New Titles Children’s April 2016 (arrived in March 2016)

Audio Visual

Frog dreaming, directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith.
"Orphaned 14 year-old Cody is a typical boy with an adventurous spirit and imagination to match. Living with his guardian Gaza in an outback Australian township, Cody learns of an ancient Aboriginal myth known as 'Donkegin', sparking an interest that will not let him rest. Convinced there is an underwater monster in a nearby dam, Cody and his close friend Wendy embark on a journey that will take them into the very shadow-land of mystery and intrigue.
Hotel Transylvania. 2, directed by Genndy Tartakovsky,
Everything seems to be changing for the better at Hotel Transylvania. Dracula's rigid monster-only hotel policy has finally relaxed, opening up its doors to human guests. But behind closed coffins, Drac is worried that his adorable half-human, half-vampire grandson, Dennis, isn't showing signs of being a vampire.
Monster beach
An ordinary summer holiday gets complicated when two kids Jan and her brother Dean are packed off to stay with their drop-out uncle, Woody. It should be complete paradise: a secluded island, great waves and a relaxed adult in charge. What could be better? But why is this place so deserted? Why has the town been overrun by jungle and what are those strange noises coming from the beach?
Rodeo girl, directed by Joel Paul Reisig and Dennis Thomas.
A 14 year old girl is sent from New England to Texas to live with her gruff father.
Selkie, directed by Donald Crombie.
Jamie is a typical teenager living the good life: a popular lad, he has a part-time job, is on the footy team and is the lead guitarist in a rock band. But all this is threatened when his mum announces that she has a new job as head scientist at a marine research base. Forced to uproot and move to a remote island, Jamie soon discovers that all is not as it seems. He begins to notice changes to his body - scales and webbed fingers - things beyond the explanation of teenage puberty. Changes which suggest that he is somehow connected to a legendary line of Selkies - a magical people from ancient Scotland who have the power to change into seals.
The games maker, directed by Juan Pablo Buscarini.
A young boy's new found love of board games catapults him into the fantastical and competitive world of game invention. But when an evil games master attempts to destroy the world he created, Ivan must rise up against his nemeses and risk losing everything to win the game.
Kidz Bop. 31, Kidz Bop Kids.
Wiggle Town!, the Wiggles.
Bananas in pyjamas. Banana-tastic!,
There are plenty of banana-tastic adventures to be had with your favourite twins, B1 and B2! In these episodes the Bananas try to see if their scooter can fly, Rat is determined to find the Bananas' secret recipe for lemonade, and Morgan has a new friend that just happens to be invisible!
Bing. Paddling pool... and other episodes,
Round the corner, not far away, Bing & Flop are ready to play! Celebrating the noisy, joyful, messy reality of pre-school life, Bing stories are small but they are full of drama; everyday dramas that all young children & the grown-ups in their lives will recognise. Bing and Sula head off for a picnic at the paddling pool with Flop. But when they get there, they are shocked to find there is no water inside.
In the night garden. Fun and games
In the Night about a magical picture book place that exists between waking and sleeping in a child's imagination. Words, rhymes and music carry the viewer through a happy world of loveable characters and nursery rhyme nonsense. There are lots of fun games to play in the garden. Upsy Daisy and Igglepiggle kick the ball to each other - look out everybody! The Pontipines play a game of hide and seek with the Wottingers, while everybody can join in on the Tombliboos waving game.
Octonauts. Ready for action
The Octonauts follows a team of adventure heroes who dive right into action whenever there is trouble under the sea. In a fleet of amazing aquatic vehicles, the Octonauts explore incredible new underwater worlds, rescue wonderful sea creatures, and often save the day before returning safely home to the Octopod. Under the leadership of Captain Barnacles Bear, closely flanked by Lieutenant Kwazii Cat and Medic Peso Penguin, the Octonauts are always ready to embark on an exciting new mission!
Power rangers dino charge. One more energem
On prehistoric Earth, an alien entrusted powerful Energems to 10 dinosaurs, but when the dinosaurs went extinct, the Energems were lost. Now an intergalactic bounty hunter is determined to reclaim the Energems and destroy our planet. A new team of Power Rangers must find the lost Energems and use their Dino Chargers to power up an arsenal of dino-fueled battle gear, Zords and Megazords to save the world.
Rabbids invasion. Music Rabbid
The planet is invaded by the raving Rabbids. Who are they? What do they want? No idea! However, it doesn't matter what we want, we'll just have to put up with them...
Transformers, Robots in disguise The champ
When the audobot prison ship Alchemor crashes on Earth near Crown City, its cargo of stasis pods carrying several hundred of the most- wanted Decepticons is scattered throughout the countryside! The Mini-Con Fixit sends a mayday to Cybertron where Optimus charges Bumblebee and his team with the mission to track down the escaped prisoners, and prevent any harm coming to Earth or its inhabitants.
Guess how much I love you. The lucky egg : the adventures of Little Nut Brown Hare
In these tales, Little Nutbrown Hare and his friend Little Field Mouse find an egg lying on the ground, leave a trail of acorns to find their way home and pick lots of delicious summer strawberries.
The case of the exploding brains, Rachel Hamilton.
Noelle "Know-All" Hawkins has another case on her hands. Her famous scientist dad - Professor Brian "Big Brain" Hawkins is in prison as a result of his portaloo mishaps. A trip to the Science Museum results in an international mystery involving the moon, some mindreading, and an awful lot of grumpy people. But how are they all connected? Noelle, Holly and Porter are on the case. But will they piece the crazy clues together in time to save the planet? And why is Dad walking round prison with a blanket on his head? Rachel Hamilton does it again in this laugh-out-loud story of science,silliness and super-villains.
The legend of Sleepy Hollow, Washington Irving.
Set near the Dutch settlement of Tarry Town in the secluded and mysterious glen of Sleepy Hollow, schoolmaster Icabod Crane competes with Brom Bones for the attention of the beautiful Katrina. As Icabod heads home, he is hunted by the Headless Horseman. Irving's haunting, yet humorous narrative describes the tale of the schoolmaster whose lonely journey home that turns into a night of delightful terror.
Pony tails, Sue Jameson.
A beautiful collection of four stories, written by Actress Susan Jameson. Each story features a different native breed: Lucy bonds with a Shetland assailed by sweet itch, and Clare is having a hard time with her new pony, a Welsh cob mare. Then there?s Wendy, now an Exmoor teenager involved with bikers who remembers her pony-mad girlhood, and Rosie and Charlie, desperate to help the poor young Connemara.
My parents are driving me crazy, Pete Johnson.
Louis's parents swap roles. So now Dad is at home all day. And soon he's cooking meals no one wants to eat. And Dad even gives Louis his own duster, so he can clean his bedroom himself. Louis is outraged, he's far too busy. It's not long before there is total chaos. Louis and his brother quickly decide 'Dads are just not meant to be Mums.' Or are they? Meanwhile at school - never Louis's favourite place, he is in massive trouble for forging a letter to the deputy head from his dad. No one understands how Louis had no choice... And then there is the moment when he appears on TV and something truly yukky happens.
Circus of thieves and the raffle of doom, William Sutcliffe.
Hannah's life is boring, boring, boring! But when Armitage Shank's Impossible Circus comes to town, Hannah's world is turned on its head. She meets Billy Shank, his astonishing camel, Narcissus, and a host of other bizarrely brilliant members of the circus. But all is not as it seems, Armitage Shank, evil ringmaster and Billy's surrogate father, has a dastardly plan involving light-fingered thievery. Can Hannah and Billy stop his rotten scheme before it's too late...?
Nelly and the quest for Captain Peabody, Roland Chambers.
Captain Bones Peabody has gone sailing around the world, many years before, and had not returned. Although Nelly cannot remember her father, she is determined to find him and - when she is determined to do something ? she generally does.
Elspeth Hart and the School for Show-offs, Sarah Forbes.
Ever since her parents were tragically washed away in a flood, Elspeth Hart has been forced to live in the attic of the Pandora Pants School for Show-offs with her disgusting aunt, Miss Crabb. She spends her days helping out in the kitchen and dodging Tatiana Firensky, the most horrible show-off of them all. Her only friend is the awkward and shy Rory Snitter, who is inseparable from his pet lizard, Lazlo. But when a knock on the head from a falling book brings back some of Elspeth's memories from before the flood, she begins to suspect that Miss Crabb is hiding something. Elspeth hatches a daring escape plan, involving a high-profile festival, a pair of smelly underpants and a top-secret Extra-Special Sticky Toffee Sauce.
Battle of the beach freaks, Sam Hay.
Jess has wanted to be a bridesmaid, like, for ever. So when her aunt is dumped and her dreams are dashed, she puts herself up for hire. But the job she lands is more than she bargained for - an undead couple need her help to outwit the Duke of Spooks so they can tie the knot.
Princess Ellie's holiday adventure, Diana Kimpton.
Princess Ellie is pony-mad! So she's excited about visiting Prince John as she can't wait to meet his ponies, Toffee and Fudge. She's enchanted by the snowy mountains too, but when they go for a ride they soon discover that snow isn't always fun - it can be scary. Will Ellie and her friends have to spend the night in the freezing white wilderness?
The seaquel, Mo O'Hara.
When Tom saved Frankie the goldfish from near-death (by zapping him with a battery), Frankie somehow became a big fat zombie goldfish with hypnotic powers. Now Frankie is one lethal fish who's appointed himself as Tom's bodyguard. On a trip to the seaside they meet a strange old lighthouse keeper who warns them about the Evil Eel of Eel Bay. And in the second story all eyes are on Frankie as he takes on a starring role in the school play!
The bursting balloons mystery, Alexander McCall Smith.
Max and Maddy are on the trail of a criminal who'll stop at nothing to sabotage Mr Helium's trans-American hot-air balloon race. The prize is a gold balloon worth one million and one dollars, and all the money raised by the race is to go towards the Home for Children Whose Parents Have Disappeared in Balloons - so there's a lot at stake! Will the detectives be able to blow the dastardly villain's plot sky-high?
The scruffy puppy ; &, The brave kitten, Holly Webb.
The scruffy puppy: This story is about the true meaning of friendship - and how there's the perfect pup out there for everyone. Bella instantly falls in love with her scruffy puppy Sid when she sees him at the animal shelter. She gets her family to agree that he's the perfect pet for them and she cannot wait to bring him home. But one person is not too impressed with Sid - Bella's friend Megan, who is getting her own pedigree pup. Megan is pretty snooty about Bella's beloved mongrel pet, and she begins to wonder if she's that good a friend after all. Bella decides to enter Sid into a dog show, so she can prove for once and for all that all dogs are brilliant, no matter where they come from.

Into Reading

Mortaxe the skeleton warrior, Adam Blade.
Mortaxe the Skeleton Warrior has risen from the grave! He controls Avantia's six Good Beasts with dark magic, forcing them to fight Tom in a gladiatorial battle. Tom and his companions are about to face the most terrifying Quest of their lives. Beast Quest Early Readers, adapted from the original bestselling Beast Quest Specials, are perfect for children learning to read and for families to enjoy reading together.
Twit twoo : the owl who was nearly magic, Steve Cole ; illustrated by Jane Porter.
Twit, the owl who wasn't wise, is in trouble again. Not only are his brothers always playing tricks on him but now a lion called Chomp and a crocodile called Snippy are after him too!
Mistress Scatterbrain, the knight's daughter, Stephane Daniel ; illustrated by Christophe Besse.
Mistress Scatterbrain is now at the age a princess is traditionally married to a knight. However, the knight has to prove his worth by rescuing her from danger first. Only Mistress Scatterbrain is not interested in getting herself in danger. In fact she wants to choose her husband herself and has has already fallen in love.
Pete the cat scuba-cat, James Dean.
As Pete the Cat searches underwater for a seahorse, he comes into contact with all manner of sea creatures.
Andy & Sandy's anything adventure, Tomie dePaola, cowritten with Jim Lewis.
Andy is small. Sandy is tall. Andy is quiet. Sandy is loud. When these two opposites-attract best friends play dress up, anything could happen.
When Andy met Sandy, Tomie dePaola, cowritten with Jim Lewis.
When Andy and Sandy first meet at the playground, they are cautious of one another, but soon find a way to become
Pig is big on books, Douglas Florian.
Pig loves books, both big and small, and reads them at school, at home, and on the bus.
Emily Mouse's birthday party, Vivian French ; illustrated by Mark Marshall.
Yippee! Emily Mouse is on her way to buy lots of birthday presents. But she has forgotten something very
I see and see, Ted Lewin.
A boy goes for a walk where he sees a dog, trucks, flowers, a bird, and other things; and then goes home to draw them.
Big Cat, Ethan Long.
A hefty feline puts up with all kinds of indignities from the children in her loving but rambunctious family.


Book, John Agard ; illustrated by Neil Packer.
Books contain countless tales but what if Book told its own story? From clay tablets to e-readers, here is a quirky, kid-friendly look at the
Ouch! Moments : when words are used in hurtful ways, Michael Genhart, PhD ; illustrated by Viviana Garofoli.
The reader is encouraged to be caring and to take a stand when someone uses hurtful words.
Vasilisa the beautiful : a Russian folktale, retold by Anthea Bell with pictures by Anna Morgunova.
A retelling of the old Russian fairy tale in which beautiful Vasilissa uses the help of her doll to escape from the clutches of the witch Baba Yaga.
Goldilocks and the three bears : an English folk tale, retold by Joy Cowley ; illustrated by Eun-shil Kim.
Recreated with 3D modeling, this is a fun and vibrant book kids will love.
The Bremen town musicians : a story, the Brothers Grimm ; retold by Joy Cowley ; illustrated by Sang-wu Shin.
Clever collage illustrations bring this tale of four animals that are down on their luck to life.
The nightingale : a story, Hans Christian Andersen ; retold by Joy Cowley ; illustrated by Jin-kyeong Lee.
An emperor prefers the tinkling of a bejeweled mechanical bird to the song of a real nightingale, but when he is near death, the nightingale's song restores his health.
The wild swans : a story, Hans Christian Andersen ; retold by Joy Cowley ; illustrated by Seong-hye Hwang.
A princess rescues her brothers from a spell cast by an evil queen that has forced them to live as humans at night and swans during the day. Warm watercolors evoke the mood of this classic story.
The Orchard book of bedtime fairy tales, Helen Craig.
All the family will delight in these ten favourite classic nursery stories in this enchanting new edititon of a much-loved treasury from the illustrator of Angelina Ballerina. All the best and most familiar tales are included: Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Little Red Hen, Chicken Licken and many more. Timeless illustrations and engaging storytelling will engage and enrich every child's imagination and love of reading and stories.
Cinderella, retold and illustrated by Ruth Sanderson.
Although she is mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters, a kind-hearted young woman manages to attend the palace ball with the help of her fairy godmother.
Rose Red & Snow White, retold and illustrated by Ruth Sanderson.
A bear, befriended by two sisters during the winter, returns one day to reward them royally for their kindness.
Baa baa black sheep : five animal rhymes, [illustrated by Natalie Marshall].
This collection of five animal nursery rhymes includes Baa, Baa, Black Sheep, Incy Wincy Spider, This Little Piggy, Hickory Dickory Dock and Little Bo Peep. Little hands will find stimulating pictures and interesting textures such as a soft woolly sheep, a fluffy spider and a silky little pig in this bright board book. There is a fun question for each rhyme to share with your toddler.
Twinkle twinkle little star : five bedtime rhymes, [illustrated by Natalie Marshall].
This collection of five bedtime nursery rhymes includes Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, Wee Willie Winkie, Hush-a-bye, Baby, Hey Diddle Diddle and Rock-a-bye, Baby. Little hands will find stimulating pictures and interesting textures such as a a sparkly star, a glittery moon and a fleecy blanket in this bright board book. There is a fun question for each rhyme to share with your toddler.
First hundred words in English, Heather Amery ; illustrated by Stephen Cartwright ; language consultant, Betty Root ; edited by Jenny Tyler and Mairi Mackinnon ; designed by Mike Olley and Holly Lamont.
Contains one hundred named objects to find in the big, detailed pictures.
First hundred words in German, Heather Amery ; illustrated by Stephen Cartwright ; German language consultant, Birgit Zimmerer ; edited by Jenny Tyler and Mairi Mackinnon ; designed by Mike Olley and Holly Lamont.
Themed introduction to German with matching game and extensive illustrations.
Usborne German dictionary for beginners, Helen Davies ; illustrated by John Shackell ; designed by Brian Robertson ; edited by Nicole Irving.
An illustrated dictionary with over 2000 words and phrases, and amusing pictures of busy everyday scenes. Arranged thematically so words appear in context with topics on 'buying food', 'at work' and 'in the countryside' and more. An online pronunciation guide allows readers to listen to every word in the book, read by a native German speaker.
First hundred words in French, Heather Amery ; illustrated by Stephen Cartwright ; French langauge consultant, Renee Chaspoul ; edited by Jenny Tyler and Mairi Mackinnon ; designed by Mike Olley and Holly Lamont.
Themed introduction to French with matching game and extensive illustrations.
My first Italian phrases, Jill Kalz ; illustrated by Daniele Fabbri ; translated by
Simple text paired with themed illustrations invite the reader to learn to speak
Usborne Spanish dictionary for beginners, Helen Davies ; illustrated by John Shackell ; designed by Brian Robertson ; edited by Nicole Irving.
An illustrated dictionary with over 2000 words and phrases, and amusing pictures of busy everyday scenes. Arranged thematically so words appear in context with topics on 'buying food', 'at work' and 'in the countryside' and more. An online pronunciation guide allows readers to listen to every word in the book, read by a native Spanish speaker.
Play and learn Chinese, Ana Lomba and Marcela Summerville with Lucy Lee ; illustrations by Pedro Perez del Solar and Corne Cartoons/Enroc Illustrators.
Choose the children's language course trusted by other moms and dads. The Parents' Choice award winning-language program will get your child speaking Chinese while having fun! Introduce your child, age 1-7, to a new language with this easy-to-follow, fun learning program. From taking a bath to going shopping, Play and Learn Chinese turns your everyday routines into enjoyable language-learning activities for you and your child! This unique course features: Fun songs, games, and activities Key word illustrations An audio CD that includes all the songs, games, and expressions in the course Engaging comic strips Sidebars with fun cultural information English translations for all activities Give your child the gift of a second language while enjoying your time together. Play and Learn Chinese gives you the resources to make that happen.
How we make stuff : the story behind our everyday things, [Christiane Dorion and Beverley Young]
Where do our clothes come from? What's the lnk between gorillas and mobile phones? And does chocolate really grow on trees? Find out in this hands-on guide to how we make the things most of us take for granted. Exploding with supercool things to discover, this eye-opening book will leave you looking at our world and its resources in a whole new light.
Outside : a guide to discovering nature, Maria Anna Peixe Dias, Ines Teixeira Do Rosario, Bernardo P. Carvalho ; translated by Lucy Greaves.
Created with a team of natural history experts, this book, which won the coveted Bologna Ragazzi award in 2015, aims to arouse your curiosity about fauna, flora, and other aspects of the natural world.
Planets, Becky Baines.
Curious kids will learn about the different planets in our solar system, including our own precious planet, Earth! Interactive spreads help young readers learn basic concepts while sweet, poetic text helps them understand how special our solar system is in the grand context of outer space. These engaging Explore My World picture books on subjects kids care about combine simple stories with unforgettable photography. They invite little kids to take their first big steps toward understanding the world around them and are just the thing for parents and kids to curl up with and read aloud.
The little Kiwi book of days, Frances Chan.
Simple rhyming text describes a child's daily activities over the course of a week.
Weather in 30 seconds, Dr. Jen Green ; [illustrator, Tom Woolley] ; consultant, Professor Adam Scaife.
This book takes readers on a whirlwind tour of our planet's weather and climate. 30 key topics explore and explain the how and why of our global weather and its effects, from atmospheric influences, the seasons, and climate zones to extreme events, forecasting, and global warming. Each topic is presented in a neat 30-second sound bite, supported by a 3-second flash summary and a full-page colourful artwork. Fun active "missions" support the topics and encourage kids to find out more. With stunning artwork, the attention-grabbing format is engaging and immediate, introducing readers aged from 8 up to this fascinating subject that affects all our lives.
Spring blossoms, Carole Gerber ; illustrated by Leslie Evans.
Poetic text describes seven different types of flowering trees.
Frozen wild : how animals survive in the coldest places on Earth, Jim Arnosky.
Describes how some animals survive in frigid regions, including muskrats, walruses, and the Arctic fox. With great five fold-out pages!
Creatures of the deep, Matthew Rake ; illustrated by Simon Mendez.
Dive down to the watery depths and encounter the ten strangest creatures living in the oceans, seas, and rivers. You'll discover a fish with an angling light, a snail that harpoons its prey, a squid with eyes bigger than a human head, and more. Come face to face with these extreme animals and learn their secrets!
Ripley's snakes and reptiles : believe it or not!, [written by Kezia Endsley].
Snakes and Reptiles is the latest title in this award-winning children's reference series. Bursting with amazing photography, compelling illustrations, and all-new content, this easy-to-read book presents scientific facts with the unbelievable Ripley stories young readers can't get enough of.
I am an Aspie girl : a book for young girls with autism spectrum conditions, Danuta Bulhak-Paterson ; afterword by Tony Attwood ; illustrated by Teresa Ferguson.
Lizzie explains what it's like to have Asperger's Syndrome, including how she has a special talent for blending in with her friends, how she gets really tired after being at school all day, how she worries about making mistakes, and how she finds it hard to understand how she is feeling.
Why Johnny doesn't flap : NT is OK!, Clay Morton & Gail Morton ; illustrated by Alex Merry.
My friend Johnny is different from me. We have fun together, but sometimes he acts pretty strangely. He is never exactly on time, he can't seem to stick to a routine, he stares right into your eyes, and he often says puzzling things. Johnny is neurotypical. I like Johnny and I think being NT is OK.
This bridge will not be gray, story by Dave Eggers ; art by Tucker Nichols.
The Golden Gate Bridge is the most famous bridge in the world. It is also, not entirely coincidentally, the world's only bright-orange bridge. But it wasn't supposed to be that way. In this book, fellow bridge-lovers Dave Eggers and Tucker Nichols tell the story of how it happened how a bridge that some people wanted to be red and white, and some people wanted to be yellow and black, and most people wanted simply to be gray, instead became, thanks to the vision and stick-to-itiveness of a few peculiar architects, one of the most memorable man-made objects ever created.
A little guide to gardening, Jo Elworthy ; illustrations by Eleanor Taylor.
Packed full of simple gardening tips, interesting information, recipes and gorgeous illustrations, this book helps you learn how to plant, nurture and even eat the things you grow.
Art workshops for children, Herve Tullet.
Art Workshops for Children is a guide for parents and teachers to organize and execute artistic workshops for children. 12 workshops are featured, each offering a list of materials needed, a step-by-step guide to facilitation, practical tips, illustrated examples, and photos of workshops in progress. The workshops are designed to spark children's imaginations, champion group bonding, and give visually pleasing results with no artistic ability required. Tried and tested around the world by children of all ages. Perfect for organizing group events at home, in schools, at parties, at museums anywhere!
Cool cat projects : loads of cool craft projects inside, Isabel Thomas.
Are you crazy about cats?! Then this book is for you! This fantastic book is packed full of tips on how to care for your furry friend and covers everything you could possibly want to do with your cat. For example, you can find out how to photograph him or her at their best angle! Or throw them a party! Make the delicious kitty treat "recipes" inside and follow the step-by-step guides to make some amazing projects, including a rug, cat clock and puzzle feeder. Read this and you will have the happiest cat ever!
Designer dog projects : loads of cool craft projects inside, Isabel Thomas.
Are you delirious about dogs? Then this book is for you! This fantastic book is packed full of tips on how to care for your furry friend and covers everything you could possibly want to do with your dog. For example, you can find out how to photograph him or her at their best angle! Or throw them a party! Make the delicious doggy treat "recipes" inside and follow the step-by-step guides to make some amazing projects, including a tug toy, sausage dog draft excluder, and even a doggy bandana! Read this and you will have the happiest dog ever!
Handy horse projects : loads of cool craft projects inside, Isabel Thomas.
Do you think horses are hor-some? Then this book is for you! This fantastic book is packed full of tips on how to care for your hooved friend and covers everything you could possibly want to do with your horse. For example, you can find out how to photograph him and make a frame to go with it! Or throw a horse-themed party for your friends! Follow the step-by-step guides to make some amazing projects, including a galloping horse plate, horsehair jewellery, and horsey notepaper and cards. Read this and you will have the happiest horse ever!
Susan B. Anderson's kids' knitting workshop : the easiest and most effective way to learn to knit!,
Beloved knitting instructor Susan B. Anderson presents her first book targeted at a young audience. This accessible introduction to knitting in the round includes easy-to-follow illustrated tutorials on techniques from casting on and binding off to joining colors to make stripes, and 17 progressively challenging knitting projects beginning with simple infinity scarves and hats and building to supersweet toys and decor. Step-by-step text and photographs that kids can read and follow on their own mean they will be knitting independently in no time! Also included is a chapter on stocking your toolbox and sourcing yarn; plus advice on starting a knitting group, connecting with local knitting communities, charity knitting, and more.
Paint lab for kids : 52 adventures in painting and mixed-media for budding artists of all ages, Stephanie Corfee.
An inspiring collection of ideas and projects for encouraging an artistic spirit in children!Paint Lab for Kids features 52 fun, fresh, and kid-friendly art lessons that each explore a paint medium, technique, or effect. Popular artist and author Stephanie Corfee offers an exciting resource of easy-to-follow instructions supported throughout with step-by-step, full-color photographs. Each sequence is accompanied by finished samples and variations as well as the inspiring work of a prominent artist. The projects can be used independently throughout the year or as a curriculum for hands-on art experiences. This is the perfect book for creative families, friends, and community groups and works as lesson plans for both experienced and new teachers. Children of all ages and experience levels can be guided by adults and will enjoy these engaging exercises. Paint Lab for Kids is an excellent resource to get your kids working and creating with paint.
Games I can play : loads of fun things for kids to do, shown step by step, Petra Boase.
Features loads of fun things for kids to do. Shown step by step, this title includes 16 games to play. It covers everything from ball games, skipping, jumping and dancing games, to giant "board" games. It offers clear step-by-step photographs that illustrate all the activities which use only the simplest of equipment.
Search and spot animals!, Laura Ljungkvist.
Invites the reader to look for various animals hidden or camouflaged in the illustrations.
One today, Richard Blanco ; illustrated by Dav Pilkey.
A lyrical, patriotic commemoration of America from dawn to dusk and from coast to coast written in honor of President Barack Obama's second presidential inauguration.
Bow-tie pasta : acrostic poems, Brian P. Cleary ; illustrations by Andy Rowland.
Shares the author's acrostic poems, including "Triceratops," "Mother," and "Hot Dog."
A spectacular selection of sea critters : concrete poems, Betsy Franco ; Illustrated by Michael Wertz.
What might you see if you swam in the sea? Dive on in to encounter everything from dolphins and octopuses to sea turtles and squirrel fish. This clever book features concrete poems about a spectacular selection of sea critters.
Amazing places, poems selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins ; illustrations by Chris Soentpiet & Christy Hale.
Poems focusing on unique places of historical, environmental, and/or cultural interest in the United States by poets from diverse backgrounds, including Alma Flor Ada, Joseph Bruchac, Nikki Grimes, Lee Bennett Hopkins, Linda Sue Park, and many others. Includes additional information about each place, and sources.
Leonardo da Vinci in 30 seconds, Paul Harrison ; illustrated by Tom Woolley ; consultant, Mari Griffith.
Children will learn about the life of the original Renaissance man, and will discover how da Vinci's influence, from his masterpiece paintings to his innovative inventions, has shaped art and culture in the modern world.
Ada Byron Lovelace and the thinking machine, Laurie Wallmark ; illustrated by April Chu.
Offers an illustrated telling of the story of Ada Byron Lovelace, from her early creative fascination with mathematics and science and her devastating bout with measles, to the ground-breaking algorithm she wrote for Charles Babbage's analytical engine.
The mummy-makers of Egypt, Tamara Bower.
Using the classic style of Egyptian art, the book is painstakingly accurate in facts and illustrative style. Artefacts, funerary customs, wonderfully gory details of the mummification process, hieroglyphics and details of life in ancient Egypt are told through the eyes of Ipy, whose father is embalmer to the King. Yuya, father of the Queen, has died and Ipy must help his father in the mummification process. Yuya is an actual mummy and the discovery of his tomb is an entertaining story in itself.
ANZAC heroes, Maria Gill ; illustrations by Marco Ivancic.
Discover the triumphs and tragedies of 24 heroic Australasians during World War One and Two. Read the biographies of ANZAC soldiers, as well as Air Force and Navy soldiers, medics, a spy, an ambulance driver and a humanitarian, surviving in battles in England, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific.
Armistice Day : the New Zealand story : what it is and why it matters, Philippa Werry.
At the eleventh hour, on the eleventh day of the eleventh month each year, people in New Zealand and around the world remember the day when fighting stopped in Europe at the end of the First World War. This is what Armistice Day commemorates. How the war ended and what happened next is the subject of Philippa Werry's new book. Armistice Day shows that the effects of war don't end when the war ends. It focuses on peace memorials and peace makers and suggests different ways in which we can celebrate peace. In this book, you will discover--the meaning of armistice; how the First World War ended; the terrible impact of the influenza epidemic; what happened when the troops returned home; when Armistice Day became Remembrance Day. Drawing on illustrations, photographs, interviews and first-hand accounts, this is a gripping, moving descriptions of the aftermath of war in Europe, giving readers a clear understanding of the establishment of the United Nations and New Zealand's role in international peacekeeping.

World Languages

Falaoa, tusia e Joy Cowley ; tusia ata e Val Biro ; faaliliuina e Ainslie Chu Ling-Soo.
O au o le anufetusi, tusia e Joy Cowley ; tusi ata e Philip Webb ; faaliliuina e Ainslie Chu Ling-Soo.
O lau vaa, tusia e Joy Cowley ; tusia ata e Philip Webb ; faaliliuina e Ainslie Chu Ling-Soo.
'O le Fatula'au, Tusia 'e Joy Cowley ; tusia ata 'e Philip Webb ; fa'aliliuina 'e Ainslie Chu Ling-So'o.
Reader with simple text and matching illustrations designed to encourage the young child to read.
O lou fale, tusia e Joy Cowley ; tusi ata e Susan Moxley ; faaliliuina e Ainslie Chu Ling-Soo.
Ou te lapo'a ia oe!, tusia e Joy Cowley ; tusia ata e Jan van der Voo ; fa'aliliuina e Ainslie Chu Ling-Soo.
Tofa Lucy, tusia e Joy Cowley ; tusia ata e Jill Allpress ; faaliliuina e Ainslie Chu Ling-Soo.
'O le Uga, tusia e Brian and Julian Cutting ; tusia ata e Ian McCausland ; faaliliuina e Ainslie Chu Ling-So'o.
Reader with simple text and matching illustrations designed to encourage the young child to read.
Po o ai Au?, tusia e Brian and Jillian Cutting ; tusia ata e David Astin ; faaliliuina e Ainslie Chu Ling-Soo.
O lau uo, tusia e Jillian Cutting ; tusi ata e Jan van der Voo ; faaliliuina e Ainslie Chu Ling-Soo.
Ou te tusitusi, tusia e Jillian Cutting ; tusi ata e Jan van der Voo ; faaliliuina e Ainslie Chu Ling-Soo.
O le tafola, tusia e Jill Eggleton ; tusia ata e Jan van der Voo, faaliliuina e Ainslie Chu Ling-So'o.
O le vaitafe, tusia e Jill Eggleton ; tusia ata e Karen Donelly ; faaliliuina e Ainslie Chu Ling-Soo.
E taua laau, tusia e Steve Pattrick ; tusia ata e Tim Marwood, faaliliuina e Ainslie Chu Ling-Soo.
Wan an, wo de xing xing, Bing bo zhu ; tong fei fei hui.
Bu gu niao de xin yuan, Gao Hongbo zhu ; Yu Qing hui.
Yan jing shu, Jin Bo zhu ; Gong Yanling hui.
Hali Bote. Si shen de sheng wu, J.K. Luolin (J.K. Rowling) zhu ; Huang guan bian yi zu yi.
Hwanggum nach'imp'an : P'illip P'ulmon changp'yon sosol. Volume 1, Philip Pullman ; Yi Ch'ang-sik omgim.

Older Fiction

Landfall, Jennifer Lynn Alvarez.
It has been many moons since Star received his starfire power, and now he will face his toughest challenge yet. Star is gravely injured, and Nightwing the Destroyer vows to make a pact with whoever brings him the black yearling dead or alive. As Nightwing amasses an army to destroy him and all of Anok, Star must act fast. But as the threat of war looms, Star wonders if the current peace among the united pegasi is strong enough to survive
Maybe a fox, Kathi Appelt and Alison McGhee.
An otherworldly fox is born to help eleven-year-old Jules, who is grieving over the death of her sister.
Little cat's luck, Marion Dane Bauer ; illustrations by Jennifer A. Bell.
A little cat named Patches manages to push out a window screen and leave her house, chasing a falling leaf, and sets out to find a special place to call her own.
Josh Baxter levels up, written by Gavin Brown.
Because his family has moved again Josh Baxter is starting at a new school for the third time in two years, and this time he has really started off on the wrong foot--but when his mother takes away the video games that have become his refuge because of his poor grades, Josh realizes he has to come up with a new strategy for success.
Charmed, Jen Calonita.
When Sleeping Beauty's nemesis breaks the Evil Queen out of the dungeon, Gilly and her friends at Fairy Tale Reform School must figure out how to stop Alva from terrorizing the village of Enchantasia before she comes after the ones Gilly loves the most.
Omega rising, Patrick Carman.
The Voyagers land on a planet made entirely of water where they must find the third element of the Source that will save the Earth.
The trouble with Fuzzwonker Fizz, Patrick Carman ; illustrated by Brian Sheesley.
Ten-year-old Harold, the adopted son of a food inventor, discovers that his father's latest invention, soda pop that produces the world's longest burps, also generates furry creatures known as Fizzies.
Brambleheart : a story about finding treasure and the unexpected magic of friendship, Henry Cole.
A young apprentice chipmunk in a guild of craftsanimals strikes up an unlikely relationship with a dragon who teaches him the meaning of true friendship.
All rise for the Honorable Perry T. Cook, Leslie Connor.
Eleven-year-old Perry was born and raised by his mom at the Blue River Co-ed Correctional Facility in tiny Surprise, Nebraska. His mom is a resident on Cell Block C, and so far Warden Daugherty has made it possible for them to be together. That is, until a new district attorney discovers the truth and Perry is removed from the facility and forced into a foster home. When Perry moves to the "outside" world, he feels trapped. Desperate to be reunited with his mom, Perry goes on a quest for answers about her past crime. As he gets closer to the truth, he will discover that love makes people resilient no matter where they come from but can he find a way to tell everyone what home truly means?
The road to Ratenburg, Joy Cowley ; illustrations by Gavin Bishop.
A family of rats is forced to leave their home, so sets out to find the fabled city of Ratenburg. Along the way they outwit vicious dogs, tricky rat traps and sharp-beaked hawks, and make some very dangerous crossings. The rat family's adventures test their character and grow bonds between sisters and brothers, family friends, mum and dad. Narrating the tale is Spinnaker Rat, an Edwardian-style father, full of wisdom about the ways of the world, who finds himself learning more than he expected.
Warren the 13th and the All-Seeing Eye, written by Tania del Rio ; illustrated & designed by Will Staehle.
Twelve-year-old orphan Warren's pride and joy is his family's hotel, but he's been miserable ever since his evil Aunt Anaconda took over the management. Anaconda believes a mysterious treasure known as the All-Seeing-Eye is hidden somewhere on the grounds, and she'll do anything to find it.
The girl who could not dream, Sarah Beth Durst.
Sophie's parents run a secret shop where dreams are bought and sold. When Sophie dreams, her dreams become real, so she is forbidden to have any. Sinister events are set in motion when she is accidentally seen by one of her parents' customers, and it's up to Sophie to save her family.
The adventures of Lettie Peppercorn, Sam Gayton and illustrated by Poly Bernatene.
Before she disappeared, Lettie Peppercorn's mother forbade her from leaving the house. An alchemist arrives at her front door, and he knows where Lettie's Ma is. Lettie, determined to reunite her family, will follow the alchemist on an amazing adventure to find her mother.
Fortune Falls, Jenny Goebel.
In Fortune Falls, where superstitions are real, and all children must pass regular "luck tests" to see if they are worthy, ill-fortuned Sadie has always been deemed as unlucky, and shunted aside for her luckier younger brother but when she finds an unusually intelligent black cat named Jinx, her fortunes begin to change for the better.
The dastardly deed, Holly Grant ; pictures by Josie Portillo.
Anastasia, Ollie and Quentin have barely managed to escape the nefarious clutches of C.R.U.D. when they are brought to the underground Cavelands. There Anastasia finds out she is Caveland royalty, and that her family figures into a centuries old scandal that began with the disappearance of her grandfather.
George and the blue moon, Lucy & Stephen Hawking ; illustrated by Garry Parsons.
George and his best friend, Annie have been selected as junior astronauts part of a programme that trains up young people for a trip to Mars in the future. This is everything they've ever wanted they get to be a part of up-to-the minute space discoveries and meet a bunch of new friends who are as fascinated by the universe as they are. But when they arrive at space camp, George and Annie quickly learn that strange things are happening on Earth as well as up in our skies. Mysterious space missions are happening in secret, and the astronaut training they're undertaking gets scarier and scarier.
To catch a cheat, Varian Johnson.
Because of his reputation for practical jokes Jackson Greene is the automatic suspect for anything that goes wrong at school but when he and his friends are framed for a crime they did not commit, Gang Greene sets out to expose the students responsible, who are trying to blackmail Jackson into helping them cheat on an important test.
Saving Wonder, Mary Knight.
Curley Hines has lost his father, mother, and brother to coal mining, and now he lives with his grandfather in the Appalachian mountains of Wonder Gap, Kentucky but when the mining company prepares to destroy their mountain he must use the words his grandfather has taught him to save Red Hawk Mountain, even if it means losing the life he loves.
Wild blood, Kathryn Lasky.
The filly Estrella, her human friend, Tio, and her small herd of horses have temporarily escaped from the evil human El Miedo, but he has not given up, and as the dawn horses keep searching for the sweet grasses that will give them strength, new friends and enemies both human and animal, will emerge from the shadows.
Infinity riders, Kekla Magoon.
A spaceship piloted by children travels to Planet Infinity where the youngsters must navigate underground tunnels in search of the fourth element of a power source needed to save Earth.
The door by the staircase, Katherine Marsh with illustrations by Kelly Murphy.
Happy to be adopted at last, twelve-year-old orphan Mary Hayes soon learns a terrifying secret about her new mother, the mysterious Madame Z.
The remarkable journey of Charlie Price, Jennifer Maschari.
A boy must rescue his sister after she finds and wants to stay in an almost-world beneath her bed, where their mother is still
Just my luck, Cammie McGovern.
Since entering fourth grade, Benny Barrows worries that he will never be good at anything, that he is responsible for an accident that sent his father to the hospital, and that his attempts at winning a school contest will never be noticed.
Tales of the fallen beasts, Brandon Mull [and 4 others].
All across the world, legends are appearing. Great Beasts once the most powerful beings in Erdas are being summoned as spirit animals. Bonded to special kids, they unite the human and animal worlds. But a mysterious stranger is hunting these legends, just as they are reborn, and he's rushing anyone who stands in his way. These are the stories of those stolen legends, and of the young heroes who will stop at nothing to get them back.
A tale of highly unusual magic, Lisa Papademetriou.
Two girls on opposite sides of the planet connect through a mysterious book, whose phantom narrator guides them into spinning a story about the past that will affect their futures.
The girl in the well is me, Karen Rivers.
Eleven-year-old Kammie reflects on her life as she fights claustrophobia while waiting to be rescued from a well she fell into while trying to impress some mean girls.
The only girl in school, Natalie Standiford ; illustrations by Nathan Durfee.
In a story told in letters, when Claire's best friend moves away just before the start of fifth grade, Claire becomes the only girl in her tiny island elementary school and suddenly boys she has been friends with her whole life turn into resentful, bullying strangers.
A tiny piece of sky, Shawn K. Stout.
In 1939 Hangerstown, Maryland, eleven-year-old Frankie faces suspicion that her German-born father is a Nazi spy.
Game of flames, Robin Wasserman.
Dash, Carly, Gabriel, and Piper visit a planet made up of molten lava and run entirely by robots where they must find the second element of the Source that will save the Earth.

Picture Books

My first book of colours
This bright, engaging board book provides a great introduction to the world of colour for young readers. With simple labels and photographic images which encourage children to learn both their primary and secondary colours, this book is guaranteed to spark the imagination of its reader.
Slide and find animals
Is it cat or is it butterfly? Move the slider to see who's hiding behind the letter. This fun interactive board book features a different animal, word and noise for every letter of the alphabet. Easy to manoeuvre colourful sliding parts will ensure that even little hands can help with story time.
Whose knees are these?, Jabari Asim ; illustrated by LeUyen Pham.
Takes a loving look at knees from the vantage point of a mother's lap.
Before I leave, Jessixa Bagley.
Leaving her best friend is difficult for a young hedgehog whose family is moving, but everyone assures her that things will be alright.
Close your eyes, Kate Banks ; pictures by Georg Hallensleben.
A mother tiger entices her child to sleep by telling of all that can be seen with one's eyes closed.
The bear who stared, [Duncan Beedie].
There once was a bear who liked to stare. Bear doesn't mean to be rude, he's just curious but nobody likes being stared at and it soon gets Bear into trouble. Luckily there's a goggly-eyed frog to set Bear straight!
Pig the winner, Aaron Blabey.
Pig was a pug and I'm sorry to say if he didn't come first it would ruin his day. Won't he ever learn?! Pig, the world's greediest Pug, won't play fair. He'll do anything to win!
Warthog, Birdie Black, Rosalind Beardshaw.
When a plucky little warthog sets out on an adventure, he meets all sorts of fascinating creatures, from two angry bees, all the way up to nine scared monkeys. All children will love lifting the flaps to count the hidden animals and they will adore following the ten muddy footprints which lead to one rather fierce-looking lion!
Baby talk, Stella Blackstone.
Babies talk in all kinds of ways and the people who love them talk back! This unique board book has been specially created for parents and older children to share with new babies, helping to lay the foundations for secure attachment and early language skills.
Near, far, Silvia Borando.
In this playful, interactive introduction to ideas of perspective, you're invited to guess the seven animals that hide in the book's pages. It may sound easy but, at first, you can only see the animals right up close...and things look so different from up close and faraway! What looks like an elephant's trunk might actually be a little birdie's tail and those two googly eyes? Well, when we zoom out, they don't really look like eyes at all!
Now you see me, now you don't, [Silvia Borando].
Googly-eyed animals take it in turns to hide in this colourful, interactive picture book experience from minibombo.
Cinderella, illustrated by Ed Bryan.
Cinderella works hard to clean the house and look after her nasty stepsisters, but when the rest of the family go to a Royal Ball, Cinderella is left behind. That's when the fairy godmother arrives and works her magic Cinderella will go to the ball after all! Cinderella and the prince dance all night until midnight strikes, the magic stops working and Cinderella has to make a quick exit. Will the prince ever find her again?
Jack and the beanstalk, illustrated by Ed Bryan.
When Jack and his mother fall on hard times, they decide to sell their only cow. But Jack's mother is not impressed when her son comes home with a handful of magic beans. The beans go straight out of the window where they grow into an enormous beanstalk! At the top of the beanstalk, Jack finds a giant castle in the clouds. Inside, there are lots of people who need his help, there are lots of stolen treasures, and there's a very angry giant. Where will Jack's adventures lead him?
Little Red Riding Hood, illustrated by Ed Bryan.
Little Red Riding Hood sets out into the forest to take a basket of goodies to her poorly grandma. Along the way, she adds to her stores, picking beautiful flowers, gathering fallen acorns and receiving a gift of some nice, sticky honey. She thinks these treats will cheer up her grandma. But little does she know that they could just save her from the Big Bad Wolf.
Autumn, Ailie Busby.
There's something special about each season of the year, wherever we live in the world. Follow the children in this book as they discover and explore the unique character of autumn, through indoor and outdoor play. Sensory, detailed and child-centred, this is the perfect introduction for young children to the cycles of the year.
Spring, Ailie Busby.
There's something special about each season of the year, wherever we live in the world. Follow the children in this book as they discover and explore the unique character of spring, through indoor and outdoor play. Sensory, detailed and child-centred, this is the perfect introduction for young children to the cycles of the year.
Summer, Ailie Busby.
There's something special about each season of the year, wherever we live in the world. Follow the children in this book as they discover and explore the unique character of summer, through indoor and outdoor play. Sensory, detailed and child-centred, this is the perfect introduction for young children to the cycles of the year.
Winter, Ailie Busby
Children describe their favorite things to do during the winter, from playing in the snow to indoor activities..
The very hungry caterpillar's Easter colours, [Eric Carle].
Let The Very Hungry Caterpillar and friends take you on a rainbow tour of Easter colours in this beautiful board book. Perfect for learning first colours with simple text and pictures, this chunky board book is ideal for little hands.
The magical fantastical fridge, story by Harlan Coben ; pictures by Leah Tinari.
When setting the table seems too boring, Walden takes off on adventurous journey through all the pictures on his family's refrigerator.
Lionheart, Richard Collingridge.
A boy faces unseen and imagined fears with the help of his stuffed toy lion.
Bloom, Doreen Cronin and David Small.
When the glass kingdom begins cracking, the king and queen fail in their quest to get help from the fairy Bloom, who can work great magic but was banished because of her muddy boots and messiness, so they send Genevieve, an ordinary girl who will do what it takes to save the day.
Little Kiwi, whose nest is best?, written and illustrated by Bob Darroch.
"Little Kiwi can't sleep - Little Sister keeps kicking and Dad is snoring! Little Kiwi decides to find himself a better nest. It's too lonesome by himself so Little Kiwi joins Kaka - but the Kaka chicks are far too noisy. The Keas' mountain nest is too cold, Morepork's is too high, Blue Duck's is too damp and Little Kiwi can't even squeeze into Fantail's tiny nest. Will Little Kiwi ever find the perfect place to rest?"--Publisher information.
The mystery box & Finnigan Flynn, written by Lucy Davey ; illustrated by Cat Chapman.
My first Christmas, Tomie dePaola.
Introduces the traditional symbols of Christmas celebrations with simple text and beautiful watercolour paintings.
Rewi the kiwi, Jean Dickinson ; illustrated by Tony Nettleton.
Why is the kiwi so different from other birds? The answer is revealed in this rhyming story about Rewi the Kiwi. Today Rewi is a rather solitary fellow, creeping through the undergrowth in remote parts of New Zealand, but once he was a most outgoing, neighbourly bird, a master of the air and a hot contender for the bird speed record.
Do you remember?, written by Helen Docherty ; illustrated by Mark Beech.
Do you remember the first time you got dressed all on your own or jumped with both feet together? This book looks back over the great achievements of a young child's life as he struggles to learn something new with his mother encouraging him to remember all the things he's done before, like smiling, sitting up, and walking.
Counting, Julia Donaldson, Axel Scheffler.
A first book of numbers based on Tales from Acorn Wood.
It's a little baby : lift-the-flap fun, Julia Donaldson, Rebecca Cobb.
Somebody's hiding. I wonder who. It's five little babies, doing all the things that babies do waving, clapping, pointing
The knowing book, Rebecca Kai Dotlich ; illustrated by Matthew Cordell.
Inspiring and wise, this story begins and ends with the sky that is always above you. In between, a young rabbit travels through the wide world, experiencing joy and sorrow and all the wonder that the world has to offer. Along the way he chooses a path, explores the unknown, and ventures along trails on and off the map. And at the end of the journey, braver and more confident, he returns home, the place he can always count on and will always know. This beautiful celebration of life is the perfect gift to mark any milestone in a child's life from birth to graduation.
Loud Lula, Katy S. Duffield ; pictures by Mike Boldt.
Since her birth, Lula's loud voice has wrecked havoc across Pryor County. When Lula starts school everyone wonders if she will ever learn to use her "inside voice." But when Lula spots something sinister making its way toward town, it seem that she may have found the right use for that big voice after all.
The big adventure, Elina Ellis.
Fox, Bear and Moose want to have a really big adventure and travel to Africa, or to the North Pole, or even to the Moon! But big adventures need a lot of planning, and can be quite scary. Luckily, their friend Chicken has a different kind of adventure in mind.
Ben says goodbye, written by Sarah Ellis ; illustrated by Kim La Fave.
When Ben's best friend Peter moves away, Ben decides that he will move, too into a "cave" under the kitchen table. Caveman Ben doesn't need any friends except his tame (stuffed) lion. He hunts for his food (thoughtfully left on a plate by Mom and Dad) and communicates in grunts. And in the safety of his cave he can imagine a world where friends control their own destinies and distance is no obstacle.
The Night Gardener, Terry Fan & Eric Fan.
Everyone on Grimloch Lane enjoys the trees and shrubs clipped into animal masterpieces after dark by the Night Gardener, but William, a lonely boy, spots the artist, follows him, and helps with his special work.
Look at me!, illustrated by Rachel Fuller.
Growing up with younger brothers or sisters can be challenging at the best of times. But it also brings great rewards. This book helps look at everyday situations and promote discussion to help your toddler understand what being an older child is all about.
Peep and Egg : I'm not hatching, Laura Gehl ; pictures by Joyce Wan.
Peep can't wait for Egg to hatch. They will have so much fun together! But Egg isn't quite ready yet.
Mine!, Emily Gravett.
Hare finds it hard to share.
Supermarket gremlins, Adam and Charlotte Guillain ; illustrated by Chris Chatterton.
Gremlins are weeing on the floor, snoozing on the bread and is that a gremlin bottom in the fruit stall? Lift the flaps to find them all!
Taniwha, written by Mike Johnson ; illustrated by Jennifer Rackham.
"The Taniwha is New Zealand's best known and most loved mythological creature... But what do they look like? Poet Mike Johnson and artist Jenn Rackham come together to explore this great mystery. To be read aloud for pleasure, or used as an early reader, Taniwha will delight both young and old"--Back cover.
Hoot and Peep, Lita Judge.
Hoot the owl is excited to teach his younger sister all of his wisdom but much to his annoyance, Peep is more interested in capturing the magic of the world around her than in listening to his advice.
Super Jumbo, Fred Koehler.
Little Jumbo works tirelessly to be a superhero in his neighborhood, although not everyone appreciates his crime fighting techniques.
Moletown, Torben Kuhlmann ; [translated by Andrew Rushton].
Torben Kuhlmann's stunningly illustrated, nearly wordless tale offers a fascinating window into an imaginary yet hauntingly familiar world under our feet, where the moles suddenly recognize the precarious balance between progress and preservation. But is it too late?
Swap!, Steve Light.
A peg-legged youngster uses his bartering skills to trade for sails, anchors, a ship's wheel and other necessary supplies to fix their ship and make a friend in the
Skip to the loo, my darling! : a potty book, Sally Lloyd-Jones ; illustrated by Anita Jeram.
Bunny wants his potty. What will bunny do? Only one thing for it skip to the loo! Bunny's not the only one skipping to the loo. Look who else wants their potty!
Tickle Monster, Edouard Manceau.
At bedtime, a brave child makes a monster disappear by tickling its various parts, such as its teeth so it cannot bite, and the parts transform into new objects that create a non-threatening scene.
Emma and Julia love ballet, Barbara McClintock.
A story that follows the everyday life of two girls, one a professional ballerina, the other a student, both of whom love ballet.
The harmonica, written by Dawn McMillan ; illustrated by Andrew Burdan.
Carlos found the harmonica in the attic. His mother had told him stories of Uncle Jacks music. Softly, secretly, Carlos played Uncle Jack's harmonica. He played it to the whirling wind and to the silver moon. And somehow it seemed as if Uncle Jack was there with him.
Twist and hop, minibeast bop!, Tony Mitton, Guy Parker-Rees.
Minibeasts in all their glory gather in this brand-new book from the creators of Bumpus Jumpus Dinosaurumpus. Join in with beetles and ladybirds, ants and bees and bugs galore as they dance the night away! But who is missing from the fun will poor slow snail arrive in time?
We are not frogs, Michael Morpurgo & Sam Usher.
The frogs always beat the toads at long jump but the toads don't mind anything for a quiet life. But then the children and Mutt the dog come in search of some good jumpers, and the toads see an opportunity to get their own back. Soon the poor frogs have been gathered up and put in an ice-cream tub, and they're hopping mad!
The house that Zack built, Alison Murray.
Follows Zack and his dog Rufus as they share a day on the farm, building a house out of blocks, before a wandering fly attracts the attention of a determined feline, inadvertently wreaking havoc.
The opposite zoo, Il Sung Na.
After the zoo closes, monkey slips out of his cage to explore the zoo, introducing the reader to the other animals and the idea of opposites.
The paperboy, story and paintings by Dav Pilkey.
A paperboy and his dog enjoy the quiet of the early morning as they go about their rounds.
I'll never let you go, Smriti Prasadam-Halls, Alison Brown.
When you aren't sure, you'll feel me near, When you are scared, I will be here. When you are high, when you are low, I'll be holding your hand and I'll never let go.
Twit-to-who?, written by Smriti Prasadam-Halls ; illustrated by Sebastien Braun.
A little owl says good night in his own special way to creatures and places at bedtime.
Shhh! This book is sleeping, Cedric Ramadier and Vincent Bourgeau.
A mouse puts a book to sleep by covering it with a blanket, reading it a story, and giving it a big hug.
A beginner's guide to bear spotting, Michelle Robinson ; illustrated by David Roberts.
A young aspiring bear spotter ventures into bear country. But coming face-to-face with the furry creatures themselves, whether black or brown, can be dangerous, and our protagonist, accompanied by a trusty teddy bear, might need to use some unconventional means to stay out of trouble and avoid being (gulp!) eaten.
Chicken Nugget, Michelle Robinson & Tom McLaughlin.
When Nugget's long-lost-cousin Franz turns up, all isn't quite as it seems. There's definitely something fishy or foxy about this chicken. This is Nugget's chance to save the day, because sometimes the bravest hero of all is just a little chicken.
I want a bedtime story!, Tony Ross.
Every bedtime the King tells the Little Princess a story before she falls asleep. When he's away on royal business, everyone tries to make up a bedtime story for the Little Princess, but no one is as good as her dad. Finally the palace maid has an idea. Little Princess can discover stories to read to herself at bedtime, in the palace library!
Go, Little Green truck!, Roni Schotter ; pictures by Julia Kuo.
Little Green is a proud and strong pickup truck who loves helping with chores, but when Farmer Gray buys a big new blue truck, Little Green is left to rust in a pasture until the farmer's daughter, Fern, suggests they fix him up and use him for such gentle jobs as going to the farmers' market.
The wheels on the tuk tuk, Surishtha Sehgal & Kabir Sehgal ; illustrated by Jess Golden.
In this twist on the classic song "The Wheels on the Bus," the wheels on the tuk tuk go round and round all over the city in India.
Suppose you meet a dinosaur : a first book of manners, Judy Sierra ; illustrated by Tim Bowers.
Illustrates basic polite behaviour that one might need to use while grocery shopping at the same time as a dinosaur.
Ideas are all around, Philip C. Stead.
In search of writing ideas, an author takes a walk with his dog around the neighbourhood.
Juicy the Peach & the popcorn palaver, Anna Theed ; illustrated by Antony Elworthy.
"Meet Juicy the Peach-the lovable and left field baby sitter extraordinaire. Enjoy the rather risque ride through the day that Juicy first came. With a touch of magic, a sprinkling of sparkle and a plethora of popcorn, Juicy can help even the most anxious or shy child realise that time away from Mum and Dad can be okay - if only they can be brave for a day"--Publisher information.
Stanley, Colin Thompson.
'It was very quiet in Stanley's house. there were no brothers or sisters, no dads or grannies, not even a cat, a budgie or a goldfish.' Stanley lives with his human, Gerald, and Gerald's mum. Life is peaceful, but sometimes Stanley feels quite lonely. But then one day another dog steals his favourite red rubber ball at his park, and sets in motion a chain of events that will change Stanley's life forever.
1 is one, [by Tasha Tudor].
Tasha Tudor counts sweet animals, lovely flowers, and charming children all the way up to 20!
Goose goes to the zoo, Laura Wall.
Best friends Sophie and Goose go to the zoo to find a friend for Goose when Sophie goes to school.
Did you ever see?, Joanna Walsh.
Joanna Walsh vividly illustrates the world through the eyes of a small child looking at things for the first time, inviting children and adults to playfully explore the sense of sight. Children will be inspired to take notice of both what and how they see the world around them, gaining new perspectives as they do.
Warning! This book may contain rabbits!, Tim Warnes.
Uh-oh! Mole and the Lumpy Bumpy thing have found a top hat with the label "Warning: Do Not Touch!" Out of the hat hops a bunny. And another. And another! Holy moly! Surely bunnies aren't dangerous. Are they?
Little One, Jo Weaver.
Big Bear stepped out of her winter den. By her side, half asleep and blinking in the spring sunshine, wobbled a tiny cub. Spring is here and new life is stirring. There is so much for Big Bear to teach her new cub as they step out into the forest. Their journey will take them through summer and autumn and winter, always together, always discovering.
My leaf book, Monica Wellington.
A young girl visits an arboretum in the autumn to collect fallen leaves. She identifies various trees by the shapes of their leaves and pastes her collection into her own leaf book.
Nanuk the ice bear, Jeanette Winter.
At the top of the world, a polar bear hunts, swims, courts, raises cubs, and worries as they go off on their own.
How do dinosaurs stay friends?, Jane Yolen ; illustrated by Mark Teague.
A young dinosaur shows how to stay friends even after having a terrible fight with his very best friend.
Cat nap, Toni Yuly.
Features an exuberant kitten who does not want to settle down when a sleepy cat declares it is naptime.
Puddle, Hyewon Yum.
A mother and son use their imagination to have fun on a rainy day.

Younger Fiction

Halloween party, Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore ; illustrated by Alex Lopez.
Hangem High School is holding a Halloween party. But Sam, Lin and Danny can't find costumes to wear. What with they do?
Monster movie, Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore ; illustrated by Alex Lopez.
Classmates Sam, Lin and Danny have to make a monster movie. The actors are not very scary. The three friends show them how to do it properly!
Pinocchio : a story, Carlo Collodi ; retold by Joy Cowley ; illustrated by Joon-ho Han.
The naive wooden puppet comes to life through illustrations that use a detailed woodblock and etching technique.
Marguerite's Christmas, written by India Desjardins ; illustrated by Pascal Blanchet ; [translated from the French by Carolyn Grifel].
An old woman will no longer leave her house, not even on Christmas. She prefers to stay home, rather than take the risk of falling or coming down with a cold. She settles into the solitude and isolation of her safe, interior world. But just as she's about to enjoy a peaceful dinner in front of the TV, her doorbell rings. This is a touching story about overcoming fear and the role of chance in life.
Tapir all at sea, Polly Faber, Clara Vulliamy.
Mango Allsorts is a girl good at all sorts of things, especially helping a tapir feel at home in a busy city. Bambang is that tapir and he's getting braver every day. Join then for their daring escapades, involving dogs, dancing, diamond rings and a dangerous old enemy.
Oona finds an egg, Adele Griffin ; art by Mike Wu.
Oona finds a giant egg and brings it back to West Wog to care for it, and see what hatches--but others in the cave want to claim her egg, particularly the nasty kid Bruce Brute, and when the baby stegosaurus hatches it will have to choose who it wants to live with.
The only child, Guojing.
In this wordless graphic novel, a young girl traveling from her city apartment to her grandmother's country home becomes lost and enters a fantastical world in the
The jungle book : Mowgli's story, [Rudyard Kipling's classic reimagined by Robert Hunter].
Stolen as a baby and taken in by a pack of street dogs, Mowgli grows up in the jungle of urban Mumbai. As he grows into a man, his life is threatened by the tiger Shere Khan. With the help of Bagheera the panther and Baloo the bear, Mowgli learns that he must become the master of his own fate.
The football's revolt, pictures and words by Lewitt-Him.
Footballs, as well as footballers, have feelings too, as proven by this reproduction of the charming 1940's children's book by design duo Lewitt-Him. The excited citizens of Kickford and Goalbridge turn out for their annual football match only to have it cut short. After a particularly violent kick, the ball decides it has had enough and remains in the air, in spite of the townspeople's heroic attempts to bring it back down. It is left to the children of the town to come up with a plan to save the match.
5-minute Fancy Nancy stories, based on the creation of Jane O'Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser.
This collection features 12 Fancy Nancy stories.
I have two homes, written by Ben Pedersen.
This story is based on the personal experiences of the author and written as a way in which children of separated families can better relate to their circumstances and try and find positives in what can be an emotionally disturbing situation during early childhood. It is also produced as a means for parents to be able to relate circumstances in an objective manner to their children without having to go into specifics that are normally beyond the comprehension of young children. I am hopeful that this will help a lot of families going through a period of separation but, most importantly, provide a means to have a bedtime story to help a child sleep peacefully, knowing they are cherished and loved always.
The fish story, Stu Potter ; illustrated by Miri Britain.
A creation story describing the origins of the shark, the marlin, and the dolphin. The shark and the marlin wish to rule the ocean but the dolphin just wishes to live in harmony with others. Includes Maori language vocabulary, and explores themes of peace and environmental conservation.
Billie's yummy bakery adventure, Sally Rippin ; illustrated by Alisa Coburn.
Billie is off on a yummy bakery adventure! Can she bake the most scrumptious cake in the world?
Horrid Henry's lucky dip, Francesca Simon ; illustrated by Tony Ross.
Enjoy the best of Horrid Henry in this compilation of ten favourite stories.
Violet and the smugglers, Harriet Whitehorn ; illustrated by Becka Moor.
Uncle Johnny has invited Violet and her friends to spend the summer with him on a sailing adventure around Europe and Violet couldn't be more excited! But when she suspects that the captain of a boat nearby might be up to no good, Violet needs to put her detective skills into action could he be the head of a smuggling ring?