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The leopard king Ann Aguirre
Proud. Imperious. Impassioned. Until three years ago, those words applied to Dominic Asher, the leader of Ash Valley. His family has ruled the feline branch of the Animari for hundreds of years, guiding the pride through perilous times. Unspeakable loss drove him into seclusion, a feral beast nobody can tame. Now he's wrecked, a leopard king in exile, and he wants nothing more than to die. Fierce. Loyal. Determined.
One dark night Tom Bale
Driving home after a day in the countryside with his wife, Katy, and their two kids, doting father Adam Parr gets cut up by a speeding silver car, nearly causing him to crash. Shocked and upset that his kids could have been killed, he pulls over. That's when he sees a struggling woman in the back seat of the silver car, her eyes pleading for help, and he knows his family are in terrible danger. In the blink of an eye, the Parrs's ordinary lives are plunged into an unimaginable nightmare.
Skeleton keys : the unimaginary friend Guy Bass
Greetings! My name is Skeleton Keys and these fantabulant fingers of mine open doors to hidden worlds! Join me for the curious tale of Ben Bunsen, whose only friend is a figment of his imagination ... until now. Ben's imaginary friend is about to become UNIMAGINARY and his world will never be the same again. Prepare for monsters, pirates and a story so truly unbelievable that it must, unbelievably, be true. For strange things can happen when imaginations run wild.
Deep blue trouble Steph Broadribb
Single-mother and Florida bounty hunter, Lori Anderson, has got an ocean of trouble on her hands. Her daughter Dakota is safe, but the little girl's cancer is threatening a comeback, and Lori needs JT - Dakota's dad and the man who taught Lori everything - alive and kicking. Problem is, he's behind bars and heading for death row. Desperate to save him, Lori does a deal, taking an off-the-books job from shady FBI agent Alex Monroe.
The great pretender : the undercover mission that changed our understanding of madness Susannah Cahalan
For centuries, doctors have struggled to define mental illness - how do you diagnose it, how do you treat it, how do you even know what it is? In search of an answer, in the 1970s a Stanford psychologist named David Rosenhan and seven other people - sane, normal, well-adjusted members of society - went undercover into asylums around America to test the legitimacy of psychiatry's labels.
The Somerset tsunami Emma Carroll
Somerset, 1616. When Fortune Sharpe carves a boat from a tree with her beloved brother, Jem, she's only having a bit of fun. But now is not the time for a girl to be drawing attention to herself and she is sent away to find work dressed as a boy. Luckily a rich manor house is hiring. Yet Berrow Hall's inhabitants harbour dangerous secrets of their own; the suspicious owner is hunting for witches and the house itself is a little too close to the sea.
White tiger Kylie Chan
Action, intrigue, demons and dragons. Kylie Chan creates a fast and furious story balanced between the celestial and the mortal, the powerful and the innocent ... Emma Donahoe has just started her new job as nanny to Simone, the daughter of John Chen, a very rich Hong Kong businessman. She understands that Simone may be a target for kidnappers but she does not expect to be drawn into a world of martial arts, magic and extreme danger, where both gods and demons can exist in the mortal domain.
The hard way Lee Child
Jack Reacher is alone, the way he likes it. He watches a man cross a New York street and drive away in a Mercedes. The car contains $1 million of ransom money. Reacher's job is to make sure it all turns out right - money paid, family safely returned. But Reacher is in the middle of a nasty little war where nothing is simple. What started on a busy New York street explodes three thousand miles away, in the sleepy English countryside. Reacher's going to have to do this one the hard way.
Past tense Lee Child
Jack Reacher plans to follow the autumn sun on an epic road trip across America, from Maine to California. He doesn't get far. On a country road deep in the New England woods, he sees a sign to a place he has never been - the town where his father was born. He thinks, what's one extra day? He takes the detour. At the very same moment, close by, a car breaks down. Two young Canadians are trying to get to New York City to sell a treasure.
The corpse played dead Georgina Clarke
”All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players”.
The long call Ann Cleeves
In North Devon, where the rivers Taw and Torridge converge and run into the sea, Detective Matthew Venn stands outside the church as his father's funeral takes place. The day Matthew turned his back on the strict evangelical community in which he grew up, he lost his family too. Now he's back, not just to mourn his father at a distance, but to take charge of his first major case in the Two Rivers region, a complex place not quite as idyllic as tourists suppose.
The girl in the painting Tea Cooper
Maitland 1913. Miss Elizabeth Quinn is something of an institution in Maitland Town. For longer than anyone can remember she and her brother, businessman Michael, have lived in the impressive two-storey stone house next to the church. When she is discovered cowering in the corner of the exhibition gallery at the Technical College the entire town knows something strange has come to pass.
Only Eva Judi Curtin
Eva Gordon doesn't like mysteries - so when new girl Aretta hurries away after school every day Eva's determined to find out why. And Aretta's not the only person Eva's interested in - a friend's granny has been parted from her beloved dog, so Eva decides to cheer her up. But can she? Eva finds that some things are too big and complicated for one girl to deal with alone ... but she has a talent for bringing people together,and together people can do almost anything!.
My last lie Ella Drummond
New beginnings. Old secrets. Theo and Pilar. The perfect couple. Successful, beautiful and very much in love. Until a year ago, when tragedy nearly tore them apart. When their baby died, a part of them died with him. Now they're trying to rebuild themselves, moving to a stunning house in rural Cornwall. But someone knows all their secrets and will stop at nothing to disturb their fragile peace. Theo and Pilar are about to learn that you can try to hide - but you can never outrun your past.
The secret starling Judith Eagle
Clara has lived a life of solitude, home schooled under her mean uncle's strict regime ... until now. The day that Uncle abandons Clara, leaving her with nothing but a wedge of 'guilt money' and a half empty, crumbling manor house, she is determined to do things her way for a change. And when streetwise Peter turns up, with his rescue cat and a surprising array of knowledge, she is sure that between them they have everything they need to survive.
Annie's summer by the sea Liz Eeles
When Annie Trebarwith unexpectedly inherits Tregavara House, her much-loved family home atop the cliffs of Salt Bay, she begins to wonder: with all the good friends and warm memories she's made in the village, could it be her forever home? Luckily her gorgeous Poldark-lookalike boyfriend, Josh Pasco, has exactly the same idea. High on the Cornish cliffs he gets down on one knee and Annie has everything she's ever dreamed of.
Monkey grip Helen Garner
Helen Garner's gritty, lyrical first novel divided the critics on its publication in 1977. Today, Monkey Grip is regarded as a masterpiece - the novel that shines a light on a time and a place and a way of living never before presented in Australian literature: communal households, music, friendships, children, love, drugs and sex.
The other bennet sister Janice Hadlow
To be handsome and poor is misfortune enough; but to be both plain and penniless is a hard fate indeed. In Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, Mary is the middle of the five Bennet girls and the plainest of them all, so what hope does she have? Prim and pious, with no redeeming features, she is unloved and seemingly unlovable. The Other Bennet Sister, though, shows another side to Mary.
Great river race Tim Harris
Chegwin's adventures at Toffle Towers continue when his staff are 'reverse mugged?. The hotel could lose all its guests if Chegwin can't solve the mystery and stop the chaos. But there's a greater challenge looming. Chegwin must go head-to-head with rival hotel owner Brontessa Braxton in the Great River Race. The stakes couldn't be higher!.
The mother's promise Sally Hepworth
Alice and her daughter Zoe have been a team of two all their lives. They've never needed anyone else - until Alice gets sick. Alice reaches out to two near-strangers: Kate, her oncology nurse, and Sonja, her social worker. As the lives of the three women become inextricably tied, a chain of events is set into motion, forcing them to confront their deepest fears and secrets.
Matt Millz on tour! Harry Hill
Another exciting adventure by the hilarious Harry Hill - this time taking Matt Millz and the team to the Edinburgh Festival! Matt's dream of becoming a stand-up comic is fading. Six months on from his success at the Apollo, the gigs have dried up, and it's back to the daily drudge of schoolwork for Matt and his pals. But then his 12-year-old manager Kitty has a brainwave: if they can persuade their teachers to take a school play up to the Edinburgh Festival, they could hold a comedy night too.
The knock Jessie Keane
Dora O?Brien had a good start in life, but things went bad when she began to mix with the wrong company. Pregnant by her gangster lover, she found herself on the streets and then in the grips of a bent copper called Donny Maguire. When her daughter Angel is born, Dora is already under the influence of drink and drugs, and handed around to Donny's mates.
A deadly divide Ausma Zehanat Khan
In the aftermath of a mass shooting at a mosque in Quebec, the local police apprehend Amadou Duchon - a young Muslim man at the scene helping the wounded - but release Etienne Roy, the local priest who was found with a weapon in his hands. The shooting looks like a hate crime, but detectives Esa Khattak and Rachel Getty sense there is more to the story.
Pills, powder and smoke: inside the bloody war on drugs Antony Loewenstein
The war on drugs has been official American policy since the 1970s. It is at best a failed policy, according to bestselling author Antony Loewenstein. Its direct results have included mass incarceration in the US and extreme violence in different parts of the world. And now the Trump administration is unleashing diplomatic and military forces against any softening of the conflict.
The source: connect with your inner power and create your own reality Judith McAdam
In The Source, spiritual teacher Judith McAdam blends her broad knowledge of alternative therapies, ancient spiritual traditions and world religions to reveal her groundbreaking principles for creating your own reality. These principles stem from Judith's personal story of transformation and from her life-long connection with what she calls Source Energy, a universal energy that lies deep within and all around us.
Tubing K A McKeagney
Polly, 28, lives in London with her 'perfect-on-paper' boyfriend. She works a dead-end job on a free London paper ... life as she knows it is dull. But her banal existence is turned upside down late one drunken night on her way home, after a chance encounter with a man on a packed tube train. The chemistry between them is electric and on impulse, they kiss, giving in to their carnal desires.
Life or death Chris Merritt
Never forget. Never forgive. As a detective in the Metropolitan police, Zac is no stranger to murder cases, but this one is different. This is his daughter's murder. Years after Amelia died, Zac is still trying to trace the police officer involved in his daughter's death. And whilst Zac is prepared to break every rule to find the man responsible, his young and ambitious deputy, Kat, is working on a high-profile case of her own.
The hypnotist's love story Liane Moriarty
Ellen O'Farrell is an expert when it comes to human frailties. She's a hypnotherapist who helps her clients deal with everything from addictions to life-long phobias. So when she falls in love with a man who is being stalked by his ex-girlfriend she's more intrigued than frightened. What makes a supposedly smart, professional woman behave this way? She'd love to meet her! What she doesn't know is that she already has.
The railway children E Nesbit
When their father goes away unexpectedly, Roberta, Peter, Phyllis and their mother have to leave their comfortable life in London to go and live in a small cottage in the countryside. At the local station they make friends with the Perks the Porter and the Station Master himself. Each day, Roberta, Peter and Phyllis run down the field to the railway track and wave to the passing London train.
A witch come true James Nicol
The war is done and Arianwyn has discovered the secret of the quiet glyphs at last, but her troubles are far from over. Her day-to-day work as Lull's witch is tricky enough: winter has set in, bringing endless rain, ice imps and some rather befuddling Yule traditions. But when enemies converge on Lull, stealing away someone very dear indeed, our witch faces her greatest challenge so far. What really makes a witch come true? Our lovable heroine is about to find out ...
Fragile Stella O'Malley
Have we reached a point where anxiety is so common we consider it 'normal'? In this exploration of the rising anxiety epidemic, psychotherapist and bestselling author Stella O?Malley delves into why we are feeling more anxious, stressed and overwhelmed than ever.
Josephine's garden Stephanie Parkyn
France, 1794. In the aftermath of the bloody end to the French Revolution, Rose de Beauharnais stumbles from prison on the day she is to be guillotined. Within a decade, she'll transform into the scandalous socialite who marries Napoleon Bonaparte, becomes Empress Josephine of France and builds a garden of wonders with plants and animals from across the globe. But she must give Bonaparte an heir or she risks losing everything.
Lost James Patterson
The city of Miami is Detective Tom Moon's back yard. He's always kept it local, attending University of Miami on a football scholarship, then becoming a good enough cop to earn a street name, 'Anti'. As the new leader of an FBI task force called 'Operation Guardian', it's his mission to combat international crime.
The house across the street Lesley Pearse
Twenty-three year old Katy Speed is fascinated by the house across the street. The woman who lives there, Gloria, is the most glamorous neighbour on the avenue, owning a fashionable dress shop in Bexhill-on-Sea. But who is the woman who arrives in the black car most Saturdays while Gloria is at work? Sometimes she brings women to the house, other times they have children. Hilda, Katy's mother, disapproves of Gloria. She wonders if these mysterious visitors have just been released from prison.
The secrets we kept Lara Prescott
1949: the celebrated Russian author Boris Pasternak is writing the novel that will become Doctor Zhivago. The Soviets, afraid of its subversive power, ban it. But in the rest of the world it is fast becoming a sensation. In Washington DC, the CIA is planning to use the book to tip the Cold War in its favour. However, their agents are not the usual spies. Two typists are charged with the mission of a lifetime: to smuggle Doctor Zhivago back into Russia by any means necessary. It will not be easy.
Blowback L.T Ryan
Framed for murder. He's offered a way out. He just has to do a little job. Riley "Bear” Logan returns in Blowback, the latest instalment in the Jack Noble thriller world. While recuperating on the tranquil island of St. Lucia, Bear's world is turned upside down when he is framed for murder. A nemesis returns offering immunity ... so long as Bear does a job. Get in. Get the package. Get out. Easy as that.
On us Mark Scott
How do we step outside our own echo chamber to understand others? What are we losing when we share fewer and fewer national moments? The new media is enabling despots and disempowering democracy. So when every opinion seems to matter equally, On Us offers a few more on choice in a concentrated media world and asks why more information often means less insight.
Amber & dusk Lyra Selene
I wasn't running from the darkness at the edge of nowhere - I was running toward the light at the heart of the empire. Sylvie has always known she deserves more. Out in the permanent twilight of the Dusklands, her guardians called her power to create illusions a curse. But Sylvie knows it gives her a place in Coeur d'Or, the palais of the Amber Empress and her highborn legacies. So Sylvie sets off toward the Amber City, a glittering jewel under a sun that never sets, to take what is hers.
Rugby runner Gerard Siggins
Schools rugby star Eoin Madden has never been busier - he's captain of the Junior Cup team, he's training with Leinster and hoping to be chosen for the Ireland team for the first-ever Under 16 World Cup. But it's not all fun and games, as Eoin also has to deal with grumpy friends, teachers piling on the homework - and a ghost on a mission that goes back to the very origins of the game of rugby.
Dark desires Eve Silver
Betrayed by those she trusted, penniless and alone, Darcie Finch is forced to accept a position no one else dares as assistant to dangerously attractive Dr. Damien Cole. Ignoring the whispered warnings and rumours he's a man to fear, she takes her position at his eerie estate, where she quickly discovers nothing is at it seems, least of all her handsome and brooding employer. As Darcie struggles with her fierce attraction to Damien, she must also deal with the blood, the disappearances ...
The seventh scroll Wilbur Smith
A hunt for treasure. A battle to stay alive. She glanced down at the drawer in which she kept all her floppy disks. That and all the other drawers had been pulled out and thrown on the floor. They were empty, of course; along with the disks, all her notebooks and photographs were missing. Her last connections with the seventh scroll were lost. After three years of work, gone was the proof it had ever existed.
Ghost fire Wilbur Smith
1754. Inseparable since birth and growing up in India, Theo and Connie Courtney are torn apart by the tragic death of their parents. Theo, wracked with guilt, seeks salvation in combat and conflict, joining the British in the war against the French and Indian army. Connie, believing herself abandoned by her brother, and abused and brutalised by a series of corrupt guardians, makes her way to France, where she is welcomed into high society.
The boy who fooled the world Lisa Thompson
When a little white lie leads to a huge dose of trouble ... Cole is the odd one out at school: the other kids have the latest gadgets and trainers while his family struggles to make ends meet. Until the day one of his paintings is talent-spotted and sells for thousands of pounds at a posh London gallery.
The ringmaster Morris West
Autumn 1990. The world is teetering on the edge of war in the Gulf, Germany is reunited and a crumbling USSR stares ruin in the face. In Japan, a group of powerful men and women gather to create a rescue plan that will bring all three countries together for the first time in 50 years. Polyglot international publisher Gill Langton is mediator-in-chief. Treading the highest wire of global power-broking, he alone can balance politics with intrigue, manoeuvre with counter-manoeuvre.
Good habits, bad habits : the science of making positive changes that stick Wendy Wood
The scientifically proven way to easily make positive changes in your life by unlocking your habits, written the world's foremost expert on habits. Much of what we do, we do by habit. How we respond to the people around us; what we buy; when and how we exercise, eat and drink are nearly all done without conscious thought. And yet, whenever we want to change something about ourselves, we rely on willpower alone.


Santa Claus vs the Easter Bunny Fred Blunt
Santa has it so easy: a workforce of elves to make the presents, a team of reindeer to deliver them, even a hi-spec factory! The Easter Bunny has to make and wrap all the chocolate eggs in his garden shed, and deliver them himself on foot. No wonder you often find them thrown all over the place in your garden! Now Bunny has had enough - he hatches a genius, chocolately plan with unexpected results.
Comic fringes. Complete series 2 Susan Calman
Three short stories written and performed by leading new comedians at The Pleasance Theatre in Edinburgh as part of the Festival Fringe.
Hippie Paulo Coelho
If you want to learn about yourself, start by exploring the world around you. Drawing on the rich experience of his own life, best-selling author Paulo Coelho takes us back in time to relive the dreams of a generation that longed for peace and dared to challenge the established social order.
Star-crossed Minnie Darke
In this sparkling romantic comedy, a young journalist tampers with her magazine's horoscopes to win her friend's heart - and sets in motion an unpredictable and often hilarious ripple effect ... When Justine Carmichael (Sagittarius, aspiring journalist and sceptic) bumps into her old friend Nick Jordan (Aquarius, struggling actor and true believer) it could be by chance. Or perhaps it's written in the stars.
Dead endless Dave Galanter
”The U.S.S. Discovery’s specialty is using its spore-based hub drive to jump great distances faster than any warp-faring vessel in Starfleet. To do this, Lieutenant Paul Stamets navigates the ship through the recently revealed mycelial network, a subspace domain Discovery can briefly transit but in which it cannot remain.
Someone we know Shari Lapeña
t can be hard keeping secrets in a tight-knit neighbourhood.In a tranquil, leafy suburb of ordinary streets - one where everyone is polite and friendly - an anonymous note has been left at some of the houses.'I'm so sorry. My son has been getting into people's houses. He's broken into yours.'Who is this boy, and what might he have uncovered? As whispers start to circulate, suspicion mounts.And when a missing local woman is found murdered, the tension reaches breaking point.
One day in December Josie Silver
Laurie is pretty sure love at first sight doesn't exist. After all, life isn't a scene from the movies, is it? But then, through a misted-up bus window one snowy December day, she sees a man who she knows instantly is the one. Their eyes meet, there's a moment of pure magic...and then her bus drives away. Laurie thinks she'll never see the boy from the bus again. But at their Christmas party a year later, her best friend Sarah introduces her to the new love of her life.
Never that far Carol Lynch Williams
After her grampa dies, the last place Libby expects to see him is sitting on the edge of her bed. But that's what happens the night after the funeral.Even more surprising is that Grampa has three important things to tell her: first, that she isn't alone or forgotten: "The dead ain't never that far from the living,” he says; second, that she has the Sight, the ability to see family members who have died; and third, that there is something special just for her in the lake.


The orphan's gift Anne Baker
Having lost her father during the Great War and her mother, a famous French impressionist painter, in a tragic accident, Aimee Kendrick is brought up by her troubled grandparents on the banks of the river Mersey. She is encouraged to believe she has inherited her mother's gift, but it is her childhood friend and fellow student Frankie Hopkins who shows greater talent.
Romance M C Beaton
As one of the two remaining unmarried Beverley sisters, Belinda considers herself the last hope for Mannerling, the beloved estate gambled away by their father. Each of her four elder sisters had hoped - even schemed - to marry one of Mannerling's successive owners. But all had chosen true love. Belinda will woo and wed Lord St Clair, current holder of the estate. True, he is a silly fop, but she vows to make the man love her - even at the expense of her own happiness.
A Riviera retreat Jennifer Bohnet
When Retreat owner Amy offers three lucky competition winners a holiday on the Cote d'Azur, she has no idea that this act of kindness will have life changing repercussions on her own life and those who join her?Young entrepreneur Chelsea, is still grieving the tragic loss of her mother and has just been subjected to a very public relationship breakup. She needs to get away and lick her wounds.MP's wife Victoria is at a crossroads in her life now that the children have left home.
Beneath outback skies Alissa Callen
Paige Quinn will let nothing and no one distract her from caring for her wheelchair-bound father Connor, or fighting for her remote drought-stricken property Banora Downs - least of all a surprise farm-stay guest named Tait Cavanaugh, whose smooth words are as lethal as his movie-star smile. Expecting him to be trouble, Paige is anything but welcoming toward their visitor - except she can't help noticing that, for a city boy, Tait seems unexpectedly at home on the land.
Trust me, I'm dead Sherryl Clark
Judi Westerholme is happy living in secluded Candlebark, growing her own food, bothering no one - until the cops come knocking. Informed that her estranged brother Andy has been murdered, she assumes it's connected to his long-term drug addiction. But when she returns home, Judi is shocked to discover that Andy had been clean for years, and had a wife - now missing - and a two-year-old child, Mia. Andy seems to have been leading an ordinary life.
The glass room Ann Cleeves
DI Vera Stanhope is not one to make friends easily, but when one of her neighbours goes missing, she feels duty-bound to find out what happened. It?s an easy job to track the young woman down to the Writers? House, a country retreat where aspiring authors gather to work on their novels. But things get complicated when a body is discovered and Vera?s neighbour is found with a knife in her hand. Vera knows that she should hand the case over to someone else.
A body in the bookshop Helen Cox
When DS Charlotte Banks is suspended from the police on suspicion of assaulting a suspect in the burglary of a local bookshop, librarian Kitt Harley and her friend Evie Bowes refuse to believe she is guilty.
The wages of sin Judith Cutler
Newly appointed as land agent to the youthful Lord Croft, Matthew Rowsley finds plenty to keep him busy as he attends to his lordship's neglected country estate. But he's distracted from his tasks by the disappearance of a young housemaid.
A thimbleful of hope Evie Grace
Dover, 1864. Violet Rayfield leads a happy life with her family in a beautiful terrace on Camden Crescent. But Violet's seemingly perfect world is shattered when her father makes a decision that costs her family everything. Now Violet must sacrifice all she holds dear, as a series of shocking revelations leaves her feeling even more alone. But where one door closes, another opens, and the embroidery skills Violet perfected while a young woman of leisure win her vital work.
The mistletoe matchmaker Felicity Hayes-McCoy
It's winter in Lissbeg and visiting Canadian Cassie Fitzgerald is enchanted by the small town where her dad was born. She gets involved in a 'Winter Fest' competition, and joins librarian Hanna Casey's writing group. But the more she's drawn into the community, the more questions Cassie encounters.
What happens in paradise Elin Hilderbrand
A year ago, Irene Steele had the shock of her life: her loving husband, father to their grown sons and successful businessman, was killed in a plane crash. But that wasn't Irene's only shattering news: he'd also been leading a double life on the island of St. John, where another woman loved him too. Now Irene and her sons are back on St. John, determined to learn the truth about the mysterious life - and death - of a man they thought they knew.
Messy, wonderful us Catherine Isaac
Allie has unexpectedly taken leave from her job as an academic research scientist to fly to a place she only recently heard about in a letter. She's flying to Italy to unpick the truth about what her mother did all those years ago. Beside her is her best friend since schooldays, Ed. He has just shocked everyone with a sudden separation from his wife, Julia. Allie hopes that a break will help him open up.
The bad fire Quintin Jardine
Nine years ago, divorcee Marcia Brown took her own life. A pillar of the community, she had been accused of theft, and it's assumed that she was unable to live with the shame. Now her former husband wants the case reopened. Marcia was framed, he says, to prevent her exposing a scandal. He wants justice for Marcia. And Alex Skinner, Solicitor Advocate, and daughter of retired Chief Constable Sir Robert Skinner, has taken on the brief, aided by her investigator Carrie McDaniels.
The outlaws of Ennor Michael Jecks
On their return home from their pilgrimage, Baldwin and Simon's ship is attacked off the coast of the Scilly Isles by pirates and Simon looks on in horror as Baldwin is swept overboard. Washed ashore on the tiny island of Ennor, Simon is distraught to think that his closest friend is dead, but he has to put aside his grief when the master of the castle orders him to investigate a murder.
A secret life Christobel Kent
When Georgie is persuaded to join two old friends for Ladies' Night, she intends to have fun, to behave like the Georgie she was before marriage and motherhood changed her life. But one drink too many and Georgie's not sure what happened the night before. Now she's starting to wonder just what she's invited in to her life...
My one month marriage Shari Low
You know that 'till death do us part' bit in the wedding vows? Well Zoe Dalton believed it. She walked up the aisle thinking that she was strolling to her happy ever after.One month later, her heart is in pieces, she's returning the wedding gifts and there?s a husband-shaped space next to her in bed. He's gone, after Zoe discovered a devastating secret.But Zoe has lost so much more than her marriage. Her three sisters are not only her siblings, they're her best friends too.
My great ex-scape Portia MacIntosh
Rosie Jones has been dumped by every boyfriend she's ever had - most recently by Dinosaur Dave, live on TV, during the 'phone-a-friend' segment of a quiz show.
Blackpool sisters Maggie Mason
Separated from each other soon after being taken from their mother Tilly by a travelling group of gypsies, Beth and Babs have no idea where the other is, but never forget each other. Each remembers and yearns for the other, but their lives couldn't be more different. Always, Beth thinks that either her mother or Babs will one day find her - after all, they both know the gypsies that took her away.
Moonlight sonata Eileen Merriman
YOU TOOK ME AWAY FROM EVERYTHING I LOVED. IF YOU HADN'T TAKEN ME AWAY...THEN MAYBE IT WOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED. On the New Year holiday, Widow Hazel opens her home on a Northland beach to her adult children - Sully, Anthony, twins Molly and Joe, and their families - who have come together from Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East. But like with all families, there is bad history.
A messy affair Elizabeth Mundy
Lena Szarka, a Hungarian cleaner working in London, is forced to brush up on her detective skills for a third time when her cousin Sarika is plunged into danger. Sarika and her reality TV star boyfriend Terry both receive threatening notes. When Terry stops calling, Lena assumes he's lost interest. Until he turns up. Dead. Lena knows she must act fast to keep her cousin from the same fate.
Corridors of the night Anne Perry
One night, in the Greenwich Royal Naval Hospital, nurse Hester Monk is approached by a terrified girl. She's from a hidden ward of children, all subject to frequent blood-letting, and her brother is dying. While William Monk's River Police fight to keep London safe from gun-runners, Hester takes on a new role at the hospital, helping to administer a secretive new treatment. But she slowly realises that this experimental cure is putting the children's lives at risk.
Grace in winter Deirdre Purcell
Love at first sight, on an ice floe, on a dream cruise. The sound of wedding bells soon after. Impossibly romantic, or so it seems... For mother-of-the-bride Grace, it is anything but. Years of caring for her beautiful and unpredictable daughter Leonie have left her wise and worn. As she watches what began as a hopeful break away for mum and daughter become a tale of newfound passion between Irish beauty and besotted American male, she braces herself for drama to follow.
Making wishes at Bay View Jessica Redland
Callie Derbyshire has it all: her dream job as a carer at Bay View, finally she has found the love of her life. Everything is perfect.Well, almost. Ex-partners are insistent on stirring up trouble, and Callie's favourite resident, Ruby, hasn't been her usual self. But after discovering the truth about Ruby's lost love, Callie is determined to give Ruby's romantic story the happy ending it deserves. After all, it's never too late to let love in again.
Payback Gemma Rogers
In 1997 teenager Sophie White and her three girlfriends decide they want to lose their virginity before summer is over.Roping in her childhood buddy Gareth and his mates, Sophie holds a party to get the deed over and done with, but the night doesn't end as planned.Twenty years later, the group are brought back together when Gareth is killed in a car accident and Sophie begins receiving threatening messages. It seems the party wasn't as innocent as everyone thought and now someone wants payback.
First love, last love Judith Saxton
It wasn't a privileged childhood, but it was a happy one. Sybil and Lizzie Cream, brought up in a fisherman's cottage on the edge of the cold North Sea, were content to leave privilege where it belonged: with their friends the Wintertons. Christina Winterton was the same age as Sybil and the two girls were inseparable, but it was Lizzie whom Ralph Winterton, three years older, found irresistible.
Traitors of Rome Simon Scarrow
AD 56. Battle-hardened veterans of the Roman army Tribune Cato and Centurion Macro are garrisoned at the border with dangerous, mysterious Parthia. But the enemy within could be the deadliest threat to the Legion...and the Empire. There's a traitor in the ranks. Rome shows no mercy to those who betray the Empire. But first the guilty man must be discovered.
Daintree Annie Seaton
The Daintree breeds survivors - those who can weather the storms, heat and floods that come hand in hand with its beauty. Doctor Emma Porter is one such survivor, living in an isolated cottage as past hurts heal, dedicated to her patients and to preserving this precious land where she has made a home.
Indian summer Sara Sheridan
Brighton, 1957. Mirabelle Bevan can't resist a cry for help, be it the little girl at a seaside sanatorium who is getting bullied or the strange behaviour of Uma, the Indian nurse who is looking after her. Intrigued, she soon finds herself drawn into a spider's web of connections between an upmarket brothel, a local priest, a man's body washed up on Brighton beach and a missing nursing sister.
The sting of death Rebecca Tope
It's with mixed motives that Karen Slocombe's cousin Penn pays her a visit. Not only does Penn want to renew contact with a relative, but she is also looking for help with the disappearance of Justine, another cousin. Drew Slocombe's reputation for unravelling mysteries is widespread and Penn hopes he and Karen can be of assistance. Justine's mother, Roma Millan, claims to be unconcerned at her daughter's disappearance.

Downloadable eBooks


Star Wars : from a certain point of view Ben Acker
When Star Wars: A New Hope was first released in 1977, part of its appeal was that the world it presented felt alive. Landspeeders and starships were dirty. Droids broke down. And it was filled with cool, weird, and really weird background characters. (Really, just take a look around the Mos Eisley cantina.) Never mind Han, Luke, Leia, Darth Vader, and Obi-Wan. Who were these other guys? What was their story? Just seeing them brought up questions for fans that sparked the imagination.
Belong : find your people, create community, and live a more connected life Radha Agrawal
A step-by-step guide to creating your community--from small groups that ""get"" you, to larger and more focused groups that promote positive change. And, through belonging, how to live a more mindful, connected, and happy life.
Motive X Stefan Ahnhem
How do you catch a serial killer who never strikes the same way twice?
The Hazel Wood Melissa Albert
Seventeen-year-old Alice and her mother have spent most of Alice's life on the road, always a step ahead of the strange bad luck biting at their heels. But when Alice's grandmother, the reclusive author of a book of pitch-dark fairy tales, dies alone on her estate - the Hazel Wood - Alice learns how bad her luck can really get. Her mother is stolen, by a figure who claims to come from the cruel supernatural world from her grandmother's stories.
The South Pole : an account of the Norwegian Antarctic Expedition in the Fram, 1910-1912 Roald Amundsen
Change of scene : a novella Mary Kay Andrews
This 100 page prequel novella to Mary Kay Andrews's bestselling novel Beach Town is sure to delight fans and new readers alike.Greer Hennessy is a movie location scout whose latest project has literally gone up in flames. After an avocado field accidentally catches fire on the set of her new movie, she is out of a job and practically run out of town.
Onyx & ivory Mindee Arnett
Cast out of the nobility after her father's attempt to assassinate the high king, Kate's job as a royal courier brings her to the scene of a drake massacre where she finds Corvin, the king's son and her first love.
Fly Guy presents : monster trucks Tedd Arnold
Buzz and Fly Guy learn about monster truck technology, tricks, events, and safety".
Fly Guy presents: castles Tedd Arnold
On their latest field trip, Fly Guy and Buzz learn all about castles: from drawbridges and dungeons to kings, queens, and knights! Award-winning author/illustrator Tedd Arnold brings nonfiction to life for beginning readers. There are humorous illustrations and engaging photographs throughout"
Fly Guy presents : police officers Tedd Arnold
Fly Guy and Buzz visit a police station and learn about police officers and what they do.
Hooray for Fly Guy! Tedd Arnold
Fly Guy joins Buzz's football team, despite Coach's misgivings, and hits the field for a special, secret play.
Big sky Kate Atkinson
Jackson Brodie has relocated to a quiet seaside village in North Yorkshire, in the occasional company of his recalcitrant teenage son Nathan and ageing Labrador Dido, both at the discretion of his former partner Julia. It's a picturesque setting, but there's something darker lurking behind the scenes.
The testaments Margaret Atwood
13 ways of looking at a fat girl Mona Awad
Growing up in suburban hell, Lizzie has never liked the way she looks. A darkly funny novel about the harmful beauty standards imposed on women.
My name is Anna Lizzy Barber
Gourmet rhapsody Muriel Barbery
A great food critic who can make or destroy the reputation of a chef with a stroke of his pen, Pierre Arthens faces his imminent death by trying to recall the one perfect flavor he sampled in his youth, a flavor that he believes forms the ultimate truth of his life.
Little white lies Jennifer Barnes
Sawyer Taft did not expect her estranged grandmother to show up at her apartment door and offer her a six-figure contract to participate in debutante season. She'd rather immerse herself in car repairs than in her grandmother's "society." But accepting might mean discovering the answer to the biggest mystery of her life: her father's identity.
Deadly little scandals Jennifer Barnes
While spending a summer at the family lake house, eighteen-year-old Sawyer finally learns the full truth about her complicated family.
The water children Anne Berry
Four lives. Four defining moments which will bring them together. Owen Abingdon is haunted by nightmares of the Merfolk. He believes they have stolen his little sister who vanished while he was meant to be minding her on the beach, but he was only a child himself. Is it fair for his mother to blame him' Catherine Hoyle's perfect Christmas with her cousin from America was blighted when they went skating on thin ice and Rosalyn nearly died.
The great Santa stakeout Betsy Bird
Freddy Melcher is obsessed with Santa Claus: he has posters, clothes, underwear, action figures, everything but a photograph of the real Santa--and though it will take planning, trip wires, and staying awake late, this year he is determined to get the ultimate selfie.
Twilight's dawn Anne Bishop
Tangled webs Anne Bishop
The shadow queen Anne Bishop
Smoke screen Terri Blackstock
Five dark fates Kendare Blake
The young queens Kendare Blake
Three black witches, born to a descending queen. One would rise to become queen in her place. Perhaps the strongest of the three. Perhaps the cleverest. Or perhaps it would be the girl born under the best shield of luck.Katharine, Arsinoe and Mirabella - three young queens born to fulfil their destiny - to fight to the death to win the crown. But before they were poisoner, elemental and naturalist, they were children, sisters and friends.
The oracle queen Kendare Blake
A short story from Kendare Blake's Three Dark Crowns universe, The Oracle Queen tells the story of the last queen born with the gift of sight. . .Historically, baby queens born with the sight gift were drowned. This had been the practice for hundreds of years, so long that few were even born anymore, as if the Goddess knew it would be a waste. It is a harsh sentence, but necessary, for it is well-known that in a queen the sight gift will run strong. Strong enough to drive her mad.
The Easternmost House Juliet Blaxland
Beginner's pluck : build your life of purpose and impact now Liz Forkin Bohannon
There's no lack of people out there telling you to find your passion and dream big. But why does it seem like when we try, we so often end up more lost and overwhelmed than when we started' Liz Forkin Bohannon wants you to rethink everything you've been told about finding your passion and following your dreams. Why' Hate to break it to you, but you're likely never going to "find your passion." Because your passion and purpose are something you build--actively--day by day.
Margaret Atwood : The robber bride, The blind assassin, Oryx and Crake J Brooks Bouson
In this critical collection, well-known Atwood scholars offer original readings and critical re-evaluations of three Atwood masterpiecesGÇö The Robber Bride, The Blind Assassin, and Oryx and Crake .
Bowraville Dan Box
A true crime story cannot often be believed, at least at the beginning. In Bowraville, all three of the victims were Aboriginal. All three were killed within five months, between 1990 and 1991. The same white man was linked to each, but nobody was convicted. More than two decades later, homicide detective Gary Jubelin contacted Dan Box, asking him to pursue this serial killing. At that time, few others in the justice system seemed to know - or care - about the murders in Bowraville.
The darkest legacy Alexandra Bracken
Five years after the destruction of the so-called rehabilitation camps that imprisoned her and countless other Psi kids, seventeen-year-old Suzume 'Zu' Kimura has assumed the role of spokesperson for the interim government, fighting for the rights of Psi kids against a growing tide of misinformation and prejudice. But when she is accused of committing a horrifying act, she is forced to go on the run once more in order to stay alive.
Utopia for realists : and how we get there Rutger Bregman
Rutger Bregman, a bestselling Dutch historian, explains that it needn't be this way. Bregman shows that we can construct a society with visionary ideas that are, in fact, wholly implementable. Every milestone of civilization - from the end of slavery to the beginning of democracy - was once considered a utopian fantasy. New utopian ideas such as universal basic income and a 15-hour work week can become reality in our lifetime.
Unravelling Mr. Darcy : a Pride and prejudice novella Leenie Brown
Oxford Cottage : a Pride and prejudice variation Leenie Brown
On a rainy day in April, Fitzwilliam Darcy and Charles Bingley stop to ask a gentleman for directions to Netherfield since the ones they have been given appear to be faulty. At the gentleman's insistence Darcy and his friend seek refuge from the rain at a nearby cottage. The young woman who greets them captivates Darcy with both her beauty and character. Elizabeth Bennet possesses a quick mind and a determined spirit.
Black Panther : a nation under our feet. Volume 2 Rich Buckler
As Zenzi and the people poison Wakanda's citizens against the Black Panther, a cabal of nation-breakers is assembled. And Ayo and Aneka, the Midnight Angels, are courted by Tetu to help raise their land to new glory! His allies dwindling, T'Challa must rely on his elite secret police, the Hatut Zeraze, and fellow Avenger Eden Fesi, a.k.a.
The Blue Zones kitchen : 100 recipes to live to 100 Dan Buettner
Dan Buettner debuts his first cookbook, filled with 100 longevity recipes inspired by the Blue Zones locations around the world, where people live the longest. Building on decades of research, longevity expert Dan Buettner has gathered 100 recipes inspired by the Blue Zones, home to the healthiest and happiest communities in the world.
The master and Margarita Mikhail Bulgakov
Outlaws Jen Calonita
Banished to the Hollow Woods, Devin and her friends, old and new, devise a plan to expose the truth about evil fairy godmother Olivina to all of Enchantasia.
Wished Jen Calonita
Maxine, with the help of an over-enthusiastic genie, makes a wish that has everyone at the Fairy Tale Reform School focusing on producing a musical rather than figuring out how to combat Rumpelstiltskin.
The billionaire's forever family Cate Cameron
When Cassie Frost reaches out to the biological father of the niece she's raising, she doesn't expect him to send in the lawyers. Emily is all the family Cassie has left, and she'll do whatever it takes to keep her niece. But as the owner of a struggling diner going up against a billionaire, the odds aren't in Cassie's favor.
Charming Sir Charles Anna Campbell
Matchmaking mayhem in Mayfair! Sally Cowan, Countess of Norwood, spent ten miserable years married to an overbearing oaf. Now she's free, she plans to have some fun. But before she kicks her heels up, this Dashing Widow sets out to launch her pretty, headstrong niece Meg into society and find her a good husband. When rich and charming Sir Charles Kinglake gives every sign that he can't get enough of Meg's company, Sally is delighted to play chaperone at all their meetings.
Beguiled Joanna Chambers
Two years after his last encounter with cynical nobleman Lord Murdo Balfour, David Lauriston accidentally meets him again in the heart of Edinburgh. King George IV is about to make his first visit to Edinburgh and Murdo has been sent North by his politician father to represent his aristocratic family at the celebrations. David and Murdo's last parting was painful--and on Murdo's part, bitter--but Murdo's feelings seem to have mellowed in the intervening years.
Enlightened Joanna Chambers
David Lauriston has been recouperating on his lover, Lord Murdo's estate for five months, and they have found more happiness and peace than either had known before. David is urgently called to the deathbed of his mentor, Chalmers in Edinburgh to secure the future of his daughter Elizabeth in London. Lord Murdo, needing to return to his business in London, accompanies David. Upon arrival, they are met by Murdo's manipulative father, who reveals a shocking secret that rocks David to his core.
Provoked Joanna Chambers
Tormented by his forbidden desires for other men and the painful memories of the childhood friend he once loved, lawyer David Lauriston tries to maintain a celibate existence while he forges his reputation in Edinburgh's privileged legal world. But then, into his repressed and orderly life, bursts Lord Murdo Balfour.Cynical, hedonistic and utterly unapologetic, Murdo could not be less like David. And as appalled as David is by Murdo's unrepentant self-interest, he cannot resist the man's sway.
Lydia Cassatt reading the morning paper Harriet Scott Chessman
Lydia Cassatt poses for five of her sister Mary's paintings, knowing she is dying from Broght's disease.
The virgin blue Tracy Chevalier
Freedom's ring Heidi Chiavaroli
An antique ring reunites a Boston Marathon bombing survivor and the man who saved her. Together, they unearth the two-hundred-year-old history of a woman who suffered tremendous loss in the Boston Massacre, a woman torn between the love of two men - one a Patriot, and the other a Redcoat. As both women seem to forgive the wrongs done to them, each must decide whether to face their future through dependence on God's strength, or their own".
The hidden side Heidi Chiavaroli
New York, 1776. Mercy Howard is shocked when her fiancé, Nathan Hale, is arrested and hanged as a spy. When she's asked to join the revolutionary spy ring in Manhattan, she sees an opportunity to avenge Nathan's death. But keeping her true loyalties hidden grows increasingly harder as the charming Major John Andre of the King's Army becomes more to her than a target for intelligence.
Alone across the Atlantic Francis Chichester
The romantic challenge Francis Chichester
Gipsy Moth circles the world Francis Chichester
From time immemorial, few narrative genres have had the power to so stir the emotions or captivate the imagination as the true account of a lone adventurer's triumph over the titanic forces of nature. Among the handful of such tales to emerge in the twentieth century, one of the most enduring surely must be Sir Francis Chichester's account of his solitary, nine-month journey around the world in his 53-foot ketch Gipsy Moth IV.
James Penney's new identity Lee Child
Before Jack Reacher became the seminal, nomadic hero he is today. Though an interesting character, Penney was ultimately excised during the editing process and readers didn't have the pleasure of meeting him.Now he's been resurrected in a tale that features a brief glimpse of Jack Reacher's early career.
The Adventurers Guild Zack Loran Clark
Conscripted into the dangerous Adventurers Guild, best friends Zed and Brock must defend what is left of humanity against terrible monsters in this epic fantasy.".
Twilight of the elves Zack Loran Clark
In the second book of The Adventurers Guild, Zed and Brock must save the elven city".
Night of dangers Zack Loran Clark
After falling victim to a vile betrayal, Zed is cut off from Brock and their friends and unable to warn them about a dangerous enemy on the move. The Adventurers Guild may have defeated the evil that cast the elves from their home, but that doesn't keep them in the Freestoners' good graces for long. An ordinary day at the market comes to a fatal end when a rare Danger infiltrates the city, leaving over a dozen dead.
Black Panther. Issue 9-12, A nation under our feet TaNehisi Coates
Also collects material from New Avengers (2013) #18, 21, 24. The full truth of the People's revolution - and the power players supporting it - has been revealed! Now, T'Challa must fight like never before for the fate of his nation - and one of his most trusted allies is back to stand by his side. As the final battle begins, the entirety of Wakanda's glorious history may be their most potent weapon.
Black Panther : a nation under our feet. Book 1 TaNehisi Coates
Also features Fantastic Four (1961) #52. A new era begins for the Black Panther! MacArthur Genius and National Book Award-winning writer Ta-Nehisi Coates (Between the World and Me) takes the helm, confronting T'Challa with a dramatic upheaval in Wakanda that will make leading the African nation tougher than ever before.
Black panther (2016). Volume 4, Avengers of the New World, part 1 TaNehisi Coates
Collecting Black Panther (2016) #13-18. Where next for the Black Panther? Find out as a sensational new arc begins! Eons ago - before Black Panthers, before Wakanda, before time itself - there were only the Orishas! The pantheon of gods and goddesses from which the world as we know it was manifested: Asali. Ogutemeli. Bast. But now, when Wakanda burns, they are silent. When she was flooded, they were silent. While her people war amongst themselves, ever silent they remain.
Black panther (2016). Volume 5, Avengers of the New World, part 2 TaNehisi Coates
Collects Black Panther (2016) #166-172.
Aloha Reef collection Colleen Coble
Set on the breathtaking Hawaiian island of Kauai, the Aloha Reef Collection provides an intoxicating mix of romance and suspense with the rhythms of island life--now available in one volume!.
Distant echoes Colleen Coble
Even where oceans are warm, dark secrets lurk below the surface. Even where breezes are fragrant, trouble floats in the air. Even in the land of aloha, peace can be destroyed. When a missile plows into a tourist boat, dolphin researcher Kaia Oana is one of the first into the water, risking her own life to help others. When called upon to investigate the incident, Lieutenant Commander Jesse Matthews enlists Kaia and her specially trained dolphins to help--and romantic sparks fly.
Black sands Colleen Coble
Annie Tagama has always been content to bask in the glow of her more flamboyant brother and sister and to quietly assist her father in his volcano research. Annie does, however, have a secret crush on Mano Ohana, though he's never noticed her. Her devotion turns to disdain after a mistake by Mano kills her beloved brother. But when her younger, more beautiful sister goes missing, she's forced to turn to her former love-now her sworn enemy-for help.
Hippie Paulo Coelho
..Story of Paulo, a skinny Brazilian with a goatee and long hair, setting off on a journey in search of a deeper meaning for his life...
Dangerous alliance Jennieke Cohen
Lady Victoria Aston, obsessed with Jane Austen and content to stay home, is suddenly expected to enter society and find a husband, preferably one who cares for her more than her dowry.
The braid Laetitia Colombani
In India, Smita is an untouchable. Desperate to give her daughter an education, she takes her child and flees her small village with nothing but resourcefulness, eventually heading to a temple where she will experience a rebirth. In Sicily, Giulia works in her father's wig workshop, the last of its kind in Palermo. She washes, bleaches, and dyes the hair provided by the city's hairdressers, which is now in short supply.
The girl In the painting Tea Cooper
For readers of The True Story of Maddie BrightSydney Morning Herald.
A little night murder Matthew Costello
A young poacher is found shot dead in the woods of a grand estate near Mydworth. A sad accident it would seem. But the boy's mother is convinced it is murder and when Harry and Kat investigate, they find the poacher's life was not as innocent as he made out.
Don't shake the present! Bill Cotter
Larry the monster knows he must not open his Christmas present but with the reader's help, he just might learn what is inside.
The andromeda evolution Michael Crichton, Daniel H. Wilson Michael Crichton
Kissed a sad goodbye Deborah Crombie
Scotland Yard's Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James face their most haunting case yet when the past devastatingly intersects with the present ... The call from Scotland Yard couldn't have come at a worse time for Detective Superintendent Duncan Kincaid. He has promised the weekend to Kit, the eleven-year-old son of his ex-wife. The son he never knew he fathered -- who doesn't yet know Kincaid's true identity.
Running for my life : how I built a better me, one step at a time Rachel Cullen
A funny, heartfelt and inspirational story of one woman's marathon journey through mental illness. -- She'd never been able to think of herself as a 'runner' before, and the first time she forced herself out the door, she knew it would hurt. Everywhere. She just didn't realise how much it would heal her, too.
We met in December Rosie Curtis
The Titanic secret Clive Cussler
Both a prequel and a sequel to Clive Cussler's first bestselling phenomenon, Raise the Titanic!, the new Isaac Bell novel is a thrilling action-adventure novel from the Sunday Times-bestselling author. A century apart, Dirk Pitt and Isaac Bell team up to unlock the truth about the most famous maritime disaster of all time.
How to fail : everything I've ever learned from things going wrong Elizabeth Day
Soulbinder Sebastian De Castell
Queenslayer Sebastian De Castell
Charmcaster Sebastian De Castell
Kellen, Reichis and Ferius are on their way to Gitabria, a city where amazing inventions are dreamed up and sold across the land of the Seven Sands. But when the three of them stumble across a tiny mechanical bird, magically brought to life, they quickly realise all is not as it appears. Meanwhile two strange Argosi appear, carrying secrets from Ferius' past, together with an unlikely Jan'Tep ally. And as time ticks on, all the cards in Ferius' deck point to the emerging tides of war ...
Captain Marvel. Volume 3, issue 12-15, Alis volat propriis Kelly Sue DeConnick
Captain Marvel's time as an astronomical Avenger has pitted her against some of the worst the galaxy has to offer.
Captain Marvel Vol. 1: Higher, Further, Faster, More Kelly Sue DeConnick
Collects Captain Marvel (2014) #1-6. One of Marvel's most beloved Avengers launches into her own ongoing series! Carol Danvers has played many roles in her life; hero, pilot, Avenger, and now, deep-space adventurer! Join Captain Marvel as she attempts to return an alien girl to her home world, and defend the rights of aliens revolting against the Galactic Alliance.
Captain Marvel Vol. 2: Stay Fly Kelly Sue DeConnick
Collects Captain Marvel (2014) #7-11. Captain Marvel's space adventure with her pet cat, Chewie, continues! But when they have an unexpected alien visitor, Carol learns that Rocket Raccoon was right: There's more to Chewie than meets the eye! Chewie is a Flerkin...
An almond for a parrot Wray Delaney
Daughters of courage Margaret Dickinson
Following the gripping story of the Ryan family in The Buffer Girls, Daughters of Courage sees Emily and Trip fight to keep their new life afloat in the turbulent 1930s. Emily Ryan has gone up in the world since her arrival in Sheffield. Brought there by her mother's ambitious schemes for her brother, Josh, she had found work as a buffer girl polishing cutlery in the city's famous trade.
Lies you never told me : a novel Jennifer Donaldson
Told in alternating voices, two teenagers, one in Austin, Texas, and the other in Portland, Oregon, enter dangerous romantic relationships.
Where the light enters Sara Donati
Dr. Sophie Savard, daughter of free people of colour returns home to the achingly familiar rhythms of Manhattan in the early spring of 1884 to rebuild her life after the death of her husband. With the help of Dr. Anna Savard, her dearest friend, cousin, and fellow physician she plans to continue her work aiding the disadvantaged women society would rather forget.
Long way home Cameron Douglas
Douglas is born into wealth, privilege, and comfort. His father a superstar, his mother a beautiful socialite, his grandfather a legend. But by the age of 32 he had become a drug addict, an armed robber, and-- after a DEA drug bust-- a convicted drug dealer sentenced to five years in prison.
Hatched and Patched's some kind of wonderful Anni Downs
Welcome to the whimsical world of Hatched and Patched designer Anni Downs. Whether you love appliqué, patchwork, punchneedle, or hand stitchery, you'll find the perfect project in this diverse array of quilts, sewing accessories, bags, and home accents. Each of the 16 lighthearted designs reflects Anni's favorite things-relaxing at home, shopping, traveling, and of course, sewing.
Assassin of truths Brenda Drake
The gateways linking the great libraries of the world don't require a library card, but they do harbor incredible dangers. And it's not your normal bump-in-the-night kind. The threats Gia Kearns faces are the kind with sharp teeth and knifelike claws. The kind that include an evil wizard hell-bent on taking her down. Gia can end his devious plan, but only if she recovers seven keys hidden throughout the world's most beautiful libraries. And then figures out exactly what to do with them.
Tomorrow most likely Dave Eggers
Told in rhyme, a little boy, tucked into his bed, thinks of all the wonderful and ordinary things he will see and do tomorrow.
A Christmas gift for Santa J Theron Elkins
After a busy Christmas Eve, while his elves and reindeer sleep, a very tired Santa Claus looks to see if anyone left a present for him.
Yesterday's weather Anne Enright
The sum of these stories is a rich tapestry of people struggling to find contentment with one another--and with themselves--in a rapidly changing Ireland.
Off planet Aileen Erin
Maite Martinez has always yearned for more than waitressing in a greasy diner, especially when most people have left the polluted ruins of Earth behind for a better life on other planets. It's not just working at the diner that's making life hard for her. Being a half-human, half-alien girl has never been trickier. With the corporate government hunting down the last of her father's alien Auanare race living on Earth, hiding her growing special abilities has become a full-time job on its own.
Ruined Ruth Everhart
It happened on a Sunday night, even though I'd been a good girl and gone to church that morning." One brisk November evening during her senior year at a small Midwestern Christian college, two armed intruders broke into the house Ruth Everhart shared with her roommates, held all five girls hostage, and took turns raping them at gunpoint. Reeling with fear, insecurity, and guilt, Ruth believed she was ruined, both physically and in the eyes of God.
Hostages Oisín Fagan
All the wrong places Joy Fielding
The wives Tarryn Fisher
Imagine that your husband has two other wives. You've never met the other wives. None of you know each other, and because of this unconventional arrangement, you can see your husband only one day a week. But you love him so much you don't care. Or at least that's what you've told yourself.But one day, while you're doing laundry, you find a scrap of paper in his pocket--an appointment reminder for a woman named Hannah, and you just know it's another of the wives.
Life : selected writings Tim Flannery
Tim Flannery is one of the world's great thinkers, environmental scientists and writers. Sir David Attenborough once described him as being 'in the league of the all-time great explorers like Dr David Livingstone.
Separation of power Vince Flynn
CIA superagent Mitch Rapp is back in action in this high-velocity adventure. CIA director Thomas Stansfield is dead -- a fact many individuals in and around the nation's capital are pleased to hear. But their happiness proves to be short-lived once they learn that Stansfield's successor is the late director's close friend and protégé, Dr. Irene Kennedy. Her plan of action is to pursue the very goals Stansfield established -- something Stansfield's fiercest enemies don't want to hear.
Deadly overtures Sarah Fox
Three talented classical music composers have been named finalists in a composing competition hosted by the Point Grey Philharmonic. With money and egos on the line, it doesn't surprise violinist Midori Bishop that the competition has brought out jealousy and bitter rivalries among the entrants. What does surprise her is finding one of the finalists murdered in the theater.
"I find that offensive!" Claire Fox
When you hear that now ubiquitous phrase 'I find that offensive', you know you're being told to shut up. While the terrible murder of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists demonstrated that those who offend can face the most brutal form of censorship, it also served only to intensify the pre-existing climate that dictates we all have to walk on eggshells to avoid saying anything offensive -- or else. Indeed, competitive offence-claiming is ratcheting up well beyond religious sensibilities.
Palo Alto James Franco
Palo AltoWinesburg, Ohio, Palo Alto presents a stark, vivid, disturbing, but, above all, compassionate portrait of lives on the rough fringes of youth.
Star Trek, Discovery : Dead endless Dave Galanter
Original novel based on the hit series Star Trek: Discovery".
Old filth Jane Gardam
Filth is a lawyer with a practice in the Far East. A few remember that his nickname stands for Failed In London Try Hong Kong. But Old Filth is not as pompous as people imagine, and his past contains many secrets and dark hiding places"--Publisher.
Yellow notebook : diaries. Volume I, 1978-1987 Helen Garner
Helen Garner has kept a diary for almost all her life. But until now, those exercise books filled with her thoughts, observations, frustrations and joys have been locked away, out of bounds, in a laundry cupboard. Finally, Garner has opened her diaries and invited readers into the world behind her novels and works of non-fiction.
America's reluctant prince : the life of John F. Kennedy Jr. Steven Gillon
Through the lens of their decades-long friendship and including exclusive interviews and details from previously classified documents, noted historian Steven M. Gillon examines John F. Kennedy Jr.'s life and legacy from before his birth to the day he died. Gillon covers the highs, the lows, and the surprising incidents, viewpoints, and relationships that John never discussed publicly, revealing the full story behind JFK Jr.'s complicated and rich life.
Bad science Ben Goldacre
Star wars : dark disciple Christie Golden
The Jedi Council pairs brash Jedi Knight Quinlan Vos with infamous one-time Sith acolyte Asajj Ventress to target and kill the man responsible for so many war atrocities, Count Dooku himself.
The unexpected return of Josephine Fox Claire Gradidge
The Utopia of rules : on technology, stupidity, and the secret joys of bureaucracy David Graeber
Leaping from the ascendance of right-wing economics in the second half of the twentieth century to the hidden meanings behind James Bond, Sherlock Holmes, and Batman, The Utopia of Rules An essential book for our times, The Utopia of Rules.
Murdered Midas : a millionaire, his gold mine, and a strange death on an island paradise Charlotte Gray
A gold mine. A millionaire. An island paradise. An unsolved murder. A missing fortune. The story of the infamous Sir Harry Oakes as only Charlotte Gray can tell it On an island paradise in 1943, Sir Harry Oakes, gold mining tycoon, philanthropist and "richest man in the Empire," was murdered. The news of his death surged across the English-speaking world, from London, the Imperial centre, to the remote Canadian mining town of Kirkland Lake, in the Northern Ontario bush.
The big little festival Kellie Hailes
Join the whole village at The Big Little Festival for the perfect summer day out! With only weeks until the little Devon village of Rabbit's Leap holds its first ever festival, Jody McArthur is desperate. She - more than anyone - wants to raise the funds to rebuild the local swimming pool and when she fell pregnant with her twin boys, it was the village who was there to support her.
Red : a crayon's story Michael Hall
Red's factory-applied label clearly says that he is red, but despite the best efforts of his teacher, fellow crayons and art supplies, and family members, he cannot seem to do anything right until a new friend offers a fresh perspective.
Madame Zero Sarah Hall
She is running and becoming smaller, running and becoming smaller, running in the light of the reddening sun, the red of her hair and her coat falling, the red of her fur and her body loosening. Running. Holding behind her a sudden, brazen object, white-tipped. Her yellow scarf trails in the briar. All vestiges shed.Sarah Hall is an exquisite chronicler of landscapes - rural, industrial, psychological - and these haunting stories reveal a writer at the peak of her powers.
A short history of falling : everything I observed about love whilst dying Joe Hammond
A deadly deception Tessa Harris
Where shadows dance C S Harris
Sebastian St. Cyr finds himself in the realm of international intrigue when he investigates the murder of a foreign office diplomat--a murder his reluctant bride-to-be, Hero Jarvis, knows something about. Set in Regency London: July, 1812.
The angel makers Tessa Harris
In Victorian England, clairvoyant flower seller Constance Piper goes searching for the truth behind a new rash of murders in London's East End. With the aid of Detective Constable Hawkins, Constance links the mysterious death of a young prostitute to Mother Delaney's vile trade as a baby farmer".
The baby firebird Paula Harrison
The sky unicorn Paula Harrison
Ava is a dancer with a travelling troupe of entertainers. When Clover, a little unicorn, is trapped by Sir Fitzroy and used to lure the other unicorns into danger, Ava hatches a cunning plan.
The sea pony Paula Harrison
The sixth title in this brilliant series for 7+ readers, full of adventure, magic and friendship. -- When Sophy and Maya arrive and tell Grace that magical creatures all over the kingdom are in terrible danger, Grace knows she has to protect the precious sea ponies. Cruel Lady Cavendish is sailing out into the ocean to catch them in a huge net, so Grace, Maya and Sophy stow away on her ship.
The storm dragon Paula Harrison
Sophy is a maid at the Royal castle in a magical kingdom. When a small dragon crash-lands in the orchard, not only can she understand it, but she knows she must return it to its family. A bad-hearted noble, Sir Fitzroy, wants to destroy all magical creatures in the kingdom and will stop at nothing to do so. Sophy must keep the little creature safe from him and his band of men, and pass on the magical challenge to other girls in other parts of the kingdom.
Delivered with a kiss Marie Harte
Handle with care Marie Harte
Evan Griffith has had a hell of a day ... And that was before he met the stunning, sexy woman having a meltdown. Evan Griffith has had many careers in his life. But who knew working for his family's moving company would hold just as much action as his stint in the Marine Corps' On an unforgettable job, Evan finds himself taken by a teenage conman and confronted by a woman wielding a knife-and promptly falls head over heels for her.
The night raid Clare Harvey
World-renowned artist Dame Laura Knight is in her 60s when the War Office commissions her to paint portraits of 'bomb girls', women who worked in munitions factories in WWII. She's sent back to her hometown of Nottingham and at first she relishes the opportunity for a nostalgia trip, but when she starts work on a portrait of two particular women (Violet Smith, and her co-worker Zelah Pascoe), memories begin to resurface that she has spent half a lifetime trying to forget.
Return to me Robin Lee Hatcher
After squandering her inheritance living a wild life and wasting her talent, Roxy Burke is driven home by desperation, leaving the family and friends in her hometown wondering whether to accept God's grace.
A cat's Christmas carol Sam Hay
Sea kayaking : basic skills, paddling techniques, and trip planning Dan Henderson
Food52 baking : 60 sensational treats you can pull off in a snap Amanda Hesser
A stunning collection of hassle-free recipes for baking cakes, cookies, tarts, puddings, muffins, bread, and more, from the editors behind the leading food website Food52. This next book in the Food52 Works series features 60 baking recipes that won't leave you with an entire kitchen covered in flour or every bowl--dirty--in the sink.
Old Tom Leigh Hobbs
Celebrating 25 years of Leigh Hobbs' mischievous and beloved character.
The Battle of Britain : five months that changed history, May-October 1940 James Holland
If Hitler fails to invade or destroy Britain, he has lost the war," Churchill said in the summer of 1940. He was right. The Battle of Britain was a crucial turning point in the history of the Second World War, and now, acclaimed British historian James Holland has written the definitive account of this battle based on extensive new research from around the world, including thousands of new interviews with people on both sides of the fighting.
Violet S J Holliday
Bride from the sea Frances Housden
Historical romance about a Spanish señorita and a strapping Scottish hero... Celestina is a survivor: she escaped the firestorm of the Armada, she outwitted superstitious sailors bent on her murder, and she swam through a vicious storm after leaping into the sea. When she comes to her senses on a beach, wrapped in the arms - and plaid - of a huge, Scottish laird, she needs only embrace one small lie to ensure her existence: impersonate the mythical Selkie that her rescuer believes her to be.
The cold cold sea Linda Huber
A powerful suspense thriller inspired by the author's work with neurological patients. When three-year-old Olivia disappears, her parents are overwhelmed with grief. Weeks go by and Olivia's mother refuses to leave the cottage, staring out at the turbulent sea and praying it didn't claim her precious daughter's life. Not far away, another mother watches proudly as her daughter starts school.
The paradise trees Linda Huber
He had found exactly the right spot in the woods. A little clearing, green and dim, encircled by tall trees. A magical, mystery place. He would bring his lovely Helen here. . . This time it was going to be perfect. When Alicia Bryson returns to her estranged father & rsquo;s home in a tiny Yorkshire village, she feels burdened by his illness.
Finding faith : a novel Denise Hunter
Set in the high-pressure world of a Chicago television newsroom, author Denise Hunter brings to life a story of intrigue and integrity, of secrets divulged and promises kept. Paula Landin-Cohen's new job as an investigative reporter quickly puts her in the spotlight as she pursues a story that becomes nationally followed as the Switched at Birth Mystery.
The ride of a lifetime : lessons learned from 15 years as CEO of the Walt Disney Company Robert Iger
Darkness revealed Alexandra Ivy
Palaces of pleasure : from music halls to the seaside to football, how the Victorians invented mass entertainment Lee Jackson
The Victorians invented mass entertainment. As the nineteenth century's growing industrialized class acquired the funds and the free time to pursue leisure activities, their desires were satiated by determined entrepreneurs building new venues for popular amusement. Contrary to their reputation as dour, buttoned-up prudes, the Victorians reveled in these newly created palaces of pleasure.
Invisible blood Maxim Jakubowski
Open the files on an anthology of seventeen new crime stories to probe the brutal and complex hearts of criminals, and unravel the strangest of mysteries. Watch as a secretive group of intelligence community officers trace Jack Reacher through Heathrow in Lee Child's "Smile. "In Mary Hoffman's "Fallen Woman", a journalist on the trail of a secretive drug lord gets caught up in the violent suicide of a young woman in Siena.
Would like to meet Polly James
Could the worst thing that's ever happened to Hannah Pinkman also turn out to be one of the best? She and her husband Dan have reached the end of the line. Bored with the same gripes, the same old arguments - in fact, bored with everything - they split up after a trivial row turns into something much more serious. Now Hannah has to make a new life for herself, but that's not easy. She's been so busy being a wife and mum that she's let all her other interests slip away, along with her friends.
Clean straw for nothing and a cartload of clay George Henry Johnston
In the sequel to his semi-autobiographical novel My Brother Jack, George Johnston concludes his Meredith trilogy in this brilliantly evocative, single volume of books two and three: Clean Straw for Nothing (winner of the Miles Franklin Award) and A Cartload of Clay.
The crooked path Irma Joubert
As retired physician Lettie Louw looks back upon her life, she recounts her coming of age in WWII-era South Africa in this compelling story of delayed love, loss, and reconciliation. Lettie Louw is the daughter of the town physician in their South African village. She spends her childhood in the warm African days playing with her friends and being adored by her doting parents.
The everything box : a novel Richard Kadrey
A dark and humorous story involving a doomsday gizmo, a horde of baddies determined to possess its power, and a clever thief who must steal it back. again and again. 2000 B.C.A beautiful, ambitious angel stands on a mountaintop, surveying the world and its little inhabitants below. He smiles because soon, the last of humanity who survived the great flood will meet its end, too. And he should know. He's going to play a big part in it.
The wrong dead guy Richard Kadrey
In this fast paced sequel to The Everything Box,chaos ensues when Coop and the team at DOPS steal a not-quite-dead and very lovesick ancient Egyptian mummy wielding some terrifying magic. Coop, a master thief sort of gone legit, saved the world from an ancient doomsday device-heroism that earned him a gig working for the Department of Peculiar Science, a fearsome top secret government agency that polices the odd and strange.
Exit wounds : nineteen tales of mystery from the modern masters of crime Paul Kane
A brand-new anthology of crime stories written by masters of the genre, including Jeffrey Deaver, Elly Griffiths and Joe R. Landsdale. A brand-new anthology of crime stories written by masters of the genre.
Measure of murder Leslie Karst
Sally Solari is busy juggling work at her family's Italian restaurant, Solari's, and helping Javier plan the autumn menu for the restaurant she's just inherited, Gauguin. Complicating this already hectic schedule, Sally joins her ex-boyfriend Eric's chorus, which is performing a newly discovered version of her favorite composition: the Mozart Requiem . But then, at the first rehearsal, a tenor falls to his death on the church courtyard?and his soprano girlfriend is sure it wasn't an accident.
Murder from scratch Leslie Karst
Restaurateur Sally Solari's cousin Evelyn may be blind, but she can see all too clearly that her chef mother's death wasn't an accidental overdose-she was murdered. Santa Cruz restaurateur Sally Solari's life is already boiling over as she deals with irate cooks and other staffing issues at the busy Gauguin restaurant. The rainy December weather isn't cooling things down, either.
Death al fresco Leslie Karst
In Leslie Karst's third culinary cozy-perfect for fans of Joanne Fluke and Leslie Meier-it's up to Sally Solari to serve up a killer before their family restaurant's reputation goes up in smoke.
The dead student John Katzenbach
Super late bloomer : my early days in transition : an up and out collection Julia Kaye
A highly personal collection documenting the early months of artist Julia Kaye's gender transition. Instead of a traditional written diary, Julia Kaye has always turned to art as a means of self-reflection. So when she began her gender transition in 2016, she decided to use her popular webcomic, Up and Out, to process her journey and help others with similar struggles realize they weren't alone.
Brazil Ross Kemp
Love poems : (for people with children) John Kenney
Based on his wildly popular New Yorker piece, Thurber Prize-winner John Kenney presents a hilarious collection of love poems for, well, married people".
Colours aloft! Alexander Kent
Success to the brave Alexander Kent
A tradition of victory Alexander Kent
For my country's freedom Alexander Kent
Sword of honour Alexander Kent
Cross of St George Alexander Kent
The darkening sky Alexander Kent
Second to none Alexander Kent
June 1815 On the eve of Waterloo, a sense of finality and cautious hope pervade a nation wearied by decades of war. But peace will present its own challenge to Adam Bolitho, captain of His Majesty's Ship Unrivalled, as many of his contemporaries face the prospect of discharge. The life of a frigate captain is always lonely, but for Adam, mourning the death of his uncle Admiral Sir Richard Bolitho, that solitude acquires a deeper poignancy.
Beyond the reef Alexander Kent
In March 1808, as Napoleon holds Portugal and threatens his old ally Spain, Vice-Admiral Sir Richard Bolitho is dispatched once more to the Cape of Good Hope to establish a permanent naval force there. Setting aside his bitter memories and the anguish of a friendship betrayed, Bolitho takes passage in the ill-fated Golden Plover.
Diary of an awesome friendly kid : Rowley Jefferson's journal Jeff Kinney
Rowley's best friend Greg Heffley has been chronicling his middle-school years in thirteen Diary of a Wimpy Kid journals . . . and counting. But it's finally time for readers to hear directly from Rowley in a journal of his own. In Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid, Rowley writes about his experiences and agrees to play the role of biographer for Greg along the way. After all, one day Greg will be rich and famous, and everyone will want to know his life's story.
Survival of thenNicest Stefan Klein
The phrase 'survival of the fittest' conjures an image of the most cutthroat individuals rising to the top. But Stefan Klein, author of the international bestseller The Science of Happiness, makes the startling assertion that the key to achieving lasting personal and societal success lies in helping others. Klein argues that altruism is in fact our defining characteristic: natural selection favoured those early humans who cooperated in groups.
The upside-down kingdom Donald Kraybill
The right to be lazy Paul Lafargue
Someone we know Shari Lapeña
Man vs. durian Jackie Lau
The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls Claire Legrand
At the Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls, you will definitely learn your lesson. An atmospheric, heartfelt, and delightfully spooky novel for fans of Coraline, Splendors and Glooms, and The Mysterious Benedict Society. Victoria hates nonsense. There is no need for it when your life is perfect. The only smudge on her pristine life is her best friend Lawrence. He is a disaster'lazy and dreamy, shirt always untucked, obsessed with his silly piano.
The man who saw everything Deborah Levy
It is 1988 and Saul Adler, a narcissistic young historian, has been invited to Communist East Berlin to do research; in exchange, he must publish a favorable essay about the German Democratic Republic. As a gift for his translator's sister, a Beatles fanatic who will be his host, Saul's girlfriend will shoot a photograph of him standing in the crosswalk on Abbey Road, an homage to the famous album cover.
Compartment no. 6 Rosa Liksom
A sad young woman boards a train in Moscow. Bound for Mongolia, she's trying to leave a broken relationship as far behind her as she can. Wanting to be alone, she chooses an empty compartment - No 6. Her solitude is soon shattered by the arrival of a fellow passenger: Vadim Nikolayevich Ivanov, a grizzled, opinionated and foul-mouthed ex-soldier, 'a cauliflower-eared man in a black workingman's overcoat and a white ermine hat'.
Strays C Alexander London
As American troops are being pulled out of Vietnam, young soldier Chuck goes AWOL when he learns that the Army intends to euthanize his companion, military working dog Ajax.
Divided we fall C Alexander London
Andrew believes in the importance of loyalty. He is loyal to his family, his hound dog Dash, and his country the Confederate States of America. Although he's too young to join the Confederate Army, Andrew is welcomed into the Home Guard, a group of men who track down deserters and runaways. He and Dash make a great team. But hunting people is very different from hunting raccoons. And soon Andrew's loyalty will be tested like never before.
Semper fido C Alexander London
Gus Dempsey is a newly trained dog handler in the United States Marine Corps, and when he is deployed to Afghanistan he is paired with Loki, a bomb-sniffing black Labrador with a mischievous streak.
Return to zero Pittacus Lore
The consequence of his vengeance Jennie Lucas
His goal: entice, seduce, reject...Ten years ago, with her father arrested for fraud, Letty Spencer became the most hated ex-socialite in Manhattan, forced to push away the only man she's ever loved. Now Darius Kyrillos is no longer just the poor chauffeur's son and he's come back to claim her! Instead of slaking his thirst for vengeance, Darius was consumed by insatiable need the moment his lips touched Letty's again.
Without a trace Carissa Ann Lynch
Lily's gone. Someone took her. Unless she was she never there ... A little girl has gone missing. Lily was last seen being tucked into bed by her adoring mother, Nova. But the next morning, the bed is empty except for a creepy toy rabbit. Has Nova's abusive ex stolen his "little bunny" back for good' At first, Officer Ellie James assumes this is a clear custody battle.
Fireborn Katie MacAlister
What if a war was taking place under your nose? Two ancient races locked in a battle for survival. Which side would you take? Allegria appears to all to be nothing more than a simple priestess devoted to worship of the sun goddess. Hallow is a masterless apprentice. Deo was meant to save the world and bring the Fireborn and Starborn together in peace. But then invaders beseiged the land of the Starborn, breaking the prophecy. Now Allegria has fled the priesthood, and wields the power of the sun.
Tom Clancy's enemy contact Mike Maden
The inner work of racial justice : healing ourselves and transforming our communities through mindfulness Rhonda Magee
Law professor and mindfulness practitioner Rhonda Magee shows that the work of racial justice begins with ourselves. When conflict and division are everyday realities, our instincts tell us to close ranks, to find the safety of our own tribe, and to blame others.
Strangers on a bridge Louise Mangos
She should never have saved him. When Alice Reed goes on her regular morning jog in the peaceful Swiss Alps, she doesn't expect to save a man from suicide. But she does. And it is her first mistake. Adamant they have an instant connection, Manfred's charming exterior grows darker and his obsession with Alice grows stronger. In a country far from home, where the police don't believe her, the locals don't trust her and even her husband questions the truth about Manfred, Alice has nowhere to turn.
Dead girls dancing Graham Masterton
Katie Maguire investigates the deaths of thirteen Irish folk dancers in a mysterious fire.
Scattered minds : the origins and healing of attention deficit disorder Gabor Maté
Close encounters with addiction Gabor Maté
Close encounters with addiction is a lecture Dr. Gabor Maté gave in Los Angeles in April 2011. He talks about his experience as a physician and how many of his patients suffer from mental illness, drug addiction and HIV, or all three.
Murder at the spa Stefanie Matteson
Murder at teatime Stefanie Matteson
Oscar-winning actress Charlotte Graham must turn amateur sleuth to save an island in this atmospheric cozy mystery set in remote Bar Harbor, Maine After more than forty years in Hollywood and on Broadway, something strange has happened to Charlotte Graham. The run of her latest play has ended, and the legendary actress is forcing herself to do something unprecedented: She's taking a vacation.
The Ashtons : Paige, Grant & Trace Barbara McCauley
The Highest Bidder by Roxanne St. Claire: Socialite Paige Ashton never expected to enter the bachelorette charity auction she organised. When Walker Camberlane saw her uncomfort on stage, he decided to rescue Paige with the highest bid--but he was also interested in her for an altogether different reason. Savour the Seduction by Laura Wrigh: tGrant Ashton thought beautiful single mum Anna Sheridan deserved a perfect his family's history would never allow him to give her.
The rich man's house Andrew McGahan
In the freezing Antarctic waters south of Tasmania, a mountain was discovered in 1642 by the seafaring explorer Gerrit Jansz. Not just any mountain but one that Jansz estimated was an unbelievable height of twenty-five thousand metres. In 2016, at the foot of this unearthly mountain, a controversial and ambitious 'dream home', the Observatory, is painstakingly constructed by an eccentric billionaire - the only man to have ever reached the summit.
Beautiful death Fiona McIntosh
DCI Jack Hawksworth is back, working on a high-profile case breaking in London. A calculating serial killer is on the loose, committing the most gruesome of murders as he 'trophies' the faces of his victims. With each new atrocity, the public and police force are getting more desperate for results. Hawk pulls together a strong and experienced taskforce, who soon find themselves caught up in a murky world of illegal immigrants and human organ trading.
Supernova Marissa Meyer
The source : a novel James A Michener
An archaeological excavation of Tell Makor launches a journey into the history and culture of the Jews that includes the early Hebrews, the impact of Christianity, the Spanish Inquisition, and the modern Middle East conflict.
Food52 genius desserts : 100 recipes that will change the way you bake Kristen Miglore
Genius Desserts is the book that will transform the way you bake-- with just the right answers for every moment that needs a sweet (so, pretty much every moment). When you're not a baker but you need the birthday cake. When you've tried every chocolate mousse but haven't found one that sticks. When you're short on time and want your efforts in the kitchen to count"--From page 2 of cover.
Capitalism, alone : the future of the system that rules the world Branko Milanović
For the first time in history, the globe is dominated by one economic system. Capitalism prevails because it delivers prosperity and meets desires for autonomy. But it also is unstable and morally defective. Surveying the varieties and futures of capitalism, Branko Milanovic offers creative solutions to improve a system that isn't going anywhere".
Normal sucks : how to live, learn, and thrive outside the lines Jonathan Mooney
A writer diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD as a child explores the toll the system takes on kids who are not "normal" and advocates for a revolution in the way society thinks about diversity, abilities, and disabilities.
Burnout : the secret to solving the stress cycle Emily Nagoski
The autism discussion page on stress, anxiety, shutdowns and meltdowns : proactive strategies for minimizing sensory, social and emotional overload Bill Nason
The autism discussion page on the core challenges of autism : a toolbox for helping children with autism feel safe, accepted, and competent Bill Nason
This book compiles posts from the popular online Autism Discussion Page to provide simple and effective strategies for helping children with autism spectrum disorders to feel safe, accepted and competent. This volume focuses on the core challenges faced by those with autism: cognitive, sensory, social and emotional.
Unlocking German with Paul Noble : your key to language success Paul Noble
Ever tried to learn German and found it too hard? Best-selling language expert Paul Noble has a quick and easy way to get you back on track with his unique tried-and-tested method.
We three heroes Lynette Noni
Alexandra Jennings might be the hero of the Medoran Chronicles, but she would be lost without her three closest friends. They are her strength, they are her hope, they are the reason she keeps fighting. To Alex, her friends are the real heroes, and like all heroes, they each have their own story. -- Walk beside Bear in Hearts and Headstones as he faces an unspeakable trauma while helping his world prepare for the coming war.D.C., Jordan and Bear are the heroes of their own stories.
El bueno de Oliver Liz Nugent
Liz Nugent's novel of psychological suspense is a complex and elegant study of the making of a sociopath in the tradition of Barbara Vine and Patricia Highsmith. Oliver Ryan is a handsome and charismatic success story. He lives in the leafy suburbs with his wife, Alice, who illustrates his award-winning children's books and gives him her unstinting devotion.
Skin deep Liz Nugent
It is not difficult to pretend to be somebody else.
Girl Edna O'Brien
Isabel's wedding Pamela Oldfield
An unexpected letter brings life-changing news in this suspenseful tale of family secrets and ties. Olivia Fratton will scream if she hears the words 'Isabel's wedding' one more time; she's struggling to cope with her little sister's demands on their limited budget. But Olivia is not the only Fratton with worries: Isabel, older brother Theo and the 'golden boy' of the family, Luke, all have their own troubles.
One wild Christmas Nicholas Oldland
There once was a bear, a moose and a beaver who loved to celebrate Christmas. One Christmas Eve, the three friends were so caught up with their holiday preparations that they forgot about the most important decoration of all: a tree! So they ran out to the forest to find the perfect sweet-smelling, soft-needled, just-the-right-size tree! But there was one problem: the bear, who loved all trees, wouldn't let his friends cut it down.
Veg : easy & delicious meals for everyone Jamie Oliver
15-minute meals Jamie Oliver
Packed with delicious, nutritionally balanced meals, Jamie's 15-Minute Meals will arm you with the skills to create wonderful meals, shockingly fast Jamie's created methodical, clever, sociable, fun recipes full of big flavours that take the concept of fast, everyday food to a new level. He's taken inspiration from all over the world, embracing tastes that we all love and playing on classic chicken, steak, pasta and global street food dishes.
5 ingredients : quick & easy food Jamie Oliver
Quick and Easy Food ... and more, in his most straightforward cookbook yet. It's all about making the journey to good food, super-simple. Every recipe uses just five key ingredients, ensuring you can get a plate of food together fast, whether it's finished and on the table super-quickly, or after minimal hands-on prep, you've let the oven do the hard work for you. We're talking quality over quantity, a little diligence on the cooking front, and in return massive flavour.
Killing the SS : the hunt for the worst war criminals in history Bill O'Reilly
Confronting Nazi evil is the subject of the latest installment in the mega-bestselling Killing series. As the true horrors of the Third Reich began to be exposed immediately after World War II, the Nazi war criminals who committed genocide went on the run. A few were swiftly caught, including the notorious SS leader, Heinrich Himmler. Others, however, evaded capture through a sophisticated Nazi organization designed to hide them.
Silent night man Diana Palmer
New York Times bestselling author Diana Palmer revisits a tale of danger and true love under the mistletoe...What does Millie Evans want in her stocking for Christmas? Just one feel safe. Even though her stalker is dead, he arranged for a hit man to kill her. Now the special government agent Millie has loved from afar for years has vowed to protect her. The man of her dreams seems finally within her grasp...
Amelia Diana Palmer
Amelia Howard cherishes her desert country. The dazzling colors, white heat, and rough sensuality of west Texas stir her very soul. But there's a serpent in her paradise: King Culhane. A towering sunburned cowboy with silver eyes that miss nothing, he's a man she's come to despise--no matter how much she had worshiped him when she was younger.
The bride who was stolen in the night Diana Palmer
Return to big sky country with this fan-favourite contemporary romance from New York Times bestselling author Diana PalmerYoung, innocent Abby Turner is determined to marry Mr. Absolutely Wrong. And no one can seem to stop her - until her childhood crush rides back into town, and into her life. Chayce Derringer has deliberately kept his distance from sweet Abby.
The snow man Diana Palmer
Colorado winters are rugged and cold, but there's nothing warmer than a cowboy's tender kiss to ignite the spirit of the season . . . Meadow Dawson needs Santa to deliver a solution to her management of the enormous Colorado ranch she's inherited. YouTube videos just aren't going to cut it. Too bad she's not on speaking terms with the one man who can help her out. . . .
Any man of mine Diana Palmer
A loving arrangement: As Greyson McCallum's longtime assistant, Abby is used to his irascibility. But when a dangerous figure from her past reappears, Greyson offers to protect her in an unexpected way and Abby can't resist.
Mountain man Diana Palmer
Everyone in Nicole White's office knew their boss's mysterious older brother kept away from women at all costs. After being burned in the past, brooding Winthrop Christopher was now twice shy, to say the least. So when Nicole traveled to Winthrop's Montana home, she was prepared for a standoffish host...and instead found the most intriguing man she'd ever met. After his ex-fiancee left him high and dry, Winthrop refused to give any woman the time of day.
Man of the hour Diana Palmer
Two stories featuring heroes who risk everything for the women they can't forget.
For now and forever : Dark surrender ; Colour love blue Diana Palmer
Dark Surrender: When Maggie Sterline causes an accident that changes Saxon Tremayne's life forever, she'll do anything to right her wrongs. Even if that means staying in South Carolina to care for the fierce, accomplished giant whose world has suddenly turned dark. Though Saxon's raw emotions are unsettling, Maggie is able to help him confront his new reality, and soon the beauty is drawn to this beast.
Let your life speak : listening for the voice of vocation Parker J Palmer
"Is the life I am living the same as the life that wants to live in me?" With this searching question, Parker Palmer begins an insightful and moving meditation on finding one's true calling. Let Your Life Speak is an openhearted gift to anyone who seeks to live authentically." "Sharing stories of frailty and strength, of darkness and light, Palmer shows that vocation is not a goal to be achieved but a gift to be received."--Jacket.
#Taken : wrong time, wrong place, wrong girl Tony Parsons
#Taken in the night: They thought they were kidnapping the mistress of one of London's most powerful gangsters. But they've taken the wrong woman. And crossed the wrong detective. #Taken underground: Detective Max Wolfe's hunt for the missing woman takes him from New Scotland Yard's legendary Black Museum to the glittering mansions of career criminals, from sleazy strip joints to secret sex dungeons - and to unspeakably dark deeds committed decades ago. #Taken to the limi:.
Escaping the build trap : how effective product management creates real value Melissa Perri
Burning bright Nick Petrie
Peter Ash has a woman's life in his hands - and her mystery is stranger than he could ever imagine.
Dog man : fetch-22 Dav Pilkey
Petey the Cat is out of jail, and he has a brand-new lease on life. While Petey's reevaluated what matters most, Li'l Petey is struggling to find the good in the world.
Marcel's letters : a font and the search for one man's fate Carolyn Porter
A graphic designer's search for inspiration leads to a cache of letters and the mystery of one man's fate during World War II. Seeking inspiration for a new font design in an antique store in small-town Stillwater, Minnesota, graphic designer Carolyn Porter stumbled across a bundle of letters and was immediately drawn to their beautifully expressive pen-and-ink handwriting.
Beatrix Potter ultimate collection : 22 children's books with complete oroiginal illustrations Beatrix Potter
A half baked idea : how grief, love and cake took me from the courtroom to Le Cordon Bleu Olivia Potts
Dark web Jerome Preisler
The number-one threat to our nation's security is in cyberspace. The new U.S. president wants to tackle the urgent problem head-on and launches a top-secret line of defense: Net Force. But before the organisation can be announced, the country is hit by an unprecedented, two-pronged terror attack.
Ready to fall Daisy Prescott
When you fall, you fall hard... Tall, dark, and handsome is an understatement when it comes to John Day. With rugged good looks, his ever present plaid shirt, and a dog named Babe, John is a modern alpha male lumberjack in more ways than one. Lurking beneath the gruff exterior and beard could be the heart of a romantic.
On reading well : finding the good life through great books Karen Swallow Prior
An acclaimed author helps readers learn to love life, literature, and God through their encounters with great writing.
I won't be home for Christmas Amanda Prowse
While her free-spirited daughter travels the world, Vivienne prepares for a lonely Christmas in Bristol, with her best friend Ellen and her ancient dog Bob. Then a letter arrives that changes everything. Vivienne's daughter is getting married in New Zealand, and she wants her mum and Ellen by her side. But out on the rugged coast of Tutukaka, the sea sparkles, romance beckons ₆ and Vivienne falls under the spell of another life.
The Gingerbread Cafe trilogy Rebecca Raisin
Enjoy the warmth, cupcakes and hot chocolate of The Gingerbread Cafe series, and follow Lil's journey to happily ever after... Lil has every recipe down, from gingerbread men to cinnamon muffins. So when gorgeous outsider Damon opens a shop opposite The Gingerbread Cafe, Lil refuses to let him steal her customers without a fight - no matter how much he makes her heart flutter.
Chocolate dreams at the Gingerbread Café Rebecca Raisin
The Gingerbread Café is all a buzz! This Easter, Lily and the rest of the town of Ashford, Connecticut are planning a truly decadent Chocolate Festival. Cooking up a storm, CeeCee and Lily are not just baking a batch of their sinfully delicious chocolate-dipped gingerbread men, but an excess of chocolate truffles, squidgy, cinnamony hot cross buns and melt in your mouth chocolate eggs.
My mother, the psychopath : you love her, you should trust her, so why are you afraid of her? Olivia Rayne
Home sausage making : from fresh and cooked to smoked, dried, and cured : 100 specialty recipes Charles Reavis
This completely revised and updated edition of the best-selling classic features detailed sausage-making instructions for a range of techniques and 100 recipes for pork, beef, lamb, veal, wild game, poultry, seafood, and vegetarian sausages -- plus 100 recipes for cooking with sausage.
Cowboy firefighter Christmas kiss Kim Redford
When Ivy Bryant arrives in town to run the historic honkytonk, she finds herself immersed in traditions that can't be bucked. Luckily, cowboy firefighter Slade Steele has an idea to increase both the honkytonk's income, and his own. It's an offer Ivy couldn't refuse, even if the passion between them wasn't already reaching the boiling point.
The beach house Beth Reekles
The Glory Boys Douglas Reeman
In January of 1943 Bob Kearton, one of the "Glory Boys", is ordered to the Mediterranean where he is given charge of a flotilla of motor torpedo boats, and ordered to run a campaign of stealth, subterfuge and daring.
Beyond beautiful : a practical guide to being happy, confident, and you in a looks-obsessed world Anuschka Rees
A prescriptive, empowering, and psychology-driven guide to building confidence in your body, clothes, beauty, and life in the era of toxic social media-driven beauty standards. Between picture-perfect Instagram celebrities, ultra-lean fitness gurus, and effortlessly chic fashion influencers, it's getting harder and harder to feel good about the way we look.
Swamp bones Kathy Reichs
Back to Texas Amanda Renee
Bridgett Jameson is the talk of Ramblewood...and not in a good way! With her newfound sister moving to town, her true father being exposed and the knowledge that her mother has lied to her since birth, Bridgett wants to get the heck out of Dodge. But when a handsome, mysterious stranger arrives, she finds her determination wavering. His family wants nothing to do with him, and Adam Steele can't say he blames them. He's denied their existence for years in his pursuit of fame and glory.
Francine Pascal's Sweet Valley High. 1, Academic all-star? Katy Rex
When Jessica falls in love with her Shakespeare teacher, she begins to act like her studious twin sister Elizabeth to impress him. Now it's up to Elizabeth to make sure that all's well that end well--but with Jessica playing her role, will anyone be able to tell which twin is which?"--Provided by publisher.
The Advent storybook : 25 Bible stories showing why Jesus came Laura Richie
In this beautifully illustrated children's storybook, 25 stories-one for each day of December leading through to Christmas-trace the promise of God's rescuer, from Creation up to Jesus' birth in Bethlehem.
Unsinkable : how to bounce back quickly when life knocks you down Sonia Ricotti
Heroes of Olympus : the complete series Rick Riordan
The last Olympian : the graphic novel Rick Riordan
The atheist's guide to reality : enjoying life without illusions Alexander Rosenberg
We can't avoid the persistent questions about the meaning of life and the nature of reality. Philosopher Alex Rosenberg maintains that science is the only thing that can really answer them--all of them. His upbeat book takes physics seriously as the complete description of reality and accepts all its consequences.
One Christmas Wish Katherine Rundell
It's Christmas Eve and Theo ₆ left at home with a babysitter ₆ sees an odd-looking star out of his window and decides to make a wish. He wishes that he had some friends to keep him company. Moments later the Christmas decorations begin to disentangle themselves from the tree behind him, ready to wreak a little havoc ...
Secret slave : kidnapped and abused for 13 years ; this is my story of survival Anna Ruston
'You're not going home. You're not going anywhere. You're mine now.'Growing up in a deeply troubled family, 15-year-old Anna felt lost and alone in the world. So when a friendly taxi driver befriended her, Anna welcomed the attention. She agreed to go home with him to meet his family. She wouldn't escape for over a decade. Held captive by a sadistic paedophile, with the full acceptance of his family, Anna was subjected to despicable levels of sexual abuse and torture.
Seduced by second chances Reese Ryan
He's the one man she's always wanted...her sister's ex! Gideon Johns inspired singer Jessie Humphrey to write her first hit about unrequited love. So when a star-studded event brings Jessie face-to-face with her former crush, sparks fly. But the handsome-as-ever real estate billionaire is still her sister's ex. Still off-limits. Still impossible to resist.
Lock every door Riley Sager
What your ADHD child wishes you knew : working together to empower kids for success in school and life Sharon Saline
A veteran psychologist presents a proven roadmap to help ADHD kids succeed in school and life. You've read all the expert advice, but despite countless efforts to help your child cope better and stay on track, you're still struggling with everyday issues like homework, chores, getting to soccer practice on time, and simply getting along without pushback and power struggles.
The catcher in the rye J D Salinger
Certain prey John Sandford
Coming home for Christmas Patricia Scanlan
Alison's American dream is in tatters. Her highflying career is on the skids and her Upper East Side apartment is now way beyond her means. But pride prevents her from telling her family back home just how bad things are. Olivia is fraught trying to juggle family, career, preparations for Christmas and organize a surprise party for their mother's seventieth birthday. How she envies, and sometimes resents, her sister Alison and her life of excitement and affluence in New York.
A gift to you Patricia Scanlan
A warm, wise, funny and heartfelt collection of short stories from bestselling novelist Patricia Scanlan - the perfect gift and the perfect treat. Collected to celebrate Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and birthdays, as well as offering wise words on how to deal with difficult days, these stories will entertain and delight readers.
Apartment 3b Patricia Scanlan
Luxurious, expensive Apartment 3B is for sale. Many want it, only one can buy it. Its owner, Liz Lacey, successful artist and darling of the jetset, is about to make dramatic changes in her life. Many of Dublin's elite come to view her apartment: sophisticated, cosmopolitan Lainey Conroy, globe-trotting media personality; Hugh Cassidy; gentle, determined Claire Moran who has triumphed over adversity; ambitious but tender-hearted Dominic Kent.
The Mouse Mansion : Sam and Julia Karina Schaapman
Sam and Julia live in a wonderful place called Mouse Mansion. Sam is super shy and very well behaved, while Julia is super curious and very stubborn. The two mice couldn't be more different, but they are the best of friends. Whenever Julia gets bored, she goes looking for Sam, and they have all sorts of adventures together. Come along as they discover a secret cubbyhouse, greet the ragman and learn to make pancakes. There is a shop that sells everything and a box full of treasure.
Tunnel of bones Victoria Schwab
Now in Paris with her parents who are filming their TV show about the world's haunted cities, Cassidy Blake (who can see ghosts) and her friend Jacob (who is a ghost) are alert for trouble, especially when the filming takes them into the underground Catacombs, the empire of the dead, where Cassidy accidentally awakens a powerful poltergeist spirit--one whose mystery she must solve before his power in unleashed on the whole city..
Her outback haven Annie Seaton
Dane McDougal has purchased land to build a luxury fishing lodge at a remote beachside location on the Gulf of Carpentaria. Reclusive potter and single mother, Nicole Curtis, has a three year lease with the former owner. Dane was unaware that the house had a tenant, and he expects her to move out. Nicole digs her heels in, fearing for their lives if she and four-year-old Binnie have to move from this house in the wilderness.
A little light mischief Cat Sebastian
A seductive thie. fLady's maid Molly Wilkins is done with thieving--and cheating and stabbing and all the rest of it. She's determined to keep her hands to herself, so she really shouldn't be tempted to seduce her employer's prim and proper companion, Alice. But how can she resist when Alice can't seem to keep her eyes off Molly?Finds her own heartFor the first time in her life, Alice Stapleton has absolutely nothing to do.
How to keep your cool : an ancient guide to anger management Lucius Annaeus Seneca
Timeless wisdom on controlling anger in personal life and politics from the Roman Stoic philosopher and statesman SenecaIn his essay "On Anger" (De Ira), the Roman Stoic thinker Seneca (c. 4 BC-65 AD) argues that anger is the most destructive passion: "No plague has cost the human race more dear." This was proved by his own life, which he barely preserved under one wrathful emperor, Caligula, and lost under a second, Nero.
Inheritance Dani Shapiro
The women of the castle Jessica Shattuck
The silence before thunder Kathy Shuker
It's midsummer and the annual writing workshops are about to begin at the sprawling Devon home of novelist Eleanor Lambe. A group of old friends arrive to act as tutors, bringing past rivalries and resentments with them. They include Eleanor's former lover, the charismatic poet Frank Marwell, and his new fiancée.The same night, Eleanor falls from her clifftop garden and lies in hospital, damaged, silent. Gossip says she jumped; the police rule out foul play.
The prince of Broadway Joanna Shupe
A ruthless casino owner bent on revenge finds his plans upended by a beautiful woman who proves to be more determined than he is--and too irresistible to deny.
My parents cancelled My Birthday Jo Simmons
Body of work : finding the thread that ties your story together Pamela Slim
These days it's increasingly rare to have a stable career in any field. More and more of us are blending big company jobs, startup gigs, freelance work, and volunteer side projects. We take chances to expand our knowledge, capabilities, and experience. But how do we make sense of that kind of career-and explain it? Pamela Slim, the acclaimed author of Escape from Cubicle Nation, gives us the tools to have meaningful careers in this new world of work.
Small-town face-off Tyler Anne Snell
For this lawman, it's do or die in Riker County! Bound to protect and serve, Sheriff Billy Reed has tried to let his career be enough. But he could never forget Mara Copeland, the woman who left without a goodbye and hurt him without warning. Now she's back with criminals on her trail and a child in her arms. His child.Mara didn't trust the future she and Billy could've had. He's a lawman and she was born into a world of ruthless criminals. Still, he'll do anything to protect their daughter.
Dead on cue Sally Spencer
With the newspapers screaming for a quick solution, this is a case no one else wants to touch so, naturally, it is Chief Inspector Woodend who finds himself left holding the baby.
How many quacks till Christmas? Mark Sperring
'How many quacks till Christmas?' the ducklings want to know. 'How many quacks till Christmas?' and 'Quack, will there be snow?'Puppy is pouncing round the farmyard one evening, when he is assailed by various animals wanting to know how many quacks, moos, baas or neighs there are until Christmas. Luckily, the answer is - only one! With lashings of Christmas joy, and much fun to be had with animal noises, this is the perfect funny Christmas gift.
Renia's diary : a young girl's life in the shadow of the Holocaust Renia Spiegel
Silent spring Nikki Springer
Lost for words : a novel Edward St Aubyn
Edward St. Aubyn's Patrick Melrose novels were some of the most celebrated works of fiction of the past decade. Now St. Aubyn returns with a hilariously smart send-up of a certain major British literary award. The judges on the panel of the Elysian Prize for Literature must get through hundreds of submissions to find the best book of the year.
Cappuccino kisses Yahrah St John
The sweetest merger of all... Triple chocolate cupcakes can help get a girl through the tough times--especially after Mariah Drayson's dream marriage ends in heartbreak. Now the gifted baker has been handed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: running the Seattle branch of her family's legendary Chicago patisserie. The competition is stiff. Until high-end coffee importer Everett Myers comes up with a sinfully tempting proposition.
Delicious destiny Yahrah St John
It has been almost five years since Shari Drayson graduated college--almost five years since she had her heart broken. Now the only man in her life is her cherished son, Andre. But her life is full, and her family's bakery is about to appear in a baking competition on national TV. Who needs love when you've got pastries?When Grant Robinson finally tracks Shari down in Chicago, he expects she will still be beautiful. He expects she will still be smart.
The last resort Marissa Stapley
Feast without fear : food and the delay, don't deny lifestyle Gin Stephens
In Delay, Don't Deny, Gin Stephens taught people around the world how to live an intermittent fasting lifestyle. Still, many wonder what foods they should be eating for best results. Is there one best diet that works for every one of us? The surprising answer to that question is an emphatic No In Feast Without Fear, the follow up to Delay, Don't Deny, you will learn what makes each of us unique, and why there is not a one-size-fits-all approach, no matter what all of the diet books promise you.
Parenting with presence : practices for raising conscious, confident, caring kids Susan Stiffelman
Help for parents in applying spiritual principles to everyday child-care, from a therapist and parenting expert. Advice on finding peace, presence, self-acceptance, and happiness in the midst of raising children; other topics include improving communication skills, taking responsibility, managing stress, and cultivating empathy, vulnerability, and compassion.
Singapore sapphire A M Stuart
Singapore, 1910. sperate for a fresh start, Harriet Gordon finds herself living with her brother in Singapore at the height of colonial rule. Hoping to gain some financial independence, she advertises her services as a personal secretary. Unfortunately she discovers her first client dead with a knife in his throat. When Inspector Robert Curran is put on the case, Harriet joins him in investigating what turns out to be a treacherous web of deceit.
Perfectly preventable deaths Deirdre Sullivan
Dasher Matt Tavares
Dasher is an adventurous young reindeer with a wish in her heart. She spends her days with her family under the hot sun in a traveling circus, but she longs for a different life - one where there is snow beneath her hooves and the North Star above her head. One day, when the opportunity arises, Dasher seizes her destiny and takes off in pursuit of the life she wants to live. It's not long before she meets a nice man in a red suit with a horse-drawn sleigh - a man named Santa.
Prepared : what kids need for a fulfilled life Diane Tavenner
Diane Tavenner, founder of Summit Public Schools, offers a blueprint for a better way to educate our children, based on the revolutionary lessons, insights, and methodology she and her faculty developed over 15 years at their famously successful charter schools in California and Washington, which she is now introducing to public school systems across the country that Summit is partnering with to transform education and better prepare our children to lead fulfilled and successful lives.
Pathways : Star Trek Voyager Jeri Taylor
Mosaic Jeri Taylor
The recruit Brad Taylor
Retired Delta Force officer Brad Taylor's exciting new short story features Taskforce operators Knuckles and Decoy, as the two stumble upon an audacious plot when they least expect it. Includes an exclusive preview of Brad Taylor's eighth Pike Logan thriller, The Insider Threat, coming July 7, 2015. When Taskforce operator Knuckles brings his old friend Decoy, a former teammate from the Navy SEALs, to Lima, Peru, he wonders if he's made a mistake.
The target Brad Taylor
1998. A year after a disastrous mission in Amman, Jordan, Israeli operative Aaron Bergman and his Samson team feel more like outcasts than ever. Fearful that his team is about to be disbanded, Aaron is thrown another curve: a cast-off operative named Shoshana, who nobody in the Mossad trusts, and who all feel is a traitor. When the new commander of the Mossad summons them immediately after being sworn in, Aaron's fears are confirmed.
Days of rage Brad Taylor
The Taskforce must stop their most devastating threat yet - a weapon of mass destruction. The Taskforce is used to being the hunter, but this time they're the hunted. Intent on embroiling the US in a quagmire that will sap its economy and drain its legitimacy, Russia passes a potential weapon of mass destruction to Boko Haram, an extreme Islamic sect in Nigeria. A relic of the Cold War, the Russian FSB believes the weapon has deteriorated and is no longer effective, but they are wrong.
Human face Aline Templeton
Carrion comfort Aline Templeton
Gabrielle, daughter of a brilliant and charismatic local businessman, thinks she's losing her mind. Recovering from a nervous breakdown triggered by her father's death and the loss of her unborn child, her sanity is pushed to the brink when she starts suffering memory lapses. Knowing that the other major shareholder of her father's business is looking for any excuse to squeeze her out, Gabrielle can't trust anyone.
Evil for evil Aline Templeton
In a sea-cave on Lovatt Island, just off the west coast of Scotland, a skeleton is found shackled to the rocks. Although the apparent victim of a crime of unparalleled brutality, the skeleton seems to belong firmly in the past. Detective Inspector Marjory Fleming, called in to investigate, anticipates a straightforward case unhampered by the pressures of time.
Ransom Canyon Jodi Thomas
Mistletoe miracles Jodi Thomas
A small-town Texas Christmas story, where hearts are lost, love is found and family always brings you back homeGriffin Holloway is desperate: the Maverick Ranch has been in his family for generations, but lately, it's a money pit. He'd sooner marry one of his horses than sell the ranch. Marriage, though, could be a solution. If he can woo a wealthy bride, he might save the ranch - just in time for Christmas.Jaxon O'Grady likes his solitude just fine, thank you very much.
The future she left behind Marin Thomas
One woman's journey home gets derailed by her soon-to-be ex-mother-in-law in a novel filled with humor, small-town charm, rekindled love, and the resilient ties of family. Cast aside by her cheating husband, Katelyn Chandler is ready to pack it all in and drive home to Little Springs, Texas. She wants a chance to regroup, reconnect with her mother, and get back to her art. But Shirley Pratt--master manipulator, elitist snob, and Katelyn's terror of a live-in monster-in-law--has other ideas.
The promise of forgiveness Marin Thomas
A novel of love, forgiveness, and the unbreakable bonds of family from award-nominated author Marin Thomas. When it comes to family, Ruby Baxter hasn't had much luck. The important men in her early life abandoned her, and any time a decent boyfriend came along, she ran away. But now Ruby is thirty and convinced she is failing her teenage daughter. Mia is the one good thing in her life, and Ruby hopes a move to Kansas will fix what's broken between them.
My sh*t therapist & other mental health stories Michelle Thomas
This is not a story about breakdown and recovery. This is a story about the day-to-day reality of living with depression and mental illness. When Michelle Thomas suffered her first major depressive episode in 2013, she read and watched and listened to everything she could get her immaculately-manicured hands on in an effort to fix herself. God, it was tedious. Painfully earnest, bone-dry material, that read more like messages of condolence than support.
Married for the Italian's heir Rachael Thomas
She'd pay the price with two words. I do. After a shocking media exposé reveals that the compelling stranger she lost her virginity to is debauched bachelor Dante Mancini, Piper Riley is stunned! Their unexpected but exquisite night has left them inextricably bound... When Dante learns that Piper is pregnant, the heartless playboy sees the perfect opportunity to restore his business reputation--by making Piper his wife! But Piper won't settle for anything less than happy-every-after.
Valdez's bartered bride Rachael Thomas
Blackmailed into Christmas!Genealogist Lydia Carter-Wilson is horrified by the debts her father has run up in her name. Then magnate Raul Valdez approaches her with an outrageous proposition. If she helps him claim his inheritance he'll pay off her debts and save her tarnished reputation. But there's a catch. If she fails, she will marry Raul on Christmas Eve!No matter their instant and electrifying attraction, Lydia knows Raul's proposal amounts to blackmail.
Guilt in the Cotswolds Rebecca Tope
Thea Osborne's latest housesitting assignment is a little different to the rest. Along with her spaniel, Hepzie, Thea finds herself in the village of Chedworth. She is asked to create an inventory of Rita Wilshire's possessions, requested by her son, after he moved her into a care home. All goes according to plan, until Thea and her fiance, Drew Slocombe, find a body in the barn. When family members come knocking, Thea and Drew struggle to give them answers.
Deception in the Cotswolds Rebecca Tope
In the wake of a series of unfortunate house-sitting experiences in the Cotswolds, Thea Osborne, accompanied by her spaniel Hepzibah, is perhaps optimistic about the English summertime and the possibilities of her latest assignment-house-sitting for transatlantic reptile breeder Harriet Young. Despite the ease with which Thea's new assignment in the secluded village of Cranham begins, she soon finds a dark side to the characters she encounters.
Sorry for the dead Nicola Upson
In the summer of 1915, the violent death of a young girl brings grief and notoriety to Charleston Farmhouse on the Sussex Downs.Years later, Josephine Tey returns to the same house - now much changed - and remembers the two women with whom she once lodged as a young teacher during the Great War. As past and present collide, with murders decades apart, Josephine is forced to face the possibility that the scandal which threatened to destroy those women's lives hid a much darker secret.
Bilbao-New York-Bilbao Urbieta Kirmen Uribe
When Liborio Uribe found that he was going to die, he wanted to see a painting once again by Aurelio Arteta, his wife's father. Liborio had spent his entire life at sea, like his son Jose, living out unforgettable adventures which actually later fade into obscurity. Years later, faced with the same painting, Liborio's grandson Kirmin, a writer and poet, uses these family stories to write a novel. Tells the story of journeys of three generations of the same family.
Weep not, child Ngũgĩ Wa Thiongʼo
A powerful, moving story that details the effects of the infamous Mau Mau war, the African nationalist revolt against colonial oppression in Kenya, on the lives of ordinary men and women, and on one family in particular. Two brothers, Njoroge and Kamau, stand on a rubbish heap and look into their futures. Njoroge is excited; his family has decided that he will attend school, while Kamau will train to be a carpenter. Together they will serve their country - the teacher and the craftsman.
Archie. Volume 2 Mark Waid
The all-new Archie adventure continues! Superstar writer Mark Waid teams up with the best and brightest artists in comics to bring a modern take to the legendary Riverdale cast of characters. The book will captures the bite and hilarious edge of Archie's original tales in a modern, forward-looking manner, while still retaining the character's all-ages appeal. If classic Archie is a Saturday morning cartoon, this new series is prime time! --Publisher.
Ruby Jane Susan May Warren
She loved...and lost.Ruby Jane never thought she'd meet the man of her dreams while running from the police in Russia. That he'd steal her heart on a train to Siberia. But loving a former CIA officer comes with a price...a life of danger. A life of high stakes.A life where he simply disappears...He has no memory of the man he was.Mack Jones has no memory of his past...just the dark sense that he is hiding. And, he wants to stay that way.
Christmas at the beach Wendy Wax
When Madeline Singer, Avery Lawford, and Nicole Grant first gained ownership of Ten Beach Road, they didn't realize that remodeling the house would not only bind their fates together but give them a second chance at rebuilding their lives. Now, as Kyra, Madeline's daughter, returns to the newly sold Bella Flora for one last Christmas, she's hoping to get a brief respite from the paparazzi that constantly hounds her and the son she had with famous actor Daniel Deranian.
Best beach ever Wendy Wax
Forced to rent out or lose their beloved Bella Flora after the loss of their renovation-turned-reality-TV show Do Over, Maddie, Nikki, Avery, Kyra, and Bitsy move into cottages at the Sunshine Hotel and Beach Club, believing the worst is over ... only to discover just how uncertain their futures really are. Maddie struggles with the challenges of dating a rock star whose career has come roaring back to life, while Nikki faces the daunting realities of mothering twins at forty-seven .
The house on Mermaid Point Wendy Wax
Maddie, Avery, and Nikki first got to know one another--perhaps all too well--while desperately restoring a beachfront mansion to its former grandeur. Now they're putting that experience to professional use. But their latest project has presented some challenges they couldn't have dreamed up in their wildest fantasies--although the house does belong to a man who actually was Maddie's wildest fantasy once ...
Frost Holly Webb
The neighbours all complain about the foxes hanging around the flat where Cassie lives, close to the river Thames, but Cassie thinks they're beautiful. Her favourite is a small fox with a white tail-tip, who she names Frost. One night she catches sight of him out in the snow, looking cold and thin, and decides to sneak him some food. But Frost seems to want her to follow him.
The traitor's girl Christine Wells
'I think I'm in danger. It's a matter of some urgency. You must please come at once.' After receiving a mysterious summons from her long-lost grandmother, Australian teacher Annabel Logan agrees to visit her home in the Cotswolds. But when she arrives at the magnificent Beechwood Hall, it appears abandoned and the local villagers have no idea where the reclusive Caroline Banks might be. The one person who might know something is enigmatic journalist Simon Culpepper.
More than enough : claiming space for who you are (no matter what they say) Elaine Welteroth
Aftermath : journey to the force awakens Chuck Wendig
Journey to The Force Awakens. The second Death Star is destroyed. The Emperor and his powerful enforcer, Darth Vader, are rumored to be dead. The Galactic Empire is in chaos. Across the galaxy, some systems celebrate, while in others Imperial factions tighten their grip. Optimism and fear reign side by side. And while the Rebel Alliance engages the fractured forces of the Empire, a lone Rebel scout uncovers a secret Imperial meeting.
The witches are coming Lindy West
You think this is a witch hunt? Fine. You've got one.In a laugh-out-loud, incisive cultural critique, West unpacks the complicated, and sometimes tragic, politics of not being a white man in the twenty-first century.
What happens in the Alps... T A Williams
Two years ago, Annie Brewer's life was turned upside down when her adrenaline-junkie husband died in a tragic climbing accident. So she's hoping that moving to the beautiful village of Santorso in the Italian Alps will finally put her life back on track. She might be going into business with her oldest friend - notorious lady-charmer Matt Brown - but men are definitely out of the question for Annie! That is, until she bumps into tall, dark and delicious Alessandro Lago on the ski slopes...
Death in a desert land Andrew Wilson
The names heard long ago : how the golden age of Hungarian football shaped the modern game Jonathan Wilson
The emerald tablet Meaghan Wilson-Anastasios
The Suez Canal, 1956. The world teeters on the brink of nuclear war and the Middle East is a tinderbox. Conversely, redeemed archaeologist Benedict Hitchens is enjoying a peaceful existence after years in the professional and personal wilderness. His recent discoveries in western Turkey secured him a place in history and the smart thing to do would be to ignore his growing fear that Britain, France and Israel's imminent invasion of Egypt to liberate the Suez Canal is only a diversion.
Traces Patricia Wiltshire
Home on the ranch : a Montana hero Rebecca Winters
Come to the heart of horse country. In a Cowboy's Arms. The day she turned eighteen, Sadie Corkin was going to elope with Jarod Bannock, the son of her family's most bitter rival. Until it all went wrong. Eight years later, one thing hasn't changed: her passion for the proud, sexy Apsaalooke rancher. There's unfinished business between them, including what really happened that fateful night. And now there's a more immediate threat to their happiness: an enemy who wants Sadie's ranch...
Listening to love Beth Wiseman
Lucas Shetler lives in a strict Old Order Amish district. His community hasn't embraced the technology common in other Amish communities, so they live without phones and keep food refrigerated with ice blocks. Lucas's family is intent on staying detached from the outside world. Natalie Collins is the furthest from Amish one can be. She's grown up with any convenience she could want but is carrying a past of pain and broken relationships with her family.
An old-fashioned Texas Christmas : two lone star historical romance novellas : An Archer family Christmas ; Gift of the heart Karen Witemeyer
Celebrate the joy and warmth of the holidays with two historical romance novellas from Karen Witemeyer, including a brand-new story that provides a glimpse into what the Archer clan has been up to. In this 2-in-1 novella collection, the Archer brothers return for An Archer Family Christmas. When the Archer clan gathers for the Christmas holiday, an unexpected request for help leaves Cassandra Archer directly in the path of a dangerous outlaw.
The weekend Charlotte Wood
The Weekend explores growing old and growing up, and what happens when we're forced to uncover the lies we tell ourselves. Sharply observed and excruciatingly funny, this is a jewel of a book, a celebration of tenderness and friendship that is nothing short of a masterpiece.
The Last Pendragon saga. Volume 3 Sarah Woodbury
Read the thrilling conclusion of The Last Pendragon Saga with the final two installments: The Pendragon's Challenge and Legend of the Pendragon! The Pendragon's Challenge: With only four days until Cade is to be crowned High King of the Britons, the combined might of gods and men are set to prevent his ascension. Once again the companions are scattered as the struggle against dark forces--both old and new--threatens to overwhelm them.
The Last Pendragon saga. Volume 2 Sarah Woodbury
What if the myths and legends were once real? What if gods and demons really walked among us--and the heir to the throne of Arthur was one of them? Volume Two contains the second three installments in The Last Pendragon Saga:The Pendragon's Quest: Although the dark forces of Arawn are defeated, the Saxons have massed on the border of Wales, aiming for nothing less than the complete subjugation of the Welsh people.
Beyond the plough Janet Woods
Now a wealthy young widow, former peasant girl Siana Forbes has overcome her humble beginnings to become mistress of Cheverton Manor, the handsome estate which her infant son Ashley will one day inherit. She is at last beginning to recover from her grief at the death of her husband, the powerful and sensual squire, Edward Forbes, and when the man she truly loves, village doctor Francis Matheson, asks for her hand in marriage, it seems as though Siana can dare to be happy again.
Mocha pleasures Pamela Yaye
Trusting in the sweetness of love Jackson Drayson has never been one to stick to the rules--or resist a dare. So when he's challenged to jump-start a patisserie that rivals his cousins' shop, Lillian's of Chicago, he's all in. Between his good looks, captivating manner and newly discovered gift for innovative cake designs, Jackson is soon winning over legions of customers, including Grace Nicholas.
Star Wars : Scoundrels Timothy Zahn


A sharp left turn : notes on a life in music, from Split Enz to Play It Strange Mike Chunn
A rollercoaster yarn about Mike Chunn's years in the ground-breaking band Split Enz, but also the powerful story of how he dealt with a crippling mental health issue and went on to become one of our most influential music identities.