New Titles Fiction January 2017 (arrived in December 2016)


The Judas game, Ethan Cross.
When a correctional officer climbs to the top of his watchtower and opens fire on the inmates and guards, federal investigator Marcus Williams and serial killer Francis Ackerman Jr. must join forces again to unearth the truth behind the incident.
A soldier's revenge, Matthew Dunn.
Latest action tale featuring Intelligence Agent Will Cochrane has him waking up in a New York hotel with a dead woman in his bathtub.
Treason, Newt Gingrich and Pete Earley.
The world's master terrorist, known only as the Falcon, has infiltrated Washington's highest corridors of power, threatening the very existence of our democracy.
Tom Clancy's True faith and allegiance, Mark Greaney.
A US Navy Commander is attacked while having dinner with his wife by an unidentified Russian man. A CIA operative travelling on a Canadian passport is intercepted and interrogated at Tehran Airport.
The Tao deception, John M. Green.
World leaders are being systematically assassinated by toxic gas delivered by drone, and more are threatened with the same fate.
Blood on the sand, Michael Jecks.
The Siege of Calais, during the Hundred Years, features in this new series title.
The Mayakovsky tapes, Robert Littell
About the Russian writer Mayakovsky and the memories of the women in his life and the days of Stalin.
Trouble at zero hour : the complete zero hour trilogy, Rob Lofthouse.
Retelling of the three key Allied operations that turned the tide of World War II: D-Day, Arnhem & the Rhine.
Where dead men meet, Mark Mills.
Paris, 1937. Luke Hamilton a junior air intelligence officer at the British Embassy finds himself the target of an assassination attempt. A clear case of mistaken identity, or so it first appears.
The drifter, Nicholas Petrie.
Action thriller debut introducing Peter Ash, a veteran who finds that the demons of war aren't easily left behind.
Onslaught : the war with China : the opening battle, David Poyer.
Latest in David Poyer's popular novels about the modern Navy and Marine Corps.
The seventh plague : a sigma force novel, James Rollins.
Two years after vanishing into the Sudanese desert, the leader of a British archeological expedition, Professor Harold McCabe, comes stumbling out of the sands, frantic and delirious, but he dies before he can tell his story.
The darkest hour, Tony Schumacher.
The terrible struggle that was WWII is over, the Germans have won and now occupy London, but it's up to a hardened British detective to turn the tables, save someone's life, and achieve what he has believed was impossible redemption in this thriller debut.
Give us the tools, Dulcie Stone.
1941 and the tale of a Melbourne woman embroiled in espionage and intrigue to sabotage the Beaufort Bombers.
Stasi child, David Young.
East Berlin, 1975 When Oberleutnant Karin Muller is called to investigate a teenage girl's body at the foot of the Wall, she imagines she's seen it all before. But when she arrives she realises this is a death like no other. It seems the girl was trying to escape - but from the West.

American Fiction

The Terranauts, T. Coraghessan Boyle.
1994. In the desert near Tillman, Arizona, forty miles from Tucson, a grand experiment involving the future of humanity is underway. As climate change threatens the earth, eight scientists, four men and four women dubbed the "Terranauts," have been selected to live under glass in E2, a prototype of a possible off-earth colony.
The motion of puppets, Keith Donohue.
Married couple visit a toy shop and the wife is turned into a puppet. Clever and intriguing tale.
A collapse of horses, Brian Evenson.
A stuffed bear beats with the rhythm of a dead baby's heart; a crew on a space mission are dying of exposure to alien dust and at the hands of a killer among them; and a town keeps receding to the east as a man travels back to the father who drove him away. Intriguing short story collection.
The secret history of Twin Peaks, Mark Frost.
The Secret History of Twin Peaks enlarges the world of the original TVseries, placing the unexplained phenomena that unfolded there into a vastly layered, wide-ranging history, beginning with the journals of Lewis and Clark and ending with the shocking events that closed the finale.
The nix, Nathan Hill.
Engrossing novel about a son, the mother who left him as a child, and how his search to uncover the secrets of her life leads him to reclaim his own.
Faithful, Alice Hoffman.
Story of family, fate and love and a girl who moves to New York City to get away from an accident as a teenager that changed the life of her best friend.
Shining sea, Anne Korkeakivi.
Beginning with forty-three-year-old Michael Gannon's fatal heart attack, Shining Sea draws us into the turbulent lives of his widow and offspring.
I'll take you there, Wally Lamb.
A tapestry of one Baby Boomer's life and the trio of unforgettable women who have changed it.
The chemist, Stephenie Meyer.
She used to work for the U.S. government, one of the darkest secrets of an agency so clandestine it doesn't even have a name. And when they decided she was a liability, they came without warning, and they killed the only other person she trusted.
Christodora, Tim Murphy.
Taking place from the 1980s to the 2000s, the story of a well-off couple in Manhattan and a friend, once an AIDS activist and now drug addict. Fascinating exploration of the world of art, sex, drugs and activism at the time.
The dress, Sophie Nicholls.
Meet Ella and her mother Fabbia Moreno who arrive in York, one cold January day, to set up their vintage dress shop. The flamboyant Fabbia wants to sell beautiful dresses to nice people and move on from her difficult past. Ella just wants to fit in.
Little nothing, Marisa Silver.
Story of a dwarf girl and what happens when people try to "fix" her and what happens when she meets a young man. Haunting and touching tale.
Our hearts will burn us down, Anne Valente.
Following a shocking school shooting, the members of the yearbook committee Nick, Zola, Matt, and Christina are faced with documenting the horrific tragedy. The four vow to honor the memories of those lost, as well as those whose memories are forgotten in the shadow of violence.
Children of the new world : stories, Alexander Weinstein.
Debut story collection that imagines a near future of social-media implants and instant connection, environmental collapse and post-revolution discord.

Australian fiction

If blood should stain the wattle, Jackie French.
1972, and the catchcry is 'It's time'. As political ideals drift from disaster to the dismissal, it's also time for Jed Kelly to choose between past love, Nicholas, the local Labor member, and Sam from the Halfway to Eternity commune.
Summer at Mount Hope, Rosalie Ham.
From the author of "The dressmaker," made into a hit film, comes a new tale described as "Pride & Prejudice" set in rural Victoria.
Lord of the Darkwood, Lian Hearn.
Second in the "The tale of Shikanoko" series.
Claiming Noah, Amanda Ortlepp.
Catriona and James are desperate for children, and embark on an IVF programme. After a gruelling round of treatments, Catriona finally falls pregnant, and they donate their remaining embryo anonymously. Diana and Liam are on a waiting list to receive an embryo. Sooner than expected, they are thrilled to discover one is available.
Black rock white city, A.S. Patric.
Tale of the legacy of war where a couple forced to flee Sarajevo come up against racism when they come to Melbourne.

British Fiction

Lyrebird, Cecelia Ahern.
She will change your life forever. In the south-west of Ireland, rugged mountains meet bright blue lakes and thick forests. Deep in the woods, a young woman lives alone, forever secluded from the world, her life a well-kept secret.
The power, Naomi Alderman
What if all the power was in the hands of women?
The most wonderful time of the year, Joanna Bolouri.
Thirty-eight year old Emily has a satisfying job, fab friends and, most importantly, a wonderful flat, exactly 411 miles away from the judgemental, crazy, interfering family she reluctantly sees twice a year. Likeable light tale of jobs and families.
The other sister, Rowan Coleman.
Willow and Holly are identical twins. They are alike in every respect except one: Willow is afraid on the inside. And all because of a secret one that binds the sisters closely together and yet has meant their lives have taken two very different paths.
The truth about you, Melissa Hill.
When the baby is found on the doorstep of Ella's cafe, everyone asks - what sort of parent would abandon their child? Jess feels increasingly left out as the only non-mum amongst her friends. Terrified she might lose them altogether, she embarks on becoming a mother too. But is she really ready?
Himself, Jess Kidd.
Man returns to a tiny Irish village to find out the truth about the teenage mother who had abandoned him as a baby.
The purple swamp hen and other stories, Penelope Lively.
In this new and varied collection of short stories, Penelope Lively shows that she remains a master of her craft, and one of our finest English writers.
I won't be home for Christmas, Amanda Prowse.
While her free-spirited daughter travels the world, Vivienne prepares for a lonely Christmas in Bristol, with her best friend Ellen and her ancient dog Bob. Then a letter arrives that changes everything. Vivienne's daughter is getting married in New Zealand, and she wants her mum and Ellen by her side.
Jacques, Tanya Ravenswater.
Touching tale of a young French boy who is orphaned and torn away from everything he knows. Coming of age tale from an Irish writer.
Late summer in the vineyard, Jo Thomas.
Emmy Bridges has always looked out for others. Now it's time to put down roots of her own. Working for a wine-maker in France is the opportunity of a lifetime for Emmy. Even if she doesn't know a thing about wine - beyond what's on offer at the local supermarket.
The lunar cats, Lynne Truss.
When you are an inoffensive retired librarian with bitter personal experience of Evil Talking Cats, do you rescue a kitten from the cold on a December night? Do you follow up news items about cats digging in graveyards? Do you inquire into long-ago cats who voyaged around the world with Captain Cook? Well, yes.
Christmas days : 12 stories and 12 feasts for 12 days, Jeanette Winterson.
Delighttful collection of stories for the holiday season. For years Jeanette Winterson has loved writing a new story at Christmastime, and here she brings together twelve of her brilliantly imaginative, funny, and bold tales.
Nicotine, Nell Zink.
Third novel from the author of "Mislaid" and "The wallcreeper" is about a woman who inherits a house which is occupied by a gang of anarchic squatters.


Shadowed souls, Jim Butcher and Kerrie L. Hughes.
In this dark and gritty collection featuring short stories from Jim Butcher, Seanan McGuire, Kevin J. Anderson, and Rob Thurman nothing is as simple as black and white, light and dark, good and evil.
The hanging tree, Ben Aaronovitch.
Another gripping and hilarious adventure through the secret streets of London. A tour of what remains and an insight into what once was with a liberal sprinkling of folklore, myth and violent crime.
Wrath, John Gwynne.
The last episode in this fantasy quartet.
Shadow and flame, Gail Z. Martin.
Book four of the Ascendant Kingdoms saga.
Treachery's tools, L. E. Modesitt, Jr.
Thirteen years after the events of Madness in Solidar, Alastar has settled into his role as the Maitre of the Collegium.
Unquiet land, Sharon Shinn.
In the latest novel in Sharon Shinn s Elemental Blessings series, a woman is confronted with the past she left behind and an uncertain future.

Fiction from the rest of the World

The almond picker, Simonetta Agnello Hornby
A vast chorus of characters, all endearingly human, with opinions on food, morality, politics, religion.
The story of a brief marriage, Anuk Arudpragasam.
Powerful story of a young man trapped on the frontlines between the Sri Lankan army and the Tamil Tigers and how he is coerced into marriage.
The beach at night, Elena Ferrante
The beach at night is a beautiful picture book narrated by a doll named Celina. Mati is a little girl so taken by her new kitten that she forgets about her doll and leaves her on the beach. Celina endures a terrifying night, only saved by the arrival of sunrise, when her beloved Mati returns to find her.
Rotten row, Petina Gappah.
In her accomplished new story collection, Petina Gappah crosses the barriers of class, race, gender and sexual politics in Zimbabwe to explore the causes and effects of crime, and to meditate on the nature of justice.
A horse walks into a bar, David Grossman
Set in a comedy club in a small Israeli town where a comedian falls apart with accusations of treachery and betrayal.
Thus bad begins, Javier Marias
Madrid, 1980. Juan de Vere, nearly finished with his university degree, takes a job as personal assistant to Eduardo Muriel, an eccentric, once-successful film director. Urbane, discreet, irreproachable, Muriel is an irresistible idol to the young man.
Between enemies, Andrea Molesini
Tale of aristocratic Italian family in 1917 whose estate is requisitioned by enemy soldiers.
The woman on the stairs, Bernhard Schlink
For decades the painting was believed to be lost. But, just as mysteriously as it disappeared, it reappears, an anonymous donation to a gallery in Sydney. The art world is stunned but so are the three men who loved the girl in the painting, the girl on the stairs. One by one they track her down to an isolated cottage in Australia.
Three daughters of Eve, Elif Shafak.
A wealthy Turkish housewife recalls her life changing experiences in Oxford years earlier. The author is Turkey's most widely read female writer.
The explosion chronicles, Yan Lianke
The village of Explosion was founded more than a millennium ago by refugees fleeing a volcanic eruption. But in the post-Mao era the name takes on a new significance as the community grows explosively. Three major families linked by a complex web of loyalty, betrayal, desire and ambition - are the driving force behind their hometown's transformation into an urban superpower.

Fiction Selector's Choice

The Joyce girl, Annabel Abbs.
Paris, 1928. Avant-garde Paris is buzzing with the latest ideas in art, music and literature from artists such as Ford Madox Ford and Zelda Fitzgerald. Lucia, the talented and ambitious daughter of controversial genius James Joyce, is making her name as a dancer. But when Lucia falls passionately in love with budding writer (and fellow Irish expat) Samuel Beckett he is banned from the Joyce family home.
Moonglow, Michael Chabon.
In 1989, fresh from the publication of his first novel, The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, Michael Chabon travelled to his mother's home in Oakland, California, to visit his terminally ill grandfather. Tongue loosened by powerful painkillers, memory stirred by the imminence of death, Chabon's grandfather shared recollections and told stories the younger man had never heard before.
London lies beneath, Stella Duffy.
1912 and three friends set out on an adventure in London. A beautifully told evocation of time and place and inspired by real events.
The dark circle, Linda Grant.
The Second World War is over, a new decade is beginning.
The travelling bag : and other ghostly stories, Susan Hill.
A chilling collection of new ghost stories from the author of The Woman in Black. In the title story, on a murky autumn evening, in the warmly lit surrounds of a club off St James, a bishop listens closely as a supernatural detective recounts his most memorable case, one whose horrifying denouement took place in that very building...
Crimes of the Father, Tom Keneally.
Tom Keneally, ex-seminarian, pulls no punches as he interrogates the terrible damage done to innocents as the Catholic Church has prevaricated around language and points of law, covering up for its own.
Fireside gothic, Andrew Taylor.
Collection of three gothic novellas from the best-selling author of The American Boy includes tales of ghosts in a cathedral that speak through music and of a couple who live in a remote cottage with a strange cat.
The underground railroad, Colson Whitehead.
Cora is a slave on a cotton plantation in Georgia. Life is hellish for all the slaves, but Cora is an outcast even among her fellow Africans, and she is coming into womanhood; even greater pain awaits. Caesar, a recent arrival from Virginia, tells her about the Underground Railroad, and they plot their escape.

Graphic novel

Jojo's bizarre adventure. Part 3, Stardust crusaders. 01, Hirohiko Araki
Goodnight Punpun. 3, Inio Asano
East of West. [8], Jonathan Hickman,
Tokyo ghoul. 8, Sui Ishida
Tokyo ghoul. 9, Sui Ishida
Requiem of the rose king. 5, Aya Kanno
Grayson. Volume 4, A ghost in the tomb, Tom King, Tim Seeley
Doom Patrol. Book two, Grant Morrison
Wonder Woman : the true Amazon, Jill Thompson
Judge. 5, Yoshiki Tonogai


Beneath a burning sky, Jenny Ashcroft.
Young woman coerced into marriage by Egyptian man falls for her husband's boarder.
Three day road, Joseph Boyden.
This story of the Great War is told from the point of view of an American Indian sniper, intertwined with the story of his aunt the last of the Cree Indians to live off the snowy wilderness of North America.
Congress of secrets, Stephanie Burgis.
In 1814, the Congress of Vienna has just begun. Diplomats battle over a new map of Europe, actors vie for a chance at glory, and aristocrats and royals from across the continent come together to celebrate the downfall of Napoleon.
The Fifth Avenue Artists Society, Joy Callaway.
Four artistic sisters lviving in genteel poverty on the outskirts of New York's gilded age of artistic salons.
Rage of Ares, Christian Cameron.
Sixth book in the Longwar series.
The Hamilton affair, Elizabeth Cobbs.
Love story of the American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton and Eliza Schyler. Hamilton is the statesman now even more well known for being the subject of Broadway's hit musical.
The spy, Paulo Coelho
When Mata Hari arrived in Paris she was penniless. Soon she was feted as the most elegant woman in the city. A dancer who shocked and delighted audiences, as a confidante and courtesan she bewitched the era's richest and most powerful men. But as paranoia consumed a country at war, Mata Hari's lifestyle brought her under suspicion.
To capture what we cannot keep, Beatrice Colin.
Young widow meets an engineer on a hot air balloon trip above the world of Belle Epoque Paris.
An almond for a parrot, Wray Delaney.
First novel under this pseudonym by children's writer Sally Gardner is about a young woman led astray in 18th century London.
The last days of Leda Grey, Essie Fox.
Story of enigmatic silent film star and the love affair that caused her to become a recluse for years.
The Russian concubine, Kate Furnivall.
Junchow, China, 1928. Lydia Ivanova has a fierce spirit. Nothing can dim it, not even the foul waters of the Peiho River. Into the river's grime bodies are tossed those of thieves and Communists alike. So every time Lydia steals from someone to feed herself and her mother, she takes her life into her own hands.
Good time coming, C. S. Harris.
A story of coming-of-age in Civil War-torn Louisiana. This is a heart-wrenching story of loss and survival; of the bonds that form amongst women and children left alone to face the hardships, depravations, and dangers of war; and of one unforgettable girl's slow and painful recognition of the good and evil that exists within us all.
Viking fire, Justin Hill.
The year is 1066, and a great general has won a crushing victory over the English just outside the gates of York. The story of Harold, the last Viking.
The painter of souls, Philip Kazan.
Renaissance Florence and Fra Filppo Lippi, man of God, and how he bvcame a gambler, a forgerr, a seducer and a great artist.
Wings of the storm, Giles Kristian.
Fighting in Sweden for an ambitious warlord, Sigurd Haraldarson and his small but loyal band of oathsworn warriors are winning fame and reputation. But Sigurd knows that to take on his hated enemy, the oath-breaker King Gorm, the man who betrayed his father, a man Sigurd has vowed to kill, he must earn riches enough to build an army.
The last days of night, Graham Moore.
When electric light innovator Thomas Edison sues his only remaining rival for patent infringement, George Westinghouse hires untested Columbia Law School graduate Paul Ravath for a case fraught with lies, betrayals, and deception.
Under a Pole star, Stef Penney.
1880s and a whaler's daughter crosses the Arctic circle and struggles to be taken seriously as a scientist and explorer.
Invictus, Simon Scarrow.
AD 54. The soldiers of the Roman army patrol a growing Empire, from the Mediterranean to the North Sea, from the Atlantic to the banks of the Nile. Rome brutally enforces its rule, and its legions are the most efficient and aggressive fighting force in the world.


Crimson Snow : winter mysteries, Martin Edwards.
Welcome to a world of Father Christmases behaving oddly, a famous fictional detective in a Yuletide drama, mysterious tracks in the snow, and some very unpleasant carol singers.
Murder under the Christmas tree : ten classic crime stories for the festive season.,
Murder most festive. A locked room mystery solved with a flourish on Boxing Day. Blackmail on Christmas Eve. A missing jewel discovered in a very festive hiding place. A body slumped in a chair on Christmas morning, still listening to carols.
Kill the next one, Federico Axat
Man who has it all is diagnosed with a brain tumour and gets an offer to kill two men who deserve it before he dies. A psychological thriller.
Lovemurder, Saul Black.
Troubled San Francisco homicide detective is given a nasty case where a note left on a body is addressed to her.
Before I let you in, Jenny Blackhurst.
Psychiatrist becomes friend to a patient and starts to feel she is learning too much as things turn sinister.
The Dollmaker, Mary Burton.
Dr. Tessa McGowan teams up with her estranged husband to find out who's kidnapping women and altering their faces to resemble real, life-size dolls.
Moral defense : a Samantha Brinkman legal thriller, Marcia Clark.
Samantha is hired as the legal advocate for Cassie Sonnenberg after a brutal stabbing left the teenager's father and brother dead, and her mother barely clinging to life. It's a tabloid-ready case that has the nation in an uproar-and Sam facing her biggest challenge yet.
The Sleeping Beauty killer, Mary Higgins Clark & Alafair Burke.
Casey Carter was convicted of murdering her fiance famed philanthropist Hunter Raleigh III fifteen years ago. And Casey claims - has always claimed - she's innocent. Although she was charged and served out her sentence in prison, she is still living 'under suspicion.'
What they knew, Averil Dean.
On a bitter January evening, three people are found murdered in the isolated Blackbird hotel.
The secret by the lake, Louise Douglas.
When tragedy strikes the family she works for, Amy moves with them to a lakeside cottage. Things turn sinister.
The malice of waves, Mark Douglas-Home.
Five years ago, fourteen-year-old Max Wheeler disappeared from Priest's Island, an isolated but bleakly beautiful place on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. In the closeknit local community, there are no secrets, except what happened to Max. None of the police or private investigations since have shed any light on what happened the night he went missing, presumed dead.
Assassins, Jim Eldridge.
London, 1921. Prominent Cabinet minister Lord Amersham has been shot dead outside his Regents Park home, two bullets to the chest and one to the forehead. The killing bears the hallmarks of a professional hit.
Stone coffin, Kjell Eriksson
On a sunny morning in June, a young woman and her six-year old daughter are run over by a car on the road to Uppsala. Both are killed immediately. Is it an accident, or did someone kill them on purpose? The same morning the husband of the deceased young woman disappears.
Ghost girls, Cath Ferla.
Winter in Sydney and a young Chinese student leaps to her death and then is revealed to have been an imposter.
The inheritance, Charles Finch.
A mysterious bequest of money leads to a murder in this new novel in the critically acclaimed and bestselling series whose last installment The New York Times called "a sterling addition to this well-polished series."
The truth will out, A. D. Garrett.
A mother and child are kidnapped in a case that echoes a similar case some time back.
Dead man walking, Simon R. Green.
A rogue agent has come in from the cold and wants to spill his secrets. The Organisation wants Ishmael to find out if Frank Parker is who he says he is, what he really knows, and why he has emerged from the shadows after all this time. Second in the Ishmael Jones series.
A grave concern : the twenty-second chronicle of Matthew Bartholomew, Susanna Gregory.
Identifying the murderer of the Chancellor of the University is not the only challenge facing physician Matthew Bartholomew. The latest in this long running series.
Final act, J.M. Gregson.
Sam Jackson is not a man who suffers fools or anyone else gladly. A successful British television producer who fancies himself as a Hollywood mogul, he makes enemies easily, and delights in the fact. It is no great surprise that such a man should meet a violent death. Detective Chief Superintendent Lambert and Detective Sergeant Hook investigate.
The Blood Card, Elly Griffiths.
May 1953. As the country prepares for the coronation of Elizabeth II, the optimistic mood is spoiled for DI Edgar Stephens and his wartime comrade, magician Max Mephisto, when they are informed by a high-ranking general that their old commander, Colonel Cartwright, has been murdered.
Gallows drop, Mari Hannah.
At dawn on a lonely stretch of road, a body is found hanging from an ancient gallows the morning after a country show.
A shocking assassination, Cora Harrison.
Ireland 1923. Reverend Mother Aquinas is buying buttered eggs in the Cork city market at the very moment when the city engineer, James Doyle, is assassinated. Although no one saw the actual killing, a young reporter named Sam O'Mahony is found standing close to the body, a pistol in his hand, and is arrested and charged.
Fifth column : the Blitz detective, Mike Hollow.
An attractive young woman is found dead on a bomb site in the early hours of the morning. At first glance, she is just another casualty of the previous night's air raid, but when the post-mortem shows signs of strangling, DI Jago is called on to investigate.
A cold case in Amsterdam Central, Anja de Jager.
Detective Lotte Meerman investigates the death of a painter and decorator.
Crash land, Doug Johnstone.
Sitting in the departure lounge of Kirkwall Airport, Finn Sullivan just wants to get off Orkney. But then he meets the mysterious and dangerous Maddie Pierce, stepping in to save her from some unwanted attention, and his life is changed forever.
Boy, 9, missing, Nic Joseph.
Debut thriller in which no one escapes the wreckage of a decades-old crime, as secrets and lies imperil the survivors.
The two-bear mambo, Joe R. Lansdale.
Hap Collins and Leonard Pine take a break from their day jobs to search for Florida Grange, Leonard's drop-dead gorgeous lawyer and Hap's former lover, who has vanished in the Klan-infested East Texas town of Grovetown.
A narrow trajectory, Faith Martin.
Ex-DI Hillary Greene has been handed a tall order she's to reopen all the missing persons cases for a group of young women in the latest in this long running series.
A savage hunger, Claire McGowan.
4th in the series featuring forensic psychologist Paula Maguire. Crime writer Ken Bruen has described this author as Ireland's answer to Ruth Rendell.
Quick off the mark, Susan Moody.
Alex Quick investigates the murder of a close family friend in this intriguing, intricately-plotted mystery.
Darktown, Thomas Mullen.
Atlanta 1948 and Darktown is the African-American area guarded by the city's first black police force (of only eight men). This one is to be adapted soon for a major TV series.
My husband's son, Deborah O'Connor.
Heidi and Jason aren't like other couples. Six years ago, Heidi's daughter was murdered. A year later, Jason's son Barney disappeared. Their shared loss brought them together. By chance, Heidi meets a boy she's certain is Barney. But Jason is equally convinced it's not him. Is Heidi mad? Or is Jason hiding something?
Ambush, Nick Oldham.
Former Royal Marine, ex-cop and sportfishing skipper Steve Flynn finds that his is the last name on a dead man's hitlist in this fast-paced action thriller.
Framed, Ronnie O'Sullivan.
British snooker champion' s fiction debut is a crime thriller and it is said to be loosely based on his own life story.
The twisted knot, J. M. Peace.
A marked man. A damaged cop. A town full of secrets. After her abduction and near death at the hands of a sadistic killer, Constable Samantha Willis is back in the uniform.
Girl unknown, Karen Perry.
Author is a crime writing duo from Ireland. Tale of a girl who claims to be a professor's daughter but her story doesn't ring true.
The falls, B. Michael Radburn.
Damaged but not yet broken, park ranger Taylor Bridges believes his ghosts are in the past until a raging forest fire in an isolated canyon of The Falls lays bare the remains of a young woman... and a decade-old killing ground.
The hermit, Thomas Rydahl
Prize winning Danish crime debut set in an island resort where the body of a boy us found in a cardboard box.
Who watcheth, Helene Tursten
Detective Inspector Irene Huss and the case of the woman found murdered in a cemetery.
The Buenos Aires quintet, Manuel Vazquez Montalban
When Pepe Carvalho's uncle asks him to find his son, Raul, in Buenos Aires, Pepe is reluctant. All he knows about Argentina is 'tango, Maradona, and the disappeared' and he has no desire to find out more. But family is family and soon Carvalho is in Buenos Aires, getting more caught up in Argentina's troubled past than is good for anybody.

New Zealand Fiction

The Cloud Leopard's daughter, Deborah Challinor.
When Kitty and Rian Farrell sail their schooner Katipo III into Dunedin Harbour in 1863, they are on tenterhooks. The new Otago goldfields have attracted all-comers, including their friend Wong Fu from Ballarat, who has sent a message for their help. To their surprise, Wong Fu reveals he is more than a mere fortune seeker - he is in fact a Cloud Leopard tong master.
Red herring, Jonothan Cullinane.
In Auckland 1951 the workers and the government are heading for bloody confrontation and the waterfront is the frontline. But this is a war with more than two sides and nothing is what it seems. Into the secret world of rival union politics, dark political agendas and worldwide anti-communist hysteria steps Johnny Molloy, a private detective with secrets of his own.
Daylight second, Kelly Ana Morey.
In a new novel about the Australian race horse Phar Lap, award -winning writer, Kelly Ana Morey recreates the short life of the gigantic chestnut gelding who became the darling of the Australian race tracks during the Depression years.
The student body, Simon Wyatt.
A popular fifteen-year old girl is strangled to death at a school camp on Auckland's West Coast. The posing of the body suggests a sexual motive. Nick Knight, a week into his role as a newly promoted detective sergeant is tasked with the critical job of leading the suspects team.


The nurse's Christmas gift, Tina Beckett.
Holiday baby scandal, Jules Bennett.
One night with Gael, Maya Blake.
The Italian's Christmas child, Lynne Graham.
Romancing the dead, Tate Hallaway.
The midwife's pregnancy miracle, Kate Hardy.
A place to stay, Jennie Jones.
Di Sione's virgin mistress, Sharon Kendrick.
When all the girls have gone, Jayne Ann Krentz.
Third time lucky, Karly Lane.
It started at Christmas, Janice Lynn.
The chocolate tin, Fiona McIntosh.
Unwrapping his convenient fiancee, Melanie Milburne.
The earl's snow-kissed proposal, Nina Milne.
The nightshift before Christmas, Annie O'Neil.
Their first family Christmas, Alison Roberts.
Island of glass, Nora Roberts.
Unwrapped by the duke, Amy Ruttan.
Daintree, Annie Seaton.
Greek tycoon's mistletoe proposal, Kandy Shepherd.
Claiming his Christmas consequence, Michelle Smart.
A diamond for Del Rio's housekeeper, Susan Stephens.
Married for the Italian's heir, Rachael Thomas.
Christmas baby for the princess, Barbara Wallace.
Snowbound with his innocent temptation, Cathy Williams.
The billionaire's prize, Rebecca Winters.
Hold me, cowboy, Maisey Yates.


Liverpool sisters, Lyn Andrews.
It is 1907. Liverpool is a bustling and busy city. Sisters Livvie and Amy Goodwin are just sixteen and thirteen years old when their adored mother dies in childbirth. They are still missing their mum every day when their father Thomas announces that he is going to marry again.
The crossroads, Pamela Cook.
Rosie O'Shea dreams of seeing the world. But right now, the outback hotel she inherited from her husband is falling down around her ears, her bank account is empty and family duty means she's staying put.
The children of Lovely Lane, Nadine Dorries.
The nurses of Lovely Lane Dana, Victoria, Pammy and Beth are now in their second year and are about to face some truly harrowing and difficult times on the wards.
The whole town's talking, Fannie Flagg.
Lordor Nordstrom created, in his wisdom, not only a lively town and a prosperous legacy for himself but also a beautiful final resting place for his family, friends, and neighbors yet to come. "Resting place" turns out to be a bit of a misnomer, however. Odd things begin to happen, and it starts the whole town talking.
Nobody's child, Elizabeth Gill.
Kath walked for so long that she wanted to lie down in the snow and sleep but she thought of her sister and knew she must go on. Soon the snow was so deep that she couldn't move. She could feel her shoes disintegrating and her feet were numb. The sky cleared and a great big moon came out and there were so many stars.
To my daughter in France, Barbara and Stephanie Keating.
Solange de Valnay's perfectly ordered world is shattered when she discovers the identity of her true father for the first time. She loves the man who has always been 'Papa' and the Languedoc vineyard in which she had the happiest of childhoods; Celine, her adored mother, is dead. But the truth of Richard Kirwan's liaison with her mother cannot remain buried.
The shadow sister : Star's story, Lucinda Riley.
Star D'Apliese is at a crossroads in her life after the sudden death of her beloved father - the elusive billionaire, named Pa Salt by his six daughters, all adopted by him from the four corners of the world.

Science fiction

Eternity's mind, Kevin J. Anderson.
Third in the "Saga of shadows." an epic SF series.
Remnants of trust : a Central corps novel, Elizabeth Bonesteel.
Military science fiction: the second in the Central Corps series.
The tourist, Robert Dickinson.
It's expected to be an excursion like any other. There is nothing in the records to indicate that anything out of the ordinary will happen. A bus will take them to the mall. They will have an hour or so to look around. Perhaps buy something, try their food. A minor traffic incident on the way back to the resort will provide additional interest - but the tour rep has no reason to expect any trouble. Until he notices that one of his party is missing.
Star Wars. Catalyst : a Rogue One novel, James Luceno.
War is tearing the galaxy apart. For years the Republic and the Separatists have battled across the stars, each building more and more deadly technology in an attempt to win the war.
1635 : the wars for the Rhine, Anette Pedersen.
In the year 1635, the Rhineland is in turmoil. The impact of the Ring of Fire, the cosmic accident which transported the small modern West Virginia town of Grantville to Europe in the early seventeenth century, has only aggravated a situation that was already chaotic
Behind the throne, K.B. Wagers.
Hail Bristol has made a name for herself in the galaxy for everything except what she was born to do: rule the Indranan Empire.
At the sign of triumph, David Weber.
Ninth book in the Safehold series.
Shadow of victory, David Weber.
14th book in the Honor Harrington series.
Starcraft. Evolution, Timothy Zahn.
First title in the StarCroft series.


A return to the Alamo, Paul Bedford.
The badman's daughter, Terry James.
The fury of Zococa, Roy Patterson.
Snake oil, Fenton Sadler.
The siege of Morton's Cross, K. S. Stanley.