Record Labels


* Classical Record Labels


* Music Online
A large music library and reference tool, Music Online includes hundreds of thousands of streamable tracks from many different record labels and music genres. American Song, Classical Music Library, Contemporary World Music, and Jazz Music Library and Smithsonian Global Sound.
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* Naxos Music Library
Large, free online streamable music library with reference and tuition material. Recordings, album notes, biographies and glossary. Graded exam playlists.
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* Naxos Video Library
Performing arts video library. Concerts, operas, ballets, feature films and documentaries. Access this with your library card number and password / PIN. Currently available outside libraries only.
* Smithsonian Global Sound for Libraries
Streamable encyclopedia of the world's musical and aural traditions. It includes the published recordings owned by the non-profit Smithsonian Folkways Recordings label and the archival audio collections of Folkways Records, Cook, Dyer-Bennet, Fast Folk, Monitor, Paredon and other labels. Also available via Music Online.
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* 833 Records
* Arch Hill Recordings
New Zealand indie record label.
* Astralwerks
* Atoll
* Breakin Wreckwordz
Home of Insomniacs , Usual Suspects , PNC & Dirtbag District
* Capitol Nashville
* Capitol Records
* Columbia Records
* DawnRaid Entertainment
* Disruptiv
* Domino Records
* Dragcity
* EMI Music New Zealand
* Epic Records
* Failsafe Records Christchurch
Christchurch based record label. Includes a New Zealand Musical History section, primarily focused on but not limited to, Christchurch bands.
* Flying Nun
* Forced Exposure
* Fortune 500 music
* Geffen
* Golden Bay Records
* Huh Records
* In Music
* Intergalacticrecords
* Involve
* Jagjaguwar
* Kahu Records
* Kiwi music @ EMI Music New Zealand
* Kiwi Pacific Records
"The Music, Voices and Sounds of New Zealand and the Pacific"
* Kog Transmissions
* Kranky
* kRkRkRk
* Leo Records
* Lil' Chief Records
* Loop recordings
* Lovely Music
* Magic marker records
* Matchless recordings
* Merge Records
* monkey records
Independent record label, founded mid-2000, dedicated to releasing and promoting New Zealand based artists of an innovative or experimental nature.
* Motown
* New Albion Records
* Nonesuch
* Obliqsound
* Pinacolada
* Pirongia Mountain Music Company
* Propeller
* Rhino
* Round Trip Mars
* sigma editions
* Sire Records
* Sony
* Sony Music
* South Recordings
* Sub Pop
* Subtronix
* Sugarlicks
* Tardus Music
* Touch
* Urban Pacifika
* Vanguard Records
* Virgin Music New Zealand
* Virgin Records
* Warner Bros. + Reprise Records
* Waru Records
* Wildside Records
* Yellow Eye Music
New Zealand Independent Record Label releasing all styles of music, based out of Dunedin.