New Titles Children’s December 2019 (arrived in November 2019)

Audio Visual

Thomas & friends. Digs & discoveries, W. Awdry
Thomas travels to Italy, where he's introduced to the country's rich, ancient history. While working on the Italian railroad, Thomas meets Stefano the Super Cruiser and runs into his old friend Gina, just in time for her to come to his rescue after his curiosity leads to trouble.


The Velvet Fox, Catherine Fisher
Justin Morgan had a horse, Marguerite Henry
Making magic, Alex Miles
Perfect holidays, Alex Miles
Son of the circus : a Victorian story, E. Norry
Storm clouds, Jenny Oldfield
Fire!, Jenny Oldfield
Survival, Jenny Oldfield
Shipwreck, Jenny Oldfield
Seven ghosts, Chris Priestley
The star outside my window, Onjali Raufu
The secret spiral of Swamp Kid, Kirk Scroggs
Making the grade, Cate Shearwater
A true champion, Olivia Tuffin
A time to shine, Olivia Tuffin
The competition, Maddie Ziegler

Graphic Novel

Akissi : more tales of mischief, Marguerite Abouet
The plucky, troublemaking Akissi is back with her mischief on The Ivory Coast! This time, she has to keep herself from drowning, stand up to a bully, make peace with her arch nemesis the prettiest girl in school, and evade a witch doctor's potion.
Akissi. Tales of mischief, Marguerite Abouet
Collects the adventures of Akissi, a young West African girl who is always getting into trouble.
Lucky Luke. 39, The man from Washington, Achdé
Ulysses S. Grant's second term is ending, and the USA must elect a new president. After the many corruption scandals of the previous administration, the Republican Party has selected an upstanding candidate, Rutherford B. Hayes. However, a rich Texas oil tycoon with his eye on the White House has other ideas, and money can buy many votes or bullets. Luke is called upon to protect Hayes as he tours the wild, wild West.
Helen's birds, Sara Cassidy
For as long as Saanvi can remember, she has been friends with her elderly neighbor Helen. They play cards and garden together and, especially, care for the wild birds that visit Helen's yard. When Helen dies suddenly, a "For Sale" sign goes up, and movers arrive, emptying the house of its furniture and stripping the yard of its birdfeeders. The sparrows and hummingbirds disappear. Soon a bulldozer tears down Helen's house.
Asterix and the chieftain's daughter, Jean-Yves Ferri
Escorted by two local chiefs, a mysterious teenage girl arrives in the village. Her father is said to be Vercingetorix, the brave chieftain who was defeated in battle by the Romans. Now, Caesar is looking to capture her at any cost. The chieftain's fiesty daughter is placed under Asterix and Obelix's watch, but she has other ideas and soon gives her new guardians the slip. The race is on to find her before the Romans do.
Asterix. Omnibus 3, Goscinny
Collection of three Asterix books. In "Asterix and the big fight, " Chief Cassius Ceramix has gone over to the Roman enemy. The fight for control off the village between Vitalstatistix and his rival is bound to be a knockout. In "Asterix in Britain, " our heroes must face fog, rain, warm beer and boiled boar with mint sauce.
Asterix. Omnibus 1, Goscinny
Collection of three Asterix books. In Asterix the Gaul, join Asterix, Obelix, and company as they try to defend one small village in Gaul from the legionaries of Rome who surround them. In Asterix and the golden sickle, disaster strikes the Gaulish village as Getafix the druid has broken his golden sickle which means no more magic potion.
Zita the space girl. Book 1, Far from home, Ben Hatke
When young Zita discovers a device that opens a portal to another place, and her best friend is abducted, she is compelled to set out on a strange journey from star to star in order to get back home.
Boy-crazy Stacey : a graphic novel, Ann M. Martin
Accompanying the Pike family during a two-week vacation to the Jersey Shore, baby-sitter Stacey falls head over heels for a handsome lifeguard despite Mary Anne's warning that he is too old for her.
Stanislaw Lem's the seventh voyage, Jon Muth
In this graphic adaptation of a story by Stanislaw Lem, a meteoroid damages astronaut and space traveller Ijon's spaceship, and he finds himself caught in a time loop, contending with past and future versions of himself.
Hilda and the mountain king, Luke Pearson
We rejoin our heroine for her latest adventure just as she awakes to find herself in the body of a troll! Her mother is worried sick, and is perplexed by the strange creature that seems to have taken Hilda's place.
Geronimo Stilton reporter. 3, Stop acting around, Gerónimo Stilton
While visiting a filmmaker friend on the set of a new movie with Thea, Benjamin, and Pandora, reporter Geronimo Stilton investigates mysterious accidents that are plaguing production and causing the film to go off course.
Asterix. Omnibus 11, Uderzo
Collection of three Asterix books. In Asterix and the actress, Asterix and Obelix celebrate their joint birthday party and some surprise guests have been invited. Asterix and the class act contains fourteen stories, including tales of the day Asterix and Obelix were born (in the middle of a village fish fight). In Asterix and the falling sky, the Gauls' one fear that the sky may fall on their heads looks like it might come true.
Asterix. Omnibus 10, Uderzo
Collection of three Asterix books. In Asterix and the magic carpet, Cacofonix's awful singing voice comes to the rescue of Princess Orinjade, who is going to be sacrificed. In Asterix and the secret weapon, Caesar has unleased a troop of female legionaries, relying on the chivalrous Gauls not to fight them, but Asterix and company have a trick up their sleeve.
The red zone : an earthquake story, Silvia Vecchini
A vivid and poignant portrayal of a boy and his town in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake in Italy.

Into Reading

Pete the kitty goes to the doctor, Kim Dean
When Pete the Kitty has a stomach ache, his dad decides that it is time to go to the doctor, but Pete is a little bit nervous about his first visit to the doctor.
Big Bad Biteasaurus, Malachy Doyle
Big Bad Biteasaurus is the biggest baddest bully. He frightens all the other dinosaurs with his big, bad bite. Until one day the other dinosaurs have had enough.
Cavegirl, Abie Longstaff
Aggie needs to get a present for her Mum's birthday and Gron has a piece of amber that would be perfect! But getting the amber may be harder than Aggie thought, especially when a wild boar appears.
Happy birthday, Sausage!, Michaela Morgan
It's Sausage's birthday and he's going to have a party with all of his friends. But the mean, jealous cats have hidden all of the invitations and no one turns up.
The Little Red Hen, Fiona Patchett
In this delightful tale, the Little Red Hen finds some grains of wheat, but her three best friends are too lazy to help her plant them. She works hard growing the wheat and grinding it into flour.
I am not a frog, Maggie Pearson
Princess Imelda has come up with a way to escape from the boring old palace and see the world. But while she's gone, the king and queen are convinced that she's been turned into a frog.
The friendly pirates, Saviour Pirotta
The pirates Adam, Amy and Ali are tired of their quiet life on Cutlass Island and wish that they could go and live in the exciting, big city. So when they spot a ship, they climb on board and hide in a hamper filled with costumes and tutus! Soon they're on an adventure filled with sea monsters, ballet dancers and a swindling pirate.
Ahmed and the new boy, Enid Richemont
In this story, there is a new boy in Ahmed's school and he is out of this world! Will the teacher notice that her new student is really an alien?.
Manju's magic wishes, Chitra Soundar
Manju wants to get a present for her Mum's birthday but Cumin her cat isn't sure about the toy elephant or robot. So when they find Grandma's magic lamp, Manju is granted seven wishes to find the best present.


Ripley's believe ir or not! : all weird! all true! 2020, Geoff Tibballs
Ripley's is back! This year's blockbuster annual contains over 1,200 of the scariest, weirdest and funniest stories from around the world, including: The man who lived in a sand castle for twenty years ; The cat who was born with twenty-eight toes ; The restaurant that served a burger made out of worms and much, much more.
J 001.94 TIB
The vlogger's handbook, Shane Birley
A comprehensive guide to vlogging offers guidelines and tips to produce a professional look, develop skill level, and build an audience.
J 006.7 BIR
What's worrying you?, Molly Potter
We all have worries now and then, but sometimes worries can feel like they're getting bigger and bigger, like you can't control them any more. What do you do then? What's worrying you? is a book all about helping children understand their worries, and what to do when they feel overwhelmed by their thoughts and feelings.
J 152.4 POT
After life : ways we think about death, Merrie-Ellen Wilcox
Why do we die? Why can't we live forever? What happens to us after death? Moving between science and culture, After Life: Ways We Think About Death takes a straightforward look at these and other questions long taboo in our society. By showing the fascinating, diverse ways in which we understand death, both today and throughout our history, the book also shines a light on what it is to be human.
J 155.937 WIL
A Christian life, Cath Senker
A Hindu Life explores some of the cornerstones of what it means to be a Hindu today, through Sacred Thread and Divali celebrations, christening and wedding ceremonies, what happens in a mandir and why many Hindus go on a pilgrimage to the Ganges.
J 230 SEN
A Hindu life, Cath Senker
A Hindu Life explores some of the cornerstones of what it means to be a Hindu today, through Sacred Thread and Divali celebrations, christening and wedding ceremonies, what happens in a mandir and why many Hindus go on a pilgrimage to the Ganges.
J 294.5 SEN
This is my world : meet 84 kids from around the globe, -
If you were asked to tell someone on the other side of the world about yourself, where would you start? In this fascinating and fun collection, 84 children from incredibly diverse backgrounds share their stories and photos of what's unique about their lives.
J 305.23 THI
Incredible jobs you've (probably) never heard of, Natalie Labarre
Do you know what you want to do when you grow up? Why not work as a babysitter for sloths? Or become a farmer of corpses? You might even grow up to be someone who gets paid to actually sleep on the job! From taste testers to dinosaur dusters, there are all kinds of incredible jobs that you've probably never heard of, and one of them might be just right for you!.
J 331.7 LAB
Precious planet : a user's manual for curious Earthlings, Emmanuelle Figueras
How amazing is the home we all share, planet Earth! It's home to millions and billions of animals and plants, but have you ever wondered how everything is connected? In Precious Planet, learn all about our home that was formed almost 4.6 billion years ago the earth's crust, the continents we live on, and the oceans in between and dive into the planet's fascinating geography.
J 333.72 FIG
The night before Christmas and other festive favourites, Niroot Puttapipat
Nothing spreads the spirit of the season quite like the three Christmas classics brought together in this stunning gift book. The unforgettable poem The Night Before Christmas, the joyful song Jingle Bells and the beloved ballet story The Nutcracker are presented here for the first time in one lavish book with stunning artwork by Natee Puttapipat.
J 394.266 NIG
Usborne forgotten fairy tales of brave and brilliant girls, Susanna Davidson
Here are eight forgotten fairy tales, with heroines who are not quiet and passive, but adventurous, intelligent and daring. Stories include a sleeping prince rescued by a princess, sisters who fight a goblin to rescue a bear, and a young girl who outwits a giant to save her family.
J 398.2 DAV
The animals Grimm : a treasury of tales, Wilhelm Grimm
A collection of 11 best-loved Grimm fairy tales featuring animal characters, including The Bremen Town Musicians, The Hedge King, The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids, The Hare and the Hedgehog, and more, translated by Guardian Children's Fiction Prize winner Kevin Crossley-Holland and wonderfully illustrated by Susan Varley.
J 398.2 GRI
Ladybird tales of super heroes
Superheroes have always been with us, from gods with mighty powers to human heroes who don disguises to save the day. Join six larger-than-life mythic and legendary heroes from around the world in this colourful, illustrated collection of Ladybird Tales. Meet tricksters, fighters, shape-shifters and even people who save the day with just the power of speech.
J 398.2 LAD
The nutcracker, Niroot Puttapipat
A beautifully illustrated edition of the much-loved Christmas story with a spectacular pop-up finale, from Niroot Puttapipat, illustrator of The Night Before Christmas and Jingle Bells. The Nutcracker story is a much-loved part of Christmas celebrations around the world, and this beautiful edition captures the excitement of Christmas Eve and the magic of Marius Petipa's classic ballet.
J 398.2 NUT
The Golden Unicorn : secrets and legends, Selwyn Phipps
The Magical Unicorn Society is the official authority on the secrets and legends behind these elusive creatures. Now, they've opened their doors once again, and invite unicorn lovers to enjoy eight new enchanting tales featuring the magical unicorn families.
J 398.24 GOL
Secret science : the amazing world beyond your eyes, Dara Briain
So you think everyday life is boring?! What?! Hoo-ee, are you wrong! No, seriously. There's so much extraordinary science going on right from the minute you wake up to when you go to sleep.Actually, while you're asleep, too. Science is a non-stop everywhere, everything adventure with some incredibly cool stuff going on, too.
J 500 O
Numbers around us 1-10 = ngā tohutau huri noa, Katie Kool
A bilingual book in Māori and English featuring animals, birds and plants grouped in numbers up to ten.
J 513.2 KOO
Times tables, Angelika Scudamore
This vibrant and colourful book turns math learning into a fun and exciting game! Kids ages 4 and up must follow a simple rule as they explore each maze, either avoiding or seeking out particular equations.
J 513.2 SCU
Adding and subtracting, Gabriele Tafuni
Kids ages 4 and up must follow a simple rule as they explore each maze, either avoiding or seeking out particular equations.
J 513.2 TAF
Shapes around us = Ngā āhuahanga huri noa, Katie Kool
A bilingual book in Māori and English featuring various shapes found in nature and everyday objects around us.
J 516.15 KOO
Seeing stars, Sara Gillingham
J 523.8 GIL
Colours around us = Ngā tae huri noa, Katie Kool
A board book in Māori and English featuring various colours found in nature and the everyday objects around us.
J 535.6 KOO
30-minute chemistry projects, Anna Leigh
These exciting science projects have readers making their own plastic, snow, and even a lava lamp. Clear, step-by-step instructions and photos guide readers through the projects, and Science Takeaway sidebars explain the chemistry behind these cool creations.
J 540 LEI
Walk this underground world : lift-the-flap, Kate Baker
This lift-the-flap book takes the reader on a journey all around the globe and deep underground. There they'll find amazing hidden worlds, teeming with life from prairie dog towns and ant cities, to opal mines and treasure-filled tombs. Each spread is bursting with details and has new surprises to discover in the cutaway artwork and under the flaps. With so much to see and explore, this is a perfect gift for young adventurers.
J 551.44 BAK
My best book of rocks and fossils, Chris Pellant
Briefly describes different kinds of rocks telling how they are formed, where they are found and their uses and examines what we can learn from fossils.
J 552 PEL
Dinosaur!, John Woodward
Are you curious about fossils, dinosaurs, and prehistoric life? Then dig into this stunning children's encyclopedia. This fully revised edition of Knowledge Encyclopedia- Dinosaur! is loaded with fascinating facts.
J 567.91 WOO
It can't be true! Poo!, Andrea Mills
This irresistibly disgusting book for children will teach you all you need to know about all kinds of animal dung and human waste what it's for, how it's made, where it goes, and lots more!.
J 573.4 MIL
Biodiversity : explore the diversity of life on Earth with environmental science activities for kids, Laura Perdew
Biodiversity: Explore the Diversity of Life on Earth with Science Activities for Kids introduces middle schoolers to the evolution of life on Earth, beginning with the first single-celled organisms that emerged 3.8 billion years ago to the complex, multi-celled organisms that exist today and make up the tree of life.
J 577 PER
Hidden planet, Ben Rothery
A beautiful crossover book for all ages, this is the book natural-history illustrator Ben has wanted to read since he was a child. Simple text will provide an insight into these lesser-known birds and animals some endangered and some less so- told from the perspective of a detail-obsessed illustrator.
J 590 ROT
Amazing facts about baby animals : an illustrated compendium, Maja Säfström
A whimsically illustrated collection of fascinating, surprising, and funny facts about baby animals and their parents, from the author of The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts. Who doesn't love baby animals? Amazing Facts About Baby Animals is an adorable celebration of all kinds of fuzzy, fluffy, scaly, and feathery animal babies and their parents.
J 591.39 SAF
Sleep : how nature gets its rest, Kate Prendergast
Some animals sleep alone. Others sleep in packs. Some slumber at night, and others prefer the daytime for getting some z's. Whether large or small, familiar or unusual, all animals must find a way to get some rest.
J 591.51 PRE
Through the animal kingdom, Derek Harvey
Go on a journey that spans every corner of our planet. What do freezing mountain peaks, vast deserts, lush forests, and the deepest, darkest oceans have in common? They're all places that incredible animals call home. Through the Animal Kingdom invites you on a journey through these habitats to discover the secret lives of the animals that live there.
J 591.56 HAR
Coo-coo kereru, Terry Fitzgibbon
Describes the ecology, habitat and life cycle of Kereru, New Zealand pigeon, the risks Kereru face, and how they can be protected.
J 598.65 FIT
Tohorā : the southern right whale, Ned Barraud
A moving story of the near extinction and then revival of one of New Zealand's magnificent marine mammals, the southern right whale. Once, the mighty tohorā, or southern right whale, was a common sight in winter off the coast of Aotearoa. But it proved to be an easy target for the 19th-century whalers, and was soon driven to the edge of extinction.
J 599.5 BAR
Big cats, Nic Bishop
With grace, guile, and unstoppable power, big cats are admired for their speed and strength. Although they are related to house cats, these magnificent creatures are nothing like our pets! Join Sibert Medalist and naturalist Nic Bishop for a close-up look at lions, tigers, cheetahs, and more.
J 599.75 BIS
Anatomicum, Jennifer Paxton
Welcome to the museum that is always open to explore. Step inside the pages of Anatomicum to enjoy the experience of a museum from the comfort of your own home. The 2019 offering from Welcome to the Museum guides readers through the human body, from the muscles we use to show emotion, to the delicate workings of the brain. With sumptuous artwork and expert text, this beautiful book is a feast of anatomical knowledge.
J 611 PAX
Tell me : what children really want to know about bodies, sex and emotions, Katharine Von der Gathern
Everything children really want to know about sexuality and bodies and aren't afraid to ask. This book collects questions asked by boys and girls and answers them directly: the questions are real, the answers honest and the images funny. How much sex education do children need? As much as they ask for, say the experts.
J 612.6 GAT
Engineers : with STEM projects for kids, Diane Taylor
Discusses what engineering is, highlighting female engineers who revolutionized the role of women in the field and providing activities, including building a suspension bridge, designing and building a kite, and investigating processed food.
J 620 TAY
See inside bridges, towers & tunnels, Struan Reid
Delve behind the scenes to look inside bridges, tunnels and towers around the world. Lift the flaps to reveal the mechanics and engineering of constructions including the Channel Tunnel connecting England and France, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the tallest building in the world, and many more.
J 624 REI
Monster trucks, Tedd Arnold
Buzz and Fly Guy learn about monster truck technology, tricks, events, and safety.
J 629.224 ARN
Rabbits, Pat Jacobs
From where they sleep to what they eat, and how you can make them feel safe and at home, this book provides all the pet care advice you could possibly need. Learn how rabbits communicate, the games they like to play and the treats they like to eat, as well as how to care for them.
J 636.9 JAC
My first cookbook, -
"Step-by-step layout, you'll find it easy to learn to cook these classic New Zealand recipes. From breakfast through to dessert and all the meals and snacks in between, this collection of over 90 recipes will be the beginning of a life-long love of baking and cooking".
J 641.5 MY
The 1918 deadly epidemic in Samoa, Helen Tauʻau Filisi
On 7 November 1918, the New Zealand passenger and cargo ship Talune arrived at Apia from Auckland. On board were people suffering from pneumonic influenza, a highly infectious disease already responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths around the world. Although the Talune had been quarantined in Fiji, no such restrictions were imposed in Samoa. Sick passengers were allowed to disembark.
J 641.51 TAU
The silver spoon for children : favorite Italian recipes, Amanda Grant
On the 10th anniversary of its first publication, a new edition of this bestselling collection of quick, wholesome, easy-to-make Italian dishes for kids to prepare Following the global success of the first edition of The Silver Spoon for Children (adapted especially for children from the most influential Italian cookbook of the last 50 years), and to mark the 10-year anniversary of its publication, this newly designed edition presents a.
J 641.59 GRA
Dr. Seuss's horse museum, Dr. Seuss
A book about looking at and thinking about Art, based on an unfinished manuscript and sketches by Dr. Seuss that was discovered twenty-one years after his death.
J 709 SEU
Draw every little thing : learn to draw more than 100 everyday items, from food to fashion, Flora Waycott
With this book you can learn to draw and paint your favourite everyday items. From learning to draw and paint plants, flowers, and bicycles to the neighborhood cafe and the contents of the kitchen cabinet, this contemporary drawing book demonstrates just how easy it is to render the world around you with little more than a pencil, paper, and paint.
J 741.2 WAY
100 things to recycle and make, Fiona Hayes
Provides step-by-step, illustrated instructions for crafts made with everyday materials, including egg cartons, sticks, and cardboard tubes.
J 745.5 HAY
Recycling, Marie-Laure Pham-Bouwens
Eight creative activities to make cool masks, tic-tac-toe, papaer flowers and lots of other recycled creations.
J 745.5 PHA
Paper, Terrains Vagues
Eight creative activities to make pop-up cards, a mix-and-match game, your own castle and lots of other paper creations.
J 745.54 PAP
Easy paper projects : 60 crafts you can wear, gift, use and admire, Maggy Woodley
Learn just how versatile paper can be when creating fun, colorful crafts. Whether you have plain printer paper, a rainbow array of cardstock or just a few scraps of construction paper, you?ll be able to create inventive paper crafts that require only a few materials you already have, making them a thrifty and accessible alternative to more complicated projects.
J 745.54 WOO
Usborne Christmas songbook, Richard Johnson
A charmingly illustrated collection of traditional Christmas carols, in a luxurious clothbound edition including sheet music and song lyrics.
J 782.28 USB
Stink-o-saurus saves Christmas, Deano Yipadee
"The dinosaurs can't wait for Christmas morning, but unfortunately Santa is having transport problems! Stan heads off to the North Pole to see if he can help. Luckily, he comes up with a super (if smelly) solution! Can Stan the Stink-o-saurus live up to his hero reputation and save Christmas Day?"--Publisher information.
J 782.42 OBR
The Dinky Donkey, Craig Smith
"Wonky Donkey has a daughter with the same rambunctious spirit as her dad ... This adorable pint-sized donkey has beautiful long eyelashes, loves to listen to rowdy music, has a very cool spiky haircut ... and sometimes smells a bit bad (like her Dad!) She's a blinky, punky, stinky ... you know how it goes ... dinky donkey!".
J 782.42 SMI
The Wonky Donkey and other stories, Craig Smith
J 782.42 SMI
Frozen II : the magical guide, Julia March
The perfect gift for fans awaiting the long-anticipated sequel to Frozen DK's Frozen 2: The Magical Guide is the ultimate companion to Disney's highly anticipated second installment in the Frozen franchise. Covering all of the movie's characters, plus key locations, themes and iconic moments, this magical guide is a must-have title for Disney movie fans, or fans of the hugely popular Frozen franchise.
J 791.43 MAR
Harry Potter. Spells & charms : a movie scrapbook, Jody Revenson
Packed with inserts, concept illustrations, and behind-the-scenes photography, Harry Potter: Spells and Charms: A Movie Scrapbook is a guide to the spells and incantations of the Harry Potter films. This magical movie scrapbook takes readers on a behind-the-scenes tour of iconic spells and charms--from Expelliarmus to the Patronus Charm, and even the three Unforgivable Curses.
J 791.43 REV
Exploring Hogwarts : an illustrated guide, Jody Revenson
Explore the iconic locations of Hogwarts as seen in the Harry Potter films. Harry Potter: Exploring Hogwarts pairs striking full-color illustrations of Hogwarts, revealing key movie scenes, concept art, and behind-the-scenes info on the most memorable locations within Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
J 791.43 REV
Ballerina : a step-by-step guide to ballet, Jane Hackett
Practical introduction to the world of ballet from first position to pirouettes.
J 792.8 HAC
Catch cat, Claire Grace
Travel the world with this spotting book for curious cats everywhere. As young readers explore each continent from America to Antarctica to search for the elusive cat hiding on every page, they will encounter hundreds of icons unique to each place.
J 793.73 COU
Look and find night time, Gareth Lucas
This wonderfully illustrated puzzle book is teeming with all kinds of night-time creatures, and other objects, to spot, count and match. Find a frog with a fishing rod, a bat wearing bedsocks, and many more hide-and-seek challenges.
J 793.73 LUC
Star Wars. Where's the Wookiee? 3, Katrina Pallant
Are you ready to join the hunt for the Wookie warrior? Explore the Death Star, relive the battle of Endor and visit the island of Ahch-To in the search for Chewbacca and his friends.
J 793.73 PAL
Usborne forest mazes, Sam Smith
From hungry hummingbirds to zipwire adventures, and from tropical jungles to fairy-filled forests, children can explore a variety of wonderful worlds within the trees as they find their way through the superbly illustrated scenes in this book. Each maze is more challenging than the last, and all the answers are given at the back.
J 793.73 SMI
A-Z with the ABs, Justin Laing
"Teaches you the ABCs of the All Blacks - the players, the game and everything else you need to know about your favourite rugby team.
J 796.333 LAI
Forest School adventure : outdoor skills and play for children, Naomi Walmsley
Young children will be immersed in imaginative, messy play and crafts, while older ones can work on more complex activities like stone tool making and sourcing water. Whether in an organized setting, a group of friends or a family outing, the fun-filled games will build confidence, bonding and result in happy children.
J 796.5 WAL
Poems from a green & blue planet, Sabrina Mahfouz
Dive into this book and be swept away on a journey around our green and blue planet, from the peak of the snowiest mountaintop to the bottom of the deepest, bluest ocean. Meet the birds circling its skies, the beasts prowling its plains, and the people toiling in its fields and forests and cities... Explore all the worlds that make up our world, and hear the voices, past and present, that sing out from it.
J 808.81 POE
Poems to fall in love with, Chris Riddell
In Poems to Fall in Love With Chris Riddell has selected and illustrated his very favourite classic and modern poems about love. This gorgeously illustrated collection celebrates love in all its guises, from silent admiration through passion to tearful resignation. These poems speak of the universal experiences of the heart and are brought to life with Chris's exquisite, intricate artwork.
J 808.81 POE
Poems out loud! : first poems to read and perform, Laurie Stansfield
From rockets to mermaids and everything in between, there's something for everyone in this diverse and contemporary collection.
J 808.81 POE
Wild in the streets, Marilyn Singer
This beautifully illustrated book pairs poetry with non-fiction, telling the fascinating stories of the animals who have found homes in our urban landscapes across the world, from the pythons traveling Singapore's sewers to the monkeys living in India's temples. Humans may have built towns and cities, but we aren't the only ones who live in them.
J 811 SIN
Once upon a rhythm : the story of music, James Carter
It hums and it thrums through day and night the magical, mystical rhythm of life! Follow the story of music back to the very beginning. Did it start with a stomp or a clap? This playful poem is an ode to the colourful world of music and rhythm.
J 821 CAR
Groovy fish, Paula Green
"Paula Green's bright new poems have grown out of titles collected from her fans: the children who follow her online at Poetry Box and curl up inside the covers of her books. These poems dash and dart, whisper and purr ... tell of tap-dancing fish, cheese-spaghetti dogs, annoying itches, thunder monkeys and midnight moons. In Paula's world skies are pumpkins, lions live in kennels ...
J 821 GRE
The night the moon fell down, and other poems, Bill Nagelkerke
"This collection of poems, some old, some new, includes: a safari, a swing bridge, a supermarket and a soccer ball that gets smaller and smaller! Many of the poems were first published in magazines such as the School Journal and in books including "A treasury of NZ poems for children
J 821 NAG
Ko Mere ʻē te taʻunga māoro : ʻe tua ʻĀmoa nō Niu Tirēni nei, Tusiata Avia
Mele watches Grandma as she performs her traditional massage on her Mum's foot, and Mrs Rata's arm using the coconut oil. Grandma has sore feet walking Mele home from school. Mele pulls out the coconut oil and gives Grandma a nice soothing massage. Suggested level: junior, primary.
J 899.44 AVI
ʻO Mele ma le fofō : ʻo se tala mai Niu Sila, Tusiata Avia
Mele watches Grandma as she performs her traditional massage on her Mum's foot, and Mrs Rata's arm using the coconut oil. Grandma has sore feet walking Mele home from school. Mele pulls out the coconut oil and gives Grandma a nice soothing massage. Suggested level: junior, primary.
J 899.462 AVI
Ko Mele ma tona tupuna fofō : he tala Hāmoa mai Niu Hila, Tusiata Avia
Mele watches Grandma as she performs her traditional massage on her Mum's foot, and Mrs Rata's arm using the coconut oil. Grandma has sore feet walking Mele home from school. Mele pulls out the coconut oil and gives Grandma a nice soothing massage. Suggested level: junior, primary.
J 899.464 AVI
Ko Mele mo e faitoʻo tolotoloʹ : ko ha talanoa Haʻamoa mei Nuʻu Sila, Tusiata Avia
Mele watches Grandma as she performs her traditional massage on her Mum's foot, and Mrs Rata's arm using the coconut oil. Grandma has sore feet walking Mele home from school. Mele pulls out the coconut oil and gives Grandma a nice soothing massage. Suggested level: junior, primary.
J 899.482 AVI
Neil Armstrong, Alex Woolf
How did Neil Armstrong become the first person to set foot on the moon? Find out how this flight-obsessed astronaut went on to take one of the most momentous steps in history.
J 920 ARM
Reach for the Skai : how to inspire, empower, and clapback, Skai Jackson
Actress and activist Skai Jackson shares her lessons on life and her rise to stardom in this vibrant memoir about self-acceptance, girl empowerment, and the classy clapback.
J 920 JAC
Frida Kahlo, Lucy Brownridge
Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter and today is one of the world's favourite artists. As a child, she was badly affected by polio, and later suffered a terrible accident that left her disabled and in pain. Shortly after this accident, Kahlo took up painting, and through her surreal, symbolic self portraits described the pain she suffered, as well as the treatment of women, and her sadness at not being able to have a child.
J 920 KAH
Mophead : how your difference makes a difference, Selina Tusitala Marsh
"A moving graphic memoir of growing up Pasifika in New Zealand ... At school, Selina is ridiculed for her big, frizzy hair. Kids call her 'mophead'. She ties her hair up this way and that way and tries to fit in. Until one day - Sam Hunt plays a role - Selina gives up the game. She decides to let her hair out, to embrace her difference, to be WILD! Selina takes us through special moments in her extraordinary life.
J 920 MAR
Greta's story : the schoolgirl who went on strike to save the planet, Valentina Camerini
The story of Greta Thunberg, the schoolgirl who inspired a worldwide climate change movement.
J 920 THU
Mrs battleship, Tim Tipene
"Tim tells tales from his childhood, sometimes humorous, often horrifying, but the real story, and the lesson it brings, comes from the reasons for his actions and the kindnesses he found along the way.
J 920 TIP
The flag book, Moira Butterfield
In The Flag Book, Lonely Planet Kids introduces you to the flags of every country in the world, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, and tells you what their design, colours, and images represent, along with lots of other incredible facts.
J 929.9 BUT
Tama the Kiwi tiki tours New Zealand, Beks Bongiovanni
"Pack your backpack and get ready for an adventure! Join Tama the Kiwi as he tiki tours through his homeland, New Zealand, right from the top to the very bottom. From sunrise to sunset with Tama, past lighthouses, beaches, farms and natural wonders, you'll find out what makes this country so amazing!
J 993 BON

Older Fiction

Heart of the Moors, Holly Black
From New York Times bestselling author Holly Black comes a captivating original novel set between Disney's Maleficent and Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, in which newly-queened Aurora struggles to be the best leader to both the humans and Fair Folk under her reign; her beau, Prince Phillip, longs to get to know Aurora and her kingdom better; and Maleficent has trouble letting go of the past.
The perfect star, Rob Buyea
Told from different viewpoints, five eighth-graders who have challenges at home and at school also experience a sad loss as a group and welcome a new addition to their extended family.
Outlaws, Jen Calonita
Banished to the Hollow Woods, Devin and her friends, old and new, devise a plan to expose the truth about evil fairy godmother Olivina to all of Enchantasia.
Ten nasty little toads, Stephen Cole
In these delightfully humorous tales of a decidedly blackish hue, ten follysome toads can never change their beastly habits despite the efforts of goodly witch Madame Rana who reminds them 'It's never too late to change.
A tale of magic, Chris Colfer
Fourteen-year-old Brystal Evergreen risks everything by opposing her kingdom's repression of women, but Madame Weatherberry, seeing her potential, invites her to a school where she hopes to change the world's perception of magic.
Friend or fiction, Abby Cooper
About the time that her father was diagnosed with cancer, Jade invented Zoe, an imaginary friend in the pages of her notebook that she could depend on; then one of her classmates, Gresham Gorham (called Clue), somehow brings Zoe to life, and Jade suddenly has a best friend, one she can still control by what she writes in her notebook but soon Jade begins to wonder how much a friendship is worth if you are calling all of the shots, and w.
Weird little robots, Carolyn Crimi
Eleven-year-old Penny Rose has just moved to a new town, and so far the robots she builds herself are her only company. But with just a bit of magic, everything changes: she becomes best friends with Lark, has the chance to join a secret science club, and discovers that her robots are alive. Penny Rose hardly remembers how lonely she used to feel.
Lily at Lissadell, Judi Curtin
When Lily is a young teenager, the time comes for her and her friends to leave school and find work; some are emigrating to America, some going to work in shops. Lily is going into service in the Big House Lissadell.
The dragon's breakfast, Vivian French
Princess Persephone Stephanie Tiffany Jane ('Pom' for short) hates being a princess. Her parents have no time for her - especially her dad, the King of Struggen, who's busy plotting against the neighbouring kingdom of Thrum. So when a friendly young orphan named Billy appears at the palace, Pom decides to run off with him.
Invisible in a bright light, Sally Gardner
It is 1870: opening night at the Royal Opera House in a freezing city by the sea, where a huge, crystal chandelier in the shape of a galleon sparkles magically with the light of 750 candles. Celeste, a theatre rat, wakes up in a costume basket from what she hopes is a bad dream, to find that everyone at the theatre where she works thinks she is someone else.
Sal & Gabi break the universe, Carlos Hernandez
In order to heal after his mother's death, Sal learned how to meditate. But no one expected him to be able to take it further and 'relax' things into existence. Turns out he can reach into time and space to retrieve things from other universes.
Tui street heroes, Anne Kayes
"What happens when you find yourself on a dangerous journey, and you're expected to be the hero? Who can help when you're faced with vicious creatures that are meant to be extinct or people who don't care whether you live or die? The Tui Street kids are writing 'hero's journey' stories at school, but soon find themselves involved in adventures more difficult than they could ever have imagined".
Wrecking ball, Jeff Kinney
An unexpected inheritance gives the Heffley family a chance to make major improvements to their home. But they soon find that construction isn't all it's cracked up to be.
The 47 people you'll meet in middle school, Kristin Mahoney
Augusta writes letters to her younger sister, Louie, about life in middle school, from tackling a new school building to meeting new people like the assistant principal, the class pet, and the renegade.
The Land of Roar, Jenny McLachlan
When Arthur and Rose were little, they were heroes in the Land of Roar, an imaginary world that they found by climbing through the folding bed in their grandad's attic. Roar was filled with things they loved - dragons, mermaids, ninja wizards and adventure - as well as things that scared them (including a very creepy scarecrow... ) Now the twins are eleven, Roar is just a memory.
The accidental rock star, Tom McLaughlin
Surprise Lily, Sharelle Moranville
Happily living on the family farm with just her grandmother, Rose's world is irrevocably changed when her absent mother shows up out of the blue with a surprise baby sister for Rose.
Master of the phantom isle, Brandon Mull
As the evil Celebrant conquers more and more dragon sanctuaries, Kendra must raise an army of friends and allies on her own to fight him because her brother Seth and Bracken are missing.
The best at it, Maulik Pancholy
"Rahul Kapoor is heading into seventh grade in a small town in Indiana. The start of middle school is making him feel increasingly anxious, so his favorite person in the whole world, his grandfather Bhai, gives him some well-meaning advice: Find one thing you're really good at. And become the best at it. Those four little words sear themselves into Rahul's brain.
Two girls, a clock, and a crooked house, Michael Poore
After Amy is struck by lightning, she and her silent friend, Moo, are able to communicate telepathically, travel through time, and face a child-eating witch.
Look both ways : a tale told in ten blocks, Jason Reynolds
Jason Reynolds conjures ten tales (one per block) about what happens after the dismissal bell rings, and weaves them into one funny, poignant look at the detours we face on the walk home, and in life.
The last dragon, James Riley
With help from his friends, Fort tries to find and bring the last dragon to the Old Ones in exchange for releasing Fort's father, while they continue to seek the books of magic.
Naked mole rat saves the world, Karen Rivers
Told from two viewpoints, Kit has an odd, stress-induced reaction when she witnesses her best friend's public humiliation, and the secrets both girls keep may tear them apart.
Black Beauty, Anna Sewell
When Black Beauty was born one sweet spring day, he could not have imagined the life ahead of him. Following his mother's advice to do his work with a good will, he enjoys the adventures of country and city life, makes new friends, and suffers from the cruelty and greed of his human masters. Beauty faces each challenge with bravery and kindness and then a chance encounter with an old friend brings him the greatest joy of all.
Bad Bella, Ali Standish
After a family leaves her at the pound, Bella is taken in by a new couple, but begins to worry that she will be abandoned again.
Now with fleas!, Margaret Stohl
Cats and robots are preparing to converge on Earth and battle it out for the Infinity Engine, while the Wengrod family desperately tries to save the powerful weapon.
Haunted warriors, Lian Tanner
The Harshman brought his fist down on the arm of the Faithful Throne, and roared to the sleeping people, 'I Am Margrave Now.' Having escaped the salt mines, Duckling, Pummel, Sooli and Otte return to the Strong-hold to find out who is responsible for raising the murderous Harshman. But with Grafine von Eisen ruling as Regent, all that awaits them is the dungeon and the executioner's axe.
The world's worst teachers, David Walliams
Think your teachers are bad? Wait till you meet this lot. These ten tales of the world’s most splendidly sinister teachers will have you running for the school gates. Dr Dread teaches science and is half man, half monster. Watch out for the ghastly Miss Seethe. She is always furious and she’s on a detention rampage. And as for Phobe, he’s a teacher with a real difference.
The world's worst teachers, David Walliams
Think your teachers are bad? Wait till you meet this lot. These ten tales of the world’s most splendidly sinister teachers will have you running for the school gates. Dr Dread teaches science and is half man, half monster. Watch out for the ghastly Miss Seethe. She is always furious and she’s on a detention rampage. And as for Phobe, he’s a teacher with a real difference.
A storm of wishes, Jacqueline West
Eleven-year-old Van Markson embarks on a quest to rescue his best friend from a dangerous wish collector.
Gruffles and the Killer Sheep, Kate Wiseman
Milly and Charlie must use all their skills to find their way through the maze of traps and problems awaiting them at Crumley's, the save Blaggard's reputation and protect Gruffles from the Killer Sheep.
The dragon warrior, Katie Zhao
Twelve-year-old Jade Society member Faryn Liu may be destined to command the Jade Emperor's army of demon-fighting dragons, but first she must complete a daring quest across San Francisco's Chinatown before the Lunar New Year.

Picture Books

Jungle animals
From hairy orangutans to scaly snakes, there are all sorts of textures to explore in this safe, sturdy book that encourages preschool learning.
A fox found a box, Ged Adamson
When a little fox finds a radio, he shares the songs and music with his animal friends, but after it goes quiet, the little fox begins to hear the music found in nature.
Santa's worst Christmas. Māori, Isobel Ahowhite
"There are just a few days to go before Christmas, and everyone’s busy putting up decorations, preparing food and getting ready for the big day. Then comes the shock news - Santa’s cancelled Christmas. Santa had so many disasters last year that he can’t face it again, and he’s quit. The elves try everything, but they can’t get him to change his mind.
Poppy and Sam's lift-the-flap Christmas, Heather Amery
It's Christmas Eve at Apple Tree Farm! Peep under the flaps to find out what Poppy and Sam are doing to get ready for Christmas Day.
Mine. Yours., Marsha Arnold
Big Panda and the forest animals have an unspoken agreement: what's his is his and what's theirs is theirs. And that's just the way they like it. So when newcomer Little Panda wonders through the forest with his kite, he's met with a refrain of "Mine!" from the animals as he stumbles into their games and pastimes, followed by a string of exasperated "Yours!" directed at Little Panda's kite.
The dog and the mog, Kaye Arnott
"Tells the story about Davey the Dog and how he gets up to mischief because he is bored when his owner, and the best friend Bruce, is away at school! Then Marvis the Mog suddenly becomes part of the family and Davey has to come to terms with this rascally cat who has an quite an attitude. and (even worse) having to share "his stuff" and Bruce with her
Old Russian Jack, Tania Atkinson
Russian Jack is a swagman who carries a gigantic sack around the country. What is in his sack? Based on a true character who lived in Wairarapa, New Zealand.
What John Marco saw, Annie Barrows
Little John Marco is a keen observer of his world, but nobody not his big brothers and sisters, not his parents, or his neighbours listens to him; and only the fat orange cat in the front yard agrees with him that the tree in the yard is falling down.
Kindness makes us strong, Sophie Beer
Whether we share a toy or include someone in a game, all acts of kindness no matter how big or small make the world a better place. Kindness is doing what you can, where you are, with what you have, and in Kindness Makes Us Strong, Sophie Beer introduces us to a bunch of cute kids doing just that.
The great Santa stakeout, Betsy Bird
Freddy Melcher is obsessed with Santa Claus: he has posters, clothes, underwear, action figures, everything but a photograph of the real Santa--and though it will take planning, trip wires, and staying awake late, this year he is determined to get the ultimate selfie.
The Very Super Bear, Nick Bland
In the Jingle Jangle Jungle, while Bear was chasing bees, he came across the strangest thing beneath the shady trees. It was such a lovely colour and just the perfect shape. 'Today's my lucky day, ' said Bear. 'I've found myself . . .
Little bro, big sis, Rocio Bonilla
A sister and brother are bothered by one another until they realize that two siblings might be okay after all.
The dance class, Judy Brown
When Bruno and Bella go to dancing class they try ballet, ballroom dancing and tap. Bruno shines but Bella is not so happy. Then Bella discovers something she is really good at -- art.
The scooter, Judy Brown
Bruno can't wait to try out his new scooter and he practises all week. First he goes's l o w l y and then he goes fast.
This book just stole my cat!, Richard Byrne
After Ben's cat disappears in the gutter of the book, along with every rescuer, Ben decides it's up to him to save everyone.
The very hungry caterpillar's Australian friends : a lift-the-flap book, Eric Carle
Can you find some of the amazing animals who live in Australia? Peek behind the flaps on every page in this bright and beautiful book.
The moon is a silver pond, Sara Cassidy
A simple board book that introduces little ones to the concept of metaphor.
The balcony, Melissa Castrillón
When a little girl moves from her home to an apartment in the city, she takes her plants with her and one by one they grow and bloom and change both her world and the world all around her as she makes a new friend.
Elbow Grease vs. Motozilla, John Cena
Here comes Elbow Grease! He may be the smallest monster truck in the derby, but he's got four big brothers to back him up. To face off against the gnarly monster machine Motozilla, they'll have to learn how to work together as a team.
Twins, Mike Ciccotello
A boy who plays everything from leap frog to piano duets with his twin brother loves being a twin, even when they disagree.
The shortest day, Susan Cooper
As the sun set on the shortest day of the year, early people would gather to prepare for the long night ahead. They built fires and lit candles. They played music, bringing their own light to the darkness, while wondering if the sun would ever rise again.
Mouse's night before Christmas, Tracey Corderoy
'Twas the night before Christmas, whan all through the house not a creature was stirring except a lonely mouse who lives in the grandfather clock. So when Santa arrives, lost in a blizzard, Mouse is the only one who can save Christmas. Together they soar through the skies to deliver every present before Christmas Day dawns.
The clown of God : an old story, Tomie DePaola
Little Giovanni is poor and homeless, but he can do something wonderful: he can juggle. The people of Sorrento marvel at his talents, and before long, he becomes famous throughout Italy for his rainbow of coloured balls that delight the nobility and townspeople alike. But as the years pass, Giovanni grows old, and his talents begin to fail him. No longer a celebrated performer, he is once again poor and homeless, begging for his food.
Love and the rocking chair, Leo Dillon
Before the baby arrives a couple orders a rocking chair, and as the family grows and changes, the rocking chair is always there, a center of love and continuity.
My naughty little sister and Father Christmas, Dorothy Edwards
My naughty little sister always get excited about Christmas. She loves the trees and the lights but there's just one problem.
The Scarecrow, Beth Ferry
All the animals know not to mess with old Scarecrow. But when a small, scared crow falls from midair, Scarecrow does the strangest thing. He saves the tiny baby crow. Soon a loving bond grows between the two unlikely friends.
There's an elf in your book, Tom Fletcher
A mischievous elf has found its way into the pages of your book in this festive follow-up to There's a Monster in Your Book, There's a Dragon in Your Book, and There's an Alien in Your Book. In the run up to Christmas, children and adults alike will love interacting with the loveable, mischievous little elf as it takes them through the all-important Nice List Test, to discover if they've earned their Christmas presents.
Birdsong, Julie Flett
When a young girl moves from the country to a small town, she feels lonely and out of place. But soon she meets an elderly woman next door, who shares her love of nature and art.
The tiny star, Mem Fox
Once upon a time, although this happens all the time, a tiny star fell to earth.
These colours are bananas, Jason Fulford
What colour is a banana? It can be at least 25 different shades, according to this artful swatchbook of versatile subjects. An inversion of the way we typically look at colour, this book challenges readers' predispositions towards using a particular crayon for a particular object.
One dark bird, Elizabeth Garton
A single starling is joined by hundreds more, and together they dance across the sky, finally settling into the trees.
Fern and Horn, Marie-Louise Gay
Fern and Horn are twins who look like two peas in a pod or two stars in the sky. But Fern and Horn have different ways of seeing the world. Fern loves to draw flowers and butterflies, birds and bees, caterpillars and orange trees. Horn wants to draw too, but he thinks his flowers look like purple pancakes and his caterpillars like striped socks. "Draw whatever you want!" Fern tells him. And Horn does just that.
The little yellow digger ABC, Peter Gilderdale
"The little yellow digger came to help us at our school. It burst a pipe, and water quickly made a muddy pool! But there are also animals that come to school and play, and animal's a lovely word beginning with an ...Aa. Join New Zealand's most famous digger on an amazing alphabet adventure
Five little ducks, Susan Glavich
This much loved nursery favourite has been entertaining children for generations.
The best kind of bear, Greg Gormley
When Nelly asks Bear what kind of bear he is, he isn't entirely sure how to answer. So off he goes to find out. But none of the different bears he meets on his travels are like him. Grizzly bears don't have funny stitches; polar bears don't have washing labels attached to their bottoms; spectacled bears are simply not as soft and bouncy as him; and sunbears never wear smart bow-ties.
U is for unicorn : a touch-and-feel alphabet book!, Shannon Hays
Explore the touches throughout this exciting ABC book.
The song of the dinosaurs, Patricia Hegarty
This beautiful die-cut book takes a journey back through time to discover a world where the land, skies and seas were ruled by the dinosaurs.
Oh, Christmas tree!, Sue Hendra
On Sidney Street at Christmas time there's magic in the air but at number 34, there's trouble brewing. In this house, standing in a pot covered in sparkly decorations is not something the Christmas tree is willing to do. This tree has other plans and they don't include wearing baubles.
Marcel's parcels : a lift-the-flap book, Kate Hindley
It's a bright sunny morning on Treacle Street, and Marcel the postman's trolley is FULL of parcels.
Mr Chicken all over Australia, Leigh Hobbs
Australia is big, but so is Mr Chicken. He can't wait to go everywhere, see everything and meet everyone. Luckily, a helpful marsupial from Tourist Information helps Mr Chicken organise his hectic itinerary.
Fiddle dee dee!, Dianne Hofmeyr
Fiddle dee dee! Monkey up a tree. Lucky monkey! Lucky me! Luckiest monkey in the whole country. Monkey is delighted to find a musical bow and plays it happily until he attracts the attention of Cheetah and Lion.
Peppa's Christmas Jumper Day, Lauren Holowaty
When Peppa tells Daddy Pig that it's Christmas Jumper Day at playgroup tomorrow, they all rush to the loft to find the Christmas box... but their jumpers from last year don't fit anymore.
I wonder, K. Holt
In this unusual text, young listeners and readers follow a group of diverse kids trying to make sense of the world as they see it.
All around me : a first book of childhood, Shirley Hughes
In this classic collection by Kate Greenaway-winning author, Shirley Hughes, Katy and her little brother Olly are having a wonderful time learning about the world around them. From counting in the park with Grandpa, waiting to cross the road with Mum, or even the very noisy sound of Dad vacuuming, there are so many first things to discover on their childhood adventures.
Stuck in poo, what to do?, Samantha Laugesen
When Luke the Pook, a cheeky young pukeko, borrows a child's gumboots without permission, he is unexpectedly stuck in a cowpat.
The painted ponies, Alison Lester
Matilda loves staying at Grandma Lucky's, riding Luna in the front paddock and playing with the painted ponies in their carved wooden wagon. The gold palomino, the chestnut, the bay, the pinto, the brown and the dappley grey. One day, Lucky tells Matilda about when she was a little girl and the real ponies were her friends.
Astrid Lindgren's Tomten tales, Astrid Lindgren
On small silent feet the old Tomten tiptoes through the snow, keeping watch over the farm on this chilly winter night.
The misadventures of Frederick, Ben Manley
In a mansion surrounded by lakes and forests, Frederick is bored. He leads a very sheltered life: and when Emily invites him to play outside he has no choice but to refuse - what if he hurts himself? Much better to stay safely indoors. But Emily is not one to take no for an answer.
Get up, stand up, Cedella Marley
Children are encouraged to resist bullying and stand up for their rights.
In the dead of the night, Arthur McBain
It's a cold, rainy night and a storm is outside. Rain beats on the window by Lily's bedside. She's scared of the dark so she shuts her eyes tight. She hates nothing more than the dead of the night. Tap. Tap. Tap. Comes a noise from the hallway.
I've broken my bum!, Dawn McMillan
What should you do when you fall off your bike and your bum breaks into pieces? Collect them up, take them home and glue them together, of course! But then what happens when the pieces get stuck to the tray on which you're making the repairs?.
Small world, Ishta Mercurio
First, Nanda's entire world is the circle of her mother's arms but as she grows, she sees the wonder of whirligigs, fractals in the snow, and even the circle of the Earth, itself.
The favorite book, Bethanie Murguia
"Have you ever thought about how your favorite things became your favorites in the first place? Sometimes picking a favorite can be easy: you know from the moment you see it. And sometimes, selecting one can take a little longer as you consider all the options. The choice is yours: you can have many favorites or none at all. You might even find that your favorite changes.
What I like most, Mary Murphy
A little girl tells us about all her favourite things, from her light-up shoes, to hot, steamy chips, to her red pencil. But the girl knows that, even as her feet grow, her plate empties, and her pencil shortens, there's someone she'll always love and that is what she likes the very, very most. An intimate ode to the unwavering love a child has for their mother.
Sulwe, Lupita Nyong'o
When five-year-old Sulwe's classmates make fun of her dark skin, she tries lightening herself to no avail, but her encounter with a shooting star helps her understand there is beauty in every shade.
Catastrophe by the sea, Brenda Peterson
Catastrophe the lost cat prowls the beach alone when he meets a live colony of creatures who survive at the sea's edge. Slowly the cat learns from his new friends about life in the tide pool from the sea anemones, the barnacles, the crabs, and all the small but determined creatures.
King Otter, Jane Porter
When an adorable otter finds a box filled with fancy clothes and a crown, he declares himself King Otter, ruler of his riverside realm.
Pippa, Dimity Powell
Pippa is a little pigeon with big blue-sky ambitions: to fly solo and explore the world beyond her nest. Her parents are less than thrilled with their risk-taking feathered fledgling and smother her with well-meant yet suffocating warnings until one day she ignores them all, and takes the leap into the unknown alone.
The little island, Smriti Prasadam-Halls
There was once a farm where all the animals were friends. Together they looked after the farm and each other. It wasn't perfect and they didn't always agree (animals almost never do). But they liked it. One day the geese begin to gossip. Before long they hatch a plan to leave the farm.
Zebby the Snake, George Preston
A tale of a vain snake and a cheeky monkey, this will tie you in knots.
Happy Christmas!, Lemon Ribbon
Baby Touch- First Christmas is a bold, bright board book perfect for little hands to explore during their very first festive season! With a touch-and-feel on every double page, it helps to stimulate your baby's senses as well as teaching first words.
The little dragon who lost her fire, Jedda Robaard
Little Dragon is having a very odd morning.
The little unicorn who lost his magic, Jedda Robaard
Little Unicorn is having a very odd morning.
On the moon, Hilary Robinson
Gregory Goose is heading into space.
Grace's mystery seed, Juliet Sampson
Grace and her neighbour plant a mystery seed. They wait and wait for ages. Then a little green shoot starts to grow and grow and grow until, at last, Grace discovers the truth about her amazing mystery seed.
Ball & Balloon, Rob Sanders
Ball wishes he could fly like Balloon, but when a boy arrives and sends Ball rolling, bouncing, and even soaring into the air, Balloon feels deflated.
My pet (not yours), Ben Sanders
Lento the sloth is so excited for you to meet his new pet, Mr Fluffington. But Fox has bigger plans for this adorable creature.
Oak leaf, John Sandford
Follow an oak leaf's travels on an autumn breeze.
Nugget & Fang go to school, Tammi Sauer
With a lot of support and encouragement from his minnow friend, Nugget, Fang the shark makes it through his first day at Mini Minnows Elementary.
Mr. Nogginbody gets a hammer, David Shannon
After buying a hammer to fix a loose floorboard, Mr. Nogginbody learns a lot about home repairs and what is, and is not, a nail.
Butterflies on the first day of school, Annie Silvestro
Rosie can't wait to start kindergarten she's had her pencils sharpened and her backpack ready for weeks. But suddenly, on the night before the big day, her tummy hurts. Rosie's mom reassures her that it's just butterflies in her belly, and she'll feel better soon.
My wild cat, Isabelle Simler
Illustrations and an easy-to-read story, interspersed with facts, pay tribute to a cat which finds that life as a pet offers opportunities to display his wild, predatory nature.
The adventures of Moose & Mr Brown, Paul Smith
Mr Brown is an international fashion designer, who meets Moose on a plane travelling to London. Moose is distraught as he has lost his twin brother Monty -who got on the wrong plane! Mr Brown agrees to help Moose track Monty down, and in return, Moose helps bring even more inspiration to Mr Brown's business.
The new old truck, Jennifer Somervell
"Old Truck graunches gears, backfires, won't start and often has to be towed. Retired, rejected and shut up in a shed, he feels old and useless. But to the children he is a much loved family member. Is this the end for their beloved Old Truck? Then brother John comes home...
You're strong with me, Chitra Soundar
The rain clouds are long gone and the dry season scorches the land. Everything is new for the baby giraffe. As she bounds ahead and lags behind, her mother patiently explains the ways of the grasslands. And until she grows a little taller, older, and wiser, her mother reminds her: "You're strong with me.
The ball book : footballs, meatballs, eyeballs & more balls!, Joshua Stein
Bounce along with this rhyming read-aloud about all kinds of balls! From footballs to eyeballs, beach balls to meatballs, if you can roll it, this book has it! With his signature whimsy and wordplay, author Joshua David Stein compares and contrasts different kinds of balls in this part-reference, part-comedy act.
Love you always, Frances Stickley
As Hoglet and his mummy walk home through the autumn leaves, Hoglet is puzzled and full of questions. Everything is changing around him would his mummy love him more if he changed too? Will her love ever change? But wise Mummy knows just how to reassure her little Hoglet that, whatever changes might come, her love will always stay the same.
Snow still, Holly Surplice
A little fawn plays in the snow and experiences all the joy winter has to offer.
Are you there little owl?, Sam Taplin
Little owl is hiding! Children will love peeping through the holes in this charming book to try and find the elusive owl. As they make their way through the forest they keep thinking they have found the owl, only for it to turn out to be something else when they turn the page.
The smallest elephant in the world, Alvin Tresselt
"The smallest elephant in the world leaves the jungle to find a home where he feels he belongs"-- Provided by publisher.
Octopus stew, Eric Velasquez
Ramsey dons his superhero cape to rescue Grandma from the huge octopus she is trying to cook or is he simply telling a story? Includes author's note on the story's origin and a recipe for Octopus stew.
The Yum Yum Tree, Jonnie Wild
Baby monkey has climbed up the Yum Yum Tree and can't get down. Will the flamingos save the day? The Yum-Yum Tree reveals a truly sticky situation. Baby monkey has climbed up the high, spiky, sticky trunk and can't get down. Every animal has an idea for coaxing her back to her anxious mother, but the little monkey refuses to move. However, the flamingos have a cunning plan as always.
Animals for Kiwi babies, Matthew Williamson
An introduction to animals that our littlest learners will love. Let's discover some of Aotearoa's animals and their names in English and Māori
Croc & Turtle : snow fun!, Mike Wohnoutka
Best friends Croc and Turtle want to play together, but Croc only wants to do exciting things outside in the cold and Turtle wants to stay safe and warm inside.
Croc & Turtle! : the bestest friends ever!, Mike Wohnoutka
Although other animals are better at lifting, jumping, and running, Croc and Turtle discover something they are best at.
A map into the world, Kao Yang
Paj Ntaub, a young Hmong American girl, spends a busy year with her family in their new home, and seeks a way to share the beauty of the world with a grieving neighbour.
The tree that's meant to be, Yuval Zommer
A small, crooked evergreen tree is sad and lonely when the other trees are cut down to be taken indoors at Christmas, but new friends help him feel special, too.

Younger Fiction

Robo-Dodo rumble, Tom Angleberger
Koko Dodo's cookie shop is facing some stiff competition from an evil robotic dodo, and a giant sea monster starts destroying the town, but Didi Dodo has some daring plans.
Stories for every season, Enid Blyton
A beautiful treasury of stories for every season from one of the world's best-loved storytellers. With gorgeous full-colour illustrations throughout, this collection will delight at any time of the year and makes the perfect gift. Step into a world of magic and nature, where elfin tailors make clothes from autumn leaves and a spring lamb remembers a kind little girl.
Buster, Joy Cowley
Join Buster the dog and his family as he makes terrible smells, annoys the man at the bike shop, and saves the day!
Grandpa and Boy, Joy Cowley
Join Grandpa and boy as they try to catch snapper, go pig hunting and stop swearing - all with a little help from Nan.
Motor sports, Joy Cowley
Join Ari and his motor sports family as they race karts, speed around a formula One track, and tear through a rally.
Selena and Mia, Joy Cowley
Join Selena and Mia in Auckland as they snap a pic, get the better of some bullies and sweeten Grandma.
The twins, Joy Cowley
"Join Kate and Kyle as they put up with their embarrassing parents, manage everyone's fears, and miss the bus!
Only freaks turn things into bones, S. Green
It's Little Grim's first day at his new school. He's excited about making new friends, but the other kids don't like his talent for turning anything he touches into bones. They call him "freak" and "weirdo" and refuse to play with him. Little Grim runs away to hide but ends up learning something very important about being different.
The Iron Man : a story in five nights, Ted Hughes
"The Iron Man came to the top of the cliff. Where had he come from? Nobody knows. How was he made? Nobody knows. But one little boy realises that the Iron Man is not here to destroy the Earth. He could even save the planet from a new, more deadly danger! Ted Hugges' beloved, classic tale is perfectly complemented in this exciting new edition, by Chris Mould's stunning illustrations
Bella and the beautiful butterfly : a children of Zelandia story, Stacey Jayne
"Bella loves adventures almost as much as she loves butterflies, but when she stumbles across a portal to an alternate land, she gets more than she bargained for. On a quest to save the last of the magenta empress, a breed of giant butterfly on the verge of extinction, Anna needs all the help she can get.
Book quiz whiz, Megan McDonald
As Judy and the rest of the Virginia Dare Bookworms prepare for the Book Quiz Blowout competition against second- and third-grade readers, her team discovers the other group has a fourth-grader and worry about their chance of winning sets in.
Zippel : the little keyhole ghost, Alex Rühle
Paul returns home from school one day to discover a tiny ghost is living in the keyhole of his front door.