New Titles Non-Fiction December 2014 (arrived in November)

Art & Architecture

A painter's progress : a portrait of Lucian Freud, David Dawson. 759.2 FRE
A hidden look at Lucian Freud, one of the greatest British painters, through the lens of his assistant, David Dawson.
Art and politics now, Anthony Downey. 700.4 DOW
This book is a richly illustrated survey of more than 200 artists whose works address the political, often using radical approaches and techniques to communicate their ideas.
Cabins & cottages and other small spaces. 728.37 CAB
Offers a guide to maximise the potential of small homes and spaces. This book looks at a variety of houses as well as a selection of sheds, studios, and other small structures.
Chris Ofili : night and day, Chris Olifi. 759.2 OFI
A major survey including new and celebrated works by Turner Prize-winning artist Chris Ofili.
Collage : contemporary artists hunt and gather, cut and paste, mash up and transform, Danielle Kryser. 702.8 KRY
This showcase of cutting-edge contemporary art from across the globe features galleries of collage by 30 practitioners, from the surreal landscapes of Beth Hoeckel to Fabien Souche's humorous appropriations of pop culture.
Collection highlights : National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, Ron Radford. 709.94 NAT
Magnificent illustrations of over 300 works, it is a concise and accessible introduction to the nation's largest visual arts collection, held by the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra.
Fifty years of illustration, Lawrence Zeegen. 741.64 ZEE
This book charts contemporary illustrations rich history: the rampant idealism of the 1960s, the bleak realism of the 1970s, the over-blown consumerism of the 1980s, the digital explosion of the 1990s, followed by the increasing diversification of illustration in the early twenty-first century.
Frans Hals, Seymour Slive. 759.9492 HAL
Frans Hals was a revolutionary in the field of portraiture and used his colour and paint brush to express ultimate freedom by breaking convention. Famed for his unique painting style and method of capturing light and atmosphere, he went on to influence many emerging artists.
Grace Joel : an impressionist portrait, Joel L. Schiff. 759.993 JOE
The first extensive survey of the work and life of Dunedin-born artist Grace Joel (1865-1924). The book includes reproductions of paintings held in private collections that have never been made available to the public before.
Introducing modernism, Chris Rodrigues. 700.4 ROD
Liu Bolin, Liu Bolin. 709.2 LIU
The first major monograph of one of the most famous Chinese artists working today, showcasing both his most striking photographs, his work as a sculptor and also the techniques he uses to create his art.
Living Newport : houses, people, style, Bettie Bearden Pardee. 728.8 PAR
With 4 million visitors annually, Newport has become synonymous with affluence, culture and taste, and an up close perspective is provided with many of the 17 featured properties being previously unphotographed.
Malevich, Achim Borchardt-Hume. 759.7 MAL
Sheds new light on Malevich's remarkable career, from his participation in the quest for a new society to his confrontation with the Stalinist regime.
Marlene Dumas : the image as burden, Marlene Dumas. 759.9492 DUM
Marlene Dumas is one of the most prominent and influential painters working today. In an era dominated by the mass media and a proliferation of images, her work is a testament to the meaning and potency of painting.
Neoclassicism and Romanticism : architecture, sculpture, painting, drawing, 1750-1848, Rolf Toman. 709.03 NEO
New trends in micro-architecture, Dimitris Kottas. 720 KOT
One drawing a day : a 6-week course exploring creativity with illustration and mixed media, Veronica Lawlor. 741.2 LAW
Paintings 1974-2014, Graeme Sydney. 759.993 SYD
A major retrospective survey of paintings from Sydney's 40-year career as an artist.
Playing to the gallery : helping contemporary art in its struggle to be understood, Grayson Perry. 709.05 PER
What is 'good' or 'bad' art - and does it even matter? Is there any way to test if something is art, other than a large group of people standing around looking at it? Is art still capable of shocking us or have we seen it all before?
SCAPE7 Public Art Christchurch Biennial, Blair French. 709.93 ART
Superhouse, Karen McCartney. 728 MCC
To Karen, the super house has nothing to do with size ; instead, it is one that has a strong connection with nature, that goes well beyond the everyday, and that, through the sensitivity of both architect and client, is imbued with mindfulness.
The art of pin-up, Dian Hanson. 704.9424 HAN
In this title, each chapter contains period calendars, vintage prints, and original model photos, documenting the artists' creative process.
The Basilica of St Francis in Assisi, Gianfranco Malafarina. 726.6 BAS
Founded in 1228, the Basilica of St Francis in Assisi is the burial place of the well-known saint and the mother church of the Franciscan order of monks.
The box : architectural solutions with containers, Sibylle Kramer. 721.044 KRA
Shipping containers are robust, standardized, inexpensive, universally available, and quickly assembled. Whether as single units, piled on top of each other, or placed in a row, covered or cut open contemporary architecture uses containers as extremely versatile elements for a great variety of contexts.
The critic's part : Wystan Curnow art writings 1971-2013, Christina Barton. 709.93 CUR
Wystan Curnow is New Zealand's longest-serving and, arguably, most important art critic. This edited collection brings together a selection of his art writings from 1971 to 2013, to provide the first comprehensive overview of his work.
The figure : painting, drawing, and sculpture : contemporary perspectives, Margaret McCann. 704.942 FIG
This book is a celebration of figurative art, essential to those interested in both traditional techniques and the latest developments in the art of the figure.
The Hermitage : 250 masterworks, Ermitazh Gosudarstvennyi. 708.7 GOS
Explores this sumptuous collection in the manner of a private tour, showcasing the museum's extraordinary and uniquely rarely published treasures.
The mammoth book of skulls, Ilya. 704.942 MAM
Skulls have always captured the human imagination. This book offers a collection of images of the skull from pop culture around the world, presents a visual feast of the doom-laden image.
The world is an apple : the still lifes of Paul Cezanne, Benedict Leca. 759.4 CEZ
Tropical living : dream houses at exotic places, Manuela Roth. 728.37 ROT
This new release features a beautiful range of residential architecture and designs from Costa Rica to Florida, from Thailand to South Africa. Every project is an invitation to feel good and relax with swimming pools, open-air spaces, as well as thoughtfully designed interiors of indigenous materials and local elements.
Turquerie : an eighteenth-century European fantasy, Haydn Williams. 709.561 WIL
Looks at the artistic phenomenon known as turquerie. This book shows how turquerie manifested itself in the arts across Europe.
Vincent, Barbara Stok. 759.9492 GOG
Barbara Stok documents the brief and intense period of creativity Van Gogh spent in Arles, Provence.


Dream cars, Sam Philip. 629.222 PHI
Dream cars : innovative design, visionary ideas, Sarah Schleunung. 629.222 SCH
How to drive : the ultimate guide from the man who was the Stig, Ben Collins. 629.283 COL
Kiwi vintage car collections, Steve Reid. 629.222 REI
Memories not dreams : an aviation adventurers tales, R. Jules Tapper. 629.13092 TAP
A compilation of stories taken over the years that give a glimpse of a tenacious, driven passionate aviator, businessman and raconteur who was able to mix all his interests and abilities in a most memorable way.
The complete illustrated encyclopaedia of classic cars : the world's most famous and fabulous cars from 1945 to 2000, shown in 1800 photographs, Martin Buckley. 629.222 BUC


A parallel life, Bonnie Greer. 818.6 GRE
Bonnie Greer's memoir is a voyage into the making of a woman who set out to unmake what she'd been born and brought up to be: 'a proper girl' a precious definition in a segregate and racist America where black life was deemed only three-fifths of white life and the life of a black woman even less.
Anarchy & beauty : William Morris and his legacy, 1860-1960, Fiona MacCarthy. 745.44941 MOR
A beautifully illustrated portrayal of the life of the artist and writer who revolutionized Victorian society and whose legacy is still widely embraced today.
Anger is an energy : my life uncensored, Johnny Rotten. 781.66 ROT
John Lydon has secured prime position as one of the most recognizable icons in the annals of music history. As Johnny Rotten, he was the lead singer of the Sex Pistols the world's most notorious band, who shot to fame in the mid-1970s.
Baby and a backpack : an extraordinary tale of courage, hope, determination and love, Jane Cornelius. 910.4 COR
Alone with a 12-week-old baby and broken heart, Jane takes a leap of faith and travels around the world in search of a new life and home.
Barefoot years, Martin Edmond. 828.914 EDM
A memoir in which the author attempts to re-inhabit the lost domain of childhood.
Beautiful ever after, Katie Piper. 362.88 PIP
In this sequel to her bestselling memoir, Katie tells the remarkable story of what's happened in the years since she bravely left the safety of her parents' home.
Behind the mask : the life of Vita Sackville-West, Matthew Dennison. 828.912 SAC
Aristocrat, literary celebrity, 'Rose Queen', devoted wife, lesbian, recluse, iconoclast Vita Sackville-West was many things, but she was never straightforward.
Beyonce : running the world : the biography, Anna Pointer. 781.64 BEY
The full story of Houston born-and-bred Beyonce's extraordinary life, which saw her join her first pop group at the age of nine before fronting the girl band Destiny's Child. After embarking on a solo career in 2003, Beyonce's status as a superstar was sealed and to date she has won more than 220 awards internationally.
Billy Joel : the definitive biography, Fred Schruers. 781.66 JOE
Schruers provides an unfettered look at into Billy Joel's journey from a pint-sized kid growing up in a cookie-cutter Long Island suburb to a rockstar of monumental success, and the person that remains behind his iconic status.
Bipolar : a path to acceptance, Bernie Mitchell. 616.895 MIT
It is a warts-and-all journey of a man who has struggled with bipolar disorder II. With complete honesty, he takes you with him from his personal hell to full recovery.
Brothas be, yo like George, ain't that funkin' kinda hard on you?, George Clinton. 781.66 CLI
In this seminal music memoir, Father of Funk George Clinton talks four decades of hit songs, drug abuse, the evolution of pop, rock, and soul music, his legal pitfalls, and much, much more.
Captain's diary, Michael Clarke. 796.358 CLA
After a three year losing streak in the Ashes, complete with a painfully recent 3-0 loss in England, facing the victorious English cricket team so soon was never going to be an easy. Michael Clarke led his team to an Ashes victory at home in a 5-0 triumph over the 2013-14 summer.
Carry on, warrior : the power of embracing your messy, beautiful life, Glennon Doyle Melton. 616.861 MEL
A New York Times essayist shares her journey from a self-destructive college student to a devoted family woman and teacher while illuminating the importance of trusting in a higher power and being truthful about life's challenges.
Castlereagh : the biography of a statesman, John Bew. 942.073 CAS
Lord Castlereagh has one of the blackest reputations in British history. But as John Bew shows, this is but a half-drawn portrait. His biography reveals a shy, inarticulate but passionate man; a towering political figure of implacable principles who redrew the map of Europe, fought a duel with a cabinet colleague and would tragically take his own life amid rumours of scandal and madness.
Chapter and verse : New Order, Joy Division and me, Bernard Sumner. 781.66 SUM
Founding member and guitarist of Joy Division and the lead singer of New Order, Bernard Sumner has been famous over the years for his reticence. Chapter and Verse includes a vivid and illuminating account of Bernard's Salford childhood, the early days of Joy Division, the band's enormous critical and popular success, and the subsequent tragic death of Ian Curtis.
Close up : the autobiography, Kelly Brook. 791.45028 BRO
An honest, revealing and beguiling autobiography from the popular star who's proved she's more than just a pretty face.
Dancing with myself, Billy Idol. 781.66 IDO
In this memoir following Billy Idol from his childhood in England to his fame at the height of the punk-pop revolution, the iconic superstar tells the real story behind the sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll that he is famous for.
Devil at my heels : a heroic Olympian's astonishing story of survival as a Japanese POW in World War II, Louis Zamperini. 940.5472 ZAM
A youthful troublemaker, a world-class NCAA miler, a 1936 Olympian, a WWII bombardier: Louis Zamperini had a fuller life than most. But in 1943, it all changed in an instant when his B-24 crashed into the Pacific Ocean and he was captured by the Japanese.
Dirty Bertie : an English king made in France, Stephen Clarke. 941.0823 EDW
Despite fierce opposition from his mother, Queen Victoria, Edward VII was always passionately in love with France. He had affairs with the most famous Parisian actresses, courtesans and can-can dancers. He spoke French more elegantly than English. The author argues that as 'Dirty Bertie', Edward learned all the essentials in life from the French.
Dog eat dog : a story of survival, struggle and triumph by the man who put AC/DC on the world stage, Michael Browning. 781.66 BRO
A fascinating insider's account of the formation and early success of two of the world's greatest bands, AC/DC and INXS from the man who helped them on the road to international stardom.
Ed Sheeran : a visual journey, Ed Sheeran. 781.64 SHE
A stunningly original visual documentary of one of the world's best-loved and most successful musicians of his
Elvis Presley : a southern life, Joel Williamson. 781.66 PRE
A biography, set against the rich backdrop of Southern society indeed, American society in the second half of the twentieth century.
Even this I get to experience, Norman Lear. 791.45023 LEA
Creator of some of the most significant series in television history and a dedicated political activist, Lear presents an amazing life story, from flying 50 bombing missions over Germany during World War II to buying an original copy of the Declaration of Independence.
Focused : my life in pictures, Andrew Nicholson. 798.24 NIC
The story of the boy from a farm in New Zealand who came to Britain as a raw 18-year-old and conquered one of the most demanding sports in the world. Illustrated with superb photographs of Andrew's career and life with horses, it reveals how he got to the top and how hard he still strives to up his game.
Gil Scott-Heron : pieces of a man, Marcus Baram. 781.64 SCO
Marcus Baram traces the volatile journey of a troubled musical genius. Baram charts Scott-Heron's musical odyssey, from Chicago to Tennessee to New York: a drug addict's twisted path to redemption and enduring fame.
Harry Harrison! Harry Harrison! : it seemed like a good idea at the time, Harry Harrison. 813.54 HAR
Recollections of one of the grand masters of science fiction, on his storied career as a celebrated author and on his relationships with other luminaries in the field.
Hey true blue, John Williamson. 781.642 WIL
Williamson takes us through his life, from growing up on the land in the Mallee and Moree in a family of five boys, to being the voice of Australia.
I'm the man : the story of that guy from Anthrax, Scott Ian. 781.66 IAN
The entertaining autobiography of Scott Ian, guitarist and founder of groundbreaking and influential thrash metal legend Anthrax.
Is that all there is? : the strange life of Peggy Lee, James Gavin. 781.65 LEE
Including interviews with hundreds who knew Lee, music journalist James Gavin offers the most revealing look yet at an artist of infinite contradictions and layers.
Isabella : the warrior queen, Kirstin Downey. 946.03 ISA
A biography of Isabella of Castile, the controversial Queen of Spain who sponsored Christopher Columbus' journey to the New World, established the Spanish Inquisition and became one of the most influential female rulers in history.
Jerry Lee Lewis : his own story, Rick Bragg. 781.66 LEW
The result of two years' worth of interviews, a chronicle of Lewis' life and career relates encounters with other musical legends and his lifelong rivalries with Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry for the title of king of rock and roll.
John Surtees : my incredible life on two and four wheels, John Surtees. 796.7 SUR
A photographic memoir by the only man to have won World Championships on motorcycles and in cars.
Joni Mitchell : both sides now, Malka Marom. 781.64 MIT
An intimate exploration of Joni Mitchell's life and art.
Jurassic Mary : Mary Anning and the primeval monsters, Patricia Pierce. 560 ANN
The story of a poor cabinet-maker’s young daughter who discovered an important and massive fossil at Lyme Regis, Dorset. Mary unearthed the first complete fossilised skeleton of a ‘fish lizard’ or Ichthyosaurus, when she was about 12 years old.
KP : the autobiography, Kevin Pietersen. 796.358 PIE
The fascinating life story of professional cricketer Kevin Pietersen, MBE, from his childhood in South Africa to his recent experiences as one of the leading lights in the world of international cricket.
Land's edge : a coastal memoir, Tim Winton. 823.914 WIN
On childhood holidays to the beach the sun and surf kept Tim Winton outside in the mornings, in the water; the wind would drive him indoors in the afternoons, to books and reading. This ebb and flow of the day became a way of life.
Leonard Cohen : everybody knows, Harvey Kubernik. 781.64 COH
Published to co-incide with Cohen's 80th birthday in September 2014. A celebration of the life, music and poetry of Leonard Cohen.
Listen out loud : a life in music managing McCartney, Madonna, and Michael Jackson, Ron Weisner. 781.64 WEI
Weisner shares inside dirt about his handling some of the top music talent of his generation. His goal: "An honest story of my involvement with these remarkable artists and the play-by-play: the good, the bad and, sometimes, the very ugly," he says.
Mademoiselle : Coco Chanel and the pulse of history, Rhonda K. Garelick. 746.92 CHA
Rhonda Garelick shows us the Chanel who conquered the world a woman who thirsted to create others in her image, who creatively borrowed from her famous (and infamous) intimates, who understood the idea of branding and image well ahead of her time, who created, as Garelick puts it: "wearable personality."
Magnificent obesity : my search for wellness, voice and meaning in the second half of life, Martha M. Moravec. 616.398 MOR
Priorities fall quickly into place for a 55-year-old compulsive overeater with a panic disorder when a heart attack accelerates a midlife crisis into a furious race to close the gap between where she appears to be going in life and the very different place she wants to be.
Making Micronesia : a political biography of Tosiwo Nakayama, David Hanlon. 996.6 NAK
The story of Tosiwo Nakayama, the first president of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM).
Mountain to mountain : a journey of adventure and activism for the women of Afghanistan, Shannon Galpin. 362.83 GAL
Shannon Galpin's inspiring memoir about empowering women and children in war-torn Afghanistan.
Mr. Hockey : my story, Gordie Howe. 796.962 HOW
A personal account by the ice hockey Hall of Famer traces his Depression-era childhood, record-setting career and enduring relationships with his wife and children.
My side of life, Shane Filan. 781.64 FIL
Shane shares his story for the first time - his early years growing up as part of a large Irish family in Co. Sligo, the phenomenal success of Westlife and the ups and downs of their time together, the breakup of the band, his financial devastation, and finally going it alone as a solo artist.
Not quite a Geordie : my autobiography, Holly Hagan. 791.45028 HAG
Holly recounts her life in and out of the limelight with brutal honesty - from her childhood days when she was badly bullied, her shocking take on sex and dating, her liaison with bad-boy musician Frankie Cocozza, and what really goes on behind-the-scenes on the UK’s biggest reality TV show.
Nothing but the truth : my story, Vicky Pattison. 791.45028 PAT
Vicky will reveal how she has turned her life around - and dish the dirt on what really goes on in the Geordie Shore house. And expose the sensitive soul underneath her famously tough exterior and speaking frankly about her battle with her weight, her run-ins with the law and the painful truth about her tempestuous relationship with castmate Ricci.
On duty with the Queen, Dickie Arbiter. 941.085 ARB
Retired press spokesman Dickie Arbiter recounts his experiences as a Buckingham Palace press secretary for Queen Elizabeth II, beginning with his appointment in 1988 until his retirement in 2000.
On the road with Janis Joplin, John Byrne Cooke. 781.66 JOP
As a road manager and filmmaker, he helped run the Janis Joplin show -and record it for posterity. Now he reveals the never-before-told story of his years with the young woman from Port Arthur who would become the first female rock and roll superstar - and depart the stage too soon.
One girl, one dream, Laura Dekker. 910.41 DEK
Aged just 14, New Zealand-born Laura Dekker defied the authorities and braved the open oceans to realise her dream of becoming the youngest ever sailor to circumnavigate the Earth.
Pat and Dick : the Nixons, an intimate portrait of a marriage, Will Swift. 973.924 NIX
A study of the partnership between the thirty-seventh President and his wife argues that the couple endured political and intimate disappointments during their fifty-three-year marriage but ultimately shared genuine affection.
Play on : Now, then & Fleetwood Mac : the autobiography, Mick Fleetwood. 781.66 FLE
Playing it my way : my autobiography, Sachin Tendulkar. 796.358 TEN
Sachin Tendulkar retired in 2013 after an astonishing 24 years at the top. The most celebrated Indian cricketer of all time, he received the Bharat Ratna Award India's highest civilian honour on the day of his retirement. Now Sachin Tendulkar tells his own remarkable story.
Possibilities, Herbie Hancock. 781.65 HAN
The legendary jazz musician and composer reflects on a thriving career that has spanned seven decades.
Professor Penguin : discovery and adventure with penguins, Lloyd Spencer Davis. 598.47 DAV
Spanning 35 years of research, Professor Penguin provides an unprecedented, in-depth look at the lives and behaviour of penguins.
Queen of the courtesans : Fanny Murray, Barbara White. 942.072 MUR
Fanny Murray rose from childhood poverty in Bath to become the most desired courtesan in 1750s London.
RJ's story, Robin Bloomfield. 639.2 BLO
Robin 'RJ' Bloomfield was a commercial fisherman in Motueka for over 30 years. He has also run ten-pin bowling centres, been involved in stock car racing and collected and restored vintage cars.
Seven letters from Paris, Samantha Verant. 944.36 VER
A woman falls madly in love with a Frenchman in Paris, but with a twist. It takes her twenty years to find him
Shining star : braving the elements of Earth, Wind & Fire, Philip J. Bailey. 781.64 BAI
A personal account by the lead singer of Earth, Wind & Fire traces his professional and spiritual journey against a backdrop of the group's meteoric rise to stardom, describing the diverse influences that shaped the band's style and his own experiences as a solo performer.
So, anyway, John Cleese. 791.092 CLE
This is the story of how a tall, shy youth from Weston-super-Mare went on to become a self-confessed legend.
Sol[3] Mio : our story, Donna Fleming. 782.42092 SOL
Sol3 Mio are Kiwi stars on a meteoric rise. The award-winning operatic trio - tenor brothers Pene and Amitai Pati, and their baritone cousin Moses Mackay - stormed the New Zealand popular music charts in 2013.
Special deluxe : a memoir of life & cars, Neil Young. 781.66 YOU
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee traces his six-decade career through the cars he has owned, discussing how they are reflecting new understandings about the environmental impact of automobiles.
Strange glory : a life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Charles Marsh. 230 BON
A portrait of the German pastor-theologian draws on new research to cover the 1930 visit to America that shaped his perspectives on faith and moral responsibility, his achievements as an anti-Nazi activist, and the plot against Hitler that would result in his execution.
Survived : the journey, Memuna Barnes. 305.896 BAR
Memuna Barnes relives the terrifying upheaval and daily trauma of her capture by rebel forces and the long journey till her safe return home.
Taking command, David Richards. 355 RIC
General Sir David Richards is one of the best known British generals of modern times. In 2013 he retired after over forty years of service in the British Army and a career that had seen him rise from junior officer with 20 Commando to Chief of the Defence Staff, the professional head of the British Armed Forces.
The best in the world : at what I have no idea, Chris Jericho. 796.812 JER
The author, wrestler, metal rocker, and over-the-top media personality shares his latest wild and hilarious adventures. World Wrestling Entertainment has named Chris Jericho as one of the top ten wrestlers - and one of the top five talkers - of all time.
The Churchill factor : how one man made history, Boris Johnson. 941.082 CHU
From London’s inimitable mayor, Boris Johnson, the story of how Churchill’s eccentric genius shaped not only his world but our own.
The dwarf who moved : and other remarkable tales from a life in the law, Peter Williams QC. 345 WIL
A memoir in anecdotal form by New Zealand's pre-eminent criminal barrister. In his time as a criminal defence lawyer in the New Zealand courts, Peter Williams QC has seen it all.
The great reformer : Francis and the making of a radical pope, Austen Ivereigh. 282.092 FRA
A biography of Pope Francis that describes how this revolutionary thinker will use the power of his position to challenge and redirect one of the world's most formidable religion.
The impossible exile : Stefan Zweig at the end of the world, George Prochnik. 838.912 ZWE
Stefan Zweig was an Austrian writer who committed suicide with his young wife in 1942.
The last escaper, Peter Tunstall. 940.5472 TUN
The untold first-hand story of the legendary bomber pilot, 'cooler king' and arch escape artist.
The life and loves of a he devil, Graham Norton. 791.450941 NOR
Revealing, moving, and hilarious, Graham Norton tells the story of his life through the things he loves in a brand new memoir.
The mad boy, Lord Berners, my grandmother and me, Sofka Zinovieff. 941.085 ZIN
Faringdon House in Oxfordshire was the home of Lord Berners, composer, writer, painter, friend of Stravinsky and Gertrude Stein, a man renowned for his eccentricity masks, practical jokes, a flock of multi-coloured doves and his homosexuality.
The Queen, her lover and the most notorious spy in history, Roland Perry. 941.081 VIC
The intensely revealing and entertaining account of a great royal secret and hidden love story - an unbuttoned history of Queen Victoria's loves and intrigues.
The Roosevelts : an intimate history, Geoffrey C. Ward. 973.911 ROO
This engaging book is an "intimate" history of three extraordinary individuals from the same extraordinary family-Theodore, Eleanor, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
The second half, Roy Keane. 796.334 KEA
The captain of Manchester United from 1997 until his departure in 2005 shares his story.
The sunlit summit : the life of W.H. Murray, Robin Lloyd-Jones. 796.522 MUR
William Hutchison Murray (1913 - 1996) was one of Scotland’s most distinguished climbers in the years before and after the Second World War.
The truant from medicine : how a decent young doctor was seduced to the dark side, Ivan M. Donaldson. 663.2 DON
The engaging, witty, fascinating memoir of one of New Zealand's most eminent neurologists and winemakers.
The universal tone : bringing my story to light, Carlos Santana. 787.87 SAN
An intimate account by the rock music artist traces his hardscrabble youth in Mexico and early days as a promising guitarist through his influential collaborations with fellow Latin stars.
The woman I wanted to be, Diane Von Furstenberg. 746.92 VON
Diane von Furstenberg reflects on her extraordinary life - from childhood in Brussels to her days as a young, jet-set princess, to creating the dress that came to symbolize independence and power for an entire generation of women. With honesty and wisdom, von Furstenberg mines the rich territory of what it means to be a woman.
The woman who would be King, Kara Cooney. 932 HAT
A portrait of the longest-reigning woman pharaoh in Ancient Egypt draws on surviving artefacts to consider her unprecedented rise, her achievements and why most of her monuments were destroyed after her death.
The Youngs : the brothers who built AC/DC, Jesse Fink. 781.66 ACD
Tells the story of the trio through 11 classic rock songs and reveals some of the personal and creative secrets that went into their making.
Thomas Cromwell : the untold story of Henry VIII's most faithful servant, Tracy Borman. 942.052 COR
This deeply researched and grippingly written biography brings Cromwell to life and exposes the Henrician court in all its brutal, glittering splendour.
Torment saint : the life of Elliott Smith, William Todd Schultz. 781.66 SMI
Elliott Smith was one of the most gifted songwriters of the nineties, adored by worshipful fans for his subtly melancholic words and melodies. Schultz gives us the first proper biography of the rock star, a decade after his death, imbued with affection, authority, sensitivity, and long-awaited clarity.
Travelling to work : diaries 1988-1998, Michael Palin. 791.092 PAL
After the Python years and a decade of filming, writing and acting, Palin's career takes an unexpected direction into travel, which will shape his working life for the next 25 years. Yet, as the diaries reveal, he remained ferociously busy on a host of other projects throughout this whirlwind period.
U2 : the definitive biography, John Jobling. 781.66 U
Jobling investigates the U2’s most personal relationships and controversial business practices, delivering a vivid portrait that traces the rock phenomenon from its conception to post-punk champions to political crusaders.
Victoria : a life, A.N. Wilson. 941.081 VIC
Wilson explores the curious set of circumstances that led to Victoria's coronation, her strange and isolated childhood, her passionate marriage to Prince Albert and his pivotal influence even after death and her widowhood and subsequent intimate friendship with her Highland servant John Brown.
Vivienne Westwood, Vivienne Westwood. 746.92 WES
Told for the first time in all its glamour and glory and with Vivienne's unique voice, unexpected perspective and passionate honesty: 'The living deserve respect. The dead deserve the truth; Ian and I are working together on this and I am excited that this will be my story, the story nobody ever did before.'
Watch me : a memoir, Anjelica Huston. 791.43028 HUS
Anjelica Huston writes about her relationship with Jack Nicholson, her rise to stardom, her work with the greatest directors in Hollywood, her love affair with her husband, and much more.
When Marina Abramovic dies : a biography, James Westcott. 700.94971 ABR
This intimate, critical biography chronicles Abramovic's formative and until now undocumented years in Yugoslavia, and tells the story of her partnership with the German artist Ulay--one of the twentieth century's great examples of the fusion of artistic and private life.
Who we are : our autobiography, One Direction. 781.64 ONE
In their first in-depth autobiography, pop sensations Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry and Louis tell the story of their lives.

Business & Management

Aligning strategy and sales : the choices, systems, and behaviors that drive effective selling, Frank V. Cespedes. 658.81 CES
Bookkeeping for dummies, Veechi Curtis. 657.2 CUR
Crap CVs, Jenny Crompton. 650.142 CRO
Features a compilation of the worst job applications imaginable, including overly-honest cover letters, embarrassing typos, mortifying personal revelations, awkward interview questions, misplaced self-confidence, self-aggrandizing gibberish, blatant truth-twisting and, of course, outright lies.
Employee engagement : tools for analysis, practice, and competitive advantage, William H. Macey. 658.314 MAC
Igniting customer connections : fire up your company's growth by multiplying customer experience & engagement, Andrew Frawley. 658.812 FRA
Overworked and overwhelmed : the mindfulness alternative, Scott Eblin. 658.409 EBL
Leverage mindful awareness and intention to achieve better outcomes. Overworked and Overwhelmed: The Mindfulness Alternative offers practical insights for the executive, manager or professional who feels like their RPM is maxed out in the red zone.
QuickBooks, Elaine Marmel. 657.0285 MAR
The visual way to master QuickBooks X.
Rookie smarts : why learning beats knowing in the new game of work, Liz Wiseman. 650.1 WIS
Liz Wiseman argues that the most successful rookies are hunter-gatherers, cautious but quick like firewalkers, and hungry and relentless like frontiersmen.
Take command : lessons in leadership : how to be a first responder in business, Jake Wood. 658.409 WOO
The Apple experience : secrets of delivering insanely great customer loyalty, Carmine Gallo. 658.812 GAL
Explains what makes the Apple retail experience so successful. This title details the principles and practices behind this total commitment to the customer and explains how your brand can achieve outstanding results by delivering this same high standard of service.
The book of leadership : how to get yourself, your team and your organisation further than you ever thought possible, Anthony Gell. 658.409 GEL


Quentin Blake, Joanna Carey. 741.64 BLA
Quentin Blake is a collaboration between Tate and the House of Illustration, published to coincide with the gallery's inaugural exhibition; Inside Stories, a landmark show by Quentin Blake.
The complete Peanuts, 1993-1994, Charles M. Shulz. 741.5 SCH
The essential Footrot Flats, Murray Ball. 741.5 BAL
The secret history of Wonder Woman, Jill Lepore. 741.5 LEP
A cultural history of Wonder Woman traces the character's creation and enduring popularity, drawing on interviews and archival research to reveal the pivotal role of feminism in shaping her seven-decade story.


The bookshop book, Jen Campbell. 381.45002 CAM
From the oldest bookshop in the world, to the smallest you could imagine, this book examines the history of books, talks to authors about their favourite places, and looks at over two hundred weirdly wonderful bookshops across six continents (sadly, we've yet to build a bookshop down in the South Pole).
The bookshop that floated away, Sarah Henshaw. 386.22 HEN
Follow the ebbs and flows of Sarah Henshaw's journey as she sought to make her vision of a floating bookshop, The Book Barge, a reality.


CoffeeScript in action, Patrick Lee. 005.27 LEE

Crafts & Collecting

75 birds, butterflies & little beasts to knit and crochet, Lesley Stanfield. 746.43 STA
Expand your knit and crochet repertoire with this menagerie of miniature creates: creepy crawlies and metallic-thread dragonflies to decorate your clothes and accessories, or to give as gifts.
Animated animal toys in wood : 20 projects that walk, wobble & roll, David Wakefield. 745.592 WAK
Make dinosaurs, kangaroos, sharks, ducks, turtles, wolves, and more. With detailed patterns, concise instructions, and step-by-step colour photographs, these charming projects are simple enough for even a beginner to complete in a weekend.
Beaded bracelets : 25 dazzling handcrafted projects, Claudine McCormack Jalajas. 745.58 MCC
Cartier in the 20th century, Margaret Young-Sanchez. 739.27 CAR
This book showcases the rich holdings of the Cartier Collection and archive. It features a sumptuous array of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and tiaras, and cocktail and smoking accessories, mystery clocks and lavish objects created by Cartier's ateliers in Paris, London and New York.
Christmas at home, Sandra Kaminski. 745.5941 KAM
Sandra covers preparations for Christmas including choosing and arranging flowers and foliage, and ideas for Christmas trees and candles. There are suggestions for homemade gifts, Christmas stockings and bags, gift wrapping and labels, as well as papercraft and Advent calendars.
Compound Christmas ornaments for the scroll saw, Diana Thompson. 745.5941 THO
The best ornaments on the Christmas tree are always those that are hand made. Use your scroll saw to create memorable three-dimensional Christmas ornaments to hang on your tree, use as holiday decorations, or give to family and friends.
Contemporary applique, Julia Triston,. 746.445 TRI
A practical book exploring the use of applique in textile art, including developing traditional techniques to create fresh and contemporary work.
Craft your stash : transforming craft closet treasures into gifts, home decor & more, Lisa Fulmer. 745.5 FUL
Creative stitching : [how to create vivid, lively textures using 50 of my favourite stitches, Sue Spargo. 746.44 SPA
Cute critter crochet : 30 adorable patterns, Maki Oomachi. 746.434 OOM
Easy teddies to knit! : knitted teddy bears to get your paws on, Emma King. 746.432 KIN
Faux taxidermy knits : 15 wild animal knitting patterns, Louise Walker. 746.432 WAL
Faux taxidermy is the hottest trend in craft and now you can knit your own animal heads and tiger rugs without any animals being injured!
Graphic knits : 20 designs in bold, beautiful colour, Alexis Winslow. 746.432 WIN
In patterns, Marimekko Oy. 745.2 MAR
Internationally beloved Finnish design brand Marimekko's iconic patterns grace home decor, apparel, and accessories, and have informed and influenced tastemakers worldwide for over half a century.
Make & give : simple and modern crafts to brighten every day, Steph Hung. 745.5 HUN
My favourite cardigans to knit : 24 timeless takes on the world's most popular sweater, Birgitta Forslund. 746.432 FOR
Ordinary made extraordinary : 24 things to make using everyday stuff, Pascal Anson. 745.5 ANS
Includes 24 inspiring and achievable design projects for your home and wardrobe with easy to follow step-by-step instructions to transform the dull, the discarded and the down-at-heel into something truly stylish.
Pocket hole joinery : bookshelf, daybed, mirror/picture frame, dresser, bathroom vanity and more!, Mark Edmundson. 684.08 EDM
This title features a variety of cabinet- based projects using pocket hole joinery. It is the ideal workbench manual for this easy-to-master technique.
Sticky fingers : DIY duct tape projects : easy to pick up, hard to put down, Sophie Maletsky. 745.5 MAL
Stitch the halls! : 12 decorations to make for Christmas, Sophie Simpson. 745.5941 SIM
This thoroughly modern take on counted embroidery is all you need to create your perfect hand stitched Christmas.
The handmade skateboard : design & build a custom longboard, cruiser, or street deck from scratch, Matt Berger. 688.76 BER
A design guide covers everything you need to know about sizing and shaping your deck and choosing the right trucks and hardware.
The knowledgeable knitter : understand the inner workings of knitting and make every project a success, Margaret Radcliffe. 746.432 RAD
Weekend woodturning projects : 25 designs to help build your skills, Mark Baker. 684.083 BAK
Making use of the six basic tools spindle roughing gouge, spindle gouge, parting tool, bowl gouge, skew chisel and scrapers, this book introduces a couple of carving tools and a boring tool and explains why and how to use them.
Working with hand tools : essential techniques for woodworking, Paul N. Hasluck. 684.082 HAS
WTF knits, Gabrielle Grillo. 746.432 GRI
For the last four years, the author has been scouring the web for the most bizarre knitted items she can find. In this book, she collects the very best of her finds.
Yarn, yarn, yarn : 50 fun crochet and knitting projects to colour your world, Sania Hedengren. 746.43 HED


Burning down the house : the end of juvenile prison, Nell Bernstein. 365.42 BER
Juvenile incarceration in America.
Forensics : the anatomy of crime, Val McDermid. 363.252 MCD
Last woman hanged, Caroline Overington. 364.1523 COL
Looking for Madeleine, Anthony Summers. 364.154 SUM
Explores the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Authors Anthony Summers and Robyn Swan have had access to police files and have interviewed members of Madeleine's family.
Naming Jack the Ripper : new crime scene evidence, a stunning forensic breakthrough, the killer revealed, Russell Edwards. 364.1523 JAC
Tinseltown : murder, morphine, and madness at the dawn of Hollywood, William J. Mann. 364.1523 MAN
Mann draws on a rich host of sources to unpack the story of the enigmatic William Desmond Taylor, the popular president of the Motion Picture Directors Association, and the diverse cast that surrounded him before he was murdered in 1922.
Where is Daniel? : the family's story, Bruce Morcombe. 364.1523 MOR
On 7 December 2003 Daniel Morcombe disappeared on the Sunshine Coast, while waiting for a bus. Where is Daniel? covers the decade-long investigation into the disappearance of Daniel and the extraordinary courage, dignity, persistence and fortitude his parents displayed under unbearable circumstances.


Bad Santas : and other creepy Christmas characters, Paul Hawkins. 394.266 HAW
A gleefully dark and well-researched exploration of the history and customs of European Yuletide folklore.
Christmas explained : robins, kings and brussel sprouts, Jonathan Green. 394.266 GRE
An interesting compendium of the origins of familiar Christmas customs and
The story of Santa Claus, Joseph A. McCullough. 394.266 NIC
Explains how the bearded, red clad, big bellied, reindeer driving jovial gent came to be the face of Christmas, and reveals the historical origins of Saint Nicholas over seventeen hundred years ago in the Eastern Roman Empire.


Be stiff : the Stiff Records story, Richard Balls. 338.76178 STI
Expulsions : brutality and complexity in the global economy, Saskia Sassen. 330 SAS
Hamilton's jet : the biography of an icon, John Walsh. 338.762 WAL
How we got to now : six innovations that made the modern world, Steven Johnson. 338.06 JOH
Explores the history of innovation over centuries, tracing facets of modern life (refrigeration, clocks, and eyeglass lenses, to name a few) from their creation by hobbyists, amateurs, and entrepreneurs to their unintended historical consequences.
Seven bad ideas : how mainstream economists have damaged America and the world, Jeff Madrick. 330.973 MAD
The digital economy : rethinking promise and peril in the age of networked intelligence, Don Tapscott. 384.3 TAP
The four spiritual laws of prosperity : a simple guide to unlimited abundance, Edwene Gaines. 332.024 GAI
The secret world of oil, Ken Silverstein. 338.272 SIL
The shifts and the shocks : what we've learned and have still to learn from the financial crisis, Martin Wolf. 330.9 WOL
The total money makeover : a proven plan for financial fitness, Dave Ramsey. 332.024 RAM


50 fantastic ideas to captivate boys, Sally Featherstone. 371.82 FEA
Early childhood theories and contemporary issues : an introduction, Mine Conkbayir. 372.21 CON
Executive function "dysfunction" : strategies for educators and parents, Rebecca A. Moyes,. 371.94 MOY
Helps parents and educators to understand and support children with executive function difficulties at home and in the classroom.
Ideas for play: literacy : playful ways to grow children's communication in the early years, Emma Smoldon. 372.6 SMO
Make it stick : the science of successful learning, Peter C. Brown. 370.152 BRO
Music for children with hearing loss : a resource for parents and teachers, Lyn E. Schraer-Joiner. 372.87 SCH
Playful writing : 150 open-ended explorations in emergent literacy, Rebecca Olien. 372.6 OLI
Describes open-ended play ideas to inspire children in their
The revision toolbox : teaching techniques that work, Georgia Heard. 372.6 HEA


Getting started with sensors, Kimmo Karvinen. 629.89 KAR
The world is full of sensors, from motion detectors to the cameras inside your smartphone. Learn to combine inexpensive sensors and microcontroller boards to make your own devices.
Ham and shortwave radio for the electronics hobbyist, Stan Gibilisco. 621.38415 GIB
Make : wearable electronics, Kate Hartman. 004.165 HAR
Perfect for makers new to wearable tech, this book introduces you to the tools, materials, and techniques for creating interactive electronic circuits and embedding them in clothing and other things you can wear.
Wearable sensors : fundamentals, implementation and applications, Edward Sazonov. 004.165 WEA
Covers a wide variety of topics associated with the development and application of various wearable sensors.


Infographic guide to life, the universe and everything, Thomas Eaton. 032.02 EAT
Insightful, clever and stunning, these infographic diagrams will bring fascinating scientific phenomena to life.
Knowledge is beautiful, David McCandless. 032.02 MCC
Delves into the world of visualized data where stunning infographics that blend the facts with their connections, contexts, and relationships make information meaningful, entertaining, and beautiful.


AutoCAD 2015 and autoCAD LT 2015 : no experience required, Donnie Gladfelter. 620.0042 GLA
Don't look down : off-the-map enterprise in unforgiving places, John Breen. 624.1 BRE
Breen Construction is a long established and successful construction business in Alexandra in the South Island. From Central Otago John and his band of like-minded construction adventurers have travelled to where the interesting, difficult and downright dangerous jobs are.
Make: rockets : down-to-earth rocket science, Mike Westerfield. 629.1331 WES
Whether you are just getting started with model rocketry or are an experienced hobbyist looking for ways to sharpen your skills, this book will help you reach you goals.
My Samsung Galaxy S5 for seniors, Elna Tymes. 621.38456 TYM
Helps a senior quickly get started with the new smart phone and use its features to look up information and perform day-to-day activities from anywhere, any time.


Our big blue backyard : New Zealand's oceans and marine reserves, Janet Hunt. 333.916 HUN
The price of fish : a new approach to wicked economics and better design, Michael Mainelli. 333.7 MAI
This changes everything : capitalism vs. the climate, Naomi Klein. 363.7387 KLE
Klein argues that climate change isn't just another issue to be neatly filed between taxes and health care. It's an alarm that calls us to fix an economic system that is already failing us in many ways.


Good manners for nice people : who sometimes say fck, Amy Alkon. 395 ALK


5 acres & a dream, the book : the challenges of establishing a self-sufficient homestead, Leigh Tate. 640 TAT
Based on her popular homesteading blog, 5 Acres & A Dream, Leigh Tate shares how she and her husband Dan are facing the challenges of trying to establish a self-sufficient homestead.
Growing biodynamic crops : sowing, cultivation and rotation, Friedrich Sattler. 631.584 SAT
Gubbeen : the story of a working farm with recipes from the dairy, smokehouse and kitchen garden, Gianna Ferguson. 630.9415 FER
This is an exceptional insight into the running of a traditional farm, from how to look after your animals (poultry, pigs and cows) to cheese-making, smoking meats and growing your own fruit and veg.
Heart of the Mackenzie : the Glenmore Station story, Matt Philp. 636.301 PHI
The story of an iconic New Zealand high country sheep station in the heart of the South Island's MacKenzie Country.
Pigs : a guide to management, Neville Beynon. 636.4 BEY
The intelligent gardener : growing nutrient-dense food, Steve Solomon. 631.4 SOL
Presents advice on how to improve growing soil, discussing some of the current misconceptions about soil and providing the best methods for adding enhancements that will produce nutrient-dense foods.


Champagne supernovas : Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, and the '90s renegades who remade fashion, Maureen Callahan. 746.92 CAL
A glittering history of fashion in the 1990s, told through the lives of Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs, and Alexander McQueen - the three iconic personalities who defined the time.
Elegance in an age of crisis : fashions of the 1930s, Patricia Mears. 391 ELE
Fashion that changed the world, Jennifer Croll. 391 CRO
This book is the perfect fashion accessory a sumptuous, exquisitely designed exploration of the most influential fashion icons, ideas, designers, pieces and trends from throughout history.
Haute couture ateliers : the artisans of fashion, Helene Farnault. 746.92 FAR
This book takes the reader behind the fashion scenes, allowing the best haute couture designers, embroiderers, lace makers, perfumers and jewellers to share their work.
Loulou de la Falaise : the glamorous romantic, Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni. 746.92 LA
Loulou de la Falaise is the first monograph to celebrate the life and work of the style icon and muse to Yves Saint Laurent who became the embodiment of French chic.
The daily face : 25 makeup looks for day, night, and everything in between!, Annamarie Tendler . 646.72 TEN
An on-trend, on-the-go makeup guide presenting 25 looks in a take-on-the-go guide from a hot young makeup artist and online personality.
The dress : 100 iconic moments in fashion, Megan Hess. 391.2 HES
The dress : 100 ideas that changed fashion forever, Marnie Fogg. 391.2 FOG
Through 100 groundbreaking dresses, this title traces the past and present influences and reinterpretations in clothing design.
Vogue & the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute : parties, exhibitions, people, Hamish Bowles. 746.92 BOW
The subjects explored are fashion history, from 2001's "Jacqueline Kennedy: The White House years" to 2011's "Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty" and 2014's "Charles James: beyond fashion," and in turn reflect and create the contemporary zeitgeist.
Women in clothes, Sheila Heti. 391.2 HET
Presents a conversation among hundreds of women of all nationalities-famous, anonymous, religious, secular, married, single, young, old-on the subject of clothing, and how the garments we put on every day define and shape our lives.

Film, Television & Theatre

A year in the life of Downton Abbey, Jessica Fellowes. 791.457 FEL
Animal stars : behind the scenes with your favourite animal actors, Robin Ganzert. 791.8 GAN
Behind-the-scenes accounts about animals who played central roles in major films and their relationships with animal trainers, actors, and directors.
Boardwalk empire and philosophy : bootleg this book, Richard Greene. 791.457 BOA
Create your own TV series for the Internet, Ross Brown. 808.066 BRO
Gangsters and G-men on screen : crime cinema then and now, Gene D. Phillips. 791.43655 PHI
Neil Patrick Harris : choose your own autobiography, Neil Patrick Harris ; as unshredded and pasted back together by David Javerbaum. 791.45028 HAR
The Emmy Award-winning star of How I Met Your Mother shares his experiences as a child star, Broadway performer and father in an over-the-top, humorous account creatively designed in the style of the popular interactive adventure series.
Not my father's son : a memoir, Alan Cumming. 792.028 CUM
In his unique and engaging voice, the acclaimed actor of stage and screen shares the emotional story of his complicated relationship with his father and the deeply buried family secrets that shaped his life and career.
One lucky bastard : tales from Tinseltown, Roger Moore. 791.43028 MOO
One Lucky Bastard features outrageous tales from Roger Moores own life and career as well as those told to him by a host of stars and filmmakers including, Tony Curtis, Sean Connery, Michael Caine, David Niven, Frank Sinatra, Gregory Peck, John Mills, Peter Sellers, Michael Winner, Cubby Broccoli, and many more.
Shakespeare in Kabul, Qais Akbar Omar. 792.9 OMA
In 2005, a group of actors in Kabul performed "Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost" to the cheers of Afghan audiences and the raves of foreign journalists. This title captures the triumphs and foibles of the actors as they extend their Afghan passion for poetry to Shakespeare's.
The best of Miranda : favourite episodes plus added treats such fun!, Miranda Hart. 791.457 HAR
The Hobbit motion picture trilogy : location guidebook, Ian Brodie. 791.437 BRO
The world of Mr Selfridge : the glamour and romance, Alison Maloney. 791.457 MAL
Weta Workshop : celebrating 20 years of creativity, Luke Hawker. 791.43024 HAW


Once upon a time : a short history of fairy tale, Marina Warner. 398.2 WAR
Marina Warner digs into a rich collection of fairy tales in their brilliant and fantastical variations, in order to define a genre and evaluate a literary form that keeps shifting through time and history.

Food & Wine

A cut above : cooking with AngusPure, Gerhard Egger. 641.662 GER
A collection of beef recipes.
A kitchen in France : a year of cooking in my farmhouse, Mimi Thorisson. 641.5944 THO
A river rules my kitchen : a taste of New Zealand from the mountains to the sea, Tony Smith. 641.5 SMI
Join chef and outdoorsman Tony Smith as he follows a New Zealand river from the headwaters in the iconic High Country, down to the foothills and plains and on to the magnificent coast, and explore the amazing variety of food, game and produce he catches, hunts and cooks along the way.
Baking chez moi : recipes from my Paris home to your home anywhere, Dorie Greenspan. 641.86 GRE
Greenspan explores the world of French desserts, bringing together a mix of contemporary recipes, including original creations based on traditional and regional specialties, and drawing on seasonal ingredients, market visits, and her travels throughout the country.
Biodynamic, organic and natural winemaking : sustainable viticulture and viniculture, Britt Karlsson. 641.22 KAR
An award-winning and invaluable handbook for all winegrowers and winemakers who are considering turning to a more sustainable form of winemaking.
Dabbous : the cookbook, Ollie Dabbous. 641.5 DAB
Occupying an urban space in London's Fitzrovia, DABBOUS is the restaurant that has stunned critics and diners since it opened. Behind the sheet metal door, Ollie Dabbous creates light, modern dishes that are both sophisticated and delicate; jewel-like creations that are in stark contrast with the restaurant's industrial décor.
Depot eatery, oyster bar : the biography of a restaurant (with recipes), Al Brown. 641.5 BRO
Do-ahead Christmas : stress-free cooking for the festive season, James Ramsden. 641.568 RAM
Dr Libby's sweet food story : real food recipes and wisdom, Dr Libby Weaver. 641.563 WEA
Eat, drink, share. 641.5 EAT
With seven brilliant chapters to explore, this book will inspire you with delicious recipes for brunches, family feasts and dessert bar sweets, as well as rustic Asian street food and American diner classics.
Everyday delicious, Chelsea Winter. 641.5 WIN
Focuses more on 'week-night' style meals that are quick and easy to whip up. And as with all Chelsea's recipes, they are absolutely delicious.
Fabulous family food : easy, delicious recipes you'll cook again and again, Nadia Sawalha. 641.555 SAW
From one-pot wonders and freezer favourites to gorgeous cakes and desserts, from food to impress your guests to quick midweek suppers, the recipes are easy to follow and the dishes are mouth watering.
Family food : 130 delicious paleo recipes for every day, Pete Evans. 641.563 EVA
Food worth making, Sam Mannering. 641.5 MAN
An eclectic collection of recipes from home and abroad.
Good without gluten, Frederique Jules. 641.563 JUL
Greenilicious : 101 ways to love your greens, Amanda Benham. 641.654 BEN
This book seeks to revolutionise our approach to greens and show us just how versatile and delicious these verdant veggies can be.
Home-style Taiwanese cooking : family favourites, classic street foods, popular snacks, Tsung-Yun Wan. 641.5951 WAN
In the kitchen with Kris : a kollection of Kardashian-Jenner family favorites, Kris Jenner. 641.5 JEN
From America's favourite momager comes a new cookbook and entertainment guide filled with Kris Jenner's very own insightful tips and favourite recipes.
Jo Seagar bakes, Jo Seager. 641.865 SEA
It contains every classic recipe you will ever need - cakes, slices, bikkies, muffins - as well as new and popular favourites and updated flavours.
King of the grill, Ross Dobson. 641.578 DOB
From the master of the barbecue tongs comes a bumper collection of approximately 200 of Ross Dobson's favourite recipes for the grill and hotplate.
Let's eat meat : recipes for prime cuts, cheap bits and glorious scraps of meat, Tom Parker Bowles. 641.66 PAR
They way we approach cooking with meat is changing. We want to eat better meat, meat that tastes good and is healthy, from animals that have enjoyed a good life but we also want to eat less meat.
Life is meals : a food lover's book of days, James Salter. 641.3 SAL
With an entry for each day of the year, Life Is Meals takes us from a Twelfth Night cake in January to a champagne dinner on New Year's Eve. This is a book rich with culinary wisdom, history, recipes, literary pleasures, and the authors' own stories of their triumphs and catastrophes in the kitchen.
Me, myself, and pie, Sherry Gore. 641.8652 GOR
Sherry Gore offers both traditional Amish pie recipes passed down through generations and modern recipes with surprise twists, as well as short stories that highlight the beauty and simplicity of modern Amish life.
Mexico : the cookbook, Margarita Carrillo Arronte. 641.5972 CAR
Nonna to nana : stories of food and family, Jessie DiBlasi. 641.5 DIB
Fifteen grandmothers with diverse cultural backgrounds invite you into their homes to share stories and recipes from their kitchens; their memories and traditions passed down to you.
Ovenly : sweet & salty recipes from New York's most creative bakery, Agatha Kulaga. 641.815 KUL
The New York award-winning bakery known for their Bloody Mary Scones, Pear and Sour Cherry Cardamom Pie and Caramel Bacon Hot Tarts showcases their best experimentation-friendly recipes, along with tips, anecdotes, advice and full-color photos.
Persiana : recipes from the Middle East & beyond, Sabrina Ghayour. 641.5956 GHA
A celebration of the food and flavours from the regions near the Southern and Eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea, with over 100 recipes for modern and accessible Middle Eastern dishes.
Primrose Bakery Christmas, Martha Swift. 641.568 SWI
Christmas time is all about tradition, from the songs we sing to the food we eat, but, from mince pies to Christmas pudding, the food of Christmas could always benefit from extra help to make it shine just a little bit brighter. This book deals with this topic.
Quench : handcrafted beverages to satisfy every taste & occasion, Ashley English. 641.87 ENG
Over 100 recipes for soft and hard drinks including natural sodas, fruit nectars, tisanes, shrubs, kombucha, bitters, liqueurs, wines, infused liquors and party punches
Real fast food : 350 recipes ready-to-eat in 30 minutes, Nigel Slater. 641.555 SLA
Presents over 350 creative, delicious and nourishing recipes and suggestions for those who'd rather spend more of their time eating than cooking.
S.P.Q.R. Est. 1992, Tamara West. 641.5 S
Legendary Ponsonby restaurant S.P.Q.R has been a magnet for Auckland diners for more than 20 years. The cookbook shares more than 85 dishes from the restaurant menu, all carefully translated and tested for the home cook.
Same same but different : [recipe pairs that share a process, ingredient or texture], Poh. 641.5 LIN
The 100 brand new recipes in the book are organised in pairs that share a common process, ingredient or texture.
Skinny meals : everything you need to lose weight fast!, Bob Harper. 641.5635 HAR
The complete Kiwi pizza oven : wood, fire, food and friends, Alan Brown. 641.578 BRO
The feed zone cookbook : fast and flavourful food for athletes, Biju Thomas. 641.563 THO
With simple recipes requiring just a handful of ingredients, Biju and Lim show how easy it is for athletes to prepare their own food, whether at home or on the go.
The Revive cafe cookbook. 4 : more delicious & easy recipes inspired by Auckland's healthy food haven, Jeremy Dixon. 641.5636 DIX
The skinny taste cookbook : light on calories, big on flavour, Gina Homolka. 641.5635 HOM
The unbakery : raw organic goodness : recipes from Little Bird's Unbakery Cafes, Megan May. 641.5637 MAY
The book encourages food lovers to try more uncooked food and shows them how they can enjoy and benefit from preparing dishes from raw, natural ingredients. All recipes are gluten, dairy and cane sugar free, along with being vegan.
The vintner's table : stories, wine and recipes from Pegasus Bay Winery, the Donaldson Family. 641.564 VIN
Through the seasons : the free range cook, Annabel Langbein. 641.564 LAN
What Katie ate at the weekend, Katie Quinn Davies. 641.5 DAV
Katie shares her inspiring ideas for informal get-togethers, whether it be for a couple or a crowd. Entice your guests with Katie's refreshing take on flavour-packed pizzas, salads, tapas, cocktails and decadent desserts.
You're all invited : Margot's recipes for entertaining, Margot Henderson. 641.568 HEN

Gardens and Gardening

All about roses : a guide to growing and loving roses, Diana Sargeant. 635.93 ROS
Australian garden rescue : restoring a damaged garden, Mary Horsfall. 635.049 HOR
Whether you have a garden suffering from lack of attention, damaged from weather events or suffering pest attacks, this book will guide you through practical solutions, helpful tips and preventative tactics to minimise future harm.
Connected : the sustainable landscapes of Phillip Johnson., Phillip Johnson. 712.60994 JOH
This book explores Phillip's philosophy of connecting with nature in a sustainable way. Illustrated with lavish photography, garden plans and practical water-flow diagrams for each garden featured, Connected tells the stories behind the commissioning, design and execution of 19 gardens designed by Phillip.
Encyclopaedia of garden plants for every location, Jenny Hendy. 635.9 ENC
Gardening Australia : love your garden, Annette McFarlane. 635.0994 GAR
Gardening when it counts : growing food in hard times, Steve Solomon. 635 SOL
This book shows that any family with access to 3-5,000 square feet of garden land can halve their food costs in most climates using just the odd bucketful of household waste water, a few hand tools, and a few hundred dollars per year spent on supplies and seeds working just an average of two hours a day during the peak growing season.
Gardens in detail : 100 contemporary designs, Emma Reuss. 712.6 REU
Garlic : an organic guide to knowing, growing and using garlic, from Australian Whites and Tasmanian Purples to Korean Reds and Shandongs, Penny Woodward. 635.26
Growing up the wall : how to grow food in vertical places, on roofs and in small spaces, Sue Fisher. 635 FIS
Making more plants : the science, art, and joy of propagation, Ken Druse. 631.53 DRU
Organic gardening : the natural no-dig way, Charles Dowding. 635.0484 DOW
Charles Dowding shares his philosophy, tips and techniques which have enabled him to run a successful organic garden supplying local restaurants and shops for over 25 years.
Small space big ideas : [create your dream garden on a windowsill, wall, step, staircase, balcony, porch, or patio], Philippa Pearson. 712.6 WIL
Included in the book are over 40 step-by-step projects, from upcycled salad shelves and air plant chandeliers, to living pictures and Japanese string gardens.
The garden anthology : celebrating the best garden writing from the Royal Horticultural Society, Ursula Buchan ;. 635 GAR
An anthology of the best garden writing from the pages of The Garden, the magazine of the Royal Horticultural Society.
The Planet Whizbang idea book for gardeners : an eclectic selection of inspiring project plans, useful tips, and how-to advice for people who enjoy growing their own food, Herrick Kimball. 635 KIM
The writer's garden : how gardens inspired our best-loved authors, Jackie Bennett. 635 BEN
Goes inside the lives of 20 influential authors to discover the roles that gardens played. From Sir Walter Scott's fairytale Scottish castle to Rupert Brooke's riverside retreat in Cambridge; from Virginia Woolf's rural Sussex idyll to Beatrix Potter's windswept hill-top farm in the Lake District.

Generalities and the Unknown

The truth agenda : making sense of unexplained mysteries, global cover-ups & visions for a new era, Andy Thomas. 001.9 THO
This guide explores some of recent history's most famous enigmas, uncovering the connections between conspiracy theories, claimed paranormal experiences, liberty issues and the power of collective thought.

Graphic Arts

Gelli plate printing : mixed-media monoprinting without a press, Joan Bess. 760.2 BES
In this guide, artist Joan Bess inventor of the concept for the Gelli plate unleashes the fun through more than 50 step-by-step techniques. Create intriguing patterns using tools like sponges, textured rollers and homemade combs.

Health & Medicine

12,000 canaries can't be wrong : what's making us sick and what we can do about it, John Molot. 616.98 MOL
Molot explains how the environment contributes to the development and progression of many common conditions and illnesses, including chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, chemical sensitivity, irritable bowel syndrome, allergies and asthma, diabetes, autistic spectrum disorder, and even obesity.
Anxiety free : unravel your fears before they unravel you, Robert L. Leahy. 616.8522 LEA
Better living with IBS : a step-by-step program to managing your symptoms so you can enjoy life to the full!, Nuno Ferreira. 616.342 FER
Bushcraft 101 : a field guide to the art of wilderness survival, Dave Canterbury. 613.69 CAN
Clean living quick & easy : learn how to live clean in today's busy world, Luke Hines. 613.7 HIN
Colour your life : how to use the right colours to achieve balance, health, and happiness, Howard Sun. 615.831 SUN
Complete health overhaul : a guide towards happiness, better sex & healthy ageing, Doreen Schwegler. 613 SCH
Coping with eating disorders and body image, Christine Craggs-Hinton. 616.8526 CRA
Cure diabetes naturally : a users guide to curing type 2 diabetes without drugs, Jonathan Prins. 616.462 PRI
Discover your nutritional style : your seasonal plan to a healthy, happy and delicious life, Holli Thompson. 613.2 THO
Dr Libby's the calorie fallacy : stop dieting, start nourishing, Weaver, libby. 613.23 WEA
Dr. John's healing psoriasis cookbook, John O.A. Pagano. 616.526 PAG
Eat to lose, eat to win : your grab-n-go action plan for a slimmer, healthier you, Rachel Beller. 613.25 BEL
Fast living, slow ageing : how to age less, look great, live longer, get more, Kate Marie. 612.67 MAR
Take control of the ageing process and live a full, vital and longer life. This book will empower you to live your life in peak physical and emotional health and with more zest, right up until the day you die.
How I rescued my brain : a psychologist's remarkable recovery from stroke and trauma, David Roland. 362.19681 ROL
Keto clarity : your definitive guide to the benefits of a low-carb, high-fat diet, Jimmy Moore. 613.28 MOO
Landscape and urban design for health and well-being : using healing, sensory and therapeutic gardens, Gayle Souter-Brown. 615.851 SOU
Live and laugh with dementia : the essential guide to maximising quality of life, Lee-Fay Low. 616.83 LOW
Loving yourself to great health : thoughts & food : the ultimate diet, Louise Hay. 615.852 HAY
Lower your blood pressure naturally : drop pounds and slash your blood pressure in 6 weeks without drugs, Sari Harrar. 616.132 HAR
Lowering high blood pressure : the three-type holistic approach, Thomas Breitkreuz. 616.132 BRE
Macrobiotic home remedies : your guide to traditional healing techniques, Michio Kushi. 613.26 KUS
Mindfulness for two : an acceptance and commitment therapy approach to mindfulness in psychotherapy, Kelly G. Wilson,. 616.8914 WIL
A practical and theoretical guide to the role mindfulness plays in psychotherapy, specifically acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).
Physical intelligence : how to take charge of your weight, Tom Smith. 613.25 SMI
Pilates for breast cancer survivors : a guide to recovery, healing, and wellness, Naomi Aaronson. 616.994 AAR
Pilates is a safe and effective way to help you get your strength back while fighting chemo brain, lymphedema, fatigue, depression, weight gain, peripheral neuropathy, osteoporosis, and upper extremity impairment.
Preventing bipolar relapse : a lifestyle program to help you maintain a balanced mood & live well, Ruth C. White. 616.895 WHI
Seeley's anatomy & physiology, Cinnamon Van Putte. 612 VAN
Slim by design : mindless eating solutions for everyday life, Brian Wansink. 613.25 WAN
Stop the thyroid madness : a patient revolution against decades of inferior thyroid treatment, Janie A. Bowthorpe. 616.44 BOW
Tackling selective mutism : a guide for professionals and parents, Benita Rae Smith. 618.9289 TAC
In this guide to selective mutism the latest research and understanding are consolidated in chapters from experts in the fields of speech therapy, psychology, music therapy and education and communication.
The autism fitness handbook : an exercise program to boost body image, motor skills, posture, and confidence in children and teens with autism spectrum disorder, David S. Geslak. 618.9285 GES
The autism revolution : whole-body strategies for making life all it can be, Martha Herbert. 618.9289 HER
The birth of the pill : how four pioneers reinvented sex and launched a revolution, Jonathan Eig. 618.1 EIG
The body keeps the score : mind, brain and body in the transformation of trauma, Bessel van der Kolk. 616.8521 VAN
What causes people to continually relive what they most want to forget, and what treatments could help restore them to a life with purpose and joy? The author offers a paradigm for effectively treating traumatic stress.
The cancer survivor handbook : your guide to building a life after cancer, Beth Leibson. 616.994 LEI
The coconut ketogenic diet : supercharge your metabolism, improve thyroid function, and lose excess weight, Dr. Bruce Fife. 613.28 FIF
The complete arthritis health, diet guide & cookbook : includes 125 recipes for managing inflammation & arthritis pain, Kim Arrey. 616.72 ARR
The complete guide to bodyweight training, Kesh Patel. 613.713 PAT
The hoarders : material deviance in modern American culture, Scott Herring. 616.8584 HER
The holistic health handbook, Mark Greener. 615.5 GRE
The hot zone, Richard Preston. 614.57 PRE
Looks at women and their relationships with alcohol, exploring the myths behind this socially acceptable yet often destructive habit. Rather than continuing the sad spiral into addiction it helps women regain control of their drinking and live happier, healthier lives.
The last best cure : my quest to awaken the healing parts of my brain and get back my body, my joy, and my life, Donna Jackson Nakazawa. 616.978 NAK
The narcissist next door : understanding the monster in your family, in your office, in your bed in your world, Jeffrey Kluger. 616.8585 KLU
An eye-opening exploration of narcissism, how to recognize it, and how to handle it.
The new puberty : how to navigate early development in today's girls, Louise Greenspan. 612.66 GRE
The prostate : everything you need to know about the man gland, Dr. Yosh Taguchi. 616.65 TAG
The secret life of sleep, Kat Duff. 612.821 DUF
Delves deep into the human experience of sleep to reach a better understanding of its causes and effects.
The sober revolution : calling time on wine o'clock, Sarah Turner. 613.81 TUR
The tiredness cure : how to beat fatigue and feel great for great, Sohere Roked. 613 ROK
Too loud, too bright, too fast, too tight : what to do if you are sensory defensive in an overstimulating world, Sharon Heller. 616.8 HEL
Sheds light on a little known but common affliction in which sufferers react to harmless stimuli as irritating, distracting or dangerous.
Total foam rolling techniques : trade secrets of a personal trainer, Steve Barrett. 613.71 BAR
Total recovery : solving the mystery of chronic pain and depression, Gary Kaplan. 616.047 KAP
Un-agoraphobic : overcome anxiety, panic attacks, and agoraphobia for good : a step-by-step plan, Hal Mathew. 616.8522 MAT
What if it's not Alzheimer's? : a caregiver's guide to dementia, Gary Radin. 616.83 WHA
Yogalean : poses and recipes to promote weight loss and vitality-for life, Beth Shaw. 613.7046 SHA

History, Geography & Travel

1381 : the year of the Peasants' Revolt, Juliet Barker. 942.038 BAR
Juliet Barker provides an account of the first great uprising in England and a study of medieval life in English towns and countryside. She tells how and why an unlikely group of ordinary men and women from every corner of England united in armed rebellion against church and state to demand a radical political agenda.
A geek in Korea : discovering Asia's new kingdom of cool, Daniel Tudor. 951.95 TUD
A short history of New Zealand, Gordon McLauchlan. 993 MCL
A new edition of the bestselling short history on New Zealand, updated to include the Helen Clark years, the rise of John Key, the Christchurch earthquakes and the 2011 Rugby World Cup!
After we kill you, we will welcome you back as honoured guests : unembedded in Afghanistan, Ted Rall. 958.1 RAL
A singular account of one determined journalist’s effort to bring the realities of life in twenty-first-century Afghanistan to the world in the best way he knows how: a mix of travelogue, photography, and award-winning comics.
Agincourt : my family, the battle and the fight for France, Ranulph Fiennes. 944.026 FIE
Among the ruins : Syria past and present, Christian C. Sahner. 956.91 SAH
A poignant, affectionate history of the peoples of Syria, their fragile coexistence and how sectarianism is unravelling a once proud country.
An inconvenient genocide : who now remembers the Armenians?, Geoffrey Robertson. 956.62 ROB
Annie's war : a New Zealand woman and her family in England 1916-19 : the diaries of Annie Montgomerie /edited by Susanna Montgomerie Norris with Anna Rogers. 942.1083 MON
A first-hand account of one New Zealand family's life in England during 1916-19.
Beverly Hills : the first 100 years, Robert S. Anderson. 979.493 AND
A comprehensive, sumptuously illustrated history of the legendary city and its houses, parks, and gardens, from its founding to today. Beverly Hills: The First 100 Years celebrates this city on the advent of its centennial.
Born in the GDR : living in the shadow of the wall, Hester Vaizey. 943.1 VAI
The real life stories of eight East Germans caught up in the dramatic transition from Communism to Capitalism by the fall of the Berlin Wall - and what they feel about life after the Wall.
Brazil : a celebration of contemporary Brazilian culture. 981 BRA
An overview of contemporary Brazilian culture from photography to fashion, street art to gastronomy and architecture to music. A fresh look at one of the most exciting countries on the planet from those who know it best.
Chicago, Lorraine Johnson. 977.311 JOH
DK Eyewitness Travel Guide
Dead Mountain : the untold true story of the Dyatlov Pass incident, Donnie Eichar. 947.43 EIC
In February 1959, a group of nine experienced hikers in the Russian Ural Mountains died mysteriously on an elevation known as Dead Mountain. Eerie aspects of the incident unexplained violent injuries, signs that they cut open and fled the tent without proper clothing or shoes, a strange final photograph taken by one of the hikers, and elevated levels of radiation found on some of their clothes have led to decades of speculation over what really happened. Eichar retraces the hikers' fateful journey in the Russian winter to bring the real story of what happened that night on Dead Mountain.
Dublin : the making of a capital city, David Dickson. 941.83 DIC
As rich and diverse as its subject, Dickson's magisterial history brings 1,400 years of Dublin vividly to life: from its medieval incarnation through the neoclassical eighteenth century, the Easter Rising that convulsed the city in 1916, the bloody civil war following the handover of power by Britain, to end-of-millennium urban renewal efforts.
Engel's England : thirty-nine counties, one capital and one man., Matthew Engel. 942 ENG
Engel's England is a totally original look at a confused country: a guidebook for people who don't think they need a guidebook. It is always quirky, sometimes poignant and often extremely funny.
England, arise : the people, the King and the Great Revolt of 1381, Juliet Barker. 942.038 BAR
The dramatic and shocking events of the Peasants' Revolt of 1381 are to be the backdrop to Juliet Barker's latest book: a snapshot of what everyday life was like for ordinary people living in the middle ages. The same highly successful techniques she deployed in Agincourt and Conquest will this time be brought to bear on civilian society, from the humblest serf forced to provide slave-labour for his master in the fields, to the prosperous country goodwife brewing, cooking and spinning her distaff and the ambitious burgess expanding his business and his mental horizons in the town.
From Cairo to Baghdad : British travellers in Arabia, James Canton. 956 CAN
Acclaimed story of British travel writing in the Middle East with a stellar cast of writers, adventurers and explorers including T.E. Lawrence, Gertrude Bell and William Dalrymple.
Great tales from New Zealand history, Gordon McLauchlan. 993 MCL
Great women's lives : a celebration in obituaries, Sue Corbett. 920.72 GRE
This selection of Times obituaries from 1872 to 2014 revisits the lives of 125 women who have all, in their own way, played an important part in women's educational, professional, social, cultural and emotional journey over the best part of two centuries.
Hidden Tuscany : discovering art, culture, and memories in a well-known region's unknown places, John Keahey. 945.5 KEA
In the footsteps of Alexander : the king who conquered the Ancient world, Miles Doleac. 938.07 ALE
Inglorious royal marriages : a demi-millenium of unholy mismatrimony, Leslie Carroll. 940 CAR
Inside Syria : the backstory of their civil war and what the world can expect, Reese Erlich. 956.91 ERL
Journalist Reese Erlich unravels the complex dynamics underlying the Syrian civil war.
Israel : is it good for the Jews?, Richard Cohen. 956.9405 COH
Part reportage, part memoir, a columnist for The Washington Post takes readers on a intimate journey through the history of Europe's Jews, while delving into his own Jewish history and sharing stories of his own relatives and his American boyhood.
Kimchi Kiwis : motorcycling North Korea, Jo Morgan. 951.93 MOR
Join Jo and Gareth Morgan and their companions as they rattle and splash their way around North Korea on their epic motorcycle adventure.
Land of the turquoise mountains : journeys across Iran, Cyrus Massoudi. 955 MAS
Reveals a world beyond the propaganda-driven, media-fuelled image of fractious, flag-burning fundamentalism and provides a compelling glimpse both into the heart of a deeply misunderstood nation and into what it is to seek out and discover one's heritage.
Liar, temptress, soldier, spy : four women undercover in the Civil War, Karen Abbott. 973.7 ABB
The never-before-told story of four real-life women who risked everything to take on a life of espionage during the Civil War.
Lost London, Richard Guard. 942.1 GUA
Makers of modern Asia, Ramachandra Guha. 950.4 MAK
The twenty-first century has been dubbed the Asian Century. Highlighting diverse thinker-politicians rather than billionaire businessmen, Makers of Modern Asia presents eleven leaders who theorized and organized anticolonial movements, strategized and directed military campaigns, and designed and implemented political systems.
Marrakech Express : (on and off the rails in the Sultans' Kingdom), Peter Millar. 964 MIL
Midnight in Siberia : a train journey into the heart of Russia, David Greene. 947 GRE
Travels with NPR host David Greene along the Trans-Siberian Railroad capture an overlooked, idiosyncratic Russia in the age of Putin.
Our house is certainly not in Paris, Susan Cutsforth. 944.36 CUT
The French renovee trials and triumphs of Susan and Stuart Cutsforth, an 'ordinary' Australian couple. This is a memoir about their renovation of an old farmhouse in France.
Paris Magnum, Eric Hazan. 944.36 PAR
By documenting the everyday workings of the city, Magnums photographers capture the essence of Parisian life.
Rising ground : a search for the spirit of place, Philip Marsden. 942.37 MAR
This is an evocative journey around some of England's most ancient sites and ritual places, and a profound exploration of the relationship between man and the landscape.
South from Granada, Gerald Brenan. 946.82 BRE
An amusing and insightful account of Spanish village life from "a brilliant interpreter of Spain to the rest of the
Spirit of the South, Andris Apse. 993.7 APS
A stunning tribute to the mainland, showcases its visual grandeur like never before - all through the extraordinary scenic photography of Andris Apse.
Surviving year zero : my four years under the Khmer Rouge, Sovannora Ieng. 959.604 IEN
Tells of how Sovannora Ieng lived through the genocide that tore at the heart of Cambodia in the 1970s.
The great race : the race between the English and the French to complete the map of Australia, David Hill. 994.02 HIL
Written from diaries and other first-hand accounts, this is the thrilling story of men whose drawings recorded countless previously unknown species and turned mythical creatures into real ones, and whose skill and determination enabled Terra Australis Incognita to become Australia.
The history of England. Volume III, Civil War, Peter Ackroyd. 942.06 ACK
The irresponsible traveller : tales of scrapes and narrow escapes, Jennifer Barclay. 910.4 IRR
This title offers a light but edgy collection of travellers' tales. It features travel writers and celebrities who recount their exciting, and often dangerous, adventures such as: being chased by a sea lion, accosted by Brazilian kidnappers and a midnight raid to free turtles on the Amazon.
The lost kingdoms of Africa, Gus Casely-Hayford. 960 CAS
The People's Republic of amnesia : Tiananmen revisited, Louisa Lim. 951.058 LIM
The Philippines : the most beautiful places, Nigel Hicks. 959.9 HIC
From rugged volcanic mountain landscapes, down through rich farmlands, to dazzlingly white sand beaches, and finally onto stunning submarine coral reefs, the Philippines archipelago has a fantastic range of beautiful places.
The playboy princes : the playboy years of Edward VII and Edward VIII, Peter J. Beer. 941.0823 EDW
Peter Beer's dual biography offers a compelling portrait of men living for the moment, knowing that a later life of solems duty beckons. The story of each resonates in a fascinating way as he compares them to what we have now in the way of princes.
The Queen's houses : royal Britain at home, Alan Titchmarsh. 941.085 TIT
The red and the white : a family saga of the American West, Andrew R. Graybill. 978 GRA
One of the American West's bloodiest-and least-known-massacres is searingly re-created in this generation-spanning history of native-white intermarriage.
The story of the Jews : finding the words : 1000 BC-1492 AD, Simon Schama. 909.04924 SCH
The struggle for Pakistan : a Muslim homeland and global politics, Ayesha Jalal. 954.91 JAL
Ayesha Jalal provides a unique insider's assessment of how the nuclear-armed Muslim nation of Pakistan evolved into a country besieged by military domination and militant religious extremism, and explains why its dilemmas weigh so heavily on prospects for peace in the region.
The ultimate bucket list : Australia's top 100 places to go, Jennifer Adams. 994 ADA
Things that matter : three decades of passions, pastimes, and politics, Charles Krauthammer. 973 KRA
Krauthammer presents his penetrating and surprising reflections on everything from embryo research to entitlement reform, from Halley's Comet to border collies, from Christopher Columbus to Martin Luther King, from drone warfare to American decline.
To seek my fortune : Bruning family history : from Mecklenburg to Moutere, Maureen Bruning. 929.2 BRU
This family history records the fortunes of the Bruning generations in New Zealand since arriving n Nelson in1844 in an interesting part-'faction' (facts woven in fiction) and part-factual style.
Travels with a Mexican circus, Katie Hickman. 972 HIC
An account of Katie Hickman's extraordinary year spent amidst the faded glamour of a Mexican travelling circus.
Volunteer : a traveller's guide to making a difference around the world. 910.2 VOL
Walking home from Mongolia : ten million steps through China, from the Gobi Desert to the South China Sea, Rob Lilwall. 951 LIL
Beginning in winter 2011, Leon McCarron and Rob Lilwall walked 3000 miles from the Gobi Desert in Mongolia to Hong Kong. It took just over six months and they finished on the 26th May 2012.
Walking the Waitakere Ranges : 45 coastal and bush walks, Alison Dench. 993.23 DEN
When lions roar : the Churchills and the Kennedys, Thomas Maier. 941.084 CHU
A far-reaching history of the intertwined personal and public lives of the Churchills and the Kennedys discusses their respective family views, how they overcame bitter differences to unite against Hitler and the enduring influence of their collaborations.
Without you, there is no us : my time with the sons of North Korea's elite, Suki Kim. 951.93 KIM

House & Garden

Absolutely beautiful things : a bright and colourful life, Anna Spiro. 747 SPI
Spiro shares secrets from her life in decorating, gives practical details on how to work with pattern and colour, and provides a room-by-room guide to furniture choice.
Annie Sloan's room recipes for style and colour, Annie Sloan. 747.94 SLO
Explains how to achieve your chosen style by creating moodboards and analysing key factors - scale, focus, display and layout.
Complete do-it-yourself manual. 643.7 COM
Damp subfloors, Trevor Pringle. 693.89 PRI
This book looks at the consequences and causes of subfloor dampness, rules and regulations, health and safety and solutions for subfloors.
Design of wood structures ASD/LRFD, Donald E. Breyer. 694 BRE
This fully updated, state-of-the-art guide to designing wood structures demonstrates all of the necessary steps and techniques, following the sequence of materials and elements in the order used in actual design.
DIY wood pallet projects : 35 rustic modern upcycling ideas to personalize your space, Karah Bunde. 684.08 BUN
Flea market fabulous : designing gorgeous rooms with vintage treasures, Lara Spencer . 747 SPE
Handmade for the garden : 75 ingenious ways to enhance your outdoor space with DIY tools, pots, supports, embellishments & more, Susan Guagliumi. 712.6 GUA
Presents seventy-five projects for making garden structures and accessories using inexpensive, readily-available materials, including such items as rustic fencing, plant markers, painted terracotta pots, stakes, hypertufa planters, and sieves.
Home style by city : ideas and inspiration from Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles, and Copenhagen, Ida Magntorn. 747 MAG
Captures the essence of five design-forward cities and showcases beautiful homes from each that reflect the local style.
Horizontal timber weatherboards, John Wierenga. 698 WIE
Car and repair of weatherboards.
In detail : inspiring ideas for creative interiors, Hans Blomquist. 747 BLO
Hans explains the creative process, offers up his own treasures and puts inspiring ideas for beautiful interiors within every reader's reach.
Interior painting, Alide Elkink. 698.14 ELK
All interior painted finishes within a domestic building deteriorate slowly over time and will require repainting to clean and freshen the surfaces or to continue protecting the substrate.
Kitchens : the New Zealand kitchen in the 20th century, Helen Leach. 643.3 LEA
This engrossing history of the domestic kitchen covers 10 decades that saw our culinary traditions accommodate extraordinary changes in technology and the irresistible process of globalisation.
My cool kitchen : a style guide to unique and inspirational kitchens, Jane Field-Lewis. 747.79 FIE
Be inspired to create your own affordable, super-stylish kitchen, which will become the heart of your home.
Prefab homes, Elisabeth Blanchet. 643.2 BLA
At the end of the Second World War Winston Churchill promised to manufacture half a million prefabricated bungalows to ease the housing shortage; in the end more than 156,000 temporary 'prefabs' were delivered. Through the stories and memories of residents, this book reveals the communities who were pleased to live in the prefabs.
Repainting textured finishes, Trevor Pringle. 667.9 PRI
This book explains what textured-coated cladding systems are and it looks at the rules and regulations, health and safety, tools, recoating and maintenance of repainted textured finishes.
Rooms to love : style inspiration for every home, LeeAnn Yare. 747 YAR
Drawing from inspirational New Zealand home interiors, this book shares clever styling tricks for living areas, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms through to those often neglected spaces such as hallways, laundries and home offices.
Spaces. [Volume two], Louise Bannister. 747 SPA
A collection of homes and homes-away-from-home around Australia: from the east coast capitals to the Adelaide Hills, the wilds of Tasmania and the southernmost tip of Western Australia.
The big book of interior design, Alessandra Coppa. 729 CAP
Interiors from all over the globe, from Oriental style to Vintage, Surrealist, Minimal or Green, focusing on the design elements that make a space.
The complete guide to outdoor carpentry : complete plans for beautiful backyard building projects. 684.18 COM
The hempcrete book : designing and building with hemp-lime, William Stanwix. 693.9 STA
The home security handbook : expert advice for keeping safe at home (and away), Lynne Finch. 643.16 FIN
A comprehensive look at ways to improve your family's immediate safety and methods for protecting them in the future.
The making of home, Judith Flanders. 392.36 FLA
A fascinating 500-year history charts the transformation of our houses from uncomfortable workplaces into cosy
Vintage industrial : living with machine age design, Misha de Potestad. 749 POT
An exquisitely illustrated celebration of this influential style that is now at the forefront of interior design.
Vintage made modern : transforming timeworn textiles into treasured heirlooms, Jennifer Casa. 646.3 CAS
Create modern heirlooms using vintage materials a collection of 35 innovative projects showcasing the exceptional beauty in timeworn textiles.


Ask Anna : advice for the furry and forlorn, Dean Koontz. 817.54 KOO
Anna Koontz is Dean's remarkable dog who is poised to follow in her dad's footsteps with her first advice book for canines. She will soon become canine columnist to the world!
Encyclopaedia paranoiaca, Henry Beard. 817.6 ENC
Authoritative, disturbingly comprehensive, and utterly debilitating inventory of things poised to harm, maim, or kill you all of them based on actual research about the perils of everyday life.


Global muckraking : 100 years of investigative journalism from around the world, Anya Schiffrin. 070.43 GLO


Confident French. 448.2 CON
Confident German. 438.2 CON
Confident Italian. 458.2 CON
Confident Japanese. 495.682 CON
Confident Russian. 491.782 CON
Confident Spanish. 468.2 CON
English for the natives : discover the grammar you don't know you know, Harry Ritchie. 428.2 RIT
Get started in Hindi, Rupert Snell. 491.43 SNE
Get started in Japanese, Helen Gilhooly. 495.682 GIL


Hitler's first victims : the quest for justice, Timothy W. Ryback. 341.69 RYB
The law and practice of charities in New Zealand, Susan Barker. 346.064 BAR

Library Science

Where I'm reading from, Tim Parks. 028.9 PAR
What do books mean to you? A lively and enjoyable book about books.


A visitor's guide to Jane Austen's England, Sue Wilkes. 823.7 WIL
This quirky title lifts the lid on the world of privilege depicted by Jane Austen, offering a sensory view of the era and revealing the grubby realities of life in Regency England.
Arthur Ransome on the Broads, Roger Wardle. 823.912 RAN
The inside story of the two Swallows and Amazons books set on the Norfolk Broads.
Bad feminist : essays, Roxane Gay. 814.6 GAY
Takes us through the journey of author's evolution as a woman (Sweet Valley High) of colour (The Help) while also taking readers on a ride through culture of the last few years (Girls, Django in Chains) and commenting on the state of feminism today (abortion, Chris Brown).
Letters to Vera, Vladimir Nabokov. 813.54 NAB
Vladimir Nabokov’s wife, Véra, was his first reader and his aesthetic barometer, as revealed by his passionate letters to her, published now for the first time.
Speaking in public : including committees, boards and think tanks, Frank Alvey. 808.51 ALV
This book anticipates the pitfalls of public speaking and gives advice and hints on various aspects from advance preparation to presentation, types of speeches and their requirements, and other related matters.
Stories of my life, Katherine Paterson. 813.54 PAT
From her childhood in China to the moment she won her first National Book Award, literary icon Katherine Paterson shares the personal stories that inspired her children's books.
The most dangerous book : the battle for James Joyce's Ulysses, Kevin Birmingham. 823.912 BIR
An account of the dramatic writing of and fight to publish James Joyce's "Ulysses" reveals how the now classic book was the subject of a landmark federal obscenity trial in 1933 that overturned key censorship laws.
What days are for, Robert Dessaix. 828.914 DES
Witty, acerbic, insightful musings from one of Australia's finest writers.
Zoologies : on animals and the human spirit, Alison Hawthorne Deming. 814.54 DEM


Adventures in stationery : a journey through your pencil case, James Ward. 676.28 WAR
From making correction fluid at home to the dark secrets of fluorescent ink, via pencil wars and moments of accidental genius, the author takes you on a tour through the stationery cupboard.
George Daniels : a master watchmaker & his art : the story of the man who invented the co-axial escapement, Michael Clerizo. 681.113 DAN
Over the course of his career George Daniels laboriously constructed just 25 watches using antiquated tools, creating almost every component by hand. T
Soap making : the practical guide : a steps-by-step simple guide to making traditional and natural homemade soaps quickly, easily and safely from scratch, Kit Miko Michiko. 668.12 MIC


@war : the rise of cyber warfare, Shane Harris. 355.343 HAR
History of war in 100 battles, Richard Overy. 355.02 OVE
Killing Patton : the strange death of World War II's most audacious general, Bill O'Reilly. 355 PAT
Knife fights : a memoir of modern war in theory and practice, John A. Nagl. 355.0218 NAG
An influential Army officer traces the Gulf War experiences that shaped his perspectives on the changing nature of conventional combat and his then-discounted views about terrorism, citing his role in co-authoring the military's new counterinsurgency field manual.
Predator : the secret origins of the drone revolution, Richard Whittle. 623.7469 WHI
The untold story of the birth of the Predator drone, a wonder weapon that transformed the American military, reshaped modern warfare, and sparked a revolution in aviation.
The complete encyclopaedia of weapons of World War II : a comprehensive guide to weapons systems, including tanks, small arms, warplanes, artillery, ships, and submarines, Chris Bishop.. 355.82 COM
The Imperial Japanese Army : the invincible years, 1941-42, Bill Yenne. 952.03 YEN
This book reveals the tactics and mindset of the IJA during their offensive, detailing the capturing of Manila, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Burma, and the Dutch East Indies.
The last rescue : how faith and love saved a Navy SEAL sniper, Howard Wasdin. 359.98 WAS
In the aftermath of war, a Navy SEAL finds faith, hope and love.
Top dog : the story of Marine hero Lucca, Maria Goodavage. 956.7044 GOO
Maria Goodavage takes readers into the life of Lucca K458, a decorated and highly skilled military working dog.

Museum science

Masterpieces of the British Museum. 069 MAS
Includes many acquisitions and discoveries, such as Picasso's Vollard Suite and the intriguing Vale of York Viking hoard, and showcases a selection of more than 250 of the most beautiful and important objects drawn from across the Museum.

Music & Musicians

A little history : photographs of Nick Cave and cohorts 1981-2013, Bleddyn Butcher. 781.66 CAV
A stunning visual record of the amazing career of Nick Cave, one of the world's coolest musicians, by one of the rock world's most brilliant photographers and writers.
Beatleness : how the Beatles and their fans remade the world, Candy Leonard. 781.66 LEO
Part generational memoir and part cultural history of the sixties, Beatleness allows the reader to experience - again or for the first time - what it was like to grow up with the Beatles and shows the impact of "beatleness" as an ever-evolving stimulant in young lives.
Guitar fretboard atlas : get a better grip on neck navigation, Joe Charupakorn. 787.87193 CHA
Infographic guide to music, Graham Betts. 780 BET
Infographic Guide to Music presents unique, witty and surprising facts about every music genre, from pop, rock, indie, house, dance, electronic, rap, country and classical.
Into the black : the inside story of Metallica, 1991-2014, Paul Brannigan. 781.66 MET
Lit up inside : selected lyrics, Van Morrison. 781.66 MOR
Contains the lyrics of about one third of the songs that Van Morrison has written over his 50 year career.
Love becomes a funeral pyre, Mick Wall. 781.66 DOO
The art of noise : conversations with great songwriters, Daniel Rachel. 780.92 RAC
Contributors include: Sting, Ray Davies, Robin Gibb, Jimmy Page, Joan Armatrading, Noel Gallagher, Lily Allen, Annie Lennox, Damon Albarn, Noel Gallagher, Laura Marling, Paul Weller, Johnny Marr, and many more.
The best music writing under the Australian sun, Christian Ryan. 780.994 BES
This book explores the culture and the story of rock (and pop) in Australia via 34 essays that get to the heart of the matter the sounds, the bands, fans, fun and other stuff that happened.
The big book of classical music : 1,000 years of classical music in 366 days, Darren Henley. 780.9 HEN
A fully illustrated book detailing each day of the year in classical music - the perfect coffee table companion for any classical music lover.
The big book of hair metal : the illustrated oral history of heavy metal's debauched decade, Martin Popoff. 781.66 POP
An oral history and timeline of the popular 1980s heavy metal subgenre, including its prehistory and decline, profusely illustrated with relevant photographs and memorabilia.
The Gibson Les Paul : the illustrated history of the guitar that changed rock, Dave Hunter. 787.87 HUN

Natural Science

Animal weapons : the evolution of battle, Douglas J. Emlen. 591.4 EML
The story behind the stunning, extreme weapons we see in the animal world--teeth and horns and claws and what they can tell us about the way humans develop and use arms and other weapons.
Birds of Australia : a photographic guide, Iain Campbell. 598.0994 CAM
Carnivores of Australia : past, present and future, A.S. Glen. 599.7 CAR
Creatures of the deep : in search of the sea's monsters and the world they live in, Erich Hoyt. 591.77 HOY
Human universe, Brian Cox. 599.93 COX
This book asks questions about our origins, our destiny, and our place in the universe. We have no right to expect answers; we have no right to even ask. But ask and wonder we do.
It's a wild life : how my life became a zoo, Bud DeYoung. 590.73 DEY
John Gould's extinct & endangered mammals of Australia, Fred Ford. 599.168 FOR
Land of birds : an illustrated tribute to the birds of New Zealand, Niels Meyer-Westfeld. 598.0993 MEY
Life story : many lives, one epic journey, Rupert Barrington. 590 GUN
A tale of survival, laying bare the extraordinary journey animals must make to achieve life's goal - to continue their bloodline. Whether learning new skills, finding a mate or protecting their young, everything they do is a way of meeting a particular challenge to that goal.
National birds of the world, Ron Toft. 598 TOF
Nocturne : creatures of the night, Traer Scott. 591.51 SCO
Otters : return to the river, Laurie Campbell. 599.76 CAM
Follows a year in the life of river otters in the River Tweed.
RSPB seabirds, Marianne Taylor. 598.176 TAY
Ten million aliens : a journey through the entire animal kingdom, Simon Barnes. 590 BAR
The passenger pigeon, Errol Fuller. 598.65 FUL
Tells the astonishing story of North America’s Passenger Pigeon, a bird species that - like the Tyrannosaur, the Mammoth, and the Dodo - has become one of the great icons of extinction.
The wild cat book, Fiona Sunquist. 599.75 SUN
The world of birds, Jonathan Elphick. 598 ELP
Woodpeckers of the world : a photographic guide, Gerard Gorman. 598.72 GOR


Creating abstract art : ideas and inspirations for passionate art-making, Dean Nimmer. 751.4 NIM
The Neo-Impressionist portrait, 1886-1904, Jane Block. 757 BLO
Watercolor secrets : an inside look at the techniques of award-winning Splash artists, Rachel Rubin Wolf. 751.422 WOL
This book contains 15 chapters, each from a different artist, that focus on a theme such as how to create stunning colour, capture the magic of light, and turn on-location sketches into personal keepsakes.


Just ask the universe : a no-nonsense guide to manifesting your dreams, Michael Samuels. 131 SAM


8 keys to end bullying : strategies for parents & schools, Signe Whitson. 302.343 WHI
Age of opportunity : lessons from the new science of adolescence, Laurence Steinberg. 155.5 STE
Steinberg leads readers through a host of new findings including groundbreaking original research that reveal what the new timetable of adolescence means for parenting 13-year-olds versus 20-somethings.
Anxious kids, anxious parents : 7 ways to stop the worry cycle and raise courageous & independent children, Reid Wilson. 155.412 WIL
Concussions and our kids : America's leading expert on how to protect young athletes and keep sports safe, Robert Cantu. 617.1027 CAN
Get the behavior you want without being the parent you hate! : Dr. G's guide to effective parenting, Deborah Gilboa, MD. 649.1 GIL
Gilboa offers a roadmap of quick concrete ways to help parents use everyday opportunities to create respectful, responsible, and resilient children.
How to raise a drug-free kid : the straight dope for parents, Joseph A. Califano. 649.4 CAL
Is breast best? : taking on the breastfeeding experts and the new high stakes of motherhood, Joan B. Wolf. 649.33 WOL
Joan B. Wolf challenges the widespread belief that breastfeeding is medically superior to bottle-feeding.
Making makers : kids, tools, and the future of innovation, AnnMarie Thomas. 153.35 THO
Through stories, research and data, this book explains why it is crucial to encourage today's youth to be makers, to raise children who are creative, lifelong learners.
Tackling rugby : what every parent should know about injuries, Allyson M Pollock. 617.1027 POL
Thriving! Raising exceptional kids with confidence, character and resilience, Michael Grose. 155.418 GRO
Unconditional parenting : moving from rewards and punishments to love and reason, Alfie Kohn. 649.1 KOH
Alfie Kohn begins by asking, What do kids need and how can we meet those needs?" What follows from that question are ideas for working with children rather than doing things to them.
Why dads leave : insights and resources for when partners become parents, Meryn G. Callander. 306.8742 CAL
Reveals the cultural and generational forces that are colluding to create an unacknowledged epidemic of disappearing dads - fathers leaving their families, physically or emotionally, soon after the birth of a child.

Pets & Animals

A gift from Bob, James Bowen. 636.8 BOW
James looks back at the last Christmas they spent scraping a living on the streets and how Bob helped him through one of his toughest times providing strength, friendship and inspiration but also teaching him important lessons about the true meaning of Christmas along the way.
A girls's best friend, David Darcy. 636.7 DAR
A glorious documentation of the relationship between Aussie women and their canine besties.
Animal heroes : true stories of extraordinary animals, Ben Holt. 636 HOL
The most extraordinary true tales of bravery across the natural world, from domestic pets to wild animals, proving that when it comes to facing danger there's more to them than meets the eye.
Choupette : the private life of a high-flying fashion cat, Karl Lagerfeld. 636.8 LAG
Choupette is the constant feline companion of designer Karl Lagerfeld, creative director at Chanel. She has her own iPad, eats next to Lagerfeld at the table from Goyard china, and has inspired couture collections.
Dog training & tricks : the teen guide to raising and showing a well-behaved dog, Tammie Rogers. 636.70887 ROG
Harlow & Sage (and Indiana) : a true story about best friends, Brittni Vega. 636.7 VEG
Harlow and Sage (and Indiana) are three dogs who have taken Instagram by
It is not I who seek the horse, the horse seeks me : a book, Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling. 636.1 HEM
A true horseman's understanding of the rider's role as the horse's natural partner, and a unique insight into one man's outstanding training method.
Love, sweat & tears, Zelie Bullen. 636.0888 BUL
An inspiring true story of love, loss, and perseverance by a young woman who now leads an extraordinary life - she trained the horses in War Horse, the piglets in Babe, and many more.
Meow : a book of happiness for cat lovers. 636.8 MEO
A compendium of delightful quotes that capture the essence of this fascination. Some are by famous people (Mark Twain, Jean Cocteau, Ernest Hemingway), others not; some are philosophical, others light-hearted all are memorable.
Quake cats : heart-warming stories of Christchurch cats, Craig Bullock. 636.8 BUL
The cat enyclopedia. 636.8 CAT
A comprehensive cat compendium that has all the facts about cats and kittens and is packed with beautifully photographed profiles of different breeds from the Maine Coon to the Khao Manee.
The great Grisby : two thousand years of exceptional dogs, Mikita Brottman. 636.7 BRO
In this charming bestiary of exceptional dogs, Mikita Brottman reflects on the role dogs play in our world, all explored through her relationship with her dog Grisby and many other examples of the dogs of great writers and artists from literature, lore, and life.
The life & love of dogs, Lewis Blackwell. 636.7 BLA
A textual exploration of our unique relationship with dogs, including a surprising analysis of the qualities that make a dog attractive in our eyes, it sheds original light on this great love affair.
The New York dog, Rachael Hale McKenna. 636.7 MCK
Depicts dogs throughout New York City as they take walks, ride in taxis, lounge in apartments, and shop with their owners.
The rabbit-raising problem solver : your questions answered about housing, feeding, behaviour, health care, breeding, and kindling, Karen Patry ;. 636.93 PAT
The ultimate book of horse bits : what they are, what they do, and how they work, Emily Esterson. 636.1083 EST
Everything from loose-ring snaffle bits to an eggbutt bit is in this book.
Train your dog positively : understand your dog and solve common behavior problems including separation anxiety, excessive barking, aggression, housetraining, leash pulling, and more!, Victoria Stilwell. 636.70887 STI
Unlikely heroes : 37 inspiring stories of courage and heart from the animal kingdom, Jennifer S. Holland. 591.5 HOL
Thirty-seven stories of acts of animal heroism, including a pod of dolphins that shielded a group of swimmers from a great white shark and a feral male cat who risked everything to protect a kitten in a tornado.

Philosophy & Psychology

Introducing postmodernism, Richard Appignanesi. 149.9 INT
What exactly is postmodernism? This graphic guide explains the maddeningly enigmatic concept that has been used to define the world's cultural condition.

Philosophy and psychology

The caretakers of the cosmos : living responsibly in an unfinished world, Gary Lachman. 111 LAC
Drawing on esoteric, spiritual and philosophical thought, this book considers the all-important question why are we here? And offers a counter-argument to the current nihilism prevalent in our world.
The meaning of human existence, Edward O. Wilson. 128 WIL
Edward O. Wilson examines what makes human beings supremely different from all other species and posits that we, as a species, now know enough about the universe and ourselves that we can begin to approach questions about our place in the cosmos and the meaning of intelligent life in a systematic, indeed, in a testable way.


100 things that caught my eye, Chris Packham. 778.932 PAC
100 Things That Caught My Eye is no ordinary how-to photography manual. It is a fascinating and informative insight into the imaginative mind of an exceptional photographer at the moment he captures each picture.
Graphis advertising annual 2014. 779 GRA
Horst : photographer of style, Susanna Brown. 779 HOR
The first major book to celebrate the entire career of legendary fashion photographer Horst P. Horst.
Patient : portraits from a doctor's surgery, Chris Reid. 779 REI
Patient is a unique photographic collection of portraits taken by a GP of his patients at the end of their
Robert Frank in America, Peter Galassi. 779 FRA
The busy girl's guide to digital photography, Lorna Yabsley. 778.3 YAB
The invisibles : vintage portraits of love and pride, Sebastien Lifshitz. 778.92 LIF
A charming collection of vintage photos of gay couples privately and often secretly celebrating their relationships.
The last great wild places : forty years of wildlife photography, Thomas D. Mangelsen. 778.932 MAN
Chronicles legendary nature photographer Thomas D. Mangelsen's past 40 years of photographic adventures in the field, capturing the splendour of wild places and intimate moments with animals.
Wildlife photographer of the year : 50 years, Rosamund Kidman Cox. 778.932 WIL
Photographs from the BBC's photographic competition.
You are here : around the world in 92 minutes, Chris Hadfield. 778.35 HAD
Photographs from the International Space Station punctuated with fun, fascinating commentary on life in zero gravity.


A fig at the gate : the joys of friendship, gardening and the gaining of wisdom, Kate Llewellyn. 821.914 LLE
A deeply satisfying diary of gardening, family, friends, ageing and renewal.
A Ted Hughes bestiary : poems, selected by Alice Oswald. 821.914 HUG
Dear Neil Roberts, Airini Beautrais. 821.92 BEA
Feeding the birds, Kevin Ireland. 821.914 IRE
Only one question, Tom Weston. 821.914 WES
Reminiscences, Marion Jones. 821.92 JON
Ritual lighting, Carol Ann Duffy. 821.914 DUF
Six poets : Hardy to Larkin : an anthology, Alan Bennett. 821.008 SIX
Poets like to elude their public, lead them a bit of a dance. They take them down untrodden paths, land them in unknown country where they have to ask for directions.

Politics & Government

Gideon's spies : the inside story of Israel's legendary secret service, Gordon Thomas. 327.12 THO
The perfect kill : 21 laws for assassins, Robert B. Baer. 327.12 BAE
An odyssey through the art, theory, and brutality of modern political murder.
The Tories : from Winston Churchill to David Cameron, Timothy Heppell. 324.241 HEP


Ko tautoro, te pito o toku ao : a Ngapuhi narrative, Hone Sadler. 993.01 SAD
Sadler illustrates the unbroken chain of Ngapuhi sovereignty by looking in-depth at his own hapu of Ngati Moerewa, Ngatii Rangi and Ngai Tawake ki te Waoku of Tautoro and Mataraua.
New myths and old politics : the Waitangi Tribunal and the challenge of tradition, Tipene O'Regan. 333.00993 ORE
Takitimu : a history of Ngati Kahungunu, J.H. Mitchell. 993.01 MIT
Turning the hearts of the children : early Maori leaders in the Mormon Church, Selwyn Katene. 289.3 TUR


Single, shy, and looking for love : a dating guide for the shy & socially anxious, Shannon Kolakowski. 306.73 KOL
The Jane Austen rules : a classic guide to modern love, Sinead Murphy. 306.73 MUR
Sinéad Murphy takes the writings of Austen and applies them to modern-day courtship. She breaks down what the venerable author would have recommended were she faced with the troublesome world of Tinder, OKCupid, and blind dates.

Religion & Ethics

Love without limits : a remarkable story of true love conquering all, Nick Vujicic. 248.86 VUJ
Pewhairangi : Bay of Islands Missions and Maori 1814 to 1845, Angela Middleton. 266 MID
The edge of words : God and the habits of language, Rowan Williams. 231 WIL
The future of God : a practical approach to spirituality for our times, Deepak Chopra. 212.6 CHO
The mystery of the shemitah : [the 3,000-year-old mystery that holds the secret of America's future, the world's future and your future!], Jonathan Cahn. 231.7 CAH
Cahn shows that financial and economic events of today are influenced by the two ancient Biblical cycles: the 7 year Sabbath cycle and the 50 year Jubilee cycle.
The power of right believing : 7 keys to freedom from fear, guilt, and addiction, Joseph Prince. 248.86 PRI
Offers a way to break free from the vicious cycle of toxic emotions and destructive addictions.
Vanishing grace : what ever happened to the good news?, Philip Yancey. 234 YAN


Astronomy, Percy Seymour. 520 SEY
At the edge of uncertainty : 11 discoveries taking science by surprise, Michael Brooks. 500 BRO
Blue hope : exploring and caring for earth's magnificent ocean, Sylvia A. Earle. 577.7 EAR
Brave genius : a scientist, a philosopher, and their daring adventures from the French resistance to the Nobel Prize, Sean B. Carroll. 572.8 CAR
The never-before-told account of two of the most insightful minds of the twentieth century Jacques Monod and Albert Camus and a dramatic story of how hardship and courage can unleash creative genius.
Cosmigraphics : picturing space through time, Michael Benson. 523.1 BEN
Selecting artful and profound illustrations and maps, many hidden away in the world's great science libraries and virtually unknown today, Benson chronicles more than 1,000 years of humanity's ever-expanding understanding of the size and shape of space itself.
Dodging extinction : power, food, money, and the future of life on Earth, Anthony D. Barnosky. 576.84 BAR
Weaves together evidence from the deep past and the present to alert us to the looming Sixth Mass Extinction and to offer a practical, hopeful plan for avoiding it.
Earth's deep history : how it was discovered and why it matters, Martin J. S. Rudwick. 550 RUD
Extinction and evolution : what fossils reveal about the history of life, Niles Eldredge. 560 ELD
Genes : a very short introduction, Jonathan Slack. 572.86 SLA
How big is infinity? : the 20 big maths questions, Tony Crilly. 510 CRI
I think you'll find it's a bit more complicated than that : selected writing, Ben Goldacre. 500 GOL
Is there life on Mars? : the 20 big universe questions, Stuart Clark. 520 CLA
John Napier : life, logarithms, and legacy, Julian Havil. 510 NAP
An introduction to the life and work of John Napier while introducing students to logarithms will bring the “dry” material to life.
LHC : L is for large, H is for hadron, C is for collider, Rolf-Dieter Heuer. 539.73 HEU
A book about the 'World Machine' that offers scientific insights into the beginnings of our universe and answers the most fundamental questions of mankind: Where do we come from? And what happened a picosecond 0,000 000 000 001 sec after the Big Bang?
Masters of the universe : conversations with cosmologists of the past, Helge Kragh. 523.1 KRA
This book tells the fascinating history of cosmology using a series of fictitious interview transcripts with the field's leading scientists, including giants such as Albert Einstein, Edwin Hubble, and George Gamow.
Minerals : a very short introduction, David J. Vaughan. 549 VAU
Music and the making of modern science, Peter Pesic. 509 PES
One plus one equals one : symbiosis and the evolution of complex life, John Archibald. 572.8 ARC
Professor Stewart's Casebook of mathematical mysteries, Ian Stewart. 510 STE
Professor Stewart's book is a miscellany of over 150 mathematical curios and conundrums, packed with trademark humour and numerous illustrations.
Rainforest, Lewis Blackwell. 577.3 BLA
Remarkable plants that shape our world, Helen Bynum. 580 BYN
Seeds of hope : wisdom and wonder from the world of plants, Jane Goodall. 580 GOO
Jane Goodall examines the critical role that trees and plants play in our
Sex on earth : a celebration of animal reproduction, Jules Howard. 571.8 HOW
The Copernicus complex : the quest for our cosmic (in)significance, Caleb Scharf. 520 SCH
Though the concept of "the universe" suggests the containment of everything, the latest ideas in cosmology hint that our universe may be just one of a multitude of others. This title takes us on a cosmic adventure like no other, from tiny microbes within the Earth to distant exoplanets and beyond.
The cosmos, Chris De Pree. 523.1 DE
Dozens of stunning, full-colour photos highlight the latest discoveries and beauty of space, including the solar system, the Sun, the asteroid belt, the Milky Way, various star types, black holes, and more.
The glory of the tree : an illustrated history, Noel Kingsbury. 582.16 KIN
The great trees of the world in glorious colour. "The Glory of the Tree" describes 90 species of tree that collectively span the millennia of evolution and cross the globe.
The naked scientist : everyday life under the microscope, Chris Smith. 500 SMI
Compelling, quirky and packed fully of curious facts, 'The Naked Scientist' is a treasure trove of cutting-edge research, far-flung factoids and the ability to see into our scientific future, answering those fascinating questions you never thought to ask.
The wisdom of trees, Max Adams. 582.16 ADA
A passionate and informative celebration of trees and of man's ingenuity in exploiting their resources.
What if? : serious scientific answers to absurd hypothetical questions, Randall Munroe. 500 MUN

Self Development

Change the way you eat : the psychology of food, Leanne Cooper. 152.5 COO
By examining the psychological factors that encourage us to eat more than we know we should, as well as the tricks used by marketers to influence what and how much we eat, this book provides the tools for readers to take ownership of their eating choices so that lifelong change can take place.
Creating encores : a wake up call for women leaders, Sally Arnold. 158.1 ARN
Questions and examples in each chapter show you how to gain clarity in your own situation, and reveal simple and effective strategies for creating work-life balance and career transformation.
Emotional life : managing your feelings to make the most of your precious time on Earth, Doreen Davy. 152.4 DAV
This book provides readers with a variety of valuable skills and strategies that will help them gain mastery over their emotions in order to live healthy, happy and fulfilling lives.
Insecure in love : how anxious attachment can make you feel jealous, needy, and worried and what you can do about it, Leslie Becker-Phelps. 152.41 BEC
You'll learn how to overcome attachment anxiety using compassionate self-awareness, a technique that can help you recognize your negative thoughts or unhealthy behaviour patterns and respond to them in a nurturing way-rather than beating yourself up.
On looking : eleven walks with expert eyes, Alexandra Horowitz. 153.7 HOR
An exploration of how we perceive and discover our world.
Positivity, Barbara Fredrickson. 158.1 FRE
A psychologist explains how to create a richer, healthier, more fulfilling life through a process called the upward spiral that incorporates innovative techniques for using positivity to influence relationships, health, and work.
The first 20 hours : how to learn anything fast, Josh Kaufman. 153.15 KAU
Helps you learn how to: focus energy on acquiring key skill sets; eliminate obstacles and discover critical tools; create rapid feedback loops; and work against the clock to get better fast.
The organized mind : thinking straight in the age of information overload, Daniel J. Levitin. 153.42 LEV
We need to talk about grief : how to be a friend to the one who's left behind, Annie Broadbent. 155.937 BRO
What about me? : the struggle for identity in a market-based society, Paul Verhaeghe. 155.22 VER
Captures the long-term impact that living in a profit-obsessed society has had on our psychology.
You were not born to suffer : love yourself back to inner peace, health, happiness & fulfillment, Blake D. Bauer. 158.1 BAU

Social Issues

Brazil's dance with the devil : the World Cup, the Olympics, and the fight for democracy, Dave Zirin. 306.48 ZIR
Censors at work : how states shaped literature, Robert Darnton. 363.31 DAR
Centuries of change : which century saw the most change and why it matters to us, Ian Mortimer. 303.4 MOR
Crowdsourcing our cultural heritage, Mia Ridge. 363.69 CRO
Crowdsourcing, or asking the general public to help contribute to shared goals, is increasingly popular in memory institutions as a tool for digitising or computing vast amounts of data.
Dancing with a cocaine cowboy : love and life with a Colombian drug trafficker, Robyn Windshuttle. 363.45 WIN
How a cabaret dancer who worked at Moulin Rouge found herself caught up in an international drug ring.
Domestic years, tears and fears. Part 1, Angela Harden. 362.829 HAR
The author is someone who has actually gone through domestic violence herself, and understands the range of emotions involved and the process that has to happen before someone gets the strength to break the pattern.
Enough : our fight to keep America safe from gun violence, Gabrielle Giffords. 363.33 GIF
Gabrielle Giffords, disabled from an assassination attempt in Tucson, Arizona, and her husband Mark Kelly, share their impassioned argument for responsible gun ownership and more responsible gun control laws, despite being gun owners and staunch supporters of the Second Amendment themselves.
Foundations of the earth : global ecological change and the book of Job, H.H. Shugart. 304.2 SHU
Generation Rx : a story of dope, death, and America's opiate crisis, Erin Marie Daly. 362.293 DAL
The author begins her investigation of opiate diversion and the echo boom in heroin addiction rates from a place of deep personal pain - her brother’s death.
Grumpy old men. 2 : 48 more Kiwi blokes who've been around long enough to know, tell you what's wrong with the world, Paul Little. 305.310993 GRU
How to be Parisian wherever you are : love, style, and bad habits, Anne Berest. 305.40944 BER
A fresh and spirited take on what it really means to be a Parisienne: how they dress, entertain, have fun and attempt to behave themselves.
Invincible : the 10 lies you learn growing up with domestic violence, and the truths to set you free, Brian F. Martin. 362.829 MAR
New Orleans under reconstruction : the crisis of planning, Carol McMichael Reese,. 307.76 NEW
Nothing is true and everything is possible : the surreal heart of the new Russia, Peter Pomerantsev. 306.0947 POM
Pro : reclaiming abortion rights, Katha Pollitt. 363.46 POL
Stop teaching our kids to kill : a call to action against TV, movie & video game violence, Dave Grossman. 302.23 GRO
The complete leader : handbook of essentials for human services leadership, Robert Shaw. 361 SHA
Gives leaders within human services organizations with lay or professional leadership responsibilities, over 25 essential practices for human services. Special attention is paid to supervision, case management, evaluation, teamwork and character.
The establishment : and how they get away with it, Owen Jones. 305.52 JON
A biting critique of the British Establishment and a passionate plea for democracy.
The healthy country? : a history of life & death in New Zealand, Alistair Woodward. 362.1 WOO
The Joey song : a mother's story of her son's addiction, Sandra Swenson. 362.29 SWE
This is the poignant story of a defiant addict and the mother who won't give up on
The workhouse : the people, the places, the life behind doors, Simon Fowler. 362.58 FOW
Revealing what life was really like in Britain's workhouses.
Trash : an innocent girl : a shocking story of squalor and neglect, Britney Fuller. 362.76 FUL
This title tells the author's story of growing up in the house of a trash hoarder.

Sport & Recreation

80/20 running : run stronger and race faster by training slower, Matt Fitzgerald. 613.71 FIT
A winter's paddle : a kayak journey around the South Island of New Zealand, Tara Mulvany. 797.122 MUL
Alaska expedition : marine life solidarity, James P. Sweeney. 796.522 SWE
This fast paced retelling of James Sweeney's and Dave Nyman's epic expedition into the Alaska Range to pioneer a route known as the Elevator Shaft.
Body magic, John Fisher. 793.8 FIS
An entertaining handbook of magic tricks you can perform without fancy, costly equipment.
Club Soccer 101 : the essential guide to the stars, stats, and stories of 101 of the greatest teams in the world, Luke Dempsey. 796.334 DEM
Donald Featherstone's Battle notes for wargamers, John Curry. 793.92 FEA
Donald Featherstone has revised his classic book on various battles. The book describes 15 key battles with the solo wargamer in mind.
Down and dirty : the essential training guide for obstacle races and mud runs, Matt B. Davis. 796.42 DAV
Elk stopped play : and other tales from Wisden's 'Cricket round the world', Charlie Connelly. 796.358 ELK
Foul play : the dark arts of cheating in sport, Mike Rowbottom. 175 ROW
Offers an inside track on the dark arts employed in sport to gain an unfair advantage - on the football or rugby field, on the tennis or squash court, on the athletics track and the golf course, even on the bowling green or the Subbuteo table.
Gun Digest book of long-range shooting, L.P. Brezny. 799.31 BRE
Lego architecture, Philip Wilkinson. 688.725 WIL
A guide to the Lego Architecture series and to the iconic buildings that inspired it. From the Empire State Building and the Guggenheim, to Farnsworth House, this book reveals exploded images of the Lego Architecture models, showing every Lego brick involved in the build.
Long shots : the greatest underdog stories in New Zealand sport, Bronwyn Sell. 796 SEL
Kiwis adore underdogs. This book celebrates some of the most inspiring against-the-odds stories in New Zealand sport.
Minecrafter : [the unofficial guide to Minecraft & other building games, Trevor Talley. 794.8 TAL
Minecrafter 2.0 advanced : the unofficial guide to Minecraft & other building games, Trevor Talley. 794.8 TAL
NZ surf : captured by a surf lens, Warren Hawke. 797.32 HAW
Pacing in sport and exercise : a psychophysiological perspective, Andrew Edwards. 796.01 EDW
Runner's world run less, run faster : become a faster, stronger runner with the revolutionary 3-run-a-week training program, Bill Pierce. 796.42 PIE
With training plans for 5K, 10K, half marathon, and marathon, as well as tips for goal-setting, rest, recovery, injury rehab and prevention, strength training, and nutrition, this program changes the way runners think about and train for competitive races.
Ryder Cup player by player : a compilation of the top 50 Ryder Cup golfers, Liam McCann. 796.3526 MCC
Singlehanded sailing : thoughts, tips, techniques & tactics, Andrew Evans. 797.124 EVA
Tennis : steps to success, Jim Brown. 796.3422 BRO
This guide helps you practice and improve those techniques with more than 80 drills that feature a unique scoring system to gauge and accelerate progress.
The book of games and warm ups for group leaders, Leo Rutherford. 793 RUT
Drawing on decades of experience, the author shares all of the games, improvisations and dance structures that he has found most effective in his work as a group leader and participant.
The book of NRL lists, Will Evans. 796.3338 EVA
Includes anything and everything rugby league, with a focus on some of the more obscure aspects of the code, as well as the standard 'best players for each club', 'best players by position' etc lists.
The breakaway : my story, Nicole Cooke. 796.62 COO
Nicola left home at 18 to pursue her goals in Italy, joining team-mates and managers she had never met, with no compatriots for company. Broken contracts, unpaid wages, a horrendous injury and drugs cheats were just some of the challenges she faced, even before she lined up to take on opponents.
The heart of hunting : wildness and hunting in New Zealand, Greig Caigou. 799.2 CAI
Sets out to capture the essence of the hunting experience in New Zealand, by reflecting not only on hunting itself, but on the experience of wilderness that is so key to this cherished activity.
The LEGO neighborhood book : build your own town!, Brian Lyles. 688.725 LYL
Provides complete step-by-step instructions for multistory buildings, recliners, and traffic lights constructed with LEGO pieces.
The new art of defense in chess, Andrew Soltis. 794.122 SOL
The night the music died : how a bunch of bushies forged rugby league's last great fairytale, Ian Heads. 796.3336 HEA
The classic story of the local underdog winning against all odds. How Western Division won the Amco Cup.
Torvill and Dean : our life on ice : the autobiography. 796.91 TOR
Torvill & Dean finally open up about the challenges they have faced and the pressures of life in the public eye: Jayne speaks candidly about her struggle with husband Phil to start a family, while Chris reveals the heartache in his family story.
Tramping : a New Zealand history, Shaun Barnett. 796.51 BAR
Treble Cone, Matt Conway. 796.93 CON
This beautiful, richly illustrated book helps explain why Treble Cone with its sensational views and gnarly slopes is so wildly popular and enjoys close to cult status
Volleyball drills, Chris Kroeger. 796.325 KRO
In his book, Chris Kroeger has compiled the most effective volleyball drills. Packed with numerous illustrations this working manual will help you to improve your fundamental volleyball skills.

Trains, Boats, Planes

150 years of rail in New Zealand, Matt Turner. 385.0993 TUR
Born to fly, Ryan Campbell. 629.13092 CAM
Ryan recounts his remarkable journey from a boy with a dream to becoming, at age 19, the youngest person ever to circumnavigate the globe solo in a single-engine aircraft.
British Airways : an illustrated history, Paul Jarvis. 387.706 JAR
Buehler's backyard boatbuilding for the 21st century, George Buehler. 623.822 BUE
Confessions of a Qantas flight attendant : true tales and gossip from the galley, Owen Beddall. 387.742 BED
Farewell to trains : a lifetime's journey along Britain's changing railways, David St John Thomas. 385.0941 THO
Inland waterways of Great Britain, Jane Cumberlidge. 386.4 CUM
North Island provincial railway stations : a contemporary pictorial, Sean Millar. 385.314 MIL
Pacific Steam Navigation Co., Ian Collard. 387.5 COL
Founded in 1838, and operating to South America from Liverpool, the Pacific Steam Navigation Co. was the first to operate steamships in the Pacific.
Railway atlas of Ireland then & now, Paul Smith. 385.09415 SMI


Edwards Motors Ltd : the story of a New Zealand bus & coach operator, Clive Otway. 388.322 OTW


A job to do : New Zealand soldiers of 'The Div' write about their World War Two, John Gordon. 940.5481 JOB
Abducting a General : the Kreipe Operation and SOE in Crete, Patrick Leigh Fermor. 940.5421 FER
One of the greatest feats in Patrick Leigh Fermor's life was the kidnapping of General Kreipe, the German commander in Crete, on 26 April 1944. He and Captain Billy Moss hatched a daring plan to abduct the general, while ensuring that no reprisals were taken against the Cretan population.
Churchill's secret warriors : the explosive true story of the special forces desperadoes of WWII, Damien Lewis. 940.5486 LEW
Flags of our fathers, James Bradley. 940.5426 BRA
Chronicles one of the bloodiest battles of World War II, focusing on the men who raised the flag at Iwo Jima.
Gallipoli : the New Zealand story, Christopher Pugsley. 940.42 PUG
Kidnap in Crete : the true story of the abduction of a Nazi general, Rick Stroud. 940.5421 STR
On a moonlit night in April 1944 a small band of fearless partisans, led by the British SOE agent Patrick Leigh Fermor, kidnapped a high-ranking Nazi general on the German-occupied island of Crete.
The Nek : a Gallipoli tragedy, Peter Burness. 940.41 BUR