New Titles Children’s September 2018 (arrived in August)

Audio Visual

Early man, directed by Nick Park.
Set at the dawn of time, when prehistoric creatures and woolly mammoths roamed the earth, this tells the story of Dug, along with sidekick Hognob as they unite his tribe against a mighty enemy Lord Nooth and his Bronze Age City to save their home.
Going for gold, written, directed and produced by Clay Glen.
Seventeen-year-old Emma Wilson moves from the USA to Australia with her Air Force officer father. At her new high school, she befriends Hannah Thompson and together they join forces to form a competitive cheer-leading squad. They recruit an unlikely team of girls and guys, drawn from a wide variety of sports including gymnastics, dance, soccer and AFL. When the team signs up for the state championships, they soon find themselves up against the reigning champions, led by the devious Charlotte. Can this unlikely cheer squad beat the odds in their quest to win the state champs and go all the way to the nationals? When the stakes are this high, they'll get just one chance of going for gold.
Lego DC super hero girls. Super-Villain High, directed by Elsa Garagarza.
Rivalries heat up for the LEGO DC Super Girls. Touting the promise of 'less homework, more fun', Uber High is on the rise and when members of Super Hero High begin leaving to join the mysterious new school, Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl are on the case! Newly enrolled Uber High students Catwoman, Cheetah and Poison Ivy welcome the change of the new school that lets "you be you", but is Uber High's curriculum legitimate or are the girls being used for a darker purpose? It's up to the Super Hero High girls- including a new Green Lantern - to uncover the truth about Uber High. This test is one that the LEGO DC Super Hero Girls cannot fail!
Mr. Moll and the chocolate factory, directed by Manuel Flurin Hendry.
"The one weekend when Mr. Moll is home alone with the kids, absolute chaos breaks loose. While working overtime in the chocolate factory, Mr. Moll's kids get into a fight with the neighbour's kids - a fight surrounding sweets, homework and the famous circus dog, Colosas."–Container.
Sherlock Gnomes, directed by John Stevenson.
Garden gnomes, Gnomeo and Juliet, recruit renowned detective Sherlock Gnomes to investigate the mysterious disappearance of other garden ornaments.
Tad the Lost explorer and the secret of King Midas, dDirected by David Alonso, Enrique Gato.
Tad Jones, the most awkward explorer, must rescue his beloved Sara from a millionaire who is looking for King Midas' necklace.
The litte vampire, directed by Richard Claus, Karsten Kiilerich.
The story of Rudolph, a thirteen year old vampire, whose clan is threatened by a notorious vampire hunter. He meets Tony, a mortal of the same age, who is fascinated by old castles, graveyards and–vampires. Tony helps Rudolph in a battle against their adversaries, and together they save Rudolph's family and become friends.
Woody Woodpecker, directed by Alex Zamm.
Woody Woodpecker is back with his signature laugh, wacky antics and wisecracks in his first ever live-action/animated film. Woody must protect his forest home from Lance Walters, who starts building his dream mansion in the forest with his son, Tommy, and fiancé, Vanessa. To make matters worse, Woody must avoid the clutches of two grizzly poachers. With a series of crazy hijinks to sabotage their plans, Woody proves he will stop at nothing to defend his turf.
A wrinkle in time, directed by Ava DuVernay.
Meg Murry and her little brother, Charles Wallace, have been without their scientist father, Mr. Murry, for five years, ever since he discovered a new planet and used the concept known as a tesseract to travel there. Joined by Meg's classmate Calvin O'Keefe and guided by the three mysterious astral travelers known as Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who and Mrs. Which, the children brave a dangerous journey to a planet that possesses all of the evil in the universe.
Peter Rabbit, directed by WIll Gluck.
Peter Rabbit and his three sisters: Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton Tail and their cousin Benjamin enjoy their days harassing Mr McGregor in his vegetable garden. Until one day he dies and no one can stop them roaming across his house and lands for a full day or so. However, when one of Mr McGregor's relatives inherits the house and goes to check it out, he finds much more than he bargained for.
Avengers Ultron revolution. Season 3, 4, Civil war.
When Ultron and the Inhumans attack New York, the Avengers must stop them! Fighting alongside Ant-Man and Dr. Strange, our heroes do everything they can to stop their plan – but for one Avenger, life may never be the same ever again…
Blaze and the monster machines. Wild wheels escape to Animal Island.
"Unleash your inner beast with 4 Wild Wheels adventures! Journey to an amazing island where only animal trucks roam, as Blaze and his buddies transform into many mighty beasts for their wildest races and rescues ever!"–Container.
Guess with Jess. How can I go faster than Joey & Jinx?: & 5 other big questions.
Join Jess and his friends as they explore Greendale Farm and search for the answers to the big questions.
Guess with Jess. Why do bees make honey?: & 5 other big questions.
Join Jess and his friends as they explore Greendale Farm and search for the answers to the big questions.
Nella the princess knight.
Follows the adventures of Nella, a brave princess who turns into a princess knight.
Paw patrol. Sea patrol.
The Sea Patrol must save the day when a baby octopus gets separated from its mother and sinks the Flounder.
Peppa Pig. Sailing boat.
Peppa and George go sailing with Grandpa Pig but he keeps getting the boat stuck in the mud! They all decide to have a sleepover on the boat while they wait for the tide to come back in.
Shimmer & Shine. Magical mischief.
When Zeta conjures up ways to steal Lea's voice, trap Princess Samira, shrink ALL of the genies and more, Shimmer and Shine must use teamwork and genie magic to save the day! Plus, see how Zeta and Princess Samira first meet!
Transformers. Robots in disguise. The Golden Knight.
The Bee Team learns about Drift's past when his former mentor Shadow Raker comes to Earth to recover something Drift has taken from him– Slipstream and Jetstorm! Later, an ancient Cybertronian signal sends Bumblebee and chivalry-obsessed Fixit to a remote English island for a routine scouting mission that quickly turns into the duo's very own call to adventure!
The race to Kangaroo Cliff, Alexander McCall Smith.
Ben and Fee MacTavish and the rest of the School Ship Tobermory crew head down under to take part in a tall ships race, but after a good start the Tobermory runs aground after it drops out to rescue a local boy, Kimba, stranded on the rocks. When the ship's dog Henry disappears, Kimba helps Ben, Fee and their friends find him. But as the trail leads them deeper into the Outback, they begin to realize that a missing dog is the least of their problems. Who are the mysterious couple claiming to be flying doctors, and why are they interested in an abandoned mine!
Paddington's finest hour, Michael Bond.
Hurrying forward, he held out a welcoming hand. "Sir Percival Rushmoor," he said. "I'm invigilating.""I'm sorry to hear that, Sir Percival," said Paddington. "I hope you feel better very soon." Paddington always finds himself in unusual situations so it is no surprise when he has a run-in with the police, appears in a TV cookery show, and gives one of his hard stares to a hypnotist!
The Hey Jack! collection, Sally Rippin.
The crazy cousins: Jack's in the mood for mooching around, not playing with his crazy cousins! But will his bad mood spoil the whole day?
The robot blues: Jack is invited to a costume party, and he's made an awesome robot suit. But what if the other kids at the party think it's lame?
The winning goal: It's Jack's first day at soccer! He really wants to kick a goal, but the coach has made him goalie. There's no glory in goal keeping, is there?
The scary solo: Jack's best friend got the solo that he wanted, and he's a bit mad. But when things go wrong on concert night, can Jack save the day?
The worry monsters: Jack hates spelling. He has a test coming up, but he doesn't want to practise for it. What will happen if he leaves it too late?

Into Reading

Anteaters, Megan Borgert-Spaniol.
"Developed by literacy experts for students in kindergarten through grade three, this book introduces anteaters to young readers through leveled text and related photos."– Provided by publisher.
Baby raccoons, Megan Borgert-Spaniol.
"Developed by literacy experts for students in kindergarten through grade three, this book introduces baby raccoons to young readers through leveled text and related photos"– Provided by publisher.
Tree frogs, Chris Bowman.
The colours of most tree frogs help them blend in with their surroundings. But when startled, some tree frogs shock predators with their brightly colored eyes. Beginning readers will be surprised by other cool facts about tree frogs in this eye-catching title.
Monster trucks, Nick Gordon.
"Developed by literacy experts for students in kindergarten through grade three, this book introduces monster trucks to young readers through leveled text and related photos"– Provided by publisher.
Corals, Ann Herriges.
"Simple text and supportive images introduce beginning readers to corals. Intended for students in kindergarten through third grade"–Provided by publisher.
Dolphins, Ann Herriges.
"Simple text and supportive images introduce beginning readers to dolphins. Intended for students in kindergarten through third grade"–Provided by publisher.
Jellyfish, Ann Herriges.
"Simple text and supportive images introduce beginning readers to jellyfish. Intended for students in kindergarten through third grade"–Provided by publisher.
Octopuses, Ann Herriges.
"Simple text and supportive images introduce beginning readers to Octopuses. Intended for students in kindergarten through third grade"–Provided by publisher.
Fireflies, Christina Leaf.
"Developed by literacy experts for students in kindergarten through grade three, this book introduces fireflies to young readers through leveled text and related photos"– Provided by publisher.
Fire trucks, Mary Lindeen.
"Simple text and supportive full-color photographs introduce young readers to fire trucks. Intended for kindergarten through third grade"–Provided by publisher.
Helicopters, Mary Lindeen.
"Simple text and supportive images introduce young readers to Helicopters. Intended for students in kindergarten through third grade."–Provided by publisher.
Trains, Mary Lindeen.
"Simple text and supportive full-coluor photographs introduce young readers to trains. Intended for kindergarten through third grade"–Provided by publisher.
Earth movers, M.T. Martin.
"Simple text and supportive images introduce young readers to earth movers. Intended for students in kindergarten through third grade"–Provided by publisher.
Amelia Sparklepaw, Daisy Meadows.
Best friends Jess and Lily love all animals. But when they follow a mysterious golden cat into Friendship Forest - a place where animals live in tiny cottages and sip dandelion tea at the Toadstool Cafe their animal friends suddenly become much more magical! Tiny kitten Amelia Sparklepaw is planning a party. Can the girls stop Grizelda the witch from ruining it?
Stingrays, Martha E.H. Rustad.
"Simple text and supportive full-coluor photographs introduce beginning readers to stingrays. Intended for kindergarten through third grade students"–Provided by publisher.
Chameleons, Kari Schuetz.
"Developed by literacy experts for students in kindergarten through grade three, this book introduces chameleons to young readers through leveled text and related photos"– Provided by publisher.
Giant pandas, Kari Schuetz.
Simple text and photographs introduce giant pandas, including their physical characteristics and behavior.
Hedgehogs, Kari Schuetz.
"Developed by literacy experts for students in kindergarten through grade three, this book introduces hedgehogs to young readers through leveled text and related photos"– Provided by publisher.
Severe weather, Kristin Schuetz.
"Developed by literacy experts for students in kindergarten through grade three, this book introduces severe weather to young readers through leveled text and related photos"–Provided by publisher.
Puffer fish, Colleen Sexton.
"Simple text and full colour photographs introduce beginning readers to puffer fish. Developed by literacy experts for students in kindergarten through third grade"–Provided by publisher.
Alligators, Derek Zobel.
"Developed by literacy experts for students in kindergarten through grade three, this book introduces alligators to young readers through leveled text and related photos"–Provided by publisher.
Diggers, Derek Zobel.
"Simple text and supportive images introduce young readers to diggers. Intended for students in kindergarten through third grade"–Provided by publisher.


My mixed emotions: learn to love your feelings, Elinor Greenwood.
Learn all about emotions with this friendly guide, packed with advice on how to understand your feelings. Feelings can be tricky, and My Mixed Emotions will coach you through situations including dealing with bullying, getting on with siblings, grief, relaxing, dealing with sadness, and how to cope if your family splits up. Discover great things about yourself, and understand why you laugh when you hear a joke, why you cry when you watch a sad film, what a smile is, why the dark can be scary, why you blush when you're embarrassed, and why sometimes you can feel lots of different emotions all at once! Fun emojis will explain phobias, give you new vocabulary to describe your emotions, and show you what a special person you are. My Mixed Emotions will become your friend and guide as you travel through the mixed-up world of emotions to discover your wonderful, unique self.
Kenzie's rules for life, Mackenzie Ziegler.
Growing up is hard, but growing up in the spotlight is even harder. However, Mackenzie Ziegler is taking it all in stride, thanks to her positive attitude on life. From getting her start on Dance Moms, to her sold-out tour alongside Johnny Orlando, there's nothing that she can't do. In Kenzie's Rules for Life, the dance prodigy, singer/songwriter, actress and model offers her advice on friendship, family, fitness, style and positivity. She shares lessons drawn from her own experiences for those navigating through their tween years on how to be happy, healthy and confident in all aspects of their lives.
Greek gods and heroes, Sylvie Baussier & [illustrated by] Almasty.
In this fun title, 40 gods, goddesses, heroes and heroines of Greek Mythology are waiting to be discovered, including Gaia, Zeus, Prometheus, Pandora, Athena, Antigone, Orpheus, Helen and Achilles. Each portrait includes the persons genealogy, allies and enemies, history and the myths associated with them.
Islam, written by Philip Wilkinson; editorial consultant, Batul Salazar.
Learn all about Islam, the world's fastest growing religion. From Ramadan and the Qur'an, to the traditional dress, feasts, and rich design - all this and more are explained in this unique guide. Filled with colourful photographs and vibrant history, delve into Islam's culture and communities, and find out the answers to questions such as why Muslims fast, what are the five pillars of Islam, and what happens during the pilgrimage to Mecca? Stunning photography brings the culture alive on the page, while ancient objects, such as inscribed coins and scientific instruments, illustrate the rich history of this influential world religion. Learn how Islam spread across many continents, from Spain to China, and find out about the annual festivals in the Muslim calendar.Understand the layout of a mosque, and Islam's role in scholarly learning, from astronomy to mathematics and medicine. Learn about the first conquests and the arms and armour of the Islamic world, including gilded battle-axes and decorated shields, and read about Islam's important figures, including the scholar Avicenna, the traveller Ibn Battuta, and the military leader Saladin.
The no more bullying book for kids: become strong, happy, and bully-proof, Vanessa Green Allen.
Bullying has become a common problem for kids. Yet, many may not know what bullying actually is or what to do if it happens to them. The No More Bullying Book for Kids gives kids the information they need to identify bullying, followed by strategies for dealing with specific situations when they or someone they know is being bullied.
Welcome to our world, Moira Butterfield; [illustrations by] Harriet Lynas.
Children all over the world are very different, but they also have much in common. In this beautifully illustrated book, young children can learn all about what people in other countries eat, wear and play, and how they speak and celebrate. From breakfasts to birthdays, cakes to clothes, and hiccups to hellos, there are so many ways to say and do things; but everyone shares a love of family, friends, food and fun. This delightful book teaches us that despite different languages, customs andtraditions, it really is a small world, after all.
My family, your family, Lisa Bullard; illustrated by Renee Kurilla.
Makayla is visiting friends in her neighborhood. She sees how each family is different. Some families have lots of children, but others have none. Some friends live with grandparents, or have two dads, or have parents who are divorced. How is her own family like the others? What makes each one great? This diverse cast allows readers to compare and contrast families in multiple ways.
Animal eco-warriors: humans and animals working together to protect our planet, Nic Gill.
Come on an action-packed adventure with an amazing mob of animal eco-warriors as they use their special talents to help solve our planet's environmental problems! From the nosy noses of biosecurity beagles at airports to rats learning to sniff out landmines in war-torn landscapes, animals are using their unique abilities to help make the world a better and safer place. With fantastic colour photos of animal eco-warriors at work, this book is full of fun facts on how animals are helping humanity work towards a more sustainable future. There are also plenty of tips on how you can make a difference to the planet. Join the animal eco-warrior team today!
My parent has an autism spectrum disorder: a workbook for children & teens, Barbara R. Lester.
Growing up with a parent on the autism spectrum can be difficult, and children and teens may struggle to understand why their parent is different from others. It can be equally difficult for parents with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to explain their unique set of strengths and challenges to their child in a sensitive and positive manner, and any adult faced with this situation will be in need of a helping hand. This supportive workbook has been designed with precisely this purpose in mind. In child-friendly language, the author describes the common characteristics of ASD, and encourages children to think about how the world might look from their parent's perspective. Topics covered include social and emotional difficulties, communication differences, sensory issues, body language, special interests, and how the child might go about explaining their parent's differences to other children, taking into account that some parents may not wish for their diagnosis to be known beyond the family. Each chapter concludes with a worksheet for the parent and child to complete together, helping them to understand each other better and to develop strategies together for dealing with particular areas of difficulty. This workbook is an essential tool for any family with a parent on the autism spectrum, and is suitable for children and teens of all ages, whether or not they are on the autism spectrum. It will also be a useful resource for professionals who work with such families.
On our street: our first talk about poverty, Dr. Jillian Roberts and Jaime Casap; illustrations by Jane Heinrichs.
Using illustrations, full-colour photographs and straightforward text, this nonfiction picture book introduces the topics of homelessness and poverty to young readers.
Making a mummy, Dona Herweck Rice.
What happens after death? That was a big question for ancient Egyptians. They believed that a person needs his or her body in death as much as in life. So they did all they could to preserve and protect the body. For them, life after death was the most important part of life!
Grimm's fairy tales, Frances Jenkins Olcott; illustrated by Rie Cramer.
Highlighting the work of Golden Age Dutch illustrator Rie Cramer, this beautiful new edition of Grimm's Fairy Tales is the perfect gift for any fan of children's classics. This fantastic collection includes some of the most popular tales ever told. Whether you're a collector or just want to share these incredible tales with the young readers in your life, this book will provide readers with countless hours of unforgettable stories and artwork.
Ko Mauao te maunga: legend of Mauao, Debbie McCauley; illustrated by Debbie Tipuna; nā Tamati Waaka i whakamāori.
Retelling of the traditional story describing the origins of Mauao (Mount Maunganui), the mountain that guards Tauranga Moana, and how the patupaiarehe help him escape from his unrequited love for the beautiful mountain Pūwhenua. Includes factual information about Mauao, the Mauao Pā, a timeline, Mauao place names, Karakia, whakataukū, and activities for students.
Cinderella, Stephanie Stansbie; [illustrated by] Roxanne Rainville.
Cinderella loves to dance, so when a special invitation comes to the Prince's Ball, she can't wait! But will poor Cinders get to swap her broom for a ball-gown and dance the night away?
Eric Carle's book of many things, Eric Carle.
Learn over 200 words with The Very Hungry Caterpillar and other favourite friends from the World of Eric Carle. From food and clothes to animals and feelings, this is the perfect way for little ones to learn what they need to navigate their busy worlds. Bright, colourful artwork from Eric Carle and clear type makes learning fun, and a spread at the end invites children to remember all the words they have read.
How to be good at science, technology & engineering, [authors, Robert Dinwiddie [and six others]; illustrators, Acute Graphics [and three others]].
Little scientists will understand science in seconds with this essential homework-helping guide. Learn about everything from molecules and magnetism to rockets and radio waves and find out how a hot-air balloon rises, how erosion flattens mountains, how light waves zip through space, and how the human eye sees colours! With STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) subjects ever more important in today's technological world, How to be Good at Science, Technology, and Engineering is the perfect book to inspire and educate inquisitive young minds and prepare them for the future. This is the perfect homework guide for parents and their children, with all core curriculum areas of science included. Cool illustrations show the appliance of science in the real world: see how microchips, tractors, and suspension bridges work. Hands-on projects feature fun experiments to try at home or school: try polishing old coins in vinegar, or make an erupting volcano with baking soda.
Science!, written by Abigail Beall [and four others]; consultant, Jack Challoner; illustrators, Peter Bull [and seven others].
Bursting with astonishing 3D images, "Science!" shows core science in stunning detail, from atomic particles and universal forces to life in all its diversity. Illustrated in colour throughout, this book is packed with essential information and quirky facts that will appeal to both curious children and interested adults. Easy-to-read, informative text encourages reading, and stunning artworks created with the latest CGI technology make it fun for families to learn something new on every page. Interweaves core physics, chemistry, and biology topics with space exploration, life on Earth, and amazing views inside the human body, while chapters on materials and machines bring fundamental forces and chemical reactions to life.
STEAM play & learn, Ana Dziengel.
Preschoolers will love tackling these 20 fun, easy-to-follow step-by-step projects as they learn about STEAM topics (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math). Topics include symmetry and how light bounces to create reflections with mirror mandalas, diffusion and capillary action with tie dye towels, structural framing and bracing with marshmallow structures, and electrical currents with salty circuits. This cross-subject approach to learning will prepare young children for the subjects they will soon learn in elementary school and beyond. Each project features simple instructions and large, full-color photos, to make each one enjoyable and fun for both kids and parents.
Look I'm an engineer.
This playful preschool activity book will unleash your child's curiosity and creativity as they play their way through amazing STEM projects. Children are born with everything they need to be great engineers; inquisitive minds, unlimited imagination, and super senses. With Look I'm an Engineer, little readers are encouraged to use their senses to investigate how to make the strongest paper bridges, how to power a tugboat with an elastic band, which materials make the best parachutes, and much more. Every fun project features a mixture of bright photography and charming illustrations which support the easy-to-follow activity instructions. These brilliantly hands-on activities align with early learning and subjects taught at school, including science, maths, and technology. Little ones have the opportunity to do what they do best- imagine, create, learn, problem solve, and above all, play their way to engineering discovery.
Usborne look inside nature, [written by Minna Lacey; illustrated by Carolina Búzio].
Discover the magical world of nature in this information book for young children, with over 80 flaps to lift. There are woods, rivers and ponds to explore, and animals to discover under the ground, hiding in trees and rustling in the bushes. There's information on how plants grow, habitats and nature spotting and links to websites to find out more.
Wild facts about nature, Andy Seed; illustrated by Scott Garrett.
Which fish can walk on land and climb trees? Ever wondered what makes a tiger walk backwards? How much poo comes out of an elephant's bottom? Where does chocolate come from and what are nature's oddest funghi? Discover answers to these and much more in this amazing book of weird nature! This funny and fascinating book is also bursting with brilliant games and quizzes and hilarious artwork from Scott Garrett. An unmissable book for nature lovers!
First maths glossary, [written by Karen Wilding].
Key maths vocabulary and concepts for young children are simply explained in this friendly and informative reference book. Clear, accessible pictures and diagrams support this first introduction to numbers, calculating, measuring, geometry, and data-collecting, making basic maths skills easier to understand. Packed with key terms and useful tips to help remember as well as practical examples of maths in daily life, First Reference Maths is ideal even for reluctant kids. Place value, number bonds, multiplication tables, and fractions are just a few of the maths concepts explained and reinforced in a variety of ways for children with different learning styles. Covering everything a young child needs to know and useful for parents to understand the latest maths-teaching methods, this unique reference book follows the curriculum for Early Learning and provides a strong foundation for maths learning through the rest of the school years. A perfect homework help to support children as they take their first steps in maths and build confidence.
Super calculations: numbers up to 100, calculations, and fractions, Anjana Chatterjee; illustrated by Jo Samways; consultation by Ruth Bull.
Master Math applies the Singapore Math teaching method to the math curriculum. With a simple and engaging format, including guidance for parents and teachers, this is a valuable resource for learning length, weight size and capacity.
Do not open this math book!, Danica McKellar; illustrated by Maranda Maberry.
Finally, a fun book to read with kids that helps bridge the gap between what's being taught in school and how today's parents learned math back in the day. Giggle your way through entertaining lessons on addition and subtraction involving muffins, turkey sandwiches, kittens, googly eyes, and more! Actress, math whiz, and New York Times bestselling author Danica McKellar uses her proven math techniques to give children the solid grasp of addition and subtraction that will be key to their success and unlock their potential in the classroom and beyond! You will want to open this math book!
Get in shape: shapes, patterns, position, and direction, Anjana Chatterjee; illustrated by Jo Samways; consultation by Ruth Bull.
The Singapore math teaching method teaches mathematical concepts in three stages: concrete, pictorial and abstract. Master Math applies this technique to the math curriculum, using simple pictorial exercises and an engaging mascot, for enjoyable learning. Parent and teacher notes are included throughout, which make the book a valuable resource for any home or classroom. This book covers: shapes, properties, positions and directions.
Voyage through space, written by Katy Flint; illustrated by Cornelia Li.
Join one little astronaut and her space dog as they voyage through our solar system. Journey from the Sun, to the planets, asteroids and Kuiper belt.
Space kids: an introduction for young explorers, illustrated by Andrea De Santis; written by Steve Parker.
Space is all around us, but how much do we know? Where do we even begin? Space Kids is the building block upon which children can learn about our universe. Covering topics such as stars, planets, moons and rockets as well as the basics of gravity and how astronauts eat and sleep in space, Space Kids moves through complex ideas with an accessibly fresh and original style.
Exploring auroras, Karen Latchana Kenney; consultant, Ilia Iankov Roussev.
Explore the amazing science behind auroras.
Measure up: length, mass, capacity, time, and money, Anjana Chatterjee; illustrated by Jo Samways; consultation by Ruth Bull.
Master Math applies the Singapore Math teaching method to the math curriculum. With a simple and engaging format, including guidance for parents and teachers, this is a valuable resource for learning length, weight size and capacity.
Forces: physical science for kids, Andi Diehn; illustrated by Shululu.
What keeps us stuck on the ground? What makes magnets come together? What makes one team win during a game of tug of war? Forces!
How the world works: a hands-on guide to our amazing planet, [written by Christiane Dorion; illustrated by Beverley Young].
Pop-ups, tabs, flaps, diagrams, and illustrations reveal scientific facts about the Earth including how life began, moving plates, weather, water cycle, carbon, food chains, and more. Suggested level: primary, intermediate.
Earthquakes!: shaking New Zealand, Maria Gill.
Thousands of earthquakes occur in New Zealand every year, some so small we don't feel them, and some big enough to cause significant damage. This book explains everything about earthquakes including information on what to do during an earthquake and takes a look at some of the earthquakes through history.
Mountains of the world, Dieter Braun; [translation by Jen Calleja].
Journey to the highest peaks and plateaus of planet Earth, but make sure to bring your climbing gear! Take a closer look at the mountains of the world, from the Alps to the Andes to the peaks of the Himalayas. Meet the animals and people who make their homes on rocky peaks, as well as the adventurers and athletes who challenge these great heights.
Hidden world: ocean, Libby Walden; illustrated by Stephanie Fizer Coleman.
Young children can lift the large flaps to learn more about the many different kinds of creatures and plants that live beneath the waves. Readers come face-to-face with dolphins, whales, sea turtles, and other creatures that live just below the surface. A trip to the ocean floor allows for an up-close look at anemones, the coral reef, lobsters, anglerfish, and other deep-sea dwellers.
From dinosaurs to diprotodons: Australia's amazing fossils, Danielle Clode.
Ever met a thingadonta or seen a fangaroo? What about a gigantic titanosaur or a mighty diprotodon? Come on an Aussie fossil adventure and explore prehistoric life down under. Discover amazing animals unique to Australia. Danielle Clode, the award-winning author of Prehistoric giants: the megafauna of Australia, takes you to the best fossil sites so you can learn about the incredible animals that once roamed this ancient land.
Dinosaurs!, [written by Nick Forshaw, Patrick Skipworth and Christopher Lloyd; illustrated by Andy Forshaw].
Dig deep with Explorer: Dinosaurs! to uncover the fascinating world of of these ancient creatures. Join our eagle-eyed explorer on his quest to find out as much as possible about these amazing creatures in his fascinating journal. Find out why the dinosaurs were so successful, who discovered the first one, what killed off the land-based dinosaurs 65 million years ago and where you can find the best dinosaur remains today!
Dinosaurs: discover the most amazing animals that ever lived, Dennis Schatz; [illustrated by Rudolf Farkas].
Travel back in time to the age of dinosaurs with History Uncovered: Dinosaurs! Learn about different time periods, including Jurassic and Cretaceous, and the most exciting dinosaurs that lived during each one, including Tyrannosaurus rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and more! Discover what dinosaurs ate, how they lived, and why they went extinct. As you move forward in time, experience the changing landscape of the Mesozoic Era as life evolved and the plates moved apart to create the globe we know today!
Secrets of the apple tree, Carron Brown; illustrated by Alyssa Nassner.
By holding a light behind each page, children can see the creatures who make a tree their home, from the worms who live among the roots to the birds who nest high up in the branches. The clever see-through reading technique creates an experience of interactive learning, showing both the surface and what is hidden underneath at the same time.
Hidden world forest, Libby Walden; illustrated by Stephanie Fizer Coleman.
Learn all about the forest with Hidden World! Readers learn about a variety of plants, animals, insects, and other creatures that call the forest their home. Lift-the-flap features on each page engage young readers as they explore different habitats, such as burrows, nests, webs, and more.
Outside: discovering animals, Maria Ana Peixe Dias, Ines Teixeira do Rosario, [illustrated by] Bernardo P. Carvalho; translated by Lucy Greaves.
Whether you live in the country or the city, nature is still all around you, so what are we waiting for? It's time to jump off the sofa and discover the animals that live on your doorstep. Created in collaboration with a team of experts, this comprehensive guide includes suggestions for activities and many illustrations to help the whole family get started, leave the house, and go out to discover, or simply admire, the amazing world that exists outside.
Heads and tails: insects, John Canty.
You can only see my tail, what insect am I? Follow the clues to discover which beautiful insect awaits you on the next page!
Bug lab for kids: family-friendly activities for exploring the amazing world of beetles, butterflies, spiders, and other arthropods, John W. Guyton.
Prepare to cozy up with spiders, centipedes, butterflies, and bees, to name just a few! In Bug Lab for Kids, Mississippi State University associate professor, extension entomologist (bug expert), and educator John W. Guyton shares his knowledge and excitement about all things beautiful, creepy, and crawly.
What's your favorite bug?, Eric Carle and friends.
Eric Carle and fourteen other beloved children's book artists illustrate their favorite bugs and explain why they love them. Everybody has a favorite bug. Some like shiny, colorful beetles or busy ants or soft pale moths best. Others prefer spindly walking sticks or fuzzy caterpillars that turn into bright butterflies. With beautiful illustrations and charming personal stories, 15 children's book artists share their favorite bugs and why they love them. Featuring words and pictures by: Eric Carle, Joey Chou, Eric Fan, Denise Fleming, Ekua Holmes, Tim Hopgood, Molly Idle, Beth Krommes, Scott Magoon, Kenard Pak, Maggie Rudy, Britta Teckentrup, Brendan Wenzel, Teagan White, and Eugene Yelchin.
A frog's life, Irene Kelly; illustrated by Magharita Borin.
This exciting survey of the world's frog species will introduce children to varieties as diverse as the golden poison frog (the planet's most toxic animal), the Amau frog (so tiny it's no bigger than a housefly), and the Chinese gliding frog (which can 'fly' up to 17 feet). Their different hunting techniques, preferred foods, body types, and methods of defense are covered, as are the universal basics of the frog life cycle.
The great lizard trek, Felicity Bradshaw [author]; Norma MacDonald [illustrator].
Rocky, an ornate dragon, lives on the granite rocks in the southwest of Australia. His ancestors have lived in this hot environment for around 10 million years, and for more than 60 000 years, they have lived alongside Indigenous Australians. Rocky's habitat is under threat, and his desert relatives in the north are facing challenges due to rising temperatures. Using his knowledge of Indigenous culture and language, along with Western science, "The Great Lizard Trek" follows Rocky in his journey to see what the future may bring.
Super hummingbirds, Karen Latchana Kenney.
Early readers will learn about the unique biological adaptations of hummingbirds through carefully leveled text and photo illustrations. Includes glossary and index.
Wild cats: on the edge, Charles Hope.
Around the world there are many animals close to extinction. One group particularly under threat are wild cats. Meet the species that are on the edge, learn how they are threatened and what is being done to help them survive.
Do you really want to meet a monkey?, written by Cari Meister; illustrated by Daniele Fabbri.
A child goes on a rain forest adventure and meets several different species of monkeys.
Inventions: a children's encyclopedia, [written by John Farndon [and four others]].
This stunning visual guide explores and explains the greatest inventions, ideas, and discoveries throughout the ages, and introduces their inventors. Discover the first inventions, from fire, stone tools, and the wheel to ploughs and paper, that shaped societies and grew mighty civilizations and empires such as those in ancient Greece, ancient Rome, and ancient China. In the centuries that followed, "Eureka" moments abounded, with James Watt's steam engine during the Industrial Revolution, Henry Ford's car assembly line at the start of the 20th century, the Wright brothers' flying machines, Thomas Edison's light bulb, John Logie Baird's television, and so much more. Read about more recent, era-defining moments during the Digital Revolution, such as the first website developed by Tim Berners-Lee, and the growth in the use of robotics in industry and at home. Inventions A Children's Encyclopedia reveals the stories behind crucial and quirky contraptions, products of the world's most brilliant minds.
Zeroes & ones, Cristy Burne.
Fuelled by pizza, late nights and unparalleled geekery, this is the history of some of the world's most important milestones in the development of technology - from the earliest computers made of light bulbs and an old tin to Wikileaks and smartphones. Packed with weird facts, astonishing tidbits and extraordinary anecdotes, travel around the world and meet the people who made the world we live in today.
My top to bottom body book, [editor, Helene Hilton].
Blending fun facts with charming crafts and simple activities, this unique mix makes the perfect activity book for little ones to find out about how their body works. Curious kids can discover why they have a certain hair or eye colour and why their hair grows. Then they can learn how to create a charming family tree, make a paper skeleton, and design fingerprint picture frames. In "My Top to Bottom Body Book", amazing facts and activities go hand-in-hand, ideal for your little learner. This unique book brings a personal touch to human body learning, and children can even look at their own body by tracing themselves life-size on paper! "My Top to Bottom Body Book" is ideal for helping children aged 3-5 to develop their literacy, numeracy, memory, and dexterity through fun activities.
Building my family: a story of egg donation and surrogacy, Carrie Eichberg; illustrated by Elizabeth Parkinson.
Written by a reproductive psychologist, this book is for children conceived through egg donation and surrogacy. It serves as tool to help parents talk about the special way their child came into their lives. With pride and honesty, a young boy explains in child friendly terms how his parents used assisted reproductive techniques to build his family. The goal of the book is to get parents talking openly and honestly to their children about their unique conception story. Based on the theme that relationships are more important in families than genetic connection, this book opens the door for parents to have their own forthright discussions with their children.
The brain: venture inside your head with augmented reality, Jack Challoner.
Get inside your head and learn how your brain works through the magic of augmented reality! Packed with cool information, this fascinating book uses AR to examine our senses, memory, automatic and voluntary movements, neurotransmitters, and more.
The Usborne big book of machines, written by Minna Lacey; illustrated by Gabriele Antonini.
Huge fold-out pages show some of the biggest and most powerful machines ever made, from giant excavators and monster trucks to enormous ships. Children can discover how many people the biggest passenger plane can carry, facts about giant tractors and how fast the fastest train can go. Includes links to video clips to watch big machines at work.
Construction vehicles, Janet Slingerland.
Describes the many types of vehicles that work at construction sites
Military vehicles, Janet Slingerland.
Describes the many types of vehicles that the military uses.
Tanks, [designed and illustrated by David West].
These books reveal the hidden world of what goes on inside machines. Each machine is illustrated with a cutaway artwork that provides a simple cross- section exposing a detailed interior. In Tanks discover what the first tank looked like, how the driver can see where he is going and where some tanks carry their passengers.
How do cars drive themselves?, Marcia Amidon Lusted; content consultant, Jeffrey Miller.
Today's cutting-edge cars use sensors and powerful computers to see their surroundings and safely drive from place to place. Read this book to learn how engineers design intelligent cars that drive themselves.
The Usborne big book of tractors, written by Lisa Jane Gillespie; illustrated by Mike Byrne; designed by Stephen Wright.
Open the giant fold-out pages of this bright, friendly book to discover some of the biggest and most amazing tractors ever built and some little ones too. Colourful pictures show all kinds of machines, from combine harvesters to snow and sea tractors, with facts about their special equipment. Includes links to video clips to see tractors at work.
Rescue vehicles, Janet Slingerland.
First responders can rescue people better and faster if they have the proper vehicles. Ambulances have medical supplies to help hurt patients. Fire trucks have ladders and other special equipment to save people from fires. Rescue vehicles are made to help people in emergencies of all kinds.
Space vehicles, James Bow.
Without special vehicles, people wouldn't be able to explore and study space. Rovers on Mars have gone across its surface and looked for signs of life. Robot probes have moved across our solar system and taken pictures of different planets. Today, people are working hard to create more vehicles that will explore and study space.
On the farm, Susie Behar; illustrated by Essi Kimpimäki.
What you can you see on the farm today? Children will find out in this beautifully illustrated Shine-a-Light title, which looks at farming through the seasons. Full-colour artwork gives an insight into winter, spring, summer, and autumn on the farm, including how baby animals are cared for and how crops are grown and harvested. In addition, the unique design of the book allows children to discover a hidden image by holding the page up to a bright light.
Dig in!: 12 easy gardening projects using kitchen scraps, Kari Cornell; photographs by Jennifer S. Larson.
Grow your own fruits and vegetables from nothing but kitchen scraps! Instead of throwing away leftovers in your kitchen, learn how to use them to grow more. Step-by-step instructions and recipes will help you enjoy the fruits of your labour.
Flowers, Gail Gibbons.
Introduces flowers, describing the different types, life cycle, pollination, blooming seasons, and requirements for planting and caring for a flower garden.
The true adventures of Esther the wonder pig, Steve Jenkins, Derek Walter, and Caprice Crane; illustrated by Cori Doerrfeld.
Esther the Wonder Pig was adopted as a teacup pig, but her dads Steve and Derek quickly find that she's actually a full-size pig who is far too big for their little apartment, so the family expands to a full-size farm with Esther and all her animal friends.
Say cheese!: a kid's guide to cheese making with recipes for mozzarella, cream cheese, feta, + other favorites, Ricki Carroll + Sarah Carroll.
Ricki Carroll and her daughter, Sarah Carroll, bring easy cheese making right into your kitchen with this fun guide for kids and families. Step-by-step photos take kids ages 8-12 through the cheese making process, then teach them how to make 12 classic favorites, including mozzarella, feta, ricotta, and cream cheese. A hearty helping of kitchen chemistry and math along with bits of international cheese making history add to the education.
The kids' turn to cook, Margaret Brooker with Alexandra & Charlotte Stephen; photography by Paul McCredie.
Packed with simple, clearly illustrated dishes that are fun, healthy and easy to prepare. Includes breakfasts, snacks, lunches, main meals, side dishes and sweet things as well as important food safety rules. All recipes have been designed for kids and tested by kids. This title also won best children's cookbook at the Cordon Bleu Food Media Awards.
On the construction site, Carron Brown; illustrated by Bee Johnson.
Watch a skyscraper spring up with this beautifully illustrated interactive book! By simply holding the book up to the light, or shining a light behind each page, young readers will be able to discover how large buildings are constructed, who builds them, and all about the amazing machines they use in the process. The innovative see-through feature fulfils a similar function to lift-the-flaps books, but has the added interactive dimension of the child being able to see both the surface and the hidden picture at the same time.
This book thinks you're an artist, illustrated by Harriet Russell; [text by Georgia Amson-Bradshaw].
Filled with creative, playful activities, This Book Thinks You're an Artist asks budding artists to imagine their eccentric- artist alter ego before working through seven key topics: observation, drawing, colour pattern, design, sculpture, and, crucially, how to steal ideas (Be inspired! Offend the viewer!). Each spread offers a different project; everything you need to make your own work of art inspired by a famous artist or movement in a lighthearted and playful tone. Activities include making a Bruegel circus, playing a Surrealist game, selling a scribble for a million dollars, and painting your face like a Russian Futurist. A section of paper-based crafts at the end of the book even includes a kit to build a viewfinder and make a mini-manifesto book.
Nature craft, Fiona Hayes; [illustrated by Tom Connell].
Make fun animals and objects from nature's finest materials! Collect twigs, pine cones, feathers, leaves, shells and pebbles from your garden, park or holiday and create animals and objects with them. Collect twigs, pine cones, feathers, leaves, shells and pebbles from your garden, park or holiday and create animals and objects with them. Stunning projects included are a bird nest bowl made with feathers and leaves, a nut mask and feather mask, seed pod flowers and pine cone owls, a feathery bird bookmark, fir cone fish mobile, painted snail shells and twigs, and a twinkling night light jar. Learn about the nature around you whilst being creative. Perfect activities for parents and children to do together. Over 40 crafty makes feature a well-balanced mix of techniques, materials and colours for a range of ages.
Music legends, Herve Guilleminot & [illustrated by] Jerome Masi.
Each Top 40 Famous title introduces readers to a fascinating non-fiction subject through its 40 most famous people or groups. An illustration, short biography and pull-out boxes with statistics brings each alive in a fun, accessible way. In this inspiring title, learn about Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Madonna, Beyoncé, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie and many other rock and pop legends. Key aspects are pulled out for young readers, such as genre, look and famous performances.
Incredibles 2: the official guide, written by Matt Jones, Ruth Amos, and Julia March.
Discover everything you wanted to know about brave superheroes, dastardly villains and cool vehicles from Incredibles 2, the awesome new sequel to Disney-Pixar's smash hit movie, The Incredibles. When a new villain hatches a brilliant and dangerous plot, the Parr family and their old friend Frozone must find a way to work together again - which is easier said than done, even when they're all Incredible. This book covers all the memorable and ever-popular characters, plus key locations, themes and iconic moments from the movie.
20,000 leagues under the sea: a puzzle adventure, Aleksandra Artymowska.
Inspired by Jules Verne's iconic novel, this puzzle book is a treat for readers of all ages. Aleksandra Artymowska's take on the tale is bursting with wild creatures, strange landscapes and mechanical contraptions; and it will take readers on an underwater adventure like no other. Each scene contains hidden symbols and keys to uncover, in a series of challenges guaranteed to fascinate and amaze.
Treasure hunt house: lift the flaps and solve the clues, illustrated by Becca Stadtlander; written by Kate Davies.
Two children receive an invitation from their Great-aunt Martha to visit her incredible house. She sets them a treasure hunt to solve as they explore the rooms. Lift more than 50 flaps and solve the riddles on every page as you join them on their treasure hunt, learning about famous historical and cultural objects as you go. Find out about instruments in the music room, the history of jeans in the bedroom, see a velociraptor skeleton in the Cabinet of Curiosities and Shakespeare's plays in the library. A magical book that will inspire a love of history, ideal for anyone who loves exploring houses or playing with doll's houses.
In space, Paul Boston; [written and edited by Joanna McInerney and the QED team].
Choose your mode of transport and set off on an adventure that will take you all the way across space! Can you navigate huge roundabouts with sleeping Aliens, or cross planets guarded by scary space creatures? Negotiate pesky road obstructions by solving the maths problems correctly. Pick up hidden objects, collect bonus points, and use your mapping skills to zoom backwards and forwards through the book. Incredibly busy and colourful artwork will delight young children, and once they reach their objective, readers can absorb themselves in all sorts of bonus maths activities.
In the jungle, Paul Boston; [written and edited by Joanna McInerney and the QED team].
The Leafies need your help! Explore their jungle world and help them put on a birthday party for the king. Navigate through the temple ruins and watch out for the giant orangutan, solving maths problems and collecting objects along the way. This bright and busy mapping series provides a fun first look at co-ordinates and map skills. Maths activities are combined with an exciting mission, making for an entertaining and educational adventure.
Under the sea, Paul Boston; [written and edited by Joanna McInerney and the QED team].
The Merps need your help! Explore their underwater world and help them finish building the castle. Navigate through the spooky shipwreck and watch out for the giant octopus, solving maths problems and collecting objects along the way. This bright and busy mapping book provides a fun first look at co-ordinates and map skills. Maths activities are combined with an exciting mission, making for an entertaining and educational adventure.
Look & find animals, illustrated by Gareth Lucas; designed by Ruth Russell; written by Kirsteen Robson.
A wonderfully illustrated puzzle book teeming with all kinds of creatures to spot, count and match. Spot three little kittens in mittens, an elephant with an umbrella and many more eye-catching challenges. The intricate illustrations make these seemingly simple puzzles a lot harder than you might think!
Look and find in the forest, illustrated by Gareth Lucas; designed by Ruth Russell; written by Kirsteen Robson.
A wonderfully illustrated puzzle book teeming with all kinds of forest creatures to spot, count and match. Find a fox with a frying pan, a squirrel on a swing and many more eye-catching challenges. The intricate illustrations make these seemingly simple puzzles a lot harder than you might think!
Where's Santa now?, Louis Shea.
Naughty Nat's naughtiest idea yet hasn't quite gone to plan, and she's accidentally travelled back in time! Now Santa has to search through thousands of years to find her. Can Santa find Nat among the prehistoric wraptors, wrestling Spartans, jousting knights, or elf aliens of the future? Or will Nat's naughty ways change the world forever?
Around the world, Catherine Veitch; illustrated by Fermin Solis.
Featuring scenes of places from around the world, this book is a fun way to learn about geography and culture. Each scene features five out-of- place or 'wrong' things to find. Lively text provides facts and clues as well as key information about the wrong and the right things included in the scenes. Designed to challenge children and push them to work things out for themselves, they'll be encouraged to think about where the 'wrong' things do belong.
In the wild, Catherine Veitch; illustrated by Fermin Solis.
Detailed scenes each feature five out-of-place or 'wrong' things to find. Lively text provides facts and clues as well as key information about the wrong and the right things included in the scenes. Designed to challenge your children and push them to work things out for themselves, they'll also be encouraged to think about where the 'wrong' things do belong.
Pokémon deluxe essential handbook: the need-to-know stats and facts on over 700 Pokémon.
Gotta read about 'em all! This revised and updated edition of the mega-bestselling Pokemon Essential Handbook includes stats and facts on over 700 Pokemon. It's everything you ever wanted to know about every Pokemon all in one place! This revised and updated edition of the 2012 bestseller has stats and facts on over 700 Pokemon. The book includes 64 new pages focusing on the new Kalos characters that just debuted in the Pokemon X & Y videogames, plus inside info on the new Mega Evolved Pokemon. This book is an absolute must-have for Pokemon fans. It's sure to be a bestseller with kids of all ages.
Minecrafter engineer: must-have starter farms, Megan Miller.
Guided by hundreds of in-game, step-by-step photos, and simple instructions, kids will learn how to engineer one of seven spectacular farms to yield resources and goodies beyond their wildest dreams. Stacks of sugarcanes, gobs of gold, and bushels of blaze rods are the rewards that await them when they follow the techniques laid out in this book.
Fortnite Battle Royale hacks: advanced strategies: the unofficial guide to tips and tricks that other guides won't teach you, Jason R Rich.
The Premier Advanced Strategy Guide for the Most Popular Game in the World! Targeted to readers ages of 8 and up, Fortnite Battle Royale Hacks: Advanced Strategies focuses on more advanced game play strategies. This strategy guide will help more experienced gamers prepare (in advance) to reach the final circle, and then provide the expert tips needed to become the last soldier standing at the end of each battle. For example, how to quickly design and build an extremely tall and secure fortress will be covered. How to advance on the final enemies or defend against their attacks as they push toward the reader's fortress for a final assault will also be discussed. This particular guide will also explain how to master some of the newer gameplay modes that allow players to group themselves into pairs or teams of four, for example, in order to defeat all adversaries on the island.
Fortnite Battle Royale hacks: secrets of the island: the unofficial guide to tips and tricks that other guides won't teach you, Jason R Rich.
Targeted to readers ages of eight and up, this full-colour, unofficial strategy guide will introduce gamers to Fortnite: Battle Royale. This guide will focus heavily on what to expect throughout the island. Important locations on the island (where each battle takes place) are referred to as points of interest. Each point of interest will be showcased within this guide using text and screenshots, allowing gamers to become intimately familiar with the important locations they'll be visiting when experiencing the action-packed battles offered by this game. Regardless of a reader's experience or skill level playing Fortnite: Battle Royale, or which gaming platform they're playing on, readers will discover how the terrain that comprises the island dramatically varies, based on where they are on the map. Fortnite Battle Royale Hacks: Secrets of the Island takes a geography-based approach to helping players become victorious, while also providing essential fighting, building, and exploring strategies that will prove extremely valuable during each battle. Because Fortnite: Battle Royale never offers the same play experience twice (since how the action unfolds depends heavily on the actions of the other 99 human players also on the island), this unofficial guide will teach players to adapt their offensive and defensive fighting strategies as needed to dramatically increase their chance of survival during each and every action-packed battle, regardless of where on the island a battle is taking place.
Football school. Season 1, Where football rules the world, Alex Bellos & Ben Lyttleton; illustrated by Spike Gerrell.
A groundbreaking new series from two bestselling writers that teaches you about the world through the prism of football. The first book is packed with awesome true stories, real science and fascinating facts and will make you laugh loads. When do footballers poo? Can you play football on Mars? What is a magic sponge? You will find the answers to these questions and more in chapters on subjects such as history, geography, biology and maths. Illustrated throughout with hilarious cartoons and filled with laugh-out-loud gags this is the perfect book for any boy or girl who loves football. Your coaches at Football School, Alex Bellos and Ben Lyttleton, are journalists, broadcasters and award-winning science and sports writers. Their knowledge, enthusiasm and engaging writing make them the perfect team to teach you how to score with your head.
Football school. Season 2, Where football saves the world, Alex Bellos & Ben Lyttleton; illustrated by Spike Gerrell.
The second book in the groundbreaking new series from two bestselling writers that teaches you about the world through football. This book is packed with awesome true stories, real science and fascinating facts and will make you laugh loads; and it's all about football. What is a vomitory? When do footballers wee? Where do goalkeepers let in chickens? When did women start playing football? You'll find the answers to these questions and more in chapters on subjects such as biology, maths and history. Illustrated throughout with hilarious cartoons and filled with laugh-out-loud gags this is the perfect book for any boy or girl who loves football.
Fantastic footballers, Jean-Michel Billioud & [illustrated by] Almasty.
Learn how these footballers became the best in the field in this book packed with hundreds of incredible facts. Relive Ronaldo's most memorable moments, learn about Messi's legendary left foot, meet the youngest-ever World Cup goal scorer, Pele and see the some of the most spectacular saves in history. Every player is a winner in their own way, but who will you choose as your hero?
Football: rules, equipment and key playing tips, Danielle S. Hammelef.
Football shows kids the growing sport of football. From equipment to training tips and positions, kids will be excited by stunning photographs and engaging text.
BMX racing: rules, equipment and key riding tips, Tyler Omoth.
BMX Racing shows kids the growing sport of BMX racing. From safety equipment to training tips and tricks, kids will be excited by stunning photographs and engaging text.
Wonders of the world, Carron Brown; illustrated by Stef Murphy.
What incredible sights can you find within these pages? Cross the continents to marvel at beautiful temples and ancient cities, and explore the mountains, canyons and waterfalls that are some of the most impressive places on our planet. Children will love exploring the world through this beautifully illustrated Shine-a-Light title, packed with amazing surprises.
Children's illustrated history atlas, [authors, Simon Adams, Peter Chrisp; map illustrator, Jeongeun Park; illustrator, Molly Lattin].
This history atlas helps children learn about world history all the way from the first people leaving Africa right up to how the world looks now, with a modern world map. Journey around the world as you learn its history, with maps showing everything from the Great Wall of China to the when and how of the US Civil War. Children are shown how to read a map and how to use a key, compass, and scale. Each map is bursting with information, such as how big the Roman Empire was, how explorers made incredible journeys around the world, and when humans first travelled into space.
Rosa's animals: the story of Rosa Bonheur and her painting menagerie, Maryann Macdonald.
Painter and sculptor Rosa Bonheur (1822-1899) led a highly nontraditional life, especially for a woman in the nineteenth century. She kept lions as pets, was awarded the Legion of Honor by Empress Eugénie, and befriended "Buffalo Bill" Cody. She became a painter at a time when women were often only reluctantly educated as artists. Her unconventional artistic work habits, including visiting slaughterhouses to sketch animal anatomy and wearing mens clothing to gain access to places like a horse fair, where women were not allowed, helped her become one of the most beloved female painters of her time. Among the artworks discussed are The Horse Fair and Ploughing in the Nivernais.
Fanene Peter Maivia: son of Samoa, written by David Riley; illustrated by Michel Mulipola.
Fānene Peter Maivia — Son of Samoa is the remarkable story of the first Polynesian to become a star of professional wrestling. Fānene's life began in Samoa and he took Samoa to the world. He was a pioneer who inspired some of the greatest wrestlers the world has known, including his own grandson, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.
Grandad Mandela, Zindzi, Zazi & Ziwelene Mandela; Sean Qualls.
The great-grandchildren of Nelson Mandela ask their grandmother fifteen questions about the former South African president, from his activism work, his Nobel Peace Prize, and his time in prison.
House of dreams: the life of L. M. Montgomery, Liz Rosenberg; illustrated by Julie Morstad.
Once upon a time, there was a girl named Maud who adored stories. When she was fourteen years old, Maud wrote in her journal, "I love books. I hope when I grow up to be able to have lots of them." Not only did Maud grow up to own lots of books, she wrote twenty-four of them herself as L. M. Montgomery, the world-renowned author of Anne of Green Gables. For many years, not a great deal was known about Maud's personal life. Her childhood was spent with strict, undemonstrative grandparents, and her reflections on writing, her lifelong struggles with anxiety and depression, her "year of mad passion," and her difficult married life remained locked away, buried deep within her unpublished personal journals. Through this revealing and deeply moving biography, kindred spirits of all ages who, like Maud, never gave up "the substance of things hoped for" will be captivated anew by the words of this remarkable woman.
Stories for boys who dare to be different: true tales of amazing boys who changed the world without killing dragons, Ben Brooks; illustrated by Quinton Winter.
There is an ongoing crisis with regards to young men and mental health, with unhelpful gender stereotypes contributing to this malaise. Stories for Boys Who Dare to Be Different offers a welcome alternative narrative. It is an extraordinary compilation of 100 stories of famous and not-so-famous men from the past to the present day, every single one of them a rule-breaker and innovator in his own way, and all going on to achieve amazing things. Entries include Frank Ocean, Salvador Dalí, Rimbaud, Beethoven, Barack Obama, Stormzy, Ai Weiwei and Jesse Owens; different sorts of heroes from all walks of life and from all over the world.
She persisted around the world: 13 women who changed history, written by Chelsea Clinton; illustrated by Alexandra Boiger.
Profiles the lives of thirteen women who have left their mark on world history, including Caroline Herschel, Marie Curie, Mary Verghese, and Malala Yousafzai.
The people awards, written by Lily Murray; illustrated by Ana Albero.
Welcome to the People Awards! The ceremony is about to begin. Who will win the Best Hat award? Who will be named Bad-Tempered Musical Genius? Who gets the Stand Up For What You Believe In prize? A celebration of 50 famous people from around the world who made history and changed the world for the better, with stunning art from award-winning artist Ana Albero.
Hidden figures: the true story of four Black women and the space race, Margot Lee Shetterly with Winifred Conkling; illustrated by Laura Freeman.
Explores the previously uncelebrated but pivotal contributions of NASA's African American women mathematicians to America's space program, describing how Jim Crow laws segregated them despite their groundbreaking successes. Includes biographies on Dorothy Jackson Vaughan (1910-2008), Mary Winston Jackson (1921-2005), Katherine Colman Goble Johnson (1918- ), Dr. Christine Mann Darden (1942- ).
New Zealand, Roselynn Smelt, Yong Jui Lin, and Joel Newsome.
New Zealand has captured the imagination of foreign travelers and citizens for centuries. Some of the world's most beautiful landscapes are found within this island nation. New Zealand society honors indigenous peoples, the environment, and its culture. In this book, engaging facts and vibrant photographs tell the story of modern New Zealand.

Older Fiction

Scream and scream again!: spooky stories from Mystery Writers of America, R.L. Stine.
R.L. Stine; the godfather of Goosebumps, and some of the most popular authors today bring an unrivaled mastery of all things fearsome, frightening, and fantabulous to this terrifying anthology of all-new scary short stories. Scream and Scream Again! is full of twists and turns, dark corners, and devilish revenge. Collected in conjunction with the Mystery Writers of America, this set includes works from New York Times bestselling authors telling tales of wicked ice-cream trucks, time-travelling heroes, witches and warlocks, and of course, haunted houses.
A festival of ghosts, William Alexander; illustrated by Kelly Murphy.
When Jasper and Rosa are assigned to appease the many ghosts haunting the school in Ingot, they meet powerful new spirit friends and a surprising enemy.
Where the watermelons grow: a novel, Cindy Baldwin.
When twelve-year-old Della Kelly finds her mother furiously digging black seeds from a watermelon in the middle of the night and talking to people who aren't there, Della worries that it's happening again; that the sickness that put her mama in the hospital four years ago is back. That her mama is going to be hospitalized for months like she was last time. With her daddy struggling to save the farm and her mama in denial about what's happening, it's up to Della to heal her mama for good. And she knows just how she'll do it: with a jar of the Bee Lady's magic honey, which has mended the wounds and woes of Maryville, North Carolina, for generations. But when the Bee Lady says that the solution might have less to do with fixing Mama's brain and more to do with healing her own heart, Della must learn that love means accepting her mama just as she is.
Royal crown, written & illustrated by Meg Cabot.
Olivia Grace Clarisse Mignonette Harrison should be having fun. Her best friend is visiting from America, her sister's royal coronation is only three days away (the first coronation of a female ruler in two centuries), and she's even got a new boyfriend who is actually a very smart and charming prince! But it's hard to celebrate when her royal cousins are scheming to take over the throne. And with everyone running around, Olivia and her friends have been saddled with royal babysitting duties. Then, to make matters worse, Olivia's snobby cousin Luisa insists on gossiping about her, especially about things that should be personal; it's none of her business whether Prince Khalil and Olivia have kissed or not! When did growing up royal get so complicated?!?
Sami's silver lining, Cathy Cassidy; [illustrated by Erin Keen].
Forced to flee his home in Syria for safety in England, Sami attempts to begin a new life but struggles to overcome the pain of the past. Memories of the long and dangerous journey across icy waters, armed with only his dad's old coat, a flute and the hope of a brighter future, are never far away. Can his new friends in the Lost and Found band and a blossoming romance with the girl of his dreams melt his frozen heart or is it too late to find a silver lining?
Dreaming dangerous, Lauren DeStefano.
Tucked deep in the woods and surrounded by a great iron fence lies Brassmere Academy for the Extraordinary, a school for orphans with strange and wonderful gifts. Twelve-year-old Plum has lived there for as long as she can remember. Each night, she ventures into her dreams alongside her three best friends, Vien, Gwendle, and Artem to fight monsters and journey on dangerous quests. But one night, Plum gets a mysterious warning that she and her friends are no longer safe. And the next morning, Artem is nowhere to be found. As Plum, Vien, and Gwendle search for their friend, in both the dreaming and waking worlds, they start to uncover alarming secrets about Brassmere and its intentions. Will they be able to find Artem before it's too late, or will they be next to disappear?
The knight's armor, Paul Gamble.
When twelve-year-old Jack Pease and his partner, Trudy, operatives of the Ministry of Strange, Unusual, and Impossible Things, try to find Trudy's mother, who is being held prisoner by an evil scientist named Mr. M, they uncover a nefarious scheme that involves the legend of King Arthur, Merlin, and the Excalibur.
Into the gauntlet, Margaret Peterson Haddix.
Throughout the hunt for the 39 Clues, Amy and Dan Cahill have uncovered history's greatest mysteries and their family's deadliest secrets. But are they ready to face the truth about the Cahills and the key to their unmatched power? After a whirlwind race that's taken them across five continents, Amy and Dan face the most the difficult challenge yet – a task no Cahill dared to imagine. When faced with a choice that could change the future of the world, can two kids succeed where 500 years worth of famous ancestors failed?
The mortification of Fovea Munson, Mary Winn Heider.
Fovea Munson is nobody's Igor. True, her parents own a cadaver lab where they perform surgeries on dead bodies. And yes, that makes her gross by association, at least according to everyone in seventh grade. And sure, Fovea's stuck working at the lab now that her summer camp plans have fallen through. But she is by no means Dr. Frankenstein's snuffling assistant! That is, until three disembodied heads, left to thaw in the wet lab, start talking. To her. Out loud. What seems like a nightmare, or bizarre hallucination, is not. Fovea is somebody's Igor, all right. Three somebodies, actually. And they need a favour. With a madcap sense of humor and a lot of heart (not to mention other body parts), this is a story about finding oneself, finding one's friends, and embracing the moment.
She loves you: yeah, yeah, yeah, Ann Hood.
The year is 1966. The Vietnam War rages overseas, the Beatles have catapulted into stardom, and twelve-year-old Rhode Island native Trudy Mixer is not thrilled with life. Her best friend, Michelle, has decided to become a cheerleader, everyone at school is now calling her Gertrude (her hated real name), and the gem of her middle school career, the Beatles fan club, has dwindled down to only three other members; the least popular kids at school. And at home, her workaholic father has become even more distant. Determined to regain her social status and prove herself to her father, Trudy looks toward the biggest thing happening worldwide: the Beatles. She is set on seeing them in Boston during their final world tour, and meeting her beloved Paul McCartney. So on a hot August day, unknown to their families, Trudy and crew set off on their journey, each of them with soaring hopes for what lies ahead. In her signature prose, Hood crafts an extraordinary story of growing up, making unexpected connections, and following your dreams even as the world in front of you, and the world at large, is changing too fast.
Lego Star Wars: choose your path, written by Simon Hugo.
Choose how to battle, who to team up with, which side of the Force to join and much, much more! Read the page, then decide where to go next by selecting one of two options on every page. Do you want to travel around Jakku by speedy quadjumper or by four-legged luggabeast? Will you choose to join the rebels over Scarif, or to fly after the Inquisitor? On Mustafar, do you dare to battle Anakin or will you join him on the dark side of the Force?! Navigate the book and learn all about key LEGO Star Wars characters, creatures, vehicles and locations.
A stitch in time, Daphne Kalmar.
In 1927 Vermont, eleven-year-old Donut, recently orphaned after the death of her beloved pops, stands to lose everything when she learns her Aunt Agnes plans to move her to Boston, but little does her aunt know that Donut has no intentions of leaving her friends or her home.
Wild blues, Beth Kephart.
Thirteen-year-old Lizzie's favorite place in the world is her uncle's cabin. Uncle Davy's renovated schoolhouse cabin, filled with antiques and on the edge of the Adirondacks, disconnected from the rest of the world, is like something out of a fairy tale. And an escape from reality is exactly what Lizzie needs. Life hasn't been easy for Lizzie lately. Her father abandoned their family, leaving Lizzie with her oftentimes irresponsible mother. Now, her mom has cancer and being unable to care for Lizzie during her chemotherapy, Mom asks her where she'd like to spend the summer. The answer is simple: Uncle Davy's cabin.
Jane Doe and the cradle of all worlds, Jeremy Lachlan.
Step inside. Don't look back. Forward is the only way. When a fierce quake strikes the remote island of Bluehaven, and her father disappears, Jane Doe is thrown headfirst into an epic quest to bring him home. But this ain't no ordinary rescue mission. Her father is lost in a place between worlds; a dangerous labyrinth of shifting rooms, infernal booby traps and secret gateways. And Jane has to find him fast, because someone else is searching for him, too. A man who knows her father's secrets. A man who has an army. With a pyromaniac named Violet and the enigmatic Hickory by her side, Jane is about to discover that this adventure is even bigger on the inside than it looks.
The escape, Kathryn Lasky.
Estrella is a filly, daughter of the lead mare, one of a shipment of horses bound for the new world, but when the ship is becalmed and the horses are dropped overboard to lighten the load, Estrella finds that it is up to her to lead the herd to land and safety.
The jigsaw jungle, Kristin Levine.
Claudia Dalton's father has disappeared. What began as a late night at work has spiraled into a missing persons case; one that's left twelve-year-old Claudia questioning everything she's ever known about her father and their family. But when she finally gets word from her dad, it turns out he isn't missing at all. He's just gone to "think things over" and visit an old friend, whatever that means. Feeling confused and helpless, Claudia starts to assemble a scrapbook, gathering emails, receipts, phone transcripts and more, all in a desperate attempt to figure out what's happening with her dad. Claudia's investigation deepens at her grandfather's house, where she receives an envelope containing a puzzle piece and a cryptic message. It's this curious first clue that sets Claudia on an unexpected treasure hunt that she hopes will bring her dad home and heal whatever's gone wrong with her family. Told through the pages of Claudia's scrapbook.
Jewel Lagoon, Karen McMillan.
Four children discover a magic island in the South Pacific that can send them to various tropical destinations. At Jewel Lagoon they quickly find themselves in trouble and need the help of some new- found friends to return home safely.
Breakout, Kate Messner.
Nora Tucker is looking forward to summer vacation in Wolf Creek; two months of swimming, popsicles, and brushing up on her journalism skills for the school paper. But when two inmates break out of the town's maximum security prison, everything changes. Doors are locked, helicopters fly over the woods, and police patrol the school grounds. Worst of all, everyone is on edge, and fear brings out the worst in some people Nora has known her whole life. Even if the inmates are caught, she worries that home might never feel the same. Told in letters, poems, text messages, news stories, and comics; a series of documents Nora collects for the Wolf Creek Community Time Capsule Project, Breakout is a thrilling story that will leave readers thinking about who's really welcome in the places we call home.
Margot and Mateo save the world, Darcy Miller.
When Margot Blumenthal removes a bright blue slug alien attached to Mateo Flores's back, the school play co-stars know it's definitely not going to be a regular day at West Cove Middle School. They reluctantly team up and soon discover that the mayor and countless other adults, including Mateo's dad, are infected; which means that West Cove, and possibly all of Earth, is in danger. What will they (and their new scientist friend) do? Ditch class and protect humankind, of course, because one unexcused absence doesn't matter when the world is at stake!
The island of monsters, Ellen Oh.
Harper Raine faces new challenges ahead when her parents take the whole family to a remote tropical island for vacation. As Harper starts to have visions of the resort's history of disappearances and discovers more about the island's dark and fabled past, she must use her newly acquired spirit hunting talents to save everyone on the island from murderous spirits on the attack.
The scroll of kings, Sarah Prineas.
Alex is an apprentice librarian in a kingdom that keeps all the books locked up but doesn't know if it's to keep the books safe from readers or to keep readers safe from the books! When the royal librarian suspiciously dies, Alex impersonates the old man so the young queen won't know who he really is. She gives the scruffy, obnoxious boy enough time to prove himself; and enough time for them to learn that the books are more than just powerful, they're alive! Some of the books possess an ancient magic that keeps trying to kill him. They must figure out who, or what, is controlling the books and their power for the fate of the kingdom rests in their hands.
The house that Lou built, Mae Respicio.
Lou Bulosan-Nelson has the ultimate summer DIY project. She's going to build her own "tiny house," 100 square feet all her own. She shares a room with her mom in her grandmother's house, and longs for a place where she can escape her crazy but lovable extended Filipino family. Lou enjoys her woodshop class and creating projects, and she plans to build the house on land she inherited from her dad, who died before she was born. But then she finds out that the land may not be hers for much longer. Lou discovers it's not easy to save her land, or to build a house. But she won't give up; with the help of friends and relatives, her dream begins to take shape, and she learns the deeper meaning of home and family.
His name was Walter, Emily Rodda.
'Once upon a time, in a dark city far away, there lived a boy called Walter, who had nothing but his name to call his own.' The handwritten book, with its strangely vivid illustrations, has been hidden in the old house for a long, long time. Tonight, four kids and their teacher will find it. Tonight, at last, the haunting story of Walter and the mysterious, tragic girl called Sparrow will be read, right to the very end. An extraordinary story within a story; a mystery, a prophecy, a long-buried secret. And five people who will remember this night as long as they live.
Spell & spindle, Michelle Schusterman; illustrations by Kathrin Honesta.
The Museum of Peculiar Arts holds many oddities; a mechanical heart, a diary bound in its owner's skin, and Penny, a child-size marionette who almost looks alive. Fog clouds Penny's memories from before the museum, but she catches glimpses here and there: a stage, deep red curtains, long-fingered hands gripping her strings. One day, a boy named Chance touches Penny's strings and hears her voice in his head. Penny can listen, and watch, and think? Now someone else is watching Penny and Chance; a man with a sharp face, a puppeteer who has the tools to change things. A string through a needle. A twist of a spindle. And suddenly Chance is trapped in Penny's marionette body, while Penny is free to run and dance. She knows that finding a way to switch back is the right thing to do. But this body feels so wonderful, so full of life! How can Penny ever return to her puppet shell?
Wish upon a sleepover, Suzanne Selfors.
A group of misfits has a sleepover that involves a scavenger hunt and slightly magical soup in this story of newfound friendship in unexpected places.
Tales from outer suburbia, Shaun Tan.
From the much-acclaimed creator of The Arrival, The Red Treeand The Lost Thing, fifteen intriguing illustrated stories about the mysteries that lurk below the surface of suburban life. Ages 12+ years. Australian author.
The girl who thought her mother was a mermaid, Tania Unsworth; [illustrated by Helen Crawford-White].
Even though she's terrified of the sea, a girl who believes her mum might have been a mermaid runs away to the ocean to solve the mystery of who she really is. She ends up in the Crystal Cove, a run-down aquarium with a mermaid show. There she meets Pearl who reveals disturbing secrets. It's only by facing her fear of the ocean that Stella will truly uncover the truth. This is an exquisitely imagined story about a girl on an adventure above and below the waves.
Why can't I be you, Melissa Walker.
Claire Ladd knows that this summer is going to be special. She and her two best friends, Ronan and Brianna, are turning twelve. She is leaving camp behind and gets to do what she wants all day. She feels everything starting to change. But things don't always change for the better. With Brianna's cousin Eden visiting for the summer, Claire feels like a third wheel. Even though she is only a year older, Eden seems so much more sophisticated and glamorous and when she's around, she takes up everyone's attention, including Brianna's. But that doesn't explain why things have felt awkward with Brianna ever since she moved to a fancy new house, or why Ronan, who lives in the trailer next to Claire's, has started acting moody anytime anyone mentions his dad.
Nightbooks, J.A. White.
Alex's original hair-raising tales are the only thing keeping the witch Natacha happy, but soon he'll run out of pages to read from and be trapped forever. He's loved scary stories his whole life, and he knows most don't have a happily ever after. Now that Alex is trapped in a true terrifying tale, he's desperate for a different ending, and a way out of this twisted place. This modern spin on the Scheherazade story is perfect for fans of Coraline and A Tale Dark and Grimm. With interwoven tips on writing with suspense, adding in plot twists, hooks, interior logic, and dealing with writer's block, this is the ideal book for budding writers and all readers of delightfully just-dark-enough tales.
The turning, Emily Whitman.
Aran has never truly fit in with his selkie clan. He was born in his human form, without a pelt to transform him into a sleek, strong seal. Each day he waits, left behind while his selkie family explores the deep ocean. What if his pelt never comes?

Picture Books

Terrific, story and pictures by Jon Agee.
Hide and seek with Grandpa, Ed Allen; illustrated by Nicky Johnston.
Ready or not, here I go! Come find me Grandpa! Am I hiding high or low? Where could I be? Keep looking all around the park! It is so much fun playing hide and seek with Grandpa! Can you see where I am hiding?
The Princess and the pit stop, Tom Angleberger; illustrated by Dan Santat.
When a Princess learns from her Fairy Godmother that she is in last place in a car race against such fairy tale notables as Humpty Dumpty, the Three Bears, and Rumpelstiltskin, she boldly rebuffs defeat and steps on the gas.
Sam & Dave dig a hole, Mac Barnett; illustrated by Jon Klassen.
With perfect pacing, the multi-award-winning, best-selling team of Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen dig down for a deadpan tale full of visual humour. Sam and Dave are on a mission. A mission to find something spectacular. So they dig a hole. And they keep digging. And they find nothing. Yet the day turns out to be pretty spectacular after all. Attentive readers will be rewarded with a rare treasure in this witty story of looking for the extraordinary and finding it in a manner you'd never expect. This is an all-new story from the award-winning team of Jon Klassen and Mac Barnett. It offers a humorous look at the pleasures of outdoor play and its often surprising rewards. The interplay of text and art makes this a great read-aloud.
All of us, Carin Berger.
Award-winning illustrator Carin Berger's beautiful and timely picture book celebrates the power of community, family, and most of all, love. Her beautiful collage art and lyrical text offer a message of hope in the face of adversity.
Give peas a chance, written and illustrated by Rob Biddulph.
It's dinner-time for Nancy, but oh no; Peas! Not-so-keen-on-peas Nancy needs to come up with a way to ditch those little green balls. Luckily, she's got a peas-plot up her sleeve. But is she quite as clever as she thinks?
Thelma the unicorn, Aaron Blabey.
Oh, Thelma looked amazing. She was a unicorn! 'I'm special now,' she cried out loud. And so, a star was born. Thelma is an ordinary pony who longs to be more. One day, she spots a carrot on the ground and comes up with a brilliant idea! She ties it to her head, just before a skidding truck spills pink paint and glitter all over her! Presto! Thelma is a unicorn! Thelma quickly rises to fame, but does she really want all the attention? Or would she be happier as her old self again?
Hidden animals, [illustrated by] Agnese Baruzzi; [written & edited by Carly Blake].
Now you see a yellow circle. Then you see a yellow bird! See and say the colourful shapes. Then peek through the holes and turn the pages to discover the hidden animal surprises.
The very brave bear, Nick Bland.
The Very Cranky Bear is back, and this time he's facing Boris Buffalo in a battle of bravery! But will something surprising send them both fleeing through the forest? Vibrant illustrations and a fun, engaging story make the book perfect for reading aloud.
Here, George, story by Sandra Boynton; pictures by George Booth.
George is a big dog who likes to just sit around. But there's another side to George that even his family doesn't know about.
Backyard, Ananda Braxton-Smith & Lizzy Newcomb.
White gum rustle, tawny frog mouths still as wood, dragonflies swoop. Banjo frog calls the secret – watch the world carefully, your backyard is home to animals other than you! A child stands on her back step at dusk and surveys her backyard. The backyard is teeming with life - birds, possum, native rat, bats, insects and bugs.
Pine & Boof: the lucky leaf, Ross Burach.
Frog and Toad meets Elephant and Piggie in the first installment of a humorous and heartfelt new picture book series about the adventures of Boof the bear and Pine the porcupine. One blustery day, Boof the bear's lucky red leaf gets swept away by the wind. Fortunately for him, Pine the porcupine just happens to walk by with his lucky compass and the two set off on an adventure to find the lost leaf, only to discover true friendship in the process.
Snowflakes, written by Cerrie Burnell; illustrated by Laura Ellen Anderson.
Mia has come to live with her Grandma in a land of forests and snow. It isn't at all like her old life in the city, and at first she feels very different from the new children she sees. But when she watches the snow falling around her one night, Mia realises that she is just like one of the snowflakes; unique and perfect in her own way.
Great dog, Davide Cali; illustrated by Miguel Tanco.
A pup and his father contemplate his grand future while looking at other Great Dogs in their family. Will he be a marathon runner like Uncle Tibor, the fastest dog in the family? Will he be an astronaut like Aunt Yuki, who reached for the stars? Or maybe a teacher like Uncle Scooter, respected by all? No matter what, says his father, he will be a GREAT dog! Davide Cali's tongue-in-check writing and Miguel Tanco's unique and funny illustrations bring these great dogs to life and will have readers giggling from start to finish. With gatefolds that show the real story behind the characters and a surprise twist at the end, Great Dog is a winner for kids and parents alike!
One thing: featuring Charlie and Lola, Lauren Child.
I have this little sister Lola. She is small and very funny. Sometimes for a treat, Mum says, "We are going to the shops and you may choose one thing." "One thing to share?" says Lola. I say, "One thing for you and one thing for me, which means two actual things." Charlie and Lola return in a perfectly funny, perfectly formed picture book that sees top negotiator Lola take on numbers in everyday life and bend them to her endearing and unique will. A brilliant book to introduce the non-scary nature of counting and sums to very young children, One Thing is vintage Lauren Child: an immediate and enduring classic to delight fans new and old the world over.
The Society of Distinguished Lemmings, Julie Colombet.
The Society of Distinguished Lemmings enjoy the finer things in life, and aim to be distinguished in everything they do. So when the lemmings meet a bear, they are faced with a great challenge: can they transform this wild animal into a member of their society? A hilarious and quirky picture book about overcoming differences and being distinguished but differently!
If a horse had words, Kelly Cooper; illustrated by Lucy Eldridge.
For horse-loving readers of all ages, a lyrical and exquisitely illustrated picture book following the relationship between a boy and a horse, separated then reunited. This is a story about enduring friendships and how language is shaped by our experiences.
Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam: the missing masterpiece, Tracey Corderoy; illustrated by Steven Lenton.
The most delightful doggy duo are back and this time there's a patisserie pandemonium in Paris! Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam have made it to the magical streets of Paris, baking a spectacular gingerbread Eiffel Tower for a very important art exhibition at 'Gallerie Bonbon'. But, quelle horreur!, a sneaky fox has made off across the Seine with the precious masterpiece. Will Shifty and Sam ever catch the dastardly Cunningham Sly and dish up their tasty tower in time?
My dad is a robot, Matt Cosgrove.
A charming story of a little boy who is convinced that his dad is a robot.
Maisy plays soccer, Lucy Cousins.
Maisy and her friends can't wait to play soccer! Maisy puts on her uniform, laces up her sneakers, and heads to the field. Charlie, Tallulah, and Dotty are on the blue team, while Maisy, Cyril, and Eddie are on the red. Let's play! Soon enough the game heats up, with plenty of action, excitement, and suspense. Who will be the first team to make a goal? Whatever the score, it's all in good fun, and everyone is still the best of friends at the end!
The cat wants kittens, P. Crumble; [illustrated by] Lucinda Gifford.
Kevin has some new playmates. They are cute and cuddly and theyre here to stay; but not if Kevin has anything to do with it! See what happens when two adorable kittens barge into Kevins life and make themselves at home. How will this fussy feline cope?
No more pacifier, Duck, written by Michael Dahl; illustrated by Oriol Vidal.
Little Duck is growing up, and it is time to make the decision to give up his pacifier for good, even at bedtime.
The visitor, Antje Damm translated by Sally-Ann Spencer.
Elise was frightenedof spiders, people, even trees. So she never went out, night or day. One day a strange thing flies in through the window and lands at her feet. And then there comes a knock at the door. Elise has a visitor who will change everything. This is a gentle, sympathetic story about a child who unwittingly brings light and colour - literally - into a lonely person's life.
Llama Llama loves to read, Anna Dewdney and Reed Duncan; illustrated by JT Morrow.
Throughout the school day, the teacher helps Llama Llama and the other children practice their letters, shows word cards, reads stories, and brings them to the library where they can all choose a favorite book. By the end of the day, Llama Llama is recognizing words and can't wait to show Mama Llama that he's becoming a reader!
The cook and the king, Julia Donaldson; [illustrated by] David Roberts.
Once there was a very hungry king, who needed a cook like anything. But cook after cook just isn't good enough. Could the shuffling, shaking Wobbly Bob get the job?
Cinderfella, Malachy Doyle; illustrated by Matt Hunt.
To all the brothers at Number 12. You're invited to Kayleigh's party. Dress fancy. Come fancy. Dance! Once upon a time, there lived Cinderfella - a little boy, forever bossed around by his two older brothers, Gus and Gareth. "Turn up the TV! Shine our scooters!" the brothers cry. "Finish our homework!" But on the day of our story, Kayleigh, the town's kick-fastic karate champion, is having a party, and Cinderfella is determined to dream big, dress fancy and dance. He'll just need a little help along the way from his fairy dog-mother, Ruff!
The little hippo: a children's book inspired by Egyptian art, text by Geraldine Elschner; illustrations by Anja Klauss; [translation by Agathe Joly].
Little Hippo, the blue hippo, lived in Ancient Egypt. He had been sleeping below the ground for days, months, centuries. But one day he woke up in a panic. Everything around him had changed. Only the pyramids remained. "I need to go find my family, my brothers, my friends," thought Little Hippo. And so his journey began.
The Three Little Superpigs, written and illustrated by Claire Evans.
After their triumph over the Big Bad Wolf, the pigs fancied themselves as crime fighters, so when the Wolf escapes the residents of Fairyland call on the brothers to capture the villain; but the Wolf is planning his own revenge (and a pork dinner) so it will be up to the cleverest pig to once again rescue his brothers and save Fairyland.
Ocean meets sky, the Fan brothers.
Finn remembers the stories his grandfather told him about a place where the ocean meets the sky: where whales and jellyfish soar and birds and castles float. Now that his grandfather is gone, Finn knows the perfect way to honour him. He'll build a boat. He'll set sail. He'll find this magical place himself! And maybe, just maybe, he'll discover something he didn't even know he was looking for.
Trampoline boy, Nan Forler & Marion Arbona.
Through the eyes of a character we only know as Trampoline Boy, we are invited to understand how he sees the world. His favorite thing to do is jump up and down, up and down on his trampoline. Kids walk by and tease him, but he remains steadfast and calm. One day, a quietly exuberant girl, Peaches, is fascinated by his jumping. Trampoline Boy wordlessly invites her to jump with him, and by spending this time with him, Peaches and readers get to see how important and valuable different perspectives are.
Jane Foster's summertime, Jane Foster.
This beautiful board book is the perfect introduction to Summertime. From sand castles to ice cream, explore the vibrant artwork created by acclaimed artist Jane Foster. The perfect gift for holidays or a summer baby.
Good night, sleep tight, written by Mem Fox; illustrated by Judy Horacek.
Another perfect picture book from the creators of the bestselling Where is the Green Sheep? Bonnie and Ben have a favourite babysitter whose much loved stories ensure a wonderful whimsical world before bedtime.
We're getting a cat!, Vivian French; illustrated by Salvatore Rubbino.
What do you do when your house is crawling with mice? Get a cat, of course! But rescue-cat Kevin is busy getting to know his new family; he doesn't have time to catch any mice.
Monty + Sylvester: a tale of everyday super heroes, Carly Gledhill.
Best friends Monty and Sylvester have been perfecting their 'super hero' skills. They've read the manual, they've got the outfits and now they are raring to go! All missions undertaken, however impossible. Better watch out, supervillains, these two mean business.
Birthday baby, written by Jane Godwin & Davina Bell; pictures by Freya Blackwood.
Today is baby's birthday. Here comes baby's friends. Hello! Shy baby. Friendly baby. Sunny baby. Lazy baby. Who else will we meet?
Let's go ABC!: things that go from A to Z, Rhonda Gowler Greene; illustrated by Daniel Kirk.
Introduces the alphabet using a vehicle for each letter, from airplane to zeppelin.
The honeybee, Kirsten Hall; [illustrated by] Isabelle Arsenault.
Buzz from flower to flower with a sweet honeybee in this timely, clever, and breathtakingly gorgeous picture book from critically acclaimed author Kirsten Hall and award-winning illustrator Isabelle Arsenault.
Let's go to the seaside!, Caryl Hart; [illustrated by] Lauren Tobia.
Bare toes scrunch in crunchy sand, children run and play. Look, it's Bee and Billy. They're on the beach today! They're building sandcastles, watching kites fly up-high, eating ice-cream and; for the very first time, feeling the splash of the sea and the crunch of the sand between their toes.
In the middle of fall, Kevin Henkes; illustrated by Laura Dronzek.
Introduces concepts and vocabulary of fall–autumn colours, changes in plants and animals … and wind, which soon leads to the next season.
We don't eat our classmates!, Ryan T. Higgins.
When the class pet bites the finger of Penelope, a tyrannosaurus rex, she finally understands why she should not eat her classmates, no matter how tasty they are.
Spot's tractor, Eric Hill.
Rumble rumble beep! Spot is having a great day out on the farm, riding in the tractor and helping out with lots of jobs. But when Spot comes across a lost lamb, will he be able to save the day and find its mother? This entertaining story, featuring the much-loved Spot, is a perfect introduction to the fun of the farm. And the tractor-shaped board with moving wheels means its fun to read and to play with!
The night dragon, Naomi Howarth.
'I wish I could fly, and breathe fire, and fill the sky with great grey, sooty clouds,' Maud said to her friend, Mouse. Maud is picked on by the other dragons, so stays cooped up in her cave, sad and lonely. But when the chance comes, will her friend Mouse help her pluck up the courage to fly?
Drawn together, written by Minh Lê; illustrated by Dan Santat.
A boy and his grandfather cross a language and cultural barrier using their shared love of art, storytelling, and fantasy.
The magic garden, Lemniscates.
Chloe lives in a magic garden, but she doesn't know it! Incredible things happen there all the time: caterpillars become butterflies, insects change their colours and light up the night sky, and birds weave their nests. Trees lose their colourful leaves in the fall, but each spring, they grow again; just another enchanting bit of magic that happens year after year in the world of nature.
Hoot, Alison Lester.
I see a snowy owl against the inky blue. What do you say, snowy owl? Hoot, hoot, hoot! Hoot is part of a delightful series by bestselling author-illustrator Alison Lester, designed especially for 0-3 year olds. Babies will respond to the rhyming text and the simple, colourful images, while toddlers will love joining in to make their own animal sounds.
Little, Brown presents The Nuts: keep rolling!, Eric Litwin; illustrated by Scott Magoon.
Hazel and Wally want to be big and tall so they start rolling, picking up mud and goo that makes them seem bigger but leads to a series of problems they can avoid only if they keep rolling.
Little, Brown presents The Nuts: sing and dance in your polka-dot pants, Eric Litwin; illustrated by Scott Magoon.
Hazel Nut wants to sing and dance, but Mama, Papa, and Wally Nut are too busy, so Hazel calls in a special family member to get everyone moving.
Julian is a mermaid, Jessica Love.
While riding the subway home from the pool with his abuela one day, Julian notices three women spectacularly dressed up. Their hair billows in brilliant hues, their dresses end in fishtails, and their joy fills the train car. When Julian gets home, daydreaming of the magic he's seen, all he can think about is dressing up just like the ladies in his own fabulous mermaid costume.
Red sky at night, Elly Mackay.
These are the perfect conditions for a grandfather to take his grandchildren out on a fishing trip. Especially since, as the saying goes, when the wind is from the West, then the fishes bite the best. The family takes a boat out on the lake, fishing and swimming and eventually camping out on a nearby island, taking full advantage of the gorgeous weather. But the next day; red sky in the morning, sailors take warning!
Little Robot alone, Patricia MacLachlan and Emily MacLachlan Charest; illustrated by Matt Phelan.
When Little Robot finds a creative solution to his loneliness he gets straight to work on shaping the perfect companion out of metal, and affectionately names him Little Dog.
Maya & Cat, Caroline Magerl.
On a roof, as wet as a seal, as grey as a puddle, Cat was rumbling, a rumbly purr. What does Cat want most? Feather boas? Pretty pink shoelaces? A boatful of fish under a tiny tin sail, or perhaps something much more valuable? Affectionate and evocative, Maya and Cat follows a child's kindly impulse to an unexpected conclusion.
Once upon an ABC, Sophie Masson & [illustrated by] Christopher Nielsen.
A romp through the alphabet and the world of folk tale! Sophie Masson's lively verse gathers together a dazzling range of folklore, made vividly contemporary with Chris Nielsen's striking artwork. Rhyming verse makes this a fun read-aloud tale, which is complemented by zany illustrations.
Just a Little Critter collection, written and illustrated by Mercer Mayer.
Can you see a little bear, James Mayhew, Jackie Morris.
The concepts of opposites, colours and contrasts are introduced in the read-aloud nursery verse and simple clues and vivid word images help children discover Little Bear, whether he is trying on a hat, standing on his head or floating in a balloon. Gradually Little Bear moves into a more familiar landscape of tea, bath and bedtime, a cue for little bears' bedtimes everywhere.
Beautiful, Stacy McAnulty; illustrated by Joanne Lew Vriethoff.
Every girl is unique, talented and lovable. Every girl is beautiful. Much more than how one looks on the outside, true beauty is found in conquering challenges, showing kindness, and spreading contagious laughter. Beautiful girls are empowered and smart and strong! Beautiful breaks barriers by showing girls free to be themselves: splashing in mud, conducting science experiments, and reading books under a flashlight with friends. This book will encourage all girls to embrace who they are and realize their endless potential.
DOLL-E 1.0, Shanda McCloskey.
Charlotte has a talent for anything technological, so when she receives a doll as a present, she upgrades it with a few spare parts and some code to create a new and improved friend.
Belinda Brown, David McKee.
David McKee has created a new modern classic with the story of Belinda, a banana-obsessed young girl. Her whole family thinks it's a phase, except for Grandma Brown: she worries, and worry is hard to keep down. She asks Belinda to give up her favourite fruit before she gets a banana-shaped body, but Belinda has other ideas.
Elmer's colours, David McKee.
Whatever the weather, Elmer still has fun. He splashes in the puddles when it rains and has snowball fights with his friends when it snows. He loves the clouds that look like things made of cotton wool, and when the sun is out he wears some crazy dark glasses! never gets very far before falling fast asleep!
Elmer's friend, David McKee.
Spottiest, stripiest, tallest and longest; meet all of Elmer's very best friends! This chunky board book with easy-grip toddler tabs on every page is perfect for the very youngest Elmer fans.
Grace & Katie, Susanne Merritt & Liz Anelli.
Grace and Katie are twins who love to draw. Grace loves everything to be organised and neat, while Katie loves everything to be bright, bold and messy. When they want to draw a map of their home and street, the girls can't agree on how it should be done so they each decide to create their own map. But that doesn't work out quite as well as they'd planned. Perhaps working together might be more fun after all! An imaginative exploration of individuality, sisterhood, creativity and appreciating each other's strengths.
Brilliant boats, Tony Mitton; [illustrated by] Ant Parker.
Ahoy! Come aboard to learn all about boats! Brilliant Boats follows the animal crew as they become sailors heading out to sea. Each page is filled with details that machine-mad kids will love: anchors, masts, motorboats, ferries and much more!
Hovering helicopters, Tony Mitton and Ant Parker.
Hover in the air with some wacky animal pilots in this cheerful picture book all about helicopters. Lively wordplay, vibrant art, plus a visual dictionary, make this title a must-have for bookshelves everywhere.
Marvellous motorbikes, Tony Mitton and Ant Parker.
Zoom down the street with some cool animal bikers in this cheerful picture book all about motorbikes. Lively wordplay, vibrant art, plus a visual dictionary, make this title a must have for bookshelves everywhere.
Super submarines, Tony Mitton; [illustrated by] Ant Parker.
Super Submarines follows the animal crew as they become sailors. Sink below the waves with the crew, explore the ocean depths, and learn how to navigate with sonar! Each page is filled with details that machine-mad kids will love: periscopes, submersibles, deep-sea creatures, and much more!
Night out, Daniel Miyares.
Newly-arrived at boarding school, a boy finds an invitation and goes on an adventure that may lead to friendship.
Wombat goes walkabout, Michael Morpurgo, [illustrated by] Christian Birmingham.
While looking for his mother, Wombat meets many animals that are not impressed with his talent for digging and thinking, but when a bush fire approaches, they change their minds.
This is a moose, Richard T. Morris is an author; Tom Lichtenheld is an illustrator.
Director Billy Waddler is trying to film a documentary about moose, but the moose in question has no intention of spending his life in the woods and his animal friends, who have dreams of their own, help him prove his point.
Puddle hunters, Kirsty Murray; illustrated by Karen Blair.
When the rain stops it's time to go puddle hunting. Ruby and Banjo and Mum go up the street, and into the park, over the bridge and down to the riverflats where the puddles lie waiting. Splosh it, Ruby! Splosh it, Banjo! Splosh it, Mum! A glorious celebration of splashing and squelching all the way home.
Before & after, text by Ruth A. Musgrave.
This look & learn board book introduces the concept of observing and counting how things change.
Someone new, Anne Sibley O'Brien.
When three children, Jesse, Jason, and Emma, are confronted with new classmates from different ethnic backgrounds, they strive to overcome their initial reactions, and to understand, accept, and welcome Maria, Jin, and Fatima.
Moon, Alison Oliver.
Throughout her busy days, Moon wonders what it would be like to be wild and free until the day she meets a wolf and learns his wolfy ways.
If you ever want to bring an alligator to school, don't!, written and illustrated by Elise Parsley.
A child provides insights, based on personal experience, into everything that can go wrong if one brings an alligator to school for show-and-tell.
Binky, Leslie Patricelli.
Where's Binky? Under the sofa? In the fishbowl? Look inside and find out! A toddler looks all over the house for a missing pacifier.
A day at the show, Gwyn Perkins.
Doreen the hen has laid another perfect egg! Little Iggy and Grandad think she deserves a prize. What follows is a family trip to the colourful chaos of the Show, filled with spinning tea cups, merry-go-rounds, lots of animals and some healthy competition.
Claymates, written by Dev Petty; illustrated by Lauren Eldridge.
Two balls of clay have a great time shaping themselves into various animals and objects until their sculptor comes back and discovers the mess they've made of her work.
How I love you daddy, Anna Pignataro.
Little Polar Bear chases Daddy over the snow, Little Elephant splashes Daddy and Little Wild Hare jumps higher than Daddy's ears…As the little animals get ready for bedtime, they all have their own special ways of showing Daddy their love.
The heart of a whale, Anna Pignataro.
Whale's song soothes the entire ocean, but nothing can fill his empty heart. The tide begins to change once his sigh is carried by the sea to the furthest of faraways.
Sleep: how nature gets its rest, Kate Prendergast.
How do animals sleep? Some alone, some in packs, some upside-down, some in the daytime. Kate Prendergast takes a close look at the sleeping habits of a wide range of animals, birds and fish. Includes meerkats, bats, horses and dogs; and who knew that fish slept with their eyes open?
I want my dad!, Tony Ross.
When the Little Princess discovers that her dad, the King, is not as adventurous as the other dads, she decides to give some fun activities a try without him and realizes she is more like her father than she thought.
While you are sleeping, Mariana Ruiz Johnson.
In this story without words, a child is sleeping while outside people carry on with their lives; working, eating, walking their dogs, and even star gazing.
Tom's magnificent machines, Sarah Linda; [illustrated by] Ben Mantle.
A magical, captivating picture book about the power of love between a son and his father Tom and his dad are good at making things. Their inventions start out simple, but they quickly become bigger, faster, crazier; and they almost always involve wheels. But then Dad loses his job, and everything changes. Sadness clouds the house like a winter sky. That is, until Tom comes up with a brilliant plan that takes their amazing vehicle inventions and creates something astounding, something the world has never seen before. An emotionally charged and highly imaginative book that explores themes of love and support between children and their parents but is also great fun, with incredible inventions, crazy contraptions and a wonderfully inspiring pioneering spirit at its heart.
Dear substitute, Liz Garton Scanlon and Audrey Vernick; pictures by Chris Raschka.
In a series of letters a student laments the absence of her teacher and daily routine, but she soon realizes there are benefits to mixing things up, and that perhaps having a substitue teacher is not so bad after all.
Ciao, baby!: ready for a ride, Carole Lexa Schaefer; illustrated by Lauren Tobia.
Baby and Mamma are going to visit Nonna today. Roll, roll in the stroller. Beep, beep on the bus. Choo, choo on the train, all the way to Nonna's. Whee!
Axel Scheffler's flip flap dinosaurs.
What do you get if you cross a mighty Tyrannosaurus rex with a fearsome Triceratops? It's a Tyrannotops, of course! And how about a giant Diplodocus with a soaring Pterodactyl? Why, that's a Diplodactyl! With over 121 possible prehistoric creations, silly names and strange noises to make you giggle, this new Flip Flap book is perfect for preschoolers and ideal for dinosaur fans. With a hilarious rhyming text and brilliant illustrations from Axel Scheffler, simply flip the pages to create some seriously silly mixed-up dinosaurs.
Finding Granny, Kate Simpson & Gwynneth Jones.
Edie's Granny is a perfect Granny; she's warm, loving and all things fun! But then she has a stroke, and suddenly, the granny that Edie knows isn't there anymore. Or is she? A heart-warming story of love and hope, and coping with life's challenges.
Bad Bunny, Steve Smallman; illustrated by Migy Blanco.
Cute eyes. Little round cheeks. A super fluffy tail. He may look sweet and innocent, but don't be fooled; Bad Bunny is Mischief with a capital 'M'! And on a day of particularly naughty naughtiness, he may be about to meet his match. Will Bad Bunny end up in hot water? All will be revealed.
The big red rock, Jess Stockham.
When Bif finds a big red rock blocking his way, he decides it has to go. But how? Nothing he tries will remove it. Bif's friend Bop knows some monsters who might be able to help. When none of their ingenious methods work, they all have to decide what to do next, with surprising results!
What the dinosaurs did at school, Refe & Susan Tuma.
Photographs and simple text reveal the mischief that toy dinosaurs get into during school.
What the dinosaurs did last night: a very messy adventure, Refe & Susan Tuma.
Photographs and simple text reveal the mischief toy dinosaurs get into all night long, from knocking over potted plants to painting on walls.
Heartbeat, Evan Turk.
Separated from her mother, a young whale swims the oceans for decades until she finds a young girl who shares her vision of one planet for which all are responsible.
Monster & Mouse go camping, Deborah Underwood, [illustrated by] Jared Chapman.
When Mouse and Monster team up to go camping, they discover Monster's insatiable appetite is wreaking havoc on their campsite, but nothing can stop these two friends from having fun in the great outdoors.
Who stole the rainbow?: a mystery thriller, Vasanti Unka.
A dazzling rainbow suddenly disappears from the sky… What happened? Was it stolen? Who will solve the mystery? Be prepared for a thrilling tale of crime, suspense, sunshine and rain.
Hooray for spring!, Chiêu Anh Urban.
Turn the wheels to play, learn, and mix the colors of spring in this bright and bold book!
If I built a car, Chris Van Dusen.
Jack describes the kind of car he would build one with amazing accessories and with the capability of traveling on land, in the air, and on and under the sea.
This is my eye: a New York story, pictures and text by Neela Vaswani.
Take a journey through New York City: shapes, colours, patterns, and people are everywhere, and things look different depending on who is going the looking. In this playful ode to photography and point of view, one young girl captures moments of insight and community in her beloved hometown. This fictional exploration will delight children and parents in today's world of images and bold self-expression.
Feelings, illustrated by Richard Jones; [text by Libby Walden].
What you feel is who you are. Explore a world of emotions with this stunning peep-through picture book. Richard Jones' enchanting illustrations and the lyrical text make each and every feeling come to life to help children understand the emotions they experience.
Tadpole's promise, Jeanne Willis, Tony Ross.
Tadpole loves his friend, the caterpillar, and she loves him too. "Promise that you will never change," she says, but as the seasons pass he matures - and what has happened to his friend. As he sits on his lily pad digesting the butterfly he has just eaten, he little realizes he will never know!
Out, out, away from here, Rachel Woodworth; Sang Miao.
Some days I feel mad. Some days I feel sad. Some days I feel Smiling-ear-to-ear glad. Emotions can be strange, sudden, and even overwhelming at times. Through thoughtful words and expressive images, this book guides us on a journey through our imaginations to a place where everything feels calm again.
How do dinosaurs learn to read?, Jane Yolen; illustrated by Mark Teague.
Told in rhyming text young dinosaurs learn to read, but only after many mishaps, like chewing their books and throwing them at the cat–but eventually they learn to respect their books, and treat them properly.
My mum is a magician, written by Damon Young; illustrated by Peter Carnavas.
Some mums gulp green tea, with bitter barley blends. But my mum is a magician; her cup of coffee never ends. All mums are different. But what if your mum was really different? What if your mum was a magician?
Everimal, Lucas Zanotto.
Beginning with a human hand, this tale follows a charming bee pollinating from flower to flower. Young readers turn and fold pages while traveling through the natural world and learning its inter-connectivity, with one element leading into another, and ending where the journey began; in the palm of a hand. Simple yet profound, this book is sure to please younger and older readers alike with its timeless message of unity and interconnectedness.

Younger Fiction

5-minute Disney princess stories.
Princesses are always really busy, but they make time for royally important things. Cinderella invites a new friend to tea. Ariel goes out of her way to help a baby dolphin. And Belle tries to cheer up a sad horse. Each of these tales is the ideal length for reading aloud in about five minutes; perfect for jam-packed days.
The real boat, Marina Aromshtam; illustrated by Victoria Semykina; translated from Russian by Olga Varshaver.
A magical picture book about a little paper boat that wants to be a real boat on a real ocean. When the paper boat learns that there is such a place as the ocean, he is determined to go there so he can be a real boat. On his journey he meets all sorts of friends, from the strong little tug boat to the glittering ocean liner. But he also learns that the real ocean is huge and deep and full of dangers. The lyrical text and illustrations of this modern fable create a world of wonder.
Sonam and the silence, Eddie Ayres; illustrated by Ronak Taher.
In Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, Sonam's world is dark and silent. Then one day, she follows a magical melodious sound to a walled garden, and her world is silent no more. The sound is music, and it lifts her up amongst the stars and takes her deeper than the tree roots in the earth. How can she hold on to this feeling in a world where music is forbidden? A lyrical fable-like story by the well-known musician, author and broadcaster Eddie Ayres, about the irrepressible power of music.
How to fight a dragon's fury, written and illustrated by Cressida Cowell.
The Doomsday of Yule has arrived, and the future of dragonkind lies in the hands of one boy with nothing to show, but everything to fight for. Hiccup's quest is clear. But can he end the rebellion? Can he prove himself to be king? Can he save the dragons? The stakes have never been higher, as the very fate of the Viking world hangs in the balance!
Leaf stone beetle, Ursula Dubosarsky & [illustrated by] Gaye Chapman.
Leaf Stone Beetle is a gentle and charming tale about a leaf, a stone and a beetle whose lives are disrupted by a storm. They lose their communities, their homes and their moorings, but by chance and effort they find solace and new community with each other.
Super Rabbit Boy blasts off!, Thomas Flintham.
King Viking decides to find another planet where he can carry out his evil plans without interference, and everyone in Animal Town is delighted; then an alien appeals to Super Rabbit Boy for help and he blasts off to once again confront his enemy, but his level one rocket may not be up to the task.
Love is love, written by Michael Genhart; illustrated by Ken Min.
A boy becomes upset when he is teased for having two dads, but viewing his friend's family (with a mom and a dad) as not all that different from his own, he realizes the best way to counter the ridicule is to be proud of who his fathers are and know that it is love that makes a family.
Prince & knight, words by Daniel Haack; pictures by Stevie Lewis.
Once upon a time, in a kingdom far from here, there was a prince in line to take the throne, so his parents set out to find him a kind and worthy bride. The three of them traveled the land far and wide, but the prince didn't quite find what he was looking for in the princesses they met. While they were away, a terrible dragon threatened their land, and all the soldiers fled. The prince rushed back to save his kingdom from the perilous beast and was met by a brave knight in a suit of brightly shining armor. Together they fought the dragon and discovered that special something the prince was looking for all along.
Paradise Found, John Milton; illustrations, Helen Elliott.
Albie, the farmer's dog, wakes up one morning to find that his companion Nellie has disappeared. Where has she gone? They are normally always together by the fire in the kitchen, or playing in the garden and the surrounding fields. As he sets off to find her, Albie takes in all the sights and smells of the countryside and a range of familiar and strange places as he follows the mystery. Illustrated with original paintings by artist Helen Elliott, this is a charming and visually stunning tale for young readers.
Vernon is on his way: small stories, Philip C. Stead.
Today is a very nice day. There has never been a day so nice as this, except for maybe yesterday. Join Vernon and his friends Skunk and Porcupine on a series of three enchanting adventures entitled Waiting, Fishing, and Gardening, as they comb the forest floor for trinkets and go fishing in their own unconventional way.