New Titles Children’s January 2017 (arrived in December 2016)

Audio Visual

Full out, directed by Sean Cisterna.
It is the inspiring true story of American Olympic hopeful Ariana Berlin, whose dreams of winning the gold medal in gymnastics came crashing down after she was involved in a life-threatening car accident. Told she would never compete again, Ariana knew she'd have to endure the rough road ahead in order to make a miraculous comeback. Never backing down from a challenge, Ariana's determination and unbreakable spirit will send her soaring once again!
Heads & shoulders, tummy & knees, Judi Cranston.
Imagine that!, Judi Cranston.
Avengers assemble. The infinity gauntlet.,
The Mad Titan has succeeded, all five Infinity Stones reside within his gauntlet and the most powerful weapon in the universe is under Thanos' control! In a desperate attempt to gain the upper hand the Avengers look to rebuild Arsenal, could the mechanical maniac Ultron prove to be the final piece of the puzzle or an even greater threat than Thanos!?
Harper and the scarlet umbrella, Cerrie Burnell.
Harper lives in the City of Clouds with her Great Aunt Sassy and her beloved cat Midnight. When Midnight goes missing together with all the cats of the neighbourhood Harper realises that only her magical scarlet umbrella can help her find him. When Harper steps out with the umbrella in her hand, she is carried up into the sky on a series of amazing adventures. And Midnight isn't all she finds when she stumbles upon the Midnight Orchestra and its wild conductor.
Eddy Stone and the epic holiday mash-up, Simon Cherry.
When Eddy finds a pirate in his gran's bath, his miserable summer holiday becomes a treasure hunt! Setting sail in a ship-shaped shed, crewed by an old lady and a grumpy penguin, what could possibly stop their quest for booty? (Apart from the world's most evil shopkeeper, a man-eating beast, and the maddest, baddest villain in all the seven seas.)
How to update your parents, Pete Johnson.
When Louis's parents decide that he spends too much time "glued to screens" they come up with their worst idea ever - to ban him from using iPads, computers and phones. Louis needs a plan to fight back, and fast! Can his best friend, Maddy, come to the rescue?
Baby zebra rescue, Tamsyn Murray.
Every day Zoe helps take care of the animals. She splashes with penguins, feeds the lemurs - she even sees baby zebra, Flash, being born. It's a dream come true. Then Flash goes missing. Now Zoe has to find him, and soon! Where can that baby zebra be?
The case of the missing cat, Lauren Pearson.
Welcome to Crabtree - the school that's too good to leave. Join Ava, Zoe, Isabel and Lottie for another gorgeous story full of friendship, family, school, fun and adventure. Lottie is teh greatest spy at Crabtree School. If anyone wants to know anyting, Lottie will know the answer. But when the school cat, Lady Lovelypaws, goes missing, Lottei is totally clueless. There's no trace! Will she be able to solve the greatest msytery Crabtree School has ever seen?
The big brother bother, Jo Simmons.
Bobby Cobbler is worried. His good friend Richard Keiths' mobility scooter has broken, and without the money to fix it, he might have to leave Pip Street! Can brilliant Bobby and fizzy Imelda find a way for him to stay?


The beach at night, Elena Ferrante ; translated from the Italian by Ann Goldstein ; illustrated by Mara Cerri.
The beach at night is a beautiful picture book narrated by a doll named Celina. Mati is a little girl so taken by her new kitten that she forgets about her doll and leaves her on the beach. Celina endures a terrifying night, only saved by the arrival of sunrise, when her beloved Mati returns to find her.

Into Reading

Kitten's day out, Heather Amery ; adapted by Rob Lloyd Jones ; illustrated by Stephen Cartwright ; reading consultant, Alison Kelly.
Sam's pet kitten has gone missing. Can Sam, Poppy and Ted find her?
The silly sheepdog, Heather Amery ; adapted by Rob Lloyd Jones ; illustrated by Stephen Cartwright ; reading consultant, Alison Kelly.
Ted's new sheepdog doesn't seem very well trained, but when a sheep escapes he races into action. This charming story from the Farmyard Tales series has been written especially for children who are learning to read and has simple puzzles to solve at the end.
Star wars. Death Star battles, written by Simon Beecroft.
Best reading buddies, Jane O'Connor ; cover illustration by Robin Preiss Glasser ; interior illustrations by Ted Enik.
Joining her new fifth-grade friend, Violet, for Monday reading sessions, Nancy is upset when a few Mondays go by and they are unable to see each other.
Horrid Henry's Christmas ambush, Francesca Simon ; illustrated by Tony Ross.
Santa's in for a shock in this hilarious Horrid Henry Christmas story, perfect for Early Readers. Early Readers are stepping stones from picture books to reading books. A blue Early Reader is perfect for sharing and reading together. A red Early Reader is the next step on your reading journey. Henry has a horrid plan to make sure he gets all the presents he wants on Christmas Day he's going to kidnap Santa!
A friend for Christmas, Lauren St John ; illustrated by Matt Robertson.
A full colour red Early Reader story about a dog who comes home for Christmas from Blue Peter Book Award-winning author, Lauren St John.


Get coding!, [written by David Whitney ; illustrations, Duncan Beedie].
Learn how to write code and then build your own website, app and game using HTML, CSS and JavaScript in this essential guide to coding for kids. In bite-size chunks learn important real-life coding skills and become a technology star of the future.
Computer coding projects for kids, Jon Woodcock ; foreword by Carol Vorderman.
Computer Coding Projects For Kids is the perfect introduction to coding for children from number 1 best- selling education author Carol Vorderman. This colourful illustrated guide uses step-by-steps to show kids how to build a range of amazing projects, from birthday cards to music and games, using the programming language Scratch.
Scratch programming playground : learn to program by making cool games, Al Sweigart.
Destroy asteroids, shoot hoops, and slice and dice fruit with Scratch Programming Playground! Scratch is the colourful drag-and-drop programming language used by millions of first-time learners. In this project-packed guide, you'll learn to program by making cool games.
Frightlopedia : an encyclopedia of everything scary, creepy, and spine-chilling, from arachnids to zombies, Julie Winterbottom, with contributions by Rachel Bozek ; illustrated by Stefano Tambellini.
Frightlopedia is the A-Z compedium of thrills and chills. Visit Borneo's Gomantong Caves, where millions of bats, roaches, spiders, and rats coexist in pitch darkness. Understand your monsters, both legendary -- Sasquatch, El Chupacabra, the Mongolian Death worm -- and all-too- real, like killer bees, accidentally unleashed by scientists in the 1950s.
Something very sad happened : a toddler's guide to understanding death, Bonnie Zucker ; illustrated by Kim Fleming.
A tool for parents, caregivers, therapists, and teachers to help young children understand the concept of death and begin the process of coping with the loss.
Creation, Cynthia Rylant.
The King James Bible creation story illustrated in a folk-art style.
The nativity, retold by Geraldine Elschner with pictures by Giotto ; translated by Kathryn Bishop.
The story of Jesus' birth retold with Renaissance artwork and a sensitive
Happy Divali : the festival of lights, [written by Joyce Bentley].
Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is celebrated by Hindus worldwide. Discover the origins and traditions behind the festival, how people around the globe celebrate and what it means to them.
I am Jazz!, Jessica Herthel & Jazz Jennings ; pictures by Shelagh McNicholas.
Jazz always knew she was different from other kids. She had a girl's brain and a boy's body. This is her
How cities work : explore the city inside, outside and underground : with loads of flaps to lift, James Gulliver Hancock.
From the sewers to the skyscrapers reveal the secret workings of the city. Lift the flaps to see inside buildings, and unfold the pages to find out what's going on above your head and under your feet.
Celebrate Valentine's Day, Carolyn Otto ; consultant, Dr. Jack Santino.
Celebrate Valentine's Day focuses on historical and cultural aspects of this holiday and the international traditions, food, and celebrations associated with it. This celebration of love includes fun facts; a recipe; a map showing the location of all photographs; a resource list of books, videos, and Web sites; and a note from an expert consultant, aimed at parents and teachers, which deepens our understanding of the holiday's importance and meaning.
Celebrate Christmas, Deborah Heiligman ; consultant, The Reverend Nathan Humphrey.
Discusses the meaning of and traditions surrounding the celebration of Christmas.
The hello atlas, [by Ben Handicott ; illustrated by Kenard Pak ; with a foreword by Professor Wade Davis].
Look into the lives of children all over the world with this book that celebrates one of humanity's greatest achievements: written and verbal language. Including fully illustrated word charts, featuring children depicted in their home country, doing ordinary things, this book features more than 100 languages, from well-known and lesser known indigenous languages that introduce us to some of the world's most remote communities.
Maui and other Maori legends : 8 classic tales of Aotearoa, Peter Gossage.
Peter Gossage's memorable retellings of Maori oral myths have captivated the children of New Zealand for generations. Their dramatic and distinctive illustrations with minimal yet evocative language form a powerful combination, and each has earned its place among the beloved classics of our literature.
The nutcracker, E.T.A. Hoffmann, [Lisbeth Zwerger].
In this retelling of the original 1816 German story, Godfather Drosselmeier gives young Marie a nutcracker for Christmas, and she finds herself in a magical realm where she saves a boy from an evil curse.
Spellbound : making pictures with the A-B-C, Coote.
A brand new take on Typographic Design creates unique Letter Art pictures. Every image is made with the letters that spell its very name. Features famous faces, places and things from all around the world, plus famous people and places from Melbourne and Australia.
Oh, ick! : 114 science experiments guaranteed to gross you out!, Joy Masoff with Jessica Garrett and Ben Ligon ; illustrated by David DeGrand.
Kids love to be grossed out. And now the doyenne of disgusting, Joy Masoff, lets kids get their hands dirty--really dirty--with 114 interactive ick-speriments and ick-tivities that delve into the science behind everything disgusting. Its this A-Z compendium, kids can stage an Ooze Olympics to demonstrate viscosity. Observe how fungi grow by making a Mold Zoo.
Space visual encyclopedia, Heather Couper and Nigel Henbest.
From asteroids and comets to star-forming nebulae and planets, Space Visual Encyclopedia takes an in-depth look at the wonders of our extraordinary universe. Space Visual Encyclopedia examines every aspect of space, from galaxies and dark matter to the features of our Solar System, and from constellations and famous astronomers to man's attempts to gain a greater understanding of the Universe.
Planets : a LEGO adventure in the real world, Penelope Arlon and Tory Gordon-Harris.
Blast off with the LEGO minifigures through our solar system and beyond! See incredible stars and planets and find out the latest space facts from water on Mars to Planet X. The LEGO minifigures put the fun into facts. You'll find great LEGO building ideas, too!
Dino safari : a LEGO adventure in the real world, Penelope Arlon and Tory Gordon-Harris.
See awesome dinosaurs and find out the latest facts about these mega monsters.
StoryWorlds nature, created by Thomas Hegbrook.
Explore the beauty and wonder of nature in this wordless picture book-and let your imagination bring everything to life! Stunning artwork captures the lives of a variety of animals and bugs in their natural surroundings and the changes that occur as they endure the passage of time, from birth to adulthood, winter to autumn, and more.
Animals by the numbers : a book of infographics, Steve Jenkins.
How many species are there across the globe? How much do all of the insects in the world collectively weigh? How far can animals travel?
Sniffer & Tinni : a true tale of amazing animal friendship, Berit Helberg ; photography by Torgeir Berge.
A fox and a German Shepherd living in a small Norwegian town become best friends.
Deep dive : a LEGO adventure in the real world, Penelope Arlon and Tory Gordon-Harris.
Join the LEGO(R) minifigures on a journey to the bottom of the sea. See cool sea creatures and find out the latest big ocean facts.
Octopus escapes again, written and illustrated by Laurie Ellen Angus.
Whether searching for its next meal or avoiding becoming a meal, an octopus is an underwater master through colour camouflage, or by spewing a cloud of obscuring ink, or by sacrificing a limb, or squeezing its boneless body into or through unlikely spaces. Includes resources and activities for teachers and parents.
Octopuses one to ten, written by Ellen Jackson ; illustrated by Robin Page.
A fascinating counting journey through the amazing and mysterious world of octopuses.
The genius of bugs, Simon Pollard.
The genius of bugs is a new, fresh take on the world of bugs, inspired by the blockbuster science exhibition Bug Lab, brought to Wellington this summer by Te Papa and Weta Workshop. Illustrated with up-close, dramatic bug photography throughout, this book is filled with bug tales, facts and figures that showcase bug ingenuity and reveal astounding bug behaviour.
A beetle is shy, Dianna Aston + Sylvia Long.
From the acclaimed duo Dianna Hutts Aston and Sylvia Long comes this gorgeous look at the fascinating world of beetles.
Rise of the lioness : restoring a habitat and its pride on the Liuwa Plains, Bradley Hague.
More than a story about one brave lion, this book offers an introduction to life science by looking at the workings of an ecosystem, the methods of scientists and environmentalists, and the interconnection between the plant, animal, and human systems.
Cecil's pride : the true story of a lion king, told by Craig Hatkoff, Juliana Hatkoff, and Isabella Hatkoff ; photographs by Brent Stapelkamp.
Known as the King of Beasts, the lion has always been a symbol of strength and courage. But there was one real lion that earned the title of Lion King. He was known simply by name: Cecil. News of his tragic death spread across the globe like wildfire, raising questions to an unprecedented level about our relationship to our animals and our planet.
How super cool stuff works.,
How Super Cool Stuff Works is a cutting edge guide exploring how incredible new technologies are shaping the modern world. Kids will love the fun laptop- style cover and layout throughout. Mind-blowing images reveal the secret inner workings of everything from drones and supercomputers to underwater hotels and flying cars. How Super Cool Stuff Works lifts the lid on today's most innovative ideas while also exploring the technology of tomorrow.
Make it glow : LED projects for the whole family, [Emily Coker, Kelli Townley].
Shares instruction for twenty-four projects using LEDs, including glowing pinwheels, electric roses, and marquee letters.
Nadiya's bake me a story, Nadiya Hussain ; illustrated by Clair Rossiter.
Join Great British Bake off sensation Nadiya Hussain for scrumptious stories and delicious bakes all the family can enjoy. A unique collection of storybook and cookbook brought together by Nadiya herself. Meet Ruby red and the three bears, then make some very berry muffins. Join Rapunzel on a special adventure then make her carrot and nutmeg cookies.
Awesome LEGO creations with bricks you already have : 50 new robots, dragons, race cars, planes, wild animals and other exciting projects to build imaginative worlds, Sarah Dees.
Turn your pile of LEGO bricks into a day of fun! This unique activity book has step-by-step instructions and tons of photos to teach you how to build all-new and totally awesome robots and a robot lab, race cars to race your friends and jet planes to zoom across the room at lightning speed or fit in your pocket for on-the-go play.
Christmas, Robyn Hardyman.
This book explores the festival of Christmas and the story behind it and features six simple origami projects for your own festive fun! The book shows how people around the world celebrate Christmas both in church and at home.
When crocs fly, Stephan T. Pastis.
A collection of comic strips mocks the foibles of human nature with the antics of egotistical Rat, clueless Pig, intellectual Goat, and letter-writing.
Knit, hook, and spin : a kid's activity guide to fiber arts and crafts, Laurie Carlson.
Dive into the wonderful and creative world of fibre arts and crafts with this easy-to-follow activity book packed with over 70 projects across a variety of fibre arts including knitting, felting, knotting and braiding, spinning, weaving, crocheting, and dyeing. Clear instructions and illustrations guide you in creating these cute, useful crafts.
The unofficial guide to crafting the world of Harry Potter : 30 magical crafts for witches and wizards from pencil wands to house colors tie-dye shirts, Jamie Harrington ; foreword by Dinah Bucholz.
You won't need alchemy or a magic wand to make these magical projects inspired by the world of Harry Potter. With a little Hogwarts creativity and the step-by-step guidance of this book, you'll be able to transfigurate simple supplies and things around the house into everything from Remembrall Rings to Butterbeer Lip Balm to Nargles for your front lawn.
10 minute Christmas crafts, Annalees Lim.
In 10 Minute Crafts: Christmas, children can learn how to make felt stockings, a Christmas wreath, a Santa tree decoration, homemade Christmas decorations and candy cane christmas cards, along with lots of other great Christmas crafts for kids. Ages 5+
10 minute Easter crafts, Annalees Lim.
Using readily available, seasonally related materials, this series is packed full of fun crafts for special occasions..
The twelve days of Christmas, William Morris with illustrations by Liz Catchpole.
Combining handpicked patterns from the V&A's William Morris archive with brilliant new illustrations, this stunning book brings the words of the classic Twelve Days of Christmas song to life. A gorgeous Christmas gift to be treasured by all fans of art and design.
Fantastic beasts and where to find them : the beasts : cinematic guide, [by Felicity Baker].
The essential film companion for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! Learn all about the extraordinary beasts that Magizoologist Newt Scamander carries in his magical leather case! From the adorable, furry Niffler to the majestic Swooping Evil, this Cinematic Guide features captivating beasts and magical movie moments from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.
Fantastic beasts and where to find them : character guide, Michael Kogge.
Meet Newt, Tina, Queenie, Jacob, and many more in this comprehensive character guide.
Fantastic beasts and where to find them : magical movie handbook, Michael Kogge.
Featuring amazing photos and details from the film, this handbook highlights all of your favorite characters, locations, artifacts, spells, and magical moments from the movie!
100 scariest monsters.,
It's a big universe and there are some truly terrifying monsters out there! Here are the 100 scariest monsters the Doctor has ever encountered so far, from the devious Daleks to the weird Weeping Angels and the sinister Cybermen. With facts and stats on all the most fearsome scary monsters, this book will have you cowering behind the sofa!
A history of humankind : the Doctor's official guide, [written by Justin Richards ; illustrations by Dan Green].
Over billions of years of time travel, the Doctor has run into his fair share of important people - and he's formed opinions on most of them too. Now the Twelfth Doctor has got hold of a history textbook from Coal Hill School, and he's decided to improve it with notes of his own!
The unofficial Pokemon Go field guide, Ivy St. Ive.
Millions of people have taken up the Pokemon Go challenge of becoming the greatest Trainer of them all. With so many fans hunting, catching, and battling with their Pokemon, it's been impossible to find an edge over the competition - until now.
Gaming live! : your guide to video game livestreaming.,
More gamers than ever are watching others play games rather than playing the games themselves. Gaming Live provides a complete guide to live streaming.
Boo! Haiku, words by Deanna Caswell ; pictures by Bob Shea.
A witch, a bat, a skeleton, a jack-o'-lantern, a ghost, a black cat, a spider, an owl, and a scarecrow are all hiding in the pages of this clever Halloween-themed book. Deanna Caswell's playful haiku cleverly hint at the creatures revealed after each turn of the page while Bob Shea's bright illustrations capture the scary silliness.
The night before Christmas, Clement C. Moore ; illustrated by David Ercolini.
A funny, over-the-top new spin on the classic Christmas poem! A hysterical new version of "The Night Before Christmas"!
Fantastic beasts and where to find them : the original screenplay, J.K. Rowling ; cover and book by MinaLima.
When Magizoologist Newt Scamander arrives in New York, he intends his stay to be just a brief stopover. However, when his magical case is misplaced and some of Newt's fantastic beasts escape, it spells trouble for everyone ...
Chronologica : the incredible years that defined history.,
Compiled by the team behind Whitaker's Almanack, Chronologica is a fascinating journey through time, from the foundation of Rome to the creation of the internet. Along the way are tales of kings and queens, hot air balloons, comets...and monkeys in space. Travel through 100 of the most incredible years in world history and learn why being a Roman Emperor wasn't always as good as it sounds ...
The music in George's head : George Gershwin creates Rhapsody in blue, Suzanne Slade ; illustrated by Stacy Innerst.
With rhythmic swirls of words and pictures, Suzanne Slade and Stacy Innerst beautifully reveal just how brilliantly Gershwin reached inside his head to create his masterpiece, Rhapsody in Blue. It's a surprising and whirlwind composition of notes and sounds and one long wail of a clarinet-dazzling and daring, just like George Gershwin himself!
Mr. Matisse and his cutouts, Annemarie van Haeringen ; [translated by Jan Michael].
Annemarie van Haeringen brings to life the changing artistic style of Henri Matisse, one of the world's most celebrated artists.
Let your voice be heard : the life and times of Pete Seeger, Anita Silvey.
Pete Seeger, the iconic folk musician and multiple Grammy winner, discovered early in life that what he wanted to do was make music. His amazing career as singer, songwriter, and banjo player spanned seven decades, and included both low points (being charged with contempt of Congress) and highlights (receiving the Kennedy Center Honor from President Clinton).
Women in science : 50 fearless pioneers who changed the world, written and illustrated by Rachel Ignotofsky.
A collection of artworks inspired by the lives and achievements of fifty famous women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, from the ancient world to the present, profiles each notable individual.
The Stone Age : hunters, gatherers and woolly mammoths, written and illustrated by Marcia Williams.
Join Marcia Williams on a journey to the Stone Age. Meet the people of Clan Woolly as they hunt mammoths and reindeer, learn how to make fire, invent stone tools and turn wild wolves into tame dogs! Full of facts, jokes and colourful comic strips, this is the perfect introduction to the Stone Age a time before history was even invented!
Knights & castles : a LEGO adventure in the real world, Penelope Arlon and Tory Gordon-Harris.
In this innovative new publishing program, LEGO models and minifigures are illustrated in fun and fantastic scenarios throughout as the first point of engagement for kids with real-world topics. This program represents a marriage of core values between LEGO and Scholastic: imagination, creativity, fun, and learning, as well as providing the most engaging, educational information for children.
L is for London, Paul Thurlby.
An incredibly stylish alphabet book perfect for children and adults alike. See the sights of London as never before through the eyes of an award-winning illustrator. Paul Thurlby takes us from A for Abbey Road, through N for Nelson's Column to Z for London Zoo in this striking book.
Japan, Susie Brooks.
Learn about Japan's history, economy, and daily lifestyles.
India, Susie Brooks.
Learn about India's history, its current thriving economy, multiethnic cultures, and daily lifestyles.

Older Fiction

Twelve doctors of Christmas.,
Twelve festive adventures, starring twelve incarnations of the ever-enduring Doctor. Bright and brilliant, these tales are filled with monsters, mayhem, merriment and plenty of Christmas magic.
Winter magic, curated by Abi Elphinstone ; featuring stories by Michelle Harrison [and 10 others].
A beautiful and classic anthology of frosty, magical short stories from acclaimed children's writers such as Michelle Magorian, Berlie Doherty, Lauren St John and Katherine Woodfine, and edited by author Abi Elphinstone.
The crown of fire, Tony Abbott ; illustrations by Bill Perkins & Max Perkins.
When the guardians of the Copernicus legacy are targeted for assassination by the evil Galina Krause, Wade, Darrell, Lily, and Becca must find the remaining relics to defeat their enemies.
Windborn, Jennifer Lynn Alvarez ; [interior art by David McClellan].
Star and his nemesis Nightwing will face off in a final, epic battle to determine the fate of all the pegasi.
A little taste of poison, R.J. Anderson.
Twelve-year-old Isaveth eagerly accepts an opportunity to study at the most exclusive magical school in the city but her scholarship might prove be more a trap than a gift.
The truest heart, E.D. Baker.
Cory Feathering has abandoned the tooth fairy guild she was born into in favor of choosing her own path as a matchmaker, and now decides to fight for what she believes in by helping Mary Lambkin find true love.
Atlantis lost, T. A. Barron.
With his friends beside him, Promi battles Narkazan in the Spirit Realm, to ensure that the Starstone remains safe from Narkazan's mortal followers.
The wolf keepers, Elise Broach with illustrations by Alice Ratterree.
Twelve-year-old Lizzie Durango lives in a zoo, spending her days taking note of the animals' behaviours, then she meets runaway Tyler Briggs and together they investigate the wolves who are suddenly dying.
The song of seven, Tonke Dragt ; translated by Laura Watkinson.
Deep in the woods, in a crooked house full of stairs, a young boy is kept prisoner by his uncle. He cannot meet other children, or have any friends. He holds the key to a secret.
Word hunters : top secret files, Nick Earls & Terry Whidborne.
Lexi, Al, Mursili, Will and Caractacus are back! This exciting book from the successful team behind the Word Hunters trilogy is packed with never-seen-before word hunter history with new characters, new word quests, new adventures and all the behind-the-scenes information you have ever wanted to know about the words that make up the language we speak.
The Christmasaurus, Tom Fletcher ; illustrations by Shane Devries.
The Christmasaurus is a story about a boy named William Trundle, and a dinosaur, the Christmasaurus. It's about how they meet one Christmas Eve and have a magical adventure. It's about friendship and families, sleigh bells and Santa, singing elves and flying reindeer, music and magic. It's about discovering your heart's true desire, and learning that the impossible might just be possible.
The diamond horse, Stacy Gregg.
Anna Orlov might be the luckiest girl in the world. She is the daughter of a Russian Count and lives in a snowbound palace that is the home to a menagerie of wonderful animals; tigers, wolfhounds, and - of course - horses. She is also the owner of a beautiful heirloom - a diamond necklace with a secret. When Anna defies her father and raises a colt alongside her pet tiger cub, her actions will have far reaching consequences. Soon Anna, her tiger and her horse will be fighting for survival in the frozen tundra of Siberia. An epic adventure of horses, friendship and a sparkling secret!
The song from somewhere else, A.F. Harrold ; illustrated by Levi Pinfold.
Frank doesn't know how to feel when Nick Underbridge rescues her from bullies one afternoon. No one likes Nick. He's big, he's weird and he smells or so everyone in Frank's class thinks. And yet, there's something nice about Nick's house.
The other boy, M.G. Hennessey ; illustrated by S R Monster.
Twelve-year-old Shane Woods is just a regular boy. He loves pitching for his baseball team, working on his graphic novel, and hanging out with his best friend, Josh. But Shane is keeping something private, something that might make a difference to his friends and teammates, even Josh.
Hawkwing's journey, Erin Hunter.
An epic stand-alone adventure in Erin Hunter's #1 nationally bestselling Warriors series! Set just before the events of the books in A Vision of Shadows, this Super Edition follows Hawkwing, deputy of SkyClan, on a journey that will change the fate of all five warrior Clans.
The emerald tablet, Dan Jolley.
Finding an old map, Gabe and his friends follow clues to a secret chamber beneath San Francisco, where they perform what they think is a friendship ritual before strange events reveal a sinister cult from a parallel realm.
Double down, Jeff Kinney.
The pressure's really piling up on Greg Heffley. His mom thinks video games are turning his brain to mush, so she wants her son to put down the controller and explore his 'creative side'.
Podkin One-Ear, Kieran Larwood ; illustrated by David Wyatt.
Podkin is the son of a warrior chieftain. He knows that one day it will be up to him to lead his warren and guard it in times of danger.
Foxheart, Claire Legrand ; illustrations by Jaime Zollars.
Twelve-year-old Quicksilver the self-proclaimed greatest thief in all the Star Lands must travel back in time to when magic still existed and, with the help of her older self and a dog named Fox, stop the evil Wolf King from hunting witches to extinction.
The doll people's Christmas, Ann M. Martin and Laura Godwin ; illustrated by Brett Helquist.
Things go awry when Annabelle, a fragile, timid porcelain doll who lies in a Victorian dollhouse, tries to share some of her Christmas traditions with best friend Tiffany, a sturdy, adventurous plastic doll who lives in a modern dollhouse.
Going wild, Lisa McMann ; [illustrations by Brandon Dorman].
Spider-Man meets Animorphs in this thrilling new series from Lisa McMann. Charlie Wilde knew her life would change forever when her family moved from the city of Chicago to the suburbs of Arizona...and that was before she found the bracelet. After putting it on, she notices odd things start to happen.
Sugar and spice, Sarah Mlynowski.
In this trip through the magic mirror, Abby and Jonah find themselves in the tale of Hansel and Gretel, where they have to deal with the witch and hope the portal will open so they can get home.
The white fox, Jackie Morris.
The day the fox came things began to change for Sol. Lost, alone and far away from home, Sol feels a deep connection with the little Arctic fox he discovers down at the Seattle docks - he too feels lost in the big city. Dad is always busy working and Sol misses the grandparents they have left behind. So Sol decides to take the little fox back home, reuniting his own family in the process.
Emily's Penny Dreadful, Bill Nagelkerke.
When Emily's aunt and uncle come to stay, following a house fire, they take over Emily's room, something that Emily is less than pleased about. All that they bring with them is a valuable 'Penny Dreadful' magazine. Emily loves words and writing. She decides to write her own 'dreadful' story. But endings are the hardest things to write. Will Emily's Uncle Raymond - himself a writer - help Emily to finish her story?
Fishbone's song, Gary Paulsen.
Deep in the woods, in a rustic cabin, lives an old man and the boy he's raised as his own. This sage old man has taught the boy the power of nature and how to live in it, and more importantly, to respect it. In Fishbone's Song, this boy reminisces about the magic of the man who raised him and the tales that he used to tell all true, but different each time.
Dog lost, Jan Ramage & Brian Simmonds.
This story is inspired by the heroic accounts of dogs that miraculously find their way home after long periods of being lost. Some inner sense of knowing guides them back home. A longing and a bond of love and loyalty drive them forward. Mankind owes so much to our faithful best friend.
Ghost, Jason Reynolds.
Ghost. Lu. Patina. Sunny. Four kids from wildly different backgrounds with personalities that are explosive when they clash. But they are also four kids chosen for an elite middle school track team -- a team that could qualify them for the Junior Olympics if they can get their acts together.
Frenemies forever, Rachel Renee Russell with Nikki Russell and Erin Russell.
Nikki and her friends Brandon, Chloe, and Zoey are up for another adventure.
Frazzled : everyday disasters and impending doom, Booki Vivat.
Nervous about middle school because her family does not get her and her friends know exactly what they want to do, Abbie Wu searches for her own passion before discovering a knack for leadership when injustices in the cafeteria come to light.
Stick Dog slurps spaghetti, Tom Watson.
When they come across spaghetti in their search for a tug-of-war rope, Stick Dog and his hungry friends go on a quest for more pasta that sees them scale their suburb's tallest mountain and sneak into a restaurant filled with humans.

Picture Books

ABC birds, American Museum of Natural History.
From albatross to zebra finch, different birds present the letters of the alphabet.
Shares photographs of children's clothing, including pants, a dress, and earmuffs.
Fox babies!, [photography by Steve Hinch].
Find out how fox babies spend their day.
My feelings, illustrated by Sarah Jennings.
Are you feeling happy, sad, excited, worried, shy, scared, or grumpy? Do you know why? This book will introduce emotions and show you how to talk about, share, or enjoy what you feel. There are lovely illustrations that will make you smile, frown, or jump for joy. A fantastic first book for understanding how we feel and what to do about it!
The mouse and the moon, Gabriel Alborozo.
A mouse wants to meet the moon, but finds a surprising new friend instead.
The lonely giant, Sophie Ambrose.
A modern fable, The Lonely Giant is a story of conserving the environment, friendship and freedom. The forest giant likes nothing better than smashing, bashing and pulling up trees. But when all the animals run away in fear, the giant finds himself so very sad and lonely. How he misses the crackling warmth of a fire; how he misses the sweet, melodious songs of the birds!
I love my birthday, Giles Andreae & Emma Dodd.
From birthday kisses to party games with friends, all the joy of the big day is captured through true-to-life humour and lovely
The Queen's present, Steve Antony.
The Queen has raced around London and dashed all over the UK. Now she is setting off around the world in search of the perfect Christmas present and she's not alone. Father Christmas is here to help! From the North Pole to the Sydney Opera House, via the State of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, the Pyramids and more will the Queen find a gift that is truly special? And who is it for?
The class, written by Boni Ashburn ; illustrated by Kimberly Gee.
Twenty young students, some eager, some nervous, some grumpy, prepare for their very first day of class.
This is our baby, born today, Varsha Bajaj ; illustrated by Eliza Wheeler.
A baby elephant's birth is celebrated by its loving herd.
Hap-pea all year!, Keith Baker.
In rhyming text, a group of happy green peas celebrates the special holidays of each month, and the passing seasons.
Meet Happy Bear, illustrated by Carles Ballesteros.
Oh dear! Happy Bear is sad and we must make him happy again.
Strawberries for Christmas, Rebecca Bayer and Linley Wellington ; illustrated by Christine Ross.
Sam is not happy about moving house, but it all comes right as the family starts a new Christmas tradition.
Blue bus, red balloon : a book of colors, Brian Biggs.
Follows a red balloon's journey past various modes of transportation, each displaying a different colour.
My first board book, animals : includes Maori vocabulary, Donovan Bixley.
Lerning animal names in English and Maori is fun and interactive with this vibrant book featuring species native to New Zealand. Featuring cow (kau), horse (hoiho) and sheep (heihei), but also bat (pekapeka), gecko (moko papa) and morepork (ruru). Perfect for Kiwi kids.
My first board book, colours : includes Maori vocabulary, Donovan Bixley.
Mā is white, whero is red. Learning colours is fun and interactive with this classic kiwi tune. Also includes additional colours not covered in the song, so readers can expand their Maori vocabulary.
Pig the pug, Aaron Blabey.
"Pig was a Pug and I'm sorry to say, he was greedy and selfish in most every way." Pig is the greediest Pug in the world. He is ill-tempered, rude and unreasonable. When Pig the Pug is asked to share his toys, something unexpected happens. Hopefully Pig has learned a lesson!
The very noisy bear, Nick Bland.
The Very Cranky Bear and his friends are back! There's music in the air in the Jingle Jangle Jungle! Can Bear's friends help him find the perfect instrument to play?
Paddington and the marmalade maze, Michael Bond ; illustrated by R.W. Alley.
Mr Gruber takes Paddington on a visit to Hampton Court. As usual, Paddington manages to turn a perfectly normal outing into an adventure.
Paddington at the Palace, Michael Bond ; illustrated by R. W. Alley.
Crowds of people prevent Paddington from seeing the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, but a special honor comes his way instead.
Paddington in the garden, Michael Bond ; illustrated by R.W. Alley.
Paddington comes up with an unexpected design for his part of the garden just in time for National Garden
Paddington the artist, Michael Bond ; illustrated by R. W. Alley.
When Mr Gruber shows Paddington a painting exhibition he is inspired to take up a new hobby!
The tale of the castle mice, Michael Bond, Emily Sutton.
The Earl's Castle is home to a magnificent doll's house, and inside lives a family of mice. Mr and Mrs Perk and their thirteen children live happily together and work hard to maintain their splendid home. But one day their beloved doll's house is taken away.
Are you a cow?, Sandra Boynton.
Are you a cow? Are you a dog? Are you a duck? Are you a frog? This charming and hilarious story is perfect for Boynton fans new and old. Her clever text and playful illustrations always keep readers coming back for more! Teaching animal recognition to little ones, this quirky board book also gets across the important message that it is great to just be ourselves.
Dinosaur dance!, Sandra Boynton.
Join Boynton's lively prehistoric bunch as they get everyone's tails shaking for a feet-stomping good time!
Snowflake in my pocket, Rachel Bright ; illustrated by Yu Rong.
The snow is coming Bear can smell it! Squirrel is so excited he's never seen snow before!
Monkey : not ready for the baby, Marc Brown.
Monkey is not ready to welcome a new baby to the family.
Ten little elves, Mike Brownlow, Simon Rickerty.
Ten little elves set off on a mission to rescue Christmas. But what will the little elves do when they meet a growling polar bear, a yowling yeti and a scary Ice Queen? Will the little elves save the day?
Plenty of love to go round!, Emma Chichester Clark.
When Binky the cat moves in next door, Plum can't understand why everyone likes him so much. But she soon learns that there's no need to be jealous and there's plenty of love to go round. Inspired by her hugely popular Plumdog Blog, this charming story explores how to deal with feelings of jealousy.
The lines on Nana's face, Simona Ciraolo.
It's granny's birthday, but her little granddaughter wonders why, because of the lines on her face, she looks so worried! But they are simply wrinkles, and grandma is very fond of her lines because they are where she keeps her memories.
The Gobbledygook and the Scribbledynoodle, Justine Clarke and Arthur Baysting ; illustrated by Tom Jellett.
Look! Look! It's the Gobbledygook! He's reading his favourite mon-story book. He's taking a look at his mon-story friends. And this is where the story really begins. When a monster jumps right out of the Gobbledygook's library book, it takes a bit of clever handling to stop the Scribbledynoodle from scribbling on things it shouldn't!
Alone together, Clayton Junior.
Looking at opposites and contrasts through unusual and humorous examples in the animal world, this charming picture book will spark conversations between adult and child and is a great introduction to a key early years concept. Its bold, colourful illustrations are perfect for parents and young children to explore together and to pour over time and again.
Mix & match animal homes, Lo Cole.
Turn the pages of the book within a book to match the animals to their home in this stylish, interactive board book. Bright colours and simple words introduce children to animals from all over the world and their habitats and the mix-and-match game makes learning fun.
Mix & match colours, Lo Cole.
Turn the pages of the book within a book to match the colours in this stylish, interactive board book. Bright illustrations and simple words introduce children to colours and every day objects, and the mix-and-match game makes learning fun. A perfect first book to share with your baby.
Te kaihanga māpere, Sacha Cotter; Josh Morgan; Kawata Teepa
This is the reo Māori edition of the picture book The Marble Maker. A child dreams of inventing a new marble and having the recipe appear in the Book of Marbles.
Billions of bricks, Kurt Cyrus.
A counting book that leads readers through the day in the life of a construction worker building with bricks.
Nothing can frighten a bear, Elizabeth Dale ; illustrated by Paula Metcalf.
Daddy Bear insists that nothing can frighten a bear but when there's a noise in the night, Baby Bear isn't convinced. The bears set out to make sure there aren't any monsters but, as they vanish one by one, it looks like Daddy Bear might not be so brave after all!
Pete the cat and the missing cupcakes, Kimberly and James Dean.
Join Pete the Cat in a brand-new story and help him and his friends find the missing cupcakes! Pete the Cat and his friends are busy as can be baking cupcakes for a cupcake party, and Pete can t wait to perform with his groovy band. But some of the cupcakes have gone missing. Who could have taken them?
Ten little toes, two small feet, Kristy Dempsey ; illustrated by Jane Massey.
Toddlers crawl, play, and walk as they help the reader learn to count to ten.
Bob the artist, written and illustrated by Marion Deuchars.
Bob the bird is just like all his friends, apart from his skinny legs. When Bob is teased, he decides to try and change himself to fit in. But little does he know where all his efforts will lead him.
A hat for Mrs. Goldman : a story about knitting and love, Michelle Edwards ; illustrated by G. Brian Karas.
Sophia knits a special hat for her elderly neighbour and knitting teacher.
This Orq, David Elliott ; illustrated by Lori Nichols.
Cave boy Orq is back in his third book, as exuberant as ever.
The dinosaur that pooped Christmas, Tom Fletcher & Dougie Poynter ; illustrated by Garry Parsons.
Danny wants everything for Christmas. But what he gets is a dinosaur, a very hungry dinosaur. Danny's new dino eats up all of Christmas, but as we all know, what goes in must come out...Danny is about to have the most EXPLOSIVE Christmas of his life! There's poop, presents and prehistoric creatures in this festive feast!
Old dog baby baby, Julie Fogliano ; art by Chris Raschka.
A rhyming picture book about a lazy old dog and a playful baby.
A Ladybird book 1.2.3, [written by M. E. Gagg ; illustrated by G. W. Robinson].
This beautiful gift book introduces young children to first numbers from 1-12, helping to teach both the shape of the numerals and the number words, while introducing the idea of counting by asking the question 'How many?'. Both adults and children alike will love the wonderfully detailed images of everyday objects, taken from iconic, vintage Ladybird artwork of the 1950s.
Pug meets Pig, written by Sue Lowell Gallion ; illustrated by Joyce Wan.
Pug is happy at home until Pig arrives and he must share his bowl, his yard, and even his bed, but just as Pug is packing his belongings to leave things change for the better.
Ruth Galloway's underwater stories.,
Tickly Octopus - Octopus has eight twisty tentacles and he loves using them to tickle the fish. But when Octopus tickles Oyster and she drops her precious pearl, will Octopus be able to get it back? Clumsy Crab - Nipper hates his huge clumsy claws. But one day, when he's playing with his friends, Nipper finds his claws are very useful after all! Fidgety Fish - Tiddler is always fidgeting, and his mum is fed up! Tiddler swims out into the deep sea, right into a big, dark cave. Will he finally use up all of his energy?
Colours, [text: Charlie Gardner].
Offers hands-on fun for you and your toddler as you learn about colours with this flaptastic board book. What colour is the butterfly? What colour is the grass? What red objects can you find?
The lost gift : a Christmas story, written by Kallie George ; illustrated by Stephanie Graegin.
Four animal friends-- Bird, Rabbit, Deer, and Squirrel deliver a package for Santa.
Goodnight world, Debi Gliori.
Goodnight ice and goodnight snow. Goodnight lights above, a-glow. Join in the list of important things to say goodnight to ships, animals, plants, toys and, of course, the sun - in this beautifully illustrated rhyming text, perfect for bedtime.
It is not time for sleeping : (a bedtime story), Lisa Graff, Lauren Castillo.
Bedtime is near, but from the end of dinner until lights are turned off, it is not really time for sleeping until a child receives a special good night wish.
Cat knit, Jacob Grant.
Cat and Yarn are the best of friends. They have so much fun playing together, the two are inseparable. Until the day Girl takes Yarn away. When Yarn Returns, he is completely changed, no longer Cat's bright and rolly friend. Cat is mad! Soon, Cat begins to miss his best friend, and he just might realize that a little change isn't so bad after all.
Little Mouse's big book of fears, Emily Gravett.
Features a little mouse who documents his fears - from loud noises and the dark to being sucked down the plughole. This book is written by the author of "Wolves".
Animal babies in the meadow!, Julia Groves.
What's a baby hare called? Or a baby sheep? In this collection of meadow creatures and their young, Julia Grove's distinctive art style captures each animal's unique beauty.
Animal babies on the mountain!, Julia Groves.
What's a baby goat called? Or a baby panda? In this collection of mountain creatures and their young, Julia Groves' distinctive art style captures each animal's unique beauty.
Yellow Copter, Kersten Hamilton ; illustrated by Valeria Petrone.
A teacher is stuck on the Ferris wheel, and Yellow Copter is called to the rescue.
How to save a superhero, Caryl Hart & Ed Eaves.
Albie doesn't want to tidy his toys away but when a comic-book baddie snatches one away, he has to chase after them!
The princess and the Christmas rescue, Caryl Hart ; illustrated by Sarah Warburton.
Princess Eliza is simply brilliant at making toys and gadgets but her mum wants her to start making friends instead. Not far away, the elves in Santa's Workshop are in a toy-making frenzy with Santa ill, how will they ever get everything ready for Christmas? Luckily, Eliza arrives just in time.
Will there be puffins?, Gay Hay ; illustrated by Sarah Harmon.
6-year-old Angela travels to Shetland where she explores both the lands and her ancestry. Her grandmother Ruby had shared with her many stories about the places they had come from and the people they belonged to and Angela is excited to be experiencing this for herself.
Gordon's great escape, Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet.
Follow Gordon the Balloon on his adventures around the world; learning new things, meeting people and avoiding all the dangers which come with being a balloon.
Are you sure, Mother Bear?, Amy Hest ; illustrated by Lauren Tobia.
On the first night of winter, Little Miss Bear will not go to sleep. She simply refuses. "Winter is for sleeping," Mother Bear tells her. "All bears sleep, all winter long." But all winter long is much too long for Little Miss Bear. She is going to miss her stars and her moon, and she is going to miss rolling on her hills. Most of all, she is going to miss her Mother Bear. Can Mother Bear reassure her that they will all be there waiting for her when she wakes in the spring?
Jannie Ho's Christmas ABC.,
This sturdy alphabet board book introduces simple seasonal words, to get toddlers excited about Christmas. As well as first letter sounds to say out loud, there are bright pictures featuring lots of happy faces, and familiar festive details to spot.
Real cowboys, Kate Hoefler ; illustrated by Jonathan Bean.
Cowboys are strong and tough. Cowboys ride fast horses and travel far and wide. But as they move through canyons and across prairies, quietly doing their work, cowboys are many more things, too. And these are the things that make them real cowboys.
My dream dog, Arthur Howard.
A young pet owner knows lots about his dog, from what makes him growl to when he is dreaming. But what does his dog dream about?
Little mouse, written and illustrated by Riikka J. [translation by Lotta Dufva].
A day in the life of a toddler is a busy one : as all parents know : and Little Mouse's day is no exception. Between getting dressed, going to childcare, eating dinner, and making time for splashing in puddles, Little Mouse has a lot to do a and a lot to say 'no' to!
Moomin and the Ocean's Song, based on the original stories by Tove Jansson.
It was a day that really ought to be filled with adventure...Moomintroll and his friends have heard of the legend of the Ocean's Song - held inside a shell, which only its finder can hear. Snufkin takes them to the island of the Hattifatteners but the friends have to turn back to escape a thunderstorm! Will they find the Ocean's Song, and get home in one piece? A brand new picture book adventure based on the beloved Moomin characters by Tove Jansson perfect for all Moomin fans young and old.
Penguin problems, Jory John ; illustrated by Lane Smith.
A penguin whines about the uncontrollable problems in his life.
A small thing but big, Tony Johnston ; pictures by Hadley Hooper.
Lizzie meets an elderly man and his companion, Cecile, at the park, but Lizzie is afraid of dogs, so she relies on her new friend to help her take things one step at a time.
Radio rescue!, Jane Jolly and Robert Ingpen.
Jim and his family live happily on their remote outback station. Yet, sometimes Jim feels lonely. Jim's Dad enjoys droving and shearing his sheep but sometimes he wishes he could chat to a mate.
Mog time : six stories about Mog the forgetful cat, Judith Kerr.
Six favourite Mog stories brought together in one gift volume Mog's antics have entertained countless children ever since her first appearance in 1970, making this lovable cat one of the most enduringly popular characters in children's books. The stories included are: Mog the Forgetful Cat; Mog and Bunny; Mog's Bad Thing; Mog and the Baby; Mog on Fox Night; Mog's Christmas.
Little Why, Jonny Lambert.
Little Why just can't stay in line. There is so much to see like Giraffe's long-lofty leggy legs and Wildebeest's spiny-spiky horns. Why can't he have legs and horns like them? And then Little Why spots Crocodile's snippy-snappy teeth. Look out!
The bear who wasn't there and the Fabulous Forest, Oren Lavie ; illustrations by Wolf Erlbruch.
One day, a few minutes after Once Upon a Time, a bear awakes to find he has lost something very important: himself!
Lines everywhere, Jimi Lee.
Illustrations surrounding a die-cut line in the center of each page depict such everyday objects as a see-saw, a hamburger, a swimming pool, and a frying
Hello little babies, Alison Lester.
Hello little babies Welcome to the world From the precious early days of a baby's life to those first tentative steps, so much changes over a
The museum of me, Emma Lewis.
The Museum of Me follows a little girl on a journey of discovery to find out what museums are and what they have inside them. Brimming with anticipation, she finds giant bugs and peculiar beasts, ancient pots and contemporary paintings, feathery leaves and flowers as big as her own head! Marveling at museums old, new, outdoors, and even in outer space, she soon realizes that her favorite museum of all is waiting for her at home: The Museum of Me.
Big fish, little fish, [text by Jonathan Litton ; illustrations, Fhiona Galloway].
Dive into the ocean to learn about opposites in this bubbly book from Fhiona Galloway! With bright artwork, lots of finger-holes and a fun rhyming story, learning is brought to life in this underwater extravaganza!
Otis and the kittens, Loren Long.
When Otis the tractor becomes trapped in a burning barn, after rescuing kittens, his animal friends and local firefighters come to his aid.
The fairytale hairdresser and the princess and the pea, Abie Longstaff & Lauren Beard.
Princesses from all across the land are flocking to fairyland village for the chance to marry the prince. But one princess is not all she seems. Amid the excitements of the annual festival of food, the Fairytale Hairdresser must use all her skills to root out a wicked witch and ensure true love's course runs without a hitch. Featuring all the fairytale favourites, hilarious hairstyles, outrageous outfits and fantastic fairytale foods! The Fairytale Hairdresser: a modern girl in a fairytale world!
Gwendolyn!, Juliette MacIver ; illustrated by Terri Rose Baynton.
In the jungle there are jaguars, monkeys and parrots aplenty, but there are no penguins. None at all. Because penguins do not live in the jungle, except for ... GWENDOLYN! A story about friendship, adventure and finding your home.
Samson the mighty flea!, Angela McAllister, Nathan Reed.
Samson is the star of Fleabag's Circus this strong-flea can lift a match, he can lift a pea, he can lift lovely flea Amelie. But it's not enough Samson wants to be the biggest star anywhere, so he sets off into the big, wide world. You can discover what happens to the world's smallest strongman in this hilarious, touching tale.
Cinderella, [retold by Anna Milbourne ; illustrated by Karl James Mountford].
Peep through the pages of this magical and wonderfully produced book to follow the journey of Cinderella from maid to princess, on her quest to find Prince Charming.
Welcome home, Bear : a book of animal habitats, Il Sung Na.
Bear is tired of waking up every morning in the same green forest, so he decides to search for a new place to live. He visits the birds in the trees, a mole underground, a camel in the hot desert sand, puffins in the cold arctic snow only to realize his own home is the perfect place for him after all.
A family is a family is a family, written by Sara O'Leary ; illustrated by Qin Leng.
When a teacher asks the children in her class to think about what makes their families special, the answers are all different in many ways -- but the same in the one way that matters most of all. One child is worried that her family is just too different to explain, but listens as her classmates talk about what makes their families special. One is raised by a grandmother, and another has two dads. One is full of stepsiblings, and another has a new baby.
Twigged, Aura Parker.
One, two, three. Why won't someone play with me? Heidi is a stick insect, long and thin like the twig of a tree. It's her first day at a busy bug school, where she hopes to learn lots and make new friends. But finding friends isn't easy when no-one can find you! Can you find Heidi?
By the light of the moon, Tom Percival.
Ivan's old house had always been so warm and friendly. This new one was not. Ivan finds his new house strange and can't sleep. He lies awake and then sees a shimmering light come down.
A Ladybird book a.b.c, [illustrated by G. Robinson].
This beautiful gift book introduces young children to the letters of the alphabet, helping to teach both the letter shapes and the names of an object beginning with each letter. Both adults and children alike will love the wonderfully detailed images of everyday objects, taken from iconic, vintage Ladybird artwork of the 1960s.
Before morning, Joyce Sidman ; illustrated by Beth Krommes.
There are planes to fly and buses to catch, but achild uses the power of words, in the form of an invocation, topersuade fate to bring her family a snow day a day slow and unhurried enough to spend at home together. In a spare text that reads as pure song and illustrations of astonishingly beautiful scratchboard art, Sidman and Krommes remind us that sometimes, if spoken from the heart, wishes really can come true.
Christmas, [text, Dawn Sirett ; special photography, Dave King].
Baby Touch and Feel Christmas is a fun DK baby book that helps little ones learn new words and identify objects and is full of Christmas fun!
I am bear, Ben Bailey Smith and Sav Aky++z.
If there's trouble, one thing is certain: Bear was there. In (and out) of his outrageous purple outfit, Bear can do anything steal honey from the bees, do magic tricks, steal doughnuts from a police officer, and annoy a certain pesky squirrel. This hilarious picture book debut of actor Ben Bailey Smith (aka rapper Doc Brown) and artist Sav Akyuz will keep young mischief-makers in stitches.
Swallow the leader : a counting book, Danna Smith ; illustrated by Kevin Sherry.
A group of fish play follow the leader in their ocean habitat. Count the fish from one to ten as each joins the game, then count back down to one when the leader gulps a sea spider and sets off an unfortunate chain reaction (swallow the leader!)
Follow the yarn : a book of colors, Emily Sper.
In this delightful introduction to colours, toddlers-and cat lovers of all ages-will enjoy following a kitten through the pages as he plays with one colourful ball of yarn after another. Toddlers can also make a game of following the yarn from page to page as each colour unravels.
Danny McGee drinks the sea, Andy Stanton & Neal Layton.
Can a boy drink the sea? Surely it's impossible! But Danny McGee does just that and now he has his sights on other things. Soon he's swallowing trees, flies, fleas, peas, mountains where will it end?!
Ming goes to school, written by Deirdre Sullivan ; illustrated by Maja L+fdahl.
Ming goes to preschool, where she bravely plays all kinds of games with new friends and old, but she is still not quite ready for the big red slide.
When we go camping, Sally Sutton ; illustrated by Cat Chapman.
When we go camping, we bang in the pegs, bang in the pegs, bang in the pegs. Guy ropes are tricky; they trip up our legs! Smacketty tappetty bopp-io. This story follows a family camping trip and the trials, tribulations and excitement of a holiday in the outdoors. With rhythmical refrains, it captures all the fun, excitement and joy of being in the great outdoors!
Fuddles and Puddles, written and illustrated by Frans Vischer.
Fuddles the cat finds that his perfectly pampered life of luxury comes to a screeching halt when his family buys a new puppy, Puddles. Howling and barking? Incessant licks and ball-fetching? Will Fuddles ever find a way to cope with his new frenemy?
Meg in the jungle, Jan Pienkowski and David Walser.
In this new adventure, Meg, Mog and Owl explore the jungle, meet a friendly elephant, a sinister snake - and a tiger without any stripes! But can Meg's spell help or might things get a little more tricky for our hapless heroes?
Won Ton and Chopstick : a cat and dog tale told in haiku, Lee Wardlaw ; illustrated by Eugene Yelchin.
Won Ton and his boy are enjoying a fine life until "Doom" a dog that's smelly and steals his dinner arrives, but soon the disgruntled cat learns that his new family member might have some good points, too.
The very helpful hedgehog, Rosie Wellesley.
Isaac is a hedgehog who has only ever been alone. He enjoys being alone, it is just the way he likes it. One day, an apple falls from a tree and sticks on his back. The more he tries to get it off, the more it gets stuck. But without any friends to help him, what will he do?
Wide-awake hedgehog, Rosie Wellesley.
Isaac, the lovable hedgehog, isn't sleepy. In fact, he's quite the opposite he's wide awake and wants to play. However, autumn is coming and all his little friends want to go into hibernation. They are so sleepy and struggling to keep their eyes open! Isaac tries to call on everyone he knows, but the only person who will play with him is an invisible friend. Will the games with his friend be enough to tire him out for a long, long sleep?
Troll stinks!, Jeanne Willis, Tony Ross.
Billy Goat and his best friend Cyril are messing about with the farmer's mobile phone, taking selfies and playing games until they find the number for a troll. Their Grandpa Gruff says trolls are bad, so Billy and Cyril decide to get their own back by sending mean messages. After all, trolls really do stink! Don't they?
Quackers, Liz Wong.
Quackers has always believed that he is a duck, but when he meets new friends who look like him and call themselves cats, he has to find a way to combine the best of both worlds.
Why cry?, Yusuke Yonezu.
If you're feeling sad, cheer up! You've found the perfect book to put a smile on your face. Look at the colours on every page, put them all together and you'll find a happy surprise!
Sleepy book, Charlotte Zolotow ; pictures by Vladimir Bobri.
Describes how each animal sleeps in its own special place, in its own special way.

Younger Fiction

The racehorse who wouldn't gallop, Clare Balding ; illustrated by Tony Ross.
How do you make a racehorse gallop? No, that's not the start of a joke. For Charlie Bass, it's a serious question. If her horse, Noble Warrior, won't gallop, he can't race. If he doesn't race, he won't win the Derby. And, if he doesn't win the Derby, Charlie's family could lose everything.
The best bear in all the world : in which we join Winnie-the-Pooh for a year of adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood, Paul Bright [and 3 others] ; based upon the Pooh stories by A.A. Milne with decorations by Mark Burgess in the style of E.H. Shepard.
Celebrate 90 years of Winnie-the-Pooh with The Best Bear in all the World, the official sequel to the original stories by A. A. Milne.
The patchwork bike, Maxine Beneba Clarke, Van T Rudd.
When you live in a village at the edge of the No-Go Desert, you need to make your own fun. That's when you and your brothers get inventive and build a bike from scratch, using everyday items like an old milk pot (maybe mum is still using it, maybe not) and a used flour sack.
Christmas with Princess Mirror-Belle, Julia Donaldson ; illustrated by Lydia Monks.
Christmas with Princess Mirror-Belle is perfect for fans of this bestselling picture-book team who are beginning to read on their own. Ellen gets a big shock when her reflection climbs out of a mirror.
What's up, Chuck?, Leo Landry.
Chuck the woodchuck is a skilled sculptor in wood, and he has won the Best of the Forest art contest three years in a row, but this year he faces a serious challenge from a newcomer, Scooter Possum.
The poet's dog, Patricia MacLachlan.
Teddy is a gifted dog. Raised in a cabin by a poet named Sylvan, he grew up listening to sonnets read aloud and the comforting clicking of a keyboard. Although Teddy understands words, Sylvan always told him there are only two kinds of people in the world who can hear Teddy speak: poets and children.
The royal rabbits of London, Santa Montefiore, Simon Sebag Montefiore ; illustrated by Kate Hindley.
Shylo has always been the runt of the litter, the weakest and queitest of all of his family, his siblings spend their days making fun of him for not being like the rest of them.
Ethan and Vita Murrow with Big Picture Press present The whale.,
There is a legend that a Great Spotted Whale lives in the ocean; local fishermen still talk of it, although the first sighting fifty years ago was never corroborated. Now, two young whale watchers each set out to find the whale, one armed with sound recording equipment, the other a camera.
Cauliflower ears, Bill Nagelkerke.
The Green Team, sometimes called the Cauliflower Ears, is getting ready to play its final game of rugby of the season. It's the Grand Final of the Junior Home World Cup. And it's Wings' last game with the Greens. But can the Green Team possibly beat its arch rival, the Reds, sometimes known as . . .the Devils?
A voyage in the clouds : the (mostly) true story of the first international flight by balloon in 1785, Matthew Olshan ; illustrated by Sophie Blackall.
Dr. John Jeffries and his pilot, Jean- Pierre Blanchard, each want to be the first man to fly from one country to another, across the English Channel. There's only one problem: they can't stand each other! Inspired by the true story of the first international flight.
Natalie Jane Prior and Cheryl Orsini present The tales of Mrs Mancini.,
The tales of Mrs Mancini tells the story of a cat who, together with her human friend, Filippina, runs a cake shop full of delectable treats. Alongside her flair for flan, Mrs Mancini also has a special ability to bring lonely children together. A collection of three fully illustrated short stories celebrating friands and friendship!
The sorry tale of Morris Fox, Adam Pryor.
Morris Fox is a city fox who goes out into the London streets every day to scavenge for his family of hungry young foxes.
Santa Claude, Alex T. Smith.
Claude and Sir Bobblysock think they've caught a burglar coming down the chimney on Christmas Eve. They clap on the handcuffs and turn on the lights. Oh no! It isn't a burglar - it's none other than Santa Claus! Now the key for the handcuffs is lost and it's up to our two heros to deliver all the presents before midnight...
The cat from Hunger Mountain, Ed Young.
Lord Cat lives a lavish lifestyle until drought strikes Hunger Mountain, but when he goes to seek sustenance, he finds much more than that.