New Titles Non-Fiction September 2017 (arrived in August 2017)

Art & Architecture

50 art movements you should know: from Impressionism to Performance Art, Rosalind Ormiston709 ORM
A way of living: the art of Willem de Kooning, Judith Zilczer 759.13 DE
In a new format the bestselling monograph on one of the most influential painters of the 20th century.
Adobe houses: homes of sun and earth, Kathryn Masson ; photography David Glomb 728.37 MAS
Art collecting today: market insights for everyone passionate about art, Doug Woodham 708 WOO
Blek Le Rat, Ken McGregor 751.73 LE
Blek le Rat is known worldwide for the quirky ideas and radical politics he has brought to his art form stencilled street art.
David Hockney, Chris Stephens and Andrew Wilson 759.2 HOC
Draw your weapons, Sarah Sentilles. 701.08 SEN
Art and war.
Edvard Munch: between the clock and the bed, Gary Garrels, Jon-Ove Steihaug, and Sheena Wagstaff. 759.8 MUN
Fallen glory: the lives and deaths of twenty lost buildings from the Tower of Babel to the Twin Towers, James Crawford. 720.9 CRA
Hokusai: beyond the great wave, Timothy Clark 769.952 KAT
Honar: the Afkhami collection of modern and contemporary Iranian art., 709.55 HON
KAWS: where the end starts, 709.0407 KAW
Presents the work of the artist KAWS on the occasion of his twenty-year survey exhibition at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.
Nick Cave: Until, Denise Markonish, David Byrne, Carl Hancock Rux. 709.73 CAV
Ornament is crime: modernist architecture, Matt Gibberd, Albert Hill. 724.6 GIB
Painting today, Tony Godfrey 759.06 GOD
Painting Today is a comprehensive overview of the last 30 years of painting.
Running the city: why public art matters, Felicity Fenner 711 FEN
Sottsass., 709.2 SOT
Take a glimpse inside the archive of the founder of the Memphis Group and designer of the Olivetti Valentine typewriter in Ettore Sottsass, a lavishly illustrated monograph chronicling the life and works of the unparalleled Italian designer and architect.
The big picture: contemporary art in 10 works by 10 artists, Matthew Israel. 709.05 ISR
The glass of the architects: Vienna 1900-1937, Rainald Franz 748.2 FRA
The Sagrada Família: Gaudi's heaven on earth, Gijs van Hensbergen 726.6 SAG
Its scaffolding-cloaked spires reach up to the heavens, dominating the Barcelona skyline and drawing in millions of visitors every year.
The unfinished Palazzo: life, love and art in Venice: the stories of Luisa Casati, Doris Castlerosse and Peggy Guggenheim, Judith Mackrell. 728.82 MCK
Urban pioneer: interiors inspired by industrial design, Sara Emslie 747 EMS
Versailles: the great and hidden splendours of the Sun King's palace, Catherine Pegard ; photographs by Christophe Fouin. 725.17 VER


An estate car named Desire: a life on the road, Martin Gurdon 629.222 GUR
Great Britain's automobile industry.
E-Type Jaguar restoration manual: classic motor cars with David Barzilay., 629.2872 JAG
Ford tough: 100 years of Ford trucks, Patrick Foster 629.223 FOR
Return to glory: the story of Ford's revival and victory at the toughest race in the world, Matthew DeBord 629.228 FOR
Stars & cars: mythical pairings, Jacques Braunstein 629.222 BRA
The complete book of classic Volkswagens: Beetles, Microbuses, Things, Karmann Ghias, and more, John Gunnell 629.2222 VOL
The world's greatest cars: 250 of the most memorable automobiles, General editor, Craig Cheetham 629.222 WOR


TrumpNation: the art of being The Donald, Timothy L. O'Brien 338.04 TRU
Available for the first time in a decade-the book that launched a billion lawsuit with a new introduction by the author in which O'Brien reflects on the recent wave of TrumpMania.


A life underwater, Charlie Veron 578.77 VER
Hailed by David Attenborough and acclaimed a second Charles Darwin, Charlie Veron has lived up to his namesake. By chance he became a marine biologist, through his love of scuba diving. He generated a new concept of evolution that incorporates environmental change and a radical idea of what species are, matters which lie at the heart of conservation.
A nurse on the edge of the desert: from Birdsville to Kandahar: the art of extreme nursing, Andrew Cameron with John McCrystal 610.73 CAM
International humanitarian-aid nurse and New Zealander Andrew Cameron is the winner of the coveted Florence Nightingale Medal. In this gripping book he recounts his remarkable life nursing in some of the world's most dangerous and challenging locations.
A woman's place: life, leadership and lessons from the boardroom, Joan Withers with Jenni McManus 658.409 WIT
Joan Withers left high school with School Certificate at the age of 16 and from those unassuming beginnings has gone on to manage one of New Zealand's leading media organisations and to chair the boards of several of the country's largest companies.
Admissions: a life in brain surgery, Henry Marsh 617.48 MAR
Henry Marsh has spent a lifetime operating on the surgical frontline. There have been exhilarating highs and devastating lows, but his love for the practice of neurosurgery has never wavered.
An unfinished portrait: journeys around my mother, Miriam Frank 306.8743 FRA
Frank paints a vivid and poignant portrait of a life as refugee through the colourful images of a child's eye from Collioure and Oran to markets in Mexico's Xochilmilco and New Zealand in the fifties. Miriam Frank trained as a doctor at Otago University and later became an anaesthesist at the Royal London Hospital.
Astride a fierce wind, Huberta Hellendoorn 305.83931 HEL
Huberta Hellendoorn's memoir is a celebration of the Dutch way of life and of her adopted home, Dunedin. It is a tribute to fierce motherhood and firm friendship. A story written with courage and a belief in the transformative power of words.
Asylum, Moriz Scheyer 940.5318 SCH
In 1943, hidden by the Resistance in a French convent, Moriz Scheyer began drafting an account of his wartime experiences: a tense, moving, at times almost miraculous story of flight and persecution in Austria and France.
Balancing acts: reflections of a New Zealand diplomat, Gerald McGhie 327.93 MCG
This is Gerald McGhie's fascinating and insightful account of some of the highlights of almost 40 years service as a New Zealand diplomat - most notably in the Soviet Union. McGhie worked in Samoa earlier - shortly before independence in the 1960s, and later in Papua New Guinea.
Being here: the life of Paula Modersohn-Becker, Marie Darrieussecq 759.3 MOD
Born in Germany in 1876, Paula Modersohn-Becker was the first female artist to paint herself not only naked but pregnant. Being Here is a moving account of the life of this ground-breaking Expressionist painter, by the acclaimed French writer Marie Darrieussecq.
Believe, Nicola Adams with Jordan Paramor 796.83 ADA
From a leisure centre in Leeds to the Olympic Stadium in Rio, Nicola with her infamous smile has become the poster girl for women in sport. She's a trailblazer, record-breaker, and has led the way for women's boxing. This is Nicola's story of grit, talent and the real person behind the smile.
Believe me: a memoir of love, death, and jazz chickens, Eddie Izzard with Laura Zigman 792.7 IZZ
When Eddie Izzard was six, he and his brother Mark lost their mother. That day, he lost his childhood too. Despite or perhaps because of this, he has always felt he needed to take on things that some people would consider impossible.
Blue rage, black redemption: a memoir, Stanley Tookie Williams 364.1523 WIL
Williams co-founded the Crips in his L.A. neighborhood, but what began as protection became a notorious gang. A 1981 conviction sent him to death row, where he was executed in 2005. But from his cell, he became a powerful anti-gang activist.
Bob Dylan: a spiritual life, Scott M. Marshall 781.64 DYL
Bob Dylan: A Spiritual Life delivers the story of a man in dogged pursuit of redemption.
Brian Redman: daring drivers, deadly tracks, Brian Redman with Jim Mullen 796.72 RED
Packed with photographs, Redman's memoir is a vivid account of his varied racing exploits, with special focus on the period when he won major sports car races in Ford GT40s, Porsche 908s and 917s, and Ferrari 312PBs, and also became North American Formula 5000 champion three years running.
Built for speed: my autobiography, John McGuinness with John Hagan 796.75 MCG
John McGuinness is one of the all-time giants of road racing, with a huge host of victories to his name. But his easy humour and down-to-earth attitude off the bike have always kept people guessing what's the truth about the man inside the helmet, that has kept him at the top of such a sport for over 20 years?
But seriously, John McEnroe 796.342 MCE
Here, John McEnroe, the beloved, controversial, and respected tennis legend reveals more from his life and career with the signature style that has made him the enduring cultural figure and icon he is.
Chief engineer: Washington Roebling: the man who built the Brooklyn Bridge, Erica Wagner 624.2 ROE
Coach Wooden and me: our 50-year friendship on and off the court, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 796.323 ABD
When future NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was still an 18-year-old high school basketball prospect from New York City named Lew Alcindor, he accepted a scholarship from UCLA largely on the strength of Coach John Wooden's reputation as a winner. It turned out to be the right choice.
Coming of age: the sexual awakening of Margaret Mead, Deborah Beatriz Blum 301 MEA
The startling coming-of-age story of famed anthropologist Margaret Mead, whose radical ideas challenged the social and sexual norms of her time.
Don't be a dick, Pete, Stuart Heritage 306.875 HER
Stuart Heritage's unconventional and laugh-out-loud biography of his brother. It is a hilarious examination of home and family; sons, fathers, fatherhood, sibling relationships and how hard it is to move on in a system that's loaded with several decades of preconceived ideas about you.
Edward VII: the Prince of Wales and the women he loved, Catharine Arnold 941.082 EDW
Edward Prince of Wales, better known as "Bertie," was the eldest son of Queen Victoria. Charming and dissolute, he was a larger-than-life personality with king-size appetites. A lifelong womanizer, Bertie conducted his countless liaisons against the glittering backdrop of London society, Europe, and the stately homes of England in the second half of the 19th century.
Every lie I've ever told, Rosie Waterland 792.7 WAT
The bestselling author of The Anti-Cool Girl returns with a devastating, heartbreaking, brilliant, brave and laugh-out-loud funny memoir of telling lies and being on the brink.
Eve's war: the diaries of a military wife during the Second World War, Evelyn Shillington ; edited by Barbara Fox 941.084 SHI
In 1935 Evelyn Shillington started a diary, little knowing the years of turmoil it would cover, and how insightful her experiences as an army wife would be to the following generations.
Farewell my French love, Nadine Williams 070.92 WIL
Whoever has loved knows all that life contains of sorrow and joy. Journalist Nadine Williams is heart-broken following the untimely death of her French-born husband, Olivier. Long-time friend Jane, alarmed at Nadine's despair, suggests a return to Europe to restore her joie de vivre: ending in Paris where Nadine's love for Oliver was borne.
Fedegraphica: a graphic biography of the genius of Roger Federer, Mark Hodgkinson 796.342 FED
Fetch: how a bad dog brought me home: a graphic memoir, Nicole J. Georges 636.7 GEO
The author describes her life with her misbehaved dog, a pet that saw her through many changes in life over the course of fifteen years.
From the Holocaust to Hogan's Heroes: the autobiography of Robert Clary, Robert Clary 792.028 CLA
Robert Clary (born Robert Max Widerman in Paris in 1926) is best known for his portrayal of the spirited Corporal Louis Lebeau on the popular television series Hogan's Heroes on the air from 1965 to 1971 and widely syndicated around the globe.
Goethe: life as a work of art, Rudiger Safranski 832.6 GOE
This biography of Germany's greatest writer presents Johann Wolfgang von Goethe as if we are seeing him for the first time. No other writer so completely captivated the intellectual life of late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century Europe, putting into language the anxieties and ambitions of a civilization on the cusp of modernity.
Guy Martin: portrait of a bike legend, Phil Wain 796.75 MAR
Celebrates the incredible racing career of this charismatic rider, an unlikely celebrity motivated not by wealth and fame but by his love of engineering, bikes and speed.
Hippy days, Arabian nights: from life in the bush to love on the Nile, Katherine Boland 759.994 BOL
A funny, moving and compelling story of a woman whose extraordinary life will never be summarised by the words 'could have', 'might have', or 'should have'. Whether it's following her dreams pursuing what she believes in, or chasing matters of the heart, from the outset Australian artist Katherine Boland has grabbed life by the throat and jumped in feet first.
Imagine wanting only this, Kristen Radtke 741.5 RAD
In this genre-smashing graphic memoir, Kirsten Radtke leads us through deserted towns in the American Midwest, Italian villas, islands in the Philippines, New York City, and the delicate passageways of the human heart. She never shys away from the big questions: why are we here, and what will we leave behind?
Josephine Baker, Art by Catel Muller ; written by Jose-Louis Bocquet 792.7 BAK
Josephine Baker (1906--1975) was nineteen years old when she found herself in Paris for the first time in 1925. Overnight, the young American dancer became the idol of the Roaring Twenties, captivating Picasso, Cocteau, Le Corbusier, and Simenon.
Keeping my sisters' secrets, Beezy Marsh 942.1 MAR
The moving true story of three sisters born into poverty and their fight for survival. Eva, Peggy and Kathleen were sisters born into a close-knit working class family, living in a tiny terraced house in a street so rough the police would only walk down it in pairs. As they grew up between the wars, they dreamed of escaping their violent father and the crime-written slums of Waterloo.
Knowing the score: my family and our tennis story, Judy Murray with Alexandra Heminsley 796.342 MUR
As mother to tennis champions Jamie and Andy Murray, Scottish National Coach, coach of the Fed Cup, and general all-round can-do woman of wonder, Judy Murray is the ultimate role model for believing in yourself and reaching out to ambition.
Last things: a graphic memoir of loss and love, Marissa Moss 813.54 MOS
After returning home from a year abroad, Marissa's husband, Harvey was diagnosed with ALS. The disease progressed quickly and Marissa was soon consumed with caring for Harvey while trying to keep life as normal as possible for their children.
Leo Durocher: baseball's prodigal son, Paul Dickson 796.357 DUR
Leo Durocher (1906-1991) was baseball's all-time leading cocky, flamboyant, and galvanizing character, casting a shadow across several eras, from the time of Babe Ruth to the Space Age Astrodome, from Prohibition through the Vietnam War.
Love and trouble: a midlife reckoning, Claire Dederer 306.8743 DED
From the New York Times best-selling author of Poser: My Life in Twenty-Three Yoga Poses, a ferocious, sexy, hilarious memoir about going off the rails at midlife and trying to reconcile the girl she was with the woman she has become.
MacArthur at war: World War II in the Pacific, Walter R. Borneman 355.00973 MCA
The author of the national best-seller The Admirals chronicles General Douglas MacArthur's amazing rise during World War II.
Messigraphica: a graphic biography of the genius of Lionel Messi, Sanjeev Shetty 796.334 MES
Michelle Obama: a photographic journey, Antonia Felix ; photo editor, Christopher Measom 973.932 OBA
My autobiography, Charles Chaplin 791.43028 CHA
As a child, Charlie Chaplin was awed and inspired by the sight of glamorous stars passing his home, and from then on he never lost his ambition to become an actor. Chaplin's film career as the Little Tramp adored by the whole world is the stuff of legend, but this frank autobiography shows another side.
My colourful life, Wanda Ellis ; memoirs compiled by Matt Ellioitt 325.2438 ELL
My Colourful Life tells the remarkable story of an ordinary Polish woman whose life became entangled in the world changing events of World War II. From Poland to New Zealand.
No way! Okay, fine: a memoir of pop culture, feminism and feelings, Brodie Lancaster 828.92 LAN
This is the story of life as a young woman through the lenses of feminism and pop culture.Brodie's story will make you re-evaluate the power of pop culture in our lives - and maybe you will laugh and cry along the way.
Otis Redding: an unfinished life, Jonathan Gould 781.644 RED
Otis Redding remains an presence in the canon of American music on the strength of such classic hits as "(Sittin' on) The Dock of the Bay," As the architect of the distinctly southern, gospel-inflected style of rhythm & blues associated with Stax Records in Memphis, Redding made music that has long served as the gold standard of 1960s soul.
Prince Harry: the inside story, Duncan Larcombe 941.085 HEN
Rafa, Rafael Nadal with John Carlin 796.342 NAD
No tennis player since Andre Agassi has captivated the world like Rafael Nadal. He's a rarity in today's sporting arena a true sportsman who chooses to let his raw talent, dedication and humility define him.
Remembering Diana: a life in photographs, Foreword by Tina Brown 941.085 DIA
Shepard's war: E. H. Shepard: the man who drew Winnie-the-Pooh, Compiled by James Campbell ; foreword by Minette Shepard 940.481 SHE
Ernest Howard Shepard was born in London in 1879 into an artistic and literary family. He studied art from an early age and was successful in making a career out of it, particularly as a political cartoonist for Punch and a prolific book illustrator.
So high a blood: the life of Margaret, Countess of Lennox, Morgan Ring 942.052 LEN
Morgan Ring has revived the story of Lady Margaret Douglas to vivid effect. From a detailed backdrop of political and religious turbulence Margaret emerges, full of resilience, grace and intelligence.
Stalin's meteorologist: one man's untold story of love, life and death, Olivier Rolin 365.45 WAN
One fateful day in 1934, a husband arranged to meet his wife under the colonnade of the Bolshoi theatre. As she waited for him in vain, he was only a few hundred metres away, in a cell in the notorious Lubyanka prison. Less than a year before, Alexey Wangenheim a celebrated meteorologist had been hailed by Stalin as a national hero.
Stanley Ketchel: a life of triumph and prophecy, Manuel A. Mora 796.83 KET
Stanley Ketchel was an early 20th century Middleweight Champion from 1908-1910.
Tales of a ludicrous bird gardener, Bill Oddie 791.45028 ODD
This book is a garden-based autobiography of Britain's most famous birdwatcher.
The devil and Dr. Barnes: portrait of an American art collector, Howard Greenfeld 708 BAR
Biography of Dr. Barnes, one of the most colourful, bizarre, and visionary figure in the American art world in the last century.
The dream colony: a life in art, Walter Hopps ; from interviews with Anne Doran 708 HOP
An innovative, iconoclastic curator of contemporary art, Walter Hopps founded his first gallery in L.A. at the age of twenty-one. At twenty-four, he opened the Ferus Gallery with then-unknown artist Edward Kienholz, where he turned the spotlight on a new generation of West Coast artists.
The enlightened Mr. Parkinson: the pioneering life of a forgotten English surgeon, Cherry Lewis 610.92 PAR
Parkinson's disease is one of the most common forms of dementia, and yet few know anything about the man the disease is named after. In 1817 exactly 200 years ago James Parkinson (1755-1824) defined the disease so precisely that we still diagnose it today by recognising the symptoms he identified.
The gamekeeper, Portia Simpson 639.9 SIM
A fascinating memoir of Scotland's first-ever qualified female gamekeeper.
The Maddie diaries, Maddie Ziegler 792.8 ZIE
Teen dance prodigy, breakout Dance Moms star, and judge on So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation presents her uplifting coming-of-age memoir about following her dreams and working hard to achieve success in both the dance world and in life.
The mighty Franks: a memoir, Michael Frank 929.2 FRA
Auntie Hankie, with her extravagant personality, comes to bend the wider family to her will. Talented, mercurial, and lavish with her love, she divides Michael from his parents and his two younger brothers as she takes charge of his education. She trains his mind and his eye until that eye begins to see on its own.
The only girl in the world: a memoir, Maude Julien with Ursula Gauthier 362.76 JUL
The Only Girl in the World is an inspiring testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Maude Julien's childhood was defined by the iron grip of her father, who was convinced his daughter was destined for great deeds.
The other exile: the remarkable story of Fernão Lopes, the island of St. Helena and a paradise lost, A R Azzam 997.3 CAS
The first known inhabitant of St Helena long before Napoleon was a 16th-century Portuguese renegade.In 1506 Fernao Lopes, a member of his country's minor nobility, travelled to Goa in search of honour and wealth. There he converted to Islam, married a Muslim, fought his former countrymen, and was eventually captured - his nose and hands publicly cut off for treachery.
The prince who would be king: the life and death of Henry Stuart, Sarah Fraser 941.06 HEN
Henry Stuart, Prince of Wales was once the hope of Britain. Eldest son to James VI of Scotland, James I of England, Henry was the epitome of heroic Renaissance princely virtue, his life set against a period about as rich and momentous as any.
The resilient farmer: weathering the challenges of life and the land, Doug Avery with Margie Thomson 630.92 AVE
'I had a destroyed farm, a destroyed bank account and destroyed hopes. I couldn't afford to move, so I decided to make good of what I had.' And so begins Doug Avery's story of emotional resilience in the face of what at times seemed a hopeless situation. The Marlborough-based farmer suffered terribly during eight years of drought.
The short and tragic life of Robert Peace: a brilliant young man who left Newark for the Ivy League, Jeff Hobbs 974.9 PEA
To the point: the no-holds-barred autobiography, Herscelle Gibbs with Steve Smith 796.358 GIB
Herschelle gives us his opinions on his teammates and the best players he has encountered over the years, and describes what it's been like to be part of the Proteas set-up for the past fourteen years, through the controversies of its various captains and coaches.
Trail blazer: my life as an ultra-distance trail runner, Ryan Sandes with Steve Smith 796.42 SAN
What does it take to run a six-day race through the world's harshest deserts? Or 100 miles in a single day at altitudes that would leave you breathless just walking? More than that, though: what is it like to win these races? South Africa's ultra-trail-running superstar Ryan Sandes has done just that.
Unfiltered: no shame, no regrets, just me, Lily Collins 791.43028 COL
For the first time ever, Lily shares her life and her own deepest secrets, underlining that every single one of us experiences pain and heartbreak.
Walking with the wind: a memoir of the movement, John Lewis with Michael D'Orso 328.73 LEW
Walking with the Wind, is an important record of the American civil rights movement. Told by John Lewis, who Cornel West calls a "national treasure," this is a gripping first-hand account of the fight for civil rights and the courage it takes to change a nation.

Business & Management

101 sample write-ups for documenting employee performance problems: a guide to progressive discipline & termination, Paul Falcone 658.313 FAL
A practical guide to event promotion, Nigel Jackson and Katie Angliss 659 JAC
Advertising: what everyone needs to know, Mara Einstein 659.1 EIN
Beyond Harvard: all-new street smarts from the world of Mark H. McCormack, Jo Russell 650.1 BEY
Collaborating with the enemy: how to work with people you don't agree with or like or trust, Adam Kahane ; drawings by Jeff Barnum 658.45 KAH
Content marketing in a week, Jane Heaton 658.872 HEA
Direct and digital marketing in practice, Brian Thomas and Matthew Housden 658.84 THO
Financial accounting, Craig Michael Deegan 657 DEE
Fit matters: how to love your job, Moe Carrick, Cammie Dunaway 650.1 CAR
Getting started in small business for dummies, Veechi Curtis 658.022 CUR
Good people, bad managers: how work culture corrupts good intentions, Samuel A. Culbert 658 CUL
How to market your book: the business beyond your book!: an easy-to-follow guide on how you can market, promote & ultimately boost book sales & create a successful publishing business, Rachael Bermingham.. 070.5 BER
Introduction to Google Analytics: a guide for absolute beginners, Todd Kelsey [with Brandon Lyon] 658.872 KEL
Made with Creative Commons, Paul Stacey & Sarah Hinchliff Pearson 346.048 STA
Managing millennials, Hannah L. Ubl, Lisa X. Walden, and Debra Arbit 658.3 UBL
Megaprojects and risk: an anatomy of ambition, Bent Flyvbjerg, Nils Bruzelius, Werner Rothengatter 658.404 FLY
Mind maps for effective project management, Maneesh Dutt 658.404 DUT
Profits and sustainability: a history of green entrepreneurship, Geoffrey Jones 658.408 JON
Social media for business: foolproof tips to help you promote your business or your brand, Linda Coles 658.872 COL
Spellbound: seven principles of illusion to captivate audiences and unlock the secrets of success, David Kwong 650.1 KWO
Successful brand management in a week, Paul Hitchens and Julia Hitchens 658.827 HIT
The lean strategy: using lean to create competitive advantage, unleash innovation, and deliver sustainable growth, Michael Ball 658.401 BAL
The stop doing list: more time, more profit, more freedom, Matt Malouf 650.1 MAL
The weekend effect: the life-changing benefits of taking two days off, Katrina Onstad 650.1 ONS
Workplace bullying, Frank Darby, Andrew Scott-Howman 658.3145 DAR
Your business, your life: reap the rewards, Peter Gialouris 650.1 GIA


Adaptive code: agile coding with design patterns and SOLID principles, Gary McLean Hall 005.11 HAL
Android cookbook: problems and solutions for Android developers, Ian Darwin 005.1 AND
Curation: the power of selection in a world of excess, Michael Bhaskar 006.312 BHA
Deep thinking: where machine intelligence ends and human creativity begins, Garry Kasparov with Mig Greengard 006.3 KAS
Hacking the hacker: learn from the experts who take down hackers, Roger A. Grimes 005.8 GRI
Introduction to search engine optimization: a guide for absolute beginners, Todd Kelsey 025.04 KEL
Learning Docker: faster app development and deployment with Docker containers, Jeeva S. Chelladhurai, Vinod Singh, Pethuru Raj 005.43 CHE
Radical technologies: the design of everyday life, Adam Greenfield 004 GRE
Sams teach yourself Hadoop in 24 hours, Jeffrey Aven 005.74 AVE
SQL: a beginner's guide, Andrew J. Oppel 005.756 OPP
The one device: the secret history of the iPhone, Brian Merchant 621.38456 IPH

Crafts & Collecting

350+ crochet: tips, techniques, and trade secrets, Jan Eaton 746.434 EAT
60 quick knitted toys: fun, fabulous knits in the 220 Superwash collection from Cascade Yarns., 746.432 SIX
Amigurumi!: super happy crochet cute, Elisabeth A. Doherty 746.434 DOH
A-Z of goldwork with silk embroidery, 746.44 A
Baby botanicals, Alana Dakos 746.432 DAK
The five patterns included in this collection are sized to fit girls from six months to 12 years of age.
Blooming crochet hats: 10 crochet designs with 10 mix-and-match accents, Shauna-Lee Graham 746.434 GRA
Enamelling on copper, Pat Johnson 738.4 JOH
Floristry now: flower design and inspiration, Paula Pryke 745.92 PRY
Flowers every day: inspired florals for home, gifts and gatherings, Florence Kennedy 745.92 KEN
Inspirations: a passion for needlework., 746.44 INS
Interweave presents Classic knit shawls: 20 timeless designs featuring lace, cables, & more., 746.432 INT
Jorid Linvik's big book of knitted mittens: 45 distinctive Scandinavian patterns, Jorid Linvik 746.432 LIN
Knits & pieces: a knitting miscellany, Danielle Holke 746.432 HOL
Knitting double: mastering the two-color technique with over 30 reversible projects, Anja Belle 746.432 BEL
Knitting without needles: a stylish introduction to finger and arm knitting, Anne Weil 746.432 WEI
Magic wool mermaids, fairies and nymphs through the seasons, Christine Schäfer 745.5924 SCH
Metric pattern cutting for women's wear, Winifred Aldrich 646.407 ALD
Potted: make your own stylish garden containers, Annette Goliti Gutierrez & Mary Gray 745.72 GUT
Robin Vizzone's peculiar primitives: a collection of eclectic projects: hand-dyed wool & embroidery: quilts, dolls, pillows & more., 746.44 VIZ
Roped in: creative craft projects made with rope (and other awesome things), Gemma Patford 746.422 PAT
The quilting manual: techniques, troubleshooting & more :designs for hand & machine: featuring 16 quilt experts!, 746.46 QUI
The upcycled T-shirt: 28 easy-to-make projects that save the planet: clothing, accessories, home decor & gifts, Jenelle Montilone 746 MON

Crime & Espionage

A rose for her grave: and other true cases, Ann Rule 364.1523 RUL
Includes the cases of convicted murderers Randy Roth, Charles Rodman Campbell, Cynthia Marler, Ken Burke, and Richard Marquette.
Incendiary: the psychiatrist, the mad bomber, and the invention of criminal profiling, Michael Cannell 363.32 CAN
My sister Milly, Gemma Dowler with Michelle Lovric 364.1523 DOW
Everyone thinks they know the story of Milly Dowler. Haunting headlines about the missing schoolgirl splashed across front pages. The family's worst fears realised when her body was found months later.
Small sacrifices: a true story of passion and murder, Ann Rule 364.1523 RUL
'Somebody just shot my kids!' Diane Downs brought her car to a halt in front of a Springfield, Oregon, hospital, her three gravely wounded children beside her. Thus begins the shocking tale of a truly unthinkable crime that shattered the tranquility of a tight-knit community.
The fact of a body: a murder and a memoir, Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich 364.1523 MAR
Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich begins a summer job at a law firm in Louisiana, working on the retrial defence of death-row convicted murderer and child molester, Ricky Langley. As Alexandria pores over the facts of the murder, she finds herself thrust into the complicated narrative of Ricky's childhood.
The great New Zealand robbery: the extraordinary true story of how gangsters pulled off our most audacious heist, Scott Bainbridge 364.162 BAI
The the surviving crims & police officers both came to the book launch. The money is still missing!
The solitary spy: a political prisoner in Cold War Berlin, Douglas Boyd 941.085 BOY
The Solitary Spy is a unique account of the terrifying experience of incarceration and interrogation in an East German political prison, from which Boyd eventually escaped one step ahead of the KGB.
The spider and the fly: a reporter, a serial killer, and the meaning of murder, Claudia Rowe 364.1523 ROW
In September 1998, young reporter Claudia Rowe was working as a stringer for the New York Times in Poughkeepsie, New York, when local police discovered the bodies of eight women stashed in the attic and basement of the small colonial home that Kendall Francois, a painfully polite twenty-seven-year-old community college student, shared with his parents and sister.
Three minutes to doomsday: an agent, a traitor, and the worst espionage breach in US history, Joe Navarro 327.12 NAV


A history of the United States in five crashes: stock market meltdowns that defined a nation, Scott Nations 330.973 NAT
Adults in the room: my battle with Europe's deep establishment, Yanis Varoufakis 330.9495 VAR
Varoufakis sparked one of the most spectacular and controversial battles in recent political history when, as finance minister of Greece, he attempted to re-negotiate his country's relationship with the EU.
Can we avoid another financial crisis?, Steve Keen 338.54 KEE
Confessions of a Wall Street insider: a cautionary tale of rats, feds, and banksters, Michael Kimelman 332.62 KIM
Currency kings: how billionaire traders made their fortune trading forex and how you can too, Ben Robson 332.45 ROB
Fictitious capital: how finance is appropriating our future, Cédric Durand 332 DUR
Inside real estate: buy, sell and profit in any property market, Peter O'Malley 332.6324 OMA
Nathaniel's Nutmeg ; or, The true and incredible adventures of the spice trader who changed the course of history, Giles Milton 338.1738 MIL
The end of loyalty: the rise and fall of good jobs in America, Rick Wartzman 331.7 WAR
The third wave: an entrepreneur's vision of the future, Steve Case 338.47 CAS
Trading, Lita Epstein, Grayson D. Roze 332.6322 EPS
Trade your way to a profitable portfolio. Savvy traders make money in both up and down markets.
Trend following: how to make a fortune in bull, bear and black swan markets, Michael W. Covel 332.6 COV
Why the rich are getting richer: what is financial education really?, Robert T. Kiyosaki, Tom Wheelwright 332.024 KIY


Dumbing us down: the hidden curriculum of compulsory schooling, John Taylor Gatto 370.973 GAT
Reading with Patrick: a teacher, a student, and the life-changing power of books, Michelle Kuo 371.82 KUO
The Spirit of St. Andrew's, Contributing authors, Pip Dinsenbacher, Chris Moore, Geoffrey Rice 373.938 SPI
History of St. Andrew's College in Christchurch.

Engineering technologies

DIY lithium batteries: how to build your own battery packs, Micah Toll 621.3124 TOL
Follow along as we learn about lithium batteries and how they work. Together we will cover every type of lithium battery cell on the market today and learn how each one is suited for particular projects. Each type of lithium battery cell has its own unique advantages and procedures for battery pack building. With this book, you will learn how to choose the right battery cells and design the perfect battery pack for your needs.


Confessions of a recovering environmentalist, Paul Kingsnorth 363.7 KIN
Provocative and urgent, iconoclastic and fearless, this ultimately hopeful book poses hard questions about how we have lived and how we should continue to live.
Dead zone: where the wild things were, Philip Lymbery 333.952 LYM
A tour of some of the world's most iconic and endangered species, and what we can do to save them.
Just cool it!: the climate crisis and what we can do: a post-Paris Agreement game plan, David Suzuki & Ian Hanington 363.7387 SUZ
Sunlight and seaweed: an argument for how to feed, power and clean up the world, Tim Flannery 363.73 FLA
Acclaimed scientist Tim Flannery investigates exciting new technologies currently being developed to address our most pressing environmental threats in a book that presents a positive future for us and our planet.
White man's game: saving animals, rebuilding Eden, and other myths of conservation in Africa, Stephanie Hanes 333.954 HAN


The rituals of dinner: the origins, evolution, eccentricities and meaning of table manners, Margaret Visser 395.5 VIS


Ditch the city and go country: how to master the art of rural life from a former city dweller, Alissa Hessler 630 HES
My tiny home farm: simple ideas for small spaces, Francine Raymond ; photography by Bill Mason 630 RAY
Peaks and troughs: in at the deep end, high in the hills, Nick Perry 630 PER
This is a warm-hearted, humorous and ultimately inspirational tale of a young man's attempt to run an organic farm in the unforgiving Welsh hills.
Welcome to the farm: how-to wisdom from the Elliott Homestead, Shaye Elliott 630 ELL


Bags, Claire Wilcox with Elizabeth Currie 391.44 WIL
Bonpoint, Texts by Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni 646.406 BON
Founded in Paris in 1975, Bonpoint creates children's clothes that embody Parisian elegance, excellence and the playful spirit of childhood.
Dior: catwalk: the complete collections, Introduction and designer profiles by Alexander Fury 746.92 CHR
Hair, John Barrett 391.5 BAR
Harper's Bazaar 150 years: the greatest moments, Glenda Bailey 051 HAR
I actually wore this: clothes we can't believe we bought, Tom Coleman ; photography Jerome Jakubiec 391 COL
Legendary authors and the clothes they wore, Terry Newman 391 NEW
Margiela: the Hermès years, Rebecca Arnold 746.92 MAR
This book shows the influence of Martin Margiela on the French luxury house and fashion label Hermes during the key years 1998- 2003.
Men of style, Josh Sims 391.1 SIM
The complete fashion sourcebook, John Peacock 391 PEA

Film, Television & Theatre

Acting and its refusal in theatre and film: the devil makes believe, Marian McCurdy 792.028 MCC
BBC Doctor Who: the visual dictionary, Jason Loborik 791.457 LOB
Sinatra and the Jack pack: the extraordinary friendship between Frank Sinatra and John F. Kennedy why they bonded and what went wrong, Michael Sheridan with David Harvey 791.092 SIN
Talking pictures: how to watch movies, Ann Hornaday 791.43 HOR
The chase: the greatest chases: have you got what it takes?, Foreword by Bradley Walsh 793.73 CHA
With a brand new format and new questions from the show, The Chase: The Greatest Chases is the ultimate indulgence for fans of ITV's most popular quiz programme.


Great Australian urban legends, Eamon Evans 398.20994 EVA
Eamon Evans presents myths, misconceptions and bare-faced lies about real people and real places down under.
The Norse myths: a guide to the gods and heroes, Carolyne Larrington 398.20948 LAR
Urban legends: bizarre tales you won't believe, James Proud 398.2 PRO

Food & Wine

Better brain food: eat to cheat dementia and cognitive decline, Ngaire Hobbins ; recipes by Michelle Crawford 641.5631 HOB
Caravan: dining all day, Chris Ammermann, Laura Harper Hinton, Miles Kirby 641.5 AMM
Cook fast, eat well: 5 ingredients, 10 minutes, 160 recipes, Sue Quinn 641.555 QUI
Deceptive desserts: a lady's guide to baking bad!, Christine McConnell 641.8653 MCC
Dinner with Georgia O'Keeffe: recipes, art & landscape, Robyn Lea 641.5 OKE
Eat the beetles!: an exploration into our conflicted relationship with insects, David Waltner-Toews 641.39 WAL
Eat well for less: family feasts on a budget, Jo Scarratt-Jones 641.552 SCA
Flavors of Indonesia: William Wongso's culinary wonders, William W. Wongso 641.59598 WON
Healthy made easy: more than 140 fast and delicious recipes to make you look and feel your best, Luke Hines 641.563 HIN
Japanese pâtisserie: exploring the beautiful and delicious fusion of East meets West, James Campbell ; photography by Mowie Kay 641.5952 CAM
Making gingerbread houses, Candice Clayton 641.8653 CLA
National Trust book of scones, Sarah Clelland 641.865 CLE
No-bake desserts: 103 easy recipes for no-bake cookies, bars, and treats, Addie Gundry 641.86 GUN
On vegetables: modern recipes for the home kitchen, Jeremy Fox with Noah Galuten 641.65 FOX
Source New Zealand: it's all about our food, our people, our land, Gerhard & Henrietta Egger 641.3 EGG
Spirit of place: whisky distilleries of Scotland, Charles Maclean 641.252 MCL
Sri Lanka: the cookbook, Prakash K Sivanathan 641.595493 SIV
Stirring up fun with food: over 115 simple, delicious ways to be creative in the kitchen, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Gia Russo 641.5 GEL
The Aleppo cookbook: celebrating the legendary cuisine of Syria, Marlene Matar 641.595691 MAT
The fearless kitchen: delicious recipes to share with family and friends, Vanessa Baxter 641.563 BAX
The gastronomical me, M.F.K. Fisher 641.013 FIS
The jam maker's garden: grow your own seasonal preserves, Holly Farrell 641.852 FAR
The magic fridge: amazing sauces, butters, bases and preserves that will transform your everyday cooking, Alex MacKay 641.5 MCK
The new camp cookbook, Linda Ly ; photography by Will Taylor 641.578 LY
The no-fuss bread machine cookbook: hands-off recipes for perfect homemade bread, Michelle Anderson 641.815 AND
The plant paradox: the hidden dangers in "healthy" foods that cause disease and weight gain, Steven R. Gundry, MD with Olivia Bell Buehl 582.13 GUN
The rotisserie grilling cookbook: surefire recipes & foolproof techniques, Derrick Riches and Sabrina Baksh 641.76 RIC
The savvy cook, @Izy Hossack 641.5636 HOS
Tiny budget cooking, Limahl Asmall 641.552 ASM
Tuck in: good hearty food any time, Ross Dobson 641.5 DOB
Veneto: recipes from an Italian country kitchen, Valeria Necchio 641.5945 NEC

Gardens and Gardening

Cutting back: my apprenticeship in the gardens of Kyoto, Leslie Buck 635 BUC
Garden flora: the natural and cultural history of the plants in your garden, Noel Kingsbury 635.9 KIN
How not to kill your plants, Nik Southern 635.965 SOU
Miniature bonsai: the complete guide to super-mini bonsai, Terutoshi Iwai 635.9772 IWA
Step-by-step veg patch, Lucy Chamberlain 635 CHA
The backyard gardener: simple, easy, and beautiful gardening with vegetables, herbs, and flowers, Kelly Orzel 635 ORZ
The gardening in miniature prop shop: handmade accessories for your tiny living world, Janit Calvo with photographs by Kate Baldwin 635.967 CAL

Health & Medicine

A gastroenterologist's guide to gut health: everything you need to know about colonoscopy, digestive diseases, and healthy eating, David M. Novick, MD 616.33 NOV
A good life to the end: taking control of our inevitable journey through ageing and death, Ken Hillman 616.029 HIL
An adult with an autism diagnosis: a guide for the newly diagnosed, Gillan Drew 616.8588 DRE
Boost your breast milk: an all-in-one guide for nursing mothers to build a healthy milk supply, Alicia C. Simpson 613.269 SIM
Breathe easy: relieving the symptoms of chronic lung disease, Donald A. Mahler, MD 616.24 MAH
Client-centered therapy: its current practice, implications, and theory, Carl R. Rogers 616.8914 ROG
Fall down 7 times get up 8: a young man's voice from the silence of autism, Naoki Higashida 616.8588 HIG
First, we make the beast beautiful: a new story about anxiety, Sarah Wilson 616.8522 WIL
Gestational diabetes: your survival guide to diabetes in pregnancy, Dr Paul Grant 618.3 GRA
Is there a psycho in your life?, Kerry Daynes and Jessica Fellowes 616.8582 DAY
Overeaters anonymous., 616.398 OVE
Power: surviving and thriving after narcissistic abuse: a collection of essays on malignant narcissism and recovery from emotional abuse, Shahida Arabi 616.8585 ARA
Rigor mortis: how sloppy science creates worthless cures, crushes hope, and wastes billions, Richard Harris 610.72 HAR
Sam's best shot: a father and son's life-changing journey through autism, adolescence and Africa, Dr James Best 618.9289 BES
Six months to change the world: learn the importance of eating right during the last six months of your pregnancy to protect your child's health, Pierre Dukan 618.24 DUK
Snooze: the lost art of sleep, Michael McGirr 612.821 MCG
Sound: stories of hearing lost and found, Bella Bathurst 362.42 BAT
Stop walking on eggshells: taking your life back when someone you care about has borderline personality disorder, Paul T. Mason, Randi Kreger 616.8585 MAS
Taking charge of cancer: what you need to know to get the best treatment, David Palma 616.994 PAL
The brain fog fix: reclaim your focus, memory, and joy in just 3 weeks, Dr. Mike Dow 612.82 DOW
The calm birth method: your complete guide to a positive hypnobirthing experience, Suzy Ashworth 618.45 ASH
The complete guide to fasting: heal your body through intermittent, alternate-day, and extended fasting, Jason Fung, MD with Jimmy Moore 613.25 FUN
The fitness instructor's handbook: the complete guide to health and fitness, Morc Coulson 613.71 COU
The other side of impossible: ordinary people who faced daunting medical challenges and refused to give up, Susannah Meadows 610 MEA
The pocket guide to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME: key facts and tips for improved health, Dr Rosamund Vallings 616.0478 VAL
The positive birth book: a new approach to pregnancy, birth and the early weeks, Milli Hill 618.2 HIL
The psychopath whisperer: inside the minds of those without a conscience, Kent Kiehl 616.8582 KIE
The reality check-up: finding the perfect non-perfect version of yourself, Dr. Andrew Rochford 613.0423 ROC
The secret life of the mind: how your brain thinks, feels, and decides, Mariano Sigman 612.82 SIG
This close to happy: a reckoning with depression, Daphne Merkin 616.8527 MER
Understanding your migraines: a guide for patients and families, Morris Levin, Thomas N. Ward 616.8491 LEV
Wellmania: misadventures in the search for wellness, Brigid Delaney 613 DEL
Wild nights: how taming sleep created our restless world, Benjamin Reiss 616.849 REI
Wired to eat: turn off cravings, rewire your appetite for weight loss, and determine the foods that work for you, Robb Wolf 613.25 WOL
Women's bodies, women's wisdom: the complete guide to Women's health and wellbeing, Christiane Northrup 613.0424 NOR

History, Geography & Travel

123 places in Turkey: a private grand tour, Francis Russell 956.1 RUS
A goddess in the stones: travels in India, Norman Lewis 954 LEW
A history of modern Singapore, 1819-2005, C.M. Turnbull 959.57 TUR
Africa solo: my world record race from Cairo to Cape town, Mark Beaumont 960 BEA
Among the summer snows, Christopher Nicholson 941.15 NIC
Christopher Nicholson's first book of nature writing is a beautiful account of an unusual obsession. In 2016 he spent August searching for the remaining snows of the Scottish Highlands.
Becoming Queen Victoria: the unexpected rise of Britain's greatest monarch, Kate Williams 941.081 VIC
Breaking Sudan: the search for peace, Jok Madut Jok 962 JOK
Goldrush to the Thames: New Zealand 1867 to 1869, Kae Lewis 993.323 LEW
Hitler's monsters: a supernatural history of the Third Reich, Eric Kurlander 943.086 KUR
Just enough French, Sally Hammond 944 HAM
When Sally and her husband Gordon decided to spend a month in France, they were determined to make contact with rural France and its people, despite the language barrier. "Just Enough French" is the engaging and entertaining story of their journey.
London, Michael Leapman 942.1 LEA
An Eyewitness travel guide.
London secrets: style, design, glamour, gardens, Janelle McCulloch 942.1 MCC
Miss-adventures: a tale of ignoring life advice while backpacking around South America, Amy Baker 980 BAK
Nixon's White House wars: the battles that made and broke a president and divided America forever, Patrick J. Buchanan 973.924 NIX
Nostalgic journeys = zeitreisen, Stefan Bitterle 910 BIT
Travel can be a stylish and sometimes adventurous way to experience the world and return home forever changed by exotic sights and sounds. Bon voyage!
Out of the shadows: Portugal from revolution to the present day, Neill Lochery 946.904 LOC
Portuguese in Aotearoa: they came to New Zealand from Portugal (including the Azores, the Cape Verde Islands and Madeira) 1826-1886, Hilda McDonnell 993.02 MCD
Ruthless river: a terrifying true story of love and survival by raft on the Amazon's Madre de Dios, Holly FitzGerald 981.1 FIT
Shanghai in 12 dishes: how to eat like you live there., 951.132 SHA
So many places to visit, so many delicious things to eat. Where to start, in a strange, new city? This nifty guide takes visitors through the potentially bewildering process of finding authentic eats, across a variety of destinations.
Summer of love: art, fashion, and rock and roll, Jill D'Alessandro and Colleen Terry with Victoria Binder 979.461 DAL
This catalogue celebrates San Francisco's rebellious and colorful counterculture that blossomed in the years surrounding the 1967 Summer of Love.
The best women's travel writing. Volume 11: true stories from around the world, Lavinia Spalding 910.4 BES
The bizzare coastline: Cape Foulwind, Westport Buller, Phil Wood 993.73 WOO
The bucket list: 1000 adventures big & small, Kath Stathers 910.2 BUC
The duchess: the untold story, Penny Junor 941.085 CAM
This book is the definitive account. The relationship between Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, is one of the most remarkable love stories of the age.
The exile: the stunning inside story of Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda in flight, Cathy Scott-Clark and Adrian Levy 958.1 SCO
The last great Australian adventurer, Gordon Bass 910.41 CAR
In 1948, Ben Carlin set out from New York City with an audacious, lunatic plan to circumnavigate the world in an army surplus amphibious jeep called Half-Safe.
The look of Martinborough: rural servicing, wine village, tourist destination 1870 - 2017, John MacGibbon and Mate Higginson 993.66 MCG
The moor's last stand: how seven centuries of Muslim rule in Spain came to an end, Elizabeth Drayson 946.82 DRA
The Russian revolution: a new history, Sean McMeekin 947.0841 MCM
The storied city: the quest for Timbuktu and the fantastic mission to save its past, Charlie English 966.23 ENG
The story of how a team of librarians and archivists joined forces to spirit tens of thousands of ancient manuscripts into hiding when al-Qaeda-linked jihadists surged across Mali in 2012, threatening the existence of these precious documents.
The traitors: a true story of blood, betrayal and deceit, Josh Ireland 940.5316 IRE
Drawing on declassified MI5 files, as well as diaries, letters and memoirs, The Traitors is a book about disordered lives in turbulent times; idealism twisted out of shape; of torn consciences and abandoned loyalties; of murder, deceit, temptation and loss.
The village news: the truth behind England's rural idyll, Tom Fort 942 FOR
'The Village News' is a whimsical, funny and informative travelogue by pedal power of a variety of villages across our nation that encapsulate, or showcase, all the best elements of what could be seen as the English village.
Việt Nam: a history from earliest times to the present, Ben Kiernan 959.7 KIE
Washington, DC, Susan Burke and Alice L. Powers 975.3 BUR
An Eyewitness travel guide.
World railway journeys, Julian Holland 910.4 HOL

House & Garden

A touch of style, Carlos Mota 747 MOT
Great book of shop drawings for Craftsman furniture: authentic and fully detailed plans for 61 classic pieces, Robert W. Lang 684.1 LAN
How they decorated: inspiration from great women of the twentieth century, P. Gaye Tapp 747 TAP
New romance: contemporary countrystyle interiors, 747 NEW
Pillows, curtains & shades: step by step., 646.21 PIL
Small homes: the right size, Lloyd Kahn 728.37 KAH
Small homes, grand living., 728.37 SMA
Stone building: how to make New England-style walls and other structures the old way, Kevin Gardner ; photographs by Edith W. Currier 693.1 GAR
The anatomy of colour: the story of heritage paints and pigments, Patrick Baty 667.6 BAT
Why were primary colours popular in postwar kitchens? Why did the Art Deco era prefer clean lines and pastel shades? This comprehensive illustrated history of the use of colour and paint in interior decoration answers these questions and many more.


Fifty inventions that made the modern economy, Tim Harford 609 HAR


A moral truth: 150 years of investigative journalism in New Zealand, James Hollings 070.433 MOR
Eyes of the world: Robert Capa, Gerda Taro, and the invention of modern photojournalism, Marc Aronson & Marina Budhos 070.49 ARO
Reporting on Hitler: Rothay Reynolds and the British Press in Nazi Germany, Will Wainewright 070.449 WAI


The completely superior person's book of words, Peter Bowler 428.1 BOW
Word by word: the secret life of dictionaries, Kory Stamper 413 STA


Mental health law in New Zealand, Sylvia Bell, Warren Brookbanks 346.013 BEL
New Zealand employment law guide, Richard Rudman 344.012 RUD

Library Science

Maker literacy: a new approach to literacy programming for libraries, Lynn Pawloski and Cindy Wall 027.62 PAW
The card catalog: books, cards, and literary treasures, The Library of Congress 025.31 CAR
Featuring more than 200 full-color images of original catalog cards, first edition book covers, and photographs from the library's magnificent archives, this collection is a visual celebration of the rarely seen treasures in one of the world's most famous libraries and the brilliant catalog system that has kept it organized for hundreds of years.
The makerspace librarian's sourcebook, Ellyssa Kroski 025.5 MAK


A secret sisterhood: the hidden friendships of Austen, Brontë, Eliot and Woolf, Emily Midorikawa and Emma Claire Sweeney 823.7 AUS
A strange beautiful excitement: Katherine Mansfield's Wellington, 1888-1903, Redmer Yska 823.912 MAN
Do I make myself clear?: why writing well matters, Harold Evans 808.04 EVA
Scandinavian crime fiction, Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen 839.5 STO
The house of fiction: from Pemberley to Brideshead, great British houses in literature and life, Phyllis Richardson 820.803564 RIC
The story of classic crime in 100 books, Martin Edwards 808.3872 EDW
The story of drama: tragedy, comedy and sacrifice from the Greeks to the present, Gary Day 809.2 DAY
We are never meeting in real life: essays, Samantha Irby 814.6 IRB
With heartfelt candor and her usual side-splitting bite, humourist, essayist, and blogger at Samantha Irby captures powerful emotional truths while chronicling the disaster that has been her life.


2020: world of war, Paul Cornish & Kingsley Donaldson and others 303.49 COR
Blackbird: the untouchable spy plane, James Hamilton-Paterson 623.7467 SR
Centurion main battle tank: 1946 to present: owners' workshop manual, Simon Dunstan 623.7475 CEN
Going deep: John Philip Holland and the invention of the attack submarine, Lawrence Goldstone 623.8257 GOL
Spinning history: politics and propaganda in World War II, Nathaniel Lande 940.5488 LAN
The making of the atomic bomb, Richard Rhodes 623.45119 RHO
WRNS: the Women's Royal Naval Service, Neil R. Storey 359.348 STO


Stile: una storia per immagini = Ducati: a visual history of Ducati design., 629.2275 DUC
The official book to discover Ducati's glorious history: unparalleled tradition made of innovation, Italian style and sport victories that started 90 years ago. The history of Ducati is driven by a unique engineering talent that has always generated motorcycles of unmistakable design and most profound sporting spirit. Ducati was founded on 4 July 1926 almost as a dream, thanks to the will of the three brothers Adriano, Bruno and Marcello Cavalieri Ducati, supported by their father Antonio.

Music & Musicians

50 years of Rolling stone, 051 ROL
Rolling Stone has been a leading voice in journalism, cultural criticism, and above all music. This landmark book documents the magazine's rise to prominence as the voice of rock and roll and a leading showcase for era-defining photography.
A history of heavy metal, Andrew O'Neill 781.66 ONE
Bob Dylan FAQ: all that's left to know about the song and dance man, Bruce Pollock 781.64 DYL
Comparing notes: how we make sense of music, Adam Ockelford 781.1 OCK
Counting down the Beatles: their 100 finest songs, Jim Beviglia 781.66 BEA
Detroit 67: the year that changed soul, Stuart Cosgrove 781.644 COS
Set against a backdrop of urban riots, escalating war in Vietnam and police corruption, the book weaves its way through a year when soul music came of age and the underground counterculture flourished.
Dig if you will the picture: funk, sex, God, and genius in the music of Prince, Ben Greenman 781.66 PRI
Dolly on Dolly: interviews and encounters, Randy L. Schmidt 781.642 PAR
From cradle to stage: stories from the mothers who rocked and raised rock stars, Virginia Hanlon Grohl 781.66 GRO
Guns n' Roses FAQ: all that's left to know about the bad boys of Sunset Strip, Rich Weidman 781.66 GUN
How I got my wiggle back: a memoir of healing, Anthony Field with Greg Truman 781.64 FIE
The blue-shirted co-star of the Wiggles children's musical group recounts the story of how he overcame depression, life-threatening illness, and chronic pain to recapture his life, providing advice on promoting health and fitness.
In search of the lost chord: 1967 and the hippie idea, Danny Goldberg 973.923 GOL
Johnny's cash & Charley's pride: lasting legends and untold adventures in country music, Peter Cooper 781.642 COO
Light come shining: the transformations of Bob Dylan, Andrew McCarron 781.64 DYL
Message to our folks: the Art Ensemble of Chicago, Paul Steinbeck 781.65 ART
Pink Floyd: their mortal remains., 781.66 PIN
Roots, radicals and rockers: how skiffle changed the world, Billy Bragg 781.64 BRA
Shake it up: great American writing on rock and pop from Elvis to Jay Z, Jonathan Lethem and Kevin Dettmar 781.64 SHA
Sounds and sweet airs: the forgotten women of classical music, Anna Beer 780.92 CAC
The Pump Room Orchestra Bath: three centuries of music and social history, Robert Hyman and Nicola Hyman 784.2 HYM
The show that never ends: the rise and fall of prog rock, David Weigel 781.66 WEI
U2: rock 'n' roll to change the world, Timothy D. Neufeld 781.66 U
Waking the spirit: a musician's journey healing body, mind, and soul, Andrew Schulman 787.87 SCH

Natural Science

An uncertain future: Australian birdlife in danger, Geoffrey Maslen ; photography by Dr Rohan Clarke 598.0994 MAS
Ancient oaks in the English landscape, Aljos Farjon 583.4 FAR
Animals of a bygone era: an illustrated compendium, Maja Säfström 591.68 SAF
Bugged: the insects who rule the world and the people obsessed with them, David MacNeal 595.7 MCN
Carnivore minds: who these fearsome animals really are, G. A. Bradshaw 591.5 BRA
Evolution's bite: a story of teeth, diet, and human origins, Peter S. Ungar 599.94 UNG
Hares, Nancy Jennings 599.32 JEN
Heredity: a very short introduction, John Waller 599.93 WAL
Inheritors of the Earth: how nature is thriving in an age of extinction, Chris D. Thomas 577.27 THO
Mozart's starling, Lyanda Lynn Haupt 598.86 HAU
Explores the unlikely bond between the famous Austrian composer and his pet starling, providing an unexpected window into human-animal friendships, music, and the nature of creative inspiration.
North Atlantic right whales: from hunted leviathan to conservation icon, David W. Laist 599.5 LAI
Owls, Marianne Taylor 598.97 TAY
Raised by animals: the surprising new science of animal family dynamics, Jennifer L. Verdolin ; foreword by Marc Bekoff 591.56 VER
Ralph Steadman's critical critters, Ceri Levy 590 STE
Following on from Extinct Boids and Nextinction, Critical Critters is the third in this epic trilogy of books dedicated to extinct and critically endangered animals from cartoonist Ralph Steadman and film-maker Ceri Levy.
ReWild: the art of returning to nature, Nick Baker 508 BAK
Songs of love and war: the dark heart of bird behaviour, Dominic Couzens 598 COU
The rhinoceros and the megatherium: an essay in natural history, Juan Pimentel 599.668 PIM
The secret life of flies, Erica McAlister 595.77 MCA
The way of the hare, Marianne Taylor 599.32 TAY
Wild boar, Dorothy Yamamoto 599.633 YAM


Capturing the essence: techniques for bird artists, William T. Cooper 758.3 COO
Create perfect paintings: an artist's guide to visual thinking, Nancy Reyner 751.4 REY
Expressive flower painting: simple mixed media techniques for bold, beautiful blooms, Lynn Whipple 758.42 WHI
Terry Harrison's complete brush with watercolour., 751.422 HAR


Born to eat: whole, healthy foods from baby's first bite, Leslie Schilling & Wendy Jo Peterson 649.3 SCH
Engaging adolescents: parenting tough issues with teenagers, Michael Hawton 649.125 HAW
Help your kids with growing up: a no-nonsense guide to puberty and adolescence, Robert Winston 649.125 WIN
My sugar free baby and me, Dr Sarah Schenker 641.5638 SCH
The 5 love languages of teenagers: the secret to loving teens effectively, Gary Chapman 306.874 CHA
The single dad's guide to the galaxy: parenting in the real world, Roger McEwan 306.8742 MCE

Pets & Animals

Adventure cats: living nine lives to the fullest, Laura J. Moss 636.8 MOS
Farewell to the horse: the final century of our relationship, Ulrich Raulff 636.1 RAU
Holistic goat care: a comprehensive guide to raising healthy animals, preventing common ailments, and troubleshooting problems, Gianaclis Caldwell 636.39 CAL
Strays: a lost cat, a homeless man, and their journey across America, Britt Collins 636.8 COL
For fans of A Street Cat Named Bob and Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World, Strays is a compelling true story of a man who rescues a stray, injured cat and how they save each other.
Talking to animals: how you can understand animals and they can understand you, Jon Katz 591.59 KAT
The chicken whisperer's guide to keeping chickens: everything you need to know and didn't know you needed to know about backyard and urban chickens, Andy G. Schneider and Dr. Brigid McCrea 636.5 SCH
The dog guardian: your guide to a happy, well-behaved dog, Nigel Reed 636.70887 REE
The inner life of cats: the science and secrets of our mysterious feline companions, Thomas McNamee 636.8 MCN

Philosophy & Psychology

Introducing critical theory, Stuart Sim & Borin Van Loon 142 SIM
The philosophers' quarrel: Rousseau, Hume, and the limits of human understanding, Robert Zaretsky, John T. Scott 192 ZAR


50 contemporary photographers you should know, Florian Heine, Brad Finger 770 HEI
This globetrotting collection of contemporary photographers and their work is a great way to become familiar with the wide variety of techniques and styles embraced by the medium.
A democracy of imagery, Colin Westerbeck 779 WES
100 photographs of underappreciated work by great photographers and great work by underappreciated photographers.
Blind spot, Teju Cole ; foreword by Siri Hustvedt 779 COL
Blind Spot is a testament to the art of seeing by one of the most powerful and original voices in contemporary literature.
Exist otherwise: the life and works of Claude Cahun, Jennifer L. Shaw 779 CAH
Focus & filter: professional techniques for mastering digital photography and capturing the perfect shot, Andrew Darlow 771 DAR
Pieter Hugo: between the devil and the deep blue sea, Ralf Beil & Uta Ruhkamp 779 HUG


Bad things, Louise Wallace 821.92 WAL
New Zealand poetry.
Listening with my heart: poems by Aotearoa New Zealand nurses, Lorraine Ritchie ; illustrations by Janet de Wagt 821.9208 LIS
New Zealand poetry.
Ordinary time, Anna Livesey 821.914 LIV
New Zealand poetry.
The arrow that missed, Ted Jenner 821.914 JEN
New Zealand poetry.
Tightrope, Selina Tusitala Marsh 821.92 MAR
New Zealand - Pasifika poetry.

Politics & Government

Democracy in chains: the deep history of the radical right's stealth plan for America, Nancy MacLean 320.53 MCL
The art of the impossible: a blog history of the election of Donald J. Trump as President, Steven Kates 324.973 KAT
The Cold War: a new oral history of life between East and West, Bridget Kendall 327.1 KEN
The paranoid style in American politics and other essays, Richard Hofstadter 320.973 HOF
The retreat of western liberalism, Edward Luce 320.51 LUC
The rise of the outsiders: how mainstream politics lost its way, Steve Richards 320.56 RIC
The Women's Suffrage Petition = Te Petihana Whakamana Poti Wahine, 1893., 324.62 WOM
In 1893 New Zealand became the first country in the world with universal suffrage: all New Zealand women now had the right to vote.
Who lost Russia?: how the world entered a new cold war, Peter Conradi 327.47 CON
Why America misunderstands the world: national experience and roots of misperception, Paul R. Pillar 327.73 PIL


E nga uri whakatupu: weaving legacies: Dame Rangimarie Hetet and Diggeress Te Kanawa, Authors, Ngahuia Te Awekotuku, Kahutoi Mere Te Kanawa, Rangituatahi Te Kanawa, Barbara Pareatai Moke.. 746.42 HET
He reo wahine: Māori women's voices from the nineteenth century, Lachy Paterson and Angela Wanhalla 305.488 PAT
He Reo Wahine is a bold new introduction to the experience of Māori women in colonial New Zealand through Māori women's own words, the speeches and evidence, letters and testimonies that they left in the archive.
He Whakaputanga = The Declaration of Independence, 1835., 993.01 HE
Ngā Taonga Takaro II, The matrix, Harko Brown 790.089 BRO
Ngā Taonga Takaro II: The Matrix is an enthralling educational journey into the whakapapa and contemporary uses for over 50 Māori games and activities.


A book of untruths: a memoir, Miranda Doyle 306.85 DOY
This is a book about love, family and marriage. It is about the fallibility of human beings and the terrible things we do to one another.
Dating again with courage & confidence: the five-step plan to revitalize your love life after heartbreak, breakup, or divorce, Fran Greene 306.73 GRE
The bingo theory: a revolutionary guide to love, life, and relationships, Mimi Ikonn ; illustration by Alina Grinpauka 306.7 IKO

Religion & Ethics

20 ways to make every day better: simple, practical changes with real results, Joyce Meyer 248.4 MEY
Days of awe and wonder: how to be a Christian in the twenty-first century, Marcus Borg 248.4 BOR
How to believe, John Cottingham 121 COT
Mindfulness: diverse perspectives on its meaning, origins and applications, J. Mark G. Williams and Jon Kabat-Zinn 294.34 MIN
Small pieces: a book of lamentations, Joanne Limburg 296 LIM
Taking the leap: freeing ourselves from old habits and fears, Pema Chödrön 294.34 CHO
Discusses the Buddhist concept of shenpa which can be translated as "getting stuck" or "getting hooked and shows you how you can liberate yourself from it.
The art of pilgrimage: the seeker's guide to making travel sacred, Phil Cousineau 203.5 COU
The atheist Muslim: a journey from religion to reason, Ali A. Rizvi 211.8 RIZ
The Benedict option: a strategy for Christians in a post-Christian nation, Rod Dreher 261 DRE
The gift of anger: and other lessons from my grandfather Mahatma Gandhi, Arun Gandhi 170.44 GAN
The gnostic new age: how a countercultural spirituality revolutionized religion from antiquity to today, April D. DeConick 299.93 DEC
The rise of network christianity: how independent leaders are changing the religious landscape, Brad Christerson and Richard Flory 277 CHR
The souls of China: the return of religion after Mao, Ian Johnson 200.951 JOH
Unbelievable?: why, after ten years of talking with atheists, I'm still a Christian, Justin Brierley 261.2 BRI


A field guide to lies and statistics: a neuroscientist on how to make sense of a complex world, Daniel Levitin 519.5 LEV
Adapt: how we can learn from nature's strangest inventions, Amina Khan 620.0042 KHA
Atom, Piers Bizony 539.14 BIZ
Atomic adventures: secret islands, forgotten N-rays, and isotopic murder: a journey into the wild world of nuclear science, James Mahaffey 333.7924 MAH
Bang!: the complete history of the universe, Brian May, Patrick Moore, Chris Lintott 523.1 MAY
Britain's wild flowers: a treasury of traditions, superstitions, remedies and literature, Rosamond Richardson 582.13 RIC
Fossil, Dr. Paul D. Taylor 560 TAY
Discover what fossilized shells, bones, skulls, teeth, and plants tell us about the distant past.
Illuminating our world: 150 years of the Royal Society Te Aparangi, John E. Martin 506 MAR
In 1867 in the small settlement of Wellington, New Zealand, two men keen to promote scientific endeavour spend an evening discussing 'the necessity of establishing a society'.
In the shadow of the moon: the science, magic, and mystery of solar eclipses, Anthony Aveni 523.7 AVE
Introduction to Earth sciences: a physics approach, Luc Thomas Ikelle 550 IKE
Lost science: astonishing tales of forgotten genius, Kitty Ferguson 509 FER
Mathematics for technicians, Blair Alldis, Vincent Kelly 510 ALL
Philip's night sky atlas: the Moon, planets, stars and deep-sky objects, Robin Scagell with maps by Wil Tirion 523.8 SAG
Probability and statistics, Murray R. Spiegel, John J. Schiller, R. Alu Srinivasan 519.2 SPI
Quantum physics: what everyone needs to know, Michael G. Raymer 530.12 RAY
Quantum physics in minutes, Gemma Lavender 530.12 LAV
Reading the rocks: how Victorian geologists discovered the secret of life, Brenda Maddox 550 MAD
Rogue waves: anatomy of a monster, Michel Olagnon, Janette Kerr 551.46 OLA
This book makes rigorous marine science accessible to all, exploring the causes and frequency of rogue waves, and the reasons why some waves become killer monsters.
Schaum's outline's complex variables: with an introduction to conformal mapping and its applications, Murray R. Spiegel ... [et al.] 515.9 SCH
The history of human space flight, Ted Spitzmiller ; foreword by Sid Gutierrez 629.45 SPI
Woolly: the true story of the quest to revive one of history's most iconic extinct creatures, Ben Mezrich 569.6 MEZ

Self Development

A manual for heartache, Cathy Rentzenbrink 155.937 REN
When Cathy Rentzenbrink was still a teenager, her happy family was torn apart by an unthinkable tragedy. In A Manual for Heartache she describes how she learnt to live with grief and loss and find joy in the world again.
Breaking mad: the insider's guide to conquering anxiety, Anna Williamson with Dr Reetta Newel 152.46 WIL
Difficult relationships: living around people with toxic personalities by tactics and skills in conversation and communication, Luke Gregory 158.2 GRE
Find your strongest life: what the happiest and most successful women do differently, Marcus Buckingham 155.333 BUC
Full catastrophe living: using the wisdom of your body and mind to face stress, pain, and illness, Jon Kabat-Zinn 155.9042 KAB
Highly sensitive people: in an insensitive world: how to create a happy life, Ilse Sand 155.23 SAN
How to be a stoic: ancient wisdom for modern living, Massimo Pigliucci 188 PIG
Psychology for dummies, Adam Cash 150 CAS
The centre brain: 5 prompts to persuasive power, Steve Adams 153.85 ADA
The complete artist's way: creativity as a spiritual practice, Julia Cameron 153.35 CAM
The mind workout, Mark Freeman 152.4 FRE
The power of love: connecting to the oneness, James Van Praagh 158.1 VAN
The red book = Liber novus: a reader's edition, C.G. Jung ; edited and with an introduction by Sonu Shamdasani 150.1954 JUN
When Carl Jung embarked on an extended self-exploration, the result was "The Red Book," a large, illuminated volume he created between 1914 and 1930. However, only a handful of people had ever seen it. It has since been translated from the original Gerrman and is now it is available to scholars and the general public.
Tinker dabble doodle try: unlock the power of the unfocused mind, Srini Pillay, M.D 153.35 PIL
This book will change how you think about daydreaming, relaxing, leaving work unfinished, and even multitasking. What you'll discover is a greater freedom, a deeper intelligence, and a more profound joy in your life.
What if this is heaven?: how our cultural myths prevent us from experiencing heaven on earth, Anita Moorjani 158 MOO

Social Issues

Bitch doctrine: essays for dissenting adults, Laurie Penny 306 PEN
An unflinching look at the definitive issues of our age, from the shock of Donald Trump's election and the victories of the far right to online harassment and the transgender rights movement.
Born broken: an adoptive journey, Kristin Berry 362.292 BER
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is the leading cause of birth defects and developmental disabilities in the United States and there is no cure. One family's powerful story of faith began. The fight to advocate for their son in a world that did not understand left this family feeling exhausted and hopeless. The isolation of their reality almost destroyed their marriage and their family, until they found the strength in a community they never knew existed.
Free women, free men: sex, gender, and feminism, Camille Paglia 305.42 PAG
I wear the black hat: grappling with villains (real and imagined), Chuck Klosterman 306.4 KLO
Villains in mass media.
In the name of identity: violence and the need to belong, Amin Maalouf 302.4 MAA
This book argues that the concept of identity that prevails the world over is still very much tribal.
Life sentence: a police officer's battle with PTSD, Simon Gillard with Libby Harkness 363.2 GIL
In this powerful memoir, Simon reveals the details of the cases he worked on, how the police force operates, and how one man's life can spiral so out of control. He is now working to create awareness about PTSD and has written this book to help other sufferers.
Memory's last breath: field notes on my dementia, Gerda Saunders 362.19683 SAU
Messages: the communication skills book, Matthew McKay, Martha Davis, Patrick Fanning 302.2 MCK
Perfect strangers: friendship, strength, and recovery after Boston's worst day, Roseann Sdoia with Jennifer Jordan 363.32 SDO
A survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing describes how the explosion that amputated her foot and took the lives of those near her actually lead to unexpectedly beautiful moments in her life as she maintained friendships with those who came to her aid.
Playing the numbers: gambling in Harlem between the wars, Shane White 306.48 WHI
Regretting motherhood: a study, Orna Donath 306.8743 DON
Scattered seeds: in search of family and identity in the sperm donor generation, Jacqueline Mroz 306.85 MRO
Tears we cannot stop: a sermon to white America, Michael Eric Dyson 305.8 DYS
The bright hour: a memoir of living and dying, Nina Riggs 362.196994 RIG
The broken ladder: how inequality affects the way we think, live, and die., Keith Payne 305 PAY
The roaring silence: a compendium of interviews, essays, poetry, art and prose about suicide., 362.28 ROA
The silent witness: nobody knows the truth but her, Casey Watson 362.733 WAT
Foster care and family violence.
The ten types of human: a new understanding of who we are and who we can be, Dexter Dias 301 DIA
The war on women: and the brave ones who fight back, Sue Lloyd-Roberts and Sarah Morris 305.42 LLO
This fight is our fight: the battle to save America's middle class, Elizabeth Warren 305.55 WAR
We were the future: a memoir of the kibbutz, Yael Neeman 307.77 NEE
The kibbutzim are collective settlements in Israel which have been written about extensively over the years, and are praised as the only example in world history of entire communities attempting, voluntarily, to live in total equality.
White working class: overcoming class cluelessness in America, Joan C. Williams 305.562 WIL

Sport & Recreation

Corsa Rosa: a history of the Giro d'Italia, Brendan Gallagher 796.62 GAL
Ghost wave: the discovery of Cortes Bank and the biggest wave on Earth, Chris Dixon 797.32 DIX
Gordon Bennett and the first yacht race across the Atlantic, Sam Jefferson 797.14 JEF
Hansons marathon method: run your fastest marathon, Luke Humphrey with Keith & Kevin Hanson 796.425 HUM
Herding cats: the art of amateur cricket captaincy, Charlie Campbell 796.3586 CAM
Introduction to becoming and remaining rugbyfit, James Haskell 613.711 HAS
Mind vs target: six steps to winning in the clay target mind field, Bob Palmer 799.313 PAL
Running: a love story, Dom Harvey 796.425 HAR
Dom Harvey is a hugely popular radio DJ on top-rating station The Edge where he has been hosting the breakfast show for sixteen years.
Sixty years of jump racing: from Arkle to McCoy, Robin Oakley with Edward Gillespie 798.45 OAK
Robin Oakley brings alive the colourful world of those who ride and train jumping horses.
Swell: a waterbiography, Jenny Landreth 797.21 LAN
These days, swimming may seem like the most egalitarian of pastimes, open to anyone with a swimsuit - but this wasn't always the case. In the 19th century, swimming was exclusively the domain of men, and access to pools was a luxury limited by class.
Swimming for triathlon and open water: gain confidence and unlock your ideal front crawl., 797.21 MAS
The beautiful game, John Andrews with player portraits by Daniel Nyari 796.334 AND
Through stunning infographics and high-quality illustrations, the world of football is brought to life.
The fall of the house of Fifa, David Conn 796.334 CON
This book tells the story of how football got big, how FIFA got corrupt and what this means for soccer fans around the world.
The great outdoors: a user's guide: everything you need to know before heading into the wild (and how to get back in one piece), Brendan Leonard ; illustrations by Seth Neilson 796.5 LEO
The horse God built: the untold story of Secretariat, the world's greatest racehorse, Lawrence Scanlan 798.4 SCA
The long road from a broken heart, Jeremy Scott 796.64 SCO
As a four-year-old, Jeremy Scott underwent open heart surgery to repair a large hole in his heart. The surgery was performed at Greenlane Hospital by pioneering New Zealand cardiac surgeon, Sir Brian Barratt-Boyes. Later, as an ex-pat Kiwi living in London, he decided that the challenge he was seeking and an affordable way to get home could be answered by cycling home to New Zealand.
Ultra-distance cycling: an expert guide to endurance cycling, Simon Jobson and Dominic Irvine 796.62 JOB
Velopedia: the infographic book of cycling, Robert Dineen 796.62 DIN
When Lions roared: the Lions, the All Blacks and the legendary tour of 1971, Tom English, Peter Burns 796.333 ENG
Young runners at the top: a training, racing, and lifestyle guide for competitors and coaches, Brad Hudson, Lize Brittin, Kevin Beck 796.42 HUD


Roads were not built for cars: how cyclists were the first to push for good roads & became the pioneers of motoring, Carlton Reid 388 REI
The long haul: a trucker's tales of life on the road, Finn Murphy 388.324 MUR
Trolleybus twilight: Britain's last trolleybus systems, Jim Blake 388.41 BLA
In this new photographic album from Pen & Sword, transport historian and photographer Jim Blake presents a fascinating selection of pictures of a form of public transport now sadly missing from Britain's streets trolleybuses. Most pictures have never been published before. Taken between 1962 and 1968, they transport the reader back to a wonderful land with many quaint forms of public transport, particularly trolleybuses!


Air battle Dunkirk: 26 May - 3 June 1940, Norman Franks 940.5421 FRA
Bloody April 1917: an exciting detailed analysis of one of the deadliest months in the air in WWI, Norman Franks, Russell Guest & Frank Bailey 940.44 FRA
Death traps: the survival of an American armored division in World War II, Belton Y. Cooper ; foreword by Stephen E. Ambrose 940.541 COO
Dunkirk: the history behind the major motion picture, Joshua Levine 940.5421 LEV
Fighting proud: the untold story of the gay men who served in two World Wars, Stephen Bourne 355.008 BOU
The Third Reich at war 1939-1945, Richard J. Evans 943.086 EVA
The unwomanly face of war: an oral history of women in World War II, Svetlana Alexievich 940.5347 ALE
The war is in the mountains: violence in the world's high places, Judith Matloff 355.0218 MAT
When eternities met: the true story of terror, mutiny, loss and love in a disremembered Second World War, Matt Rohde 940.5481 ROH