New Titles Young Adults’ January 2015 (arrived in December 2014)


Alice in the Country of Joker. The nightmare trilogy. Vol. 1, Dream before dawn, story, QuinRose ; art, Job ; translation, Angela Liu ; adaptation, Shanti Whitesides.
It's April in the Country of Joker. And Nightmare, Alice's employer, is much more than he seems. Frail, sickly, and more than a little ridiculous when dragged out into the walking world, Nightmare still possesses surprising secrets and hidden talents. But Alice will find that being Nightmare's champion is harder than it looks... especially when it means dealing with the ringmaster of April season, Joker himself.
One death, nine stories, Marc Aronson and Charles R. Smith, Jr.
How could one teenage boy's life elicit other kids' first experiences even after he dies? Kev's the first kid their age to die. And now, even though he's dead, he's not really gone. Even now his choices are touching the people he left behind. Here, in nine stories, we meet people who didn't know Kevin, friends from his childhood, his ex-girlfriend, his best friend, all dealing with the fallout of his death.
XxxHolic omnibus. 4, Clamp ; translated and adapted by William Flanagan ; lettered by Dana Hayward.
Watanuki just can't seem to get a break. Whenever he makes efforts to spend time with his beloved Himawari, he's given an excuse - or worse yet, he ends up alone with Domeki. But when Watanuki finally gets a little more quality time with the girl of his dreams, he comes to discover the reason behind her constant avoidance and personally experiences the disastrous consequences of getting too close to her.
Thor, God of thunder. The last days of Midgard, writer, Jason Aaron ; art, Esad Ribic & Agustin Alessio (#24).
Thor, Asgardian God of Thunder, has always fought to save his adopted home of Earth. But who can he fight when the planet itself is dying? Thor's mortal ally and environmental secret agent Roz Solomon has a few ideas. Namely the world's largest and most nefarious energy company Roxxon, and its ruthless new CEO known as 'The Minotaur.' Has the God of Thunder finally met his match, in the form of a multinational super-corporation?
Mortal danger, Ann Aguirre.
Agreeing to join the mysterious Kian's magical faction to exact revenge on a group of bullies who have tormented her, Edie transforms into a beautiful girl and begins to sabotage the bullies' inner circle only to discover dark truths about Kian's world.
Famous last words, Katie Alender.
High-schooler Willa has just moved to California with her mother and film director stepfather, and she will be attending a private school but her real problem is that she keeps seeing things that are not really there, like a dead body in the swimming pool, and her visions may be connected to a serial killer that is stalking young girls in Hollywood.
Hacked, Tracy Alexander.
Deity ; with Elixir (a covenant novella), Jennifer L. Armentrout.
Thirteen reasons why : a novel, Jay Asher.
When high school student Clay Jenkins receives a box in the mail containing thirteen cassette tapes recorded by his classmate Hannah, who committed suicide, he spends a bewildering and heartbreaking night crisscrossing their town, listening to Hannah's voice recounting the events leading up to her death.
Afterwalkers, Tom Becker.
Frozen Charlotte, Alex Bell.
Guardians of the galaxy. 3, Guardians disassembled, writer, Brian Michael Bendis and three others ; pencillers, Nick Bradshaw and five others ; inkers, Scott Hanna and ten others ; artists, Nick Bradshaw and seven others.
With the entire galaxy gunning for the Guardians and Star-Lord missing, its time to bring in a little help. But as the Guardians of the Galaxy get ready for new members Venom and Captain Marvel, unexpected dangers arise that promise to tear the team to its core!
The boy in the striped pyjamas : a fable, John Boyne.
When Bruno returns home from school one day, he discovers that his belongings are being packed. His father has received a promotion and the family must move to a new house, where there is no one to play with and nothing to do. But Bruno longs to be an explorer and decides that there must be more to this desolate new place than meets the eye.
I see you, Baby — , Kevin Brooks and Catherine Forde.
Sally and Keith are fed up with who they are, so becoming VIPs at Rock Out festival seems an ideal escape from their everyday lives. When they meet, they like each other but what will happen when Keith finds out Sally isn't a famous stylist and when Sally finds out that Keith, although Dead Holes' biggest fan, isn't actually their lead singer?
Stranger, Rachel Manija Brown, Sherwood Smith.
"Las Anclas" now resembles a Wild West frontier town where the Sheriff possesses superhuman strength, the doctor can warp time to heal his patients, and the distant ruins of an ancient city bristle with deadly crystalline trees that take their jewellike colours from the clothes of the people they killed. Teenage prospector Ross Juarez's best find ever an ancient book he doesn't know how to read nearly costs him his life when a bounty hunter is sent to kill him and steal the book. Ross barely makes it to Las Anclas, bringing with him a precious artifact, a power no one has ever had before, and a whole lot of trouble.
Avalon High, Meg Cabot.
Having moved to Annapolis, Maryland, with her medievalist parents, high school junior Ellie enrolls at Avalon High School where several students may or may not be reincarnations of King Arthur and his court.
Being Nikki, Meg Cabot.
Supernerd Emerson Watts is getting to grips with life in the body of Supermodel Nikki Howard, and finding that the celebrity lifestyle is a lot harder than it looks. The bikinis are teensy, the heels are sky-high, and no one seems to care that Nikki's life is on the verge of falling apart. With too many hot men chasing her, and too many big problems to hide, it's up to Em to keep things together - even if her heart is breaking.
Waistcoats & weaponry, Gail Carriger.
Missing you, Meg Cabot writing as Jenny Carroll.
Captive, Aimeé Carter.
The exiled queen, Cinda Williams Chima.
Two teenagers, one fleeing from a forced marriage and the other from a dangerous family of wizards, cross paths and fall in love.
The wizard heir, Cinda Williams Chima.
Everyone has a secret to keep: Jason Haley, a fellow student who has been warned to stay away from Seph; the enchanter Linda Downey, who knew his parents; the rogue wizard Leander Hastings; and the warriors Jack Swift and Ellen Stephenson. This wizard war is one that Seph may not have the strength to survive.
The Bane chronicles, Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, Maureen Johnson.
Ever wanted to know why Magnus Bane is banned from Peru? Or what he got up to during the French Revolution? Or what he bought Shadowhunter Alec Lightwood as a birthday present?
Lovers and losers, Cathy Cole.
Winter wonderland, Cathy Cole.
Shoot to kill, Steve Cole.
Before the man became the legend. Before the boy became the man. Lights. Camera. Murder. Young Bond is back in his most action-packed, explosive adventure yet; something terrible is happening in Tinseltown.
Catching fire, Suzanne Collins.
By winning the annual Hunger Games, District 12 tributes Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark have secured a life of safety and plenty for themselves and their families, but because they won by defying the rules, they unwittingly become the faces of an impending rebellion.
The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins.
In a future North America, where the rulers of Panem maintain control through an annual televised survival competition pitting young people from each of the twelve districts against one another, sixteen-year-old Katniss's skills are put to the test when she voluntarily takes her younger sister's place.
Death coming up the hill : a novel, Chris Crowe.
Douglas Ashe keeps a weekly record of historical and personal events in 1968, the year he turns seventeen, including the escalating war in Vietnam, assassinations, rampant racism, and rioting; his first girlfriend, his parents' separation, and a longed-for sister.
Ask again later, Liz Czukas.
Top ten clues you're clueless, Liz Czukas.
Vowed, Liz De Jager.
Stolen, Melissa de la Cruz, Michael Johnston.
Nat risked her life to reunite with her drakon in the defence of the Blue, but Wes, seeking his sister Eliza, is forced to rejoin the military, placing him and Nat on opposite sides of a war that could destroy what is left of the world.
The girl who never was, Skylar Dorset.
Vengeance, Brian Falkner.
In this explosive conclusion to the series, readers will finally get to discover the fate of our planet. Will Earth forces be defeated and the Bzadians rule forever or will humankind be victorious? Or will the conflict result in the destruction of the planet?
The song of the quarkbeast, Jasper Fforde.
The boyfriend dilemma, Fiona Foden.
To love a sunburnt country, Jackie French.
The year is 1942 and the world is at war. Nancy Clancy is 16 and left school to spend a year droving, just like her grandfather Clancy of the Overflow was famed for. Now Nancy's family has sent her to Malaya to bring home her sister-in-law Moira and baby Gavin. When Malaya is invaded, Nancy, Moira and Gavin are fortunate to get out before Singapore falls. When their ship is bombed they end up stranded on an island where they, and some other colonial women, are captured. There begins the nightmare and horror of internment in a Japanese camp.
The graveyard book, Neil Gaiman ; illustrated by Dave McKean.
Winner of the Newbery Medal. When a baby escapes a murderer intent on killing the entire family, who would have thought it would find safety and security in the local graveyard? Brought up by the resident ghosts, ghouls and spectres, Bod has an eccentric childhood learning about life from the dead. But for Bod there is also the danger of the murderer still looking for him - after all, he is the last remaining member of the family. A stunningly original novel deftly constructed over eight chapters, featuring every second year of Bod's life, from babyhood to adolescence. Will Bod survive to be a man?
Falls the shadow, Stefanie Gaither.
When her sister Violet dies, Cate's wealthy family brings home Violet's clone who fits in perfectly until Cate uncovers something sinister about the cloning movement.
Impulse, Vanessa Garden.
The spiritglass charade : a Stoker & Holmes novel, Colleen Gleason.
In 1889 Evaline Stoker, Mina Holmes, and their time traveler friend, Dylan are asked by the Princess of Wales to find out what happened to Robby Ashton, who may have drowned but the reappearance of vampires in the heart of London threatens to become a more urgent problem.
Ravencliffe, Carol Goodman.
Seventeen-year-old Ava Hall continues to learn more about herself and her heritage through her work in a New York City settlement house as well as through her social obligations with the Blythewood girls.
An abundance of Katherines, John Green.
Having been recently dumped for the nineteenth time by a girl named Katherine, recent high school graduate and former child prodigy Colin sets off on a road trip with his best friend to try to find some new direction in life while also trying to create a mathematical formula to explain his relationships.
Half bad, Sally Green.
The fall, Bethany Griffin.
A retelling of Edgar Allen Poe's 'The Fall of the House of Usher' in which Madeline and her twin brother, Roderick, suffer from the Usher family illness but she hears the House talking to her, filling her dreams, controlling her actions, and ensuring she never leaves the property.
While we run, Karen Healey.
It's the year 2027, and Tegan Oglietti, the world's first successfully revived cryonics patient, and her maybe-boyfriend, Abdi Taalib, are on the run from the government and from a dangerous rebel group. When they uncover shocking new information about the cryonics program, they are faced with an impossible decision that will put thousands of lives in their hands.
Bumperhead, Gilbert Hernandez.
Bumperhead follows Bobby, a young slacker who narrates his life as it happens but offers very little reflection on the events that transpire. He lives in the moment exclusively and is incapable of seeing the world outside of his experiences. He comes of age in the 1970s, making a rapid progression through that era's different subcultures and in a short period of time segues from a stoner glam rocker to a drunk rocker to a speed-freak punk. He drifts in and out of relationships with friends, both male and female. Life zooms past him.
New Avengers. 4, A perfect world, Jonathan Hickman, writer ; Valerio Schiti with Salvador Larroca, Kev Walker, artists.
In all creation, only one Earth has successfully met and triumphed over each Incursion that has threatened it: the Earth of the heroes of the Great Society! And guess which Earth is on a collision course with ours? Now, the New Avengers must take on the combined power of the Great Society and only one parallel Earth can survive! But how far is Dr. Strange willing to go to protect the Marvel Universe? Which New Avenger will find the strength to press the button that destroys a world? And what will come in the aftermath? It's the battle you didn't know you wanted to see until now! And as the Illuminati shatters under the weight of an exploding planet, follow the broken would-be world-savers through their last day on Earth.
Evil star, Anthony Horowitz.
Scorpia rising, Anthony Horowitz.
Snakehead, Anthony Horowitz.
Alone in Sydney, Alex Rider is recruited by the Australian government to infiltrate an organized people-smuggling ring: the criminal underworld of Snakeheads. Working undercover as a refugee he moves to Bangkok, where he meets someone he can trust - a fellow agent and true friend: or is there any such thing in the poisonous world of espionage?
13 little blue envelopes, Maureen Johnson.
When seventeen-year-old Ginny receives a packet of mysterious envelopes from her favourite aunt, she leaves New Jersey to criss-cross Europe on a sort of scavenger hunt that transforms her life.
The immortal rules : a legend begins, Julie Kagawa.
In a future world, vampires reign. Humans are blood cattle. And one girl will search for the key to save humanity. Allison Sekemoto survives in the Fringe, the outermost circle of a vampire city. By day, she and her crew scavenge for food. By night, any one of them could be eaten. Some days, all that drives Allie is her hatred of them. The vampires who killed her mother and keep humans as blood cattle. Until the night Allie herself is attacked - and given the ultimate choice. Die… or become one of the monsters.
The good sister, Jamie Kain.
When teenaged Sarah dies in a sudden and puzzling accident, sending her two sisters into a tailspin of grief and confusion, Sarah wakes up in the afterlife and must piece together how she got there.
Waterfall, Lauren Kate.
Eureka's tears have flooded the earth and now Atlantis is rising, along with its evil king, Atlas. Eureka is the only one who can stop him but first she must learn how to fight. She travels across the ocean with Ander to try and make sense of the dark world her sorrow has created.
Unity. Vol. 3, Armor Hunters, Matt Kindt, Stephen Segovia, Brian Reber.
When an ultra-powerful threat from deep space begins brutalizing Earth, humanity's first response is who else? The fearless team of heroes, soldiers, and short fuses called Unity! Now it's down to Ninjak, Eternal Warrior, and Livewire and some surprise recruits to lead the assault on the Armor Hunters' frontline even if they die trying.
Glory O'Brien's history of the future : a novel, A.S. King.
As her high school graduation draws near, Glory O'Brien begins having powerful and terrifying visions of the future as she struggles with her long-buried grief over her mother's suicide.
The Rapunzel dilemma, Jennifer Kloester.
Sublime, Christina Lauren.
Tabula rasa, Kristen Lippert-Martin.
A girl who has been held in an experimental medical facility to remove the memories that gave her post-traumatic stress disorder begins to recover her memory after fleeing mercenaries sent to eliminate her.
We were liars, E. Lockhart.
Spending the summers on her family's private island off the coast of Massachusetts with her cousins and a special boy named Gat, teenaged Cadence struggles to remember what happened during her fifteenth summer.
November, Gabrielle Lord.
October, Gabrielle Lord.
A death-struck year, Makiia Lucier.
When the Spanish influenza epidemic reaches Portland, Oregon, in 1918, seventeen-year-old Cleo leaves behind the comfort of her boarding school to work for the Red Cross.
Blood of my blood, Barry Lyga.
Jazz Dent, who has been shot and left to die in New York City, his girlfriend, Connie, who is in the clutches of Jazz's serial killer father, Billy, and his best friend, Howie, who is bleeding to death on the floor of Jazz's own home in tiny Lobo's Nod, must all rise above the horrors their lives have become and find a way to come together in pursuit of Billy.
Strike, D.J. MacHale.
Once again, Tucker Pierce and friends must fight for their lives against the better-equipped SYLO, and they will risk nearly everything to keep each other safe the battle's climax nears.
Fairy tail. 44, Hiro Mashima ; translation, William Flanagan.
Fairy Tail takes place in a world filled with magic. 17-year-old Lucy is an attractive mage-in-training who wants to join a magician's guild so that she can become a full-fledged magician. The guild she dreams about joining is the most famous in the world and it is known as the Fairy Tail. One day she meets Natsu, a boy raised by a Dragon who mysteriously left him when he was young. Natsu has devoted his life to finding his Dragon father.
Very bad things, Susan McBride.
When a photo of Katie's popular boyfriend Mark having drunken sex with a tattooed girl at a party goes viral at their exclusive boarding school, Katie is devastated. Mark swears that he doesn't remember anything. But Rose, the girl in the photo, is missing and Katie receives a gruesome present in the mail: a badly wrapped severed hand with a red rose tattoo.
Boy soldier, Andy McNab and Robert Rigby.
Breaking dawn, Stephenie Meyer.
To be irrevocably in love with a vampire is both fantasy and nightmare woven into a dangerously heightened reality for Bella Swan. Pulled in one direction by her intense passion for Edward Cullen, and in another by her profound connection to werewolf Jacob Black, a tumultuous year of temptation, loss, and strife have led her to the ultimate turning point. Her imminent choice to either join the dark but seductive world of immortals or to pursue a fully human life has become the thread from which the fates of two tribes hangs. Now that Bella has made her decision, a startling chain of unprecedented events is about to unfold with potentially devastating, and unfathomable, consequences. Just when the frayed strands of Bella's life-first discovered in Twilight, then scattered and torn in New Moon and Eclipse-seem ready to heal and knit together, could they be destroyed.. forever?
Mike Mignola's Hellboy. Weird Tales, story by Mike Mignola and others ; art by Guy Davis and others.
A group of celebrated writers and authors, along with Mike Mignola and Guy Davis, have lent their voices to the Hellboy collections. This collection of stories expands on the world of Hellboy.
Midnight City : a conquered Earth novel, J. Barton Mitchell.
In a post-apocalyptic world controlled by alien invaders, two teens and a young girl with mysterious powers embark on a dangerous journey. What they find will change everything.
The Severed Tower : a conquered Earth novel, J. Barton Mitchell.
J. Barton Mitchell's sci-fi tour de force Conquered Earth series set in an alien-invaded post-apocalyptic world returns as the children forge deeper into the most dangerous lands in search of The Severed Tower. Holt, Mira, and Max have fled Midnight City with Zoey after watching her repel an entire Assembly army. Zoey's powers are unlocked, but who and what she is remains a mystery. All she knows is that she must reach the Severed Tower, an infamous location in the middle of the world's most dangerous landscape: The Strange Lands, a place where the laws of physics have completely broken down. But the closer they get to the Tower, the more precarious things become.
Valley of fires : a conquered Earth novel, J. Barton Mitchell.
Earth has been conquered by an alien race known as the Assembly. The human adult population is gone, having succumbed to the Tone a powerful, telepathic super-signal broadcast across the planet that reduces them to a state of complete subservience once they reach their early twenties. Which means that there is one group left to resist: Children. In Valley of Fires the trio of heroes Holt, Mira, and Zoey are forced apart to accomplish individual quests if they are to have any hope of uniting what remains of Earth's disparate survivors against its alien invaders.
Pandora hearts. 22, Jun Mochizuki ; translation, Tomo Kimura.
Where in the world are you? This question is posed to Oz Vessalius once more. After overcoming the chains of infinite despair that bind him, the answer at which he arrives becomes a blinding light, piercing through the jet-black darkness. As though hope can be spun out of the emotions of a person's heart.
Island realm, Rebecca Moesta and Kevin J. Anderson.
Rocket Girl. Vol. 01, Times Squared, writer, Brandon Montclare ; artist, Amy Reeder.
The NYTPD sent her to 1986 New York City to investigate the Quintum Mechanics megacorporation for crimes against time. Piecing together the clues, Dayoung Johansson discovers the "future" she calls home a high-tech alternate reality version of 2013 shouldn't exist at all!
Brigands M.C., Robert Muchamore.
Dante Scott still has nightmares about the death of his family, brutally murdered by a biker gang. Dante is given the chance to become a member of CHERUB, a trained professional with one essential advantage: adults never suspect that children are spying on them. But when Dante joins James and Lauren Adams on a mission to infiltrate Brigands Motorcycle Club, he's ready to use everything he's learned to get revenge on the people who killed his family.
Class A, Robert Muchamore.
Keith Moore is Europe's biggest cocaine dealer. The police have been trying to get enough evidence to nail him for more than twenty years. Now, four CHERUB agents are joining the hunt. Can a group of kids successfully infiltrate Keith Moore's organisation, when dozens of attempts by undercover police officers have failed?
Divine madness, Robert Muchamore.
When CHERUB uncovers a link between eco-terrorist group Help Earth and a wealthy religious cult known as The Survivors, James is sent to their isolated outback headquarters on an infiltration mission. It's a thousand kilometres to the closest town, and James is under massive pressure from the cult's brainwashing techniques. This time he's not just fighting terrorists. He's got to battle for his own mind.
Eagle day, Robert Muchamore.
Late summer, 1940. Hitler has conquered France. Now he intends to cross the Channel and defeat Britain before winter arrives. A group of young refugees led by British spy Charles Henderson faces a stark choice. To head south into the safety of neutral Spain, or go north on a risky mission to sabotage the German invasion plans. For official purposes, these children do not exist.
Grey wolves, Robert Muchamore.
Spring, 1941. German submarines are prowling the North Atlantic, sinking ships filled with the food, fuel and weapons that Britain needs to survive. With the Royal Navy losing the war at sea, six young agents must sneak into Nazi-occupied Europe and sabotage a submarine base on France's western coast. If the submarines aren't stopped, the British people will starve.
Mad dogs, Robert Muchamore.
The British underworld is controlled by gangs. When two of them start a turf war, violence explodes on to the streets. The police need information fast, and James Adams has the contacts to infiltrate the most dangerous gang of all. He works for CHERUB. Cherubs are trained professionals, aged between ten and seventeen. They exist because criminals never suspect that kids are spying on them. For official purposes, these children do not exist.
Man vs beast, Robert Muchamore.
Every day thousands of animals die in laboratory experiments. Some say these experiments provide essential scientific knowledge, while others will do anything to prevent them. James and Lauren Adams are stuck in the middle. They're CHERUB agents. Trained professionals with one essential advantage: adults never suspect that children are spying on them.
Maximum security, Robert Muchamore.
Two hundred eighty child criminals live in the sunbaked desert prison Arizona Max. One of them is the son of a weapons dealer who has been selling U.S. missiles to terrorists. If CHERUB can get the kid, they can get the parent. Over the years, CHERUB has put plenty of criminals behind bars. Now, for the first time ever, they've got to break one out.
One shot kill, Robert Muchamore.
Secret army, Robert Muchamore.
Britain, 1941. The government is building a secret army of intelligence agents to work undercover, gathering information and planning sabotage operations. Henderson's boys are part of that network: kids cut adrift by the war, training for the fight of their lives. They'll have to parachute into unknown territory, travel cross-country and outsmart a bunch of adults in a daredevil exercise. In wartime Britain, anything goes.
The escape, Robert Muchamore.
Summer, 1940. Hitler's army is advancing towards Paris, and millions of French civilians are on the run. Amidst the chaos, two British children are being hunted by German agents. British spy Charles Henderson tries to reach them first, but he can only do it with the help of a twelve-year-old French orphan. The British secret service is about to discover that kids working undercover will help to win the war.
The fall, Robert Muchamore.
When an MI5 operation goes disastrously wrong, James Adams needs all of his skills to get out of Russia alive. Meanwhile, his sister Lauren is on her first solo mission, trying to uncover a brutal human trafficking operation. And when James does get home, he finds that his nightmare is just beginning.
The general, Robert Muchamore.
The world's largest urban warfare training compound stands in the desert near Las Vegas. Forty British commandos are being hunted by an entire American battalion. But their commander has an ace up his sleeve: he plans to smuggle in ten CHERUB agents, and fight the best war game ever.
The prisoner, Robert Muchamore.
One of Henderson's best agents is being held captive in Frankfurt. A set of forged record cards could be his ticket to freedom, but might just as easily become his death warrant. A vital mission awaits him in France - if he can find a way to escape.
The sleepwalker, Robert Muchamore.
An airliner explodes over the Atlantic leaving 345 people dead. Crash investigators suspect terrorism, but they're getting nowhere. A distressed twelve-year-old calls a police hotline and blames his father for the explosion. It could be a breakthrough, but there's no hard evidence and the boy has a history of violence and emotional problems. Only CHERUB agents can unearth the truth. They're trained professionals with one essential advantage: adults never suspect that children are spying on them.
L8r, g8r, Lauren Myracle.
Throughout their senior year in high school, Zoe, Maddie, and Angela continue to share "instant messages" with one another about their day-to-day experiences as they consider college, sex, the importance of prom, and the inevitable end of their inseparable trio.
Ttfn, Lauren Myracle.
Now high school juniors, Zoe, Maddie, and Angela continue to share "instant messages" with one another as one of them experiments with marijuana, another gets her first boyfriend, and the third moves three thousand miles away.
Courtney Crumrin. Volume six, The final spell, written & illustrated by Ted Naifeh ; coloured by Warren Wucinich.
On the run from the Coven with her former teacher Calpurnia, Courtney Crumrin is quickly learning just how sinister the witches and warlocks of Hillsborough can be but she never thought she'd see the day when Uncle Aloysius turned on her as well.
Now that you're here, Amy K. Nichols.
One minute Danny was running from the cops, and the next, he jolted awake in an unfamiliar body his own, but different. Somehow, he's crossed into a parallel universe. Now his friends are his enemies, his parents are long dead, and studious Eevee is not the mysterious femme fatale he once kissed back home. Then again, this Eevee a girl who'd rather land an internship at NASA than a date to the prom may be his only hope of getting home.
Magi. 9 : the labyrinth of magic, story & art by Shinobu Ohtaka ; translation & English adaptation, John Werry.
With peace restored in Balbadd, Aladdin and his friends have begun training in Sindria, the land of King sinbad. With the rise of Al-Thamen, an organization dedicated to spreading evil around the world, there is much to do. While Alibaba works to repair the Sword of Amon, visitors from the Kou Empire arrive with an interesting proposal. Then King Sinbad assigns a weighty task they must enter Dungeon No. 61: Zagan.
Circus of the unseen, Joanne Owen.
Mouse Guard. Baldwin the Brave and other tales, stories & art by David Petersen.
Young mice hear stories of intelligence, of love, of courage, and of everything else that makes for a hero of the Mouse Guard.
Black knight, Christopher Pike.
Gracefully Grayson, Ami Polonsky.
Grayson, a transgender twelve-year-old, learns to accept her true identity and share it with the world.
King Dork approximately, Frank Portman.
With stitches in his head and after-effects from surgery, Tom Henderson finds some of his most deeply-held beliefs shattered, but, somehow, makes out with at least two girls by the end of tenth grade.
I shall wear midnight, Terry Pratchett.
For Tiffany Aching being a good witch mostly means tending to the locals - minor aches, pains, and kerfuffles - which she does with as much aplomb as anyone could be expected to muster - but to become a great witch, she'll have to contend with the malevolent ghost of an ancient witch-burner. Yet even that might not be as terrifying as trying to keep the peace between the humans and the wee Nac Mac Feegles (whose primary skills are drinking, brawling, having Scottish brogues, brawling a bit more, and stealing every scene they're in) and, shudder, getting wrapped up in the wedding of her childhood friend, who is suddenly a very myopic baron.
Gathering darkness, Morgan Rhodes.
Prince Magnus must choose between family and justice as his father, the cruel King Gaius, sets out to conquer all of Mytica by tracking down an ancient, storied magic known as the Kindred.
Finding Ruby Starling, Karen Rivers.
Through e-mails, letters, blog entries, and movie scripts, twelve-year-old Ruth, an American girl, and Ruby, an English one, discover that they are long-lost twins.
Earth 2. Volume 3, Battle cry, James Robinson, Paul Levitz, writers ; Nicola Scott and three others, pencillers ; Trevor Scott and three others, inkers ; Pete Pantazis, Jason Wright, colourists ; Dezi Sienty, Carlos M. Mangual, letterers.
New York Times Best-selling author James Robinson and artist Nicola Scott return to Earth 2 in this third hard cover volume of the ongoing series! The wonders of Earth 2, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, Flash, Atom Smasher, The Sandman, Mr. Terrific and Dr. Fate, take on the forces of Steppenwolf and the Hunger Dogs of Apokolips when all hope is lost. Now a new Batman enters the fray, but is he enough to turn the tide and prevent Darkseid from taking control of Earth 2?
Divergent, Veronica Roth.
Hunt for the bamboo rat, Graham Salisbury.
Zenji Watanabe, seventeen, is sent from Hawaii to the Philippines to spy on the Japanese during World War II and, after he is captured and tortured, must find a way to survive months of being lost in the jungle behind enemy lines.
The coffin club : a vampire kisses novel, Ellen Schreiber.
Schizo, Nic Sheff.
A teenager recovering from a schizophrenic breakdown is driven to the point of obsession to find his missing younger brother and becomes wrapped up in a romance that may or may not be the real thing.
Vicious : a pretty little liars novel, Sara Shepard.
In Rosewood, Pennsylvania, reporters are lined up outside the historic courthouse, typing furiously at their iPhones with freshly manicured nails. Because the trial of the century is happening right here in Rosewood: the four pretty little liars have been accused of killing Alison DiLaurentis. Only Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily know that they've been framed. Ali is still out there, laughing as she watches the girls go down for her murder. But when your nickname includes the word "liar," no one believes you're telling the truth.
Nura, rise of the yokai clan. 24, Battle of Aoi Spiral Castle, story and art by Hiroshi Shiibashi ; translation, John Werry.
While the day belongs to humans, the night belongs to yokai, supernatural creatures that thrive on human fear. Caught between these worlds is Rikuo Nura. He's three-quarters human, but his grandfather is none other than Nurarihyon, the supreme commander of the Nura clan, a powerful yokai consortium. So, Rikuo is an ordinary teenager three-quarters of the time, until his yokai blood awakens. Then Rikuo transforms into the future leader of the Nura clan, leading a hundred demons. Key members of the Nura clan plunge into battle with the Gokadoin clan, but as the battle wears on, Rikuo struggles to keep his clan energized for battle. Meanwhile, Ryuji seeks a way to penetrate the Gokadoin stronghold Aoi Spiral Castle!
Alice in the Country of Diamonds. Bet on my heart, story, Sana Shirakawa ; concept, QuinRose ; illustrations, Nana Fumitsuki ; translation, William Flanagan ; adaptation, Lianne
They all fall down, Roxanne St. Claire.
Kenzie's life is transformed when she is voted one of the prettiest girls at Vienna High, but when the girls on the list start to die, Kenzie is determined to uncover the deadly secrets of the list before her number is up.
Girl online, Zoe Sugg.
Penny has a secret. Under the alias GirlOnline, Penny blogs her hidden feelings about friendship, boys, high school drama, her crazy family, and the panic attacks that have begun to take over her life. When things go from bad to worse, her family whisks her away to New York, where she meets Noah, a gorgeous, guitar-strumming American. Suddenly Penny is falling in love and capturing every moment of it on her blog. But Noah has a secret, too, one that threatens to ruin Penny's cover and her closest friendship forever.
Kamisama kiss. 16, story & art by Julietta Suzuki ; English translation & adaptation, Tomo Kimura.
Back in feudal Japan, Akura-oh is getting frustrated with his best friend and rampage companion Tomoe. He correctly guesses that Tomoe is lovesick, and decides the best way to deal with it is to kill the object of his affection Yukiji! And to make matters worse, when Nanami wears historical clothes, she looks an awful lot like Yukiji! Can she manage to preserve the past, save Tomoe, protect Yukiji and keep from getting killed?
Kamisama kiss. Vol. 15, story & art by Julietta Suzuki ; English translation & adaptation, Tomo Kimura.
Nanami Momozono is alone and homeless after her dad skips town to evade his gambling debts and the debt collectors kick her out of her apartment. So when a man she's just saved from a dog offers her his home, she jumps at the opportunity. But it turns out that his place is a shrine, and Nanami has unwittingly taken over his job as a local deity! Nanami has gone back in time in order to find the fallen kami who cursed Tomoe, but the past is a lot more violent than she expected. Before she can even start her search, she has to deal with suspicious villagers and a mortally wounded Tomoe!
In real life, Lawrence Tabak.
Fifteen-year-old math prodigy Seth Gordon hopes to compete professionally playing Starfare, the world's most popular computer game, but when he gets the chance to move to Korea and train full-time, he may not be ready for the culture shock and leaving his possible girlfriend, Hannah.
Devils and realist. Vol. 3, story by Madoka Takadono ; art by Utako Yukihiro ; translation, Jocelyne Allen ; adaptation, Danielle King.
William Twining has it all a sharp intelligence, dashing good looks, and a noble station in life. There's only one problem: he's broke. With no way to finance his prestigious education, William decides to search through his uncle's mansion for something of value to sell. But William's logical worldview is about to take a hit.
Ranma 1/2. 7 & 8, story and art by Rumiko Takahashi ; English adaptation, Gerard Jones, Toshifumi Yoshida, Matt Thorn.
Contains volumes 7 and 8. Back when Ranma's father, Genma, and Akane's father, Soun, were young martial artists, they learned the secrets of Anything-Goes Martial Arts from one of the greatest masters of all time. Unfortunately, he's also someone they would do just about anything to get away from, and the entire Tendo household is about to find out why.
The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. 20, original story, Nagaru Tanigawa ; manga, Gaku Tsugano, character design, Noizi Ito ; translation, Paul Starr.
When Kyon arrives at school, it seems like another average day-until he realizes Sasaki has wrapped North High in a closed space. Led to the SOS Brigade clubroom by Sasaki and Tachibana, Kyon knocks (just in case) and is surprised to find not a costumed Asahina, but instead a girl he's never seen before..and a very familiar face!
Earth 2. Volume 4, The Dark Age, Tom Taylor, writer ; Nicola Scott, Robson Rocha, Barry Kitson, pencillers ; Trevor Scott, Scott Hanna, Oclair Albert, inkers ; Pete Pantazis, colourist ; Dezi Sienty, letterer.
Once thought dead, Superman now returns to Earth to do the destructive bidding of Darkseid! The Wonders of Earth 2 have struggled to keep the forces of Brutal and Darkseid at bay. But now with the return of Superman, they can no longer stand up to the wake of destruction he brings. But now, with the emergence of a new and mysterious Batman, comes the hope that he may know how to defeat the rogue Man of Steel before Earth 2 is destroyed completely.
Boundary, Heather Terrell ; illustrations by Ricardo Cortes.
On her first Archon expedition, Eva uncovers the Genesis, the legendary ship that brought the Founders to the New North, and the truth concealed within threatens to destroy their entire civilization unless Eva, as Archon and Angaqquk, can prevent a devastating battle.
Dragonball, story and art by Akira Toriyama ; translation, Mari Morimoto ; English adaptation, Gerard Jones.
Goku and Vegeta face off at last and both are determined to emerge victorious in this epic fight. And if battling the ruthless Vegeta weren't enough, Son Goku and friends must obtain the wish-granting Dragon Balls in order to resurrect their fallen allies! Their search will take them all the way to the planet Namek, where evil Freeza and his minions are slaughtering the Namekians to fulfill Freeza's wish for immortality.
Dragonball, story and art by Akira Toriyama ; translation, Mari Morimoto ; English adaptation, Gerard Jones.
Goku and Piccolo finally face each other down in the final match of the Tenka'ichi Budo-kai! Piccolo is ready and willing to unleash all his power to win something Goku may hesitate to do. Taking down Piccolo is going to take all of Goku's skill and wits and courage! But after the tournament is over, life goes on. There will be new enemies to face and even more surprising new allies!
The wettest spring, Kim Holdbrooks Townsel.
If I die, Rachel Vincent.
My soul to take, Rachel Vincent.
Kaylee has become a "soul screamer" — she knows when someone is going to die and is compelled to scream, as if in warning.
Rooftop, Paul Volponi.
Still reeling from seeing police shoot his unarmed cousin to death on the roof of a New York City housing project, seventeen-year-old Clay is dragged into the whirlwind of political manipulation that follows.
No stone unturned, Helen Watts.
Soul desire, Lee Weatherly.
Soul mates, Lee Weatherly.
Soul song, Lee Weatherly.
Play the game, Nova Weetman.
The cure for dreaming, Cat Winters.
In Portland, Oregon, in 1900, seventeen-year-old Olivia Mead, a suffragist, is hypnotised by the intriguing young Henri Reverie, who's paid by her father to make her more docile and womanly but who, instead, gives her the ability to see people's true natures, while she secretly continues fighting for women's rights.
Avatar, the last airbender. The rift, Part three, script, Gene Luen Yang ; art and cover, Gurihiru ; lettering, Michael Heisler.
As Avatar Aangand his friends confront an ancient spirit determined to destroy a town on land sacred to the Air Nomads, Toph and Aang find themselves on opposing sides in a battle of gigantic proportions. If Toph and Aang don't put aside their differences, there's more at stake than just their friendship!
Echoes of us, Kat Zhang.
Fifteen-year-old Addie and Eva, still sharing a body as they fight for hybrid freedom, jump at the chance to go undercover and film the wretched conditions of a hybrid institution, but they price they might pay for the hope of a better future is higher than they could have imagined.
Point Blanc : the graphic novel, based on the original novel by Anthony Horowitz ; script by Antony Johnston ; illustrated by Kanako and Yuzuru
Investigations into the deaths of two of the world's most powerful men have revealed just one link: both had a son attending Point Blanc Academy, a school for rebellious rich kids run by the sinister Dr Grief and set high in the French Alps. Alex must infiltrate the academy as a pupil and establish the truth about what is happening there.
Dragon ball Z. Vol. 13, story and art by Akira Toriyama ; English adaptation by Gerard Jones ; translation, Lillian Olsen.


Rookie yearbook three, edited by Tavi Gevinson. is a website created by and for young women to make the best of the beauty, pain and awkwardness of being a teenager. When it becomes tough to appreciate such things, we have good plain fun and visual pleasure. When you're sick of having to be happy all the time, we have lots of rants, too. Every school year, we compile the best from the site into a print yearbook. Behold: our Junior year! In Rookie Yearbook Three, we explore cures for love, girl-on-girl crime, open relationships, standing for something, embracing our inner posers, and so much more.
The fashion book.
This is the story of style going behind the scenes of the fashion world. A gorgeous style guide for teenage girls who want to discover the stories behind their favourite looks, create their own style and learn what makes the fashion world tick!
Some assembly required : the not-so-secret life of a transgender teen, Arin Andrews with Joshua Lyon.
Seventeen-year-old Arin Andrews shares all the hilarious, painful, and poignant details of undergoing gender reassignment as a high school student in this winning teen memoir.
Case closed. Volume 3, Gosho Aoyama ; English adaptation, Naoko Amemiya ; translation, Joe Yamazaki.
Case closed. Volume 33, Gosho Aoyama ; translation, Tetsuichiro Miyaki.
A high school boy named Jimmy Kudo changes his identity to Detective Conan after being shrunken to the size of a seven-year-old in a criminal attack, and starts helping police investigate a number of other crimes.
The teenage worrier's guide to life, written and illustrated by Ros Asquith as Letty Chubb.
Worry no more! Letty Chubb's guide to life has all the answers. It's all here, whether you're worried about exams or religion, cellulite or celibacy, spots or sex. Hilariously funny as well as insightful and informative, this is a must-read for all teenage worriers. The third book in the Teenage Worrier series.
The teenage worrier's guide to lurve, written and illustrated by Ros Asquith as Letty Chubb.
Worry no more! Letty Chubb's guide to the passion and pain of lurve will help all teenage worriers find happiness. Deliciously funny as well as tackling serious issues, this is the ultimate handbook for affairs of the heart. From romance to pregnancy and quarrels to valentines, there's nothing more you'll need to know. Follow Letty's own tumultuous love life along the way. Will she succeed in her quest to win the heart of the elusive Daniel Hope? This is the brilliantly funny sequel to I Was a Teenage Worrier.
Stressed out! For teens : how to be calm, confident, and focused, Dr. Ben Bernstein.
Outlines principles for success that teenagers can use to manage stress and pursue goals, sharing recommendations for tapping creative energies and enabling positive interactions in all areas of life.
Girl stuff : your full-on guide to the teen years, Kaz Cooke.
With almost 600 pages and heaps of cartoons, Girl Stuff has everything girls need to know about: friends, body changes, shopping, clothes, make-up, pimples (arrghh), sizes, hair, earning money, guys, embarrassment, what to eat, moods, smoking, why diets suck, handling love and heartbreak, exercise, school stress, sex, beating bullies and mean girls, drugs, drinking, how to find new friends, cheering up, how to get on with your family, and confidence. This completely revised edition, written in extensive consultation with more than 70 medical and practical experts, provides the most up-to-date and useful information possible.
Hope in a ballet shoe : a true story, Michaela and Elaine DePrince.
Growing up in war-torn Sierra Leone, Michaela DePrince witnesses atrocities that no child ever should. Her father is killed by rebels and her mother dies of famine. Sent to an orphanage, Michaela is mistreated because of her skin condition, vitiligo. And then Michaela is adopted by an American couple. She can take the dance lessons she's dreamed of since finding her picture. Unfortunately, tragedy can find its way to Michaela in America, too, and her past can feel like it's haunting her. The world of ballet can be racist, and Michaela has to fight for a place amongst the ballet elite, despite hearing the words "America's not ready for a black girl ballerina". Incredibly, today Michaela is an international ballet star, dancing for The Dutch National Ballet at the age of 19. This inspirational true story is perfect for fans of I am Malala.
Rethinking normal : a memoir in transition, Katie Rain Hill with Ariel Schrag.
In her unique, generous, and affecting voice, nineteen-year-old Katie Hill shares her personal journey of undergoing gender reassignment. Have you ever worried that you'd never be able to live up to your parents' expectations? Have you ever imagined that life would be better if you were just invisible? Have you ever thought you would do anything to make the teasing stop? Katie Hill had and it nearly tore her apart. Told in an unwaveringly honest voice, Rethinking Normal is a coming-of-age story about transcending physical appearances and redefining the parameters of "normalcy" to embody one's true self.
Do you know who you are? : discover the real you, Megan Kaye.
Learn about your skills, dreams, desires, and personality with Do You Know Who You Are?, a guided journal for young adults who want to discover more about themselves. Created in collaboration with a professional psychologist who specialises in childhood and adolescence, this book provides an enjoyable and insightful journey for teenage girls who are interested in delving deeper into their true selves.
Penny chic : how to be stylish on a real girl's budget, Shauna Miller with photography by Shideh Miller.
A style guide for teen girls explains how to develop a personal style, shares budget-conscious tips for do-it-yourself projects, and explains how to get the most out of shopping at mainstream economy stores.
Project teen : handmade gifts your teen will actually love : 21 projects to sew, Melissa Mortenson.
Most of us would agree that sewing something that teens will like is, without a doubt, a challenge. In Project Teen, Melissa Mortenson, sewist and mother of three teenagers, shares not only her 21 teen-approved designs, but also invaluable tips and tricks for sewing for this unique (a.k.a. picky) age group. Whether you make a stylish tech cover, a cushy study pillow, or a personalized quilt, your teen will love these handmade gifts as much as you love them.
One piece. Vol. 13, It's all right!, story and art by Eiichiro Oda ; English adaptation, Lance Caselman ; translation, JN Productions.
Tomboy : a graphic memoir, Liz Prince.
Eschewing female stereotypes throughout her early years and failing to gain acceptance on the boys' baseball team, Liz learns to embrace her own views on gender as she comes of age, in an anecdotal graphic novel memoir.
Mindfulness for teen anger : a workbook to overcome anger & aggression using MBSR & DBT skills, Mark C. Purcell, Jason R. Murphy.
Using proven effective mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), this book helps you teach the difference between healthy and unhealthy forms of anger. It helps you learn skills for building positive relationships with peers, friends, and family.
Seventeen ultimate guide to beauty : the best hair, skin, nails & makeup ideas for you, Ann Shoket & the editors of Seventeen ; editor Joanna Saltz ; beauty director, Yesenia Almonte.
Counsels girls on how to make the most of their natural features, with tips on hair styling, skin care, and makeup; insider secrets from celebrity experts; and recommendations for special occasions.
Seventeen ultimate guide to guys : what he really thinks about flirting, dating, relationships, and you!, Ann Shoket & the editors of Seventeen ; edited by Bethany Heitman.
A girl's must-have manual provides guys' perspectives on flirting, hooking up, dating, relationships, and falling in love, and includes tips on interpreting texts, flirting techniques, and the best ways to deal with a breakup.
Maison Ikkoku. 13, story and art by Rumiko Takahashi ; translation, Gerard Jones & Mari Morimoto.
Life lessons for the teenage girl : quotes, inspiration and advice for women by women, Kelly Tonelli.
Provides valuable and entertaining advice to adolescent girls from women who have attained success in business, politics, sports, and entertainment. These are women teen girls can look up to as role models. Some are well known to today's teens, while others are women from whom they could still learn much. The author draws upon her education and experience as a clinical psychologist to explore and examine the individual contributions. By doing so, she offers insight into mental health exercises and coping mechanisms girls can utilise to survive and thrive beyond their teen years.
Mindfulness for teen anxiety : a workbook for overcoming anxiety at home, at school, and everywhere else, Christopher Willard, PsyD.
Being a teen is hard enough without anxiety getting in the way. You are changing more than ever before, not just physically, but mentally. And if you suffer from panic attacks, chronic worry, and feelings of isolation, it can be very difficult to meet your goals and succeed. The good news is that there are real, powerful ways that you can take control of your anxiety - and your life! In Mindfulness for Teen Anxiety, psychologist and learning specialist Christopher Willard offers proven-effective, mindfulness-based practices to help you cope with your anxiety, identify common triggers (such as dating or school performance), learn valuable time-management skills, and feel more calm at home, at school, and with friends.