New Titles Non-Fiction August 2016 (arrived in July 2016)

Art & Architecture

100 contemporary houses = 100 zeitgenossische Hauser = 100 maisons contemporaines, Philip Jodidio 728.8 JOD
Artsenta : the first 30 years, Kath Beattie 700.87 BEA
Art, in a myriad of forms, is the focus at Artsenta, a supportive studio which has its beginnings at Cherry Farm Psychiatric Hospital (Otago). This lively account traces the history of those whose leadership and vision has successfully weathered 30 years.
Beginner's guide to comic art : characters741.5 BEG
Biennials, triennials, and documenta : the exhibitions that created contemporary art, Charles Green and Anthony Gardner 701.03 GRE
Bloomsbury South : the arts in Christchurch, 1933-1953, Peter Simpson 700.993 SIM
In this book, Simpson tells the remarkable story of the rise and fall of this 'Bloomsbury South' and the arts and artists that made it. Simpson brings to life the individual talents and their passions, but he also takes us inside the scenes that they created together.
Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo in Detroit, Mark Rosenthal. 759.972 RIV
Futuna : life of a building, Nick Bevin & Gregory O'Brien. 726.4 FUT
Tells the remarkable story of Futuna Chapel's design and construction and its use for many years as a place of retreat and contemplation.
How to visit an art museum : tips for a truly rewarding visit, Johan Idema 701.1 IDE
Matta : on the edge of a dream, Thomas Monahan 759.983 MAT
Oil painting essentials : mastering portraits, figures, still lifes, landscapes, and interiors, Gregg Kreutz 751.45 KRE
Pierre Bonnard : painting Arcadia, Guy Cogeval, Isabelle Cahn 759.4 BON
Pop! : the world of pop art, John Finlay 709.0407 FIN
Rattling spears : a history of indigenous Australian art, Ian McLean 709.94 MCL
Stik., 751.73 STI
With just six lines and two dots, Stik brings life to the walls of the city and tells the real story of the people who live there.
Tangle journey : exploring the far reaches of tangle drawing, from simple strokes to color and mixed media, Beckah Krahula 741.2 KRA
The complete beginner's guide to drawing. , 741.2 COM
The Prado masterpieces, Museo Nacional del Prado 708.6 MUS
The structure of light : Richard Kelly and the illumination of modern architecture, Dietrich Neumann. 729.28 KEL
The visitors' book : in Francis Bacon's shadow : the lives of Richard Chopping and Denis Wirth-Miller, Jon Lys Turner 759.2 CHO
The Visitors' Book is both an extraordinary insight into the minutiae of Dicky and Denis's life together and what it meant to be gay in pre-Wolfenden Britain, as well as a pocket social history of the era and a unique perspective into mid-twentieth century art. With reams of previously unseen material, this is a fascinating and unique opportunity to delve into post-war Britain.
XS : small houses big time, Lisa Baker 728.37 BAK


International Harvester trucks : the complete history, Patrick Foster 629.224 INT
The way to go : moving by sea, land, and air, Kate Ascher. 629.04 ASC
The Way To Go reveals the highly complex and largely invisible network of global transport.


A life well lived, Gwen Young-James 920.72 YOU
This story follows the author's journey from tragic beginning to enetering the world of queens, princes and presidents, along with many well-known celebrities of our time.
Bush, Jean Edward Smith 973.931 BUS
A biography of George W. Bush, showing how he ignored his advisors to make key decisions himself most in invading Iraq and how these decisions were often driven by the President's deep religious faith.
Einstein : an illustrated biography, Corinne Maier. 530.092 EIN
Biography of Albert Einstein told in the form of a comic strip.
Girl walks out of a bar : a memoir, Lisa Smith 362.29 SMI
Girl Walks Out of a Bar explores Smith's formative years, her decade of alcohol and drug abuse, divorce, and her road to recovery.
Guilty thing : a life of Thomas de Quincey, Frances Wilson 824.8 DE
This spectacular biography, the produce of meticulous scholarship and beautifully supple prose, tells the riches-to-rags story of a figure of dazzling complexity and dazzling originality, whose rackety life was lived on the run, and both brings De Quincey and his martyred but wild soul triumphantly to life.
Her again : becoming Meryl Streep, Michael Schulman 791.43028 STR
The book charts Meryl Streep's heady rise to stardom on the New York stage, her passionate, tragically short-lived love affair with fellow actor John Cazale, and her evolution as a young woman of the 1970s wrestling with changing ideas of feminism, marriage, love, and sacrifice.
James Connolly : my search for the man, the myth and his legacy, Sean O'Callaghan 941.50821 CON
By former member of the IRA and police informant, Sean O'Callaghan, the story of revolutionary James Connolly, his role in the 1916 Easter Rising, and his subsequent influence both on O'Callaghan himself, and on 20th century Irish politics.
JFK and LBJ : the last two great presidents, Godfrey Hodgson 973.922 KEN
John Knox, Jane Dawson 285.2 KNO
This masterful biography is the definitive life of John Knox, a leader of the Protestant Reformation in sixteenth-century Scotland and founder of the Presbyterian denomination.
Kick : the true story of Kick Kennedy, JFK's forgotten sister and the heir to Chatsworth, Paula Byrne 973.91 KEN
Filled with a wealth of revealing new material and insight, the biography of the vivacious, unconventional and nearly forgotten young Kennedy sister who charmed American society and the English aristocracy and would break with her family for love.
Kill 'em and leave : searching for the real James Brown, James McBride 781.644 BRO
McBride shows that Brown's rough-and-tumble life is an unsettling metaphor for American life: the tension between North and South, black and white, rich and poor.
Look who it is! : my story, Alan Carr 791.092 CAR
Alan Carr tells his life story in his own words, from growing up in a football-mad family in Northampton to his rise as one of Britain's best-loved comedians.
Maria, Cushla Randle 929.2 HIL
Maria kept a diary. When she married in 1867 she started writing in six leather bound notebooks, which still exist 150 years later, recording her journey through an interesting period in New Zealand's history. This biography uses the diaries and many other sources to describe the domestic life of Maria, her family, and her friends.
Martin Luther : renegade and prophet, Lyndal Roper 270.6 LUT
When on 31 October 1517 an unknown monk nailed a theological pamphlet to the church door in a small German university town, he set in motion a process that ushered in the modern age. Yet Luther was a deeply flawed human being: a fervent believer tormented by spiritual doubts. This book deals with his life and work.
Mrs Keppel and her daughter, Diana Souhami 941.082 KEP
Alice Keppel, lover of Queen Victoria's son Edward VII, was the acceptable face of Edwardian adultery. But for her daughter Violet, passionately in love with Vita Sackville-West, romance proved tragic and destructive. Mrs Keppel used all the force at her command to repress the relationship in a breathtakingly cruel display of hypocrisy.
Porcelain : a memoir, Moby 781.66 MOB
From Moby, one of the most interesting and iconic musicians of our time, comes a piercingly tender, funny, and harrowing account of the path from suburban poverty and alienation to a life of beauty, squalor, and unlikely success.
Radical reformers and respectable rebels : how the two lives of Grace Oakeshott defined an era, Jocelyn Robson 305.40941 OAK
This is the true story of an Englishwoman who staged her own death and re-invented herself in the far colony of New Zealand, in the early 1900s.
Raoul Wallenberg : the heroic life and mysterious disappearance of the man who saved thousands of Hungarian Jews from the Holocaust, Ingrid Carlberg. 940.5318
Six machine : I don't like cricket I love it, Chris Gayle 796.358 GAY
Do we know what took a shy, skinny kid from a cramped tin-roofed shack in the dusty back streets of Kingston, sharing a bed with three brothers and stealing empty bottles to buy food, to the very top of the cricket world without losing himself along the way?
Sweet dreams are made of this : a life in music, Dave Stewart 781.66 STE
Dave Stewart's life has been a wild ride, filled with music, constant reinvention, and the never- ending drive to create. Stewart shares the incredible, high-octane stories of his life in music--the drug-fueled adventures, the A-list collaborations and relationships, and the creative process that brought us the blockbusters from Eurythmics.
The fighter, Arnold Zable 796.83 NIS
1950s, working class Carlton. A young boy-skinny, wide-eyed and unlikely-knocks on the door of an ex-boxer. And a backyard gym becomes the training ground of a champion fighter. The boy from Amess Street worked his way to up to beat some of the world's best-to find dignity in the brutality of the boxing ring.

Business & Management

Be a network marketing leader : build a community to build your empire, Mary Christensen 658.872 CHR
Bringing out the best in people : how to apply the astonishing power of positive reinforcement, Aubrey C. Daniels 658.314 DAN
Get momentum : how to start when you're stuck, Jason W. Womack, Jodi Womack 650.1 WOM
Get Momentum coaches you in the mindset, skill set, and toolkit required to make progress on the items you have on your life and work goals faster and easier, while living a less stressful, more meaningful life.
Managing for happiness : games, tools, and practices to motivate any team, Jurgen Appelo 658 APP
Marketing plans in a week, Ros Jay and John Sealey 658.8 JAY
Rewrite : how to overcome daily sabotage of your brand and profit, Lynda Harris 808.066 HAR
Rewrite is a one-of-a-kind book that highlights the tremendous cost of bad writing in business and government--and offers practical solutions for change.
Secrets of online entrepreneurs : how Australia's online mavericks, innovators and disruptors built their businesses and how you can too, Bernadette Schwerdt 658.872
The art of client service : the classic guide, Robert Solomon 658.812 SOL
The business wealth builders : accelerating business growth, maximizing profits, and creating wealth, Phil Symchych, Alan Weiss 658.022 SYM
The connected company, Dave Gray with Thomas Vander Wal 658.872 GRA
The job search navigator : an expert's guide to getting hired, surviving layoffs, and building your career, Matt Durfee 650.14 DUR
The stupidity paradox : : the power and pitfalls of functional stupidity at work, Mats Alvesson & Andre Spicer 658.403 ALV
Women in tech : take your career to the next level with practical advice and inspiring stories, Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack. 602 VAN


The complete Peanuts, 1999 to 2000, Charles M. Schulz 741.5 SCH

Civil Rights

Choice : the New Zealand citizenship story = Whiriwhiria : te korero raraunga o Aotearoa. 323.6 CHO


Drupal 8 development cookbook : over 60 hands-on recipes that get you acquainted with Drupal 8's features and help you harness its power, Matt Glaman 006.7
Python for everyone, Cay Horstmann, Rance Necaise 005.133 PYT
Raspberry Pi electronics projects for the evil genius, Donald Norris 005.1 NOR
Superintelligence : paths, dangers, strategies, Nick Bostrom 006.3 BOS

Crafts & Collecting

100 simple paper flowers, Kelsey Elam 745.594 ELA
Art Deco collectibles : fashionable objets from the Jazz Age, Rodney and Diana Capstick-Dale 709.0401 CAP
Balenciaga : magicien de la dentelle = master of lace. , 746.92 BAL
This is the first publication to trace the use of lace by one of the greatest fashion designers of the twentieth century.
Bead-making lab : 52 explorations for crafting beads from polymer clay, plastic, paper, stone, wood, fiber, and wire, Heather Powers 745.58 POW
Decoupage : 17 projects for you and your home.,745.54 DEC
Granny squares & shapes : 20 crochet projects for you and your home, Susan Pinner 746.434 PIN
Hammered wire jewellery, Linda Jones 739.27 JON
Hand printing studio : 15 projects to color your life :a visual guide to printing on almost anything, Betsy Olmsted 746.62 OLM
Hankie couture : handcrafted fashions from vintage handkerchiefs, Marsha Greenberg 745.5922 GRE
Happy quilts! : 10 fun, kid-themed quilts and coordinating soft toys, Antonie Alexander 746.46 ALE
Hubble stitch : instructions & inspiration for this adaptable new lace beadwork technique, Melanie de Miguel 745.58 MIG
Judith Baker Montano's essential stitch guide : a source book of inspiration : the best of elegant stitches & floral stitches, Judith Baker Montano 746.44 MON
Meaningful bouquets : create special messages with flowers, Leigh Okies. 302.222 OKI
Micro macrame : 25 superfine jewelry projects, Jenny Townley 746.422 TOW
Modern baby crochet : 18 crocheted baby garments, blankets, accessories, and more!, Sharon Zientara 746.434 ZIE
Modern baby knits : 23 knitted baby garments, blankets, toys, and more!, Tanis Gray 746.432 GRA
Needle felting : from basics to bears with step-by-step photos and instructions for creating cute little bears and bunnies from natural wools, Liza Adams 746.0463
Pen to thread : 750+ hand-drawn embroidery designs to inspire your stitches, Sarah Watson 746.44 WAT
Rubber band engineer : build slingshot-powered rockets, rubber band rifles, unconventional catapults, and more guerrilla gadgets from household hardware, Lance Akiyama 745.592 AKI
Simply calligraphy : a beginner's guide to elegant lettering, Judy Detrick 745.61 DET
Stickmaking handbook, Andrew Jones & Clive George 680 JON
Stickmaking Handbook is a fantastic introduction to the wonderful world of creating a wide range of traditional walking sticks, market sticks and crooks
Styling nature : a masterful approach to floral arrangements, Lewis Miller. 745.92 MIL
Supercraft : easy projects for every weekend, Sophie Pester, Catharina Bruns 745.5 PES
Take a tin : 16 beautiful projects for your home, Jemima Schlee 745.5 SCH
The gilded journey : nurturing the artist within, Anne Freund & Cynthia Shaffer 745.5 FRE
The Gilded Journey: Nurturing the Artist Within has the gorgeous photographs of a coffee table book and encourages the reader to develop his or her creativity.
Things organized neatly, from the blog curated by Austin Radcliffe 745.2 RAD
Wee garter stitch : must-have knits for modern babies & toddlers, Vickie Howell 746.432 HOW


A burglar's guide to the city, Geoff Manaugh 364.162 MAN
Encompassing nearly 2,000 years of heists and tunnel jobs, break-ins and escapes, A Burglar's Guide to the City offers an unexpected blueprint to the criminal possibilities in the world all around us.
A good month for murder : the inside story of a homicide squad, Del Quentin Wilber 363.259 WIL
February 2013 was a good month for murder in suburban Washington, D.C. After gaining unparalleled access to the homicide unit , Del Quentin Wilber begins shadowing the talented, often quirky detectives who get the call when a body falls.
Business or blood : Mafia boss Vito Rizzuto's last war, Peter Edwards & Antonio Nicaso 364.1 RIZ
Captive in Iran : a remarkable true story of hope and triumph amid the horror of Tehran's brutal Evin Prison, Maryam Rostampour & Marziyeh Amirizadeh with John Perry 365.48 ROS
Converts from Muslim, Rostampour and Amirizadeh were arrested in Tehran for promoting Christianity a capital crime in Iran. When denying God would have meant freedom, they brought God's light into one of the world's darkest places, giving hope to those who had lost everything, and showing love to those in despair.
Code of silence : how one honest police officer took on Australia's most corrupt police force, Colin Dillon with Tom Gilling 364.132 DIL
Colin Dillon is an extraordinary man. He was the first Indigenous policeman in Australia. But that is actually a very small part of his story. Colin was the first serving police officer to voluntarily appear before the Fitzgerald Commission of Inquiry in 1987 and give first-hand evidence of police corruption.
Smuggling : seven centuries of contraband, Simon Harvey 364.133 HAR
The wicked boy : the mystery of a Victorian child murderer, Kate Summerscale 364.1523 SUM


#IFSHECANICAN : Australia's next generation of women entrepreneurs, publisher: Jo-Ellen Burston. 338.04 GOS
Bourgeois equality : how ideas, not capital or institutions, enriched the world, Deirdre Nansen McCloskey 338 MCC
Makers and takers : the rise of finance and the fall of American business, Rana Foroohar 332.0973 FOR
Money changes everything : how finance made civilization possible, William N. Goetzmann 332 GOE
Mutual funds for dummies, Eric Tyson 332.6327 TYS
Rational economic policy : a New Zealand perspective, Ralph Lattimore 330.993 LAT
Straight to hell : true tales of deviance, debauchery and billion-dollar deals, John LeFevre 332.66 LEF
The industries of the future, Alec Ross 338.06 ROS
Leading innovation expert Alec Ross explains what's next for the world, mapping out the advances and stumbling blocks that will emerge in the next ten years--for businesses, governments, and the global community and how we can navigate them.
The inner lives of markets : how people shape them and they shape us, Ray Fisman and Tim Sullivan 381 FIS
The rise and fall of nations : ten rules of change in the post-crisis world, Ruchir Sharma 330.9 SHA
The Rise and Fall of Nations rethinks economics as a practical art. By narrowing down the thousands of factors that can shape a country's future, it spells out ten clear rules for identifying the next big winners and losers in the global economy.
The smartest places on earth : why rustbelts are the emerging hotspots of global innovation, Antoine van Agtmael and Fred Bakker 338.06 AGT
Looks at "rust belt" communities in Europe and the United States, once stagnant and economically depressed, that are now beginning to emerge as zones of economic strength and technological innovation by producing advanced smart-products.
Warren Buffett's ground rules : words of wisdom from the Partnership letters of the world's greatest investor, Jeremy Miller 332.6 BUF


50 fantastic ideas for celebrations and festivals, Alistair Bryce-Clegg 372.8 BRY
50 fantastic ideas for exploring nature, Kate Bass and Jane Vella 372.138 BAS
50 fantastic ideas for messy play, Phill and Sally Featherstone 372.21 FEA
A smile as big as the moon : a special education teacher, his class, and their inspiring journey through U.S. Space Camp, Mike Kersjes with Joe Layden 371.9
Feel brave teaching guide, Avril McDonald. 372.6 MCD
The Feel Brave Series of books - Little stories about big feelings. The Feel Brave books are designed to help children explore emotional intelligence, positive psychology and some of the real-life issues which they might face
Meariki : he aratohu ma te pouako, he mihi tenei ki a Hone Morris nana nga ngohe o roto i tenei pukapuka i waihanga hei awhina i nga kaiako, hei wero hoki i te hinengaro o nga akonga kei nga kura rumaki reo Maori ; ko nga whakaahua katoa o te pukapuka nei na Andrew Burton 372.6 MOR
"E hangai ana tenei rauemi kaiako ki te pakiwaituhi Meariki. Ko ta te rauemi nei he awhina i nga pouako o nga akomanga rumaki reo Maori ki te whakamahi i te pakiwaituhi Meariki kia rata mai te akonga hei ako, a, ma te whai hoki i Te Marautanga o Aotearoa, ka whakawhanake ake i o ratou pukenga o te reo matatini whanui. Ko tona aronga he tautoko i nga hotaka reo matatini i roto i nga kura reo Maori"--Publisher's website.
The oral language book : embedding talk across the curriculum, Sheena Cameron & Louise Dempsey 372.6 CAM
The parents' guide to specific learning difficulties : information, advice and practical tips, Veronica Bidwell 371.9 BID
The University of Oxford : a history, L. W. B. Brockliss 378.42 BRO


Basic machines and how they work. , 621 BAS
The network : the battle for the airwaves and the birth of the communications age, Scott Woolley 384.54 WOO
Describes the friendship and partnership between David Sarnoff, the head of RCA, and Edwin Armstrong, the developer of the first amplifier, and how they combined efforts to bring the FM transmitter and modern radio to society and forever change the world.
Typewriter : the history, the machine, the writers, Tony Allan. 681.61 ALL


Nature Heritage Fund : celebrating 25 years, Les Molloy 333.95 MOL
Two percent solutions for the planet : 50 low-cost, low-tech, nature-based practices for combatting hunger, drought, and climate change, Courtney White 363.7


An unlikely vineyard : the education of a farmer and her quest for terroir, Deirdre Heekin. 634.8 HEE
Turn here sweet corn : organic farming works, Atina Diffley 631.584 DIF


Abu Jani, Sandeep Khosla : India fantastique fashion, text by Gayatri Sinha. 746.92 JAN
Amazinger face : clever beauty tricks, should-own products, spectacularly useful how-to-do-its, Zoe Foster 646.7 FOS
Dressing the decades : twentieth-century vintage style, Emmanuelle Dirix 391 DIR
Manus x machina : fashion in an age of technology, Andrew Bolton ; photographs by Nicholas Alan Cope 746.92 BOL
The fashion book. , 391 FAS
The suit : form, function and style, Christopher Breward 391.4 BRE

Film, Television & Theatre

Stanley Kubrick and me : thirty years at his side, Emilio D'Alessandro. 791.43023 KUB
The Vegas diaries : romance, rolling the dice, and the road to reinvention, Holly Madison 791.45028 MAD
When you've come out the other side of the twisted world of the Playboy mansion, where do you land? If you're Holly Madison there's no place like Las Vegas!
The westerns and war films of John Ford, Sue Matheson 791.43023 FOR

Food & Wine

101 vegetarian grill & BBQ recipes : amazing meat-free recipes for vegetarian & vegan BBQ food, [recipe collection compiled by Alice Sambrook] 641.5636
A banquet on a budget, Judy Ridgway 641.552 RID
Afternoon tea : a history and guide to the great Edwardian tradition, Vicky Straker 394.15 STR
Bake to impress, Christian Humbs. 641.865 HUM
Baking : the complete collection. , 641.815 BAK
Carnival! : 60 recipes for a Brasilian street party, David Ponte,. 641.5981 PON
Clean cakes : delicious patisserie made with whole, natural and nourishing ingredients and free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar, Henrietta Inman. 641.86
Cook Japanese at home : from dashi to tonkatsu, 200 simple recipes for every occasion, Kimiko Barber. 641.5952 BAR
Devoured : from chicken wings to kale smoothies, how what we eat defines who we are, Sophie Egan 394.12 EGA
Everyday powerfoods. , 641.5637 EVE
Foggydale Farm jam sessions, Lynda Hallinan. 641.852 HAL
Food for sharing Italian style, Liliana Battle 641.5945 BAT
Gather : fresh, tasty recipes for sharing, Tim Read 641.5 REA
Healthy family favourites. , 641.5637 HEA
One dough, ten breads : making great bread by hand, Sarah Black. 641.631 BLA
Reverse your diabetes diet : take control of type 2 diabetes with 60 quick-and-easy recipes, Dr David Cavan 641.5631 CAV
Savour : salads for all seasons, Peter Gordon. 641.83 GOR
Spiralise! : 60 delicious meals to make with your spiraliser, Pete Evans 641.5637 EVA
Tanoshii ke-ki : Japanese-style baking for all occasions, Yamashita Masataka 641.5952 YAM
The good living guide to country skills : wisdom for growing your own food, raising animals, canning and fermenting, and more, Abigail R. Gehring 640 GEH
The magic of broths : 60 great recipes for healing broths and stocks, and how to make them, Nick Sandler. 641.5 SAN
The no-cook cookbook : 100 easy & delicious recipes that don't need an oven, Sharon Hearne-Smith 641.563 HEA
The useful book : 201 life skills they used to teach in home ec and shop, Sharon and David Bowers. 640.41 BOW
The vegetable butcher : how to select, prep, slice, dice, and masterfully cook vegetables from artichokes to zucchini, Cara Mangini 641.65 MAN
The virtuous tart : recipes free from wheat, dairy and cane sugar, Susan Jane White 641.5631 WHI
Vegetable perfection : 100 delicious recipes for roots, bulbs, shoots and stems, Mat Follas. 641.65 FOL

Gardens and Gardening

Crops in pots : 50 cool containers planted with fruit, vegetables & herbs, Bob Purnell. 635.986 PUR
Garden revolution : how our landscapes can be a source of environmental change, Larry Weaner, Thomas Christopher 635 WEA
Herb gardening : how to prepare the soil, choose your plants, and care for, harvest, and use your herbs, Melissa Melton Snyder 635.7 SNY
Japanese garden, Hirofumi Suga 712.0952 JAP
Raised bed revolution : build it, fill it, plant it garden anywhere!, Tara Nolan 635.962 NOL
Sloping landscape, [edited] by ifengspace 712 SLO
The aromatherapy garden : growing fragrant plants for happiness and well-being, Kathi Keville 635.968 KEV
The culinary herbal : growing & preserving 97 flavorful herbs, Susan Belsinger. 635.7 BEL
The manual of interior plantscaping : a guide to design, installation, and maintenance, Kathy Fediw 635.965 FED
Unearthed : love, acceptance, and other lessons from an abandoned garden, Alexandra Risen 635 RIS
The author describes how she used the abandoned and overgrown garden behind the house she and her husband bought to come to grips with the recent death of her father and to awaken forgotten childhood memories.
Wild by design : strategies for creating life-enhancing landscapes, Margie Ruddick 712.5 RUD

Health & Medicine

A brain for life, Nicola Gates 616.83 GAT
By making simple lifestyle changes, we can keep our brains strong as we age and reduce our risk of dementia.
A cancer in the family : take control of your genetic inheritance, Theodora Ross 616.994 ROS
A life less sugar : how I lost 20kg by reducing my sugar, Mandy J 613.25 TIF
A mind of your own : the truth about depression and how women can heal their bodies to reclaim their lives, Kelly Brogan with Kristin Loberg 616.8527 BRO
Beat osteoporosis with exercise : a low-impact program for building strength, increasing bone density and improving posture, Dr. Karl Knopf with Chris S. Knopf 616.71
British Medical Association complete home medical guide, BMA consulting medical editor, Dr Michael Peters 616 BRI
Counselling children : a practical introduction, Kathryn Geldard. 362.7 GEL
Farmacology : total health from the ground up, Daphne Miller 613 MIL
Good fat, bad fat, Romy Dolle 613.28 DOL
Heaven in my hands : a midwife's stories of birth & life, Nancy Spencer 618.2 SPE
How I met your father, Aminah Hart 618.178 HAR
A heartwarming story of triumph after terrible tragedy, of finding love and happiness in an unusual way the extraordinary, back-to-front romance of IVF recipient Aminah Hart and her anonymous sperm donor, Scott Andersen.
Ignite the fire : the secrets to building a successful personal training career, Jonathan Goodman 613.71 GOO
Lean in 15 : the shape plan, Joe Wicks 641.5635 WIC
My butterfly gland, Louise Conway 362.196994 CON
This is the story of Louise, who did not know how much she wanted to be a mother, until the decision was taken away from her and how 2 years later, she found a lump the size of a golf ball on her neck.
Nature cure, Richard Mabey 616.8527 MAB
One in a billion : the story of Nic Volker and the dawn of genomic medicine, Mark Johnson and Kathleen Gallagher 616.042 VOL
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists Mark Johnson and Kathleen Gallagher chronicle the story of Nic Volker, the Wisconsin boy at the center of a daring breakthrough in medicine--a complete gene sequencing to discover the cure for an otherwise undiagnosable illness.
Overcoming multiple sclerosis : the evidence-based 7 step recovery program, George Jelinek 616.834 JEL
Pain-free posture handbook : 40 dynamic easy exercises to look and feel your best, Lora Pavilack. 617.56 PAV
Preventing Alzheimer's disease : personal responsibility, Yoram Barak 616.831 BAR
Real food for mother and baby : the fertility diet, eating for two, and baby's first foods, Nina Planck 618.24 PLA
Real secrets of alternative medicine : an expose, Dr Richard Rawlins 615.53 RAW
Rise : surviving and thriving after trauma, Sian Williams 616.8521 WIL
Stopping the noise in your head : the new way to overcome anxiety and worry, Reid Wilson 616.8522 WIL
Sugar free, Karen Thomson. 613.28 THO
The art of healing : uncovering your inner wisdom and potential for self-healing, Bernie S. Siegel with Cynthia J. Hurn 615.851 SIE
The book of chakra healing, Liz Simpson. 615.851 SIM
The doctor on demand diet, Melina B. Jampolis with Alice Lesch Kelly 613.25 JAM
The Doctor On Demand Diet provides a customized eating, exercise, and behavioral plan that optimizes your chances of success without forcing you to eliminate any major food groups.
The dry eye remedy : the complete guide to restoring the health and beauty of your eyes, Robert Latkany 617.7 LAT
The goddess revolution : make peace with food, love your body and reclaim your life, Mel Wells 613.25 WEL
The hot topic : a life-changing look at the change of life, Christa D'Souza 618.175 DSO
The menopause maze : the complete guide to conventional, complementary and self-help options, Dr Megan A. Arroll and Liz Efiong. 618.175 ARR
The mindfulness solution for intense emotions : take control of borderline personality disorder with DBT, Cedar R. Koons 616.8585 KOO
The mindspan diet : reduce Alzheimer's risk, minimize memory loss, and keep your brain young, Preston Estep, III 616.831 EST
The shift : one nurse, twelve hours, four patients' lives, Theresa Brown 616.028 BRO
Practicing nurse and New York Times columnist Theresa Brown invites readers to experience not just a day in the life of a nurse but all the life that happens in just one day on a hospital cancer ward.
The spaces in between : a memoir, Caroline Jones 616.8526 JON
Caroline Jones was born in Ethiopia and spent most of her childhood in East Africa. She read French and Spanish at Oxford University and went on to make documentaries for the BBC. Now aged 39, she is happily married with two children. Yet beneath this seemingly perfect public exterior, Caroline was in fact privately indulging in a pattern of destructive behaviour that left her exhausted, anxious, depressed and full of self-loathing. Caroline was suffering from an extremely widespread yet comparatively little-talked about mental illness bulimia.
Thirty million words : building a child's brain : tune in, talk more, take turns, Dana Suskind, Beth Suskind, Leslie Lewinter-Suskind 612.82 SUS
True to form : how to use foundation training for sustained pain relief and everyday fitness, Dr. Eric Goodman 616.73 GOO
Vision for life : ten steps to natural eyesight improvement, Meir Schneider 617.7 SCH
What is sound healing?, Lyz Cooper 615.83 COO
When someone you know has depression : words to say and things to do, Susan J. Noonan. 616.8527 NOO
Your health destiny : how to unlock your natural ability to overcome illness, feel better, and live longer, Eva Selhub 613 SEL

History, Geography & Travel

A life discarded : 148 diaries found in a skip, Alexander Masters 920.041 MAS
Acknowledge no frontier : the creation and demise of New Zealand's provinces, 1853-76, Andre Brett 993.022 BRE
All behind you, Winston : Churchill's great coalition 1940-45, Roger Hermiston 941.082 CHU
All strangers are kin : adventures in Arabic and the Arab world, Zora O'Neill 910.9175 ONE
Another man's war : the true story of one man's battle to save children in the Sudan, Sam Childers 962.404 CHI
Once a drug-dealing biker, Childers now spends his time in the most dangerous parts of Sudan and Uganda rescuing the youngest victims of war orphans and child-soldiers no matter the cost.
Augustus Earle's New Zealand visit, 1827-8, Paul Moon 993.01 EAR
Breaking Rockefeller : the incredible story of the ambitious rivals who toppled an oil empire, Peter B. Doran 338.272 DOR
The unlikely duo of Marcus Samuel and Henri Deterding teamed up to form Royal Dutch Shell, and set the stage for the toppling of Standard Oil. This account of ambition, oil, and greed traces Samuel's rise from canny outsider to the heights of the British aristocracy, Deterding's conquest of America, and the collapse of Rockefeller's oil empire.
Chasing a dream : The exploration of the imaginary Pacific, John Dunmore 990 DUN
This is the story of the voyages into this great unknown, The Southern Continent - by the Chinese and early Americans, the Dutch, Spanish, French and English; it recounts the exploits of pirates and scientists, and even the impact of popular fiction on popular imagination, leading to the debunking of many myths, from the sunken Great Southern Continent, to the idea that in the "antipodes" people walked upside down.
Copenhagen style guide : eat, sleep, shop, Anna Peuckert & Soren Jepsen 948.913 PEU
Costa Rica, Richard Arghiris 972.86 ARG
Crossing the kingdom : portraits of Saudi Arabia, Loring M. Danforth 953.8 DAN
Executing the Rosenbergs : death and diplomacy in a Cold War world, Lori Clune 345.023 CLU
Finding north : how navigation makes us human, George Michelsen Foy 623.89 FOY
First women : the grace and power of America's modern First Ladies, Kate Andersen Brower 973 BRO
Five presidents : my extraordinary journey with Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Ford, Clint Hill with Lisa McCubbin 363.283 HIL
Retired Secret Service agent Clint Hill brings history to life with this portrait of the American presidency. Hill delivers the perspective of an everyman who saw some of the most historic moments of the 20th century during his seventeen years protecting the most powerful office in the nation.
From cabin 'boys' to captains : 250 years of women at sea, Jo Stanley 387.5 STA
Generation revolution : on the front line between tradition and change in the Middle East, Rachel Aspden 962.05 ASP
Geography, Danny Dorling. 910 DOR
Historically inevitable? : turning points of the Russian Revolution, Tony Brenton 947.0841 HIS
Hitler's interpreter : the memoirs of Paul Schmidt, Paul Schmidt 943.086 SCH
As an interpreter in the German Foreign Ministry, Paul-Otto Schmidt (1899-1970) was in attendance at some of the most decisive moments of twentieth-century history.
John of Brex and his descendants : the Rawstron family history, Richard Rawstron 929.2 RAW
Maori place names : their meanings and origins, A. W. Reed 993 REE
Miles from nowhere : a round-the-world bicycle adventure, Barbara Savage 796.64 SAV
Mr. Explorer Douglas : John Pascoe's New Zealand classic, revised by Graham Langton 993.71 DOU
Norway, main contributor, Snorre Evensberget 948.1 EVE
Old Kaiapoi : a collection of memoirs, compiled by Charles Brockelbank 993.82 BRO
Only in Naples : lessons in food and famiglia from my Italian mother-in-law, Katherine Wilson 945.73 WIL
Peru, main contributor, Maryanne Blacker 985 BLA
Picturing England : the photographic collections of historic England, Mike Evans. 942 EVA
Pumpkin flowers : a soldier's story, Matti Friedman 956.92 FRI
Putting your ancestors in their place : a guide to One Place Studies, Janet Few 929.1 FEW
A One Place Study involves dissecting a small, definable, geographical area, to examine the individuals, buildings and processes of the past, in as much detail as possible.
Restoration : the year of the Great Fire, Alexander Larman 941.066 LAR
By looking at the year 1666 through the eyes of the people of the time, by revealing what they ate and drank, how they loved, lived and died and how they interacted, Alex Larman brings alive the England of 300 years ago as you have never seen it before: exciting, tangible, and fully comprehensible.
Rio de Janeiro : extreme city, Luiz Eduardo Soares. 981.53 SOA
Secondhand time : the last of the Soviets, Svetlana Alexievich. 947.086 ALE
From the 2015 winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, Svetlana Alexievich, comes the first English translation of her latest work, an oral history of the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the emergence of a new Russia.
Sicily culture and conquest, Dirk Booms and Peter Higgs 945.8 BOO
Sinai : Egypt's linchpin, Gaza's lifeline, Israel's nightmare, Mohannad Sabry 956.94 SAB
Sunken cities : Egypt's lost worlds, Franck Goddio and Aurelia Masson-Berghoff 932 SUN
Syria : an outline history, John D Grainger 956.91 GRA
Syrian dust : reporting from the heart of the battle for Aleppo, Francesca Borri. 956.91 BOR
Syrian Dust is a raw and powerful account of the Syrian war that throws the reader right in the middle of it, without any shelter.
Tea-tree berry kids : impressions of childhood in the backblocks 1850-1950, written and illustrated by Bruce Duder 993.1 DUD
The colourful origins of people and their children who initially came to live and work in northern New Zealand's bush backblocks. It takes their stories forward to cover the generations who followed them up to the 1950s and beyond.
The 50 greatest train journeys of the world, Anthony Lambert 910.4 LAM
The art of time travel : historians and their craft, Tom Griffiths 994 GRI
The children history forgot : young workers of the industrial age, Sue Wilkes 331.31 WIL
The conflict in Ukraine : what everyone needs to know, Serhy Yekelchyk. 947.7 YEK
The encounter : Amazon beaming, Petru Popescu 981.1 POP
Petru Popescu's gripping account of McIntyre's adventures with the Mayoruna tribe, and his quest to find the source of the Amazon, is reissued here to coincide with Complicite's acclaimed new stage production, The Encounter, inspired by McIntyre's incredible story.
The first firangis : remarkable stories of heroes, healers, charlatans, courtesans & other foreigners who became Indian, Jonathan Gil Harris 305.906 HAR
The impossibility of Palestine : history, geography, and the road ahead, Mehran Kamrava 956.9405 KAM
The Jews of Cornwall : a history : tradition and settlement to 1913, Keith Pearce. 942.37 PEA
With many original illustrations, this book represents a major contribution by the author to Cornish and Anglo-Jewish history, representing some thiry years of study and research.
The John Temperley : New Zealand immigration ship 1865-1866, Belinda Lansley 910.45 LAN
The red wake : a hybrid of travel, history and journalism, Kurt Johnson 909.83 JOH
Kurt has long been captivated by 'the communists' from his immigrant grandparents' past, transfixed by stories of the Soviet Union, the place where history happened. He journeys from the outlying countries and visit socialism's giant red heart, spurred on by a growing obsession to find what remains of this old Red World.
The shark and the albatross : travels with a camera to the ends of the earth, John Aitchison 910.4 AIT
For twenty years John Aitchison has been travelling the world to film wildlife for the BBC and other broadcasters, taking him to far-away places on every continent.
The story of Gate Pa, April 29th, 1864, Gilbert Mair. 993.022 MAI
The story of the land wars battle at Gate Pa, supplimented by extracts from official records. First published in 1926, this further amplified and indexed edition is a facsimile reprint.
The way to the spring : life and death in Palestine, Ben Ehrenreich 956.95 EHR
A brave and necessary immersion into the lives and struggles of a group of everyday Palestinians. In cities and small villages alike, men and women, young and old, a group of unforgettable characters share their lives with Ehrenreich and make their own case for resistance and resilience in the face of life under occupation.
The wonder trail : true stories from Los Angeles to the end of the world, Steve Hely 972.8 HEL
Part travel book, part pop history, part comic memoir, Hely's writing will make any reader want to reach for their backpack and hiking boots.
To the ends of the earth : and back again, Maxwell C. Hill 993.01 HIL
Maxwell C. Hill's second book again challenges conventional views of history. In this work he suggests that Maori may not have come to New Zealand in a Great Fleet of canoes but may have arrived aboard Chinese ships which foundered on the coast of New Zealand.
Tracing your naval ancestors : a guide for family historians, Simon Fowler 929.1 FOW
Travels with Boogie, Mark Wallington. 942 WAL
Travels With Boogie" is the story of two city slickers one an unattractive but streetwise mongrel from Stockwell, the other the long-suffering author and how they came to terms with England's countryside and waterways.
Walking London : the best of the city, Sara Calian 942.1 CAL
Walking New York : the best of the city, Katherine Cancila 974.71 CAN
Walking Rome : the best of the city, Katie Parla 945.632 PAR

House & Garden

Furniture makes the room : create special pieces to style a home you love, Barb Blair. 684.1 BLA
Kaleidoscope : living in color & patterns, [edited by Sven Ehmann, Robert Klanten, Victoria Pease] 747.94 KAL
Learn to timber frame : craftsmanship, simplicity, timeless beauty, Will Beemer. 694.2 BEE
Medieval & Renaissance interiors in illuminated manuscripts, Eva Oledzka 747 OLE
New retro : made in retro style. , 741.6 NEW
Novel interiors, Lisa Borgnes Giramonti. 747 GIR
The key to a stylish life is in the details, and the details are found in books! Giramonti presents a book-lover's guide to
Shades of grey : decorating with the most elegant of neutrals, Kate Watson-Smyth 747.94 WAT
The big book of hacks. , 600 BIG
The four elements of design : interiors inspired by air, water, earth, and fire, words and photographs by Vicente Wolf. 747 WOL
The woodburner handbook : a practical guide to getting the best from your stove, Anthony Bailey 644.1 BAI


Enter Helen : the invention of Helen Gurley Brown and the rise of the modern single woman, Brooke Hauser 070.41 BRO
Chronicles the rise of a cultural icon who redefined what it means to be an American woman. In 1965, Helen Gurley Brown, author of the groundbreaking bestseller Sex and the Single Girl, took over an ailing Cosmopolitan and soon revamped it into one of the most bankable and revolutionary brands on the planet.
In the darkroom, Susan Faludi 070.92 FAL
Susan Faludi's extraordinary inquiry into the meaning of identity in the modern world and in her own haunted family.


Alisi i he Fonua o e Fakaofo',
fau e Lewis Carroll ; ta fakatataai e John Tenniel ; liliu ki he lea Faka-Tonga e Siutaula Cocker mo Telesia Kalavite 899.484
The Samoan picture dictionary., 499.462 SAM


Contract law made easy. , 346.02 CON
Directors and managers law made easy, Benedict Stewart. 346.066 STE
Health and safety law made easy, Dennis Murray 344.0465 MUR
Human rights law made easy, Jillian Stewart 342.085 STE : selected issues, Judge David Harvey (LLB (Auckland), MJur (Waikato), PhD (Auckland), Judge of the District Court) 343.099 HAR
New Zealand employment law guide, Richard Rudman 344.012 RUD
Premises and facilities law made easy, Jillian Stewart 343.078 STE
Privacy law in New Zealand, Stephen Penk. 342.085 BRO
Tax administration law made easy, Mark J. Greening 343.04 GRE
The business legal lifecycle : how to successfully navigate your way from start up to success, Jeremy Streten 346.065 STR
The New Zealand legal system : structures and processes, Jacinta Ruru, Paul Scott, Duncan Webb 349.93 RUR
The Rahui : legal pluralism in Polynesian traditional management of resources and territories, Tamatoa Bambridge 340.5 RAH
Why lawyers are like lobsters : and other lessons on surviving in the law, Marcus Elliott 340.023 ELL

Library Science

Adults just wanna have fun : programs for emerging adults, Audrey Barbakoff 025.5 BAR
Five steps of outcome-based planning and evaluation for public libraries, Melissa Gross, Cindy Mediavilla, Virginia A. Walter 027.4 GRO
Inspired collaboration : ideas for discovering and applying your potential, Dorothy Stoltz with Susan M. Mitchell. 021.2 STO


Curiosity, Alberto Manguel 814.54 MAN
Alberto Manguel's tracks his own life of curiosity through the books that have mapped his way. Manguel chooses as his guides a selection of writers who sparked his imagination in new directions.
Extraordinary anywhere : essays on place from Aotearoa New Zealand, editors: Ingrid Horrocks and Cherie Lacey 824.9208 EXT
Island to island : a graphic exchange between Taiwan & New Zealand, Sean Chuang, 61Chi, Ahn Zhe, Tim Gibson, Rachel Fenton, Ant Sang ; translation Diana Herh, Ching-yu Shen ; editor Ching-yu Shen, Chia-hsuan Lin 741.5 XIA
One book, two islands and six graphic novelists. Using the concept of a gift exchange, they gave each other a graphic keepsake of a memory or story worth sharing. This special collaboration came about as a result of New Zealand's guest of honor participation in the 2015 Taipei International Book Fair.
Love from boy : Roald Dahl's letters to his mother, Donald Sturrock 826.914 DAH
Shelf life : reviews, replies and reminiscences, C.K. Stead 820.9993 STE
"Every morning for the last thirty years, C. K. Stead has written fiction and poetry. Shelf Life collects the best of his afternoon work: reviews and essays, letters and diaries, lectures and opinion pieces.
So sad today, Melissa Broder 808.84 BRO
So Sad Today is radical. It is an unapologetic, unblinkingly intimate book which splays out a soul.
Stephen King's The dark tower : the complete concordance, Robin Furth ; foreword by Stephen King 813.54 KIN
The dark tower: the complete concordance is the definitive encyclopaedic reference book that will make navigating through the series an even more enjoyable reading experience for readers.
TED talks : the official TED guide to public speaking, Chris Anderson 808.51 AND
The art of reading, Damon Young 028.9 YOU
Devoting each chapter to a literary virtue - curiosity, patience, courage, pride, temperance, justice. The Art of Reading celebrates the reader's power: to turn shapes on a page into a lifelong adventure.
The books that changed my life : reflections by 100 authors, actors, musicians, and other remarkable people, Bethanne Patrick 028.9 BOO
The hatred of poetry, Ben Lerner 808.1 LER
Lerner examines poetry's greatest haters and both its greatest and worst practitioners, providing inspired close readings of Keats, Dickinson, McGonagall, Whitman and others.


Paper : paging through history, Mark Kurlansky 676 KUR

Museum science

Curating empire : museums and the British imperial experience, Sarah Longair and John McAleer 069.5 CUR

Music & Musicians

A new history of jazz, Alyn Shipton 781.65 SHI
All for the love of music, John Schroeder 780.92 SCH
All for the Love of Music is the journey through John Schroeder's life after having completed National Service to landing his dream job with E.M.I Records.
From the bandstand : sixty-five years of gigs, clubs, studios, freaks and frolics, text & cartoons by Kevin Clark 781.65 CLA
Here she comes now : women in music who have changed our lives, Jeff Gordinier and Marc Weingarten 780.8 HER
Never a dull moment : 1971 : the year that rock exploded, David Hepworth 781.66 HEP
Small town talk : Bob Dylan, The Band, Van Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix & friends in the wild years of Woodstock, Barney Hoskyns 781.66 HOS
Hoskyns re-creates Woodstock's community of brilliant dysfunctional musicians, scheming dealers, and opportunistic hippie capitalists drawn to the area by Dylan and his sidekicks from the Band.
Why we love music : from Mozart to Metallica, the emotional power of beautiful sounds, John Powell 781.1 POW
Your favorite band is killing me : what pop music rivalries reveal about the meaning of life, Steven Hyden 780 HYD
What do your musical choices say about you?

Natural Science

Do birds have knees?, Stephen Moss 598 MOS
Fingers in the sparkle jar : lessons in life and death, Chris Packham 508 PAC
An introverted, unusual young boy, isolated by his obsessions and a loner at school, Chris Packham only felt himself in the fields and woods around his suburban home. But when he stole a young Kestrel from its nest, he was about to embark on a friendship that would teach him what it meant to love, and that would change him forever.
Following the wild bees : the craft and science of bee hunting, Thomas D. Seeley. 595.79 SEE
Following the Wild Bees is a delightful foray into the pastime of bee hunting, an exhilarating outdoor activity that used to be practiced widely but which few people know about today. Thomas Seeley, a world authority on honey bees, vividly describes the history and science behind this lost pastime and how anyone can do it.
Heart of a lion : a lone cat's walk across America, William Stolzenburg 599.75 STO
Nightingales in November : a year in the lives of twelve British birds, Mike Dilger 598.0941 DIL
Not so different : finding human nature in animals, Nathan H. Lents 591.5 LEN
Seahorses : a life-size guide to every species, Sara Lourie 597.6 LOU
Silent sparks : the wondrous world of fireflies, Sara Lewis 595.76 LEW
The dragon behind the glass : a true story of power, obsession, and the world's most coveted fish, Emily Voigt 597 VOI
A journalist's quest to find a wild Asian arowana the world's most expensive aquarium fish takes her on a global tour through the bizarre realm of ornamental fish hobbyists to some of the most remote jungles on the planet.
The sting of the wild, Justin O. Schmidt 595.7 SCH
Entomologist Justin O. Schmidt is on a mission. Some say it's a brave exploration, other shake their heads in disbelief. His goal? To compare the impacts of stinging insects on humans, mainly using himself as the gauge.
Wattana : an orangutan in Paris, Chris Herzfeld. 599.883 HER
She likes tea, sews, draws on papers and is a self-taught master of tying and untying knots. But she is not a crafty woman of the DIY set: she is Wattana, an orangutan who lives in the Jardin des Plantes Zoo in Paris.


Afterlife : a history of life after death, Philip C. Almond 133.9013 ALM
What is a near-death experience?, Dr Penny Sartori 133.9013 SAR


A warm and gentle welcome : nurturing children from birth to age three. , 649.68 WAR
Baby self-feeding : solid food solutions to create lifelong, healthy eating habits, Nancy Ripton & Melanie Potock 649.3 RIP
Healing child trauma through restorative parenting : a model for supporting children and young people, Chris Robinson. 649.15 ROB
Our boys : raising strong, happy sons from boyhood to manhood, Ruth Kerr & Richard Aston 649.132 KER
Raising the perfectly imperfect child : facing the challenges with strength, courage, and hope, Boris Vujicic. 248.86 VUJ
The first 1,000 days : a crucial time for mothers and children and the world, Roger Thurow 618.92 THU

Pets & Animals

Chicken soup for the soul : my very good, very bad cat : 101 heartwarming stories about our happy, heroic & hilarious pets, [compiled by] Amy Newmark. 636.8
Chicken soup for the soul : my very good, very bad dog : 101 heartwarming stories about our happy, heroic & hilarious pets, [compiled by] Amy Newmark. 636.7
Dog love, Ann DeVito 636.71 DEV
High Street to homestead, Angela Williams 636.1 WIL
Top-bar beekeeping : organic practices for honeybee health, Les Crowder and Heather Harrell 638.1 CRO
Village vets, Anthony Bennett & James Carroll with Mark Whittaker 636.089 BEN

Philosophy and psychology

A good life : philosophy from cradle to grave, Mark Rowlands 100 ROW
Beyond belief, Hugh Mackay 121 MCK
What do people actually mean when they say 'God'? Around two-thirds of us say we believe in God or some 'higher power', but fewer than one in ten Australians attend church weekly. In Beyond Belief, Hugh Mackay presents this discrepancy as one of the great unexamined topics of our time.
Dying : a memoir, Cory Taylor 128.5 TAY
Written in the space of a few weeks, in a tremendous creative surge, this powerful and beautifully written book is a clear-eyed account of what dying has taught Cory.
Original mind : uncovering your natural brilliance, Dee Joy Coulter 128.2 COU
Nuroscience and learning pioneer Dee Joy Coulter challenges us to question the conventional definitions and limitations of our minds, and then to move beyond them.
The more beautiful world our hearts know is possible, Charles Eisenstein 126 EIS
Argues that because human beings are all connected to each other and the planet, the key to creating a better world is to understand that our personal choices contain transformational power.
This sentence is false : an introduction to philosophical paradoxes, Peter Cave 165 CAV


50 portraits : stories and techniques from a photographer's photographer, Gregory Heisler. 778.92 HEI
In this first-ever showcase of his work, Gregory Heisler, one of professional photography's most respected practitioners, shares 50 iconic portraits of celebrities, athletes, and world leaders, along with fascinating, thoughtful, often humorous stories about how the images were made.
Conservation photography handbook : how to save the world one photo at a time, Boyd Norton 778.93 NOR
Focus : the secret, sexy, sometimes sordid world of fashion photographers, Michael Gross 770.92 GRO
Jane Bown : a lifetime of looking, Luke Dodd 779 BRO
Bown's pictures allow us to walk back in time as she captured with curiosity, respect and wit the people of the UK: you'll find heroic strikers, soulful miners, proud dog walkers, busy fishermen, dancing girls, picnicking postmen and excited day trippers side by side with the Queen, Mick Jagger, Charlie Chaplain, Margot Fonteyn, Sinead O'Connor, the Beatles and Spike Lee.
Michel Comte and Milk : a collaboration : 1996-2016. , 779 COM
Painting with light : art and photography from the Pre-Raphaelites to the modern age, Carol Jacobi. 770.1 JAC


Hopscotch : a memoir, Hilary Fannin 822.92 FAN
Stage journeys : 10 short plays from New Zealand, Paula Crimmens, Tim Hambleton, Richard Prevett, Kerrie Anne Spicer, Rex McGregor, Richard Bull, June Allen, Richard C Harris, Nataliya Oryshchuk ; edited by Rex McGregor 822.9208 STA


Collected poems : 1950-2012, Adrienne Rich 811.54 RIC
Adrienne Rich whose poetry is "distinguished by an unswerving progressive vision and a dazzling, empathic
Collected poems : 1974-2004, Rita Dove 811.54 DOV
Rita Dove's Collected Poems: 1974-2004 showcases the wide-ranging diversity that earned her a Pulitzer Prize, the position of US poet laureate, a National Humanities Medal and a National Medal of Art.
Hera Lindsay Bird, Hera Lindsay Bird 821.92 BIR
This impressive debut has established Hera Lindsay Bird as a good girl with many beneficial thoughts and feelings ... with themes as varied as snow and tears, the poems in this collection shine with the fantastic cream of who she is.
Listener, Lemn Sissay 821.914 SIS
Breaking the silence Lemn Sissay is back with a sensational new book. Listener overflows with love poems, inner-city soap operas, reflections on history, mystery and felicity and much more.
Muse on the discerning cat, Amber Jo Illsley 821.914 ILL
This is a book of poetry about much loved cats; their individual photographs included.
Pearl, translated by Simon Armitage 821.1 PEA
Pearl describes a bereft father mourning the loss of his precious "Perle."
Rabbit rabbit, Kerrin P. Sharpe 821.92 SHA
Salt river songs, Sam Hunt 821.914 HUN
Salt river songs is Sam Hunt's latest collection of poems, written over the last few years in his house that sits amongst a grove of totara trees on the Arapaoa, one of the five main salt rivers of the Kaipara Harbour.
Udon by the Remarkables, Harvey Molloy 821.92 MOL
Harvey Molloy lives in many worlds - the place he was born, the place he lives now, the lives of the Anglo-Saxons whose work he translates and the jewelled world of his wife's Indian family.
Where the fish grow, Ish Doney 821.92 DON
Leaving the country you grew up in is both heart-wrenching and liberating. Ish writes of her move from New Zealand to
Withstanding, Helen Jacobs 821.914 JAC
Once Helen Jacobs delighted in walking the hills, but now she can only get as far as the local shops, and the nature she loves is pressed into the tiny garden she tends. It is here that she ponders the paradox of old age.

Politics & Government

Back channel to Cuba : the hidden history of negotiations between Washington and Havana, William M. LeoGrande & Peter Kornbluh 327.73 LEO
Clinton cash : the untold story of how and why foreign governments and businesses helped make Bill and Hillary rich, Peter Schweizer 364.132 SCH
Corbyn : the strange rebirth of radical politics, Richard Seymour 328.41 COR
Where did he come from, and what chance does he have? This book tells the story of how Corbyn's rise was made possible by the long decline of Labour and a deep crisis of British democracy.
Labour : the New Zealand Labour Party, 1916-2016, Peter Franks & Jim McAloon 324.293 FRA
Outsider in the White House, Bernie Sanders. 328.73 SAN
In this book, Sanders tells the story of his political life. He describes how, after cutting his teeth in the Civil Rights movement, he helped build a grassroots political movement in Vermont, making it possible for him to become the first independent elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in forty years. The story continues through the U.S. Senate and through the launch of his presidential campaign.
Playing to the edge : American intelligence in the age of terror, Michael V. Hayden 327.12 HAY
The fires of spring : a post-Arab Spring journey through the turbulent new Middle East, Shelly Culbertson 909.0974 CUL
The people have spoken : the 2014 elections in Fiji, Steven Ratuva and Stephanie Lawson 324.99611 PEO
This brave new world : India, China and the United States, Anja Manuel 327.73 MAN
Viva la revolucion : on Latin America, Eric Hobsbawm. 320.98 HOB


Ko Nga Takahanga i a Arihi i Te Ao Miharo, na Lewis Carroll ; na John Tenniel i whakaahua ; na Tom Roa i whakamaori 899.4423 CAR

Religion & Ethics

Ethics, professional responsibility and the lawyer, Duncan Webb. 174.3 WEB
God is no thing : coherent Christianity, Rupert Shortt 230 SHO
Although parts of the Western world now appear almost totally secularised, Christianity remains the most potent worldview on earth alongside Islam. In this compelling book, Rupert Shortt gracefully argues that Christianity is a much more coherent, progressive body of belief philosophically, scientifically and culturally than often supposed by its critics.
Living with less : an unexpected key to happiness, Joshua Becker 248.4 BEC
The Ephesus liturgies. Volume II, Jill & Ian Harris 264 HAR
The Protestant's dilemma : how the Reformation's shocking consequences point to the truth of Catholicism, Devin Rose 230.2 ROS
The Tibetan book of living and dying, Sogyal Rinpoche. 294.34 SOG


A survival guide to the misinformation age : scientific habits of mind, David J. Helfand 500 HEL
This book provides an inoculation against the misinformation epidemic by cultivating scientific habits of mind. From dissolving our fear of numbers and demystifying graphs, to elucidating the key concepts of probability and the use of precise language and logic, Helfand supplies an essential set of apps for the pre-frontal cortex while making science both accessible and entertaining.
Boom! : 50 fantastic science experiments to try at home with your kids, Chris Smith & Dave Ansell 507.8 SMI
Cosmic apprentice : dispatches from the edges of science, Dorion Sagan 500 SAG
Sagan draws on classical and contemporary philosophy to intervene provocatively in often-charged debates on thermodynamics, linear and nonlinear time, purpose, ethics, the links between language and psychedelic drugs, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, and the occupation of the human body by microbial others.
How the universe got its spots : diary of a finite time in a finite space, Janna Levin 523.1 LEV
A physicist describes what we know about the shape, extent, origins, and evolution of the universe, the complexities of space and time, and the secrets of black holes, time warps, and other phenomena.
In praise of simple physics : the science and mathematics behind everyday questions, Paul J. Nahin 530 NAH
Mapping the heavens : the radical scientific ideas that reveal the cosmos, Priyamvada Natarajan 523.1 NAT
On the scent : a journey through the science of smell, Paolo Pelosi 612.86 PEL
Restless creatures : the story of life in ten movements, Matt Wilkinson 573.7 WIL
A billion-year history of movement, from bacteria to Olympic athletes. 'Packed with revelations, scholarly but clear, Restless Creatures carries you from the kinetics of the amoeba to that of the blue whale, from the swim-cycle of spermatozoa, to why skipping works best on the moon.
Rise of the rocket girls : the women who propelled us, from missiles to the moon to Mars, Nathalia Holt 629.4 HOL
For the first time, Rise of the Rocket Girls tells the stories of these women who charted a course not only for the future of space exploration but also for the prospects of female scientists. Based on extensive research and interviews with the living members of the team, Rise of the Rocket Girls offers a unique perspective on the role of women in science, illuminating both where we've been and the far reaches of space to where we're heading.
The ancestor's tale : a pilgrimage to the dawn of life, Richard Dawkins and Yan Wong 576.83 DAW
A fully updated edition of one of the most original accounts of evolution ever written, featuring new fractal diagrams, six new 'tales' and the latest scientific developments.
The search for Earth's twin : the extraordinary, cutting-edge story of the search for a distant planet like our own, Stuart Clark 523.24 CLA
The seven pillars of statistical wisdom, Stephen M. Stigler 519.5 STI
A summary of the seven most consequential ideas in the history of statistics, ideas that have proven their importance over a century or more and yet still define the basis of statistical science in the present day.

Self Development

Creating a new reality : using a series of images to inspire changes in your life, Jillyan Baldwin 158.1 BAL
Love sense : the revolutionary new science of romantic relationships, Dr. Sue Johnson 152.41 JOH
Mindfulness on the run : quick, effective mindfulness techniques for busy people, Dr Chantal Hofstee 158.1 HOF
Negotiating the nonnegotiable : how to resolve your most emotionally charged conflicts, Daniel Shapiro 158.5 SHA
Peak : secrets from the new science of expertise, Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool 153.9 ERI
Mozart wasn't born with perfect pitch. Most athletes are not born with any natural advantage. Three world-class chess players were sisters, whose success was planned by their parents before they were even born. Anders Ericsson has spent thirty years studying The Special Ones, the geniuses, sports stars and musical prodigies. And his remarkable finding, revealed in Peak, is that their special abilities are acquired through training.
The art of having it all : a woman's guide to unlimited abundance, Christy Whitman 158.1 WHI
The artist's way for retirement : it's never too late to discover creativity and meaning, Julia Cameron with Emma Lively 153.35 CAM
The five step exit : the skills you need to leave a narcissist, psychopath, or other toxic partner and recover your happiness now, Amber Ault 158.2 AUL
The mind club : who thinks, what feels, and why it matters, Daniel M. Wegner and Kurt Gray 150 WEG
The Mind Club explains why we love some animals and eat others, why people debate the existence of God so intensely, how good people can be so cruel, and why robots make such poor lovers. By investigating the mind Gray explains what it means to have a mind, and why it matters so much.
Useful belief : because it's better than positive thinking, Chris Helder 158.1 HEL
You'll learn how thinking "useful" is better than thinking "positive", and you'll uncover the utility of your past, present and future challenges. You'll undergo a major shift in the way you solve your problems, and you'll learn how to navigate your way out of ambiguity and toward success.
Visual intelligence : sharpen your perception, change your life, Amy E. Herman 152.14 HER
Who stole my spear? : how to be a man in the twenty-first century, Tim Samuels 155.632 SAM
For women who wonder what's on a man's mind, this is the book that offers the entertainingly explosive answer.

Social Issues

A couple's guide to happy retirement : for better or for worse but not for lunch, Sara Yogev 646.79 YOG
Almost home : finding a place in the world from Kashmir to New York, Githa Hariharan 307.76 GIT
Githa Hariharan takes readers on an eye-opening journey across time and place, exploring the history, landscape, and people that have shaped the world's most fascinating and fraught cities
An affair with my mother : a story of adoption, secrecy and love, Caitriona Palmer 362.734 PAL
An Affair with My Mother is a searing portrait of the social and familial forces that left Sarah and so many other unwed Irish mothers of her generation frightened, traumatized and bereft.
Animal : the autobiography of a female body, Sara Pascoe 305.4 PAS
Take a funny and illuminating tour of the female body with award-winning comedian Sara.
Anthropocene or capitalocene? : nature, history, and the crisis of capitalism, Jason W. Moore 304.2 ANT
Anthropocene or Capitalocene? offers answers to these questions. The contributors to this book diagnose the problems of Anthropocene thinking and propose an alternative: the global crises of the 21st century are rooted in the Capitalocene; not the Age of Man but the Age of Capital.
Boy erased : a memoir, Garrard Conley 306.7662 CON
The son of a Baptist pastor and deeply embedded in church life in small-town Arkansas, Garrard Conley was terrified and conflicted about his sexuality as a young man. When Garrard was a nineteen-year-old college student, he was outed to his parents, and was forced to make a life-changing decision: either agree to attend a church-supported conversion therapy program that promised to "cure" him of homosexuality; or risk losing family, friends, and the God he had prayed to every day of his life.
Cast away : stories of survival from Europes refugee crisis, Charlotte McDonald-Gibson 362.87 MCD
Challenges in professional supervision : current themes and models for practice, Liz Beddoe and Allyson Davys 361.3 BED
Chancers : addiction, prison, recovery, love : one couple's memoir, Susan Stellin and Graham MacIndoe 362.29 STE
In this powerful dual memoir, a reporter and a photographer tell their gripping story of falling in love, the heroin habit that drove them apart, and the unlikely way a criminal conviction brought them back together.
Climategate : a veteran meteorologist exposes the global warming scam, Brian Sussman 363.7387 SUS
Traces the origins of the climate scare, guiding the reader from the minds of Marx and Engles in the 1800s, to the global governance of the United Nations.
Doing community-based research : perspectives from the field, Greg Halseth. 307 HAL
Everydata : the misinformation hidden in the little data you consume every day : why your gas tank isn't empty, you're not better than average, and Africa is bigger than you think, John H. Johnson, and Mike Gluck 646.7 JOH
Face value : the hidden ways that beauty shapes women's lives, Autumn Whitefield-Madrano 111 WHI
Finding Tipperary Mary : two different lives, one heartbreaking secret : a memoir, Phyllis Whitsell with Barbara Fisher 362.734 WHI
The astonishing real story of a daughter's search for her own past and the desperate mother who gave her up. Phyllis Whitsell began the search for her birth mother as a young woman and although it was many years before she finally met her, their lives had crossed on the journey without their knowledge.
Freedom : the end of the human condition, Jeremy Griffith 304.5 GRI
Fury : women write about sex, power and violence, Samantha Trenoweth 362.88 FUR
Great myths of intimate relationships : dating, sex, and marriage, Matthew D. Johnson 306.7 JOH
Growl : life lessons, hard truths, and bold strategies from an animal advocate, Kim Stallwood 179.3 STA
Equal parts personal narrative, social history and impassioned call for rethinking animal advocacy, GROWL describes Stallwood's journey from a meat-eating slaughterhouse worker to a vegan activist for all species.
Hold on to your kids : why parents need to matter more than peers, Gordon Neufeld and Gabor Mate 306.874 NEU
Hole in the heart : bringing up Beth, Henny Beaumont 362.1968588 BEA
Hole in the Heart shares Henny's journey with her Downs Syndome baby in an accessible and entertaining way, not only with those who have had a similar experience, or the medical professionals involved, but with a wider public - people who may have wondered how to behave towards families with disabled children, or who may be struggling with the idea of being an inadequate parent.
Hooked : the secrets of a high-class call girl, Samantha X 306.74 SAM
How (not) to start an orphanage by a woman who did, Tara Winkler & Lynda Delacey 362.73 WIN
How propaganda works, Jason Stanley 303.375 STA
How to click : the art of dating with confidence, Trevor Silvester 646.77 SIL
Human ecology : how nature and culture shape our world, Frederick Steiner 304.2 STE
In Human Ecology, noted city planner and landscape architect Frederick Steiner encourages us to consider how human cultures have been shaped by natural forces, and how we might use this understanding to contribute to a future where both nature and people thrive.
ISIS : a history, Fawaz A. Gerges 363.32 GER
Labour of love, Shannon Garner 306.8743 GAR
Shannon Garner met and married the man of her dreams, had two gorgeous children and lived the idyllic life on the New South Wales coast. So why did she decide one day to pursue altruistic surrogacy? And what made her choose a gay male couple from Sydney?
Letters to my fanny, Cherry Healey 306.461 HEA
"This book is a love letter, to my body. In fact it's several letters to every part from my brain to my belly"
Methods that matter : integrating mixed methods for more effective social science research, M. Cameron Hay 300 MET
Mike and Dave need wedding dates and a thousand cocktails, Mike and Dave Stangle 306.875 STR
Dave and Mike Stangle thought nothing of it when they boozily decided to turn to the activity partners section of Craigslist to solicit dates to their cousin's wedding. The hilarious, out-of-this-world ad that they came up with-featuring a picture of the two brothers as centaurs-immediately went viral.
Never give up, Ian Winson. 362.43 WIN
Watercare engineer Ian Winson was seriously injured in a gas explosion in Onehunga, Auckland, in 2011. It cost Ian both his legs, caused severe damage to his arms, gave him a brain injury and left him close to death. On that morning he went from being an Ironman competitor to a double amputee requiring much medical intervention and months of rehabilitation just to reach a stage of basic mobility. His story is one of bravery, incredible determination, redefining oneself, a family's love, and unerring hope.
Only humans need apply : winners and losers in the age of smart machines, Thomas H. Davenport and Julia Kirby 303.483 DAV
Playing by the rules : how our obsession with safety is putting us all at risk, Tracey Brown & Michael Hanlon 363.1 BRO
Reinventing Emma : the inspirational story of a young stroke survivor, Emma Gee 362.19681 GEE
Saving Danny, Cathy Glass 362.733 GLA
Danny was petrified and clung to me in desperation as I carried him to my car. Trapped in his own dark world, he couldn't understand why his parents no longer loved or wanted him, and were sending him away.
Stan and Nan, Sarah Lippett 306.8745 LIP
Stan and Nan is the story of an ordinary couple and the people who loved them. The narrative follows their lives from Stan's working-class background, to his premature death, through to Nan's struggle to cope, and the perils of ageing. It is a memoir about the importance of family, and about death, love, living and human connection.
Stepmonster : a new look at why real stepmothers think, feel, and act the way we do, Wednesday Martin 306.8747 MAR
Streetfight : handbook for an urban revolution, Janette Sadik-Khan and Seth Solomonow 388.41 SAD
As New York City's transportation commissioner, Janette Sadik-Khan managed the seemingly impossible and transformed the streets of one of the worlds greatest, toughest cities into dynamic spaces safe for pedestrians and bikers.
Take back your life : recovering from cults and abusive relationships, Janja Lalich and Madeleine Tobias 362.2 LAL
Talking to my country, Stan Grant 305.89915 GRA
This is his very personal meditation on what it means to be Australian, what it means to be indigenous, and what racism really means in this country. Talking to My Country is that rare and special book that talks to every Australian about their country what it is, and what it could be.
The fable of a stable climate : the writings and debates of a climate realist, Gerrit J. van der Lingen 363.7387 VAN
Dr Gerrit J. van der Lingen is a geologist and paleoclimatologist. Studying climate change in the past made him realise that the belief in modern catastrophic man-made global warming, caused by carbon dioxide, is not supported by sound science.
The ice age : a journey into crystal-meth addiction, Luke Williams 362.299 WIL
The inevitable : understanding the 12 technological forces that will shape our future, Kevin Kelly 303.483 KEL
The new odyssey : the story of Europe's refugee crisis, Patrick Kingsley 362.87 KIN
The politics of humanity : the reality of relief aid, John Holmes 361.26 HOL
The turning : why the state of the family matters, and what the world can do about it, Richard and Linda Eyre 306.85 EYR
The underdogs : children, dogs, and the power of unconditional love, Melissa Fay Greene 362.404 GRE
Describes the unbreakable bond between humans and canines through the story of a severely disabled woman who began training her own service dogs after she was deemed "too disabled" to receive one by every agency in the U.S.
The wisest one in the room : how you can benefit from social psychology's most powerful insights, Thomas Gilovich and Lee Ross 302 GIL
Throwing rocks at the Google bus : how growth became the enemy of prosperity, Douglas Rushkoff 303.483 RUS
In this groundbreaking book, Douglas Rushkoff named one of the world's ten most influential thinkers by MIT lays out a ground plan for a different economic and social future.
Unbroken brain : a revolutionary new way of understanding addiction, Maia Szalavitz 362.29 SZA
We believe you : survivors of campus sexual assault speak out, Annie E. Clark. 371.78 CLA
What is sexual history?, Jeffrey Weeks 306.7 WEE
Witness to the revolution : radicals, resisters, vets, hippies, and the year America lost its mind and found its soul, Clara Bingham 303.484 BIN
As the 1960s drew to a close, the United States was coming apart at the seams. From August 1969 to August 1970, the nation witnessed nine thousand protests and eighty-four acts of arson or bombings at schools across the country.Clara Bingham's unique oral history of that tumultuous time, unveils anew that moment when America careened to the brink of a civil war at home, as it fought a long, futile war abroad.
Yassmin's story : who do you think I am?, Yassmin Abdel-Magied 305.486 ABD
Yassmin was named Young Australian Muslim of the Year for her work in the community and in 2010 Young Queenslander of the Year. She serves on various state and federal councils and is currently works as an engineering specialist on oil and gas rigs.

Sport & Recreation

18 holes with Bing : golf, life, and lessons from Dad, Nathaniel Crosby and John Strege 796.352 CRO
And the sun shines now : how Hillsborough and the Premier League changed Britain, Adrian Tempany 796.334 TEM
Block wonders : how to build super structures in Minecraft, Kirsten Kearney 794.8 KEA
Burt Munro : the lost interviews, Neill Birss 796.75 MUN
Coral wonderland : the best dive sites of the Great Barrier Reef & Coral Sea, Nigel Marsh 797.23 MAR
Foul! : the secret world of FIFA : bribes, vote rigging and ticket scandals, Andrew Jennings 796.3346 JEN
Hal Higdon's half marathon training, Hal Higdon 796.425 HIG
Karate : aikido, ju-jitsu and judo, Fay Goodman 796.815 GOO
King of the world : Muhammad Ali and the rise of an American hero, David Remnick 796.83 ALI
Knowledge games : how playing games can solve problems, create insight, and make change, Karen Schrier 793 SCH
Kung fu : tae kwondo, iaido, kendo, tai chi and shinto ryu, Fay Goodman 796.815 GOO
Over & above : trampoline gymnastics : towards world class performance, Jack Kelly 796.47 KEL
Play and win mah-jong, David Pritchard 795.3 PRI
Playing tennis like a pro, William Ralston 796.342 RAL
Ski touring, Bruce Goodlad 796.93 GOO
Sportographica : the world of sport as you have never seen it before, Martin & Simon Toseland. 796 TOS
Sportographica blends sporting statistics from around the world with stylish and memorable infographics.
The Bridge Ladies : a memoir, Betsy Lerner 795.415 LER
The field guide to knots : how to identify, tie, and untie over 80 essential knots for outdoor pursuits, Bob Holtzman 623.8882 HOL
The ultimate encyclopedia of boxing, Harry Mullan. 796.83 MUL
Training essentials for ultrarunning : how to train smarter, race faster, and maximize your ultramarathon performance, Jason Koop with Jim Rutberg 796.425
WWE 100 greatest matches, [author Dean Miller] 796.812 MIL
Your putting solution : a tour-proven approach to mastering the greens, James Sieckmann. 796.3523 SIE

Trains, Boats, Planes

Disconnected! : broken links in Britain's rail policy, Chris Austin & Richard Faulkner 385.0941 AUS
Splicing modern ropes : a practical handbook, Jan-Willem Polman 623.8882 POL


Door to door : the magnificent, maddening, mysterious world of transportation, Edward Humes 388 HUM
Strathclyde Buses, David Devoy 388.322 DEV


24 hours at the Somme : 1 July 1916, Robert Kershaw 940.42 KER
Among the Italian partisans : the allied contribution to the resistance, Malcolm Tudor 940.5345 TUD
Bad medicine : a no-holds-barred account of life as an Australian SAS medic during the war in Afghanistan, Terry Ledgard 355.345 LED
Britain's war : into battle, 1937-1941, Daniel Todman 940.5341 TOD
British nannies and the Great War : how Norland's regiment of nannies coped with conflict & childcare in the Great War, Louise Heren 940.31 HER
Commander in chief : FDR's battle with Churchill, 1943, Nigel Hamilton 940.532 HAM
Enigma : the battle for the code, Hugh Sebag-Montefiore 940.5486 SEB
Escape to Pagan, Brian Devereux 940.533 DEV
A gripping true story of survival set in Hong Kong and Burma, as one family struggles against overwhelming odds in World War Two.
Grunt : the curious science of humans at war, Mary Roach 355.07 ROA
'Grunt' tackles the science behind some of a soldier's most challenging adversaries panic, exhaustion, heat, noise and introduces us to the scientists who seek to conquer them.
M60 vs T-62 : Cold War combatants 1956-92, David Isby & Lon Nordeen 623.7475 ISB
Mary Rose manual : King Henry VIII's warship 1510-45 : owners' workship manual, Brian Lavery 623.822 LAV
Mothers' darlings of the South Pacific : the children of indigenous women and US servicemen, World War II, edited Judith A. Bennett and Angela Wanhalla 940.5316 MOT
Mothers' Darlings of the South Pacific traces the intimate relationships that existed in the wartime Pacific between US servicemen and Indigenous women, and considers the fate of the resulting children.
Pacific crucible : war at sea in the Pacific, 1941-1942, Ian W. Toll 940.5426 TOL
Silent landscape : battlefields of the Western Front one hundred years on, written by Simon Doughty. 940.4 DOU
The big book of X-bombers and X-fighters : USAF jet-powered experimental aircraft and their propulsive systems, Steve Pace. 623.7464 PAC
The girl in the green sweater : a life in Holocaust's shadow, Krystyna Chiger with Daniel Paisner 940.5318 CHI
Traces the author's harrowing fourteen-month existence as a Jewish-Polish survivor who found refuge in the sewers of Lvov and was helped by Leopold Socha, who risked his life to bring food and supplies to her family.
The ministry of ungentlemanly warfare : Churchill's mavericks : plotting Hitler's defeat, Giles Milton 940.5486 MIL
The woman without a number, Iby Knill 940.5318 KNI
'The Woman Without a Number' is the inspirational story of holocaust survivor Iby Knill, whose early childhood was spent in Czechoslovakia before her parents, alarmed at the persecution of Jews in Germany, smuggled her over the border to Hungary. While there, she was caught by the Security Police, imprisoned and tortured.
Yanks and Limeys : alliance warfare in the Second World War, Niall Barr 327.73 BAR