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* Conservation
* Endangered Species
* Government Agencies
* Marine & Oceans
* Sustainable Business
* Waste Minimisation
* Water Quality & Supply


* Environment @ Te Puna Web Directory
Links to New Zealand organisations and information.
* Action Bio-Community: local capacity in biodiversity management
* Best Fish Guide
Forest & Bird provides NZ consumers with this guide which ranks the ecological sustainability of seafood from our commercial fisheries.
* Biocontrol and Ecology of Weeds
Resources about weed control in New Zealand from Landcare Research.
* Biodiversity Information Online
Provides access to information about New Zealand's native biodiversity, and who is doing what to conserve and manage it. It describes the 27 funded programmes of the New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy, a government initiative developed to meet one of our commitments under the international Convention on Biological Diversity. The funded programmes are all aimed at halting the decline in New Zealand's indigenous biodiversity, and protecting valuable introduced biodiversity. The site also aims to bring together existing resources, which are often scattered across many environmental websites and publications, so that people working in the biodiversity field can better access this knowledge.
* Biodiversity References (BIOREF)
Biodiversity References (BIOREF) is a portal to more than 300 biodiversity information resources. It has been designed to assist planners, surveyors and scientists working on biodiversity issues in New Zealand.
* Centre for Biodiversity & Restoration Ecology
An interdisciplinary Centre, based in the School of Biological Sciences at Victoria University of Wellington.
* Climate Change Information New Zealand
Information about climate change - its impacts and implications, and New Zealand's overall approach. Visit this site to find out ways you can help look after New Zealand's environment through your community.
* Climate change publications
NZ Ministry for the Environment.
* Climate Smart Strategy (2010 - 2025)
The Christchurch City Council's vision for a climate smart city ready to respond to the local impacts of climate change. Find links to the report outlining this strategy, climate change resources relevant to Christchurch and Canterbury, and how you can help by becoming climate smart.
* Climate Update
A monthly summary of New Zealand's climate, including soil moisture and river flows. Published by NIWA.
* Ecological Footprint Calculator
Estimates the size of your personal footprint using information you provide about your consumption habits. From the Ministry for the Environment.
* Environment New Zealand 2007
Full report of Environment New Zealand 2007, the second national-level state of New Zealand's environment report.
* Environmental Defence Society
The Environmental Defence Society is a not-for-profit environmental advocacy organisation, comprised of resource management professionals who are committed to improving environmental outcomes within New Zealand.
* Environmental Defence Society
Information about the Environmental Defence Society, its history, and its main focus areas; Landscape Protection, Ecosystem Protection (Biodiversity) and Climate Change.
* Environmental Education Directory
The directory contains resources relating to the sustainable management of the New Zealand environment. It contains New Zealand produced material and has been devised for practical use by teachers, councils and community groups or individuals.
* Enviroschools: learning for a sustainable future
The Enviroschools Foundation is a charitable trust that provides support and strategic direction for a nation-wide environmental education programme, and the creation of sustainable schools
* The foreshore and seabed of New Zealand
Historical information relating to the New Zealand government's policy proposal for the foreshore and seabed in 2004.
* Forest and Bird magazine
Selected articles from past issues and articles index.
* Freshwater Biodata Information System (FBIS)
Freshwater Biodata Information System contains fish, algae, aquatic plant and invertebrate data and metadata gathered from New Zealand's freshwater streams, rivers and lakes.
* Friends of Mana Island
The Friends of Mana Island Incorporated was formed in 1999 to provide support for the Restoration Plan prepared by the Department of Conservation (DoC) in 1987.
* Global Invasive Species Database (GISD)
Global Invasive Species Database (GISD) aims to increase awareness about invasive alien species and to facilitate effective prevention and management activities.
* Kaipatiki Ecological Restoration Project (KERP)
* Monitoring Progress Towards a Sustainable New Zealand
Provides a selection of information related to sustainable development in New Zealand.
* New Zealand Landcare Trust
A non-governmental organisation facilitating sustainable land management and biodiversity initiatives with rural communities. The Trust is supported by the Ministry for the Environment and Transpower New Zealand.
* New Zealand Parks & Conservation Foundation
An independent charitable trust established to promote and support the conservation and protection of New Zealand's natural heritage.
* NIWA Climate Research
Information about the greenhouse effect and climate change from a New Zealand perspective. Published by NIWA.
* No Take Marine Reserves - Waiho nga Kai a Tangaroa
About 'no-take' marine reserves - areas of the sea in which there is no fishing at all; as little other human disturbance as can be reasonably arranged, but where people are encouraged to learn about the more natural marine life and processes that this produces. The focus is upon the New Zealand experience within such reserves, the practical lessons this has taught us, and the scientific principles that have emerged.
* NZ Climate Science Coalition
Provides an alternative view of climate change: publishes reports and links to web sites etc.
* Phase2
Phase2 is dedicated to the advancement and adoption of science- and ethics-based (strong) sustainability through leadership and engagement.
* Risk assessment for contaminated sites in New Zealand
This web site aims to guide environmental managers through a framework for assessing contaminated sites and to provide information resources relevant to New Zealand assessors, auditors or reviewers. The site is a collaborative venture between a number of organisations.
* The State of New Zealand's Environment 1997
Reports on New Zealand's natural environment, what we have done to it, and what we are doing now. From the Ministry for the Environment.
* State of Southland's environment
* Sustainable Christchurch
Aims to actively contribute within Otautahi-Christchurch to opportunities and means for achievement of long term sustainability
* Water & Atmosphere
A quarterly magazine that highlights research conducted at NIWA in articles aimed at the general reader.
Guide to becoming rubbish free in New Zealand. Based on the experience of Matthew Luxon and Waveney Warth in Christchurch.