* News And Newspapers from around the world
Check out our collection of links to news sites and newspapers from around the world.
* "Time" for Kids
Read "Time" magazine for kids. You can look at old issues and read news stories about science, sport, entertainment and more.
* The Big Picture
The Big Picture is a photo blog from The Boston Globe. Every day an interesting, beautiful or thought provoking picture is put up that is related to a current event.
* CBBC Newsround
News website for kids from the BBC.
* DOGOnews
DOGOnews aims to be a reliable and safe site for current news for kids. It has lots of exciting science stories.
* Here There Everywhere
A news site by a former NBC news producer. News is a king of storytelling and this site aims to share a variety of stories that make you laugh and think.
* Kiwi Kids News
All the news that Kiwi kids are interested in, in lots of different categories including Odd Stuff!
* Stuff
Get the latest news from New Zealand and around the world.