Military Museums


* Air Force Museum of New Zealand Christchurch
National Museum of New Zealand Military Aviation, located at the oldest military flying field at Wigram, near Christchurch.Aims to preserve and present the history of New Zealand Military Aviation for commemoration, inspiration, learning and enjoyment. The collection items number in the millions including over 28 classic aircraft, engines and assorted parts to medals, weapons, pin-ups and parachute-silk wedding dresses.
* Anglo-Boer War Museum
One of the most significant events in the history of South Africa was the Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902. Although the protagonists were Britain and the two Boer Republics, the population of South Africa as a whole became embroiled in the war either directly or indirectly.
* Australian War Memorial Canberra
Includes rolls of honours for Australia plus photographs, documents etc.
* Imperial War Museum
The UK national museum of the history of war and wartime life from 1914.
* Mary Rose
The Mary Rose is the only 16th century warship on display anywhere in the world. Built between 1509 and 1511, she was one of the first ships able to fire a broadside, and was a firm favourite of King Henry VIII. After a long and successful career, she sank accidentally during an engagement with the French fleet in 1545. Her rediscovery and raising were seminal events in the history of nautical archaeology.
* National Army Museum
The National Army Museum is the British Army's own museum. Includes information on how British soldiers have lived, worked and fought from Tudor times to the present day.
* National Army Museum Waiouru - Te Mata Toa
Showcases New Zealand's military history, telling the stories of Kiwi soldiers and explores New Zealand's participation in major conflicts worldwide.
* National Museum of the United States Air Force
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.
* National War Memorial
The tomb of the Unknown Warrior. The Memorial commemorates all New Zealanders who gave their lives in the South African War, the two World Wars, the conflicts in Malaysia and Vietnam and on peace-keeping operations world-wide. The National War Memorial features a Carillon, Hall of Memories and the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior. A New Zealand Memorial Park to be based alongside the Memorial is currently under development.
* RAF Museum
In Cosford, and London
* Royal Armouries
The Royal Armouries is the United Kingdom’s National Museum of Arms and Armour, one of the largest collections of arms and armour in the world, comprising of the UK’s National Collection of Arms and Armour, National Artillery Collection, and National Firearms Collection. It is also the keeper of the Tower of London history. It is Britain’s oldest museum, and one of the oldest museums in the world.
* Royal Marines Museum
* Royal Naval Museum Portsmouth
Museum devoted to the ships of the Royal Navy and the men and women who served in them
* The Torpedo Bay Navy Museum
Contains one of New Zealand's largest collections of naval history resources including books, archives and a large photographic collection.
* Warbirds and wheels Wanaka