New Titles Non-Fiction July 2015 (arrived in June 2015)

Art & Architecture

Architects' houses: twenty Australian homes, Stephen Crafti ; photography by Gorta Yuuki. 728.0994 CRA
Biophilia, Christopher Marley. 704.9432 MAR
Marley has used his skills as a designer, conservator, taxidermist, and environmentally responsible collector to make images and mosaics that produce strong, positive emotional responses in viewers.
Cy Twombly: late paintings 2003-2011, Nela Pavlouskova. 709.73 TWO
Death: and the eternal forever, Ron English. 759.13 ENG
Defining beauty: the body in ancient Greek art, Ian Jenkins with Celeste Farge and Victoria Turner. 733.3 JEN
Destruction was my Beatrice: Dada and the unmaking of the twentieth century, Jed Rasula. 709.0406 RAS
Eduardo Paolozzi, Judith Collins. 730.92 PAO
Exploring English castles: evocative, romantic, and mysterious true tales of the kings and queens of the British Isles, Dr. Edd Morris. 728.81 MOR
Gentle modernist: the nine lives of Anatol Kagan, Simon Reeves. 720.947 KAG
Mid-century modernist architect Anatol Kagan (1913-2009) began his childhood in Revolutionary Russia, his young adulthood in Nazi Germany and his architectural career in London.
Greetings from retro design: vintage graphics decade by decade, Tony Seddon. 741.6 SED
Jean Haines' world of watercolour. 751.422 HAI
John Reynolds' Blutopia, Laurence Simmons, Arch MacDonnell, John Reynolds. 759.993 REY
Making sense of Buddhist art & architecture, Patricia Eichenbaum Karetzky. 704.948 KAR
Making sense of Christian art & architecture, Heather Thornton McRae. 704.948 MCR
My dear BB: the letters of Bernard Berenson and Kenneth Clark, 1925-1959, edited and annotated by Robert Cumming. 709.2 BER
In 1925, the 22-year-old Kenneth Clark (1903-1983) and the legendary art critic and historian Bernard Berenson (1865-1959) met in Italy. From that moment, they began a correspondence that lasted until Berenson's death at age 94.
Shocking Paris: Soutine, Chagall and the outsiders of Montparnasse, Stanley Meisler. 759.4 SOU
Sketchbooks: the hidden art of designers, illustrators & creatives, Richard Brereton. 702.8 BRE
Sonia Delaunay. 709.44 DEL
Sonia Delaunay (1885 — 1979) is one of the most important female artists of the early twentieth century, whose contribution to the European avant-garde was fundamental.
Summers of discontent: the purpose of the arts today, Raymond Tallis with Julian Spalding. 701.17 TAL
The contemporaries: travels in the 21st-century art world, Roger White. 709.05 WHI
Painter and critic Roger White, co-editor of the hipster art bible "Paper Monument," takes us behind the paint-splattered scenes of today's diffuse and dazzling art world revealing contemporary art through an artist's eyes.
What is a life?, Kim Pieters ; edited by Christina Barton. 709.93 PIE
An exhibition of paintings, drawings, photographs and moving-image soundscapes by Kim Pieters produced in the artist's inner-harbour studio in central Dunedin between 2007 and 2014.
Yoga and spiritual retreats: relaxing spaces to find oneself, Sibylle Kramer. 726 KRA


Cars that rock with Brian Johnson: burn rubber with Brian in the most iconic cars ever built, Brian Johnson with Mark Dixon. 629.222 JOH
History's greatest automotive mysteries, myths, and rumors revealed: James Dean's killer Porsche, Nascar's Fastest monkey, Bonnie and Clyde's getaway car and more, Preston Lerner and Matt Stone. 629.222 LER
SATA automotive paint from prep to final coat, JoAnn Bortles. 629.26 BOR


Hocken: prince of collectors, Donald Jackson Kerr. 002.075 HOC
Dr Thomas Morland Hocken (1836-1910) arrived in Dunedin in 1862, aged 26. Throughout his busy life as a medical practitioner he amassed books, manuscripts, sketches, maps and photographs of early New Zealand.
Sidney Nolan: a life, Nancy Underhill. 759.994 NOL
Crashing through the myths around Australia's most famous artist, many of which he created himself as a masterful self-promoter, this book gives us, finally, the biography that Sidney Nolan deserves.
A brief stop on the road from Auschwitz, Goran Rosenberg. 940.5318 ROZ
Rosenberg returns to his own childhood to tell the story of his father; it is also the story of the chasm between the world of the child, permeated by the optimism, progress, and collective oblivion of postwar Sweden, and the world of the father, darkened by the long shadows of the past.
A dame we knew: a tribute to Dame Cecily Pickerill, Beryl Harris. 617.52 HAR
This is a story about the life and times of Dame Cecily Pickerill, a pioneering New Zealand plastic surgeon who operated on many hundreds of infants with cleft problems. Along with her husband she believed in the early repair for a thriving baby.
A very dangerous woman: the lives, loves and lies of Russia's most seductive spy, Deborah McDonald and Jeremy Dronfield. 327.12 BUD
Spy, adventurer, charismatic seductress and mistress of two of the century's greatest writers, the Russian aristocrat Baroness Moura Budberg was born in 1892 to indulgence, pleasure and selfishness. But after she met the British diplomat and secret agent Robert Bruce Lockhart, she sacrificed everything for love.
A West Coast engineman, Ian Tibbles. 385.0993 TIB
Published by the New Zealand Railway and Locomotive Society, this is a real steam enthusiasts book which brings to life through the photographs and text the workings of West Coast steam railways. The author began with NZR in 1952 at Greymouth. The Grey Valley, Ross, Reefton, Westport, Rewanui.
After the dance: my life with Marvin Gaye, Jan Gaye with David Ritz. 781.644 GAY
A cautionary tale about the ecstasy and dangers of loving Marvin Gaye, a performer passionately pursued by all — and a searing memoir of drugs, sex, and old school R&B from the wife of the legendary soul icon.
Agnes Martin: her life and art, Nancy Princenthal. 759.13 MAR
Over the course of a career that spanned fifty years, Agnes Martins austere, serene work anticipated and helped to define Minimalism, even as she battled psychological crises and carved out a solitary existence in the American Southwest.
Along for the ride: people, places, motorbike races, Jim Scaysbrook. 796.75 SCA
An act of love, Marie Fleming with Sue Leonard. 362.196834 FLE
Marie Fleming, who has MS, is best known in Ireland for taking a landmark case against the State to lift the ban on assisted suicide.
An age of license, Lucy Knisley. 741.5 KNI
Cartoonist Lucy Knisley got an opportunity that most only dream of: a travel-expenses-paid trip to Europe and Scandinavia, thanks to a book tour.
Another little piece of my heart: my life of rock and revolution in the '60s, Richard Goldstein. 781.66 GOL
Another Little Piece of My Heart is an intimate memoir of the writer as a young man. It is also a sweeping personal account that no one else could provide a deeply moving, unparalleled document of rock and revolution in America.
Backstairs Billy: the life of William Tallon, the Queen Mother's most devoted servant, Tom Quinn. 941.082 TAL
William Tallon, who died in 2007, was a shopkeeper's son from the Midlands who worked for the Queen Mother for more than fifty years and became her most trusted servant.
Becoming Westerly: the transformation of surfing champion Peter Drouyn into Westerly Windina, Jamie Brisick. 797.32 DRO
The incredible true story of Peter Drouyn and his amazing journey from life as a heartthrob champion surfer to the woman he always believed he was meant to be.
Bettyville: a memoir, George Hodgman. 306.874 HOD
When George Hodgman leaves Manhattan for his hometown of Paris, Missouri, he finds himself an unlikely caretaker and near-lethal cook in a head-on collision with his aging mother, Betty, a woman of wit and will.
Brigitte Bardot: the life, the legend, the movies, Ginette Vincendeau. 791.43028 BAR
Closet queens: some 20th century British politicians, Michael Bloch. 941.082 BLO
Down the crooked road: my autobiography, Mary Black. 781.64 BLA
For the last thirty years, singer Mary Black has been a dominant presence on the Irish music scene, an award-winning artist with many bestselling albums to her name.
East in Eden, Izabela Shopova. 993 SHO
Surviving New Zealand in characteristic Eastern European style, while helplessly falling in love with the 'Land of the Thousand Rainbows', the 'Most Beautiful Rainy Hell', the 'Land of Relentless Biscuit Eaters' Aotearoa.
Fast and free: Pete Livesey: stories of a rock-climbing legend, John Sheard and Mark Radtke. 796.522 LIV
Going up is easy: the first woman to ascend Everest without oxygen, Lydia Bradey with Laurence Fearnley. 796.522 BRA
Going Up is Easy celebrates a life lived on the edge. Through her stories, we encounter a woman propelled by curiosity and passion to become one of the greatest female high-altitude adventurers of recent times.
Hanging on: a life inside British climbing's golden age, Martin Boysen. 796.522 BOY
Boysen made a huge contribution to British rock climbing, especially in North Wales; he discovered Gogarth in the 1960s and climbed some of the best new routes of his era: Nexus on Dinas Mot, The Skull on Cyrn Las and the magisterial Capital Punishment on Ogwen's Suicide Wall.
Hatshepsut, Queen of Sheba, Emmet Scott. 932 HAT
The mysterious Queen, who is said to have visited Solomon in Jerusalem, has cast her spell over poets, painters and storytellers of many lands.
Have you been good?: a memoir, Vanessa Nicolson. 941.085 NIC
Vanessa Nicolson is the granddaughter of Vita Sackville-West and Harold Nicolson. She was born to an illustrious name and an unhappy marriage. This book is a meditation on the threads of love and loss that weave through a life and an examination of the meaning of cultural privilege in the context of emotional deprivation.
Henry II: a prince among princes, Richard Barber. 942.03 HEN
One of the most dynamic, restless and clever men ever to rule England, Henry II (1154-89) was brought down both by his relationship with his archbishop Thomas Becket and his arguments with his sons, most importantly the future Richard I and King John.
If the oceans were ink: an unlikely friendship and a journey to the heart of the Quran, Carla Power. 297 POW
The eye-opening story of how American Carla Powers and her longtime friend Sheikh Mohammad Akram Nadwi found a way to confront ugly stereotypes and persistent misperceptions that were cleaving their communities.
Jack!: celebrating Jack Body, composer, Jennifer Shennan, Gillian Whitehead & Scilla Askew. 780.92 BOD
John Muir: the Scotsman who saved America's wild places, Mary Colwell. 333.72 MUI
John Muir is regarded as the 'father of America's national parks'.
Lady Constance Lytton: aristocrat, suffragette, martyr, Lyndsey Jenkins. 324.62 LYT
Lady Constance Lytton was the most unlikely of suffragettes. The daughter of a Viceroy of India and herself a lady in waiting to the Queen, a chance encounter with a suffragette suddenly gave her life a purpose.
Madame Weigel: the woman who clothed the Australasian colonies, Veronica R. Lampkin. 646.407 WEI
The life of the remarkable Madame Johanna Weigel, paper pattern manufacturer and publisher of Australia's first fashion journal.
Manchu princess, Japanese spy: the story of Kawashima Yoshiko, the cross-dressing spy who commanded her own army, Phyllis Birnbaum. 951.8 YOS
Matthew McConaughey: the biography, Neil Daniels. 791.43028 MCC
Matthew McConaughey is a Hollywood star with an Oscar to his name. His big break came as lawyer Jack Brigance in 1996's A Time to Kill, based on the best-selling legal thriller by John Grisham.
Messi: a biography, Leonardo Faccio. 796.334 MES
For soccer enthusiasts and sports fans in general, an in-depth look at the life of the beautiful game's greatest star, Argentine footballer Lionel Messi.
My fight/your fight, Ronda Rousey with Maria Burns Ortiz. 796.8 ROU
Ronda Rousey, the Olympic medalist in judo, reigning UFC women's bantamweight champion, and new Hollywood action hero, charts her difficult path to glory.
Never too late, Amber Portwood with Beth Roeser. 306.8743 POR
The former star of MTV's "Teen Mom" shares her experiences from the show, her resulting downward spiral into drug addiction that led her to prison, and how she found the strength to change her life.
On the move: a life, Oliver Sacks. 616.8 SAC
Physician and writer Oliver Sacks recounts his experiences as a young neurologist; his physical passions weight lifting and swimming; his love affairs, both romantic and intellectual; his guilt over leaving his family to come to America; his bond with his schizophrenic brother.
Orchard House: how a neglected garden taught one family to grow, Tara Austen Weaver. 635 WEA
An estranged mother and daughter come together to revive a long-abandoned garden and ultimately their relationship and themselves.
Peg Plunkett: memoirs of a whore, Julie Peakman. 306.74 LEE
Revelations and racy anecdotes about the lives of the rich and famous of Dublin and London abound within Peg Plunkett: Memoirs of a Whore. From a violent domestic background, Peg blitzed her way through balls and masquerades creating scandals and gossip wherever she went, leaving dukes, barristers and lieutenants stranded in her wake. She was the first madame ever to write her memoirs.
Picnic in Provence, Elizabeth Bard. 944.9 BAR
In Lunch in Paris, Elizabeth Bard fell in love with a handsome Frenchman and moved to the City of Light. In this mouthwatering follow-up, the couple and their newborn son bid farewell to Paris for rural life in a tiny village in Provence land of blue skies, lavender fields and peaches that taste like sunshine.
Planck: driven by vision, broken by war, Brandon R. Brown. 530 PLA
Max Planck is credited with being the father of quantum theory, and his work laid the foundation for our modern understanding of matter and energetic processes.The story of a brilliant man living in a dangerous time, Brandon Brown gives Max Planck his rightful place in the history of science, and shows how war-torn Germany deeply impacted his life and work.
Print the legend: the life and times of John Ford, Scott Eyman. 791.43023 FOR
Follows the legendary John Ford through a career that spanned more than five decades, drawing on dozens of personal interviews, material from Ford's estate, and film criticism.
Racing the gods: a Ducati superbike racer's autobiography, Paul Ritte. 796.75 RIT
Ritter raced a Ducati 750SS and 900SS during the formative days of American Superbike racing. Nearly 20 years after retiring from top-level racing, Ritter was hurt in tragic accident at a vintage race that left him without the use of his legs. His story of dealing with a tragic loss is as powerful and inspiring as his remarkable success on the race track.
Racing toward sobriety: the extraordinary story of Iditarod Musher Mike Williams, Mike Williams Sr. and Lew Freedman. 362.292 WIL
For the first time, Alaska musher and tribal leader Mike Williams shares his remarkable life story with veteran sports writer Lew Freedman.
Red love: the story of an East German family, Maxim Leo . 943.1 LEO
In Red Love Maxim Leo captures, with warmth and unflinching honesty, why so many dreamed the GDR would be a new world and why, in the end, it fell apart.
Return: a Palestinian memoir, Ghada Karmi. 305.488 KAR
After growing up in Britain following exile from Palestine in 1948, Karmi returns to her homeland in the hope of helping with the peace process and the possibility of a Palestinian state.
Romantic outlaws: the extraordinary lives of Mary Wollstonecraft & Mary Shelley, Charlotte Gordon. 305.42 WOL
The first book to tell the story of the passionate and pioneering lives of Mary Wollstonecraft English feminist and author of the landmark book, The Vindication of the Rights of Women and her novelist daughter Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein.
Russian tattoo: a memoir, Elena Gorokhova. 305.89171 GOR
Elena Gorokhova describes coming of age behind the Iron Curtain and leaving her mother and her Motherland for a new life in the United States.
Separate lives: the story of Sir George and Lady Grey, Gwen Chessell ; foreword by Edmund Bohan. 993.02 GRE
This is the first biography to tell the story of George and Eliza together, two vital characters who came together with high hopes but whom scandalous notoriety forced apart during the reign of Queen Victoria. As a result, the political equilibrium of George was destroyed and Eliza became a victim of the 19th century's attitude towards women and marriage.
Slipping the moorings: a memoir weaving faith with justice, ethics and community, Richard Randerson. 283.092 RAN
A memoir covering 50 years of the author's life as Anglican priest and bishop.
Stalin's daughter: the extraordinary and tumultuous life of Svetlana Alliluyeva, Rosemary Sullivan. 947.0842 ALL
Taheke: an account of the Hokianga in the life of New Zealand painter Annette Isbey, Denys Trussell. 759.993 ISB
Concerns the younger life of the painter, Annette Isbey in Hokianga between 1936-1946 and the influence of that environment on her art.
Testament of friendship: the story of Winifred Holtby, Vera Brittain ; introduced by Mark Bostridge. 823.912 HOL
A moving record of a friendship between two women of courage, determination and intelligence, and a wonderful portrait of a lifelong love.
The book of Joan: tales of mirth, mischief, and manipulation, Melissa Rivers. 792.7 RIV
Melissa Rivers relates funny, poignant and irreverent observations, thoughts, and tales about the woman who raised her and is the reason she considers valium one of the four basic food groups.
The good life on Te Muna Road, Deborah Coddington. 993.66 COD
An engaging, affectionate reflection on life in a small rural community, finding love and making wine.
The odd woman and the city: a memoir, Vivian Gornick. 818.54 GOR
A memoir of self-discovery and the dilemma of connection in our time.
The road to Monaco: my life in motor racing, Howden Ganley. 796.72 GAN
New Zealander Howden Ganley raced cars at the highest level internationally at the apex of motor racing's most glamorous and dangerous era — the 1960s and 70s.
The seven good years, Etgar Keret. 892.437 KER
The Seven Good Years is a tender and entertaining tale of a father bringing up his son in a country beset by wars and alarms.
The still point of the turning world, Emily Rapp. 618.9285 RAP
Like all mothers, Emily Rapp had ambitious plans for her first and only child, Ronan. But all of these plans changed when Ronan was diagnosed at nine months old with Tay-Sachs disease, a rare and always-fatal degenerative disorder. She re-examines our most fundamental assumptions about what it means to be a good parent, to be a success, and to live a meaningful life.
The Wright brothers: the dramatic story behind the legend, David McCullough. 629.13 WRI
On a winter day in 1903, in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, two unknown brothers from Ohio changed history. But it would take the world some time to believe what had happened: the age of flight had begun.
Under the same sky: from starvation in North Korea to salvation in America, Joseph Kim with Stephan Talty. 362.87 KIM
A searing story of starvation and survival in North Korea, followed by a dramatic escape, rescue by activists and Christian missionaries, and success in the United States thanks to newfound faith and courage.
Whatever love is love: questioning the labels we give ourselves, Maria Bello. 791.45028 BEL
The acclaimed actress and dedicated activist shares her personal journey of discovery, and destroys outdated ideas about partnership, love and family that will resonate with anyone in an unconventional life situation. Actress and activist Maria Bello made waves with her essay, Coming Out as a Modern Family, in the New York
William III and Mary II: partners in revolution, Jonathan Keates. 941.068 WIL
William III (1689-1702) and Mary II (1689-94), Britain's only ever 'joint monarchs', changed the course of the country's history, coming to power through a coup, re-establishing parliament on a new footing and initiating a long period of expansion that transformed England into a world power.
Woman rebel: the Margaret Sanger story, Peter Bagge. 613.943 SAN
Portrays the life of Margaret Sanger, a birth control activist and advocate for female reproductive rights, in graphic novel format.

Business & Management

Achieving high performance, written by Mike Bourne and Pippa Bourne. 658.409 BOU
Business development for dummies, Anna Kennedy. 658.022 KEN
Data-ism: inside the big data revolution, Steve Lohr. 658.4038 LOH
Do over: rescue Monday, reinvent your work, and never get stuck, Jon Acuff. 650.1 ACU
Effective communication, written by James O'Rourke. 658.45 ORO
Engaging change: a people-centred approach to business transformation, Mark Wilcox and Mark Jenkins. 658.406 WIL
Hello stay interviews, goodbye talent loss: a manager's playbook, Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans. 658.314 KAY
How to succeed with continuous improvement: a primer for becoming the best in the world, Joakim Ahlstrom. 658.562 AHL
Leading cultural change: the theory and practice of successful organisational transformation, James McCalman and David Potter. 658.3 MCC
Leading with strategic thinking: four ways effective leaders gain insight, drive change, and get results, Aaron K. Olson, B. Keith Simerson. 658.409 OLS
Marketing above the noise: achieve strategic advantage with marketing that matters, Linda J. Popky. 658.8 POP
Organization development: a practitioner's guide for OD and HR, Mee-Yan Cheung-Judge and Linda Holbeche. 658.406 CHE
Roadmap: the get-it-together guide for figuring out what to do with your life, Brian McAllister. 650.1 MCA
The authors travel the world interviewing accomplished individuals in every field and ask them how they built meaningful careers.
Simple rules: how to thrive in a complex world, Donald Sull and Kathleen M. Eisenhardt. 650.1 SUL
Singletasking: get more done, one thing at a time, Devora Zack. 650.11 ZAC
Stand out: how to find your breakthrough idea and build a following around it, Dorie Clark. 658.409 CLA
The business of winning: strategic success from the Formula One track to the boardroom, Mark Gallagher. 658.4 GAL
The essential guide for hiring & getting hired, Lou Adler. 658.311 ADL
The hard hat: 21 ways to be a great teammate: a true story: the heart of a leader and the spirit of a team, Jon Gordon. 658.402 GOR
Ultimate guide to LinkedIn for business, Ted Prodromou. 658.872 PRO
Under the hood: fire up and fine-tune your employee culture, Stan Slap. 658.312 SLA
Understanding project management: skills and insights for successful project delivery, Gary Straw. 658.404 STR


Macanudo. #2, Liniers. 741.5 LIN
Two pedants. Season one, Sean Molloy. 741.5 MOL
Comic strip originally published on the web, about two pedants saving the world, one correction at a time.


Basics of web design HTML5 & CSS3, Terry Ann Felke-Morris. 005.754 FEL
Beginning Android wearables, Andres Calvo. 004.165 CAL
Getting started with the photon, Simon Monk. 629.89 MON
Mac basics in easy steps, Drew Provan. 004.165 MCI
Teach your kids to code: a parent-friendly guide to Python programming, Bryson Payne. 005.133 PYT
The golden rules of blogging: & when to break them, Robin Houghton. 006.7 HOU
Wireshark 101: essential skills for network analysis, Laura Chappell. 004.6 CHA

Crafts & Collecting & Hobbies

A little bit crafty, Frankie magazine. 745.5 LIT
A year of jewelry: 36 projects with vintage beads, Kaari Meng. 745.594 MEN
Arm & finger knitting: 35 no-needle knits for the home and to wear, Laura Strutt. 746.14 STR
Cabin fever: 20 modern log cabin quilts, Natalia Bonner and Kathleen Whiting. 746.46 BON
Cats in hats: 30 knit and crochet patterns for your kitty, Sara Thomas. 746.43 THO
Colorful fabric collage: sketch, fuse, quilt!, Sue Bleiweiss. 746.46 BLE
Colorwork knitting: 25 spectacular sweaters, hats, and accessories, Sarah E. White. 746.432 WHI
Crochet boutique hats: 25 fresh takes on classic crocheted hat designs, Rachael Oglesby. 746.434 OGL
Crochet dress-up: over 35 cute and easy pieces to create character costumes, Emma Friedlander-Collins. 746.434 FRI
Crocheted cushions, Susie Johns. 746.434 JOH
Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitter's almanac: the commemorative edition. 746.432 ZIM
Felt wee folk: new adventures: 120 enchanting dolls, Salley Mavor. 745.5922 MAV
Festival fabulous: over 30 craft projects for a unique festival experience, Ros Badger, Christine Leech ; photography by Joanna Henderson. 745.5 BAD
Five-minute quilt blocks: one-seam flying geese block projects for quilts, wallhangings and runners, Suzanne McNeill. 746.46 MCN
Handmade style: 23 must-have basics to stitch, use, and wear, Anna Graham. 646.4 GRA
Interweave favorites. Simply modern lace: 20 knit projects. 746.432 INT
Jewels on Queen, Anne Schofield. 739.27 SCH
One of Australia's best-known antique jewellery expert, unlocks the cabinets in her exclusive Sydney shop in Queen Street, Woollahra and reveals the favourite pieces of jewellery she has bought, sold and collected over 50 years.
Kaffe Fassett's brilliant little patchworks: 20 stitched and patched projects using Kaffe Fassett fabrics, photography by Debbie Patterson. 746.46 FAS
Knit, Jo Sharp. 746.432 SHA
Knits for boys: 27 patterns for little men + grow-with-me tips & tricks, Kate Oates ; photography by Sara Parker. 746.432 OAT
Knitting basics: a step-by-step course for first time knitters, Tracey Lord. 746.432 LOR
Knitting fresh brioche: creating two-colour twists & turns, Nancy Marchant. 746.432 MAR
Little lady Liberty: over 20 simple sewing projects for little girls, Alice Caroline. 646.4 CAR
Made with Dad: from wizards' wands to Japanese dolls, craft projects to build, make, and do with your kids, Chris Barnardo. 745.5 BAR
Make a statement: 25 handcrafted jewelry & accessory projects, Janet Crowther & Katie Covington. 745.594 CRO
Maker spaces: creative interiors from the homes and studios of inspiring makers and designers, Emily Quinton ; photography by Helen Cathcart. 747 QUI
Metric pattern cutting for children's wear and babywear: from birth to 14 years, Winifred Aldrich. 646.406 ALD
Miller's field guide silver, Judith Miller. 739.23 MIL
Mobile art: make your home a magical place with these 35 beautiful hanging decorations, Clare Youngs. 731.55 YOU
Noro lace: 30 exquisite knits. 746.432 NOR
Paper pieced modern: 13 stunning quilts: step-by-step visual guide, Amy Garro. 746.46 GAR
Playing with surface design: modern techniques for painting, stamping, printing and more, Courtney Cerruti with photography by Liz Daly. 746.6 CER
Really wild tea cosies, Loani Prior. 746.96 PRI
Sweaters to knit for baby: complete instructions for 5 projects, Kari Cornell. 746.432 COR
The complete guide to mid-range glazes: glazing & firing at cones 4-7, John Britt. 738.12 BRI
The new hexagon: 52 blocks to English paper piece, Katja Marek. 746.46 MAR
The shirtmaking workbook: pattern, design, and construction resources, David Page Coffin. 646.435 COF
Very British baby knits: 30 stylish designs fit for a royal baby, Susan Campbell. 746.432 CAM
Vintage knits for babies: more than 30 patterns for timeless clothes and toys (0-18 months), Rita Taylor ; photography by Polly Wreford. 746.432 TAY
Warm days, cool knits: lighter designs for every season, Corrina Ferguson. 746.432 FER
Woven textiles: a designers guide, Sharon Kearley. 746.14 KEA

Crime & Espionage

A father's betrayal: a true story, Gabriella Gillespie & edited by Peter Yakoob. 362.829 GIL
Muna and her three sisters were happy children, growing up in Newport South Wales with their English mother and Arabic father. But in 1972 her mother disappeared, setting in motion a chain of events which would forever shatter her seemingly loving family.
Before I sleep: my life fighting crime and corruption, Ray Whitrod. 364.132 WHI
In the early 1970s, Queensland was a haven for crooks from both sides of the law. It was into this hothouse that Ray Whitrod was controversially appointed as police commissioner in 1970. Just six years later he resigned from the head role of the Queensland Police Force, no longer willing to tolerate the interference of the Bjelke-Petersen government.
Behind closed doors, Katherine X with Sue Smethurst. 362.76 SME
The story of Australia's own house of horrors was emerging in a Victorian country town. Under a blanket of suppression orders, a man in his late sixties was quietly arrested, charged and later convicted for the systematic rape, abuse and imprisonment of his only daughter, 'Katherine', which spanned decades.
Beyond contempt: the inside story of the phone hacking trial, Peter Jukes. 364.168 JUK
Black widow: the true story of Australia's first female serial killer, Carol Baxter. 364.1523 COL
Death by cannibal: minds with an appetite for murder, Peter Davidson. 364.1523 DAV
Profiles five cannibalistic serial killers.
Joe Cinque's consolation: a true story of death, grief and the law, Helen Garner. 364.1523 GAR
In October 1997, a clever young law student at ANU made a bizarre plan to murder her devoted boyfriend after a dinner party at their house. Some of the dinner guests — most of them university students — had heard rumours of the plan. Nobody warned Joe Cinque.
The murder of Allison Baden-Clay, David Murray. 364.1523 BAD
Weaves together exclusive interviews and police and court records to explain how a father with no criminal history came to be on trial for a brutal murder. It's also a story about everyday choices and their consequences.


Bold: how to go big, achieve success, and impact the world, Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler. 338.04 DIA
Crises of imagination, crises of power: capitalism, creativity and the commons, Max Haiven. 330.12 HAI
Darling, you can't do both: and other noise to ignore on your way up, Janet Kestin & Nancy Vonk. 331.4 KES
Hubris: why economists failed to predict the crisis and how to avoid the next one, Meghnad Desai. 338.54 DES
The greening of Asia: the business case for solving Asia's environmental emergency, Mark L. Clifford. 338.95 CLI
The looting machine: warlords, tycoons, smugglers, and the systematic theft of Africa's wealth, Tom Burgis. 338.2 BUR
An investigative journey into the ways the resource trade wreaks havoc on Africa.
When to rob a bank: a rogue economist's guide to the world, Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner. 330 LEV
Who gets what and why: the hidden world of matchmaking and market design, Alvin E. Roth. 330 ROT
A Nobel laureate reveals the often surprising rules that govern a vast array of activities both mundane and life-changing in which money may play little or no role.


Creative dance for all ages: a conceptual approach, Anne Green Gilbert. 792.8 GIL
Dirty teaching: a beginner's guide to learning outdoors, Juliet Robertson. 371.38 ROB
Early childhood education in Aotearoa, New Zealand: history, pedagogy, and liberation, Jenny Ritchie and Mere Skerrett. 372.21 RIT
How to succeed at university: an essential guide to academic skills, personal development and employability, Bob Smale & Julie Fowlie. 378.17 SMA
Learning {re}imagined: how the connected society is transforming learning, Graham Brown-Martin ; photographs by Newsha Tavakolian. 370 BRO
Maths is all around you: developing mathematical concepts in the early years, Marianne Knaus and Sally Featherstone. 372.7 KNA
Phonics handbook, Ruth Miskin. 372.4 MIS
Problem-solving strategies in mathematics: from common approaches to exemplary strategies, Alfred S. Posamentier, Stephen Krulik. 372.7 POS
Teaching the arts: early childhood and primary education, David Roy, William Baker, Amy Hamilton. 372.5 ROY
A comprehensive and exciting introduction to Arts education in Australia and New Zealand.
The survival guide for gifted kids: for ages 10 & under, Judy Galbraith. 371.95 GAL
Tools of the mind: the Vygotskian approach to early childhood education, Elena Bodrova, Deborah J. Leong. 372.21 BOD
Wellesley College 100 years on: a history, 1914-2014, Bruce Levick. 373.93 LEV


Arduino essentials: enter the world of Arduino and its peripherals and start creating interesting projects, Francis Perea. 621.381 PER
Arduino in easy steps, Stuart Yarnold. 621.381 YAR
In the footsteps of I.K. Brunel, Jonathan Falconer. 620.0092 BRU
A celebration of the amazing engineering projects and lasting legacy that I.K. Brunel has contributed to Britain's heritage, including an extensive gazetteer of where his work can still be seen today.
Make: getting started with littleBits, Ayah Bdeir and Matt Richardson. 621.381 BDE
Teaches you just enough electronics to start making things with littleBits and takes you on up through connecting littleBits to the cloud and programming with its Arduino-compatible module.


Coal wars: the future of energy and the fate of the planet, Richard Martin. 338.272 MAR
Thank you, Madagascar: the conservation diaries of Alison Jolly, Alison Jolly. 333.72 JOL
The man of the trees: and other dedicated environmental guardians, presented by Catriona Baker. 634.9 BAK
The mercy of the sky: the story of a tornado, Holly Bailey. 363.349 BAI
The moth snowstorm: nature and joy, Michael McCarthy. 333.72 MCC
Vanishing nature: facing New Zealand's biodiversity crisis, Marie A Brown, RT Theo Stephens, Raewyn Peart, Bevis Fedder. 333.95 BRO


Elegant weddings: the ceremony, the reception, the clothes, Jens Christiansen, photography, Sandra Birgersdotter, Linda Brostrom. 395.22 ELE
The rustic wedding handbook, Maggie Lord ; photography by Maggie Carson Romano. 395.22 LOR


A table in the orchard: my delicious life, Michelle Crawford. 630.994 CRA
A Table in the Orchard is breathtaking proof of how seductive a taste of slow living in one of the most beautiful valleys in Tasmania might be.
Restoration agriculture: real-world permaculture for farmers, Mark Shepard. 631.58 SHE
The community-scale permaculture farm: the D Acres model for creating and managing an ecologically designed educational center, Josh Trought. 631.58 TRO
The smallholder's handbook: keeping and caring for poultry and livestock on a small scale, Suzie Baldwin ; photography by Rachel Warne. 630 BAL


A darker eden: fashion from Dunedin, Doris De Pont. 746.92 DE
Fashion visionaries, Linda Watson. 746.92 WAT
Gentleman: a timeless guide to fashion, Bernhard Roetzel ; photography Gunter Beer. 391.1 ROE
How to fake real beauty: tricks of the trade to master your makeup, Ramy Gafni ; photography by Carls Chiassone. 646.72 GAF
How to get dressed: a costume designer's secrets for making your clothes look, fit, and feel amazing, Alison Freer ; illustrations by Julia Kuo. 646.3 FRE
Italian glamour: the essence of Italian fashion from the postwar years to the present day: the Enrico Quinto and Paolo Tinarelli collection. 746.92 ITA
London society fashion: 1905-1925: the wardrobe of Heather Firbank, Cassie Davies-Strodder, Jenny Lister and Lou Taylor. 391 FIR
LV: the icon and the iconoclasts: celebrating monogram: C.L, C.S, F.G, K.L, M.N, R.K, texts by Jo-Ann Furniss. 746.92 FUR
Marcel Rochas: designing French glamour, text, Sophie Rochas ; photography, by Francis Hammond. 746.92 ROC
Plucked: a history of hair removal, Rebecca M. Herzig. 617.47 HER
The biggest black book ever: a man's ultimate guide to life and style, Esquire. 646.7 BIG

Film, Television & Theatre

Harry Potter: magical places from the films: Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, and beyond, Jody Revenson. 791.437 REV
In the company of legends, Joan Kramer and David Heeley. 791.43028 KRA
The director is the commander, Anna Broinowski. 791.43 BRO
Looking for respite from her crumbling marriage and determined to stop a coal seam gas mine near her Sydney home, filmmaker Anna Broinowski finds wisdom and inspiration in the strangest of places: North Korea.
The outstanding actor: seven keys to success, Ken Rea. 792.028 REA


Meet me in Atlantis: my quest to find the sunken city, Mark Adams. 398.23 ADA
Victorian fairy tales, edited by Michael Newton. 398.2 VIC

Food & Wine

All or nothing: one chef's appetite for the extreme, Jesse Schenker. 641.5 SCH
All you need to know to make beautiful breads, Nadene Hall. 641.631 HAL
Anatolia: adventures in Turkish cooking, Somer Sivrioglu & David Dale. 641.59561 SIV
At my table: vegetarian feasts for family and friends, Mary McCartney. 641.5636 MCC
Bitter: a taste of the world's most dangerous flavor with recipes, Jennifer McLagan ; photography by Aya Brackett. 641.5 MCL
Chinese unchopped: authentic Chinese recipes, broken down into simple techniques, Jeremy Pang ; photography by Martin Poole. 641.5951 PAN
Cook:30: create delicious wholefood plant-based meals from scratch in just 30 minutes, Jeremy Dixon. 641.555 DIX
Darjeeling: a history of the world's greatest tea, Jeff Koehler. 338.1737 KOE
Eat real food: the only solution to permanent weight loss and disease prevention, David Gillespie. 641.302 GIL
Egg: the very best recipes inspired by the simple egg, Blanche Vaughan. 641.675 VAU
Food at sea: shipboard cuisine from ancient to modern times, Simon Spalding. 641.575 SPA
Get the glow: 100 delicious and easy recipes that will nourish you from the inside out, Madeleine Shaw. 641.563 SHA
Life is sweet, Tarek Malouf and the Hummingbird Bakers. 641.865 MAL
Live well on less, Jody Allen. 640 ALL
Macarons, Pierre Herme ; photography, Bernhard Winkelmann. 641.8654 HER
Maggie's winter harvest recipes, Maggie Beer with photography by Mark Chew. 641.564 BEE
One-pot paleo: simple to make, delicious to eat and gluten-free to boot, Jenny Castaneda. 641.563 CAS
Primal kitchen: real food recipes, Sarah Dueweke ; photography, Elizabeth Clarkson. 641.563 DUE
Raw: 150 dairy-free and gluten-free vegan recipes, Omid Jaffari. 641.5636 JAF
Recipes from my French kitchen, Allyson Gofton. 641.5944 GOF
Retro baking. 641.815 RET
Solo: inspirational cooking for one, Linda Tubby ; photography by Ali Allen. 641.561 TUB
The art of making gelato: 50 flavors to make at home, Morgan Morano. 641.862 MOR
The art of modeling chocolate, Nadia Flecha Guazo. 641.8653 GUA
The candida free cookbook: 125 recipes to beat candida and live yeast free. 641.5631 CAN
The detox kitchen bible, Lily Simpson & Robert Hobson. 641.563 SIM
The Dorito effect: the surprising new truth about food and flavor, Mark Schatzker. 641.3 SCH
The Larousse book of bread: recipes to make at home, Eric Kayser. 641.815 KAY
The naked diet, Tess Ward ; photography by Columbus Leth. 641.563 WAR
The Tucci table, Stanley Tucci and Felicity Blunt with Kay Plunkett-Hogge. 641.5945 TUC
The world on a plate: 40 cuisines, 100 recipes, and the stories behind them, Mina Holland. 641.59 PER

Gardens and Gardening

Alpines: an illustrated guide to varieties, cultivation and care, with step-by-step instructions and over 175 inspiring photographs, Christopher Grey-Wilson ; photography by Jonathan Buckley.. 635.952 GRE
Chris Packham's back garden nature reserve. 639.92 PAC
Many of Britain's plants and animals have come to rely upon gardens as an essential lifeline as their natural habitats come under increasing pressure from human activity and global warming.
Compost city: practical composting know-how for small-space living, Rebecca Louie. 631.87 LOU
Edible perennial gardening: growing successful polycultures in small spaces, Anni Kelsey. 635 KEL
Gardening on a shoestring: 100 ways to create a garden on a budget, Alex Mitchell ; photography by Sarah Cuttle. 635 MIT
Homegrown: illustrated bites from your garden to your table, Heather Hardison. 635 HAR
How plants work: the science behind the amazing things plants do, Linda Chalker-Scott. 571.2 CHA
How to create a new vegetable garden: producing a beautiful and fruitful garden from scratch, Charles Dowding. 635 DOW
Landscape design, Sandu Publishing Co., Ltd. 712 LAN
Practical rose gardening: how to place, plant, and grow more than fifty easy-care varieties, Inger Palmstierna ; translated by Gun Penhoat. 635.93 ROS
Small space garden ideas, Philippa Pearson. 635 PEA
Succulents: an illustrated guide to varieties, cultivation and care, with step-by-step instructions and over 145 stunning photographs, Terry Hewitt ; photography by Peter Anderson. 635.952 HEW
The allergy-fighting garden: stop asthma and allergies with smart landscaping, Thomas Leo Ogren. 635 OGR
The gardener's book of colour, Andrew Lawson. 635.968 LAW
The gardener's guide to weather & climate, Michael Allaby. 635 ALL
The new shade garden: creating a lush oasis in the age of climate change, Ken Druse. 635.954 DRU
The organic composting handbook: techniques for a healthy, abundant garden, Dede Cummings. 631.87 CUM
The seed garden: the art and practice of seed saving, Lee Buttala & Shanyn Siegel ; written by Micaela Colley & Jared Zystro. 635 COL
The urban wildlife gardener: how to attract birds, bees, butterflies, and more, Emma Hardy. 635.96 HAR

Graphic novels

Displacement, Lucy Knisley. 741.5 KNI
In the next installment of her graphic memoir series, Displacement, Knisley volunteers to watch over her ailing grandparents.

Health & Medicine

Another person's poison: a history of food allergy, Matthew Smith. 616.975 SMI
Asperger syndrome autism spectrum disorder and long-term relationships, Ashley Stanford. 616.8588 STA
Becoming a supple leopard: the ultimate guide to resolving pain, preventing injury, and optimizing athletic performance, Kelly Starrett with Glen Cordoza. 613.71 STA
Body of truth: how science, history, and culture drive our obsession with weight and what we can do about it, Harriet Brown. 613.25 BRO
Bondage basics: naughty knots and risque restraints you need to know, Lord Morpheous. 613.96 MOR
Coping successfully with hiatus hernia, Tom Smith. 616.32 SMI
Creatures of a day: and other tales of psychotherapy, Irvin D. Yalom. 616.8914 YAL
Depression: the way out of your prison, Dorothy Rowe. 616.8527 ROW
Epic measures: one doctor, seven billion patients, Jeremy N. Smith. 362.1 SMI
Medical doctor and economist Christopher Murray began the Global Burden of Disease studies to gain a truer understanding of how we live and how we die. Murray argues that the ideal existence isn't simply the longest but the one lived well and with the least illness.
Feed your fertility: your guide to cultivating a healthy pregnancy with traditional chinese medicine, real food, and holistic living, Emily Bartlett, & Laura Erlich. 618.178
Healing the shame that binds you, John Bradshaw. 616.8914 BRA
Homemade bath bombs, salts & scrubs: 300 natural recipes for luxurious soaks, Kate Bello. 668.12 BEL
How to survive anything: a visual guide to laughing in the face of adversity, illustrated by Rob Dobi. 613.69 HOW
Iyengar yoga: classic yoga postures for mind, body and spirit, Judity Smith ; photography by Clare Park. 613.7046 SMI
Learning to breathe fire: the rise of CrossFit and the primal future of fitness, J.C. Herz. 613.7 HER
Living with hearing loss, Don McFerran, Lucy Hanscomb and Cherilee Rutherford. 362.42 MCF
Mindfulness & yoga skills for children and adolescents: 115 activities for trauma, self-regulation, special needs & anxiety, Barbara Neiman. 613.7046 NEI
My 20 golden rules: your guide to exceptional health, Jason Shon Bennett. 613 BEN
Overcoming worry and generalised anxiety disorder: a self-help guide to using cognitive behaioural techniques, Kevin Meares and Mark Freeston. 616.8522
Power yoga for athletes: more than 100 poses and flows to improve performance in any sport, Sean Vigue. 613.7046 VIG
Same time next week: true stories of working through mental illness, Lee Gutkind. 616.89 SAM
Skin cleanse: the simple, all-natural program for clear, calm, happy skin, Adina Grigore. 613.4 GRI
Stem cells for dummies, Lawrence S.B. Goldstein and Meg Schneider. 616.027 GOL
Stop the thyroid madness. II: how thyroid experts are challenging ineffective treatments and improving the lives of patients, Janie A. Bowthorpe, editor. 616.444
Sugar crush: how to reduce inflammation, reverse nerve damage, and reclaim good health, Dr. Richard P. Jacoby and Raquel Baldelomar. 612.12 JAC
The badass body diet: the breakthrough diet and workout for a tight booty, sexy abs, and lean legs, Christmas Abbott with Maggie Greenwood-Robinson. 613.2
The brain book: development, function, disorder, health, Ken Ashwell. 612.82 ASH
The CBT handbook: a comprehensive guide to using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to overcome depression, anxiety and anger, Pamela Myles and Roz Shafran. 616.8914
The diet myth: the real science behind what we eat, Tim Spector. 613.2 SPE
The elimination diet: discover the foods that are making you sick and tired and feel better fast, Alissa Segersten and Tom Malterre. 613.2 SEG
The gluten lie: and other myths about what you eat, Alan Levinovitz. 613.2 LEV
The good gut: taking control of your weight, your mood, and your long-term health, Justin Sonnenburg, and Erica Sonnenburg. 616.079 SON
The gut balance revolution: boost your metabolism, restore your inner ecology, and lose the weight for good!, Gerard E. Mullin, MD. 613.25 MUL
The man who touched his own heart: true tales of science, surgery, and mystery, Rob Dunn. 612.17 DUN
The mindfulness toolbox: 50 practical mindfulness tips, tools, and handouts for anxiety, depression, stress and pain, Donald Altman. 616.8522 ALT
The naked surgeon: the power and peril of transparency in medicine, Samer Nashef. 617.9 NAS
The overworked person's guide to better nutrition: simple steps you can take to eat well, reduce stress, and improve your health, Jill Weisenberger. 613.2 WEI
The patient will see you now: the future of medicine is in your hands, Eric Topol. 610 TOP
The prenatal bombshell: help and hope when continuing or ending a precious pregnancy after an abnormal diagnosis, Stephanie Azri and Sherokee Ilse. 618.3
The stroke survival guide, Mark Greener. 616.81 GRE
The whole30: the 30-day guide to total health and food freedom, Melissa Hartwig and Dallas Hartwig with Chef Richard Bradford. 613.2 HAR
Tox-sick: from toxic to not sick, Suzanne Somers. 613.1 SOM
Training food: get the fuel you need to achieve your goals before, during and after exercise, Renee McGregor. 613.2 MCG
Walking the weight off for dummies, Erin Palinski-Wade. 613.71 PAL
Yoga & pilates for everyone: a complete sourcebook of yoga and pilates exercises to tone and strengthen the body, with 1800 step-by-step photographs, Francoise Barbira Freedman.. 613.7046 YOG
Your new pregnancy bible, editor, Dr Anne Deans. 618.2 YOU

History, Geography & Travel

A nation and not a rabble: the Irish Revolution 1913-1923, Diarmaid Ferriter. 941.50821 FER
A year in the life of Ancient Egypt, Rosalie David. 932 DAV
At home with the Soanes: upstairs, downstairs in 19th century London, Susan Palmer. 942.107 SOA
Australia and its neighbours 1494-1799: Western powers reach out to the East and Pacific Ocean, R.S. Bennett. 996 BEN
A second edition of Volume 2 of the author's book Treaty to Treaty.
Bad days in history: a gleefully grim chronicle of misfortune, mayhem, and misery for every day of the year, Michael Farquhar ; illustrations by Giulia Ghigini. 909 FAR
Beale Street dynasty: sex, song, and the struggle for the soul of Memphis, Preston Lauterbach. 976.819 LAU
Between river and sea: encounters in Israel and Palestine, Dervla Murphy. 956.94 MUR
Born survivors: three young mothers and their extraordinary story of courage, defiance, and hope, Wendy Holden. 940.5318 HOL
An incredible, inspirational story of resilience, resourcefulness, and maternal courage, set against the background of the holocaust.
Britain's greatest generation: how our parents & grandparents made the twentieth century, Sue Elliott and Steve Humphries. 941.082 ELL
Buy me the sky: the remarkable truth of China's one-child generations, Xinran. 951.05 ZIN
Channel shore: from the white cliffs to land's end, Tom Fort. 942.2 FOR
China under Mao: a revolution derailed, Andrew G. Walder. 951.05 WAL
Coastlines: the story of our shore, Patrick Barkham ; illustrated by Emily Faccini. 577.69 BAR
Told through a series of walks beside the sea, this is a story of the most beautiful 742 miles of coastline in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Descending dragon, rising tiger: a history of Vietnam, Vu Hong Lien and Peter D. Sharrock. 959.7 VU
Dispatches from dystopia: histories of places not yet forgotten, Kate Brown. 907.2 BRO
Enchanting Trinidad & Tobago, Ivor Skinner. 972.983 SKI
Farewell Kabul: from Afghanistan to a more dangerous world, Christina Lamb. 958.1 LAM
Flirting with French: adventures in pursuit of a language, William Alexander. 944 ALE
Granada: the light of Andalucia, Steven Nightingale. 946.82 NIG
Great waterways journeys: 20 glorious routes circling England, by canal and river, Derek Pratt. 942 PRA
Hitler's forgotten children: my life inside the Lebensborn, Ingrid von Oelhafen & Tim Tate with Dr Dorothee Schmitz-Koster. 943.086 OEL
The Lebensborn programme was the brainchild of Himmler: an extraordinary plan to create an Aryan master race, leaving behind thousands of displaced victims in the wake of the Nazi regime.
India: land of tigers and temples, Alex Gomille. 954 GOM
Isabella Bird: a photographic journal of travels through China 1894-1896, Deborah Ireland. 951.035 BIR
Kenya, Anthony Ham, Stuart Butler, Kate Thomas. 967.62 HAM
Lonely Planet guide
King John: and the road to Magna Carta, Stephen Church. 942.033 JOH
Lives in common: Arabs and Jews in Jerusalem, Jaffa and Hebron, Menachem Klein ; translated by Haim Watzman. 956.9 KLE
Loire Valley, Jack Tresidder. 944.5 TRE
DK Eyewitness Travel Guide
Lost to time: unforgettable stories that history forgot, Martin W. Sandler. 904 SAN
Magna Carta: the true story behind the charter, David Starkey. 942.033 STA
Marching through suffering: loss and survival in North Korea, Sandra Fahy. 951.93 FAH
Mawson's remarkable men: the personal stories of the epic 1911-14 Australasian Antarctic Expedition, David Jensen. 998.9 MAW
One wild song: a voyage in a lost son's wake, Paul Heiney. 910.45 HEI
To try to reconnect with this happier memory of his son, Paul decides to set out alone on a voyage he would have liked them to have embarked upon together. Cape Horn is the sailor's Everest.
Postcards from the Middle East: how our family fell in love with the Arab world, Chris Naylor. 956 NAY
Samurai and the culture of Japan's great peace, Fabian Drixler, William D. Fleming, Robert George Wheeler. 952 DRI
Scandinavia, Andy Symington. 948 SYM
Lonely Planet guide.
Siena: city of secrets, Jane Tylus. 945.58 TYL
Smile of a midsummer night: a picture of Sweden, Lars Gustafsson and Agneta Blomqvist. 948.5 GUS
Spain: the centre of the world 1519-1682, Robert Goodwin. 946.04 GOO
St Petersburg, Catherine Phillips, Christopher and Melanie Rice. 947.45 PHI
DK Eyewitness Travel Guide.
Strolling through Rome: the definitive walking guide to the Eternal City, Mario Erasmo. 945.632 ERA
Tanzania, Mary Fitzpatrick. 967.8 FIT
Lonely Planet guide.
Te Atatu me: photographs of an urban New Zealand village, John B. Turner. 993.23 TUR
The big trip: your ultimate guide to gap years and overseas adventures. 910.2 BIG
The Cotswolds: a cultural history, Jane Bingham. 942.417 BIN
The hanged man and the body thief: finding lives in a museum mystery, Alexandra Roginski. 994.4 ROG
The liberation of the camps: the end of the Holocaust and its aftermath, Dan Stone. 940.5318 STO
The longest August: the unflinching rivalry between India and Pakistan, Dilip Hiro. 327.54 HIR
The Lusitania saga and myth: 100 years on, David Ramsay. 940.45 RAM
The obelisk and the Englishman: the pioneering discoveries of Egyptologist William Bankes, Dorothy U. Seyler. 932 BAN
The real lives of Roman Britain, Guy de la Bedoyere. 936.2 DE
The residence: inside the private world of the White House, Kate Andersen Brower. 975.3 BRO
The rise and fall of classical Greece, Josiah Ober. 938 OBE
The smallest continent: journeys through New Zealand landscapes, Derek Grzelewski. 993 GRZ
The stranger: Barack Obama in the White House, Chuck Todd. 973.932 OBA
The unravelling: high hopes and missed opportunities in Iraq, Emma Sky. 956.7044 SKY
Understanding the Turkish-Armenian controversy over 1915, Mustafa Serdar Palabiyi. 947.56 PAL
Women who ruled: history's 50 most remarkable women, Claudia Gold. 352.23 GOL

House & Garden

A colourful home: create lively palettes for every room, Susan Hable with Lucy Allen Gillis ; photographs by Rinne Allen. 747.94 HAB
An insider's guide to interior design for small spaces: how to create a beautiful home, quickly, effectively and on a budget: expert design and decorating tips, Gail Green. 747.1 GRE
Art on the wall, Dopress Books. 747.3 DOP
Atoms under the floorboards: the surprising science hidden in your home, Chris Woodford. 502 WOO
Clutterfree with kids: change your thinking, discover new habits, free your home, Joshua Becker. 648.5 BEC
Geoffrey Bennison: master decorator, Gillian Newberry. 747 BEN
Island style, India Hicks. 747 HIC
Living in style Scandinavia, texts by Karin Grabk. 747 GRA
Outside living: terraces, balconies, roof decks, courtyards, pocket gardens, and other small outdoor spaces, Francesc Zamora Mola. 728.93 ZAM
Shed decor: how to decorate & furnish your favorite garden room, Sally Coulthard. 747.79 COU
Sustainable: houses with small footprints, Avi Friedman. 720.47 FRI
The new Bohemians: cool & collected homes, Justina Blakeney ; photography by Dabito. 747 BLA
The thoughtful home: creating a home with a heart on any budget, Tahn Scoon. 747 SCO
The Victorian & Edwardian house manual, Ian Alistair Rock. 643.7 ROC
The world of shabby chic: beautiful homes, my story & vision, Rachel Ashwell. 747 ASH
Tiny house living: ideas for building and living well in less than 400 square feet, Ryan Mitchell. 728.37 MIT
Tracery: the art of southern design, Paige Sumblin Schnell ; written with Eleanor Lynn Nesmith. 747 SCH


Scientific Babel: the language of science from the fall of Latin to the rise of English, Michael D. Gordin. 501 GOR


Antarctica in international law, Ben Saul and Tim Stephens. 341.29 ANT
Fresh water in international law, Laurence Boisson de Chazournes. 346.046 BOI
Reading the Riot Act: a 200-year history of justices of the peace in New Zealand, Philip Harkness. 347.016 HAR

Library Science

BiblioTech: why libraries matter more than ever in the age of Google, John Palfrey. 020 PAL
Library analytics and metrics: using data to drive decisions and services, Ben Showers. 020 LIB


C.S. Lewis and his circle: essays and memoirs from the Oxford C.S. Lewis Society, Roger White, Judith Wolfe and Brendan N. Wolfe. 823.912 LEW
How to be well read: a guide to 500 great novels and a handful of literary curiosities, John Sutherland. 809.3 SUT
Life, love and the Archers: recollections, reviews and other prose, Wendy Cope. 828.914 COP
Nightwalking: a nocturnal history of London, Chaucer to Dickens, Matthew Beaumont. 820.932 BEA
On coming home, Paula Morris. 823.92 MOR
Award-winning writer Paula Morris confronts long-standing fears of what it means to return home.
Science in wonderland: the scientific fairy tales of Victorian Britain, Melanie Keene. 820.936 KEE
Sophocles: four tragedies: Oedipus the King, Aias, Philoctetes, Oedipus at Colonus, a new verse translation by Oliver Taplin. 882.2 SOP
The life of Saul Bellow: to fame and fortune, 1915-1964, Zachary Leader. 813.52 BEL
The story of Alice: Lewis Carroll and the secret history of Wonderland, Robert Douglas-Fairhurst. 823.8 LEW
The Urewera notebook, Katherine Mansfield ; edited by Anna Plumridge. 823.912 MAN
The writer's diet, Helen Sword. 808.04 SWO

Music & Musicians

1965: the most revolutionary year in music, Andrew Grant Jackson. 781.64 JAC
A dictionary for the modern clarinetist, Jane Ellsworth. 788.62 ELL
Betchadupa & good pop, photographs by Ian Jorgensen. 781.66 JOR
Born to drum: the truth about the world's greatest drummers from John Bonham and Keith Moon to Sheila E. and Dave Grohl, Tony Barrell. 786.9 BAR
Ejector & indie, photographs by Ian Jorgensen. 781.66 JOR
Influenced by the new wave of the 70s, Flying Nun bands of the 80s and the US college-radio bands and British post-rock of the 90s, a group of bands who flew mostly under the radar were playing some of the most exciting shows in the country.
Events & festivals, photographs by Ian Jorgensen. 781.66 JOR
This edition of A Movement features photographs from some of my favourite events and festivals in New Zealand and Australia, including my very own festival Camp a Low Hum.
Exploring the ambiguous religiosity of Brahms' German requiem, Paul Moon. 782.3238 BRA
Leonard Cohen and philosophy: various positions, Jason Holt. 781.64 COH
Music from New Zealand 2000-2015, photographs by Ian Jorgensen. 781.66 JOR
Presents photos of musicians and bands from all walks of life making music in New Zealand from 2000-2015.
Original rockers, Richard King. 381.45781 KIN
Richard King's account of the several years he spent working in a Bristol independent record shop in the early 90s is destined to become a classic of music writing.
Overseas & internationals, photographs by Ian Jorgensen. 781.66 JOR
I've seen so many great shows over the years, with international artists travelling great distances to New Zealand to play shows in both stadiums and dive bars. Volume 8 of A Movement features photos from some of my favourite international performances in New Zealand and overseas.
Shihad & Wellington rock, photographs by Ian Jorgensen. 781.66 JOR
While the elders of the scene, Shihad, Weta and Fur Patrol, were basing themselves in Australia and tackling the world, back home a new wave of rockers carried on Wellington's obsession with the 'riff'.
The Datsuns & garage rock, photographs by Ian Jorgensen. 781.66 JOR
The Mint Chicks & the underground, photographs by Ian Jorgensen. 781.66 JOR
Though the burgeoning Auckland post-punk scene of the early 2000s was led by bands such as Xanadu and Coolies, it was the national breakthrough of The Mint Chicks and the relentless touring of Die! Die! Die! from Dunedin that made everyone take notice.
The underground is massive: how electronic dance music conquered America, Michaelangelo Matos. 781.64 MAT
Touring, photographs by Ian Jorgensen. 781.66 JOR
Since 2003, I've been lucky to tour with many amazing bands throughout New Zealand and around the world.

Natural Science

Bees: an up-close look at pollinators around the world, Sam Droege, Laurence Packer. 595.79 DRO
Birds and animals of Australia's top end: Darwin, Kakadu, Katherine, and Kununurra, Nick Leseberg & Iain Campbell. 591.994 LES
Butterflies: a complete guide to their biology and behaviour, Dick Vane-Wright. 595.78 VAN
Butterflies of the world, Adrian Hoskins. 595.78 HOS
Coral reefs: secret cities of the sea, Anne Shepphard. 551.42 SHE
Dragonflies: magnificent creatures of water, air, and land, Pieter van Dokkum. 595.73 DOK
Elephant don: the politics of a pachyderm posse, Caitlin O'Connell. 599.67 OCO
Readers will be drawn into dramatic tales of an elephant society at once exotic and surprisingly familiar, as O'Connell's decades of close research reveal extraordinary discoveries about a male society not wholly unlike our own.
Feral cities: adventures with animals in the urban jungle, Tristan Donovan. 591.756 DON
How to clone a mammoth: the science of de-extinction, Beth Shapiro. 591.68 SHA
Nick Baker's British wildlife: a month-by-month guide. 508.41 BAK
Speaking of bears: the bear crisis and a tale of rewilding from Yosemite, Sequoia, and other national parks, Rachel Mazur. 599.78 MAZ
The Kingdon field guide to African mammals, Jonathan Kingdon. 599 KIN
The soul of an octopus: a surprising exploration into the wonder of consciousness, Sy Montgomery. 594.5 MON
This strange wilderness: the life and art of John James Audubon, Nancy Plain. 598.0973 AUD


Babymoves, Marianne Hermsen-van Wanrooy. 649.57 HER
A step by step guide to enhancing your baby's development through his or her own natural movement.
Gentle birth, gentle mothering: a doctor's guide to natural childbirth and gentle early parenting choices, Sarah J. Buckley. 618.45 BUC
How to raise an adult: break free of the overparenting trap and prepare your kid for success, Julie Lythcott-Haims. 649.1 LYT
Inspired baby names from around the world: 6,000 international names and the meaning behind them, Neala Shane. 929.4 SHA
Make your own picture stories for kids with ASD (autism spectrum disorder): a DIY guide for parents and carers, Brian Attwood. 618.9289 ATT
Not what I expected: help and hope for parents of atypical children, Rita Eichenstein. 649.15 EIC
Parenting by the stars, Anne Marie Spicer & Paula Trubshaw. 649.1 PAR
A quality collection of 'real life' parenting stories, tips, family photographs and favourite family recipes sourced from a wide range of New Zealand celebrities.
Parenting in the age of attention snatchers: a step-by-step guide to balancing your child's use of technology, Lucy Jo Palladino. 649.1 PAL
Secrets of the nanny whisperer: a practical guide for finding and achieving the gold standard of care for your child, Tammy Gold. 649.1 GOL
The teenage brain: a neuroscientist's survival guide to raising adolescents and young adults, Frances E. Jensen, MD with Amy Ellis Nutt. 612.64 JEN
Vaccines 2.0: the careful parent's guide to making safe vaccination choices for your family, Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted. 614.47 BLA
When parents part: how mothers and fathers can help their children deal with separation and divorce, Penelope Leach. 306.89 LEA
Your preschooler bible: the most authoritative and up-to-date source book on caring for toddlers and young children, Richard C. Woolfson. 649.123 WOO

Pets & Animals

A guide to… macaws as pet & aviary birds, Rick Jordan and Mark Moore. 636.6865 JOR
A-Z of cat health and first aid: a practical guide for owners, Andrew Gardiner ; line illustrations by Jay Pressnell. 636.8089 GAR
Beekeeping for dummies, Howland Blackiston. 638.1 BLA
Care for your hamster. 636.93 CAR
Care for your kitten. 636.8 CAR
Care for your puppy. 636.7 CAR
Domesticated: evolution in a man-made world, Richard C. Francis. 636 FRA
Flash: the homeless donkey who taught me about life, faith, and second chances, Rachel Anne Ridge. 636.18 RID
Raising chickens for dummies, Kimberly Willis with Rob Ludlow. 636.5 WIL
Team dog: how to train your dog the Navy SEAL way, Mike Ritland with Gary Brozek. 636.70887 RIT
The Dog Squad: incredible true stories of courageous police dogs and their handlers, Vikki Petraitis. 636.737 PET
The secret history of kindness: learning from how dogs learn, Melissa Holbrook Pierson. 636.7083 PIE

Philosophy & Psychology

Altruism: the power of compassion to change yourself and the world, Matthieu Ricard. 171 RIC
I ching = Yijing: the book of change, translated with an introduction and commentary by John Minford. 133.33 I
Seneca: a life, Emily Wilson. 188 SEN
Letters to Gemma, Bryan Carter. 128 CAR
In 2009, 11-year-old Gemma Hart-Hobman was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and spent a year undergoing operations and chemotherapy, only just surviving. During her treatment family friend Bryan Carter wrote a series of long letters to Gemma. Intended to divert, amuse and challenge Gemma, the letters covered a wide range of topics, from religion to advertising to economics


Children of the light, Calliope. 778.92 CAL
Conflict, time, photography, edited by Simon Baker and Shoair Mavlian. 778.99355 CON
Country house camera, Christopher Simon Sykes. 778.92 SYK
Hold still: a memoir with photographs, Sally Mann. 770 MAN
Macro photography: from snapshots to great shots, Rob Sheppard. 778.324 SHE
Memories at your fingertips: organise your digital photos like a pro, Beth Jennings. 025.06775 JEN
One hundred 100 portraits, Angela Lo Priore. 778.92 LO
A gallery of 100 portraits of Hollywood stars.
Spirit of place, Aurelien Villette. 778.94 VIL
What happens to buildings when they are no longer needed or have outlasted their original purpose? French photographer Aurelien Villette has made it his mission to trace these dilapidated buildings and capture their incomparable beauty in wondrous colour photographs.
Women photographers: from Julia Margaret Cameron to Cindy Sherman, Boris Friedewald. 770 FRI


Wolf Hall ; and, Bring up the bodies, adapted for the stage by Mike Poulton ; from the novels by Hilary Mantel. 822.92 POU


Half dark, Harry Ricketts. 821.914 RIC
NZ poetry
Learn by heart poetry: verse to enjoy and cherish for life, compiled by George Davidson. 808.81 LEA
Sentenced to life: poems 2011-2014, Clive James. 821.914 JAM
Australian poetry
Song of the ghost in the machine, Roger Horrocks. 821.914 HOR
NZ poetry
The conch trumpet, David Eggleton. 821.914 EGG
NZ poetry
The north ship, Philip Larkin. 821.914 LAR
"The North Ship", Philip Larkin's earliest volume of verse, was first published in August 1945 and reissued in 1966 by Faber. The introduction, by Larkin himself, explains the circumstances of its publication and the influences which shaped its content.
Truth or beauty: biographical poetry, edited by Anna Jackson, Helen Rickerby and Angelina Sbroma. 821.008035 TRU
Features both new and previously published poetry by some of Australia and New Zealand's finest poets and some important up-and-comers.
Words that matter: 10 years of Seraph Press, edited and designed by Helen Rickerby. 821.9208 WOR
NZ poetry.

Politics & Government

A superpower transformed: the remaking of American foreign relations in the 1970s, Daniel J. Sargent. 327.73 SAR
Undoing the demos: neoliberalism's stealth revolution, Wendy Brown. 320.51 BRO


Haerenga: early Maori journeys across the globe, Vincent O'Malley. 910.4 OMA
From the late eighteenth century, Maori travellers spread out from New Zealand to Australia, Britain and the world. Most travellers eventually returned home, bringing something of their own 'new world' experiences with them.
Maori art: history, architecture, landscape and theory, Rangihiroa Panoho ; with photographs by Mark Bentley Adams & Haruhiko Sameshima. 704.03994 PAN
This book presents a unique focus on Maori art by exploring the connection between the traditional and contemporary, and the place of Maori art within an international context.
Rhyme & reo: aeiou: a fun way to learn Maori vowel sounds, Jessica Ngatai: illustrations by Ella Watson. 499.442 NGA

Religion & Ethics

A fearless heart: why compassion is the key to greater wellbeing, Thupten Jinpa. 294.35 THU
Born bad: original sin and the making of the Western world, James Boyce. 233.1 BOY
Buddhism: one teacher, many traditions, Bhiksu Tenzin Gyatso, the Fourteenth Dalai Lama and Bhiksuni Thubten Chodron. 294.34 BST
Galileo's middle finger: heretics, activists, and the search for justice in science, Alice Dreger. 174.28 DRE
God speaks as His presence unto the edifice of God. 231.7 EDD
God speaks for His bride via the clouds of conquest, Anthony A. Eddy. 231.7 EDD
God speaks to his end-time: calls for man, Anthony A. Eddy. 236.9 EDD
How to be a bad Christian: and a better human being, Dave Tomlinson with illustrations by Rob Pepper. 248.4 TOM
Judas: the troubling history of the renegade Apostle, Peter Stanford. 226.092 JUD
Luther's fortress: Martin Luther and his Reformation under siege, James Reston, Jr. 270.6 LUT
One spirit medicine: ancient ways to ultimate wellness, Alberto Villoldo, PhD. 291.144 VIL
Reimagining God: the faith journey of a modern heretic, Lloyd Geering ; foreword by Tom Hall. 231 GEE
The 8th chakra: what it is and how it can transform your life, Jude Currivan. 294.54 CUR
The book of the people: how to read the Bible, A. N. Wilson. 220.6 WIL
The Buddha on wall street: what's wrong with capitalism and what we can do about it, Vaddhaka Linn. 294.33 LIN
The future of the Catholic Church with Pope Francis, Garry Wills. 282 WIL
The healing I took birth for: practicing the art of compassion, Ondrea Levine, as told to Stephen Levine. 204.4 LEV
The road to character, David Brooks. 179.9 BRO
Welcome to the Orthodox Church: an introduction to Eastern Christianity, Frederica Mathewes-Green. 281 MAT


30-second maths: the 50 most mind-expanding theories in mathematics, each explained in half a minute, editor, Richard Brown. 510 THI
A brief history of mathematical thought :key concepts and where they come from, Luke Heaton. 510 HEA
Asteroids: relics of ancient time, Michael K. Shepard. 523.44 SHE
Astronomy in minutes: the night sky explained in an instant, Giles Sparrow. 520 SPA
Beyond: our future in space, Chris Impey. 629.4 IMP
Black hole: how an idea abandoned by Newtonians, hated by Einstein, and gambled on by Hawking became loved, Marcia Bartusiak. 523.88 BAR
Cell biology and genetics, Matt Stubbs, Narin Suleyman. 571.6 STU
Einstein's dice and Schrodinger's cat: how two great minds battled quantum randomness to create a unified theory of physics, Paul Halpern. 530.133 HAL
Einstein's masterwork: 1915 and the general theory of relativity, John Gribbin with Mary Gribbin. 530.11 EIN
Everyday maths for grown-ups: getting to grips with the basics, Kjartan Poskitt. 510 POS
Expanding universe: photographs from the Hubble space telescope, . 520 EXP
Exploring the invisible universe: from black holes to superstrings, Belal E. Baaquie, Frederick H. Willeboordse. 530 BAA
Geek physics: surprising answers to the planet's most interesting questions, Rhett Allain. 530 ALL
Haeckel's embryos: images, evolution, and fraud, Nick Hopwood. 576.8 HOP
Headstrong: 52 women who changed science and the world, Rachel Swaby. 509 SWA
Introducing mineralogy, John Mason. 549 MAS
Journey to the centre of the Earth: the remarkable voyage of scientific discovery into the heart our world, David Whitehouse. 551.11 WHI
Just six numbers: the deep forces that shape the universe, Martin Rees. 523.1 REE
Physics I practice problems for dummies, . 530 PHY
Pyrite: a natural history of fool's gold, David Rickard. 549.3 RIC
Rain: a natural and cultural history, Cynthia Barnett. 551.577 BAR
Relativity: the special & the general theory, Albert Einstein with commentaries and background material by Hanoch Gutfreund and Jurgen Renn. 530.11 EIN
Starmus: 50 years of man in space, editors in chief, Garik Israelian & Brian May. 629.45 STA
The biology book: from the origin of life to epigenetics, 250 milestones in the history of biology, Michael C. Gerald, with Gloria E. Gerald. 570.9 GER
The Earth: from myths to knowledge, Hubert Krivine. 550 KRI
The end of science: facing the limits of knowledge in the twilight of the scientific age, John Horgan. 501 HOR
The foundations of mathematics, Ian Stewart and David Tall. 511.3 STE
The man who stalked Einstein: how Nazi scientist Philipp Lenard changed the course of history, Bruce J. Hillman, Birgit Ertl-Wagner, and Bernd C. Wagner. 530
The secret life of space, Heather Couper and Nigel Henbest. 520 COU
The vital question: why is life the way it is?, Nick Lane. 576.83 LAN
The weather experiment: the pioneers who sought to see the future, Peter Moore. 551.5 MOO

Self Development

10 habits of truly optimistic people: power your life with the positive, David Mezzapelle. 158 MEZ
7-day brain boost plan: how to become brain fit for life: invest just seven days to benefit your brain for a lifetime, Allison C. Lamont & Gillian M. Eadie. 153.12
Decisive: how to make better choices in life and work, Chip Heath and Dan Heath. 153.83 HEA
Feel good: how to change your mood and cope with whatever comes your way, Shane Pascoe and Graham Law. 152.4 PAS
From death do I part: how I freed myself from addiction, Amy Lee Coy. 362.29 COY
Happily ever after: the life-changing power of a grateful heart, Trista Sutter. 179.9 SUT
Happiness by design: finding pleasure and purpose in everyday life, Paul Dolan with a foreword by Daniel Kahneman. 152.42 DOL
Men: notes from an ongoing investigation, Laura Kipnis. 155.332 KIP
Mindfulness for worriers: overcome everyday stress and anxiety, Padraig O'Morain. 158 OMO
On emotional intelligence. 152.4 ON
In his defining work on emotional intelligence, bestselling author Daniel Goleman found that it is twice as important as other competencies in determining outstanding leadership. If you read nothing else on emotional intelligence, read these 10 articles by experts in the field.
Thanks for the feedback: the science and art of receiving feedback well: even when it is off base, unfair, poorly delivered, and frankly, you're not in the mood, Douglas Stone & Sheila Heen. 153.6 STO
The art of creative thinking, Rod Judkins. 158.1 JUD
The awakened introvert: practical mindfulness skills to help you maximize your strengths & thrive in a loud & crazy world, Arnie Kozak. 155.23 KOZ

Social Issues

Afterburn: society beyond fossil fuels, Richard Heinberg. 304.2 HEI
Beside the sea: Britain's lost seaside heritage, Sarah Freeman. 306.48 FRE
Breaking the silence: voices of the British children of refugees from Nazism, Merilyn Moos. 362.87 MOO
Changing the conversation: the 17 principles of conflict resolution, Dana Caspersen. 303.69 CAS
Cool: how the brain's hidden quest for cool drives our economy and shapes our world, Steven Quartz and Anette Asp. 306.3 QUA
Days of rage: America's radical underground, the FBI, and the forgotten age of revolutionary violence, Bryan Burrough. 303.484 BUR
Do it like a woman and change the world, Caroline Criado-Perez. 305.42 CRI
Generation Rent: rethinking New Zealand's priorities, Shamubeel Eaqub and Selena Eaqub. 363.5 EAQ
Generation Z: their voices, their lives, Chloe Combi. 305.235 COM
Headscarves and hymens: why the Middle East needs a sexual revolution, Mona Eltahawy. 323.3 ELT
Holding hope together: celebrating the contribution of the non profit sector in rebuilding Christchurch communities, Council of Social Services in Christchurch. 361.76
I'm not racist, but: forty years of the Racial Discrimination Act, Tim Soutphommasan. 305.8 SOU
Is Australia a racist country? The question persists, in spite of our multicultural success. Race continues to be a lightning rod of public debate.
Little emperors and material girls: sex and youth in modern China, Jemimah Steinfeld. 306.7 STE
Revolutions without borders: the call to liberty in the Atlantic world, Janet Polasky. 303.64 POL
Nation-based histories cannot do justice to the rowdy, radical interchange of ideas around the Atlantic world during the tumultuous years from 1776 to 1804. National borders were powerless to restrict the flow of exciting new visions of human rights and universal freedom. T
Sex by numbers: the statistics of sexual behaviour, David Spiegelhalter. 306.7 SPI
Some Zulu customs and folk-lore, L.H. Samuelson (Nomleti). 305.8963986 SAM
Originally published in the 1930s, this is a fascinating and rare account of Zulu beliefs, customs and folklore, written by one who lived among them for many years.
Stasiland: stories from behind the Berlin Wall, Anna Funder. 363.283 FUN
Anna Funder tells extraordinary tales from the underbelly of the former East Germany — she meets Miriam, who as a 16-year-old might have started World War III, visits the man who painted the line which became the Berlin Wall and gets drunk with the legendary "Mik Jegger" of the East, once declared by the authorities to his face to "no longer to exist".
Tactical urbanism: short-term action for long-term change, Mike Lydon and Anthony Garcia. 307.76 LYD
The great divide: unequal societies and what we can do about them, Joseph E. Stiglitz. 305.5 STI
The happiness industry: how the government and big business sold us well-being, William Davies. 304 DAV
Varieties of right-wing extremism in Europe, Andrea Mammone, Emmanuel Godin and Brian Jenkins. 303.484 VAR
Young at heart: the likes and life of a teenager with Progeria, Hayley Okines with Alison Stokes. 362.19 OKI

Sport & Recreation

70 years at ringside: a history of wrestling in New Zealand, Dave Cameron. 796.812 CAM
A history of the cricket bat industry in New Zealand, Rob Franks. 338.4768 FRA
A history of the World Cup: 1930-2014, Clemente Angelo Lisi. 796.3346 LIS
Bernard Hinault and the fall and rise of French cycling, William Fotheringham. 796.62 HIN
Encyclopedia of the FIFA World Cup, Tom Dunmore with Andrew Donaldson. 796.3346 DUN
Extreme adventures: a white-knuckle journey through Britian's most challenging terrain, Andy Torbet. 796.5 TOR
Extreme Eiger: the race to climb the direct route up the north face of the Eiger, Peter & Leni Gillman with Jochen Hemmleb. 796.522 GIL
Fly-casting finesse: a complete guide to improving all aspects of your casting, John L. Field. 799.12 FIE
GameMaker essentials: learn all the essential skills of GameMaker: Studio and start making your own impressive games with ease, Nathan Auckett. 794.8 AUC
How champions think: in sports and in life, Dr. Bob Rotella with Bob Cullen. 796 ROT
Men in green, Michael Bamberger. 796.352 BAM
A candid, nostalgic, intimate portrait of golf's greatest generation then and now.
Riding sky high: a bicycle adventure around the world, Pierre-Yves Tremblay. 796.64 TRE
Skiing manual: the essential guide to all kinds of skiing, Bill Mattos. 796.93 MAT
Stress-free sailing: single and short-handed techniques, Duncan Wells. 797.124 WEL
The beach book: loads to do at lakes, rivers and the seaside, Fiona Banks and Jo Schofield. 796.53 DAN
The chess player's bible: illustrated strategies for staying ahead of the game, James Eade & Al Lawrence. 794.12 EAD
The game believes in you: how digital play can make our kids smarter, Greg Toppo. 794.8 TOP
The history of fly fishing in fifty flies, Ian Whitelaw ; illustration by Julie Spyropoulos. 688.79 WHI
The kiteboarding manual: the essential guide for beginners and improvers, Andy Gratwick ; illustrations by Amanda Lewis. 797.3 GRA
The monopolists: obsession, fury, and the scandal behind the world's favorite board game, Mary Pilon. 794 PIL
The world's most famous marathons: running on 5 continents, Enrico Aiello; illustrations by Federica Brotto. 796.425 AIE
Vintage dirt bikes: enthusiasts guide, Doug Mitchel. 629.2275 MIT
Word nerd: dispatches from the games, grammar, and geek underground, John D. Williams, Jr. 793.734 WIL
Explores anagrams, palindromes, the highest-scoring Scrabble plays of all time.
Yellow cards & sin bins: New Zealand rugby tales, Graham Hutchins; illustrated by Lance Prutton. 796.333 HUT

Trains, Boats, Planes

Airplane flying handbook: FAA-H-8083-3a, U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration Flight Standards Service. 629.13252 AIR
Boeing: commercial aircraft since 1919, Jochen K. Beeck. 629.13334 BOE
Classic railroad signals: semaphores, searchlights, and towers, Brian Solomon. 385.31 SOL
Helicopter flying handbook. 629.13252 HEL
Messerschmitt: aircraft since 1925, Manfred Griehl. 623.746 MES
My cool houseboat: an inspirational guide to stylish houseboats, Jane Field-Lewis ; photography by Richard Maxted. 623.823 FIE
Skyfaring: a journey with a pilot, Mark Vanhoenacker. 629.13252 VAN
The trains now departed: sixteen excursions into the lost delights of Britain's railways, Michael Williams. 385.0941 WIL
The unseen Lusitania: the ship in rare illustrations, Eric Sauder. 387.243 SAU
The yacht owner's manual: everything you need to know to get the most out of your yacht, Andy Du Port. 623.822 DU


1864: the forgotten war that shaped modern Europe, Tom Buk-Swienty. 940.286 BUK
The Battle of Dybbol, 1864. Prussian troops lay siege to an outpost in the far south of Denmark. The conflict is over control of the Duchy of Schleswig, recently annexed by Denmark to the alarm of its largely German-speaking inhabitants.
Fear drive my feet, Peter Ryan. 940.5481 RYA
Fear Drive My Feet is a classic memoir of the war in the Pacific, a major work of Australian war literature.
For God and kaiser: the Imperial Austrian Army from 1619-1918, Richard Bassett. 355.009436 BAS
Hitler's war: World War II as portrayed by Signal, the international Nazi propaganda magazine, Jeremy Harwood. 940.5343 HAR
In love and war: nursing heroes, Liz Byrski. 940.5475 BYR
In the aftermath of the Battle of Britain, airmen filled a small Sussex town where pioneering plastic surgeon Archibald McIndoe established revolutionary surgical and therapeutic treatments.
Inside ISIS: the brutal rise of a terrorist army, Benjamin Hall. 363.32 HAL
Murder at Camp Delta: a staff sergeant's pursuit of the truth about Guantanamo Bay, Joseph Hickman. 355.12 HIC
Our land at war: a portrait of rural Britain 1939-45, Duff Hart-Davis. 940.531 HAR
Syrian notebooks: inside the Homs uprising January 16 — February 2, 2012, Jonathan Littell. 956.91 LIT
A classic account of war reportage.
The girls who went to war: heroism, heartache and happiness in the wartime Women's Forces, Duncan Barrett and Nuala Calvi. 940.5481 BAR
The kamikaze hunters: fighting for the Pacific, 1945, Will Iredale. 940.5426 IRE
The sabotage diaries, Katherine Barnes. 940.5486 BAR
Based on the wartime diaries of Allied soldier and saboteur Cecil Edward "Tom" Barnes, this account of thrilling WWII wartime deeds deep behind enemy lines in Greece is based on fact but reads like fiction.
The Sounds Soldiers' Memorial: stories of the fallen, Alastair MacKenzie, PhD, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret). 940.46 MCK
The summer of '45: stories and voices from VE Day to VJ Day, Kevin Telfer. 940.531 TEL
The Victoria Cross: the untold story of Britain's highest award for bravery, Gary Mead. 355.134 MEA
Voices from the Napoleonic wars: from Waterloo to Salamanca, 14 eyewitness accounts of a soldier's life in the early 1800s, Jon E. Lewis. 940.27 VOI
World War II in secret: the hidden conflict, 1939 to 1945, Gavin Mortimer. 940.5486 MOR


Anzac treasures: the Gallipoli collection of the Australian War Memorial, Peter Pedersen. 940.42 PED
Hell-bent: Australia's leap into the Great War, Douglas Newton. 940.32 NEW
It's all a bit Heath Robinson: re-inventing the First World War, Lucinda Gosling in association with Mary Evans Picture Library. 940.3 ROB
This is the first book to bring his collection of First World War cartoons together.
Tales of three campaigns: a soldier's plain unvarnished story of a part played by New Zealanders in the Great War, Major C.B. Brereton, V.D. 12 (Nelson) Company N.Z.E.F. ; edited by John H. Gray ; foreword by Christopher Pugsley ; introduction by Peter Millward. 940.41 BRE