New Titles Children’s July 2016 (arrived in June 2016)

Audio Visual

Adventures on the red plane, directed by Jose Maia, Frederico Pinto.
A film about imagination, in which the protagonist goes on internal journeys around the world, overcoming fears and making new discoveries.
Bigfoot and the Burtons, directed by Jupiter J. Makins.
Look and you will find a legend that is real. And if you open your heart you will realize that he's not much different than you. After Bigfoot saves a young boy's life, the boy must band together with his dreaded siblings to save Bigfoot from the poachers that are trying to capture and cage him. Discover the magic of a child's promise, the power of friendship, and one boy's courage to teach everyone compassion.
Fly away home, directed by Carroll Ballard.
Amy is only 13 years old when her mother is killed in an auto wreck in New Zealand. She goes to Canada to live with her father, an eccentric inventor whom she barely knows. Amy is miserable in her new life...that is until she discovers a nest of goose eggs that were abandoned when developers began tearing up a local forest. The eggs hatch and Amy becomes "Mama Goose". The young birds must fly south for the winter, but who will lead them there? With a pair of ultralight airplanes, Amy, her dad and their friends must find a way to do it...
Goosebumps, directed by Rob Letterman.
Upset about moving from a big city to a small town, teenager Zach Cooper finds a silver lining when he meets the beautiful girl, Hannah, living right next door, and makes a quick friend in Champ. But every silver lining has a cloud, and Zach's comes when he learns that Hannah's mysterious dad is in fact R.L. Stine, the author of the bestselling Goosebumps series. As Zach starts learning about the strange family next door, he soon discovers that Stine holds a dangerous secret.
Lego Scooby-Doo! Haunted Hollywood : original movie, directed and produced by Rick Morales.
Set in a LEGO world, the Scooby gang try to rescue and old movie studio, which is not only threatened by developers who want to tear it down, but by a series of movie monsters, which are suddenly haunting the place. After acting as 'live bait' in Fred's trap for a lighthouse-dwelling Sea Creature, Shaggy and Scooby swear off Scooby Snacks.
Muppets most wanted, irected by James Bobin ; original songs by Bret McKenzie.
The entire Muppets gang goes on a global tour, selling out grand theaters in some of Europe's most exciting destinations, including Berlin, Madrid, Dublin and London. But mayhem follows the Muppets overseas, as they find themselves unwittingly entangled in an international crime caper headed by Constantine - the World's Number One Criminal and a dead ringer for Kermit the Frog.
The Incredibles, Walt Disney Pictures presents a Pixar Animation Studios film ; directed by Brad Bird.
Bob Parr and his wife Helen used to be among the world's greatest crime fighter, saving lives and battling evil on a daily basis. Fifteen years later, they have been forced to adopt civilian identities and retreat to the suburbs. Itching to get back into action, Bob gets his chance when a mysterious communication summons him to a remote island for a top secret assignment. He discovers that it will take a super family effort to rescue the world from destruction.
How to train your dragon/ directed by Chris Saunders & Dean DeBlois.,
Set in the mythical world of burly Vikings and wild dragons, the story centres around a teenager who lives on the island of Berk, where fighting dragons is a way of life. But when he encounters - and ultimately befriends - an injured dragon, his world is turned upside down.
Sesame Street. Cookie's crumby pictures.,
Now presenting Cookie's Crumby Pictures! Starring Cookie Monster along with his friends, Cookie's Crumby Pictures parodies the coming attractions of popular movies. Captain Snack Sparrow is a pirate who won't give up until he finds the treasure in Cookies of the Carribean. In The Hungry Games: Catching Fur, Cookieness Evereat is back. The mission is to eat food, but which foods are they supposed to eat? Meanwhile, in a cookies and milky way galaxy far, far away, Princess Parfaita has been taken by prisoner by the evil galactic empire! Can Luke Piewalker, Flan Solo and their partner Chewy, save her in Star Smores?
Stop those monsters!, Steve Cole.
I'm Bob, a human boy stuck in a land of MONSTERS. I'm trying to get out with the help of three - count them, three - incredible creatures.There's Verity, who looks like a giant hamster. Alfie, who's about as scary as a bag of crisps. And Zola, a gorgon who can't turn people to stone (though she can manage cardboard at a push). We're on a crazy, death-defying quest to escape with our lives. And all around us, the cry goes up: STOP THOSE MONSTERS!!!
Freaks United, John Hickman.
Seth, Beefy and Angelo can't believe it when they aren't selected for the football team at their new school. And things only get worse when they are labelled the "freaks" who didn't make it. Do they go home and give up the dream, or do they start their own team? And so Freaks United is born - and the team plans to live up to its name!
"Shouldn't you be in school?", Lemony Snicket.
Do you smell smoke? Young apprentice Lemony Snicket is investigating a case of arson but soon finds himself enveloped in the ever- increasing mystery that haunts the town of Stain'd-by-the-Sea. Who is setting the fires? What secrets are hidden in the Department of Education? Why are so many schoolchildren in danger? Is it all the work of the notorious villain Hangfire? How could you even ask that? What kind of education have you had? Maybe you should be in school ...
Return to the secret garden, Holly Webb.
It's 1939 and a group of children have been evacuated to Misselthwaite Manor. Emmie is far from happy to have been separated from her cat and sent to a huge old mansion. But soon she starts discovering the secrets of the house - a boy crying at night, a diary written by a girl named Mary, and a garden. A very secret garden ...
Paper planes, Steve Worland.
Twelve-year-old Dylan Webber lives in outback Western Australia in a small country town. When he discovers he has a talent for folding and flying paper planes, Dylan begins a journey to reach the World Junior Paper Plane Championships in Japan. Along the way he makes unlikely new friends, clashes with powerful rivals and comes to terms with his family's past before facing his greatest challenge - to create a paper plane that will compete with the best in the world.
Miffy's adventures. Big and small.,
Miffy is a charming bunny-rabbit that lives with her parents in a little house with red shutters and a red roof among green fields. She is adventurous and likes to go out with her friends to the forest or over the hills and discover simple things about the world around her.
Guess how much I love you. Season 2. The favourite tree : the adventures of Little Nut Brown Hare.,
Little Nutbrown Hare and his father, Big Nutbrown Hare, romp through more charming adventures in this gentle series about the love and friendship between father and son. Everyone's favourite characters return: fun-loving Little Field Mouse, mischievous Little Grey Squirrel and tricky Little Redwood Fox are back, as well as Little White Owl with her tales of mystery. Together the friends explore the meadows, forests and streams ... playing, laughing and discovering the wonder that the world holds.
The Colin Thompson collection.,
Fearless: When the Claybourne-Willments got Fearless as a little puppy, it seemed a good name for him. Except Fearless wasn't. How does Fearless finally live up to his name? By accident, of course! Fearless in Love: The only thing Fearless could remember his mother telling him was, 'Life is much nicer if you love everyone.' But loving everyone is much more complicated than Fearless had imagined. Until he meets Primrose. Fearless sons and daughter: Fearless warns his children about the dangers lurking around every corner, but when Primrose is in trouble, will Fearless put aside his fears or will it be brave pup Eric to the rescue? Stanley: Stanley lives with his human, Gerald, and Gerald's mum. Life is peaceful. But then one day another dog steals his favourite red rubber ball at his park, and sets in motion a chain of events that will change Stanley's life forever.
Bananas in pyjamas classic. Dancing shoes.,
Lulu has bought a beautiful pair of red dancing shoes from Rat's shop. Amy is sad because they are a little too small for her and she wants to give them a try. B1 and B2 decide it's "wish come true time" and they set out to try and cheer Amy up.
CinderEmma! : fairytale, the Wiggles.
After the incredible success of CinderEmma! at The Wiggles BIG Show tour across Australia at the end of 2015, comes the audiobook for this Wiggly Fairytale! With some of your favourite Wiggly hits as well as brand new songs weaved into this enchanting tale, you cannot help but fall in love with the story of CinderEmma! CinderEmma works tirelessly doing chores for her naughty sisters. The naughty sisters have been invited to a royal ball and they can't wait to let CinderEmma know that she is not invited. Oh, those naughty sisters! CinderEmma knows there is only one person who can help her, her rock & roll Fairy Godfather! Using the power of rock & roll he transforms CinderEmma's worn rags into a dazzling ball gown and presents her with a brand new invitation to the royal ball. With a twinkle in her eye and a skip in her step, CinderEmma is off to the ball! There she meets the dashing Prince Curly Locks who is enchanted by her beauty and grace. They spend the evening dancing together until CinderEmma must leave in a hurry! The Prince does not even see her go. How will he find her?
Shaun the sheep. The farmer's llamas.,
When a mix-up at the auction leads to a surprise win, the Farmer brings his prize animals, a trio of llamas, home to the farm. Shaun is thrilled, but are the new residents a baaad influence?
Mary's hair ; [and] The fish in the bathtub, Eoin Colfer.
Mary's hair: Mary loathes her big, curly, bushy hair and so she chops it all off... and she looks fantastic! But her mammy is not convinced and forbids her from ever cutting her own hair again. But she didn't say anything about anyone else ...
Camping is not very ooh la la!, Poppy Harper.
Maisie's family are heading to France for the best camping trip ever! There'll be croissants and baguettes and . . . snails? But when they arrive, France feels an awful lot like England. And camping seems like an awful lot of bother. Especially when you've got FIVE stinky brothers who are talented in the art of being really extremely ANNOYING and your best-friend-who-is-almost-as-good-as-a-sister is in a whole other country. But then Maisie meets Mademoiselle Claudette and things start looking up. Perhaps camping might be OOH LA LA after all?
The crazy crumpet kerfuffle, Jo Simmons.
When Bobby's dad becomes the manager of the local crumpet factory, Bobby thinks his moving worries are at last over. He likes it here on Pip Street. Except no one is buying crumpets! Unless someone comes up with a fantabulous plan to make them more interesting, Bobby's dad might lose his job and that means - uh-oh - moving again!
Violet and the hidden treasure, Harriet Whitehorn
Meet Violet Remy-Robinson, an amateur Sherlock Holmes in the making. Violet has spent her holidays exploring India with Godmother Celeste, including visiting Celeste's good friend the Maharajah and meeting his very special cockatoo. But when she returns home, Violet gets a surprise visit from the Maharajah's butler, asking her to look after the bird. Violet couldn't be more amazed (and her cat Pudding couldn't be less pleased), but the cockatoo holds the key to the Maharajah's fortune, and someone is trying to bird-nap her! Can Violet discover who the culprit is before they succeed?

Into Reading

Pig gets lost, Heather Amery ; adapted by Rob Lloyd Jones ; illustrated by Stephen Cartwright ; reading consultant, Alison Kelly.
A charming story from the Farmyard Tales series featuring much-loved characters Poppy and Sam.
Tractor in trouble, Heather Amery ; adapted by Rob Lloyd Jones ; illustrated by Stephen Cartwright ; reading consultant, Alison Kelly.
Ted is mending the sheep shed, when the wind blows a tree over and onto his tractor!
Paddington sets sail, Michael Bond ; illustrated by R. W. Alley.
Paddington visits the beach where he splashes in the ocean and builds a sand castle before being swept off in an
Rules at school, Sharon Cole.
Do you follow the rules? See examples of children who do and do not follow rules.
Workers at my school, Sharon Coan.
Many different people work at your school. Read through the pages of this book to find out all about school workers! Featuring simple phrases, exact text-to-image relationships, large font, and vibrant photographs, this book is aligns to the National Council for the Social Studies, state standards, and helps students become familiar with the many people that contribute to a school environment.
Cactus Joe's cowboy caper, Sam Hay ; illustrated by Daron Parton.
When giant tumbleweeds blow into town, Cactus Joe and his friend Little Bo have lots of fun playing dodgeball. But then Little Bo gets trapped in a tumbleweed and it takes off! Cactus Joe knows he needs help to rescue Little Bo so he asks his Uncle for some magic cactus juice the problem is you never know quite what it's going to do!
Too many nightingales!, Sam Hay and Roger Simo.
When the King and Queen discover a beautiful nightingale singing in their garden, they immediately adore it. But whatever the King and Queen like, the people love! Suddenly everything in the kingdom has a nightingale image on it, the kingdom has gone nightingale crazy! There is only one thing to do the nightingales must go!
Pirates to the rescue, Christophe Miraucourt ; illustrated by Delphine Vaufrey.
Melinda and Ricky are on their father's pirate ship when they are all shipwrecked on a strange island. Worse still, their father is missing!
Little Mermaid's deep sea rescue, Laura North and Dylan Gibson.
Little Mermaid is out swimming when she gets trapped by fishing nets and hauled aboard a ship. She encounters a handsome young sailor who frees her. Later, while the sailor, who has fallen in love, tries to track the mermaid down, he gets into very big trouble with a hungry shark! Little Mermaid to the rescue!
It's backward day!, Jane O'Connor ; cover illustration by Robin Preiss Glasser ; interior illustrations by Ted Enik.
When Ms. Glass runs out of Backward Day ideas, Nancy comes up with a way to celebrate the day.


Coding for beginners using Scratch, Rosie Dickins, Jonathan Melmoth & Louie Stowell ; illustrated by Shaw Nielsen.
An introduction to coding for complete beginners, this friendly and accessible book will teach children the basics of Scratch (a free, online programme developed by MIT which is widely used in primary schools), allowing them to get inside the code of their computer and create simple games and animations on screen.
The essential lapsit guide : a multimedia how-to-do-it manual and programming guide for stimulating literacy development from 12 to 24 months, Linda L. Ernst.
Lapsit has become identified with public library programs and services aimed at serving very young children, younger than 24 months of age, and their adult caregivers of providers. Ernst provides tips to encourage and actively engage program participants.
Artsy toddler storytimes : a year's worth of ready-to-go programming, Carol Garnett Hopkins.
Storytime experiences help children develop school readiness and pre-literacy skills. Art and craft activities appropriate for toddler skill sets are hard to find. With this book, Hopkins helps busy librarians, teachers, and storytellers easily match age-appropriate books with art activities suitable for use with toddlers.
Little kids first big book of how, Jill Esbaum.
Answers questions about technology in the home, the outdoors, food, transportation, and animals.
The book of what if? : questions and activities for curious minds, Matt Murrie and Andrew R. McHugh.
From the creators of the What If? Conference comes a quirky book that encourages kids to explore and engage with the world around them by asking more than eighty wild, absurd, and thought provoking questions. What if a book didn't just tell you how to think or what to know, but rather encouraged you to think for yourself? What if there was a book that focused on asking questions instead of just answering them. The Book of What If? does just that! What if you lived on a floating city? What if politicians were kids? What if broccoli tasted like chocolate? What if you could explore outer space? By asking these fun, open-ended questions, this book fosters greater critical thinking skills and gives kids a space to interact by breaking out a notebook to draw or write out their personal reactions, or engage in entertaining exercises with family and friends. Plus, sidebars deepen the investigation with peer-to-peer insights, historical and current profiles, real-life examples, and more, making for unlimited learning opportunities! Divided into sections history, people, stuff, and nature along with four introductory text to open up a dialogue about why it's important to be inquisitive and to always ask questions, The Book of What If? is sure to be a hit with kids, teachers, and parents alike. So ask a question and let the answers lead you on an exciting journey filled with endless opportunities to learn!
The slowest book ever, April Pulley Sayre ; illustrated by Kelly Murphy.
Discover surprising facts about anything and everything slow.
What happens when a loved one dies? : our first talk about death, Dr. Jillian Roberts ; illustrated by Cindy Revell.
Whether children are experiencing grief and loss for the first time or simply curious, it can be difficult to know how to talk to them about death. Using questions posed in a child's voice and answers that start simply and become more in-depth, this book allows adults to guide the conversation to a natural and reassuring conclusion. Additional questions at the back of the book allow for further discussion. Child psychologist Dr. Jillian Roberts designed the Just Enough series to empower parents/caregivers to start conversations with young ones about difficult or challenging subject matter.
What to do when mistakes make you quake : a kid's guide to accepting imperfection, Claire A. B. Freeland and Jacqueline B. Toner ; illustrated by Janet McDonnell.
The presidential election process, Holly Lynn Anderson.
Examines the stages of the U.S. presidential election process, from the primaries and caucuses to the debates and conventions, up to the general election and inauguration.
What's it worth?, Rachel First ; consulting editor, Diane Craig.
Make math fun with Whats It Worth! Fun photographs, colourful graphics, and simple text are used to teach young readers basic math concepts. From Cents to Dollars to Decimal Points this book will help kids develop the skills they need.
Hansel and Gretel : a story, the Brothers Grimm ; retold by Joy Cowley ; illustrated by Hyeon-sook Jo.
Two abandoned children come upon a gingerbread house inhabited by a cruel witch who wants to eat them.
The seven voyages of Sinbad the Sailor, retold by SAID ; illustrated by Rashin ; translated by David Henry Wilson.
A retelling of the classic Arabian tale sees Sinbad the merchant adventurer encounter a sea monster, the old man of the sea, and treasure.
The Usborne first thousand words in Russian, Heather Amery ; illustrated by Stephen Cartwright ; revised edition by Mairi Mackinnon ; picture editing by Mike Olley ; Russian language consultant, Katerina Burgess.
A thousand everyday words illustrated with busy scenes and labelled pictures to help children learn key vocabulary.
Hide & speak Chinese, Catherine Bruzzone and Susan Martineau ; Chinese text, Liming Guo Barrett ; illustrated by Louise Comfort.
An effective way of learning key Chinese
Experiments! : 80 cool experiments to try at home, Tom Adams, Thomas Flintham.
This title is packed with simple science experiments for kids to try at home. Covering elements from Key Stage 2 and 3 of the school science curriculum in a fun and accessible way, it is filled with a range of experiments from the worlds of physics, chemistry and biology. Each page will see keen young scientists try their hands at anything from building bridges to making food explode and mixing up meringues all in the name of science!
Add it up!, Rachel First ; consulting editor, Diane Craig.
Make math fun with Add It Up! Fun photographs, colourful graphics, and simple text are used to teach young readers basic math concepts. From Word Problems to Number Lines this book will help kids develop the math skills they need. A simple activity at the end of the book encourages kids to put addition to use!
Count it!, Rachel First ; consulting editor, Diane Craig.
Make math fun with Count It! Fun photographs, colorful graphics, and simple text are used to teach young readers basic math concepts. From counting groups to comparing to estimating this book will help kids develop the skills they need. A simple activity at the end of the book encourages kids to put counting and comparing to use!
Subtract it!, Rachel First ; consulting editor, Diane Craig.
Make math fun with Subtract It! Fun photographs, colourful graphics, and simple text are used to teach young readers basic math concepts.
The Usborne book of astronomy & space, Lisa Miles and Alastair Smith ; edited by Judy Tatchell ; designed by Laura Fearn, Karen Tomlins and Ruth Russell ; cover design by Karen Tomlins ; illustrated by Gary Bines and Peter Bull ; consultants, Stuart Atkinson and Cheryl Power.
An introduction to the universe, solar system, stars, and constellations.
Our moon : new discoveries about Earth's closest companion, Elaine Scott.
Full of captivating, kid-friendly information, Our Moon covers everything from the newest theories on how the moon formed, to the recent, startling discovery of water on its surface and the very real possibility of future moon colonies. Illustrated with full-colour photographs and packed with fun facts, this is the most complete and up-to-date book available on the moon.
Measure it!, Rachel First ; consulting editor, Diane Crai.
Make math fun with Measure It! Fun photographs, colourful graphics, and simple text are used to teach young readers basic math concepts.
Weigh it! : fun with weight, Rachel First ; consulting editor, Diane Craig.
Make math fun with Weigh It! Fun photographs, colourful graphics, and simple text are used to teach young readers basic math concepts.
Edible colors, Jennifer Vogel Bass.
This title presents photographs of vegetables that explore a variety of colours, and common or unusual fruits and vegetables.
All about evolution, Robert Winston.
Looks at the story of evolutionary science and the way Charles Darwin's revolutionary theories changed the world. This title shows how theories developed after Darwin, with modern scientists revealing the secrets of genes and DNA and showing what lies in the future.
The mighty mangroves, Jill MacGregor.
Milo, a young boy, describes the ecology of the mangrove forests along the south coast of Samoa. He explains how the mangroves are important to the local community, and the importance of protecting the ecosystem.
Animal camouflage, written by Sam Hutchinson ; illustrated in a cut-paper style by Sarah Dennis.
In a world where majestic creatures soar, scutter, prance and pounce through their beautiful natural habitats, astounding discoveries and fascinating facts are just around the corner. Or in the case of this stunningly designed book, just over the page! Sarah Dennis' incredible cut-paper style illustrations bring seven wondrous regions of the world to life, giving you the opportunity to become intrepid explorers as you uncover the native animals hiding in the tree-lined jungles, animated deserts and watery depths of these exciting illustrated scenes.
Pink is for blobfish : discovering the world's perfectly pink animals, Jess Keating with illustrations by David DeGrand.
An informative introduction to the weirdest, wildest, pinkest creatures in the animal kingdom.
The big book of bugs, words and pictures, Yuval Zommer ; bug expert, Barbara Taylor.
Introductory spreads explain that bugs live nearly everywhere on Earth and give tips on how to become a young bug spotter. The book is divided into key groups of bugs, including beetles, moths, butterflies, bees, snails, crickets, grasshoppers, worms and spiders, all illustrated with scenic compositions. Some spreads approach the world of bugs thematically, such as bugs that come out at night, baby creepy-crawlies and life cycles, how bugs hide and show off and how some bugs love to live in your home.
Frogs closeup, Charles Hope.
Take a closer look at these amazing amphibians. Frogs go through an amazing transformation during their life cycle, and are well adapted to living on land and in water.
Circle, Jeannie Baker.
Each year, bar-tailed godwits undertake the longest unbroken migration of any bird, flying from their breeding grounds in the Arctic to Australia and New Zealand and back again. They follow invisible pathways pathways that have been followed for thousands of years while braving hunger and treacherous conditions to reach their destination. In Circle, Jeannie Baker follows the godwit's incredible flight, taking us over awe-inspiring scenes as the birds spread their wings above such beautiful landmarks as the Great Barrier Reef and China's breathtaking cityscapes.
Motorbikes, Lisa Jane Gillespie ; designed by Anna Gould ; illustrated by Emmanuel Cerisier [and 3 others] ; edited by Alex Frith and Jane Chisholm.
An exciting introduction to the world of motorbikes, racing and stunts. Eye-catching graphics and detailed cut-aways, it also includes technical illustrations and fact-filled statistic boxes on famous motorbikes. Gatefold pages feature the anatomy of a motorbike, fabulous superbikes and jaw-dropping stunts.
The real poop on pigeons! : a TOON book, Kevin McCloskey.
A combination of humour and artistry presents the facts on pigeons.
Inside of a dog : what dogs see, smell, and know, Alexandra Horowitz.
Do you want to know what dogs are thinking? What they're feeling? Now you finally can. The answers will surprise and delight young readers as scientist and dog-owner Alexandra Horowitz explains how dogs perceive their daily worlds, each other, and that other quirky animal, the human.
My house is alive! : the weird and wonderful sounds your house makes, Scot Ritchie.
What's that noise? Explore the strange sounds houses make especially when it's dark outside! Introduces readers to basic scientific concepts involving energy, structures, and matter that explain all those things that go bump, bang, and creak in the night.
Rice paper, Jill MacGregor.
Hieu and her family prepare for the rice harvest in South Vietnam. After a successful harvest, the family makes rice paper to be used in rice paper
In good taste : great gifts to make, eat, and share, Mari Bolte.
Step-by-step instructions, tips, and full-colour photographs will help teens and tweens create personalized presents.
Kid chef : the foodie kids cookbook : healthy recipes and culinary skills for the new cook in the kitchen, Melina Hammer ; foreword by Bryant Terry.
Aspiring young chefs will love the fun, easy-to-follow instructions in this kids' cookbook that's part cooking school and part cookbook. First, kid chefs enroll in culinary school and learn the skills they'll need to excel in the kitchen, from sharpening their knife skills to prepping ingredients. Then they'll be ready to set up shop and cook a range of delicious and nutritious recipes that are sure to please parents, too.
How to pee : potty training for girls, Todd Spector ; illustrated by Arree Chung.
Out with the old and in with the new! Family physician Dr. Todd Spector presents a fresh and outrageously fun way to encourage little girls to give up their diapers. They can try it fresh-air style (in the backyard!), or use the potty with the help of a few props and plenty of imagination. Peeing in the potty is a lot more fun if you do it princess style, dance-party style, or gymnast style! Inspired by Dr. Spector's own experiences potty training his children, this combination of laugh-out-loud scenarios and useful advice turns the dreaded potty-training process into an exciting adventure for all.
Eco gifts : upcycled gifts you can make, Mari Bolte.
Step-by-step instructions, tips, and full-colour photographs will help teens and tweens create personalized presents.
From me to you : handmade gifts for your VIP, Mari Bolte.
Step-by-step instructions, tips, and full-colour photographs will help teens and tweens create personalized presents.
Homemade holiday : gifts for every occasion, Mari Bolte.
Step-by-step instructions, tips, and full-colour photographs will help teens and tweens create personalized presents.
Make it, gift it : handmade gifts for every occasion, Mari Bolte.
Step-by-step instructions, tips, and full-colour photographs will help teens and tweens create personalized
Amazing recycled projects you can create, Marne Ventura.
Simple step-by-step instructions teach readers how to make original projects from recyclable materials.
Awesome paper projects you can create, Marne Ventura.
Simple step-by-step instructions teach readers how to make original projects from paper.
Cool cardboard projects you can create, Marne Ventura.
Simple step-by-step instructions teach readers how to make original projects from cardboard.
A kid's guide to awesome duct tape projects : how to make your own wallets, bags, flowers, hats, and much, much more!,
Presents step-by-step instructions for creating handicraft projects using duct tape, including clothing, jewelry, games, and school and office supplies.
Incredible duct tape projects you can create, Marne Ventura.
Simple step-by-step instructions teach readers how to make original projects from duct tape.
Star Wars graphics, Virgile Iscan.
Unravel the secrets of the Star Wars universe with this wonderfully illustrated infographic book. How fast is a Star Destroyer? How big is a Death Star? What is the lifespan of a Wookiee? How many people can fit inside the Cantina? It includes all you need to know about the ships, characters, locations and movie moments from the first six films in the franchise. Explore Star Wars through infographics!
Sleepover party.,
Covering everything from games and quizzes to pamper ideas and midnight feasts, this book is packed full of party inspiration, activities and themes that leaves your friends talking for days. It shows how to do a fishtail plait, mix up a natural face mask or even some mocktails, then take a quiz to discover your true friendship style.
Master-mind : over 100 games, tests, and puzzles to unleash your inner genuis, Stephanie Warren Drimmer with puzzles by Julie K. Cohen.
An introduction to the human brain uses quizzes, trivia, and puzzles to explore the different functions of the brain, how to improve brain power, and why each brain is unique.
The beginner's guide to netball, Maria Tutaia.
Instructional and highly illustrated, this is a beginner's book of netball for all ages. It features the basic skills every netballer should be familiar with, no matter what their position. Read about the story of netball as well as Maria's own journey to becoming an international netball superstar. Then learn the rules, positions and how to get started. Along with the basics of passing, defence and footwork, find out how to read an opposition player, how to find shooting rhythm and how to run onto the ball at pace. Maria also shares how to troubleshoot when things don't go to plan, the best drills to test your new skills, and how to stay on top of your game.
Rugby, Clive Gifford.
Whether you are taking part or just watching, rugby is an exciting and dramatic sport. Discover everything you need to know about it from training to playing. Brilliant step-by-step photography will help you perfect your technique, while profiles and stats tell you more about the world's greatest players.
Just joking : cats, Kelley Miller.
Hundreds of purr-fectly hilarious cat jokes and silly cat photos inside, plus meet ten of the world's funniest famous felines!
When green becomes tomatoes : poems for all seasons, Julie Fogliano ; pictures by Julie Morstad.
A book of poetry moving through the seasons.
Now you see them, now you don't : poems about creatures that hide, David L. Harrison ; illustrated by Giles Laroche.
Some animals hide to hunt for food, and others hide to avoid becoming dinner. It's easy to see why a disappearing act is important for many reasons. From octopus to polar bear, and from the praying mantis to the hawk, discover how and why many animals cleverly use camouflage.
When the sun shines on Antarctica : and other poems about the frozen continent, Irene Latham ; illustrated by Anna Wadham.
This poetry collection takes readers to the bottom of the world to experience summer as they've never seen it before. Each poem is accompanied by additional facts and illustrations.
What are you glad about? What are you mad about? : poems for when a person needs a poem, Judith Viorst with art by Lee White.
From school to family to friends, from Grrrr to Hooray!, Judith Viorst takes us on a tour of feelings of all kinds in this thoughtful, funny, and charming collection of poetry that's perfect for young readers just learning to sort out their own emotions.
Crayola creators : Edwin Binney and C. Harold Smith, Lee Slater.
In this engaging biography, readers will learn about the creators of Crayolas, cousins Edward Binney and C. Harold Smith. Follow their story from childhood, their early work at Edwins fathers Peekskill Chemical Works, and the companys evolution into the Binney & Smith Company. Binney and Smith create a wax pencil, slate pencils, and dustless chalk, culminating in the invention of the Crayola. Learn how Crayolas are made, who came up with the name, and about other Binney & Smith Company products. Binney and Smith families, retirements, and community contributions are included. Sidebars, historic photos, and a glossary enhance readers understanding of this topic. Additional features include a table of contents, an index, a timeline and fun facts.
Board game builder : Milton Bradley, Lee Slater.
In this engaging biography, readers will learn about the builder of board games, Milton Bradley. Follow the story from Bradley's childhood, his early entrepreneurial work creating and selling stationery, his drafting education at Harvard, his first business creating and selling lithographs, and how these experiences came together when he formed the Milton Bradley Company and created the Game of Life. Bradley's family, retirement, and work producing educational materials to support the new movement in education called kindergarten are included.
Radioactive! : how Irene Curie & Lise Meitner revolutionized science and changed the world, Winifred Conkling.
The little-known story of how two brilliant female physicists' groundbreaking discoveries led to the creation of the atomic bomb.
Woody Guthrie and the dust bowl ballads, Nick Hayes.
Using the sepia tones of the Dust Bowl as his palette, author and artist Nick Hayes tells the story of world-famous folkie Woody Guthrie (1912-1967), starting in the 1920s when Guthrie was a teenager supporting himself in dried-up, post-boomtown Oklahoma. Picking up a harmonica and eventually a battered guitar, Guthrie finds solace in the ancient lineage of folksong. Hayes charts the musician's course from Oklahoma and Texas towns ravaged by dust and the Depression to boxcars, factory farms, and the migrant camps of California, highlighting Guthrie's dedication to singing American folk tunes and creating his own modern classics along the way. Hayes ends his portrait in 1940, at the pivotal time when Guthrie makes his way to New York and writes "This Land Is Your Land," his iconic anthem tinged with both clear-eyed reality and optimism.
Barbie developer : Ruth Handler, Lee Slater.
In this engaging biography, readers will learn about the developer of the Barbie doll, Ruth Handler. Follow the story of Handler's early work with her husband Elliott making and selling plastic products, their collaboration with Harold Matson to form Mattel, Handler's inspiration for a new kind of doll, and the company's introduction of Barbie in 1959. Readers will follow Barbie's evolution through the ensuing decades as Handler continuously reinvented Barbie to appeal to new generations. Learn how Barbies are made, who came up with the name, the role of the Mickey Mouse Club in Barbie's success, and about other Mattel products. Handler's family and her retirement as president from Mattel and her subsequent work for cancer survivors with her new company Nearly Me is also covered.
Frida Kahlo, written by M Isabel Sanchez Vegara ; illustrated by Gee Fan Eng ; translated by Emma Martinez.
Frida Kahlo's desire to study medicine was destroyed by a childhood accident. Frida began painting from her bedside and produced over 140 works, culminating in a solo exhibition in America. This inspiring and informative little biography comes with extra facts about Frida's life at the back.
LEGO manufacturers : the Kristiansen family, Lee Slater.
In this engaging biography, readers will learn about the manufacturers of LEGO, the Kristiansen Family. Follow the family's story from Denmark where Ole Kirk Christiansen began making wooden toys in his Billund Carpentry Shop and Lumberyard to the company's evolution to the LEGO company. Christiansen and his sons Godtfred, Karl, and Gerhardt purchase a machine that makes plastic toys, and create the LEGO brick, and his grandson Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen expands to LEGOLAND. Learn how LEGO bricks are made, who came up with the name, how the family name came to be spelled with a K, and about other LEGO group products.
Play-Doh pioneer : Joseph McVicker, Lee Slater.
In this engaging biography, readers will learn about the pioneer of Play-Doh, Joseph McVicker. Follow the story from McVicker's childhood, his education at Brown University, joining his father's company Kutol Products, and his reinvention of the company's Kutol Wall Cleaner as Play-Doh. Learn how Play-Doh is made, who came up with the name, the role of Captain Kangaroo in Play-Doh's success, and about other Play-Doh products. McVicker's family, retirement, and pursuits in examining life's big questions are covered.
Beatrix Potter & the unfortunate tale of a borrowed guinea pig, Deborah Hopkinson ; illustrated by Charlotte Voake.
Depicts Victorian-era artist, writer, and animal lover Beatrix, who is dismayed when a neighbor's guinea pig in her charge passes away unexpectedly.
Heroes of history, Anita Ganeri ; illustrated by Joe Todd Stanton.
History doesn't just happen. It is made by amazing and extraordinary people! Explore the lives of twenty-four of the world's most outstanding individuals through engaging narratives, entertaining fictionalized diary entries, and informative timelines.

Older Fiction

To kick a corpse : the Qwikpick papers, found by Tom Angleberger.
Local legend has it that a slave master was buried standing up in the plantation's family tomb. Why? So that he could continue overseeing his slaves - even in death! When the Qwikpickers hear about this, they decide it's high time to administer some 200-year-overdue justice and knock him down. Mission Kick a Corpse is on.
Sophie Quire and the last Storyguard : a story, Jonathan Auxier.
Twelve-year-old Sophie knows little beyond the four walls of her father's bookshop, where she repairs old books and dreams of escaping the confines of her dull life. But when a strange boy and his talking cat/horse companion show up with a rare and mysterious book, she finds herself pulled into an adventure beyond anything she has ever read.
Clash of the worlds, Chris Columbus, Ned Vizzini, Chris Rylander.
Get ready for another roller coaster ride of an adventure! The Walker kids Cordelia, Brendan and Nell may have saved the world, but they can't save their home and must leave Kristoff House. Things can't get any worse, but then. Turns out the Wind Witch is still alive and planning an invasion. To defeat her the Walkers must return to the book world, split up and embark on a dangerous quest facing aliens, dinosaurs and monstrous creatures from the deep. The Walkers always have each other's backs, but must go it alone in their most important mission yet. And this time, if they fail, there's no coming back.
Grayling's song, Karen Cushman.
In a medieval kingdom, Grayling finds self-confidence when her mother is turned into a tree by evil forces and Grayling must venture into the wilds to reverse the spell.
Escape the vortex, Jeanne DuPrau.
The Alpha and Omega teams are in a race for the six essential elements that can fuse into a new source of clean energy, but the elements are scattered throughout the galaxy, and the teams are running out of time.
The secret of Dreadwillow Carse, Brian Farrey.
A princess and a peasant girl, who hides a sorrow in a town where everyone lives with unending joy, embark on a dangerous quest to outwit a centuries-old warning foretelling the fall of the Monarchy.
The secret destiny of Pixie Piper, Annabelle Fisher ; illustrations by Natalie Andrewson.
Fifth grader Pixie Piper has always known she was a little different. She has a wild mop of hair that won't stay put, her best friend is a boy, and to top it all off, she's constantly coming up with rhymes and poems that just seem to pop out of her. Then, when Pixie thinks it can't get any worse, she finds out that she actually is different she's a descendant of Mother Goose! This surprising and clever novel features family, friendship, poetry, a toilet museum, just the right amount of magic, as well as a goose, a fox, and a beautiful golden retriever puppy.
The charmed children of Rookskill Castle, Janet Fox.
In 1940, during the Blitz, Katherine, Robbie and Amelie Bateson are sent north to a private school in Rookskill Castle in Scotland, a brooding place, haunted by dark magic from the past but when some of their classmates disappear Katherine has to find out if the cause is hidden in the past or very much in the present.
What Dog knows, Sylvia Vanden Heede and Inge Bergh ; illustrated by Marije Tolman ; translated by Bill Nagelkerke.
When Wolf finds a fact-filled book in the library, he thinks he will at last outsmart his clever friend Dog. The two friends spar as they learn all about mummies and skeletons; robots, knights and pirates; dinosaurs and dragons; rockets and the moon. As always with Wolf and Dog, there is just as much to learn about getting along together, about friends and enemies, food and fleas. Includes factual information.
The return, Varian Johnson.
Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan race to stop an ancient enemy with the power to strip spirit animals from their partners, while one young hero faces the loss of a spirit companion.
Time stoppers, Carrie Jones.
Foster child Annie Nobody discovers a new world of magic, power, and scary creatures in a hidden, magical town, Aurora, where she and her new best friend Jamie Hephastion Alexander learn it is up to them to protect their new home from those who want to misuse the great power, even if it means diving headfirst into magical danger.
OCDaniel, Wesley King.
A thirteen-year-old boy's life revolves around hiding his obsessive compulsive disorder until a girl at school, who is unkindly nicknamed Psycho Sara, notices him for the first time and he gets a mysterious note that changes everything.
The discombobulated life of Summer Rain, Julie Lamb.
"Making people laugh is what Summer does best. It's how she fits in. And is it any wonder with a family like hers? Top of the list of crazies is Pop, her stingy grandfather, who whips up possum stews and turns chicken scraps into the worst school lunches ever. So why does Juanita suddenly want to be her friend? Juanita's not her type, she has real sandwiches in her lunchbox, and does nice things like saving greyhounds and sticking up for people." First person recount.
Some kind of happiness, Claire Legrand.
Finley Hart is sent to her grandparents' house for the summer, but her anxiety and overwhelmingly sad days continue until she escapes into her writings which soon turn mysteriously real and she realizes she must save this magical world in order to save herself.
The key to extraordinary, Natalie Lloyd.
Twelve-year old orphan Emma Casey lives by a haunted graveyard in her Tennessee town, giving tours, and helping her brother and Granny Blue with the family bakery, and waiting for the destiny dream of her ancestors but when it comes it shows her only a key, and she finds that she must solve a ghostly mystery that has haunted her town for generations.
The lost city of Faar, D. J. MacHale.
When Pendragon finds himself in the war-stricken territory of Cloral, he and his uncle take it upon themselves to rid the area of marauders and locate the legendary lost land of Faar, which may hold the key to Cloral's survival.
The last boy at St. Edith's, Lee Gjertsen Malone.
Seventh-grader Jeremy Miner, the only boy in a school of 475 girls, unleashes a series of pranks in hopes of getting expelled.
The seventh wish, Kate Messner.
Unsure of how to get her family's attention, Charlie comes across the surprise of her life one day while ice-fishing in the form of a floppy, scaly fish offering to grant her a wish in exchange for its freedom.
When mischief came to town, Katrina Nannestad.
In 1911, when orphaned ten-year-old Inge comes to live with her stern grandmother in a remote island village in Bornholm, Denmark, she ends up changing the climate of the town, bringing joy and laughter to her grandmother's life and finding a new family for herself to help assuage her grief over losing her mother.
Bundle with the Britons!, Gary Northfield.
Emperor Hadrian has one last favour to ask of the gladiator animals before he will grant them their greatest wish freedom. They must go to the far-off and strange land of Britain to win over the crowds of his empire. But this will be no happy-go-lucky holiday. Instead of buckets and spades, our stripy hero and his friends will need all their powers and wits about them if they're going to survive their most wild and rebellious opponents yet.
The crystal run, Sheila O'Flanagan.
On a typical afternoon, teenage Joe is being chased by bullies from school when he accidentally runs through a portal to another world. He finds himself in a training camp for a group of teenage boys and girls who will become Runners. Each cycle, three Runners are sent to place the power sources that will secure the shield that protects their land, Carcassia, and keeps the enemy Kabanians at bay. Once they've achieved their objective, a toxin is released into their bodies and they die. No one is permitted to return through the shield. And nobody can remain in the enemy territory. Joe is sent on the next Run, accompanying the Runner, Kaia. He is hoping that he will find a way back to Earth much to Kaia's annoyance, as she is focused only on her goal. Gradually, a delicate friendship develops between the two, and Joe wonders if he can save Kaia as well as himself. But as they pursue their Run, Kaia and Joe come to question the histories they've been given, and the ambition of their enemy. The Run suddenly becomes more dangerous than anyone could have envisaged.
The screaming statue, Lauren Oliver & H.C. Chester.
Four orphans are shocked when their beloved friend, sculptor Siegfried Eckleberger, is murdered. As they investigate, they find clues that his death may be tied to the murder of a rich New York heiress as well as to their own past.
Dawn of the dragons, James A. Owen.
Three young men are entrusted with the Imaginarium Geographica, an atlas of fantastical places to which they travel in hopes of defeating the Winter King, then John, Jack, and Charles return nine years later to the Archipelago of Dreams and face new mysteries and mythological challenges.
The turn of the tide, Rosanne Parry.
After a devastating tsunami in Japan, cousins Jet and Kai spend the summer together in Astoria, Oregon, training for the Young's Bay Treasure Island Race and become close friends in the process.
Six kids and a stuffed cat, Gary Paulsen.
Six misfits get stuck together in a middle school restroom and discover friendship.
Super good skills (almost), Liz Pichon.
Look out! Tom, Delia and the whole Gates family are going on holiday. How will Tom manage to keep himself busy on the most boring campsite ever? By doodling, of course! An exciting new story with doodle your own elements!
The lost realm, J.D. Rinehart.
Triplets, Tarlan, Elodie, and Gulph, are no closer to finding each other or gaining the throne. But as the threats to their existence grow, so do their powers. Can the three survive, fulfill the prophecy, and bring peace to the land? Or will they meet an untimely fate?
The lost Compass, Joel Ross.
Thirteen-year-old tetherboy Chess and his crew may have escaped the slums, but they cannot escape the Fog. When they retreat to the mountaintop sanctuary of Port Oro, they discover that the deadly white mist will soon swallow the entire city. Will the slumkids be able to save Port Oro, or will they run out of time?
Locker hero, Rachel Renee Russell with Nikki Russell and Erin Russell.
Max is about to face the scariest place he's ever been - South Ridge Middle School! He has been home-schooled by his grandmother until now, and he's begged his parents to finally let him start attending a real school. He's starting to question that choice, though, with the Doug aka Thug Thurston Problem. As in, Thug keeps stuffing Max in his locker. If only Max could be like the hero in all the comics he likes to read - or the ones he draws and magically escape the locker and defeat Thug. Unfortunately, Max's uncanny, almost superhuman ability to smell pizza from a block away won't exactly save any lives or foil bad guys. But that doesn't mean Max won't do his best to be the hero his school needs!
The last fifth grade of Emerson Elementary, Laura Shovan.
A story told in verse from multiple perspectives of the graduating fifth grade class of Emerson Elementary. The kids join together to try to save their school from being torn down to make way for a supermarket.
Deadly flowers : a ninja's tale, Sarah L. Thomson.
Kata, a ninja, embarks on her first solo mission, for which she must enter a warlord's castle and make sure that a certain sleeping occupant never awakens. But then Kata discovers that her target is just a young boy (and that her new accomplice is that boy's slightly older sister), and suddenly her mission is much more complicated than she bargained for. Faced with taking someone's life or confronting the dire consequences of failure in her mission, Kata must make a hard choice, one that leads her into a more dangerous battle than she ever expected. In this action-packed coming-of-age novel, Kata discovers that while a ninja must always act alone, humanity requires that you accept the trust and friendship of others.
Of mice and magic, Ursula Vernon.
Harriet Hamsterbone sets out to reverse the curse on twelve mice princesses who are forced to dance all night, every night.
Sea change, Frank Viva.
Follows a young boy who is reluctantly sent to spend the summer in a remote part of Nova Scotia. As the summer wears on, the hero forges solid friendships with other kids in the small fishing community and is changed forever by the experience.
Silverwood, D.E. Vollrath.
Eleanor is a quiet student at Penwick Academy, when she and several classmates are asked by a visitor to help crack a strange code. Doing this takes Eleanor deep into the rambling maze of libraries at Penwick, where she discovers that the code refers to an old ship that visited a mysterious island nearly a century ago. Trying to discover what the ship found there leads Eleanor into the most dangerous part of the city, a basement filled with liquid books, a chase through the sewer drains, and a dwarven jail cell. But Eleanor is not the only one chasing down the story of the ship, and a group known only as the Forgotten will stop at nothing to find out what she has learned. Eleanor has to race to stay ahead of the Forgotten and protect the secret of the ship before they uncover it.
Stick Cat : a tail of two kitties, Tom Watson ; [illustrations by Ethan Long].
Stick Cat and his best friend Edith must rescue a man in the building next door.
Save me a seat, Sarah Weeks and Gita Varadarajan.
Ravi has just moved to the United States from India and has always been at the top of his class; Joe has lived in the same town his whole life and has learning problems but when their lives intersect in the first week of fifth grade they are brought together by a common enemy (the biggest bully in their class) and the need to take control of their lives.
The palace of glass, Django Wexler ; [illustrations by Alexander Jansson].
After learning the truth about her uncle Geryon, 13-year-old Alice with the encouragement of the magical giant feline, Ending ventures into a dangerous land searching for a mysterious book that will allow her to exact her revenge on Geryon, and unwittingly sets off a far larger and more dangerous battle than she ever imagined.
Wolf Hollow : a novel, Lauren Wolk.
Twelve-year-old Annabelle must learn to stand up for what's right in the face of a manipulative and violent new bully who targets people Annabelle cares about, including a homeless World War I veteran.

Picture Books

Fairy tales for Mr. Barker : a peek-through story, Jessica Ahlberg.
While Lucy tries to read to her dog Mr. Barker, he runs off and she ends up chasing him through a fairy tale world where she helps Goldilocks, Jack, the Three Little Pigs, and Sleeping Beauty escape from their enemies.
Giraffes can't dance, Giles Andreae ; illustrated by Guy Parker-Rees.
Gerald the giraffe is too clumsy to dance with all the other animals at the Jungle Dance, until he finds the right
Monster in the hood, Steve Antony.
Sammy Squirrel, Henri Hedgehog, and Marvin Mouse have heard all about the Monster in the hood. He's grumbly. And rumbly. And frighteningly hungry! But are things always what they seem?
Usborne baby's very first play book farm words, [by Stella Baggott].
Babies will love looking at the bright pictures and exploring the pages in this delightful wordbook.
Go home, cheeky animals!, Johanna Bell and Dion Beasley.
At Canteen Creek where we live, there are cheeky dogs everywhere. But when the cheeky goats, donkeys, buffaloes and camels make mischief in the camp, the dogs just lie there until those pesky animals really go too far. Then the cheeky camp dogs roar into action!
Race to the finish!, Benedict Blathwayt.
Too many sheep, Christina Booth.
How can sheep help you sleep? They climb through the window and walk through the door. They sit on my bed and jump on the floor. They play hide and seek. They go down the hall. They shower and shave, and there's one on the loo! They have snacks in the kitchen. Oh, what will I do? Grandpa Jack says counting sheep helps him sleep. But a house full of sheep means chaos, not calm.
Open up, please!, Silvia Borando, Lorenzo Clerici.
Will you help open their doors, please? But, remember, if you can't see a keyhole do not lift the flap! (Seriously it's not a good idea!) You want a teensy-tiny peek inside? Well, don't say we didn't warn you! Perfectly paced, and with very few words, this stylish novelty book with its rather tasty twist is sure to delight the very youngest of readers.
The hole story, Paul Bright, Bruce Ingman.
When Hamish and Hermione hole are chased out of the cheese where they live, they search the palace for a new place to call home. But the holes cause havoc wherever they go no one wants holes in their knickers, bike wheel or boat! Exhausted, the pair rest in a piece of wood, only to be discovered by the palace carpenter, who knows that holes can be really useful especially when you are making beautiful musical instruments.
Squish squash squeeze!, Tracey Corderoy, Jane Chapman.
Packed full of surprises, this funny tale about unexpected friendships will delight small children, as they discover the tiger, crocodile and bear hidden in Mouse's house. With a fantastic pop-up, pull-out ending, it's just the book to squish-squash-squeeze into your bookshelves. Mouse's new house seems perfect, with just enough room for his things. But who's that growling by the piano? And who's that sliding down the banister? Uh-oh! There are some very big animals living in the house. What a squish-squash-squeeze!
A fire truck named Red, Randall de Seve ; pictures by Bob Staake.
A young boy has his heart set on a brand-new toy fire truck, so he is disappointed when he gets his grandfather's rusty old fire truck, Red, instead. But working together, the boy and his grandfather patch Red right up while Grandpa tells his grandson all about the adventures he had with Red when he was a boy.
Blocks, Irene Dickson.
Ruby has red blocks. Benji has blue blocks. But what happens when they won't share?
One little, two little, three little children, Kelly DiPucchio ; illustrations by Mary Lundquist.
A rhyming celebration of the diversity and universality of children and their families.
There's an owl in my towel, Julia Donaldson, Rebecca Cobb.
It's tricky to have breakfast when there's a mole in your bowl! Gentle humour abounds as one baby's every activity is thwarted by a variety of surprising animals. But who wouldn't be happy to find a ted in their bed?
I will not wear pink, story by Joyce Dunbar ; pictures by Polly Dunbar.
When Plunkett the pig gets an invitation from Priscilla Pig he is excited, until he sees the dress code "wear pink". Plunkett sets out for the party adorned in the pink outfit Priscilla has sent him, but very soon flings away the prescribed party gear in favour of his own favorite colour, his own skin, which also happens to be pink! A glorious romp in celebration of personal freedom and choice, and also featuring glorious brown mud as well as a romantic ending!
If not for you, Bob Dylan ; pictures by David Walker.
An interpretation of the lyrics to Bob Dylan's 1970 song, If Not For You, reimagined to portray the love between parent and
Rain fish, Lois Ehlert.
Through rhyme and mixed-media collage illustrations, 'rain fish' the varied, colourful, and unique little collections of materials that float along on streams of rain water during storms come to life.
Beach baby, Laurie Elmquist, Elly MacKay.
A gentle, poetic lullaby for baby, filled with memories from a perfect day playing on the beach.
Little home bird, Jo Empson.
Little Bird loves everything about his home. He's surrounded by his favourite branch, his favourite food, his favourite view and his favourite music. Why on earth would he want to change anything, even when his brother tells him that they must? Discover how Little Bird ends up finding happiness in his new home from home in this beautifully illustrated picture book. Perfect for all children who love home, however many they may have.
My grandpa is a dinosaur, Richard Fairgray and Terry Jones ; colouring by Tara Black.
"Wanda has noticed some very unusual things about her grandpa: his pants need tail holes, he can eat an entire tree, his footprints attract palaeontologists. Grandpa is a dinosaur. Wanda knows it, but nobody will believe her! So Wanda decides to ask Grandpa herself" - Back cover.
Maggie and Michael get dressed, Denise Fleming.
It is time to get dressed and Michael counts on his dog, Maggie, for help as he places yellow socks, a brown hat, blue pants, and other colourful articles of clothing where they belong.
Daisy you do!, Kes Gray & Nick Sharratt.
Here comes trouble! This is a super-dooper picture book featuring the one and only Daisy! Daisy's mum tells her: 'Don't pick your nose!' 'You do!' says Daisy, pointing out the time mum was picking her nose on the way to Gran's. Each time Mum tries to reprimand Daisy for a bad habit, Daisy has an example of when Mum did it too. If you liked Eat Your Peas and Really, Really, you will love this book!
Prince George and the royal potty, Caryl Hart, Laura Ellen Anderson.
Prince George wants to go on adventures, but his nappy keeps getting in the way! It must be time for the prince to use the Royal Potty. But will George ever get the hang of it? This royally funny rhyming adventure will help little ones discover that life without nappies is fun!
When spring comes, Kevin Henkes ; illustrated by Laura Dronzek.
Before spring comes, the trees are dark sticks, the grass is brown, and the ground is covered in snow. But if you wait, leaves unfurl and flowers blossom, the grass turns green, and the mounds of snow shrink and shrink. Spring brings baby birds, sprouting seeds, rain and mud, and puddles. You can feel it and smell it and hear it and you can read it!
Goose needs a hug, Tad Hills.
Goose is trying to say he just wants a hug. His friends keep suggesting everything but!
Twinkle tames a dragon, Katharine Holabird and Sarah Warburton.
Twinkle has always wanted a pet, and finally she's old enough to have one. But a little dragon is not what she had in mind! Can Twinkle tame her naughty pet in time for the Fairy Pet Show?
Flora and the peacocks, Molly Idle.
In this wordless book with interactive flaps, a little girl named Flora forms a friendship with two peacocks as the three learn to dance
Hide me, Kipper!, Mick Inkpen.
This is a brand-new Kipper story. With the introduction of two new characters a cat and a mouse and an exciting chase, this eagerly awaited tale is destined to become as well loved as the original Kipper stories.
Have a look, says Book, Richard Jackson & Kevin Hawkes.
Through illustrations and simple, rhyming text, a book invites its reader to explore fluffy, furry, or squishy objects and creatures, both real and imaginary, that are found within its pages.
Can I tell you a secret?, written by Anna Kang ; illustrated by Christopher Weyant.
Monty the frog has a secret he wants share with you he cannot swim!
Mog and the baby and other stories, written and illustrated by Judith Kerr.
Everyone's favourite forgetful cat is back again in this three book collection of Mog stories. Mog the Forgetful Cat first appeared in 1970, and her adventures and antics have entertained generations of children ever since. The stories included in this collection are: Mog and the Baby Mog on Fox Night Mog's Bad Thing This entertaining book is ideal for reading at bedtime and makes the perfect for gift for fans of Mog both young and old.
ABC dream, Kim Krans.
Drawings of creatures and natural wonders introduce the letters of the alphabet.
Dear Yeti, James Kwan.
Told through a series of notes, two boys go on a hike hoping to find Yeti but run into trouble along the way.
The red book, Barbara Lehman.
A book without words in which friends who have never met meet.
Hooray for knickers, Jill Lewis & Deborah Allwright.
King Grouchy desperately wants to be friends with Prince Jolly so he invites him for a swim everything at the palace has to be perfect! But when the King is in a bad mood his servants keep hiding and can't hear his orders could Prince Jolly end up with goats instead of floats and smelly kippers instead of flippers?
Gator dad, written and illustrated by Brian Lies.
From seemingly mundane tasks such as grocery shopping to more active pursuits like a romp at the park and fort-building, a loving and playful father alligator shows his gator kids that the simplest pleasures done together can make for an incredibly fun day.
Machines go to work in the city, William Low.
This book provides illustrations and fold-out pictures of machines that are used in a city.
Henry Bob Bobbalich, written by Juliette MacIver ; illustrated by Link Choi.
Henry Bob Bobbalich, though he was small, could reach up to places unreached by the tall, for Henry could climb the most towering wall, and never, not ever, did Henry Bob fall. But young Henry's spirits plunge when one day he is forbidden to climb. Will Henry Bob ever feel on top of the world again?
Sam and Jump, Jennifer K. Mann.
Sam and his stuffed bunny, Jump, are best friends, and they do everything together. One day, on a trip to the beach, Sam meets Thomas. Sam and Thomas play together all day and promise to do the same the next day. But when Sam gets home he realizes Jump is still at the beach! It's too late and too dark to go find him, and Sam worries all night. What if Jump is nowhere to be found? Can Sam brave the world without his best friend? Little ones with their own cherished toys will be drawn to this reassuring story about losing something dear only to gain something even better.
The doll's house, Katherine Mansfield ; illustrated by Trish Bowles ; edited by Kevin Boon.
Kezia comes from an upper-class family, and she and her sisters are excited when they are given an amazing dolls house. They go to school with Else and Lil Kelvey, two girls from a working class family, who are teased and bullied. One day, Kezia invites them to come and see the dolls house. Kezia's aunt rudely sends the children away, but they are still happy to have seen the house, and the little lamp.
Tell me a tattoo story, Alison McGhee ; illustrated by Eliza Wheeler.
A father tells his young son the story behind each of his tattoos.
Te hua tuatahi a Kuwi, na Kat Merewether i tuhi ; na Pania Papa i whakamaori.
Kuwi the Kiwi has never had an egg before, so she's unsure how to look after it. When the egg gets a crack Kuwi thinks that the egg is broken, but she's in for a surprise.
I love me, Sally Morgan & Ambelin Kwaymullina.
A celebration of individuality and joyous self-esteem, in bouncy, rhythmic prose and riotous colour.
Tickle my ears, Jorg Muhle ; translation, Catherine Chidgey.
A sweet and simple interactive boardbook that offers a charming new bedtime ritual.
Little honeybee, Jane Ormes.
Follow a garden's journey from spring to summer in this beautiful counting book.
Granny, wait for me!, written by Sarah Owens ; illustrated by Anil Tortop.
Granny sounds her bike horn and quickly takes the lead. But soon she's out of eyesight, 'Granny, wait for me!' I plead. A whimsical and fun-filled story of a lively granny's trip to the park with her grandson, which all begins with a bike race.
Our love grows, Anna Pignataro.
In the deep green forest, Pip asked, Mama, when will I be big? Pip is an adorable, roly-poly little panda, whos playful and curious. In Our Love Grows, Mama explains to him how he will grow, just like the world around them.
Space, [illustrations, Helen Poole].
What can you see in space? What can you find on the moon? Can you see an alien? Lift the flaps to rocket into a space adventure!
This is my dollhouse, Giselle Potter.
A little girl who has made her own dollhouse from a box and her vivid imagination has trouble playing with her friend Sophie's perfect dolls and dollhouse, but when Sophie comes to visit she is afraid that her handiwork will not be good enough for Sophie.
Hamsters on the go!, written and illustrated by Kass Reich.
A board book featuring cute, lively hamsters that introduces babies and toddlers to modes of transportation.
Milo : a moving story, Tohby Riddle.
Milo's life is almost entirely unremarkable. He lives in a solid kennel in an okay part of town. Every other day he has a job delivering parcels. Then Milo's life is turned upside down by an argument with his friend Snombo, followed by a strange wild storm that leaves him and his kennel in a precarious place. So begins Milo's surprisingly remarkable journey back to his friends.
Elephant's pyjamas, Michelle Robinson ; illustrated by Emily Fox.
Elephant has been invited to a pyjama party. He can't wait! There's just one problem he doesn't have any pyjamas. Poor Elephant searches high and low, often with embarrassing results, but he can't find anything suitable. What can Elephant's friends do to make sure he joins in the fun?
The red prince, Charlie Roscoe & Tom Clohosy Cole.
When the young prince of Zapada is imprisoned by invaders, he needs all the help he can get to escape. As he flees dressed in his red pajamas, his captors are hot on his heels. But soon he realizes that he is not alone. The whole land of Zapada has joined forces to help him, each person dressing in red to confound and confuse his enemies.
Whose baby?, Jeanette Rowe.
Whose baby can you see? Whose baby can it be? A flip the flap book!.
Busy busy!, Lucy Scott.
As an imaginative little girl goes through her day, she builds a city of blocks, cooks dinner for ten, and goes on amazing adventures with her stuffed
Fuzzy Doodle, written by Melinda Szymanik ; pictures by Donovan Bixley.
"Playful children's story about a caterpillar/butterfly, words, books and the wonder of life".
Nancy Tafuri's five little chicks, Nancy Tafuri.
Five chicks and their mother peck in the corn patch in search of breakfast.
Ko tera atu o nga taitama, na Stephanie Thatcher i tuhi ; na Ngaere Roberts i whakamaori.
"Poor young Bertie is fed up with being asked which brother he is - the sporty one, the arty one or the clever one. "No", says Bertie, "I'm the other brother". But when Bertie finds out how good he is at helping others, he finally gets his own special tag: the kind brother".
The other brother, Stephanie Thatcher.
Poor young Bertie is fed up with being asked which brother he is - the sporty one, the arty one or the clever one. "No", says Bertie, "I'm the other brother". But when Bertie finds out how good he is at helping others, he finally gets his own special tag: the kind brother.
Marmaduke the very popular dragon, Rachel Valentine, Ed Eaves.
Marmaduke and Meg are best friends, and have been forever. They live in a Kingdom where everyone does what's expected of themeveryone except Marmaduke and Meg. They're different, and being different together is what they love doing the most. As word of Marmaduke and Meg spreads across the Kingdom, things slowly start to change princesses, dragons, princes and knights all wanted to make friends with Marmaduke and Meg, and be different with them. After a while, Marmaduke and Meg are popular. Maybe even too popular. Because Marmaduke is so popular that he doesn't seem to have any time for Meg. And Meg starts to feel a little bit left out. Will she build up the courage to tell Marmaduke? And will he listen?
Bye-bye binky, Maria van Lieshout.
A little girl explains that she does not need a pacifier anymore, because she is a big kid now.
I won a what?, Audrey Vernick ; illustrated by Robert Neubecker.
A young boy tries to win a goldfish at the carnival and ends up with a far bigger prize.
I love Easter, Anna Walker.
Join Ollie at the Easter Fair, where baby chicks go, 'Cheep, cheep, cheep!' The Easter hunt is so much fun!
Raybot, Adam F. Watkins.
Raybot doesn't have a best friend. He doesn't have any friends. So, after reading that puppies make good friends, he sets off to find one. Raybot travels the world through forests, seas, farms, and fields meeting all types of animals before he finds his new best friend.
That's not my squirrel : its nose is too soft, [written by Fiona Watt ; illustrated by Rachel Wells].
This delightful series of board books is aimed at very young children. The bright pictures, with their patches of different textures, are designed to develop sensory and language awareness. Babies and toddlers will love turning the pages and touching the feely patches.
Toad and I, Louise Yates.
Toad lives in a tree in Kitty's garden a very special tree with limitless rooms and countless adventures to be had.
One hundred bones, Yuval Zommer.
Scruff the dog is a stray who just loves to dig. It doesn't make him the most popular dog in town. But when he sniffs out a pile of old bones, he gets all the neighboUrhood dogs to help him. They uncover not one, not two, not three but 100 bones and make the most exciting dinosaur discovery of all time! Scruff's find wins him new friends and a new home.

World Languages

Shi jie tan suo da bai ke. Zhan ji, jun jian, [zhuan wen Wang Baohua deng]
E yu a yi = Aunt Amelia, tu wen Leibeika Koubo (Rebecca Cobb) ; fan yi Ai Ke.
Dui bu qi, wo cuo guai ni le, Zhenggang Huizi wen ; Xiaocang Guangyi hui ; Lin Jiayu yi.
Zai guo 10 fen zhong jiu shui jiao, wen, tu Peiqi Ruishiman ; yi, Xinyi bian ji bu.
Zui bang de xiao hai yi = The best little Ian, Yang Yunhua tu wen, Hong Huishan Ying wen shen ding.
IA liubliu chistit zuby = I love to brush my teeth, avtor: Shelli Admont ; illiustratory: Sonal Goial i Sumit Sakudzha.
IA liubliu poriadok v svoei komnate = I love to keep my room clean, avtor: Shelli Admont ; illiustratory: Sonal Goial i Sumit Sakudzha.
IA liubliu spat v svoei krovatke = I love to sleep in my own bed, Shellay Admont ; illustrated by: Sonal Goyal, Sumit Sakhuja.
U Kastora v masterskoi, Lars Klinting ; perevod so shvedskogo Ksenii Kovalenko.
Outdoors = Vne doma : English-Russian, illustrated by Anna Martinez Mari ; designed by Hakan San Bortecin.

Younger Fiction

Eva and the new owl, Rebecca Elliott.
Eva wants to be friends with Hailey, the new owl in her class, but when Hailey seems to prefer Lucy's company, Eva starts to feel left out, and even a little jealous of her best friend.
Ollie's odyssey, William Joyce.
When a toy is bestowed with the title of favourite, it takes on a coveted rank among the world of household things. But when a vengeful toy conspires to destroy these favorites, he must be defeated by a stuffed toy rabbit.
Toughen up, Andrew!, Anne Manchester ; illustrations by Fifi Colston.
Andrew is a small dog who likes a quiet life with lots of time for sleeping. His mate David tells him to "toughen up," but Andrew is not so sure. But a family holiday changes all that, as Andrew faces a host of new experiences and challenges that are bound to test his resolve.
Stink and the attack of the slime mold, Megan McDonald ; illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds.
Stink may be a super science freak, but even Dr. Stinkelstein is feeling freaked out about having a slime mold living and growing in his very own room. At Saturday Science Club, Stink learns that these one-celled organisms are smart enough to find their way out of mazes and gang up on food sources.
Waylon! : one awesome thing, Sara Pennypacker ; pictures by Marla Frazee.
Waylon, a boy with the mind of a scientific genius and the vulnerable heart of an eight year old, is trying to understand his older sister and deal with changes among the kids at school.
Ricky Ricotta's mighty robot vs. the unpleasant penguins from Pluto, story by Dav Pilkey ; art by Dan Santat.
Infuriated by the declaration that Pluto is no longer a planet, President Penguin and his penguins invade Earth and it is up to Ricky and his robot pal to defeat them with some help from Ricky's cousin Lucy and her pets.
The hunt for the secret papyrus, Geronimo Stilton ; [illustrations by Alessandro Muscillo (design), Riccardo Sisti (inks) and Daria Cerchi (color) ; translated by Lidia Morson Tramontozzi and Andrea Schaffer].
Geronimo hunts the thief who stole the precious Black Papyrus from New Mouse City's Egyptian Mouseum.