New Titles Children’s February 2020 (arrived in January 2020)

Audio Visual

A dog's journey, directed by Gail Mancuso.
Beloved dog Bailey is given an instruction by his boy Ethan -- no longer a boy -- to protect Ethan's granddaughter CJ at any cost. Again, Bailey takes this command to heart, through several lives, always finding his way home no matter what.
Descendants. 3, directed by Kenny Ortega.
The VKs return to the Isle of the Lost to recruit a new batch of villainous offspring to join them at Auradon Prep. When a barrier breach jeopardizes the safety of Auradon during their departure off the Isle, Mal resolves to permanently close the barrier, fearing that nemeses Uma and Hades will wreak vengeance on the kingdom. Despite her decision, an unfathomable dark force threatens the people of Auradon, and it is up to Mal and the VKs to save everyone in their most epic battle yet.
Elliot : the littlest reindeer, written and directed by Jennifer Westcott.
When Blitzen announces his retirement on December 21st, Elliot the miniature horse has three days to fulfill his lifelong dream of earning a spot on Santa's team at the North Pole try-outs.
Paw patrol. Ready race rescue.,
It's the adventure Bay 500 and legendary race car driver, The Whoosh, can't compete! The pups speed into action to help Marshall take the wheel against cheating rival, The Cheetah, for the championship trophy.
The angry birds movie 2, directed by Thurop Van Orman.
When a new threat emerges that puts both Bird and Pig Island in danger, they decide to forge an unsteady truce and form an unlikely super- team to save their homes.
The Baby-sitters Club : the movie, directed by Melanie Mayron.
Pre-teen girls with their own babysitting business explore growing up in small town Connecticut.
The Lion King, directed by Jon Favreau.
After the murder of his father, a young lion prince flees his kingdom only to learn the true meaning of responsibility and bravery.
The Solomon bunch, directed by Jason Prisk.
When a group of friends see a new stranger in town and overhear something they don't understand, they jump to the conclusion that he is up to no good. Soon, the new club is devising secret missions and elaborate schemes to warn the town about this 'bizarre' new resident. Misunderstandings multiply and the kids soon find their crazy adventure filled with more mysterious revelations, shocking surprises and valuable lessons than any of them could ever have imagined.
Toy story. 4, directed by Josh Cooley.
Woody has always been confident about his place in the world and that his priority is taking care of his kid, whether that's Andy or Bonnie. But when Bonnie adds a reluctant new toy called 'Forky' to her room, a road trip adventure alongside old and new friends will show Woody how big the world can be for a toy.
Pinocchio, Walt Disney Productions.
Join Geppetto's beloved puppet - with Jiminy Cricket as his guide - on a thrilling quest that tests Pinocchio's bravery, loyalty and honesty, virtues he must learn to become a real boy
Disney sing your heart out!,
Kākāriki : simply us.,
An acoustic collection of originals with a few covers/favourites of children's songs thrown in, including bilingual songs (Maori/English and Tongan/English), by Christchurch sister duo, Loopy Tunes Preschool Music.
VeggieTales. All the songs. Volume two.,
VeggieTales is loved for its silly, contagious, and unforgettable music. This two-disc collection is a Veggie fan must-have and includes fifty of their most popular songs.
Frozen II : original motion picture soundtrack, original songs by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez.
The best of Handel.,
Songs for bubbas. 3, Anika Moa.
Elmo's music magic.,
Elmo turns everyone into singing sensations with Abbys wand! But what happens when everyone cant stop singing? Music Magic is bursting with 13 great songs that you and your family will love! Features One Small Voice with Elmo! Never-before-seen Cookie Monster song: Come Back Cookie! Featuring MUSICAL GUESTS Sugarland, John Legend, Adam Sandler, Diana Krall and many more!
Peppa Pig. Festival of fun.,
Pepper Pig: Festival of Fun, now splashing onto your screens at home! Enjoy 10 brand new episodes as well as exclusive new interactive entertainment featuring little ones singing and playing along with their favourite onscreen characters! Join the party with Pepper and George in their brand new adventures as they dance in the mud at a children's festival, celebrate Grandpa Pig's birthday at a restaurant for the first time and take a trip to the cinema to see Super Potato's big movie feature! Get ready for a whole hour of snorts, giggles and jumping in muddy puddles!
The adventures of Tintin ; The calculus affair ; Red Sea sharks ; Tintin in Tibet.,
Reporter by trade, adventurer and detective by circumstance, join Tintin and his dog Snowy in three great adventures.
The Borrowers. Series one.,
Six episodes of the Borrowers, a family of tiny people who live under the floorboards in a big old house. Pod, Homily and their daughter Arrietty live happily in a home furnished with cotton reels and safety pins. Where postage stamps are used for paintings and matchboxes for chests of drawers. Everything they have borrowed from the 'humans beans' that don't even know they exists. That is until the fateful day when Arrietty makes friends with 'the boy' George.
Wrecking ball, Jeff Kinney.
An unexpected inheritance gives the Heffley family a chance to make major improvements to their home. But they soon find that construction isn't all it's cracked up to be. When things get rough, will the Heffleys be able to stay or will they be forced to move?
Ali Cross, James Patterson.
Ali Cross is determined to follow in the footsteps of his father, former detective and FBI agent Alex Cross. When Ali's best friend Gabe goes missing, Ali knows that with every passing day, the less likely Gabe will be found. This is Ali's very first case. If he inherited any of his dad's detective skills, it's time for them to kick in!
Funny kid kicks butt, Matt Stanton.
Every kid wants to laugh, but Max is the boy who can make it happen. He's also the one who wants to play Captain Kickbutt in the superhero movie filming in town. He just has to get child-star Spencer Daniels (aka Famous Kid) out of the way first. Max is the funny kid ... and Famous Kid needs to go down. A bodyguard named The Fridge, the greatest school assembly prank ever, a jewellery store robbery and a real superhero called ThunderButt are just some of the things in store for Max and his friends in this brand-new Funny Kid adventure.
The fart monster and me : the audio collection, Tim Miller and Matt Stanton.
The crash landing: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Are those clouds shaped like bottoms?! Nothing exciting has ever happened in Ben Dugan's backyard. That is until something crash-lands from the biggest and smelliest storm cloud in the skay!
The new school: Stone Beach Primary is not ready for Ben Dugan and his new best friend. Ben's about to start at his new school and the fart monsetr's coming along for the ride.
The birthday party: Birth parties should be fun, not smelly. Too bad the fart monster doesn't know that... Ben's been invited to a birthday party and the whole class is there, including the fart monster.
The class excursion: That's what Uranus looks like? It's not shaped like a butt? Ben's class if off to the new space exhibit. The fart monster can't wait to show Ben where he comes from - Planet Let 'er Rip!

Into Reading

Airplanes, Thomas K. Adamson.
An airplane taking off and disappearing into the clouds is a remarkable sight. It's like a bird's flight taken to a new level. In fact, only the Ruppell's griffon vulture can fly as high, at heights above 30,000 feet. This title will get beginning readers off the ground and soaring.
Fly Guy and the Frankenfly, Tedd Arnold.
Buzz has a nightmare that his best friend Fly Guy has created a gigantic Frankenfly monster.
Bulldozers, Chris Bowman.
Pushing ahead and moving anything in its way, the bulldozer is a bladed beast. And a blade is often not the only sharp tool on this machine. A claw-like ripper can pierce through hard ground. This elementary title will push students to grow as readers.
Golden retrievers, Chris Bowman.
This loveable, family-friendly dog is a people pleaser. Trained to hunt and retrieve, Golden Retrievers enjoy physical activity. Their obedient nature also makes them great as therapy and assistance dogs. Cozy up with this furry friend in this beginner book.
The ant and the grasshopper, Susanna Davidson ; illustrated by John Joven.
Grasshopper sings all summer, happy and carefree. Ant is busy, busy, busy, collecting food for winter. But what will Grasshopper do when winter comes?
The lion and the mouse, retold by Susanna Davidson ; illustrated by John Joven ; reading consultant, Alison Kelly.
Lion is big and brave and strong. Mouse is very small and very scared especially when he wakes the sleeping lion. "Spare my life today," says Mouse, "and one day I'll save yours." Lion laughs so much he lets little Mouse go. But then Lion is caught in a hunter's trap. Can little Mouse fulfill his promise?
A tiger for breakfast, Narinder Dhami ; illustrated by Chris Corr.
Ram the farmer is in trouble. Bali the tiger has threatened to eat him, his wife and their children, unless Ram gives up his pretty white cow. But Reeta, Ram's clever wife, has a plan to outwit the hungry tiger.
What pet is best?, Sam Garton.
On her next adventure, Otter tries to choose the perfect pet for her and Teddy.
Penny and her doll, Kevin Henkes.
Penny instantly loves the doll her grandmother sends her, but finding the perfect name for her is a challenge.
Penny and her sled, Kevin Henkes.
Penny has a new sled, but will it ever snow?
Penny and her song, Kevin Henkes.
Penny comes home from school eager to share her very own song, but must wait until the time is right to teach it to her parents and the babies.
Snail & Worm all day, Tina Kugler.
Follows best friends Snail and Worm through three adventures involving how one defines a good day, an encounter with a dragon, and storytelling.
The best seat in kindergarten, story by Katharine Kenah ; pictures by Abby Carter.
On Sam's first day of kindergarten, Ms. Tate, the teacher, takes the class on a nature walk, and at the end, everyone shows off what they have found.
Humpback whales, Christina Leaf.
Nearly as large as a school bus, humpback whales are a sight to see! Near the surface, these giants will come up to breathe from their blowholes. They migrate to find food and may hunt in groups. Since these whales do not have teeth, they happily gulp prey with their enormous mouths. Deep below the surface, males sing songs. Get in tune with humpback whales and pick up this book for young learners.
Sheep, Christina Leighton.
By the time spring rolls around, a sheep's wool surrounds its body like a thick, fluffy cloud. Then, in a matter of minutes, the farmer's shears give the sheep its summer haircut! There's so much to learn about sheep on the farm in this book for beginning readers.
Ahmed and the new boy, Enid Richemont and Maxine Lee.
In this story, there is a new boy in Ahmed's school and he is out of this world! Will the teacher notice that her new student is really an alien?
Poppleton, written by Cynthia Rylant ; illustrated by Mark Teague.
Poppleton the pig moves from the city to a small town, where he makes new friends and spends Mondays reading adventure books in the library.
Poppleton and friends, written by Cynthia Rylant ; illustrated by Mark Teague.
Poppleton, a posh and persnickety pig with friends and adventure abound!
Baby penguins, Kari Schuetz.
Inside this book, a huddle of penguin chicks will warm your heart as they warm their bodies. The babies need mom, dad, and one another to survive the frigid temperatures of their Antarctic homes. Delight in reading as you watch baby penguins waddle across the pages.
Hello, Baby Mo!, Emma Shevah ; illustrated by Katie Saunders.
Adam wanted a brother. Instead he got a sister called Mo and now his house is full of new stuff and all of it is for the baby. Well, Adam doesn't think the baby is lovely and he doesn't like the name Mo. Will he ever learn to get along with his new sister?


Strange but true, written by Kathryn Hulick ; illustrated by Gordy Wright.
Prepare to have your mind blown! As you explore ten of the world's greatest unsolved mysteries, you'll witness a UFO encounter, search for the lost city of Atlantis, tour a haunted house, and discover the kraken's true form. Along the way, you'll use the scientific method and sharp thinking to separate fact from fiction and explain the unexplainable. Learn how sightings of flying saucers and stories of alien abductions can be explained by sleep paralysis, false memories, and hypnosis. Find out what pareidolia is and how this psychological phenomenon may explain some ghost sightings. Explore possible real locations for the lost city of Atlantis. Beautiful, haunting illustrations set the mood and spark the imagination.
The big book of monsters : the creepiest creatures from classic literature, Hal Johnson ; illustrated by Tim Sievert.
Profiles twenty-five monsters from mythology, folklore, and literature, from Medusa the gorgon and Polyphemus the cyclops to Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, and the headless horseman of Sleepy Hollow.
Hackers, Tom Jackson, Cristina Guitian.
What are hackers? Are they good? Bad? What can we do to protect ourselves, businesses, and society against hackers? How can we control them? And should we try? Get the facts and make up your own mind on these and more questions with Hackers, part of the new What's the Issue? series.
The curious book of lists, Tracey Turner and Caroline Selmes.
Do you want to know about eight of the world's deadliest snakes, forty-nine countries without a coastline and five fearless female warriors? Then look no further because The Curious Book of Lists by Tracey Turner is absolutely bursting with eye-popping and informative lists from around the world, guaranteed to keep you entertained and increase your general knowledge at the same time! Discover Ancient Greek monsters, presidential pets, dizzying mountain peaks, super-fast animals and what not to mention at a donkey's house. With quirky, colourful illustrations by Caroline Selmes, this is a great gift purchase but also a book to buy for yourself!
Illuminightmare, Carnovsky ; written by Lucy Brownridge.
Use your three-colour lens to explore each place: use the green lens to see the location, the red lens to see remnants from its history, and the blue lens to reveal the supernatural things that lurk behind the shadows. Packed with historical facts, rich folklore from around the world, and plenty of mystery, Milan-based design duo Carnovsky have created a haunted compendium like no other. For thousands of years, people from every corner of the globe have told stories, folk tales, and legends about unnerving encounters with the supernatural. Often, a haunted place has a rich history we can see in our earthly world. And sometimes this history echoes on in the form of ghosts or supernatural spirits. Here, incredible interactive illustrations reveal the history and haunted secrets of the 10 most haunted places in the world: Hermitage, Russia St. Therese Shipwreck, Greece Bran Castle, Romania Salem, Massachusetts, USA Tower of London, UK Bhangarh Fort, India Black Forest, Germany San Juan Chamula Cemetery, Mexico Picton, Australia The Giza Pyramids, Egypt Look through the green lens to see the place and its surroundings by day. See which plants and animals, buildings, and cultural artefacts you can spot on the map. Use the red lens to learn about the history and real-life inhabitants of this place. Then turn the page to learn more about the cultural highlights and natural wonders in the field guide. If you dare, look through the blue lens to reveal the hidden horrors, supernatural goings on, and ghosts who haunt this place. There's so much more to the world around us than meets the eye.
Ghosts, Christopher Maynard.
This book is for anyone who has shivered at shadowy figures in the dark, heard strange sounds in the night or felt the presence of a mysterious 'something' from the unknown. Ghost stories are as old as recorded history and exist all over the world; described in this book are haunting spirits, screaming skulls, phantom ships, demon dogs, white ladies, gallows ghosts and many more.
Who believes what? : exploring the world's major religions, Anna Wills, Nora Tomm ; translated by Shelley Tanaka.
Who believes what: The big book of world religions introduces young readers to the five major religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, in a simple, visually engaging book that combines a search-and-find aspect with thoroughly researched information about the histories, places of worship, festivals and celebrations, gods, and religious leaders and more of each major religion. Each religion is introduced in a double-page spread that explores the people, places, rituals and objects associated with it. On the next spread, images from the illustration are pulled out and more detailed information is provided. The illustrations are full of life and will have readers thinking they can hear the sound of voices and music at a celebration or that they can breathe in the smells of the market.
A Jewish life, Cath Senker.
A Jewish Life explores some of the cornerstones of what it means to be Jewish today, through Passover and Hanukkah celebrations, christening and wedding ceremonies, what happens in a synagogue and why many Jewish people go on pilgrimages to Israel.
A Muslim life, Cath Senker.
The faith you follow is often with you from the moment you are born, until the moment you die and beyond.
The power book, written by Claire Saunders [and four others] ; illustrated by Joelle Avelino & David Broadbent.
Takes a look at different types of power, what it means to have power, and what you can do with your own power to create positive change in the world, no matter who or how old you are.
Will you be my friend?, Molly Potter ; illustrated by Sarah Jennings.
Good friends are important to us all and for young children, making friends is especially significant. After all, it is through building and maintaining friendships that children learn important life skills such as sharing, negotiating, empathising and that all-important apology when things go wrong. Will You Be My Friend? is full of practical advice on helping children understand how to make friends, what it means to be a true friend and how to cope with broken friendships. Enjoy sharing this book with your child and help them navigate their way through the sometimes confusing world of friendships.
Life by the ocean, Holly Duhig.
Oceans and seas have long attracted human settlement because they offer a rich food source and access to faraway places for trade. This beautiful book features examples of the everyday lives of people who live on and by oceans and seas, such as the Moken people who live in houseboats in a group of islands near Myanmar.
Life by the river, Holly Duhig.
Throughout history, people have been drawn to living beside rivers for easy transportation, drinking water, agriculture, and food sources. This captivating book compares the everyday lives of people who live along rivers around the world, describing the homes they live in and how they use the resources in their environment provided by the river.
Life in the city, Holly Duhig.
Cities are places that have greater numbers of people, buildings, and services. But city life can be different depending on where in the world you live. This engaging title compares the everyday lives of people in several different cities around the world, describing the homes they live in and how they have adapted to different climates.
Life in the forest, Holly Duhig.
Forests have long provided people with the resources they need to survive. This interesting book describes the ways people have adapted to living in different kinds of forest habitats and climates around the world. Vibrant images help illustrate the unique homes and ways of life of various forest dwellers, such as the Korowai people of Indonesia who live in treehouses in the rain forest.
Life in the mountains, Holly Duhig.
Mountain life can be difficult, but people all over the world have adapted to the extremes of weather and temperature that are a part of living at high altitudes. This insightful book looks at how people who live in mountain habitats farm, raise animals, and survive in harsh environments.
Life on an island, Holly Duhig.
Islands do not always contain everything needed for human survival. This amazing book takes a look at the unique problems of living on land surrounded by water. Beautiful photos help show how island dwellers have survived and adapted over centuries to living on island habitats in such places as New Zealand, Hawaii, and Iceland.
How to build a city, Isabel Otter ; illustrated by Harry Woodgate.
From solar panels to sewers and from trams to tower blocks; follow our step-by-step guide and watch the city transform from a cluster of houses to a mega metropolis.
Prisoners of geography : our world explained in 12 simple maps, Tim Marshall ; illustrated by Grace Easton and Jessica Smith ; adapted with Emily Hawkins and Pippa Crane.
How did the USA become a superpower? Why do people go to war? And why are some countries rich while others are so poor? The answers to these questions and many more in this eye-opening book, which uses maps to explain how geography has shaped the history of our world. Discover how the choices of world leaders are swayed by mountains, rivers and seas - and why geography means that history is always repeating itself. This remarkable, unique introduction to world affairs will inspire curious young minds everywhere.
Just ask! : be different, be brave, be you, Sonia Sotomayor ; illustrated by Rafael Lopez.
In this creative non-fiction story, Sonia and her friends plant a garden, and each one contributes in his or her own special way, in a book that celebrates the many differences among humans. In this warm and inclusive story by U.S. Supreme Justice Sonia Sotomayor, inspired by her own childhood diagnosis of diabetes, readers join along as differently abled kids use their strengths to work together and learn about each other.
Rescue : daring missions from on, under and above the Earth, David Long ; illustrated by Kerry Hyndman.
When lives are in danger, we are all grateful to the individuals who swoop in to the resuce. Whether trained experts or innocent bystanders, they are all extraordinary true-life heroes. Scambling from the wreckage of his school after an earthquake, a nine-year old Sichuan boy rescued two unconscious friends, 'I was hall monitor,' he said afterwards.' It is my job to look after my classmates.' Whether dragging a friend from a blazing car, leading a search far below the earth's surface, or recovering astronauts from space, the true stories in this book reveal the ingenuity, courage and determination of people all over the world who have risked their lives to save others.
The story of the London Underground, David Long, Sarah McMenemy.
When the first passengers climbed aboard the earliest ever underground train in 1863, it would have been impossible to imagine how the London Underground would change and grow over the next 150 years. From smelly steam trains running along a single track to the innovative electric tube system speeding through a vast network of tunnels beneath our feet today, the London Underground keeps this busy city on the move. The Story of the London Underground tells the extraordinary history of the world's most famous underground railway. Explore Victorian London as the Brunels dig deep under the Thames. Take refuge in the tunnels during World War II and discover which world leader's bath was found in an abandoned station. Marvel at the famous fossil wall, deserted ghost stations and unusual spiral escalators that are all part of the London Underground's fascinating history.
The little fir tree, Christopher Corr from an original story by Hans Christian Andersen.
An adapatation of the Hans Christian Andersen tale in which a little fir tree realizes too late that it did not appreciate the grand moments of life, such as being a Christmas tree, while they were happening.
The magical rooster : a tale in English and Chinese, Li Jian ; translated by Yijin Wert.
Long long ago, there lived a boy named Tang Yun. He studied very hard and was ready to take the imperial exam in the Capital City thousands of miles away. Yun's mother was worried about him traveling alone. After working day and night, she finished hand embroidering a rooster on Yun's outfit, hoping the magical rooster would be her son's guardian angel. During his trip, magic happened whenever Yun was in danger. With a crowing of "cock-a doodle-doo," the embroidered rooster jumped out of Yun's outfit. He was alive! He was brave, timely and kind. He helped Yun overcome many obstacles during his trip. Yun arrived at the Capital City safely and successfully passed his exam with honour. He eventually reunited with his mother. They lived happily together ever after.
He paki taonga ki Māui : he putunga kōrero mai i Te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa.,
Māui, the great Pacific hero and trickster tells the stories from both long ago and recent times, the tales of some of the taonga held at Aotearoa New Zealand's famous national museum, Te Papa.
Māui's taonga tales : a treasury of stories from Aotearoa and the Pacific.,
Join Māui as he shares stories for tamariki based on taonga from the Te Papa collection. Whai mai - let's go explore!
The gingerbread man, written by Saviour Pirotta ; illustrated by Karl Newson.
Nobody can catch the Gingerbread Man when he escapes from the oven it seems he's got away with his freedom. Then he meets a wily fox by the river who offers to help him safely cross.
Myths, legends, & sacred stories : a children's encyclopedia, [written by Philip Wilkinson].
Discover courageous heroes and heroines, magical creatures, and terrifying monsters on this captivating tour around the world.
Oxford primary illustrated dictionary.,
This is a brand new dictionary crammed with features to get children aged 7+ discovering words and boosting their vocabulary range.
Oxford Roald Dahl thesaurus, original text by Roald Dahl ; illustrated by Quentin Blake ; compiled by Susan Rennie.
This is a phizz-whizzing thesaurus of words invented by No.1 storyteller, Roald Dahl and hundreds of real synonyms gathered together in themes. It's jammed full of words, Quentin Blake's illustrations, and language snippets to inspire children to write about anything from human beans to witches, to outerspace, to food, giants and more!
Oxford primary illustrated thesaurus.,
This is a brand new thesaurus crammed with features to get children aged 7+ finding a wide range of different words, boosting their vocabulary range, and writing creatively.
Bigger words for little geniuses, Susan and James Patterson ; illustrated by Hsinping Pan.
Do you know your gnashnabb from your widdershins? When was the last time you saw something orchidaceous or dolichopodous? Learn all these sophisticated words and more.
The book of big science ideas, Freya Hardy ; illustrated by Sara Mulvanny.
Ideas are important. They change things. A single idea can start a war, save billions of lives, even rearrange whole planetary systems, or simply make a person giggle until they pee a little bit. They can be totally wrong but widely believed, or undoubtedly right and completely ignored. What's more, they're free, and anyone can have one including you! The Book of Big Science Ideas looks at 15 brilliant science ideas and more than 50 ingenious thinkers who have helped shape our understanding of the world whether they were right or wrong! Thinkers include, Wang Zhenyi, Louis Pasteur, Marie Curie, James Joule, Rosalind Franklin, Charles Darwin, Aristotle, Edith Clarke, Isaac Newton, Grace Hopper, Alan Turing, Ada Lovelace and many, many more! From established ideas like atoms, electricity and the solar system, and ideas that are still evolving such as gravity, energy and classification, right up to recent discoveries like AI and genetics this jam-packed book takes a fresh approach to science.
Oxford primary illustrated science dictionary, compiled by Graham Peacock, Jill Jesson.
An easy-to-use illustrated dictionary that includes over 1000 words and meanings to help young learners understand key science terms and concepts at school and at home. The layout is fresh and child-friendly. The words are explained in a simple and clear way and there are examples, diagrams, illustrations and photographs to help children understand the concepts. It includes words from the National Curriculum such asnature reserve, suspension, variable and voltage. More detail has been added to existing words such asdifferent types of teeth or bones (canine, molar, incisor, ribs, tibia, fibula, radius, ulna). Related words are listed in helpful 'Word build' panels to develop vocabulary in key areas. This book supports parents and teachers as well as children with the terminology and concepts children encounter at school. It builds scientific understanding and vocabulary using cross references, and the thematic supplement on key topics gives more in-depth understanding.
Experiment with kitchen science, Nick Arnold.
Take science out of the lab and into your home with this book of fun experiments to try out in your kitchen!
Natural wonders of the world, Bethany Lord.
Twelve amazing natural wonders are seen through the eyes of illustrator Bethany Lord from above! Children will be amazed by the way the Great Barrier Reef, Mount Everest, Victoria Falls, and other stunning geographic features look from a bird's-eye view, which is close enough to see some detail but grants a new perspective to the viewer. Simple explanatory text will introduce young readers to each wonder, providing key facts and context as well as encouraging readers to take in the exciting visuals.
Oxford primary illustrated maths dictionary, compiled by Graham Peacock.
An easy-to-use illustrated dictionary that includes over 1000 words and meanings to help young learners understand key maths terms and concepts at school and at home. The layout is fresh and child-friendly. The words are explained in a simple and clear way and there are examples and diagrams, graphs, illustrations and photographs to help children understand the concepts.
Math hacks : cool tips + less stress = better marks!, Vanessa "The Math Guru" Vakharia ; illustrations by Hyein Lee.
Frazzled by fractions? Tortured by times tables? OMG, don't freak out! Let The Math Guru guide you through the usual and unusual pitfalls of math homework. You'll be inspired by integers and dancing with decimals in no time!Anyone can be a math person and this book will help! It's designed for kids (and their parents) struggling with math anxiety and looking for a new approach to homework, sudying, tests and marks. The most common problem areas in the curriculum are broken down and explained in a super-friendly and upbeat tone. Author Vanessa Vakharia is passionate about doing away with negative stereotypes, reducing math anxiety, and creating a positive math experience for every student and she wants to be your new math BFF! Online resources will include inspirational videos, worksheets and additional activities.
Number puzzles, Paul Virr and Lisa Regan ; illustrated by Amanda Enright.
From counting money to telling the time on a clock, numbers are used in so many parts of life. With this engaging volume, readers gain important skills related to using numbers.
Subtraction puzzles, Paul Virr and Lisa Regan ; illustrated by Amanda Enright.
Math is an important part of life, but for some people, it can be difficult to learn about and stay interested in. With this engaging volume, that won't be a problem. Puzzles are a fun way to learn, and the ones in this book feature attention-grabbing illustrations and exciting tasks.
Pattern puzzles, Paul Virr and Lisa Regan ; illustrated by Amanda Enright.
Math is an important part of life, but for some people, it can be difficult to learn about and stay interested in. With this engaging volume, that won't be a problem. Puzzles are a fun way to learn, and the ones in this book feature attention-grabbing illustrations and exciting tasks.
Shape puzzles, Paul Virr and Lisa Regan ; illustrated by Amanda Enright.
Colourful illustrations and simple instructions guide young readers in solving twenty-four puzzles that reinforce shape-related math and geometry skills.
Paper world : Planet Earth, illustrated by Bomboland.
Paper World: Planet Earth uses ingenious paper cutouts to reveal the amazing details of our planet, from bubbling volcanoes to rushing rivers to the boiling hot interior of the Earth. With detailed art by studio Bomboland, a fact-filled text, and flaps and die-cuts on every spread, this one-of-a-kind novelty book will appeal to readers of all ages.
Ocean, Helene Druvert ; text by Emmanuelle Grundmann.
This gorgeous, large-format book is filled with clever cutouts exploring the ocean, from the shoreline to the murkiest depths.
My best book of rocks and fossils, Chris Pellant.
Briefly describes different kinds of rocks telling how they are formed, where they are found and their uses and examines what we can learn from fossils.
So you think you know about Spinosaurus?, Ben Garrod.
Did you know that not all dinosaurs were green and scaly, some were ginger and feathered, or that they didn't all roar, they cooed like pigeons, or that the ultimate prehistoric predator was actually not a dinosaur? TV scientist, Ben Garrod, is proud to be a geek as he mixes hard science and humour to prove that science is for everyone. Looking at the evolutionary arms race, prey, predators, place, time, groups and species, Ben reveals new-look dinosaurs.
First animal picture atlas, written by Deborah Chancellor ; illustrated by Anthony Lewis.
Beautifully illustrated by Anthony Lewis, First Animal Picture Atlas explains where animals come from and how they live in their habitats. An adorable penguin-shaped bookmark takes young readers on a journey around the globe, helping them identify animals in an absorbing look-and-find game. Large, colourful maps show the world's continents and introduce children to important map concepts such as grids, scales and keys. Superb full-page illustrations take readers deeper into the different habitats to provide an early introduction to the basics of ecosystems. This atlas will delight young children and is the perfect reference book for both home and school.
Look again : secrets of animal camouflage, Steve Jenkins and Robin Page.
Introduces young readers to some of the stealthiest camouflaged animals in the natural world and asks them to seek out these animals hiding in plain sight.
Book of flight : 10 record-breaking animals with wings, Gabrielle Balkan ; illustrated by Sam Brewster.
A stunning world-records book of animal flight, by the author-and-illustrator team behind the bestselling Book of Bones! Meet ten fascinating flyers through a series of superlatives - and guess who's who while learning about airborne animals. From the fastest (white-throated needletail) to the most acrobatic (flying fox bat), and from the best glider (colugo) to the best backward flyer (hummingbird), each master of flight is cleverly depicted in a blueprint-inspired diagram, accompanied by playful, informative text. The stunning page-turn reveal features a full-colour illustration and an explanation of what makes each animal's way of flying so special.
A giant dose of gross : discover the world's most disgusting animals!, Andy Seed ; illustrated by Claire Almon.
Nature's most disgusting creatures take centre stage, in this humorous but enlightening collection of downright disgusting creatures. From puking vultures and farting goats to stinky opossums who pretend to be dead, this title will include disgusting facts exploring each animal's unusual skills and how they use them to survive. Humorous illustrations celebrating weird and wonderful creatures will delight any child with an interest in animals and nature, particularly those with a fondness for the grosser things in life.
Lost species, Jess French, Daniel Long.
From the awe-inspiring woolly mammoth and the ferocious Spinosaurus to the shy Chinese river dolphin and incredibly rare Pinta Island tortoise 'Lonesome George', meet 35 extinct species and discover how these creatures came under threat. Featuring additional information on 'Lazarus species' (animals declared extinct but which, amazingly, have been rediscovered in the wild), and mass extinction events, including the part we are playing in endangering our wildlife, the book shows young readers that extinction is not simply a part of ancient history - it is happening right now across the planet but that if we all make some small changes to our lifestyles, our wonderful species can be saved. With beautiful and vibrant illustrations throughout, this stunning large format compendium is a reminder of the remarkable animals we have lost, as well as a celebration of those that have returned from the brink of extinction.
Extinct : an illustrated exploration of animals that have disappeared, written by Lucas Riera ; illustrated by Jack Tite.
This exploration of animals that we have lost over the past century, from the California grizzly to the Persian tiger, aims to create awareness and inspire children to act responsibly toward their environment. Each animal's story of how it came to extinction is told through graphically stunning illustrations and information packed spreads. Further scientific resources and profiles of animals that have been rediscovered or successfully reintroduced into the wild empower children with the knowledge and tools necessary to aid in conservation and encourage sustainability.
Australian sea life, artwork by Matt Chun ; [text by Ella Meave].
In this stunning companion to Australian Birds, Matt Chun takes to the oceans to explore Australia's most fascinating sea creatures, from the great white shark to the tiny soldier crab. Matt Chun's unique way of rendering our natural world will spark young readers' imaginations and evoke awe in all nature enthusiasts.
Future humans, Tom Jackson, Cristina Guitian.
What is transhumanism? What is AI? Are these good developments or bad ones? How might immortality be possible? And should we even want to live forever? Get the facts and make up your own mind on these and more questions related to enhanced human potential with Future Humans, part of the new Whats the Issue? series. What does it really mean to be human? In the future, might we be forced to rethink the answer?
My best book of whales and dolphins, Christiane Gunzi.
Provides information about the lives, habitats, physical abilities, and behaviours of whales and dolphins.
If elephants disappeared, Lily Williams.
The elephant has become synonymous with the image of African wildlife. They can grow over 10 feet tall and eat up to 300 pounds a day. While these giants are beloved figures in movies and zoos, they also play a large role in keeping the forest ecosystem healthy. Unfortunately, poachers are hunting elephants rapidly to extinction for their ivory tusks, and that could be catastrophic to the world as we know it.
How to become an accidental genius, Elizabeth MacLeod & Frieda Wishinsky ; illustrated by Jenn Playford.
This nonfiction book for middle readers is full of inspiring tales of inventors and innovators who have accidentally changed the world. The book also features profiles of inventive kids and teenagers.
Let's talk about the birds and the bees, Molly Potter ; illustrated by Sarah Jennings.
It's natural for young children to have questions about their bodies and where they came from, but it can seem a daunting task to answer honestly so that they understand the subtleties of puberty, sex, reproduction and relationships, and are comfortable with their bodies. This books uses clear, easy to understand language to answer complex questions about sex and relationships, and covers all manner of tricky subjects from puberty to consent with delicate accuracy and honesty. Filled with bright, fun illustrations and helpful advice for parents and carers, Let's Talk About the Birds and Bees is the perfect book for explaining the facts of life to small children.
The brain is kind of a big deal, Nick Seluk.
Did you know that the brain is in charge of everything you do, every minute of every day? You know, like thinking about funny stuff and keeping you alive.
Rupert's black dog, written and illustrated by Arwen Valks.
"This is the story of Rupert who discovers that the mean, pesky voice in his head which is making him feel awful, belongs to a big black dog who represents his anxiety and depression. His journey learning to recognize, acknowledge and then to manage these full of challenges with his sneaky, tricky and sometimes silly black dog"
Diary of a dyslexic school kid, Alais Winton and Zac Millard ; illustrated by Joe Salerno.
Experience day-to-day life for a dyslexic kid, including school life, bullying and coping with tests and homework, in this frank and funny diary. Co-authored with a teenage boy with dyslexia and illustrated with cartoons, this is a positive yet honest look at the difficulties of being dyslexic. Using a simple and relatable approach, the authors display the ups and downs of school and home life with a reading difficulty, focussing on the sometimes overwhelming experience of being at a bigger school and studying loads of new subjects. Providing tips for what really helps and works based on real-life experience, this fun, accessible book shows teens and tweens with dyslexia that they are far from alone in their experiences.
Cranes, Quinn M. Arnold.
A basic exploration of the parts, variations, and worksites of cranes, the tall moving machines. Also included is a pictorial diagram of variations of cranes.
Backhoes, [by Quinn M. Arnold].
A basic exploration of the parts, variations, and worksites of backhoes, the digging and hauling machines. Also included is a pictorial diagram of variations of backhoes.
Bulldozers, Quinn M. Arnold.
A basic exploration of the parts, variations, and worksites of bulldozers, the leveling and scraping machines. Also included is a pictorial diagram of variations of bulldozers.
Concrete mixers, Quinn M. Arnold.
A basic exploration of the parts, variations, and worksites of concrete mixers, the cement-mixing machines. Also included is a pictorial diagram of variations of concrete mixers.
Dump trucks, Quinn M. Arnold.
A basic exploration of the parts, variations, and worksites of excavators, the big digging machines.
Excavators, Quinn M. Arnold.
A basic exploration of the parts, variations, and worksites of excavators.
Three Kiwi tales : more fabulous fix-it stories from Wildbase Hospital, Janet Hunt.
Piwi is one of the three kiwi stars of this book. They were all treated at Wildbase, the veterinary hospital that cares for many of New Zealand's sick and injured native animals. This is the perfect book for everyone who cares about kiwi and wants to know more about how they are being saved from extinction.
Cats : nature and nurture, Andy Hirsch.
We meet feline friends from the tiniest kodkod to the biggest tiger, and find out what makes your neighborhood domestic cats so special. Equipped with teeth, claws, and camouflage to survive everywhere from deserts to mountaintops, how did these ferocious felines make the leap from predators to playmates and are they even done leaping?
Cooking class : 57 fun recipes kids will love to make (and eat!), Deanna F. Cook ; photography by Julie Bidwell.
Explains basic cooking techniques in kid-friendly language and offers recipes using fresh, healthy ingredients and featuring imaginative presentations, including granola bars, popcorn balls, spring rolls, quesadillas, sliders, and apple crisp.
Create a costume!, Sarah Myer.
The comic convention is just a few short weeks away. All Bea and Parker need now are great costumes. But won't the supplies and materials cost a fortune? Not if Bea and Parker follow a few simple instructions from Costume Critter, the world's cutest cosplayer! With Maker Comics: Create a Costume! you can create fun, easy, budget-friendly costumes. And you don't have to start from scratch: A few simple modifications can transform thrift store clothes into a variety of costumes. Even mastering the sewing machine isn't as hard as it looks! You can make amazing costumes--all you need are the right tools, a little know-how, and a lot of imagination.
Why is art full of naked people? : & other vital questions about art, written by Susie Hodge ; original illustrations by Claire Goble.
Artists ask questions when they make art and viewers ask questions when they look at art. This gently provocative book provides an engaging way for young people to start asking and answering questions for themselves. Why is art full of naked people? is structured around 22 questions, each one tackled over two spreads. The opening spread explores the question and answer, inviting the reader to study a full-bleed image of an important artwork. The second spread shows a selection of work on the theme from across history, showing how art can run with an idea to hugely different ends. The tone of the text is fresh and informal but not flippant.
Who's in the picture?, Susie Brooks.
This simple but engaging introduction to art combines superb reproductions of an imaginative selection of artworks by artists ranging from Henri Rousseau and Georges Seurat to L.S. Lowry and Frida Kahlo. With beautifully pitched text supported by friendly, cartoon-style illustrations, Who's in the Picture? invites young children to search for particular people or animals or other detail in the paintings displayed. Further questions encourage children to examine each artwork and to explain, very simply, what is happening in the pictures.
The Tom Gates music book, Liz Pichon.
Pass your Level 1 music test with Tom Gates! From DogZombies to Dude3, music is a huge part of the Tom Gates world. Learn how to play all your favourite songs from the series with real notation for: - Guitar - Ukulele - Piano - Recorder And with notation for drums and tips and tricks for vocals!
Sunny day : a celebration of Sesame Street, music by Joe Raposo ; words by Bruce Hart, Jon R. Stone & Joe Raposo.
To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Sesame Street, beloved picture-book artists have each created an artwork interpreting a different line from "Sunny Day," the iconic Sesame Street theme song. The range of their pieces demonstrates that Sesame Street can truly be found anywhere.
E rima ngā manu = Five little birds, lyrics by Siu Williams-Lemi i tuhi ; illustrated by Rosina Cater ; Māori lyrics by Urupikia Minhinnick.
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child : the journey : behind the scenes of the award-winning stage production, written by Jody Revenson ; foreword by J.K. Rowling.
The official behind-the-scenes book of the record-breaking award-winning play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is one of the most celebrated stage productions of the past decade. Opening in London's West End in 2016, on Broadway in 2018 and in Melbourne in 2019 and with more productions worldwide still to come (including San Francisco later this year) the play has smashed records, collected countless rave reviews and awards, and captivated audiences night after night. Now readers are invited behind the scenes to experience the show's journey to the stage from the earliest phases of development with producers Sonia Friedman and Colin Callender, to the crafting of the eighth Harry Potter story with J.K. Rowling, director John Tiffany and playwright Jack Thorne, and to the gathering of an extraordinary team of artists and actors together to bring this new part of Harry's story to life. With stunning photography, insightful interviews and never-before-seen sketches, notes, candid backstage photos and more, this full-colour deluxe edition offers readers unparalleled access to this unique production, and is a beautiful gift for Harry Potter fans and theatre-lovers alike.
Alice in Wonderland : a puzzle adventure, Aleksandra Artymowska.
Inspired by Lewis Carroll's classic children's book, Aleksandra Artymowska's stunning scenes are packed with references to the original, from teetering tables of teapots, to lines of marching playing cards. Readers must riddle their way from one page to another, cracking clues, finding hidden objects and meandering through mazes. Beautifully illustrated and full of nostalgic charm, this imaginative puzzle book will have readers feeling curiouser and curiouser.
Where's Wally? : the search for the lost things : a compendium of puzzling puzzles, Martin Handford.
Wally and his friends invite you on an extraordinary journey to find their most precious possessions. Hours of fun and things to do! Sensational! Help Wally find his misplaced key, Wenda find her camera, Woof dig up his bone, Wizard Whitebeard locate his scroll and Odlaw hunt for his binoculars, completing all the activities on the way. This stupendous compendium features over a hundred pages of searches, puzzles, spot-the-differences, mazes, word games, doodles, riddles, matching games and much more. Wow! "Where's Wally?" celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2012 and has become a global phenomenon. The series has sold over 50 million copies worldwide in 30 languages. Wally has reached celebrity status! He has appeared in the primetime American TV shows "Frasier", "The Simpsons and Friends"; on the 1000th anniversary cover of "Rolling Stone" magazine as a cultural Icon of the last 40 years; and, on Google Earth.
Where's Kiwi celebrating?, written by Lynette Evans ; illustrated by Myles Lawford.
"Kiwi's a party animal! He's all dressed up and ready to celebrate the wild and wonderful festivals and holidays of Aotearoa. Will Kiwi dance with fiery dragon, fly a Matariki kite, join a kapa haka show or march in the Santa Parade? Can you spot Kiwi as he celebrates through the year? Don't let Sporty Sheep, Wacky Wizard, Mystery Moa, Tricky Tuatara, Gumboot Guy or Kiwi's girlfriend distract you from the great kiwi hunt!"
Cities around the world : a global search and find book, illustrated by Tilly ; written by Lucy Menzies.
Incredibly detailed illustrations by Tilly bring the vibrant city scenes to life and are sure to spark a child's interest in the wider world around them. Each spread features explanatory text alongside a full-page artwork. First, comb through each cityscape and spot five of the most significant landmarks. Can you see the Eiffel Tower in Paris? Or how about Lady Liberty in NYC? Once you've discovered the landmarks, there are five cultural gems hidden to spot. Finally, answer the counting question in each scene. There's always something new to spot in Cities Around the World, meaning children will want to read it again and again.
Logic puzzles, Paul Virr and Lisa Regan ; illustrated by Amanda Enright.
Understanding logic is important to understanding many parts of life. With the help of this captivating book, readers gain important skills related to logic, problem solving, and reasoning.
Sorting puzzles, Paul Virr and Lisa Regan ; illustrated by Amanda Enright.
Colourful illustrations and simple instructions guide young readers in solving twenty-four puzzles that reinforce math skills.
The book of wizard magic : in which the apprentice finds marvelous magic tricks, mystifying illusions & astonishing tales.,
The Wizard has conjured a follow-up to the wildly successful Book of Wizard Crafts and Book of Wizard Parties. Keep the wizardry going by learning more of his hints for show-stopping sleights of hand. Show off with The Card that Changes its Spots; do levitations and transfigurations; wear 'the cloak of mystery'; and more. And remember, magic can happen anywhere, not just on stage.
Game on! 2020 : the ultimate guide to gaming.,
Get ready for another awesome year of gaming with this ultimate guide to all your favorite games, including a definitive list of the biggest games of the past year and hot new ones coming in 2020! Game On! 2020 is the most comprehensive guide to all the best games, tech, and streamers, featuring some of the year's greatest gaming moments and exclusive interviews with Twitch stars, YouTube legends, and game developers. This complete guide is packed with top gaming secrets, stats, tips, and tricks for all your favorite games. All games featured in Game On! 2020 are rated T for Teen or younger, keeping it appropriate for young gamers.
Midnight feasts, tasty poems chosen by A.F. Harrold ; illustrated by Katy Riddell.
One thing that unites us all across time, nations and peoples is food. From chocolate, rice pudding and sandwiches to breakfast in bed, banana phones and the fruit of a mythical jelabi tree, A.F. Harrold has brought together a wonderful and diverse collection of poems on the topic of food. Whether you're in the mood for a perfect bowl of yoghurt or a pomegranate omelette, these poems will satisfy any food craving. The perfect gift for any poetry or food lover!
The treehouse joke book, Andy Griffiths & Terry Denton.
From Bears to Birds, Penguins to Pirates, School to Space, The Treehouse Joke Book is packed full of hilarious jokes and silly one-liners that will make anyone laugh their socks off!
Stardines swim high across the sky and other poems, Jack Prelutsky ; illustrated by Carin Berger.
Presents a collection of humorous animal poems told through couplet verses and accompanied by illustrations featuring shadow boxes, dioramas, and cut-paper collages.
Once upon a star : a poetic journey through space, James Carter ; illustrated by Mar Hernandez.
Once upon a star, there were no stars to shine, no sun to rise, no sun to set, no day no night, nor any time. Discover the origins of the universe! The worlds of poetry and science collide to create this unique book about our sun.
Frost fair, Carol Ann Duffy ; illustrated by David de las Heras.
Beautifully illustrated and produced in a gorgeous small format, this is an irresistible festive gift and Christmas stocking must-have for all book lovers.
Hai zi men de shi, Guo Mai bian.
This is the world : a global treasury, M. Sasek.
From London to Hong Kong, Sydney to San Francisco, readers will delight in this charming journey through the world's great cities.
Wild girl, Helen Skelton ; illustrated by Liz Kay.
Calling wild girls everywhere! Helen Skelton adventurer, world-record breaker and TV presenter brings you her inspirational guide to getting outdoors and having incredible adventures. From kayaking the length of the Amazon to cycling to the South Pole and running an ultra-marathon across the Namib desert, the Blue Peter and Countryfile presenter Helen Skelton has taken on record-breaking feats of endurance and shown that adventures definitely are for girls. Helen shares six stories of her most daring adventures across some of the world's most extreme wildernesses, explaining how she embraced her fears and found the positives in the toughest situations. Alongside her inspirational tales are ideas for where readers can find their own wild adventures closer to home and accounts of the real-life wild girls who inspire her.
Stephen Curry, David Riley.
"Too skinny." "Too small." "Too weak." Basketball experts have said these things about Stephen Curry all his life. And yet he's an All Star, an MVP and an NBA champion. How did he do it? Find out how in "Reading All Stars: Stephen Curry". Award winning writer and teacher David Riley wrote Stephen Curry to encourage young people to chase their dreams, even when the world tells them not to."
What Degas saw, Samantha Friedman, Cristina Pieropan with reproductions of works by Edgar Degas.
With evocative colour illustrations by Cristina Pieropan and reproductions of seven works by Degas, 'What Degas saw' encourages young readers and artists to carefully observe their own surroundings.
I am Walt Disney, Brad Meltzer ; illustrated by Christopher Eliopoulos.
A biography of Walt Disney with a focus on his work making dreams come true for himself and for generations.
It began with a page : how Gyo Fujikawa drew the way, words by Kyo Maclear ; pictures by Julie Morstad.
Gyo Fujikawa's iconic children's books are beloved all over the world. Now it's time for Gyo's story to be told a story of artistic talent that refused to be constrained by rules or expectations. Growing up quiet and lonely at the beginning of the twentieth century, Gyo learned from her relatives the ways in which both women and Japanese people lacked opportunity. Her teachers and family believed in her and sent her to art school and later Japan, where her talent flourished. But while Gyo's career grew and led her to work for Walt Disney Studios, World War II began, and with it, her family's internment. But Gyo never stopped fighting for herself, her vision, her family and her readers and later wrote and illustrated the first children's book to feature children of different races interacting together.
The extraordinary life of Mahatma Gandhi, written by Chitra Soundar ; illustrated by Dalia Adillon.
From growing up in India and studying in London to becoming a political activist in South Africa and taking on the battle for independence in India, Mahatma Gandhi's legacy has lived on well beyond his years. Read the life story of this brilliant, strong-willed and influential man in this beautifully illustrated book, complete with real-life stories, timelines and facts.
Vincent Van Gogh, illustrated by +dith Carron ; written by Lucy Brownridge.
Vincent Van Gogh loved to paint, but his paintings kept coming out sludgy and brown. Looking for inspiration, he visited his beloved brother in Paris and encountered a group of painters called the Impressionists. They showed him how to use bright colors! After this, he never stopped painting, making over two thousand artworks. Be inspired by the story of one of the most iconic painters in Western art history, told with the help of his own masterpieces. This art story includes a closer look at 10 of Van Gogh's masterpieces at the back.
Stephen Hawking, Nikki Sheehan ; illustrated by Mike Phillips.
Stephen Hawking: stargazer, physicist, icon. Author Nikki Sheehan explores the life of the inspirational scientist Stephen.
Katherine Johnson, Leila Rasheed ; illustrated by Sarah Papworth.
From award-winning children's author, Leila Rasheed, Katherine Johnson, A Life Story is the perfect way for readers to discover the fascinating facts and inspirational moments from the life of the extraordinary NASA mathematician, Katherine Johnson.
The boy who harnessed the wind, William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer ; pictures by Elizabeth Zunon.
When 14-year-old William Kamkwamba's Malawi village was hit by a drought in 2001, everyone's crops began to fail. His family didn't have enough money for food, let alone school, so William spent his days in the library. He came across a book on windmills and figured out how to build a windmill that could bring electricity to his village. Everyone thought he was crazy but William persevered and managed to create a functioning windmill out of junkyard scraps. Several years later he figured out how to use the windmill for irrigation purposes.
Michelle Obama : the fantastically feminist (and totally true) story of the inspirational activist and campaigner, Anna Doherty.
This is the absolutely astonishing, fantastically feminist and, best of all, totally true story of one amazingly inspirational global icon! Meet the marvellous Michelle Obama: A+ student, passionate piano player, and a girl who's not afraid to dream big. Determined to make the world a better place, the grown up Michelle gets to work in helping the community in whatever way she can. But then she meets and falls in love with Barack Obama, who is equally passionate about changing the world and he tells her he wants to become the first African American President of the United States, Michelle knows it's time to really find her voice. This inspiring, empowering and fantastically feminist book is the perfect gift for young rebel girls who with big dreams!
The astronaut with a song for the stars : the story of Dr. Ellen Ochoa, written by Julia Finley Mosca ; illustrated by Daniel Rieley.
Meet Dr. Ellen Ochoa, a determined space pioneer with a stellar symphony of talents. Growing up in a family of immigrants, Ellen dreamed of becoming a professional flutist, but all of that changed when she discovered engineering in college. Though she was told that field of study wasn't for girls, the bright young scientist refused to give up?ultimately becoming a NASA astronaut who shattered barriers and rocketed to success! The Astronaut With a Song for the Stars: The Story of Dr. Ellen Ochoa is the fourth book in a riveting educational series about the inspiring lives of amazing scientists. In addition to the illustrated rhyming tale, you'll find a complete biography, fun facts, a colorful timeline of events, and even a note from Dr. Ochoa herself!
A dream of flight : Alberto Santos-Dumont's race around the Eiffel Tower, Rob Polivka and Jef Polivka ; illustrations by Rob Polivka.
For fans of The Man Who Walked Between the Towers, here is a charming biography of inventor and daredevil airman Alberto Santos-Dumont.
Born to draw comics : the story of Charles Schulz and the creation of Peanuts, Ginger Wadsworth ; illustrated by Craig Orback.
A mixed-panel format picture book biography of Charles 'Sparky' Schulz, creator of the beloved comic strip Peanuts.
Harriet Tubman : a journey to freedom, Sandra A. Agard.
A biography about abolitionist Harriet Tubman from childhood on a plantation to her work as a nurse and key role in the Underground Railroad.
Malala Yousafzai, Lisa Williamson ; illustrations by Mike Smith.
Malala the youngest ever winner of the Nobel peace prize, who overcame an attempt on her life to become a global champion of the education of girls, and an inspiration to everyone from Barack Obama to Reese Witherspoon!
Epic tales of triumph and adventure, Simon Cheshire, Fatti Burke.
Prepare to meet 66 exceptionally brave adventurers in this celebration of monumental achievements from around the world. Mountaineers, conquerors, explorers, sailors, pilots and many others who accomplished amazing feats of bravery and triumph are waiting to be discovered in Simon Cheshire's outstanding Epic Tales of Triumph and Adventures, vibrantly illustrated by Fatti Burke. These are the astonishing true stories of just a few of the world's most daring men and women who defied all odds to achieve their goals and make their dreams come true. Drive across the world, avoiding danger around every corner, with Aloha Wanderwell on The Million Dollar Wager, dive to the deepest depths of the dark and unexplored ocean with Jacques Piccard, climb to the highest peak of Mount Everest with Junko Tabei or tumble over Niagara Falls in a barrel with Annie Edson Taylor. There is no adventure too big or small for this fearless group of men and women! This collection of outstanding adventurers is sure to inspire the next generation of courageous risk takers. With bright and vibrant artwork from the effortlessly talented Fatti Burke, Epic Tales of Triumph and Adventure will make you want to reach for the stars and don't let anyone stand in your way!
We are artists : women who made their mark on the world, stories and illustrations by Kari Herbert.
Take an inspiring journey through the world are art and discover the stories of some remarkable women artists.
50 real heroes for boys : true stories of courage, integrity, compassion, leadership, and more!, Christy Monson.
Discover fifty real heroes and learn to become one yourself. This book teaches boys everywhere that being a hero only requires being yourself but your best self. Bright, colourful portraits by over a dozen international artists accompany true stories of men and women who knew that character things like integrity, compassion, and courage mixed with their own unique gifts creativity, fitness, curiosity, and more could make the world a better place.
How to be extraordinary : real-life stories of extraordinary humans!, written by Rashmi Sirdeshpande ; illustrated by Annabel Tempest.
Could you be extraordinary? This book will inspire you with the real-life stories of extraordinary people, showcasing a total variety of personalities and talents.
The ancient world in 100 words, words by Clive Gifford ; pictures by Gosia Herba.
Begin your discovery of the ancient world in 100 words! Be inspired by the innovative Egyptians, glorious Greeks, and ruling Romans, while you tour the ancient world spanning 3.500 years. Look deep into the past and discover what these ancient civilizations ever did for us. This book is only the start of your journey of discovery!
The legend of Troy, Goldie Hawk, Esther Aarts.
Coinciding with the hotly anticipated British Museum exhibition Troy: Myth and Reality in November 2019, this is the fascinating story of the destruction of an ancient city and the many ways it has been told and retold over time. Featuring fearsome warriors, powerful goddesses and menacing monsters, these tales have captivated children and adults for thousands of years. But are they really just tales? Where was the real Troy? And why are people still so obsessed with this legendary city? Accessible, intriguing and funny in equal measure, this is the perfect book to get children excited about Greek mythology and digging up the past.
Castles magnified, David Long ; illustrated by Harry Bloom.
Travel back to medieval times and discover what life was like for peasants, judges, kings and lords. Learn how to become a knight, discover the secrets of magic and medicine, try an avoid the damp and dark dungeons and explore cutaways of castles. Learn what the daily life in castles was like, from prisoners to kings and find out about some of the key moments from the middle ages in the minutest of detail.
Survivors of the Holocaust : true stories of six extraordinary children, Kath Shackleton ; illustrated by Zane Whittingham.
In a time when people were ruthlessly persecuted and killed, some were able to make it through alive. Whether it was thanks to lucky twists of fate or the loving sacrifices of others, they lived to tell their stories, which serve as reminders to never allow such a tragedy to happen again. These are the unbelievable true stories of six children, in their own words, of how they survived one of the darkest times in human history.
Tama the Kiwi tiki tours New Zealand, story by Beks Bongiovanni ; illustrations by Laker Voxx.
"Pack your backpack and get ready for an adventure! Join Tama the Kiwi as he tiki tours through his homeland, New Zealand, right from the top to the very bottom. From sunrise to sunset with Tama, past lighthouses, beaches, farms and natural wonders, you'll find out what makes this country so amazing!"

Older Fiction

The Taylor TurboChaser, David Baddiel ; illustrated by Steven Lenton.
Amy loves cars, and dreams of being a driver. But there's a major catch: her slow old wheelchair with its broken wheel. When Amy finally gets a new electric one, it's exciting at first. But standard engines only have so much power. And that's where Rahul comes in Amy's best friend and genius inventor. Soon Rahul turns a wheelchair into a supercar! And so the Taylor Turbochaser is born. But when it all goes suddenly wrong Amy is going to have to hit the road and drive.
Moonshine, Justin Benton.
To keep food on the table during the Great Depression, thirteen-year-old Cub helps his widower father illegally distill and sell moonshine, despite Prohibition. However, their relaxed business is interrupted when a gangster named Salvatore arrives and offers a once-in-a-lifetime distribution deal to Cub's father. Eager for a safer lifestyle, Cub decides to interfere with the gangster's negotiations and end the deal. However, this broken arrangement backfires, forcing Cub to make some business decisions before things turn deadly.
Hazel's theory of evolution, Lisa Jenn Bigelow.
Hazel knows a lot about the world. That's because when she's not hanging with her best friend, taking care of her dog, or helping care for the goats on her family's farm, she loves reading through dusty encyclopedias. But even Hazel doesn't have answers for the questions awaiting her as she enters eighth grade. What if no one at her new school gets her, and she doesn't make any friends? What's going to happen to one of her moms, who's pregnant again after having two miscarriages? Why does everything have to change when life was already perfectly fine? As Hazel struggles to cope, she'll come to realize that sometimes you have to look within yourself instead of the pages of a book to find the answer to life's most important questions.
The impossible boy, Ben Brooks ; [illustrations, George Ermos].
Believe in the impossible this Christmas a magical story celebrating the power of imagination. Oleg and Emma entered their den to find a cardboard spaceship standing exactly where they usually sat. Slowly, the front door opened and out stepped a boy. 'My name's Sebastian Cole,' he said. 'But you already know that.' When Oleg and Emma invent a new classmate called Sebastian, they are amazed when he appears very much real in their secret den. Sebastian isn't like the rest of their classmates. He's never eaten pizza, he's not sure what goose bumps are, and he has a satchel that seems to hold an endless supply of hot ice cream. But as the trio begin their adventures, more impossible things keep happening, from a runaway goat appearing at school to a sighting of some snowwomen walking down the road. Things soon take a turn for the dangerous when the three friends are pursued by the mysterious Institute of Unreality, who want to capture and erase Sebastian, restoring order to the world. With the help of a cowboy gardener, an imprisoned scientist, and the rest of their class, can Emma and Oleg protect their new friend and keep the magic of the impossible alive, just in time for Christmas?
The forgotten girl, India Hill Brown.
When eleven-year-old Iris sneaks out at night to make snow angels, she was not expecting to raise the ghost of Avery Moore, a girl her own age; but bringing to light the segregated and abandoned black cemetery seems like the perfect way to help Avery get the recognition she craves, and it will also be a good idea for the school project about the history of her small North Carolina town, where racial tensions are never far from the surface only it seems that if Avery gets everything she wants Iris will join her as a ghost, best friends forever.
Outlaws, Jen Calonita.
Banished to the Hollow Woods, Devin and her friends, old and new, devise a plan to expose the truth about evil fairy godmother Olivina to all of Enchantasia.
The dragon thief, Zetta Elliott ; illustrations by Geneva B.
Told in two voices, Jax and Kavita, Kavita's brother Vik, and new friend Kenny try to return the baby dragon to the realm of magic before anything else goes wrong.
Eight princesses and a magic mirror, Natasha Farrant ; illustrated by Lydia Corry.
The enchantress's mirror travels through time, from east to west, to find the answer. Reflected in it are princesses who refuse to be pretty, polite or obedient. These are girls determined to do the rescuing themselves. The Arabian princess of the desert protects her people from the king with the black and gold banner. The forest princess takes a crocodile for a pet. An island princess explores the high seas. A mountain princess puts kindness above being royal. And in a tower-block, Princess saves her precious community garden from the hands of greedy urban developers.
The house without windows, Barbara Newhall Follett ; introduced and illustrated by Jackie Morris.
Little Eepersip doesn't want to live in a house with doors and windows and a roof, so she runs away to live in the wild first in the Meadow, then by the Sea, and finally in the Mountain. Her heartbroken parents follow her at first, bringing her back home to 'safety' and locking her up in the stifling square of the house. But she slips away once more, following her wild heart out of the door and far away. Barbara Newhall Follett was just thirteen years old when she published The House Without Windows in 1927. The book went on to become a million-copy bestseller. Years later, as an adult herself, Barbara followed in the footsteps of her radical heroine, dissatisfied with the limitations of life as a respectable married woman, she walked out of her house one day and simply disappeared. Penguin are delighted to republish Barbara Newhall Follett's extraordinary feminist fable for the next generation of nature lovers and escapees to discover and cherish. Newly introduced by Jackie Morris, and filled with her beautifully inked artwork, The House Without Windows is an irresistible paean to the natural world and its transcendent effect on the human heart.
The wind in the wall, Sally Gardner ; illustrated by Rovina Cai.
A beautifully crafted new fairy tale with a dark twist. Be careful what you wish for. 'I have no idea how long I have been incarcerated in these ancient walls. Let me explain how I find myself in this predicament. Set in the hot houses of a stately home in eighteenth century England, a gardener falls from grace when the Duke sets him the impossible task of growing prize pineapples fit to show off in high society. The gardener's star falls further when he is replaced by Mr Amicus, a pineapple 'specialist', whom he believes to be a charlatan and a trickster but nevertheless miraculously produces fruit to delight the Duke. Determined to uncover Mr Amicus's tricks, the gardener sneaks into the pineapple house to uncover the mysterious shrouded birdcage Mr Amicus carries with him. And what he finds changes his life for ever. A cautionary tale with echoes of myth and fairy tale, this bewitching fable will make you careful what you wish for.
The Paris Project, Donna Gephart.
Cleveland Rosebud Potts yearns to leave Sassafras, Florida for a rich and cultured life at The American School of Paris, but problems with family, friends, and finances stand in her way.
The Vanderbeekers to the rescue, Karina Yan Glaser.
The Vanderbeeker children, ages six to thirteen, race to help save their mother's baking business from closure after it fails.
Shine!, J.J. & Chris Grabenstein ; illustrations by Leslie Mechanic.
When seventh-grader Piper's father is hired by Chumley Prep, a school where every student seems to be the best at everything, she gets the chance to compete for the prestigious Excelsior Award.
The wind in the willows, written by Kenneth Grahame ; illustrated by Grahame Baker-Smith.
The riverside adventures of Mole, Ratty, Badger and Mr. Toad have become a timeless classic of children's literature. In this beautiful volume, we see that charming world through the eyes of renowned artist, Grahame Baker-Smith. Brimming with exquisite artwork, this beloved story is brought to life for a whole new generation of readers.
Code of the clans, Erin Hunter ; illustrated by Wayne McLoughlin.
The warrior Clans have embraced the warrior code for as long as any living cat can remember. Now, for the first time, discover the origins of the code that govern the daily life of a warrior cat.
Enter the clans, Erin Hunter ; [illustrations by Wayne McLoughlin].
Here, the secrets behind the Clans are revealed. Find out how apprentices learn to fight, hunt, and help their Clans. Explore the territories with an insiders-only tour. Discover the origins of the warrior code, which governs how Clan cats live side by side in times of war and peace.
The silent thaw, Erin Hunter.
ThunderClan's leader, Bramblestar, has been behaving erratically after losing one of his nine lives, and suspicion is quickly spreading across Clan borders. And when a strange apparition sparks unrest in SkyClan and ShadowClan, each warrior must decide where their allegiances lie--with their Clan, or the warrior code itself.
Paul Jennings' weirdest stories.,
More to the story, Hena Khan.
As features editor of her school newspaper, thirteen-year-old Jameela Pervaiz wants to impress her father by writing a spectacular story about the new student, but a misunderstanding and family illness complicate matters.
The story that cannot be told, J. Kasper Kramer.
In Romania in 1989, when people who say or do the wrong thing disappear, ten-year-old aspiring writer Ileana copes with fear, hunger, and cruelty by writing new endings to stories, including her own.
The burning queen, Kathryn Lasky.
Forced to abandon Princess Elizabeth when Mary ascends the English throne, Rose sews elaborate gowns for Mary's upcoming coronation before violently escalating attacks on Protestants compel her to escape into her own time.
Avis and the promise of dragons, Heather McQuillan.
"Avis has a dream to work with animals, so when a scientist with a witchy-looking house offers her a job as a pet-sitter she jumps at the chance. But it turns out Avis is not looking after pets at all - the animals in Dr Malinda Childes' backyard are as eccentric as she is and Avis has to promise to keep them a secret. But one promise and one secret leads to more promises and more secrets and before long Avis finds herself overwhelmed by promises and secrets and responsibilities and one very BIG chocolatey dragonish problem"--Publisher's website.
Dear Sweet Pea, Julie Murphy.
Thirteen-year-old Patricia, widely known as Sweet Pea, navigates her parents' unconventional divorce and finds herself in the unlikely role of her town's advice columnist.
High-five to the hero : 15 favorite fairytales retold with boy power, written by Vita Murrow ; illustrated by Julia Bereciartu.
Retells fifteen fairy tales that celebrate heroes for the power of their hearts instead of their swords, including King Arthur, who rules by listening to others, and Prince Charming, who wishes people would stop typecasting him.
Under the broken sky, Mariko Nagai.
When Soviet troops invade Japanese-occupied Manchuria during the last days of World War II, twelve-year-old Natsu Kimura must care for her younger sister as they struggle to survive and return to Japan.
Homerooms & hall passes, Tom O'Donnell.
In the mystical realm of Briandalor, every day the brave and the bold delve into hidden temples or forgotten dungeons, battling vile monsters and evil wizards to loot their treasure hoards for sweet, sweet magic items. But in their free time, our heroes Thromdurr the mighty barbarian, Devis the shifty thief, Vela the noble paladin, Sorrowshade the Gloom Elf assassin, and Albiorix the (good!) wizard need to relax and unwind. That's why they meet up once a week to play Homerooms & Hall Passes: a role-playing game where they assume the characters of average American eighth graders. But when the five young adventurers are magically transported into their H&H game by an ancient curse, they must band together to survive their toughest challenge yet: middle school. Who knew that battling ogres would be easier than passing algebra or navigating the cafeteria social scene? They must use what they've learned from playing Homerooms & Hall Passes to figure out how to save their game world (which might actually be real.)
Nine worlds in nine nights : a journey through imaginary lands, Hiawyn Oram ; illustrated by David Wyatt.
Take a journey into the fantastical worlds of the imagination in this breath-taking, stunningly illustrated gift book. From King Arthur's Round Table at Camelot to the majestic hall of slain heroes in Asgard, visit incredible lands from myth, legend and fairy tale in this beautiful gift book. Follow the story of Dawn Gable, a scientist who shuns the world of stories in favour of dry facts, as she is taken on an unbelievable voyage to open her eyes to the power of imagination. With incredible, intricate art from David Wyatt, explore a city of robots, the ancient city of Kor, the miniature world of Lilliput and flying island of Laputa, a mountainous home of mythical beasts, the primeval island of Buyan and more. An absorbing and breath-taking gift for everyone who believes in the transformative power of stories.
Grace's secret, Louise Park ; [illustrated by Whoolie Chen].
When twelve-year-old Grace trades her tropical home in Western Australia for a faraway castle, Victorian costumes and a village trapped in time she thinks it's the fresh start she desperately needs. But unsolved problems have a way of following. A map of the castle's secret passages sends Grace on a time-travelling mystery that will challenge her very existence and all that she loves. Can Grace save herself as well as her family? And how will some of her favourite children's authors help her on her quest?
#Tumeke!, Michael Petherick.
Plans are under way for Newtoun's first Waitangi Day celebration. The Tape Orchestra's practising like mad, D-flock's working her way up to a blog, Rishi's trying to land Lil Yacht Shifty, Briony's mum's being a helicopter... and Ms Ropata's juggling it all. There'll be curry and cake, kapa haka, foam blasters, the Naenae dirt man, and probably kiss the goat - if Constable Piripi can chase one down. Stuffed with big personalities, surprising friendships, and intrigue, this multimedia mash-up brims with creativity and comedy. A rollicking story about community.
Banjo, Graham Salisbury.
Danny, a rising rodeo star whose border collie, Banjo, has been wounded by neighbours, and Meg, who has a way with animals, come together to keep Banjo safe, aided by Danny's brother.
My Jasper June, Laurel Snyder.
The school year is over, and it is summer in Atlanta. The sky is blue, the sun is blazing, and the days brim with possibility. But Leah feels lost. She has been this way since one terrible afternoon a year ago when everything changed. Since that day, her parents have become distant, her friends have fallen away, and Leah's been adrift and alone. Then she meets Jasper, a girl unlike anyone she has ever known. There's something mysterious about Jasper, almost magical. And Jasper, Leah discovers, is also lost. Together, the two girls carve out a place for themselves, a hideaway in the overgrown spaces of Atlanta, away from their parents and their hardships, somewhere only they can find. But as the days of this magical June start to draw to a close, and the darker realities of their lives intrude once more, Leah and Jasper have to decide how real their friendship is, and whether it can be enough to save them both.
Give and take, Elly Swartz.
Family has always been important to twelve-year-old Maggie: a trapshooter, she is coached by her dad and cheered on by her mom. But her grandmother's recent death leaves a giant hole in Maggie's life, one which she begins to fill with an assortment of things: candy wrappers, pieces of tassel from Nana's favorite scarf, milk cartons, sticks all stuffed in cardboard boxes under her bed. Then her parents decide to take in a foster infant. But anxiety over the new baby's departure only worsens Maggie's hoarding, and soon she finds herself taking and taking until she spirals out of control. Ultimately, with some help from family, friends, and experts, Maggie learns that sometimes love means letting go.
A time traveler's theory of relativity, Nicole Valentine.
Days before his thirteenth birthday, science-lover Finn learns that the women of his family are time travelers and he is expected to help locate his missing mother.
The dragon warrior, Katie Zhao.
Twelve-year-old Jade Society member Faryn Liu may be destined to command the Jade Emperor's army of demon-fighting dragons, but first she must complete a daring quest across San Francisco's Chinatown before the Lunar New Year.

Picture Books

Santa's worst Christmas, illustrated by Isobel Joy Te Aho-White.
"There are just a few days to go before Christmas, and everyone's busy putting up decorations, preparing food and getting ready for the big day. Then comes the shock news - Santa's cancelled Christmas. Santa had so many disasters last year that he can't face it again, and he's quit. The elves try everything, but they can't get him to change his mind. In this Aotearoa Christmas picture book, the kids come up with a clever plan and amazing gadgets to get Christmas back on and Santa back in the sleigh delivering presents".
Te Kirihimete i whakakorea, na Isobel Joy Te Aho-White ngā pikitia ; nā Kawata Teepa i whakamāori.
"There are just a few days to go before Christmas, and everyone's busy putting up decorations, preparing food and getting ready for the big day. Then comes the shock news - Santa's cancelled Christmas. Santa had so many disasters last year that he can't face it again, and he's quit. The elves try everything, but they can't get him to change his mind. In this Aotearoa Christmas picture book, the kids come up with a clever plan and amazing gadgets to get Christmas back on and Santa back in the sleigh delivering presents".
A lion in Paris, Beatrice Alemagna.
A curious young lion decides to leave the grasslands and visit the city of Paris.The lion in this story was inspired by the statue of a lion in the Place Denfert-Rochereau in Paris. Parisians are very fond of this lion. The statue was erected by the architect Frederic Auguste Bartholdi between 1876 and 1880. It is a smaller version of his famous Belfort Lion sculpture in Belfort, in eastern France.
I'm not scared, Jonathan Allen.
"I'm NOT scared!" said Baby Owl. "And I should be out in the woods at night. It's what owls DO!". Baby Owl decides to explore the woods at night with hilarious consequences.
Fat Ferdie, Pamela Allen.
Fat Ferdie is a monster you won't forget! Fat Ferdie is a scary beast because of what he likes to eat. Read the book and you will see that his dinner climbs a tree! Scary but fun. Another Pamela Allen book for you to share with the very young.
Grandpa and Thomas, Pamela Allen.
Thomas and Grandpa go to the beach. The sun is shining, the gulls are screeching and the sea is singing.
Grandpa and Thomas and the green umbrella, Pamela Allen.
When Grandpa and Thomas go to the beach, they swim, picnic, slide down the sand-dunes and build a sand-car. Then the weather turns stormy and the two shelter in the car, under the green umbrella, until the storm passes. This is a picture book for the very young readers and it depicts the relationship between grandchild and grandfather.
Hetty's day out, Pamela Allen.
Hetty the cat wakes up, yawns, washes behind her ears, and pops through her cat flap into the bright sunlight. And what does she find in the big wide world? One plate of baked beans, two pork pies, three lamb chops ? and that's just the beginning! Will Hetty be able to fit through her cat door when she gets home? This charming counting book follows Hetty on her big day out.
Mr McGee and the big bag of bread, Pamela Allen.
When Mr McGee sets out to feed the animals in the zoo he meets a very hungry crocodile. Suggested level: junior.
Mr McGee and the elephants, Pamela Allen.
Here's another adventure of Mr McGee, this time with elephants, one, two and three. A chance to perform and share the fun, so come and join in everyone. From the one-and-only Pamela Allen comes a new adventure in the life of lovable Mr McGee. With its jaunty rhyme and lively illustrations, this is Pam at her classic best.
One Sunday, Pamela Allen.
Here is a gentle story about home and hearth, about the comfort of ritual, and about opening your heart to the possibilities of life.
Bedtime for Albie, Sophie Ambrose.
Bedtime! says Mum. Albie the warthog doesn't think so! He'd much rather play a game. So off he dashes; skippety trot trit trot. But the cheetahs are having their bedtime story, the elephants are having their shower and the meerkats are already snuggled down deep in their burrow. What will Albie do? Mum might just have the most fun game of all; a gloopy, squishy mud bath before they both fall asleep!
Sir Scallywag and the deadly dragon poo, Giles Andreae and Korky Paul.
When evil Baron Greedyguts decides to steal King Colin's beloved sweet machine, it's Sir Scallywag to the rescue!
Max attacks, Kathi Appelt ; pictures by Penelope Dullaghan.
Max is a cat. He attacks. From socks to strings to many a fish, attacking, for Max, is most delish. But how many of these things can he actually catch? Well, let's just say it's no even match.
The dog and the mog go camping, story by Kaye Arnott ; illustrationsn by Laura Wenden Green.
"Davey the Dog, and Mavis the Mog are going camping with the family in the summer holidays. It will be so much fun. Everything is packed into the car, they get to the beach and set up the camp. After tea and a walk, everyone piles into bed and off they go to sleep. What could possibly go wrong"
Pop-up ocean, Ingela P Arrhenius ; [paper engineering, David Hawcock].
On the beach, on the waves and under the sea; find lots of ocean things in this colourful pop-up book. With 15 pop-ups and beautifully stylish illustrations by Ingela P Arrhenius, this is a first pop-up book to treasure.
Old Russian Jack, Tania Atkinson ; Viv Walker.
Russian Jack is a swagman who carries a gigantic sack around the country. What is in his sack? Based on a true character who lived in Wairarapa, New Zealand.
Mirror, Jeannie Baker.
An innovative, two-in-one picture book follows a parallel day in the life of two families: one in a Western city and one in a North African village. Somewhere in Sydney, Australia, a boy and his family wake up, eat breakfast, and head out for a busy day of shopping. Meanwhile, in a small village in Morocco, a boy and his family go through their own morning routines and set out to a bustling market. In this ingenious, wordless picture book, readers are invited to compare, page by page, the activities and surroundings of children in two different cultures. Their lives may at first seem quite unalike, but a closer look reveals that there are many things, some unexpected, that connect them as well. Designed to be read side by side -- one from the left and the other from the right --these intriguing stories are told entirely through richly detailed collage illustrations.
Celeste the giraffe loves to laugh, Celeste Barber ; illustrated by Matt Cosgrove.
All the other animals are so cool! Celeste wants to be just like them. But will she find out what it is that makes her special?
Sam & Dave dig a hole, Mac Barnett ; illustrated by Jon Klassen.
Sam and Dave are on a mission. A mission to find something spectacular. So they dig a hole. And they keep digging. And they find ... nothing. Yet the day turns out to be pretty spectacular after all.
Cloudy with a chance of meatballs, written by Judi Barrett ; and drawn by Ron Barrett.
The tiny town of Chewandswallow was very much like any other tiny town except for its weather which came three times a day, at breakfast lunch and dinner. But it never rained rain and it never snowed snow and it never blew just wind. It rained things like soup and juice. It snowed things like mashed potatoes. And sometimes the wind blew in storms of hamburgers. Life for the townspeople was delicious until the weather took a turn for the worse. The food got larger and larger and so did the portions. Chewandswallow was plagued by damaging floods and storms of huge food. The town was a mess and the people feared for their lives. Something had to be done, and in a hurry.
Have you seen Elephant?, David Barrow.
Elephant wants to play hide and seek. You can play too, but you'll have to try your best - he's VERY good!
My house, Byron Barton.
Jim the cat describes his favorite places inside and outside his house.
The mist monster, Kirsti Beautyman.
Meet Morris: the most endearing, foggy-brained monster imaginable. Penny isn't sure she likes her new house until she bumps into Morris, a funny white monster made of mist. Before she knows it, Penny is whisked away on an adventure, and she discovers that wonderful new friends can pop up where you least expect them.
Arty! : the greatest artist in the world, William Bee.
Arty is a frog. But not just any frog. He's also the greatest artist in the world. But how did he become the greatest artist in the world? Well, he had to paint the highest painting in the world. And the wobbliest. The fastest. The wettest. The loudest. And don't forget the hairiest and scariest! Join Arty and his agent, Mr Grimaldi, as they get themselves into all sorts of strange situations from balancing on a stepladder at the top of Mount Everest, being strapped on the wing of a supersonic plane, coming face to face with a very big gorilla, balancing on a tightrope and much much more. Arty will make you laugh out loud as you wonder at his amazing antics and supreme confidence!
Cats ahoy!, Peter Bently, Jim Field.
When Alfonso the cat hears there's a boat coming into harbour carrying its largest ever catch, he hatches a plan. It's brave! It's bold! And it involves a ghost pirate ship, some rather gullible fishermen, and cats.
Pig the fibber, Aaron Blabey.
He's back! But this time Pig, the world's greediest Pug, is telling great big lies. Won't he ever learn?
Pig the pug, Aaron Blabey.
"Pig was a Pug and I'm sorry to say, he was greedy and selfish in most every way." Pig is the greediest Pug in the world. He is ill-tempered, rude and unreasonable. When Pig the Pug is asked to share his toys, something unexpected happens. Hopefully Pig has learned a lesson!
Just right for Christmas, Birdie Black & Rosalind Beardshaw.
One snowy Christmas eve, the king buys some soft red cloth to make a cloak for the princess little does he know that the left-over cloth will be used to make presents for many more of the kingdom's inhabitants, right down to the last teeny bit of cloth made into a scarf, which is just right for the smallest mouse to protect him from the winter chill.
Jack and Nancy, Quentin Blake.
Jack and Nancy love to hear the sailors tell of adventures far away. But one day, they are walking on the cliffs and it starts to rain, so Jack puts up his umbrella. But the wind picks up and WHOOOOSH they are blown away to an exotic island! They explore for a bit, and even meet a parrot, but there are no sign of any ships to get them home. How will they get back?
Bad dog, Mike Boldt.
A little girl gets a cat as a new pet but insists it's a dog, even if it doesn't act very dog-like.
Jingle! Jingle! : with big flaps to lift!, Sebastien Braun.
Five lavishly illustrated spreads, big, recessed flaps and a host of festive friends to spot, name and mimic combine in this delightful little board book for the very young. "Who's that behind the sleigh?It's happy reindeer!Jingle! Jingle!".
All the words you need to know before you start school, writtern by Felicity Brooks ; illustrated by Jean Claude ; designed by Frankie Allen.
This delightfully illustrated book encourages language development at a key stage in children's lives, introducing over 400 everyday words through a variety of themed sections. Help pre-schoolers build the vocabulary they will need to communicate effectively, make friends and learn to read and write when they start school.
The dance class, Judy Brown.
When Bruno and Bella go to dancing class they try ballet, ballroom dancing and tap. Bruno shines but Bella is not so happy. Then Bella discovers something she is really good at -- art. And she's part of the end of term show in a big way!
The scooter, Judy Brown.
Bruno can't wait to try out his new scooter and he practises all week. First he goes's l o w l y and then he goes fast. There's just one thing Bruno forgets to practise how to stop!
Into the forest, Anthony Browne.
Little beauty, Anthony Browne.
A gorilla is taught a skill: sign language. One day he signs that he is sad and needs a friend. His keepers bring him a tiny cat called Beauty and the two of them become inseparable. But when the gorilla gets angry and causes damage to the TV, will his keepers think him unfit to be friends with such a small, defenceless animal?
Me and you, Anthony Browne.
An urban retelling of the classic Goldilocks and the three bears story, told from the baby bear's perspective.
One gorilla : a counting book, Anthony Browne.
Count from one to ten with apes and primates. One gorilla, two orang-utans and three chimpanzees. Explore the family of primates and learn to count from one to ten with former Children's Laureate in this exquisite picture book for the youngest of children. With all the colour and drama of the natural world, Anthony Browne's detailed depictions of monkeys and apes bring a new depth to first numbers and convey an important message to us all. It encourages early numeracy through Anthony Browne's beautiful artwork. It carries an important message about protecting our environment.
The shape game, Anthony Browne.
A family reluctantly visits an art gallery but one by one each member is energized by a different picture in the gallery and transported into the imaginative and colourful world of art.
Dear Santa, Rod Campbell.
Dear zoo animal shapes, Rod Campbell.
Even the very youngest Dear Zoo fans can enjoy turning the die-cut pages of this sturdy board book to discover the different shapes of all their favourite animals from the original story. What will the zoo send you?
Dinosaurs, Rod Campbell.
From Rod Campbell, the bestselling creator of the beloved classic Dear Zoo, comes a brand-new board book all about dinosaurs! Join author-illustrator Rod Campbell as he takes a journey beyond the zoo to prehistoric times when dinosaurs ruled the land. With sturdy pages, bright colours, and Campbell's signature style, Dinosaurs puts your little one's favourite giant creatures right in the palm of their hands.
Farm animals, Rod Campbell.
From Rod Campbell, the bestselling creator of the beloved classic Dear Zoo, comes a brand-new board book all about animals on the farm!
My zoo, Rod Campbell.
Come on in and meet all the animals! From the large grey elephant and the stripy zebra, to the bouncy kangaroo and the big friendly hippo, this great-value board book contains sixteen popular zoo animals. You can learn their names and then discover their different shapes and sizes as you turn the chunky die-cut pages. A classic theme in a satisfying new format by the creator of the worldwide bestselling lift-the-flap book Dear Zoo. The perfect way to introduce your children to the wonder and variety of wild animals!
Hug machine, Scott Campbell.
Who have you hugged today? Open your arms to this delightfully tender, goofy, and sweet tale.
Mister Seahorse, Eric Carle.
After Mrs. Seahorse lays her eggs on Mr. Seahorse's belly, he drifts through the water, greeting other fish fathers who are taking care of their eggs.
My first busy book, [Eric Carle].
This board book features shapes, colours, numbers, animals, and sounds, all with Eric Carle's classic artwork. It also includes a page with a mirror, textures, and a flap to lift.
The chill out chair, written by Josephine Carson-Barr ; illustrated by Simon Barr.
"We learn how the calm down chair got its new name, the chill out chair. We join with Nicholas and his friend the whale on an adventure saving the baby animals from the sea monster"
The Sava chair, Josephine Carson-Barr ; [illustrator] Simon Barr.
Nicholas and his cousin Chantelle are on holiday at Aunty Em's house at the beach. On the last day of their holiday, they notice a mysterious object in the river. Join them as they discover what it is and decide what they will do with it.
Waata the Weta : can he find the perfect home, written by Josephine Carson-Barr ; illustrated by Simon Barr.
Waata the weta leaves his home in the woodpile and sets out a journey to find the perfect home.
Otto Blotter bird spotter, Graham Carter.
The Blotter family are famous bird spotters, who stay in their hideout all day. All except for Otto he'd rather go out and have big adventures. When he follows the biggest footprints he's ever seen, he finds an extraordinary baby bird all on its own. Otto's new friend soon reveals a very special ability: camouflage! But the bird keeps growing and growing, and Otto begins to suspect it may have a family after all perhaps the time has come to take him home?
Goodnight, rainbow cats, Barbara Castro Urio.
One-by-one twelve colourful cats, viewed through die-cut holes, return to the big white house, and settle down to sleep.
The best dog in the world, Pat Chapman ; illustrated by Cat Chapman.
What makes dogs so special? Is it because they are so funny and playful? Is it because they try to help and don't always get it right, with such hilarious results? Find out in this delightful picture book that will be every child's favourite bedtime story.
All you need is love, Emma Chichester Clark.
Plum loves everyone. She loves her mummy and daddy and she especially loves her best friends, Rocket, Esther, Bean and Jakey. Her favourite part of the day is when she chases her best friends around the park. But when new dogs try to join in, Plum isn't so sure. Do they really need new friends? Especially ones as big as Otto, as old as Bounder, or as tiny as Milly? In this heartwarming tale, Plum learns what it really means to be a friend and how much fun new ones can be especially when you give them a chance.
It was you, Blue Kangaroo!, Emma Chichester Clark.
It came in the mail, Ben Clanton.
Liam really wants some mail, so he writes a letter to his mailbox asking for something in return. His mailbox delivers, sending Liam more than he could have hoped for ... and how! But as the mail starts to pile up, Liam realizes that the best packages and parcels are even better when shared with friends.
The hairdo that got away, Joseph Coelho, Fiona Lumbers.
Once a month, Dad takes his son to the barber's, come rain or shine. But when Dad disappears, this little boy's hair grows big, ginormous, out of control and so do his feelings. A touching and melodic story of family separation from a child's perspective.
Spot & Dot, Henry Cole.
Spot the cat goes out the open window and ventures through the city with Dot the dog, seeking her home.
Mix & match colours, Lo Cole.
Turn the pages of the book within a book to match the colours in this stylish, interactive board book. Bright illustrations and simple words introduce children to colours and every day objects, and the mix-and-match game makes learning fun. A perfect first book to share with your baby.
Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam. The cat burglar, Tracey Corderoy ; illustrated by Steven Lenton.
Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam have swapped a life of crime for baking cakes in their cafe. But now there's a new robber in town the infamous Kitty-le-Claw! When there's a midnight robbery at the bank, can the two baker dogs save the day?
Squish squash squeeze!, Tracey Corderoy, Jane Chapman.
Packed full of surprises, this funny tale about unexpected friendships will delight small children, as they discover the tiger, crocodile and bear hidden in Mouse's house. With a fantastic pop-up, pull-out ending, it's just the book to squish-squash-squeeze into your bookshelves. Mouse's new house seems perfect, with just enough room for his things. But who's that growling by the piano? And who's that sliding down the banister? Uh-oh! There are some very big animals living in the house. What a squish-squash-squeeze!
Count with Maisy, cheep, cheep, cheep!, Lucy Cousins.
It's bedtime but where have all of Mummy Hen's chicks gone? Maisy is soon on the case to search for them, and you can help too! Lift the flaps along the way to see who's hiding in the stable, in the tractor, or up in the apple tree. Cluck, cluck, cheep, cheep find all ten chicks and make sure that they get home safely!
Maisy goes by plane, Lucy Cousins.
Maisy is off on a journey to see her friend Ella, but Ella lives such a long way away. Maisy must go by plane and what an exciting trip it is! As she makes her way through security and steps on board, Maisy peeks in at the captain: what a lot of lights and buttons it takes to make a plane go! Maisy soon makes friends with Mr Percy and Betsy; and after drinks, magazines and a tricky toilet stop, the journey is over in no time!
Maisy goes to the library, Lucy Cousins.
Maisy learns to swim, Lucy Cousins.
Goggles and swimsuit at the ready it's Maisy's first swimming lesson! Maisy's a little nervous today she is going on her very first swimming lesson. There's lots of hustle and bustle in the changing room and wow! the pool looks SO big and it's ever so splish-splashy! Luckily, Eddie and Tallulah have come along too and they all have a great swimming teacher called Poppy, the hippo. Everyone has lots to learn, including floating, kicking and blowing bubbles, but it's a lot of fun! It is the perfect read for little children venturing on their very first swimming lesson, encouraging them to enjoy the water and have fun in an accessible and typically delightful Maisy way! With underwater scenes and splashy, bubbly fun, this brand new "First Experience" title from Maisy will reassure even the most apprehensive of children!
Maisy's sports day, Lucy Cousins.
Get energetic with Maisy on her very first sports day! Ready, steady, go!
Maisy's tractor : a Maisy shaped board book, Lucy Cousins.
Maisy's busy on her farm in this delightful tractor-shaped book of fun and learning! Chug, chug! Jump on board Maisy's tractor as she ploughs the field, feeds and milks the cows, and brings the lambs back to the barn. But, wait one moment one of the lambs has gone missing! Will Maisy be able to find her woolly friend? Find out in this baa-rilliant chunky board book! You can visit Maisy's amazing website for activities, newsletters, games and more. It features a super-sturdy, wipe-clean board book complete with sound words to encourage interactive play!
Peck, peck, peck, Lucy Cousins.
Little woodpecker has just learnt how to peck and ooh! yippee! what fun it is! Off he goes, on his first big pecking adventure, and he peck, peck. pecks his little heart out. He pecks the hat and then the mat, the tennis racket and the jacket. Just look at all the holes he has made.
Click, clack, moo : cows that type, Doreen Cronin ; pictures by Betsy Lewin.
Farmer Brown has a problem. His cows like to type. All day long he hears, click, clack, moo. Click, clack, moo. Click, clack, moo. But Farmer Brown's problems REALLY begin when his cows start leaving him notes.
The book tree, written by Paul Czajak ; illustrated by Rashin Kheiriyeh.
When young Arlo accidentally drops a book on the Mayors head, the Mayor decides books are dangerous and destroys all the books in town! But thanks to Arlos imagination and perseverance, the Mayor finds that suppressing stories cannot stop them from blossoming more beautifully than ever.
Good Rosie!, Kate DiCamillo ; pictures by Harry Bliss.
Rosie is a good dog and a faithful companion to her owner, George. She likes taking walks with George and looking at the clouds together, but the closest she comes to another dog is when she encounters her reflection in her empty dog bowl, and sometimes that makes Rosie feel lonely. One day George takes Rosie to the dog park, but the park is full of dogs that Rosie doesn't know, which makes her feel lonelier than ever. When big, loud Maurice and small, yippy Fifi bound over and want to play, Rosie's not sure how to respond. Is there a trick to making friends? And if so, can they all figure it out together?
Baby love, written by Angela DiTerlizzi ; illustrated by Brooke Boynton Hughes.
Illustrations and rhyming text reveal the special love between a parent and baby, from button nose to tiny toes.
Counting, Julia Donaldson, Axel Scheffler.
A first book of numbers based on Tales from Acorn Wood.
Stick Man, Julia Donaldson ; illustrated by Axel Scheffler.
Stick Man lives in the family tree with his Stick Lady Love and their stick children three. But it's dangerous being a Stick Man. A dog wants to play with him, a swan builds her nest with him. He even ends up on a fire. Join Stick Man on his troublesome journey back to the family tree.
The Everywhere Bear, written by Julia Donaldson ; illustrated by Rebecca Cobb.
The Everywhere Bear has a home on a shelf. But he doesn't spend very much time by himself, For each boy and girl in the class is a friend. And he goes home with one of them every weekend. The Everywhere Bear has a wonderful time with the children in Class One, but one day he gets more than he bargained for when he falls unnoticed from a backpack and embarks on his own big adventure! He's washed down a drain and whooshed out to sea, rescued by a fishing boat, loaded onto a lorry, carried off by a seagull how will he ever make it back to Class One?
The Troll, written by Julia Donaldson ; illustrated by David Roberts.
The Troll longs for a goat - but has to make do with fish for supper instead. Meanwhile, Hank Chief and his pirate crew are digging for treasure - but it seems they've sailed to the wrong island. Again. Watch the fun unfold as these two worlds collide in a richly inventive, gloriously comic tale from the creators of the highly acclaimed "Tyrannosaurus Drip".
There's an owl in my towel, Julia Donaldson, Rebecca Cobb.
It's tricky to have breakfast when there's a mole in your bowl! Gentle humour abounds as one baby's every activity is thwarted by a variety of surprising animals. But who wouldn't be happy to find a ted in their bed?
What the jackdaw saw, written by deaf children with Julia Donaldson ; iIllustrated by Nick Sharratt.
Poor jackdaw is about to fly into trouble will he learn to read the animals' signs in time?
What the ladybird heard next, written by Julia Donaldson ; illustrated by Lydia Monks.
Once upon a farm lived a ladybird, and these are the things that she saw and heard. Those crafty robbers Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len are out of jail, and they're heading back to the farm with another cunning plan to cause trouble. They've been stealing eggs from the fat red hen, but now they're setting their sights higher and are planning to steal the fat red hen herself! Fortunately the quiet, clever ladybird is on their trail, and she and her farm animal friends have a plan of their own. Join the cow, the goose, the horse, the sheep, the cat, and everyone's favourite ladybird in this fantastically funny farmyard caper.
Zog and the Flying Doctors, Julia Donaldson & illustrated by Axel Scheffler.
Meet the Flying Doctors: Princess Pearl, Sir Gadabout and, of course, their trusty 'air ambulance', Zog the dragon, as they fly around the country, tending to a sunburnt mermaid, a distressed unicorn, and even a sneezy lion.
Tabby McTat, Julia Donaldson ; illustrated by Axel Scheffler.
Tabby McTat was a busker's cat with a miaow that was loud and strong. The two of them sang of this and that, and people threw coins in the old checked hat...Fred, the busker, and his cat, Tabby McTat, are purr-fectly happy, singing together all day long. But when Fred gives chase to a thief, the two are separated. Will they ever find each other again? This is a heart-warming story of friendship, loyalty - and kittens!
Nanny Mihi and the rainbow, Melanie Drewery ; illustrated by Tracy Duncan.
Nanny has a special plan for her grandchildren when they visit her in the holidays. Every day she asks them to collect objects of a different colour, and by the end of the week they have made a rainbow.
Cloud chaser, written by Anne-Fleur Drillon ; illustrated by Eric Puybaret ; translated by Lisa Rosinsky.
Dreamy Emery loves doodling wild inventions ... but when a new friend moves in next door with piles of tools and ideas, can they build a real flying machine together? This charming celebration of intergenerational friendship, creativity and the thrill of scientific discovery will delight young inventors and STEM educators alike.
The lion and the bird, Marianne Dubuc ; [translated from the French by Claudia Z. Bedrick].
A lion finds a wounded bird in his garden and decides to care for it through the winter. When spring arrives, the bird's flock returns. The bird goes off with its flock. Lion is sad. But autumn brings a wonderful surprise.
Pat-a-cake baby, written by Joyce Dunbar ; illustrated by Polly Dunbar.
Are you ready? Grab a spoon! Because it's Pat-a-cake time! Come on Jelly Baby, Allsorts Baby and Candy Baby Pat-a-cake Baby wants to make a very special cake and needs your help, what a job it is! Pitter-patter get the butter! Glitzy-glossy whisk in sugar! Jokey-yolky add the eggs! Sipping-sopping pour some milk! And don't forget the flour sieving-shaking! Then there's the baking to do and there's icing to pipe and, at last, the all important eating! A riot of rhyme and action, little children will feel stuffed to the brim full of magic and fun.
Penguin, Polly Dunbar.
Ben rips open his present and finds a penguin inside. Ben tickles Penguin; he pulls his funniest face; he puts on a happy hat, and sings a silly song. "Can't you talk?" says Ben. Penguin says nothing. It isn't until a passing lion intervenes that Penguin finally speaks... and when he does, Ben discovers something that was really worth the wait.
Lots of spots, Lois Ehlert.
Introduces the different types of camouflage animals use to help blend in with their surroundings, including spots on flounder, colorful spots on poisonous frogs, and large spots on butterflies.
Rrralph, Lois Ehlert.
The narrator describes discovering how Ralph the dog can talk, appropriately saying words such as "roof," "rough," "bark," and "wolf."
The snow dragon, Abi Elphinstone & Fiona Woodcock.
"You can be late for many things in life, but you should never keep an adventure waiting." In Griselda Bone's gloomy orphanage, daydreaming is banned, skipping is forbidden and Christmas is well and truly cancelled. But for Phoebe and her sausage dog Herb, is it possible that magic awaits in the swirling, snow-filled air?
Nighty night Little Green Monster, Ed Emberley.
With the turn of every die-cut page, see Little Green Monster's face gradually appear. Then, as the stars come out, get ready to say good night.
Panda opposites, Suzi Eszterhas.
With minimal text and adorable panda photos from wildlife photographer Suzi Eszterhas, children will learn all about opposites.
Ten little engines, [written by Jude Exley ; illustrations by Dan Crisp].
Ten little engines steaming down the track. How many engines will come puffing back?!
Olivia and the fairy princesses, written and illustrated by Ian Falconer.
Olivia is having an identity crisis! There are too many ruffly, sparkly princesses around these days, and Olivia has had quite enough. She needs to stand out! She has to be special! What will she be? Join Olivia on a hilarious quest for individuality in this latest book of the OLIVIA series, and rest assured, you won't find THIS pig in pink!
Olivia-- and the missing toy, Ian Falconer.
Olivia has one toy that she loves more than anything and when he disappears, Olivia is heartbroken. Then, one dark and stormy night, Olivia hears a noise. Candelabra in hand, she bravely creeps into her bedroom to face a huge menacing shadow on the wall, a piece of her beloved toy in its jaws!
Olivia goes to Venice, written and illustrated by Ian Falconer.
On a family vacation in Venice, Olivia indulges in gelato, rides in a gondola, and finds the perfect souvenir.
Olivia's ABC, written and illustrated by Ian Falconer.
A is for accessories, B is for books, and O is for Olivia, of course! Come along from A to Z in this unique and raucous romp through the alphabet as only Olivia could describe it. A perfect gift for any fan of the precocious pig, this sturdy board book is ideal for the youngest Olivia readers-and the littlest hands (or hoofs).
Bulldozer's big day, Candace Fleming and Eric Rohmann.
It's Bulldozer's big day -- his birthday! But around the construction site, it seems like everyone is too busy to remember. Bulldozer wheels around asking his truck friends if they know what day it is, but they each only say it's a work day. They go on scooping, sifting, stirring, filling, and lifting, and little Bulldozer grows more and more glum. But when the whistle blows at the end of the busy day, Bulldozer discovers a construction site surprise, especially for him.
Birdsong, Julie Flett.
When a young girl moves from the country to a small town, she feels lonely and out of place. But soon she meets an elderly woman next door, who shares her love of nature and art. As the seasons change, can the girl navigate the failing health of her new friend? Acclaimed author and artist Julie Flett's textured images of birds, flowers, art, and landscapes bring vibrancy and warmth to this powerful story, which highlights the fulfillment of intergenerational relationships and shared passions.
Little Red Rhyming Hood, Sue Fliess ; pictures by Petros Bouloubasis.
Little Red, teased for speaking only in rhymes, enters a poetry contest hoping to make friends but Big Bad Wolf scares her rhyming ability out of her and into himself.
Just in case you want to fly, Julie Fogliano, Christian Robinson.
Offers encouragement and supplies, from a snack and a blanket to a map for finding the way home, to a loved one who may be facing a new challenge.
Sarah's two nativities, Janine M. Fraser, Helene Magisson.
A heartwarming celebration of Christmas, family and faith by two of Australia's finest picture book creators. Sarah loves her two grandmas Grandmother Azar and Grandmother Maria. Grandmother Azar tells Sarah stories from the Holy Koran, while Grandmother Maria tells her stories from the Bible. At Christmas time, Sarah snuggles in each of her grandmothers' laps and listens to two nativities stories about the birth of baby Jesus. They are the same in some ways, and different in others but both can be Sarah's favourite.
Poor Louie, Tony Fucile.
Louie's life is great! A walk on the leash every morning, ice cream on Sundays, snuggling in bed at night with Mom and Dad. Even the playdates with Mom's friends -- despite their little crawling creatures who pull Louie's ears -- aren't all that bad. But then things get weird: cold food on the floor, no room in the bed, and lots of new stuff coming into the house in pairs -- two small beds, two little sweaters, two seats in the stroller. Does that bode double trouble ahead, or could there be a happier surprise in store for Louie? With perfect visual pacing, Tony Fucile takes a familiar story and gives it a comic spin.
Except when they don't, words by Laura Gehl ; pictures by Joshua Heinsz.
Illustrations and simple, rhyming text challenge the idea that boys and girls should each wear only certain colours or play with certain toys, and encourages them to be true to themselves.
Fair shares, Pippa Goodhart, Anna Doherty.
When Bear and Hare try to reach some juicy pears, they realise they need some help. Hare finds three chairs but is it fair that Hare has two chairs and Bear only one? When they have the same, Hare still can't reach the pears! So a little friend teaches them that fair isn't always everyone getting the same thing with hilarious results!
You choose in space, Nick Sharrat & Pippa Goodhart.
Zoom off into space for an adventure where YOU CHOOSE what happens next. Which alien would you most like to be friends with? And what fantastically freaky food will you decide to munch for lunch? The possibilities are infinite in this mesmerising creative toolkit which will inspire children to make their own stories time and again.
The Underhills : a tooth fairy story, Bob Graham.
April and Esme are staying at Grandma and Grandad's for a whole weekend! A visit to Grandma and Grandad's is always special for the two sisters. There's the mixing of fairy cakes, pancakes with syrup for breakfast and a chocolate waiting on each of their pillows. And this weekend, when Mum calls with an urgent tooth fairy job, there's an exciting trip to the airport with Grandma to make sure one little girl has her tooth collected.
Again!, Emily Gravett.
Bear and Hare go fishing, Emily Gravett.
Bear and Hare are off on a fishing trip, with nets and rods at the ready. Bear loves fishing! Hare seems more interested in his picnic. But after a long wait, the two adventurers catch more than they expect in this tale of fun, friendship and fishy goings-on. Full of warmth and humour, and starring two loveable new characters, this beautifully illustrated story from the twice winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal is sure to delight children and parents alike. Look out for more Bear and Hare stories coming soon!
Bear and Hare where's bear?, Emily Gravett.
Bear and Hare are back in their third adventure, Where's Bear? and this time they're playing hide-and-seek. Hare is very good at closing his eyes and counting to ten. The problem is, Bear is not very good at hiding. Not very good at all. When you're as big as Bear squeezing yourself behind a lamp stand is not easy, and trying to disappear behind a glass fish tank is simply not going to work. But all of a sudden Bear is gone! Wherever could he be?
Little Mouse's big book of beasts, Emily Gravett.
Little Mouse has found a new book, and this time it's full of scary creatures. Undaunted, he bravely sets about removing or altering all the scariest bits: cosy mittens to cover the lion's claws, ruby lips to replace the shark's teeth and he even pole vaults out of the way of the bear!
The odd egg, Emily Gravett.
When Duck finds an egg of his own he's delighted: it's the most beautiful egg in the world! But all the other birds think it's a very odd egg indeed and everyone's in for a big surprise when the egg hatches.
The rabbit problem, Emily Gravett.
A family of rabbits soon supplies the answer in this funny story! Hop along to Fibonacci's Field and follow Lonely and Chalk Rabbit through a year as they try to cope with their fast expanding brood and handle a different seasonal challenge each month, from the cold of February to the wet of April and the heat of July. This extraordinary picture book is packed with gorgeous details and novelty elements including a baby rabbit record book, a carrot recipe book and a surprise pop-up ending.
Come on everybody, time to play!, Nigel Gray ; illustrator, Bob Graham.
It is Sunday morning and there's no school today - so it's time to play! But where is everybody? Lift the flaps and find where the different family members (including all the pets) are hiding. 'Come on Everybody! Time to Play!' is the sequel to 'My Dog, My Cat, My Mum and Me!'. It is a lift-the-flap picture book about families and pets for kids age 2+
Theodore Gray's ABC elements.,
Introduces certain elements of the periodic table, including helium, carbon, oxygen, and calcium.
Little Miss Contrary, Roger Hargreaves.
Little Miss Contrary always says the opposite of what she means.
Little Miss Curious, Roger Hargreaves.
Little Miss Curious just wants to know everything.
Little Miss Stubborn, Roger Hargreaves.
Little Miss Stubborn hates being told what she can and can't do, so she does whatever she wants.
Mr. Funny, Roger Hargreaves.
Mr Funny loves to cheer everyone up with his jokes and humour.
Little Miss Bad, Roger Hargreaves.
Little Miss Bad is naughty and mischievous.
Mr. Chatterbox, Roger Hargreaves.
Mr Chatterbox simply can't stop talking!
Mr. Cool, Roger Hargreaves.
Mr Cool is the coolest person in the world.
Mr. Lazy, Roger Hargreaves.
Mr Lazy is the laziest person in the world.
Mr. Rude, Roger Hargreaves.
In this much-loved and bestselling story Mr Rude shows how he got his name.
Mr. Skinny, Roger Hargreaves.
Mr Skinny extraordinarily thin but lives in Fatland.
Snow Bunny's Christmas gift, Rebecca Harry.
From the creator of the highly-acclaimed Snow Bunny's Christmas Wish, comes this brand new tale about the little bunny with the big heart, and the true gift of friendship.
A bit lost, Chris Haughton.
A cat's Christmas carol, Sam Hay & Helen Shoesmith.
It's Christmas Eve and all the staff in the department store are on their way home for Christmas. All except one. Clawdia, the department store's security cat! She doesn't see the point in silly festive celebrations and would much rather prowl the corridors making sure everything is in order. But when three cold and lonely visitors turn up at the store, they teach Clawdia a few key lessons about the true meaning of Christmas.
I see, I see, R. Henderson.
A book for one? A book for two? A book for different points of view. I See, I See is a playful, rhyming call-and-answer conversation between two readers, each of whom view the page from a different perspective: I see water, I see sky, I see swimming, I see fly!
Supertato : Evil Pea rules, Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet.
It's all very well being a superhero and saving the day but what if there was no one there to cause the chaos? Fortunately, this isn't something we will have to worry about any time soon. The Evil Pea is back! And this time he has his biggest, most dastardly plan yet to take over the supermarket.
Lilly's big day, Kevin Henkes.
When her teacher announces that he is getting married, Lilly the mouse sets her heart on being the flower girl at his wedding.
Little white rabbit, Kevin Henkes.
As he hops along a little rabbit wonders what it would be like to be green as grass, tall as fir trees, hard as rocks, and flutter like butterflies.
Winter is here, Kevin Henkes ; illustrated by Laura Dronzek.
Snow falls, animals burrow, and children prepare for the wonders winter brings.
I do not like books anymore!, Daisy Hirst.
Natalie and Alphonse really like books. Picture books with Dad, scary stories with Mom, and especially stories they remember or make up themselves. So when it's time for Natalie to learn to read, she thinks it will be exciting - she can have all the stories in the world now, and even read them to Alphonse. But when Natalie gets her first reading book, the letters look like squiggles and it isn't even a good story; it's just about a cat that can sit. "I do not like books anymore!" Natalie declares. But she still wants to make up stories. With Alphonse's help, can she find a way to turn a love of telling stories into a love of reading stories?
Hello robots!, Joan Holub ; illustrated by Chris Dickason.
New from beloved author Joan Holub, Hello Robots! is a fun, playful board book about robots and sequencing! Hello Buzz. Hello Beep. Hello robots fast asleep. Wake up! Get dressed, robots! Perfect for reading out loud, Joan Holub's hilarious text and Chris Dickason's lively illustrations will have little ones learning and laughing as they try to help sleepy robots complete their morning routine in the correct order. A clever, interactive approach to first concepts, the Hello board book series introduces important next-step concepts like sequencing in a hilariously engaging way.
Butterfly, butterfly, Petr Horacek.
Using his trademark saturated hues and simple shapes to create an enticing world of colors, Horcek offers a colourful look at insect critters in this beautiful book featuring die-cuts and a final pop-up surprise. Full colour.
Mr Kiwi has an important job, words and pictures by Heather Hunt.
"Job sharing is nothing new for kiwi. For millions of years, dedicated kiwi parents have worked together to successfully hatch their precious chicks. What is Mr Kiwi's important job"
My monster and me, written by Nadiya Hussain ; illustrated by Ella Bailey.
A touching story about a little boy whose worry monster follows him everywhere he goes. It's there when he gets dressed, when he wants to play with his toys, and even when his friends come over to visit. How can he escape his worries? Having suffered with panic disorder herself for as long as she can remember, Nadiya wrote this heartfelt story to help give children and parents the tools they need to talk about worries and anxiety, to ensure that no child suffers in silence.
One year with Kipper, Mick Inkpen.
Kipper has made a new year resolution not to throw snowballs at Tiger. He manages to keep to this for a whole month, but in February it snows! This picture book explores the fun that Kipper and Tiger have every month of the year, through the photos that Kipper takes. It is structured around the months of the year.
Mr Scruff, Simon James.
Polly belongs with Molly, Eric belongs with Derek, Perry belongs with Terry everyone knows that owners and their dogs belong together in their own unique way. But for Poor Mr Scruff, alone in the dogs' home, there's no one that is until a very special little boy arrives looking for a friend.
How to catch a star, Oliver Jeffers.
There once was a boy - and the boy loved stars very much.
The heart and the bottle, Oliver Jeffers.
The good egg, Jory John and Pete Oswald.
Meet the good egg. He's a verrrrrry good egg indeed. But trying to be so good is hard when everyone else is plain ol' rotten. As the other eggs in the dozen behave badly, the good egg starts to crack from all the pressure of feeling like he has to be perfect. So, he decides enough is enough! It's time for him to make a change.
Tin, Chris Judge.
Tin is looking after his little sister Nickel one afternoon when she grabs hold of a balloon and floats away! Tin and his dog Zinc set off in hot pursuit as she floats towards the big city. Can they rescue Nickel before she goes too far?
Purakau, Robyn Kahukiwa.
Three fictional stories, containing elements of traditional Maori tales.
Horse meets dog, Elliott Kalan ; illustrations by Tim Miller.
Horse is just an oversize dog with funny paws ... according to Dog. And Dog? Just a tiny baby horse with a weird tail. That's what Horse thinks, anyway.
Three, Stephen Michael King.
One, two, three. One, two, three. Every day was a hop and a skip for Three. He was happy to walk from here to there, wherever his nose led, or wherever his legs took him all the way to new friends.
Marilyn's monster, Michelle Knudsen ; illustrated by Matt Phelan.
Some of the kids in Marilyn's class have monsters. Marilyn doesn't have hers yet, but she can't just go out and look for one. Your monster has to find you.
The luckiest snowball, Elliot Kreloff.
Izzy brings his new friend, Larry the snowball, home and, over the course of a year, introduces him to each season before rushing him back to the freezer. Includes facts about seasons and discussion questions.
The smelly giant, Kurahau ; illustrated by Laya Mutton-Rogers.
"Giant Toe Jam has a huge problem, his smelly feet. No one wants to be around him and he's teased all the time. But Toe Jam has a big heart and with his little friend, he does something extraordinary.
Tio Tiamu, na Kurahau ; na Laya Mutton-Rogers nga pikitia.
Here comes Christmas : a touch and feel book, [illustrated by Hilli Kushnir].
Here Comes Christmas is a playful touch-and-feel book, full of energy, fun and of course, lots of cute festive friends!
Squeak!, Laura McGee Kvasnosky, Kate Harvey McGee.
A mouse wakes up with a squeak, and his noise sets off a chain reaction of animals waking each other up.
Zombies don't eat veggies, Megan Lacera & Jorge Lacera ; illustrated by Jorge Lacera.
Mo Romero is a zombie who loves nothing more than growing, cooking, and eating vegetables. Tomatoes? Tantalizing. Peppers? Pure perfection! The problem? Mo's parents insist that they eat only zombie cuisine, like arm-panadas and finger foods. They tell Mo over and over that zombies don't eat veggies. But Mo can't imagine a lifetime of just eating zombie food and giving up his veggies. As he questions his own zombie identity, Mo tries his best to convince his parents to give peas a chance.
The thing about bees : a love letter, Shabazz Larkin.
A love poem from a father to his two sons, and a tribute to the bees that pollinate the foods we love to eat.
The tiptoeing tiger, Philippa Leathers.
Everyone knows that tigers are sleek, silent, and totally terrifying . . . most tigers, that is. But no one is afraid of Little Tiger. He's just too small and clumsy to frighten anyone. Determined to prove that he is terrifying, Little Tiger sets out on tiptoe, creeping through the forest to find someone to scare.
Definitely do not open this book, Andy Lee ; illustrated by Heath McKenzie
Wizz is back, and he's up to his old tricks again. He definitely does not want you to read this book, and he'll use every trick he can think of to stop you reaching the end! What disaster awaits at the end of the book this time?
Seriously do not open this book, Andy Lee ; illustrated by Heath McKenzie.
He's back again! This cheeky blue character is willing to forgive you for what happened last time but he seriously does not want you to open this book or turn its pages. What reason does he have this time?
Australian baby animals, Frane Lessac.
Many Australian animal babies are called joeys. A kangaroo's pouch keeps her joey safe and warm. A ringtail possum dad helps the mum look after their joeys. A sea dragon baby is called a fry. Learn all about other Australian baby animals!
Noni the pony, Alison Lester.
Noni is the nicest pony any little child could ever hope to meet. A delightful new picture book for young children by the much-loved Alison Lester. Noni the Pony lives on a farm by the bay. She's friendly and funny and her best friends are Jac Dog and Coco the Cat. In the day time she gallops and canters and entertains the other farm animals, but sometimes at night, when the leaves sigh in the breeze, Noni gets spooked!and that's when her friends snuggle in to help Noni go to sleep.
The rough patch, Brian Lies.
A breathtakingly beautiful and luminescent book that is pitchperfect for anyone of any age who has experienced any type of loss or disappointment, from New York Times- bestselling picture book creator Brian Lies.
Mama tiger tiger cub, Steve Light.
Up the zigzag river, past a slippery fish, beside the fragrant flowers. What is Mama Tiger looking for?
Everybody says meow, Constance Lombardo.
Everybody Says Meow! Or do they? Fans of Sandra Boynton and of Jules Feiffer's classic Bark, George will meow, bark, and ribbit when they hear this hilarious picture book about a waggish group of adorable animals that just cannot follow one simple instruction.
Froggy picks a pumpkin, Jonathan London ; illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz.
On a class trip to the pumpkin patch, Froggy exuberantly picks a pumpkin in hopes of carving a jack-o'-lantern, making a pumpkin pie, and possibly winning a prize in his class's pumpkin-picking contest.
Who's going to bed?, Abie Longstaff, Eve Coy.
Find out who is going to bed in this soothing bedtime tale from the bestselling author of the Fairytale Hairdresser series. Meet a cheeky baby who is not sleepy and wreaks havoc among the tired animals, pirates and royalty of a magical fairy-tale land. Will anybody get any rest and what will happen when they meet a very sleepy baby dragon?
The Wonderbird, David Lucas.
A breathtakingly beautiful gift picture book about togetherness, perfect for fans of The Fox and the Star. A flock of birds flew among the stars, twittering, chirruping, piping, hooting, all singing one wonderful song. They sang to the Wonderbird, a million different voices all in harmony. But who is the Wonderbird? wondered Piper. As the birds scatter to seek the mysterious Wonderbird, Piper travels to the edge of the Milky Way and, lost and alone, discovers the answer to his question.
That's not a hippopotamus!, written by Juliette MacIver ; illustrated by Sarah Davis.
A class trip to the zoo descends into a chaotic hunt for the missing hippopotamus. Teacher, zookeeper and all the children join the search. The noise and drama reach a pitch, and no one thinks to listen to quiet Liam.
The hundred-year barn, words by Patricia MacLachlan ; illustrations by Kenard Pak.
One hundred years ago, a little boy watched his family and community come together to build a grand red barn. This barn become his refuge and home-a place to play with friends and farm animals alike. As seasons passed, the barn weathered many storms. The boy left and returned a young man, to help on the farm and to care for the barn again. The barn has stood for one hundred years, and it will stand for a hundred more: a symbol of peace, stability, caring and community.
Nop, Caroline Magerl.
Nop is a scruffy kind of bear. He sits on a dusty armchair in Oddmint's Dumporeum surrounded by the beaders, knitters, patchers and stitchers who are much too busy to talk to him. So he watches the litter tumble until, armed with a new bow tie, he has an idea that will change his life forever.
Panda bear, panda bear, what do you see?, Bill Martin Jr. ; pictures by Eric Carle.
Illustrations and rhyming text present ten different endangered animals.
A pair of red clogs, Masako Matsuno ; illustrated by Kazue Mizumura.
A young Japanese girl tries to hide the fact that she has cracked her new red clogs.
Katie's picture show, James Mayhew.
Katie's Picture Show was originally published in 1989 and has captured the imagination and hearts of budding art lovers for a quarter of a century. Now, Orchard Books proudly presents this new edition to celebrate this classic story's 25th birthday. Completely reillustrated throughout, and with a beautiful new cover look, this book will enchant Katie fans, new and old. Join Katie as she visits the gallery for the first time with Grandma and discovers that art is wonderfully exciting, especially when five famous paintings come alive for her! Join the ever-curious Katie as she discovers that art can be fantastic fun particularly when you step into the world inside the frame.
The monsters' monster, Patrick McDonnell.
Once upon a time, there were three little rascals who thought they were the BIGGEST, BADDEST monsters around. Then along came an even BIGGER monster who changed their minds. And all it took was two little words.
Who's hiding in the jungle?, Katharine McEwen.
There are lots of animals in the jungle. Where are they hiding and what are they doing? In this innovative lift-the-flap book, little ones can pore over the beautiful collaged pages and explore under leaves, trees and rocks to find out interesting facts about jungle wildlife. This is the perfect introduction to the outdoors.
Who's hiding on safari?, Katharine McEwen.
There are lots of animals to see on safari. Where are they hiding and what are they doing? In this innovative lift-the-flap book, little ones can pore over the beautiful collaged pages and explore under leaves, trees and rocks to find out interesting facts about safari wildlife. This is the perfect introduction to the outdoors.
There's a shark in the bath, Sarah McIntyre.
What would you do if you found a shark in the bath? Or three of them Papa Shark, Mama Shark and Baby Shark? The sharks are keen on a hearty breakfast, but Dulcie knows just how to outwit such cheeky sea creatures and sends them packing before Dad even gets a glimpse.
Don't butt in!, Heath McKenzie.
Baboon has new pants and he can't help but butt in to tell everyone about them. How rude! What happens when the animals in town have had enough of the interrupting baboon?
Hugless Douglas plays hide-and-seek, David Melling.
Hugless Douglas loves to play hide-and-seek but he's so big he can never find a good enough hiding place. So he and Little Sheep team up to be the best seekers ever. But what happens when someone gets a little more lost than they planned?
Hooray for babies!, Susan Meyers ; illustrated by Sue Cornelison.
Hip, hip, hooray for babies! From squish baby bellies to ticklish little toes, from crawling to clapping, and playtime to naptime, celebrate all the amazing things that babies can do!
Mr Large in charge, Jill Murphy.
With Mr Large in charge of all the children, Mrs Large's day in bed is not quite as peaceful as she had hoped! Suggested level: junior.
The lonely Christmas tree, Chris Naylor-Ballesteros.
A lonely tree stands on the cold, frosted hillside gazing at the other trees sparkling in the village below. How it longs to be with them! Then suddenly out reaches a warm friendly hand, and with a wobble and a shake, a very jolly fellow takes the tree on a journey to a new place where the tree will feel that it belongs once more, surrounded by old friends and new.
Little Smokey, Robert Neubecker.
A small firefighting airplane saves the day from disaster using her courage and a little help from her friends.
If you ever want to bring a piano to the beach, don't!, Elise Parsley.
If your mom says to get ready to play at the beach, she means with a boat, or a Frisbee, or a shovel. She is not talking about the piano. But Magnolia is a little girl with a big idea, determination, and one very heavy upright piano that, she insists, she needs to take with her. What's the worst that can happen? In a riotous series of mishaps, Magnolia quickly learns that-not surprisingly-a piano doesn't mix well with sand, sun, and seagulls!
I'm a baked potato!, Elise Primavera ; art by Juana Medina.
A small dog named Baked Potato is lost and searching for his lady owner, but neither the grumpy dog or the fox are helpful, and his strange name creates confusion until owl explains that, whatever he is called, he is really a dog.
A ball for Daisy, Chris Raschka.
A wordless picture book about all the fun a dog can have with her ball.
Three cheers for Kid McGear!, Sherri Duskey Rinker and AG Ford.
Told in rhyme, the big construction trucks are skeptical when Kid McGear the skid-steer shows up on the big construction site, after all a skid-steer is rather small but when the big trucks run into trouble on a steep incline, Kid McGear proves that sometimes a small all-purpose truck may be just what is needed to save the day.
I'm ready for preschool, illustrated by Jedda Robaard.
I'm trying something new soon. Something new and exciting. This adorable story explores the jittery anticipation of the first day of preschool.
In the jungle, Hilary Robinson and Mandy Stanley.
Gregory Goose is on an adventure to the jungle. But he is playing hide-and-seek. Can you help find him?
1, 2, 3, do the dinosaur!, Michelle Robinson, Rosalind Beardshaw.
Follow toddler Tom as he teaches you and all his friends exactly how to be a dinosaur. There's a rumble in the jungle and Tom calls on all his friends to copy him as they chomp, slash, swish and roar together. But when they stumble across a huge hill, they're in for a big, toothy surprise.
Dear girl,, Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Paris Rosenthal ; illustrated by Holly Hatam.
Encourages readers to accept and love themselves as they are and advises them to be confident, curious, adaptable, and willing to speak up.
Go to sheep, Jennifer Sattler ; illustrated by Benson Shum.
There are many ways to go to "sheep" with this delightful bedtime board book that's perfect for reading aloud! You can sheep in your pj's or just underpants. You can sheep all alone but sometimes you can't. There are lots of ways to go to "sheep," and here to show you all of the ways is an adorablesheep! This bedtime book is perfect for a giggle before little ones drift off to sleep, just as the sheep does in this charming board book.
One red sock, Jennifer Sattler.
When a little purple hippo cannot find the mate for her red sock, she tries everything in her sock drawer in order to be fashionable or at least to match.
Richard Scarry's best lowly worm book ever!,
During his busy day, Lowly Worm goes to school, helps Postman Pig deliver the mail, flies his applecopter, plays hide-and seek.
Another celebrated dancing bear, Gladys Scheffrin-Falk ; etchings by Barbara Garrison.
Boris receives dancing lessons from his friend Max, a dancing bear with the Moscow circus.
Der glumph went the little green frog, illustrated by Matt Shanks.
Der Glumph went the little green frog one day. And they all went der glumph, glumph glumph. But. The Australian animals are all relaxing in the outback, but what do they get up to when nobody is looking?
Night of the moonjellies, Mark Shasha.
Seven-year-old Mark helps his grandmother and other family members run their seaside hot dog stand and then has a surprise at the end of the day.
Hello Moon, Francesca Simon, Ben Cort.
A magical bedtime story about a little boy who makes friends with the moon.
Baby dinosaur, [written by Dawn Sirett ; digitally illustrated by Peter Minister].
From bumpy scales to tough, pointy horns, there are all sorts of dinosaur textures for baby to explore in this sturdy book.
It's a book, Lane Smith.
The bad mood and the stick, Lemony Snicket ; art by Matthew Forsythe.
New York Times bestselling author Lemony Snicket sheds light on the way bad moods come and go. Once there was a bad mood and a stick. The stick appeared when a tree dropped it. Where did the bad mood come from? Who picked up the stick? And where is the bad mood off to now? You never know what is going to happen.
Hoihoi turituri, Soledad Bravi ; translated by Hareruia Aperahama.
Lots of noises for children to make. On board pages. Suggested level: junior.
Max's dinosaur feet!, Lana Spasevski, Penelope Pratley.
Max has dinosaur feet. He must not wake the baby. Stomp! Stamp! Smash! Oh dear. How can he and his family keep their feet quiet, and the baby asleep?
What cats think, Mies van Hout ; text by John Spray.
What do cats think when they get caught in the rain, or when a bird is just out of reach? If they could tell us, their voices would be full of charisma and attitude.
Pea + Nut!, Matt Stanton.
When a chilled-out panda and a hyperactive flamingo go head to head, there can be only one winner. Pea the panda decides to bake a cake. Nut the flamingo decides to turn it into a competition. Let the cake-baking battle begin!
Paper peek : colours, Chihiro Takeuchi.
Intricate cut-paper artwork and clever die cuts yield an innovative search-and-find book that homes in on colors and counting. Peek through a shaped opening to spy a beautifully patterned green leaf, a red apple, a white cloud. Then turn the page to discover a world of animals and objects, familiar and new, hidden within the patterns. Can you find two orange basketballs? Three pink flamingos? Five yellow butterflies? Simple, fresh, and satisfying, this stylish board book promises hours of engagement for young children.
Life as a mini hero, Olivier Tallec ; [translated from the French by Claudia Zoe Bedrick].
A tongue-in-cheek portrait of the lives of child heroes.
Where is 102?, Christine Taylor.
Help Granny Grandad and Jock in the hunt to find 102. A real life farming adventure of 102 the cheeky young heifer who tests all the boundaries.
Fly!, Mark Teague.
Mama bird wants Baby bird to learn to fly so he can migrate with the rest of the flock, but Baby bird would rather go by hot air balloon or car, instead.
Llamaste & friends : a yoga story about being kind, [illustrated by Annabel Tempest].
Join Llamaste as she helps her friends become happy and calm by teaching them yoga. With free downloadable guided relaxation audio and yoga poster! Llamaste is a llama who likes to practise yoga. Join her in this funny, sweet story as she helps Tiger calm down and Koala be brave by showing them simple, useful yoga poses. The easy-to-use text also encourages children to talk about how the animals are feeling and if they have felt like that too, which helps develop empathy skills and encourages them to talk about emotions.
Imagine a day, written by Sarah L. Thomson ; paintings by Rob Gonsalves.
Whimsical thoughts, bringing colourful and happy images to the reader.
Gus's garage, Leo Timmers ; English text by James Brown.
Gus's workshop is chockful of useless odds and ends. But when his friend Rico comes over with a problem-his scooter seat is way too small for a rhino-Gus finds just the thing to solve it.
Finding kindness, Deborah Underwood ; illustrated by Irene Chan.
Illustrations and rhyming text describe acts of kindness and community.
That's not my elephant, [written by Fiona Watt ; illustrated by Rachel Wells].
That's not my frog : its tummy is too squashy, [written by Fiona Watt ; illustrated by Rachel Wells].
That's not my lamb, [written by Fiona Watt ; illustrated by Rachel Wells].
A sweet touchy-feely book, just right for sharing with babies and toddlers. The furry textures are a delight to touch, and even very young babies will reach out to touch them.
That's not my meerkat, [written by Fiona Watt ; illustrated by Rachel Wells].
Cute and curious meerkats have become one of the most popular furry animals.
That's not my monkey-- : its ears are too soft, [written by Fiona Watt ; illustrated by Rachel Wells].
Part of a series which is shortlisted for the British Book Industry Stora Enso Award for Design and Production. This title helps young children develop important language and sensory skills.
That's not my pirate, [written by Fiona Watt ; illustrated by Rachel Wells].
Home in the woods, Eliza Wheeler.
During the Great Depression six-year-old Marvel, her seven siblings, and their mother find a tar-paper shack in the woods and, over the course of a year, turn it into a home.
Clancy the quokka, Lili Wilkinson ; illustrated by Alison Mutton.
Here's Clancy the quokka. So friendly and charming. His innocent face is entirely disarming. Clancy the Quokka is super cute, but also has a super cheeky habit of raiding picnic food, so when he spots a magnificent birthday cake, how can he resist? After the mayhem he creates, will Clancy learn his lesson?
Dinosaur stomp! : the Triceratops, [text by Jeanne Willis].
The World of Dinosaur Roar! is a brand new collectable series of books created by Peter Curtis and produced in association with the Natural History Museum in London. Inspired by the classic picture book Dinosaur Roar! by Paul Stickland and Henrietta Stickland, this colourful series introduces a range of authentic dinosaur characters to very young children. The wonderful rhyming text has been written by award-winning author Jeanne Willis, and introduces Dinosaur Stomp and various other dinosaur characters in a story suitable for the very youngest children. Very funny, and great to read aloud, Dinosaur Stomp! The Triceratops has been approved by the Department of Earth Sciences at the Natural History Museum in London, and the book includes a spread of simple dinosaur facts and a pronunciation guide.
Kereru's BBQ, written by Karyn Wilson ; illustrated by Jessica Waters.
Kereru invites all the other birds to a Kiwi-style barbecue, and they bring their own specialties. Includes the Maori names for New Zealand birds.
Peka and Koro : friends of the forest, written by Karyn Wilson ; illustrated by Jessica Waters.
"Peka the baby bat leaves the family roost on her first solo flight. It turns into a big night of adventure when she meets other unique nocturnal native creatures of New Zealand"
In my heart : a book of feelings, Jo Witek ; illustrated by Christine Roussey.
A young girl explores what different emotions feel like, such as happiness which makes her want to twirl, or sadness which feels as heavy as an elephant.
Twenty-four robbers, Audrey Wood.
When twenty-four robbers visit a woman's cottage she gives them what they ask for, but they keep coming back for more until they are ready to give something to her.
No place for an octopus, Claire Zorn.
After discovering an octopus in the rock pools at the beach, a boy wonders about all the fun adventures they could share if he took the octopus home.

Younger Fiction

The boy who climbed into the moon, David Almond ; illustrated by Polly Dunbar.
This is a magnificent tale of crackpot notions and sky-high courage - from David Almond, the master of magical realism, with illustrations by major new talent, Polly Dunbar. Paul believes that the moon is not the moon, but is a great hole in the sky. It's one of many strange ideas that he's never told anyone (at school he was told that he had no ideas at all), until he meets Molly, his irrepressible neighbour, who begins to convince him that his theory might just change the world. Helped by a very long ladder, some highly irregular characters, two rather worried parents and a great deal of community spirit, Paul takes to the sky. But his astonishing discovery there can't keep him away for long - what is waiting for him back at home is turning out to be better than he'd ever imagined...
Sofia Valdez, future prez, Andrea Beaty ; illustrated by David Roberts.
When her abuelo is injured at the local landfill, second-grader Sofia is determined to transform the dangerous Mount Trashmore into a park, taking on City Hall in the process.
The naughtiest unicorn at Christmas, Pip Bird ; illustrated by David O'Connell.
It's time festive fun for everyone at Unicorn School! It's the week before Christmas and it's time for Mira and her friends to get festive and celebrate the holidays with their UBFFs! Dave the naughtiest unicorn loves Christmas, mainly because there are so many delicious things to eat. Plus there's a tree to decorate, a festive quest and a very special Christmas Show to rehearse. Mira is desperate for her and Dave to play the lead roles of Snow Unicorn and Lost Child will her wish come true? And will she find the perfect Christmas gift for Dave? One thing is for sure ... Christmas time at Unicorn School is sure to be festive fun for everyone!
The naughtiest girl collection. 2, written by Enid Blyton and Anne Digby ; illustrated by Kate Hindley
Elizabeth Allen is sent away to boarding school and makes up her mind to be the naughtiest pupil there's ever been.
Douglas, Randy Cecil.
When Iris Espinosa goes to the cinema, she doesn't expect to meet a small mouse. And she certainly doesn't expect that mouse to stow away in her sweater pocket. At home, Iris is delighted by the mouse's daring, which reminds her of the actor Douglas Fairbanks. And so begin the adventures of a sweet, plucky mouse named Douglas, who must overcome obstacles aplenty, from hungry cats to broom-wielding humans, as she journeys across the tall rooftops of Bloomville to return to her movie-theater home. Full of high-stakes chases, clever escapes, and valiant rescues, Randy Cecil's story is a cinematic and meticulously crafted celebration of courage and friendship. In his follow-up to Lucy, Randy Cecil again tells a visually arresting tale in four acts this time about a brave movie-theatre mouse on a daring adventure.
Winter of the White Bear, Martin Ed Chatterton.
Winter Of The White Bear is a book about Little Bear whose happy life in the Great Forest is suddenly changed by the arrival of an unwelcome visitor: White Bear. When White Bear forces Little Bear to come with him and hunt for him in the northern Ice Lands, Little Bear must dig deep inside herself to find the inner strength to escape.
Ramona and her father, Beverly Cleary ; illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers.
The family routine is upset during Ramona's year in second grade when her father unexpectedly loses his job.
A hero's guide to deadly dragons, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III ; translated from the old Norse by Cressida Cowell.
A guide to Hiccup's world - with dragons, tips, jokes and Dragonese.
Here comes Lolo, written and illustrated by Niki Daly.
Lolo skips through life eager, merry and mischievous leaving behind a trail of laughter and a few frowns. Lolo's everyday adventures will make her a favourite character for young readers everywhere. In these four easy-to-read stories, follow Lolo as she gets a gold star at school, longs for a cute floppy hat, finds a missing ring and helps to rescue a dog.
Hooray for Lolo, written and illustrated by Niki Daly.
Lolo skips through life eager, merry and mischievous leaving behind a trail of laughter and a few frowns.
Station Jim, Louis De Bernieres ; illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark.
One day in autumn, in the days when all the trains were driven by steam, a railway guard found something abandoned on a train. Mr Ginger Leghorn is used to collecting up umbrellas and other lost property but he's never found an abandoned puppy on his train before. He has no intention of keeping it but his five children Alfie, Arthur, Beryl, Sissy and Albert have other ideas and Jim is soon a much-loved, but often disruptive, member of the family. Whether it's his feud with the cat, getting stuck in rabbit-holes, accidentally going to sea, accompanying the children to school or carol singing at Christmas, Jim has a knack of making himself the centre of attention. This little black and tan puppy with its small bright eyes and very waggy rump becomes something of a hero in his town, and even catches the eye of the King himself.
Paddy T. and the time-travelling trampoline, Adam France ; illustrated by Zahra Zainal.
Seven stories to make your heart race and head spin: A trampoline portal into the future; A magic pencil that can write stories all by itself; A trip down a hill that ends up being a holiday of a lifetime. For Paddy, being a kid means expecting the unexpected, whether it's in his backyard, at his school or when he's mucking around on his local golf course. Join him and his friends for an action-packed, weird and funny, wild ride!
The book of stone, Mark Greenwood, Coral Tulloch.
Every stone has a story. From crystals to birthstones, meteorites and moonstones, nature's wonders aren't hidden in a box or forgotten on a dusty shelf. The stones and stories are collected in the pages of this book. It begins one stone at a time.
Where's Wally, Martin Handford.
Celebrate 30 years of searching for Wally in this one-off edition of the original eye-boggling classic! A wonderful anniversary edition of the book that kick-started a global phenomenon 30 years ago and got the whole world asking Where's Wally? Read Wally's new letter to his fans celebrating three decades of being on the go! Search for Wally and his friends as they hike round the world on the beach, at the train station, at sea and now find him on a new wander in town again! There's so much fiendish fun hidden in every intricately-detailed scene each teeming with crowds, creatures and more. Wow! Have you found Wally yet?
Where's Wally? : the incredible paper chase, Martin Handford.
Dory Fantasmagory. Tiny tough, Abby Hanlon.
Dory's sure that her big sister's friendship troubles have to do with pirates, but she'll have to navigate those rocky waters without her imaginary first mate Mary, who's found an exciting new pal of her own.
That's snow business!, Sophy Henn.
Hi! I'm Jeanie still 7 3/4 years old, and back for another adventure with my brilliant grandma Bad Nana! There's a local winter talent show, and the whole town is so excited. Especially as the spectacular Bobby Trulove is in charge. He's an old friend of bad Nana's and he is quite, erm, dramatic! The day before the show, a freak weather storm hits, and leaves the town snowed in. Can Bad Nana save the show?
Windcatcher : migration of the short-tailed shearwater, Diane Jackson Hill & Craig Smith.
A short-tailed shearwater flies from the edge of the Southern Ocean to the rim of the Arctic Circle and back every year. This remarkable 30,000 kilometre journey is driven by instinct and community.
The real family Christmas, Sue Mongredien ; illustrated by Kate Pankhurst.
Nothing goes to plan when the Christmases are about! Uncle Christmas: disaster strikes when Nick (a.k.a. Father Christmas) catches the flu just before Christmas day, meaning that it's up to his fun-loving younger brother Harry to save the day. Granny Christmas: Nick and Harry's Granny turns up with her grumpy pet penguin, Percy, to stay for the festive season, causing chaos with her inventions and nearly ruining all the careful preparation the boys have done! Can Granny Christmas prove to her grandsons that her inventions are more helpful than harmful? Real family Christmas: Pandemonium ensues when the whole extended Christmas family unexpectedly turn up for the festive season. With their parents, Uncle Rufus and Aunty Ruby, three wild cousins, Great Uncle Alf and seven-year-old Ivy all staying, how can Nick and Harry make sure that Christmas goes smoothly this year?
Madness in the mine, Morgan Winter.
Follow Brett and Joe as they discover the mystery behind the meadow mews mine in the fifth unofficial Minecrafter's time travel adventure!
Oscar seeks a friend, Pawe? Pawlak ; translated by Antonia Lloyd-Jones.
A skeleton and a girl meet over a missing tooth and discover a friendship.
Captain Underpants and the perilous plot of Professor Poopypants : the fourth epic novel, Dav Pilkey with color by Jose Garibaldi.
When Professor Pippy P. Poopypants comes to Jerome Horwitz Elementary School to teach science, and he goes off the deep end because students make fun of his name, only Captain Underpants can save the school from the professor's perilous plot.
The magic flute, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Chris Raschka.
Retells the story of the Mozart opera, in which the noble Prince Tamino seeks the fair Pamina against a backdrop of the battle between darkness and light.
Richard Scarry's busy, busy world.,
This exciting book "Richard Scarry's Busy, Busy Town" by Richard Scarry introduces children to the inner workings of variety of jobs, different careers and people around this busy busy town.
Dear Princess Meghan, Sophie Siers & Katie Wilson.
Things go wrong when Emma tries to act like royalty and she writes a series of letters to Princess Meghan, until her mum helps her to understand what it means to be a real princess.
Horrid Henry rules the world, Francesca Simon ; illustrated by Tony Ross.
A collection of favourite stories, chosen from earlier books, packed with colour, new pictures.
Horrid Henry's dreadful deeds, Francesca Simon ; illustrated by Tony Ross.
Made to be a page boy at a wedding, forced to go on a country walk, and dragooned into dinner at a posh restaurant - it's a hard life for Henry. But in these ten hilarious stories taken from the Horrid Henry books, he shows he knows how to stick up for himself and get his own back. Brilliant new extras include instructions, notes from Horrid Henry, a recipe for a truly horrible drink, and advice on various important matters. You can even choose a new hairstyle for his unfavourite dinner guest!
Mr. Penguin and the catastrophic cruise, Alex T. Smith.
Mr Penguin is boarding a luxury cruise ship. He doesn't like water, and he can't swim, but his friend Colin is performing with the Ladies Choir on board and anyway, Mr Penguin feels like a rest after some busy Adventuring. What's more, fish finger sandwiches are apparently available twenty-four hours a day. Heaven! But despite the glamorous film stars and party atmosphere, Mr Penguin can't help but feel that something shifty is happening on board. And when he befriends a young stowaway with a mystery of her own to solve, he soon finds that Adventures are lying in wait after all.
The catnap caper, Sarah Todd Taylor ; illustrated by Nicola Kinnear.
The pampered cats of Paris are being kidnapped! Could it have something to do with a singing competition that is gripping the city? Max knows he has to solve the mystery and bring them home. Especially as he's fallen in love with one of the victims.
The beast of Buckingham Palace, David Walliams ; illustrated by Tony Ross.
It is 2120 and London is in ruins. The young Prince Alfred has never known a life outside Buckingham Palace but when strange goings-on breach its walls and stalk the corridors in the dead of night, he is thrust into a world of mystery, adventure and monsters. And when his mother, the Queen, is dragged away to the Tower of London, Alfred must screw up his courage and battle to save her, himself and the entire city.
The secrets of Magnolia Moon, written by Edwina Wyatt ; illustrated by Katherine Quinn.
Magnolia Moon is nine years old, likes Greek mythology, her best friend Imogen May (who understands the importance of questions like, "If you could be one fruit, any fruit, what would you be?"), wishing trees, and speaking crows. She knows instinctively that buffadillos are armadillos crossed with buffalos and believes there are walramingos living in her garden. She's also the kind of person who can be entrusted with a great many secrets. Each chapter in this novel, which captures Magnolia's year of being nine and ends on Chapter Almost 10, reveals a secret that Magnolia is keeping. But the novel also chronicles a year of change for Magnolia. From her best friend moving to the birth of her little brother Finnegan, Magnolia navigates every challenge and secret that comes her way with the kind of authenticity and innocence that comes from being nine years wise.
Through the wormhole, Zack Zombie.
Have you ever wondered what life is like for a Minecraft Zombie? After Steve and Zombie accidentally launch a prototype display rocket and get sucked through a wormhole (it's a long story), they are relieved to land safely back in the Overworld. However, nothing is as it seems. Zombie's dad is organised, his mum is scatty, he is allowed to stay up all day and the Humans are scaring the mobs! Could they be in a parallel universe?! Will they ever get home or will this alternate reality be too much fun to leave?