Civil Rights Movement

American Civil Rights Movement of the period 1950's - 1960's


* Civil Rights Timeline
Indicates the milestones in the Civil Rights Movement. Use their imbedded links to find out more on a topic. From
* Historical Places of the Civil Rights Movement
Identifies historical locations in the civil rights movement. Provides a photograph and an explanation to a specific sites relevance. General information on the civil rights movement is also provided. From the U.S. National Park Service.
* Malcolm X
Timelines, quotations, speeches, photographs, interview transcripts and original documents plus sound recordings of speeches are included with bibliographical information on Malcolm X.
* Malcolm X: A Research Site
A chronology of significant events, bibliographic information for both Malcolm and his family, speeches and photographs, are a sample of the information provided on this web site.
* Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Site Georgia
Visit the birthplace of King in the "Sweet Auburn" section of Atlanta, Georgia.
* Martin Luther King Jr Newspaper archive
Search Newspaper Articles about Martin Luther King, Jr. in more than 50,000 Historical Newspaper Pages. From
* National Civil Rights Museum Memphis
located in Memphis, Tennessee, at the Lorraine Motel where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was tragically assassinated April 4, 1968; the world's first and only comprehensive overview of the civil rights movement in exhibit form.
* The Negro is Your Brother
Martin Luther King's letter from a Birmingham Jail. Originally published in The Atlantic, August 1963
* Our Shared History: Celebrating African American History and Culture
* Seattle Times Martin Luther King Jr. Page
Includes a timeline of significant events in Martin Luther King's personal life, a timeline of the civil rights movement, photo gallery and audio excerpts from some of his famous speeches. Provides links to other sites on the civil rights movement.
* USM Oral History Civil Rights Documentation Project