* Iwi Radio


* 91ZM Wellington
* 95bFM Auckland
* 98 Port FM Timaru
* Association of Community Access Broadcasters Aotearoa New Zealand (ACAB)
* BASE FM 107.3
* The Breeze Wellington
Easy listening 94 & 98 FM, 891 AM
* Christian Broadcasting Association
* Concert FM
Concert FM is Radio New Zealand's fine music network. The repertoire is mainly classical, with a weekly mix of specialist music programmes covering jazz, contemporary and world music.
* Cool Blue 96.1 FM
* The Edge
Includes the following stations - 97.8FM Hamilton, 99.8FM Tauranga, 99.9FM Rotorua, 98.3FM Hawke's Bay, 94.0FM Taranaki, 93.0FM Palmerston North, 89.0FM Nelson, 89.0FM Christchurch, 91.8FM Dunedin, 95.2FM Queenstown, 97.2FM Invercargill
* Fleet FM
Fleet is a Low Power FM station on the guardbands of Central Auckland and Wellington.
* GeorgeFM Auckland
* Gisborne Media Centre
Includes - Gisborne's B96 Classic Gold, Gisborne's 89FM
* Hokonui gold
* Jam Radio
The webpage known as JamRadio is an online resource of locally made radio programmes from Auckland's North Shore. Punk, folk, blues, electronica, unsigned artists, interviews, arts reviews, literary readings and live recordings are just a mere mouse click away.
* K FM Auckland
* Kiwi FM
* Life FM
Includes - 99.8FM Auckland, 94.6FM Hamilton & Tauranga, 92.5FM Gisborne, 95.7FM Wairarapa, 96.3FM Palmerston North
* Mai FM
* More FM
* National Radio
* New Zealand On Air Irirangi te Motu
NZ On Air is responsible for reflecting and developing New Zealand identity and culture by funding programming on radio and television about New Zealand and New Zealand interests, promoting New Zealand music, and encouraging archives that are likely to be of historical interest in New Zealand. Also known as the Broadcasting Commission.
* NewsTalkZB
* Niu FM
* Plains FM
Community access radio station in Christchurch.
* The Planet 97 FM Nelson
* Pulzar FM Christchurch
Christchurch's Dance Radio Station
* Radio Active Wellington
* Radio Broadcasters Association (RBA)
The Radio Broadcasters Association (RBA) exists to maintain high standards of commercial radio broadcasting in New Zealand and to represent the commercial radio industry to its many partners and stakeholders within government, business and the community.
* The Radio Bureau
* Radio Control Palmerston North
* Radio Free Asia
* Radio Hauraki Auckland
* Radio Heritage Foundation
Sharing the stories of Pacific Radio. Lists many New Zealand, Australian and Pacific radio stations and explores the history of radio broadcasting in the region.
* Radio Netherlands Worldwide
* Radio New Zealand International (RNZI)
New Zealand's short-wave station and the voice of the Pacific. RNZI broadcasts to Papua New Guinea in the west across to French Polynesia in the east, covering all South Pacific countries in between, and beyond, to Europe and North America.
* Radio New Zealand Limited Te Reo Irirangi o Aotearoa
National Radio and the Concert Programme
* Radio One Dunedin
* Radio Rhema
* Radioscope
News and analysis of the New Zealand radio and music industry
* rdu Christchurch
* Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation
* Spectrum Management and Registration Technology (SMART)
SMART allows you to search the Register of Radio Frequencies, apply for a New Zealand radio licence, renew an existing licence or update your client details.
* Tahu FM
90.5 FM. South Island Maori radio network. Profiles of staff and station. Detail of shows.
* Te Mangai Paho Maori Broadcasting Funding Authority
A Crown Entity established to make funding available to the national network of Māori radio stations and for the production of Māori language television programmes, music CDs and videos. Also known as TMP; Te Reo Whakapuaki Irirangi.