New Titles Non-Fiction August 2015 (arrived in July 2015)

Art & Architecture

100 masterpieces in detail, Rose-Marie Hagen. 759 HAG
Guiding our eye to the minutiae of subject and symbolism Hagen helps us become detectives of details, solving the mysteries of a masterpiece through its most small and subtle elements.
Celtic art, Venceslas Kruta. 704.03916 KRU
This book offers a carefully chosen sequence of 250 masterpieces ranging from the fifth century BC to the eighth century CE.
Cinema & painting, Michelle Menzies. 709.93 CIN
Cinema & Painting examines the intersection of two screen-based arts against the backdrop of a culture characterised by the increasing plasticity of pictorial surfaces and flexibility of viewing spaces.
Clothing on figures: how to draw folds, fabrics, and drapery, Giovanni Civardi. 743.5 CIV
Ecological architecture, Chris van Uffelen. 720.47 UFF
Combining sustainability and environmental awareness with ground-breaking style is one of the most exciting tasks of contemporary building design. Architects meet this challenge with breakthrough creative concepts which transformed ecological innovation into an integral part of building.
Fair play: art, performance and neoliberalism, Jen Harvie. 700.103 HAR
Food in art: from prehistory to the Renaissance, Gillian Riley. 704.94964 RIL
In this book Riley demonstrates how works of art can provide us with detailed information about the preparation and preservation of food that is missing from the history books.
Ink and gold: art of the Kano, Felice Fischer. 709.52 FIS
Lavishly illustrated, this important volume focuses on the large-scale screens and sliding doors that were designed for the residences of powerful rulers, together with smaller works such as scrolls, albums, and fans.
Modern painting and sculpture: 1880 to the present at the Museum of Modern Art, John Elderfield. 708.13 MUS
Perspective sketching: freehand and digital drawing techniques for artists & designers, Jorge Paricio. 742 PAR
Sharpie art workshop: techniques & ideas for transforming your world, Timothy Goodman. 741.26 GOO
Timothy Goodman explores Sharpie writing products, the materials and supplies that can be used to enhance or modify them, and the range of creative techniques and effects that can be achieved.
Spectacular Rubens: the Triumph of the Eucharist, Alejandro Vergara. 759.9493 RUB
Presents information about Peter Paul Rubens and his Triumph of the Eucharist series, consisting of modelli (oil paintings on panel) and monumental tapestries. Essays discuss the history and the recent restoration of the panels and tapestries.
The skin of years, Jim Allen. 709.93 ALL
This book contains over 300 pages of interviews with Allen, conducted largely by art historian Tony Green and fellow artist Phil Dadson.
Whitney Museum of American Art: handbook of the collection, Dana Miller. 708.13 WHI
Zizz!: the life and art of Len Lye: in his own words, Roger Horrocks. 709.93 LYE


British Leyland: chronicle of a car crash, 1968-1978, Chris Cowin. 338.762 BRI
Car painting, Matthew Jones. 629.26 JON
Corvette: seven generations of American high performance, Randy Leffingwell. 629.2222 CHE
Explore a complete history of America's original sports car.
Driving the future: combating climate change with cleaner, smarter cars, Margo T. Oge. 629.222 OGE
How to paint your car, Dennis W. Parks. 629.26 PAR
Reveals the techniques, tricks, and technology behind automotive painting through 400 colour photos, clear captions, detailed text, and step-by-step how-to sequences.
Powder coating: a how-to guide: for automobile, motorcycle, bicycle & other parts, Jeffrey Zurschmeide. 629.26 ZUR
SATA automotive paint from prep to final coat, JoAnn Bortles. 629.26 BOR


A clean break: my story, Christophe Bassons. 796.62 BAS
Christophe Bassons is a former professional cyclist. His career was a successful one albeit never in the full glare of the media. That all changed when, in 1998, the Festina doping scandal broke and Bassons shot to fame as one of the handful of clean riders in the peloton — and as the only professional who dared to speak openly about the topic.
A passion for birth: my life: anthropology, family and feminism, Sheila Kitzinger. 618.4 KIT
Kitzinger, passionate campaigner for women's and babies' rights, childbirth educator and author, describes the experiences that have shaped her since childhood and the enormous changes that have taken place over the last 50 years on the subject of birth.
American wife: love, war, faith, and renewal, Taya Kyle. 306.88 KYL
The widow of "American Sniper" Chris Kyle shares their private story: an unforgettable testament to the power of love and faith in the face of war and unimaginable loss — a moving tribute to a man whose true heroism ran even deeper than the legend
As nature made him: the boy who was raised as a girl, John Colapinto. 306.768 REI
In 1967, after a twin baby boy suffered a botched circumcision, his family agreed to a radical treatment that would alter his gender. This is the story of David Reimer who, when finally informed of his medical history, made the decision to live as a male.
Barbara Pym: a passionate force, Ann Allestree. 823.914 PYM
A wonderfully eccentric wander through a rediscovered author’s life.
Barefoot at the lake: a boyhood summer in cottage country, Bruce Fogle. 636.089 FOG
An idyllic summer at the cottage in the 1950s, as revealed through the eyes of a boy on the cusp of adolescence: experiencing his first crush, discovering the joy of nature, and struggling to understand grown-ups.
Being Berlusconi: the rise and fall from Cosa Nostra to Bunga Bunga, Michael Day. 945.093 BER
Day examines the life and crimes of the shameless media mogul. He tells the story of a bright and ambitious man from a lower-middle-class family who shook off his humble origins and rose to become rich and powerful beyond most people's dreams, a multi-billionaire whose Mediaset company remains one of Europe's largest television and cinema conglomerates.
Bert Hinkler: the most daring man in the world, Grantlee Kieza. 629.13092 HIN
The life of Bert Hinkler, Bundaberg boy, who grew up to become a pioneer of aviation, Mussolini's favourite pilot, dubbed 'the most daring man in the world' by adoring crowds who turned out to see him fly.
Blackout: remembering the things I drank to forget, Sarah Hepola. 362.292 HEP
A memoir of unblinking honesty and poignant, laugh-out-loud humour, Blackout is the story of a woman stumbling into a new kind of adventure — the sober life she never wanted.
Brian De Palma's split-screen: a life in film, Douglas Keesey. 791.43023 DE
Over the last five decades, the films of director Brian De Palma have been among the biggest successes ("The Untouchables, Mission: Impossible") and the most high-profile failures ("The Bonfire of the Vanities") in Hollywood history. This is the story of his life.
Clarkson: the gloves are off, Gwen Russell. 791.45 CLA
In this riveting, entertaining and fully updated biography, frank views and hilariously candid anecdotes appear alongside the life story of Clarkson.
Dame Maggie Scott: a life in dance, Michelle Potter. 792.8 SCO
Born in Johannesburg in 1922, Scott travelled to Australia with Ballet Rambert in 1947. She became a major figure in Australian dance, founding the National Theatre Ballet and helping establish the Australian Ballet.
Deng Xiaoping: a revolutionary life, Alexander Pantsov. 951.05 DEN
The life of Mao Zedong's successor.
Edward Thomas: from Adlestrop to Arras: a biography, Jean Moorcroft Wilson. 821.912 THO
A new biography of the celebrated poet cuts through many of the myths about his life.
Einstein: his space and times, Steven Gimbel. 530.092 EIN
Gimbel's biography presents Einstein in the context of the world he lived in, offering a fascinating portrait of a remarkable individual who remained actively engaged in international affairs throughout his life.
First Lady: the life and wars of Clementine Churchill, Sonia Purnell. 941.082 CHU
A revisionist life of Clementine Churchill argues that her husband’s career would have been a washout without her.
Genius at play: the curious mind of John Horton Conway, Siobhan Roberts. 510.92 CON
An unabashed original, John Horton Conway is Archimedes, Mick Jagger, Salvador Dali, and Richard Feynman all rolled into one a singular mathematician, with a rock star's charisma, a sly sense of humour, a polymath's promiscuous curiosity, and a burning desire to explain everything about the world to everyone in it.
Gone to ground: one woman's extraordinary account of survival in the heart of Nazi Germany, Marie Jalowicz Simon. 940.5318 SIM
Berlin 1941. Marie Jalowicz Simon, a nineteen-year-old Jewish woman, makes an extraordinary decision. All around her, Jews are being rounded up for deportation, forced labour and extermination. Marie takes off the yellow star and vanishes into the city.
Graeme Clark: the man who invented the bionic ear, Mark Worthing. 617.8 CLA
As a young man, Graeme Clark read about Louis Pasteur, Marie Curie and other great scientists, little knowing that one day he would join their ranks. After watching his father struggle with hearing problems, Graeme knew he wanted to find a solution to deafness.
Hans Sturm: a soldier's odyssey on the Eastern Front, Gordon Williamson. 940.541 STR
An engaging reconstruction of events based on exchanges of correspondence and reminiscences between the author and Hans Sturm himself. It vividly portrays not only a German soldier's experience on the Eastern Front, but the intriguing trajectories that success in the battlefield yielded for him at home under the Nazi regime.
Havel: a life, Michael Zantovsky. 943.704 HAV
Zantovsky narrates the events of Havel’s life, from his privileged upbringing to his participation in the Charter 77 dissident circle to his variously triumphant and troubled presidency.
Hell west and crooked, Tom Cole. 994.29 COL
Cole tells the stories of his life in the outback during the 1920s and 1930s. With great humour and drama, he recounts his adventures as a drover and stockman in the toughest country in Australia and later on as a buffalo shooter and crocodile hunter in the Northern Territory before the war.
Hiding in the light: why I risked everything to leave Islam and follow Jesus, Rifqa Bary. 248.24 BAR
The story of Rifqa's remarkable spiritual journey from Islam to Christianity is also the untold story of how she ran from her father's threats to find refuge with strangers in Florida, only to face a controversial court case that reached national headlines.
How did I get here?: making peace with the road not taken: a memoir, Jesse Browner. 813.54 BRO
A literary exploration that seeks to answer the question: 'Have I lived the life I intended?'
How I got into art school, William McLellan. 709.41 SMA
The story of how one man overcame his demons and unleashed his creativity — in a facist jail.
Human rights and human wrongs: a life confronting racism, Colin Tatz. 305.8 TAT
Tatz, an authority on racial conflict and abuse, a key figure in Indigenous Studies in Australia and an author of major works on genocide, Aboriginal youth suicide, and Aboriginal and Islander sporting achievements, tells his personal story.
I woke up in the future: a powerful true story of amnesia, secrets and second chances, Naomi Jacobs. 616.8523 JAC
Naomi Jacobs went to sleep one night in 2008 as a 32-year-old mother, and woke up the next morning believing she was a fifteen-year-old school girl. She did not recognise the house she woke up in, though it was hers, nor her ten-year-old son, Leo.
Ian Poulter: the biography of Britain's golfing hero, Gavin Newsham. 796.352 POU
Charting Poulter's life from when he first picked up a golf club aged seven and hit the ball 140 yards to his triumphant, pumped-up charge in the 2012 Ryder Cup.
Jeremy Thorpe, Michael Bloch. 941.085 THO
Brilliant, rash and racked with guilt, Liberal MP Jeremy Thorpe was tried for conspiracy to murder.
Just add water: a surfing savant's journey with Asperger's, Clay Marzo. 797.32 MAR
An inspiring and moving memoir about Marzo's ascendance to the top of the surfing world while struggling for most of his young life with undiagnosed Asperger's syndrome.
Let IT go, Stephanie Shirley. 361.74 SHI
Dame Stephanie Shirley on her inspirational rise from child refugee to wealthy entrepreneur and philanthropist.
Lights in my life, Helen Drew. 920.72 DRE
Drew takes the reader from her childhood in New Zealand to her life there in the present day. With disarming honesty she describes the highs and lows, the loves, the mistakes, the happiness and tragedy with equal clarity.
Lucie Aubrac: the French Resistance heroine who defied the Gestapo, Sian Rees. 940.5344 AUB
The daring exploits of the Resistance heroine who twice rescued her lover from the Nazis.
Madame Weigel: the woman who clothed the Australasian colonies, Veronica R. Lampkin. 646.407 WEI
Madame Weigel was the first manufacturer of paper patterns for sewing in Australasia, and publisher of ‘Weigel’s Journal of Fashion’, the first fashion journal in the Australasia.
Maurice Gee: life and work, Rachel Barrowman. 823.914 GEE
Maurice Gee is one of New Zealand's greatest fiction writers.
My life in ruins: from Petra to Glenrowan my adventures and misadventures in archaeology, Adam Ford. 930.1 FOR
Adam Ford is an archaeologist. Not only has he been on expeditions to unlock the mysteries of the past in the Caribbean, British Isles, Jordan, Syria, Israel, United Arab Emirates and Australia, he's also had heat stroke, hypothermia, and dysentery; been chased by camel spiders; walked on by scorpions and pestered by bugs big enough to ride.
One life: my mother's story, Kate Grenville. 306.8743 GEE
Born in 1912, Grenville’s mother trained as a pharmacist, married a solicitor who turned out to be a Trotskyite revolutionary, and twice started her own businesses while at the same time running a household. She was tough, and kind and worth knowing.
Our last best chance: the pursuit of peace in a time of peril, King Abdullah II. 956.9504 ABD
An autobiography viewing the author's early life, rise to the Jordanian throne, and the issues that he was compelled to address after becoming king.
Our zoo, June Mottershead. 590.73 MOT
When George Mottershead moved to the village of Upton-by-Chester in 1930 to realise his dream of opening a zoo without bars, his four-year-old daughter June had no idea how extraordinary her life would become.
Out of Orange: a memoir, Cleary Wolters. 364.177 WOL
The real-life Alex Vause from the show Orange Is the New Black tells her story in her own words for the first time — a powerful, surprising memoir about crime and punishment, friendship and marriage, and a life caught in the ruinous drug trade and beyond.
Runner: a short story about a long run, Lizzy Hawker. 796.42 HAW
From the school girl running the streets of London to breaking records on the world’s mountains and toughest races, Lizzy Hawker is an inspiration to anyone who would like to see how far they can go, running or not.
Shining: the story of a lucky man, Abdi Aden. 967.73 ADE
Abdi's world fell apart when he was only fifteen and Somalia's vicious civil war hit Mogadishu. Unable to find his family and effectively an orphan, he fled with some sixty others, heading to Kenya.
So that happened, Jon Cryer. 791.45028 CRY
Cryer charts his journey in show business, illuminating his many triumphs and some mis-steps along the way. Filled with exclusive behind-the-scenes anecdotes, Cryer offers his own perspective on Hollywood, the business at large, and the art of acting.
Spectacle: the astonishing life of Ota Benga, Pamela Newkirk. 967.51 BEN
Describes the cruelty and prevalent racial prejudice in early-twentieth-century America that resulted in a Congolese man being featured in an exhibit in the 1904 World's Fair and then displayed in the Monkey House of a New York zoo.
The angel and the cad: love, loss and scandal in regency England, Geraldine Roberts. 941.07 WEL
The day she turned 16, Catherine Tylney Long became the wealthiest heiress in England. Catherine was the most eligible of young ladies and was courted by royalty but, ignoring the warnings of her closest confidantes, she married for love. Her choice of husband was the charming but feckless dandy William Wellesley Pole, nephew of the Duke of Wellington.
The Chamberlains: Joseph, Austen and Neville 1836-1940, Roger Ward. 941.081 CHA
The fortunes of Francis Barber: the true story of the Jamaican slave who became Samuel Johnson's heir, Michael Bundock. 306.362 BAR
This compelling book chronicles a young boy's journey from the horrors of Jamaican slavery to the heart of London's literary world, and reveals the unlikely friendship that changed his life.
The girl with seven names: a North Korean defector's story, Hyeonseo Lee. 951.93 LEE
An extraordinary insight into the life under one of the world’s most ruthless and secretive dictatorships — and the story of one woman’s terrifying struggle to escape.
The good doctor: breaking the rules, making a difference, Lance O'Sullivan. 610.6952 OSU
The story of Lance and his wife Tracy who quit their day jobs to set up a ground-breaking practice in the Far North that offers free healthcare to the many who can't afford it.
The least likely man: Marshall Nirenberg and the discovery of the genetic code, Franklin H. Portugal. 576.5 NIR
In 1968, Nirenberg, an unassuming government scientist, shared the Nobel Prize for cracking the genetic code. He was the least likely man to make such an earth-shaking discovery, and yet he had gotten there before members of the scientific elite such as James Watson and Francis Crick.
The real Peter Pan: the tragic life of Michael Llewelyn Davies, Piers Dudgeon. 941.083 DAV
Michael Llewelyn Davies was the fourth of five brothers who provided the inspiration for J. M. Barrie's characters Peter Pan, the Lost Boys and the Darling brothers.
The Rose Hotel: a memoir of secrets, loss, and love from Iran to America, Rahimeh Andalibian. 305.488 AND
Andalibian tells the story of her family: their struggle to survive the 1979 revolution, their move to California, and their attempts to acculturate in the face of teenage rebellion, murder, addiction, and new traditions.
The strangest family: the private lives of George III, Queen Charlotte and the Hanoverians, Janice Hadlow. 941.073 GEO
An intensely moving account of George III's doomed attempt to create a happy, harmonious family, written with astonishing emotional force from a stunning new history writer.
Threads: the delicate life of John Craske, Julia Blackburn. 759.2 CRA
John Craske, a Norfok fisherman, was born in 1881. In 1923 he started making paintings of the sea and boats, and later, when he was too ill to stand and paint, he turned to embroidery.
We are here, Cat Thao Nguyen. 305.89592 NGU
The escape of Cat Thao's family from persecution traverses the horrific jungles of Khmer Rouge Cambodia and into the crowded refugee camps of Thailand.
Wilde in America: Oscar Wilde and the invention of modern celebrity, David M. Friedman. 822.8 WIL
Oscar Wilde was hired to go to America to promote a Gilbert & Sullivan work by presenting lectures on interior decorating. But Wilde had his own business plan. He would go to promote himself. And he did, traveling some 15,000 miles and visiting 150 American cities as he created a template for fame creation that still works today.
With a father like mine, M.O. Chamberlain. 362.292 CHA
A son's story of growing up, in a family struggling with addiction. It deals with elements universal to all families caught up in the cycle of addiction: an abiding sense of inadequacy, the attraction of substance abuse, the repetition of role model behaviour.
Woman rebel: the Margaret Sanger story, Peter Bagge. 613.943 SAN
Portrays the life of Margaret Sanger, a birth control activist and advocate for female reproductive rights, in graphic novel format.
Words without music: a memoir, Philip Glass. 780.92 GLA
A world-renowned composer of symphonies, operas, and film scores, Philip Glass has, almost single-handedly, crafted the dominant sound of late-twentieth-century classical music.
Worlds apart: a memoir, David Plante. 813.54 PLA
David Plante is an American writer who has lived in London for almost 50 years. This second volume of his memoirs covers the 1980s.

Business & Management

AgIdeas research: design for business. Volume 1, Ken Cato. 658.827 AGI
Business strategy: a guide to effective decision-making, Jeremy Kourdi. 658.401 KOU
This guide looks at the whole process of strategic decision-making, from vision, forecasting, and resource allocation, through to implementation and innovation.
Delivering successful strategic change, Doug Neilson. 658.401 NEI
Chief executives and senior managers can make a significant difference to strategic change outcomes when governance and leadership is done right. This book identifies the questions that need to be answered to provide assurance that the delivery of strategic change will be successful.
Developing resilient organizations: how to create an adaptive, high performance and engaged organization, Doug Strycharczyk. 658.406 STR
Doing business in the Middle East: a cultural and practical guide for all business professionals, Donna Marsh. 650 MAR
Get started with value proposition design: how to create products and services customers want, Alex Osterwalder. 658.812 OST
Getting (more of) what you want: how the secrets of economics & psychology can help you negotiate anything, in business & life, Margaret Ann Neale. 658.405 NEA
Holacracy: the revolutionary management system that abolishes hierarchy, Brian J. Robertson. 658.314 ROB
Leading digital strategy: driving business growth through effective e-commerce, Christopher Bones. 650.028 BON
Negotiating with backbone: eight sales strategies to defend your price and value, Reed K. Holden. 658.85 HOL
Passion into profit: how to make big money from who you are and what you know, Andy Harrington. 650.1 HAR
Your experiences in life, work or business both good and bad have gifted you a series of hugely valuable lessons. Discover how to monetise your knowledge, know-how or passion and get paid BIG money for sharing your advice.
Play the part: master body signals to connect and communicate for business success, Gina Barnett. 650.1 BAR
How to engage and persuade an audience.
The art of work: a proven path to discovering what you were meant to do, Jeff Goins. 331.702 GOI
Goins explains how to abandon the status quo and live a life that matters with true passion and purpose.
The perfection of the paper clip: curious tales of invention, accidental genius, and stationery obsession, James Ward. 651.2 WAR
From making correction fluid at home to the dark secrets of fluorescent ink, via pencil wars and moments of accidental genius: Ward leads a tour through the stationery cupboard.
The power playbook: rules for independence, money, and success, La La Anthony. 650.1 ANT


The league of regrettable superheroes: half-baked heroes from comic book history!, Jon Morris. 741.5 MOR
One hundred of the strangest superheroes ever to see print, complete with backstories, vintage art, and colourful commentary.

Civil Rights

Headscarves and hymens: why the Middle East needs a sexual revolution, Mona Eltahawy. 323.3 ELT
Eltahawy has prepared a definitive condemnation of the repressive forces — political, cultural, and religious — that reduce millions of women to second-class citizens.


Coding with Javascript for dummies, Chris Minnick. 005.133 JAV
Photo editing on the iPad for seniors: have fun and become a photo editing expert on your ipad. 771.4 PHO
Pro Android 5, Dave MacLean. 005.27 MCL
Pro Android 5 shows you how to build real-world and fun mobile apps using the Android 5.0 SDK.
Using Excel for business analysis: a guide to financial modelling fundamentals, Danielle Stein Fairhurst. 005.36 MIC

Crafts & Collecting

75 lace crochet motifs: traditional designs with a contemporary twist for the home, clothing & accessories, Caitlin Sainio. 746.434 SAI
A hot glue gun mess: funny stories, pretty DIY projects, Kate Albrecht. 745.5 ALD
Lifestyle blogger, YouTube star, and designer Mr. Kate (Kate Albrecht) offers a stunning collection of step-by-step personal style and home projects — woven in with quirkily hilarious stories and anecdotes.
Beautiful boxes: design and technique, Doug Stowe. 684.08 STO
Stowe shows how to design and build eight distinctive boxes, ranging from a Greene & Greene-style jewellery box to a "letter box" with sloping lid reminiscent of a Jefferson lap desk.
Beeswax alchemy: how to make your own candles, soap, balms, salves and home decor from the hive, Petra Ahnert. 638.1 AHN
Offers a basic introduction to the art of extracting and purifying beeswax, as well as countless ideas for what to make with it. These include skin care creams, candles, and other home products like beeswax ornaments and wax fabric.
Cabin fever: 20 modern log cabin quilts, Natalia Bonner. 746.46 BON
Don't be square — discover exciting log cabins in varied shapes and formations!
Colorwork knitting: 25 spectacular sweaters, hats, and accessories, Sarah E. White. 746.432 WHI
Complete guide to mosaic technique, Bonnie Fitzgerald. 738.5 FIT
Designer crochet: 32 patterns to elevate your style: sizes small to 5X, Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby. 746.434 MUL
Digital handmade: craftsmanship snd the new industrial revolution, Lucy Johnston. 745.2 JOH
80 artists, designers and artisans who combine the precision and flexibility of digital fabrication with the emotion and tactility of traditional master craft techniques, to create unexpected, beautiful and unique objects that could never have been conceived in the age of analogue alone.
Dreamy quilts: 14 timeless projects to welcome you home, Lydia Loretta Nelson. 746.46 NEL
Felt & fibre art: a practical guide to making beautiful felted artworks, Val Hughes. 746.0463 HUG
Fine woodworking small woodworking projects. 684.08 FIN
Projects range from boxes perfect for gift giving, to tools for the workshop, to items perfect for the home and they run the gamut from simple to elaborate.
Fine woodworking tables and chairs. 684.13 FIN
18 table and chair projects for the woodworker.
Flower crowns: 30 DIY floral creations, Christy Meisner Doramus. 745.92 DOR
Whether you're at a wedding, going out on the town or partying at a musical festival, the flower crowns in this book will make your outfit standout for any occasion.
For keeps: meaningful patchwork for everyday living, Amy Gibson. 746.46 GIB
Garden projects: 25 easy-to-build wood structures & ornaments, Roger Marshall. 690.89 MAR
Geek knits: over 30 projects for fantasy fanatics, science fiction fiends, and knitting nerds, Toni Carr. 746.432 CAR
Handmade interiors. 646.21 HAN
A comprehensive guide to soft furnishings and home sewing projects on the market. Handmade Interiors leads you through sewing projects such as how to sew curtains, a cushion cover or a Roman blind using step-by-step instructions and images.
I felt a bit festive: create crazy caricatures from needle-felted wool, Carol Rowan. 746.0463 ROW
I love paper: paper-cutting techniques and templates for amazing toys, sculptures, props, and costumes, Fideli Sundqvist. 736.98 SUN
Fall in love with the whimsical world of paper crafting and explore the never-ending possibilities of handmade paper art with this book. With a comprehensive introduction to various basic techniques, the text contains lots of tips, ideas and step-by-step instructions.
Interweave favorites. Simply modern lace: 20 knit projects. 746.432 INT
Knit scarves & shawls now. 746.432 KNI
Discover over 40 fresh new designs for scarves, shawls, capelets, wraps and cowls that will add excitement to any wardrobe.
Knits for boys: 27 patterns for little men + grow-with-me tips & tricks, Kate Oates. 746.432 OAT
Boys love to be knitted for too! With the designs in this book, you will have fun creating stylish knits that the boys in your life will be excited to wear.
Knitting fresh brioche: creating two-color twists & turns, Nancy Marchant. 746.432 MAR
Features a brioche knitting expert who takes this versatile stitch, which creates a luxurious, reversible ribbed fabric, to a new level. In this collection, she works brioche in two colours, forming graceful, undulating textures with increases and decreases.
Laminated wood art made easy: the full-stripe pattern, Stephen Carey. 684.08 CAR
Mixed-media master class with Sherrill Kahn: 50+ surface-design techniques for fabric & paper. 702.81 KAH
Explores more than 50 fun and inventive surface design techniques using easy-to-find supplies. Lots of exciting new ways to use paints, inks, resists, stamps, markers, and much more.
Oh joy!: 60 ways to create & give joy, Joy Cho. 745.5 CHO
A guide to help anyone bring joy and whimsy into their lives with stylish projects, from home decor to food to fashion.
Paper cutting: 20 projects for friends to make, Claire Culley. 736.98 CUL
Paracord jewelry: 35 stylish projects using traditional knotting techniques, Linda Peterson. 745.594 PET
Ribbonwork flowers: 132 garden embellishments, beautiful designs for flowers, leaves & more, Christen Brown. 746.0476 BRO
Soft furnishings, Wendy Shorter. 646.21 SHO
All the soft furnishing techniques you will ever need to know.
The Flower Appreciation Society: an A to Z of all things floral, Anna Day. 745.92 DAY
The new quilter: the complete guide to all the techniques, Jessica Alexandrakis. 746.46 ALE
Sewn together: 25 fun projects to sew with kids, Jenny Doh. 646.2 DOH
From a whimsical plush fox doll that's easy to stitch by hand to a chic machine-sewn applique skirt, here are playful, contemporary projects for kids ages 6 to 12.
Wild things: funky little clothes to sew, Kirsty Hartley. 646.406 HAR
The Wild Things Funky Little Dresses clothing range brings exciting and mythical clothing to your child's wardrobe; now you can make your own everyday play clothes to bring to life.

Crime & Espionage

90 Church: inside America's notorious first narcotics squad, Dean Unkefer. 363.45 UNK
Arms and the dudes: how three stoners from Miami Beach became the most unlikely gunrunners in history, Guy Lawson. 364.133 LAW
Dancing with death: the true story of a glamorous showgirl, her wealthy husband, and a horrifying murder, Shanna Hogan. 364.1523 HOG
Describes how Marjorie Orbin, a stripper turned suburban housewife with a sordid past that included a drug habit and alleged ties to the New York mafia, murdered and dismembered her seventh husband, Jay, a successful art dealer.
Deadly little secrets: the minister, his mistress, and a heartless Texas murder, Kathryn Casey. 364.1523 CAS
Deliver us: three decades of murder and redemption in the infamous I-45 Texas killing fields, Kathryn Casey. 364.1523 CAS
A riveting account of the brutal murders of young women in the I-45/Texas Killing Fields.
Love of blood: the true story of notorious serial killer Joanne Dennehy, Christopher Berry-Dee. 364.1523 DEN
Marching powder: a true story of friendship, cocaine and South America's strangest jail, Rusty Young. 365.984 YOU
ZeroZeroZero, Roberto Saviano. 363.45 SAV
Saviano investigates the evolution of cocaine trafficking, from Mexican drug cartels to money laundering through Wall Street and the City of London.
The last soldiers of the Cold War: the story of the Cuban Five, Fernando Morais. 327.7291 MOR
Here is the story of political prisoners finally freed in December 2014, after being held captive by the United States since the late 1990s.
The new spymasters: inside espionage from the Cold War to global terror, Stephen Grey. 327.12 GRE
The spy's son: the true story of the highest-ranking CIA officer ever convicted of espionage and the son he trained to spy for Russia, Bryan Denson. 327.12 NIC
By day, he taught spycraft at the CIA's clandestine training center, The Farm. By night, he was a minivan-driving single father racing home to have dinner with his kids.


All day long: a portrait of Britain at work, Joanna Biggs. 331.11 BIG
Black horse ride: the inside story of Lloyds and the banking crisis, Ivan Fallon. 332.12 FAL
Dealing with China: an insider unmasks the new economic superpower, Henry M. Paulson. 330.951 PAU
House of debt: how they (and you) caused the Great Recession, and how we can prevent it from happening again, Atif Mian. 330.973 MIA
Inequality: what can be done?, Anthony B. Atkinson. 339.2 ATK
The doyen of inequality economics in the UK makes an urgent call for political intervention in an economy that favours the rich.
Misbehaving: how economics became behavioural, Richard H. Thaler. 330 THA
Out of sight: the long and disturbing story of corporations outsourcing catastrophe, Erik Loomis. 338.6 LOO
A new analysis of labour and environmental harm in the age of globalisation.
Rise of the robots: technology and the threat of a jobless future, Martin Ford. 331.137 FOR
Shadow work: the unpaid, unseen jobs that fill your day, Craig Lambert. 331 LAM
Examines the growing number of unpaid tasks that people do on behalf of businesses or organisations as a result of new technology and growing personnel costs, as well as the effect of this trend on personal leisure, consumer experience, and society.
Something will turn up: Britain's economy, past, present and future, David Smith. 330.941 SMI
Take charge of your money now: the no.1 DIY financial freedom plan, Stephen Parr. 332.024 PAR
What if there was a way to discover the secrets and strategies that successful people use to achieve wealth.
The Cambridge economic history of Australia, Simon Ville. 338.994 CAM
The FIRE economy, Jane Kelsey. 338.993 KEL
The FIRE economy — finance, insurance and real estate — is now the world's principal source of wealth creation. Its rise has transformed our political, economic and social landscapes.
The forgotten depression: 1921, the crash that cured itself, James Grant. 330.973 GRA
The little big number: how GDP came to rule the world and what to do about it, Dirk Philipsen. 339.3 PHI
Under the bus: how working women are being run over, Caroline Fredrickson. 331.4 FRE
Who cooked Adam Smith's dinner?: a story about women and economics, Katrine Marcal. 330.12 MAR
A feminist critique of new-liberalism. How do you get your dinner? That is the basic question of economics. It might seem easy, but it is actually very complicated.


A practical introduction to in-depth interviewing, Alan Morris. 001.4 MOR
Between the profession and the state: a history of the New Zealand Teachers Council = Ki waenga i te umanga whakaako me te kawanatanga: he kupu tuku iho a te Pouherenga Kaiako o Aotearoa, Noeline Alcorn. 379.1 ALC
In defense of a liberal education, Fareed Zakaria. 370.112 ZAK
It's the student, not the college: the secrets of succeeding at any school without going broke or crazy, Kristin M. White. 378.16 WHI
The rhetoric and the reality: New Zealand schools and schooling in the 21st century, David Hood. 373.93 HOO


Electronics workshop companion for hobbyists, Stan Gibilisco. 621.381 GIB
Gibilisco shows you, step by step, how to set up a home workshop so you can invent, design, build, test, and repair electronic circuits and gadgets.
Losing the signal: the untold story behind the extraordinary rise and spectacular fall of BlackBerry, Jacquie McNish. 621.38456 MCN
Samsung Galaxy S6 for dummies, Bill Hughes. 621.38456 HUG
This extensive yet practical guide walks you through the most useful features of your new Samsung Galaxy S6 and it shows you all the best tricks to getting the most out of your device.
Solar PV off-grid power: how to build solar PV energy systems for stand alone LED lighting, cameras, electronics, and remote communication power systems, Christopher Kinkaid. 621.47 KIN


Building simple model steam engines. Book 2, Tubal Cain. 621.16 CAI
Engineers, John Farndon. 620.0092 FAR
Presents a history of the world's most prominent and revolutionary engineers, discussing their key feats and major breakthroughs, from Archimedes and Leonardo da Vinci to Henry Ford and the Wright brothers.
Solar PV powered UV water treatment: how to solar power UV water sterilising systems for drinking water onsite, Christopher Kinkaid. 628.162 KIN
Solar PV water pumping: how to build solar PV powered water pumping systems for deep wells, ponds, creeks, lakes, and streams, Christopher Kinkaid. 628.14 KIN


At war with nature: corporate conservation and the industry of extinction, W.F. Benfield. 632.95 BEN
This is a book about how the destruction of one of the world’s most unique, ancient and unspoiled wilderness areas has led to the growth of an international industry eradicating animals and plants which have been deemed to be "invasive."
Don't trust, don't fear, don't beg: the extraordinary story of the Arctic 30, Ben Stewart. 363.7382 STE
A work of narrative nonfiction about the thirty Greenpeace activists thrown into Russia’s vicious prison system — and the fight to get them out.


A table in the orchard: my delicious life, Michelle Crawford. 630.994 CRA
"I dreamed of a rambling old farmhouse where I could grow my own food, learn how to bake cakes and make jam. I wanted to wear gumboots. Every day."
Kereru Station: two sisters' legacy, Mary Shanahan. 636.301 SHA
A book that documents the history of Kereru Station in Hawke's Bay.
The new livestock farmer: the business of raising and selling ethical meat, Rebecca Thistlethwaite. 636 THI


Designers on Instagram: #fashion, Council of Fashion Designers of America. 746.92 DES
An original collection of the best Instagram photography from the biggest names in American fashion.
Everyday makeup secrets, Daniel Klingler. 646.72 KLI
Shows readers how to achieve everyday looks using reasonably priced makeup. Ideal for any age range, skin type, or skin colour, this book features large, full-colour photos showing step-by-step application for lips, cheeks, and eyes.
Front Roe: how to be the leading lady in your own life, Louise Roe. 646.7 ROE
Louise's inspiring collection of killer fashion advice, beauty tricks, and lifestyle ideas from around the world is a fast-track to looking and feeling infinitely more positive about your mind, body, face, closet, and home.
Health & beauty tips: for women aged between 60 & 80, Margaret Woodberry. 646.7 WOO
The art of hair: the ultimate DIY guide to braids, buns, curls, and more, Rubi Jones. 646.724 JON
Romantic fishtail braids, sleek and minimalist braided ponytails, deliberately messy topknots, glamorous '40s waves.
The glam guide, Fleur de Force. 646.7 FOR
Fleur shares all of her secrets and discoveries so whether you're looking for makeup tips, wardrobe cheats, first-date pointers or healthy lifestyle motivation, this is the book for you.
Vivienne Westwood, Matteo Guarnaccia. 746.92 WES

Film, Television & Theatre

Australia & New Zealand. 2, Ben Goldsmith. 791.430994 AUS
It features film recommendations from a range of genres for those interested in watching more cinema from this region. It contains over 100 new film reviews with full colour film stills.
Funny on purpose: the definitive guide to an unpredictable career in comedy: standup, improv, sketch, TV, writing, directing, YouTube, Joe Randazzo. 808.7 RAN
Great Shakespeare actors: Burbage to Branagh, Stanley Wells. 792.028 WEL
Hitchcock lost and found: the forgotten films, Alain Kerzoncuf. 791.43023 HIT
Stars and wars: the film memoirs and photographs of Alan Tomkins, Gareth Owen. 791.43023 TOM
Alan Tomkins reveals his unpublished film artwork and behind-the-scenes photographs from an acclaimed career that spanned over fifty years in both British and Hollywood cinema.
The dawn of Technicolor: 1915-1935, James Layton. 791.4309 LAY
The road to Marvel's Avengers, age of Ultron: the art of the Marvel cinematic universe, Jess Harrold. 791.437 ROA
The scientific secrets of Doctor Who, Simon Guerrier. 791.457 GUE
Where snowflakes dance and swear: inside the land of ballet, Stephen Manes. 792.8 MAN
This book takes you behind the scenes to reveal how ballet really happens.

Food & Wine

101 BBQ and grill recipes: mouthwatering ways to flame-grill, smoke, and sizzle, Dan Vaux-Nobes. 641.578 ONE
A girl and her greens: hearty meals from the garden, April Bloomfield. 641.65 BLO
This book is packed with tantalising and flavoursome recipes for hearty food where vegetables truly take centre stage.
A lot on her plate: a new way to cook for two, a few or plenty, Rosie Birkett. 641.5 BIR
Modern recipes perfect for entertaining, from a small dinner for three, to a larger crowd-pleasing affair.
Anatolia: adventures in Turkish cooking, Somer Sivrioglu. 641.59561 SIV
At home in the whole food kitchen: celebrating the art of eating well, Amy Chaplin. 641.5636 CHA
Caribbean modern: recipes from the rum islands, Shivi Ramoutar. 641.59729 RAM
The recipes are a wonderful melting pot of flavours: traditional Coconut Chicken Rundown sits alongside Red Bean and Spinach Mac 'n' Cheese and Baked Eggs Creole.
Casseroles & curries. 641.821 CAS
This bumper book includes over 200 recipes with do-ahead tips to make preparation easy, hints on how to freeze any leftovers and even accompaniment suggestions, all aimed at making meal-time simple.
Chinatown kitchen: from noodles to nuoc cham: delicious dishes from Southeast Asian ingredients, Lizzie Mabbott. 641.5959 MAB
Mabbott identifies key ingredients, explains the differences between the 77 types of noodles and tells you how to use them.
Complete food safari: delicious adventures through 44 cuisines, Maeve O'Meara. 641.59 OME
Take a trip around the world to cook with exotic ingredients from thirty-four different cuisines.
Courtyard kitchen: recipes and growing tips for herbs and potted fruits, Natalie Boog. 641.657 BOO
Easy weeknight meals: simple, healthy, delicious recipes, Nadia Lim. 641.555 LIM
Here is the solution to every cook's weeknight dilemma — what to cook tonight? Delicious, simple-to-follow, nutritious recipes that your family and friends will love from the My Food Bag team and Nadia Lim.
Eat the week: every meal, every day, Anna Barnett. 641.5 BAR
Taking you from Monday through to Sunday, breakfast through to dessert, Eat the Week will take the hassle out of food shopping and meal planning and put the fun back into your week.
Free-from desserts: pies, puddings & ice creams all without dairy, wheat & gluten, Julia Thomas. 641.86 THO
Fried chicken & friends: the Hartsyard family cookbook, Gregory Llewelyn. 641.5973 LLE
A collection of down-home American-inspired recipes, including the ultimate buttermilk fried chicken, as well as aperol sours, oyster po' boys, waffles with bacon and maple syrup, and all the other delicious things that go with it.
Get your bake on: sweet and savory recipes from my home to yours, Brian Emmett. 641.815 EMM
Healthy cookbook for two: 175 simple, delicious recipes to enjoy cooking for two. 641.561 HEA
Homemade for sale: how to set up and market a food business from your home kitchen, Lisa Kivirist. 664 KIV
Kitchen mojo: 120 + easy recipes to sink your teeth into, Paul Mercurio. 641.5 MER
Low fructose: 100 recipes to calm the stomach, Anne Kamp. 641.5638 KAM
Meal in a mug: all you need is a mug and a microwave: 80 fast, easy recipes for hungry people, Denise Smart. 641.588 SMA
My street food kitchen: fast and easy flavours from around the world, Jennifer Joyce. 641.59 JOY
Naked cakes: simply beautiful handmade creations, Lyndel Miller. 641.8653 MIL
One helping: recipes from New Zealand's chefs to help those enslaved by human trafficking, TEAR Fund New Zealand. 641.552 ONE
This cookbook has recipes all 75 cents or less per helping. It’s packed full of creative dishes from top Kiwi chefs including Ray McVinnie, Annabel Langbein, Julie Le Clerc Simon Gault, Nadia Lim, and Dr. Libby Weaver.
Out of the pod: delicious recipes that bring the best out of beans, lentils and other legumes, Vicky Jones. 641.6565 JON
RHS red hot chilli grower: the complete guide to planting, picking and preserving chillies, Kay Maguire. 641.3384 MAG
Slow cooker central, Paulene Christie. 641.588 CHR
A collection of dishes that have been created and shared by Paulene and this passionate network of slow cooker devotees proving just how deliciously easy and versatile this style of cooking can be.
Superlegumes: eat your way to great health, Chrissy Freer. 641.6565 FRE
With over 90 recipes and packed with information on nutrition and cooking tips, superlegumes dispels the myth that beans, pulses and legumes make for stodgy food. Here are fresh, healthy, easy vegetarian, meat and fish based recipes, for every meal and every season.
T2: the book, Maryanne Shearer. 641.337 SHE
Shearer brings you T2’s playful and hip take on tea from leaf to cup: how to pick, process, brew, drink and share.
The BBQ companion: 180+ barbecue recipes from around the world, Ben O'Donoghue. 641.578 ODO
The Dumpling sisters cookbook: over 100 favourite recipes from a Chinese family kitchen, Amy Zhang. 641.5951 ZHA
The French baker, Jean Michel Raynaud. 641.865 RAY
The 95 sweet and savoury recipes of biscuits, cakes, tarts, pastries and breads also include the lesser-known French favourites, many from the south of France, where Raynaud was born.
The green kitchen: delicious and healthy vegetarian recipes for every day, David Frankiel. 641.5636 FRE
The housekeeper's tale: the women who really ran the English country house, Tessa Boase. 640.46 BOA
Working as a housekeeper was one of the most prestigious jobs a nineteenth and early twentieth century woman could want and also one of the toughest. The book reveals the personal sacrifices, bitter disputes and driving ambition that shaped these women's careers.
The royal touch: simply stunning home cooking from a former royal chef, Carolyn Robb. 641.5 ROB
Robb, former personal chef to TRH The Prince and Princess of Wales, Prince William and Prince Harry, presents the food that she loves to serve to her family and friends; food that is fit for a king, yet is accessible to us all.
Too good to share: cooking for one: 130 clever recipe solutions: one core ingredient, two delicious meals, Sam Stern. 641.561 STE
Well fed, flat broke: recipes for modest budgets and messy kitchens, Emily Wight. 641.552 WIG
What can I cook tonight?. 641.54 WHA
Home cooks will be inspired with these quick and easy family-friendly meals — perfect for busy weeknights.
Whole food slow cooked: 100 recipes for the slow cooker or stovetop, Olivia Andrews. 641.588 AND

Gardens and Gardening

A natural history of English gardening: 1650-1800, Mark Laird. 635.0942 LAI
Building soil: a down-to-earth approach: natural solutions for better gardens and yards, Elizabeth Murphy. 631.4 MUR
Edible perennial gardening: growing successful polycultures in small spaces, Anni Kelsey. 635 KEL
Packed full of Kelsey's favourite tasty edible perennials. With explanations of how to source and propagate different vegetables, which plants work well together and plants suited to different environments.
Essential perennials for every garden: selection, care, and profiles to over 110 easy-care plants, Sally Roth. 635.932 ROT
First ladies of gardening: pioneers, designers and dreamers, Heidi Howcroft. 635.092 HOW
This book introduces the "grandes dames" of contemporary English garden design and includes the great names of the garden world which have emerged since the 1950s, from Vita Sackville-West and Beth Chatto to Beatrix Havergal.
Gardening on a shoestring: 100 ways to create a garden on a budget, Alex Mitchell. 635 MIT
Grow a living wall: create vertical gardens with purpose: pollinators, herbs & veggies, aromatherapy, many more, Shawna Coronado. 635 COR
Growing vegetables, herbs & fruit: a step-by-step guide to kitchen and allotment gardening with 1400 photographs, Richard Bird. 635 BIR
My tiny veg plot: grow your own in surprisingly small spaces, Lia Leendertz. 635 LEE
RHS plants from pips: pots of plants for the whole family to enjoy, Holly Farrell. 635 FAR
An easy and fun introduction to gardening for adults and children alike, showing the reader how to grow plants from pips, seeds, and stones that are usually thrown away in kitchen waste to create a kitchen garden of their own
Small space, big harvest, Jennifer Wilkinson. 635 SMA
An innovative Australian guide to maximising even the smallest spaces for a bountiful harvest. Full of a multitude of inspirational ideas, from growing your own strawberries in a colander hanging-basket, to creating a climbing cucumber trellis using old bicycle wheels.
The English garden at night, Linda Rutenberg. 712.0942 RUT
This title features images that capture an astonishing world hidden from plain sight. It intends to reveal a luminous landscape of plants, colours, shadows and light.
The good gardener: expert advice for every garden from the National Trust, Simon Akeroyd. 635 AKE
Explains traditional skills tried and tested by generations of National Trust gardeners, including expert advice from the head gardeners at world-famous Hidcote, Sissinghurst and Stourhead, and reinterprets them for the modern garden large and small.
The indestructible houseplant: 200 beautiful plants that everyone can grow, Tovah Martin. 635.965 MAR
The Irish garden, Jane Powers. 712.609415 POW
Covers over fifty of the most beautiful gardens in both the Republic and Northern Ireland.
The nonstop color garden: design flowering landscapes and gardens for year-round enjoyment, Nellie Neal. 712.6 NEA
The plant lover's guide to asters, Paul Picton. 635.93 AST
The plant lover's guide to epimediums, Sally Gregson. 635.93 EPI
The plant lover's guide to ferns, Richie Steffen. 635.9373 STE
The plant lover's guide to tulips, Richard Wilford. 635.93 TUL
Will Bonsall's essential guide to radical, self-reliant gardening: innovative techniques for growing vegetables, grains, and perennial food crops with minimal fossil fuel and animal inputs, Will Bonsall. 635 BON

Generalities and the Unknown

Secret history: conspiracies from ancient aliens to the new world order, Nick Redfern. 001.9 RED
From the dawn of civilisation to the 21st century, from ancient aliens to the New World Order, Secret History examines, explores and uncovers the hidden, overlooked and buried history of mankind.

Health & Medicine

Aging safely in your home, Yvonne Poulin. 720.8 POU
You need not move to live gracefully and safely as you age. A respected author taps into expertise on how your home can be modestly renovated to ease the physical challenges and provide a great quality of life in a familiar surrounding.
Aspertools: the practical guide for understanding and embracing Asperger's, autism spectrum disorders, and neurodiversity, Harold S. Reitman. 616.8588 REI
Bush nurses, Annabelle Brayley. 610.734 BUS
It takes something special to be a bush nurse working in rural and remote Australia. You'll be amazed at the strength of character and the skill of these nurses who are the backbone of medical practice in rural and remote Australia.
Cancer survivorship coping tools: we'll get you through this: tools for cancer's emotional pain from a melanoma and breast cancer survivor, Barbara Tako. 616.994 TAK
Codependency for dummies, Darlene Lancer. 616.689 LAN
Are you trapped in the cycle of codependency? Lancer explains the symptoms, causes, and relationship dynamics of codependency and how you can set yourself on a clear path to recovery.
Communicating across dementia, Stephen Miller. 362.19683 MIL
If someone close to you has dementia you will know that communication gradually becomes more difficult and at times frustrating. This book explains why this happens and how you have to rethink your whole approach by making key changes to the way you communicate.
Fat is a feminist issue: the anti-diet guide ; Fat is a feminist issue II: conquering compulsive eating, Susie Orbach. 616.39808 ORB
Reflecting on our diet and body obsessed society, this work provides an introduction that explains how generations of women and girls are growing up absorbing the eating anxieties around them. Exploring our love/hate relationship with food, it describes how fat is about so much more than food.
Fight Alzheimer's with vitamins and antioxidants, Kedar N. Prasad. 616.831 PRA
Growing older without growing old: on vitality and ageing, Rudi Westendorp. 613.0438 WES
Gut: the inside story of our body's most under-rated organ, Giulia Enders. 612.3 END
Healthy body: balance your hormones and shred fat for life, Sally Matterson. 613.71 MAT
Once you understand the hormonal rules that govern your body you will become the master of your physique and the controller of your body.
Healthy brain, happy life: a personal program to activate your brain and do everything better, Wendy Suzuki. 612.82 SUZ
Suzuki interweaves her personal story with groundbreaking research in the neurosciences, and offers practical, short exercises 4 minute Brain Hacks to engage your mind and improve your memory, your ability to learn new skills, and function more efficiently.
Healthy pregnancy from A to Z: an expectant parent's guide to wellness: pregnancy is a grand adventure that is about to begin, Irina Webster. 618.24 WEB
It's all in your head: true stories of imaginary illness, Suzanne O'Sullivan. 616 OSU
Making the cut: a surgeon's stories of life on the edge, Mohamed Khadra. 617.092 KHA
Mum, I wish I was dead: the story of a teenager who conquered depression, Adam Schwartz. 616.8527 SCH
Naked at lunch: a reluctant nudist's adventures in the clothing-optional world, Mark Haskell Smith. 613.19 SMI
An open-minded writer drops his skivvies at various locations around the world in an amusing and earnest attempt to understand the appeal of nudism.
Nurses of the outback: 15 amazing lives in remote area nursing, Annabelle Brayley. 610.734 BRA
Taking charge of your fertility: the definitive guide to natural birth control, pregnancy achievement, and reproductive health, Toni Weschler. 613.943 WES
Offers a natural alternative to ineffective procedures and a biologically proven method of fertility control for avoiding or achieving pregnancy.
Ten pathways to death and disaster: learning from fatal incidents in mines and other high hazard workplaces, Michael Quinlan. 363.11 QUI
The Baker IDI healthy cholesterol diet and lifestyle plan, Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute. 613.28 BAK
The better man project: 2,476 tips and techniques that will flatten your belly, sharpen your mind, and keep you healthy and happy for life!, Bill Phillips. 613.0423 PHI
The ultimate handbook for any man who wants to live longer and, just as importantly, better.
The bipolar workbook: tools for controlling your mood swings, Monica Ramirez Basco. 616.895 BAS
The cancer recovery guide, Kerryn Phelps. 616.994 PHE
A comprehensive, clear and compassionate guide for cancer patients and their families and carers.
The complete CBT guide for depression and low mood, Lee Brosan. 616.8527 COM
The everything guide to anatomy and physiology: all you need to know about how the human body works, Kevin Langford. 612 LAN
The exhaustion breakthrough: unmask the hidden reasons you're tired and beat fatigue for good, Holly Phillips. 613.79 PHI
This guide will help readers understand their exhaustion, rule out any underlying illnesses, correct any allergies or hormonal issues that may be contributing to extreme tiredness.
The hearing-loss guide: useful information and advice for patients and families, John M. Burkey. 617.8 BUR
The man plan, Adam MacDougall. 613.0423 MCD
It is targeted at men in particular and those who have become complacent about their health and confused by the inundation of messages about fad diets and fitness plans while the Western world battle a burgeoning obesity epidemic.
The mindful mother: a practical and spiritual guide to enjoying pregnancy, birth and beyond with mindfulness, Naomi Chunilal. 306.8743 CHU
Chunilal shows you how clear and simple meditation and self-development practices based on Buddhist and yogic philosophy can help cultivate a daily practice of mindfulness, which will enable you to be more present.
The mysterious world of the human genome, Frank Ryan. 611.018 RYA
Ryan leads us through scientific discoveries of the last 50 years, revealing how this science has unlocked the cure of some genetic diseases, developed the use of DNA in forensic science and paternity testing, helped us trace our ancestors and provided a definitive map for the movement of humans out of Africa.
The no-more-excuses guide to yoga: because yoga is for every body, Kara-Leah Grant. 181 GRA
The pain cure: the Yass method for diagnosing and resolving chronic pain, Mitchell Yass. 616.047 YAS
Yoga girl: finding happiness, cultivating balance and living with your heart wide open, Rachel Brathen. 613.7046 BRA

History, Geography & Travel

1920: the year that made the decade roar, Eric Burns. 973.913 BUR
25 royal babies that changed the world: a history, 1066 to the present, Amy Licence. 941 LIC
A work of beauty: Alexander McCall Smith's Edinburgh. 941.34 SMI
Alexander McCall Smith curates his own distinctive story of Edinburgh combining his affectionate, incisive wit with a wealth of stunning imagery drawn from Scotland's national collection of architecture and archaeology.
Agents of empire: knights, corsairs, Jesuits and spies in the sixteenth-century Mediterranean world, Noel Malcolm. 940.23 MAL
Describes the paths taken through the eastern Mediterranean and its European hinterland by members of a Venetian-Albanian family. They include an archbishop in the Balkans, the captain of the papal flagship at the Battle of Lepanto, the power behind the throne in the Ottoman province of Moldavia, and a dragoman at the Venetian embassy in Istanbul.
Belfast '69: bombs, burnings and bigotry, Andrew Walsh. 941.67 WAL
Belfast, August 1969. A campaign for civil rights in Northern Ireland degenerates into intercommunal violence as centuries of mistrust, animosity, and blatant sectarianism come to a shuddering head.
Buy me the sky: the remarkable truth of China's one-child generations, Xinran. 951.05 ZIN
Xinran tells the remarkable stories of men and women born in China after 1979 the recent generations raised under China's single-child policy.
China's forgotten people: Xinjiang, terror and the Chinese state, Nick Holdstock. 951 HOL
One of the few Western commentators to have lived in the region, journalist Nick Holdstock travels into the heart of the province reveals the Uyghur story as one of repression and hardship.
CultureShock! Japan: a survival guide to customs and etiquette, P. Sean Bramble. 952 BRA
CultureShock! Korea: a survival guide to customs and etiquette, Sonja Vegdahl. 951.9 VEG
Daughters of the samurai: a journey from East to West and back, Janice P. Nimura. 952.031 NIM
In 1871, five young girls were sent by the Japanese government to the United States. Their mission: learn Western ways and return to help nurture a new generation of enlightened men to lead Japan.
Dreamstreets: a journey through Britain's village utopias, Jacqueline Yallop. 941 YAL
East Africa, Anthony Ham. 967.6 HAM
Lonely Planet Guidebook.
Egypt, Anthony Sattin. 962 SAT
Lonely Planet Guidebook.
Expat the easy way: live and work successfully wherever you are, Marinda Seisenberger. 910.2 SEI
This book looks at the key dos and don'ts of living and working abroad.
Harry Mount's odyssey: ancient Greece in the footsteps of Odysseus, Harry Mount. 949.5 MOU
Harry Mount tells the story of ancient Greece while on the trail of its greatest son, Odysseus.
Hungary, Barbara Olszanska. 943.9 OLS
DK Eyewitness Travel Guide.
Israel: a history, Anita Shapira. 956.94 SHA
Jordan, Jenny Walker. 956.95 WAL
Lonely Planet Guidebook.
Kyrgyzstan: the Bradt travel guide, Laurence Mitchell. 958.43 MIT
London overground: a day's walk around the Ginger Line, Iain Sinclair. 942.1 SIN
This bookguides you on a tour of London's trendiest new transport network and shows the shifting, changing city from new and surprising angles.
Magna Carta and all that: a guide to the Magna Carta and life in England in 1215, Rod Green. 942.033 GRE
Maine to Greenland: exploring the maritime far northeast, William W. Fitzhugh. 971.5 FIT
An in-depth treatment of the Northeast Atlantic corridor. Today green technology, climate change, and the opening of the Arctic Ocean have transformed the area from an icy frontier into a global resource zone and an increasingly integrated international crossroads.
Mauritius, Andreas Habermeyer. 969.82 MAU
Cool Escapes Guidebook.
Midnight's furies: the deadly legacy of India's partition, Nisid Hajari. 954.04 HAJ
Describes how a cycle of rioting and violence leading up to the partition of India and birth of Pakistan resulted in brutal and widespread ethnic cleansing on both sides of the border, creating a divide between India and Pakistan that persists decades later.
Nordicana: 100 icons of Scandi culture & Nordic cool, Kajsa Kinsella. 948 KIN
A celebration of all things Nordicana.
On a wing and a prayer: one woman's adventure into the heart of the rainforest, Sarah Woods. 972.87 WOO
As a young child, Sarah Woods imagined going on epic voyages to exotic, illusory lands filled with bizarre creatures, intoxicating rhythms, vibrant colours and other-worldly forests. As soon as she was old enough she packed a bag and set off to see the world for real, leaving friends and family behind to fulfil her childhood dreams.
Once upon a time in Russia: the rise of the oligarchs and the greatest wealth in history, Ben Mezrich. 947.086 MEZ
Pacific atlas: a political, historical & cultural atlas of Australia, New Zealand & the Pacific Islands, Michael L. Vidulich. 996 VID
Paris, Serge Ramelli. 944.36 RAM
Pirate hunters: treasure, obsession, and the search for a legendary pirate ship, Robert Kurson. 910.45 KUR
'Pirate Hunters' is a gripping account of two courageous divers' quest to uncover the shipwrecked vessel of Joseph Bannister, one of history's most infamous pirates.
Rakaia: our history, Janine Irvine. 993.86 IRV
See San Francisco: through the lens of SFGirlbyBay, Victoria Smith. 979.461 SMI
Presents the special colourfulness of San Francisco through a series of photographs, depicting shops, markets, flowers, street art, historical buildings, parkland, and the shore line.
Squirting milk at chameleons: an accidental African, Simon Fenton. 966.3 FEN
The tale of an Englishman making a life for himself in Senegal.
The audacious crimes of Colonel Blood: the spy who stole the crown jewels & became the King's secret agent, Robert Hutchinson. 941.066 HUT
Thomas Blood attempted to steal the Crown Jewels from the Tower of London in 1671, escaping with St Edward's crown and the coronation regalia hidden in the breeches of his accomplices. When he was arrested, he happily acknowledged that the outrage 'was a gallant attempt that failed but it was for a crown'.
The big trip: your ultimate guide to gap years and overseas adventures. 910.2 BIG
Guides and instructs readers on preparing for overseas travel, with information on volunteer organisations, job opportunities for international travellers, education courses, and foreign festivals.
The full catastrophe: travels among the new Greek ruins, James Angelos. 949.507 ANG
A transporting, good-humoured, and revealing account of Greece's dire troubles, reported from the mountain villages, idyllic islands, and hardscrabble streets that define the country today.
The Gallaghers of Cronadun, Kathleen Gallagher. 929.2 GAL
The story of James and Sheila Gallagher and their descendants.
The Hundred Years War: a people's history, David Green. 944.025 GRE
Green focuses on the ways the war affected different groups, among them knights, clerics, women, peasants, soldiers, peacemakers, and kings. He also explores how the long war altered governance in England and France and reshaped peoples' perceptions of themselves and of their national character.
The Oregon Trail: a new American journey, Rinker Buck. 978 BUC
Buck's epic account of traveling the length of the Oregon Trail the old-fashioned way in a covered wagon with a team of mules, an audacious journey that hasn't been attempted in a century tells the rich history of the trail, the people who made the migration, and its significance to the country.
The Queen and Mrs Thatcher: an inconvenient relationship, Dean Palmer. 941.0858 PAL
The story of how the two most powerful women in Britain at the time met and disliked each other on sight. For over a decade they quietly waged a war against each other on both a personal and political stage, disagreeing on key issues.
The savage shore: extraordinary stories of survival and tragedy from the early voyages of discovery to Australia, Graham Seal. 994.01 SEA
The Scottish islands: the bestselling guide to every Scottish island, Hamish Haswell-Smith. 941.1 HAS
Offers detailed information and maps on every Scottish island. With the author's own paintings liberally illustrating it, this guide takes you everywhere, whether by armchair or yacht.
The steel bonnets: the story of the Anglo-Scottish border reivers, George MacDonald Fraser. 941.37 FRA
The Storys of Abdy Farm: Yorkshire to New Zealand, Glenys Ellison. 929.2 STO
The story of William and Sarah Story and their descendants.
The villa at the edge of the empire: one hundred ways to read a city, Fiona Farrell. 993.83 FAR
Examines the evolution of cities and of Christchurch in particular, looking at its swampy origins and its present reconstruction following the recent destructive earthquakes. And it takes us to L'Aquila in Italy to observe another shaken city.
Towards the flame: empire, war and the end of Tsarist Russia, Dominic Lieven. 947.083 LIE
Uncommon London, Michael Fordham. 942.1 UNC
43 contributors have ventured through the city streets and delved into their intimate worlds to bring us portraits and glimpses of the many lives that hold London together, or at times tear it apart.
Walking away: further travels with a troubadour on the South West Coast Path, Simon Armitage. 942.3 ARM
In this book Armitage describes his aim of "lacing the boot of Britain’s south west peninsula." The plan is take no money, perform every night, and walk with whoever turns up.
Wildboy: an epic trek around the coast of New Zealand, Brando Yelavich. 993 YEL
Fast going off the rails and hanging out with the wrong crowd, Brando Yelavich, a plucky 20-year-old from Auckland's North Shore, decided he needed to change his life. He needed a mission. He was going to walk around New Zealand.
Zambia: the first 50 years: reflections of an eyewitness, Andrew Sardanis. 968.94 SAR

House & Garden

150 best mini interior ideas, Francesc Zamora Mola. 729 ZAM
This book will help you discover how architects and designers from around the world work within a confined square footage to create innovative living spaces.
Bedroom style, perfectly pieced: 5 styles, 10 patterns, 50 quilts, April Rosenthal. 746.46 ROS
Bohemian modern, Emily Henson. 747 HEN
The style certainly gives a nod to '70s chic, with its use of shagpile rugs, Swiss cheese plants, and macrame, but it stands firmly in the present day by boldly contrasting those elements with sleek modern art and polished concrete worksurfaces.
Conran on colour, Terence Conran. 747.94 CON
Conran shares a lifetime of experience as one of the world's leading designers and retailers to explain how to make the most of this vibrant and dynamic ingredient in your home.
Cupcakes and cashmere at home, Emily Schuman. 747 SCH
The book features explores Emily's accessible design philosophy for decorating and creating a fashionable personal space. In addition, the book includes DIY design projects and party planning ideas.
Design with colour and style, Shaynna Blaze. 747.94 BLA
Blaze shows how colour affects a space and the mood of those living in it. She reveals how contemporary and historic design styles have developed, and ways they can be interpreted to suit your taste, with hands-on tips for putting your ideas into practice.
Handmade style: 23 must-have basics to stitch, use, and wear, Anna Graham. 646.4 GRA
A collection of a variety of sewing projects to stretch your skills and keep you enjoying the process of creating throughout the year.
Houses now: living style, Sabita Naheswaran. 747 HOU
A selection of outstanding contemporary architect-designed houses from around the world.
Kelly Hoppen style: the golden rules of design, Helen Chislett. 747 HOP
Armed with Kelly Hoppen's Golden Rules of Design, turning your home into a sanctuary of style and sophistication has never been easier.
Kitchen kulture, Jen Metcalf. 747.79 MET
Whether traditional, Nordic, or futuristic, the kitchen is the new living room a place to cook, eat, and celebrate. This book showcases the latest interiors and kitchen concepts.
Love style: simple tips to create a home you love, Juliet Love. 747 LOV
Love shows how inspiration to redecorate your personal home spaces can be found everywhere sometimes in the most unlikely places then gives practical tips and advice on how to create your own beautiful environment that you'll love coming home to.
Oak-framed buildings, Rupert Newman. 694.2 NEW
Oak-framed buildings are beautiful, durable and environmentally friendly. This is a practical book on the technique of timber-frame construction for carpenters, builders and aspiring self-builders, but it will also be a source of inspiration to anyone who appreciates beautiful buildings.
Stanley built-ins and storage: a homeowner's guide. 684.16 STA
No matter how big the house, families always need more storage, which makes creating storage one of the magic words in the world of homebuilding and remodeling.
Stanley easy home drywall repairs: a homeowner's guide, Myron Ferguson. 698.14 FER
Stanley easy home plumbing repairs: a homeowner's guide, David Schiff. 696.1 SCH
Stanley easy home repairs: a homeowner's guide, David Toht. 643.7 TOH
A concise, highly visual ready reference to the most common household repairs that homeowners might tackle themselves. The projects include everything from freeing up a window that sticks to unclogging a sink and replacing a light fixture.
Stanley garage storage solutions: a homeowner's guide, David Schiff. 648.8 SCH
A concise ready-reference to the most common storage projects that homeowners might tackle in their own garage. The projects include everything from installing utility shelves and tool racks to hanging floor-to-ceiling cabinets and building a workbench with built-in storage.
Stanley home energy savings, David Toht. 644 TOH
A concise ready-reference to the most common energy saving projects that home owners might tackle themselves. Projects include weatherstripping doors and windows, sealing around pipes and ducts, insulating an attic and installing a programmable thermostat.
The nesting place: it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful, Myquillyn Smith. 747 SMI
Smith will show you how to think differently about the true purpose of your home and simply and creatively tailor it to reflect you and your unique style — without breaking the bank or stressing over comparisons.


The maker's manual: a practical guide to the new industrial revolution, Andrea Maietta. 338.63 MAI
Features dozens of colour images, techniques to transform your ideas into physical projects, and must-have skills to help you unleash your creativity, make successful projects, and work toward a sustainable maker business.
They laughed at Galileo, Albert Jack. 609 JAC
An examination of the scientific and technologic developments that have transformed fantasy into reality.


The new censorship: inside the global battle for media freedom, Joel Simon. 363.31 SIM


Fijian phrasebook & dictionary. 499.5 FIJ
Never be stuck for words with our extensive two-way dictionary; order the right meal with our menu de-coder.
Filipino (Tagalog) phrasebook & dictionary. 499.211 FIL
Language! 500 years of the vulgar tongue, Jonathon Green. 427 GRE
Green traces the development of slang and its trajectory through society, and offers an impassioned argument for its defence.
Odd job man: some confessions of a slang lexicographer, Jonathon Green. 413 GRE
For thirty years Jonathon Green has been collecting slang the indefinable language of the gutter, the brothel, the jail, the bar room producing a succession of dictionaries, most recently the three-volume Green's Dictionary of Slang.
That's not English: Britishisms, Americanisms, and what our English says about us, Erin Moore. 427 MOO
An American expatriate living in London explores the historical and cultural differences between American and British versions of English, covering snacking habits, overall collective personalities, dating and sex, drinking and raising kids.

Library Science

Reads well with others: an Unshelved collection, Gene Ambaum. 741.5 AMB
The library: the final frontier. These are the adventures of the staff of Mallville Public. Their never ending mission: to deal with strange new behaviours, to seek out new books and new donations, to boldly know that the policies they're about to re-implement have never been successful before.
The power of play: designing early learning spaces, Dorothy Stoltz,. 027.62 STO
Designing early learning places extends beyond the library into library gardens, the community mall, and the homeless shelter. It's what you do with the space to create a "place" that will magnetically draw children into the kind of play that engages and inspires them.


Classical literature, Richard Jenkyns. 880 JEN
What makes Greek and Roman literature great? How has classical literature influenced Western culture? What did Greek and Roman authors learn from each other?
Bohemians, bootleggers, flappers, and swells: the best of early Vanity Fair, Graydon Carter. 810 BOH
Jane Austen's country life: uncovering the rural backdrop to her life, her letters and her novels, Deirdre Le Faye. 823.7 AUS
Le Faye explores and evokes country life in Jane Austen's day, offering new perspectives on her life and work.
The Bronte cabinet: three lives in nine objects, Deborah Lutz. 823.8 BRO
Victorian literature scholar Deborah Lutz illuminates the complex and fascinating lives of the Brontes through the things they wore, stitched, wrote on, and inscribed.
The essential Ginsberg, Allen Ginsberg. 818.54 GIN
A collection of essential poems, essays, letters, songs, and photographs which aims to introduce new readers to the scope of Allen Ginsberg's work in its prolific and profound diversity.
The golden age of murder: the mystery of the writers who invented the modern detective story, Martin Edwards. 808.3872 EDW
A real-life detective story, investigating how Agatha Christie and colleagues in a mysterious literary club transformed crime fiction, writing books casting new light on unsolved murders whilst hiding clues to their authors' darkest secrets.
The mermaid boy, John Summers. 828.92 SUM
From Christchurch to China, from mattress manufacture to Burmese medicine, these true stories explore one man's experience with the exotic and the mundane.
The reader's brain: how neuroscience can make you a better writer, Yellowlees Douglas. 808 DOU
Using the 5Cs clarity, continuity, coherence, concision, and cadence this book combines irreverent humour with easy-to-follow principles that will make readers perceive your sentences, paragraphs, and documents to be clear, concise, and effective.
Writers' houses: where great books began, Nick Channer. 942 CHA
Part armchair travel, part reference, this is a journey into Britain's impressive literary and architectural heritage and an exploration of how beloved authors drew inspiration from their homes.
Writing by choice, Eric Henderson. 808.04 HEN
A comprehensive, widely applicable approach to developing writing skills for the academic, business, and personal realms.


Men of war: the American soldier in combat at Bunker Hill, Gettysburg, and Iwo Jima, Alexander Rose. 355.00973 ROS
Sheds light on the experience of the individual soldier by examining three battles which demonstrate the formation of the United States' military that people know today and the traditions that have shaped the character of America's armed forces.
Nuclear weapons: a very short introduction, Joseph M. Siracusa. 355.82 SIR
Explores both the history and politics of nuclear weapons.
The edge: is the military dominance of the West coming to an end?, Mark Urban. 355.0335 URB
The hidden history of America at war: untold tales from Yorktown to Fallujah, Kenneth C. Davis. 355.00973 DAV
The longest kill: the story of Maverick 41, one of the world's greatest snipers, Craig Harrison. 356.162 HAR

Music & Musicians

How music got free: the end of an industry, the turn of the century, and the patient zero of piracy, Stephen Witt. 381.4578 WIT

Natural Science

Advances in reintroduction biology of Australian and New Zealand fauna, Doug P. Armstrong. 639.9 ADV
A timely review of our understanding of translocation from an Australasian perspective, ensuring translocation becomes an increasingly effective conservation management strategy in the future.
Beaver, Rachel Poliquin. 599.37 POL
This book explores our long infatuation with the beaver from North American mythology and Aesop's Fables to contemporary environmental politics.
Beneath the surface: killer whales, SeaWorld, and the truth beyond Blackfish, John Hargrove. 599.5 HAR
Beyond words: what animals think and feel, Carl Safina. 591.5 SAF
Collins BTO guide to British birds, Paul Sterry. 598.0941 STE
Creatures of the night, Joe McDonald. 591.51 MCD
This book offers a window into the lives of little known and studied creatures and their remarkable behaviour and adaptations in order to optimise their ability to go about their business in the hours of darkness.
Extreme animals, Dominic Couzens. 590 COU
Showcases the extremes of nature, from the biggest and smallest mammals and reptiles to the highest flying birds and insects, from the deepest swimming creatures to those that live in the hottest and coldest places.
In praise of bees: a cabinet of curiosities, Elizabeth Birchall. 595.79 BIR
Of orcas and men: what killer whales can teach us, David Neiwert. 599.5 NEI
Project Puffin: the improbable quest to bring a beloved seabird back to Egg Rock, Stephen W. Kress. 598.33 KRE
The inspiring story of how a beloved seabird was restored to long abandoned nesting colonies off the Maine coast.
RSPB foxes, Mike Unwin. 599.77 UNW
This book covers all aspects of the Red Fox biology and lifestyle, including hunting and caching food, defending a territory, raising a litter and communication strategies.
RSPB robins, Marianne Taylor. 598.84 TAY
Taylor provides a revealing account of a robin's life cycle, behaviour and breeding, what they eat and how they hold their territories, and she looks into the many cultural representations of these much-loved little birds.
Tales from concrete jungles: urban birding around the world, David Lindo. 598.072 LIN
This book is not a compendium of birding sites within many of the world's cities. It is a series of adventures featuring birds and inspiring stories.
The cockroach papers: a compendium of history and lore, Richard Schweid. 595.72 SCH
Skittering figures of urban legend and a ubiquitous reality, cockroaches are nearly as abhorred as they are ancient. This book shows that, while some species of these evolutionary superstars do indeed plague our kitchens and restaurants, exacerbate our asthma, and carry disease, our belief in their total villainy is ultimately misplaced.
The house of owls, Tony Angell. 598.97 ANG
Angell discusses the characteristics that distinguish owls from other bird species and provides an overview of the impact owls have had on human culture and thought.
The narrow edge: a tiny bird, an ancient crab & an epic journey, Deborah Cramer. 598.156 CRA
Offers insight into how the lives of humans, red knots and horseshoe crabs are intertwined, and is a portrait of loss and resilience, of the tenacity of birds, and the courage of the many people who bird by bird and beach by beach, keep red knots flying.
The strange case of the rickety Cossack: and other cautionary tales from human evolution, Ian Tattersall. 599.93 TAT
Tattersall argues that a long tradition of "human exceptionalism" in paleoanthropology has distorted the picture of human evolution.
Wolves on the hunt: the behavior of wolves hunting wild prey, L. David Mech. 599.77 MEC


Acrylic illuminations: reflective and luminous acrylic painting techniques, Nancy Reyner. 751.426 REY
Botanical illustration for beginners: a step-by-step guide, Meriel Thurstan. 751.422 THU
Filled with practical and inspirational worksheets, colour swatches, sketches, and stunning finished paintings, it demonstrates everything you need to know about capturing beautiful botanical specimens on paper.
Landscape painting essentials: lessons in acrylic, oil, pastel and watercolor, Johannes Vloothuis. 758.1 VLO
Painting miniatures, Pauline Denyer-Baker. 751.77 DEN
This book explains how to paint in detail in a small format with colour and precision.
Watercolours unleashed, Jane Betteridge. 751.422 BET
Betteridge shares her painting techniques and methods with you. Learn to use watercolour paints in unusual and surprising ways to create works bursting with vibrancy and beauty.


Allergen-free desserts to delight your taste buds: a book for parents and kids, Amanda Orlando. 641.86 ORL
Babymoves, Marianne Hermsen-van Wanrooy. 649.57 HER
Describes and illustrates with photos the ideal development of babies. It explains the importance of this, and what parents or others can do to enhance it, or what hinders it.
Bringing up money smart kids, Adam Khoo. 332.024 KHO
This book teaches parents what to tell their children about money and how to tell them.
Common sense parenting of toddlers and preschoolers, Bridget A. Barnes. 649.122 BAR
Dream baby guide sleep: the essential guide to sleep management in babies, Sheyne Rowley. 649.122 ROW
Eczema: "the neglected disease of children": care therapy for the eczema syndrome, Joseph Williams. 616.51 WIL
Fast & fresh baby food: 120 ridiculously simple and naturally wholesome baby food recipes, Jacqueline Burt Cote. 641.5622 COT
Future-proofing your child: help your children grow into sensible, safe, happy, resilient, self-motivated teens and beyond, Kathy Walker. 649.1 WAL
How mothers love: and how relationships are born, Naomi Stadlen. 306.8743 STA
Keeping your adoptive family strong: strategies for success, Gregory C. Keck. 362.734 KEC
New baby 101: a midwife's guide for new parents: everything you need to know for the first 3 months!, Lois Wattis. 649.122 WAT
Show me your mad face: teaching children to feel angry without losing control, Connie J. Schnoes. 649.64 SCH
This book helps parents to recognise angry behaviour in children and act before it becomes a problem, understand a child who is often angry and learn what that anger might represent, and more.
Spotless baby, Shannon Lush. 648.5 LUS
Here at last is the essential tool in every parent's baby-raising arsenal - the book that tells you everything you need to know for safe, environmentally friendly and cost-effective ways to keep your babies and toddlers spotless.
The out-of-sync child: recognizing and coping with sensory processing disorder, Carol Stock Kranowitz. 618.928 KRA
An overview of Sensory Integration Dysfunction, discussing how it affects children's behaviour and featuring criteria and guidance for getting a diagnosis and treatment, as well as advice on how parents can deal with the problem at home.
Understanding autism: the essential guide for parents, Katrina Williams. 618.9289 WIL
Unlocking your child's genius: how to discover and encourage your child's natural talents, Andrew Fuller. 155.4 FUL
Weaning and first foods, Nicola Graimes. 649.3 GRA
When kids call the shots: how to seize control from your darling bully and enjoy being a parent again, Sean Grover. 649.1 GRO
You simply can't spoil a newborn: the essential Kiwi guide to nurturing your baby in the first three months, Dorothy Waide. 649.122 WAI


Fafaga fanau i upu ma tala: tautala i lau gagana. 306.44 FAF
Emphasises the importance of New Zealand-based Samoan families speaking Samoan in the home to nurture their heritage well into the future.
Oceanian journeys and sojourns: home thoughts abroad, Judith A. Bennett. 990 OCE
This book focuses on how Pacific Island peoples — Oceanians — think about a range of journeys near and far: their meanings, motives and implications.

Pets & Animals

A-Z of cat health and first aid: a practical guide for owners, Andrew Gardiner. 636.8089 GAR
Dog tricks, Deb M. Eldredge. 636.70887 ELD
A guide to more than 80 dog tricks, and how to enjoy time with dogs while teaching them these amazing skills.
French bulldogs, D. Caroline Coile. 636.72 FRE
Goat, Joy Hinson. 636.39 HIN
A natural history of the goat.
The dog listener: learn how to communicate with your dog for willing cooperation, Jan Fennell. 636.70887 FEN
Why does my parrot …?, Rosemary Low. 636.6865 LOW
Using the basic elements of parrot psychology and behaviour, problem behaviour is explained and solutions are suggested.

Philosophy & Psychology

How the French think: an affectionate portrait of an intellectual people, Sudhir Hazareesingh. 194 HAZ
See for yourself: a visual guide to everyday beauty, Rob Forbes. 111 FOR
Forbes uncovers the beauty in the commonplace and reveals how visual thinking can enrich our world.
The worm at the core: on the role of death in life, Sheldon Solomon. 128.5 SOL


Animals in photographs, Arpad Kovacs. 778.932 KOV
Spanning the history of photography through 80 images drawn from the collection of the J. Paul Getty Museum, this book traces the relationship between animal representation and changes in camera and film technology from the mid-nineteenth century to the present.
Axel Hutte: fantasmi e realta, Claudia Fini. 779 HUT
By the sea: a photographic voyage around the blue planet, Peter Guttman. 779 GUT
Guttman sets sail and embarks on a rollicking journey across the high seas aboard a colourful variety of craft while exploring dramatic coastal landscapes, exotic maritime cultures, spectacular marine wildlife, mouthwatering seafood treasures, and joyous nautical pastimes.
Country house camera, Christopher Simon Sykes. 778.92 SYK
The pictures that feature in this book provide a unique insight into the life of the British upper classes from the 1850s to the 1930s.
Edward Weston: the flame of recognition: his photographs accompanied by excerpts from the daybooks & letters, Nancy Newhall. 779 WES
In your face, Mario Testino. 779 TES
This unorthodox collection of various images chosen by Testino from the span of his 30-year career reflects the diversity of his work, ranging from fashion and advertising shots to sexually-charged images and autobiographical photos.
Kenro Izu: territori dello spirito, Kenro Izu. 779 IZU
Images of religious spaces from around the world.
Mimmo Jodice: arcipelago del mondo antico, Mimmo Jodice. 779 JOD
Jodice presents a new selection of works from his in-depth exploration of the Mediterranean area, a series that has been mesmerizing viewers around the world for more than thirty years.
My 20th century, David Douglas Duncan. 779 DUN
The now 98 year-old Duncan offers a curated selection of some of his very best photographs and a summary of his lifelong work. The book includes riveting shots of a world torn by war, invigorated by art, and coloured by diverse cultures.
The mysterious opacity of other beings, Richard Misrach. 779 MIS
Focuses less on the abstraction of water, sand, and mote-sized figures, instead honing in on the gestures and expressions of bathers adrift in the ocean, at play or in poses ranging from relaxation to transcendence.


Bones in the Octagon, Carolyn McCurdie. 821.92 MCC
Coracle, Peter Stuart. 821.92 STU
Fish stories, Mary Cresswell. 821.92 CRE
Mr Clean & the junkie, Jennifer Compton. 821.914 COM
Native bird, Bryan Walpert. 821.92 WAL
Some of us eat the seeds, Morgan Bach. 821.92 BAC
The in-between land: psalms, poems and haiku, Mark Gibson. 821.92 GIB
The old hands understand: poems, Rod Donald. 821.92 DON
This must be the _ place, Annabel Hawkins. 821.92 HAW

Politics & Government

50 politics classics: freedom, equality, power: mind-changing ideas, world-changing books, Tom Butler-Bowdon. 320 BUT
Adios, America!: the left's plan to turn our country into a Third World hellhole, Ann Coulter. 325.73 COU
Coulter attacks the immigration issue head-on, flying in the face of La Raza, the Democrats, a media determined to cover up immigrants' crimes, churches that get paid by the government for their "charity," and greedy Republican businessmen and campaign consultants all of whom are profiting from mass immigration that's tearing the country apart.
Death of the liberal class, Chris Hedges. 320.51 HED
Asserts that the liberal class has failed to confront the rise of the corporate state and argues that the five parts of the liberal establishment — the press, liberal religious institutions, unions, universities, and the Democratic Party — are more concerned with status and privilege than justice and progress.
Drawing the days of blunder & lightning: the Muldoon/Lange years through the eyes of a cartoonist, Jim Lynch. 320.993 LYN
Jim Lynch revisits the turbulent Muldoon - Lange years with the shrewd insight of a political cartoonist.
Prisoners of geography: ten maps that tell you everything you need to know about global politics, Tim Marshall. 320.9 MAR
Quiet achievers: the New Zealand path to reform, Oliver Hartwich. 320.993 HAR
Hartwich looks at New Zealand's record on spending, tax and welfare. He discovers that while Australia has been avoiding difficult decisions, the New Zealanders have been silently forging ahead.
The China mirage: the hidden history of American disaster in Asia, James Bradley. 327.51 BRA
An account of U.S.-China relations from the 19th century through post-World War II reveals lesser-known facts about America's role in Asia, including the historical influence of prominent Americans who made fortunes in China's opium trade.
The dream shall never die: 100 days that changed Scotland forever, Alex Salmond. 320.15 SAL
The inside story of the campaign that rocked the United Kingdom to its foundations, and the implications of the Scottish independence movement for the future of British politics.
Who governs Britain?, Anthony King. 320.4 KIN
A Pelican introduction to the British political system.


E kata te rakau = Forest voices, Phil Belcher. 736 BEL
Phil Belcher has over 25 years' experience and dedication to the practice of toi whakairo, the art of Maori carving. Here he shares a body of figurative work which explores a range of traditional Maori beliefs.
Geothermal treasures: Maori living with heat and steam. 551.23 GEO
New Zealand's world-class geothermal resource is a source of energy, a tourist attraction and a treasure of great historical, cultural, spiritual and economic importance for Maori. In this book, Maori traditional stories, understandings and history stand alongside geothermal science in an exploration of the thermal phenomena of the Volcanic Plateau.
He raurau kupu: he puna kupu ma te hunga ako i roto i nga kaupapa rumaki reo Maori, Heni Jacob. 499.442 JAC
Learning resource for teacher and students in Maori language immersion education.
Heke-nuku-mai-nga-iwi Busby: not here by chance, Jeff Evans. 387.21 BUS
This biography of Heke-nuku-mai-nga-iwi Busby brings together the varied life experiences that have made Hec Busby the master waka builder, waka expert, celestial navigator and highly regarded Te Rarawa elder that he is today.
Kowhiti Atarau, Peter Cleave. 792.8 KOW
Follows a conference of dancers and commentators of the same name in Wellington in 2013.
Maori carving: the art of recording Maori history. 736.0993 MAO
Maori weaving: the art of creating Maori textiles. 746.41 MAO
Tauira: Maori methods of learning and teaching, Joan Metge. 371.829 MET
Te reo matatini, tau 5-8: a literacy handbook for Maori medium teachers, Rachel Roberts. 372.6 ROB
Working with Maori children with special education needs: he mahi whakahirahira, Jill Bevan-Brown. 371.9 BEV


Bondage basics: naughty knots and risque restraints you need to know, Lord Morpheous. 613.96 MOR
Perfect for the bondage beginner or enthusiast who wants more practice or new ideas, this book will show you bondage ties for many purposes and effects.
What we aren't told about sex: a practical guide to understanding and mastering the deeper aspects of sex, Jane Roder. 155.3 ROD

Religion & Ethics

A force for good: the Dalai Lama's vision for our world, Daniel Goleman. 294.39 BST
Approaching the end of life: a practical and spiritual guide, Donna Schaper. 248.86 SCH
Change me prayers: the hidden power of spiritual surrender, Tosha Silver. 204 SIL
Covering a variety of topics from work and finances to love and self-worth "Change Me Prayers" shows how to truly surrender to a Divine plan in the most joyous and uplifting way.
Heaven hears: the true story of what happened when Pat Boone asked the world to pray for his grandson's survival, Lindy Boone Michaelis. 248.3 MIC
Heaven is a place on earth: why everything you do matters to God, Michael E. Wittmer. 248.4 WIT
Living with intent: my somewhat messy journey to purpose, peace, and joy, Mallika Chopra. 204.4 CHO
The Buddha's wife: the path of awakening together: her story and reader's companion, Janet Surrey. 294.36 YAS
The story of Princess Yasodhara, the wife Buddha left behind, and her alternative journey to spiritual enlightenment.
The dignity of difference: how to avoid the clash of civilizations, Jonathan Sacks. 291.172 SAC
Sacks argues that we must do more than search for common human values. We must also learn to make space for difference, even and especially at the heart of the monotheistic imagination.
The Francis miracle: inside the transformation of the Pope and the Church, John L. Allen. 282.092 FRA
The politicisation of ethics review in New Zealand, Martin Tolich. 174.2 TOL
The ransom of the soul: afterlife and wealth in early western Christianity, Peter Brown. 270 BRO
Marking a departure in our understanding of Christian views of the afterlife from 250 to 650 CE, this book explores a revolutionary shift in thinking about the fate of the soul that occurred around the time of Rome's fall.
The Saffron Road: a journey with Buddha's daughters, Christine Toomey. 294.36 TOO
A fascinating journey of discovery East and West to meet Buddhist nuns and learn why they chose the path to enlightenment.
Unlikely: setting aside our differences to live out the Gospel, Kevin Palau. 269.2 PAL
The story about the unique partnership between a group of churches and the mayor of Portland, who came together to positively impact their city and encourage others to do the same.
Who made early Christianity?: the Jewish lives of the Apostle Paul, John G. Gager. 225.92 PAU


1,001 geometry practice problems for dummies, Allen Ma. 516 MA
A beautiful question: finding nature's deep design, Frank Wilczek. 530.01 WIL
Does the universe embody beautiful ideas? Artists as well as scientists throughout human history have pondered this "beautiful question." With Frank Wilczek as your guide, embark on a voyage of related discoveries, from Plato and Pythagoras up to the present.
Algebra I, Carolyn Wheater. 512 WHE
Big science: Ernest Lawrence and the invention that launched the military-industrial complex, Michael Hiltzik. 530 LAW
Cakes, custard + category theory: easy recipes for understanding complex mathematics, Eugenia Cheng. 510 CHE
Canadian spacewalkers: Hadfield, MacLean and Williams remember the ultimate high adventure, Bob McDonald. 629.458 MCD
Hadfield completed the first Canadian spacewalk and installed the Canadarm 2 on the International Space Station, while Williams holds the record for the longest spacewalk by a Canadian. And MacLean, former head of the Canadian Space Agency, was one of Canada's original six astronauts.
Chemistry in 100 numbers: a numerical guide to facts, formulas and theories, Joel Levy. 540 LEV
Eternal ephemera: adaptation and the Origin of species, from the nineteenth century, through punctuated equilibria and beyond, Niles Eldredge. 576.82 ELD
Field notes from the edge: journeys through Britain's secret wilderness, Paul Evans. 508.41 EVA
Hawthorn: the tree that has nourished, healed, and inspired through the ages, Bill Vaughn. 583.7 VAU
If the universe is teeming with aliens where is everybody?: seventy-five solutions to the Fermi paradox and the problem of extraterrestrial life, Stephen Webb. 500.5 WEB
Introducing mineralogy, John Mason. 549 MAS
John Mason considers the essence of mineralogy in a clear and logical manner from basic mineral chemistry of minerals to the classification of the mineral kingdom and mineral occurrences.
Leaving orbit: notes from the last days of American spaceflight, Margaret Lazarus Dean. 629.4 DEA
Life's engines: how microbes made Earth habitable, Paul G. Falkowski. 579 FAL
Living in the sound of the wind: a personal quest for W. H. Hudson naturalist and writer from the river Plate, Jason Wilson. 508 HUD
Hudson was brought up on the pampas, where he learnt from gauchos about frontier life. After moving to London in 1874, Hudson lived in extreme poverty. He never returned to Argentina. Wilson unravels Hudson's English dream, his natural history rambles, and his work to protect birds.
Microscopy: a very short introduction, Terence Allen. 502.82 ALL
Explains the history of microscopic techniques, development, principles, and recent technological advances.
Monkeys, myths and molecules: separating fact from fiction in the science of everyday life, Joe Schwarcz. 500 SCH
Schwarcz takes a critical look at how facts are misconstrued in the media. He debunks the myths surrounding canned food, artificial dyes, SPF, homeopathy, cancer, chemicals present in our lives, and much more.
Physics in 100 numbers: a numerical guide to facts, formulas and theories, Colin Stuart. 530 STU
Plankton: wonders of the drifting world, Christian Sardet. 578.7 SAR
This book explains the biological underpinnings of each species while connecting them to the larger living world.
Single digits: in praise of small numbers, Marc Chamberland. 515 CHA
Chamberland takes readers on a fascinating exploration of small numbers, from one to nine, looking at their history, applications, and connections to various areas of mathematics, including number theory, geometry, chaos theory, numerical analysis, and mathematical physics.
Spaceshots & snapshots of Projects Mercury & Gemini: a rare photographic history, John Bisney. 629.454 BIS
Starmus: 50 years of man in space, Garik Israelian. 629.45 STA
Never before have such an ambitious series of talks, articles, and recollections been assembled to celebrate the human exploration of space. It is the result of the unique Starmus meeting in 2011 on Tenerife, where the legendary Russian and American pioneers of the space age met up for the first time to share the moments that electrified the human race.
The complete naturalist, Nick Baker. 508 BAK
An up-to-date, practical introduction to observing, understanding and investigating the natural world around us.
The deeper genome: why there is more to the human genome than meets the eye, John Parrington. 572.8 PAR
The physics devotional: celebrating the wisdom and beauty of physics, Clifford A. Pickover. 530 PIC
The story of science: from the writings of Aristotle to the Big Bang theory, Susan Wise Bauer. 509 BAU
The upright thinkers: the human journey from living in trees to understanding the cosmos, Leonard Mlodinow. 509 MLO
Mlodinow guides us through the critical eras and events in the development of science, all of which, he demonstrates, were propelled forward by humankind's collective struggle to know.
The wonders of light, Marta Garia-Matos. 535 GAR
Discover the spectacular power of light with this visually stunning celebration of the multitude of ways in which light-based technology has shaped our society.

Self Development

30-second psychology: the 50 most thought-provoking psychology theories, each explained in half a minute, Christian Jarrett. 150 THI
Examines the theories of 19th-century behaviourism, where every action has a logical explanation, and how psychotherapy sought to undermine this approach. It looks at the development of humanistic psychology in the mid-20th century and the current domination of cognitivism, with its emphasis on mental structures.
Beyond fear, Dorothy Rowe. 152.46 ROW
Dorothy Rowe shows us how to have the courage to acknowledge and face our fears — only through courage can we find a sustaining happiness.
Brave: 50 everyday acts of courage to thrive in work, love and life, Margie Warrell. 158.1 WAR
Calming the chaos: a soulful guide to managing your energy rather than your time, Jackie Woodside. 155.9042 WOO
Skills and advice on managing energy rather than time to control the effects of stress in daily life.
Chicken soup for the soul: all your favorite original stories plus 20 bonus stories for the next 20 years, Jack Canfield. 158.1 CHI
Craft for the soul: how to get the most out of your creative life, Pip Lincolne. 153.35 LIN
This is a step-by-step program that talks the reader through the challenges of tapping into your creativity and making it work for you.
If you feel too much: thoughts on things found and lost and hoped for, Jamie Tworkowski. 170.44 TWO
From personal stories of struggling on days most people celebrate to offering words of strength and encouragement in moments of loss, the essays in this book invite readers to believe that it’s okay to admit to pain and it's okay to ask for help.
Light is the new black: a guide to answering your soul's calling and working your light, Rebecca Campbell. 158.1 CAM
Reasons to stay alive, Matt Haig. 158.1 HAI
This book is about making the most of your time on earth.
Shadows before dawn: finding the light of self-love through your darkest times, Teal Swan. 158.1 SWA
The Archangel guide to ascension: 55 steps to the light, Diana Cooper. 133.9 COO
The confidence coach: take control of your life and wellbeing, Lisa Phillips. 158.1 PHI
The hidden pleasures of life: a new way of remembering the past and imagining the future, Theodore Zeldin. 158 ZEL
The tapping solution: a revolutionary system for stress-free living, Nick Ortner. 155.9042 ORT
The world beyond your head: how to flourish in an age of distraction, Matthew Crawford. 153.73 CRA
You can't ruin my day: 52 wake-up calls to turn any situation around, Allen Klein. 155.92 KLE
Contains 52 themes to help readers take back their power and not let other people or other situations ruin their day.
Zen pencils: cartoon quotes from inspirational folks, Gavin Aung Than. 158.1 THA
Zen Pencils turns your favourite quotes into fun and unique comics that will inspire and motivate even the most cynical of readers.

Social Issues

A place of refuge: an experiment in communal living: the story of Windsor Hill Wood, Tobias Jones. 307.77 JON
Celibacy & soul: exploring the depths of chastity, Susan J Pollard. 306.732 POL
Evil beside her: the true story of a Texas woman's marriage to a dangerous psychopath, Kathryn Casey. 362.883 CAS
Fifty-six: the story of the Bradford fire, Martin Fletcher. 363.14 FLE
On May 11 1985, fifty-six people died in a devastating fire at Bradford City's old Valley Parade ground. It was truly horrific, a startling story and wholly avoidable but it had only the briefest of inquiries, and it seemed its lessons were not learned.
From Alba to Aotearoa: profiling New Zealand's Scots migrants 1840-1920, Rebecca Lenihan. 305.89163 LEN
How to create a successful adoption portfolio: easy steps to help you produce the best adoption profile and prospective birthparent letter, Madeleine Melcher. 362.734 MEL
Full of simple and effective design ideas and tips for writing adoption portfolios, this is a step-by-step guide to creating a portfolio that will present you in the best possible light and help the right birth-family to find and choose you.
Listen to your mother: what she said then, what we're saying now, Ann Imig. 306.8743 LIS
Listen to Your Mother is a fantastic awakening of why our mothers are important, taking readers on a journey through motherhood in all of its complexity, diversity, and humour.
Missoula: rape and the justice system in a college town, Jon Krakauer. 362.883 KRA
Krakauer chronicles the searing experiences of several women in Missoula: the nights when they were raped; their fear and self-doubt in the aftermath; the way they were treated by the police, prosecutors, defense attorneys; the public vilification and private anguish; their bravery in pushing forward and what it cost them.
Pasta, prayer & promise: the story of Nelson's Italian community, 1860-2014, Karen Price. 305.851 PRI
Perv: the sexual deviant in all of us, Jesse Bering. 306.7 BER
Silent shock: the men behind the thalidomide scandal and an Australian family's long road to justice, Michael Magazanik. 362.43 MAG
Spinster: making a life of one's own, Kate Bolick. 306.81 BOL
A single woman considers her life, the life of the bold single ladies who have gone before her, and the long arc of slowly changing attitudes towards women.
Stuff I forgot to tell my daughter, Michele A'Court. 306.8743 ACO
Adapted from the author's sell out solo standup show, this is a candid and very funny account of being the mother of a daughter, of how we are sometimes so busy parenting we forget how to be a person, and why learning how to store ginger is as important as knowing the history of feminism.
The half has never been told: slavery and the making of American capitalism, Edward E. Baptist. 306.362 BAP
Historian Edward Baptist reveals how the expansion of slavery in the first eight decades after American independence drove the evolution and modernisation of the United States.
The invisible woman, Helen Walmsley-Johnson. 305.42 WAL
One author finds that making the best of middle age isn’t as simple as she would like in a debut that is a blend of personal testimony and campaigning journalism.
The new anti-Semitism, Phyllis Chesler. 305.8924 CHE
The sex myth: the gap between our fantasies and reality, Rachel Hills. 306.7 HIL
Exposes the invisible norms and unspoken assumptions that shape the way we think about sex today.
Tomorrowland: our journey from science fiction to science fact, Steven Kotler. 303.483 KOT
An examination of the scientific and technologic developments that have transformed fantasy into reality.
Violated: a shocking and harrowing survival story from the notorious Rotherham Abuse scandal, Sarah Wilson. 362.76 WIL
An account from one of the young girls who lived through and survived the Rotherham sex abuse scandal.
Wages of rebellion, Chris Hedges. 303.484 HED
Hedges investigates what social and psychological factors cause revolution, rebellion, and resistance. Drawing on an ambitious overview of prominent philosophers, historians, and literary figures he shows not only the harbingers of a coming crisis but also the nascent seeds of rebellion.
Why information grows: the evolution of order, from atoms to economies, Cesar Hidalgo. 306.3 HID

Sport & Recreation

Create and construct incredible Minecraft cities, Kirsten Kearney. 794.8 KEA
Downstream: a history and celebration of swimming the River Thames, Caitlin Davies. 797.21 DAV
Fisherman's bible: the world's most comprehensive angling reference, Jay Cassell. 799.1 FIS
Game, set and match: secret weapons of the world's top tennis players, Mark Hodgkinson. 796.3422 HOD
New Zealand mountaineering: a history in photographs, John Wilson. 796.522 WIL
Profiles of fame: the stories of New Zealand's greatest sports achievers, Ron Palenski. 796 PAL
Slaying the Tiger: a year inside the ropes on the new PGA tour, Shane Ryan. 796.3526 RYA
Taking readers through the 2014 season, an up-and-coming sportswriter reports on the new talents arriving on the green to dethrone golf's recognised kings and reshape the traditionally old-fashioned sport for a new generation.
The A swing: the alternative approach to great golf, David Leadbetter. 796.3523 LEA
The mindful athlete: secrets to pure performance, George Mumford. 796.01 MUM
The paleo diet for athletes: the ancient nutritional formula for peak athletic performance, Loren Cordain. 613.28 COR
Learn to fuel your body for optimal athletic performance with the foods your body was designed to eat.
The way that we climbed: a history of Irish hillwalking, climbing and mountaineering, Paddy O'Leary. 796.522 OLE
The women's guide to triathlon, USA Triathlon. 796.425 WOM
Triathletes in motion, Marc Evans. 796.425 EVA
Evans makes the case that every triathlon training regimen should start with the physical assessments of movement in order to detect limitations to mobility, flexibility, strength and stability.
Two hours: the quest to run the impossible marathon, Ed Caesar. 796.425 CAE
Caesar takes us into the world of the greatest marathoners on earth. Through the stories of these rich characters, and their troubled lives, he traces the history of the marathon as well as the science, physiology and psychology involved in running so fast, for so long.
Waterhouse and Smith: the rise to power of two racing dynasties, John Ellicott. 798.4 WAT
Chronicles the adventures and misadventures on and off the track of the Smith and Waterhouse families, their extraordinary successes and influence on horse racing, but also their spectacular falls from grace.
Wounded tiger: the history of cricket in Pakistan, Peter Oborne. 796.358 OBO

Trains, Boats, Planes

Airbus: Aircraft since 1972, Gerhard Lang. 629.13334 AIR
Drone, Adam Rothstein. 623.7469 ROT
What are drones? Rothstein cuts through the mystery, the unknown, and the political posturing, and talks about what drones really are: what technologies are out there, and what's coming next; how drones are talked about, and how they are represented in popular culture.
GWR/BR (WR) Castle class: nos 4073-7030 (including 2, 3 & 4 row superheater versions): owners' workshop manual: a guide to the history and operation of Britain's most successful express passenger steam locomotive type, Drew Fermor. 625.26 CAS
Supermarine Spitfire: 1936 onwards (all marks): owners' workshop manual, Alfred Price. 623.7464 SPI
The truth behind the loss of Flight 370, Geoff Taylor. 363.12465 TAY


A history of the Leyland bus, Ron Phillips. 629.2223 LEY
Caravan: a great British love story, Gareth Iwan Jones. 629.226 JON
Jones has gone on the road around the UK to create this witty, warm and insightful portrait of caravanning today.
Steam locomotive driver's manual: the step-by-step guide to preparing, firing and driving a steam locomotive, Andrew Charman. 625.26 CHA
The biography of the modern bike, Chris Boardman. 629.2272 BOA
Boardman, looks at the development of the modern bike from the first experiments with gearing, through to the superbikes of today.


A mad catastrophe: the outbreak of World War I and the collapse of the Habsburg Empire, Geoffrey Wawro. 940.41 WAW
Farthest field: an Indian story of the Second World War, Raghu Karnad. 940.5354 KAR
A history about the astonishing scale of India’s involvement in the Second World War.
Go-betweens for Hitler, Karina Urbach. 940.532 URB
This is the story of how some of Germany's top aristocrats contributed to Hitler's secret diplomacy during the Third Reich, providing a direct line to their influential contacts and relations across Europe — especially in Britain, where their contacts included the press baron and Daily Mail owner Lord Rothermere and the future King Edward VIII.
God is not here: a soldier's struggle with torture, trauma, and the moral injuries of war, Lieutenant Colonel Bill Russell Edmonds. 956.7044 EDM
A powerful and intimate look into torture and its effect on both the tortured and the torturer.
Korea: a Kiwi gunner's story, Sue Corkill. 951.9042 JAG
Bob Jagger was one of 6000 New Zealand soldiers and sailors who saw service in Korea during the 1950s. Images Bob snapped with his trusty box Brownie camera give a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse of everyday life for soldiers in Korea.
Stalingrad: the city that defeated the Third Reich, Jochen Hellbeck. 940.5421 HEL
Contains testimonies of Red Army commanders and soldiers, party officials and workers regarding the 1942 battle at Stalingrad, during World War II.
Stevenage and the brave New Zealanders, M.B.J. Mawhinney. 940.41 MAW
As the great powers slugged it out in the world's first World War, more and more men were drawn into their nations' armies and sent to serve many miles from home. Stevenage, a quiet Hertfordshire town, became home to two military camps.
The codebreakers: the secret intelligence unit that changed the course of the First World War, James Wyllie. 940.486 WYL
The complete guide to fighters & bombers of the world: an illustrated history of the world's greatest military aircraft, from the pioneering days of air fighting in World War I through to the jet fighters and stealth bombers of the present day: features, Francis Crosby. 623.746 CRO
The Crimean War: rare photographs from wartime archives, John Grehan. 947.07 GRE
The dead and those about to die: D-Day: the Big Red One at Omaha Beach, John C. McManus. 940.5421 MCM
Provides a detailed, harrowing account of the D-Day assault on Omaha Beach from the perspective of the soldiers of the 1st Infantry Division as well as from the Gap Assault Team engineers who dealt with mines and other dangerous obstacles.
The Gallipoli experience reconsidered, Peter Liddle. 940.42 LID
A balanced evaluation of the Gallipoli gamble, and of the political and military leadership, are the challenging tasks which Liddle sets himself in his study of the campaign and the experience of the men who served in it.
The news from Waterloo: the race to tell Britain of Wellington's victory, Brian Cathcart. 940.27 CAT
Cathcart reconstructs what happened with the help of memoirs, forgotten documents and the newspapers of the time.
The sabotage diaries, Katherine Barnes. 940.5486 BAR
The Sabotage Diaries is the astonishing true story of Allied engineer Cecil Edward "Tom" Barnes, who was parachuted behind enemy lines in Greece in October 1942 with a small team of sappers and special operations officers.
The Shelburne escape line: secret rescues of allied aviators by the French underground, the British Royal Navy & London's MI-9, Reanne Hemingway-Douglass. 940.5486 HEM
The only Underground escape line that successfully evaded infiltration by the Gestapo was the Shelburne Line.
The world's war, David Olusoga. 940.4 OLU
Olusoga describes how Europe's Great War became the World's War a multi-racial, multi-national struggle, fought in Africa and Asia as well as in Europe, which pulled in men and resources from across the globe.