New Titles Fiction September 2014 (arrived in August)


The wolf, Lorenzo Carcaterra.
Organised crime goes to war with international terrorism in the name of one man's quest for revenge.
Last judgement, John Carter.
Conspiracy thriller debut about an ancient tablet with symbols that leads to incredible treasure.
The eye of heaven, Clive Cussler and Russell Blake.
Latest Fargo adventure from Cussler.
Unmanned, Dan Fesperman.
Gripping thriller about the eerie realm of drone warfare led by one pilot's risky quest to expose dark secrets.
Tom Clancy's Support and defend, Mark Greaney.
Dominic Caruso, nephew of President Jack Ryan. FBI agent and operator for The Campus, a top secret intelligence agency that works off the books for the U.S. government.
Top secret, W.E.B. Griffin and William E. Butterworth IV.
A new series - Clandestine Operations - about the Cold War and a very different type of warrior.
White lies, Stephen Leather.
Latest Dan "Spider" Shepherd thriller has his former apprentice seized by al-Queda extremists leading to a rescue mission with the SAS.
Stranded, Dani Pettrey.
While investigating a friend's disappearance, Darcy St. James discovers a dangerous operation — and becomes its next target. The McKennas need to find her before it's too late.
The lost island, Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child.
After being tasked with stealing a page from a priceless, ancient book, brilliant scientist and master thief Gideon Crew discovers a hidden map on the back of the book's parchment, in the third novel of the series following Gideon's Corpse.
Close call, Stella Rimington.
In 2012, in a Middle Eastern souk, CIA agent Miles Brookhaven was attacked. At the time he was infiltrating rebel groups in the area. No one was certain if his cover had been blown or if the act was just an arbitrary attack on Westerners. Months later, the incident remains a mystery. Now, Liz Carlyle and her Counter Terrorism unit in MI5 are on the trail.
Bravo, Greg Rucka.
Second in series with Special Forces operator Jad Bell.
Until the sea shall give up her dead, Sean Thomas Russell.
4th maritime adventure featuring Charles Hayden has our hero crossing the Atlantic and encountering a slave ship.
Hunter-killer, Chris Ryan.
Following a suicide bombing in central London, series SAS hero Danny Black is recruited to be part of an assassination squad, directed by a joint MI5/MI6/CIA committee and tasked with hunting down and killing the terrorist cells believed to be planning further atrocities.
Vagabond, Gerald Seymour.
Who can you trust when betrayal is a way of life in Northern Ireland?
The heist, Daniel Silva.
Gabriel Allon, art restorer and occasional spy, searches for a stolen masterpiece by Caravaggio. Sometimes the best way to find a stolen masterpiece is to steal another one.
The catch, Taylor Stevens.
Vanessa Michael Munroe - informationist, chameleon and hunter - in her latest action thriller.
Acts of omission, Terry Stiastny.
Every country has secrets and so does one family as the newly appointed foreign minister is involved with a missing disc containing the names of British informants.
Days of rage, Brad Taylor.
The latest Pike Logan action thriller has the taskforce out to stop a weapon of mass destruction.

American Fiction

Before, during, after, Richard Bausch.
Passionate account of a relationship threatened by secrets, set against the backdrop of national tragedy. When Natasha, a talented young artist working as a congressional aide, meets Michael Faulk, an Episcopalian priest struggling with his faith, the stars seem to align.
2 a.m. at the cat's pajamas, Marie-Helene Bertino.
Nine year old would-be jazz singer mourning her mother's death searches for Philadelphia's legendary jazz club to make her debut. Likeable and touching first novel.
Lucky us, Amy Bloom.
Lively novel in which two half sisters travel across 1940s America - from Ohio to Hollywood and Long Island jazz clubs - in search of fame and fortune.
Shotgun lovesongs, Nickolas Butler.
Hank, Leland, Kip and Ronny were all born and raised in the same Wisconsin town Little Wing and are now coming into their own (or not) as husbands and fathers. One of them never left, still farming the family's land that's been tilled for generations. Others did leave, went farther afield to make good, with varying degrees of success; as a rock star, commodities trader, rodeo stud.
Season of the dragonflies, Sarah Creech.
Magical tale - a first novel - about a perfumery hidden in the Blue Ridge Mountains where they develop an elixir for the super wealthy but the family members of the business are divided.
The sweet spot, Stephanie Evanovich.
Follows her debut, "Big girl panties" with the story of a pro baseball player who falls for an independent minded entrepreneur who's not at all like the groupies he usually meets.
Friendship, Emily Gould.
Best friends, now facing their thirties, grapple with jobs they don't like, cramped flats and useless boyfriends in New York.
The confessions of Frances Godwin, Robert Hellenga.
Story of a retired high school Latin teacher looking back on her life with regrets and becoming involved in sorting out her daughter's abusive marriage.
Flying shoes, Lisa Howorth.
Based on the real life, unsolved murder of the author's stepbrother, a tale that follows a teenage girl whose younger brother is murdered and how, years later, a journalist draws the girl back into her past.
California, Edan Lepucki.
There has been a big pre-publication buzz for this debut in which California crumbles and people are caught in extreme situations in this apocalypse.
Owen's daughter, Jo-Ann Mapson.
After Skye emerges from rehab she searches for her daughter, now in the custody of her ex-husband.
I am having so much fun here without you, Courtney Maum.
Described as a love story in reverse. An artist loses his mistress and discovers family life again, setting out to win back his wife.
Adam, Ariel Schrag.
When Adam Freedman, a skinny, immature, and lackluster high school student from Piedmont, California, is sent by his parents to join his older sister Casey in New York City, he is hopeful that his life is about to change. And it sure does. It is the Summer of 2006 - the year of gay marriage demonstrations and the rise of transgender rights and Casey has thrust herself into New York's fringe lesbian, sexual, and political scene.
This one is mine, Maria Semple.
Woman who lives a luxury life in Hollywood with her rock music manager husband has it all but things change.
Breaking free, Lauraine Snelling.
When she meets single father Gil Winters and his wheelchair-bound son, Edward, Maggie finds her calling helping Edward with his therapy using horses. After a shadow from the past returns, Maggie is forced to choose between her newfound freedom and getting Edward the lifesaving help he needs.

Australian fiction

Deeper water, Jessie Cole.
Unusual and impressive tale of an unworldly girl living with her mother in a hinterland place and how she rescues a stranger from a flood and is then awakened to a new world of possibilities.
Golden boys, Sonya Hartnett.
Two boys live in an affluent world in a new working class suburb but there is something unsettling in this seemingly perfect world.
The snow kimono, Mark Henshaw.
A just retired police inspector in 1989 Paris receives a letter from a woman claiming to be his daughter. Set in Paris and Japan, an interesting tale of love, loss, memory and deception.
The eye of the sheep, Sofie Laguna.
Told from the mesmerising point of view and in the inimitable voice of Jimmy, this is an extraordinary novel about a poor family struggling to cope with a different and difficult child.
Courting trouble, Kathy Lette.
Tilly and her mother, both lawyers, set up a law firm to help women who've been deceived or ruined by the men in their lives.
The Golden Age, Joan London.
Perth 1954 and a teenage boy, refugee from Hungary, is learning to walk after polio and in hospital meets a poet who inspires him and later a girl he falls for.
Big little lies, Liane Moriarty.
School trivia night ends in a riot with one person dead. A look at what lurks behind suburban closed doors!
Game day, Miriam Sved.
A debut novel about Aussie Rules which covers one season in the lives of the players, the fans and the true believers.

British Fiction

The disappearance boy, Neil Bartlett.
1950s Britain and a stagehand working backstage in the dying days of variety joins the company as it goes to Brighton for a Coronation spectacular.
Hidden knowledge, Bernardine Bishop.
A posthumously published novel about a priest accused of child abuse where it's actually a darker secret.
The planner, Tom Campbell.
A town planner feels his peers are doing so much better than he is and his fears are added to when he meets someone who introduces him to a flashy moneyed life he hadn't imagined.
Academy Street, Mary Costello.
Heart-breaking and evocative story of one woman's life spanning six decades. Tess's childhood in 1940s rural Ireland is defined by the sudden death of her mother. Later, in New York, she encounters the ferocious power and calamity of love, and the effects of catastrophic fate. There has been a lot of pre-publication buzz for this novel by Irish author.
The Italian girl, Lucinda Riley writing as Lucinda Edmonds.
Passion and betrayal that moves from the back streets of Naples to the opera stages of the world.
Now that I've found you, Ciara Geraghty.
A single dad with a teenage daughter, an 8 year old son and a missing wife meets a badly troubled woman and their lives are transformed. Impressive novel by Irish author.
Upstairs at the party, Linda Grant.
New novel by the Orange Prize winning novelist. Set in the 1970s at a university where a young woman becomes caught up in radical ideas and meets a woman who's one half of an androgynous couple.
The emperor waltz, Philip Hensher.
A single novel with three narrative strands: fourth-century Rome, 1920s Germany, and 1980s London. In each place, a small coterie is closely connected and separated from the larger world. In each story, the larger world regards the small coterie and its passionately-held beliefs and secrets with suspicion and hostility. It is the story of eccentricity, its struggle and its triumph.
A dog's life, Michael Holroyd.
A likeable novel described as a confessional autobiographical work. It wasn't published in Britain for years as Holroyd's father threatened legal action if it came into print.
Thirst, Kerry Hudson.
He's from London, she's from Siberia. They meet in a sleek Bond Street department store in the frayed heat of high summer, where she's up to no good and it's his job to catch her. So begins an unlikely relationship between two people with pasts, with secrets, they've no idea how to live with or leave behind.
The third wife, Lisa Jewell.
A recently married couple, she's hit by a bus - could it be accident or suicide? - then the husband finds some e-mails on her laptop which reveals secrets.
What Milo saw, Virginia Macgregor.
Story of a small boy with an eye disease and how he sees the world and the people around him. A touching and fascinating first novel.
The Christmas party, Carole Matthews.
Louise Young is a devoted single mother whose only priority is to work hard so that she can provide for her daughter, Mia. She has a good job as a PA in a huge international corporation and she's grateful for it. The only problem is her boss who can't seem to keep his hands to himself, but Louise can handle him.
The last days of Rabbit Hayes, Anna McPartlin.
A chronicle of the last days of Rabbit Hayes, a spirited single mother in Dublin who is losing her battle with cancer. As she hovers between bouts of lucidity in a hospice, Rabbit’s equally spirited, unruly family rallies around her: feisty mother Molly and more timid father, Jack, her older sister Grace and all her sons.
How to build a girl, Caitlin Moran.
Follows precocious teen from Wolverhampton council estate to the bright lights of music journalism in the city.
After me comes the flood., Sarah Perry.
Bookshop owner shuts up the shop and drives out of London. His car breaks down and he goes to a big house where he's welcomed by people who seem to be waiting for him. A strange and clever debut.
In love and war, Alex Preston.
Third novel from excellent underrated British novelist. Set in 1930s Florence where a Britisher is sent to forge ties between the British Union of Fascists and Mussolini's regime. Things change when he switches sides and joins the Resistance.
Will you remember me?, Amanda Prowse.
Sequel to "Poppy Day" and a wife and mother discovers she has cancer. The author has drawn on her own experiences for this touching and involving novel.
Meatspace, Nikesh Shukla.
Kitab Balasubramanyam has had a rough few months. His girlfriend left him. He got fired from the job he hated for writing a novel on company time, but the novel didn't sell and now he's burning through his mum's life insurance money. Gary Shteyngart says this "is the greatest book on loneliness since 'The catcher in the rye."
The Glasgow coma scale, Neil D.A. Stewart.
Story set in Glasgow about two people - a woman who works in a call centre and wanted to be an artist and a homeless man who she recognises as her former art teacher.
The art of baking blind, Sarah Vaughan.
Five amateur bakers compete to become the new Mrs Eaden, author of the 1966 classic "The art of baking."
The children, Charlotte Wood.
When their father is critically injured, foreign correspondent Mandy and her siblings return home, bringing with them the remnants and patterns of childhood. Mandy has lived away from the country for many years. Her head is filled with images of terror and war, and her homecoming to the quiet country town not to mention her family and marriage only heightens her disconnection from ordinary life.


Half a king, Joe Abercrombie.
First in a new epic fantasy trilogy where a boy who feels out of place in a violent Viking-like society becomes king when his father is murdered.
The house of war and witness, Mike Carey, Linda Carey and Louise Carey.
Husband and wife team combine for a fantasy set in 18th century Austria.
Severed souls, Terry Goodkind.
Latest in the Sword of Truth series.
The magician's land, Lev Grossman.
Quentin Coldwater has been cast out of Fillory, the secret magical land of his childhood dreams. With nothing left to lose he returns to where his story began, the Brakebills Preparatory College of Magic.
The book of life, Deborah Harkness.
The finale to the bestselling trilogy that began with "A discovery of witches" and continued in "Shadows of night."
The queen of the Tearling, Erika Johansen.
Magic, adventure, mystery and romance in an epic fantasy debut about a young princess who must reclaim the throne and defeat a powerful sorceress.
The Crimson Campaign, Brian McClellan.
Second in the "Powder Mage Trilogy."
The complete Lyonesse, Jack Vance
The Elder Isles an ancient land where chivalry and the realm of fairie exist side by side. A land of mystery, strange beauty, high adventure and arcane magic. Kings are at war, opposing magicians devise ever more cunning stratagems.
The shadow throne, Django Wexler.
Second in the five book epic fantasy series, following "The thousand names."

Fiction from the rest of the World

Because I am a girl, Tim Butcher and others
Seven authors have visited seven different countries and spoken to young women and girls about their lives, struggles and hopes. The result is an extraordinary collection of writings about prejudice, abuse and neglect, but also about courage, resilience and changing attitudes.
A man called Ove, Fredrik Backman
Delightful tragicomic tale of a grumpy man fired from his local resident's group and what happens when an unexpected friendship changes his life. If you liked "Major Pettigrew's last stand" you will like this Swedish bestseller.
Chasing shadows, Leila Yusuf Chung.
Story of Lavi, a middle-aged Polish Jew who, desperate to have children, flees his barren marriage and moves to British Palestine in 1945. He converts to Islam and is soon arranged to marry a beautiful young Palestinian girl, Keira. Months after the birth of their daughter, the Jewish state of Israel is created and Lavi and his young family are forced to settle amid the chaos of a refugee camp in Lebanon.
All our names, Dinaw Mengestu.
Uganda in the 1970s where two young men are caught up in the revolt against the post-colonial regime and also set, later, in America where an exchange student arrives mysteriously in the MidWest.
Black dog summer, Miranda Sherry.
Unusual debut from South African writer in which a murdered woman watches from the afterlife as her traumatised daughter adjusts to life with a new family.


Judge Dredd : the complete case files. 21, John Wagner
Judge Dredd : the complete case files. 22, John Wagner
Marvel firsts. The 1980s. Vol. 2, Bill Mantlo
It never happened again : two stories, Sam Alden.
Two exquisite stories drawn in Sam Alden's signature, flowing, and lush pencil style. In "Hawaii 1997," few words are spoken, but Alden's imagery evokes the magic of a night-time encounter at a Hawaiian resort. In "Anime" he explores the complicated dynamics of pop culture obsession.
The cigar that fell in love with a pipe, David Camus
The unwritten. [9], The unwritten fables, Mike Carey, Bill Willingham
Celeste, I.N.J. Culbard.
Pretty deadly. Volume one, The Shrike, Kelly Sue Deconnick
John Constantine, Hellblazer. [8], Rake at the Gates of Hell, Garth Ennis,
Rogue Trooper : tales of Nu-Earth. Vol 02, Gerrry Finley-Day
Omamori himari. 12, Milan Matra
The Simon & Kirby library. Horror!, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby
The amateurs, Conor Stechschulte
In this graphic novella, butchers mysteriously suffer memory loss with disastrous results.
Talon. Volume 2, Fall of the Owls, James Tynion IV
Monster. Volume 1, Naoki Urasawa
Brain Boy. Volume 1, Psy vs. psy, Fred Van Lente ;
Stitched. Vol. 3, Mike Wolfer


Breakfast with the Borgias, D. B. C. Pierre.
In the series of Hammer titles comes a story about a strange family who plan to raise the dead.
The silence, Sarah Rayne.
Gothic supernatural mystery set in and around a house in Derbyshire where macabre things happened a century ago.


Last to know, Elizabeth Adler.
Soon after newcomer Lacey Havnel arrives in the quiet, well-heeled lakeside getaway of Evening Lake, Massachusetts, she is discovered stabbed and a vacationing Detective Harry Jordan must track down the killer before another murder is committed.
Last writes : a collection of short stories, Catherine Aird.
The indefatigable detective Inspector Sloan reappears in many of these stories with his sidekick Crosby. But there are also new characters to be met, such as the mysterious Malcolm Venables of the Secret Service.
Visions, Kelley Armstrong.
Estranged from Gabriel when his past comes to light, Olivia Taylor-Jones receives a sinister warning in the form of a murder victim dressed to look like her and struggles to learn the truth about the victim, the role of her new home, and her susceptibility to old enemies.
No safe house, Linwood Barclay.
Seven years ago, Terry Archer and his family experienced a horrific ordeal that nearly cost them their lives. Today, the echoes of that fateful night are still audible.
Broken monsters, Lauren Beukes.
From author of "The shining girls," a serial killer tale with a twist, comes a story of animal/human corpses, internet photos and a mother and daughter at rise as copycat murders escalate.
Queen of hearts, Rhys Bowen.
Lady Georgiana Rannoch, thirty-fifth in line for the British throne, knows how to play the part of an almost royal but now she's off to Hollywood, where she must reprise her role as sleuth or risk starring in an all-too-convincing death scene.
The vanished ones, Donato Carrisi
Gripping thriller featuring Mila Vasquez, fiery young officer from the bestseller "The whisperer."
To the top of the mountain, Arne Dahl
Swedish crime tale with detectives Paul Hjelm and Kerstin Holm on their third case.
Candle flame : being the thirteenth of the sorrowful mysteries of Brother Athelstan, Paul Doherty.
February, 1381. London lies frozen in the grip of one of the bitterest winters on record.
The bone orchard, Paul Doiron.
In the aftermath of a family tragedy, Mike Bowditch has left the Maine Warden Service and is working as a fishing guide in the North Woods. But when his mentor Sgt. Kathy Frost is forced to kill a troubled war veteran in an apparent case of 'suicide by cop,' he begins having second thoughts about his decision.
The firebird's feather, Marjorie Eccles.
A young woman investigates the death of her mother in London 1911, the time when George V is preparing for his coronation.
The spring of Kasper Meier, Ben Fergusson.
Interesting debut set in Berlin after the war where a black market trader plies his trade then meets a woman who is prepared to blackmail him to find out what happened to a British pilot.
Believe no one, A.D. Garrett.
Follow-up to "Everyone lies" from the author combo of Margaret Murphy and forensic scientist Professor Dave Barclay.
Sight unseen, Iris Johansen and Roy Johansen.
She was safe in a world of darkness. Now danger threatens in the cold light of day. Before the experimental surgery that gave her sight, Kendra Michaels developed her other senses to an amazing capacity. Now law enforcement agencies vie for her.
The white sea, Paul Johnston.
Latest in contemporary thrillers featuring private eye Alex Mavros, here investigating the kidnapping of a rich Greek ship owner.
Broadchurch : the novel, Erin Kelly
The unmissable Broadchurch novel, inspired by the first season of 2013's mega-hit ITV series. Containing new twists, never-before-seen material and adding great depth and insights to the cast of characters.
The bones of Paris, Laurie R. King.
Paris, 1929. For Harris Stuyvesant, his current assignment is a private investigator's dream he's getting paid to trawl the cafes and bars of Montparnasse, looking for a pretty young woman. The missing person in question is Philippa Crosby, a twenty-two-year-old from Boston, whose family have become alarmed at her lack of communication.
The good girl, Mary Kubica.
Thriller about a young woman whose abduction unravels a story more sinister than anyone could have imagined.
The night the rich men burned, Malcolm Mackay.
Standalone crime tale from the author of the impressive Glasgow trilogy. In this one two Glasgow boys join the city's underworld and come up against the dangerous top crims.
Escape, Dominique Manotti
It's 1987. Two prisoners, both Italian, break out of prison in a rubbish lorry. One heads for Paris, the other to Milan.
Designated daughters, Margaret Maron.
When Deborah Knott's terminally ill aunt, Rachel, is found smothered to death in her bed at a hospice center, all of her Colleton County kith and kin are shocked. Who kills a dying woman? As Deborah and her husband, Sheriff's Deputy Dwight Bryant, try to find Rachel's killer, they cross paths with the Designated Daughters, a support group for caregivers.
The sun is god, Adrian McKinty.
Based on real events, a story of murder set in the South Pacific before the First World War.
The night searchers, Marcia Muller.
When she is hired to investigate devil worshippers performing human sacrifices in San Francisco, private detective Sharon McCone discovers what her clients are really up to and goes undercover to find the truth.
Beams falling, P.M. Newton.
On the inside, Detective Nhu 'Ned' Kelly is a mess. Stitched up after being shot, her brain's taking even longer to heal than her body. On the outside, though, she's perfect, at least as far as the top brass are concerned. Cabramatta is riding high on the new 'Asian crime wave'. Tough Aussie crime.
Fear and loathing, Hilary Norman.
Latest case for Detective Sam Beckett, set in Miami.
The hangman's song, James Oswald.
Third novel in James Oswald's Inspector McLean series set in Edinburgh.
The girl next door, Ruth Rendell.
When the bones of two severed hands are discovered in a box, an investigation into a long buried crime of passion begins. And a group of friends, who played together as children, begin to question their past.
Life or death, Michael Robotham.
Audie Palmer serves ten years for an armed robbery. Four people died and millions were never recovered so Palmer escape from prison one day before his release.
The Shogun's daughter, Laura Joh Rowland.
When the shogun is forced to claim an illegitimate son as his heir after the death of his only child, Sano Ichiro, believing the malevolent youth to be part of a plot to seize power, risks the safety and honour of his family to uncover the truth.
A man's head, Georges Simenon
Another in the excellent reprint series.
Supping with the devil, Sally Spencer.
DCI Monika Paniatowski and murder at a rock festival.
Fatal conceit, Robert K. Tanenbaum.
CIA chief dies suspiciously when about to testify on a government cover-up that involves terrorism. Butch Karp investigates.
The girl in 6E, A.R. Torre.
Erotic thriller about a webcam performer who unleashes some dark fantasies.
Eyes on you, Kate White.
After two years of fighting her way back to the top, television host Robin Trainer becomes the target of an enemy with a dark agenda and must figure out who is responsible.
After the silence, Jake Woodhouse.
A murdered policeman, a dead businessman hanging from a hook, a building burnt to the ground in an arson attack and a missing girl - identity unknown. It's up to damaged, world-weary Inspector Jaap Rykel of Amsterdam's finest to piece it all together.
Cut and thrust, Stuart Woods.
The 30th Stone Barrington mystery.


The tortured hero, Amy Andrews.
Her hottest summer yet, Ally Blake.
The ultimate playboy, Maya Blake.
Socialite's gamble, Michelle Conder.
Her irresistible protector, Michelle Douglas.
The return of the rebel, Jennifer Faye.
Dante's unexpected legacy, Catherine George.
The shameless maverick, Louisa George.
Christakis's rebellious wife, Lynne Graham.
Moonlight plains, Barbara Hannay.
Who's afraid of the big bad boss?, Nina Harrington.
Carrying the sheikh's heir, Lynn Raye Harris.
Fiona's flame, Rachael Herron.
Tame me : a Stark international novella, J. Kenner.
Bound by the Italian's contract, Janette Kelly.
Only the brave try ballet, Stefanie London.
At no man's command, Melanie Milburne.
A deal with Demakis, Tara Pammi.
Nobody but him, Victoria Purman.
The maverick millionaire, Alison Roberts.
Pregnant with the soldier's son, Amy Ruttan.
The tycoon and the wedding planner, Kandy Shepherd.
The accidental daddy, Meredith Webber.
Swan point, Sherryl Woods.
If only, Tanya Wright.

Saga & Historical

The Boleyn reckoning, Laura Andersen.
Concludes the tale of the Tudor king who never was.
Masters of Rome, Robert Fabbri.
Fifth instalment of the eight part series that follows the rise of Vespasian, one of Rome's greatest emperors.
Call nurse Jenny, Maggie Ford.
Jenny has been in love with the handsome and successful Matthew Ward since she was sixteen. The trouble is he sees her as the girl-next-door, just one of his friends. When Matthew joins the army Jenny disentangles herself from her clinging mother in order to do her bit for the war effort by becoming a nurse.
Sisters of the Bruce, 1292-1314, J.M. Harvey.
Set against the wild and perilous background of Scotland in the late 13th century, the adventurous lives of Robert the Bruce's five sisters come to life through their own words in a series of letters.
Plague, C.C. Humphreys.
London 1665 and a highway robbery goes wrong when a gentleman highwayman discovers his victims have been murdered.
Her mother's secret, Catherine King.
Desire Lettie Hargreaves wants more than her simple, uncomplicated life with her grandmother can provide. She longs for excitement and love and she's determined to make something of herself.
In love and war, Lesley Lokko.
Woman working as a war correspondent is thrown together with a TV executive in a quest to find a young British woman kidnapped in Egypt.
Ivan the Terrible, William Napier.
After the final defeat of the Ottoman Empire at the great naval battle of Lepanto, it seems that Europe is safe. But one day Nicholas Ingoldsby is summoned to London for an audience with the Queen herself. He is to go on a diplomatic mission to Constantinople, the heart of the old enemy and then onward, to a little-known but rising power called Muscovy.
The end of a journey, Grace Thompson.
Welsh couple are about to announce their engagement then her father dies. They separate but…
The marriage game, Alison Weir.
Relationship between the young Elizabeth I and the dashing but married Lord Robert Dudley.


The rain-soaked bride, Guy Adams.
Second in a science fiction/supernatural/spy series.
Terra's world, Mitch Benn.
Sequel to "Terra" which was described as perfect for fans of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.
New frontiers : a collection of tales about the past, the present, and the future, Ben Bova.
Fourteen startling visions of yesterday, today, and tomorrow from the six-time winner of the Hugo Award Frontiers.
The causal angel, Hannu Rajaniemi.
Third novel by the SF novelist The Guardian called brilliant. This title completes the tale of his gentleman rogue of many lives and minds throughout the solar system.
Last orders, Harry Turtledove.
A conclusion to the landmark World War II series explores the lives of everyday soldiers and civilians as well as historic leaders to consider the fallout of Chamberlain's alternate-world decision not to appease Hitler.
Prototype, M.D. Waters.
The debut that began with Archetype concludes in Prototype, when a woman's dual pasts lock onto a collision course, threatening her present and future.