New Titles Non-Fiction January 2017 (arrived in December 2016)

Art & Architecture

150 best of the best house ideas, Francesc Zamora Mola. 728.37 ZAM
A feast for the senses : art and experience in medieval Europe, Martina Bagnoli. 709.02 FEA
This sumptuous new book brings together sacred and secular art to reveal the shared intellectual culture that governed perception in Europe in the 13th through the 16th centuries.
Abstract nature : painting the natural world with acrylics, watercolour and mixed media, Waltraud Nawratil. 751.4 NAW
Architecture : super-quick techniques for amazing drawings, Liz Steel. 743.84 STE
Art deco New Zealand : an illustrated guide, Terry Moyle. 720.993 MOY
A-Z of design & designers, Charlotte & Peter Fiell. 724.6 FIE
Bosch & Bruegel : from enemy painting to everyday life, Joseph Leo Koerner. 759.9492 BOS
In this visually stunning and much anticipated book, acclaimed art historian Joseph Koerner casts the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter Bruegel in a completely new light, revealing how the painting of everyday life was born from what seems its polar opposite: the depiction of an enemy hell-bent on destroying us.
Cool off! : the pool book, Sibylle Kramer. 728.96 KRA
Dubuffet drawings, 1935-1962, Isabelle Dervaux. 759.4 DUB
Jean Dubuffet (1901-1985) achieved international recognition in the late 1940s for his paintings inspired by children's drawings, the art of psychiatric patients, and graffiti.
Edward Bawden : scrapbooks, Peyton Skipwith & Brian Webb. 759.2 BAW
This book reveals the wonderful world of painter and illustrator Edward Bawden. Some pages are beautiful, some instructive and some baffling, but together they give us an insight into the mind of one of the 20 century's most reclusive and English of artists.
Emperors' treasures : Chinese art from the National Palace Museum, Taipei, Jay Xu and He Li. 709.51 EMP
Floating time : Chinese prints, 1954-2002, Stephen H. Whiteman. 769.951 WHI
Francis Picabia : our heads are round so our thoughts can change direction, Anne Umland. 759.4 PIC
Francis Picabia presents over 100 paintings, complemented by works on paper, publications, and film. Featuring some 500 illustrations and 14 essays, it examines the full range of Picabia's oeuvre.
Gustav Klimt : the complete paintings, Tobias G. Natter. 759.36 KLI
Hans Hofmann : the artist's materials, Dawn V. Rogala. 759.13 HOF
This gorgeously illustrated book examines the practice and materials of a prominent Abstract artist.
John Bellany, Keith Hartley. 759.29 BEL
John Bellany has helped to change the course of painting in Scotland.
Landscapes : John Berger on art, John Berger. 700 BER
Landscapes allows us to understand how Berger came to his own way of seeing. As always, Berger pushes at the limits of art writing, demonstrating beautifully how his painter's eyes lead him to refer to himself only as a storyteller.
Max Beckmann in New York, Sabine Rewald. 759.3 BEC
The prominent German Expressionist painter Max Beckmann (1884-1950) is known for allegorical, autobiographical works that capture the doom and grotesquerie of World War I and the subsequent rise of Nazism.
Nigel Cooke, Darian Leader. 759.2 COO
Nigel Cooke is known for his complex paintings, which thematically explore the meeting point between creative labour, consciousness, art history, consumer culture, and nature.
No 1 neighbour : art in Papua New Guinea 1966-2016. 709.953 NO
Pen & ink. 741.26 PEN
Portrait of the artist, Anna Reynolds. 704.942 REY
The first exhibition to focus on images of artists from within the Royal Collection.
Prefabulous small houses, Sheri Koones. 728.1 KOO
Scenes and apparitions : diaries 1988-2003, Roy Strong. 708.2 STR
Scenes and Apparitions begins where its predecessor, Splendours and Miseries, left off. It covers a period of Roy Strong's life from 1988 to 2003.
Stanley Spencer : a twentieth-century British master, Richard Heathcote and Anna Jug. 759.2 SPE
Stanley Spencer (1891-1959) is one of Britain's most significant twentieth-century painters.
Sunnylands : America's midcentury masterpiece, text by Janice Lyle. 728.8 LYL
Built by media moguls, art collectors, and diplomats Walter and Lenore Annenberg, Sunnylands became a seat of power, where politicians, movie stars, and corporate leaders could meet, relax, reflect, make deals, and run the world - all with nobody watching.
The art of 3D drawing : an illustrated and photographic guide to creating art with three-dimensional realism, Stefan Pabst. 741.2 PAB
The art of Beatrix Potter : sketches, paintings, and illustrations, text by Emily Zach. 823.912 POT
Published to coincide with the 150th anniversary of Beatrix Potter's birth, this magnificent collection celebrates the artist behind The Tale of Peter Rabbit and numerous other beloved children's books
The art of John Piper, David Fraser Jenkins. 759.2 PIP
The first published survey of the whole of John Piper's art throughout his long life; the book includes not just his painting and printmaking, but his stained glass and opera designs.
The natural history of Edward Lear (1812-1888), Robert McCracken Peck. 759.2 LEA
Edward Lear, known as an author of nonsense verse, was also an artist and natural history illustrator.
The sub/urban idea : from terraced houses to residential estates, Lisa Baker. 728.37 BAK
Valentin de Boulogne : beyond Caravaggio, Annick Lemoine. 759.4 VAL
Venice the Jews and Europe : 1516-2016, [exhibition curated by Donatella Calabi]. 709.45 VEN
The history of the Venice Ghetto, how it developed, its architecture, the concrete life of its inhabitants and their relations with the whole city form the subject of this book.
Vincent Van Gogh : the lost Arles sketchbook, Bogomila Welsh-Ovcharov759.9492 GOG
Winifred Nicholson : liberation of colour, Jovan Nicholson. 759.2 NIC
This new publication explores the whole career of Winifred Nicholson with a special emphasis on her theories of colour.


Deuce : the original hot rod : 32 x 32, Mike Chase. 629.2222 FOR
Mike Sinclair : King Kenny's spannerman, Kerry Swanson. 629.2275 SIN
This is a story of a young man who progressed from working in spare parts for a major Christchurch motorcycle retailer to the position of crew chief for 'King' Kenny Roberts' Yamaha grand prix team.
Porsche : the classic era, Dennis Adler. 629.2222 POR
The BMW century : the ultimate performance machines, Tony Lewin. 629.2222 BMW
The complete book of American muscle supercars : Yenko, Shelby, Baldwin Motion, Grand Spaulding, and more, Tom Glatch. 629.222 GLA
World's best motorcycles : inside the acclaimed MC Collection of Stockholm, Guy Fithen & Christer R Christensson. 629.2275 FIT


A life in football : my autobiography, Ian Wright with Lloyd Bradley. 796.334 WRI
Ian Wright, Arsenal legend, England striker and TV pundit extraordinaire, is one of the most interesting and relevant figures in modern football.
A life well played : my stories, Arnold Palmer. 796.352 PAL
The golfing master reevaluates his many life experiences, sharing details about familiar stories while offering new anecdotes and his time-tested insights into relationships, business success, and living a life of integrity.
A very queer family indeed : sex, religion, and the Bensons in Victorian Britain, Simon Goldhill. 929.2 BEN
A world gone mad : the diaries of Astrid Lindgren, 1939-45, Astrid Lindgren. 839.7 LIN
Before she became internationally known for her children's books, Astrid Lindgren was an aspiring author living in Stockholm with her family at the outbreak of the Second World War. These diaries, until recently stored in a wicker laundry basket in her Dalagatan home, offer a civilian, a mother, and an aspiring writer's unique account of a world devastated by conflict.
AB : the autobiography, [A.B. de Villiers]. 796.358 VIL
AB de Villiers is one of the finest batsmen ever to play cricket, and yet his achievement extends beyond his outrageous armoury of drives, pulls, paddles, scoops and flicks.
An ordinary man, an extraordinary life, Dr Malcolm Linsell. 617.95 LIN
After suffering serious burns to his hands that would later require surgery, Malcolm Linsell set his heart on becoming a plastic surgeon at an early age so that he too could make a difference and inspire others.
Bear : the life and times of Augustus Owsley Stanley III, Robert Greenfield. 781.49 STA
Award winning author and biographer Robert Greenfield brings readers the definitive biography of a Grateful Dead legend - Augustus Owsley Stanley III, known better by his nickname, Bear.
Beryl Bainbridge : love by all sorts of means : a biography, Brendan King. 823.914 BAI
Dame Beryl Bainbridge was one of the most popular and recognisable English novelists of her generation. She was shortlisted for the Booker Prize five times.
Blood brothers : the exploits of Steve and Chris Podjursky, Marion Day. 799.2 POD
Blood Brothers traces the lives of Steve and Chris Podjursky, two bold and daring Kiwis addicted to the excitement and fear of the adventurous spirit.
Bobby Kennedy : the making of a liberal icon, Larry Tye. 973.922 KEN
Born a crime : stories from a South African childhood, Trevor Noah. 791.45028 NOA
The compelling, inspiring and comically sublime story of a young man's coming-of- age, set during the twilight of apartheid and the tumultuous days of freedom that followed.
Byron's women, Alexander Larman. 821.7 BYR
One was the mother who bore him; three were women who adored him; one was the sister he slept with; one was his abused and sodomized wife; one was his legitimate daughter; one was the fruit of his incest; another was his friend Shelley's wife, who avoided his bed and invented science fiction instead. Nine women; one poet named George Gordon, Lord Byron - mad, bad and very very dangerous to know.
Christopher Wood, Katy Norris. 759.2 WOO
The first fully illustrated account of the life and work of English painter Christopher Wood (1901-30).
Crown of blood : the deadly inheritance of Lady Jane Grey, Nicolas Tallis. 942.053 GRE
Forced onto the throne by the great power players at court, Queen Jane reigned for just thirteen tumultuous days before being imprisoned in the Tower, condemned for high treason and executed.
Defiance : the life and choices of Lady Anne Barnard, Stephen Taylor. 910.4 BAR
Lady Anne Barnard lived at the heart of Georgian society, yet was never fully part of it. The Prince of Wales counted among many friends and she was brilliant in company. But she was seen as an eccentric - an outsider. What defined this poet and musician, artist and hostess, was defiance of convention.
Dr James Barry : a woman ahead of her time, Michael Du Preez & Jeremy Dronfield. 617.092 BAR
This is the amazing true story of Margaret Ann Bulkey, the young woman who broke the rules of Georgian society to become one of the most respected surgeons of the century.
Eleanor and Hick : the love affair that shaped a First Lady, Susan Quinn. 973.917 ROO
In 1933, as her husband assumed the presidency, Eleanor Roosevelt embarked on the claustrophobic, duty-bound existence of the First Lady with dread. By that time, she had put her deep disappointment in her marriage behind her and developed an independent life--now threatened by the public role she would be forced to play. A lifeline came to her in the form of a feisty campaign reporter for the Associated Press: Lorena Hickok.
Elizabeth Jane Howard : a dangerous innocence, Artemis Cooper. 823.914 HOW
A biography that explores a woman trying to make sense of her life through her writing, as well as illuminating the literary world in which she lived.
Emma Hamilton : seduction & celebrity, Quintin Colville with Kate Williams. 942.073 HAM
This book provides a fresh evaluation of Emma Hamilton's artistic undertakings, cultural achievements and legacy. From humble origins, Emma Hamilton rose to national and international fame as a model, performer, trendsetter and interpreter of neoclassical fashion.
George Lucas : a life, Brian Jay Jones. 791.43023 LUC
Give a man a horse : the remarkable story of Sir Patrick Hogan, Dianne Haworth. 636.13 HOG
New and fully updated edition of the classic biography of Sir Patrick Hogan and his legendary Cambidge Stud, home of champion thoroughbreds Sir Tristram and Zabeel.
Graham Sutherland : life, work and ideas, Rosalind Thuillier. 759.2 SUT
A compelling biographical study of a leading twentieth-century British artist, Graham Sutherland: Life, Work and Ideas offers new insight into how he and his paintings developed.
Half time : my autobiography, Nigel Owens with Lynn Davies. 796.3333 OWE
The autobiography of international rugby referee Nigel Owens, the sport's first openly gay ref.
Hirohito and the making of modern Japan, Herbert P. Bix. 952.033 HIR
A biography of the Japanese emperor reveals a powerful man who successfully cultivated an image of a reluctant king while manipulating important events behind the scenes for five decades.
Homeward bound : the life of Paul Simon, Peter Ames Carlin. 781.64 SIM
In the country we love : my family divided, Diane Guerrero with Michelle Burford. 791.45028 GUE
Diane Guerrero, the television actress from the megahit Orange is the New Black.
J.R.R. Tolkien : a biography, Humphrey Carpenter. 823.912 TOL
Just getting started, Tony Bennett with Scott Simon. 781.64 BEN
Just Getting Started is a beautiful compilation of reflections every Bennett fan will treasure, and a perfect introduction for those just getting to know this extraordinary star and generous spirit.
Kenneth Clark : life, art and civilisation, James Stourton. 709.2 CLA
The astonishing life of Kenneth Clark - the greatest British art historian of his time.
Last girl before freeway : the life, loves, losses, and liberation of Joan Rivers, Leslie Bennetts. 792.7 RIV
Joan Rivers was more than a legendary comedian; she was an icon and a role model to millions, a fearless pioneer who left a legacy of expanded opportunity when she died in 2014.
Losing my virginity : the autobiography, Richard Branson. 338.04 BRA
This is the bestselling autobiography of iconic entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson.
Marconi : the man who networked the world, Marc Raboy. 621.384 MAR
Marc Raboy gives us the first real account of Marconi's vital role as the wizard of wireless, industry developer, and consummate political insider.
Michael Bloomfield : the rise and fall of an American guitar hero, Ed Ward. 787.87 BLO
The definitive biography of the legendary guitarist whom eminent figures like Muddy Waters and B B King held in high esteem, and who created the prototype for Clapton, Hendrix, Page, and everyone who followed.
My father's island : a memoir, Adam Dudding. 070.5092 DUD
After the death of his brilliant, eccentric father, Adam Dudding went in search of the stories and secrets of a man who had been a loving parent and husband, but was also a tormented, controlling and at times cruel man. Robin Dudding was the greatest New Zealand literary editor of his generation - friend and mentor of many of our best-known writers. At his peak he published the country's finest literary journal.
My life with Earth, Wind & Fire, Maurice White with Herb Powell. 781.64 WHI
My turn : the autobiography, Johan Cruyff with Jaap de Groot. 796.334 CRU
Johan Cruyff is widely regarded as one of the greatest players in football history.
Natalie Wood : reflections on a legendary life, Manoah Bowman. 791.43028 WOO
The first family-authorized photographic study of Natalie Wood, and the first book to examine her glamorous film career as well as her private, off-screen life as a wife and mother.
Night, Elie Wiesel. 940.5318 WIE
An autobiographical narrative, in which the author describes his experiences in Nazi concentration camps.
Outlandish knight : the Byzantine life of Steven Runciman, Minoo Dinshaw. 907.2 RUN
The biography of one of the greatest British historians.
'Over the hills and far away' : the life of Beatrix Potter, Matthew Dennison. 823.912 POT
Pumper, Jim Cassidy with Andrew Webster. 798.4 CAS
Pumper is Jim Cassidy's explosive autobiography - a page-turning thrill-ride through his many adventures on and off the track.
Reagan : American icon, Iwan Morgan. 973.927 REA
Scrappy little nobody, Anna Kendrick. 791.43028 KEN
A collection of humorous autobiographical essays by the Academy Award-nominated actress and star of Up in the Air and Pitch Perfect.
Te Oka - pākehā kaumātua : the life of Jock McEwen, Mary McEwen. 993.035 MCE
Jock McEwen, administrator, historian, linguist, composer and master carver, was a well-known figure in the Maori world and the wider Pacific for over half a century.
The forger's apprentice : life with the world's most notorious artist, Mark Forgy. 759.9439 HOR
This memoir is a coming-of-age journey of discovery providing the most personal account of this "famously infamous" faker that finally untangles the longstanding mythology about his life.
The last interview : and other conversations, David Bowie. 781.66 BOW
In these interviews collected throughout his fabled career--including his first, when he was sixteen, as well as his last, decades later--David Bowie discusses his childhood in the rough streets of South London, songwriting, his problems with drug abuse, the influence of Andy Warhol, sexuality, his movies, fashion, working with Brian Eno, his friendship with John Lennon, and more.
The man who created the Middle East : a story of empire, conflict and the Sykes-Picot agreement, Christopher Simon Sykes. 327.41 SYK
At the age of only 36, Sir Mark Sykes was signatory to the Sykes-Picot agreement, one of the most reviled treaties of modern times. A century later, Christopher Sykes' lively biography of his grandfather reassesses his life and work, and the political instability and violence in the Middle East attributed to it.
The pope of physics : Enrico Fermi and the birth of the Atomic Age, Gino Segre. 530 FER
The first full-scale biography of the Nobel Prize-winning physicist and one of the fathers of the atomic age.
The second phase, Sione Faumuina. 796.3338 FAU
he Second Phase tells Sione's story, from childhood, through professional sport in both hemispheres, to the life of a blue collar worker, to starting a business, and a family, in Australia.
They call me supermensch : a backstage pass to the amazing worlds of film, food, and Rock 'n' Roll, Shep Gordon. 659.29 GOR
The legendary talent agent behind such superstars as Groucho Marx, Blondie and Raquel Welch chronicles his life and career in the entertainment industry.
Tranny : confessions of punk rock's most infamous anarchist sellout, Laura Jane Grace with Dan Ozzi. 781.66 GRA
KILL ME LOUDLY is an intensely personal and revelatory look inside sex, drugs, failed marriages, music, and soul of a punk rock icon.
Victoria the queen : an intimate biography of the woman who ruled an empire, Julia Baird. 941.081 VIC
Walk through walls : a memoir, Marina Abramovic. 700.94971 ABR
This memoir spans Marina Abramovic's five decade career, and tells a life story that is almost as exhilarating and extraordinary as her groundbreaking performance art.
William the Conqueror, David Bates. 942.021 WIL
Zayn. 781.64 ZAY
Former One Direction band member Zayn Malik is releasing his first autobiography.

Business & Management

"Faster, better, cheaper" in the history of manufacturing : from the Stone Age to lean manufacturing and beyond, Christoph Roser. 670 ROS
Branding : in five and a half steps : the definitive guide to the strategy and design of brand identities, Michael Johnson. 658.827 JOH
Jobs to be done : a roadmap for customer-centered innovation, Stephen Wunker, Jessica Wattman, David Farber. 658.5 WUN
Kirkpatrick's four levels of training evaluation, James D. and Wendy Kayser Kirkpatrick. 658.3124 KIR
Making work work : the positivity solution for any work environment, Shola Richards. 658.312 RIC
Management of art galleries, Magnus Resch. 069.5 RES
Not knowing : the art of turning uncertainty into opportunity, Stevem D'Souza, Diana Renner. 650.1 DSO
Quickbooks 2017 for dummies, Stephen L. Nelson. 657.0285 NEL
Running a food truck for dummies, Richard Myrick. 647.95 MYR
Simply brilliant : how great organizations do ordinary things in extraordinary ways, William C. Taylor. 658.406 TAY
The feedback book : 50 ways to motivate and improve the performance of your people, Dawn Sillett. 658.45 SIL
The future workplace experience : 10 rules for mastering disruption in recruiting and engaging employees, Jeanne C. Meister, Kevin J. Mulcahy. 658.3 MEI
The gig economy : the complete guide to getting better work, taking more time off, and financing the life you want!, Diane Mulcahy. 650.1 MUL
The new one minute manager, Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. 658.314 BLA
This concise book quickly demonstrates three very practical management techniques: One Minute Goals, One Minute Praisings and One Minute Re-directs.
The renaissance soul : how to make your passions your life : a creative and practical guide, Margaret Lobenstine. 650.1 LOB
Unequaled : tips for building a successful career through emotional intelligence, James A. Runde with Diana Giddon. 332.66 RUN
UnMarketing : everything has changed and nothing is different, Scott Stratten, Alison Kramer. 658.8 STR
Your creative mind : disrupt your thinking, abandon your comfort zone, and develop bold new strategies, Scott Cochrane. 650.1 COC


The bumper book of Peanuts, Schulz. 741.5 SCH
The complete Peanuts : comics and stories, Charles M. Schulz. 741.5 SCH

Civil Rights

The new Trail of Tears : how Washington is destroying American Indians, Naomi Schaefer Riley. 323.1197 RIL


Agile web development with Rails 5, Sam Ruby, Dave Thomas, David Heinemeier Hansson. 006.7 RUB
Begin to code with C#, Rob Miles. 005.133 C
Frontend architecture for design systems : a modern blueprint for scalable and sustainable design systems. 004.67 GOD
Go in practice, Matt Butcher, Matt Farina. 005.133 GO
Introduction to machine learning with Python : a guide for data scientists, Andreas C. M++ller and Sarah Guido. 005.133 PYT
iOS 10 programming fundamentals with Swift : Swift, Xcode, and Cocoa Basics, Matt Neuburg. 004.165 NEU
Learning computer architecture with Raspberry Pi, Eben Upton. 005.1 UPT
Microsoft SQL Server 2016 : a beginner's guide, Dusan Petkovic. 005.756 PET
Programming Microsoft Office 365 : covers Microsoft Graph, Office 365 applications, SharePoint add-ins, Office 365 Groups, and more, Paolo Pialorsi. 005.36
Python machine learning : unlock deeper insights into machine learning with this vital guide to cutting-edge predictive analytics, Sebastian Raschka. 005.133
Sams teach yourself iOS 9 application development in 24 hours, John Ray. 004.165 RAY

Crafts & Collecting

Bags and totes : 10 easy, fashionable projects anyone can sew, Liz Johnson and Anne Adams. 646.48 JOH
Box making : 25 projects for storage and display. 684.08 BOX
Building and operating a realistic model railway : a guide to running a layout like an actual railway, Allen Jackson. 625.19 JAC
Ceramics : contemporary artists working in clay, Kate Singleton. 738 SIN
Creative calligraphy, [Kristara Schnippert]. 745.61 SCH
Creative origami and beyond, Jenny Chan. 736.98 CHA
Crochetterie : cool contemporary crochet for the creatively minded, Molla Mills. 746.434 MIL
Fold it and cut it, Naomi Shiek. 736.98 SHI
Foraged flora : a year of gathering and arranging wild plants and flowers, Louesa Roebuck. 745.92 ROE
Gifts in jars : homemade cookie mixes, soup mixes, candles, lotions, teas, and more!, Natalie Wise. 745.5 WIS
How to create your own jewelry line, Emilie Shapiro. 739.27 SHA
How to work with leather : easy techniques and over 20 great projects, Katherine Pogson. 745.53 POG
In bloom : creating and living with flowers, Ngoc Minh Ngo. 745.92 NGO
Knitting for the outdoors : merino handknits for active Kiwis, Gillian Whalley-Torckler. 746.432 WHA
Landscape quilts, with Kathy McNeil. 746.46 MCN
Learn to draw calligraphy nature, Andrew Fox. 741.26 FOX
Loose leaf, Wona Bae & Charlie Lawler. 745.92 BAE
Observe nature, be inspired by it and start experimenting. These are the tenets upon which Loose Leaf was created by botanical designers Wona Bae and Charlie Lawler.
Make : props and costume armor : create realistic science fiction and fantasy weapons, armor, and accessories, Shawn Thorsson. 646.478 THO
Make it, own it, love it : the essential guide to sewing, altering and customizing, Matt Chapple. 646.4 CHA
Make your own ideabook : create handmade art journals and bound keepsakes to store inspiration and memories, Arne & Carlos. 745.593 NER
Making Luna Lapin, Sarah Peel. 745.5922 PEE
Welcome to the charming world of Luna Lapin, a quiet and kind rabbit with impeccable taste. Learn to sew your very own Luna and her exquisite wardrobe with this collection of sewing patterns for 20 garments and accessories.
Modelling ports and inland waterways : a guide for railway modellers, David Wright. 625.19 WRI
Modern beaded lace : beadweaving techniques for stunning jewelry designs, Cynthia Newcomer Daniel. 745.58 NEW
Playing with pop-ups : the art of dimensional, moving paper designs, Helen Hiebert. 736.98 HIE
Playtime, naptime, anytime quilts : 14 fun applique projects, Kim Schaefer. 746.46 SCH
Pompomania, Christine Leech. 745.5 LEE
Print, paint & ink : over 20 modern craft projects for you and your home, Andie Powers. 745.5 POW
Quilt petite : 18 sweet and modern mini quilts and more, Sedef Imer. 746.46 IME
Sew home : learn design basics, techniques, fabrics & supplies : 30+ modern projects to turn a house into your home, Erin Schlosser. 646.21 SCH
Simple metalwork jewelry : learn by doing : cutting, piercing, riveting & more!, Judy Freyer Thompson. 739.27 THO
Simple sashiko : 8 sashiko sewing projects for the modern home, Susan Briscoe. 746.445 BRI
Simply stitched : beautiful embroidery motifs and projects with wool and cotton, Yumiko Higuchi. 746.44 HIG
Stunning scenery in cross stitch, Maria Diaz. 746.443 DIA
Sundressing : sew 21 easy, breezy dresses for women and girls, Melissa Mora. 646.432 MOR
Susan Holmes : fabric artist, Cerys Dallaway-Davidson. 746.92 HOL
The story of Susan Homes and how she can to be, arguably, New Zealand's most accomplished and acclaimed fabric artist.
Tapestry crochet and more : a handbook of crochet techniques and patterns : tapestry crochet, granny squares, lacy stars, and 3D patterns, Maria Gullberg. 746.434
Textile collage : using collage techniques in textile art, Mandy Pattullo. 746 PAT
Woven shibori, Catharine Ellis. 746.14 ELL


Art thieves, fakers & fraudsters : the New Zealand story, Penelope Jackson. 364.162 JAC
Migrant, refugee, smuggler, saviour, Peter Tinti and Tuesday Reitano. 364.13 TIN
This book is a measured attempt, born of years of research and reporting in the field, to better understand how people-smuggling networks function, the ways in which they have evolved, and what they mean for peace and security in the future.
Murder in the Bayou : who killed the women known as the Jeff Davis 8?, Ethan Brown. 364.1523 BRO
Between 2005 and 2009, the bodies of eight women were discovered around the town of Jennings, in Jefferson Davis Parish, Louisiana. They had all engaged in sex work as a means of survival, and they came to be called the Jeff Davis 8. The investigations into their deaths, originally searching for a serial killer, raised questions about police misconduct and corruption.
Roger Rogerson : from decorated policeman to convicted criminal : the inside story, Duncan McNab. 364.1523 MCN
Why they do it : inside the mind of the white-collar criminal, Eugene Soltes. 364.168 SOL
Writing to save a life : the Louis Till file, John Edgar Wideman. 364.1523 TIL
John Edgar Wideman searches for Louis Till.


Tikanga Maori : living by Maori values, Hirini Moko Mead. 390.089 MEA


An extraordinary time : the end of the postwar boom and the return of the ordinary economy, Marc Levinson. 330.9 LEV
Frontier investor : how to prosper in the next emerging markets, Dimitrijevic, Marko. 332.6 DIM
Future : economic peril or prosperity?, Robert M. Whaples. 330.9 FUT
Gold Rush : how I found, lost and made a fortune, Jim Richards. 338.04 RIC
Increase your financial IQ : get smarter with your money, [Robert T. Kiyosaki]. 332.024 KIY
Mind over money : the psychology of money and how to use it better, Claudia Hammond. 332.401 HAM
Return on principle : 7 core values to help protect your money in good times and bad, David J. Scranton. 332.024 SCR
Shoe dog : a memoir by the creator of Nike, Phil Knight. 338.768 KNI
Signals : how everyday signs can help us navigate the world's turbulent economy, Dr Pippa Malmgren. 337 MAL
The corruption of capitalism : why rentiers thrive and work does not pay, Guy Standing. 333 STA
The innovation illusion : how so little is created by so many working so hard, Fredrik Erixon. 338.06 ERI
The road to ruin : the global elites' secret plan for the next financial crisis, James Rickards. 332.04 RIC
The upside of inequality : how good intentions undermine the middle class, Edward Conard. 339.2 CON
Zero to 60 : from a wooden caravan to a multi-millionaire dollar business empire, Tony Quinn with Robert Tighe. 338.04 QUI


Creating new synergies : approaches of tertiary Japanese programmes in New Zealand, Masayoshi Ogino, Penelope Shino and Dallas Nesbitt. 495.682 CRE
Compiled under the aegis of Japanese Studies Aotearoa New Zealand this collection invites us into the reality of Japanese language teaching in New Zealand.
Disrupting class : how disruptive innovation will change the way the world learns, Clayton M. Christensen, Michael B. Horn, Curtis W. Johnson. 371.3 CHR
A groundbreaking and timely prescription for education reform-from a leading expert in innovation and growth.
Making classic toys that teach : step-by-step instructions for building Froebel's iconic developmental toys, Doug Stowe. 688.725 STO
Southern transformation : searching for success in South Auckland, Bernadine Vester. 371.19 VES
What role does education play in the current dynamic of South Auckland, and what will its future be?


Engineering : an illustrated history from ancient craft to modern technology, Tom Jackson. 620.009 ENG
Make : tools : how they work and how to use them, Charles Platt. 621.9 PLA
Te toki me te whao : the story and use of Maori tools, Clive Fugill. 621.908 FUG
Te Toki me te Whao is the first book by one of New Zealand's most esteemed experts in wood carving - and the first book dedicated to Maori tool technology since Elsdon Best's Stone Implements of the Maori (1912).


A bone to pick : the good and bad news about food, with wisdom, insights, and advice on diets, food safety, GMOs, farming, and more, Mark Bittman. 338.1


Table manners : how to behave in the modern world and why bother, Jeremiah Tower. 395.5 TOW
An authoritative and witty guide to modern table manners for all occasions by one of the world's most acclaimed chefs and restaurateurs


Alexander McQueen : unseen, Robert Fairer. 746.92 MCQ
American dreamer : my life in fashion & business, Tommy Hilfiger with Peter Knobler. 746.92 HIL
Face : make-up, skincare, beauty, Sam and Nic Chapman. 646.72 CHA
Golden kicks : the shoes that changed sport, Jason Coles. 391.41 COL
Lingerie design : a complete course, Pamela Powell. 646.42 POW
Self.Styled : dare to be different, Anthony Lycett. 746.92 LYC
Style tribes, Caroline Young. 391 YOU
Style Tribes: The Fashion of Subcultures explores the style, fashions and ideology of youth movements of the last 100
Twentieth-century fashion in detail, Claire Wilcox. 746.92 WIL
V&A gallery of fashion, Claire Wilcox and Jenny Lister. 391 V
Versace, written by Donatella Versace. 746.92 VER
A long-awaited and highly intimate visual history of Versace, the glamorous and globally renowned Italian fashion house. Versace.

Film, Television & Theatre

Alanatomy : the inside story, Alan Carr. 791.092 CAR
If you loved Alan's first memoir Look Who It Is! then this follow-up, Alanatomy, will take you further into the hilarious and bizarre world of the country's favourite chatty man.
Eric Rohmer : a biography, Antoine de Baecque. 791.43023 ROH
This exhaustive biography uses personal archives and interviews to enrich our knowledge of Film Maker Rohmer's public achievements and lesser known interests and relations.
Fantastic beasts and where to find them : the art of the film, Dermot Power ; foreword by Stuart Craig. 791.437 POW
Step inside the world of the talented art departments who, led by Academy Award(R)-winning production designer Stuart Craig, were responsible for the creation of the unforgettable characters, locations and beasts in J.K. Rowling's Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.
I loved her in the movies : memories of Hollywood's legendary actresses, Robert J. Wagner. 791.43028 WAG
Like Wagner's two previous bestsellers, this book is a privileged view behind the scenes at some of the most beloved women in show business, as well as an insightful look at the cinematic and romantic attraction that created their magic.
Maori Television : the first ten years, Jo Smith. 384.55 SMI
This is a deep account of Maori Television in its first ten years. Jo Smith argues that today's arguments must be understood within a broader context shaped by non-Maoori interests. Can a Maoori broadcaster follow both tikanga and the Broadcasting Standards Authority?
Talking as fast as I can : from Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls, (and everything in between), Lauren Graham. 791.45028 GRA
The princess diarist, Carrie Fisher. 791.43028 FIS
Fisher ponders the joys and insanity of celebrity as well as the absurdity of a life spawned by Hollywood royalty whose lofty status has ultimately been surpassed by her own outer-space royalty.
The Whoniverse : the untold history of space and time, George Mannnd. 791.457 MAN
The Whoniverse is a dramatic retelling of the uprisings, wars and battles that formed Doctor Who's universe, and an astonishing compendium of the races that live within it. It is the definitive, essential companion to this universe, and any other.
Tim Burton : the iconic filmmaker and his work, Ian Nathan. 791.43023 BUR
You can't touch my hair : and other things I still have to explain, Phoebe Robinson. 792.7 ROB
A hilarious and affecting essay collection about race, gender, and pop culture from celebrated stand-up comedian and WNYC podcaster Phoebe Robinson.


A field guide to fantastical beasts : a compendium of fabulous creatures, enchanted beings and magical monsters, Olento Salaperninen. 398.24 SAL

Food & Wine

A spot at the bar : welcome to The Everleigh : the art of good drinking in three hundred recipes, Michael Madrusan. 641.21 MAD
A square meal : a culinary history of the Great Depression, Jane Ziegelman and Andrew Coe. 641.5973 ZIE
A taste of the valley : from our family to yours 641.5 TAS
Amaro : the spirited world of bittersweet, herbal liqueurs with cocktails, recipes and formulas, Brad Thomas Parsons. 641.874 PAR
Appetites, Anthony Bourdain. 641.5 BOU
Aquafaba : sweet and savory vegan recipes made egg-free using the magic of bean water, Zsu Dever. 641.5636 DEV
Aquafaba is the miraculous bean water with amazing egg-replacement abilities.
At the beach : a cookbook memoir, Margaret Brooker. 641.5 BRO
Part memoir, part sumptuous holiday cookery book which will equip you with how to take a waste not approach creating outstanding food and beverages from meagre ingredients.
Botswana Butchery : the cookbook, Al Spary & Russell Gray. 641.5 SPA
Butter : a rich history, Elaine Khosrova. 641.372 KHO
Clean bakery : wholesome & nourishing baking for New Zealanders, Carine Claudepierre. 641.815 CLA
Coffee u feel, Geoff Marsland. 641.337 MAR
Havana Coffee is a New Zealand institution. This book tells the astonishing story of pioneering Wellington Coffee Baron, Geoff Marsland.
Cooking for Jeffrey : a Barefoot Contessa cookbook, Ina Garten. 641.5 GAR
DIY bitters : reviving the forgotten flavor : a guide to making your own bitters for bartenders, cocktail enthusiasts, herbalists, and more, Guido Mas. 641.874 MAS
Effortless entertaining cookbook : 80 recipes that will impress your guests without stress, Meredith Steele. 641.555 STE
Everything I want to eat : Sqirl and the new California cooking, Jessica Koslow. 641.5973 KOS
Far afield : rare food encounters from around the world, Shane Mitchell. 641.59 MIT
How to bake everything : simple recipes for the best baking, Mark Bittman. 641.815 BIT
How to have a beer, Alice Galletly. 641.23 GAL
Hungry : food, travel, experience : cooked in New Zealand, Karena & Kasey. 641.59 BIR
In a pickle : sauces, pickles, chutneys and relishes, Kirsten Day. 641.46 DAY
Indian made easy, Amandip Uppal ; photographs by Lisa Linder. 641.5954 UPP
Made in the office : tasty & hasty meals with just a kettle, toaster & microwave, Rachel Maylor. 641.53 MAY
Made with love : 100 of the world's best chefs, cooks, & food artisans & the food they make for the people they love. 641.5 MAD
Marlborough man : a quintessentially kiwi story of an accidental wine-industry trailblazer, Alan Scott. 663.2 SCO
The true story of the rise of Marlborough and NZ Sauvignon Blanc, told by one of its pioneers, winemaker Allan Scott, as both personal and professional memoir.
My green kitchen : nourishing food for New Zealanders, Neena Truscott & Belinda MacDonald. 641.563 TRU
Nourished beginnings baby food : nutrient-dense recipes for infants, toddlers and beyond inspired by ancient wisdom and traditional foods, Renee Kohley. 641.5622
One handed cooks : how to raise a healthy, happy eater from baby to school age, Allie Gaunt, Jessica Beaton and Sarah Buckle. 641.5622 GAU
Outdoor kitchen. 641.578 OUT
Provence to Pondicherry, Tessa Kiros. 641.5944 KIR
Scandinavian gatherings : from afternoon fika to midsummer feast : 70 simple recipes & crafts for everyday celebrations, Melissa Bahen. 641.5948 BAH
Scratch : home cooking for everyone made simple, fun, and totally delicious, Maria Rodale. 641.5 ROD
Short takes : making cooking simple : a cookbook, Jenny McClure. 641.555 MCC
Simple green smoothies : 100+ tasty recipes to lose weight, gain energy, and feel great in your body, Jen Hansard & Jadah Sellner. 641.875 HAN
Simply beautiful homemade cakes : extraordinary recipes and easy decorating techniques, Lindsay Conchar. 641.8653 CON
Smith & Daughters : a cookbook (that happens to be vegan), Shannon Martinez & Mo Wyse. 641.5636 MAR
Spice health heroes, Natasha MacAller. 641.6383 MCA
Sweet! Celebrations, Elise Strachan. 641.568 STR
Taqueria : new-style fun and friendly Mexican cooking, Paul Wilson. 641.5972 WIL
The essential wood fired pizza cookbook : recipes and techniques from my wood-fired oven, Anthony Tassinello. 641.824 TAS
The Hairy Bikers' 12 days of Christmas, [Si King & Dave Myers]. 641.568 KIN
The Hairy Bikers chicken & egg, [Si King and Dave Myers]. 641.665 KIN
The marshmallowist, Oonagh Simms. 641.853 SIM
The Mediterranean diet cookbook, Dr Catherine Itsiopoulos. 641.594 ITS
The Paleo kids cookbook : transition your little ones to delicious grain- and gluten-free food for a lifetime of healthy eating, Jennifer Robins. 641.563 ROB
The Red Rooster cookbook : the story of food and hustle in Harlem, Marcus Samuelsson. 641.59 SAM
The Revive cafe cookbook. 6 : delicious, healthy & easy recipes inspired by Auckland's healthy food haven, Jeremy Dixon. 641.5636 DIX
The Sprinkles baking book : 100 secret recipes from Candace's kitchen, Candace Nelson. 641.865 NEL
The ultimate cook's manual : become the cook you have always wanted to be : a step-by-step guide to mastering the fundamentals of good cooking, Marianne Magnier-Moreno. 641.5 MAG
The world of the Happy Pear, Stephen & David Flynn. 641.5636 FLY
David and Stephen Flynn put fun, deliciousness and friendship at the heart of their cooking. By showing that vegetarian food is endlessly varied, packed full of flavour and amazingly easy to prepare they want to spread the love for fruit and veg!
Vegan bowl attack! : more than 100 one-dish meals packed with plant-based power, Jackie Sobon. 641.5636 SOB
Vegan pressure cooking : delicious beans, grains and one-pot meals in minutes, JL Fields. 641.5636 FIE
Vegetables, Antonio Carluccio. 641.5636 CAR
Whole food, bowl food : naturally gluten free, delicious home cooking, Anna Lisle. 641.563 LIS

Gardens and Gardening

1001 plants you must grow before you die, general editor, Liz Dobbs. 635 ONE
A short history of gardens, Gordon Campbell. 635 CAM
Birds, bees, & butterflies : bringing nature into your yard & garden, Nancy J. Hajeski. 639.92 HAJ
Interpreting soil test results : what do all the numbers mean?, Pam Hazelton and Brian Murphy. 631.42 HAZ
Into the orchid house : in search of beauty, Stanley Breeden and Kaisa Breeden with Bruce Gray. 635.93 ORC
Landscape lighting, Roger Narboni. 712 LAN
Macoboy's roses, Stirling Macoboy ; Tommy Cairns, ed. 635.93 ROS
Magical miniature gardens & homes : create tiny worlds of fairy magic & delight, Donni Webber. 635.967 WEB
Paul Bangay's country gardens, photography by Simon Griffiths. 712.60994 BAN
Plant craft : 30 projects that add natural style to your home, Caitlin Atkinson. 635.965 ATK
Planting dreams : shaping Australian gardens, Richard Aitken. 712.0994 AIT
Private gardens of the Mediterranean, Jean Mus. 712.6 MUS
Rhapsody in green : a novelist, an obsession, a laughably small excuse for a vegetable garden, Charlotte Mendelson ; illustrations by Aitch. 635 MEN
Her garden may look like a nasty drunk old man's mini-allotment, chaotic, virtually flowerless, with weird recycling and nowhere to sit. When honoured friends are shown it, they tend to laugh. However, it is actually a tiny jungle, a minuscule farm, a wildly uneconomical experiment in intensive edible cultivation.
The bold dry garden : lessons from the Ruth Bancroft Garden, Johanna Silver ; photographs by Marion Brenner. 635.9 SIL
The organic gardeners handbook, Frank Tozer. 635.0484 TOZ
The plant lover's guide to magnolias, Andrew Bunting. 635.97 MAG
The ultimate guide to urban farming : sustainable living in your home, community, and business, Nicole Faires. 635.977 FAI
Vintage roses : beautiful varieties for home and garden, Jane Eastoe. 635.93 ROS

Graphic novels

Literary life : revisited, Posy Simmonds. 741.5 SIM

Health & Medicine

A small blue thing : life on the spectrum, Julie Hanify. 616.8588 HAN
Julie Hanify has felt different for as long as she can remember, suffering from anxiety, depression, obsession and an inability to prioritise or slow her life down. When one of her children was diagnosed with ADHD, a light went on. It turned out Julie had the same disorder and was on the autism spectrum too.
Acceptance and commitment therapy for Christian clients : a faith-based workbook, Joshua J. Knabb. 616.8914 KNA
Angel detox : taking your life to a higher level through releasing emotional, physical, and energetic toxins, Doreen Virtue & Robert Reeves. 615.85 VIR
Arthritis : drug-free alternatives to prevent and reverse arthritis : what doctors don't tell you, editor, Lynne McTaggart. 616.72 ART
Breast cancer smoothies : 100 delicious, research-based recipes for prevention and recovery, Danielle Chace. 641.875 CHA
Candida cleanse : cure Candida & restore your health in 21 days, Christine Weil. 616.969 WEI
Childhood cancer : a parent's guide to solid tumor cancers, Anne Spurgeon and Nancy Keene. 618.929 SPU
Childhood disrupted : how your biography becomes your biology, and how you can heal, Donna Jackson Nakazawa. 618.9285 NAK
Depression in later life : an essential guide, Deborah Serani. 616.8527 SER
Diabetes type 2 : you can reverse it naturally, lose weight & restore your health, Sandra Cabot, Margaret Jasinska. 616.462 CAB
Eating disorder recovery handbook : a practical guide for long-term recovery, Dr Nicola Davies. 616.8526 DAV
Empty cradle, broken heart : surviving the death of your baby, Deborah L. Davis. 618.39 DAV
Entanglement : the secret lives of hair, Emma Tarlo. 612.79 TAR
Expecting : the inner life of pregnancy, Chitra Ramaswamy. 618.2 RAM
French women don't get fat, Mireille Guiliano. 613.25 GUI
Gout relief now! : your quick guide to gout treatment, diet, medicine, and home remedies, David Richards. 616.399 RIC
Heaven in my hands : a midwife's stories of birth & life, Nancy Spencer. 618.2 SPE
How to survive a plague : the story of how activists and scientists tamed AIDS, David France. 616.9792 FRA
It's all absolutely fine : life is complicated so I've drawn it instead, Ruby Elliot. 616.89 ELL
It's all absolutely fine is a darkly comic, honest and unapologetic illustrated account of the daily struggles with mental health.
Keeping love alive as memories fade : the 5 love languages and the Alzheimer's journey, Deborah Barr, Edward G. Shaw, Gary Chapman. 616.831 BAR
Living with it : a survivor's guide to panic attacks, Bev Aisbett. 616.8522 AIS
Loving, supporting, and caring for the cancer patient : a guide to communication, compassion, and courage, Stan Goldberg. 362.196994 GOL
Making sense of medicine : bridging the gap between doctor guidelines and patient preferences, Zackary Berger. 610.696 BER
Menopause confidential : a doctor reveals the secrets to thriving through midlife, Tara Allmen. 618.175 ALL
Mind over mood : change how you feel by changing the way you think, Dennis Greenberger. 616.8914 GRE
Navigating life with epilesy, David C. Spencer. 616.853 SPE
Parent-led CBT for child anxiety : helping parents help their kids, Cathy Creswell. 618.9285 CRE
Prevent, survive, thrive : every woman's guide to optimal breast care, John G. West with Maralys Wills. 616.994 WES
Preventing Alzheimer's disease : personal responsibility, Yoram Barak. 616.831 BAR
Principles of Bach flower remedies : what it is, how it works, and what it can do for you, Stefan Ball. 615.321 BAL
Recovery and renewal : your essential guide to overcoming dependency and withdrawal from sleeping pills, other 'benzo' tranquillisers and antidepressants, Baylissa Frederick. 615.78 JOH
Self heal by design : the role of microorganisms in healing, Barbara O'Neill. 613 ONE
Simple steps to foot pain relief : the new science of healthy feet, Katy Bowman. 617.58 BOW
Skeletons : the extraordinary form & function of bones, Andrew Kirk. 612.75 KIR
The anatomist : a true story of Gray's anatomy, Bill Hayes. 611 GRA
The autoimmune fix : how to stop the hidden autoimmune damage that keeps you sick, fat, and tired before it turns into disease, Tom O'Bryan. 616.978 OBR
The bikini body : 28-day healthy eating & lifestyle guide, Kayla Itsines. 641.5637 ITS
The everything guide to Hashimoto's thyroiditis : a healing plan for managing symptoms naturally, Aimee McNew. 641.563 MCN
The fragile brain : the strange, hopeful science of dementia, Kathleen Taylor. 616.83 TAY
The grain brain whole life plan : boost brain performance, lose weight, and achieve optimal health, David Perlmutter with Kristin Loberg. 613.26 PER
The great Aussie bloke slim-down, Peter FitzSimons. 613.25 FIT
The healthy bones nutrition plan and cookbook : how to prepare and combine whole foods to prevent and treat osteoporosis naturally, Dr. Laura Kelly. 641.563
The Mediterranean diet, Dr Catherine Itsiopoulos. 641.594 ITS
The Tai Chi way : to be healthy & happy, Dr Paul Lam. 613.7148 LAM
The tapping solution for pain relief : a step-by-step guide to reducing and eliminating chronic pain, Nick Ortner. 616.047 ORT
Unlock the secret messages of your body! : a 28-day jump-start program for radiant health and glorious vitality, Denise Linn. 613 LIN
Venom doc : the edgiest, darkest, strangest natural history memoir ever, Bryan Grieg Fry. 615.94 FRY
When you research only the venom you yourself have collected, the adventure sand danger never stop.
What the hell happened to my brain? : living beyond dementia, Kate Swaffer. 362.19683 SWA
What you must know about liver disease : a practical guide to using conventional and complementary treatments, Rich Snyder. 616.362 SNY
When someone you know is living in a dementia care community : words to say and things to do, Rachael Wonderlin. 616.83 WON
Why you can't lose weight : why it's so hard to shed pounds and what you can do about it, Pamela Wartian Smith. 613.25 SMI
Yoga for athletes, Ryanne Cunningham. 613.7046 CUN

History, Geography & Travel

1941 : the America that went to war, William M. Christie. 973.917 CHR
A moveable feast, Don George. 910.4 MOV
Life-changing food adventures around the world. A Moveable Feast is a collection of traveller's tales set around the world. It transforms the planet into an endless all-you-can-eat buffet for mind, soul and stomach.
American revolutions : a continental history, 1750-1804, Alan Taylor. 973.3 TAY
America's war for the greater Middle East : a military history, Andrew J. Bacevich. 956.054 BAC
An illustrated encyclopedia of the uniforms of the Roman world : a detailed study of the armies of Rome and their enemies, including the Etruscans, Samnites, Carthaginians, Celts, Macedonians, Gauls, Huns, Sassanids, Persians and Turks, Kevin F. Kiley ; consultant, Jeremy Black. 355.14 KIL
Asia and the Great War : a shared history, Xu Guoqi. 950.4 XU
Bangladesh 954.92 CLA
Berlin style guide : eat sleep shop, Ellen Teschendorf & Petra Albert. 943.155 TES
Best baby names for 2017, Siobhan Thomas. 929.4 THO
Beyond the Northlands : Viking voyages and the old Norse sagas, Eleanor Rosamund Barraclough. 948.02 BAR
Bitten by witch fever : wallpaper & arsenic in the Victorian home, Lucinda Hawksley. 747.3 HAW
Beautiful to look at and compelling to read, this book is a highly original and captivating volume that interleaves facsimile sections of alluring, arsenic-laden wallpapers with thought-provoking narrative.
Blitzed : drugs in Nazi Germany, Norman Ohler ; translated by Shaun Whiteside. 362.293 OHL
The Nazis presented themselves as warriors against moral degeneracy. Yet, as Norman Ohler's gripping bestseller reveals, the entire Third Reich was permeated with drugs: cocaine, heroin, morphine and, most of all, methamphetamines.
By steppe, desert, and ocean : the birth of Eurasia, Barry Cunliffe. 930 CUN
By the seat of my pants, Don George. 910.4 BY
Humorous tales of travel and misadventure. A hilarious anthology of travel stories, penned by a mix of comedians, travel writers and previously unpublished authors. These stories from the road focus on universal themes familiar to all travellers.
Call of the American wild : a tenderfoot's escape to Alaska, Guy Grieve. 979.8 GRI
A man, an axe, and a dog named Fuzzy let the adventure begin.
C'est la Folie : one man's quest for a more meaningful life, Michael Wright. 944.084 WRI
One day in late summer, Michael Wright gave up his comfortable South London existence and, with only his long-suffering cat for company, set out to begin a new life. His destination was 'La Folie', a dilapidated 15th century farmhouse in need of love and renovation in the heart of rural France
Colorado 978.8 MCC
Coming home to Tibet : a memoir of love, loss, and belonging, Tsering Wangmo Dhompa. 951.5 DHO
Costa Rica : top sights, authentic experiences 972.86 VOR
Crazy horse and Custer : the epic clash of two great warriors at The Little Bighorn, Stephen E. Ambrose. 973.8 AMB
Dare to do : taking on the planet by bike and boat, Sarah Outen. 910.41 OUT
Diana : closely guarded secret, Ken Wharfe with Robert Jobson. 941.085 DIA
This account presents the most intimate portrait of Diana to date, as well as a fitting tribute to one of the outstanding figures of our age.
Dreamseeker's daughter, Carole Ann Borges. 797.124 BOR
A nautical memoir about an eccentric family living aboard an old schooner boat on the Mississippi River and Gulf Coast in the 1950s.
Early Roman warfare : from the regal period to the First Punic War, Jeremy Armstrong. 355.02 ARM
Empires in the sun : the struggle for the mastery of Africa : 1830-1990, Lawrence James. 960.23 JAM
Ethiopia : through writers' eyes, Yves-Marie Stranger. 963 ETH
Fiji, this edition written and researched by Paul Clammer, Tamara Sheward. 996.11 CLA
Game of queens : the women who made sixteenth-century Europe, Sarah Gristwood. 940.232 GRI
Grand Canyon National Park 979.13 DEN
Great escapes : Africa 960 CAS
Hero of the empire : the making of Winston Churchill, Candice Millard. 941.082 CHU
How to pack for any trip, [written by Sarah Barrell and Kate Simon]. 910.2 BAR
I know this to be true, created by Geoff Blackwell, Ric Salizzo ; interviews by Ric Salizzo ; photography, Mike Hill, Jake Thomas. 920.093 I
Be inspired by famous New Zealanders and their pearls of wisdom on everything from love, life to learnings from whanau.
Inside the Clinton White House : an oral history, Russell L. Riley. 973.929 CLI
Istanbul : city of majesty at the crossroads of the world, Thomas F. Madden. 956.1 MAD
Lenin on the train, Catherine Merridale. 947.0841 LEN
A gripping account of how, in the depths of the First World War, Russia's greatest revolutionary was taken in a 'sealed train' across Europe and changed the history of the world
Lens on Syria : a photographic tour of its ancient and modern culture, Daniel Demeter. 956.91 DEM
Les Parisiennes : how the women of Paris lived, loved, and died in the 1940s, Anne Sebba. 944.36 SEB
Life in the Georgian Court, Catherine Curzon. 940.253 CUR
Liquid city, Marc Atkins and Iain Sinclair. 942.1 ATK
Liquid City documents the collaboration between Iain Sinclair and photographer Marc Atkins and their eccentric, manic, often moving explorations of London's hidden streets, cemeteries, canals, parks, pubs and personalities.
London uncovered, text by Mark Daly ; photographs by Peter Dazeley. 942.1 DAL
Medieval Europe, Chris Wickham. 940.1 WIC
Migration to New Zealand : a guide for family history researchers, Christine Clement. 929.1 CLE
My (part-time) Paris life : how running away brought me home, Lisa Anselmo. 944.36 ANS
Poignant, touching, and lively, this memoir of a woman who loses her mother and creates a new life for herself in Paris will speak to anyone who has lost a parent or reinvented themselves.
New Zealand : untouched landscapes, Petr Hlavacek. 993 HLA
New Zealand's North Island (Te Ika-a-Maui) 993.1 RAW
Nothing ever dies : Vietnam and the memory of war, Viet Thanh Nguyen. 959.7043 NGU
Venturing through literature, film, monuments, memorials, museums, and landscapes of the Vietnam War, the author argues that an alternative to nationalism and war exists in art, created by artists who adhere to no nation but the imagination.
'Over the hill' for 100 years : a history of Taylors Mistake Surf Life Saving Club, 1916-2016, Kevin Tutty & Paul Carpinter. 363.14 TUT
Papua : Peter Voss photography. 779 VOS
Pay dirt : 'The Westland Goldfields', from the diary of William Smart, Hilary Low. 993.71 SMA
Pay Dirt: 'The Westland Goldfields', from the diary of William Smart is the fascinating story of how payable gold was discovered in West Canterbury, and of claims to the government's rich gold reward.
Poacher's pilgrimage : an island journey, Alastair McIntosh. 941.14 MCI
The islands of the Outer Hebrides are home to some of the most remote and spectacular scenery in the world. Traversing moors and mountains, struggling through torrential rivers, the author walks from the most southerly tip of Harris to the northerly Butt of Lewis.
Rarotonga, Samoa & Tonga 996 ATK
Rasputin : faith, power, and the twilight of the Romanovs, Douglas Smith. 947.083 RAS
Rick Steves Mediterranean cruise ports, Rick Steves with Cameron Hewitt. 940 STE
Roman Empire at war : a compendium of battles from 31 BC to AD 565, Donathan Taylor. 355.02 TAY
South Pacific 996 RAW
South Sudan : the untold story : from Independence to Civil War, Hilde F. Johnson. 962.4 JOH
Spain 946 HAM
Sweet and bitter island : a history of the British in Cyprus, Tabitha Morgan. 956.93 MOR
The best things to do in New York : 1001 ideas, Caitlin Leffel and Jacob Lehman. 974.71 LEF
The big little beach book : loved New Zealand beaches, Craig Levers. 993 LEV
The curse of Lono, Hunter S. Thompson and Ralph Steadman. 070.92 THO
A wild ride to the dark side of Americana. Hunter S. Thompson's and Ralph Steadman's most eccentric book "The Curse of Lono" is to Hawaii what "Fear and Loathing" was to Las Vegas.
The cyclist who went out in the cold : adventures along the Iron Curtain trail, Tim Moore. 796.64 MOO
Scaling a new peak of rash over-ambition, Tim Moore tackles the 9,000km route of the old Iron Curtain on a tiny-wheeled, two-geared East German shopping bike.
The death of the nation and the future of the Arab revolution, Vijay Prashad. 956.054 PRA
The earth is weeping : the epic story of the Indian wars for the American West, Peter Cozzens. 978 COZ
The English Heritage guide to London's blue plaques : the lives and homes of London most interesting inhabitants, Howard Spencer. 942.1 ENG
Across London there are over 900 blue plaques celebrating a diverse, curious collection of Londoners through history. Yet until now most people only ever stumble on these plaques, seeing the buildings but knowing little of the stories behind them.
The family tree guide to DNA testing and genetic genealogy, Blaine T. Bettinger. 929.1 BET
The fifth beginning : what six million years of human history can tell us about our future, Robert L. Kelly. 909 KEL
In The Fifth Beginning, archeologist Robert Kelly explains how the study of our cultural past can predict the future of humanity.
The Great War for New Zealand : Waikato 1800-2000, Vincent O'Malley. 993.022 OMA
The house of the dead : Siberian exile under the Tsars, Daniel Beer. 957 BEE
The hunt for Rob Roy : the man and the myths, David Stevenson. 941.106 ROB
The kindness of strangers, Don George. 910.4 KIN
A timely collection of 26 inspiring tales, The Kindness of Strangers explores the unexpected human connections that so often transfigure and transform the experience of travel, and celebrates the gift of kindness around the world.
The Marches : border walks with my father, Rory Stewart. 941 STE
In The Marches Rory Stewart walks a thousand miles across the north of England, crossing and recrossing the English-Scottish border. He discovers that, buried beneath England and Scotland, is another country, now lost, a Middleland with its own history, its own civilisation: a vanished kingdom.
The moon's our nearest neighbour, Ghillie Basan. 941.24 BAS
Chasing dreams of their own photographic business, Ghillie Basan and her husband Jonathan swap the comfort of their Edinburgh home for Corrunich - a remote cottage at the foot of the Cairngorms.
The phantom atlas : the greatest myths, lies and blunders on maps, Edward Brooke-Hitching. 912 BRO
The pursuit of power : Europe 1815-1914, Richard J. Evans. 940.28 EVA
The Pursuit of Power draws on a lifetime of thinking about nineteenth-century Europe to create an extraordinarily rich, surprising and entertaining panorama of a continent undergoing drastic transformation.
The Riviera set, Mary S. Lovell. 944.9 LOV
The Riviera Set is the story of the remarkable group of people who frequented the exquisite Chateau de l'Horizon in Cannes from 1930 to 1960.
The rough guide to Jordan 956.95 TEL
The spies of winter : the GCHQ codebreakers who fought the Cold War, Sinclair McKay. 327.12 MCK
The Timbuktu school for nomads, Nicholas Jubber. 961 JUB
Following in the footsteps of 16th century traveller Leo Africanus, Nicholas Jubber went on a turbulent adventure to the forgotten places of North Africa and the legendary Timbuktu.
The trials of the King of Hampshire : madness, secrecy and betrayal in Georgian England, Elizabeth Foyster. 616.89 POR
The tunnels : the untold story of the escapes under the Berlin Wall, Greg Mitchell. 943.155 MIT
Tokyo style guide : eat, sleep, shop, Jane Lawson. 952.135 LAW
Vanuatu & New Caledonia 995.95 HAR
Walking with James Hogg : the Ettrick shepherd's journeys through Scotland, Bruce Gilkison. 941.15 HOG
When Paris sizzled : the 1920s Paris of Hemingway, Chanel, Cocteau, Cole Porter, Josephine Baker, and their friends, Mary McAuliffe. 944.36 MCA
World Heritage sites : a complete guide to 1,031 UNESCO World Heritage sites. 363.69 WOR
Writing for Raksmey : a story of Cambodia, Joan Healy. 959.6 HEA
Writing for Raksmey tells of the lives of six families who fled the aftermath of the Cambodian killing fields, were held in a crowded refugee camp at the border of their country, and then sent back to a nation still at war.

House & Garden

Celebrate everything! : fun ideas to bring your parties to life, written and illustrated by Darcy Miller. 793.2 MIL
Decorate for a party : stylish and simple ideas for meaningful gatherings, Holly Becker + Leslie Shewring. 793.2 BEC
Finishing touches : how to find grace in your place, Kate Alexander. 747 ALE
Good Housekeeping simple household wisdom : 425 easy ways to clean & organize your home, Sara Lyle Bow. 640 GOO
Her space : she sheds, back rooms and kitchen tables, Marilyn Jessen. 747.79 JES
How to build a natural swimming pool : the complete guide to healthy swimming at home, Wolfram Kircher and Andreas Thon. 690.896 KIR
Inson Dubois Wood interiors, Inson Dubois Wood. 747 WOO
Live a beautiful life, Jesinta Campbell. 646.7 CAM
Collected in this stunning illustrated volume are Jesinta's favourite recipes, best exercise plans, her top beauty tips and tricks and a guide to help you map your goals.
Oak furniture : the British tradition : a history of early furniture in the British Isles and New England, Victor Chinnery. 749 CHI
One lovely day : creating moments : a journey around New Zealand sharing event styling inspiration and tips, recipes and the adventure of one little wagon, Claire Donaldson. 747.93 DON
Scandinavian dreaming : Nordic homes, interiors and design, [edited by Sven Ehmann, Robert Klanten, Angel Trinidad]. 747 SCA
Take a seat : 16 beautiful projects for your home, Jemima Schlee. 747.5 SCH
The art of celebrating, David Monn. 394.2 MON
A state dinner at the White House, the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala, once-in-a-lifetime birthday celebrations--every lucky guest knows that there is no party like a David Monn party. Using scent, sound, sight, touch, and taste, Monn designs events to be "shared, lived, and felt" by everyone there.
The new formal : interiors by James Aman, James Aman. 747 AMA
Traditional woodworking handtools : a manual for the woodworker, written & illustrated by Graham Blackburn. 684.082 BLA
Wanderlust : interiors that bring the world home, Michelle Nussbaumber. 747 NUS
Woodwork projects for your garden and porch : simple, functional, and rustic decor you can build yourself, Mattias Wenblad. 684.08 WEN


Alan Partridge : nomad, Alan Partridge. 827.92 GIB
In Alan Partridge: Nomad Alan dons his boots, windcheater and scarf and embarks on an odyssey through a place he once knew - it's called Britain.


I'm not with the band : a writer's life lost in music, Sylvia Patterson. 070.449 PAT
This is a three-decade survivor's tale a scenic search for elusive human happiness through music, magazines, silly jokes, stupid shoes, useless blokes, hopeless homes, booze, drugs, love, loss, A&E, death, disillusion and hope.
You wake me each morning : the final chapter, Connie Lawn. 070.19 LAW
You Wake Me Each Morning That is what listeners around the world have said to Connie for years, as they heard her radio broadcasts in this country and around the world.


Decoding Chomsky : science and revolutionary politics, Chris Knight. 410.92 CHO
A fresh and fascinating look at the philosophies, politics, and intellectual legacy of one of the twentieth century's most influential and controversial minds
Shady characters : ampersands, interrobangs and other typographical curiosities, Keith Houston. 411 HOU


A death in the islands : the unwritten law and the last trial of Clarence Darrow, Mike Farris. 345.025 FAR
Written in the style of a novel, but meticulously following the historical record, A Death in the Islands weaves a story of lies, deception, mental illness, racism, revenge, and murder-a series of events in the Territory of Hawaii that nearly tore apart the peaceful islands.
Getting permission : using & licensing copyright-protected materials online & off, Attorney Richard Stim. 346.048 STI
John Lennon vs. the USA : the inside story of the most bitterly contested and influential deportation case in United States history, Leon Wildes ; foreword by Michael Wildes. 342.082 LEN
Lord Mansfield : justice in the age of reason, Norman S. Poser. 347.02 POS
In the first modern biography of Lord Mansfield (1705-1793), Norman Poser details the turbulent political life of eighteenth-century Britain's most powerful judge, serving as chief justice for an unprecedented thirty-two years.

Library Science

Creating inclusive library environments : a planning guide for serving patrons with disabilities, Michelle Kowalsky, John Woodruff. 027.663 KOW


50 speeches that made the modern world, editor, Andrew Burnet. 808.51 FIF
A history of New Zealand literature, [edited by] Mark Williams, Victoria University of Wellington. 820.9993 HIS
Best playwriting book ever, Roger Hall. 808.2 HAL
Down the dirt roads : a memoir of love, loss and the land, Rachael Treasure. 823.92 TRE
Down the Dirt Roads starts as a heartfelt and moving insight into the life of a single mother displaced from her home, and becomes a groundbreaking and powerful book about healing, health and hope.
How writing works : a field guide to effective writing, Roslyn Petelin. 808.02 PET
Loitering : new & collected essays, Charles D'Ambrosio. 814.54 DAM
Orwell's nose : a pathological biography, John Sutherland. 823.912 ORW
Orwell's Nose is an original and imaginative account of the life and work of George Orwell, exploring the 'scent narratives' that abound in Orwell's fiction and non-fiction.
Position doubtful : mapping landscapes and memories, Kim Mahood. 828.92 MAH
This is a beautiful and intense exploration of friendships, landscape, and
Scorn : the wittiest and wickedest insults in human history, [compiled by] Matthew Parris. 808.87 SCO
Scream : a memoir of glamour and dysfunction, Tama Janowitz. 813.54 JAN
In this memoir, the original Lit Girl and author of Slaves of New York considers her life in and outside of New York City, from the heyday of the 1980s to her life today in a tiny upstate town that proves that fact is always stranger than fiction.
Searching for Sappho : the lost songs and world of the first woman poet : including new translations of all of Sappho's surviving poetry, Philip Freeman. 884
Talk of treasure, Jane Carswell. 920.72 CAR
Talk of Treasure is a compelling memoir about how to be a writer, and more simply, just how to be.
Tell you what : great New Zealand nonfiction 2017, Susanna Andrew & Jolisa Gracewood. 820.80092 TEL
The elements of eloquence : how to turn the perfect English phrase, Mark Forsyth. 808.04 FOR
The story of literature : from antiquity to the present, Daniel Andersson. 809 AND
The world treasury of fairy tales & folklore : a family heirloom of stories to inspire and entertain, William Gray. 398.2 WOR
Thomas Hardy : half a Londoner, Mark Ford. 823.8 HAR
Presents a detailed account of Hardy's London experiences, from his arrival as a shy, impressionable youth, to his embrace of radical views, to his lionization by upper-class hostesses eager to fete the creator of Tess.
When wanderers cease to roam : a traveler's journal of staying put, Vivian Swift. 808.80355 SWI
Filled with beautiful watercolors of local landscapes, seasonal activities, and small, overlooked pleasures of easy living, each chapter chronicles the perks of remaining at home in a little town, including recipes, hobbies, and prized possessions.

Music & Musicians

Absolutely on music : conversations with Seiji Ozawa, Haruki Murakami. 780 MUR
An intimate conversation about music and creativity, between the internationally bestselling writer and a world-class conductor.
Encounters with British composers, Andrew Palmer. 780.92 PAL
Never say no to a rock star : in the studio with Dylan, Sinatra, Jagger, and more, Glenn Berger. 781.49 BER
New Zealand jazz life, Norman Meehan, Tony Whincup. 781.65 MEE
New Zealand top 20 singles of the sixties (compiled charts), Warwick Freeman. 781.640266 FRE
Reckless daughter : a Joni Mitchell anthology, Barney Hoskyns. 781.64 MIT
Shock and awe : glam rock and its legacy : from the seventies to the twenty-first century, Simon Reynolds. 781.66 REY
Testimony, Robbie Robertson. 781.66 ROB
In this captivating memoir, Robbie Robertson shares the journey that led him to some of the most pivotal events in music history. It's the story of a time when rock 'n' roll became life, when music legends moved through the same streets and hotel rooms, and above all, the profound friendship among five young men who together created a new kind of popular music.
The Dunedin sound : some disenchanted evening, Ian Chapman. 781.66 CHA
The speed of sound : breaking the barrier between music and technology, Thomas Dolby. 780.92 DOL
The 1980s New Wave star-turned-Silicon Valley entrepreneur traces his disadvantaged early years in a London bedsit, creation of the breakout hit "She Blinded Me With Science" and role in pioneering the use of MP3s in cellphones.
Walls come tumbling down : the music and politics of Rock Against Racism, 2 Tone and Red Wedge, 1976 to 1992, Daniel Rachel. 781.66 RAC

Natural Science

A parliament of owls, Mike Unwin & David Tipling. 598.97 UNW
Attracting native pollinators : protecting North America's bees and butterflies : the Xerces Society guide, Eric Mader. 631.52 LEE
Birds of the west wind, Garry Sheeran. 598.0993 SHE
Bring back the king : the new science of de-extinction, Helen Pilcher. 591.68 PIL
Around the globe, scientists are trying to de-extinct all manner of animals, including the woolly mammoth, the passenger pigeon and a bizarre species of flatulent frog. But de-extinction is more than just bringing back the dead. It's a science that can be used to save species, shape evolution and sculpt the future of life on our planet.
Deadly oceans, Nick Robertson-Brown. 591.77 ROB
Falcon, Helen Macdonald. 598.96 MCD
How the zebra got its stripes : and other Darwinian just so stories, Leo Grasset. 591.74 GRA
Insect microscopy, Andrew Chick. 595.7 CHI
Make your own bird food : simple recipes to entice birds to your garden, Mark Golley. 598 GOL
Nature's greatest migrations : amazing animal journeys from around the world, Marianne Taylor. 591.56 TAY
One with the tiger : sublime and violent encounters between humans and animals, Steven Church. 591.53 CHU
Orchid : a cultural history, Jim Endersby. 584.4 END
The art of flight, Fredrik Sjoberg . 595.7 SJO
The meaning of birds, Simon Barnes. 598 BAR
The Princeton field guide to dinosaurs, Gregory S. Paul. 567.91 PAU


Awaken your indigo power : harness your passion, fulfill your purpose, and activate your innate spiritual gifts, Doreen Virtue and Charles Virtue. 131 VIR


Breaking the trance : a practical guide for parenting the screen-dependent child, George T. Lynn with Cynthia C. Johnson. 794.8 LYN
Dharma parenting : understand your child's brilliant brain for greater happiness, health, success, and fulfillment, Robert Keith Wallace, Fred Travis. 649.1 WAL
Ending the parent-teen control battle : resolve the power struggle & build trust, responsibility, & respect, Neil D. Brown. 306.874 BRO
Parenting through illness : help for families when a parent is seriously ill, Leigh Collins and Courtney Nathan. 649.1 COL
Positive parenting : an essential guide, Rebecca Eanes. 649.1 EAN
Sex, likes and social media : talking to our teens in the digital age, Allison Havey and Deana Puccio. 306.70835 HAV
Tears heal : how to listen to our children, Kate Orson. 649.1 ORS
The no-cry sleep solution for newborns : amazing sleep from day one for baby and you, Elizabeth Pantley. 649.122 PAN
ToughLove : raising confident, kind, resilient kids, Lisa Stiepock with Amy lorio and Lori Gottlieb. 649.1 TOU
What great parents do : 75 simple strategies for raising fantastic kids, Erica Reischer. 649.1 REI
Your self-confident baby : how to encourage your child's natural abilities from the very start, Magda Gerber and Allison Johnson. 649.122 GER

Pets & Animals

A beekeeper's year : setting up and managing backyard hives, Janet Luke. 638.1 LUK
Arthur : the dog who crossed the jungle to find a home, Mikael Lindnord with Val Hudson. 636.7 LIN
Cats, Jane Bown ; edited by Robin Christian. 636.8 BOW
Catwise : America's favorite cat expert answers your cat behavior questions, Pam Johnson-Bennett. 636.8 JOH
Farm dogs : a comprehensive breed guide to 93 guardians, herders, terriers, and other canine working partners, Janet Vorwald Dohner. 636.737 DOH
Gardening with chickens : plans and plants for you and your hens, Lisa Steele. 636.5 STE
Modern dog parenting : raising your dog or puppy to be a loving member of your family, Sarah Hodgson. 636.7 HOD
The complete guide to rat training, Debbie Ducommun. 636.935 DUC
The goodness of dogs : the human's guide to choosing, buying, training, feeding, living with and caring for you dog, India Knight. 636.7 KNI
The horse encyclopedia. 636.1 HOR

Philosophy & Psychology

But what if we're wrong? : thinking about the present as if it were the past, Chuck Klosterman. 909.83 KLO
The restless clock : a history of the centuries-long argument over what makes living things tick, Jessica Riskin. 147 RIS

Philosophy and psychology

What do we really know? : the big questions of philosophy, Simon Blackburn. 100 BLA


Dreamscapes, David Drebin. 779 DRE
Once again, master photographer and storyteller David Drebin transports us into his gorgeous and captivating dreamscapes. For this, his fourth volume of work named Dreamscapes, we are transported to the most magical places on earth.
Edward Burtynsky : essential elements, William A. Ewing. 779 BUR
Edward Burtynsky (b. 1955) seeks to portray the visible outcomes of a globalized economy and humankind's impact upon environments around the world.
Her : meditations on being female, Marjorie Salvaterra. 779 SAL
Magnum photobook : the catalogue raisonne, texts by Fred Ritchin & Carole Naggar. 779 RIT
New Zealand greatscapes : iconic enduring images from the David Kerr Greatscapes collection, David Kerr. 993 KER
A beatiful album of David Kerr's stunning landscape photography of Aotearoa New Zealand.
Overview, Benjamin Grant. 778.35 GRA
A stunning and unique collection of satellite images of Earth that offer an unexpected look at humanity.
Peter Lindbergh : a different vision on fashion photography, Thierry-Maxime Loriot. 778.99746 LIN
Photography reinvented : the collection of Robert E. Meyerhoff and Rheda Becker, [compiled by] Sarah Greenough. 779 MEY
Photography Reinvented brings together thirty-five works by eighteen critically acclaimed artists who, through innovative experimentation and visionary conceptual scope, have changed the course of contemporary photography.
Retro photo : an obsession : a personal selection of vintage cameras and the photographs they take, David Ellwand. 771.3 ELL
Simply beautiful photographs, Annie Griffiths. 779 GRI
Steve McCurry : on reading, foreword by Paul Theroux. 779 MCC
A celebrations of the timeless act of reading, told through photographs of people from around the world absorbed in books and newspapers.
The "public" life of photographs, Thierry Gervais. 770.1 PUB
The shepherd's view : modern photographs from an ancient landscape, James Rebanks. 636.3 REB
With over eighty full color photographs The English Lake District comes into full focus: the sheep competitions of the spring, the sweeping pastures of the summer, beloved sheep dogs in the fall and the harsh snows of winter.
The shops, [essay by] Steve Braunias & [photography by] Peter Black. 779 BLA
A portrait of New Zealand shops - disappearing, sad, beautiful, comic, lonesome, dirt poor, rich in spirit - by writer Steve Braunias and photographer Peter Black.
The thrill of the chase : the Wagstaff collection of photographs at the J. Paul Getty Museum, Paul Martineau. 779 WAG
Whites, Peter Alsop. 770.9 ALS
Every single photo coloured by hand? Using cotton wool? Yes, such was the era of hand-coloured photography - a painting and photograph in one - the way you got a high-quality colour photo before colour photography became mainstream.
Wild encounters : iconic photographs of the world's vanishing animals and cultures, David Yarrow. 778.932 YAR


How Shakespeare put politics on the stage : power and succession in the history plays, Peter Lake. 822.33 LAK
Shakespeare's lost kingdom : the true history of Shakespeare and Elizabeth, Charles Beauclerk. 822.33 BEA
Beauclerk has spent more than two decades researching the authorship question, and he convincingly argues that if the plays and poems of "Shakespeare" were discovered today, we would see them for what they are--shocking political works written by a court insider.


A world without maps, Jane Simpson. 821.92 SIM
In poems that range from the minimalist to the theatrical, Jane Simpson evokes the fascinatingly unfamiliar world of the Arabian Peninsula, where she found her preconceptions about Muslim women completely shattered.
Lucky punch, Simone Kaho. 821.92 KAH
Lucky Punch is a love story set in tiny natural worlds sheltering from the encroaching urban dystopia of 1980s Auckland.
Selected poems, Gordon Challis. 821.914 CHA

Politics & Government

Inventing the future : postcapitalism and a world without work, Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams. 320.011 SRN
The nine of us : growing up Kennedy, Jean Kennedy Smith. 327.2 KEN
The origins of political order : from prehuman times to the French Revolution, Francis Fukuyama. 320.9 FUK
Unleashing demons : the inside story of Brexit, Craig Oliver. 328.2 OLI

Religion & Ethics

By the way .. : what's the worst that can happen?, Juanita Ingham. 266 ING
From New Zealand to India, Vanuatu, Indonesia and elsewhere, God has led Juanita Ingham on a remarkable journey of faith, love and adventure. Here, in her own words, Juanita tells the story of her life - so far.
Fair game : the incredible untold story of Scientology in Australia, Steve Cannane. 299.93 CAN
Heaven called my name : Incredible true stories of heavenly encounters and the afterlife, Theresa Cheung. 291.21 CHE
Making sense of God : an invitation to the sceptical, Timothy Keller. 149 KEL
The art of frugal hedonism : a guide to spending less while enjoying everything more, Annie Raser-Rowland with Adam Grubb. 178 RAS
The miracle myth : why belief in the Resurrection and the supernatural is unjustified, Larry Shapiro. 291.21 SHA
Wharenui: House of hope : Christ's open space for life, Raymond Pelly. 234.2 PEL


13 journeys through space and time : Christmas lectures from the Royal Institution, Colin Stuart. 530.11 STU
An exploration of space and time and a journey of discovery, through 13 of the most fascinating Christmas Lectures given at The Royal Institution of Great Britain over the last 200 years.
A fortunate universe : life in a finely-tuned cosmos, Geraint F. Lewis. 576.83 LEW
All these worlds are yours : the scientific search for alien life, Jon Willis. 576.839 WIL
Arguing science : a dialogue on the future of science and spirit, Rupert Sheldrake & Michael Shermer. 501 SHE
Two controversial authors debate the nature and methods of science, its dogmas, and its future.
Beyond Earth : our path to a new home in the planets, Charles Wohlforth. 629.455 WOH
Calculus I, W. Michael Kelley. 515 KEL
Fun science : a guide to life, the universe and why science is so awesome, Charlie McDonnell. 500 MCC
Night sky with the naked eye : how to find planets, constellations, satellites and other night sky wonders without a telescope, Bob King. 520 KIN
Physical geology, Charles C. Plummer. 551 PLU
Reality is not what it seems : the journey to quantum gravity, Carlo Rovelli. 530 ROV
Stargazing, Radmila Topalovic and Tom Kerss. 523.8 TOP
Statistics, Bob Donnelly Jr. and Fatma Abdel-Raouf. 519.5 DON
Storm in a teacup : the physics of everyday life, Helen Czerski. 530 CZE
What is it that helps both scorpions and cyclists to survive? What do raw eggs and gyroscopes have in common? And why does it matter? In an age of string theory, fluid dynamics and biophysics, it can seem as if the science of our world is only for specialists and academics. Not so, insists Helen Czerski.
Telescopes : a very short introduction, Geoff Cottrell. 522.2 COT
The systems view of life : a unifying vision, Fritjof Capra, Pier Luigi Luisi. 501 CAP
This volume integrates the ideas, models, and theories underlying the systems view of life into a single coherent framework.
The tao of physics : an exploration of the parallels between modern physics and Eastern mysticism, Fritjof Capra. 530.01 CAP
The wasp that brainwashed the caterpillar : evolution's most unbelievable solutions to life's biggest problems, Matt Simon. 578.4 SIM
What colour is the sun? : mind-bending science facts in the solar system's brightest quiz, Bryan Clegg. 500 CLE

Self Development

#Now : the surprising truth about the power of now, Dr. Max McKeown. 158.1 MCK
All or nothing : bringing balance to the achievement-oriented personality, Mike McKinney. 158.1 MCK
Bring balance to your achievement-oriented 'all or nothing personality', and live a more meaningful and rewarding life!
How to hygge : the secrets of Nordic living, Signe Johansen. 158.1 JOH
Hygge : a celebration of simple pleasures. Living the Danish way, Charlotte Abrahams. 158.1 ABR
Messy : how to be creative and resilient in a tidy-minded world, Tim Harford. 153.35 HAR
Power your happy : work hard, play nice, and build your dream life, Lisa Sugar. 158 SUG
Rules of the red rubber ball : find and sustain your life's work, Kevin Carroll. 158.1 CAR
With simple but delightful storytelling, Kevin Carroll channels his childhood passion for sport and play into a universally appealing blueprint for life.
Shrinking violets : a field guide to shyness, Joe Moran. 155.23 MOR
Suddenly single after 50 : the girlfriends' guide to navigating loss, restoring hope, and rebuilding your life, Barbara Ballinger and Margaret Crane. 306.81 BAL
Te manu kai i te mātauranga : indigenous psychology in Aotearoa/New Zealand, Waikaremoana Waitoki & Michelle Levy, editors. 155.8 MAN
The answer, Allan & Barbara Pease. 158.1 PEA
How to discover what you want from life then make it happen This ground-breaking, category-killer from internationally acclaimed authors Allan and Barbara Pease will show you that changing your life starts with asking the right questions.
The little book of resilience : how to bounce back from adversity and lead a fulfilling life, [written and illustrated by Matthew Johnstone]. 155.24 JOH
The subtle art of not giving a fck : a counterintuitive approach to living a good life, Mark Manson. 158.1 MAN
The universe has your back : transform fear to faith, Gabrielle Bernstein. 152.46 BER
The wander society, Keri Smith. 153.35 SMI
The path of the wanderer is an experiment with the unknown. To be idle, to play, to daydream. The Wander Society offers us all a way to experience the joys and possibilities of unplanned time.
Too fast to think : how to reclaim your creativity in a hyper-connected work culture, Chris Lewis. 153.35 LEW
Ultimate confidence : the secrets to feeling great about yourself every day, Marisa Peer. 158.1 PEE
When in French : love in a second language, Lauren Collins. 070.92 COL

Social Issues

"I find that offensive!", Claire Fox ; series editor, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. 306 FOX
In 'I Find That Offensive!' Claire Fox addresses the possible causes of what is fast becoming known as 'Generation Snowflake' head-on (no 'safe spaces' here) in a call to toughen up, become more robust and make a virtue of the right to be offensive.
A bun in the oven : how the food and birth movements resist industrialization, Barbara Katz Rothman. 303.484 ROT
There are people dedicated to improving the way we eat, and people dedicated to improving the way we give birth. A Bun in the Oven is the first comparison of these two social movements.
A life everlasting : the extraordinary story of one boy's gift to medical science, Sarah Gray. 362.19683 GRA
Behind the red door : sex in China, Richard Burger. 306.7 BUR
Black and British : a forgotten history, David Olusoga. 305.8 OLU
Black flag down : counter-extremism, defeating ISIS and winning the battle of ideas, Liam Byrne. 363.32 BYR
China's hidden children : abandonment, adoption, and the human costs of the one-child policy, Kay Ann Johnson. 362.7 JOH
Do humankind's best days lie ahead?, Steven Pinker. 303.44 DO
Four of the world's most renowned thinkers take on one of the biggest debates of the modern age.
Double-Edged Sword : the Simonne Butler story, Simonne Butler with Andra Jenkin ; foreword by Louise Nicholas. 362.829 BUT
In 2003 Simonne Butler's violent partner, high on methamphetamine, cut off both her hands with a samurai sword. Her hands were reattached in a groundbreaking marathon surgery and she spent the next decade healing her mind, body and spirit. Despite seven years in an extremely physically and emotionally abusive relationship, Simonne always had an unbreakable spirit.
Earth in human hands : shaping our planet's future, David Grinspoon. 304.2 GRI
A NASA astrobiologist outlines optimistic messages about humanity's future in the face of climate change, explaining how the human role in managing the planet's evolution is determining the course of life.
Family first : tracing relationships in the past, Ruth A. Symes. 306.8 SYM
This book is both a social history of the period 1800-1950 and a practical guide on how to set about tracing and better understanding the relationships between members of your own family.
From the dragon's mouth : 10 true stories that unveil the real China, Ana Fuentes. 306.0951 FUE
Gender medicine : the groundbreaking new science of gender- and sex-related diagnosis and treatment, Marek Glezerman ; foreword by Amos Oz. 362.108 GLE
Getting the love you want : a guide for couples, Harville Hendrix. 306.872 HEN
Goodbye iSlave : a manifesto for digital abolition, Jack Linchuan Qiu. 303.483 QIU
Jack Linchuan Qiu examines systems of domination, exploitation, and alienation in an era of information technology, global connectivity, and individual consumerism engineered by corporations in collusion with national and regional state authorities.
Grand Hotel Abyss : the lives of the Frankfurt School, Stuart Jeffries. 301 JEF
In 1923, a group of young radical German thinkers and intellectuals came together to at Victoria Alle 7, Frankfurt, determined to explain the workings of the modern world. Not only would they change the way we think, but also the subjects we deem worthy of intellectual investigation. Their lives, like their ideas, profoundly, sometimes tragically, reflected and shaped the shattering events of the twentieth century.
Grandparents talk, Janice Marriott. 306.8745 MAR
Wonderful and inspiring stories from grandparents from all walks of New Zealand life.
Invisible nation : homeless families in America, Richard Schweid. 362.5 SCH
Late love : sometimes doctors need saving as much as their patients, Glenn Colquhoun. 362.108 COL
Like a Queen, Constance Hall. 306.8 HAL
The ultimate Queen's bible written by Australian blogger Constance Hall.
Mike's place : a true story of love, blues, and terror in Tel Aviv, Jack Baxter, Joshua Faudem, Koren Shadmi. 363.32 BAX
Recounts the authors' experiences as filmmakers who were working on a project on Mike's Place, a Tel Aviv blues bar where Jews, Christians, and Muslims freely mingled with expatriates, and the events that led up to the destruction of the bar in a suicide bombing.
My body is a book of rules, Elissa Washuta. 616.895 WAS
Built on the bones of fundamental identity questions as contorted by a distressed brain, My Body Is a Book of Rules pulls no punches in its self-deprecating and ferocious look at human fallibility.
Our kids : the American Dream in crisis, Robert D. Putnam. 305.5 PUT
People of the world : cultures and traditions, ancestry and identity, Catherine Herbert Howell with K. David Harrison. 305.8 HOW
Preventing bullying : through science, policy, and practice, Frederick Rivara and Suzanne Le Menestrel, editors. 302.343 PRE
Social work in Aotearoa New Zealand : exploring fields of practice, Kathryn Hay, Michael Dale and Lareen Cooper. 361.32 HAY
Songs of a war boy, Deng Thiak Adut with Ben Mckelvey. 355 ADU
This is an inspiring story of a man who has overcome deadly adversity to become a lawyer and committed worker for the disenfranchised, helping refugees in Western Sydney.
Stars, cars and crystal meth, Jack Sutherland (as told to John Sutherland). 362.298 SUT
A son's memoir told through the prism and prose of a father will surely take its place among the classics of contemporary addiction and recovery stories.
The big smoke : New Zealand cities, 1840-1920, Ben Schrader. 307.76 SCH
The content trap : a strategist's guide to digital change, Bharat Anand. 302.23 ANA
The descent of man, Grayson Perry. 305.31 PER
Grayson Perry turns his acute eye on the gender that always seems to be in crisis in this funny, essential book. What is masculinity and what can it become?
The great derangement : climate change and the unthinkable, Amitav Ghosh. 363.7387 GHO
Are we deranged? The acclaimed Indian novelist Amitav Ghosh argues that future generations may well think so. How else to explain our imaginative failure in the face of global warming?
The Kiwi man cave manual, Steve Hale ; foreword by James McOnie. 305.310993 HAL
The nation's host : Butlin's and the story of the British seaside : the official history, written by Kathryn Ferry. 306.48 FER
The optician of Lampedusa, Emma Jane Kirby. 304.8 KIR
The Optician of Lampedusa she brings to life the moving testimony of an ordinary man whose late summer boat trip off a Sicilian island unexpectedly turns into a tragic rescue mission.
The social organism : a radical understanding of social media to transform your business and life, Oliver Luckett and Michael J. Casey. 302.23 LUC
The story of sex : from apes to robots 306.7 BRE
The war on cops : how the new attack on law and order makes everyone less safe, Heather Mac Donald. 363.2 MCD
There will be a thousand years of peace and prosperity, and they will be ushered in by the women : the essential role of women in finding personal and planetary solutions. [Version 1 & 2], Anne Willson Schaef. 305.42 SCH
Anne Wilson Schaef builds on her former bestseller, Women's Reality, her New York Times bestseller When Society Becomes an Addict, and her multi-million copy bestseller Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much to bring us all up to date on the Women's Movement.
They can't kill us all : Ferguson, Baltimore, and a new era in America's racial justice movement, Wesley Lowery. 305.896 LOW
A behind-the-scenes account of the #blacklivesmatter movement shares insights into the young men and women behind it.
Two homes, one childhood : a parenting plan to last a lifetime, Robert E. Emery. 306.89 EME
Emery explains that a parenting plan that lasts a lifetime is one that grows and changes along with children's and families' developing needs. He highlights that there is only one "side" for parents to take in divorce: the children's side.
Wonder women : 25 innovators, inventors, and trailblazers who changed history, written by Sam Maggs. 305.43 MAG

Sport & Recreation

Art of Atari, Tim Lapetino. 794.8 LAP
Card tricks : the royal road to card magic, Jean Hugard. 793.85 HUG
Coin magic : the complete book of coin tricks, Jean Hugard. 793.8 HUG
Designing creatures & characters : how to build an artist's portfolio for video games, film, animation, and more, Marc Taro Holmes. 741.6 HOL
Drama in the Bahamas : Muhammad Ali's last fight, Dave Hannigan. 796.83 ALI
Hockey goaltending, Brian Daccord, editor. 796.962 DAC
Kiwi speedway culture, Steve Holmes. 796.72 HOL
Lydia Ko : portrait of a teen golfing sensation, Michael Donaldson. 796.352 KO
Running beyond : epic ultra, trail and skyrunning races 796.428 COR
The complete book of soccer, Clive Gifford & John Malam. 796.334 GIF
The edge : the war against cheating and corruption in the cutthroat world of elite sports, Roger Pielke, Jr. 796 PIE
The Wenger revolution : twenty years of Arsenal, written by Amy Lawrence. 796.3346 LAW
English football's longest serving manager has overseen a period of radical change. His experience spans across the spectrum from complex challenges to historic success.
Tour Aotearoa : New Zealand's 3000 km bikepacking odyssey, Jonathan Kennett. 796.64 KEN
Understanding ballistics : complete guide to bullet selection, Philip P. Massaro. 623.45 MAS

Trains, Boats, Planes

My throne, a cockpit, Owen Donald Williamson. 629.13092 WIL
When your office is the cockpit of a topdressing aeroplane, it's hard not to think of your seat as a
The art and science of sails, Tom Whidden and Michael Levitt. 623.86 WHI
The complete rigger's apprentice : tools and techniques for modern and traditional rigging, Brion Toss. 623.86 TOS
The classic guide to sailboat rigging updated for the 21st century.
The Pacific crossing guide, Kitty van Hagen. 623.8922 VAN
The Pacific Crossing Guide is a complete reference for anyone contemplating sailing the Pacific in their own
Vintage and iconic aircraft : New Zealand collections, Don Jessen. 629.13 JES


A bomber crew mystery : the forgotten heroes of 388th Bombardment Group, David Price. 940.544 PRI
As good as dead : the daring escape of American POWs from a Japanese Death Camp, Stephen L. Moore. 940.5472 MOO
B-24 bridge busters : RAF Liberators over Burma, Colin Pateman. 940.544 PAT
Beyond Gallipoli : new perspectives on Anzac, Raelene Frances and Bruce Scates. 940.31 BEY
Countdown to Pearl Harbor : the twelve days to the attack, Steve Twomey. 940.5426 TWO
DIY drones for the evil genius : design, build, and customize your own drones, Ian Cinnamon, Romi S. Kadri & Fitz Tepper. 623.7469 CIN
Double ace : the life of Robert Lee Scott Jr., pilot, hero, and teller of tall tales, Robert Coram. 358.4 SCO
Forgotten : the untold story of D-Day's Black heroes, Linda Hervieux. 940.541 HER
Game of spies : the secret agent, the traitor and the Nazi, Paddy Ashdown i. 940.5485 ASH
A riveting three-way spy story set in occupied France. 'Game of Spies' tells the story of a lethal spy triangle between 1942 and 1944 in Bordeaux - and of France's greatest betrayal by aristocratic and right-wing Resistance leader Andre Grandclement.
Golden harvest : events at the periphery of the Holocaust, Jan Tomasz Gross with Irena Grudziaska-Gross. 940.5318 GRO
Guernsey evacuees : the forgotten evacuees of the Second World War, Gillian Mawson. 940.5316 MAW
Hunting Hitler's nukes : the secret race to stop the Nazi bomb, Damien Lewis. 355.0217 LEW
Indestructible : one man's rescue mission that changed the course of WWII, John R. Bruning. 940.544 GUN
Irena's children : the extraordinary story of the woman who saved thousands of children from the Warsaw ghetto, Tilar J. Mazzeo. 940.5318 SEN
Japan at War 1931-45 : as the cherry blossom falls, David McCormack. 952.033 MCC
Jutland 1916 : twelve hours to win the war, Angus Konstam. 940.45 KON
Life in a jar : the Irena Sendler Project, Jack Mayer. 940.5318 SEN
During World War II, Irena Sendler, a Polish Catholic social worker, organized a rescue network of fellow social workers to save 2,500 Jewish children from certain death in the Warsaw ghetto. After the war her heroism was suppressed by communist Poland and remained virtually unknown for 60 years
Long Range Desert Group patrolman : the Western Desert, 1940-43, Tim Moreman. 940.5423 MOR
Maps of war : mapping conflict through the centuries, Jeremy Black. 623.71 BLA
Persuading the people : British propaganda in World War II, David Welch. 940.5488 WEL
Russia's last gasp : the eastern front 1916-17, Prit Buttar. 947.084 BUT
Spies in the Congo : America's atomic mission in World War II, Susan Williams. 967.51 WIL
The Battle of the River Plate : the first naval battle of the Second World War, Gordon Landsborough. 940.545 LAN
The Great War and modern memory, Paul Fussell. 820 FUS
The vanquished : why the First World War failed to end, 1917-1923, Robert Gerwarth. 940.3 GER
When the war is over : far from home, far from family, safe from the war, a true story of two Second World War evacuees, Barbara Fox and Gwenda Gofton. 940.5316
Where poppies blow : the British soldier, nature, the Great War, John Lewis-Stempel. 940.341 LEW
Where Poppies Blow is the unique story of the British soldiers of the Great War and their relationship with the animals and plants around them.