Ships & shipping


* Clipper ships & naval war history
Includes lists of arrivals to New Zealand, ship terms and history.
* Maritime Archaeological Association of NZ (MAANZ)
* New Zealand Coastal Shipping
Enthusiasts' web site which traces the history of coastal shipping around New Zealand. Illustrated and features information about coastal shipping in Canterbury.
* New Zealand Maritime Index
An index of published articles about ships, organisations and maritime personnel. Produced by the New Zealand National Maritime Museum
* New Zealand Maritime Record - Ship Index
The New Zealand Maritime Record contains detailed illustrated histories of about 50 vessels which have strong New Zealand connections.
* Northern Steam Ship Company
History of the company from the Maritime Museum
* NZ Marine History
from the New Zealand Shipping and Marine Society
* The Torpedo Bay Navy Museum
Contains one of New Zealand's largest collections of naval history resources including books, archives and a large photographic collection.
* Toroa Preservation Society Inc.