New Titles Fiction August 2015 (arrived in July 2015)


Hostile takeover, Shane Kuhn.
Professional assassin John Lago faces off to his deadliest adversary — his wife! — in this black comedy-thriller.
Black ops, Stephen Leather.
Spider Shepherd's MI5 controller, Charlie Button, has gone rogue, using government resources to get revenge on the men who killed her husband.
The assassins, Gayle Lynds.
Former military spy Judd Ryder is walking to his D.C. home when he spots a man coming out of his house who looks like Ryder and is wearing his clothes.
The English spy, Daniel Silva.
She is an iconic member of the British Royal Family, beloved for her beauty and charitable works, resented by her former husband and his mother, the Queen of England. When a bomb explodes aboard her holiday yacht, British intelligence turns to one man to track down her killer: legendary spy and assassin Gabriel Allon.
The mask, Taylor Stevens.
Vanessa Michael Munroe, chameleon and information hunter, has a reputation for getting things done: dangerous and not quite legal things that have taken her undercover into some of the world's most deadly places.
The insider threat: a Pike Logan thriller, Brad Taylor.
The United States has anticipated and averted countless attacks from terrorist groups thanks in large part to the extra-legal counter-terrorist unit known as the Taskforce. But in The Insider Threat, a much more insidious evil is on the way.
Code of conduct, Brad Thor.
Hidden deep within one of the world's most powerful organisations is a secret committee with a devastating agenda. Its members are afforded incredible protections considered elites, untouchables.

American Fiction

Weightless, Sarah Bannan.
The world of girl cliques at an Alabama high school are investigated in this sharp debut novel that John Boyne said parents and kids will find "provocative and timely".
In the unlikely event, Judy Blume.
The children's writer returns with an adult novel set in a 1950s New Jersey town where three plane crashes occur.
Killing Monica, Candace Bushnell.
Monica Bushnell spoofs and skewers her way through pop culture, celebrity worship, fame and even the meaning of life itself, when a famous writer must resort to faking her own death in order to get her life back from her most infamous creation, Monica.
Book of numbers, Joshua Cohen.
When a dying tech billionaire hires a failed novelist to ghostwrite his memoirs things don't work out according to plan.
The liar's wife: four novellas, Mary Gordon.
Four novellas of Americans abroad and Europeans in America.
600 hours of Edward, Craig Lancaster.
Edward Stanton is a man hurtling headlong toward middle age. His mental illness has led him to be sequestered in his small house in a small city, where he keeps his distance from the outside world and the parents from whom he is largely estranged.
The mountain story, Lori Lansens.
A survival story about four strangers who spend five days lost in the mountain wilderness above Palm Springs. Four go up the mountain, but only three will come down.
Music for wartime: stories, Rebecca Makkai.
Excellent short story collection from the author of "The Hundred-Year House" and "The borrower."
The underwriting, Michelle Miller.
Behind the scenes of power plays and sex scandals and a young Wall Street guy who has founded a dating app.
Love may fail, Matthew Quick.
Aspiring feminist/unappreciated housewife wants to find goodness, decency and her high school English teacher. From the author of "The silver linings playbook".
The cherry harvest, Lucy Sanna.
Coming-of-age/love story that is set against the background of the Home Front during World War II when German POWs worked in a Wisconsin farming community.
The diver's clothes lie empty, Vendela Vida.
After being robbed of her wallet and passport while on a mysterious trip to Morocco, a woman feels a strange freedom of being stripped of her identity and soon begins pretending to be a well-known film star.
Tiny little thing, Beatriz Williams.
1966 and the woman who's married a man destined for the top finds things happening that crack the façade of what might seem to be a perfect life.
Mislaid, Nell Zink.
Stillwater College in Virginia, 1966. Freshman Peggy, an ingenue with literary pretensions, falls under the spell of Lee, a blue-blooded poet and professor, and they begin an ill-advised affair that results in an unplanned pregnancy and marriage. Author is a cult figure in America.

Australian fiction

Close to home, Pamela Cook.
Orphaned at thirteen, Charlie Anderson has been on her own for half her life. Not that she minds, she has her work as a vet and most days that's enough. But when she's sent to a small town on the New South Wales coast to investigate a possible outbreak of the deadly Hendra virus, Charlie finds herself torn between the haunting memories of her past, her dedication to the job and her attraction to a handsome local.
R&R, Mark Dapin.
Strong tale of men and war in the twilight zone behind the front duing the Vietnam War.
The mothers, Rod Jones.
What was life like for unmarried mothers in Australia is the theme of this interesting novel that follows one woman in the 1920s and two others in the fifties and seventies.
Crow's breath, John Kinsella.
A man who never sleeps takes a cross-continent train journey into landscape and memory. A gregarious woman and a reclusive man move to an Irish village where history and tradition (the famine pit nearby, the festival of Halloween) enact their dark forces.
Hopscotch, Jane Messer.
A year in the life of a Sydney family as the Global Financial Crisis, illness and babies change lives. Each of the family members narrates.
Hush, little bird, Nicole Trope.
Birdy thought she would have to wait until she was free again to see Rose, but now Rose has been convicted of a shocking crime and she and Birdy will be together. Birdy has been saving all her anger for Rose. It is Rose who should have protected her and kept her safe. Author born in South Africa.

British Fiction

Secret keeping for beginners, Maggie Alderson.
Is it ever better to tell? Even the closest families have secrets it's when they are shared that things begin to change. The lives of three very different sisters collide in this witty new novel.
Creature comforts, Trisha Ashley.
Izzy has broken off her engagement to her feckless fiancee Kieran and returned to her childhood home the sleepy village of Halfhidden. She soon realises that life in the village is anything but peaceful.
I'm Jack, Mark Blacklock.
Highly original first novel about John Humble, the Yorkshire Ripper hoaxer.
Black Rabbit Hall, Eve Chase.
Two storylines thirty years apart in the setting of a grand but dilapidated Hall in Cornwall. Interesting story of adoption, tragedy and family.
The not-dead and the saved and other stories, Kate Clanchy.
An unusual and original novel that offers us an opportunity for reinvention: of ourselves, those we have lost, and the world in which we live.
Nothing but grass, Will Cohu.
The author of "The wolf pit," an excellent biography of growing up in Yorkshire, makes his fiction debut with the tale of a village of dark secrets which come back to bite.
The dust that falls from dreams, Louis de Bernieres.
Epic tale of love and war leading up to and into World War I. A return to the territory of "Captain Corelli's mandolin."
The flower arrangement, Ella Griffin.
From her florist shop window, Lara, owner of Blossom & Grow, watches those who've bought her flowers head off to face all manner of life-changing occasions.
The girls, Lisa Jewell.
You live on a picturesque communal garden square, an oasis in urban London where your children run free, in and out of other people's houses. You've known your neighbours for years and you trust them. Implicitly. You think your children are safe. But are they really?
The last pilot, Benjamin Johncock.
A U.S. Air Force test pilot passes up the chance to become an astronaut after his wife gets pregnant against all odds, and as fatherhood consumes him, a sudden tragedy puts his instincts as a father and as a pilot to the test.
Afternoon tea at the Sunflower Cafe, Milly Johnson.
Life is like a box of chocolates. Connie Diamond has always been her husband Jimmy's 'best girl' or so she thought. But then she discovers that he's been playing away for the past twenty-four years, and that the chocolates she believed he bought her as a sign of his love were just a cover-up.
Fresh hell, Rachel Johnson.
Mimi Fleming is fast realising on her return to Notting Hill that there is no greater hell than the W11 neighbours with whom she shares an exclusive communal garden. They're busy not just turning back the clock but also their homes into palatial iceberg houses with basement swimming pools. But Mimi's troubles are just beginning.
Things we have in common, Tasha Kavanagh.
Described as Sue Townsend meets Zoe Heller. A dark tale of a vulnerable woman who will do anything to have a friend.
Love + hate: stories and essays, Hanif Kureishi.
Hate skews reality even more than love. In the story of a Pakistani woman who has begun a new life in Paris, an essay about the writing of Kureishi's acclaimed film Le Week-End, and an account of Kafka's relationship with his father.
Memoirs of a dipper, Nell Leyshon.
Gary is a dipper, a burglar, a thief. He is still at junior school when his father first takes him out on the rob, and proves a fast learner: not much more than a child the first time he gets caught, he is a career criminal as soon as he is out again. But Gary is also fiercely intelligent he often knows more about the antique furniture he is stealing than the people who own it.
Left of the bang, Claire Lowdon.
Very honest and at times very funny tale of young Londoners today.
Motherland, Jo McMillan.
Tamworth 1978 and a teenage girl who feels she's an outcast because of her communist mother is invited to East Germany for a summer of teaching.
Signs for lost children, Sarah Moss.
Couple recently married separate and he goes to Japan and she to work at an asylum in this fascinating and highly original tale set in Japan and Great Britain.
My mother's secret, Sheila O'Flanagan.
When Steffie helps her two siblings organise a surprise wedding anniversary party for their parents her only worry is whether they'll be pleased. What she doesn't know is this is the day that her whole world will be turned upside down.
Perfect daughter, Amanda Prowse.
Jackie loves her family. Sure, her teenage children can be stroppy. Her husband a little lazy. And providing round-the-clock care for her Alzheimer's-ridden mother is exhausting. All Jackie wants is for her children to have a brighter future than she did.
The year of the runaways, Sunjeev Sahota.
Thirteen young men live in a Sheffield house, all in flight from India and looking for a better life.
The house of hidden mothers, Meera Syal.
The story of Shyama, a 44 year old woman, in love with a younger man, and a surrogate mother they meet in an Indian clinic. Heartfelt story that takes on the controversial subject of international surrogacy.
Only wounded: stories of the Irish Troubles, Patrick Taylor.
Centres on the hopes and despairs of everyday life during The Troubles.
Bring me home, Alan Titchmarsh.
It seems a perfect afternoon in the Highlands. Standing at the door of the lochside castle that has been his family's home for generations, Charlie Stuart welcomes his guests to the annual summer drinks party.
Top of the house, Andrew Towers.
Maurice is down on his luck in Deerpool. He's lost his teaching job, the electricity in his flat has been cut off and the local hoodlums mock his transvestism and upload their exploits onto YouTube. To make things worse, he and his best friend and sometime lover 'Divvy' Karen have managed to pique the ire of Karen's psychopathic and vengeful ex-boyfriend.
Season of salt & honey, Hannah Tunnicliffe.
Francesca 'Frankie' Caputo has it all figured out. She's finally going to marry the man she loves and then they will live happily ever after. But when a freak accident cuts her fiance Alex's life tragically short, all of Frankie's future plans suddenly disintegrate.
The Ecliptic, Benjamin Wood.
Story of love and creativity set in a peaceful community for blocked artists off the coast of Istanbul.


Three parts dead, Max Gladstone.
A god has died, and it's up to Tara, first-year associate in the international necromantic firm of Kelethres, Albrecht, and Ao, to bring Him back to life before His city falls apart.
The liar's key, Mark Lawrence.
Second in Red Queen's War series.
Retribution, Mark Charan Newton.
Second in the Drakenfeld series.
Uprooted, Naomi Novik.
Our Dragon doesn't eat the girls he takes, no matter what stories they tell outside our valley. We hear them sometimes, from travellers passing through. They talk as though we were doing human sacrifice, and he were a real dragon.
Prince's gambit, C.S. Pacat.
With their countries on the brink of war, Damen and his master Prince Laurent exchange the intrigues of the palace for the sweeping might of the battlefield as they travel to the border to avert a lethal plot.
Queen of fire, Anthony Ryan.
Third in the Raven's Shadow series.
The philosopher kings, Jo Walton.
Twenty years have elapsed since the events of The Just City. The City, founded by the time-traveling goddess Pallas Athene, organised on the principles espoused in Plato's Republic and populated by people from all eras of human history.
The price of valor, Django Wexler.
Third book in the Shadow Campaings series.

Fiction from the rest of the World

The festival of insignificance, Milan Kundera
An enchanting new novel from one of the most distinguished writers of our time, an altogether serious comedy that is the synthesis and culmination of his oeuvre.
Therese and Isabelle, Violette Leduc
School-aged, yet sage in their desires, Therese and Isabelle called forth an endless night, a dark and delicate space for them to explore the complexity of their love. French classic.
The sense of an elephant, Marco Missiroli
Prizewinning Italian novel. The story of a concierge in an apartment building and his interest in one family. If you like droll tales like "The elegance of the hedgehog", give this one a go.
A Paris affair, Tatiana de Rosnay
An irreverent yet heartfelt collection that examines our most intimate and forbidden desires — a portrait of the most forbidden of loves, in many different shades.
The peculiar life of a lonely postman, Denis Theriault
Bilodo lives a solitary daily life, routinely completing his post round every day and returning to his empty Montreal apartment. But he has found a way to break the cycle Bilodo has taken to stealing people's mail, steaming open the envelopes and reading the letters inside. Droll tale from Canadian novelist.
The night stages, Jane Urquhart.
Set in 1950s Ireland and New York where a love affair is tested by a family disappearance. Canadian author.

Fiction Selector's Recommendation

Up against the night, Justin Cartwright.
Wealthy tycoon from a South African background and his cousin, a scientologist, are drawn into a world of violence and delusion.
Starlight Peninsula, Charlotte Grimshaw.
Eloise Hay lives on the Starlight Peninsula. Every weekday she travels into the city to work at Q TV Studio, assisting with the production of a current affairs show. One night she receives a phone call that will change her life forever.
The song collector, Natasha Solomons.
4th novel by the author of the much liked "Mr Rosenblum's list" is the story of a love affair with music spanning several decades.
The seed collectors, Scarlett Thomas.
Three generations, two secrets and one family tree with the death of an aunt leading to a family gathering that rekindles old memories. Neil Gaiman called this "a sour and sweet delight."
A year of Marvellous Ways, Sarah Winman.
Story of an elderly woman who has lived alone in Cornwall for years and her unexpected friendship with a soldier broken by his experiences in World War II. From the author of "When God was a rabbit".
The household spirit, Tod Wodicka.
Man and woman live next door in upstate New York for years with little contact but a tragedy brings them together. Roddy Doyle says he was captivated by this American novel.

Graphic Novel

JoJo's bizarre adventure. Part 1, Phantom blood. 02, Hirohiko Araki
Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson. Hopcross Jilly, Patricia Briggs and Rik Hoskin
Criminal. [2], Lawless, Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips
Criminal. [3], The dead and the dying, Ed Brubaker
Criminal. [4], Bad night, Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips
Criminal. [5], The sinners, Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips
The Autumnlands. Volume one, Tooth and claw, Kurt Busiek
The king in yellow, adapted from the short stories of Robert W. Chambers ; adapted & illustrated by I.N.J. Culbard.
Image comics presents The walking dead. Volume 23, Whispers into screams, Robert Kirkman
A new threat has emerged from within the walker hordes, catching the communities off guard. The time for peace and prosperity is over as a new fight for survival begins.
The Divine, Boaz Lavie
Zoo: the graphic novel, James Patterson, Michael Ledwidge
Jupiter's legacy. Book one, Mark Millar, Frank Quitely, writer
Batman noir: the Dark Knight returns, Frank Miller
Aama. 3, The desert of mirrors, Frederik Peeters
Under the sign of Capricorn: a Corto Maltese graphic novel, Hugo Pratt


The silk factory, Judith Allnatt.
Story of a young mother who discovers old buried secrets as she goes through her mother's things, all whilst staying in a cottage that centuries before was a silk factory.
Tregian's ground, Anne Cuneo
Francis Tregian's life and journeys across Renaissance Europe, where he befriends Shakespeare, swaps scores with William Byrd and Monteverdi and plays music in the court of Henri IV of France.
Watch the lady, Elizabeth Fremantle.
Penelope Devereux and her brother, the Earl of Essex, are drawn into favour at Queen Elizabeth's court. Penelope falls in love with Philip Sidney but is married off to a man who loathes her.
Flood of fire, Amitav Ghosh.
It is 1839 and tension has been rapidly mounting between China and British India following the crackdown on opium smuggling by Beijing. With no resolution in sight, the colonial government declares war.
Paradise sky, Joe R. Lansdale.
On the run after an infamous landowner murders his father, Willie becomes an expert marksman before turning Buffalo Soldier, befriending Wild Bill Hickok and earning the nickname "Deadwood Dick."
Us conductors: in which I seek the heart of Clara Rockmore, my one true love, finest theremin player the world will ever know, Sean Michaels.
Locked in a cabin, on a ship bound for Leningrad, Lev Termen types a letter to Clara, his 'one true love' and remembers his early years as a brilliant young scientist.
Refining fire, Tracie Peterson.
In 1889 Seattle, Washington, Militine and Thane meet while serving the local poor. Though both carry a dark history and a sense of haunting pain, they begin to grow closer and wonder whether God can build something new and beautiful from the debris of the past.
The watchmaker of Filigree Street, Natasha Pulley.
Excellent debut. A speculative novel about 1880s London and a bomber at large.
Swords around the throne, Ian Ross.
Second in "Twilight of Empire" series set in Ancient Rome.
Into the fire, Manda Scott.
February 2014: Police Capitaine Ines Picaut is called out to investigate a blaze in the old town of Orleans. This is the fourth in a series of increasingly brutal arson attacks, and at the centre of the conflagration lies a body.
Waterloo: the bravest man, Andrew Swanston.
June, 1815. The Coldstream Guards and the third guards are waiting impatiently for orders to move into battle against Napoleon and his French army. Every day seems endless as the troops wait for Wellington's orders.
The looking glass house, Vanessa Tait.
An imagining of the origins of "Alice in Wonderland". The author is the great-granddaughter of Alice Liddell.


One way or another, Elizabeth Adler.
What begins as a beautiful evening at a party on a yacht ends with attempted murder and a quest for revenge.
Oblivion, Arnaldur Indridason
The Quick. A woman swims in a remote, milky-blue lagoon. Steam rises from the water and as it clears, a body is revealed in the ghostly light.
Precocious, Joanna Barnard.
Fiona looks back at her schoolgirl crush on her teacher. She thought she was in control but was she really? Interesting debut.
The First Man: a Commandant de Palma investigation, Xavier-Marie Bonnot
Commandant Michel de Palma, known by his colleagues as 'the Baron', has chosen early retirement and plans to travel the world. But he is dragged back into the force when a case that has haunted him for a decade erupts once more.
A necessary end, Holly Brown.
Fortyish woman is deperate for a baby and allows a pregnant teenager into her home. The author is a therapist withn a popular blog.
After the fire, Jane Casey.
After a fire devastates the top floor of a tower block on the Maudling Estate, Maeve Kerrigan and her colleagues are called in. Their presence is needed because it's a sensitive investigation, not because the blaze was caused by arson, or because several residents died, but because a body was found in the car park below the tower.
After the storm, Linda Castillo.
Chilling tale where human remains are found in an Amish barn.
Running towards danger, Tina Clough.
Karen's life is abruptly thrown into chaos when her flatmate is gunned down in front of her in the street where they live. Within days she is forced to take drastic action to ensure her own safety. She criss-crosses New Zealand to evade the killers.
The ice house, John Connor.
Carl Bowman is a killer. An assassin for hire whose latest assignment is to take out a ten-year-old girl. He doesn't know what she's done or why someone wants her dead. He just knows he has to kill her. But with the girl in his sights, Carl can't bring himself to pull the trigger.
Nemesis, Catherine Coulter.
When Special Agent Lacey Sherlock foils a terrorist attack at JFK airport, she thinks her job is done and turns the reins over to the New York FBI. But stopping the grenade-carrying crazy was only the beginning.
The death season, Kate Ellis.
When a middle-aged man is found dead in a hotel room, it seems like a routine matter, until it becomes clear to DI Wesley Peterson that it is a case of cold blooded murder and that the identity the victim has been using isn't his own.
Open grave, Kjell Eriksson
Professor Bertram von Ohler has been awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine. This news causes problems in his otherwise quiet upper-class neighbourhood. Not everybody is happy with the choice of winner. Mysterious incidents start to occur. Excellent Swedish thriller.
The 3rd woman, Jonathan Freedland.
A journalist investigates her sister's murder amidst fears of a conspiracy. The author is a journalist who also writes as Sam Bourne.
The ends of the earth, Robert Goddard.
July 1919. Ex-flying ace James 'Max' Maxted's attempt to uncover the secret behind the death of his father, Sir Henry Maxted, murdered while serving as an adviser with the British delegation to the Paris peace conference, has seemingly ended in failure and his own death.
Dead in the water, Ann Granger.
In the Cotswold village of Weston Saint Ambrose, Inspector Jess Campbell and Superintendent Ian Carter take on their fourth murder mystery.
The skeleton plot, J. M. Gregson.
The latest Lambert and Hook crime thriller.
The man who watched women: a Sebastian Bergman thriller, Hjorth & Rosenfeldt
As a heatwave blazes in Stockholm, a series of women are found brutally murdered and the Criminal Investigation Department is getting nowhere.
All the little pieces, Jilliane Hoffman.
She could have stopped an awful crime. She could have saved a life. She tried to forget about it. But now, the truth is out.
The bones of you, Debbie Howells.
When a girl's body is discovered, a gardener who has a daughter the same age becomes obsessed with solving the case.
Dark hours, Ryan David Jahn.
Private Investigator Damien Lamb: a man hardened by life and seeking justice against those who have wronged society. When the vulnerable Abigail walks into his office asking Lamb to retrieve her daughter from the confines of infamous cult, the Children of God, Lamb can't help but fall for her story.
The naked eye, Iris Johansen & Roy Johansen.
How can you catch a killer when everyone thinks he's dead? Kendra Michaels was instrumental in bringing serial killer Eric Colby to justice. And yet, despite his apparent execution at San Quentin, Kendra is convinced that Colby is still alive.
Hand of God, Philip Kerr.
The second in the Scott Manson football thriller series.
Charlie Martz and other stories: the unpublished stories, Elmore Leonard.
When Elmore Leonard died in 2013, he left behind a 60-year legacy of crime novels, many of which have become modern classics. He also left behind a treasure trove of unpublished early stories.
Down among the dead men, Peter Lovesey.
In a Sussex town on the southeast coast of England, a widely disliked art teacher at a posh private girls' school disappears without explanation. Meanwhile, detective Peter Diamond finds himself in Sussex, much against his wishes.
The quality of silence, Rosamund Lupton.
3rd novel from the author of the bestselling "Sister" is the tale of a mother and her deaf daughter trekking across Alaska.
The Seeker, S.G. MacLean.
London 1654 and Daniel Seeker, feared agent of Cromwell, investigates the murder of an army hero.
Taking pity, David Mark.
Police procedural thriller set in Hull. The author spent seven years as crime reporter for Yorkshire Post.
Without a trace, Liza Marklund
A family torn apart. Another trying to find a way to be as one. Ingemar Lerberg had it all: successful businessman, politician, husband, father. Until he is found, brutally beaten and left for dead, in his mansion in a fashionable district of Stockholm.
White Crocodile, K. T. Medina.
Tess Hardy thought she had put Luke, her violent ex-husband, firmly in her past. Then he calls from Cambodia, where he is working as a mine-clearer, and there's something in his voice she hasn't heard before: fear. Two weeks later, he's dead.
A song for drowned souls, Bernard Minier
Interesting tale from French author. Commandant Servaz investigates the murder of a professor in the town of Marsac.
Pretty is, Maggie Mitchell.
Lois and Carly-May survive their joint kidnapping but decades later events from this resurface. Promising debut.
Those we left behind, Stuart Neville.
When 12 year old Ciaran Devine confessed to murdering his foster father it sent shock waves through the nation. DCI Serena Flanagan, then an ambitious Detective Sergeant, took Ciaran's confession after days spent earning his trust. The case however, needs reopening.
What doesn't kill her, Carla Norton.
Woman learns that the man who held her captive for four years has escaped from a secure hospital.
Constant fear, Daniel Palmer.
When a drunk-driving accident ruined his life, only a popular survivalist blog helped to restore Jake's sense of control. He's become an avid Doomsday Prepper, raising his diabetic son, Andy, to be ready for any sudden catastrophe.
Only we know, Karen Perry.
I was eight years old, the summer when everything changed. In 1982, on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday beneath the stifling heat of the midday sun, three children start a game that ends in tragedy. Now, thirty years later, Nick, Luke and Katie are estranged yet linked by what happened.
Scents and sensibility, Spencer Quinn.
When his neighbour gets in trouble for cactus smuggling, Bernie Little, along with his dog, investigates and discovers dangerous goings-on in the desert that seem to be linked to a strange festival, a cult, and a long-ago kidnapping.
The tears of angels, Caro Ramsay.
Past crimes cause new murder in this tense and twisting psychological thriller.
River of souls, Kate Rhodes.
Jude Shelley, daughter of a prominent cabinet minister, had her whole life ahead of her until she was attacked and left to drown in the Thames. Miraculously, she survived. A year later, her family ask psychologist Alice Quentin to re-examine the case.
Cecile is dead, Georges Simenon
Another in the Maigret reprint series.
Pretty girls, Karin Slaughter.
With a missing girl in the news, Claire Scott can't help but be reminded of her sister, who disappeared twenty years ago in a mystery that was never solved.
Those girls, Chevy Stevens.
Life has never been easy for the three Campbell sisters. Jess, Courtney, and Dani live on a remote ranch in Western Canada where they work hard and try to stay out of the way of their father's temper.
London rain, Nicola Upson.
May, 1937, and London prepares to crown a new King. Bestselling writer Josephine Tey is in town to oversee a BBC radio production of her play, 'Queen of Scots' but adultery, treachery and pent-up jealousies stalk the corridors of Broadcasting House.
The dark valley, Valerio Varesi
Commissario Soneri returns home for a hard-earned autumn holiday, hoping to spend a few days mushroom picking on the slopes of Montelupo.
The dying season, Martin Walker.
Latest in the likeable and quirky series set in the Dordogne and featuring Bruno, chef de police.
A body in Barcelona, Jason Webster.
Latest in the series featuring Chief Inspector Max Camara of the Spanish National Police.
The wrong man, Kate White.
Psychological suspense tale about mistaken identity when the man of her dreams becomes a woman's worst nightmare.
The devil's cocktail, Alexander Wilson.
An intrigue against Britain by Bolshevik agents is strongly suspected at MI6. Sir Leonard Wallace sends Captain Hugh Shannon, disguised as a professor of English Literature, to India to get to the bottom of it.
The mystery of tunnel 51, Alexander Wilson.
Chief of the Intelligence Department Sir Leonard Wallace bearing always the hallmark of coolness and wit, is up to his earlobes in trouble. Summoned by the Viceroy of India, he makes a rapid flight to India to investigate the mysterious death of British officer Major Elliot and the theft of some very important dispatches.
Wallace of the Secret Service, Alexander Wilson.
Extreme Nationalists are fighting to destroy the British government's power in Egypt. Secret agent Henderson, deployed to Egypt to assess the trouble, sends a coded message to say he's on the trail of something big. But there's been no word since.
The cartel, Don Winslow.
A drug lord's prison transfer to Mexico upsets a precarious balance of peace forcing a DEA agent to come out of retirement to stop the ensuing violence.
Naked greed, Stuart Woods.
Rescuing a prominent brewery owner from an attack by two rogue policemen, Stone Barrington is catapulted into the turbulent, high-stakes world of beer-making and distribution.

New Zealand Fiction

The writers' festival, Stephanie Johnson.
Writers' festivals can be hotbeds of literary and romantic intrigue and the Oceania is up there with the best of them. Rookie director Rae McKay, recently returned from New York, fears she has bitten off more than she can chew.
The antipodeans, Greg McGee.
Beginning with the return to Venice of an old and sick man determined to confront his past, and accompanied by his daughter who is escaping hers, The Antipodeans spans three generations of a New Zealand family and their interaction with three families of Northern Italy.
Maybury Place, Keitha Smith.
Maybury Place: tranquil, safe, neighbourly. Until new residents move in to Number Seven and shatter the peace. Within hours of their arrival four-year old Matthew Fleming has vanished.
The bell curve, Keitha Smith.
Three women from three generations, three ages, three stages. Women at pivotal places in their lives.
The journey, Keitha Smith.
De Vine Tours' two-week walking trip through New Zealand wine country is billed as a trip of a lifetime: sumptuous food, great wine, fabulous scenery, easy walks and wonderful homestay accommodation. For Lindsey McIntyre, writer and illustrator, the tour seems like a recipe for success.
The tender conflict, Keitha Smith.
After a lifetime of happy memories in Alford Avenue, Joe and Elizabeth Wilson decide it’s time to move on. At the outset it all seems so simple. It’s one house needing one realtor to find just one suitable buyer. What could be simpler?


Married for the prince's convenience, Maya Blake.
His best friend's baby, Susan Carlisle.
Still married to her ex!, Lucy Clark.
Seduced into the Greek's world, Dani Collins.
Russian's ruthless demand, Michelle Conder.
Protecting the desert heir, Caitlin Crews.
Ever after: a Nantucket brides novel, Jude Deveraux.
The dress thief, Natalie Meg Evans.
Carrying a king's child, Katherine Garbera.
Her Greek doctor's proposal, Robin Gianna.
The sheikh's secret heir, Kristi Gold.
The bride Fonseca needs, Abby Green.
Tempted by her billionaire boss, Jennifer Hayward.
His unexpected baby bombshell, Soraya Lane.
New York doc to blushing bride, Janice Lynn.
Midwife to mum!, Sue MacKay.
Kiss me, Susan Mallery.
Italian surgeon to the stars, Melanie Milburne.
The Sicilian's surprise wife, Tara Pammi.
Falling for the bridesmaid, Sophie Pembroke.
Sheikh's forbidden conquest, Chantelle Shaw.
From paradise to pregnant!, Kandy Shepherd.
A millionaire for Cinderella, Barbara Wallace.


Emma, Rosie Clarke.
When Emma Robinson discovers she is carrying Paul Greenslade's child, there are harsh consequences after he disappears rather than marry a common shop-girl.
Emma's war, Rosie Clarke.
All she wanted was her husband to come home. Newly married to the caring RAF pilot Jonathan Reece, Emma thinks that life couldn't be better. But her happiness is short-lived: within months, Jon's plane is shot down over France.
The orphan's dream, Dilly Court.
Motherless since she was five, Mirabel Cutler was raised by her father to be a lady. But when he dies suddenly, Mirabel finds herself cast out on the street by her ruthless stepmother.
A season of secrets, Margaret Pemberton.
Tale of romance and war sweeping through the first half of the twentieth century.
The book of speculation, Erika Swyler
Imaginative tale of a family and the power of books, magic and curses.

Science Fiction

Armada: a novel, Ernest Cline.
From the author of "Ready player one" comes the tale of a high school student who spots a flying saucer and uses his skills as a gamer to save the earth. Zany science fiction adventure tale.
1636: the Cardinal virtues, Eric Flint, Walter H. Hunt.
19th in the Ring of Fire series.
Star Wars. Dark disciple, Christie Golden.
When the Jedi decide to target Count Dooku — Darth Tryanus-himself, they turn to his ex-apprentice, Asajj Ventress, for help in getting close to the slippery Sith Lord.
Artemis invaded, Jane Lindskold.
In Artemis Invaded, Jane Lindskold returns to the world of Artemis, a pleasure planet that was lost for millennia, a place that holds secrets that could give mankind back unimaginable powers.
The map of chaos, Felix J. Palma
Third in the "Map of time" series.
The long Utopia, Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter.
2045-2059. Human society continues to evolve on Datum Earth, its battered and weary origin planet, as the spread of humanity progresses throughout the many Earths beyond. Lobsang, now an elderly and complex AI, suffers a breakdown, and disguised as a human attempts to live a 'normal' life.
Crashing Heaven, Al Robertson.
Nailed-down cyberpunk a la William Gibson for the 21st century meets the vivid dark futures of Al Reynolds in this extraordinary debut novel.
Aurora, Kim Stanley Robinson.
Our voyage from Earth began generations ago. Now, we approach our destination. A new home. Aurora. Brilliantly imagined and beautifully told, Aurora is the work of a writer at the height of his powers.
The annihilation score, Charles Stross.
Mo's latest assignment is to assist the police in containing an unusual outbreak: ordinary citizens suddenly imbued with extraordinary abilities of the superpowered kind. Unfortunately these people prefer playing super-pranks instead of performing super-heroics.
Bombs away, Harry Turtledove.
In an era of nuclear posturing, what if the Cold War had suddenly turned hot? Bombs Away begins with President Harry Truman in desperate consultation with General Douglas MacArthur, whose control of the ground war in Korea has slipped disastrously away.
Steeple, Jon Wallace.
Kenstibec is a Ficial, a genetically engineered artificial life form; tough, skilled, hard to kill. Or at least he was. He's lost the nanotech that constantly repaired him and life just got real.