New Titles Children's May 2016 (arrived in April 2016)

Audio Visual

Alvin and the Chipmunks, the road chip, directed by Walt Becker.
Through a series of misunderstandings, Alvin, Simon, and Theodore come to believe that Dave is going to propose to his new girlfriend in Miami, and dump them. They have three days to get to him and stop the proposal, saving themselves not only from losing Dave but possibly from gaining a terrible stepbrother.
Barbie, spy squad, directed by Conrad Helton.
Barbie and her best friends Teresa and Renee transform from hard-working gymnasts to undercover secret agents in this exciting, action- packed adventure! When their amazing gymnastics skills catch the eye of a top-secret spy agency, the girls are soon following clues to a gem-stealing cat burglar who has escaped everyone on the case. With their high-tech gadgets, glam disguises and cute robo-pets, can they prove that smarts and teamwork can get the mission accomplished?
Big baby, directed & written by Stephen Langford.
A mad scientist grandfather invents a genetic transformation machine and his 4 year old grandson accidentally turns his body into that of a 30 year old man. Baby Bobby escapes and runs around town as his siblings try to catch him before their parents get back from vacation AND before the bad guys get to him first. The machine is worth a lot of money and they only have a day before the machine loses its capabilities to change baby Bobby back.
Dino King : Speckles big adventure, directed by Han Sang-ho.
Meet Speckles. He's a Tarbosaurus, and lives a happy life in his forest home with his mom and siblings. Until one day, as he's just learning to hunt, he encounters One-Eye, a Tyrannosaur looking for a new place to live. His herd is attacked, leaving poor Speckles an orphan and alone in the world. But when he meets Blue Eyes, another lonely and lost Tarbosaur, they become close companions - and then, over time, build a family of their own. But the life of a dinosaur is a hard one and Speckles hasn't seen the last of One-Eye.
Jungle master, written and directed by Kerr Xu.
When a girl named Rainie runs away from home after her mom forgot about her birthday, she is magically transported from the big city to an enchanted jungle in an unfamiliar land where she meets Blue. With the help of Blue's grandfather and their newfound friend Mulla, they embark on an epic adventure to help Blue become the leader he is destined to be and save the rainforest from the villainous Boss Cain.
Justice league. Cosmic clash, directed by Rick Morales.
Can Batman prevail against an unstoppable intergalactic machine with the power to bend time itself? Until now, the Justice League has triumphed over every foe who has challenged them. But all of those enemies had one thing in common: they were alive. This time, they face Brainiac a super-intelligent invulnerable machine whose mad quest endangers all life in the galaxy.
Open season. Scared silly, directed by David Feiss.
After hearing a story by the campfire, domesticated Boog is terrified by the story and decides to 'chicken out' of their annual summer camping trip until he knows the werewolf is gone. Determined to help Boog overcome his fears, Elliot and their woodland friends band together to scare the fear out of Boog and uncover the mystery of the Wailing Wampus Werewolf.
Wiggle Town!, the Wiggles.
Come on down to Wiggle Town! It's the only place on earth where there is a dancing Police Force, a dancing Mayor and where you can not only eat a pretzel, but 'Do the Pretzel!' Emma, Lachy, Simon and Anthony are giving you the keys to the town! You'll go Irish dancing, see some of our Aussie mates as you sing 'D-I-N-G-O', your feathers will be in a flap as Captain Feathersword does 'Captain's Barnyard Dance' and join our graduate of the Royal Academy of Dinosaur Dancing, Dorothy the Dinosaur, as she does her special ballet 'Pas De Deux'. Join our special guest from the Torres Strait Islands, Christine Anu, and sing along with 'Taba Naba Style!'. Anyone who loves to sing and dance is a citizen of Wiggle Town, so come on down to Wiggle Town!
ALVINNN!!! and the chipmunks. Season 1, volume 1, We're the chipmunks.,
Whether he is getting into trouble, so he can spend more time with the pretty nre principal, scaring Theodore, or convincing the school they have aliens in the basement, Alvin gives Dave ten huge reasons to yell ALVINNN!!!
ALVINNN!!! and the chipmunks. Season 1, volume 2, Watch out cause here we come!,
Grounded once again, Alvin begs Theodore to buy him the limited edition skateboard he's always wanted. But, Theodore gets sidetracked by his sweet tooth and squanders all of Alvin's money on candy instead. Now Theodore is forced to tell the truth or make up an improbable story. Plus nine other adventures in which our chipmunks cry "Watch out cause here we come!"
Casper's scare school. Season 2, vol. 1.,
Calling all monsters! Scare School is back in session! It's the start of a brand new school year and Casper's adventures at Scare School have gotten a whole lot crazier, a whole lot creepier and even more fleshie-frightening than ever. This special collection of episodes is filled with enchanted ghost ships, ghostly doppelgangers, mischievous sea monsters and more!
Casper's scare school. Season 2, vol. 2.,
Calling all monsters! Scare School is back in session! It's the start of a brand new school year and Casper's adventures at Scare School have gotten a whole lot crazier, a whole lot creepier and even more fleshie-frightening than ever. This special collection of episodes is filled with enchanted ghost ships, ghostly doppelgangers, mischievous sea monsters and more!
Casper's scare school. Season 2, vol. 3.,
Calling all monsters! Scare School is back in session! It's the start of a brand new school year and Casper's adventures at Scare School have gotten a whole lot crazier, a whole lot creepier and even more fleshie-frightening than ever. This special collection of episodes is filled with enchanted ghost ships, ghostly doppelgangers, mischievous sea monsters and more!
Casper's scare school. Season 2, vol. 4.,
Calling all monsters! Scare School is back in session! It's the start of a brand new school year and Casper's adventures at Scare School have gotten a whole lot crazier, a whole lot creepier and even more fleshie-frightening than ever. This special collection of episodes is filled with enchanted ghost ships, ghostly doppelgangers, mischievous sea monsters and more!
Hip hop hooray!,
Catch up on some bunny tales and hare-raising adventures from some of the most hoppity friends from ABC for Kids. Includes episodes from Bing Bunny, Octonauts, Mofy, Guess How Much I Love You, Waybuloo, and Peter Rabbit.
Miffy's adventures. Big and small : The camping adventure.,
Miffy's Adventures Big and Small is a new and thoroughly modern animation series in the iconic style of Dick Bruna. Every episode is about Miffy and her friends discovering the exciting world around her through big and small adventures, with simple narrative and fun songs to drive it along.
Octonauts. Sound the octoalert!,
"In these episodes the Octonauts stake out a thief, Peso's little brother Pinto comes to visit, and the team use music to rescue a pod of beluga whales"-- Container insert.
Shaun the Sheep. The farmer's llamas.,
Shaun is back with more adventures! In The Farmer's Llamas, Shaun the Sheep bluffs the Farmer into bidding for three llamas at a county fair. Once they show up at the farm, however, they cause such chaotic destructive mayhem that Shaun has to carefully remove them ? high speed chases, careful rooftop scrambles and dangerous falls ensue!
The new adventures of Peter Pan. Season 1, volume 1.,
A fantasy-action-adventure series which follows the adventures of Peter Pan, his best friend Tinkerbell, Wendy, her brothers John and Michael, and their dog Newfie in Neverland and beyond. The series is set in the timeless and magical world of Neverland and 21st century London where Peter and his friends take on Peter's longtime foe Captain Hook and his pirates and all other unimaginable evils in a never ending battle to save Neverland.
The new adventures of Peter Pan. Season 1, volume 4.,
A fantasy-action-adventure series which follows the adventures of Peter Pan, his best friend Tinkerbell, Wendy, her brothers John and Michael, and their dog Newfie in Neverland and beyond. The series is set in the timeless and magical world of Neverland and 21st century London where Peter and his friends take on Peter's longtime foe Captain Hook and his pirates and all other unimaginable evils in a never ending battle to save Neverland.
Tree Fu Tom. Spring into action!,
A boy goes to the woods behind his house and enters a magical world, where he becomes a superhero.
Thomas & friends. Start your engines,
The clock is ticking for Thomas, Bertie and Spencer to get to the castle on time. As Philip shows Gordon how fast he can go, slow Stephen proves he can save the day. Race down the tracks with Thomas and his friends!
It's alive!, Claire O'Brien.
One day Cordelia Codd will design beautiful costumes and live in a glamorous city. But for now, she's stuck with: Living in a MICRO-TINY cottage stuck to the side of a pub, A pair of BONKERS parents who are still NQT (Not Quite Together), Two MEAN GIRLS trying to steal my best friend, And a Granny who is behaving even more strangely than usual.
All that glitters, K.M. Peyton.
'All that Glitters' is a fabulously funny story about two scruffy ponies, fancy dressage horses, competition, jealousy, friendships, fun, laughter, adventure and buried treasure!
Harry Potter and the deathly hallows, J.K. Rowling.
'His hand closed automatically around the fake Horcrux, but in spite of everything, in spite of the dark and twisting path he saw stretching ahead for himself, in spite of the final meeting with Voldemort he knew must come, whether in a month, in a year, or in ten, he felt his heart lift at the thought that there was still one last golden day of peace left to enjoy with Ron and Hermione.' With these words "Harry Potter and the Half- Blood Prince" draws to a close. And here, in this seventh and final book, Harry discovers what fate truly has in store for him as he inexorably makes his way to that final meeting with Voldemort.
Harry Potter and the half-blood prince, J.K. Rowling.
'In a brief statement on Friday night, Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge confirmed that He Who Must Not Be Named has returned to this country and is once more active. "It is with great regret that I must confirm that the wizard styling himself Lord - well, you know who I mean - is alive and among us again," said Fudge.' These dramatic words appeared in the final pages of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. In the midst of this battle of good and evil, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince takes up the story of Harry Potter's sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, with Voldemort's power and followers increasing day by day.
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, J.K. Rowling.
As Harry faces his upcoming fifth year at Hogwarts Academy, there are increasing rumors of dark times coming and of Lord Voldemort's return to power, and a secret anti-Voldemort society, The Order of the Phoenix, begins meeting again.
Summer's shadow, Anna Wilson.
Her mother's will states that Summer's legal guardian is her uncle Tristan: a man Summer has never even heard of before. Forced to leave her life in London, Summer moves to Tristan's creepy, ancient house in Cornwall. There she is met with indifference from him, open hostility from her cousin, and an aunt who has chosen to leave rather than to tolerate her presence. Soon Summer comes to believe that the house may be haunted. But is it haunted by ghosts, or by the shadows of her family's past? Scared and lonely, Summer begins to spend more and more time in the beautiful sheltered cove she discovers nearby. But she's not alone. A local boy frequents it too. Can Summer find first love and the answers to the mysteries of her new home with this good-looking boy who appears to be too perfect to be true?
Safari, Andrew Cope.
Exotic animals are being kidnapped from around the world and all clues lead to the mysterious Lord Large in his country manor house. Lara and the Spy Pups are sent to investigate but they get caught by an awfully furrrrmiliar bad guy. Now it's all up to agent 009, otherwise known as Shakespeare the cat. Can he rescue the animals, including the Spy Dogs, and save the day?
Stinkbomb & Ketchup-Face and the evilness of pizza, John Dougherty.
Psst! Psst! Psssssst!!! OI, YOU!! Do you want to know a secret? Well? Do you? It's a good one ... honest. You'll never believe it. It's so unbelievably unbelievable and soooooo secret. You have to promise not to tell ANYONE. Well? Do you? Cross your heart and hope to die (or at least pass out for a few minutes). OK ... here goes. You know those badgers? You'll never guess what they've been up to this time . . .With more twists and turns than a pizza delivery guy on an oil slick, this amazing adventure will leave you hungry for more (pizza).
Sedric and the great pig rescue, Angie Morgan.
Take a dash of Tom Gates, add a splash of Wimpy Kid and a pinch of Horrible Histories, throw in lots and lots of mud ... and you have Sedric: a brand new star to make you laugh out loud! Being a boy in the Dark Ages village of Little-Soggy-in-the-Mud can be pretty rough. And muddy. And there are loads of rats around. But easy-going, fun-loving Sedric knows how to make the best of it. When Sedric and his friends come up against the dastardly Baron Dennis, they'll need to use all their tricks and cunning to outwit him. And can they rescue Sedric's beloved pet pig, Denzel, before it's too late?

Into Reading

Seals, Thea Feldman.
Introduces beginner readers to a variety of seals from different habitats, to the largest and the smallest. It includes facts about swimming and diet, and explains how a seal pup starts life, and grows to adulthood.
Petal and Poppy and the mystery valentine, Lisa Clough and Ed Briant.
On Valentine's Day morning, Petal the elephant wakes up to find chocolates and Poppy the rhinoceros finds flowers, but they forgot to get gifts for each other, so who is their mystery Valentine?
Chimpanzees, Claire Llewellyn.
Chimpanzees introduces children who are beginning to read alone to these wonderful primates. It includes facts about habitat, families, and
Just a baby bird, Mercer Mayer.
When Little Critter finds a baby bird in his backyard, he and his family take care of it until it can fly on its own.
The fairy treasure hunt, Daisy Meadows.
Join the Jewel Fairies for a very special adventure!
The rainbow fairies, Daisy Meadows.
Learning to read is fun with the Rainbow Magic Fairies! Developed in conjunction with Early Years reading consultants and based on the most up-to- date educational research, the Rainbow Magic Beginner Readers are the perfect way to introduce your child to the magical world of reading.
The weather fairies, Daisy Meadows.
The Weather Fairies have a very special friend. His name is Alabaster the Unicorn, and he needs their help!
Big Dog and Little Dog wearing sweaters, Dav Pilkey.
Big Dog and Little Dog resourcefully find a sweater for Big Dog to wear.
Pie for Chuck, Pat Schories.
Chuck and his woodland friends desperately want a taste of freshly-baked pie, but they can't get it down from the windowsill.
What this story needs is a hush and a shush, Emma J. Virjan.
All Pig wants to do is sleep, but the farm animals are keeping her awake! Will she ever find some peace?


Bedtime devotions with Jesus : my daily devotional for kids.,
Bedtime is a precious time to spend with your child. After the busyness of the day is done, before your child nods off to sleep, snuggle up to read God's Word and daily reminders about how much He loves and takes care of us.
Little Red Riding Hood : a story, the Brothers Grimm ; retold by Joy Cowley ; illustrated by Min-ho Choi.
The sweet and kind Little Red Riding Hood sets off through the woods to her sick grandmother's hosue with a basket of food. On the way, she forgets her mother's instructions not to wander off the path and when she finally arrives at grandmother's house something is not quite right. Fortunately, an observant hunter passing by discovers their dilemma and sets things right. These days, Little Red Riding Hood listens to her mother.
The frog prince : a story, the Brothers Grimm ; retold by Joy Cowley ; illustrated by Yeon-joo Kim.
The Brothers Grimm tale about a spoiled princess who reluctantly befriends the Frog Prince is faithfully followed in this edition. The beautiful artwork combines etching and illustration techniques.
The gingerbread man : an English folk tale, retold by Joy Cowley ; illustrated by In-gahng Jeon.
3D clay models are the perfect medium to bring this simple and fun tale to life.
The three little pigs : a story, Joseph Jacobs ; retold by Joy Cowley ; illustrated by Do-yeon Kim.
Once upon a time there was an old sow who had three little pigs, and as she had not enough for them to eat, she said they had better go out into the world and seek their fortunes.
My first German phrases, Jill Kalz ; illustrated by Daniele Fabbri ; translator,
Simple text paired with themed illustrations invite the reader to learn to speak
First hundred words in Portuguese, Heather Amery ; illustrated by Stephen Cartwright ; Portuguese language consultant, Octavio Gameiro ; edited by Jenny Tyler and Mairi Mackinnon ; designed by Mike Olley and Holly Lamont.
A bilingual Portuguese/English edition of the classic Usborne word book, illustrated by Stephen Cartwright. One hundred everyday words are illustrated in busy scenes and with labelled pictures, to help readers learn key Portuguese words. Don't forget to look out for the Usborne Little Yellow Duck on every page!
My first Spanish phrases, Jill Kalz ; illustrated by Daniele Fabbri ; translator,
Simple text paired with themed illustrations invite the reader to learn to speak
My first Russian phrases, Jill Kalz ; illustrated by Daniele Fabbri ; translated by
Colourful illustrations and simple labels make learning Russian fun. From the basics to cool phrases, this book will give you lots to talk about!
First hundred words in Polish, Heather Amery ; illustrated by Stephen Cartwright ; Polish language consultant, Dominika Boon ; edited by Jenny Tyler and Mairi Mackinnon ; designed by Mike Olley and Holly Lamont.
A bilingual Polish/English edition of the classic Usborne word book, illustrated by Stephen Cartwright. One hundred everyday words are illustrated in busy scenes and with labelled pictures, to help readers learn key Polish words. Don't forget to look out for the Usborne Little Yellow Duck on every page!
The Usborne first thousand words in Chinese, Heather Amery ; illustrated by Stephen Cartwright ; revised edition by Mairi Mackinnon ; picture editing by Mike Olley ; Chinese language consultant, Chloe Wong.
The classic Usborne word book as a bi-lingual Chinese (Mandarin)/English edition, illustrated by Stephen Cartwright. A thousand everyday words illustrated with busy scenes and labelled pictures to help children learn key Chinese vocabulary.
Fun and easy Chinese, Elinor Greenwood.
Children will learn to speak, read and write over 100 words and phrases in no time.
My first Mandarin Chinese phrases, Jill Kalz ; illustrated by Daniele Fabbri ; translator,
Simple text paired with themed illustrations invite the reader to learn to speak Mandarin Chinese.
My first Japanese phrases, Jill Kalz ; illustrated by Daniele Fabbri ; translated by
Colourful illustrations and simple labels make learning Japanese fun. From the basics to cool phrases, this book will give you lots to talk about!
Nga ahua = Shapes, written and illustrated by Natalie Cochrane.
Simple text introduces the Maori names of shapes, as a grandmother and child draw shapes together.
Professor Astro Cat's atomic adventure : a journey through physics, written by Dr Dominic Walliman & Ben Newman ; illustrated by Ben Newman.
Class is in session, and the subject is physics. The teacher? He s the smartest cat in the galaxy! Professor Astro Cat takes a journey through the world of physics, looking at the basic laws of the universe, the fundamental rules that describe the nature of our world and beyond. From the wind rustling through the trees, to the sun that keeps us warm, to food that gives us energy to play, physics is all around us all the time!
Nga tae = Colours, written and illustrated by Natalie Cochrane.
Simple text introduces the Maori names of colours through the everyday activities of a grandmother and her
Deadly creatures, David Burnie, Claire Llewellyn and Miranda Smith.
Come face to face with the world's top predators. Discover the strangest facts, read incredible information and get up-close to teeth, fur, fins, claws and feelers. Internet links on every page guide you to fascinating information about these killer creatures.
The hungriest mouth in the sea, Peter Walters.
The animals of the South Sea are hungry. But who is hungrier than all of the rest? The kicking krill may swarm and the blue cod are out hunting for dinner, but neither is fierce enough to be tops in this habitat. Could it be the lurking sharks, pointy-tailed rays or the toothy barracuda? Dive into this rhythmic text to discover who is at the top of this food chain.
The Usborne big book of the body, written by Minna Lacey ; illustrated by Peter Allen ; designed by Zuzanna Bukala.
A vividly illustrated information book, featuring 4 giant fold-outs describing how different parts of the body work.
Lego tips, tricks and building techniques : the big unofficial lego builders book, Joachim Klang, Tim Bischoff, Philipp Honvehlmann.
Step-by-step instructions help the reader to come up with their own personal Lego masterpiece. The authors clearly demonstrate how to build 'around the corner' or put Lego bricks together so no studs can be seen from the outside. Furthermore cobblestone pavement or various buildings consisting of skeleton framing elements can be created. Plenty of new modules can be created when people start using the bricks for purposes other than intended.
Can you see what I see? : big book of search-and-find fun, Walter Wick.
Kids will have fun using their eagle eyes to spy all the hidden clues. Can You See What I See? Big Book of Search-and-Find Fun is packed with tons of interesting and fun things to find.
Hey, Seymour! : a search & find fold-out adventure, Walter Wick.
Curious seekers will expand the fun as they lift up the pages to discover that something has changed and it's time to solve a brand-new riddle! All of Walter Wick's beautiful photographs include the character of Seymour (from the Can You See What I See? series) and introduce Seymour's new dog, Buttons. Join Seymour and Buttons on their search-and-find adventure!
101 ways to amaze & entertain : amazing magic & hilarious jokes to try on your friends & family, [written by Peter Gross and the Walter Foster Jr. Creative Team ; illustrated by Remy Simard and Brian Biggs].
Jokes, magic tricks and card tricks to try on your friends and family.
The football encyclopedia, Clive Gifford.
With pictures and profiles of the world's most skilful footballers old and new from Beckham to Messi, Pele to Ronaldo, Rooney to Neymar. Over 40 of the best sides to have lit up the game are covered in detail, including Brazil, Manchester United, Arsenal and Spain.
Old Possum's book of practical cats, T.S. Eliot ; drawings by Edward Gorey.
Cats! Some are sane, and some are mad. Some are good, and some are bad. This book features lovable cat poems that were written by T.S. Eliot for his godchildren. It is inspired the musical Cats.
Gladys goes to war, written by Glyn Harper ; illustrated by Jenny Cooper.
Gladys loves nothing better than tinkering with car engines and driving at top speed. She also dreams of learning to fly a plane. But it's 1914 and people, especially her mother, keep reminding her that women are not supposed to be adventurous. When war comes, Gladys offers her services at the front as an ambulance driver. She receives an infuriating response from the War Office: 'This will be a short war and women will not be needed. If you want to help the war effort you should stay at home and knit socks and balaclavas.' But Gladys is not the kind of person who stays home and knits. She is determined to go to war.
Ancient worlds, Miranda Smith and Philip Steele.
Discover the strangest facts, read incredible information and marvel at the amazing 3D artwork that bring alive the people, places, lives, beliefs, treasures, and battles of the awe-inspiring worlds of ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Internet links on every page guide you to fascinating information about these ancient civilizations.

Older Fiction

Summerlost : a novel, Ally Condie.
Following the sudden deaths of her father and autistic younger brother, Cedar Lee spends the summer working at a Shakespearean theater festival, making a new friend, and coming to terms with her grief.
The tree in the courtyard : looking through Anne Frank's window, Jeff Gottesfeld ; illustrated by Peter McCarty.
The story of the tree outside of Anne Frank's window.
Pete Milano's guide to being a movie star, Tommy Greenwald ; illustrated by Rebecca Roher.
Pete Milano, class clown, is used to getting into trouble while amusing people, but now his tricks have gained him an audition for a movie that could lead to stardom and the loss of his girlfriend and other friends.
The apprentice's quest, Erin Hunter.
The warrior cat Clans have enjoyed many moons of peace and prosperity but a dark season approaches, and those days will soon be over. Guided by a mysterious vision, the young apprentice Alderpaw of ThunderClan must go on a dangerous journey a journey that may be the Clans' only hope.
Theophilus Grey and the traitor's mask, Catherine Jinks.
In eighteenth-century London, twelve-year-old linkboy Philo Grey has spent most of his childhood out on the streets, collecting information to sell. One of his best customers, Mr Bishop, pays him good money for intelligence about the Jacobites, who are plotting to overthrow King George. But spying on the Jacobites is a dangerous business especially when Philo becomes the target of a rival gang of linkboys. And then there's Philo's old master, Garnet Hooke, who's never forgiven Philo for leaving him. Garnet feels so betrayed, he'll stop at nothing. Luckily, Philo has friends as well as enemies. He can trust his crew of linkboys, his team of informants, and his staunch friend Nathaniel Paxton, a surgeon with a background in espionage. Even his new friend, actress and master of disguise, Caroline Cowley, is a valuable ally. But with his enemies closing in, Philo has to ask himself: where should his loyalties really lie? And how far should they take him?
The land of forgotten girls, Erin Entrada Kelly.
Abandoned by their father and living in poverty with their heartless stepmother in Louisiana, two sisters from the Philippines, twelve-year- old Sol and six-year-old Ming, learn the true meaning of family.
Shadow magic, Joshua Khan with illustrations by Ben Hibon.
Thorn, a boy sold into slavery who must serve the royalty of Castle Gloom for a year and a day to earn his freedom, and Lilith Shadow, the 13-year-old ruler of Gehenna, who is forbidden to practice the magic that is her heritage, join forces to solve the murders taking place in Gehenna.
Dragons vs. drones, [Wesley King].
A young computer genius whose CIA analyst father went missing years earlier is chased by sleek, high-tech drones into a land populated by Godzilla- size dragons, triggering a war that only he can stop.
Cabin fever, Jeff Kinney.
Greg Heffley is in big trouble. School property has been damaged, and Greg is the prime suspect. But the crazy thing is, he's innocent. Or at least sort of. The authorities are closing in, but when a surprise blizzard hits, the Heffley family is trapped indoors. Greg knows that when the snow melts he's going to have to face the music, but could any punishment be worse than being stuck inside with your family for the holidays?
The legend of the rift, Peter Lerangis.
Jack and his friends desperately search for the rest of the lost Loculi and confront the armies of Artemis in order to rescue Aly, who has been pulled back into Atlantis by King Uhla'ar.
Death weavers, Brandon Mull.
Cole and his friends finally reach the fourth of the five kingdoms, Necronum, land of the dead, where they confront unexpected dangers and meet new
Forest of Wonders, Linda Sue Park ; illustrated by James Madsen.
When Raffa makes a cure from a rare crimson vine he finds deep in the forbidden forest, the bat he saves transforms into something much more.
Jacky Ha-Ha, James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein ; illustrated by Kerascoet.
Jacky Ha-Ha loves to make people laugh, and cracking wise helps distract her from thinking about not-so- funny things in her life, like her mom serving in a dangerous, faraway war, and a dad who's hardly ever home. When she's required to act in the school play, she must conquer her stutter. When she makes a promise to give up the one thing that makes her happy, in order to keep her family together, will she stop being her real self?
Secrets of the dragon tomb, Patrick Samphire ; [with illustrations by Jeremy Holmes].
While dreaming of being a spy like those in his favorite magazine, twelve-year-old Edward has been stuck holding his eccentric family together but when his parents are kidnapped, he leads his sisters and cousin in an effort to rescue them across the danger-filled landscape of nineteenth-century Mars.
The girl in the tower, Lisa Schroeder with illustrations by Nicoletta Ceccoli.
Ever since she could remember, Violet and her mother have been locked away in a tower by the evil Queen Bogdana, who has the kingdom under her spell. The queen has all she wants except one thing-beauty. Violet possesses this beauty. When Violet is summoned by Bogdana to start training to become a real princess, it seems like her life might be taking a turn for the better. But hope quickly fades when Violet's mother is expelled from the castle and they're forbidden to see each other ever again. With everyone's lives in the balance, it's up to Violet to break the spell and reunite her family.
The prankster and the ghost, R. L. Stedman.
"Stuck in a hospital bed, unable to move, Tayla decides to leave his body. But floating around intensive care is kind of boring, although being invisible means he can do some cool practical jokes. Until the inspector arrives that is. Jamie, newly arrived from Scotland, is lonely. No-one can understand his accent and all his practical jokes are going wrong. Plus, his new school is seriously weird. Perhaps it's haunted".
Behind the canvas, Alexander Vance.
Seventh-grader Claudia Miravista loves art, but socially she is always the odd girl out but on a trip to the local art museum she sees a boy in a painting, who moves from painting to painting, and soon she embarks on an adventure behind the canvas, determined to free the boy Pim from the artistic prison he has endured for over three hundred years.

Picture Books

Surf's up, Newbery Medalist, Kwame Alexander ; illustrated by Daniel Miyares.
Surf's up! Not yet, Dude! Books are boring! Not this one! Bro and Dude have very different ideas about how to spend the day at the beach. But as Bro continues to gasp and cheer as he reads his book (Moby Dick), Dude can't help but get curious. Before you can shout 'Surf's up!' both frogs are sharing the same adventure, that is, until they get to the beach.
All we know, Linda Ashman ; illustrated by Jane Dyer.
New York Times bestselling artist Jane Dyer and acclaimed author Linda Ashman collaborate on this tender story of a mother's unconditional love for her child. Stars shine, seasons change, and waves rise and fall. Invoking the majestic beauty of the natural world, a mother affectionately explains that some things just come naturally like a parent's love.
Hot Dog Hal, Peter Bently, Tom McLaughlin.
Sausage dog Hal loves his trusty old blanket and goes nowhere without it, even though his friends all say that it makes him look like a sausage covered in mustard. From the beach to the zoo, wherever Hal goes his blanket goes with him. Little do Hal's friends know just how useful it might turn out to be.
Hannah and Sugar, words and pictures by Kate Berube.
Every day after school, Hannah sees her classmate's dog, Sugar. Hannah politely declines to pet Sugar, because Hannah is afraid of dogs. But one day, Sugar goes missing, and it's Hannah who finds him.
The white cat and the monk : a retelling of the poem "Pangur Ban", Jo Ellen Bogart ; illustrations by Sydney Smith.
A monk leads a simple life. He studies his books late into the evening and searches for truth in their pages. His cat, Pangur, leads a simple life, too, chasing prey in the darkness. As night turns to dawn, Pangur leads his companion to the truth he has been seeking.
Dylan the villain, K.G. Campbell.
Dylan's parents have always boasted that he is the "very best and cleverest super-villain in the whole wide world," but when he meets Addison Van Malice, his powers are put to the test.
Spot, the cat, Henry Cole.
In this wordless picture book, a cat named Spot ventures out an open window and through a city on a journey, while his owner tries to find him.
Colours, Melbourne, Australia, Carolyn Collis.
Looks at different scenes and objects in Melbourne sorted by colour.
My city Melbourne, Australia, Carolyn Collis.
Koala shows Kiwi his city Melbourne in Australia.
My island, Rarotonga, Cook Islands, Carolyn Collis.
"Flying Fox, Moa Kirikiri, shows us around his home in Rarotonga, Cook Islands".
Oscar visits Melbourne, Australia, Carolyn Collis.
"Oscar the bear visits Melbourne. He finds ways to compare objects he sees".
A hungry lion ; or, A dwindling assortment of animals, written and illustrated by Lucy Ruth Cummins.
Members of a large group of animals, including a penguin, two rabbits, and a koala, disappear at an alarming rate but the hungry lion remains.
Fandango stew, David Davis ; illustrated by Ben Galbraith.
No money? No problem! In this sunny, funny western-style take on the famous folktale "Stone Soup," two penniless but wily vaqueros (cowboys) trick a whole town into cooking a giant pot of stew for everyone to share.
Steven Seagull action hero, Elys Dolan.
Find out how Steven Seagull saves Beach City in this hilarious action-packed picture book from the creator of Weasels, Elys Dolan.
Like a wolf, Geraldine Elschner, Antoine Guilloppe.
A dog, feared and mistreated by everyone, is rescued and cared for by a man who needs and appreciates him. Pointed ears, sharp teeth, and a back slightly bent under dark fur: a lonely dog gets mistaken for a wolf. No one came close--no one dared so the sad dog howled. Until one day, someone reached out a hand to him.
There's a moose on the loose, Lucy Feather, Stephen Lomp.
From the creator of Follow that Car, here comes Stephan Lomp's next inventive, interactive picture book with so much to spot in the detailed, energetic scenes. Readers will love tracing the mapped-out route with their finger as they follow Moose on his mad dash across a busy town. Full of bright, zingy colours and lots of animal antics, this zany book will keep children entertained for hoursA moose is on the loose and in a serious hurry! As he rushes through town, Moose is chased by an ever-growing crowd who are anxious to retrieve all the things that catch on his antlers. He dashes through a swimming pool, a museum, a classroom and even a castle! But where is he off to in such a rush? Hang on, it's a party! Of course! But why is Moose looking so anxious? Uh-oh. Do you think he's forgotten to bring a present? Watch out everyone! Moose is off again!
Grandma wombat, written by Jackie French ; illustrated by Bruce Whatley.
She eats. She sleeps. She scratches. And like all grandmas, she thinks her grandson is the best-behaved baby ever. But this baby wombat has other ideas.
Tig & Tog : the discovery, Sally Garland.
Tig did not want Tog to play with her stick. As Tig uses the stick to draw in the snow, she notices something interesting sticking out. Tig & Tog need to work together to dig it out and the stick just isn't enough!
Bear is not tired, Ciara Gavin.
Bear is supposed to sleep through the winter, but he doesn't want to miss out on any of the fun. Fortunately, Mama Duck comes up with a plan that will help everyone have the perfect winter.
Duck, duck, dinosaur, Kallie George ; illustrated by Oriol Vidal.
Three eggs hatch, resulting in an unusual but happy family.
My family is a zoo, K.A. Gerrard, Emma Dodd.
Everyone in my family has a special animal friend! My daddy has an elephant. My grandma has a bunny. My cousin has a kangaroo. And me? I have a bear! Join the whole family on this very special journey. Only, everyone in this family comes with an animal! Meet Grandma with her bunny and big brother with his dinosaur!
How to dress a dragon, Thelma Lynne Godin ; pictures by Eric Barclay.
A small child helps his reluctant, toddler-like dragon get dressed.
Hattie helps out, written by Jane Godwin & Davina Bell ; pictures by Freya Blackwood.
It's a busy day at Hattie's house. There's a lot to do before Dad's birthday party. Hattie is being very helpful, until it's time for her afternoon nap. Hattie's not even sleepy! But Mama looks tired. Very tired... A delightfully funny story about a little girl with big ideas, from a winning combination of creators.
Our dog knows words, written by Peter Gouldthorpe ; illustrated by Lucy Gouldthorpe.
Meet our very clever dog. He always knows just what we're saying to him. He knows, but does he always obey? A funny story about a clever (but not always obedient) dog, from a father-daughter team of dog lovers. From playing in the park to dinnertime, bath time and bedtime this very smart dog knows what's going on.
Farm, [illustrations, Lesley Grainger].
Enjoy first farmyard words for babies with this fun-to-touch board book. Add your own sound effects too! Oink oink! Little fingers will love exploring this playful and interactive book, packed with glossy, textured pictures and first words such as cat, duck, horse and more.
Tidy, Emily Gravett.
Pete the badger likes to keep the forest neat and tidy. But sometimes it's good to know when to stop!
Quick quack Quentin, Kes Gray & Jim Field.
From the award-winning Kes Gray and the winner of the Roald Dahl Funny Prize, Jim Field, comes an hilarious tale about one duck's quest for a missing vowel!
Really, really, Kes Gray & Nick Sharratt.
When Daisy gets left with a babysitter for the first time, she fibs and says that she usually has ice-cream and chips for tea, never gets dirty, and always stays up watching videos till midnight. 'Really?' asks Angela. 'Really, really,' fibs Daisy. But what will happen when Mum comes home?
My first trucks and diggers : let's get driving, [written by: Marie Greenwood].
Helps toddler learn about trucks and diggers. This book features bright, busy pictures that transport your toddler to the world of trucks and diggers, from fire trucks and diggers to tractors and tow trucks.
My old pal, Oscar, Amy Hest ; illustrated by Amy Bates.
After a young boy's beloved dog dies, the boy encounters a stray dog on the beach. At first, the boy is not interested in having another dog as a pet, but as he walks and plays on the beach, he gradually becomes interested in taking care of the stray dog as a pet.
Kipper's new pet, Mick Inkpen.
Kipper's friend Pig only wants a pet for his birthday, so that is exactly what Kipper buys him: a little hamster called Roly. But Kipper starts to play with Roly before Pig's birthday party and before he knows it he has missed the party and completely fallen for little Roly and cannot bear to give him away.
Skunk on a string, written and illustrated by Thao Lam.
When a skunk gets his foot caught in the string of a helium balloon, he finds himself blown through unfamiliar landscapes. What's a skunk to do?
Please, open this book!, Adam Lehrhaupt ; pictures by Matthew Forsythe.
The animals appearing in a book, excited to be "saved," beg the reader not to close them in again.
Froggy goes to the library, Jonathan London ; illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz.
When Froggy, Mom, and Pollywogilina set out for the library, Froggy brings a wheelbarrow to hold all the books he plans to borrow but he is so excited that he forgets to use his indoor voice.
Thank you!, Ethan Long.
Parent and child pairs (both animal and human) say "thank you" to each other.
Me, teddy, Chris McKimmie.
Exuberant and warm, this hugely appealing book stars the author's much-loved black labrador.
My dog's a chicken, written by Susan McElroy Montanari ; illustrated by Anne Wilsdorf.
Told she cannot have a puppy because it would just be another mouth to feed, Lula Mae decides to turn one of the chickens into a very special dog.
Hare and tortoise, retold by Alison Murray.
Hare is the fastest on the farm. Tortoise is as slow as they go. So when they decide to have a race, Hare is certain to win isn't he? The best- loved of all Aesop's Fables has been made all the more enchanting with Alison Murray's sense of fun, mischief and stylish charm.
Sleepy Cheetah, written by Mwenye Hadithi ; illustrated by Adrienne Kennaway.
Long ago, Cheetah was sandy-coloured and lay snoozing all day on the Great African Plain. There was no need to run to hunt because animals tripped over her. But one day there is a fire, and all the other animals are fleeing. This is the story of how Cheetah got her markings, and discovered that she can run as fast as the wind. An African tale with a traditional feel, celebrating the speed and grace of the Cheetah.
Groundhog's day off, Robb Pearlman ; illustrated by Brett Helquist.
Tired of being asked only about the weather, a sensitive groundhog decides to take a vacation right before the big day in February.
Are we there yet? : a story, Dan Santat.
We get it. Car rides can be boring. And when things get boring, time slows down. So much so that it might start going backward into the time of pirates! Of princesses! Of dinosaurs! You were just trying to go to your grandmother's birthday party. But when time flies, who knows where or when you'll end up. After reading this wildly inventive book that even turns upside down! You'll never look at being bored the same way again.
The whole caboodle, Lisa Shanahan, Leila Rudge.
'Wakey-wakey Peachy Pear, my fuzzy-wuzzy Grizzly Bear, my tootsy-wootsy Fizzyjig, my hurdie-gurdie Whirligig!' Who shall we see at the park today? A playful pup takes the lead on a stroll to the park, where many new friends will be found!
Bear on a bike, Hannah Shaw.
Bear is delivering a present to Mouse by any means possible! By bike, truck, bus, trolley with lots of scrapes along the way. It is going to be one very battered present by the time he reaches Mouse.
Did you take the b from my _ook?, Beck & Matt Stanton.
Two things you need to know. Firstly, your favourite thing in the whole world is the letter B. And secondly, you're about to sneeze and all the Bs are going to be blown out of the book. So until you can get your favourite letter back, you're about to sound really, really silly. And the kids will love it!
Tiny cops and robbers, Joel Stewart.
Wanted the tiny robbers are on the loose! They are a mischievous lot, always looking for something they can take, especially if it is mummy's glasses, daddy's socks, or even grandpa's wig! But don't worry, here come the tiny cops! They've polished their boots, shined their badges, and now they're ready for action! Which is a good thing, because the tiny robbers are after something really big this time!
Hush-a-bye bunny, Holly Surplice.
It's time for Bunny to go to bed, but he doesn't want to leave his mummy and when he gets all tearful, Mummy Bunny knows just the rock-a-bye lullaby to comfort her little one. Hush-a-Bye Bunny is perfect for comforting sleepy little bunnies who don't like being left alone when it's time to turn out the light.
Who done it?, Olivier Tallec.
The simple text asks the reader a series of questions about the characters on each page, and the child must seek out the visual clues to answer.
The typewriter, Bill Thomson.
In this picture book with few words, three children find a typewriter on a carousel, and begin an adventure that helps them discover the wonder of
Quick, little monkey!, Sarah L. Thomson ; illustrated by Lita Judge.
When little monkey's curiosity causes her to slip and fall to the shadowy forest floor, she must evade a series of animals looking for lunch before she can return to her home in the trees.
The almost terrible playdate, written and illustrated by Richard Torrey.
A young boy and girl, with very different ideas about what they want to play, face off during a play date.
Messy Molly, Jo Williamson.
Messy Molly is on a mission to stay tip-top tidy. But slurpy spaghetti gets everywhere. Rainwater wiggles its way into her wellies. Mud seems to find her, always. Will Molly manage to stay spick and span for her singing show? A hilarious picture book about messy mishaps and muddy mayhem by a hugely exciting new talent.
Giraffe on a bicycle, Julia Woolf.
Monkey has found a bicycle. Luckily giraffe knows how to ride it sort of! But when a tentative tiger, three mischievous monkeys and a very flappy flamingo join in the fun, things start getting a little crowded. And with a whole host of other jungle animals keen to climb aboard, monkey and giraffe could be in for a very bumpy ride!
Little Red, Bethan Woollvin.
Little Red Riding Hood meets a wolf on her way through the woods to visit her sick grandmother. The wolf is hungry, and Red Riding Hood looks tasty, so he hatches a dastardly plan, gobbles up Grandma and lies in wait. So far, so familiar. But this Little Red Riding Hood is not easily fooled, and this big bad wolf better watch his back.

World Languages

Makkakka tomato, Iwasa Yuko.
Akakun densha to hashiru, Ando Toshihiko.
Obake to hottokeki, Arai Hiroyuki.
Yoru no tsumiki daisakusen, Arai Hiroyuki.
Pakkun pakkun, Cho Shinta.
San san sanpo, Egashira Michiko.
Mamimume monyonyo, e Fukuba Rinko ; kanshu Inada Daisuke.
Shiro ga kuro no panda desu, Hirata Kei ; Hirata Masahiro.
Hiyoyo no ohirune, Hiyoyo.
A to itteyo a, Horikawa Rimako ; Onodera Etsuko.
Rakki no orusuban, Iriyama Satoshi.
Dondon kurukuru, Iwata Akiko ; Nakao Masatoshi.
Dakko dakko daisuki, Kamijo Yumiko bun ; 100%Orange e.
Ichinichi mukashibanashi, Kawashima Nanae ; Fukube Akihiro.
Oyasumi densha, Kido Naoko ; Hiraiwa Mika.
Tomodachi bento, Kisaka Ryo bun ; Iriyama Satoshi e.
Koko ga suki, Kitayama Yoko.
Notte iko, Kiuchi Tatsuro saku.
Boku okiku narukarane!,
Kumachan sensei, Marini montini.
Obake no moji kun toire ikerumon, Mokako.
Rorupan basu, Mokako.
Kore wa maru, e Tsupera tsupera ; bun Nakagawa Hirotaka.
Maruten iroten, Nakatsuji Etsuko saku.
Mate mate takushi, Nishimura Toshio.
Ninninja kazoku, Nobumi.
Dobutsutachi no oyasuminasai, Paul Ann Whitford ; David Walker ; Fukumoto Yumiko.
Bento bentaro, Sakai Kinue ; Nakagawa Hirotaka.
Ishagayoi, Sakura Sekai saku.
Okasan omiyage, Sasaki Mio.
Katori senko, Tajima Seizo saku.
Majo ga kaze o hiitarane, Takabatake Jun e ; Takabatake Junko saku.
Sotto sotto ne : seikatsu ehon, Tanji Akiko.
Banana sensei to sagashikko, Yamashita Kohei bun ; Tokuda Yukihisa e.
Obake dajo, Tsupera tsupera.
Arigatomato, Watanabe Aya.
Sansan sankaku, Yonezu Yusuke.
Onaka no kobito, Yoshimura Akiko.

Younger Fiction

Rockhopping, Trace Balla.
Join Clancy and Uncle Egg on a rambling, rockhopping adventure in Gariwerd (the Grampians), to find the source of the Glenelg River. A story about following your flow, and the unexpected places you may go.
Knitbone Pepper, ghost dog and the last circus tiger, Claire Barker ; illustrated by Ross Collins.
Knitbone Pepper is a friendly ghost dog, haunting the crumbling Starcross Hall with a gaggle of other ghostly pets. When Knitbone and his beloved owner Winnie invite the circus to Starcross, the spooks are so excited! But amidst the magicians, the acrobats and the clowns, Knitbone senses something beastly in the big top.
The dead bird, story by Margaret Wise Brown ; pictures by Christian Robinson.
When they find a dead bird, a group of children bury it in the woods, sing a song to it, and put flowers on the
Harper and the Circus of Dreams, Cerrie Burnell ; illustrated by Laura Ellen Anderson.
Late one evening as the stars begin to twinkle, Harper and her friends are flying on the scarlet umbrella when they see a girl running on air. She leads them to the Circus of Dreams and a magical adventure!
Ramona Quimby, age 8, Beverly Cleary ; illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers.
Ramona's job is to be nice to fussy Mrs. Kemp, who watches her while her mother works.
A soldier, a dog and a boy, Libby Hathorn ; illustrated by Phil Lesnie.
A moving story, told completely in dialogue, about a young Australian soldier in the battle of the Somme. Walking through the fields away from the front, he finds what he thinks is a stray dog, and decides to adopt it as a mascot for his company. Then he meets Jacques, the homeless orphan boy who owns the dog. The soldier realises that Jacques needs the dog more and perhaps needs his help as well. With stunning illustrations from Phil Lesnie, this is a deeply moving celebration of friendship in times of war.
The sandwich thief, Andre Marois, Patrick Doyon.
Someone at school keeps stealing the sandwiches from Marin's lunchbox, and he is determined to find the culprit.
1-2-3 a calmer me : helping children cope when emotions get out of control, Colleen A. Patterson, MA, and Brenda S. Miles, PhD ; illustrated by Claire Keay.
A young girl learns a technique for dealing with anger and it works.
Playing from the heart, Peter H. Reynolds.
An inspiring, moving story for budding musicians everywhere, the acclaimed creator of The Dot, Sky Colour and Ish tells the story of a father and son, who connect through the powerful language of music. When a young boy begins to play on his family's piano, revelling in the fun of plunking the keys, his father signs him up for lessons so that he can learn to play properly. With his father's encouragement, Raj learns notes, then scales, then songs, and finally classical pieces that his father can recognize and be proud of. But the more Raj practises and the more skilled he becomes, the less he enjoys playing until he grows up and stops playing altogether. But when his father becomes ill and asks Raj to play for him, will Raj still remember how to play from the heart?
Claude. Going for gold!, Alex T. Smith.
When Claude and Sir Bobblysock discover a Very Exciting Sports Competition at their local sports centre, they are very excited. They are even more excited when they are asked to take part. But Claude's doggy paddle isn't fast enough, and he's not quite as good at gymnastics as he thought he might be. Then some robbers steal the gold cup and Claude chases them can he run fast enough to catch them?