New Titles Non-Fiction July 2017 (arrived in June 2017)

Art & Architecture

Abstract expressionism, David Anfam 709.0405 ABS
This publication, and the exhibition it accompanies, examines the origins of the movement and seeks to re-evaluate it, recognising its complex and fluid reality, and encompassing sculptors as well as some of the most famous painters of the twentieth century.
Age of empires : art of the Qin and Han dynasties, Metropolitan Museum of Art. 709.31 AGE
Albert Frey, Gloria Koenig 720.9485 FRE
The architecture of Albert Frey.
An outline of European architecture, Nikolaus Pevsner. 720.94 PEV
Angels & fairies, Iain Zaczek. 704.94 ZAC
A beautiful reference book that takes a look at some of the art that has been produced as a result of a fascination with these mysterious beings.
Animal, vegetable, mineral : organising nature : a picture album. 04.943 ANI
Celebrates the beauty and strangeness of the very early infographics, charts, and ordering systems devised in an age that transformed how we see and understand nature.
Art house : the collaboration of Chara Schreyer & Gary Hutton, Alisa Carroll 709.04 CAR
Art collector Chara Schreyer's forty-year collaboration with interior designer Gary Hutton has produced 5 residences designed to house 600 works of art, including masterpieces by Marcel Duchamp, Andy Warhol, Donald Judd, Louise Nevelson, Diane Arbus, and Frank Stella.
Australiana to zeitgeist : an A - Z of contemporary Australian art, Melissa Loughnan 709.94 LOU
Chromaphilia : the story of color in art, Stella Paul 701.85 PAU
Unlock the secrets of colour - learn how and why it has been used in art over the centuries.
Constantin Brancusi : sculpting the essence of things, James Pearson 730.92 BRA
Constantin Brancusi is one of the greatest of all sculptors, and a key sculptor of the modern era, along with Auguste Rodin and Pablo Picasso.
Crayon : an artist's colorful guide to drawing on the go!, Monika Forsberg 741.23 FOR
Good dreams, bad dreams : American mythologies : selections from Tony and Elham Salame Collection-Aishti Foundation. 08 SAL
Brings together the work of 60 artists and more than 200 pieces from the Tony and Elham Salame Collection.
Houses of power : the places that shaped the Tudor world, Simon Thurley 725.17 THU
How to see : visual adventures in a world God never made, George Nelson 701.15 NEL
A new edition of Nelson's classic guide to visual appreciation.
If you can doodle, you can paint : transforming simple drawings into works of art, Diane Culhane. 701.8 CUL
The advice and exercises in If You Can Doodle, You Can Paint, help readers dig into their creative life to find a style that is authentically theirs.
Lisa Reihana: emissaries, Lisa Reihana. 709.93 REI
A beautifully designed and exquisitely illustrated examination of one of New Zealand's most ambitious artworks, in Pursuit of Venus, for its presentation at the 57th Venice Biennale.
Michelangelo and the viewer in his time, Bernadine Barnes 709.45 MIC
In this engaging book, Bernadine Barnes brings together new research to show how Michelangelo's art was viewed in its own time.
Quick draw : people, Sarah Wimperis 741.2 WIM
Step-by-step drawing instructions to help amateur artists create their own masterpieces!
She sheds : a room of your own, Erika Kotite 728.92 KOT
She Sheds provides inspiration, tips, and tricks to help create the hideaway of your dreams.
Surf shacks : an eclectic compilation of creative surfers' homes from coast to coast and overseas, Indoek 728 SUR
The age of spectacle : adventures in architecture and the 21st-century city, Tom Dyckhoff 724.7 DYC
Dyckhoff looks at the impetus behind the modern era's frantic desire to erect eye-catching buildings.
The good Bohemian : the letters of Ida John, Ida Nettleship. 759.2 NET
Captivatingly fresh and intimate letters from Augustus John's first wife, Ida, reveal the untold story of married life with one of the great artists of the last century.
The passions of Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux, James David Draper. 730.92 CAR
The book covers the entire span of Carpeaux's career, and includes the masterpiece Ugolino and His Sons, newly discovered drawings, and a number of rarely seen or studied works.
Visionaries : creating a modern Guggenheim, Megan Fontanella 709.034 VIS
Exhibition catalog featuring late nineteenth- through mid-twentieth-century works from the collection of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation.
Warehouse home : industrial Inspiration for twenty-first-century living, Sophie Bush 728.37 BUS
The ultimate resource for everything from how best to preserve and complement original architectural features to style ideas for adapting vintage and reclaimed pieces for modern decor.


It happened in a Holden : a celebration of Holdens and the Australians who drive, ride, love and bicker in them, Paddy O'Reilly 629.2222 HOL
The Mercedes-Benz 300 SL book, Rene Staud. 629.2222 MER
The Moto Guzzi : Sport & Le Mans bible, Ian Falloon 629.2275 MOT


A wife's heart : the untold story of Bertha and Henry Lawson, Kerrie Davies 823.8 LAW
A rare account of the tumultuous relationship between Bertha and Henry from Bertha's perspective, in an era when women's rights were advancing considerably.
Admissions : a life in brain surgery, Henry Marsh 617.48 MAR
The acclaimed neurosurgeon exudes humility in this fine second memoir, which sees his retirement after 40 years in me
Along for the ride : a political memoir, Tony Simpson 320.993 SIM
Simpson's memoir as a unionist and public servant of New Zealand life and society from the 1970s through to the new millennium.
Astride a fierce wind, Huberta Hellendoorn 305.83931 HEL
A story of the life of an immigrant and what it means to leave one home behind and cross the world to find another. But it is also the story of a life of a woman who faces huge difficulties and yet chooses instead to see beauty and strength and freedom and love.
Between them : remembering my parents, Richard Ford 813.54 FOR
From the Pulitzer Prize-winning author comes a deeply personal account of his parents - an intimate portrait of American mid-twentieth century life, and a celebration of family love.
Burning the vines : a memoir, Michelle Mazal 362.76 MAZ
Debut author Mazal writes of living with a violent, alcoholic father in this memoir from Down Under.
Centaur, Declan Murphy. 798.4 MUR
A natural on a horse since he was able to walk, and imbued with a pure love of riding, Declan Murphy became one of the most brilliant jockeys of his generation before his world came crashing down at the final hurdle of a race at Haydock Park.
Courage to soar : a body in motion, a life in balance, Simone Biles. 796.44 BIL
Simone presents the story of how she overcame early childhood challenges to become the most decorated US female gymnast and the only female gymnast to ever win three consecutive World Championship titles.
For richer, for poorer : confessions of a player, Victoria Coren 795.412 COR
Miserable at an elegant day school for girls, Victoria Coren finds an escape in the mysterious world of poker. Twenty years later, she has won a million dollars and forgotten to have children. What price adventure?
Franz Liszt : musician, celebrity, superstar, Oliver Hilmes. 780.92 LIS
Hilmes showcases Liszt the man in all his many shades and personal reinventions: child prodigy, Romantic eccentric, fervent Catholic, actor, lothario, celebrity, businessman, genius, and extravagant show-off.
From cradle to stage : stories from the mothers who rocked and raised rock stars, Virginia Hanlon Grohl 781.66 GRO
Verna Griffin, Dr. Dre's mother; Marianne Stipe, Michael Stipe of REM's mother; Janis Winehouse, Amy Winehouse's mother; Patsy Noah, Adam Levine's mother; Donna Haim, mother of the Haim sisters; Hester Diamond, Mike D of The Beastie Boys' mother
George Michael : the life 1963-2016, Emily Herbert 781.66 MIC
The 'control freak' who became one of the UK's most successful recording artists.
George Washington : the wonder of the age, John Rhodehamel 973.4 WAS
Rhodehamel examines George Washington as a public figure, arguing that the man--who first achieved fame in his early twenties is inextricably bound to his mythic status.
Grace notes, Katey Sagal 791.45028 SAG
An emotionally riveting tale of struggle and success, both professional and personal: Sagal's path to sobriety; the stillbirth of her first daughter, Ruby; motherhood; the experience of having her third daughter at age fifty-two with the help of a surrogate; and her lifelong passion for music.
Hank : the short life and long country road of Hank Williams, Mark Ribowsky 781.642 WIL
The story of a country musician who couldn't read or notate music, but wrote songs that became classics.
I dreamed of Africa, Kuki Gallmann 967.62 GAL
Kuki Gallmann's haunting memoir of bringing up a family in Kenya in the 1970s first with her husband Paulo, and then alone, is part elegaic celebration, part tragedy, and part love letter to the magical spirit of Africa.
I must belong somewhere, Jonathan Dean 325.21 DEA
Dean tells the stories of his migrant grandfather and great-grandfather against a backdrop of the refugee crisis./dd>
Inferno : a doctor's ebola story, Steven Hatch. 616.91 HAT
An American doctor describes his experiences in Liberia during the 2014-2015 Ebola epidemic.
Krysia : a Polish girl's stolen childhood during World War II, Krystyna Mihulka. 940.53438 MIH
The story of Krystyna's experiences during World War II as her father was forced into hiding, a Soviet soldier's family took over her house, and finally as she and her mother and brother were forced from their home and deported to a remote Soviet work farm in Kazakhstan.
Life is short (no pun intended) : love, laughter, and learning to enjoy every moment, Jennifer Arnold. 362.19647 ARN
From the stars of TLC's The Little Couple comes an uplifting and moving behind-the-scenes account of how the pair met, fell in love, and overcame huge obstacles to become successful professionals and parents.
Life's work : from the trenches, a moral argument for choice, Willie Parker 363.46 PAR
A Christian reproductive justice advocate and abortion provider draws from his personal and professional journeys as well as the scientific training he received as a doctor to reveal how he came to believe that helping women in need, without judgment, is precisely the Christian thing to do.
Love, madness, and scandal : the life of Frances Coke Villiers, Viscountess Purbeck, Johanna Luthman 941.06 PUR
A story of love, sex, and high drama set against the backdrop of a tumultuous and formative period of English history, this is also the story of an exceptional and courageous rebel against an age in which women were expected to be obedient, silent, and chaste.
M : Maxwell Knight, MI5's greatest spymaster, Henry Hemming 327.12 KNI
The inside story of the charming oddball who became a master spook and the inspiration for 007's spy chief.
May cause love : an unexpected journey of enlightenment after abortion, Kassi Underwood 363.46 UND
In this memoir, a fiercely honest and surprisingly funny testament to healing after abortion, a young woman travels across the United States to meet a motley crew of spiritual teachers and a caravan of new friends.
Miss Muriel Matters, Robert Wainwright 324.62 MAT
A captivating biography of the Australian actress who became one of London's most famous suffragists.
Mrs Keppel : mistress to the king, Tom Quinn 941.082 KEP
Alice Keppel was extraordinary for a number of reasons - not least that she was the lover of Edward VII for many years, though she managed to avoid much of the stigma attached to being a royal mistress.
Odd girl out : an autistic woman in a neurotypical world, Laura James 616.8588 JAM
This book charts a year in Laura's life and offers a unique insight into the autistic mind and the journey from diagnosis to acceptance.
Pictures, passions and eye : a life at Sotheby's, Michel Strauss 381.17 STR
Fascinating insider's view into 40 years at Sotheby's, the international passion for Impressionism and the world of dealers and collectors.
Revolution for dummies : laughing through the Arab Spring, Bassem Youssef 962.05 YOU
Youssef recounts his life and offers hysterical riffs on the hypocrisy, instability, and corruption that has long animated Egyptian politics.
Ridin' high, livin' free : hell-raising motorcycle stories, Ralph Barger. 796.75 BAR
Barger brings us rousing, moving, and wildly entertaining true stories of his renegade brothers and sisters in the relentless pursuit of liberty, individuality, and the "ultimate ride."
Scholarly scoundrel : Laurence Hynes Halloran : fake, forger and father : Australia's pioneer headmaster, Jan Worthington 371.2 HAL
Until Laurence Halloran got to Australia in Governor Macquaries time, there was nowhere for anyone to get more than rudimentary schooling. But Australias educational leader in convict times was a flawed and fascinating product of the 18th century.
Secrets, stories & surprises : my life journey, Pat Penrose 920.72 PEN
Soundscapes : a musician's journey through life and death, Paul Robertson 787.2 ROB
This memoir offers a perspective on creative endeavour: the rigours of learning, the challenges of performance and the spiritual nourishment that drives us on. It draws on a lifetime's experiences, in both life and death. Paul Robertson performed as the Medici Quartet's first violinist.
Steadfast : my story, Lizzie Armitstead. 796.62 ARM
Armistead tells her story, and reveals how she went from World Champion and darling of Team GB road cycling, to one of the most scrutinised athletes in British sport - how it happened, why it happened, and how Lizzie cleared her name and came out fighting.
Super freak : the life of Rick James, Peter Benjaminson 781.644 JAM
Benjaminson delivers a matter-of-fact biography of a musician whose extremes - both the highs and the lows - defy belief.
The cost of bravery, Allan Sparkes 363.20994 SPA
Part police story, part triumph over adversity, this is AllanSparkes' account of what happened to him after he was awarded Cross of Valour, Australia's highest civilian award for bravery.
The Durrells of Corfu, Michael Haag 590.92 DUR
Covers the background to the Durrell family's years in Corfu, including their time in India, where all the children were born, and where their father, a brilliant civil engineer, had died.
The girl from Aleppo : Nujeen's escape from war to freedom, Nujeen Mustafa. 325.21 MUS
An inspiring tale of a young disabled girl and her escape from the hell of
The lady with the Borzoi : Blanche Knopf, literary tastemaker extraordinaire, Laura Claridge 070.5 KNO
A prestigious publishing house and the strong-willed woman who
The most beautiful : my life with Prince, Mayte Garcia 781.66 PRI
Mayte Garcia shares the story of her relationship with the singer Prince and offers a singular perspective on the music icon and their world together.
The secrets of my life, Caitlyn Jenner. 306.768 JEN
The story of growing up as Bruce Jenner, bcoming the famous Olympian champion, and eventually becoming
The stranger in the woods : the extraordinary story of the last true hermit, Michael Finkel 974.122 KNI
The true story of a man who lived alone in a tent in the Maine woods, never talking to another person and surviving by stealing supplies from nearby cabins for 27 years.
The wild other : a memoir, Clover Stroud 941.085 STR
A horse-riding accident and its tragic consequences for a loving daughter.
There is no fcking secret : letters from a badass bitch, Kelly Osbourne 791.45028 OSB
The TV personality and fashion designer addresses different aspects of her life through a series of letters.
Theresa May : the enigmatic prime minister, Rosa Prince 941.085 MAY
Steely, remote, uncharismatic: the character of the PM is revealed in this first
What an adventure! : the story of my life, Ron Perano 639.28 PER
This account of his family whaling history, his early life at the Wairau Boulder Bank and his subsequent business and adventuring career are told in his own personal style.
What cancer taught me, Jake Bailey. 362.196994 BAI
Delivered from a wheelchair while undergoing cancer treatment, Jake Bailey's end of year speech as Head Boy at Christchurch Boys' High School made headlines around the world. Confronting the possibility of death has led Jake to re-evaluate all that he took for granted in life and to encourage others to do the same.
What happened, Miss Simone? : a biography, Alan Light 781.65 SIM
The story of the classically trained pianist who became a soul legend, a committed civil rights activist and one of the most influential, provocative and least understood artists of our time.
Wilhelm Reich, biologist, James E. Strick 615.856 REI
An eye-opening reappraisal of one of twentieth-century science's most controversial figures perhaps the only writer whose scientific works were burned by both the Nazis and the U.S. government.
Willy Brandt : the life of a statesman, Helene Miard-Delacroix. 943.087 BRA
Willy Brandt was a statesman who witnessed the rise of Nazism to the fall of the Berlin Wall. He was also at the forefront of some of Germany's most definitive and controversial decisions, in his role as the first Social Democrat Chancellor of West Germany.
Wind in my hair : a kaleidoscope of memories, Josephine Loewenstein. 941.082 LOE
Loewenstein's refreshingly different memoirs reflects her life in the whirlwind wake of husband Rupert, amidst high society, the Rolling Stones, royalty and the fast lane of the 20th century.
You know what you could be : tuning into the 1960s, Mike Heron. 781.62 HER
Mike Heron's autobiographical first part of the book covers his life up to the early years of the Incredible String Band. Andrew Greig's section takes the view of a fan who forms a band and looks emulate his heroes - you know what you could be.

Books about books

Another world : nineteenth-century illustrated print culture, Patricia Mainardi 002 MAI
The remarkable story of the stylistic, cultural, and technical innovations that drove the surge of comics, caricature, and other print media in 19th-century Europe.

Business & Management

Building the agile business through digital transformation, Neil Perkin. 658.406 PER
A guide for organizational development professionals and change managers needing to better understand, implement and lead digital transformation in the workplace.
Dear chairman : boardroom battles and the rise of shareholder activism, Jeff Gramm 659.28 GRA
A history of one of capitalism's longest running tensions the conflicts of interest among public company directors, managers, and shareholders told through original letters from some of our most legendary and controversial investors and activists.
Effective C# : 50 specific ways to improve your C#, Bill Wagner 005.133 C
Hacking growth : how today's fastest-growing companies drive breakout success, Sean Ellis. 658.8 ELL
Focuses on customers how to attain them, retain them, engage them, and monetize them rather than product.
Knock 'em dead cover letters : cover letters and strategies to get the job you want, Martin Yate 650.14 YAT
Leadership material : how personal experience shapes executive presence, Diana Jones 658.409 JON
On time, in full : lean thinking in purchasing, supply chain, and production planning, Timothy McLean 658.5 MCL
A practical guide for manufacturers on how to meet a fundamental requirement how to deliver to the customer the right product in the right quantity at the right time.
Red teaming : transform your business by thinking like the enemy, Bryce G. Hoffman 658.401 HOF
She means business : turn your ideas into reality and become a wildly successful entrepreneur, Carrie Green 658.022 GRE
Slow fashion : aesthetics meets ethics, Safia Minney 687 MIN
Offers creatives, entrepreneurs, and ethical consumers alike a glimpse into the innovative world of the eco- concept store movement, sustainable design, and business that puts people, livelihoods, and sustainability central to everything they do.
The Airbnb story : how three guys disrupted an industry, made billions of dollars and plenty of enemies, Leigh Gallagher 658.11 GAL
The hidden persuaders, Vance Packard. 659.1 PAC
This book is the author's work revealing how advertisers use psychological methods to tap into our unconscious desires in order to "persuade" us to buy the products they are selling.
The secret thoughts of successful women : why capable people suffer from the impostor syndrome and how to thrive in spite of it, Valerie Young 155.333 YOU
Learn to take ownership of your success, overcome self-doubt, and banish the thought patterns that undermine your ability to feel--and act--as bright and capable as others already know you are.

Civil Rights

Bad news : last journalists in a dictatorship, Anjan Sundaram 323.445 SUN
The story of Anjan Sundaram's time running a journalist's training program out of Kigali, the capital city of one of Africa's most densely populated countries, Rwanda.


London's triumph : merchant adventurers and the Tudor city, Stephen Alford. 382.0942 ALF


Becoming Facebook : the 10 challenges that defined the company disrupting the world, Mike Hoefflinger 006.7 HOE
Graph data modeling for NoSQL and SQL : visualize structure and meaning, Thomas Frisendal 005.756 FRI
Master a graph data modelling technique superior to traditional data modelling for both relational and NoSQL databases (graph, document, key-value, and column), leveraging cognitive psychology to improve big data designs.
iPad made easy, Roger Laing 004.165 IPA
Python : an introduction to programming, James R. Parker 005.133 PTY

Crafts & Collecting

Boho baby crochet : 30 modern & colourful projects for your baby, Dedri Uys 746.434 BOH
Full of bohemian spirit, these projects have been brought up to date for a colourful, modern look that stylish mums and babies will love.
Ceramics : 400 years of British collecting in 100 masterpieces, Patricia F. Ferguson 738 FER
Cowlgirls. 2 : the neck's favorite knits, Cathy Carron 746.432 CAR
Offers an impressive range of styles, from Cafe au Lait, where two contrasting colours combine with a ripple pattern, to the sleek, double-faced Sun Valley.
Creative lettering and beyond, Gabri Joy Kirkendall. 745.61 KIR
Combines the artistic talents and inspirational tips and tutorials of several professional hand letterers and calligraphers for a dynamic and interactive learning experience.
Dyeing to spin & knit : techniques & tips to make custom hand-dyed yarns, Felicia Lo 746.13 LO
Folded book art : 35 beautiful projects to transform your books, create cards, display scenes, decorations, gifts, and more, Clare Youngs 745.54 YOU
Create a fantastic world of delight with these 35 inspiring projects all made from old books!
Garter stitch revival : 20 creative knitting patterns featuring the simplest stitch, Kerry Bogert 746.432 GAR
How to make it : 25 makers share their secrets to building a creative business, Erin Austen Abbott 745.5 ABB
Knitted animal nursery : 35 gorgeous animal-themed knits for babies, toddlers, and the home, Fiona Goble 746.432 GOB
Making natural felt animals, Rotraud Reinhard 746.0463 REI
Modern triangle quilts : 70 graphic triangle blocks : 11 bold samplers, Rebecca Bryan 746.46 BRY
The art and craft of geometric origami, Mark Bolitho. 736.98 BOL
The art of leather burning : step-by-step pyrography techniques, Lora Susan Irish 745.53 IRI
The knit generation : 15 great patterns by 8 hot designers, Sarah Hatton 746.432 HAT
The origami garden : perfectly mindful origami, Mark Bolitho. 736.98 BOL
The red thread : Nordic design 45.40948 RED
An elegant exploration of the hugely influential simplicity, beauty, and functionality of Nordic design - timeless, yet on
The urban woodsman : a modern guide to carving spoons, bowls & boards, Max Bainbridge. 684.082 BAI
Woodworker's pattern book : 78 realistic fretwork animals, Jacob Fowler 684.08 FOW


Actual malice : a true crime political thriller, Breton Peace. 364.1523 PEA
The story of Chandra Levy, an Bureau of Prisons intern, who disappeared in 2001 and the congressman who was driven from office, Gary Condit.
American kingpin : the epic hunt for the criminal mastermind behind the Silk Road, Nick Bilton 364.168 BIL
From author Nick Bilton comes a true-life thriller about the rise and fall of Ross Ulbricht, aka the Dread Pirate Roberts, the founder of the online black market Silk Road.
Behind bars : real-life stories from inside New Zealand's prisons, Anna Leask 365.6 LEA
Blood in the water : the Attica Prison uprising of 1971 and its legacy, Heather Ann Thompson 365.973 THO
Thompson offers the first definitive telling of the Attica prison uprising, the state's violent response, and the victims' decades-long quest for justice in time for the forty-fifth anniversary of the events.
Down city : a daughter's story of love, memory, and murder, Leah Carroll 364.1523 CAR
A debut memoirist tells the story of her mother's brutal murder and her difficult relationship with her father, who followed his wife to the grave 14 years later.
Orange is the new black : my year in a women's prison, Piper Kerman 365.43 KER
A compelling, often hilarious, and unfailingly compassionate portrait of life inside a woman's prison.
Preventing credit card fraud : a complete guide for everyone from merchants to consumers, Jen Grondahl Lee. 364.4 LEE

Crime & Espionage

Agent 110 : an American spymaster and the German resistance in WWII, Scott Miller 327.12 MIL
An account of how OSS spymaster Allen Dulles led a network of Germans conspiring to assassinate Hitler and negotiate surrender to bring about the end of World War II before the Soviet's advance.


The Christmas virtues : a treasury of conservative tales for the holidays, Jonathan V. Last 394.266 CHR


50 economics classics : your shortcut to the most important ideas on capitalism, finance, and the global economy, Tom Butler-Bowdon 330 BUT
Google : how Google works, Eric Schmidt. 338.761004 SCH
Covers everthing that managers need to know to be successful in the digital age.
Investment traps exposed : navigating investor mistakes and behavioral biases, H. Kent Baker. 332.6 BAK
Mindful money : simple practices for reaching your financial goals and increasing your happiness dividend, Jonathan K. DeYoe. 332.024 DEY
Naked money : a revealing look at our financial system, Charles Wheelan 332.4 WHE
Operator bus builders : Kiwi bus operators who built their own buses, Sean Millar 338.322 MIL
Real-time risk : what investors should know about fintech, high-frequency trading, and flash crashes, Irene Aldridge. 332.6 ALD
Sustainability made simple : small changes for big impact, Rosaly Byrd. 338.92 BYR
Sustainability Made Simple explores the relationship between everyday life and the intricate global environmental issues of today, illustrating how small changes in daily routines and mentalities can add up to a big impact.
The big shift : rethinking money, tax, welfare and governance for the next economic system, Deirdre Kent 332.46 KEN
The CEO pay machine : how it trashes America and how to stop it, Steven Clifford 331.28 CLI
The great equalizer : how main street capitalism can create an economy for everyone, David M. Smick 338.973 SMI
The worst enemy of capitalism
The last day of oppression, and the first day of the same : the politics and economics of the New Latin American left, Jeffery R. Webber 338.98 WEB
Webber explains the political dynamics and conflicts underpinning the contradictory evolution of left-wing governments and social movements in Latin America in the last two decades.
The origin of capitalism : a longer view, Ellen Meiksins Wood 330.12 WOO
The road to ruin : the global elites' secret plan for the next financial crisis, James Rickards 332.04 RIC
The signs of a coming financial crisis, one exponentially bigger than the last, are unmistakable. This time, the elites have an audacious plan to protect themselves from the fallout: hoarding cash now and locking down the global financial system when a crisis hits.
The sharing economy : the end of employment and the rise of crowd-based capitalism, Arun Sundararajan 330 SUN
In this book, Arun Sundararajan, an expert on the sharing economy, explains the transition to what he describes as "crowd-based capitalism" a new way of organizing economic activity that may supplant the traditional corporate-centered model.
Why stock markets crash : critical events in complex financial systems, Didier Sornette. 332.6322 SOR


Hearing aid bras and other stories : Onekawa School and deaf education 1969-2014 by Juliet Clarke 371.912 CLA
This book contains historical and archival information, interviews and personal anecdotes, and photographs.
Move, play, and learn with smart steps : sequenced activities to build the body and the brain, Gill Connell,. 372.8 CON
Provides activities to help children (birth to age seven) develop physical, cognitive, social, and emotional foundations for early learning and school readiness.
Outback governesses, Paula Heelan 371.1 HEE
A collection of eye-opening stories about fourteen governesses who drop in, Mary Poppins-like, to educate children in Australia's remotest rural areas and in return receive a bush education of their own.
Teach like a champion 2.0 : 62 techniques that put students on the path to college, Doug Lemov. 373.11 LEM
The essential guide to doing your research project, Zina O'Leary 300 OLE
The author guides you through a step-by-step approach to research and provides all of the skills and momentum you need to excel.


Go figure : the Economist explains things you didn't know you didn't know, Tom Standage 032.02 STA
Smart, savvy answers to universal questions, this book is a treat for the knowing, the uninitiated and the downright curious.


iPhone 5, SE, 6, 7 made easy, Kieran Alger. 621.38456 ALG


Keeping New Zealand green : our forests - and their future, Elizabeth Orr 333.75 ORR
A history of the New Zealand Forest Service, and a plea for the action needed to preserve our flora and fauna from extinction.
Linescapes : remapping and reconnecting Britain's fragmented wildlife, Hugh Warwick 639.9 WAR
The long thaw : how humans are changing the next 100,000 years of Earth's climate, David Archer. 363.7387 ARC
Presents a long-term perspective on anthropogenic global warming, looking past the short-term view that dominates debates.


Cannabis : a complete guide, Ernest Small 633.79 SMA
Serves as the most comprehensive guide for scientists, doctors, economists, students, industries, and governments to evaluate risks and benefits of all aspects of cannabis.
Teaming with fungi : the organic grower's guide to mycorrhizae, Jeff Lowenfels 631.46 LOW
The ground beneath us : from the oldest cities to the last wilderness, what dirt tells us about who we are, Paul Bogard 631.4 BOG


Ground-breaking fashion : 100 iconic moments, Jane Rocca. 391 ROC
A celebration of fashion's most adventurous, outrageous moments.
How to wear makeup : 75 tips and tutorials, Mackenzie Wagoner. 646.72 WAG
Ink : the art of tattoo. 391.65 INK
Oscar de la Renta : the style, inspiration, and life of Oscar de la Renta, Sarah Mower. 746.92 DE
Oscar de la Renta is one of the most celebrated and famed fashion designers and couturiers in the world a renaissance man of American fashion.
Style power : Victoria Beckham, David Foy 746.92 ADA
Explores Victoria Beckham's fashion designs from her first collection in 2009 through her 2016
Sublime elegance : the timeless charm of evening gowns, Maria Maccari. 391.2 MCC
The art of dressing : ageless, timeless, original style, Tziporah Salamon 391.2 SAL
The complete fashion sourcebook, John Peacock 391 PEA
The cult of chiffon : an Edwardian manual of adornment, Mrs. Eric Pritchard. 391 PRI
Originally published in 1902, this extremely rare volume offers a remarkable snapshot of the fashionable Edwardian woman.
The new tattoo, Josep Maria Minguet. 391.65 NEW
Packed with glorious full-colour photographs that explore the amazing range and creativity of designs that can be found in today's tattoo culture, and shows how tattoo artists are influenced by art, fashion and contemporary culture from around the world.
The world of Anna Sui, Tim Blanks. 746.92 SUI
Anna Sui is one of New York's most beloved and accomplished fashion designers, known for creating contemporary original clothing inspired by spectacular amounts of research into vintage styles and cultural arcana.

Film, Television & Theatre

Balancing acts : behind the scenes at the National Theatre, Nicholas Hytner 792.0941 HYT
Makeup man : from Rocky to Star trek : the amazing creations of Hollywood's Michael Westmore, Michael Westmore. 791.43027 WES
Westmore shares anecdotes about his years behind the scenes, most notably in creating hundreds of alien characters for over 600 episodes of Star trek in all its iterations.
Wherever you go, there they are : stories about my family you might relate to, Annabelle Gurwitch 791.45028 GUR
An insightful collection of essays from author Annabelle Gurwitch, about her own family of scam artists and hucksters, as well as the sisterhoods, temporary tribes, communities, and cults who have become surrogates along the way.


Bulfinch's mythology, Thomas Bulfinch. 398.2 BUL
Imaginary cities : a tour of dream cities, nightmare cities, and everywhere in between, Darran Anderson 398.42 AND
An exuberant tour of cities, real and imaginary, far
Legendary Ireland : myths and legends of Ireland, Eithne Massey 299 MAS

Food & Wine

A meatloaf in every oven : two chatty cooks, one iconic dish, and dozens of recipes from Mom's to Mario Batali's, Frank Bruni. 641.66 BRU
This love letter to meatloaf incorporates history, personal anecdotes and even meatloaf sandwiches, all the while making you feel like you're cooking with two trusted and knowledgeable friends.
Brew Your Own big book of homebrewing : all-grain and extract brewing, kegging, 50+ craft beer recipes, tips and tricks from the pros. 641.873 BRE
Homebrew guides, recipes, troubleshooting, and tips from Brew Your Own magazine are brought together in one book.
Candy is magic : real ingredients, modern recipes, Jami Curl. 641.853 CUR
Chai Tea Lollipops, Honey and Sea Salt Marshmallows, Chocolate Pretzel Caramels, Cherry Cola Gumdrops this is not your average candy, or your average candy book.
Coastline : the food of Mediterranean Italy, France & Spain, Lucio Galletto. 641.594 GAL
Community : salad recipes from Arthur Street Kitchen, Hetty McKinnon. 641.83 MCK
Dalmatia, Ino Kuvacic. 641.59497 KUV
Dalmatia is a celebration of the food of Croatia's Mediterranean Coast.
Delicious gifts : give, love, bake, Rob Kirby 641.5 KIR
Celebrates the best, beautifully styled, handcrafted food gifts for all occasions.
Eat to live bible : the ultimate cheat sheet & 70 top eat to live diet recipes, Samantha Michaels 641.563 MIC
Eat to live quick & easy cookbook : 131 delicious, nutrient-rich recipes for fast and sustained weight loss, reversing disease, and lifelong health, Joel Fuhrman 641.5635
Farm to fable, Robert Grillo. 641.306 GRI
Why do the vast majority of us continue to consume animals when we could choose otherwise? What are the cultural forces that drive our food choices?
Food to make you glow : a nutritionist's guide to eating for wellness, Lola Berry 641.563 BER
Gastrophysics : the new science of eating, Charles Spence. 641.013 SPE
Does the size of your plate matter, or how loud your crisps crunch? A psychologist explores our multisensory experience of food.
How to brew : everything you need to know to brew great beer every time, John J. Palmer 641.873 PAL
Do-it-yourself guide to making quality beers at home. This book includes ingredients, methods, recipes, equipment suggestions, and brewing techniques.
How to eat better : how to shop, store & cook to make any food a 'superfood', James Wong. 641.563 WON
I'm just here for dessert : macarons, mini cakes, ice creams, waffles & more, Caroline Khoo. 641.86 KHO
Istanbul cult recipes, Pomme Larmoyer. 641.59561 LAR
Turkish cuisine is as richly diverse as the country itself, which brings together the influences of Europe, Asia, and the Mediterranean.
Jamie's food revolution : rediscover how to cook simple, delicious, affordable meals, Jamie Oliver. 641.5 OLI
Part cooking how-to, part guide to changing people's eating habits, "Jamie's Food Revolution" presents a revolutionary concept that asks readers to learn easy, healthy recipes and pass them on.
Marco made easy : a three-star chef makes it simple, Marco Pierre White 641.5 WHI
My kind of food, Valli Little 641.5 LIT
Valli shares 100 recipes that she has cooked time and again to share with the people she loves recipes that are perfect for simple midweek meals and lazy Sunday suppers.
On eating insects : [essays, stories and recipes], Josh Evans. 641.696 EVA
Takes a holistic look at eating insectst, presenting essays on the cultural, political, and ecological significance of eating insects, alongside stories from the field, tasting notes, and recipes by the Nordic Food Lab.
Packed : lunch hacks to squeeze more nutrients into your day, Becky Alexander. 641.53 ALE
Personalities on the plate : the lives and minds of animals we eat, Barbara J. King 636.088 KIN
Barbara King asks us to think hard about our meat eating--and how we might reduce it.
Sharing plates : for brunch, lunch and dinner with friends, Luke Mangan 641.53 MAN
Slow cooked : satisfying food for the oven or slow cooker, Allyson Gofton. 641.588 GOF
Slow cooker central super savers, Paulene Christie 641.588 CHR
The 50 greatest dishes of the world, James Steen 641.3 STE
50 of the greatest dishes eaten throughout the world today and the stories behind the food.
The air fryer cookbook : deep-fried flavour made easy, without all the fat!, Todd English 641.7 ENG
The happy kitchen : good mood food, Rachel Kelly. 641.563 KEL
Improve your mental health and make yourself happier with this mood-boosting, life-changing, holistic nutritional plan that includes recipes, advice, and the science behind it.
The Italian dream : wine, heritage, soul, Gelasio Gaetani D'Aragona. 641.22 GAE
An escape into the elegant Italian lifestyle, discovering hidden corners, savoring food and wine, and sharing joyful times with convivial friends from the foothills of the Alps to the hill towns of Tuscany to the relaxed southern seasides.
The midlife kitchen : health-boosting recipes for midlife & beyond, Mimi Spencer. 641.563 SPE
The ten (food) commandments, Jay Rayner 641.013 RAY
Britain's culinary Moses brings us the new foodie rules to live by, celebrating what and how we eat.
Twist : creative ideas to reinvent your baking, Martha Collison 641.865 COL
Martha offers a brilliant new approach to baking a way to master baking, while adding 'twists' to recipes to make contemporary bakes that everyone will love.
White heat, Marco Pierre White. 641.5 WHI
White Heat captures the magic and spirit of Marco Pierre White in the heat of his kitchen.
Zoe's Ghana kitchen : traditional Ghanaian recipes remixed for the modern kitchen, Zoe Adjonyoh 641.59667 ADJ

Gardens and Gardening

Attracting birds and other wildlife to your garden in New Zealand, Gordon Ell 577.55 ELL
Big impact landscaping : 28 DIY projects you can do on a budget to beautify and add value to your home, Sara Bendrick 712.6 BEN
Gardening with foliage first : 127 dazzling combinations that pair the beauty of leaves with flowers, bark, berries, and more, Karen Chapman. 635.975 CHA
Every gardener- beginners will learn how to choose the right foliage plants, experienced gardeners will be inspired by fresh twists on old favorites, and everyone will be encouraged to create a beautiful, year-round garden.
Good soil : manure, compost and nourishment for your garden, Tina Raman. 635.0489 RAM
Tina Raman digs into every aspect of nurturing your soil, from chemistry and biology to history and philosophy, giving you practical advice, generous tips and above all masses of inspiration.
Grow fruit & veg in pots, Jennifer Wilkinson 635 GRO
Introduces readers to the almost endless possibilities of growing homegrown produce in pots, from raising fresh salads in a matter of days and growing your own salsa mix, to cultivating juicy exotic fruits.
Natural selection : a year in the garden, Dan Pearson 635 PEA
Pearson draws on ten years of his Observer columns to explore the rhythms and pleasures of a year in the garden.
Oxford Botanic Garden & Arboretum : a brief history, Stephen A. Harris 712.0942 HAR
Oxford Botanic Garden is the oldest surviving botanic garden in Britain and has occupied its site in central Oxford since 1621.
Royal Horticultural Society gardening through the year in Australia, Ian Spence 635.0994 SPE
Sumptuously illustrated, with over 1,000 photographs, including a gallery of star plants for each month, plus expert advice on cultivation.
The beginner's guide to starting a garden : 326 fast, easy, affordable ways to transform your yard one project at a time, Sally Roth 635 ROT
The book of orchids : a life-size guide to six hundred species from around the world, Mark Chase 635.93 ORC
The salad garden, Joy Larkcom 635 LAR
The well-tended perennial garden : the essential guide to planting and pruning techniques, Tracy DiSabato-Aust 635.932 DIS
XTRRDNR Gardens : residential landscape design, Erik van Gelder 712.609492 GEL
Specializing in 'fusion gardening', this generous visual biography will act as a source of inspiration to any aspiring or professional landscaper.

Generalities and the Unknown

Fact, fiction, and flying saucers : the truth behind the misinformation, distortion, and derision by debunkers, government agencies, and conspiracy conmen, Stanton T. Friedman. 001.942 FRI
There is a clear conspiracy to deny the existence of UFOs. The mainstream media has misinformed us for years about UFO studies conducted by highly regarded scientists associated with some of the finest universities in America.
UFOs over America : scariest cases, Joseph Flammer 001.942 FLA
Flammer, a field investigator for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), discusses over seventy important Ufology topics that gravely affect the US. You'll find out how ordinary citizens are involved with the Greys, insectoids, reptilians, and Nordics.

Graphic Arts

100 manga artists, Amano Masanao. 741.5 ONE
Delivers the lowdown on the latest and the greatest makers and shapers of the manga scene.
The printmaking bible : the complete guide to materials and techniques, Ann D'arcy Hughes. 760.2 HUG

Health & Medicine

A day in the life of the brain : the neuroscience of consciousness from dawn till dusk, Susan Greenfield 612.82 GRE
Ancient wisdom for modern health : rediscover the timeless secrets of health and happiness. Book one, The essential wisdoms, Mark Bunn 158.1 BUN
Behave : the biology of humans at our best and worst, Robert M. Sapolsky 612.8 SAP
Can I tell you about selective mutism? : a guide for friends, family and professionals, Maggie Johnson. 616.855 JOH
Meet Hannah a young girl with selective mutism (SM). Hannah invites readers to learn about selective mutism from her perspective, helping them to understand what it is, what it feels like to have SM, and how they can help.
Crooked : outwitting the back pain industry and getting on the road to recovery, Cathryn Jakobson Ramin 616.73 RAM
Deadliest enemy : our war against killer germs, Michael T. Osterholm. 614.4 OST
Explores the resources and programs we need to develop if we are to keep ourselves safe from infectious disease.
Flavour : the science of our most neglected sense, Bob Holmes 612.87 HOL
A journey into the surprising science of the sense of flavour outlines narrative principles in neurobiology and modern food production to reveal the broad range of factors that can affect one's appreciation of what we consume.
Head strong : the bulletproof plan to activate untapped brain energy to work smarter and think faster in just two weeks, Dave Asprey 616.8 ASP
Healing the broken brain : leading experts answer 100 questions about stroke recovery, Mike Dow. 616.81 DOW
How not to die : discover the foods scientifically proven to prevent and reverse disease, Michael Greger. 613.2 GRE
How to deal with anxiety, Lee Kannis-Dymand. 616.8522 KAN
How to grow a baby and push it out : your no-nonsense week-by-week guide to pregnancy and birth, Clemmie Hooper 618.2 HOO
Everything you wanted to know but were too embarrassed to ask a guide to pregnancy and birth straight from the midwife's mouth.
I have cancer, now what? : 12 things you, your spouse, and your family must know in your battle with cancer, Carson Boss 616.994 BOS
I have something to say! : an exploration into the heart and mind of my selective mutism, Kathryn Harper 616.855 HAR
Improve your digestion : how to make your gut work for you and not against you, Patrick Holford 613.2 HOL
Natural healing wisdom & know how : useful practices, recipes, and formulas for a lifetime of health, Amy Rost 615.535 NAT
Navigating life with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Mark B. Bromberg. 616.83 BRO
Provides accessible, comprehensive, and up-to-date information about the challenges patients, family members, and caregivers face when confronted by ALS.
Not broken : an approachable guide to miscarriage and recurrent pregnancy loss, Lora Shahine 618.39 SHA
A comprehensive, evidence-based but easy-to-read guide for anyone who wants to understand all aspects of miscarriage and recurrent pregnancy loss.
Nourish & glow : the 10-day plan : lose weight, feel great & kick-start a lifetime of healthy eating, Amelia Freer 641.563 FRE
Rudolf Breuss cancer cure correctly applied : guide to cancer treatment, Jurgen H.R. Thomar 616.994 THO
Skinny liver : a proven program to prevent and reverse the new silent epidemic fatty liver disease, Kristin Kirkpatrick. 616.362 KIR
Looks at the silent health crisis of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, whose symptoms often don't manifest themselves until the liver is seriously compromised, and how to prevent or reverse it through a combination of healthy eating and exercise.
Sod sitting, get moving! : getting active in your 60s, 70s and beyond, Diana Moran. 613.71 MOR
Specifically designed for older adults the exercises, stretches and strengthening movements will help keep you fit, strong and supple for the years ahead.
Sorted : the active woman's guide to health, Juliet McGrattan 613.0424 MCG
The 7:2:1 plan, Tim Robards 641.563 ROB
It is a simple formula of eating 70% super-clean (lots of veggies and good-quality protein and fats), 20% sensible (some carbs from grains) and 10% relaxed (whatever you like) for a nutritionally balanced lifestyle.
The adrenal thyroid revolution : a proven 4-week program to rescue your metabolism, hormones, mind & mood, Aviva Romm 616.45 ROM
The Alzheimer's antidote : using a low-carb, high-fat diet to fight Alzheimer's disease, memory loss, and cognitive decline, Amy Berger 616.831 BER
The complete A to Z for your V : a women's guide to everything you ever wanted to know about your vagina: health, pleasure, hormones, and more, Alyssa Dweck. 612.62
The field : the quest for the secret force of the universe, Lynne McTaggart 615.53 MCT
Science has recently begun to prove what ancient myth and religion have always espoused: There may be such a thing as a life force.
The food medic : recipes + fitness for a healthier, happier you, Dhazel Wallace 641.563 WAL
Over 70 nutritional recipes to look and feel amazing whilst debunking the
The genetics of health : understand your genes for better health, Sharad P. Paul 616.042 PAU
The inkblots : Hermann Rorschach, his iconic test, & the power of seeing, Damion Searls 616.89 SEA
A history of 20th-century psychology focused on the life, work, and legacy of the inventor of the inkblot test.
The kind diet : a simple guide to feeling great, losing weight, and saving the planet, Alicia Silverstone. 641.5636 SIL
The lose your belly diet : change your gut, change your life, Travis Stork 613.25 STO
The menopause : the answers, Rosemary Leonard 618.175 LEO
The new allergy solution : supercharge resistance, slash medication, stop suffering, Clifford W. Bassett 616.973 BAS
The sleep solution : why your sleep is broken and how to fix it, W. Chris Winter 616.849 WIN
The waterfall diet : lose up to 14 pounds in 7 days by controlling water retention, Linda Lazarides 613.28 LAZ
Describes how fluid retention may prevent weight loss, and how to identify causes and symptoms. Includes weight loss plan and recipes.
The wellness project : how I learned to do right by my body, without giving up my life, Phoebe Lapine 616.978 LAP
For those battling autoimmune disease or thyroid conditions - or just seeking healthy life balance - the voice behind the popular blog Feed Me Phoebe shares her yearlong investigation of what truly made her well.
Why the wheel is round : muscles, technology, and how we make things move, Steven Vogel 612.76 VOG
Examines the contraptions and tricks we have devised in order to more efficiently move and move through the physical world.

History, Geography & Travel

A half century of occupation : Israel, Palestine, and the world's most intractable conflict, Gershon Shafir 956.9405 SHA
A history of modern Uganda, Richard J. Reid 967.61 REI
Akenfield : portrait of an English village, Ronald Blythe 942.646 BLY
All over the place : adventures in travel, true love, and petty theft, Geraldine DeRuiter 910.41 DER
A travel blogger who has no sense of direction and motion sickness chronicles the five-year period she traveled the world, discovering love, numerous places to call home, and herself.
At home in the world : reflections on belonging while wandering the globe : an adventure across 4 continents with 3 kids, 1 husband, and 5 backpacks, Tsh Oxenreider 910.41 OXE
As Tsh Oxenreider chronicles her family's adventure around the world--seeing, smelling, and tasting the widely varying cultures along the way--she discovers what it truly means to be at home.
Boston, Tom Bross. 974.461 BRO
Eyewitness Travel Guide
Crisis of character : a White House Secret Service officer discloses his firsthand experience with Hillary, Bill, and how they operate, Gary J. Byrne. 973.929 BYR
Former Secret Service officer Gary Byrne exposes the truth behind Hillary, Bill, and their public facade.
Detroit : the dream is now, Michel Arnaud. 977.434 ARN
A visual essay on the rebuilding and resurgence of the city of Detroit.
Dodge City : Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, and the wickedest town in the American West, Tom Clavin 978.1 CLA
East London, Charles Saumarez Smith 942.1 SAU
East London takes readers on an epic tour of the area, guided by resident Charles Saumarez Smith.
English allsorts : further explorations in unmitigated England, Peter Ashley 942 ASH
This is a personal natural history of fungi and flowers will segue into an essay on Typhoo tea packets; London transports of delight into unique views of English market towns. Ruined Norfolk churches, the pleasures of seaside holidays, the mysteries of landmark fir trees.
Europe's 1968 : voices of revolt, Robert Gildea. 940.556 EUR
A study of 'Europe's 1968' based on the rich oral histories of nearly 500 former activists collected by an international team of historians across fourteen countries.
Fractured lands : how the Arab world came apart, Scott Anderson 956.7044 AND
An account of how the contemporary Arab world came to be riven by catastrophe since the 2003 United States invasion of Iraq.
Gestapo : the story behind the Nazis' machine of terror, Lucas Saul 943.086 SAU
Gold and geysers, Philip Andrews 993.02 MAL
A biography of French-born Jean Michel Camille Malfroy, who worked on the goldfields at Ross, becoming its first
Great expeditions : 50 journeys that changed our world, Mark Steward. 910.9 STE
Some explorers did more than simply beat new tracks and chart new waters. Their endeavours were so ground-breaking, so revolutionary, they changed the world.
Hidden nature : a voyage of discovery, Alys Fowler 942.496 FOW
Fowler set out in an inflatable kayak to explore Birmingham's canal network, full of little-used waterways where huge pike skulk and kingfishers dart.
In the spirit of Capri, Pamela Fiori 945.73 FIO
In this colorful tribute to one of the jewels of the Mediterranean, Fiori captures the effortless glamour and unique beauty of the fabled jet-set vacation spot.
Killers of the Flower Moon : oil, money, murder and the birth of the FBI, David Grann 978.6 GRA
Presents a true account of the early 20th century murders of dozens of wealthy Osage and law-enforcement officials, citing the contributions and missteps of a fledgling FBI that eventually uncovered one of the most chilling conspiracies in American history.
London in fragments : a mudlark's treasures, Ted Sandling. 942.1 SAN
Mudlarks used to be small boys grubbing a living from scrap. Today's mudlarks unearth relics of the past, from Roman tiles to elegant Georgian pottery.
October : the story of the Russian Revolution, China Mieville. 947.0841 MIE
Mieville revisits the exciting, messy story of an explosive Russia on the brink of civil
Portugal : hidden places, great adventures and the good life, Edwina Pitcher 946.9 PIT
It guides you to over 800 wild swims, ancient forests, lost ruins and hidden beaches. Also included are traditional eateries, local festivals and rustic places to stay.
Sketches of Korea : an illustrated guide to Korean culture, Benjamin Joinau. 951.95 JOI
Summer in the islands : an Italian odyssey, Matthew Fort 945.8 FOR
A carefree exploration of the culture and cuisines of the Italian islands.
Ten myths about Israel, Ilan Pappe 956.94 PAP
Pappe examines the most contested ideas concerning the origins and identity of the contemporary state of
The big book of the Hamptons 974.72 BIG
A beautifully shot and deftly curated photo collection that flaunts the community's opulent taste and idyllic setting.
The crofter and the laird, John McPhee 941.154 MCP
McPhee gives readers a deep and rich portrait of the terrain, the history, the legends, and the people of this fragment of the Hebrides.
The First Fleet, Rob Mundle 994.02 MUN
The story of the 18th century convoy of eleven ships that left England on 13th May 1787 for the 'land beyond the
The frozen frontier : Polar bound through the Northwest Passage, Jane Maufe 998 MAU
David Scott Cowper is the first person to sail six out of the seven routes of the Northwest Passage in a small boat. This is the account of the most difficult route as told by his crew.
The Mongols & the Islamic world : from conquest to conversion, Peter Jackson 950.2 JAC
The Netherlands, Gerard M L Harmans 949.2 HAR
Eyewitness Travel Guide
The new Koreans : the story of a nation, Michael Breen 951.904 BRE
The Routeburn Track New Zealand : a photographic souvenir, Ron Enzler 993.961 ENZ
The rule of the land : walking Ireland's border, Garrett Carr 941.6 CAR
Border, finds him emulating the Vikings as he approaches Carlingford Lough by sea before going ashore to commence an engrossing 300 mile long trek through the fields, forests and boglands of the borderline all the way to Moville in his native Co Donegal.
The six-day war : the breaking of the Middle East, Guy Laron 956.046 LAR
This history examines the Six-Day War, its causes, and its enduring consequences against its global context.
The strange death of Europe : immigration, identity, Islam, Douglas Murray 940.56 MUR
Declining birth-rates, mass immigration and cultivated self-distrust and self- hatred have come together to make Europeans unable to argue for themselves and incapable of resisting their own comprehensive change as a society.
Travels with Charley in search of America, John Steinbeck. 973 STE
Depicts a 1960 road trip around the United States made by Steinbeck, in the company of his standard poodle, Charley.
Venetian chic, Francesca Bortolotto Possati. 945.31 POS
A tribute to the history, culture, arts and elegance of Venice, with images of ultra-private palazzi, interiors, architecture, Seguso glass, the Grand Canal, noble cathedrals, crafts, and private apartments.
Warriors and kings : the 1500-year battle for Celtic Britain, Martin Wall 936.1 WAL
Ways to see Great Britain : curious places & surprising perspectives, Alice Stevenson 941 STE

House & Garden

Home : the elements of decorating, Emma Blomfield 747 BLO
Blomfield guides you from room to room, empowering you to create a look you love and a space you are proud to show off-without breaking the bank or starting from the ground up.
If I could tell you just one thing : encounters with remarkable people and their most valuable advice, Richard Reed. 646.7 REE
Richard has collected pearls of wisdom from some of the most remarkable, inspiring and game-changing people in the world - in business, tech, philanthropy, politics, sport, art, spirituality, medicine, film, and design.
Luxe vintage : vintage inspired interiors and projects, Tahn Scoon. 747 SCO
The book is divided up into chapters focusing on layering with love, luxury in the details, embracing pre-loved, the paintbox, a fashionable influence, happiness at home, little ones and garden parties.
Modernique : inspiring interiors mixing vintage and modern style, Julia Buckingham. 747 BUC
Perfect French country, Ros Byam Shaw. 747 BYA
Ros Byam Shaw visits 12 glorious French country houses and celebrates the rustic, relaxed lifestyle of rural France at its
Robert Adam : country house design, decoration, & the art of elegance, Jeremy Musson. 720.942 ADA
This book celebrates the work of Robert Adam, the great eighteenth- century architect who influenced generations by stamping his distinctive neoclassical aesthetic vision on the English country house interior.
The anatomy of sheds : new buildings from an old tradition, Jane Field-Lewis 728.92 FIE
Over 50 real examples from around the world--some simple and modest and some extravagant--inspire and instruct the reader on how to create their own special space.
The art of living with nature : 50 beautiful projects to bring the outside in, Willow Crossley 747 CRO
Crossley shows you how to decorate your home the eco-chic way, using hedgerow finds, beachcombing bounty, and home-grown harvests.
Unf**k your habitat : you're better than your mess, Rachel Hoffman 648.5 HOF
Interspersed with lists and challenges, this practical, no-nonsense advice relies on a 20/10 system (20 minutes of cleaning followed by a 10-minute break; no marathon cleaning allowed) to help you develop lifelong habits.


Lines in the sand : collected journalism, A.A. Gill 070.4 GIL
Ranging from travel reportage to serio-comic appreciations of Savile Row tweed and the delights of condensed milk, the pieces are lit up by the author's trademark literary flourishes and waspish put-downs.


Hindi for beginners : a guide to conversational Hindi, Sunita Mathur Narain. 491.43 NAR
Horrible words : a guide to the misuse of English, Rebecca Gowers 428 GOW
Taking a genial tour far and wide through our linguistic badlands, Rebecca Gowers finds answers that are helpful, surprising and often extremely funny.
The Greek verb revisited : a fresh approach for biblical exegesis, Steven E. Runge. 487.4 GRE
For the past 25 years, debate regarding the nature of tense and aspect in the Koine Greek verb has held New Testament studies at an impasse. This book accounts for existing debate but also examines recent developments from linguistics, which may dramatically shift the direction of this discussion.

Library Science

Mobile technologies in libraries, Ben Rawlins 025.04 RAW


Discontent and its civilizations : dispatches from Lahore, New York and London, Mohsin Hamid 824.92 HAM
Hamid traces the fracture lines generated by a decade and a half of seismic change, from the "war on terror" to the struggles of individuals to maintain humanity in the rigid face of ideology, or the indifferent face of globalization.
Jane Austen's England, Helen Amy 823.7 AMY
Amy draws on Austen's life and works, traces her travels around the country and features places of significance to her whilst also examining English society's apparent obsessions with fashion, entertainments, courtship and manners.
Letters to a young writer : some practical and philosophical advice, Colum McCann 808.02 MCC
A demonstration of how precision, care, and hard work are the writer's crucial tools.
Mockingbird songs : my friendship with Harper Lee, Wayne Flynt 813.54 LEE
An insider's portrait of the author.
TED talks : the official TED guide to public speaking, Chris Anderson 808.51 AND
The Jane Austen treasury : a delightful collection of insights into her life, her times and her novels, Janet Todd 823.7 AUS
A delightful collection of facts and insights into the life and times of the great novelist and the attitudes and customs that shaped both her and her work.
Thoreau's animals, Henry David Thoreau. 818.3 THO
From Thoreau's renowned Journal, a treasury of memorable, funny, and sharply observed accounts of his encounters with the wild and domestic animals of Concord.


America's needless wars : cautionary tales of US involvement in the Philippines, Vietnam, and Iraq, David R. Contosta 355.02 CON
A skeptical appraisal of U.S. military intervention in the Philippines, Vietnam, and Iraq, highlighting a common pattern of poor intelligence gathering, nationalistic hubris, and political pressures, which led to these unsuccessful foreign adventures.
The modern Russian army 1992-2016, Mark Galeotti. 355.3 GAL
Witnesses of the unseen : seven years in Guantanamo, Lakhdar Boumediene. 355.12 BOU
This searing memoir shares the trauma and triumphs of Lakhdar Boumediene and Mustafa Ait Idir's time inside America's most notorious prison.

Music & Musicians

Bon Jovi : the story, Bryan Reesman 781.66 BON
Pays tribute to the mega-popular group from their beginning 30 years ago when they shot to stardom with the release of their multiplatinum smash album Slippery When Wet to the present day.
Language of the spirit : an introduction to classical music, Jan Swafford 781.68 SWA
Life and death on the New York dance floor, 1980-1983, Tim Lawrence 781.64 LAW
Lawrence illustrates how the relatively discrete post-disco, post-punk, and hip hop scenes became marked by their level of plurality, interaction, and convergence.
So you want to sing folk music : a guide for performers, Valerie Mindel 783 MIN
Ukulele for beginners, Tom Fleming 787.89193 FLE

Natural Science

Are you smarter than a chimpanzee? : test yourself against the amazing minds of animals, Ben Ambridge 591.5 AMB
Audubon : on the wings of the world, Fabien Grolleau. 598.0973 AUD
At the start of the 19th century, John James Audubon embarked upon an epic ornithological quest across America with nothing but his artist's materials, an assistant and a gun.
Before the dawn : recovering the lost history of our ancestors, Nicholas Wade 599.93 WAD
Wade tells the story of human evolution and migration that began five million years ago, when the first humans split from the apes, and continues today, with evidence showing that humans are still evolving.
Monarchs and milkweed : a migrating butterfly, a poisonous plant, and their remarkable story of coevolution, Anurag Agrawal 595.78 AGR
The evolution of beauty : how Darwin's forgotten theory of mate choice shapes the animal world and us, Richard O. Prum 591.56 PRU
Zebra stripes, Tim Caro 599.665 CAR
Why do zebras have stripes?


No excuses watercolor animals : a field guide to painting, Gina Rossi Armfield 751.422 ARM
The big book of tiny art : a modern, inspirational guide to the art of the miniature, Karen Libecap 751.77 LIB
Presents techniques for drawing and painting objects on a small scale, and highlights the tools needed for this craft.
Watercolor : an artist's guide to painting on the go!, Barbara Roth 751.422 ROT


10 things girls need most : to grow up strong and free, Steve Biddulph 649.133 BID
Healthy kids, happy lives : healthy eating for vibrant and healthy kids, Lea Stening 613.2 STE
This book helps parents to understand these essential principles of a healthy child's diet, cutting through the confusing and often conflicting advice.
Inside out parenting : how to build strong children from a core of self-esteem, Holan Liang 649.1 LIA
Parenting for social change, Teresa Graham Brett 649.1 BRE
Brett addresses the work parents must do to free themselves, the children who share their lives, and the world from these harmful cultural messages.
Parenting in the eye of the storm : the adoptive parent's guide to navigating the teen years, Katie Naftzger. 649.145 NAF
Real food for babies & toddlers : baby-led weaning and beyond, with over 80 wholefood recipes the whole family will love, Vanessa Clarkson 641.5622 CLA
The happiest toddler on the block : how to eliminate tantrums and raise a patient, respectful and cooperative one- to four-year-old, Harvey Karp. 649.122 KAR
The ultimate guide to raising teens and tweens : strategies for unlocking your child's full potential, Douglas Haddad 649.125 HAD
When your child has food allergies : a parent's guide to managing it all, from the everyday to the extreme, Mireille Schwartz 616.975 SCH

Pets & Animals

Advanced top bar beekeeping : next steps for the thinking beekeeper, Christy Hemenway 638.1 HEM
Practical techniques are combined with an in-depth analysis of the threats posed to pollinators by climate change and industrial agriculture, rounded out by an inspiring vision of restoring bee populations through organic farming and chemical-free beekeeping.
Bee quest : in search of rare bees, Dave Goulson 636.1 GOU
Beekeeper's lab : 52 family-friendly activities and experiments exploring the life of the hive, Kim Lehman 638.1 LEH
Felines of New York, Jim Tews 636.8 TEW
Featuring more than 100 photos and quotes from cats in America's most glamorous city, this book exposes the furry underbelly of New York City's most glamorous, self-important residents.
Finding Gobi : the true story of a little dog and an incredible journey, Dion Leonard. 636.7 LEO
The story of an adorable dog who was rescued by an ultra runner in the desert and was taken home to Britain.

Philosophy & Psychology

The proper study of mankind : an anthology of essays, Isaiah Berlin. 192 BER
This title selects some of the best of Berlin's essays. It encapsulates the principal movements that characterise the modern age: romanticism, historicism, Fascism, relativism, irrationalism and nationalism.

Philosophy and psychology

On human nature, Roger Scruton 128 SCR
Scruton presents an original and radical defense of human uniqueness.
Truth, Simon Blackburn 121 BLA
Blackburn describes the main approaches to the notion of truth and considers how these relate to different perspectives on belief, interpretation, facts, knowledge and action.


A democracy of imagery, Colin Westerbeck 779 WES
Westerbeck's criterion in choosing the 100 photographs published here was to seek out underappreciated work by great photographers and great work by underappreciated photographers.
Complete photography : the all-new guide to getting the best possible photos from any camera, Chris Gatcum 771 GAT
Hollywood at play : the lives of the stars between takes, Donovan Brandt. 779 BRA
Featuring unique and rarely seen images of such legendary stars as Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, Judy Garland, W.C. Fields, and Tyrone Power enjoying fun and relaxation outside of their studios.
Irving Penn : centennial, Maria Morris Hambourg. 779 PEN
Celebrating the centennial of Irving Penn's birth, this volume spans the entirety of his groundbreaking career.
Isms : understanding photography, Emma Lewis 770.9 LEW
A guide tracing the evolution of photography through a series of interconnected trends, groups, themes and movements - from the invention of the photographic process to the post-internet age.
Magnum Manifesto, Clement Cheroux. 779 MAG
Cheroux demonstrates how Magnum Photos owes its pre-eminence to the ability of its photographers to encompass and navigate the points between photography as art object and photography as documentary evidence.
Marking time : portraits of the inked, Richard Wotton. 779 WOT
Photography and collaboration : from conceptual art to crowdsourcing, Daniel Palmer 770 PAL
Strong is the new pretty : a celebration of girls being themselves, Kate T. Parker 779 PAR
Celebrates, through more than 175 memorable photographs, the strength and spirit of girls being 100% themselves.
The world's most magical wilderness escapes, Michael Poliza. 779 POL


Dylan junkie, Jeffrey Paparoa Holman 821.914 HOL
Family history, Johanna Emeney 821.92 EME
A family's history turns on its head when a mother is diagnosed with breast cancer.
Night horse, Elizabeth Smither 821.914 SMI
The poems take the everyday - mothers and daughters, cats and horses, books and bowls, slippers and shirts - and transform them into something fresh: sometimes surreal, sometimes funny, often enchanted.
Our numbered days, Neil Hilborn 811.6 HIL
Taking my jacket for a walk : poems, Peter Olds 821.914 OLD
The ones who keep quiet, David Howard 821.914 HOW
The ski flier, Maria McMillan 821.92 MCM
Waking by a river of light : poems, John Gibb 821.914 GIB
Many of the poems explore life's puzzles and miracles as light and darkness flicker around the planet, starting and ending each day, in a jerky silent movie rhythm mimicked by the pattern of waking and sleeping.
Wolf, Elizabeth Morton 821.92 MOR

Politics & Government

Be like the fox : Machiavelli's lifelong quest for freedom, Erica Benner 320.1 MCH
Far from the ruthless Machiavellian henchman that people think he was, Machiavelli emerges here as a profound ethical thinker who fought to uphold high moral standards and restore the democratic freedoms of his beloved Florence.
Big agenda : President Trump's plan to save America, David Horowitz 973.932 HOR
Brothers at arms : American independence and the men of France & Spain who saved it, Larrie D. Ferreiro 327.73 FER
European allies supplied arms, ammunition, uniforms, savvy commanders, engineers, and soldiers to aid the American Revolution.
Depends what you mean by extremist : going rogue with Australian deplorables, John Safran 320.53 SAF
John Safran takes on the hottest topics in contemporary Australia - race, Islam and extremism.
Finks : how the CIA tricked the world's best writers, Joel Whitney 327.1273 WHI
Who would have thought that the Zen-saintly author of The Snow Leopard might have been a spook?
Political political theory : essays on institutions, Jeremy Waldron 320.01 WAL
The essays in this collection are works of political theory devoted specifically to the institutions and institutional principles of modern democracy.
Radical hope : letters of love and dissent in dangerous times, Carolina De Robertis 324.973 RAD
A diverse group of writers and activists responds to the election of Donald Trump.
Shattered : inside Hillary Clinton's doomed campaign, Jonathan Allen. 324.973 ALL
The audacity of hope : thoughts on reclaiming the American dream, Barack Obama 973.932 OBA
Barack Obama's call for a new kind of politics - a politics that builds upon those shared understandings that pulls Americans together.
The gatekeepers : how the White House Chiefs of Staff define every presidency, Chris Whipple 973.92 WHI
Behind-the-scenes look at the White House Chiefs of Staff, whose actions and inactions have defined the course of their country.


Decolonisation in Aotearoa: education, research and practice, Jessica Hutchings. 371.82 DEC
This book examines decolonisation and Maori education in Aotearoa New Zealand in ways that seeks to challenge, unsettle and provoke for change.
Matariki : the star of the year, Rangi Matamua 394.26 MAT
This book provides accessible information about its meaning and significance, how to locate Matariki and when, traditional customs and knowledge regarding Matariki and current-day practices.
The Treaty times thirty : translating the Treaty of Waitangi into thirty languages, New Zealand Society of Translators and Interpreters 323.11994 TRE
2016 marked the 30th anniversary of the New Zealand Society of Translators and Interpreters. To celebrate, over 150 volunteer translators, reviewers and editors worked together to translate Te Tiriti of Waitangi.


How not to hate your husband after kids, Jancee Dunn 306.872 DUN
Self-help advice and personal reflections on avoiding spousal fights while raising children.
Splitopia : dispatches from today's good divorce and how to part well, Wendy Paris 306.89 PAR
Challenges outdated, negative assumptions about divorce with sharp wit, searing honesty, rigorous research, and intimate interviews, and offers guidance for healthier, happier splits.
The unmade bed : the messy truth about men and women in the 21st century, Stephen Marche. 306.7 MAR
Cultural commentator Marche examines the status of male- female relations in the twenty-first century, with the help of his wife, Sarah Fulford.

Religion & Ethics

About abortion : terminating pregnancy in twenty-first-century America, Carol Sanger 179.7 SAN
Broken open : how difficult times can help us grow, Elizabeth Lesser 204.4 LES
Emotionally healthy spirituality : it's impossible to be spiritually mature, while remaining emotionally immature, Peter Scazzero 248 SCA
Heretics and believers : a history of the English Reformation, Peter Marshall 274 MAR
Holy spokes : the search for urban spirituality on two wheels, Laura Everett. 248.88 EVE
The story of Everett's conversion to urban cycling. As she pedaled her way into a new way of life, Everett discovered that her year-round bicycle commuting wasn't just benefiting her body, her wallet, and her environment. It was enriching her soul.
Open mind, open heart : the contemplative dimension of the Gospel, Thomas Keating 248.3 KEA
Protestants : the faith that made the modern world, Alec Ryrie 280.4 RYR
On the 500th anniversary of Luther's theses, a global history of the revolutionary faith that shaped the modern world.
Revelations of divine love, Julian of Norwich. 248.22 JUL
Samuel Marsden : preacher, pastor, magistrate and missionary, David B. Pettett 266.3 MAR
An account of the life of Rev Samuel Marsden (1765-1838), second Chaplain to New South Wales.
Secular Buddhism : imagining the Dharma in an uncertain world, Stephen Batchelor 294.34 BAT
The 5 second rule : transform your life, work, and confidence with everyday courage, Mel Robbins 179.6 ROB
The battle for British Islam : reclaiming Muslim identity from extremism, Sara Khan. 297.14 KHA
Khan has spent the past decade campaigning for tolerance and equal rights within Muslim communities, and is now engaged in a new struggle for justice and understanding - the urgent need to counter Islamist-inspired extremism.
The burning time : the story of the Smithfield martyrs, Virginia Rounding 272 ROU
The cross : history, art, and controversy, Robin M. Jensen 246.5 JEN
Jensen takes readers on an intellectual and spiritual journey through the two-thousand-year evolution of the cross as an idea and an artifact, illuminating the controversies along with the forms of devotion this central symbol of Christianity inspires.
The places that scare you : a guide to fearlessness, Pema Chodron. 294.34 CHO
We always have a choice, Pema Chodron teaches: we can either let the circumstances of our lives harden us and make us increasingly resentful and afraid, or we can let them soften us and make us kind.
The road to Jonestown : Jim Jones and Peoples Temple, Jeff Guinn 289.9 GUI
A portrait of the cult leader behind the Jonestown Massacre examines his personal life, from his extramarital affairs and drug use to his fraudulent faith healing practices and his decision to move his followers to Guyana.
You do not travel in China at the full moon : Agnes Moncrieff's letters from China, 1930-1945, Barbara Francis 267.5 MON
In April 1938 Agnes Moncrieff, in her role as the YWCA of New Zealand's foreign secretary to the YWCA of China, wrote to her mother, 'You do not travel in China at the full moon if you can help. There are always air raids.'


Almost human : the astonishing tale of Homo naledi and the discovery that changed our human story, Lee Berger. 569.9 BER
Astrophysics for people in a hurry, Neil deGrasse Tyson 523.01 TYS
Cafe Neandertal : excavating our past in one of Europe's most ancient places, Beebe Bahrami 569.9 BAH
Bahrami, an anthropologist and travel writer, explores the Dordogne region of France, as well as northwestern Spain, seeking clues to the lives of the prehistoric humans who inhabited the region.
Collecting evolution : the Galapagos expedition that vindicated Darwin, Matthew J. James 508.8665 JAM
A fascinating look at a scientific voyage of discovery made early last century that vindicated Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.
Darwin's first theory : exploring Darwin's quest to find a theory of the earth, Rob Wesson 551 WES
How to tame a fox (and build a dog) : visionary scientists and a Siberian tale of jump-started evolution, Lee Alan Dugatkin. 636.97 DUG
Can new kinds of animals be brought into being outside of DNA tinkering and Frankensteining? Most certainly, as a long-running Russian experiment reveals.
Natural disasters, Patrick L. Abbott 363.34 ABB
Explains how the normal processes of Earth concentrate their energies and deal heavy blows to humans.
Resurrecting the shark : a scientific obsession and the mavericks who solved the mystery of a 270-million-year-old fossil, Susan Ewing 567.3 EWI
The ascent of gravity : the quest to understand the force that explains everything, Marcus Chown 531.14 CHO
Marcus Chown takes us on a journey from the recognition of the 'force' of gravity in 1666 to the discovery of gravitational waves in 2015.
The death and life of the Great Lakes, Dan Egan 577.63 EGA
An alarming account of the "slow-motion catastrophe" facing the world's largest freshwater system.
The encyclopedia of volcanoes, Haraldur Sigurdsson. 551.21 ENC
The evolution underground : burrows, bunkers, and the marvelous subterranean world beneath our feet, Anthony J. Martin 560.4 MAR
The great unknown : seven journeys to the frontiers of science, Marcus du Sautoy 500 DU
Are there limits to human knowledge? Philosophers and religious thinkers have long answered "yes" and then provided examples that turned out to be wrong. A renowned mathematician argues that "yes" might very well be correct.
The invaders : how humans and their dogs drove Neanderthals to extinction, Pat Shipman 569.9 SHI
The physics of everyday things : the extraordinary science behind an ordinary day, James Kakalios 530 KAK
Easy-to-follow and imaginative explanations about the extraordinary physics that invisibly guides our daily lives.
The songs of trees : stories from nature's great connectors, David George Haskell 577.3 HAS
The author repeatedly visits a dozen trees around the world to stop, listen, and look, exploring each tree's connections with webs of fungi, bacterial communities, cooperative and destructive animals, and other plants, and demonstrating how the lives of trees and people are deeply interwoven.
The wondrous world of weeds : understanding nature's little workers, Pat Collins. 581.65 COL
Time travel : a history, James Gleick 530.11 GLE
We have no idea : a guide to the known universe, Jorge Cham. 523.1 CHA
PHD Comics creator Jorge Cham and particle physicist Daniel Whiteson have teamed up to explore everything we don't know about the universe: the enormous holes in our knowledge of the cosmos.
Wildlife on your doorstep, Mark Ward 508.41 WAR
The book is packed with advice on how to find wildlife close to home, including numerous quick tips, 'how to' guides and extracts from the author's personal diaries.

Self Development

Coffee with Freud, Brett Kahr 150.195 KAH
Framed as a 'posthumous interview', the book serves as the perfect introduction to the work of Freud while examining the context in which he lived and worked.
Get your sht together : how to stop worrying about what you should do so you can finish what you need to do and start doing what you want to do, Sarah Knight 158.1 KNI
Provides a straight-talking, humorous, and helpful guide to shedding self-doubt and finding one's own path to success.
How to be a grown up, Daisy Buchanan 158.1 BUC
A comforting, witty, supportive book for real twenty-something women who want to discover how they can reach the end of the 'fun' decade knowing exactly who they are.
How to love : choosing well at every stage of life, Gordon Livingston 152.41 LIV
Livingston offers a meditation on who best (and who best not) to love.
Making it on my own : 52 smart ways to smash it in the 'Real World' : young adults' guide to independence, Yvonne Godfrey 158.1 GOD
This easy to read book contains 52 principles, strategies and ideas taught on the renowned MIOMO programme to give you the competitive edge for the next exciting chapter of your life.
On fire : the 7 choices to ignite a radically inspired life, John O'Leary. 158.1 OLE
A 7-step plan for living a life on fire, filled with hope and possibility.
Option B : facing adversity, building resilience, and finding joy, Sheryl Sandberg. 155.937 SAN
Soul friends : the transforming power of deep human connection, Stephen Cope 177 COP
Most of us will have many friends throughout our lifetimes. Some magic few of these are connections that have gone right to our soul. These 5 or 7 friendships have been powerful keys to determining who we have become and who we will become.
Taming your outer child : overcoming self-sabotage and healing from abandonment, Susan Anderson 155.9 AND
The art of losing control : a philosopher's search for ecstatic experience, Jules Evans 154.2 EVA
Religion, music, sex, meditation, psychedelic drugs and war all encourage us to lose ourselves.
The art of mental training : a guide to performance excellence, D.C. Gonzalez. 153.4 GON
The creative spark : how imagination made humans exceptional, Agustin Fuentes 153.3 FUE
Overturns widely held misconceptions about race, war and peace, and human nature itself and asserts that creativity is what has made humans so exceptional among all the species on Earth.
The crossroads of should and must : find and follow your passion, Elle Luna 158.1 LUN
The day that went missing : a family's story, Richard Beard 155.937 BEA
Beard was swimming alongside his nine-year-old brother when he drowned. After decades, he has written a touching memoir about memory and forgetting.
The knowledge illusion : why we never think alone, Steven Sloman. 153.9 SLO
A tour of the many honeycombs of the hive mind, courtesy of cognitive scientists Sloman (Brown Univ.) and Fernbach (Univ. of Colorado).
The power of different : the link between disorder and genius, Dr Gail Saltz 155.2 SAL
An illuminating and uplifting examination of the link between brain differences
What we gain as we grow older : on Gelassenheit, Wilhelm Schmid. 155.67 SCH
Schmid instructs readers on the art of aging gracefully and contentedly by embracing gelassenheit, a German concept denoting a relaxed attitude.
Wherever you go, there you are : mindfulness meditation in everyday life, Jon Kabat-Zinn 158.12 KAB
A simple path for cultivating mindfulness in one's own life. It speaks to both those coming to meditation for the first time and to longtime practitioners, anyone who cares deeply about reclaiming the richness of his or her moments.

Social Issues

After, Nikki Gemmell 362.28 GEM
Gemmell explores the devastating aftermath of her elderly mother's decision to end her own life.
And then you're dead : a scientific exploration of the world's most interesting ways to die, Cody Cassidy. 306.9 CAS
Fully connected : surviving and thriving in an age of overload, Julia Hobsbawm 303.483 HOB
25 years after the arrival of the Internet, we are drowning in data and deadlines. Humans and machines are in fully connected overdrive - and starting to become entwined as never before.
Hillbilly elegy : a memoir of a family and culture in crisis, J.D. Vance 305.562 VAN
Vance, a former marine and Yale Law School graduate, provides an account of growing up in a poor Rust Belt town that offers a broader, probing look at the struggles of America's white working class.
New England bound : slavery and colonization in early America, Wendy Warren 306.362 WAR
Now we are 40 : whatever happened to Generation X?, Tiffanie Darke 305.244 DAR
A journalist's memoir that is also an argument about politics, sex and how society has gone wrong.
Radicals : outsiders changing the world, Jamie Bartlett 303.484 BAR
Radicals is an exploration of the individuals, groups and movements who are rejecting the way we live now, and attempting to find alternatives.
Reasons to smile : celebrating people living with Down syndrome, Andrea Knauss. 305.9 REA
Running from the Rainbow Nation, Zarelsie Van der Merwe 304.893 VAN
In 2002, Zarelsie and her family emigrated from South Africa the Rainbow Nation to start a new life in New Zealand. This is the bitter sweet chain of events that eventually brought this family to a new country, and a new life.
Shamanic graffiti : 100,000 years of drugs, 100 years of prohibition, Marcus Rummery. 362.294 RUM
This book presents an alternative history of the brain and it's functions: shamanism.
Social entrepreneurs : can they change the world? : high-impact social ventures, Marcus Thompson 361.76 THO
The activity & reminiscence yearbook : hundreds of ideas in 52 weekly sessions, Danny Walsh 362.63 WAL
A bumper book of original resource material for reminiscence and activities with older people for a whole year!
The complete guide to gay life for new explorers : the definitive "coming out" book, Michael Ryan 306.766 RYA
The death of expertise : the campaign against established knowledge and why it matters, Tom Nichols 303.483 NIC
Thanks to technological advances and increasing levels of education, we have access to more information than ever before. The crux of the book's argument is that people - specifically in the American public - have grown increasingly hostile to expertise.
The driver in the driverless car : how our technology choices will create the future, Vivek Wadwha. 303.483 WAD
The great leveler : violence and the history of inequality from the Stone Age to the twenty-first century, Walter Scheidel 305.5 SCH
How only violence and catastrophes have consistently reduced inequality throughout world history.
The sandwich years : how to survive when the people in your life need you most, Alana Kirk 306.8743 KIR
The heartfelt, inspirational story of the bond between mothers and daughters, and how one woman - through caring for the person she had relied on the most - finally found herself.
The seasons alter : how to save our planet in six acts, Philip Kitcher. 363.7 KIT
Examines the science, politics, and debates surrounding climate change, addressing topics ranging from whether or not climate change is real to the responsibility of today's world in protecting future needs.
Towards collective liberation : anti-racist organizing, feminist praxis, and movement building strategy, Chris Crass 303.484 CRA
Organized into four sections, this collection of essays is geared toward activists engaging with the dynamic questions of how to create and support effective movements for visionary systemic change.
Vagina : a new biography, Naomi Wolf 306.7 WOL
Naomi Wolf is back. With a book that should be as exciting, dramatic and controversial as the Beauty Myth. In an argument that entirely reframes how we understand the vagina and how, consequently, we understand women.
White trash : the 400-year untold history of class in America, Nancy Isenberg 305.5 ISE
Isenberg argues that the voters who boosted Trump all the way to the White House have been a permanent part of the American fabric, and reveals how the wretched and landless poor have existed from the time of the earliest British colonial settlements to today's hillbillies.
Why I am not a feminist : a feminist manifesto, Jessa Crispin 305.42 CRI
Outspoken critic Jessa Crispin delivers a searing rejection of contemporary feminism and a bracing manifesto for revolution.

Sport & Recreation

A fly rod of your own, John Gierach. 799.12 GIE
Gierach chronicles his adventures with rod and reel on some of the most remote lakes and streams in North America, from the Labrador taiga to the grizzly-infested forests of the Alaskan outback.
Bowling execution, John Jowdy 794.6 JOW
Jowdy provides guidance on mastering the skills and techniques of the game, covering reading lanes, developing a rhythmic approach, fluid motion, releasing the ball and other related topics.
Kapp to Cape : never look back : race to the end of the Earth, Reza Pakravan 796.64 PAK
Deciding to break away from his comfortable lifestyle in London, Reza and his friend Steven set off from the most northerly point on mainland Europe to cycle the 11,000 miles to the other end of the planet, completely unsupported.
Mr Darley's Arabian : high life, low life, sporting life : a history of racing in twenty-five horses, Christopher McGrath 798.4 MCG
Mr Darley's Arabian traces an extraordinary bloodline of outstanding racehorses 95% of all thoroughbreds in the world are descended from one horse, the so-called Darley Arabian.
New Zealand, rugby country : how the game shaped our nation, Desmond Wood 796.333 WOO
Spain to Norway on a bike called Reggie, Andrew P. Sykes 796.64 SYK
Teacher Andrew Sykes spent a summer cycling 7,500 kilometres from the Southernmost to Northernmost ends of Europe - a journey that he made with only his trusted bike Reggie for company.
Squiggly lines : map and compass navigation in adventure races (and rogaines), Mark Lattanzi 623.89 LAT
Learn to use a map and compass to navigate in the
The 1997 Masters : my story, Tiger Woods. 796.352 WOO
An account of the pro golfer's historic career shares previously unknown stories and the ways his record-setting win changed both the sport and his life on and off the course.
The essential All Blackography : the indispensable guide to every All Black, Ron Palenski 796.333 PAL
The team that changed rugby forever : the 1967 All Blacks, Alex McKay 796.333 MCK
The ultimate hiker's gearguide : tools & techniques to hit the trail, Andrew Skurka 796.51 SKU
Your pace or mine? : what running taught me about life, laughter and coming last, Lisa Jackson 796.42 JAC
This is Lisa's story, but it's also the story of the extraordinary people she has met along the way tutu-clad fun-runners, world record breakers, 250-mile ultrarunners, octogenarians and blind runners whose tales of love, loss and laughter are sure to inspire you.

Trains, Boats, Planes

Small island by little train : a narrow-gauge adventure, Chris Arnot 385.0941 ARN
From stalwart little locomotives of topographic necessity, to the maverick engines of one man's whimsy, Britain's narrow-gauge steam trains run on tracks a world apart from its regimented mainlines.


People & buses : a New Zealand album, Sean Millar 388.322 MIL
Buses and people interact in a wide variety of fascinating circumstances. The present booklet provides a small sample from a wide range of possible interactions.
The driver, Alice Mabin 388.324 MAB
Looks into the lives and stories behind Australia and New Zealand's trucking industry.


A minor apocalypse : Warsaw during the First World War, Robert Blobaum 940.3438 BLO
Blobaum explores the social and cultural history of Warsaw's forgotten war of 1914-1918.
A rifle & a camera : Wairarapa soldiers photography the Great War, Neil Frances 940.4 FRA
300 photographs from eight private collections held at Wairarapa Archive, giving a new perspective to a world war which shaped the 20th century.
Armoured warfare in the First World War, 1916-1918 : rare photographs from wartime archives, Anthony Tucker-Jones 940.41 TUC
Avenging angels : Soviet women snipers on the Eastern Front (1941-1945), Lyuba Vinogradova. 940.541 VIN
Churchill's last wartime secret : the 1943 German raid airbrushed from history, Adrian Searle 940.5421 SEA
Fateful choices : ten decisions that changed the world, 1940-1941, Ian Kershaw 940.531 KER
From May 1940 to December 1941, the leaders of the world's six major powers made a series of related decisions that decided the course and outcome of World War II, cost the lives of millions and reshaped the course of human destiny from that point forward.
Hell's traces : one murder, two families, thirty-three Holocaust memorials, Victor Ripp 940.5318 RIP
A personal attempt to tackle emotionally the Nazi roundup of a 3-year- old relative to the concentration camps.
Hitler, the Germans, and the final solution, Ian Kershaw 940.5318 KER
This volume presents a comprehensive, multifaceted picture both of the destructive dynamic of the Nazi leadership and of the attitudes and behavior of ordinary Germans as the persecution of the Jews spiraled into total genocide.
Implacable foes : war in the Pacific, 1944-1945, Waldo Heinrichs. 940.5426 HEI
An account of the end of World War Two by two historians - one of whom is a World War Two veteran who was redeployed to the Pacific
March 1917 : on the brink of war and revolution, Will Englund 940.31 ENG
In his debut, Washington Post assistant foreign editor Englund takes a close look at a month "that wrenched America toward a new course."
Operation Insanity : the dramatic true story of the mission that saved 10,000 lives, Richard Westley. 949.7 WES
In the summer of 1995, the Bosnian town of Gora de came under attack from the Bosnian Serb Army, despite having been designated a Safe Area by the United Nations.
Passchendaele : a new history, Nick Lloyd 940.43 LLO
Survivor : a portrait of the survivors of the Holocaust, Harry Borden. 940.5318 BOR
The lost diggers, Ross Coulthart 940.394 COU
A trove of portraits taken in the town of Vignacourt just behind the frontlines was found a century later in a farmhouse. Haunting images show diggers, from World War I, enjoying a brief respite from the horror of the trenches: having their portraits taken for a lark, for a keepsake or to send to loved ones.
When eternities met : the true story of terror, mutiny, loss and love in a disremembered Second World War, Matt Rohde 940.5481 ROH