New Titles Children’s October 2019 (arrived in September)

Audio Visual

Dumbo, Tim Burton
Circus owner Max Medici enlists former star Holt Farrier and his children to care for a newborn elephant whose oversized ears make him a laughingstock in an already struggling circus. But when they discover that Dumbo can fly, the circus makes an incredible comeback, attracting entrepreneur V.A. Vandevere, who recruits the Dumbo for his newest entertainment venture, Dreamland.
Missing link, Chris Butler
Sir Lionel Frost is a brave and dashing adventurer who considers himself to be the world's foremost investigator of myths and monsters. The trouble is no one else seems to agree. Mr Link, as species go, he's as endangered as they get; he's possibly the last of his kind, he's lonely and he believes that Sir Lionel is the one man alive who can help him.
Wonder Park, Jennifer Garner
One magical day, June is running through the woods to find her way home where she discovers an old rollercoaster car and climbs inside. She suddenly finds herself in Wonderland, an amusement park she had created in her mind and put aside. All of her rides and characters are brought to life but are falling into disarray without her.
The Smurfs, Raja Gosnell
When the evil wizard Gargamel chases the tiny blue Smurfs out of their village, they tumble from their magical world and into ours.
Over the hedge, Tim Johnson
A scheming raccoon named RJ tricks a family of forest creatures into helping him repay a debt of food by invading the new suburban sprawl that sprang up while the family was hibernating. Although the family's cautious leader, Verne the turtle, urges wary of potential danger, the rest of the family eagerly dives into the world of junk food.
Pokémon Detective Pikachu, Rob Letterman
The story begins when ace private eye Harry Goodman goes mysteriously missing, prompting his 21-year-old son Tim to find out what happened. Aiding in the investigation is Harry's former Pokémon partner, Detective Pikachu: a hilariously wisecracking, adorable super-sleuth who is a puzzlement even to himself.
Thunderbirds are go. Series 2, volume 2
The end of Season 1 saw the Hood brought to justice. Now, International Rescue face their biggest challenge yet - THE MECHANIC, who builds monstrous machines to bring chaos across the world. Who is the mysterious new villain, and what is his connection to the Hood? The answers to these questions and more will soon be revealed.


Lost, Eve Ainsworth
The butterfly circus, Francesca Armour-Chelu
The secret life of Lola, Davina Bell
Storm, Laura Bloom
Max Kowalski didn't mean it, Susie` Day
Fire girl, forest boy, Chloe Daykin
Weirdomania!, Anh Do
The days of in between, Peter Fenton
The lords of melody, Phillip Gwynne
How to make a movie in 12 days, Fiona Hardy
Armageddon, Jack Heath
Justin Morgan had a horse, Marguerite Henry
A different land, Paul Jennings
The serpent gift, Lene Kaaberbol
The Shamer's daughter, Lene Kaaberbol
The Shamer's signet, Lene Kaaberbol
The Shamer's war, Lene Kaaberbol
The mystery of the Whistling Caves, Helen Moss
The mystery of the hidden gold, Helen Moss
A world without heroes, Brandon Mull
Lori & Max, Catherine O'Flynn
Catherine of Aragon: a Tudor girl's diary, 1501-1513, Alison Prince
Carnevil, J H Reynolds
Secrets of the Tau, Cavan Scott
The curse of the mummy's gold, Adam Stower
I survived the Great Molasses Flood, 1919, Lauren Tarshis
Some places more than others, Renée Watson
The girl with space in her heart, Lara Williamson

Graphic Novel

Best friends, Shannon Hale
When she becomes part of the in-crowd, Shannon begins to question whether she wants to remain there, in a story about popularity, first boyfriends, and finding a path in life.
The dam keeper. Book two, [World without darkness], Robert Kondo
Beyond the dam lies certain death this is something every citizen of Sunrise Valley knows well. Yet, when a poisonous black tidal wave carries Pig, Fox, and Hippo over the dam and into the wastelands, they don't find death. Instead they find bustling cities, each with their own dams. Pig can't help but wonder, who is the mysterious dam keeper behind it all? But he doesn't have time to unravel this mystery.
The dam keeper. Book three, [Return from the shadows], Robert Kondo
Sunrise Valley is without a dam keeper, and time is running out. In less than twenty-four hours, the poisonous tidal wave of black fog will descend on Pig's home. While Fox, Hippo, and Van hurry east to warn the townspeople, Pig ventures on his own path. Pig is following a trail of clues that are inexplicably linked to his father, and now that trail is leading upward.
Queen of the sea, Dylan Meconis
When her sister seizes the throne, Queen Eleanor of Albion is banished to a tiny island off the coast of her kingdom, where the nuns of the convent spend their days peacefully praying, sewing, and gardening. But the island is also home to Margaret, a mysterious young orphan girl whose life is upturned when the cold, regal stranger arrives.
Minecraft, Sfé R Monster
Tyler is your everyday kid whose life is changed when his family has to move from the town he's always known. Thankfully, Tyler has a strong group of friends forever linked in the world of Minecraft! Tyler, along with Evan, Candace, Tobi, and Grace have been going on countless adventures together across the Overworld and are in need of a challenge.
Dinosaur explorers. #5, Lost in the Jurassic,  Redcode
Joined by a new companion, the Dinosaur Explorers return to the Jurassic period, when the first non-dinosaurs begin to emerge and start looking for dinner!.
Caveboy Dave. [2], Not so Faboo, Aaron Reynolds
Twelve-year-old Dave Unga-Bunga is elected leader of the village after Shaman Faboo goes missing, and if Dave can't find Shaman Faboo and bring him back, he'll be doomed to take over as leader forever!.

Into Reading

Attack of the 50-foot Fly Guy, Tedd Arnold
When Fly Guy snacks from a radioactive trash can, he grows until he is fifty feet tall and Buzz has to find out a way to counteract the effect before the army attacks his pet.
The best seat in kindergarten, Katharine Kenah
On Sam's first day of kindergarten, Ms. Tate, the teacher, takes the class on a nature walk, and at the end, everyone shows off what they have found.
Look out! a storm!, David Milgrim
Otto the robot and his friends contend with a storm.
Fancy Nancy and the delectable cupcakes, Jane O'Connor
Nancy's failure to pay attention gets her into trouble when she bakes cupcakes for the school bake sale.
Uni's first sleepover, Candice F Ransom
When Uni the unicorn goes to her first sleepover, the other girls are better at every game, but later Uni has the opportunity to share her special talent.
The ugly little swan, James Riordan
The little swan is not quite like his brothers and sisters. He's small and brown and just doesn't fit in. So he sets off alone into the big, wide world.


Oxford illustrated computing dictionary, Alison Page
An easy-to-use illustrated dictionary that includes over 1000 words and meanings to help young learners understand key computing terms and concepts, essential for working with text and data, image editing, logic, programming, and communication technology.
J 004 OXF
Code your own website,  theCoderSchool
Imagine the world of website coding as a place packed with colorful characters. Let them describe how the internet works. Find out the big names in coding, and follow simple steps to create your own website app. Code your own website: Tours the internet and introduces major components, from URL and domain to browser and router. Looks closely at online safety, and helps spot the good guys and the bad ones.
J 006.7 THE
Are coconuts more dangerous than sharks?: mind-blowing myths, muddles & misconceptions, Guy Campbell
A captivating collection of misunderstandings, mistakes and misconceptions, Are Coconuts More Dangerous Than Sharks? reveals the reality behind myths that have been mixed up with truth over the years. If you really thought that Mount Everest is the world's tallest mountain, or that camels store water in their humps, this book will bring you back down to Earth with a bump.
J 032.02 CAM
My very important world
Our world is an amazing place. It's full of rivers, mountains, animals, and too many other amazing places to count. But that's not all. There's also families, friends, music, technology, language, games, and all other things that make life wonderful. This exciting children's book is a celebration of our world and what it's like to live in it.
J 032.02 MY
See inside a museum, Matthew Oldham
Explore every corner of a museum, from grand exhibition galleries to cavernous storerooms and dusty back offices. With lots of illustrations and flaps to lift, this book is packed with fascinating information about the way museums work, how they take care of their most precious exhibits and what goes on behind closed doors.
J 069 OLD
Something bad happened: a kid's guide to coping with events in the news, Dawn Huebner
When children learn about something bad that has happened; even when they hear only bits and pieces of it, their brains get busy trying to make sense of it.
J 155.24 HUE
Winning the vote for women, Caryn Jenner
Winning the Vote for Women reveals the stories behind the strong-willed people from around the world who fought for the right to vote. Through stunning photography and beautiful illustrations, bring events from the 19th Century to present day to life. Meet the women, and the men, from every continent who fought both for and against the suffrage movement, and those that are continuing the fight today.
J 324 JEN
Guardians of the planet, Clive Gifford
This environmentally positive book contains everything children need to become guardians of the planet. Kids can learn how to become keepers of the coasts, friends of the forests, home heroes and much more through a mix of compelling facts, creative activities and proactive tips. Key environmental topics are clearly explained, and the easy-to-follow projects and suggestions help to put the issues in an everyday context.
J 363.7 GIF
Why do we wear clothes?, Helen Hancocks
Do you know why a chef's hat has 100 pleats? Or how many ways there are to tie a tie? Packed full of whacky facts and stunning clothes from designers and cultures around the world, this book is a must-have for anyone who has ever wondered why we wear the clothes we do.
J 391 HAN
What is on top?, Glenn Jowitt
Photographs and simple text introduce hats from a range of cultures including Greece, Turkey, Tonga, Fiji and Australia. Suggested level: junior, primary.
J 391.43 JOW
Celebrations around the world, Katy Halford
Embark on an exciting journey through the most interesting and important festivals, celebrations, and holidays enjoyed by people around the world. Stunning original illustrations and fascinating facts will inspire and inform children about cultures and religions from a huge range of countries and continents. Witness a camel marathon in a celebration of the Sahara Desert, and munch on Mid-Autumn mooncakes in China.
J 394.26 HAL
The fire woman, Ron Bacon
Retells the traditional Māori tale of how Maui tricked the fire woman. Suggested level: junior.
J 398.2 BAC
Uenuku and the rainbow: a Māori folktale, Hearn Chek Chia
The legend of Uenuku who was changed into a rainbow by the Gods so that he could be with his wife Hine-Rangi, the Daughter of the Sky, forever.
J 398.2 CHI
Pattan's pumpkin: a traditional flood story from southern India, Chitra Soundar
Pattan has an amazing pumpkin. It grows bigger than the goats, bigger than the elephants, so big that it is as tall as the mountains. Then one day, the storm clouds burst and the waters rise. Pattan, his family, and all the animals are in danger from the momentous flood. Can Pattan and his giant pumpkin save the day? Based on a traditional tale told by the Irula people of southern India.
J 398.2 CHI
Goldilocks and the three bears, Sue DeGennaro
A little girl named Goldilocks goes for a walk in the forest.
J 398.2 DEG
Te haka a Tānerore, Reina Kahukiwa
Long ago a boy called Tānerore loved to dance everyday. See what happened when Tānerore performed his special dance for his mother.
J 398.2 KAH
Mythologica, Stephen Kershaw
An illustrated encyclopedia of characters from Greek mythology, arranged alphabetically and broken down into three key categories. Uncover the lives of 50 powerful gods and goddess, earth-dwelling mortals and terrifying monsters as we journey back in time to ancient Greece.
J 398.2 KER
A world full of spooky stories, Angela McAllister
Feel your pulse race and your skin tingle as you read about the fearsome witch Baba Yaga, the serpent woman from Spain, the rescue of Tam Lin from the bewitching Queen of the Fairies, how Father Death gets caught in the Enchanted Apple Tree, and the waterdwelling Bunyip from Australia. Make sure you have your candle ready as it's sure to be a long night.
J 398.2 MCA
The lost fairy tales: fearless girls that time forgot, Isabel Otter
If damsels in distress and prissy princesses give you cause for despair then look no further. This enchanting anthology of 20 overlooked and forgotten fairy tales has been collected from different cultures around the world. Every story features a strong female heroine, who approaches life with humour, wit, cunning and bravery. None of these heroines needs rescuing.
J 398.2 OTT
Rapunzel, Barbara Rogasky
This retelling of a favourite fairy tale, illustrated by award-winning artist Trina Schart Hyman in an edition Publishers Weekly called "spellbinding," has been lovingly restored. Digital technology brings back the clarity and brightness of Hyman's original watercolour paintings to illuminate the terrifying woods, handsome prince, and Rapunzel's lustrous hair, as Hyman originally painted them.
J 398.2 ROG
My Oxford reading tree dictionary, Alex Brychta
This easy-to-use fun dictionary includes lots of unfamiliar words and phrases from the Oxford Reading Tree (ORT) stories with lively illustrations by Alex Brychta to help understanding. Using a traditional first dictionary look and feel, it helps children to build reference skills such as looking up words in alphabetical order.
J 423 BRY
Picture dictionary: te reo Māori words & sentences, Sharon Holt
Picture dictionary for children introducing words and phrases in te reo Māori. Includes pronunciation tips.
J 499.442 HOL
My first words in Māori, Stacey Morrison
Equips your whanau with the first words you need to speak te reo at home together. With lively pictures labelled in Māori and English, each page introduces the concepts and words children use as they first begin to talk, get to know people and explore the world around them ...
J 499.442 MOR
Seasons & weather in Samoan, Gerard Aflague
This Pacific island-themed book is a useful parental tool to teach children the seasons and weather in Samoan. Each page is designed with beautiful and simple colourful imagery. This first edition makes a grat addition to the library of anyone wanting to teach their children more about the Samoan people.
J 499.462 AFL
Explanatorium of science, Jenny Sich
The only science encyclopedia for children you'll ever need, with amazing photography that shows and explains how chemistry, physics, and biology work. Watch as mixtures merge and matter changes state. Discover how some chemical changes can be reversed, yet others can't, and why some reactions go with a bang! See bacteria at work in the world around us, and even inside the human digestive system.
J 500 EXP
Seasons, pseud Blexbolex
Explores the cycle of seasons, the passage of time, the way people live, play, forget, and remember. Suggested level: junior, primary.
J 508 BLE
The wonders of nature, Ben Hoare
This compendium of amazing rocks and minerals, microscopic life, plants, and animals will wow children and many adults, too. With 100 remarkable items from the natural world, from orchids to opals and lichens to lizards, everyone will find something to be captivated by. Each plant, animal, and rock is shown both photographically and illustrated, and children will love poring over the detailed close-up images.
J 508 HOA
Look I'm a maths wizard, Hélène Hilton
Look I'm a Maths Wizard is full of activities that show young readers just how much fun maths can be. Children will discover that maths is in the world all around us and that they already have the tools they need to be magical maths wizards: an inquisitive mind, unlimited imagination, and super senses. Bright photography and charming illustrations complement the easy-to-follow activity instructions.
J 510 LOO
A million dots, Sven Völker
We start with a single tree; 1. As we turn the page, we are presented with a sum doubling the number on the page before it: 1+1 = 2; 2+2 = 4; 4+4 = 8. In this way, we reach a million (actually 1,048,576) within 44 pages. Each sum is brought to life with a simple graphic illustration in the distinctive style of Sven Voelker. The dots form the back of a ladybird, the bubbles in a cup of soda and the water in a swimming pool.
J 513.2 VOL
Energy: physical science for kids, Andi Diehn
When you feel like running, leaping, and singing, people might say you have a lot of energy. And you're not the only one! Energy is the stuff that makes everything live and move.
J 531.6 DIE
100 things to know about Planet Earth, Jerome Martin
Did you know that rain sometimes falls red? Or that the equivalent of one truckload of plastic is dumped in our oceans every minute? This visually stunning book is filled with 100 fascinating facts, bright, infographic illustrations, information on ways we can help our planet and links to specially selected websites to find out more.
J 550 MAR
World of oceans, Rob Hunter
Travel the world with the Sounds of Nature series - press the note in each of the 10 ocean habitats to hear vivid recordings of over 60 different marine animal sounds. The Sounds of Nature series brings the natural world to life with the sounds of real animals recorded in the wild. Captivating edge-to-edge illustrations show animals in action in their habitats around the globe.
J 551.46 HUN
Tony T-Rex's family album: a history of dinosaurs!, Rob Hodgson
This enchanting, humorous history of dinosaurs is told by the last surviving dinosaur on Earth, Tony T-Rex. Tony T-Rex’s Family Album is a tongue-in-cheek history of dinosaurs as told by Earth’s last surviving dinosaur. Tony pens a no-holds-barred family history, and the stories that surface reveal the defining characteristics of some of the most memorable creatures from the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.
J 567.91 HOD
Darwin's voyage of discovery, Jake Williams
Step on-board The Beagle and follow the remarkable journey that inspired almost all the modern-day knowledge of the natural world. From England to Cape Verde, Brazil to the Galapagos, Tahiti to Australia; discover the wildlife of Charles Darwin; giant sloths, platypus, tarantulas, fireflies and more.
J 576.8 WIL
Pond life, Gordon Ell
Introduces animal and plant life in and around New Zealand ponds. Suggested level: junior, primary.
J 577.63 ELL
Trees, leaves, flowers & seeds: a visual encyclopedia of the plant kingdom, Sarah Jose
A unique and beautiful children's guide to the extraordinary world of plants, from the smallest seeds to the tallest trees. We need plants for food, shelter, even the air we breathe, yet we know surprisingly little about them.
J 580 JOS
Atlas of amazing birds, Matt Sewell
Matt Sewell takes you on a world tour, exploring the most amazing birds in every continent. Find out about enormous condors, gorgeous bird of paradise and monkey-eating eagles. There are peacocks, vultures, puffins, owls, robins, eagles, cockatoos, penguins, flamingos, cranes and many more.
J 598 SEW
Kea: curiouser and curiouser, Annemarie Florian
Kea are innately curious. They just love to try out new things and have evolved extraordinary mental and physical abilities. Discover how this built-in curiosity is a bonus for endurance and finding new ways to survive. Learn about the invisible and alarming threats kea now face.
J 598.71 FLO
Hummingbird, Nicola Davies
Every spring, birds small enough to fit in the palm of your hand fly two thousand miles north to lay their eggs. This is the story of one tiny hummingbird's amazing journey.
J 598.76 DAV
Stephen Biesty's incredible cross-sections, Stephen Biesty
This children's book explores the innermost workings of some extraordinary buildings and machines. From helicopters to submarines, skyscrapers to coal mines, open up a fascinating world packed with unique and detailed cutaway drawings. Whether it's a Spanish galleon or a medieval castle, each cross-section slice or exploded view reveals what's going on inside.
J 600 BIE
Tiger the police dog, Lisa Gerry
Introduces the courageous canine Tiger and follows him as he spends a day with the police in our nation's capital, Washington, D.C..
J 636.7 GER
Deceptively delicious: simple secrets to get your kids eating good food, Jessica Seinfeld
It has become common knowledge that childhood obesity rates are increasing every year. But the rates continue to rise.
641.5622 SEI
Lunch at 10 Pomegranate Street: a collection of recipes to share, Felicita Sala
In each apartment, someone is preparing a special dish to share with their neighbours. Mr Singh is making coconut dahl with his daughter while Maria mashes some avocados for her guacamole. Will everything be ready on time? Written and magnificently illustrated by Felicita Sala, this glorious celebration of community is filled with recipes from all over the world and simple instructions perfect for young chefs.
J 641.59 SAL
How to raise a reader, Pamela Paul
Do you remember your first visit to where the wild things are? How about curling up for hours on end to discover the secret of the Philosopher’s Stone? Combining clear, practical advice with inspiration, wisdom, tips, and curated reading lists, How to Raise a Reader, from the authors of the original and viral New York Times Books feature, shows you how to instil the joy and time-stopping pleasure of reading.
649.58 PAU
Discovering architecture, Eduard Altarriba
Who built the first houses? What's the difference between an arch and an architrave? How does a dome stay up? Who invented concrete? Can you build a house from paper? If you want to know more about the buildings around you, this entertaining illustrated guide is a perfect introduction to architecture around the world.
J 720 ALT
Stories behind pictures: six illustrators' responses
J 741.642 STO
Let's make art with everyday things, Susie Brooks
Let's make art with everyday things shows you how to use object found lying around, from cardboard and coins to leaves and vegetables, to make ice-cream bunting, forky faces, pasta prints, a soapy solar system, leafy insects and much, much more.
J 745.5 BRO
Make a dinosaur your way!, Elsie Olson
Young makers will discover their limitless potential with this Super Simple DIY title. Kids will explore Make a Dinosaur Your Way! to imagine their own dinosaur. Maybe one that would swim or breathe fire? Then they will use makerspace tools and learn how to get inspired, problem-solve, and collaborate with others as their dinosaur comes to life. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards.
J 745.5 OLS
Make a mini monster your way!, Elsie Olson
Young makers will discover their limitless potential with this Super Simple DIY title. Kids will explore Make a Mini Monster Your Way! to imagine their own mini monster. Maybe one that lives in a pocket or inside a matchbox? Then they will use makerspace tools and learn how to get inspired, problem-solve, and collaborate with others as their mini monster comes to life.
J 745.5 OLS
Make a race car your way!, Elsie Olson
Young makers will discover their limitless potential with this Super Simple DIY title. Kids will explore Make a Race Car Your Way! to imagine their own race car. Maybe one that is pushed by a balloon or pulled by a magnet? Then they will use makerspace tools and learn how to get inspired, problem-solve, and collaborate with others as their race car comes to life.
J 745.5 OLS
Make a castle your way!, Rachael L Thomas
If you could build a castle, what kind would it be? A military fortress? A fairy castle? A home for royalty? Explore Make a Castle Your way! to imagine your own castle.
J 745.5 THO
Make a robo pet your way, Rachael L Thomas
Young makers will discover their limitless potential with this Super simple DIY title. They will use makerspace tools and learn how to get inspired, problem-solve, and collaborate with others as their robo pet comes to life.
J 745.5 THO
Make a spaceship your way!, Rachael L Thomas
If you could build a spaceship, what would its mission be? To fly to Mars? To travel between galaxies? Explore MAKE A SPACESHIP YOUR WAY! to imagine your own spaceship.
J 745.5 THO
Let's make art with hands and feet, Susie Brooks
Let's make art with hands and feet shows you how to make a fingerprint sweetshop, fist-print fish, a thumb-print circus, a handprint zoo, a footprint space rocket and much, much more.
J 751 BRO
Let's make art by printing & stamping, Susie Brooks
Let's make art by printing & stamping shows you how to make bottletop balloons, broccoli jungle, cork stamps, bubblewrap dinosaurs and much, much more.
J 761 BRO
He huarākau, Sharon Holt
A children's song introducing Māori language vocabulary for different kinds of fruits, and promoting healthy eating. Includes activity ideas, guitar chcords and curriculum links.
J 782.42 HOL
Te whānau moana, Marie Waaka
Tamariki and their whānau can dive into the fun and rhythmical language of Te Whānau Moana with its underwater characters and their antics.
J 782.42 WAA
UglyDolls: a perfectly imperfect guide to life, Meredith Rusu
The ultimate companion to the highly-anticipated animated film UglyDolls, this full-colour handbook features Moxy, Ox, Ugly Dog, Wage, Babo, and Lucky Bat as they celebrate imagination, friendship, and individuality.
J 791.43 RUS
The Spot On book, Frances Weston
J 791.457 SPO
Catch me: a seek-and-find book, Anders Arhøj
Big Meow is a feisty cat and Little Woof is a dog, and they are both intent on tracking each other through the pages of this book.
J 793.73 ARH
Bible detective, Peter Martin
Young detectives will never tire of this picture-search puzzle book. Readers can pore over 17 cleverly illustrated scenes of Bible events to find the answers to the questions posed on each page. Some puzzles involve looking for details of everyday life, others highlight things that happened in the Bible stories; offering hours of fun to readers as they search for the answers.
J 793.73 MAR
Jungle, Kirsteen Robson
A wonderfully illustrated puzzle book teeming with jungle animals to spot, count and match. An activity book children will want to share and enjoy with friends and family.
J 793.73 ROB
Where's the unicorn now?, Sophie Schrey
This is the sequel to the 2017 title Where's the Unicorn? The Seven Unicorns of Rainbow Valley have become a worldwide sensation. Due to popular demand, they are off on a tour to meet their super fans. So where are the unicorns, now? Seek them out in every scene; from the bright lights of Broadway to the excitement of Rio Carnival. There are 17 intricately illustrated scenes to search, and seven magical unicorns to find in every scene.
J 793.73 SCH
Fast forward, Adam Skinner
Travel back through time to experience 18 iconic moments in motor racing history in this lavishly illustrated book, which gives you the inside track on classic cars, routes, and racers. Race The Green Hell' in a Porsche 911, complete the course at Le Mans in a Ford GT40, compete in the Festival of Speed at Goodwood in a Jaguar E-type, and take on the Nascar drivers at Daytona's Speedway.
J 796.72 SKI
Flower fairies of New Zealand, Nancy I Harvey
J 821 HAR
Dad takes me camping and other stories, Julia Sloane
Uses a picture book format of funny poems recounting a young boy's adventures with his dad and all the mishaps that happen. Suggested level: primary.
J 821 SLO
Never give a duck a pen!, Chris White
This is Chris White at his very best a mad journey through the past ten years of Chris favourite poems, such as Bitey The Veggie Vampire and Never Put Curry Up Your Nose. Whatever Chris writes, his unique sense of humor seems to hit the funny bone every time.
J 821 WHI
Ice: chilling stories from a disappearing world, Laura Buller
From the mighty mammoths and deserts of ice to early explorers and polar survival, come face to face with one of Earth's greatest resources- ice. With captivating CGIs, illustrations, and photography, DK's Ice will take readers on an epic journey from the ice age to modern day, exploring how icy worlds are created and how creatures live in these harsh environments.
J 909.09 BUL
The voyage of the Cuttyhunk, Maribelle Cormack
J 910.45 COR
Explorers: amazing tales of the world's greatest adventurers, Nellie Huang
Great explorers have one thing in common - a desire to leap into the unknown, no matter how dangerous that might be. From Ferdinand Magellan's first circumnavigation of the world 500 years ago to Barbara Hillary's treks to the North and South poles while in her seventies, Explorers documents the trials and hardships of the men and women who rewrote our understanding of the world, and showed us what humans are capable of.
J 910.92 HUA
The extraordinary life of Neil Armstrong, Martin Howard
One little boy who loved the idea of flying became the first person to set foot on the moon. On 20 July 1969 Neil Armstrong made history, his 'giant leap for mankind'. From his childhood playing with model planes to becoming one of the most famous astronauts of all time, discover the incredible story of Neil Armstrong's life in this beautifully illustrated book, complete with narrative biography, facts and timelines.
J 920 ARM
Jean Batten, Peter Millett
As Hannah flies back to New Zealand she suddenly finds herself in the cockpit of a tiny plane being flown by Jean Batten. Jean is on her way to setting a new world record and needs Hannah's help in completing the task. But as the tiny plane is tossed around in the stormy skies it will take all of Jean's skill to land them safely. Includes factual information. Suggested level: primary.
J 920 BAT
Jane Goodall, Libby Romero
In this kids' biography, discover the inspiring story of Jane Goodall, whose work with chimpanzees changed the way we understand animals and ourselves. Jane Goodall is a pioneer of primatology through her groundbreaking work with chimpanzees in Africa. When she embarked on her career, women were discouraged from conducting scientific research, especially when that work meant living side by side with wild animals.
J 920 GOO
Roman reigns, David Riley
Roman reigns tells the inspirational story of one man's struggle to find success in life, while at the same time battling cancer.
J 920 ROM
Te Puea Herangi: from darkness to light, Michael King
J 920 TE
Nikola Tesla for kids: his life, ideas, and inventions, with 21 activities, Amy M O'Quinn
Nikola Tesla was a physicist, scientist, electrical engineer, and world-renowned inventor whose accomplishments faded into oblivion after his death in 1943. He was omitted from most history books, while his colleagues and competitors (including Thomas Edison and Guglielmo Marconi) and their successes are still remembered and celebrated.
J 920 TES
Drifting with Mad Mike, David Riley
... spectacular story of how a young Kiwi driver achieved his dream of competing in one of the toughest drifting leagues in the world... Formula Drift! Learn how passion and determination helped Mike become one of the best drifters in the world, and how it can help you achieve your dream too.
J 920 WHI
Dinosaur hunter: Joan Wiffen's awesome fossil discoveries, David Hill
Once there was a clever girl who wanted to know why shells could be found in rocks so far away from the sea. But her father thought education was no use to a girl, so Joan had to leave school. Many years later, she found an old map that showed a possible treasure hoard of dinosaur bones. Joan was amazed. She decided she would hunt for these fossils.
J 920 WIF
Yvette Williams: leaping into history, David Riley
It's the final of the 1952 Olympic long jump competition. Yvette Williams is trying to do something no New Zealand woman has ever done - win an Olympic gold medal.
J 920 WIL
Bold women in black history, Vashti Harrison
Did you know the treatment for leprosy was developed by a young scientist called Alice Ball? And Josephine Baker; world famous cabaret singer and dancer, was also a spy for the French resistance? Featuring 40 trailblazing black women in the world's history, this book educates and inspires as it relates true stories of women who broke boundaries and exceeded all expectations.
J 920.02 HAR
Pioneer women, Sarah Ell
This fascinating collection of writings and reflections by some of the pioneer women who came to New Zealand in the nineteenth century reveals the challenges they faced and overcame when they arrived in their new country. These are personal records, from diaries and letters, of courage, hard work, happiness and sadness, with a resolve that was essential for survival in this alien environment far from home in Europe.
J 920.02 PIO
Children who changed the world, Marcia Williams
From the heroes familiar to everyone, such as Malala Yousafzai, to the amazing activists you might not have heard of, like Baruani Ndume, the teenager who gave a voice to fellow refugee children in Tanzania, discover the incredible true stories of child activists.
J 920.02 WIL
Ancient wonders, Iris Volant
No one knows quite who decided the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. But thrilling accounts of their wonder have left us yearning to know more about their great mysteries. Go on a journey across the world and through time, and explore these and many more impressive monuments through stunning artwork by debut talent Avalon Nuovo.
J 930 VOL
I am JFK Jr., Derek A Murray
The story of that little boy who would grow up to become arguably the most, and according to People Magazine, the sexiest man in America. In addition to personal photos from John's closest friends, the film features vintage footage of young John-John in the White House, on vacation with his family, and rare footage of John in the years after his famous father's assassination.
973.922 KEN
The Māori and the missionary, Harold Miller
J 993.01 MIL

Older Fiction

Dead voices, Katherine Arden
Having survived sinister scarecrows and the malevolent smiling man in Small Spaces, newly minted best friends Ollie, Coco, and Brian are ready to spend a relaxing winter break skiing together with their parents at Mount Hemlock Resort. But when a snowstorm sets in, causing the power to flicker out and the cold to creep closer and closer, the three are forced to settle for hot chocolate and board games by the fire.
A royal guide to monster slaying, Kelley Armstrong
Twelve-year-old Rowan is next in line to be Queen; her twin brother, Rhydd, to be Royal Monster Hunter. Rowan would give anything to switch places, but the rule is, the oldest child is next in line, even if she is only older by two minutes. She resigns herself to admiring her royal monster hunter aunt's official sword and having tea with dignitaries with her mother, the queen.
The space we're in, Katya Balen
Frank is ten. He likes cottage pie and football and cracking codes. Max is five. He eats only Quavers and some colours are too bright for him and if he has to wear a new T-shirt he melts down down down. Sometimes Frank wishes Mum could still do huge paintings of stars and asteroids like she used to, but since Max was born she just doesn't have time.
The Very, Very Far North: a story for gentle readers and listeners, Dan Bar-el
As Duane, a polar bear, explores his new home he makes friends with the wide variety of creatures he encounters, despite their varied personalities.
Each tiny spark, Pablo Cartaya
Sixth-grader Emilia Torres struggles with ADHD, her controlling abuela, her mother's work commitments, her father's distance after returning from deployment, evolving friendships, and a conflict over school redistricting.
The Bolds to the rescue, Julian Clary
It's the summer holidays, and the hairiest family in Teddington decide to take a well-earned holiday by the seaside. With their extended hyena family in tow, they head on down to Cornwall for a spot of camping. But it's never long before trouble sniffs these hyenas out, and Bobby is mistaken for a pup and snatched by a wicked dognapper. The Bolds will need all their ingenuity to hunt her down and rescue all the pilfered pooches.
The Bolds ton holiday, Julian Clary
It's the summer holidays, and the hairiest family in Teddington decide to take a well-earned holiday by the seaside. With their extended hyena family in tow, they head on down to Cornwall for a spot of camping. But it's never long before trouble sniffs these hyenas out, and Bobby is mistaken for a pup and snatched by a wicked dognapper. The Bolds will need all their ingenuity to hunt her down and rescue all the pilfered pooches.
Hilda and the hidden people, Stephen Davies
Join our beloved heroine as she encounters her very first troll, negotiates peace with some very persnickety elves, and reunites two lovelorn ancient giants.
Adventures of the Story Girls, Beverley Dunlop
Two imaginative girls get involved in an adventure when they see two strange men across the river on their farm.
The great Shelby Holmes and the haunted hound, Elizabeth Eulberg
Super sleuths Shelby Holmes and John Watson must survive an overnight Halloween stakeout while investigating a local apartment building, where residents hear an unearthly dog's howl at night.
Scouts, Shannon Greenland
The summer before seventh grade, five best friends sneak out to watch a meteor shower, but soon find themselves on the run from a violent mountain clan.
Cookie!: ... and the most annoying boy in the world, Konnie Huq
Cookie's life is basically over. Her best friend in the whole world is moving to Solihull because one of her dads has a new job there. Solihull?! Where even is that?! Cookie begs her parents for a pet to fill the void but they have given her an absolute no! It would be way too expensive and way way too messy.
Biggles in the blue, W E Johns
Erich von Stalhein is in Jamaica. The reason for this is that an old Nazi friend of his called Werner Wolff has been living in Jamaica under the assumed name of 'Christen Hagen'. Wolff is believed to have taken secret German documents with him when he fled Nazi Germany. Wolff has now died of natural causes and his secret past has come to light.
The Blue Djinn of Babylon, Philip Kerr
Twelve-year-old twins Philippa and John have more adventures when they become involved in an international adventure involving the Blue Djinn, the supreme arbiter of all Djinn.
Liferaft, Aditi Khorana
The way home. The spires. They've been looming in the distance, watching silently as the young survivors of Aero Horizon Flight 16 crossed a gauntlet of surreal and dangerous landscapes. After weeks of hardship, Molly and her friends have reached the eerie structure they spotted at the start of their journey, all in a desperate bid that it will provide answers about their ordeal and perhaps a way home.
Te rataka a tama hungoingoi: te hautaka a Greg Heffley, Jeff Kinney
He kino ra te noho a te tamariki. Ko Greg Heffley tetahi e mohio pai ana ki tenei. Being a kid can really stink. And no one knows this better than Greg Heffley. In this brilliant translation of Jeff Kinney's bestselling Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Heni Jacob, twelve year old hero Geoff Heffley is the Tama Hungoingoi (Wimpy Kid) of the title. He tells us all about his life in the original language of Aotearoa New Zealand, te reo Māori.
All the impossible things, Lindsay Lackey
Red’s inexplicable power over the wind comes from her mother. Whenever Ruby “Red” Byrd is scared or angry, the wind picks up. And being placed in foster care, moving from family to family, tends to keep her skies stormy. Red knows she has to learn to control it, but can’t figure out how.
The book of the sword, A J Lake
In Europe during the Dark Ages, eleven-year-olds Edmund and Elspeth must again battle ancient, evil forces, when Elspeth's magical sword guides them to the lair of Loki, a monstrous being whom the sword was forged to kill.
The four guardians, Matt Laney
Prince Leo's identity as a Spinner, once thought to be his greatest curse, may become his greatest weapon when his devious cousin seizes control of Singara, forcing Leo to flee into enemy territory.
Roderick and the wizard of Endor, Fiona McQueen
Roderick, a small and furry animal, gazes out from his home high on the side of a mountain. Not far below, a tiny figure is swept from the path by the wind. He races to the rescue and saves Pepin, a squirrel, but when they climb back up to Roderick's home they find that it has been destroyed. Seeking shelter in the stormy night, Roderick and Pepin narrowly escape a dangerous band of vagabonds.
The big shrink, Sarah Mlynowski
Marigold Ramos thinks that her magical ability to make things small will come in handy as she and her friends protest the new rule banning their toy dragons from school, until her magic gets out of control and starts shrinking her friends.
Rebels with a cause, James Patterson
Max and her CMI friends attempt to use their smarts to find solutions to a water crisis, while a greedy corporation with an eye on capturing Max seems to know their every move.
Luka, Anna Roberts
A young Dalmation escapes poverty and war in Europe and battles for the right to New Zealand citizenship. Set among Northland Kauri forests and gumfields and the prejudice of a country at war.
Tunnel of bones, Victoria Schwab
Now in Paris with her parents who are filming their TV show about the world's haunted cities, Cassidy Blake (who can see ghosts) and her friend Jacob (who is a ghost) are alert for trouble, especially when the filming takes them into the underground Catacombs, the empire of the dead, where Cassidy accidentally awakens a powerful poltergeist spirit; one whose mystery she must solve before his power in unleashed on the whole city.
Oh, rats!, Tor Seidler
A New Jersey squirrel named Phoenix teams up with a pack of rats in New York City to save their riverside home from being demolished and turned into a high-rise.
Time machine & other stories, Melinda Szymanik
What happens when you sleep with a crocodile tooth under your pillow, or the mess under your bed turns into something terrifying? How can a football be a passport, and what does it mean when the contraption in the basement starts to hum and glow? You can be sure the answers will never be boring and almost always take you on an unexpected adventure.
Star, Holly Webb
When Anna borrows a tiny wooden tiger from her Russian grandmother's mantelpiece, little does she realize that it is the start of a magical adventure. Waking the next day, Anna finds herself in a snowy Russian village, where she hears the news that a tiger cub has been spotted in the nearby woods.
Archimancy, J A White
Cordelia Liu knew Shadow School was going to be different. Still, she didn't expect the school grounds to be filled with ghosts. Cordelia soon realizes she's not the only one who can see the ghosts; her new friend Benji can too. Together with super-smart Agnes, the trio are determined to find out why the ghosts are there, and whether there's a way to set them free.
Spies in St. Petersburg, Katherine Woodfine
With Sophie still missing in action after their explosive mission in Paris, Lil decides to take matters into her own hands. On a new mission for the Secret Service Bureau, can Lil find Sophie in misty, mysterious St. Petersburg? Can they uncover the identity of their true enemy and can they trust anyone - even the Bureau? It's time for Sophie and Lil to put their spy skills to the test.
The magic place, Christopher Wormell
From her cellar bedroom, Clementine dreams of a magic place. And she's determined to find it one day. But first she must escape from her wicked aunt and uncle and from the Great Black City. With the help of her best friend, Gilbert, a very clever cat, she sets off on an epic journey that just might make her dreams come true. A thrilling, moving and funny adventure about looking for the most magical place of all. Home.

Picture Books

10 gulab jamuns: counting with an Indian sweet treat, Sandhya Acharya
Idu (Ee-doo) and Adu (Aa-doo) are very excited. Guests are coming over for dinner and their Mamma has already cooked a lot. Next, she is cooking Gulab jamuns, but Idu and Adu don't know what Gulab jamuns are. Before long, they discover just how good these wonderful golden, sugary syrup-soaked balls are and how quickly they melt in their mouths. But Mamma has only made 10 Gulab jamuns.
Naughty Narwhal, Emma Adams
Narwhal is the most mischievous little creature in the sea. Wherever she is, she's always up to something. And, one day, Narwhal sees all of her friends having a party and realises they didn't invite her.
Food, Rilla Alexander
Raised words will fit into the die-cut hollow of an illustration, putting words and images in contact literally.
Animals, Rilla Alexander
The book has raised and depressed surfaces.
Where's Mrs Witch?, Ingela P Arrhenius
Five beautifully illustrated spreads show a series of friendly Halloween characters hiding behind bright felt flaps. And there's a mirror on the final page! A perfect book to share with very little ones. Features a skeleton, spider, vampire and witch.
Odd bird out, Helga Bansch
Robert is different to all the other ravens. The other birds don't like his jokes, his colourful clothes or his singing. So Robert decides to leave home to find his place in the world. Suggested level: junior.
Play with me, Agnese Baruzzi
Two fingers are the only missing ingredients in this clever interactive book for young children. Who could resist putting their fingers into the two die-cut holes to make the active scenes come alive? Make the skier ski! Make the basketball player shoot! Make the swimmer swim! Just stick your fingers through the holes, and the characters on each page will come to life.
Arty!: the first artist in space, William Bee
Arty is a frog. He's also an artist. In fact, he's the greatest artist in the world. And now he's about to blast off into space, to go where no artist has gone before. He is not happy about it, but Mr Grimaldi (who sells Arty's paintings) is excited by the opportunity. After a number of uncomfortable space tests, Arty is ready for his artistic space mission. When he comes back, he has a great surprise for the scientists on Earth.
Stanley's train, William Bee
Stanley has a busy day driving a train to the sea.
Cat and dog, Jonathan Bentley
One dog. One cat. One very tidy apartment. What could go wrong? Cat is grumpy, fashion-obsessed, and a bit of a snob. Dog is excitable, bold, and bursting with energy. What do they have in common? They both want to see the world! It's time to come up with a grand escape plan. Join these two loveable and incorrigibly mischievous pets as they team up to break out. They'll need brains. They'll need bravery.
Cats ahoy!, Peter Bently
When Alfonso the cat hears there's a boat coming into harbour carrying its largest ever catch, he hatches a plan. It's brave! It's bold! And it involves a ghost pirate ship, some rather gullible fishermen, and cats.
Mina the little monster, Donovan Bixley
Baby Mina goes exploring at her mother's workplace. Suggested level: junior.
Feminist Baby: he's a feminist too!, Loryn Brantz
Meet Feminist Baby Boy! Feminist Baby shoots for the sky, Feminist Baby knows it's OK to cry! Loryn continues to celebrate the joys of modern childhood with wit and humor that sets the stage for feminist girls and boys.
Hangry, Drew Brockington
A young monster takes the train into the big city, only to find his favorite hot dog vendor is closed and he's unable to satiate his hunger, leading to an epic case of destructive crankiness.
A gallery of cats, Ruth Brown
A perfect introduction to the world of fine art which will appeal to children and adults alike. Tom visits a very special exhibition where each picture features a cat. One by one, the cats all leap out and follow him, until a very large, scary cat makes them rush back to the safety of their frames.
Handa's noisy night, Eileen Browne
When Handa has a sleepover with her friend Akeyo, the girls are allowed to spend the night in a little hut near the house. They're excited to be on their own, but as they get ready for bed, Handa feels more and more nervous. She keeps hearing things strange snorts, chitter chattering, a big thud.
Ten little aliens, Michael Brownlow
Join the Ten Little Aliens as they jet off through space in search of a new home - discovering fiery planets, fizzing comets and some very strange space creatures! Ten Little Aliens need a place to stay. Searching through the universe, home is far away.
Miffy's adventures, Big and small. Volume 5, Dick Bruna
Follow Miffy as she embarks on more adventures, big and small - exploring the exciting world around her, with her friends and family.
Liarbird, Laura Bunting
Liarbirds learn to lie from the day they hatch. They are the best in the bush at fibbing, faking, fabricating and fake-news creating. Until one lyrebird decides to go straight, and discovers that sometimes even the truth hurts.
Te manu moata, Julie Burgess-Manning
He whēuaua te rere me ngā parirau pakupaku, - i whānau wawe mai a Peri ki tēnei ao, me te aha, me tino whai āwahina ia. E wawata noa ana ia ki te hāro iho i te repo pēnei i te kōtuku - ka pahawa rānei i a ia te rere? Ka rere rānei ia i te rā e rere ai ngā kukari katoa?
Earlybird, Julie Burgess-Manning
It's tricky to fly with small wings, - Peri was born a bit early and he needs a lot of help. He just wants to be able to soar over the swamp like a beautiful heron - can he make it through fledgling day? Will he ever be able to fly?
Mr Gumpy's rhino, John Burningham
Mr Gumpy is off on an adventure! This time he's rescuing a rhino who's lost its parents. But growing rhinos needs lots of food. Will Charlie the rhino and Mr Gumpy manage to make a happy home together? A madcap adventure for children, adults and rhinos alike.
Apple cake, Dawn Casey
In this simple rhyming story from the author of Held in Love, a child says thank you for the gifts nature provides, from hazelnuts in the hedge to apples from the tree, eggs from the hens to milk from the cow.
This is Gus, Chris Chatterton
Gus is a very grumpy dog. He doesn't like much of anything, especially making new friends. So what will Gus do when a little puppy with a spring-in-his-step appears on the scene? Giggle away those grumps with This is Gus, a hilarious picture book written and illustrated by the fantastic Chris Chatterton, about bad moods and learning to compromise.
Mr. Gloomindale's downpour, A Patrick Conlan
Mr. Gloomingdale is always grumpy, even though he's got a front yard filled with giant daisies and wonderful creatures that try to cheer him up. When he wishes for less cheer around him so that he can be grouchy in peace, his wish backfires in a very strange way.
Macca's makeover, Matt Cosgrove
Macca the Alpaca desperately wants to be cool, just like his friends. Will a new hair-do cut it? Maybe a trip to the gym will work out? Or perhaps he needs the latest accessories? Macca's makeover shows him what it is that makes him truly special.
Little Fish's colours, Lucy Cousins
I am Little Fish, swimming in the sea. I love spotting colours.
Lunch for Greedy Cat, Joy Cowley
When Katie goes on holiday, Aunty feeds Greedy Cat broccoli and cat biscuits for lunch, but Greedy Cat has other ideas.
Joseph's cradle, Jude Daly
Joseph carves a cradle for his new baby from the trunk of the big tree standing in the heart of the village. From that point on, the cradle is passed on for every baby born in the village.
Waiting for Wolf, Sandra Dieckmann
Fox and Wolf spend all their perfect days together talking and laughing for hours, swimming together in the big blue lake, and watching the stars come out, one by one. Until one day, Wolf is gone.
Chocolate me!, Taye Diggs
The boy is teased for looking different than the other kids. His skin is darker, his hair curlier. He tells his mother he wishes he could be more like everyone else. And she helps him to see how beautiful he really, truly is. For years before they both achieved acclaim in their respective professions, good friends Taye Diggs and Shane W.
What matters most, Emma Dodd
What matters most of all to you? What matters most to me? Let's take a look around us, and maybe we will see. A warm and uplifting celebration of difference and belonging.
Super Snail, Elys Dolan
Kevin must prove his worth to the legendary League of Heroes all with the power of slime! When disaster strikes and the Snail Signal shines, it's time for him to step up.
Tales from Acorn Wood treasury: four lift-the-flap stories, Julia Donaldson
Help Fox to find his missing socks, join Bear as he posts letters to his friends, help tired Rabbit go to sleep and play hide-and-seek with Pig and her friends in this collection of four fun and interactive lift-the-flap stories.
Ollie and Augustus, Gabriel Evans
A funny, heartwarming story about little Ollie's determination to make sure his great big dog Augustus is okay when he's at school. Ollie was small like a pickling jar or a shoe box. Augustus was big like a fridge or a table. They did most things together, including cycling, painting, dressing up, digging (Ollie's favourite thing) and stick collecting (Augustus's favourite thing).
The sleeping giant, Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick
Off the coast of Ireland there lies an island. It looks just like a giant sleeping in the sea.
Joey and Riley, Mandy Foot
Joey and his dog Riley are inseparable, sharing adventures all day long. But when Joey and his mum have to leave the family farm to move to town, Riley is left behind.
Zou, Michel Gay
Zou wants his parents to wake up so he can snuggle into bed with them, so he decides to make them breakfast. Suggested level: junior.
Miss Kraken, Nicki Greenberg
The minute we saw Miss Kraken, we all knew it was going to be a bad year. She's cranky. She's strict. She's just plain weird. Miss Kraken is definitely not the teacher the kids were hoping for. But she might have a surprise or two up her sleeves.
Moonwalkers, M Greenwood
When Apollo 11 blasts off for the moon, the whole world is watching. On the other side of the planet, Billy, Mickey and Buzz decide to be astronauts too.
Leila in saffron, Rukhsanna Guidroz
Shy and unsure of herself, Leila discovers all the things that make her special with the loving help of her Naani.
A first time for everything, Tiffiny Hall
This is the story of my family first-time Mum, first-time Dad, and me. I'm a first-time baby. We've never done this before but I think it's all going smoothly. Sometimes parenthood isn't picture-perfect. But from first nappy change to first words, it's full of love, laughter and unexpected moments.
Little Miss Hug, Adam Hargreaves
Little Miss Hug is an expert hugger. More than anything else, she loves to hug her friends and make them feel better. And there are times when she hugs just for the fun of it.
Little Miss Princess, Adam Hargreaves
Little Miss Princess lives in a castle with turrets and a moat, and she has lots of people to do things for her. But Little Miss Princess isn't rude or spoilt. One day, she decides to help an injured Mr. Bump, but as you can imagine, Little Miss Princess isn't used to doing things herself, so everything doesn't quite go to plan.
Little Miss Fun, Roger Hargreaves
Little Miss Fun likes to live up to her name and have fun all day, every day!.
Little Miss Somersault, Roger Hargreaves
Little Miss Somersault is very acrobatic! When she wants to get somewhere she doesn't walk she does cartwheels instead.
Little Miss Dotty, Roger Hargreaves
Little Miss Dotty lives in Nonesense Land in the middle of Whoopee Wood.
Maple the brave, Chloe Jasmine Harris
Maple lives in a tree house in the woods. She's scared of most things, especially the animals who live below. But one day, when she bravely steps out of her comfort zone, she finds that the animals are really quite kind. With their help, she awakens a sense of bravery she never knew she had.
Together we can!, Caryl Hart
The perfect picture book celebrating friendship, compassion, diversity and togetherness in the world.
Don't worry, Little Crab, Chris Haughton
In the rockpool above the sea, live two crabs: Big Crab and Little Crab. Today, they're going for a dip in the sea. "This is going to be so great!" says Little Crab. But then Little Crab catches a first glimpse of the water. Oh. The waves! They're enormous.
Where are the yellow chicks, Spot?: a colours book, Eric Hill
Help Spot find the missing chicks by lifting the felt flaps.
Where are the five frogs, Spot?: a numbers book, Eric Hill
Help Spot find the missing frogs by lifting the felt flaps. Are they behind the log? No, it's three rabbits. Are they behind the bush? No, it's four birds.
The Evil Princess vs. the Brave Knight, Jennifer L Holm
Meet the Evil Princess and the Brave Knight. She casts terrible spells, while he fights dragons. He rescues cats in distress, while she makes mischief.
In the bush I see, Kiara Honeychurch
In the bush I see is a playful ensemble of Australian creatures, and an exciting illustrative debut from teenage artist, Kiara Honeychurch. Hailing from Tasmania, Kiara is inspired by the bush creatures she encounters in her rural home out of Hobart. With bold and sophisticated pops of colour, Kiara unleashes the beauty and character of each creature and reimagines its unpredictable tones in a changing light from sunrise to sunset.
The girl and the dinosaur, Hollie Hughes
In a town by the seaside, Marianne is often seen foraging on the beach. But she isn't playing with children her own age. Instead Marianne is alone, and digging for dinosaur bones to build a special sort of companion. Then, one night, she goes to sleep wishing with all her heart that her dinosaur might come to life.
Joy, Yasmeen Ismail
Join the bouncy little kitten as she plays with her favourite toy and uh oh falls down with a trip-trip-slip. But with a little hug, a kiss and a squeeze, she's going to be just fine.
Can I keep it?, Lisa Jobe
As a boy searches his backyard for the perfect pet, his mother asks him to consider where a squirrel, frog, or bird would like to live.
Alice's alphabet book: a Wonderland A to Z, Michael Johnson
A new A to Z rhyme inspired by Lewis Carroll's 'Alice in Wonderland'.
Whakarongo ki ō Tūpuna = listen to your ancestors, Darryn Joseph
Kia tau, e hine mā, e tama mā... relax, girls and boys... As a wise teacher grows older, she encourages her students to learn from the example of famous ancestors. She gives the next generation simple messages of days gone by: getting into nature, letting go of anger, anxiety and stress, and standing strong and tall.
Tiny and Teeny, Chris Judge
Welcome to Glengadget, the teeniest, tiniest town around. Deep down, in between the blades of grass, lives Tiny with her best friend Teeny. Can you see them? Tiny and Teeny keep very busy in the buzzing place of Glengadget. Every day of the week, they have a different neighbour to meet; they do some gardening for Mandy Small, read to Bitsy McGee and give Minkin a hand with her lively twins.
The standing strong house, Reina Kahukiwa
When Kahurangi, a kuia from Ngāti Tū Māia dies, her whare is left neglected until, hundreds of years later, it is reclaimed by a community in need and becomes a source of strength and identity. Relates the importance of whanau in the Māori culture intertwining the old society and a modern homeless family that finds its roots again.
Starbird, Sharon King-Chai
Starbird's songs weave the richest dreams and delight all who hear him, but when the Moon King traps him in a cage, the colour and life in his voice begin to drip away. What follows is a story with the feel of a timeless myth, with the message that that captivity dims even the brightest star.
Ruby Red Shoes goes to London, Kate Knapp
Ruby and her grandmother love to travel and now they are in London, the home of red buses, red telephone boxes and red letter boxes.
I can fly, Fifi Kuo
Little Penguin wants to fly like the other birds but cannot, no matter how hard he tries, until his father helps him see what makes penguins special.
The big angry roar, Jonathan Lambert
Cub is angry, so he stomps and smashes and roars! But now he just feels worse! Maybe his friends can help? The perfect story for any child experiencing feelings of anger and learning what to do with them.
My hair, Hannah Lee
My birthday's coming up so soon, I'll need new clothes to wear. But most of all, I need to know, How shall I style my hair? Will it be dreads or a twist out? Braids or a high-top fade? Joyous and vibrant, this captures perfectly the excitement of getting ready for a celebration, as well as showcasing a dazzling array of intricate hairstyles.
Lights on Cotton Rock, David Litchfield
Heather is a little girl who wants to go to Outer Space, where the stars sparkle with magic and wonder. When a spaceship lands at Cotton Rock, it seems that all of her dreams have come true. But soon the alien has to leave.
My friends, Max Low
I've made some friends. Would you like to meet them?" Mossy is a quiet friend, Archibald is a lion friend, Ezza watches clouds, Pepper cooks yummy food, Olga listens to music, Herman knits and Lina invents things, while Bert looks after worms and snails. And Klaus is an imaginary friend! They are all good friends but sometimes it's also nice to just be on your own.
When Aidan became a brother, Kyle Lukoff
Aidan, a transgender boy, experiences complicated emotions as he and his parents prepare for the arrival of a new baby.
One love, Cedella Marley
In this illustrated version of Bob Marley's song, a young girl enlists her friends, family, and community to transform their neighbourhood for the better.
Hey Grandude!, Paul McCartney
Meet Grandude a super-cool, intrepid-explorer grandfather with some amazing tricks up his sleeve. Grandude is a one-of-a-kind adventurer! With his magic compass he whisks his four grandkids off on whirlwind adventures, taking them all around the globe.
Vroom!, Barbara McClintock
Follows a young girl's imaginary journey as she zooms in a race car past fields and forests to faraway lands before returning home to her own safe bed.
Fly, Jess McGeachin
Lucy had always been good at fixing things, and Dad needed a bit of help. It was just the two of them after all. So when Lucy finds a bird with a broken wing, she's sure she can fix him too. But not everything that's broken can be fixed.
Elmer's birthday, David McKee
The elephants decide it's their turn to play a trick on Elmer: all of the animals must pretend to forget his birthday tomorrow! But when the day comes the trick doesn't quite go according to plan. The elephants should have listened to Elmer's friends.
Disgusting McGrossface, Rove McManus
Who leaves muddy footprints on the floor? It's Disgusting McGrossface that's for sure! Who has a side of worms with every meal? Disgusting McGrossface, what's his deal? Who makes a mess, does ghastly things, is revolting and is always to blame? Why Disgusting McGrossface is the one! Discover more habits of the creature behind all the repulsive, untidy and terrible things that happen at home! (Because it's never the kid's fault.
As warm as the sun, Kate McMullan
Toby, a French bulldog who dreams of being warm all the time, is not pleased when Pinkie arrives and takes his favorite warm spots.
Tangled: a story about shapes, Anne Miranda
An unruly gang of sixteen geometric shapes gets tangled in the neighbourhood jungle gym until their friend comes to their rescue and order is restored.
C is for consent, Eleanor Morrison
I roto i te ngahere, Yvonne Morrison
All the dear little animals, Ulf Nilsson
One summer day three young children start a business called Funerals Ltd., and proceed to hold funerals for all the dead animals they find. Suggested level: junior, primary.
Forest: a fun lift-the-flap book, Jane Ormes
Find out the different names for mummy and daddy animals in the forest and then lift the flap to find the babies!.
Safari: a fun lift-the-flap book, Jane Ormes
Find out the different names for mummy and daddy animals in the wild and then lift the flap to find the babies!.
Bears in the bush, Michelle Osment
Father Bear and Junior Bear go walking in the bush. When they lose their way, they wait for someone to rescue them.
The gigantic balloon, Ruth Park
The dream of a lowly store clerk in Sydney comes true when a huge balloon arrives from France to promote an advertising campaign, but without a balloonist.
Nuts!, Lou Peacock
When a little squirrel finds a big pile of nuts, he is very excited! But soon he is joined by another squirrel and this squirrel thinks the nuts belong to her. And when Mouse, Bear, Badger and Rabbit get involved, well, things get very confusing indeed! They won't even listen to wise Rabbit.
Dog breath: the horrible trouble with Hally Tosis, Dav Pilkey
Hally, the Tosis family dog, has such bad breath that Mr. and Mrs. Tosis plan to give her away, until she proves to be an invaluable watchdog.
The runaway pea, Kjartan Poskitt
He wants an amazing adventure, but will the pea survive the dangers of the dog bowl, the mousetrap and the toaster's fiery depths?.
Twitchee: the story of a tree, George Preston
Twitchee is a small, undernourished tree that flourishes when the bigger, neighbouring trees get cut down.
We found a seed, Rob Ramsden
A little boy and girl find a seed, and decide to keep it safe. They play with it but it doesn't grow.
Once upon a goat, Dan Richards
When a proper king and queen ask their fairy godmother for a child, they find themselves gifted instead with a baby goat.
Tooth fairy in training, Michelle Robinson
Think that being a tooth fairy is all about sparkly fairy dust, shiny coins and collecting teeny-tiny teeth from cute, sleeping children? Well, think again. Tate's big sister May is taking her out on her very first tooth-collecting mission, and it's going to be a little well, dangerous. It will involve trekking through the deep, dark jungle, plunging into the murky ocean, and facing the ice of the Arctic.
Stars & poppy seeds, Romana Romanyshyn
As the daughter of well-known mathematicians, Flora loves to count more than anything in the world. She counts all the things around her, all the animals, grains of sand on the beach and letters in her Dad's newspaper. When Dora looks at the Milky Way, she begins to wonder how to count the mesmerising number of stars.
Colors, Shelley Rotner
A red fire truck races, orange pumpkins glow, and purple flowers bloom in vivid pictures of familiar things that inspire children to look more carefully at their environment.
Daisy and Bear, Fabi Santiago
What could possibly go wrong when you take a bear to the cinema? Everything! Daisy loves the cinema, but Bear has never been. As the film starts, she munches, crunches and slurps through her treats. She needs the loo. She laughs, in all the wrong places, and takes a phonecall. Everyone is fed up with the bear, but when the film suddenly stops, Bear knows just how to get the crowd cheering.
Why?, Laura Vaccaro Seeger
Illustrations and simple text reveal that, even when a pesky rabbit annoys his bear friend with too many questions, their friendship remains strong.
Jessie Sima presents Spencer's new pet, Jessie Sima
Spencer excitedly takes his new pet to the park, the veterinarian's office, and a birthday party, but for a pet balloon, those places are full of danger.
Small in the city, Sydney Smith
I know what it's like to be small in the city. Being small can be overwhelming in a city. People don't see you. The loud sounds of the sirens and cyclists can be scary. And the streets are so busy it can make your brain feel like there's too much stuff in it.
Hungry Jim, Laurel Snyder
Jim wakes up hungry, just not for the pancakes his mother is fixing so his imagination takes over, and he pictures himself as a lion checking out the possibilities for breakfast (including his mother).
Gaspard: best in show, Zeb Soanes
Gaspard and Peter set out on a new adventure to find Finty at the local summer fete. When Gaspard is entered into the fancy-dress dog show by mistake, chaos and hilarity ensue.
The gift, Michael Speechley
The house across the road looks abandoned, but Rosie knows someone lives there. She decides to give her mystery neighbour a gift; something different, something unusual, something surprising. Something her mum would have been proud of.
Fergal in a fix!, Robert Starling
Fergal is off to Dragon Camp and he’s feeling a bit worried. He’ll be meeting lots of new dragons and trying lots of new things. All he wants is to be the best at everything (even if it means cheating) and for everyone to like him (because he's the best), but things don't quite go according to plan.
Thomas' new friend, Emily Stead
When Thomas causes an accident, he doesn't want to get into trouble. He makes up an engine called Geoffrey to take the blame. But soon everyone wants to meet Thomas' new friend.
Can you eat?, Joshua David Stein
Can you eat: A pea? A pear? A bee? A bear?.
Brian the brave, Paul Stewart
Sheep are not all the same some are white, some are black, some have horns, some don't. Brian doesn't mind about such things, but he finds that there are other sheep who do, and they won't all play together. When the other sheep gang up on Brian because he has blue eyes instead of brown, Brian is very sad and goes off on his own. But everything changes when he meets a hungry wolf.
What will you dream of tonight?, Frances Stickley
What will you dream of tonight? Will it be a midnight balloon ride, sailing on the tail of a whale or swinging through the leaves on a jungle trapeze? This dreamy, sumptuously illustrated tale travels through deserts and waterfalls to shipwrecks and dragon-filled skies as a parent wonders where their child's dreams will take them as they drift off to sleep.
Kindness grows, Britta Teckentrup
It all starts with a crack that we can hardly see, It happens when we shout or if we disagree. But with every kindness that we care to show, Something good and magical then begins to grow.
Pick a pumpkin, Patricia Toht
Pick a pumpkin from the patch tall and lean or short and fat. Vivid orange, ghostly white, or speckled green, might be just right.
From 1 to 10, Mies van Hout
From 1 to 10 is a counting book for young children featuring illustrations of animals with countable traits, for example the arms of an octopus or the whiskers of a cat.
Te pōti ā pāpā koroua, Joy Watson
The family cat is missing and while Grandma insists that it will turn up, Grandpa is determined to find his precious moggy even if it means turning the house upside down. Suggested level: junior.
That's not my bat: its ears are too hairy, Fiona Watt
A delightfully spooky Halloween addition to the series, complete with purple holographic page edges and adorable bats with hairy ears, fluffy tummies and shiny eyes.
Leonard doesn't dance, Frances Watts
All the birds are excited about the Big Beaky Bird Ball except Leonard. His warble-warble waltz with the magpies is more wobble-wobble, and his caw-caw can-can with the crows is a can't-can't. The seagulls are spinning, the rosellas are rocking and you should see the flamingo go-go-go! Everyone is jumping and jiving, but not Leonard. Leonard doesn't dance. Then an unexpected encounter changes everything.
Felix eats up, Rosemary Wells
When picky eater Felix finds himself in a pickle, his best friend, Fiona, gently helps him widen his culinary horizons. Felix brings the same lunch to school every day: sprouts on buttered oat bread. He will also eat pasta with butter. And he loves macaroni and cheese. No need to try anything new. But on the night of his friend Fiona's half-birthday celebration, Felix finds himself facing down an unfamiliar and anxiety-provoking menu.
A stone sat still, Brendan Wenzel
Told in rhyming verse, a stone is considered from a variety of environmental and emotional perspectives, as it sits where it is, surrounded by grass, dirt, and water, an unchanging certainty in the world.
100 cats, Michael Whaite
This laugh-out-loud picture book is a brilliant read-aloud rhyming romp through a cornucopia of cats in silly scenarios. Follow the cat-and-mouse subplot and find endless funny details to delight read-after-read.
Even monsters go to school, Lisa Wheeler
A grown-up monster describes in rhyming verse how monsters of all types go to school, and so must this child monster, no matter how glum about the prospect.
Boo!, Margaret Wild
Everyone loves to play Boo! Join six gorgeous babies as they play Boo! with their favourite animal toys.
John Williamson's My Dad snores, John Williamson
What are we going to do? You dad, does he snore too? My dad snores so much that no one else can sleep until we find a really clever solution!.
Stop! Bot!, James Yang
When a little boy stops to show a building doorman his new "bot," it floats up out of his hands and the kind doorman runs up to each floor of the building to try and catch it, with help from the building's residents.
Nibbles: the monster hunt, Emma Yarlett
Nibbles, the book-eating monster, has nibbled his way out of his own book and now he's causing mischief and mayhem in other people's stories.
My dad is a dragon, Damon Young
Some dads pull billy carts painted blue and black. But my dad is a dragon. I sit upon his scaly back! All dads are different.

Younger Fiction

The happy book: stories for boys and girls
Lemonade Jones and the great school fete, Davina Bell
A haunted house. A giant rainbow slide. And delicious donuts from Clark Dark's dad's donut van. Lemonade Jones's school fete is going to be as sparkly and fun as a shook-up bottle of fizzy drink. Most exciting of all is the Year One Mum Band. Lemonade Jones has talked her mum into being the lead singer, and everyone knows that the lead singer is the star.
Grown-ups never do that, Davide Calì
Grown-ups never misbehave, cheat, talk with their mouths full, or complain despite ample evidence to the contrary.
E oho, Drongo!, John Carr
Pirate, the parakeet, wanted to be outside in the trees with the other birds. But when he does get out of his cage, the world outside isn’t as much fun as he thought.
Ko Barney me te hipi kore ingoa, John Carr
Barney, the SPCA man, must rescue a sheep that has escaped from a farm. The sheep doesn’t want to be rescued so Barney must use all his wits and strength to succeed.
Ka oti i a Guzzler te mahi, John Carr
Guzzler is a tiny, orphaned piglet who is found by a family. The kids and mum are keen to keep Guzzler but dad isn't so sure.
Te oraiti a Garry te Pirikoti, John Carr
Garry escapes to a garden where he does lots of exciting goaty things. Unfortunately, he finds himself hanging from a clothesline. Will anyone rescue him?
Ka tiki miraka a whaea Wigglesworth, John Carr
When Mrs Wigglesworth goes to town to get milk, she comes home with a cow. When she goes into town for some bark for the roses, she comes home with a dog.
Tōni, te poni whakangahau, John Carr
Toni is hired for children’s rides but her owner is not taking good care of her. When Sammy and her dad notice this, they get her to the SPCA.
He whānau hou tō Storm, John Carr
Storm escapes from a home where he is lonely and neglected. After an injury he ends up at the SPCA, where he is adopted by a kind family. Includes factual information about caring for dogs.
Ko paukena pai me te Paherowa, John Carr
Mrs Melling likes pumpkin pie and pavlova much more than she likes Mr Watkins or his hens. Will Mr Watkins find a way to change that?
Ka aroha a Sam Rāua ko Charlie ki a pudding, John Carr
When an abandoned cat who lives under the sports shed at their school gets into trouble, Sam and Charlie have to help out.
Te mate o tā Sione spaghetti, John Carr
Sione’s pet rabbit has a problem. Sione’s solution involves a pack of raging rhinos, but will it work?
Te rōpū kainuku pai, John Carr
A child helps settle Noah the cat when the family move to a new house in another city.
Te kiore i te hokomaha, John Carr
A child finds a lost pet mouse in a shoe shop, takes him home, and learns to care for him. Includes factual information about caring for pet mice.
Molly Rogers to the rescue, Cornelia Funke
Pirate Captain Firebeard thinks that he and the ruthless crew of the Horrible Haddock rule the high seas. But the dastardly pirates have definitely met their match when they meet a small, feisty girl named Molly and her fearsome pirate mother, Barbarous Bertha! A hilarious swash-buckling tale of fearsome girls and dastardly Pirates.
The truth pixie goes to school, Matt Haig
New school. New friends. Same old pixie. In this heartwarming adventure. the Truth Pixie and her human friend go to school, face a bully and learn the importance of friendship and being yourself.
The wounded bird, Nicole Heydenrÿk
Uses a story format set in the Rimutaka Forest park to encourage children and their parents to explore the New Zealand forest. In this new adventure Fern and Toi Toi discover an injured pukeko and together with the help of two other Bushbuddies, Rimu and Rata, they discover why it is not a good idea to have dogs running around in the forest. Suggested level: junior, primary.
Muddum on the move, Nicole Heydenrÿk
Uses a story format set in Rimutaka Forest Park to encourage children and their parents to explore the New Zealand forest. In this story the Bushbuddies help Muddum, a caretaker for worms, move to a new location where she can see the stars. Suggested level: junior, primary.
Sleepless nights, Nicole Heydenrÿk
Uses a story format set in Rimutaka Forest Park to encourage children and their parents to explore the New Zealand forest. In this story ToiToi and Rata try to find a way to stop the cicadas making so much noise, so that Fern can sleep. Suggested level: junior, primary.
Aunt Pearl, Monica Kulling
Aunt Pearl arrives one day pushing a shopping cart full of her worldly goods. Her sister Rose has invited her to come live with her family. Six-year-old Marta is happy to meet her aunt, who takes her out to look for treasure on garbage day, and who shows her camp group how to decorate a coffee table with bottle caps.
The day I became the most wanted boy in the world, Tom McLaughlin
There's nothing Pete loves more than sitting at home, being quiet and watching the snooker. But when he accidentally bumps into a local gangster, Pete and his super annoying next door neighbour, Sammy, are caught up in a series of events that get worse and worse at each and every turn.
Isadora Moon puts on a show, Harriet Muncaster
Isadora Moon is special because she's different. Her mum is a fairy and her dad is a vampire and she's a bit of both. It's almost time for the vampire ball, and Isadora can't wait! There's just one problem: she's got to compete in a talent show with the other vampire children.
Nya's long walk: a step at a time, Linda Sue Park
When her little sister, Akeer, becomes sick when they are returning home from the water hole, Nya must carry her and the water back to their village, one step at a time.
TT's terrible Tuesday, John Parker
TT the cat doesn't fancy the new food Mrs Green has given him for breakfast, and the next thing he knows the day has taken a very alarming turn for the worse. Suggested level: primary.
Fun friendship tales, Yvette Poshoglian
Meet Ella and Olivia. Big sister. Little sister.
Kevin's great escape, Philip Reeve
Kevin is a roly-poly flying pony. He has everything he needs a constant supply of biscuits and his best friend, Max. Misty Twiglet is a famous pop star. She has everything she needs except for a perfectly quirky, one-of-a-kind pet. The roly-poly flying pony kind. When Kevin is kidnapped, Max and his sister daisy come to Kevin's rescue, and there's no way they're giving up on him without a fight.
Island of Dragons: the twelfth adventure in the Kingdom of Fantasy, Gerónimo Stilton
Once again Geronimo is summoned to the Kingdom of Fantasy, and this time he must rescue five princesses of The Kingdom of Lotus Flowers who have been kidnapped by a terrible witch--but first he must journey to the Island of Dragons to find the bravest, the wisest, the silliest, and wittiest, and the most sincere dragons who prophecy says will aid him in his mission.
Armadillo and Hare: small tales from the big forest, Jeremy Strong
Armadillo and Hare live with their friends in the Big Forest. Hare loves dancing. Armadillo loves cheese sandwiches. Hare loves playing the tuba. Armadillo loves cheese sandwiches. Hare loves his best friend, Armadillo.
Armadillo and Hare, Jeremy Strong
Armadillo and Hare live with their friends in the Big Forest. Hare loves dancing. Armadillo loves cheese sandwiches. Hare loves playing the tuba. Armadillo loves cheese sandwiches. Hare loves his best friend, Armadillo.
Moonlight the unicorn's high tea hiccup, Sally Sutton
When Clara and Sophia's Honorary Great-Aunties invite the girls to 'high tea', the girls are very excited. It means getting dressed up in a twirly dress – and wearing a fancy hat and shoes! Those mischievous Miniwings like the sound of 'high tea' too – dinky little sandwiches and sweet treats – but Clara says they’re not invited.
The ranger, Nancy Vo
In this memorable and beautifully illustrated story, a ranger comes across a fox caught in a trap. The ranger frees the fox and promises only to tend to its wounds. The fox recovers and remains curiously close to the ranger, and when unexpected twists occur, the fox ends up being the helper. The ranger asks the fox, "Does this make us even?" and almost immediately feels regret keeping score has no place in friendship.
Speedy Monkey, Jeanne Willis
Deep in the rainforest all is peaceful, all is calm. Until Speedy Monkey comes along! Speedy can't keep still all day long he whoops and swoops, prances and dances.The other animals are tired of Speedy's crazy capers and long for some peace and quiet. Then danger strikes and the animals have to act fast.
Heidi, Jeanne Willis
When five-year-old orphan Heidi is sent to live in the Swiss Alps with grumpy Grandpa, the rest of the village take pity on her. But Heidi soon discovers that her grandpa is gentle and kind behind his scowl, and she loves her new life running wild in the mountains with the goats, the flowers and her best friend Peter.