New Titles Children’s May 2015 (arrived in April 2015)

Audio Visual

A tiger's tail, directed and produced by Michael Sarna.
A boy goes on an adventure of a lifetime when Luna, a baby tiger cub, escapes from an animal sanctuary and follows him home. It is up to one boy, his friend, and his dog to return Luna to her home before she destroys his parents' home.
Barbie in Princess power, directed by Zeke Norton.
Barbie stars as Kara, a modern-day princess with an everyday life. One day, after being kissed by a magical butterfly, Kara soon discovers she has amazing superpowers allowing her to transform into Super Sparkle, her secret, crime-fighting alter ego who flies around the kingdom ready to save the day! But it's not long before her jealous cousin catches the butterfly and also transforms - this time into Dark Sparkle, her nemesis. Their rivalry takes to the skies, but when they discover the kingdom's true enemy, can they put aside their differences to form one super team? Soar to new heights and discover that there's no greater power than the power of friendship!
Horse camp, written, directed & produced by Joel Paul Reising.
A group of young girls spend their summer at a horse camp.
Niko : journey to Magika, directed by Robert Quilao.
When Niko visits his grandparents in the Philippines for the summer, he knew he would be exposed to a different culture. What he didn't expect was to plunge headlong into an unseen world of magic and mystery. Now with the help of an exotic vampire girl and a host of other mystical creatures, he must overcome his own fears and embrace his destiny in order to save his grandparents from the forces of evil - an evil he had unwittingly unleashed.
R.L. Stine's Mostly ghostly. Have you met my ghoulfriend?, directed by Peter Hewitt.
The second installment of the Mostly Ghostly franchise finds the young magician Max and his ghostly pals Tara and Nicky still searching for the siblings, missing parents while trying to evade Phears, the evil spirit responsible for their disappearance, and his frightful ghoulfriend. As Tara and Nicky give Max a supernatural hand in negotiating middle school, he tries to help them foil Phears' terrifying plot to gain dominion over the world. But can they stop him before their Halloween deadline?
A gift of stories ’n’ song for the children of Christchurch, compiled by The Given Grace Trust and Friends.
A compilation of therapeutic stories and songs for children and adolescents of the Canterbury, Seddon and Wellington regions. Compiled after the Christchurch earthquake of February 22, 2011.
Kidz Bop. 27.
Rock & roll preschool, The Wiggles.
The Wiggles. Rock & roll preschool.
What's the school where you sing and dance all day? The Wiggles' Rock & Roll Preschool! Anthony, Emma, Lachy and Simon have created over 20 songs that will top the charts of every home! You'll shake to "That's the Sound of Rock & Roll", rise and shine with "Wake Up!", swing along as you "Dance with Emma" and shake your hips with "Two Polite Elvises". This amazing collection of swinging songs is really all shook up! The Wiggles are joined by friends, including La Bamba star Lou Diamond Phillips from the USA, Aussie entertainer David Campbell and New Zealand's Robert Rakete. They really are rockin' all over the world! The Wiggles' Rock & Roll Preschool is open now and the lesson for today is to have some fun!
Ben 10 omniverse. Galactic monsters, Cartoon Network.
It's going to take a big monster to defeat a big monster! So Ben is transforming into some awesome monster heroes - Frankenstrike, Snare-Oh, and the all-new Whampire - as he battles the most vile villains in the galaxy, including the incredibly evil Lord Transyl! But will these heroes be up for the fight or will the monsters take over the universe?! Either way, it's going to be one scary ride!
Bubble Guppies. When we grow up.
The Bubble Guppies are discovering all types of jobs - doctors, dentists, waiters, firefighters, and more. Swim into six underwater adventures all about different ways to work and play with friends.
Dora the Explorer. Dora's great roller skate adventure.
Dora wants to take Boots to Skate Park, but when Big Wheeler the big bully closes Skate Park for all, they'll need your help to roll to the rescue and stand up to him so everyone can skate together.
Horrible histories. The specials.
Get ready for the funniest, fastest, nastiest and daftest ride through history you're ever likely to see. Based on the bestselling books for kids, and hosted by a talking rat, Horrible Histories is an energetic and unconventional take on history's most gruesome and funny moments.
In the night garden. Dance with Upsy Daisy.
Upsy Daisy is happy and optimistic, and loves nothing more than dancing throughout the garden. Her favourite thing is her skirt, which she inflates via a pull-string whenever she is about to dance. She also has a special megaphone to ensure that all in the garden can hear her, as well as a very special bed that has a mind of its own.
In the night garden. Wake up Igglepiggle.
Igglepiggle is physical and energetic, curious and adventurous. Despite his energy he is often in need of reassurance and comfort. He has two main sources of support in the garden - Upsy Daisy, who is his very good friend, and his blanket, which rarely leaves his possession.
Let's learn patterns & shapes.
See what takes shape when kids explore circles, squares, triangles, and more in these five learn-along play dates with Nick Jr.! They'll help Team Umizoomi stop the Shape Bandit, jump into a sticker book full of shapes with Dora, search for more with Shape Detective Blue, and help Kai-lan build a dinosaur balloon!
Make way for Noddy. Come out and play (DVD).
Join Noddy and all his friends in Toy Town as they learn the value of friendship and the importance of being honest and respectful to others. Noddy learns the importance of not jumping to conclusions, when as a favour to Mr Plod, he joins the Police Service, with the power to reprimand and give tickets. When Noddy and his car argue over which road to take, and his car drives off on its own, Noddy learns the value and importance of friendship when they are finally reunited.
Make way for Noddy. Noddy's on his way!.
Join Noddy and all his friends as they celebrate key events in Toy Town in which they discover the significance of responsibility and honesty. Master Tubby Bear steals and eats all the chocolate intended for Toy Town’s celebration of Chocolate Day. He then has a nasty nightmare which makes him see the error of his way. Noddy forgets to invite Martha Monkey to his party. Reluctant to face her, Noddy sends other folk to apologise for him, but only when Noddy apologises himself is everything settled.
Make way for Noddy. Shout a big hooray!.
Join Noddy and all his friends in Toy Town as they embrace the importance of teamwork and why you need to stand up for your friends when they are in trouble. When Dinah Doll is appointed the fire chief of the Toy Town fire brigade, she must create a good team of fire fighters before a real fire happens. Noddy puts his trust in Sly and Gobbo on Goblin Good Deed Day after they spend most of the day playing tricks on everyone.
Make way for Noddy. Toytown can't be far.
Join Noddy and all his friends in Toy Town as they learn the value of facing up to your mistakes and keeping the promises that you make. When Sly and Gobbo trick Tubby Bear into thinking he is a goblin they quickly learn dishonesty can backfire, when the mischievous little bear proves worse than any kind of punishment. Noddy touches something he shouldn't in Big-Ears' house and quickly learns he shouldn't touch what he is told not to!
PAW patrol.
A CG, action-adventure preschool series starring a pack of six heroic puppies: Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Zuma, Rubble, and Skye, who are led by a tech-savvy ten-year-old boy named Ryder. With a unique blend of problem-solving skills, cool vehicles and lots of cute doggy humor, the Paw Patrol works together on high-stakes rescue missions to protect the Adventure Bay community.
Peter Rabbit. The tale of the missing egg.
When Jemima's new egg goes missing, only Peter Rabbit is able to put the clues together and find the culprit. But can he find the egg before it hatches, or has he finally met his match in the devious newcomer Samuel Whiskers?
Shaun the sheep. Baa'd boy.
Shaun, the world's most famous and favourite sheep is back with more laugh-out-loud adventures. In these episodes there's a new kid on the block but Shaun suspects he's up to no good. Bitzer must guard the farmer's winning ticket, and the flock leap into action when a cameraman catches them playing cricket.
SpongeBob SquarePants. Patrick SquarePants.
Prepare to be blown back on your tail fins with this collection of 14 Star-centric episodes. See best buddies SpongeBob and Patrick in school, at work, at play, and celebrating Best Friends Day. So grab your best pal and hunker down for more than 3 hours of nautical nonsense.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. S2, v4, Into dimension X.
It's non-stop action when a master thief enters the scene, Raph finds mind-blowing trouble, Leo disobeys Splinter (with dire consequences), a new villain rises, the Turtles enter a bizarre reality, and the season 2 finale turns New York City on its head.
The adventures of Chuck & friends. Friends to the finish.
Join 6 year old Chuck as he explores the world around him. Chuck, a tiny red tip-truck, lives at his parents' Truck Stop. It's the best place any kid could hope to grow up. All kinds of vehicles stop by the Truck Stop and fill Chuck's imagination with amazing stories of their adventures. With his friends Boomer, Handy and Rowdy to help him, Chuck wants to have all the adventures he possibly can.
Thomas & friends. Dinos & discoveries.
All aboard for a roaring good time with Thomas and his friends! The engines are filled with wonder at the fantastical new sights and sounds on Sodor. Volcanoes sizzle and dinosaurs roar as the engines help the Earl with a special surprise. Marion experiences some dino daydreams, as Bill and Ben send Timothy on an expedition for a rainbow-coloured truck. Samson discovers his slip-ups cause confusion and delay, while Emily marvels at her giant and worldly Special. It's time for big adventure and dino-sized fun with Thomas & Friends!
Tiger moth, Suzi Moore.
Ever since Alice was adopted, everything has been perfect, but when she finds out her Mum is going to have a baby, Alice's world turns upside down. Alice doesn't speak at all. She stays silent until six months have passed? Zack has everything. His dad's a stuntman and he’s popular at school. Everything's perfect. Until Zack's dad is killed on set and his mum is forced to move. Then he meets Alice, the girl who doesn't speak.
Rooftoppers, Katherine Rundell.
Everyone thinks that Sophie is an orphan. True, there were no other recorded female survivors from the shipwreck which left baby Sophie floating in the English Channel in a cello case, but Sophie remembers seeing her mother wave for help. Her guardian tells her it is almost impossible that her mother is still alive, but that means still possible. You should never ignore a possible. So when the Welfare Agency writes to her guardian threatening to send Sophie to an orphanage, she takes matters into her own hands and flees to Paris to look for her mother.
Stinkbomb & Ketchup-Face and the badness of badgers, John Dougherty.
Hey you! No, not you - the person behind you. No, not him either. Left a bit, left a bit more …You! Oh for goodness sake …never mind …Dear Everyone (including you!)! Welcome to the world of Great Kerfuffle! It's really great. And there's usually a kerfuffle (the clue's in the name really). Come and join our intrepid heroes Stinkbomb and Ketchup-Face as they set off on a highly dangerous and nail-biting adventure (or it may just be very silly and mildly perilous!).
The dragonsitter disasters, Josh Lacey.
Three books in one means triple the fun! Eddie is looking after his uncle Morton's dragon Ziggy whilst he is on holiday — but it's not long before disaster strikes! Soon the fridge is empty, the curtains are blazing, and the postman is fleeing down the garden path. A castle, a sneezing dragon and a big box of fireworks — it looks like the New Year is going to start with a bang!

Into Reading

Splat the cat and the hotshot, based on bestselling books by Rober Scotton ; cover art by Rick Farley ; text by Laura Driscoll ; interior illustrations by Robert Eberz.
A skill-building reader introduces the "-ot" word family in a story that finds Splat the Cat excitedly participating in Cat Scouts jamboree activities, including knot tying, fire building and escaping a mud puddle.
Ladybird, ladybird, Vivian French ; illustrated by Selina Young.
Mrs Ladybird is going shopping. But she's forgotten her purse. Help her five little ladybirds find their mum in time for tea! Follow their trails to see where they go.
Weird school day, Alan, Rachel and Megan Gibbons ; illustrated by Jane Porter.
It's Katie Cat's first day of school but what has happened? She has feathers and fur and whiskers and wings. She's all mixed up! A delightful story about starting school from million-copy-selling author Alan Gibbons writing with his daughters, Megan and Rachel.
Belinda and the bears and the porridge project, Kaye Umansky ; illustrated by Chris Jevons.
Belinda lives in Honeybear Lane with her mum and dad. The house next door is empty until, one day, The Three Bears move in. Their house in the woods has been knocked down to make way for a motorway, and now they need Belinda's help to cope with the outside world. After all, bears can't live on porridge alone.


The nutcracker, E.T.A. Hoffman ; translated by Joachim Neugroschel.
It is Christmas Eve and little Marie has tired of her new presents, happily playing with a nutcracker instead. So when her brother Fritz breaks it, she is horrified, tenderly bandaging the little nutcracker with her ribbon and putting him to bed. When the clock strikes midnight, Marie is stunned to see an army of mice advancing, led by a seven-headed Mouse King. Her very own nutcracker leads the dolls and toys against the mouse army and a violent battle ensues. This timeless tale is full of the magic of Christmas, but is a delight to read at any time of the year.
Who is king? Ten magical stories from Africa, Beverley Naidoo & Piet Grobler.
All kinds of animals feature in these ten sparkling stories from all over Africa, by an award-winning author and illustrator. Find out what happens to Lion when he challenges Elephant and discovers who is the real king of the savannah; laugh along with Tortoise as he bewitches the animals in Leopard's work-party with his irresistible music; find out why Hippo has no hair, how Elephant got his trunk, and why Cockerel crows. Then read about the woman who had a mouse-child! The stories are drawn from the rich folklore of Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Malawi, Lesotho, Zimbabwe and South Africa, and are perfectly matched by Piet Grobler's wonderful illustrations.
Chinese fairy tale feasts : a literary cookbook, tales by Paul Yee ; recipes by Judy Chan ; foreword by Jane Yolen ; illustrations by Shaoli Wang.
A fun book for parents and children to enjoy and treasure. The fairy tales and folklore of China, like stories told throughout the ages everywhere, bring the fantastic world of ghosts and demons into our everyday lives. So it is not surprising that food makes an appearance here and each story is followed by a simple recipe.
Terrible time, Nick Arnold and Tony De Saulles.
Go time travelling with 'Terrible Time' and discover all the terrifying time facts you've been waiting ages to find out. See what happens if you go too close to a black hole and how flies tell the time!
Raindrops roll, April Pulley Sayre.
In her latest gorgeously photo-illustrated nonfiction picture book, celebrated author April Pulley Sayre sheds new light on the wonders of rain, from the beauty of a raindrop balanced on a leaf to the amazing, never-ending water cycle that keeps our planet in perfect ecological balance.
Dinosaurs, Clive Gifford.
The world's biggest, fastest and most powerful dinosaurs are brought to life!
Painful poison, Nick Arnold and Tony De Saulles.
Get ready for a deadly dose of excitement with the petrifying Painful Poison. It's bubbling with killer substances that are strictly not for the nervous and will have all kinds of evil effects on you. Discover how you can turn your brother into a zombie slave and why you are breathing poison right now! Redesigned in a bold, funky new look and illustrated throughout for the next generation of Horrible Science fans.
In one end and out the other : what happens to poo when it leaves you?, Dr Mike Goldsmith ; illustrated by Richard Watson.
How do you digest food? Why is poo brown? What is pee made of? Flip the flaps and follow the fantastic journey of food to find out! Children are fascinated by poo, and particularly what happens to their poo when they flush the toilet, so they'll love this book about two children who follow the journey of food and drink as it passes through their bodies.
Learning to sew, written and illustrated by Kathleen Petelinsek.
Complete a variety of fun sewing projects.
Modeling clay creations, written and illustrated by Kathleen Petelinsek.
Complete a variety of fun craft projects using modeling clay. Crafters practice reading comprehension as they follow the steps for each project. The easiest crafts are at the beginning, to allow the reader to practice scaffolding their knowledge as they learn the domain-specific vocabulary.
Drawing dinosaurs, Jorge Santillan and Sarah Eason.
Provides instructions on drawing dinosaurs and discusses the basic equipment and supplies needed.
Creating pipe cleaner crafts, written and illustrated by Kathleen Petelinsek.
Complete a variety of fun craft projects using pipe cleaners. Crafters practice reading comprehension as they follow the steps for each project. The easiest crafts are at the beginning, to allow the reader to practice scaffolding their knowledge as they learn the domain-specific vocabulary.
Making clay bead crafts, written and illustrated by Kathleen Petelinsek.
Complete fun craft projects using clay beads.
Tudor times : 12 projects to make and do, Jillian Powell.
In Craft Box: Tudor Times, you can learn how to make a Tudor rose, a masquerade mask, a jester's crown, a jester's stick, a tussie mussie, a model of a Tudor house, a ruff, a stained glass coat of arms, a Tudor cap, a ship's figurehead, a cup and ball and a peg doll! Fun facts on every spread give background information about the Tudor era and its people, from Kings and Queens and the Royal Court, to the lives of everyday people.
World War II : 12 projects to make and do, Jillian Powell.
In Craft Box: World War II, you can embrace the spirit of make-do-and-mend and learn how to make a gas mask, a warden's helmet, a doodlebug, an Anderson shelter, a wireless set, a Spitfire aeroplane, pilots' goggles, a draught-stopper, decoy sneakers, an evacuee's suitase, war medals and a Victory Day souvenir!
Ancient Egyptians : 12 projects to make and do, Jillian Powell.
In Craft Box: Ancient Egyptians, you can learn how to make hieroglyphic stone, a Pharaoh's mask, an Egyptian headband, a scarab paperweight, an armlet, a fan, a lucky amulet, a wind chime, a papyrus scroll, a sarcophagus, an animal mummy and a lotus lantern!
Ancient Greeks : 12 projects to make and do, Jillian Powell.
In Craft Box: Ancient Greeks, you can learn how to make theatre masks, a fish dish, a Medusa headdress, an Olympic torch, a perfume bottle, a golden wreath, a fibula, a Hoplite's shield, a Greek arm guard, a gable decoration, a discus and pan pipes!
Ancient Romans : 12 projects to make and do, Jillian Powell.
In Craft Box: Ancient Romans, you can learn how to make a shield, a Janus mask, a dolphin mosaic, a Roman coin box, a bulla, a triumphal arch photo frame, a fresco, a Draco standard, a laurel wreath, a seal, a clay lamp and a sun dial!
Victorian times : 12 projects to make and do, Jillian Powell.
In Craft Box: Victorian Times, you can learn how to make a Penny Black stamp, a barrel organ, a silhouette portrait, a bellows camera, a spinning top, a Victorian police helmet, a Jubilee souvenir, a model of the Crystal Palace, a Victorian calling card, a terrarium, a candlestick telephone and a cornucopia!
Crafting with tissue paper, written and illustrated by Kathleen Petelinsek.
Learn how to create a variety of fun craft projects using tissue paper.
Making sock puppets, written and illustrated by Kathleen Petelinsek.
Learn how to create sock puppets and put on shows for your friends and family with these fun activities.
10 minute Mother's and Father's Day crafts, Annalees Lim.
In 10 Minute Crafts: Mother's and Father's Day, children can learn how to make pop-up cards, trinket boxes and photo frames, along with lots of other great Mother's and Father's day gift ideas.
Mahi tahi, written by Sharon Holt ; illustrated by Deborah Hinde.
A song about working, playing and interacting together.
101 things to do before you grow up, written by Laura Dower.
Invent a board game, do a skateboard trick, make rock candy, paint like a famous artist, invent your own superhero, plus 96 other fun activities for you to check off your list. How many can you check off?
People's planet, Anna Nilsen ; illustrated by Dave Smith.
Are you ready to journey around the planet to find Dad, a journalist who has been kidnapped? Help Zak and Leah solve the puzzles and save him! Battle your way through ten scenes and solve the puzzles, from brain-busting maths conundrums to spot-the-difference. Prepare to take a tour through a Machu Picchu maze, go hunting with the Inuits, discover the tallest skyscrapers in the world, dig into a gold mine and explore the Great Wall of China. You'll discover lots about the way people live, work and play around the world. There are search and find challenges on every page.
Lots of rabbits to spot, written by Louie Stowell ; illustrated by David Semple ; designed by Matthew Bromley … et al. ; edited by Anna Milbourne.
A look-and-talk book to share with preschool children, which helps develop visual discrimination and building new vocabularly. It also includes puzzles, games and stickers to add an interactive element to the learning experience.
Orangutanka : a story in poems, Margarita Engle ; illustrated by Renee Kurilla.
All the orangutans are ready for a nap in the sleepy depths of the afternoon all except one. Written in a series of linked poems in the tanka style, an ancient Japanese form of poetry.
A moose boosh : a few choice words about food, Eric-Shabazz Larkin.
Presents a collection of children's poems about growing, making, eating, and sharing food.
The kids' timeline of world history, Julia Florence & Surendra Sahai ; edited by Jill Sawyer.
A quick guide to war and peace, science and religion, architecture and art, revolution and empire, and everything historic in between.
Mesmerized : how Ben Franklin solved a mystery that baffled all of France, written by Mara Rockliff ; Illustrated by Iacopo Bruno.
Discover how Benjamin Franklin's scientific method challenged a certain Dr. Mesmer's mysterious powers in a whimsical look at a true moment in history.
Polynesian cultures in perspective, Claire O'Neal.
Polynesian Cultures in Perspective is an in-depth look at the different regional cultures of the large number of Polynesian islands and countries, with an emphasis on current culture.

Older Fiction

Poop fountain!, Tom Angleberger ; illustrations, Jen Wang.
Three friends spend Christmas day breaking into the town of Crickenburg's antiquated sewage treatment plant in order to witness with their own eyes the soon-to-be-replaced "poop fountain."
Catch you later, traitor, Avi.
It's 1951, and twelve-year-old Pete Collison is a regular kid in Brooklyn, New York, who loves Sam Spade detective books and radio crime dramas. But when an FBI agent shows up at Pete's doorstep, accusing Pete's father of being a Communist, Pete is caught in a real-life mystery. Could there really be Commies in Pete's family?
If you find this, Matthew Baker.
When the grandfather he never knew is released from prison suffering from dementia, eleven-year-old Nicholas, a mathematical and musical genius, tries to save the family's home by helping search for heirlooms Grandpa claims to have buried.
Pieces and players, Blue Balliett.
When thirteen high-value pieces of art are stolen from a secret museum, Calder, Petra, and Tommy are grouped with two new companions to solve puzzles that are complicated by the clever Mrs. Sharpe.
Isle of Swords, Wayne Thomas Batson.
A young man awakens on an island, alone and seriously injured, with no memory, and as he searches for his identity he finds himself caught between two notorious pirates battling for a legendary treasure reportedly hidden by monks.
The Penderwicks in spring, Jeanne Birdsall.
As spring arrives on Gardam Street, there are surprises in store for each Penderwick, from neighbour Nick Geiger's expected return from the war to Batty's new dog-walking business, but her plans to use her profits to surprise her family on her eleventh birthday go astray.
The eye of the falcon, Amy Brooke
Rowan confronts his third and last challenge. He must race against time to rescue the children trapped underground, before it is too late for them to return to their own world. But this time, Rafe, the Dreamer, has been mortally wounded and Rowan will be on his own when the final confrontation comes with the grim, dark Huntsman in his deadliest form.
Flunked, Jen Calonita.
When petty thief Gilly, who lives with five younger brothers and sisters in a run-down boot, gets caught stealing, she is sentenced to three months at Fairy Tale Reform School, where all of the teachers are former villains, including the Big Bad Wolf, the Evil Queen, and Cinderella's Wicked Stepmother.
Wall, Tom Clohosy Cole.
'The Wall', written to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, follows one boy's struggle to reunite his family.
Far from home : the sisters of Street child, Berlie Doherty.
In Victorian London, Lizzie and Emily are left in the care of a cook but their story takes them to the mills of northern England. There, under the keen eyes of the mill owners, the girls are made to work in harsh conditions and any chance of escape is sorely tempting.
Fire Island, Jenni Francis.
Twelve-year old Keri Walker gets into trouble with The Gang of Five, a group of bullies from school, when she steps in to stop them bullying a much younger child. Keri's keen to avoid more trouble while on a school camp, but the Gang has a different agenda.
The G-Man super journal. Awesome origins, Chris Giarrusso.
When Michael G (yes, "G" is his whole last name, and that's why everyone calls him G-Man) has to keep a journal in Mrs. Rosario's class at school, naturally he writes about his ambition to have superpowers and join the superheroes of his city (like Captain Thunderman) in the fight for justice. After all, his friend Billy Demon just got an awesome winged flying suit and superpowers of his own, and now he's the most popular kid in school! Mikey would just love to have superpowers too, but how will he get them? And if he does get them, what will he do with them?
The island of Dr. Libris, Chris Grabenstein.
A twelve-year-old boy, worried that his parents may divorce, discovers that an island in the middle of the lake where he is spending the summer is the testing grounds of the mysterious Dr. Libris, who may have invented a way to make the characters in books come alive.
Katie Friedman gives up texting!(and lives to tell about it), Tommy Greenwald ; illustrations by J.P. Coovert.
Charlie Joe Jackson's best friend Katie Friedman is tough, but can she convince her fellow middle schoolers to give up their phones for a week?
Genuine Sweet, Faith Harkey.
Genuine Sweet, twelve, of tiny, impoverished Sass, Georgia, inherited the ability to grant any wish except her own, but with help from new friends, her life and town are improving until unexpected trouble arrives and Genuine learns the difference between wishing for a better life and building one.
The spider ring, Andrew Harwell.
Inheriting a spider-shaped ring from her grandmother, Maria discovers her very useful ability to communicate with and control spiders before catching the attention of the magic-hungry Black Widow.
Blackbird fly, Erin Entrada Kelly.
Bullied at school, eighth-grader Apple, a Filipino American who loves the music of the Beatles, decides to change her life by learning how to play the guitar.
Anyone but Ivy Pocket, Caleb Krisp.
Fate intervenes when Ivy is called to the sickbed of a dying duchess and is charged with delivering a mystical (and possibly cursed) diamond necklace to the utterly revolting Matilda Butterfield for her twelfth birthday.
The evertree, Marie Lu.
Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan have journeyed across Erdas, racing to stop a merciless foe. Now that journey is about to end. They must reach a place forgotten by time and face off against an ancient enemy breaking free from his prison. They have just one chance to stop him or the whole world will shatter.
Close encounters of the nerd kind, Jeff Miller.
It's been four months since Neil and his friends saved the planet, and the thirteen-year-old supernerd is back to playing video games except that after piloting the real thing, he finds that even Chameleon has lost its spark. So when NASA begs for Neil's help, he says yes in a nanosecond. This time, rescuing humankind means heading into outer space.
Crystal Keepers, Brandon Mull.
Cole Randolph ventures to a new kingdom as he continues his search for his friends and also pursues his quest to mend what has gone awry with the magic in The Outskirts.
Public school superhero, James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts ; illustrated by Cory Thomas.
In Kenny Wright's active imagination he's a world famous superhero, but in the real world he's a sixth grade "Grandma's Boy" whose struggles to fit in at his Washington D.C. inner city school will put his grades and family loyalty to the test.
Blue birds, Caroline Starr Rose.
As tensions rise between the English settlers and the Native peoples on Roanoke Island, twelve-year-old Alis forms an impossible friendship with a native girl named Kimi.
The black reckoning, John Stephens.
In the final book of the Books of beginning trilogy, Kate and Michael must help the magical world prepare for the final war against the Dire Magnus, while Emma must travel to find the final book the Book of the Dead.
Knight-napped!, Ursula Vernon.
Danny Dragonbreath must save his cousin from the ultimate enemy: Knights!
A dragon's guide to the care and feeding of humans, Laurence Yep & Joanne Ryder ; illustrations by Mary GrandPre.
Crusty dragon Miss Drake's new pet human, precocious ten-year-old Winnie, not only thinks Miss Drake is her pet, she accidentally brings to life her "sketchlings" of mysterious and fantastic creatures hidden in San Francisco, causing mayhem among its residents.

Picture Books

Moomin and the favourite thing, based on the original stories by Tove Jansson.
When Too-Ticky lends Moomintroll her most precious telescope, Moomin promises to take special care of it. But the telescope mysteriously vanishes! Poor Moomintroll doesn't know what to do what will he tell Too-Ticky? Surely no-one in Moominvalley would have stolen it?
Mrs Honey's hat, written and illustrated by Pam Adams.
Every day a different creature removes an item from Mrs Honey's large and outlandish hat, leaving behind something new in its place, so that by the end of the week she has an entirely new hat.
It's only Stanley, Jon Agee.
Very strange noises that keep awakening the Wimbledon family one night have an even stranger source.
Rumpelstiltskin, Mara Alperin ; illustrated by Loretta Schauer.
Poor Isabel! The king has locked her in a tower and ordered her to spin straw into gold. It's impossible! Then a mysterious, magical man appears, offering to help. But what does he want in return?
I love my granny, Giles Andreae & Emma Dodd.
I love my granny. Can you tell? She says I'm pretty great as well! The joy of spending a fun-filled day with granny is explored with warmth and humour.
I will fight monsters for you, Santi Balmes ; pictures by Lyona.
Two little girls one human and the other a monster are afraid to go to sleep for fear of what's living under their beds.
The hide and scare bear, Ivan Bates.
A naughty bear is taught the nice way to play in this cuddly tale. But worst of all, this mischievous bear liked playing a game called Hide and Scare. He would creep up and then, on the count of three, jump out with a roar from behind a tree. This bear likes scaring all the other creatures in the forest, but can a little rabbit show him the error of his ways?
Snoozefest at the Nuzzledome, Samantha Berger ; illustrated by Kristyna Litten.
Snuggleford Cuddlebun, the sleepiest sloth in all of Snoozeville, attends the annual Snoozefest, where she gets free pajamas and other gifts, listens to bands and haiku, and, mostly, sleeps.
Wednesday, Anne Bertier ; translated from the French by Claudia Z. Bedrick.
Wednesday is about Little Round and Big Square, two friends that get together to play every Wednesday.
Some mums, Nick Bland.
Some mums are graceful and some mums are tough. Each mum has her own way of being a mum and they are all delightful!
Paddington at the zoo, Michael Bond ; illustrated by R.W. Alley.
A funny story about the irresistible, classic bear from Darkest Peru soon to be a major movie star! When Paddington visits the zoo, he takes enough marmalade sandwiches with him to last all day. However, he is none too pleased when he realises how popular they are with the zoo's inhabitants!
I want to be a firefighter, Seb. Braun.
A bright, bold, pick-up-able board book that is big in size and big on fun! Find out what it's like to be a racing driver, a firefighter and more, and learn lots of words along the way. Engaging, appealing and very enticing!
Noisy friends, Seb Braun.
A gorgeous shaped board book, packed full of noisy animals to meet and love. With velvety flocking on every page, this book is very cute and cuddly!
Pet friends, Sebastien Braun.
A gorgeous shaped board book, packed full of beautiful, bright pet friends to meet and love. There's a fluffy hamster, a sleepy tortoise and a colourful budgie plus many more. With velvety flocking on every page, this book is very cute and very cuddly!
Quack! Quack! : with big flaps to lift!, Sebastien Braun.
Five lavishly illustrated spreads, big, recessed flaps and a host of countryside animals to spot, name and mimic combine in this delightful little board book for the very young.
Ten seeds, Ruth Brown.
A lesson in simple subtraction is combined with the growth of plants. 10 seeds are planted but, thanks to one ant, one mouse, one pigeon and several other creatures, seeds go missing and plants get eaten, except one.
Yard sale, Eve Bunting ; illustrated by Lauren Castillo.
When a family has to leave their house and move to a small apartment, it's hard to let go of things but having one another is what counts. The new place is "small but nice," Mom says, and most of their things won't fit, so today they are having a yard sale. But it's kind of hard to watch people buy your stuff, even if you understand why it has to happen. With sensitivity and grace, Eve Bunting and Lauren Castillo portray an event at once familiar and difficult, making clear that a home isn't about what you have, but whom you hold close.
Never tickle a tiger, Pamela Butchart ; illustrated by Marc Boutavant.
An energetic, action-packed adventure about a trip to the zoo that gets wildly out of hand!
Walter the baker, Eric Carle.
Walter must make a roll that the rising sun can shine through three times.
Rhymoceros, Janik Coat.
A blue rhinoceros unabashedly subjects himself to undignified elements in order to demonstrate sixteen pairs of rhyming words, from "caring" and "daring" to "stinky" and "inky."
Hello, airplane!, written and illustrated by Bill Cotter.
Illustrations and easy-to-read text follow an airplane as it says good-bye to the ground and hello to the sky, where it flies over a town, mountains, clouds, and people.
Maisy goes by plane, Lucy Cousins.
Maisy is off on a journey to see her friend Ella, but Ella lives such a long way away. Maisy must go by plane and what an exciting trip it is! As she makes her way through security and steps on board, Maisy peeks in at the captain: what a lot of lights and buttons it takes to make a plane go! Maisy soon makes friends with Mr Percy and Betsy; and after drinks, magazines and a tricky toilet stop, the journey is over in no time!
Prickly Jenny, Sibylle Delacroix ; translator, Karen Li.
In a bad mood, Jenny does not know what she wants to do, but refuses whatever is suggested to her.
Pat-a-cake baby, written by Joyce Dunbar ; illustrated by Polly Dunbar.
Are you ready? Grab a spoon! Because it's Pat-a-cake time! Come on Jelly Baby, Allsorts Baby and Candy Baby Pat-a-cake Baby wants to make a very special cake and needs your help, what a job it is! Pitter-patter get the butter! Glitzy-glossy whisk in sugar! Jokey-yolky add the eggs! Sipping-sopping pour some milk! And don't forget the flour sieving-shaking! Then there's the baking to do and there's icing to pipe and, at last, the all important eating! A riot of rhyme and action, little children will feel stuffed to the brim full of magic and fun.
Mr. Mistoffelees, written by T. S. Eliot ; illustrated by Arthur Robins.
Was there ever A cat so clever. As magical Mr. Mistoffelees! Following Arthur Robins' critically acclaimed picture book of Macavity (already sold 10k) he turns his attentions to the magical Mr. Mistoffelees with delightfully hilarious results.
Small Elephant's bathtime, Tatyana Feeney.
Small Elephant does not want to take a bath, until Mommy comes up with a special way to make bathtime fun.
Thunderstorm dancing, Katrina Germein & Judy Watson.
When a sunny day at the beach turns stormy, a little girl runs for cover. Her daddy and brothers are wild in the wind and lightning, and her poppy is as loud as thunder. They fill the house with stamping and crashing while Granny plays piano to their riotous thunderstorm dancing until the storm passes and they all fall down. Then, in the stillness, the girl is ready to play. What will she be, now that the rain has stopped and there's a glimmer of sunlight?
Mum goes to work, Libby Gleeson & Leila Rudge.
Mum is going to work "Bye, Mum!" But what do mums do all day at work? And are the children as busy as their mummys? With adorable artwork from illustrator Leila Rudge, this is a fun and reasurring read for working mothers to share with their little ones.
You choose, words by Pippa Goodhart ; pictures by Nick Sharratt.
Imagine you could go anywhere, with anyone and do anything. Where would you live? Where would you sleep? Who would be your friends? What games would you play? This title deals with these questions.
Teddy took the train, Nicki Greenberg.
Dot loves Teddy, and Teddy loves Dot. So when Teddy goes missing, she misses him a lot! But Teddy is a brave bear. What wonderful adventures will he have when he rides away on the train? Will there be picnics? Will there be parties? Will he have time for a nap? And most importantly, will he find his way home to Dot or will she never see him again? A thoroughly delightful picture book about courage, resilience and imagination.
The deep dark wood, Algy Craig Hall & Ali Pye.
This is the deep dark wood. Everyone knows it's no place to go for a stroll. There are witches and trolls and giants everywhere, not to mention the Big Bad Wolf! Wait a minute! What's that sweet little girl doing in the deep dark wood? Doesn't she know it's dangerous here? The Big Bad Wolf will gobble her up for his lunch! But this deep dark wood is full of twists and turns, and all is not quite what it seems. The Big Bad Wolf is about to get a big, bad surprise.
Around the house, Kenny Harrison.
Harry likes to play hide-and-seek, but it's hard to hide a hippo! Little readers will love being in on the joke as they spot the formidable Harry. Harry the hippo is fond of hiding around the house and is sure he is hard to find. But his hiding places under the flowerpot, behind the doghouse, in a bubble bath aren't always quite right for concealing a hippo. Luckily, Harry loves to be found!
At the beach, Kenny Harrison.
Harry the Hippo loves playing hide and seek, but his size makes it difficult to hide behind objects at the beach.
At the playground, Kenny Harrison.
Harry the hippo continues to play his favourite game but luckily for his friends, it is hard to hide a hippo.
On the farm, Kenny Harrison.
When Harry the Hippo visits the farm with his friends, he's ready to play hide-and-seek, but it's hard for a hippo to find a place to hide.
How to win a monster race, Caryl Hart & Ed Eaves.
Albie loves playing with his toy cars so when he finds himself in the middle of a monster grand prix, he knows exactly what to do!
E oma, moko kakariki, he mea tuhi na Gay Hay ; ko nga whakaahua na Margaret Tolland ; he mea whakamaori na Piripi Walker.
A rare Wellington green gecko is wary of predators and runs to safety. Includes factual information about green geckos, their behaviour and life cycle, and traditional Maori beliefs about geckos.
Go, green gecko!, written by Gay Hay ; illustrated by Margaret Tolland.
A rare Wellington green gecko is wary of predators and runs to safety. Includes factual information about green geckos, their behaviour and life cycle, and traditional Māori beliefs about geckos.
Dave's breakfast blast off, written by Sue Hendra ; illustrated by Lee Wildish.
Dave is a big ol' greedy guts. But oh no! His bowl is empty. The animals in the garden help him find other meals but what will happen when he eats the dog's food? The answer will have you rolling around the floor with laughter.
Hop up! Wriggle over!, Elizabeth Honey.
With nine baby animals in the family, every minute of the day is wild romping fun!
All aboard the Dinosaur Express, Timothy Knapman, Ed Eaves.
The Dinosaur Express is the most exciting train you have ever seen so climb aboard, it's just about to set off! The engine's like a T-Rex head, the carriages have scales! It's faster than a pterosaur - it flies along the rails! The little dinosaurs can't believe their eyes as the mighty train pulls into the station, and, what do you know, one very lucky dinosaur might even get picked to drive the train!
Families, families, families!, Suzanne Lang & Max Lang.
A story presented as a series of framed portraits features animals in dozens of combinations that represent and celebrate all kinds of non-traditional families.
Sidewalk flowers, JonArno Lawson, Sydney Smith.
A little girl collects wildflowers while on a walk with her distracted father. Each flower becomes a gift, and whether the gift is noticed or ignored, both giver and recipient are transformed by their encounter. This wordless picture book, conceived by award-winning poet JonArno Lawson and beautifully brought to life by illustrator Sydney Smith, is an ode to the importance of small things, small people and small gestures.
How to catch a mouse, Philippa Leathers.
From the author-illustrator of The Black Rabbit, comes the story of Clemmie the cat who knows exactly how to catch a mouse. And she would prove it, too, except that she's never actually seen a mouse. Perhaps, she thinks, they're all afraid of her. But wait is that a pink tail, or a dangling ribbon? A whiskery nose, or a spider's legs? Kids will love spotting the pesky mouse throughout this adorable, sprightly picture book, and will root for Clemmie to discover the mouse right under her nose once and for all.
Have you seen my monster?, Steve Light.
In the follow-up to Steve Light's Have You Seen My Dragon? a little girl wanders through a country fair, searching for her monster friend. Can you spot the friendly monster as well as twenty shapes squares, triangles, trapezoids, ellipses, kites and more hidden among iconic fair attractions from the fun house to the Ferris wheel. Maybe the monster is judging the pies? Or perhaps he's at the monster truck rally? You'll be so mesmerized by Steve Light's masterful pen-and-ink illustrations, decorated with vivid splashes of colour, you won't even realise you've learned how to spot a nonagon while looking for a monster!
There's a lemur in my laundry, Jo Lodge.
Bold, colourful artwork, quirky animals and a funny, alliterative text combine with an engaging sliding mechanism in this delightful series for toddlers. In There's a Lemur in my laundry! little readers are invited to find out who is hidden around the house.
There's a panda in my picnic, Jo Lodge.
Bold, colourful artwork, quirky animals and a funny, alliterative text combine with an engaging sliding mechanism in this delightful series for toddlers. In There's a Panda in my Picnic! a series of weird and wonderful animals rudely interrupt the narrator's lunch.
Froggy's birthday wish, Jonathan London ; illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz.
It's Froggy's birthday, but no one has remembered. His parents don't seem to realise it's his special day, and none of his friends are at home to wish him a happy birthday. Will Froggy celebrate his birthday all alone? Has everyone really forgotten?
Yak and Gnu, Juliette NcIver ; illustrated by Cat Chapman.
Meet Yak and Gnu. Two best friends who love to row and sing. But who will they meet on their journey down the river? This hilarious rhyming tale is full of adventurous animals and boats galore.
Who wants a hug?, written and illustrated by Jeff Mack.
Everyone likes Mr. Bear except grouchy Dr. Skunk, who devises a plan to make Mr. Bear stop being happy and hugging others.
Big digger ABC : an awesome A to Z of vehicle verse, Margaret Mayo, Alex Ayliffe.
Explore the amazing A to Z of vehicles in this ultimate book of things that go. This bright and busy picture book is packed with all the vehicles little ones love, from diggers and fire engines to spaceships and underwater robots. Margaret Mayo's lively, rhythmic text is perfect for reading aloud, while Alex Ayliffe's bold and colourful illustrations bring each mega machine to life in glorious detail. With one vehicle for every letter from A to Z, this is an exciting introduction to the alphabet and the perfect picture book for machine-mad little ones.
In, Nikki McClure.
Through minimal text and cut-paper illustrations, shows the many things a boy can enjoy while inside his house, then outside, then in again. Includes a list of the author's favourite owls.
Spaceman, based on the TV series by David McKee.
Mr Benn heads out into space and searches for the perfect planet. He only finds out where he really wants to be when he comes down to earth.
Hugless Douglas goes to Little School, David Melling.
Douglas is very excited to be going to Little School. There is so much to do and lots of hugs to be given out!
Beautiful girl : celebrating the wonders of your body, Christiane Northrup with Kristina Tracy ; illustrated by Aurelie Blanz.
Presents this simple but important message: that to be born female is a very special thing and carries with it magical gifts and powers that must be recognised and nurtured. Dr. Northrup believes that helping girls learn at a young age to value the wonder and uniqueness of their bodies can have positive benefits that will last throughout their lives. By reading this lovely book, little girls will learn how their bodies are perfect just the way they are, the importance of treating themselves with gentle care, and how changes are just a part of growing up.
If I had a triceratops, George O'Connor.
A little boy wonders about what it would be like to have a triceratops for a pet and imagines playing fetch, teaching her tricks, and cuddling up with her at the end of the night.
101 things to do with baby, Jan Ormerod.
A six-year-old girl tells 101 things she can do with her baby brother.
Last stop on Market Street, words by Matt de la Pena ; pictures Christian Robinson.
A young boy, CJ, rides the bus across town with his grandmother and learns to appreciate the beauty in everyday things.
Rodeo Red, written by Maripat Perkins ; illustrated by Molly Idle.
Rodeo Red and her hound dog, Rusty, are happy as can be until Side Swiping Slim comes to town and starts stirring up trouble for them, but when Slim steals Rusty, Red will do anything to get him back even give up the birthday gift her Aunt Sal, a city slicker, sent.
How to surprise a dad, Jean Reagan ; illustrated by Lee Wildish.
Two siblings provide instructions for how to surprise one's dad, including surprises you can make, do, or find and how to plan a Special Day surprise party for him.
Monster, Michael Rosen, Neal Layton
More mayhem from the four-legged narrator! When his pet human, Rover, goes to school, our canine hero thinks she is trapped against her will. He goes to the rescue, and when he sees her surrounded by monster masks, leaps to the wrong conclusion and to her rescue, with the usual chaotic consequences!
Little Bird takes a bath, Marisabina Russo.
The only thing Little Bird likes about rain is the puddles it leaves behind, but after flying through Manhattan to find the perfect puddle, his bath is interrupted again and again.
Such a little mouse, Alice Schertle ; illustrated by Stephanie Yue.
In every season a little mouse pops out of his hole in the meadow and explores his world, gathering the food and supplies he will need when winter comes.
Square cat ABC, written and illustrated by Elizabeth Schoonmaker.
Eula, the square cat, grows many vegetables in her garden but cannot be persuaded to like spinach.
Colours, Shanti Sparrow.
A highly designed, stunning first concept board book series by emerging artist Shanti Sparrow.
Shapes, Shanti Sparrow.
Blending beautiful patterns and textures with vibrant colours and bold shapes, Shanti Sparrow has created a magical world for children to immerse themselves in.
This is a ball, Beck & Matt Stanton.
For the Grown-Ups: You know how you're right all the time? All. the. time. Yes, well, it's time to give the kids a turn. Which is why everything you read in this book is going to be wrong. But that's okay, because the kids are going to correct you. And they're going to love it.
Numbers, Katie Stone.
Count on this playful caterpillar board book to engage young minds in the basics of numbers and counting. Each page of this beautifully illustrated board book features a colourful number from 1 to 10, accompanied by fun and familiar animals and objects for young readers to count. The shape of this sweet caterpillar is folded up into a neatly bound book that helps readers visualise the process of counting. Small and compact, this board book can be whisked away when you are on the go or lined up on a bookshelf at home to display the cheerful face of the caterpillar on its spine. The bright and whimsical illustrations will engage and delight young and old minds alike.
Funny face, sunny face, Sally Symes ; illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw.
Loosely following a child's daily routine, this charming and beautifully illustrated book celebrates all things toddler.
Daddy hugs, Nancy Tafuri.
Various young woodland animals describe, in their own unique ways, what they love most about hugs from their fathers. Includes a list of creatures hidden in the pictures for readers to find.
Little Red Henry, Linda Urban ; illustrated by Madeline Valentine.
Well, there's overprotective and then there's Little Red Henry's family! A hilarious tale about what happens when a coddled kid asserts his independence. Little redheaded Henry's family treats him like a baby. They dress him. They feed him. They brush his "widdle toofers." But he's not a baby anymore. He's a little boy who wants to do things for himself. So with his family watching anxiously from the wings, Henry sets out on a glorious day of independence. But will things swing too far in the other direction? In this charming reworking of the classic tale of the Little Red Hen, author Linda Urban and illustrator Madeline Valentine gently and humorously depict a family trying to find a middle ground between hovering over their youngest member and giving him room to grow.
Roger is reading a book, Koen Van Biesen ; translated by Laura Watkinson.
Roger wants some peace and quiet so he can read his book, but his neighbour Emily has some hobbies of her own - very loud ones!
Goodnight, Goose!, Laura Wall.
This delightful book is full of bright illustrations and simple story sequences to introduce bedtime routine to children aged 0 to 3. A fantastic and engaging learning aid, the book has padded covers and favourite characters including Goose and his friends. With lovely illustrations and wording by Laura Wall, this book is sure to become a favourite!
Won Ton and Chopstick : a cat and dog tale told in haiku, Lee Wardlaw ; illustrated by Eugene Yelchin.
Won Ton and his boy are enjoying a fine life until "Doom" a dog that's smelly and steals his dinner arrives, but soon the disgruntled cat learns that his new family member might have some good points, too.
That naughty meerkat!, Ian Whybrow ; illustrated by Garry Parsons.
A laugh out loud picture book full of energy and fun, from the author of the bestselling Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs series and the illustrator of the hugely popular picture book The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas! Uncle Fearless is sure he can look after the baby meerkats all by himself. But taking charge is not as easy as it seems especially with Trouble about: that naughty meerkat! So, whatever will he do when the meerkats suddenly find themselves in danger?
The cow tripped over the moon : a nursery rhyme emergency, Jeanne Willis ; illustrated by Joel Stewart.
We all know that nursery rhymes are dangerous things - you could get trampled by all the king's horses, have your nose pecked off by blackbirds, or even fall off a bough as you sleep! Luckily, the Storyland Ambulance Crew are on hand to patch everyone up.
You nest here with me, Jane Yolen and Heidi E.Y. Stemple ; illustrations by Melissa Sweet.
With rhyming text, this soothing bedtime book is an ode to baby birds everywhere and sleepy children home safe in their own beds. A mother describes to her child how many species of birds nest, from pigeons on concrete ledges to owls in oak tree boles to swallows above barn doors.

Younger Fiction

Ghostyshocks and the three mummies, Laurence Anholt & Arthur Robins.
When Ghostyshocks messes with some mad, mangy and murderous mummies, she's bound to get tangled up in all sorts of trouble!
Tom Thumb the tiny spook, Laurence Anholt & Arthur Robins.
Tiny Tom Thumb may be a ghost the size of a stick of gum, but he knows how to make a lot of scarily massive mischief!
When Otis courted Mama, Kathi Appelt ; illustrated by Jill McElmurry.
While his life seems perfectly good as it is, Cardell, a young coyote, learns to tolerate and even like the coyote that is courting his mother.
Beautiful moon : a child's prayer, Tonya Bolden ; illustrated by Eric Velasquez.
Under a radiant moon and surrounded by all the noises of the city at night, a little boy prays for those in need, for wars to end, for the sick to be healed, and for all the members of his family.
Violet Mackerel's formal occasion, Anna Branford ; illustrated by Sarah Davis.
Violet Mackerel is happy. She has found a beautiful locket. But she is also sad because Mum has lost her basket of knitted things. Violet wants to make Mum feel happy again. And she may just have the perfect plan: a surprise formal occasion just for Mum!
At the bottom of the garden, Kitty Crowther.
This delightful series of picture books expresses the humour, frustrations and profundities of the parent/child relationship through two endearing insects, Poka and Mia. Mia is picking flowers at the bottom of the garden. Someone is watching her. Who on earth could it be? The next day, she returns and at the foot of the tree she spots a strange ladder.
Zombie in love, Kelly DiPucchio ; pictures by Scott Campbell.
When all his efforts to find a sweetheart fail, Mortimer the zombie decides to place an ad in the newspaper.
Zombie in love 2+1, Kelly DiPucchio ; pictures by Scott Campbell.
Zombie lovebirds Mortimer and Mildred discover a baby on their doorstep. They're worried sick when the baby sleeps through the night and hardly ever cries. How will they teach him to be a proper zombie child?
The ghost and Max Monroe. Case #2, The missing zucchini, written by L.M. Falcone ; illustrations by Kim Smith.
Zeeta and Zelda Zamboni are beside themselves when they call the Monroe Detective Agency. "Our most prized possession has been stolen!" the sisters announce. "Will you help us? Please?" Max agrees to help them find their missing possession, and then he finds out what it is: a two-hundred-pound zucchini! Once he and Uncle Larry (the ghost) start digging around for clues, they discover this new case is actually full of interesting possibilities.
The Party Club, Anne Fine ; illustrated by Arthur Robins.
A humorous and sensitive story about growing up and being the odd one out, from former Children's Laureate and much-loved author Anne Fine. Rosie's classmates think they are too old for birthday parties, but Rosie is determined to change their minds.
A fine dessert : four centuries, four families, one delicious treat, Emily Jenkins & Sophie Blackall.
Depicts families, from England to California and from 1710 to 2010, preparing and enjoying the dessert called blackberry fool. Includes a recipe and historical notes.
Catherine Certitude, Patrick Modiano ; illustrated by Jean-Jacques Sempe ; translated by William Rodarmor.
Catherine lives with her father, Georges Certitude, who runs a shipping business in Paris with a failed poet named Casterade. Father and daughter share the simple pleasures of daily life: sitting in the church square, walking to school, going to her ballet class every Thursday afternoon. But just why did Georges change his name to Certitude?
Grambo, Beth Navarro ; illustrated by Betsy Hamilton.
In Beth Navarro's debut picture book, Grambo, a boy discovers his grandma is not your average grandma. She's a secret agent! Grandmas can do anything.
Frank Einstein and the Electro-Finger, Jon Scieszka ; illustrated by Brian Biggs.
Frank Einstein (kid-genius scientist and inventor) and his best friend, Watson, along with intelligent robots Klink and Klank once again find themselves in competition with T. Edison, their classmate and archrival this time in the quest to unlock the power behind the science of energy.
The hunt for the curious cheese, Geronimo Stilton.
It's a curious case for Geronimo in this special edition adventure! Rancid ricotta! Something strange was happening in New Mouse City. Rodents were suddenly getting sick with stomach aches, hiccups, and weird green warts and it seemed to be related to cheese! We mice eat a lot of cheese, so this was serious. My detective friend, Hercule Poirat, asked me to help him investigate. Could we solve this mystery and save our city?
Violet and the hidden treasure, Harriet Whitehorn ; illustrated by Becka Moor.
Meet Violet Remy-Robinson, an amateur Sherlock Holmes in the making. Violet has spent her holidays exploring India with Godmother Celeste, including visiting Celeste's good friend the Maharajah and meeting his very special cockatoo. But when she returns home, Violet gets a surprise visit from the Maharajah's butler, asking her to look after the bird. Violet couldn't be more amazed (and her cat Pudding couldn't be less pleased), but the cockatoo holds the key to the Maharajah's fortune, and someone is trying to bird-nap her! Can Violet discover who the culprit is before they succeed?