New Titles Children’s November 2014 (arrived in October 2014)

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A pony tale, directed by Mary Crawford.
Facing financial ruin and imminent foreclosure, Kim is forced to consider an offer from a businessman to pull them out of debt once and for all. But when Juliet is hit on the head with a magic horseshoe, she makes a discovery that not only changes the way she sees and hears her beloved horse Horatio but may prove to be the answer to her family's woes. A fun-filled story of hope, miracles and animal magic in the family tradition of Babe and Racing Stripes, A Pony Tale is a whacky adventure with plenty of equine appeal.
A second chance, written and directed by Clay Glen.
Maddy Cornell wants to be a top gymnast but lacks the self-confidence she needs to reach her goal. Rival gymnast Chelsea Smith is 'Miss Perfect,' and always seems to win the competitions. But with the help of new coach Kate, Maddy and her teammates try to overcome adversity for a chance to win a place on the National Gymnastics Team. As the competition heats up, the jealousy between Maddy and Chelsea becomes intense. Who will tumble their way to the top?
Barbie and the secret door, directed by Karen J. Lloyd.
Barbie stars as Alexa, a shy princess who discovers a secret door in her kingdom and enters a whimsical land filled with magical creatures and surprises. Inside, Alexa meets Romy and Nori, a mermaid and a fairy, who explains that a spoiled ruler named Malucia is trying to take all the magic in the land. To her surprise, Alexa has magical powers in this world and her new friends are certain that only she can restore their magic.
Mr. Peabody & Sherman, directed by Rob Minkoff.
The dazzlingly brilliant Mr. Peabody who happens to be a dog and his adopted boy Sherman embark on a comical time travel adventure through the defining moments of world history. But even a transcendent genius like Peabody must grapple with the most daunting challenge of any era: figuring out how to be a parent.
Police patrol, directed by Rasmus A. Silvertsen.
A fallen electrical cable zaps Radar the Police Car and grants him special powers, but his newfound energy brings new found responsibilities. Radar now has what it takes to stand up to the Badger Brothers - a shady duo plotting to steal and bottle the town's water supply. With the help of his friend, Dottie the Otter, Radar must defeat the criminals to save the town and the environment.
Sarah plain & tall. Winter's end, written by Patricia Maclachlan ; directed by Glenn Jordan.
On a cold winter day a mysterious stranger shows up at the Witting Farm. He is John Witting, the father of Jacob Witting who abandoned Jacob and his mother when Jacob was little. Jacob is very hurt by what his father did to him many years ago and he won't have anything to do with him. Sarah must do everything to bring Jacob and his father back together again for the sake of Jacob and his three children Anna, Caleb, and Casey who love their grandfather very much.
Team hot wheels. The origin of awesome!
In the slowest town in the world, four lucky kids are about to discover that life is better in the fast lane! Meet Gage, Wyatt, Brandon, and Rhett. Kids born to ride. Separately, they are seriously skilled racers, but together they become Team Hot Wheels. When a mysterious black car roars into their town, it creates an incredible orange track wherever it goes, but it also creates insane transformations and rampaging monsters.
The jungle bunch. 2, The great treasure quest.
Join Maurice, the beloved penguin-tiger, and the Jungle Bunch on their exciting quest for hidden pirate treasure. Can the Jungle Bunch outsmart Captain Grubby Beard, his evil gang of pirates and an outrageous heap of obstacles to find the precious hidden treasure?
The lost dragon : original movie.
Your favourite cat and mouse are back with song, sorcery and slapstick in this enchanted tale.
Tinker Bell and the pirate fairy (DVD).
When a misunderstood dust-keeper fairy named Zarina steals Pixie Hollow's all-important Blue Pixie Dust, and flies away to join forces with the pirates of Skull Rock, Tinker Bell and her fairy friends must embark on the adventure of a lifetime to return it to its rightful place. However, in the midst of their pursuit of Zarina, Tink's world is turned upside down. She and her friends find that their respective talents have been switched and they have to race against time to retrieve the Blue Pixie Dust and return home to save Pixie Hollow.
Wings. 2, Sky Force heroes (DVD), story and directed by Tony Tang.
When Ace, a cocky young firefighter, defies his Colonel's orders and recklessly attempts a solo mission, it leads to disastrous consequences. Ace, along with Fred (Rob Schneider from Grown Ups) - his trusty co-pilot - quits Sky Force and resigns himself to hauling coal for Mr. Steinway (Russell Peters from Ribbit), until the day a fire breaks out in the mines! With the help of his friends Windy and T-Bone, Ace must overcome his fears and become the hero he was destined to be.
The silent one (DVD), Gibson Film Productions ; an Yvonne Mackay film ; director, Yvonne Mackay.
The Silent One tells the story of Jonasi, a uniquely gifted young Polynesian man sent from the sea as a baby to grow up in an isolated Pacific village. Separated from the villagers by his silence and their prejudices, Jonasi finds solace in his underwater world where he develops a special relationship with a huge white turtle. Both Jonasi and the turtle are regarded as evil spirits by the superstitious villagers. An inevitable struggle for power and leadership, combined with natural disasters, sweep Jonasi towards his strange final destiny and a revelation of his mystical powers.
Tom's midnight garden (DVD), directed by Willard Carroll.
A young boy is forced to stay with his Aunt and Uncle and discovers a magical garden which only appears at night time. This delightful story in the tradition of The Secret Garden, finds 14 year old Tom going away to the country one summer to spend some time with his Uncle and Aunt. They live in an ordinary flat, in what must once have been a grand Edwardian manor house, populated by an interesting array of characters that include the mysterious widowed landlady Mrs Bartholomew.
Big adventures!, Hi-5.
Your favourite Hi-5 friends are back with another fantastic, playful and musical adventure that will leave you bouncing around with energy! Lets Play! is full of fun ways to stay fit, playful games like giant snakes and ladders and the grooviest ways of making music! Join musical King Xavier, marvelous Moose Kiki and Jaya Peacock on their zany adventures.
The best of ABC for kids [sound recording].
The Best of ABC for Kids Music is a bumper collection featuring 26 fun filled tracks from some of Australia's favourite children's entertainers including The Wiggles, Justine Clarke, Yo Gabba Gabba!, Jay Laga'aia, Play School, Giggle and Hoot, Bananas In Pyjamas and much, much more. Children will love this vibrant and joyful collection of songs.
Baby Loony tunes. Baby Taz.
Before they became the irreverent stars of the classic animated shorts, Bugs, Daffy, Sylvester, Tweety and the gang were tiny toddlers, filled with wide-eyed innocence and unparalleled curiosity. Our pint-sized heroes possess the charisma, humour and personality of their "adult" counterparts but with the charm and innocence of children. Baby Looney Tunes introduces the world's most beloved cartoon characters as precocious preschoolers, discovering the world one baby-step at a time!
Bananas in pyjamas. Banana dance (DVD).
It's Cuddlestown dance party time and the Bananas set out to create a new dance - the Banana Stomp! In other episodes the Bananas look for the missing final page of their book, Morgan decides he wants to be more like a Grizzly Bear, and how will Rat react when his hat gets damaged?
Daniel Tiger's neighbourhood. I'm a big kid (DVD).
In this collection of episodes, Daniel helps Dad Tiger build a playhouse, takes a trip to the Crayon Factory with his friends, visits the Enchanted Garden with his family and much more.
Elmo : the musical.
Each episode of Elmo the Musical is a fun-filled musical adventure created by Elmo and the child at home. Focusing on imagination and maths skills Elmo will take viewers on thrilling explorations as he imagines himself in different scenarios and must use maths to solve the problems. Today Elmo is imagining he's the President living in the Red House. Tomorrow Elmo might imagine he's a Sea Captain searching for the giant whale Moby Pink! Kids can sing dance play problem solve and imagine along with Elmo on these maths-filled adventures.
Geronimo Stilton. Volume one, Operation Shufongfong and other fun filled escapades.
The animated series centres on the life and adventures of the famous Geronimo Stilton and Benjamin Stilton, his fearless young nephew. Geronimo is an intellectual mild-mannered mouse who would rather spend his days reading or playing chess. But then adventure always comes knocking on their door and they are launched paws-first into a caper in New Mouse City or in other exotic locations around the world.
LEGO legends of Chima. Volume 6.
The mission to rescue the legend beasts from the Crawlers in the savage Outlands, draws to its epic conclusion. Back in Chima, new secrets, forces and tribes are stirring, and the greatest legend of all prepares to reveal itself...
Let's learn colours.
Calling all colours! From painting and drawing to mixing colours, kids will discover the art of colour identification with these six Nick Jr. play dates! They'll jump into colouring books with Dora and the Wonder Pets, they'll learn colour mixing with the Bubble Guppies and Blue, and they'll search for colourful shape pieces with Team Umizoomi!
Max Steel. Turbo vs Elementor (DVD).
Maxwell Max McGrath is thrown into a new life after moving with his mother to the small city of Copper Canyon. There he meets new friends, bullies, and super-villains hunting him down for a power inside him called TURBO Energy. Max must now join N-TEK, a secret organization his late father Jim McGrath started, to defeat Trans-Human Industries from taking over the world with their sinister leader Miles Dredd and his evil Elementors.
Power Rangers super megaforce. Earth fights back.
The Power Rangers defeated the Warstar villains, but now the ruthless Prince Vekar has arrived with his massive alien Armada to conquer the earth. To face this new threat, Gosei gives the Rangers special Morphers and Keys, which allow them to morph into SUPER MEGAFORCE RANGERS! Using these special Keys, they also have the amazing new ability to morph into any team of Legendary Rangers from the past, gaining access to their powers, weapons, Zords and Megazords. Super-sized villains, super-sized powers and action-packed adventure can only mean one thing: the all-new POWER RANGERS SUPER MEGAFORCE has arrived!
Scooby-Doo! : 13 spooky tales, run for your 'rife!
This two-disc set contains a cornucopia of frightfully fun Scooby-Doo adventures as Scooby-Doo and the gang are stalked through thirteen episodes by famous monsters, ghastly ghouls and other creatures of the night determined to stop the 'meddling kids' at every turn
SpongeBob SquarePants. SpongeBob you're fired! (DVD).
Fire up the grill for 7 tales that include SpongeBob getting fired, Mr. Krabs giving out free samples, Plankton dumping Karen, Squidward turning the Chum Bucket into a success, Plankton stealing a priceless work of art, and more!
Team Umizoomi. Team toy-rrific!,
Team Umizoomi, it 's time for toy action ! Join Milli, Geo, and Bot on four toy-rrific search missions, and meet super special toys including Sparkle Pup, Shark Car, and Stompasaurus!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Season 2, volume 2, Old friends, new enemies.
Casey Jones steps up and takes on pure evil. Meanwhile, the Turtles learn a shocking secret about April's past, and they come face-to-face with another mutant turtle called Slash, a rewired Metalhead, a fungus mutant spreading through the sewers, and the Rat King!
Wizards vs aliens. Series 2 (DVD),
Tom Clarke is a seemingly ordinary boy who loves football. He lives with his father Michael and grandmother Ursula in an ordinary house in an ordinary street - but there's something different about Tom. He has an astonishing secret... his family are Wizards! When an alien race known as the Nekross arrive on Earth hungry for magic, there's big, big trouble in store for all wizardkind. With the help of his friend and science super-brain Benny, Tom must stop them - but will these two unlikely heroes succeed, or will the Nekross devour all the magic on Earth with disastrous results for the whole planet?
Goosebumps. Season 4.
Features four double episodes, including How I got my shrunken head, The ghost next door, Cry of the cat and Deep trouble.
Frost Hollow Hall, Emma Carroll.
Will's at the door of their cottage, daring Tilly to come ice-skating up at Frost Hollow Hall. No one goes near the place these days. Rumour has it that the house is haunted: ten years ago the young heir, Kit Barrington, drowned there in the lake. But Tilly never turns down a dare. Then it goes horribly wrong... The ice breaks, Tilly falls through and almost drowns. At the point of death, a beautiful angel appears in the water and saves her. It's Kit Barrington's ghost. And Kit needs Tilly to solve the mystery of his death, so that his spirit can rest in peace.
Extra time, written and read by Morris Gleitzman.
When 13-year-old Matt is discovered impressing the livestock in an Aussie country town with his remarkable soccer skills, he's offered the chance of a lifetime - a try-out at one of Europe's biggest and most glamorous soccer clubs. His younger sister Bridie goes with him as his manager and tells us their story - warts, goals and all. The funny and moving story of a sister's love for her brother, and how it survives everything fate throws at it, including the millions of pounds and mountains of pressure at the top of the world's most popular sport. First person recount.
The phantom thief, Pete Johnson.
The first time Alfie sees the boy, he appears as if from nowhere in the school detention room - the 'padded cell'. There's something odd about him and Alfie is definitely not pleased when he realises the boy has nicked his new jacket. But a ghost? His new friend Sarah is convinced - so convinced she is prepared to ghost-watch with him. That's when the warning message appears, scratched out on the blackboard by a phantom hand.
A home for Teasel, Margi McAllister.
When horse-mad Gwen starts doing chores for an elderly neighbour, she discovers that she has a pony which needs looking after too.
Hairy Maclary and friends, Lynley Dodd.
Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's diary, Lynley Dodd.
Viking raiders, Chris Blake.
On his third journey, Tom sets sail in the freezing cold on a Viking longboat. Will he succeed in his treasure hunt before the terrifying Vikings begin their new raid?
Make friends, break friends ; &, A friend in need, Julia Jarman.
In Make Friends, Break Friends, Daisy has two best friends, Phoebe and Erika, but they don't get on. Erika thinks Phoebe's feeble and Phoebe thinks Erika's a bully. Daisy has a plan to get her two best friends to like each other, but suddenly everyone is against her! Then the three girls have to spend a night together in a spooky old mill ...
Penelope Crumb never forgets, Shawn Stout.
During a fourth-grade field trip to Portwaller History Museum, Penelope fears that she is losing her best friend, Patsy Cline Roberta Watson, and decides to start her own secret museum so that she will never forget anyone important to her.

Into Reading

Fly Guy's amazing tricks, Tedd Arnold.
Fly Guy has learned a lot of new tricks, but when he shows off at dinner time he and Buzz get into trouble though later they prove useful.
Pete the cat and the bad banana, James Dean.
Pete the Cat bites into a bad banana and vows never to eat bananas again, even though he generally likes the fruit.
Bramble and Maggie. Horse meets girl, Jessie Haas ; illustrated by Alison Friend.
Bramble the horse gets bored giving riding lessons, but regains her enthusiasm when she goes to live with a girl named Maggie.
Otto & Uncle Tooth adventures : a collection of three early readers, Geoffrey Hayes.
Otto and Uncle Tooth investigate mysteries and have great adventures in Boogle Bay.
Princess Pip's perfect party, Lou Kuenzler ; illustrated by Kimberley Scott.
Get ready to read! LITTLE RED ROBINS are ideal for sharing and reading together. Full colour illustrations throughout. Princess Pip longs to go to Princess Academy, just like her big sister Grace. There are no princesses in Cragland - just big hairy warriors. But she's too young to go. When Pip finds out that all she needs to grow is a birthday, she decides to throw the pinkest, princessiest, most perfect party ever.
Koalas, Laura Marsh.
An introduction to koalas covers where they live, what they eat, and how they communicate, and follows the animal's development from cub to adult.
Lulu and the caterpillars, Hilary McKay ; illustrated by Priscilla Lamont.
Lulu loves animals. All sorts of animals. Huge ones like elephants. Small ones like ladybirds. Dangly ones, climbing ones, furry ones, even flying ones. When Lulu finds twenty-seven unwanted caterpillars in some nettles, she takes them all home to look after. She's especially excited because she knows that soon the caterpillars will turn into beautiful butterflies.
Monkey and Elephant go gadding, Carole Lexa Schaefer ; illustrated by Galia Bernstein.
Monkey and Elephant are very good friends, very good friends who look too nice to just stay at home. So they decide to go gadding. "Gadding?" said Elephant. "What's that?" "Gadding," said Monkey, "is walking along, looking around, finding something fun, stopping awhile, then moving on." Along the way, Monkey and Elephant meet up with some old friends, and three new ones, too. You never know what fun surprises you'll discover when you decide to go gadding!


Colour illusions : visual tricks, fantastic facts, and impossible puzzles.
Stuffed full of interactive flaps, pull-out tabs, and amazing pop-ups, this book reveals how colour distorts objects, creates illusions and plays with your mind. It takes you to another level of colour illusion and reveals why your eyes see what your brain can't understand.
How are you feeling today?, Molly Potter ; illustrated by Sarah Jennings.
We all experience emotions and emotions are absolutely fine as long as we know what to do with them. Feelings arrive effortlessly enough but deciding what to do with them when they turn isn't so easy especially when you are a child. Cue: this book! It provides children with several straightforward, entertaining and appropriate interactive ideas to help them deal with a selection of significant emotions. A great dip-in book where children can choose a feeling that relates to them and then turn to the page that provides child-friendly strategies for dealing with that feeling. Helpful parent notes at the back of the book provide more ideas for parents to use with their child and other strategies to try out together and practice the all important skill of dealing with feelings.
When is it my turn? : a book about fairness, Sandy Donovan.
Is it fair for another kid to keep a pen you lost, since he's the one who found it? And is it fair for your mom to say you can't watch TV after school? Sometimes life can seem pretty unfair! But if you learn the principles of fairness and try to stick to them, tricky situations like these can feel a little easier. This book offers examples of several difficult problems and examines how to deal with them fairly. See how a little fairness can go a long way!
The big picture interactive Bible stories for toddlers : from the New Testament.
An interactive storybook includes twenty stories from the New Testament and provides access to an augmented reality application that brings each story to life visually and audibly.
The big picture interactive Bible stories for toddlers : from the Old Testament.
An interactive storybook includes twenty stories from the Old Testament and provides access to an augmented reality application that brings each story to life visually and audibly.
The big picture interactive bible stories in 5 minutes, illustrations by Heath McPherson.
Give kids the big picture of God's story with the new "Big Picture Interactive 5-Minute Bible Stories" comprised of 12 different five-minute stories, perfect for before bed reading. Help to shape your child's spiritual growth in an engaging new "Big Picture Interactive" book that features four-color illustrations, as well as pop-up imaging and story narration with free Augmented Reality app. "The Big Picture Interactive 5-Minute Stories" is the latest in the family of "Big Picture Interactive" books a series designed to grow with families and strengthen relationships in Christ through Bible-centered, multi-platform products that engage readers of all ages.
The magic clothesline, Andree Poulin ; illustrated by Marion Arbona.
When Robin's father leaves for a long business trip, Robin is overcome by sadness until gifts start showing up on the clothesline outside his house that only his father would know to give! Gifts continue to arrive for Robin during his father's absence but the gift giver turns out to be not who Robin thinks!
Buried sunlight : how fossil fuels have changed the Earth, Molly Bang & Penny Chisholm ; illustrated by Molly Bang.
It's time to learn about the role of carbon and fossil fuels on planet Earth! As much as our news is packed with articles about the importance of fossil fuels to the world economy and the global warming caused by increased carbon emissions, few people understand what is happening. Now Bang and Chisholm present a clear, concise explanation of the fossil-fuel energy cycle that began with the sun and now runs most of the manufacturing, transportation, and energy use in our world. Here is a stunning, simple book that will educate readers about how fossil fuels are really buried sunlight energy caught from the sun by plants that were later trapped deep underground for millions of years. Now that this plant matter has been transformed into fuel, humans have been digging it up, changing the fragile dynamic that fulfills the global needs of all living things. In this fourth book of the award-winning "Sunlight Series," Bang and Chisholm share yet another example of the intricate connection between the sun and life itself. Using a narrative approach and gorgeous paintings, this very important story will engage readers and provide educators with a highly effective teaching tool. A wonderful addition to any library!
Skydiving dogs, Meish Goldish ; consultant: Mike Ritland.
In this book, young readers will learn about the special dogs that assist the U.S. Military by serving as skydiving companions.
Kiri me te aitua, kaituhi Margaret Cahill ; kaitapikitia Josh Smits.
Uses a picture book format, with a story about a Nana falling from a ladder, to demonstrate pre-schoolers making sensible choices during an emergency situation. Includes notes and activities on safety education and key first aid messages. Accompanied by a supporting DVD which presents The emergency song resource, Te waiata Aitua, New Zealand sign language and a behind the scenes look at how this resource was made.
Fukushima nuclear disaster, Rona Arato.
In March 2011 the worlds second-largest nuclear disaster occurred on the eastern coast of Japan. A 9.0-magnitude earthquake caused a nearly 50-foot tsunami that flooded the Fukushima nuclear power plant. The devastating tidal wave caused equipment failures that led the nuclear reactors to overheat to the point of meltdown. Dangerous radioactive materials released into the air continue to threaten the health of the ocean and people around the world today.
Puss & boots, Ayano Imai ; translated from the Japanese by Sayako Uchida ; adapted by Kate Westerlund.
It's all about the shoes! A poor shoemaker and his cat lived together. Business was bad. 'Don't give up so easily,' advised the cat. 'Make me some beautiful boots, and I will do the rest!' This clever cat can deal with anything, even a shoe-loving monster. Ayano Imai's delightful twist on the classic Puss in Boots story, sees the loyal cat taking on a terrible monster and winning.
Yi er san : my first Chinese nursery rhymes, selected by Jie Mu ; illustrated by Patrice Aggs.
Yi er san takes children on an exciting journey in Mandarin Chinese. There are more than 25 traditional Chinese songs and nursery rhymes to learn and love, with key words labelled and illustrated on every page. The guide at the back of the book includes information about how the rhymes are used and translates useful phrases. With a CD that introduces the sounds and rhythms of the language, children will enjoy learning and speaking Chinese.
Eat your science homework : recipes for inquiring minds, Ann McCallum ; illustrated by Leeza Hernandez.
Introduces recipes and fun science facts, including black hole swallow-ups, munch on molecules with atomic popcorn balls, and invisible ink snack pockets.
Gut-wrenching gravity and other fatal forces, Anna Claybourne.
Disgusting and Dreadful Science features a look at the weird, revolting and shocking aspects of science for children at KS2. From electricity to sound and from light to forces, the books offer Wow! fascinating facts, fun examples and true-life stories to provide ways in to understanding solid scientific principles. Gravity and Other Fatal Forces offers a look at floating, flying, falling, jumping and much more.
Ear-splitting sounds and other vile noises, Anna Claybourne.
Disgusting and Dreadful Science features a look at the weird, revolting and shocking aspects of science for children at KS2. From electricity to sound and from light to forces, the books offer Wow! fascinating facts, fun examples and true-life stories to provide ways in to understanding solid scientific principles.
Light is all around us, Wendy Pfeffer ; illustrated by Paul Meisel.
An introduction to light and how it helps us to see profiles different kinds of light, including sunlight, firelight and electric light, and provides interactive experiments readers can perform at school or at home.
Dinosaurs. [3, Jurassic smarts], Arnaud Plumeri, story ; Bloz, art ; Maela Cosson, colour ; translator, Nanette McGuinness.
Everybody knows the brontosaurs, but what about the mamenchisaurus? The third chapter in the Dinosaurs saga delves deeper into the world of these fearsome lizards, exploring rarely discussed creatures like the cryolophosaurus, taking a look at the spines of the stegosaurus, and asking important questions like "What happened when a dinosaur had a toothache?
The sunflower = Te putiputi ra, Marie Jamison ; illustrated by Ben Jamison ; ko nga kupu Maori na Willie Manuel.
Chernobyl's wild kingdom : life in the dead zone, Rebecca L. Johnson.
Looks at the events of the Chernobyl Nuclear Accident in the Ukraine, describing how scientists are monitoring the effects of radiation on the wildlife that continue to live there and what this means for the human population surrounding the area.
What's new? The zoo! : a zippy history of zoos, Kathleen Krull ; illustrated by Marcellus Hall.
A millennia-long history of animal keeping shares facts about what zookeeping has taught humanity and how individual lives have been profoundly shaped by the wild creatures found in zoos all over the world.
When lunch fights back : wickedly clever animal defenses, Rebecca L. Johnson.
Presents the various types of defenses mechanisms used by animals, including the bone spikes of the African hairy frog, the deadly poison of the blue-spotted N. taracua termite, and the hammer-like punch of the peacock mantis shrimp.
Animal antics.
Looks at some of the most weird aspects of animal behaviour. This title helps you find out all about the strange and surreal things that animals do and why. It features colourful photography of wild animals capturing all the weird actions and behaviours that will make you laugh for days.
Funny homes, Dr Mark Norman.
Some animals live in funny places prickly cactuses, dark caves, high treetops strange places humans would not survive in for five minutes. Find out why these animals have such funny homes.
Ocean : undulating creatures of the deep, created by Dan Kainen ; written by Carol Kaufmann.
The magical follow-up to Safari, Ocean uses the same lenticular-based technology that transfers fluid full-colour movies onto a book page and offers a glimpse of the world under the sea with eight beautiful photicular images by artist Dan Kainen. Open the book, and the reader is swept into the magic of an underwater world, face-to-face with a floating Yellow-Banded Sweetlips; with a glow-in-the-dark Deep-Sea Anglerfish; with a Sea Horse swaying in balletic motion; with a Sand Tiger Shark gliding along the ocean floor, its gaze haunting, its hook-toothed mouth gulping open and closed. The text by Carol Kaufmann enchants with its descriptions of coral reefs; a journey on Alvin, the 17-ton submersible; and a meditation on our oceans. Then, for each creature, she writes a lively and informative essay, along with vital statistics size, habitat, range, diet, and more. The Photicular process uses an innovative lenticular technology, sliding lenses, and original four-colour video imagery. The result is like a movie in your hands the dance of life in a book.
Kids meet the bugs, Andra Serlin Abramson ; photographs by Chris Mattison.
Features insects from all around the world, plus fun facts about its habitat, food, and life cycle.
Bird encyclopedia, Mike Unwin.
This beautiful RSPB Encyclopedia will take you on an incredible journey through the world of birds, helping you find out about the amazing feathered creatures that share our planet. From tropical parrots and toucans to sea birds and eagles, find out all about birds with this informative first guide and reference book. Packed with brilliant photography, fun facts and top bird tips, learn, explore and be amazed by birds big and small.
Moses : the true story of an elephant baby, Jenny Perepeczko.
Meet Moses, an orphaned elephant baby from Malawi, Africa, who is curious, loving, and full of mischief!
Squishy circuits, Kristin Fontichiaro and AnnMarie P. Thomas.
Learn how to create electronic circuits using modeling dough.
Puppies, Brigitte Harries.
Discusses how to choose and care for a puppy, including diet, training, behaviors, housing, grooming, exercise, and vet care.
Lifeguard dogs, Natalie Lunis ; consultant, Commander Ferruccio Pilenga.
In this book, young readers will learn about the special dogs that work side-by-side with human lifeguards to help swimmers and boaters in trouble.
For the love of Bob, James Bowen.
James, with Bob's help, has begun to find his way in the world. Along with the adventures and the fun there have been tough times too, but through moments of real danger and sometimes illness Bob has always been there as James' protector and guardian angel.
Kittens, Hannelore Grimm.
Discusses how to choose and care for a kitten, including diet, behaviors, housing, grooming, exercise, popular breeds, and vet care.
Guinea pigs, Angela Beck.
Discusses how to choose and care for a guinea pig, including diet, behaviors, housing, grooming, exercise, popular breeds, and vet care.
Fish, Angela Beck.
Is a fish the right pet for you? They are beautiful and fun to watch, but they also need a lot of care. In FISH, read about properly setting up your tank, choosing the right fish and plants, and what kind of food to feed your fish. This book also features brief profiles on different species of fish and plants and quick solution guides to various problems. Learn how to be a responsible fish owner so you can enjoy your pets for years to come.
Crazy food, Anne Rooney.
Slipstream is a new generation of reading resources for struggling and reluctant readers. Through exciting and carefully levelled texts, Slipstream enables readers to accelerate their reading experience.
Ella's kitchen : the cookbook : [the red one] : 100 yummy recipes to inspire big and little cooks.
'It's never too early to get little'uns interested in healthy eating, so instead of cooking for the kids, why not cook with them?' Reveal As featured in The Times, Ella's Kitchen is the fastest growing brand in the UK baby food sector and this new title, Ella's Kitchen: The Cookbook: The Red One, is the first in a series of books aimed at creating nutritious, convenient food that kids (and their parents) will love.
The official DC super hero cookbook, Matthew Mead.
Presents more than fifty recipes for snacks, meals, drinks, and desserts inspired by the superheroes of DC Comics, including Kryptonite Krunch granola, Green Arrow kebobs, and Plastic Man pudding.
Ella's Kitchen : the big baking book : 100 healthier savoury + sweet recipes for big + little bakers : [the yellow one].
Kids love baking, with all its fascinating textures, smells - and of course, tastes! Ella's Kitchen: The Big Baking Book takes them beyond licking the bowl, with a wide range of easy recipes for all occasions, from lunchtime to party time. Enjoy cooking up a host of nutritious treats with your little ones, and watch them learn about counting, weighing and measuring at the same time. Above all, have fun and get messy!
Custom confections : delicious desserts you can create and enjoy!, Jen Besel.
Step-by-step instructions teach readers how to create baked treats and no-bake desserts. Also includes instructions for decorating cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and more.
We love to sew bedrooms : 23 projects : cool stuff for your space, Annabel Wrigley.
Contains 23 sewing projects for a bedroom makeover.
My body belongs to me from my head to my toes, created by proFamilia ; illustrated by Dagmar Geisler ; translated by Connie Stradling Morby ; preface by International Center for Assault Prevention.
As a child, there are constantly people trying to pick you up, hug you, or tickle you. Sometimes, though, children fall victims to people who try to touch them inappropriately. But how do you tell someone, most likely an adult, that you don't want to be touched? Or, if it has already happened, how do you tell an adult you trust about what happened? You're only a child, and they're the adults. Why would they believe you? My Body Belongs to Me from My Head to My Toes is an educational tool to help instill confidence in children when it comes to their bodies.
3D printing, Terence O'Neill and Josh Williams.
As they become more common and more powerful, 3D printers are allowing makers everywhere to bring their ideas to life. Readers will discover new processes, integrate visual information with text, and learn technical word meanings as they discover how 3D printers work and how makers are using them today. They will also learn how to create their own inventions from 3D computer models.
A child's introduction to art : the world's greatest paintings and sculptures, Heather Alexander ; illustrated by Meredith Hamilton.
Explores the world of art and artists, including Michelangelo, Mary Cassatt, and Vincent Van Gogh, and features do-it-yourself art projects.
Cool art : 50 fantastic facts for kids of all ages, Simon Armstrong.
Welcome to Cool Art! This fact-tastic book is packed with reasons why art is cooler than you'd ever imagine. Learn why the Mona Lisa has no eyebrows, which artist liked to throw artichokes around, and how to paint like Monet. Much more than a basic history of art, this fascinating book will teach you how colour works, how to have a profound experience in an art gallery, and where to see the best art in the world.
Bizarre buildings, Anne Rooney.
Do you know where you can find an upside-down house? Or a hotel made of ice? What about a tree house you can hardly see? No? Then find out in Bizarre Buildings filled with facts about some of the strangest buildings on Earth.
The beano annual. 2015.
The 2015 editon of the annual collection of the Beano comic.
Found and made : the art of upcycling, Lisa Holzl.
Make a masterpiece from your rubbish! With eleven exciting projects to inspire you, Found and Made: The Art of Upcycling will help to turn your trash into treasure. A toilet roll holder and some papier-mache can become a puppet king. A shoe box can transform into a treasure box. Ice-cream sticks, magazines, plastic bags, tin cans are all waiting to be part of your art kit. Collect. Create. And upcycle!
Lazing on a Sunday crafternoon : little projects for people with just a little time and little skill, Eliza Muldoon.
A collection of 52 blissfully simple craft ideas to make with a child helper. This beautiful book will have you creating delightful things out of everyday household items using nothing more than your own time and ingenuity. You and your child can while away hours of crafting fun with Eliza Muldoon as she helps you make these easy projects from a child's head band or aprons, to peg dolls, to skirts and shoe adornments, to practical bags and tool belts, felt toys and unique artworks to adorn your home.
Loom band it : 60 rubber band projects for the budding loomineer, Kat Roberts and Tessa Sillars-Powell.
Rubber band crafts are the latest craze - from the school yard and slumber parties to craft rooms and beyond, everyone can join in the fun. Using a small and inexpensive plastic loom or by tying by hand, it's possible to create an infinite array of bright and colourful rings, bracelets, accessories, and gifts from nothing more than simple rubber bands.
Rubber band bracelets : and other accessories : 35 colourful projects you'll love to make, Lucy Hopping.
Discover how to make 35 fantastic designs for yourself and your friends. All you need to make basic bracelets are colourful rubber bands, a loom that you can make yourself, a hook and a clip - it's that simple! The patterns in this book show you how to make a whole host of different items that you can customise by choosing your own colourways. Every one of these projects, from a pretty diamond bracelet to a chic pinstripe bracelet, and from a fabulous kaleidoscope bracelet to cute ladybird and bee bracelets, will inspire you to get crafting.
Rubber band charm jewelry : popstar bracelets & rings that sparkle and shine!, Maggie Marron.
This title features 12 original projects to complete with rubber bands and charms, with or without a loom. This booklet offers all the basics for weaving bracelets with a loom or without, along with 12 rubber band jewelry projects and 3 rubber band charms. Each bracelet is themed to todays' hottest stars, from Queen Bee Crown Jewels to Taylor's Tulips. These original designs are lots of fun to complete, and great to show off to friends.
Ghoulish get-ups, Fifi Colston.
HELP! It's 7pm and costume day tomorrow - what are we going to wear? This will be the go to book for busy parents faced with the dilemma of having to come up with a costume at short notice! From quick ideas involving just a baggy T shirt and nine nifty outfits to delightfully gross ideas involving bubble wrap and yoghurt, this how to handbook is a lifesaver. Materials for costumes are raided from the pantry or the recycling.
Star Wars in 100 scenes, written by Jason Fry.
Go behind the scenes and relive 100 iconic moments from Star Wars, episode I-VI. Join Luke Skywalker as he battles with the dark side, watch as Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth Vader and fly through space with the Star Wars ships.
Disney princess annual. 2015, writer, Kate Graham.
Includes magical stories and activities, as well as colouring pages and games featuring all your favourite princesses: Cinderella, Aurora, Rapunzel, Ariel, Tiana, Jasmine, Snow White and Belle, and their all-new cute and cuddly Palace Pets friends.
Star Wars annual 2015 : with augmented reality, written by Gemma Lowe and Katrina Pallant ; illustrated by Dan Crisp.
Features six timeless adventures of the Star Wars movies, complete epic space activities, read the fact files about your favourite characters and places, and choose your side of the Force.
Disney princess enchanted character guide, written by Beth Landis Hester and Catherine Saunders.
Journey into the enchanting worlds of the Disney princesses, where dreams really do come true. Discover wonderful tales of adventure, romance, and magic, meeting all your favorite characters along the way.
Star Wars rebels : the visual guide, written by Adam Bray.
An action-packed guide to the Star Wars Rebels series introducing exciting new Star Wars adventures. Star Wars Rebels is set between the events of Star Wars: Episode III and IV involving all the galactic escapades, interesting vehicles and fun characters creating Star Wars adventures that fans have come to expect. This guide is packed with episodes from the series, in-depth character profiles and annotated vehicle art, telling you everything you want to know about the Star Wars Rebels universe.
Wacky sports, Anne Rooney.
Do you know you can go kayaking in a pumpkin? Or chase a cheese downhill? What about underwater cycling or ironing on top of a mountain? No? Then find out in Wacky Sports filled with facts about some of the craziest sports on Earth.
Goal!, written by Sean Taylor ; photographs by Caio Vilela.
Where there's a ball there will always be someone who wants to play soccer. Whether in Tanzania or Togo, Burma or Brazil, children love soccer. GOAL! celebrates the sport's power to bridge cultural divides and bring together the many and diverse people of the world. Filled with fun facts and striking photos, this book is a poetic snapshot of soccer around the globe, available just in time for the 2014 World Cup!
365 days of wonder, R.J. Palacio.
A collection of quotes and wise words, one for every day of the year. It includes funny, insightful, inspiring thoughts from WONDER's fans, famous authors and personalities from Roald Dahl and Paul McCartney to Anne Frank, Tolkien and Popeye and from the novel itself.
True stories, edited and with an introduction by Jon Scieszka ; stories by Candace Fleming and 9 others with illustrations by Brian Floca.
Jon Scieszka's Guys Read anthology series for tweens turns to nonfiction in its fifth volume, True Stories. The fifth installment in the Guys Read Library of Great Reading features ten stories that are 100% amazing, 100% adventurous, 100% unbelievable and 100% true. Compiled and edited by real-life literature legend Jon Scieszka, Guys Read: True Stories is a mind-blowing collection of essays, biographies, how-to guides, and more, all proving that the truth is most definitely out there.
Ashley Bryan's puppets : making something from everything, Ashley Bryan ; photographs by Ken Hannon ; photographs edited by Rich Entel.
Introduces puppets created out of found objects by describing each with a poem.
Ode to a comode : concrete poems, Brian P. Cleary ; illustrations by Andy Rowland.
Features a collection of concrete poems inspired by objects.
Santa Clauses : short poems from the North Pole, Bob Raczka ; illustrated by Chuck Groenink.
Twenty-five haiku give readers a fresh, humourous perspective on Santa's December preparations, and rich illustrations pull readers into every wintry scene.
Showcasing treasures : Lu Rees Archives of Australian Children's Literature, Patricia Milne and Belle Alderman.
The Lu Rees Archives of Australian children's literature is a national treasure. This book celebrates its fortieth anniversary.
Don't poke a worm till it wriggles, Celia Warren ; illustrated by Sean Longcroft.
A delightful collection of poems for children, all about worms. It includes worm poems in various poetic forms, worm-related parodies of nursery rhymes, and lots more. With lots of fun and just a little environmental consciousness thrown in, this is a charming collection, perfect for KS1 children.
A treasury of NZ poems for children, Paula Green ; illustrated by Jenny Cooper.
The best New Zealand poems for children, collected by New Zealand poet Paula Green and illustrated by Jenny Cooper. A collection of poems that will make you laugh, cry, nod and ponder. Some of the poems were written a very long time ago by James K. Baxter, Eileen duggan and Denis Glover, while some poets and poems are very new, Elena de Roo and Stephanie Mayne. Includes poems by some of our most beloved childrens authors such as Joy Cowley, Gavin Bishop, David Hill,Tessa Duder and Kyle Mewburn and poems by some of our most beloved adult writers, Jenny Bornholdt, Fiona Farrell, Sam Hunt, Michele Leggott, Bill Manhire, Elizabeth Smither, Brian Turner, Peter Bland and Hone Tuwhare. Also includes twenty winners of a children's poetry competition.
Inside Charlie's chocolate factory : the complete story of Willy Wonka, the golden ticket and Roald Dahl's most famous creation, Lucy Mangan.
Explores the influence that, Charlie Bucket, Willy Wonka and the Oompa-Loompas have had on our culture. This title book features 100s of images, including previously unseen material from the Roald Dahl archive and photographs from the Johnny Depp and Gene Wilder films, the Sam Mendes musical and more.
Lives of the explorers : discoveries, disasters (and what the neighbors thought), written by Kathleen Krull ; illustrated by Kathryn Hewitt.
You might know that Columbus discovered America, Lewis and Clark headed west with Sacajawea, and Sally Ride blasted into space. But what do you really know about these bold explorers? What were they like as kids? What pets or bad habits did they have? And what drove their passion to explore unknown parts of the world? With juicy tidbits about everything from favorite foods to first loves, Lives of the Explorers reveals these fascinating adventurers as both world-changers and real people.
Amazing world atlas, authors, Deborah Murrell, Philip Steele ; illustrator, Alice Lickens.
Finally, Lonely Planet has made the Atlas kids have been waiting for! With 160 pages of illustrated maps, engaging infographics, mind-blowing photography and a large dose of humour, this is the atlas that shows kids what the world is really like. Touching on popular culture, sports and school life, this will bring the world to life for kids aged 8 and up.
El Deafo, Cece Bell ; colour by David Lasky.
The author recounts in graphic novel format her experiences with hearing loss at a young age, including using a bulky hearing aid, learning how to lip read, and determining her "superpower."
Hello, I'm Johnny Cash, G. Neri ; illustrated by A. G. Ford.
There's never been anyone like music legend Johnny Cash. His deep voice is instantly recognizable, and his heartfelt songs resonate with listeners of all ages and backgrounds. G. Neri captures Johnny's story in beautiful free verse, portraying an ordinary boy with an extraordinary talent who grew up in extreme poverty, faced incredible challenges, and ultimately found his calling by always being true to the gift of his voice. A. G. Ford's luscious paintings of the dramatic southern landscape of Johnny Cash's childhood illuminate this portrait of a legend, taking us from his humble beginnings to his enormous success on the world stage.
Etched in clay : the life of Dave, enslaved potter and poet, Andrea Cheng ; woodcuts by the author.
The life of Dave, an enslaved potter who inscribed his works with sayings and poems in spite of South Carolina's slave anti-literacy laws in the years leading up to the Civil War. Includes afterword, author's note, and sources.
Walt Disney : drawn from imagination, Bill Scollon.
A portrait of the iconic "man behind the mouse" traces his humble early years on a Missouri farm, World War I service, and early ambitions that prompted the creations of Mickey Mouse and other major characters and films.
I am Albert Einstein, Brad Meltzer ; illustrated by Christopher Eliopoulos.
Even when he was a kid, Albert Einstein did things his own way. He thought in pictures instead of words, and his special way of thinking helped him understand big ideas like the structure of music and why a compass always points north. Those ideas made him want to keep figuring out the secrets of the universe. Other people thought he was just a dreamer, but because of his curiosity, Einstein grew up to be one of the greatest scientists the world has ever known.
Mr. Ferris and his wheel, written by Kathryn Gibbs Davis ; illustrated by Gilbert Ford.
Examines how the engineer George Ferris invented and constructed the amusement park ride that bears his name for the 1893 Chicago World's Fair.
Viva Frida, Yuyi Morales ; photography by Tim O'Meara.
Via spare text, examines Kahlo's creative process.
The dumbest idea ever!, Jimmy Gownley.
What if the dumbest idea ever turned your life upside down? At thirteen, Jimmy was popular, at the top of his class, and the leading scorer on his basketball team. But all that changed when chicken pox forced him to miss the championship game. Things went from bad to worse when he got pneumonia and missed even more school. Before Jimmy knew it, his grades were sinking and nothing seemed to be going right. How did Jimmy turn things around, get back on top at school, and land a date with the cutest girl in class?
Edward Hopper paints his world, Robert Burleigh ; paintings by Wendell Minor.
As a boy, Edward Hopper knew exactly what he wanted to be when he grew up. He traveled to New York and to Paris to hone his craft. And even though no one wanted to buy his paintings for a long time, he never stopped believing in his dream to be an artist. He was fascinated with painting light and shadow and his works explore this challenge.
Nelson Mandela : world leader for human rights, Matt Doeden.
After spending more than 30 years in jail for protesting South African apartheid laws, Nelson Mandela became the first African president of South Africa. This is his story.
The legend of Saint Nicholas, written by Anselm Grun ; illustrated by Giuliano Ferri ; translated by Laura Watkinson.
An introduction to the saint who is the inspiration for Santa Claus
A boy and a jaguar, written by Alan Rabinowitz ; illustrated by Catia Chien.
The renowned cat conservationist reflects on his early childhood struggles with a speech disorder, describing how he only spoke fluently when he was communicating with animals and how he resolved at a young age to find his voice to be their advocate.
Gus & me : the story of my granddad and my first guitar, Keith Richards with Barnaby Harris and Bill Shapiro ; art by Theodora Richards.
Keith's grandfather, Theodore Augustus Dupree lived near Seven Sisters Road, in a house filled with instruments and cakes. A nostalgic look back at happy childhood days as the Rolling Stone star remembers his grandfather a former big band player who encouraged his grandson to take up the guitar, in this charming picture book whimsically illustrated by Keith Richards' daughter. Includes an exclusive CD with a reading of the story by a professional actor, James Langton, and a spoken introduction and additional guitar music from Keith.
The right word : Roget and his thesaurus, Jen Bryant, Melissa Sweet.
The story of "shy young Peter Mark Roget, for whom books were the best companions and it wasn't long before Peter began writing his own book. But he didn't write stories; he wrote lists. Peter took his love for words and turned it to organizing ideas and finding exactly the right word to express just what he thought. His lists grew and grew, eventually turning into one of the most important reference books of all time.
Shackleton's journey, William Grill.
Tells the story of the shipwreck of the Endurance in a sea of ice en route to Antarctica, and the survival of all 28 members of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, led by Sir Ernest Shackleton.
How they choked : failures, flops, and flaws of the awfully famous, Georgia Bragg ; illustrated by Kevin O'Malley
Presents a humorous look at the flaws and foibles of some of the most famous personalities of history, including such figures as Marco Polo, George Armstrong Custer, Thomas Edison, and Amelia Earhart.
Temple Run : race through time to unlock secrets of the ancient worlds, Tracey West ; select instructions by Gonzalo Ordonez.
Get ready to run for your life! This epic story is based on the hit mobile app Temple Run. You come across an ancient treasure, but taking it accidentally releases an evil force all over the world! Can you save the day? Learn all about the ancient world and discover clues as you race through time, cultures, and ancient civilizations to unlock secrets and send the demons back to their dimension. The world is in danger unless you can stop them!
The Industrial Revolution for kids : the people and technology that changed the world : with 21 activities, Cheryl Mullenbach.
The Industrial Revolution for kids introduces young readers to the Industrial Revolution not only through the usual people, places, and inventions of the time the incredibly wealthy Rockefellers and Carnegies, dirty and dangerous factories, and new forms of transportation and communication but also through the eyes of everyday workers, kids, sports figures, and social activists whose names never appear in history books.
Sarang pat saebyok pyonji, Kwon Tae-il jieum ; Kang Seung-hui keurim.
Ye-dam i nun yoltusal e 1,000-manwon ul moatssoyo : uri nara ch'oech'o ui silmyong kyongje tonghwa, [chiuni Kim Son-hui ; kurini Ch'oe Sang-hun].
Nan ne ka poyo! level 2 : ch'anguiryok i ssuk ssuk charanun sumun kurim ch'atki 2, kihoek, kusong Joan Sut'aino.
Pak Chi-song ch'orom kkum kkwora : yongwonhan yongung k'aept'in Pak ui songjang mentoring, Chon Chae-yon kul ; Pak Chi-song kamsu ; Yi Kyong-sok kurim
Kongbuga doeneun jaemiinnun hankuksa 1, jieum Keulkongjakso ; chucheon Jeong Myung-sun.
Yunesuk'o Munhoayusan : oriniga kkok alaya hal urinaraui, Yi Hyong-jun kul, sajin.
Sonsaengnim ul ch'assumnida!, Haeri Allodu kul ; Jeimsu Masyol kurim ; Kim Song-hui omgim.
Kurimch'aek Ttuttu, Cho Chun-yong kul ; Yun Chong-ju kurim.
Chodingdului sachungi.
Tongmultul un onjena haengbok halkkayo?, Angdure Elle kul, kurim ; Ch'oe Yun-jong omgim.
Choguman palmyongga, Hyon Tok kul ; Cho Mi-ae kurim.
Eolssajolssa eokkaechumi jeollo nanun uri chum, keul Joo Young-ha ; keurim Kim Eun-mi.
Koyangi ne misulgwan, [kul Kang Hyo-mi ; kurim Kang Hwa-gyong ; sajin Simong Poto Eijonsi, Yonhap Nyusu].
Kkach'i appa, Kim Chang-song kul ; Kim Pyong-ha kurim.
Kongja ajossi ne ppang kage, Kim Son-hui kul ; Kang Kyong-su kurim ; Hwang Hui-gyong toumkul.
Norae hanun poltwaeji, kul, kurim Kim Yong-jin.
Chihach'ol ul t'agoso, kul Ko Tae-yong ; kurim Kim Yong-jin.
Adel kwa Saimon, Babara Maek'ullint'ok kul, kurim ; Mun Chu-son omgim.
Onu nal ach'im, Robot'u Maek'ullosuk'i kul, kurim ; Chang Mi-ran omgim.
Doseogwani kiunai, Carla Morris.
Omma, tto ilgo chuseyo! : ch'aek ingnun ai ro manduro chunun ch'aek, kul Sin Chong-min ; kurim Pak Son-gyong oe 12-myong.
Kkoburang halmoni ka, Sin Kyong-nim kul ; Yun Mun-yong kurim.
No nun kijok iranda, U Su-myong kul ; Kim Sug-yong kurim.
Nappun orundullo puto narul chikyoyo!, Yi Chin hui kul, kurim.
On sesang I pantchak pantchak, Yun-u Yi.
Hwangje wa yon, Chein [Yollon] kul ; Edu Yong kurim ; Hong Yon-mi omgim.
Hakkyo nun chulgowo, Haeriet Chip'ot'u chium ; Amanda Heilli kurim ; [omgini Yi T'ae-yong].

Older Fiction

The serpent's curse, Tony Abbott ; illustrations by Bill Perkins.
As Wade, Darrell, Lily, and Becca continue their search for an ancient relic, Wade's mother is kidnapped by Galina Krause, leader of the present-day Teutonic Knights.
I kill the mockingbird, Paul Acampora.
When best friends Lucy, Elena, and Michael receive their summer reading list, they are excited to see To Kill A Mockingbird included. But not everyone in their class shares the same enthusiasm. So they hatch a plot to get the entire town talking about the well-known Harper Lee classic.
Ambassador, William Alexander.
Appointed Earth's ambassador to the universe, twelve-year-old Gabe Fuentes faces two sets of "alien" problems when he discovers his parents are illegal aliens and face deportation and the Earth is in the path of a destructive alien force causing multiple mass extinctions.
The witch's boy, Kelly Barnhill.
When a Bandit King comes to take the magic that Ned's mother, a witch, is meant to protect, the stuttering, weak boy villagers think should have drowned rather than his twin summons the strength to protect his family and community, while in the woods, the bandit's daughter puzzles over a mystery that ties her to Ned.
Magic in the mix, Annie Barrows.
Life seems to be back to normal for "newly twinned" sisters Miri and Molly until their magical house sends them on a new time-traveling adventure to the Civil War, where they must risk everything to save two unusual soldiers and come to terms with the emotional truth about Molly's past.
Tell me, Joan Bauer.
Feeling scared and powerless when her father's anger escalates and her parents separate, twelve-year-old Anna spends the summer with her grandmother and decides to make a difference when she sees what seems to be a girl held against her will.
Teddy One-Eye : the autobiography of a teddy bear, Gavin Bishop.
A teddy bear comes into a little boy's life in 1950 when his mother is about to have a new baby. The teddy tells the story of his life, being dragged around, inside and out, on bikes, in wheelbarrows, on all sorts of adventures, and always being well loved. As Teddy tells his story, he's also telling the boy's story. And the boy, of course, grows up, and Teddy gets left behind sometimes, once even on the beach overnight. Eventually the boy grows up and Teddy is put away in a trunk where he stays, for 17 years, when he is rediscovered by the boy's three daughters.
The Iron Trial, Holly Black, Cassandra Clare.
Most people would do anything to get into the Magisterium and pass the Iron Trial. Not Callum Hunt. Call has been told his whole life that he should never trust a magician. And so he tries his best to do his worst but fails at failing. Now he must enter the Magisterium. It's a place that's both sensational and sinister.
Bad magic, Pseudonymous Bosch ; illustrations by Gilbert Ford.
Thirteen-year-old Clay, a boy who no longer believes in magic, tags graffiti on his classroom wall and, as punishment, is sent to a camp for wayward kids located on a volcanic island, where eccentric campmates abound, a ghost walks among the abandoned ruins of a mansion, and a dangerous force threatens to erupt with bad magic.
Trouble in time, Adele Broadbent.
Twelve year old Ben Jackson resents being thrown out of his room to sleep in a shabby caravan when his Mum's Poppa, George, comes to stay. Ben finds his great grandfather sullen and grouchy, while 91 year old George thinks Ben spends too much time on the computer. At first, the generation gap seems impossible to bridge - until the unthinkable happens. Ben is thrown back into 1934 with George (as a boy) in his home town of Marshville.
The Terror of the Southlands, Caroline Carlson ; illustrations by Dave Phillips.
Hilary Westfield is now sailing the seas as the Terror of the Southlands, but when Miss Pimm is discovered missing, Hilary decides to find the Enchantress with the help of first mate Charlie, finishing school friend Claire, and the always intrepid gargoyle.
Alice's adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll ; illustrated by Sir John Tenniel and with sixteen plates coloured by John MacFarlane ; with a foreword by Hilary McKay.
A gorgeous Macmillan Classics edition of this much-loved story, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. A timeless heroine, Alice is quick-witted, determined and resourceful. In her extraordinary adventures she meets a series of unforgettable characters, from the bossy White Rabbit to the grinning Cheshire-Cat and the Mad Hatter, all of whom are as famous as Alice herself. Gloriously illustrated with the original line drawings by John Tenniel and with colour plates and a foreword by Hilary McKay, this beautiful hardback edition of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, which was first published by Macmillan in 1865, is a truly special gift to treasure.
The madman of Piney Woods, Christopher Paul Curtis.
Even though it is now 1901, the people of Buxton, Canada (originally a settlement of runaway slaves) and Chatham, Canada are still haunted by two events of half a century before the American Civil War, and the Irish potato famine, and the lasting damage those events caused to the survivors.
Red berries, white clouds, blue sky, Sandra Dallas.
After Pearl Harbor is bombed by the Japanese, twelve-year-old Tomi and her Japanese-American family are split up and forced to leave their California home to live in internment camps in New Mexico and Colorado.
Unstoppable Octobia May, Sharon G. Flake.
In 1953 ten-year-old Octobia May lives in her Aunt's boarding house in the South, surrounded by an African American community which has its own secrets and internal racism, and spends her days wondering if Mr. Davenport in room 204 is really a vampire or something else entirely.
Poached, Stuart Gibbs.
Twelve-year-old Teddy Fitzroy is the prime suspect when FunJungle's newly-acquired koala goes missing
Upside down and backwards : a sibling's journey through childhood cancer, Julie Greves, CCLS, Katy Tenhulzen, CCLS, and Fred Wilkinson, LICSW.
Follows eighth-grader Bryce as he learns about his sister Paige's cancer and watches his family's focus turn toward her, leaving him feeling left out, jealous, worried, afraid, and confused about the disease.
The imaginary, A.F. Harrold ; illustrated by Emily Gravett.
Rudger is Amanda's best friend. He doesn't exist, but nobody's perfect. Only Amanda can see her imaginary friend until the sinister Mr Bunting arrives at Amanda's door. Mr Bunting hunts imaginaries. Rumour says that he eats them. And he's sniffed out Rudger. Soon Rudger is alone, and running for his imaginary life. But can a boy who isn't there survive without a friend to dream him up?
The lily-livered prince, Christopher William Hill.
Meet Eugene, the most portly of princes, and Kalvitas, the most courageous of chocolate makers. Theirs is a tale of cakes and cowardice, bullies and battles, as they set out to defeat a terrifying tyrant. The characters are cursed. The deserts are deadly. And people are not always as they appear.
Rain reign, Ann M. Martin.
Struggling with Asperger's, Rose shares a bond with her beloved dog, but when the dog goes missing during a storm, Rose is forced to confront the limits of her comfort levels, even if it means leaving her routines in order to search for her pet.
Itch craft, Simon Mayo.
Exploding euros and exciting elements join Itch, Jack and Chloe on their latest adventure. Itchingham Lofte, teenage element hunter and unlikely hero, has had anough excitement to last him a lifetime. Stumbling across an unknown radioactive element and trying to keep it out of the hands of those who want to use it for their own ends was hard enough. But when a school trip to Spain ends in exploding currency and rioting locals, he knows that he has to continue to look for answers. Itch knows the lives of those closest to him are at risk. He must track down a deadly enemy who will stop at nothing to take his vengeance.
Island of legends, Lisa McMann.
Divided by their society into Wanted and Unwanted at thirteen, estranged twin brothers Aaron and Alex have both run into trouble as mage of Artime, Alex must defend the island from attack, while Aaron continues to scheme to take over the islands and get rid of the Unwanteds altogether.
The rising, Tom Moorhouse ; illustrated by Simon Mendez.
Kale and Strife are two young water voles with a nose for trouble and an eye for adventure. But when their uncle Sylvan comes to stay, bringing news of a danger that could threaten their whole existence, the voles are sucked into a quest that will test their courage to the limit. A thrilling new adventure from the author of The River Singers.
Listen to the Moon, Michael Morpurgo.
May, 1915. Alfie and his fisherman father find a girl on an uninhabited island in the Scillies injured, thirsty, lost and with absolutely no memory of who she is, or how she came to be there. She can say only one word: Lucy. Where has she come from? Is she a mermaid, the victim of a German U-boat, or even as some islanders suggest a German spy? Only one thing is for sure: she loves music and moonlight, and it is when she listens to the gramophone that the glimmers of the girl she once was begin to appear. WW1 is raging, suspicion and fear are growing, and Alfie and Lucy are ever more under threat. But as we begin to see the story of Merry, a girl boarding a great ship for a perilous journey across the ocean, another melody enters the great symphony and the music begins to resolve.
Danger down the Nile, James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein ; illustrated by Juliana Neufeld.
Four kids on a quest to find the legendary Mines of King Solomon and their parents. Bick, Beck, Storm and Tommy are navigating their way down the Nile, from hot and dusty Cairo to deep dark jungles, past some seriously bad guys along the way. They'll need all their survival instincts just to make it out alive.
Nuts to you, Lynne Rae Perkins.
After surviving being carried off by a hawk, a young squirrel resolves to find his way home, as his best friends begin their search for him.
Dragons at Crumbling Castle : and other stories, Terry Pratchett.
A beautifully illustrated collection of short stories by master storyteller Sir Terry Pratchett, featuring dragons, dinosaurs, cavemen and car races! Dragons have invaded Crumbling Castle, and all of King Arthur's knights are either on holiday or visiting their grannies. It's a disaster! Luckily, there's a spare suit of armour and a very small boy called Ralph who's willing to fill it. Together with Fortnight the Friday knight and Fossfiddle the wizard, Ralph sets out to defeat the fearsome fire-breathers. But there's a teeny weeny surprise in store. Fourteen fantastically funny stories from master storyteller Sir Terry Pratchett, full of time travel and tortoises, monsters and mayhem!
Home, Sarah Prineas ; illustrations by Antonio Javier Caparo.
Young Wizard's apprentice Connwaer disguises himself as a chimney swift in order to identify who has been stealing the locus stones in Wellmet.
Cakes in space, Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre.
Astra's ship is in trouble. There's something very sinister lurking in the canteen. A cakey monstrosity on the war path. And then there's the Poglites - a space salvage crew who have invaded the ship in their quest for spoonage! Astra and her robot friend Pilbeam are the only things standing in the way of the ship's destruction!
Goth Girl and the fete worse than death, Chris Riddell.
Preparations for the Ghastly-Gorm Garden Party and bake-off are under way. Celebrity cooks are arriving at the hall for the big event and, true to form, Maltravers, the indoor gamekeeper, is acting suspiciously. Elsewhere at Ghastly-Gorm Ada's wardrobe-dwelling lady's maid Marylebone has received a marriage proposal. Ada vows to aid the course of true love and find out what Maltravers is up to, but amidst all this activity, everyone, including her father, appears to have forgotten her birthday!
The blood of Olympus, Rick Riordan.
The Greek and Roman demigods must simultaneously prevent the earth mother, Gaea, from waking and stop war from breaking
Thirteen chairs, Dave Shelton.
Jack stands in the dark on the landing of the old house, and looks at his feet. He has been there for minutes, his hands on the door handle, debating whether or not to go in. Jack is curious. Are you?
"Shouldn't you be in school?", Lemony Snicket ; art by Seth.
Young apprentice Lemony Snicket is investigating a case of arson but soon finds himself enveloped in the ever-increasing mystery that haunts the town of Stain'd-by-the-Sea. Who is setting the fires? What secrets are hidden in the Department of Education? Why are so many schoolchildren in danger?
Jackal, Jeff Stone.
When a Jake is offered a chance to race in China for a world class BMX team he is not sure that he wants to go — but when one of his friends asks him to smuggle a mysterious drug called Dragonbone that can prolong life to her dying mother in China he feels he has to take the trip, whatever the danger.
The book of secrets, Cynthia Voigt ; illustrated by Iacopo Bruno.
Self-reliant Max Starling, a twelve-year-old detective and problem solver, struggles to keep his identity a secret as he investigates a case of arson, while cryptic messages from his still missing parents indicate that they need rescuing.
Delivery of doom, written and illustrated by Dan Yaccarino.
When Luno's dad finally gives him the responsibility of delivering pizza orders all over the galaxy, Luno is excited, mostly. He knows that delivering pizza is no walk on the moon. There are hostile customers, and there's always the threat of his deliveries being intercepted by Quantum Pizza, the fast growing chain restaurant that will do anything to put indies like Zorgoochi Intergalactic out of business. Luno is joined by his best friend Clive, a super smart, talking clove of garlic, and Chooch, a not so smart, talking pizza oven. Their deliveries are often dangerous (try landing on a fire planet) and sometimes frustrating. All Luno wants to do is help his dad keep the family business afloat. He realizes that the owner of Quantum Pizza wants the Zorgoochi family recipe, and only Luno can protect it.

Picture Books

Norman, speak!, Caroline Adderson ; pictures by Qin Leng.
After a family adopts a dog from a local shelter, they cannot understand why he doesn't respond to commands, until a chance encounter in the dog park reveals that their new dog only understands Chinese.
Santa's busy reindeer, Ed Allen, Nathaniel Eckstrom.
"Ten of Santa's reindeer were going out for a skate, but when one of those reindeer flew right over the gate, there were only nine of Santa's reindeer left going for a skate." It's nearly Christmas! The presents are wrapped and the sleigh is packed, but ten of Santa's reindeer still have lots to do. Find out what they get up to before their busiest day of the year!
Sam & Dave dig a hole, Mac Barnett ; illustrated by Jon Klassen.
With perfect pacing, the multi-award-winning, best-selling team of Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen dig down for a deadpan tale full of visual humour. Sam and Dave are on a mission. A mission to find something spectacular. So they dig a hole. And they keep digging. And they find nothing. Yet the day turns out to be pretty spectacular after all. Attentive readers will be rewarded with a rare treasure in this witty story of looking for the extraordinary and finding it in a manner you'd never expect. This is an all-new story from the award-winning team of Jon Klassen and Mac Barnett. It offers a humorous look at the pleasures of outdoor play and its often surprising rewards. The interplay of text and art makes this a great read-aloud.
A library book for Bear, Bonny Becker ; illustrated by Kady MacDonald Denton.
Although he sees no need for more books to read, Bear agrees to accompany Mouse to the library.
Worst in show, written by William Bee ; illustrated by Kate Hindley.
Albert is entering his pet monster, Sidney, in The best pet monster in the world competition! And he has very high hopes, Sidney, however, is a rather gentle monster, who enjoys long soaks in bubble-filled baths while nibbling on some sugary fairy cakes. And a champion monster has to be, well, monstrous to win.
A recipe for bedtime, Peter Bently & Sarah Massini.
From the winner of the Roald Dahl Funny Prize, comes a classic baby bedtime book. Baby, baby soft and sweet, almost good enough to eat! It's night-night time so come with me, and hear my bedtime recipe. A classic baby bedtime book with a perfect lullaby ending.
Circle, square, Moose, Kelly Bingham ; pictures by Paul O. Zelinsky.
When Zebra and his enthusiastic friend Moose are asked to exit a book about shapes, Moose has other
I don't want to go to school, Stephanie Blake.
There was once a cheeky little rabbit. You might know him already. When his mother told him, Simon, tomorrow is your first day of school! he replied, I'm not going.
The Christmas rose, Wendy Blaxland, Lucy Hennessy.
The fields near Bethlehem are filled with great joy when angels appear telling of the birth of a very special baby. Madelon's uncle, his men, and the magnificent kings riding on camels all have gifts for the Saviour. But Madelon has nothing. What could she possibly give him?
Alone together, Suzanne Bloom.
Goose, Bear, and Fox are friends through thick and thin.
Flashlight, Lizi Boyd.
In this story without words, a boy explores the woods after dark with a flashlight.
Not very scary, Carol Brendler ; pictures by Greg Pizzoli.
On Halloween, Melly is invited to Cousin Malberta's home for a surprise, but as she walks there on a beautifully spooky evening, she is followed by increasing numbers of creatures that may actually be frightening.
Yikes, Santa-Claws!, Pamela Butchart & Sam Lloyd.
It was Christmas Eve and the dino-tots were tucked up in bed dreaming of Christmas magic. But where were the jolly jingle bells? The hearty "Ho! Ho! Ho!"? And who was this green scaly creature stomping through the snow? Yikes, It's Santa-Claws and he's causing chaos. Can anyone stop him and save the day? Find out in this crazy Christmas caper.
Brave Chicken Little, retold and illustrated by Robert Byrd.
A retelling of the classic story of Chicken Little, who has an acorn fall on his head and runs in a panic to his friends Henny Penny, Ducky Lucky, and others, to tell them the sky is falling.
Hug machine, Scott Campbell.
The hug machine is available to hug anyone, any time, whether they are square or long, spiky or soft.
The bear's sea escape, Benjamin Chaud.
Still looking for a place to hibernate, Papa Bear follows Baby Bear to a cruise ship, and winds up on a tropical island.
The new small person, Lauren Child.
This brand new picture book from the hugely talented Lauren Child, about the arrival of a new sibling will undoubtedly strike a chord with children and parents alike. Told with Lauren Child's trademark wit, humour and style, this much-anticipated new picture book won't disappoint.
Nga hoa, na Carolyn Collis ; [kaiwhakamaori Piripi Walker].
The mice are coming to live with Sam the scarecrow. Count them as they creep into his pockets.
Jack, Tomie dePaola.
Young Jack meets a host of animals on his way to ask the king for a house.
The zoo, written by Emma Dods ; illustrated by Kate Daubney.
Lets you join a zookeeper for a day: meet impressive animals and discover more about a keeper's job.
Princess Mirror-Belle and the dragon pox, written by Julia Donaldson ; illustrated by Lydia Monks.
Ellen gets a big shock when her double appears out of the bathroom mirror, but Mirror-Belle is a double with a difference! She is a princess, and a mischievous one at that. She is sure that Ellen's chicken pox is actually dragon pox and she is full of ideas about how to make the spots disappear.
The day I lost my superpowers, Michael Escoffier, Kris Di Giacomo ; [translated from the French by Claudia Bedrick & Kris Di Giacomo].
When a young superhero-in-training gets hurt, she discovers that mothers have superpowers, too.
Little dog and the Christmas wish, Corinne Fenton and Robin Cowcher.
Little Dog and Jonathan are best friends. They do everything together. But on Christmas Eve Little Dog finds himself lost and alone in a busy city. How will he find his way home? Can Christmas wishes come true?
Goose the Bear, Katja Gehrmann ; translated by Connie Stradling Morby.
A little goose hatches out of an egg and starts following a bear around. The bear becomes more and more convinced that the gosling is actually a bear.
Alfie in the garden, Debi Gliori.
Alfie Rabbit is helping his mummy in the garden. His world turns from real to imagined, as a gatefold spread is opened. Now he's in the jungle! He's a lion on the prowl, an elephant spraying water from his trunk, and a little bird flying home to his nest to have a nap with Mummy! A delightful book for toddlers, celebrating their irrepressible imagination, with exquisite illustrations featuring all sorts of garden and jungle! creatures.
Digging for dinosaurs, written by Mike Goldsmith ; illustrated by Kate Daubney.
This book lets you join in the fossil-finding adventure in Digging for Dinosaurs to uncover a huge dinosaur
The airport, written by Mike Goldsmith ; illustrated by Kate Daubney.
This title lets you follow a family as they travel through the airport and prepare for take off.
Under the sea, written by Mike Goldsmith ; illustrated by Kate Daubney.
Offers a collectible board book series with a non-fiction twist: toddlers have mini adventures and explore planet
Snow!, Emily Gravett.
There's a brand new adventure awaiting friends Bear and Hare as they head outside to see snow! Tasting snowflakes, making snow angels, throwing snowballs (lots of snowballs) what fun there is to be had! Hare loves the snow, but perhaps Bear needs a little more convincing?
Doughnuts for dragons, Adam & Charlotte Guillain ; illustrated by Lee Wildish.
"Yum" said the ogre, lifting George up, "I'll have you for dinner tonight." "Don't eat me," cried George, "Have these buns instead! 'Cause I'm seeking a dragon to fight." George, a young explorer, longs to be a dragon-searching hero from long, long ago. So he climbs in his time machine with only a scooter, some cakes and tasty doughnuts to aid him in his quest. When he arrives in long, long ago he spies a dragon straight away! Or does he? Doughnuts for a Dragon is a funny adventure story, the perfect rhyming picture book read for boy and girls. It's a fast-paced, rhyming story about princesses, witches, dragons and George an intrepid kid determined to time travel and see a dragon.
Ruby and the naughty cats, Jane Hissey.
Ruby, Blue, and Blanket are having a race, but then the Naughty Cats get in the way. Everything Ruby, Blue and Blanket try to do, the Naughty Cats interfere. But what can they do? Luckily Blanket has a brilliant idea which saves the day, and the Naughty Cats aren't so naughty anymore!
Welcome to the family, written by Mary Hoffman ; illustrated by Ros Asquith.
This book takes one element of The Great Big Book of Families - the arrival of new members into a family and explores all the different ways a baby or child can become part of a family.
Sally in the forest, written and illustrated by Stephen Huneck.
Sally sniffs out trees, animal tracks, and some wild friends!
Once upon an alphabet, Oliver Jeffers.
From an Astronaut who's afraid of heights, to a Bridge that ends up burned between friends, to a Cup stuck in a cupboard and longing for freedom, this series of interconnected stories and characters explores the alphabet.
Tin, Chris Judge.
Tin is looking after his little sister Nickel one afternoon when she grabs hold of a balloon and floats away! Tin and his dog Zinc set off in hot pursuit as she floats towards the big city. Can they rescue Nickel before she goes too far?
As an oak tree grows, G. Brian Karas.
From 1775 to the present, the landscape around a lone oak tree goes through significant changes.
Mine!, Jerome Keane & Susana De Dios.
Sometimes it's hard to share but Fox and Horse show the funny side!
Gazpacho for Nacho, Tracey Kyle ; illustrated by Carolina Farias.
Nacho won't eat anything but gazpacho soup until his mother takes him to the supermarket and he sees the many piles of different vegetables there.
Noni the Pony goes to the beach, Alison Lester.
Come to the beach with Noni the nicest pony you could ever meet in this purely delightful rhyming story for young children. Noni the Pony is friendly and funny. She loves going down to the beach when it's sunny. With her two very best friends Dave Dog and Coco the Cat, and the cows from next door, it's going to be a wonderful day.
Planes go, Steve Light.
Describes the sounds of eight different kinds of airplanes.
How does the giraffe get to work?, Christopher Llewelyn, Scott Tulloch.
Who knew that zoo animals went home each night, after working at the zoo? After a long day's work at the zoo, the animals all head back to their respective homes, making their way back to the zoo the following morning, just like the rest of us do! Some ride public transport, some take a jog, some hitch a ride and tough tiger revs his moped...each tackling the morning commute as grown-up people often do. But where is giraffe? Will he clock in on time?
Bye! Bye! Bye!, Juliette MacIver, Stephanie Junovich.
A little girl says tearful goodbyes to her home full of pets as the family prepares to leave on summer holiday, pretending all along that it is the pets that are sad, not her. Kitten, mouse, rabbit, fish and duck all get a fond farewell, but actually, what harm is there, surely they can all fit! Shhh, the little girl ends up bringing them all!
Ben's flying flowers, Inger Maier ; illustrated by Maria Bogade.
Emily introduces her younger brother, Ben, to butterflies, which he calls "flying flowers," and when his illness makes him too weak to go see them she draws him pictures, but after his death she no longer wants to draw happy things. Includes note to parents.
Katie's London Christmas, James Mayhew.
Celebrate 25 years of Katie with this new, irresistibly Christmassy story! Join Katie and Jack as they help Father Christmas to deliver presents all over London - visiting some of the best landmarks the capital has to offer!. Christmas is a magical time of year, when absolutely anything incredible can happen. So when Katie and Jack are woken up late on Christmas Eve by a loud sneeze, little do they realise that they are about to embark on the most amazing evening! Soon they are flying high across London, over snow-dusted landmarks, through the star-scattered sky with the one and only Father Christmas, in his sleigh, with his magical reindeer! But can they help Father Christmas to deliver all his presents and be back in time for Christmas morning? This story is illustrated with James's extraordinarily beautiful artwork and features some of London's best sights, including: Big Ben Buckingham Palace Covent Garden Trafalgar Square And many more landmarks The foiled cover will add that extra bit of Christmas sparkle to make the book utterly irresistible!.
The sweetest witch around, Alison McGhee, Harry Bliss.
On Halloween, a little witch and her baby sister study humans and their mysterious ways.
Jampires, Sarah McIntyre, David O'Connell.
Watch out! There is a jam thief about! Have you ever bitten into a jammy doughnut and thought, This needs more jam? Imagine Sam's horror when he discovers that his favourite treat has been sucked dry! Who did it?
Doctor Grundy's undies, Dawn McMillan ; illustrated by Ross Kinnaird.
Doctor Grundy lost his undies. His best ones, supersized! When a strong wind blows past Dr Grundy's clothesline, off go his undies. They land on a pirate ship, are blown on to Scotland, get a mend in China - but will they ever find their way back home?
Something about a bear, Jackie Morris.
Follows the activities of eight wild bears as they find their food and take care of their young.
How the library (not the prince) saved Rapunzel, Wendy Meddour, Rebecca Ashdown Petrie.
With the wind in his hair, and blowing his hooter, Along came the prince on the back of a scooter. "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, please let down your hair!" Called the prince from down on the bottom stair. But Rapunzel just sat As still as a wall; She didn't think much of the prince at all. Rapunzel sits on the sixteenth floor of an inner city block, bored, dreaming and looking out at the rain. No one can rouse her from her apathy, not the milkman or the postman or the baker or her aunt or even the prince. But when at last a letter is delivered, it contains news that has Rapunzel on her feet again. She has a new job at the library! And suddenly her life is busy, sparkling, exciting and stimulating. For despite her long hair and her ravishing looks, she loved nothing better than reading good books!
Perky The Pukeko and the cow, written by Michelle Osment ; illustrated by Sunset.
Brownie the cow is being bothered by insects and Perky finds a way to help.
Two, Kathryn Otoshi.
Two's best friend is One until Three jumps in between them. A powerful story of friendship, loss, letting go, and self-discovery.
At the same moment, around the world, Clotilde Perrin.
Starting from the Greenwich meridian this book takes the reader east imagining what children are doing at that moment in each of the twenty-four time zones.
Bob and Rob, Sue Pickford.
Bob dreams of being an ordinary dog, belonging to an ordinary family instead of a bungling burglar. Then, one night Rob spots a huge pile of wrapped presents through an open window, perfect for stealing.
Where is Rusty?, Sieb Posthuma ; translated by Bill Nagelkerke.
Rusty goes to the department store with his mother and Henrietta and Toby. But his nose leads him astray and on a new adventure. Soon everyone is looking for him. Where is Rusty?
Home sweet home, written by Sarah Powell ; illustrated by Barbi Sido.
Baby owl loves exploring the world around her and meeting new friends.
Owly & Wormy, bright lights and starry nights, Andy Runton.
On a slightly scary camping trip to study stars in the night sky, Owly and Wormy make new friends.
Richard Scarry's busiest people ever.
Take a trip to the world of Richard Scarry and find out about all the jobs people do. From the everyday to the not so obvious. Do you know who greets the new arrivals at a train station? Or carries the luggage onto a ship? Who saves the day when the train is going to crash? And who delivers the apples for Grandma's apple pie? Find the answers to these questions and more with the busy residents of Busytown.
Dog and Bear : tricks and treats, Laura Vaccaro Seeger.
Dog and Bear are back in three new stories, all with a Halloween theme.
Kid sheriff and the terrible Toads, written by Bob Shea ; illustrated by Lane Smith.
The Toad brothers are wreaking havoc in Drywater Gulch when a boy with no experience but immense knowledge of dinosaurs rides into town on his tortoise and declares himself the new sheriff.
Who's in the tree? : and other lift-the-flap surprises, Craig Shuttlewood.
An elephant in the sky? A peacock in the sea? Are creatures hiding where they shouldn't be? Lift the large flaps, follow the romping rhyme, and find each face that's out of place. Graphic artist Craig Shuttlewood whisks kids from desert to forest to ocean deep and finally to the zoo, where the only one who doesn't fit is You!
Sebastian and the balloon, Philip C. Stead.
When Sebastian launches himself on a journey in a hot air balloon made entirely of Grandma's afghans and patchwork quilts, his boring day turns into the adventure of a lifetime.
How to hide a lion from Grandma, Helen Stephens.
When Grandma comes to stay, Iris has to hide her lion, as grandmas can get anxious if they find a lion in the house. But Grandma is acting suspiciously, too, and Iris is sure she has a secret of her own. To Iris's great surprise, it turns out that Grandma is hiding a bear in her bedroom!
Winnie's big bad robot, Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul.
When Winnie the Witch makes a cardboard robot she is very proud of her creation and decides to turn it into a real robot. BIG mistake! Winnie and Wilbur soon discover that the Big Bad Robot is trouble, especially when it gets hold of Winnie's magic wand. Join Winnie and Wilbur on a robotic rollercoaster of a story!
Mix it up!, Herve Tullet ; [translated by Christopher Franceschelli].
Using no special effects other than the reader's imagination, simple directions lead the reader to experiment with mixing and changing colours on the printed page.
Colours : learn-a-word book, Nicola Tuxworth.
Colours are endlessly fascinating to babies and toddlers as they gradually learn what each shade is called and discover which ones they like best. Here are all the main colours and the objects that are often associated with them, such as red tomatoes, strawberries, roses and poppies. The simple, lively text encourages reading skills and interactive questioning - what colour are your eyes, for example, and when do leaves turn brown?
One, two, where's my shoe?, Tomi Ungerer.
An intriguing visual game for children aged 2-5 to find the simple shape of a shoe in Ungerer's charming and retro illustrations.
R is for robot : a noisy alphabet, Adam F. Watkins.
Introduces the letters and their sounds through a group of robots who attempt to build the alphabet.
This little piggy went singing, Margaret Wild and Deborah Niland.
"This little piggy went singing, This little piggy stayed home, This little piggy had plum pudding, This little piggy had none, And this little piggy went jingle, jingle, jingle all the way home." Meet five little pigs who are full of life and all the excitement of Christmas!
My nanna is a ninja, written by Damon Young ; illustrated by Peter Carnavas.
All nannas are different. But what if your nanna was really different? What if your nanna was a ninja?
The twins' little sister, Hyewon Yum.
Twin sisters who already compete for their mother's attention have an especially hard time after their baby sister is born.

Younger Fiction

Paula Danziger's Amber Brown horses around, written by Bruce Coville and Elizabeth Levy ; illustrated by Anthony Lewis.
Amber is excited to be spending the summer after fourth grade with her friends at Camp Cushetunk, but things start getting complicated when she learns that her worst enemy, Hannah Burton, is one of her bunkmates.
Tashi and the wicked magician and other stories, Anna Fienberg and Barbara Fienberg ; pictures by Geoff Kelly and Kim Gamble.
Come with Tashi and his friend Jack on four fabulous adventures of mystery and magic. In this classic storybook, Tashi tells tales of courage and daring, and each story features a beautiful colour illustration.
The princess in black, Shannon Hale & Dean Hale ; illustrated by LeUyen Pham.
Who says princesses don't wear black? When trouble raises its blue monster head, Princess Magnolia ditches her flouncy dresses and becomes the Princess in Black! Princess Magnolia is having hot chocolate and scones with Duchess Wigtower when Brring! Brring! The monster alarm! A big blue monster is threatening the goats! Stopping monsters is no job for dainty Princess Magnolia. But luckily Princess Magnolia has a secret she's also the Princess in Black, and stopping monsters is the perfect job for her! Can the princess sneak away, transform into her alter ego, and defeat the monster before the nosy duchess discovers her secret?
Remy and Lulu, written and illustrated by Kevin Hawkes with miniatures by Hannah E. Harrison.
A down-on-his-luck painter with poor eyesight teams up with a dog with a knack for painting portraits.
A bean, a stalk, and a boy named Jack, William Joyce, Kenny Callicutt.
A magic bean and an ordinary boy solve a royal problem for King Blah Blah Blah.
Elsa and the Night, Jons Mellgren ; [translation from Swedish by Anita Shenoi].
One day, Elsa hears a creature moving underneath her sofa. When she lures it out, she discovers that it's the Night. 'You're not allowed to be here,' she says, and puts it in an old cake tin. Fourteen hours later, it's still day outside.
Mouse Mansion. Sam & Julia at the circus, conceived, created and written by Karina Schaapman ; photographed by Eddo Hartmann.
Sam and Julia live in a wonderful place called Mouse Mansion. Sam is super shy and very well behaved, while Julia is super curious and very stubborn. The two mice couldn't be more different, but they are the best of friends. One summer holidays, Julia and her mum join the circus! Julia writes to Sam about her exciting adventures with her new circus friends, and Sam writes back with all his news about life at Mouse Mansion.
Frank Einstein and the antimatter motor, Jon Scieszka ; illustrated by Brian Biggs.
In his Grandpa Al's garage workshop, child genius Frank Einstein tries to invent a robot that can learn on its own, and after an accident brings wisecracking Klink and overly expressive Klank to life, they set about helping Frank perfect his Antimatter Motor until his archnemesis, T. Edison, steals the robots for his doomsday plan.
Horton and the Kwuggerbug and more lost stories, Dr. Seuss ; introduction by Charles D. Cohen.
A collection of 'lost' stories written and illustrated by Dr. Seuss and published in magazines in the 1950s. Includes an introduction by Seuss scholar Charles D. Cohen.
The search for treasure : the sixth adventure in the Kingdom of Fantasy, Geronimo Stilton ; translated by Lidia Morson Tramontozzi ; illustrations by Danilo Barozzi and four others.
Once again Geronimo Stilton is pulled into the Kingdom of Fantasy, where he is needed to fulfill the ancient Gemstone Prophecy, and prevent Scorcher, the evil Empress of Witches, from obtaining the Royal Sapphire which will give her immense power.
The secret of the snow, Geronimo Stilton, Thea Stilton.
Thea Stilton and her sisters journey to the land of Minwa, a realm linked to the legends of Japan and wrapped in mysteries and enchantments, to discover why the realm's special lotus flowers are disappearing and why their diappearance seems to be threatening the whole land.
Penelope Crumb is mad at the moon, Shawn Stout with art by Valeria Docampo.
Penelope Crumb makes a new friend when she is forced to learn how to square dance at school.