Consumer Issues


* Adbusters
A global network of artists, activists, writers, pranksters, students, educators and entrepreneurs dedicated to reinventing the outdated paradigms of our consumer culture and building a brave new understanding of living.
* Banking Ombudsman
Provides a free, external and independent process to help people sort out their unresolved problems with banks.
* is a multimedia online news magazine focusing on the brand names (Gap, Nike, etc.) responsible for the global sweatshop crisis, and reporting on the personal stories of sweatshop workers around the world. represents the efforts of a global alliance of clothing workers, religious leaders, and students who are demanding human rights for sweatshop workers.
* Building a new home - Consumer NZ
CANNEX research, analyse and rate all financial products available in New Zealand and is relied on by over 70 banks and other financial institutions that pay to access data, which enables them to share this information with consumers for free. To help you compare financial products based on rates and features, they award CANNEX star ratings. Only the top products, those offering superior value, are awarded five stars.
* Car Jam
Vehicle information, identification, checks and reports.
* Choice
Selections from the magazine and other consumer information. Most reports require payment. From Australian Consumers' Association
* Citizens Advice Bureau
Provides assistance and information on a variety of topics (including consumer problems) to the general public through local bureau.
* Consumer Banking
Compare products, services & fees and get financially literate with independent reports and calculators. From Consumer Online
* Consumer Guide
For nearly 40 years, Consumer Guide's expert editors have helped people make smart buying decisions. Consumer reports, reviews, price quotes, and product comparisons are always available for free at Consumer Guide.
* Consumer Guide Products
* Consumer Information - New Zealand Food Safety Authority
Information for consumers all about food safety, from the chemicals in everyday food through to information on product recall and foodborne illnesses.
* Consumer Online
From the Consumers' Institute. Offers some free content from the magazine. Most requires paid subscription or on a pay-per-view basis. Includes an listing of public issues
* Consumer Reports
* Consumers' Institute product recall site.
Provides information on product recalls and safety warnings within New Zealand.
* Consumers International
A worldwide non-profit federation of consumer organisations, dedicated to the protection and promotion of consumer interests.
* Electricity & Gas Complaints Commissioner
The Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner Scheme offers a free and independent service for resolving complaints about electricity and gas companies.
* Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner
A free independent dispute resolution service for complaints about member electricity and gas lines and retail company in New Zealand.
* fuel$
How much do you spend on fuel? How much can you save? From the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA).
* Good Wood Guide
To learn about what wood to buy, and not to buy, check out the Good Wood Guide.
* IFixIt
iFixit is a global community of people helping each other repair things. Let's fix the world, one device at a time.
* Insurance and Savings Ombudsman
Considers complaints against insurance companies and savings organisations who are participants of the Insurance and Savings Ombudsman scheme.
* Look Learn Invest
A website set up by the Securities Commission to provide information on investing in securities (bank savings accounts and term deposits, debentures, bonds, shares, superannuation schemes, managed funds, and futures).
* Ministry of Consumer Affairs Manatu Kaihokohoko
* Motor Vehicle Traders Register
A public register that contains information about whether a motor vehicle trader is registered, and information about the trader's business, including its physical address.
* No Cowboys
Find tradespeople in your area quickly and easily, see how they were rated by their previous customers, have your say and rate the tradespeople you have used.
* Not Good Enough
NGE provides customers with an online space to seek advice, share experiences and learn accordingly.
* Power Shop
Purchase power from a variety of providers online by direct debit or credit card. Prepay, or swap providers quickly to get the best deal.
* PowerSwitch
Helps to determine which electricity retailer is best for you. From Consumer Online
* Price watch
Tracks fuel costs around New Zealand
* Renting and You
Guide to the law about renting from the Department of Building & Housing.
* Scams
Consumers' Institute scam protection information.
* Scamwatch
Operated by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs to warn New Zealand consumers about specific types of financial scams from overseas sources.
* Sorted
Get your finances Sorted: information about saving, debt, retirement and money management that you can personalise for your own situation. From the Retirement Commission
Records what MPs are doing in Parliament - contributions to debates, questions asked, pecuniary interests, committee work, ministerial portfolios etc. Not official - run by volunteers.
Consumer information from the Direct Marketing Standards Authority and the Electronic Marketing Standards Authority.
An introduction to tax for first time taxpayers.