New Titles Non-Fiction November 2017 (arrived in October 2017)

Art & Architecture

Black: architecture in monochrome.720 BLA
Canaletto & the art of Venice, Rosie Razzall and Lucy Whitaker759.5 CAN
Cats in art, Desmond Morris704.9432 MOR
Codex Seraphinianus, Luigi Serafini709.2 SER
An extraordinary and surreal art book, this edition has been redesigned by the author and includes new illustrations.
Contemporary landscapes in mixed media, Soraya French704.9436 FRE
Egon Schiele: masterpieces from the Leopold Museum.759.36 SCH
The Leopold Museum in Vienna houses the world's most comprehensive collection of works by Egon Schiele, which features a unique concentration of chief works by this Austrian artist.
Fahrelnissa Zeid: painter of inner worlds, Adila Laïdi-Hanieh. 759.95695 ZEI
Coinciding with a touring Tate exhibition of her work, this book is the first biography of influential abstract painter Princess Fahrelnissa Zeid (1901-91), a pioneer of Turkish art whose rich life spanned the first 90 years of the 20th century.
Frederick Walker and the Idyllists, Donato Esposito759.2 ESP
This is the first book in over a century to examine the important work of the watercolour artist and illustrator Frederick Walker (1840-75) and his closest artistic allies.
Giuseppe Penone: matrice.730.945 PEN
One of the most important living sculptors and a legendary figure associated with the revolutionary 1960s Arte Povera movement, Giuseppe Penone has combined radicality and classicism in a personal style that has been admired for half a century.
Highland retreats: the architecture and interiors of Scotland's romantic North, Mary Miers with photography by Paul Barker, Simon Jauncey and Country Life728.8 MIE
Kerry James Marshall: mastry, Helen Molesworth759.13 MAR
This long-awaited volume celebrates the work of Kerry James Marshall, one of America's greatest living painters.
Lee Mingwei and his relations: the art of participation: seeing, conversing, gift-giving, dining and getting connected to the world.709.51249 LEE
LOT-EK: objects + operations, Ada Tolla and Giuseppe Lignano with Thomas De Monchaux724.6 TOL
LOT-EK is a design practice that believes in being unoriginal, ugly, and cheap. Also in being revolutionary, gorgeous, and completely luxurious.
Matisse/Diebenkorn, Janet Bishop and Katherine Rothkopf759.4 MAT
This sumptuously illustrated book brings together the work of Henri Matisse and Richard Diebenkorn as never before, illuminating unexpected resonances that connect the two artists across time and space.
Pattern and ornament in the arts of India, Henry Wilson729 WIL
Picturing the closet: male secrecy and homosexual visibility in Britain, Dominic Janes704.086 JAN
Ten x ten: art at Te Papa, Athol McCredie708.993 TEN
The art museum.709 ART
Visit the world's most comprehensive and compelling museum in a book from pre-historic times to the present, over 1,600 artworks created with the expertise of 28 art world curators and historians.
The artist project: what artists see when they look at art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art701.1 ART
The book of black, Faye Dowling. 709.05 DOW
Together!: the new architecture of the collective.720 TOG
Tracey Emin: works 2007-2017, Essay by Jonathan Jones709.41 EMI
Collects ten years of Tracey Emin's drawings, paintings, sculptures,appliqués and embroideries, neons, video stills, and installations.
Vitamin C: clay + ceramic in contemporary art.738 VIT


Math for the automotive trade, John C. Peterson, William J. deKryger629.287 PET
Mercedes Benz SL 1971-2014, Colin Howar]629.2222 MER
Untangling the mystery: New Zealand and the 250F Maserati, Terry Collier796.72 COL


A promise to Nadia: a true story of a British slave in the Yemen, Zana Muhsen with Andrew Crofts306.845 MUH
Ten years previously Zana Muhsen escaped from the life of slavery in the Yemen into which her father had sold her as a child bride, leaving behind her baby son, her sister Nadia, and Nadia's two small children. As she described so powerfully in her internationally bestselling book Sold, Zana made a solemn vow to Nadia that she would do everything she possibly could to obtain their freedom as well.
After Andy: adventures in Warhol land, Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni709.73 WAR
A memoir of the influence that Andy Warhol exerted throughout his life and beyond. Fraser-Cavassoni met the artist when she was sixteen, and then on and off over the years before landing in New York City at the Andy Warhol Studio, or as she calls it, "Adventures in Warhol Land."
Afterglow: (a dog memoir), Eileen Myles636.7 MYL
The author writes an account of her relationship with her pit bull Rosie. Starting from the emptiness following Rosie's death, the author launches a heartfelt and fabulist investigation into the true nature of the bond between pet and pet owner.
Ali: a life, Jonathan Eig796.83 ALI
Based on more than 500 interviews, including Muhammad Ali's closest associates, and enhanced by access to thousands of pages of newly released FBI records, this is a thrilling story of a man who became one of the great figures of the twentieth century.
Allen Curnow: simply by sailing in a new direction: a biography, Terry Sturm; edited by Linda Cassells821.91 CUR
This major biography introduces readers to Allen Curnow's life and work: from a childhood in a Christchurch vicarage, through theological training, journalism and university life, marriages and children, and on to an international career as a writer of poetry, plays, satire and criticism.
Balancing acts: reflections of a New Zealand diplomat, Gerald McGhie327.93 MCG
This is Gerald McGhie'sfascinating and insightful account of some of the highlights of almost 40 years service as a New Zealand diplomat - most notably in the Soviet Union.
Bobby Brown: a life in football, from goals to the dugout, Jack Davidson796.334 BRO
This is Bobby Brown's remarkable life in and out of football, highlighting his debut as Scottish manager in the famous Wembley win over world champions England in 1967.
Boyd: the fighter pilot who changed the art of war, Robert Coram358.43 BOY
Boyd, more than any other person, saved fighter aviation from the predations of the Strategic Air Command. His manual of fighter tactics changed the way every air force in the world flies and fights.
Charles Darwin: Victorian mythmaker, A. N. Wilson576.82 DAR
Charles Darwin: the man who discovered evolution? The man who killed off God? Or a flawed man of his age, part genius, part ruthless careerist who would not acknowledge his debts to other thinkers? In this bold new life the first single volume biography in twenty-five years A. N. Wilson, the acclaimed author of The Victorians and God's Funeral, goes in search of the celebrated but contradictory figure Charles Darwin. Darwin was described by his friend and champion, Thomas Huxley, as a 'symbol'. But what did he symbolize? In Wilson's portrait, both sympathetic and critical, Darwin was two men. On the one hand, he was a naturalist of genius, a patient and precise collector and curator who greatly expanded the possibilities of taxonomy and geology. On the other hand, Darwin, a seemingly diffident man who appeared A radical reappraisal of one of the great Victorians, a book which isn't afraid to challenge the Darwinian orthodoxy while bringing us closer to the man, his revolutionary idea and the wider Victorian age.
Climbing the mountain, Allan Moffat; with John Smailes796.72 MOF
Allan Moffat sits high in the pantheon of Australian motor sport. Through the heyday of touring car racing in the '70s and '80s his rivalry with Peter Brock was legendary. Now aged 76, Moffat is telling his story for the first time.
Danger music, Eddie Ayres780.92 AYR
Eddie Ayres has a lifetime of musical experience from learning the viola as a child in England and playing with the Hong Kong Philharmonic for many years, to learning the cello in his thirties and landing in Australia to present an extremely successful ABC Classic FM morning radio show. But all of this time Eddie was Emma Ayres.
Dean Martin.791.092 MAR
Dean Martin was an Italian-American singer, actor, comedian, and film producer. One of the most popular and enduring American entertainers of the mid-20th century, Martin was nicknamed the "King of Cool" for his seemingly effortless charisma and self-assurance.
Dear Reader: the unauthorized autobiography of Kim Jong Il, Michael Malice951.93 KIM
Using over 60 books, hundreds of articles, and interviews, all translated into English, Michael Malice has constructed a picture of North Korea under the rule of Kim Jong Il. Fashioned in the form of an "unauthorized biography," this book illustrates the history of North Korea via the notorious leader's life story.
Detour from normal, Ken Dickson616.895 DIC
Ken Dickson lived a life indistinguishable from those of other residents of his Phoenix suburb. The normally healthy fifty-five year-old held a regular job and lived with his loving wife, two teenage daughters and an assortment of pets. On that mid-April day though, the course of his life forever changed when he learned he must undergo surgery to remove a damaged portion of his lower intestine.
Don't let my past be your future, Harry Leslie Smith941 SMI
Harry Leslie Smith is a great British stalwart. A survivor of the Great Depression, a Second World War veteran, a lifelong Labour supporter and a proud Yorkshire man, Harry's life has straddled two centuries.
Driving to Treblinka: a long search for a lost father, Diana Wichtel940.5318 WIC
Diana Wichtel was born in Vancouver. Her mother was a New Zealander, her father a Polish Jew who had jumped off a train to the Treblinka death camp and hidden from the Nazis until the end of the war. When Diana was 13 she moved to New Zealand with her mother, sister and brother. Her father was to follow. Diana never saw him again.
Emergencies only: an Australian nurse's journey through natural disasters, extreme poverty, civil wars and general chaos, Amanda McClelland with Simone Ubaldi610.73 MCC
The extraordinary true story of an Australian nurse's work at the forefront of global medical emergencies.
First they killed my father: a daughter of Cambodia remembers, Loung Ung959.604 UNG
From a childhood survivor of Cambodia's brutal Pol Pot regime comes an unforgettable narrative of war crimes and desperate actions, the unnerving strength of a small girl and her family, and their triumph of spirit.
From Battle of Britain airman to POW escapee: the story of Ian Walker, RAF, Angela Walker940.5472 WAL
This is the Second World War story of a champion cyclist turned airman who lived to tell the tale against almost impossible odds. A New Zealander in the RAF, Ian Walker served as a member of Bomber Command during the Battle of Britain and survived three plane crashes in his Wellington bomber.
Gone: a girl, a violin, a life unstrung, Min Kym787.2 KYM
'All my life my Stradivarius had been waiting for me, as I had been waiting for her.' At 7 years old Min Kym was a prodigy, the youngest ever pupil at the Purcell School of Music. At 11 she won her first international prize. She worked with many violins, waiting for the day she would play 'the one'.
Gorbachev: his life and times, William Taubman947.0854 GOR
A comprehensive biography of the final leader of the Soviet Union chronicles Gorbachev's rise from peasant to politician and describes how his liberal policies ended the Cold War and unintentionally provoked the breakup of the USSR.
I read the the news today, oh boy: the short and gilded life of Tara Browne, the man who inspired The Beatles' greatest song, Paul Howard941.7 BRO
Few people rode the popular wave of the sixties quite like Tara Browne. One of Swinging London's most popular faces, he lived fast, died young and was immortalized for ever in the opening lines of 'A Day in the Life', a song that many critics regard as The Beatles' finest.
Infinite Tuesday: an autobiopgraphical riff, Michael Nesmith781.64 NES
An idiosyncratic memoir by the Monkees icon, songwriter, and music video innovator traces his experiences as a wild youth and celebrity before finding peace and creative wholeness through the teachings of Christian Science and his collaborations with like-minded fellow artists.
Keegan and Dalglish, Richard T. Kelly796.334 KEE
Keegan and Dalglish is a brilliant book that goes beyond the stories of the two men to ask broader questions about the changing nature of the game, and the challenges that our sporting heroes have to face every day.
Lady of the dance, Marie Duffy with Eddie Rowley793.31 DUF
Marie Duffy is the undisputed queen of Irish dancing: she has trained more world champions than any other teacher, and has been Michael Flatley's right-hand woman for twenty years.
Monet: the triumph of impressionism, Daniel Wildenstein759.4 MON
A major biography of the artist, supported by a wealth of examples of his work.
My festival romance, Thomas Brooman780.78 BRO
Thomas Brooman was one of the organisers of the first Womad festival, held at the Royal Bath and West Showground in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, in 1982. That first event was an artistic triumph but a financial disaster. Womad survived, just, and Brooman went on to organise more than 150 Womad festivals around the world.
No wall too high: one man's daring escape from Mao's darkest prison, Xu Hongci951.05 XU
Originally published in Hong Kong, Xu Hongci's remarkable memoir recounts his life from childhood through his final prison break.
Over hill and Dale, Gervase Phinn371.1 PHI
The Other Side of the Dale continues the story of Gervase Phinn working as a schools inspector in the Yorkshire Dales.
Rabbit: a memoir, Patricia Williams with Jeannine Amber792.7 WIL
A remarkably bold and inspiring story of crime, motherhood, and redemption. You want to know about the struggle of growing up poor, black, and female? Ask any girl from any 'hood. You want to know what it takes to rise above your circumstances when all the cards are stacked against you? Ask me.
Richard III: brother, protector, king, Chris Skidmore942.046 RIC
The last Plantagenet king remains one of England's most famous and controversial monarchs. There are few parallels in English history that can match the drama of Richard III's reign, witnessed in its full bloody intensity.
Road racer: it's in my blood, Michael Dunlop796.75 DUN
Michael Dunlop is quite simply the greatest road racer on the planet. Brother of William, also an accomplished rider, son of the late Robert and nephew of the late great Joey Dunlop, Michael can fairly claim that racing is in his blood.
Rowing for my life: two oceans, two lives, one journey, Kathleen Saville910.45 SAV
Sargent's women: four lives behind the canvas, Donna M. Lucey920.72 MYE
In this seductive, multilayered biography, based on original letters and diaries, Donna M. Lucey illuminates four extraordinary women painted by the iconic high-society portraitist John Singer Sargent.
So much I want to tell you: letters to my little sister, Anna Akana792.028 AKA
From Internet sensation Anna Akana comes a candid and poignant collection of essays about love, loss, and chasing adulthood.
Sober: football. My story. My life, Tony Adams with Ian Ridley796.334 ADA
Tony Adams's autobiography Addicted broke new ground in sports books back in 1998 with its searing honesty about life as Arsenal and England captain alongside his struggles with alcoholism. Almost 20 years on, Sober tells of what happened once Tony gave up the drink and how he won his life back.
Stripped bare, Marnie Simpson791.45028 SIM
From a young North-East girl to star of the small screen, Geordie Shore personality Marnie Simpson is here to lift the lid and reveal all.
Supermac: the life of Harold Macmillan, D.R. Thorpe941.085 MCM
Great-grandson of a crofter and son-in-law of a Duke, Harold Macmillan (1894-1986) was both complex as a person and influential as a politician.
Taken on trust, Terry Waite956.92044 WAI
Terry Waite's personal account of his harrowing experiences as a hostage in Beirut.
The Black Prince, Michael Jones942.037 EDW
Edward of Woodstock, eldest son and heir of Edward III of England, better known as 'the Black Prince', was England's pre-eminent military leader during the first phase of the Hundred Years War.
The resilient farmer: weathering the challenges of life and the land, Doug Avery with Margie Thomson630.92 AVE
'I had a destroyed farm, a destroyed bank account and destroyed hopes. I couldn't afford to move, so I decided to make good of what I had.' And so begins Doug Avery's story of emotional resilience in the face of what at times seemed a hopeless situation.
The wandering princess: Princess Hélène of France, Duchess of Aosta (1871-1951), Edward Hanson945.09 ORL
Helene was a strong-willed princess, raised in France but closely connected with the court of Queen Victoria. After the premature end to a romance with Victoria's grandson, she married into the royal family of Italy.
Things can only get worse?: twenty confusing years in the life of a Labour supporter 1997-2017, John O'Farrell941.085 OFA
From the giddy heights of New Labour's landslide victory in 1997 to the shock result of the 2017 snap election, these are the frank and funny memoirs of one bewildered Labour activist who tried to carry on as usual long after politics had stopped making sense.
Tragic magic: the life of Traffic's Chris Wood, Dan Ropek781.66 WOO
Traffic was the most enigmatic British band of their day. Formed in early 1967 by Chris Wood, Steve Winwood, Jim Capaldi and Dave Mason, they rejected the bright lights of London in favor of a run-down, supposedly haunted, cottage in the country a place to live communally and write music.
Unstoppable: my life so far, Maria Sharapova with Rich Cohen796.342 SHA
The five-time Grand Slam winner presents the remarkable story of how her father relocated her at the age of 7 from their native Russia to America to develop her tennis talents before she embarked on a record-setting career shaped by astonishing competitions, her provocative beliefs and her recent fight to return to the court.
Up and down in the Dales, Gervase Phinn371.1 PHI
Now in his fourth year as an Inspector for English in the Yorkshire Dales, Gervase Phinn still relishes visiting the schools whether an inner city comprehensive fraught with difficulties or a small Dales primary school where the main danger is one of closure.
Verdi: the man revealed, John Suchet780.92 VER
Giuseppe Verdi remains the greatest operatic composer that Italy, the home of opera, has ever produced. Yet throughout his lifetime he claimed to detest composing and repeatedly rejected it. He was a landowner, a farmer, a politician and symbol of Italian independence; but his music tells a different story.
Woman of substances: a journey into addiction and treatment, Jenny Valentish362.29 VAL
Journalist Jenny Valentish investigates the female experience of drugs and alcohol, using her own story to light the way.
Wrecking ball: a big lad from a small island: my story so far, Billy Vunipola; with Gershon Portnoi796.333 VUN
Wrecking Ball is a captivating and humorous memoir by Billy Vunipola, one of the stars of England's recent rugby renaissance, and will be enjoyed by those who have read the recent autobiographies by Jonny Wilkinson, Brian O'Driscoll, Dan Carter and Paul O'Connell.

Books about books

Printer's error: irreverent stories from book history, J. P. Romney and Rebecca Romney002 ROM

Business & Management

Blue ocean shift: beyond competing: proven steps to inspire confidence and seize new growth, W. Chan Kim, Renée Mauborgne658.8 KIM
Business boutique: a woman's guide for making money doing what she loves, Christy Wright658.022 WRI
Coaching for performance: the principles and practice of coaching and leadership, John Whitmore658.3124 WHI
Find your why: a practical guide to discovering purpose for you or your team, Simon Sinek with David Mead and Peter Docker658.409 SIN
Get smarter marketing: the small business owner's guide to building a savvy business, Jill Brennan658.8 BRE
How to prepare a business plan: your guide to creating an excellent strategy, forecasting your finances and producing a persuasive plan, Edward Blackwell658.401 BLA
Innovative B2B marketing: new models, processes and theory, Simon Hall658.8 HAL
Marketing, Jeanette McMurtry, with Alexander Hiam658.8 MCM
Marketing principles, William M. Pride658.8 PRI
Oh snap! My career is in crisis: craft a strategy to get your career back on track, Maggie Huffman650.1 HUF
PMP certification: a beginner's guide, George G. Angel658.404 ANG
This accessible guide bridges the gap between being a project manager and becoming a globally recognized Project Management Professional (PMP).
Purpose driven leadership: building and fostering effective teams, Brigette Tasha Hyacinth658.409 HYA
The grid: the decision-making tool for every business (including yours), Matt Watkinson658.403 WAT
The mindful leader: 7 practices for transforming your leadership, your organisation and your life, Michael Bunting658.409 BUN
The off-switch: leave work on time, relax your mind but still get more done, Mark Cropley650.1 CRO
The score takes care of itself: my philosophy of leadership, Bill Walsh with Steve Jamison and Craig Walsh658.409 WAL


Monograph, Chris Ware741.5 WAR
For the first time in his twenty-five-year career, multi-award winning cartoonist and graphic novelist Chris Ware presents a comprehensive, behind-the- scenes autobiographical visual monograph, and opens a revealing window into the worlds he inhabits.


How the Internet became commercial: innovation, privatization, and the birth of a new network, Shane Greenstein384.3 GRE


Coding for parents, Frazer Wilson005.1 WIL
Offers a practical guide to elementary and intermediate computer programming intended to give parents enough background to help their children with their coding homework.
Creative projects with Raspberry Pi: build gadgets, cameras, tools, games and more, Kirsten Kearney & Will Freeman005.1 KEA
Designing platform independent mobile apps and services, Rocky Heckman005.2 HEC
Introducing regular expressions: JavaScript and TypeScript, Jörg Krause005.133 JAV
It's alive!: artificial intelligence from the logic piano to killer robots, Toby Walsh006.3 WAL
Learning Node: moving to the server side, Shelley Powers005.133 NOD
Mastering Drupal 8: a comprehensive and advanced practical guide to master Drupal 8, Chaz Chumley, William Hurley006.7 CHU
Mastering Windows Server 2016: a comprehensive and practical guide to Windows Server 2016, Jordan Krause005.446 MIC
Ransomware: defending against digital extortion, Allan Liska and Timothy Gallo005.8 LIS
Swift in the cloud, Leigh Williamson005.133 SWI
Written by the team of developers that has helped bring the Swift language to Cloud computing, this is the definitive guide to writing and running Swift language programs for cloud environment.
The language of SQL, Larry Rockoff005.756 ROC
Windows 10 step by step, Joan Lambert, Steve Lambert005.446 MIC

Crafts & Collecting & Hobbies

Collecting vintage plastic model airplane kits, Craig Kodera629.1331 KOD
Complete dressmaking: essential skills and techniques for beginners, Jules Fallon646.404 FAL
Creating couture embellishment, Ellen W. Miller646.404 MIL
Gradient knits: 10 lessons and projects using Ombré, stranded colourwork, slip stitch and textures, Tanis Gray746.432 GRA
Hand carving your own walking stick, David Stehly736.4 STE
Japanese knitting stitch bible: 260 exquisite patterns by Hitomi Shida, Gayle Roehm746.432 SHI
Make softies: 11 cuddly toys to sew.745.5924 MAK
Modelling signal boxes for railway layouts, Terry Booker625.19 BOO
Rainbow quilts for scrap lovers: 12 projects from simple squares: choosing fabrics & organizing your stash, Judy Gauthier746.46 GAU
Secondary designs, Judi Madsen746.46 MAD
Make every inch of a quilt jaw-dropping with Judi Madsen's book on secondary quilting.
Simply stitched with appliqué: embroidery motifs and projects with linen, cotton and felt, Yumiko Higuchi746.445 HIG
Stitched sewing organizers: pretty cases, boxes, pouches, pincushions & more, Aneela Hoey646.2 HOE
Stylish wraps sewing book: ponchos, capes, coats and more fashionable warmers that are easy to sew, Yoshiko Tsukiori646.45 TSU
The world of Wade: figurines and miniatures II, Ian Warner & Mike Posgay738.0942 WAD
Traditional Swedish knitting patterns: 40 motifs and 20 projects, Maja Karlsson; photography, Maria Rosenlöf746.432 KAR
Warm glass: a complete guide to kiln-forming techniques: fusing, slumping, casting, Philippa Beveridge, Ignasi Doménech, Eva Pascual748 BEV


Operation Relentless: the world's most-wanted criminal: the elite forces hunt to catch him, Damien Lewis364.133 BOU
The man from the train: the solving of a century-old serial killer mystery, Bill James and Rachel McCarthy James364.1523 JAM


Capital in the twenty-first century, Thomas Piketty332.041 PIK
Factory girls: from village to city in a changing China, Leslie T. Chang331.4 CHA
How to research trends: move beyond trend watching to kick start innovation, Els Dragt338 DRA
Innovate!: transforming New Zealand's technology-based economy, Richard Bentley338.06 BEN
Precarity: uncertain, insecure and unequal lives in Aotearoa New Zealand, Shiloh Groot, Clifford van Ommen, Bridgette Masters-Awatere and Natasha Tassell-Matamua331.54 PRE
The great deception: can the European Union survive?, Christopher Booker and Richard North337.142 BOO
What we owe: truths, myths, and lies about public debt, Carlo Cottarelli336.34 COT


A teacher's inside advice to parents: how children thrive with leadership, love, laughter, and learning, Robert Ward371.19 WAR
Great minds and how to grow them: high performance learning, Wendy Berliner and Deborah Eyre370.152 BER
In defense of read-aloud: sustaining best practice, Steven L. Layne372.4 LAY
Rhythms of learning: what Waldorf education offers children, parents and teachers, Roberto Trostli; selected lectures by Rudolf Steiner371.39 STE


Power from the wind: achieving energy independence: a practical guide to small-scale energy production, Dan Chiras621.312136 CHI


Drawdown: the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming, Paul Hawken363.7387 DRA
Nuclear power: a very short introduction, Maxwell Irvine333.7924 IRV
Following the increasing cost of fossil fuels and concerns about the security of their future supply. However, the term 'nuclear power' causes anxiety in many people and there is confusion concerning the nature and extent of the associated risks.


Call of the Reed Warbler: a new agriculture: a new earth, Charles Massy630.994 MAS
This ground-breaking book will change the way we think of, farm and grow food. Author and radical farmer Charles Massy explores transformative and regenerative agriculture and the vital connection between our soil and our health.
Life on Muzzle: three generations on New Zealand's most remote station, Fiona Redfern; photography by Derek Morrison. 636.301 RED


Betak: fashion show revolution.746.92 BET
Enter the world of high fashion with the creative legend who designed and directed the greatest spectacles in fashion with hundreds of unpublished behind-the-scenes images.
Christie's: the jewellery archives revealed, Vincent Meylan739.27 MEY
Dress Scandinavian, Pernille Teisbaek646.34 TEI
Get Scandi-cool with the Danish queen of minimal Scandinavia has long been the home of outstanding interior design and classic fashion brands like Acne Studios, Rains and Filippa K.
Out of fashion: one photographer's impression of Christchurch's fashion 1970s to 1980s, Kevin Hill391 HIL
Tudor fashion, Eleri Lynn391 LYN
Yves Saint Laurent accessories, Patrick Mauriès746.92 SAI
An exclusive homage to and retrospective of the iconic fashion designer's couture accessories.

Film, Television & Theatre

Bollywood: the films! The songs! The stars!791.430954 BOL
Star Wars. Death Star: Imperial DS-1 Orbital Battle Station: owner's technical manual, Ryder Windham; illustrated by Chris Reiff and Chris Trevas791.437 WIN
Tarantino: a retrospective, Tom Shone791.43023 TAR
The Disneyland encyclopedia: the unofficial, unauthorized, and unprecedented history of every land, attraction, restaurant, shop, and major event in the original Magic Kingdom, Chris Strodder791.068 STR
The worlds of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson: the story behind International Rescue, Ian Fryer791.450941 FRY
Thunderbirds, Stingray, Fireball XL5, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, UFO and Space:1999 just some of the TV series produced by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson that have thrilled generations of people worldwide from the 1960s right into the 21st Century.
Twentieth Century Fox: a century of entertainment, Michael Troyan, Jeffrey Paul Thompson, Stephen X. Sylvester791.430973 TRO

Food & Wine

100 great New Zealand wineries, Douglas Renall641.22 REN
5 ingredients: quick & easy food, Jamie Oliver,. 641.555 OLI
A thirst for empire: how tea shaped the modern world, Erika Rappaport641.337 RAP
At my table: a celebration of home cooking, Nigella Lawson641.5 LAW
Baby food universe: raise adventurous eaters with a whole world of flavorful purées and toddler foods, Kawn Al-Jabbouri, with Gemma Bischoff641.5622 ALJ
Carol Vorderman's detox for life: the 28-day detox diet and beyond, Carol Vorderman with Ko Chohan; written by Anita Bean641.563 VOR
Chloe's kitchen: 125 easy, delicious recipes for making the food you love the vegan way, Chloe Coscarelli641.5636 COS
Chloe's vegan Italian kitchen: 150 pizzas, pastas, pestos, risottos, & lots of creamy Italian classics, Chloe Coscarelli641.5636 COS
Eat, Chelsea Winter641.5 WIN
Eat up New Zealand, Al Brown641.5993 BRO
Everyday baby food: 200 delicious, nutritious and simple baby food recipes that you can use everyday to keep your little one happy and healthy!, Sophia Hamilton641.5622 HAM
Fast and fresh: quick recipes for busy lives, Louise Pickford with photography by Peter Cassidy641.555 PIC
Gluten-free and vegan holidays: celebrating the year with simple, satisfying recipes and menus, Jennifer Katzinger641.563 KAT
Healthy baking: nourishing breads, wholesome cakes, ancient grains and bubbling ferments, Jordan Bourke641.815 BOU
How to eat better: how to shop, store & cook to make any food a 'superfood', James Wong; nutritional consultant, Dr Emma Derbyshire641.563 WON
Jamie's dinners, Jamie Oliver641.54 OLI
Keeping it off, Michelle Bridges641.5638 BRI
Lola's: a cake journey around the world: 70 of the most delicious and iconic cake recipes discovered on our travels, Photography by Steve Painter641.8653 LOL
Los Angeles cult recipes, Victor Garnier641.5973 GAR
Low carb, healthy fat: the simplest way to achieve + maintain a healthy weight: with more than 130 low-carb, keto-friendly recipes, Pete Evans641.5638 EVA
Maggie's recipe for life, Maggie Beer with Ralph Martins; photography by Dragan Radocaj641.563 BEE
Make it easy cookbook: foolproof, stylish and delicious make-ahead recipes, Jane Lovett641.555 LOV
Mary Berry's complete cookbook.641.5 BER
Meet your matcha: over 50 irresistible recipes packed with the power of green tea, Joanna Farrow641.6372 FAR
New Zealand restaurant cookbook, Delaney Mes; photography by Liz Clarkson641.5 NEW
Pizzazzerie: entertain in style, Courtney Dial Whitmore793.2 WHI
Courtney provides how-to instructions for more than a dozen occasions (from simple backyard gatherings to special celebrations), each complemented with full tablescape details; decor tips; and recipes for each party covering appetizers, desserts, and drinks.
Raw cake, Daisy Kristiansen, Leah Garwood-Gowers641.563 KRI
Recipes from an Italian butcher: roasting, stewing, braising, The Silver Spoon Kitchen641.66 REC
Sabor: flavours from a Spanish kitchen, Nieves Barragán Mohacho; photography by Chris Terry641.5946 BAR
The cocktail garden: botanical cocktails for every season, Illustrations, Adriana Picker; recipes, Ed Loveday. 641.874 LOV
The desserts of New York: and how to eat them all, Yasmin Newman641.86 NEW
The easiest slow cooker book ever!, Kim McCosker641.588 MCC
The Juice Truck, The Juice Truck Zach Berman and Ryan Slater with health coach Colin Medhurst641.875 BER
The little library cookbook: 100 recipes from your favourite stories, Kate Young; photographs by Lean Timms641.5 YOU
The Palestinian table, Reem Kassis641.595694 KAS
Vivek Singh's Indian festival feasts, Vivek Singh641.5954 SIN

Gardens and Gardening

Get plants: how to bring green into your life, Katherine Price with photography by Sarah Cuttle635.965 PRI
Grow. Food. Anywhere, Mat Pember and Dillon Seitchik-Reardon635 PEM
High-value vegetables, Mel Bartholomew635 BAR
Hortus Mirabilis: discovering the world's oldest botanical garden.580.73 HOR
How to grow: a guide for gardeners who can't garden yet, Hollie Newton635 NEW
Japanese stone gardens: origins, meaning, form, Stephen Mansfield635.9672 MAN
Making a garden: successful gardening by nature's rules, Carol Klein; photography by Jonathan Buckley635 KLE
Movement and meaning: the landscapes of Hoerr Schaudt, Written with Douglas Brenner712.0973 HOE
Rhododendron, Richard Milne635.97 RHO
The Rockefeller family gardens: an American legacy712.0973 ROC


Mastering genealogical documentation, Thomas W. Jones929.1 JON

Graphic Arts

Screenprinting, Jane Sampson764.8 SAM
The American dream: pop to the present, Stephen Coppel, Catherine Daunt, Susan Tallman769.973 COP
'The American Dream: From Pop to present' presents an overview of the development of American printmaking since 1960, paying particular attention to key figures such as Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg and Andy Warhol.

Health & Medicine

A leg to stand on, Oliver Sacks362.19748 SAC
Sacks examines the specific neuropsychological and existential phenomena associated with peripheral nerve injuries, based on his own experience when he sustained a severe leg injury in an accident.
A life. A finger. A pea up a nose: baby and child first aid, Sarah Hunstead616.0252 HUN
Another day in the frontal lobe: a neurosurgeon exposes life on the inside, Katrina Firlik617.48 FIR
Anticancer: a new way of life, David Servan-Schreiber616.994 SER
Black flu 1918: the story of New Zealand's worst public health disaster, Geoffrey W. Rice614.518 RIC
Breathing as a tool for self-regulation and self reflection, Minna Martin613.19 MAR
Catching breath: the making and unmaking of tuberculosis, Kathryn Lougheed616.995 LOU
Cognitive therapy for chronic pain: a step-by-step guide, Beverly E. Thorn616.047 THO
Complete guide to prescription & nonprescription drugs, H. Winter Griffith, M.D.; revised and updated by Stephen W. Moore, M.D615.1 GRI
Core light healing: my personal journey and advanced healing concepts for creating the life you long to live, Barbara Ann Brennan615.852 BRE
Deep end of the pool workouts: no-impact interval training and strength exercises, Melisenda Edwards, Katalin Wight613.716 EDW
Doctoring data: how to sort out medical advice from medical nonsense, Dr Malcolm Kendrick610.72 KEN
How to be human, Graham Lawton & Jeremy Webb; illustrations by Jennifer Daniel612 LAW
Immunization: how vaccines became controversial, Stuart Blume614.47 BLU
Inside out: the essential women's guide to pelvic support, Michelle Kenway, Dr Judith Goh617.55 KEN
Interval weight loss, Dr Nick Fuller613.25 FUL
Into the gray zone: a neuroscientist explores the border between life and death, Adrian Owen616.849 OWE
Lifelong yoga: maximizing your balance, flexibility, and core strength in your 50s, 60s, and beyond, Sage Rountree and Alexandra DeSiato613.7046 ROU
Medical medium life-changing foods: save yourself and the ones you love with the hidden healing powers of fruits & vegetables, Anthony William613.2 WIL
Out of the woods: a journey through depression and anxiety, Brent Williams616.8527 WIL
Out of the Woods is a graphic memoir to help people understand and overcome depression and anxiety. Although the format is an autobiographical comic, it is primarily an educational self-help book, using the author's own life story.
Prozac nation: young and depressed in America, Elizabeth Wurtzel616.8527 WUR
Resistance band workout: illustrated step-by-step guide to stretching, strengthening and rehabilitative techniques, Dr. Karl Knopf613.71 KNO
Sleep: the myth of 8 hours, the power of naps and the new plan to recharge your body and mind, Nick Littlehales612.821 LIT
The 4-hour body: an uncommon guide to rapid fat-loss, incredible sex and becoming superhuman, Timothy Ferriss613.7 FER
The A to Z of eating disorders, Emma Woolf616.8526 WOO
The arts apothecary: a vital prescription for health, happiness and wellbeing, Jill Rivers615.5 RIV
The breast reconstruction guidebook: issues and answers from research to recovery, Kathy Steligo618.19 STE
The clever guts diet, Dr. Michael Mosley616.33 MOS
The complete book of isometrics: the anywhere, anytime fitness plan, Erin O'Driscoll. 613.7149 ODR
The journey: a practical guide to healing your life and setting yourself free, Brandon Bays615.852 BAY
The lean: a revolutionary (and simple!) 30-day plan for healthy, lasting weight loss, Kathy Freston613.25 FRE
The mystery gut, Kerryn Phelps616.3 PHE
The new superpower for women: trust your intuition, predict dangerous situations, and defend yourself from the unthinkable, Steve Kardian with A. Clara Pistek613.66 KAR
The power of when: learn the best time to do everything, Michael Breus, PhD612.02 BRE
The raw food digestive tune-up, Andrew Perlot613.26 PER
The raw food healing bible, Christine Bailey613.26 BAI
Tripping over the truth: how the metabolic theory of cancer is overturning one of medicine's most entrenched paradigms, Travis Christofferson616.994 CHR
Undoctored: why health care has failed you and how you can become smarter than your doctor, William Davis615.535 DAV
What made Maddy run: the secret struggles and tragic death of an all-American teen, Kate Fagan616.8584 HOL
Wireless-wise families: what every parent needs to know about wireless technologies, Lyn McLean612.0144 MCL
Your brain knows more than you think: the new frontiers of neuroplasticity, Niels Birbaumer with Jorg Zittlau612.82 BIR

History, Geography & Travel

1917: war, peace and revolution, David Stevenson940.43 STE
Alaska, Deanna Swaney979.8 SWA
DK Eyewitness Travel Guide.
China at war: triumph and tragedy in the emergence of the new China 1937-1952, Hans van de Ven951.042 VAN
Collapse of a country: a diplomat's memoirs of South Sudan, Nicholas Coghlan962.4 COG
Cuba, Brendan Sainsbury, Carolyn McCarthy972.91 SAI
Lonely Planet.
Curiosities of Paris: an idiosyncratic guide to overlooked delights hidden in plain sight, Dominique Lesbros944.36 LES
Dominican Republic, Ashley Harrell, Kevin Raub972.93 HAR
Lonely Planet.
Eastern Europe, Mark Baker947 BAK
Lonely Planet.
Ekaterinburg: the last days of the Romanovs, Helen Rappaport947.083 NIC
Europe, Alexis Averbuck940 AVE
Lonely Planet.
Folly and malice: the Habsburg Empire, the Balkans and the start of World War One, John Zametica327.436 ZAM
Ghana: the Bradt travel guide, Philip Briggs966.7 BRI
Gibraltar: the greatest siege in British history, Roy and Lesley Adkins946.89 ADK
History of a disappearance: the story of a forgotten Polish town, Filip Springer943.852 SPR
India, Abigail Blasi954 BLA
Lonely Planet.
India.954 IND
DK Eyewitness Travel Guide.
Jamaica, Paul Clammer, Anna Kaminski972.92 CLA
Loney Planet.
John and Charles Enys: Castle Hill runholders, 1864-1891, Jenny Abrahamson. 993.85 ENY
John and Charles Enys: Castle Hill Runholders (1864-1891) records the story of two Cornish brothers who ran the Castle Hill sheep run for more than 25 years in the late 19th century. Extracts from letters by both brothers and paintings by Charles that they sent to their family at Enys in Cornwell give a fascinating insight into a lost way of life.
Journey through the Philippines: an unforgettable journey from Manila to Mindanao, Kiki Deere959.9 DEE
Kathmandu, Thomas Bell954.96 BEL
Asia expert Thomas Bell recounts his experiences from his many years in the city exploring in the process the rich history of Kathmandu and its many instances of self-reinvention.
Kingdoms in the air: dispatches from the far away, Bob Shacochis910.4 SHA
Bob Shacochis brings together the very best of his culture and travel essays.
Long road from Jarrow: a journey through Britain then and now, Stuart Maconie941.082 MCO
National parks of Europe, Abigail Blasi940 BLA
New Zealand between the wars, Rachael Bell993.032 NEW
Nowherelands: an atlas of vanished countries 1840 - 1975, Bjorn Berge909.8 BER
An original history of the lost countries of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, examined and illustrated with the countries' postage stamps.
Partition: the story of Indian independence and the creation of Pakistan in 1947, Barney White-Spunner954 WHI
Puerto Rico, Liza Prado, Luke Waterson972.95 PRA
Lonely Planet.
Rajasthan, Delhi & Agra, Lindsay Brown, Abigail Blasi954 BRO
Lonely Planet.
Red Famine: Stalin's war on Ukraine, Anne Applebaum947.7 APP
In 1932-33, nearly four million Ukrainians died of starvation, having been deliberately deprived of food. It is one of the most devastating episodes in the history of the twentieth century.
Sydney, Ken Brass, Kirsty McKenzie & Deborah Soden994.41 BRA
DK Eyewitness travel guide.
Tasmania's convicts: how felons built a free society, Alison Alexander994.6 ALE
The 50 greatest prehistoric sites of the world, Barry Stone930 STO
The 9th floor: conversations with five New Zealand prime ministers, Guyon Espiner and Tim Watkin993.038 ESP
Based on the acclaimed RNZ podcast series. Geoffrey Palmer, Mike Moore, Jim Bolger, Jenny Shipley and Helen Clark reflect on their time occupying the prime ministerial offices on the 9th floor of the Beehive.
The annotated Malay Archipelago, Alfred Russel Wallace; edited by John van Wyhe959.8 WAL
Wallace's Malay Archipelago is a classic account of the travels of a Victorian naturalist through island Southeast Asia.
The Cold War: a new oral history of life between East and West, Bridget Kendall327.1 KEN
The full transcripts of the Putin interviews: with substantial material not included in the documentary: Oliver Stone interviews Vladimir Putin947.086 PUT
The Great War and the remaking of Palestine, Salim Tamari940.35694 TAM
The happy traveler: unpacking the secrets of better vacations, Jaime Kurtz910 KUR
The House of Government: a saga of the Russian Revolution, Yuri Slezkine947.0841 SLE
On the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, the epic story of an enormous apartment building where Communist true believers lived before their destruction. The House of Government is unlike any other book about the Russian Revolution and the Soviet experiment.
The National Trust tour of Britain, Sally Palmer and Anna Groves941 PAL
The prisoner in his palace: Saddam Hussein, his American guards, and what history leaves unsaid, Will Bardenwerper956.7044 BAR
The rough guide to Fiji, Ian Osborn and Martin Zatko996.11 OSB
The travel book: a journey through every country in the world.910.2 TRA
Today in New Zealand history, Neill Atkinson, David Green, Gareth Phipps and Steve Watters993 ATK
Umbria: the heart of Italy, Patricia Clough945.65 CLO
When Patricia Clough bought a house in Umbria, she knew that buying her dream home did not mean that life would become a dream.
Under the Himalayan sky: establishing Sagarmatha National Park - a New Zealand family's experience, Margaret Jefferies954.96 JEF
Viking Britain: an exploration, Thomas Williams941.01 WIL
Viking warrior versus Anglo-Saxon warrior: England 865-1066, Gareth Williams942.01 WIL
Wild Auckland: 125 natural places in the Auckland region, Peter Janssen993.2 JAN

House & Garden

150 best interior design ideas, Francesc Zamora Mola747 ZAM
150 best new eco home ideas, Francesc Zamora Mola720.47 ZAM
A beginner's guide to making curtains, shades, pillows, cushions, and more: 50 step-by-step projects, plus practical advice on hanging curtains, choosing fabric, and measuring up, Vanessa Arbuthnott with Gail Abbott646.21 ARB
Blue & white and other stories: a personal journey through colour, William Yeoward747.94 YEO
Hand made home, Mark & Sally Bailey747 BAI
Handmade Home shows how living with handcrafted pieces is a joyful experience that awakens the senses and brings simple, tactile pleasure to every day.
Inside Utopia: visionary interiors and futuristic homes.747 INS
Making house: designers at home, Dominic Bradbury; photography by Richard Powers747 BRA
Modern retro home, Mr Jason Grant; photography by Lauren Bamford747 GRA
Never stop designing spaces: an emotional journey through ten places of italian life, Daniele Lago747 LAG
The art of the natural home: a room by room guide, Rebecca Sullivan; photography by Nassima Rothacker640 SUL
Upgrade: home extensions, alterations and refurbishments, Tim Abrahams720.286 ABR
Urban botanics: an indoor plant guide for modern gardeners, Maaike Koster and Emma Sibley635.965 SIB


Collins Spanish dictionary.463 COL
Revised and updated to cover all the latest vocabulary, making it ideal for intermediate to advanced learners of Spanish.
Quid pro quo: what the Romans really gave the English language, Peter Jones422.471 JON
Seriously funny and other oxymorons, Simon Brett with illustrations by Paul Thomas420 BRE
The story of be: a verb's-eye view of the English language, David Crystal425.6 CRY


Copyright law made easy, Dennis Murray346.048 MUR
GST law made easy, Colin De Freyne343.055 DE
Human rights and privacy law made easy, Jillian Stewart342.085 STE
Immigration and refugee law, Doug Tennent, Katy Armstrong, Peter Moses342.082 TEN
International indigenous rights in Aotearoa New Zealand, Andrew Erueti342.087 INT
James & Wells intellectual property law in New Zealand, Ian Finch, general editor346.048 JAM
The attorney's handbook: information, checklists, precedents and examples for attorneys, Philip Dreadon346.029 DRE
The case for impeachment, Allan J. Lichtman342.062 LIC
Professor Allan J. Lichtman, who has correctly forecasted thirty years of presidential outcomes, makes the case for impeaching the 45th president of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

Library Science

Getting started in service design: a how-to-do-it manual for librarians, Joe J. Marquez and Annie Downey025.5 MAR
Library services for multicultural patrons: strategies to encourage library use, Carol Smallwood and Kim Becnel027.63 LIB
The library: a catalogue of wonders, Stuart Kells027 KEL
The LITA leadership guide: the librarian as entrepreneur, leader, and technologist, Carl Antonucci, Sharon Clapp023 LIT


Flora of Middle-Earth: plants of J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium, Walter S. Judd and Graham A. Judd823.912 TOL
This book catalogs every plant found in J.R.R. Tolkien's Legendarium, showing how these plants influenced Tolkien's stories and characters.
Goodbye Christopher Robin: A. A. Milne and the making of Winnie-the-Pooh, Ann Thwaite823.912 MIL
Innocence, Roald Dahl823.914 DAH
What makes us innocent and how do we come to lose it? Featuring the autobiographical stories telling of Roald Dahl's boyhood and youth as well as four further tales of innocence betrayed, Dahl touches on the joys and horrors of growing up.
Jane Austen and her world, Josephine Ross823.7 AUS
Manderley forever: a biography of Daphne du Maurier, Tatiana de Rosnay823.912 DU
De Rosnay pays homage to the writer who influenced her so deeply, following Du Maurier from a shy seven-year-old, a rebellious sixteen-year-old, a twenty-something newlywed, and finally a cantankerous old woman.
Quarrels with himself: essays on James K. Baxter as prose writer, Peter Whiteford and Geoffrey Miles828.914 BAX
The wisdom of the Middle Ages, Michael Kellogg809.02 KEL
An overview and appreciation of medieval literature that takes account of major intellectual trends, various genres, and key historical figures of the period.
The world of Laura Ingalls Wilder: the frontier landscapes that inspired the Little House books, Marta McDowell813.52 WIL


Fearless: the extraordinary untold story of New Zealand's Great War airmen, Adam Claasen940.44 CLA
It's my country too: women's military stories from the American Revolution to Afghanistan, Jerri Bell & Tracy Crow355 ITS
Small unmanned aircraft systems guide: exploring designs, operations, regulations, and economics, Brent Terwilliger623.7469 TER
Spyplanes: the illustrated guide to manned reconnaissance and surveillance aircraft from World War I to today, Norman Polmar and John F. Bessette with Hal Bryan358.45 POL
Western Europe, Oliver Berry940 BER
Lonely Planet.

Music & Musicians

Alabama: song of the south, Editor, Jay Orr781.642 ALA
David Bowie and philosophy: rebel, rebel, Theodore G. Ammon781.66 BOW
Good-bye Maoriland: the songs & sounds of New Zealand's Great War, Chris Bourke781.599 BOU
Organs & organists: their inside stories: all you (n)ever wanted to know: a composting of organic material, Jenny Setchell786.5 SET
Runnin' with the devil: a backstage pass to the wild times, loud rock, and the down and dirty truth behind the making of Van Halen, Noel E. Monk with Joe Layden781.66 VAN
The Kiwi Pacific Records story, Tony Vercoe, talking with Tony Martin780.993 VER
These interviews trace Kiwi Pacific Records from its beginnings as a division of publishers AH & AW Reed Ltd, through its period as the subsidiary Reed Pacific Records Ltd, to its independence as Kiwi Pacific Records, all under the direction of Tony Vercoe.

Natural Science

A naturalist's guide to the reptiles of Australia, Peter Rowland and Chris Farrell597.9 ROW
Adventures of a young naturalist: the zoo quest expeditions, David Attenborough591.9 ATT
An introduction to behavioural ecology, Nicholas B. Davies, John R. Krebs and Stuart A. West591.5 DAV
Big Pacific, Rebecca Tansley591.77 TAN
Bowland Beth: the life of an English hen harrier, David Cobham; illustrated by Dan Powell598.94 COB
Mammals: a very short introduction, T.S. Kemp599 KEM
The man who climbs trees, James Aldred634.9 ALD
This is the story of a professional British tree climber, cameraman and adventurer, who has made a career out of travelling the world, filming wildlife for the BBC and climbing trees.
Whales: their past, present and future, Philip Hammond599.5 HAM
Wild man from Borneo: a cultural history of the orangutan, Robert Cribb, Helen Gilbert, Helen Tiffin599.883 CRI


Classical painting atelier: a contemporary guide to traditional studio practice, Juliette Aristides751.4 ARI


13 things mentally strong parents don't do: raising self-assured children and training their brains for a life of happiness, meaning, and success, Amy Morin649.1 MOR
He's not lazy: empowering your son to believe in himself, Adam Price305.235 PRI
Out of control: why disciplining your child doesn't work and what will, Shefali Tsabary649.64 TSA
Parenting without anger, Renee Mill649.1 MIL
Staying connected to your teenager: how to keep them talking to you and how to hear what they're really saying, Michael Riera306.874 RIE
The prince boofhead syndrome, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg and Elly Robinson305.235 CAR
Essential reading for everyone living with a teenage boy.
Unplugged parenting: how to raise happy, healthy children in the digital age, Dr. Elizabeth Kilbey with Heather Bishop649.1 KIL


Miss Ulysses from Puka-Puka: the autobiography of a South Sea trader's daughter, Florence (Johnny) Frisbie; edited and translated by her father, Robert Dean Frisbie996.23 FRI
Miss Ulysses from Puka-Puka is the first book written by a Polynesian woman. It tells the amazing story of a young girl growing up on a remote island in the Cook Islands group.

Pets & Animals

Bookstore cats, Brandon Schultz636.8 SCH
Dog zen: everything you need to know to transform your dog, Mark Vette636.70887 VET
Labradoodles, Joan Hustace Walker636.72 LAB
Let dogs be dogs: understanding canine nature and mastering the art of living with your dog, the Monks of New Skete and Marc Goldberg636.70887 MON
Old dog wisdom, Fiona Tomlinson636.7 TOM
Saving the Snowy Brumbies: the Wilson sisters' adventures taming horses from Australia's Snowy Mountains, Kelly Wilson636.1083 WIL
The grace of dogs: a boy, a black lab, and a father's search for the canine soul, Andrew Root636.7 ROO
The mysterious world of cats: what magic, myth, shamanism and science teach us about their secret powers, Herbie Brennan636.8 BRE
The New Zealand cat, Rachael Hale McKenna636.8 MCK
Will's red coat: the story of one old dog who chose to live again, Tom Ryan636.7 RYA


Abandoned: the most beautiful forgotten places from around the world, Mathew Growcoot778.94 GRO
Alice's adventures, Alice Hawkins778.99746 HAW
Avedon's France: old world, new look, Robert M. Rubin, Marianne Le Galliard779 AVE
Beginner's guide to photography: no jargon just great photos, Haje Jan Kamps778.3 KAM
Dora Maar: Paris in the time of Man Ray, Jean Cocteau, and Picasso, Louise Baring779 MAA
Expressive nature photography: design, composition, and color in outdoor imagery, Brenda Tharp778.93 THA
Firecrackers: female photographers now, Fiona Rogers & Max Houghton779 ROG
Lauren Greenfield: Generation Wealth, Text edited with Susan Lynley Welsh778.92 GRE
Roland Fischer: refugees, Essays by Stephan Lessenich, Bernhard Waldenfels778.92 FIS
Small wonders: life portrait in miniature, Tatsuya Tanaka779 TAN
The polaroid project: at the intersection of art and technology, William A. Ewing771.4 EWI
Tina Barney, Tina Barney and Peter Galassi778.92 BAR


Collected poems, Allen Curnow; edited by Elizabeth Caffin & Terry Sturm821.91 CUR
Allen Curnow (1911-2001) was at the time of his death regarded as one of the greatest of all poets writing in English.
Hoard, Fleur Adcock821.914 ADC
NZ poetry.
Should auld acquaintance: discovering the woman behind Robert Burns, Melanie Murray821.6 ARM
Two lagoons, Trevor Hayes821.92 HAY
New Zealand Poetry.

Politics & Government

A bark but no bite: inequality and the 2014 New Zealand general election, Jack Vowles, Hilde Coffé and Jennifer Curtin324.993 VOW
Based on New Zealand Election Study (NZES) data from a sample of 2,830 eligible voters.
Asia's reckoning: China, Japan, and the fate of U.S. power in the Pacific century, Richard McGregor327.73 MCG
Own your future, David Seymour324.293 SEY
Written by ACT Party leader, David Seymour, in the lead-up to the 2017 general elections in New Zealand.
Predicting the next president: the keys to the White House, Allan J. Lichtman324.973 LIC
The Cold War: a world history, Odd Arne Westad327.1 WES
The limits of neoliberalism: authority, sovereignty and the logic of competition, William Davies320.51 DAV
What happened, Hillary Rodham Clinton324.973 CLI
The former Secretary of State relates her experiences as the first woman candidate nominated for president by a major party, discussing the sexism, criticism, and double standards she had to confront, and how she coped with a devastating loss.
What's your bias?: the surprising science of why we vote the way we do, Lee De-Wit324 DE


Point of Order, Mr Speaker?: modern Maori political leaders, Selwyn and Rahui Katene324.22 POI
Eight current or former Maori politicians from different political parties recount their leadership experiences and describe the significant events in their journeys from their early lives to Parliament.


Get the guy: use the secrets of the male mind to find, attract and keep your ideal man, Matthew Hussey with Stephen Hussey646.77 HUS
Written by the hottest dating coach on the scene!

Religion & Ethics

A place called heaven: 10 surprising truths about your eternal home, Dr. Robert Jeffress236.24 JEF
A world ablaze: the rise of Martin Luther and the birth of the Reformation, Craig Harline270.6 LUT
Hare Krishna transformed, E. Burke Rochford, Jr294.55 ROC
Holy living: the Christian tradition for today, Rowan Williams248.4 WIL
Saints and stirrers: Christianity, conflict and peacemaking in New Zealand, 1814-1945, Geoffrey Troughton261.87 SAI
Sunday best : how the church shaped New Zealand and New Zealand shaped the church, Peter Lineham279.3 LIN
Surprised by Oxford: a memoir, Carolyn Weber248.24 WEB
This savvy, beautifully written, credible account of Christian conversion follows the calendar and events of the school year as it entertains, informs, and promises to engage even the most skeptical and unlikely reader.
The Templars: the rise and spectacular fall of God's holy warriors, Dan Jones271.7 JON
Why Buddhism is true: the science and philosophy of meditation and enlightenment, Robert Wright294.34 WRI


101 problems for the armchair scientist: such as how do headphone wires get so tangled?, Joel Levy500 LEV
30-second maths: the 50 most mind-expanding theories in mathematics, each explained in half a minute, Editor, Richard Brown. 510 THI
A big bang in a little room: the quest to create new universes, Zeeya Merali523.1 MER
Agates: treasures of the earth, Roger Pabian553.87 PAB
American eclipse: a nation's epic race to catch the shadow of the moon and win the glory of the world, David Baron523.7 BAR
Biochemistry demystified, Sharon Walker, David McMahon572 WAL
Blooming marvellous: a wildflower hunter's year, Zoe Devlin582.13 DEV
Caesar's last breath: the epic story of the air around us, Sam Kean551.51 KEA
Closing the gap: the quest to understand prime numbers, Vicky Neale512.7 NEA
Coasts in crisis: a global challenge, Gary Griggs551.45 GRI
Almost half of the planet's population now lives in the coastal zone. The impacts of these people - three billion and rising - are increasingly affecting the most dynamic and constantly changing environments on Earth.
Destination Mars: the story of our quest to conquer the Red Planet, Andrew May523.43 MAY
Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, Carl Mehling567.91 DIN
DNA: the story of the genetic revolution, James D. Watson with Andrew Berry and Kevin Davies572.8 WAT
General, organic, and biochemistry, Katherine J. Denniston. 547 DEN
How to count to infinity, Marcus du Sautoy513.2 DU
How to understand E=mc(2), Christophe Galfard530.11 GAL
In search of stardust: amazing micrometeorites and their terrestrial imposters, Jon Larsen523.51 LAR
Life at the edge of sight: a photographic exploration of the microbial world, Scott Chimileski, Roberto Kolter579 CHI
Life through time and space, Wallace Arthur; illustrations by Stephen Arthur576.83 ART
Math for scientists: refreshing the essentials, Natasha Maurits, Branislava Curcic-Blake. 510 MAU
Particle physics: a very short introduction, Frank Close539.72 CLO
Physics in 50 milestone moments: a timeline of scientific landmarks, James Lee530 LEE
Principles of biology, Robert J. Brooker570 BRO
Quakeland: on the road to America's next devastating earthquake, Kathryn Miles551.22 MIL
Rock and gem, Ronald Louis Bonewitz553.8 BON
Sex, botany & empire: the story of Carl Linnaeus and Joseph Banks, Patricia Fara580.92 LIN
Significant figures: lives and work of trailblazing mathematicians, Ian Stewart510.92 STE
Solomon's organic chemistry, T.W. Graham Solomons, Craig B. Fryhle, Scott A. Snyder547 SOL
The fascinating world of graph theory, Arthur Benjamin, Gary Chartrand, Ping Zhang511.5 BEN
The periodic table: a visual guide to the elements, Tom Jackson546.8 JAC
The physical world: an inspirational tour of fundamental physics, Nicholas Manton, Nicholas Mee530 MAN
Totality: the great American eclipses of 2017 and 2024, Mark Littmann and Fred Espenak523.7 LIT
Universe: exploring the astronomical world.520 UNI
Viewing and imaging the solar system: a complete guide for amateur astronomers, Jane Clark520 CLA
While the fires burn: a glacier odyssey, Daniel Schwartz551.312 SCH
Terrestrial and aerial photography combine with historic documents and computer-modeled drawings to capture the world's shrinking glaciers across four continents.
Zapped: from infrared to X-rays, the curious history of invisible light, Bob Berman535 BER

Self Development

Altered traits: science reveals how meditation changes your mind, brain, and body, Daniel Goleman and Richard J. Davidson158.12 GOL
Discover your hidden memory & find the real you, Menis Yousry158.1 YOU
Dream therapy: dream your way to health and happiness, Dr Clare Johnson154.63 JOH
Goodbye, things: the new Japanese minimalism, Fumio Sasaki; translated by Eriko Sugita158.1 SAS
How emotions are made: the secret life of the brain, Lisa Feldman Barrett152.4 BAR
How to change the world with one pitch: a blueprint for winning at life one conversation at a time, Daniel Batten153.85 BAT
Splitting the arrow: understanding the business of life, Prem Rawat158 RAW
Stress-proof: the scientific solution to protect your brain and body and be more resilient every day, Mithu Storoni155.9042 STO
The compassionate mind workbook, Chris Irons and Elaine Beaumont152.4 IRO
The decision book: fifty models for strategic thinking, Mikael Krogerus, Roman Tschäppeler153.83 KRO
The happiness track: how to apply the science of happiness to accelerate your success, Emma Seppälä. 158 SEP
The mastery of self: a Toltec guide to personal freedom, Don Miguel Ruiz Jr158.1 RUI
The mother factor: how your mother's emotional legacy impacts your life, Stephan B. Poulter155.92 POU
The power of habit: why we do what we do and how to change, Charles Duhigg152.33 DUH


Madeleine's children: family, freedom, secrets, and lies in France's Indian Ocean colonies, Sue Peabody342.087 PEA

Social Issues

A cultural history of women in the middle ages, Kim M. Phillips305.42 CUL
A great social experiment: the story of the Licensing Trusts in New Zealand, Bernard Teahan361.76 TEA
A mighty boy, Sarah Pullen362.196994 PUL
What would you do if a stranger told you your son was going to die? Silas is ten years old when the headaches start. When the diagnosis arrives, his parents are told they have until Christmas maybe. And so begins Sarah Pullen's battle to save her son, against doubting doctors and insurmountable odds.
Adult fantasy: searching for true maturity in an age of mortgages, marriages, and other adult milestones, Briohny Doyle305.24 DOY
Bread for all: the origins of the welfare state, Chris Renwick361.65 REN
Can I keep drinking?: how you can decide when enough is enough, Cyndi Turner362.292 TUR
Defining social work in Aotearoa: forty years of pioneering research and teaching at Massey University, Michael Dale, Hannay Mooney & Kieran O'Donoghue360.7 DAL
Emergency response: life, death and helicopters, Dave Greenberg; with Adrienne Kohler363.348 GRE
Emigrants: why the English sailed to the New World, James Evans304.873 EVA
Entitled: a critical history of the British aristocracy, Chris Bryant305.52 BRY
Everybody lies: big data, new data, and what the Internet can tell us about who we really are, Seth Stephens-Davidowitz302.23 STE
Inferior: how science got women wrong and the new research that's rewriting the story, Angela Saini305.4 SAI
Living a feminist life, Sara Ahmed305.42 AHM
Living sober.362.2928 LIV
Tips on living sober.
Megafire: the race to extinguish a deadly epidemic of flame, Michael Kodas363.37 KOD
Mission to motherhood: a powerful story of infertility, surrogacy and the journey to becoming a parent, Amira Mikhail362.196692 MIK
No is not enough: defeating the new shock politics, Naomi Klein303.61 KLE
Remember when love was supposed to Trump hate? Remember when the oil companies and bankers seemed to be running scared? What the hell happened? And what can we do about it? Naomi Klein shows us how we got here, and how we can make things better.
No logo: no space, no choice, no jobs, Naomi Klein303.484 KLE
Analysis and exploration of the invasion of our personal lives by logo-wielding power-hungry corporations combines muckraking journalism with contemporary memoir to discuss current consumer culture and the dark side of the information age.
Reflections: of the poll tax on Chinese in New Zealand.305.8951 HOP
Risking their lives: New Zealand abortion stories, 1900-1939, Margaret Sparrow363.46 SPA
Secret societies: the complete guide to histories, rites, and rituals, Nick Redfern366 RED
Sensation: adventures in sex, love and laughter, Isabel Losada306.7 LOS
Soil and soul: people versus corporate power, Alastair McIntosh361.8 MCI
Streampunks: how YouTube and the new creators are transforming our lives, Robert Kyncl with Maany Peyvan302.23 KYN
Suicide: aftermath & beyond: let's talk about suicide and how much it sucks, Paul Lynch362.28 LYN
The devil that never dies: the rise and threat of global antisemitism, Daniel Jonah Goldhagen305.8924 GOL
The Emoji code: the linguistics behind smiley faces and scaredy cats, Vyvyan Evans302.222 EVA
The growth of New Zealand towns: a historical and current survey of the development of 64 towns and cities, with a glimse of future changes, Hugh Dickey. 307.76 DIC
The honest body project: real stories and untouched portraits of women & motherhood, Natalie McCain306.461 MCC
The optimistic environmentalist: progressing towards a greener future.363.7 BOY
Universal basic income: pennies from heaven, Paul O'Brien362.58 OBR
Possibly the most significant change to economic policy being debated in decades. This book gives the accessible history of a revolutionary idea.


NASA Mercury: 1956 to 1963 (all models): owners' workshop manual: an insight into the design and engineering of Project Mercury America's first manned space programme, David Baker629.47 BAK

Sport & Recreation

501 essential backgammon problems, Bill Robertie795.1 ROB
A hole in the wind: a climate scientist's bicycle journey across the United States, David Goodrich796.62 GOO
Alone on the wall, Alex Honnold with David Roberts796.5223 HON
From Yosemite's famous Half Dome to the frighteningly difficult El Sendero Luminoso in Mexico, Alone on the Wall is structured around Alex's seven most extraordinary climbing achievements so far.
Backgammon for winners: easy-to-read and informative, this is the best first and second book to buy on backgammon!, Bill Robertie795.1 ROB
Capablanca x3, José Raúl Capablanca794.1 CAP
One of the greatest chess prodigies of all time, he evolved the most perfect chess technique seen on a chessboard.
Chasing the rainbow: the story of road cycling's World Championships, Giles Belbin796.62 BEL
Coaching basketball successfully, Morgan Wootten, Joe Wootten796.32307 WOO
Donald Campbell: 300+ a speed odyssey: his life with Bluebird, David de Lara796.72 CAM
Forgotten years: helicopters and hunting stories /crecounted by Brian Conroy & friends.799.26 CON
How to be better at basketball in 21 days: the ultimate guide to drastically improving your basketball shooting, passing & dribbling skills, James Wilson796.323 WIL
It's all a game: the history of board games from Monopoly to settlers of Catan, Tristan Donovan794 DON
Lasker's manual of chess, Emanuel Lasker794.1 LAS
Le Tour de France: the official history, Serge Laget, Luke Edwardes-Evans, Andy McGrath; foreword by Bernard Hinault796.62 LAG
Squash, Stafford Murray with Mike Hughes, Nic James and Goran Vukovic796.343 SQU
The game of squash: 5 easy ways to improve your game and win more matches, James Ethan, John North796.343 ETH
The New Zealand cycle trails Nga Haerenga: a guide to New Zealand's 22 great rides and introducing Tour Aotearoa, Jonathan Kennett. 796.64 KEN
The total fishing manual, Joe Cermele and the editors of Field & stream799.1 CER
The trail runner's companion: a step-by-step guide to trail running and racing, from 5ks to Ultras, Sarah Lavender Smith796.42 SMI
Total aikido: the master course, Gozo Shioda with Yasuhisa Shioda796.8154 SHI
Track & field coaching essentials, Will Freeman, editor796.42 TRA

Trains, Boats, Planes

De Havilland Enterprises: a history, Graham M Simons629.13334 DE
Captain Sir Geoffrey de Havilland was one of the world's true pioneers of powered flight, a man as important to British aviation as the Wright brothers were to America.
The strangest aircraft of all time, Keith Ray629.133 RAY
Time and tide: the story of the Pelorus mail boat, Lorain Day383.4 DAY


A-Z of British trolleybuses, Stephen Lockwood388.41 LOC
Bike repair manual, Chris Sidwells629.28772 SID
The most up-to-date cycling guide on the market, this is the essential handy guide for beginners and experienced cyclists alike.
North-West buses in the 1980s, Paul Williams388.322 WIL
The National Bus Company: the middle years, Stephen Dowle388.322 NAT


Our latest longest war: losing hearts and minds in Afghanistan, Aaron B. O'Connell, USMC958.1 OUR
The fear and the freedom: how the Second World War changed us, Keith Lowe940.531 LOW
The road to Passchendaele: the heroic year in soldiers' own words and photographs, Richard van Emden940.43 VAN
The Vietnam War: an intimate history, Geoffrey C. Ward959.7043 WAR
Zero Six Bravo: 60 special forces, 100,000 enemy, the explosive true story, Damien Lewis956.7044 LEW