New Titles Fiction February 2017 (arrived in January 2017)


Long shot : a sniper novel, Jack Coughlin
A top Russian intelligence agent has defected to the West and the only man with whom he will speak is Kyle Swanson, who busted him out of the U.S. Marine Corps Scout/Sniper School years ago.
Back blast, Mark Greaney.
Returning to Washington to uncover the truth about why the CIA betrayed him, former elite agent-turned-Gray Man Court Gentry discovers that the case is still very much under discussion and that he has stumbled onto a secret that powerful enemies will kill to keep.
The midnight bell, Jack Higgins.
The bell tolls at midnight as death requires it. In Washington, D.C., on a night full of rain, a woman is struck down and killed by a hit-and-run driver. But she is not just any woman she is the assistant to the head of the secret White House department known only as the Basement.
Dark heart, James Phelan.
From the rubble of Damascus to the corridors of Washington, a frightening new conspiracy of terror emerges.
Kill switch, James Phelan.
The world is under cyber attack. A secretive terror outfit, known as Zodiac, is preparing to unleash chaos.
Shadow kill, Chris Ryan.
Held up by rebel forces in a brutal siege, John Porter is tested to the limit in the African jungle
The British lion, Tony Schumacher.
In an alternative history thriller set in the years after World War II, London detective John Rossett joins forces with his Nazi boss to save the commander's kidnapped daughter as the Germans race to make the first atomic bomb.
Jericho's war, Gerald Seymour.
In a moment of nerve shredding suspense that will affect many thousands of lives, a handful of men and women will converge on a barren stretch of Yemeni desert. Each of them will need spirit, courage and immense luck to survive.

American Fiction

Enigma variations, Andre Aciman
The passions of a young man from a preadolescent crush on his parent's cabinetmaker to a passion for a young woman at college and numerous encounters with men.
The atomic weight of love, Elizabeth J. Church.
In 1941, at seventeen years old, Meridian begins her ornithology studies at the University of Chicago. She is soon drawn to Alden Whetstone, a brilliant, complicated physics professor who opens her eyes to the fundamentals and poetry of his field, the beauty of motion, space and time, the delicate balance of force and energy that allows a bird to fly. Entranced and in love, Meridian defers her own career path and follows Alden west to Los Alamos, where he is engaged in a secret government project.
Difficult women, Roxane Gay.
Collection of stories of rare force and beauty, of hardscrabble lives, passionate loves, and quirky and vexed human connection.
The nerdy and the dirty, B.T. Gottfred.
Pen Lupo is sick and tired of hiding who she is. On the outside, Pen is popular, quiet, and deferential to her boyfriend. On the inside, however, Pen is honest, opinionated and not quite sure that she's like other girls. Do they have urges like she does?
All the ugly and wonderful things, Bryn Greenwood.
As the daughter of a drug dealer, Wavy knows not to trust people, not even her own parents. It's safer to keep her mouth shut and stay out of sight. Struggling to raise her little brother, Donal, eight-year-old Wavy is the only responsible adult around.
Say goodbye for now, Catherine Ryan Hyde.
On an isolated Texas ranch, Dr. Lucy cares for abandoned animals. The solitude allows her to avoid the people and places that remind her of the past. Not that any of the townsfolk care. In 1959, no one is interested in a woman doctor. Nor are they welcoming Calvin and Justin Bell, a newly arrived African-American father and son.
Innocents and others, Dana Spiotta.
Meadow Mori and Carrie Wexler grew up together in Los Angeles, and both became filmmakers. Meadow makes challenging documentaries; Carrie makes successful feature films with a feminist slant.
Noah's wife, Lindsay Starck.
When young minister Noah and his dutiful wife arrive at their new post in the hills, they find a gray and wet little town where it's been raining for as long as anyone can remember. Noah's wife is determined to help her husband revive this soggy congregation, but soon finds her efforts thwarted by her eccentric new neighbors.
Private citizens, Tony Tulathimutte.
Sharp satire that catches the mood of young college graduates of today.
The Winter Lodge, Susan Wiggs.
When a devastating house fire reveals a rare treasure among her grandfather's belongings, leading her on a search for the truth, Jenny Majesky returns to the only place she feels safe, The Winter Lodge, where she finds an ally in the local police chief, Rourke McKnight.

Australian fiction

Watershed, Jane Abbott.
Dystopian tale about a world devoid of rain and a watchman and hunter of rebels who dare to challenge the ruling classes.
The trapeze act, Libby Angel.
Set in 1970s Australia where a girl grows up with an ex-carnie mother and a barrister father.
To the sea, Christine Dibley.
A girl vanishes in a Tasmanian beach resort. Six storytellers tell the story of what happened to lead up to this.
The three Miss Allens, Victoria Purman.
How much of who we are is destiny and how much chance? In 1934, the three Miss Allens Ruby, Adeline and Clara arrive in the seaside town of Remarkable Bay for their annual summer holiday.

British Fiction

The postcard, Fern Britton.
Penny Leighton, TV Producer and wife of the local vicar Simon Canter, is struggling to cope with motherhood. The couple have had their only child Jenna, while Penny is in her forties and it's been a big shock to her system.
The Cornish guest house, Emma Burstall.
A new couple have arrived in Tremarnock, but will these glamorous strangers fit into village life?
Meet me at Beachcomber Bay, Jill Mansell.
Love is in the air in St Carys, but you'd never know it the people of this seaside town are very good at keeping secrets.
Paper hearts & summer kisses, Carole Matthews.
Christie Chapman is a single working mother who spends her days commuting to her secretarial job and looking after her teenage son, Finn. It can be tough just getting through the day but Christie has always found comfort in her love of crafting and any spare time she has is spent working on her beautiful creations.
The Christmas promise, Sue Moorcroft.
On a snowy December evening, Sam Jermyn steps into the life of bespoke hat maker Ava. Sparks fly, and not necessarily the good ones. Times are tough for Ava she's struggling to make ends meet, her ex-boyfriend is a bully, and worst of all, it's nearly Christmas.
The food of love, Amanda Prowse.
A loving mother. A perfect family. A shock wave that could shatter everything.
The girl from Lace Island, Joanna Rees.
1989. When happy-go-lucky fifteen-year-old Leila is exiled from her exotic home on Lace Island to a cold English boarding school, it is just the beginning of her woes. Feeling that she's just too foreign to ever fit in, she's desperate to get back to her family and friends.
Beyond the orchard, Anna Romer.
Lucy Briar has arrived home in turmoil after years overseas. She's met her fiance in London and has her life mapped out, but something is holding her back. Hoping to ground herself and find answers, Lucy settles into once familiar routines.
The stranger, Saskia Sarginson.
We all have our secrets. Eleanor Rathmall has kept one her whole life. But when her husband dies and a stranger arrives at her door, her safe life in the idyllic English village she's chosen as her home begins to topple. Everyone is suspicious of this stranger except for Eleanor.
Night of fire, Colin Thubron.
Travel writer's latest novel has the intriguing concept of the back stories of three people trapped in a burning house.


The return of the witch, Paula Brackston.
Latest in the Shadows Chronicles series.
The burning page, Genevieve Cogman.
Third in the Invisible Library series.
The Librarians and the lost lamp, Greg Cox.
Librarians guarding magical relics and how one stands against an ancient criminal organisation known as The Forty.
The queen of blood, Sarah Beth Durst.
In Renthia, everything has a spirit: the willow tree with leaves that kiss the pond, the stream that feeds the river. But the spirits of the land want to rid it of all humans. First in a new series called Queens of Renthia.
The fate of the Tearling, Erika Johansen.
Concludes the Tearling trilogy.
Pantomime, Laura Lam.
Ffrst in a series about a land of lost wonders and magic. This should appeal to readers of Holly Black and Laini Taylor.
The grave thief, Tom Lloyd.
Scree has been wiped from the face of the Land in a brutal demon stration of intent. While those responsible scatter to work on the next step in their plan, the stakes are raised all the way to the heavens as the Gods themselves enter the fray!
The mountain of kept memory, Rachel Neumeier.
Described as a gorgeous fantasy in the spirit of Guy Gavriel Kay and Robin McKinley.
The heart of what was lost : a novel of Osten Ard, Tad Williams.
Return to the world Williams created thirty years ago in the "Memory, Sorrow & Thotn" series.

Fiction from the rest of the World

The golden legend, Nadeem Aslam.
When her husband is shot dead on the streets of Pakistan, the wife is pressured to pardon the killer and fears this might expose her own
Blood-drenched beard, Daniel Galera
His father shoots himself, and all he's left with is the old cattle dog and a vague desire for explanation. He loves swimming so he travels to Garopaba, a quiet little town on the Brazilian coast, where his grandfather disappeared in mysterious, possibly brutal, circumstances decades before. There, in the midst of romantic flings and occasional trips, he comes to discover more than he could ever have imagined not just about his grandfather, but also about himself.
No happy valley : shattered colonial dreams, Guy Hallowes.
A story of struggle, conflict and passion set in 1950's Kenya during the Mau-Mau insurrection. Peter Lawrence battles to build a place of his own in the raw African bush, but the Kikuyu men who work for him are secret members of the Mau-Mau determined to take back their country.
This house is mine, Dorte Hansen
Bestseller in Germany, the tale of a Prussian refugee and child who arrive on a farm in 1945 and what happens to them then and after.
The transmigration of bodies ; and Signs preceding the end of the world, Yuri Herrera
A plague has brought death to the city. Two feuding crime families with blood on their hands need our hard-boiled hero, The Redeemer, to broker peace. Both his instincts and the vacant streets warn him to stay indoors, but The Redeemer ventures out into the city's underbelly to arrange for the exchange of the bodies they hold hostage.
Between enemies, Andrea Molesini
November 1917. When Austrian forces advance into Northern Italy, the aristocratic Spada family find their estate requisitioned by enemy soldiers. Similar tale to ther classic "Garden of the Finzi-Contini."
The discovery of Heaven, Harry Mulisch
Abounding in philosophical, psychological, and theological inquires, yet laced with humour that is as infectious as it is wilful, Highly praised Dutch
The slow waltz of turtles, Katherine Pancol
From the author of the international bestseller "The yellow eyes of crocodiles" comes this tale of a fortyish divorcee whose ex-husband is off on a crocdile farm in Kenya. The author has been likened to a French Marion Keyes.
The good lover, Steinunn Sigurdardottir
Tells the story of Karl Astuson, whose love life consists of a string of meaningless affairs; the only woman who came close to his 'perfect' mother was his first and only love Una, who left a void within Karl that he seems unable to fill.
Memoirs of a polar bear, Yoko Tawada
The story of three polar bears: a memoirist fleeing the Soviet Union; a dancer in an East Berlin circus; a baby bear in the Berlin Zoo at the start of this century.

Fiction Selector's Choice

The Wangs vs the world, Jade Chang.
Interesting debut about a family where the patriach has just lost the cosmetics fortune he'd built up in America. The lifestyle lost, they must return to the ancestral land in China.
Montpelier Parade, Karl Geary.
Dublin-set tale of a young working class man's obsession with a rich and beautiful woman.
The march of the foxgloves, Karyn Hay.
London, 1893, and Frances Woodward is tormented by the restrictions of her puritanical father and the cruelties of 19th century narcissist, Benedict Hunt. Having meted out a particularly creative form of revenge upon Hunt, Frances transcends the social norms of the late-Victorian era and travels alone to the far-flung colony of New Zealand, where she is forced to look beyond the establishment life seemingly pre-ordained for her.
Signs preceding the end of the world, Yuri Herrera
Described as hilarious and horrifying, a tale of the underbelly of Mexico and a young woman searching for her brother has to deal with a violent macho world. The Mexican author of this impressive novel now lives in the U.S.
Homesick for another world, Ottessa Moshfegh.
The debut short story collection by the author of Eileen, shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2016.
Solitaire, Jane Thynne.
1940s Paris where Clara Vine is summoned to meet Goebbels in preparation tob become a spy. Author is married to espionage writer Philip Kerr.
Zero at the bone, David Whish-Wilson.
For ex-detective Frank Swann, being on the outside of Western Australia's police force is the only way to get justice done. Perth in 1979 is a city of celebration and corruption. Grim Aussie thriller.

Graphic novel

Marvel platinum : the definitive Doctor Strange.,
Doctor Strange. [1], The way of the weird, Jason Aaron
Jojo's bizarre adventure. Part 3, Stardust crusaders. 01, Hirohiko Araki
Goodnight Punpun. 4, Inio Asano
Clumsy, Jeffrey Brown.
Unlikely : a true love story, [Jeffrey Brown].
Octavia E. Butler's Kindred : a graphic novel adaptation, Damian Duffy and John Jennings.
Preacher. Book one, Garth Ennis
The Fun family, Benjamin Frisch.
Marie Antoinette : phantom queen, Rodolphe & Annie Goetzinger
Princess jellyfish. 01, Akiko Higashimura
Overlord. [2], Kugane Maruyama
Baltimore. Volume seven, Empty graves, Mike Mignola, Christopher Golden
Blame! 2, Tsutomu Nihei
Doctor Strange. Strange origin, Greg Pak ; artist, Emma Rios.
Black Science. Volume 5, True atonement, Rick Remender
Cosplayers : perfect collection, [Dash Shaw].
The fix. Volume one, Where beagles dare, Nick Spencer
Attack on Titan. Before the fall. 9, Ryo Suzukaze
Paper girls. 2, Brian K. Vaughan,


The long ships : a saga of the Viking Age, Frans G. Bengtsson
Acclaimed as one of the best historical novels ever written, this engaging saga of Viking adventure in 10th century northern Europe has a very appealing young hero, Orm Tostesson, whose story we follow from inexperienced youth to adventurous old age.
Virgins, Diana Gabaldon.
1740: Young Jamie Fraser has left Scotland and, with his best friend Ian Murray, is running with a band of mercenaries in France. Both men have good reason not to go back to their homeland: both are nursing wounds, and despite their best efforts to remedy the situation, both are still virgins.


The haunted library : classic ghost stories, Edited and introduced by Tanya Kirk.
The Haunted Library is a new collection of classic ghost stories many of which have never before been anthologized from the golden age of the genre in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Carter & Lovecraft, Jonathan L. Howard.
Daniel Carter used to be a homicide detective, but his last case the hunt for a serial killer went wrong in strange ways and soured the job for him. Now he's a private investigator trying to live a quiet life. Strangeness, however, has not finished with him.


The watcher, Ross Armstrong.
Debut thriller by British actor. Described as "The girl on the train" meets "Rear window" as it is about a keen birdwatcher who sees something suspicious through her binoculars.
The dead shall be raised ; The murder of a quack, George Bellairs
In the winter of 1940, the Home Guard unearths a skeleton on the moor above the busy town of Hatterworth. Twenty- three years earlier, the body of a young textile worker was found in the same spot, and the prime suspect was never found but the second body is now identified as his. Vintage crime tale.
Alan Wake, Rick Burroughs.
At the suggestion of his wife and muse, Alice, bestselling crime/horror novelist Alan Wake ventures to Bright Falls to recover his creative flow. Soon after they arrive, however, Alice goes missing under mysterious circumstances.
The taken, Alice Clark-Platts.
Second case for Drham D.I. involves a pastor murdered in a boarding house.
Win, lose or draw, Peter Corris.
A new case for Cliff Hardy.
Burying the past, Judith Cutler.
Detective Chief Superintendent Fran Harman's professional and private lives collide when a skeleton is unearthed in her garden.
The hit, Nadia Dalbuono.
The investigation of an apparent hit-and-run unravels a tangled web in modern Rome. When the family of Micky Proietti, a top television executive, goes missing, Leone Scamarcio is called to investigate.
Kill the father, Sandrone Dazieri.
Italian author's English language debut features a detective and a claustrophobic private consultant on a missing persons case.
A fever of the blood, Oscar de Muriel.
New Year's Day, 1889. In Edinburgh's lunatic asylum, a patient escapes as a nurse lays dying. Leading the manhunt are legendary local Detective 'Nine-Nails' McGray and Londoner-in-exile Inspector Ian Frey.
Buried in the country : a Cornish mystery, Carola Dunn.
Eleanor Trewynn has retired to the relative quiet of a small town in Cornwall. But her quiet life is short-lived when, due to her experience, the Commonwealth Relations Office reaches out to her to assist in a secret conference in a small hotel outside the historical village of Tintagel.
Little deaths, Emma Flint.
Based on real-life crime in the 1960s New York where a glamorous woman is accused of murdering her children.
The other daughter, Lisa Gardner.
In Texas a serial killer is executed, taking to his grave the identity of his only child. In Boston a nine-year-old girl is abandoned in a hospital, then adopted by a wealthy young couple. Twenty years later, Melanie Stokes still considers herself lucky.
Blood and bone, Valentina Giambanco.
After two years in the Seattle Police Department, homicide detective Alice Madison has finally found a measure of peace she has never known before--a sense of belonging. When a local burglary escalates into a gruesome murder, Madison takes charge of the investigation, only to discover that this is no ordinary killing.
Old bones : a Bill Slider mystery, Cynthia Harrod-Eagles.
When a young couple discover human remains buried in the garden of their new house, Detective Inspector Bill Slider is called upon to investigate.
Soft summer blood, Peter Helton.
It all seemed so simple: a murder; an obvious suspect; a shaky alibi: DI McLusky never had it so good. Until a second killing challenges all his earlier assumptions.
The bone field, Simon Kernick.
When bones of a young woman who went missing in 1990s Thailand is discovered at an English school DI Ray Mason makes terrible discoveries.
Mary Russell's war : and other stories of suspense, Laurie R. King
A dynamic short story collection that illuminates many hidden corners of the beloved, best-selling Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes series.
Penalties, Stephen Leather.
Premier League footballer Gabe Savage is on the way to one of the most important matches of his life when he gets a phone call from his wife. She has been kidnapped along with their young son. And the message from her captors is brutal: If your team wins, your family dies.
Amy and the killers, Allan Mackay.
On a dairy farm outside Beaufort, a small town south of Sydney, Brian Swanson is shot and killed when he attempts to save his girlfriend Amy's life. When the local police make little progress with the investigation, Detective Chief Inspector Michael Chaucer and Detective Sergeant Janice Mallon from Sydney are appointed to find out who the killer could be.
The art of killing well, Marco Malvaldi
Nothing could please a chef more than a chance to learn the secrets of a Baron's castle kitchen. Having travelled the length and breadth of the country compiling his masterpiece, The Science of Cooking and The Art of Eating Well, Pellegrino Artusi relishes the prospect of a few quiet days and a boar hunt in the Tuscan hills. But his peace is short-lived when a murder occurs.
Crooked Street, Priscilla Masters.
Jadon Glover is goodlooking, professional, reliable and a perfect husband, according to his wife. So when he fails to return home one miserable March night, she rings the police, certain that something has happened to him. DI Joanna Piercy and DS Mike Korpanski investigate.
The acid test, Elmer Mendoza
When the mutilated body of Mayra Cabral de Melo, a well-known stripper, is found by the side of a dusty road, detective Edgar "Lefty" Mendieta has personal reasons for bringing the culprit to justice. Mayra had no shortage of ardent, deluded, and downright dangerous admirers, and Lefty himself is haunted by one steamy night he spent in her generous company.
Don't turn out the lights, Bernard Minier
"You did nothing." Christine Steinmeyer thought the anonymous suicide note she found in her mailbox on Christmas Eve wasn't meant for her. But the man calling in to her radio show seems convinced otherwise. French crime thriller.
The old man, Thomas Perry.
To all appearances, Dan Chase is a harmless retiree in Vermont with two big mutts and a grown daughter he keeps in touch with by phone. But most sixty- year-old widowers don't have multiple driver's licenses, savings stockpiled in banks across the country, and a bugout kit with two Beretta Nanos stashed in the spare bedroom closet.
The jazz files, Fiona Veitch Smith.
It is 1920. Twenty-two year old Poppy Denby moves from Northumberland to live with her paraplegic aunt in London. Aunt Dot, a suffragette who was injured in battles with the police in 1910, is a feisty and well-connected lady.
The Salton killings : a Charlie Woodend mystery, Sally Spencer.
When the strangled body of teenager Diane Thorburn is found buried in the salt store, Chief Inspector Woodend is drafted in from London to investigate.
The shivering turn, Sally Spencer.
When Mary Corbet walks into private investigator Jennie Redhead's rundown Oxford office one pleasant spring day in 1974, she is a desperate woman. Although sh'e convinced her daughter has been murdered, she can get neither the police nor her husband to agree with her.
How will I know you?, Jessica Treadway.
Teenage gril is found drowned on the edge of a frozen pond. It is murder and suspicion falls on a young male graduate.
The mine, Antti Tuomainen
A hitman. A journalist. A family torn apart. Can he uncover the truth before it's too late?In the dead of winter, investigative reporter Janne Vuori sets out to uncover the truth about a mining company, whose illegal activities have created an environmental disaster in a small town in Northern Finland.
A dreadful past, Peter Turnbull.
The discovery of a damaged vase takes Hennessey and Yellich back to a twenty-year-old murder case, with consequences for the present.
Old scores, David Whish-Wilson.
It's the early 1980s- the heady days of excess, dirty secrets and personal favours. Former detective Frank Swann is still in disgrace, working as a low-rent PI. But when he's offered a security job by the premier's fixer.
Sacrifice, Hanna Winter.
In her very first case, criminal psychologist Lena Peters is confronted with a killer on a murderous vendetta. And though she is unaware, Lena will play a prominent role in his deadly mission.

New Zealand Fiction

The name on the door is not mine, C.K. Stead.
This collection can be read as a meditation on the writerly life, and includes a number of new, previously unpublished stories.


Santa and the saddler, Cathryn Hein.
Wayward heart, Cathryn Hein.
The recruit, Diana Palmer.
Empire, Lili St. Germain.
The mistress, Danielle Steel.


Poppy's dilemma, Nancy Carson.
A tale of one girl's brave escape from a world of poverty in her search for true love.
The ribbon weaver, Rosie Goodwin.
A baby rescued from the snow. A wealthy family's tragic secret. A girl determined to make her mark. One winter's night, Molly Earnshaw rescues a newborn baby from the snow and changes two families for ever.
The midwives of Raglan Road, Jenny Holmes.
Summer, 1936. Newly trained midwife Hazel Price returns to the Yorkshire streets of her childhood, only to find that her modern methods and 'stuck-up' ways bring her into conflict with her family and other formidable residents of Raglan Road.
Gifts for our time, Anna Jacobs.
The Lancashire-set Rivenshaw saga concludes at the end of WWII.

Science fiction

Invisible planets : an anthology of contemporary Chinese science fiction, Edited by Ken Liu.
Collection of short speculative fiction from China. Some stories have won awards; some have been included in various 'Year's Best' anthologies; some have been well reviewed by critics and readers; and some are simply Ken's personal favorites.
Defiant, Dave Bara.
Third in the Lightship Chronicles series.
Take back the sky, Greg Bear.
Conclusion to his epic interstellar trilogy of war in space.
Rook song, Naomi Foyle.
Second in the Gaia Chronicles series.
Insurgence, Ken MacLeod.
Second in the Corporation Wars trilogy.
The liberation, Ian Tregillis.
3rd in the Alchemy Wars series.
After the crown, K.B. Wagers.
Secin the Indranan War series.
At the sign of triumph, David Weber.
Ninth book in the Safehold series.


The Valeron code, Terrell L. Bowers.
Blood over Black Creek, Edwin Derek.
Crackaway's quest, Will DuRey.
Bitter is the dust, Scott A. Gese.
Wichita town tamer, Dale Graham.