New Titles Non-Fiction October 2016 (arrived in September 2016)

Art & Architecture

A'a : a deity from Polynesia Julie Adams, Steven Hooper and Maia Nuku 704.03994 ADA
This world-renowned sculpture is a unique figure in Polynesian art. An image of a deified ancestor, A'a was created sometime before 1821 on the island of Rurutu.
Artist's painting techniques 751.4 ART
Astro noise : a survival guide for living under total surveillance Laura Poitras. 709.2 POI
Laura Poitras: Astro Noise" is the first solo museum exhibition by artist, filmmaker, and journalist Laura Poitras. This immersive installation of new work builds on topics important to Poitras, including mass surveillance, the war on terror, the U.S. drone program, Guantanamo Bay Prison, occupation, and torture.
Brett Whiteley : art, life and the other thing Ashleigh Wilson 759.994 WHI
Cezanne's watercolors : between drawing and painting Matthew Simms 759.4 CEZ
Clare Woods : strange meetings foreword by Andrew Marr ; texts by Michael Bracewell. 759.2 WOO
This volume is the first monograph on Woods' art. It presents all the major works from her career to date, from small-scale intimate paintings and prints to ambitious large-scale architectural projects.
Creative colored pencil : easy & innovative techniques for beautiful painting Gary Greene 741.24 GRE
Cut that out : contemporary collage in graphic design Dr. Me. 741.6 DOY
Curated by Ryan Doyle and Mark Edwards, who work together under the name of DR.ME, Cut That Out focuses on the compositions of 50 leading designers and studios from 15 different countries for whom collage has been the key to creating vibrant, effective work.
Dadaglobe reconstructed Adrian Sudhalter. 709.0406 SUD
Published to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the founding of Dada in Zurich and based on years of extensive research by American scholar Adrian Sudhalter, Dadaglobe Reconstructed provides a remarkable view of Dada, with a wealth of previously unpublished material.
Exhibitionist : writing about art in a daily newspaper Richard Dorment 701.18 DOR
For thirty years, until 2015, Richard Dorment was the art critic of the Daily Telegraph. Writing almost every week it was his job to introduce, to explain and to criticise for a popular newspaper the most significant current art exhibitions.
Eye of the sixties : Richard Bellamy and the transformation of modern art Judith Stein 709.2 BEL
Uncovering the legacy of Richard Bellamy, one of the most influential tastemakers of Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art.
Francis Bacon : late paintings 759.2 BAC
Grandma Moses : American modern 759.13 MOS
A long-overdue reexamination of beloved American artist Grandma Moses, restoring her rightful place within the canon of mid-century American Art.
How to render : the fundamentals of light, shadow and reflectivity Scott Robertson with Thomas Bertling 741.2 ROB
London calling : Bacon, Freud, Kossoff, Andrews, Auerbach, and Kitaj Elena Crippa and Catherine Lampert 759.2 CRI
Between the postwar years and the 1980s in Britain, and in particular in London, a number of figurative painters simultaneously reinvented the way in which life is represented in art.
Maniera : Pontormo, Bronzino and Medici Florence Bastian Eclercy. 709.031 MAN
The art of rivalry : four friendships, betrayals, and breakthroughs in modern art Sebastian Smee 700.92 SME
Picasso & Matisse. Manet & Degas. Pollack & de Kooning. Lucian Freud & Francis Bacon. This is the story of four pairs of artists each linked by friendship and a spirit of competitiveness.
The glamour of strangeness : artists and the last age of the exotic Jamie James 700.1 JAM
Exploration of a "rare, emotionally intense way of life" in which artists like Raden Saleh and Walter Spies abandon the cultures that created them and adopt an exotic alternative.
The tale of tomorrow : utopian architecture in the modernist realm [edited by Robert Klanten and Sofia Borges ; texts by Sofia Borges] 720 TAL


Field guide to classic farm tractors text by Robert N. Pripps. 629.225 PRI
Holden : our car 1856-2017 Toby Hagon and Will Hagon 629.2222 HOL


Better git it in your soul : an interpretive biography of Charles Mingus Krin Gabbard 781.65 MIN
This biography traces the output of jazz master Charles Mingus--his recordings, his compositions, and his writings highlighting key moments in his life and musicians who influenced him and were influenced by him.
Casanova the irresistible Philippe Sollers. 920.71 CAS
Charmed life : the phenomenal world of Philip Sassoon Damian Collins 941.082 SAS
The story of a fascinating man who connected the great politicians, artists and thinkers at the height of British global power and influence.
Citizen Clem : a biography of Attlee John Bew 941.082 ATT
Not only does Clement Attlee's life deserve to have a rightful place alongside the Churchill legend. It is also more emblematic, and more representative, of Britain in his time.
Don't you leave me here : my life Wilko Johnson 787.87 JOH
Don't You Leave Me Here is the story of Wilko Johnson's life in music, his life with cancer, and his life now in the future he never thought he would see.
Federer Chris Bowers 796.342 FED
This admired biography traces the rise of Roger Federer, from his first tentative strokes with a racket to legendary status, and perhaps even the title of greatest tennis player ever.
Finding sanity : John Cade, lithium and the taming of bipolar disorder Greg de Moore and Ann Westmore 616.89 CAD
The first biography of the ground breaking Australian doctor who discovered the first pharmacological treatment for mental illness.
Gold X 2 : the Duncan Laing story Stefan Laing 797.21 LAI
Written by his son Stefan Lain, Gold X 2 tells the story of Duncan Laing, much respected and loved for his boundless commitment to teaching and coaching rugby, surf life saving and swimming in New Zealand.
Henry V : the conscience of a king Malcolm Vale 942.042 HEN
Justin Trudeau : the natural heir Huguette Young. 971.07 TRU
This unauthorized biography provides a rare look at the real Justin Trudeau, retracing his steps from his early days to the height of power.
Lenin : a biography Robert Service 947.0841 LEN
Marie-Antoinette Helene Delalex, Alexandre Maral, Nicolas Milovanovic 944.035 MAR
Muhammad Ali 796.83 ALI
The definitive tribute that celebrates the life and legacy of Muhammad Ali, an American original.
My first life : conversations with Ignacio Ramonet Hugo Chavez. 987 CHA
One of the most important Latin American leaders of the twenty-first century, Hugo Chavez was a military officer who became a left-wing revolutionary. This book tells the story of his life until the moment he was elected President in 1998.
On the beat Graham Cole with Nuala Giblin 791.45028 COL
As big-hearted PC Tony Stamp, Graham Cole is instantly recognisable after pounding the beat of fictional Sun Hill in 'The Bill' for 20 years. Graham reveals his own rise to stardom and the ups and downs of an actor's life.
On the wilder shores of love : a Bohemian life Lesley Blanch. 828.914 BLA
Most famous for The Wilder Shores of Love, her book about four women travellers, Lesley Blanch was a scholarly romantic and a bold writer. Edited by her goddaughter Georgia de Chamberet, who was working with her in her centenary year, this book collects together the story of Blanch's marriage, a selection of her journalism which brings to life the artistic melting pot that was London between the wars; and a selection of her most evocative travel pieces, to create the story of a fascinating, bohemian
Ray Davies : a complicated life Johnny Rogan 781.66 DAV
Based on countless interviews conducted over several decades, this richly detailed and revelatory biography presents the most frank and intimate portrait yet of Ray Davies.
Stick it! : a life of sex, drums, and rock 'n' roll Carmine Appice with Ian Gittins 781.66 APP
Carmine Appice has enjoyed a jaw-dropping rock-and-roll life and here he is telling his scarcely believable story.
The faith of Christopher Hitchens : the restless soul of the world's most notorious atheist Larry Alex Taunton 261.2 TAU
At the time of his death, Christopher Hitchens was the most notorious atheist in the world. And yet, all was not as it seemed.
The girl with the lower back tattoo Amy Schumer 792.7 SCH
The pigeon tunnel : stories from my life John Le Carre 823.914 LE
Today we die a little : the rise and fall of Emil Zatopek, Olympic legend Richard Askwith 796.42 ZAT
The definitive biography of one of the greatest, most extraordinary runners and Olympic heroes of all time.
Watching the wheels : my autobiography Damon Hill with Maurice Hamilton 796.72 HIL
You look like that girl : a child actor stops pretending and finally grows up Lisa Jakub 791.43028 JAK
Lisa Jakub's humorous, irreverent account of her unusual and occasionally awkward life as a successful child actor and what happened when she walked away from it all in search of a more authentic life.

Business & Management

Breaking through bias : communication techniques for women to succeed at work Andrea S. Kramer, Alton B. Harris 650.1 KRA
Disruptive marketing : what growth hackers, data punks, and other hybrid thinkers can teach us about navigating the new normal Geoffrey Colon ; foreword by Gemma Craven 658.827 COL
How to present : the ultimate guide to presenting your ideas and influencing people using techniques that actually work Michelle Bowden 658.452 BOW
Leading virtual teams : hold people accountable, build trust, encourage collaboration 658.402 LEA
Risky strategy : understanding risk to improve strategic decisions Jamie MacAlister 658.155 MCA
Running virtual meetings : test your technology, keep their attention, connect across time zones 658.456 RUN
Small business marketing strategies : all-in-one for dummies 658.8 SMA
Storytelling for job interviews : how to use stories, nail an interview and land your dream job Gabrielle Dolan 650.144 DOL
The conscious project leader : how to create a culture of success for your projects, your team and yourself Colin D Ellis 658.404 ELL
The everything guide to network marketing : a step-by-step plan for multilevel marketing success Esther Spina 658.872 SPI
The quantum leader : a revolution in business thinking and practice Danah Zohar 658.409 ZOH
The respectful leader : seven ways to influence without intimidation Gregg Ward with Walter G. Meyer 658.409 WAR
Think and grow rich for women : using your power to create success and significance Sharon Lechter 650.1 LEC


Eclectic collections Stephen Crafti 745.0994 CRA
Possession : the curious history of private collectors from antiquity to the present Erin L. Thompson 790.132 THO


Big data : does size matter? Timandra Harkness 005.7 HAR
Mastering Scala machine learning : advance your skills in efficient data analysis and data processing using the powerful tools of Scala, Spark, and Hadoop Alex Kozlov 005.133 SCA
Murach's JavaScript : training & reference Mary Delamater 005.133 JAV
My Samsung Galaxy S7 for seniors Michael Miller 621.38456 MIL
Real-world SQL and PL/SQL : advice from the experts Arup Nanda. 005.756 ORA
The complete guide to Blender graphics : computer modeling & animation John M. Blain 006.69 BLA
The emperor's new mind : concerning computers, minds and the laws of physics Roger Penrose. 006.3 PEN
Turing's vision : the birth of computer science Chris Bernhardt 510.92 TUR

Crafts & Collecting

Doll days! : sew an everyday wardrobe for 18" dolls : stylish patterns to mix, match & embellish Erin Hentzel 745.5922 HEN


Adnan's story : the search for truth and justice after Serial Rabia Chaudry 364.1523 CHA
In early 2000, Adnan Syed was convicted and sentenced to life plus thirty years for the murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee, a high school senior in Baltimore, Maryland. Syed has maintained his innocence, and Rabia Chaudry, a family friend, has always believed him.
American heiress : the wild saga of the kidnapping, crimes and trial of Patty Hearst Jeffrey Toobin 322.42 HEA
Boy with a knife : a story of murder, remorse, and a prisoner's fight for justice Jean Trounstine 364.1523 TRO
Nearly a quarter of a million youth are tried, sentenced, or imprisoned as adults every year across the United States. Boy With A Knife tells the story of Karter Kane Reed, who, at the age of sixteen, was sentenced to life in an adult prison for a murder he committed in 1993 in a high school classroom.
Crooks like us Peter Doyle 364.3 DOY
Crooks Like Us takes a more in-depth look at 1920s Sydney's densely populated and crime ridden suburbs such as Pyrmont, Surry Hills and Darlinghurst.
Jail birds : Australian women doing crime Robin Bowles 364.374 BOW
Outlaws Inc. : flying with the world's most dangerous smugglers Matt Potter 364.133 POT
In the world's most dangerous and war-torn trouble spots, you will find a small band of men risking their lives to fly the planes that bring in desperately needed aid and supplies. These combat-hardened veterans fly giant Soviet-era superplanes which carry a dark secret: 15 tonnes' worth of secret compartments which they fill with illicit payload.
Playing dead : a journey through the world of death fraud Elizabeth Greenwood 364.163 GRE
A darkly comic inquiry into how to fake your own death, the disappearance industry, and the lengths to which people will go to be reborn. Is it still possible to fake your own death in the twenty-first century?
The amazing Mrs Livesey : the remarkable story of Australia's greatest imposter Freda Marnie Nicholls 364.163 LIV
The truly remarkable life of the notorious Ethel Livesey, a serial fraudster and confidence trickster who became a media sensation after she ran out on her society wedding in 1945 and was later arrested for obtained goods by false pretences.
The Bain killings : whodunnit? Michael Sharp 364.1523 BAI
An inside look into the lead up,duration and aftermath of one of New Zealand's most shocking murder
The Panama papers : breaking the story of how the rich & powerful hide their money Bastian Obermayer and Frederik Obermaier 364.133 OBE


Disrupted : ludicrious misadventures in the tech start-up bubble Dan Lyons 338.04 LYO
A memoir of life inside the tech bubble by a writer and co-producer for "Silicon Valley" describes how, after losing his magazine writing job, he took a position with a tech company rife with cultish millennials, absent bosses, and venture-capital amenities.
Global investing : a guide for New Zealanders John Ryder 332.673 RYD
I'm the boss of me : a guide to owning your career Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn with Marilyn R. Freedman 331.702 BEL
Rebooting the regions : why low or zero growth needn't mean the end of prosperity Paul Spoonley 338.993 REB
Shop class as soulcraft : an inquiry into the value of work Matthew B. Crawford 331 CRA
The death of Holden : the end of an Australian dream Royce Kurmelovs 338.762 KUR
The great multinational tax rort : how we're all being robbed Martin Feil 336.24 FEI
The industries of the Malvern Hills : great hope of the Canterbury Province Richard and Bruce Maffey 338.0993 MAF
The invisible millionaire : a guide to real estate wealth Jonathan Bidmead 332.6324 BID
The millionaire next door : the surprising secrets of America's wealthy Thomas J. Stanley. 332.024 STA
Why the future is workless Tim Dunlop 331.12 DUN


Helping children succeed : what works and why Paul Tough 372.1 TOU
Is technology good for education? Neil Selwyn 371.33 SEL
Water learning Susan J. Grosse 613.716 GRO


Glorious South Island steam power Robert John 625.26 JOH


Fisheries in the Pacific : the challenges of governance and sustainability Elodie Fache and Simonne Pauwels 333.956 FIS


20th century fashion Jim Heimann ; [written by] Alison A. Nieder 391 NIE
Audrey and Givenchy : a fashion love affair Cindy De La Hoz 791.43028 HEP
Crinoline : fashion's most magnificent disaster: a history of the crinoline dress from Victorian times to the present day, seen through stereo photography, illustrated magazines and other ephemera Denis Pellerin and Brian May 391.2 PEL
Fashion and textile design with Photoshop and Illustrator : professional creative practice Robert Hume 677.022 HUM
Fashion designers A-Z : the collection of the Museum at FIT text by Valerie Steele. 746.92 STE
Fashion made fair : modern, innovative, sustainable Ellen Kohrer, Magdalena Schaffrin 746.92 KOH
Japanese tattoos : history, culture, design Brian Ashcraft with Hori Benny 391.65 ASH
Maticevski : the elegant rebel Mitchell Oakley Smith. 746.92 MAT
Toni Maticevski is one of Australias leading fashion designers.
Paris in style : a guide to the city's fashion, style and design destinations written and photographed by Janelle McCulloch 944.36 MCC
Supermodel tips : beauty and style secrets from the world's top models Carly Hobbs 646.7 HOB
The real me : fashion, fitness and food tips for real women from me to you Vicky Pattison 646.7 PAT

Film, Television & Theatre

Dancing for fun : group dancing for all ages. Book two piano compositions by Mark L. Greathouse ; choreography transcriptions by Helena Greathouse 792.8
Harry Potter : the artifact vault written by Jody Revenson 791.437 REV
The Artefact Vault chronicles the work at the graphics and prop teams in creating lovingly crafted items; and the stunning inventiveness used to create a rich, filmic universe.


Oranges and lemons : rhymes from past times Karen Dolby 398.8 DOL
Why sailors can't swim : and other marvellous maritime curiosities Nic Compton 398.23 COM
This fascinating collection of maritime folklore and trivia delves into the history, science and culture of the sea, and is packed full of entertaining, surprising and insightful facts.

Food & Wine

Asian pickles : sweet, sour, salty, cured, and fermented preserves from Japan, Korea, China, India, and beyond Karen Solomon. 641.46 SOL
BakeClass Anneka Manning 641.815 MAN
Bread illustrated : a step-by-step guide to achieving bakery-quality results at home the editors at America's Test Kitchen 641.815 BRE
Cath Kidston Teatime : 50 cakes and bakes for every occasion 641.865 KID
Cooking 4 change : 101 famous Kiwis share their favourite recipes concept by Dick Frizzell. 641.5 COO
Doctor Who : the official cookbook Joanna Farrow. 641.5 FAR
Eat it up! : 150 recipes to use every bit and enjoy every bite of the food you buy Sherri Brooks Vinton 641.5 VIN
Fine French desserts : essential techniques and recipes Vincent Boue. 641.86 BOU
Fresh Italian cooking for the new generation : 100 full-flavored vegetarian dishes that prove you can eat pasta and bread while staying slim Alexandra Caspero Lenz 641.5945 CAS
Green kitchen smoothies : healthy and colourful smoothies for every day David Frenkiel & Luise Vindahl 641.875 FRE
I quit sugar : slow cooker cookbook : easy, nutritious slow-cooker recipes for busy folk & families with Sarah Wilson 641.588 WIL
In the kitchen : 120 favorite recipes for breakfast, lunches, dinners, picnics and parties Simmone Logue 641.5 LOG
Minimalist Baker's everyday cooking : 101 entirely plant-based, mostly gluten-free, easy and delicious recipes Dana Shultz 641.5636 SHU
Munch lunchbox Anna Bordignon, Michelle Kitney 641.53 BOU
My French family table : recipes for a life filled with food, love & joie de vivre Beatrice Peltre 641.5944 PEL
Pornburger : hot buns and juicy beefcakes Mathew Ramsey 641.8 RAM
Somethingtofoodabout : exploring creativity with innovative chefs Questlove with Ben Greenman. 641.5 QUE
The frontman of hip-hop stars The Roots and bandleader for Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show draws on conversations with 10 cutting-edge chefs, including Ludo Lefebvre, Dominique Crenn and Nathan Myhrvold, to offer inspirational insights into their creative culinary processes.
Soups : quick and easy soups for every season Anna Helm Baxter. 641.813 HEL
Stirring slowly : recipes to restore & revive Georgina Hayden 641.5 HAY
Taco loco! : Mexican street food from scratch Jonas Cramby. 641.5972 CRA
The eat real food cookbook : a complete guide and 80 recipes for permanent weight loss and disease prevention David Gillespie ; recipes by Lizzie Gillespie 641.563
The low-FODMAP cookbook : 100 delicious, gut-friendly recipes for IBS and other digestive disorders Dianne Fastenow Benjamin 641.5631 BEN
The seaweed cookbook Xa Milne 641.69 MIL
The vegetable sushi cookbook Izumi Shoji. 641.5952 SHO

Gardens and Gardening

Cottage garden flowers Margery Fish 635 FIS
Growing potatoes : a directory of varieties and how to cultivate them successfully Richard Bird and Alex Barker 635.21 BIR
Growing squashes and pumpkins : a directory of varieties and how to cultivate them successfully Richard Bird 635.62 BIR
Luciano Giubbilei : the art of making gardens 712.6 GIU
New small garden : contemporary principles, planting and practice Noel Kingsbury. 712.6 KIN
New wild garden : natural-style planting and practicalities Ian Hodgson 635.951 HOD
Patrizia Pozzi : contemporary landscape : new tales and new visions = nuovi racconti e visioni Luca Molinari & viapiranesi 712 POZ
The complete book of vegetables, herbs & fruit in Australia Matthew Biggs, Jekka McVicar & Bob Flowerdew 635.0994 BIG


Shadow state : inside the secret companies that run Britain Alan White 352.5 WHI
From deportations to NHS cutbacks, Alan White exposes what goes wrong when the invisible hand of the market is introduced into public services.

Graphic novels

I'm supposed to protect you from all this : a memoir Nadja Spiegelman 741.5 SPI
A memoir of mothers and daughters and mothers as daughters traced through four generations, from Paris to New York and back again.
Something new : tales from a makeshift bride Lucy Knisley 741.5 KNI
In 2010, Lucy and her long-term boyfriend John broke up. Three long, lonely years later, John returned to New York, walked into Lucy's apartment, and proposed. This is not that story. It is the story of what came after: The Wedding.
The Osamu Tezuka story : a life in manga and anime Toshio Ban and Tezuka Productions. 741.5 TEZ
This graphic-format biography of Osamu Tezuka Japan's "God of Manga" looks at one of the twentieth century's great creative artists (Astro Boy, Kimba the White Lion, Black Jack). It is also an anecdotal study of the evolution of Japan's early manga and anime business and its heroes.

Health & Medicine

A life less sugar : how I lost 20kg by reducing my sugar Mandy J 613.25 TIF
A series of catastrophes & miracles : a true story of love, science, and cancer Mary Elizabeth Williams 362.196994 WIL
An account of what it is like to face death and be restored to life. After being diagnosed in her early 40s with metastatic melanoma a "rapidly fatal" form of cancer journalist and mother of two Mary Elizabeth Williams finds herself in a race against the clock.
A smell of burning : the story of epilepsy Colin Grant 616.853 GRA
Anxiety for beginners : a personal investigation Eleanor Morgan 616.8522 MOR
Arthritis-proof your life : the secret to pain-free living without drugs Michelle Schoffro Cook 616.72 COO
Autism spectrum disorder : the ultimate teen guide Francis Tabone 616.8588 TAB
Back to life : how to unlock your pathway to recovery when back pain persists David Rogers and Dr Grahame Brown 617.56 ROG
Brain2Brain : enacting client change through the persuasive power of neuroscience John B. Arden 616.8914 ARD
Breast cancer surgery and reconstruction : what's right for you Patricia Anstett. 616.994 ANS
Calling the shots : why parents reject vaccines Jennifer A. Reich 614.47 REI
Celiac disease : a hidden epidemic Peter H. R. Green and Rory Jones 616.399 GRE
Chemo and back again : information and inspiration from the chemo journey Andrea Fairbairn 616.994 FAI
Dr Libby's women's wellness wisdom : what every woman needs to know Dr Libby Weaver 613.0424 WEA
Essential oils for healing : over 400 all-natural recipes for everyday ailments Vannoy Gentles Fite. 615.85 FIT
Feed your brain : 7 steps to a lighter, brighter you! : includes delicious super-fast recipes for brain health! Delia McCabe 616.8 MCC
Finding calm for the expectant mom : tools for reducing stress, anxiety, and mood swings during your pregnancy Alice D. Domar, and Sheila Curry Oakes 618.2
Foodist : using real food and real science to lose weight without dieting Darya Pino Rose 613.2 ROS
Gone viral : the germs that share our lives Frank Bowden 616.9 BOW
Heart attack : seven lessons from a near-death experience Stephen Whitwell 362.196123 WHI
A dramatic, blow-by-blow account of a massive heart attack - the pain, intensive care, CPR, insertion of stents, recovery - and seven lessons learnt about how to cope with and how to avoid a future attack.
Holistic nutrition : eat well, train smart and be kind to your body Kate Callaghan 613.2 CAL
How men age : what evolution reveals about male health and mortality Richard G. Bribiescas 613.0423 BRI
Intuitive healing : the evolutionary method Uwe Albrecht 615.5 ALB
Life, animated : a story of sidekicks, heroes, and autism Ron Suskind 618.9285 SUS
Lift : fitness culture, from naked Greeks and acrobats to jazzercise and ninja warriors Daniel Kunitz 613.7 KUN
Moving beyond betrayal : the 5-step boundary solution for partners of sex addicts Vicki Tidwell Palmer 616.8583 PAL
No more cancer : a complete guide to preventing, treating, and overcoming cancer Gary Null. 616.994 NUL
Patient H.M. : a story of memory, madness and family secrets Luke Dittrich 616.83 H
In the late 1930s, in asylums and hospitals across America, a group of renowned neurosurgeons worked to develop and refine a new class of brain operation the lobotomy that they hoped would eradicate everything from schizophrenia to homosexuality. The most important test subject to emerge from this largely untold chapter was a 27-year-old factory worker named Henry Molaison. Journalist Luke Dittrich uses his case as a starting point for a kaleidoscopic journey.
Psycho-emotional pain and the eight extraordinary vessels Yvonne R. Farrell. 615.892 FAR
Roar : how to match your food and fitness to your female physiology for optimum performance, great health, and a strong, lean body for life Stacy T. Sims 613.711
Running like China : a memoir Sophie Hardcastle 616.895 HAR
Sophie lays bare her story of mental illness of a teenage girl using drugs, alcohol and sex in an attempt to fix herself; of her family's anguish and her loss of self.
Sick Gabby Schulz 616 DAH
A graphic document of 15 days of physical, mental & societal collapse. Part autobiography, part autopsy, it probes the hidden spaces between health & disease, happines & despair, delusion & clarity.
Sound healing for beginners : using vibration to harmonize your health and wellness Joshua Goldman, Alec W. Sims 615.5 GOL
Stiff : the curious lives of human cadavers Mary Roach 611 ROA
The art and science of aging well : a physician's guide to a healthy body, mind, and spirit Mark E. Williams 612.67 WIL
The big five Dr Sanjiv Chopra with David Fisher 646.7 CHO
Few books can make the promise of this one: if you adopt the following five simple habits you will live a longer and healthier life, guaranteed : Drink coffee ; Exercise regularly ; Add nuts to your diet ; Get plenty of vitamin D ; Meditate regularly.
The happy vegan : a guide to living a long, healthy, and successful life Russell Simmons with Chris Morrow 613.262 SIM
The naughty diet : the 10-step plan to eat and cheat your way to the body you want Melissa Milne 613.25 MIL
Tristimania : a diary of manic depression Jay Griffiths 616.895 GRI
A stark and lyrical account of the psyche in crisis from the author of Kith Tristimania tells the story of a devastating year-long episode of manic depression, culminating in a long solo pilgrimage across Spain.
Why the pain, what's the gain? : the quest for extreme fitness Daniel Kunitz 613.71 KUN
Your body can talk : how to use simple muscle testing for health and well-being : the art and application of clinical kinesiology Susan L. Levy 613.7 LEV
Your healthy pregnancy with thyroid disease : a guide to fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum wellness Dana Trentinia and Mary Shomon 618.3 TRE
Zika : the emerging epidemic Donald G. McNeil Jr 614.58 MCN

History, Geography & Travel

1666 : plague, war, and hellfire Rebecca Rideal 942.066 RID
20th century travel Jim Heimann, Allison Silver 910 HEI
This book documents the exponential expansion of American tourism, through the domestic and global, exclusive and popular, exotic and standardized adventure
A prescribed life : royalty, romance and medicine Tony Atkinson with Lynn Smailes 920.71 ATK
A very New Zealand family Cushla Randle 929.2 WES
Traces the Weston family in New Zealand. John James Weston, his wife Mary Weston and their four sons left England on the ship the Mariner arriving in New Plymouth, New Zealand in 1850.
African safari : into the great game reserves Peter & Beverly Pickford 960 PIC
After the Victorians A. N. Wilson 941.082 WIL
Argentina 982 BAO
Asian lives : a closer look Ishu Patel 950 PAT
In 2011, adhering to his mentor Henri Cartier-Bresson's mantra to 'photograph the truth', animation filmmaker Ishu Patel embarks on a photographic journey in southeast Asia.
Australia 994 ANC
Black diamonds : the rise and fall of an English dynasty Catherine Bailey 942.81 FIT
Wentworth is today a crumbling and forgotten palace in Yorkshire. Yet just a hundred years ago it was the ancestral pile of the Fitzwilliams - an aristocratic clan whose home and life were fuelled by coal mining.
Black square : adventures in the post-Soviet world Sophie Pinkham 947.086 PIN
Blood and land : the story of native North America J. C. H. King 970 KIN
Bloody Sunday : truths, lies and the Saville Inquiry Douglas Murray 941.621 MUR
Borneo 959.83 ALB
Cambodia 959.6 RAY
Cancun, Cozumel & the Yucatan 972.65 HEC
Cappadocia : cradle of history Omer Demir 956.4 DEM
CEO, China : the rise of Xi Jinping Kerry Brown 951.06 BRO
City of sedition : the history of New York City during the Civil War John Strausbaugh 974.71 STR
Coast to coast : a family walk across India Nicholas Petrucco 361.706 PET
Ten family members covering three generations (including five children under the age of thirteen) left their comfortable lives in Australia to walk across India, from west to east, a journey of over 800 kilometres.
Conventional wisdom Arthur Drooker ; foreword by James Wolcott 060 DRO
Photographer Arthur Drooker attended the quirkiest of conventions, including gatherings for mermaids, furries, and fetishists, and documented them as expressions of community, culture, and connection.
Escape London : days out within easy reach of London Yolanda Zappaterra. 942.1 ZAP
Germany : top sights, authentic experiences 943 DI
His final battle : the last months of Franklin Roosevelt Joseph Lelyveld 973.917 ROO
How to travel without seeing : dispatches from the new Latin America Andres Neuman. 980 NEU
A dual Argentine-Spanish citizen, Neuman incisively explores cultural identity and nationality, immigration and globalization, history and language, and turbulent current events. Above all, Neuman investigates the artistic lifeblood of Latin America.
In pursuit of the Essex : a tale of heroism and hubris in the War of 1812 Ben Hughes 973.5 HUG
Ireland : top sights, authentic experiences 941.5 WIL
La Americana : a memoir Melanie Bowden Simon 972.91 SIM
In this memoir, Simon details her fascination with Cuban culture a She also covers the struggle to get in and out of Cuba at a time when the country is labeled a pariah state.
Lakeland : a personal journey Hunter Davies 942.78 DAV
Hunter Davieshas spent every summer in the Lake District for nearly half a century, here he takes the reader on an engaging, informative and affectionate tour of the lakes, fells, traditions, denizens and history of England's most popular tourist destination.
Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei 959.5 ALB
Mexico 972 NOB
Michelle Obama : in her own words Lisa Rogak 973.932 OBA
Mother tongue : my family's globe-trotting quest to dream in Mandarin, laugh in Arabic, and sing in Spanish Christine Gilbert 910.4 GIL
One woman's quest to learn Mandarin in Beijing, Arabic in Beirut, and Spanish in Mexico, with her young family along for the ride.
My traitor's heart : blood and bad dreams : a South African explores the madness in his country, his tribe and himself Rian Malan 968.063 MAL
New York in style : a guide to the city's fashion, design and style destinations written and photographed by Janelle McCulloch 974.71 MCC
New Zealand : the southern realm Jason Law 993.7 LAW
Oh, Florida! : how America's weirdest state influences the rest of the country Craig Pittman 975.9 PIT
Oman, UAE & Arabian Peninsula 953.5 WAL
Paris : top sights, authentic experiences 944.36 LE
Pax Romana : war, peace, and conquest in the Roman world Adrian Goldsworthy 937.06 GOL
Pergamon and the Hellenistic kingdoms of the ancient world Carlos A. Picon and Sean Hemingway 939.21 PER
Red dust : a path through China Ma Jian. 951 MA
Red dust over China : a Shanghai-New Zealand memoir 1937-1954 Tyl von Randow 951.132 VON
The family flees Red China and in 1952 finds a new home in New Zealand. The boy is fourteen. Sixty years later he dusts off his memories and writes them down.
Scandinavia, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Denmark : swim, camp, canoe and explore Europe's greatest wilderness 948 LOV
So long, Marianne : a love story Kari Hesthamar. 920.72 IHL
At 22, Marianne Ihlen travelled to the Greek island of Hydra with writer Axel Jensen. While Axel wrote, Marianne kept house, until Axel abandoned her and their newborn son for another woman. One day while Marianne was shopping in a little grocery store, in walked a man who asked her to join him and some friends outside at their table. He introduced himself as Leonard Cohen,.
Some girls, some hats, and Hitler : a true love story Trudi Kanter 746.92 KAN
A true story of a Jewish Austrian hat designer who rescued herself and the businessman she loved during the 1938 Nazi invasion, seeking safety amid the horrors of World War II Europe.
The battle of Long Tan : Australia's four hours of hell in Vietnam David W. Cameron 959.7043 CAM
The best things in life are free : the ultimate money-saving travel guide Isabel Albiston. 910.2 ALB
The double life of Fidel Castro : my 17 years as personal bodyguard to El Lider Maximo Juan Reinaldo Sanchez with Axel Gylden 972.91064 CAS
In The Double Life of Fidel Castro, one of Castro's soldiers of 17 years breaks his silence and shares his memoir of years of service, and eventual imprisonment and torture for displeasing the notorious dictator, and his dramatic escape from Cuba.
The house of the dead : Siberian exile under the Tsars Daniel Beer 957 BEE
From the beginning of the nineteenth century to the Russian Revolution, the tsarist regime exiled more than one million prisoners and their families beyond the Ural Mountains to Siberia. Daniel Beer's new book, The House of the Dead, brings to life both the brutal realities of an inhuman system and the tragic and inspiring fates of those who endured it.
The ISIS hostage : one man's true story of 13 months in captivity Puk Damsgard. 364.154 RYE
The Korean War Max Hastings 951.9042 HAS
The last communard : Adrien Lejeune, the unexpected life of a revolutionary Gavin Bowd 335.43 LEJ
The last English poachers Bob and Brian Tovey with John F. McDonald 799.2 TOV
The less you know, the better you sleep : Russia's road to terror and dictatorship under Yeltsin and Putin David Satter 947.086 SAT
The new Russia Mikhail Gorbachev. 947.086 GOR
The rough guide to Romania 949.8 BUR
The story of the Hauraki Gulf : discovery, transformation, restoration Raewyn Peart and Environmental Defence Society 993.24 PEA
The tunnel through time : a new route for an old London journey Gillian Tindall 942.1 TIN
Crossrail, the 'Elizabeth' line, with its spacious, light-filled stations, is simply the latest way of traversing a very old east-west route through what was once countryside to the old City core and out again.
The water kingdom : a secret history of China Philip Ball 333.91 BAL
True believer : Stalin's last American spy Kati Marton 327.12 FIE
Under the tump : sketches of real life on the Welsh borders Oliver Balch 942.95 BAL
USA : top sights, authentic experiences 973 ZIM
Where the Jews aren't : the sad and absurd story of Birobidzhan, Russia's Jewish autonomous region Masha Gessen 957.7 GES
Wild island : a year in the Hebrides Jane Smith 941.14 SMI

Hobbies and Crafts

150+ quick & easy furniture projects 745.5 ONE
A rainbow of stitches : embroidery and cross-stitch basics plus more than 1,000 motifs and 80 project ideas Agnes Delage-Calvet. 746.44 DEL
Amy Butler's piece keeping : 20 stylish projects that celebrate patchwork photographs by David Butler 746.46 BUT
Applique for modern beginners Eva Birch. 746.445 BIR
Beginner's guide to silk painting Mandy Southan 746.6 SOU
Big needles chunky knits Helgrid van Impelen. 746.432 VAN
Colorful crochet Therese Hagstedt 746.434 HAG
Creative batik Rosi Robinson 746.66 ROB
Crochet learn it. Love it. : techniques and projects to build a lifelong passion for beginners up Tracey Todhunter 746.434 TOD
Custom crocheted sweaters : make garments that really fit Dora Ohrenstein 746.434 OHR
Discover torch enameling : get started with 25 sure-fire projects Steven James 739.27 JAM
Fabulous felt : 30 easy-to-sew accessories and decorations Corinne Lapierre 746.0463 LAP
How to show & sell your crafts : how to build your craft business at home, online, and in the marketplace Torie Jayne 745.5 JAY
Kaffe Fassett's bold blooms : quilts and other works celebrating flowers Kaffe Fassett. 746.46 FAS
Kaffe Fassett's quilts in Italy : 20 designs from Rowan for patchwork and quilting 746.46 FAS
Knits for kitties : 25 knit patterns for making cat toys Sara Elizabeth Kellner 746.432 KEL
Knitted snoods Monica Russel 746.432 RUS
Knitted toys : 20 cute and colorful projects Jody Long 746.432 LON
Made in paracord! : 25 great jewellery, accessories, and home projects to knot Caitlin Wynne 746.422 WYN
Making art from maps Jill K. Berry 745.54 BER
Making peg dolls : over 60 fun, creative projects for children and adults Margaret Bloom. 745.5922 BLO
Mega mini cross stitch : 900 super awesome cross stitch motifs Makoto Oozu 746.443 OOZ
Natural color : vibrant plant dye projects for your home and wardrobe Sasha Duer. 746.13 DUE
Rubber stamping : get creative with stamps, rollers and other printmaking techniques Stephen Fowler. 761 FOW
Sewing happiness : a year of simple projects for living well Sanae Ishida 646.2 ISH
Simple jewelry : handcrafted designs and easy techniques [text, Clair Wolfe] 739.27 WOL
Simply shibori : handmade, hand-dyed projects for the home Fiona Fagan 746.66 FAG
The Hornby book of scenic railway modelling Chris Ellis 625.19 ELL
Ultimate quilting bible : a complete reference with step-by-step techniques Marie Clayton 746.46 CLA
Ultimate sewing bible : a complete reference with step-by-step techniques Marie Clayton 646.2 CLA
Unconventional & unexpected : American quilts below the radar, 1950-2000 Roderick Kiracofe 746.46 KIR
Upstyle your furniture : techniques and creative inspiration to style your home Stephanie Jones 684.104 JON

House & Garden

Bright.bazaar's dream decor : styling a cool, creative and comfortable home, wherever you live Will Taylor. 747 TAY
Bruno Moinard : from line to light texts, Serge Gleizes ; photographs, Jacques Pepion 747 MOI
Do less : a minimalist guide to a simplified, organized, and happy life Rachel Jonat 646.7 JON
Home space : changing the space you have into the home you love Darren Palmer ; photography by Felix Forest 747 PAL
Living with pattern : color, texture, and print at home Rebecca Atwood. 747 ATW
The Monocle guide to cosy homes Tom Morris 747 MON


All this in 60 Minutes Nicholas Lee 070.433 LEE
The hilarious inside story of life on the road as a 60 Minutes cameraman.
Bearing witness Peter Rees 070.433 BEA
Charles Bean was not just a key figure in the telling of Australia's military history but also in the shaping of the emerging Australian identity in the years after Federation.
Bolt : worth fighting for : insights & reflections Andrew Bolt 070.44 BOL
No other columnist in Australia generates the level of discussion that Andrew Bolt can. Anyone engaged in these debates must read this book. For some it will be ammunition, and for others it's fair warning. But for everyone, it's a test of their own values and the reason they hold them.
Full marks for trying : an unlikely journey from the Raj to the rag trade Brigid Keenan 070.92 KEE
Our man elsewhere : in search of Alan Moorehead Thornton McCamish 070.92 MOO
A world-famous Australian writer, an inspiration to Robert Hughes and Clive James, a legendary war correspondent who also wrote bestselling histories of exploration and conservation and yet forgotten? In this dazzling book, Thornton McCamish delves into the past to reclaim a remarkable figure, Alan Moorehead.


Living with a dead language : my romance with Latin Ann Patty 478 PAT
After thirty-five years as a book editor in New York, Ann Patty stopped working and moved to the country. Bored, she decided to challenge her word-loving brain through studying Latin at local colleges. Her study opened unexpected windows into her life, and along the way, she met an impassioned group of professors, students and classicists outside of academia who keep Latin very much alive.


Anatomy of malice : the enigma of the Nazi war criminals Joel E. Dimsdale 341.69 DIM
East West Street : on the origins of "genocide" and "crimes against humanity" Philippe Sands 345.025 SAN
A personal detective story, an uncovering of secret pasts, and a book that explores the creation and development of world-changing legal concepts that came about as a result of the unprecedented atrocities of Hitler's Third Reich.
Guide to holidays and leave 344.012 KIE
Lag law : your rights inside prison and on release 344.035 LAG

Library Science

Fostering family history services : a guide for librarians, archivists, and volunteers Rhonda L. Clark and Nicole Wedemeyer Miller 020 CLA


Bukowski in a sundress : confessions from a writing life Kim Addonizio 818.54 ADD
Falling : a daughter, a father, and a journey back Elisha Cooper 818.54 COO
When Cooper discovers a lump in five-year-old Zoe's midsection as she sits on his lap, life changes. Surgery, sleepless nights, treatments, a drumbeat of worry. They must navigate a new normal regularly interrupted by anxious visits to the hospital. Forced to balance his desires to be a protective parent even as he encourages his girls to take risks, Cooper writes about what it took for him and his wife to preserve a sense of normalcy and joy in their daughters' lives.
How to write like Tolstoy : a journey into the minds of our greatest writers Richard Cohen 808.3 COH
Release the bats : writing your way out of it DBC Pierre 808.3 PIE
Part biography, part reflection and part practical guide, Release the Bats explores the mysteries of why and how we tell stories, and the craft of writing fiction. DBC Pierre reveals everything he learned the hard way.
Scotland's Merlin : a medieval legend and its dark age origins Tim Clarkson 809.93351 CLA
The fall of the house of Wilde : Oscar Wilde and his family Emer O'Sullivan 822.8 WIL
The Fall of the House of Wilde for the first time places Oscar Wilde as a member of one of the most dazzling Anglo-Irish families of Victorian times, and also in the broader social, political and religious context. A remarkable and perceptive account, this is a major repositioning of our first modern celebrity, a man whose own fall from grace in a trial as public as his father's marked the end of fin de siecle decadence.
The return : fathers, sons, and the land in between Hisham Matar 818.6 MAT
In 2012, after the overthrow of Qaddafi, the acclaimed novelist Hisham Matar journeys to his native Libya after an absence of thirty years.

Music & Musicians

A listener's guide to free improvisation John Corbett 781.36 COR
Diary of a madman : the Geto Boys, life, death, and the roots of Southern rap Brad Scarface Jordan and Benjamin Meadows Ingram 781.66 SCA
In love with these times : my life with Flying Nun Records Roger Shepherd 781.66 SHE
Kanye West owes me $300 : and other true stories from a white rapper who almost made it big Jensen Karp formerly know as "Hot Karl". 781.66 KAR
The key is love : my mother's wisdom, a daughter's gratitude : essays to move us forward Marie Osmond with Marcia Wilkie 781.64 OSM
The popular recording artist sends a love letter to her mother in this memoir that recounts how her personal experience raising eight children was largely influenced by her kind, positive mother.
Who killed Mister Moonlight? : Bauhaus, black magick, and benediction David J. Haskins 781.66 J
Beginning with the creation of Bauhaus's seminal debut hit 'Bela Lugosi's Dead', David J. Haskins offers a no-holds-barred account of his band's rapid rise to fame and glory in the late 70s, their sudden dissolution in the 80s, and their subsequent and often strained reunions.
Your song changed my life : from Jimmy Page to St. Vincent, Smokey Robinson to Hozier, thirty-five beloved artists on their journey and the music that inspired it Bob Boilen 780.92 BOI

Natural Science

A botanist's vocabulary : 1300 terms explained and illustrated Susan K. Pell and Bobbi Angell 580 PEL
A brief history of everyone who ever lived : the stories in our genes Adam Rutherford 599.93 RUT
Bird brain : an exploration of avian intelligence Dr. Nathan Emery 598 EME
Eagles Mike Unwin 598.94 UNW
Jellyfish : a natural history Lisa-Ann Gershwin 593.5 GER
Natural hazards in Australasia James Goff and C R De Freitas 559.3 NAT
Seeds : safeguarding our future Carolyn Fry 581.4 FRY
Storm John Withington 551.55 WIT
The bee friendly garden : easy ways to help the bees and make your garden grow Doug Purdie 595.79 PUR
The extraordinary beauty of birds : designs, patterns and details photographs by Deborah Samuel ; texts by Mark Peck 598 SAM
The geology of Australia Robert Henderson and David Johnson 559.4 HEN
The long, long life of trees Fiona Stafford 582.16 STA


The 37th parallel : the secret truth behind America's UFO highway Ben Mezrich 001.942 MEZ
The book of the damned Charles Fort 001.94 FOR
Fort's record of the unknown was one of the first to expose us to visitors from space, monsters, poltergeists and floating islands. Frogs fall from the sky. Mysterious airships take flight in an age before the airplane. People disappear, reappear and spontaneously combust. This stand-alone, handsome edition exposes today's readers to the core work of Fort's extraordinary career-in which he pushed us to ask: What is out there?


Calming your anxious child : words to say and things to do Kathleen Trainor, PsyD 618.9285 TRA
It takes two to talk : a practical guide for parents of children with language delays Jan Pepper and Elaine Weitzman 649.68 PEP
Parenting for a peaceful world Robin Grille 649.1 GRI
The Danish way of parenting : what the happiest people in the world know about raising confident, capable kids Jessica Joelle Alexander and Iben Dissing Sandahl 649.1
The gardener and the carpenter : what the new science of child development tells us about the relationship between parents and children Alison Gopnik 155.4
Unlatched : the evolution of breastfeeding and the making of a controversy Jennifer Grayson 649.33 GRA

Pets & Animals

Bilbo the lifeguard dog : a true story of friendship and heroism Steven Jamieson with Alison Bowyer 636.7 JAM
Love is all you need : the revolutionary bond-based approach to educating your dog Jennifer Arnold 636.7 ARN
The total dog manual David Meyer, Abbie Moore, and Dr. Pia Salk 636.7 MEY
Unlikely friendships. Dogs : 37 stories of canine compassion and courage Jennifer S. Holland 636.7 HOL
What is a dog? Raymond Coppinger and Lorna Coppinger ; foreword by Alan M. Beck 636.7 COP
Your german shepherd puppy : month by month Liz Palika. 636.737 GER
Your labrador retriever puppy : month by month Terry Albert. 636.752 LAB

Philosophy and psychology

Philosophy 1 : a guide through the subject A.C. Grayling 100 PHI
Rethink : the surprising history of new ideas Steven Poole 121 POO
Rethink shows what we can learn by revisiting old, discarded ideas and considering them from a new perspective. From within all these rich anecdotes of bad ideas come good ones, helping us find new ways to think about ideas in our own time from novel proposals in the boardroom to grand projects for social and political change.
This mortal coil : the human body in history and culture Fay Bound Alberti 128 ALB


Another way of telling : a possible theory of photography John Berger. 771 BER
Diane Arbus : portrait of a photographer Arthur Lubow 779 ARB
Graphis photography annual 2016 771 GRA
Perfect likeness : photography and composition Russell Ferguson 771 FER
Sell & re-sell your photos : learn how to sell your photographs worldwide Rohn Engh & Mikael Karlsson 770.23 ENG
The beginner's photography guide 771 GAT
The psychological portrait : Marcel Sternberger's revelations in photography Jacob Loewentheil. 779 STE
The definitive monograph on the pioneering photographer Marcel Sternberger, whose psychological portraits have defined the way we see the icons of recent history


Across the land and the water : selected poems, 1964-2001 W. G. Sebald ; translated by Iain Galbraith 831.914 SEB
German-born W. G. Sebald is best known as the innovative author of Austerlitz, the prose classic of World War II culpability and conscience that put its author in the company of Nabokov, Calvino, and Borges. Now comes the first major collection of this literary master's poems.
Housman country : into the heart of England Peter Parker 821.912 HOU
The author investigates the lives of A.E. Housman and his most famous book, and in doing so shows how A Shropshire Lad has permeated English life and culture for over a century.
Mister Hamilton John Dickson 821.914 DIC
"This book takes a fresh look at the streets and lawns and people of urban and suburban 'Pig Island' and from that space offers some careful, wisely pitched and immensely likeable poems
Nothing for it but to sing : poems Michael Harlow 821.914 HAR
Michael Harlow's poems are small detonations that release deeply complex stories of psychological separations and attractions, of memory and desire.
Ten poems to change your life Roger Housden 808.81 HOU
The beautiful librarians Sean O'Brien 821.914 OBR
Each poem in Sean O'Brien's superb new collection opens on a wholly different room, vista or landscape, each drawn with the poet's increasingly refined sense of tone, history and rhetorical assurance. The Beautiful Librarians is a stock-taking of sorts, and a celebration of those unsung but central figures in our culture.
The poems of Basil Bunting edited and with an introduction and commentary by Don Share 821.914 BUN
Basil Bunting's work was published haphazardly throughout most of his life, and in many cases he did not oversee publication. This is the first critical edition of the complete poems, and offers an accurate text with variants from all printed sources.
To be a star a collection of poetry by Franki Wood 821.92 WOO
Undying : a love story Michel Faber 821.92 FAB
How can you say goodbye to the love of your life? In Undying Michel Faber honours the memory of his wife, who died after a six-year battle with cancer.

Politics & Government

Britain's Europe : a thousand years of conflict and cooperation Brendan Simms 327.41 SIM
Democracy's beginning : the Athenian story Thomas N. Mitchell 320.938 MIT
Enough said : what's gone wrong with the language of politics? Mark Thompson 320.014 THO
In Trump we trust : e pluribus awesome! Ann Coulter 973.932 COU
Donald Trump isn't a politician he's a one man wrecking ball against our dysfunctional and corrupt establishment. Now Ann Coulter, with her unique insight, candor, and sense of humour, makes the definitive case for why we should all join his revolution.
Listen, liberal ; or, What ever happened to the party of the people? Thomas Frank 324.273 FRA
Frank lays bare the essence of the Democratic Party's philosophy and how it has changed over the years.
Welcome to dumbfckistan : the dumbed-down, disinformed, dysfunctional, disunited states of America Ian Gurvitz 320.973 GUR

Religion & Ethics

A course in miracles : text, workbook for students, manual for teachers William T. Thetford and Helen Schucman, editors 234.13 COU
A little history of religion Richard Holloway 200.9 HOL
A way to God : Thomas Merton's creation spirituality journey Matthew Fox 271.1 FOX
All things made new : writings on the Reformation Diarmaid MacCulloch 270.6 MCC
Bible as prayer : a handbook for lectio divina Stephen Hough 220.6 HOU
Love does : discover a secretly incredible life in an ordinary world Bob Goff 248.4 GOF
Tears to triumph : the spiritual journey from suffering to enlightenment Marianne Williamson 299.93 WIL
The internationally recognized teacher, speaker, and New York Times bestselling author of A Return to Love argues that our desire to avoid pain is actually detrimental to our lives, disconnecting us from our deepest emotions and preventing true healing and spiritual transcendence.
The Bible for grown-ups : a new look at the good book Simon Loveday 220.6 LOV
The cost : my life on a terrorist hit list Ali Husnain with J. Chester 275 HUS
Born into a prominent Shia Muslim family in Pakistan, Ali had it all prestige, security, wealth, social status. The Cost is the extraordinary story of his dramatic encounter with Jesus that would change everything.
The Dawkins delusion? : atheist fundamentalism and the denial of the divine Alister McGrath and Joanna Collicutt McGrath 211.8 MCG
This work condenses Dawkins' often rambling arguments into succinct form, and provides responses from a Christian perspective.
The greatest prayer : rediscovering the revolutionary message of the Lord's Prayer John Dominic Crossan 242.7 CRO
The more of less : finding the life you want under everything you own Joshua Becker 241.6 BEC
The ten secrets of heaven : mysteries of the afterlife revealed Theresa Cheung 158.1 FRA
Wild and free : a hope-filled anthem for the woman who feels she is both too much and never enough Jess Connolly and Hayley Morgan 248.84 CON
Jess and Hayley reveal how women today can walk in the true liberty we already have in Jesus. Because you don't have to be everything to everyone. You don't have to try so hard to button it up and hold it together. And you certainly don't have to quiet the voice that God gave you.


50 ideas you really need to know. Astronomy Giles Sparrow 520 SPA
A survival guide to the misinformation age : scientific habits of mind David J. Helfand 500 HEL
An astronomer's tale : a life under the stars Gary Fildes 520.92 FIL
The inspirational memoir of a former brickie who followed his passion for the stars and built his own observatory.
An introduction to galaxies and cosmology Mark H. Jones,. 523.1 CAY
Gaia : a new look at life on Earth James Lovelock 577 LOV
Hidden figures : the American dream and the untold story of the black women mathematicians who helped win the space race Margot Lee Shetterly 510 LEE
Hyperspace : a scientific odyssey through parallel universes, time warps and the tenth dimension Michio Kaku. 530.142 KAK
I contain multitudes : the microbes within us and a grander view of life Ed Yong 579 YON
Moon : from 4.5 billion years ago to the present : owners' workshop manual David M. Harland 523.3 HAR
Science : the definitive visual guide editor-in-chief, Adam Hart-Davis 500 SCI
Seven skeletons : the evolution of the world's most famous human fossils Lydia Pyne 569.9 PYN
The particle zoo : the search for the fundamental nature of reality Gavin Hesketh 539.72 HES
The stars 523.8 STA
The universe : leading scientists explore the origin, mysteries, and future of the cosmos John Brockman 523.1 UNI
Tide : the science and lore of the greatest force on earth Hugh Aldersey-Williams 551.46 ALD
What is life? : how chemistry becomes biology Andy Pross 570.1 PRO
Who cares about particle physics? : making sense of the Higgs boson, the Large Hadron Collider and CERN Pauline Gagnon 539.72 GAG
Why evolution is true Jerry A. Coyne 576.8 COY

Self Development

Even under pressure : simple ways to enhance your resilience for adversity and turbulent times Tom Watkins 155.9042 WAT
Fish can't climb trees : capitalize on your brain's unique wiring to improve the way you learn and communicate : discover the Mercury Model(TM) Helyn Connerr 158.2
How pleasure works : the new science of why we like what we like Paul Bloom 152.4 BLO
Insanely gifted : turn your demons into creative rocket fuel Jamie Catto 153.35 CAT
Through techniques to become aware of our Inner Critic, and exercises such as Full Body Listening, Catto invites us to better know our deepest instincts and unlock our true power.
Life reimagined : the science, art, and opportunity of midlife Barbara Bradley Hagerty 155.66 HAG
Man up : surviving modern masculinity Jack Urwin 155.332 URW
Paths to happiness : 50 ways to add joy to your life every day Edward Hoffman 158 HOF
Pre-suasion : a revolutionary way to influence and persuade Robert Cialdini 153.85 CIA
The curse of the good girl : raising authentic girls with courage and confidence Rachel Simmons 155.43 SIM
The memory illusion : remembering, forgetting, and the science of false memory Dr Julia Shaw 153.12 SHA
The paradox of choice : why more is less Barry Schwartz 153.83 SCH
This is Gail : life with and after Chris O'Brien Juliette O'Brien 155.937 OBR
An inspiring story of one woman's journey through heartbreaking loss to renewal and new purpose. In 2008, inspirational surgeon Chris O'Brien published his bestselling memoir of his battle with brain cancer, never say die. But he wasn't the only person in the O'Brien household with a powerful story to tell. Since Chris passed away in 2009, his wife Gail has gone on a journey of her own.
Transform your life : a step by step programme for change Diana Cooper 158.1 COO
You may also like : taste in an age of endless choice Tom Vanderbilt 153.83 VAN
Vanderbilt stalks the elusive beast of taste, probing research in psychology, marketing, and neuroscience to answer complex and fascinating questions, in an intellectual journey that helps us better understand how we perceive, judge, and appreciate the world around us.

Social Issues

A Chinaman's chance : one family's journey and the Chinese American dream Eric Liu 305.8951 LIU
A matter of life and death : 60 voices share their wisdom [compiled by] Rosalind Bradley. 306.9 MAT
Contributors from all walks of life share their thoughts on carefully selected writings, images and artwork that most accurately express death to them.
Bury me standing : the gypsies and their journey Isabel Fonseca 305.891497 FON
After the revolutions of 1989, Isabel Fonseca lived and traveled with the Gypsies of Bulgaria, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the former Yugoslavia, Romania, and Albania listening to their stories and recording their attempts to become something more than despised outsiders.
Can I let you go? : a heartbreaking true story of love, loss and moving on Cathy Glass 362.733 GLA
Faye is 24, pregnant, and has learning difficulties as a result of her mother's alcoholism. Is it possible Faye could learn enough to parent her child? Cathy believes it is, and Faye's social worker is obliged to give Faye the chance.
Count me in : how I stepped off the sidelines, created connection, and built a fuller, richer, more lived-in life Emily White 302 WHI
Don't dream it's over : reimagining journalism in Aotearoa New Zealand Emma Johnson, Giovanni Tiso, Sarah Illingworth and Barnaby Bennett 302.23 DON
Explores the changing nature of journalism in this country: as it once was, as it is today, and how we might imagine it working in the future.
Flaneuse : women walk the city in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Venice and London Lauren Elkin 305.42 ELK
Part cultural meander, part memoir, Flaneuse traces the relationship between singular women and their cities as a way to map her own life. With tenacity and insight, Elkin creates a mosaic of what urban settings have meant to women, charting through literature, art, history, and film women's sometimes liberating, sometimes fraught relationship to the metropolis.
Foundations : early Croatian immigration to NZ Andrew Trlin 304.893 TRL
Free speech : ten principles for a connected world Timothy Garton Ash 323.443 GAR
Gender failure Rae Spoon, Ivan E. Coyote 306.768 SPO
Ivan E. Coyote and Rae Spoon are accomplished, award-winning writers, musicians, and performers; they are also both admitted "gender failures." In their first collaborative book, Ivan and Rae explore and expose their failed attempts at fitting into the gender binary, and how ultimately our expectations and assumptions around traditional gender roles fail us all.
Heat wave : a social autopsy of disaster in Chicago Eric Klinenberg 363.349 KLI
Hillbilly elegy : a memoir of a family and culture in crisis J.D. Vance 305.562 VAN
Vance, a former marine and Yale Law School graduate, provides an account of growing up in a poor Rust Belt town that offers a broader, probing look at the struggles of America's white working class.
Joe's fruit shop & milk bar Zoe Boccabella 325.245 BOC
A captivating true story that will speak to generations of Australians, from the author of Mezza
Labor of love : the invention of dating Moira Weigel 306.73 WEI
Leveling the playing field : the democratization of technology Rod Scher 303.483 SCH
Love warrior Glennon Doyle Melton 306.893 MEL
Traces the author's journey of self-discovery after the dissolution of her marriage, revealing how she found healing by rejecting gender standards and refusing to settle for a "good-enough" life.
Luxury : a rich history Peter McNeil & Giorgio Riello 306.46 MCN
Merchants of men : how jihadists and ISIS turned kidnapping and refugee trafficking into a multibillion-dollar business Loretta Napoleoni 363.32 NAP
Not impossible : the art and joy of doing what couldn't be done Mick Ebeling 681.761 EBE
What if you discovered by accident that you could change the world? Mick Ebeling a film producer by trade, optimist by nature set out to perform a simple act of kindness that quickly turned into a lifelong mission.
Offshore : behind the wire on Nauru and Manus Madeline Gleeson 305.906 GLE
Pimp state : sex, money and the future of equality Kat Banyard 306.74 BAN
An increasingly popular set of answers maintains that prostitution is just work, porn is fantasy, demand is inevitable; so fully legalise the sex trade and it can be made safe. Kat Banyard contends that these are profoundly dangerous myths. Sexual consent is not a commodity, objectification and abuse are inherent to prostitution, and the sex trade poses a grave threat to the struggle for women's equality.
Retirement : the psychology of reinvention Kenneth S. Shultz. 646.79 KAY
Spitting in the soup : inside the dirty game of doping in sports Mark Johnson 362.29088 JOH
Straight jacket : how to be gay and happy Matthew Todd 306.766 TOD
The girl behind the door : a father's quest to understand his daughter's suicide John Brooks 362.28 BRO
The girl who just wanted to be loved : a damaged little girl and a foster carer who wouldn't give up Angela Hart 362.733 HAR
The greatness of dads Kirsten Matthew 306.8742 MAT
The jaguar man : a memoir Lara Naughton 362.883 NAU
What happens when one harrowing incident changes your life, splitting it between before and now? On the fourth day of what Lara Naughton thought would be two weeks of bliss in Belize, she was kidnapped by a man pretending to be a cabdriver, held in the tropical forest, and raped. In the depths of the jungle alone with the Jaguar Man compassion was her only defense.
The long weekend : life in the English country house between the wars Adrian Tinniswood 305.52 TIN
The missionary position : Mother Teresa in theory and practice Christopher Hitchens 266.2 TER
Explores the work of Mother Teresa, questioning her association with corrupt and cruel leaders and discussing the way wealthy Western society promotes her as a celebrity.
The myth of human supremacy Derrick Jensen 304.2 JEN
The road to hell : state violence against children in postwar New Zealand Elizabeth Stanley 362.73 STA
From the 1950s to the 1980s, the New Zealand government took more than 100,000 children from experiences of strife, neglect, poverty or family violence and placed them under state care in residential facilities.
The sex lives of English women : intimate questions and unexpected answers Wendy Jones 306.7 JON
Too afraid to cry Ali Cobby Eckermann 305.89915 COB
Too Afraid to Cry is a memoir that, in bare blunt prose and piercingly lyrical verse, gives witness to the human cost of policies that created the Stolen Generations of Indigenous people in Australia.
Uncoupling : how to survive and thrive after breakup & divorce Sara Davison 306.89 DAV
Urban acupuncture Jaime Lerner 307.34 LER
As Mayor of Curitiba, Brazil, architect and urbanist Jaime Lerner transformed his city into a global model of sustainability and livability.
Women of the 1960s : more than mini skirts, pills and pop music Sheila Hardy 305.40941 HAR
Yes, M.A.D.A.M! (Middle-aged, (ex) dieting and menopausal) : a journal of acceptance Sara Faull. 305.244 FAU

Sport & Recreation

5000-1 : the Leicester City story : how we beat the odds to become Premier League champions Rob Tanner 796.334 TAN
Angels with dirty faces : the footballing history of Argentina Jonathan Wilson 796.334 WIL
Beginning jazz dance James Robey 793.3 ROB
Beginning tap dance Lisa Lewis 792.7 LEW
Black sails white rabbits : cancer was the easy part Kevin A. Hall 797.14 HAL
A two-time testicular cancer survivor, Hall has spent a successful twenty-five years as a racing navigator, speed testing manager, and sailing performance and racing instruments expert.
Bra boy : surfer, fighter, larrikin Richie 'Vas' Vaculik with Sean Doherty 797.32 VAC
Clinton Anderson's downunder horsemanship : establishing respect and control for English and western riders Clinton Anderson. 798.2 AND
Cycling the Earth : a life-changing race around the world Sean Conway 796.62 CON
Dwarf warfare Chris Pramas 793.93 PRA
Fundamental checkmates Antonio Guide. 794.124 GUD
Mastering skateboarding Per Welinder. 796.22 WEL
Messengers Julian Sayarer 796.6 SAY
World-record-holding cyclist and author's second book, part memoir and part travelogue, that recounts three years spent as a cycle courier in London after the author's return from an around the world trip.
Ring of fire : Liverpool into the 21st century : the players' stories Simon Hughes 796.334 HUG
Sailing into retirement : 7 ways to retire on a boat at 50 with 10 steps that will keep you there until 80 Jim Trefethen 797.1 TRE
Springboard and platform diving Jeff Huber 797.24 HUB
The captain myth : the Ryder Cup and sport's great leadership delusion Richard Gillis 796.3526 GIL
The lost boys : inside football's slave trade Ed Hawkins 796.334 HAW
From South America and Africa, kids as young as 13 are leaving poverty-stricken families for a new life in Europe, having been sold the vision of untold riches and the trappings of professional football.
The race : inside the Indy 500 James McGuane 796.72 MCG
The swimming drill book Ruben Guzman 797.21 GUZ
To the summit Nick Allen 796.522 ALL
This is the inspirational story of climber Nick Allen, who went from outdoorsman to wheelchair-bound with multiple sclerosis to back to the life in the mountains he loves through sheer determination and grit.

Trains, Boats, Planes

CPL principles of flight and performance : a Waypoints Aviation PilotBooks training manual Stewart Boys. 629.1323 BOY
CPL/ATPL meteorology for professional pilots : a Waypoints Aviation PilotBooks training manual Walter J. Wagtendonk 629.1324 WAG
Fifty ships that changed the course of history : a nautical history of the world Ian Graham 387.2 GRA
Flight radio : a Waypoints Aviation PilotBooks training manual Walter Wagtendonk and Mark Woodhouse 629.135 WAG
Hand, reef and steer : traditional sailing skills for classic boats Tom Cunliffe 623.88 CUN
Heavy weather sailing Peter Bruce 623.88 BRU
For 50 years Heavy Weather Sailing has been regarded as the ultimate international authority on surviving storms at sea aboard sailing and motor vessels.
PPL aircraft technical knowledge : a Waypoints Aviation PilotBooks training manual Stewart Boys and Mark Woodhouse 629.134 BOY
PPL weather to fly : a Waypoints Aviation PilotBooks training manual Walter Wagtendonk and Mark Woodhouse 629.1324 WAG
PPL/CPL navigation and flight planning : a Waypoints Aviation PilotBooks training manual Walter Wagtendonk and Mark Woodhouse 629.13251 WAG
The instrument rating manual : a Waypoints Aviation PilotBooks training manual Stewart Boys, Walter Wagtendonk and Mark Woodhouse 629.13252 BOY
The Leyland Atlantean Gavin Booth 629.2223 ATL
Twelve twenty-five : the life and times of a steam locomotive Kevin P. Keefe 625.26 KEE


Debunking Holocaust denial theories : two non-Jews affirm the historicity of the Nazi Genocide James & Lance Morcan 940.5318 MOR
Defying the Nazis : the Sharps' war Artemis Joukowsky. 940.5318 JOU
Official companion to the Ken Burns film premiering September 20, 2016, on PBS tells the little- known story of the Sharps, an otherwise ordinary couple whose faith and commitment to social justice inspired them to undertake dangerous rescue and relief missions across war-torn Europe, saving the lives of countless refugees, political dissidents, and Jews on the eve of World War II.
Fighting fit : the wartime battle for Britain's health Laura Dawes 940.53 DAW
Gallant acts & noble deeds : New Zealand Army honours and awards for the second World War P.J. Beattie and M.J. Pomeroy 355.134 BEA
Hitler's warrior : the life and wars of SS Colonel Jochen Peiper Danny S. Parker 943.086 PEI
My journey at the nuclear brink William J. Perry 355.0217 PER
My Journey at the Nuclear Brink is William J. Perry's latest effort to keep the world safe from a nuclear catastrophe. It tells the story of his coming of age in the nuclear era, his role in trying to shape and contain it, and how his thinking has changed about the threat these weapons pose.
National service : a generation in uniform 1945-1963 Richard Vinen 355.22 VIN
Nelson navy & nation : the Royal Navy & the British people 1688-1815 Quintin Colville. 359.00941 NEL
Somme : a visual history Anthony Richards 940.42 RIC
The men who made the SAS Gavin Mortimer 940.5423 MOR
The Somme : the epic battle in the soldiers' own words and photographs Richard van Emden 940.42 VAN
Unmanned : drones, data, and the illusion of perfect warfare William M. Arkin 623.7469 ARK