* African Slave Trade & European Imperialism
Tmeline covering 15th - early 19th centuries. From African Timelines: History, Orature, Literature, & Film - compiled by Central Oregon Community College.
* Africans in America - America's journey through slavery
Offers a historical narrative and resource bank of images, documents, stories and biographies on Americas Journey through slavery.
* The Atlantic Slave Trade and Slave Life in the Americas - A visual Record
A collection of images relating to the enslavement and transportation of Africans to the Americas. From the University of Virginia Library
* Black Presence: Asian and Black history in Britain, 1500 - 1850
People of African and Asian origin have lived in Britain for at least two thousand years. But this aspect of our heritage has been largely forgotten. By presenting a selection of relevant records held by The National Archives and other sources, the Black Presence exhibition aims to reclaim some of this history and make it more widely known.
* Boston Public Library Anti-Slavery Collection
A collection of primary sources digitised by the Internet Archive from the rare books department of the Boston Public Library.
* British Anti-Slavery
How did this national campaign become one of the most successful reform movements of the 19th century? From BBC History.
* British Slaves on the Barbary Coast
From BBC History.
* Lest We Forget: The Triumph Over Slavery
* Slave Narratives San Fancisco
The slave narratives that are presented in this exhibit reflect only a fraction of the millions upon millions of stories that could have been told by people who had the misfortune to toil under the yoke of slavery. From the Museum of the African Diaspora.
* Slavery - Columbia Encyclopedia
* Slavery and economy in Barbados
From BBC History.
* Slavery and Freedom in The Time of the Lincolns
from PBS
* The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
Provides a brief review of the triangular trade with particular reference to recent statistics.
* The Underground Railroad: Our Shared History
from the US National Parks Service