Maritime history


* Pirates
* Shipping accidents


* Australian Register of Historic Vessels
The Australian Register of Historic Vessels (ARHV) presents vessels of all types and sizes built up to 1965 which are significant to Australia's maritime heritage. It features information on their designers, builders and owners, as well as the social and geographical context in which they have existed. On the ARHV, vessels are used as the key to exploring their wider backgrounds.
* Captain Cook: voyages of discovery
From the Hunterian Museum, University of Glasgow, includes images of artefacts collected during the voyages.
* Clipper ships & naval war history
Includes lists of arrivals to New Zealand, ship terms and history.
* Crew List Index Project (CLIP)
CLIP was set up to improve access to the records of British merchant seafarers of the late 19th century and has gathered the largest database of entries from crew lists. CLIP is confined to merchant seafarers on British registered ships for the period 1861 to 1913.
* Encyclopedia Titanica
Extensive information about the R.M.S. Titanic. Includes passenger and crew lists with passenger lists divided alphabetically and crew lists divided into individual occupations; schematic deck plans of the ship; lifeboat details containing listings of passengers and crew that were saved and their biographies, animations and a detailed chronology. An index to related organisations, discussion groups, bibliographies, newspaper accounts, personal home pages and exhibitions is also included.
* Endeavour botanical illustrations
The voyage of HMS Endeavour (1768-1771) was the first devoted exclusively to scientific discovery. This site presents most of the botanical drawings and engravings prepared by artist Sydney Parkinson before his untimely death at sea, and by other artists back in England working from Parkinson's initial sketches. From the Natural History Museum, London.
* Great Ships
The Postcard and Ephemera Collection of Jeff Newman
* H.M. Bark Endeavour
A sailing museum replica ship.
* HMS Victory
An historical insight into life aboard Nelson's flagship - HMS Victory and celebrating the bicentenary of the Battle of Trafalgar.
* JMR (Journal for Maritime Research)
* Marine Navigation in the Age of Exploration
* Maritime Archaeological Association of NZ (MAANZ)
* Maritime memorial
The memorial database contains records of over 4000 church, cemetery and public memorials to seafarers and victims of maritime disasters, including many important works by prominent sculptors and designers. From the National Maritime Museum
* Mary Rose
The Mary Rose is the only 16th century warship on display anywhere in the world. Built between 1509 and 1511, she was one of the first ships able to fire a broadside, and was a firm favourite of King Henry VIII. After a long and successful career, she sank accidentally during an engagement with the French fleet in 1545. Her rediscovery and raising were seminal events in the history of nautical archaeology.
* Michael of Rhodes
In 1401 a young man named Michael of Rhodes joined the Venetian navy as a lowly galley oarsman. Over the next four decades, he sailed on more than 40 voyages and took part in five major sea battles, rising through the ranks to become a trusted galley commander. Michael documented his life and knowledge in a remarkable manuscript. Only recently rediscovered, it chronicles Michael's service record and includes more than 200 pages of commercial and calendrical computations, a beautifully illustrated section on astrology, some of the earliest surviving portolan aids to navigation, and the world's first known treatise on shipbuilding.
* National Historic Ships Committee (NHSC)
Maintains the National Register of Historic Vessels is a database containing information about surviving historic vessels in the United Kingdom. There are currently over 1,200 vessels listed in the database
* National Maritime Museum Charts and maps
The National Maritime Museum collections contain more than 100,000 sea charts and maps dating from the medieval period to the present day.
* New Zealand Coastal Shipping
Enthusiasts' web site which traces the history of coastal shipping around New Zealand. Illustrated and features information about coastal shipping in Canterbury.
* New Zealand Maritime Index
An index of published articles about ships, organisations and maritime personnel. Produced by the New Zealand National Maritime Museum
* New Zealand Maritime Record - Ship Index
The New Zealand Maritime Record contains detailed illustrated histories of about 50 vessels which have strong New Zealand connections.
* Northern Steam Ship Company
History of the company from the Maritime Museum
* NZ Marine History
from the New Zealand Shipping and Marine Society
* South seas: voyaging and cross-cultural encounters in the Pacific (1760-1800)
* The Torpedo Bay Navy Museum
Contains one of New Zealand's largest collections of naval history resources including books, archives and a large photographic collection.
* Toroa Preservation Society Inc.
* Viking Ship Museum