New Titles Fiction August 2014 (arrived in July 2014)


Lethal sky, Greg Barron.
Action, explosions, terrorist plots and conspiracies in an action tale of the Clancy/Ludlum variety.
A colder war, Charles Cumming.
MI6's Head of Station in Turkey is killed in a mysterious plane crash. Amelia Levene, chief of the Secret Intelligence Service, wants the incident investigated quickly and quietly. The only man she can trust is Thomas Kell, a disgraced spy searching for redemption.
The Iron Castle, Angus Donald.
Normandy Ablaze AD 1203: England and France are locked in a brutal struggle for power. The fate of the embattled duchy of Normandy is in the hands of the weak and untrustworthy King John. Facing disaster, he calls for help from a former outlaw — Robin Hood.
Inside enemy, Alan Judd.
Charles Thoroughgood is now the recently-appointed chief of a reconstituted MI6, married to his predecessor's widow and tasked with halting the increasingly disruptive cyber attacks on Britain, which are threatening government itself and all the normal transactions of daily life not to mention a missing nuclear missile-carrying submarine.
A kill in the morning, Graeme Shimmin.
Alternative history thriller set in 1955 in a world where WWII never happened.
Forty acres, Dwayne Smith.
Young lawyer is taken up by secretive group of America's most powerful black men and invited to a weekend away.
No harm can come to a good man, James Smythe.
Weather prediction and more in a strange semi-SF thriller that asks how far you'd go to save your family from an invisible threat.
Act of war, Brad Thor.
After a CIA agent mysteriously dies overseas, his top asset surfaces with a startling and terrifying claim. There's just one problem — no one knows if she can be trusted. But when six exchange students go missing, two airplane passengers trade places, and one political-asylum seeker is arrested, a deadly chain of events is set in motion.
The swimmer, Joakim Zander
Political aide in Brussels sees something so dangerous it could get her killed while a deep-cover agent hides from his past.

American Fiction

Close your eyes, hold hands, Chris Bohjalian.
Highly readable story in which a girl whose parents die in a power plant meltdown tries to outrun grief and her past and hatches a plan to save herself.
The broken, Tamar Cohen.
Sharp and smart tale about best friends and the secrets from their past and their present.
The unwitting, Ellen Feldman.
Intriguing novel set in 1963 as Kennedy arrives in Texas and the wife of a writer receives a phone call. A tale of betrayal, lies, secrets and marriage in the days of the Cold War.
God is an astronaut, Alyson Foster.
Love story in 107 e-mails from Jess, a married botany professor, and a colleague on sabbatical at the time of a space station disaster.
Problems with people : stories, David Guterson.
Collection of stories is set in the Pacific Northwest and explores themes of love and the human drive to connect with others.
Fourth of July Creek, Smith Henderson.
Excellent very powerful debut about a social worker helping dysfunctional families while his own life falls apart. Very readable but not a tale of happy lives. Reviews have been very enthusiastic.
The sleepwalker's guide to dancing, Mira Jacob.
When brain surgeon Thomas Eapen decides to cut short a visit to his mother’s home in India, he sets into motion a series of events that will forever haunt him and his wife, Kamala, their intellectually furious son, Akhil, and their watchful daughter, Amina. Now, twenty years later, in the heat of a New Mexican summer, Thomas seems to be derailing.
Forgiven, Karen Kingsbury.
Dayne Matthews is at the top of the Hollywood list, working on what may be his best movie yet. Still, he feels empty and unfocused, aching for real love and the family he'll never know. Then a friend tells him about a teaching center and a way to become like God. Is this the answer Dayne's been searching for?
The conditions of love, Dale M. Kushner.
Traces the journey of a girl from childhood to adulthood as she reckons with her parents' abandonment, her need to break from society's limitations, and her overwhelming desire for spiritual and erotic love.
The hundred-year house, Rebecca Makkai.
From the author of The Borrower comes a tale of novel an historic estate that once housed an arts colony. Doug, the husband of the estate's heir, desperately needs the colony files to get his stalled academic career back on track. But what he discovers when he finally gets his hands on them is more than he bargained for.
The arsonist, Sue Miller.
A family and a community are tested when an arsonist begins setting fires to the homes of summer residents in a small New England town.
The wives of Los Alamos, TaraShea Nesbit.
Story of the women who accompanied their husbands to the military town in New Mexico which would become notorious for the Atom bomb.
How to tell Toledo from the night sky, Lydia Netzer.
Love, marriage and astronomy in this unusual unpredictable tale set in Toledo and its Institute of Astronomy.
Everything I never told you, Celeste Ng.
Impressive first novel about a Chinese American family living in small town Ohio in the 1970s.
Landline, Rainbow Rowell.
Couple's marriage unravels then she finds a way to communicate with him in the past and either fix the marriage or end it.
The girls of August, Anne Rivers Siddons.
Four women who've holidayed together at the beach in summer lose contact after one dies tragically but a new marriage brings them back for a reunion.
Saturday morning, Lauraine Snelling.
Broken by life's disappointments, four women forge a friendship that leads in unexpected directions.
Nantucket sisters, Nancy Thayer.
Women's friendship over the years from their first encounter as girls on a Nantucket beach. What the Americans call a beach book.
The plum tree, Ellen Marie Wiseman.
In the fall of 1938, as Germany rapidly changes under Hitler's regime, 17-year-old Christine Bolz, a domestic forbidden to return to the wealthy Jewish family she works for - and to her employer's son Isaac, confronts the Gestapo's wrath and the horrors of Dachau to be with the man she loves.
Snow hunters, Paul Yoon.
A highly anticipated debut novel from 5 Under 35 National Book Foundation honoree featuring a Korean War refugee who emigrates to Brazil to become a tailor's apprentice and confronts the wreckage of his past.

Australian fiction

Family secrets, Liz Byrski.
When patriarch Gerald Hawkins passes away in his Tasmanian home after ten years of serious illness, his family experiences a wave of grief and, admittedly, a surge of relief. Gerald's dominating personality has loomed large over his wife Connie and their children, Andrew and Kerry, for most of their lives.
Pack up the moon, Rachael Herron.
A woman who has suffered the loss of her family has the opportunity to be a wife and mother again, if she can untangle the complications of her past.
The place at Whitton, Tom Keneally.
When a man is found brutally murdered in Whitton's monastery, Dr Stenner, Whitton's president, is horrified. Could it possibly be the work of one of his priests? A nightmare begins as another brazen killing follows.

British Fiction

London stories, Jerry White.
Historian Jerry White has collected some twenty-six stories to illustrate the extraordinary diversity of both London life and writing over the past four centuries, from Shakespeare's day to the present.
In the approaches, Nicola Barker.
From Man Booker shortlisted author comes a story set in a seaside enclave and promising "a mind-meld on a metaphysical scale."
A song for Issy Bradley, Carys Bray.
Author from a devout Mormon family tells a story of a what happens after the death of a child.
The good Italian, Stephen Burke.
Love story set in the Italian colony of Eritrea during World War II where a harbourmaster falls for his housekeeper, a forbidden relationship under the new laws. Comparisons have been made to the novels of Louis de Bernieres.
Soldiers' wives, Fiona Field.
First novel by author who was herself a soldier tells the story of three women trying to adapt to military life.
After the honeymoon, Janey Fraser.
How can one honeymoon cause so much trouble? Much as Emma loves Tom, she would never have got married if he hadn't insisted. But with Tom sick for the whole week, shouldn't she at least take advantage of the entertainment?
Virginia Woolf in Manhattan, Maggie Gee.
Bestselling author Angela Lamb is going through a mid-life crisis. She dumps her irrepressible daughter Gerda at boarding school and flies to New York to pursue her passion for Woolf, whose manuscripts are held in a private collection. When a bedraggled Virginia Woolf herself materialises among the bookshelves and is promptly evicted, Angela, stunned, rushes after her on to the streets of Manhattan.
One chance, Emily Gillmor Murphy.
Tale of love and ambition set in the world of competitive show-jumping.
Her, Harriet Lane.
Psychological thriller in a literary vein. Narrated in alternate chapters by two women - one a cool, cultured painter, the other a harassed mother - who've met before: one remembers, the other doesn't.
Black lake, Johanna Lane.
Very promising debut set at a crumbling estate in the Irish countryside and what happens when the owner movies his family to a small cottage on the grounds while tensions mount.
The woman in the picture, Katharine McMahon.
Sequel to "The crimson rooms" has Evelyn Gifford, woman of the 1920s, one of the first women to be qualified as a solicitor, dealing with difficult cases.
Painting death, Tim Parks.
Unrepentant serial killer puts on a spectacular art exhibition based on killing but is foiled by family problems and a reluctant museum in this black comedy.
Mother island, Bethan Roberts.
How does it feel to come home from work one evening and find your two-year-old son gone? How does it feel to steal another woman's child? To take a boy from his mother, and try to make him yours, make things right? This is the story of two women, Nula and Maggie, joined by old family history and love for the same little boy.
England and other stories, Graham Swift.
His first collection of short stories since 1992 captures British life across the centuries.
The sex lives of Siamese twins, Irvine Welsh.
Outrageous dark tale tapping into two great obsessions of today: personal training regimes and real estate.
The Way Inn, Will Wiles.
Sharp satirical tale about globalised business culture and a professional conference goer who spends most of his time in identikit budget hotels.
The care and management of lies : a novel of the Great War, Jacqueline Winspear.
A departure from her mystery novels, this is a tale of two young women, friends since childhood, and what happens when World War I alters their lives.
Ghostwritten, Isabel Wolff.
Jenni is a 'ghost': she writes the lives of other people. It's a job that suits her well: still haunted by a childhood tragedy, she finds it easier to take refuge in the memories of others rather than dwell on her own. Jenni has an exciting new commission, and is delighted to start working on the memoirs of a Dutchwoman, Klara.
The heroes' welcome, Louisa Young.
1919, and Britain is realising that it is no longer at war. Now, Nadine and Riley, Rose, and Peter and Julia, must try to regain a sense of normality. But long shadows cast by the war dim the potential joys of peacetime, and matters of the heart prove arduous and bewildering.


The truth is a cave in the black mountains : a tale of travel and darkness with pictures of all kinds, Neil Gaiman with illustrations by Eddie Campbell.
Beautifully illustrated by renowned artist Eddie Campbell, this is a four-colour edition of Neil Gaiman's award-winning novelette "The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains" - a haunting story of family, the otherworld, and a search for hidden treasure.
Sparrow Hill Road, Seanan McGuire.
Rose Marshall died in 1952 in Buckley Township, Michigan, run off the road by a man named Bobby Cross — a man who had sold his soul to live forever, and intended to use her death to pay the price of his immortality. Trouble was, he didn't ask Rose what she thought of the idea.
Shield of winter, Nalini Singh.
Latest in the Psy-Changeling series.
Seal of the worm, Adrian Tchaikovsky.
Latest in the Shadows of The Apt series.

Fiction from the rest of the World

The storyteller's tale, Omair Ahmad.
While Afghan warlord Ahmed Shah Abdali plunders 18th century Delhi, a wandering storyteller fleeing the carnage happens across an isolated casbah a day's ride from the city. When the beautiful and lonely lady of the manor invites him to stay and share a story, his grief at the destruction of his city spills forth in a story of two brothers.
Outlaws, Javier Cercas
In the late 1970s, as Spain was adrift between the death of Franco and the rebirth of democracy, people were moving from the poor south to the cities of the north in search of a better life. But the work, when there was any, was poorly paid and the housing squalid. Out of this world of limited opportunities a generation of delinquents arose whose prospects were stifled and whose rebellion would be brief and violent.
I am China, Xiaolu Guo.
A British translator works on a series of letters detailing the love affair of an exiled Chinese musician, trapped in a British detention centre,
Happy are the happy, Yasmina Reza
1 novel. 18 people. 18 lives. Infinite combinations: families and friends, colleagues and patients, lovers and mourners. But sometimes a crowd is the loneliest place to be. An award-winning exploration of dreams and disillusionment, love and infidelity from the creator of global theatre sensation Art and God of Carnage.
The awakening of Miss Prim, Natalia Sanmartin Fenollera
Spanish-set tale of Miss Prim who takes a post as private librarian to a book loving intellectual in a village of eccentrics. A droll tale in the vein of "Chocolat."
The blue fox, Sjón
The year is 1883 and the stark Icelandic winter landscape is the backdrop. Follow the priest, Skugga-Baldur, on his hunt for the enigmatic blue fox.

Graphic novel

Bendis & Bagley's Brilliant. [Vol. 1], Brian Michael Bendis & Mark Bagley
Powers, Bureau. [1, Undercover], Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming.
Now that all powers cases are federal cases, Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim are now federal agents, and must learn to live by the new rules. But when they find themselves dealing with the biggest powers cases in the entire country, will this new life close the closet full of skeletons Deena carries with her?
The Steve Ditko archives. Vol. 1, Strange suspense, Blake Bell.
John Constantine, Hellblazer. Shoot, Warren Ellis
John Constantine, Hellblazer. [8], Rake at the Gates of Hell, Garth Ennis,
All star western. Volume 4, Gold standard : featuring: Jonah Hex, Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti
Fatima : the blood spinners, Gilbert Hernandez
The Manhattan Projects. 4, Jonathan Hickman
Attack on Titan. 12, Hajime Isayama
Aquaman. Volume 4, Death of a king, Geoff Johns
Mind MGMT. Volume three, The home maker, Matt Kindt
Mind MGMT. Volume two, The futurist, Matt Kindt ; foreword by Scott Snyder.
The ghost in the shell, stand alone complex. 5, Not equal, Yu Kinutani
Coffin Hill. Volume 1, Forest of the Night, Caitlin Kittredge
Knights of Sidonia. 9, Tsutomu Nihei
FBP. Volume 1, The paradigm shift, Simon Oliver
Batman/Superman. Volume 1, Cross World, Greg Pak
All star western. Volume 1, Guns and Gotham, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray
All star western. Volume 2, War of Lords and Owls, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray
All star western. Volume 3, The black diamond probability : featuring Jonah Hex, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray
Demon love spell. 6, Mayu Shinjo


Touched, Joanna Briscoe.
A chilling, deeply creepy Hammer novella. 1963: Rowena Crale and her family have recently moved into an old house in a small English village. But the house appears to be resisting all attempts at renovation. Walls ooze damp. Stains come through layers of wallpaper. Ceilings sag. And strange noises voices emanate from empty rooms.
The devil's ark, Stephen Bywater.
Twelve years after fighting in Mesopotamia in the Great War, Harry Ward returns to the land where he lost his faith, his mind and almost his life. Haunted by bloody visions of bayonets, shrapnel and shells, he takes up the offer of a simple job, working as a photographer on an archaeological dig outside of Mosul.
The city, Dean Koontz.
A gifted musician relates strange events that happened years back in a place where enchantment and malice are closely entwined.


Inside man, Jeff Abbott.
When Sam Capra's friend is murdered outside his Mimai bar, Sam infiltrates one of Maimi's top criminal families to get justice.
The reckoning, Rennie Airth.
The Second World War has ended, leaving a bruised and fragile peace. But this tranquillity is threatened when a shocking murder takes place in the Sussex countryside. Before long, police experts discover a link to another, earlier, killing hundreds of miles away.
The burglar who counted the spoons, Lawrence Block.
Latest story featuring burglar Bernie Rhodenbarr, this time a dead body is found on the floor when he and his sidekick Carolyn are robbing a house.
Lonely graves, Britta Bolt.
First in the Posthumus Trilogy, a Dutch crime series about a funeral director/sleuth in Amsterdam.
Friends to die for, Hilary Bonner.
Friends: can you trust them? A group of friends in London's Covent Garden are plagued by a dangerous prankster.
The Corpse Bridge, Stephen Booth.
Detective Sgt. Ben Cooper and the mystery of The Corpse Bridge, a route taken to a burial ground and now in a landowner's estate.
Shots fired, C.J. Box.
Latest Joe Pickett novel has a wealthy man living on a huge remote ranch amidst rumours that this wealth comes from murder.
Nine lives to die, Rita Mae Brown & Sneaky Pie Brown
Latest case for Harry Haristeen and her two cat sleuths.
All day and a night, Alafair Burke.
When psychotherapist Helen Brunswick is murdered in her Park Slope office, the entire city suspects her estranged husband - until the District Attorney's Office receives an anonymous letter. The letter's author knows a detail that police have kept secret.
Wayfaring stranger, James Lee Burke.
Begins in West Texas 1934 and involves Clyde Barrow, Bonnie Parker and later what happens in World War II Germany.
Angelica's smile, Andrea Camilleri
A rash of burglaries has got Inspector Salvo Montalbano stumped. The criminals are so brazen that their leader, the anonymous Mr. Z, starts sending the Sicilian inspector menacing letters.
The kill, Jane Casey.
D.C. Maeve Kerrigan on the case of a policeman killer on the loose in London.
The winter king : a Hawkenlye mystery, Alys Clare.
All Saint's Eve, 1211. An overweight but wealthy nobleman, desperate for an heir, dies at the celebration feast he's thrown in his own hall. Is it a natural death, or at the hands of his reluctant new wife? Sabin de Gifford, an apothecary and healer of note, is called to examine the body.
The competition, Marcia Clark.
While interviewing students in the aftermath of a school shooting in the San Fernando Valley, prosecutor Rachel Knight and Detective Bailey Keller realize the facts don't add up and the real killers may still be out there.
Enemies at home, Lindsey Davis.
Albia is a remarkable woman in what is very much a man's world: young, widowed and fiercely independent, she lives alone on the Aventine Hill in Rome and makes a good living as a hired investigator.
Hell to pay, Garry Disher.
Constable is demoted from Adelaide to a small backwater town and finds that his lone cop job involves some sinister cases.
Never look back, Clare Donoghue.
A first novel in which three young women are murdered in South London and the police have to find the links between the three cases.
Semper fidelis : a novel of the Roman Empire, Ruth Downie.
Resuming his medical duties in the Twentieth legion in Roman-occupied Britain, Gaius Petreius Ruso investigates an outbreak of mysterious injuries and deaths and discovers possible links to the revered Centurion Geminus and the long-awaited Emperor Hadrian.
Top secret twenty-one, Janet Evanovich.
Trenton, New Jersey's favorite used-car dealer, Jimmy Poletti, was caught selling a lot more than used cars out of his dealerships. Now he's out on bail and has missed his date in court, and bounty hunter Stephanie Plum is looking to bring him in.
Terminal city, Linda Fairstein.
Assistant D.A. Alex Cooper and detectives hunt for an elusive killer who leaves a symbol resembling train tracks on his victims.
Season of fear, Brian Freeman.
Introduces Florida detective Cab Bolton in a tale of murder, state politics and conspiracies.
Phantom instinct, Meg Gardiner.
Standalone tjhriller in which an injured policeman and an ex-thief hunt down a killer nobody else believes exists.
The corners of the globe, Robert Goddard.
Spring, 1919. James 'Max' Maxted, former Great War flying ace, returns to the trail of murder, treachery and half-buried secrets he set out on in The Ways of the World.
Blood whispers, John Gordon Sinclair.
First novel from the actor known for "Gregory's girl" is a thriller about a lawyer and her client, in custody and in danger from the Glasgow crime and drugs scene.
Death of a scholar, Susanna Gregory.
Matthew Bartholomew's latest case iset in 1358 Cambridge where a new college is being founded.
Verdict of the court : a Burren mystery, Cora Harrison.
Christmas 1519 is the twentieth anniversary of King Turlough Donn's reign over the three kingdoms of Thomond, Corcomroe and Burren, so Mara and her scholars are spending the festive period in her husband's principal court, the castle of Bunratty in Thomond. However, in the midst of celebrations, the Brehon of Thomond is found dead.
Murdered in Chelsea, Ticky Hedley-Dent.
First novel by Tatler/Vogue writer has an aristocrat and fashion muse found dead in her Chelsea apartment. Murder in high society.
Deserves to die, Lisa Jackson.
Along a slow-moving river, he watches as her body drifts below the water's murky surface, forever altered. Before he disposes of each victim, he takes a trophy. It's a sign of his power, and a warning to the one destined to suffer most of all. In Grizzly Falls, Montana.
The dead beat, Doug Johnstone.
It's the first day of Martha's new job as intern at Edinburgh's The Standard. But all's not well at ailing newspaper, and Martha is carrying some serious baggage of her own. Put straight onto the obituary page, she takes a call from a former employee who seems to commit suicide while on the phone, something which echoes with her own troubled past.
Research, Philip Kerr.
Bestselling novelist's wife is found murdered at their luxury Monaco apartment and the writer has disappeared.
The sudden arrival of violence, Malcolm Mackay.
Third in his Glasgow trilogy, another dark tale of crime and punishment in a viiolent world.
Decoded, Mai Jia
Story of Rong Jinzhwen, one of the world's greatest code-breakers. A semi-autistic mathematical genius, he is recruited to the cryptography department of China's secret services. He rises through the ranks until he makes a mistake. Then begins his descent through the darkness of the world of cryptography into madness.
The nightmare place, Steve Mosby.
DI Zoe Dolan tracks The Creeper, a stalker who breaks into women's homes.
The G file : a Van Veeteren mystery, Hakan Nesser
1987 and a woman hires a detective to follow her husband. When the woman is found dead it makes a new case for Chief Inspector Van Veeteren.
The evil eye : four novellas of love gone wrong, Joyce Carol Oates.
Four dark and compelling tales of love gone horribly wrong from one of the most prolific writers of our time.
Currawong Manor, Josephine Pennicott.
When photographer Elizabeth Thorrington is invited to document the history of Currawong Manor for a book, she is keen to investigate a mystery from years before: the disappearance of her grandfather, the notorious artist Rupert Partridge, and the deaths of his wife, Doris, and daughter, Shalimar.
Quota, Jock Serong.
Lawyer has a courtoom meltdown and relationship breakdown and ends up in a remote coastal town where a murder is linked to the illegal abalone trade.
Cop town, Karin Slaughter
Her first standalone novel is set in the Atlanta Police Department in 1974 where two women officers are in trouble after another officer is murdered.
That night, Chevy Stevens.
Psychological thriller about a woman who'd been in prison and wants to find out who made her life in high school hell.
Hang man, Stephan Talty.
From the author of the impressive "Black Irish." Policewoman Abbie Kearney tracks a nasty killer called The Hangman who has broken out of prison.
Lady of ashes, Christine Trent.
1861 London and Violet Morgan is struggling to establish a good reputation for the undertaking business that her husband has largely abandoned. She provides comfort for the grieving, advises them on funeral fashion and etiquette, and arranges funerals. This leads her into the world of investigation.
Shockwave, Andrew Vachss.
Just before daybreak, a body washes up on a pristine beach. The dead man's skull has been bashed open, and his upper body is covered in neo-Nazi tattoos. Another of his very dark crime tales.
Scattered monkeys, Bruce Venables.
Aussie author's tale set in Hong Kong in 1976. The author is the husband of top author Judy Nunn.
Peter Pan must die, John Verdon.
Legendary sleuth Dave Gurney unravels a baffling crime: the killing of a rich tycoon as he's about to deliver the eulogy at his mother's funeral.
Blood Med, Jason Webster.
Fourth case for Valencian detective Max Camara is set in a chaos-ridden Spain where an American woman is murdered and a bank clerk commits suicide.
The death collector, Neil White.
Joe Parker is Manchester's top criminal defence lawyer and Sam Parker his brother is a brilliant detective with the Greater Manchester Police force. Together they must solve a puzzling case that is chilling Manchester to the bone.

New Zealand Fiction

A fragile strength, Patricia Berwick.
Story of the challenges for a young girl growing up in Taranaki in the 1860's to 1880's, her sufferings at the hands of an abusive father, interwoven with the unfortunate events surrounding the siege of Parihaka, and how these happenings were to impact on her life.
Paekakariki mischief : a factual fantasy, Sandi Hall.
To heal after the death of Janet, her partner of 20 years, jeweller Marla Rivelli moves to Paekakariki, meeting baker Angelica Kitts and art forger Charles Harrier and attracting the attention of an ardent lesbian fledgling. She becomes involved with the village's struggle for traffic lights, which soon takes to the highway, and mischievous events move swiftly to mischievous conclusions.
Tenderness : stories, Sarah Quigley.
Collection of stories from a prize-winning writer - some short, some long, set in locations that span the globe, all exploring the theme encapsulated by the title: tenderness.
The children's pond, Tina Shaw.
Jessica Pollard has moved to Turangi to be near her son Reuben who is in prison there. While working at a trout-fishing lodge on the Tongariro River, Jessica slips into a relationship with a handsome, charming Māori lawyer. When the body of his troubled niece Chantelle is found in the Children's Pond, Jessica's own past as a teenager in prison comes back to haunt her.
Shark Harbour : a New Zealand historical novel, Kate Stirling.
Shark Harbour is the third book of the Kaipara trilogy which follows the Jackson family of the early Yates' Landing, then the Thunder Children and up to late in the twentieth century. On the way it opens up a new world plus an even older one against a background of New Zealand history.
Thunder children : a New Zealand historical novel, Kate Stirling.
Thunder Children is set on the Kaipara Harbour and the surrounding districts against a background of New Zealand
Yates' Landing : a New Zealand historical novel, Kate Stirling.
Yates' Landing is a romantic novel set on the Kaipara Harbour against a background of historical events such as Women's Emancipation, Halley's Comet, the sinking of the Titanic, World War 1 and the influenza epidemic which devastated much of the country.


What the Greek can't resist, Maya Blake.
Falling for her rival, Jackie Braun.
Don't tell the wedding planner, Aimee Carson.
The enigmatic surgeon, Annie Claydon.
An heir to bind them, Dani Collins.
The man she can't forget, Maggie Cox.
For all time, Jude Deveraux.
Summer with the millionaire, Jessica Gilmore.
Ravelli's defiant bride, Lynne Graham.
When Da Silva breaks the rules, Abby Green.
Back in her husband's arms, Susanne Hampton.
The soldier prince, Kate Hardy.
Taming her Italian boss, Fiona Harper.
Kate's progress, Cynthia Harrod-Eagles.
All that glitters, Linda Howard.
The best man for the job, Lucy King.
The heartbreaker prince, Kim Lawrence.
Nine months to change his life, Marion Lennox.
On a clear day, Debbie Macomber.
Wedding at Sunday Creek, Leah Martyn.
Playboy's lesson, Melanie Milburne.
A question of honour, Kate Walker.
Becoming the prince's wife, Rebecca Winters.
More than a fling?, Joss Wood.

Saga & Historical

The inheritance, Tilly Bagshawe.
New tale of high living from author described by the Daily Mail as a cross between Jilly Cooper and Jackie Collins.
The White Russian, Vanora Bennett.
Paris 1937 where American woman is keen to experience Jazz Age Paris but her grandmother's dying wish pushes her into the heart of the Russian émigré community.
The miniaturist, Jessie Burton.
Love and obsession in the story of a new wife who is given an extraordinary wedding gift: a cabinet-sized replica of their home. Set in 17th century Amsterdam.
A home at trail's end, Melody Carlson.
Elizabeth Martin and her two children have finally reached the Oregon Country. But Eli Kincade, the wagon train scout who captured her heart, has chosen to continue life on the trail.
The beggar maid, Dilly Court.
From the age of eight, sixteen-year-old Charity Crosse has been living rough with her grandfather and begging on the streets. When he grandfather passes away, Charity is helped by a kindly doctor who introduces her to bookseller, Jethro Dawkins. He takes Charity in to help in his bookshop and keep house in their one room behind the shop.
What is visible, Kimberly Elkins.
Presents a fictionalized account of the life and challenges of Laura Bridgman, the first deaf and blind woman to learn language, and those who helped her, including the founder of the Perkins Institute, with whom she was in love, and her beloved teacher.
The darkest hour, Barbara Erskine.
In the summer of 1940, most eyes are focussed on the skies above the South of England. The battle for Britain has just begun. But young Evie Lucas has eyes for no-one but a dashing young pilot called Tony.
The good children, Roopa Farooki.
Family saga sprawling across three continents and three generations. The story follows four siblings in a back-and-forth interweaving narrative, from a childhood in Lahore in the Thirties and Forties, to England and the US over four decades, to the final scenes, at their mother's deathbed back in Lahore.
Sisters of treason, Elizabeth Fremantle.
Mary Tudor clings fearfully to the English throne. Seeing the threat posed by her cousin, Lady Jane Grey, the Queen orders her execution. But what of Lady Jane's young sisters Katherine and Mary? Cursed with royal blood, they must endure the perils of a Tudor court, closely observed by its paranoid Queen.
The King's shadow, Barbara Gaskell Denvil.
Andrew Cobham is a man of unconventional behaviour, his home is unusually grand, and he answers no questions. But as he keeps his own secrets safe, so he works to uncover those of others. It is 1483 and King Edward IV wears England's crown, but no king rules unchallenged. Often it is those closest to him who are the unexpected danger.
Captured by love, Jody Hedlund.
On occupied Mackinac Island, Voyageur Pierre Durant and local girl Angelique Labelle must decide where their loyalties lie, and what they will risk for love.
The storm lord, M.K. Hume.
Hume brings the bloody, violent, conniving world vividly to life will appeal to those who thrill to Game of Thrones and other tales of intersecting, ever-warring, noble lineages.
The turning tide, C. M. Lance.
A tale of secrets, mateship and betrayal set against a vivid background of wartime Australia.
The Paris of the East, Karen McMillan.
Four friends picnic on a brilliant summer's day and celebrate an engagement, aware of the rumbles of war, but hopeful that in any conflict Poland will have the upper hand.
The beekeeper's daughter, Santa Montefiore.
Dorset, 1932: Grace Hamblin is growing up on a beautiful rural estate. The only child of the beekeeper, she knows her place and her future until her father dies unexpectedly and leaves her bereft and alone. Alone, that is, except for the man she loves, whom she knows she can never have.
The lace balcony, Johanna Nicholls.
A woman known as "The Sydney venus" - mistress to a former gentleman convict, is used to entice rich men to the gaming tables - is a magnet for scandal and mystery.
Mountain ash, Margareta Osborn.
Rural romance with a devastating love triangle twist. After years of struggling as a single mother, Jodie Ashton has given up on love and passion. What she craves now is security for herself and her beloved daughter Milly. Things change.
The winter gathering, Deirdre Purcell.
It's ten years on from the first winter gathering, when four of Maggie Quinn's closest friends rushed in to spend Christmas with her after her husband walked out just days before. And at Christmas, it doesn't take long for an event to become a tradition. But this Christmas Day, for the first time, there's an addition to the party, in the form of a young, very handsome man.
Treason's daughter, Antonia Senior.
Love, betrayal and a family divided amid the turmoil of the English Civil War.
The smoke at dawn : a novel of the Civil War, Jeff Shaara.
Continues the series begun with "A blaze of glory" set in 1863 as Confederate Forces face the Federal Army at the Battle of Chickamauga.
The ten thousand things, John Spurling.
Imaginative recreation of the life of Wang Meng, a bureaucrat who became one of the Yuan Dynasty's Four Masters who redused to serve their Mongol rulers.
The storms of war, Kate Williams.
First in trilogy that will tell the story of one family in Britain from 1914 to 1939.
Kingdom, Robyn Young.
Third in her Insurrection Trilogy published on the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn. Concludes the epic trilogy of Robert the Bruce.

Science fiction

Rescue mode, Ben Bova and Les Johnson.
The first human mission to Mars meets with near-disaster when a meteoroid strikes the spacecraft, almost destroying it. The ship is too far from Earth to simply turn around and return home.
Earth awakens : the first Formic War, Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston.
When the alien ship screamed through the solar system, it disrupted communications between the far-flung human mining ships and supply stations and between them and Earth. So Earth and Luna were unaware that they had been invaded until the ship pulled into Earth orbit, and began landing terra-forming crews in China.
Cibola burn, James S.A. Corey.
Fourth novel in the Expanse series.
Flotilla, Daniel R. Haight.
What would you do if you only had minutes to live? Flotilla is a crossover apocalyptic science-fiction in which a young man is thrown into an ocean, literally and figuratively, to become both a survivor and a hero.
Iron Mountain, Daniel R. Haight.
Iron Mountain continues the story of a teen surviving the breakdown of the United States after a massive terrorist attack.
The little green book of Chairman Rahma, Brian Herbert.
A revolution takes over the U.S. government and the environment is saved. It's a bright green new world but rebels and dictators are still around.
Into the fire, Peter Liney.
Second in "The detainee" series has our hero escaping The Island only to find the mainland is just as dangerous.
Skinjob, Bruce McCabe.
A clever mix of thriller and science fiction set in a divided society in California in the near future.
The long Mars, Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter.
2040-2045: In the years after the cataclysmic Yellowstone eruption there is massive economic dislocation as populations flee Datum Earth to myriad Long Earth worlds. Sally, Joshua, and Lobsang are all involved in this perilous rescue work when, out of the blue, Sally is contacted by her long-vanished father and inventor of the original Stepper device, Willis Linsay.
The Rhesus chart, Charles Stross.
Bob Howard is an intelligence agent working his way through the ranks of the top secret government agency known as 'the Laundry'. When occult powers threaten the realm, they'll be there to clean up the mess and deal with the witnesses.
Tomorrow and tomorrow, Thomas Sweterlitsch.
In the near-future around the tenth anniversary of a devastating, apocalyptic attack on Pittsburgh, one survivor — an archivist working in a perfect, immersive digital reproduction of the city stumbles upon a dark and violent cover-up that unravels what is left of the life he knew.
Barricade, Jon Wallace.
SF debut, a droll clever road trip across the dystopian world of post-apocalyptic Britain.
Jack Williamson SF gateway omnibus., Jack Williamson
From the SF Gateway, the most comprehensive digital library of classic SFF titles ever assembled, comes an ideal sample introduction to the incredible career of Jack Williamson, whose career spanned over 70 years.