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Positive habits : breaking bad habits and creating positive habits
To stay on the path of doing your best work, you must build the right habits. In this audio programme, bestselling authors reveal methods for tapping into greater wisdom and resources to create a life you can live on your own terms, simple yet practical skills to help you take control of your life.
The sports pages edited and with an introduction by Jon Scieszka
From fiction to nonfiction, from baseball to mixed martial arts and everything in between, these are ten stories about the rush of victory and the crush of defeat on and off the field.
Thriller edited and with a introduction by Jon Scieszka
A body on the tracks. A teenage terrorist. A mysterious wish-granting machine. The world's worst private detective. The second volume in the Guys Read Library of Great Reading is chock-full of mystery, intrigue, and nefarious activity.
True stories edited by Jon Scieszka
Visiting the dentist - in ancient Egypt. Spending a night in the jungle - with giant tarantulas. Wrestling with a grizzly bear - and living to tell the tale. The fifth instalment in the Guys Read Library of Great Reading features ten stories that are 100% amazing, 100% adventurous, 100% unbelievable - and 100% true.
Liar, temptress, soldier, spy : four women undercover in the Civil War Karen Abbott
Seventeen-year-old Belle Boyd, an avowed rebel with a dangerous temper, shot a Union soldier in her home and became a courier and spy for the Confederate army. Elizabeth Van Lew, a wealthy Richmond abolitionist, hid behind her proper Southern manners as she orchestrated a far-reaching espionage ring.
The outlander Gil Adamson
A mysterious, desperate young woman flees alone across the icy western wilderness of the Rocky Mountains; bloodhounds track her through the trees. Her name is Mary Boulton. She is nineteen years old. Half mad. Already a widow, she is pursued by her husband's murderers.
Famous last words Katie Alender
High-schooler Willa has just moved to California with her mother and film director stepfather, and she will be attending a private school - but her real problem is that she keeps seeing things that are not really there, like a dead body in the swimming pool, and her visions may be connected to a serial killer that is stalking young girls in Hollywood.
Wish you well David G. Baldacci
In 1940, tragedy forces Lou, her little brother Oz, and their invalid mother to move to the mountains of southwestern Virginia to live with their great-grandmother, but a courtroom battle could determine the fates of the entire family.
Once we were brothers Ronald H. Balson
The gripping tale about two boys, once as close as brothers, who find themselves on opposite sides of the Holocaust. Elliot Rosenzweig, a respected civic leader and wealthy philanthropist, is attending a fundraiser when he is suddenly accosted and accused of being a former Nazi SS officer named Otto Piatek, "the butcher of Zamosc." Although the charges are denounced as preposterous, his accuser, Ben Solomon, is convinced he is right. But has he accused the right man?
The scandal in kissing an heir : at the Kingsborough Ball Sophie Barnes
Lady Rebecca is determined to find a husband on her own terms, rather than marry any of the aging suitors her greedy aunt and uncle foist upon her. Her chance comes at the Kingsborough Ball, where she meets several potential grooms … yet no one compares to the dangerously handsome Daniel Neville.
A long way gone : memoirs of a boy soldier Ishmael Beah
In the more than fifty violent conflicts going on worldwide, it is estimated that there are some 300,000 child soldiers. Ishmael Beah used to be one of them. In a Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier, Ishmael Beah, now twenty-six years old, tells his story.
Agatha Raisin and the curious curate M. C. Beaton
He was a vicar to die for - and he did! Agatha is going through a man-hating phase and so is unmoved by news of the captivating new curate. But when she meets the golden-haired, blue eyed Tristan Delon, she is swept off her feet…along with every other female in the village.
Agatha Raisin and the murderous marriage M. C. Beaton
The morning of Agatha's marriage to James Lacey dawns bright and clear. But her luck runs out in the church when Jimmy, the husband she had believed long dead, turns up large as life and twice as ugly. Agatha has a go at strangling him. James breaks off the engagement. So when Jimmy is found murdered next day, Agatha and James are both the prime suspects. And they'll have to work together in order to clear their names.
Agatha Raisin and the potted gardener & the walkers of Dembley M. C. Beaton
Agatha Raisin. The curious curate & the buried treasure M. C. Beaton
Agatha Raisin. The terrible tourist & the fairies of Fryfam M. C. Beaton
The wizard of Evesham & the murderous marriage M. C. Beaton
The hiding place David Bell
Twenty-five-years ago, the disappearance of four-year-old Justin Manning rocked the small town of Dove Point, Ohio. After his body was found in a shallow grave in the woods two months later, the repercussions were felt for years…. Now, with the twenty-fifth anniversary of Justin's death looming, a detective and a newspaper reporter have started to ask questions, opening old wounds and raising new suspicions.
The scandalous sisterhood of Prickwillow Place Julie Berry
There's a murderer on the loose - but that doesn't stop the girls of St. Etheldreda's from attempting to hide the death of their headmistress in this rollicking farce.
Bloodline Mark Billingham
When a dead body is found in a North London flat, it seems like a straightforward domestic murder until a bloodstained sliver of X-ray is found clutched in the dead woman's fist - and it quickly becomes clear that this case is anything but ordinary. DI Thorne discovers that the victim's mother had herself been murdered fifteen years before by infamous serial killer Raymond Garvey. When more bodies and more fragments of X-ray are discovered, Thorne has a macabre jigsaw to piece together until the horrifying picture finally emerges.
The spymaster's lady Joanna Bourne
She's braved battlefields. She's stolen dispatches from under the noses of heads of state. She's played the worldly courtesan, the naive virgin, the refined British lady, even a Gypsy boy. But Annique Villiers, the elusive spy known as the Fox Cub, has finally met the one man she can't outwit…
New Frontiers Ben Bova
The Viscount who lived down the lane Elizabeth Boyle
A resolute young woman goes toe-to-toe with the Beast of Mayfair. She has no desire for love. As she arrives in Mayfair, Louisa Tempest is horrified when her incorrigible cat bolts from the carriage and dashes into a neighbour's house, where she comes face-to-face with the reclusive Viscount Wakefield.
The Promise of a Pencil Adam Braun
The cat who knew a cardinal Lilian Jackson Braun
Jim Qwilleran expects to resume a quiet life, but the people and animals of Pickax have other ideas. A noisy cardinal wakes him. Nosy neighbours drop by uninvited and the Siamese misbehave. As if that weren't bad enough, Qwill's longtime companion acts as though she is in love-with another man. But worst of all, Qwill finds a body in his apple orchard. When Qwill's friend becomes the chief suspect, he embarks on a crusade to clear Dennis Hough's name end win back Polly Ducan's heart.
The cat who moved a mountain Lilian Jackson Braun
Seeking a place of peace and isolation, Jim Qwilleran heads to the Potato Mountains for the summer. But the mountains are haven to the independent roughneck descendants of Prohibition-era moonshiners and developers eager to turn the pristine Potatoes into a giant tourist trap. To make matters more complicated, some people swear the wrong man was convicted of the murder of millionaire developer J.J. Hawkinfield. But if Forest Beechum didn't do the dirty deed, who did?
The cat who said cheese Lilian Jackson Braun
Pickax loves a big occasion. The Great Food Expo is about to begin. Lurking in the background is a killer determined to make this an event Pickax City will never forget. The Expo begins with a literal bang: a bomb wrecks the hotel, killing a housekeeper and causing extensive damage. Luckily for Pickax, Qwill is on the scene, his moustache twitching with suspicions that this bomb was intended as something stronger than a warning to someone.
The cat who tailed a thief Lilian Jackson Braun
There's been a rash of petty thievery in Pickax ever since banker Willard Carmichael and his flashy young wife Danielle moved to town. But now Willard's been killed in a mugging Down Below… or so it seems. Qwill has his suspicions, especially when Willard's house restoration project fall into the hands of Danielle's cousin - whose rich new wife then dies on her honeymoon! The clues are as elusive as a cat burglar in the night. But with Koko's help, Qwill plans to catch a thief-and a killer….
The cat who wasn't there Lilian Jackson Braun
Persuaded by his beloved companion to join her in a group tour of Scotland, Qwill expects to revel in his Scottish heritage while keeping Polly Duncan safe from the Pickax Prowler. Instead, his trip is cut short when a jewel swipes a suitcase, the bus driver disappears and a fellow tourist is found dead - all in the same day. Upon investigating the secret life of the deceased and the bizarre behaviour of one of the tour's members, Qwill's sensitive moustache tells him one thing: more trouble is on the way.
The cat who went into the closet Lilian Jackson Braun
When Qwill rents Euphonia Gage's mansion in Moose County, he and Koko soon discover fifteen closets jammed with several generations of junk. But what starts out as junk soon turns into something more. The mansion's former occupant is enjoying a new life in warm, sunny Florida. But word soon comes that Euphonia is dead, an apparent suicide victim. Why would someone as happy and full of life as Euphonia Kill herself? And what is the connection between the Gage family and dead potato farmer Gil Inchpot Can Qwill and the cats uncover a family secret before the winter yields another dead body?
Chill factor Sandra Brown
Four women have disappeared from Cleary over the past two years. And now, another woman has disappeared. It is to this backdrop that Lilly Martin returns to close the sale of her mountain cabin, marking the end of her turbulent marriage. As she's trying to outrun a snowstorm, her car strikes a man who emerges from the woods. They're forced to wait out the storm in the cabin, but as the hours of their confinement mount, Lilly begins to wonder if the greatest danger to her safety isn't the blizzard outside, but the mysterious man right beside her.
Mean streak Sandra Brown
Dr. Emory Charbonneau disappears on a mountain road. When she regains consciousness, she finds herself the captive of a man whose violent past is so dark that he won't even tell her his name. She's determined to escape him and willing to take any risks necessary to survive. Unexpectedly, however, the two have a dangerous encounter with people who adhere to a code of justice all their own.
Psychic Sylvia Browne
Psychic is a riveting account of how Sylvia Shoemaker, a traditional girl from Missouri, became world-famous psychic Sylvia Browne.
Little Lord Fauntleroy Frances Hodgson Burnett
Cedric himself knew nothing whatever about it. It had never been even mentioned to him. He knew that his papa had been an Englishman, because his mamma had told him so; but then his papa had died when he was so little a boy that he could not remember very much about him, except that he was big, and had blue eyes and a long moustache, and that it was a splendid thing to be carried around the room on his shoulder.
The lost prince Frances Hodgson Burnett
Twelve-year-old Marco and his friend, The Rat, play a vital and dangerous part in restoring the Lost Prince to his throne in war-torn Samavia.
The secret garden Frances Hodgson Burnett
After the death of her parents, Mary is brought back from India as a forlorn and unwanted child to live with her uncle's great lonely house on the moors. She is miserable and disagreeable, until the wonderful day she discovers a hidden door to a mysterious secret garden.
One kick Chelsea Cain
Kick Lannigan, abducted at age six, goes into a tailspin when a second Amber Alert in a month signals the disappearance of a child in the Portland area. That's when the enigmatic Bishop approaches her with a proposition. He made a fortune as a weapons dealer and now wants to make good by using his resources to rescue abducted children. And he is convinced Kick's experiences and expertise can be mined to help rescue the abductees. Little does Kick know the case will lead directly into her terrifying past.
Safe journey : prayers and comfort for frightened fliers and other anxious souls Julia Cameron
Julia Cameron, bestselling author of "The Artist's Way," has a terrible fear of flying. Each time she is faced with the prospect of air travel, her mind races and her heart cries out, "No, I can't go!" In the wise and comforting volume, "Safe Journey," Cameron shares the prayers, tools, and strategies she uses when travelling in order to overcome her fears and to enjoy the excitement that accompanies all of life's great adventures.
Enchantment Orson Scott Card
Frost Hollow Hall Emma Carroll
Will's at the door of their cottage, daring Tilly to come ice-skating up at Frost Hollow Hall. No one goes near the place these days. Rumour has it that the house is haunted: ten years ago the young heir, Kit Barrington, drowned there in the lake. But Tilly never turns down a dare. Then it goes horribly wrong… The ice breaks, Tilly falls through and almost drowns. At the point of death, a beautiful angel appears in the water and saves her. It's Kit Barrington's ghost. And Kit needs Tilly to solve the mystery of his death, so that his spirit can rest in peace.
Breaking the silence Diane Chamberlain
Laura Brandon's promise to her dying father was simple: to visit an elderly woman she'd never heard of before. A woman who remembers nothing - except the distant past. Visiting Sarah Tolley seemed a small enough sacrifice to make. But Laura's promise results in another death. Her husband's. And after their five-year-old daughter, Emma, witnesses her father's suicide, Emma refuses to talk about it…to talk at all.
Keeper of the light Diane Chamberlain
Dr. Olivia Simon is on duty in the emergency room when a gunshot victim is brought in. Midway through the desperate effort to save the young woman's life, Olivia realizes who she is - Annie. The woman Olivia's husband, Paul, is in love with. When Annie dies on the operating table, she leaves behind three other victims. Alec, who thought he had the perfect marriage. Paul, whose fixation on Annie is unshakable. And Olivia, who is desperate to understand the woman who destroyed her marriage. Now they are left with unanswered questions about who Annie really was. And about the secrets she kept hidden so well.
Toyo Lily Chan
Blending the intimacy of memoir with an artist's vision, Toyo is the story of a remarkable woman, a vivid picture of Japan before and after war, and an unpredictable tale of courage and change in present-day Australia.
At a country house Anton Pavlovich Chekhov
Rashevitch, a proud and talkative man, was entertaining a guest, Meier, the deputy examining magistrate. Rashevitch would go on and on about his beliefs and ideas, and found himself thinking that Meier might be a good match for one of his daughters to marry.
The Cossack Anton Pavlovich Chekhov
As Maxim and Lizaveta, a young married couple, drive home from church on Easter, Maxim finds the joy and beauty in everything. They stop to help an injured Cossack at the side of the road. By the end of the story, Maxim is haunted by the unkindness shown to the sick Cossack and his guilt causes a change in their relationship..
Titan : the life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr Ron Chernow
John D. Rockefeller, Sr., history's first billionaire and the patriarch of America's most famous dynasty, is an icon whose true nature has eluded three generations of historians. Now Ron Chernow gives us a detailed and insightful history of the mogul.
The ABC murders Agatha Christie
Four people are murdered, and each time, an ABC railway guide is found by the dead bodies, and each time, Poirot is warned in advance by a taunting letter from someone signed "ABC". Who is ABC? And can Poirot find out in time to prevent the death of a whole alphabet of victims?
The Redhead Plays Her Hand Alice Clayton
Hard choices Hillary Rodham Clinton
Hillary Clinton's candid reflections about the key moments during her time as Secretary of State, as well as her thoughts about how to navigate the challenges of the 21st century.
Dark Skye Kresley Cole
Though centuries have past since Thronos, Lord of Skye Hall, lost the one woman meant for him, nothing can cool his never-ending need for Melanthe. Desperate Yearning Lanthe, a once-powerful sorceress struggling to reclaim her gifts, has never forgotten Thronos, the fallen angel who protected her until she was ripped from the shelter of his arms. Friends to enemies to … lovers? With their families at war and the world burning around them, can the two rekindle their childhood love in time?
Robert B. Parker's Blind spot Reed Farrel Coleman
Paradise Police Chief Jesse Stone investigates the murder of a young woman and the kidnapping of a young man from a wealthy family, only to find connections to his own troubled past.
Out of control Mary Connealy
In a humorous historical romance, cowboy Rafe Kincaid must choose between family bonds that could restore his trust or a love - in the form of Julia Gilliland - that could heal his heart.
England's Lane Joseph Connolly
Jim and Milly. Stan and Jane. Jonathan and Fiona. Winter, 1959. Three married couples: each living in England's Lane, each with an only child, and each attending to family and their livelihoods: the ironmonger, the sweetshop owner and the butcher. Each of them hiding their lies, coping in the only way they know how.
Preemptive love : pursuing peace one heart at a time Jeremy Courtney
In the middle of the Iraq War, Jeremy and Jessica Courtney found themselves with their two children caught up in the turmoil, just hoping to make a difference. After an encounter with a father whose little girl was dying from a heart defect, they began to investigate options for helping and learned that untold thousands of children across Iraq were in similar need, waiting in line for heart surgery in a country without a qualified heart surgeon.
Prayers for Sale Sandra Dallas
Tallgrass Sandra Dallas
Not My Daughter Barbara Delinsky
Mink River Brian Doyle
Daniel Cooney, a 12-year-old who wears his hair in three different-coloured braids, has a terrible bike accident in the woods and is rescued by a bear. Daniel's grandfather, Worried Man, goes on a dangerous mountain mission to track down the source of time with his dear friend, Cedar. Other key stories involve a young police officer whose life is threatened, a doctor who smokes one cigarette for each apostle per day, a lusty teenage couple who work at a shingle factory, and a crow who can speak English.
Arrowhead Ruth Eastham
When thirteen-year-old Jack moves to Norway, he's sure there's no truth in the local myths and legends. But then he comes face to face with one: the body of a Norse warrior boy, frozen in the ice, and carrying with him an ancient arrowhead that contains a terrible curse. If Jack's going to survive, he has to overcome both an ancient wrong and a newly-risen enemy.
What is visible Kimberly Elkins
Presents a fictionalized account of the life and challenges of Laura Bridgman, the first deaf and blind woman to learn language, and those who helped her, including the founder of the Perkins Institute, with whom she was in love..
Artifacts Mary Anna Evans
Relics Mary Anna Evans
Rituals Mary Anna Evans
The psychopath inside James H. Fallon
The memoir of a neuroscientist whose research led him to a bizarre personal discovery. While studying brain scans of several family members, he discovered that one perfectly matched a pattern he'd found in the brains of serial killers. Even more disturbing: The scan in question was his own. This is Fallon's account of coming to grips with this discovery and its implications. How could he, a happy family man who had never been prone to violence, be a psychopath?
The terror dream Susan Faludi
This examination of America's post-9/11 culture shines a light on the country's psychological response to the attacks. Turning her observational powers on the media, popular culture, and political life, Faludi unearths a barely acknowledged societal drama shot through with baffling contradictions. Why, she asks, did our culture respond to an assault against American global dominance with a frenzied summons to restore "traditional" manhood, marriage, and maternity?
Then we came to the end Joshua Ferris
No one knows us quite the same way as the men and women who sit beside us in department meetings and crowd the office refrigerator with their labelled yogurts. Every office is a family of sorts, and the ad agency Joshua Ferris depicts in his debut novel is family at its strangest and best, coping with a business downturn in the time-honoured way: through gossip, pranks, and increasingly frequent coffee breaks.
Madame Bovary Gustave Flaubert
The story focuses on a doctor's wife, Emma Bovary, who has adulterous affairs and lives beyond her means in order to escape the banalities and emptiness of provincial life
Full of grace Dorothea Benton Frank
Grace at thirty-two is, horror of horrors, still unmarried. No wonder her family drives her crazy. Well, that and the fact that she's living with the man she would marry if they both weren't so commitment phobic. Michael is a doctor and a scientist and Grace is pretty sure he's also an atheist. Over the years, Grace has become a bit ambivalent about her faith, but her family is as old-fashioned Italian as they come. So the stage is set for a major showdown that just might change Grace's outlook on life, family, and the New South.
Smokin' Joe : the autobiography of a heavyweight champion of the world Joe Frazier with Phil Berger
When boxing was bold, bright, and glamorous and the fights were the hottest sporting events of the year, Joe Frazier was king. His good-hearted nature and uncanny ability to make you laugh come through as he weaves this story in his colourful style that is personable, funny, and a real delight.
Food : a love story Jim Gaffigan
What are my qualifications to write this book? None really. So why should you read it? Here's why: I'm a little fat. If a thin guy were to write about a love of food and eating I'd highly recommend that you do not read his book.
The third man factor : the secret to survival in extreme environments John Geiger
The Third Man Factor is an extraordinary account of how people at the very edge of death often sense an unseen presence beside them who encourages them to make one final effort to survive.
Off the sidelines : raise your voice, change the world Kirsten Gillibrand with Elizabeth Weil
Fourteen years before Kirsten Gillibrand succeeded Hillary Rodham Clinton as senator from New York, she heard her future mentor say these life-changing words: 'Decisions are being made every day in Washington, and if you are not part of those decisions, you might not like what they decide, and you'll have no one to blame but yourself.' She instantly knew that her voice - all women's voices - were essential to shaping the future of this country, and that she had a greater purpose in life: to speak up and effect change.
Secrets of Sloane House Shelley Shepard Gray
Rosalind Perry has left her family's rural farm in Wisconsin to work as a housemaid at Sloane House, one of the most elegant mansions in Gilded Age Chicago. But Rosalind is not there just to earn a living and support her family - she's at Sloane House determined to discover the truth about her sister's mysterious disappearance.
News from heaven : the Bakerton stories Jennifer Haigh
In this collection of interconnected short stories, Jennifer Haigh returns to the vividly imagined world of Bakerton, Pennsylvania, a coal mining town rocked by decades of painful transition. From its heyday during two World Wars through its slow decline, Bakerton is a town that refuses to give up gracefully, binding sometimes cruelly succeeding generations to the place that made them.
A little something different Sandy Hall
Lea and Gabe are in the same creative writing class. They get the same pop culture references, order the same Chinese food, and hang out in the same places. Unfortunately, Lea is reserved, Gabe has issues, and despite their initial mutual crush, it looks like they are never going to work things out. But somehow even when nothing is going on, something is happening between them, and everyone can see it.
The storyteller's Nashville Tom T. Hall
The legendary country music songwriter known as the Storyteller delivers the genre's most bracing, hilarious, and unique memoir, bringing to life long-gone characters from Nashville's streets and barrooms and detailing his one-of-a-kind journey in music. Original music composed and performed by Thomm Jutz.
Ashes to ashes Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian
Lillia, Kat and Mary must deal with the fallout of what happened on New Year's Eve in the conclusion to the Burn for Burn trilogy.
Without conscience : the disturbing world of the psychopaths among us Robert D. Hare
Based on 25 years of research, Dr. Robert D. Hare gives insight into the frightening and fascinating world of the psychopath.
Ham : slices of a life : essays & stories Sam Harris
The first winner of Star Search presents a collection of essays about friendship, the celebrity life, and getting sober, exploring such subjects as growing up gay in America's Bible belt and attending Liza Minnelli's wedding.
Safe with Me Amy Hatvany
The Wedding Dress Rachel Hauck
A brief history of time Stephen Hawking
Was there a beginning of time? Could time run backwards? Is the universe infinite or does it have boundaries? These are just some of the questions considered in an internationally acclaimed masterpiece by one of the world's greatest thinkers.
Empire girls Suzanne Hayes & Loretta Nyhan
After the unexpected death of their father, Ivy and Rose make a shocking discovery: not only has their father left them in financial ruin, but he has also bequeathed their beloved family house to a brother they never knew existed. With only a photograph to guide the way, Ivy and Rose embark to New York City, determined to find this mysterious man and reclaim what is rightfully theirs.
City of masks Daniel Hecht
Introducing Cree Black, a parapsychologist with a haunted past. The 150-year-old Beauforte House, located in New Orleans, has some secrets. When Lila takes up residence in her ancestral home she begins to see some of those secrets literally come to life. Lila is terrified by an insidious and ultimately violent presence. Cree Black is called in to help. As she gets closer to the truth, the proverbial bones in the closet of the prestigious New Orleans family come crashing down around them, and Cree must fight to keep her own ghosts from destroying her.
The Cat Who Walks Through Walls Robert A. Heinlein
Nobody's child Libby Fischer Hellmann
A bloodstained note left for PI Georgia Davis reveals the shocking existence of a half-sister she never knew about. Her sister, Savannah, is pregnant and begging for Georgia's help. Determined to track her down, Georgia finds herself heading deep into the secretive and dangerous underworld of Chicago's illegal sex trafficking business.
Horrorstor Grady Hendrix
Something strange is happening at the Orsk furniture superstore in Cleveland. Every morning, employees arrive to find broken Kjerring wardrobes, shattered Brooka glassware, and vandalized Liripip sofa beds - clearly someone, or something, is up to no good. To unravel the mystery, five young employees volunteer for a long dusk-till-dawn shift and encounter horrors that defy imagination. Along the way, author Grady Hendrix infuses sly social commentary on the nature of work in the new twenty-first-century economy.
The stories we tell Patti Callahan. Henry
Eve and Teddy Morrison are Savannah's power couple. They're on every artistic board and involved deeply in the community. And they have the wealth and name that comes from being part of an old Savannah family. But things aren't as good as they look: Eve and Teddy are fighting about her work, their marriage, and their daughter most of all.
Stuck on stop : how to quit procrastinating Vicki Hitzges
We typically learn procrastination when we are kids, and we may continue to struggle with it our entire lives. What we often fail to understand is that procrastination makes a person ordinary (at best). We can't do our finest work at the last minute. Creativity is a process that takes time. The good news is that we can learn how to stop procrastinating…how to get assignments done right away.
Angel Landing Alice Hoffman
Set in a small town on the North Shore of Long Island, N.Y., Alice Hoffman explores themes of commitment, both personal and social, in this early novel which involves a young woman in love with two men who are both involved in an environmental protest at a nuclear power plant in the aftermath of the explosion of a power plant at the edge of the harbour.
The drowning season Alice Hoffman
The matriarch of a Long Island clan with a stubbornly suicidal son and a defiant, restless granddaughter, Esther has hired a Russian landscaper to watch over the family as well as the grounds of their secluded waterfront estate. But he has been watching Esther, too. And his love for her is growing wild enough to uproot them all …
Seventh heaven Alice Hoffman
Nora is ahead of her time. A single mother in 1950s suburbia, she's strong, sexy, passionate, and mysterious. Everyone in town is touched by her, and in the mirror of her magnetism, people see themselves as never before. With Nora's courageous image before them, they begin to ask themselves questions they had never asked - finding answers they had never dared to imagine.
Property Of Alice Hoffman
White Horses Alice Hoffman
The kite runner Khaled Hosseini
Winter, 1975: Afghanistan, a country on the verge of an internal coup. Twelve year old Amir is desperate to win the approval of his father, one of the richest merchants in Kabul. He's failed to do so through academia or brawn but the one area they connect is the annual kite fighting tournament.
Splintered A. G. Howard
A descendant of the inspiration for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, sixteen-year-old Alyssa Gardner fears she is mentally ill like her mother until she finds that Wonderland is real and, if she passes a series of tests to fix Alice's mistakes, she may save her family from their curse.
The fallen sparrow Dorothy B. Hughes
For more than a year, Kit McKittrick languishes in a Fascist prison, his days spent in darkness and his nights tortured by fear of his limping jailer, whose name he never learns. He escapes Spain and heads out West to recover from his ordeal. But Kit's convalescence is cut short, and he journeys to New York to discover who killed his friend. Thes murderer should watch out for Kit. He wants vengeance, and he's willing to kill for it.
Sgt. Reckless : America's war horse Robin Hutton
Death and the girl he loves Darynda Jones
Having seen first-hand the horrors beneath the everyday world that are getting her friends killed, Lorelei McAlister agrees to go away to boarding school but even there she is watched by those who want her dead at any cost.
A song for Arbonne Guy Gavriel Kay
The matriarchal land of Arbonne is rent by a feud between its two most powerful dukes. To the north lies militaristic Gorhaut, whose inhabitants worship the militant god Corannos and are ruled by corrupt, womanizing King Ademar. His chief advisor, the high priest of Corannos, is determined to eradicate the worship of a female deity, whose followers live to the south. Into this cauldron of brewing disaster comes the mysterious Gorhaut mercenary Blaise, who takes service with Bertran. The revelation of Blaise's lineage and a claim for sanctuary by his sister-in-law sets the stage for a brutal clash between the two cultures.
Lady Macbeth : a novel Susan King
Lady Gruadh, called Rue, is the last female descendant of Scotland's most royal line. Married to a northern lord, she is widowed while still carrying his child and forced to marry his murderer: a rising warlord named Macbeth. Encountering danger from Vikings, Saxons, and treacherous Scots, Rue comes to respect the man she once despised - then realizes that Macbeth's complex ambitions extend beyond the borders of the vast northern region.
Love at first bark : how saving a dog can sometimes help you save yourself Julie Klam
Julie Klam returns with more humorous insight into life with canine companions. She focuses here on dog rescue, and its healing power not only for the dogs who are cared for and able to find good homes, but also for the people who bond with these animals.
A path appears : transforming lives, creating opportunity Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn
From the authors of the #1 New York Times best-selling Half the Sky, a unique and essential narrative about making a difference in the world - a roadmap to becoming a conscientious global citizen. Equal in urgency and compassion to Half the Sky, this galvanizing new book from the acclaimed husband and wife team is even more ambitious in scale: nothing less than a deep examination of people who are making the world a better place, and the myriad ways we can support them, whether with a donation of five dollars or five million, an inkling to help or a useful skill to deploy.
Salt : a world history Mark Kurlansky
Homer called salt "a divine substance", while Plato described it as "especially dear to the gods". Kurlansky blends political, commercial, scientific, religious and culinary records into this history of the substance which he claims shaped civilization from the beginning.
Mambo in Chinatown Jean Kwok
Twenty-two-year-old Charlie Wong grew up in New York's Chinatown, the older daughter of a Beijing ballerina and a noodle maker. Though an ABC (America-born Chinese), Charlie's entire world has been limited to this small area. Now grown, she lives in the same tiny apartment with her widower father and her eleven-year-old sister, and works – miserably - as a dishwasher. But when she lands a job as a receptionist at a ballroom dance studio, Charlie gains access to a world she hardly knew existed, and everything she once took to be certain turns upside down.
The edge of darkness Tim F. LaHaye and Bob Phillips
Biblical archaeologist Michael Murphy stumbles upon clues to an ancient evil as he follows a trail to the long-lost temple of Dagon, the deadly Philistine deity that is half-human and half-fish.
Rainey Royal Dylan Landis
Greenwich Village, 1970s. Fourteen-year-old Rainey Royal lives with her father, a jazz musician with a cultish personality, in a once-elegant, now decaying brownstone. Her mother has abandoned the family, and Rainey fends off advances from her father's best friend while trying desperately to nurture her own creative drives and build a substitute family. Rainey Royal is told in 14 narratives of scarred and aching beauty that build into a fiercely powerful novel: the harrowing and ultimately affirming story of a young artist.
An empire of ice : Scott, Shackleton, and the heroic age of Antarctic science Edward J. Larson
Published to coincide with the centenary of the first expeditions to reach the South Pole, "An Empire of Ice" presents a fascinating new take on Antarctic exploration. Retold with added information, it's the first book to place the famed voyages of Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen, his British rivals Robert Scott and Ernest Shackleton, and others in a larger scientific, social, and geopolitical context.
The professionals Owen Laukkanen
Four friends, caught in a terrible job market, joke about turning to kidnapping to survive. And then, suddenly, it's no joke. For two years, the strategy they devise works like a charm ? until they kidnap the wrong man. Now two groups are after them, the law, in the form of veteran state investigator Kirk Stevens and hotshot young FBI agent Carla Windermere, and an organised crime outfit looking for payback.
The good house Ann Leary
Hildy is a successful real-estate broker, good neighbour, mother, and grandmother. She's also a raging alcoholic. Hildy's family held an intervention for her about a year before this story takes place - "if they invite you over for dinner, and it's not a major holiday," she advises "run for your life" - And now she feels lonely and unjustly persecuted. She has also fooled herself into thinking that moderation is the key to her drinking problem. As if battling her demons wasn't enough to keep her busy, Hildy soon finds herself embroiled in the underbelly of her New England town, a craggy little place that harbours secrets. There's a scandal, some mysticism, babies, old houses, drinking, and desire - and a love story between two craggy sixty-somethings that's as real and sexy as you get.
Juliet's nurse Lois Leveen
In Verona, a city ravaged by plague and political rivalries, a mother mourning the death of her day-old infant enters the household of the powerful Cappelletti family to become the wet-nurse to their newborn baby. As she serves her beloved Juliet over the next fourteen years, the nurse learns the Cappellettis' darkest secrets. Those secrets, and the nurse's deep personal grief, erupt across five momentous days of love and loss that destroy a daughter, and a family.
For the love of physics : from the end of the rainbow to the edge of time - a journey through the wonders of physics Walter H. G. Lewin with Warren Goldstein
Beloved MIT professor Walter Lewin, whose riveting physics lectures have made him a YouTube super-star, offers a mind-opening and delightful journey through the most intriguing discoveries in physics. A wonderful raconteur, Lewin takes readers on a marvellous journey with him in For the Love of Physics, opening our eyes as never before to the amazing beauty and power of all that physics can reveal to us.
Ghost month Ed Lin
August is Ghost Month in Taiwan - a time to commemorate the dead: burn incense, visit shrines, honour ancestors, and avoid unlucky situations, large purchases, and bodies of water. Jing-nan is shocked to the core when he learns his ex-girlfriend from high school has been murdered. She was found scantily clad and shot on the side of a highway where she was selling betel nuts to passing truck drivers. Beyond his harrowing grief for his lost love, Jing-nan is confused by the news. "Betel nut beauties" are usually women in the most desperate of circumstances. But Julia Huang had been the valedictorian of their high school, and the last time Jing-nan spoke to her she was enrolled in New York University's honour program. The facts don't add up. Julia's parents don't think so, either. The Huangs beg Jing-nan to do some investigating on his own. Reluctantly, he agrees, for Julia's sake. But nothing can prepare him for what he learns, or how it will change his life.
Stormy persuasion Johanna Lindsey
Postponing her London debut to join her cousin and best friend in America, Judith Malory meets deckhand Nathan Tremayne, an undercover smuggler who would escape a death sentence.
At the mountains of madness H. P. Lovecraft
One of H. P. Lovecraft's most chilling works, it draws on Edgar Allan Poe's Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym, as well as Lovecraft's deep fascination with the Antarctic. The sinister discoveries made by a group of explorers in At the Mountains of Madness are testament to the author's enormous powers of imagination.
How a gunman says goodbye Malcolm Mackay
How does a gunman retire? Frank MacLeod was the best at what he does. Thoughtful. Efficient. Ruthless. But is he still the best? A new job. A target. But something is about to go horribly wrong. Someone is going to end up dead. Most gunmen say goodbye to the world with a bang. Frank's still here. He's lasted longer than he should have.
The necessary death of Lewis Winter Malcolm Mackay
A twenty-nine-year-old man lives alone in his Glasgow flat. The telephone rings; a casual conversation, but behind this a job offer. The clues are there if you know to look for them. He is an expert. A loner. Freelance. A meeting at a club. An offer. A target: Lewis Winter. It's hard to kill a man well. People who do it well know this. People who do it badly find out the hard way. The hard way has consequences.
Paris letters Janice MacLeod
What do you do when your great life-plan works out, and you're still unhappy? Successful, but on the verge of burnout, Janice MacLeod saved enough money to buy herself two years of freedom in Europe. Days into her stop in Paris, she met Christophe, and her fate was sealed. Forced to find a way to fund her expat future, Janice created a painted letter subscription service, sending out thousands of letters to people who are hungry to receive something beautiful. Paris Letters is the inspiring story of a woman who dared to discover a life she could love.
The patron saint of ugly Marie Manilla
With a mop of flaming red hair and a map of the world rendered in port-wine stains on every surface of her body, Garnet Ferrari is used to being an outcast. With her sharp tongue, she has always known how to defend herself against bullies and aggressors, but she is less adept at fending off the pilgrims who have set up a veritable tent city outside her hilltop home, convinced that she is Saint Garnet, healer of skin ailments and maker of miracles. The Vatican has sent an emissary to investigate. Garnet, wanting nothing more than to debunk this "gift" and send these desperate souls packing, reaches back into her family's tangled past.
The affinity bridge : a Newbury & Hobbes investigation George Mann
Welcome to the bizarre and dangerous world of Victorian London, a city teetering on the edge of revolution. Its people are ushering in a new era of technology: airships soar in the skies over the city and clockwork automatons are programmed to carry out menial tasks. But beneath this shiny veneer of progress lurks a sinister side. Newbury and Hobbes are called to investigate the wreckage of a crashed airship and its missing automaton pilot, while dealing with a zombie plague that is ravaging the slums of the capital.
A home for Teasel Margaret McAllister
When horse-mad Gwen starts doing chores for an elderly neighbour, she discovers that she has a pony which needs looking after too.
The Nameless Dead Brian McGilloway
Somerset Leila Meacham
Follows the lives of two antebellum southerners, Silas Toliver and his best friend Jeremy Warwick, as they head into a new territory known as "Texas" in search of black gold.
Ruin Falls Jenny Milchman
Liz's husband, Paul, has decided that, despite a strained relationship with his mother and father, the family should visit the farm in western New York where he spent his childhood. When her children disappear from the hotel they stop at, Liz realizes that it was no stranger who slipped into the hotel room that night: someone she trusted completely has betrayed her. Now she must follow the threads of a terrible secret to uncover a hidden world created from dreams and haunted by nightmares.
The information officer Mark Mills
The much-anticipated new historical crime thriller from the award-winning author of the No 1 bestseller 'The Savage Garden'. Summer, 1942. For the Maltese, suffering daily bombing raids, the British are the last line of defence against the Nazis. It is Max Chadwick's job as the information officer to ensure the news the islanders receive maintains morale. When Max is given proof suggesting a British officer is murdering local women, he embarks on a private investigation, but finds himself torn between patriotic duty and personal honour in his efforts to track down the killer.
The rosary girls Richard Montanari
In the most brutal killing crusade Philadelphia has seen in years, a series of young Catholic women are found dead, their bodies mutilated and their hands bolted together. Each clutches a rosary in her lifeless grasp. Veteran cop Kevin Byrne and his rookie partner Jessica Balzano set out to hunt down the elusive killer. While the body count rises, Easter is fast approaching: the day of resurrection and of the last rosary to be counted …
Little Manfred Michael Morpurgo
In the Imperial War Museum is a wooden Dachshund. This is the story of how it got there! When the Bismarck sinks, one of the only German survivors is taken on board a British ship as a prisoner of war. Sent to live with a host family, Walter finds a friend in ten-year-old Grace. So when the time finally comes to go back to Germany, Walter leaves Grace with only a carved wooden dog to remember him by. The question is, will Walter and Grace ever meet again? In 1966, with the World Cup coming to Britain, that opportunity may just have come along!
A medal for Leroy Michael Morpurgo
Michael does not remember his father, who died in a Spitfire over the English Channel. And his mother, heartbroken and passionate, does not like to talk about him. But then Michael's aunt gives him a medal and a photograph, which begin to reveal a hidden story.
Running wild Michael Morpurgo
When 10-year-old Will's father dies in the Iraq war, his mother surprises him with a trip to Indonesia. But little could she have known what awaited them both there. The first Will knows that anything is wrong is when Oona, the elephant he is riding along the beach, begins to spook. Then, suddenly, she takes off into the jungle with Will on her back. And that's when Will sees the wave come crashing in! With his mother almost certainly drowned, with nothing to cling onto but an elephant and nothing to help him but the clothes on his back, Will faces a terrifying future. But maybe the jungle , and Oona the elephant, can help him.
Bodies of light Sarah Moss
Ally (older sister of May in Night Waking), is intelligent, studious and engaged in an eternal and losing battle to gain her mother's approval and affection. Her mother, Elizabeth, is a religious zealot, keener on feeding the poor and saving prostitutes than on embracing the challenges of motherhood. Even when Ally wins a scholarship and is accepted as one of the first female students to read medicine in London, it still doesn't seem good enough.
Stolen Rebecca Muddiman
When Abby Henshaw is brutally attacked by two strangers in the countryside, her first thought is for the safety of her baby, Beth. What follows is a mother's worst nightmare: Beth is gone. As DI Michael Gardner begins to investigate Abby and her family, he finds himself struggling to stay emotionally removed from the case. Then Abby receives a message telling her where she can find her daughter. But how can she convince those around her that the girl really is Beth?
A Song for Us Teresa Mummert
On a clear day Walter Dean Myers
Young heroes decide that they are not too young or too powerless to change their world in this gripping, futuristic young adult novel by the New York Times bestselling author of the Printz Award - winning Monster. It is 2035. Teens, armed only with their ideals, must wage war on the power elite. Dahlia is a Low Gater: a sheep in a storm, struggling to survive completely on her own…
Counterfeit Lies Oliver North
Fancy Nancy Jane O'Connor
Meet Nancy, who believes that more is ALWAYS better when it comes to being fancy. From the top of her tiara down to her sparkly studded shoes, Nancy is determined to teach her family a thing or two about being fancy.
Fancy Nancy and the boy from Paris Jane O'Connor
Paris is the fanciest city in the world. When Ms. Glass tells the class that the new student is from Paris, Nancy is ready to make a new ami. (In French that means friend.) But Robert would rather talk about horses than the Eiffel Tower. Robert may not be as fancy as Nancy, but that doesn't mean they can't have fun!
Fancy Nancy and the fall foliage Jane O'Connor
Fancy Nancy loves fall: the fashion, the weather, and especially the colours of the leaves! As Fancy Nancy helps Mom and Dad rake up, she gets a stupendous idea to do something unique with the most beautiful leaves she has found.
Fancy Nancy at the museum Jane O'Connor
Nancy's class is going on a trip to the museum, and Nancy wants to be extra fancy for the occasion. After a bumpy bus ride, she doesn't feel very well. Luckily for Nancy, her teacher, Ms. Glass, has a few fancy tricks of her own. Nothing can keep Nancy from making this trip magnifique! (That's a fancy French word for great!)
Hair dos and hair don'ts Jane O'Connor
Preparing for picture day at school by choosing just the right outfit, Nancy wonders how she should style her hair and considers pigtails, a bun, and long ringlets before formulating a plan that has her reaching for the scissors.
Sand castles and sand palaces Jane O'Connor
Mom takes Fancy Nancy, JoJo, Bree, Freddy, and Frenchy to the beach! They spend the whole day building the most magnificent sand palace imaginable, but when the tide comes in, what will happen to their beautiful creation?
Splendid speller Jane O'Connor
Nancy, who loves to use fancy words, and her friend Bree are proud to be the best spellers in their class, but when a spelling quiz proves tougher than Nancy thought, Nancy is faced with a difficult decision.
Splendiferous Christmas Jane O'Connor
Nancy is devastated, which is even worse than heart-broken, when her fancy Christmas tree topper breaks, threatening to ruin Christmas.
Mr Lynch's holiday Catherine O'Flynn
Eamonn Lynch's father Dermot arrives unexpectedly in southern Spain. Dermot doesn't entirely recognise his son; how can he stay quite so long in bed? And where is Laura? Eamonn doesn't seem to know quite what to make of his father's arrival. On the other hand his neighbours see in Dermot a respite from themselves. Swept up in the British expats' ceaseless barbecuing and bickering, both father and son slowly discover the truth about each other and the family past. Mr Lynch's Holiday is a very funny and moving story about the clash of generations; about how families break apart and come together again; about how living "abroad" can feel less like a long holiday and more of a life sentence.
Survivor Chuck Palahniuk
The leader of a suicide cult commandeers a Boeing 747 and dictates his life story into the black box while waiting for the plane to run out of fuel. The suicide is the ultimate media event of Tender Branson, self-styled messiah, many of whose followers have already killed themselves. Or were they murdered?
Amelia Bedelia chalks one up Herman Parish
Amelia Bedelia's mother is feeling blue, so she decides to head to town for lunch and a little shopping. Amelia Bedelia is having a playdate of her own, and she decides to make her mom feel better. How? By covering the driveway, house, and garage with colourful chalk pictures. Those beautiful chalk pictures are a gift Amelia Bedelia's mother will never, ever forget.
The long way home Louise Penny
Former Chief Inspector of Homicide, Armand Gamache, has found a peace he'd never imagined possible in the tranquil village of Three Pines. But when his friend Clara asks for help, he can't refuse her. Clara's husband, Peter, is missing. As Gamache journeys further into Quebec, he is drawn deeper into the tortured mind of Peter, a man so desperate to recapture his fame as an artist that he would sell his soul. Can Gamache bring Peter, and himself, home safely? Or in searching for answers, has he placed himself, and those closest to him, in terrible danger?
The abstinence teacher Tom Perrotta
A Sex Ed teacher "championing" oral sex!? Cherished by her high school pupils as someone who'd tell it straight, after one innocent classroom indiscretion Ruth Ramsey suddenly finds the curriculum she has taught for 15 years is no longer acceptable. As the scandal flares up and attracts the unwelcome eye of the local evangelical Church, the school principal forces her into advocating a pro-abstinence agenda. Ruth is not yet ready to kneel at the altar of sophistry - if common sense is to be sacrificed to Puritanism, she won't let it pass without a fight.
What I did for love Susan Elizabeth Phillips
A down-on-her-luck movie actress runs into her detestable former co-star - dreamboat-from-hell Bramwell Shepard - in Las Vegas and gets caught up in a ridiculous incident that leads to a calamitous elopement. Can two enemies find themselves working without a script in a town where the spotlight shines bright - and where the strongest emotions can wear startling disguises?
The village effect : why face-to-face contact makes us truly human Susan Pinker
Pinker answers crucial questions about human relationships in a digital age, such as: How important is face-to-face interaction as children develop new skills, when adults fall in love, when they negotiate business transactions, and as they age? How did humans evolve such finely-tuned barometers of trust and betrayal - and do these mechanisms work if you're not face-to-face with your partner? Why are women so often the catalysts of social change? To understand these questions, Pinker turns to compelling human stories combined with cutting-edge science.
Anatomy of a misfit Andrea Portes
The third most popular girl in school's choice between the hottest boy in town and a lonely but romantic misfit ends in tragedy and self-realization.
Searching for perfect Jennifer Probst
A coach, consultant, and cheerleader rolled into one super-sizzling package, Kennedy creates dream dates, encourages singles to shine, and never refuses a challenge - not even her new client, Nate Ellison Raymond Dunkle, rocket scientist and nerd extraordinaire. Kennedy vows to transform Nate into the most wanted man on the local dating scene. If only she could turn the wand on herself… . Though she radiates confidence and sex appeal, Kennedy harbours deep-seated insecurities from her tormented past. When she realizes she and Nate are cut from the same cloth and might be perfect together, can Kennedy learn to let her heart lead the way? Or will her fears sentence her to the sidelines as Nate finds love - with someone else?
Snow Like Ashes Sara Raasch
Little night Luanne Rice
Clare Burke's life took a devastating turn when she tried to protect her sister, Anne, from an abusive and controlling husband and ended up serving prison time for assault. The verdict largely hinged on Anne's defense of her spouse, all lies, and the sisters have been estranged ever since. Nearly twenty years later, Claire is living a quiet life in Manhattan as an urban birder and nature blogger, when her niece, Grit, turns up on her doorstep. The two long for a relationship with each other, but they'll have to dig deep into their family's difficult past in order to build one.
The Baker Street letters Michael Robertson
Reggie and Nigel Heath are close in age but worlds apart in personality. The older of the two brothers, Reggie is a successful attorney with charisma to spare. Nigel has always struggled to step out of his shadow. When they lease office space on Baker Street, the paperwork comes with an odd stipulation: his firm must receive and respond with a standard reply to letters sent to Sherlock Holmes, who famously occupied the same address. Then Nigel, who becomes intrigued with one of the "Dear Sherlock" notes, disappears quite suddenly.
Divergent Veronica Roth
In the world of Divergent, society is divided into five factions - Candour, Abnegation, Dauntless, Amity and Erudite. Every year, all sixteen-year-olds must select the faction to which they will devote the rest of their lives. For Beatrice Prior, the decision is between staying with her family and being who she really is.
Insurgent Veronica Roth
Tris has survived a brutal attack on her former home and family. But she has paid a terrible price. Wracked by grief and guilt, she becomes ever more reckless as she struggles to accept her new future. Yet if Tris wants to uncover the truth about her world, she must be stronger than ever… because more shocking choices and sacrifices lie ahead.
Patriot acts Greg Rucka
After surviving an ambush, bodyguard Atticus Kodiak is mistakenly identified as one of The Ten - the world's most wanted assassins.
Uncaged John Sandford & Michele Cook
When an animal rights action at a research lab goes wrong, a terrible secret is exposed, and Shay must find her brother Odin before the researchers at Singular Corp can silence both of them.
Meet me at emotional baggage claim Lisa Scottoline and Francesca Serritella
Love and tomato sauce are thick in the Scottoline/Serritella household, and Lisa and Francesca's mother-daughter turned best-friends bond will strike a familiar note to many. But now that Lisa is a suburban empty-nester and Francesca is an independent twenty-something in the big city, they have to learn how to stay close while living apart.
My nest isn't empty, it just has more closet space Lisa Scottoline and Francesca Scottoline Serritella
Best selling author Lisa Scottoline presents her second memoir. Inspired by her weekly column in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Scottoline offers an updated account of her personal life. From her relationships with her ex-husbands to her adult daughter moving away from home, Scottoline's wit and humour will delight fans and casual listeners alike.
Why my third husband will be a dog : the amazing adventures of an ordinary woman Lisa Scottoline
Macbeth : a fully dramatized audio production from Folger Theatre William Shakespeare
In 1603, James VI of Scotland ascended the English throne, becoming James I of England. London was alive with an interest in all things Scottish, and Shakespeare turned to Scottish history for material. He found a spectacle of violence and stories of traitors advised by witches and wizards. In depicting a man who murders to become king, Macbeth teases us with huge questions. Is Macbeth tempted by fate, or by his or his wife's ambition? Why does their success turn to ashes?
Othello : a fully dramatized audio production from Folger Theatre William Shakespeare
In Othello, Shakespeare creates powerful drama from a marriage between the exotic Moor Othello and the Venetian lady Desdemona. Shakespeare builds many differences into his hero and heroine, including race, age, and cultural background. Yet most audiences believe the couple's strong love would overcome these differences were it not for Iago, who sets out to destroy Othello.
Portrait of a Spy Daniel Silva
Life, like art, rarely goes according to plan. No one knows that better than master art restorer and international assassin Gabriel Allon. A reclusive man with a deep appreciation for all that is beautiful, he is also an angel of vengeance. It was supposed to be the start of a pleasant weekend in London. But a pair of deadly bombings in Paris and Hamburg has already marred this sparkling autumn day. And when an ever-vigilant Gabriel notices a man whom he believes is about to carry out a third attack, he is knocked to the pavement by two undercover London police officers. A moment later he looks up to find a scene from his nightmares.
Desert God Wilbur Smith
Three weeks with my brother Nicholas Sparks
In January 2003, Nicholas Sparks and his brother Micah set off on a three week trip around the world. It was to mark a milestone in their lives, for at 37 and 38 respectively, they were now the only surviving members of their family. Against the backdrop of the wonders of the world, the Sparks brothers band together to heal, to remember, and to learn to live life to the fullest.
The Cairo affair Olen Steinhauer
Sophie Kohl is living her worst nightmare. Minutes after she confesses to her husband, Emmett, a mid-level diplomat at the American embassy in Hungary, that she had an affair while they were in Cairo, he is shot in the head and killed. Stan Bertolli, a Cairo-based CIA agent, has fielded his share of midnight calls. But his heart skips a beat when, this time, he hears the voice of the only woman he ever truly loved, calling to ask why her husband has been assassinated. Olen Steinhauer's masterful manipulations slowly unveil a portrait of a marriage, a jigsaw puzzle of loyalty and betrayal, against a dangerous world of political games where allegiances are never clear and outcomes are never guaranteed.
Sinner Maggie Stiefvater
Sinner follows Cole St. Clair, a pivotal character from the Shiver trilogy. Everybody thinks they know Cole's story. Stardom. Addiction. Downfall. Disappearance. But only a few people know Cole's darkest secret - his ability to shift into a wolf.
The High King of Montival S. M. Stirling
Rudi Mackenzie must return to Montival in the post-apocalyptic Pacific Northwest and forge an alliance with old enemies if he is ever going to defeat the minions of the Prophet and assume his rightful place as Artos, King of Montival.
The scourge of God S. M. Stirling
In this continuation of the bestselling author's chronicle of an alternate world, Rudi MacKenzie continues his trek across the land that was once the United States, where he hopes to learn the truth behind The Change that rendered technology across the globe inoperable.
The sword of the lady S. M. Stirling
Rudi Mackenzie has journeyed far across the land that was once the United States of America, hoping to find the source of the world-altering event that has come to be known as The Change. On the island of Nantucket he finds a beautifully made sword waiting for him - and once he takes it up, nothing will ever be the same.
Tomlinson Hill : the remarkable story of two families who share the Tomlinson name - one white, one black Chris Tomlinson
Tomlinson Hill tells the story of two families, one black and one white, who trace their ancestry to the same Central Texas slave plantation. Tomlinson discovers that his counterpart in the African American family is LaDainian Tomlinson, one of the greatest running backs in the history of the National Football League. Chris learns that many of the stories surrounding the Civil War and the South that he learned as a child are simply untrue. And it ends with the fulfilment of Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream that one day the sons of slaves and the sons of slaveholders would meet in brotherhood.
The accidental highwayman : being the tale of Kit Bristol, his horse midnight, a mysterious princess, and sundry magical persons besides Ben Tripp
In eighteenth-century England, young Christopher "Kit" Bristol unwittingly takes on the task of his dead master, notorious highwayman Whistling Jack, who pledged a fairy he would rescue feisty Princess Morgana from an arranged marriage with King George III.
The Scar Boys Len Vlahos
Written as a college admission essay, eighteen-year-old Harry Jones recounts a childhood defined by the hideous scars he hid behind, and how forming a band brought self-confidence, friendship, and his first kiss.
England's mistress Kate Williams
Emma Hamilton was England's first superstar. She fought her way out of dire poverty to become a fashion icon, an Ambassador's wife, a confidante of both Queen Marie Antoinette and the Queen of Naples, and the mistress of Lord Nelson, England's greatest military hero. Drawing on hundreds of previously undiscovered letters, England's Mistress follows Emma's dramatic journey from the slums of Northern England to the Royal Court of Naples, and from the brothels of St. James's to the tragedy and glory of the Napoleonic wars.
The story keeper Lisa Wingate
Successful New York editor Jen Gibbs is at the top of her game with her new position at Vida House Publishing - until a mysterious manuscript from an old slush pile appears on her desk. Turning the pages, Jen finds herself drawn into the life of Sarra, a mixed-race Melungeon girl trapped by dangerous men in turn-of-the-century Appalachia. A risky hunch may lead to The Story Keeper's hidden origins and its unknown author, but when the trail turns toward the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, a place Jen thought she'd left behind forever, the price of a blockbuster book deal may be higher than she's willing to pay.
Brown girl dreaming Jacqueline Woodson
Jacqueline Woodson, one of today's finest writers, tells the moving story of her childhood in mesmerizing verse. Raised in South Carolina and New York, Woodson always felt halfway home in each place. In vivid poems, she shares what it was like to grow up as an African American in the 1960s and 1970s, living with the remnants of Jim Crow and her growing awareness of the Civil Rights movement.

Downloadable e-books

Alaska brides collection
Surviving the rugged frontier of Alaska is a daunting task. But even in that hostile wilderness, God allows the tender flower of love to bloom. From the gold rush, through a diphtheria epidemic, to the building of the Alcan Highway, each story is filled with human emotion - loneliness, anger, fear, joy, and love.
Baby animals
There are few things cuter than a panda cub, but in this Discover Series photo book, you'll find more than 25 delightful animal babies. Babies and toddlers will love the brightly coloured animals and older children will enjoy learning the proper terms for baby animals from around the world.
Baby animals. 2
It's time for more cuteness! Meet baby rhinos, tadpoles, puppies, kittens and more.
Baby animals. 3
Time to bring home a wee little birdie? Or a cuddly little giraffe? In this third Baby Animals book, baby birds take the stage and join their darling baby animal friends.
Baby animals in the wild
Baby animals on the farm concept by Rebecca Bondor
Adorable photos and simple text make it easy for your toddler to learn about farm animals.
Best Lesbian Romance 2014
Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book
Dear teen me : authors write letters to their teen selves edited by Miranda Kenneally and E. Kristin Anderson
Dear Teen Me includes advice from over 70 YA authors (including Lauren Oliver, Ellen Hopkins, and Nancy Holder, to name a few) to their teenage selves. The letters cover a wide range of topics, including physical abuse, body issues, bullying, friendship, love, and enough insecurities to fill an auditorium.
Deep south : stories from Tasmania edited by Ralph Crane & Danielle Wood
Brings together the finest stories about Tasmania, includes works by notable early Australian writers, such as Marcus Clarke and Tasma; internationally renowned practitioners, like Hal Porter, Carmel Bird and Nicholas Shakespeare; and a range of newer voices, from Danielle Wood and Rohan Wilson to Rachael Treasure.
The farmer's daughter romance collection
Meet daughters of prairie farms from Montana south to Kansas who find love in the midst of turbulent life changes. Marty's nieces are kidnapped. Rosalind's town is overrun by a railroad company. Amy's jealousy comes between her and her twin. Beulah's answer is needed to a marriage proposal. Lilly's choice puts her at odd with her neighbours. Into each of their lives rides a man who may only make their situations worse.
Funny business edited by Jon Scieszka
A collection of humorous stories featuring a teenaged mummy, a homicidal turkey, and the world's largest pool of chocolate milk.
Milestones of space : eleven iconic objects from the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Michael J. Neufeld, editor
A beautifully illustrated history of the exploration of space through the most iconic objects from the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Focusing on the most iconic objects and technology - such as Friendship 7,the Lunar Module 2, Neil Armstrong's Lunar Suit, the Hubble Space Telescope, and Space Shuttle Discovery - this book extensively profiles eleven of the NASM's most important breakthroughs in space technology.
Projects for the Young Mechanic
Run For Your Life! Doom Lagoon
Shakespeare and me : 38 great writers, actors and directors on what the bard means to them - and us edited by Susannah Carson
In this original collection, Susannah Carson invites 38 actors, directors, scholars, and writers to share their own personal connections with Shakespeare and explore how he came to shape our world so completely. Along the way, we reminisce on a childhood spent constructing makeshift matchstick theatres with Isabel Allende, grapple with Coriolanus for a modern audience alongside Ralph Fiennes, hear from James Earl Jones on reclaiming Othello as a tragic hero, share in Julie Taymor's transformation of Prospero into Prospera, join Sir Ben Kingsley on his mission to keep Shakespeare's ideas alive for all generations through performance, and muse with Brian Cox on social conflict in Shakespeare's time and in ours.
Short stories, big laughs
Nobody knows big laughs for young readers like Spider magazine. Short Stories, Big Laughs!, hosted by the hilarious Spider (he's so cool they named the magazine after him), features 16 of Spider's funniest original stories and poems, all in marvellous full-colour illustration.
Simple gifts : a Shaker hymn illustrated by Chris Raschka
"'Tis the gift to be simple, 'tis the gift to be free." So begins Simple Gifts, a generations-old hymn written by the Shakers of Alfred, Maine. In that simple community, people based their lives on kindness, trust, and the joys that come when we sing and dance together. In this lush volume, acclaimed illustrator Chris Raschka brings this famous song to life, celebrating animals and landscapes with bold brushstrokes and warm colours.
Tales of the great beasts Brandon Mull
Follows the adventures of four noble animals who sacrifice everything to protect their homes from a mad king in the world of Erdas.
Thriller edited and with a introduction by Jon Scieszka
A body on the tracks. A teenage terrorist. A mysterious wish-granting machine. The world's worst private detective. The second volume in the Guys Read Library of Great Reading is chock-full of mystery, intrigue, and nefarious activity. Featuring some of the best writers around, and compiled by certified guy Jon Scieszka, Guys Read: Thriller is a pulse-pounding collection of brand-new short stories, each one guaranteed to keep you riveted until the final page.
Get out the toys! Classic toys converge in this collection of photos of toys ranging from blocks to trucks to teddy bears. Each page features one bright photograph with the toy's name. This book is simple enough for a baby interested only in turning the pages and will engage preschoolers and toddlers who will be proud they can identify the toy.
True stories edited by Jon Scieszka
A star-studded group of award-winning nonfiction authors and journalists provides something for every reader. Compiled and edited by real-life literature legend Jon Scieszka, Guys Read: True Stories is a mind-blowing collection of essays, biographies, how-to guides, and more, all proving that the truth is most definitely out there.
A trunkful of rhymes : from Babybug
Babies and toddlers will respond joyfully to the flying ships, wobbly jelly, and jumping bullfrogs in these simple, energetic poems. Written by contemporary children's authors and drawn from classic nursery rhymes, the poems can be read again and again, while children explore colourful illustrations from master artists such as Sylvia Long and Susan Eaddy.
The ultimate Minecraft creator
Players at all levels can fully explore the most popular aspect of Minecraft: building. Including detailed, colourful guides to builds of various sizes with tips for aesthetic concerns and giant builds.
Watercolor : paintings by contemporary artists preface by Sujean Rim ; edited by Leslie Dutcher
Watercolour is taking the art, fashion, and home decor worlds by storm. The result is an explosion of amazing new work by contemporary artists. This volume surveys the current revival of this loveliest of mediums, in portfolios from more than 20 of today's top watercolour artists from around the globe.
The write ingredients : recipes from your favorite authors Lori Foster
Through generous donations, fun, heart-warming, and sometimes necessary items are bought and shipped to our beloved troops by the Lori Foster Bookjunkys. This cookbook is their way of further contributing to the cause. Over 90 authors, and a handful of dedicated readers, have offered up their favourite recipes for this publication.
Liar, temptress, soldier, spy : four women undercover in the Civil War Karen Abbott
Seventeen-year-old Belle Boyd, an avowed rebel with a dangerous temper, shot a Union soldier in her home and became a courier and spy for the Confederate army, using her considerable charms to seduce men on both sides. Elizabeth Van Lew, a wealthy Richmond abolitionist, hid behind her proper Southern manners as she orchestrated a far-reaching espionage ring - even placing a former slave inside the Confederate White House - right under the noses of increasingly suspicious rebel detectives.
This is improbable too : synchronized cows, speedy brain extractors and more WTF research Marc Abrahams
Guardian columnist Marc Abrahams investigates the ins and outs of the very improbable evolutionary innovation that is the human body, uncovering studies on the best way to get a monkey to floss regularly, the amount of dandruff among Pakistani soldiers, and the very valuable material that has been extracted from cockroaches as well as chocolate bars.
First World War weapons Scott Addington
Why was the machine gun so devastating and how did it change the nature of the war? Who invented poison gas and how effective was it on the battlefield. What was it like to come face-to-face with the iron monsters that were the First World War tanks, unleashed for the first time? Scott Addington answers these questions and many more in this easy-to-read guide to the weapons of the First World War.
Perimeter, area, and volume : a monster book of dimensions David A. Adler
Grab your jumbo popcorn and 3-D glasses, because you're invited to the premiere of a 3-D movie! The star-studded cast of monsters will help you calculate the perimeter of the set, the area of the movie screen, and the volume of your popcorn box. Learning about dimensions has never been so entertaining.
Love, Rosie Cecelia Ahern
Rosie and Alex have been best friends since childhood, so when Alex's family moves from Dublin to Boston, Rosie decides she'll venture to the States for college after she graduates from high school. But those dreams are dashed when the night of her final high-school dance leaves Rosie pregnant. She decides to stay in Dublin and keep the baby. When Rosie comes over to visit Alex during his last year at Harvard, she finds herself falling for him - just as he announces his engagement to a fellow student. Thus begins a back-and-forth that goes on for years, as Rosie raises her daughter and pursues her dream job while Alex builds a life for himself in Boston.
The year I met you Cecelia Ahern
A thoughtful, captivating and ultimately uplifting novel from this uniquely talented author. Jasmine loves two things: her sister and her work. And when her work is taken away she has no idea who she is. Matt loves two things: his family and the booze. Without them, he hits rock bottom. One New Year's Eve, two people's paths collide. Both have time on their hands; both are at a crossroads. But as the year unfolds, through moonlit nights and suburban days, an unlikely friendship slowly starts to blossom. Sometimes you have to stop still in order to move on.
Starring Jules (super-secret spy girl) Beth Levine Ain
Second grade is over and Jules is on her way to Quebec to film a spy movie, but she misses all her friends, and with only a hockey player and a diva starlet as cast mates in a place where nobody speaks English, she is feeling lonely - and her mother will not even let her go bungee-jumping.
Starring Jules (third grade debut) Beth Levine Ain
Jules is starting third grade, but her new teacher seems a little strange, she has to choose and research a famous person for the class wax museum project, and rehearsals for the sitcom she is in are harder than ever - especially since the TV show is about to air.
Starring Jules (in drama-rama) Beth Levine. Ain
Jules has to navigate complicated friendships and spine-tingling stage fright as her star finally begins to rise.
Rekindled Tamera Alexander
Left for dead, Larson Jennings, returns home badly burned. His obviously pregnant wife Kathryn is losing their ranch. Disfigured beyond recognition to most - Larson is determined to save his family.
Woodworking for Everyone Peter Alkema
City of the Beasts Isabel Allende
Forest of the Pygmies Isabel Allende
Ines of My Soul Isabel Allende
Paula Isabel Allende
The Sum of Our Days Isabel Allende
Let's get lost Adi Alsaid
During her cross-country adventures following the tragic death of her family, Leila touches the lives of four strangers - Hudson, Bree, Elliot, and Sonia. While forever changing the lives of these four, Leila also discovers an important truth about herself.
Drunk tank pink : and other unexpected forces that shape how we think, feel, and behave Adam L. Alter
Why are people named Kim, Kelly, and Ken more likely to donate to Hurricane Katrina victims than to Hurricane Rita victims? Are you really more likely to solve puzzles if you watch a light bulb illuminate? How did installing blue lights along a Japanese railway line halt rising crime and suicide rates? The human brain is fantastically complex, so it's no wonder that we resist the idea that we're deeply influenced by our surroundings. As profound as they are, these effects are almost impossible to detect both as they're occurring and in hindsight. Drunk Tank Pink is the first detailed exploration of how our environment shapes what we think, how we feel, and the ways we behave.
Missing Karin Alvtegen
Sibylla Forsenstrom doesn't exist. For 15 years she has been one of the homeless in Stockholm and takes every day as it comes. One night she charms a businessman into paying for her dinner and room. His dead body is discovered the following morning and Sibylla is the prime suspect.
Shadow Karin Alvtegen
In a nondescript apartment block in Stockholm, most of the residents are elderly. Usually a death is a sad but straightforward event. But sometimes a resident will die and there are no friends or family to contact. This is when Marianne Folkesson arrives, employed by the state to close up a life with dignity and respect. Gerda Persson has lain dead in her apartment for three days before Marianne is called. Gerda's life seems to have been quite ordinary. Until Marianne opens the freezer and finds it full of books by Axel Ragnerfeldt, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, with handwritten dedications to Gerda from the author. What story do these books have to tell, about Gerda, and more importantly about Ragnerfeldt, a man whose fame is without precedent in the nation's cultural life, but seldom gives interviews?
Shame Karin Alvtegen
As Britt festers malevolently in her hermetic apartment, appeased only by an endless supply of food, Monika blots out her pain by ceaselessly working. They have nothing in common but the determination to obliterate their memories and be left alone. This title explores the devastating powers of fear, oppressive religion and forbidden sexuality.
Guitar notes Mary Amato
Tripp, who plays guitar only for himself, and Lyla, a cellist whose talent has already made her famous but not happy, form an unlikely friendship when they are forced to share a practice room at their high school.
Emperor Pickletine rides the bus Tom Angleberger
In this final book in the series, the seventh graders of McQuarrie Middle School and their Star Wars-inspired Origami finger puppets go on a field trip to Washington, D.C., on what proves to be a very long trip full of shifting alliances, betrayals, carsickness, and sugar rushes.
The surprise attack of Jabba the Puppett Tom Angleberger
Dark times have fallen on McQuarrie Middle School. Dwight is back - and not a moment too soon - as Kellen, Sara, and the gang face a new Menace: the FunTime Educational Program. FunTime is supposed to raise students' standardized test scores. Instead, it's driving everyone crazy. The students turn to Origami Yoda for help.
Frankenstein's cat : cuddling up to biotech's brave new beasts Emily Anthes
Fluorescent fish that glow near pollution. Dolphins with prosthetic fins. Robot-armoured beetles that military handlers can send on spy missions. Scientists have already begun to create these high-tech hybrids. Popular science writer Emily Anthes travels around the globe to see how humans are inventing the fauna of the future, from the Scottish birthplace of Dolly the Sheep, where scientists are trying to clone an endangered mountain lion, to a 'pharm' where chickens are modified to lay eggs laced with cancer-fighting drugs. Frankenstein's Cat is an eye-opening exploration of weird science and how we are playing god in the animal world.
Volk Piers Anthony
Volk is a serious novel of World War II and forbidden love, featuring a romance between a Nazi SS officer and his American friend's fiancee, a pacifist Quaker lady. Politically incorrect, it covers some hard truths. Not all Nazis were evil, and the allies also kept death camps. The author was in Europe as a child, deported in 1940, and raised as a Quaker, so has some basis to address the subjects.
The hills of Chianti : the story of a Tuscan winemaking family, in seven bottles Piero Antinori
Since 1385, the Florentine Antinori family has produced some of Italy's finest wines. In this family memoir Piero Antinori reveals the passion, tradition, and love of craft that have driven twenty-seven generations of vintners: from the first ancestor who signed up to the winemakers guild in the fourteenth century to Antinori's own three daughters, poised to carry this most celebrated family of artisans into the future. But The Hills of Chianti is about much more than wine. At its heart the Antinori story is about "Tuscan-ness": a connection to the land, an appreciation for good food and drink, and the quintessentially Italian love of hospitality that make this one of the world's most inspiring and memorable destinations.
Chasing before Lenore Appelhans
Felicia and Neil have left Level 2 behind, but Level 3 stands between them and heaven. While the purpose of Level 2 is to relive your time on earth and make peace with your memories, the objective of Level 3 is to completely detach from life and prepare for your divine vocation…During Felicia and Neil's training period, a series of explosions destroy the portals out of Level 3. Tension is high and casualties are mounting. Though Neil wants to become either a Muse or a Healer to help, Felicia is drawn to the Seraphim Guard. A rift forms between the pair, one that grows wider when Felicia receives memories of her life that occur after her supposed death. The memories cast doubt on the people she loves the most, but Felicia can't stop her curiosity. She has to know the truth about her life before she moves on - if she can manage to evade old enemies long enough to find a way out of Level 3.
The memory of after Lenore Appelhans
In this gripping exploration of a futuristic afterlife, a teen discovers that death is just the beginning. Since her death the day before her eighteenth birthday, Felicia Ward has been trapped in Level 2, a stark afterlife located between our world and the next, where Felicia passes the endless hours reliving memories of her time on Earth and mourning what she's lost: family, friends, and Neil, the boy she loved. When Julian, a dangerously charming guy Felicia knew in life, comes to offer Felicia a way out, Felicia learns the truth: if she joins the rebellion to overthrow the Morati, the angel guardians of Level 2, she can be with Neil again. Felicia finds herself at the center of an age-old struggle between good and evil. As memories from her life come back to haunt her, and as the Morati hunt her down, Felicia will discover it's not just her own redemption at stake, but the salvation of all mankind.
Hypothermia 1961- Arnaldur Indriason
A woman is found hanging from a beam in her summer cottage. At first sight it appears to be a straightforward case of suicide; the woman, Maria, had never recovered from the loss of her mother two years earlier and had a history of depression. But when Karen, the friend who found her body, approaches Erlendur and gives him the tape of a seance that Maria had attended, his curiosity is aroused. Driven by a need to find answers that even he does not fully understand, Erlendur embarks on an unofficial investigation to find out why the woman's life ended in such an abrupt and tragic manner. At the same time he is haunted by the unresolved cases of two young people who went missing thirty years before, and, inevitably, his discoveries raise ghosts from his own past.
Jar city 1961- Arnaldur Indriason
A man is found murdered in his Reykjavik flat, and the police have no obvious leads. The man lived alone and had no family. Erlendur and his colleague Sigurdur Oli find a computer filled with pornography, and, in a desk, the photograph of a young girl's grave and the cryptic note left behind by the killer.
Fix this mess! Tedd Arnold
Robug tries to obey when Jake instructs it to "Fix this mess!" but somehow manages to make things worse.
Invisible illness : coping with misunderstood conditions Megan A. Arroll
Few books on invisible illness are written by psychologists. Based on work by the Chronic Illness Research Team (CIRT) at the University of East London, this expert, accessible book encourages people actively to manage their illness using the techniques shown. Pioneering text on Mal de Debarquement Syndrome (MdDS)
In search of the Rose notes Emily Arsenault
Drawn back to her old neighbourhood and to her former best friend Charlotte when the bones of their babysitter Rose are found, Nora must revisit the events surrounding Rose's disappearance and her own troubled adolescence.
Letters to my torturer : love, revolution, and imprisonment in Iran Houshang Asadi
Houshang Asadi was a journalist, writer, and translator who, under the Shah's regime, was a prison cellmate of Ali Khamenei (appointed successor to the Ayatollah Khomeini). After Asadi's arrest in 1983 in a crackdown on opposition parties, the prominent Iranian journalist spent the next six years being brutally tortured by "Brother Hamid." He was sentenced to 15 years in prison, but was released with other surviving political prisoners on the anniversary of the revolution in 1989, and was able to escape Iran in 2003, living in exile since then. This book is a series of letters addressed to his torturer.
The magic key to charm : instructions for a delightful life Eileen Ascroft
Miss Ascroft will teach you how to banish graceless habits; how to dress to complement your personality type; how to run for the bus like a young gazelle; how to make friends and be the perfect hostess; how to appear well-educated and well-read; and how to decorate your home to suit your complexion. Her fourteen charm lessons build up a whole way of life for you so that you may become more attractive, more desirable, and at the same time a more complete and contented person. No woman who reads this book can fail to gain something from its pages.
Cover him with darkness Janine Ashbless
In rural Italy, a priest keeps a dark secret beneath his chapel: a prisoner. Only he knows who this prisoner is and even the priest does not know how long he has been there - hundreds of years, perhaps. His fear is that anyone in his parish would ever come in contact with his mysterious and unholy charge. But his lovely young daughter, whose innocence and devotion to God he prizes over all else, trails her father into the cavern and catches a glimpse of the prisoner, a beautiful being like the most handsome of men and yet not. She looks in his eyes and sees pain and wisdom and eternity. Unable to keep away from this silent creature chained to an altar stone, she lives in fear that her father will catch her. One day he does and sends her off to America to be raised by her aunt in Boston. But she never forgets her silent love. Cover Him with Darkness is a thrilling story of an archangel banished from heaven and the human woman with whom he falls in love.
Summer of '76 Isabel Ashdown
It's the start of one of the hottest summers on record; the summer of Abba, T-Rex, David Bowie and Demis Roussos; of the Montreal Olympics and the Notting Hill riots - the summer Big Ben stopped dead. Luke Wolff is about to turn eighteen and is all set to enjoy his last few months at home on the Isle of Wight before leaving for college. Life is looking good. But with windows and doors constantly open and life increasingly lived outside, secrets become hard to hide. As Luke listens in, his parents' seemingly ordered existence comes unstuck. Soon the community is gripped by scandal, and everything Luke thought he knew about friendship and family is turned on its head.
1000 best tips for ADHD : expert answers and bright advice to help you and your child Susan Ashley
Getting through seemingly easy tasks can be a relentless challenge that never seems to get easier if your child has ADHD. Ashley gives parents quick tips and easy-to-implement solutions that make even the toughest days go smoother.
A rock is lively Dianna Hutts Aston
Introduces readers to rocks and minerals, describing how they are created, what they can be used for, and their different forms and types.
A seed is sleepy Dianna Hutts Aston
An introduction to seeds; explaining their varying shapes and sizes, where they are found, and their life cycles.
Women heroes of World War I : 16 remarkable resisters, soldiers, spies, and medics Kathryn J. Atwood
In time for the 2014 centennial of the start of the Great War, this book brings to life the brave and often surprising exploits of 16 fascinating women from around the world who served their countries at a time when most of them didn't even have the right to vote. Readers meet 17-year-old Frenchwoman Emilienne Moreau, who assisted the Allies as a guide and set up a first-aid post in her home to attend to the wounded; and Russian peasant Maria Bochkareva, who joined the Imperial Russian Army by securing the personal permission of Tsar Nicholas II, and who created and led the all-women combat unit the Women's Battalion of Death on the eastern front. The stories are told through the use of engaging narrative, dialogue, document and diary excerpts to lend authenticity and immediacy. Introductory material opens each section to provide solid historical context, and each profile includes informative sidebars and Learn More lists of relevant books and websites, making this a fabulous resource for students, teachers, parents, libraries, and homeschoolers.
By night the mountain burns Juan-Tomas Avila Laurel
By Night the Mountain Burns recounts the narrator's childhood on a remote island off the West African coast, living with his mysterious grandfather, several mothers and no fathers. We learn of a dark chapter in the island's history: a bush fire destroys the crops, then hundreds perish in a cholera outbreak. Superstition dominates, and the islanders must sacrifice their possessions to the enraged ocean god. What of their lives will they manage to save?
The shrink and the sage : a guide to living Julian Baggini
Can infidelity be good for you? What does it mean to stay true to yourself? Must we fulfil our potential? Self-help with a distinctly cerebral edge, the shrink and the sage - aka Julian Baggini and Antonia Macaro - have been dispensing advice through their FT column since October 2010. This book expands on these columns and adds much more. Through questions of existential unease and metaphysical trauma, Baggini and Macaro begin to piece together the answer that we'd all like to hear: what is the good life, and how we can live it.
The inheritance Tilly Bagshawe
Tatiana Flint-Hamilton's gilded cage is torn away when her estranged father dies. As the beloved family estate slips through Tati's fingers, the portraits of her ancestors look down disapprovingly. Losing everything has made Tati realise that her rightful inheritance is all that she now lives for and she will do anything to get it back. But the fate of Furlings lies in the hands of the villagers. Let the Fittlescombe fireworks begin!
Scandalous Tilly Bagshawe
Sasha Miller comes to Cambridge with a dream and leaves on a mission. After falling for the lies and charms of her Director of Studies Theo Dexter she finds herself betrayed, humiliated and nursing a bundle of broken dreams. Heading to the US she is determined to rebuild her life. Years later, Sasha emerges from Harvard Business School with one thing on her mind, the downfall of the now famous Professor Theo Dexter.
Sidney Sheldon's Chasing tomorrow Tilly Bagshawe
Tracy Whitney was responsible for some of the world's most astounding heists, relishing the danger and intensity of life on the wild side. But there is still one thing missing from Tracy's perfect life: a baby. At first "going straight" feels like a new adventure. But as the months pass and Tracy's longed for pregnancy doesn't happen, she finds herself yearning for the adrenaline rush of the old days. When a mysterious and beautiful stranger enters their lives, Tracy and Jeff's once unbreakable partnership is suddenly blown wide open.
Then they came for me : a family's story of love, captivity, and survival Maziar Bahari
When Maziar Bahari left London in June 2009 to cover Iran's presidential election, he assured his pregnant fiancee, Paola, that he'd be back in just a few days, a week at most. Little did he know, as he kissed her good-bye, that he would spend the next three months in Iran's most notorious prison, enduring brutal interrogation sessions at the hands of a man he knew only by his smell: Rosewater.
The bravest princess : a tale of the wide-awake princess E. D. Baker
Sleeping Beauty's younger, non-magical sister, Annie, still can't rest while trouble in the kingdom threatens her good friend, Snow White.
The fairy-tale matchmaker E. D. Baker
Defying her mother's wishes and the Tooth Fairy Guild, Cory quits her tooth fairy training to explore such things as babysitting an adventurous Humpty Dumpty and helping Suzy organize her seashells by the seashore until, at last, Cory discovers a power she never knew she had.
Unlocking the spell : a tale of the wide-awake princess E. D. Baker
Princess Annabelle, who is immune to magic and can temporarily reverse spells put on others, encounters various fairy tale characters when she embarks on an expedition into the woods to find a dwarf responsible for turning Sleeping Beauty's prince into a bear.
The wide-awake princess E. D. Baker
Annie, younger sister of the princess who would be known as Sleeping Beauty, is immune to magic and stays awake when the rest of the castle falls into an enchanted sleep, then sets out to find a way to break the spell.
Empire of the sun J. G. (James Graham) Ballard
The heartrending story of a British boy's four-year ordeal in a Japanese prison camp during the Second World War. Based on J. G. Ballard's own childhood, this is the extraordinary account of a boy's life in Japanese-occupied wartime Shanghai - a mesmerising, hypnotically compelling novel of war, of starvation and survival, of internment camps and death marches.
Into the lair Maya Banks
Ian and Braden Thomas return to the US to extract Katie Buchanan, the sister of the teammate who betrayed them. She could very well be the key to taking down the man responsible for turning Ian and Braden into unstable cat shifters. Unfortunately, they're not the only ones after Katie. Katie has no intention of going quietly or of offering her trust on a silver platter.
Into the mist Maya Banks
Eli Chance is a hostage recovery specialist and was born as a shifter. While on one of their missions, the team is exposed to a dangerous chemical and also become shifters. However it's more of a burden for his associates. Damiano, the guide, was the most adversely affected, and his sister Tyana is afraid that he will permanently shift into the beast, never to return to human form. She blames Eli and will do whatever she can, even using her body, to make him pay.
Keep Me Safe Maya Banks
Long road home Maya Banks
CIA counter-terroism expert Manual Ramirez has spent three years looking for the woman he loves. But suddenly she turns up in a small-town Colorado hospital bed after she was injured in an explosion that killed her parents. She had been kidnapped by a shadowy organization and became a terrorist assassin.
Unforgettable Maya Banks
An anthology of romance stories.
Lost memory of skin Russell Banks
Suspended in a strangely modern day version of limbo, the young man at the centre of this morally complex new novel must create a life for himself in the wake of incarceration. Known in his new identity only as the Kid, and on probation after doing time for a liaison with an underage girl, he is shackled to a GPS monitoring device and forbidden to live within 2,500 feet of anywhere children might gather. With nowhere else to go, the Kid takes up residence under a south Florida causeway, in a makeshift encampment with other convicted sex offenders. Barely beyond childhood himself, the Kid, despite his crime, is in many ways an innocent, trapped by impulses and foolish choices he himself struggles to comprehend.
The thief of always Clive Barker
Mr Hood's Holiday House has stood for a thousand years, welcoming countless children into its embrace. It is a place of miracles, a blissful round of treats and seasons, where every childish whim may be satisfied. There is a price to be paid, of course, but young Harvey Swick, bored with his life and beguiled by Mr Hood's wonders, does not stop to discover the consequences. It is only when the House shows its darker face - when Harvey discovers the pitiful creatures that dwell in its shadow - that he comes to doubt Mr Hood's philanthropy. The house and its mysterious architect are not about to release their captive without a battle, however. Mr Hood has ambitions for his new guest, for Harvey's soul burns brighter than any soul he has encountered for a thousand years…
Outbreak : plagues that changed history Bryn Barnard
Did the Black Death destroy the feudal system? Did cholera pave the way for modern Manhattan? Did yellow fever help end the slave trade? Remarkably, the answer to all of these questions is yes. Time and again, diseases have impacted the course of human history in surprisingly powerful ways. From influenza to small pox, from tuberculosis to yellow fever, Bryn Barnard describes the symptoms and paths of the world's worst diseases, and how the epidemics they spawned have changed history forever.
Duke of Uranium John Barnes
Jak Jinnaka's thirty-sixth-century teenage life has been nothing but fun - ignoring school, partying outrageously with his beautiful girlfriend, Sesh, and spending his uncle Sib's huge fortune. But while they are out for a wild night of postgraduation clubbing, Sesh is kidnapped by the dangerous, enigmatic Duke of Uranium. Bruised and battered, Jak wakes up to a whole new reality: sweet, superficial Sesh is actually Princess Shyf of Greenworld, daughter of the rulers of a powerful faraway spaceport; kind and slightly dotty old Uncle Sib is a legendary spymaster; and Jak's whole life has been preparation for the world of espionage.
In the hall of the Martian king John Barnes
Jak Jinnaka parlayed his powerful family connections, unearned media fame, and consistent dumb luck into a cushy job as vice procurator of the Martian moon Deimos, an office he precariously maintains alongside his top-secret post as a station chief for Hive Intelligence - two soft jobs for an already rich, handsome, single young man in a fun-loving colonial outpost.
Princess of the aerie John Barnes
Ostensibly a diplomat, really a spy in training, Jak Jinnaka has such a gift for getting into trouble that his fellow students have voted him "most likely to have a war named after him." His latest offense against cultural sensitivity would have ended his career at his junior year'except that the Academy is thoroughly corrupt, Jak has powerful and wealthy friends, and there's an easier way for the dean of students to get rid of him: Jak's ex-girlfriend, Princess Shyf of Greenworld (one of hundreds of nations in a space station the size of the moon), sends a cry for help that will conveniently take Jak one hundred eighty-five million miles out of the dean's hair.
The Tudor Rose Margaret Campbell Barnes
A magnificent portrait of Elizabeth of York, set against the dramatic background of fifteenth century England.
The danger in tempting an earl Sophie Barnes
Lucien Marvaine never thought he was good enough for Katherine. As the younger son of an earl, he didn't have a title or prospects. Then fate steps in and gives him a second chance, and this new Earl of Roxbury is determined to make the beautiful Kate his own … one touch … one kiss at a time.
Telephone Mac Barnett
Maggie & me Damian Barr
It's 12 October 1984. An IRA bomb blows apart the Grand Hotel in Brighton. Miraculously, Margaret Thatcher survives. In small-town Scotland, eight-year-old Damian Barr watches in horror as his mum rips her wedding ring off and packs their bags. He knows he, too, must survive. Maggie & Me is a touching and darkly witty memoir about surviving Thatcher's Britain; a story of growing up gay in a straight world and coming out the other side in spite of, and maybe because of, the iron lady.
The magic half Annie Barrows
Eleven-year-old Miri Gill feels left out in her family, which has two sets of twins and her, until she travels back in time to 1935 and discovers Molly, her own lost twin, and brings her back to the present day.
Magic in the mix Annie Barrows
Life seems to be back to normal for "newly twinned" sisters Miri and Molly until their magical house sends them on a new time-traveling adventure to the Civil War, where they must risk everything to save two unusual soldiers and come to terms with the emotional truth about Molly's past.
The Nazi hunters : how a team of spies and survivors captured the world's most notorious Nazi Neal Bascomb
Recounts how, sixteen years after the end of World War II, a team of undercover Israeli agents captured the Nazi war criminal, Adolf Eichmann, in a remote area of Argentina and brought him to trial in Israel for crimes committed during the Holocaust.
Paint me a monster Janie Baskin
Rinnie relates a childhood marked by privilege but also abuse, which steadily increases after her parents' divorce and remarriages, emotionally crippling Rinnie until a school counsellor helps her begin to heal.
His Noble Promise Adrienne Basso
To Protect An Heiress Adrienne Basso
The bicycle book Bella Bathurst
A rip-roaring narrative celebration of the 21st century's great transport success story: the bicycle. Millions of us now cycle, some obsessively, and this glorious concoction of history, anecdote, adventure and lycra-clad pedalling is the perfect read for two-wheelers of all kinds.
The peculiar case of the electric constable : a true tale of passion, poison & pursuit Carol J. Baxter
On New Year's Day 1845 John Tawell, a Quaker, boarded the 7:42 pm train to London Paddington. Soon, men arrived chasing a suspected murderer but the 7:42 had departed. The Great Western Railway was experimenting with a new-fangled device, the electric telegraph, so a message was sent: a 'KWAKER' man was on the run. The trail became a sensation, involving no apparent weapon, much innuendo, and a pious man desperate to save his reputation. Told with narrative verve and rich in historical research, this is a delicious true tale of murder and scientific revolution in Victorian England.
At the sign of the golden pineapple M. C. Beaton
When Henrietta Bascombe opens a confectionary shop in order to turn her pittance of an inheritance into a fortune, her friends are shocked to hear of such a well-bred lady going into trade. The Earl of Carrisdown is both drawn to and repelled by her shopgirl status.
The blood of an Englishman : an Agatha Raisin mystery M. C. Beaton
Investigating the murder of a local baker during an amateur theatrical production, curmudgeon Agatha Raisin and her team of private detectives uncover a web of feuds and temperamental behaviours that place the team in mortal danger.
Dancing on the wind M. C. Beaton
I am going to die, Polly thought. The crowd clamoured for a speech. Polly raised her hands, and they fell silent. From the foot of the gallows, she asked the spectators why she, a poor woman, should hang for theft, while the abbess of Covent Garden can commit murder on the souls of innocent country girls over and over again and yet go free - and then she condemned them to hell.
The education of Miss Paterson M. C. Beaton
For the lovely and young Miss Patricia Paterson, life seemed a delightful dream until the spectre of her guardian, Lord Charles Gaunt, cast a dark shadow over her carefree days of idleness and evenings of dazzling balls and delicious flirtations. Lord Charles demanded that Patricia act the part of a proper but perfectly put together boring young Miss. What was to her even worse, was that he insisted she devote her waking hours to cultivating her mind rather than captivating her swarm of admirers.
A marriage of inconvenience M. C. Beaton
He stated quite bluntly - and much to Isabella's relief - that theirs would be a marriage in name only. But neither Harry nor Isabella was aware of the other's disguise - contrived in vain to thwart the impending nuptials. Isabella was not the selfish ice princess she seemed, nor was Harry a mincing dandy, but a prime Corinthian. A search for buried treasure and a thwarted suitor out of revenge add adventure to the marital mayhem, as two hearts discover that love lies no farther than the nearest kiss.
Ms. Davenport's Christmas M. C. Beaton
It was Christmas and the Davenport sisters found themselves alone, without even a dour-faced maid to supervise them. Instead they were expected to obey strict puritanical devotions. But this year the elder, flame-haired Gillian boldly decided that it was high time the sisters let their hair down a little bit. So with the help of a kindly relation, the two daring misses exchanged their usual somber (and considered "proper") attire for more modish gowns and hairstyles that would surely have given their parents apoplexy! It was to be a memorable year and a Christmas rich in plum pudding, eggnog, carols, and a most breathtaking tree.
The original Miss Honeyford M. C. Beaton
Miss Honaria Honeyford was sour on romance, but she had been duly dispatched to London to save the family fortune by hunting for (and securing) a wealthy husband - and thereby proving her role as a loving if not entirely dutiful daughter. Honoraria obeyed. But if she was reluctantly willing to surrender her hand, this beautiful young lady who could ride, shoot, and argue with any man was not about to lose her head or her heart to any of the dismal cads in lads of the Marriage Mart.
The perfect gentleman M. C. Beaton
From the top of his flawlessly groomed head to the waxed tips of his fashionable shoes, Lord Andrew Childe was every inch the perfect gentleman. But Andrew's arrogant composure was almost always shattered by the impertinent Penelope Mortimer, an achingly lovely country beauty who had a clear knack for ruffling his lordship's feathers. Her nose for trouble seemed to land Lord Andrew in the most awkward situations - and love itself quickly became the most delicate of them all!
Something borrowed, someone dead : an Agatha Raisin mystery M. C. Beaton
Hired by the Parish councillor of a small community in the Cotswold Hills to investigate the murder of a jolly widow, Agatha Raisin learns about the victim's penchant for keeping borrowed items in a case that is complicated by village secrets and a killer who would make Agatha a next target.
The Healthy Lunchbox Fiona Beckett
Be aware : my tips for personal safety Gina Bellisario
Children show how to stay safe and avoid danger, including watching out for cars, avoiding strangers, and being safe on the school bus.
Choose good food : my eating tips Gina Bellisario
Lucas is a picky eater. But he's excited to go to the supermarket. Today, he gets to choose food for lunch. Lucas's dad helps him learn about the five food groups. Lucas finds out what foods are healthful. And he prepares a tasty snack.
Keep calm : my stress-busting tips Gina Bellisario
Anna is one busy girl! She plays soccer and takes piano lessons. She has homework and chores. Sometimes she feels stressed. How can she get everything done? Anna's parents show her several ways to deal with stress. When she tries them, she shrinks her stress and feels better.
Move your body : my exercise tips Gina Bellisario
It's almost Field Day. But Natalie's team isn't ready for the big race. Their muscles get tired easily. Ms. Starr teaches them about aerobic and anaerobic exercise. They learn some stretching exercises too. Now they're full of energy. Can they win the beach ball relay?
Poison alert : my tips to avoid danger zones at home Gina Bellisario
Matthew's little brother doesn't know about harmful substances. But Mighty Matthew does. He rescues his brother from household poisons. That means cleaners, medicines, and houseplants. He also points out poisons in the grass and garage. Matthew knows how to stay safe at home.
Take a bath : my tips for keeping clean Gina Bellisario
After making a muddy mess of himself playing mud monsters, Caleb cleans up with a soapy bath, makes sure to keep germs away from the dinner table, and brushes and flosses his teeth before bed.
Running the rift Naomi Benaron
Rwandan runner Jean Patrick Nkuba dreams of winning an Olympic gold medal and uniting his ethnically divided country, only to be driven from everyone he loves when the violence starts, after which he must find a way back to a better life.
Kicking the Kremlin : Russia's new dissidents and the battle to topple Putin Marc Bennetts
Marc Bennetts takes us straight to the beating heart of the opposition movement, introducing a brave new generation of Russian dissidents. We meet a bustling cast of urban youth, blogging and tweeting to expose the injustices of the regime, and their unlikely allies from Bolshoi ballerinas to black-clad Bolsheviks. Featuring interviews with activists and top Kremlin loyalists alike, this vivid and enthralling narrative is the definitive guide to the new Russia
The Wombles at work Elisabeth Beresford
There has been a huge festival and no end of rubbish has been left behind - everything from umbrellas to shoes, drinks cans and bottles. Who would have thought humans could leave so much behind, not bothering to recycle? The Wombles have their work cut out for them.
World Spice at Home Amanda Bevill
The planet of Libris Agnes Bidaud
What's happening on the Planet of Libris? Books have started flying away and disappearing! Who would want to prevent citizens from reading? The Little Prince investigates and discovers a story of romance and jealousy … .
The upside of down : a memoir Susan Biggar
Susan Biggar fell in love with a New Zealander. When her first son arrived, he came with fierce blue eyes, a curly toe and cystic fibrosis. The doctors said he would be lucky to reach the age of thirty. A job offer in Paris snatched the family from New Zealand, depositing them in the city of lights, romance, and a whole new medical world. When Susan's second baby was also born with cystic fibrosis, the insignificant worries of her old life slipped away, shifting her from 'normal mum' to 'gotta-figure-out-how-to-kids-alive-mum?.
Attack of the mutant underwear Tom Birdseye
Fifth-grader Cody Carson keeps a journal of his hopes for a fresh start in a town where nobody knows about his humiliating mistakes of the past, but before school even begins so does his embarrassment.
I'm going to be famous Tom Birdseye
Determined to achieve fame by breaking several oddball world records in an upcoming contest, Arlo Moore and his friends practise fiendishly under the disapproval of parents and school principal.
Long time dead Tony Black
Gus, desperate for money, goes undercover, taking a janitor's job to investigate the ritual, on-campus hanging of an Edinburgh University student. He soon uncovers a similar ritualistic hanging which took place in the 70s. Few of the students are prepared to talk about it until another one of their group turns up dead. But Gus now moves into very dangerous waters as he begins to discover what and who is really behind it all and he becomes the next target for the executioner.
Echo of war Grant Blackwood
Dinaric Alps, Bosnian region of Austrian Hungarian Empire, 1918. After four Allied soldiers stumble across a biological weapon that could bring devastation to the world, they take a vow to keep it from falling into the wrong hands. Ever since, the deadly substance - code-named Kestrel - has been guarded by the descendants of those four brave men, each with the mission of keeping its existence a secret.
End of enemies Grant Blackwood
Veteran covert agent Briggs Tanner leaps into action when a man is brutally assassinated in front of him. His search will lead him from the depths of the Pacific Ocean, through the bullet-riddled back alleys of Beirut, to a deadly secret buried since World War II - and only Tanner can keep it from falling into the wrong hands.
Wanted : outback wife Ally Blake
With her visa about to expire, and desperate to stay in Australia, Jodie has a plan: she'll marry for convenience. Jodie is offering a one-year marriage, with no strings attached. So why does sexy cattle rancher Heath Jameson, who is almost certainly looking for a long-term wife, want to marry her?
Missing microbes : how the overuse of antibiotics is fueling our modern plagues Martin J. Blaser
This is a look at the harmful effects of overusing antibiotics, from the field's leading expert. Tracing one scientist's journey toward understanding the crucial importance of the microbiome, it takes readers to the forefront of trail-blazing research while revealing the damage that overuse of antibiotics is doing to our health: contributing to the rise of obesity, asthma, diabetes, and certain forms of cancer.
Explore night science! Cindy Blobaum
Explore night science!' encourages 6-9 year olds to safely explore and understand what happens around the world when it is dark outside. Readers are led step by step into integrated, active explorations that uncover the science and technology of the natural and physical world that surrounds them.
Some boys Patty Blount
When Grace meets Ian, she's afraid. Afraid he'll reject her like the rest of the school, like her own family. After she accuses Zac, the town golden boy, of rape, everyone turns against her. Except Ian doesn't reject her. He's the one person who looks past the taunts and the names and the tough-girl act to see the real Grace. He's the one who gives her the courage to fight back. He's also Zac's best friend.
Fire shut up in my bones : a memoir Charles M. Blow
New York Times columnist's memoir of how one of America's most respected journalists found his voice by coming to terms with a painful past. Blow's attachment to his mother - a fiercely driven women with five sons, brass knuckles in her glove box, a job plucking poultry at a nearby factory, a soon-to-be-ex husband, and a love of newspapers and learning - cannot protect him from secret abuse at the hands of an older cousin. It's damage that triggers years of anger and searing self-questioning. Finally, Blow escapes to a nearby state university, where he joins a black fraternity after a passage of brutal hazing, and then enters a world of racial and sexual privilege that feels like everything he's ever needed and wanted, until he's called upon, himself, to become the one perpetuating the shocking abuse. A powerfully redemptive memoir that both fits the tradition of African-American storytelling from the South, and gives it an indelible new slant.
Good Chinese wife : a love affair with China gone wrong Susan Blumberg-Kason
When Susan, a shy Midwesterner in love with Chinese culture, started graduate school in Hong Kong, she quickly fell for Cai, the Chinese man of her dreams. As they exchanged vows, Susan thought she'd stumbled into an exotic fairy tale, until she realized Cai, and his culture, were not what she thought. In her riveting memoir, Susan recounts her struggle to be the perfect traditional Chinese wife to her increasingly controlling and abusive husband.
To understand and be understood : a practical guide to successful relationships Erik Blumenthal
Drawing upon examples from everyday life, Erik Blumenthal's warm, anecdotal, and down-to-earth advice will change the way you look at your friends and family, and yield radical results in your interactions with those around you, creating understanding and loving relationships in all the spheres of your life. The result? A happier, more fulfilled you.
Black Fly Season Giles Blunt
The Delicate Storm Giles Blunt
The Fields of Grief Giles Blunt
Forty Words for Sorrow Giles Blunt
Ruby Cynthia Bond
Ephram Jenkins has never forgotten the beautiful girl with the long braids running through the piney woods of Liberty, their small East Texas town. Young Ruby, "the kind of pretty it hurt to look at," is already quite damaged, but Ephram is forcibly drawn to her. As soon as she becomes a young woman and has any power of her own, Ruby flees suffocating Liberty for the bright pull of 1950s New York City. Years later, when a funeral forces her to return home, 30-year-old Ruby will find herself reliving the devastating violence of her girlhood. With the terrifying realization that she might not be strong enough to fight her way back out, Ruby struggles to survive her memories of the town's dark past. Meanwhile, Ephram must choose between loyalty to the sister who raised and stood by him and the chance for a life with the woman he has loved since he was a boy.
The creation of Anne Boleyn Susan Bordo
The ultimate worst-case scenario survival handbook / by David Borgenicht, Joshua Piven & Ben H. Winters David Borgenicht
Topical, tabloid-style pages explore more than 100 subjects, from storms to stampedes to technology failures and beyond, with special sections highlighting critical information on starting fires, animal encounters, emergency signals, "Can I eat that?" questions, and more.
Miss Brooks loves books (and I don't) Barbara Bottner
A first-grade girl who does not like to read stubbornly resists her school librarian's efforts to convince her to love books until she finds one that might change her mind.
Miss Brooks' Story Nook : (where tales are told and ogres are welcome) Barbara Bottner
Missy loves her librarian, Miss Brooks. And she loves to go to Miss Brooks' before-school story time. But to get to Story Nook, she has to pass Billy Toomey's house and she does not love Billy Toomey. Billy always tries to steal her hat and jeers, "I'm going to get you!" It's vexing. Then one rainy (and hatless) day, Miss Brooks changes story hour to storytelling hour. She teaches the kids about characters and plot and action and satisfying conclusions and encourages them to make up their own tales. And that's when Missy has a brainstorm. She sees a way to use her made-up story to deal with her real-life bully.
The Alien Within Ben Bova
Farside Ben Bova
Moonrise Ben Bova
Moonwar Ben Bova
Star Brothers Ben Bova
Transhuman Ben Bova
Voyagers Ben Bova
Tooth fairy's first night Anne Bowen
Sally has always longed to be a tooth fairy. On her seventh birthday, she is finally going off to get her first tooth, with the most important rule: 'You must never wake a sleeping child!' running through her mind. When she reaches the house, she finds the job is not as easy as she'd hoped. A good tooth fairy always gets her tooth - but will Sally get hers? This warm and playful tale about a determined tooth fairy will have children of all ages sleeping with one eye open, hoping to catch their own tooth fairy in the act.
Shots fired C. J. Box
In 'One-Car Bridge,' one of four Joe Pickett stories, Pickett goes up against a 'plain mean' landowner, with disastrous consequences, and in 'Shots Fired,' his investigation into the radio call of the title nearly ends up being the last thing he ever does. In 'Pirates of Yellowstone,' two Eastern Europeans, strangers in a strange land, hear that American tough guys can be ruthless, but it's not till they try strong-arming one that they discover the real truth of the statement.
Stone cold C. J. Box
Investigating allegations about a hit man who lives a life of wealth and secrecy on a remote Wyoming ranch, troubleshooter Joe Pickett discovers two men at the ranch including a ruthless killer and a disturbing person from his past.
The orenda Joseph Boyden
A visceral portrait of life at a crossroads, The Orenda opens with a brutal massacre and the kidnapping of the young Iroquois Snow Falls, a spirited girl with a special gift. Her captor, Bird, is an elder and one of the Huron Nation's great warriors. It has been years since the murder of his family, and yet they are never far from his mind. In Snow Falls, Bird recognizes the ghost of his lost daughter and sees that the girl possesses powerful magic. Bird's people have battled the Iroquois for as long as he can remember, but both tribes now face a new, more dangerous threat from afar. Christophe, a charismatic Jesuit missionary, has found his calling among the Huron, and devotes himself to learning and understanding their customs. As these three souls dance with each other through intricately woven acts of duplicity, small battles erupt into bigger wars and a nation emerges from worlds in flux.
Confessions of a little black gown Elizabeth Boyle
Lord Larken, posing as a duke's cousin, is searching for the notorious Captain Dashwell. His deception runs into trouble, however, when the duke's tempting sister-in-law starts to chip away at his reverent disguise and his icy, forgotten heart.
How I met my countess Elizabeth Boyle
The Earl of Clifton intended one day to find the perfect countess. Then he met Lucy. The improper daughter of an infamous spy, Lucy Ellyson saved Clifton's life and taught him everything he needed to know about serving his country - even how to fall in love. He vowed he would come back and make her his unlikely countess, but the war kept them apart for too long. When he finally returned, she'd vanished. But Lucy hadn't gone far - living a new life in the heart of Mayfair. But proper Society hasn't taught her how to mend her scandalous ways, and when Clifton happens upon her, she's landed in the sort of trouble that only a hasty marriage can solve.
Lord Langley is back in town Elizabeth Boyle
A diplomat and a spy, the dashing Lord Langley is happy to be home after years spent abroad, though less so to discover the ladies he so callously loved and left have been anxiously awaiting his return. Hoping to put his checkered past behind him, he proposes to staid, serious Minerva, Lady Standon… and maneuvers her into a compromising position to ensure her assent.
Love letters from a duke Elizabeth Boyle
He's at her service … Though she can't afford the coal to heat her drafty Mayfair mansion, Felicity Langley still clings to her dream of marrying a duke - one she's had since her very first curtsy. After all, she's been promised to the very lofty Duke of Hollindrake for the last four years. Now all she has to do is meet him. But what Felicity doesn't realize is that she has met her duke - he's the altogether too handsome man who Felicity has just mistaken … for her new footman! By rights, Thatcher should immediately set this presumptuous chit straight and tell her he has no intention of honouring the arranged betrothal. But he's quickly smitten by Felicity's delightful determination, her irrepressible charm … and her breathtaking sensuality. Yes, she'd wed him in an instant were his true identity revealed - but Thatcher's vowed to marry only for love.
Mad about the duke Elizabeth Boyle
When she is forced to marry quickly, Lady Elinor Standon hires James Tremont, Duke of Parkerton, who she mistakes for a lawyer, to find her a suitable husband, but her plans go awry when she finds herself falling in love with him.
Memoirs of a scandalous red dress Elizabeth Boyle
Lady Philippa Knolles has loved Captain Thomas "Dash" Dashwell since he first stole a kiss from her on a smuggler's beach near Hastings. Now after what seems like a lifetime of waiting, Pippin is offered a chance to renew her scandalous affair with Dash. But the man from that first heady kiss and the man she rediscovers all these years later are hardly the same.
Something about Emmaline Elizabeth Boyle
Alexander Denford, Baron Sedgwick, is a gentleman to be envied. He lives a rakish life of well-celebrated ease and contentment and has one person to thank for his perfectly ordered existence - his dearest wife, Emmaline. She never complains about his mistresses or his penchant for late nights out. His friends are envious, but they don't know the truth - Emmaline doesn't exist. But when he starts receiving bills from London for clothes, shoes, hats and a staggering amount of other female accoutrements, he realises something is decidedly amiss.
This rake of mine Elizabeth Boyle
Lord Jack Tremont, who inadvertently ruined Miss Miranda Mabberly's reputation years earlier with a kiss, now stumbles back into her life to reawaken a most improper desire.
The boy in the striped pyjamas John Boyne
When Bruno returns home from school one day, he discovers that his belongings are being packed. His father has received a promotion and the family must move to a new house, where there is no one to play with and nothing to do. But Bruno longs to be an explorer and decides that there must be more to this desolate new place than meets the eye.
Brightly woven Alexandra Bracken
Sixteen-year-old Sydelle Mirabel, an unusually talented weaver, must master her mysterious power and join a young wizard in stopping an imminent war in land.
The Cat's Pajamas Ray Bradbury
Treacherous Barbara Taylor Bradford
Secrets, lies and betrayal collide in the gripping new novella from the incomparable Barbara Taylor Bradford. What would you do if you discovered that your best friend could be your worst enemy? Hayley Martin and Fiona Chambers have been best friends since they were ten. Twenty years on, they still share everything, and even run their own business together. Until a dark secret threatens to test their loyalty to breaking point.
Quilt As-You-Go Made Modern Jera Brandvig
Trust Me, Jack's Beanstalk Stinks Eric Braun
Baby animals of the seashore Carmen Bredeson
Cute baby animals live in all parts of the world. Even at the seashore! Meet baby harbour seals, puffins, walruses, and more. Young readers will adore these easy-to-read books filled with stunning and engaging photographs that support the text.
Baby animals of the wetlands Carmen Bredeson
Learn about the different animals that live in wetlands. Filled with interesting facts and stunning photographs, readers explore these swampy habitats. See the wetlands through the eyes of the baby egrets, marsh rabbits, alligators, and more.
Python for kids : a playful introduction to programming Jason R. Briggs
Python for Kids is a lighthearted introduction to the Python language and programming in general, complete with illustrations and kid-friendly examples. Jason Briggs, author of the popular online tutorial "Snake Wrangling for Kids," begins with the basics of how to install Python and write simple commands. By the end of the book, readers have built a game and created drawings.
13 things that don't make sense : the most intriguing scientific mysteries of our time Michael Brooks
Will we ever find the ninety-six percent of the universe that is missing? Will tomorrow bring an answer to the scientific mysteries of today? While taking readers on an entertaining tour of today's strangest scientific findings, Brooks argues that the things we don't understand are the key to what we are about to discover.
The great Grisby : two thousand years of exceptional dogs Mikita Brottman
'You cannot help but fall in love with Grisby' Jeffrey Masson says in this charming bestiary of exceptional dogs. Mikita Brottman reflects on the role dogs play in our world, all explored through her relationship with her dog Grisby and many other examples of the dogs of great writers and artists from literature, lore, and life.
The Indifferent Stars Above Daniel James Brown
Soup of the day : 150 delicious and comforting recipes from our favorite restaurants Ellen Brown
From chicken soup to gumbo, soup is a timeless favourite. Brown has collected recipes for some of the best soups from around the nation. Make your favourite or try something new!
Tumbledown Manor Helen Brown
Life's going down the gurgler for romance writer Lisa Trumperton. The deadline for her next novel is looming, her daughter won't eat but has a new tattoo each week, and now her Wall Street trader husband has run off with a woman at work … Lisa makes a quick escape, home to Australia. Determined to grow older disgracefully, she turns her back on a trim and tidy townhouse that is close to shops, aged-care providers and her bossy older sister, instead buying a grand old house in the country that once belonged to her great-grandfather.
AEIOU : any easy intimacy Jeffrey (Jeffrey David) Brown
AEIOU or Any Easy Intimacy continues to explore the subtleties of relationships explored in Clumsy and Unlikely, concentrating this time on the differences between knowing and loving someone, invoking the reader's relationship with the book as a parallel to being involved with someone.
Bighead Jeffrey (Jeffrey David) Brown
An irreverent and clever super-hero parody, featuring the most amazing hero of all time: Bighead. Witness inept villains clash with an all-too-emotional hero, in the epic graphic novel that will leap all cliches in a single bound.
Clumsy Jeffrey (Jeffrey David) Brown
The bittersweet story of a year-long, long-distance relationship, told through snippets of everyday life, drawn in a simple and elegantly awkward style that heightens the emotional impact and leaves you reminiscing about your own past love affairs.
Darth Vader and son Jeffrey (Jeffrey David) Brown
What if Darth Vader took an active role in raising his son? What if 'Luke, I am your father' was just a stern admonishment from an annoyed dad? In this hilarious and sweet comic reimagining, Darth Vader is a dad like any other - except with all the baggage of being the Dark Lord of the Sith. Celebrated artist Jeffrey Brown's delightful illustrations give classic Star Wars moments a fresh twist, presenting the trials and joys of parenting through the lens of a galaxy far, far away.
Every girl is the end of the world for me Jeffrey (Jeffrey David) Brown
Autobiographical cartoonist Jeffrey Brown provides an epilogue to his Girlfriend Trilogy, detailing the day-by-day events of a three week run-in with five different girls. Watch and be mesmerised by an ex coming back into the picture, a growing but poorly chosen crush, musings on the way friends come and go in life and a realisation that the end is never really the end.
Feeble attempts Jeffrey (Jeffrey David) Brown
Feeble Attempts is at turns comedic and meaningful. It's densely packed with autobiographical musings, political jabs, Jesus, superheroes, funny job stories, childhood goofiness, and…okay, yes, even a little adolescent relationship drama. But only a little, we promise.
Goodnight Darth Vader Jeffrey (Jeffrey David) Brown
The Sith Lord must soothe his rambunctious twins, Luke and Leia, who are not ready to sleep and who insist on a story. As Vader reads, the book looks in on favorite creatures, droids, and characters, such as Yoda, R2-D2, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Darth Maul, Admiral Ackbar, Boba Fett, and many others as they tuck in, yawn, and settle down to dream.
I am going to be small Jeffrey (Jeffrey David) Brown
Jeffrey Brown sets aside the sappy sentimentality of his autobiographical comics to bring you this subtle and subversive, laugh-out-loud, giant-size, small collection of gag cartoons.
A matter of life Jeffrey (Jeffrey David) Brown
After the acclaimed indie film Save the Date and the bestselling all-ages humour book Darth Vader and Son, graphic novelist Jeffrey Brown (Clumsy, Unlikely) returns to the autobiographical work that first made his reputation. In A Matter of Life, Jeffrey Brown draws upon memories of three generations of Brown men: himself, his minister father, and his preschooler son Oscar.
Minisulk Jeffrey (Jeffrey David) Brown
Jeffrey Brown takes a break from books about girls for this humorous short story collection featuring fiction, gags and autobiography. Included are such gems as "My Brother Knows Kung Fu" and "Action Television Show.
Undeleted scenes Jeffrey (Jeffrey David) Brown
Undeleted Scenes presents a decade's worth of shorter works from indie comics legend Jeffrey Brown. This huge compendium contains stories from the previous collections Minisulk, Every Girl Is the End of the World for Me, and Feeble Attempts, as well as Jeffrey's work from anthologies such as Kramers Ergot and McSweeney's, plus rare material from minicomics and elsewhere, including dozens of pages of never-before-seen material.
Unlikely : a true love story Jeffrey (Jeffrey David) Brown
Following Jeffrey Brown's debut hit, Clumsy, Unlikely continues to explore the nature of relationships in this story of how Jeffrey Brown lost his virginity. A full-length graphic novel of excruciating detail and intimacy, drawn in an awkward style that both disarms the reader and heightens the emotional impact of the work.
Vader's little princess Jeffrey (Jeffrey David) Brown
In this comic reimagining, Darth Vader is a dad like any other except with all the baggage of being the Dark Lord of the Sith.
The definitive guide to cooking grains : seeds & legumes : 150 recipes for every appetite Molly Brown
The definitive guide to cooking grains, seeds and legumes. Whether you're looking for a new accompaniment to the Sunday roast or looking for recipes for ancient grains, Grains is an indispensable guide to oats, chia, farro, barley, lentils and everything in between. Offering up recipes for every occasion and appetite.
In her day Rita Mae Brown
In Her Day takes a loving swipe at the charged political atmosphere of Greenwich Village in the early seventies. Elegant art history professor Carole Hanratty insists brains transcend lust - until she crashes into Ilse, a revolutionary feminist flush with the arrogance of youth. Blazing with rhetoric, their romance is a sexual and ideological inferno. Ilse campaigns to get Carole to join The Movement, but forty-four-year-old Carole and her zany peers have twenty years of fight behind them and are wary of causes bogged down in talk.
Rubyfruit jungle Rita Mae Brown
Born a bastard, Molly Bolt is adopted by a dirt-poor Southern couple who want something better for their daughter. Molly plays doctor with the boys, beats up Leroy the tub and loses her virginity to her girlfriend in sixth grade. As she grows to realise she's different, Molly decides not to apologize for that.
Rest in Pieces Rita Mae Brown
Wish You Were Here Rita Mae Brown
Critical Care Theresa Brown
19 Purchase Street Gerald A. Browne
A man bent on vengeance infiltrates a cabal of blue-blooded bankers that have taken over the Mafia in a quiet suburb of New York City, a mansion on a gated estate houses one of the most powerful crime syndicates in the United States - an elite Mafia whose dons belong to the finest families that the WASP establishment has to offer. Millions of dollars flow in and out of 19 Purchase Street, toted by bagmen who gladly risk everything to share in the syndicate's profits. Nothing disrupts operations until a courier gets a dangerous idea to avenge a loved one's death.
It's all zoo : a Paris love story Gerald A. Browne
It's not the prostitutes who are keeping Lillian awake. She may share her apartment building with a bordello, but the sounds that seep through the walls do not bother her. Ever since her boyfriend left her, taking her heart and all her clothes, the Paris nights have been unbearable. And so she takes refuge in the only place she can be herself: Sascha's, where the insomniacs of Paris go to drink, dance, and fall in love.
West 47th Gerald A. Browne
PI Mitch Laughton is hired by an insurance company to find $6 million worth of jewelry, stolen from Iranians. The probe takes him into New York's low and high societies, his wife being a rich and well-connected woman. She is a blind guitarist. Surprise comes when the loot turns out to contain unreported items.
The planet of Tear-Eaters Clotilde Bruneau
On this planet, the emotions of the inhabitants nourish giant flowers - the Tear-Eaters - whose enormous petals protect the people from the terrible rain of fire that beats down on the planet every day.
The planet of Coppelius Clotilde Bruneau
Every year, the inhabitants of Coppelius take part in a ceremony to restore their colours, and then they gradually turn white as the colours slowly drain away throughout the year. When the Little Prince lands on their planet, Coppelius, the master of ceremonies on the planet Coppelius, is distracted by an important project. The inhabitants of the planet worry that they might not have their colour restored.
The planet of Gehom Clotilde Bruneau
On this spinning cube-shaped planet, the inhabitants must walk endlessly to keep from falling off and tumbling into the stellar void! A handful among them have rejected this destiny. Can the Little Prince help them discover who is really responsible for the forced marching?
The planet of Ludokaa Clotilde Bruneau
On this planet, two kingdoms are fighting over who gets to watch the sunset. One day, instead of fighting, they decide to play a game called Ludokaa. But the night before the big competition, the two communities are on the point of another battle.
The planet of the Bubble Gob Clotilde Bruneau
When the Little Prince and Fox arrive, the ocean is nothing but a vast carpet of garbage. The sea level is too high and waves of trash threaten the fragile homes of the Creatalls. What has happened to the Bubble Gob an underwater creature who is supposed to keep the ocean clean? And why can't anyone find the Great Inventor?
The planet of the Gargand Clotilde Bruneau
The Little Prince and Fox visit a planet covered in trees, where the roots hold the planet together. Two friends are about to compete in a race that will determine who should be the new Gargand - the one who plants the seeds to keep the trees growing. But the Snake is trying to shatter their friendship and destroy their planet. Will he succeed?
The planet of the giant Clotilde Bruneau
The Planet of the Giant is a very strange place. The planet itself is a stone giant, and each body part is managed by a different ruler. But ever since Talamus, the controller of the giant's brain, stopped responding to messages and started giving crazy orders, nothing on the planet is working anymore.
The planet of the Grand Buffoon Clotilde Bruneau
On this planet, where comedy usually reigns, the Grand Buffoon has sunk into a depression and has forbidden his people to laugh. The Little Prince will soon discover that the Grand Buffoon is under the control of his prime minister, who wants to seize power …
The planet of the overhearers Clotilde Bruneau
Continuing on their journey farther and farther away from home, the Little Prince and Fox land on a peculiar planet where flying machines spread terror through the towns. The Amicopes are a very talkative people, but those disquieting machines, controlled by the overseer Sahara, stop them from speaking out by taping their mouths shut! How did the young man become such a tyrant? And is a revolution really the best solution?
Colours and patterns : an early learning picture ebook for babies, toddlers and young children Karen Bryant-Mole
Beautiful photographs, a simple text, and a picture quiz help young children learn to identify and name colours and patterns, such as green, purple, stripes and checks.
Letters : an early learning picture alphabet for babies, toddlers and young children Karen Bryant-Mole
Beautiful photographs, a simple text, and a picture quiz help young children learn to identify and name the letters of the alphabet.
My animal friends : an early learning picture ebook for babies, toddlers and young children Karen Bryant-Mole
Beautiful photographs, a simple text, and a picture quiz help young children learn to identify and name pets, farm animals and other animals they might see in the environment.
My body : an early learning picture ebook for babies, toddlers and young children Karen Bryant-Mole
Beautiful photographs, a simple text, and a picture quiz help young children learn to identify and name parts of the body, such as eyes, head, shoulders and toes.
My clothes : an early learning picture ebook for babies, toddlers and young children Karen Bryant-Mole
Beautiful photographs, a simple text, and a picture quiz help young children identify and name clothes, such as coat, shorts, hat and socks.
The Islamic veil : a beginner's guide Elizabeth M. Bucar
Navigating complex relationships between religion, culture, politics, and women's freedom, this introduction goes beyond the simplistic mainstream understandings about the veil and whether it is 'good' or 'bad' to explore the experiences of veiling from the points of view of contemporary Muslim women.
The Daring Book for Girls Andrea J. Buchanan
Barfly - The Movie Charles Bukowski
The Captain is Out to Lunch Charles Bukowski
You Get So Alone at Times That It Just Makes Sense Charles Bukowski
No mercy John Burley
A harrowing tale of suspense involving a brutal murder and dark secrets that lie beneath the surface of a placid, tight-knit Midwestern town. When a brutally murdered teenager is discovered in the woods surrounding a small Ohio town, Dr. Ben Stevenson the town's medical examiner must decide if he's willing to put his family's life in danger to uncover the truth. Finding himself pulled deeper into an investigation with devastating consequences, he discovers shocking information that will shatter his quiet community, and force him to confront a haunting truth.
The soldier Grace Burrowes
When Devlin St. Just, the bastard son of a duke, arrives at his new estate, he discovers that he is responsible for the previous owner's illegitimate daughter and her beautiful cousin, which further complicates his life.
Hair romance : how to create 82 fabulous hairstyles Christina Butcher
Top knots, fishtail braids, French twists, oh my! Chic hair is all the rage from runways to blogs to city streets. This book presents 82 classic and contemporary styles and provides step-by-step tutorials for each one. You'll love mixing up the looks for parties, the office, a casual beach day or an elegant night out. Simple how-to illustrations take the guesswork out of styling, while glossy fashion photographs demonstrate how to tailor and accessorise each 'do'.
Summer of promise Amanda Cabot
The last place Abigail wants to spend the summer of 1885 is Fort Laramie in the Wyoming Territory, but can a handsome lieutenant change her mind?
Waiting for spring Amanda Cabot
A woman on the run and an ambitious young man with big plans for his future make an unlikely match on the Wyoming frontier.
With autumn's return Amanda Cabot
1887, Wyoming Territory. Elizabeth Harding arrives in Cheyenne to establish her medical practice thanks to the wooing of her two older sisters who extolled the beauty of the land. She's certain she'll have a line of patients eager for her expertise and gentle bedside manner. However, she soon discovers the town and its older doctor may not welcome a new physician. Even more frustrating, the handsome young attorney next door may not be ready for the idea of a woman doctor. For his part, Jason Nordling has nothing against women, but he's promised himself that the woman he marries will be a full-time mother. Despite their firm principles, Elizabeth and Jason find that mutual attraction - and disdain from the community - is drawing them ever closer.
Lesbian Sex Bible Diana Cage
Land Alex Campbell
A tense and passionate novel about choices, obsession, destiny and power. The sea rose. Civilisation was wiped out, countries drowned. Out of the ashes of a desperate refugee camp, a new society was born, with a new place to call home: Land. Trapped by an aggressive sea, its citizens were bound to rules that saw the weak removed, marriage and children by approval only, and designated work for all. Decades later, and seventeen-year-old Christy's life is on the cusp of irrevocable change. She has become eligible for The Pairing, a carefully selected marriage of political and social convenience where romance is out of the question.
Claiming the courtesan Anna Campbell
The Duke of Kylemore knows her as Soraya, London's most celebrated courtesan. Men fight duels to spend an hour in her company. And only he comes close to taming her. Flying in the face of society, he decides to make her his bride; then, she vanishes, seemingly into thin air. Dire circumstances have forced Verity Ashton to barter her innocence and change her name for the sake of her family. But Kylemore destroys her plans for a respectable life when he discovers her safe haven. He kidnaps her, sweeping her away to his hunting lodge in Scotland, where he vows to bend her to his will. There he seduces her anew.
Midnight's wild passion Anna Campbell
Vowing to ruin the daughter of his enemy, Godfrey Demarest, to repay him for the disgrace of his own sister, the Marquess of Ranelaw finds himself both impeded and intrigued by Miss Antonia Smith, the companion to his foe's unsuspecting daughter.
A rake's midnight kiss Anna Campbell
When Sir Richard Harmsworth attempts to steal a coveted treasure, he finds himself face-to-face with a beauty more breathtaking than any jewel.
Seven nights in a rogue's bed Anna Campbell
Ruthless loner Jonas knows exactly who he is. Should he forget, even for a moment, the curse he bears, a mere glance in the mirror serves as an agonizing reminder. So when the lovely Sidonie turns up on his doorstep, her seduction is an even more delicious prospect than he originally planned. But the hardened outcast is soon moved by her innocent beauty, sharp wit, and surprising courage.
Sins and seductions Anna Campbell
Untouched: Beautiful Grace Paget was kidnapped, spirited away to a remote country manor, and told she is to grant Lord Sheene his every desire … or lose her life. Captive of Sin: When Sir Gideon Trevithick stumbles upon a beaten and frightened girl, he offers help - but has no idea that the girl is heiress Lady Charis Weston. The only way Charis can remain safe from her cruel stepbrothers is with Gideon's protection. Midnight’s Wild Passion: Nicholas Challoner, Marquess of Ranelaw and notorious libertine, has almost achieved the revenge he has been working towards for years when his plans are impeded by the intriguing and mysterious Antonia Smith. She knows all too well what danger he brings, but Ranelaw is an irrestistible temptation and Antonia has always had a fatal weakness for rakes.
The Trident Deception Rick Campbell
A Town Called Valentine Emma Cane
A night at the zoo Kathy Caple
During a visit to the zoo, Pop and Sam grow tired but while they are napping, not only does the zoo close for the day but the animals come out to play - with Pop's cell phone.
Sleepers Lorenzo Carcaterra
They were four boys who shared everything - the laughter and bruises of an impoverished upbringing in New York's West Side. Then one of their pranks misfired - a man nearly died and they were sent away to a reformatory school. There they suffered the worst abuse the guards could inflict on them. They were forever scarred by their experiences. Eleven years later two of them became killers for the mob. No one thought they would see the outside of a prison again - but the four friends banded together once more and in one last, audacious stand brought their own vengeance to the courtroom.
Smile a lot! Nancy L. Carlson
When facing down a bully, a trip to the dentist, or your mom's prune oatmeal, there's only one thing you can do - smile a lot! And you'll pull through.
A bride by moonlight Liz Carlyle
Royden Napier, Baron Saint-Bryce, is tall, dark, and ruthless - and on the hunt for a dangerous beauty. On the eve of her escape to the Continent, bold, beautiful Lisette Colburne accepts a proposal she dare not refuse: masquerade as the future bride of the steely-eyed Royden Napier and help him solve his most dangerous case. Soon Lisette is in even greater danger: of losing her heart to the one man with the power to destroy her.
The bride wore pearls Liz Carlyle
Fleeing her native India to seek refuge within London's secretive St. James Society, exotic beauty Lady Anisha Stafford is intrigued by her protector, the Earl of Lazonby, and, with no one to trust, these two passionate souls risk everything for a love that could be their salvation or destruction.
In love with a wicked man Liz Carlyle
What does it matter if Kate, Lady d'Allenay, has absolutely no marriage prospects? She has a castle to tend, an estate to run, and a sister to watch over, which means she is never, ever reckless. Until an accident brings a handsome, virile stranger to Bellecombe Castle, and Kate finds herself tempted to surrender to her houseguest's wicked kisses.
India Black Carol K. Carr
India Black and the Gentleman Thief Carol K. Carr
India Black and the Rajah's Ruby Carol K. Carr
India Black and the Shadows of Anarchy Carol K. Carr
India Black and the Widow of Windsor Carol K. Carr
India Black in the City of Light Carol K. Carr
The Homecoming Robyn Carr
The Promise Robyn Carr
Love me or leave me Claudia Carroll
'Welcome to the Hope Street Hotel - where you check in married, and check out single.' Two years ago Chloe Townsend was dumped at the altar and had to leave behind everything that mattered to her. Even now she's finding it hard to move forward. That is until she lands an incredible job, running a brand new boutique hotel. Suddenly she's starting to put her life back together, and, apart from the fact that her hard-to-please new boss is breathing down her neck, things are looking good. But what goes on in the Hope Street Hotel is a far cry from anything she's ever dealt with before. This is a pioneering 'divorce hotel' designed to make every aspect of breaking up efficient and pain-free.
Coping with an Anxious or Depressed Child Samantha Cartwright-Hatton
A bloody storm Richard Castle
Derrick Storm is back - this time with a crack team of ghost CIA operatives. These former agents have all faked their own deaths and now work for the CIA on a strictly secret basis, taking on dangerous and illegal jobs the agency may not officially carry out. They're headed to the Molguzar Mountains to look for sixty billion dollars' worth of gold hidden by the KGB before the collapse of the Soviet Union, and taking a perilous detour to rescue FBI agent April Showers from a sociopathic torturer.
A brewing storm Richard Castle
When Derrick Storm needed to leave the CIA, he couldn't just retire. He had to fake his own death. So when his former boss calls in an old favor that will bring Storm out of early retirement and back to Washington to investigate a high-profile kidnapping, he knows there must be more at stake than the life of a senator's son.
Heat wave Richard Castle
NYPD detective Nikki Heat must deal with the continual presence of magazine journalist Jameson Rook as she works to solve the murder of a real estate magnate.
Naked heat Richard Castle
When New York's most vicious gossip columnist, Cassidy Towne, is found dead, NYPD Homicide Detective Heat uncovers a gallery of high profile suspects, all with compelling motives for killing the most feared muckraker in Manhattan. Heat's murder investigation is complicated by her surprise reunion with superstar magazine journalist Jameson Rook.
A raging storm Richard Castle
Days after being brought out of retirement to investigate a kidnapping, Derrick Storm has a dead US senator on his hands, an assassin to track down, and nearly six billion dollars' worth of gold bars - hidden by the Communist Party somewhere in the former USSR - to uncover.
Storm front Richard Castle
When, throughout the world, high-level bankers are being tortured and murdered by his old nemesis Gregor Volkov, Derrick Storm is called in by the CIA to figure out who Volkov is working for and why, and, with the help of a beautiful and mysterious foreign agent, uncovers a plot that could destroy the global economy.
Ultimate storm Richard Castle
A New York real estate tycoon plunges to his death on a Manhattan sidewalk. A trophy wife survives a brazen attack. Mobsters and moguls trot out their alibis. And then, in the suffocating grip of a record heat wave, comes another murder. Mystery sensation Richard Castle, blockbuster author of the Derrick Storm novels, introduces his newest character, NYPD Homicide Detective Nikki Heat. Tough, sexy, professional, Nikki Heat carries a passion for justice. When the commissioner assigns superstar magazine journalist Jameson Rook to ride along with her to unravel the secrets of the murdered tycoon, she must also confront the spark between them.
Wild storm Richard Castle
Hired to look into a recent spate of plane crashes that have killed powerful people in politics, business, and religion, Derrick Storm goes up against a maniacal extremist who has created a laser with the power to shoot down planes from the ground.
The Clockwork Dagger Beth Cato
Can a Robot be Human Peter Cave
Pirate Queen of Ireland Anne Chambers
Mindfulness in Eight Weeks Michael Chaskalson
Revolution Street Amir Cheheltan
Operation Sting Simon Cheshire
The Secret Intelligence Agency has a new weapon: SWARM ? artificially intelligent robotic bugs that act as undercover agents. Operating below the radar, they can fly faster, see further and sting harder! They won't stop until they've completed their mission, no matter what it takes. In Operation Sting, the team are set a new mission. When a prototype weapon is stolen, it's a race against time for SWARM to locate and reclaim the weapon before the thieves crack the encryption code protecting it. Can they stop the villains before it's too late?
Project Venom Simon Cheshire
The Secret Intelligence Agency has a new weapon: SWARM - artificially intelligent robotic bugs that act as undercover agents. Operating below the radar, they can fly faster, see further and sting harder! They won't stop until they've completed their mission, no matter what it takes. In Operation Sting, the team are set a new mission. When a prototype weapon is stolen, it's a race against time for SWARM to locate and reclaim the weapon before the thieves crack the encryption code protecting it. Can they stop the villains before it's too late?
Three witch tales Ruth Chew
In Witch's Cat,The Witch's Buttons, and The Witch's Garden, children learn lots of things about magic, from travelling to the time of knights and ladies, to shrinking to the size of a blade of grass. Magic is fun, but it's also hard, and there always seem to be consequences.
Take Your Last Breath Lauren Child
The Scandal of Susan Sontag Barbara Ching
The adventure of the sinister stranger Agatha Christie
Tommy and Tuppence Beresford wait anxiously for a letter from Russia that may contain information of international importance hidden beneath the stamp. The letter is anticipated by more than just the Beresfords, and they must fight to keep the information from getting into the wrong hands.
At the Bells and Motley Agatha Christie
When Mr. Satterthwaite's chauffeured car breaks down in isolated Kirklington Mallet, he seeks refuge at the local inn. There he finds only one other guest - the mysterious Mr. Quin. Can they both save Stephen, a local man, from being unjustly sentenced for murder?
Blindman's buff Agatha Christie
While lunching in the chic Gold Room, Tommy masquerades as a blind detective. It is then that the Beresfords are approached by the elegant Duke of Blairgowrie for help in locating his missing daughter.
The case of the discontented soldier Agatha Christie
When civilian life proves too dull for Major Wilbrahams, he contacts Parker Pyne to escape his boredom. Pyne's assistant arranges a chance meeting with the beautiful Freda Clegg and the two join forces, but on leaving for Africa they encounter more than they had bargained for.
The case of the missing lady Agatha Christie
When a six-foot-tall tan giant of man comes into Albert Blunt's International Detective agency, Tommy and Tuppence, married couple and detective aficionados, are in for a treat. Not only has Mr. Stavansson emerged after a two-year Arctic adventure, but he's lost his fiance Hermione too. What telegrams and scraps of information Tommy and Tuppence can gather are all the hope the adventurer has in finding her.
The dead harlequin Agatha Christie
When Mr. Satterthwaite visits a new exhibit at the Harchester Galleries, there is one painting that bears an unusual likeness to a mysterious acquaintance of his, Mr. Quin. In one bold move he purchases the canvas on the spot, and in another invites the artist of "The Dead Harlequin" to dine with him that night, with an empty place at the table set for Mr. Quin. Dinner conversation soon turns to the setting of "The Dead Harlequin," the doomed and ghostly house Charnley, where many have perished under tragic circumstances. But when a new guest is announced, it is not Mr. Quin but famed comic stage actress Aspasia Glen, who demands that she be given that very painting. Then comes a frantic telephone call from Alix Charnley herself, and Alix has the same request. What is the meaning of the painting, and can it shed any light upon the happenings at Charnley?
A death on the Nile Agatha Christie
The tranquillity of a cruise along the Nile is shattered by the discovery that Linnet Ridgeway has been shot through the head. She was young, stylish and beautiful, a girl who had everything - until she lost her life. Hercule Poirot recalls an earlier outburst by a fellow passenger: 'I'd like to put my dear little pistol against her head and just press the trigger.' Yet in this exotic setting, nothing is ever quite what it seems.
The gate of Baghdad Agatha Christie
Just as boredom is setting in on his long trip by motor coach across the desert to Baghdad, Mr. Parker Pyne reads about the case of the missing Mr. Long, the famous defaulting financier who, as the papers would have it, is in South America. Another member of his party, Captain Smethurst, tells Pyne that he is worried about something. But before he can tell Pyne what it is, he is found dead, with no visible wound. Pyne must piece together what happened from various clues, including scraps of conversation overheard back in Damascus.
The girl in the train Agatha Christie
George Rowland, a bored playboy, disowned for the seventh time by his wealthy uncle, is on the train to London. When a beautiful girl bursts into his compartment, frantically begging to be hidden, his life changes dramatically.
Jane in search of a job Agatha Christie
Jane Cleveland is in desperate need of a job, and when she sees an ad for a woman of her description needed to impersonate a grand duchess, she cannot believe her luck. The royal retainers tell Jane that the job will be dangerous because attempts have been made on the Grand Duchess Pauline's life, but this only serves to make the job more appealing. Jane's disguise initially goes according to plan, but when she is kidnapped and drugged, it appears that her new employers are not all that they seem.
The love detectives Agatha Christie
Sir James Dwighton is murdered. Confusion, illicit love, and too many confessions but his broken clock tells the tale - or does it?
The man in the mist Agatha Christie
The rather disgruntled pair of Tommy and Tuppence are sequestered in the Grand Adlington Hotel, having made a pig's ear out of their latest case. But, while mournfully sipping cocktails, with Tommy oddly dressed as a parson, they are gleefully accosted by their old acquaintance Mr. Bulger, who has London's most beautiful stage actress, Gilda Glen, in tow. Featherbrained and a little confused, Gilda takes Tommy for a real clergyman and scrawls out a desperate note to meet him away from the hotel. While Tommy and Tuppence mull over the note, in storms an old flame of Gilda's, claiming he wants to wring someone's neck. When the duo turn up at the meeting place, all hell breaks loose.
Mr Eastwood's adventure Agatha Christie
Mystery writer Anthony Eastwood is lured to the crime scene of a faked murder. Two individuals masquerading as police officers arrest him and charge him for murder. As the phoney police officers escort Mr Eastwood home, the true goal of the masquerade becomes apparent.
Poirot and the regatta mystery Agatha Christie
A diamond merchant and his party step off their yacht to enjoy the festivities at shore. But when the youngest member of the party, Eve Leathern, decides to play a trick with a 30,000 diamond named The Morning Star, the fun suddenly escalates into a dramatic jewel theft. The most suspected member of the party begs Hercule Poirot to solve the disappearance of the valuable gem, pleading that he is not the thief. But if he isn't, who is?
The shadow on the glass Agatha Christie
At Mr. and Mrs. Unkerton's party in Greenway's House, Mr. Satterthwaite learns of a haunted window: no matter how many times it is replaced, it always contains the image of a gentleman in a plumed hat. When gunshots are heard, Satterthwaite finds that two of the guests have been shot dead, which is shortly followed by a sighting of the gentleman in the newly-replaced windowpane. Can Mr. Quin shed light on the mystery?
Savage lands Clare Clark
In 1704 the French colony of Louisiana needs wives for the struggling settlers and Elisabeth and twenty-three other girls are dispatched to satisfy the request. The skeptical bride soon falls in love with her charismatic and ruthlessly ambitious soldier-husband, Jean-Claude, a passion which is shared by an abandoned cabin boy, Auguste, who has also fallen under the spell of the dashing Jean-Claude. When in time Jean-Claude betrays them both, the two find themselves bound together in ways they never anticipated.
Elephant in the sky Heather A. Clark
With a nine-year-old son with mental illness, a mother strives to find balance between her work and family.
Simply Perfect Party Cakes for Kids Zoe Clark
Clouds among the Stars Victoria Clayton
Moonshine Victoria Clayton
Roberta is appalled to have to abandon her perfect life in London to return to the family home and look after her mother after she breaks her hip. Desperate for a new start, she applies for a peculiarly advertised job in the local paper. She soon gets the job as housekeeper to the eccentric O'Connell family.
A Gift of Grace Amy Clipston
The eager elephant Amelia Cobb
When Great-Uncle Horace brings back lost and homeless animals from his travels around the globe, it falls to Zoe, and her mum the zoo vet, to settle them into their new home. She's good at this, because she can understand what they say and talk to them, too. But that's a secret.
Why is milk white? : & 200 other curious chemistry questions /Alexa Coelho, Simon Quellen Field Alexa Coelho
When it comes to chemistry, most kids have more questions than answers. Why do you get cavities when you eat too much sugar? How does sun block protect your skin from getting sunburn? What makes soda so fizzy? And why do you need antifreeze in your car? Teenager Alexa Coelho quizzed her neighbour, chemist Simon Field, with hundreds of perplexing questions, and now she has the answers. Field covers a wide variety of concepts from simple to complex, but always with straightforward, easy-to-understand explanations.
By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept Paulo Coelho
The Boy with the Tiger's Heart Linda Coggin
Prizzi's honor Richard Condon
Prizzi's Honor is no ordinary story of boy-meets-girl. Charley Partanna is a faithful lieutenant for the Prizzis, New York's most powerful Mafia family. The object of his affections is Irene Walker, a Los Angeles-based tax consultant. But it's her freelancing that pays - she's a hit woman for the Mob. She has also cheated the Prizzis out of an unforgivably large sum of money. This is very dangerous moonlighting indeed, and eventually it places Charley's oldest loyalties in conflict with his newest one. Which wins?
The Adventurer's Handbook Mick Conefrey
Our noise : the story of Merge Records, the indie label that got big and stayed small John Cook
Merge Records defies everything you've heard about the music business. Started by two twenty-year-old musicians, Merge is a lesson in how to make and market great music on a human scale. The fact that the company is prospering in a failing industry is something of a miracle. Yet two of their bands made the Billboard Top 10 list; more than 1 million copies of Arcade Fire's Neon Bible have been sold; Spoon has appeared on Saturday Night Live and The Tonight Show; and the Magnetic Fields' 69 Love Songs is a contemporary classic. In celebration of their twentieth anniversary, founders Mac and Laura offer first-person accounts'with the help of their colleagues and Merge artists'of their work, their lives, and the culture of making music. Our Noise also tells the behind-the-scenes stories of Arcade Fire, Spoon, the Magnetic Fields, Superchunk, Lambchop, Neutral Milk Hotel, and Butterglory.
The damnation of John Donellan : a mysterious case of death & scandal in Georgian England Elizabeth Cooke
In August 1780 Sir Theodosius Boughton, a dissolute Old Etonian twenty-year-old and heir to a Warwickshire fortune, died in painful convulsions after taking his medicine. The following year after an inquest and trial which became a cause celebre, his brother-in-law, Captain John 'Diamond' Donellan, Irish soldier of fortune and man about town, was hanged for his murder. The trial was a shambles. And was Donellan guilty? Based on extensive research and the engrossing trial transcripts, Elizabeth Cooke's book shows the dark and violent underside of the society of Mansfield Park.
A bride for Noah Lori Copeland
It's 1851, and Evie Lawrence is penniless and heartbroken after a failed romance. When a kind elderly man announces his plan to move west and make his fortune, Evie jumps at the chance to go with him and start a new life. She says goodbye to the only home she's ever known and sets out for the Northwest. There she meets Noah Hughes, a handsome young man who has gambled everything he owns on the chance to make a fresh start. Living the rugged life of a lumberjack, he too is determined to one day make his fortune.
Rainy day dreams Lori Copeland
When the Burgert family moves to Seattle in 1852, Kathryn is convinced her father has destroyed her life. The backwoods settlement offers none of the comforts and culture she loves in San Francisco. She cares nothing for the new sawmill the townsfolk are so excited about. That is, until she meets Jason, a lumberjack with dreams for a bright future. As she comes to know Jason, Kathryn can't help catching his vision. But the future they hope for is anything but secure. There are some who see Seattle as a threat and will stop at nothing to make sure the sawmill fails. With the harsh and rugged weather, at times it seems even the land itself is determined to thwart Seattle's very existence.
Raw Cookies Julia Corbett
Knitting Sweaters from Around the World Kari Cornell
The burning land Bernard Cornwell
In the last years of the ninth century, King Alfred of Wessex is in failing health, and his heir is an untested youth. The Danes, who have failed so many times to conquer Wessex, smell opportunity. First comes Harald Bloodhair, a savage warrior leading a Viking horde, who is encouraged to cruelty by his woman, Skade. But Alfred still has the services of Uhtred, his unwilling warlord, who leads Harald into a trap and, at Farnham in Surrey, inflicts one of the greatest defeats the Vikings were ever to suffer. This novel, the fifth in the magnificent series of England's history, tells of the final assaults on Alfred's Wessex, that Wessex survived to become England is because men like Uhtred defeated an enemy feared throughout Christendom.
Death of kings Bernard Cornwell
As the ninth century wanes, England appears about to be plunged into chaos once more. For the Viking-raised but Saxon-born warrior, Uhtred, whose life seems to shadow the making of England, this presents him with difficult choices. King Alfred is dying and his passing threatens the island of Britain to renewed warfare. Alfred wants his son, Edward, to succeed him but there are other Saxon claimants to the throne as well as ambitious pagan Vikings to the north. Uhtred's loyalty - and his vows - were to Alfred, not to his son, and despite his long years of service to Alfred, he is still not committed to the Saxon cause. His own desire is to reclaim his long lost lands and castle to the north. But the challenge to him, as the king's warrior, is that he knows that he will either be the means of making Alfred's dream of a united and Christian England come to pass or be responsible for condemning it to oblivion.
The last kingdom Bernard Cornwell
This story is seen through the eyes of Uhtred, a dispossessed English nobleman. Captured as a child and raised by the Danes, he now finds his allegiances divided. But the one thing he knows is that he wants to recover his father's land, the fort by the wild northern sea that we now know as Bamburgh.
The lords of the north Bernard Cornwell
The year is 878 and Wessex is free from the Vikings. Uhtred, the dispossessed son of a Northumbrian lord, helped Alfred win that victory, but now he is disgusted by Alfred's lack of generosity and repelled by the king's insistent piety. This is a story of betrayal, romance and struggle, set in an England of turmoil, upheaval, and glory.
The pale horseman Bernard Cornwell
Outnumbered Saxon forces continue battling Danish invaders in this sequel to The Last Kingdom. It's A.D. 877, and the dispossessed Northumbrian noble Uhtred has just routed the Danes in a battle at Cynuit in southern England. Logically, Uhtred should now ally himself with Alfred, whose Wessex kingdom alone has successfully resisted Danish control. But Uhtred sees a better chance of recovering his lost estate if he finds a way to join the Danes, who raised him and whose simple life of "ale, women, sword, and reputation" he finds more congenial than Alfred's Christian piety and military caution. But when the Danes invade Wessex, Uhtred's loyalties are further divided. His Celtic mistress foretells victory for Alfred, but Uhtred can scarcely believe that the bedraggled king, camped in isolated marshes with a handful of supporters, can repel the invaders and unite England. Yet pride grows in Uhtred and he demonstrates his newfound patriotism in the book's climactic battle at Edington.
Sword song Bernard Cornwell
The fourth in the Alfred series. The year is 885, and England is at peace, divided between the Danish kingdom to the north and the Saxon kingdom of Wessex in the south. Uhtred has land, a wife and two children and a duty given to him by Alfred to hold the frontier on the Thames. But trouble stirs, a dead man has risen and new Vikings have arrived to occupy London.
The Empty Throne Bernard Cornwell
Cheesie Mack is sort of freaked out Stephen L. Cotler
Cheesie and his best friend, Georgie, pull off a fantastic UFO prank, but when things go wrong, the victims of the prank plan a sinister plot as payback.
Girlfriend in a Coma Douglas Coupland
Microserfs Douglas Coupland
Fitter, Faster, Funnier Olympics Michael Cox
Scuffy the tugboat Gertrude Crampton
Meant for "bigger things," Scuffy the Tugboat sets off to explore the world. But on his daring adventure Scuffy realizes that home is where he'd rather be, sailing in his bathtub. For over 50 years, parents and children have cherished this classic Little Golden Book.
The dark discovery of Jack Dandy Kady Cross
Jack Dandy didn't become prince of the London underworld at barely twenty-one by being softhearted, even if a certain girl in a steel corset has wormed her way into his affections of late. He knows how to manipulate, charm and rob people blind. And if his criminal activities embarrass his aristocratic father, so much the better. So when a friend of Jack's father hires him for an underhanded job, Jack is happy to oblige - for an outrageous fee, of course. Delivering a mysterious crate seems like an easy task, until Jack realizes just what is inside.
The girl in the clockwork collar Kady Cross
Sixteen-year-old Finley Jayne and her 'straynge band of mysfits' have journeyed from London to America to rescue their friend Jasper, hauled off by bounty hunters. But Jasper is in the clutches of a devious former friend demanding a trade: the dangerous device Jasper stole from him… for the life of the girl Jasper loves. One false move from Jasper and the strange clockwork collar around Mei's neck tightens and tightens. From the rough streets of lower Manhattan to elegant Fifth Avenue, the motley crew of teens with supernatural abilities is on Jasper's elusive trail.
The girl in the steel corset Kady Cross
In 1897 England, sixteen-year-old Finley Jayne has no one, except the "thing" inside her. When a young lord tries to take advantage of Finley, she fights back and wins. But no normal Victorian girl has a darker side that makes her capable of knocking out a full-grown man with one punch. Only Griffin King sees the magical darkness inside her that says she's special, says she's one of them. The orphaned duke takes her in from the gas lit streets against the wishes of his band of misfits: Emily, who has her own special abilities and an unrequited love for Sam, who is part robot; and Jasper, an American cowboy with a shadowy secret. Griffin's investigating a criminal called The Machinist, the mastermind behind several recent crimes by automatons. Finley thinks she can help and finally be a part of something, finally fit in. But The Machinist wants to tear Griff's little company of strays apart.
The girl with the iron touch Kady Cross
The girl with the windup heart Kady Cross
In 1897, part-automaton Mila seeks an independent life in London's West End while Finley Jane plunges headlong into the Aether, hoping to outmaneuver the Machinist who has taken Griffin King captive.
The wild adventure of Jasper Renn Kady Cross
After surviving a triumph-turned-tragedy in New York City, Jasper is determined to secure a happier future with his gifted band of friends. So when the group's mechanical genius Emily is abducted, he'll plunge into England's darkest places to rescue her. But his old flame Wildcat is turning London town upside down to find her missing sister, and Jasper finds the attraction between himself and the fierce beauty as tempting and dangerous as ever. Their trail leads deep into the city's most unusual circus.
Coping with shyness and social phobia : a guide to understanding and overcoming social anxiety W. Ray Crozier
Social anxiety is the third largest psychological problem in the United States today. Packed with case studies this handy guide includes up-to-date information on the range of treatments that are available, including cognitive behavioural therapy and medication, and gives an objective appraisal of their effectiveness and limitations. The authors also explain the crucial distinction between shyness and the debilitating effects of social phobia.
Thomas and the dragon queen Shutta Crum
When the princess is kidnapped by a dragon queen, thirteen-year-old Thomas, a new - and very small - squire-in-training boldly sets out on a quest to rescue her.
The Snow Queen Michael Cunningham
The Edge of You Theresa DaLayne
Fallen Women Sandra Dallas
A Quilt for Christmas Sandra Dallas
Rescue At Cardwell Ranch B. J. Daniels
Wedding At Cardwell Ranch B. J. Daniels
Australian Outback Kings The Cattle King's Mistress The Playboy King's Wife The Pleasure King's Bride Emma Darcy
Say Yes to the Marquess Dare Tessa.
Megacatastrophes David Darling
The Maze Runner James Dashner
Lovecraft's Monsters Ellen Datlow
The End of the Story Lydia Davis
The breadmakers saga Margaret Thomson Davis
The Breadmaker's Saga follows the story of a Glasgow working class community living through the dark days of the Depression and the Second World War.
King Cave Scarlett Dawn
King Hall Scarlett Dawn
This book is gay. James (Young adult fiction writer) Dawson
Former PSHCE teacher and acclaimed YA author James Dawson gives an uncensored look at what it's like to grow up as LGBT. Including testimonials from people across the gender and sexual spectrums, this frank, funny, fully inclusive book explores everything anyone who ever dared to wonder wants to know from sex to politics, how to pull, stereotypes, how to come-out and more. Spike Gerrell's hilarious illustrations combined with funny and factual text make this a must-read.
Klop : Britain's most ingenious spy. Peter Day
Klop Ustinov was Britain's most ingenious secret agent, but he wasn't authorised to kill. Instead, he was authorised to tell tall tales, bemusing and beguiling his enemies into revealing their deepest, darkest secrets. From the Russian Revolution to the Cold War, he bluffed and tricked his way into the confidence of everyone from Soviet commissars to Gestapo Gruppenfuhrer. In Klop: Britain's Most Ingenious Secret Agent, journalist Peter Day brings to life a man descended from Russian aristocrats and Ethiopian princesses but who fancied himself the perfect Englishman.
Afterburn Aftershock Sylvia Day
The sisters who would be queen : the tragedy of Mary, Katherine and Lady Jane Grey. Leanda De Lisle
The dramatic untold story of the three tragic Grey sisters, all heirs to the Tudor throne, all victims to their royal blood. Lady Jane Grey is an icon of innocence abused. Remembered as the 'Nine Days Queen', she has been mythologized as a child-woman sacrificed to political expedience. But behind the legend lay a rebellious adolescent who became a leader, and no mere victim. Growing up in her shadow, Jane's sisters Katherine and Mary would have to tread carefully to survive. The dramatic lives of the younger Grey sisters remain little known, but both women became heirs and rivals to the Tudor monarchs, Mary and Elizabeth I.
The hare with amber eyes : a hidden inheritance. Edmund De Waal
Two hundred and sixty-four Japanese wood and ivory carvings, none of them larger than a matchbox: Edmund de Waal was entranced when he first encountered the collection in his great-uncle Iggie's Tokyo apartment. When he later inherited the netsuke, they unlocked a far more dramatic story than he could ever have imagined. From a burgeoning empire in Odessa to fin de siecle Paris, from occupied Vienna to postwar Tokyo, de Waal traces the netsuke's journey through generations of his remarkable family against the backdrop of a tumultuous century.
The Madonnas of Leningrad Debra Dean
Downsize With Style Bettina Deda
The Spook's apprentice. Joseph Delaney
For years, the local Spook has been keeping the County safe from evil. Now his time is coming to an end, but who will take over? Many apprentices have tried. Some floundered, some fled, some failed to stay alive. Just one boy is left. Thomas Ward. He is the last hope. But does he stand a chance against Mother Malkin, the most dangerous witch in the County?
The Spook's battle Joseph Delaney
Mam has returned to Greece to fight the rising power of the dark there. In a special room in the family farmhouse, she has left behind trunks and boxes only to be opened by her youngest son Tom. Meanwhile, in Pendle, the covens are rising and the three powerful witch clans are rumoured to be uniting in order to conjure an unimaginable evil.
The Spook's curse. Joseph Delaney
It's the job of the Spook and his apprentice, Thomas Ward, to protect the County from the dark. But deep in the catacombs beneath Priestown lurks a creature the Spook has never been able to defeat - the Bane. As they prepare to battle it, yet another deadly enemy emerges to threaten Tom and his master.
The Spook's mistake Joseph Delaney
Tom is sent far north by his master to be trained by Bill Arkwright, another Spook. But when the Fiend sends his own daughter, the powerful water witch Morwena, to destroy Tom, Arkwright makes an error of judgement and Tom finds himself facing his enemies alone. What is the Spook's mistake, the consequences of which might give victory to the dark?
The Spook's nightmare Joseph Delaney
The Spook, Tom and Alice return from Greece to find the County under siege - and the Spook's home is burnt to the ground. With his precious library of knowledge destroyed, they seek refuge on the nearby island of Mona. But with Mona in the thrall of a twisted Shaman there is little respite from hostility or denizens of the dark. And as Alice dodges the ever-tightening net of the island's witch hunters, a more deadly enemy emerges…Bony Lizzie, freshly-escaped from the Spook's bonds, has grand ambitions: to take for herself the throne of isle.
The Spook's sacrifice Joseph Delaney
As the Spook's apprentice Tom's first duty is to protect the County from the dark. But now Mam needs his help in her homeland of Greece. One of the most dangerous of the old gods, the Ordeen, is about to return there, bringing slaughter and devastation. Meanwhile, the Devil himself is still loose and if he and the Ordeen join forces, a new age of darkness will descend. Mam has summoned a powerful group to her side but among them are Tom's old enemy, the Pendle witches, including the assassin Grimalkin, and the cunning clan leader Mab Moldheel.
The Spook's secret Joseph Delaney
The nights are drawing in and it's time for Tom and his master, to move to Anglezarke, the Spook's winter house. Tom has heard, it will be a sinister and menacing place, but nothing could fully prepare him for what he finds there. The whole of Anglezarke moor is full of secrets, secrets that are about to come to the surface.
The Spook's stories : witches Joseph Delaney
This is a fabulous collection of stories based on many of the witches from Joseph Delaney's Spooks books. Ever wondered why the Spook doesn't trust girls who wear pointy shoes? Or why Grimalkin became the Assassin for the Malkin Witch clan? Find out all this and more in this a dark and eerie collection. You don't have to know the Spook's books to enjoy the stories. They're all standalone and absolutely haunting. This is a perfect introduction to the world of "The Spook's Apprentice". But for any fans of the series out there, this collection will be a must-have.
The Family Tree Barbara Delinsky
Not My Daughter Barbara Delinsky
While My Sister Sleeps Barbara Delinsky
Behind the Mask Matthew Dennison
The family Christmas tree book. Tomie DePaola
A family discusses the origin of the Christmas tree as it decorates its own.
God's Pocket Pete Dexter
Di Palo's guide to the essential foods of Italy : 100 years of wisdom and stories from behind the counter Lou Di Palo
The ultimate guide to the finest foods of Italy from the oldest, most celebrated Italian market in New York City. In the heart of New York City's Little Italy sits Di Palo's, a family-owned food shop that has been the treasure of the neighborhood for more than a century. The four generations of Di Palos who have run this Italian specialty market have made it their mission to bring customers the finest old-world selections from Italy - handcrafted mozzarella, buttery prosciutto, estate olive oils, traditional artisanal pastas from throughout the country. Now, in one colorful volume, Lou Di Palo, great-grandson of the founder and steward of the family legacy, shares the vibrant history of this storied establishment and a lifetime of wisdom about the cuisine beloved around the world. Di Palo's Guide to the Essential Foods of Italy takes you on a gourmet excursion through Italy's twenty distinct regions, from Sicily to Umbria to Alto Adige.
The last days of Dogtown. Anita Diamant
Dogtown is populated by the castaways of society - prostitutes, widows, orphans, and African Americans. Its people are reviled by the surrounding communities. Symbolizing Dogtown's fate are residents Cornelius Finson, a freed slave, and Judy Rhines, an unmarried white woman. Lovers for years, Cornelius and Judy are forced apart by intolerance, and their suffering mirrors the desperation of their entire community. Inspired by a real settlement, The Last Days of Dogtown is a powerful story that gives voice to a remarkable group of people time nearly forgot.
A tale of two cities. Charles Dickens
In one of the most famous openings of any novel, Dickens masterfully presents the turmoil of the French Revolution which is the backdrop for a novel of love, patience, hope and self-sacrifice.
Alien bounty. William C. Dietz
A fragile peace between the Il Ronnian Empire and humankind is about to crumble - because space pirates have made off with one of the aliens' holiest relics. Only one man can hunt down the sacred object. A man with a score to settle with the pirates: bounty hunter supreme Sam McCade.
Galactic bounty. William C. Dietz
A traitor is on the loose. A treacherous navy captain plans to sell military secrets to the alien Il Ronn. The only man who can stop him is Sam McCade. Betrayed by his friends, stalked by his enemies, McCade is the only one standing between a terrifying alien threat - and the unimaginable devastation of the Terran Empire?
Imperial bounty. William C. Dietz
Since her brother's absence, Princess Claudia has seized the throne and brought the Empire to the brink of war with the Il Ronn. Only the missing Prince Alexander can stop Claudia's plans?and Sam McCade has only three months to find him. But Princess Claudia controls the Imperial Fleet and will stop at nothing to keep McCade from bringing in his imperial bounty?
McCade's bounty. William C. Dietz
Six years ago, McCade and his men destroyed the deep-space empire of pirate Mustapha Pong. Now Pong's back?with a vengeance. He's kidnapped McCade's daughter. This time, there's no reward. The bounty belongs to McCade?and it's personal.
The Bone Orchard Paul Doiron
Massacre Pond Paul Doiron
The Wife of Jesus Anthony Le. Donne
The Titanic : lost - and found. Judy Donnelly
Titanic. Just the name evokes tales of the doomed ship that have captivated people of all ages for more than 100 years. Early readers will enjoy this exciting account of the world's most famous disaster-at-sea and the discovery of it's remains many years later.
The planet of Jade Guillaume Dorison
The Little Prince and Fox arrive on the planet of the Lithiens, a people of stone, in the middle of a crisis: tangles of menacing thorns are attacking the stone cities. Micah, son of Jade, the head of the city, has failed to return from his quest to bring home a weapon against the attacks of the thorns, and the suspicious Jade holds the Little Prince and Fox captive. The Little Prince must find a way to save both the city and Micah, if he wants to win his freedom.
The planet of Music Guillaume Dorison
Continuing his adventures in pursuit of the troublemaking Snake, the Little Prince and Fox travel to the Planet of Music, where the voice of a talented diva keeps all the lands in peace. But she has lost her strength to sing. Using his magical gifts and strong imagination, the Little Prince is able to muster enough resources to help save the day and, in turn, win the respect and appreciation of the planets inhabitants.
The planet of the Firebird Guillaume Dorison
Still chasing the wicked Snake, the Little Prince and his sidekick Fox discover a planet devastated by fire. According to the emerald-cutters who live in a floating shell, The Great Destruction is the work of the Firebird. But, as the Little Prince says, sometimes to find the truth, one has to look past appearances.
The planet of the night globes Guillaume Dorison
When the Little Prince arrives on planet Voltaine, the nights are as bright as day, with rings of streetlamps flooding the city. These are supposed to protect the inhabitants from the Globes, strange creatures that only come out after dark.
The planet of the tortoise driver Guillaume Dorison
On this broiling-hot desert planet, only carapodes - wondrous giant tortoises - can safely move around and deliver mail and resources to the lonely cities perched far apart on rocky ledges. And only one person, Arobase, can guide the carapodes. When he decides to leave them to fend for themselves, the whole world starts falling apart.
The planet of Trainiacs Guillaume Dorison
Panic has broken out on the Planet of Trainiacs, where the only way to get around is by train! But the trains aren't running on time anymore, and they aren't getting to their final destination. Life in the community is topsy turvy! Has Hannibal, the railway switchman, gone crazy?
The planet of Wind Guillaume Dorison
The Little Prince arrives on a strange new planet where he meets the Aeolians, a people whose only source of energy is wind. They use the wind to heat their home planet, constantly under threat of glaciation. But the wind is growing weaker. The Little Prince discovers the source of all their troubles, a conflict between the Great Wind Mage and his son, Zephyr. To save a world, he must find a way to bring peace to a feuding family.
The star-snatcher's planet Guillaume Dorison
The Chlorophyllians, a farming people, are having serious problems with their crops, all the planets are dying. The Little Prince can see that the problem is the fading starlight, which has a direct influence on all plant life on the planet. Someone called the Astronomer is uprooting stars and planets from the sky, to create a perfect replica of the night on the roof of his tree-house hideout. And his next target is the Little Prince's own home.
The pleasure seekers. Tishani Doshi
It all started in August 1968 when Babo became the first member of the Patel family to leave Madras and fly on a plane all the way to London to further his education. His father should have known there would be trouble: on the morning of the departure he had his first and only dream, in which strange ghosts threw poison-tipped arrows and all his family was lost. But off Babo went, and now here he is, in a flat off the Finchley Road, untraditionally making love to a cream-skinned girl from Wales, Sian Jones, who he fell head over heels for as soon as he saw the twirl of red ribbon in her hair. Theirs is a mixed-up love in a topsy-turvy world, and their two families will never be the same again.
The Healing Power of Tea Caroline Dow
Here are the young men. Rob Doyle
During his first holiday on the island of Porquerolles Dr Mahe caught a glimpse of something irresistible. As the memory continues to haunt him, he falls prey to a delusion that may offer an escape from his conventional existence or may destroy him.
Island of the Lost Joan Druett
The golden day. Ursula Dubosarsky
There were only eleven of them, like eleven sisters all the same age in a large family. Because it was such a very small class, they had a very small classroom, which was perched at the very top of the school. Then in the Gardens they meet a poet. What follows is inexplicable, shocking, a scandal. What really happened that day? And do the little girls know more than they are letting on?
The dead duke, his secret wife and the missing corpse : an extraordinary Edwardian case of deception and intrigue Piu Marie. Eatwell
The extraordinary story of the Druce-Portland affair, one of the most notorious, tangled and bizarre legal cases of the late Victorian and Edwardian eras. In 1897 an elderly widow, Anna Maria Druce, made a strange request of the London Ecclesiastical Court: it was for the exhumation of the grave of her late father-in-law, T.C. Druce. Behind her application lay a sensational claim: that Druce had been none other than the eccentric and massively wealthy 5th Duke of Portland, and that the - now dead - Duke had faked the death of his alter ego. When opened, Anna Maria contended, Druce's coffin
A fish dinner in Memison. Eric Rucker Eddison
The second volume in the classic epic trilogy of parallel worlds, admired by Tolkien and the great prototype for The Lord of the Rings and modern fantasy fiction. A lady strays from a garden path and enters a different realm. A king wages dynastic war for control of three kingdoms. As villains plot to take control of an alternate world inhabited by the souls of the dead, a mysterious, magical woman seeks her destiny, igniting a splendid pageantry of battles and quests, poisonous love and triumphant passion, doomed loyalties and unsurpassed courage.
The Mezentian gate. Eric Rucker Eddison
The third volume in the classic epic trilogy of parallel worlds, admired by Tolkien and the great prototype for The Lord of the Rings and modern fantasy fiction. E. R. Eddison was the author of three of the most remarkable fantasies in the English language: The Worm Ouroboros, Mistress of Mistresses and A Fish Dinner in Memison. Linked together as separate parts of one vast romantic epic, fans who clamoured for more were finally rewarded 13 years after Eddison's death with the publication of the uncompleted fourth novel, written during the dark years of the Second World War. This new edition of The Mezentian Gate includes additional narrative fragments of the story missing from the original 1958 edition.
Mistress of mistresses. Eric Rucker Eddison
The first volume in the classic epic trilogy of parallel worlds, admired by Tolkien and the great prototype for The Lord of the Rings and modern fantasy fiction. According to legend, the Gates of Zimiamvia lead to a land 'that no mortal foot may tread, but that souls of the dead that were great upon earth do inhabit.' Here they forever live, love, do battle, and even die again.
Road to Tara : the life of Margaret Mitchell. Anne Edwards
A biography of Peggy Mitchell Marsh, who led a life as interesting as those of her characters in her epic, Gone with the Wind.
A cupboard full of coats. Yvvette Edwards
It's been fourteen years since Jinx's mother was brutally stabbed to death in their home in East London. Fourteen years for Jinx to become accustomed to the huge weight of guilt and anger that has destroyed her life. Fourteen years to nurture an impossible shame. Out of nowhere, Lemon arrives on her doorstep. An old friend of her mother's, he wants to revisit the events leading to that terrible night, and Jinx sees the opportunity to confess, finally, her hand in the violence.
Pantone on fashion : a century of color in design Leatrice Eiseman
Follow global colour authority Pantone on this vivid journey through the rich history of colour in fashion. Favourite hues and their appearances across the decades are profiled in informative text and copiously illustrated by runway photos and archival images. Track Bright Marigold from its heyday in the 1940s as Hermes' identifying hue to its showstopping appearance in Carolina Herrera's Spring/Summer 2013 collection, and trace Cyber Yellow from 1960s mod style to Anna Sui's 1990s punk-inspired looks.
Novels of the Jaran. Kate Elliott
In Jaran, the Earth of the future is just one of the planets ruled by the vast Chapalii empire. The volatility of these alien overlords is something with which Tess Soerensen is all too familiar. Her brother, Charles, rebelled against them and was rewarded by being elevated into their interstellar system. Struggling to find her place in the world, Tess sneaks aboard a shuttle bound for Rhui, one of her brother's planets.
In An Earthly Crown, the nomadic tribes of the Jaran are uniting the settled cities of their homeland one by one. Their charismatic leader, Ilya Bakhtiian, has his loyal wife by his side, but there is something about her he doesn't know: Tess Soerensen is a human. Back home, her brother, Charles, led an unsuccessful revolt against the all-powerful Chapalii empire. Charles's insistence that Tess join him is as strong as Ilya's reluctance to part with his beloved wife - and neither considers that Tess may have her own plans for the future.
In His Conquering Sword, the Jaran have been taking over towns and bending all non-Jaran to the law of their rule. With Ilya Bakhtiian in charge, the nomadic fighters are now preparing an assault on the royal city of Karkand. But within the campaign, another struggle looms. Charles, the brother of Ilya's wife, Tess, is still driven by thoughts of revolt. Charles travels to Rhui for key information about the past, hoping to bring back his sister - his only heir.
In The Law of Becoming, Charles Soerensen's revolutionary inclinations have been reignited. In this final book, the story of Tess, Ilya, and Charles comes to its stunning conclusion as new generations get involved in the intrigue, Earth's exiled Jaran people resurface, and the Chapalii overlords make one last, unexpected move.
Passage of stars. Kate Elliott
Strong-spirited Lily Ransome leaves her home planet and the life she's always known to rescue an abducted friend. Willful as well as physically brave, Lily Ransome is dissatisfied by the options available to her on Unruli: she can either join her family's lucrative mining business or begin procreating. When Heredes, her beloved martial arts instructor, tutor, and father figure, is kidnapped by alien bounty hunters, Lily spurns the expectations of her home planet and ventures into space to find him. Befriending a persecuted minority class of humans called the Ridani, she becomes involved in an intergalactic rebellion and finds love in an unexpected place, as well as true strength within herself.
The Nice Girl Syndrome Beverly Engel
I am an emotional creature : the secret life of girls around the world. Eve Ensler
Playwright Eve Ensler writes fictional monologues and stories inspired by girls around the globe. Moving through a world of topics and emotions, these voices are fierce, alive, tender, complicated, imaginative, and smart. Girls today often find themselves in a struggle between remaining strong and true to themselves and conforming to society's expectations in an attempt to please. They are taught not to be too intense, too passionate, too smart, too caring, too open. This book is a celebration of the authentic voice inside every girl and an inspiring call to action for girls everywhere to speak up, follow their dreams, and become the women they were always meant to be.
Chickadee Louise Erdrich
The Qur'an. Farid Esack
The Qur'an has spoken to Muslims for over one thousand years; it is seen as law-maker, moral code, and the word of God. Drawing on both contemporary and ancient sources, Esack outlines the key themes and explains the historical and cultural context of this unique work whilst examining its content, language and style, and the variety of approaches, including fundamentalist, feminist, and modernist, that have been used to interpret it. Farid Esack is an international recognised Muslim scholar, speaker and author. He is currently Bruggemann Chair in Inter-religious Studies at Xavier University, Cincinnati. OH.
The Verbally Abusive Relationship Patricia Evans
Secret lives of the Tsars : three centuries of autocracy, debauchery, betrayal, murder, and madness from Romanov Russia. Michael Farquhar
The Romanovs, whose three-hundred-year reign was remarkable for its shocking violence, spectacular excess, and unimaginable venality. In this incredibly entertaining history, Michael Farquhar collects the best, most captivating true tales of Romanov iniquity. We meet Catherine the Great, with her endless parade of virile young lovers (none of them of the equine variety); her unhinged son, Paul I, who ordered the bones of one of his mother's paramours dug out of its grave and tossed into a gorge; and Grigori Rasputin, the 'Mad Monk', whose mesmeric domination of the last of the Romanov tsars helped lead to the monarchy's undoing.
Beloved Enemy Jane Feather
The Modern Kosher Kitchen Ronnie Fein
Losing Logan. Sherry D. Ficklin
What if the one thing you never meant to hold on to, is the one thing you can't let go of? Normally finding a hot guy in her bedroom wouldn't irritate Zoe so badly, but finding her childhood friend Logan there is a big problem. Mostly because he's dead. As the only person he can make contact with, he convinces Zoe to help him put together the pieces surrounding his mysterious death so he can move on.
Extraordinary Powers Joseph Finder
Killer Instinct Joseph Finder
The Moscow Club Joseph Finder
Paranoia Joseph Finder
Suspicion Joseph Finder
The Zero Hour Joseph Finder
The Gorgle. Emma Fischel
Finn doesn't want to move to the spooky old house in the first place. Soon the strange goings-on and mysterious noises are driving him crazy - and he's driving his family crazy about it. Then he sees the creature that's been hibernating in the wardrobe. It's a Gorgle. A bit like a moth, a bit like a hornet, and a lot like a ten-foot-tall monster from your worst nightmare. It's awake. It's hungry. And Finn is the only one who can stop it!
My teacher the ghost. Emma Fischel
These ghostly adventures and spine-chilling stories are great for reads for reluctant readers. Written by well-known authors and illustrated by much-loved illustrators, this series will appeal to boys and girls.
Witchworld. Emma Fischel
Flo is a thoroughly modern witchgirl. She has a spellstick, travels about in her skyrider and wouldn't know a cauldron if she fell into one. But when her grandmother turns up on an actual boomstick, warning that ghouls are about to attack Witchworld, Flo realises that everything she's been told about being a witch is just hocus pocus…
Strange music. Laura Fish
Strange Music recreates the lives of three women, the poet Elizabeth Barrett in England, and in Jamaica on the Barrett estate, there is Kaydia, a maidservant and Sheba, an indentured labourer. All three women struggle to escape a tragic but ever-present past.
Christmas at Rose Hill Farm. Suzanne Woods. Fisher
Bess Riehl is preparing Rose Hill Farm for her Christmas wedding, but her groom isn't who she thought he would be. Billy Lapp is far away from his Amish roots working as a rose rustler for Penn State and wants nothing to do with Stoney Ridge, his family, or Bess. And that suits Bess just fine. Why should she think twice about a man who left without a word, without any explanation? It's time she moved on with her life, and that meant saying yes to Amos Lapp, Billy's cousin and best friend. But as Bess and Amos's wedding day draws near, her emotions tangle into a tight knot. She loves Amos. Yet she can't forget Billy. When a "lost" rose is discovered at Rose Hill Farm, Billy is sent to track down its origins.
The great war for civilisation : the conquest of the Middle East. Robert Fisk
Decorated British foreign correspondent Robert Fisk has been based in the Middle East for the last 25 years, reporting from the world's worst trouble-spots. This is his first-person account of 50 years of bloodshed and tragedy in the area, from the Palestinian-Israeli bloodbath to the shock and awe of the current war against Iraq.
Pen & ink : tattoos & the stories behind them Isaac Fitzgerald
Why did you get that tattoo? Every tattoo tells a story, whether the ink is meaningful or the result of a misguided decision made at the age of fourteen, representative of the wearer's true self or the accidental consequence of a bender. These most permanent of body adornments are hidden by pants legs and shirt tails, emblazoned on knuckles, or tucked inside mouths. They are battle scars and beauty marks, totems and mementos. Pen & Ink grants us access to the tattoos of writers Cheryl Strayed, Tao Lin, and Roxane Gay; rockers in the bands Korn, Otep, and Five Finger Death Punch; and even a porn star. But it also illuminates the tattoos of the ordinary people living in our midst.
Breaking point. Alex Flinn
Paul is new to Gate, a school whose rich students make life miserable for anyone not like them. And Paul is definitely not like them. Then, one day something incredible happens. Charlie Good, a star student and athlete, invites Paul to join his elite inner circle. All Charlie wants is a few things in return - small things that Paul does willingly. And then, one day, Charlie wants something big - really big.
Breathing underwater. Alexandra Flinn
Sent to counselling for hitting his girlfriend, Caitlin, and ordered to keep a journal, sixteen-year-old Nick recounts his relationship with Caitlin, examines his controlling behaviour and anger, and describes living with his abusive father.
Sister Bernadette's barking dog : the quirky history and lost art of diagramming sentences. Kitty Burns Florey
Once wildly popular and used by teachers across America to teach grammar, sentence diagramming is now a lost art to most people. But from the moment she encountered it in the seventh-grade classroom of Sister Bernadette, Kitty Burns Florey was fascinated by the bizarre method of mapping the words in a sentence. Now a veteran copyeditor, Florey studies the practice in a funny look back at its odd history, its elegant method, and its rich, ongoing possibilities - from its birth at the Polytechnic Institute in Brooklyn, to a consideration of how it works, to a revealing look at some of literature's most famous sentences in diagram.
John the Pupil David Flusfeder
The glass kingdom. Chris Flynn
In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. Ben and his sidekick, Mikey, work the Target Ball stand in a ramshackle carnival travelling up the east coast. Ben is trying to put his time in the army behind him and make some money. Mikey AKA Mekong Delta, Fremantle's answer to Fifty Cent wants to work on his flow and impress girls. Their marks are the boozed-up blokes wandering sideshow alley in the hope of winning fluffy toys for their girlfriends. Easy pickings so long as Mikey keeps his big mouth shut. Especially since his tendency to start fights jeopardises Ben's lucrative meth-dealing operation.
A tiger in Eden. Chris Flynn
Beautiful beaches, sexy young backpackers, cheap drinks: southern Thailand in the mid-1990s is the perfect place for a holiday. It's also the perfect place for Billy - Loyalist hard man, No Surrender chest tattoo, on the run from the Belfast police - to lie low. He's turning away from a life of crime, but isn't sure where to go. A series of fights and one-night stands helps put his troubles out of mind for a while. But when Billy ends up in a Buddhist retreat he learns that no matter how far you travel, your past will always catch up with you.
Pink Sari Revolution Amana Fontanella-Khan
These rocks count! Alison Formento
Mr. Tate's class is about to learn there's more to rocks than being dirty lumps on the ground. On this field trip they're visiting the rocky ridge mountains to learn about rocks. At first the children think rocks will be boring, but they soon learn that rocks are all around us in ways we might not expect - such as glass and toothpaste.
These seas count! Alison Formento
When Mr. Tate's class helps out on Beach Clean-Up Day, Captain Ned teaches the children the importance of the sea and the impact of not keeping it clean.
These bees count! Alison Formento
Mr. Tate's class visits a bee and honey farm, where Farmer Ellen teaches the children how to listen to the bees talk.
This tree counts! Alison Formento
Before they begin planting new trees, Mr. Tate tells his students to listen closely as the lone tree behind their school counts out ten ways it serves the needs of different animals.
Will My Kid Grow Out of It Bonny J. Forrest
Cherries In The Snow Emma Forrest
The Lemon Tree Helen Forrester
The Liverpool Basque Helen Forrester
Madame Barbara Helen Forrester
Three Women of Liverpool Helen Forrester
Thursday's Child Helen Forrester
Bare it all. Lori Foster
As the person responsible for taking down a brutal human trafficker, Alice Appleton fears retaliation at every turn. No one knows about her past, which is exactly how she prefers it…until the sexy cop next door comes knocking. Detective Reese Bareden thinks he knows what makes women tick, but his ever-elusive neighbour keeps him guessing like no other. Is his goal to unmask Alice's secrets? Or protect her from a dangerous new threat? One thing is certain: their chemistry is a time bomb waiting to explode.
Dash of peril. Lori Foster
To bring down a sleazy abduction ring, Lieutenant Margaret 'Margo' Peterson has set herself up as bait. But recruiting Dashiel Riske as her unofficial partner is a whole other kind of danger. Dash is 6'4" of laid-back masculine charm, a man who loves life and women to the limit. Until Margo is threatened, and he reveals a dark side that may just match her own. Beneath Margo's tough facade is a slow-burning sexiness that drives Dash crazy. The only way to finish this case is to work together side by side, skin to skin.
Getting rowdy. Lori Foster
Charismatic bar owner Rowdy Yates isn't the kind of man, women say no to. So when he approaches waitress Avery Mullins, he fully expects to get her number. However, the elusive beauty has her reasons for keeping her distance including a past that might come back to haunt them both. Avery spends her nights working for tips…and trying to forget the secret Rowdy is determined to unearth. But when history threatens to repeat itself, Avery grows to rely on Rowdy's protective presence.
Jamie. Lori Foster
It's not that the woman in his arms is naked. It's not that he's carrying her up a mountain in a driving storm. What bothers Jamie is that the unconscious redhead is an intruder, someone who could bring him harm. He has his reasons for hiding out in this stark, secluded cabin, for keeping his emotions under wraps, for never, ever getting too close to anyone. But before she passed out in his bed, she said her name was Faith - an appropriate name since he has to take her at her word. Who is she? Why is she here? Who sent her? And what is she doing to him?
Just a hint Clint. Lori Foster
Some days, it doesn't pay to get out of bed. That's what crosses Clint Evans' mind the minute he takes on the four thugs holding heiress Julie Rose hostage. It isn't the danger that has Clint in a lather, but Julie herself. The pretty, petite schoolteacher he's been hired to return to her wealthy fiance is no fainting trust fund baby. She's more of a hellcat, one who won't be deterred when she sets her sights on something. And her sights are set on Clint.
Murphy's law. Lori Foster
Nothing is going to go wrong. Ashley Miles has worked too hard for her independence to let some Bentley-driving hunk named Quinton Murphy interfere with her plan or her freedom. Yes, the chemistry is phenomenal. Kind of scary, actually. But that's it. No emotional commitments. But he's so wonderful: a woman could fall in love. How did that happen? That wasn't part of the plan. But can she trust him? Really trust him?
The secret life of Bryan. Lori Foster
Bryan Kelly has a few rules. Rule #1: Women are for fun, not commitment. Rule #2: He'll do anything for his twin brother, even switch places with him to find out who's sabotaging his charity. But playing a really good guy isn't easy around a luscious Shay Sommers. Which brings him to Rule #3: If you can't avoid temptation, succumb with abandon.
Swing State Michael T. Fournier
My Beautiful Genome Lone Frank
Freedom Jonathan Franzen
Brought to Book Anthea Fraser
Next Door to Murder Anthea Fraser
A Question of Identity Anthea Fraser
Rogue in Porcelain Anthea Fraser
A Marriage of Inconvenience Susanna Fraser
An Infamous Marriage Susanna Fraser
A Dream Defiant Susanna Fraser
The Sergeant's Lady Susanna Fraser
Ryan's return. Barbara Freethy
Famous photojournalist Ryan Hunter has come back to a family torn apart by mistrust and resentment - to the father who disowned him, to the brother who betrayed him, to the little boy who shares his features. Ryan, the charismatic "bad boy" son, has returned - stirring up past conflicts like a whirlwind … and throwing Kara Delaney's fragile, passionate heart into turmoil. Kara has struggled back from a disastrous marriage to build a new life for herself and her little girl - a peaceful existence now jeopardized by vicious, small town politics, by her daughter's fanciful ghost stories … and by Ryan's return.
Green kitchen travels David Frenkiel
Delicious, nutritious vegetarian and vegan recipes inspired by flavours from around the world, by the bestselling authors behind the Green Kitchen Stories blog. David, Luise and their daughter Elsa are a family who love to travel. Hungry to see and taste more of the world, they had embarked on an around-the-world trip by the time Elsa was just seven months old. Take your own inspiration from their travels: start the day with indulgent almond pumpkin waffles from San Francisco, tuck into a raw beansprout pad thai from Thailand for lunch, and a Sri Lankan vegetable curry for supper.
Mr Mac and me. Esther Freud
It is 1914, and Thomas Maggs, the son of the local publican, lives with his parents and sister in a village on the Suffolk coast. He is the youngest child, and the only son surviving. Life is quiet shaped by the seasons, fishing and farming, the summer visitors, and the girls who come down from the Highlands every year to gut and pack the herring. Then one day a mysterious Scotsman arrives. To Thomas he looks for all the world like a detective, in his black cape and hat of felted wool, and the way he puffs on his pipe as if he's Sherlock Holmes. Mac is what the locals call him when they whisper about him in the Inn. And whisper they do, for he sets off on his walks at unlikely hours, and stops to examine the humblest flowers. He is seen on the beach, staring out across the waves as if he's searching for clues. But Mac isn't a detective, he's the architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and together with his red haired artist wife, they soon become a source of fascination and wonder to Thomas.
Something for everyone : family meals for baby, toddler and beyond. Louise Fulton Keats
In Something for Everyone, Louise shares her solutions to the mealtime stress, with nutritious, fresh and tasty dishes focused on feeding the whole family. Recipes contain variations for babies and toddlers, which require minimal adaptation but maximise flavour. Each chapter addresses a different mealtime
Godiva Nicole Galland
The Poseidon adventure. Paul Gallico
The Poseidon adventure is an intense and dramatic story about a gigantic ocean liner and its unimaginable final journey. When a rogue wave capsizes the luxury cruise ship, a small group of survivors find themselves unlikely allies in a battle for their lives. As the unstable vessel rapidly fills with water each must draw on skills and strengths they didn't even know they possessed, fighting against time for their own survival and for each other.
No Panic Bethany M. Gardiner
The scandal of the season. Sophie Gee
London, 1711. Arabella Fermor and Robert, Lord Petre, lead the pursuit of pleasure. Beautiful and vain, Arabella is a clever coquette with a large circle of beaus. Lord Petre, seventh Baron of Ingatestone, is a man-about-town with his choice of mistresses. Drawn together by an overpowering attraction, the two begin an illicit affair. Alexander Pope, sickly and nearly penniless, is peripheral by birth, yet his uncommon wit and ambition gain him unlikely entrance into high society. Once there, privy to every nuance and drama, he is a ruthless observer. He longs for the success that will cement his place in society; all he needs is one poem grand enough to make his reputation.
Playing for the Ashes Elizabeth George
Cloud and Ashes Greer Gilman
Cry Murder in a Small Voice Greer Gilman
North ; the new Nordic cuisine of Iceland Gunnar Karl Gislason
North is a celebration of the utterly unique, starkly beautiful foodways and landscapes of Iceland, with recipes and essays that showcase the island nation's rare, indigenous food products and artisanal food producers.
Big, bigger and biggest trucks and diggers. Erin Golden
Readers will get to know different kinds of Caterpillar trucks and diggers from the smallest to the biggest! Twelve of the most impressive machines are shown in order of size with full-color photos and fascinating facts for each one.
101 Amazing Beyonce Facts Jack Goldstein
101 Amazing Facts about Dogs Jack Goldstein
Cats are cats. Valeri Gorbachev
Miss Bell loved cats. One day she bought a tiny kitten. He had stripes like a tiger, a tail like a tiger, and a smile like a tiger. So Miss Bell named him Tiger. He was very cute, and she loved him a lot. But Tiger grew and grew. He grew into a huge tiger! Exuberant watercolour illustrations chronicle the transformation of Tiger from tiny kitten to giant jungle beast and his doting owner's efforts to accommodate his "growing" needs in this warmhearted story that celebrates unconditional love.
Sweet Dreams, Little One Massimo Gramellini
Henry Tilney's diary. Amanda Grange
At the age of four and twenty, Henry is content with his life as a clergyman, leaving his older brother Frederick to inherit Northanger Abbey. But General Tilney is determined to increase the family's means by having all three of his children marry wealthy partners. During a trip to Bath, Henry meets the delightful, innocent Miss Catherine Morland and starts to believe he may have found the woman he's been looking for, even if she is not in possession of a great fortune.
Prisoner B-3087. Alan Gratz
Based on the life of Jack Gruener, this book relates his story of survival from the Nazi occupation of Krakow, when he was eleven, through a succession of concentration camps, to the final liberation of Dachau.
Evernight Claudia Gray
Sixteen-year-old Bianca, a new girl at the sinister Evernight boarding school, finds herself drawn to another outsider, Lucas, but dark forces threaten to tear them apart and destroy Bianca's entire world.
Steadfast Claudia Gray
Bread and chocolate. Philippa Gregory
A rich selection of short stories, many of which have not appeared in print before. A TV chef who specializes in outrageous cakes tempts a monk; a surprise visitor invites mayhem into the perfect minimalist flat; and a woman explains her view of straying husbands.
The favoured child. Philippa Gregory
The second in the Wideacre Trilogy, this novel is set in 18th-century Sussex. The Wideacre estate is bankrupt. The villagers are living in poverty and Wideacre Hall is a smoke-blackened ruin. But, in the Dower House, two children are being raised in protected innocence. Equal claimants to the estate, rivals for the love of the village, they are tied by a secret childhood betrothal but forbidden to marry. Only one can be the favored child. Only one can inherit the magical understanding between the land and the Lacey family that can make the Sussex village grow green again. Only one can be Beatrice Lacey's true heir.
The little house. Philippa Gregory
A contemporary psychological thriller in the style of Ruth Rendell, from one of today's most versatile and compelling storytellers. It was easy for Elizabeth. She married the man she loved, bore him two children and made a home for him which was the envy of their friends. It was harder for Ruth. She married Elizabeth's son and then found that, somehow, she could never quite measure up. Isolation, deceit and betrayal fill the gaps between the two individual women and between their different worlds. In this complex thriller, Philippa Gregory deploys all her insight into what women want and what women fear, as Ruth confronts the shifting borders of her own sanity.
The other queen. Philippa Gregory
Mary, Queen of Scots, is placed under house arrest with the newly-married Bess of Hardwick and the Earl of Shrewsbury, but fights to regain her kingdom and more.
The warrior's heart : becoming a man of compassion and courage. Eric Greitens
As a humanitarian, he helped aid workers heal orphaned children in Rwanda and lived in camps alongside Bosnian refugees. As a warrior, he excelled at the hardest military training in the world and teamed up with fellow SEALs to hunt al Qaeda terrorists in Iraq. In this adaptation of his memoir, The Heart and the Fist, Eric Greitens brings his adventures to life for teens, sharing stories of friendship, struggle, and hard-earned wisdom. His exciting journey takes readers across the world, from his boyhood home in Missouri, to a factory in China, to the refugee camps of Rwanda, to the battlefield in Iraq.
Black Horizon James Grippando
Hunting the hunters : at war with the whalers. Laurens de. Groot
Laurens de Groot was a detective for the Dutch police, specializing in organized crime and environmental pollution. He was rapidly promoted through the ranks, but became increasingly disillusioned with failed prosecutions and minimal prison sentences. But although as a detective there was little he could do to stop the truly big criminals, there was a more radical option, direct action, not necessarily within the law. Laurens leaves his job, sells up, travels to Australia and joins Sea Shepherd, an international organization protecting marine wildlife. He soon finds himself in the middle of the war against the Japanese whaling fleet operating in the Antarctic whale sanctuary. As the Japanese hunt whales, Laurens and the Sea Shepherd crews hunt them. Their boats are tiny for the wild Southern Ocean, and as well as dealing with the extreme weather they are repeatedly attacked by the Japanese crews and nearly shipwrecked by ice.
The sentinels of Andersonville. Tracy Groot
Near the end of the Civil War, inhumane conditions at Andersonville Prison caused the deaths of 13,000 Union soldiers in only one year. In this gripping and affecting novel, three young Confederates and an entire town come face-to-face with the prison's atrocities and will learn the cost of compassion, when withheld and when given.
The receptionist : an education at the New Yorker. Janet Groth
Describes the author's career as a receptionist at the prestigious New Yorker magazine, recounting her relationships with famous poets, essayists, and playwrights, and chronicling the behind-the-scenes affairs of the magazine and its staff.
Ellie Pride. Annie Groves
Warned by her mother on her deathbed to forsake love and passion for stability and social status, Ellie must spurn the advances of handsome Gideon Walker, despite her deep attraction to him.
Hettie of Hope Street Annie Groves
A breathtaking tale set in 1920s Liverpool and London of one girl's determination to trace her roots, find true love and succeed in a world where obstacles lurk around every corner. Hettie is an orphan, taken in by Ellie Pride and her husband to their Preston home and treated as one of the family. But she has never felt she truly belonged. Hettie has a special gift - a beautiful singing voice - and on the cusp of womanhood, she makes a choice that will alter the course of her life. Amid the bright lights of Liverpool, she will follow her dreams.
Tamales Alice Guadalupe Tapp
How to lose a duke in ten days. Laura Lee. Guhrke
From the moment she met the devil-may-care Duke of Margrave, Edie knew he could change her life. And when he agreed to her outrageous proposal of a marriage of convenience, she was transformed from ruined American heiress to English duchess. Five years later, she's delighted with their arrangement, especially since her husband is living on another continent. By marrying an heiress, Stuart was able to pay his family's enormous debts, and Edie's terms that he leave England forever seemed a small price to pay. But when a brush with death impels him home, he decides it's time for a real marriage with his luscious American bride, and he proposes a bold new bargain: ten days to win her willing kiss. But is ten days enough to win her heart?
Scandal of the year. Laura Lee. Guhrke
From their very first meeting, Julia knew that Aidan Carr, the oh-so-proper Duke of Trathen, had a bit of the devil in him, a devil who secretly yearned for what he could not have, a devil who harboured a desire for her. So when she needed to be caught in a compromising situation, Aidan was the answer to her prayers. Aidan is supposed to be looking for a bride, yet his scandalous liaison with Julia is all he can think about.
Trouble at the wedding. Laura Lee. Guhrke
The last thing Miss Annabel Wheaton desires is true love. She learned the hard way that love makes a woman foolish and leads only to heartache. That's why she agreed to marry an earl who needs her money. He's got a pedigree and a country estate, and he won't ever break her heart. There's only one problem … Christian Du Quesne, Duke of Scarborough, thinks the stubborn heiress is about to make the biggest mistake of her life, and he's determined to stop her.
Wedding of the season. Laura Lee. Guhrke
Lady Beatrix Danbury had always known she would marry William Mallory. She'd loved him forever and she'd never doubted he loved her, too. But when she made him choose between their life together or his lifelong dream, Will chose the latter … and left two weeks before their wedding. Will has no illusions that Beatrix would welcome him back with open arms, but six years did not dim his love or desire for her. The only problem is, she's about to marry someone else.
Snow falling on cedars. David Guterson
In 1954 a fisherman is found dead in the nets of his boat, and a local Japanese-American man is charged with his murder. In the course of his trial, it becomes clear that what is at stake is more than one man's guilt. For on San Piedro, memories grow as thickly as cedar trees and the fields of ripe strawberries - memories of a charmed love affair between a white boy and a Japanese girl; memories of land desired, paid for, and lost. Above all, San Piedro is haunted by the memory of what happened to its Japanese residents during World War II, when an entire community was sent into exile while its neighbours watched.
In a rocket made of ice : among the children of Wat Opot. Gail Gutradt
The story of a woman who volunteers at an orphanage in Cambodia, set up by a Vietnam War vet for children with and/or orphaned by HIV/AIDS.
The Back to Basics Diet David R. Hack
The Strangest Family Janice Hadlow
Gabriel Finley & the raven's riddle George Hagen
How can twelve-year-old Gabriel find his missing father, who seems to have vanished without a trace? With the help of Paladin - a young raven with whom he has a magical bond that enables them to become one creature.
All the Lovely Bad Ones Mary Downing. Hahn
The condition. Jennifer Haigh
A year in the life of the members of the divided McKinnon family, revealing their secrets and their conflicts. The Condition explores one turbulent year in the lives of the McKotches, a New England family in extremis. Paulette and Frank McKotch, long divorced, hide a mountain of old grievances from their three adult children who are busy with crises of their own. Billy, the eldest, is a successful Manhatten cardiologist living a double life. Scott the youngest, has made an endless series of wrong turns. And Gwen, the daughter, lives a hermitic life far away from her parents. The family attributes her reclusive temprement to her Turner's syndrome, a chromosomal disorder that has left her with the stature and physical maturity of an eleven year old child.
Baker Towers Jennifer Haigh
Faith Jennifer Haigh
Mrs. Kimble Jennifer Haigh
News from Heaven Jennifer Haigh
The supernatural kids cookbook : Haile's favorites. Thomas Haile
Easy lessons for preparing natural food from kid chef and Kids Can Cook host Haile Thomas, who knows how to make cooking fun. By the age of nine, Haile Thomas was in the kitchen, experimenting on her own. Now, the TEDxKids cooking sensation shares some of her favorite recipes from healthy-cooking expert Nancy Mehagian. With a focus on kid-approved recipes that are as tasty as they are nutritious, Haile has selected fifty of her favorite recipes, plus five of her own creations!
The Camel Bookmobile Masha Hamilton
The Monogram Murders Sophie Hannah
One perfect spring. Irene Hannon
Claire Summers is a determined, independent single mother who is doing her best to make lemonade out of the lemons life has handed her. Keith Watson is a results-oriented workaholic with no time for a social life. As the executive assistant to a local philanthropic businessman, he's used to fielding requests for donations. But when a letter from Claire's eleven-year-old daughter reaches his desk, everything changes. The girl isn't asking for money, but for help finding the long-lost son of an elderly neighbour.
Kiteboarding Alex Hapgood
Elska. Cathy Hapka
Around the year 1000, the Icelandic horse named Elska is born and learns about life and her role in the herd, as well as love and friendship, when she rescues the girl to whom she originally belonged. Includes facts about Icelandic horses and Iceland.
Thorn Jack. Katherine Harbour
A spectacular, modern retelling of the ancient Scottish ballad of Tam Lin, a beguiling fusion of love, fantasy, and myth vividly imagined and steeped in gothic atmosphere. Their creed is "Mischief, Malevolence, and Mayhem." Serafina Sullivan, named for angels and a brave Irish prince, is haunted by dreams of her older sister, Lily Rose, a sprite, ethereal beauty who unexpectedly took her own life. A year has passed since Lily's death, and now eighteen-year-old Finn and her college-professor father have moved back to Fair Hollow, her father's pretty little hometown alongside the Hudson River. Populated with socialites, hippies, and famous dramatic artists, every corner of this quaint, bohemian community holds bright possibilities and dark enigmas, including the alluring Jack Fata, scion of the town's most powerful family.
Florence & Giles. John Harding
In a remote and crumbling New England mansion, 12-year-old orphan Florence is neglected by her guardian uncle and banned from reading. Left to her own devices she devours books in secret and talks to herself - and narrates this, her story - in a unique language of her own invention. By night, she sleepwalks the corridors like one of the old house's many ghosts and is troubled by a recurrent dream in which a mysterious woman appears to threaten her younger brother Giles.
The girl who couldn't read. John Harding
A sinister Gothic tale in the tradition of The Woman in Black and The Fall of the House of Usher New England, the 1890s. A man calling himself Doctor John Shepherd arrives at an isolated women's mental hospital to begin work as assistant to the owner Dr Morgan. As Shepherd struggles to conceal his own dark secrets, he finds the asylum has plenty of its own. Who is the woman who wanders the corridors by night with murderous intent? Why does the chief nurse hate him? And why is he not allowed to visit the hospital's top floor?
The genius of dogs : discovering the unique intelligence of man's best friend Brian Hare
The journey began with a gut reaction. When award-winning scientist Dr Brian Hare watched a chimpanzee fail to read a simple human hand gesture in an intelligence test, he blurted out, 'My dog can do that!' The psychologist running the test challenged him to prove it, sending Hare on an odyssey to unlock the cognitive and evolutionary mysteries of our four-legged friends. Hare's research over the past two decades has yielded startling discoveries about how dogs think. He has pioneered studies that have proven that dogs exhibit a brand of genius for getting along with people that is unique in the animal kingdom, and that when dogs domesticated themselves around 40,000 years ago they became far more like human infants than their wolf ancestors.
Accidentally Married on Purpose Rachel Harris
The Fine Art of Pretending Rachel Harris
My Not So Super Sweet Life Rachel Harris
My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century Rachel Harris
Seven Day Fiance Rachel Harris
The ghost. Robert Harris
'The moment I heard how McAra died I should have walked away. I can see that now. I should have said, "Rick, I'm sorry, this isn't for me, I don't like the sound of it," finished my drink and left. But he was such a good storyteller, Rick - I often thought he should have been the writer and I the agent - that once he'd started talking there was never any question I wouldn't listen, and by the time he had finished, I was done for.'Adam Lang has been Britain's longest serving - and most controversial - prime minister of the last half century. And now that he's left office, he's accepted one of history's largest cash advances to compose a tell-all (or at least, tell-some) memoir of his life and years of power. As pressure mounts for Lang to complete this magnum opus, he hires a professional ghostwriter to finish the book.
Imperium. Robert Harris
Marcus Cicero, a brilliant lawyer and orator, was one of the most fascinating figures of the Roman era. This book is a recreation of a masterpiece created by Tiro, the confidential secretary of Cicero, on his life. It presents Cicero as an immensely sympathetic figure and the world's first professional politician.
Lustrum Robert Harris
A novel set in 63 BC, the year when Cicero is consul. Most of his time is devoted to thwarting a conspiracy to overthrow the state. Underlying this is the rivalry between Cicero and Caesar. As Caesar's power grows Cicero must face the compromises that come from holding power - is it justifiable to use illegal methods in order to save the Republic?
Pompeii Robert Harris
The Great Leader Jim Harrison
Into the Woods Kim Harrison
Bell's Star. Alison Hart
In the Vermont spring of 1853, Bell's Star, a Morgan horse, and his owner Katie rescue a runaway slave and try to outwit the slave catchers in order to help her to freedom.
The wilderness. Samantha Harvey
Jake Jameson is a sixty-five-year-old architect who is on the cusp of retirement. One evening he's sitting alone in the office, staring down at an architectural drawing. He can't quite figure out what he's supposed to do with it. Suddenly he remembers a word, one for which he has been searching for days to recall: entropy - for him the singular most interesting theory that exists, a theory that says everything loses, rather than gains, order. This idea underlies this riveting tale of a man whose memories are slowly eroding. As Alzheimer's begins to wear away his sense of identity, Jake builds stories around his life that inform his feelings of blame and responsibility - only to have the stories disintegrate faster than he can capture them.
The Seance John Harwood
Remy and Lulu. Kevin Hawkes
A down-on-his-luck painter with poor eyesight teams up with a dog with a knack for painting portraits.
A brief history of time. Stephen Hawking
Was there a beginning of time? Could time run backwards? Is the universe infinite or does it have boundaries? These are just some of the questions considered in an internationally acclaimed masterpiece by one of the world's greatest thinkers. It begins by reviewing the great theories of the cosmos from Newton to Einstein, before delving into the secrets which still lie at the heart of space and time, from the Big Bang to black holes, via spiral galaxies and strong theory.
Loving Yourself to Great Health Louise Hay
Return of the hungry hamster. Sam Hay
Little does Joe know that he has volunteered to help the undead pets of his town! Dumpling the hamster came to a dusty end inside a vacuum cleaner … and now he needs Joe's help to reveal the truth behind his demise.
Revenge of the phantom furball. Sam Hay
Bonsai the pug chases Pickle the cat into the street, where she is flattened by a car. Now Pickle is worried that Bonsai will pursue her sister Pebble into an early grave too, unless she and Joe teach the dog a lesson.
Life by Committee. Corey Ann. Haydu
Tabitha might be the only girl in the history of the world who actually gets less popular when she gets hot. But her so-called friends have dropped her flat, and now Tab has no one to tell about the best and worst thing that has ever happened to her: Joe, who spills his most intimate secrets to her in their nightly online chats. Joe, who has Tabitha brimming with the restless energy of falling in love. Joe, who is someone else's boyfriend. Just when Tab is afraid she'll burst from keeping the secret of Joe inside, she finds Life by Committee. The rules of LBC are simple: Tell a secret, receive an assignment. Complete the assignment to keep your secrets safe.
In Bed With the Devil Lorraine Heath
Doubleback. Libby Fischer Hellmann
Little Molly Messenger is kidnapped on a sunny June morning. Three days later she's returned, apparently unharmed. Molly's mother, Chris, is so grateful to have her daughter back that she's willing to overlook the odd circumstances. A few days later, the brakes go out on Chris's car. An accident? Maybe. Except that it turns out that Chris, the IT manager at a large Chicago bank, may have misappropriated three million dollars. Not convinced that his daughter is safe, Molly's father hires PI Georgia Davis to follow the money and investigate Chris's death.
Easy innocence. Libby Fischer Hellmann
When pretty, smart Sara is found bludgeoned to death, it's easy to blame the man with the bat. But Georgia finds a much different darker answer on Chicago's North Shore - privileged schoolgirls have learned just how much their innocence is worth to hot-under-the-collar businessmen.
Nobody's child. Libby Fischer Hellmann
A bloodstained note left for PI Georgia Davis reveals the shocking existence of a half-sister she never knew about. Her sister, Savannah, is pregnant and begging for Georgia's help. Determined to track her down, Georgia finds herself heading deep into the secretive and dangerous underworld of Chicago's illegal sex trafficking business. She soon discovers that trafficking is just a small part of the horrifying and deadly situation in which her new sister is caught up
The Descendants Kaui Hart. Hemmings
Wicked girls : a novel of the Salem witch trials. Stephanie Hemphill
A fictionalized account, told in verse, of the Salem witch trials, told from the perspective of three of the real young women living in Salem in 1692 - Mercy Lewis, Margaret Walcott, and Ann Putnam, Jr.
Horrorstor. Grady Hendrix
Something strange is happening at the Orsk furniture superstore in Cleveland. Every morning, employees arrive to find broken Kjerring wardrobes, shattered Brooka glassware, and vandalized Liripip sofa beds - clearly someone, or something, is up to no good. To unravel the mystery, five young employees volunteer for a long dusk-till-dawn shift and encounter horrors that defy imagination.
Koda. Patricia Hermes
Traveling with his owners from Missouri to Oregon in 1848, Koda, an energetic two-year-old quarter horse, finds the long journey increasingly tedious and tiring until his young owner goes missing on the trail and he must use all his skills to find her.
Telling the Bees Peggy Hesketh
Flash Photography Terry Hewlett
Death in the stocks. Georgette Heyer
Beneath a sky the colour of sapphires and the sinister moonlight, a gentleman in evening dress is discovered slumped in the stocks on the village green - he is dead. Superintendent Hannasyde's consummate powers of detection and solicitor Giles Carrington's amateur sleuthing are tested to their limits as they grapple with the Vereker family - a group of outrageously eccentric and corrupt suspects.
Envious Casca. Georgette Heyer
It is no ordinary Christmas at Lexham Manor. Six holiday guests find themselves the suspects of a murder enquiry when the old Scrooge Nathaniel Herriard, who owns the substantial estate, is found stabbed in the back. Whilst the delicate matter of inheritance could be the key to this crime, the real conundrum is how any of the suspects could have entered the locked room to commit this foul deed.
Footsteps in the dark. Georgette Heyer
The Priory may be ramshackled in appearance, but Peter, Margaret and Celia, who have inherited it from their uncle, love it for its rambling charm. But there's more to this house than is at first apparent: for years hardly a single person has set foot in the place, and even their uncle chose to live in a different house, far away from this particular property. Local wisdom says that the house is haunted. And when things start going bump in the night, it certainly seems as if something ghostly is walking the Priory's halls. Then a murder is committed. Does the key to solving the crime lie in the realm of the supernatural?
No wind of blame. Georgette Heyer
Tragedy befalls the Carter family following an eventful visit from a Russian prince and a scandalous blackmail letter. The murder of Wally Carter generates a bewildering mystery - how does one shoot a man crossing a narrow bridge without being near the murder weapon when it is fired? The superlatively analytical Inspector Hemingway reveals his unnerving talent for solving a fiendish problem.
Penhallow. Georgette Heyer
The death of Adam Penhallow on the eve of his birthday seems, at first, to be by natural causes. He was elderly after all. But Penhallow wasn't well liked. He had ruled over his estate with an iron will and a sharp tongue. He had played one relative off against another. He was so bad tempered and mean that both his servants and his family hated him. It soon transpires that far from being a peaceful death, Penhallow was, in fact, murdered. Poisoned. With his family gathered to celebrate his birthday, and servants that both feared and despised him, there are more than a dozen prime suspects.
They found him dead. Georgette Heyer
Silas Kane's death appeared accidental, until his nephew and heir also fell victim. Then a third Kane, the new heir, becomes the next target, and everyone at Cliff House has a motive.
The unfinished clue. Georgette Heyer
The stabbing of irascible General Sir Arthur Billington-Smith fails to stir up grief in anyone - least of all his family, which is no wonder considering the way he had treated them all during the fateful weekend. He had disinherited his son, humiliated his wife, refused to help his financially stricken nephew and made no secret of his loathing for his son's fiancee, a cabaret dancer. Inspector Harding picks his way through a mass of familial discontent to find the culprit - and find much more besides.
Dream boy Mary Crockett Hill
Annabelle's dreams have started coming to life. Which is great when you're dreaming about a gorgeous guy whose purpose in life is to win the Best Boyfriend Ever Award. And then Dream Boy walks into your science class. Talk about the perfect date to homecoming. But not all of Annabelle's dreams are so…friendly. And when the dream stops, the nightmare begins…
Looking for the Big B : Bollywood, Bachchan, and me. Jessica Hines
'Jessica,' he pronounced, 'you have known me for seven years. My life has changed seven times. You will never finish this book.' There is no reason why Amitabh Bachchan and I should appear in the same sentence. He is India's most legendary film star - a mixture of Clint Eastwood, Al Pacino and Elvis. In India where film stars are treated as gods, Bachchan is the uber-god, the Big B. As for me, I am English, almost thirty, and not in the least bit famous. Yet here I am in Bombay about to start writing his story.
Rescuing the children : the story of the Kindertransport. Deborah Hodge
Discusses the efforts of the Kindertransport, which rescued ten thousand Jewish children from Nazi occupied countries before the start of World War II.
The house is full of Yogis : the story of a childhood turned upside down. Will Hodgkinson
A witty memoir about the trials of adolescence, the tribulations of family life and the embarrassment that ensues from having larger-than-life parents. Neville and Liz Hodgkinson bought into the Thatcherite dream of home ownership, aspiration and advancement. The first children of their working class parents to go to university and have professional careers, they lived in a semi-detached house in Richmond, sent their sons Tom and Will to private school, and went on holiday to Greece once a year. Neville was an award-winning science writer and Liz was a high-earning tabloid hack. Then a disastrous boat holiday, followed by a life-threatening bout of food poisoning from a contaminated turkey, led to the search for a new way of life.
Substantial Salads Caroline Hofberg
The Chia Cookbook Janie Hoffman
Sexplosion : from Andy Warhol to 'A clockwork orange' : how a generation of pop rebels broke all the taboos. Robert Hofler
After the sexual revolution came the sexual explosion. The six years between 1968 and 1973 saw more sexual taboos challenged than ever before. Film, literature, and theatre simultaneously broke through barriers previously unimagined, giving birth to what we still consider to be the height of sexual expression in our pop culture: Portnoy's Complaint, Myra Breckinridge, Hair, The Boys in the Band, Midnight Cowboy, Last Tango in Paris, and Deep Throat. In Sexplosion, Robert Hofler weaves a lively narrative linking many of the writers, producers, and actors responsible for creating these and other controversial works, placing them within their cultural and social frameworks. Always colourful and often unexpected, Sexplosion is an illuminating account of a generation of sexual provocateurs and the power their works continue to hold decades later.
Collecting Under the Radar Michael Hogben
Fascinate Sally Hogshead
The Little French Bakery Cookbook Susan Holding
The leopard & the cow : and 4 other stories of animal friendships. Jennifer S. Holland
Unlikely Friendships is a phenomenon. It's a runaway New York Times bestseller with more than 260,000 copies in print in less than half a year; a book with its compelling message of hope and friendship and differences overcome. Temple Grandin called it "… amazing. It shows the power of friendship." Now Unlikely Friendships is rewritten for younger readers: Unlikely Friendships for Kids, a series of hardcover chapter books for children, ages seven and up. Here are three collections each with five of the clearest, most interesting stories from the original book, like the monkey and the dove or the leopard and the cow.
Brown Sugar Kitchen Tanya Holland
Monique and the mango rains : the extraordinary story of friendship in a midwife's house in Mali. Kris Holloway
This memoir recalls the two years Holloway spent as an impressionable Peace Corps volunteer in the remote village of Nampossela in Mali, West Africa. It centres on her close friendship with Monique, the village's overburdened midwife. When Holloway (now a nonprofit development specialist) arrived in Nampossela in 1989, she was 22; Monique was only two years her senior. Yet Monique, barely educated, working without electricity, running water, ambulances or emergency rooms, was solely responsible for all births in her village, tending malnourished and overworked pregnant women in her makeshift birthing clinic. With one of the highest rates of maternal death in the world, these Malian women sometimes had to work right up until and directly after giving birth and had no means of contraception.
The normal kid. Elizabeth Ann Holmes
Told in their separate voices, fifth-graders Sylvan, whose parents' divorce causes him stress, and Charity, who lived in Kenya for the past five years, both strive for normalcy at school and start a petition to keep their teacher, Mr. In, from being fired.
The Unit Ninni Holmqvist
Dorrit Weger checks into the Second Reserve Bank Unit for biological material, a place where single, childless women over fifty and men over sixty without jobs in progressive industries are sent to live out their remaining days in comfort while offering themselves for drug and psychological testing and organ donations, and she is quite content with her lot until she falls in love and begins to see more value in her life.
Cinderella stays late Joan Holub
When Cinderella starts her first week at Grimm Academy, she must stop her evil stepsisters from plotting a villainous deed at the prince's ball, and enlists the help of friends Snow, Red, and Rapunzel, as well a a pair of magic slippers.
Rapunzel Cuts Loose Joan Holub
Snow White Lucks Out Joan Holub
Hear My Sorrow Deborah Hopkinson
Top with cinnamon : stylish sweet and savoury recipes. Izy Hossack
Izy Hossack isn't your regular 18 year old. Since her early teens she has been developing delicious recipes and styling and photographing them with a flair well beyond her years, recording it all on her blog,, a site which has now become an internet phenomenon. In her debut cookbook, Izy showcases a selection of mouth-watering, wholesome recipes.
The true history of the Elephant Man Michael Howell
Joseph Carey Merrick, born in Leicester on 5th August 1852, is better known as the Elephant Man. Through horrible physical deformities which were almost impossible to describe, he spent much of his life exhibited as a fairground freak until even nineteenth-century sensibilities could take no more. Hounded, persecuted and starving, he ended up one day at Liverpool Street Station where he was rescued, housed and fed by the distinguished surgeon Frederick Treves. To Treves' surprise, he discovered during the course of their friendship that lurking beneath the mass of Merrick's corrupting flesh lived a spirit that was as courageous as it had been tortured, and a nature as gentle and dignified as it had been deprived and tormented.
Sister wife. Shelley Hrdlitschka
In the isolated rural community of Unity, the people of The Movement live a simple life guided by a set of religious principles and laws that are unique to them. Polygamy is the norm, strict obedience is expected and it is customary for young girls to be assigned to much older husbands. Celeste was born and raised in Unity, yet she struggles to fit in. Perhaps it's because of Taviana, the girl who has come to live with them and entertains Celeste with forbidden stories, or Jon, the young man she has clandestine meetings with, or maybe it's the influence of Craig, the outsider she meets on the beach. Whatever it is, she struggles to accept her ordained life. At fifteen she is repulsed at the thought of being assigned to an older man and becoming a sister wife, and she knows for certain she is not cut out to raise children. She wants something more for herself, yet feels powerless to change her destiny because rebelling would bring shame upon her family.
Living canvas : your total guide to tattoos, piercing, and body modification. Karen L. Hudson
As a tattoo specialist and writer for, Hudson has talked to far too many people who regret their tattoos. Now she pens a resource for body art enthusiasts who are thinking about getting their first or fifth tattoo, planning for their next bod-mod, or regretting a negative experience.
GLBTQ : the survival guide for queer & questioning teen. Kelly Huegel
Describes the challenges faced by gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered teens, offers practical advice, real-life experiences, and accessible resources and support groups. A helpful look at the challenges and issues gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, and questioning teens face at school, at home, and with friends. Recommended for any GLBTQ teen-and for any straight friend, parent, teacher, or other adult who cares and wants to understand. This book is for any GLBTQ teen-and any straight friend, parent, teacher, counselor, youth leader, or other adult who cares and wants to understand.
On the origin of tepees : why some ideas spread while others go extinct. Jonnie Hughes
We humans pride ourselves on our capacity to have ideas, but perhaps this pride is misplaced. Perhaps ideas have us. After all, ideas do appear to have a life of their own. Many biologists have already come to the opinion that our genes are selfish entities, tricking us into helping them to reproduce. Is it the same with our ideas? Jonnie Hughes, a science writer and documentary filmmaker, investigates the evolution of ideas in order to find out. Adopting the role of a cultural Charles Darwin, Hughes heads off, with his brother in tow, across the Midwest to observe firsthand the natural history of ideas - the patterns of their variation, inheritance, and selection in the cultural landscape.
The iInvention of everything else. Samantha Hunt
Hunt's novel is a wondrous imagining of an unlikely friendship between the eccentric inventor Nikola Tesla and a young chambermaid in the Hotel New Yorker, where Tesla lived out his last days.
The whale : &, A bright new Boise. Samuel D. Hunter
Acclaimed for his gentle, complex characterizations, Samuel D. Hunter's big-hearted and fiercely funny plays explore the quiet desperation running through many Middle American lives. The Whale tells the story of a six hundred-pound shut-in's last chance at redemption and of discovering beauty in the most unexpected places when he reaches out to his long-estranged-and severely unhappy-daughter. Hunter's second piece, the Obie Award-winning A Bright New Boise, is a philosophical investigation of faith and search for meaning in rural Idaho where a disgraced evangelical is forced to take a minimum-wage job at the local Hobby Lobby craft store in an effort to reunite with his estranged son.
Losing touch. Sandra Hunter
After Indian Independence Arjun brings his family to London, but hopes of a better life rapidly dissipate. His wife Sunila spends all day longing for a nice tea service, his son suddenly hates anything Indian, and his daughter, well, that's a whole other problem. As he struggles to enforce the values he grew up with, his family eagerly embraces the new. But when Arjun's right leg suddenly fails him, his sense of imbalance is more than external. Diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, he is forced to question his youthful impatience and careless cruelty to his family.
Murder in the Name of Honour Rana Husseini
"Murder in the Name of Honour" is Rana Husseini's hard-hitting and controversial examination of honour crimes. Common in many traditional societies around the world, as well as in migrant communities in Europe and the USA, they involve a 'punishment' - often death or disfigurement - carried out by a relative to restore the family's honour. Breaking through the conspiracy of silence surrounding this crime, one writer above all others has been instrumental in bringing it to the world's attention: Rana Husseini.
The 7 laws of magical thinking : how irrational beliefs keep us happy, healthy, and sane. Matthew Hutson
Psychologists have documented a litany of cognitive biases - misperceptions of the world - and explained their positive functions. Now, Matthew Hutson shows us that even the most hard-core skeptic indulges in magical thinking all the time - and it's crucial to our survival. Drawing on evolution, cognitive science, and neuroscience, Hutson shows us that magical thinking has been so useful to us that it's hardwired into our brains. It encourages us to think that we actually have free will. It helps make us believe that we have an underlying purpose in the world.
Right of thirst. Frank Huyler
Volunteering to assist earthquake relief efforts in an impoverished Islamic country after the shattering death of his wife, successful cardiologist Charles Anderson encounters life-threatening hostilities when the refugees he expects do not appear and the area where he is stationed comes under fire.
The hen who dreamed she could fly. Son-mi Hwang
No longer content to lay eggs on command only to have them carted off to the market, a hen glimpses her future every morning through the barn doors, where the other animals roam free, and comes up with a plan to escape into the wild - and to hatch an egg of her own.
Becoming Chloe. Catherine Ryan Hyde
A gay teenage boy and a fragile teenage girl meet while living on the streets of New York City and eventually decide to take a road trip across America to discover whether or not the world is a beautiful place.
Wouldn't it be deadly. D. E. Ireland
Following her successful appearance at an Embassy Ball - where Eliza Doolittle won Professor Henry Higgins' bet that he could pass off a Cockney flower girl as a duchess - Eliza becomes an assistant to his chief rival Emil Nepommuck. After Nepommuck publicly takes credit for transforming Eliza into a lady, an enraged Higgins submits proof to a London newspaper that Nepommuck is a fraud. When Nepommuck is found with a dagger in his back, Henry Higgins becomes Scotland Yard's prime suspect. However, Eliza learns that most of Nepommuck's pupils had a reason to murder their blackmailing teacher.
Wittgenstein Jr.kijac Lars Iyer
No one expects very much of an undergraduate: he should know that. None of us will fail our degrees, it is true - no one fails anymore. But none of us will excel, either. We're here to fill the classrooms, and pay the fees. We're here to populate the corridors, and sit decorously on the steps. What does it matter what we think?-
The book of night women. Marlon James
Lilith was born into slavery on a Jamaican sugar plantation at the end of the eighteenth century. Even at her birth, the slave women around her recognize a dark power that they - and she - will come to both revere and fear. The Night Women, as they call themselves, have long been plotting a slave revolt, and as Lilith comes of age and reveals the extent of her power, they see her as the key to their plans. But when she begins to understand her own feelings and desires and identity, Lilith starts to push at the edges of what is imaginable for the life of a slave woman in Jamaica, and risks becoming the conspiracy's weak link.
Gentlemen prefer curves. Sugar Jamison
Belinda Gordon thought she had it all - a great job, wonderful friends, a home of her own. She's even come to love her voluptuous body. But she still can't shake the feeling that something is missing. And then Carter Lancaster, aka Her Biggest Mistake, shows up in town, as irresistible as ever, and shakes up her entire world. Carter never expected to find Belinda in town, looking as delicious as the day he married her five years ago - before she walked out on him after six weeks and a painful misunderstanding that included his baby daughter, Ruby.
Thrown for a curve. Sugar Jamison
Cherri has often wished she were thin and graceful like a ballerina instead of being a six-foot-tall blonde with curves that require serious caution. Surely a charming Irishman like her new boss Colin, with his throaty brogue and to-die-for bod, would never go for someone like Cherri. Unless maybe he's looking for the exact opposite of a delicate lass? When Colin hired Cherri to work in his furniture-restoration shop, he had his eyes, first and foremost, on her artistic talents. But now he can't help but see Cherri for the lush, spirited beauty that she is … and, soon enough, he finds himself mixing business with pleasure.
Best European Fiction 2014 Drago Jancar
Damage control. Judith A. Jance
Cochise County sheriff Joanna Brady investigates the death of handicapped woman who had wandered away from a care facility with a suspicious track record and the deaths of an elderly couple who were presumably consenting partners in a suicide pact.
Dead to rights. Judith A. Jance
In Arizona, when a house burns down with its veterinarian owner inside, suspicion falls on the husband of a woman whom the veterinarian ran over. But after talking to the suspect, Sheriff Joanna Brady's feminine intuition tells her the man is innocent and she sets out to find the real killer.
Dead wrong. Judith A. Jance
As if juggling a family, including the impending birth of a second child, a career and a staff shortage at the Sheriff's office aren't enough, Sheriff Joanna Brady has to deal with two serious crimes. The first is the dead body of an ex-con who was found in the desert with all his fingers severed. The second is the brutal attack of one of her officers while on unauthorized stakeout. Being a sheriff is what she is and Joanna will stop at nothing to get the job done.
Devil's claw. Judith A. Jance
Sheriff Joanna Brady is about to be married and is dealing with her preteen daughter, meddlesome mother, and new in-laws. The sudden death of her dear friend Clayton Rhodes creates further turmoil and makes Joanna the target of Clayton's irate daughter, who makes accusations of a murder cover-up.
Exit wounds. Judith A. Jance
The intense desert heat has brought horror to a small corner of the Southwest. A body lies lifeless in an airless trailer, surrounded by seventeen others. It is a crime unspeakable in its conception and execution - a nightmare strangely connected to a grisly slaughter in a neighbouring state, where the corpses of two women are found tied up, naked, and gruesomely posed on a rancher's land. A day that started out hot has already turned blistering for Joanna Brady, the sheriff of Cochise County, Arizona, for terror has moved into her small town to stay.
Judgment call. Judith A. Jance
When her daughter, Jenny, stumbles across the body of her murdered high school principal, Cochise County Sheriff Joanna Brady's personal and professional worlds collide, putting her in the difficult middle between being officer of the law and a mother.
Outlaw mountain. Judith A. Jance
Sheriff Joanna Brady of Cochise County, Arizona, investigates the death of the mayor and his mother. The probe leads to a drug ring involving highly placed people in town.
Partner in crime. Judith A. Jance
When the Washington State attorney general's star witness is brutally murdered in Arizona - Sheriff Joanna Brady's turf - the AG sends his newest investigator, former homicide detective J.P. Beaumont.
Rattlesnake crossing. Judith A. Jance
Sheriff Joanna Brady is the law in Cochise County, and she will never allow her personal trials to interfere with the job she was elected to do - especially now that death has invaded Bisbee, Arizona, and has shattered the small desert town's fragile peace. A gun dealer has died violently, and his stock of high-powered weapons has been cleaned out. Suspicion falls upon rancher Alton Hosfield, an armed separatist at war with the federal government and the local law - with everyone, in fact, whom he perceives as a threat to his independent way of life. Joanna Brady suspects the solution is not so cut-and-dried - especially when the cold-blooded slaying is followed by a series of others, equally horrific and perplexing.
Remains of innocence. Judith A. Jance
While investigating two separate cases, Sheriff Joanna Brady must discover if the death of a family friend whose body was found in a limestone cavern is linked to the discovery of a fortune in $100 bills hidden in the house of a hoarder.
Skeleton Canyon. Judith A. Jance
It was love that brought young Brianna "Bree" O'Briento Skeleton Canyon for a romantic tryst with her adoring boyfriend, Ignacio Ybarra- a rendezvous the beautiful teenager would never live to experience. It was love also that compelled Joanna Brady to seek-and win-the office of Cochise County Sheriff; love of her murdered policeman husband, whose memory she was honouring; of her little daughter, Jenny, for whom she was now solely responsible; and for justice and truth.
Tombstone courage. Judith A. Jance
In Arizona, Joanna Brady runs for sheriff, an office held by her late husband who was killed by a drug dealer. It's not a walkover, in addition to looking after an overbearing mother and a fatherless son, Joanna has to combat sexism in the police department.
Eastern Europe Tomek E. Jankowski
Girl on the golden coin : a novel of Frances Stuart. Marci Jefferson
In 1660, the Restoration of Stuart Monarchy in England returns Frances Stuart and her family to favor. Frances discards threadbare gowns and goes to gilded Fontainebleau Palace, where she soon catches the Sun King's eye. But Frances is no ordinary court beauty she has Stuart secrets to keep and her family to protect. King Louis XIV turns vengeful when she rejects his offer to become his Official Mistress. He sends her to England with orders to seduce King Charles II and help him form an alliance with England. The Queen Mother likewise orders Frances to become her son's mistress, in the interest of luring him away from the Protestant mistress he currently keeps. Armed in pearls and silk, Frances maneuvers the political turbulence of Whitehall Palace, but still can't afford to stir a scandal, determined to keep her family from shame.
We, the drowned. Carsten Jensen
An epic drama of adventure, courage, ruthlessness and passion by one of Scandinavia's most acclaimed storytellers. In 1848 a motley crew of Danish sailors sets sail from the small island town of Marstal to fight the Germans. Not all of them return - and those who do will never be the same. Among them is the daredevil Laurids Madsen, who promptly escapes again into the anonymity of the high seas. As soon as he is old enough, his son Albert sets off in search of his missing father on a voyage that will take him to the furthest reaches of the globe and into the clutches of the most nefarious company.
Waiting. Ha Jin
For more than seventeen years, Lin Kong, a devoted and ambitious doctor, has been in love with an educated, clever, modern woman, Manna Wu. But back in his traditional home village lives the humble, loyal wife his family chose for him years ago. Every summer, he returns to ask her for a divorce and every summer his compliant wife agrees but then backs out. This time, after eighteen years' waiting, Lin promises it will be different.
The kissing season. Rachael Johns
It's no surprise to anyone when Hannah Elliot makes the spontaneous decision to marry a stranger in Las Vegas. But when she finds herself pregnant and her new husband files for an annulment, she dreads having to tell her family. Returning to her Australian hometown of Wildwood Point, Hannah is determined to become a devoted mum and put her baby's needs ahead of her own. She's also set to prove to her family she can actually be responsible.
Man drought. Rachael Johns
Imogen Bates moved to the small rural town of Gibson's Find to start a new life for herself after the death of her husband. Tired of being haunted by the painful memories of her old life, Imogen set her last remaining hopes on the little town and poured her heart and savings into restoring The Majestic Hotel to its former glory. But while the female-starved town might be glad to see a young woman move in, not everyone is happy about Imogen's arrival. Farmer Gibson Black once dreamed of having the kind of family his grandfather reminisces about, but he's learnt not to dream anymore.
Outback blaze. Rachael Johns
Ruby Jones was always an optimist, but the trauma of her past had made her wary. So when she flees to the small rural community of Bunyip Bay to start afresh, she has her sights firmly set on establishing her horse-riding business and rebuilding her life. The last thing Ruby wants is a romance. In fact, after all she has been through, she can't imagine she will ever believe in love again. Police officer Drew Noble has no intention of staying in Bunyip Bay he is just an outsider seeking temporary refuge. But as the charm of the town sways him, Drew finds himself increasingly drawn to the community and its inhabitants, as well as another newcomer, the lovely Ruby Jones.
Outback dreams Rachael Johns
Faith and Monty are both looking for love but are they looking in the wrong direction? Faith Forrester is at a crossroads. Single, thirty and living on a farm in a small Western Australian town, she's sick of being treated like a kitchen slave by her brother and father. Ten years ago, her mother died of breast cancer, and Faith has been treading water ever since. She wants to prove to herself that she's done something worthwhile with her life. And she wants to find a man. For as long as he can remember, Daniel 'Monty' Montgomery has been Faith's best friend. When he was ten, his parents sold the family property and moved to Perth and ever since, Monty's dreamed of having his own farm. So for the last ten years, he's been back on the land, working odd jobs and saving every dollar to put toward his dream. Now he finally has the deposit. But there's still something missing. So when Faith embarks on a mission to raise money for a charity close to her heart, and Monty's dream property comes on the market, things seem like they are falling into place for them both.
Lives in Ruins Marilyn Johnson
Ice dogs Terry Lynn. Johnson
Victoria Secord, a fourteen-year-old Alaskan dogsled racer, loses her way on a routine outing with her dogs. With food gone and temperatures dropping, her survival and that of her dogs and the mysterious boy she meets in the woods is entirely up to her.
The Plantagenets : the kings who made England. Dan Jones
Eight generations of the greatest and worst kings and queens that this country has ever seen from the White Ship to the Lionheart, bad King John to the Black Prince and John of Gaunt this is the dynasty that invented England as we still know it today great history to appeal to readers of Ken Follet, Bernard Cornwell, Tom Holland.
The Known World P. Edward. Jones
Wild Boy Rob Lloyd. Jones
Wild Boy has been covered in hair since birth; he's the missing link, a monster, a sideshow spectacle. Condemned to life in a travelling freakshow, excluded from society and abused by his master, he takes refuge in watching people come and go at the fair and develops a Sherlock Holmes style talent for observation and detection.
Wild Boy & the Black Terror. Rob Lloyd. Jones
A new sensation grips London a poisoner who strikes without a trace, leaving victims mad with terror and then dead. Is there a cure for the Black Terror? To find out, Wild Boy and Clarissa must catch the killer. Their hunt will lead them from the city's vilest slums to its grandest palaces, and to a darkness at the heart of its very highest society.
Weird Shadows Over Innsmouth Stephen Jones
Tease Sophie Jordan
The Last Thing to Go Jane Juska
The Morning Sickness Companion Elizabeth Kaledin
Baby backyard animals. Jane Katirgis
Lots of baby animals live in your backyard. Beginning readers can learn all about these backyard babies with the help of easy-to-read text. Engaging photos keep even the youngest of readers entertained.
Baby farm animals. Jane Katirgis
Who lives on the farm? Beginning readers can learn about baby animals on the farm.
Baby forest animals. Jane Katirgis
Let's go to the forest! What baby animals live here? Young readers will delight in full-colour photographs and easy-to-read text about forest animals.
Baby grassland animals. Jane Katirgis
This great addition to the All About Baby Animals series teaches young readers about the animals that live in the grasslands. Beautiful photographs introduce baby animals and their habitat.
Baby snow animals. Jane Katirgis
Brr! Who lives in the snow? Meet some cute baby snow animals in this fun and easy-to-read text.
Baby zoo animals. Jane Katirgis
Let's take a trip to the zoo! With large, easy-to-read text, beginning readers can explore the zoo. Meet some fun baby animals and their families!
If not dieting, then what? Rick Kausman
Addresses the substantial evidence that weight-loss treatments may worsen rather than improve long-term physical and psychological health. This book shows how to look at food in a more positive way and move away from "no pain, no gain" ethos, as well as learning how to fine tune fat content.
Technocreep : the surrender of privacy and the capitalization of intimacy. Thomas P. Keenan
"Technology is rapidly moving into our bodies," writes cyber expert Keenan, and this book gives a chilling look ahead into where that road may lead us on a one way trip to the total surrender of privacy and the commoditization of intimacy." Here is the definitive dissection of privacy-eroding and life-invading technologies, coming at you from governments, corporations, and the person next door.
Rural Australian homes. Leta Keens
Most Australians live in cities, clinging to the coast and looking outwards towards the ocean. Yet almost all of us feel closely connected to the country, even if we hardly ever visit it. Many of us dream of moving to rural areas - there's a harshness to much of the Australian landscape and yet we still feel a sense of romance about it. For Rural Australian Homes, Leta Keens travelled around Australia to find the 18 homes featured in the book - a wide-ranging and appealing selection that includes a sheep station that has been in the same family for 100 years, a converted general store, an adapted shed, and award-winning architect-designed contemporary houses.
Shelter Dogs Peg Kehret
Small Steps Peg Kehret
Pigeon English Stephen Kelman
Maestoso Petra. Jane F. Kendall
Maestoso Petra, a Lipizzaner stallion, trains to perform in the Spanish Riding School and is hidden away during the German occupation of Austria in World War II. Includes facts about Lipizzaner horses and the world-famous Spanish Riding School
What becomes. A. L. Kennedy
Always attuned to the moment of epiphany, these twelve stories are profound, intimate observations of men and women whose lives ache with possibility - each story a dramatisation of the instant in a life that exposes it all: love and the lack of love, hope and the lack of hope. These men and women are perfectly ordinary people - whose marriages founder; who sit on their own in a cinema watching a film with no soundtrack; who risk sex in a hotel with an anonymous stranger. They conceal tenderness and disappointment, vulnerability and longing, griefs and wonders.
Honoring grief : creating a space to let yourself heal. Alexandra Kennedy
If you know someone who has suffered loss and is experiencing grief, simply sending a card or flowers may seem insufficient. Many people are unsure how to comfort a friend or loved-one in times of loss. This special book is filled with inspirational wisdom, practical self-help for healing, and makes a meaningful and comforting gift. Written by psychotherapist and grief expert Alexandra Kennedy, Honoring Grief provides powerful and compassionate advice for dealing with loss.
Eat your greens : the surprising power of homegrown leaf crops. David Kennedy
Our industrialized food system is failing us, and as individuals we must take more responsibility for our own health and food security. Leaf crops produce more nutrients per square foot of growing space and per day of growing season than any other crops, especially vitamins and minerals commonly lacking in the North American diet. As hardy as they are versatile, these beautiful leafy vegetables range from the familiar to the exotic. Some part of this largely untapped food resource can thrive in almost any situation. garden.
State of the Union Douglas Kennedy
America in the Sixties was an era of radical upheaval - of civil rights protests and anti-war marches; of sexual liberation and hallucinogenic drugs. More tellingly, it was a time when you weren't supposed to trust anyone over the age of thirty; when, if you were young, you rebelled against your parents and their conservative values. But not Hannah Buchan. Hannah wants nothing more than to marry her doctor boyfriend, and raise a family in a small town. Hannah gets her wish. But once installed as the doctor's wife in a nowhere corner of Maine, boredom sets in, until an unforeseen moment of personal rebellion changes everything. Especially as Hannah is forced into breaking the law.
Born to be wild. Elle Kennedy
Bree Lockhart was always the good girl, on the surface. During her senior year of high school, however, her inner bad girl was lured out to play by reckless, carefree Jake Bishop. Her parents' worst nightmare, and the man she's never forgotten. Twelve years later, she's home for a charity event and up for auction. The highest bidder, Jake. This time around, he wants more than a wild ride, he wants it all.
Hotter than ever. Elle Kennedy
Claire McKinley has just experienced every bride's nightmare. The groom is a no-show, and now she must face five hundred guests alone. Furious and humiliated, Claire seeks help from the most unlikely candidate - her almost-brother-in-law, who promptly whisks her away to his apartment in San Diego, where she can recover her pride in peace and quiet.
Since You've Been Gone Elle Kennedy
Take me home tonight. Elle Kennedy
Three years. That's how long Maddie's been running the reception desk at Owen Bishop's construction companyand waiting for her sexy boss to wake up and realize she's more woman than the airhead bimbos he seems to prefer. Even after her friends spring an ambush makeover on her, Owen barely notices. Apparently shedding her one-of-the-guys, tomboy looks isn't enough. Looks like it's time to step up her game, even if it means looking for lessons in all the wrong places.
Amazing ABC. Sean Kenney
A sturdy alphabet board book features vivid photographs of colourful LEGO creations designed for particular appeal to toddlers, in a visual primer comprised of easily recognizable LEGO depictions of everything from an Apple to a Zipper.
The sandman. Lars Kepler
During a cold winter night in Stockholm a young man is found walking alongside a railway bridge. The hospital declares that he is suffering from hypothermia and legionella. They also discover a death certificate stating that the man has been dead for over seven years. The man was a victim of the serial killer Jurek Walter, who was arrested by Detective Inspector Joona Linna. Jurek Walter was convicted to forensic psychiatric care, a sentence served in total isolation. But where has this man been during all these years?
Dessert mashups : tasty two-in-one treats including sconuts, s'morescake, chocolate chip cookie pie. Dorothy Kern
One dessert is good. Two desserts are even better, but a doubly delicious mash-up of both into one all-new concoction is the best! This book's fifty-two inspiring recipes bring a new level of creative fun to your baking, with treats guaranteed to wow everyone at the table.
Kaddish for an unborn child. Imre Kertesz
The first word of this haunting novel is 'no'. It is how the narrator, a middle-aged Hungarian Jewish writer, answers an acquaintance who asks if he has a child and it is how he answered his, now ex-wife when she told him she wanted a baby. The loss, longing, and regret that haunt the years between those two 'no's' give rise to one of the most eloquent meditations ever written on the Holocaust.
The secret language of dogs Jocelyn Kessler
Have you ever wondered what your dog is thinking? Dog trainer, healer, and counsellor, Jocelyn Kessler, asserts that while your dog does not speak English, he or she is communicating with you all of the time. In The Secret Language of Dogs, Kesler explains the importance of learning how to listen to your pet by learning to read the behavioral and energetic traits of your dog.
Cooking with ancient grains : 75 delicious recipes for quinoa, amaranth, chia and kaniwa. Maria Baez. Kijac
Rich in fibre and antioxidants, ancient grains like quinoa, chia, amaranth, and kaniwa are known for their nutritional value. In Cooking with Ancient Grains, you'll discover just how wholesome and tasty these grains are with 75 recipes by award-winning author Maria Baez Kijac. From breakfast and dinner to snacks and desserts, each delicious dish not only provides important nutrients and proteins, but also keeps you feeling full throughout the day.
A Spotlight for Harry Eric A. Kimmel
Anansi goes fishing. Eric A. Kimmel
Anansi the spider plans to trick Turtle into catching a fish for his dinner, but Turtle proves to be smarter and ends up with a free meal. Explains the origin of spider webs. Suggested level: primary, intermediate.
Shopaholic & sister. Sophie Kinsella
Rebecca Bloomwood is happily married to Luke Brandon, and all her problems seem to be at an end. But suddenly into her life steps a sister, of whose existence Becky had been completely unaware. Becky is only too anxious to welcome her into the family. There's only one snag - she hates shopping!
Webster's Word Power better English usage : express yourself clearly. Betty Kirkpatrick
Explains common mistakes in English and how to correct your use of language effectively. Useful to students of Standard English in schools and colleges, as well as learners of English as a foreign language.
Webster's Word Power better English grammar : improve your written and spoken English. E. M. (Elizabeth McLaren) Kirkpatrick
With questions and answer sections throughout, this book helps you to improve your written and spoken English through understanding the structure of the English language. This is a thorough and useful book with all parts of speech and grammar explained.
Dig deeper : seasonal, sustainable, Australian gardening. Meredith Kirton
Dig Deeper is the definitive gardening manual for the modern gardener. Guiding you through the seasons, each chapter is divided into four parts: annuals, perennials and bulbs; grasses, groundcovers and climbers; shrubs and trees; and herbs, fruit and vegetables.
Barry. Kate Klimo
Barry der Menschenretter - a.k.a. Barry - the most famous St. Bernard dog in history, tells the story of his life for the first time. Eight-thousand feet above sea level, in the treacherous pass in the Alps between Italy and Switzerland, the monks of the hospice of St. Bernard have, since the 11th century, kept dogs to help them rescue travellers lost in the snow. In time, these dogs became a breed unto themselves, named for the hospice. They are responsible for helping over 2,000 travellers who might otherwise have frozen to death.
Buddy. Kate Klimo
A German shepherd describes her life as the first guide dog trained to serve the blind.
Dash. Kate Klimo
English springer spaniel Dash and his furry friend Mercy - a mastiff - travel with their master, John Goodman, in search of the New World. Taken from the pages of history, this Dog Diary follows the story of the colonists whom we now call Pilgrims, from their sixty-six-day voyage at sea to the celebration of their first harvest with the Wampanoag Indians who become their friends and advisors.
Ginger. Kate Klimo
Born in a puppy mill, Ginger the golden retriever looks back on her life and the various people who have "owned" her. Abruptly separated from her mother, littermates, and the wire cage that was her whole world, Ginger is shuttled from one harrowing situation to another until she finally escapes, living as an outlaw with a pack of wild dogs. But freedom doesn't feel so good once she becomes hungry and cold and sick. Will Ginger ever find a furever family to call her own?
Togo. Kate Klimo
When a diptheria epidemic breaks out in isolated Nome, Alaska, in January 1925, the only way to get life-saving serum to the town is by using dog-sled relay teams. Twenty teams participate, and the dog who inevitably gets credit for saving the town is Balto, lead dog on the final team which delivered the serum. But few people have ever heard of 12-year-old Togo and his musher Leonard Seppala, who carried the serum for almost double the length of any other team, and twice violated warnings to avoid perilous Norton Sound and instead ran straight over the frozen ice!
Learning the Ropes T. J. Kline
The poisoned chalice. Bernard Knight
When Christina, the daughter of an Exeter businessman, is raped, Crowner (Coroner) John must bring the unknown assailant to justice. Then Lady Adele de Courcey dies after an illegal abortion, and John suspects the two events are related.
The sanctuary seeker. Bernard Knight
When an unidentified body is found in the village of Widecombe, Crowner (coroner) John is eager to assume his new duties. However, his own brother-in-law, the corrupt sheriff Richard de Revelle, erects numerous stumbling blocks to the investigation.
Indian takeaway : a very British story Hardeep Singh Kohli
As a boy, Hardeep Singh Kohli knew where home was: Glasgow. But everyone else always assumed he was Indian. Because surely he couldn't be British, with his brown skin and turban? Thirty years later, Hardeep sets out on a journey to discover where he is really from. His story is as hilarious as it is moving.
Surviving the Angel of Death : the story of a Mengele twin in Auschwitz Eva Mozes. Kor
Among Holocaust survivor stories, Eva Kor's experience as a 10-year-old guinea pig of Dr. Josef Mengele in Auschwitz is exceptional. It is the story of a child facing extraordinary evil and cruelty. Eva Kor has been the subject of a documentary, "Forgiving Dr. Mengele," and other media coverage.
Made on Earth : what we wear, where it comes from, where it goes. Wolfgang Korn
How does a piece of clothing end up in your wardrobe? Where does it come from, and where does it go? This is not just a story about manufacturing. This is a story about people, their livelihoods and their life expectations. This is the story of globalisation. Made on Earth follows the incredible journey of a red fleece manufactured in Bangladesh.
One zentangle a day : a 6-week course in creative drawing for relaxation, inspiration, and fun. Beckah Krahula
One Zentangle A Day is a beautiful interactive book teaching the principles of Zentangles as well as offering fun, related drawing exercises. Zentangles are a new trend in the drawing and paper arts world.
A path appears : transforming lives, creating opportunity Nicholas D. Kristof
From the authors of the #1 New York Times best-selling Half the Sky, a unique and essential narrative about making a difference in the world - a roadmap to becoming a conscientious global citizen. Equal in urgency and compassion to Half the Sky, this galvanizing new book from the acclaimed husband and wife team is even more ambitious in scale: nothing less than a deep examination of people who are making the world a better place, and the myriad ways we can support them, whether with a donation of five dollars or five million, an inkling to help or a useful skill to deploy.
Insane Training Matt Kroczaleski
Creative block : get unstuck, discover new ideas : advice and projects from 50 successful artists Danielle Krysa
This book is chock-full of tools to help artists overcome the dreaded and unfortunately universally crippling, feeling of creative block. Art blogger The Jealous Curator interviews 50 successful international artists including such talents as Lisa Congdon, Trey Speegle, Martha Rich and Wayne White, and mines their golden insights on how to conquer self-doubt, stay motivated, and get new ideas to flow.
The good girl. Mary Kubica
Born to a prominent Chicago judge and his stifled socialite wife, Mia Dennett moves against the grain as a young inner-city art teacher. One night, Mia enters a bar to meet her on-again, off-again boyfriend. When he doesn't show, she unwisely leaves with an enigmatic stranger. With his smooth moves and modest wit, at first Colin Thatcher seems like a safe one-night stand. But following Colin home will turn out to be the worst mistake of Mia's life. Mia soon finds herself at the centre of a wild extortion plot. Colin's job was to abduct Mia and deliver her to his employers.
My crocodile does not bite. Joe Kulka
Ernest enters his talented crocodile in the school pet show.
Wolf's coming! Joe Kulka
News quickly spreads that Wolf is coming! As the wolf gets closer and closer, animals run away as fast as they can. But things are not as they seem!
Eat my dust. Monica Kulling
Relates the excitement caused by Henry Ford as he drove the "horseless carriage" he built, particularly when he decided to win a race to get money to build a new car that anyone could afford.
Men, Women and Children Chad Kultgen
The Empress of India. Michael Kurland
It is 1890 in Victorian England, and a large amount of gold is arriving unannounced in a special vault in the cargo hold of the steamship The Empress of India. The steamship, traveling from Calcutta to London, will bear not only the gold but a detachment of the Highland Lancers to guard it. Of course, such a shipment cannot help but come to the attention of the less savory elements of society. So the Bank of England hires Sherlock Holmes to use his special skills to thwart any plots against the gold before they are executed, but then Holmes disappears and is feared killed in an unfortunate incident. Professor James Moriarty, his archnemesis, finds himself blamed for Holmes's disappearance and under siege from the authorities. Meanwhile, the mysterious Pin Dok Low of the London underworld assembles a crack team with the goal of doing the impossible - stealing the shipment of gold out from under everyone's noses.
The great game. Michael Kurland
Labeled the "Napoleon of Crime" by an obsessed Sherlock Holmes, Professor James Moriarty is a prominent scientist, a keen analytical mind, and a dabbler in less than savory doings. Two friends and former associates of Moriarty - Benjamin Barnett and his wife, the former Cecily Perrine - are travelling in Europe in early 1891 when they realize that they have become objects of scrutiny from persons unknown. Things turn deadly when they find themselves in the midst of an attempted assassination of a German prince.
The infernal device. Michael Kurland
When American journalist Benjamin Barrett is sent to Constantinople to report on the sea trials of a new submarine, the assignment soon becomes more eventful than he had predicted. The submarine is sabotaged, and he is arrested for the brutal murder of a British spy. Rescue comes from an unexpected quarter: the enigmatic Professor Moriarty, who offers him his freedom - at a price.
Who thinks evil. Michael Kurland
In London, 1892, a well-guarded young nobleman goes missing under distressing circumstances. The nobleman, one Baron Renfrew, is actually Prince Albert Victor, eldest grandson of Queen Victoria. He disappeared while he was visiting a house of ill repute, with bodyguards both inside and outside the building - with his inside bodyguard rendered unconscious and the trussed-up corpse of a brutally murdered young woman left behind.
Mothers and daughters. Kylie Ladd
Four mothers. Four teenage daughters. An isolated tropical paradise with no internet or mobile phone reception. What could possibly go wrong? There's tension, bitchiness, bullying, sex, drunken confessions, bad behaviour and breakdowns and wait till you see what the teenagers get up to.
My happy life. Rose Lagercrantz
Story of a young girl with alot of optimism, even though events in her life sometimes make it hard for her to be happy.
My heart is laughing Rose Lagercrantz
This is a story about Dani, who's always happy. She's unhappy too, now and then, but she doesn't count those times. But she does miss her best friend Ella who moved to another town. Since then no one is allowed to sit at Ella's desk. Otherwise where would Ella sit when she came back? "Ella is not coming back," said the teacher. "You never know," said Dani. She's not one to give up hope, even when everything seems hopeless.
Tennessee Williams John Lahr
The Dying of the Light Derek Landy
Over the water. William (Authority on Christina Stead) Lane
Over the Water is the story of an Australian outsider who finds teaching work in Bandung, a city in Java. Seduced by the sights, sounds, and magic of Indonesia, Joe finds himself unwittingly drawn into the lives of three women.
Mindfulness. Ellen J. Langer
Ellen J. Langer, Harvard professor of psychology, determines that the mindless following of routine and other automatic behaviors lead to much error, pain and a predetermined course of life. In this thought-provoking book, her research has been "translated" for the lay reader. With anecdotes and metaphors, Langer explains how the mindless - as opposed to the mindful - develop mindsets of categories, associations, habits of thought born of repetition in childhood and throughout schooling.
Blockbuster. H. I. Larry
Zac is invited to the premiere of a new spy movie - in Hollywood! At first Zac thinks he's getting a holiday from his spy work, but there's something strange going on. When Zac discovers a mysterious microchip with a prototype brain-washing technology, he realizes that there's no time-off for a super spy.
An empire of ice : Scott, Shackleton, and the heroic age of Antarctic science. Edward J. (Edward John) Larson
Published to coincide with the centenary of the first expeditions to reach the South Pole, "An Empire of Ice" presents a fascinating new take on Antarctic exploration. Retold with added information, it's the first book to place the famed voyages of Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen, his British rivals Robert Scott and Ernest Shackleton, and others in a larger scientific, social, and geopolitical context.
A beautiful mess happy handmade home : painting, crafting, and decorating a cheerful, more inspiring space Elsie Larson
A beautiful mess photo idea book : 95 inspiring ideas for photographing your friends, your world, and yourself Elsie Larson
This title includes advice on lighting, backdrops, posing and styling, all with an infectious love of lifestyle photography. It is an inspiring manifesto to grab your camera and start sharing your life online in creative, beautiful ways.
Easy gourmet. Stephanie Le
Sometimes you just want to make something simple, but you don't want to skimp on taste. Stephanie Le, creator of the popular site, I am a Food Blog, has recipes that are a cinch to make, yet bursting with flavour. So, whether you are a new cook, suddenly cooking for a hungry family, or you've just always been intimidated by what goes on in the kitchen and are ready to take a stab at it, you'll make dishes that'll impress your family and friends.
A field guide to happiness : what I learned in Bhutan about living, loving and waking up. Linda Leaming
In the West, we have everything we could possibly need or want, except for peace of mind. So writes Linda Leaming, a harried American who travelled from Nashville, Tennessee, to the rugged Himalayan nation of Bhutan, sometimes called the happiest place on Earth to teach English and unlearn her politicized and polarized, energetic and impatient way of life. Forced by circumstance and her rustic surroundings to embrace a simplified life, Leaming made room for more useful beliefs.
Knit It Melissa Leapman
The jumblies and other nonsense verses. Edward Lear
A collection of tales and rhymes from the master of limericks including: Yonghy Bonghy Bo, Calico Pie, The New Vestments, The Dong with a Luminous Nose, The Cummerbund, The Duck and the Kangaroo and others tales
The owl and the pussy-cat. Edward Lear
After a courtship voyage of a year and a day, Owl and Pussy finally buy a ring from Piggy and are blissfully married.
The half life of Molly Pierce. Katrina Leno
Molly, a seventeen-year-old girl who suffers from dissociative identity disorder, has played host to Mabel, a completely distinct personality, for most her life. When Molly faces a crisis Mabel doesn't know she can handle, Mabel lets Molly in on her secrets.
Beatleness : how the Beatles and their fans remade the world. Candy Leonard
The Beatles arrived in the United States on February 7, 1964, and immediately became a constant, compelling presence in fans' lives. For the next six years, the band presented a nonstop deluge of sounds, words, images, and ideas, transforming the childhood and adolescence of millions of baby boomers. Beatleness explains how the band became a source of emotional, intellectual, aesthetic, and spiritual nurturance in fans' lives, creating a relationship that was historically unique. Looking at that relationship against the backdrop of the sexual revolution, the Vietnam War, political assassinations, and other events of those tumultuous years, the book examines critically the often-heard assertion that the Beatles "changed everything" and shows how through the interplay between the group, the fans, and the culture that change came about.
Mr. Hong Melissa Leong
10:04. Ben Lerner
In the last year, the narrator of 10:04 has enjoyed unexpected literary success, has been diagnosed with a potentially fatal heart condition, and has been asked by his best friend to help her conceive a child, despite his dating a rising star in the visual arts. In a New York of increasingly frequent super storms and political unrest, he must reckon with his biological mortality, the possibility of a literary afterlife, and the prospect of (unconventional) fatherhood in a city that might soon be under water.
The Dance of Connection Harriet Lerner
Hyde. Daniel G. Levine
In this reimagining of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde from the monster's perspective, Hyde makes a hero of a villain. Mr. Hyde is hiding, trapped in Dr. Jekyll's surgical cabinet, counting the hours until capture. As four days pass, he has the chance, finally, to tell the story of his brief, marvelous life. We join Hyde, awakened after years of dormancy, in the mind he hesitantly shares with Jekyll. We spin with dizzy confusion as the potions take effect. We tromp through the dark streets of Victorian London. We watch Jekyll's high-class life at a remove, blurred by a membrane of consciousness. We feel the horror of lost time, the helplessness of knowing we are responsible for the actions of a body not entirely our own.
Get up! : why your chair is killing you and what you can do about it. James A. Levine
That the average adult spends 50 to 70 percent of their day sitting is no surprise to anyone who works in an office environment. But few realize the health consequences they are suffering as a result of modernity's increasingly sedentary lifestyle, or the effects it has had on society at large. In Get Up! , health expert James A. Levine's original scientific research shows that today's chair-based world, where we no longer use our bodies as they evolved to be used, is having negative consequences on our health, and is a leading cause of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.
Trauma-Proofing Your Kids Peter A. Levine
When dating becomes dangerous : a parent's guide to preventing relationship abuse Barrie Levy
An amorous discourse in the suburbs of hell. Deborah Levy
Deborah Levy whips up a storm of romance and slapstick, of heavenly and earthly delights, in this dystopian philosophical poem about individual freedom and the search for the good life.
Animals work. Ted Lewin
Describes the types of work that different animals do, including donkeys, camels, goats, sheep, and elephants.
Daughter of heaven : a memoir with earthly recipes. Leslie Li
A memoir of an American woman whose grandmother used traditional Chinese cuisine to help her embrace her Chinese heritage and overcome her alienation from American culture, with authentic family recipes included.
Selfish whining monkeys. Rod Liddle
With a sharp eye for the magnificently absurd, Rod Liddle sets light to modern-day Britain. How did we get to be like this? No previous generation has enjoyed the luxuries we take for granted today. But peace has made us complacent, freedom has made us irresponsible, affluence has made us acquisitive, comfort has made us neglectful of others, and security has made us tremulously insecure. Unable to defer our gratification even for a moment, we want everything, and we want it right now - regardless of whether we can afford it or not.
Off pointe. Leanne Lieberman
When Meg's summer ballet program is canceled and her ballet teacher suggests she attend Camp Dance to learn new dance styles, Meg is devastated. Worse still, her teacher thinks she lacks stage presence and needs to connect more with her audience. At camp, Meg struggles to learn contemporary dance. A girl named Logan, who is jealous of Meg's ballet technique and her friendship with Nio, a cute contemporary dancer, makes Meg's life even more difficult. When Meg, Nio and Logan have to work together to create a piece for the final show, arguments threaten to ruin their dance.
Girl, 15, charming but insane. Sue Limb
Fifteen-year-old Jess, living with her mum, separated from her father in Cornwall, and with a best friend who seems to do everything perfectly, finds her own assets through humour.
Girl, 15, flirting for England. Sue Limb
Jess is in a fix: not only does she have to write a letter to her French friend Edouard before he comes to visit, but she also has to send a photo! How can she?
Girl, 16, five-star fiasco. Sue Limb
Jess and Fred are finally an 'item'. They have spent the remainder of their summer holidays just as they planned to - creating fabulous comedy routines together. Until one fateful morning in the park just before term starts, when Fred casually mentions that he's not sure he wants to go out with Jess any more.
Girls, guilty but somehow glorious. Sue Limb
Chloe and Zoe. The two are inseparable. Even though they often drive each other crazy, they are best of friends. And at the moment they have an immediate problem. Who are they going to persuade to take them to the Earthquake Ball - the ball of the year. Being Zoe and Chloe, they have left this important task till one week before the ball. Time is running out. And being Zoe and Chloe, they don't resort to run of the mill measures.
Girls to total goddesses. Sue Limb
Zoe and Chloe have a mission: to transform themselves into goddesses in seven days (or thereabouts anyway - eight if they need the extra time). But who for Zoe has a horrible dilemma. Having hated the horrible Beast for making Chloe's life a misery, Zoe has now realised that all was not as it seemed. When Beast came to both their rescue, Zoe's heart was completely overturned. But Zoe has told him she never wants to see him again. And how can she get him back without upsetting Chloe?
Ghost month. Ed Lin
August is Ghost Month in Taiwan - a time to commemorate the dead: burn incense, visit shrines, honor ancestors, and avoid unlucky situations, large purchases, and bodies of water. Jing-nan, a young man who runs a food stand in a bustling Taipei night market, doesn't consider himself superstitious, but this August is going to haunt him no matter what he does. He is shocked to the core when he learns his ex-girlfriend from high school has been murdered. She was found scantily clad and shot on the side of a highway where she was selling betel nuts to passing truck drivers. Beyond his harrowing grief for his lost love, Jing-nan is confused by the news. "Betel nut beauties" are usually women in the most desperate of circumstances; the job is almost as taboo as prostitution.
Once a princess. Johanna Lindsey
Born a princess in a politically unstable eastern Europe, Tatiana is wisked away to America for her own safety, where years later, the prince to whom she was betrothed as a babe finds her working as a servant in a Mississippi tavern.
You belong to me. Johanna Lindsey
The beautiful, liberal-minded Alexandra Rubliov and the handsome, rakish Count Vasili Petroff are determined to resist the betrothal arranged for them by Alexandra's father, but cannot curb their passion.
The sign of the black dagger. Joan Lingard
One day, Will and Lucy's dad just … vanishes. They have no idea why he's disappeared until a creepy stranger reveals their dad was keeping a BIG secret. Then there's the second clue: an old diary they find hidden in the walls of their Royal Mile house, with a sinister black dagger on it.
The Flight of Gemma Hardy Margot Livesey
A doctor's dream : a story of hope from the Top End Buddhi Lokuge
When Dr Buddhi moved to Arnhem Land to run a health programme for Aboriginal children, he had no idea he would face the challenge of his life. Six months into running the $5 million dollar programme he realised it was going to fail, and that's when the trouble began. In the face of powerful opposition from high profile experts, he listened to the elders and took the slow road.
Six feet over it. Jennifer Longo
Home is where the bodies are buried. Darkly humorous and heart-wrenchingly beautiful, Jennifer Longo's YA debut about a girl stuck living in a cemetery will change the way you look at life, death, and love.
Frozen yoghurt Constance Lorenzi
Packed with over 60 recipes for yoghurt in all its guises: from frozen yoghurt combined with summer fruits, berries, nuts or chocolate, to frozen yoghurt biscuit sandwiches and frozen yoghurt cheesecake. There are yoghurt desserts made with dulce de leche, peanut butter or lemon curd; and chilled yogurt milkshakes, lassis, yogurt cakes, and more.
Herbert West u Reanimator H. P. Lovecraft
The Short Stories of HP Lovecraft, Volume 1 H. P. Lovecraft
The Short Stories of HP Lovecraft, Volume 2 H. P. Lovecraft
The Shunned House H. P. Lovecraft
Fox tails : four fables from Aesop. Amy Lowry
Four of Aesop's fables are combined in this tale about three animal friends who outsmart a tricky fox.
The carnival Brigitte Luciani
Can badgers and foxes get through a long, hard winter together? Badgers like to plan for the future. Foxes like to live in the moment. When badgers and foxes are cooped up in one burrow all winter, disagreements are bound to happen.
A hubbub Brigitte Luciani
Now that Ginger Fox and her mother are living with the Badgers, life just isn't the same. Ginger's new badger brothers like to argue. Her new badger baby sister takes up all of Mrs. Fox's time. And Mr. Badger has a lot of rules about keeping the house tidy. That's not how they used to do things back at the Fox home.
The meeting Brigitte Luciani
Having lost their home, a fox and her daughter move in with a badger and his three children, but when the youngsters throw a big party hoping to prove that they are incompatible, their plan backfires.
What a team! Brigitte Luciani
Is teamwork impossible for these brothers and sisters? Badger brothers Grub and Bristle want to build a boat with their friends, but their new fox sister Ginger always tries to take charge. Everyone has a different idea about what to do. Bristle wants to build a kayak. Ginger wants a sailboat. And baby sister Berry wants to help, but she can't even swim. Soon all they've built is a big argument.
Single white female. John Lutz
Imitation is the deadliest form of flattery. After a messy break-up, Allie Jones finds herself living alone in her New York City apartment, no one to share her bed with - and more urgently, no one to share her rent. The solution seems clear: she needs a roommate. And Hedra Carlson seems perfect - she's shy, quiet, safe. But soon Hedra's disturbing envy of Allie's looks and social life becomes unsettling. She wears Allie's clothes, even buys a wig in Allie's colour and style.
Heir of fire. Sarah J. Maas
Noble destiny. Katie MacAlister
If Dare thinks he can escape his fate… Having weathered the scandal of elopement with an Italian count who subsequently had the bad taste to die, Lady Charlotte Collins has set her sights on Alasdair "Dare" McGregor - one deliciously handsome and brilliantly inventive Scottish earl. Then he doesn't know Charlotte. Charlotte doesn't accept that the McGregor family fortune is a sham and Dare is working desperately hard to find a way out. She has no intention of giving up one iota of either the success or the connubial bliss they both so clearly deserve. She will simply have to take their destiny into her own hands…with explosive results.
The Governess Club. Sara Ellie Macdonald
Sweet Sara Collins is one of the founding members of the Governess Club. But she has a secret: She doesn't love teaching. She'd much prefer to be a vicar's wife and help the local community. But this quiet mouse doesn't want to upset her friends, and she resolves to help in whatever ways she can. Nathan Grant is the embodiment of everything that frightens Sara. Which is why she can't understand why the handsome but reclusive and gruff man is so fascinating to her.
Louisa Ellie Macdonald
The Princess and the Goblin George MacDonald
The accidental time traveller. Janis Mackay
One ordinary day, Saul is on his way to the corner shop when a girl appears suddenly in the middle of the road. She doesn't understand traffic, or the things in shops, and she's wearing a long dress with ruffled sleeves. Her name is Agatha Black and she is from 1813. Saul needs to find a way to get her back there. With help from his mates Will and Robbie, he tries to work out how to make time travel happen.
Magnus Fin and the moonlight mission. Janis Mackay
On his eleventh birthday, schoolboy Magnus Fin found out that he was half selkie part human, part seal. Although he looks like a boy and lives on land, he can breathe underwater. When Magnus Fin discovers his initials scratched into the rocks by the shore and finds dead seals washed up on the beach, he knows his selkie family needs his help, and he dives down beneath the waves to find out more.
Magnus Fin and the ocean quest. Janis Mackay
There has always been something unusual about Magnus Fin, a school misfit. On his eleventh birthday Magnus throws a message in a bottle out to sea, wishing for a best friend and to be more brave and he gets a lot more than he bargained for. Magnus discovers that he is half selkie part seal, part human and his selkie family urgently need his help. Can Magnus save his newfound family from the evil force threatening all the ocean's creatures? Winner of the Kelpies Prize.
Magnus Fin and the selkie secret. Janis Mackay
On his eleventh birthday, schoolboy Magnus Fin found out that he is half selkie - part human, part seal. Although he looks like a boy and lives on land, he can breathe underwater. When a rusty metal chest is flung ashore in a storm, Magnus Fin decides to investigate. But he injures his hand on the strange box, and his sealskin starts to show through. His teacher realises that there's something very unusual about Magnus Fin - and rumours start to spread. Deep in the ocean, the great sea god Neptune has problems of his own. The treasures of wisdom have been stolen, and his memory and powers are fading fast. Could his missing treasure be inside the chest that's been washed ashore?
The reluctant time traveller. Janis Mackay
If Saul and Agnes don't do something their den will be destroyed. But the title deeds that could save it were lost in 1914. Good job they know the secret of time travel! Still, is travelling back in time to a world on the verge of war really a good idea? When Agnes disappears Saul has no choice - he can''t let her go to the past on her own.
Debbie Macomber's Navy Bundle Debbie Macomber
The what's happening to my body? book for boys Lynda Madaras
Discusses the changes that take place in a boy's body during puberty, including information on the body's changing size and shape, the growth spurt, reproductive organs, pubic hair, beards, pimples, voice changes, wet dreams, and puberty in girls.
The what's happening to my body? book for girls Lynda Madaras
Discusses the changes that take place in a girl's body during puberty, including information on the body's changing size and shape, pubic hair, breasts, reproductive organs, the menstrual cycle, and puberty in boys.
Home style by city : ideas and inspiration from Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles, and Copenhagen. Ida Magntorn
A lush guide to styling your home inspired by some of the most vibrant cities around the globe. Explore the world's most stylish and eclectic residences in this inspired armchair decor guide. Home Style by City captures the essence of five design-forward cities, featuring gorgeously decorated homes from each that reflect local style and inspire internationally.
The abundance. Amit Majmudar
Mala and Ronak are adults now. They've married, begun their own families and moved away from the suffocating world of their first generation immigrant parents. But when they learn their mother has only months to live, the focus of their world returns to her home. Having shown little interest in the Indian cuisine they eat at every gathering, Mala decides to master the recipes her mother learned at her own mother's knee.
Partitions. Amit Majmudar
As India is rent into two nations, communal violence breaks out on both sides of the new border and streaming hordes of refugees flee from blood and chaos. At an overrun train station, Shankar and Keshav, twin Hindu boys, lose sight of their mother and join the human mass to go in search of her. A young Sikh girl, Simran Kaur, has run away from her father, who would rather poison his daughter than see her defiled. And Ibrahim Masud, an elderly Muslim doctor driven from the town of his birth, limps toward the new Muslim state of Pakistan, rediscovering on the way his role as a healer.
All summer long. Susan Mallery
Former underwear model turned entrepreneur Clay Stryker has loved, tragically lost and vowed that he'll never risk his heart again. After making his fortune, the youngest of the rugged Stryker brothers returns to Fool's Gold, California, to put down roots on a ranch of his own. But he's frustrated to discover that even in his hometown, people see him only for his world-famous assets. Firefighter Chantal (Charlie) Dixon grew up an ugly duckling beside her delicately beautiful mother, a feeling reinforced long ago by a man who left soul-deep scars. Now she has good friends, a solid job and the itch to start a family - yet she can't move toward the future while she's haunted by painful memories. Clay finds an unexpected ally, and unexpected temptation, in tomboyish Charlie, the only person who sees beyond his dazzling good looks to the real man beneath.
Almost perfect. Susan Mallery
Back in high school, Liz Sutton was the girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Then she'd stolen the heart of the most popular boy in town, and their secret romance helped her through the worst of times. Until Ethan Hendrix betrayed her and everything they'd ever meant to each other. Devastated and pregnant, Liz left Fool's Gold, California - forever, she thought. Now Liz must return to town and face the man who doesn't know of their son's existence.
Before we kiss. Susan Mallery
Former pro-football kicker Sam Ridge has notoriously bad luck with women, from cheaters to fame chasers. Still, the gorgeous brunette at the bar in Fool's Gold looks harmless, until she takes him home and he discovers a room devoted to securing a man, for life.
Chasing perfect. Susan Mallery
When she settles down in Fool's Gold, California, city planner Charity Jones, who has a past rife with romantic disasters, is tempted to take a chance on the town's most famous resident, former world-class cyclist Josh Golden.
Summer days. Susan Mallery
Locked in an unexpected land dispute, Rafe Stryker is trapped in the one place he vowed never to return to - the Castle Ranch in Fool's Gold, California. He made millions facing ruthless adversaries in the boardroom, but nothing could've prepared him to go head-to-head against stubborn, beautiful Heidi Simpson. No one is more surprised than Rafe to discover that he's finding Heidi - and life as a cowboy - much more compelling than he wants to admit.
Until we touch. Susan Mallery
After a family tragedy, former football hero Jack McGarry keeps the world at arm's length - a challenge now that his PR firm has moved to neighbourly Fool's Gold, California. Larissa Owens knows where she stands - Jack sees her as just another one of the guys. No matter what her heart wishes, Jack's her boss, not her boyfriend. But then Larissa's big secret is revealed by her mother. When Jack discovers the truth about Larissa's feelings, her touch suddenly becomes tantalizing, and he's not sure he wants to resist. But if he gives in to desire, heartache is sure to follow. Friendship or true love - will Jack go for the ultimate play?
When we met. Susan Mallery
Angel Whittaker earned his scars the hard way, but the scars that can't be seen are the ones that haunt him the most. Since he moved to Fool's Gold, California, he's cobbled together a life for himself as a bodyguard trainer. If he's not exactly happy, at least his heart is safe. Working with pro-football superstars taught tough-talking PR woman Taryn Crawford one thing - she can go toe-to-toe with any man. But then dark, dangerous former Special Ops Angel targets her for seduction and challenges her to resist his tempting kisses.
The patron saint of ugly . Marie Manilla
Born in Sweetwater, West Virginia, with a mop of flaming red hair and a map of the world rendered in port-wine stains on every surface of her body, Garnet Ferrari is used to being an outcast. With her sharp tongue, she has always known how to defend herself against bullies and aggressors, but she finds she is less adept at fending off the pilgrims who have set up a veritable tent city outside her hilltop home, convinced that she is Saint Garnet, healer of skin ailments and maker of miracles.
The casebook of Newbury & Hobbes. George Mann
A collection of short stories detailing the supernatural steampunk adventures of detective duo, Sir Maurice Newbury and Miss Veronica Hobbes in dark and dangerous Victorian London. Newbury & Hobbes will face plague revenants, murderous peers, mechanical beasts, tentacled leviathans, reanimated pygmies, and an encounter with Sherlock Holmes.
The executioner's heart. George Mann
A serial killer is loose on the streets of London, murdering apparently random members of the gentry with violent abandon. The corpses are each found with their chest cavities cracked open and their hearts removed. Charles Bainbridge, Chief Inspector of Scotland Yard, suspects an occult significance to the crimes and brings Newbury and Veronica in to investigate.
Ghosts of Manhattan. George Mann
1926, New York City. It's the roaring twenties but not as history remembers it. Coal-powered cars line the streets, while zeppelins and biplanes patrol the skies. The US is locked in a bitter cold war with a British Empire that still covers half the globe and the "Lost Generation" is drinking away the nightmares of the trenches. In Manhattan a run-down police force is losing the fight against a tide of powerful mobsters, and against one in particular: The Roman. His henchmen - not all of them human - stalk the streets, and the body count is rising. It's a time in need of a hero. It's a time in need of a hero. It's a time in need of The Ghost.
I am a bacha posh : my life as a woman living as a man in Afghanistan. Ukmina Manoori
"You will be a son, my daughter". With these stunning words Ukmina learned that she was to spend her childhood as a boy. In Afghanistan there is a widespread practice of girls dressing as boys to play the role of a son. These children are called bacha posh: literally "girls dressed as boys". This practice offers families the freedom to allow their child to shop and work, and in some cases, it saves them from the disgrace of not having a male heir. But in adolescence, religion restores the natural law. The girls must marry, give birth, and give up their freedom. Ukmina decided to confront social and family pressure and keep her menswear. This brave choice paved the way for an extraordinary destiny: she wages war against the Soviets, assists the mujaheddin and ultimately commands the respect of all whom she encounters. She eventually becomes one of the elected council members of her province. But freedom always has a price. For "Ukmina warrior" that price was her life as a woman.
In this book. Fani Marceau
Explores the concept of what it means to be "in" something with text and pictures.
The shadow king : the bizarre afterlife of king Tut's mummy. Jo Marchant
More than 3,000 years ago, King Tutankhamun's desiccated body was lovingly wrapped and sent into the future as an immortal god. After resting undisturbed for more than three millennia, King Tut's mummy was suddenly awakened in 1922. Archaeologist Howard Carter had discovered the boy-king's tomb, and the soon-to-be famous mummy's story even more dramatic than King Tut's life began. The mummy's "afterlife" is a modern story, not an ancient one. Award-winning science writer Jo Marchant traces the mummy's story from its first brutal autopsy in 1925 to the most recent arguments over its DNA. From the glamorous treasure hunts of the 1920s to today's high-tech scans in volatile modern Egypt, Marchant introduces us to the brilliant and sometimes flawed people who have devoted their lives to revealing the mummy's secrets, unravels the truth behind the hyped-up TV documentaries, and explains what science can and can't tell us about King Tutankhamun.
The history of rock 'n' roll in ten songs. Greil Marcus
Selects ten songs recorded between 1956 and 2008 that embody rock and roll as a thing in itself - in the story each song tells, inhabits, and creates in its legacy.
Capitol murder. Phillip M. Margolin
Private investigator Dana Cutler and attorney Brad Miller rush to uncover a terrorist cell's plot to destroy a packed professional football stadium in one of the biggest attacks on American soil.
Executive privilege. Phillip M. Margolin
When private detective Dana Cutler is hired by an attorney with powerful political connections, the assignment seems simple enough: follow a pretty college student named Charlotte Walsh and report on where she goes and whom she sees. But then the unexpected happens. One night, Cutler follows Walsh to a secret meeting with Christopher Farrington, the president of the United States. The following morning, Walsh's dead body shows up and Cutler has to run for her life. In Oregon, Brad Miller, a junior associate in a huge law firm is working on the appeal of a convicted serial killer. Clarence Little, now on death row, claims he was framed for the murder of a teenager who, at the time of her death, worked for the then governor, Christopher Farrington. Suddenly, a small-time private eye and a fledgling lawyer find themselves in possession of evidence that suggests that someone in the White House is a murderer. Their only problem? Staying alive long enough to prove it.
Supreme justice. Phillip M. Margolin
Attorney Brad Miller, FBI agent Keith Evans, and private investigator Dana Cutler untangle a five-year-old murder case involving a ghost ship and the President's nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court.
Twixt firelight and water : a tale of Sevenwaters. Juliet Marillier
Long ago, the sorceress Lady Oonagh cast a curse over her own child. Now a druid, an ill-tempered raven and an adventurous young woman are drawn together as the time approaches for the evil magic to be undone. Fans of the Sevenwaters series will love this new episode, which fleshes out the history of druid Ciaran and his constant companion Fiacha.
Wicked sexy. Anne Marsh
Too sexy to resist? Danielle Andrews was supposed to be on her honeymoon. Instead, she's back on Discovery Island licking her wounds and running for shelter when she sees Daeg Ross coming her way. Years ago, on this very beach, Dani started something with the special ops aviation rescue swimmer. But she refuses to be tempted by the wickedly hot military hunk again. Daeg Ross is used to jumping into treacherous waters. But his feelings for relationship-shy Dani are a whole new type of risk. They are volatile - and irresistible. When their lives are threatened by the invading winds and endless rain of a tropical storm, Daeg and Dani are forced to take shelter and ride out a wild night. Together, will they sink…or swim?
Against the mark. Kat Martin
The perfect murder is a work of art. In one catastrophic instant, Haley Warren's estranged father was taken from her. She never got the chance to reconnect with him, so now she's doing it the only way she's got left: by proving the explosion that killed him was no accident. When Tyler Brodie, the provocative and handsome P.I. hired by Haley, discovers that her father was investigating a suspected art theft, he knows his death is no coincidence. After all, tens of millions of dollars worth of stolen art could motivate a thief to go to any lengths - including getting rid of anyone poking around where they don't belong. As Haley and Ty get closer to the truth, the truth gets ugly: Did Haley's dad know too much or was he in on the take? And although Ty's a consummate professional, he's having trouble focusing on the facts of the case, and not the figure of his gorgeous client. The two are determined to get to the bottom of the case, even if it means they die trying.
Against the sun. Kat Martin
It's not in bodyguard Jake Cantrell's job description to share his suspicions with his assignments. Beautiful executive Sage Dumont may be in charge, but Jake's not on her payroll. As a former special forces marine, Jake trusts his gut, and it's telling him there's something off about a shipment arriving at Marine Drilling International. His instinct is aroused … in more ways than one. A savvy businesswoman, Sage knows better than to take some hired gun's "hunch" as gospel. And yet she is learning not to underestimate the man her grandfather hired to protect her. Determined to prove Jake wrong, Sage does some digging of her own and turns up deadly details she was never meant to see. Drawn into a terrifying web of lies and deceit-and into feelings they can't afford to explore-what Jake and Sage uncover may be frighteningly worse than they ever imagined.
Bold angel. Kat Martin
The darkly handsome warlord known as Ral the Relentless cannot control his passionate desire for Saxon beauty Caryn of Ivesham, but his rebellious bride might be a deadly traitor, because she cannnot forget the wrong he did to her family.
Gypsy lord. Kat Martin
After being kidnapped and sold to gypsies, a beautiful English heiress is rescued by a half-Gypsy lord who plans to make her his lover.
Sweet vengeance. Kat Martin
A beautiful innocent who is forced into a life of poverty swears a vow of revenge against the wealthy and devastatingly handsome man responsible for her misfortunes.
Sins of the Highlander Connie Mason
Never had Elspeth Stewart imagined her wedding would be interrupted by a dark-haired stranger charging in on a black stallion, scooping her into his arms, and carrying her off across the wild Scottish highlands. She ought to have feared for her life. "Mad Rob" MacLaren thought stealing his rival's bride-to-be was the perfect revenge. But Rob never reckoned that this beautiful, innocent lass would awaken the part of him he thought dead and buried with his wife. Against all reason, he longed to make Elspeth his forever.
Swim better, swim faster. Paul Mason
Do you want to improve your front crawl? Does it feel like you're splashing up and down the pool, while others glide smoothly through the water? Do you wish you could do more than a few lengths of front crawl before having to switch to breaststroke? Would you like to enter triathlons or charity swims, but find the idea of a long swim leg daunting? Does your triathlon swim never seem to improve, however much you train? If you answered any of these questions with a 'Yes', Swim Better, Swim Faster can help. Working on the separate elements of your stroke, it is surprisingly simple to develop a more efficient front crawl, reducing the amount of effort and energy you expend and making you quicker in the water. Swim Better, Swim Faster is aimed at keen swimmers who want to improve their front-crawl technique. It offers clear advice and drills that target specific series of movements, creating the muscle memory for a more streamlined and efficient stroke. The contents are based on the approach used in the successful Swim Better Fast clinics, which help fitness swimmers, open-water racers and triathletes improve their technique and enjoyment of swimming. Front crawl is also an excellent, impact-free aerobic workout that keeps the spine and body aligned. With the techniques acquired you can sustain longer sessions and access this wellspring of fitness.
Why don't spiders stick to their webs? Robert Matthews
A scientist answers questions that baffle the average person, such as "Why can't we tickle ourselves?" "Do you get wetter if you walk or run in the rain?" and "Why does multiplying two negative numbers give a positive result?"
At play in the fields of the Lord. Peter Matthiessen
Set in the South American jungle, this thriller follows the clash between two misplaced gringos - one who has come to convert the Indians to Christianity, and one who has been hired to kill them.
The groom says yes. Cathy Maxwell
He had a noose around his neck and a price on his head. Sabrina Davidson, dutiful daughter, avowed spinster, thought she'd secured a place for herself in Aberfeldy society - until her hard-earned acceptance of her fate is challenged by the arrival of Cormac Enright, earl of Ballin, trained physician, soldier of fortune, and convicted felon. A prim and proper miss was the last thing he needed. Mac is determined to clear his name, but first he has to find the man whose testimony sentenced him to a hangman's noose. Of course, Robert Davidson is missing and protecting Mac is Davidson's daughter, the most entrancing, frustrating, beguiling, stubborn woman Mac has ever met. And it doesn't help that he has already tasted her kisses. Or that he has found in her a passion for life and adventure to rival his own. Mac has turned Sabrina's world inside out - but what will happen when he leaves? Or will the Groom Say Yes?
Temptation of a proper governess. Cathy Maxwell
Society dictates that a governess should be modest, quiet, and keep to herself. She should never contradict her employer. And, above all, she must not attract the attention of any male in the household. But Michael Severson doesn't see Isabel Halloran as a governess - he sees her as a woman, one whose lush curves cannot be hidden behind a dowdy gown and whose efforts at hiding her sparkling intelligence are betrayed by her wit.
The hotel on Place Vendome : life, death, and betrayal at the Hotel Ritz in Paris. Tilar J. Mazzeo
Set against the backdrop of the Nazi occupation of World War II, this book examines the history of Paris's world-famous Hotel Ritz, a tale of glamour, opulence, and celebrity; dangerous liaisons, espionage, and resistance.
Deceiving lies. Molly McAdams
Rachel is supposed to be planning her wedding to Kash, the love of her life. After the crazy year they've had, she's ready to settle down and live a completely normal life. Well, as normal as it can be. But there's something else waiting - something threatening to tear them apart. Kash is ready for it all with Rachel, especially if "all" includes having a football team of babies with his future wife. In his line of work, Kash knows how short life can be and doesn't want to waste another minute of their life together. But now his past as an undercover narcotics agent has come back to haunt him and it's the girl he loves who's caught in the middle.Trent Cruz's orders are clear: take the girl. But there's something about this girl that has him changing the rules and playing a dangerous game to keep her safe. When his time as Rachel's protector runs out, Trent will turn his back on the only life he's known, and risk everything if it means getting her out alive.
Around the table : recipes and inspiration for gatherings throughout the year Martina McBride
Martina McBride enjoys entertaining millions of fans on the road as one of country music's most beloved singers. But when she's not on tour, she turns that energy to hosting intimate groups of friends and family at home. In Around the Table, Martina shares her most inventive party ideas for all seasons. Complete with mouthwatering recipes and decor inspiration, this beautifully illustrated collection of culinary celebrations includes practical menu-planning advice and tips and tricks for the host. Martina takes readers into her home to join in the fun, whether it's at a Red, White, and Blue Backyard Cookout, a Retro Valentine's Day Supper Club, or a night of Mistletoe and Martinis. Chock-full of personal anecdotes and memories, this delightful keepsake is infused with Martina's girl-next-door spirit and irresistible charm.
The mindset list of the obscure : 74 famously forgotten icons from A to Z Tom McBride
Today's teens and twentysomethings have never seen a real airplane ticket. To them, point-and-shoot cameras are so last millennium and "Star Wars" is a movie, not a defence strategy. The world views of today's young and old have never been more different. In this entertaining romp through American culture, the creators of the Beloit College Mindset List explore 75 icons once-famous and now forgotten?from Abbott and Costello to the singing telegram. Packed with entertaining facts, trivia, and photos, this is the perfect gift for college students, their oh-so-outdated parents, and pop culture mavens nostalgic for days gone by.
Loom magic! : 25 awesome, never-before-seen designs for an amazing rainbow of projects! John (Photographer) McCann
An unofficial guide to awesome never-before-seen loom band projects.
The secret of Isobel Key. Jen McConnel
Lou is in the middle of a quarter-life crisis. Fresh out of college, she's unemployed and unsure of herself. But when she gets the chance to escape to Scotland with her best friend, it could be the answer to her quest for self-discovery. The trip is not at all what she expected, especially when her tour guide turns out to be the dreamy historian Brian, and together they embark on a hunt for information about Isobel Key, a woman accused of witchcraft in the seventeenth century. They set out to learn the truth of the condemned witch, but Lou isn't prepared for the knowledge that awaits her. She must face her own demons if she has any hope of righting the wrongs of the past.
A horse for Mandy. Lurlene McDaniel
It's Mandy's thirteenth birthday and her dream is coming true: She's getting a beautiful horse of her very own! But Mandy's best friend, Laura, doesn't seem very happy for her. Then tragedy strikes. Can Mandy and her new horse save Laura?
I want to live. Lurlene McDaniel
Fourteen-year-old Dawn Rochelle has had a busy year. She's been to summer camp and she's helped her brother make plans for his wedding. And Dawn has been in remission from the leukemia that threatened her life. Now she's sick again and waiting to hear the news. Has the cancer come back? Will she live to celebrate her fifteenth birthday?
Last dance. Lurlene McDaniel
Rachel Deering has her eyes on her toes: she wants to become a world-class ballerina. As a 14-year-old, she is already one of the best dancers in the country. Just as she prepares for an audition for an opening with a prestigious dance troupe, Rachel starts having some very disturbing symptoms. After collapsing at school, she has many tests and her doctor tells her the news: She has diabetes. Now her world consists of blood tests, insulin shots, a controlled diet, and constant fear that she will have a reaction and end up unable to dance - or worse.
My secret boyfriend. Lurlene McDaniel
Jordan Starling enters the eighth grade after an uneventful summer. To compete with one of the popular girls, she makes up a summer romance. The only problem is the "romance" was with Ryan, the son of her mother's best friend. Now, Ryan's parents have split up and Ryan and his mum are coming to live with the Starlings.
No time to cry. Lurlene McDaniel
Being sixteen means all kids of freedom - driving on your own, going to the mall with friends, dating. But Dawn Rochelle can't feel free because of the fear that her cancer will return. Maybe her greatest freedom can only come when she has the courage to live - when she has no time to cry.
Six months to live. Lurlene McDaniel
Thirteen is supposed to be a great age - dances, cheerleading, boys - but she never thought it would also include cancer. Dawn Rochelle is about to face the toughest fight of her life - a fight she has to win. Otherwise, she has only six months to live.
So much to live for. Lurlene McDaniel
Fifteen-year-old Dawn Rochelle has already survived leukemia twice. This summer she will returning to the summer camp for children with cancer where she spent the best two weeks of each of the past two summers. This year, though, she'll be a counsellor, sharing her experiences to help others deal with their cancers.
Until angels close my eyes. Lurlene McDaniel
When Neil, Leah's warm and loving step-father, reveals that his cancer is no longer in remission, Leah finds comfort in a visit to Amish country to see her true love, Ethan. When Ethan chooses to leave his life on the farm, he moves in with Leah and her family. But once Ethan arrives, they realize that his Amish values are quite different from those of Leah's complex "English" world. Will their love help, or hurt, Leah as she faces the complex hurdles that await her?
Why did she have to die? Lurlene McDaniel
"It isn't true," Elly shouted. "She's my sister. The pretty one. The smart one." Elly tried to block out the horrible words her mother had spoken. Kathy couldn't be dead. For thirteen years, Elly had been in Kathy's shadow, always second best. Even so, the two of them had understood each other as only sisters can. And now, her sister was gone forever.
The grave tattoo. Val McDermid
Summer in the Lake District and torrential rain uncovers a bizarrely tattooed body on a hillside. But that is not the only thing to come to the surface: centuries-old tales involving the legendary Pitcairn Massacre are being told again. Did Fletcher Christian, mutinous First Mate on the ill-fated Bounty, fake his own death in order to return home in secret? Wordsworth scholar Jane Gresham wants to know the truth. There are persistent rumours that the Lakeland poet, a childhood friend of Christian's, harboured the fugitive and turned his tale into an epic poem - a narrative that has since remained hidden. But as she follows each new lead, death follows hard on her heels. Suddenly, a 200-year-old mystery is putting lives on the line. And against the dramatic backdrop of England's Lake District, a drama of life and death plays out, its ultimate prize a bounty worth millions.
The mermaids singing. Val McDermid
The bodies of four men have been discovered in the town of Bradfield. Enlisted to investigate is criminal psychologist Tony Hill. Even for a seasoned professional, the series of mutilation sex murders is unlike anything he's encountered before. But profiling the psychopath is not beyond him. Hill's own past has made him the perfect man to comprehend the killer's motives. It's also made him the perfect victim. A game has begun for the hunter and the hunted. But as Hill confronts his own hidden demons, he must also come face-to-face with an evil so profound he may not have the courage - or the power - to stop it.
Stink and the incredible super-galactic jawbreaker. Megan McDonald
Seven-year-old Stink Moody discovers that he can get free samples by writing letters to candy companies and plans a surprise for his best friend's birthday.
Stink and the world's worst super-stinky sneakers. Megan McDonald
A class visit to the Gross-Me-Out exhibit at the science museum inspires Stink Moody to create a variety of terrible smells to put on the sneakers he plans to enter in the World's Worst Super-Stinky Sneaker contest.
Stink : the incredible shrinking kid. Megan McDonald
The shortest kid in the second grade, James Moody, also known as Stink, learns all about the shortest president of the United States, James Madison, when they celebrate Presidents' Day at school.
Amsterdam. Ian McEwan
On a chilly February day two old friends meet in the throng outside a crematorium to pay their last respects to Molly Lane. Both Clive Linley and Vernon Halliday had been Molly's lovers in the days before they reached their current eminence, Clive as Britain's most successful modern composer, Vernon as editor of the quality broadsheet, The Judge. Gorgeous, feisty Molly had had other lovers too, notably Julian Garmony, Foreign Secretary, a notorious right-winger tipped to be the next prime minister. In the days that follow Molly's funeral Clive and Vernon will make a pact that will have consequences neither has foreseen. Each will make a disastrous moral decision, their friendship will be tested to its limits and Julian Garmony will be fighting for his political life.
Atonement. Ian McEwan
On the hottest day of the summer of 1934, thirteen-year-old Briony Tallis sees her sister Cecilia strip off her clothes and plunge into the fountain in the garden of their country house. Watching her is Robbie Turner, her childhood friend who, like Cecilia, has recently come down from Cambridge. By the end of that day, the lives of all three will have been changed for ever. Robbie and Cecilia will have crossed a boundary they had not even imagined at its start, and will have become victims of the younger girl's imagination. Briony will have witnessed mysteries, and committed a crime for which she will spend the rest of her life trying to atone.
Black dogs. Ian McEwan
In 1946 a young English couple set off on their honeymoon. In a gorge in the mountains of southern France they encounter a vision of darkness so impenetrable that it alters their lives for ever.
The cement garden. Ian McEwan
In The Cement Garden, the father of four children dies. His death is followed by the death of the children's mother. In order to avoid being taken into care, the children hide their mother's death from the outside world by encasing her corpse in cement in their basement. In the relentless summer heat, four abruptly orphaned children retreat into a shadowy, isolated world, and find their own strange and unsettling ways of fending for themselves.
The child in time. Ian McEwan
Stephen Lewis is shopping at the grocery store with his three-year old daughter Kate. She disappears without a trace and time as Stephen knows it ceases. Uncertainty and grief overwhelm him and his wife as they drift apart until the passage of time - both forgiving and punishing - can bring them back to one another.
The comfort of strangers. Ian McEwan
Mary and Colin are an English couple on holiday abroad. Mary is divorced with two children; Colin is her angelically handsome lover who has been with her for seven years. Although they do not usually live together, their relationship is deep, passionate and intimate. One evening, the couple get lost amongst the canals and are befriended by a forceful native named Robert, who takes them to a bar. Later, he insists on bringing them to his house where they meet his wife Caroline. Although the guests are at first shown great hospitality, it becomes clear that the hosts have a peculiar relationship with each other - Robert is the product of a sadistic upbringing and Caroline, who is disabled, has an uncomfortable view of men as being masters to which women should yield. The liberal English couple withdraw from the house, but the events of the evening have set in chain a series of ever-increasingly disturbing events which neither foresaw.
The daydreamer. Ian McEwan
Peter Fortune is a daydreamer. He's a quiet ten year old who can't help himself from dropping out of reality and into the amazing world of his vivid imagination. His daydreams are fantastic and fascinating - only in the bizarre and disturbing world of dreams can he swop bodies with the family cat and his baby cousin, Kenneth, or wipe out his entire family with vanishing cream.
Enduring love. Ian McEwan
One windy spring day in the Chilterns Joe Rose's calm, organised life is shattered by a ballooning accident. The afternoon, Rose reflects, could have ended in mere tragedy, but for his brief meeting with Jed Parry. Unknown to Rose, something passes between them - something that gives birth in Parry to an obsession so powerful that it will test to the limits Rose's beloved scientific rationalism, threaten the love of his wife Clarissa and drive him to the brink of murder and madness.
First love, last rites. Ian McEwan
The awakening sensations of first love and its ritual initiations are the focus of the stories contained in this collection.
In between the sheets. Ian McEwan
Call them transcripts of dreams or deadly accurate maps of the tremor zones of the psyche, the seven stories in this collection engage and implicate us in the most fearful ways imaginable. A two-timing pornographer becomes an unwilling object in the fantasies of one of his victims. A jaded millionaire buys himself the perfect mistress and plunges into a hell of jealousy and despair. An in the course of a weekend with his teenage daughter, a guilt-ridden father discovers the depths of his own blundering innocence.
The innocent. Ian McEwan
The novel takes place in 1955-56 Berlin at the beginning of the Cold War and centres on the joint CIA/MI6 operation to build a tunnel from the American sector of Berlin into the Russian sector to tap the phone lines of the Soviet High Command. Leonard Marnham is a 25-year-old Englishman who sets up and repairs the tape recorders used in the tunnel. He falls in love with Maria Eckdorf, a 30-year-old divorced German. The story revolves around their relationship and Leonard's role in the operation.
On Chesil Beach. Ian McEwan
In a hotel on the Dorset coast, overlooking Chesil Beach, Edward and Florence, who got married that morning, are sitting down to dinner in their room. Neither is entirely able to suppress their anxieties about the wedding night to come. This is a story about how the entire course of a life can be changed by a gesture not made or a word not spoken.
Saturday. Ian McEwan
Saturday, February 15, 2003. Henry Perowne is a contented man - a successful neurosurgeon, the devoted husband of Rosalind and proud father of two grown-up children. Unusually, he wakes before dawn, drawn to the window of his bedroom and filled with a growing unease. What troubles him as he looks out at the night sky is the state of the world - the impending war against Iraq, a gathering pessimism since 9/11, and a fear that his city and his happy family life are under threat. Later, Perowne makes his way to his weekly squash game through London streets filled with hundreds of thousands of anti-war protestors. A minor car accident brings him into a confrontation with Baxter, a fidgety, aggressive, young man, on the edge of violence. To Perowne's professional eye, there appears to be something profoundly wrong with him. Towards the end of a day rich in incident and filled with Perowne's celebrations of life's pleasures, his family gathers for a reunion. But with the sudden appearance of Baxter, Perowne's earlier fears seem about to be realised.
Solar. Ian McEwan
Michael Beard is a Nobel prize-winning physicist whose best work is behind him. Trading on his reputation, he speaks for enormous fees, lends his name to the letterheads of renowned scientific institutions and half-heartedly heads a government-backed initiative tackling global warming. A compulsive womaniser, Beard finds his fifth marriage floundering. But this time it is different: she is having the affair, and he is still in love with her. When Beard's professional and personal worlds collide in a freak accident, an opportunity presents itself for Beard to extricate himself from his marital mess, reinvigorate his career and save the world from environmental disaster. Ranging from the Arctic Circle to the deserts of New Mexico, "Solar" is a serious and darkly satirical novel, showing human frailty struggling with the most pressing and complex problem of our time. A story of one man's greed and self-deception.
The coming of the whirlpool. Andrew McGahan
'If you go to sea, you will come to the attention of the Ship Kings. And if they discover who you are, they will kill you.' Young Dow Amber is no sailor. But driven by a strange sea-longing he ventures down to the great grim bay known as the Claw. He hopes to learn there of seafaring, but he finds only a fearful people who scarcely dare sail at all, for they have been cursed by a monstrous whirlpool that haunts the bay, stealing away their sons. Then the rulers of all the world - the proud and cruel Ship Kings - arrive in the Claw. Dow is fascinated by their fine tall vessels, and even more so by a mysterious girl who lives aboard their flagship. It is a perilous attraction to be sure, but could it be that his future somehow lies with the Ship Kings? Or will he be called upon to descend to his death, when the terrible whirlpool rises once more?650
The voyage of the unquiet ice. Andrew McGahan
A vast figure loomed above the ice walls. It was made, no doubt, only of cloud or whirling snow, but it was an immense manlike thing, cast hugely against the sky. Its head stared down at them blindly, but one great arm seemed to beckon, urging the Chloe onwards. And from the depths of the gulf ahead the terrible whistling rose again. Dow Amber has set sail at last upon the battleship Chloe, but can an outsider and an enemy ever truly belong in the Ship Kings world? All too soon, Dow finds himself entangled in rebellion and treachery, and embarked upon a desperate voyage to the frozen north that will decide the future of the very empire. In the icy wastes Dow must take his fate in hand. Is he truly destined to be a mariner? Is the mysterious scapegoat girl Ignella a friend or a foe? And where will they each stand, when the long peace of the Four Isles threatens to shatter forever? The Voyage of the Unquiet Ice is the second adventure in Andrew McGahans epic Ship Kings series.
The war of the Four Isles. Andrew McGahan
Nearly three years have passed since Dow Amber escaped the ruin of the Twelfth Kingdom. In that time war has raged all across the Four Isles, but Dow himself has been hidden away from the major battles by his Twin Islands hosts, relegated to a backwater of the war, in the company of the beguiling Cassandra. But when word reaches Dow that Ignella of the Cave has been imprisoned upon the infamous Ship Kings dungeon-isle of Banishment, he can be patient no longer. He sets forth upon an epic voyage that will take him halfway around the world defying storm and monster, betrayal and despair to the heart of the greatest battle of the Age, and to the discovery at last of his true purpose upon the high seas.
Forged by desire. Bec McMaster
Ten years ago, Perry fled her thrall contract to find sanctuary among the Nighthawks. In that time, she's become a respected woman of the Guard, and she's wanted Garrett Reed for as long as she can remember. But when a new case takes a chillingly familiar turn, Perry finds herself once again in the path of a madman…only this time, there's nowhere left to run. Out of their depth and racing against time, Perry and Garrett must learn to trust the desire sparking between them…or risk losing themselves forever to the darkness stalking London's streets.
My Lady Quicksilver. Bec McMaster
In the mist-shrouded streets of a steam-fuelled London, a clockwork army is on the rise, vampire blue bloods rule the streets, and war is brewing… I Will Come For You… He will find her no matter what. As a blue-blooded captain of the Nighthawk Guard, his senses are keener than most. Some think he's indestructible. But once he finds the elusive Mercury, what will he do with her? It's his duty to turn her in - she's a notorious spy and traitor. But after one stolen moment, he can't forget the feel of her in his arms, the taste of her, or the sharp sting of betrayal as she slipped off into the night. Little does Mercury know, no one hunts better than the Nighthawk. And his greatest revenge will be to leave her begging for his touch.
Andrew draws. David McPhail
Andrew's scribbles with a crayon he found become better and better until he is making drawings so realistic that they come right off the page.
Baby Pig Pig talks. David McPhail
Baby Pig Pig's mother teaches him the sounds that other animals make.
Baby Pig Pig walks. David McPhail
Baby Pig Pig learns to walk on his own.
Bella loves Bunny. David McPhail
The friendship between a little girl and her favourite stuffed animal makes each day special, from morning until night.
Ben loves Bear. David McPhail
The friendship between a little boy and his favourite stuffed animal makes each day special, from morning till night.
Peter loves Penguin. David McPhail
Peter and Penguin wake up to snow on the ground and immediately get bundled up to play outside. After making snowballs and a snowman and enjoying the perfect winter day together, they return inside to warm up and share some cocoa. In this companion to Ben Loves Bear and Bella Loves Bunny, the youngest readers will relate to the loving bond between a little boy and his favourite stuffed animal, and how this sweet friendship makes each day special.
The searcher and old tree. David McPhail
A raccoon forages for food at night and at dawn returns to its home in a strong, old tree, which safely shelters the raccoon through wild winds and ferocious rain so that it can go out searching for food again.
Waddles. David McPhail
Waddles, a very plump and furry raccoon, helps his best friend Emily, a duck, hatch and raise her ducklings, and discovers what makes him truly happy.
The trouble with billionaires Linda McQuaig
Why bank bosses, Wayne Rooney and Bill Gates don't deserve their fortunes - and what we need to do about it.
What we see when we read. Peter Mendelsund
A gorgeously unique, fully illustrated exploration into the phenomenology of reading - how we visualize images from reading works of literature, from one of our very best book jacket designers, himself a passionate reader. What do we see when we read? Did Tolstoy really describe Anna Karenina? Did Melville ever really tell us what, exactly, Ishmael looked like? The collection of fragmented images on a page - a graceful ear there, a stray curl, a hat positioned just so - and other clues and signifiers helps us to create an image of a character. But in fact our sense that we know a character intimately has little to do with our ability to concretely picture our beloved - or reviled - literary figures. In this remarkable work of nonfiction, Knopf's Associate Art Director Peter Mendelsund combines his profession, as an award-winning designer; his first career, as a classically trained pianist; and his first love, literature - he considers himself first and foremost as a reader - into what is sure to be one of the most provocative and unusual investigations into how we understand the act of reading.
My Portugal : recipes and stories George Mendes
In My Portugal, George Mendes, chef and owner of Michelin-starred Aldea, introduces us to the world of Portuguese cuisine, offering 125 mouthwatering recipes that showcase the wide range of dishes that come from this coastal country. The collection balances Mendes's popular restaurant recipes, such as his signature Duck Rice and Garlic Seared Shrimp, with his takes on classic Portuguese dishes, such as Salt, Cod, Potato, and Egg Casserole; Mozambique Shrimp and Okra with Piri Piri; Eggs Baked with Peas, Linguica, and Bacon; Butter Cookies; and more. His stories illustrate the wealth of culinary resources in Portugal?fresh seafood, savoury meats, and crisp vegetables. With delicious recipes and stunning photographs of the country, My Portugal takes the reader on an unforgettable journey.
Bistronomy : French food unbound. Katrina Meynink
The new wave of cuisine represented by the bistronomy movement is led by young chefs who create phenomenally clever food without the pomp and circumstance of high-end restaurants. This is haute cuisine for the people served in convivial surrounds, where food and community, rather than the thread count of the tablecloth, are what matters. Through recipes and accompanying narrative, this energy-filled book cpatures the vital elements of bistronomy: the democratic spirit of generous, affordable hospitality, together with the imaginative reworking of classic fare built on quality ingredients and technique. Bistronomy is premised on sharing, and author Katrina Meynink embraces that concept by offering more than 100 recipes generously contributed by thirty Australian and international chefs.
Colon cleanse. Jennifer Michaels
What are the dangers of a toxic colon? What is a Colon Cleanse and how does it work? Will a Colon Cleanse help me lose weight? Jennifer Michaels discusses these and other concerns in a clear and concise manner to help you decide. Is a Colon Cleanse Diet Right for You? If you suffer from bloating, acne, headaches, leaky gut syndrome, food allergies or intolerances, flatulence or constipation, the problem may lie in your colon. Yeast, toxins and even parasites may proliferate in the colon. Learn how a Colon Cleanse can help and how you can easily adapt your diet to improve your body's ability to absorb essential nutrients, improve your overall health and even lose weight.
Unclaimed. Courtney Milan
Handsome, wealthy and respected, Sir Mark Turner is the most sought-after bachelor in all of London - and he's known far and wide for his irreproachable character. But behind his virtuous reputation lies a passionate nature he keeps carefully in check … until he meets the beautiful Jessica Farleigh, the woman he's waited for all his life. But Jessica is a courtesan, not the genteel lady Sir Mark believes. Desperate to be free of a life she despises, she seizes her chance when Mark's enemies make her an offer she can't refuse: seduce Mark and tarnish his good name, and a princely sum will be hers. Yet as she comes to know the man she's sworn to destroy, Jessica will be forced to choose between the future she needs and the love she knows is impossible.
Ruin Falls. Jenny Milchman
Liz's husband, Paul, has decided that, despite a strained relationship with his mother and father, the family should visit the farm in western New York where he spent his childhood. When her children, Ally and Reed, disappear from the hotel they stop at, blind panic slides into ice-cold terror. Liz realizes that it was no stranger who slipped into the hotel room that night someone she trusted completely has betrayed her. Now she must follow the threads of a terrible secret to uncover a hidden world created from dreams and haunted by nightmares.
Black's Creek. Sam Millar
A young boy drowns in a tragic accident in a lake in upstate New York. Fourteen-year-old year old Tommy and his two friends are sure they know who drove him to take his own life: the boy''s father is also convinced and pressurises the local Sheriff, Tommy''s father, to make an arrest. But there is not enough evidence, and the boys decide to take things into their own hands. A gripping tale of power, growing sexuality and the strength of rumours in a small community.
Maps : their untold stories Rose Mitchell
A map is a snapshot of a place, a city, a nation or even the world at a given point in time?fascinating for what they tell us about the way our ancestors saw themselves, their neighbours and their place in the world. This magnificent collection, drawn from seven centuries of maps held in the National Archives at Kew, looks at a variety of maps, from those found in 14th Century manuscripts, through early estate maps, to sea charts, maps used in military campaigns, and maps from treaties. The text explores who the mapmakers were, the purposes for which the maps were made, and what it tells us about the politics of the time. Great images are accompanied by compelling stories. Featured is a woodcut map of 16th century London, a map of where the bombs fell during the Second World War, and a map the first American settlers' drew when they were attempting to establish a new empire on Roanoke Island, off the coast of what is now North Carolina. Richly illustrated with large scale reproductions of the maps, the book also includes some of the more amusing or esoteric maps from the National Archives, such as the map of the Great Exhibition in 1851 that was presented on a lady's glove, a London Underground map in the form of a cucumber, and a Treasure Island map used to advertise National Savings.
Bunches of lunches. Luana K. Mitten
Young children and emergent readers discover what young animals eat.
Good night, sleep tight. Luana K. Mitten
Young children and emergent readers discover where young animals sleep.
Peek-a-boo, baby. Luana K. Mitten
Young children and emergent readers discover how young animals play.
Squeak, squeal, squawk. Luana K. Mitten
Young children and emergent readers discover what sounds young animals make.
The bone key. Sarah Monette
An unwilling foray into necromancy makes Booth attractive to the creates who roam the darkness of the world. Ghouls, ghosts, and incubi single him out as one of their own in these ten stories.
Somewhere beneath those waves. Sarah Monette
Monette's diverse collection delves deeply into the mythic and reaches far beyond everyday reality. Readers cannot resist journeying with her into realms - dangerously dark or illuminatingly revelatory - they could never imagine without her as their guide. From ghost stories in the tradition of M.R. James to darkly poetic tales to moving fictional examinations of the most basic of human emotion - fear, love, hate, loneliness - Monette's pen produces stories that are invariably unforgettable.
Iced. Karen Marie Moning
The year is 1 AWC After the Wall Crash. The Fae are free and hunting us. It's a war zone out there, and no two days are alike. I'm Dani O'Malley, the chaos-filled streets of Dublin are my home, and there's no place I'd rather be. Dani O'Malley uses her rare talents and the powerful Sword of Light to survive Dark Fae attacks in Dublin, where she is also challenged by a murderous former friend and by the head of the police force who covets her sword.
Bug on a bike. Chris Monroe
The bug on a bike is riding somewhere, but no one quite knows the destination. But that doesn't stop all the other animals from following along.
Cookie, the walker. Chris Monroe
A dog who gains fame and fabulous treats by walking on her hind legs soon misses her old life.
Sneaky sheep. Chris Monroe
Blossom and Rocky, two sneaky and not very bright sheep, keep trying to get away from the rest of the flock, in spite of the dangers they encounter.
Falling into the fire : a psychiatrist's encounters with the mind in crisis. Christine Montross
A woman habitually commits self-injury, ingesting light bulbs, a box of nails, zippers and a steak knife. A new mother is admitted with incessant visions of harming her child. A recent graduate, dressed in a tunic and declaring that love emanates from everything around him, is brought to A&E by his alarmed girlfriend. These are among the patients new physician Christine Montross meets during rounds at her hospital's locked inpatient ward and who we meet as she struggles to understand the mysteries of the mind, most especially when the tools of modern medicine are failing us. Beautifully written and deeply felt, Falling into the Fire is an intimate portrait of psychiatry and a moving reminder, in the words of the New York Times, of 'our fragile, shared humanity'.
The recovery book : answers to all your questions about addiction and alcoholism and finding health and happiness in sobriety Al J. Mooney
A guide that attempts to answer the questions and concerns of recovering alcoholics and addicts. It covers all the latest in addiction science and recovery techniques. Extensive research in neuroplasticity, for example, sheds new light on how alcohol and drugs actually alter pathways in the brain?but also how this same process, when trained in recovery, can remold the brain, making sobriety a routine way of life. A new understanding of gender and addiction leads to revised insights, techniques, and new hope for treating women in recovery. The book also covers the latest problems and treatments for prescription drugs (now more pernicious than illegal drugs); up-to-date models for intervention; and more.
Sacre bleu : a comedy d'art. Christopher Moore
Baker-turned-painter Lucien Lessard and bon vivant Henri Toulouse-Lautrec vow to discover the truth behind the untimely death of their friend Vincent van Gogh, which leads them on a surreal odyssey and brothel-crawl deep into the art world of late-nineteenth-century Paris.
Billy the kid. Michael Morpurgo
Billy was a champion soccer star, playing for Chelsea in the 1930s. But that was before war broke out…Billy the Kid is told through the voice of an 80 year old man, who looks back on his life as Chelsea's champion striker until the outbreak of war in 1939 and on through his subsequent life. Billy joins Chelsea as a football apprentice, rises through the reserves to become a real champion. His passion for football sees him through the war years - even as a prisoner of war he organises a friendly against the Italians - but, having been injured by a mine he cannot play for Chelsea on his return to England. Billy turns to vagrancy and alcohol and for years he wanders up and down the country. He re-settles in London in a derelict house and is befriended by a family who move him to a shed in their garden. He, in turn, helps their son with his football who in his turn becomes a Chelsea player. Billy becomes a Chelsea Pensioner and his 80th birthday is celebrated when Chelsea play at home. A novel for both children and adults which deals with some difficult issues.
Black queen. Michael Morpurgo
Billy and his family live at number 23, Victoria Gardens, but who lives at number 22? The Black Queen wears a black cloak and a wide-brimmed hat, and she lurks in her garden with only a black cat for company. When she goes to New York and asks Billy to look after the cat, he takes a peek inside her house. A strange excess of chessboards leads him to discover that the Black Queen has an incredible secret.
Dear Olly. Michael Morpurgo
Olly's older brother Matt has decided to go to Africa to become a clown. As she waits for her brother's letters, she watches the swallows, who are also going to Africa. The last one to leave is Hero, unaware of the terrible dangers he will meet on the way. When Matt sees the children in the African orphanage he knows he has made the right decision, but he could never have dreamt of what was going to happen to him there. A story in three movements, told by three voices.
Little Manfred. Michael Morpurgo
In the Imperial War Museum is a wooden Dachshund, carved by a German prisoner of war for the children of the British family with which he stayed after the fighting ended. This is the story of how it got there! When the Bismarck sinks, one of the only German survivors is taken on board a British ship as a prisoner of war. Sent to live with a host family, Walter must adapt to a new way of life, in the heart of an enemy country. Gradually, though, he finds a friend in ten-year-old Grace. So when the time finally comes to go back to Germany, it's an emotional parting, with Walter leaving Grace with only a carved wooden dog to remember him by. The question is, will Walter and Grace ever meet again? In 1966, with the World Cup coming to Britain, that opportunity may just have come along!
Running wild. Michael Morpurgo
An epic and heart-rending jungle adventure from the bestselling author of Kaspar and Born to Run. When 10-year-old Will's father dies in the Iraq war, his mother surprises him with a trip to Indonesia. But little could she have known what awaited them both there. The first Will knows that anything is wrong is when Oona, the elephant he is riding along the beach, begins to spook. Then, suddenly, she takes off into the jungle with Will on her back. And that's when Will sees the wave come crashing in! With his mother almost certainly drowned, with nothing to cling onto but an elephant and nothing to help him but the clothes on his back, Will faces a terrifying future. But maybe the jungle , and Oona the elephant, can help him.
Shadow. Michael Morpurgo
This is the story of Aman, a boy from Afghanistan fleeing the horror of the Afghan war. When a western dog shows up outside the caves where Aman lives with his mother, Aman is initially repulsed - people don't keep dogs as pets in his part of the world. But when Aman and his mother decide to make a bid for freedom, the dog Aman has called Shadow will not leave their side. Soon it becomes clear: the destinies of boy and dog are linked, and always will be …
Toro! Toro! Michael Morpurgo
During the Spanish Civil War Antonio hides in the hills with a newborn calf named Paco to save the bull from the bull ring and escapes the destruction of his father's farm by Franco's army.
The way of serenity. Jonathan Morris
Offers a phrase-by-phrase exploration of the serenity prayer, and how understanding and practicing its message can bring true happiness and fulfillment.
The last weekend. Blake Morrison
Set over a long weekend in East Anglia, Blake Morrison's new novel is the chilling story of a rivalrous friendship - as told with deceptive casualness by the narrator, Ian. It opens with a surprise phone call from an old university friend, inviting Ian and his wife, Em, for a few days by the sea. Their hosts, Ollie and Daisy, are a golden couple, and the scene is set for sunlit relaxation. But dangerous tensions quickly emerge. In taut, lucid prose, with flashes of wit and moments of troubling uncertainty, Blake Morrison perfectly conveys the stifling atmosphere of a remote cottage in the hottest days of summer. Ominous revelations from Ian's past slowly intrude. And his rivalry with Ollie intensifies as they resurrect a seemingly forgotten bet made twenty years before. Each day becomes a series of challenges for higher and higher stakes, setting in train actions that will have irreversible consequences.
Assassin. Tara Moss
Former model turned forensic psychologist and PI Mak Vanderwall is missing, presumed dead in Paris. By hiring a hit man to kill her, the powerful and corrupt Cavanagh family aimed to silence her for good. But after narrowly escaping death, Mak has taken over her would-be killer's world. She is very much alive. And transformed. Back in Sydney Mak's former flame, criminal profiler Andy Flynn is on the trail of a vicious rapist and murderer with possible ties to the infamous 'Stiletto Killer'. He may have struck before and will certainly do so again. And while Andy struggles to cope in a world without Mak, little does he realise she is on her way back. And this time she's ready to make her own justice.
Covet. Tara Moss
Eighteen months after her ordeal at the hands of the sadistic 'Siletto Murderer', fashion model and forensic psychology student Makedde Vanderwall must confront her demons when she returns to Sydney for the trial. But the killer makes a daring escape, aided by a twisted accomplice whom no one suspected.
The fictional woman. Tara Moss
The no.1 bestselling non-fiction hit! Tara Moss's first work of non-fiction a fascinating mix of memoir and social comment is sparking conversation all over the country. What are your fictions? Tara Moss has worn many labels in her time, including 'author', 'model', 'gold-digger', 'commentator', 'inspiration', 'dumb blonde', 'feminist' and 'mother', among many others. Now, in her first work of non-fiction, she blends memoir and social analysis to examine the common fictions about women. She traces key moments in her life from small-town tomboy in Canada, to international fashion model in the 90s, to bestselling author taking a polygraph test in 2002 to prove she writes her own work and weaves her own experiences into a broader look at everyday sexism and issues surrounding the underrepresentation of women, modern motherhood, body image and the portrayal of women in politics, entertainment, advertising and the media. Deeply personal and revealing, this is more than just Tara Moss's own story. At once insightful, challenging and entertaining, she asks how we can change the old fictions, one woman at a time.
Hit. Tara Moss
She's beautiful, street smart, and hoping to leave her troubled past behind her. Makedde Vanderwall has finished her studies and is ready to start practising as a forensic psychologist. She's also starting a new life in Australia with her detective boyfriend Andy Flynn. Hoping to scrape together some extra cash, Mak begins doing part time work for an infamous Sydney PI. With a knack for investigation and bending the law, Mak might just have stumbled across her true calling and the career choice that could finally bust up her relationship once and for all. Then she is hired to investigate the murder of highflying PA Meaghan Wallace. The police believe it's an open and shut case: a junkie street kid is guilty. But Mak discovers that the case is a lot more complicated and if the boy didn't kill Meaghan, then who set him up? And how far will they go to keep their guilt a secret?
The Mak collection, Tara Moss
Split Tara Moss
Makkede Vanderwall is a woman with a past. She is beautiful, street-smart and single, a model paying her way through a degree in forensic psychology. But behind the wit and winning smile is a woman haunted by violent nightmares and plagued by thoughts of Detective Andy Flynn, the ex-lover who saved her from a serial killer in Sydney. Mak has returned to Vancouver, her hometown in Canada, eager to finish her studies, move on from the ordeal, and find some peace of mind. But instead she walks straight into a city gripped by fear, and a campus where the students are fair game. As winter closes in and the days grow shorter, Mak is drawn into a shifting world of unstable minds and untrustworthy men, where motives are unclear and desires are unchecked. Her past cannot be so easily forgotten, and she must face her greatest challenge yet.
French roots : two cooks, two countries, and the beautiful food along the way Jean-Pierre. Moulle
A narratively rich cookbook of French and Californian recipes from longtime Chez Panisse executive chef Jean-Pierre Moulle and his wife, Denise Moulle. French Roots spans 60 years and two continents as it follows the lives of its authors - husband-and-wife team Jean-Pierre and Denise Moulle - through food, beginning with the dishes of old-world France, the couple's birthplace, and focusing on the simple, pared-down preparations of French food common in the postwar period. The story then travels to the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1970s, where Jean-Pierre was appointed executive chef at Chez Panisse when California cuisine was just emerging as a distinctive and important style, and where Denise began importing French wine. Finally, the journey returns to France, where Denise and Jean-Pierre revisit the classic dishes of their native country and forgotten skills of foraging, hunting, and preserving at their home in Bordeaux. So much more than a collection of 100 elegant recipes, French Roots is the story of an adventure of two people and two cuisines.
Let them eat kale! : simple and delicious recipes for everyone's favorite superfood. Julia Mueller
Kale is considered one of the world's most powerful superfoods for very good reasons. It's packed with antioxidants, which help neutralize free radicals in the body, which, in turn, helps to prevent many kinds of cancer. Just one cup provides more than 100 percent of the daily value of vitamins A, C, and K, and it's low calorie, high in fibre, and fat-free. Furthermore, kale is high in iron and has a good dose of omega-3 fatty acids, which work as an anti-inflammatory and help fight arthritis, asthma, and autoimmune disorders. And to top all that off, author Julia Mueller proves that it can be delicious.
101 great gifts kids can make Stephanie R. Mueller
Children ages three to eight can make unique presents for mums, dads, grandparents, friends, teachers?all of the special people in their lives! Create a Made-It-Myself mouse pad personalized for Mum. Dad will love the peaceful chimes of his Terracotta Music Maker, and grandparents will be delighted with the Picture Puzzle. From the card to the wrapping paper, and everything in between, 101 Great Gifts Kids Can Make has dozens of perfect gift ideas that will make gift-giving meaningful again!
We planted a tree. Diane Muldrow
Simple text reveals the benefits of planting a single tree, both to those who see it grow and to the world as a whole.
The candy shop war. Brandon Mull
When fifth-graders Nate, Summer, Trevor, and Pigeon meet the owner of the new candy store in town and are given a magical candy that endows them with super powers, they find that along with its benefits there are also dangerous consequences.
The woman who saved the children : a biography of Eglantyne Jebb founder of Save the Children. Clare Mulley
Clare Mulley brings to life an unconventional woman who did not care for children, but dedicated her life to establishing Save the Children and promoting her revolutionary concept of children's human rights.
The view from Castle Rock. Alice Munro
On a clear day, you could see 'America' from Edinburgh's Castle Rock - or so said Alice Munro's great-great-great-grandfather, James Laidlaw, when he had drink taken. This is the story of those shepherds from the Ettrick Valley and their descendants, among them the author herself.
I have to go. Robert N. Munsch
Andrew visits his grandma and grandpa and becomes toilet trained.
Historical heartthrobs : timeless crushes-from Cleopatra to Camus Kelly Murphy
Compiles photos and life stories of 50 of the sexiest men and women from history and asks the essential question: Would you really want to date them?"
The call. Yannick Murphy
When a hunting accident leaves his son in a coma, the son's veterinarian father tries to find the man responsible while maintaining normalcy for his family until an unexpected visitor asks a favour that will test his resolve and force him to come to terms with what it truly means to be a family.
Luigi's freedom ride : a story of curiosity, love, hope and bicycles. Alan Murray
A wholly charming, sweetly funny story of one young good-hearted Italian man. It's about life, bicycles, the joy of the journey and the simple beauty of a life well-lived. It is the small lives, tucked away, that reveal humanity in all its bigness. A charming treat of a novel as sunny, light and enjoyable as a strawberry gelato eaten in an Italian piazza on a summer's day. Luigi is a young Italian boy growing up in Tuscany in the 1920s, dreaming of cowboys and adventure, when a young Englishman, passing through on his way to Rome, gives him his first bicycle, thus sparking a lifelong passion. When World War II begins, Luigi enlists with the Bersaglieri, the Italian Army Cycling Corps (naturally), before unexpectedly finding himself fighting alongside the Partisans. Despite encountering great sorrow and tragedy, Luigi's zest for life remains undiminished, and his next adventure sees him cycling through the Holy Land, Turkey and Sri Lanka before finding an unexpected home and an extraordinary surprise in Australia. An irrepressibly optimistic, sweetly funny story, Luigi's Freedom Ride is about life, bicycles and the joy of the journey showing how even a small life, lived in the shadow of great events, can be rich in contentment and spirit.
The year it all ended. Kirsty Murray
On Armistice Day 1918 Tiney Flynn turns seventeen and it feels as though her life is just beginning. Her brother and his friends are coming home from the Great War and her sisters are falling in love. But Tiney and her family find that building peace is far more complicated than they could ever have imagined…Tiney's year will hold a world of new experience, from tragedy to undreamt-of joy, from seances to masked balls and riots in the streets. At the end of a war and the dawn of the jazz age, Tiney Flynn will face her greatest fears and begin a journey that will change her destiny…
The gendarme. Mark Mustian
Seen by those around him as a virtually senile nonagenarian, Emmet Conn is haunted by vivid memories of a past he and others deliberately worked to forget, a situation that compels him to seek out the love of his life to beg her forgiveness.
Home : the story of everyone who ever lived in our house. Julie Myerson
Ever thought about all the people who lived in your house before you did? This work is a history of an ordinary British family home that digs up layer upon layer of past lives to illuminate our own times, our family life and our heritage.
Parenting in the present moment : how to stay focused on what really matters. Carla Naumburg
This generation of parents is overwhelmed with parenting advice. Carla Naumburg sets out to remind them that they have everything they need to raise healthy, happy children. Mindful parenting is about paying attention to what is going on with your children and yourself, without judging, freaking out, or thinking everyone should be doing something differently. In Parenting in the Present Moment, Naumburg shares what truly matters in parenting - connecting with children in ways that are meaningful to them and you, staying grounded amid the craziness of parenting, and staying present for whatever life throws your way. With reassuring, compassionate storytelling, she weaves the most current theories - about healthy relationships, compassionate self-care, and mindfulness - throughout vignettes of her own chaotic childhood and parental struggles. She shows how mindfulness creates a solid foundation for any style of parenting, regardless of your cultural background, socioeconomic status, or family structure. She also introduces the STAY model for tough times: Stop whatever it is you're doing; Take a breath; Attune to your thoughts and those of your child; and Yield. Parenting is an ongoing journey that constantly challenges every parent. Parenting in the Present Moment will help each family find its own way.
What every BODY is saying : an ex-FBI agent's guide to speed-reading people Joe Navarro
He says that's his best offer. Is it? She says she agrees. Does she? The interview went great - or did it? He said he'd never do it again. But he did. Least likely place to gauge a person's true feelings. What thumbs, feet, and eyelids reveal about moods and motives. The most powerful behaviours that reveal our confidence and true sentiments. Simple nonverbals that instantly establish trust. Simple nonverbals that instantly communicate authority. Filled with examples from Navarro's professional experience, this definitive book offers a powerful new way to navigate your world.
Knockout games. Greg Neri
For Kalvin Barnes, the only thing that comes close to the rush of playing the knockout game is watching videos of the knockout game. Kalvin's crew always takes videos of their KOs, but Kalvin wants more - something better. He thinks if someone could really see the game for what it was, could appreciate it, could capture the essence of it - that would be a video for all time. The world would have to notice. That's where Erica comes in. She's new in town. Awkward. Shy. White. But she's got a good camera and a filmmaker's eye. She could learn. Kalvin could open her eyes to the power he sees in the knockout game; he could make her see things his way. But first she'll have to close her eyes to everything else. For a while, Kalvin's knockouts are strangers. For a while, Erica can ignore their suffering in the rush of creativity and Kalvin's attention. Then comes the KO that forces her eyes open, that makes her see what's really happening. No one wins the knockout game.
The haunting ballad. Michael Nethercott
Having taken over his father's PI business, Lee enlists O'Nelligan, a dapper Irishman with a flair for solving mysteries, to help catch a killer. Now, in Michael Nethercott's The Haunting Ballad, this sleuthing "odd couple" are back in another witty, charming, and wonderfully written mystery, this time set in 1957 in the burgeoning music scene of New York City's Greenwich Village. It's the spring of 1957, and O'Nelligan and Plunkett are summoned to New York to investigate the death of a controversial folk song collector. The trail leads the pair to a diverse group of suspects including an eccentric Beat coffee house owner, a family of Irish balladeers (who may be IRA), a bluesy ex-con, a hundred-and-five-year-old Civil War drummer boy, and a self-proclaimed "ghost chanter" who sings songs that she receives from the dead. To complicate matters, there's a handsome, smooth-talking young folk singer who Lee's fiancee Audrey is enthralled by. And somewhere in the Bohemian swirl of the Village, a killer waits.
The Seance Society. Michael Nethercott
It's 1956, and Lee Plunkett has taken over the family business as a private investigator despite his reluctance to follow in his father's footsteps. When murder intrudes on a group of ghost seekers, Lee is asked to solve the case by a cop on the verge of retirement. At the urging of his perpetual fiancee Audrey, Lee enlists the help of Mr. O'Nelligan, a scholarly Irishman with a keen eye for solving mysteries. The duo is drawn into a murder investigation involving the "Spectricator," a machine designed to communicate with the dead. Soon, Plunkett and O'Nelligan are knee-deep in a suspect pool that includes a surly medium, a former speakeasy queen, a mysterious Spanish widow, and a whole slew of eccentric servants.
Black dog. Rachel Neumeier
Natividad is Pure, one of the rare girls born able to wield magic. Pure magic can protect humans against the supernatural evils they only half-acknowledge - the blood kin or the black dogs. In rare cases - like for Natividad's father and older brother - Pure magic can help black dogs find the strength to control their dark powers. But before Natividad's mother can finish teaching her magic their enemies find them. Their entire village in the remote hills of Mexico is slaughtered by black dogs. Their parents die protecting them. Natividad and her brothers must flee across a strange country to the only possible shelter: the infamous black dogs of Dimilioc, who have sworn to protect the Pure. In the snowy forests of Vermont they are discovered by Ezekiel Korte, despite his youth the strongest black dog at Dimilioc and the appointed pack executioner. Intrigued by Natividad he takes them to Dimilioc instead of killing them. Now they must pass the tests of the Dimilioc Master. Alejandro must prove he can learn loyalty and control even without his sister's Pure magic. Natividad's twin Miguel must prove that an ordinary human can be more than a burden to be protected. And even at Dimilioc a Pure girl like Natividad cannot remain unclaimed to cause fighting and distraction. If she is to stay she must choose a black dog mate. But, first, they must all survive the looming battle.
Lady Windermere's Lover Miranda Neville
Sophie Scholl and the white rose Jud Newborn
An account of the German resistance to the Third Reich as experienced by five university students and their professor who, as the White Rose group, launched a secret campaign against the Third Reich. The story was made into a movie (Sophie Scholl, the last days.).
National Geographic kids chapters. Ape escapes, and more true stories of animals behaving badly. Aline Alexander. Newman
In this book you'll meet 3 naughty animals, including Fu Manchu, the orangutan escape artist. Fu Manchu lived at the Omaha Zoo and would routinely break out of his habitat to explore the zoo on a nice day. Zookeepers were baffled as to how the ape was escaping, until one day they caught him in the act. Fu Manchu knew how to pick locks. Not only that, he had created his own tool that he used to pick the locks with, which he would store in his mouth so as not to be found out. This and two other charming stories will engage readers and leave them wondering if humans are really the smartest animals.
National Geographic kids chapters. Lucky leopards, and more true stories of amazing animal rescues. Aline Alexander. Newman
Retells the stories of three animal rescues, including two orphaned leopards, a sea turtle, and a loon.
Anno Dracula. Kim Newman
In an alternate history of the nineteenth century, Queen Victoria has married Vlad Tepes, better known as Count Dracula, leading to a reign of horror, while, in Whitechapel, Silver Knife, a murderer of vampire girls, threatens the new regime.
The bloody Red Baron. Kim Newman
British and German vampires battle each other as fighter pilots in World War I. Subsequently, a way is found to shape-shift the pilots so they become human planes. The hero is a British pilot who becomes a vampire.
Jago. Kim Newman
A long, hot summer, toward the end of the century. In Alder, a tiny English village dominated by a bizarre religious community known as the Agapemone, dreams - and nightmares - are beginning to come true … Paul, a young academic composing a thesis about the end of the world, and his girlfriend Hazel, a potter, have come to Alder for the summer, to work and live together. Their idea of a rural retreat gradually sours as the laws of nature begin to break down around them. At the heart of it all is the Reverend Anthony Jago. Spiritual leader of the Agapemone, a saint or a psychic, Jago is a man who can bring about Heaven on Earth … or Hell.
Life's lottery : a choose-your-own adventure book. Kim Newman
The quorum. Kim Newman
In 1961, Derek Leech emerges fully formed from the polluted Thames, destined to found a global media empire. In 1978, three ambitious young men strike a deal with Leech. They are offered wealth, glamour, and success, but a price must be paid. In 1994, Leech's purpose moves to its conclusion, and as the men struggle, they realize the truth of the ultimate price.
The concise book of trigger points. Simeon Niel-Asher
A manual for understanding and treating chronic pain associated with trigger points, the tender, painful nodules that form in muscles and connective tissues.
Barney the baby hedgehog. Tina Nolan
Animal series about Eva and Karl, who help lost, abandoned and sick animals at their parents' rescue centre. When Barney the baby hedgehog is found all alone in a barn at High Trees Farm, Eva takes him home to Animal Magic. But while she's busy looking after him, her thoughts turn to Barney's brothers and sisters - what if they are in need of rescuing too …?
The crystal gryphon. Andre Norton
Here begins the saga of Kerovan of Ulmsdale, born with the amber eyes and cloven hooves of the Old Ones, who seeks his rightful heritage as Lord-heir of Ulmsdale - and Lady Joisan of Ithkrypt, proxy-wed to Kerovan, who wears about her neck Kerovan's precious and powerful gift … a small crystal globe encasing a tiny gryphon. Kerovan and Joisan - each forever entwined in the other's fate - their destiny clouded by dark evils that threaten to destroy their kingdoms. Together, they seek to unlock the wondrous powers they hold within them … and the mysterious secrets of the crystal gryphon.
Gryphon in glory. Andre Norton
Unrest fills the Dales as Joisan sets out from her refuge to seek out her husband, Kerovan, journeying on a secret mission in the Waste where the evil powers of the Dark threaten on every hand. Companion to the earlier book, The Crystal Gryphon.
Horn crown Andre Norton
Andre Norton has at last written the seminal Witch World novel, the book that tells of the first coming of mankind and sets the basis for the entire series. Horn Crown is truly the keystone arch of the Witch World legend.
The Jargoon pard Andre Norton
Kethan is given a belt with strange powers, whose clasp is a leopard head made from jargoon stone. Unable to take it off, Kethan becomes part man, part beast; a terrible confrontation between the powers of good and evil ensues.
Scarface Andre Norton
In Scarface, Andre Norton tells the story of a swashbuckling adventure with a pirate crew on the Spanish Main! The boy Scarface watched the lights of Tortuga dim as the Naughty Lass sailed out for the open sea. The Spanish Main promised rich prizes for Captain Cheap and his pirate crew. And this time Cheap had set his sights high - for no less a prey than Sir Robert Scarlett, his lifelong enemy, and Her Majesty's fleet at Bridgetown. His plan was daring. Muskets roared and swords flashed as redcoats and pirates fought savagely. The fate of Bridgetown hung in the balance - and with it the secret of Scarface's true identity.
Spell of the Witch World Andre Norton
Across the sea to the west of Estcarp, the land of Wise Women, is High Hallack, a rugged land ruled by the Dale lords and inhabited in places by remnants of the Old Ones who still practice their magic when the need arises.
Wheel of stars Andre Norton
Gwennan Daggert, caught in an underworld of eternity, of hellish nightmares and beautiful dreams, of time and no time, must now fulfil the destiny she can no longer deny. Tor Lyle, a mysterious man of an ancient family, is a force of evil in an unbreakable cycle of doom. They descend from the here and now into a struggle between good and evil older than Earth. Against an apocalyptic dream of disaster and a battle to save those who will inherit the Earth, these two forces must solve the mysteries of the stars and of eternal fate. Deep within them, they hold the keys that unlock the future, but they must first break the chain of terror and destruction.
Zarsthor's bane Andre Norton
Zarsthor's Bane - it bound them all in a mystic web of ancient peril: the man whose madness drove him to seek it; the boy who followed him; the girl and her cat who crossed their path in the wild and lonely reaches of High Hallack; and the host of spirits waiting in lost An-Yak for the final confrontation of magic with magic, power with power …
Black dahlia & white rose Joyce Carol Oates
A collection of 11 previously uncollected stories, including a title piece that tracks the friendship between Elizabeth Short, famously known as the Black Dahlia, the victim of a markedly brutal murder in 1940s Los Angeles that remains unsolved, and her roommate, Norma Jeane Baker who became Marilyn Monroe. In each of these stories the author explores the menace that lurks at the edge of and intrudes upon even the seemingly safest of lives and maps the transformational cost of such intrusions.
Dear husband Joyce Carol Oates
these fourteen stories examine the intimate lives of contemporary American families: the tangled ties between generations, the desperation - and the covert, radiant happiness - of loving more than one is loved in return.
The gravedigger's daughter Joyce Carol Oates
In 1936 the Schwarts, an immigrant family desperate to escape Nazi Germany, settle in a small town in upstate New York, where the father, a former high school teacher, is demeaned by the only job he can get: gravedigger and cemetery caretaker. After local prejudice and the family's own emotional frailty result in unspeakable tragedy, the gravedigger's daughter, Rebecca, begins her astonishing pilgrimage into America, an odyssey of erotic risk and imaginative daring, ingenious self-invention, and, in the end, a bittersweet - but very "American" - triumph.
Lovely, dark, deep Joyce Carol Oates
A collection of ten mesmerizing stories that maps the eerie darkness within us all. Insightful, disturbing, imaginative, and breathtaking in their lyrical precision, the stories in Lovely, Dark, Deep display Joyce Carol Oates's magnificent ability to make visceral the terror, hurt, and uncertainty that lurks at the edges of ordinary lives.
My sister, my love : the intimate story of Skyler Rampike Joyce Carol Oates
"Dysfunctional families are all alike. Ditto 'survivors". So begins the unexpurgated first-person narrative of nineteen-year-old Skyler Rampike, the only surviving child of an "infamous" American family. A decade ago the Rampikes were destroyed by the murder of Skyler's six-year-old ice-skating champion sister, Bliss, and the media scrutiny that followed. Part investigation into the unsolved murder; part elegy for the lost Bliss and for Skyler's own lost childhood; and part corrosively funny expose of the pretensions of upper-middle-class American suburbia, this captivating novel explores with unexpected sympathy and subtlety the intimate lives of those who dwell in Tabloid Hell.
Sourland : stories Joyce Carol. Oates
In these 16 stories, all previously published in publications as diverse as "The New Yorker", the "Guardian" (UK) and "Ellery Queen" magazine, Oates explores the power of violence, loss, and grief to shape not only the psyche but the soul. The sixteen stories of Sourland beautifully resonate with the author's trademark fascination for the unpredictable in the midst of the 'ordinary' - the commingling of sexual love and violence, the tumult of family life, a predilection for dark humour, and a gift for voice.
On Pluto : inside the mind of Alzheimer's Greg O'Brien
For close to ten years, writer Greg O'Brien, diagnosed with Early-Onset Alzheimer's, has chronicled its progression as an embedded reporter inside the mind of this monster of a disease. Taking detailed notes and working off cognitive reserve, O'Brien offers an illuminating blueprint of strategies, faith, and humour needed to fight this disease, a day-to-day focus on living with Alzheimer's, not dying with it.
Baby parade Rebecca O'Connell
Illustrations and simple text follow babies as they walk, crawl, ride in strollers, or are carried while enjoying a day with their families.
An only child ; and, My father's son : the autobiography Frank O'Connor
When Frank O'Connor was born, his parents - Minnie O'Connor, a former maid raised in an orphanage, and Michael O'Donovan, a veteran of the Boer War and the drummer in a local brass-and-reed band - lived above a sweet-and-tobacco shop in Cork, Ireland. The young family soon moved, however, to a two-room cottage at the top of Blarney Street, a lane that originates, as O'Connor so vividly describes it, "near the river-bank, in sordidness, and ascends the hill to something like squalor." From this unlikely beginning, a poor boy born Michael Francis Xavier O'Donovan set out on the remarkable journey that transformed him into Frank O'Connor, one of Ireland's greatest writers.
Wild child Molly O'Keefe
Monica Appleby is a woman with a reputation. Once she was America's teenage "Wild Child," with her own reality TV show. Now she's a successful author coming home to Bishop, Arkansas, to pen the juicy follow-up to her tell-all autobiography. Problem is, the hottest man in town wants her gone. Mayor Jackson Davies is trying to convince a cookie giant to move its headquarters to his crumbling community, and Monica's presence is just too … unwholesome for business. But the desire in his eyes sends a very different message: Stay, at least for a while. Jackson needs this cookie deal to go through. His town is dying and this may be its last shot. Monica is a distraction proving too sweet, too inviting - and completely beyond his control. With every kiss he can taste her loneliness, her regrets, and her longing. Soon their uncontrollable attraction is causing all kinds of drama. But when two lost hearts take a surprise detour on to the bumpy road of unexpected love, it can only lead someplace wonderful.
Fun with washi : 35 ways to instantly refresh your home, accessories, and packages with washi tape Jessica Okui
Washi tape has become the obsession of crafters, scrapbookers, and package fanatics, and now they'll know just how many ways to use it! This inspiring craft book presents 35 delightfully unique and sophisticated projects for decorating the home, accessories, and stationery with washi tape. Using simple techniques and basic materials, crafters can create a pixel heart to adorn their walls, accessorize their favourite shirt with a bow brooch, or create custom goodie bags for gifting treats. With helpful how-to illustrations, easy-to follow techniques for working with washi, and gorgeous photos of the finished projects, Fun with Washi makes it easy to add colourful accents everywhere.
Cow Jules Older
A light-hearted, informative look at cows: different breeds, what they eat, how they make milk, and an assortment of other facts.
Pig Jules Older
Explains the life cycle of pigs, and their various breeds, in a humorous but informative way.
Telling time Jules Older
Humorous text explains the concept of time, from seconds to hours on both analogue and digital clocks, from years to millennia on the calendar.
Envy Gregg Olsen
Fifteen-year-old twins Hayley and Taylor Ryan of Port Gamble, Washington State, known as "Empty Coffin" because of a local legend, investigate a former friend's Christmas suicide and, along the way, discover a secret from their own past.
Dr. Love's prescription for a romantic loving man : "It's not the little blue pill" Bobby O'Neal
This entertaining and inspirational story exposes the naked truth of how a forestry guy stepped out of the woods and turned his love on to become a romantic loving man. If you are a romantic guy, you already know how important it is to turn your love on. If you are a regular guy, the lover in you is seducing you to try this prescription. If you are a woman, this story is going to help you to discover and uncover the man of your dreams. To the young adults reading this book, it is a message of love and hope. It is time for all men to open our hearts.
The new sex bible : the complete guide to sexual love Jessica O'Reilly
While the mechanics of sex remain largely the same, our knowledge and attitude towards it shifts every few years based on popular culture. Kink and toys was considered fringe until recently! Also, turning 50 does not mean the end of sex? Baby Boomers are healthier and more sexually active than the preceding generation. New research had yielded more information on sexual arousal and orgasms. The New Sex Bible is a comprehensive primer to every aspect of sex and how to get it and give it good.
The Orchid Thief Susan Orlean
Say Goodbye to Survival Mode Crystal Paine
Provides both practical ideas and big-picture perspective for those who feel overly stressed or stretched too thin, arguing that a purpose-driven, inspired life allows for more passion and enjoyment in every day.
Easy Luxury Darren Palmer
Phra Farang Phra Peter. Pannapadipo
Clever maids : the secret history of the Grimm fairy tales Valerie Paradiz
Most people know the stories of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, but very few know that behind the Brothers Grimm and their fairy tales stood a network of sisters-and mothers, neighbours, and female friends. In this intimate history, Valerie Paradiz tells the real story of the greatest literary collaboration of the nineteenth century, and gives the long-lost narrators of these beloved tales their due. Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were major German intellects of their time, contemporaries of both Goethe and Schiller. But as Paradiz reveals here, the romantic image of the two brothers travelling the countryside, transcribing tales told to them by peasants, is far from the truth. More than half of the tales the Grimm brothers collected were contributed by women friends from the upper classes. Set against the backdrop of the Napoleonic wars and the high years of German romanticism, Clever Maids chronicles this most fascinating enterprise in literary history, and illuminates the ways the Grimm tales-with their mythic portrayals of courage, sacrifice, and betrayal-still resonate so powerfully today.
Amelia Bedelia goes wild! Herman Parish
Amelia Bedelia is sick the day her class goes to visit the zoo. She doesn't want to be left out, so she comes up with a brilliant idea she'll create a zoo in her backyard, using all her classmates' pets. But she doesn't know exactly how to tell her parents about her great plan.
Amelia Bedelia shapes up Herman Parish
Picked last for kickball, Amelia Bedelia gets another chance to prove her athleticism when her class holds a mini-Olympics.
The life of the automobile : a new history of the motor car Steven Parissien
In this book Steven Parissien examines the impact, development and significance of the automobile over its turbulent and colourful 130-year history. He tells the story of the automobile, and of its creators. This is not just a story of horsepower and performance. 'The Life of the Automobile' is a tale of people: of intuitive carmakers such as Benz, Agnelli, Royce and Citroen; of exceptionally gifted designers such as Issigonis, Lefebvre, Michelotti and Bangle; and of visionary industrialists such as Ford, Tata and Porsche.
Man and boy Tony Parsons
Harry Silver must adjust to his new life as a single father.
Man and wife Tony Parsons
Harry Silver returns to face life in the "blended family" in this love story with a moral twist. The end of "Man and Boy" saw him heading for his second marriage. This story, which can be read as a sequel or on its own, finds him wondering if the ensuing complications will prove too much.
Men from the boys Tony Parsons
The final episode in the trilogy that began with the million-copy bestseller Man and Boy, followed with Man and wife and end ten years on with Men from the Boys. Ten years on from Man and Boy, it is crunch time for Harry! Life is good for Harry Silver. He has a beautiful wife, three wonderful children and a great job as producer of the cult radio show, A Clip Round the Ear. But Harry is about to turn forty and his ex-wife is back in town. Soon it could be time to kiss the good life goodbye! When Harry's 15-year-old son Pat moves out to live with his mother, the hard times have only just begun. With his son gone, his job at risk and his wife unsettled by the reappearance of her own ex, their dream seems to be falling apart. Funny, moving and unforgettable, Men From the Boys is a story of how we live now.
Postcard killers James Patterson
After his daughter and her boyfriend are murdered in Rome, NYPD detective Jacob Kanon heads to Europe where other young couples have been found dead in various cities. Little connects the murders, other than a postcard to the local newspaper that precedes each new victim. Now Kanon teams up with a Swedish reporter who has just received a postcard in Stockholm - and they think they know where the next victims will be.
Private James Patterson

Jack is called into California State Prison to visit his father, Tom, who is serving a life sentence for extortion and murder. Before being incarcerated, Tom ran a private investigation firm called 'Private'. Tom wants Jack to re-start the company, to make it great again, and gives him access to a $15 million dollar account in the Cayman Islands to do it with. Five years later, Private's services are much sought-after and Jack has clients ranging from movie stars to politicians. Jack receives a phone call from school friend Abbie Cushman whose wife has been murdered and he desperately needs Jack's help. The murder is brutal and with no apparent motive; fingers begin pointing towards Abbie. Jack is certain that Abbie didn't kill his wife, but he will have to work night and day to prove it. Meanwhile, Jack's second-in-command at Private, Justine Smith, is helping the L.A.P.D. in a serial killer investigation. The killings are highly professional and so far the Police have no leads whatsoever. A breakthrough is desperately needed, because these killings show no signs of stopping.

No safe place Richard North Patterson
No Safe Place introduces the compelling character, Kerry Kilcannon, and raises questions about abortion politics, the gun culture in America, and the degree to which the press is - or should be - intent on exposing the private lives of political leaders. On the eve of the election, those forces converge in a sensational and shocking climax.
Protect and defend Richard North Patterson
When the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court drops dead following the inauguration, President Kerry Kilcannon selects as a replacement Judge Caroline Masters, a woman who hides a secret that could affect her ruling on a controversial case.
Silent witness Richard North Patterson
In Ohio, a school teacher accused of murdering a pregnant student appeals to lawyer Tony Lord to defend him. For Lord it will be a tricky business. As a youth he was a suspect in the murder of a local girl, a crime never solved, and the town has not forgotten.
The tulip Anna Pavord
This tells the story of the tulip, from its origins as a wild flower of the Asian steppes to the world-wide phenomena it is today. It also features descriptions of 80 wild-species tulips and several hundred garden varieties.
Notorious : how the Kray twins made themselves immortal John Pearson
The Krays: gangsters, extortionists, murderers, celebrities.Over three years, Pearson has been re-examining their history, unearthing much previously unknown material which sheds new light on the deadly duo. "Notorious" re-examines their tortured and utterly unique relationship as identical twins, reveals new and unsuspected murders and sheds fresh light on the killings of George Cornell and Jack 'the Hat' McVitie. And most riveting of all are the revelations of how Ron Kray caused a major sex scandal in which a prime minister condoned the most outrageous establishment cover-up in British politics since the war. "Notorious" contains many more surprises and confirms the Kray twins' status as Britain's most notorious criminals.
Voices from the sand Cynthia Pelman
This is the story of a teacher's work in a preschool in South Africa, where millions of children still live in poverty, deprivation and violence. Dolores attempts to help her students to overcome educational disadvantages ensuing from generations of discrimination. She emerges as a courageous and feisty character whose personal philosophy of life makes her a charming and effective agent for change within her school. She is forced to search deep within herself to find the strength to carry on working in the township when events shatter her belief in her ability to change the lives of her students.
Cybersexism : sex, gender and power on the internet Laurie Penny
It's a tough time to be a woman on the internet. Over the past two generations, the political map of human relations has been redrawn by feminism and by changes in technology. Together they pose questions about the nature and organisation of society that are deeply challenging to those in power, and in both cases, the backlash is on. In this brave new world, old-style sexism is making itself felt in new and frightening ways. Laurie Penny goes to the dark heart of the matter and asks why threats of rape and violence are being used to try to silence female voices, analyses the structure of online misogyny, and makes a case for real freedom of speech - for everyone.
Meat market : female flesh under capitalism Laurie Penny
Modern culture is obsessed with controlling women's bodies. Our societies are saturated with images of unreal, idealised female beauty whilst real female bodies and the women who inhabit them are alienated from their own personal and political potential. Under modern capitalism, women are both consumers and consumed: Meat Market offers strategies for resisting this gory cycle of consumption, exposing how the trade in female flesh extends into every part of women's political selfhood. Touching on sexuality, prostitution, hunger, consumption, eating disorders, housework, transsexualism and the global trade in the signs and signifiers of femininity, Meat Market is a thin, bloody sliver of feminist dialectic, dissecting women's bodies as the fleshy fulcrum of capitalist cannibalism.
Unspeakable things : sex, lies and revolution Laurie Penny
'This is not a fairytale. This is a story about how sex and money and power police our dreams.' Clear-eyed, witty and irreverent, Laurie Penny is as ruthless in her dissection of modern feminism and class politics as she is in discussing her own experiences in journalism, activism and underground culture. This is a book about poverty and prejudice, online dating and eating disorders, riots in the streets and lies on the television. The backlash is on against sexual freedom for men and women and social justice and feminism needs to get braver. Penny speaks for a new feminism that takes no prisoners, a feminism that is about justice and equality, but also about freedom for all. It's about the freedom to be who we are, to love who we choose, to invent new gender roles, and to speak out fiercely against those who would deny us those rights. It is a book that gives the silenced a voice a voice that speaks of unspeakable things.
The long way home Louise Penny
Former Chief Inspector of Homicide, Armand Gamache, has found a peace he'd never imagined possible, away from the front line of the police and in the tranquil village of Three Pines. But when his friend Clara Morrow asks for help, he can't bring himself to refuse her, despite the old wounds it threatens to re-open. Clara's husband, Peter, is missing, having failed to come home on the first anniversary of their separation, as promised. As Gamache journeys further into Quebec, he is drawn deeper into the tortured mind of Peter Morrow, a man so desperate to recapture his fame as an artist that he would sell his soul. As Gamache gets closer to the truth, he uncovers a deadly trail of jealousy and deceit. Can Gamache bring Peter, and himself, home safely? Or in searching for answers, has he placed himself, and those closest to him, in terrible danger?
Art of letter carving in stone Tom Perkins
The Art of Letter Carving in Stone portrays the beauty of this age-old craft alongside practical instruction. Written by an eminent practitioner and teacher, it guides the novice through the basics of letter carving, drawn lettering and making simple designs, and for the more experienced it explains a new proportioning system for classical Roman capitals and demonstrates a useful approach to designing letterform variations. This beautiful book illustrates a wide range of exciting and creative pieces, and celebrates the inspiring work of contemporary letter carvers.
The abstinence teacher Tom Perrotta

Ruth suddenly finds the curriculum she has taught for nigh on 15 years worryingly out of vogue. It seems these days the kids no longer need teaching; they need telling. As the scandal flares up and attracts the unwelcome eye of the local evangelical Church, the appeasing high-school principal forces her into advocating a pro-abstinence agenda in the classroom that is at odds with all conventional wisdom. On the other hand, it is a syllabus change which Tim Mason, recovering addict, local football coach, and recent convert to the same plaintiff Church, should consider a victory. But his new found faith is constantly put to the test by the temptations of his former wayward life, forcing him into grand, defensive statements of purpose.

Bad haircut : stories of the Seventies Tom Perrotta
Tom Perrotta's first novel takes readers to semi-fictional 'Cranwood', in small-town New Jersey. Set between fall 1969 and the summer of 1980, 'Bad Haircut' consists of ten tales; reflecting a coming-of-age in the 'kitsch' era of platforms and disco. The novel charts the struggles of a boy called Buddy with the timeless mysteries of sex, death, parents and, of course, bad haircuts as he grows from Cub Scout to college kid. A touching collection of tales, 'Bad Haircut' is Perrotta's perfect observation of the tribulations and tenderness of adolescence.
The Wishbones Tom Perrotta
Everything is going pretty well for Dave Raymond. He's 31, but he still feels young. He's playing guitar with the Wishbones, a New Jersey wedding band, and while it isn't exactly the Big Time, it is music. He has a roof over his head? Well, it's his parents' roof, but they don't hassle him much. Life isn't perfect. But it isn't bad. Not bad at all. But then he has to blow it all by proposing to his girlfriend! One man's treasure is another man's millstone. To Dave, the treasure in question is Gretchen; a sexy, bohemian poet Dave meets when playing at a wedding with his band. While Gretchen the poet plays 'the bridesmaid', Dave plays 'the rock-star'. And suddenly, the comfortable trajectory of his reality seems far less appealing.
The midwife Jolina Petersheim
As head midwife of Hopen Haus, Rhoda Mummau delivers babies with a confident though stoic ease. Except in rare moments, not even those who work alongside her would guess that each newborn cry, each starry-eyed glance from mother to child, nearly renders a fault through Rhoda's heart, reminding her of a past she has carefully concealed. Past and present collide when a young woman named Amelia arrives in the sweeping countryside bearing secrets of her own. As Amelia's due date draws near, Rhoda must face her regrets and those she left behind in order for the healing power of love and forgiveness to set them all free.
Conner's courage S. J. D. Peterson
John Price and Conner Burnett have been part of the Whispering Pines Ranch for the past thirty-seven years but now John is in the hospital with a diagnosis of cancer, fighting for his very life. As his lover struggles, Conner looks back on when they first met. The early seventies wasn't an easy time to be a gay man, especially in a small country town and Conner will be damned if he'll let anyone take John from him now. He had the courage to stand up for what he wanted in 1974. If need be, he'll go toe to toe with God himself to keep the man he fought so hard to love.
Jess's journey S. J. D. Peterson
At an early age, Jess Jenkins learned to take care of his family and friends and put their needs before his own. He dreamed of finding the same simple happiness his parents had and followed their example. Then Lorcan James broke his heart and an automobile accident broke his independent spirit. Jess is finally forced to put himself first and accept the help he needs on his journey toward recovery. Though pain, frustration, and depression leave him bitter and eager to push people away, his friends refuse to allow him to wallow in self-pity. The simple, happy life Jess has always wanted is there for the taking - all he has to do is open his eyes and see it.
Ty's obsession S. J. D. Peterson
Ty Callahan knew Quinn Taylor was special the moment he first laid eyes on him. When the angry and heartbroken cowboy finally opens up, Ty sees the real man inside, and for the first time in years, Ty is ready to love again. There's only one problem: Lorcan James. Although Lorcan has owned a piece of Quinn's heart for some time, Ty is convinced he is the better man for Quinn and will stop at nothing to prove it. Then Blake Henderson, a strong, dominant cowboy, strolls confidently into Ty's life, offering an outlet for Ty's anger, a chance to heal, and an option for his torn affections. Can Ty look beyond his feelings of rage and betrayal and find true peace, or will his obsession destroy them all?
Quinn's need S.J.D.. Peterson
It's been a year since Lorcan James left Whispering Pines Ranch, and Quinn Taylor has barely recovered. Only two things keep him from falling into the abyss of despair: his work at the ranch and his escape into the world of BDSM at a club called The Push. At The Push, the sound of men begging him helps drown out the bitter memory of his own voice begging Lorcan to stay. When Lorcan comes back to Pegasus, the same blistering heat simmers between them, but almost nothing has changed. Lorcan is still with Jess, the man he left the ranch with, and Quinn has captured the attention of Ty Callahan, a man who will beg Quinn for anything, anytime, and any way Quinn wants it. If there's one thing Quinn has learned the hard way, it's that not even begging can fill love's aching need.
A matter of heart Tracie Peterson
In 1890s Texas when two very different men enter Jessica's life, will she choose to pursue her dreams of adventure or follow the gentle urgings of her heart?
A moment in time Tracie Peterson
Having survived an attack that left her scarred and her father dead, Alice Chesterfield is never free from the fear and memories of the man who is responsible. Texas seems to be an answer to Alice's prayers, and when she has the opportunity to relocate to a ranch near Dallas, Robert Barnett captures her attention. He doesn't worry about the obstacles that stand in their way and he hardly seems to notice the scar she bears. When devastating information about her family comes to light, Alice must learn to place her trust in God as she seeks a measure of peace for her future and for her heart.
A sensible arrangement Tracie Peterson
Marty Dandridge Olson is a widow looking for a way out of Texas. Widower Jake Wythe has secured a job as a bank manager in Denver, only to discover that the bank board wants him to be a married man. With Texas in his roots, he advertises for a Lone Star bride, and Marty answers the call. They both agree they are done with romance and love and will make this nothing more than a marriage of convenience.
To honor and trust Tracie Peterson
Recently jilted and accused of theft, governess Callie DeBoyer is tempted by the African mission field. Would she be following God's call or deserting her life and love?
The invention of news : how the world came to know about itself Andrew Pettegree
Long before the invention of printing, let alone the availability of a daily newspaper, people desired to be informed. In the pre-industrial era news was gathered and shared through conversation and gossip, civic ceremony, celebration, sermons, and proclamations. The age of print brought pamphlets, edicts, ballads, journals, and the first news-sheets, expanding the news community from local to worldwide. Andrew Pettegree investigates who controlled the news and who reported it; the use of news as a tool of political protest and religious reform; issues of privacy and titillation; the persistent need for news to be current and journalists trustworthy; and people's changed sense of themselves as they experienced newly opened windows on the world.
Blood wounds Susan Beth Pfeffer
Willa seems to have a perfect life as a member of a loving blended family until the estranged father she barely remembers murders his wife and children, then heads toward Willa and her mother.
Natural born charmer Susan Elizabeth Phillips
When millionaire Dean Robillard meets Blue Bailey, she couldn't be more down on her luck; her ex has stolen all her money and she's got no place to go. A football hero, Dean is taking a holiday while recovering from a career-threatening injury. Despite Dean's misgivings the two find themselves thrown together and soon Blue has moved into his home and is merrily turning his world upside down. Their attraction is mutual but can their relationship really survive when the only other thing they have in common is their distrust of love?
Larger than life Jodi Picoult
Whe Alice Metcalf comes across a family of elephants, killed for their ivory, she can't abandon the surviving calf. Trying to hide a hundred-pound baby elephant in her camp may be difficult, but Alice is ready to break all the rules to save the one life she can.
Do goalkeepers wear tiaras? Helena Pielichaty
Nine-year-old Megan Fawcett loves football and is desperate to be on her school team. She tries everything to get the coach to notice her, even wearing a tiara! But nothing works… Then she has a brainwave - she'll set up her own team. An all-girls team! Now all she needs is a pitch, a coach … and ten other players.
Things we left unsaid Zuya Pirzad
Clarice Ayvazian lives a comfortable life surrounded by the gentle bickering of her children and her gossiping friends and relatives. When an enigmatic Armenian family move in across the street, something begins to gnaw at Clarice's contentment: a feeling that there may be more to life - and to her - than this. Dizzy with the sweltering heat and simmering emotions, Clarice begins to feel herself come alive to possibilities previously unimaginable.
What happened to Lani Garver? Carol Plum-Ucci
Sixteen-year-old Claire is unable to face her fears about a recurrence of her leukemia, her eating disorder, her need to fit in with the popular crowd on Hackett Island, and her mother's alcoholism until the enigmatic Lani Garver helps her get control of her life at the risk of his own
Anatomy of a misfit Andrea Portes
The third most popular girl in school's choice between the hottest boy in town and a lonely but romantic misfit ends in tragedy and self-realization.
This flawless place between Bruno Portier
This flawless place between is a mesmerizing and uplifting story about death and dying. Interweaving themes from The Tibetan book of the dead, Portier takes us to Tibet and the scene of a motorcycle accident. Anne's life is over, but with the help of a stranger her spirit begins a cathartic voyage that carries her back through the traumas and ecstasies of her life.
Guess what is growing inside this egg Mia Posada
Can you figure out who's who? Watercolor and collage illustrations depict close-up scenes of an egg or eggs about to hatch.
Mathematical curiosities : a treasure trove of unexpected entertainments Alfred S. Posamentier
Most people agree that maths is important, but few would say it's fun. This book will show you that the subject you learned to hate in high school can be as entertaining as a witty remark, as engrossing as the mystery novel you can't put down - in short, fun! As veteran maths educators Posamentier and Lehmann demonstrate, when you realize that doing maths can be enjoyable, you open a door into a world of unexpected insights while learning an important skill. If maths has frustrated you over the years, this delightful approach will teach you many things you thought were beyond your reach, while conveying the key message that maths can and should be anything but boring.
Rules for old men waiting Peter R. Pouncey
MacIver, military historian and one-time centre for Scotland's rugby team has holed up in his holiday home after his wife's death. He makes rules to keep himself going, as he and his house crumble away - what he must burn, when he should eat, how to write something everyday… As he becomes involved in his story about soldiers in the trenches of the Great War he begins to reflect on his own experiences in WWII and the loss of his son in Vietnam, and attempts to make sense of his life and he turbulent era through which he has lived.
Are you smart enough to work at Google? : trick questions, zen-like riddles, insanely difficult puzzles, and other devious interviewing techniques you need to know to get a job anywhere in the new economy William Poundstone
Presents answers and solutions to some of the weirdest and most challenging interview questions and discusses the importance of creative thinking and how to beat your competition in today's job market.
Equal rites Terry Pratchett
The last thing the wizard Drum Billet did, before Death laid a bony hand on his shoulder, was to pass on his staff of power to the eighth son of an eighth son. Unfortunately for his colleagues in the chauvinistic (not to say misogynistic) world of magic, he failed to check on the new-born baby's sex.
Johnny and the dead Terry Pratchett
Not many people can see the dead (not many would want to). Twelve-year-old Johnny Maxwell can. And he's got bad news for them: the council want to sell the cemetery as a building site. But the dead aren't going to take it lying down, especially since it's Halloween tomorrow. Besides, they're beginning to find that life is a lot more fun than it was when they were … well … alive. Particularly if they break a few rules …
Witches abroad Terry Pratchett
That's the problem with real life - it tends to get in the way of a good story, and a good story is hard to resist. Servant girls have to marry the prince. That's what life is all about. You can't fight a Happy Ending, especially when it comes with glass slippers and a Fairy Godmother who has made Destiny an offer it can't refuse. At least - up until now.
Good sports : rhymes about running, jumping, throwing, and more Jack Prelutsky
Exhilarating, all-new, kid-friendly rhymes capture the range of emotions, from winning to losing to the sheer joy of participating, that children experience as they discover the games of their choice. Whether Good Sports will create good sports remains to be seen, but it will prove to young boys (and girls) that reading poetry can be fun.
The Monster of Florence Douglas Preston
West of the moon Margi Preus
In nineteenth-century Norway, fourteen-year-old Astri, whose aunt has sold her to a mean goatherder, dreams of joining her father in America.
Lush Life Richard Price
Samaritan Richard Price
The paper sword Robert Priest
When he finds a blade-shaped stick, he fashions it to look like a real sword. Xemion and his friend Saheli are forced to flee their home and embark on a dangerous journey to the ruins of the ancient city of Ulde, where rebel forces are gathering. Armed with only their wits and the painted sword, Saheli's fear of magic and Xemion's attraction to it bind them in a crossed spell of their own - one that threatens to separate the two forever.
My New American Life Francine Prose
Silent letters loud and clear Robin Pulver
When Mr. Wright's students express a dislike for silent letters, the offended letters decide to teach them a lesson by going on strike.
Mindfulness for teen anger : a workbook to overcome anger & aggression using MBSR & DBT skills Mark C. Purcell
Using proven effective mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) and dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT), Mindfulness for Teen Anger teaches teens the difference between healthy and unhealthy forms of anger. Inside, teens will learn to make better choices, stop overreacting, find emotional balance, and be more aware of their thoughts and feelings in the moment.
My year of epic rock Andrea Pyros
Dumped by her best friend on the first day of seventh grade, Nina gets stuck with the other students with peanut allergies but when they decide to form a band, The EpiPens, her life changes for the better.
No place to call home : inside the real lives of gypsies and travellers Katharine Quarmby
They are reviled. For centuries the Roma have wandered Europe; during the Holocaust half a million were killed. After World War II and during the Troubles, a wave of Irish Travellers moved to England to build a better, safer life. They found places to settle down but then the vocal Dale Farm community was evicted from their land. Many did not leave their homes quietly; they put up a legal and at times physical fight.
A golden web Barbara Quick
In this exquisite imagining of the centuries-old story of Alessandra Giliani, the world's first female anatomist, acclaimed novelist Barbara Quick gives readers the drama, romance, and rich historical detail for which she is known as she shines a light on an unforgotten - and unforgettable - heroine.
What happens in London Julia Quinn
Sir Harry Valentine works for the War Office, translating documents vital to national security. When a gorgeous blonde begins to watch him from her window, he is instantly suspicious. He discovers that she might be engaged to a foreign prince, who might be plotting against England. When Harry is roped into spying on the woman, he discovers that he might be falling for her himself.
Santa Clauses : short poems from the North Pole Bob Raczka
Twenty-five haiku give readers a fresh, humorous perspective on Santa's December preparations, and rich illustrations pull readers into every wintry scene.
What If It's Not Alzheimer's Gary Radin
The patience stone Atiq Rahimi
Winner of the Prix Goncourt, "The Patience Stone "captures with great courage and spare, poetic, prose the reality of everyday life for an intelligent woman under the oppressive weight of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.
After we kill you, we will welcome you back as honored guests Ted Rall
A singular account of one determined journalist's effort to bring the realities of life in twenty-first-century Afghanistan to the world in the best way he knows how: a mix of travelogue, photography, and award-winning comics.
The Witch of Clan Sinclair Karen Ranney
Arlene sardine Christopher Raschka
Follows the short life of Arlene, from brisling to canned sardine.
The blushful hippopotamus Christopher Raschka
Though Roosevelt the hippopotamus's sister teases him because he blushes a lot, his best friend helps him feel better about himself.
Can't sleep Christopher Raschka
For a little puppy who can't fall asleep, a darkened bedroom can be a lonely place. As his family prepares for bed, he lies awake and is frightened. It is very dark … but he is not alone. Outside his window, the moon rises in the sky. The moon promises to stay awake and keep him safe. There's nothing to fear at night when the moon is keeping watch. And in the morning, it's the puppy's turn to keep watch for the sleeping moon.
Cowy Cow Christopher Raschka
Cowy Cow has so many ideas! In fact, she has one hundred of them: green is the best colour ever; chewed grass tastes like a cookie and 98 others (that remain unmentioned)! The unexpectedness of this stationary cow waxing philosophical tickles and inspires. Chris Raschka's award-winning art style and unrivalled wit is sure to charm readers of all ages.
Crabby Crab Christopher Raschka
Crabby Crab, unhappy about the way he looks and moves, is surprised to learn that he is loved just the way he is.
Lamby Lamb, Snaily Snail, Goosey Goose, and Doggy Dog Christopher Raschka
In these succinct, quirky stories from master illustrator Chris Raschka, four silly animals learn that it's important to be themselves.
Seriously, Norman! Christopher Raschka
Why are grown-ups so insane? That's the question Leonard, Norman, Anna and Emma (the twins) try to answer with the help of Norman's new tutor, Balthazar Birdsong (who is also fairly nuts).
Whaley Whale, Moosey Moose, Sluggy Slug, and Wormy Worm Christopher Raschka
In these short stories from master illustrator Chris Raschka, four funny animals will do as they please - even if it means wiggling all day!
Acid reflux diet & cookbook for dummies Patricia Raymond
Put an end to acid reflux - and take your life back. Raymond and Beaver outline the lifestyle and diet modifications that prevent symptoms from occurring, as well as explanations of the condition and how and why these modifications help.
Animal babies! Charles Reasoner
Photographs of animals introduce children to different animals that include a puppy, a kitten, a bunny, a piglet, a duckling, a chick, a foal and a lamb.
The Bronte Sisters Catherine Reef
The Fool's Girl Rees Celia.
Pirates! Rees Celia.
Sovay Rees Celia.
Sorceress Celia Rees
Mary and Agnes' lives may be separated by 400 years, but they are still linked by more than blood. Like Mary, Agnes has special powers and it is those special powers that Mary will rely on to tell her story.
This is not forgiveness Celia Rees
In England, a beautiful, manipulative teenaged girl affiliated with a group of political anarchists seduces both seventeen-year-old Jamie and his older brother, a wounded veteran of the war in Afghanistan.
Witch child Celia Rees
When Mary sees her grandmother accused of witchcraft and hung for the crime, she is hurried to safety by an unknown woman. The woman gives her paper and ink to record her days, and she sets off for the New World only to find that she, like her grandmother, is the victim of ignorance and stupidity.
Leningrad Anna Reid
The final curtsey : a royal memoir by the Queen's cousin Margaret Rhodes
This is the intimate and revealing autobiography of Margaret Rhodes, the first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II and the niece of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. Margaret Rhodes was born into the Scottish aristocracy, into a now almost vanished world of privilege.
An Oath of Brothers Morgan Rice
A Charge of Valor Morgan Rice
A Dream of Mortals Morgan Rice
A Grant of Arms Morgan Rice
A Land of Fire Morgan Rice
A Reign of Steel Morgan Rice
A Rite of Swords Morgan Rice
A Rule of Queens Morgan Rice
A Sea of Shields Morgan Rice
A Sky of Spells Morgan Rice
Walk like a Buddha : even if your boss sucks, your ex is torturing you, and you're hungover again Lodro Rinzler
Based on Lodro Rinzler's popular advice columns, Walk Like a Buddha offers wisdom that can be applied to just the sort of dilemmas that tend to arise for anyone making even a modest attempt to walk like a Buddha?that is, to live with honesty, wisdom, and compassion in the face of whatever life surprises you with.
Packing for Mars Mary Roach
B Is for Beer Tom Robbins
She Wore Red Trainers Na'ima B. Robert
The MacKade brothers Nora Roberts
The return of Rafe MacKade: Cleaned up and successful now - and still dangerously good-looking - Rafe MacKade sets the town on fire, and tongues wagging. Lovely newcomer Regan Jones is intrigued - what kind of man could cause this sort of talk? She' s just about to find out….
Nora Roberts mystery box set Nora Roberts
An isolated adventure in the Catskills leads to unexpected romance. A Hollywood agent is left reeling when the director she's working with will stop at nothing to uncover her secrets. A dive shop owner's life in Cozumel is forever changed when her murdered tenant's brother storms into town with revenge in his heart. A woman falls for an enigmatic stranger, even as her suspicions about his true identity grow. An inherited map to sunken treasure brings romance and peril to an island paradise.
The cottage on Juniper Ridge Sheila Roberts
Jen Heath hopes to find the simple life at her rented cottage on Juniper Ridge in Icicle Falls, but she gets into a complicated relationship with her sexy landlord, Garrett Armstrong
The tea shop on Lavender Lane Sheila Roberts
Former caterer to the stars Bailey Sterling escapes to Icicle Falls after her business is detroyed by scandal, but the future of the tea shop she starts with her sister Cecily is threatened when they both fall for the same man.
I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends Courtney Robertson
Yellow J. Jean. Robertson
Clever rhyming text and bright photos will engage young children as they learn to find the colour yellow in the world around them.
Whale shines : an artistic tale Fiona Robinson
Encouraged by his sidekicks, the glow-in-the-dark plankton, a self-doubting whale learns that anyone can be an artist and everyone has something unique to contribute.
Bright Island Mabel L. Robinson
The passing bells Phillip Rock
The guns of August are rumbling throughout Europe in the summer of 1914, but war has not yet touched Abingdon Pryory. Here, at the grand home of the Greville family, the parties, dances, and romances play on.
Circles of Time Phillip Rock
The tattooed duke Maya Rodale
A scandal sheet reporter posing as a common housemaid in order to uncover whatever nasty little skeletons an adventure-seeking Duke may be hiding in his closets - only to fall in passionate love with the nobleman whose secrets she's been exposing to the world.
Winging it Cindy Rodriguez
Describes the different ways birds and insects use their wings.
How I rescued my brain : a psychologist's remarkable recovery from stroke and trauma David Roland
How I Rescued My Brain is an amazing tale of one man's resilience, and his determination to overcome one of the most frightening situations imaginable - the fear that he had lost his mind and might not get it back.
Love, lashes, and lipstick : my secrets for a gorgeous, happy life Mally Roncal
In Love, Lashes, and Lipstick, Mally tells her own story of growing up as the daughter of two Filipino doctors; smuggling blue eyeliner into her Catholic school; breaking into the business (with giant platform heels and bleached blond hair) in New York; jetting around the world with megastars; meeting her soul mate when she was least expecting it; and gradually building a full, joyous life running her own business and raising three young girls.
Inside the whale Jennie Rooney
Stephanie Sandford, recently widowed, must tell her family the truth - but the past is indistinct and it's complicated. Stories have the power to change things, and this one will alter Stevie's past and transform the future…
Reaching Down the Rabbit Hole Allan Ropper
Such good girls : the hidden child survivors of the Holocaust Richard Dean Rosen
The real-life puzzle of what happened to the generation of Jewish children who survived the Holocaust in hiding, R.D. Rosen tells this silent, forgotten generation's story through the lives of three girls hidden in three different countries - among the less than 10 percent of Jewish children in Europe to survive World War II - who went on to lead remarkable lives in New York City.
The Sex Wise Parent Janet Rosenzweig
The dark city Imogen Rossi
Only three weeks have passed since the treacherous Filpepi and the Baron tried to depose Duchess Catriona, and although they seem to have disappeared forever, Bianca can't stop worrying about where they might be and what lies beyond her old master's magical paintings.
The disappearing duchess Imogen Rossi
Twelve-year-old Bianca feels like the luckiest girl in Venice. She's apprenticed to the most famous painter in the world - Annunzio di Lombardi. But one night, Bianca's beloved Lombardi is given a poisoned cup of wine at a party, and collapses - but not before giving Bianca a magical paintbrush, which allows her to travel through hidden doorways throughout the city. Bianca will have to use all of her pluck, courage and cunning to find out who tried to hurt her master - and to discover what is wrong with the Duchess, who is behaving very strangely indeed.
The painted war Imogen Rossi
It is a dangerous time to be a citizen of the beautiful and enchanting city of La Luminosa. Bianca knows that an attack from the city's sinister twin, Oscurita, is coming any minute, but no one believes her, and she is forced to watch as the Duchess Catriona's court is tricked into an alliance with Duchess Edita's. Soon the magical barriers that keep the two cities apart begin to disintegrate, and the true nature of the villainous Edita is revealed. Bianca and her magical paintbrush may be the only ones who can save La Luminosa. But with her mother still trapped in Oscurita, and her own loyalties tested , just whose side will Bianca find herself on in the battles of the painted war?
The heart specialist Claire Rothman
Set in Quebec at the turn of the 19th to 20th century, the story of Agnes White, a lonely orphaned girl fascinated by the "wrong" things - microscopes, dissections, and anatomy instead of more ladylike interests - who rises to the status of one of the world's most celebrated pioneering women doctors. Inspired by the career of Maude Abbott, one of Canada's first female physicians.
Vulgar Things Lee Rourke
Landline Rainbow Rowell
Malala Yousafzai : education activist Rebecca Rowell
This biography examines the remarkable life of Malala Yousafzai using easy-to-read, compelling text. Through striking black-and-white images and rich colour photographs, readers will learn about Malala's family background, education, work as an education activist. Readers will also learn about the Islam religion and the Taliban
Ordinary Magic Caitlen Rubino-Bradway
Huff & puff Claudia Rueda
Loosely based on the folktale about the three little pigs, these three pigs have a different surprise for the wolf who is trying to blow their houses down. The reader is asked to huff and puff into a die-cut hole in each page.
Do's and Don'ts of Hypoglycemia Roberta Ruggerio
The shadow of the wind Carlos Ruiz Zafon
A boy named Daniel selects a novel from a library of rare books, enjoying it so much that he searches for the rest of the author's works, only to discover that someone is destroying every book the author has ever written.
How to save the universe in 10 easy steps Allison Rushby
Cooper can't believe that he and Molly are related, let alone twins. They are so different! Then Molly tells him she's an alien who has been sent to protect Cooper and help him fulfil his destiny because one day he's going to save the universe. Cooper thinks Molly must be setting him up on some kind of prank TV show. But then intergalactic bounty hunters arrive in Peregrination (population: 203) and strange things start happening to Cooper. Either he's crazy or he really is in danger. And if he is in danger, so is the universe …
Midnight's children Salman Rushdie
An historical chronicle of modern India centering on the inextricably linked fates of two children born within the first hour of independence from Great Britain. Saleem represents modern India. When he is 30, he writes his memoir, Midnight's Children. Shiva is destined to be Saleem's enemy as well as India's most honored war hero. This multilayered novel places Saleem in every significant event that occurred on the Indian subcontinent in the 30 years after independence.
Dylan's redemption Jennifer Ryan
Jessie Thompson had one hell of a week. Dylan McBride, the boy she loved, skipped town without a word. Then her drunk of a father tried to kill her, and she fled Fallbrook, vowing never to return. Eight years later, her father is dead, and Jessie reluctantly goes home - only to come face-to-face with the man who shattered her heart. The pull between them is instant, but can they escape the darkness of their past for a chance at a bright future together?
Falling for Owen Jennifer Ryan
Attorney by day, rancher by night Owen McBride has made it his mission to help the innocent. But when a client's abusive ex-husband targets Owen and his gorgeous neighbour Claire gets caught in the crossfire, his feelings turn anything but professional. The mysterious beauty awakens something in him, and he'll move heaven and earth to keep her safe.
The return of Brody McBride Jennifer Ryan
The black sheep of Fallbrook is back … and he's in for the surprise of his life. Brody is a father, and he's more determined than ever to win back Rain and protect his girls. Can they rekindle the love they once shared and become the family they were always meant to be? Or will a danger from their past return and ruin everything?
Saved by the rancher Jennifer Ryan
From the moment rancher Jack Turner rescues Jenna Caldwell Merrick, he is determined to help her. Soon, he is doing more than tend her wounds; he is mending her heart. Jenna is a woman on the run - hunted down by her ex-husband, David Merrick, from the day she left him, taking part of his company with her, to the second she finds herself in the safety of Jack's ranch. More than just a haven, Jack's offering the love, family, and home she thought were out of reach.
Lucky Like Us Jennifer Ryan
The Right Bride Jennifer Ryan
Empress Shan Sa
Unidentified: The UFO Phenomenon Robert Salas
The Brat Lynsay Sands
The Deed Lynsay Sands
To marry a Scottish laird Lynsay Sands
New York Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands returns to the Highlands of Scotland in her hottest new historical romance yet!
The Roots of the Olive Tree Courtney Miller. Santo
Mecca Ziauddin Sardar
Astragal Albertine Sarrazin
The Poppy Nicholas J. Saunders
Lock In John Scalzi
Messy Beautiful Love Darlene Schacht
The American future Simon Schama
In November 2008 the United States elected a new President. This work includes chapters devoted to the issues facing Americans such as: the projection of power ("American war"); race, immigration and the problematic promise of e pluribus unum ("American skin"); and, the intensity of religious conviction in public life ("American fervour").
Hang-ups : essays on painting (mostly) Simon Schama
Pre-eminent author and art historian Simon Schama has written widely on art for many years to great acclaim. In Hang-Ups, a personal selection of his articles from, amongst others, The New Yorker, appears in Britain for the very first time. Brilliantly and lucidly written by one of the most singular voices in non-fiction, this volume of provocative and often idiosyncratic essays makes hugely satisfying reading for lovers of both art and social history. It contains pieces on artists as diverse as David Hockney, Rembrandt and Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and on such subjects as the unforgettable peculiarity of Stanley Spencer.
Rough crossings : Britain, the slaves and the American Revolution Simon Schama
Schama details the odyssey of the escaped blacks through the fires of war and the terror of potential recapture at the war's end, into inhospitable Nova Scotia, where thousands who had served the Crown were betrayed and, in a little-known hegira of the slave epic, sent across the broad, stormy ocean to Sierra Leone.
Favorite wife : escape from polygamy Susan Ray. Schmidt
She had no choice in the matter - none of the girls did. Her mission was to give birth to and raise many children in devoted service to a shared husband. Susan was fifteen years old when she became the sixth wife of Verlan LeBaron - one of the leaders of a rogue Mormon cult engaged in a blood feud with his brother that, from 1972 to 1988, claimed up to two dozen lives and led one prosecutor to call their descendents a "Lord of the Flies generation."
Feminism Sally J. Scholz
Feminism is arguably the most significant social movement of the last century and it is far from over. Sally Scholz unravels the fascinating coalition of social and political causes, goals, and ideals that came together to motivate the fight for women's liberation. By taking powerful examples from women's campaigns, Scholz highlights the ongoing relevance of this movement in parts of the world where the rights of women are still violated by such atrocities as genocide and war rape.
Pants for Chuck Pat Schories
Threatened Eliot Schrefer
Luc is an orphan, living in debt slavery in Gabon, until he meets a Professor who claims to be studying chimpanzees, and they head off into the jungle - but when the Professor disappears, Luc has to fend for himself and join forces with the chimps to save their forest.
The Bridge From Me to You Lisa Schroeder
Frank Einstein and the antimatter motor Jon Scieszka
In his Grandpa Al's garage workshop, child genius Frank Einstein tries to invent a robot that can learn on its own, and after an accident brings wisecracking Klink and overly expressive Klank to life, they set about helping Frank perfect his Antimatter Motor until his archnemesis, T. Edison, steals the robots for his doomsday plan.
The Department of Lost and Found Allison Winn. Scotch
The Theory of Opposites Allison Winn. Scotch
The devil in denim M. J. (Melanie Joy) Scott
As the team-owner's daughter, Maggie Jameson grew up in the New York Saints' stadium - glove, cap, hot dogs, and all. Baseball's in her blood, and she's always dreamed of the day when she would lead the Saints to victory herself. That was before her dad had to sell the team to Alex Winters, the fast-talking, fiercely attractive businessman. Alex could never have imagined how much this team means to Maggie. He wants to relegate their relationship to the playing field - and get the Saints back in the game but what he wants to win most is Maggie's heart.
Nowhere People Paulo Scott
Keep quiet Lisa Scottoline
Jake Whitmore is enjoying a rare bonding moment with his sixteen-year-old son, Kurt, when disaster strikes. They get in a terrible car accident that threatens to derail not only Kurt's chances at college, but his entire future. Jake makes a split-second decision that saves his son from formal punishment, but plunges them both into a world of guilt, lies, and secrecy. Keep Quiet is the powerful and gut-wrenching tale of the unravelling - and the ultimate redemption of a family.
The Poky Little Puppy Janette Sebring Lowrey
The sweetest spell Suzanne Selfors
Scorned in her Flatlands village because of a deformed foot, Emmeline Thistle's life changes when she is taken in by Wanderlands dairy farmers and discovers her magical ability to make chocolate, which is more precious and rare than gold or jewels in the kingdom of Anglund
The Smoke at Dawn Jeff Shaara
Husband and wife Tseruyah Shalev
Reminiscent of Kafka's Metamorphosis, we have full view of the relationship between Udi, who has gone on "strike" and his wife, who tries to cope with the crisis in their marriage. In a novel that moves and shifts with extraordinary pace, Shalev captivatingly weaves her multi-coloured threads into a single delicate fabric.
Love life Tseruyah Shalev
In a novel of formidable force and shocking immediacy, a young married woman's turbulent affair with an older man rapidly evolves into a feverish, lyrical exploration of the anatomy of obsession.
The remains of love Tseruyah Shalev
Hemda Horovitz is nearing the end of her life. As she lies in bed in Jerusalem, memories from the past flood her thoughts: her childhood in the kibbutz spent under the gaze of her stern, pioneer father; the lake that was her only solace; and her own two children one she could never love enough, and the other whom she loved too much.
Instant Attraction Jill Shalvis
Turkey Tot George Shannon
When Turkey Tot and his friends spot some fat, juicy blackberries hanging high above their heads, Turkey Tot tries hard to figure out a way to reach them.
Shyness and social anxiety workbook for teens : CBT and ACT skills to help you build social confidence Jennifer Shannon
The Shyness and Social Anxiety Workbook for Teens offers worksheets and comic-style illustrated scenarios that help teen readers identify their values and practice evidence-based skills from cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) for overcoming shyness and social anxiety.
Lorde : your heroine Marc Shapiro
The unauthorised biography of the New Zealand teen superstar, Lorde by a New York Times bestselling author. New Zealander newcomer Lorde reached the top of the modern rock/alternative and rock albums charts, and the lead single 'Royals' won the 2014 Grammy Award for Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance.
Complete surrender : the true story of a family's dark secret and the brothers it tore apart at birth Dave Sharp
This is the story of Dave Sharp, the long-lost brother of novelist Ian McEwan. Dave grew up with foster parents, unaware of his actual parentage until his sixties. A shock revelation concerning a family affair that had long lain unspoken of revealed that Ian was, in fact, Dave's full brother.
Honestly, Red Riding Hood Was Rotten Trisha Speed. Shaskan
Seriously, Cinderella Is SO Annoying Trisha Speed. Shaskan
Yogalean : poses and recipes to promote weight loss and vitality-for life! Beth Shaw
Forget diets and guilt and judgments! Achieve your optimal weight by developing what internationally recognized yoga and fitness expert Beth Shaw calls Lean Consciousness.Combining the latest nutrition and exercise science with yogic wisdom and principles, YogaLean offers an easy-to-follow and inspiring holistic lifestyle programme.
Freewheelin favorites Dennis R. Shealy
I'm a truck Dennis R. Shealy
How-dee! My name's Big Blue Bill, and I'm a truck. I've got 18 big wheels turning, 600 horses under the hood, and 53 feet o' trailer hangin' on behind … So begins a book that introduces all types of trucks.
Sidney Sheldon's the Tides of Memory Sidney Sheldon
Best friends forever! : and more true stories of animal friendships Amy Shields
Meet four unlikely pairs that prove love knows no bounds. There's Suryia and Roscoe, the orangutan and dog swim buddies; Owen the baby hippo and his hero tortoise Mzee; Koko, the gorilla that speaks sign language and loves her kitties; and Jasmine, who befriends anyone that needs a helping hand.
Wyatt in Wichita John Shirley
Will It Waffle Daniel Shumski
No-Drama Discipline Daniel J. Siegel
Forensic Science Jay Siegel
The English girl Daniel Silva
The wayward son of Israeli intelligence, Gabriel Allon is plunged into a high stakes game of murder, espionage, and corruption after a beautiful young British woman vanishes on the island of Corsica, which threatens to destroy a prime minister's career.
The fallen angel Daniel Silva
Gabriel Allon, master art restorer and assassin, returns in a spellbinding new novel from the #1 New York Times bestselling author. The broken body of a beautiful woman lies beneath Michelangelo's magnificent dome. Donati fears a public inquiry will inflict more wounds on an already-damaged Church so he calls upon Gabriel to use his matchless talents and experience to quietly pursue the truth - was it suicide, or something more sinister?
Woodland Lorena Siminovich
Turn the pages to match the baby animals to their parents, and learn early concepts along the way. In this new entry to the series, young ones will discover animal habits in the forest.
I'll be right there Kyong-suk Sin
How friendship, European literature, and a charismatic professor defy war, oppression, and the absurd. Set in 1980s South Korea amid the tremors of political revolution, I'll Be Right There follows Jung Yoon, a highly literate, twenty-something woman, as she recounts her tragic personal history as well as those of her three intimate college friends.
Just call my name Holly Goldberg Sloan
The happily-ever-after of Holly Goldberg Sloan's acclaimed debut I'LL BE THERE is turned on its head in this riveting, emotional drama about friends, enemies and how those roles can shift in a matter of moments.
Emma : a modern retelling Alexander McCall Smith
Ever alive to the uproarious nuances of human behaviour, and both the pleasures and pitfalls of village life, beloved author Alexander McCall Smith's Emma is the busybody we all know and love, and a true modern delight.
All Roads Lead to Austen Amy Elizabeth. Smith
The Waltzing Widow/Smith Joan Smith
Ghosts of war : the true story of a 19-year-old GI Ryan Smithson
Ryan Smithson joined the Army Reserve when he was seventeen. Two years later, he was deployed to Iraq as an Army engineer. In this extraordinary and harrowing memoir, readers march along one GI's tour of duty. It will change the way you feel about what it means to be an American.
Shouldn't You Be In School Lemony Snicket
The edge of reason Melinda M. Snodgrass
Richard is a Paladin, a genetic fluke that enables him to wield Lucifer's sword, and is forced to become a central figure in the battle between Light and Darkness. But is he strong enough to bear the burden?
Smartcuts : how hackers, innovators, and icons accelerate business Shane Snow
From SpaceX to the Cuban Revolution, from Ferrari to Skrillex, Smartcuts is a narrative adventure that busts old myths about success and shows how innovators and icons do the incredible by working smarter - and how perhaps the rest of us can, too.
The red prince : the fall of a dynasty and the rise of modern Europe Timothy Snyder
Tattooed, bisexual, crossdressing, multilingual, Archduke Wilhelm von Habsburg was a major - and symbolic - figure in 20th-century European culture and politics. This is a biography of the Archduke Wilhelm von Habsburg (1895-1947).
Briar patch Linda Sole
When pretty squire's daughter Roz Thornton is rescued from a briar patch by handsome farmer Tom Blake, she knows her attraction to him is dangerous. Tom's brother killed her father in revenge for his alleged attack on their sister Carrie, causing a bitter feud between the two families but Carrie harbours a terrible secret about that fateful day - one that will lead to further destruction and tragedy for both families.
The lie Linda Sole
The Second World War has brought with it many changes to the lives of the Searles family. With her father's body barely cold, and only a gold-digging mother-in-law to advise her, young Emily, in love with an RAF navigator on the eve of the Battle of Britain, is in danger of making rash decisions that don't bode well for her future happiness …
A promise made Linda Sole
Frances Danby has spent the Second World War years longing for her husband Marcus to return. When he does, she is disappointed. Marcus has become withdrawn and begins to drink heavily. She fears for her marriage, particularly when her father-in-law makes unwelcome advances to her. She must face tragedy ahead.
Winners and losers Linda Sole
When Sarah Jenkins meets Connor Searles she is truly attracted to him. But Connor has just joined a rock 'n' roll band, and Sarah can't help feeling jealous when she sees newspaper pictures of him with other girls. Connor's band proves to be a major success and his fame increases until he is blamed for an assault on a woman. Can he prove his innocence and will Sarah believe him?
Santa's secrets revealed : all your questions answered about Santa's super sleigh, his flying reindeer James Solheim
After Stevie tells a reporter that he does not believe in Santa Claus, Santa himself pays him a visit, takes him to the North Pole to show him his operation, and proves that he uses magic as well as science.
Sisters of Sinai : how two lady adventurers found the hidden gospels Janet Martin. Soskice
Sisters of Sinai is the story of how Scottish twin sisters made one of the most important manuscript finds of the nineteenth century an early copy of the gospels which lay hidden in the Sinai desert. Fast-paced, informative and written with dry wit, this is a story of two remarkable women, undeterred in their spirit of adventure, who overcame insuperable odds to claim a place in history.
Sway Kat Spears
Flea Market Fabulous Lara Spencer
Stoker Munro : survivor David Spiteri
The donut chef Bob Staake
In this delicious tale, a baker hangs out his sign on a small street and soon the line for his donuts stretches down the block. But it's not long before the competition arrives and a battle of the bakers ensues.
The dirt diary Anna Staniszewski
Rachel can't believe she has to give up her Saturdays for scrubbing other people's toilets. As maid to some of the most popular kids in school, Rachel suddenly has all the dirt on the 8th grade in-crowd. Her formerly boring diary is now filled with juicy secrets. And when her crush offers to pay her to spy on his girlfriend, Rachel has to decide if she's willing to get her hands dirty…
Daddy Danielle Steel
Echoes Danielle Steel
Family Ties Danielle Steel
A Good Woman Danielle Steel
Journey Danielle Steel
Malice Danielle Steel
Mirror Image Danielle Steel
The Wedding Danielle Steel
Living the good long life : a practical guide to caring for yourself and others Martha Stewart
A handbook for living your healthiest life after 40, with expertise from doctors and specialists on eating, exercising, wellness, and organizing, as well as caring for others.
Blue Lily, Lily blue Maggie Stiefvater
Blue Sargent has found things. For the first time in her life, she has friends she can trust, a group to which she can belong. The Raven Boys have taken her in as one of their own. Their problems have become hers, and her problems have become theirs. The trick with found things though, is how easily they can be lost.
The curiosities : a collection of stories Maggie Stiefvater
An anthology of darkly paranormal stories, with comments by the authors on their writing process.
Cat and Mouse in a Haunted House Geronimo Stilton
The discovery of America Geronimo Stilton
Ghost Pirate Treasure Geronimo Stilton
Return of the Mummy R. L. Stine
Why I Quit Zombie School R. L. Stine
Creature teacher : the final exam R. L. (Robert Lawrence) Stine
When Tommy is sent to a special camp to make him into a "winner," he discovers that his fellow campers are competitive to the point of obsession, and that a particular teacher, Mrs. Maargh, takes winning very seriously.
Dr. Maniac will see you now R. L. (Robert Lawrence) Stine
When a group of comic book characters appears in the real world, twelve-year-old Richard Dreezer must track down Dr. Maniac in order to save the day.
Frankenstein's dog R. L. (Robert Lawrence) Stine
Kat is reluctant to visit her Uncle Vic Frankenstein because of all the rumours about him. People in the small town where he lives say he's a mad scientist but after an accident occurs in her uncle's lab, strange things begin to happen.
How I met my monster R. L. (Robert Lawrence) Stine
Noah Bienstock can't help being so shy and nervous; he's always been like that. His best friend, Lisa Gardener, lives in the same building, but aside from her, Noah isn't very popular. So when he learns that the new student in his class is also his neighbour, Noah's excited to have a new person to hang out with. But as the boys spend more time together, Noah starts to worry all over again - is there something strange about his new friend?
Planet of the lawn gnomes R. L. (Robert Lawrence) Stine
Son of Slappy R. L. (Robert Lawrence) Stine
The infamous, Most Wanted Goosebumps characters are out on the loose and they're coming after you! Catch them undead or alive!
Zombie Halloween R. L. (Robert Lawrence) Stine
When a new family moves in next door and there choice in furniture is…interesting, Kenny is convinced that there is something strange about the new neighbours but his parents won't listen to him. So Kenny and his friends go in for a closer look. A bad idea on any day but definitely the wrong choice around Halloween.
ABC train Kate Stone
Board book with accordion-style construction that unfolds into a yard-long train. One side of the train features all the letters of the alphabet, each with a corresponding illustration, while the reverse features a mix of the illustrations.
Heads & tails Kate Stone
This accordion-style board book features the faces of some recognizable critters. Flip the book over to find their matching tails. Learn about the sounds these critters make and slide off the attached elastic band to unfold a yard-long line up of friendly faces.
Three Tales from the Laundry Files Charles Stross
Buried Fire Jonathan Stroud
Heroes of the Valley Jonathan Stroud
The Leap Jonathan Stroud
Kidnap in Crete Rick Stroud
Mrs Robinson's Disgrace Kate Summerscale
In Perfect Time Sarah Sundin
Against the Tide Tui T. Sutherland
In real life Lawrence Tabak
Fifteen-year-old math prodigy Seth Gordon hopes to compete professionally playing Starfare, the world's most popular computer game, but when he gets the chance to move to Korea and train full-time, he may not be ready for the culture shock and leaving his possible girlfriend, Hannah.
The Makioka sisters Jun'ichiro Tanizaki
The story of four sisters, and the declining fortunes of a traditional Japanese family. It is a loving and nostalgic recreation of the sumptuous, intricate upper-class life of Osaka immediately before World War Two.
A question of guilt Janet Tanner
Following a skiing accident, journalist Sally Proctor is recuperating at her parents' rural Somerset home when she hears about a local man, Brian Jennings, who's been jailed for arson. His sister, convinced of his innocence, is campaigning for his release - and Sally decides to help her by conducting her own inquiries. As she starts to uncover serious discrepancies in the original investigation, Sally and her family are threatened by a series of increasingly menacing incidents. It soon becomes clear that someone will go to any lengths to stop her finding out the truth.
House of Memories Alice Taylor
The Parish Alice Taylor
The Village Alice Taylor
Girl at the Bottom of the Sea Michelle Tea
Mermaid in Chelsea Creek Michelle Tea
Truth Peter Temple
Banjo Paul Terry
A timely re-examination of the life of Australia's best-loved poet and storyteller - the man whose works captured the essence of the Australian spirit.
Wild iris ridge RaeAnne Thayne
Lucy Drake and Brendan Caine have only one thing in common… And it's likely to tear them apart. Because it was Brendan's late wife, Jessie - and Lucy's best friend - who'd brought them together in the first place. And since Jessie's passing, Brendan's been distracted by his two little ones…and the memory of an explosive kiss with Lucy years before his marriage.
We are not ourselves Matthew Thomas
A stunning, heartbreaking debut 'We Are Not Ourselves' is both the intimate story of a family and an epic of the American Century.
Strangers Rosie Thomas
Annie and Steve are from different worlds. She is a wife and mother, he is a wealthy executive with a stream of broken relationships in his wake. They do not know each other exists until one morning, on a shopping expedition, they becomes victims of a bomb blast, thrown together in the debris to fight for their lives. As they lie in the darkness and the rubble, the hours slowly tick by. To ward off fear and death they talk: of everything they have to live for, of their disappointments, loves, failures and their hopes. And so a bond is created that binds them deeper than family, than friends, than lovers. With such strange intimacy, such strange trust, how can they get through the future without each other?
The widow's secret Brian Thompson
When Bella discovers a crested cigar case at the scene of a murdered prostitute she and her friends are determined to solve the mystery and to avenge the wretched girl's death. But the owner of the coat of arms is a dangerous and powerful man, and the world he inhabits far murkier than Bella could ever have imagined.
Secrecy Rupert Thomson
After the rain Nicola Thorne
Bright, fiery and pretty, sixteen-year-old Lottie O'Brien lives with her troubled family in an impoverished part of Wellington. Aspiring for a better life, Lottie is befriended by her class teacher Madeleine Carson, who introduces her to her affluent family living in a prosperous part of Wellington. Her life is soon transformed, but is Lottie prepared to face the consequences?
Cast the first stone Margaret Thornton
With her natural good looks, fashionable clothes and lavish use of make-up, Fiona Norwood, the rector's new wife, has caused quite a stir amongst the close-knit parish community of Aberthwaite. But Fiona is hiding a secret in her past, and with the gossip and rumour rife it can only be a matter of time before Fiona's secret is out...
Families and friendships Margaret Thornton
Happily married to the Reverend Simon Norwood, Fiona Norwood's happiness should be complete. But Fiona has a secret in her past, and she can never forget the baby girl she gave away at birth. Meanwhile, Debbie Hargreaves has known since she was a little girl that she was adopted but determines to find out about her birth mother. But is the past sometimes best left alone?
Hadji Murad Leo Tolstoy
Better than Gold Theresa Tomlinson
Doubting Abbey Samantha Tonge
From Paris, With Love Samantha Tonge
Moonflower Angela J. Townsend
Natasha remembers little from her Russian childhood, other than the lingering nightmares of her mother's tragic death. So when someone close to her hands her a one-way ticket to Russia, along with the deed to her family farm, and then is brutally murdered, she has little confidence about what awaits her in that distant land. With doubt and uncertainty, Natasha has no choice but to leave her life in America for an unknown future. Once overseas, the terrifying facts as to why she was really summoned home come to light.
Mimi and Bear in the Snow Janee Trasler
A virtuous death Christine Trent
Queen Victoria, still mourning her long-dead husband Prince Albert, has found solace in John Brown, an enigmatic palace servant who dabbles in the occult and keeps the grieving queen entertained with his tarot card readings. Undertaker Violet Harper is invited to attend one of Mr. Brown's infamous readings, during which he implies that Buckingham Palace will soon be shrouded in death's dark veil. Well acquainted with death, Violet shrugs him off as a charlatan - until his sinister divinations begin to prove true…
By the King's Design Christine Trent
Stolen remains Christine Trent
Violet Harper is honored to undertake the funeral of Anthony Fairmont, the Viscount Raybourn, a close friend of Queen Victoria's who died in suspicious circumstances - but it's difficult to perform her services when his body disappears… As the viscount's undertaker, all eyes are on Violet as the Fairmonts and Scotland Yard begin the search for his earthly remains. Forced to exhume her latent talents as a sleuth to preserve her good name, Violet's own investigation takes her from servants' quarters, to the halls of Windsor Castle, to the tombs of ancient Egypt…
J. D. Robb Leslie Truex
Parenting With Purpose Paul Tsika
Do Pirates Take Baths Kathy Tucker
World's worst jobs Tracey Turner
Fancy spending your days cleaning sewers with no protective clothing, letting mosquitoes turn you into a human pincushion for medical research, or popping up a chimney with a brush for a spot of cleaning? Then The World's Worst Jobs is the book for you. From Victorian toshers who sifted London's sewage for treasure, to Roman gladiators who fought to the death on a daily basis, find out all about the hardest, most revolting and most hilarious jobs in the world through history.
Founded on Fear Peter Tyrrell
The story hour Thrity N. Umrigar
An experienced psychologist, Maggie carefully maintains emotional distance from her patients. But when she agrees to treat a young Indian woman who tried to kill herself, her professional detachment disintegrates. Maggie abandons protocol, and soon doctor and patient become close. Even though they seemingly have nothing in common, both women are haunted by loss and truths that they are afraid to reveal. However, crossing professional boundaries has its price.
Martin Harbottle's Appreciation of Time Dominic Utton
Mechanique Genevieve Valentine
On the Edge Allison Van Diepen
Consciousness Beyond Life Pim van Lommel
Finch Jeff VanderMeer
Zebra Crossing Meg Vandermerwe
Dress, memory : a memoir of my twenties in dresses Lorelei Vashti
Going, going, dragon! Colleen A. F. Venable
Sasspants, Hamisher, and company have never been so raucous at the Mr. Venezi's Pets And Stuff pet supplies shop. This time, there's scuba-diving in the fish tank with the Steves, what appears to be a dragon hiding behind the counter, and Mr. Venezi's insistence that the store has been robbed of exactly sixty-four dollars and forty-two cents.
Cut Me Loose Leah Vincent
The where, the why, and the how : 75 artists illustrate wondrous mysteries of science Jenny Volvovski
Explore the wonders of science through the eyes of artists. A science book like no other, The Where, the Why, and the How turns loose 75 of today's hottest artists onto life's vast questions.
Lisette's list Susan Vreeland
A young Parisian woman is exiled to Provence to take care of her husband's ailing grandfather during the Vichy regime, but discovers that despite the horrors of war, the paintings of Cezanne, Pisarro, Chagall, and Picasso bring to life the landscape around her and allow her once again to experience love.
What Love Sees Susan Vreeland
Mammoth Book of Steampunk Adventures Sean Wallace
Awful Auntie David Walliams
Stella Saxby is the sole heir to Saxby Hall. But awful Aunt Alberta and her giant owl will stop at nothing to get it from her. Luckily Stella has a secret - and slightly spooky - weapon up her sleeve…
Mr Stink David Walliams
"Mr Stink stank. He also stunk. And if it was correct English to say he stinked, then he stinked as well!" Chloe struggles to keep Mr Stink a secret, and her dad tries to hide a secret of his own, the stage is set for an epic family confrontation. But there's one other person with a an extraordinary secret - Mr Stink himself!
Billionaire Boy David Walliams
The Boy in the Dress David Walliams
Gangsta Granny David Walliams
Knowing Their Place Brendan Walsh
What follows after Dan Walsh
In October 1962, Colt Harrison and his little brother, Timmy, hatched a plan. They would run away from their Florida home, head for their aunt's house in Savannah, Georgia, and refuse to come home until their parents got back together. But things go terribly, terribly wrong. Colt's mother and father must come to grips with years of neglect and mistrust in order to recover their beloved sons, their love for one another, and their broken marriage. In this emotional story, Dan Walsh takes readers on a journey to rediscover the things that matter most in life?love, truth, and family.
Citizen Vince Jess Walter
Land of the Blind Jess Walter
Home-style Taiwanese Cooking Tsung-Yun. Wan
Salvage the bones Jesmyn Ward
Enduring a hardscrabble existence as the children of alcoholic and absent parents, four siblings from a coastal Mississippi town prepare their meager stores for the arrival of Hurricane Katrina while struggling with such challenges as a teen pregnancy and a dying litter of prize pups.
Unsuitable for publication : editing Queen Victoria Yvonne M. Ward
When Queen Victoria died in 1901, two literary gentlemen took on a monumental task: selecting and editing her vast correspondence. Unsuitable for Publication reveals how key aspects of Victoria's life were deemed unfit for public consumption: her experience of motherhood, her struggle to combine the roles of ruler and wife, and her intimate friendships with other royal European women. Yvonne M. Ward reveals how and why these excisions were made and how they have skewed our image of Victoria ever since. Absorbing and original, this is a fascinating piece of historical detective work.
Breathless Jessica Warman
Stylish Skirts Sato Watanabe
Hello, My Name Is Awesome Alexandra Watkins
Patient : the true story of a rare illness Ben Watt
In 1992, Ben Watt, a member of the band Everything But The Girl, contracted a rare life-threatening illness that baffled doctors and required months of hospital treatment and operations. This is the story of his fight for survival and the effect it had on him and those nearest him.
Scaredy Squirrel makes a friend Melanie Watt
Scaredy Squirrel is reluctant to make a friend because he's afraid he might be bitten, so he uses his best defence techniques when a dog approaches him, with unexpected results.
Storey's Guide to Raising Miniature Livestock Sue Weaver
The abandoned puppy Holly Webb
Zoe is thrilled to be helping out at Auntie Jo's animal shelter over the Easter holidays. But she doesn't expect to come across a box on the steps of the shelter containing three tiny abandoned puppies. It's touch and go for the littlest pup, whom Zoe names Cookie. Over the next few weeks, Zoe takes special care of Cookie and a close bond if formed between the two of them. But how will Zoe cope when the time comes for the puppies to be rehomed?
Alone in the night Holly Webb
Harry the homeless puppy Holly Webb
Grace can't have a puppy of her own, but she loves walking the dogs at the local animal shelter; her favourite is Harry, a lively Jack Russell puppy.Harry loves going for walks with Grace, and soon the two are best friends. But then Harry is rehomed and Grace is heartbroken. Grace knows she should be pleased that Harry has a home of his own, but she misses him terribly…and poor Harry doesn't understand at all - where has his beloved Grace gone?
Lucy the poorly puppy Holly Webb
Max the missing puppy Holly Webb
An inquisitive puppy gets lost when he leaves home whilst his owner is at school.
Misty the abandoned kitten Holly Webb
Amy has always loved cats and is thrilled when she spots a tiny little black kitten in her garden. Although she has no collar, she looks too well cared for to be a stray. Misty starts to spend more and more time with Amy, but just as she starts to think of the kitten as hers, the real owners show up.
The rescued puppy Holly Webb
Sam the stolen puppy Holly Webb
Sam, a golden Labrador puppy, is Emily's best present ever! The two become great friends and Emily is sad to leave him at home when she starts back at school. When Sam is stolen from the garden one afternoon, Emily is desperate with worry. She is determined to get her precious puppy back - but how will she find him?
Sky the unwanted kitten Holly Webb
Smudge the stolen kitten Holly Webb
Olivia is delighted when her family adopt a beautiful little kitten. She can't wait to show Smudge off to her friends, and neither can her older brother Ben. When Ben invites his naughty friend Rob round for tea, Olivia is worried that the two boys will upset Smudge. Her fears come true when later that evening the kitten is nowhere to be found. Could Rob have anything to do with Smudge's disappearance - and where is the helpless kitten now?
The snow bear Holly Webb
Timmy in trouble Holly Webb
Katie can't believe it when her parents agree that she can have a puppy. And when she sees the lively Timmy, she's sure her family will fall in love with him, just as she has. But her sister Jess is worried about how Misty the cat with react to the new arrival. Katie thinks they'll get used to each other, but things don't go as planned.
My Guardian Angel Sylvie Weil
Listen Out Loud Ron Weisner
Are we there yet? : Rach and Jules take to the open road Rachael Weiss
Rach and Jules, two thirty-something gals, hit the road in search of the ultimate solo holiday and the secret to eternal happiness.
Me, myself and Prague Rachael Weiss
Armed only with a romantic soul and a 1973 guide to communist Czechoslovakia, Rachael Weiss heads off in search of adventure, love and her Bohemian roots in this funny, flippant and fabulous story of her year of living and loving in Prague.
The thing about Prague : how I gave it all up for a new life in Europe's most eccentric city Rachael Weiss
In this surprising and generous memoir full of warmth and unstoppable sociability, Rachael attempts to write her great novel, buy an apartment (any apartment!), dodge unscrupulous employers, and perhaps find love. Rich in absurdities and gentle humour, The Thing About Prague is rife with insight, culture clashes, friendships and, above all, charm.
Chalcot Crescent Fay Weldon
Fay Weldon in top gear: a wickedly sharp, history-bending, cosmos-colliding novel that tells the story of Frances, Fay's never-born younger sister.
The cloning of Joanna May Fay Weldon
This novel of male control and female power features sixty-year-old Joanna May, divorced for infidelity, who learns that her rich ex-husband has cloned her into four women, all displaying different aspects of Joanna.
Darcy's Utopia Fay Weldon
A provocative view of modern society weaved into a tale of explosive love and, perhaps, even, black magic.
Down among the women Fay Weldon
Down among the women. What a place to be! In the fifties, women were looked after by nice, breadwinning men: or so went the myth. An icily funny account of a dawning feminist sensibility in a world where the romantic ideal of love and domesticity ruled. Set in 1970s London.
Female friends Fay Weldon
They first met as children in 1940s London. Thirty years later, Marjorie, Chloe, and Grace make their way through an almost unrecognizable post-war society, coping with husbands, children, parents, and the messy business of life.
The heart of the country Fay Weldon
Narrated from a mental institution by the seething Sonia, The Heart of the Country is a lusty, high-spirited, ultimately cautionary tale about the wages of sin and the pleasures of adultery, which always demand a price.
Leader of the band Fay Weldon
Tells the story of Sandra Harris - wife, astronomer, dicoverer of the Planet Athena and TV personality, who leaves her husband for a wild trumpet-player to go on a jazz tour of Southern France.
Life force Fay Weldon
Into the lives of four female friends erupts Leslie Beck, an old flame not quite extinguished, who catapults them into their murky past. Leslie is still a man with a life force - a force which he is more than willing to share with old and new friends, provided of course that they are women.
Little sisters Fay Weldon
Long live the king Fay Weldon
December 1901: With her trademark joie de vivre, Fay Weldon once again draws her readers into the lives and loves of the aristocratic Dilberne family, as they embrace not only a new century, but a new generation - a generation with somewhat radical views…
The new countess Fay Weldon
The year is 1905 and King Edward VII has invited himself and his mistress to a shooting weekend with the Dilbernes. Now Isobel, the Countess, must turn a run-down mansion into a palace fit for a king. Just as well the family fortunes have been restored, but money can't solve everything not even a kidnapping.
Polaris Fay Weldon
The president's child Fay Weldon
A chilling tale that interweaves the post-Watergate world of American politics and the way in which our past indiscretions inevitably catch up with us. The past which Isabel had thought safely behind her becomes the source of actual physical danger. With frightening ease, the worlds of political intrigue and murderous conspiracy intrude into the cosiness of her domestic life. Whom can she trust? Love got her into the predicament in which she finds herself; but can love now get her out of it?
The Shrapnel Academy Fay Weldon
On the anniversary of the Eve of the Battle of Waterloo, an assortment of unusual dinner guests gather at a remote country house to pay homage to Henry Shrapnel, inventor of the exploding cannonball. But all is not peaceful at the Shrapnel Academy: The downstairs servants, a group of third-world refugees led by a South African butler, are plotting to overthrow their upstairs oppressors. When a blizzard hits the countryside and traps everyone indoors, the rebellion erupts into bloody warfare throughout the Academy…
Splitting Fay Weldon
Lady Angelica Rice used to be a teenage rock sensation called Kinky Virgin. She gave it up to marry fat, lazy, near-destitute Sir Edwin Rice - and that's when Angelica's 'splitting' began: a chorus of four women in her head, each one demanding to be heard. Now, after eleven years he's suing her for divorce. Egged on by her avenging alter egos - meek Jelly, sexually insatiable Angel, and practical Angelica - Lady Rice is about to wreak her revenge…
Make Mike Westerfield
Gunmen, Gallants and Ghosts Dennis Wheatley
Mayhem in Greece Dennis Wheatley
Mediterranean Nights Dennis Wheatley
Magnificent Joe James Wheatley
After the Train Gloria Whelan
Listening for Lions Gloria Whelan
Parade of Shadows Gloria Whelan
Summer of the War Gloria Whelan
Hush Kate White
So as not to jeopardize her case for child custody, Lake Warren is forced to lie to the police after having just been intimate with the flirtatious Dr. Keaton who has been murdered. Wanting to protect herself from being charged with the crime, she begins her own search for the truth - not realizing that she is dangerously close to dark secrets, both about Keaton and the advanced fertility clinic they've been working for
Illusions of Fate Kiersten White
Alluring Tales Awaken the Fantasy Sasha White
Promise Me Tomorrow Lori Wick
To Know Her by Name Lori Wick
Where the Wild Rose Blooms Lori Wick
Whispers of Moonlight Lori Wick
The Beekeeper's Ball Susan Wiggs
Love with a perfect cowboy Lori Wilde
Melody Spencer had long-ago wiped the dust of Cupid, Texas, off her cute shoes … and done her best to forget the chiselled jaw and strong arms of cowboy Luke Spencer. Their families might be part of a long-time feud, but he was her very first love, even if it turned out they never wanted the same things. But now Luke's come striding back into her life, tempting her with the memories of long, lazy evenings and hot, passionate kisses. And he has an ulterior motive - as Mayor of Cupid, he knows Melody's business savvy can help save their beloved hometown. His smooth talking might get her to Texas, but that doesn't mean he'll get her in his bed. Still, people do say love can be more perfect the second time around.
All Out of Love Lori Wilde
Love at First Sight Lori Wilde
Somebody to Love Lori Wilde
Beetle boy Margaret Willey
When he was seven, Charlie Porter never intended to become the world's youngest published author. He just wanted his father to stop crying. So he told him a story about a talking beetle - a dumb little story his mother made up to make him feel better. (That was before she left and feeling "better" became impossible.) But Charlie's story not only made his father stop crying. It made him start planning. The story became a book, and then it became school events and book festivals, and a beetle costume, and a catchphrase - "I was born to write!" Because of the story, Charlie stayed seven until he was ten. And then it all ended. Or it should have. Now Charlie is eighteen, and the beetles still haunt his dreams. The childhood he never really had is about to end …
The Complete Guide to Precision Reflexology Jan Williamson
The winter king C. L. Wilson
After three long years of war, starkly handsome Wynter Atrialan will have his vengeance on Summerlea's king by taking one of the man's beautiful, beloved daughters as his bride. But though peace is finally at hand, Wynter's battle with the Ice Heart, the dread power he embraced to avenge his brother's death, rages on.
Bad Girls Jacqueline Wilson
My Secret Diary Jacqueline Wilson
August in Paris Marion Winik
Sweet Envy Alistair Wise
Gone fishing Tamera Will. Wissinger
In this novel told through poems, nine-year-old Sam loves fishing with his dad, so when his pesky little sister horns in on their fishing trip, he is none too pleased. Includes primer on rhyme, poetry techniques, rhythm, stanzas, and poetic forms.
Little puppy and the big green monster Mike Wohnoutka
A puppy invites a monster to play with him, but soon discovers that the monster is not very good at such games as tag or hide-and-seek.
Mothers Grimm Danielle Wood
In a fairytale, the only good mother is six feet under. All the others are bad news. A fairytale mother will exchange her first-born child for a handful of leafy greens. And if times get tough, she'll walk her babes into the woods and leave them there. But mothers of today do no such things. Do they? In this collection of heart-breakingly honest stories, the mothers of the Brothers Grimm are brought - with wit, subversiveness and lyrical prose - into the here and now.
Rain dance Karen Wood
Trying to make her smile was like doing a rain dance. There were clouds and rumblings, and a sprinkle here and there. But no amount of fancy footwork was going to make it happen for real. Holly Harvey doesn't want to move to Gunnedah, far from her friends and her home near the beach. And she's a vegetarian, so living on a beef property, with cattle yards, polo ponies and pig-shooting, makes it even worse. She and Kaydon are worlds apart - until a fight breaks out at the fundraising ball.
The Wolf and the Dove Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
Unfair Trade Conor Woodman
I'll get by Janet Woods
Meggie Elliot follows her dream as best she can, knowing it's unlikely it will ever come to fruition. In a burst of patriotism she joins the WRNS to do her bit for the war effort. Sent to work in a decoding unit she meets the dangerously exhilarating young aristocrat, Nicholas Cowan, who sweeps her off her feet.
Lady Lightfingers Janet Woods
Raised in the slums in 1850s London, Celia Laws is a rarity, an educated young woman whose creative skills have attracted notice. But with family to care for, circumstances have driven her to pick pocketing. In Celia's harsh world, it's a small step from picking pockets to prostitution. When a young man offers her a fortune to spend a week with him, she takes the money and runs. But Celia's conscious can't allow her to forget the money she stole, and she is soon brought face-to-face with her past.
Paper doll Janet Woods
Julia Howard marries wealthy businessman Latham Miller to please her father. Latham soon proves possessive and controlling, and when Julia is reacquainted with troubled war hero Martin Lee-Trafford, the attraction between them grows to love. But when Julia gives birth to a child, she faces a heart-wrenching decision for if she runs away with Martin, she'll be forced to leave her beloved son with Latham.
Salting the wound Janet Woods
Charlotte Honeyman jilts her long-time swain, and on the spur of the moment marries a stranger. His pride damaged, sea captain Nick Thornton threatens to take revenge. Charlotte's younger sister, Marianne, takes pity on Nick and secretly boards his ship, where she meets with an accident. Nick regards Marianne as the perfect tool with which to get his own back, but in the process falls in love.
Secrets and lies Janet Woods
1933. Esme Carr travels to Australia with her best friend in search of adventure. Left behind is Esme's adolescent niece. Meggie Elliot has an imaginative and independent frame of mind, but there is mystery surrounding her birth - one she intends to unravel, despite her mother's warnings to leave the past alone. When the truth surfaces it's not what Meggie wants to hear, and Esme must reconcile the rift between mother and daughter.
Straw in the wind Janet Woods
1835, England. Serafina Finn is conceived as a result of a love affair between a sea captain and a married woman, who dies giving birth to the child. Abandoned to an orphanage, Serafina grows up being blown from pillar to post, never quite knowing who she is and longing for the security of belonging to somewhere. Eighteen years after her birth and having heard rumours that his lost daughter is alive, her father instigates a search. He hires a detective, Adam Chapman, to track Serafina down. Adam falls in love with Serafina but must find evidence to prove her identity. Charlotte, the elder of her two half-sisters, unwittingly holds the key to Serafina's identity along with a terrible family secret. Can Charlotte bring herself to reveal the dark story she has kept hidden for so many years?
Tall poppies Janet Woods
Dorset, 1917. If it's not enough that a girl from a good background is forced to work as a maid, Livia Carr is then violated by the master of the house and becomes pregnant. Her only course is to marry the son of the house, Richard Sangster, a World War One hero who has returned home an invalid. He is not expected to live, and he offers Livia and the child legitimacy, as well as his name and estate. Livia grows to love Richard, and his death comes as a great blow to her. Into the breach steps Livia's first love, and Richard's friend, Denton Elliot. But will he desert her when the secret of the child's parentage is revealed to him…?
Catching fireflies Sherryl Woods
When bullying threatens to destroy a teen's life, painful memories resurface for dedicated high school teacher Laura Reed and paediatrician J.C. Fullerton. With the support of the Sweet Magnolias, they bring the town together to ensure that a promising student's future isn't ruined. And to establish once and for all that bullying has no place in Serenity, South Carolina. Both J.C.'s and Laura's passion for the cause is deeply personal, and their growing feelings for each other are just as strong. But with so many secrets hurts to overcome, can these two vulnerable lovers find the strength to believe in happily ever after?
Cherish Sherryl Woods
In a long, splendid life rich with struggles and satisfaction, above all Brandon Halloran treasured family. So the proud patriarch had meddled shamelessly in his darling brood's love lives until finally the tables had turned! For the merry widower harboured a secret from the his nearest and dearest: cherished memories of sparkling, scandalous Elizabeth Forsythe, who'd once put wings to his flyboy's heart, only to vanish when he'd soared home from the war. And with Lizzy at long last on his horizon again, the one thing that could prevent his long-overdue second chance at happiness was family!
A daring vow Sherryl Woods
Zelda Lane…her very name made the local gossips raise their eyebrows. She'd scandalized an entire town and filled upright Taylor Matthews with enough young love to burst all bounds of propriety. But that was long ago. Now a pillar of the community, Taylor privately rued the day he'd let Zelda go. But not as much as he dreaded her return! Because Zelda was back - as beautiful and bold as ever. She was carrying a torch - as well as a grudge. And from the tips of his polished shoes to the top of his starched collar, Taylor knew he'd never quite gotten her out of his system….
Feels like family Sherryl Woods
Helen is forty-two, single and suddenly ready for the family she's put on the back burner for all these years. Unfortunately, having a child at her age comes with lots of complications, not the least of which is the absence of a serious relationship in her life. But Helen's not the type of woman to wait around for fate to step in. Taking charge of her own destiny puts her at odds with her two best friends, sets sparks flying with a man who doesn't want a family, and leads her straight into the most unexpected complication of all….love.
Home in Carolina Sherryl Woods
There's no place like home, especially if it's Serenity, South Carolina. Ty wants it all - Annie, his child and the future he'd dreamed about - and he's back home in Serenity to fight for it. But getting Annie to forgive and forget may be the hardest challenge he's ever faced. With the stakes so high, this is one game he can't afford to lose.
Honeysuckle summer Sherryl Woods
Shielded from the world by her best friends, the Sweet Magnolias, Raylene Hammond, recovering from a disastrous marriage, meets and falls in love with sheriff's deputy Carter Rollins, but wonders if she's strong enough to accept what he is offering.
Honor Sherryl Woods
Kevin Halloran had defied his lofty family tradition in order to wed lower-class Lacey Granger - and he'd been a better man for it. Surely, then, there was no dragon he couldn't slay to honour and protect his beloved bride. Yet time and tide proved unstoppable…and youthful passion was eclipsed by doubt. Worse, white knight Kevin took a near-mortal blow. Would Lacey be able to slay the dragon of time so that this fallen knight would rise again?
Kate's vow Sherryl Woods
Overwhelmed by single fatherhood, widower David Winthrop feared he was failing his savvy, sad-eyed, ten-year-old son. Still, he never expected hotshot divorce attorney Kate Newton to descend upon him like some avenging angel, bristling with maternal indignation on behalf of Davey junior, her pint-size "client." Worse, David found himself itching to peel away Kate's power pinstripes. But could this tough lady lawyer, so adept at wrenching marriages asunder, prove woman enough to make David's tattered family whole?"
Love Sherryl Woods
Jason Halloran never knew what hit him. But just as his perfectly predictable life seemed to be going nowhere, sassy, street-smart Dana Roberts began driving him up a wall! Dana Roberts had been on her own since age sixteen, and she intended to keep it that way. The last thing she wanted was some sexy, rich corporate VP playing Prince Charming and making her his helpless Cinderella. But what would she do if the shoe fit?
Midnight promises Sherryl Woods
When Elliott Cruz first courted struggling single mom Karen Ames, it was a romance worthy of any Sweet Magnolia fantasy. The sexy personal trainer made it his mission to restore Karen's strength, physical and emotional, and to charm her children. Now, a few years into their marriage, colliding dreams threaten to tear them apart.
Swan Point Sherryl Woods
Promoted to manager of Main Street's most fashionable boutique, Adelia feels revitalized and ready for a fresh start as a single mum. But barely into this new independent phase, she crosses paths with the sexiest man to hit Serenity in years. Gabe Franklin, back in town to make amends for past mistakes, has no intention of settling down, but Adelia's proving irresistible. To his surprise - and hers - sometimes a rolling stone is just what it takes to build the rock-solid foundation of a family.
Sweet tea at sunrise Sherryl Woods
Emotionally wounded single mum Sarah Price has come home to Serenity, South Carolina, for a fresh start. With support from her two best friends - the newest generation of the Sweet Magnolias - she can face any crisis. But sometimes a woman needs more than treasured friends can provide. Sexy Travis McDonald may be exactly what Sarah's battered self-confidence requires. The newcomer is intent on getting Sarah to work at his fledgling radio station … and maybe into his bed, as well.
A vow to love Sherryl Woods
The first time Penny Hayden and Sam Roberts met as teenagers, she stormed off in an outraged huff. The second time, nine years later, she hauled off and kicked him in the shin. It was then that Penny's grandfather knew they were a match made in heaven…
Palindrome Stuart Woods
Perkin Ann Wroe
The truth about Perkin Warbeck is shrouded in mystery. He claimed to be Richard of York, one of the princes in the Tower and, as such, tormented Henry VII for eight years. Everyone concerned gave him the identity they wished him to have, so it is possible that he did not really know who he was. Officially, however, he was proclaimed to be Perkin Warbeck, the son of a Flemish boatman - and at the end, in custody, he apparently admitted as much
Fluent forever : how to learn any language fast and never forget it Gabriel Wyner
The ultimate rapid language-learning guide! For those who've despaired of ever learning a foreign language, here, finally, is a book that will make the words stick. This is brain hacking at its most exciting, taking what we know about neuroscience and linguistics and using it to create the most efficient and enjoyable way to learn a foreign language in the spare minutes of your day.
The Swiss Family Robinson Johann Rudolf. Wyss
Miss Chopsticks Xinran
The Li sisters father has drummed into them that women are like chopsticks: utilitarian and easily broken. Men, on the other hand, are like the strong rafters holding up the roof of a house. When circumstances lead the sisters to seek work in distant Nanjing, the new urban environment opens their eyes, and when the money they earn starts arriving back at the village, their father is forced to recognise that his daughters are not so dispensable after all…
Explore water! Anita Yasuda
Features hands-on activities, informative illustrations, and educational projects, covering the water cycle, pollution and conservation, water folklore and festivals, and the latest in water technology.
Bad girls : sirens, Jezebels, murderesses, thieves, & other female villains Jane Yolen
Harlot or hero? Liar or lady? There are two sides to every story. Meet twenty-six of history's most notorious women, and debate alongside authors Yolen and Stemple - who appear in the book as themselves in a series of comic panels - as to each girl's guilt or innocence
Modern Applique Illusions Casey York
The Three Billy Goats Gruff J. York
The wedding date Liz Young
Sophie's single and happy about it. She does, however, have an imaginary boyfriend, Dominic, a little white lie designed to keep Sophie's mother off her back. Which is fine, until his presence is demanded at a family wedding. So does Sophie admit Dominic is a fantasy? Oh no, Sophie hires an escort. But when the distinctly delicious Josh Carmichael arrives on her doorstep, Sophie can tell things are going to get tricky. And the wedding is only the beginning …
Green girl Kate Zambreno
Devil at My Heels Louis Zamperini
Venice cult recipes Laura Zavan
Capturing the essence of Venice and its food with over 100 recipes so you can experience Venice in your own home.
Falling into Place Amy Zhang
French Bistro Maria Zihammou
The curse of King Tut's mummy Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld
The true story of Howard Carter's search for King Tut's tomb.
Finding the First T. Rex Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld