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This will make you smarter edited by John Brockman ; foreword by David Brooks
Over 150 of the world's leading scientists and thinkers offer their choice of the ideas, strategies and arguments that will help all of us understand our world, and its future, better.
Let me in John Ajvide Lindqvist
Oskar lives with his mum in a high rise building in the western suburbs of Stockholm. It's the early eighties and he likes listening to Kiss on his Walkman, solving puzzles — including the Rubik's cube — and pasting grisly murder stories from the newspaper into his scrapbook.
Julie Andrews' collection of poems, songs, and lullabies Julie Andrews & Emma Walton Hamilton.
Julie Andrews and her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton, have hand-selected a wonderful mix of their most cherished poems, songs, and lullabies in this rich and diverse poetry collection.
As the crow flies Jeffrey Archer
Charlie Trumper rises to become the proprietor of London's most elegant store and one of England's wealthiest men, but his position is threatened by an old enemy.
Colters' gift Maya Banks
New York Times bestselling author Maya Banks' enthralling saga continues as two men, and one resilient woman hiding from the past, brace themselves for an emotional storm of unavoidable danger and unmatched desire…
Stitch Head Guy Bass
In the maze-like dungeons of Castle Grotteskew, the frightfully insane Professor Erasmus conducts his bizarre experiments on living things. His very first creation has been long forgotten — a small, almost-human creature, known only as Stitch Head.
ArchEnemy Frank Beddor
Alyss and Redd, the two enemy queens, are forced to work together to reclaim Wonderland in this suspenseful conclusion to the bestselling trilogy.
The looking glass war Frank Beddor
The "true story" behind Alice in Wonderland! Princess Alyss Heart is brutally cast out of Wonderland by her vicious Aunt Redd, who beheads Alyss' mother (Off with her head, she cries!) and begins to rule over Wonderland with an iron fist.
Seeing Red Frank Beddor
When Alyss Heart returns to her rightful place on the throne of Wonderland, she is put to the test as enemies, both inside and outside the borders of her queendom, push their own agendas and wield horrific weapons, while she strives to unify them all.
F*ck feelings : one shrink's practical advice for managing all life's impossible problems Michael I. Bennett, MD, and Sarah Bennett.
The only self-help book you'll ever need, from a psychiatrist and his comedy writer daughter, who will help you put aside your unrealistic wishes, stop trying to change things you can't change, and do the best with what you can control. Contains mature themes.
Murder by candlelight : the gruesome crimes behind our romance with the macabre Michael Knox. Beran
In the early nineteenth century, a series of murders took place in and around London which shocked the whole of England. The appalling nature of the crimes a brutal slaying in the gambling netherworld, the slaughter of two entire households, and the first of the modern lust-murders was magnified not only by the lurid atmosphere of an age in which candlelight gave way to gaslight, but also by the efforts of some of the keenest minds of the period to uncover the gruesomest details of the killings.
The burning gates Parker Bilal
A war criminal on the run. A mercenary hunting him down. A man caught in the crossfire. Private Investigator Makana has a new client: the powerful art dealer Aram Kasabian. Kasabian wants him to track down a priceless painting that went missing from Baghdad during the US invasion.
Badlands C. J. Box
Twenty miles across the North Dakota border, where the scenery goes from rolling grass prairie to pipeline fields, detective Cassie Dewell has been assigned as the new deputy sheriff of Grimstad — a place people used to be from, but were never headed to.
Best laid plans Allison Brennan
Newly minted FBI Agent Lucy Kincaid is settling into her job in San Antonio, Texas, when the corpse of Harper Worthington, the husband of a sitting congresswoman, is found naked in a motel on the wrong side of town.
Dragon blood Patricia Briggs
In this sequel to "Dragon Bones," an old friend who has escaped from High King Jakoven's tortures seeks refuge from Ward, ruler of Hurog. Ward can no longer ignore the growing rebellion against the tyrant and joins the rebels.
Dragon bone Patricia Briggs
Ward of Hurog has tried all his life to convince people he is just a simple, harmless fool … And it's worked. But now, to regain his kingdom, he must ride into war-and convince them otherwise.
The curse of Chalion Lois McMaster Bujold
A man broken in body and spirit, Cazaril returns to the noble household he once served as page, and is named secretary-tutor to the beautiful, strong-willed sister of the impetuous boy who is next in line to rule.
The hallowed hunt Lois McMaster Bujold
The half-mad Prince Boleso has been slain by a noblewoman he had intended to defile — and Lord Ingrey kin Wilfcliff must transport the body to its burial place and the accused killer, the Lady Ijada, to judgment.
Paladin of souls Lois McMaster Bujold
Lois McMaster Bujold transports us once more to a dark and troubled land and embroils us in a desperate struggle to preserve the endangered souls of a realm. Three years have passed since the widowed Dowager Royina Ista found release from the curse of madness that kept her imprisoned in her family's castle of Valenda.
Brain bugs : how the brain's flaws shape our lives Dean Buonomano
Neuroscientist Dean Buonomano illuminates the causes and consequences of the brain's imperfections in terms of its innermost workings and its evolutionary purposes. He then examines how our brains function and malfunction in the digital, predator-free, information-saturated, special-effects-addled world we have built for ourselves.
The courtship : a Windham novella Grace Burrowes
Percival Windham is a second son and a cavalry officer acclaimed and respected by his men. He is immensely attractive and distracts himself with the women who seem to throw themselves at him at every turn. At a country house party, Percy meets beautiful, retiring Esther Himmelfarb.
Hunting season Andrea Camilleri
From internationally bestselling author Andrea Camilleri, a brilliant, bawdy comedy that will surprise even the most die-hard Montalbano fans. In 1880s Vigata, a stranger comes to town to open a pharmacy.
Never too late Robyn Carr
Three seconds is all it takes to turn a whole life around. And if anybody knows about bouncing back after disaster, it's Clare Wilson. She's had it with being married to a serial cheater, and no way is he getting another chance.
Harmony : a new way of looking at our world H.R.H. Prince of Wales, Tony Juniper, Ian Skelly.
A practical guide to what we have lost in the modern world, why we have lost it and how easily it is to rediscover. Harmony is a blueprint for a more balanced, sustainable world that the human race must create to survive.
Never give in! : Winston Churchill's greatest speeches Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill 'mobilized the English language and sent it into battle'. — President John F. Kennedy conferring Honorary US Citizenship, April 1963. Winston Churchill was the most eloquent and expressive statesman of his age.
Darkness the color of snow Thomas Cobb
Out on a rural highway on a cold, icy night, Patrolman Ronny Forbert sits in his cruiser trying to keep warm and make time pass until his shift ends. Then a familiar beater Jeep Cherokee comes speeding over a hill, forcing the rookie cop to chase after it.
A heart's home Colleen Coble
Emmie's hope for a life with Isaac is overshadowed by a tragic loss at Fort Phil Kearny. Isaac Liddle is keen to marry Emmie, and she knows she shouldn't hide her pregnancy from him any longer. But before she can tell him her secret, a widower friend asks the impossible of Emmie: Will she honour her promise to his dead wife by marrying him to care for the orphaned baby? With the Sioux Wars threatening outside the fort, Emmie's solemn vow threatens her happiness from within. Will she honour a promise sure to break her heart and Isaac's? Or is there another way to find a home for her heart?
The Cleopatra case Stephen Cole
One boy. One mummy. One mad, bad mission. Cleopatra's tomb has never been found — until NOW. And you won't BELIEVE what's been hiding inside. Sam the SECRET AGENT MUMMY must take on: a statue that bites; an undead empress with unfinished business; terrifying intergalactic lizard-men; an ancient plot that threatens all life on Earth. Luckily, Sam can call on his best friend and neighbour, Niall Rivers, for help. Together, they'll save the planet for sure …WON'T THEY?
Honor among thieves James S. A. Corey
A Star Wars debut in which Han Solo and his new friends embark on a daring rescue mission just after the destruction of the first Death Star.
Dead shot : a sniper novel Jack Coughlin with Donald A. Davis.
In this follow-up to the highly successful Kill Zone, former Marine sniper Kyle Swanson faces his most deadly enemy yet, a legendary enemy sniper working with a fringe Islamic organization that has created a terrifying new weapon of mass destruction.
Death in the sun Adam Creed
In Almagen, a small village in the Andalucian mountains, Staffe nurses himself back from the brink of death. His idyllic new life in Spain appeals and Staffe is becoming a part of the community. One day his friend, Manolo, takes Staffe to visit Almeria and tells him about a body that has been found buried in an old greenhouse by the Mediterranean.
Kill and tell Adam Creed
A reformed Sicilian criminal, Carmelo Trapani, has been kidnapped and his search for the the aged Carmello leads Staffe all the way back to a terrible act at the Battle of Cable Street. Meanwhile, Staffe's own loyal servant,, DS Pulford, is in Pentonville awaiting trial for the murder of Jadus Golding, the very man who attempted to murder Staffe, leaving wounds from which Staffe is still recovering and it suits some in the heirarchy to see Pulford go down. Can Staffe save Carmelo without leaving Pulford to the political vultures? As he battles find the man who murdered his own assailant, pressures also mount from within and Staffe's heart falters — in every way. His job is on the line and when he least expects it, his own past puts a gun to his head.
When a Scot ties the knot Tessa Dare
On the cusp of her first London season, Miss Madeline Gracechurch was shy, pretty, and talented with a drawing pencil, but hopelessly awkward with gentlemen. She was certain to be a dismal failure on the London marriage mart.
Solitude Creek Jeffery Deaver
One mistake is all it takes. Busted back to rookie after losing her gun in an interrogation gone bad, California Bureau of Investigation Agent Kathryn Dance finds herself making routine insurance checks after a roadhouse fire.
Venetia Kelly's traveling show Frank Delaney
She sprang from the womb and waved to the crowd. Then smiled and took a bow. And so we first meet Venetia Kelly, the beguiling actress at the centre of this new, spellbinding, and epic novel by Frank Delaney, the bestselling author of Ireland and Shannon.
Far away home Susan Denning
In post-Civil War New York City, sixteen-year-old Aislynn Denehy has no place to live and no family to help her. Some might think that this is a problem. Aislynn believes that it is an opportunity. Aislynn's journey begins in a New York City tenement and leads her across the frontier to a Utah mining camp. There she must cope with the conflicting intentions of three very different men: smart, solicitous Tim; good-natured, good-guy Johnny; and the intense but intriguing Liam Moran. Aislynn soon discovers that life in the roughshod camp brings small joys and devastating losses
Francine Poulet meets the ghost raccoon Kate DiCamillo
Francine Poulet is the greatest animal control officer in Gizzford County. She hails from a long line of Animal Control Officers. She's battled snakes, outwitted squirrels, and stared down a bear. "The genuine article," Francine's dad always called her.
Napoleon's pyramids William Dietrich
What mystical secrets lie beneath the great pyramids? Travelling with Napoleon's great expedition, American adventurer Ethan Gage solves a 6000 year old riddle with the help of a mysterious medallion.
Frozen tracks Ake Edwardson
It's autumn in Gothenburg. An anxious mother calls the police; it seems her little boy was lured into a car by a man offering sweets. The same happens with a little girl, and then another. At police headquarters, DCI Erik Winter is investigating a series of random GBH attacks on university students.
The painter from Shanghai Jennifer Cody Epstein
Down the muddy waters of the Yangtze River and into the seedy backrooms of "The Hall of Eternal Splendour," through the raucous glamour of pre-war Shanghai and the bohemian splendour of 1920s Paris, and back to a China ripped apart by Civil War and on the brink of revolution, Jennifer Cody Epstein's sweeping debut novel tells the story of Pan Yuliang. One of the most talented — and provocative — Chinese artists of the twentieth century, Yuliang's singular daring style led to fame, notoriety, and, ultimately, a devastating choice.
Toms River : a story of science and salvation Dan Fagin
Recounts the decades-long saga of the New Jersey seaside town plagued by childhood cancers caused by air and water pollution due to the indiscriminate dumping of toxic chemicals that culminated in 2001 with one of the largest legal settlements in the annals of toxic dumping.
Carrier of the mark Leigh Fallon
When Megan Rosenberg moves to Ireland, everything in her life seems to fall into place. After growing up in America, she's surprised to find herself feeling at home in her new school. She connects with a group of friends, and she is instantly drawn to darkly handsome Adam Deris.
Shadow of the mark Leigh Fallon
As the power of the Air element continues to grow in sixteen-year-old Megan, she learns that her relationship with Adam DeRis-and the combined power of their elements-could ultimately cause widespread destruction.
A woman's place Maggie Ford
Eveline's father believes a woman's place is in the home. But when she is accidentally caught up in a suffragette march, it changes her life forever. She finds friendships, and even the possibility of love too in the form of the gentlemanly Laurence Jones-Fairbrook.
We are all completely beside ourselves Karen Joy Fowler
Coming of age in middle America, eighteen-year-old Rosemary evaluates how her entire youth was defined by the presence and forced removal of an endearing chimpanzee who was secretly regarded as a family member and who Rosemary loved as a sister.
Zero tolerance Michael Fry
Simone, a new student, seems intent on stealing Molly away from Nick and the only way Nick can think to stop her is by teaming with his old anti-bullying ally, but that will require Nick using himself as bait both as the bullied and bullier.
Stepdog Nicole Galland
From the author of The Fool's Tale and I, Iago comes a disarmingly charming and warm-hearted "romcom" about a woman, her dog, and the man who has to prove that he is good enough for both of them. Sara Renault fired Rory O'Connor from his part-time job at a Boston art museum, and in response, Rory-an Irish actor secretly nursing a crush on his beautiful boss-threw caution to the wind, leaned over, and kissed her. Now Sara and Rory are madly in love.
Daisy's back in town Rachel Gibson
Former cheerleader Daisy Lee Monroe returns to her hometown of Lovett, Texas, and to her offbeat family, and is reunited with gorgeous bad boy Jackson Lamott Parrish, the man she had left behind.
I'm in no mood for love Rachel Gibson
What is Clare Wingate doing? One minute she's suffering in a pretty-in-pink gown she'll never wear again, and the next thing she knows, it's morning and she has the nastiest hangover of her life. To make matters worse, she's wearing nothing but a spritz of Escada and lying next to Sebastian Vaughan, her girlhood crush turned sexy, globe-trotting journalist. Somewhere between the toast and the toss of the bouquet, she got herself into a whole lot of trouble. Clare had the right to go wild — after all, she'd been knocked off her dyed-to-match shoes after finding her own fiance in a compromising position with the washing machine repairman. Clearly her society wedding is off. But Sebastian pushed all the wrong buttons — and some of the right ones. Clare is in no mood for love — not even for lust — and wants to forget about Sebastian and his six-pack abs ASAP. But he isn't in the mood to go away, and his kiss is impossible to forget.
Sex, lies, and online dating Rachel Gibson
What is it about men anyway? Bad cars, bad jobs, even bad teeth — nothing convinces them that they can't snare a Size Two Babe with a D-cup chest. And after way too many internet dates with men named "luvstick" and "bigdaddy182," Lucy Rothschild should know. Lies …
Triggers : creating behavior that lasts-becoming the person you want to be Marshall Goldsmith and Mark Reiter.
In business, the right behaviours matter. But getting it right is tricky. Even when we acknowledge the need to change what we do and how we do it, life has a habit of getting in the way, upsetting even the best-laid plans.
The fall of princes Robert Goolrick
1980s Manhattan shimmers like the mirage it was, as money, power, and invincibility seduce a group of young Wall Street turks. Together they reach the pinnacle, achieving the kind of wealth that grants them access to anything — and anyone — they want. Until, one by one, they fall.
The Seafront Tea Rooms Vanessa Greene
Charismatic journalist Charlotte is on a mission to track down Britain's best tea rooms. She knows she's found something special in the Seafront Tea Rooms but is it a secret she should share? Kathryn, a single mother whose only sanctuary is the 'Seafront', convinces Charlie to keep the place out of her article by agreeing to join her on her search. Together with another regular, Seraphine, a culture-shocked French au pair with a passion for pastry-making, they travel around the country discovering quaint hideaways and hidden gems. But what none of them expect is for their journey to surprise them with discoveries of a different kind…
Ida B : -and her plans to maximize fun, avoid disaster, and (possibly) save the world Katherine Hannigan
In Wisconsin, fourth-grader Ida B spends happy hours being home-schooled and playing in her family's apple orchard, until her mother begins treatment for breast cancer and her parents must sell part of the orchard and send her to public school.
Jade Dragon Mountain Elsa Hart
An exiled librarian travelling through the 18th-century Chinese/Tibetan borderlands must learn the truth about a Jesuit priest's death before the Emperor arrives. Li Du was an imperial Chinese librarian. Now he is an exile. Li Du befriends an elderly Jesuit astronomer.
The edge of dark Pamela Hartshorne
Jane believes in keeping her promises, but a deathbed vow sets her on a twisting path of deceit and joy that takes her from the dark secrets of Holmwood House in York to the sign of the golden lily in London's Mincing Lane. Getting what you want, Jane discovers, comes at a price.
For the love : fighting for grace in a world of impossible standards Jen Hatmaker
Best-selling author Jen Hatmaker is convinced life can be lovely and fun and courageous and kind. She knows how the squeeze of this life can make us competitive and judgmental, how we can lose love for others and then for ourselves.
Dune Frank Herbert
Set on the desert planet Arakis, Dune is the story of the boy Paul Atreides, who would become the mysterious man known as Muad'Dib. He would avenge the traitorous plot against his noble family — and would bring to fruition humankind's most ancient and unattainable dream.
Black wood S. J. I. (Susan Jennifer Inglis) Holliday
Something happened to Claire and Jo in Black Wood: something that left Claire paralysed and Jo with deep mental scars. But with Claire suffering memory loss and no evidence to be found, nobody believes Jo's story.
Barefoot summer : a Chapel Springs romance Denise Hunter
Madison's heart has been closed for years. But one summer can change everything. In the years since her twin brother's tragic drowning, Madison has struggled with her ability to trust God or anyone else, for that matter.
Carry me down M. J. (Maria Joan) Hyland
Ireland, 1971: John Egan is a misfit, 'a twelve year old in the body of a grown man with the voice of a giant who insists on the ridiculous truth'. With an obsession for the Guinness Book of Records and faith in his ability to detect when adults are lying, John remains hopeful despite the unfortunate cards life deals him. During one year in John's life, from his voice breaking, through the breaking-up of his home life, to the near collapse of his sanity, we witness the gradual unsticking of John's mind, and the trouble that creates for him and his family…
The last summer at Chelsea Beach Pam Jenoff
Fleeing fascist Italy for America, young Adelia Montforte falls for Charlie Connally, but when war erupts and tragedy comes with it, she tries to lose herself in wartorn London.
No true echo Gareth P. Jones
Eddie thinks nowhere could be more boring than his home town of the Wellcome Valley. Unfortunately, he is about to be proved spectacularly wrong. Eddie's problems start with the arrival of Scarlett, who seems rather too confident and mysterious for your average schoolgirl.
All the ways to ruin a rogue Sophie Jordan
Lady Aurelia hasn't always hated Max, Viscount Camden, her brother's best friend. In fact, as a besotted girl, she thrived under his kind attention — sure that he was the most noble and handsome man in the land. Until her young heart discovered what manner of rogue he really was.
The dead of summer Mari Jungstedt
The devil's queen Jeanne Kalogridis
The Devil's Queen traces the evolution of Catherine de Medici — the great-granddaughter of Lorenzo the Magnificent — from an unloved, timid orphan to France's most cunning monarch, often blamed for the horrific 1572 St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre.
Haunted house Jack Kilborn
Eight people are offered one million dollars to spend one night in a haunted house. Each person has been chosen because they lived through a terrifying experience. There is something very evil in this particular house and when the dying begins it comes with horrifying violence.
The Bridge Karen Kingsbury
Kelly lives alone in Portland, but her heart is back in Franklin, Tennessee, where five years ago she walked away from a man she cannot forget, a rare sort of love she hasn't found since. Kade lives in Franklin again after several years in Kentucky and a broken engagement.
Villa America Liza Klaussmann
Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Pablo Picasso, Cole and Linda Porter, Ernest Hemingway, John Dos Passos all are summer guests of Gerald and Sara Murphy. Visionary, misunderstood, and from vastly different backgrounds, the Murphys met and married young, and set forth to create a beautiful world.
Like no other Una LaMarche
Though their relationship is strictly forbidden, Devorah and Jax arrange secret meetings and risk everything to be together. But how far can they possibly go? Just how much are they willing to give up?
A wartime family Lizzie Lane
A scandalous woman? Having left her abusive husband for very good reasons, Mary Anne Randall finds herself judged harshly by her neighbours, especially after she has the courage to risk a second chance at happiness.
A match for Marcus Cynster Stephanie Laurens
Restless and impatient, Marcus Cynster waits for fate to come calling. He knows his destiny lies in the lands surrounding his family home, but what will his future be and with whom will he share it? Of one fact he feels certain: his fated bride will not be Niniver Carrick.
The taming of Ryder Cavanaugh Stephanie Laurens
The Honourable Miss Mary Cynster always gets what she wants. As the last unwed Cynster of her generation, she is determined to remain in charge of her life and of the man she will marry. At the very bottom of her list of potential husbands is Ryder Cavanaugh, the daring and devastating Marquess of Raventhorne, an overwhelming and utterly unmanageable lion of the ton. But destiny has a different plan. Ryder needs Mary as his wife, not just because she is delightful, fiery, and tempting, but because he values all she could be. When fate and circumstance hand him the chance, he claims Mary as his marchioness only to discover what he truly desires is not just to take her hand in marriage, but to capture her heart.
Where the heart leads Stephanie Laurens
Penelope Ashford, Portia Cynster's younger sister, has grown up with every advantage — wealth, position, and beauty. Yet Penelope is anything but a pretty face in a satin gown — forceful, wilful, and blunt to a fault, she has for years devoted her considerable energy and intelligence to caring for the forgotten orphans of London's sooty and seamier streets. But now her charges are mysteriously disappearing. Desperate, Penelope turns to the one man she knows who might help her — Barnaby Adair.
The Christian in the world C. S. Lewis
This volume of short essays and other pieces by C. S. Lewis is part of a larger collection, C. S. Lewis: Essay Collection and Other Short Pieces. In addition to his many books, letters, and poems, C. S. Lewis wrote a great number of essays and shorter pieces on various subjects.
Movie star by Lizzie Pepper Hilary Liftin
Actress Lizzie Pepper was America's girl next door and her marriage to Hollywood mega-star Rob Mars was tabloid gold, a whirlwind romance and an elaborate celebrity-studded wedding landed them on the cover of every celebrity weekly.
Perfect touch Elizabeth Lowell
A heart-racing tale in which a former soldier turned rancher and a beautiful designer race to stop a vicious killer-a battle for survival that threatens to explode in an intense and irresistible passion.
I hunt killers Barry Lyga
You're seventeen years old and your father is the most notorious serial killer America has ever produced. He brought you up. Taught you everything he knows. Everyone in your ordinary American town knows who you are.
Missing in Malmo Torquil MacLeod
When a British heir hunter fails to return home after a trip to Malmo, Inspector Anita Sundstrom doesn't want to get entangled in a simple missing person’s case. She shows a similar reluctance when her ex-husband begs her to find his girlfriend, who seems to have disappeared.
The bachelor prince Debbie Macomber
Prince Stefano was a man most girls could only dream of meeting. And now the very handsome — and very eligible — bachelor has come to America in search of the girl he would someday make his bride. Hope Jordan's prince has finally come — but there is no happy ending in sight.
Longing for Paris : one woman's search for joy, beauty, and adventure-right where she is Sarah Mae
Most days, you wouldn't trade what you have for the world. You love your husband and your kids, and you are grateful to God for your life. But there are days when you feel as though life is rolling over you in waves and you are just going through the motions.
The last lion, Winston Spencer Churchill. Alone, 1932-1940 William Manchester
Alone is the second volume of William Manchester's brilliant three-volume biography of Winston Churchill. In this volume, we witness the war within, before the colossal war to come. During this period, Churchill was tested as few men are: relentlessly pursued by creditors, disowned by his own party, vociferously dismissed by the press as a warmonger, and twice nearly lost his seat in Parliament. Yet despite his personal and political troubles, Churchill managed to assemble a vast, underground intelligence network — both within the British government and on the continent — which provided him with more complete and accurate information on Germany than the British government.
The last lion, Winston Spencer Churchill. Visions of glory, 1874-1932 William Manchester
Winston Churchill is perhaps the most important political figure of the twentieth century. His great oratory and leadership during the Second World War were only part of his huge breadth of experience and achievement.
Bind the soul Annette Marie
The most important rule for an Apprentice Consul is simple: Don't get involved with daemons. Well, Piper is planning to break that rule — big time. After a near-deadly scandal with the Sahar Stone, she has the chance to return to the only life she's ever wanted.
Chase the dark Annette Marie
Piper Griffiths wants one thing in life: To become a Consul, a keeper of the peace between humans and daemons. There are precisely three obstacles in her way. The first is Lyre. Incubus. Hotter than hell and with a wicked streak to match.
Yield the night Annette Marie
After surviving a round-trip to hell, Piper figures she can survive anything. After all, she just lived through the devastating loss of her Consul apprenticeship and a torturous stint at boarding school.
Exposed Liza Marklund
Young, inexperienced Annika Bengtzon has taken on a work placement at Stockholm's biggest tabloid newspaper in the height of a scorching summer. Manning the tip-off phoneline, notorious for prank calls from time-wasters, Annika isn't sure this is going to aid her career at all.
Henry Hunter and the Beast of Snagov John Matthews
Do you dare open the Henry Hunter files and discover the monsters and beasts hunted within? When schoolboy super-sleuth Henry Hunter uncovers a clue about the legendary Beast of Snagov, the origin of all vampires, he and friend Dolf travel to Whitby and Romania on its trail.
Deceiving lies Molly McAdams
Rachel is supposed to be planning her wedding to Kash, the love of her life. After the crazy year they've had, she's ready to settle down and live a completely normal life. Well, as normal as it can be. But there's something else waiting — something threatening to tear them apart.
Forgiving lies Molly McAdams
Logan "Kash" Ryan has spent the last three and a half years working undercover in Tampa Bay, Florida. When a case sends him and his partner to Austin, Texas to follow the trail of a serial killer, their soul focus needs to be on finding the guy before he can find another victim.
The dead ground Claire McGowan
A stolen baby. A murdered woman. A decades-old atrocity. Something connects them all. A month before Christmas, and Ballyterrin on the Irish border lies under a thick pall of snow. When a newborn baby goes missing from hospital, it's all too close to home for forensic psychologist Paula Maguire, who's wrestling with the hardest decision of her life. Then a woman is found in a stone circle with her stomach cut open and it's clear a brutal killer is on the loose. As another child is taken and a pregnant woman goes missing, Paula is caught up in the hunt for a killer no one can trace, who will stop at nothing to get what they want. The Dead Ground will leave you gasping for breath as Paula discovers every decision she makes really is a matter of life and death.
The lost Claire McGowan
Not everyone who's missing is lost. When two teenage girls go missing along the Irish border, forensic psychologist Paula Maguire has to return to the hometown she left years before. Swirling with rumour and secrets, the town is gripped by fear of a serial killer. But the truth could be even darker.
After I left you Alison Mercer
Anna has not been back to Oxford since her last summer at university, seventeen years ago. She tries not to think about her time there, or the tightly knit group of friends she once thought would be hers forever.
Eight twenty eight : when love didn't give u Ian & Larissa Murphy.
What if that thing you really feared happened? Would the joy you hold pop? Or would you experience love and joy deeper than you can imagine? They met in college and fell in love. They talked about getting married, and he started looking for a ring.
Candy bonanza Jane O'Connor
Today is Halloween and Nancy can't wait to collect candy from each house she visits. But it's hard to leave all those delectable treats in her pumpkin pail. Is there such a thing as too much candy?
Things we never say Sheila O'Flanagan
Abbey Andersen is the last person to go looking for change. Yes, it's tough that she barely sees her mother these days but in San Francisco she has great friends, a steady relationship and a job she enjoys.
The wind is not a river Brian Payton
Following the death of his younger brother in Europe, journalist John Easley is determined to find meaning in his loss. Leaving behind his beloved wife, Helen, he heads north to investigate the Japanese invasion of Alaska's Aleutian Islands, a story censored by the U.S. government.
The cruelest month Louise Penny
Chief Inspector Gamache is called to Three Pines when a seance attended by locals goes horrifyingly wrong, and a woman is found on the floor, apparently scared to death. Something frightened Madeleine Favreau so much that it literally stopped her heart.
The virgin in the ice : a Brother Cadfael myster Ellis Peters
Shrewsbury, 1139. The bloody civil war between King Stephen and Empress Maud has swept through the country towards the rural security of Brother Cadfael's monastery. The citizens of Worcester have fled, among them two orphaned children of noble stock, together with their tutor, a young nun.
The fall R. J. Pineiro
A man jumps from the upper-most reaches of the atmosphere and vanishes, ending up on an alternate Earth where he died five years earlier.
Blasphemy Douglas J. Preston
The world's biggest supercollider, locked in an Arizona mountain, was built to reveal the secrets of the very moment of creation: the Big Bang itself. The Torus is the most expensive machine ever created by humankind, run by the world's most powerful supercomputer.
Riptid Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child.
In 1695, a notorious English pirate buried his bounty in a maze of booby-trapped tunnels on an island off the coast of Maine. In three hundred years, no one has breached this cursed and rocky fortress.
Scotsman of my dreams Karen Ranney
Once the ton's most notorious rake, Dalton MacIain has returned from his expedition to America during the Civil War? wounded and a changed man. Instead of returning to his old haunts, he now spends his time at home.
A book of spirits and thieves Morgan Rhodes
A mysterious book and ancient magic bring together four young people in modern-day Toronto and the ancient kingdoms of Mytica.
Library of souls : the second novel of Miss Peregrine's peculiar children Ransom Riggs
Time is running out for the Peculiar Children. With a dangerous madman on the loose and their beloved Miss Peregrine still in danger, Jacob Portman and Emma Bloom are forced to stage the most daring of rescue missions.
Confessions of a Jane Austen addic Laurie Viera. Rigler
Transported through time into Regency England, heartbroken Austen fan Courtney Stone is forced to live the discouragingly difficult life of a nineteenth-century woman and finds herself experiencing memories that are not her own.
Stiff : the curious lives of human cadavers Mary Roach
A look inside the world of forensics examines the use of human cadavers in a wide range of endeavours, including research into new surgical procedures, space exploration, and a Tennessee human decay research facility.
Falling upward : a spirituality for the two halves of life Richard Rohr
A fresh way of thinking about spirituality that grows throughout life. In Falling Upward, Fr. Richard Rohr seeks to help readers understand the tasks of the two halves of life and to show them that those who have fallen, failed, or "gone down" are the only ones who understand "up.
Immortal guardians Eliot Schrefer
When an ancient dark force emerges from a centuries-long slumber, Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan must stop it from sweeping through Erdas and destroying their spirit animals and the world.
All teachers bright and beautiful Andy Seed
Andy Seed is beginning his fifth year teaching at Cragthwaite Primary in the Yorkshire Dales, and as always a new term is full of surprises. These take the form of a beautiful, but not terribly bright, student on placement from the local teacher training college, and a particularly pushy and problematic parent with a fine line in complaining. It looks like Andy's pupils are the least of his problems.
The bronze horseman Paullina Simons
In 1941, as the invading German army moves ever closer to Leningrad, sisters Tatiana and Dasha Metanov become embroiled in a turbulent romantic triangle when they both fall in love with the same man, a Red Army officer.
Double income, no kids yet. Series 1 David Spicer
Radio comedy about a young couple, Daniel and Lucy, and their circle of friends. This includes all 6 episodes of the first series.
The quarry Johan Theorin
As the last snow melts on the Swedish island of Oland, Per Morner is preparing for his children's Easter visit. But his plans are disrupted when he receives a phone call from his estranged father, Jerry, begging for help. Per finds Jerry close to death in his blazing woodland studio.
A different class of murder : the story of Lord Lucan Laura Thompson
On 7 November 1974, a nanny named Sandra Rivett was bludgeoned to death in a posh Belgravia basement. A second woman, Veronica, Countess of Lucan, was also attacked. The man named in court as perpetrator of these crimes, Richard John Bingham, 7th Earl of Lucan, disappeared next morning.
The Athena project Brad Thor
A group of female warriors from the nation's most elite counter-terrorism unit — the United States Army's 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta — deploys on a dangerous international assignment. Their code name: Athena Project.
The street of a thousand blossoms Gail Tsukiyama
Japan, 1939. On the Street of a Thousand Blossoms in Tokyo, two orphaned brothers are growing up with loving grandparents who inspire them to dream of a future firmly rooted in tradition. The older boy, Hiroshi, shows early signs of promise in sumo wrestling, while Kenji is fascinated by the art of creating exquisite masks for actors in the Noh theatre. But as the ripples of war spread all the way to their quiet neighbourhood, the brothers must put their dreams on hold — and then forge their own paths in a new Japan.
The bet Rachel Van Dyken
"I have a proposition for you." Kacey should have run the minute those words left Seattle millionaire Jake Titus's mouth. It's been years since Kacey's seen her childhood friend Jake, but the minute Jake mentions his ill grandmother, Kacey is ready to do anything for the sweet old woman.
The billionaire's vinegar : the mystery of the world's most expensive bottle of wine Benjamin Wallace
It was the most expensive bottle of wine ever sold. In 1985, a 1787 bottle of Chateau Lafite Bordeaux — one of a cache unearthed in a bricked-up Paris cellar and supposedly owned by Thomas Jefferson — sold at auction for $156,000.
The shadows J. R. Ward
Trez "Latimer" doesn't really exist. And not just because the identity was created so that a Shadow could function in the underbelly of the human world. Sold by his parents to the Queen of the S'Hsibe as a child, Trez escaped the Territory and has been a pimp and an enforcer in Caldwell, NY for years all the while on the run from a destiny of sexual servitude. He's never had anyone he could totally rely on except for his brother, iAm. iAm's sole goal has always been to keep his brother from self-destructing and he knows he's failed.
A house divided Robert Whitlow
Lawyer Corbin Gage's problem with alcohol wreaks havoc on his practice and his family relationships, even as he takes on a high stakes case involving two boys who were exposed to dangerous chemicals, against a prominent fertilizer company.
R.I.P Nigel Williams
Retired bank manager George Pearmain is, apparently, dead. According to the behaviour of everyone around him, it would seem that he is no more. Not only that, but his mother has also passed away too — and on the eve of her 99th year — and it could be that they were both murdered.
The other daughter Lauren Willig
Raised in a poor yet genteel household, Rachel Woodley is working in France as a governess when she receives news that her mother has died, suddenly. Grief-stricken, she returns to the small town in England where she was raised to clear out the cottage and finds a cutting from a London society magazine, with a photograph of her supposedly deceased father dated all of three months before. He's an earl, respected and influential, and he is standing with another daughter, his legitimate daughter. Which makes Rachel not legitimate. Everything she thought she knew about herself and her past, even her very name is a lie.
Pardonable lies Jacqueline Winspear
Psychologist-sleuth Maisie Dobbs is called in by Sir Cecil Lawton to investigate the mystery behind the death of his wife's aviator son during World War I, a mission that brings her face to face with a college friend with ties to the missing pilot.
The uninvite Cat Winters
Set during the fear and panic of the Great Influenza of 1918, 'The uninvited' is part gothic ghost-story, part psychological thriller. Twenty-five year old Ivy Rowan rises from her bed after being struck by the flu, only to discover the world has been torn apart in just a few short days.
On Dublin Street Samantha Young
Jocelyn left her tragic past behind in the States and started over in Scotland, burying her grief, ignoring her demons, and forging ahead without attachments. When she moves into a new apartment on Dublin Street, she meets a man who shakes her carefully guarded world to its core.
Unlit star Lindy Zart
Rivers Young was the popular, untouchable guy. He was like a star-bright, consuming, otherworldly. The thing about stars, though, is that they eventually fall, and Rivers was no different. He fell far, and he fell hard. Delilah Bana was the outcast enshrouded in all of life's ironies.

Downloadable eBooks

Anna and Elsa : All hail the queen
Anna and Elsa : memory and magic
Archie 1000 page comics jamboree
A digest collection of "Archie" comics, following the adventures of Archie Andrews and his friends in Riverdale.
Archie's favorite high school comics
Celebrate 75 years of Archie Comics with this fun-filled collection packed with over 400 pages of hilarious high school stories! The Archie's favorite high school comics series gathers some of the best and most-loved stories ever for fans of all ages! Archie's favorite high school comics collects dozens of excellent, full-colour stories featuring Archie and the gang in all kinds of high school hijinx! These hand-selected stories feature special behind-the-scenes anecdotes, making this a must-have for all Archie and comic book fans everywhere!
The big trip : your ultimate guide to gap years and overseas adventures
Guides and instructs readers on preparing for overseas travel, with information on volunteer organizations, job opportunities for international travelers, education courses, and foreign festivals.
Dog joy : the happiest dogs in the universeby the editors of The Bark.
Do dogs really smile? For the past eight years, readers of The Bark have been sending in photographs of their smiling pups. Highlighted by personal stories and peppered with charming observations, dog lovers everywhere will adore this collection.
Fiji Travel Guide
How to build a road Caterpillar.
Have you ever wondered how a road was made? From excavators to backhoe loaders, it takes a team to make the roads cars and trucks drive on every day. Get an up-close look at the important work they do. Plus, for devices that support audio, this ebook includes a read-along setting.
Internet management for nonprofits : strategies, tools & trade secrets edited by Ted Hart, James M. Greenfield, Steve MacLaughlin, Philip H. Geier.
The essential guide for nonprofits wanting to manage their Internet applications in a coordinated, cost-effective, and efficient manner. The rapid onset of increasingly advanced and complex technologies has challenged nonprofits to invest with their sparse resources in attempting, and failing, to keep pace with for-profit companies, with the result that most now cannot compete with new commercial products and commercial applications. It reveals how current technologies can be utilized in full measure most effectively by nonprofits and addresses how to manage various applications for maximum benefit to internal operations and community service.
Neil Gaiman and philosophy : gods gone wild! edited by Tracy L. Bealer, Rachel Luria, and Wayne Yuen.
Neil Gaiman is the imaginative wizard behind the best-selling novels American Gods (soon to be an HBO series) and The Anansi Boys, the graphic series The Sandman, and popular children's books like Coraline and The Graveyard Book.
New Zealand
New Zealand is regularly voted the best country in the world to visit and with its unparalleled scenery, range of exciting activities and charming cities, it's not hard to see why. Explore New Zealand is part of a new series and is the ideal pocket companion when discovering this beautiful, diverse country: a full-colour guide containing 18 easy-to-follow driving and walking routes which lead you from Auckland's city sights and Wellington's cultural buzz to the volcanic wonderland of Rotorua, the heights of Franz Josef Glacier, and Milford Sound fiord.
Things I wish I'd known : women tell the truth about motherhood edited by Victoria Young ; foreword by Justine Roberts ; contributors, Adele Parks [and eighteen others].
Look at the front cover of any parenting book and what do you see? Glowing mothers-to-be, or pristine, beautifully-behaved children. But the reality is, your pregnancy might be a sweaty, moody rollercoaster, and your children will almost certainly spend the first few years of their lives covered in food, tears and worse. And the experience is no less magical for it. In this no-holds-barred collection of essays, prominent women authors, journalists and TV personalities explore the truth about becoming mothers.
Volunteer : a traveller's guide to making a difference around the world
A one-stop guide to choosing and organising a more meaningful travel experience; Information on raising funds and what to expect on arrival; Tips on extending the experience on the return home; A wide variety of experiences covered, from monitoring sea turtles in Greece to building community centres in Guatemala.
The world : a traveller's guide to the planet
We've distilled 40 years of travel know-how into the first guidebook to our entire planet. In this ultimate A to Z, every country has a detailed map, essential facts, inspirational images and its mustsee highlights.
Harbour John Ajvide Lindqvist
It was a beautiful winter's day. Anders, his wife and their feisty six-year-old, Maja, set out across the ice of the Swedish archipelago to visit the lighthouse on Gavasten. There was no one around, so they let her go on ahead. And she disappeared, seemingly into thin air, and was never found.
Little star John Ajvide Lindqvist
One autumn day in 1992, former pop singer Lennart Cederstrom finds something unexpected in the forest: a baby girl in a plastic bag, partially buried. He gives her the kiss of life, and her first cry astounds him; it is a clear, pure musical note.
Wake up, sir Jonathan Ames
A brilliant contemporary reimagining of the greatest comic relationship of all time, which goes far beyond pastiche to places even Wodehouse couldn't. Alan Blair is a young, loony writer with numerous problems of the mental, emotional, sexual, spiritual, and physical variety.
Ambrosia shore Christie Anderson
Sadie never dreamed she would see the world of Ambrosia with her own two eyes, just like Rayne never believed he would have the chance to share it with her. Finally, they can be together without any lies, without hiding who they are, in a world that shines brighter than Sadie could ever imagine.
Deep blue secret Christie Anderson
California teen, Sadie James, thinks her life couldn't get any better. However, her carefree life is turned upside down when she's rescued by a mysterious and strangely familiar boy and she realizes her life isn't as perfect as she thought.
Rogue wave Christie Anderson
After five months of blissful pretending, Sadie and Rayne are practically the couple of the year, although their feelings are just an illusion. Now, with graduation and college right around the corner, Sadie realizes she needs to do the inevitable. She has to make a choice.
Firewalker : witches do not die quietly Josephine Angelini
I'm a Witch and Witches burn. Lily is back in her own universe, and she's ready to relax with Rowan. True, she almost died in the Pyre that fueled their escape, and must hide her magic for the safety of the world, but compared to fighting the monstrous Woven and leading armies in the alternate Salem, life is looking good. You think I'm a monster, but my choices, as ruthless as they seem, are justified. Unfortunately, Lillian, ruthless ruler of the 13 Cities, is not willing to let Lily go that easily. If she can't persuade Lily to return to her world, she'll have to find a way to make her come back.
Sneak Evan Angler
When the Dust finally arrives in the capital, it seems that all their careful planning is useless against a government that will do anything to bend its citizens to its will. Can the gentle words Logan has found in a tattered, banned Bible really stand against the most powerful military the world has ever known? Can Logan even sacrifice his own freedom, choosing to act through faith alone?
Storm Evan Angler
Logan Langly went in to get his Mark, but he backed out at the last minute. Ever since, he's been on the run from government agents and on a quest to find his sister Lily, who disappeared when she went to get her Mark five years earlier.
Swipe Evan Angler
Everyone gets the Mark. It gives all the benefits of citizenship. Yet if getting the Mark is such a good thing, then why does it feel so wrong? Set in a future North America that is struggling to recover after famine and global war, Swipe follows the lives of three kids caught in the middle of a conflict they didn't even know existed.
The infidelity diaries Anonymous
Zara is a biographer, living in Sydney. She and Sergei have been married for over twenty years when an encounter with the predatory Caitt changes their life forever. Lili is a property agent in London.
As the crow flies Jeffrey Archer
Charlie Trumper rises to become the proprietor of London's most elegant store and one of England's wealthiest men, but his position is threatened by an old enemy.
The insect rosary Sarah Armstrong
All families have secrets, but Bernadette's are more dangerous than most. On holiday in Northern Ireland in 1982, she and her older sister discover their family is involved with disappearances and murder. Thirty years later Nancy makes a disastrous return to the farm with her own family.
I love you more than moldy ham Carey Armstrong-Ellis
When a young monster sets out to create a gourmet dinner for someone special, he squelches through marsh and muck to find just the right ingredients, from beetle knees to plump slugs to chicken teeth! But who is the dinner for? A surprise awaits his special loved one and readers alike!
Reykjavik nights Arnaldur Indriason
The loner Erlendur has recently joined the police force as a young officer. The beat on the streets in Reykjavik is busy: traffic accidents, theft, domestic violence, contraband. And an unexplained death.
Creature comforts Trisha Ashley
Izzy has broken off her engagement to her feckless fiancee Kieran and returned to her childhood home the sleepy village of Halfhidden. She soon realizes that life in the village is anything but peaceful — for one thing she's living with her mad aunt Debo and her pack of dogs, and for another, Izzy has a lot of unanswered questions.
Dr. Atkins' Quick and Easy New Diet Cookbook Robert C. Atkins
Atkins for life : the complete controlled carb program for permanent weight loss and good health Robert C. Atkins
Outlines a low-carbohydrate eating programme designed to encourage weight loss and improve health and provides two hundred menu plans with controlled carbohydrate counts and more than one hundred recipes.
Atkins for life low-carb cookbook : more than 250 recipes for every occasion Veronica Atkins ; with Stephanie Nathanson and the Atkins Kitchen
A collection of recipes for those following controlled-carbohydrate eating plans. Each recipe includes nutritional details and for which of the four Atkins diet phases the dish is appropriate.
Bounce Noelle August
Playing the occasional club gig just isn't cutting it for twenty-two-year-old cellist Skyler Canby, who's trying to support herself and her mother back home in Kentucky. When she accompanies her best friend Beth on an audition for the first feature film launched by Blackwood Entertainment, she figures, Why not? Beth's a shoo-in for the lead, but maybe Skyler's newly dyed pink hair will help her stand out enough to score a small speaking part.
Sleeping in Eden Nicole Baart
The lives of a middle-aged doctor and a love-struck young woman intersect across time in Sleeping in Eden, Nicole Baart's haunting novel about love, jealousy, and the boundaries between loyalty and truth. On a chilly morning in the Northwest Iowa town of Blackhawk, Dr.
Baiting the maid of honor : a wedding dare novel Tessa Bailey
Julie Piper and Reed Lawson have nothing in common. She's a people-pleasing sorority girl hiding behind her perfect mask. He's a take-no-prisoners SWAT commander who isolates himself from the world. But when they're forced together at their friends' posh destination wedding, one thing is clear — Reed wants Julie more than he wants his next breath. Which is why he's not about to stand by when she's dared to seduce another man.
A school for unusual girls Kathleen Baldwin
Scientific-minded Georgiana Fitzwilliam is sent to a school for unusual high society girls for the ostensible purpose of being reformed into a respectable lady, but is instead secretly enlisted into the war effort alongside Lord Sebastian Wyatt.
Weightless Sarah Bannan
When Carolyn Lessing moves from New Jersey to Alabama with her mother, she rattles the status quo of the juniors at Adams High. Gorgeous, stylish, a great student and gifted athlete without a mean girl bone in her body Carolyn is gobbled up right away by the school's cliques.
The elegance of the hedgehog Muriel Barbery ; translated from the French by Alison Anderson.
Renee, the concierge of a grand Parisian apartment, has long kept guard of her inept persona. Renee is in fact a lover of fine literature, foreign films and a woman of great passion. Believing that the privileged residents would crumble within their superficial lives if Renee's intelligence and knowledge was divulged, she leads a suitably projected life of a reliable concierge. There is but one other kindred spirit of knowledge and high intellect, the twelve year old Paloma Josse intent on ending her futile existence on her thirteenth birthday. Both women live a life fortified by the deception, embarrassed and frustrated by their unappreciated intellect. The sudden arrival of Kakuro Ozu changes both Renee and Paloma's worlds, tearing down the cultural and social obstacles which have kept them on the outside.
The secret letters Abby Bardi
When thirty-seven-year-old slacker-chef Julie Barlow's mother dies, her older sister Pam finds a cache of old letters from someone who appears to be their mother's former lover. The date stamped on the letters combined with a difficult relationship with her father leads Julie to conclude that the letters' author was a Native American man named J. Fallingwater who must have been her real father. Inspired by her new identity, Julie uses her small inheritance to make her dream come true: she opens a restaurant called Falling Water that is an immediate success, and life seems to be looking up.
Imperfect Pretence Ann Barker
Max Persault loves his sea-faring life as a ship-owner and merchant. When his cousin Alistair, the newly elevated Duke of Haslingfield, appeals for his help, he finds himself masquerading as the duke and on his way to Cromer, while Alistair sets off to France to complete an undercover mission.
Paper or plastic Vivi Barnes
Busted. Alexis Dubois just got caught shoplifting a cheap tube of lipstick at the local SmartMart. She doesn't know what's worse — disappointing her overbearing beauty-pageant-obsessed mother for the zillionth time…or her punishment.
Play the part : master body signals to connect and communicate for business success Gina Barnett
From the moment an actor steps on stage, an audience collectively feels whether his or her performance is authentic, forced, or over the top. Business professionals are also performers-and the workplace is their stage.
Ultimate aptitude tests : assess and develop your potential with numerical, verbal & abstract tests Jim Barrett, Tom Barrett.
With over a thousand realistic practice questions and detailed answer explanations, Ultimate Aptitude Tests provides essential practice for test takers. The book offers practical skills and understanding of psychological tests, abstract visual tests, verbal and numerical reasoning aptitudes, recruitment tests, aptitude assessment, and different types of mechanical and spatial tests.
Pattern of shadows Judith Barrow
Mary is a nursing sister at Lancashire prison camp for the housing and treatment of German POWs. Life at work is difficult but fulfilling, life at home a constant round of arguments, until Frank Shuttleworth, a guard at the camp turns up.
Annie Dunne Sebastian Barry
Annie Dunne and her cousin Sarah live and work on a small farm in a remote and beautiful part of Wicklow in late 1950s Ireland. All about them the old green roads are being tarred, cars are being purchased, a way of life is about to disappear.
On Canaan's side Sebastian Barry
'As they used to say in Ireland, the devil only comes into good things.' On Canaan's Side opens as she mourns the loss of her grandson, Bill. The story then goes back to the moment she was forced to flee Dublin, at the end of the First World War, and follows her life through into the new world of America, a world filled with both hope and danger. At once epic and intimate, Lilly's narrative unfurls as she tries to make sense of the sorrows and troubles of her life and of the people whose lives she has touched.
The whereabouts of Eneas McNulty Sebastian Barry
Having handily survived his Sligo childhood, Eneas joins the British Army in time for World War I — and upon his return home, finds himself shunned as a collaborator. Tarred with this very Britannic brush, he goes one better and enlists in the Royal Irish Constabulary.
Job wanted Teresa Bateman
Arriving at a farm with sore paws and an empty stomach, a dog tries to convince the farmer that he could be just as valuable as a cow, a horse, or a chicken.
The watercress girl H. E. Bates
Stories about children are not always for children. In The Watercress Girl, H. E. Bates masterfully depicts a childhood which, by proxy, reveals the mystifying world of the adult. Through a series of short, lyrical stories, the complexities of the world are seen with crystalline purity through the eyes of children. We experience the joyous and painful clarity of youth, full of fears, hopes and make-believe, and the trust and mistrust of the adult world.
The hunt for hidden treasure : a mystery about rocks Lynda Beauregard
When Jordan finds a treasure map at Camp Dakota, the hunt for hidden treasure is on! As the campers follow the map, they discover that time has changed some of the landmarks. They'll need to rely on what they know about rocks and changes to Earth's surface to have any chance of success.
In search of the fog zombie : a mystery about matter Lynda Beauregard
When Angie and Alex arrive at Camp Dakota, a thick fog envelops everything and when the campers start finding mysterious notes with hints about a Fog Zombie, their counselors teach them about solids, liquids, gases, and the properties of matter to uncover the meaning of the clues.
The missing cuckoo clock : a mystery about gravity Lynda Beauregard
There's a new kid at Camp Dakota! It's Megan's first year, and all she can think about is riding horses. But gravity seems to be getting in the way of all the campers' fun, from the stables to the beach. Then the big cuckoo clock in the main cabin goes missing.
The nighttime cabin thief : a mystery about light Lynda Beauregard
When several campers at Camp Dakota report missing items and begin pointing fingers at a fellow-camper, a group of children search for the culprit.
The werewolf chase : a mystery about adaptations Lynda Beauregard
While studying animal adaptations and then noticing a camp counselor's suspicious late-night activities, campers begin to fear that the counsellor is really a werewolf.
The whispering lake ghosts : a mystery about sound Lynda Beauregard
Hearing strange murmuring near the lake, campers Braelin and Megan search for the ghostly voices, putting their new knowledge of sound and amplification to good use.
The valley : a hundred years in the life of a Yorkshire family Richard Benson
The close-knit villages of the Dearne Valley were home to four generations of the Hollingworth family. Spanning Richard Benson's great-grandmother Winnie's ninety-two years in the valley, and drawing on years of historical research, interviews and anecdotes, The Valley lets us into generations of carousing and banter as the family's attempts to build a better and fairer world for themselves meet sometimes with triumph, sometimes with bitter defeat. Against a backdrop of underground explosions, strikes and pit closures, these are unflinching, deeply personal stories of battles between the sexes in a man's world sustained by strong women; of growing up, and the power of love and imagination to transform lives.
Jamrach's menagerie Carol Birch
It is London, 1857. Jaffy Brown is running through the squalid London backstreets when he comes face to face with the escaped circus animal. His young life is transformed by the encounter. Plucked from the jaws of death by Mr Jamrach — explorer, entrepreneur and collector of the world's strangest creatures — the two strike up a friendship. Before he knows it, Jaffy finds himself on board a ship bound for the South Seas. His job is to be the keeper of the animal they hope to find and bring back alive. So begins an extraordinary voyage. Jaffy's journey — if he survives it — will push faith, love and friendship to their utmost limits. Brilliantly written and utterly spellbinding, Carol Birch's epic novel brings alive the smells, sights and flavours of the nineteenth century, from the docks of London to the storms of the South Seas. This is a great salty historical adventure, and a fascinating exploration of our relationship to the natural world and the wilderness it contains.
Anna dressed in blood Kendare Blake
For three years, seventeen-year-old Cas Lowood has carried on his father's work of dispatching the murderous dead, traveling with his kitchen-witch mother and their spirit-sniffing cat, but everything changes when he meets Anna, a girl unlike any ghost he has faced before.
Girl of nightmares Kendare Blake
Months after Anna Korlov opened a door to Hell and sacrificed herself for seventeen-year-old ghost hunter Cas Lowood, persistent visions of Anna being tortured cause Cas to decide to save her as she once saved him.
In the unlikely event Judy Blume
In 1987, Miri Ammerman returns to her hometown of Elizabeth, New Jersey, to attend a commemoration of the worst year of her life. Thirty-five years earlier, when Miri was fifteen, and in love for the first time, a succession of airplanes fell from the sky, leaving a community reeling.
The second sister Marie Bostwick
Years of long workdays and little sleep as a political campaigner are about to pay off now that Lucy Toomey's boss is entering the White House. But when her estranged older sister, Alice, unexpectedly dies, Lucy is drawn back to Nilson's Bay, her small, close-knit, Wisconsin hometown.
How to be a space explorer : your out-of-this-world adventure Mark Brake
Everything young explorers needs to know to travel in space, covering what life in zero gravity is like, how to find your way around the solar system, and the all-important question of how to pee in a spacesuit! Unique illustrations take kids to the heart of the action and amazing photos show what the universe is really like. Incredible stories of real-life space exploration for kids aged 8 and up, by author and astrobiologist Professor Mark Brake. More than 300 amazing photographs. The perfect present for every aspirant astronaut!
The cigarette century: the rise, fall and deadly persistence of the product that defined America Allan M. Brandt
From agriculture to big business, from medicine to politics, The Cigarette Century is the account of how smoking came to be so deeply implicated in our culture, science, policy, and law. The Cigarette Century shows in detail how the cigarette reflects the most powerful cultural and political debates of our time. It illustrates how one ephemeral (and largely useless) product came to play such a dominant role in so many aspects of our lives — and our deaths.
One hundred days of happiness Fausto Brizzi
Lucio Battistini leads a simple life: he has a job, a water polo team to train two days a week, two children and a wife that he loves, a wife who has just thrown him out of the house for cheating on her. That's when he receives a visit from his friend Fritz, a friend who has no intention of leaving.
How Lunchbox Jones saved me from robots, traitors, and Missy the Cruel Jennifer Brown
Luke Abbott's school is the losing-est school in the history of losing. And that's just fine for him. He'd rather be at home playing video games and avoiding his older brother Rob and the Greatest Betrayal of All Time.
The mother tongue : English and how it got that way Bill Bryson
With dazzling wit and astonishing insight, Bill Bryson — the acclaimed author of The Lost Continent- brilliantly explores the remarkable history, eccentricities, resilience and sheer fun of the English language.
First, break all the rules : what the world's greatest managers do differently Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman.
Great managers do not help people overcome their weaknesses. They do not believe that each person has unlimited potential. They do play favourites and they break the 'Golden Rule' book everyday. This amazing book explains why great managers break all the rules of conventional wisdom.
The fairy tale detectives Michael Buckley
In book one of this bestselling series, sisters Sabrina and Daphne are sent to live with their mysterious grandmother, Relda Grimm. The sisters learn they are descendants of the Brothers Grimm, whose famous book of fairy tales is actually a collection of case files.
The problem child Michael Buckley
With the help of a long lost relative, and a little magic, Sabrina Grimm and her sister Daphne try to find out who has kidnapped their parents and rescue them.
The unusual suspects Michael Buckley
Although filled with anger over her parents' disappearance, eleven-year-old Sabrina Grimm — along with her grandmother, sister, and several fairy-tale characters — tries to discover who has killed her teacher.
Tremaine's true love Grace Burrowes
Wealthy wool magnate Tremaine St. Michael is half French, half Scottish, and all business. He prowls the world in search of more profits, rarely settling in one place for long. When he meets practical, reserved Lady Nita Haddonfield, he sees an opportunity to mix business with pleasure by making the lady his own. Nita Haddonfield has a meaningful life tending to others, though nobody is dedicated to caring for Nita. She insists the limitations of marriage aren't for her, then Tremaine St. Michael arrives — protective, passionate, and very, very determined to win Nita's heart.
The miniaturist Jessie Burton
There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. On an autumn day in 1686, eighteen-year-old Nella Oortman knocks at the door of a grand house in the wealthiest quarter of Amsterdam. She has come from the country to begin a new life as the wife of illustrious merchant trader Johannes Brandt, but instead she is met by his sharp-tongued sister, Marin. Only later does Johannes appear and present her with an extraordinary wedding gift: a cabinet-sized replica of their home. It is to be furnished by an elusive miniaturist, whose tiny creations mirror their real-life counterparts in unexpected ways. Nella is at first mystified by the closed world of the Brandt household, but as she uncovers its secrets she realizes the escalating dangers that await them all. Does the miniaturist hold their fate in her hands? And will she be the key to their salvation or the architect of their downfall? Beautiful, intoxicating and filled with heart-pounding suspense, The Miniaturist is a magnificent story of love and obsession, betrayal and retribution, appearance and truth.
Never tickle a tiger Pamela Butchart
An energetic, action-packed adventure about a trip to the zoo that gets wildly out of hand!
Think to win : unleashing the power of strategic thinkingPaul Butler, John Manfredi, Peter Klein.
In today's ultra-competitive business world, the difference between success and failure lies in the ability to get every employee to think and behave like a strategist. Think to Win helps business leaders expand strategic thinking out of the purview of "the elite few" and into the company culture as whole. It offers a simple, proven approach to analyzing and solving old or new challenges and provides a common language anyone at any level in the organization can understand. Paul Butler is the founder and Managing Director of GlobalEdg LLC. John F. Manfredi founded the strategic consulting and communications group Manloy Associates. Peter Klein is the founder of the growth-management consultancy PK Associates.
Belly dancing for beginners Liz Byrski
Gayle and Sonya are a study in contrasts one reserved and cautious, the other confident and outspoken. But their very different lives will be turned upside down when they impulsively join a belly dancing class.
Paper roses Amanda Cabot
The future stretches out in front of Sarah Dobbs like the pure blue Texas sky. Leaving the past behind in Philadelphia, mail-order bride Sarah arrives in San Antonio ready to greet her groom, Austin Canfield, a man she has never met but whose letters have won her heart from afar.
Scattered petals Amanda Cabot
Determined to rebuild her life after the death of her parents, Priscilla Morton moves to Texas and forges a relationship with ranch foreman Zachary Webster, but when the past intrudes, it threatens their relationship.
Tomorrow's garden Amanda Cabot
Harriet Kirk is certain that becoming Ladreville's schoolteacher is just what she needs — a chance to put the past behind her and give her younger siblings a brighter tomorrow. What she didn't count on was the presence of handsome former Texas Ranger Lawrence Wood — or the way he slowly but surely claims her fragile heart. But can Harriet and Lawrence ever truly put the past behind them in order to find happiness?
Baa, baa, black sheep Jane Cabrera
A winsome sheep has a seemingly endless supply of wool for an avid knitter, who showers her friends with gifts. But what will black sheep get in return?
Call the shots Don Calame
Coop is cooking up another sure-misfire scheme (big surprise), and this time the comedy plays out from Sean's point of view. What's the new master plan? Making a cheapo horror movie guaranteed to make Coop, Sean, and Matt filthy rich! It's a terrible idea, and Sean knows it.
Beyond all dreams Elizabeth Camden
Anna O'Brien leads a predictable and quiet life as a map librarian at the illustrious Library of Congress until she stumbles across the baffling mystery of a ship disappeared at sea. Thwarted in her attempts to uncover information, her determination outweighs her shyness and she turns to a dashing congressman for help.
With every breath Elizabeth Camden
In the shadow of the nation's capital, Kate Livingston's respectable life as a government worker is disrupted by an encounter with the insufferable Trevor McDonough, the one man she'd hoped never to see again.
Blood orange Drusilla Campbell
Dana Cabot cannot remember the kind of person she was before May 29th, the day she became angry at God, at her workaholic attorney husband, and herself. The day her seven-year-old daughter, Bailey, disappeared.
The edge of the sky Drusilla Campbell
Lana Porter had it all — a happy marriage and two wonderful teenage daughters — until the fateful night tragedy struck, shattering her once idyllic life. Picking up the pieces hasn't been easy, as she has struggled to be a good mother to her girls, Micki and Beth, and a supportive sister to Marlene and Kathryn, whose own lives seethe with turmoil. Every day seems to bring a new challenge, but against enormous odds the bonds between mothers and daughters can bend without ever breaking. Families are never perfect — but their love for each other can be…
Wildwood Drusilla Campbell
It has been over thirty years since the words "Bluegang Creek" passed their lips. Because something that happened near that shady stream has shaped their lives-and haunted their darkest hours. Now, Liz can no longer bear the silence.
Future smart : managing the game-changing trends that will transform your world James. Canton
A forecast of the most important game-changing trends-and how to manage and profit from them to improve your life. We live in a time of complex and radical change. Those that are ill-prepared for the seismic shifts set to occur over the next thirty years will be in for a rough ride.
Ender's game Orson Scott Card
Speaker for the dead Orson Scott Card
In the aftermath of his terrible war, Ender Wiggin disappeared, and a powerful voice arose: The Speaker for the Dead, who told the true story of the Bugger War. Now, long years later, a second alien race has been discovered, but again the aliens' ways are strange and frightening…again, humans die.
Once upon a summertime Melody Carlson
Managing the Value Lodge in her hometown was not what Anna Gordon had in mind when she set out in the hospitality industry. But it's a safe choice for a woman whose childhood was anything but stable. Out of the blue, she gets a once-in-a-lifetime chance to reinvent herself by moving to New York City, where she hopes for a management position at a stylish new boutique hotel.
The shallows : what the Internet is doing to our brains Nicholas G. Carr
As we enjoy the Internet's bounties, are we sacrificing our ability to read and think deeply? Carr describes how human thought has been shaped through the centuries by "tools of the mind" — from the alphabet to maps, to the printing press, the clock, and the computer — and interweaves recent discoveries in neuroscience. Now, he expands his argument into a compelling exploration of the Internet's intellectual and cultural consequences. Our brains, scientific evidence reveals, change in response to our experiences.
Forever young Steven Carroll
Forever Young is set against the tumultuous period of change and uncertainty that was Australia in 1977. Whitlam is about to lose the federal election, and things will never be the same again. the times they are a'changing.
Heist society Ally Carter
For as long as she can remember, Katarina has been a part of the family business-thieving. When Kat tries to leave "the life" for a normal life, her old friend Hale conspires to bring her back into the fold. Why? A mobster's art collection has been stolen, and Kat's father is the only suspect.
Sworn to silence Linda Castillo
Some secrets are too terrible to reveal … Some crimes are too unspeakable to solve. In the sleepy rural town of Painters Mill, Ohio, the Amish and "English" residents have lived side by side for two centuries.
The clockwork crown Beth Cato
Healer Octavia Leander and Clockwork Dagger Alonzo Garrett must band together to reach the territory known as the Waste and survive the civil war brewing there if they are to learn the reasons behind Octavia's growing powers and inexplicable transformation.
I know I am rude, but it is fun : the royals and the rest of us as seen by Prince Philip Nigel Cawthorne
At the age of twenty-one, Prince Philip wrote to a relative: 'I know you will never think much of me. I am rude and unmannerly.' Prince Philip probably never managed to change the opinion of his relative…
The 5 love languages : the secret to love that lasts Gary D Chapman with Jocelyn Green.
Marriage is hard enough for the everyday civilian. But imagine marriage when you're separated by thousands of miles. When one of you daily faces the dangers of combat while the other shoulders all the burden of home-front duties.
Mousetropolis Gregory Christie
In this update of the classic fable, City Mouse and his cousin, Country Mouse, exchange visits and, although they find many things to like in each other's homes, they quickly learn that each prefers his own.
Slow cooker central Paulene Christie
When Paulene Christie started a Facebook group to share her slow cooker recipes, she had no idea that within eighteen months she would have an active community of more than 270,000 members. Slow Cooker Central is a fantastic collection of dishes that have been created and shared by Paulene and this passionate network of slow cooker devotees proving just how deliciously easy and versatile this style of cooking can be.
The melody lingers on Mary Higgins Clark
Three generations of a wealthy family. One terrifying family secret. When a beloved aunt agrees to help her teenaged niece with her college essays, she never imagines she'll open doors to her own past.
Last call Alice Clayton
Settling in, but never settling down, Caroline has finally struck a balance between the professional and the personal. As one of the top interior designers in San Francisco, she travels all over Northern California between nook time with Simon.
Mai tai'd up Alice Clayton
Looking for the perfect mix of smart, sexy, and sassy? Mai Tai'd Up continues Alice Clayton's Cocktail series, which began with Wallbanger and continued with Rusty Nailed and Screwdrivered. Eligible bachelor Lucas Campbell is very available, but very picky.
Burial of ghosts Ann Cleeves
For Lizzie, a holiday in Morocco seems to be the perfect escape. Especially when she meets Philip, a fellow tourist who is also travelling to fulfil his dreams. After a brief affair, Lizzie returns to England, distracted by thoughts of her mysterious lover.
The moth catcher Ann Cleeves
Life seems perfect in Valley Farm, a quiet community in Northumberland. Then a shocking discovery shatters the silence. The owners of a big country house have employed a house-sitter, a young ecologist named Patrick, to look after the place while they're away.
Silent voicesAnn Cleeves
When DI Vera Stanhope finds the body of a woman in the sauna room of her local gym, she wonders briefly if, for once in her life, she's uncovered a simple death from natural causes. But a closer inspection reveals ligature marks around the victim's throat — death is never that simple…
Thin air Ann Cleeves
A group of old university friends are on holiday in Unst, Shetland's most northerly island, to celebrate the wedding of one of their friends to a Shetlander. But late on the night of the wedding party one of them, Eleanor, disappears — apparently into thin air.
Because your grandparents love you Andrew Clements
Grandparents are the reassuring heroes in this story about a boy and girl who go on an overnight visit at their grandmother and grandfather's farm.
You can't take an elephant on the bus Patricia Cleveland-Peck
You can't take an elephant on the bus. It would simply cause a terrible fuss! Elephants' bottoms are heavy and fat and would certainly squash the seats quite flat. Never put a camel in a sailing boat, or a tiger on a train, and don't even think about asking a whale to ride a bike.
The inn at Ocean's Edge Colleen Coble
A vacation to Sunset Cove was her way of celebrating and thanking her parents. After all, Claire Dellamore's childhood was like a fairytale. But with the help of Luke Elwell, Claire discovers that fairytale was really an elaborate lie.
The reluctant assassin Eoin Colfer
The reluctant assassin is Riley, a Victorian boy who is suddenly plucked from his own time and whisked into the twenty-first century, accused of murder and on the run. Riley has been pulled into the FBI's covert W.A.R.P. operation (Witness Anonymous Relocation Program).
Catching fire Suzanne Collins
By winning the annual Hunger Games, District 12 tributes Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark have secured a life of safety and plenty for themselves and their families, but because they won by defying the rules, they unwittingly become the faces of an impending rebellion.
The Hunger Games Suzanne Collins
In a future North America, where the rulers of Panem maintain control through an annual televised survival competition pitting young people from each of the twelve districts against one another, sixteen-year-old Katniss's skills are put to the test when she voluntarily takes her younger sister's place.
Mockingjay Suzanne Collins
Against all odds, Katniss Everdeen has survivied the Hunger Games twice. But now that she's made it out of the bloody arena alive, she's still not safe. The Capitol is angry. The Capitol wants revenge.
Kitty Genovese : the murder, the bystanders, the crime that changed America Kevin Cook
At last, the true story of a crime that shocked the world. New York City, 1964. A young woman is stabbed to death on her front stoop a murder the New York Times called a frozen moment of dramatic, disturbing social change.
Night storm Catherine Coulter
The Paxtons are shipbuilders in Baltimore. Alec Carrick is an English nobleman who wants to buy them out. Genny Paxton isn't at all what she seems. She dresses like "Eugene" and wants to build her own sailing ships without male interference.
One Sarah Crossan
Grace and Tippi are twins ? conjoined twins. And their lives are about to change. No longer able to afford homeschooling, they must venture into the world ? a world of stares, sneers and cruelty. Will they find more than that at school? Can they find real friends? And what about love? But what neither Grace or Tippi realises is that a heart-wrenching decision lies ahead. A decision that could tear them apart. One that will change their lives even more than they ever imagined…
The fixer John Daniell
Match-fixing is one of the biggest issues surrounding sport. John Daniell, a former professional rugby player, has written the fascinating story of Mark Stevens, a former All Black playing professional rugby in Paris.
When a Scot ties the knot Tessa Dare
On the cusp of her first London season, Miss Madeline Gracechurch was shy, pretty, and talented with a drawing pencil, but hopelessly awkward with gentlemen. She was certain to be a dismal failure on the London marriage mart.
Spare parts : four undocumented teenagers, one ugly robot, and the battle for the American dream Joshua Davis
Relates how four undocumented Mexican immigrants in Arizona put together an underwater robot from scavenged parts and went on to win the National Underwater Robotics Competition at UC Santa Barbara.
4 family romances : love, kids & holidays Jacqueline Diamond
Francine Poulet meets the ghost raccoon Kate DiCamillo
Francine Poulet is the greatest animal control officer in Gizzford County. She hails from a long line of Animal Control Officers. She's battled snakes, outwitted squirrels, and stared down a bear. "The genuine article," Francine's dad always called her.
Fairfield Hall Margaret Dickinson
Ruthlessly ambitious Ambrose Constantine is determined that his daughter, Annabel, shall marry into the nobility. A fish merchant and self-made man, he has only his wealth to buy his way into society. When Annabel's secret meetings with Gilbert, a young man employed at her father's offices, stop suddenly, she learns that he has mysteriously disappeared. Heartbroken, she finds solace with her grandparents on their Lincolnshire farm, but her father will not allow her to hide herself in the countryside and enlists the help of a business connection to launch his daughter into society.
Sing as we go Margaret Dickinson
Smiles and songs that hide a broken heart. Kathy Burton longs to escape the drudgery of her life. With only the local church choir and the occasional dance at the village hall for amusement, she yearns for the bright lights.
Suffragette girl Margaret Dickinson
The secret of the blue trunk Lise Dion
In this true story, Armande Martel, a young nun from Quebec, is arrested by the Germans in 1940 during a stay at her religious order's mother house in Brittany. She spends the war years in a German concentration camp.
The wicked wit of Queen Elizabeth II Karen Dolby
The Wicked Wit of Queen Elizabeth II is a celebration of the Queen's reign through some of her wittiest, most sarcastic and humorous observations, revealing a fascinating side of her personality that often remains hidden from the public.
The devil you know Trish Doller
Exhausted and rebellious after three years of working for her father and mothering her brother, eighteen-year-old Arcadia "Cadie" Wells joins two cousins who are camping their way through Florida, soon learning that one's a murderer.
Pieces of sky Trinity Doyle
Lucy's life was going as smoothly as any teenager's could. She was the state backstroke champion, and swimming obsessed. She lived with her parents and her brother, Cam, in the small coastal town she'd known all her life. She had friends, she had goals — she had a life.
Gathering the water Robert Edric
In northern England, Charles Weightman has been given the unenviable task of overseeing the flooding of Forge Valley, and the eviction of its lingering residents. As the winter creeps steadily forward and the waters begin to rise in Forge Valley, it seems that the impending deluge cannot be avoided: neither by the locals, nor by Weightman.
Peacetime Robert Edric
Late summer 1946: a demobilized British officer oversees the demolishing of a defunct lighthouse in the Wash, a marshy area on England's west coast. Mercer, unhappy with his work crew and lonely staying in the remains of an old building on the site, attempts to get to know some of the local residents. Mercer complicates his relationship with them by cultivating friendships with a German POW, who wants to remain in England after the war, and a Dutch Jew, who is haunted by memories of the sister he couldn't save in the concentration camps. Tensions caused by the implications of Mercer's project and by the presence of foreigners in this isolated English area ultimately erupt in cruelty and violence.
The golden age of murder : the mystery of the writers who invented the modern detective story Martin Edwards
A real-life detective story, investigating how Agatha Christie and colleagues in a mysterious literary club transformed crime fiction, writing books casting new light on unsolved murders whilst hiding clues to their authors' darkest secrets.
Frozen tracks Ake Edwardson
It's autumn in Gothenburg. An anxious mother calls the police; it seems her little boy was lured into a car by a man offering sweets. The same happens with a little girl, and then another. At police headquarters, DCI Erik Winter is investigating a series of random GBH attacks on university students.
Never end Ake Edwardson
Set in Gothenburg, this is the story of nineteen-year-old Jeanette who is returning home late in the night. She takes a shortcut through a city park — a decision which will add hours to her journey. Next morning the police come to question Jeanette about the rape, but in her desperation she has already scoured all traces of the crime away.
Room No. 10 Ake Edwardson
A woman is discovered hanged in a hotel room in Gothenburg. She was murdered, not a suicide. She left behind a note that she wrote apparently just before her death. Her parents are bereft and unable to explain the puzzling contents of the note.
Sail of stone Ake Edwardson
A brother and sister believe that their father has gone missing. They think he may have travelled in search of his father, who was presumed lost decades ago in World War II. Meanwhile, there are reports that a woman is being abused, but she can't be found and her family won't tell the police where she is. Gothenburg's Chief Inspector Erik Winter travels to Scotland in search of the missing man, aided there by an old friend from Scotland Yard. Back in Gothenburg, Afro-Swedish detective Aneta Djanali discovers how badly someone doesn't want her to find the missing woman when she herself is threatened.
Sun and shadow Ake Edwardson
A couple are found murdered in their flat in Gothenburg, their bodies symbolically arranged in a mysterious and grotesque fashion. As Winter follows the trail of clues into the cult world of the gothic, he becomes enmeshed in a riddle of nightmares, where he must untangle good from evil and sun from shadow.
A window opens Elisabeth Egan
Alice Pearse thought she would live happily ever after then she realized she was in the wrong story, realizes the question is not whether it's possible to have it all, but what does she, Alice Pearse, really want?
Love & respect : the love she most desires, the respect he desperately needs Emerson Eggerichs
Based upon Ephesians 5:33 and extensive biblical and psychological research, Dr. Emerson Eggerichs reveals the power of unconditional love and unconditional respect and how husbands and wives can reap the benefits of marriage that God intended.
Food triggers : end your cravings, eat well, and live better Rhona Epstein
Teeming with practical applications, biblical insight, and inspiring true stories, Epstein helps readers understand that addictive eating is a physical, emotional, and spiritual problem that must be addressed on all three levels to achieve true freedom.
Stronger : develop the resilience you need to succeed George S. Everly, Jr., Ph.D., Douglas A. Strouse, Ph.D., Dennis K. McCormack, Ph.D.
Professional athletes, surgeons, first responders all perform remarkable feats in the face of intense stress. Why do they thrive under pressure, while others succumb? What separates the two is attitude. Resilient people meet adversity head-on and bounce back from setbacks.
Toms River : a story of science and salvation Dan Fagin
Recounts the decades-long saga of the New Jersey seaside town plagued by childhood cancers caused by air and water pollution due to the indiscriminate dumping of toxic chemicals, that culminated in 2001 with one of the largest legal settlements in the annals of toxic dumping.
Soul drifter Lynette Ferreira
More than just a dream. Gaby is convinced her soul leaves when she is fast asleep. Gaby has vivid, three-dimensional, mega screen dreams, but they seem too real to merely be dreams, and it feels as if she actually does experience the things she dreams about.
Land shark Beth Ferry
Bobby wants a shark for his birthday, so he is disappointed when his parents get him a puppy instead — but this puppy turns out to be a bit of a shark herself.
A sudden country Karen Fisher
James MacLaren, once a resourceful and ambitious Hudson's Bay Company trader, has renounced his aspirations for a quiet family life in the Bitterroot wilderness. Yet his life is overturned in the winter of 1846, when his Nez Perce wife deserts him and his children die of smallpox.
Pig is big on books Douglas Florian
Pig loves books, both big and small, and reads them at school, at home, and on the bus.
The Buckhorn legacy Lori Foster
Emma Clark is back in Buckhorn. Once she was the girl with too much makeup and a bad reputation — and she tried everything she could to get Casey Hudson into bed. He was the cutest guy in town, and the only one who seemed to really care about her.
Heartbreakers Lori Foster
Treat Her Right. Gorgeous, statuesque fitness expert Wynn Lane can't help but fall for her sexy neighbour, paramedic Zack Granger, and his adorable daughter. But brash, outspoken Wynn is not Zack's idea of mummy material, even though she's making daddy's libido do flip-flops.
The industry Rose Foster
Sixteen-year-old Kirra Hayward is kidnapped by a shadowy organization after solving a difficult puzzle on the internet, and when she refuses to use her code breaking skills to help them, they decide to break her by any means possible.
The 3rd woman Jonathan Freedland
Journalist Madison Webb is obsessed with exposing lies and corruption. But she never thought she would be investigating her own sister's murder. Madison refuses to accept the official line that Abigail's death was an isolated crime.
I am Juliet Jackie French
The world's most famous love story told by one of Australia's most respected authors. This is the well-known story of Juliet Capulet and her love for Romeo. It also the story about the increasing helplessness Juliet feels as she realises that unlike young men her age, her life will effectively be determined and controlled by others, who see her having an arranged marriage of alliance and becoming a breeder of sons. I am Juliet closely follows the well-known and loved plot of the play, but we also see the point of view of Rob, the thirteen-year-old boy who is the first to play the role of Juliet on the Elizabethan stage.
Ophelia : Queen of Denmark Jackie French
Following on from I am Juliet (August 2014), this is the second title in a proposed new series for young people that focuses on the reinterpretation of Shakespeare's classic and enduring plays. She is the girl who will be queen: Ophelia, daughter of Denmark's lord chancellor and loved by Prince Hamlet. But while Hamlet's family stab, poison or haunt one another, Ophelia plans a sensible rule, one filled with justice and the making of delicious cheeses. Even if she has to pretend to be mad to make it happen, Ophelia will let nothing, not even howling ghosts, stand in her way. This is Shakespeare's play, but with what might also have happened behind the scenes. And this story has a happy ending.
The snarling of wolves Vivian French
The Web of Power which keeps the Five Kingdoms safe from evil is under threat. Foyce is determined to destroy it so she can take a terrible revenge on her step-sister, Gracie Gillypot. Meanwhile the five Royal Families are in turmoil.
God's double agent : the true story of a Chinese Christian's fight for freedom Bob Fu with Nancy French.
Tens of millions of Christians live in China today, many of them leading double lives or in hiding from a government that relentlessly persecutes them. Bob Fu, whom the Wall Street Journal called "The pastor of China's underground railroad," is fighting to protect his fellow believers from persecution, imprisonment, and even death. God's Double Agent is his fascinating and riveting story.
Descent Tara Fuller
He'll destroy everything and everyone to save her…including himself. Easton doesn't believe in love. He believes in death. Darkness. Sin. As a reaper for Hell, it's all he's known for more than four hundred years.
Husband hunters Genevieve Gannon
Three old friends team up to find life partners — this isn't love, this is business. Clementine, a psychologist specialising in couples counselling, is reeling from the discovery that her boyfriend is married. Annabel, an ex-model, only seems to attract men who want her as a trophy.
Always leaving Gene Gant
When Jason Barrett wakes up, he remembers only one thing: his name. Frightened and driven by paranoia, Jason keeps moving, going from town to town working odd jobs and making no friends. When he stumbles on to an emergency in New Hanover and saves a fellow teenage boy, it offers him the first connection he's felt in a while. All Ravi Mittal learns about his knight-in-shining armour is his name. Jason. But New Hanover is a small town and it is easy to reconnect. To return Jason's kindness, Ravi wants to help solve the riddle of Jason's missing past. As they work through clues, Jason begins to feel settled. He finds a place he belongs with Ravi — maybe something more.
The Syrenka series Amber Garr
Now you can enjoy the The Syrenka Series trilogy plus three bonus short stories all in one place. Bonus short stories include: Cold Feet : Kain witnesses Eviana's deceit on their wedding day and is forced to deal with the consequences of her behaviour.
The great and mighty Nikko! : a bilingual counting book Xavier Garza
Nikko's mother wants him to stop jumping on his bed, but he's not jumping on his bed, as he tried to convince her. Instead there are luchadors, masked wrestlers, trying to fight him one at a time. In the end, of course, Nikko is the winner: the great and mightly Nikko!
Born to rule : five reigning consorts, granddaughters of Queen Victoria Julia P. Gelardi
This book weaves together the powerful and moving stories of the five royal granddaughters of Queen Victoria. These five women were all married to reigning European monarchs during the early part of the twentieth century, and it was their reaction to the First World War that shaped the fate of a continent and the future of the modern world.
In triumph's wake : royal mothers, tragic daughters and the price they paid for gloryJulia P. Gelardi
Queen Isabella of Castile, Empress Maria Theresa of Austria, and Queen Victoria of England were respected and admired rulers whose legacies continue to be felt today. Their daughters, Catherine of Aragon, Queen of England; Queen Marie Antoinette of France; and Vicky, the Empress Frederick of Germany, are equally legendary for the tragedies that befell them, their roles in history surpassed by their triumphant mothers.
Silver in the blood Jessica Day George
In 1897, seventeen-year-olds Dacia and Lou, New York socialites and cousins, visit their maternal homeland of Romania and learn the family secret that they are shapeshifters, expected to take their rightful places and marry proper husbands.
Thursdays with the crown Jessica Day George
Castle Glower's towers have transported Princess Celie, her siblings, and her pet griffin, Rufus, to an unknown land. As they set out on a dangerous adventure to discover their whereabouts, they find an entire lost people, divided by the wishes of two wizards in a centuries-old quarrel over their beloved home Castle Glower.
Gravity Tess Gerritsen
Emma Watson, a brilliant research physician, has been training for the mission of a lifetime: to study living beings in space. Jack McCallum, Emma's estranged husband, has shared her dream of space travel, but a medical condition had grounded and embittered him.
In their footsteps Tess Gerritsen
Old secrets die hard… The quiet scandal surrounding her parents' deaths twenty years ago has always haunted Beryl Tavistock. Now she's decided that the only way to exorcise the ghosts of the past is to search for the truth.
Thief of hearts Tess Gerritsen
Reformed cat burglar Clea Rice has witnessed enough crimes to put her on the straight and narrow. But little does she suspect that her search for justice will land her in the arms of wealthy English gentleman Jordan Tavistock. As their attraction grows, so does the danger.
The measure of a man Gene A. Getz
Since 1974, men around the world have practiced the biblical teaching in this book to live by God's terms. Now you can follow in their footsteps to reach God's standards as a father, a husband, and a mentor to other men — and Gene Getz tells you how to make the grade.
Stumbling on happiness Daniel Todd Gilbert
Why are lovers quicker to forgive their partners for infidelity than for leaving dirty dishes in the sink? Why will sighted people pay more to avoid going blind than blind people will pay to regain their sight? Why do dining companions insist on ordering different meals instead of getting what they really want? Why do pigeons seem to have such excellent aim; why can't we remember one song while listening to another; and why does the line at the grocery store always slow down the moment we join it?
For Queen and currency : audacious fraud, greed and gambling at Buckingham Palace Michael Gillard
In For Queen & Currency, investigative journalist Michael Gillard exposes a massive fraud and security scandal at Buckingham Palace which Scotland Yard and the Royal Household tried to suppress. Drawing on thousands of leaked documents and police sources, Gillard tells the inside story of a group of Royalty Protection officers who entertained a life of high-risk gambling, brown envelopes of cash and striking gangsta poses on the throne of England while supposedly guarding the royal family and their secrets from terrorism and press intrusion
Cut : the true story of an abandoned, abused little girl who was desperate to be part of a family Cathy Glass
The story of the Dawn, a sweet and seemingly well-balanced girl whose outward appearance masks a traumatic childhood of suffering at the hands of the very people who should have cared for her. Dawn was the first girl Cathy Glass ever fostered.
Girl alone Cathy Glass
Aged nine, Joss came home from school to discover her father's suicide. She's never gotten over it. This is the true story of Joss, 13, who is angry and out of control. Then her mother remarries and Joss bitterly resents her step-father who abuses her mentally and physically.
Dragon loves penguin Debi Gliori
It's bedtime in the land of ice and snow. "Night, night," says Bib's mummy. "Sleep tight," says Bib's daddy. But Bib has a better plan. "Please," says Bib, "can I have a story? The one about dragons." And so begins the heartwarming tale of a dragon in need of an egg and an abandoned egg in need of a mummy. It seems like the perfect fit, but what happens when that egg hatches and the little baby doesn't look like all the other dragons (in fact, he looks remarkably like a penguin)? Of course, his mummy loves him no matter what. But the other babies aren't so sure. Little do they know that being different can be good and soon their little feathered friend is saving the day.
C is for corpse Sue Grafton
Fearing that the assailant who had once tried to kill him — and had left him badly scarred and partially amnesiac — would again try to murder him, Bobby Callahan turns to Kinsey Millhone for help.
V is for vengeance Sue Grafton
A woman with a murky past who kills herself-or was it murder? A spoiled kid awash in gambling debt who thinks he can beat the system. A lovely woman whose life is about to splinter into a thousand fragments. A professional shoplifting ring working for the Mob, racking up millions from stolen goods.
X Sue Grafton
Sue Grafton's X: Perhaps her darkest and most chilling novel, it features a remorseless serial killer who leaves no trace of his crimes. Once again breaking the rules and establishing new paths, Grafton wastes little time identifying this sociopath.
The taming of the Queen Philippa Gregory
Why would a woman marry a serial killer? Because she cannot refuse. Kateryn Parr, a thirty-year-old widow in a secret affair with a new lover, has no choice when a man old enough to be her father who has buried four wives, King Henry VIII, commands her to marry him.
A taste of temptation Amelia Grey
When bachelor Andrew Terwillger comes upon Olivia Banning, who claims to be looking for a ghost, in his bedroom, he is forced to marry her to save her reputation, and, believing that she trapped him, soon discovers the truth about her.
The earl claims a bride Amelia Grey
Harrison Thornwick is the Heirs' Club's newest member. His carefree days as a reckless rogue are suddenly behind him after the tragic death of his brother leaves him in charge of the family estate. What's more, the Prince himself has offered to secure his marital prospects.
The 65-storey treehouse Andy Griffiths
Andy and Terry's amazing 65-Storey treehouse now has a petgrooming salon, a birthday room where it's always your birthday (even when it's not), a room full of exploding eyeballs, a lollipop shop, a quicksand pit, an ant farm, a time machine and Tree-NN: a 24-hour-a-day TV news centre keeping you up to date with all the latest treehouse news, current events and gossip. Well, what are you waiting for? Come on up!
The bad book Andy Griffiths
This book contains nothing but bad stories, bad drawings, bad poems, bad cartoons and bad riddles about bad characters doing bad things!
What body part is that? : a stupid guide to your body Andy Griffiths
There is a lot of nonsense written about the human body, and this book is no exception. What Body Part is That? will explain everything you ever needed to know about your body without the boring technical jargon and scientific accuracy that normally clog up books of this type.
Boom! Mark Haddon
From the moment that Jim and his best friend Charlie overhear two of their teachers speaking to each other in a secret language, they know there's an adventure on its way. Bur What does 'spudvetch' mean? Perhaps Kidd and Pearce are bank robbers talking in code, or spies, or aliens.
The electric Michelangelo Sarah Hall
Beginning as a humble apprentice in Morecambe Bay, Cy flees to America, where he sets up his own tattoo business on the infamous Coney Island boardwalk. In this carnival environment of roller-coasters and freak shows, Cy becomes enamoured with Grace, a mysterious circus performer.
The judge's daughter Ruth Hamilton
Agnes is determined to discover the truth about her past. She believes the key to unlock the secret is held with Judge Spencer. Judge Spencer has neglected his daughter, Helen. Helen's new-found confidence causes her to behave in a way that will have a lasting impact on both families and, surprisingly, leads to a lifelong friendship with Agnes.
Black dawn Cristin Harber
After inventing a sought-after intel program, Lexi Dare is on a one-woman mission to stay alive. Both at home and at work. Because how did she end up with a ring on her finger and an abuser in bed as she readies to hit the high point in her career? Everything should be perfect. Amazing job.
When the moon is low Nadia Hashimi
When her happy middle-class life in Afghanistan is shattered by the rise of the Taliban and her husband's murder by fundamentalists, former schoolteacher Fereiba embarks on a high-risk effort to escape to England with her three children.
In the quiet Eliza Henry-Jones
A moving, sweet and uplifting novel of love, grief and the heartache of letting go, from a wonderful new Australian author. Cate Carlton has recently died, yet she is able to linger on, watching her three young children and her husband as they come to terms with their life without her on their rural horse property. As the months pass and her children grow, they cope in different ways, drawn closer and pulled apart by their shared loss. And all Cate can do is watch on helplessly, seeing their grief, how much they miss her and how — heartbreakingly — they begin to heal. Gradually unfolding to reveal Cate's life, her marriage, and the unhappy secret she shared with one of her children.
Low carb high fat and paleo slow cooking : 60 healthy and delicious LCHF recipes Birgitta Hoglund
Slow food, in the form of slow cooking and old-fashioned home cooking, has become really hot. Rich stews, roasts, soups, and stocks are now simmering in many kitchens. A stew cooked slowly over low heat for several hours works wonders even with the simplest and least expensive cuts of meat.
Low carb high fat barbecue : 80 healthy LCHF recipes for summer grilling, sauces, salads, and desserts Birgitta Hoglund
Summertime brings many things: warm weather, vacations, sandy beaches — and barbecues. It might seem impossible to plan a menu of healthy food for the backyard cookout or a picnic. But grilled meats and seafood are perfect for the low carb high fat (LCHF) diet, which emphasizes proteins and vegetables over sugar and flour. Low Carb High Fat Barbecue contains over 80 delicious recipes for grilled food and tasty side dishes. Marinades, sauces, and other delicious accompaniments add variety and make grilling fun.
Cowboy in the extreme Rita B. Herron
There's an intruder in my cabin! The moment he heard Kim Long's terrified voice on the phone, Brandon Woodstock knew he had to help her and her little girl. Once, he'd promised to love and protect Kim forever.
Carnival for the dead David Hewson
It's February, and Carnival time in Venice. Bright blue skies and freezing temperatures welcome Teresa Lupo, forensic pathologist to the Rome Questura, to the city. She is greeted off the vaporetto by an anonymous masked man dressed as The Plague Doctor.
The Beach Club Elin Hilderbrand
The exclusive Nantucket Beach Club and Hotel is where memories are made, friendships begun, and passions ignited. Now, during one unforgettable summer, the lives of five men and women who walk through its doors will be changed forever.
The Blue Bistro Elin Hilderbrand
Having worked for six years in the hotels of exotic resort towns, Adrienne Dealey relocates to Nantucket in the hopes of recouping her finances and gets a crash course in restaurant management at a popular locale that is preparing to close, an endeavour that is compromised by her budding relationship with her boss.
An advancement of learning Reginald Hill
Lecturers having it away with students, Witches' Sabbath on the sand dunes, a body buried under a statue in the gardens … but even with Dalziel's cynical view of what college administrators spend his taxes on, murder doesn't quite seem to fit in here.
An April shroud Reginald Hill
Superintendent Andrew Dalziel is rescued from a flood by a bunch of cheerful mourners, and accompanies them back to Lake House. Bonnie Fielding seems untroubled by her husband's demise, but more than worried by the half-finished banqueting hall that was to have rescued the family from penury.
Arms and the women Reginald Hill
When Ellie Pascoe finds herself under threat, her husband DCI Peter Pascoe and Superintendent Andy Dalziel assume it's because she's married to a cop. While they hunt down the source of the danger, Ellie heads out of town in search of a haven…
Asking for the moon Reginald Hill
If you've already met Dalziel and Pascoe, you're in for a treat. If you haven't yet had the pleasure, you're in for a revelation! Here in four stories we track their partnership from curtain-up to last act; from the mean streets of Mid-Yorkshire to the mountains of the moon.
Bones and silence Reginald Hill
When Detective Superintendent Andy Dalziel witnesses a bizarre murder across the street from his own back garden, he is quite sure who the culprit is. After all, he's got to believe what he sees with his own eyes. But what exactly does he see? And is he mistaken? Peter Pascoe thinks so.
Child's play Reginald Hill
When Geraldine Lomas dies, her huge fortune is left to an animal rights organization, a fascist front and a services benevolent fund. But at her funeral a middle-aged man steps forward, claiming to be her long-lost son and rightful heir.
A clubbable woman Reginald Hill
Home from the Rugby club after taking a nasty knock in a match, Sam Connon finds his wife more uncommunicative than usual. After passing out on his bed for a few hours, he comes downstairs to discover communication has been cut off forever — by a hole in the middle of her forehead.
A cure for all diseases Reginald Hill
Some say that Andy Dalziel wasn't ready for God, others that God wasn't ready for Dalziel. Either way, despite his recent proximity to a terrorist blast, the Superintendent remains firmly of this world.
Deadheads Reginald Hill
Life is on the up for Patrick Aldermann: his Great Aunt Florence has collapsed into her rose bed leaving him Rosemont House with its splendid gardens. But when his boss, 'Dandy' Dick Elgood, suggests to Peter Pascoe that Aldermann is a murderer — then later retracts the accusation — the detective inspector is left with a thorny problem. Not only have the police already dug up some interesting information about Aldermann's beautiful wife; it also appears that his rapid promotion has been helped by the convenient deaths of some of his colleagues…
The death of Dalziel Reginald Hill
Caught in the full blast of a huge explosion, Detective Superintendent Andy Dalziel lies on a hospital bed, with only a life support system and his indomitable will between him and the Great Beyond. His colleague, Detective Chief Inspector Peter Pascoe, is determined to bring those responsible to justice. Pascoe suspects a group called The Templars, and the deeper he digs, the more certain he is that The Templars are getting help from within the police force. The plot is complex, the pace fast, the jokes furious, the action explosive, the characterization vivid, and the climax astounding. And above it all, like a huge dirigible threatening to break from its moorings, hovers the disembodied spirit of Andy Dalziel.
Death's jest-book Reginald Hill
The dead-pan joker, Franny Roote, is working on his dead friend's unfinished biography of Beddoes, and with unfinished business between himself and DCI Pascoe to deal with as well. Meanwhile, Edgar Wield rides to the rescue of a child in danger, and finds he's got a rent-boy under his wing.
Dialogues of the dead Reginald Hill
A man drowns. Another dies in a motorbike crash. Two accidents … yet in a pair of so-called Dialogues sent to the Mid-Yorkshire Gazette as entries in a short story competition, someone seems to be taking responsibility for the deaths. In Mid-Yorkshire CID these claims are greeted with disbelief.
Exit lines Reginald Hill
Three old men die on a stormy November night: one by deliberate violence, one in a road accident and one by an unknown cause. Inspector Pascoe is called in to investigate the first death, but when the dying words of the accident victim suggest that a drunken Superintendent Dalziel had been behind the wheel, the integrity of the entire Mid-Yorkshire constabulary is called into question. Helped by the bright but wayward DC Seymour, hindered by 'Maggie's Moron', the half-witted Constable Hector, Peter Pascoe enters the twilight and vulnerable world of the senior citizen — to discover that the beckoning darkness at the end of the tunnel holds few comforts.
A killing kindness Reginald Hill
When Mary Dinwoodie was found choked in a ditch following a night out with her boyfriend, a mysterious night caller phoned the local paper with a quotation from "Hamlet", and the career of the Yorkshire Choker was underway.
Pictures of perfection Reginald Hill
High in the Mid-Yorkshire Dales stands the traditional village of Enscombe, seemingly untouched by the modern world. But contemporary life is about to intrude when the disappearance of a policeman brings Detective Superintendent Andy Dalziel and DCI Peter Pascoe to its doors.
A pinch of snuff Reginald Hill
Everyone knew about the kind of films they showed at the Calliope Club — once the Residents' Association and the local Women's Group had given them some free publicity. But when Peter Pascoe's dentist suggests that one film in particular is more than just good clean dirty fun, the inspector begins to make a few discreet inquiries. Before they bear fruit, though, the dentist has been accused of having sex with an underage patient, the cinema has been wrecked and its elderly owner murdered. Superintendent Dalziel expects no more from professional men who watch blue films. But Pascoe has a hunch that this time Dalziel is way off target…
Recalled to life Reginald Hill
Sunday Telegraph 1963. It was the year of the Profumo Scandal, the Great Train Robbery, the Kennedy Assassination — and the Mickeldore Hall Murder. The guests at the Hall that weekend included a Tory minister, a CIA officer, a British diplomat — and Cissy Kohler, a young American nanny who had come to England for love. And love kept her in England for nearly thirty years. In jail. For murder. Revisiting the case many years later, Detective Superintendent Andy Dalziel finds his certainty over Cissy's guilt is shaken — a rare state of affairs. And it looks as if not only is his old boss's reputation at stake, but his own too…
Ruling passion Reginald Hill
Peter Pascoe is in shock. A weekend in the country with old friends turns into a nightmare when he finds three of them dead and the missing fourth a prime suspect in the eyes of the local police. They want his cooperation, but Superintendent Dalziel needs him back in Yorkshire where a string of unsolved burglaries looks like turning nasty. As events unfold, though, the two cases seem to be getting entwined…
Under world Reginald Hill
Years ago, young Tracey Pedley disappeared in the woods around Burrthorpe. The close-knit mining village had its own ideas about what happened, but the police pinned it on a known child-killer who subsequently committed suicide. Now Burrthorpe comes to police attention again.
The wood beyond Reginald Hill
When animal-rights activists uncover a long-dead uniformed body in the grounds of Wanwood House, a research facility, Dalziel is presented with a seemingly insoluble mystery. And he is further perplexed when he's attracted to one of the campaigners — now implicated in a murderous assault.
Good Morning, Midnight Reginald Hill
Fool's quest Robin Hobb
Long ago, Fitz and the Fool changed the world, bringing back the magic of dragons and securing both the Farseer succession and the stability of the kingdom. Or so they thought. But now the Fool is near death, maimed by mysterious pale-skinned figures whose plans for world domination hinge upon the powers the Fool may share with Fitz's own daughter. Distracted by the Fool's perilous health, and swept up against his will in the intrigues of the royal court, Fitz lets down his guard and in a horrible instant, his world is undone and his beloved daughter stolen away by those who would use her as they had once sought to use the Fool as a weapon.
Paleo Cafe : lifestyle & cookbook Marlies Hobbs
The Paleo Cafe : Lifestyle & Cookbook offers the ultimate guide to living Paleo. After the birth of her dairy-intolerant son Troy, Marlies Hobbs had a new outlook on life and a sincere appreciation for the effects of food on our physical (and mental) health.
Crystal kingdom Amanda Hocking
Bryn's only ally against those who have taken over her kingdom is Konstantin, and despite knowing that he is too dangerous her heart tells her she can trust him, but as the entire troll world stands on the brink of war, the Trylle, specifically Finn Holmes, and Ridley, her first love, come to her aid.
The marriage of opposites Alice Hoffman
A forbidden love story set on the tropical island of St. Thomas about the extraordinary woman who gave birth to painter Camille Pissarro, the Father of Impressionism.
The Museum of Extraordinary Things Alice Hoffman
The daughter of a Coney Island boardwalk curiosities museum's front man pursues an impassioned love affair with a Russian immigrant photographer who after fleeing his Lower East Side Orthodox community has captured poignant images of the infamous Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire.
Secrets of the baby whisperer : how to calm and communicate with your baby Tracy Hogg with Melinda Blau.
Those Who Come After Elisabeth Holdsworth
The Invention of Fire Bruce Holsinger
When Zachary Beaver came to town Kimberly Willis Holt
During the summer of 1971 in a small Texas town, thirteen-year-old Toby and his best friend Cal meet the star of a sideshow act, 600-pound Zachary, the fattest boy in the world.
On the night of the seventh moon Victoria Holt
On the night of the seventh moon, according to ancient Black Forest legend, Loke, the god of mischief, is abroad in the world. It is a night for singing and dancing. And it is a night for love. Helena Trant was enchanted by everything she found in the Black Forest — its people, its mysterious castles, its legends and lore. Especially its legends of love. Until the day she started to live one of them and the enchantment turned suddenly into a terrifying nightmare….
Mistress of Mellyn Victoria Holt
The obituary writer Ann Hood
On the day John F. Kennedy is inaugurated, Claire, a young wife and mother obsessed with the glamour of Jackie, struggles over the decision of whether to stay in a loveless but secure marriage or to follow the man she loves and whose baby she may be carrying.
All I've Never Wanted Ana Huang
No good reason Cari Hunter
"I can't do this. I can't do any of this without her". Detective Sanne Jensen (not blonde, not tall, definitely not Scandinavian) and Dr. Meg Fielding (scruffy, scatterbrained, prone to swearing at patients) are lifelong best friends, sharing the same deprived background and occasionally the same bed. When a violent kidnapping stuns the Peak District village of Rowlee, both women become involved in the case. As Sanne and her colleagues in East Derbyshire Special Ops search for the culprit, and Meg fights to keep his victim alive, a shocking discovery turns the investigation on its head. With the clock ticking, Sanne and Meg find themselves pushed closer by a crime that threatens to tear everything apart.
Barefoot summer : a Chapel Springs romance Denise Hunter
Madison's heart has been closed for years. But one summer can change everything. In the years since her twin brother's tragic drowning, Madison has struggled with her ability to trust God or anyone else, for that matter.
Dancing with fireflies Denise Hunter
Jade returns home to Chapel Springs after years of protecting her fragile heart. Then along comes Daniel, making her long to dance; again.Creative and complicated, Jade McKinley felt like a weed in a rose garden growing up in Chapel Springs. When she left, she thought she'd never look back.
Married 'til Monday Denise Hunter
With a big anniversary party in the works for her parents, Ryan will pretend to be Abby's husband for just one last weekend. Ryan McKinley has tried to move on from his ex-wife, Abby. He's sulked, he's gotten angry, and ultimately he bought her dream house. Big mistake.
The wishing season Denise Hunter
Spirited PJ McKinley has the touch when it comes to food. Her dream of opening her own restaurant is just one building short of reality. So when a Chapel Springs resident offers her beloved ancestral home to the applicant with the best plan for the house, PJ believes it's a contest she was meant to win… Contractor Cole Evans is confident, professional, and swoon-worthy — but this former foster kid knows his life could have turned out very differently.
Goosefeather's curse Erin Hunter
In this novella from the world of Erin Hunter's #1 nationally bestselling Warriors series, discover how Goosefeather learned of his dark and terrible future. Goosefeather is destined to be a medicine cat unlike any ThunderClan has ever known — but will he ever come to terms with a gift that feels like a curse?
Path of stars Erin Hunter
The Dawn of the Clans takes readers back to the earliest days of the Clans, when the cats first settled in the forest and began to forge the warrior code. After moons of strife, the forest cats have settled into five camps.
The liminal war Ayize Jama-Everett
When Taggert's adopted daughter goes missing he suspects the hand of an old enemy. He gathers friends, family, and even those who don't quite trust that he has left his violent past behind. But their search leads them to an unexpected place, the past, and the consequences of their journey have a price that is higher than they can afford.
Secret Santa Sabrina James
As the winter dance nears, a game of Secret Santa creates romantic confusion at North Ridge High School.
Spring fling Sabrina James
Three groups of teenagers flirt, experiment with their images, form new friendships, and hit the beach while in Miami on spring break.
The last pilot Benjamin Johncock
A U.S. Air Force test pilot passes up the chance to become an astronaut after his wife gets pregnant against all odds, and as fatherhood consumes him, a sudden tragedy puts his instincts as a father and as a pilot to the test.
Loving day Mat Johnson
Warren Duffy has returned to America for all the worst reasons: his marriage to a beautiful Welsh woman has come apart; his comic shop in Cardiff has failed; and his Irish-American father has died, bequeathing to Warren his last possession, a roofless, half-renovated mansion in the heart of black Philadelphia. On his first night in his new home, Warren spies two figures in the grass outside; when he screws up the nerve to confront them, they disappear.
Ladies who launch Milly Johnson
Angie Silverton and Selina Molloy have not always been friends. Best pals at school, they fell out over a man, and it was only when they both missed a ship in Here Come the Boys that they found friendship again.
Snowblind Ragnar Jonasson
Terry Jones' medieval lives Terry Jones and Alan Ereira.
Was medieval England full of knights on horseback rescuing fainting damsels in distress? Were the Middle Ages mired in superstition and ignorance? Why does nobody ever mention King Louis the First and Last? And, of course, those key questions: which monks were forbidden the delights of donning underpants … and did outlaws never wear trousers?
What doesn't kill us : a guide to overcoming adversity and moving forward Stephen Joseph
For the past twenty years, Stephen Joseph has worked with survivors of trauma and sufferers of post-traumatic stress. In this groundbreaking book, he boldly challenges the notion that trauma and its aftermath devastate and destroy lives.
The inner circle Mari Jungstedt
"The Inner Circle" opens with an international group of young archeology students sweating on a dig on the island of Gotland, uncovering a Viking fortification dating back over a millennium. They are a fun-loving lot, partying together every night, but the good vibe turns to horror when one of them, twenty-one-year-old Martina Flochten, disappears. Her body is found a short while later, naked, bled out, and hanging from a tree. Her injuries indicate that she is the victim of a ritual killing.
The killer's art Mari Jungstedt
It is a cold wintry morning in the picturesque port town of Visby when art dealer Egon Wallin's battered and naked body is found hanging from a gate in the town's old city walls. His was a very public death, but who killed him and why? As Inspector Knutas begins his investigation, Egon's secrets quickly begin to come to the surface. He died on the eve of leaving his wife. Is his death a spurned lover's revenge?
Unknown Mari Jungstedt
It's summer on Gotland and an international group of archaeology students are excavating an ancient Viking site. The camaraderie and holiday spirits of the group are shattered when one of their number, a Dutch student called Martina, disappears.
Unseen Mari Jungstedt
The island of Gotland is in the middle of a busy tourist season and getting ready for Midsummer, the 4th of July of Swedish holidays, when a young woman and her dog are found brutally murdered. Jungstedt has written an atmospheric and exciting first mystery in clear, unadorned prose, in the tradition of Henning Mankell and Karin Fossum.
Unspoken Mari Jungstedt
It is winter on Gotland, and fourteen-year-old Fanny is missing. She had no friends to speak of other than the horses she took care of at the local racing stable, and seems to have been an unhappy and isolated teenager, the daughter of an absent Jamaican musician and an instable Swedish mother.
The Borgia bride Jeanne Kalogridis
Vivacious Sancha of Aragon arrives in Rome newly wed to a member of the notorious Borgia dynasty. Surrounded by the city's opulence and political corruption, she befriends her glamorous and deceitful sister-in-law, Lucrezia, whose jealousy is as legendary as her beauty.
Death descends On Saturn Villa M. R. C. Kasasian
London: 1883 125 Gower Street was once a house of justice, truth and perspicacity. Now madness, murder and scandal lurk in its empty halls. It is rumoured that its owner Sidney Grice London's foremost personal detective has been driven to the brink of despair.
Fireball Tyler Keevil
When a group of hedonistic teenagers save a woman from drowning they become unlikely local heroes, but their celebrity becomes the focus for first envy, then harassment.
Always the bridesmaid Lindsey Kelk
Everyone loves a bridesmaid. Except Maddie, who's perpetually asked to be one. Everyone loves a wedding. Except Maddie's best friend, who's getting divorced. And everyone loves the way Maddie's so happy backstage. Except Maddie herself.
The single girl's to-do list Lindsey Kelk
Rachel Summers loves a to-do list: Boyfriend; Flat; Great job. NOT on the list: Being dumped. Best friends Emelie and Matthew ride to her rescue with an entirely new kind of list.
Sinful surrender Beverley Kendall
Millicent "Missy" Armstrong is entering her third London Season, but not for lack of suitors. Since her debut three years ago, Missy has received twenty marriage proposals. But she is interested in only one man?her brother's best friend, James Rutherford. As a child, Missy looked up to James.
Amulet. Book 1, The stonekeeper Kazu Kibuishi
Graphic novel star Kazu Kibuishi creates a world of terrible, man-eating demons, a mechanical rabbit, a talking fox, a giant robot — and two ordinary children on a mission. After the tragic death of their father, Emily and Navin move with their mother to the home of her deceased great-grandfather, but the strange house proves to be dangerous. Before long, a sinister creature lures the kids' mum through a door in the basement. Em and Navin, desperate not to lose her, follow her into an underground world inhabited by demons, robots, and talking animals. Eventually, they enlist the help of a small mechanical rabbit named Miskit. Together with Miskit, they face the most terrifying monster of all, and Em finally has the chance to save someone she loves.
A thousand miles to freedom : my escape from North Korea Eunsun Kim with Sebastien Falletti ; translated by David Tian.
Eunsun Kim was born in North Korea, one of the most secretive and oppressive countries in the modern world. As a child Eunsun loved her country… despite her school field trips to public executions, daily self-criticism sessions, and the increasing gnaw of hunger as the country-wide famine escalated.
Queen Hereafter Susan Fraser King
The flicker men Ted Kosmatka
Eric Argus has one last chance. His earlier scientific work groundbreaking and infamous jeopardized his reputation and threatened his sanity. But an old university friend hires him at Hansen Research, a Boston laboratory that provides researchers a probationary period of free reign.
Our story Reg and Ron Kray, with Fred Dinenage.
The Kray twins were Britain's most notorious gangsters. Ruling London's underworld for more than a decade, as gang lords they were among the most powerful and the most feared men in the city. Photographed by David Bailey and even interviewed for television, they became celebrities in their own right and are infamous to this day. Their reign of terror ended on 8th March 1969 when Ronnie and Reg were sentenced to life with the recommendation that they serve at least thirty years.
American wife : love, war, faith, and renewal Taya Kyle with Jim DeFelice.
Though Chris and Taya Kyle's marriage had its difficult moments, it was always a love story. Together they'd endured military service, a bestselling book, unexpected fame, and a film deal starring a hot Hollywood actor.
The Prime Suspect Cases Lynda La Plante
The Widows' Cafe Camilla Lackberg
Why smile : the science behind facial expressions Marianne LaFrance
When someone smiles, the effects are often positive: a glum mood lifts; an apology is accepted; a deal is struck; a flirtation begins. But change the circumstances or the cast of a smile, and the terms shift: a rival grins to get under your skin; a bully's smirk unsettles his mark.
Brink of chaos Tim LaHaye & Craig Parshall.
Corruption in high government offices threatens to block the election of a worthy presidential candidate as Joshua Jordan and his family fight seemingly impossible odds to clear his name and protect the autonomy of the nation of Israel.
Mark of evil Tim LaHaye & Craig Parshall.
Ethan March, along with Jimmy Louder and Rivka Reuban, has been left behind in a world that is rapidly coming under the complete influence of the Antichrist. Technology is growing by leaps and bounds with BID-Tag implants, robotic police units, and drone-bots flying overhead … all designed to control and dominate those who resist the Antichrist's reign of evil.
All in good time Maureen Lang
Dessa Caldwell has a dream: to open Pierson House, a refuge for former prostitutes in Denver's roughest neighbourhood. But after exhausting all charitable donations, Dessa still needs a loan, and nearly every bank in town has turned her down.
Shadows west Joe R Lansdale, John L. Lansdale.
Sixguns and zombies, a chicken eating werewolf, deals with the devil, and things that go bump in the night. John Wayne never had to deal with these kind of shenanigans, or these kinds of rowdies. But Joe R. Lansdale and John L. Lansdale aren't afraid, partner.
Written with a razor Joe R. Lansdale with Neal Barrett, Jr.
A long time ago, in this very galaxy, Joe R. Lansdale created a character named The God of the Razor. The God lives in another dimension, most of the time. Certain symbols, certain acts of bloodletting and violence, certain blades — one razor in particular — can open those doors.
Wrong about the guy Claire Scovell LaZebnik
Ellie Withers is definitely not spoiled, so she wishes that George Nussbaum would stop implying that she is. It's not her fault that her stepfather became a TV star and now they live in a big house and people fawn over her wherever she goes. She doesn't even like being fawned over.
The last best kiss Claire Scovell LaZebnik
Anna is tired of worrying about what other people think. After all, that was how she lost the only guy she ever really liked, Finn Westbrook. Now, three years after she broke his heart, the one who got away is back in her life — and he wants nothing to do with her.
A man like Mike Sami Lee
Corporate professional Eve O'Brien needs a crash course in parenting when her dearest friend Jacinta and her husband die, naming her sole guardian of their baby son Bailey. As if bright orange goo on her business shirts and terminal exhaustion aren't enough to deal with, Bailey's uncle shows up insisting on being part of his nephew's life. Roguishly handsome with a devil-may-care attitude, Mike Wilcox is always first with a quip or a flirtatious smile.
The legend of Sheba Tosca Moon Lee
In the tenth century BC, the new Queen of Sheba has inherited her father's throne and all its riches at great personal cost. Her realm stretches west across the Red Sea into land wealthy in gold, frankincense, and spices.
My tiny veg plot : grow your own in surprisingly small spaces Lia Leendertz
Food can be grown just about anywhere, and lack of space should not put you off growing and enjoying the taste of your own fresh vegetables. Not everyone has access to outside space or what we traditionally think of as a garden, but we all have window ledges, doorways, often stairways, sometimes even a balcony or roof space. This book offers solutions and inspirations for these tricky spots that we frequently overlook or neglect.
Stolen Magic Gail Carson Levine
Unexpected Rosie Lewis
A dramatic and heartwarming story from foster carer, Rosie Lewis. Ellen, a 28-year-old office worker is so shocked by the sudden birth of her baby that she abandons the newborn in hospital. Foster carer Rosie Lewis begins visiting baby Hope in hospital, then a week later she is released into her care. At first Rosie struggles to understand how any mother could abandon a small baby, but when Ellen begins daily visits with Hope, Rosie sees a young woman traumatised by a dark secret. Rosie wants to help the young woman and the baby in her care and must fight to bring them together.
The hornbeam tree Susan Lewis
Just as Katie Kiernan thinks life is over, it suddenly arrives on her doorstep in the shape of her sister Michelle. As Katie struggles to cope with a rebellious teenager, Michelle longs for the man she has left behind.
Intimate strangers Susan Lewis
Investigative journalist, Laurie Forbes, is planning her wedding to Elliot Russell when she received a tip-off that a group of illegally smuggled women is being held somewhere in the East End of London.
The mill house Susan Lewis
Joshua and Julia Thayne have 2 teenage children, a beautiful house, cars, yachts — yet Julia has a problem in her past which interferes with her relationship with Joshua. Leaving London for a remote house in Cornwall, she seeks self-knowledge, as she tries to find out why her father abandoned her as a teenager. Her actions there threaten the Thayne's world even more.
Obsession Susan Lewis
Corrie Browne is an ordinary girl with extraordinary ambitions. Determined to find the father she has never known, her search takes her from the quiet Suffolk village where she lives, to a new life in London, a fastpace television career — and to three people who come to dominate her life.
Vintage crafts : 75 do-it-yourself decorating projects using candles, colors, and other flea market finds Clara Lidstrom
Using vintage and flea market objects, the author of the UnderbaraClara blog transforms budget-friendly objects into unique creations for your home.
Easy weeknight meals : simple, healthy, delicious recipes My Food Bag & Nadia Lim.
Here is the solution to every cook's weeknight dilemma — what to cook tonight? Delicious, simple-to-follow, nutritious recipes that your family and friends will love from the My Food Bag team and Nadia Lim.
Let me explain you Annie Liontas
Stavros Stavros Mavrakis, Greek immigrant and proud owner of the Gala Diner, believes he has just ten days to live. As he prepares for his final hours, he sends a scathing email to his ex-wife and three grown daughters, outlining his wishes for how they each might better live their lives.
Death Comes to London Catherine Lloyd
The boy book : a study of habits and behaviours, plus techniques for taming them E. Lockhart
A high school junior continues her quest for relevant data on the male species, while enjoying her freedom as a newly licensed driver and examining her friendship with a clean-living vegetarian classmate.
Fly on the Wall E. Lockhart
Aimee and the heartthrob Ophelia London
Definitely, maybe in love Ophelia London
Spring Honeycutt wants two things: to ace her sustainable living thesis and to save the environment. Both seem hopelessly unobtainable until her college professor suggests that with a new angle, her paper could be published. Spring swears she'll do whatever it takes to ensure that happens.
Someday maybe Ophelia London
Rachel Daughtry has a ten-year plan that leaves no room for mistakes. Or not-so-serious boys — including Oliver Wentworth, the freshman boyfriend she's never forgotten. Now she's back in San Francisco with an awesome-slash-scary new job.
Good Night Ethan Long
The maddening Lord Montwood Vivienne Lorret
The Rakes of Fallow Hall wagered that they would never succumb to love — yet in Vivienne Lorret's newest novel, the final rogue meets his match. Frances Thorne can handle anything — except losing her position, her home, and her father to debtor's prison all in one day.
Queen of Shadows Sarah J. Maas
Wanted! Ralfy rabbit, book burglar Emily MacKenzie
Some rabbits dream about lettuces and carrots, others dream of flowering meadows and juicy dandelions, but Ralfy dreams only of books. In fact, he doesn't just dream about them, he wants to read them all the time.
The specific ocean Kyo Maclear
A young girl does not want to leave the city and her friends for a family beach vacation, but she soon learns to love the ocean and longs to take it back to the city with her.
Meet me in Malmo Torquil MacLeod
Second-rate British journalist, Ewan Strachan, is invited to interview an old university friend, Mick Roslyn, who is now a leading film director in Sweden. On arrival in Malmo, Strachan is in for a terrible shock when he discovers the dead body of Roslyn's glamorous film star wife.
Midnight in Malmo Torquil MacLeod
When a woman is stabbed to death while jogging in Malmo's main park, the Criminal Investigation Squad need to discover who she is before the case can properly get under way. Soon they realise the victim had flown in from Switzerland, and with links to important people in the city, she wasn't everything she seemed.Meanwhile, enjoying the hot summer away from Malmo, Anita Sundstrom is on her annual leave and is showing Kevin Ash the sights of Skane. Their holiday is interrupted by the apparent suicide of a respected, retired diplomat. After a further death, Anita finds herself unofficially investigating a case that has its roots in the 1917 chance meeting of a Malmo waiter with the world's most famous revolutionary.
Missing in Malmo Torquil MacLeod
When a British heir hunter fails to return home after a trip to Malmo, Inspector Anita Sundstrom doesn't want to get entangled in a simple missing persons case. She shows a similar reluctance when her ex-husband begs her to find his girlfriend, who seems to have disappeared.
Murder in Malmo Torquil MacLeod
A gunman is loose in Malmo and he's targeting immigrants. The charismatic head of an advertising agency is found dead in his shower. Inspector Anita Sundstrom wants to be involved in the murder investigations, but she is being sidelined by her antagonistic boss.
Fellow mortals Dennis Mahoney
When Henry Cooper sets out on his mail route on Arcadia Street one crisp spring morning, he has no idea that his world is about to change. He is simply enjoying the sunshine as he lights up a cigar and tosses the match to the ground, entirely unaware that he has just started a fire that will destroy a neighbourhood and kill a young wife.
Quinn's Woman Susan Mallery
Go the F**k to Sleep Adam Mansbach
Collaborative intelligence : thinking with people who think differently Dawna Markova, Angie McArthur.
We are living in a hinge time when the way that we think, interact, and innovate at work is rapidly changing. In the past, "Marketshare" companies dominated, ruled by hierarchy and top-down leadership.
Earth logic Laurie J. Marks
Shaftal has a ruler again, a woman with enough power to heal the war-torn land and expel the invading Sainnites from Shaftal. Or it would have a ruler if the earth witch Karis G'deon consented to rule.
Fire logic Laurie J. Marks
Earth-Air-Water-Fire: These elements have sustained the peaceful people of Shaftal for generations, with their subtle powers of healing, truth, joy, and intuition. But now Shaftal is dying. The earth witch who ruled Shaftal is dead, leaving no heir.
Evil Games Angela Marsons
Silent Scream Angela Marsons
Kristy's great idea : a graphic novel text by Ann M. Martin ; art by Raina Telgemeir.
Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, and Stacey are best friends and founding member of The Baby-sitters Club. Whatever comes up — cranky toddlers, huge dogs, scary neighbours, prank calls — you can count on them to save the day.
The truth about Stacey : a graphic novel text by Ann M. Martin ; art by Raina Telgemeir.
Stacey's moved to a new town, she's still coming to terms with her diabetes, and she's facing baby-sitting problems left and right. Luckily, Stacey has three new, true friends — Kristy, Claudia, and Mary Anne.
Win the Customer Flavio Martins
The Earl Claims His Wife Cathy Maxwell
Capturing Peace Molly McAdams
Sympathy for the devil Terrence McCauley
James Hicks has been a ghost for nearly a quarter century. Except to those rare few Assets who know him as the director of one of the most clandestine intelligence agencies in the world, known simply as The University. Hicks has every weapon and intelligence capability known to man at his disposal.
Maximum Willpower Kelly McGonigal
Apple cider vinegar for health and beauty : recipes for weight loss, clear skin, superior health, and much more, the natural way Simone McGrath
Apple Cider Vinegar is an amazing substance that has many health benefits — it helps with weight loss, allergies, skin and health issues, and much more. It is recommended in many health programs and diets.
The Night Sister Jennifer McMahon
The curse of the Cairo cat : a Lottie Lipton adventure Dan Metcalf
Welcome to the British Museum, home to Lottie Lipton: nine-year-old investigator extraordinaire! Lottie loves living in the museum with Great Uncle Bert but, when the Golden Cat of Cairo disappears at the launch of a new exhibition, Lottie's home is under threat.
The secrets of the stone : a Lottie Lipton adventure Dan Metcalf
Welcome to the British Museum, home to Lottie Lipton: nine-year-old investigator extraordinaire! After a late night break-in at the British Museum, Lottie, Great Uncle Bert and Reg the caretaker discover a mysterious clue on the Rosetta Stone that will lead them to the legendary Trident of Neptune.
Us conductors : in which I seek the heart of Clara Rockmore, my one true love, finest theremin player the world will ever know Sean Michaels
Locked in a cabin, on a ship bound for Leningrad, Lev Termen types a letter to Clara, his 'one true love' and remembers his early years as a brilliant young scientist. Inventor of the ethereal, musical theremin, Termen performed in the gilded concert halls of Russia and Europe to rapturous applause.
The Dinosaur Lords Victor Milan
The ambassador's wife's tale Julia Miles
Who really looks after British interests abroad? Behind the pomp of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, another powerful force is busily but discreetly propping up the image of UK Plc. For 28 years, Julia was a 'diplomatic spouse', juggling a growing family while supporting the demands of one of the great Offices of State.
Greece Korina Miller
Roam through the hilltop ruins of the Acropolis, climb to the monastery-capped rock pinnacles of Meteora, or ferry across to one of the breathtakingly beautiful islands; all with your trusted travel companion.
Angelfire Linda Lael Miller
Shocked by the threat of a forced marriage to an aging magistrate, Bliss Stafford flees her New Zealand home. But a chance encounter — and the barrel of her father's pistol — wed her to Jamie McKenna, a handsome, headstrong rancher whose bold touch inflamed her innocent senses.
At home in Stone Creek Linda Lael Miller
Everyone in Ashley O'Ballivan's life is marrying and starting families, except her. But what date can compare to Jack McCall, the man who broke her heart years ago? And now he's mysteriously back. But he isn't who she thinks he is.
Banner O'Brien Linda Lael Miller
In 1886, lovely Banner O'Brien overcame every obstacle and won her coveted medical diploma. Still she longed to escape from Oregon…and the nightmares that left her shaking, screaming one man's name. Banner fled to the Washington Territory to accept position with Dr. Adam Corbin.
The bridegroom Linda Lael Miller
Undercover agent Gideon Yarbro is renowned for stopping outlaws almost before they commit a crime. But now he must stop a wedding — despite the bride's resistance. Lydia Fairmont will lose everything if she doesn't honour her betrothal to a heartless banker. Unless she marries someone else instead.
Corbin's Fancy Linda Lael Miller
When a travelling carnival leaves Fancy Jordan stranded in the rugged Washington Territory, she thinks her luck has run out. Penniless and alone, the would-be magician welcomes an offer to work a new kind of magic.
The McKettrick women Linda Lael Miller
Sierra's Homecoming: Sierra McKettrick felt like a fraud. She might be moving to her family's ancestral ranch with her son, but being a McKettrick by blood wasn't enough to make her fit in. To make matters worse, from the moment she'd met the Triple M's ranch hand, he'd gotten under Sierra's skin.
Montana Creeds series. Volume 2 Linda Lael Miller
When single attorney Steven Creed becomes guardian of an orphaned five-year-old boy, he trades his big-city law firm for a ranch near his McKettrick kin in the close-knit community of Stone Creek, Arizona.
The rustler Linda Lael Miller
When he arrives in Stone Creek to start a new life, reformed rustler and train robber Wyatt Yarbo sets his sights on prim and proper Sarah Tamlin, who is harbouring her own dark secret.
Secondhand bride Linda Lael Miller
Jeb is over his head in trouble when he proposes to Chloe Wakefield, only to discover that his new bride is already married, but when the unlikely lovers are reunited, a host of issues and mishaps stand ready to divide them forever.
As seen on TV Sarah Mlynowski
When Sunny Langstein decides to pack up her Florida life and move in with her boyfriend in Manhattan, her big sister isn't thrilled. What modern-day twenty-four-year-old leaves her promising career, fabulous friends and perfect underground parking spot with accompanying convertible for a guy?
See Jane write : a girl's guide to writing chick lit Sarah Mlynowski and Farrin Jacobs.
With chick lit novels popping up on every bestseller list, millions of readers are all thinking the same thing: I could write this stuff. I could write a bestseller and never go back to the office again! And here's the guide that will show you how.
Stolen, smuggled, sold : on the hunt for cultural treasures Nancy Moses
Tells the dark and compelling stories of iconic cultural objects that were stolen, smuggled or sold, and eventually returned back to their original owner. This book is structured as a series of vivid stories in which the reader joins the author as she uncovers a cultural treasure and follows its often-convoluted trail. Along the way author and reader encounter a cast of fascinating characters from the underbelly of the cultural world: unscrupulous grave robbers, sinister middlemen, ruthless art dealers, venal Nazis, canny lawyers, valiant academics, unstoppable investigative reporters, unwitting curators, and dedicated government officials.
Hiding dinosaurs Dan Moynihan
What could be more fun than a houseful of prehistoric pals? When a boy discovers that dinosaurs are emerging from the eggs sitting on the kitchen counter, it's a dream come true. Unfortunately, the boy is not so sure Mum and Dad will feel the same way, so he decides to hide his new friends.
If You Find Me Emily Murdoch
The Caprices Sabina Murray
Reading Lolita in Tehran : a memoir in books Azar Nafisi
The author describes growing up in the Islamic Republic of Iran and the group of young women who came together at her home in secret every Thursday to read and discuss great books of Western literature.
The Strangler's Honeymoon Hakan Nesser
The Unlucky Lottery Hakan Nesser
The Weeping Girl Hakan Nesser
The G file Hakan Nesser
1987. Verlangan, a former cop turned private detective is hired by a woman to follow her husband Jaan 'G' Hennan. A few days later, his client is found dead at the bottom of an empty swimming pool. Maardam police, led by Chief Inspector Van Veeteren, investigate the case.
Hour of the wolf Hakan Nesser
A young boy is killed in a hit and run. Under the cover of rain and darkness, the driver escapes the scene. But the incident will change his life forever as he becomes the victim of blackmail. Meanwhile Van Veeteren, now retired from the Maardam police, faces his greatest challenge yet when a family member becomes the victim of a terrible crime. And, as the body count rises, it gradually becomes clear that the person behind these murders is acting on their own dark logic.
The living and the dead in Winsford Hakan Nesser
A woman arrives in the village of Winsford on Exmoor. She has travelled a long way and chosen her secluded cottage carefully. Her sole intention is to outlive her beloved dog Castor. And to survive the torrent of memories that threaten to overwhelm her.
Retribution Mark Charan Newton
Having just solved a difficult case in his home city of Tryum, Sun Chamber Officer Lucan Drakenfeld and his associate Leana are ordered to journey to the exotic city of Kuvash in Koton, where a revered priest has gone missing.
The princess and the frozen peas Laura North and Joelle Dreidemy.
A princess is horrified when a cranky, old king arrives at the palace intending to marry her. She must first pass the frozen peas test to prove she is a real princess. But does she want to?
Julius Zebra Gary Northfield
The secret sister Brenda Novak
After a painful divorce, Maisey Lazarow returns to the small island off the North Carolina coast where she grew up. Upon finding a box of old photographs, Maisey and her brother Keith begin to uncover distant memories of a little girl who they believe was their sister.
The Stillwater trilogy Brenda Novak
Every town has its secrets and Stillwater, Mississippi, has more than most! Starting with a murder almost twenty years ago.
The sacred lies of Minnow Bly Stephanie Oakes
The polygamous Kevinian cult has taken everything from seventeen-year-old Minnow: twelve years of her life, her family, her ability to trust. And when she rebelled, they took away her hands, too. Now their Prophet has been murdered and their camp set aflame, and it's clear that Minnow knows something — but she's not talking.
The reverse of the medal Patrick O'Brian
Jack Aubrey returns from his duties protecting whalers off South America and is persuaded by a casual acquaintance to make investments in the City on the strength of supposedly certain information. From there he is led into the worlds of the London criminal underground and government espionage.
The Fortune of War Patrick O'Brian
Birthmarked Caragh M. O'Brien
In a future world baked dry by the sun and divided into those who live inside the wall and those who live outside it, sixteen-year-old midwife Gaia Stone is forced into a difficult choice when her parents are arrested and taken into the city.
Prized Caragh M. O'Brien
Striking out into the wasteland with nothing but her baby sister, a handful of supplies, and a rumor to guide her, sixteen-year-old midwife Gaia Stone survives only to be captured by the people of Sylum, a dystopian society where women rule the men who drastically outnumber them, and a kiss is a crime. In order to see her sister again, Gaia must submit to their strict social code, but how can she deny her sense of justice, her curiosity, and everything in her heart that makes her whole?
The lady in gold : the extraordinary tale of Gustav Klimt's masterpiece, Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer Anne Marie O'Connor
Shares the events that shaped the creation of the painter's most famous portrait, covering such topics as the story of the salon hostess who was his model, contributing factors in turn-of-the-century Vienna, and the painting's fate.
Hitler's forgotten children : my life inside the Lebensborn Ingrid von Oelhafen & Tim Tate.
More than 70 years ago I was a "gift" for Adolf Hitler. I was stolen as a baby to be part of one of the most terrible of all Nazi experiments: Lebensborn.' The Lebensborn programme was the brainchild of Himmler: an extraordinary plan to create an Aryan master race, leaving behind thousands of displaced victims in the wake of the Nazi regime. In 1942 Erika, a baby girl from Sauerbrunn in Yugoslavia, was taken for a 'medical' examination by the Nazi occupiers. Declared an 'Aryan', she was removed from her mother and held in a children's home; her true identity erased, she became Ingrid von Oelhafen.
Be Near Me Andrew O'Hagan
The Wicked Will Rise Danielle Paige
The brutal telling Louise Penny
A stranger is found murdered in the village bistro and antiques store and all clues point to bistro owner Olivier being the killer. Once again, Chief Inspector Gamache and his team are called in to strip back layers of lies, exposing both treasures and rancid secrets long buried — but not forgotten.
Bury your dead Louise Penny
An obsessive historian's quest for the remains of the founder of Quebec, Samuel de Champlain, ends in murder. Could a secret buried with Champlain for nearly 400 years be so dreadful that someone would kill to protect it? Although he is supposed to be on leave, Chief Inspector Gamache cannot walk away from a crime that threatens to ignite long-smoldering tensions between the English and the French. Meanwhile, he is receiving disquieting letters from the village of Three Pines, where beloved Bistro owner Olivier was recently convicted of murder.
The nature of the beast Louise Penny
Hardly a day goes by when nine year old Laurent Lepage doesn't cry wolf. From alien invasions, to walking trees, to winged beasts in the woods, to dinosaurs spotted in the village of Three Pines, his tales are so extraordinary no one can possibly believe him.
A rule against murder Louise Penny
Anticipating a wedding anniversary trip to luxurious Menoir Bellechasse, Chief Inspector Armand Gamache finds his plans interrupted by his fellow guests as well as old secrets that serve as a prelude to murder.
Rose Kennedy Barbara A. Perry
Vernon God Little DBC Pierre
Captain Underpants and the Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-A-LotDav Pilkey
Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs. the Uranium Unicorns from UranusDav Pilkey
The Journals of Sylvia Plath Sylvia Plath
Dog gone Carole Poustie
A best friend is worth everything. I darted into the cemetery and hid behind a tombstone. I hunched myself up, balancing on the balls of my feet, and peered desperately into the night, listening for whoever was out there to make another sound.
Don't Wear Flip-Flops to Your Interview Paul Powers
Don't call me sweet Smriti Prasadam-Halls, Angela Rozelaar.
I'm a giant monster, with sharp, sharp claws. I've got big, spiky teeth and loud, loud roars. Which is why I say, to everyone I meet call me scary don't call me sweet! Everyone thinks that little monsters are cute and cuddly, but this monster's grumpy and grouchy.
The Raven's Warrior Vincent Pratchett
The bird's child Sandra Leigh Price
A novel of magic, birds, lost letters and love. Sydney, 1929: three people find themselves washed up on the steps of Miss Du Maurier's bohemian boarding house in a once grand terrace in Newtown. Ari is a young Jewish man, a pogrom orphan, who lives under the stern rule of his rabbi uncle, but dreams his father is Houdini.
Libby of High Hopes Elise Primavera
When ten-year-old Libby Thump stumbles upon High Hopes Horse Farm and finds her dream horse, Princess, a prize-winning jumping horse that has been put out to pasture, Libby tries to convince her parents to give her riding lessons.
Libby of High Hopes. Project Blue Ribbon Elise Primavera
There is only one way for Libby to live up to her potential and achieve her dream of being the best rider in the world. Find a way to win a Blue Ribbon with Saddleshoes, the most difficult pony at High Hopes Farm.
Only We Know Victoria Purman
Our Kind Of Love Victoria Purman
Building the Bridge As You Walk On It Robert E. Quinn
Deep Change Robert E. Quinn
The Deep Change Field Guide Robert E. Quinn
The positive organization : breaking free from conventional cultures, constraints, and beliefs Robert E. Quinn
Beholden to accepted assumptions about people and organizations, too many enterprises waste human potential. Robert Quinn shows how to defy convention and create organizations where people feel fully engaged and continually rewarded, where both individually and collectively they flourish and exceed expectations.
Lift : the fundamental state of leadership Ryan W. Quinn and Robert E. Quinn.
Just as the Wright Brothers combined science and practice to finally realize the dream of flight, Ryan and Robert Quinn combine research and personal experience to demonstrate how to reach a psychological state that lifts us and those around us to greater heights of achievement, integrity, openness, and empathy. The updated edition of this award-winning book-honored by Utah State University's Huntsman School of Business, Benedictine University, and the LeadershipNow web site — includes two new chapters, one describing a learning process and social media platform the Quinns created to help people experience lift and the other sharing new insights into tapping into human potential.
Little pretty things Lori Rader-Day
Juliet Townsend is used to losing. Back in high school, she lost every track team race to her best friend, Madeleine Bell. Ten years later, she's still running behind, stuck in a dead-end job cleaning rooms at the Mid-Night Inn, a one-star motel that attracts only the cheap or the desperate.
Dreamland : adventures in the strange science of sleep David K. Randall
Examines the complex world of sleep and discusses whether or not women sleep differently than men and if killing someone while sleepwalking would count as murder.
Scotsman of my dreams Karen Ranney
Once the town's most notorious rake, now a recluse after an expedition to America during the Civil War, Dalton MacIain finds his peace disturbed by Minerva Todd, who, barging into his London townhouse, demands that he help her find her missing brother.
Naked Eliza Redgold
We know her name. We know of her naked ride. We don't know her true story. We all know the legend of Lady Godiva, who famously rode naked through the streets of Coventry, covered only by her long, flowing hair.
Forever, interrupted : a novel Taylor Jenkins Reid
Elsie Porter is an average twentysomething and yet what happens to her is anything but ordinary. On a rainy New Year's Day, she heads out to pick up a pizza for one. She isn't expecting to see anyone else in the shop, much less the adorable and charming Ben Ross.
Lost canyon Nina Revoyr
Four hikers from Los Angeles journey to the Sierra Neveda and discover an untraversed trail which leads them into unexpected territory.
Codename Eagle : the enemy has landed Robert Rigby
After his failed escape to England across the Pyrenees, Paul Hansen is living, once again, in France. While the Germans blitz London and other major cities, Paul is getting more and more restless. Though he's part of the resistance movement, the past six months have been quiet.
Axel the truck. Field trip J. D. Riley
Axel is a little truck with great big wheels. Axel loves to explore, have fun, go fast, and get dirty. The Axel books are ideal for children just learning to read, and feature fun art and an easy-to-read text that builds vocabulary, phonics skills, and the joy of reading.
The magic of watercolour flowers Paul Riley
Watercolour is the ideal medium for painting flowers due to its wonderful translucency and in his new book, The Magic of Watercolour Flowers, Paul Riley shows readers how to paint colourful, vibrant flower paintings.
The heroes of Olympus. Books I-III Rick Riordan
The lost hero: After saving Olympus from the evil Titan lord, Kronos, Percy and friends have rebuilt their beloved Camp Half-Blood, where the next generation of demigods must now prepare for a chilling prophecy of their own: Seven half-bloods shall answer the call, To storm or fire the world must fall. An oath to keep with a final breath, And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death. Now, in a brand-new series from blockbuster best-selling author Rick Riordan, fans return to the world of Camp Half-Blood. Here, a new group of heroes will inherit a quest. But to survive the journey, they'll need the help of some familiar demigods.
Galileo's dream Kim Stanley Robinson
In a novel of stunning dimensions, the acclaimed author of the MARS trilogy brings us the story of the incredible life — and death — of Galileo, the First Scientist. Late Renaissance Italy still abounds in alchemy and Aristotle, yet it trembles on the brink of the modern world.
Gilead Marilynne Robinson
Firestorm Mark Robson
What to Do When You're New Keith Rollag
Subterranean James Rollins
Making their way beneath the Antarctic ice toward the centre of the world, archaelogist Ashley Carter and a team of specialists traverses rocks, caverns, and underground rivers in darkness, not knowing the incredible wonders — and terrors beyond imagination — that lie ahead.
American Isis Carl Rollyson
Sarah's key Tatiana de Rosnay
Paris, July 1942: Ten-year-old Sarah is brutally arrested with her family in the Vel' d'Hiv' roundup, the most notorious act of French collaboration with the Nazis. But before the police come to take them, Sarah locks her younger brother, Michel, in their favorite hiding place, a cupboard in the family's apartment.
The mustang : a wild horse, a writer on the run, and the power of the unexpected Melinda Roth
Exhausted by her job as a political press secretary, Melinda Roth found the courage to escape. Her goal: a simpler life in rural Illinois. But then real life intervened. A fire at a neighbouring farm and a misinterpreted gesture of kindness transformed her into the reluctant caretaker of a homeless menagerie of animals. Roth, co-author of The New York Times-bestseller From Baghdad with Love, writes vividly, movingly, and often humorously of the chaos that descended into her life.
The Improbability of Love Hannah Rothschild
Eleanor and Park Rainbow Rowell
Fangirl Rainbow Rowell
Wine of violence Priscilla Royal
It is late summer in the year 1270 and England is as weary as its aging king, Henry III. Although the Simon de Montfort rebellion is over, the smell of death still hangs like smoke over the land. Even in the small priory of Tyndal on the remote East Anglian coast, the monks and nuns of the Order of Fontevraud long for a return to tranquil routine.
Flame Amy Kathleen Ryan
Waverly, Kieran, and Seth struggle to survive on-board the New Horizon?and take down their enemies before it's too late Waverly and the other members of the Empyrean have been scattered, and their home ship destroyed.
Glow Amy Kathleen Ryan
What if you were bound for a new world, about to pledge your life to someone you'd been promised to since birth, and one unexpected violent attack made survival, not love, the issue? A ship heading for New Earth is halfway through its incredible journey across the galaxy.
Spark Amy Kathleen Ryan
Waverly and Kieran are finally reunited on the Empyrean, but when Seth is mysteriously released from the brig the night of a strange explosion that sends the ship off-course, tensions between Kieran and Seth reach a boiling point, as Waverly ponders following her heart, even if it puts lives at risk.
An anthropologist on Mars : seven paradoxical tales Oliver Sacks
Neurological patients, Oliver Sacks once wrote, are travellers to unimaginable lands. An Anthropologist on Mars offers portraits of seven such travellers — including a surgeon consumed by the compulsive tics of Tourette's syndrome unless he is operating; an artist who loses all sense of color in a car accident, but finds a new sensibility and creative power in black and white; and an autistic professor who cannot decipher the simplest social exchange between humans, but has built a career out of her intuitive understanding of animal behaviour.
Awakenings Oliver Sacks
The story of a disease that plunged its victims into a prison of viscous time, and the drug that catapulted them out of it. Hailed as a medical classic, and the subject of a major feature film as well as radio and stage plays, and various TV documentaries, Awakenings is the extraordinary account of a group of twenty patients. Rendered catatonic by the sleeping-sickness epidemic that swept the world just after the First World War, all twenty had spent forty years in hospital: motionless and speechless; aware of the world around them, but exhibiting no interest in it until Dr. Sacks administered the then-new drug, L-DOPA, which caused them, temporarily, to awake from their decades-long slumber. A brilliant and humane book. Not only a collection of astonishing case histories, Awakenings is also a memoir, a moral essay and a romance. It is a work of genius.
Hallucinations Oliver Sacks
This book is an investigation into the types, physiological sources, and cultural resonances of hallucinations traces everything from the disorientations of sleep and intoxication to the manifestations of injury and illness.
The island of the colour-blind Oliver Sacks
Oliver Sacks travels once again in search of human diversity, to the South Pacific atoll of Pingelap, where he finds that a high proportion of the population is colourblind and investigates the causes and effects of that condition. This book explores the islands, the people and their case studies.
A leg to stand on Oliver Sacks
In this, the most personal of all his books, neurologist Oliver Sacks tells the story of an injury he sustained while climbing a mountain in Norway and the terrifying, bizarre aftermath when he realised with horror that his leg felt alienated.
The man who mistook his wife for a hat Oliver Sacks
In his most extraordinary book, one of the great clinical writers of the twentieth century (The New York Times) recounts the case histories of patients lost in the bizarre, apparently inescapable world of neurological disorders.
Migraine Oliver Sacks
The many manifestations of migraine can vary dramatically from one patient to another, even within the same patient at different times. Among the most compelling and perplexing of these symptoms are the strange visual hallucinations and distortions of space, time, and body image which migraineurs sometimes experience. Portrayals of these uncanny states have found their way into many works of art, from the heavenly visions of Hildegard von Bingen to Alice in Wonderland. Dr. Oliver Sacks argues that migraine cannot be understood simply as an illness, but must be viewed as a complex condition with a unique role to play in each individual's life.
The mind's eye Oliver Sacks
The bestselling author of "The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat" describes how we experience the visual world. In "Musicophilia", Oliver Sacks explored music and the brain; now, in "The Mind's Eye", he writes about the myriad ways in which we experience the visual world: how we see in three dimensions; how we recognize individual faces or places; how we use language to communicate verbally; how we translate marks on paper into words and paragraphs, even how we represent the world internally when our eyes are closed. Alongside remarkable stories of people who have lost these abilities but adapted with courage, resilience and ingenuity, there is an added, personal element: one day in late 2005, Sacks became aware of a dazzling, flashing light in one part of his visual field; it was not the familiar migraine aura he had experienced since childhood, and just two days later a malignant tumor in one eye was diagnosed.
Oaxaca journal Oliver Sacks
A literary travel memoir by the acclaimed neurologist and author of Awakenings recounts his odyssey to the Mexican province of Oaxaca witha group of fellow fern enthusiasts as he offers an insightful portrait of the region, its people, and its many natural wonders.
On the move : a life Oliver Sacks
Physician and writer Oliver Sacks recounts his experiences as a young neurologist; his physical passions weight lifting and swimming; his love affairs, both romantic and intellectual; his guilt over leaving his family to come to America; his bond with his schizophrenic brother; and the writers and scientists Thom Gunn, A. R. Luria, W. H. Auden, Gerald M. Edelman, Francis Crick who influenced him.
Uncle Tungsten : memories of a chemical boyhood Oliver Sacks
In this endlessly charming and beautifully written memoir, the bestselling author of Awakenings gives us the story of a remarkable family and a child enchanted by the wonders of science. Long before Oliver Sacks became a neurologist and one of our finest science writers, he was a small English boy fascinated by metals — and also by chemical reactions, the louder and smellier the better.
The year of the runaways Sunjeev Sahota
Thirteen young men live in a house in Sheffield, each in flight from India and in desperate search of a new life. Tarlochan, a former rickshaw driver, will say nothing about his past in Bihar; and Avtar has a secret that binds him to protect the choatic Randeep.
This song will save your life Leila Sales
Nearly a year after a failed suicide attempt, sixteen-year-old Elise discovers that she has the passion, and the talent, to be a disc jockey.
Scandalands Kyle Sandilands
Kyle Sandilands has been nominated as the most hated man in Australia, yet at the same time he's one of our most successful and highest rating on-air personalities. His career has been riddled with scandal and controversy, yet his breakfast radio show consistently sits at number one.
The reluctant psychic : a memoir Suzan. Saxman
Born in suburban New York in the 1960s, Suzan Saxman has spent a her life coming to terms with her extraordinary gifts. As a child, she saw things that terrified her and her uncanny insight alienated her from other children and her own mother.
Letters to a Diminished Church Dorothy Sayers
The ghost brigades John Scalzi
The Ghost Brigades are the Special Forces of the Colonial Defense Forces, elite troops created from the DNA of the dead and turned into the perfect soldiers for the CDF's toughest operations. They're young, they're fast and strong, and they're totally without normal human qualms.
Old man's war John Scalzi
John Perry did two things on his 75th birthday. First he visited his wife's grave. Then he joined the army. The good news is that humanity finally made it into interstellar space. The bad news is that planets fit to live on are scarce-and alien races willing to fight us for them are common.
The Android's Dream John Scalzi
Fuzzy Nation John Scalzi
The Ghost Brigades John Scalzi
The Last Colony John Scalzi
Zoe's Tale John Scalzi
Hold the LineMatthew Scarlett
For Geelong fans, Matthew Scarlett is an AFL legend. As one of the most popular and long-standing players in the history of the club, Scarlett is an old-fashioned type of footballer — a man whose hard work and commitment on the footy field are legendary, and whose passion for winning is strong enough to galvanise an entire team. An instinctive player and a natural strategist, Scarlett was Geelong's formidable full-back for fifteen years, and played a key role in their three premiership victories of 2007, 2009 and 2011.
Abu Dhabi days, Dubai nights Jillian. Schedneck
When Jillian Schedneck takes up a post teaching English to a classroom of UAE students in Abu Dhabi, she is young, idealistic, in love, and ready to take on the world. After an initial period of culture shock, she grows in confidence and begins to teach her students about Virginia Woolf and feminism.
Immortal guardians Eliot Schrefer
When an ancient dark force emerges from a centuries-long slumber, Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan must stop it from sweeping through Erdas and destroying their spirit animals and the world.
Frank Einstein and the brainturbo Jon Scieszka
Frank Einstein (kid-genius scientist and inventor) and his best friend Watson, along with Klink (a self-assembled artificial intelligence entity), create the BrainTurbo to power boost the human body and help their baseball pitching pal Janegoodall make the team.
Memoirs of a GoldfishDevin. Scillian
Devil's corner Lisa Scottoline
En route to meet a confidential informant, neophyte Assistant U.S. Attorney Vicki Allegretti suddenly is confronted by violence and the murder of her partner and embarks on a dangerous campaign to protect her informant and bring down the shadowy mastermind responsible for her partner's killing.
Dirty BlondeLisa Scottoline
Attractive, sexy, and tough-minded, Cate Fante has just become a federal judge, though she isn't quite sure she belongs. At only thirty-six, Cate feels as if she's joining the world's most exclusive retirement village. She's intimidated by a job described in the Constitution of the United States.
The lovely bones Alice Sebold
Susie Salmon looks down from heaven. It looks a lot like her school playground. There are counsellors to help newcomers adjust, and friends to room with. Everything she wants appears as soon as she thinks of it — except the thing she wants most: to be back with the people she loved on Earth.
Into the abyss Carol Shaben
Six people lost their lives in the plane crash. Four men found theirs. On a wintry October night in 1984, a Piper Navajo commuter plane bound for remote communities in northern Canada set off into thick cloud and freezing rain.
The ghosts of Roebuck Bay Ian W. Shaw
The Japanese attack on Broome is the second most deadly air raid on Australia soil in our history and yet it's almost entirely overlooked. On 3 March 1942, nine Japanese Zero planes strafed the small town planning to destroy the aerodrome and American planes.
Glenrowan Ian W. Shaw
The siege of Glenrowan is more than just an Australian legend. The 41 hours when the Kelly Gang took over Ann Jones' Glenrowan Inn and held the police at bay have become a part of the Australian psyche.
On Radji Beach Ian W. Shaw
When Singapore fell dramatically to the Japanese on 15 February 1942, hundreds of people scrambled to the docks to flee. Amongst the evacuees were 65 Australian nurses who boarded a coastal freighter named the Vyner Brooke. They only made it as far as the waters off Muntok Island near Sumatra.
Resistance Owen Sheers
In an imagined alternative 1944, after the fall of Russia and the failed D-Day landings, half of Britain is occupied — Young farmer's wife Sarah Lewis wakes to find her husband has disappeared, along with all the men from her remote Welsh village.
Larry's party Carol Shields
A comedy on the rise of a nobody. It happens to Larry Weller, a Winnipeg floral designer who goes for his honeymoon to England. The couple visit Hampton Court with its shrubs and Weller discovers his vocation, becoming a famous maze builder.
The English spy Daniel Silva
She is an iconic member of the British Royal Family, beloved for her beauty and charitable works, resented by her former husband and his mother, the Queen of England. When a bomb explodes aboard her holiday yacht, British intelligence turns to one man to track down her killer: legendary spy and assassin Gabriel Allon. Gabriel's target is Eamon Quinn, a master bomb maker and mercenary of death who sells his services to the highest bidder.
The heist Daniel Silva
Spy and art restorer Gabriel Allon is in Venice repairing an altarpiece when he receives a summons from the Italian police. London art dealer Julian Isherwood has stumbled upon a chilling murder scene in Lake Como, and is being held as a suspect.
Unforgettable : a son, a mother, and the lessons of a lifetime Scott Simon
Unforgettable is a son's spirited, affecting, and inspiring tribute to his remarkable mother and the love between parent and child.
Philomena Martin Sixsmith
When she fell pregnant as a teenager in Ireland in 1952, Philomena Lee was sent to the convent at Roscrea in Co. Tipperary to be looked after as a fallen woman. She cared for her baby for three years until the Church took him from her and sold him, like countless others, to America for adoption.
The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks Rebecca Skloot
Her name was Henrietta Lacks, but scientists know her as HeLa. She was a poor Southern tobacco farmer, yet her cells — taken without her knowledge — became one of the most important tools in medicine. The first "immortal" human cells grown in culture, they are still alive today, though she has been dead for more than sixty years. HeLa cells were vital for developing the polio vaccine; uncovered secrets of cancer and viruses; helped lead to in vitro fertilization, cloning, and gene mapping; and have been bought and sold by the billions.
My story Elizabeth Smart with Chris Stewart.
Ten years after her abduction from her Salt Lake City bedroom, Elizabeth Smart reveals how she survived and the secret to forging a new life in the wake of a brutal crime On June 5, 2002, fourteen-year-old Elizabeth Smart, the daughter of a close-knit Mormon family, was taken from her home in the middle of the night by religious fanatic, Brian David Mitchell and his wife, Wanda Barzee. She was kept chained, dressed in disguise, repeatedly raped, and told she and her family would be killed if she tried to escape. After her rescue on March 12, 2003, she rejoined her family and worked to pick up the pieces of her life.
Naked at lunch : adventures of a reluctant nudist Mark Haskell. Smith
People have been getting naked in public for reasons other than sex for centuries. But as novelist and narrative journalist Mark Haskell Smith shows in Naked at Lunch, being a nudist is more complicated than simply dropping trou.
The angels weep Wilbur Smith
On a continent of breathtaking beauty and bitter suffering, two vastly different cultures clashed, mingled, and recoiled. Here, amidst mist-shrouded mountains and gold-studded plateaus, ancient tribesmen lived close to the earth, as white men dug fortunes out from beneath them and laid plans for a new civilization.
Assegai Wilbur Smith
It is 1913 and ex-soldier turned professional big game hunter, Leon Courtney, is in British East Africa guiding rich and powerful men from America and Europe on safaris in the Masai tribe territories. One of his clients, German industrialist Count Otto Von Meerbach, has a company which builds aircraft and vehicles for the Kaiser's burgeoning army. But Leon had not bargained for falling passionately in love with Eva, the Count's beautiful and enigmatic mistress.
Birds of prey Wilbur Smith
It is 1667 and the mighty naval war between the Dutch and the English still rages. Sir Francis Courteney, Nautonnier Knight of the Order of the Temple of St George and the Holy Grail, and his son Hal are on patrol off Southern Africa when they capture a galleon of the Dutch East India Company returning from the Orient laden with spices, timber and gold. So begins a captivating epic full of passion, treachery, excitement and glory. The vivid description and powerful characters that are Smith's trademark compel you through the fortunes and disasters as Hal strives to settle scores and see justice done.
The burning shore Wilbur Smith
The diamond hunters Wilbur Smith
The Van Der Byl Diamond Company has been ruled to the death by its founder, Jacob, who has bequeathed the invaluable business to his son Benedict, his daughter Tracey, and unexpectedly to Johnny, his estranged foster-child — and his most bitter rival in diamond hunting.
Eagle in the sky Wilbur Smith
With a dull but awful roar, the Mirage bloomed with dark crimson flame and sooty black smoke, the wind ripped flames outwards in great streamers and pennants that engulfed all around them, and David staggered onwards in the midst of the roaring furnace that seemed to consume the very air.
The eye of the tiger Wilbur Smith
'I was looking down, watching the shark come. It seemed to swell up in size as it rushed towards me. Every detail was burned into my mind in those frantic seconds. I saw the hog's snout with the two slotted nostrils, the golden eyes with the black pupils like arrowheads, the broad blue back from which stood the tall executioner's blade of the dorsal fin.' Harry Fletcher, a man with a chequered past, has reformed and is making an honest living as a charter skipper fishing for big game in the seductive waters of the Indian Ocean. Suddenly men from the world of violence Harry has put behind him overturn his good intentions, involving him in a hectic race to recover a fabulous treasure from an ancient wreck.
A falcon flies Wilbur Smith
A single ball came through at deck level, It struck a burst of sparks from the steel hull, like Brocks Fireworks at Crystal palace, brilliant orange even in the strong sunlight, and the hole it tore through Black Joke's plating was fringed with bare jagged tongues of metal like the petals of a silver sunflower. In search of a father they barely remember, Zouga and Dr Robyn Ballantyne board Mungo St John's magnificent clipper to speed them to Africa. But long before they sight that mighty continent, Robyn knows that she and Mungo will battle with all the fury of natural enemies — and love with all the desperation of those unable to evade the commands of fate. For if she can bring hope and healing to Africa's fever-ridden shores, he, a lawless trader in human cargo, will possess any man — or woman — he chooses.
Golden fox Wilbur Smith
She felt Ramon come awake and spring from the bed, naked and lithe as a jungle cat. She heard the metallic snicker of a firearm as he snatched the pistol from the holster. In the darkness a yellow flower of gun-flamed bloomed, and a single bullet whiplashed across twenty yards of open ground…
The leopard hunts in darkness Wilbur Smith
In Manhattan, Craig Mellow is the toast of the literary world, a young writer whose bestselling novels and larger-than-life adventures are fueled by natural-born charisma. But Craig lost a limb and a legacy in Africa. And his heart still clings to the land.
Men of men Wilbur Smith
It is the age of empire, of blood and conquest, of boundless excitement and possibility. Striding in the footsteps of the pioneers is Zouga Ballantyne. His dream begins in the danger and drudgery of the diamond pits and ends up on the rich grasslands of Matabeleland — but not before a king and a proud warrior nation have paid the price of history.
Monsoon Wilbur Smith
One man. Three sons. A powerful destiny waiting to unfold. Monsoon is the sweeping epic that continues the saga begun in Wilbur Smith's bestselling Birds of Prey. Once a voracious adventurer, it has been many years since Hal Courtney has dared the high seas.
Power of the sword Wilbur Smith
They were half-brothers, raised in different worlds in the same country, and destined to be lifelong enemies. Manfred De La Ray and Shasa Courtney, sons of Centaine de Thiry, were blood enemies from their very first boyhood encounter.
Rage Wilbur Smith
There are heroes and there are monsters. But most of us are ordinary mortals caught up in events too turbulent for any of us. Perhaps when the battle is over, all we will inherit are the ashes of a once beautiful land. It is 1952.
River god Wilbur Smith
At the festival of Osiris, loyal subjects of the Pharaoh gather to pay homage to their leader. Only Taita — a wise and formidably gifted enunch slave — sees him as a symbol of the kingdom's fading glory. Danger surrounds all those who oppose the ruling elite.
The seventh scroll Wilbur Smith
Within a fading papyrus, nearly four thousand years old, lie the clues to a fabulous treasure from an almost forgotten time — a riddle that becomes a savage battle across the unforgiving terrain of North Africa.
Shout at the devil Wilbur Smith
In German East Africa on the eve of the First World War, two freebooting adventurers — one a flamboyant Irish American, the other an impeccable young Englishman — pit their wits against the gross German Commissioner, from whose territory they are making their living as game hunters and ivory poachers. But the outbreak of war gives the signal for their private skirmishing to flare into a relentless vendetta pursued with devastating violence by land and sea, so that what begins as a comic escapade gives way to chilling horror.
The sound of thunder Wilbur Smith
Only once in his life had Sean met a man whose strength matched his own — and now, again, they were pitted against each other … Sean Courtney, impulsive adventurer of "When the Lion Feeds" returns from the wildnerness a rich man — until he is robbed by the Boers of his wagons, his gold and the girl he loves. A grim homecoming finds his country in the cruel grip of war. But in the bloody days ahead, conflicts within his family will prove far more bitter than any fought on the veld.
A sparrow falls Wilbur Smith
Mark never heard the Mauser shot, for the bullet came ahead of the sound. There was only the massive shock in the upper part of his body, and then he was hurled backwards with a violence that drove the air from his lungs.
Those in peril Wilbur Smith
Hazel Bannock is heir to the Bannock Oil Corporation, one of the major global oil producers. While cruising the Indian Ocean, her yacht is hijacked by Somalian pirates and her nineteen-year-old daughter, Cayla, kidnapped.
A time to die Wilbur Smith
For Sean Courtney, veteran guerrilla fighter and professional warrior, it is a time to fight and a time to find a deep and passionate love. For the beautiful Claudia Monterro it is a time to face the ultimate test in a world where American values count for nothing.
Vicious circle Wilbur Smith
When Hector Cross's new life is overturned, he immediately recognizes the ruthless hand of an enemy he has faced many times before: a terrorist group has re-emerged like a deadly scorpion from beneath its rock.
Warlock Wilbur Smith
Stricken with grief after the death of Queen Lostris, Taita becomes a hermit, studies the occult and transforms himself into a warlock. He discovers there has been a divine purpose in his suffering when he is called upon to save the dynasty of Queen Lostris from the evil that looms over Egypt.
When the lion feeds Wilbur Smith
It is the 1870s and twin brothers Sean and Garrick Courtney are born into the wilds of Natal. They could not be more different, and fate, war and the jealous schemes of a woman are to drive them even further apart. But as history unfolds, a continent is awakening.
Wilbur Smith's Smashing thrillers Wilbur Smith
Wild justice: The hijacking of a jumbo jet off the Seychelles galvanises anti-terrorist chief Peter Stride into the action for which he has spent a lifetime training. But even in the hail of bullets which follows, he knows this is the beginning of a nightmare.
Wild justice Wilbur Smith
As he ducked he heard the familiar sound, like a giant ripping heavyweight canvas, an automatic weapon throwing bullets at a cyclic rate of almost two thousand rounds a minute, and the bullets tore into the side of the Maserati, beating in the metal with an ear-numbing clangour, while glass exploded in upon Peter like the glittering spray as a storm-driven waves strikes a rock. Glass chips pelted across his back, and stung his cheek and the back of his neck.
Sweet and tart : 70 irresistible recipes with citrus Carla Snyder
Presents dessert recipes that incorporate the citrus flavours of lemons, limes, grapefruits, and oranges, including such options as blood orange angel food cake, key lime bars, orange sherbet, and lemony ricotta cookies.
Galileo's Daughter Dava Sobel
Basic economics : a common sense guide to the economy Thomas Sowell
A presentation of economics in plain, straightforward language, without the jargon, graphs, or equations that dominate most other economic writings. This book is aimed at people with no previous study of the subject, namely the general public and beginning students in economics.
Dino-Daddy Mark Sperring
It's not easy being a Dino-Daddy, but it's definitely a lot of fun! And whether it's a trip to the park or playing games at home, Dino-Daddy always has time for his two roaring dinos. The park would never be such fun without him standing by.
The first wife Erica Spindler
Despite the ten-year age gap and the differences in their backgrounds, Bailey was meant to be with Logan — she's sure of it. It's natural that they should marry as soon as they can. But when Logan brings Bailey home to his magnificent estate on ninety wooded acres, her dreams of happily-ever-after begin to unravel. She can't ignore the rumours about what happened to Logan's first wife and then when a local woman goes missing, all signs point to her husband.
On the edge Edward St. Aubyn
Sabine is the most mercurial woman Peter Thorpe has ever known. Such is his desire for her that he overturns his whole life, his disillusioned merchant-banker's life, and leaves everything behind, not caring that his lover is of no fixed address, nor that his search for her will take him to the beating heart of New Ageism in northern California. Each of his fellow seekers is in hot pursuit of that elusive something (happiness?), and in their eccentric company Peter stumbles across vistas he had never before dared to imagine.
Blindfold Lyndon Stacey
'The blindfold was a major hindrance. So much depended on body language with animals. Without it, it felt uncomfortably like a game of Russian roulette.' Gideon Blake, artist and animal behaviourist, is used to dealing with distressed and unpredictable animals.
Murder in mind Lyndon Stacey
Sophie Bradford is an accomplished flirt. When her body is found dumped in a ditch on a West Country road, Jamie Mullin is the prime suspect. He was her latest boyfriend. Jamie protests his innocence but soon spirals into a breakdown fuelled by frustration, self-pity and drink, and it is left to his friend, Matt Shepherd, to fight his corner.
The emperor's blades Brian Staveley
The children of an assassinated emperor try to stay alive and avenge their father's death while continuing down their individual life-paths, one in a monastery, another training with elite soldiers, and one appointed a minister determined to prove herself to her people.
The providence of fire Brian Staveley
The world of the Annurian Empire is an ambitiously drawn one. Adare, Valyn, and Kaden, the three children of the assassinated emperor, go their separate ways and find themselves embroiled in inevitable conflict.
Safe harbour Danielle Steel
In this elegy to suffering and the will to survive, Danielle Steel brings together a woman whose life has been touched by tragedy and a man whose past holds unfinished business. When her daughter Pip is only eleven, a terrible accident plunges Ophelie Mackenzie into inconsolable grief.
Four legged miracles Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger.
Four-Legged Miracles is a collection of wondrous lost-and-found canine sagas that highlight dogs' remarkable abilities to return home despite almost unbelievable odds. The book features dramatic, carefully documented true-life anecdotes that showcase canines' amazing intelligence, courage, and sometimes seemingly supernatural powers. These fascinating reunion stories include: Mason, the white terrier who crawled home on two broken legs to what remained of his family's tornado-ravaged house; and Eddie, the beagle, who walked 450 miles over four months to reunite with disabled four-year-old Jimmy.
All the old knives Olen Steinhauer
Nine years ago, terrorists hijacked a plane in Vienna. Somehow, a rescue attempt staged from the inside went terribly wrong and everyone on board was killed. Members of the CIA stationed in Vienna during that time were witness to this terrible tragedy, gathering intel from their sources during those tense hours, assimilating facts from the ground with a series of texts coming from one of their agents inside the plane. So when it all went wrong, the question had to be asked: Had their agent been compromised, and how?
Sex, drugs and meditation : a memoir Mary-Lou Stephens
Mary-Lou Stephens was lucky to make it into her forties. Therapy and AA helped her recover from her upbringing in an evangelical household; her habit of shoplifting through drama school; her addictions to food, drugs and alcohol; a string of failed love affairs and the break up of several bands.
The Raven Boys Maggie Stiefvater
Every year, Blue Sargent stands next to her clairvoyant mother as the soon-to-be dead walk past. Blue never sees them — until this year, when a boy emerges from the dark and speaks to her. His name is Gansey, a rich student at Aglionby, the local private school.
The Coliseum con by Geronimo Stilton ; [script by Demitrio Bargellini ; graphics by Marta Lorini ; translation by Nanettte McGuinness].
This time, Bonzo and his devious cohorts travel to Rome, Italy in the year 80 AD to the opening of the Coliseum, Rome's largest amphitheatre. The first part of the evil felines' sinister scheme requires them to infiltrate the Senate by posing as nobility.
Dinosaurs in action by Geronimo Stilton ; [script by Demitrio Bargellini ; graphics by Marta Lorini ; translation by Nanettte McGuinness].
The Pirate Cats have had their plans foiled by Geronimo Stilton time and time again, due to the help from Geronimo's friend Professor Volt. The Pirate Cats decide to better their odds by getting rid of Professor Volt; kidnapping him and leaving him in the Cretaceous Period a time when the earth was occupied by dinosaurs!
The fastest train in the West by Geronimo Stilton ; [script by Demitrio Bargellini ; graphics by Marta Lorini ; translation by Nanettte McGuinness].
Travelling to the American West to stop the Pirate Cats' evil scheme, Geronimo Stilton makes sure that the work on the Transcontinental Railroad is completed.
The first mouse on the Moon by Geronimo Stilton ; [script by Demitrio Bargellini ; graphics by Marta Lorini ; translation by Nanettte McGuinness].
Geronimo Stilton and his cousin, Trap, journey to the Moon in order to stop the evil Pirate Cats from thwarting the Apollo 11 mission.
The first samurai by Geronimo Stilton ; [script by Demitrio Bargellini ; graphics by Marta Lorini ; translation by Nanettte McGuinness].
Travelling to Tokugawa Dynasty-era Japan to stop the Pirate Cats' evil scheme, Geronimo Stilton unwittingly assumes the identity of a legendary swordsman while Thea Stilton accidentally invents Kabuki theatre.
Following the trail of Marco Polo by Geronimo Stilton ; [script by Demitrio Bargellini ; graphics by Marta Lorini ; translation by Nanettte McGuinness].
What begins as a relaxing vacation turns into a time-travelling adventure, where Geronimo Stilton must travel to Khanbalik, or "The City of Khan" (modern day Beijing) in 13th-century China where he encounters Kublai Khan and Marco Polo.
Geronimo Stilton saves the Olympics by Geronimo Stilton ; [script by Leonardo Favia ; illustrations by Federica Salfo and color by Mirka Andolfo ; based on an original idea by Elisabetta Dami ; translation by Nanette McGuinness.]
Geronimo and his friends travel back in time to the first modern Olympic Games in 1896 to keep the pirate cats from ruining the Games.
The great Ice Age by Geronimo Stilton ; [script by Demetrio Bargellini ; interior illustrations by Wasabi! Studio ; translation by Nanette McGuinness].
Geronimo Stilton and his friends have to stop the pirate cats with a crazy scheme to bring a mammoth back from the Ice Age.
Play it again, Mozart! by Geronimo Stilton ; [based on an original idea by Elisabetta Dami ; script by Leonardi Favia ; illustrations by Federica Salfo ; translation by Nanette McGuinness].
Geronimo travels back in time to help the young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who is the target of the maddest pirate cats' scheme yet. The fiendish felines are in 18th century Italy to steal musical scores by Mozart before he can perform at a historic concert.
The secret of the Sphinx by Geronimo Stilton ; [script by, Demetrio Bargellini ; graphics by Sara Baruffaldi and Marta Lorini ; translation by Nanette McGuinness].
The pirate cats travel to the past on the catjet so that they can change history and become rich and famous, but Geronimo and the Stilton family will not let them succeed in their scheme of changing the face of the Great Sphinx into a cat.
The weird book machine by Geronimo Stilton ; [illustrations by Ennio Bufi and color by Mirka Andolfo ; translation by Nanette McGuinness].
Geronimo, Benjamin, Trap, Petunia, and Bugsy Wugsy, go back in time to Germany in the 1400s to stop the pirate cats from sabotaging the workshop of Gutenberg the inventor of the printing press.
We'll always have Paris by Geronimo Stilton ; [script by Leonardo Favia ; illustrations by Ennio Bufi and color by Mirka Andolfo ; based on an original idea by Elisabetta Dami ; translation by Nanette McGuinness.]
Who stole the Mona Lisa? by Geronimo Stilton ; [interior illustration by Giuseppe Facciotto and color by Christian Aliprande ; translation by Nanette McGuinness].
When Geronimo Stilton finds out that the Pirate Cats are going back in time to Venice in the year 1517, he knows they must be after one thing: The Mona Lisa! Geronimo and friends must travel to Renaissance Italy to stop the Pirate Cats from stealing the Mona Lisa and taking credit for what is arguably the world's most famous painting. But the Pirate Cats have an ace up their sleeve: someone in Geronimo's crew is an imposter!
Revenge of the Lizard Club by Thea Stilton ; [script by Francesco Artibani and Caterina Mognato ; art by Raffaella Seccia and Michela Frare ; translation by Nanette McGuinness].
It's election time at Mouseford Academy and the candidates from the Lizard and Gecko student clubs face some challenges if they want to get elected president. Certainly not helping matters is the arrival of a mysterious black ship off the shores of the island and it's trying to pollute the beach! The girls must use all their investigative skills to root out the connection between the ship and the campaign. The fates of the election and their beautiful island home is at stake!
The secret of Whale Island by Thea Stilton ; [story by Francesco Artibani and Caterina Mognato ; art by Cristina Giorgilli and Raffaella Seccia ; translation by Nanette McGuinness].
It's the start of the new school year and the students have arrived at Mouseford Academy. Every year at this time, the whales move off the coast of Whale Island. But this fime a fierce area orca threatens the peace!
The treasure of the Viking ship by Thea Stilton ; [story by Francesco Artibani and Caterina Mognato ; art by Michela Frare ; translation by Nanette McGuinness].
Colette, Violet, Pamela, Nicky, and Paulina are working on a historical restoration when they learn about an ancient Viking vessel that sank off the shore of Whale Island. Rumour has it that the ship is full of treasure, and what's worse, some shadowy figure is plotting to steal it.
The wife who ran away Tess Stimson
Kate Forrest is invisible. Ned, the husband she adores, doesn't seem to know she's alive, and her two charming children have grown into stroppy adolescents. Her boss is suddenly shunting her towards career Siberia, and her demanding mother is never off the phone.
Laura Lamont's life in pictures Emma Straub
When the most famous producer in Hollywood plucks seventeen-year-old Elsa Emerson from a party and gives her a brand-new name, a star of the silver screen is born. Laura Lamont. Having spent the summers of her childhood at her father's roadside theatre, all she has ever wanted is to act.
The vacationers Emma Straub
Celebrating their thirty-fifth anniversary and their daughter's high-school graduation during a two-week vacation in Mallorca, Franny and Jim Post confront old secrets, hurts, and rivalries that reveal sides of themselves they try to conceal.
The Burgess boys Elizabeth Strout
Catalyzed by a nephew's thoughtless prank, a pair of brothers confront painful psychological issues surrounding the freak accident that killed their father when they were boys, a loss linked to a heartbreaking deception that shaped their personal and professional lives.
Ink Amanda Sun
Ink is in their blood. On the heels of a family tragedy, Katie Greene must move halfway across the world. Stuck with her aunt in Shizuoka, Japan, Katie feels lost. Alone. She doesn't know the language, she can barely hold a pair of chopsticks and she can't seem to get the hang of taking her shoes off whenever she enters a building. When Katie meets aloof but gorgeous Tomohiro, the star of the school's kendo team, she is intrigued by him … and a little scared. His tough attitude seems meant to keep her at a distance, and when they're near each other, strange things happen.
Rain Amanda Sun
American Katie Green has decided to stay in Japan. She has started to build a life in the city of Shizuoka and she can't imagine leaving behind her friends, her aunt, and especially Tonohiro, the guy she's fallen in love with. But her return is not as simple as she thought.
Rise Amanda Sun
Amanda Sun weaves together two tales of love, ink, and magic in this companion novella to the Paper Gods series! A long, long time ago, before the world was as we know it, Izanami and Izanagi came into being.
Brooklyn Colm Toibin
A moving historical novel set in Brooklyn and Ireland in the early 1950s about a young woman torn between her family and her past in Ireland and the American who wins her heart.
The testament of Mary Colm Toibin
A provocative imagining of the later years of the mother of Jesus finds her living a solitary existence in Ephesus years after her son's crucifixion and struggling with guilt, anger, and feelings that her son is not the son of God and that His sacrifice was not for a worthy cause.
The snow angel Lulu Taylor
Cressida Felbridge is living the high life as a debutante in 1960s London society when she is courted by a friend of her brother's and set to marry. Wishing only the best for his daughter, her father decrees that she must have her portrait painted to mark the occasion.
Guns of the dawn Adrian Tchaikovsky
Denland and Lascanne have been allies for generations, but now the Denlanders have assassinated their king, overthrown the monarchy and marched on their northern neighbour. At the border, the war rages; Lascanne's brave redcoats against the revolutionaries of Denland.
Busy bunny days : in the town, on the farm & at the port Britta Teckentrup
The Bunny family has a busy and exciting day on a family outing in town, on a farm, and at the port.
Second chance at the Sugar Shack Candis Terry
Kate Silver's back in town, and her dead mother just won't leave her alone. Kate usually spends her days dressing Hollywood A-listers, but after her estranged mother dies she finds herself elbow-deep in flour in her parents' bakery — in Deer Lick, Montana.
Truly sweet Candis Terry
At sixteen, Annabelle Morgan hoped her crush on Jake Wilder was just a passing phase. Now she's twenty-nine and nothing has changed — except Jake. The once-carefree Marine has come home with a giant chip on his shoulder. He insists a single mom like Annie deserves more than he can offer.
The darkest room Johan Theorin
On the idyllic island of Oland, off the coast of northern Sweden, a young couple from Stockholm tries to start life afresh. For Joakim and Katrine Westin, reclaiming a long-neglected family manor will be a labour of love, as they slowly bring the sprawling home back to life and introduce their two children to the island's woodlands, glens, and beaches. But in the Westins' new home, there are things that cannot be repaired, lives that have gone wrong, and secrets that have followed them.
Echoes From the Dead Johan Theorin
The Athena project Brad Thor
A group of female warriors from the nation's most elite counter-terrorism unit — the United States Army's 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta — deploys on a dangerous international assignment. Their code name: Athena Project.
The lions of Lucerne Brad Thor
When a group of Secret Service agents is massacred in Utah and the president of the United States is abducted, surviving agent Scot Harvath vows to avenge his murdered colleagues and find the kidnappers.
Path of the assassin Brad Thor
After rescuing the President from kidnappers, Navy SEAL turned Secret Service agent Scot Harvath shifts his attentions to rooting out and capturing or killing all those responsible for the plot. As he prepares to close out his list, a bloody and twisted trail of clues points toward one man — the world's most feared, most ruthless terrorist, Hashim Nidal, who has assembled an international league of Islamic terrorist networks in an ingenious plot to topple both Israel and America.
Reverse wine snob : how to buy and drink great wine without breaking the bank Jon Thorsen
Most rational people don't pay $40 for $20 items. And yet with wine, it happens all the time. Wine can be an expensive hobby. Founder of the popular site ReverseWineSnob,com, Jon Thorsen is an unapologetic frugal wine consumer. He flips wine snobbery on its head by pushing a $20 or less mantra.
Going Commando Mark Time
At 16, Mark Time wants to become either a geologist or a Royal Marines Commando. So which does he choose? Despite his love of basalt, he chooses the career that teaches him how to kill… and sht in plastic bags.
A pattern of lies Charles Todd
A horrific explosion at a gunpowder mill sends Bess Crawford to war-torn France to keep a deadly pattern of lies from leading to more deaths, in this compelling and atmospheric mystery. An explosion and fire at the Ashton Gunpowder Mill in Kent has killed over a hundred men.
Search the dark Charles Todd
The introspective hero of wings of Fire and A Test of Wills (Edgar Award nominee) return in a provocative new mystery. Inspector Ian Rutledge, haunted by memories of World War I and the harrowing presence of Hamish, a dead soldier, is "a superb characterization of a man whose wounds have made him a stranger in his own land." (The New York Times Book Review)
Nora Webster Colm Toibin
It is the late 1960s in Ireland. Nora Webster is living in a small town, looking after her four children, trying to rebuild her life after the death of her husband. She is fiercely intelligent, at times difficult and impatient, at times kind, but she is trapped by her circumstances, and waiting for any chance which will lift her beyond them. Slowly, through the gift of music and the power of friendship, she finds a glimmer of hope and a way of starting again. As the dynamic of the family changes, she seems both fiercely self-possessed but also a figure of great moral ambiguity, making her one of the most memorable heroines in contemporary fiction. The portrait that is painted in the years that follow is harrowing, piercingly insightful, always tender and deeply true.
My dog, Bob Richard Torrey.
Like all dogs, Bob likes breakfast, riding in the family car, and digging for bones. But unlike other dogs, Bob cooks breakfast for himself and his family, drives the family car and digs for dinosaur bones with a paleontologist.
The Ice Twins S. K. Tremayne
All the way round Stuart Trueman
In 2010, Stuart Trueman set out on a 16-month voyage to circumnavigate Australia by kayak. Not the first or even second person to do so, he was determined to make it a triumphant third. Stuart's adventure would be done on a shoestring, with no support team and a powerful belief in the philosophy of Do-It-Yourself.
The street of a thousand blossoms Gail Tsukiyama
Japan, 1939. On the Street of a Thousand Blossoms in Tokyo, two orphaned brothers are growing up with loving grandparents who inspire them to dream of a future firmly rooted in tradition. The older boy, Hiroshi, shows early signs of promise in sumo wrestling, while Kenji is fascinated by the art of creating exquisite masks for actors in the Noh theater. But as the ripples of war spread all the way to their quiet neighborhood, the brothers must put their dreams on hold — and then forge their own paths in a new Japan.
Season of salt & honey Hannah Tunnicliffe
Francesca 'Frankie' Caputo has it all figured out. She's finally going to marry the man she loves and then they will live happily ever after. But when a freak accident cuts her fiance Alex's life tragically short, all of Frankie's future plans suddenly disintegrate.
Death by black hole : and other cosmic quandaries Neil De Grasse Tyson
Bringing together more than forty of Tyson's favourite essays, Death by Black Hole explores a myriad of cosmic topics, from what it would be like to be inside a black hole to the movie industry's feeble efforts to get its night skies right.
The Pluto files : the rise and fall of America's favorite planet Neil De Grasse Tyson
When the Rose Center for Earth and Space at the American Museum of Natural History reclassified Pluto as an icy comet, the New York Times proclaimed on page one, "Pluto Not a Planet? Only in New York." Immediately, the public, professionals, and press were choosing sides over Pluto's planethood.
Ronan's echo Joanne Van Os
In 1916 twin brothers Denny and Connor Ronan are eager to get to the war before it's all over; Bridie O'Malley, their childhood friend and the woman they both love, watches them leave, understanding too late that war is about more than heroes and handsome boys in uniform.
The All Saints' Day Lovers Juan Gabriel Vasquez
Saving Zali Lisa Venables
Saving Zali is a mother's account of every parent's worst nightmare: a diagnosis of cancer with a shocking prognosis. In 2009, Lisa and Andrew Venables were told that their eighteen-month-old daughter Zali had Langerhan's cell histiocytosis, or LCH, a cancer resistant to chemotherapy and almost impossible to treat. Zali was given six weeks to live. It was the beginning of a journey of heartache and bravery as Zali battled daily for her life in Sydney's Westmead Hospital, with Lisa by her side at every step.
Loula and Mister the monster Anne. Villeneuve
Loula tries to teach her clumsy, messy dog Mister how to behave.
The white mouse Nancy Wake
Nancy Wake, nicknamed 'the white mouse' for her ability to evade capture, tells her own story. As the Gestapo's most wanted person, and one of the most highly decorated servicewomen of the war, it's a story worth telling.
Deadlock Mark Walden
Otto and Raven are desperate to rescue their friends from the clutches of Anastasia Furan, head of the evil Disciples organisation. First they must track down the location of the Glasshouse, the prison where Furan trains children to become ruthless assassins. But Otto is also being hunted.
Dreadnought Mark Walden
The world's most powerful villains have a problem. One of their own is threatening global Armageddon, with himself at the head of a sinister new order. Meanwhile, Otto, Wing and other students from H.I.V.E.
Escape velocity Mark Walden
Pupils and staff at HIVE are horrified to discover that Dr Nero has been captured by the forces of HOPE, the Hostile Operative Prosecution Executive, the world's newest and most ruthlessly efficient security force.
The Overlord Protocol Mark Walden
Otto and Wing have special permission to leave H.I.V.E.'s secret island location to attend a funeral (all too common in their line of business). But before they reach their destination they are ambushed.
RogueMark Walden
The leaders of the world's villainous forces are being picked off one by one in a series of mysterious attacks and Dr Nero isforced to take temporary control of G.L.O.V.E. when Diabolus Darkdoom is seriously injured.
Zero hour Markalden
Overlord is reborn, & has developed the chilling ability to move from body to body, erasing the host's personality and ultimately killing them, forcing him to hop from victim to victim. He must find Otto, the only host designed to contain him.
Dietland Sarai Walker
Plum Kettle does her best not to be noticed, because when you're fat, to be noticed is to be judged. She is biding her time at a job answering fan mail for a popular teen girls magazine until she can afford weight-loss surgery.
The philosopher kings Jo Walton
Twenty years have elapsed since the events of The Just City. The City, founded by the time-travelling goddess Pallas Athene, organized on the principles espoused in Plato's Republic and populated by people from all eras of human history, has now split into five cities, and low-level armed conflict between them is not unheard-of. The god Apollo, living (by his own choice) a human life as "Pythias" in the City, his true identity known only to a few, is now married and the father of several children.
The wild child Casey Watson
Casey tells the harrowing story of Connor, an eight year old boy from a broken home who comes to stay with her family. It's a Saturday morning when Casey and Mike are asked to take in eight year old Connor — an emergency placement, just for a couple of days, following a violent incident at his now former care home. And Casey's instinct, as ever, is to say yes.
Hotel Alpha Mark Watson
Three decades ago, the charismatic Howard York built the empire of his dreams: the Hotel Alpha. It was once the finest in London, but over the years, as the world around it has moved on at an ever more dizzying rate, the hotel has struggled to keep pace.
One hundred Hotel Alpha stories Mark Watson
Tales to accompany Mark Watson's novel, Hotel Alpha.There's a story behind every door. Every room of the Hotel Alpha has witnessed hundreds of stories — some incidental, some life-changing and many of them intertwined in ways that the guests couldn't possibly know.
And fire falls Peter Watt
In this instalment of the Duffy and Macintosh saga, the inimitable Peter Watt delves into more of Australia's great history through the lense of two unforgettable dynasties. It is 1942 and the war in the Pacific is on Australia's doorstep, changing the lives of the Duffy and Macintosh families as never before. In Sydney, siblings Donald and Sarah Macintosh battle for their father's approval, and control of his empire, while their cousin David fights the enemy across the continents.
Cry of the curlew Peter Watt
Confronting, graphic and erotic, Cry of the Curlew is a riveting novel of Australia's brutal past from master storyteller Peter Watt. It is the tale of two families, the Macintoshes and the Duffys, who are locked in a deadly battle from the moment squatter Donald Macintosh commits an act of barbarity on his Queensland property. Their paths cross in love, death and revenge as both families fight to tame the wild frontier of Australia's north country. Cry of the Curlew is the first bestselling novel in the compelling Duffy and Macintosh series depicting our turbulent history as never before.
Eden Peter Watt
Jack Kelly and Paul Mann have survived one world war — will they survive another? When the Japanese threaten to invade the Pacific the two men know that they must do everything in their power to protect their country, and their loved ones from an ambitious and merciless enemy.
Flight of the eagle Peter Watt
From the battlefields of Sudan to colonial Sydney and the Queensland outback, a dreadful curse still inextricably links the lives of the Macintoshes and Duffys. Captain Patrick Duffy is a man torn between the family of his father, Irish Catholic soldier-of-fortune Michael Duffy and his adoring, scheming maternal grandmother, Enid Mackintosh.
The Pacific Peter Watt
As a war correspondent covering the Second World War, Ilsa Stahl isn't afraid to be on the front line. But when her plane goes down in a terrible storm over Papuan waters and she is taken prisoner by the Japanese, she has every reason to be terrified.
Papua Peter Watt
When Jack Kelly, a captain in the Australian army, shows compassion towards his prisoner Paul Mann, a brave and high-ranking German officer, an unexpected bond is formed. But neither could imagine how their pasts and futures would become inextricably linked by one place: Papua.
Shadow of the osprey Peter Watt
On a Yankee clipper bound for Sydney Harbour the mysterious Michael O'Flynn is watched closely by a man working undercover for Her Majesty's government. O'Flynn has a dangerous mission to undertake and old scores to settle.
To chase the storm Peter Watt
When Major Patrick Duffy's beautiful wife Catherine leaves him for another, he is propelled out of the Sydney Macintosh home and into yet another bloody war. However the battlefields of Africa, fighting the Boers, bring him in contact with one he thought long dead and lost to him.
To ride the wind Peter Watt
In 1916, the Duffys and Macintoshes are entangled in the horrors of World War I. From the deserts of the Middle East to the trenches of Europe, the hand of death is always present. But even those left behind are not safe, for the most dangerous of enemies is not the Germans or the Turks, but someone much closer to home …To Ride the Wind continues the story begun in To Touch the Clouds, following Peter Watt's much loved characters as they fight to survive one of the most devastating conflicts in history — and each other.
To touch the clouds Peter Watt
In 1914, the storm clouds of war are gathering. Matthew Duffy and his cousin Alexander Macintosh are sent by Colonel Patrick Duffy to conduct reconnaissance on German-controlled New Guinea. At the same time, Alexander's sister, Fenella, is making a name for herself in the burgeoning Australian film industry. But someone close to them has an agenda of his own — someone who would betray not only his family but his country to satisfy his greed and lust for power. As the world teeters on the brink of conflict, one family is plunged into a nightmare of murder, drugs, treachery and treason. To Touch the Clouds is a powerful continuation of Peter Watt's much-loved saga of the Duffy and Macintosh clan, begun in The Cry of the Curlew.
Blue moon Pam Weaver
Ruby was beginning to worry. If the family was to survive, she would have to work out a way of keeping them all together. Everyone needed an anchor, and, from now on, that's what she would have to be. She'd keep her job, and get another one if necessary. Worthing, 1931.
The case of the blind beetle Holly Webb
Maisie Hitchins longs to be a detective. She's sure there are lots of adventures to be had on the streets of Victorian London. And, together with her faithful puppy, Eddie, she is determined to follow even the slightest scent of a mystery — no matter what! On a visit to the British Museum, Maisie meets Professor Tobin's old university acquaintance Lord Dacre, who's devastated about the recent theft of one of his most prized possessions — an Egyptian scarab beetle made of gold and encrusted with jewels. It's not long before the lost artifact turns up on the muddy bank of the river Thames, but its missing its precious ruby eyes. When the wrong man is convicted of the robbery, it's up to Maisie to find our who the real scarab stealer is.
The case of the weeping mermaid Holly Webb
Maisie Hitchins longs to be a detective. She's sure there are lots of adventures to be had on the streets of Victorian London. And, together with her faithful puppy, Eddie, she is determined to follow even the slightest scent of a mystery — no matter what! Maisie receives a peculiar parcel from her father containing papers he tells her he doesn't want to keep on board his ship. Meanwhile, Alice's father is having a run of bad fortune — two of his ships have disappeared and he has lost a lot of money. He travels to China to try to save his business and Alice comes to stay with Maisie at Albion Road. Maisie is sure she can solve the mystery herself, without travelling hundreds of miles, and heads down to London's sprawling docks to investigate. Can she discover what is happening far away at sea, bring her father home and save Alice's fortune?
A home for Molly Holly Webb
On holiday at the seaside, Anya is excited when she meets a friendly family with children her own age — playing with them and their gorgeous puppy, Molly, is so much fun! But when she returns to the beach the next day, she discovers the pup all on its own.
Other people's diaries Kathy Webb
"It sounds kind of strange, but do you know anyone who is really happy? Someone who is exactly where they want to be, who gets up every morning looking forward to what the day will bring? I have a theory…
By heresies distressed David Weber
The Kingdom of Charis and the Kingdom of Chisholm have joined together, pledged to stand against the tyranny of a corrupt Church. The youthful Queen Sharleyan of Chisholm has wed King Cayleb of Charis, forging a single dynasty, a single empire, dedicated to the defense of human freedom.
By schism rent asunder David Weber
Despite the implacable hostility of the Church of God Awaiting, Charis still stands, still free, still tolerant, still an island of innovation in a world in which the Church has worked for centuries to keep humanity locked at a medieval level of existence.
A mighty fortress David Weber
The struggle for human freedom continues as Merlin Athrawes and a handful of extraordinary human beings stand in the path of the Church of God Awaiting, which controls most of Safehold and has decreed the destruction of Charis and its young queen Sharleyan of Chisholm and her consort, young Cayleb Ahrmahk.
Off Armageddon Reef David Weber
Humanity pushed its way to the stars and encountered the Gbaba, a ruthless alien race that nearly wiped us out. Earth and her colonies are now smouldering ruins, and the few survivors have fled to distant, Earth-like Safehold, to try to rebuild.
The golem and the jinni Helene Wecker
A chance meeting between mythical beings takes readers on a dazzling journey through cultures in turn-of-the-century New York. Chava is a golem, a creature made of clay, brought to life to by a disgraced rabbi who dabbles in dark Kabbalistic magic and dies at sea on the voyage from Poland.
The promise Ann Weisgarber
1900. Young pianist Catherine Wainwright flees the fashionable town of Dayton, Ohio in the wake of a terrible scandal. Heartbroken and facing destitution, she finds herself striking up correspondence with a childhood admirer, the recently widowed Oscar Williams.
Oddrey and the new kid Dave Whamond
Ever since she averted disaster in the class production of The Wizard of Oz, Oddrey has been making new friends at school. Her classmates have come to appreciate her irrepressible charm and Oddrey, in turn, encourages them to be their own unique selves.
Naked economics : undressing the dismal science Charles J Wheelan
With commonsense examples and acerbic commentary, Charles Wheelan brings economics to life, without a chart, graph or mathematical equation in sight.
The other country : a father's journey with autism Michael Whelan
Michael and Helen Whelan believed that life after the birth of their first child would be the most amazing adventure. But at 14 months of age, their precious son Charlie's development seemed to stall and Michael and Helen began to realise that something was wrong.
Call the doctor : a country GP between the wars : tales of courage, hardship and hope Ronald White-Cooper with Deborah White-Cooper.
Ronald White-Cooper may have worked as a doctor in London's slums and tended to badly wounded men on the Western Front, but when he arrived in Dartmouth in 1920 to set up as a GP he found himself facing some unique challenges.
Mobile library David Whitehouse
Twelve-year-old Bobby Nusku is an archivist of his mother. He catalogues traces of her life and waits for her to return home. Bobby thinks that he's been left to face the world alone until he meets lonely single mother Val and her daughter Rosa.
Walking on trampolines Frances Whiting
'Tallulah de Longland,' she said slowly, letting all the Ls in my name loll about lazily in her mouth before passing judgement. 'That,' she announced, 'is a serious glamorgeous name.' From the day Annabelle Andrews sashays into her classroom, Tallulah 'Lulu' de Longland is bewitched: by Annabelle, by her family, and their sprawling, crumbling house tumbling down to the river. Their unlikely friendship intensifies through a secret language where they share confidences about their unusual mothers, first loves, and growing up in the small coastal town of Juniper Bay.
Night Elie Wiesel ; a new translation by Marion Wiesel ; with a new preface by the author.
Night is Elie Wiesels masterpiece, a candid, horrific, and deeply poignant autobiographical account of his survival as a teenager in the Nazi death camps. This new translation by Marion Wiesel, Elie's wife and frequent translator, presents this seminal memoir in the language and spirit truest to the authors original intent.
Well fed, flat broke : recipes for modest budgets and messy kitchensEmily Wight
In this charming yet practical cookbook based on her popular blog of the same name Emily Wight offers great recipes, ideas and advice on how to prepare imaginative and delicious meals without having to spend a lot of money.
Fukushima : Japan's tsunami and the inside story of the nuclear meltdowns Mark Willacy
On 11 March 2011, Japan was rocked by the most violent earthquake in her history and one of the largest ever recorded. The quake itself was just the start of a chain of disastrous events, creating a massive tsunami that slammed the shores of north-eastern Japan.
The view from the valley of hell : four years in the Middle East Mark Willacy
From 2002 to 2006, Mark Willacy was the ABC's Middle East Correspondent, based in Jerusalem. His apartment sat perched over the Hinnon Valley, the Biblical Valley of Hell, a fact that seemed aptly symbolic given that his tour in the Middle East saw him observe first-hand some of the most dramatic and violent events of the 21st century — from the second Palestinian Intifada to the US invasion of Iraq and the vicious insurgency that followed.
Calm, no matter what Paul Wilson
A couple of easy-to-follow steps are all it takes to have an underlying sense of calm and equilibrium you can rely on for the rest of your life. With peacefulness at your centre rather than tension and anxiety, you get the most out of the up times, down times and every moment in between.
Never say never Lisa Wingate
Kai Miller floats through life like driftwood tossed by waves. She's never put down roots in any one place — and she doesn't plan to. But when a chaotic hurricane evacuation lands her in Daily, Texas, she begins to think twice about her wayfaring existence.
The sea keeper's daughters Lisa Wingate
Restaurant owner Whitney Monroe is desperate to save her business from a hostile takeover. The inheritance of a decaying Gilded Age hotel on North Carolina's Outer Banks may provide just the ray of hope she needs. But things at the Excelsior are more complicated than they seem.
Talk of the town Lisa Wingate
Mandalay Florentino, arriving in Daily, Texas, to arrange a surprise "reunion concert" for "American Superstars" finalist Amber Anderson, learns that Amber has disappeared with a "bad boy" actor, and as a result, discovers the talent of Imagene Doll.
Word gets around Lisa Wingate
Lauren Eldridge had avoided returning home to Daily, Texas, until her father confesses to being in over his head. Paying back an old favour, he's invested in a horse that's supposed to be the star of a new Hollywood movie. Only the horse won't behave. And Lauren is the best trainer in the state.
In Green's jungles Gene Wolfe
The second volume in the Book of the Short Sun trilogy. Its narrator, Horn, has now embarked on a quest away from his home on the planet Blue, in search of the heroic leader Patera Silk. His identity has become ambiguous, his personality seems to inhabit a different body.
Lake of the long sun Gene Wolfe
A devoted young priest embarks upon a quest to get money to save parish buildings and begins to discover the hidden secrets of his world, a huge spaceship.
On Blue's waters Gene Wolfe
Space hero Horn battles shapeshifting vampires who want to use humans as cattle. It happens on planet Blue where Horn is searching for the planet's missing leader. First volume in a trilogy.
Return to the Whorl Gene Wolfe
It is again narrated by Horn, who has embarked on a quest in search of the heroic leader Patera Silk. Horn has travelled from his home on the planet Blue, reached the mysterious planet Green, and visited the great starship, the Whorl and even, somehow, the distant planet Urth.
Soldier of Sidon Gene Wolfe
Latro forgets everything when he sleeps. He now finds himself in Egypt, a land of singing girls, of spiteful and conniving deities. But, without his memory, he is unsure of everything except his desire to be free of the curse that causes him to forget.
Six impossible things Fiona Wood
Fourteen-year-old nerd-boy Dan Cereill is not quite coping with a reversal of family fortune, moving house, new school hell, a mother with a failing wedding cake business, a just-out gay dad, and an impossible crush on the girl next door.
Wildlife Fiona Wood
In the holidays before the dreaded term at Crowthorne Grammar's outdoor education camp, two things out of the ordinary happened. A picture of me was plastered all over a twenty-metre billboard. And I kissed Ben Capaldi.
To catch a dream Mary Wood
Can she follow her dreams when she has lost everything? Young Bridie O'Hara is torn away from her native Ireland by her father — a freedom fighter, turned traitor — when he has to flee the wrath of the Fenians.
Great white James Woodford
I remember thinking two things at the time. Firstly, if it had wanted to eat us we wouldn't have stood a chance and second, it didn't want to eat us. When James Woodford was confronted by half a dozen sharks swimming at full speed, he froze in shock.
The bride of science : romance, reason and Byron's daughter Benjamin Woolley
Romantic heroine and computer pioneer, this is a remarkable story of Lord Byron's daughter. Ada Lovelace, the daughter of Lord Byron was born in 1815 just after the Battle of Waterloo, and died aged 36, soon after the Great Exhibition of 1851.
A city called Smoke Justin Woolley
The battle was only the beginning; the real danger is beyond the fence. The Diggers have been destroyed, a horde of ghouls is moving inland and the High Priestess has seized control of the Central Territory.
A little life Hanya Yanagihara
When four classmates from a small Massachusetts college move to New York to make their way, they're broke, adrift, and buoyed only by their friendship and ambition. Over the decades, their relationships deepen and darken, tinged by addiction, success, and pride.
Good enough : confessions of a less-than-perfect mum Dilvin Yasa
Dear Dilvin, you suck at this. Sincerely, Dilvin. In the frightening world of tiger mums, little emperors and helicopter parenting, can any mother ever be good enough? Dilvin Yasa thinks probably not. In fact, she's pretty sure mothers have been sold a dodgy lot of unrealistic standards, with a good dollop of guilt thrown in. Dilvin draws extensively and often hilariously on her own experiences as a new mother, but also consults the experts.
Things my daughter needs to know : the truth about drugs, drink, sex, tattoos, babies, strange men and high heels Dilvin Yasa
The perfect book for mums who want to share with their daughters and for daughters who can't always share with their mums.Dilvin Yasa left home knowing a lot about skydiving (her mother was an instructor) but very little about sex, drugs, sleazy men and establishing appropriate boundaries with the person who performs your pap smear.
Hope Richard Zoglin
The book thief Markus Zusak
Trying to make sense of the horrors of World War II, Death relates the story of Liesel — a young German girl whose book-stealing and story-telling talents help sustain her family and the Jewish man they are hiding, as well as their neighbours.
The messenger Markus Zusak
Meet Ed Kennedy — cab driving prodigy, pathetic card player and useless at sex (self-proclaimed). He lives in a suburban shack, shares coffee with his dog, the Doorman, and he's in nervous love with Audrey.
When dogs cry Markus Zusak
"You're a bit of a lonely bastard, aren't you?" said Rube. "Yeah," I answered. "I guess I am." But Cameron Wolfe is hungry. He's sick of being the filthy, torn, half-smiling, half-scowling underdog. He's finally met a girl. He's got words in his spirit.