New Titles Young Adults’ September 2014 (arrived in August)


Alice in the country of Clover. Knight's knowledge, 1, art by Sai Asai ; story by QuinRose ; translation, Angela Liu ; adaptation, Lianne Sentar.
The Ace of Hearts, the Knight of Heart Castle, is Wonderland's resident bad boy and master swordsman. He may be dashing and handsome, but his love represents a danger the likes of which Alice has never seen. Can the cruel yet charming knight win Alice's heart?
Robot uprisings, Daniel H. Wilson and John Joseph Adams.
Let's get lost, Adi Alsaid.
Winter bringers, Gill Arbuthnott.
Smoke screen, Bernard Ashley.
One man guy, Michael Barakiva.
When Alek's high-achieving, Armenian-American parents send him to summer school, he thinks his summer is ruined. But then he meets Ethan, who opens his world in a series of truly unexpected ways.
The mark of Cain, Lindsey Barraclough.
1567. Found abandoned and raised by two outcast witches little Aphra's gifts in the dark craft are clear, even as an infant, but soon even her guardians begin to fear her. When a violent fire destroys their home, the following years of begging and stealing make her bitter, for she is shunned and feared by everyone she meets. Until she Long Lankin the leper. And together, they plot their revenge. 1962 Four years have passed since the death of Ida Guerdon, and the horrifying events of that sweltering summer in 1958 seem long past. Until Cora's father arranges for some restoration work to take place at Guerdon Hall, and it seems that the spirit of Aphra Rushes is intent on finishing what she began, four centuries ago.
I am Rebecca, Fleur Beale.
When she turns 14, Rebecca will find out who she is to marry. All the girls in her strict religious sect must be married just after their 16th birthdays. Her twin sister Rachel desperately wants to marry the boy she's given her heart to. All Rebecca wants is to have a husband who is kind, but what will the future hold for Rebecca? A psychological thriller set in a cult community.
Star wars. Legacy, Volume II, Book I, Prisoner of the floating world, script, Corinna Bechko, Gabriel Hardman ; art, Gabriel Hardman ; colours, Rachelle Rosenberg ; lettering, Michael Heisler ; front cover art, Dave Wilkins.
In a galaxy struggling to rebuild after war, Ania Solo comes into possession of a lightsaber and finds herself and her friends pursued by a Sith warrior posing as an Imperial Knight.
Guardians of the galaxy/All-new X-Men. The trial of Jean Grey, Brian Michael Bendis ; writer ; artists, Sara Pichelli and seven others.
When an alien race decides to put Jean Grey on trial for the genocide committed by Dark Phoenix, the Guardians of the Galaxy and the All New X-Men must work to save her from the twisted intergalatic justice.
The rain, Virgina Bergin.
Lost in thought, Cara Bertrand.
Lainey Young has a secret: she's going crazy. Everyone else thinks she has severe migraines from stress and exhaustion. What she really has are visions of how people died or are going to die. When doctors insist she needs a new and stable environment to recover, Lainey's game to spend two years at a private New England boarding school. There is no cure, but as she discovers, she's not actually crazy. Almost everyone at Northbrook Academy has a secret too. Half the students and nearly all the staff are members of the Sententia, a hidden society of the psychically gifted.
Watchers in the night, Jenna Black.
When detective-turned-P.I. Carolyn Mathers was left at the altar, she never once thought her fiance had been turned into a vampire. Two years later, Gray reappears, bringing murder, mystery, and an unbelievable tale of Guardians, bloodthirsty killers, and his own transformation with him. And he's been accused of murder. Gray won't allow what he is now to taint her - but Carolyn vows to never let him go again. But will helping Gray mean becoming a creature of the night?
Star trek. Strangers from the sky, Margaret Wander Bonanno.
Night runner, Tim Bowler.
Kite spirit, Sita Brahmachari.
Guy in real life, Steve Brezenoff.
The lives of two Minnesota teenagers are intertwined through the world of role-playing games.
Endless, Kate Brian.
When Rory Miller learns that her love, Tristan Parrish, has been seeking a second chance at life on Earth by sending good souls to the Shadowlands, including her friend Aaron, her father, and her sister Darcy, she will do anything to save them, even if that means going to hell and back.
Starcrossed, Elizabeth C. Bunce.
In a kingdom dominated by religious intolerance, sixteen-year-old Digger, a street thief, has always avoided attention, but when she learns that her friends are plotting against the throne she must decide whether to join them or turn them in.
To the nines, Meg Cabot.
Bitter blood, Rachel Caine.
Now that the threat to the vampires of Morganville has been defeated, the gravest danger to the human residents is the enemy within … For years, the human and vampire residents of Morganville have managed to coexist in peace. But thanks to the eradication of the parasitic creatures known as the draug, the vampires of Morganville have now been freed of their usual constraints. College student Claire Danvers, with ties to both humans and vampires, isn't about to take sides. To make matters worse, a television show comes to Morganville searching for ghosts, just as vampire and human politics collide.
This strange and familiar place : a so close to you novel, Rachel Carter.
Lydia Bentley will do anything to fix the mistakes she made in the past, like losing her grandfather in time and the only way she knows how to begin is by time traveling to 1980s New York with Wes, posed as a Montauk Project recruit.
Kalona's fall, P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast.
Nothing but the truth (and a few white lies), Justina Chen Headley.
Fifteen-year-old Patty Ho, half Taiwanese and half white, feels she never fits in, but when her overly-strict mother ships her off to math camp at Stanford, instead being miserable, Patty starts to become comfortable with her true self.
The infernal devices. 3, Clockwork princess, Cassandra Clare, HyeKyung Baek ; art and adaptation, HyeKyung Baek.
The threat of Mortmain's Infernal Devices looms as the Shadowhunters race to work out a way to counteract the mechanical monsters. Meanwhile, plans for Tessa's marriage to Jem are underway, despite her fiance's failing health and the unresolved feelings between her and Will. When Tessa is captured, Will must leave his comrade behind to save the woman they both love. But with the final missing piece - Tessa herself - in Mortmain's possession, can anything stop his plot for revenge?
How to meet boys, Catherine Clark.
The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins.
In a future North America, where the rulers of Panem maintain control through an annual televised survival competition pitting young people from each of the twelve districts against one another, sixteen-year-old Katniss's skills are put to the test when she voluntarily takes her younger sister's place.
L.A. candy, Lauren Conrad.
When nineteen-year-old Jane Roberts is cast in a new reality show, she discovers that the fame and fortune of her new life come at a high price to herself and her friendships.
The fame game, Lauren Conrad.
Reality star Madison Parker, determined to take her career to the next level, signs on for a new TV show called THE FAME GAME. But more drama happens behind the scenes than onscreen.
Speed of light, Joy Cowley.
With a father more interested in money than family, a brother in prison, a sister with a secret, and a mother in denial, it's no wonder Jeff buries himself in the safe world of mathematics. When a storm hits Wellington, a strange old woman is blown into Jeff's life, challenging everything he thinks is true.
Dead girls walking, Suzy Cox.
Apple and Rain, Sarah Crossan.
When Apple's mother returns after eleven years of absence, Apple feels whole again. She will have an answer to her burning question - why did you go? But just like the stormy Christmas Eve when she left, her mother's homecoming is bitter sweet, and Apple wonders who is really looking after whom. It's only when Apple meets someone more lost than she is, that she begins to see things as they really are.
Dark of the moon, Siobhan Curham.
The miseducation of Cameron Post, Emily M. Danforth.
In the early 1990s, when gay teenager Cameron Post rebels against her conservative Montana ranch town and her family decides she needs to change her ways, she is sent to a gay conversion therapy centre.
The golden scarab, Lindy Davis.
The Golden Scarab is a tale of international espionage with an Egyptian twist set in the Warkworth Museum. Oliver Berry has three weeks to discover who is masterminding an international plot to steal priceless artefacts on loan to the museum.
The golden scarab's secret, Lindy Davis.
On a guided tour of Egypt, Oliver Berry and his friend Jake stumble upon dark secrets within the ancient cities of Cairo and Luxor. Oliver must outsmart an international criminal network, ruthless in its mission to steal Egypt's most cherished and powerful artefact, The Golden Scarab.
The 10 pm question, Kate De Goldi.
Twelve-year-old Frankie Parsons has a rather large, quirky family. Until now they've been the centre of his universe, but now Frankie's view of his world begins to change. There's a new arrival at school - a dreadlocked girl called Sydney who becomes perplexingly fascinating to him. She even starts to draw him away from his best friend, Gigs.
Just listen : a novel, Sarah Dessen.
Isolated from friends who believe the worst because she has not been truthful with them, sixteen-year-old Annabel finds an ally in classmate Owen, whose honesty and passion for music help her to face and share what really happened at the end-of-the-year party that changed her life.
Blind, Rachel DeWoskin.
After a horrific accident leaves her blind, fifteen-year-old Emma, one of seven children, eagerly starts high school as a sophomore, and finds that nearly everything has changed - sometimes for the better.
The illusionists, Laure Eve.
Flora in love, Natasha Farrant.
The apple tart of hope, Sarah Moore Fitzgerald.
Oscar Dunleavy, who used to make the world's most perfect apple tarts, is missing, presumed dead. No-one seems too surprised, except for Meg, his best friend, and his little brother Stevie. Surrounded by grief and confusion, Meg and Stevie are determined to find out what happened to Oscar, and together they learn about loyalty and friendship and the power of never giving up hope.
Beautiful creatures, Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl.
In a small South Carolina town, where it seems little has changed since the Civil War, sixteen-year-old Ethan is powerfully drawn to Lena, a new classmate with whom he shares a psychic connection and whose family hides a dark secret that may be revealed on her sixteenth birthday.
No going back, Alex Gutteridge.
Don't call me baby, Gwendolyn Heasley.
New Avengers. 3, Other worlds, writer, Jonathan Hickman ; artist, Simone Bianchi (#13-15), Rags Morales (#16-17) ; colour artist, Adriano Dall'alpi (#13-15), Frank Martin (#16-17) ; letterer, VC's Joe Caramagna.
With the consequences of Infinity fresh on their minds, tough decisions are made. As a new and different Illuminati gathers, learn more about the other beings related to the Incursions. And discover the startling secret of the Black Swan! Then: meet the Mapmakers, cartographers of the Apocalypse. And as Reed Richards and the Illuminati rekindle an old relationship, Doctor Strange sells his soul!
Impulse, Ellen Hopkins.
Three teens who meet at Reno, Nevada's Aspen Springs mental hospital after each has attempted suicide connect with each other in a way they never have with their parents or anyone else in their lives.
Fool me twice : an if only novel, Amanda Hubbard.
Dogs, Benjamin Hulme-Cross ; illustrated by Nelson Evergreen.
Drone, Benjamin Hulme-Cross ; illustrated by Nelson Evergreen.
Lizard, Benjamin Hulme-Cross ; illustrated by Nelson Evergreen.
Spider, Benjamin Hulme-Cross ; illustrated by Nelson Evergreen.
Runaway, Marie-Louise Jensen.
Green Lantern Corps. Volume 4, Rebuild, Van Jensen, Robert Venditti, writers ; Bernard Chang and 4 others, pencillers ; Bernard Chang and 4 others, inkers ; Marcelo Maiolo and 3 others, colourists ; Dave Sharpe, Dezi Sienty, letterers.
A new era begins for John Stewart and the Green Lantern Corps! The Guardians are dead leaving the Corps to fend for itself. But the damage has been done to the galaxy and the Green Lanterns are in shambles. It is up to John Stewart to train a group of rookie ringslingers with deadly foes hot on their tails and rings that aren't functioning properly. There is an ancient evil lurking at the edge of the universe, one that threatens to extinguish their life forever.
Haunt : dead scared, Curtis Jobling.
The iron knight, Julie Kagawa.
"My name — my True Name — is Ashallayn' darkmyr Tallyn. I am the last remaining son of Mab, Queen of the Unseelie Court. And I am dead to her. My fall began, as many stories do, with a girl…" To cold faery prince Ash, love was a weakness for mortals and fools. His own love had died a horrible death, killing any gentler feelings the Winter prince might have had. Or so he thought. Then half fey Meghan Chase smashed through his barricades, binding him to her irrevocably with his oath to be her knight. And when all of Faery nearly fell to the Iron fey, she severed their bond to save his life. Meghan is now the Iron Queen, ruler of a realm where no Winter or Summer fey can survive. Ash begins a journey he is bound to see through to its end — a quest to find a way to honour his vow to stand by Meghan's side. And along the way Ash learns a truth that challenges his darkest beliefs and shows him that, sometimes, it takes more than courage to make the ultimate sacrifice.
Everyone dies in the end : a romantic comedy, Brian Katcher.
Sherman Andrews has had a ten-year plan since he was eight, and he is determined to become an award-winning investigative journalist. While researching his first project, a chance discovery of a mysterious photograph of four men, dated 1935, leads to Sherman uncovering records of deaths, disappearances, and cover-ups on an almost unbelievable scale. The organisation responsible is still around, and they're prepared to take drastic measures to keep him quiet.
The dust of 100 dogs, A. S. King.
Like no other, Una LaMarche.
Though their relationship is strictly forbidden, Devorah and Jax arrange secret meetings and risk everything to be together. But how far can they possibly go? Just how much are they willing to give up?
Witchrise, Victoria Lamb.
Rivals in the city : a Mary Quinn mystery, Y. S. Lee.
Glimpse, Kendra Leighton.
The half life of Molly Pierce, Katrina Leno.
Molly, a seventeen-year-old girl who suffers from dissociative identity disorder, has played host to Mabel, a completely distinct personality, for most her life. When Molly faces a crisis Mabel doesn't know she can handle, Mabel lets Molly in on her secrets.
Girls, guilty but somehow glorious, Sue Limb.
Descendant : a Starling novel, Lesley Livingston.
After Mason crosses over into the realm of the Norse gods, Fenn descends into the underworld and races against fate to find Mason and bring her home before she can be transformed into a Valkyrie, which would set the end of the world in motion.
Teen Titans. Volume 4, Light and dark, Scott Lobdell, Tony Bedard, writers ; Eddy Barrows and six others, artists ; Travis Lanham, Dezi Sienty, letterers ; Alex Sinclair, Pete Pantazis, colourists.
The demon Trigon triumphs over the Teen Titans, turning one of their own against the team! As he begins to turn Manhattan into a staging ground for a demonic takeover of the planet, the Titans must mend the cracks formed between them if they stand any chance against the demonic villains and his corrupted children.
Brazen, Katherine Longshore.
The fire wish, Amber Lough.
When a princess captures a jinn and makes a wish, she is transported to the fiery world of the jinn, while the jinn must take her place in the royal court.
Heir of fire, Sarah J. Maas.
Roxy's baby, Catherine MacPhail.
Tiger stone, Deryn Mansell.
Fairy Tail. 40, Hiro Mashima ; translation, William Flanagan.
After destroying the Eclipse and defeating Rogue and the dragons, Natsu and Gray head to a frozen village of giants in order to save them from their icy fate.
Talker 25, Joshua McCune.
The fifteen-year-long war between man and dragons seems nearly over until Melissa becomes an unwilling pawn of the government after she and those driving the beasts to extinction discover that she can communicate with dragons.
Journey of hope : two novels, Lurlene McDaniel.
The war of the four isles, Andrew McGahan.
Nearly three years have passed since Dow Amber escaped the ruin of the Twelfth Kingdom. In that time war has raged all across the Four Isles, but Dow himself has been hidden away from the major battles by his Twin Islands hosts, relegated to a backwater of the war, in the company of the beguiling Cassandra. But when word reaches Dow that Ignella of the Cave has been imprisoned upon the infamous Ship King's dungeon-isle of Banishment, he sets forth upon an epic voyage that will take him halfway around the world defying storm and monster, betrayal and despair to the heart of the greatest battle of the Age, and to the discovery at last of his true purpose upon the high seas.
Every second counts, Sophie McKenzie.
Fade, Lisa McMann.
Using her ability to tap into other people's dreams, eighteen-year-old Janie investigates an alleged sex ring at her high school that involves teachers using the date rape drug on students.
Wake, Lisa McMann.
For 17-year-old Janie, getting sucked into other people's dreams is getting old. Then she falls into a gruesome nightmare, one that chills her to the bone. For the first time, Janie is more than a witness to someone else's twisted psyche — she is a participant.
Silver shadows : a bloodlines novel, Richelle Mead.
The hidden princess, Katy Moran.
The lovely and the lost, Page Morgan.
Lone wolf, Robert Muchamore.
Fay has spent eighteen months locked up in a Secure Training Centre. Drug deals and rip-offs are the only things this teenager knows. Now she's back on the street, looking to settle old scores. CHERUB agents Ryan and Ning need Fay's knowledge to unearth a major drug importer. They're trained professionals with one essential advantage: even experienced criminals never suspect that children are spying on them. But Fay's made a lot of enemies and she's running out of time.
Monsters of men, Patrick Ness.
'War', says the Mayor. 'At last'. Three armies march on New Prentisstown, each one intent on destroying the others. Todd and Viola are caught in the middle, with no chance of escape. As the battles commence, how can they hope to stop the fighting? How can there ever be peace when they're so hopelessly outnumbered? And if war makes monsters of men, what terrible choices await? But then a third voice breaks into the battle, one bent on revenge - the electrifying finale to the award-winning "Chaos Walking" trilogy, "Monsters of Men" is a heart-stopping novel about power, survival, and the devastating realities of war.
The ask and the answer, Patrick Ness.
Reaching the end of their flight Todd and Viola did not find healing and hope in Haven. Instead they are forced into separate lives: Todd to prison, and Viola to a house of healing where her wounds are treated. Soon Viola is swept into the ruthless activities of the Answer, while Todd faces impossible choices when forced to join the mayor's oppressive new regime. In alternating narratives the two struggle to reconcile their own dubious actions with their deepest beliefs.
The knife of never letting go, Patrick Ness.
Todd Hewitt is just one month away from the birthday that will make him a man. But his town has been keeping secrets from him. Secrets that are going to force him to run.
The house of puzzles, Richard Newsome.
Catwoman. Volume 4, Gotham underground, Ann Nocenti, Scott McDaniel, writers ; Rafa Sandoval and eight others, pencillers ; Jordi Tarrogana and five others, inkers ; Sonia Oback and four others, colourists ; Travis Lanham, Taylor Esposito, Dezi Sienty, letterers.
After being robbed time and time again by Catwoman, Gotham City crime lord the Penguin has decided to wage war against the thieving anti-hero. However, he isn't the only one after her. Someone named the Joker's Daughter is after Catwoman. Who is she, and why has she come to Gotham City?
Solitaire, Alice Oseman.
Homeroom diaries, James Patterson & Lisa Papademetriou ; illustrated by Keino.
Seventeen-year-old Margaret "Cuckoo" Clark keeps a journal detailing the trials and tribulations of high school life as she and her close-knit group of outcast friends try to break down the barriers between their school's "warring nations."
Saving the world and other extreme sports, James Patterson.
The time has come for Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman, and Angel to face their ultimate enemy and, despite many obstacles, try to save the world from a sinister plan to re-engineer a select population into a scientifically superior master race.
Night of the wolves, 2345-2357, S.D. Perry & Britta Dennison.
Earthquake, Aprilynne Pike.
Blood ties, Gabriella Poole.
Web of darkness, Bali Rai.
The painted war, Imogen Rossi.
Four : a Divergent collection, Veronica Roth.
Readers first encountered Tobias Eaton as "Four" in Divergent. His voice is an integral part of Allegiant. Readers will find more of this charismatic character's backstory told from his own perspective in Four: A Divergent Collection. When read together, these long narrative pieces illuminate the defining moments in Tobias Eaton's life.
The graveyard book. Volume 1, based on the novel by Neil Gaiman ; adapted by P. Craig Russell ; illustrated by Kevin Nowlan and 6 others; colourist, Lovern Kindzierski ; letterer, Rick Parker.
Nobody Owens is a normal boy, except that he has been raised by ghosts and other denizens of the graveyard.
Send me a sign, Tiffany Schmidt.
Superstitious before being diagnosed with leukemia, high school senior Mia becomes irrationally dependent on horoscopes, good luck charms, and the like when her life shifts from cheerleading and parties to chemotherapy and platelets, while her parents obsess and lifelong friend Gyver worries.
Pretty deadly, Joe Schreiber.
The magician : the secrets of the immortal Nicholas Flamel, Michael Scott.
In the hands of Dr John Dee and the Dark Elders, the book of Abraham the Mage could mean the destruction of the world. The powerful book of all time, it holds the secret to eternal life. A secret more dangerous than any one man should ever hold. And Dee is two pages away from the knowledge that would bring Dark Elders into power.
The book of dead days, Marcus Sedgwick.
Set in dark threatening cities and the frozen countryside in a distant time and place of the author's making, "The Book of Dead Days" conjures a spell-binding story of sorcery and desperate magic as Valerian, Boy and Willow Smallbone battle to stop time and cling to life.
The foreshadowing, Marcus Sedgwick.
Set against the backdrop of World War I, this novel is about a girl with a tragic gift - Alexandra can see the future - but can she use her power to save her brothers and change their destiny?
Bec, Darren Shan.
As a baby, Bec fought for her life. As a trainee priestess, she fights to fit in to a tribe that needs her skills but fears her powers. And when the demons come, the fight becomes a war. Bec's magic is weak and untrained, until she meets the druid Drust. Under his leadership, Bec and a small band of warriors embark on a long journey.
As red as blood, Salla Simukka ; translated from the Finnish by Owen F. Witesman.
She-Hulk : the complete collection. Vol. 2, Dan Slott with Ty Templeton ; artist, Will Conrad … et al..
She-Hulk's strange adventures continue as she takes on her first superhuman sexual assault case against fellow Avenger Starfox! And when the Civil War threatens the rights of every American hero, whose side will Shulkie fight for? And after the Illuminati shoot the Hulk into space, S.H.I.E.L.D. recruits She-Hulk to fight all of his bad guys, from Abomination to Zzzax but do they have a hidden agenda? And why are so many people acting out of character including She-Hulk?
The fury ; The reunion, L.J. Smith.
Golden filly. Collection 1, Lauraine Snelling.
Sixteen-year-old Tricia Evanston has grown up riding and training horses with her father at their family's horse ranch, Runnin' On Farms. Through challenges and triumphs, Tricia learns to trust in God as she pursues her dream of racing in the big leagues.
Swamp Thing. Volume 4, Seeder, Charles Soule, writer ; Kano and three others, artists ; Matthew Wilson, colourist ; Travis Lanham, letterer.
Fetters Hill was once a thriving Scottish town whose inhabitants relied on the riches of their whiskey distillery to support themselves. Once closed, Fetters Hill began a slow decline, until a mysterious stranger by the name of Seeder arrives in the desperate town with a gift: a tree that bears whiskey like fruit. It's a disturbance in the natural order of "the green" that draws the Swamp Thing's attention as well as John Constantine. The newfound joy in Fetters Hill may be shortlived, since the gifts of Seeder always come with a price.
X-Men legacy ; 4, For we are many, writer, Simon Spurrier ; pencillers, Tan Eng Huat & Khoi Pham ; inkers, Craig Yeung with Ed Tadeo & Khoi Pham with Jay Leisten ; colour artists, Jose Villarrubia & Rachelle Rosenberg ; letterer, VC's Cory Petit.
It's the climactic story this series has been building to, guest-starring the allies Legion has made along the way and not all of them will emerge unscathed! One of Legion's most troublesome personalities threatens to annihilate an alien species, and S.W.O.R.D. director Abigail Brand is on the case but will she be able to work with David to solve this extraterrestrial conundrum? Legion prepares for a final showdown with the monster in his mind that wears his deceased father's face but the demonic Professor X has escaped into the real world. What price will Legion pay to stop him from razing the Earth? And, prophesied to stop Legion, will Young X-Man Blindfold take matters into her own hands and extinguish her first love? One thing's for sure: as this groundbreaking series concludes, anything is possible!
Betrayals : a strange angels novel, Lili St. Crow.
Idols, Margaret Stohl.
Hurt, Tabitha Suzuma.
At seventeen, Matheo Walsh is Britain's most promising diving champion. He is wealthy, popular and there's Lola, the girlfriend of his dreams. But then there was that weekend. A weekend he cannot bring himself to remember. All he knows is that what happened has changed him. Matheo is faced with the most devastating choice of his life.
Amber, Julie Sykes.
The Burnouts, Lex Thomas.
In this final installment of the Quarantine trilogy, David and Will are alive, but on the outside of McKinley High, while Lucy is the last of the trinity left inside to deal with Hilary, who will exact revenge before taking over McKinley High.
Batman and Robin. Volume 4, Requiem for Damian, Peter J. Tomasi, writer ; Patrick Gleason, Cliff Richards, pencillers ; Mick Gray, Mark Irwin, Marlo Alquiza, inkers ; John Kalisz, colourist ; Taylor Esposito, Carlos M. Mangual, letterers.
Devastated by the death of his son Damian, Batman suddenly finds himself without a Robin and without direction in a world that no longer makes sense. Now, the members of Batman's extended family will rally to his side and try to fill the void in his life. But can even these friends, family members and lovers help Batman forgive himself for the greatest tragedy he's faced?
Missions of love. Volume 8, Ema Toyama ; translator, Alethea Nibley and Athena Nibley.
In school, Yukina is a cold and distant girl; Shigure is the most perfect, good-looking guy. But the two of them have a secret, and their extraordinary love affair is about to start! Yukina, under the pen name 'Yupina', is actually a popular cell phone novelist. When she discovers Shigure's devious womanising ways, she blackmails him to complete daring 'missions of love' for her to write about. Will these missions give them an opportunity to fall in love with each other?
Chorus, Emma Trevayne.
Daredevil. Vol. 7, Mark Waid, writer ; artist, Chris Samnee and five others.
The Serpent Society has been buying off the New York justice system and using it to their own sinister means. The only man that stands in their way? Matt Murdock, the man known as Daredevil! It's Daredevil versus the Sons of the Serpent in an all-out battle for the soul of truth and justice in New York City!
Close to the wind, Jon Walter.
A war torn country a town that is burning. A single ship waits at the port for those who can escape. How can a boy and his grandfather hope to get on board? And will they find his mother before it leaves? When Papa meets two old friends, he makes a deal that could save them all. But this is only the beginning of the journey for Malik. If he is to escape he will need all of his courage, his sense of right and wrong and a magic trick that he must practice till it's perfect.
Witch hunt, Ruth Warburton.
The raven's wing, Frances Watts.
The young world, Chris Weitz.
Welcome to New York, a city ruled by teens. After a mysterious sickness wipes out the rest of the population, the young survivors assemble into tightly run tribes. But when another tribe member discovers a clue that may hold the cure to the sickness, five teens set out on a life-altering road trip to save humankind.
On the fence, Kasie West.
Boy kills man, Matt Whyman.
Too young to die - old enough to murder. When Shorty's friend, Alberto, disappears, his only option is to follow Alberto into the darkness of the Colombian underworld.
The shadow hero, story by Gene Luen Yang ; art by Sonny Liew ; lettering by Janice Chiang.
In the comics boom of the 1940s, a legend was born: the Green Turtle. He solved crimes and fought injustice just like the other comics characters. But this mysterious masked crusader was hiding something more than your run-of-the-mill secret identity: the Green Turtle was the first Asian American super hero. The comic had a short run before lapsing into obscurity, but Gene Luen Yang has revived this character in Shadow Hero, a new graphic novel that creates an origin story for the Green Turtle.
One piece. Vol. 18, Ace arrives, story and art by Eiichiro Oda ; English adaptation, Lance Caselman ; translation, JN Productions.
The Straw Hats at long last reach Alabasta! But their stay is cut short when Luffy attracts too much attention from the Navy. They're not the only ones interested in Luffy - someone from his past has been waiting for him too! Meanwhile, the Baroque Works' agents are summoned together when their leader, the dastardly Mr. Zero, aka Sir Crocodile, learns that Luffy is still alive and orders his immediate extermination!.
Ultimate X-Men. Vol. 11, The most dangerous game, writer: Brian K. Vaughan ; pencils: Stuart Immonen ; inks: Wade von Grawbadger.


The DC comics encyclopedia : the definitive guide to the characters of the DC universe, text by Scott Beatty … et al. ; updated text by Dan Wallace.
Described as a comic-book lover's dream ("Columbus Dispatch"), this revised and expanded encyclopedia offers even more incredible DC detail and imagery than the original. Exquisite new artwork will draw in new readers and delight die-hard fans.
The Smart Girl's guide to going Vegetarian : how to look great, feel fabulous, and be a better you, Rachel Meltzer Warren, MS, RDN.
It's not about what you call yourself it's about how you feel. Eating less meat can boost your energy, help you lose weight, and it's better for the environment. If you're looking to cut down on meat or cut it out completely, here you'll find awesome advice and the answers you need to make it work for you.