New Titles Children’s October 2014 (arrived in September 2014)

Audio Visual

Against the wild (DVD), written, produced, and directed by Richard Boddington.
Two siblings and their devoted dog become lost in the wilderness and must learn how to combine their skills, trust their instincts and navigate a terrain as beautiful as it is untamed.
Freddy Frogface, directed by Peter Dodd & Gert Fredholm.
When a circus comes to the sleepy little town, Victor is thrilled at having the chance to perform in a talent show with his dog Sausage. Yet Freddy soon comes up with a sinister plot of his own to spoil Victor's plans.
Freedom Force (DVD), directed by Eduardo Schuldt.
A group of kids with special powers and their trusted dog are sent back in time on a mission to restore the writings of Jules Verne and their place in history as evil government agents try to change them.
Otto the rhino (DVD).
Topper is a young boy with a vivid imagination. After finding a pencil, he soon discovers that it has magic powers when his drawing of a rhino is suddenly standing alive and hungry in the middle of his apartment! With his best friend's birthday just around the corner, Topper realises that the enormous "Otto" would make for the perfect gift!
Space warriors, directed by Sean McNamara
Middle school kids attending space camp are faced with a real-life mission to save astronauts stranded on a space station.
The Lego movie, directed by Phil Lord, Christopher Miller.
Emmet, an ordinary, rules-following, perfectly average LEGO minifigure is mistakenly identified as the most extraordinary person and the key to saving the world.
The Smurfs. 2 (DVD), directed by Raja Gosnell.
The evil wizard Gargamel creates a couple of mischievous Smurf-like creatures called the Naughties. But when he discovers that only a real Smurf can give him what he wants, and only a secret spell that Smurfette knows can turn the Naughties into real Smurfs, Gargamel kidnaps Smurfette and brings her to Paris.
Children's favourite songs : 125 songs, 10 stories.
Songs with friends (DVD), Hi-5.
You'll Move Your Body in the new Hi-5 House when they show you around Our House. There are lots of fun adventures too when Hi-5 go on magical journeys in Sharing Stories.
Toddler time : songs for boys.
Toddler time : songs for girls.
Teamwork, Kelvin Roy.
Mary Poppins [sound recording] : remastered original soundtrack edition, music and lyrics by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman.
Ella the elephant. Vol. 1, The magic of friendship.
Ella loves to play and explore with her friends Tiki, Frankie and Belinda. However, Ella's fun adventures and attempts to help those around her don't always go to plan.
Ella the elephant. Vol. 2, Team spirit.
Join Ella the elephant and her kind hearted frinds in these new charming episodes.
Jim Henson's Doozers. Meet the Pod Squad.
Welcome to Doozer Creek, where the Doozers live. The Pod Squad: Spike, Molly Bolt, Flex and Daisy Wheel bounce from one amazing adventure to the next. They love exciting projects and have a blast playing together. The Pod Squad loves to design, create and innovate.
Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, Season two, volume 2, Bad news baby (DVD).
The secrets behind the terrifying Crystal Cove mysteries bubble up to the surface in these 7 Season Two episodes of the all-new Scooby-Doo Mystery Inc.
Zack & Quack. 1, The legend of King Pop.
At the heart of every pop-up book known to kid-kind is ONE thing... the thrill of SURPRIIIIIISE! You never know what's going to happen when you pull a flap or turn a lever in a pop-up book. That's the fun of POP-UP! And that's exactly what "Zack and Quack" is all about - SURPRISE, Adventure and POP-UP PLAY.
Guess how much I love you. Father and son : the adventures of Little Nut Brown Hare.
Based on the bestselling picture book this gentle animated series is about the love and friendship between father and son. In these stories Big and Little Nutbrown Hare and friends play and laugh as they explore the wonders of the natural world around them.
The Great Galloon, Tom Banks.
The Great Galloon is an enormous airship, built by Captain Meredith Anstruther and manned by a motley crew. Captain Anstruther is preparing to marry the beautiful Lady Isabella, but disaster strikes when his evil younger brother comes aboard for the wedding and steals Isabella away onto his underwater Sumbaroon.
Gabriel's clock, Hilton Pashley.
Jonathan is in terrible danger. After his home is attacked by faceless monsters in bowler hats, he wakes up in the strange village of Hobbes End. Built by a fallen angel and hidden deep within a forest, Hobbes End protects those who need to be safe and nobody is more in need of protection than Jonathan.
The reindeer girl, Holly Webb.
One Christmas, Lotta is visiting her grandmother in Norway. Soon, she finds herself drawn into a magical adventure, travelling by sledge, herding reindeer from the snowy mountains to the summer pastures. But when a mother reindeer is lost, Lotta must find her before her calf starves.

Into Reading

Vedra & Krimon : twin beasts of Avantia, Adam Blade.
New Beasts have been created in Avantia twin dragons Vedra and Krimon. But the Wizard Malvel plans to capture them, so Tom must take the dragons into hiding.
Ollie the stomper, Olivier Dunrea.
Three goslings named Gertie, Gossie, and Ollie have fun stomping around in their bright rubber boots.
Best friends!, Tony Ross, Wendy Finney.
The Not-So-Little Princess Rosie is growing up! Being a princess, she is always having to entertain new friends and she never likes them. But when Ollie, with his strange old-fashioned way of speaking, turns up at the palace one day, Rosie realises she's never met anyone quite like him before. What adventures will the two get up to?
Tigers & spices, Kes Gray & Nick Sharratt.
006 and a Bit: Daisy is on a mission to be the best spy in the world. She's found the dark glasses and spy gadgets she needs, but can she find someone who understands her secret spy code?
Tiger Ways: Daisy has been adopted by tigers and quickly learns the tiger way. But how can she get the tigers and Mum to learn the Daisy way?
Bramble and Maggie. Horse meets girl, Jessie Haas ; illustrated by Alison Friend.
Bramble the horse gets bored giving riding lessons, but regains her enthusiasm when she goes to live with a girl named Maggie.
Mystery on the Lego Express, Trey King ; illustrated by Sean Wang.
Mr. Clue's vacation gets put on hold when a famous actress asks for his help on the express train to find a thief.
Let's mix!, written by Shari Last.
The LEGO mixels split, mix, and combine with each other to create wacky combinations.
Meet the Mixels, written by Shari Last.
Who are the Mixels? Let's meet these crazy, colourful characters and join in the fun.
Dragon's Merry Christmas, Dav Pilkey.
Dragon wants to make Christmas special! But he can't bring himself to cut down a tree, and as he walks home from a Christmas shopping trip, he gives away his gifts to needier creatures. Dragon's sweet antics paired with Dav Pilkey's bright illustrations will warm readers' hearts as they laugh out loud.
It's Valentine's Day!, Jack Prelutsky ; pictures by Marylin Hafner.
A re-illustrated collection of lighthearted Valentine poems includes such works as "I Made My Dog a Valentine" and "I Love You More Than Applesauce."
Monkey and Elephant go gadding, Carole Lexa Schaefer ; illustrated by Galia Bernstein.
Monkey and Elephant are very good friends, very good friends who look too nice to just stay at home. So they decide to go gadding. Along the way, Monkey and Elephant meet up with some old friends, and three new ones, too. You never know what fun surprises you'll discover when you decide to go gadding!


Ripley's believe it or not! 2015.
The fascinating files of Robert Ripley prove there's nothing stranger than the truth.
How the world works, Clive Gifford.
This essential book is brimming with information about pretty much everything! Encyclopedic in scope but fresh and exciting in presentation, this is a great value, information packed book about the workings of the world.
Why spacemen can't burp, Mitchell Symons.
A collection of incredible questions and terrific trivia from the author of That Book of Perfectly Useless Information.
Visiting feelings, Lauren Rubenstein ; illustrated by Shelly Hehenberger.
Invites children to sense, explore, and befriend any feeling with acceptance and equanimity. Children can explore their emotions with their senses and nurture a sense of mindfulness. Gaining this objectivity allows space for a more considered response to the feelings.
What to do when it's not fair : a kid's guide to handling envy and jealousy, Jacqueline B. Toner, PhD and Claire A.B. Freeland, PhD ; illustrated by David Thompson.
Via a pirate theme, teaches school-age children techniques to reduce and overcome feelings of jealousy and envy through writing and drawing activities and self-help exercises and strategies.
How full is your bucket? for kids, written by Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer ; illustrated by Maurie J. Manning.
When Felix wakes up one morning, he finds an invisible bucket floating overhead. A rotten morning threatens his mood — and his bucket — drop by drop. Can Felix discover how to refill his bucket before it's completely empty?
How can I deal with bullying? A book about respect, Sandy Donovan.
What should you do if you see someone bullying another person at school? Is it better to just stay out of it? Or what should you do when your best friend says she won't play with you if you talk to someone she doesn't like? It's really tricky to handle situations like these. But if you show respect for others, it gets easier. This book offers examples of several tough problems and shows what you might do in each situation. See how a little respect can go a long way!
Sisters, Raina Telgemeier with colour by Braden Lamb.
Raina can't wait to be a big sister, but once Amara is born she realises things won't be quite what she had expected. Despite Amara's cuteness, she is a cranky, grouchy baby. Their relationship doesn't improve much over the years but when their family starts to change, they realise they must figure out how to get along like real sisters.
See inside great cities, Rob Lloyd Jones and David Hancock.
A flap book for older children that shows the varied and vibrant lives of the world's greatest cities, including London, Paris and New York. It features illustrations and over 80 flaps that reveal the hustle and bustle of everyday city life.
The story of money : from bartering to bail-out, Martin Jenkins ; illustrated by Satoshi Kitamura.
In the Yap Islands in the South Pacific it can be a stone with a hole in the middle. It can be a string of shells, a bundle of cloth or a copper slab. It's the stuff that makes the world go round. That doesn’t grow on trees. That can't buy you love, apparently. In this fascinating and thoughtprovoking book, Martin Jenkins explores the history of money from its earliest beginnings to the electronic banking of today.
Wild and free, Mick Manning and Brita Granstrom.
Imagine a world without tigers roaring and prowling in the dead of night, a world without rhinos gallumphing along the dusty African plains or a world without whales singing their song in the oceans. Wild and Free is all about animals in danger — animals that are hunted or poisoned or chased from their homes.
13 fashion styles children should know, Simone Werle.
Lively spreads filled with illustrations, sidebar information, important events, and designer profiles allow readers to watch hemlines and shoulder pads rise and fall, understand the effects of culture and history, and trace the origins of popular trends such as Harajuku, preppy, and hipster.
Beauty and the beast, Ursula Jones, Sarah Gibb.
Through her great capacity to love, a kind and beautiful maid releases a handsome prince from the spell which has made him an ugly
AA kids phrasebook Italian, text, Wina Gunn ; illustrations, Robert Bowers ; concept, Jane Wightwick ; Italian, Marc Vitale.
Designed for children, with the emphasis on fun, this Italian phrasebook is perfect for kids on the move for holidays, school trips and exchanges. The book is presented in cartoon format so the text is easily accessible for children. Aimed specifically at children aged 7-13.
AA kids' phrasebook Spanish text, Wina Gunn ; illustrations, Robert Bowers with Leila & Zeinah Gaafar ; concept, Jane Wightwick ; Spanish Ana Bremon.
Designed for children, with the emphasis on fun, this Spanish phrasebook is perfect for kids on the move — for holidays, school trips and exchanges. The book is presented in cartoon format so the text is easily accessible for children.
Utterly amazing science : packed with pop-ups, flaps, and incredible facts, Robert Winston.
Learn about the awe-inspiring world of science with pop-ups, pull-outs, and fantastic facts with Professor Robert Winston. Discover the incredible core topics in the world of science,including forces and motions, light and colour, elements and matter, and magnets and electricity with clear explanations and fun activities to help your child understand the building blocks of science. Ages 7-10 years.
A New Zealand nature journal, Sandra Morris.
Have you ever noticed that ladybirds have different numbers of spots? Or that leaves can be pointed or round, long or short, soft or hard? There is so much to explore in the natural world. And keeping a nature journal is the best way to record all your amazing discoveries.
Eureka! The most amazing scientific discoveries of all time, Dr. Mike Goldsmith.
Describes how some of the most important scientific discoveries and theories came about and offers insights into the lives of the scientists who made the contributions.
70 thousand million, million, million stars in space, Paul Rockett ; design and illustration by Mark Ruffle.
Explore space from galaxies and stars to the planets in our solar system, including Earth, and our own satelite, the Moon. The Big Countdown looks at popular topics and investigates the great many numbers that make them fascinating.
See inside the universe, written by Alex Frith ; illustrated by Lee Cosgrove.
Suitable for curious young minds, this space book is packed with flaps to lift to reveal answers to some of the biggest questions in the universe. It helps them discover planets, stars and galaxies and explore intergalactic space.
Glaring light and other eye-burning rays, Anna Claybourne.
Learn all about the most disgusting and dreadful aspects of light.
Seven quintillion, five hundred quadrillion grains of sand on planet Earth, Paul Rockett ; design and illustration by Mark Ruffle.
Find out all about planet Earth, including types of rock and how they are formed, the longest river and smallest mountain, earthquakes and volcanoes, the water cycle and Earth's atmosphere and how we can really count the grains on sand on our planet.
Fly Guy presents dinosaurs, Tedd Arnold.
During a visit to a natural history museum, Fly Guy and Buzz learn all about dinosaurs.
Collins my first book of dinosaurs.
Meet Tyrannosaurus rex and lots of other dinosaurs in this first introduction to dinosaurs. Fantastic images of many favourite dinosaurs to capture the imagination of young readers.
Dinosaurs. 2, Bite of the Albertosaurus, Bloz, art ; Arnaud Plumeri, story ; Maela Cosson, colour ; Nanette McGuinness, translation.
Paleontologist Indino Jones goes up against the mighty Albertosaurus.
Everything you need to know about dinosaurs : and other prehistoric creatures, written by John Woodward.
Introduces dinosaurs, including pterosaurs, theropods, and stegosaurs, and explores their anatomy, life cycle, and behaviour.
Genetics : breaking the code of your DNA, Carla Mooney ; illustrated by Samuel Carbaugh.
Provides an introduction to the field of genetics, including how DNA is structured, how genetic inheritance works, and how new discoveries in genetics have helped to cure or prevent diseases.
Tiny : the invisible world of microbes, written by Nicola Davies ; illustrated by Emily Sutton.
This exciting non-fiction picture book introduces young readers to the wondrous (and invisible) world of microbes. There are living things so tiny millions could fit on a dot. Although they are invisible, they are everywhere and they multiply very quickly. They are vital for life on earth, and do all sorts of things - from giving us a cold and making yoghurt to wearing down mountains and helping to make the air we breathe.
Tiny creatures : the world of microbes, written by Nicola Davies ; illustrated by Emily Sutton.
Looks at all the different microbes that inhabit the Earth and examines the varied jobs they do.
100 trillion good bacteria living on the human body, Paul Rockett ; design and illustration by Mark Ruffle.
Ten thousand poisonous plants in the world, Paul Rockett ; design and illustration, Mark Ruffle.
Find out all about your world with an amazing mix of numbers, facts and stats, counting down from the biggest to the smallest.
Funny faces, Mark Norman.
The faces of some animals may look funny to us but their eyes, ears, noses and mouths are exactly what those animals need to survive. Find out "Why the funny face?"
Lifesize ocean, written by Anita Ganeri ; illustrated by Stuart Jackson Carter.
Lifesize Ocean offers a unique opportunity to see a variety of amazing creatures at their actual size. Unbelievable, eye-catching illustrations show beautiful scenes and perspectives; the artwork is as vibrant and real as a photograph, but better! Further information spreads show each animal in its entirety, along with fascinating facts and figures.
Curious critters. Volume two, text and photography by David FitzSimmons.
In Volume 2 of the award-winning Curious Critters series, photographer David FitzSimmons depicts a variety of animals common throughout North America. Each Curious Critter is photographed against a white backdrop, showcasing the animals' colours, textures, shapes, and seeming personalities. Each photo is accompanied with a short narrative, told from the critter's perspective, that educates and entertains.
Ugly bugs, Nick Arnold and Tony De Saulles.
Ugly bugs lifts up the stone on the creepy-crawly world of insects. You don't have to go very far to find them. If you're brave enough to look closer, then it's time to discover what slugs do with their slime, why flies throw up on your tea, how insects drink your blood and how a preying mantis bites its victim's head off!
30 million different insects in the rainforest, Paul Rockett ; design and illustration by Mark Ruffle.
You can count numbers all around you, from the eight legs on a spider to the one nose on your face. But can you the animal species found in the rainforest or the fish in the River Amazon?
Behold the beautiful dung beetle, Cheryl Bardoe ; illustrated by Alan Marks.
Presents the life and habits of the dung beetle, which obtains food, water, and shelter from the droppings of other animals.
Handle with care : an unusual butterfly journey, Loree Griffin Burns ; photographs by Ellen Harasimowicz.
Introduces readers to a butterfly farm in Costa Rica.
Butterflies closeup, Charles Hope.
Take a closer look at these beautiful flying insects. Butterflies undergo one of the most amazing transformations experienced by any living creature.
Mammals, David Burnie.
Mammals gives you the full story of these fantastic creatures, journeying through an amazing array of habitats from the top to the bottom of the globe. Join a pack of wolves on their chase for prey across a wintry landscape, glide through an underwater kelp forest with otters and sealions, and shrink down into the miniature underground world of burrowing rodents.
Dolphins, Penelope Arlon and Tory Gordon-Harris.
Introduces the physical characteristics, habitats, life cycle, and eating habits of dolphins.
Lion rescue : all about lions and how to save them, Ashlee Brown Blewett with National Geographic explorer Daniel Raven-Ellison.
Meet real-life lions and learn about their habitats, challenges, and successes, plus learn how you can take action and save these amazing endangered creatures.
Wild about bears, Jeannie Brett.
Takes a look at the common physical traits, behaviours, habits and habitats of the world's eight bear species.
Tinkerlab : a hands-on guide for little inventors, Rachelle Doorley.
55 playful experiments that encourage tinkering, curiosity, and creative thinking from the creator of — hands-on activities that explore art, science, and more. For children two and up.
Human body, written by Susie Brooks ; illustrated by Anthony Lewis.
With its warm and busy artwork scenes and chunky flaps revealing extra, exciting information, Human Body is the perfect interactive introduction to the human body, from the head right down to the toes!
Surprising facts about the human body, author, Emma Dods ; illustrations, Marc Aspinall.
Amazing non-fiction with a picture-book feel full of extraordinary facts. Find out which creatures live in your eyelashes, how sweaty feet help us to run, what time of the year you grow faster, and much more!
Everything you need to know about the human body, Patricia Macnair.
Readers' imaginations will be fired on every page with this wonderful single-volume human body book. It is arranged thematically, with chapters on: parts of the body; growing and changing; food and digestion; the brain and senses; and movement. A range of informative and interactive features perfectly enhance and consolidate each reference section.
The ears, Lorna Hendry.
Our ears let us hear all the amazing sounds of the world around us. They are a very important part of the human body. Animals use their ears to hear sounds that we cant even imagine. Welcome to the world of ears!
The nose, Lorna Hendry.
Our noses are the organs we use to smell, but they also help us taste food and warn us about danger. Animals use their noses in lots of different ways. Welcome to the world of noses.
Learning to feel good and stay cool : emotional regulation tools for kids with AD/HD, Judith M. Glasser, PhD and Kathleen Nadeau, PhD ; illustrated by Charles Beyl.
Practical tools to help kids with ADHD manage and reduce unwanted feelings and to develop daily habits that can help them feel good and function well. Illustrated with cartoons that will hold children's interest, the book is divided into sections that can be read in smaller portions. Also includes a note and resources for parents.
Electric shocks and other energy evils, Anna Claybourne.
This series features a look at the weird, revolting and shocking aspects of science for children at KS2. From electricity to sound and from light to forces, the book offers fascinating facts, fun examples and true-life stories to provide ways in to understanding solid scientific principles.
See inside trains, written by Emily Bone ; illustrated by Colin King.
Lift the flaps to explore all kinds of exciting trains, from a luxury steam train fit for a queen to super-fast trains that run on magnets, trains that can climb up mountains, and lots, lots more.
Dump trucks, Aaron Frisch.
A kindergarten-level introduction to dump trucks, covering their size, movement, role in the process of construction and such defining features as their beds and large wheels.
Zoobots : wild robots inspired by real animals, written by Helaine Becker ; illustrated by Alex Ries.
Profiles imagined robots that are based on real animals including bats, jellyfish, snakes, and more.
Play in the garden : fun projects for kids to enjoy outdoors, Sarah O'Neil & Timothy and Joseph O'Neil.
Kids don't have the patience or the interest in having their own garden patch, they just want to have fun! Sarah O'Neil knows this well. Her series of clever outdoor projects will get kids outside throughout the growing season, having fun in the vegetable garden.
Sniffer dogs : how dogs (and their noses) save the world, Nancy F. Castaldo.
Readers will discover how detection dogs are able to use their noses to find everything from people, both alive and dead, to explosives to whale poop. These working dogs work to please, work to play, and work for love.
101 dog tricks kids edition : fun & easy activities, games, and crafts, Kyra Sundance.
Packed with step-by-step photos and training tips and techniques, 101 Dog Tricks, Kids Edition will teach you everything you need to know to involve your children in training the family dog.
For the love of Bob, James Bowen.
James, with Bob's help, has begun to find his way in the world. Along with the adventures and the fun there have been tough times too, but through moments of real danger and sometimes illness Bob has always been there as James' protector and guardian angel.
Piggy pasta and more food with attitude, Rebecca Woolfall and Suzi Tait-Bradly ; with feature photography by Vicki Leopold.
Full colour recipe book containing a variety of recipes (everyday food, snacks, breakfast/lunch/dinner/party food) that is fun to make and decorate.
Let's bake, Cathryn Dresser.
From parties to picnics, lunchboxes to the last day of school, and with Halloween and summer holidays in between here you'll find 52 easy, delicious recipes for beginner bakers, and fool-proof family baking for every occasion.
My body belongs to me from my head to my toes, created by proFamilia ; illustrated by Dagmar Geisler ; translated by Connie Stradling Morby ; preface by International Center for Assault Prevention.
As a child, there are constantly people trying to pick you up, hug you, or tickle you. Sometimes, though, children fall victims to people who try to touch them inappropriately. But how do you tell someone, most likely an adult, that you don't want to be touched? Or, if it has already happened, how do you tell an adult you trust about what happened? You're only a child, and they're the adults. Why would they believe you? My Body Belongs to Me from My Head to My Toes is an educational tool to help instill confidence in children when it comes to their bodies.
The dark side, written by Daniel Lipkowitz.
Examines the characters and plotlines of the dark side of the "Force," from Sith warriors to the power of Imperial forces.
LEGO friends character encyclopedia, written by Catherine Saunders.
A fan's reference to LEGO friends sets and mini-dolls profiles such favourites as Mia, Stephanie, and Andrea, revealing their likes and dislikes, cool outfits, pets, hobbies, vehicles, activities, and secrets.
The story of buildings : from the Pyramids to the Sydney Opera House and beyond, written by Patrick Dillon ; illustrated by Stephen Biesty.
Examines how architecture has evolved over time by looking at buildings that typify each period, from the pyramids and the Parthenon to the Chrysler Building and the Sydney Opera House.
Ladybird : a cover story : 500 iconic covers.
Contains 500 iconic covers from the Ladybird archives, ranging from the most-loved covers of the 1940s, 50s and 60s to some of the more unusual and striking Ladybird covers from the 1970s and 80s.
Boycraft : loads of things to make for and with boys (and girls), Sara Duchars & Sarah Marks ; illustrations by Nicola Kent.
Boys like making stuff. Actually, boys love making stuff, and not just model boats, paper aeroplanes, bows and arrows and catapults - although they love that too. Boys like knitting; scarves, hats, spiders and monsters. Boys like sewing - especially if they can use the sewing machine. They like cutting and sticking and gluing and sawing and hammering. However, sometimes people - both boys and their parents - need to be reassured that it's okay for boys to make things. BoyCraft does exactly that. BoyCraft is packed with over 50 projects to make for and with boys (and girls). It is illustrated with a mix of photographs and graphic-style illustrations.
Loom magic! : 25 awesome, never-before-seen designs for an amazing rainbow of projects!, John McCann & Becky Thomas.
An unofficial guide to awesome never-before-seen loom band projects.
Loom magic! Charms : 25 cool designs that will rock your rainbow!, Becky Thomas & Monica Sweeney ; designs by Neary Alguard.
Bored of creating the same old designs on your loom? This unofficial book will teach you cool new designs to show your friends.
Loom magic! Creatures : 25 awesome animals and mythical beings for a rainbow of critters, Becky Thomas & Monica Sweeney.
Like Minecraft, this craze is sweeping through the playgrounds, with millions of views of the Youtube instructional videos. These books are full of awesome designs that are quick and easy to make, perfect for any loom bands fan.
Creature camp : make your own, 18 softies to draw, sew & stuff, Wendi Gratz with Jo Gratz.
Collects eighteen skill-building projects that teach children with no sewing experience how to sew their own cuddly pals, walking them step-by-step through a range of skill levels.
Rubber band charm jewelry : popstar bracelets & rings that sparkle and shine!, Maggie Marron.
This title features 12 original projects to complete with rubber bands and charms, with or without a loom. It is suitable for age 10+. Rubber band jewellery is taking the world by a storm, and now you can weave your way to a stylish, pop-star look by adding charms to your arms!
Friendship bracelets : 35 gorgeous projects to make and give, Lucy Hopping.
Discover beautiful yet simple jewellery to make with and for your friends. You'll love these 35 stunning projects, all made with easy craft techniques such as braiding, macrame and weaving. Many of them use basic materials — embroidery thread, beads and ribbon, with the addition of leather, brass nuts and rhinestones in some of the more advanced projects.
The twelve days of Christmas, Alison Jay.
As a couple strolls through town on Christmas Eve, the man buys gift after gift for the woman he loves, and after arriving at a Christmas party so magnificent it is overwhelming, they slip back to their own quiet home.
101 kids activities that are the bestest, funnest ever! the entertainment solution for parents, relatives & babysitters, Holly Homer & Rachel Miller.
101 Kids Activities That Are the Bestest, Funnest Ever! has time tested, exciting activities to keep your children laughing and learning for hours. Activities range from catapult competitions and spray bottle freeze tag to how to make tissue box monster shoes and melted crayon fabric art. And with outdoor and indoor activities and tips for adjusting according to your child's age, you'll have hours and hours of never-ending fun with your family.
Toys and games then and now, Bobbie Kalman.
How are todays toys and games different from those in the past? This informative title compares the pastimes and playthings of the olden days to the modern games and toys kids love today. Simple text and engaging pictures aid students in their comparison of two different time periods.
The LEGO movie : the official movie handbook, written by Ace Landers.
Emmet, an ordinary LEGO minifigure, is mistakenly thought to be an extraordinary Master Builder and is recruited to join a quest to stop an evil tyrant (Lord Business) from gluing the universe together, thus destroying creativity.
Spot the lamb on the farm, Alexandra Koken ; illustrated by Joelle Dreidemy and Michael Garton.
From Shiny Tractors to fluffy chicks, there's so much to see on the farm! With a hidden lamb to find in every scene and fun animal facts to discover throughout, step inside for hours of entertainment.
Spot the puppy in the city, Alexandra Koken ; illustrated by Joelle Dreidemy.
Readers are asked to find the puppy in each city scene, including in the firehouse, airport, and shopping mall.
Spot the robot in space, Alexandra Koken ; illustrated by Joelle Driedemy and Mike Garton.
With a hidden robot to find in every scene and fun space facts to discover throughout, "Spot the Robot in Space" provides endless hours of entertainment. Classic "spot the" book activities, combined with non-fiction settings, make for an informative and entertaining series.
Spot the zebra at the zoo, Alexandra Koken ; illustrated by Joelle Dreidemy.
From fluttering butterflies to sliding penguins, there's so much to see at the zoo! With a hidden zebra to find in every scene and fun facts to discover throughout, step inside for hours of entertainment.
Spot the shark in the ocean, Stella Maidment ; illustrated by Joelle Dreidemy.
Go deep sea diving in the ocean and see what you can spot with this great new Spot the book! Look for hidden objects as you work your way through every spread, taking in all the detail.
Spot the snail in the garden, Stella Maidment ; illustrated by Emiliano Miligrado and Joelle Dreidemy.
See what you can spot in the garden with this great book! Look for hidden objects as you work your way through every spread, taking in all the detail.
Complete book of chess, Elizabeth Dalby.
Learning to play chess is great for developing skills of memory and analysis; understanding cause, consequence and planning ahead. Also, playing games in general is important for children to learn about sharing, discipline and following rules.
The Kingfisher football encyclopedia, Clive Gifford.
The Kingfisher Football Encyclopedia captures the triumph and despair of pivotal moments in world football. Packed with pictures and profiles of the world's most skilful footballers old and new from Beckham to Messi, Pele to Ronaldo, Rooney to Neymar. Packed with the latest statistics on the 'beautiful game' this is a superbly detailed reference book for all the family.
Secrets of the sky caves : danger and discovery on Nepal's Mustang Cliffs, Sandra K. Athans.
Examines the mysterious caves in Nepal's Mustang cliffs, the antiquities found inside, and the climbers and archaeologists who have studied them.
Racing driver : how to drive racing cars step by step, Giles Chapman.
Racing Driver is a thrill-a-minute training course that shows children how the worlds fastest racing cars are driven. The book is divided into three types of spread that encourage the child to imagine speeding around the track and becoming a racing champion. Feature boxes include a checklist of things to remember; fast facts with fascinating tips and trivia; and step- by-step sequences detailing race strategies for finishing first. The final ID section pages explain how to identify different kinds of racing cars, including historical models.
Railway rhymes, original poems by R. Schuyler Hooke ; illustrated by Richard Courtney.
Presents a colourful board book that contains a collection of poems and other railway rhymes from Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends.
Old Possum's book of practical cats, T.S. Eliot ; illustrations by Rebecca Ashdown.
To celebrate Old Possum's 75th anniversary, this title features illustrations ranging from Macavity, the Mystery Cat; Mr Mistofelees, to the Original Conjuring Cat; Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer and all the gang. It is suitable as a companion to the Andrew Lloyd Webber stage show.
The letterbox cat and other poems, Paula Green ; illustrated by Myles Lawford.
Imagine boogie tails and woogie tails, gargle birds and silver trails, whitecaps and cat naps, fishdogs and climbing Jacks. Taste ice cream lips, marshmallow kisses, cloudyfloss cities and sardine fishes - ewww! Whatever shape your imagination takes, The letterbox cat has a poem for you.
The dragon with a big nose, poems and drawings by Kathy Henderson.
The dragon with a big nose and twelve toes on each foot, eats flies and mince pies and sometimes, when he's very bad, whole towns upside down. Read about the dragon with the big nose, the gutter creature who rustles litter, and the dustcart dragon with his raging, rusty belly; watch the train rattling by, clackety-clack, clickety-click.
Brian Moses' school report : very funny poems about school!, illustrated by David Parkins.
Find out what goes on behind the staffroom door, join in at playtime, see what is in the mysterious lost-property box, go on the school trip, and discover what teachers do in their spare time and that's just the beginning of the school adventure in this brilliant collection of poems from the hugely talented Brian Moses.
A pond full of ink, poems by Annie M. G. Schmidt ; illustrated by Sieb Posthuma ; translated by David Colmer.
This delightfully humourous collection of poems offers children and the young at heart a refreshing, inventive look at the world from the well-known Dutch author, Annie Schmidt. Ordinary events and places become extraordinary adventures full of imagination.
The billy that died with its boots on : and other Australian verse, Stephen Whiteside ; illustrations by Lauren Merrick.
'Twas the billy that died with its boots on, a billy you couldn't replace. It lay on the ground, where it couldn't be found, 'cause the track was so hard to retrace.' With galloping rhythm and snappy rhyme, Stephen Whiteside's read-aloud poems portray the Australian outdoors, sporting life and animals, as well as the domestic world of the average Aussie kid - with the odd dinosaur and Martian thrown in for good measure.
Terry Deary's best ever Shakespeare tales.
Terry Deary's best ever Shakespeare tales tells you more than what happens in everyone's favourite Shakespeare plays — he tells you the stories behind them too. Find out how the plays were originally staged and what Shakespeare himself might have thought of his work being taught in schools.
Titanic, Sean Callery.
Outlines key facts, people, and controversies surrounding the tragic sinking of the Titanic to encourage more advanced readers to think for themselves about what caused the disaster and how it might have been averted.
Pirates, Peter Chrisp.
Take to the seas and journey back in time to meet some of history's most terrifying characters. Daring and skulduggery were alive and kicking when Cilician pirates kidnapped Julius Caesar, when a 17th-century buccaneer cut out his victim's heart and when Blackbeard roamed the seas. Explore a pirate ship, meet fearsome female pirates and learn about modern piracy.
Saint Grandma : the story of Suzanne Aubert, written by Joy Cowley ; illustrated by Donald Morrison.
A simple retelling of the life story of Suzanne Aubert, the founder of the Sisters of Compassion. Aubert, known by children as 'Grandma', spent her life caring for the dispossessed, and working with Māori at the Hiruharama community along the Whanganui River.
Mr. Cornell's dream boxes, Jeanette Winter.
Joseph Cornell loved to draw and paint and collect things. With these drawings and paintings and collected treasures, he made marvelous shadowboxes —wonderlands covered in glass. And who did he most like to share them with? Children, of course.
It's a snap! : George Eastman's first photograph, Monica Kulling ; illustrated by Bill Slavin.
A biography of George Eastman the inventor of dry plates, film, and the Brownie camera.
Grandfather Gandhi, Arun Gandhi and Bethany Hegedus ; illustrated by Evan Turk.
Mahatma Gandhi's grandson tells the story of how his grandfather taught him to turn darkness into light in this uniquely personal and vibrantly illustrated tale that carries a message of peace.
Postcards from space : the Chris Hadfield story, story by Heather Down ; photo credits, NASA ; postcard credits, NASA (photos taken by Colonel Chris Hadfield).
Postcards from Space is a picture book featuring a simplified edition of the biography of Chris Hadfield, former commander of the International Space Station. Appropriate for young children, this book encompasses the theme of dreaming big and also showcases some of NASA's best photography.
Nelson Mandela : "no easy walk to freedom" : a biography, Barry Denenberg.
Recounts the life, imprisonment, and leadership role of Nelson Mandela.
Shackleton : Antarctic odyssey, Nick Bertozzi.
Presents, in graphic novel format, the adventures of explorer Ernest Shackleton in the Antarctic.
The cosmo-biography of Sun Ra : the sound of joy is enlightening, Chris Raschka.
A one-hundredth birthday tribute to the late jazz artist explores his observations about humanity's discriminatory and violent behaviours as well as his efforts to forge world peace through music with the Sun Ra Arkestra.
Brown girl dreaming, Jacqueline Woodson.
Jacqueline Woodson, one of today's finest writers, tells the moving story of her childhood in mesmerizing verse. Raised in South Carolina and New York, Woodson always felt halfway home in each place. In vivid poems, she shares what it was like to grow up as an African American in the 1960s and 1970s and reflects the joy of finding her voice through writing stories, despite the fact that she struggled with reading as a child.
Frank Lloyd Wright for kids : his life and ideas, Kathleen Thorne-Thomsen.
An engaging, kid-friendly exploration of America's leading architect and his work. Through simple, kid-friendly prose and anecdotes, author Kathleen Thorne-Thomsen describes the influences of Wright's Wisconsin childhood filled with nature, music, and close family ties; his struggles to find work as a young architect; the unique style that led him to the top of his profession; and masterpieces such as the Robie House, Hollyhock House, Fallingwater, the Guggenheim, and many others.
Malala Yousafzai and the girls of Pakistan, David Aretha.
When fifteen-year-old Malala Yousafzai spoke out against the Taliban's policy of forbidding education for girls, an attempt was made on her life. This is her story, which also includes information on other hardships faced by young women in Pakistan.
Savage Stone Age, Terry Deary ; illustrated by Martin Brown.
Readers can discover all the facts about the Savage Stone Age such as what they used instead of toilet paper, why a hole in the skull is good for headaches and how to make a Stone Age mummy.
Cut-throat Celts, Terry Deary ; illustrated by Martin Brown.
Readers can discover all the foul facts about the cut-throat Celts, including why weird Celt warriors fought with no clothes on, how to preserve your enemy's brain and why the Celts laughed at funerals.
Groovy Greeks, Terry Deary ; illustrated by Martin Brown.
Apparently the ancient Greeks were a rather groovy bunch. The boys didn't start school until they were seven, and girls didn't have to go at all. But it wasn't always so jolly. Readers can discover who had the world's first flushing toilet and why dedicated doctors tasted their patients' ear wax!
The story of World War One, Richard Brassey.
It began 100 years ago. They said it would be over by Christmas. They were wrong! Read about the tanks and trenches, bombs and battlefields that make up the chilling story of World War One.
Only remembered, compiled and edited by Michael Morpurgo ; illustrated by Ian Beck.
2014 will mark one hundred years since the outbreak of the First World War. To mark the date, this beautiful anthology collects favourite extracts, images and poems from some of the UK's leading cultural, political and literary figures.
How can a pigeon be a war hero? : questions and answers about the First World War, Tracey Turner ; illustrated by Andrew Wightman.
Why did the First World War start? Who was fighting who? Did soldiers still fight with swords? Had aeroplanes been invented yet? Find out the answers to these and a lot of other exciting questions in this brilliantly informative book which will tell you everything you ever needed to know about World War I.
Stubby the war dog : the true story of World War I's bravest dog, Ann Bausum.
American soldier J. Robert Conroy befriended a stray dog with a stumpy tail while training to fight overseas in WWI. They bonded so closely that Conroy smuggled him to Europe, where Stubby accompanied Conroy's regiment on the Western Front, lending both his superior olfactory senses and amiable temperament to the war effort.
See inside the history of Britain, Rob Lloyd Jones and Barry Ablett.
This lift-the-flap book for older children covers life in Britain from Anglo-Saxon invasions to the 21st century.
Slimy Stuarts, Terry Deary ; illustrated by Martin Brown.
Readers can discover all the foul facts about the Slimy Stuarts, including why some slimy Stuarts ate toads and fleas, which king picked his nose and never washed his hands and why people wore fish on their feet.
Terry Pratchett presents Dodger's guide to London.
Roll Up! Roll Up! Read All About It! Ladies and Gents, Sir Jack Dodger brings you a most excellent Guide to London! From the wretches of the rookeries to the fancy coves at Buckingham Palace, Dodger will show you every dirty inch of London. Warning: Includes 'orrible murders, naughty ladies and plenty of geezers!
One dead spy : the life, times, and last words of Nathan Hale, America's most famous spy, Nathan Hale.
Nathan Hale, the author's historical namesake, was America's first spy, a Revolutionary War hero who famously said "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country" before being hanged by the British. In the Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales series, author Nathan Hale channels his namesake to present history's roughest, toughest, and craziest stories in the graphic novel format.
Big Bad Ironclad! a Civil War steamship showdown, [Nathan Hale].
Big Bad Ironclad! covers the history of the amazing ironclad steam warships used in the Civil War. From the ship's inventor, who had a history of blowing things up and only 100 days to complete his project, to the mischievous William Cushing, who pranked his way through the whole war, this book is filled with surprisingly true facts and funny, brave characters that modern readers will easily relate to.
In New York, Marc Brown.
Beloved children's illustrator Marc Brown takes readers on a tour of New York City with this lovingly crafted tribute that also serves as a handy travel guide.
Donner dinner party, Nathan Hale.
The Reed family struggles to survive the wagon train journey from Illinois to California as members of the ill-fated Donner Party.
Het Zwanenmeer (maar dan anders), Francine Oomen ; met ill. van Philip Hopman.
Koken met Geronimo Stilton : een kookboek voor kinderen, Geronimo Stilton.
Sint en de verdwenen Wammes, Jacques Vriens ; met ill. van Marijke Duffhauss.
El nino con la pijama de rayas, John Boyne ; traduccion del ingles de Gemma Rovira Ortega.

Older Fiction

I kill the mockingbird, Paul Acampora.
When best friends Lucy, Elena, and Michael receive their summer reading list, they are excited to see To Kill A Mockingbird included. But not everyone in their class shares the same enthusiasm. So they hatch a plot to get the entire town talking about the well-known Harper Lee classic.
The Great War : stories inspired by objects from the First World War, David Almond et al.
An anthology of stories inspired by objects from the First World War. It is a collection of stories by bestselling authors, each inspired by a different object from the First World War. Each object illuminates an aspect of life during the war, and each story reminds us of the millions of individual lives that were changed forever by the fighting.
Frostborn, Lou Anders ; illustrations by Justin Gerard.
Destined to take over his family farm in Norrongard, Karn would rather play the board game Thrones and Bones, until half-human, half frost giantess Thianna appears and they set out on an adventure, chased by a dragon, undead warriors, an evil uncle, and more.
He laughed with his other mouths : a pals in peril tale, M.T. Anderson ; illustrations by Kurt Cyrus.
In this sixth Pals in Peril adventure, Jasper Dash is off into the universe to search for his long lost father!
Emperor Pickletine rides the bus : an Origami Yoda book, Tom Angleberger.
In this final book in the series, the seventh graders of McQuarrie Middle School and their Star Wars-inspired Origami finger puppets go on a field trip to Washington, D.C., on what proves to be a very long trip full of shifting alliances, betrayals, carsickness, and sugar rushes.
The cabinet of curiosities : 36 tales brief & sinister, Stefan Bachmann [and three others] ; illustrated in black-and-white by Alexander Jansson.
Thirty-six eerie short tales, most of which were originally published on the blog of the same name, relate to an imaginary museum of creepy artifacts and are arranged into such thematic "drawers" as love, luck, song, and fairy tales.
Wilds of the wolf, Steve Backshall.
Saker and Sinter escape by the skin of their teeth when their plan to sabotage a billionaire businessman plundering 'black gold' (natural oil and gas) and hunting wolves in the remote Yamal peninsula in North West Siberia goes disastrously wrong. But they escape one kind of peril only to find themselves in an even more terrifying situation. Separated by blizzards and avalanches, lost in a breathtakingly beautiful but deadly frozen Arctic wilderness, suffering from frostbite and hunger, listening to the wolves howl and the packs draw closer, it seems that this time they cannot possibly live to tell their tale.
Lost girl found, Leah Bassoff and Laura DeLuca.
When war comes to her village in southern Sudan, Poni is forced to flee, and join thousands of refugees travelling on foot and experiencing great hardship on their way to a refugee camp.
Kate the great : except when she's not, Suzy Becker.
Fifth-grader Kate faces a challenge when her mother asks her to be especially nice to Nora, a classmate and fellow flute player who is sometimes mean.
The secret of Cliff Castle, Enid Blyton ; illustrated by Maggie Downer.
Pete, Pam and Brock are determined to solve the mystery of the ramshackle old cliff castle why would someone build their dream castle then abandon it to the elements?
Ten turtles on Tuesday : a story for children about obsessive-compulsive disorder, Ellen Flanagan Burns ; illustrated by Sue Cornelison.
Eleven-year-old Sarah is confused, embarrassed, and frustrated by her need to count things but finally talks with her mother and a therapist, who diagnoses Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and gives Sarah techniques for coping with her symptoms. Includes note to readers.
Leroy Ninker saddles up, Kate DiCamillo ; illustrated by Chris Van Dusen.
Saddle up for this first volume in a spin-off series starring favourite characters from DiCamillo's "New York Times"-bestselling Mercy Watson books. Leroy Ninker has a hat, a lasso, and boots. What he doesn't have is a horse until he meets Maybelline, and then it's love at first sight.
Deep blue, Jennifer Donnelly.
When Serafina, a mermaid of the Mediterranean Sea, awakens on the morning of her betrothal, her biggest worry should be about reuniting with handsome Prince Mahdi, her childhood crush. Instead she finds herself haunted by strange dreams foretelling the return of an ancient evil, and dealing with the deaths of her parents as assassins storm the betrothal ceremony, plunging the city into chaos. Led only by her shadowy dreams and pursued by the invading army, Serafina and her best friend Neela embark on a quest to avenge her parents' death and prevent a war between the mer nations. In the process they discover a plot that threatens their and our world's very existence.
Nest, Esther Ehrlich.
On Cape Cod in 1972, eleven-year-old Naomi, known as Chirp for her love of birds, gets help from neighbour Joey as she struggles to cope with her mother's multiple sclerosis and its effect on her father and sister.
The zoo at the edge of the world, Eric Kahn Gale ; illustrations by Sam Nielson.
Marlin, a stutterer, can talk smoothly and freely with the jungle animals that populate his father's zoo in South America until a mysterious man-eating black jaguar that his father catches and brings back home talks back.
Poached, Stuart Gibbs.
Twelve-year-old Teddy Fitzroy is the prime suspect when FunJungle's newly-acquired koala goes missing, thanks to a prank staged by middle school bully Vance
Charlie Joe Jackson's guide to making money, Tommy Greenwald ; illustrations by J.P. Coovert.
When his weekly allowance just isn't cutting it anymore, lovable slacker Charlie Joe devises ways to make more money and fast.
One red shoe, Karin Gruss, Tobias Krejtschi.
There's been an attack. Grabbing his camera, a newspaper photographer rushes to the nearest clinic. What he finds there will change the way he thinks forever. Inspired by real events in the Middle East, this ground breaking and acclaimed picture book for older readers will take you to a place far from comfort and safety. What could you possibly have in common with the kids who live there? You're about to find out.
Revealed, Margaret Peterson Haddix.
It's morning as usual at the Skidmore household until Charles Lindbergh, the famous historical pilot, appears in their living room. Jonah can hardly believe his eyes and then Lindbergh grabs Katherine and vanishes again. And that's not all. Chip, Andrea, and all the other children from the plane have disappeared too. And worst of all, Jonah's parents and all the other adults in his town have de-aged into children. Jonah is the only one left, and the only one who can save everyone.
A wonderlandiful world, Shannon Hale.
When a mysterious being from Wonderland begins to infect Ever After High with a strange magic, everything goes topsy-turvy. Lizzie Hearts, Wonderland's future queen; Cedar Wood, daughter of Pinocchio; and Madeline Hatter, heir to the Mad Hatter's Haberdashery & Tea Shoppe, seem to be the only ones who haven't completely lost their heads. It's up to them to save their best friends forever after from a curse that threatens to give their school and their lives a very unhappy ending.
Courage for beginners, Karen Harrington.
Twelve-year-old Mysti Murphy of Texas wishes she were a character in a book. If her life were fiction, she'd know how to solve her problems at school, take care of her family when her dad has to spend time in the hospital, and deal with her family's secret: that her mother is agoraphobic and never leaves the house.
The fourteenth goldfish, Jennifer L. Holm ; illustrations by Tad Carpenter.
Ellie's scientist grandfather has discovered a way to reverse aging, and consequently has turned into a teenager which makes for complicated relationships when he moves in with Ellie and her mother, his daughter.
Also known as Elvis, James Howe.
While his friends Bobby, Joe, and Addie are spending the summer on exciting adventures, thirteen-year-old Skeezie Tookis must get a job and help around the house, and things only get worse when his long-lost father appears.
Bramblestar's storm, Erin Hunter.
As the new leader of ThunderClan, Bramblestar must prepare to weather a storm the likes of which the warrior Clans have never seen and might not survive.
Lucy Bee & the secret gene, Anne Ingram.
Who is Lucy Bee? She always thought she was Lucy Bennett. Suddenly everything about her world starts changing. Bits of it, important bits, keep flying apart. Are her parents really her parents? Does she really belong in the Bennett family? She has to find out. She decides to track her genes.
Wild Boy & the Black Terror, Rob Lloyd Jones.
A new sensation grips London a poisoner who strikes without a trace, leaving victims mad with terror and then dead. Is there a cure for the Black Terror? To find out, Wild Boy and Clarissa must catch the killer. Their hunt will lead them from the city's vilest slums to its grandest palaces, and to a darkness at the heart of its very highest society.
Dog in no-man's-land, Damian Kelleher ; illustrated by Gary Blythe ; edited by Helen Boyle ; designed by Nghiem Ta.
Billy is an under-age soldier who befriends a stray dog in France during World War One. When Billy left for dead in the blood-soaked trenches of No-Man's-Land, the dog, Scruff, comes to his rescue. But Scruff is soon in danger himself, being sent onto the battlefield as an ambulance dog. Will both Billy and Scruff survive the terrors of war?
Has anyone seen Jessica Jenkins?, Liz Kessler ; illustrations by Emily Twomey.
Jessica Jenkins has always thought she was a perfectly ordinary girl, until the day that part of her arm vanishes in the middle of a Geography lesson! Her best friend Izzy is determined to help Jessica realise what a great opportunity the power to turn invisible could be, but where has her new ability come from? And, when her friends are threatened, can Jessica use her superpower to help?
Flashpoint, Gordon Korman.
Amy and Dan Cahill have their final confrontation with twisted billionaire J. Rutherford Pierce, a man whose power has no limits and is one step away from being elected president.
Dash, Kirby Larson.
When her family is forced into an internment camp, Mitsi Kashino is separated from her home, her classmates, and her beloved dog Dash; and as her family begins to come apart around her, Mitsi clings to her one connection to the outer world the letters from the kindly neighbour who is caring for Dash.
The case of the bogus detective, Caroline Lawrence.
When P.K's father, Robert Pinkerton, suddenly appears in Virginia City, P.K.'s life turns upside down. Suddenly she's having to learn how to be a 'girly-girl' in a cunning plot to outwit silver thieves. But it seems the thieves are one step ahead! Has P.K. finally met her match or can she use her detective skills to turn the situation on its head and impress her private-eye pa?
The misadventures of the family Fletcher, Dana Alison Levy.
Relates the adventures of a family with two fathers, four adopted boys, and a variety of pets as they make their way through a school year, Kindergarten through sixth grade, and deal with a grumpy new neighbour.
Greenglass House, Kate Milford with illustrations by Jaime Zollars.
At Greenglass House, a smuggler's inn, twelve-year-old Milo, the innkeepers' adopted son, plans to spend his winter holidays relaxing but soon guests are arriving with strange stories about the house sending Milo and Meddy, the cook's daughter, on an adventure.
The soldier's gift, Tony Palmer and Jane Tanner.
The Soldier's Gift is a moving story of one family's courage and endurance during the First World War, the terrible losses at Gallipoli and a time that changed Australia forever.
Family ties : the theory, practice, and destructive properties of relatives, Gary Paulsen.
'I'm the greatest family member you'll ever meet.' Kevin Spencer has a history of big ideas going completely awry. This time around, it's personal suddenly he's kind of in charge of a double wedding in his backyard, and a whole tribe of wacky relatives is crowding him out of his own house.
Cakes in space, Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre.
Astra's ship is in trouble. There's something very sinister lurking in the canteen. A cakey monstrosity on the war path. And then there's the Poglites - a space salvage crew who have invaded the ship in their quest for spoonage! Astra and her robot friend Pilbeam are the only things standing in the way of the ship's destruction!
Percy Jackson's Greek gods, Rick Riordan ; illustrated by John Rocco.
A publisher in New York asked me to write down what I know about the Greek gods, and I was like, Can we do this anonymously? Because I don't need the Olympians mad at me again. But if it helps you to know your Greek gods, and survive an encounter with them if they ever show up in your face, then I guess writing all this down will be my good deed for the week. So begins Percy Jackson's Greek Gods, in which the son of Poseidon adds his own magic and sarcastic asides to the classics. He explains how the world was created, then gives readers his personal take on a who's who of ancients, from Apollo to Zeus. Percy does not hold back.
Cartwheeling in thunderstorms, Katherine Rundell.
Will must find her way after she's plucked out of a wonderful life in Zimbabwe and forced to go to boarding school in England.
Thirteen chairs, Dave Shelton.
Jack stands in the dark on the landing of the old house, and looks at his feet. He has been there for minutes, his hands on the door handle, debating whether or not to go in. Jack is curious. Are you?
The meaning of Maggie : a novel, Megan Jean Sovern.
Eleven-year-old Maggie Mayfield is an A-plus student with big plans for herself, but at this moment she is also facing a lot of problems — like starting middle school and figuring out how to help her father who is out of work and in a wheelchair.
My life as a joke, Janet Tashjian with cartoons by Jake Tashjian.
Derek Fallon discovers all the angst that comes with being twelve he just wants to feel grown up, but life gets in the way with a series of mishaps that make him look like a baby.
Sammy Keyes and the kiss goodbye, Wendelin Van Draanen.
Sammy Keyes has spent the last few years solving other people's mysteries; now her friends (and some foes) come together to unmask the fiend who has put Sammy in a coma.

Picture Books

Snow is my favourite and my best, characters created by Lauren Child.
Lola is extremely excited because it's going to snow!
Suitable for toddler development and early learning. Great for early learning and toddler development, this title helps your toddler explore different types of toys.
The prince and the potty, Nicholas Allan.
It's time for the prince to use his potty, so it's off to the Royal Potty Workshop! There are singing potties, potties pulled by corgis, and even super- duper flying Royal Robo-Potties! But it's hard work finding the perfect potty for the job especially when disaster strikes. Can the Royal Baby find his own solution?
Grandma, the baby and me, written by Emma Allen ; illustrated by Hannah Sommerville.
The day the baby came home Grandma winked and said 'Here's trouble.' Henry learns all too soon what his Grandma meant. The baby is nothing but trouble! Everything is upside down in their house. But Grandma will be back again soon to help out.
Moonbear's bargain : a moonbear book, Frank Asch.
Bear envys Bird's ability to fly, and little Bird wishes he were big and strong like robust Bear, leading the pair to strike a thoroughly charming deal.
Moonbear's dream : a moonbear book, Frank Asch.
When Moonbear and his friend Little Bird see a kangaroo in the backyard, they think they must be dreaming, so they do things they would not do if they were awake.
Moonbear's pet : a moonbear book, Frank Asch.
Bear and Little Bird find a baby fish in their pond and decide to keep her for a pet, but when she starts to sprout wings, or maybe paws, each thinks the fish wants to be like him, which puts a strain on their friendship.
Moonbear's shadow : a moonbear book, Frank Asch.
Bear tries everything he can think of to get rid of his shadow.
Moondance : a moonbear book, Frank Asch.
Bear fulfills his dream of dancing with the moon.
Baby's very first touchy-feely colours play book, illustrated by Stella Baggott ; designed by Josephine Thompson.
Babies will love looking at the bright pictures and exploring the textures as they learn their colours in this vibrant board book. Each page is designed to be visually stimulating with bright, eye-catching illustrations and lots to look at. It is a fun aid to developing language and sensory skills for the very young, with die-cut trails to run little fingers along and holes to peep through.
Little green peas : a big book of colors, Keith Baker.
Little green peas make their way into collections of objects of many different colours, from blue boats, seas, and flags, to orange balloons, umbrellas, and fizzy drinks.
A fish named Glub, written by Dan Bar-el ; illustrated by Josee Bisaillon.
A small and ordinary fish named Glub asks himself the big questions in life as he observes life in the diner beyond his fishbowl. Who am I? Where do I belong? The lively characters around him provide unexpected answers, but soon it's Glub who reveals answers to their questions and their hearts' true desires.
Telephone, Mac Barnett ; illustrated by Jen Corace.
In this picture book a string of birds on a telephone wire plays a game of telephone, with the usual mixed up results.
The last king of Angkor Wat, Graeme Base.
Tiger, Gibbon, Water Buffalo and Geeko are sitting amongst the ruins of ancient Angkor Wat, wondering which of them would have made the best king. The appearance of a mysteries visitor leads them to discover their true selves in a race to a distant hilltop. A timeless fable full of adventure and beauty from a much-loved storyteller.
Dragon Island, written by Martin Baynton ; illustrated by Terri Rose Baynton.
Norman is a gentle dragon amongst lots of fierce and fiery dragons. This tale is about resisting family/playground violence.
Quest, Aaron Becker.
On a rainy day in a city park, the girl who starred in Journey and the boy introduced at the end take refuge by a doorway under a bridge. To their surprise, a king emerges from the door just long enough to pass the two a map before soldiers apprehend him. Returning to the magical Pallonezia, they find the walled city in flames, under siege. Becker includes wonderfully evocative set pieces a submerged city, a Mayan temple as the pair follows the map to collect chalk markers in all the colours of the rainbow to free the king and save the city.
Stanley the builder, William Bee.
What a job for Stanley — he's building a house for his friend, Myrtle. He will need his digger and his bulldozer and his cement mixer! He will also need his friend, Charlie to help. But will they manage to build the whole house?
Stanley's cafe, William Bee.
It's another busy day at Stanley's Cafe. He's baking a very special cake but whose birthday can it be? Join Stanley and friends for a tasty adventure in this colourful new series from William Bee.
Best friends, Mara Bergman, Nicola Slater.
Dexter, Daisy and Lily are up to their usual doggy tricks causing mayhem in the park, chased by their young owners. Three mischievous mutts and a muddy stream should be a recipe for a disaster but instead these clever dogs bring everyone together.
A perfect day for digging, Cari Best ; illustrated by Christine Davenier.
In the spring when trees unfreeze and grass grows green and pansies say, "Please plant me!" Nell and her dog, Rusty, can't wait to dig in dirt just right for digging. But Norman, their neighbour, says "Ewww!" to digging and dirt.
Bear's school day, written by Stella Blackstone ; illustrated by Debbie Harter.
Bear enjoys a day at school participating in many activities.
The five of us, Quentin Blake.
Angie, Ollie, Simona, Mario and Eric are five fantastic friends, each of whom has an unusual ability. Disaster strikes on a day out to the countryside but, working together and combining their individual powers, the Fantastic Five save the day.
Monster chef, Nick Bland.
"Marcel was a monster of medium size With crotchety horns and googly eyes. He was lumpy and grumpy and suitably hairy. But Marcel had a problem he just wasn't scary." Marcel is not very good at being a monster. He doesn't seem to be able to scare anybody! But one day, Marcel discovers that his gruesomely-good cooking can give kids a real fright!
Not every princess, Jeffrey Bone and Lisa Bone ; illustrated by Valeria Docampo.
After listing activities that are stereotypically, but not always, attributed to princesses, fairies, pirates, superheroes, and more, encourages the reader to imagine what one could be, despite others' expectations.
And then comes Christmas, Tom Brenner ; illustrated by Jana Christy.
When the days barely start before they're over again, And red berries blaze against green shrubs then it's time to get ready for Christmas! From icicles clinging to roofs and houses strung with colourful lights to visiting Santa and hunting for the perfect tree, this classic-in-the-making celebrates all the holiday's excitement.
Sam's super stinky socks!, Paul Bright & Ed Eaves.
Sam's Dad gives him some wise advice when he sets off to see the world pretend to have a cold to avoid a snake, glue a crocodile's jaws with bubble gum and always, always wash your socks. Will Sam listen, though?
Willy's stories, Anthony Browne.
Once a week, Willy walks through an ordinary-looking set of doors and straight into an adventure. Where will those doors take him today: to a mysterious desert island with footprints in the sand; down a deep, dark rabbit hole full of curious objects; or perhaps on board a pirate ship, face to face with Captain Hook?
Babar on Paradise Island, Laurent de Brunhoff.
Babar, his family, and the Old Lady are shipwrecked on what seems to be a desert island, but soon they have made a new friend who calms their fears and introduces them to his pleasant way of life.
My Bibi always remembers, Toni Buzzeo ; illustrated by Mike Wohnoutka.
Tembo, a little African elephant, wants to be just like her grandmother, Bibi, but is often distracted when she is supposed to be following Bibi to a watering hole. Includes a note about elephants.
Brave Chicken Little, retold and illustrated by Robert Byrd.
A retelling of the classic story of Chicken Little, who has an acorn fall on his head and runs in a panic to his friends Henny Penny, Ducky Lucky, and others, to tell them the sky is falling.
This book just ate my dog!, Richard Byrne.
In this wonderfully inventive book, Bella is taking her dog for a stroll across the page but halfway across, he disappears! Bella watches, transfixed, with changing emotions of surprise, indignation, moments of renewed hope (as the authorities arrive to take control) followed by shock (as they too succumb to the book's inexplicable behaviour) and finally action when Bella marches toward the dangerous middle of the book only to disappear herself!
Oliver and George, Peter Carnavas.
Oliver tries desperately to get George to play with him, but George is much too engrossed in his book.
Sleepover with Beatrice & Bear, Monica Carnesi.
Beatrice the bunny wants to share winter with her best friend, Bear, but he will be busy hibernating.
Nana in the city, Lauren Castillo.
A young boy is frightened by how busy and noisy the city is when he goes there to visit his Nana, but she makes him a fancy red cape that keeps him from being scared as she shows him how wonderful a place it is.
Is it Christmas yet?, Jane Chapman.
Christmas is coming and Ted is so excited. "Is it Christmas yet?" he cries. Poor Ted — will it ever be Christmas?
The new small person, Lauren Child.
This brand new picture book from the hugely talented Lauren Child, about the arrival of a new sibling will undoubtedly strike a chord with children and parents alike.
Ninja!, Arree Chung.
A ninja must be strong, courageous, and silent! He creeps through the house on a secret mission. There may be obstacles! But have no fear — a true ninja can overcome all challenges.
Rex wrecks it!, Ben Clanton.
Gizmo, Sprinkles, and Wild are fed up. Every time they build something with their blocks, Rex wrecks it! Isn't there any way to make playtime fun for everyone?
The something, Rebecca Cobb.
When a little boy's ball disappears down a mysterious hole in the garden, he can't stop thinking about what could be down there a little mouse's house? The lair of a hungry troll? Or maybe even a dragon's den. Whatever it may be, he's determined to find out!
By the sea in Tonga, Carolyn Collis.
The bears look at what is by the sea in Tonga.
Clothes in Tonga, Carolyn Collis.
The bears watch people choose their clothes for life in Tonga.
Colours in Tonga, Carolyn Collis.
The snails find flowers of different colours in Tonga.
Count in Tonga, Carolyn Collis.
The bears count groups of objects they find in Tonga.
Move in Tonga, Carolyn Collis.
The bears watch how people are moving around in Tongatapu.
Shapes in Tonga, Carolyn Collis.
The bears look for shapes around them in Tonga.
My dad is a bear!, Nicola Connelly ; illustrated by Annie White.
He is tall and round like a bear. He is soft and furry like a bear. My dad is a bear!
Ten monsters in the bed, Katie Cotton and Aaron Blecha.
A monstrous take on 'Ten Green Bottles' and Ten in the Bed, with farty, burpy, slurpy sounds! Ten monsters are very squished on a bunk bed. On each spread, a monster gets pushed out onto the floor, making a disgusting noise. Eventually, all the monsters end up on the floor and realise they're more squished than ever!
Bridie's boots, Phil Cumming & Sara Acton.
When Bridie receives a pair of gum boots wrapped in rainbow paper for her fifth birthday she is delighted. They are the best boots ever! Just right for splashing in puddles and twirling on tiptoes. But when she turns six Bridie decides her boots should go on a big adventure.
Little Elliot, big city, story and pictures by Mike Curato.
Elliot the little elephant has a hard time with a lot of things in the city he loves until he meets Mouse, who is even smaller and hungrier.
Sam and the helicopter paramedic, written by Francine Currie ; illustrated by Paula Cunniffe.
Sam the ambulance works with the rescue helicopter.
Sam goes to rugby, written by Francine Currie ; illustrated by Paula Cunniffe.
Sam the ambulance spends Saturday on the sidelines of the rugby field, ready to help if needed.
Sam goes to the country, written by Francine Currie ; illustrated by Paula Cunniffe.
Sam the ambulance spends a day in the country.
Sam the ambulance, written by Francine Currie ; illustrated by Paula Cunniffe.
A day in the life of Sam the ambulance.
Colours, written by Sarah Davis ; special photography by Dave King.
Blue doggy has lost his blue spoon! Help him find his spoon and more of his missing items. The sturdy, compact format is perfect for preschoolers to hold as they read and learn about colours.
Pets, written by Sarah Davis ; special photography by Dave King.
In this book, designed for very young children, they are asked to find lots of different things. Children can look for these on the right-hand pages and the final big pop-out page.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star, James Dean.
Youngsters are invited to join Pete the Cat as he stars in the classic nighttime song "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."
First day at Zoo School, Sarah Dillard.
On the first day of school, vivacious Amanda the Panda meets anxious Alfred the Alligator. But when Amanda decides that Alfred would be the perfect best friend for her, the difference in their temperaments leads to hurt feelings.
If kids ran the world, Leo & Diane Dillon.
In text and pictures, this book tells us how much better the world would be, if kids were allowed to run the world.
Hairy Maclary and friends : six rollicking stories, Lynley Dodd.
The zoo, written by Emma Dods ; illustrated by Kate Daubney.
Lets you join a zookeeper for a day: meet impressive animals and discover more about a keeper's job.
The scarecrows' wedding, Julia Donaldson, Axel Scheffler.
Scarecrows Betty O'Barley and Harry O'Hay are planning the perfect wedding, but wicked Reginald Rake has other ideas. Harry must become a hero before he and Betty can have the wedding of their dreams.
Tim and Ed, Ursula Dubosarsky & Andrew Joyner.
Here is Tim. Here is Ed. Same ears, same eyes, same feet, same head. From much-loved storyteller Ursula Dubosarsky comes this bouncing story about two cheeky koalas who think they are exactly the same.
This Orq : (he cave boy), David Eilliott ; illustrated by Lori Nichols.
Meet Orq. He cave boy. Meet Woma. He woolly mammoth. Orq love Woma. A lot. He want pet. Orq's mother say Woma shed. And smell. And not housetrained. Yuck. Woma not allowed in cave. But Orq has plan. Kind of.
Mr Super Poopy Pants, Rebecca Elliott.
Toby was looking forward to all the adventures he would have with his new baby brother. But Benjy can't run around, invent gadgets or fight crime. He just poops. All the time. Can Toby learn to love his little brother all the same?
Take away the A : an alphabeast of a book!, Michael Escoffier ; illustrated by Kris Di Giacomo.
Take Away the A is a fun, imaginative romp through the alphabet. The idea behind the book is that within every language there are words that change and become a different word through the simple subtraction of a single letter. In other words, without the "A," the Beast is Best. Or, without the "M," a chomp becomes a chop. Now, take a look and find some more!
Olivia's ABC, written and illustrated by Ian Falconer.
A is for accessories, B is for books, and O is for Olivia, of course! Come along from A to Z in this unique and raucous romp through the alphabet as only Olivia could describe it.
Hey Mum, I love you, Corinne Fenton.
Hey Mum, do you know how much I love you?
The dinosaur that pooped the past, Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter ; illustrated by Garry Parsons.
When they accidently go back through history on a time-travelling swing, Danny and Dinosaur meet some new dino friends. But soon there's a rumbling noise; it's a volcano about to erupt! Can Dinosaur save the day by pooping them back to the future?
Cat & Dog, Michael Foreman.
When Cat is accidentally whisked away in a fish van, her litter of kittens are left to fend for themselves.
Countablock, Christopher Franceschelli ; art by Peskimo ; illustrations by Harry N. Abrams.
Teaches the numbers from one to one hundred by showing how a certain number of objects can become something else, from one acorn growing into an oak tree to one hundred puzzle pieces becoming one large puzzle.
Animal counting : lift-the-flap learning fun!, written by Charlie Gardner ; illustrations by Louise Anglicas.
Let your toddler have fun with numbers and learn all about animals too. With lots of animal-themed counting games, children will learn lots of amazing animal facts while they learn to count.
The great big green, Peggy Gifford ; illustrated by Lisa Desimini.
Both a riddle and an ode to the earth, readers will revisit the world after the riddle's reveal to find the many green things hidden in each piece of art.
Digging for dinosaurs, written by Mike Goldsmith ; illustrated by Kate Daubney.
This book lets you join in the fossil-finding adventure in Digging for Dinosaurs to uncover a huge dinosaur
The airport, written by Mike Goldsmith ; illustrated by Kate Daubney.
This title lets you follow a family as they travel through the airport and prepare for take off.
Under the sea, written by Mike Goldsmith ; illustrated by Kate Daubney.
Offers a collectible board book series with a non-fiction twist: toddlers have mini adventures and explore planet
Mummy goes to work, written by Kes Gray ; illustrated by David Milgrim.
A delightful and contemporary book that will reassure parent and child alike that all is well when a parent goes to work.
Worries go away!, Kes Gray & Lee Wildish.
When a little girl feels worried she goes into a world of her own. At first the world is full of cream cakes and cola but soon the worries begin to take hold. Only her family and friends can help.
Have you heard the nesting bird?, words by Rita Gray ; pictures by Kenard Pak.
In this picture book for young readers, we learn just why the mother nesting bird stays quiet and still while sitting on her eggs.
Letter lunch, Elisa Gutierrez.
Hoping for a tasty alphabet lunch, a hungry brother and sister forage for edible letters in their back yard, at the local market, and through the woods before cooking up a feast of vowel-seasoned consonants to share with friends.
The Wombats at the zoo, Roland Harvey.
The Wombats and their teachers, Ms Annabel and Mrs Nott, are off to the zoo. Audrey bonds with bilbies, Alecia is on safari, Hughie wants to race a camel. Freddie explores underwater with his magic eye, Horrie is shocked by snakes, and Ima plays harmonica with a crocodile. Ava whistles to the wild dogs, Naucia wants to take a meerkat home, Nurse Sardi helps in the animal hospital. Dante shoots hoops with the seals, Oliver admires the cheetah, and Albert calculates just how much one hippo can eat. By the end of the day, the Wombats don't want to leave. Can you help Mrs Nott find out where they all went?
Spot's spooky fun, Eric Hill.
It's Halloween! Time for some trick-or-treat fun for Spot and his friends. But what should Spot dress up as? This reissue of a favourite Spot board book - Spot's Halloween with a new cover and updated inside pages will delight young children.
A big day for Migs!, Jo Hodgkinson.
It's a big day for Migs — he is starting school! He is looking forward to it, but he is also feeling a bit apprehensive, until, that is, he finds the perfect thing to help him overcome his shyness.
Daisy saves the day, Shirley Hughes.
When young Daisy Dobbs starts as a scullery maid in a grand house, she works as hard as she can to try and please her kindly employers. But her greatest day comes when disaster strikes, and only Daisy can save the day.
On a small island, Kyle Highes-Odgers.
On a small island, in a gigantic sea, lives Ari. Ari longs for the large ships to stop at his island, he longs to see remarkable things and to have interesting friends. On a small island, in a gigantic sea, Ari has an idea. A dazzling idea. An irresistible idea.
Sylvester : the Charity Hospital cat, Julie Hutton ; illustrated by Garrick Tremain.
A poem about Sylvester the cat, who spends his days at The Canterbury Charity Hospital.
Winter is coming, Tony Johnston ; illustrated by Jim LaMarche.
Each day, from September through November, brings glimpses of forest animals seeking food in preparation for the onset of winter, from a fox sniffing the last apple on the ground to a flock of wild turkeys that finds nothing.
The dinosaurs are having a party!, Gareth P. Jones, Garry Parsons.
The dinosaurs are having a party. It starts precisely at three. I'm a boy not a dinosaur. So I'm pleased they invited me. But the dinosaurs are planning to serve a special dish at their party and perhaps all is not as it seems.
Alphabet everywhere, Elliott Kaufman.
Architectural photographer Elliott Kaufman shows how letters can be found in things encountered in everyday life.
Stop sticking, Stan!, Nicola Killen.
Stan loves collecting things, feathers, buttons, old socks. But he gets distracted when his parents treat him to a set of stickers, and a whole new hobby begins. This warm and quirky book will appeal to parents and children as they recognise Stan's familiar obsession.
A happy hat, Cecil Kim ; illustrated by Joo-Kyung Kim.
A hat recalls how it was first worn by a happy groom at his wedding, then passed through many hands over the years, wondering what each change would bring but finding pleasure in all.
I am so brave!, Stephen Krensky ; illustrated by Sara Gillingham.
Celebrates a toddler's growing comfort with such things as hearing loud noises and being left with a babysitter.
Silence, Lemniscates.
Simple text encourages the reader to be silent and listen for sounds often not heard, such as the wind playing with a kite, or the chattering of trees.
Bumblebee bike, Sandra Levins ; illustrated by Claire Keay.
David has a box full of things he borrowed from people without asking, but when his bicycle is stolen he realises how wrong he was and decides it is time to give everything back. Includes note to parents.
Bats in the band, written and illustrated by Brian Lies.
When the weather warms up, bats take advantage of an empty theater to stage a concert.
Zoom : a wheelie good book of colours, text by Jonathan Litton ; illustrated by Fhiona Galloway.
Who will win the colourful race? Featuring coloured, concentric finger holes for toddlers to select and turn the pages, this interactive book makes learning colours fun.
Believe me, Goldilocks rocks! : the story of the three bears as told by baby bear, Nancy Loewen ; illustrated by Tatevik Avakyan.
Of course you think Goldilocks was a brat who broke in and trashed our house. You don't know the other side of the story. Well, let me tell you.
Otis and the scarecrow, Loren Long.
When the farmer places a scarecrow in the cornfield, Otis the tractor and the farm animals try to make friends, but the scarecrow remains silent with a sour look on his face throughout the summer and fall.
Yes, let's, Galen Goodwin Longstreth ; illustrated by Maris Wicks.
Relates, through illustrations and simple, rhyming text, a family's day in the woods, including a hike, swimming, and a picnic.
Daytime nighttime, William Low.
Introduces animals ranging from butterflies and rabbits to fireflies and frogs, as they make their way in warm sunlight or the cool glow of the moon.
Swim, duck, swim!, Susan Lurie ; photographs by Murray Head.
A photographic tale about Duckling the reluctant swimmer finds him resenting the pressure exerted by his patient Mama and Papa Duck, preferring to stay dry and take a nap before eventually deciding to join his siblings in the pond.
Duck in the fridge, written and illustrated by Jeff Mack.
When Dad was a boy, he found a duck in the fridge, and so begins his explanation as to why he reads Mother Goose rhymes to his own son every night.
Just my lost treasure, Mercer Mayer.
Little Critter is searching for a missing sock all over the house, the yard, and the neighbourhood. But even he is surprised by all the lost treasures he finds during his hunt!
Jampires, Sarah McIntyre, David O'Connell.
Watch out! There is a jam thief about! Have you ever bitten into a jammy doughnut and thought, This needs more jam? Imagine Sam's horror when he discovers that his favourite treat has been sucked dry! Who did it?
I'm brave!, Kate & Jim McMullan.
He's a big red engine with a siren, a horn, a tank full of water, and whole lotta hose! He's a good-lookin' fire truck, and he's brave, too. When the alarm sounds, he's gotta drive through smoke and heat straight to a blazing fire!
I can't imagine how that happened, written by Aimee McNaughton ; illustrated by Dominique Ford.
Meg and her Grandpa are off camping and fishing at the lake. Grandpa keeps playing practical jokes on Meg, but then Meg gets her own back!
Kaare rawa nei a au i te pohewa i pehea na, na Aimee McNaughton nga korero i tuhi ; na Ngaere Roberts nga korero i whakamaori ; na Dominique Ford nga pikitia i ta.
Meg and her Grandpa are off camping and fishing at the lake. Grandpa keeps playing practical jokes on Meg, but then Meg gets her own back!
Andrew draws, David McPhail.
Andrew's scribbles with a crayon he found become better and better until he is making drawings so realistic that they come right off the page.
Baby Pig Pig talks, David McPhail.
Baby Pig Pig's mother teaches him the sounds that other animals make.
Baby Pig Pig walks, David McPhail.
Baby Pig Pig learns to walk on his own.
Zeki loves Baby Club, Anna McQuinn ; illustrations by Ruth Hearson.
Baby Club is such fun! Zeki and his friends sing, read, stretch, clap, wiggle and zoom to the moon!
Boss no more, Estelle Meens.
Lucas makes fun of a new student and bosses around his school friends until they all stop playing with him, causing Lucas to worry that he will be alone for the rest of his life. Includes note to parents.
Rain or shine, David Melling.
Meet the funny bunnies and discover weather in this delightful first concept board book from the bestselling author David Melling, published alongside Funny Bunnies: Up and Down.
Up and down, David Melling.
Meet the funny bunnies and discover opposites in this delightful first concept board book from the bestselling author David Melling, published alongside Funny Bunnies: Rain or Shine.
Baby shine, illustrations, Samantha Meredith.
This high-contrast baby board book is packed with baby's first words! Every page has an eye-catching shiny green finish and a simple illustration of one of baby's favourite things.
Bumpus jumpus dinosaurumpus!, Tony Mitton, Guy Parker-Rees.
Shake, shake, shudder near the sludgy old swamp. The dinosaurs are coming! Get ready to romp! Join in with Triceratops, Stegosaurus and their friends as the dinosaurs stir up a dinosaurumpus!
I feel five!, Bethanie Deeney Murguia.
Fritz can't wait to turn five! His birthday starts off well when he eats all five of his birthday pancakes and gets brand-new sneakers that fit perfectly. But when he looks in the mirror, nothing has changed. And his teeth won't wiggle not a single one. Even after he gets to wear the birthday crown and everyone sings to him at school, five still seems a lot like four. What will it take for Fritz to feel five?
Goodnight Truck, Sally Odgers, Heath McKenzie.
Truck, Digger, Boat, Tractor and Rocket work very hard through the day, but once night falls it's time to rest and say goodnight. Goodnight Truck is the perfect bedtime companion for young boys and girls.
The flat rabbit, Barur Oskarsson ; translated by Marita Thomsen.
When a dog and a rat come upon a rabbit flattened on the road in their neighbourhood, they contemplate her situation, wondering what they should do to help her. They decide it can't be much fun to lie there; she should be moved. But how? And to where? Finally, the dog comes up with an inspired and unique idea and they work together through the night to make it happen. Once finished, they can't be positive, but they think they have done their best to help the flat rabbit get somewhere better than the middle of the road where they found her. The Flat Rabbit treats the concept of death with a sense of compassion and gentle humour and a note of practicality. In the end, the dog's and the rat's caring, thoughtful approach results in an unusual yet perfect way to respect their departed friend.
No nap! Yes nap!, Margie Palatini ; illustrated by Dan Yaccarino.
Follow Mommy on her quest to settle Baby down for a nap as Baby dashes from family room to living room, both on the table and under it, through the kitchen and even hiding in the laundry basket.
At the same moment, around the world, Clotilde Perrin.
Starting from the Greenwich meridian this book takes the reader east imagining what children are doing at that moment in each of the twenty-four time zones.
Druthers, Matt Phelan.
It's raining and raining and raining, and Penelope is bored. "What would you do if you had your druthers?" asks her daddy. Well, if Penelope had her druthers, she'd go to the zoo. Or be a cowgirl. Or a pirate captain who sails to the island of dinosaurs, or flies away on a rocket to the moon. If Penelope had her druthers, she'd go off on amazing adventures but then again, being stuck inside may not be so bad if your daddy is along for the ride!
Earth space moon base, Ben Joel Price.
An unlikely trio lands on a planet and keeps the inhabitants at bay using bananas.
Give and take, Chris Raschka.
In his apple orchard, a farmer meets a little man named Take and follows his advice, which does not turn out well, and the next day meets a little man named Give, whose advice is just as bad.
One, two, tree!, Anushka Ravishankar, Sirish Rao ; illustrated by Durga Bai.
This visually stunning read-aloud book invites young children to count the improbable number of animals that clamber up an ever-expanding tree. Illustrated with art from the Gond tribal tradition of central India, 'One, Two, Tree!' is a number book, a picture book, a nursery rhyme and a fable about living together. From the state of Madhya Pradesh in central India, the Gonds are a community of highly visual people. They surround themselves with their stunning art, which is traditionally painted on the mud floors and walls of their homes. Hailing from a densely forested region, the tree is at the heart of their art, providing a rich source of inspiration. 'One, Two, Tree!' is a unique and accessible way of introducing even very young children to this exceptional art form.
Go to sleep, little farm, Mary Lyn Ray with art by Chris Neal.
Somewhere a bee Makes a bed in a rose, Because the bee knows Day has come to a close. Night time blankets a little farm. An owl who-hoots. A bear curls up in a log. A mother fox calls her pups home to the den. But animals aren't the only ones preparing to rest.
Smelly Louie, Catherine Rayner.
Louie the dog has just had a bath and he is not happy about it. He smells all wrong. Determined to get his Special Smell back, he goes on a hunt for it and meets lots of smelly things along the way - a fox, some interesting dustbins and a marvellously muddy puddle to roll in. Will he succeed in getting his smell back? And, more importantly, will he be able to keep it this time?
There's a lion in my cornflakes, Michelle Robinson, Jim Field.
Have you ever collected coupons from a cereal box? Maybe you were saving them up for a book or a toy. Well, when Dan and his brother decide to collect 100 coupons so that they can have their very own lion, they assume the task will be easy enough. How wrong can you be?!
Of course they do! : boys and girls can do anything, Marie-Sabine Roger and Anne Sol ; translated by Nathalie Jelidi.
Boys do not cook, and girls cannot play sports but in this book the pictures tell a different story.
Water can be — , Laura Purdie Salas ; illustrations by Violeta Dabija.
This picture book poetically explores the many things water can be from home maker and ship breaker to cloud fluffer and fire snuffer.
Richard Scarry's What do people do all day?,
An illustrated panorama of the animals of Busytown at work, describing the occupations and activities of many of her citizens through detailed drawings with labels indicating processes and equipment used as they perform their jobs.
Swamp chomp, Lola M. Schaefer ; illustrated by Paul Meisel.
In the rippling waters of a swamp, mosquitoes fly and hum, dragonflies swoop and drone, and other creatures live their interwoven lives. Includes facts about swamps and food chains.
Axel Scheffler's flip flap safari.
What do you get if you cross an elephant with a lion? Why, that would be a elephon! And a zebra with a crocodile? That would be a zebodile, of course! A very silly but absolutely compelling book that will charm the whole family.
Oliver and his egg, Paul Schmid.
When Oliver finds an egg, he imagines the amazing adventures they will have together.
Is there a dog in this book?, Viviane Schwarz.
Something smells funny - what can it be? Wait, hang on a second, is it a dog? Is there a dog in this book?! Oh no! Tiny, Moonpie and Andre are scared of dogs! Dogs are snappy and yappy, smelly and noisy and they hate cats. So, they all try and hide from him but when the little doggy finds them, well, they simply can't get enough of him.
Big pet day, Lisa Shanahan ; illustrations by Gus Gordon.
Today is Pet Day in Lily's class. All the kids bring in their pets - hermit crabs, parrots, mice, puppies, ferrets and ducks but Lily brings her dragon. Class smarty-pants Courtney says to Lily that dragons are only in fairy tales so how could she have a dragon? However, when all the pets misbehave in the middle of the all-important pet parade, guess who (or what) saves the day?
Sally Sore Loser : a story about winning and losing, Frank J. Sileo ; illustrated by Cary Pillo.
After having her classmates walk away from her during a soccer game at recess because she hogs the ball, is bossy, and cares only about winning, Sally gets some good advice from her teacher and her mother.
My little star, Mark Sperring, Nicola O'Byrne.
When the day is done and sleep draws near, When the moon's aglow and stars appear. I'll whisper something crystal clear words meant just for you to hear. As nighttime falls and the moon starts to shine, parents and children across the world snuggle up together. So cuddle close, because it's time for a bedtime story. With a gentle message and beautifully tender illustrations, My Little Star is the perfect way to end the day with your own little star.
Oh no! A fox!, Janet Morgan Stoeke.
Rooster Sam unwittingly saves the hens of Loopy Coop Farm.
Construction, Sally Sutton ; illustrated by Brian Lovelock.
Rhyming text follows the construction of a ibrary. Includes brief factual information about the machinery that is used.
What happens next?, written and illustrated by Tull Suwannakit.
"Little Ellie and her Grandma go on an adventure. But who's that following them? "Can you tell me a story, Granny?" Little Ellie asked on the way to town one morning. "Deep in the woods, not far from here, lives Grandma Bear and Little Bear." But what will happen next?"
Kakapo dance, Helen Taylor.
All the birds in the bush are singing and dancing. But not Kakapo. Kakapo can't hop and chime like Bellbird or coo and glide like Kereru and he certainly can't bop and twirl like fantail. But when all the other birds are having so much fun Kakapo can't help joining in. He just has his own way of dancing. He can thud and ching, and tumble and shuffle and boom, boom BOOOM BOOM BOOOOOM!!!
Green is a chile pepper : a book of colors, Roseanne Greenfield Thong ; illustrated by John Parra.
A little girl discovers all the bright colours in her Hispanic American neighbourhood.
Max the Brave, Ed Vere.
This is Max. Max the Brave, Max the Fearless, Max the Mouse-catcher. But, in order to be a Mouse-catcher, Max needs to know what a mouse is, so off he goes to find out.
Alexander, who's trying his best to be the best boy ever, Judith Viorst ; illustrated by Isidre Mones in the style of Ray Cruz.
After eating an entire box of doughnuts leads to consequences Alexander does not like, he decides to be the best boy ever for the rest of his life.
Hurry up Alfie, Anna Walker.
Alfie's in no hurry to get up until he finds out he's going to the park! But getting ready is hard when you have so many other things to do!
That's not my fox — its ears are too furry, written by Fiona Watt ; illustrated by Rachel Wells.
Bright pictures, with their patches of different textures, are designed to develop sensory and language awareness.
Friends always, Tanja Wenisch.
A boy who has disagreed with his best friend, Quentin, vows that their friendship is over and thinks about all of the fun he can have with others until, the disagreement forgotten, he plays with Quentin again.
Bear sees colours, Karma Wilson ; illustrated by Jane Chapman.
Colours, colours everywhere! Can you find colours just like Bear? Karma Wilson's playful text and Jane Chapman's delightful illustrations introduce colour to Bear fans, which will delight and surprise.
The orchestra pit, Johanna Wright.
When a slightly befuddled but surprisingly endearing snake wanders into the wrong pit the orchestra pit peculiar things start to happen.
Orion and the Dark, Emma Yarlett.
Orion is so scared of the dark, Dark decides to pay him a visit! Orion is scared of a lot of things, but most of all he's scared of the dark. So one night Dark decides to take Orion on an adventure.
Nancy knows, Cybele Young.
Nancy the elephant remembers all kinds of things in all kinds of ways, but now she knows she has forgotten something. But what could it be?
My blue is happy, Jessica Young ; illustrated by Catia Chien.
Invites readers to explore the infinite possibilities of emotional expression through colour, discussing how people respond differently when seeing colours and how these experiences help broaden the world in wonderful new ways.

Younger Fiction

The Velveteen Rabbit, or, How toys become real : the classic edition, Margery Williams Bianco ; illustrated by Charles Santore.
By the time the Velveteen Rabbit is dirty, worn out, and about to be burned, he has almost given up hope of ever finding the magic called Real.
The year of the fortune cookie : an Anna Wang novel, Andrea Cheng ; illustrations by Patrice Barton.
Eleven-year-old Anna takes a trip to China and learns more about herself and her Chinese heritage.
Paula Danziger's Amber Brown horses around, written by Bruce Coville and Elizabeth Levy ; illustrated by Anthony Lewis.
Amber is excited to be spending the summer after fourth grade with her friends at Camp Cushetunk, but things start getting complicated when she learns that her worst enemy, Hannah Burton, is one of her bunkmates.
Whack of the P-rex, Troy Cummings.
When Alexander and his friends find a very large footprint and piles of candy everywhere, they realise the school is being threatened by a Pinata-saurus Rex, a sweet-tasting monster who likes to smash things and they find that the solution may be as near as a broken ant farm.
The cat, the dog, Little Red, the exploding eggs, the wolf and grandma's wardrobe, Diane and Christyan Fox.
This book is the first in a character-led series about these two irresistable and indomitable personalities. Cat is trying to read a much-loved and classic children's fairy tale to Dog. Parents will sympathise with Cat as he suffers question after question from inquisitive Dog.
The Cleo stories, Libby Gleeson, Freya Blackwood.
Meet Cleo, a little girl with a big imagination - a memorable character created by children's book legends Libby Gleeson and Freya Blackwood.
The wild one, Sonya Hartnett ; illustrated by Lucia Masciullo.
Charlie met the wild one when he was young. Together they caught tadpoles, chased butterflies, and watched spiders weave their webs. But as the sun rose and fell, and the moon circled the earth, Charlie began to forget about the magic of the wild one until it was almost too late to remember.
Remy and Lulu, written and illustrated by Kevin Hawkes with miniatures by Hannah E. Harrison.
A down-on-his-luck painter with poor eyesight teams up with a dog with a knack for painting portraits.
The Sandman and the war of dreams, William Joyce.
When Pitch and Katherine go missing, the Man in the Moon recruits the sleepy but clever Sandman to aid the Guardians' cause in an adventure that finds them struggling to convince their new member to accept a more optimistic perspective.
Just so stories : for little children. Volume I, Rudyard Kipling ; illustrated by Ian Wallace.
Kipling wrote the stories for his young daughter, who would only sleep if they were told "just so." The first edition was published in Great Britain in 1902, along with black-and-white illustrations by the author himself. The stories have remained in print ever since, delighting young readers all over the world. Many of the tales are origin stories, explaining how an animal came to be the way it is. They are ripe with imagination, inventive vocabulary and word play. This new edition, published more than 110 years after the original, has been edited to remove racist language. The first handsome volume includes "How the Whale Got His Throat," "How the Camel Got His Hump," "How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin," "How the Leopard Got His Spots," "The Elephant's Child" and "The Sing-Song of Old Man Kangaroo."
Just so stories : for little children. Volume II, Rudyard Kipling ; illustrated by Ian Wallace.
Rudyard Kipling's "Just So Stories" is one of the best-loved story collections ever written for children. In this companion to Volume I, acclaimed children's book illustrator Ian Wallace once again reinterprets the famous tales with luminous art, bringing Kipling to a new generation of young readers. This volume includes "The Beginning of the Armadillos," "How the First Letter Was Written," "How the Alphabet Was Made," "The Crab That Played with the Sea," "The Cat That Walked by Himself" and "The Butterfly That Stamped."
The Arnold Lobel treasury, Arnold Lobel.
A compilation of four books, first published between 1963 and 1974, featuring bears, a naughty prince's encounter with a witch, a wizard's happy accidents while inventing colours, and events that occur when Bellwood Bouse invites the contents of his house to come outside.
Allergic to the Great Wall, the Forbidden Palace, and other tourist attractions, Lenore Look ; pictures by LeUyen Pham.
Fearful seven-year-old Alvin Ho goes on a trip to China with his family.
Judy Moody, mood martian, Megan McDonald ; illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds.
When it is "Backward Day," Judy must turn her usual sour mood upside down and be happy and nice for a change.
Elsa and the Night, Jons Mellgren ; [translation from Swedish by Anita Shenoi].
One day, Elsa hears a creature moving underneath her sofa. When she lures it out, she discovers that it's the Night. 'You're not allowed to be here,' she says, and puts it in an old cake tin. Fourteen hours later, it's still day outside.
Last-but-not-least Lola and the wild chicken, Christine Pakkala ; pictures by Paul Hoppe.
In her ongoing campaign to win back her ex-best-friend Amanda Anderson, Lola continues to be thwarted by her last name, as "Zuckerman" keeps them far apart, whether it's on the bus, at recess, or a field trip to a farm. Lola knows she needs to rise above, but it may just take a week with grandma and a chance encounter with a chicken to give her the determination she currently lacks.
Amelia Bedelia goes wild!, Herman Parish ; pictures by Lynne Avril.
Amelia Bedelia is sick the day her class goes to visit the zoo. She doesn't want to be left out, so she comes up with a brilliant idea - she'll create a zoo in her backyard, using all her classmates' pets. But she doesn't know exactly how to tell her parents about her great plan.
Captain Underpants and the tyrannical retaliation of the Turbo Toilet 2000 : the eleventh epic novel, Dav Pilkey.
The monstrous Turbo Toilet 2000 is determined to take revenge on George, Harold, and Captain Underpants.
Batman. The fog of fear, written by Martin Powell ; illustrated by Erik Doescher, Mike DeCarlo, and Lee Loughridge ; Batman created by Bob Kane.
Batman, The Dark Knight, prowls the shadowy streets of Gotham City with his partner Robin, The Boy Wonder, putting fear into the hearts of bad guys.
Horton and the Kwuggerbug and more lost stories, Dr. Seuss ; introduction by Charles D. Cohen.
A collection of 'lost' stories written and illustrated by Dr. Seuss and published in magazines in the 1950s. Includes an introduction by Seuss scholar Charles D. Cohen.
Penelope Crumb is mad at the moon, Shawn Stout with art by Valeria Docampo.
Penelope Crumb makes a new friend when she is forced to learn how to square dance at school.
The memory of an elephant : an unforgettable journey, Sophie Strady ; illustrations by Jean-Francois Martin.
Marcel, an old elephant who is writing an encyclopedia, reminisces about his memorable world travels and experiences in Paris.