that neither believes in that psychic hoo-hah.
Fiancee for hire, Tawna Fenske
Making waves, Tawna Fenske
When Alex Bradshaw's unscrupulous boss kicks him to the curb after 20 faithful years as an executive with the world's largest shipping company, he sets out to reclaim his dignity and his pension. Assembling a team of fellow corporate castoffs, he sails to the Caribbean to intercept an illegal diamond shipment. None of them counted on quirky blonde stowaway Juli Flynn, who has a perplexing array of talents, a few big secrets, and an intoxicating romantic chemistry with Alex.
Marine for hire, Tawna Fenske
She thought she'd sworn off military men for good. Sam Kercher is every inch a wickedly hot Marine. Tall. Sexy. Lethal. When his best friends call in a favour, Sam is forced to face an entirely new line of duty - playing nanny for their newly divorced sister and her squirming seven-month-old twin boys. If Sam can dissemble an M16 in his sleep, diaper duty should be a cakewalk -right?But even the most disciplined Marine has weaknesses…and Sheridan is one Sam might not be able to resist.
A Perfect Proposal, Katie Fforde
Little Louie, Kathryn Finney
Louie is one special dog. His tongue likes to hang out of his mouth, and his extra-long legs make him pretty clumsy. One day, Louie goes to cheer on his brothers at the dog show and slips on his ball into the centre of the stage. But what will the crowd make of this little dog with not-so-little dreams?
Everything I need to know before I'm five, Valorie Fisher
This book covers the alphabet, counting, opposites, shapes, colours, and seasons and uses bright photos of retro toys to illustrate these topics.
Surviving dreaded conversations : how to talk through any difficult situation at work, Donna Flagg
An essential guide for managers and professionals dealing with difficult workplace conversations..
Raising twins : parenting multiples from pregnancy through the school years, Shelly Vaziri Flais
Even with years working as a paediatrician, Shelly Vaziri Flais, MD, FAAP, was nervous about what lay ahead when she was told she was pregnant with twins. Now, several years into parenting her twin boys, Dr Flais is sharing her wisdom and experience as a mom and her expertise as a doctor to help other parents prepare for and raise multiples with confidence.
Phineas Gage : a gruesome but true story about brain science, John Fleischman
A fascinating exploration into how the brain works details the strange case of Phineas Gage, who, in 1848, was injured at work when a thirteen-pound iron rod was shot through his brain, baffling scientists and doctors alike when he miraculously recovered but suffered a severe personality change.
The angel and the highlander, Donna Fletcher
The fearless warrior has finally met his match … When Alyce Bunnock's father tried to marry her off, she fled, taking shelter at Everagis Abbey, donning a nun's habit, and renaming herself Sister Terese. But when Lachlan Sinclare arrives to restore her to her family, the safety of the convent is shattered. At the sight of the handsome Highlander, Alyce fears for her freedom - and weakens with desire. Lachlan has been tasked with finding shrewish Alyce, but can think only of beautiful Terese. Yet with every forbidden touch, Lachlan comes closer to the truth. And once her secret is revealed, Alyce must choose between the independence she's always craved and the tempting man she cannot resist.
Loved by a warrior, Donna Fletcher
It has been prophesied that four men, raised as brothers, will bring Scotland back to her rightful glory. When Reeve MacAlpin sees a beautiful stranger surrounded by bandits, he does not hesitate to do the honourable thing and dispatch her would-be assailants. But at her first grateful touch, his instinct to keep her safe is surpassed by a longing to keep her close … and to fulfill her every desire.
Wed to a Highland warrior, Donna Fletcher
"Trey MacAlpin is my husband." When Bliss first speaks these words, they are not yet true. But desperate for protection from the false king's soldiers, she claims the Highlander as her mate. Her powers foretold that her life would intertwine with the four men who protect the identity of the true king — but she never thought it would be like this!
Where you'll find me, Erin Fletcher
When Hanley Helton discovers a boy living in her garage, she knows she should kick him out. But Nate is too charming to be dangerous. He just needs a place to get away, which Hanley understands. But when Nate's recognised as the missing teen from the news, Hanley isn't sure which is worse: that she's harbouring a fugitive, or that she's in love with one.
Jacob's oath, Martin Fletcher
As World War II winds to a close, Europe's roads are clogged with twenty million exhausted refugees walking home. Among them are Jacob and Sarah, lonely Holocaust survivors who meet in Heidelberg. But Jacob is consumed with hatred and cannot rest until he has killed his brother's murderer, a concentration camp guard nicknamed "The Rat." Now he must choose between revenge and love, between avenging the past and building a future.
A winner's guide to negotiating : how conversation gets deals done, Molly Fletcher
Effective negotiation is rooted in establishing trust and building relationships — one conversation at a time. In this practical guide, trailblazing sports agent, Molly Fletcher reveals her proven approach to landing more than $500 million worth of deals throughout her career. It all comes down to doing five things well: setting the stage; finding common ground; asking with confidence; embracing the pause; knowing when to leave.
The Slave Across the Street, Theresa L. Flores
The ultimate guitar course, Rod Fogg
The Ultimate Guitar Course is the ideal instructional for beginner guitar players who are looking to start playing a few chords from day one. It's a graded course that will take you from your very first lesson through mastering advanced soloing techniques.
Let Me Be Frank With You, Richard Ford
A midsummer bride, Amanda Forester
Miss Harriet Burton, a horrendously rich American heiress, laughs too loud, states her opinion directly, and even conducts science experiments. Her grandfather is desperate to get her off his hands and is offering a king's ransom to anyone able to arrange a suitable marriage that comes with a title. To avoid marriage, Harriet swears off all men, until she meets Duncan Maclachlan, Earl of Thornton. But when Thornton is falsely accused of being a traitor, Harriet must use her knowledge of chemistry to find the real culprit and spark true romance.
The Cobra, Frederick Forsyth
The Odessa File, Frederick Forsyth
The Veteran, Frederick Forsyth
Run the risk, Lori Foster
When Detective Logan Riske goes undercover to find Pepper Yates — a potential link to his best friend's unsolved murder — he vows to gain her cooperation by any means necessary. But the elusive beauty is more suspicious — and in far more danger — than he expected. Pepper has spent years dodging the corrupt club owner who will stop at nothing to keep her silenced. She can trust no one, not even the handsome new 'construction worker' who's moved in next door.
Accounting for the numberphobic, Dawn Fotopulos
Accounting for the Numberphobic demystifies your company's financial dashboard: the Net Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement, and Balance Sheet. The book explains in plain English how each measurement reflects the overall health of your business — and impacts your decisions.
The duke's guide to correct behavior, Megan Frampton
All of London knows the Duke of Rutherford has position and wealth. They also whisper that he's dissolute, devilish, and determinedly unwed. So why, everyone is asking, has he hired a governess? When Miss Lily Russell crosses the threshold of the Duke of Rutherford's stylish townhouse, she knows she has come face to face with sensual danger. For this is no doting papa. Rather, his behaviour is scandalous, and his reputation rightly earned. And his pursuit of her is nearly irresistible - but resist she must for the sake of her pupil.
How to be alone, Jonathan Franzen
Cannily, cannily, Simon French
Constantly moving, Trevor is always the new boy. His home is a caravan and school is a strange desk in an unfamiliar classroom. He has his way of coping, of fitting into each new place but this time it's different and things start to go horribly wrong.
Quantum wellness cleanse : the 21-day essential guide to healing your body, mind, and spirit, Kathy Freston
Providing readers with the tools they need, the 21-day cleanse outlined in this companion to "Quantum Wellness" features a day-by-day map of what to eat, tips on how to deal with complex feelings during detox, and recipes that can be mixed and matched.
Love falls, Esther Freud
Lara's father invites her to accompany him on a holiday to Italy. There, Lara is taken for dinner at the Willoughbys, and finds herself irresistibly drawn to the only son of the family - A boy with five older sisters, who seems, unbelievably, to be interested in her too.
The wild, Esther Freud
Francine and her nine-year-old daughter, Tess, rent two rooms from tall, blond and handsome William Strachan. Although Tess sets out to make William love her, he has three daughters of his own, a wife 500 miles away and a half-built garage to finish.
Passport to the world, Craig Froman
Here is an out-of-the-ordinary geographic journey of 26 language groups from Armenian to Zulu! Discover various cultures and customs, fill up your passport with stickers from the countries you visit, and learn that children from around the world are often a lot like you!
Once burned, Jeaniene Frost
After an accident left her scared and able to channel electricity and see a person's darkest secrets, Leila has resigned herself to a life of solitude. Leila is kidnapped by the enemies of Vlad Tepesh, a vampire with the ability to control fire, because her powers match his. However, passion ignites when Vlad and Leila meet, and together they need to stop an enemy intent on killing them.
Twice tempted, Jeaniene Frost
Leila's psychic abilities have been failing her, and now she isn't sure what the future holds. If that weren't enough, her lover Vlad has been acting distant. Though Leila is a mere mortal, she's also a modern woman who refuses to accept the cold shoulder treatment forever — especially from the darkly handsome vampire who still won't admit that he loves her.
Food : a love story, Jim Gaffigan
Stand-up comedian and author Jim Gaffigan has made his career rhapsodising over the most treasured dishes of the American diet ("choking on bacon is like getting murdered by your lover") and decrying the worst offenders ("kale is the early morning of foods"). Fans flocked to his New York Times bestselling book Dad is Fat to hear him riff on fatherhood but now, in his second book, he will give them what they really crave - hundreds of pages of his thoughts on all things culinary(ish).
Don't Look Now, Michelle Gagnon
Four days in June : a battle lost, a battle won, June 1815, Iain Gale
In June 1815, Napoleon has just escaped from Elba, the Bourbon kings were on the run, France rose to their emperor, and the Allied forces were in disarray. This is a reconstruction of five men, five points of view, and four days of battle of one of the world's most famous war.
Love and let spy, Shana Galen
A beautiful and eligible member of the ton, Jane has more than a few secrets: she's one of the Crown's most elite agents. She may be deadly, but she doesn't know a thing about fashion, flirtation, or love…until Dominic Griffyn shakes up her carefully stirred world and asks her to be his bride. He's exactly the kind of man she's not looking for. And he's dangerous, because falling into his arms is so much more satisfying than saving England from her enemies.
Sapphires are an earl's best friend, Shana Galen
Lily Dawson, dubbed the Countess of Charm, is a spy working for the Crown to uncover a traitor. Andrew Booth-Payne, Earl of Darlington, wants to hate Lily for taking up with his father, but something about Lily intrigues him. When he discovers there is more to her flirtation than greed, he knows he must help her uncover a traitor. Even if that traitor is his own father…
The spy wore blue, Shana Galen
An exciting new novella in Shana Galen's popular Lord and Lady Spy series. Blue, an elite spy, tracks an assassin to Naples and the theatre where his estranged wife performs. As he falls in love with his Helena again, Blue races to apprehend the assassin before he destroys them both.
True spies, Shana Galen
Baron Winslow Keating is honour-bound to finish one last mission as an elite spy for the Barbican group even though he just wants to go home and be with his family. But after years of secrecy and absence, his daughters hardly know him and his wife has given up on him.
If I ever get out of here : a novel with paintings, Eric L Gansworth
Seventh-grader Lewis "Shoe" Blake from the Tuscarora Reservation has a new friend, George Haddonfield from the local Air Force base, but in 1975 upstate New York there is a lot of tension and hatred between Native Americans and Whites and Lewis is not sure that he can rely on friendship.
Make it ahead : a Barefoot Contessa cookbook, Ina Garten
In Make It Ahead, each recipe includes clear instructions for what you can do ahead of time, and how far in advance, so you can cook with confidence and eliminate last-minute surprises.
Julie Garwood box set, Julie Garwood
Rebellious desire, Julie Garwood
Of all the dukes in England, Jered Marcus Benton, the Duke of Bradford, was the wealthiest, most handsome - and most arrogant. And of all London's ladies, he wanted the tender obedience of only one - Caroline Richmond. She was a ravishing beauty from Boston, with a mysterious past and a fiery spirit. Drawn to the powerful duke, undeterred by his presumptuous airs, Caroline was determined to win his lasting love. But Bradford would bend to no woman - until a deadly intrigue drew them enticingly close. Now, united against a common enemy, they would discover the power of the magnificent attraction that brought them together… a desire born in danger, but destined to flame into love!
Divorce : the ultimate teen guide, Kathlyn Gay
It has been estimated that at least half of the children in America come from families that have been affected by divorce. Of those children, more than half will see a parent's second marriage dissolve as well. The impact of divorce on teens can be devastating, adversely affecting their attitudes, behaviours, and schoolwork, as well as their relationships with both friends and family. Divorce: The Ultimate Teen Guide focuses on the difficulties young people face in the wake of an epidemic that affects so many families. This book offers encouragement, insights, and resources to help teens cope with the challenges that come from living with divorce.
Hoyle's modern encyclopedia of card games : rules of all the basic games and popular variations, Walter Brown Gibson
A definitive guide to the correct playing of all known card games, with full descriptions and explanations of rules and techniques for each game and its variations.
The book of thunks : is not going fishing a hobby and other possibly impossible questions to stretch your brain and annoy your friends, Ian Gilbert
A Thunk is a beguiling question about everyday things that stops you in your tracks and helps you start to look at the world in a whole new light. A thunk will shake up your templates, rattle your thought routines, and make you think about things differently! The ideal gift for possibly the most impossible person to buy for!
Starry night, Isabel Gillies
As fifteen-year-old Wren and her three lifelong best friends celebrate the opening of a major exhibit curated by her father at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Wren finds first love with her brother's new friend, Nolan, and the relationship transforms her and her life — not always in good ways.
It happened at the fair, Deeanne Gist
Gambling everything, including the family farm, Cullen McNamara travels to the 1893 Chicago World's Fair with his most recent invention. But the noise in the fair's Machinery Hall makes it impossible to communicate with potential buyers. In an act of desperation, he hires Della Wentworth, a teacher of the deaf, to tutor him in the art of lip-reading. The young teacher is reluctant to participate, and Cullen has trouble keeping his mind on his lessons while intently watching her lips. Like the newly invented Ferris wheel, he is caught in a whirl between his girl back home, his dreams as an inventor, and his unexpected attraction to his new tutor. Can he keep his feet on the ground, or will he be carried away?
The complete guide to ceramic tile: techniques & projects with ceramics, natural stone & mosaics, Carter Glass
Complete DIY tile installation instructions with over 350 how-to, step-by-step photos; tool and material selection guides with full-colour photography; design inspiration; the most up-to-date tile products and projects, such as recycled glass tile and other environmentally friendly and sustainable tile, new advancements for tile specifically engineered for outdoors, faux-stone tiles (made of more affordable materials), etc.; tile for all home projects including floors, walls, bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoors. This is the one stop shop for do-it-yourself tile installation instructions.
Blending families successfully : helping parents and kids navigate the challenges so that everyone ends up happy, George S Glass
As shadows fade, Colleen Gleason
Directly descended from the very first vampire hunter in the Gardella family, Victoria knows she must continue the lineage so humanity will have protectors against the undead. While Sebastian Vioget appears to be both the perfect warrior and lover to ensure the Gardella legacy, Victoria cannot forget Max Pesaro — the former slayer still haunted by the vampire queen Lilith's obsession with him…
The bleeding dusk, Colleen Gleason
As Rome prepares for its Carnivale, vampire hunter Lady Victoria Gardella is in no mood for festivities. But her personal grief must be set aside for there is a sinister plot underway. In yet another play for power, vampires have formed an unholy alliance with the demon Akvan in order to gain access to an ancient alchemist's secrets. Reluctantly, Victoria must turn to the enigmatic Sebastian Vioget for help, just as Maximilian Pesaro arrives to assist his fellow slayers no matter what the sacrifice.
The rest falls away, Colleen Gleason
Taking up the family legacy of vampire slaying on the eve of her social debut, Victoria Gardella Grantworth finds herself juggling her new role with her growing attraction to two men — London's most eligible bachelor, the Marquess of Rockley, and her mysterious ally, Sebastian Vioget — as she is called on to take on a powerful master vampire.
Rises the night, Colleen Gleason
Victoria Gardella is a vampire slayer, balancing her life as a peer of Society with the dangerous role that takes her out on moonlit streets, stake in hand. Now, in Italy, a ruthless enemy is amassing the power to control the souls of the dead. As Victoria races across Europe to stop what could be the most deadly army vampire hunters have ever faced, her unlikely companion is Sebastian Vioget, a man as tempting as he is devious. But when Victoria discovers that she has been betrayed by one of her most trusted allies, she realises that her life will never be the same again.
When twilight burns, Colleen Gleason
Lady Victoria Gardella, a legendary vampire hunter, returns to London where she, torn between two men, searches for a new breed of vampire, one that kills by day and one that is trying to frame her for murder.
Anatomy of Steampunk, Katherine Gleason
The Cleo stories, Libby Gleeson
Meet Cleo, a little girl with a big imagination a memorable character created by children's book legends Libby Gleeson and Freya Blackwood.
Predestined, Abbi Glines
You would think after helping save her boyfriend from an eternity in Hell that things would go back to normal. Well, as normal as life can be when you can see souls and your boyfriend is Death. But for Pagan Moore, things are just getting weirder.
Borrowed Time, Robert Goddard
Long Time Coming, Robert Goddard
Vintage fashion, Ottilie Godfrey
Showcases the key designs and styles of the main vintage eras of the twentieth century, and includes garment illustrations and model photoshoots from all eras.
A backpack, a bear, and eight crates of vodka : a memoir, Lev Golinkin
Lev Golinkin's memoir is the vivid, darkly comic, and poignant story of a young boy in the confusing and often chilling final decade of the Soviet Union. It's also the story of Lev Golinkin, the American man who finally confronts his buried past by returning to Austria and Eastern Europe to track down the strangers who made his escape possible … and say thank you.
Jeeves & Wooster in Perfect nonsense : a new play from the works of P.G. Wodehouse, Robert Goodale
When a country-house weekend takes a turn for the worse, Bertie Wooster is unwittingly called on to play matchmaker, but also to steal a silver cow creamer from Totleigh Towers. Naturally, the ever-dependable Jeeves is there to prevent Bertie from making a fool of himself in front of a cast of Wodehouse's finest characters.
The fortune hunter, Daisy Goodwin
In 1875, Sisi, the Empress of Austria is the woman that every man desires and every woman envies. Beautiful, athletic and intelligent, Sisi has everything except happiness. Bored with the stultifying etiquette of the Hapsburg Court and her dutiful but unexciting husband, Franz Joseph, Sisi comes to England to hunt. She comes looking for excitement and she finds it in the dashing form of Captain Bay Middleton, the only man in Europe who can outride her. Ten years younger than her and engaged to the rich and devoted Charlotte, Bay has everything to lose by falling for a woman who can never be his. But Bay and the Empress are as reckless as each other, and their mutual attraction is a force that cannot be denied.
Global warming for beginners, Dean Goodwin
Working from the premise that no one can do everything but everyone can do something, Goodwin challenges readers with experiments they can conduct to gain a better understanding of the science underlying the problems facing our planet and concludes with a list of 50 easy actions people can choose to slow or stop global warming.
The Curvy Girls Club, Michele Gorman
As Katie loses weight attending a social club for the calorie challenged, the overweight stigma recedes and her life starts to change. A funny and heart-warming story about overcoming the prejudices we hold, no matter where we tip the scales.
Glory, Heather Graham
This ebook features an illustrated biography of Heather Graham, including rare photos from the author's personal collection.
Runaway, Heather Graham
Florida plantation owner Jarrett McKenzie wins Tara Brent in a poker game and ends up marrying her, but that's not the end of the story. Tara is being pursued by Clive Carter, the son of the man she is accused of killing. McKenzie and Tara are often separated because of a war between the U.S. and the Seminoles in which they are involved on the Seminole side.
Triumph, Heather Graham
Bravery in war can take many forms. There is the bravery of sacrifice for your country, and of attacking in the face of an opposing army, but there is also the bravery of risking your life to help others. And that is just what Tia McKenzie does for the rebel cause. She sneaks into the North and escorts rebel soldiers back to safety, using a trick borrowed from Lady Godiva. Fortunately, Tia's passionate and brave defense doesn't go unnoticed. Union soldier Taylor Douglas is immediately taken with her beauty and her strength. But standing between them are the chasm of war, the hostilities of their families, and a forced marriage to the wrong man. Bringing the entire McKenzie family back into the fold, Triumph is the explosive and satisfying ending the Old Florida series so richly deserves.
Joyful, Shelley Shepard Gray
3 skeins or less : fresh knitted accessories, Tanis Gray
A collection of fun knitting projects-all in three skeins or less! In 3 Skeins or Less: Fresh Knitted Accessories, knitters will find 25 accessories that take no more than 1, 2, or 3 skeins of yarn. They will delight in knitting patterns for ever-so-popular shawls, socks, hats/berets, mittens, cowls, and even a tank, cropped sweater, and cami.
A sister's gift, Giselle Green
Hollie Hudson and her husband Richard are fast losing hope of ever having their own child. But Hollie is unable to give up her dream of having her own family and so calls on her last chance - her wayward sister, Scarlett.
The assembled parties, Richard Greenberg
This tragicomedy shocks us into realizing how hungry we have been for witty and wounded grown-ups who toss off gorgeously written observations without knowing how little we know about what we think we know." — Newsday
Midnight in Siberia : a train journey into the heart of Russia, David Greene
After two and a half years as NPR's Moscow bureau chief, David Greene travels across the country a 6,000-mile journey by rail, from Moscow to the Pacific port of Vladivostok to speak with ordinary Russians about how their lives have changed in the post-Soviet years. Reaching beyond the headline-grabbing protests in Moscow, Greene speaks with a group of singing babushkas from Buranovo, a teenager hawking 'space rocks' from last spring's meteor shower in Chelyabinsk, and activists battling for environmental regulation in the pollution-choked town of Baikalsk.
The Funeral Dress, Susan Gregg Gilmore
The Improper Life of Bezellia Grove, Susan Gregg Gilmore
Looking for Salvation at the Dairy Queen, Susan Gregg Gilmore
Celebrate the seasons : 4 holiday quilts : easy fusible applique, Cherry Guidry
Savour the beauty of spring, summer, autumn, and winter with holiday lap quilts worthy to display on the wall. This festive pattern collection was created by popular designer Cherry Guidry of Cherry Blossoms. Applique your way through four elegant yet whimsical projects over the course of the year, as you look forward to Easter, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. All four quilts feature the same background block layout, with a unique holiday scene setting each season.
The foolish, timid rabbit : an Indian folk tale, Charlotte Guillain
The animals learn that you should always remember to think for yourself before you believe a rumour or follow a crowd.
101 blender drinks, Kim Haasarud
Frozen drinks make a great summertime treat for backyard barbecues and rooftop parties, but many people forget that there are far more options than just frozen margaritas, daiquiris, and pina coladas. 101 Blender Drinks includes all the classics, but also shows you how to turn your favorite cocktails into icy cold, refreshing frozen delights-Cosmopolitans, sangrias, bellinis, and mojitos can all be converted to frozen treats.
A Creature of Moonlight, Rebecca Hahn
The real Jeeves : the cricketer who gave his life for his country and his name to a legend, Brian Halford
The Real Jeeves tells the story of a young cricketer whose glorious life was snuffed out, but whose name will live forever. Plucked from country-house cricket, all-rounder Percy Jeeves was to outshine the Golden Age's greats over two seasons with Warwickshire, clean bowling Jack Hobbs, hitting Wilfred Rhodes for six and outclassing England captain Plum Warner. In September 1914, Jeeves bowled Warwickshire to victory over champions Surrey. It was his 50th first-class match - and his last. The Real Jeeves traces Percy's life from idyllic childhood via county cricket into the nightmare of war. Excerpts from battalion diaries detail the horrors of the Western Front, and ultimately his demise on the Somme.
A little something different., Sandy (Librarian) Hall
Lea and Gabe are in the same creative writing class. They get the same pop culture references, order the same Chinese food, and hang out in the same places. Unfortunately, Lea is reserved, Gabe has issues, and despite their initial mutual crush, it looks like they are never going to work things out. But somehow even when nothing is going on, something is happening between them, and everyone can see it.
Lonely Planet best ever travel tips : get the best travel secrets & advice from the experts, Tom Hall
This illustrated and fully updated edition of Lonely Planet's pocket-sized bestseller contains our best-ever tips, tricks and trade secrets for stress-free travelling, all brought to life and made easy to understand with stylish, witty illustrations. Find out where the best seats are on a plane, how to avoid bug bites and which essential gadgets you should never leave home without.
The complete guide to landscape projects, Kristen Hampshire
The Complete Guide to Landscape Projects is a hardworking, comprehensive manual for renovating, building, and "greening up" your landscape. Inside you'll find complete directions for time-tested landscape building projects as well as new environmentally sustainable projects. From designing your landscape to putting the finishing touches on an arbour or custom gate, everything you need for landscaping success is right here.
Miss Carter's War, Sheila Hancock
The Christmas countdown : creating 25 days of new Advent traditions for families, Margie J Harding
This guide provides easy-to-use devotionals with Scripture, music, food, and fun family activities to prepare your heart and home - and reach out to others - in celebration of Christ's coming.
13 is the new 18 : and other things my children taught me while I was having a nervous breakdown being their mother, Beth J Harpaz
A humourous chronicle of her son's thirteenth year details the author's desperate attempts to explain — and cope with — the enigmatic ways of an adolescent boy, from his likes and dislikes to his downward spiral of bad grades, secrecy, and rebellion.
Bloodfire, Helen Harper
A breath of frost, Alyxandra Harvey
Emma Day and her two cousins, Gretchen and Penelope, are uninterested in their debutante lives. All the boring balls, tiresome curtsying and polite conversation leave much to be desired. Then a girl is found dead, frost clinging to her lifeless body, and the murder is traced to Emma. As their world is turned upside down, Emma discovers more about herself and her cousins, from her connection to the murders to the secrets of her family legacy. Now the girls must embrace their true Lovegrove inheritance in order to stop the chaos, even if that means risking their lives.
Stolen away, Alyxandra Harvey
Abducted and trapped in an alternate world in which a despotic ruler threatens both faery and human realms, seventeen-year-old Eloise must battle to save herself, her aunt, and a society in danger.
Forget the anorak : what trainspotting was really like, Michael G Harvey
Michael Harvey's new book brings to its reader the excitement of trainspotting in the 1950s and 60s, the hobby's heyday. You'll be able to smell the steam, soot and unwashed socks, and taste the boiled egg sandwiches, the chips wrapped in newspaper and the hot jam doughnuts, all washed down with warm Tizer.
Caillou makes a snowman, Roger Harvey
With the help and guidance of his friend Sarah, Caillou experiences the joy of playing in the snow and learning to make his first snowman.
The new sex bible for women : the complete guide to sexual self-awareness and intimacy, Amie Harwick
You've heard it over and over again the key to a great sexual experience is satisfying your partner. Is it true though? For most women, great sex lies in not only satisfying your partner, but also having a good understanding of your own body, needs, and desires.
Working with hand tools : essential techniques for woodworking, Paul N (Paul Nooncree) Hasluck
An all-in-one guide containing everything there is to know about woodworking hand tools. Whether you are a beginner with an idea in mind and not a clue where to start or an old pro with years of experience, you need the knowledge to ensure your project comes out right. From identifying and holding tools properly to constructing your own household furniture, Working with Hand Tools is your trusted resource for all things related to woodwork.
A Carol for Christmas, Robin Lee Hatcher
A common virtue, James A Hawkins
When the armies of Ho Chi Mihn push across the demilitarised zone on a scale never thought possible and simultaneously strike at hundreds of targets, American Marines are at the forefront. Unfolding against this background is the story of Marine Paul Jackson, the sole survivor of a hillside massacre. A sniper and reconnaissance innovator, his epic march through the annals of the horrific bureaucracy that is the U.S. military in 1968 is the heart of this story. As an eighteen-year-old Marine he is pitted against an American public that despises his uniform, against internal factions that brand him a "coward," and against a beautiful woman who wants nothing more than for him to stay home and love her.
The taming of a Scottish princess, Karen Hawkins
When famed Egyptologist Michael Hurst discovers that the infamous Hurst Amulet is hidden in Scotland, he insists his trusted assistant, Miss Jane Smythe-Haughton, accompany him north. Strangely, the usually unflappable Jane seems perturbed by their destination - the mysterious Isle of Barra. A fascinated Michael watches as his staid assistant transforms, revealing intriguing layers of mystery and vulnerability. Could he be about to uncover not one, but two, precious treasures? Once her clan's princess, Jane fled Barra years ago to avoid a forced marriage. Since then, she has made her living as efficient Miss Smythe-Haughton - the perfect (and highly paid) assistant. Now she must confront her secrets … including her feelings for her irascible employer, too-handsome-for-his-own-good Michael Hurst.
Fitting a camper van interior, Rob Hawkins
Fitting a Camper Van Interior is a definitive guide to modifying or upgrading a camper van interior at home. This book offers guidance and advice on how to maximise the interior space, style and functionality of any camper van model. The book breaks down each task down into step-by-step photography and instructions, from the initial design stages, right through to expanding the camper van with awnings and elevating roofs.
The divorce diet, Ellen Hawley
Abigail loves her baby Rosie, her husband Thad, and food. She takes great joy and comfort in concocting culinary delights to show the depth of her love and commitment to her family. Imagine her surprise when Thad announces, "this whole marriage thing … just doesn't work for me." Abigail can't believe he really means what he's said, but he does. Abigail and Rosie move back in to her parents' house, where she regresses into her adolescent self. She diets, finds work, and begins to discover the life she really wants, and a man who really wants her.
The Snow Kimono, Mark Henshaw
Rites of passage, Joy N. Hensley
Sixteen-year-old Sam McKenna discovers that becoming one of the first girls to attend the revered Denmark Military Academy means living with a target on her back.
Herries, Lethbridge And Fuller Taster Collection, Anne Herries
Post-war lies : Germany and Hitler's long shadow, Malte Christian Walter Herwig
Post-War Lies is a superb portrait of a torn generation: the Nazi Party's youngest members, those born between 1919 and 1927, who were raised on an ideological diet of racism and militarism. A number of them, from prominent politician Hans-Dietrich Genscher to writer Martin Walser, were later to become leading public figures in federal Germany. In this meticulously researched book, Malte Herwig reveals how Germany handled these former party members. For nearly half a century, it was an early case of 'don't ask, don't tell'.
Wife on the run, Fiona Higgins
When social media and a mobile phone expose a high school scandal and a husband's shameful secrets the only thing left to do is run. In the remarkable novel from the author of The Mothers' Group a beleaguered wife and mother escapes it all on a family road trip without technology to reclaim her life and rebuild her family.
Brought in dead, Jack Higgins
When a young woman commits suicide, Detective Sergeant Nick Miller follows a hazardous trail to find the powerful man responsible for the girl's fate, only to watch him walk out of court a free man. But the dead girl's father swears to exact justice — with or without the law on his side.
The graveyard shift, Jack Higgins
The first of two classic police thrillers featuring detective Nick Miller, set in London's seedy underworld. Ben Garvald is out of prison. After nine years in prison, he's coming back to the old neighbourhood. Back to his remarried ex-wife. Back for revenge. That's what the cops think. But Detective Sergeant Nick Miller isn't worried. His highly unorthodox methods are perfectly suited for the graveyard shift - the midnight hours when the driven and desperate come out to play. Tonight, Nick Miller's toughest opponent will be Ben Garvald. And only one of them will live to see the dawn.
Pay the devil, Jack Higgins
At the end of the American Civil War, Colonel Clay Fitzgerald escapes to Ireland, where his uncle has left him an estate, only to find that Ireland is caught up in its own civil war. But after witnessing the atrocities that the landowners visit upon the people, Clay is unable to stand by.
A prayer for the dying, Jack Higgins
An ex-IRA soldier must save a priest targeted for elimination to gain absolution for his violent past. Everyone has demons to overcome, but Martin Fallon has more than most. A ruthless hitman and executioner for the IRA, Fallon is haunted by a mistake that led to the explosion of a school bus full of children. When he's threatened by the sadistic Meehan brothers, Fallon must agree to one last hit. But this time there's a witness: a priest named Father De Costa. And when everyone else wants the Father dead, Fallon is determined to protect him, to earn redemption from his life of crime and forgiveness for the blood on his hands.
The president's daughter, Jack Higgins
The President's daughter has been kidnapped by Jewish terrorists. With the world watching, Sean Dillon is called in to find her, before the Commander-in-Chief is forced to make a decision which could rip the world apart.
Sheba, Jack Higgins
The Lost Temple of Sheba is not just a biblical legend. A German archaeologist has found it. The Nazis have claimed it and one American explorer has stumbled upon their secret - a plot that could change the course of World War II.
Solo, Jack Higgins
He kills for pleasure, constantly searching, and with a brand new target in his sights, his mind spirals once again into torture and violence. But this time, he has chosen the wrong victim; the teenage daughter of one of the most feared and respected SAS soldiers known; a man with more training and advanced killer instinct than even himself. Now, the hunt is on.
Angel of Death, Jack Higgins
Cold Harbour, Jack Higgins
Day of Reckoning, Jack Higgins
On Dangerous Ground, Jack Higgins
The Testament of Caspar Schultz, Jack Higgins
The White House Connection, Jack Higgins
In your dreams, Kristan Higgins
Her ex-fiancé is getting married in Malibu and, obviously, she can't go to the wedding alone. In Manningsport, New York, tall, blond and gorgeous Jack Holland is practically a cottage industry when it comes to rescuing desperate women. He knows the drill, Em figures, so he won't get the wrong idea. What Jack needs is an excuse to leave town. Ever since rescuing four teenagers from a car wreck, he's been hailed as a hero and the attention is making him itchy, especially since his too-pretty ex-wife is back, angling for a reunion.
Horse Hoof Care, Cherry Hill
The collaborators, Reginald Hill
When Janine Simonian was dragged roughly from her cell to face trial as a collaborator in the days of reckoning that followed the liberation of France, she refused to conceal her shaven skull from the jeering crowds that greeted her. Before the jury of former Resistance members pledged to extract vengeance on all who had connived in Nazi rule, Janine stood proudly in court - and pleaded guilty to the charges. Why did so many French men and women collaborate with the Nazi occupation forces whilst others gave their lives in resistance? Were the motives of those who betrayed their country always selfish - and those of the Resistance always noble?
The stranger house, Reginald Hill
They came to The Stranger House. And death followed close behind. For over 500 years, the Stranger House has stood in the village of Illthwaite, offering refuge to all manner of travellers. People like Sam Flood, a brilliant young Australian mathematician, who believes that anything that can't be explained by maths isn't worth explaining. And Miguel Madero, a Spanish historian in flight from a priests' seminary, who sees ghosts. Sam is an experienced young woman, Mig a 26-year-old virgin. But both want to dig up bits of the past that some people would rather keep buried.
The woodcutter, Reginald Hill
Wolf Hadda's life has been a fairytale. From humble origins as a Cumbrian woodcutter's son, he has risen to become a hugely successful entrepreneur, happily married to the girl of his dreams. A knock on the door one morning ends it all. Universally reviled, thrown into prison while protesting his innocence, abandoned by friends and family, Wolf retreats into silence. Seven years later prison psychiatrist Alva Ozigbo makes the breakthrough. Wolf begins to talk and under her guidance gets parole, returning to his rundown family home in rural Cumbria. But there is a mysterious period in Wolf's youth when he disappeared from home and was known to his employers as the Woodcutter.
Antonio Stradivari : his life and work (1644-1737), William Henry Hill
This is the definitive work on Stradivarius and one of the great musicology books. It covers construction methods, woods, varnishes, types of instruments, and special features as well as the life of the composer.
Unbroken : an extraordinary true story of courage and survival, Laura Hillenbrand
On a May afternoon in 1943, an Army Air Forces bomber crashed into the Pacific Ocean and disappeared, leaving only a spray of debris and a slick of oil, gasoline, and blood. Then, on the ocean surface, a face appeared — Lt. Louis Zamperini. Captured by the Japanese and driven to the limits of endurance, Zamperini would answer desperation with ingenuity; suffering with hope, resolve, and humour.
Breakaway, Jeff Hirsch
Dan Cahill and his sister Amy travel from the hottest to the coldest regions of the world in order to stop someone from using their own power against them.
The age of wonder : how the Romantic generation discovered the beauty and terror of science, Richard Holmes
'The Age of Wonder' is Richard Holmes's first major work of biography in over a decade. It has been inspired by the scientific ferment that swept through Britain at the end of the eighteenth century. The book opens with Joseph Banks, botanist on Captain Cook's first Endeavour voyage, stepping onto a Tahitian beach in 1769, hoping to discover Paradise. Banks introduces us to the two scientific figures that dominate the book: astronomer William Herschel and chemist Humphry Davy.
The Lion's Mouth, Anne Holt
Rumble, Ellen Hopkins
Ensnared, A G Howard
Unhinged, A G Howard
The brothers Cabal, Jonathan L. Howard
Horst Cabal has risen from the dead-again. Horst, the most affable vampire one is ever likely to meet, is resurrected by an occult conspiracy that wants him as a general in a monstrous army. Their plan is to create a country of horrors, a supernatural homeland. As Horst sees the lengths to which they are prepared to go and the evil they cultivate, he realises that he cannot fight them alone. What he really needs on his side is a sarcastic, amoral, heavily armed necromancer. As luck would have it, this exactly describes his brother.
Johannes Cabal, the necromancer, Jonathan L. Howard
Johannes Cabal has never pretended to be a hero of any kind. There is, after all, little heroic about robbing graves, stealing occult volumes, and being on nodding terms with demons. His purpose, however, is noble. His researches are all directed to raising the dead. For such a prize, some sacrifices are necessary. One such sacrifice was his own soul, but he now sees that was a mistake - it's not just that he needs it for his research to have validity, but now he realises he needs it to be himself. Unfortunately, his soul now rests within the festering bureaucracy of Hell. Satan may be cruel and capricious but, most dangerously, he is bored.
Highland avenger, Hannah Howell
Once, Arianna Murray Lucette believed she'd met the man she could always rely on. She was wrong. Now she is fleeing for her life, and when her enemies attack a ship bound for her only refuge, she believes all hope is lost. Until she awakens on Scotland's shore to a pair of the most entrancing blue eyes she has ever seen. When Sir Brian MacFingal first spots the sun-streaked beauty on the beach, he mistakes her for dead. Soon, however, he discovers a woman more full of life and vitality than he ever dreamed possible. But though he knows he is fit to defend her life - even at risk of losing his own - can such a raw warrior as he ever be worthy of her love?
Highland master, Hannah Howell
Lady Triona McKee's life is under desperate siege. The marriage she thought would answer her dreams has left her struggling alone to provide for her people, while an arrogant kinsman prepares to take her land. But one look into the cynical green eyes of her cousin's boldest knight warns Triona that even a promise of help is just as dangerous… Betrayal taught Sir Brett Murray to make protecting others his only life. Still, the growing desire he can't help but feel for this entrancing widow makes him long to earn more than her trust. But in trying to save all she cherishes, he can't see how an honor-scarred knight can stay in her world and her heart…unless he risks everything to prove his love is now and forever always…
Highland wedding, Hannah Howell
The vivid scar that spans Sir Iain MacLagan's cheek is a daily reminder of the wife he lost - and of the enemy that still stalks him. Commanded by Scotland's king to remarry in order to unite two powerful border clans, Iain reluctantly weds Islaen MacRoth, a woman whose delicate appearance belies a playful, seductive nature that proves dangerously attractive to a man who has vowed never to jeopardize his heart, or his loved ones, again… Raised with eleven boisterous brothers, Islaen has little time for foolish romantic notions. Even so, she hoped for more than a forced marriage to a man who shares her bed, but not her life.
His bonnie bride, Hannah Howell
Storm Eldon was first caught up in the war between England and Scotland as a young girl, when she and her family were held hostage by their sworn enemies, the MacLagans. Years later, Storm finds herself trapped in the clutches of her Scottish adversaries once again. Now she must fight to preserve her loyalties, guard her virtue, and resist the charms of Tavis MacLagan, her handsome Highland captor.
If he's sinful, Hannah Howell
It is whispered throughout London that the members of the Wherlocke family are possessed of certain unexplainable gifts. But Lord Ashton Radmoor is skeptical until he finds an innocent beauty lying drugged and helpless in the bedroom of a brothel. The mystery woman is Penelope Wherlocke, and her special gift of sight is leading her deep into a dangerous world of treachery and betrayal. Ashton knows he should forget her, yet he's drawn deeper into the vortex of her life, determined to keep her safe.
If he's wicked, Hannah Howell
Chloe's psychic gift allows her to save the child from certain death, but the earl remains in grave peril… Julian Kenwood knows someone is trying to kill him and he suspects his scheming wife and her lover are behind the plot. But Julian is shocked when Chloe, a captivating, dark-haired stranger, warns him that sinister forces are indeed at hand - and exposes a devastating secret that changes his life forever.
If he's wild, Hannah Howell
Lady Alethea Vaughn Channing is haunted by a vision of a man in danger, the same man who she has seen in dreams time and time again. She doesn't even know his name, and yet she feels the connection between them, knows she is the only one standing between him and disaster. But rakish Lord Hartley Greville is capable of protecting himself, as he has proven more than once in his perilous work as a spy for the crown.
Royal road to card magic, Jean Hugard
As a magician your greatest reward is to astonish and perplex your audience using just a simple pack of cards. And to do that, you need to master more than just the sleights of hand. You have to learn to perform. This revised edition of a classic work offers the budding magician a brilliant introduction to magic. From classic principles and practice to the art of presentation and a collection of astonishing tricks, everything you need is here.
The Fatal Shore, Robert Hughes
The Blazing Star, Erin Hunter
Bramblestar's Storm, Erin Hunter
Dawn of the Clans, Erin Hunter
The First Battle, Erin Hunter
Nest, Jorey Hurley
Eight days a week : the Beatles' tour of New Zealand 1964, Graham Hutchins
For a memorable week in June 1964, the Beatles toured New Zealand, giving concerts in the four main centres and changing life as we knew it for ever. For teenagers of the time, it was the most exciting week of their lives. Teachers were ignored and parents defied as thousands of young people devised ingenious ways of seeing their idols.
iPhone all-in-one for dummies, Joe Hutsko
Are you all about your iPhone? You've come to the right place! iPhone All-in-One For Dummies covers all the basics and beyond to give you hands-on, all-encompassing coverage of your new smartphone. Written in plain English and packed with tons of full-colour photographs that help bring the information to life.
Chasing Windmills, Catherine Ryan Hyde
Love In the Present Tense, Catherine Ryan Hyde
Second Hand Heart, Catherine Ryan Hyde
When I Found You, Catherine Ryan Hyde
The Year of My Miraculous Reappearance, Catherine Ryan Hyde
Flora and the penguin, Molly Schaar Idle
In this wordless, lift-the-flap picture book, Flora and her new friend, the penguin, dance on the ice together and learn to treat each other with respect and kindness.
All that glitters, Aita Ighodaro
Isabel doesn't want to marry a tycoon. She wants to be one. Isabel Suarez-Octavio is ravishing, intelligent and ambitious. But unlike some of her friends, she's not planning to use her looks to seduce a billionaire and become someone's trophy wife. She's just arrived at Oxford University, and she is determined to make her mark on the world. The city of dreaming spires is everything she hoped for. The parties are riotous, the societies thrilling, and the people are the power brokers of tomorrow. Before long, Isabel is prowling the corridors of Westminster by day, partying in Miami by night: a rising star pursuing good times and a glittering career. Until a yacht trip along Italy's glamorous Amalfi Coast goes horribly wrong.
Groundbreaking food gardens : 73 plans that will change the way you grow your garden, Niki Jabbour
Here are 73 garden designs from horticulturalists, community gardeners, bloggers and print writers, television and radio hosts, and other professional gardeners. Contributions include design illustrations, plant lists, and stories explaining the personal quirks and motivations behind the garden. There's a plan to satisfy every craving.
Wicked Ways, Lisa Jackson
Soap making : how to make homemade soap like a pro, Mindy Jackson
As more and more individuals are making the effort to be more self sufficient, one practice that is slowly regaining popularity is soap making. It is not only being done as a hobby but is also gaining ground as a wonderful business venture for many. "Soap Making: Reviving a Lost Art!" gives the reader insight into the world of homemade soap making. It start out with brief history of soap making and goes right through the benefits, the ways to make homemade soap and ends with some great recipes for the reader to try.
Behind every good decision : how anyone can use business analytics to turn data into profitable insight, Piyanka Jain
In Behind Every Good Decision, authors and analytics experts Piyanka Jain and Puneet Sharma demonstrate how business professionals at any level can take the information at their disposal and leverage it to make better decisions. Packed with examples and exercises, the book shows readers how they can clarify the business question; lay out a hypothesis-driven plan; pull relevant data; and convert it to insights. Business analytics needn't be left to the specialists. This book reveals how anyone can deploy it to help solve problems, increase revenue, decrease costs, improve products, and more.
Placebo, Steven James
While covertly investigating a controversial neurological research program, expose filmmaker Jevin Banks is drawn into a far-reaching conspiracy involving one of the world's largest pharmaceutical firms. After giving up his career as an escape artist and illusionist in the wake of his wife and sons' tragic death, Jevin is seeking not only answers about the questionable mind-to-mind communication program, but also answers to why his family suffered as they did.
A last goodbye, Judith A Jance
Ali Reynolds is finally getting married to longtime love B. Simpson. They wanted a simple Christmas Eve wedding, but nothing is ever simple around Ali. Even as Ali's friends - Leland Brooks, Sister Anselm. and more - descend on Vegas, the bride-to-be finds herself juggling last-minute wedding plans and a mystery in the form of a stray miniature dachshund. Ali's grandson rescues the little dog when she's tossed out of a car on the Strip, but Ali's not in the market for a pet right before her honeymoon, and leaves no stone unturned in hunting for the dog's owner.
Trusting an angel, Missy Jane
As the owner of a string of successful nightclubs all over the world, Zerach can have any woman - except for his assistant Isadora O'Donnell. First off, Isadora isn't a one-night-stand kind of girl, and second, her dominating godparents don't approve of him. There's also the fact that he is an archangel with a mission to protect humans from demons, something Isadora can never find out about. Isadora secretly longs for Zerach's attention but her scarred body and his playboy ways keep her from acting on her feelings. With her only family on the brink of bankruptcy, she's determined to help them, even if it means trying to forget Zerach and marrying the womanising Jake, a man she'll never love.
Down solo, Earl Javorsky
Things haven't been going well for Charlie Miner. His work as a private investigator involves him with an endless roster of shady characters. His ex-wife is borderline crazy. And he hasn't been getting to spend anywhere near enough time with his teenage daughter Mindy, the one person in his life who truly matters to him. When he wakes up on a slab in the morgue with a hole in his head, though, things get even worse. Just before the shooting, Charlie was investigating a case involving fraud, gold, religious zealots, and a gorgeous woman who seemed to be at the centre of everything. Even with a fatal bullet wound, Charlie can connect the dots from the case to his attack.
Don't bargain with the devil, Sabrina Jeffries
The future of Charlotte Harris finishing school is in jeopardy when a charming Spaniard — world-famous magician Diego Montalvo — arrives to turn the bordering estate into a scandalous pleasure garden. Valiantly ignoring his wicked flirtations, outspoken Lucinda Seton vows to derail his plans and save the school, unaware that Diego's true mission is to spirit the long-lost heiress away to Spain for a handsome reward!
A hellion in her bed, Sabrina Jeffries
Mired in scandal after his parents' mysterious deaths, notorious gambler Lord Jarret Sharpe agrees to tamely run the family brewery for a year if his Machiavellian grandmother rescinds her ultimatum that he marry. But the gambler in him can't resist when beguiling Annabel Lake proposes a wager. If she wins their card game, he must help save her family's foundering brewery. But if he wins, she must spend a night in his bed. The outcome sets off a chain of events that threatens to destroy all his plans.
How to woo a reluctant lady, Sabrina Jeffries
When a charming rogue proposes she marry him to meet her grandmother's ultimatum, the Sharpe clan's strong-willed sister makes a tempting counter-offer that preserves her inheritance - and ignites his imagination. Lady Minerva Sharpe has the perfect plan to thwart her grandmother's demands: become engaged to a rogue! Surely Gran would rather release her inheritance than see her wed a scoundrel. And who better to play the part of Minerva's would-be husband than wild barrister Giles Masters, the very inspiration for the handsome spy in the popular gothic novels she writes?
A lady never surrenders, Sabrina Jeffries
Lady Celia Sharpe has always been wary of marriage… but now her future depends on it. With two months left to find a husband and fulfill her grandmother's ultimatum, Celia sets her sights on three eligible bachelors. Becoming betrothed to one of these wealthy, high-ranking man will surely prove her capable of getting married, so hopefully the wedding itself won't be necessary for Celia to receive her inheritance. Step two of her audacious plan is hiring the dark and dangerously compelling Bow Street Runner, Jackson Pinter, to investigate the three men she's chosen. With Lady Celia bedeviling Jackson's days and nights, the last thing he wants is to help her find a husband. And when she recalls shadowed memories that lead his investigation into her parents' mysterious deaths in a new direction, putting her in danger, Jackson realises the only man he wants Celia to marry is himself.
Never seduce a scoundrel, Sabrina Jeffries
Lady Amelia Plume has many admirers — it's too bad they're all fortune hunters and fops who can't provide the exotic adventures she seeks. But the ballrooms of Mayfair have become much more appealing since the arrival of Major Lucas Winter, an American with a dark past and a dangerous air. Lucas is brash, arrogant — and scandalously tempting. Every thrilling kiss sparks hotter desire, yet Amelia suspects that Lucas has a hidden motive in wooing her. And she intends to discover it, by any means necessary….
One night with a prince, Sabrina Jeffries
Proper Lady Christabel, the Marchioness of Haversham, is desperate to regain some letters that could destroy her — so desperate that she pretends to be the mistress of notorious gaming-club owner Gavin Byrne to accompany him to a scandalous house party where she can reclaim them. But when she agreed to let Byrne coach her on how a true mistress behaves, she never suspected how very… persuasive his wicked lessons would be. Gavin is secretly determined to find the letters himself and use them for revenge against the noble sire who abandoned him to grow up in London's worst slums.
To pleasure a prince, Sabrina Jeffries
Beautiful Lady Regina Tremaine has turned down so many suitors that she's called La Belle Dame Sans Merci. The truth: she won't marry because she carries a dark secret. She sees no good reason, however, why her brother shouldn't court the lovely Louisa North — even if the girl's brother, the notorious "Dragon Viscount," objects. Marcus North, Viscount Draker — bastard son of the Prince of Wales — is rumoured to be a monster who holds women captive in his dark castle to have his way with them. He has been exiled from polite society for years. But when Lady Regina makes a plea on her brother's behalf, Marcus proposes an outrageous deal: her brother can court Louisa so long as Marcus can court Regina.
The truth about Lord Stoneville, Sabrina Jeffries
In the two decades since a tragic "accident" took the lives of his parents, Oliver Sharpe, the Marquess of Stoneville, has survived the scandal surrounding that fateful night by living as an unrepentant rakehell. And with his grandmother vowing to disinherit him if he doesn't settle down and wed, he plans to fulfill the bargain in true Sharpe style — by bringing home a fake fiancee from a brothel! But his scheme is derailed when he rescues an American beauty in a dire predicament instead.
Guinea Dog, Patrick Jennings
Enemy women, Paulette Jiles
For the Colleys of southeastern Missouri, the War between the States is a plague that threatens devastation, despite the family's avowed neutrality. For eighteen-year-old Adair Colley, it is a nightmare that tears apart her family and forces her and her sisters to flee. The treachery of a fellow traveller, however, brings about her arrest, and she is caged with the criminal and deranged in a filthy women's prison. But young Adair finds that love can live even in a place of horror and despair. Her interrogator, a Union major, falls in love with her and vows to return for her when the fighting is over. Before he leaves for battle, he bestows upon her a precious gift: freedom. Now an escaped "enemy woman", Adair must make her harrowing way south buoyed by a promise, seeking a home and a family that may be nothing more than a memory.
A map of betrayal, Ha Jin
From the award-winning author of Waiting: a spare, haunting tale of espionage and conflicted loyalties that spans half a century in the entwined histories of two countries China and the United States and two families as it explores the complicated terrain of love and honor. When Lilian Shang, born and raised in America, discovers her father's diary after the death of her parents, she is shocked by the secrets it contains. She knew that her father, Gary, convicted decades ago of being a mole in the CIA, was the most important Chinese spy ever caught. But his diary an astonishing chronicle of his journey from 1949 Shanghai to Okinawa to Langley, Virginia reveals the pain and longing that his double life entailed.
Caillou. Every drop counts!, Sarah Margaret Johanson
At day care Caillou learns about water conservation. Once at home, he looks for ways that he can save water. Because his suggestion of not taking any more baths is vetoed by Mommy, Caillou has to find other ways to conserve - every little drop adds up!
Caillou gets the hiccups, Sarah Margaret Johanson
A spaghetti dinner and a lot of giggling result in Caillou getting the hiccups. Daddy thinks he knows how to cure them, and together, they embark on a series of hiccup-curing trials. But none of them seem to work. Mommy insists the hiccups will go away on their own - as long as Caillou doesn't make a big deal of them, and she's right.
Between us girls, Sally John
Welcome to Casa de Vida, eleven bungalows located three blocks from the Pacific Ocean in tiny Seaside Village, California. Owner Liv McAlister never advertises vacancies beyond a small hand-lettered sign out front, preferring to trust that God will send the right tenant at just the right time. And He always does. Jasmyn Albright has had more than her share of bad breaks lately, beginning with the tornado that demolished her farmhouse. The newest tenant at Casa de Vida, she hardly dares to hope that her fortunes might be about to change… but when God is at work, anything can happen… and new beginnings are one of His specialties.
Desert gift, Sally John
What does a nationally known marriage expert do when her own marriage falls apart? Just as Jillian Galloway sets out for a publicity tour to promote her new book, her husband of twenty-four years drops a bombshell: He wants a divorce. Jill flees to her parents' home in the California desert, wondering whether everything she's built her life around is a sham. This unexpected detour in Jill's life is an uphill climb that leads to new understandings.
Heart echoes, Sally John
In the aftermath of a massive LA earthquake, the perfect existence Teal Morgan-Adams has built begins to crumble. Teal's daughter, Maiya, is determined to learn the identity of her biological father, despite the loving devotion of her stepdad, River Adams. But that's a secret Teal hoped would remain buried forever. She has never shared the truth with anyone — not her family, not River, not even Maiya's father. As Maiya's prying reopens old wounds, Teal receives tragic news and must travel home to Cedar Pointe, Oregon — a place she's avoided most of her adult life.
Ransomed dreams, Sally John
Sheridan Montgomery leads a charmed life as the wife of Eliot, U.S. ambassador to Venezuela. But an attack on their lives cripples Eliot, and they retreat to a remote Mexican village. As Sheridan quietly cares for her husband, she sees her dreams slipping away. Luke Traynor shatters their reverie when he arrives to tell Sheridan of her father's heart attack and the evidence implicating him in a conspiracy. Sheridan returns to Chicago to untangle the web of her father's past and is forced to confront her feelings for Luke, a trail of deceit, and the truth about her marriage.
Sawbones, Catherine Johnson
Caillou. The school bus, Marion Johnson
Caillou's friend, Sarah, gets on the big, yellow school bus every morning, but Caillou has to wait a little longer before he goes to school. He just can't wait to ride the school bus.
The Barefoot Bride, Joan Johnston
Rewind to you, Laura Johnston
One last summer before college on beautiful Tybee Island is supposed to help Sienna forget. But how can she when Sienna keeps having episodes that take her back to the night she wants to forget. Even when she meets the mysterious Austin Dobbs, who scooped her out of trouble when she blacked out on River Street. When she's with Austin, Sienna feels a whole new world opening up to her but caught between the past and the future, Sienna can still choose what happens now.
The Dark Lord of Derkholm, Diana Wynne Jones
Derk, an unconventional wizard and his magical family become involved in a plan to put a stop to the devastating tours of their world arranged by the tyrannical Mr. Chesney.
Earwig and the witch, Diana Wynne Jones
Earwig has been at the orphanage ever since she was a baby. She has her best friend, Custard, and everyone always does exactly what Earwig wants. She never wants to leave, so she makes sure no one ever picks her. Then a very strange couple comes to the orphanage and they choose her, out of all the other children.
Enchanted glass, Diana Wynne Jones
When Andrew Hope's magician grandfather dies, he leaves his house and field-of-care to his grandson who spent much of his childhood at the house. Andrew has forgotten much of this, but he remembers the very strong-minded staff and the fact that his grandfather used to put the inedibly large vegetables on the roof of the shed, where they'd have vanished in the morning.
Freaky families, Diana Wynne Jones
The four grannies: Two children are left alone for a couple of days, while their parents go away on a business trip. Erg (the boy) tries to make all their grannies leave him alone, but manages to turn them into one 'Super-Granny'.
Auntie Bea's day out: Annoying Auntie Bea decides to take the three children to the seaside where, despite what the signs say, she is determined that they will sit on the small, fenced off and isolated island.
The game, Diana Wynne Jones
Sent to a boisterous family gathering in Ireland by her overly strict grandmother, orphaned Hayley feels out of place until her unruly cousins include her in a special game involving travel through the mythosphere, the place where all the world's stories can be found, and where some secrets of her past are revealed.
The homeward bounders, Diana Wynne Jones
When Jamie unwittingly discovers the scary, dark-cloaked Them playing games with human lives, he is cast out to the boundaries of the worlds. Clinging to Their promise that if he can get Home he is free, he becomes the unwilling Random Factor in an endless game of chance.
House of many ways, Diana Wynne Jones
When Charmain is asked to housesit for Great Uncle William, the Royal Wizard of Norland, she is ecstatic to get away from her parents, but finds that his house is much more than it seems.
The islands of Chaldea, Diana Wynne Jones
Aileen was supposed to grow up magical just like the other women in her family. Unfortunately, she's just found out that the magic seems to have skipped a generation but that's not her biggest problem right now. In her world, there are four Islands of Chaldea. The largest and most magical island has been cut off from the other three for decades and is slowly draining the magic from them. But now a prophecy has come to light. Someone from Aileen's island will gather a man from each of the three islands, bring down the magical barrier, and unite them with the fourth island again. And according to the king, that someone is Aileen's Aunt who insists on dragging Aileen along. And the boy Aileen is sure she'll marry (one day); and the local boy with more brawn then brain.
The Merlin conspiracy, Diana Wynne Jones
When Nick slides into a world far from ours - a world of magic, pageantry and ritual - Roddy, who exists there, needs his help: the world is not working as it should and a new Merlin has taken the place of the old. Nick wants to help, but what makes Roddy believe he is a magic-user?
The Pinhoe egg, Diana Wynne Jones
Two powerful young enchanters, Cat, the future Chrestomanci, and Marianne, who is being trained to be Gammer of the Pinhoes, work together as friends to try to end an illegal witches' war and, in the process, right some old wrongs.
Wild Robert, Diana Wynne Jones
Wild Robert is a gentle, charming ghost, who is half a magician (on his mother's side). At Heather's summons, he returns after 350 years and is horrified by the antics at his once home, Castlemaine House.
Year of the griffin, Diana Wynne Jones
When Elda, the griffin daughter of the great Wizard Derk, arrives for schooling at the Wizards' University, she encounters new friends, pirates, assassins, worry, sabotage, bloodshed, and magic misused.
Wild, Sophie Jordan
Months after her boyfriend dumped her, Georgia can still hear the insults he hurled at her — boring, predictable, tame. Tired of feeling bad, she's ready to change her image and go a little wild. What better way to prove her ex wrong than a hot night of sexual adventure at the secret campus kink club?
Sandman Slim, Richard Kadrey
The aquariums of Pyongyang : ten years in a North Korean gulag, Chor-hwan Kang
Kang Chol-Hwan is the first survivor of a North Korean concentration camp to escape the 'hermit kingdom' and tell his story to the world. This memoir reveals the human suffering in his camp, with its forced labour, frequent public executions and near-starvation rations. Part horror story, part historical document, part memoir, part political tract, this story of one young man's personal suffering finally gives eye-witness proof to this neglected chapter of modern history.
The Colder War, Marin Katusa
Let me in, Donna Kauffman
Tate Winslow is done with all the guns, the adventures, the brushes with death. All she wants is to be left alone. So when her enigmatic ex-boss shows up on her doorstep barely alive, she really tries not to care. Tate is the only lead Derek Cole has on a case that could blow the intelligence world apart. She was his best agent, but she's in hiding and he's gone rogue, and he's starting to think of her in a very nonprofessional way.
This shattered world, Amie Kaufman
Jubilee Chase and Flynn Cormac should never have met. Lee is captain of the forces sent to Avon to crush the terraformed planet's rebellious colonists, but she has her own reasons for hating the insurgents. Rebellion is in Flynn's blood. His sister died in the original uprising against the powerful corporate conglomerate that rules Avon with an iron fist. Desperate for any advantage against the military occupying his home, Flynn does the only thing that makes sense when he and Lee cross paths: he returns to base with her as prisoner.
The art of friendship, Erin Kaye
Over the years, in the small Irish town of Ballyfergus, four women have shared their triumphs and tragedies. Men have come and gone, children been born and left home. Life has taken them down paths they never expected, but through it all their relationship has endured. But that's all about to change. This year their friendship will be tested as never before…
The promise of happiness, Erin Kaye
Louise McNeill arrives home to the idyllic Irish town of Ballyfergus, hoping that it will provide the sanctuary she desperately craves. As she starts over with her three-year-old son, Louise's heart is full of apprehension. To make matters worse, her sister Joanne seems far from happy as she watches Louise's little family blossom.
All of these people : a memoir, Fergal Keane
As one of the BBC's leading correspondents, Keane recounts extraordinary encounters on the front lines. Alongside his often brutal experiences in the field, he also describes unflinchingly the challenges and demons he has faced in his personal life growing up in Ireland.
Murder 101, Faye Kellerman
As a detective lieutenant with the LAPD, Peter Decker witnessed enough ugliness and chaos for a lifetime. Now, he and his devoted wife Rena Lazarus are ready to enjoy the quiet beauty of upstate New York, where they can be closer to their four adult children and their foster son. But working for the Greenbury Police department isn't as fulfilling as Decker hoped. Just when he thinks he's made a mistake, Decker is called to his first real crime here a possible break-in at the local cemetery.
Prism, Faye Kellerman
Best of friends, Cathy Kelly
In the picturesque harbor town of Dunmore, four friends are facing hard times. When tragedy strikes, it rocks the small town. Drawn together in their sadness, the four women suddenly realise what is important — life is for living and they must grab it with both hands.
Christmas magic, Cathy Kelly
A festive collection of stories about love, life, Christmas parties, families and more.
Homecoming, Cathy Kelly
The lives of the four Dubin women intertwine, each in her own way learning about love, letting go - and that finding your way can lead to the last place you expected.
Just between us, Cathy Kelly
The Miller sisters couldn't be more different - the calm, serene Stella, quirky Tara and the beautiful, insecure Holly. Despite their differences, their sisterly bond becomes vital when the women are faced with the complexities of life - coping with relationships, careers and families.
Lessons in heartbreak, Cathy Kelly
Izzie Silver left the small Irish town of Tamarin behind her for life in New York. Life is good - but she's just broken one of her cardinal rules and fallen for a married man. On the other side of the ocean, Izzie's aunt Anneliese discovers the pain of infidelity for herself. Her husband Edward has been having an affair with her best friend, Nell. Devastated and angry, Anneliese is facing the realisation that she is now a And the lessons each of the women learns - past and present - bring both joy and heartbreak.
Once in a Lifetime, Cathy Kelly
Kenny's Department Store, with its handsome Edwardian facade and unique cherry-picked goods, is the jewel in the Irish town of Ardagh's crown. As the threat of closure looms and with an owner who doesn't seem his usual self — what does the future hold for the women who are bound together by its fortunes?
Past secrets, Cathy Kelly
The women of Summer Street have their fair share of secrets and soon learn that if you keep a secret too long it will creep out when you least expect it!
Someone like you, Cathy Kelly
Just married, Emma can't wait to escape the control of her domineering father and conceive a much longed for child with her beloved husband. For Leonie, divorced mother of three teenagers, happiness means finding true love, something that was missing from her ten-year marriage. Hannah is striking out alone after the love of her life abandoned her. She is yearning for independence and security, yet is uncertain that any man can every provide this for her. But sometimes, when you wish will all your heart for a dream to come true, you risk destroying the happiness within your reach.
What she wants, Cathy Kelly
In a year's time, Hope imagined that she'd still be a working mum. Her sister, Sam, thought she'd be turning heads in her new job as a managing director. Wild child Nicole thought she would still be having fun. Grandmother Virgina thought she'd still be happily married to her beloved Bill.
Sacrifice, Brigid Kemmerer
Secret, Brigid Kemmerer
Spark, Brigid Kemmerer
Spirit, Brigid Kemmerer
Storm, Brigid Kemmerer
World geography through infographics, Karen Latchana Kenney
The charts, maps, and illustrations in this book tell a visual story to help you better understand key concepts about world geography
The black raven, Katharine Kerr
At the end of the Civil Wars, Prince Maryn stands on the brink of bringing peace at last to the torn kingdom, but powerful magics threaten his reign and his life. Only Nevyn's young apprentice, Lilli, can see the horrifying power of the curse, her dead mother's legacy of evil, that could bring disaster upon them all. But she has only untried magic for a weapon as she fights to save her beloved prince.
The fire dragon, Katharine Kerr
The Fire Dragon tells two separate stories: one set in the "present" of 1117, and one set in the past, the era of the Civil Wars. In the present, Raena's trouble-making in Cerr Cawnen leads to terrible death and destruction but may ultimately succeed in offering the final working-out of Rhodry's Wyrd. In the past, Nevyn and Lilli attempt to solve the riddle of the curse tablet, but the price will be high.
The red wyvern, Katharine Kerr
In Cengarn, Rhodry of the silver daggers - half-elven, half-human - is beset by strange dreams. A dark-haired enchantress, the Raven Woman, is haunting his sleep, and he can find no release, even in the arms of Dallandra, his lover. Little does he know that his feud with the Raven Woman goes back over three hundred years, to a time when the very throne of Deverry stood under threat of civil war.
The shadow isle, Katharine Kerr
As the Horsekin continue to push their religious crusade to the borders of the kingdom, the humans of Deverry and their elven allies battle to reveal the secrets that can protect the Northlands from ultimate conquest.
The silver mage, Katharine Kerr
The Dwrgi folk and the dragons come to the aid of Prince Dar and his people, to battle the Horsekin and prevent them from moving into the Ghostlands, in the latest tale in the Deverry fantasies.
The spirit stone, Katharine Kerr
The penultimate instalment in Katharine Kerr's bestselling fantasy series. Rooted in Celtic mythology and intricately interweaving human and elven history over several hundred years, Katharine Kerr's dazzling saga tells of ancient enmities and undying friendships experienced through many lives.
Allies, S. J. Kincaid
Catalyst, S. J. Kincaid
Insignia, S. J. Kincaid
Vortex, S. J. Kincaid
The Dylanologists : adventures in the land of Bob, David Kinney
An analysis of Bob Dylan fandom shares insights into the music artist's influential role in American culture, contrasting the activities of particularly devout fans against Dylan's intensely private nature.
Cave of wonders, Matthew J. Kirby
Europe is in the grip of the Dark Ages, but there is a light in the dark: Baghdad. The great city has become a center of learning, populated by scholars, merchants, and explorers from all across the known world. But danger lurks in the desert and Dak, Sera, and Riq must act fast to save the world's greatest library from utter destruction.
The Balmoral Incident, Alanna Knight
Two Time, Chris Knopf
Openly Straight, Bill Konigsberg
Big cats of the world, Marshall Koontz
A Big Cats of the World Picture Book is a great way for a child to learn all about animals from around the world.
Wonders of the ocean, Marshall Koontz
Children will be mesmerized with the bright and bold colours of the underwater world.
Horse People, Michael Korda
Flashpoint, Gordon Korman
Amy and Dan Cahill have their final confrontation with twisted billionaire J. Rutherford Pierce, a man whose power has no limits and is one step away from being elected president.
Extreme weather survival guide : understand, prepare, survive, recover, Thomas Kostigen
Hurricanes, floods, wildfires, tornadoes — weather is becoming extreme, and this book tells you how to plan ahead and prepare, respond to emergencies, and survive the worst-case scenarios.
The lady astronaut of Mars, Mary Robinette Kowal
Thirty years ago, Elma York led the expedition that paved the way to life on Mars. For years she's been longing to once more explore the stars. But there are few opportunities for an aging astronaut, even the famous Lady Astronaut of Mars. When her chance finally comes, it may be too late. Elma must decide whether to stay with her sickening husband in what will surely be the final years of his life, or to have her final adventure and plunge deeper into the well of space.
Valour and vanity, Mary Robinette Kowal
After Melody's wedding, the Ellsworths and Vincents accompany the young couple on their tour of the continent. Jane and Vincent plan to separate from the party and travel to Murano to study with glassblowers there, but their ship is set upon by Barbary corsairs while en route and they lose everything to the pirates and arrive in Murano destitute. Jane and Vincent are helped by a kind local they meet en route, but Vincent is determined to get their money back, and hatches a plan to do so.
Without a summer, Mary Robinette Kowal
Summer, 1816. Glamourists Jane and David Vincent receive a commission from a prominent family in London, they decide to go - taking Melody with them. The capital is fizzing with talk of crop failures and unemployment riots in the north. Finding it difficult to avoid getting embroiled in the intrigue, it's not long before Jane and David realise they must use their magic to solve a crisis of international proportions … and get Melody to the church on time.
Endsinger, Jay Kristoff
Boundary waters, William Kent Krueger
Former sheriff Cork O'Connor is hired to find a friend's daughter, a country-western singer missing in the wilds of Minnesota. O'Connor discovers FBI agents and a gangster from a casino are also looking for the woman, but they won't say why.
Windigo Island, William Kent Krueger
American sniper : the autobiography of the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history, Chris Kyle
The astonishing autobiography of SEAL Chief Chris Kyle, whose record 150 confirmed kills make him the most deadly sniper in U.S. military history.
The planet of time, Alexandre de La Patelliere
Nothing is going right on the Planet of Time! In one village, time has stopped, while in the next, it's going very fast. The inhabitants, 'the Teenytimers', are all confused, and everyone wonders what the Great Timekeeper is doing. It's up to the Little Prince and Fox to put time back on track' and quickly!
Dead Reckoning, Mercedes Lackey
The waiting : the true story of a lost child, a lifetime of longing, and a miracle for a mother who never gave up, Cathy LaGrow
Conagher, Louis L'Amour
Evie Teale and the children were alone in an untamed country where the elements, Indians, and thieves made it far easier to die than to live. Conagher was a lean, dark-eyed drifter searching the isolated canyons for missing cattle, he found notes tied to tumbleweeds rolling with the wind. The bleak, spare words echoed Conagher's own whispered prayers for companionship. Who was this mysterious woman on the other side of the wind?
Hondo, Louis L'Amour
He was a man etched by the desert's howling winds, a big, broad-shouldered man who knew the ways of the Apache and ways of staying alive. She was a woman raising a young son on her own on a remote Arizona ranch. And, between Hondo Lane and Angie Lowe was the warrior Vittoro, whose people were preparing to rise against the white men. Now, the pioneer woman, the gunman, and the Apache warrior are caught in a drama of love, war, and honour.
Sackett's land, Louis L'Amour
Son of a feared fighting man, Barnabas Sackett inherited his father's fiery temper, sense of justice and warrior skills. Declared an outlaw in his native England, Barnabas set his daring sights on the opportunities of the New World.
To the far blue mountains, Louis L'Amour
Barnabus Sackett was leaving England forever to find his fortune in the New World. But he learned that a warrant from Queen Elizabeth had been sworn against him - and that men were searching for him in every port. And if he's caught, Sackett will face torture - and even the gallows.
Regency Paramours: Marrying the Mistress: The Rake's Unconventional Mistress, Juliet Landon
How to ride off-road motorcycles : key skills and advanced training for all off-road, motocross, and dual-sport riders, Gary LaPlante
How to Ride Off-Road Motorcycles gives first-time riders all the information they need to know to get started in this exciting sport.
Beautiful bastard, Christina Lauren
Whip-smart, hardworking, and on her way to an MBA, Chloe Mills has only one problem: her boss, Bennett Ryan. He's exacting, blunt, inconsiderate - and completely irresistible. Despite the rumours, he's never been one for a workplace hookup. But Chloe's so tempting he's willing to bend the rules - or outright smash them - if it means he can have her.
Beautiful beginning, Christina Lauren
The Beautiful Bastard series continues in this new novella back when not being able to stand each other also meant not being able to keep their hands of each other.
Beautiful player, Christina Lauren
When Hanna Bergstrom receives a lecture from her overprotective brother about neglecting her social life and burying herself in grad school, she's determined to start dating. And who better to turn her into the sultry siren every man wants than her brother's gorgeous best friend, Will Sumner, venture capitalist and unapologetic playboy?
Beautiful stranger, Christina Lauren
Escaping a cheating ex, Sara Dillon's moved to New York City and is looking for excitement and passion without a lot of strings attached. So meeting the irresistible, sexy Brit at a dance club should have meant nothing more than a night's fun. But the manner and speed with which he melts her inhibitions turns him from a one-time hookup and into her Beautiful Stranger…
And then she fell, Stephanie Laurens
Henrietta Cynster may have seen many of the women in her family make wonderful matches, but she's not sure that path is for her. Of course, fate has another plan. James Glossup needs a wife. And after she chases off his latest prospect, James decides that the only way forward is to have Henrietta on his side.
The Bastion Club, Stephanie Laurens
There is more than a touch of the wild adventurer in each of them, and they are loyal to the bone. Seven of London's most eligible bachelors band together to form The Bastion Club, an elite society of gentlemen dedicated to determining their own futures when it comes to that most important step of all - marriage.
Beyond seduction, Stephanie Laurens
A little bit wild and undeniably brave, the gentlemen of the Bastion Club have pursued adventures far and wide. But their exploits at home could prove to be the riskiest of all as they hunt an elusive target: the perfect bride.
Cynsters, Stephanie Laurens
Devil's Bride
A Rake's Vow
Scandal's Bride
The edge of desire, Stephanie Laurens
Christian Allardyce, sixth Marquess of Dearne, is reunited with the woman he had left behind to fight for his country when Lady Letitia Randall enlists his help in clearing her brother's name.
A fine passion, Stephanie Laurens
Bastion Club member, Jack, Baron Warnefleet, has fled London after nearly being compromised into marrying a dreadful female. Turning his back on the entire notion of marriage, he rides home to the estate he has not seen for years. But in the lane before his gate, Jack rescues a startlingly beautiful lady from a menacing, unmanageable horse. However, while he begins by taking command, the lady continues by taking it back. Lady Clarice Altwood is no meek and mild miss…
It happened one night, Stephanie Laurens
Once upon a time, four superstar storytellers came up with a delicious idea. What if they each wrote a story about a proper young lady stranded at a remote inn away from society's constraints? What would happen? And how long would it take for her to give in to desire? In these four amazing tales, four heroines will come face-to-face with the men who got away… to discover that one night can change everything… forever.
It happened one season, Stephanie Laurens
A handsome hero returns from war, battle-scarred and world-weary. But family duty calls and he must find a bride. Stephanie Laurens, Mary Balogh, Jacquie D'Alessandro and Candice Hern have come together to create one of the most unforgettable events of the year. The results are spectacular - each story is as unique as a lover's first kiss.
The lady risks all, Stephanie Laurens
Neville Roscoe, notorious and enigmatic, lives resolutely outside society, bound only by his own code of honour. Miranda Clifford is a lady imprisioned by rigid respectability. Flung together in peril, through danger and intrigue, they discover a love impossible to ignore … or keep.
Mastered by love, Stephanie Laurens
As the mysterious leader of the Bastion Club known as 'Dalziel', Royce Varisey, 10th Duke of Wolverstone, served his country for decades, facing dangers untold. But as the holder of one of England's most august noble titles, he must now take on that gravest duty of all: marriage. Yet the young ladies the grand dames would have him consider are predictably boring. Far more tempting is his castle's willful and determinedly aloof chatelaine, Minerva Chesterton.
The masterful Mr. Montague, Stephanie Laurens
Montague has devoted his life to managing the wealth of London's elite, but at a huge cost: a family of his own. Then the enticing Miss Violet Matcham seeks his help, and in the puzzle she presents him, he finds an intriguing new challenge professionally … and personally.
To distraction, Stephanie Laurens
Bastion Club member Deverell, Viscount Paignton, is in desperate need of a wife so he seeks help from his aunt, who directs him to a lady she vows is perfect for him. Dispatched to a country house party to look the lady over, he discovers her not swanning about among the guests but with her nose buried in a book in the library.
Where the heart leads, Stephanie Laurens
Penelope Ashford, Portia Cynster's younger sister, has grown up with every advantage - wealth, position, and beauty. Yet Penelope is anything but a pretty face in a satin gown - forceful, willful, and blunt to a fault, she has for years devoted herself to caring for the forgotten orphans of London's sooty and seamier streets. But now her charges are mysteriously disappearing. Desperate, Penelope turns to the one man she knows who might help her - Barnaby Adair.
Beast behaving badly, Shelly Laurenston
Bo Novikov — part polar bear, part lion, and all man — takes Blayne Thorpe to Maine, despite her protests, in order to protect her from stalkers who are trying to force shape-shifters into dog fights.
Powers, Ursula K. Le Guin
Creed, Trisha Leaver
When their car breaks down, Dee, her boyfriend Luke, and his brother Mike walk through a winter storm to take refuge in a nearby deserted town called Purity Springs, but in the morning they see the town is populated with a deadly cult and find themselves at the mercy of the charismatic leader, Elijah Hawkins.
The dirt : confessions of the world's most notorious rock band, Tommy Lee
Ten years ago, Motley Crue's bestselling The Dirt - penned with rock chronicler extraordinaire Neil Strauss - set a new bar for rock 'n' roll memoirs.
The new horse-powered farm : tools and systems for the small-scale, sustainable market grower, Stephen Leslie
The New Horse-Powered Farm is the first book of its kind, offering wisdom and techniques for using horse power on the small farm or homestead. It sets the stage for incorporating draft power on the farm by presenting necessary information for experienced and novice teamsters alike.
Rules of the wild : an unruly book of manners, Bridget Levin
Rhyming text explores how proper behavior for young animals is different from what is expected of young children.
Rat pack confidential, Shawn Levy
The first biography of the Rat Pack - Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop et al - the original Swingers. Brilliant and beautifully written story of their rise and fall, and their connections with the Kennedys and the Mafia. This edition does not include illustrations but in 'Rat Pack Confidential' you're never far from a cocktail, a swingin' affair and a fist-fight.
Two More Sleeps, Rosie Lewis
The Choice, Susan Lewis
The Nazis next door : how America became a safe haven for Hitler's men, Eric Lichtblau
Until recently, historians believed America gave asylum only to key Nazi scientists after World War II, along with some less famous perpetrators who managed to sneak in and who eventually were exposed by Nazi hunters. But the truth is much worse, and has been covered up for decades: the CIA and FBI brought thousands of perpetrators to America as possible assets against their new Cold War enemies. Eric Lichtblau tells the full, shocking story of how America became a refuge for hundreds of postwar Nazis.
Asset allocation demystified, Paul Lim
How you combine your different assets can be more important than the actual assets you invest in. This easy-to-understand guide shows you how to balance risk vs. reward using various mixes of stocks, bonds, real estate, foreign currency, derivatives, commodities, and alternative investments.
The way to a duke's heart, Caroline Linden
Destined to be a duke, Charles de Lacey has led a life of decadent pleasure, free of any care for propriety or responsibility. It comes as a terrible shock to learn that he might be stripped of everything, thanks to his father's scandalous past. He has no choice but to find the blackmailer who would ruin him - and his only link to the villain is a woman who may be part of the plot…
Sewing to sell : the beginner's guide to starting a craft business, Virginia Keleher Lindsay
You love to sew. Don't you wish you could make a living from your sewing? You can, with the help of this practical guide from professional sewist and pattern designer Virginia Lindsay.
Tabula Rasa, Kristen Lippert-Martin
Me, Myself, and Us, Brian R Little
Blood in the water, C Alexander London
Cory McNab is a member of the Navy's Marine Mammals Program, where he is partnered with a search-and-recovery dolphin named Kaj. Together, Cory and Kaj are the Navy's best hope when a US spy submarine is lost in enemy waters.
The beautiful stranger, Julia London
He was dangerous, infamous, scandalous… and the most beautiful man she'd ever seen. Fighting for her land, widowed Kerry McKinnon can't believe the handsome Arthur has come to seize her home and leave her to a terrible fate. Yet from the moment they meet, a scandalous passion ignites between them — impossible to resist…
The dangerous gentleman, Julia London
It was strictly business as Adrian Spence claimed the woman his brother desired. A hasty wedding, and Lilliana Dashell was his — sweet revenge on the father who disinherited him and the brother who let it happen. Their wedding night is a revelation as passionate, innocent Lilliana ignites fires Adrian tries desperately to deny.
The revenge of Lord Eberlin, Julia London
Tobin Scott, otherwise known as Count Eberlin of Denmark, has returned to Hadley Green, the site of his father's hanging for thievery fifteen years ago to avenge his father, who he believes was innocent of stealing the Countess of Ashwood jewels. Lily Boudine has become the Countess of Ashwood through a very surprising twist of fate. She is even more surprised when a vaguely familiar looking man calls and tells her he is Tobin Scott, whom she knew as a boy, and that he intends to destroy her or Ashwood. He leaves the choice to her.
The ruthless charmer, Julia London
No woman could resist Julian Dane. Except Lady Claudia Whitney. Julian had known her since childhood, but the headstrong lass had grown into a beautiful woman. Julian vows to teach her everything he knows about passion. But Claudia, in her most innocent ardor, promises to challenge him to the most dangerous emotion of all: wild, all-consuming love…
The secret lover, Julia London
Eight years after fleeing England in the wake of a terrible scandal, Sophie Dane is no longer the trusting debutante betrayed by love. Now as companion to a worldly French widow, she returns to London where her arrival instantly sets tongues wagging…and attracts the roving eye of aristocratic Trevor Hamilton. But it is his mysterious brother, Caleb, in whom Sophie senses a kindred soul — and who captivates her as no other man has before…
The seduction of Lady X, Julia London
The surprising news that dashing steward Harrison Tolly, illegitimate son of the Earl of Ashwood, is the rightful heir to his father's estate comes at a most inopportune time. With a wedding on the horizon and a baby on the way, a new life of privilege and prestige would be a blessing but for one problem: his heart belongs to another woman.
The trouble With Honour, Julia London
Honor Cabot, the eldest stepdaughter of the wealthy Earl of Beckington, awaits her family's ruin. Upon the earl's death she and her sisters stand to lose the luxury of their grand home to their stepbrother and his social-climbing fiancee. Forced to act quickly, Honor makes a devil's bargain with the only rogue in London who can seduce her stepbrother's fiancee out of the Cabots' lives for good…
Redemption in Indigo, Karen Lord
Paama, who is a great cook, has returned to her family after 10 years of marriage to the gluttonous Ansige, but two years later he hires the master tracker Kwame to find her. These events draw the attention of Chance, the Indigo Lord, one of the powerful spirits called Djombi. The Indigo Lord once wielded the Chaos Stick, but to punish him it was taken from him and given to Paama. Now he wants it back.
Yesterday, today, tomorrow, Sophia Loren
In her first memoir, the Academy Award-winning actress Sophia Loren tells her incredible life story from the struggles of her childhood in war-torn Naples to her life as a screen legend, icon of elegance, and devoted mother.
Daring Miss Danvers, Vivienne Lorret
Oliver Goswick, Viscount Rathburn, needs money — and soon. With time ticking away and his inheritance held hostage until he's properly wed, Rathburn's slim options point to a single solution: a faux engagement. In need of the perfect bride, he knows of only one candidate: his best friend's wallflower sister. The plan seems flawless, except for one problem … He can't help falling in love with her.
Finding Miss McFarland, Vivienne Lorret
Delaney McFarland is on the hunt for a husband, preferably one who needs her embarrassingly large dowry more than a dutiful wife. After the unspeakable incident at her debut, Delaney knows marrying for love is off the table, but a marriage of convenience, one that leaves her free to live the life she chooses, is the next best thing, never mind what that arrogant, devilishly handsome Mr. Croft thinks. Delaney plans to marry for money … or not at all.
Tempting Mr. Weatherstone, Vivienne Lorret
Penelope Rutledge longs for passion, but only with the man of her dreams: the brilliant, dashing Ethan Weatherstone. If only her longtime neighbour would open his eyes and realise how much she loves him. If it were up to Ethan, life and love would be as predictable as the figures in his ledgers - certainly nothing like the adventures Penelope longs for. Yet his childhood friend has grown into a beautiful, feisty woman blissfully unaware of the danger she causes when near.
Winning Miss Wakefield, Vivienne Lorret
With her fiance suddenly engaged to another and her reputation in tatters, Merribeth Wakefield needs a bold plan to reclaim her life. She must be brave. Confident. She must … kiss a rake?
From drab to fab, Almie Louis
From Drab to Fab is an upmarket craft book showing how to transform unwanted, old and everyday objects into beautiful items of decor.
Live and laugh with dementia : the essential guide to maximising quality of life, Lee-Fay Low
Explains how to make life with dementia as positive as possible. By tailoring activities to suit the needs and abilities of dementia patients, we can help them to maintain their self-identity, slow the decline of mental function, and experience happiness.
Moving Target, Elizabeth Lowell
Only His, Elizabeth Lowell
Grace, Max Lucado
Hats, Kevin Luthardt
When a young boy enters a hat shop and sees there is a sale that day, he carefully chooses the perfect hat. Proudly wearing his new hat, he walks through town. When he reaches the park, a bully tells him, "Dumb hat!" The boy is crushed - is his hat really dumb? But other kids who come along think the hat is pretty cool, and in a surprise twist, the boy and his new friends turn the tables on the bully.
Be with me, J. Lynn
There are a lot of reasons why Teresa and Jase should steer clear of each other… Firstly, Teresa is Jase's best friend's little sister. Secondly, Teresa's dreams of being a dancer have just been put on hold, maybe permanently. Thirdly, Jase has a secret. A big one. But there is one electric reason why they can't stay away from each other…
Stay with me, J. Lynn
Calla Fritz is used to hiding. Hiding the scar that she believes mars her beautiful face. Hiding the burns that cover so much of the rest of her body. Hiding her past and her family secrets from her new college friends. But when her mother clears out her bank account and disappears, Calla is forced to return home and face up to a life she'd rather forget about.
Trust in me, J. Lynn
Cameron Hamilton is used to getting what he wants, especially when it comes to women. But when Avery Morgansten comes crashing into his life — literally — he finally meets the one person who can resist his soulful baby blues. But Cam's not ready to give up.
One Wish Away, Kelley Lynn
Watched, C. J. Lyons
Jesse is terrified. For four years, a twisted hacker named King has hijacked his computer webcam, collecting incriminating photos and videos he uses to blackmail Jesse. So far, Jesse's given into King's ruthless demands in order to protect his family. But now King wants something that's too horrible to contemplate, and if he doesn't get it, he'll kill Jesse's little sister.
Code Zero, Jonathan Maberry
The 45 Hangover, Stuart MacBride
Mabela the clever, Margaret Read MacDonald
An African folktale about a mouse who pays close attention to her surroundings and avoids being tricked by the cat.
The Secrets of Tree Taylor, Dandi Daley Mackall
Goodbye California, Alistair MacLean
The classic tale of terrorism, where a criminal fanatic is hell-bent on blasting San Francisco into the ocean, from the acclaimed master of action and suspense.
What a Lady Craves, Ashlyn Macnamara
What a Lady Demands, Ashlyn Macnamara
Embrace the suck : what I learned at the box about hard work, (very) sore muscles, and burpees before sunrise, Stephen Madden
A lifelong amateur athlete and former editor of "Bicycling" magazine chronicles the year he devoted to trying to master all of the basic CrossFit exercises and immersing himself in the paleo diet.
When Lions Roar, Thomas Maier
Selected Letters of Norman Mailer, Norman Mailer
Speak up, show up, and stand out : the 9 communication rules you need to succeed, Loretta A Malandro
Christmas on 4th Street, Susan Mallery
After Nicole Perkins opens her store, The Christmas Attic, in Fool's Gold, California, business is booming. When recuperating army doctor Gabriel Boylan offers to help out during the holiday rush, she discovers his memories of Christmas past contain more sour grapes than sugarplums. Are the red-hot mistletoe kisses they can't stop sharing just a distraction for him or is true love just waiting to be unwrapped?
Father in training, Susan Mallery
Single mom Sandy Walker came to Glenwood seeking a quiet, friendly place to raise her three children. No way was she looking for a walk on the wild side with notorious bachelor Kyle Haynes. So what if the impossibly sexy deputy enthralled her kids and made Sandy ache with desire? She needed a provider, not an adventurer.
Husband by the hour, Susan Mallery
Hannah Pace needed a pretend husband - fast! She lied to her long-lost mother about being married, and now she had to produce the groom. So she hired hometown bad boy Nick Archer. Though he wasn't every mother's dream, he sure was Hannah's hottest fantasy…. Trouble was, Nick relished the part a bit too much. Dizzying kisses, heated glances, tender touches. Minute by minute, Nick's paid performance was feeling all too real. And soon Hannah wanted him to be a husband for life…
Summer nights, Susan Mallery
Shane Stryker is done with passion. He's back in Fool's Gold to settle down with the quiet ranching life he's always wanted. The rugged rancher has been burned too many times by the kind of women who dance on bars. This time, he's searching for a sensible candidate to become Mrs. Stryker. The town librarian should fit the bill, but Shane has only seen her on the one night that Annabelle Weiss let her fiery hair down and have fun. Shane may be certain she's too dangerous to be in the running for his life partner, but Annabelle knows that theirs could be a love that ends happily-ever-after, with a wild ride into the sunset…
Three little words, Susan Mallery
Isabel Beebe thinks she's cursed in the romance department so Isabel has come home to dust off her passion for fashion and run the family bridal shop until her parents are ready to sell it. Then she'll pursue her real dreams. At least, that's the plan, until sexy, charming Ford returns and leaves her feeling fourteen all over again.
Accidentally Yours, Susan Mallery
The Best of Friends, Susan Mallery
The Marcelli Bride, Susan Mallery
The Sassy One, Susan Mallery
The Seductive One, Susan Mallery
The Sparkling One, Susan Mallery
The naked CEO : the truth you need to build a big life, Alex Malley
The Naked CEO's guide to achieving your dream, starting now. From suspended schoolboy to disruptive CEO, Alex Malley, The Naked CEO, has led a life rich in successes and mistakes. Through it all he has learned a lot about what it takes to successfully build not only a big career, but also a big life. Gain insights from a successful CEO who's lived a big life.
A Demon Summer, G M Malliet
No land's man, Aasif Mandvi
If you're an Indo-Muslim-British-American actor who has spent more time in bars than mosques over the past few decades, turns out it's a little tough to explain who you are or where you are from. In No Land's Man Aasif Mandvi explores this and other conundrums through stories about his family, ambition, desire, and culture that range from dealing with his brunch-obsessed father, to being a high-school-age Michael Jackson impersonator, to joining a Bible study group in order to seduce a nice Christian girl, to improbably becoming America's favorite Muslim/Indian/Arab/Brown/Doctor correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.
The invention of exile, Vanessa Manko
Austin Voronkov is many things: an engineer, an inventor and an immigrant from Russia to Bridgeport, Connecticut, where he gets a job at a rifle factory in 1913. When Austin is wrongly accused of attending anarchist gatherings his limited grasp of English condemns him to his fate as a deportee, retreating with his new bride to his home in Russia, where he and his young family become embroiled in the Civil War and must flee once again, to Mexico. While Julia and the children are eventually able to return to the US, Austin becomes indefinitely stranded in Mexico City. He keeps a daily correspondence with Julia, as they each exchange their hopes and fears for the future, and as they struggle to remain a family across a distance of two countries.
Hello, gorgeous : becoming Barbra Streisand, William J. Mann
In this intimate portrait, Mann incisively illuminates Streisand's climb to fame before she became the icon.
Dead Horsemeat Manotti Dominique
Escape Manotti Dominique
Mobile for good : a how-to fundraising guide for nonprofits, Heather Mansfield
Super teams : using the principles of RESPECT to unleash explosive business performance, Paul L. Marciano
An employee engagement guru and HR management expert team up to help managers combat silo thinking and maximize team performance using the power of respect.
Like a Rolling Stone : Bob Dylan at the crossroads, Greil Marcus
Lady Elinor's Wicked Adventures, Lillian Marek
The undertaker's widow., Phillip M Margolin
At the centre of The Undertaker's Widow is the beleaguered figure of Richard Quinn - a judge so ethical that he is willing to risk his own life to see that justice prevails in his courtroom. But as Quinn discovers when he presides over the trial of tough-talking state senator Ellen Crease, there is not always a clear path to justice. A former police officer, Crease is a flamboyant public figure who stands accused of conspiring to murder her husband, a wealthy tycoon who got his start in the funeral parlour business. Things, however, are not as they seem.
QuickBooks 2015, Elaine J Marmel
Joni Mitchell, Malka Marom
An intimate exploration of Joni Mitchell's life and art. When singer, musician, and broadcast journalist Malka Marom was asked to interview Joni Mitchell in 1973, she eagerly accepted the opportunity to converse with the performer she'd first met late one night in 1966 at an open mic in Yorkville. It was only after Joni and Malka completed their last recorded interview, in 2012, that Malka discovered the heart of their discussions: the creative process.
Attempting normal, Marc Maron
The stand-up comedian and popular podcaster tells the story of his winding, potholed road from madness and obsession and failure to something like normal, while still trying hard to do better without making a bigger mess.
Head of state : a political entertainment, Andrew Marr
The first novel from Britain's most celebrated political commentator is a gleefully twisted take on what goes on behind the door of 10 Downing Street. Andrew Marr's first novel is a darkly comic tale of deception and skulduggery in Downing Street and Whitehall. Making full use of his unrivalled inside knowledge of the British political scene, Marr has created a sparkling entertainment, a wholly original depiction of Westminster and its denizens, and a fascinating, irreverent glimpse behind the parliamentary curtain.
Burning Up, Anne Marsh
Hot Shots, Anne Marsh
Hot Zone, Anne Marsh
Reburn, Anne Marsh
Slow Burn, Anne Marsh
Wicked Nights, Anne Marsh
Enter a Murderer, Ngaio Marsh
A Man Lay Dead, Ngaio Marsh
The Nursing Home Murder, Ngaio Marsh
Vintage Murder, Ngaio Marsh
The complete guide to decks, Chris Marshall
Homeowners learn, in unsurpassed detail, the process of designing, building, and maintaining a deck. Not only are all the classic deck-building techniques included, but the book also shows how to incorporate the latest contemporary options, such as how to work with eco-friendly wood and reclaimed plastic. From design to construction, and tools, material, and planning, this is the only book consumers need to build the deck of their dreams.
Deeds of Darkness, Edward Marston
Five Dead Canaries, Edward Marston
Lowball, George R. R. Martin
Hunter's run, George R. R. Martin
A fight in an alley behind a bar: a visiting European is knifed by local thug Ramon Espejo and next day Ramon is on the run heading north in his van toward land that no one has ever explored, or even thought of exploring, land so far only glimpsed from orbit during the first colony surveys. There are women still alive on Sao Paulo who can recall the initial descent onto an untouched world. All the cities of the south have bloomed since then, like mould on a Petri dish.
The ice dragon, George R. R. Martin
The ice dragon was a creature of legend and fear, for no man had ever tamed one. Adara could not remember the first time she had seen the ice dragon. It seemed that it had always been in her life. In her fourth year she touched it, and in her fifth year she rode upon its broad, chilled back for the first time. Then, in her seventh year, on a calm summer day, fiery dragons from the North swooped down upon the peaceful farm that was Adara's home. And only a winter child and the ice dragon who loved her could save her world from utter destruction.
The ice dragon, George R. R. Martin
A song for Lya, George R. R. Martin
Two telepaths investigate the newly discovered world of Shkea, where every native inhabitant, and an increasing number of human colonists, worships a mysterious and deadly parasite.
A storm of swords. Part 1, Steel and snow, George R. R. Martin
Winter approaches Westeros like an angry beast. The Seven Kingdoms are divided by revolt and blood feud. In the northern wastes, a horde of hungry, savage people steeped in the dark magic of the wilderness is poised to invade the Kingdom of the North where Robb Stark wears his new-forged crown. And Robb's defences are ranged against the South, the land of the cunning and cruel Lannisters, who have his younger sisters in their power. Throughout Westeros, the war for the Iron Throne rages more fiercely than ever, but if the Wall is breached, no king will live to claim it.
A storm of swords. Part 2, Blood and gold, George R. R. Martin
The Seven Kingdoms are divided by revolt and blood feud, and winter approaches like an angry beast. Beyond the Northern borders, wildlings leave their villages to gather in the ice and stone wasteland of the Frostfangs. The men of the Night's Watch are ready for the coming of a great cold and the walking corpses that travel with it. Robb Stark's defences are ranged against attack from the South, his sisters are trapped there, dead or likely yet to die, at the whim of the Lannister boy-king Joffrey or his depraved mother Cersei. Cersei's ambition is unfettered while the dwarf Tyrion Lannister fights for his life, a victim of treachery. And on the other side of the ocean, the last of the Targaryens rears the dragons she hatched from her husband's funeral pyre.
To fight alongside friends : the First World War diaries of Charlie May, Charles Campbell May
The First World War Diaries of Manchester Pals Captain Charlie May - written and kept in secret and published now for the first time. A journalist before the war and a born storyteller, May's diaries give a vivid picture of battalion life in and behind the trenches during the build-up to the greatest battle fought by a British army and are filled with the friendships and tensions, the home-sickness, frustrations, delays and endless postponements, the fog of ignorance, the combination of boredom and terror to which every man that has ever fought could testify.
Proof Positive, Archer Mayor
601 woodshop tips & tricks, Graham McCulloch
Cleanskin, Val McDermid
When career criminal, Jack Farlowe's body is found washed-up on a Suffolk shore, it looks to the police like a clear-cut case. Broken-hearted at his daughter's death, he has drowned himself - good riddance and one less crime to solve, according to CID. Then again, maybe not. For, one by one, Farlowe's enemies are being killed.
Killing the shadows, Val McDermid
Professor Fiona Cameron is a psychologist who uses computer technology to track serial offenders. She vowed never to work for the Met again after they went against her advice and screwed up an investigation as a result. But when her lover, thriller writer Kit Martin, tells her a fellow crime novelist has been murdered, Fiona can't help taking an interest. With the killer striking again, Fiona is caught in a race against time.
Cold Iron, D. L. McDermott
The big bad blackout, Megan McDonald
As Hurricane Elmer hits, Judy, Stink, and the entire Moody clan hunker down and ride out the storm, but when the power goes out, Grandma Lou proposes some activities to pass the time in the dark.
The holly joliday, Megan McDonald
Stink wants snow for the holidays but it hasn't snowed on Christmas in Virginia in more than a hundred years. Will the new mailman, Mr. Jack Frost, be able to make his wish come true?
The mad, mad, mad, mad treasure hunt, Megan McDonald
During a weekend trip to Ocracoke Island, siblings Judy and Stink Moody take part in a pirate treasure-hunting game, in which various clues lead them to silver coins, or "pieces of eight," hidden across the island.
Aesop's fables, Ann McGovern
This 80-page edition of AESOP'S FABLES introduces young readers to Aesop's classic fables in a fun and accessible way. Ann McGovern retells the classic fables using kid-friendly language, and there are striking black-and-white illustrations throughout.
Supply chain management demystified, John M McKeller
Covers supply chain collaboration, planning, strategic sourcing, manufacturing, production, logistics, risk management, and performance metrics. Corporate social responsibility is also addressed. Detailed examples and concise explanations make it easy to understand the material, and end-of-chapter quizzes and a final exam help reinforce key concepts.
Mouse in Space, Kathryn Mckeon
Matilda's Last Waltz, Tamara McKinley
The Artisan Soul, Erwin Raphael McManus
Flavor flours : a new way to bake with teff, buckwheat, sorghum, other whole & ancient grains, nuts & non-wheat flours, Alice Medrich
Beloved dessert queen Alice Medrich applies her baking precision and impeccable palate to flavour flours — wheat-flour alternatives including rice flour, oat flour, corn flour, sorghum flour, teff, and more. The resulting (gluten-free!) recipes show that baking with alternate flours adds an extra dimension of flavour.
Junk drawer physics : 50 awesome experiments that don't cost a thing, Bobby Mercer
Physics teacher Bobby Mercer provides readers with more than 50 great hands-on experiments that can be performed for just pennies, or less. Each project has a materials list, detailed step-by-step instructions with illustrations, and a brief explanation of the scientific principle being demonstrated. Junk Drawer Physics also includes sidebars of fascinating physics facts.
The robot book : build and control 20 electric gizmos, machines, and hacked toys, Bobby Mercer
Merry Christmas!, Johanne Mercier
It's Christmastime and Caillou's family is gathering together. Before they know it, Christmas Eve has arrived, and Caillou - who is too excited to sleep - suddenly hears a strange noise. Could it be Santa? Capturing the precious memories and emotions of the holiday season, toddlers learn about the deeper meaning of Christmas.
Bonhoeffer : pastor, martyr, prophet, spy, Eric Metaxas
"Bonhoeffer" presents a profoundly orthodox Christian theologian whose faith led him to boldly confront the greatest evil of the 20th century, and uncovers never-before-revealed facts, including the story of his passionate romance.
Cress, Marissa Meyer
Classified, Fern Michaels
Eyes Only, Fern Michaels
Kiss and Tell, Fern Michaels
Big sky secrets, Linda Lael Miller
In this captivating conclusion to the series set in Parable, Montana, self-made tycoon Landry Sutton arrives at Hangman Bend's Ranch to sell his land to his brother Zane, but unexpectedly falls in love with Big Sky Country and his brother's neighbor, Ria Manning.
Big sky summer, Linda Lael Miller
With his father's rodeo legacy to continue and a prosperous spread to run, Walker Parrish has no time to dwell on wrecked relationships. But country-western sweetheart Casey Elder is out of the spotlight and back in Parable, Montana. And Walker can't ignore that his "act now, think later" passion for Casey has had consequences. Two teenage consequences!
Big sky wedding, Linda Lael Miller
Wedding bells are ringing in Parable, Montana, but Brylee Parrish hasn't enjoyed the sound since being jilted at the altar by Hutch Carmody. She's over Hutch now, and running a multimillion-dollar business is challenging enough for this country gal. So she should avoid falling head over boot heels for A-list actor Zane Sutton.
Minecraft hacks master builder : the unofficial guide to tips and tricks that other guides won't teach you, Megan Miller
While there are several successful game guides on the market already, this book will be the first unofficial "hacker's" guide dedicated to building and geared toward seven- to twelve-year-old Minecrafters.
Greenwood crafts : a comprehensive guide, Edward Mills
Greenwood crafts focus on using wood that contains sap and that is easy to work with simple hand tools to produce beautiful and useful products. Discusses all you need to know to get started, including tools, workshops, sourcing wood, making some of your own devices and the characteristics of the various woods.
Japanese costume and the makers of its elegant tradition, Helen Benton Minnich
In a word, this book is a story. It has been written by one who prefers to paint pictures, warmly, rather than to ferret out facts, coldly, and who believes that a picture painted in broad strokes of colour can convey an impression more faithful, more vivid, and more enduring than that conveyed by a carefully annotated and accurately measured diagram. The picture I would like to paint is not just the history of Japanese costume but the panoramic human background against which that history is traced. My desire is to pass on to other Westerners a warmer understanding and appreciation of the history of the Japanese people as it has been woven and dyed in the bright silken fabrics that they have always produced so superlatively and worn so handsomely - and loved so well.
The walrus and the elephants, James A Mitchell
Examines Lennon's post-Beatle years, beginning in late 1971, when he left London behind and moved to New York, eager to join a youth movement rallying for social justice and an end to the Vietnam War. Lennon was quickly embraced by radicals and revolutionaries, the hippies and yippies at odds with the establishment. Settling in Greenwich Village, the heart of Manhattan's counterculture, the former Beatle was soon on the frontlines of the antiwar movement, and championing a range of causes and issues.
Gone with the wind, Margaret Mitchell
Gone With the Wind is a sweeping story about the American Civil War from the point of view of the Confederacy. In particular it is the story of Scarlett O'Hara, a headstrong Southern belle who survives the hardships of the war and afterwards manages to establish a successful business by capitalizing on the struggle to rebuild the South. Throughout the book she is motivated by her unfulfilled love for Ashley Wilkes, an honorable man who is happily married. After a series of marriages and failed relationships with other men, notably the dashing Rhett Butler, she has a change of heart and determines to win Rhett back.
Breakthrough communication : a powerful 4-step process for overcoming resistance and getting results, Harrison Monarth
30 Arduino projects for the evil genius, Simon Monk
This do-it-yourself guide shows you how to program and build projects with the Arduino Uno and Leonardo boards and the Arduino 1.0 development environment. It gets you started right away with the simplified C programming you need to know and demonstrates how to take advantage of the latest Arduino capabilities.
The summer girls, Mary Alice Monroe
Three granddaughters. Three months. One summer house. In this trilogy set on Sullivan's Island, South Carolina, the author captures the complex relationships between three half sisters scattered across the country, and a grandmother determined to help them rediscover their family bonds.
The Summer Wind, Mary Alice Monroe
Anne of Avonlea, L. M. Montgomery
Five years after coming to Green Gables, Anne is about to start teaching at her old school.
Anne of Ingleside, L. M. Montgomery
Anne, now Mrs Blythe, is still sometimes as impetuous as when she was a girl at Green Gables, but with six lively children and hard-working Gilbert to look after, Anne has to be practical too. Especially when the children get into as many scrapes as she ever did.
Anne of the island, L. M. Montgomery
As her childhood friends get married and move away. Anne also leaves Prince Edward Island for Redmond College in Kingsport. Though Priscilla and Gilbert are fellow-students, she at first feels very lonely. But Anne soon make new friends wherever she goes, one of whom is rich, handsome Roy Gardner, whose attentions soon make Gilbert very jealous.
Anne of Windy Poplars, L. M. Montgomery
Anne Shirley, now a young woman, becomes the principal of Summerside High School, but Summerside is virtually ruled by the Pringle family, who don't want Anne at the school.
Anne's house of dreams, L. M. Montgomery
Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe marry. Their lives seem perfect until tragedy strikes and it takes all of Gilbert's and Anne's courage to overcome it.
Chronicles of Avonlea, L. M. Montgomery
All the charm of Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea is to be found in this gently sentimental and humorous book.
Emily climbs, L. M. Montgomery
In this sequel to Emily of New Moon, Emily Starr is at High School, boarding with an uncongenial aunt, and persevering with her attempts to become a writer. Based on the author's own experiences in adolescence.
Emily of New Moon, L. M. Montgomery
Emily Starr had never known what it was to be lonely - until her beloved father died. In this, the first of the Emily novels, young Emily is orphaned and goes to live with her mother's snobbish relatives at New Moon Farm. Sure that she'll never be happy there, Emily endures her stern Aunt Elizabeth and malicious classmates by holding her head high and using her quick wit. But things begin to change as Emily makes several new friends.
Emily's quest, L. M. Montgomery
High school is over and Emily Starr is ready to find her destiny… but she's not quite ready to leave the safety of New Moon farm. After suffering through a devastating illness, receiving rejection notices from multiple publishers, and nearly losing Teddy, her childhood sweetheart, Emily realises that her quest for love, acceptance, and happiness is far from over.
Further chronicles of Avonlea, L. M. Montgomery
In this volume of heartwarming tales, a Persian cat plays an amazing role in a marriage proposal, a young girl risks losing her mother in her quest to find her father, and a foolish lie threatens to make an unattached woman the town's laughingstock. These fifteen short stories together present a piquant and fascinating picture of life in the villages and country surrounding Avonlea.
The golden road, L. M. Montgomery
When Sara Stanley, the Story Girl, returns to Carlisle to spend the winter with the King family, she comes up with a great idea. To help them through the dreary months ahead, she, Felicity, Cecily, and Dan will publish a magazine. From "Personals" to "Fashion Notes," from the etiquette column to its stories of the most interesting happenings in Carlisle, Our Magazine quickly becomes the most entertaining publication anyone in town has ever read. But seasons pass, nothing is forever, and soon it will be time for the Story Girl to leave her good friends on Prince Edward Island, friends with whom she has walked the golden road of youth.
Kilmeny of the orchard, L. M. Montgomery
Eric Marshall arrives on Prince Edward Island to become a substitute schoolmaster as a favor to a friend, but fate throws in his path a beautiful, mysterious girl named Kilmeny Gordon, who is mute.
Rainbow Valley, L. M. Montgomery
The heroine of Anne of Green Gables and her lively children befriend the Meredith youngsters, the four children of a widowed minister seeking a wife.
Rilla of Ingleside, L. M. Montgomery
Anne Shirley's daughter, Rilla, looks forward to her first dance and her first kiss. But undreamed-of challenges await irrepressible Rilla when a far off war endangers the happy world of Ingleside.
The short stories from 1896-1901, L. M. Montgomery
The short stories from 1902-1903, L. M. Montgomery
The short stories from 1904, L. M. Montgomery
The short stories from 1905-1906, L. M. Montgomery
The short stories from 1907-1908, L. M. Montgomery
The short stories from 1909-1922, L. M. Montgomery
The story girl, L. M. Montgomery
Two young boys visiting their relatives on Prince Edward Island become entranced by Sara Stanley and the stories she tells about the island and its long-ago inhabitants.
A tangled web, L. M. Montgomery
It all begins with Great Aunt Becky and her infamous prized possession: a legendary heirloom jug. After her death, everyone wants it. But the new owner won't be named for one year… Mayhem reigns and tables are turned in a year when everything feels topsy-turvy. One woman will lose her fiance. Two enemies since childhood will inexplicably come together. And a couple mysteriously separated on their wedding night ten years before will find a second chance at love. Then comes the night when Aunt Becky's wishes will be revealed…and the family is in for the biggest surprise of all.
The night before Christmas, Clement Clarke Moore
Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without a reading of Clement C. Moore's classic verse, which has brightened the season ever since it was first published in 1823. And now this heartwarming poem is more dazzling than ever before. Acclaimed painter Eric Puybaret enchantingly captures the story's magic and wide-eyed wonder.
'Twas the night before Christmas, Clement Clarke Moore
Santa arrives with his reindeer driven sleigh and a bag of toys to leave to the delight of children.
The infographic resume : how to create a visual portfolio that showcases your skills and lands the job, Hannah Morgan
Infographic resumes are in, and they're not just for designers. Free tools are popping up every day online to help anyone create a dynamic, visual resume without sacrificing substance for style. The Infographic Resume provides samples, tips, and ideas on how to create visual resumes and portfolios using these tools. Readers learn how to create a digital footprint, showcase their best work online, and grab a hiring manager's attention.
The Man Who Broke Out of the Bank and Went for a Walk in France, Miles Morland
Half a man, Michael Morpurgo
From a young age, Michael was both fascinated by and afraid of his grandfather. Grandpa's ship was torpedoed during the Second World War, leaving him with terrible burns. Every time he came to stay, Michael was warned by his mother that he must not stare, he must not make too much noise, he must not ask Grandpa any questions about his past. As he grows older, Michael stays with his grandfather during the summer holidays, and as he finally learns the story behind Grandpa's injuries, he gets to know the real man behind the solemn figure from his childhood.
Listen to the Moon, Michael Morpurgo
May, 1915. Alfie and his fisherman father find a girl on an uninhabited island in the Scillies injured, thirsty, lost and with absolutely no memory of who she is, or how she came to be there. She can say only one word: Lucy. Where has she come from? Is she a mermaid, the victim of a German U-boat, or even as some islanders suggest a German spy? Only one thing is for sure: she loves music and moonlight, and it is when she listens to the gramophone that the glimmers of the girl she once was begin to appear.
Why Men Like Straight Lines and Women Like Polka Dots, Gloria Moss
You can retire sooner than you think : the 5 money secrets of the happiest retirees, Wes Moss
The Wonder Of All Things, Jason Mott
The emperor of all maladies : a biography of cancer, Siddhartha Mukherjee
A "biography" of cancer from its origins to the epic battle to cure, control, and conquer it. A combination of medical history, cutting-edge science, and narrative journalism that transforms the listener's understanding of cancer and much of the world around them. The author provides a glimpse into the future of cancer treatments and offers a bold new perspective on the way doctors, scientists, philosophers, and lay people have observed and understood the human body for millennia.
Everything I Need to Know About Christmas I Learned From a Little Golden Book, Diane Muldrow
Everything I Need to Know About Love I Learned From a Little Golden Book, Diane Muldrow
Acting suspiciously, Helen Mulgray
Act It Out's historic re-enactments from the life of Mary Queen of Scots are not all that they seem. Sites closely associated with that tragic queen are a cover for the distribution of drugs in central Scotland. Revenue & Customs undercover agent DJ Smith and her sniffer cat Gorgonzola join one of the tours, but she begins to suspect that some of her companions - an eerily self-convinced reincarnation of Mary Queen of Scots, a fanatical bagpipe player, a couple of sex-obsessed newlyweds - are bad actors and that in reality, they are couriers in the pay of the drug organisation…
Under suspicion, Helen Mulgray
When a Customs and Revenues Officer on the brink of exposing a huge money-laundering outfit is murdered in Tenerife, there is only one team capable of ensuring Operation Canary Creeper's continuance and success. DJ Smith must use all of her cunning and experience to trap the devious Ambrose Vanheusen; her greatest asset, however, comes in the moth-eaten shape of her Persian cat Gorgonzola, since Vanheusen's one weakness is his love of the breed…
Legacy of the heart : the spiritual advantages of a painful childhood, Wayne Muller
A gentle approach to discovering spiritual strength that is hidden in the scars of childhood. Wayne Muller brings together the teachings of many different religions and spiritual traditions in a healing program that will appeal to readers of The Road Less Traveled and Homecoming.
Sunrise, Mike Mullin
1Q84, Haruki Murakami
69, Ryu Murakami
In a small, inconsequential city in Japan, all that matters to 17-year-old Kensuke Yazaki and his friends is girls, rock music and, to a much lesser extent, school. Told at high speed and with irresistible humour by Kensuke himself, this is the story of their 1969, as they engage in heated conversations about Marxism, Rimbaud, Godard, the Beatles and the Stones, set up a barricade in their school, organise a rock festival and map out a highly successful strategy in girl-winning.
Coin locker babies, Ryu Murakami
Abandoned at birth in adjacent train station lockers, two troubled boys spend their youth in an orphanage and with foster parents on a semi-deserted island before finally setting off for the city to find and destroy the women who first rejected them. Both are drawn to an area of freaks and hustlers called Toxitown. Together and apart, their journey from a hot metal box to a stunning, savage climax is a brutal funhouse ride through the eerie landscape of late-twentieth-century Japan.
From the fatherland, with love, Ryu Murakami
From the Fatherland, with Love is set in an alternative, dystopian present in which the dollar has collapsed and Japan's economy has fallen along with it. The North Korean government, sensing an opportunity, sends a fleet of 'rebels' in the first land invasion that Japan has ever faced. Japan can't cope with the surprise onslaught. But the terrorist Ishihara and his band of renegade youths once dedicated to upsetting the Japanese government turn their deadly attention to the North Korean threat.
In the miso soup, Ryu Murakami
American tourist Frank hires nightlife guide Kenji for three nights. But his behaviour is so odd that Kenji begins to suspect that his client is the serial killer terrorizing Tokyo. It isn't until the second night that Kenji learns exactly how much he has to fear from this enormous American.
Piercing, Ryu Murakami
Kawashima Masayuki is a successful graphic designer living in Tokyo with his loving wife, Yoko, and their healthy baby girl. Every night, however, unable to sleep, Kawashima creeps from his bed and watches over the baby's crib while his wife sleeps… an ice-pick in his hand, and an almost visceral desire to use it. One particular night, as this drama unfolds once more, Kawashima makes a decision to confront his demons, and sets into motion an uncontrollable chain of events seeming to lead inexorably to murder.
Popular hits of the Showa era, Ryu Murakami
In his most irreverent novel yet, Ryu Murakami creates a rivalry of epic proportions between six aimless youths and six tough-as-nails women who battle for control of a Tokyo neighbourhood. At the outset, the young men seem louche but harmless, the six "aunties" are fiercely independent career women. When one of the boys executes a lethal ambush of one of the women, the women band together to find the killer and exact revenge. In turn, the boys buckle down, study physics, and plot to take out their nemeses in a single blast. Murakami builds the conflict into a hilarious, spot-on satire of modern culture and the tensions between the sexes and generations.
The Jane Austen Rules, Sinead Murphy
Amazing world atlas, Deborah Jane Murrell
Finally, Lonely Planet has made the Atlas kids have been waiting for! With 160 pages of illustrated maps, engaging infographics, mind-blowing photography and a large dose of humour, this is the atlas that shows kids what the world is really like. Touching on popular culture, sports and school life, this will bring the world to life for kids aged 8 and up.
YOLO, Lauren Myracle
Caillou says no!, Nicole Nadeau
Caillou's parents ask him a variety of questions, to which he responds "no," even though sometimes he really means "yes."
Last winter we parted, Fuminori Nakamura
A young writer has to write an investigative biography of a death row inmate named Yudai Kiharazaka, a thirty-five-year-old photographer who has been convicted of the murders of two women. Kiharazaka's victims had been burned alive while the photographer tried to capture the perfect picture of their essences. But trying to unearth the truth about Kiharazaka will force the writer to grapple with horrifying archival material and to interview dangerous, grotesque people — not least of all Kiharazaka himself.
251 study secrets from the diary of a top achiever : excel in studies and ensure success in exams & career, B K Narayan
Provides you 251 easy methods and tricks to achieve top success in studies without stress and tension.
From steel to bicycle, Robin Nelson
How does steel become a shiny new bicycle? Follow each step in the process in this fascinating book!
Worms, Robin Nelson
The railway children, E. Nesbit
When their father is taken away, three children move to the country, where they stay busy saving the train from accidents, befriending a nice Old Gentleman, and trying not to quarrel.
The story of the treasure seekers, E. Nesbit
An engaging tale about the plucky Bastable clan and their plan to improve their family's financial fortunes.
The enchanted castle, E. Nesbit
Four English children find a wonderful world of magic through an enchanted wishing ring.
Five children and It, E. Nesbit
When four brothers and sisters discover a Psammead, or sand-fairy, in the gravel pit near the country house where they are staying, they have no way of knowing all the adventures it will bring them.
Man and maid, E. Nesbit
Man and Maid is a novel intended for a mainstream adult readership that delves into that most timeless of topics: love relationships between men and women.
The new treasure seekers, E. Nesbit
The treasure-seeking six are back! Dora, Oswald, Dicky, Alice, Noel and H.O. searched for treasure in The Treasure Seekers and, to their delight, found the Indian Uncle; in The Wouldbegoods they created 'a society for being good in'. Now it is the holidays again, and in spite of rainy days and a detestable cousin the children soon find a new focus for their treasure-seeking skills.
The phoenix and the carpet, E. Nesbit
It's startling enough to have a Phoenix hatch in your house, but even more startling when it reveals you have a magic carpet on the floor.
The story of the amulet, E. Nesbit
The final novel in the beloved series about the adventure-seeking Bastable children.
The Wouldbegoods, E. Nesbit
After being sent to the country "to learn to be good", the Bastable children and their two friends form the Society of the Wouldbegoods, but continue to become involved in adventures.
Bad wolf, Nele Neuhaus
Inspectors Pia Kirchhoff and Oliver von Bodenstein dig deep into the past and underneath the veneer of bourgeois society to come up against a terrible secret that is about to impact their personal lives as well. In Nele Neuhaus's second U.S. publication of her enormously popular series, tensions run high and a complex and unpredictable plot propels her characters forward at breakneck speed.
The amorous education of Celia Seaton, Miranda Neville
Being kidnapped is teaching Miss Celia Seaton a few things about life: Lesson one: Never disrobe in front of a gentleman … unless his request comes at gunpoint. Lesson two: If, when lost on the moors, you encounter Tarquin Compton, the leader of London society who ruined your marriage prospects, deny any previous acquaintance. Lesson three: If presented with an opportunity to get back at Mr. Compton, the bigger the lie, the better. A faux engagement should do nicely. Lesson four: Not all knowledge is found between the covers of a book. But an improper book may further your education in ways you never guessed. And while an erotic novel may be entertaining, the real thing is even better.
Ghost Gum valley, Johanna Nicholls
This sweeping saga is set in the early days of the Colony of New South Wales and follows the adventures of Isabel de Rolland, an English aristocrat descended from the Plantagenets, as she is sent out to the penal colony to marry Marmaduke Gamble, in a deal organised by their elders.
Ironbark, Johanna Nicholls
Set in 1830s New South Wales, this is the story of a proud Currency Lad, a beautiful gypsy and a convict artist who are thrown together by random acts of love, hate, survival and revenge and discover that the harsh beauty of Australia changes everyone, for better or worse.
Behind enemy lines, Jennifer A Nielsen
World War II is raging across Europe and the Axis and Allied powers are in a stalemate. Dak, Sera, and Riq can tip the scales in the Allies' favor if they can pull off the most daring spy mission of all time. But even if they succeed, are they playing into the SQ's hands?
Beginnings of the heart, J J Nite
When sixteen year-old Morgan finds herself unexpectedly pregnant, she's not sure what her life will be like. With her boyfriend Cole, they try to navigate this new road that fate has set them on. Neither knows what to expect or how life will change. Their family's reactions to the news of their pregnancy are polar opposites. Cole's parents are supportive while Morgan's are much less making an already difficult situation even more so. When tragedy strikes this new, small family, can everyone pull together or will it forever drive a wedge between them all?
Bruises of the heart, J J Nite
When Victoria's long-time boyfriend breaks up with her she's convinced that she will never be happy again. But after meeting the new student, Will Prescott, things start to look up. Victoria is happy again and even when a little voice tries to tell her that something isn't quite right with her new relationship, she holds on even tighter. Before long even Victoria can't deny that she needs to end her new relationship, but can she get out before something happens to change her forever? Or will she be lost?
Clariel, Garth Nix
Sixteen-year-old Clariel is not adjusting well to her new life in the city of Belisaere, the capital of the Old Kingdom. She misses roaming freely within the forests of Estwael, and she feels trapped within the stone city walls.
Anne's song, Anne Nolan
Anne Nolan, the eldest of the Nolan Sisters, seemed to have a glamorous, exciting life. The Nolans travelled the world to play for their adoring fans. But behind the spotlights lay a dark reality: her tyrannical father was hell-bent on destroying Anne's innocence. Unflinchingly honest, Anne's song is the brutal truth behind the carefully cultivated image that was the Nolans.
Coppicing and coppice crafts : a comprehensive guide, Rebecca Oaks
Coppicing is an ancient method of enhancing woodland biodiversity. The key to successful coppicing is to nurture the new coppice shoots. In return, a coppice will provide an endless supply of wood for a wide range of uses, and the authors present detailed instruction on how to produce many kinds of woodland products from besom brooms, firewood and charcoal to more challenging items such as hazel hurdles and coracles.
Fresh & fermented : 85 delicious ways to make fermented carrots, kraut, and kimchi part of every meal, Julie O'Brien
Eating naturally fermented, probiotic foods (such as kimchi) is one of the healthiest and most effective ways to improve digestion. With eighty-five recipes like Kimchi Kick-Start Breakfast, Smoked Salmon Rueben, and Flank Steak over Spicy Noodles, Fresh & Fermented makes it easy to include these healthy foods in every meal.
One of us, Tawni O'Dell
Dr. Sheridan Doyle returns home to Lost Creek, a town grappling with its own ghosts, and comes face-to-face with the town's legacy of violence when a dead body is discovered at the famous gallows where a band of rebellious Irish miners was executed 100 years ago. The body also has an eerie connection to the wealthy mining family behind the miners' deaths. When he teams up with a veteran detective and father figure to get to the bottom of these heinous crimes, Danny realises that he's dangerously close to uncovering haunting secrets from his own past.
Silenced, Kristina Ohlsson
Fifteen years ago, a teenage girl is assaulted and raped as she picks flowers for a Midsummer's Eve ritual. Cut to the present, and a man is killed in a hit and run. He has no identification on him, he is not reported missing nor wanted by the police. At the same time, a priest and his wife are found dead in an apparent suicide. Fredrika Bergman, along with Alex Recht's federal investigation unit, is assigned to the seemingly unconnected cases. The investigations lead to a clandestine people-smuggling network: a new player on the international human smuggling market operating out of Bangkok.
The world's great wonders : how they were made & why they are amazing, Jheni Osman
Go beyond the visual spectacle of the world's 50 greatest wonders, and discover what makes them such amazing places.
Follow Me To, Murad Osmann
The no-cry picky eater solution : gentle ways to encourage your child to eat — and eat healthy, Elizabeth Pantley
The no-cry sleep solution for toddlers and preschoolers : gentle ways to stop bedtime battles and improve your child's sleep, Elizabeth Pantley
Exploring LEGO mindstorms EV3 : tools and techniques for building and programming robots , Eun Jung Park
The essential guide to building and programming LEGO EV3 interactive robots.
Heresy, S. J. Parris
England 1583. A country awash with paranoia and conspiracy, but a safe haven for a radical monk on the run. Giordano Bruno, with his theories of astronomy and extraterrestrial life, has fled the Inquisition for the court of Elizabeth I.
Prophecy, S. J. Parris
When several of the queen's maids of honour are found dead, rumours of black magic abound. Elizabeth calls upon her personal astrologer, John Dee, and Giordano Bruno to solve the crimes.
Doing harm, Kelly Parsons
Steve Mitchell, happily married with a wife and two kids, is in line for a coveted position at Boston's University Hospital when his world goes awry. His over-reaching ambition causes him to botch a major surgery, and another of his patients mysteriously dies. Steve's nightmare goes from bad to worse when he learns that the mysterious death was no accident but the act of a sociopath. Because he is under a cloud of suspicion and has no evidence, he must struggle to turn the tables, even as the killer skillfully blocks his every move.
The traitor's wife : the woman behind Benedict Arnold and the plan to betray America, Allison Pataki
Socialite Peggy Shippen is half Benedict Arnold's age when she seduces the war hero during his stint as military commander of Philadelphia. Peggy watches as her husband grows ever more disillusioned with his hero, Washington, and the American cause. Together with her former love and her disaffected husband, Peggy hatches the plot to deliver West Point to the British and, in exchange, win fame and fortune for herself and Arnold.
The winter room, Gary Paulsen
A young boy growing up on a northern Minnesota farm describes the scenes around him and recounts his old Norwegian uncle's tales of an almost mythological logging past.
The Cuban table : a celebration of food, flavors and history, Ana Sofia Pelaez
The Cuban Table is a comprehensive, contemporary overview of Cuban food, recipes and culture as recounted by serious home cooks and professional chefs, restaurateurs and food writers.
A Marriage Made at Woodstock, Cathie Pelletier
Eternity, Matt de la Pena
History is broken and three children must travel back in time to set it right.
Blind spot, Terri Persons
A killer wants vengeance. An FBI agent wants justice. Bernadette Saint Clare is an FBI agent with a difference: she has the uncanny ability to see murders through the eyes of killers. Because of this second sight she has cracked some seemingly impossible cases, but her ability makes her a dangerous maverick in the staid environment of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Her reward is a backwater posting to Minnesota, but on her very first day a mutilated body is found…
Steering Toward Normal, Rebecca Petruck
Do not sell at any price : the wild, obsessive hunt for the world's rarest 78 rpm records, Amanda Petrusich
A celebration of 78 rpm record subculture reveals the growing value of rare records and the determined efforts of their collectors and archivists, exploring the music of blues artists who have been lost to the modern world.
Out stealing horses, Per Petterson
In 1948, when he is fifteen, Trond spends a summer in the country with his father. The events - the accidental death of a child, his best friend's feelings of guilt and eventual disappearance, his father's decision to leave the family for another woman - will change his life forever. As a 67-year-old man, and following the death of his wife, Trond has moved to an isolated part of Norway to live in solitude. But a chance encounter with a character from the fateful summer brings the painful memories of that year flooding back, and will leave Trond even more convinced of his decision to end his days alone.
Make up : your life guide to beauty, style, and success — online and off, Michelle Phan
Michelle Phan has believed in makeup since the first time she was allowed to try eyeliner. Ever since she posted her first makeup tutorial on YouTube, she has dedicated herself to inspire millions by using makeup as a tool for transformation and self expression. Now, Michelle has compiled all of her best wisdom into Make Up Your Life: Your Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success — Online and Off.
Motorboating, Barry Pickthall
BiblioCraft, Jessica Pigza
Destined, Aprilynne Pike
Laurel lived happily as an ordinary girl - until she discovered that she was a faerie. Since then her heart has been divided - Avalon or the human world? Safe reliable David or wild, charismatic Tamani? But now an enemy unlike any before, threatens Avalon and unless the faerie world can win out, there may be no choices left.
Spells, Aprilynne Pike
Summoned to study at The Academy of Avalon, sixteen-year-old Laurel learns about the town with friend Tamani, while honing her long-forgotten skills as a Fall faerie in order to protect her human family and Avalon from trolls.
Wild, Aprilynne Pike
On the first day of Laurel's senior year there are two new arrivals. Tamani - the electrifying faerie with whom she shares an undeniable connection - appears, posing as a foreign exchange student. And even more disturbing is another foreign exchange student named Yuki whom Laurel quickly realises is a faerie, though the new girl doesn't seem to have any idea who or what she really is. Meanwhile, Laurel struggles to maintain a balance between her human boyfriend David and Tamani, with whom she shares a passionate past.
Wings, Aprilynne Pike
When a plant blooms out of fifteen-year-old Laurel's back, it leads her to discover the fact that she is a faerie and that she has a crucial role to play in keeping the world safe from the encroaching enemy trolls.
The adventures of Captain Underpants, Dav Pilkey
When George and Harold hypnotize their principal into thinking that he is the superhero Captain Underpants, he leads them to the lair of the nefarious Dr. Diaper, where they must defeat his evil robot henchmen.
The adventures of Ook and Gluk : Kung-fu cavemen from the future, Dav Pilkey
Meet Ook and Gluk, the stars of this sensationally silly graphic novel from the creators of Captain Underpants! It's 500,001 BC, and Ook and Gluk's hometown of Caveland, Ohio, is under attack by an evil corporation from the future. When Ook, Gluk and their little dinosaur pal Lily are pulled through a time portal to 2222, they discover a future world that's even more devastated than their own. Now all they have to do is travel back in time 502,223 years and save the day!
Ricky Ricotta's mighty robot, Dav Pilkey
Ricky Ricotta, a small mouse, is being bullied at school, but when he rescues a powerful robot from its evil creator, he acquires a friend and protector — and saves the city from Dr. Stinky.
Ricky Ricotta's mighty robot vs. the mutant mosquitoes from Mercury, Dav Pilkey
A mouse named Ricky Ricotta and his giant flying robot attempt to save the world from an invasion of massive mutant mosquitoes from Mercury.
Ricky Ricotta's mighty robot vs. the voodoo vultures from Venus, Dav Pilkey
A small mouse named Ricky Ricotta and his best friend, a giant flying robot, save the world from Victor Von Vulture and his vicious Voodoo Vultures from Venus.
The clarinet and clarinet playing, David Pino
One of the most comprehensive available books on the subject features suggestions about technique, tonguing and articulation, musicianship, and musical interpretation. Includes guidelines for teaching, making your own reeds, and preparing for public performance, plus an intriguing look at clarinet history.
Wind Dancer, Chris Platt
Ali used to love horses. But that was before the accident, when she was injured and her pony died. When Ali realises that an elderly neighbour has been neglecting her horses, she decides she has to act. Can Ali rise above her painful memories and love a horse again? And can Wind Dancer, also injured and traumatised, help Danny rediscover meaning in his life?
201 killer cover letters, Sandra Podesta
For anyone applying for a job, networking, requesting a reference, or writing a thank-you letter, this new edition of the go-to guide addresses new developments in technology and communication and how they affect the cover letter writing process.
The Big Book of Hair Metal, Martin Popoff
In this ultimate guide, acclaimed heavy-metal journalist Martin Popoff examines hair metal in an all-encompassing oral history jacked up by a kaleidoscope of outrageous and previously unpublished quotes, anecdotes, photos, and memorabilia.
Orfeo, Richard Powers
Composer Peter Els the "Bioterrorist Bach" pays a final visit to the people he loves, those who shaped his musical journey and, through the help of his ex-wife, his daughter, and his longtime collaborator, he hatches a plan to turn his disastrous collision with Homeland Security into a work of art that will reawaken its audience to the sounds all around them.
To protect and to serve : the untold truth about the New South Wales Police Service, Tim Priest
Almost every month in New South Wales brings stories of police corruption and a police service under attack from both the criminals it tries to put away and the people it has sworn to protect. Are the stories we read just media sensationalism, or is the NSW Police Service in serious trouble?
The last of the spirits, Chris Priestley
Sam and Lizzie are freezing and hungry on the streets of Victorian London. When Sam asks a wealthy man for some coins, he is rudely turned away. Months of struggle suddenly find their focus, and Sam resolves to kill the man. Huddling in a graveyard for warmth, Sam and Lizzie are horrified to see the earth around one of the tombs begin to shift, shortly followed by the wraithlike figure of a ghostly man. He warns Sam about the future which awaits such a bitter heart, and so begins Sam's journey led by terrifying spirits through the past, present and future, after which Sam must decide whether to take the man, Scrooge's, life or not.
Almost depressed : is my (or my loved one's) unhappiness a problem?, Jefferson B Prince
We all experience unhappiness - but for some, sadness, stress, and negative thoughts can become a regular part of our lives, no matter how good things may be going. Jefferson B. Prince, MD, and Shelly Carson, PhD offer step-by-step guidance for making positive changes to help alleviate and reverse almost depression.
The Odditorium, Melissa Pritchard
Loving Cara, Kristen Proby
Cara Donovan's summer tutoring job is turning out to be a challenge and not just because of her troubled twelve-year-old student. It's his uncle Josh who's the real problem. From the moment the fiery teacher steps foot on his family's Lazy K Ranch, the stubborn playboy is determined to corral her.
Not quite a wife, Mary Jo Putney
James, Lord Kirkland, owns a shipping fleet, half a London gaming house, and is a ruthlessly effective spymaster. Laurel Herbert gave James her heart as an innocent young girl, until she saw him perform an act of shocking violence. That night she left the husband who is far more than the fashionable lord he seems, and he let her go without a word of protest. Now, ten years later, a chance encounter turns passionate, with consequences that cannot be ignored.
Electronics from the Ground Up, Ronald Quan
Foul Bottoms, John Quirk
The Total Money Makeover, Dave Ramsey
10,000 dreams and their traditional meanings, Edwin Raphael
The dreaming mind is a kaleidoscope of different images, which are thought to reveal important signals from your sub-conscious. In this mammoth book you will find no less than 10,000 of these dream images.
Pagan Christmas Christian Ratsch
Words in the dust, Trent Reedy
Zulaikha, a thirteen-year-old girl in Afghanistan, faces a series of frightening but exhilarating changes in her life as she defies her father and secretly meets with an old woman who teaches her to read, her older sister gets married, and American troops offer her surgery to fix her disfiguring cleft lip.
Bread revolution : world-class baking with sprouted & whole grains, heirloom flours, & fresh techniques, Peter Reinhart
An exploration of cutting-edge developments in the bread baking world from beloved author Peter Reinhart, featuring 40 recipes and formulas that use sprouted flours, whole and ancient grains, alternative grains (such as corn and grape skin flour), nut and seed flours, and allergy-friendly approaches.
A new lease of death, Ruth Rendell
The second book to feature the classic crime-solving detective, Chief Inspector Wexford. Wexford believed he'd solved Mrs Primero's murder fifteen years ago. It was no real mystery. Everyone knew Painter, her odd-job man, had done it. Until now… Henry Archery's son is engaged to Painter's daughter. Only Archery can't let the past remain buried. He wants to prove Wexford wrong, and in probing into the lives of the witnesses questioned all those years ago, he stirs up more than old ghosts.
Based on a true story, Elizabeth Renzetti
Absolutely Fabulous meets The Devil Wears Prada in this delicious and addictive novel about a washed-out soap opera diva, her lifetime of secrets, and the innocent young journalist who gets caught in her wake.
Retail 101 : the guide to managing and marketing your retail business, Nicole Reyhle
This is the illustrated guide to creating and managing a successful retail business. Retail 101 provides practical action steps for independent and specialty retailers to compete against big-box stores and shares expert insights on balancing inventory, management issues, and more.
Carnivores, Aaron Reynolds
A lion, a great white shark, and a timber wolf, all meat-eaters who have been hurt by the cruelty of plant-eaters, form a support group which has limited success until their newest member, a great horned owl, shares some advice.
Here Comes Destructosaurus!, Aaron Reynolds
Destructosaurus lays waste to a city, but he really is just looking for his teddy bear.
Dig it, Kate Riggs
Big bulldozers. Mighty mixers. Deep drillers. Dig It! offers up a fun, foundational introduction to six construction vehicles that are sure to fascinate every early learner. Simple, rhythmical text introduces each machine as its own character, highlighting its defining feature or function.
Dolphins, Kate Riggs
A prekindergarten-level introduction to dolphins, covering their growth process, behaviours, the oceans they call home, and such defining physical features as their fins.
Elephants, Kate Riggs
A basic exploration of the appearance, behaviour, and habitat of elephants, Earth's biggest land animals. Also included is a story from folklore explaining why elephants' trunks are so long.
Frog, Kate Riggs
An exploration of the life cycle and life span of frogs.
Giraffes, Kate Riggs
A prekindergarten-level introduction to giraffes, covering their growth process, behaviours, the lands they call home, and such defining physical features as their long necks.
How fast can you go?, Kate Riggs
Detailed illustrations and simple text are paired within a board book format to introduce young readers to the sounds and relative speeds of six modes of transportation.
Ladybug, Kate Riggs
An exploration of the life cycle and life span of ladybugs, using up-close photographs and step-by-step text to follow a ladybug's growth process from egg to larva to pupa to mature insect.
Lions, Kate Riggs
A prekindergarten-level introduction to lions, covering their growth process, behaviours, the lands they call home, and such defining physical features as their manes.
Monkeys, Kate Riggs
An introduction to monkeys, covering their growth process, behaviours, the trees they call home, and such defining physical features as their tails.
Nouns, Kate Riggs
A simple overview of nouns-the words that name things-including their uses in sentences, their common and proper types, and how to spot singular and plural forms.
Penguins, Kate Riggs
A prekindergarten-level introduction to penguins, covering their growth process, behaviours, the coasts they call home, and such defining physical features as their flippers.
A seed needs sun, Kate Riggs
Detailed illustrations and simple text are paired within a board book format to introduce young readers to the growth cycle of a seed, from its planting to flowering.
Sharks, Kate Riggs
A kindergarten-level introduction to sharks, covering their growth process, behaviours, the oceans they call home, and such defining physical features as their teeth.
Snakes, Kate Riggs
A kindergarten-level introduction to snakes, covering their growth process, behaviours, the habitats they call home, and such defining physical features as their scaly skin.
Sunflower, Kate Riggs
An exploration of the life cycle and life span of sunflowers, using up-close photographs and step-by-step text to follow a sunflower's growth process from seed to seedling to mature plant.
That's creepy!, Kate Riggs
Detailed illustrations and simple text are paired within a board book format to introduce young readers to centipedes, spiders, worms, and three other common creepy-crawlies.
Tomato, Kate Riggs
An exploration of the life cycle and life span of tomatoes, using up-close photographs and step-by-step text to follow a tomatos growth process from seed to seedling to mature plant.
Verbs, Kate Riggs
A simple overview of verbs — the words that tell what subjects do — including their uses in sentences, their tenses and person, and how to match them with singular and plural nouns.
A beginner's guide to 3D printing : 14 simple toy designs to get you started, Mike Rigsby
Author Mike Rigsby leads readers step-by-step through simple toy projects, each illustrated with screen caps of Autodesk 123D Design, the most common free 3D software available. The projects are later described using Sketchup, another free popular software package.
A cat's day, Rebecca Rissman
In the first half of this playful flip book, readers follow Lucy the Cat on her wild day through town. To read about Lucy's owner's perspective of the same day, flip the book over and start reading from the back!
The priest : Aaron, Francine Rivers
The prince : a novella : Jonathan, Francine Rivers
A fictionalized account of the life of the biblical figure Jonathan and his friendship with David. Also includes a Bible study.
The prophet : a novella : Amos, Francine Rivers
With her hallmark touches of brilliant prose and gripping characterizations, Rivers tells the story of the prophet Amos.
The scribe : a novella : Silas, Francine Rivers
Francine Rivers' Sons of Encouragement series focuses on the lesser known biblical characters who were instrumental in shaping our history. Silas, born to the privileged class, was the man responsible for recording the details of the New Testament scripture that we read today.
The warrior : a novella : Caleb, Francine Rivers
In The Warrior, beloved author Francine Rivers illuminates the life of Caleb, a man whose faith and zeal for God helped lead God's people into the Promised Land. The Warrior also includes a Bible study on the life of Caleb, suitable for individual use or group discussion.
The Atonement Child, Francine Rivers
Canoe and kayak building the light and easy way : how to build tough, super-safe boats in kevlar, carbon, or fibreglass, Sam Rizzetta
The first quick-and-easy composite construction method for canoes and kayaks. Master craftsman Sam Rizzetta presents three attractive innovations: a new building method that makes Kevlar and carbon-fibre boats cheap and feasible for home builders; an ergonomically designed canoe that makes paddling easier and more comfortable; and a foam-flotation installation method that makes canoes and kayaks safe and unsinkable.
What Makes You Happy, Fiona Robards
No One Wants You, Celine Roberts
A future arrived, Phillip Rock
The final installment of the saga of the Grevilles of Abingdon Pryory.
The diabetes solution : how to control type 2 diabetes and reverse prediabetes using simple diet and lifestyle changes, Jorge E. Rodriguez
The Diabetes Solution provides a complete program for fighting type 2 diabetes —and preventing prediabetes from developing into full-blown diabetes — by presenting the latest scientifically validated information on what exactly the disease is, how it progresses, and how it can be effectively treated. This straightforward program also includes 100 delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes as part of The Blood Sugar Budget, a simplified eating plan that controls carb consumption, limits calories, and encourages weight loss.
No summit out of sight : the true story of the youngest person to climb the seven summits, Jordan Romero
On May 22, 2010, at the age of thirteen, American teenager Jordan Romero became the youngest person to climb to the summit of Mount Everest. At fifteen, he became the youngest person to reach the summits of the tallest mountains on each of the seven continents. In this energising memoir for young adults, Jordan, now seventeen, recounts his experience, which started as a spark of an idea at the age of nine and, many years of training and hard work later, turned into a dream come true.
Simple dreams, Linda Ronstadt
In this memoir, iconic singer Linda Ronstadt weaves together a captivating story of her origins in Tucson, Arizona, and her rise to stardom.
Uni the unicorn, Amy Krouse Rosenthal
In this clever twist on the age-old belief that there's no such thing as unicorns, Uni the unicorn is told there's no such thing as little girls! No matter what the grown-up unicorns say, Uni believes that little girls are real.
Build and Pilot Your Own Walkalong Gliders, Philip Rossoni
The god of small things, Arundhati Roy
In 1969 in Kerala, India, Rahel and her twin brother, Estha, struggle to forge a childhood for themselves amid the destruction of their family life, as they discover that the entire world can be transformed in a single moment.
So not okay, Nancy N. Rue
In deciding whether to help a bullied classmate, Tori, a quiet sixth grader, turns to prayer and God's teachings.
You can't sit with us, Nancy N. Rue
Ginger Hollingberry, a new sixth grader at Gold Country Middle School, relies on her faith and friends when she is bullied for being different by the "queen bee" of GCMS, Kylie Steppe, and her so-called Wolf Pack.
The best green smoothies on the planet, Tracy Russell
In The Best Green Smoothies on the Planet, Tracy Russell shares healthful, down-to-earth recipes made with unprocessed whole foods.
Can't wait, Jennifer Ryan
Though she is the woman of his dreams, Caleb Bowden knows his best friend's sister, Summer Turner, is off-limits. He won't cross that line. Summer shares a connection with Caleb she's never felt with anyone else, but the stubborn man refuses to turn their flirtatious friendship into something more. Summer will have to take matters into her own hands if she wants her cowboy for Christmas.
Chasing Morgan, Jennifer Ryan
FBI agent Tyler Reed trusts only facts and evidence, until the day a beautiful blonde delivers a life-saving warning - based on nothing more than a vision. Five years later, the mysterious Morgan Standish has used her talents to help Tyler and the FBI bring down countless criminals. Still, Tyler knows next to nothing about her. She contacts him by phone but has not shown herself once. Until now. When Tyler's latest case forces Morgan out of hiding, she is the one thrust into the path of a serial killer, the Psychic Slayer, who will stop at nothing to protect the secrets only Morgan can see.
Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe, Benjamin Alire Saenz
Fifteen-year-old Ari Mendoza is an angry loner with a brother in prison, but when he meets Dante and they become friends, Ari starts to ask questions about himself, his parents, and his family that he has never asked before.
Light years, James Salter
This exquisite, resonant novel is a brilliant portrait of marriage by a contemporary American master. Even as he lingers over the lustrous surface of Viri and Nedra's marriage, James Salter makes us see the cracks that are spreading through it.
A sport and a pastime, James Salter
The 1960s. Philip Dean, a footloose Yale dropout, is touring provincial France and sometimes Paris in a borrowed, once elegant car. He begins a mismatched affair with a young shop girl called Anne-Marie. Together they burn in an everyday but stunningly sensual paradise.
The great fragmentation and why the future of business is small, Steve Sammartino
A business survival manifesto for the technology revolution. As the world moves from the industrial era to the digital age, power is shifting and fragmenting. Power is no longer about might and ownership; power in a digital world is about access.
Always, Lynsay Sands
Bastard daughter to the king, Rosamunde was raised in a convent and wholly prepared to take the veil until good King Henry showed up with a reluctant husband in tow for her.
Bliss, Lynsay Sands
Lady Tiernay was a beauty, but whoever married her would truly get a mixed blessing. And Lord Holden — could all the rumours regarding his cold heart be lies? Heaven alone knew what would happen when two foes were the last things between themselves and the passion they'd never known they wanted.
The chase, Lynsay Sands
Seonaid Dunbar had been trained as a Scottish warrior at her father's knee, but fleeing to an abbey was clearly preferable to whacking on Blake Sherwell with her sword — which she'd happily do before wedding the man.
The key, Lynsay Sands
Iliana Wildwood would do anything to escape from the depraved baron who sought her lands — including marrying a barbarian. Fleeing to the Highlands, Iliana was wedded to Duncan, laird of Dunbar Castle. Certainly, there was something about the virile warrior that made her weak in the knees — but something stank in the state of Scotland, and Iliana would not trust anyone until she'd discovered the source.
Sweet revenge, Lynsay Sands
Galen MacDonald's wife was murdered nine months past by his nemesis, Laird MacGregor. When Galen learns that the MacGregor plans to take an English woman as a bride, he decides to get his revenge by stealing her and marrying her himself.
200 Victorian fretwork designs : borders, panels, medallions and other patterns, A. Sanguineti
Contains all the designs from La decoration en bois decoupe. Originally published: Paris : A. Levy, 1864.
Three story house, Courtney Miller Santo
Nearing thirty and trying to avoid the inescapable fact that they have failed to live up to everyone's expectations and their own aspirations, cousins and childhood best friends Lizzie, Elyse, and Isobel seek respite restoring an almost condemned house.
Evernote for dummies, David E Y Sarna
Evernote is a free suite of software and services that makes it easy to remember things big and small using your computer, phone, tablet, and the web. If you can see it or think of it, Evernote can help you remember it.
The collapse : the accidental opening of the Berlin Wall, M E Sarotte
Drawing on evidence from archives in multiple countries and languages, along with dozens of interviews with key actors, The Collapse is the definitive account of the event that brought down the East German Politburo and came to represent the final collapse of the Cold War order.
The opposite of love, Sarah Lynn Scheerger
Rose is the wild girl nobody really knows. Chase is haunted by his past. Both are self-proclaimed "disappointments," attracted to each other enough to let down their defenses. When Rose's strict, adoptive parents forbid the relationship, it only makes things more intense. But Chase can't hide from his own personal demons, and Rose has secrets of her own…
Locked down, locked out : why prison doesn't work and how we can do better, Maya Schenwar
The complete guide to contemporary sheds : backyard office, potting sheds, playhouse, artist's retreat, summerhouse, urban barn, Philip Schmidt
Complete plans for 12 sheds, including: garden outbuilding, storage lean-to, playhouse, woodland cottage, hobby studio, lawn tractor barn.
The complete guide to garden walls and fences : improve backyard environments, enhance privacy and enjoyment, define space and borders, Philip Schmidt
The most complete and modern book on fences and garden walls available.
The complete guide to gazebos and arbors, Philip Schmidt
Shows basic techniques for building sheltering structures in the landscape, and provides project plans and directions for more than 12 versatile, flexible architectural projects.
The complete guide to treehouses : design & build your kids a treehouse, Philip Schmidt
Featuring 8 complete blueprints and plans for treehouses, this book contains everything from how to choose a tree to accessorising the completed project.
Little girl blue : the life of Karen Carpenter, Randy Schmidt
This full-length biography of Karen Carpenter details every aspect of her life, from her modest Connecticut upbringing and her rise to stardom in southern California to the real story of her tragic, untimely death.
The piano works of Claude Debussy, E Robert Schmitz
Part biography, part criticism, and part analysis, this fascinating study of one of music's greatest geniuses is above all an authoritative commentary on the entire corpus of Debussy's work for solo piano. Written with special insights for the performer.
Billy Joel, Fred Schruers
Schruers provides an unfettered look at into Billy Joel's journey from a pint-sized kid growing up in a cookie-cutter Long Island suburb to a rockstar of monumental success, and the person that remains behind his iconic status.
Accused, Lisa Scottoline
Betrayed, Lisa Scottoline
The Music of Liszt, Humphrey Searle
Virtuoso pianist Franz Liszt was a key figure in the evolution of modern music. This survey by a well-known British composer and musicologist constitutes the most authoritative English-language study of Liszt's works.
Rise of ISIS, Jay Sekulow
Quota, Jock Serong
Charlie Jardim has just trashed his legal career in a spectacular courtroom meltdown, and his girlfriend has finally left him. So when a charitable colleague slings him a prosecution brief that will take him to the remote coastal town of Dauphin, Charlie reluctantly agrees that the sea air might be good for him. The case is a murder and the witnesses aren't talking. As Dauphin closes ranks around him, Charlie is about to find his interest in the law powerfully reignited.
Healing into Possibility, Alison Bonds Shapiro
Meditation and relaxation in plain English, Bob Sharples
Meditation and Relaxation in Plain English teaches us how to be a better friend to ourselves and to the people around us, with potent tools that are easy to learn, enjoy, and keep doing.
My mam Shirley, Julie Shaw
The Canterbury Estate in Bradford during the '50s and '60s was a tight-knit community reared on poverty, crime and violence, and at the top of the heap were the infamous Hudson family. But it wasn't just the boys who had a story to tell Eye-opening and warm, this is the vivid account of the 'Tucker' girls; the resourceful women at the helm of a notorious Bradford family who will never be forgotten.
My Uncle Charlie, Julie Shaw
If you lived on the notorious Canterbury Estate in the 40s and 50s, then you knew there was one man you did not want to cross: Charlie Hudson. The oldest of eight brothers and four sisters and with a boxer for a father, fighting was in his blood. And as the young protege of local Italian gangster, Mr Cappovanni, Charlie not only learned to knock every opponent out, he also learned the tools of the crime and extortion trade well.. Gritty and engrossing, book two of the Hudson family saga delves deeper into history of the infamous Canterbury Warriors; the true story of one man's ascendancy to power, and the tragedy that brought it all crashing down.
Our Vinnie, Julie Shaw
The infamous Canterbury Estate in Bradford, a hotbed of crime, drink and drugs, was a law unto itself in the 70s. The first title in a series of gritty family sagas, Our Vinnie accounts the dramatic true story of a brother's determination to avenge his younger sister's rape. Our Vinnie is an unbelievable page-turner, documenting a community forsaken by society, and one brother's unrelenting determination to take justice into his own hands.
The lying game, Sara Shepard
Seventeen-year-old Emma Paxton steps into the life of her long-lost twin Sutton to solve her murder, while Sutton looks on from her afterlife.
Never have I ever, Sara Shepard
Not long ago, I had everything a girl could wish for: amazing friends, an adorable boyfriend, a loving family. But none of them know that I'm dead. To solve my murder, my long-lost twin sister, Emma, has taken my place. I remember little from my life, just flashes and flickers, so all I can do is follow along as Emma tries to solve the mystery of my disappearance. But the deeper she digs, the more suspects she uncovers.
The perfectionists, Sara Shepard
In Beacon Heights High, Nolan Hotchkiss is king. His charm, wealth and good looks are deceptively seductive, and many are the students whose lives and reputations have been ruined by it. Mackenzie, Ava, Julie, Caitlin and Parker seemingly don't have much in common, but they do share a deep hatred of Nolan Hotchkiss. And they all think it's about time he paid for what he's done.
The low-FODMAP diet cookbook : 150 simple, flavorful, gut-friendly recipes to ease the symptoms of IBS, celiac disease, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, and other digestive disorders, Sue Shepherd
Young woman in a garden, Delia Sherman
In her vivid and sly, gentle and wise, long-anticipated first collection, Delia Sherman takes seemingly insignificant moments in the lives of artists or sailors and finds the ghosts haunting them, the magic surrounding them.
Meet the Bigfeet, Kevin Sherry
Wealth, whiteness, and the matrix of privilege : the view from the country club, Jessica Holden Sherwood
Exclusive clubs are traditionally an important site for the consolidation of upper-class power. This book shows that, while the particulars of admission have changed, these clubs remain socially significant incubators. Having interviewed typically inaccessible members of exclusive clubs in the Northeast, the author shows that, even if it's not their intention, as club members exclude and account for their exclusion, they contribute to reproducing class, race, and gender inequalities.
Pretty packages : 45 creative gift-wrapping projects, Sally J Shim
With just a few simple steps, blogger Sally J. Shim shows readers how to turn an ordinary package into a customised present as special as the gift within.
Fermented vegetables : creative recipes for fermenting 64 vegetables & herbs in krauts, kimchis, brined pickles, chutneys, relishes & pastes, Kirsten Shockey
Even beginners can make their own fermented foods. This guide includes in-depth instruction for making kimchi, sauerkraut, and pickles and then offers more than 120 recipes, using the same basic methods, for fermenting 64 different vegetables and herbs.
Rock star : the making of musical icons from Elvis to Springsteen, David R. Shumway
After the golden age of moviemaking, media exposure allowed rock stars more political sway than Hollywood's studio stars, and rock stars gradually replaced movie stars as key cultural heroes. Because of changes in American society and the media industries, rock stars have become much more explicitly political figures than were the stars of Hollywood's studio era. Rock stars, moreover, are icons of change, though not always progressive, whose public personas read like texts produced collaboratively by the performers themselves, their managers, and record companies. Filled with memorable photographs, Rock Star will appeal to anyone interested in modern American popular culture or music history.
Sweetwater Creek, Anne Rivers Siddons
Left virtually alone after the disappearance of her mother and death of her beloved older brother, Emily Parmenter has built a life around the plantation where her remote father and hunter-obsessed brothers raise their legendary hunting spaniels. It is a narrow world, but to Emily it has magic. Then comes Lulu Foxworth, who has run away from her hectic Charleston debutante season to spend a summer in the spell of the low country. Lulu has a powerful enchantment of her own, and this, along with the dark secret she brings with her, will inevitably blow Emily's world apart-at a terrible price.
The train, Georges Simenon
Against all expectations Marcel Feron has made a "normal" life in a bucolic French suburb in the Ardennes. But on May 10, 1940, as Nazi tanks approach, this timid, happy man must abandon his home and confront the "Fate" that he has secretly awaited. Separated from his pregnant wife and young daughter in the chaos of flight, he joins a freight car of refugees hurtling southward ahead of the pursuing invaders. There, he meets Anna, a sad-looking, dark-haired girl, whose accent is "neither Belgian nor German," and who "seemed foreign to everything around her". As the mystery of Anna's identity is gradually revealed, Marcel leaps from the heights of an exhilarating freedom to the depths of a terrifying responsibility — one that will lead him to a blood-chilling choice.
Animals nobody loves, Seymour Simon
Provides information about animals with reputations for being dangerous or "gross," side by side with photographs of these animals.
Big bugs, Seymour Simon
Knights and castles, Seymour Simon
Discusses what knights wore and where they lived a thousand years ago in Europe.
The largest dinosaurs, Seymour Simon
Surveys' findings on Brachiosaurus, Diplodocus, and four other examples of the largest dinosaurs, including the locations of the discoveries and explanations of their names.
Let's try it out in the air : hands-on early-learning science activities, Seymour Simon
Presents simple activities and experiments that demonstrate the properties of air by observing the presence of air and the pressure it exerts.
Let's try it out in the water : hands-on early-learning science activities, Seymour Simon
In this innovative series for young children, acclaimed science writer Seymour Simon and Nicole Fauteux encourage children to explore the world around them as they play. Each book contains tips for parents and caregivers on how to create positive learning experiences for even the littlest of scientists.
More fun facts about pets, Seymour Simon
Is it true that some cats have no fur? Can you really tell a dog by his nose prints? And what kind of animals are also known as hobs, jills and kits? Find out unexpected and funny things you never knew about pets in this charming, fascinating follow-up to Seymour Simon's bestselling eBook, Fun facts about pets.
Out of sight : pictures of hidden worlds, Seymour Simon
In these thirty-six amazing images, you can see the invisible: from a white blood cell attacking E. coli bacteria, to the delicate splash from a falling drop of water captured by a high-speed strobe. With pictures that astound and fascinating explanations of how each image was captured, award-winning author Seymour Simon takes readers on a fantastic voyage.
Silly space monster jokes & riddles, Seymour Simon
Silly zoo animal jokes & riddles, Seymour Simon
In this clever follow up to their bestselling Silly Dinosaur Riddles eBook, beloved children's science author Seymour Simon and his longtime collaborator, the very funny illustrator Dennis Kendrick, turn to zoo animals for a new round of silly jokes and riddles.
Space words : a dictionary, Seymour Simon
Understanding stocks, Michael Sincere
Understanding Stocks, Second Edition, contains all the key material that made the first edition so popular, plus critical new information you need to succeed in a highly transformed investing landscape.
Lord of the abyss, Nalini Singh
Liliana, the daughter an evil Blood Sorcerer, must help Micah, the Dark Lord who condemns souls to damnation in the Abyss, remember that he is the last heir of Elden and its only hope for survival.
Rock addiction, Nalini Singh
Molly Webster has always followed the rules. After an ugly scandal tore apart her childhood and made her the focus of the media's harsh spotlight, she vowed to live an ordinary life. No fame. No impropriety. No pain. Then she meets Zachary Fox, a tattooed bad boy rocker with a voice like whiskey and sin, and a touch that could become an addiction.
Rock courtship, Nalini Singh
A drummer for the hottest rock band on the planet, David has a single, powerful weakness: Thea, the band's publicist and the woman who steals his breath away with her every move. Only problem is, Thea doesn't date clients or musicians…
Wide awake, Nalini Singh
The ladies next door, Jacqui Singleton
Young Nathan Anzalone is excited when new neighbours move into the mansion next door. Awkward, sheltered and geeky, he holds out hope that the neighbours include a new friend with whom he can play. That was not to be, however. Diana Renoir and the formidable Cleo Damien have moved into the sleepy town of Silver River in hopes of finally being able to lead a "normal" life.
The laughing policeman, Maj Sjowall
On a cold and rainy Stockholm night, nine bus riders are gunned down by an unknown assassin. The press, anxious for an explanation for the seemingly random crime, quickly dubs him a madman. But Martin Beck of the Homicide Squad suspects otherwise: this apparently motiveless killer has managed to target one of Beck's best detectives - and he, surely, would not have been riding that lethal bus without a reason.
The man on the balcony, Maj Sjowall
Someone is assaulting and killing young girls in the once-peaceful parks of Stockholm. Detective Inspector Marin Beck has two witnesses: a cold-blooded mugger who won't say much, and a three-year-old boy who can't say much. The killer will strike again, and the police are getting nowhere. Can Beck crack the case before time runs out?
The man who went up in smoke, Maj Sjowall
A Swedish journalist has vanished without a trace in Budapest. When Detective Inspector Martin Beck arrives in the city to investigate, he is drawn to an Eastern European underworld in search of a man nobody knows. With the aid of the coolly efficient local police, he reveals a web of crime, stretching back across Europe - a discovery that will put his own life at risk.
The man who went up in smoke, Maj Sjowall
A Swedish journalist has vanished without a trace in Budapest. When Detective Inspector Martin Beck arrives in the city to investigate, he is drawn to an Eastern European underworld in search of a man nobody knows. With the aid of the coolly efficient local police, he reveals a web of crime, stretching back across Europe - a discovery that will put his own life at risk.
Roseanna, Maj Sjowall
On a July afternoon, the body of a young woman is dredged from a lake in southern Sweden. Raped and murdered, she is naked, unmarked and carries no sign of her identity. As Detective Inspector Martin Beck slowly begins to make the connections that will bring her identity to light, he uncovers a series of crimes further reaching than he ever would have imagined and a killer far more dangerous.
Butterfly Cove, Christina Skye
Maybe opposites don't always attract. If they did, architect Olivia Sullivan would have run away with bad boy Rafe Russo when they were teenagers. Instead, Olivia has spent ten years dreaming up designs for a life that hasn't gone the way she planned. But this good girl is through sitting on the sidelines. When Rafe returns to the beautiful Oregon coast where they grew up, her former flame ignites a new desire.
A home by the sea, Christina Skye
Grace Lindstrom has followed her fiance across three continents, starry-eyed and full of dreams. But when he dies in a plane crash, Grace discovers that their life together was the cruelest kind of lie-and swears to never lose herself to that kind of love again. Until one night, when a chance encounter leads her to the kind of man she's always dreamed of, and the deep family ties she's never known.
Milat : inside Australia's biggest manhunt : a detective's story, Clive Small
It was the biggest and most complex manhunt in Australian history, an investigation for the serial killer who preyed on young hitchhikers. Clive Small takes us inside the operation he led as his team painstakingly pieced together the evidence that put Milat behind bars. But questions remain. Did he act alone? Were there other victims? How much did his family know? And what of his great-nephew, who brutally killed a young man in 2010?
100 Sideways Miles, Andrew Smith
Wicked designs, Lauren Smith
For too long Miss Emily Parr has been subject to the whims of her indebted uncle and the lecherous advances of his repulsive business partner. Her plan to be done with dominating men forever is simple: find herself a kind husband who will leave her to her books. It seems an easy enough plan, until she is unexpectedly abducted by an incorrigible duke who hides a wounded spirit behind flashing green eyes…
One of Us, Michael Marshall Smith
The user's guide to the human mind : why our brains make us unhappy, anxious, and neurotic and what we can do about it, Shawn T Smith
A road map to the puzzling inner workings of the human mind, replete with exercises for overriding the mind's natural impulses toward worry, self-criticism, and fear, and helpful tips for acting in the service of your values and emotional well-being - even when your mind has other plans.
U2 : revolution, Mat Snow
They've frequently been described as the biggest band in the world. Now for the first time, get the complete photographic history of one of the world's most influential and legendary rock bands.
After Ever After, Jordan Sonnenblick
The beautiful and the wicked : a Lila Day novel, Liv Spector
The night of his fiftieth birthday, software billionaire Jack Warren went missing hundreds of miles out to sea, his blood spattered aboard his yacht. His mistress, Callie Day, was charged with his murder — but she had already vanished without a trace. Ten years later, detective Lila Day refuses to believe that her beloved sister, still in hiding after all these years, is a killer. To clear Callie's name and solve this long-cold case, Lila asks her friend Teddy Hawkins to send her back in time, to solve the crime before it takes place.
Killers of the King, Charles Spencer
Worn stories, Emily Spivack
Everyone has a memoir in miniature in at least one piece of clothing. In Worn Stories, Emily Spivack has collected over sixty of these clothing-inspired narratives from cultural figures and talented storytellers. By turns funny, tragic, poignant, and celebratory, Worn Stories offers a revealing look at the clothes that protect us, serve as a uniform, assert our identity, or bring back the past — clothes that are encoded with the stories of our lives
Alcatraz, Michael P. Spradlin
Heidi, Johanna Spyri
Heidi, an orphan, first charms her gruff grandfather who lives in the Swiss mountains, and then the household where she is sent to be a companion to an invalid girl.
Lost boys of Anzac, Peter Stanley
Australians remember the dead of 25 April 1915 on Anzac Day every year. But what do we really know about the men supposedly most cherished in the national memory of war? Peter Stanley goes looking for the Lost Boys of Anzac - the men of the very first wave to land at dawn on 25 April 1915 and who died on that day.
Pandora's DNA : tracing the breast cancer genes through history, science, and my family tree, Lizzie Stark
Would you cut out your healthy breasts and ovaries if you thought it might save your life? In Pandora's DNA, Stark uses her family's experience to frame a larger story about the so-called breast cancer genes, exploring the morass of legal quandaries, scientific developments, medical breakthroughs, and ethical concerns that surround the BRCA mutations.
Just mercy : a story of justice and redemption, Bryan Stevenson
The founder of the Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery, Alabama recounts his experiences as a lawyer working to assist those desperately in need, reflecting on his pursuit of the ideal of compassion in American justice.
Alien escape, Geronimo Stilton
Space mouse Geronimo Stiltonix must replace the batteries in his damaged spaceship by tracking down a rare element, but he is wary of a group of mysterious aliens who offer their help.
Don't wake the dinosaur!, Geronimo Stilton
Geronimo Stilton's ancient ancestor Geronimo Stiltonoot is back in another prehistoric adventure! It's the night of the big Cavemouse Idol competition, but Geronimo Stiltonoot isn't there. He has a cold, and goes to bed early. So when it's discovered that the contest's valuable grand prize has been stolen, Geronimo is the main suspect! He must prove his innocence … or he'll end up in enormouse trouble!
The fast and the frozen, Geronimo Stilton
Geronimo Stilton's ancestor, Geronimo Stiltonoot, investigates a witness's claim of a moving mountain of ice.
Flight of the Red Bandit, Geronimo Stilton
Grandfather Shortpaws sends Geronimo Stilton on a hunt for his old friend, the Red Bandit, in Arizona.
Fright night, Geronimo Stilton
Creepella's father, Boris von Cacklefur, is a finalist in the Fright Night contest - Gloomeria's prestigious poetry competition. If he can perform the most terrifying rhymes, he will be crowned Fright Night Idol! But midway through the contest, Boris mysteriously disappears. Can Creepella and her friends find him before the final round?
Get into gear, Stilton!, Geronimo Stilton
I, Geronimo Stilton, was selected by the mayor to give a special driving demonstration, but my drivers' licence had expired! I had only a week to relearn everything to pass the test for a new one. Little did I know that my lessons would introduce me to a talking robot car! It was up to us to stop a thief and make the roads safer for everyone.
The golden statue plot, Geronimo Stilton
Rancid rat hairs, the cat pirates are coming to town! They're planning on stealing New Mouse City's Statue of Liberty and taking it back to Cat Island. They think it's completely made of gold! My friends and I are determined to protect our city's precious symbol. But can we stop these fearsome felines?
Help, I'm in hot lava!, Geronimo Stilton
Geronimo Stilton's ancient ancestor Geronimo Stiltonoot is back in another prehistoric adventure. Geronimo Stiltonoot and his family are off to find a cure for Grandma Ratrock's aches and pains. She's heard that a remedy hides in a legendary valley, and Geronimo isn't even sure it exists. Little does he know that getting there will be an adventure among geysers, volcanoes, and rivers of molten lava.
The journey through time, Geronimo Stilton
From the Jurassic period and the dinosaurs, to a medieval castle, Geronimo Stilton and a few members of his family embark on an adventure through time in Professor von Volt's new time machine, the Mouse Mover 3000.
Ride for Your Life!, Geronimo Stilton
Rumble in the jungle, Geronimo Stilton
I, Geronimo Stilton, was off to the wildest part of Brazil - the Amazon jungle! I ended up on a hunt for a rare crystal treasure, which was stolen from a native tribe in the heart of the forest. I'd encounter alligators, snakes, piranhas, and other dangers on my way. Holey cheese! What an adventure!
The Search for Treasure, Geronimo Stilton
The stinky cheese vacation, Geronimo Stilton
It's supposed to be a relaxing vacation, but instead Geronimo works his tail off fixing up an old castle. Worst. Vacation. Ever.
The stone of fire, Geronimo Stilton
Who is Geronimo Stiltonoot? He is a cavemouse — Geronimo Stilton's ancient ancestor. He runs the stone newspaper in the prehistoric village of Old Mouse City. From dealing with dinosaurs to dodging meteorites, his life in the Stone Age is full of adventure!
The Super Chef Contest, Geronimo Stilton
My cousin Trap was entering the Super Chef Contest, which determines the best cook on Mouse Island — and he was bringing me along as an assistant. Slimy Swiss cheese, I don't know the first thing about cooking fancy dishes — and I didn't think Trap did, either.
The volcano of fire : the fifth adventure in the Kingdom of Fantasy, Geronimo Stilton
After receiving a mysterious message summoning him to a meeting, Geronimo Stilton finds himself back in the Kingdom of Fantasy, summoned by the Elves, who want him to travel to the Great Explanatorium to find an answer to the earthquakes that are threatening the Kingdom.
Watch your tail!, Geronimo Stilton
Geronimo Stiltonoot wakes up to a terrible morning. Meteors are falling from the sky, and everyone in Old Mouse City has an awful stomachache! Geronimo must travel to the Cave of Memories to find the ancient shaman cure for his fellow cavemice. But dangers lurk on the journey — can he make it back home safely?
Welcome to Moldy Manor, Geronimo Stilton
Rancid rat hairs! I'd been spending so much money lately, I had none left in the bank! Even worse, when my grandfather found out, he sent me off to Moldy Manor. There, miserly Uncle Stingysnout would teach me to be better at saving. How terrible! Could I learn to be less wasteful without going crazy?
You're mine, Captain!, Geronimo Stilton
When Space mouse Geronimo Stiltonix helps an alien spacecraft get back to its home planet, their queen becomes enchanted by Geronimo, and tries to force him to marry her and stay on the planet Flurkon forever.
The secret of the snow, Thea Stilton
Thea Stilton and her sisters journey to the land of Minwa, a realm linked to the legends of Japan and wrapped in mysteries and enchantments, to discover why the realm's special lotus flowers are disappearing and why their disappearance seems to be threatening the whole land.
Thea Stilton and the blue scarab hunt, Thea Stilton
The Thea sisters have been invited to Egypt to participate in a fabumouse archeological excavation. They are helping to look for the legendary ancient Treasure of the Sun! A precious blue stone scarab may be the key to their search, and they work enthusiastically to uncover the past. But they also discover that thieves are after the hidden treasure. It's up to the Thea sisters to stop them!
Thea Stilton and the chocolate sabotage, Thea Stilton
It is up to the Thea sisters to investigate when an Ecuadorian chocolate factory known for its environmental practices begins malfunctioning and the owner suspects sabotage.
Thea Stilton and the dancing shadows, Thea Stilton
The Thea Sisters are headed to Italy for a ballet competition! But the mouselets aren't just there to dance — they are there to investigate. A group is plotting to rig the prestigious contest, and the future of the mouselets' new friend — an aspiring ballerina — is at stake! Can the Thea Sisters stop this scheme before it's too late?
Thea Stilton and the great tulip heist, Thea Stilton
Attending an art class in the Netherlands, Violet journeys through the flower gardens, windmills and canals of Holland to investigate the untimely disappearance of her friend's father, a renowned botanist whose absence is linked to a rare black tulip.
Thea Stilton and the journey to the lion's den, Thea Stilton
A lion cub is kidnapped while the Thea Sisters visit a Kenyan safari, and they must travel across the savanna to rescue him.
Thea Stilton and the legend of the fire flowers, Thea Stilton
The Thea Sisters are in Hawaii to compete in an international hula festival. The mouselets are having a great time - until they learn that the festival is located on the side of a volcano that is about to erupt! No one else seems know about the danger. The Thea Sisters don't have any time to lose.
Thea Stilton and the Spanish dance mission, Thea Stilton
The Thea Sisters are visiting friends in Spain when a mysterious theft turns their trip into an investigation! They end up hot on the trail of a secret treasure. The mouselets are in for an incredible adventure full of flamenco dance!
Thea Stilton and the star castaways, Thea Stilton
A professor at Mouseford Academy is organizing a trip to outer space, and the Thea Sisters are invited. The mouselings are headed on a fabumouse mission… to the moon! After much preparation, the mice blast off. But when they arrive at their lunar vacation spot, things start to go wrong, including spaceship wrecks and rebellious robots. Can the Thea Sisters save the day?
Thea Stilton Special Edition: The Secret of the Fairies, Thea Stilton
Party Games, R. L. Stine
Be careful what you wish for, R. L. Stine
Samantha Byrd is a klutz. An accident waiting to happen. And that makes her the least popular member of the girls' basketball team. But all of that is about to change. Sam's met someone who can grant her three wishes. Too bad Sam wasn't more careful when she asked for each one…
Classic Goosebumps collection, R. L. Stine
A collection of four best-selling Classic Goosebumps books.
Curse of the mummy's tomb, R. L. Stine
Gabe is exploring the tunnels of an ancient Egyptian pyramid. Unfortunately, Gabe is also lost! And Gabe is not alone. Someone else is in the pyramid, too. Someone. Or something…
Deep trouble, R. L. Stine
Find out why Billy Deep and his sister, Sheena, are afraid of dark lagoons, coral reefs, and anything that appears to be half-human, half-fish!
The haunted mask, R. L. Stine
Carly Beth thinks she's found the best Halloween mask ever. With yellow-green skin and long animal fangs, the mask terrifies the entire neighbourhood. Before long, it has a surprising effect on Carly Beth, too. She tries to take it off… but it won't budge! Halloween is almost over, but fright night is just beginning.
The horror at Camp Jellyjam, R. L. Stine
Monster blood, R. L. Stine
Evan visits an eerie old toy store and buys a dusty can of Monster Blood. But then he notices something weird about the slimy green ooze. It keeps growing. And growing. And growing. And all that growing has given the Monster Blood a monstrous appetite…
A night in Terror Tower, R. L. Stine
Night of the living dummy, R. L. Stine
Discover the fan-favourite thriller and chiller that first introduced the world to the wooden face of fear. The puppet who pulls all the strings. None other than Slappy the Dummy!
One day at Horrorland, R. L. Stine
Werewolf Village. The Doom Slide. The Coffin Cruise. These are just a few of the terrifying attractions that await Luke and Lizzy Morris at HorrorLand. Step right up and join the Morris family as they ride each ride and scream each scream for the very first time. Because it might also be their last.
Phantom of the auditorium, R. L. Stine
Brooke's best friend, Zeke, has been given the lead role in the school play, "The Phantom." Zeke's totally into it. But then really scary things start happening. A message appears on a piece of scenery: "The Phantom Strikes!" A stage light comes crashing down. Is someone trying to ruin the play? Or is there really a phantom living under the stage?
Revenge of the lawn gnomes, R. L. Stine
Joe Burton's dad loves tacky lawn ornaments. But then he brings home two ugly lawn gnomes. And that's when the trouble starts. Late at night, When everyone's asleep. Someone's creeping in the garden. Whispering nasty things. Smashing melons. Squashing tomatoes. No way two dumb old lawn ornaments could be causing all the trouble? Is there?
Say cheese and die, R. L. Stine
Greg thinks there is something wrong with the old camera he found. The photos keep turning out … different. When Greg takes a picture of his father's brand-new car, it's wrecked in the photo. And then his dad crashes the car. It's like the camera can tell the future - or worse. Maybe it makes the future!
Vampire breath, R. L. Stine
Freddy Martinez and his friend Cara are not afraid of anything, but that was before they found the bottle of Vampire Breath.
Welcome to Camp Nightmare, R. L. Stine
The food isn't great. The counsellors are a little strange. And the camp director seems demented. Billy can handle all that. But then strange things start to happen after dark, his parents won't answer his letters, and his fellow campers start to disappear. What's going on? Camp Nightmoon is turning into Camp Nightmare! And Billy might be next.
You can't scare me!, R. L. Stine
The New Girl, R. L. Stine
The Silk Tree, Julian Stockwin
The Boy on Cinnamon Street, Phoebe Stone
The Romeo and Juliet Code, Phoebe Stone
Romeo Blue, Phoebe Stone
A student's guide to music history, R. J. Stove
A concise account, written for the intelligent lay reader, of classical music's development from the early Middle Ages onwards. Stove's guide also singles out eminent composers for special coverage, including Palestrina, Monteverdi, Handel, Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Wagner, Verdi, Brahms, Debussy, Richard Strauss, Sibelius, and Messiaen.
Mail trains, Julian Stray
Central to the prompt delivery of the nation's mail is its efficient transit throughout the country. From 1830, the Post Office relied increasingly on the overland rail network to achieve this. This book provides a history of the overland carriage of mail by rail; from draughty and poorly lit sorting carriages in 1838 through to the purposeful late twentieth century 'Ladies in Red'.
Torch, Cheryl Strayed
Grounded in the everyday particulars of life in a small town, leavened by earthy humour, this book presents the saga of a family coming to terms with death a tale of love and loss, grief and redemption set in rural Minnesota.
Administrative assistant's and secretary's handbook, James Stroman
Long the gold standard for office professionals seeking to improve their performance and enhance their value to employers, this comprehensive guidebook is the definitive source of information.
Storyteller : the life of Roald Dahl, Donald Sturrock
This is the authorised biography of one of the greatest storytellers of all time, written with complete and exclusive access to the archives stored in the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre.
Darkness visible : a memoir of madness, William Styron
Styron's stirring account of his plunge into a crippling depression, and his inspiring road to recovery. Darkness Visible tells the story of Styron's recovery, laying bare the harrowing realities of clinical depression and chronicling his triumph over the disease that had claimed so many great writers before him.
In the clap shack, William Styron
William Styron's riveting and humorous play about a group of Marines who stand up to the military machine was inspired by his own experience in a military hospital and is a searing indictment of military brutalisation and a brilliant defence of individualism and personal freedom.
Lie down in darkness, William Styron
First published to wide critical acclaim in 1951, Lie Down in Darkness centres on the Loftis family, Milton and Helen and their daughters, Peyton and Maudie. The story, told through a series of flashbacks on the day of Peyton's funeral, is a powerful depiction of a family doomed by its failure to forget and its inability to love.
The long march, William Styron
Styron's The Long March is a withering critique of a military system that leaves no room for dignity or personal identity. Told in part through flashbacks and dream sequences, the story is immersed in vivid language and philosophical reflection'a poignant defence of the individual in the face of attempted dehumanisation.
Set this house on fire, William Styron
The day after Peter Leverett met his old friend Mason Flagg in Italy, Mason was found dead. The blaze of events which followed was, Peter soon realised, ignited by a conflict between two men: Mason Flagg himself and Cass Kinsolving, a tortured, self-destructive painter, a natural enemy and prey to the monstrous evil of Mason Flagg.
The suicide run : five tales of the Marine Corps, William Styron
Five meticulously rendered narratives, one published here for the first time, bring to life the drama, inhumanity, absurdity, and heroism that forever changed the men who served in the Marine Corps.
A Tidewater morning : three tales from youth, William Styron
Three autobiographically inspired novellas by Styron that tell the story of a young writer's journey to adulthood.
Bulldog won't budge, Tui Sutherland
Eric can't wait to get a dog he can run around and play with, like his friend Parker's golden retriever. But Meatball the bulldog doesn't seem to be the run-around-and-play type… Even when they go for a walk, Meatball sits down on the sidewalk! Can Eric get this stubborn bulldog to get up and go?
Dachshund disaster, Tui Sutherland
Charlie can't wait to have a dog of his own, and King is just what he wished for: playful and very loyal. So loyal, in fact, that he doesn't like anyone else - Charlie's brothers, the family's other pets, other people … Can Charlie find a way to make King part of the group? Or is this dachshund an un-trainable tyrant?
Loudest Beagle on the block, Tui Sutherland
Ten-year-old Ella lives for music, and with the school talent show coming up, she doesn't have time for anything else. So when her aunt's beagle comes to live at her house, Ella doesn't think she has time for a dog, especially when it turns out that every time the beagle hears music, she wants to sing along! And her voice is definitely NOT angelic.
Mud-puddle Poodle, Tui Sutherland
Rosie loves everything to be pretty and organised, so when she's finally allowed to get her own dog, she chooses an adorable, precious little poodle. But when it turns out her princess would rather get messy than sit on a fancy pillow, will Rosie be able to handle the mischievous pup?
Oh no, Newf!, Tui Sutherland
Heidi always thought that she was energetic enough for any dog. She loves to play and run around and wants a big, enthusiastic dog to play with her and love her. But Yeti the Newfoundland might be a little more love than Heidi bargained for.
Runaway retriever, Tui Sutherland
Parker's new golden retriever, Merlin, is a great dog, with tons of energy for walks and playing catch. But Merlin is an escape artist; no fence is too high, no cage too strong to keep him from following Parker everywhere he goes. Can Parker make Merlin sit and stay?
Malice, Robert K. Tanenbaum
Build your own inexpensive dollhouse with one sheet of 4 x 8 plywood and home tool, E. J. Tangerman
Offers instructions for constructing a basic dollhouse, with design options, for the reader with no carpentry skills.
I survived the Nazi invasion, 1944, Lauren Tarshis
In one of the darkest periods in history, one boy struggles to survive… In this gripping new addition to the bestselling I Survived series, a young Jewish boy escapes the ghetto and finds a group of resistance fighters in the forests of Poland. Does he have what it takes to survive the Nazis - and fight back?
The Silent Boy, Andrew Taylor
Take this cup, Bodie Thoene
Nehemiah, son of a Jewish woman, a weaver from Jerusalem, is born and raised among the Jews who didn't return to Jerusalem from the Exile. He grows up with the expectation of a soon-coming Messiah. Could the Yeshua of Nazareth, who is walking the earth, reportedly doing miracles, be that Messiah?
When Jesus wept, Bodie Thoene
When Jesus Wept unfolds the turbulent times in Judea during Jesus' ministry, centering on the friendship between Jesus and Lazarus. With rich insights from vineyard owners and vine dressers, the Thoenes explore the metaphor of Jesus as the True Vine, harvesting the ancient secrets found in the Old Testament.
Carry you, Beth Thomas
Daisy has lost her mum to breast cancer. She's at rock bottom and doesn't think she'll ever get back up again. Her best friend Abi has other ideas - she tells it like it is, she won't take any crap and she's determined to make Daisy remember the person she used to be. Someone is about to burst into Daisy's world in a riot of colour reminding her that life can be full of surprises.
Remember me, Margaret Thornton
1907. William Moon's heart swells with pride at the achievements of his daughter, Maddy. When, at eleven, she won the talent contest held by the Pierrots on Scarborough beach, William knew it wouldn't be long before she asked to join their touring company. Now seventeen, she is eager to take her first steps along the road to love. But, as she is to discover, the course of true love never did run smooth.
An Ian Rutledge starter collection, Charles Todd
Set in England in 1919, each story features war-damaged Scotland Yard inspector Ian Rutledge in mysteries brilliantly evoking post-World War I Great Britain and introduces readers to one of crime fiction's most compelling protagonists.
The Children of Hurin J. R. R. Tolkien
The Silmarillion J. R. R. Tolkien
Albie's First Word, Jacqueline Tourville
Rescuing Julia twice : a mother's tale of Russian adoption and overcoming reactive attachment disorder, Tina Traster
In this frank and honest memoir, Traster tells her full foreign-adoption story, and describes how with work, commitment, and acceptance she and her husband have been able to close the gulf between them and their daughter to form a loving bond, Traster provides practical advice and reassurance for parents struggling with attachment issues.
The road home, Rose Tremain
Lev is on his way from Eastern Europe to Britain, seeking work. Behind him loom the figures of his dead wife, his beloved young daugher and his outrageous friend Rudi who - dreaming of the wealthy West - lives largely for his battered Chevrolet. Ahead of Lev lies the deep strangeness of the British: their hostile streets, their clannish pubs, their obsession with celebrity.
A Child of Jarrow, Janet MacLeod Trotter
The Jarrow Lass, Janet MacLeod Trotter
Return to Jarrow, Janet MacLeod Trotter
In her wake, K A Tucker
When a drunken night out at a Michigan State college party results in the death of six people, Cole must come to terms with his part in the tragedy. As the months go by and the shame and loneliness festers, Cole begins to lose his grip on what once was important - college, his girlfriend, his future. His life. It's not until Cole hits rock-bottom that he can begin to see another way out of his personal hell: forgiveness.
The palomino pony comes home, Olivia Tuffin
Georgia is pony-mad, and she spends all her spare time at the local stables, mucking out and loving being with all the ponies. So when she stumbles upon a mistreated palomino pony in the Welsh hills, she knows that she has to save her from her cruel owner and bring the palomino home.
The palomino pony rides out, Olivia Tuffin
Life for Georgia has been pretty much perfect since the little palomino pony, Lily, came to Redgrove Stables. And now Lily's expecting a foal and Georgia has been asked to try out for the Championship team! If only her best friend, Emma, shared her excitement. But she's too busy being friends with the new girl at school… Can Georgia stop feeling jealous? If only Emma were as loyal as Lily…
The palomino pony wins through, Olivia Tuffin
Georgia couldn't be more thrilled when she is asked to ride some top show-horses over the Easter holidays. She even gets to take Lily and her gorgeous foal, Secret, to the new stables. But who is the strange girl who keeps causing trouble for them on the show circuit?
Forged in the fire, Ann Turnbull
After spending three years apart, eighteen-year-old Quaker girl Susanna is eager to be reunited with her fiance Will who is due to arrive from London so that they can be married, but it is the summer of 1665 and, unbeknownst to Susanna, the plague is beginning to spread throughout the city.
Alice in Love and War, Ann Turnbull
Lotus Elan, Matthew Vale
The Lotus Elan was Lotus' definitive roadster. It replaced the elegant but expensive Lotus Elite and was the first car to employ the innovative Lotus steel backbone chassis. The original Elan was produced as a two-seat, open-top sportscar and hardtop coupe from 1962-1973.
Marmaduke the Very Different Dragon, Rachel Valentine
Snitch, Allison Van Diepen
Lines are clearly marked at South Bay High School. It's mixed territory for the Crips and the Bloods, which means the drama never stops. Julia DiVino wants none of it. No colours, no C-Walks - it's just not her thing. But when Eric Valiente jumps into her life, everything changes. Lines are redrawn. And then they're crossed.
My battle against Hitler : faith, truth, and defiance in the shadow of the Third Reich, Dietrich Von Hildebrand
A gripping memoir from German-Catholic philosopher Dietrich von Hildebrand demonstrates his opposition to anti-Semitism, his prescient understanding of just how deadly Nazism and Hitler would be, and his courage as he prepared to flee Germany.
Pack of dorks, Beth Vrabel
Propelled from coolest to lamest after trying to kiss Tom Lemmings, Lucy tries to navigate the social hierarchy of fourth grade.
Last days in Shanghai, Casey Walker
Last Days in Shanghai is an unforgettable debut by a writer to watch. It's both a hold-on-to-your-seat thriller and a pitch-perfect exploration of present day China-the country's rapacious capitalism, the shocking boom of its cities and the wholesale eradication of its traditions.
Remembering Christmas, Dan Walsh
Rick Denton lives his life on his terms. He works hard, plays hard, and answers to no one. So when his mother calls on Thanksgiving weekend begging him to come home after his stepfather has a stroke, Rick is more than a little reluctant. Still, slowly but surely, the little bookstore and its quirky patrons work their magic on him, revealing to Rick the truth about his family, his own life, and the true meaning of Christmas.
The Zero, Jess Walter
Hero cop Brian Remy wakes up to find he's shot himself in the head and in a country shuddering through the aftershocks of a devastating terrorist attack. As the smoke slowly clears, Remy finds that his memory is skipping, lurching between moments of lucidity and days when he doesn't seem to be living his own life at all. Remy has a new girlfriend he doesn't know, a son who pretends he's dead, and an unsettling new job chasing a trail of paper scraps for a shadowy intelligence agency known as the Department of Documentation. Whether that trail will lead Remy to an elusive terror cell — or send him circling back to himself — is only one of the questions posed by this provocative yet deeply human novel.
Men We Reaped, Jesmyn Ward
The skinny gut diet : balance your digestive system for permanent weight loss, Brenda Watson
New York Times bestselling author, public television icon, certified nutritional consultant, and digestive health expert Brenda Watson offers an insightful perspective on the little-known connection between weight gain and an underlying imbalance of bacteria in the gut, or what she calls the "gut factor", the overlooked root cause of weight gain.
Nowhere to run, Jude Watson
Thirteen-year-old Dan Cahill and his older sister, Amy, are the latest guardians of the Clues - thirty-nine ingredients in a serum that transforms whomever takes it into the most powerful person on earth. They think they've done everything right, but a tiny mistake leads to catastrophe.
Before I go to sleep, S. J. Watson
Christine wakes in a strange bed beside a man she does not recognise. In the bathroom she finds a photograph of him taped to the mirror, and beneath it the words 'Your husband'. Each day, Christine wakes knowing nothing of her life. Each night, her mind erases the day. Chilling, exquisitely crafted and compulsively readable, this is a psychological thriller of the highest order.
Scaredy Squirrel, Melanie Watt
It's tough being a squirrel. There's dangers all around - germs, green martians, sharks - but Scaredy Squirrel is well prepared, or so he thinks. He's packed an emergency kit with anti-bacterial soap, sticking plaster and a parachute.
The case of the feathered mask, Holly Webb
Maisie finds herself coming to the aid of her friend Professor Tobin. The professor has travelled all over the world, collecting strange and wonderful objects. Now he plans to donate his collection to the British Museum, including a rare and valuable tribal mask from the Amazonian rainforest. But when a thief breaks into the boarding house and steals the Feathered Mask, leaving only a single feather, Maisie realises she has a new mystery on her hands.
Izzy's river, Holly Webb
Izzy and Willow are being taken for a walk along the river by Emily's boisterous dog, Billy, when he decides to chase after a water-rat. Both animals land in the river, which is so choked with rubbish that Billy can't get out. The adventure gives Izzy a great idea for their next project, though, and it's a very very muddy one.
Maya's secret, Holly Webb
Researching her school project on fair-trade has been a real eye-opener for Maya. She loves clothes and is appalled to find that her favourite sparkly T-shirts are made by poor children in other countries, who lead lives very different from her own, privileged one. How can she make a difference without revealing her pop star secret to the world?
Poppy's garden, Holly Webb
There's a competition at school to come up with the best design for a section of the playground. Poppy's design is beautiful, bur will she be able to prove that she hasn't cheated? The third fab book in a new series about four friends who want to make the world a better place.
An egg is an egg, Nicki Weiss
A poetic explanation of how everything changes - eggs to chicks, branches to sticks, green to white, and day to night.
Guitar for everyone : a step-by-step guide to notes, chords and playing, Dick Weissman
Feedback, Robison Wells
Variant, Robison Wells
The Bar Code Rebellion, Suzanne Weyn
The Bar Code Tattoo, Suzanne Weyn
The great fairy tale search, Chuck Whelon
A truly magical search book brimming with enchanting scenes from kids' favourite fairytales. Children can find Cinderella's glass slipper, seven little lamps in the cottage of the seven dwarves and even the Big Bad Wolf hiding in the forest.
Prophecy girl, Cecily White
The woodworker's studio handbook : traditional and contemporary techniques for the home woodworking shop, Jim Whitman
The Woodworker's Studio Handbook offers a thorough introduction to common, classic techniques, basic materials, a complete tool inventory, a comprehensive skills library, and 20 teaching projects that range from simple to intermediate.
Darkness rising, Lis W Wiehl
Forensic psychiatrist Dani Harris and her partner Tommy Gunderson continue to investigate the ritual murder of Julie Leonard, last seen alive at a party attended by students from St. Adrian's Academy, an exclusive boys' school in New York's Westchester County. Another death — of an Alzheimer's patient and pious historian, Abbie Gardener, somehow crushed by sucking asphyxiation one night in her room at the school — complicates their inquiry.
A deadly business, Lis W Wiehl
A prosecutor of violent criminals. A detective on a dangerous beat. Together, these seasoned pros take on an off-the-books case that threatens to strip them of all they hold dear.
Fatal tide, Lis W Wiehl
Tommy Gunderson and Dani Harris uncover a plan devised by occultist leaders at Saint Adrian's school and Linz Pharmaceuticals to deliver a drug into the water system that would transform children into murderers.
Waking hours, Lis W Wiehl
All towns have secrets. Some have demons. Welcome to East Salem… Forensic psychiatrist Dani Harris and security system business owner Tommy Gunderson investigate the death of a teenager, while lawyers and school administrators try to stop the investigation. At the same time, an old woman speaks in Latin about a supernatural connection to the murder.
Christmas at Twilight, Lori Wilde
Delta Force Operator "Hutch" Hutchinson has finally, reluctantly, returned home … only to get pepper sprayed by the delicious-looking stranger who's taken over his house. She says her name is Jane, and she immediately sets down ground rules. Top priority: no touching. For Hutch that isn't easy — then Hutch learns Jane harbours a frightening secret.
The Christmas cookie collection, Lori Wilde
There's a legend in Twilight, Texas. It says that if on Christmas you sleep with kismet cookies under your pillow and dream of your one true love, he will be your destiny.
Blood brothers, Carole Wilkinson
The powerful Han Dynasty is a distant memory and tribes of barbarian soldiers fight over what was once the Empire. It is a dangerous time. Kai is a teenager in dragon years. He is searching for the person predestined to be his dragonkeeper. Kai's search has led him to a Buddhist novice named Tao. But Tao is certain he is not the one; he has no interest in caring for a difficult dragon.
Dragon moon, Carole Wilkinson
Ancient China, Han Dynasty. Ping and Kai have travelled far, but their journey is not yet over. Danger stalks them. Ping must find Kai a safe home. But how? When a hidden message from Danzi makes the way clear, Ping knows that once again the journey of a thousand li begins with a single step.
Dragonkeeper, Carole Wilkinson
Ancient China, Han Dynasty. A slave girl saves the life of an ageing dragon and escapes her brutal master. Pursued by a ruthless dragon hunter, the girl and the dragon begin an epic journey across China, carrying with them a mysterious stone that must be protected.
Garden of the Purple Dragon, Carole Wilkinson
Ping is now sole carer of Kai, a baby dragon. She finds refuge in the Garden of the Purple Dragon, but there are forces who are set to abuse Kai and use his magical powers for their own good.
Shadow sister, Carole Wilkinson
Tao is learning to be a dragonkeeper. With no one to teach him it is not easy. He must keep Kai safe but there is danger at every turn - they are pursued by a gang of murderous nomads, tricked by unseen spirits, attacked by a giant seven-headed snake and disoriented in the realms of the dead. Most terrifying of all is the ghost who can turn blood into ice.
Think agile : how smart entrepreneurs adapt in order to succeed, Taffy Williams
Think Agile helps entrepreneurs assess their level of flexibility-and learn to be open-minded and option-oriented when it comes to sources of funding; launch timetables; planning; repurposing everything from products to people.
Beautiful shadow : a life of Patricia Highsmith, Andrew Wilson
Drawing on her diaries, notebooks and letters, and on material from her closest friends and lovers, this biography of Patricia Highsmith details the links between her life and work. It seeks to illuminate the dark corners of Highsmith's life, casting light on the mystery of the creative process.
Come count with me, Marika Wilson
Nana! Nana! Come count with me. I can count … Look! Look! 1, 2 and 3! Well, little chicky, Now let me try … A joyful book that makes learning to count fun for all ages.
Young Neil : Sugar Mountain years, Sharry Wilson
Exploring a time in this Rock and Roll Hall of Famer's life that has yet to be documented with such depth of research, Young Neil is an exhaustive document of his "Sugar Mountain" years, from 1945 to 1966.
Frost At Christmas, R. D. Wingfield
Hard Frost, R. D. Wingfield
A Killing Frost, R. D. Wingfield
Night Frost, R. D. Wingfield
A Touch of Frost, R. D. Wingfield
The little book of indoor golf games : 18 surefire ways to improve your game at home or in the office, Adrian Winter
Complete with putting tips, a scorecard, and instructions on hosting your own Indoor Open, this book will make you an expert putter whether you're a seasoned pro or picking up a golf club for the first time.
The little book of big PR : 100+ quick tips to get your small business noticed, Jennefer Witter
The Little Book of Big PR gives you essential advice on how to use public relations effectively as a business-building tool, whether you're an established company or a cost-conscious start-up. Drawing on the expertise gained during her long career in public relations, Jennefer Witter shares simple, smart, and budget-friendly methods for getting your business noticed.
Delancey : a man, a woman, a restaurant, a marriage, Molly Wizenberg
Delancey is a funny and frank look at behind-the-scenes restaurant life, as well as a bravely honest and moving portrait of a tender young marriage and two partners who had to find out how to let each other go in order to come together.
A homemade life : stories and recipes from my kitchen table, Molly Wizenberg
Author of the internationally famous blog, Orangette, Molly Wizenberg recounts a life with the kitchen at its centre. From her mother's pound cake, a staple of summer picnics during her childhood in Oklahoma, to the eggs she cooked for her father during the weeks before his death, food and memories are intimately entwined.
My man Jeeves : the short stories, P. G. Wodehouse
The story of the relationship between Bertie Wooster and his valet Jeeves. Jeeves, who is able to solve any and all of Bertie Wooster's endless problems with ease and finesse.
The adventures of Sally, P. G. Wodehouse
Pretty, impecunious Sally Nicholas never dreamed a fortune could prove a disadvantage, until she becomes an heiress and watches in bewilderment as her orderly existence goes haywire. Coping first with her brother's wild theatrical ambitions, then with the defection of her fiance and his immediate replacement by a much more appropriate but strangely unattractive suitor, Sally finds that life in New York is becoming altogether too complicated and a trip to England only makes the whole situation worse.
Aunts aren't gentlemen, P. G. Wodehouse
On doctor's orders, Bertie Wooster retires to sample the bucolic delights of Maiden Eggesford. But his idyll is rudely shattered by Aunt Dahlia who wants him to nobble a racehorse. Similar blots on Bertie's horizon come in the shape of Major Plank, the African explorer, Vanessa Cook, proud beauty and "moulder of men" and Orlo Porter who seems to have nothing else to do but think of sundering Bertie's head from his body.
Carry on, Jeeves, P. G. Wodehouse
Jeeves miraculously keeps Bertie and his helpless friends in the good graces of their rich uncles and patches up affairs of the heart just the way he thinks they should be mended.
The code of the Woosters, P. G. Wodehouse
Bertie Wooster is in the proverbial soup again. On this occasion, the problem concerns a certain cow-creamer, that should have belonged to Uncle Tom, but, with the use of trickery, was purchased by Sir Watkyn Bassett. Aunt Dahlia insists that Bertie steal it back, but Sir Watkyn and his companion Rodrick Spode are on to him.
The coming of Bill, P. G. Wodehouse
Kirk, an impecunious artist of perfect physique, and Ruth, a spoilt heiress, were blissfully happy through their early days of marriage and the birth of their first son. But when Kirk returns from a trip to Columbia to find Ruth under the thumb of her Aunt Laura, an advocate of eugenics, parenting philosophies divide them.
A damsel in distress, P. G. Wodehouse
Lady Maud, the spirited young daughter of the Earl of Marshmoreton, is confined to her home, Belpher Castle in Hampshire, under aunt's orders because of an unfortunate infatuation. Enter our hero, George Bevan, an American who writes songs for musicals and is so smitten with Maud that he descends on Hampshire's rolling acres to see off his rival and claim her heart.
The Inimitable Jeeves, P. G. Wodehouse
A classic collection of stories featuring some of the funniest episodes in the life of Bertie Wooster, gentleman, and Jeeves, his gentleman's gentleman — in which Bertie's terrifying Aunt Agatha stalks the pages, seeking whom she may devour, while Bertie's friend Bingo Little falls in love with seven different girls in succession (including the bestselling romantic novelist Rosie M. Banks). And Bertie, with Jeeves's help, hopes to evade the clutches of the terrifying Honoria Glossop…
The intrusion of Jimmy, P. G. Wodehouse
After falling in love with a comely fellow passenger on a sea voyage, wealthy gadabout Jimmy Pitt is sucked into a downward spiral of unfortunate events and bad decisions while trying to woo his beloved.
Jeeves and the feudal spirit, P. G. Wodehouse
When Bertie Wooster goes to stay with his Aunt Dahlia at Brinkley Court and finds himself engaged to the imperious Lady Florence Craye, disaster threatens from all sides. While Florence tries to cultivate his mind, her former fiance, hefty ex-policeman "Stilton" Cheesewright, threatens to beat his body to a pulp, and her new admirer, the bleating poet Percy Gorringe, tries to borrow a thousand pounds.
Jeeves in the offing, P. G. Wodehouse
Jeeves is on holiday in Herne Bay, and while he's away the world caves in on Bertie Wooster. With all occasions informing against him, Bertie has to hightail it to Herne Bay to liberate Jeeves from his shrimping net. And after that, the fun really starts.
Jill the reckless, P. G. Wodehouse
Joy in the morning, P. G. Wodehouse
The rural beauty of Steeple Bumpleigh holds no attractions for Bertie, containing as it does, the appalling Aunt Agatha. But there is man's work to do and, with Jeeves at his side, how can Bertie fail?
The man upstairs : and other stories, P. G. Wodehouse
Until the previous day, Master Bean had served Mr. Ferguson in the capacity of office-boy. But there was that about Master Bean which made it practically impossible for anyone to employ him for long. Included in this collection are eighteen more of Wodehouse's classic pre-World War II stories.
The mating season, P. G. Wodehouse
The resourceful butler, Jeeves, devises a scheme to enable his master, Bertie Wooster, to escape from complicated romantic entanglements.
Much obliged, Jeeves, P. G. Wodehouse
Just as Bertie Wooster is a member of the Drones Club, Jeeves has a club of his own, the Junior Ganymede, exclusively for butlers and gentlemen's gentlemen. In its inner sanctum is kept the Book of Revelations, where the less than perfect habits of their employers are lovingly recorded. The book is, of course, pure dynamite. So what happens when it disappears into potentially hostile hands? Tossed about in the resulting whirlwind you'll find lots of Wodehouse's favourite characters — and a welcome return to Market Snodsbury, in the middle of one of the most chaotic elections of modern times.
Piccadilly Jim, P. G. Wodehouse
Piccadilly Jim was a gossip columnist's dream. His life was one breach of promise after another drunken brawl. His rather Victorian aunt was not amused. So she decided to reform him. Unfortunately, she happened to choose a time when Jim had fallen in love and had decided to reform himself.
The prince and Betty, P. G. Wodehouse
Greedy robber baron Benjamin Scobell has hatched what he believes to be a can't-fail scheme to bolster his bank account even further. But his plans to build a gambler's paradise on a little-visited Mediterranean island go horribly awry when it's discovered that his beloved niece Betty has a history of romantic entanglement with the heir to the country's throne. Disaster - and hilarity - ensues.
Right ho, Jeeves, P. G. Wodehouse
Right ho, Jeeves, perhaps one of the greatest comic novels in the English language, presents a complex case for Bertie Wooster. First of all, Bertie's gentleman's gentleman, Jeeves, has passed a death sentence on Bertie's "tout ce qu'il est chic" white mess jacket. Then Gussie Fink-Nottle falls in love with Madeline Bassett, and Bertie's cousin Angela falls out of love with her fiance, offering a passable imitation of a woman scorned…
Ring for Jeeves, P. G. Wodehouse
The only Jeeves story in which Bertie Wooster makes no appearance, involves Jeeves on secondment as butler and general factotum to William Belfry, ninth Earl of Rowcester (pronounced Roaster). Despite his impressive title, Bill Belfry is broke, which may explain why he and Jeeves have been working as Silver Ring bookies, disguised in false moustaches and loud check suits.
Stiff upper lip, Jeeves, P. G. Wodehouse
Bertie Wooster looks pretty stylish in his new Tyrolean hat - or so he thinks: others, notably Jeeves, disagree. But when Bertie embarks on an errand of mercy to Totleigh Towers, things get quickly out of control and he's going to need all the help Jeeves can provide.
Thank you, Jeeves, P. G. Wodehouse
Thank You, Jeeves is the first novel to feature the incomparable valet Jeeves and his hapless charge Bertie Wooster - and you've hardly started to turn the pages when he resigns over Bertie's dedicated but somewhat untuneful playing of the banjo. In high dudgeon, Bertie disappears to the country as a guest of his chum Chuffy - only to find his peace shattered by the arrival of his ex-fiancee Pauline Stoker, her formidable father and the eminent loony-doctor Sir Roderick Glossop.
Uneasy money, P. G. Wodehouse
It is an ironical fact that Lady Wetherby was by nature one of the firmest believers in existence in the policy of breaking things gently to people. She had a big, soft heart, and she hated hurting her fellows. As a rule, when she had bad news to impart to any one, she administered the blow so gradually and with such mystery as to the actual facts that the victim, having passed through the various stages of imagined horrors, was genuinely relieved, when she actually came to the point, to find that all that had happened was that he had lost all his money. But now, in perfect innocence, thinking only to pass along an interesting bit of information, she had crushed Bill as effectively as if she had used a club for that purpose.
Very good, Jeeves, P. G. Wodehouse
An outstanding collection of Jeeves stories, every one a winner, in which Jeeves endeavours to give satisfaction by a variety of sparkling stratagems that should reduce you to helpless laughter.
Playing around : women and infidelity, Linda Wolfe
Intimate and explosive, Playing Around explores the pleasures and pains of female infidelity and illuminates women's participation in a behaviour that is often viewed as predominantly male.
Across the Great Barrier, Patricia C. Wrede
The Far West, Patricia C. Wrede
Thirteenth Child, Patricia C. Wrede
The naming of the shrew : a curious history of Latin names, John Wright
Latin names - frequently unpronounceable, all too often wrong and always a tiny puzzle to unravel - have been annoying the layman since they first became formalised as scientific terms in the eighteenth century. The Naming of the Shrew will unveil these mysteries, exploring the history, celebrating their poetic nature and revealing how naturalists sometimes get things so terribly wrong.
Raising Hell, Tom Wright
Simply Jesus, Tom Wright
The curse of the Mistwraith, Janny Wurts
The world of Athera lives in eternal fog, its skies obscured by the malevolent Mistwraith. Only the combined powers of two half-brothers can challenge the Mistwraith's stranglehold: Arithon, Master of Shadow and Lysaer, Lord of Light. Arithon and Lysaer will find that they are inescapably bound inside a pattern of events dictated by their own deepest convictions.
The ships of Merior, Janny Wurts
Janny Wurts's epic tale of two half-brothers cursed to life-long enmity continues in this spectacular second volume.
Warhost of Vastmark, Janny Wurts
Tricked once more by his wily half-brother, Lysaer arrives at the tiny harbour town of Merior, to find that his brother's ship yards have been meticulously destroyed and abandoned. But where is Arithon? The forces of light and shadow circle and feint, drawing ever closer to a huge conflict.
B-52 Stratofortress : the complete history of the world's longest serving and best known bomber, Bill Yenne
A comprehensive history of the B-52's development, manufacture, and combat service. The longest-serving U.S. Air Force combat aircraft, the B-52 debuted in 1955 and is slated to continue to 2040. It flew in the Cold War, Vietnam, the Gulf Wars, and Afghanistan.
Found, Salina Yoon
Upon finding a toy rabbit in the forest, Bear tries his very best to return it to its home but by the time its owner appears, Bear has become attached to Bunny.
A need so beautiful S. L. Young
A compelling need that Charlotte has felt all her life is growing stronger, forcing her to connect with people in crisis, but at the same time other changes are taking place and, she is terrified by what a doctor and family friend says must happen next.
Creature ABC Andrew Zuckerman
Alphabet book featuring two wildlife photographic portraits for each creature, offering an up-close view of the animal kingdom.