New Titles Non-Fiction September 2014 (arrived in August)

Art & Architecture

An eye for nature : the life and art of William T. Cooper, Penny Olsen. 759.994 COO
Art since 1980 : charting the contemporary, Peter R. Kalb. 709.04 KAL
Charts the story of art in contemporary global culture while holding up a mirror to our society. With over 300 pictures of painting, photography, sculpture, installation, and performance and video art, we are led on an illuminating journey via the individuals and communities who have shaped art internationally.
Bricks & mortals : ten great buildings and the people they made, Tom Wilkinson. 720.9 WIL
An exploration of architecture through ten of the world’s great buildings.
Colliding worlds : how cutting-edge science is redefining contemporary art, Arthur I. Miller. 700.105 MIL
A look at the artists working on the frontiers of science.
Edward Seago, James Russell. 759.2 SEA
Enduring bronze : ancient art, modern views, Carol C. Mattusch. 733 MAT
Eric Ravilious : artist & designer, Alan Powers. 759.2 RAV
How to read Oceanic art, Eric Kjellgren. 709.9 KJE
In Montmartre : Picasso, Matisse and Modernism in Paris 1900-1910, Sue Roe. 709.04 ROE
Incredible feeling, Kate Newby. 709.93 NEW
A combination of portraits, sidewalks and puddles, rocks and skimming stones, with words written by Sarah Hopkinson, Chris Kraus and Tahi Moore.
Jheronimus Bosch: the complete works, Stefan Fischer. 759.9492 BOS
Lynn Chadwick, Michael Bird. 730.942 CHA
A comprehensive survey of Chadwick's career: from his beginnings as an architectural designer in the 1930s, through his emergence as a major international sculptor in the 1950s, to his late, isolated pursuit of monumental bronze and steel sculpture in the 1980s and 1990s.
Mark Cleverly : designer, Jonty Valentine. 745.40993 CLE
Mark Cleverley has had a distinguished and varied design career, spanning architecture, graphic design, ceramics, packaging and postage stamps.
Michelangelo : a life in six masterpieces, Miles J. Unger. 709.45 MIC
The life of perhaps the most famous, most revolutionary artist in history, told through the stories of six of his magnificent masterpieces.
Open spaces = Espacios abiertos = Espaces ouverts = Offene bereiche, Fernando de Haro. 728.37 HAR
When we have open spaces in our home it is essential to try to put them to the best use possible, creating the ideal place that invites relaxation or conversation. This book contains numerous ideas to create just these sorts of places throughout the house.
The art of tinkering : meet 150+ makers working at the intersection of art, science & technology, Karen Wilkinson. 700.105 WIL
The artistic ape : three million years of art, Desmond Morris. 701.03 MOR
Offers a unique perspective and expert insight into two universal subjects: art and human behaviour.
The book of miracles = Das Wunderzeichenbuch =Le livre des miracles, Till Borchert. 709.43 BOR
The surprisingly modern-looking, sometimes hallucinatory illustrations and the cursory descriptions of the Book of Miracles strikingly convey a unique view of the concerns and anxieties of the 16th century, of apocalyptic thinking and eschatological expectation.
The supermodel and the Brillo box : back stories and peculiar economics from the world of contemporary art, Don Thompson. 709.05 THO
Treasures from the Royal Archives, Pam Clark. 708.2 TRE
The treasures photographed and described for this lavish volume range from state records to letters, diaries, and domestic jottings.
Vanishing point : three artists present an evocation of the Mackenzie Basin, Bing Dawe. 704.943 DAW
Short essays and reproductions of artworks. Accompanies an exhibition by the three artists at Saffron Gallery of Art in Timaru, March 28 - April 17, 2014.


And the revs keep rising : great drives in fast cars, Mel Nichols. 629.2221 NIC
This book is a collection of Mel Nichols' best writings, mostly covering supercars of the 1970s and 1980s, and mostly published in Car magazine at the time when, under Nichols' leadership, it was regarded by the industry and enthusiasts as the best motoring magazine in the world.
Dodge 100 years, Matt DeLorenzo. 629.2222 DOD
High-performance ignition systems, Todd Ryden. 629.254 RYD
Hillier's fundamentals of automotive electronics. Book 2, V.A.W Hillier. 629.254 HIL
Inside the Rolls-Royce & Bentley styling department : 1971 to 2001, Graham Hull. 629.2222 ROL
A unique and personal account of young designer's journey after joining that most prestigious of marques, Rolls-Royce. Sometimes eccentric, often humorous, the workings of this uniquely British institution during a period of immense change are described in detail.
Mustang fifty years : celebrating America's only true pony car, Donald Farr. 629.2222 FOR
The Kiwi hot rodder's guide to life. 2, Steve Holmes. 629.228 HOL
The Yugo : the rise and fall of the worst car in history, Jason Vuic. 629.2222 ZAS


A funny thing happened on the way to chemo, Luke Ryan. 362.196994 RYA
A warm-hearted and hilarious memoir from someone who has laughed in the face of more adversity than most of us will encounter in a lifetime. Luke's is a life marked by cancer, not defined by it. It's a story about the redemptive power of family when everything else is falling apart.
A long way home, Saroo Brierley. 362.734 BRI
The miraculous and triumphant story of a young man who rediscovers not only his childhood life and home but an identity long-since left behind.
Another mother's love, Karen Scott. 362.733 SCO
In 2011 Karen Scott and Mark Finlay opened their home and hearts to a sad five-year-old boy who was placed with them by New Zealand's Child, Youth and Family services. James arrived with nothing other than the clothes he was wearing, supposedly for just a short-term stay. But what followed were two turbulent years as Karen and Mark attempted to parent a very troubled young boy.
Blimmin heck, Kerry Butler. 920.71 BUT
If you are blessed with a good sense of humour then you've got to read this book by Hawkes Bay farmer Kerry Butler … where he recounts his life of escapades, frustrations and fun. Some of the stories are centred around the 1960's - which will evoke nostalgic memories in those who grew up during that liberated era of mini-skirts and shenanigans.
Born to manage : the autobiography, Terry Venables. 796.334 VEN
A former England midfielder who played for Chelsea, Spurs and QPR during the 1960s and 1970s. Venables is better known for his long managerial career, both at international level in charge of England and Australia, and club level at a number of teams including Crystal Palace, QPR, Barcelona, Spurs and Leeds United.
Call me sister! : district nursing tales from the swinging sixties, Jane Yeadon. 610.734 YEA
Who'd have thought a missing bacon rasher and a teaspoon would play a part in advancing someone's career? It's the late '60s and Jane Yeadon has always wanted to be a district nurse. Staff nursing in a ward where she's challenged by an inventory-driven ward sister, she reckons it's time to swap such trivialities for life as a district nurse.
Clouds of glory : the life and legend of Robert E. Lee, Michael Korda. 973.7 LEE
Portrait of Lee as a brilliant general, a devoted family man, and principled gentleman who disliked slavery and disagreed with secession, yet who refused command of the Union Army in 1861 because he could not "draw his sword" against his beloved Virginia.
Diary of a mad diva, Joan Rivers. 792.7 RIV
Follow Joan on a family vacation in Mexico and on trips between New York and Los Angeles where she mingles with the stars, never missing a beat as she delivers blistering critiques on current events, and excoriating insights about life, pop culture, and celebrities, all in her signature style.
Garden of dreams : the life of Simone Signoret, Patricia A. DeMaio. 791.43028 SIG
A biography of the stunning French movie star and her complex marriage to singer Yves Montand.
Guy Martin : my autobiography. 796.75 MAR
Guy Martin, international road-racing legend, maverick star of the Isle of Man TT, truck mechanic and TV presenter, lives on the edge, addicted to speed, thoroughly exhilarated by danger.
Harry's last stand : how the world my generation built is falling down, and what we can do to save it, Harry Leslie Smith. 306 SMI
"As one of the last remaining survivors of the Great Depression and the Second World War, I will not go gently into that good night. I want to tell you what the world looks like through my eyes, so that you can help change it."
I am Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. 796.334 IBR
Zlatan Ibrahimovich is one of the world's most gifted and controversial footballers. This is the story of how a Swedish outsider rose from poverty to become a football genius.
I didn't come here to make friends : confessions of a reality show villain, Courtney Robertson. 791.45028 ROB
Revealing the love, heartbreak, and reality behind reality television, a former "Bachelor" contestant who quickly became the biggest villain in the history of the show, dishes on her fellow contestants and what really happened on and off the cameras.
It will get better, Stella Gibney. 362.76 GIB
Stella Gibney grew up in 1960s New Zealand. She was the fifth child in a family of six. But unlike her brothers and sisters, Stella suffered a number of abusive incidents during her formative years. Over the course of 16 journals, Stella relived every moment of her life and managed to deal with the memories and move on with her life in a positive way.
Ivan Lendl : the man who made Murray, Mark Hodgkinson. 796.342 LEN
Going back to Lendl's roots and through extensive interviews and analysis of the Murray-Lendl axis seen at close quarters, the author reveals the magic formula that Lendl used to turn Murray into a champion. In so doing he lifts the lid on their relationship, and how it came to an end, which made this left-field combination the most successful in British tennis history.
James Madison : a life reconsidered, Lynne Cheney. 973.5 MAD
A biography of the fourth president of the United States.
Loose amongst the legends : a memoir, Phil Gifford. 070.449 GIF
A memoir that begins with Phil Gifford’s personal story, followed by portraits of (mostly) sportspeople Phil had a genuinely close connection with, to the point where he can tell stories that go far beyond the public perception, many screamingly funny.
Madness made me : a memoir, Mary O'Hagan. 616.89 OHA
After her journey through madness, Mary O'Hagan realised the mental health system and society did more harm than good. A myth-busting account of madness and our customery responses to it through the lens of lived experience.
Making it happen : the autobiography, Carl Hester. 798.23 HES
Carl Hester is one of the greatest ever equestrians, leading Great Britain to Gold Medal victory at the London 2012 Olympics. He tells the incredible story of the passion for horse-riding which revolutionised his life and made him the champion he is today.
Minecraft : the unlikely tale of Markus "Notch" Persson and the game that changed everything, Daniel Goldberg. 794.8 PER
The creator of the popular "virtual Lego" game, Minecraft, traces his unlikely rise from a disaffected youth who rose from a family marked by drug abuse and conflict to a multi-millionaire and international icon.
MWF seeking BFF : my yearlong search for a new best friend, Rachel Bertsche. 070.92 BER
When Bertsche first moves to Chicago, she realises that her new life is missing one thing: friends. She goes on fifty-two friend-dates, one per week for a year, in hopes of meeting her new Best Friend Forever.
Neil Armstrong : a life of flight, Jay Barbree. 629.45 ARM
A thoroughly enjoyable new biography about the first human to set foot on the Moon on NASA’s Apollo 11 mission.
Pilgrim's wilderness : a true story of faith and madness on the Alaska Frontier, Tom Kizzia. 979.8 HAL
Documents the story of Robert "Papa Pilgrim" Hale and the anti-establishment family settlement in remote Alaska that was exposed as a cult-like prison where Hale brutalised and isolated his wife and fifteen children.
Pushing the limits, Casey Stoner. 796.75 STO
Showing anything is possible when determination meets talent, two-time World MotoGP champion Casey Stoner shares his incredible journey from Queensland toddler with an extraordinary ability on a motorbike, to his decision to retire at twenty-seven with nothing left to prove.
Remember the time : protecting Michael Jackson in his final days, Bill Whitfield. 781.66 JAC
Michael Jackson's former bodyguards reveal the amazing truths of the late superstar's last years his life with his children, his financial crises, and the weeks leading up to his shocking death.
Revelations, Jerry Moffatt. 796.522 MOF
This is the story of Jerry's meteoric rise to stardom, and how he overcame injury to stay at the top for over two decades. Top sport-climber, brilliant competitor and a pioneer in the new game of bouldering,
Stolen lives : a New Zealand foster child's story from the '40s and '50s, Netta England. 362.733 ENG
Stolen Lives is the record of Netta's journey from a neglected and abused state ward, to a woman who discovers her heritage and creates a positive life regardless of her upbringing.
Surviving peace : a political memoir, Olivera Simic. 949.7 SIM
How do you pick up the pieces after your life is shattered by war? How do you continue living when your country no longer exists, your language is no longer spoken and your family is divided? An absorbing account of the effects of the war in the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s.
The adventures of Henry Thoreau : a young man's unlikely path to Walden Pond, Michael Sims. 818.3 THO
Henry David Thoreau has long been an intellectual icon and folk hero. In this strikingly original profile, Michael Sims reveals how the bookish, quirky young man who kept quitting jobs evolved into the patron saint of environmentalism and nonviolent activism.
The house is full of Yogis, Will Hodgkinson. 780.92 HOD
A witty memoir about the trials of adolescence, the tribulations of family life and the embarrassment that ensues from having larger-than-life parents Neville and Liz Hodgkinson bought into the Thatcherite dream of home ownership, aspiration and advancement.
The house on Carnaval Street, Deborah Rodriguez. 646.72 ROD
From Kabul to a home by the Mexican sea… A life-affirming, sea-change memoir by the author of the The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul.
The lucky one : a story of courage, hope & bright pink lipstick, Krystal Barter. 616.994 BAR
The inspiring story of how a young woman defied a family cancer curse to save herself and offer the gift of hope to thousands of other women.
The skeleton cupboard : the making of a clinical psychologist, Tanya Byron. 616.89 BYR
Professor Tanya Byron's account of her years of training as a clinical psychologist, when trainees find themselves in the toughest placements of their careers.
Updike, Adam Begley. 813.54 UPD
Adam Begley offers an illuminating portrait of John Updike, the acclaimed novelist, poet, short-story writer, and critic who saw himself as a literary spy in small-town and suburban America, who dedicated himself to the task of transcribing “middleness with all its grits, bumps and anonymities.”
Welcome to my jungle : an unauthorized account of how a regular guy like me survived years of touring with Guns n' Roses, pet wallabies, crazed groupies, Axl Rose's moth extermination system, and other perils on the road with one of the great rock bands of all time, Craig Duswalt. 781.66 DUS
Axl Rose's personal manager gives a behind-the-scenes look at Guns N' Roses' Use Your Illusion tour.
Wellington : the path to victory, 1769-1814, Rory Muir. 941.07 WEL
The Duke of Wellington was not just Britain’s greatest soldier… Wellington was much more: a man of vision beyond purely military matters, a politically astute thinker, and a canny diplomat as well as lover, husband, and friend.

Business & Management

A revolution in the making, Guy Rundle. 303.483 RUN
Digital technology is transforming manufacturing, making it leaner and smarter, and raising the prospect of an American industrial revival.
Blindsided : a manager's guide to crisis leadership, Bruce T. Blythe. 658.405 BLY
Commercial management : theory and practice, David Lowe. 658 LOW
Consiglieri : leading from the shadows, Richard Hytner. 303.34 HYT
Not everyone can be in charge but, more importantly, not everyone should want to be. Hytner thinks it's time to celebrate the second-in-command, the consiglieri: Merlin to King Arthur, Al Gore to Bill Clinton, these are the deputies, VPs, COOs, CFOs whose influence determines the fate of countries and companies all over the world
Creating business plans : gather your resources, describe the opportunity, get buy-in. 658.401 CRE
Invisibles : the power of anonymous work in an age of relentless self-promotion, David Zweig. 650.1 ZWE
What do anesthesiologists, U.N. interpreters, and structural engineers have in common? When they do their jobs poorly, the consequences can be catastrophic for their organisations. But when they do their jobs perfectly … they're invisible.
Make waves : be the one to start change at work and in life, Patti Johnson. 650.1 JOH
Make Waves shows you how to step up and be the one to initiate change in your work and in your life. Think of a "wave" as any change that begins with your decision to act and ripples outward, gaining momentum, and ultimately making a positive impact.
Managing business risk : a practical guide to protecting your business, Jonathan Reuvid. 658.155 MAN
Managing for dummies, Bob Nelson. 658 NEL
MYOB AccountRight Plus version 19.7, Doug Gourlay. 657.0285 MYO
Profit from the core : a return to growth in turbulent times, Chris Zook. 658.155 ZOO
A strategic guide for leaders in all industries based on a ten-year study of 2,000 companies. It gives an analysis of what drives successful growth strategies, consisting of specific company examples, financial performance histories, industry case studies, interviews with CEOs, etc.
Project management for construction, David L. Goetsch. 690.06 GOE
The only complete, up-to-date guide to construction project management that fully aligns with the latest PMBOK standards.
Project management for small business : a streamlined approach from planning to completion, Joseph Phillips. 658.404 PHI
Project-oriented leadership, Ralf Muller. 658.404 MUL
This book explains the key leadership models of managerial, intellectual and emotional leadership and shows how they can be applied within projects to lead processes, functions and people.
Running meetings : lead with confidence, move your project forward, manage conflicts. 658.456 RUN
Sad men, Dave Roberts. 659.1 ROB
About life in the lower echelons of the advertising industry.
Simply finance : an essential guide to finance for non-financial managers, Susan Hansen. 658.15 HAN
Starting a business for dummies, Colin Barrow. 658.022 BAR
The challenger sale : how to take control of the customer conversation, Matthew Dixon. 658.85 DIX
The everything nonprofit toolkit : the all-in-one resource for establishing a nonprofit that will grow, thrive, and succeed, Jim Goettler. 658.048 GOE
The freaks shall inherit the earth : entrepreneurship for weirdos, misfits, and world dominators, Chris Brogan. 658.42 BRO
Provides advice on how those who don’t see themselves as part of the crowd can tap into their true authentic nature and create immense value; especially for those whose needs and desires make for a very natural connection.
The frugal innovator : creating change on a shoestring budget, Charles Leadbeater. 658.406 LEA
The hard thing about hard things : building a business when there are no easy answers, Ben Horowitz. 658.403 HOR
Offers essential advice on building and running a startup practical wisdom for managing the toughest problems business school doesn't cover.


How to be happy, Eleanor Davis. 741.5 DAV
A collection of literary comics exploring joy, anguish, fear, and loneliness.
Truth is fragmentary : travelogues & diaries, Gabrielle Bell. 741.5 BEL
A collection of comic diaries kept by the author between 2010-2013 when attending various comic festivals.

Civil Rights

Invisible hands : voices from the global economy, Corinne Goria. 323 INV
A compelling message about the plight of labour workers worldwide.
No place to hide : Edward Snowden, the NSA and the surveillance state, Glenn Greenwald. 323.4 GRE
The March on Washington : jobs, freedom, and the forgotten history of civil rights, William P. Jones. 323.1196 JON


100 ideas that changed the web, Jim Boulton. 004.67 BOU
This title looks at the history of the Web from its early roots in the research projects of the US government to the interactive online world we know and use today.
Pages, keynote & numbers for OS X and iOS, Dwight Spivey. 005.446 MAC
Windows 8.1 tips, tricks & shortcuts in easy steps, Stuart Yarnold. 005.446 MIC

Crafts & Collecting

A tablet weaver's pattern book : a collection of threaded-in patterns and their many variations, John Mullarkey. 746.14 TAB
Beyond the square crochet motifs : 144 circles, hexagons, triangles, squares, and other unexpected shapes, Edie Eckman. 746.434 ECK
Casual sweet clothes : favourite pieces for every day, Noriko Sasahara. 646.404 SAS
The 18 simple but stylish casual pieces in this book make the foundation of a hand-made wardrobe that will last for years.
Disobedient objects, Catherine Flood. 745.2 DIS
It explores the material culture of radical change and protest - from objects familiar to many, such as banners or posters, to the more militant, cunning or technologically cutting-edge, including lock-ons, book-blocs and activist robots.
Handmade designs, Anna Bennett. 745.5 HAN
Fifteen young designers demonstrate todays craft activities. The palette ranges from fashionable accessories such as felt handbags and jewelry, by way of furniture ideas and table decorations, to practical hints for daily life and little surprises that can be created at lightning speed.
Kiln-formed glass : beyond the basics, Brenda Griffith. 748.5 GRI
This is a comprehensive workbench guide. It goes beyond the basics; suitable for intermediate level. Many projects do not require a studio or unusual equipment.
Knit your own pet, Sally Muir. 746.432 MUI
Knitted miniature animals, Jenny Occleshaw. 746.432 OCC
Little fixes : 54 clever ways to extend the life of kids' clothes : reuse, recycle, repurpose, restyle, Disney Powless. 646.406 POW
Little quilts : 15 step-by-step projects for adorably small quilts, Sarah Fielke. 746.46 FIE
New Zealand's historic samplers : our stitched stories, Vivien Caughley. 746.443 CAU
A unique glimpse into our cultural history, and particularly women's history, through more than 80 historic samplers.
No-sew love : 50 fun projects to make without a needle and thread, Ashley Johnston. 745.5 JOH
Organic wire and metal jewelry : stunning pieces made with sea glass, stones, and crystals, Beth L. Martin. 739.27 MAR
Pictorial art quilt guidebook : secrets to capturing your photos in fabric, Leni Levenson Wiener. 746.46 WIE
Quilting just a little bit crazy : a marriage of traditional & crazy quilting, Allie Aller. 746.46 ALL
Teeny tiny menagerie : 380 whimsical & wonderful animal embroidery motifs, Noriko Komurata. 746.44 KOM
The art of Annemieke Mein : wildlife artist in textiles, Annemieke Mein. 746 MEI
The art of embroidered butterflies, Jane E. Hall. 746.44 HAL
The better bag maker : an illustrated handbook of handbag design : techniques, tips, and tricks, Nicole Mallalieu. 646.48 MAL
The complete photo guide to clothing construction, Christine Haynes. 646.4 HAY
Helps you master all of the techniques needed to sew clothes — including tops, dresses, pants, skirts, and even outerwear.
The print revolution : groundbreaking textile design in the digital age, Tamasin Doe. 746.62 DOE
Toys of the '50s, '60s, and '70s, Kate Roberts. 688.72 ROB
Vintage knit : 25 knitting & crochet patterns refashioned for today, Marine Malak. 746.43 MAL
Woven treasures : one-of-a-kind bags with folk weaving techniques, Sara Lamb. 746.14 LAM


Crime and society in twentieth-century England, Clive Emsley. 364.942 EMS
Getting life : an innocent man's 25-year journey from prison to peace : a memoir, Michael Morton. 365.6 MOR
He spent twenty-five years in prison for a crime he did not commit. He lost his wife, his son, and his freedom. This is the story of how Michael Morton finally got justice and a second chance at life.
Help me : a vulnerable girl, a dungeon hell, a staggering true story of survival, Katie Beers. 364.154 BEE
In December 1992, a nine-year-old girl was kidnapped and locked in a secret underground dungeon. She was chained by the neck in a coffin-shaped box. She was regularly raped. She thought she would die in that dank, dark hole. This title describes the horror of facing your own death, and tells us how she survived to build a new life.
Huckstepp : a dangerous life, John Dale. 364.1523 DAL
A true crime story, Huckstepp investigates the murder of a charismatic woman who has fascinated Australians since she first appeared on national television to accuse NSW detectives of shooting her boyfriend in cold blood. Throughout her short life, Sallie-Anne Huckstepp lived a dangerous existence.
I'll take care of you, Caitlin Rother. 364.1523 ROT
The twisted, true story of multimillionaire Bill McLaughlin's murder - a case of naked ambition, warped passions, and cold-blooded killing.
Last bets : a true story of gambling, morality and the law, Michaela McGuire. 364.172 MCG
This book follows the trail of Crown Casino security staff charged with manslaughter when a customer dies after being pinned to the floor in this Melbourne casino.
Louise Nicholas : my story, Louise Nicholas. 364.1532 NIC
Louise Nicholas tells her story of a teenager whose abuse first began when she was a 13 year old and continued throughout her teens. Philip Kitchin's investigations into the cover-up of Louise's complaints led to the establishment of Operation Austin.
Manhunters : criminal profilers and their search for the world's most wanted serial killers, Colin Wilson. 363.25 WIL
Outlaw : how I became Britain's most wanted man, Ray Bishop. 364.1 BIS
Ray Bishop was on the run, skulking in a dealer's house in north London, when an image of his face flashed up on the TV, accompanied by a public warning. The assembled company were aghast, and Ray felt sick at what he saw. How had he become Britain's most wanted man?
Stephen Ward was innocent, ok : the case for overturning his conviction, Geoffrey Robertson. 364.13 WAR
The baby farmers : a chilling tale of missing babies, shameful secrets and murder in 19th century Australia, Annie Cossins. 364.1523 COS
The real Sherlock Holmes : the hidden story of Jerome Caminada, Angela Buckley. 363.2 CAM
The troops of Midian, Richard Wilmott. 364.1523 WIL
The Troops of Midian is a fascinating look at the political, social and criminal intrigue around the time of the murder of Sandra Rivett and Lord Lucan's subsequent flight to freedom from a country that had tried and convicted him without any judicial process.


The drunken monkey : why we drink and abuse alcohol, Robert Dudley. 394.13 DUD


China's growth : the making of an economic superpower, Linda Yueh. 338.951 YUE
This book examines the main themes of growth, offering micro level evidence to shed light on the macro drivers of the economy. It also focuses on law and informal institutions of the economy to highlight the importance of entrepreneurship and the development of the private sector.
Flash boys : a Wall Street revolt, Michael Lewis. 332.62 LEW
The author argues that post-crisis Wall Street continues to be controlled by large banks and explains how a small, diverse group of Wall Street men have banded together to reform the financial markets.
Growing apart : regional prosperity in New Zealand, Shamubeel Eaqub. 338.993 EAQ
New Zealand is a small place, but its regions are not the same. Shamubeel Eaqub highlights the changing economic fortunes of people in different parts of New Zealand - the growing wedge between our regions.
The art of company valuation and financial statement analysis : a value investor's guide with real-life case studies, Nicolas Schmidlin. 332.632 SCH
The communist manifesto : a modern edition, Karl Marx. 335.43 MAR
The great NZ work, money & retirement puzzle : and how to solve it, Alan Clarke. 332.024 CLA
The Intel trinity : how Robert Noyce, Gordon Moore, and Andy Grove built the world's most important company, Michael S. Malone. 338.762 MAL
The first full history of Intel Corporation, the essential company of the digital age told through the lives of the three most important figures in the company's history: Robert Noyce, Gordon Moore, and Andy Grove.
The New Zealand CPI at 100 : history and interpretation, Sharleen Forbes. 338.52 NEW
The summit : the biggest battle of the Second World War : fought behind closed doors, Ed Conway. 337 CON
In the summer of 1944, with Nazi doodlebugs raining down on London, the world-famous economist John Maynard Keynes led a delegation of British officials across the Atlantic for the most celebrated economic summit in history.
Wellbeing economics : future directions for New Zealand, Paul Dalziel. 330.993 DAL
Windfall : the booming business of global warming, McKenzie Funk. 338.4736 FUN
An investigation into how entrepreneurial people and institutions around the globe are cashing in on the new world being created by global warming — and who will pay the price for it.


A conversation about happiness : the story of a lost childhood, Mikey Cuddihy. 371.04 CUD
Orphaned at the age of nine, Mikey Cuddihy left the U.S. to board at an experimental British school. A vivid and intense memoir of coming of age amidst the unraveling social experiment of the late 1960s.
Better than OK : helping young people to flourish at school and beyond, Helen Street. 305.235 BET
This is a book of up-to-date strategies for helping children flourish. These solution-focused and easy-to-read essays are by 27 of the world's top experts in positive education. You too can help children develop a lifelong love of learning with this practical and positive guide.
Breaking through : using educational technology for children with special needs, Barbara Albers Hill. 371.9 HIL


Exploding the phone : the untold story of the teenagers and outlaws who hacked Ma Bell, Phil Lapsley. 384 LAP
Describes how "phone phreaks" learned how to make illicit but technologically innovative free phone calls and shared the technique, and places the process in the development of telecommunications and the behavior of the telephone monopoly.
How to build a small budget recording studio from scratch, Mike Shea. 690.523 SHE
Introduces the study of acoustics as it applies to recording studio design and offers plans for a variety of proven schemes.


3D modeling and printing with Tinkercad : create and print your own 3D models, James Floyd Kelly. 621.98 KEL
Defending your castle : build catapults, crossbows, moats, bulletproof shields, and more defensive devices to fend off the invading hordes, William Gurstelle. 623.441
Mechanism design : visual and programmable approaches, Kevin Russell. 620.0042 RUS
This book guides readers in learning how to design the most common 2D and 3D mechanical systems, able to perform in a pre-determined manner.
Nanoscience : giants of the infinitesimal, Peter Forbes. 620.5 FOR
Explores the amazing possibilities that nanotechnology offers us, from clean harvesting solar energy and finding cost-effective methods to desalinate sea water, to the production of smart materials that alter their shape, texture or other properties when coming into contact with electric or magnetic fields.
Stuff matters : exploring the marvelous materials that shape our man-made world, Mark Miodownik. 620.11 MIO
The pendulum paradigm : variations on a theme and the measure of heaven and Earth, Martin Beech. 620.001 BEE
This book explores the many applications of the pendulum, from its employment as a fundamental experimental device, such as in the Cavendish torsion balance for measuring the universal gravitational constant, to its everyday, practical use in geology, astronomy and horology.
The LEGO Mindstorms EV3 laboratory : build, program, and experiment with five wicked cool robots!, Daniele Benedettelli. 629.892 BEN


A smarter, greener grid : forging environmental progress through smart policies and technologies, Kevin B. Jones. 333.793 JON
Adventures in the Anthropocene : a journey to the heart of the planet we made, Gaia Vince. 363.7 VIN
The changes we humans have made in recent decades have altered our world beyond anything it has experienced in its 4.5 billion-year history. We have become a force on a par with earth-shattering asteroids and planet-cloaking volcanoes. This book looks at how humanity's changes are reshaping our living planet.
Climate changed : a personal journey through the science, Philippe Squarzoni. 551.6 SQU
What are the causes and consequences of climate change? When the scale is so big, can an individual make any difference? Documentary, diary, and masterwork graphic novel, this up-to-date look at our planet and how we live on it explains what global warming is all about
Poisoned planet : how constant exposure to man-made chemicals is putting your life at risk, Julian Cribb. 363.73 CRI
Ravaged beauty : an environmental history of the Manawatu, Catherine Knight. 333.7 KNI
Saving the ranges : the first 40 years of The Waitakere Ranges Protection Society, Trixie Harvey. 333.72 HAR


New Zealand soil classification, A. E. Hewitt. 631.44 HEW
On the hoof : the untold story of drovers in New Zealand, Ruth Entwistle Low. 636.2 LOW
The untold story of drovers in New Zealand looks at the practices of droving and those involved.
Salvage logging and its ecological consequences, David Lindenmayer. 634.98 LIN


Fashion : the collection of the Kyoto Costume Institute : a history from the 18th to the 20th century, Akiko Fukai. 391 FAS
History of 20th century fashion, Elizabeth Ewing. 391 EWI
The secret history of the handbag, Meredith Etherington-Smith. 391.44 ETH
Unlock your style, Nikki Parkinson. 646.7 PAR
Concerned that your clothes don't reflect the real you? Want every occasion to be wardrobe-worry free? Need help to make sure you always look your best? Nikki Parkinson will help you to unlock your style.

Film, Television & Theatre

1000 films to change your life. 791.437 ONE
Provides a guide to movies based on the emotions that they evoke, providing a look at the cinematic history behind nine emotions: joy, anger, desire, fear, sadness, exhilaration, regret, contempt, and wonder along with a "food for thought" section for movies that make the audience think.
Audrey Hepburn : international cover girl, Scott Brizel. 791.43028 HEP
Consists of more than 500 international magazine covers featuring Audrey Hepburn.
Cinema sex sirens, Dave Worrall. 791.43028 WOR
Once upon a dream : from Perrault's Sleeping Beauty to Disney's Maleficent, Charles Solomon. 791.433 SOL
Planet of the apes : the art of the films Dawn of the planet of the apes and Rise of the planet of the apes, Sharon Gosling. 791.437 GOS
The murder of Marilyn Monroe : case closed, Jay Margolis. 791.43028 MON
Jay Margolis and Richard Buskin finally lay to rest more than fifty years of wild speculation and misguided assertions by actually naming the screen goddess's killer.


Fairies : the myths, legends, & lore, Skye Alexander. 398.45 ALE
Written in blood : a cultural history of the British vampire, Paul Adams. 398.45 ADA

Food & Wine

A year at Otter Farm : inspiring recipes through the seasons, Mark Diacono. 641.563 DIA
A vivid account of living, growing and cooking on an adventurous British smallholding, by a pioneering gardener. Filled with practical advice, seasonal tales and inspiring recipes.
Amisfield : food, wine and stories from Central Otago. 641.5 AMI
Fresh and sensational bistro food matched with gorgeous wines from an iconic Central Otago winery and restaurant.
Butchering beef : the comprehensive photographic guide to humane slaughtering and butchering, Adam Danforth. 664.9 DAN
Butchering poultry, rabbit, lamb, goat, and pork : the comprehensive photographic guide to humane slaughtering and butchering, Adam Danforth. 664.9 DAN
Cooking with flowers : sweet and savory recipes with rose petals, lilacs, lavender, and other edible flowers, Miche Bacher. 641.659 BAC
Eat Istanbul : a journey to the heart of Turkish cuisine, Andy Harris. 641.59561 HAR
Eat yourself pregnant : essential recipes for boosting your fertility naturally, Zita West. 641.563 WES
First cake decorating : simple cake designs for beginners. 641.8653 FIR
Frites, Anne de la Forest. 641.81 DE
From childhood memories of fish and chips, moules and frites or burger and fries, this book embraces many different cooking styles and permutations of ingredients, from polenta and asparagus to the classic French frites Pont-Neufs or US-style skinny fries.
High Tea : a delicious collection of classic afternoon treats, Jackie Brooks. 641.53 BRO
This book is a collection of high tea inspired recipes to cook at home for high tea with friends and family. Covering, sponges, cakes, cookies to sandwiches with delicious fillings to tarts with fruit, and over 100 recipes that are easy to make and divine to eat.
How to make really good coffee. 641.877 HOW
Keep it vegan : 100 simple, healthy & delicious dishes, Aine Carlin. 641.5636 CAR
Layers : baking with Gregoire Michaud = Su chu ben se, Gregoire Michaud. 641.815 MIC
Layers' features the know-how for layered dough such as croissant, puff pastry and regional specialties such as ensaimadas or galette des rois. Bread, viennoiserie, desserts and even savory dishes, there is something for every day and for every taste.
Little Italy : Italian finger food, Nicole Herft. 641.5945 HER
Monday morning cooking club : the feast goes on, Lisa Goldberg. 641.5 MON
A warm-hearted book, The Feast Goes On features the best-loved and most delicious recipes and stories from the heart and soul of the Jewish community right across Australia.
Nigella summer : easy cooking, easy eating, Nigella Lawson. 641.564 LAW
Once a month cooking, Jody Allen. 641.555 ALL
In a single day, cook all your main dishes for a month, freeze them, and then enjoy homemade food that is super-quick to prepare when the kids are hungry.
Rawlicious at home : more than 100 raw, vegan and gluten-free recipes to make you feel great, Chelsea Clark. 641.563 CLA
Simple Thai food : classic recipes from the Thai home kitchen, Leela Punyaratabandhu. 641.59593 PUN
Smoked : how to flavour, cure & prepare meat, seafood, vegetables, fruit & more, Jeremy Schmid . 641.46 SCH
Spice : layers of flavour, Dhruv Baker. 641.6383 BAK
Sweetness & light, Daisy Lowe. 641.86 LOW
You'll find 60 recipes here to satisfy even the sweetest tooth. Many are gluten-, dairy- and refined sugar-free, some are vegan and others raw.
The dirty chef : from big city food critic to foodie farmer, Matthew Evans. 641.5 EVA
The funny, heart-warming and at times exhausting behind-the-scenes story of Matthew Evans' transformation from high-profile food critic to television's "Gourmet Farmer."
The family cooks : 100+ recipes to get your family craving food that's simple, tasty, and incredibly good for you, Laurie David. 641.563 DAV
A call to action for parents, kids, and anyone who eats to start cooking their own meals again.
The gourmet butcher's guide to meat : how to source it ethically, cut it professionally, and prepare it properly, Cole Ward. 664.9 WAR
The low-FODMAP diet cookbook : 150 simple, flavorful, gut-friendly recipes to ease the symptoms of IBS, celiac disease, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, and other digestive disorders, Sue Shepherd. 641.5631 SHE
The Meat Hook meat book : buy, butcher, and cook your way to better meat, Tom Mylan. 641.36 MYL
The Naked Kitchen veggie burger book : delicious plant-based burgers, fries, sides, and more : because everything tastes better naked, Sarah Davies. 641.5636
The pepperpot club, Jonathan Phang. 641.59729 PHA
A cookbook and nostalgic journey to the Caribbean and will appeal to anyone who loves delicious recipes and a good old family yarn.
The recipe wheel, Rosie Ramsden. 641.5 RAM
Rosie Ramsden takes one simple, core recipe, like risotto, that sits at the centre of its own recipe wheel. From there lead spokes or threads to new, more developed recipes - select your perfect dish by occasion, budget or time.
The third plate : field notes on the future of food, Dan Barber. 641.302 BAR
Barber turns his chef’s eye towards food: namely, the question of what we’ll be eating in the future, taking into consideration changes in environment, supply and demand, and the way that we consume food.
Tom Kerridge's proper pub food, Tom Kerridge. 641.5941 KER
A compendium of delicious pub grub from the only chef in Britain to have two Michelin stars for cooking in
Vanilla table : the essence of exquisite cooking from the world's best chefs, Natasha MacAller. 641.6382 MCA
With the help of 33 outstanding contributing chefs from around the world Natasha MacAller has created a truly international compendium of vanilla expertise celebrating this most exotic yet everyday spice.
Vegan ice cream : over 90 sinfully delicious dairy-free delights, Jeff Rogers. 641.862 ROG

Gardens and Gardening

Australian coastal gardens, Myles Baldwin. 712.0994 BAL
Espalier fruit trees : for wall, hedge, and pergola, Karl Pieber. 634.0442 PIE
Improving your soil : a practical guide to soil management for the serious home gardener, Keith Reid. 635.0489 REI
Lifelong landscape design, Mary Palmer Dargan. 712.6 DAR
Offers guidance and information on landscape design that can meet changing needs. Includes more than two hundred landscape patterns.
Philosophy in the garden : eleven great authors, and the ideas they discovered in parks, yards and pots, Damon Young. 635 YOU
Damon Young reveals some of literature's most intimate relationships: between authors and their gardens.
RHS Chelsea Flower Show : the first 100 years : 1913-2013, Brent Elliott. 635 ELL
Rodale's 21st-century herbal : a practical guide for healthy living using nature's most powerful plants, Michael J. Balick. 635.7 BAL
Rodale's basic organic gardening : a beginner's guide to starting a healthy garden, Deborah L. Martin. 635.0484 MAR
The living landscape : designing for beauty and biodiversity in the home garden, Rick Darke. 712.2 DAR
The plant lover's guide to snowdrops, Naomi Slade. 635.94 SLA
The well-tempered garden : the timeless classic that no gardener should be without, Christopher Lloyd. 635 LLO

Generalities and the Unknown

The perception deception ; or, It's all bollocks yes, all of it, David Icke. 001.9 ICK
Icke lays out in dot-connected detail a lifetime of research and insight about our 'computer'-simulated reality, the holographic universe, and the hidden non-human forces that are manipulating human life via hybrid bloodline families and networks into a global Orwellian state of total control.

Graphic Arts

Printmaking unleashed : more than 50 techniques for expressive mark making, Traci Bautista. 760.2 BAU

Health & Medicine

Anatomy, stretching & training for cyclists : a step-by-step guide to getting the most from your bicycle workouts, Lisa Purcell. 613.711 PUR
Androgen deprivation therapy : an essential guide for prostate cancer patients and their loved ones, Richard J. Wassersug. 616.994 WAS
At the movies, Gunilla Denton Cook. 616.83 DEN
Read a bit! Talk a bit! is a series of reading activity books intended for people with dementia and Alzheimer's
Cake, Gunilla Denton Cook. 616.83 DEN
Read a bit! Talk a bit! is a series of reading activity books intended for people with dementia and Alzheimer's disease.
Change your life with CBT : how cognitive behavioural therapy can transform your life, Corinne Sweet. 616.8914 SWE
Core workout : a definitive guide to Swiss ball training for athletes, coaches, & fitness professionals, Joanne Elphinston. 613.718 ELP
This book is an expert guide to Swiss Ball training for core stability. It is used by top athletes and fitness professionals across a wide range of sports. Swiss Ball training can enhance essential stability and control for your sport.
Energetic kinesiology : principle and practice, Charles Krebs. 615.851 KRE
This bookcovers the underlying principles, the methods and scientific support for the efficacy of Energetic Kinesiology. It also offers a unique history of Energetic Kinesiology based on the first-hand experience of Charles Krebs who knew most of the originators of Energetic Kinesiology techniques personally.
Free+style : maximize sport and life performance with four basic movements, Carl Paoli. 613.711 PAO
Get up! : why your chair is killing you and what you can do about it, James A. Levine. 613.71 LEV
That the average adult spends 50 to 70 percent of their day sitting is no surprise to anyone who works in an office environment. But few realize the health consequences they are suffering as a result of modernity's increasingly sedentary lifestyle, or the effects it has had on society at large.
Handbook to practical disaster preparedness for the family, Arthur T. Bradley. 613.69 BRA
Headhunters : the search for a science of the mind, Ben Shephard. 612.8 SHE
How did the human brain evolve? Why did it evolve as it did? What is man's place in evolution?
Live long, die short : a guide to authentic health and successful aging, Roger Landry. 613.0438 LAN
Lower blood pressure lower cholesterol, Catherine Butterfield. 616.132 BUT
Missing microbes : how the overuse of antibiotics is fueling our modern plagues, Martin J. Blaser. 615.7 BLA
A critically important and startling look at the harmful effects of overusing antibiotics, from the field's leading expert.
Money, Gunilla Denton Cook. 616.83 DEN
Read a bit! Talk a bit! is a series of reading activity books intended for people with dementia and Alzheimer's
National Geographic guide to medicinal herbs : the world's most effective healing plants, Rebecca L. Johnson. 615.321 NAT
Radical remission : surviving cancer against all odds, Kelly A. Turner. 616.994 TUR
Dr. Kelly A. Turner, founder of the Radical Remission Project, uncovers nine factors that can lead to a spontaneous remission from cancer — even after conventional medicine has failed.
Relief from hot flashes : the natural, drug-free program to reduce hot flashes, improve sleep, and ease stress, Gary Elkins. 618.175 ELK
Safety pin, Gunilla Denton Cook. 616.83 DEN
Read a bit! Talk a bit! is a series of reading activity books intended for people with dementia and Alzheimer's.
Scissors, Gunilla Denton Cook. 616.83 DEN
Read a bit! Talk a bit! is a series of reading activity books intended for people with dementia and Alzheimer's.
Skin : a biography, Sharad P. Paul. 611.77 PAU
The book tells the fascinating story of the evolution of the largest organ of our body, and offers captivating reasons as to "why other sense organs are for our wellbeing while the skin (sense of touch) is for our being"; why the skin of some is black and brown and of others’ white, thereby deciding, "why Africans have better teeth, win more medals in the Olympics than others."
Sleep soundly every night, feel fantastic every day : a doctor's guide to solving your sleep problems, Robert S. Rosenberg. 612.821 ROS
So it's cancer : now what?, Ranjana Srivastava. 616.994 SRI
A guide to what to do when you receive a diagnosis of cancer.
Solomon speaks on reconnecting your life, Dr. Eric Pearl. 615.852 PEA
As guided by the spirit of Solomon, a multi-dimensional intelligence that speaks through Frederick Ponzlov, experience first hand the insights imparted during the evolution of this unique transmodality known today as Reconnective Healing.
Stamps, Gunilla Denton Cook. 616.83 DEN
Read a bit! Talk a bit! is a series of reading activity books intended for people with dementia and Alzheimer's disease.
Teddy bear, Gunilla Denton Cook. 616.83 DEN
Read a bit! Talk a bit! is a series of reading activity books intended for people with dementia and Alzheimer's.
Telephone, Gunilla Denton Cook. 616.83 DEN
Read a bit! Talk a bit! is a series of reading activity books intended for people with dementia and Alzheimer's.
The 7-day allergy makeover : a simple program to eliminate allergies and restore vibrant health from the inside out, Susanne Bennett. 616.97 BEN
The complete pilates tutor : a structured course to achieve professional expertise, Alan Herdman. 613.71 HER
The Daniel plan : 40 days to a healthier life, Rick Warren. 613.2 WAR
The emperor of scent : a story of perfume, obsession, and the last mystery of the senses, Chandler Burr. 612.86 BUR
This book tells the story of Luca Turin, an utterly unusual, stubborn scientist, his otherworldly gift for perfume, his brilliant, quixotic theory of how we smell, and his struggle to set before the world the secret of the most enigmatic of our senses.
The journal of best practices : a memoir of marriage, Asperger syndrome, and one man's quest to be a better husband, David Finch. 616.8588 FIN
At some point in nearly every marriage, a wife finds herself asking, What the … is wrong with my husband?! In the author's case, this turns out to be an apt question. Five years after he married Kristen, the love of his life, they learn that he has Asperger syndrome. Determined to change, he sets out to understand Asperger syndrome and learn to be a better husband.
The little book of big workouts : a revolutionary approach to fitness, Damien Kelly. 613.71 KEL
The myeloma survival guide : essential advice for patients and their loved ones, Jim Tamkin. 616.994 TAM
This guide is your companion for making sense of the difficult questions and dealing with every aspect of a myeloma diagnosis, from creating your wellness team to choosing treatment options and navigating financial issues.
The Practical prepper : a common-sense guide to preparing for emergencies, Kylene Jones. 613.69 JON
The story of pain : from prayer to painkillers, Joanna Bourke. 152.42 BOU
Professor Joanna Bourke’s ninth book tackles the history of pain, and is meticulously researched, interesting, and well written.
The tale of the dueling neurosurgeons : the history of the human brain as revealed by true stories of trauma, madness, and recovery, Sam Kean. 617.48 KEA
Traditional Chinese medicine cupping therapy, Ilkay Z. Chirali. 615.89 CHI
Explores and describes techniques of cupping in the context of TCM theory. This title provides a set of practical guidelines to applying this technique for various common conditions, and looks closely at issues of safety, expectation and theoretical principles of action.
Wake up and eat the kale : how I healed myself naturally from advanced cancer using body, mind and spirit, Wendy Marie Banting. 616.994 BAN
What doctors feel : how emotions affect the practice of medicine, Danielle Ofri, MD. 610.695 OFR
By shedding light on how doctors cope with the stresses and responsibilities of patients, colleagues, lawyers, and their personal lives, the author explains why it is important that patients know how emotions influence the way physicians treat their patients both medically and interpersonally.
Your personal paleo code : the 3-step plan to lose weight, reverse disease, and stay fit and healthy for life, Chris Kresser. 613.28 KRE

History, Geography & Travel

Africa, my passion, Corinne Hofmann. 960 HOF
Corinne Hofmann delves into the slums of Nairobi to uncover the heart-breaking stories of unforgettable people and places. Joined by her half-Kenyan daughter, Napirai they discover Napirai's roots and finally meet her father and half-siblings. Hofmann then treks 500 miles across the Namibian desert to discover the lives of the nomadic Himba people.
Age of ambition : chasing fortune, truth and faith in the new China, Evan Osnos. 951 OSN
Albania : portrait of a country in transition, Clarissa de Waal. 949.65 DE
Amalga-nations : how globalisation is good, Doug Hendrie. 910.41 HEN
A blend of travel writing, sub cultural reportage, and pop anthropology, AmalgaNations is one man's mission to discover whether Western culture has steamrolled the world, or whether, in fact, the flow of influence works both ways in the age of Globalisation.
Barbed wire on the Bay : stories from a war-time childhood, Patsy McKenzie. 993.87 MCK
Patsy McKenzie and her brother Wynne Raymond grew up in Timaru during World War II. It was a world of rationing, a Home Guard, and a dug-out in the back garden.
Best 100-mile bike routes, Chris Sidwells. 941 SID
The ultimate guide to a hundred 100-mile rides grouped in geographical regions, from the north of Scotland to the south coast; representing the best the UK has to offer.
Black Elk speaks, John G. Neihardt. 978 BLA
The story of the Lakota visionary and healer Nicholas Black Elk (1863-1950) and his people during the momentous twilight years of the nineteenth century.
Brazil : the troubled rise of a global power, Michael Reid. 981 REI
Clinton, Inc. : the audacious rebuilding of a political machine, Daniel Halper. 973.929 CLI
Drawn from exclusive documents and detailed interviews with their close friends, allies and enemies, an investigative reporter reveals the strategies and deals the Clintons made to turn their political fortunes around and to lay the groundwork for the upcoming presidential campaign.
Crossroads : a popular history of Malaysia and Singapore, Jim Baker. 959 BAK
Cursed victory : a history of Israel and the Occupied Territories, Ahron Bregman. 956.046 BRE
Dictionary of pseudonyms : 13,000 assumed names and their origins, Adrian Room. 929.4 ROO
Down amongst the black gang : the world and workplace of RMS Titanic's stokers, Richard P. de Kerbrech. 910.45 DE
Female nomad & friends : tales of breaking free and breaking bread around the world, Rita Golden Gelman. 910.4 GEL
Finding Italian roots : the complete guide for Americans, John Philip Colletta. 929.1 COL
A guide for family researchers of Italian descent points the way to resources in the United States as well as information available in the town halls, archives, churches, and libraries of Italy.
Four sisters : the lost lives of the Romanov grand duchesses, Helen Rappaport. 947.083 ROM
Gironimo! : riding the very terrible 1914 Tour of Italy, Tim Moore. 945 MOO
How to be the world's smartest traveler (and save time, money, and hassle), Christopher Elliott. 910.2 ELL
How to manage your slaves, Marcus Sidonius Falx. 937.06 TON
At last a clear manual for managing slaves the Roman way. Up to now ancient slavery may have been difficult to fathom: this Roman's-eye view takes us to the heart of the matter and, based on a wealth of original sources, lets us understand just why slaves meant so much to the Romans.
How the West won : the neglected story of the triumph of modernity, Rodney Stark. 909.0982 STA
A focus on Western trends in social and scientific change over time dispels misconceptions about modernity.
In Clancy's Boots : the greatest ever round-the-world motorbike adventure, Geoff Hill. 910.41 HIL
In 1912, Carl Stearns Clancy undertook the longest, most difficult and most perilous journey ever attempted on a motorcycle. By June 1913 he had made history, becoming the first person ever to circumnavigate the globe on a motorbike.
Indonesia etc. : exploring the improbable nation, Elizabeth Pisani. 959.8 PIS
Journey to a hanging : the events that set New Zealand race relations back by a century, Peter Wells. 993.022 KER
In 1865, Rev Carl Sylvius Volkner was hanged, his head cut off, his eyes eaten and his blood drunk from his church chalice. One name - Kereopa Te Rau (Kaiwhatu: The Eye-eater) - became synonymous with the murder. In 1871 he was captured, tried and sentenced to death.
Life in the 1950s, Mike Brown. 941.0855 BRO
The 1950s began in the shadow of War. In Britain, food was still rationed as the country strove to pay off the huge debts that were the legacy of war.
Life in the 1960s, Mike Brown. 941.0856 BRO
Life in the 1970s, Carol Harris. 941.0857 HAR
London cemeteries, Darren Beach. 942.1 BEA
My ancestors were Londoners : how can I find out more about them?, Cliff Webb. 929.342 WEB
My year without matches : escaping the city in search of the wild, Claire Dunn. 994 DUN
Disillusioned and burnt out by her job, Claire Dunn quits a comfortable life to spend a year off the grid in a wilderness survival program. Her new forest home swings between ally and enemy as reality, and the rain, sets in.
South Sea vagabonds, J.W. Wray. 910.91648 WRA
Fired from his day job during the Great Depression, Johnny begged, borrowed and stole the materials to build his famous yacht Ngataki. With some mates for company and a sextant to steer by, he set sail for the palm-fringed atolls and islands of his dreams - to discover they really did exist.
The Christchurch districts of Windsor and Shirley : a short history and reminiscences, Roger Allen. 993.83 ALL
The demon's brood, Desmond Seward. 942.03 SEW
A vivid and colourful history of the most dominant royal dynasty in English history, from Richard the Lionheart and Edward the Black Prince to Henry IV and Richard III.
The last empire : the final days of the Soviet Union, Serhii Plokhy. 947.0854 PLO
On Christmas Day 1991 Mikhail Gorbachev resigned as president of the Soviet Union. By the next day the USSR was officially no more and the USA had emerged as the world's sole superpower. Award-winning historian Serhii Plokhy presents a page-turning account of the preceding five months of drama, filled with failed coups d'etat and political intrigue. Honing in on this previously disregarded but crucial period and using recently declassified documents and original interviews with key participants, he shatters the established myths of 1991 and presents a bold new interpretation of the Soviet Union's final months.
The New Zealand wars : a brief history, Matthew Wright. 993.022 WRI
The race for paradise : an Islamic history of the Crusades, Paul M. Cobb. 909.07 COB
The Scottish castles story, Marc Alexander. 941.1 ALE
Unruly places : lost spaces, secret cities, and other inscrutable geographies, Alastair Bonnett. 910 BON
A tour of the world’s hidden geographies — from disappearing islands to forbidden deserts — and a stunning testament to how mysterious the world remains today.

Hospitality & Tourism

Heads in beds : a reckless memoir of hotels, hustles, and so-called hospitality, Jacob Tomsky. 647.94 TOM
A humorous memoir by a veteran hospitality employee that reveals what goes on behind the scenes of the hotel business. Includes tips on how to get the most out of your hotel stay.

House & Garden

150 best minimalist house ideas, Alex Sanchez Vidiella. 747 SAN
Featuring a vast array of interior spaces from around the world, this title showcases rooms that utilise elements such as shape and light to create interiors that are both stylish and unique, but also simplistic in their design.
Backyard building : treehouses, sheds, arbors, gates and other garden projects, Jeanie Stiles. 690.89 STI
Bathroom, Barbara Penner. 747.78 PEN
Bathroom charts the evolution of the bathroom through history and across the globe. The book considers how and why the bathroom emerged and how it became an international symbol of key modern values of cleanliness, order and progress.
Bathrooms = Banos = Salles de bains = Badezimmer., Fernando de Haro. 747.78 HAR
Bathrooms tend to be a challenge when decorating - designers must make space for the toilet, plus for towels and storage. This book offers a collection of photos of modern small bathrooms where decorators can find solutions to these design challenges.
Beat bed bugs and other pests : learn how to rid your house of the critters, Dr. Roger Fogain. 648.7 FOG
Children's environments = ambientes para ninos = environments pour enfants = bereiche fur Kinder, Fernando de Haro. 747.77 HAR
Creating environments for children's own spaces is not only a matter of decoration, but part of the emotional education that relates to children's moods and visual stimulation, something that stays in their minds for a lifetime.
Courtyard architecture + design, Lisa Baker. 721.84 BAK
Based on selected case studies, this volume presents the design diversity of courtyards, focusing in particular on their expedient multifaceted use.
Live like a maharaja : how to turn your home into a palace, Amrita Gandhi. 390 GAN
A treasure trove of royal lifestyle tips and secrets that will change the way you live.
Mountain modern : contemporary homes in high places, Dominic Bradbury. 728.37 BRA
Practical projects for self-sufficiency : DIY projects to get your self-reliant lifestyle started, Chris Peterson. 640 PET
Have you ever wanted to build your own chicken coop, cider press, or herb-drying rack? How about a clever two-bin composter, horse-blanket washing machine, or genuine Langstroth beehive? In this book you'll find these projects and a couple of dozen more to help you develop and grow your self-reliant lifestyle.
Textures = Texturas = Textures = Texturen, Fernando de Haro. 747 HAR
Upholstery, floor coverings, and other materials are crucial components in design and perform the vital dual roles of construction and decoration.
Vintage parties : a guide to throwing themed events-from Gatsby galas to Mad Men martinis and much more, Linda Hansson. 793.2 HAN
Vintage trailer style : buying, restoring, decorating, and styling the small place of your dreams, Lisa Mora. 728.79 MOR


No punches pulled : the best of Bob Jones. 827.914 JON


An American in Oz, Sara James. 070.19 JAM
The warm, uplifing and funny chronicle of one woman's journey from glamourous, globe-trotting New York television correspondent to a small-town mum living an Australian country life.
Don't spoil my beautiful face : media, mayhem and human rights in the Pacific, David Robie. 070.43 ROB
A comprehensive "hidden stories of the Pacific" media and communication book about many of the region’s major issues of the past two decades such as the Fiji coups, Papua New Guinea’s Bougainville war and resource development crises, nuclear testing and health challenges, environmental degradation and climate change.


Acquittal : an insider reveals the stories and strategies behind today's most infamous verdicts, Richard Gabriel. 345.07 GAB
Gabriel provides firsthand accounts of his work on high-profile cases, from the tabloid trials of Casey Anthony, O.J. Simpson, Phil Spector, and Heidi Fleiss to the political firestorms involving Enron and Whitewater.
Contemporary interpretation of Islamic law, Ahmed Affi. 340.5 AFF

Library Science

Are libraries obsolete? : an argument for relevance in the digital age, Mark Y. Herring. 020 HER
This book explores how libraries and librarians must face the future if they are to continue to be relevant, vibrant, and enduring.


Everyone can write : a guide to get you started, Howard Gelman. 808.04 GEL
On writing : a memoir of the craft, Stephen King. 808.02 KIN
Part memoir, part master class by one of the bestselling authors of all time, this superb volume is a revealing and practical view of the writer's craft, comprising the basic tools of the trade every writer must have.
The year of reading dangerously : how fifty great books (and two not-so-great ones) saved my life, Andy Miller. 028.9 MIL
An editor and writer's vivaciously entertaining, and often moving, chronicle of his year-long adventure with fifty great books (and two not-so-great ones) — a true story about reading that reminds us why we should all make time in our lives for books.


Firearms : an illustrated history. 683.4 FIR
Charts the evolution of the gun, from the pistol and rifle, to the machine gun and revolver.
Principles of metal casting, Mahi Sahoo. 671.2 SAH
Tears of the tree : the story of rubber : a modern marvel, John Loadman. 678.2 LOA
John Loadman tells the fascinating story of four thousand years of rubber as seen through the lives of the adventurers and scientists who promoted it, lusted after it and eventually tamed it into the ubiquitous, yet crucial material of our lives.


Climbs and punishment : riding to Rome in the footsteps of Hannibal, Felix Lowe. 940 LOW
After almost a decade of reporting on the exploits of the pro peloton, raconteur Felix Lowe takes to the saddle and sets out to conquer the road from Barcelona to Rome.
Hidden warbirds. II : more epic stories of finding, recovering, and rebuilding WWII's lost aircraft, Nicholas A. Veronico. 623.746 VER
Living in the slipstream : life as an RAF wife, Jill Black, foreword by HRH Duchess of Cambridge. 358.4112 LIV
Here is a collection of tales told by wives of RAF personnel, often hilarious, always witty and touching, spanning the period from the Cold War and the 1950s to the present.
One shot kills : a history of Australian Army sniping, Glenn Wahlert. 356.162 WAH
A sniper is not just a good shot. While marksmanship is crucial, it is not this alone that defines the sniper. Snipers must also be superb bushmen, possess limitless patience, iron discipline, rat cunning, extraordinary stamina and attract more than their share of luck.
The complete guide to tanks & armoured fighting vehicles : over 400 vehicles and 1200 wartime and modern photographs, George Forty. 358.18 FOR
View from the cockpit : flying military aircraft, Tim McLelland. 623.746 MCL

Music & Musicians

Blackberry pie : 48 New Zealand ballads, Joe Charles. 781.6223 CHA
This entertaining new collection of ballads in the old-time style will appeal to anyone with an interest in New Zealand folklore. Goldiggers, swaggies, shearers, drovers, rouseabouts and sailors crowd the pages, bringing the past to life.
Strange terrain : a new anthology of New Zealand graphic scores, 1965-2012, Jack Body. 780.263 STR
This collection celebrates the range of work produced by some of our most imaginative composers, improvisors, poets, and painters, in this strange terrain, the art of the graphic score.
The Dylanologists : adventures in the land of Bob, David Kinney. 781.64 DYL
An analysis of Bob Dylan fandom shares insights into the music artist's influential role in American culture, contrasting the activities of particularly devout fans against Dylan's intensely private nature.
The mandolin manual : the art, craft and science of the mandolin and mandola, John Troughton. 787.84 TRO

Natural Science

Australian high country raptors, Jerry Olsen. 598.9 OLS
Covers raptor species that regularly breed in the high country above 600 metres, from Goulburn in New South Wales down to the hills outside Melbourne, Victoria.
Deadliest volcanoes : 200 years after Tambora, John Kerr. 551.21 KER
Intelligence and human progress : the story of what was hidden in our genes, James R. Flynn. 599.93 FLY
This book presents a new method for weighing family influences versus genes in the cognitive abilities of individuals, and counters the arguments of those who dismiss gains in IQ as true cognitive gains.
Our woodland birds : a nature lover's guide, Matt Sewell. 598.0941 SEW
Papyrus : the plant that changed the world, from ancient Egypt to today's water wars, John Gaudet. 584.84 GAU
Offers an examination of the papyrus plant, looking at the important role it played in ancient Egyptian culture as a source of paper, as well as its unique properties that could help combat ecological and social problems in the modern world.
Rare birds of North America, Steve N. G. Howell,. 598.168 HOW
A comprehensive, illustrated guide to the vagrant birds that occur throughout the United States and Canada. This book covers 262 species originating from three very different regions: the Old World, the New World tropics, and the world's oceans.
Snakemaster : wildlife adventures with the world's most dangerous reptiles, Austin Stevens. 597.96 STE
Austin Stevens tells incredible stories of his many run-ins with dangerous animals and reptiles. From wrestling with a reticulated python to panicking after being bitten by the infamous Gaboon viper, Stevens brings you into his world of wildlife and tells the story of how a boy from Pretoria, South Africa, became one of the most widely known herpetologists in the world.
Snakes and other reptiles and amphibians, Chris Mattison. 597.9 MAT
The amazing world of flyingfish, Steve N. G. Howell. 597.6 HOW
The fly trap, Fredrik Sjoberg. 595.7 SJO
Begins with author's own experiences collecting hoverflies on a remote island in Sweden. This book unravels - of heroic expeditions to Burma and the wilderness of Kamchatka, of lost loves and unexpected treasures - leads him to reflect on life itself, on the natural world and how we learn to interpret it, on slowness.
The trilobite book : a visual journey, Riccardo Levi-Setti. 565.3 LEV
Distant relatives of modern lobsters, horseshoe crabs, and spiders, trilobites swam the planet's prehistoric seas for 300 million years, from the Lower Cambrian to the end of the Permian eras and they did so very capably. This is a revealing guide to these surreal arthropods of ancient Earth.
Yellowstone wildlife : ecology and natural history of the greater Yellowstone ecosystem, Paul A. Johnsgard. 508.7875 JOH


Western esotericism : a guide for the perplexed, Wouter J. Hanegraaff. 135.4 HAN
Western esotericism has been a pervasive presence in Western culture from late antiquity to the present day, but until recently it was largely ignored by scholars and surrounded by misconceptions and prejudice. This accessible guide provides readers with the basic knowledge and tools that will allow them to find their way in this bewildering but fascinating field.


Encaustic revelation : cutting-edge techniques from the masters of EncaustiCamp, Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch. 751.46 SEG
From the founder of Encausticamp comes this guide to the wax-painting technique, including step-by-step demonstrations, innovative techniques, and examples of student projects and finished pieces.
One painting a day : a 6-week course in observational painting creating extraordinary paintings from every day experiences, Timothy Callaghan. 751.4 CAL


All about drugs & young people : essential information and advice for parents and professionals, Julian Cohen. 362.29 COH
Baby-led parenting : the easy way to nurture, understand and connect with your baby, Gill Rapley. 649.122 RAP
Shows you how following your baby's lead can help you develop a strong and loving relationship from birth.
Children at their best : understanding and using the five elements to develop children's full potential for parents, teachers and therapists, Karin Kalbantner-Wernicke. 615.88 KAL
The authors describe a new way of understanding a child's development by looking at how the Five Elements of Chinese thought can explain patterns of behaviour. They list the problems that can occur if a child's elements are not in balance and presents approaches and activities to help them become more balanced, happier and more resilient.
Dyslexia : time for talent : the ultimate guide for parents and children, Carolina Frohlich. 371.914 FRO
Family pride : what LGBT families should know about navigating home, school, and safety in their neighborhoods, Michael Shelton. 306.874 SHE
Despite the progress made in gay rights, LGBT people are still at high risk of being victimised. Family Pride is the book for queer parents, families, and allies that emphasises community safety.
Feeding your baby day by day : from first tastes to family meals, Fiona Wilcock. 641.5622 WIL
Mama : dispatches from the frontline of love, Antonella Gambotto-Burke. 306.8743 GAM
Antonella Gambotto-Burke spent her pregnancy wondering whether she had it in her to love her child as deeply as she did sparkly Prada mules. And then she heard her daughter’s cry. Antonella became an attachment parent. She couldn’t stop writing about her baby, and kept writing, even when her marriage threatened to shatter under the weight of sickness, bereavement, family pressures and the global financial crisis.
Secrets for mothers who struggle, Jane Francis. 306.8743 FRA
Everyone knows that being a mother is meant to be fulfilling, rewarding, meaningful, and natural - but what if it's not like that? This book contains a twelve-step action plan to help you parent your teen, and pre-teen, while keeping your own sanity and serenity.
Sleep and your special needs child, Antonia Chitty. 649.15 CHI
The playful parent : 7 ways to happier, calmer, more creative days with your under-fives, Julia Deering. 649.5 DEE
Weaning made easy recipes : 150 simple and tasty ideas for spoon-feeding and baby-led weaning, Rana Conway. 641.5622 CON

Pets & Animals

A wolf called Romeo, Nick Jans. 636.97 JAN
The unlikely story of a six-year friendship between a wild, oddly gentle black wolf and the people and dogs of Juneau.
Backyard bees : a guide for the beginner beekeeper, Doug Purdie. 638.1 PUR
Beautiful goats : portraits of classic breeds preened to perfection, Felicity Stockwell. 636.39 STO
Dancing with horses : collected riding on a loose rein, trusting harmony from the very beginning, Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling. 636.1083 HEM
The book features some 500 colour photos and a precisely defined body language programme that works for all types and breeds of horses.
John & George : the dog who changed my life, John Dolan. 636.7 DOL
This is the incredible true story of how one man turned his life around through the companionship of his best friend.
Last chain on Billie : how one extraordinary elephant escaped the big top, Carol Bradley. 639.979 BRA
Against the backdrop of a glittering but brutal circus world, this book charts the history of elephants in America, the story of the Elephant Sanctuary, and the tale of a resilient elephant who defied the system even as she struggled to conquer her past, who never lost sight of the life she was meant to have.
My cat has arthritis : but lives life to the full! : a practical guide for owners, Gill Carrick. 636.8089 CAR

Philosophy & Psychology

Classical philosophy : a history of philosophy without any gaps. Volume 1, Peter Adamson. 180 ADA


Digital photography for the older and wiser : get up and running with your digital camera, Kim Gilmour. 778.3 GIL
Fashion photography next, Magdalene Keaney. 779.99746 KEA
Here is an exciting new survey of more than 30 young photographers from 14 countries who will have a pivotal role in shaping the fashion of the future.
Forbidden places : exploring our abandoned heritage, Sylvain Margaine. 778.94 MAR
Head off to explore the filming location of 12 Monkeys, Michael Jackson's hometown turned ghost town, Berlin's 1936 Olympic Village, deconsecrated churches, forgotten castles, deserted train stations, prisons and mental asylums, a cemetery of rusted locomotives and more.
Our world tour : a photographic journey around the world, Mario Dirks. 779 DIR
This book takes you on a journey around the world through the eyes of photographer Mario Dirk.
Touching strangers, Richard Renaldi. 779 REN
For the last 7 years, photographer Richard Renaldi has gone to various parts of America to take portraits of strangers that make them look like friends, family members, or even lovers.


Berliner Ensemble adaptations, David Barnett. 832.912 BRE
Three plays, Robert Lord. 822.914 LOR
It isn't cricket, The travelling squirrel, and Well hung.


Arabic poems, Marle Hammond. 892.7 ARA
Autobiography of a Marguerite, Zarah Butcher-McGunnigle. 821.92 BUT
Essential New Zealand poems : facing the empty page, Siobhan Harvey. 821.91408 ESS
First World War poems from the Front, Paul O'Prey. 821.008 FIR
Naked poetry, P. Maurois. 821.92 MAU
The lonely nude, Emily Dobson. 821.92 DOB

Politics & Government

Packing up : further adventures of a trailing spouse, Brigid Keenan. 327.41 KEE
Brigid Keenan was a successful young London fashion journalist when she fell in love with a diplomat and left behind the gilt chairs of the Paris salons for a large chicken shed in Nepal.
Politics, David Runciman. 320 RUN
What is it, why we do we need it and where, in these turbulent times, is it heading?


Power, prejudice, Parihaka : unbridled power, Patricia Berwick. 993.488 BER
The story is centred around one event which occurred on the 5 November, 1881. On this day armed constabulary entered a small Māori village known as Parihaka Pa and forcibly arrested significant Māori leaders. These men had been involved in a non-violent protest to regain their ancestral lands. This military act destroyed Māori hopes for regaining what had been historical theirs.
Puanga, star of the Māori New Year = Ko Puanga-nui-a-rangi te whetu matamua o te tau hou Māori : nana i arahi i a Matariki tana tuahine to muri iho, Sam T. Rerekura. 523.8 RER
Puanga is the star Rigel in Orion. Most of the tribes of the Māori people in Aotearoa observed Puanga to mark the beginning of the Māori New Year.
Rauwaru, the proverbial garden : Nga-weri, Māori root vegetables, their history and tips on their use, Nick Roskruge. 635.1 ROS
Te Kotahitanga : towards effective education reform for indigenous and other minoritised students, Russell Bishop. 371.829 BIS
The last Maopo : the life and First World War sacrifice of Wiremu Maopo, Wiremu Tanai Kaihau Maopo. 940.481 MAO
The incredible, moving story of Wiremu Maopo, the last of his line in an eminent South Island family, who joined the second Māori Contingent and went off to fight in the First World War.


Calling in "the one" : 7 weeks to attract the love of your life, Katherine Woodward Thomas. 646.77 THO
Introduces a seven-week course designed to help a woman find the love of her life, featuring a series of daily activity and journaling exercises to help readers recognise personal obstacles to happiness and overcome them.
In faith and in doubt : how religious believers and nonbelievers can create strong marriages and loving families, Dale McGowan. 306.843 MCG
What are the chances of survival for the ultimate mixed marriage - one between religious and nonreligious partners? This book helps partners navigate the complexities of their situation while celebrating the richness it affords their relationship, and those around them.
Smitten : the way of the brilliant flirt, Ariel Kiley. 306.73 KIL
Explores how to let your unique self shine so you can become a blissfully enlightened man-magnet. After all, you're already a smart, joyful, intelligent woman. Why not honour those attributes to attract the men you desire?

Religion & Ethics

Animal experimentation : a guide to the issues, Vaughan Monamy. 179.4 MON
Atheists : the origin of the species, Nick Spencer. 211.8 SPE
Congratulations, by the way : some thoughts on kindness, George Saunders. 177 SAU
In 2013, George Saunders delivered the convocation address at Syracuse University's commencement. In his address, Saunders focused on the vital importance of being kind to others.
Living an authentic life, Thomas E. Legere. 204.4 LEG
Over the centuries, many books have been written showing the connections between psychology and spirituality. However, never before has anyone succeeded in spelling out the psychological steps needed to attain spiritual consciousness. In this book, that is exactly what Dr. Thomas Legere has done.
Pilgrimage : my journey to a deeper faith in the land where Jesus walked, Lynn Austin. 813.54 AUS
A fiction writer learns to reconnect with God in this memoir about a trip to Israel.


30-second quantum theory : the 50 most thought-provoking quantum concepts, each explained in half a minute, Brian Clegg. 530.12 THI
50 maths ideas you really need to know, Tony Crilly. 510 CRI
50 physics ideas you really need to know, Joanne Baker. 530 BAK
Calculus for dummies, Mark Ryan. 515 RYA
Finding longitude, Richard Dunn. 527 DUN
Official publication of the National Maritime Museum's exhibition "Ships, Clocks and Stars: The Quest for Longitude".
Gravity does not exist : a puzzle for the 21st century, Vincent Icke. 530 ICK
Great maps : the world's masterpieces explored and explained, Jerry Brotton. 526.8 BRO
How to do ecology : a concise handbook, Richard Karban. 577.072 KAR
The Bloomsbury companion to the philosophy of science, Steven French. 501 BLO

Self Development

Archetypes : a beginner's guide to your inner-net, Caroline Myss. 155.26 MYS
Archetypes are universal patterns of behaviour that help you better understand yourself and your place in the world. Knowing your archetypes can transform your life. Within the pages of this book, Myss writes about ten primary feminine archetypes that have emerged in today’s society.
Curious : the desire to know & why your future depends on it, Ian Leslie. 155.23 LES
Ian Leslie argues that our future depends on developing a deep curiosity about the world — and he doesn't mean clicking on Twitter links.
Good self, bad self : transforming your worst qualities into your biggest assets, Judy Smith. 158.1 SMI
A crisis manager explains how to overcome a personal crisis, whether a relationship crisis or business disaster, by recognising one's worst qualities and dealing with them appropriately.
Mind power into the 21st century, John Kehoe. 158.1 KEH
This book will help you learn to harness the power within you - your mind power. John Kehoe has articulated a set of life changing principles for charting a course to success and happiness.
Rock breaks scissors : a practical guide to outguessing and outwitting almost everybody, William Poundstone. 153.83 POU
A practical guide to outguessing everything from multiple-choice tests to the office football pool to the stock market.
Soul development through handwriting : the Waldorf approach to the Vimala alphabet, Jennifer Crebbin. 155.28 CRE
This book considers personal characteristics, which can be transformed through certain letters.
Supersurvivors : the surprising link between suffering and success, David B. Feldman, PhD. 155.24 FEL
Two psychologists explore the science of remarkable accomplishment in the wake of trauma, revealing the surprising principles that allow people to transform their lives and achieve extraordinary things.
The good psychopath's guide to success, Kevin Dutton. 158.1 DUT
What is a good psychopath? And how can thinking like one help you to be the best that you can.
The power of inner peace, Diana Cooper. 158.1 COO
When we connect with this quiet centre, we can face our fears, regain our confidence and find the strength to heal ourselves. In today's fast-paced and stressful world, The Power of Inner Peace will enable you to find your own personal haven of peace and tranquillity.
The psychedelic experience : a manual based on the Tibetan book of the dead, Timothy Leary. 154.4 LEA
This manual uses material from The Tibetan Book of the Dead for this preparation. The authors also make an important contribution to the interpretation of The Tibetan Book of the Dead. They show that it is concerned not with the dead, but with the living. The last section of the manual provides instructions for an actual psychedelic session, under adequate safeguards.
The worry cure : stop worrying and start living, Robert L. Leahy. 152.46 LEA
This book offers advice and practical techniques for those who have ever had a sleepless night. It helps us understand why we worry and how best to defeat it. It tells you how to: identify productive and unproductive worry; accept reality and commit to change; and turn 'failure' into opportunity.
Thinking big : how the evolution of social life shaped the human mind, Clive Gamble. 155.7 GAM
Transforming anger : the HeartMath solution for letting go of rage, frustration, and irritation, Doc Childre. 152.47 CHI

Social Issues

60 70 80 90 : planning ahead for satisfying senior years, David C. Pratt. 646.79 PRA
This New Zealand book, based on personal experience, is full of practical suggestions for people preparing to retire.
Communicating with the future : how re-engineering intentions will alter the master code of our future, futurist Thomas Frey. 303.49 FRE
Disaster resilience : an integrated approach, Douglas Paton. 363.34 DIS
This book will fill the gaps that hamper the effective utilisation of the resilience and sustainability concepts within emergency planning.
Flight MH370 : the mystery, Nigel Cawthorne. 363.12465 CAW
On 8 March, 00:41, Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport.At 1:19 a.m., the plane and its 227 passengers vanished from the skies. No trace has been found.
Holy Hell, Patricia Feenan. 362.76 FRE
An altar boy, a Catholic priest and a crime, the very worst crime! A mother writes of her eldest son’s journey to justice, the lack of support from the Church she thought she knew and the pain of seeing a much loved son deal with the anger and grief which always travels with an abused child.
Invisible : the dangerous allure of the unseen, Philip Ball. 306 BAL
If you could be invisible, what would you do? The chances are that it would have something to do with power, wealth or sex. Perhaps all three. From the medieval to the cutting-edge, fairy tales to telecommunications, from beliefs about the supernatural to the discovery of dark energy, Philip Ball reveals the universe of the invisible.
Mammon's kingdom : an essay on Britain, now, David Marquand. 306.0941 MAR
Britain has gone wrong: greed and inequality are rampant. How do we create a society in which money isn't worshipped so fawningly and people have more regard for one another?
Rough on women : abortion in 19th-century New Zealand, Margaret Sparrow. 363.46 SPA
Steampunk : back to the future with the new Victorians, Paul Roland. 306.1 ROL
The 15-ounce pound : big pharma's plan to patent pot, Joseph R. Pietri. 362.295 PIE
In the United States, cannabis is currently illegal, but this book investigates how big pharmaceutical companies are looking at an end-game of legality - controlled by them.
The Commissar vanishes : the falsification of photographs and art in Stalin's Russia : photographs and graphics from the David King collection, David King. 303.376
The end of the suburbs : where the American dream is moving, Leigh Gallagher. 307.74 GAL
The fictional woman, Tara Moss. 305.42 MOS
Tara Moss blends memoir and social analysis to examine the common fictions about women. She traces key moments in her life and weaves her own experiences into a broader look at everyday sexism and issues surrounding the underrepresentation of women, modern motherhood, body image and the portrayal of women in politics, entertainment, advertising and the media.
The son also rises : surnames and the history of social mobility, Gregory Clark. 305.5 CLA
Trans bodies, trans selves : a resource for the transgender community, Laura Erickson-Schroth. 306.768 TRA
Working lives c.1900 : a photographic essay, Eric Olssen. 305.562 OLS

Sport & Recreation

A majestic innings : writings on cricket, C.L.R. James. 796.358 JAM
A passion for mountains, Hannah Burrows-Smith. 796.522 PAS
A compilation of stories written by members of the British Mountain Guides.
Ballroom! obsession and passion inside the world of competitive dance, Sharon Savoy. 793.33 SAV
Savoy offers a backstage pass to a world where rhinestones and high heels accompany explosive athleticism and staggering talent. She provides an insider's close-up view of all the players who compose this glamorous world that is part dance, part sport, and part art.
Basketball analytics : objective and efficient strategies for understanding how teams win, Stephen M. Shea. 796.323 SHE
Complete croquet : a guide to skills, tactics and strategy, James Hawkins. 796.354 HAW
Deep : freediving, renegade science, and what the ocean tells us about ourselves, James Nestor. 797.23 NES
Golf : the ultimate guide. 796.352 GOL
Hunting under the Southern Cross, Greg Fagg. 799.2 FAG
Coming from a hunting family Greg had his introduction to hunting at a very early age. Join Greg as his travels take him over all three Islands, hunting the many types of game animals New Zealand is blessed with.
iGolazo! : a history of Latin American football, Andreas Campomar. 796.334 CAM
Love game : a history of tennis, from Victorian pastime to global phenomenon, Elizabeth Wilson. 796.342 WIL
Pete the Bushman : hunting tales and back-country lessons from a wild West Coaster, Peter Salter. 799.2 SAL
This book about a life lived against the grain, of adventure in New Zealand's thickest wilderness and a lifestyle any Kiwi bloke would envy.
Peter Snell and the Kiwis who flew, Vern Walker. 796.42 WAL
This was the great era (1956-1965) when New Zealand middle and long-distance runners showed a clean pair of heels to the world…Peter Snell, Murray Halberg, Bill Baillie, Marise Chamberlain, John Davies, Jeff Julian, Barry Magee and Neville Scott.
Project rainbow : how British cycling reached the top of the world, Rod Ellingworth. 796.62 ELL
Sea trials : a lone sailor's race toward home, Peter J. Bourke. 797.14 BOU
Crossing the Atlantic under sail, alone, is a nexus of sorts for all sailors, a dream and an adventure that seems obtainable within the framework of life and work, and it's in this context that Sea Trials provides inspiration to all of us.
Sports crazy : a lifetime in Kiwi sport, Roy Williams. 796 WIL
A series of personal memories and vignettes from Roy's long career in and around top-level sport in New Zealand as a sportsman, coach and reporter.
Stop, go, turn : perfecting the basics of riding, Claire Lilley. 798.23 LIL
The All Blackography : the indispensable guide to every All Black, Ron Palenski. 796.333 PAL
The most comprehensive book on the 1130 players to have represented New Zealand in rugby ever published.
The complete book of the Tour de France : a treasure trove of lore, drama, and anecdotes from the first 100 editions of the Tour de France, Feargal McKay. 796.62
The football book : the leagues, the teams, the tactics, the laws, David Goldbatt. 796.334 GOL
The forbidden game : golf and the Chinese dream, Dan Washburn. 796.352 WAS
Statistically, zero percent of the Chinese population plays golf, still known as the "rich man's game" and considered taboo. Yet China is in the midst of a golf boom hundreds of new courses have opened in the past decade, despite it being illegal for anyone to build them.
The Laird technique of Latin dancing, Walter Laird. 793.33 LAI
The Leadbetter Golf Academy handbook : techniques and strategies from the world's greatest coaches, Sean Hogan. 796.3523 HOG
The New Zealand wilderness hunter, James Passmore. 799.26 PAS
Explores some of New Zealand’s greatest wildernesses with expeditions into the Southern Alps for tahr, South Westland for trophy stags and deepest Fiordland searching for the lost moose.
The race to truth : blowing the whistle on Lance Armstrong and cycling's doping culture, Emma O'Reilly. 796.62 ORE
The story of the America's Cup 1851-2013, Ranulf Rayner. 797.14 RAY
Trail running : from start to finish, Graeme Hilditch.. 796.425 HIL
Troll Wall : the untold story of the British first ascent of Europe's tallest rock face, Tony Howard. 796.522 HOW
Wimbledon : the official history, John Barrett. 796.342 BAR


Building and detailing model aircraft, Pat Hawkey. 629.1331 HAW
Sailing yachts : the masters of elegance and style, Sibylle Kramer. 623.822 KRA
Ship dioramas : bringing your models to life, David Griffith. 623.8201 GRI
This book is about the art of displaying waterline models. By their very nature, ship models that do not show the full hull and are not mounted on an artificial stand cry out for a realistic setting.
South Island railway stations : a contemporary pictorial, Sean Miller. 385.314 MIL
Stop the train! I want to get on : rediscovering New Zealand railway journeys, Graham Hutchins. 385.0993 HUT
Zealandia, Marolyn Diver. 910.45 DIV
Over the span of 34 years Zealandia successfully ferried over 4000 immigrants, tourist and gentry alike to New Zealand's fair shores. With 32 voyages completed she was one of Shaw, Savill & Co.'s most successful immigration ships.
Cafe racers : speed, style, and ton-up culture, Michael Lichter. 629.2275 LIC
Cafe racers, by Michael Lichter and Paul d'Orleans, is a comprehensive and informative history of the cafe racer culture of Europe. The book features over 200 photos of cafe racer motorcycles, tech specs, and in-depth analysis of some of cafe racers most storied bikes, characters, and history.
Retro caravans : vantastic Kiwi collections, Don Jessen. 629.226 JES
Streetcars of America, Brian Solomon. 388.46 GRU
Triumph : production testers' tales from the meriden factory, Hughie Hancox. 629.2275 TRI
The story of one worker's time on the Triumph Production Testing team from 1960 to 1962, packed with amusing anecdotes about the obstacles associated with a tester's daily life.


A broken world : letters, diaries and memories of the Great War, Sebastian Faulks. 940.48 BRO
An illuminating non-fiction anthology of writing on the First World War, in which a lieutenant writes of digging through bodies that have the consistency of Camembert cheese; and a nurse tends a man back to health knowing he will be court-martialled and shot as soon as he is fit.
Elephant Company : the inspiring story of an unlikely hero and the animals who helped him save lives in World War II, Vicki Croke. 940.5425 WIL
Men of letters, Duncan Barrett. 940.41 BAR
When the First World War broke out, the Post Office was the biggest employer in the world, with its own company of volunteer part-time soldiers, The Post Office Rifles. Suddenly catapulted into conflict, ordinary postmen and messenger boys found themselves in the trenches of the Western Front.
The darkest days : the truth behind Britain's rush to war, 1914, Douglas Newton. 940.32 NEW
The Darkest Days shows how the war-hungry leaders and the right-wing press hustled the nation into war, making only the barest efforts to save the peace.
The First World War galleries, Paul Cornish. 940.3 COR
This book draws on the unparalleled expertise and archives of the Imperial War Museum to tell the story of the First World War in the most modern, most accessible, most compelling way possible.
The Great War 100 : the first world in infographics, Scott Addington. 940.4 ADD
The Kaiser's Mission to Kabul : a secret expedition to Afghanistan in World War I, Jules Stewart. 940.32 STE
Victory : New Zealand airmen and the fall of Germany, Max Lambert. 940.544 LAM