New Titles Children’s December 2015 (arrived in November 2015)

Audio Visual

Batman unlimited. Monster mayhem, produced and directed by Butch Lukic.
It's Halloween in Gotham. To celebrate, the city's spookiest villains have all joined forces and gone on a crime spree. Batman swings into action to stop them, joined by Green Arrow, Cyborg, Nightwing and Red Robin. But it seems that the fiends are working for the clown prince of crime himself: The Joker, who has a surprise of his own. A computer virus that makes all technology laugh and obey his every command! Can the heroes stop the virus before it turns all of Gotham into Jokertown?
Descendants, directed by Kenny Ortega.
A present-day idyllic kingdom where the benevolent teenage son of King Adam and Queen Belle offers a chance of redemption for the trouble making offspring of Disney's classic villains: Cruella De Vil (Carlos), Maleficent (Mal), the Evil Queen (Evie) and Jafar (Jay).
Dwegons and leprechauns, produced and directed by Tom Walsh.
Immerse yourself in the secret world of Dwegons, delightful little creatures who are direct descendants of Leprechauns and dragons. Only a few humans can see these wee souls, and Timmy Fitzgerald is one of them. He and his dad and granny have fallen on hard times and need to move to a decrepit old house in Gold Valley, California. It is there that Timmy discovers the magic of the Dwegons in their underground, rainbow powered world, where houses are made from stray socks and gold nuggets, and museums are dedicated to donuts. The Dwegons help the Fitzgeralds by giving them their gold, but two menacing art thieves on the run take the whole family by surprise. Can the Dwegons help the humans and keep their mystical world safe.
Mike the knight. Mike's bravest mission.,
For many generations the best and bravest knights have attempted to solve the legendary 'Knight's Puzzle', and now it is Mike's turn. When his arch rival, Edward, steals the puzzle, Mike sets off on a thrilling adventure to get the Puzzle back and save the kingdom of Glendragon.
Minions, directed by Pierre Coffin, Kyle Balda.
Minions Stuart, Kevin and Bob are recruited by Scarlett Overkill, a super-villain who, alongside her inventor husband Herb, hatches a plot to take over the world.
Short films collection.,
Collection of classic and award-winning animated short films from the Disney studios.
Snoopy, come home, created and written by Charles M. Schulz ; directed by Bill Melendez.
Feature-length animated film featuring the Peanuts gang, Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Snoopy, and the rest, made back in the early '70s when they were still groovin' to Vince Guaraldi's jazz score.
The legend of Longwood, directed by Lisa Mulcahy.
A twelve-year-old girl leaves New York for a mythical village in Ireland.
Under wraps, directed by Gordon Crum.
When Danny accidentally turns his archaeologist parents into mummies via an ancient curse, he and his cell-phone-obsessed sister Eleanor must find a way to work together and return their parents to normal - all while trying to avoid the wrath of a powerful ancient pharaoh.
Moomins and midsummer madness, directed by Maria Lindberg.
A tranquil summer day in the Moomin Valley is interrupted by a volcanic eruption. Luckily the Moomin family finds refuge in a strange, floating house, which turns out to be a theatre. Problems arise when the family gets separated. While trying to find their way back, Little My and Snufkin challenge the autocratic Park Keeper and end up with a flock of orphan children to look after. Meanwhile, Moomintroll and the Snork Maiden spend a wild Midsummer Eve around a bonfire. However, a misunderstanding the following morning makes them fugitives chased by the authorities Through a series of lucky coincidences, everyone makes it to the premiere of the Moomin familys masterpiece The Lions Brides.
Children's top 100. Vol. 2 : a collection of children's favourite nursery songs,
Disney Junior music party.,
Putumayo kids presents French dreamland.,
"These charming lullabies will transport you to the lavender-scented French countryside. Bonne nuit et dors bein!"-- Cover insert.
Ultimate Disney [sound recording].,
Canimals. Cans of fun [videorecording (DVD)].,
Canimals are already here, you may have not seen them. The last CD you bought disappears for days and then appears in the laundry bag. Who took all the chocolate chunks from your favourite cookies? Do not have any doubt, there are Canimals walking around. Cute, curious, mischievous, playful... Canimals explore and enjoy our world from their very unique point of view. In the classroom, between books in the library, behind the toaster, or under your own bed, Canimals appear when you're not looking!
Canimals. Come to play [videorecording (DVD)].,
Curious, mischievous, playful, a Canimal always looks at the world from a unique perspective. The basic concept of Canimals has been crafted to give the brand a marketing advantage for merchandising, point of purchase, TV animation, interactive web and themed spaces. Unique comedy featuring some very curious cartoon characters with bodies that look like tin cans and faces that look like animals. With a Hello Kitty look and feel and huge brand support in merchandise and toys Canimals is set to be a hit.
Doc McStuffins. Cuddle me Lambie.,
No one gives better cuddles than Doc's warm and fuzzy best friend! She's a princess and a ballerina, and she's always there. Join Doc and the whole gang as they laugh, play and have a ball fixing boo-boos and discovering great ways to stay happy and healthy. Celebrate the power of true friendship as new, sparkly heart toy Val shows Lambie there's plenty of love to go around.
Geronimo Stilton. Volume four, Rules of the game and other fun filled escapades.,
Join reluctant adventurer journalist Geronimo Stilton, along with his family and friends, on an expedition that takes them around the world and to some of the strangest places. Every day is an adventure with a new story to tell.
Geronimo Stilton. Volume three, The gem gang and other fun filled escapades.,
Join reluctant adventurer journalist Geronimo Stilton, along with his family and friends, on an expedition that takes them around the world and to some of the strangest places. Every day is an adventure with a new story to tell.
Halloween specials.,
Get ready to scream (with laughter) with this collection of spooky episodes from a variety of classic Nickelodeon series! Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina hit the human world on Halloween night with disastrous results. Cat dresses as Duke Kahanamoku of Hawaii and Dog as Count Dogula for Halloween. Rocko and Heffer introduce the Hopping Hessian Monster to trick-or-treating. Stu and Didi build a haunted house, and Danny also tries his best at haunted-house building for a school contest. Zim and Dib get stuck in a nightmare world on Halloween, and The Thornberrys explore bat caves in a spooky castle!
Let's learn science and math.,
Your kids will accelerate into science and math with these 5 Nickelodeon play dates! They'll learn about friction with Blaze, build and fi x things with the PAW Patrol, discover the science behind their senses with the Bubble Guppies, master math with Team Umizoomi, and more!
Play School. Round and round [videorecording (DVD)].,
Join us as we spin the Spinners are Grinners Wheel and learn about things that twist, turn and twirl in the home, on the farm, in the city and outdoors. We also explore body movement, see how wheels help us move and look through the windows to see some children sing Ring a Ring a Rosie, have a teddy bears? picnic and play with things that go round and round in the park!
Postman Pat. Special delivery service. A sticky situation.,
Everyone's favourite postie Postman Pat is back in brand new episodes of 'Special Delivery Service', with deliveries more challenging than ever before.
Power rangers dino charge. Power from the past.,
On prehistoric Earth, an alien entrusted powerful Energems to 10 dinosaurs, but when the dinosaurs went extinct, the Energems were lost. Now an intergalactic bounty hunter is determined to reclaim the Energems and destroy our planet. A new team of Power Rangers must find the lost Energems and use their Dino Chargers to power up an arsenal of dino-fueled battle gear, Zords and Megazords to save the world.
Teenage mutant ninja turtles. S 3, v2, Return to NYC!, Nickelodeon.
Within the woods the Turtles forge new armour and weapons, and journey into the spiritual realm. Get ready for more epic battles when the heroes emerge once again, ready to take back New York and find their long-lost sensei.
Tree Fu Tom. Time for Tree Fu!,
Join Tom and his magical friends in another 6 amazing, action-packed adventures. Challenges come in all shapes and sizes in Treetopolis and it's only with YOUR help performing Tree Fu moves that Tom can create spectacular Big World Magic and save the day
Angelina ballerina. Mousical medleys.,
With musicals, parades and more, there's always something to keep Angelina in the spotlight! See what happens when the mouselings' plans to welcome the stars of Mousical the Musical. Angelina is an imaginative, clever, determined little mouseling who is passionate about dancing and life. Inspiring little girls to go after their dreams, she always works hard to reach her goals and learns from her mistakes.
The silver dream, Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves [and Mallory Reaves].
After mastering the ability to walk between dimensions, sixteen-year-old Joey Harker and his fellow InterWorld freedom fighters embark on a mission to maintain peace between the rival powers of magic and science who seek to control all worlds.
Listen to the Moon, Michael Morpurgo.
May, 1915. Alfie and his fisherman father find a girl on an uninhabited island in the Scillies injured, thirsty, lost and with absolutely no memory of who she is, or how she came to be there. She can say only one word: Lucy. Where has she come from? Is she a mermaid, the victim of a German U-boat, or even as some islanders suggest a German spy? Only one thing is for sure: she loves music and moonlight, and it is when she listens to the gramophone that the glimmers of the girl she once was begin to appear. WW1 is raging, suspicion and fear are growing, and Alfie and Lucy are ever more under threat. But as we begin to see the story of Merry, a girl boarding a great ship for a perilous journey across the ocean, another melody enters the great symphony and the music begins to resolve.
Cherry blossom dreams, Gwyneth Rees.
Sometimes, something happens in your life that changes everything. When Sasha was six, her dad died suddenly and the world changed forever. Now she's twelve, it feels like things are changing all the time: her twin brother hardly talks to her any more, her mum's dating a teacher from school, her best friend Lily keeps going on about boys ...and Sasha doesn't feel ready for any of it. Why can't things just stay the same? The one place she can escape to is Blossom House, her secret place - an old, echoey, overgrown, beautiful, empty mansion, where the only thing that changes is the weather and the flowers in the garden. There's just one problem: it isn't hers. And even a house can have secrets ...
The vampire's assistant, Darren Shan.
After traveling with Mr. Crepsley, the vampire who made him into a half-vampire, Darren returns to the freak show known as the Cirque du Freak and continues to fight his need to drink human blood.
Raiders of the lost shark, Lyn Gardner & Ros Asquith.
Those terrible pirate twins are at it again! Their relentless pursuit of treasure is causing all sorts of havoc in the seaside town of Little Snoring, and only youngsters Tat and Hetty - and their cat called Dog - have a chance of stopping them.
Supe loud Sam : the noisiest boy in the world!, Jo Simmons.
Meet SUPER LOUD SAM! He's the best (and loudest) superhero around and in this thrilling illustrated adventure he's here to save the day! Sam Lowe is a smaller than the average boy with a louder than the average voice. Often people - his parents, teachers, random strangers - tell Sam to SHUSH! but it's like asking a baby polar bear to stop looking cute. Impossible! When a sinister new teacher, Mrs Sandy Mann, starts at Sam's school, he realizes she wants to silence children and their creativity, energy and noisy zest for life - with a special sleep spell. Only Sam's shouty voice can break through her spell and save his friends from her slumber. But can he defeat her for good and restore fun to the school?
The dragon's song, Claire Taylor-Smith.
Those terrible pirate twins are at it again! Their relentless pursuit of treasure is causing all sorts of havoc in the seaside town of Little Snoring, and only youngsters Tat and Hetty - and their cat called Dog - have a chance of stopping them.


The beachside guest house, Vanessa Greene
When Rosa and Bee get together in the run-up to Bee's wedding, they reminisce about the holiday they took together as teenagers to the beautiful Greek island of Paros. They remember the sandy coves, the guest house in the converted windmill where they stayed with their friend Iona, and the gorgeous local men. As memories of that long-forgotten holiday resurface, they are forced to confront the turns their lives have taken and the guilt they both feel about letting Iona slip away from them. When they learn that the windmill guest house is going bust they form a plan: why not go back to the island and take it over themselves? And so begins a life-changing journey because it turns out that opening a guest house and reliving their teenage dreams isn't that easy.
Paris, he said, Christine Sneed.
Jayne Marks is questioning the choices she has made in the years since college she is struggling to pay her bills in Manhattan when she is given the opportunity to move to Paris with her wealthy lover and benefactor, Laurent Moller, who owns and operates two art galleries: one in New York, the other in Paris. He offers her the time and financial support she needs to begin her career as a painter and also challenges her to see who and what she will become if she meets her artistic potential. Laurent, however, seems to have other women in his life and Jayne, too, has an ex-boyfriend, much closer to her own age, whom she still has feelings for. Bringing Paris gloriously to life, Paris, He Said is a novel about desire, beauty and its appreciation, and of finding yourself presented with the things you believe you've always wanted, only to wonder where true happiness lies.

Into Reading

Mole versus the enormous turnip, Dawn Casey and Michael Emmerson.
Mole's Hole is being invaded by an enormous turnip! This means war! Mole needs the help of all his friends to push this pesky vegetable out of his home! Sumptuously illustrated by amazing artist Michael Emmerson, this heart warming tale is a fun new twist on the original tale, The Enormous Turnip. Hopscotch Twisty Tales combine carefully controlled text levels and word counts with highly entertaining and original stories, perfect for children starting to read independently.
The Ninjabread Man, Katrina Charman and Fabiano Fiorin.
In a terrific twist on the original well known tale of The Gingerbread Man, follow the amazing Ninjabread Man as he dips and dives out of danger! Hopscotch Twisty Tales combine carefully controlled text levels and word counts with highly entertaining and original stories, perfect for children starting to read independently.
Little red hen's great escape, Elizabeth Dale and Andrew Painter.
Little Red Hen knows something is wrong when she sees the bulldozers arrive on the farm! How can she find out what the farmer is up to when the other animals are all to lazy to help!
Big pancake to the rescue, Katie Dale and Steve Stone.
The baker gets a huge shock when the giant pancake he is making leaps off the frying pan and rolls off into town! The butcher and the candlestick maker give chase, but soon a giant sniffs out the tasty pancake and chases them all! The only escape is on the river, but how can they stay afloat?
Thumbelina thinks big!, Katie Dale and Rupert Van Wyk.
Thumbelina dreams of being a model on the catwalk. She has big dreams of stardom but not very much luck at being noticed! When a local fashion show comes to town, is this her big chance?
Aunt Nasty, Margaret Mahy ; illustrated by Chris Mould.
Aunt Nasty is coming to stay. Claire and Toby don't know what to expect. You see, Aunt Nasty isn't like other aunties...
Tamara the tooth fairy, Daisy Meadows.
Can Kirsty and Rachel help Tamara the Tooth Fairy do her job by getting her magical objects back from Jack Frost?
The boy who cried sheep!, Laura North and Becka Moor.
The Boy Who Cried Sheep revisits the original story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf with a new spin! This time the Shepherd boy watches a herd of stunt jumping sheep, and he must save the day when no one comes to rescue little Red Riding Hood from the Big Bad Wolf!
Monkey and Elephant and a secret birthday surprise, Carole Lexa Schaefer ; illustrated by Galia Bernstein.
When Monkey confides to Elephant that today is his birthday, Elephant decides to turn Clever Rat's get together into a surprise birthday party for his friend.
Belinda and the bears and the new chair, Kaye Umansky ; illustrated by Chris Jevons.
There are two cottages in Honeybear Lane. One has a green door, and one has a blue door. Behind the green door lives Belinda. Behind the blue door live. The Three Bears! Goldilocks has broken Baby's chair, and Daddy Bear doesn't know how to fix it. Can Belinda help make it Just Right again?
I really like slop!, Mo Willems.
Piggie really likes slop. She likes it so much, she wants Gerald to try some! But can Gerald find the courage to do it? Or will the smell alone be too much?.


Divorce is the worst, written and illustrated by Anastasia Higginbotham.
A lovingly crafted picture book speaking to the child's perspective on divorce. The book offers advice, sympathy, and wit to match without being pandering or authoritative. While admitting that divorces are painful, it above all empowers its young reader to cope with and even make the best of a difficult situation.
Living long ago, illustrated by Stefano Tognetti ; written by Abigail Wheatley.
An interactive history book for young children, looking at life in a town travelling back in time from modern times to the stone age.
It's your world : get informed, get inspired & get going!, Chelsea Clinton.
Combining facts, charts, photographs, and stories, describes how readers can enact change in the world around them and find solutions for such global problems as climate change, poverty, gender inequality, and homelessness.
Usborne illustrated Norse myths, retold by Alex Frith and Louie Stowell ; illustrated by Matteo Pincelli.
Viking warriors spurred each other on with epic sagas of dragon-slaying heroes and giant-smashing gods. Meet Thor, the thunder god, and Loki, the shapeshifting trickster, as well as sea serpents, fire demons and frost giants in these awe-inspiring myths from the Viking Age.
Snuggle up with Mother Goose, Iona Opie ; illustrated by Rosemary Wells.
Presents a collection of Mother Goose nursery rhymes paired with colourful illustrations.
Breezier, cheesier, newest, and bluest : what are comparatives and superlatives?, Brian P. Cleary ; illustrations by Brian Gable.
Presents an introduction to the rules for comparison in English, providing humorous, illustrated examples.
My first French word book, [illustrated by Rosalinde Bonnet ; words by Felicity Brooks and Hannah Wood].
A very simple, illustrated vocabularly book with over 270 French words for children to spot and learn. Each word is brought to life with a friendly illustration, and grouped into themes including 'Animals', 'At home', 'My body', 'Bedtime' and lots more. With sturdy board pages designed to withstand being read time and time again.
My first Spanish word book, [illustrated by Rosalinde Bonnet ; words by Felicity Brooks and Mairi Mackinnon].
There are over 270 everyday Spanish words in this delightfully illustrated book. Themes include numbers, animals, on the farm, things that go and bedtime.
Experiments with materials, Isabel Thomas.
Read and Experiment is an engaging series, introducing children to scientific concepts. Explore the world of materials with clear text, real- world examples and fun, safe step-by-step experiments. This book brings materials science to life, explaining the concepts and encouraging children to be hands-on scientists.
Experiments with forces, Isabel Thomas.
Read and Experiment is an engaging series, introducing children to scientific concepts. Explore the world of forces with clear text, real-world examples and fun, safe step-by-step experiments. This book brings the science of forces to life, explaining the concepts and encouraging children to be hands-on scientists.
Experiments with magnets, Isabel Thomas.
Read and Experiment is an engaging series, introducing children to scientific concepts. Explore the world of magnets with clear text, real-world examples and fun, safe step-by-step experiments. This book brings the science of magnets to life, explaining the concepts and encouraging children to be hands-on scientists.
Cabinet of curiosities : collecting and understanding the wonders of the natural world, Gordon Grice.
What kid doesn't love picking up shells on the beach, or finding a bird's egg or snake's rattle, or-treasure of treasures-a fossil? Then taking it home to put on a shelf or in a shoebox? That same impulse has, since the Age of Exploration, motivated collectors to turn their passion into amazing "cabinets of curiosities" collections of beautiful and unusual objects that in many cases became the seeds of the world's great natural history museums. Cabinet of Curiosities is exactly the book for every young explorer who loves finding stuff in nature and bringing it home.
Story of life : evolution, illustrated by Katie Scott ; [written by Fiona Munro].
Story of Life: Evolution is a graphic, fold out guide to evolution. The book starts with the first single-cell organisms and ends with modern life forms.
Where did they go? : a spotting book, Emily Bornoff.
Where has the polar bear gone? Where did the lemur go? Can you find them? In this stunning spotting book from printmaker and illustrator Emily Bornoff, search for endangered animals in jungles, in deserts and on the ice. Bornoff's lovely patterns and the playful hide-and-seek elements make this a charming, interactive title and it also has a fascinating non-fiction element; every animal in Where did they go? is endangered. Learn where in the world they come from and what is being done to save them.
Experiments with plants, Isabel Thomas.
Read and Experiment is an engaging series, introducing children to scientific concepts. Explore the world of plants with clear text, real-world examples and fun, safe step-by-step experiments. This book brings botanical science to life, explaining the concepts and encouraging children to be hands-on scientists.
Insects in 30 seconds, Anna Claybourne ; illustrated by Wesley Robins ; consultant, Dr Patrice Bouchard.
This is the perfect introduction to the largest animal group on Earth for all budding entomologists. Each topic is presented in a neat 30-second soundbite, supported by a 3-second flash summary and a full-page colourful artwork. Fun active missions support the topics and encourage kids to find out more. With stunning artwork, the attention-grabbing format is engaging and immediate, introducing readers aged from 8 up to the wonderful world of bugs.
Could a penguin ride a bike? : and other questions, Aleksei Bitskoff & Camilla de la Bedoyere.
Could a Penguin Ride a Bike? provides a fun introduction into the life of a penguin. By imagining animals in everyday scenarios readers can learn about their size, diet and other features. For example, what if a baby penguin came for dinner? Make sure he doesn't eat everything! Chicks eat, and eat, and eat. An adult penguin eats about 50 fish a day, but a chick needs to eat about 200! That's because chicks grow a thick layer of fat to keep them warm in the icy winter. The engaging question and answer format will keep young readers entertained and help them to understand and retain animal facts.
Elephants, Sally Morgan.
Learn all about the amazing world of elephants, and follow their lives from calf to adult. You'll be an expert in no time!
Cheetahs, Sally Morgan.
Learn all about the amazing world of cheetahs, and follow their lives from cub to adult. You'll be an expert in no time!
Sex is a funny word, [by Cory Silverberg and Fiona Smyth].
A comic book for kids that includes children and families of all makeups, orientations, and gender identies, Sex Is a Funny Word is an essential resource about bodies, gender, and sexuality for children ages 8 to 10 as well as their parents and caregivers. Much more than the "facts of life" or "the birds and the bees," Sex Is a Funny Word opens up conversations between young people and their caregivers in a way that allows adults to convey their values and beliefs while providing information about boundaries, safety, and joy. The eagerly anticipated follow up to Lambda-nominated What Makes a Baby, from sex educator Cory Silverberg and artist Fiona Smyth, Sex Is a Funny Word reimagines "sex talk" for the twenty-first century.
How to build a car, written by Saskia Lacey ; illustrated by Martin Sodomka.
Three unlikely friends Eli, a mouse; Phoebe, a sparrow; and Hank, a frog decide to build a small motorcar together. The story follows the friendly trio as they learn all about how a car works and how it is constructed.
The Usborne official astronaut's handbook, written by Louie Stowell ; illustrated by Roger Simo with additional illustrations by Adam Larkum & Jamie Ball ; foreword by European Space Agency astronaut Tim Peake.
Discover how you become an astronaut, the training you must undertake, how you travel into space and what you do when you're up there.
I love that minifigure.,
Meet the most sought-after LEGO minifigures of all time, I love that minifigure brings together 200 of the coolest, rarest and most collectable minifigures. Your indispensable guide to the LEGO world's unique characters. Whether you want to check your collection or read-up on all your favourite LEGO minifigures, covers more than 35 years of LEGO history, and comes with its own new and exclusive LEGO minifigure for your collection. Find out the key features of each minifigure, their original availability and rarity rating perfect for any budding LEGO minifigure collectors.
Great LEGO sets : a visual history, written by Daniel Lipkowitz ; with Kathryn Hill, Helen Murray and Rosie Peet.
Explores the history of LEGO sets in detail. Includes more than 300 LEGO sets, from the first Town Plans of the 1950s to today's dazzling sets. With stunning photography and fascinating facts, it includes the much-loved classic 1970s and 1980s Space and Castle sets and the latest LEGO Star Wars and THE LEGO MOVIE sets. Follow the timelines of LEGO set history, discover how LEGO sets are made and see hundreds of LEGO sets in amazing detail, superbly captioned and annotated. Created in full collaboration with the LEGO Group, Great LEGO sets reveals exclusive insights from LEGO designers into how LEGO sets are made.
Designer dog projects : lots of cool craft projects inside, Isabel Thomas.
Are you delirious about dogs? Then this book is for you! This fantastic book is packed full of tips on how to care for your furry friend and covers everything you could possibly want to do with your dog. For example, you can find out how to photograph him or her at their best angle! Or throw them a party! Make the delicious doggy treat "recipes" inside and follow the step-by-step guides to make some amazing projects, including a tug toy, sausage dog draft excluder, and even a doggy bandana! Read this and you will have the happiest dog ever!
Handy horse projects : loads of cool craft projects inside, Isabel Thomas.
Do you think horses are hor-some? Then this book is for you! This fantastic book is packed full of tips on how to care for your hooved friend and covers everything you could possibly want to do with your horse. For example, you can find out how to photograph him and make a frame to go with it! Or throw a horse-themed party for your friends! Follow the step-by-step guides to make some amazing projects, including a galloping horse plate, horsehair jewellery, and horsey notepaper and cards. Read this and you will have the happiest horse ever!
See what I can see : New Zealand photography for the young and curious, Gregory O'Brien.
Photography was invented in France in 1839 - the year before the Treaty of Waitangi was signed in New Zealand. Within a few years, cameras were charting the life and times of people at this end of the planet. See What I Can See is a celebration of that remarkable, well-travelled, ever-changing invention - the camera - the New Zealand that it captured, and the artists who wielded it.
Get set! Flute : tutor book. 1, Hattie Jolly, Ali Steynor ; illustrated by Julia Patton.
Star Wars. Where's the Wookiee? : [a search and find activity book], illustrations by Ulises Farinas ; colour by Ryan Hill ; written by Katrina Pallant ; designed by Richie Hull.
Chewbacca, a notorious rebel ally, is wanted for crimes against the Empire. Not often seen without his partner-in-crime, Han Solo, this Wookiee has evaded capture on multiple occasions, due in no small part to the fastest freighter in the universe, the Millennium Falcon. Chewie, as he is more commonly known, has a sizeable bounty on his head.
Pokemon deluxe essential handbook : the need-to-know stats and facts on over 700 Pokemon.,
Gotta read about 'em all! This revised and updated edition of the mega-bestselling Pokemon Essential Handbook includes stats and facts on over 700 Pokemon. It's everything you ever wanted to know about every Pokemon all in one place! This revised and updated edition of the 2012 bestseller has stats and facts on over 700 Pokemon. The book includes 64 new pages focusing on the new Kalos characters that just debuted in the Pokemon X & Y videogames, plus inside info on the new Mega Evolved Pokemon. This book is an absolute must-have for Pokemon fans. It's sure to be a bestseller with kids of all ages.
Game on! 2016 : all the best games, awesome facts, awesome secrets.,
Whether you've picked up a pad for the first time or unlocked hundreds of Achievements, here's your ultimate guide to the year in gaming! Inside you will find gaming's greatest secrets, how to unlock trophies and achievements, facts and stats about the games you love, interviews with YouTubers, pro gamers, and developers.
Hacks for Minecrafters. Command blocks : the unofficial guide to tips and tricks that other guides won't teach you, Megan Miller.
Packed with expert tips, cheats, and hacks on command blocks, including a full reference to all the commands and exactly how you use them. With over one hundred screenshots, Hacks for Minecrafters: Command Blocks shows exactly how the experts wield command blocks and make fun modifications to the Minecraft world. Feel inspired by tricks and projects for making your own custom maps and mini-games.
Hacks for Minecrafters. Redstone : the unofficial guide to tips and tricks that other guides won't teach you, Megan Miller.
Packed with expert tips, cheats, and hacks on redstone. With over one hundred screenshots, Hacks for Minecrafters: Redstone shows exactly how the experts wield redstone power, and how you can construct some classic and crazy contraptions and machines. Detailed step-by-step illustrated guides will let every player use redstone to defend their buildings in inventive ways.
Rugby, the history, David Riley.
Who brought the game of rugby to New Zealand? How did the All Blacks get their name? What are the rules of wheelchair rugby? Find out the answers to these questions and also learn how rugby envoled from a game played by English schoolboys to become one of the most popular sports in the world. Read how rugby spread throughout New Zealand and the Pacific including the greatest matches, the greatest players, rugby at the Olympics and Paralympics. Also includes a chapter on women's rugby.
Rugby, the players, the skills and the style, David Riley ; illustrations by Michel Mulipola.
Read about the players whose catching, passing, running, scrummaging and tackling skills have helped make rugby one of the most popular sports in the world! The book includes: training techniques to help you learn rugby skills; styling skills - how to look good playing the game you love; studying skills - how reading, writing and study skills can make you a better player; [and] what to do when you make mistakes.
Mixed martial arts, Annabelle Tometich ; content consultant, Nick "The Goat" Thompson.
The inside martial arts series takes a close look at some of the most popular martial arts, focusing on the key techniques, the training required, and the competitions for each art.
Tae kwon do, Thomas K. and Heather Adamson ; content consultant, Bruce Harris.
Presents information on tae kwon do, including basic skills, training, competitions, and more.
Kung fu, Brian Howell ; content consultant, Robert D. Mehus.
Whether you're a beginner or on your way to a black belt this series is a great way to get up to date on your favourite martial art.
Karate, Mark McNulty ; content consultant, Sensei John Sharkey.
Martial arts have long fascinated people around the world. Some people love the exciting action, while others use martial arts to develop fitness, self-confidence, and self-defense skills.
Aikido, Alex Monning ; content consultant, Tristan Chermack.
Presents information on aikido, including basic skills, training, competitions, and safety.
Judo, Annabelle Tometich ; content consultant, Sayaka Torra.
Presents information on judo, including basic skills, training, competitions, and safety.
A great big cuddle : poems for the very young, Michael Rosen ; illustrated by Chris Riddell.
Two of the biggest names in children's publishing, Michael Rosen and Chris Riddell, come together in a new poetry collection. The poems in A Great Big Cuddle fizz off the page with sound and rhythm, energy and laughter, as Rosen captures in the most remarkable way what it means to be very, very young. A child's world with all its details and feelings toys and games, animals and made- up creatures, likes and dislikes is vividly conjured up in the most memorable, playful language, and Chris Riddell has produced some his most extraordinary pictures ever to bring this world to life. It's a book that will be enjoyed by the oldest grown-up and the youngest child and a future classic.
You rule! : create your own country, [Scott Forbes and Emma Laura Jones].
Tired of following other people's rules? Think you can do better? Now's your chance! This innovative and fun new title from Lonely Planet Kids shows you how to design a completely new nation from scratch. Decide on the laws, choose your borders, make your flag, attract loyal citizens and lots more. You'll get to create, organise, govern and judge. You can be king, queen, big chief, emperor, president or dictator. Includes fun projects to complete, bold full-colour illustrations and fascinating facts about the world's micronations. Get ready to claim your throne, because right here, right now, you rule!
Atlas of adventures, [written by Rachel Williams ; illustrated by Lucy Letherland].
Find hundreds of things to spot and learn new facts about every destination. With epic adventures from the four corners of the globe and discoveries to be made on your own doorstep, this book will inspire you to set off on your own journey of discovery.
Jammin' with Steven Adams, David Riley.
The story of how a troubled young man from small town New Zealand achieved his dream of playing in the best basketball competition in the world ... the NBA".
World War II unclassified : secrets of World War II revealed, Nick Hunter.
From Hitler's rise to power to the surrender of the Japanese in 1945, WWII Unclassified uncovers real-life facts about one of the most terrible wars. Packed full of incredible photographs, artifacts and original documents from the National Archives, WWII Unclassified is a true account of how this dreadful war affected the world.
Indonesia, Nel Yomtov.
Discusses the history, geography, and people of Indonesia as well as the country's rich culture and traditions and its beautiful natural areas.
Jamaica, Ruth Bjorklund.
Discusses the history, geography, and people of Jamaica as well as the country's rich culture and traditions and its beautiful natural areas.
Qing bu yao sheng qi, (Ri) Nanmao Xuan zhu ; (Ri) Shijing Shengyue hui ; Jin Haiying yi.
Bao bao dong li yi = Manners time, Yilishaba Wodike zhu ; Malika Haiyinlan hui ; Du Tianjiao yi.
Jin zi ta xia zhi mu nai yi de zu zhou, Yang guang hui zhu.

Older Fiction

Laugh your head off, illustrated by Andrea Innocent.
A Choco-pops robot + a practical joke that goes wrong + a talking rock + organic rodent pies + a face that's stuck + a plan for revenge + an out-of-control imaginary fairy + a nit epidemic + five kids and one chimp in space = one hilarious book.
Beware the power of the dark side! : an original retelling of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Tom Angleberger ; [interior art by Ralph McQuarrie and Joe Johnston].
Presents a retelling of the third Star Wars movie, featuring Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia as they battle the Empire. The evil Empire is constructing a second Death Star to crush the Rebel Alliance. But Luke Skywalker has other plans to destroy the Empire and stop the Emperor once and for all. Yet there is one thing standing in his way his father.
The Grunts on the run, Philip Ardagh ; illustrated by Axel Scheffler.
Over the years, the Grunts have made more than a few enemies. But fortunately they're all safely behind bars. Or are they? There's been a prison break-out, and three of them are after revenge. It's time for the Grunts to go On the Run.
The question of miracles, Elana K. Arnold.
Unhappy about moving from sunny California to rainy Corvallis, Oregon, and grieving over the death of her best friend, sixth-grader Iris looks for a miracle and may find one in new friend Boris.
The person controller : press A+B+Up+Down to unlock hilarious book mode, David Baddiel ; illustrated by Jim Field.
Fred and Ellie are twins. But not identical (because that's impossible for a boy and a girl). They do like all the same things, though. Especially video games. Which they are very good at. They aren't that good, however, at much else like, for example, football, or dealing with the school bullies. Then, they meet the Mystery Man, who sends them a video game controller, which doesn't look like any other controller they've ever seen. And it doesn't control any of their usual games. When the twins find out what it does control, though, it seems like the answer to all their problems. And the key to all their wildest dreams. At least it seems like that.
Five on a treasure island, Enid Blyton ; illustrated by Babette Cole.
Five On a Treasure Island is the story of a shipwreck off Kirrin Island - but where is the treasure? Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy the dog are searching for clues. But it turns out they are not alone. Since the Famous Five's 70th anniversary in 2012, Hodder's special editions showcasing the best of British children's book illustrators have become firm favourites with readers everywhere. There are 10 new editions with more to come including Five Fall Into Adventure, with a cover by Babette Cole. Now, for the first time, Babette has illustrated a whole Enid Blyton book Five On a Treasure Island, the very first title in this enduring series.
The princess, the scoundrel, and the farm boy : an original retelling of Star Wars: A new hope, Alexandra Bracken ; [interior art by Ralph McQuarrie and Joe Johnston].
Presents an illustrated retelling of the first Star Wars film in which the galaxy's fate lies in the hands of Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Luke Skywalker. The galaxy is at war. Although the Rebel Alliance has won a few battles against the Empire, hope is fading. The Empire is about to unveil the greatest weapon the galaxy has ever seen the Death Star. The Rebels' only chance to defeat it now lies in the unlikely hands of a princess, a scoundrel, and a farm boy.
NERDS : National Espionage, Rescue, and Defense Society, Michael Buckley ; illustrations by Ethen Beavers.
While running a spy network from their elementary school, five unpopular misfits combine their enhanced abilities and use cutting-edge gadgetry to fight evil around the world.
Alice through the looking-glass and what she found there, Lewis Carroll ; illustrated by Robert Ingpen.
In this sequel to "Alice in Wonderland", Alice goes through the mirror to find a strange world where curious adventures await her.
The dog, Ray, Linda Coggin.
Daisy was involved in a car crash and is now in some kind of heavenly waiting room. But even heaven makes mistakes sometimes and Daisy accidentally gets a new life as a dog!
The visions of Ichabod X, written by Gary Crew ; illustrated by Paul O'Sullivan.
This book invites readers to explore and possibly discover the meaning behind the haunting, futuristic visions of Ichabod X.
Heartsong : a short novel, Kevin Crossley-Holland ; illustrated by Jane Ray.
Abandoned at the orphanage in Venice as a baby, Laura is mute. Her life is transformed when the composer Vivaldi unlocks her passion for music. The seasons turn, dark turns to light and miracles happen.
The secrets of the Wild Wood, Tonke Dragt ; translated by Laura Watkinson.
One of the King's knights has gone missing. Sent to explore the mysterious Wild Wood, which no-one dares visit and some say are enchanted, he has vanished in the snow. Tiuri now Sir Tiuri after carrying out his last perilous mission has to find him. With his best friend and squire, Piak, he must journey into the heart of a terrifying, secret forest realm, where danger is all around and every path leads you astray. It is a place of lost, overgrown cities and ancient curses; of robbers, princesses and strange Men in Green; of old friends and treacherous new enemies and a secret plot that threatens to bring down the entire kingdom.
The book of Shane, Nick Eliopulos ; introduction by Tui T. Sutherland.
A collection of stories that sheds light on the past, present, and future of Shane, a would-be conqueror who has resolved to do whatever it takes to free his people.
The knot impossible : a tale of Fontaina : Rufkin's travels in four acts, Barbara Else ; with illustrations by Sam Broad.
Rufkin must learn to try harder. He is sent to work in a salvage yard, where vicious cave lizards lurk in the mud, amongst rusting ship haulks saved for scrap. When he hears a small voice cry "Help!" from the riverbank mangroves, Rufkin and his reluctant new neighbour Nissy, are caught up in a perilous sea adventure that threatens to bring the end-of-days. Rufkin, the boy who suffers stage fright, is suddenly centre stage: the only one who can right an ancient wrong and save the kingdom.
The boy who knew everything, Victoria Forester.
In the wake of a prophecy that says they have the power to bring about great change, genius Conrad Harrington III teams up with Piper McCloud, the girl who could fly, to try to save the world and themselves.
Big game : a FunJungle novel, Stuart Gibbs.
Someone is trying to hunt FunJungle's Asian greater one-horned rhinoceros, and twelve-year-old Teddy Fitzroy is on the case.
So you want to be a Jedi? : an original retelling of Star Wars: The Empire strikes back, Adam Gidwitz ; [interior art by Ralph McQuarrie and Joe Johnston].
Reimagines the second Star Wars film in which Luke Skywalker trains with Yoda to become a Jedi after a rebel defeat on the ice planet Hoth and battles Darth Vader, who reveals a startling secret to Luke during their duel. You are Luke Skywalker, taking your first steps toward becoming the greatest Jedi in the galaxy. But the way will not be easy, and the power of the dark side is strong.
Took : a ghost story, Mary Downing Hahn.
A witch called Old Auntie is lurking near Dan's family's new home. He doesn't believe in her at first, but is forced to accept that she is real and take action when his little sister, Erica, is 'took' to become Auntie's slave for the next fifty years.
Rules for stealing stars, Corey Ann Haydu.
Four sisters rely on each other and a bit of mysterious magic to cope with their mother's illness.
Full cicada moon, Marilyn Hilton.
In 1969 twelve-year-old Mimi and her family move to an all-white town in Vermont, where Mimi's mixed-race background and interest in "boyish" topics like astronomy make her feel like an outsider.
Cool nukes, Des Hunt.
Professor Walter Mayhew has always been weird, but an explosion in his backyard laboratory seems to have sent him over the edge. Then he disappears - in bizarre circumstances. Three of his young proteges, Max, Jian Xin and Cleo, start receiving cryptic messages, which look like plans for a nuclear device - one which could solve all of mankind's energy problems. The children decide to make the device for the upcoming ExpoFest science fair ... but if it works, the technology will be worth a fortune. And certain people aren't about to let three kids get the credit.
Fearsome creatures of the lumberwoods : 20 chilling tales from the wilderness, Hal Johnson ; illustrated by Tom Mead.
Meet the fearsome creatures of the lumberwoods! The Hodag, like a spinybacked bull-horned rhinoceros packing 3,000 pounds of carnivorous fury. The Snoligoster, the reptilian beast that feeds on the shadows of its victims. And deadlier than a rattler, copperhead, or cottonmouth combined, the Hoop Snake, which can chase prey at speeds up to 60 miles per hour and then, with one sting of its venomous tail, cause the victim to turn purple, swell up, and die. For every kid who loves a good scare, here are 20 spooky, macabre, and yet whimsical tales about the most fantastical beasts in American folklore. Originally published in 1910 by William T. Cox and now inspiringly retold by Hal Johnson. Straight out of the era of Paul Bunyan, it speaks to an earlier time in American history, when the woods were indeed dark and deep and filled with mystery.
The water-babies (abridged), Charles Kingsley ; edited by Capt. Edric Vredenburg ; illustrated by Mabel Lucie Attwell with a foreword by Imogen Russell Williams.
When Tom, a young chimney sweep, falls into a river and drowns, he is transformed from a twelve-year-old boy who has known nothing but brutality and poverty into a 'water-baby'. In an underwater world surrounded by fairies, insects and water nymphs, he soon discovers a new life of adventure and excitement.
Old school, Jeff Kinney.
Life was better in the old days. Or was it? That's the question Greg Heffley is asking as his town voluntarily unplugs and goes electronics-free. But modern life has its conveniences, and Greg isn't cut out for an old-fashioned world. With tension building inside and outside the Heffley home, will Greg find a way to survive? Or is going 'old school' just too hard for a kid like Greg.
An eagle in the snow, Michael Morpurgo ; illustrated by Michael Foreman.
The extraordinary story of the man who could have stopped World War Two. A beautiful moral thriller from one of the world's favourite storytellers. 1940. Barney and his mother, their home destroyed by bombing, are travelling to the country when their train is forced to shelter in a tunnel from attacking German planes. There, in the darkness, a stranger on the train begins to tell them a story. A story about Bobby Byron, the most decorated soldier of WW1, who once had the chance to end the war before it even began, and how he tried to fix his mistake. But sometimes the right thing is hard to see and even harder to live with.
The nest, Kenneth Oppel ; illustrated by Jon Klassen.
When wasps come to Steve in a dream offering to fix his sick baby brother, he thinks all he has to do is say yes. But yes may not mean what Steve thinks it means.
Top of the class, Liz Pichon.
Tips for being top of the class! (Sadly I did none of these things.) 1. Stay awake in lessons (it helps.) 2. Don't draw hilarious pictures of your teachers. 3. Avoid the class bully to stay out of trouble. 4. Don't let Mum and Dad write anything in your school planner. 5. Don't let your grumpy sister Delia boss you around. (Technically not a school issue but still important.) I'm trying to get voted onto the school council as well but thanks to the above list it's not exactly going to plan.
Bragonsthyme, Elizabeth Pulford.
In a desperate battle against time, Abigail re-enters the Silvering Kindgom on a knife-edged mission to find Thyme, the last surviving ice dragon in the land. With the help of Flint and Bramble, she must outwit the deadly Rackenard and the scheming Zezmena. Should they fail, the Bloodtree and its stories will be forever lost.
Magnus Chase and the gods of Asgard. 1, The sword of summer, Rick Riordan.
Magnus Chase has always been a troubled kid. Since his mother's mysterious death, he's lived alone on the streets of Boston, surviving by his wits, keeping one step ahead of the police and the truant officers. One day, he is tracked down by a man he's never met a man his mother claimed was dangerous. The man tells him an impossible secret: Magnus is the son of a Norse god. The Viking myths are true. The gods of Asgard are preparing for war. Trolls, giants, and worse monsters are stirring for doomsday. To prevent Ragnarok, Magnus must search the Nine Worlds for a weapon that has been lost for thousands of years. When an attack by fire giants forces him to choose between his own safety and the lives of hundreds of innocents, Magnus makes a fatal decision.
Puppy love, Rachel Renee Russell with Nikki Russell and Erin Russell.
Nikki's diary is up to the month of May, and springtime is sure to bring more adorkable fun for Nikki and her friends Chloe, Zoey and Brandon!
School Ship Tobermory, Alexander McCall Smith ; illustrations by Iain McIntosh.
Follow the exploits of the children who go to a most unusual school the sail-powered training ship Tobermory. When a film crew arrives in Tobermory Bay, Ben and Fee are invited to be extras. But their suspicions are soon aroused is the film crew genuine, or are they up to something sinister? Ben and Fee soon discover the truth when they uncover a dastardly plan masterminded by a South American businessman.
Hoodoo, Ronald L. Smith.
In 1930s Alabama, twelve-year-old Hoodoo Hatcher is the only member of his family who seems unable to practice folk magic, but when a mysterious man called the Stranger puts the entire town at risk from his black magic, Hoodoo must learn to conjure to defeat him.
Catlantis, Anna Starobinets ; original illustrations by Andrzej Klimowski ; translated from the Russian by Jane Bugaeva.
As everyone knows, cats are descended from the prehistoric, beautiful, mighty Catlanteans. They had magical powers, and they lived their wonderful nine lives on the legendary island of Catlantis. Until, one day, cataclysm and catastrophe caused it to sink into the ocean and disappear without a trace. And now, the heroic ginger cat Baguette is sent on a mission: to find the magical Catlantean flower and save the lives of all the cats in the world. But will the beastly black cat Noir succeed in foiling Baguette's carefully laid plans? Will Baguette return safely from his travels back in time to Catlantis? Will he ever get to marry Purriana, the love of his life?
The hollow boy, Jonathan Stroud.
Lockwood & Co. might be the smallest (some might say shambollic) Psychic Detection Agency in London. But its three agents Lockwood, Lucy and George are exceptional Talents. And they get results. When an outbreak of ghostly phenomena grows to terrifying levels in Chelsea, Scotland Yard is left baffled. Even more baffling is that Lockwood & Co appear to have been excluded from the huge team of Agents investigating the Chelsea Outbreak. Surely this is the perfect chance for them to show once and for all that they're actually the best in town? Well, that's if they can put aside their personal differences for long enough to march into action with their rapiers, salt and iron.
The odds of getting even, Sheila Turnage.
Desperado Detectives aka Mo Lo Beau and her best friend Dale, along with newly-appointed intern, Harm Crenshaw must take on a new case when Dale's daddy goes on the lam just before his trial is about to start.
Grandpa's great escape, written by David Walliams ; illustrated by Tony Ross.
Jack's Grandpa wears his slippers to the supermarket serves up Spam a la Custard for dinner and often doesn't remember Jack's name. But he can still take to the skies in a speeding Spitfire and save the day. An exquisite portrait of the bond between a small boy and his beloved Grandpa this book takes readers on an incredible journey with Spitfires over London and Great Escapes through the city in a high octane adventure full of comedy and heart.

Picture Books

HarperCollins treasury of picture book classics : a child's first collection, [Katherine Brown Tegen, editor].
Contains twelve full-sized reproductions of classic picture books accompanied by background information for the reader.
Catherine and Laurence Anholt's Big book of love.,
All you need is love whether you are big or small. Your small one will delight in the pitch-perfect rhymes and detailed pictures with so much to spot and talk about; the friendly and familar depictions of everyday life will engage young children time and time again. Colours, transport, animals, cities, seasides and people of every kind dance through this charming book creating a romping, rhyming celebration of life for all to share. Perfect for every day and every family, this latest classic in the Anholt library would also make a wonderful gift for Valentine's Day and any festive occassion as it is bursting with love!
Green lizards vs. red rectangles, Steve Antony.
The green lizards and the red rectangles are at war. They fight and fight and fight can there ever be a way to live peacefully
Robin's winter song, Suzanne Barton.
The forest was bustling with activity. As the red and orange leaves swirled in the wind, Robin started to worry. Something was changing. Finch was flying south, because Winter was coming. Squirrel was burying food, because Winter was coming. Even Owl was making his nest warm. Why? That's right because Winter was coming. Robin decided he didn't like the sound of Winter one little bit. But that was before the snow.
This is my home, this is my school, Jonathan Bean.
The boy from Building our house takes us through a typically boisterous homeschooling day with his big family.
Tamanui : te kokako morehu o Taranaki, na Rebecca Beyer raua ko Linley Wellington ; na Andrew Burdan nga pikitia ; na Kawata Teepa i whakamaori.
Little by little, the Taranaki forest is changing and the kokako are finding it more difficult to find food and protect their chicks. Rats and possums are increasingly raiding nests, taking chicks and eggs, and the young kokako Tamanui has lost his brothers and sisters. The forest is quiet, until he hears a kokako call, but flying towards it, he is caught in a net. Taken to Mount Bruce, he adapts to a new environment, raises many chicks and becomes a cornerstone in the survival of the kokako. The book is based on the true story of the kokako Tamanui, which is on display at Puke Ariki in New Plymouth.
Tamanui : the brave kokako of Taranaki, Rebecca Beyer and Linley Wellington ; illustrated by Andrew Burdan.
The Taranaki forest is changing and the kokako are finding it more difficult to find food and protect their chicks. Rats and possums are increasingly raiding nests, taking chicks and eggs, and the young kokako Tamanui has lost his brothers and sisters. The forest is quiet, until he hears a kokako call, but flying towards it, he is caught in a net. Taken to Mount Bruce, he adapts to a new environment, raises many chicks and becomes a cornerstone in the survival of the kokako. Based on the true story of the kokako Tamanui, now displayed in Puke Ariki, New Plymouth.
The looky book, Donovan Bixley.
Come on a tiki tour around New Zealand and see what fun and crazy things you can spot along the way.
I want spaghetti!, Stephanie Blake ; translated by Linda Burgess ; edited by Penelope Todd.
A picture book for toddlers who might recognise themselves in cheeky Simon, the fussy eater. Once there was a little rabbit who only wanted to eat one thing - spaghetti!
The little house by the sea, Benedict Blathwayt.
Fisherman Sam McFinn moves into a little house by the sea with his dog, Jock. Nobody has lived there for a long time, but the house is home to lots of others sheep, sparrows, rabbits, mice and a stray cat. What will happen to them when a human wants to live there too? They needn't worry, as all are welcome. Sam and Jock are soon used to their new home, and go out every day to catch fish. They also take people on a trip to Smuggler's Island. Join them as they head to the island and spot seals, seagulls, puffins and arrive at the Smuggler's Cave, where Sam tells them stories of pirates and treasure.
Tig and Tag, Benedict Blathwayt.
Tig and Tag are two naughty sheep who are always in trouble. But when a dog chases the rest of the flock, Tig and Tag know exactly what to do and come to the rescue. But that's not the end of their adventures. Find out what happens when Tig and Tag run away when it's their turn to have their long woollen coats sheared.
Paddington goes to hospital, Michael Bond & Karen Jankel ; illustrated by R.W. Alley.
"We should never have given Paddington a boomerang for his birthday," said Mrs Brown as she gazed down at the figure lying on the lawn. "I knew no good would come of it." Paddington let out a groan. Paddington has got himself into trouble again, and this time it's serious. After trying to get his kite out of a tree, by rather unorthodox methods, he finds himself being whisked off to hospital in an ambulance. He is examined by doctors, is X-rayed and is eventually operated on! Full of the humorous misunderstandings and adventures that this lovable bear is famous for, this is a great story for the young Paddington fan who is apprehensive, or merely curious, about what goes on inside a hospital.
Where's Jessie?, Janeen Brian, Anne Spudvilas.
Bertie Bear was going on a long journey. He didn't realise it would be on a camel! And he never imagined he would be having adventures on his own, far away from Jessie. Bertie sets off with his family to head out into the Outback. He is packed into a box to travel with the cameleers as he won't fit on the horse-drawn cart with the family (and young Jessie, his owner). But Bertie doesn't understand where his family has gone. 'Where's Jessie?' is the refrain that runs through the book, as Bertie bumps along on the camel, then falls off unnoticed. Bertie has adventures with the kind cameleers, and meeting desert animals before he is swept along in a flash flood, gets taken high in an eagle's talons, and finally falls to the ground, left all alone. Luckily, a young Indigenous boy finds him and returns him to Jessie: a happy ending!
Goodnight little one, Margaret Wise Brown ; illustrated by Rebecca Elliot.
Join a variety of animals as they settle in for the night.
Miffy the artist : lift-the-flap book, Dick Bruna.
Ever since Dick Bruna first created Miffy in 1955, she has endeared herself to generations of young children and has become one of the best- loved children's characters of all time. In this charming new addition to the Miffy story, Miffy takes inspiration from a visit to an art gallery and decides to become an artist herself. Looking at the colour and shapes of the world around her she discovers what fun it can be to make pictures of the things she sees. By bedtime, her bedroom walls are full of her wonderful artwork. With sturdy cardboard flaps and hidden pictures to discover, this book is the perfect gift for a budding artist.
Charley Harper's Count the birds, Zoe Burke ; [illustrations, Charley Harper Art Studio].
Starting with one bunting and ending with ten baby quail, Charley Harper's Count the Birds is the perfect board-book primer for learning numbers, guided by Zoe Burke's rhyming text.
Mermaid, written by Cerrie Burnell ; illustrated by Laura Ellen Anderson.
Once there was a boy called Luka, who lived in a town beside a deep silvery sea. Luka longed to splash in the surf and dive beneath silver-bright waves, but he couldn't swim. One day, Luka sees a girl gliding through the waves, dipping and soaring like a fish. Luka has never seen anyone swim so well. Sylvia teaches Luka how to swim, and that night, Luka dreams that Sylvia is a mermaid and they have a beautiful underwater adventure visiting the mermaid palace. And when Luka starts school, Sylvia is there! The other children crowd around her to ask why she's in a wheelchair, and Luka tells everyone that it's because Sylvia is a mermaid. Luka knows that to him she will always be a mermaid and they will have a thousand more adventures together.
Whose truck?, Toni Buzzeo ; illustrated by Jim Datz.
This ode to trucks features six kinds of workers and their trucks, with five different parts of each truck properly labeled. The answer to each inquiring refrain is revealed under a gatefold, seven in all, engnaging the reader in an informative guessing game. With lyrical (and factual!) text by New York Times bestselling author Toni Buzzeo, and the expertly stylized art of Jim Datz, this sturdily constructed board book is perfect for curious and playful young readers
The nonsense show, Eric Carle.
Ducks growing out of bananas? A mouse catching a cat? What's wrong with this book? In this book, nonsense and surrealism combine to spark creativity and imagination.
What I do with vegetable glue, written by Susan Chandler ; illustrated by Elena Odriozola.
Illustrations and rhyming text introduce a little girl who only eats cake and, lacking "good stuff" inside to keep her body together, must use her grandmother's vegetable glue to reattach parts that fall off.
Sneak-a-peek colours, [this book was made by Aimee Chapman, Natalie Munday and Pip Tinsley].
Take a look around you what can you see that is blue? Or yellow? With a new colour to discover on the turn of every page, preschoolers will love to sneak-a-peek through the big holes in the pages of this first concept board book to see if they can find a match in the world around them. And they'll love to see themselves in the shimmery, shiny mirror at the end of the book, too!
Steve, raised by wolves, Jared Chapman.
When Steve, who was raised by wolves, goes to school for the first time, he must find a balance between getting along with others and being
The bear's surprise, Benjamin Chaud.
Waking up from his long winter's nap, Little Bear searches for his father along a forest path that leads him to a mysterious cave, an exciting circus, and a family surprise.
When I first met you, Blue Kangaroo!, Emma Chichester Clark.
When Lily gets a new baby brother, she soon discovers that it's not easy learning new things and helping to look after someone so small. But then Grandma brings her a very special surprise; someone who also needs to be cared for Blue Kangaroo! And from the moment that Lily and Blue Kangaroo meet it is love!
Little Elliot, big family, story and pictures by Mike Curato.
At Mouse's house, Elliot the elephant finds more than a friend he finds a family.
The zoomers' handbook, Ana & Thiago de Moraes.
This is not a handbook for zookeepers. Zookeepers look after monkeys, elephants and lions. That's easy. This is not a handbook for farmers. Farmers look after chickens, cows and pigs. Anyone can do that. This is a handbook for zoomers. And zoomers take care of, well, animals in between.
Five little pumpkins, James Dean.
Join Pete the Cat as he rocks out to this adaptation of the classic Halloween song 'Five little pumpkins.'
Too many toys!, Heidi Deedman.
Ever since Lulu was a little baby, she has had Jupiter her lovely, cuddly, most-favorite-ever teddy bear. But with each new birthday, she gets new toys. And with every passing Christmas, more new toys. Very soon, Lulu can barely fit in her own bed, and poor Jupiter feels very left out. Lulu simply has too many toys! So she decides to throw a very special party a party for all her toys and all her friends!
Vehicles, Xavier Deneux.
This book teaches vehicle-related first words with a combination of word clusters and simple raised die-cut shapes on a left-hand page mirrored in the scooped- out forms of the right.
Spare parts, Rebecca Emberley and Ed Emberley.
While searching for a replacement heart at the Spare Parts Mart, a lonely robot finds a friend.
Mummy Cat, Marcus Ewert ; illustrations by Lisa Brown.
Mummy Cat prowls his pyramid home, longing for his beloved owner. As he roams the tomb, lavish murals above his head display scenes of the cat with his young Egyptian queen. Hidden hieroglyphs deepen the tale and are explained in an informative author's note.
The dinosaur that pooped the bed!, Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter ; illustrated by Garry Parsons.
Danny and Dinosaur want to watch telly but Mum won't let them until they've tidied their room. So Danny thinks of a plan to make all the mess go away he gets Dino to eat it all up! But just when they think they can get away with it, there's a rumble in Dino's tummy another Explosive adventure is about to begin!
The roly-poly baby, byCatherine Foreman.
The roly-poly baby rolls through the house, past her cat, her sleeping grandad, her mum and older siblings in the kitchen, then outside into the elements and the autumn leaves, and then back into her mother's arms for her evening bath.
The rabbit who wants to fall asleep : a new way of getting children to sleep, Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin ; illustrated by Irina Maununen.
Do you struggle with getting your child to fall asleep? In "The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep" you will follow Roger The Rabbit when he gets help from Uncle Yawn and other friends to fall asleep in the evening. Your child is quickly compelled by the story and falls asleep when you read it or after. The story is in a lovely way sleep-inducing and helps children all over the world to fall asleep.
Emily's bush Christmas, written by Jackie French ; illustrated by Bruce Whatley.
Wombat wins, written by Jackie French ; illustrated by Bruce Whatley.
Forget Rio and the Olympic Games in 2016; for us it will be about a wombat winning. Yes, Mothball has become an athlete, albeit a little accidentally. In her never-ending quest for carrots, Mothball stumbles upon children at the local school competing in their school sports. And despite her somewhat limited physique and lack of training, Mothball manages to go home with a gold medal. Why puff and pant when you can eat, sleep and scratch?
The little yellow digger treasury, Betty and Alan Gilderdale.
How the sun got to Coco's house, Bob Graham.
From prolific and multi-award winning writer and illustrator Bob Graham comes an enchanting story about the sun, and how it makes its journey from the far side of the world to the home of one small girl. The sun rises up behind a snowy peak and casts its mellow dawn light for the wandering polar bears. It skims across the icy water, touching a fisherman's hat and catching for a moment in the eye of a whale. It beams through the trees of frozen forests and makes shadows in a little girl's footsteps before gliding over cities, darting down lanes and waiting patiently for an old lady to open her window. The sun races through the countryside, greeting snow cats and bears. High over a desert it meets the rain in a halo of colours. The sun leaps whole countries, chasing the night, before bursting at last in a fanfare of warm golden light through Coco's window!
Snow!, Emily Gravett.
It's snowing and Hare loves snow! He sets out to show his friend Bear just how much fun it can be with an action-packed whirlwind of winter activities. From building a snowman to hurling snowballs, Hare's having a great time but Bear doesn't seem so sure. Maybe a sledge, a steep slope and an almighty shove will change his mind.
Help!, Sally Grindley and Peter Utton.
An interactive version of a classic fairy tale that follows the success of the bestselling Shhh! Based on The Three Little Pigs, Help! physically involves the reader in the narrative and adventure. There's a wolf inside this book and the pigs need to catch him. Can you help them? Don't let him escape! Young children can lift the flaps and peep through the holes as they follow the adventure.
A dog called Rod, Tim Hopgood.
Elsa tries to convince her father to buy her a dog, but in the meantime she plays with a very special dog named Rod.
Can a skeleton have an x-ray?, Kyle Hughes-Odgers.
How does sound taste? Do colours smell? Why do onions make me cry? Who builds the wings for birds to fly? Renowned artist Kyle Hughes-Odgers brings his unique vision to these and many other questions. From the practical to the philosophical, this book is guaranteed to fire young imaginations!
Adelaide's secret world, Elise Hurst.
Adelaide leads a quiet life in the midst of the city. At night she listens to the song of the stars, but during the day she watches over the others like her: the still ones, the quiet ones, those who dance and dream alone. Little does Adelaide know that her secret world will soon be transformed into something unexpected and full of joy.
The crows of Pearblossom, Aldous Huxley ; illustrated by Sophie Blackall.
The Crows of Pearblossom tells the story of Mr. and Mrs. Crow, who live in a cotton-wood tree at Pearblossom, California. Due to a hungry Rattlesnake living at the bottom of the tree, Mrs. Crow's eggs disappear before they hatch. After catching the snake eating her 297th egg that year (she does not work on Sundays), Mrs. Crow tells Mr. Crow go and kill the snake. Thinking better of it, Mr. Crow confers with his wise friend, Old Man Owl. Owl bakes mud into two stone eggs and paints them to resemble Mrs. Crows eggs. These dummy eggs are left in the nest to trick the Rattlesnake, who unwisely eats them the next day, causing the Rattlesnake such pain, that he thrashes about, tying himself in knots around the branches. Mrs. Crow goes on to hatch "four families of seventeen children each" and "uses the snake as a clothesline on which to hang the little crows' diapers".
Beastly babies, words by Ellen Jackson ; beasts by Brendan Wenzel.
Introduces all sorts of mischievous baby animals and the grown-ups who love them no matter what.
Harold at the North Pole : a Christmas journey with the purple crayon, Crocket Johnson.
With the aid of his purple crayon, Harold goes to the North Pole to get Santa ready.
Beyond the pond, Joseph Kuefler.
A boy discovers that the pond in his backyard contains a whole world ready to be explored.
Little Tree, Loren Long.
Little Tree is very happy in the forest, where he is surrounded by other little trees and his leaves keep him cool in the heat of summer, but when autumn comes and the other trees drop their leaves, Little Tree cannot be persuaded to let his go, even after they wither and turn brown.
Strictly no elephants, written by Lisa Mantchev ; illustrated by Taeeun Yoo.
A boy is excluded from joining his friends' pet club because of his unusual pet.
Terry Perkins and his upside down frown, Felix Massie.
Terry Perkins is a normal, happy boy. That is, until he opens his mouth. When he does, nobody can understand the words he says because everything comes out upside down. When a trip to the doctor turns Terry's life and his smile on its head, his frown looks set to stay. Is there anyone who can help him to see things from a different point of view? This hilarious, warm-hearted read-aloud story of friendship and courage celebrates the importance of being comfortable in your own shoes, even when they are up in the air!
Thank you and good night, Patrick McDonnell.
Maggie hosts a pajama party at which Clement, Alan Alexander, and Jean play a variety of fun games, tire themselves, and drift off to sleep, but not before sharing their gratitude.
I'm cool!, Kate & Jim McMullan.
When the ice is full of cuts and ruts, only one machine has the guts to clean it up. But can this slow-movin' ice fixer smooth the grooves before the next period? Or will he lose his cool? The timer's ticking! Buzz.
Whoops!, Suzi Moore ; illustrated by Russell Ayto.
This is the cat, the dog and the mouse. Here's the old lady in the tumbledown house. She has a spell to make them all well ? But she just can't find the right one! Whoops! In this hilariously chaotic, all-join-in romp of a story three animals are desperate to make the right noises.
Good night like this, Mary Murphy.
The perfect bedtime read, snuggle down with this adorable new book from Mary Murphy, creator of A Kiss Like This and Say Hello Like This, as she invites you into lots of different little snorey, twitchy, cuddly animals' homes as they get ready to go to sleep. With a beautiful sleepy action on every split-page, a lulling, rhythmical text and a cast of cute animal families, this book is sure to emit lots of oooh, aaaahs and zzzzzz.
Perfect, Danny Parker & Freya Blackwood.
On a perfect day, the hours stretch endlessly ahead. Danny Parker's evocative verse expresses the freedom of an idyllic childhood, and paintings by Freya Blackwood magically evoke the light, scents and feel of a perfect summer day.
What's the time, dinosaur?, Ruth Paul.
A dinosaur take on What's the Time, Mr Wolf?.
Herman's holiday, Tom Percival.
Herman and Henry are having a great time camping in the great outdoors. Well, Herman is. Henry seems a little distracted. He must be having fun, though everyone loves camping, don't they? Join Herman and Henry, best friends forever, on a camping adventure that neither of them will forget for very different reasons! A fabulously funny story by the creator of Herman's Letter, with lift-the-flap postcards inside.
Numerical Street, Antonia Pesenti & Hilary Bell.
Count as you walk up Numerical Street. Every page has a numerical treat. Get your pants altered, get your keys cut, Open the book before the shops shut. From the creators of bestselling Alphabetical Sydney comes a walk up busy Numerical Street, past its laundromats, cake shops, panel beaters and hair salons. A fresh look at familiar shops and businesses, the vibrant illustrations and playful verse of Numerical Street celebrate the jostle and chaos of suburban streetscapes.
A very first book, Chez Picthall.
This book has been specially designed to appeal to young babies. During the early stages of development it is really important for babies to experience big, bold, bright images, as these help the visual part of the brain to develop.
How to share with a bear, Eric Pinder ; pictures by Stephanie Graegin.
One cold day, Thomas builds a cave of pillows and blankets where he can read, but when he goes to get a flashlight, a young "bear" goes inside and nothing Thomas does discourages the bear from being near him.
Santa Baby, Smriti Prasadam-Halls, Ada Grey.
After finding two abandoned presents, Santa Baby and Roo embark on a race against time to deliver the gifts. But as they speed across the skies, they come across a few distractions. Well, Santa's job isn't as easy as it looks! And after a slight mis-hap involving their sleigh and a chimney, Santa Baby realises just how much he needs his dad. Luckily, Santa is just two jingles away, and the journey back home is the most magical of all. Roo and Santa baby felt a tingling in their toes, they held their breath and gave a squeak as up, up, up they rose. Then suddenly they took a dive and with one great big swoop Roo and Santa Baby did a giant loop-the-loop!
Dog on a train, Kate Prendergast.
Boy is late for his train. Rushing out of the house, he drops his favourite hat. Luckily, Dog is there to pick it up. But will Dog catch Boy in time? Follow the plucky Dog on this wordless adventure through the streets and rush-hour crowds.
Scarlett, starlet, Emma Quay.
Scarlett loved to dance, and her house was always filled with rhythm. Her parents would clap along, and Little Jazzy Jo-Jo's paws would tap-tap-tap in time. But when Scarlett's dreams of dancing on a real stage finally come true, will she find her own rhythm? Will she shine like a star?
A day with the animal builders, Sharon Rentta.
You've met the Animal Doctors and the Animal Firefighters now meet the Animal Builders, as they construct the penguins' dream home. It's going to be amazing, with an ice rink, a helter-skelter and a swimming pool on the roof. But the builders have got a new apprentice. It's Donkey and he's turning out to be a bit of a disaster.
A day with the animal firefighters, Sharon Rentta.
Nee-naw! Nee-naw! Nee-naw! It's the Animal Firefighters to the rescue! New recruit, Firefighter Moose, is desperate to drive the fire engine, but he's not allowed to until he's got Experience. First he must learn to climb ladders, grapple with fire extinguishers and go on a number of daring missions. His finest moment comes when he rescues twenty-one guinea pigs from a top-floor flat. He wins an award for his Bravery and Initiative and at last he's allowed to drive the fire engine, too!
You can do anything, daddy, Michael Rex.
After receiving assurances that his father would save him from increasingly dangerous and scary pirates, a boy reassures his father in
Robo-sauce, words by Adam Rubin ; pictures by Daniel Salmieri.
A special sauce turns a boy into a robot, and he then transforms everyone and everything into robots, including the
Ginny Louise and the school showdown, Tammi Sauer ; illustrated by Lynn Munsinger.
A new hedgehog in town stands up to bullying by the Truman Elementary Troublemakers and wins them over with her unwavering cheerfulness.
Through the town : a follow-the-trail book, Craig Shuttlewood.
Die-cut grooves invite small fingers to follow the snake throught the town.
Colours : [first wheels], Susan Steggall.
A fantastic first concept book about colours, featuring 20 vehicles from bulldozers and trucks to tippers and diggers, and showing ten different colours. There's also a wheel on the final spread to turn, where the child can match vehicles to colours, for extra interactive learning and fun.
The world-famous Cheese Shop break-in, words by Sean Taylor ; pictures by Hannah Shaw.
In this laugh-out-loud story, the rats get the surprise of their lives when they pop out of their tunnel. They are not in the Cheese Shop at all they're surrounded by Fancy Pants and Underwear. And that's when Daddypops has another good idea.
Franky, Leo Timmers ; translated by Bill Nagelkerke.
Sam loves robots. He is certain they live in outer space among the stars. His family laugh at him and no one seems to understand. No one except Franky, that is.
Stripes! No, spots!, Vasanti Unka.
When Tiger and Leopard disagree, the jungle turns to mayhem. How can peace be restored?.
That's not my hedgehog : its ears are too fluffy, written by Fiona Watt ; illustrated by Rachel Wells.
A touchy-feely board book with simple, repetitive text, tactile patches and bold illustrations specially designed for babies and toddlers. Small children can meet a range of friendly hedgehogs, and by using their sense of touch, work out which hedgehog is theirs. Don't forget to spot the little white mouse that's hiding on each page!
Peter's tree, written and illustrated by Bernadette Watts.
Peter wants to get his mother the perfect gift for her birthday. His sisters paint a picture and bake a cake but they won't let Peter join in. Instead, he dreams of giving his mother the most beautiful tree in the world. Grandad promises to help but Peter is disappointed with the black stick he digs up. How could anyone think this was a beautiful tree? Then the seasons change, and so does the tree. Will Peter's tree flourish in the end? This enchanting tale of childhood and seasonal transformation is brought to life by Bernadette Watts' beautifully observed illustrations of the natural world.
The snow princess, Holly Webb ; illustrated by Helena Huang.
What would you wish for if you already had everything? As Princess Amy nears her tenth birthday, the queen says she must have a gift grander than any before. No one in the palace talks about anything but cakes and dresses and presents. But Princess Amy has just one birthday wish: that it would snow. All she wants is to spend the day building snowmen with her best friend, Bella. This tale of friendship and sharing will melt hearts everywhere.
Clementine's bath, Annie White.
Clementine runs away to escape a bath. 'Not a bath!' thinks Clementine She hides under the bed, behind the curtains and even in Baby's toybox. Can her family find her in time to give her a bath?
Duddle Puck : the puddle duck, Karma Wilson ; illustrated by Marcellus Hall.
A very odd duck that refuses to quack shocks and flusters animals all over the farm with his clucking, honking, oinking, and neighing.
Emo the emu : a gloomy bird on a great adventure, Tony Wilson, Lucia Masciullo.
Emo the Emu is grumpy about everything. He is the grumpiest Emu in Humpty Doo. One day he meets Katie the Kangaroo and she takes him on a journey around Australia. When they return home, Emo surprises his family and tells them about how much he liked his trip and is no longer an unhappy Emu.
Pukeko dancing on the old dirt track, written and illustrated by Lotte Wotherspoon.
Christmas is coming and the Sanderson kids are wrapping presents and decorating the tree with angels and shells. Meanwhile, a miracle is unfolding in their back yard. Behind the Sandersons house two busy pukekos go largely unnoticed as they build a nest and tend to their precious eggs. On Christmas day six fluffy pukeko chicks arrive and Christmas day is a celebration for all.
Say it!, Charlotte Zolotow ; illustrated by Charlotte Voake.
The love of a mother for her little girl permeates a walk they take together on an autumn day.

Younger Fiction

Harry Miller's run, David Almond ; illustrated by Salvatore Rubbino.
A joyful, uplifting story of times gone by from the internationally acclaimed author of Skellig, illustrated in full colour by the award-winning illustrator of A Walk in London. Liam just wants to go out running with his mates it's not long till the Junior Great North Run, and there's training to be done. But Mam needs him today, to help old Harry clear out his house. Harry knows a thing or two about running. When he was a lad, he says, he ran all the way from Newcastle to South Shields. "But Harry," says Mam, "that's thirteen miles!" Harry grins. "Different times," he says. This is the story of that day: of sweltering heat, clattering boots, briny sea air and the heavenly taste of ice cream; the day when Harry and his pals ran and ran and ran through the blazing sunlight all the way to the sea.
Magical treasury, Enid Blyton ; compiled by Norman Wright & Mary Cadogan ; illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark.
Enid Blyton was a storyteller who effortlessly transported readers to the enchanted lands of her imagination. In Blyton's world, carpets could grant wishes, rabbits rode on underground railways and magic doors and rabbit-holes took adventurous children into strange new worlds. This collection, compiled by renowned Blyton experts Norman Wright and Mary Cadogan, combs the Blyton archive to select extracts from popular works such as The Magic Faraway Tree as well as forgotten tales from the hundreds of magazines Enid wrote and edited in the 40s and 50s. The book is divided into six chapters, such as 'Wizards and Witches', 'Animal Magic', 'Extraordinary Objects' and Greedy Magic'.
Harper and the scarlet umbrella, Cerrie Burnell ; illustrated by Laura Ellen Anderson.
Harper lives in the City of Clouds with her Great Aunt Sassy and her beloved cat Midnight. When Midnight goes missing together with all the cats of the neighbourhood Harper realises that only her magical scarlet umbrella can help her find him. When Harper steps out with the umbrella in her hand, she is carried up into the sky on a series of amazing adventures. And Midnight isn't all she finds when she stumbles upon the Midnight Orchestra and its wild conductor.
Dorrie and the Blue Witch, Patricia Coombs.
When Dorrie is home alone one day, she decides to have a tea party with Gink the cat. But there's a knock on the door and it's the bad Blue Witch! Dorrie is in trouble, but with a bit of help from Cook's magic cabinet, can she capture the Blue Witch in time?
The lost treasure of Little Snoring, Lyn Gardner, Ros Asquith.
The McNasty pirate twins, Captain Gruesome and his brother, Captain Grisly, are determined to get their grubby hands on the treasure buried in the sleepy seaside village of Little Snoring. But the McNastys discover that two clever young friends, Tat and Hetty, are equally determined to find the treasure, and soon they are all embroiled in a rollicking test of wits to see which pair will prevail.
A friend ; and A pet, Libby Gleeson, Freya Blackwood.
Cleo's best friend is away, her parents are busy, and there's nothing to do but count raindrops or tidy her room. Just when she thinks she'll never cheer up, Cleo has an idea. In the next story, Cleo longs for a pet but her mum and dad say no. Perhaps the answer is hidden somewhere unexpected.
The Princess in Black and the perfect princess party, Shannon Hale & Dean Hale ; illustrated by LeUyen Pham.
Today is Princess Magnolia's birthday party, and she wants everything to be perfect. But just as her guests are arriving. Brring! Brring! The monster alarm! Princess Magnolia runs to the broom closet, ditches her frilly clothes, and becomes the Princess in Black! She rushes to the goat pasture, defeats the monster, and returns to the castle before her guests discover her secret. But every time Princess Magnolia is about to open her presents, the monster alarm rings again. And every time she rushes back an inside-out dress here, a missing shoe there it gets harder to keep the other princesses from being suspicious. Don't those monsters understand that now is not a good time for an attack?
Infinity and me, written by Kate Hosford ; illustrations by Gabi Swiatkowska.
After the sight of a night sky filled with stars makes eight-year-old Uma feel very small, she asks people how they think about infinity and gets a variety of answers before realizing the comfort in knowing that some things go on forever.
Dixie O'Day and the haunted house, written by Shirley Hughes ; illustrated by Clara Vulliamy.
A dark and stormy night, a camping trip gone awry, and an old house which looks like it might be haunted? Dixie and Percy need to stick together in this mysterious adventure full of scrapes, peril, and spooky goings-on! These first chapter books from mother-daughter pairing Shirley Hughes and Clara Vulliamy have one chapter for each night of the week and are full of maps, and fun extra activities.
Stunt cat to the stars, Constance Lombardo.
Mr. Puffball, a ten-month-old kitten who wants to be a movie star, leaves his New Jersey home and makes his way to Hollywood, where he lands a job at Purramount Studios working with his hero, El Gato, who turns out to be very different from what Mr. Puffball expected.
Once upon a rainy day, Edouard Manceau ; translated by Christelle Morelli and Susan Ouriou.
A series of whimsical events changes when it rains and the characters stay
Billie's wild jungle adventure, Sally Rippin ; illustrated by Alisa Coburn.
When Billie B Brown goes to kinder, every day becomes a super dooper adventure. Billie is off on a wild jungle adventure! But can she escape the wriggly pink-and-purple python?
Frank Einstein and the BrainTurbo, Jon Scieszka ; illustrated by Brian Biggs.
Frank Einstein (kid-genius, scientist, and inventor) and his best friend Watson, along with Klink (a self- assembled artificial-intelligence entity), and Klank (a mostly self-assembled and artificial almost intelligence entity), once again find themselves in competition with T. Edison, their classmate and archrival this time in the quest to unlock the power behind the science of the human body.
Louis I, king of sheep, Olivier Tallec ; [translated from the French by Claudia Zoe Bedrick].
While Louis grazes in the meadow, a crown, blown by the wind, lands at his feet. Louis places the crown on his head and becomes Louis the 1st, King of the sheep. A fable about power, indifference and conformity, and how those who do not think for themselves will eventually suffer the consequences.
Fuzzypeg goes to school, Alison Uttley ; pictures by Margaret Tempest.
It's time for Fuzzypeg the hedgehog to start school and he is very excited. He leaves home and heads through the hedgerows to his village school. When Tim and Bill Hedgehog see their cousin Fuzzypeg trotting down the road with his fine new school bag, they want to go to school too. But then they meet Hare and their whole day is turned upside down.
Jess and the card puppy, Morgaine Wakelin.
Jess hopes her parents will give her a puppy for her tenth birthday, instead she gets a birthday card with a puppy on it. But this card puppy whom she names Buttons will change her life.
Hyperion Books for Children presents The story of Diva and Flea, as told & shown by Mo Willems and Tony DiTerlizzi.
In the bustling city of Paris, a small yet brave dog, Diva, and an adventurous cat named Flea become two unlikely friends.