New Titles Non-Fiction February 2017 (arrived in January 2017)

Art & Architecture

Archiflop : a guide to the most spectacular failures in the history of modern and contemporary architecture Alessandro Biamoni. 720.9 BIA
Ceramics : contemporary artists working in clay Kate Singleton. 738 SIN
City house, country house : contemporary New Zealand homes John Walsh. 728.0993 WAL
Frederic Bazille (1841-1870) and the birth of impressionism Michel Hilaire. 759.4 BAZ
John Parker : cause and effect John Parker. 738.0993 PAR
Published in 2016 on the occasion of the exhibition of the same name at Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary
Nabil Nahas Carter Ratcliff. 759.95692 NAH
This monograph highlights more than four decade's worth of paintings by the internationally acclaimed Lebanese/American artist Nabil Nahas.
Richard Serra : forged steel 730.92 SER
Serra is known, in particular, for his large steel sculptural forms, which deal primarily with investigations of weight, balance, density and scale, as well as their effect on the viewer's sense of space.
Robert Rauschenberg Leah Dickerman. 709.73 RAU
Published in conjunction with the exhibition Robert Rauschenberg.
Rose Hilton Ian Collins. 759.2 HIL
A personal account of Hilton's life and work which focuses on her blossoming late career.
The art of the Bible : illuminated manuscripts from the Medieval world Scot McKendrick. 745.67 MCK
The journey to Tunisia, 1914 : Paul Klee, August Macke, Louis Moilliet Michael Baumgartner. 709.2 KLE
The one-hundredth anniversary of the legendary journey to Tunisia taken by three artists Paul Klee, August Macke, and Louis Moilliet arrives in April 2014.
The Suter : people, places, perspectives : artworks from the collection 708.993 SUT
This book is timed to coincide with the reopening of The Suter Art Gallery Te Aratoi o Whakatu in October 2016, after an extensive redevelopment project.
Three centuries of American prints from the National Gallery of Art Judith Brodie. 769.973 BRO
Ultimate containers : sustainable architecture Josep Maria Minguet. 728 ULT
The use of recycled freight containers in architectural projects is becoming more and more
Words are all we have : paintings by Jean-Michel Basquiat Dieter Buchhart. 759.13 BAS


Camaro fifty : fifty years of Chevy performance Mike Mueller. 629.2222 CHE
Ferrari 70 years Dennis Adler. 629.2222 FER
The classic car book : the definitive visual history 629.222 CLA


#2sides : my autobiography Rio Ferdinand. 796.334 FER
Rio's unique story: from his early days in Peckham, through to picking up the Champions League trophy on a rainy summer's night in Moscow, #2Sides is the tell-all account of an extraordinary and controversial life in the game.
A lady of cotton : Hannah Greg, mistress of Quarry Bank Mill David Sekers. 361.9 LIG
The story of the life of a woman of compassion who left her mark on generations of poor millworkers.
A simple girl : stories my grandmother told me Josh Flagg. 940.5318 FLA
The life of Edith Flagg - one of the leading fashion designers of her day.
American Ulysses : a life of Ulysses S. Grant Ronald C. White. 973.8 GRA
This scholarly but readable biography of the Civil War general and president finds some new facets in understanding "the silent man."
Beryl Bainbridge : love by all sorts of means : a biography Brendan King. 823.914 BAI
Dame Beryl Bainbridge was one of the best loved and most recognisable English novelists of her generation. This frank portrait of Beryl tells the story of a life that is every bit as dramatic and compelling as one of her own perfectly-crafted novels.
Between breaths : a memoir of panic and addiction Elizabeth Vargas. 362.292 VAR
20/20 host Elizabeth Vargas has penned a memoir about her battle with alcoholism, beginning with her anxiety as a child and her whirlwind career as a television anchor.
Between Maungakiekie and the Manukau : an Onehunga childhood 1939-1948 Jeanette de Heer. 920.72 DE
A vividly told depiction of Jeanette's early childhood in working class Onehunga that also evokes a strong sense of the times and the place.
Changing my mind Margaret Trudeau. 362.196895 TRU
This book follows Margaret Trudeau's stormy passage from ingenue to depressive and beyond, and the stations in between. It is the chronicle of a life of hurt softened by interludes of happiness.
City girl, country girl : the inspiring true stories of courageous women forging new lives in the Australian bush Liz Harfull. 305.40994 HAR
Brings together the stories of women who have left lives in the city or another country to build a new future in places where knowing how to milk a cow or drive a tractor stand them in far better stead than an ability to negotiate rush-hour traffic or find a good cappuccino.
Dane Swan : my story Dane Swan. 796.336 SWA
Dane Swan is a Brownlow medallist, three-time Copeland Trophy winner, premiership player and five-time All
Elizabeth and Michael : the Queen of Hollywood and the King of Pop : a love story Donald Bogle. 791.43028 TAY
Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson were an unlikely pair, yet their enduring friendship saw them through emotional upheavals, personal traumas and heartaches, unending health issues, and the often merciless public spotlight.
Fatal glamour : the life of Rupert Brooke Paul Delany. 821.912 BRO
Delany details the person behind the myth to show that Brooke was a conflicted, but magnetic
Frantumaglia : a writer's journey Elena Ferrante. 853.92 FER
The reflections, letters and interviews of the Italian writer who chooses to remain anonymous are as absorbing as her extraordinary fictions.
Germanicus: the magnificent life and mysterious death of Rome's most popular general Lindsay Powell. 937.07 GER
Germanicus (a.k.a. Germanicus Iulius Caesar) was regarded by many Romans as a hero in the mould of Alexander the Great. This, the first modern biography of Germanicus Caesar, is in parts a growing-up story, a history of war, a tale of political intrigue and a murder mystery.
Hillbilly elegy : a memoir of a family and culture in crisis J.D. Vance. 305.562 VAN
Vance, a former marine and Yale Law School graduate, provides an account of growing up in a poor Rust Belt town that offers a broader, probing look at the struggles of America's white working class.
Hirohito and the making of modern Japan Herbert P. Bix. 952.033 HIR
A biography of the Japanese emperor reveals a powerful man who successfully cultivated an image of a reluctant king while manipulating important events behind the scenes for five decades.
Jane Austen, the secret radical Helena Kelly. 823.7 AUS
Kelly makes the case for Austen as an author steeped in the fear of war and revolution who wrote about the burning political issues of the time.
My accidental jihad : a love story Krista Bremer. 975.6 BRE
A moving, lyrical memoir about how an American essayist fell in love with a Libyan-born Muslim man and learned to embrace the life she made with him.
My father's island : a memoir Adam Dudding. 070.5092 DUD
After the death of his brilliant, eccentric father, Adam Dudding went in search of the stories and secrets of a man who had been a loving parent and husband, but was also a tormented, controlling and at times cruel man. Robin Dudding was the greatest New Zealand literary editor of his generation.
Never put all your eggs in one bastard Peta Mathias. 641.5 MAT
Funny, passionate, outrageous and honest, this is a memoir about travel, house renovations, food, music, men and change. Peta Mathias has been making major moves in her life since leaving home to train as a nurse.
Queen bees : six brilliant and extraordinary society hostesses between the wars Sian Evans. 941.08 AST
Queen Bees looks at the lives of Lady Astor, Mrs Greville, Lady Londonderry, Lady Cunard, Laura Corrigan and Lady Colefax.
Rasputin : faith, power, and the twilight of the Romanovs Douglas Smith. 947.083 RAS
On the centenary of his death, a vigorous attempt to penetrate the monstrous myths surrounding Grigory Yefimovich Rasputin (1869-1916).
Settle for more Megyn Kelly. 070.92 KEL
Kelly reflects on the enduring values and experiences that have shaped her.
Sorry not sorry : dreams, mistakes, and growing up Naya Rivera. 791.45028 RIV
Funny and deeply personal, Sorry Not Sorry recounts Glee star Naya Rivera's successes and missteps, urging young women to pursue their dreams and to refuse to let past mistakes define them.
Spartacus and me : life, love and everything in between Vashti Whitfield. 791.45028 WHI
A poignant and searingly honest memoir about love and life with Andy
Spymaster : the life of Britain's most decorated cold war spy and head of MI6, Sir Maurice Oldfield Martin Pearce. 327.12 OLD
The extraordinary story of the most highly decorated British spymaster of the Cold War, Sir Maurice Oldfield.
Take courage : Anne Bronte and the art of life Samantha Ellis. 823.8 BRO
Anne Bronte is the forgotten Bronte sister. Take Courage is Samantha's personal, poignant and surprising journey into the life and work of a woman sidelined by history.
The house on the hill Susan Duncan. 920.72 DUN
Interwoven with stories from the land this is a book about a mother and daughter coming to terms, however uneasy, with the awful forces that shaped their relationship.
The life & music of Randy Newman : maybe I'm doing it wrong David Stafford. 781.64 NEW
The only biography of Randy Newman, master pop satirist and film
The man who knew : the life and times of Alan Greenspan Sebastian Mallaby. 332.11 GRE
The life of perhaps the wonkiest financial theorist to sit at the helm of the Federal Reserve.
The second I saw you : the true love story of Rupert Brooke and Phyllis Gardner Lorna C. Beckett. 821.912 BRO
Based on a cache of letters and a memoir unearthed by the British Library in 2000, this biographical study documents the previously unknown love affair between celebrated war poet Rupert Brooke and Phyllis Gardner.
The year of magical thinking Joan Didion. 070.92 DID
Joan Didion explores an intensely personal yet universal experience: a portrait of a marriage--and a life, in good times and bad--that will speak to anyone who has ever loved a husband or wife or child.
Tranny : confessions of punk rock's most infamous anarchist sellout Laura Jane Grace. 781.66 GRA
The provocative transgender advocate and lead singer of the punk rock band Against Me! provides a searing account of her search for identity and her true self.
Wesley the owl : the remarkable love story of an owl and his girl Stacey O'Brien. 598.97 OBR
Biologist and barn owl expert O'Brien chronicles her rescue of an adorable, abandoned baby barn owl - and their astonishing and unprecedented nineteen-year life together.
When nobody was watching : my hard-fought journey to the top of the soccer world Carli Lloyd. 796.334 LLO
Lloyd presents a play-by-play recap of her progress from elementary school soccer novice to World Cup player and winner of 2015's FIFA Golden Ball and Silver Boot.
Where memory leads : my life Saul Friedlander. 940.5318 FRI
A foremost Holocaust scholar carefully reflects on his harsh early years and lifelong academic mission in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Geneva, and Los Angeles.
Zero to 60 : from a wooden caravan to a multi-millionaire dollar business empire Tony Quinn. 338.04 QUI
From growing up in a wooden caravan to building his own state- of-the-art racetrack, this is the remarkable story of Targa champion, Hampton Downs and Highlands Motorsport Park owner Tony Quinn.

Business & Management

Competing against luck : the story of innovation and customer choice Clayton M. Christensen. 658.4 CHR
Presents guidelines to help companies develop products and services customers will buy for premium prices, outlining a revolutionary approach based on a theory that companies are actually "hired" by their customers to perform specific jobs.
Consumer behaviour Zubin Sethna. 658.834 SET
Praised for its no nonsense approach to engaging students and conveying key learning outcomes, Blythe's new edition of Consumer Behaviour now features increased coverage of social media, digital consumption and up to date marketing practice.
How successful people lead : taking your influence to the next level John C. Maxwell. 658.409 MAX
How to protect (or destroy) your reputation online : the essential guide to avoid digital damage, lock down your brand, and defend your business John P. David. 659.2
Key coaching models : the 70+ models every manager and coach need to know Stephen Gribben. 658.3124 GRI
Michael Allen's guide to e-learning : building interactive, fun, and effective learning programs for any company Michael W. Allen. 658.3124 ALL
Micro messaging : why great leadership is beyond words Stephen Young. 658.45 YOU
How to use micromessages to become a better leader by turning even the smallest communication into an advantage.
Payoff : the hidden logic that shapes our motivations Dan Ariely. 658.314 ARI
Ariely reveals fascinating new insights into motivation - showing that the subject is far more complex than we ever imagined.
Planning your career in a week Wendy Hirsch. 650.14 HIR
Rock bottom to rock star : lessons from the business school of hard knocks Ryan Blair. 650.1 BLA
Small acts of leadership : 12 intentional behaviors that lead to big impact G. Shawn Hunter. 658.409 HUN
The science of selling : proven strategies to make your pitch, influence decisions, and close the deal David Hoffeld. 658.85 HOF
Understanding digital marketing : marketing strategies for engaging the digital generation Damian Ryan. 658.872 RYA


Virtual competition : the promise and perils of the algorithm-driven economy Ariel Ezrachi. 381.14 EZR
Waves of prosperity : India, China and the West : how global trade transformed the world Greg Clydesdale. 382 CLY


Cyber-physical attack recovery procedures : a step-by-step preparation and response guide Luis Ayala. 005.8 AYA
Provides a template with step-by-step instructions on how to respond and recover when hackers get into your SCADA system and cause building equipment to act erratically or fail completely.
iPhone 7 Guy Hart-Davis. 621.38456 HAR
You'll find clear, step-by-step screen shots that show you how to tackel more than 140 iPhone tasks. Each task-based spread covers a single technique, sure to help you get up and running on the iPhone in no time.
Learning computer architecture with Raspberry Pi Eben Upton. 005.1 UPT

Crafts & Collecting

Alabama studio sewing + design : a guide to hand-sewing an Alabama Chanin wardrobe Natalie Chanin. 687 CHA
Chanin presents all of the stenciling and hand-stitching techniques her company uses to create an award-winning Alabama Chanin line of organic cotton clothing, plus variations that lead to infinite design possibilities.
Baby shoes to crochet : fashionable styles for little feet Lucia Forthmann. 746.434 FOR
Complete woodworking : essential skills and techniques for beginners Chris Tribe. 684.08 TRI
Edelstein/Kunst : Renaissance bis heute = Gemstone/art : Renaissance to the present day Wilhelm Lindemann. 736.2 EDE
This publication spans an arc from stone- cutting in the early modern age to the (gemstone) art of the twenty-first century.
Freeform crochet with confidence : unlock the secrets of patchwork, spirals and lace with 30 freeform crochet projects Carol Meldrum. 746.434 MEL
Freeform crochet is all about being creative with your stitches and shapes, playing about with colour and texture going on a journey with your yarn and hook and see where it takes you.
Frocking life : searching for Elsa Schiaparelli BillyBoy. 746.92 BOY
The owner of the largest collection of Elsa Schiaparelli garments in the world writes about his lifelong love affair with the work-and the entire persona-of the iconic designer.
Fun feet : 30 super-cute booties to crochet for babies and toddlers Kristi Simpson. 746.434 FUN
Features 30 crazy themed patterns for crocheted sandals, shoes and boots to fit babies and toddlers.
Going once : 250 years of culture, taste and collecting at Christie's Christie's International Group. 381.17 GOI
Landscape quilts Kathy McNeil. 746.46 MCN
Metric pattern cutting for menswear Winifred Aldrich. 646.407 ALD
My knitted doll Louise Crowther. 745.5922 CRO
There are 12 different dolls and all of the garments can be mixed and matched to create unique outfits. You can also change the dolls' hair style and color easily too.
Sarah Hatton knits 10 simple crochet projects for cosy homes 746.434 HAT
This collection offers 10 stylish homeware pieces simple enough for even the beginner
Sew magical for kids Laura Lee Burch. 745.592 BUR
Capture your child's imagination by sewing these fun toys, dolls, costumes, and accessories.
Top-down crochet sweaters : fabulous patterns with perfect fit Dora Ohrenstein. 746.434 OHR
Yarn.i.tec.ture : a knitter's guide to spinning : building exactly the yarn you want Jillian Moreno. 746.12 MOR


Another day in the death of America Gary Younge. 363.33 YOU
The tragic stories of 10 kids killed by gunfire.
Bent : updated and uncensored James Morton. 364.132 MOR
The murder convictions of former NSW detectives Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara for the killing of drug dealer Jamie Gao has meant that previously suppressed material in Bent can at last be read.
The claimant : the extraordinary story of the Australian butcher who said he was a baronet Paul Terry. 364.163 ORT
The Scholl case : the deadly end of a marriage Anja Reich-Osang. 364.1523 REI
The thieves of Threadneedle Street : the Victorian fraudsters who almost broke the Bank of England Nicholas Booth. 364.163 BOO
Underbelly Razor : Tilly Devine, Kate Leigh and the razor gangs Larry Writer. 364.3 WRI
In the 1920's and 30's in inner Sydney, some of the most terrifying criminals in Australia's history waged war with razor and gun.
We have your daughter : the unsolved murder of JonBenet Ramsey twenty years later Paula Woodward. 364.1523 WOO
An unprecedented, definitive insider perspective on the twentieth anniversary of one of the most heinous, sensationalized, unsolved crimes in American history.

Crime & Espionage

The spy who couldn't spell : a dyslexic traitor, an unbreakable code, and the FBI's hunt for America's stolen secrets Yudhijit Bhattacharjee. 364.131 REG
The true-life account of the FBI's hunt for the ingenious traitor Brian Regan - known as the Spy Who Couldn't Spell.


Order! Order! : the rise and fall of political drinking Ben Wright. 394.13 WRI


20 rental properties in one year Graeme Fowler. 332.6324 FOW
Graeme had the idea to see if he could buy 20 properties using no equity (money) with one simple
A culture of growth : the origins of the modern economy Joel Mokyr. 330 MOK
Fundamentals of finance : financial institutions and markets, personal finance, financial management Andrea Bennett. 332 BEN
Hitler's beneficiaries : plunder, racial war, and the Nazi welfare state Gotz Aly. 330.94 ALY
An assessment of the economic methods Hitler used to convince ordinary Germans to support his genocidal agenda.
Investing : the expectations game Kevin Armstrong. 332.6 ARM
Words of wisdom for investors.
Prosperity without growth : economics for a finite planet Tim Jackson. 338.92 JAC
Is more economic growth the solution? Will it deliver prosperity and well-being for a global population projected to reach nine billion?
Rebel crossings : new women, free lovers, and radicals in Britain and America Sheila Rowbotham. 335 ROW
This book relates the interweaving lives of four women and two men as they journey from the nineteenth to the twentieth century, from Britain to America, and from Old World conventions toward New World utopias.


Cleverlands Lucy Crehan. 370.9 CRE
Roots of empathy : changing the world child by child Mary Gordon. 372 GOR


An introduction to mechanical engineering, SI version Jonathan Wickert. 621 WIC
Practical home theater : a guide to video and audio systems Mark Fleischmann. 621.3897 FLE
Quadcopters and drones : a beginner's guide to successfully flying and choosing the right drone Mark Smith. 623.7469 SMI
The field guide to trains : locomotives and rolling stock Brian Solomon. 625.26 SOL
An indispensable illustrated resource for railfans and families on road trips, filled with easy-to-find information on locomotives and rolling stock, such as railroad cars, coaches, and wagons.


It's not easy being green : one family's journey towards eco-friendly living Dick Strawbridge. 333.79
No place to hide : climate change : a short introduction for New Zealanders Jim Flynn. 363.7387 FLY


Hen party planning guide Verity Davidson. 793.2 DAV
The complete guide to successful event planning : with companion CD-ROM Shannon C. Kilkenny. 394.2 KIL


Attracting native pollinators : protecting North America's bees and butterflies : the Xerces Society guide Eric Mader. 631.52 LEE
Dirt : the erosion of civilizations David R. Montgomery. 631.49 MON
An engaging natural and cultural history of soil that sweeps from ancient civilizations to modern times, 'Dirt' explores the compelling idea that we are and have long been using up Earth's soil.
Great tales from rural New Zealand Gordon McLauchlan. 630.993 MCL
This collection of intriguing, quirky stories looks at country life in New Zealand. From swaggers to kauri gum, shearers to land girls, McLauchlan leads us down uncharted country lanes and tempts us with many little-known tales from New Zealand's farming and rural past.


Fashion, art & Rock'n'Roll : Jean-Charles de Castelbajac Laurent Cotta. 746.92 CAS
Whether it's Beyonce's wild blue jacket, Rihanna in a Donald Duck dress, or outfit queen Lady Gaga in a jacket with sewn-on Kermit the Frog puppets, they have all worn his creations and made them famous. Jean-Charles de Castelbajac is a designer who knows how to dress women with courage and creativity.

Film, Television & Theatre

Audrey : the 50s David Wills. 791.43028 HEP
A stunning photographic compilation showcasing Audrey Hepburn's iconic career in the 1950s-the decade that solidified her place as one of the world's greatest stars in film and fashion.
Brigitte Bardot : my life in fashion Henry-Jean Servat. 791.43028 BAR
Explores Bardot's life in fashion - from on-set looks to fashion shoots and more.
Goodnight and good riddance : how thirty-five years of John Peel helped to shape modern life David Cavanagh. 791.44028 PEE
A chronological history of 265 programmes presented by John Peel between 1967 and 2003.
Hope for film : from the frontline of the independent cinema revolutions Ted Hope. 791.43023 HOP
Captures the rebellious punk spirit of the indie film boom in 1990s New York City, its collapse two decades later and its current moment of technology-fueled regeneration.
The platinum age of television : from I love Lucy to The walking dead, how TV became terrific David Bianculli. 791.450973 BIA
Bianculli focuses on the development of the classic TV genres, among them the sitcom, the crime show, the miniseries, the soap opera, the western, the animated series and the late night talk show.

Food & Wine

Best-ever kids' cakes 641.8653 BES
The Australian Women's Weekly book of the most popular and asked for birthday cakes.
EatingWell one-pot meals : easy, healthy recipes for 100+ delicious dinners Jesse Price. 641.82 PRI
Food, health, and happiness : 115 on-point recipes for great meals and a better life Oprah Winfrey. 641.563 WIN
With dishes created and prepared alongside her favorite chefs, paired with personal essays and memories from Oprah herself, this cookbook offers a candid, behind-the-scenes look into her life (and kitchen)
Foolproof cooking Mary Berry. 641.5 BER
Gin : shake, muddle, stir Dan Jones. 641.255 JON
A gin manual for the home mixologist.
Ima cuisine : an Israeli mother's kitchen Yael Shochat. 641.5956 SHO
An Israeli mother - and restaurateur - shares her love of food from the eastern Mediterranean and beyond with a range of delicious recipes from her kitchen.
Ingredient : unveiling the essential elements of food Ali Bouzari. 641.3 BOU
Bouzari looks at the chemical components of food and explains how proteins, carbohydrates and lipids give the things we eat their structure, taste and colour.
Mastering the art of Japanese home cooking Masahuru Morimoto. 641.5952 MOR
My zero-waste kitchen Ruth O'Rouke-Jones. 641.552 ORO
Learn how to reduce food waste with quick tips and simple solutions.
Raw is more : vibrant recipes bursting with goodness Eccie Newton. 641.563 NEW
This book is about making raw food striking and delicious.
Rise & shine : better breakfasts for busy mornings Katie Sullivan Morford. 641.52 MOR
Salads : the new main course Peter Gordon. 641.83 GOR
Spuntino : comfort food (New York style) Russell Norman. 641.5973 NOR
New mouthwatering recipes and stories from Spuntino, the New York-influenced diner taking the London restaurant scene by storm.
The Asian slow cooker : exotic favorites for your crockpot Kelly Kwok. 641.595 KWO
The ice block book : 50 fruity, frosty, natural flavours for all ages KarisLayne. 641.862 GES
This book is full of healthy recipes and foodie flavours with no artificial sweeteners, added flavourings, concentrates or purees just real fruity goodness.
The prevent and reverse heart disease cookbook : over 125 delicious, life-changing, plant-based recipes Ann Crile Esselstyn. 641.5631 ESS
Toyko : cult recipes Maori Murota 641.5952 MUR
There are recipes for miso, sushi, soba noodles, bentos, sushi, fried rice, Japanese tapas, desserts, cakes and sweets; plus features on the key essential cooking techniques and key ingredients, making it truly Japanese food made simple.

Graphic Arts

Designing creatures & characters : how to build an artist's portfolio for video games, film, animation, and more Marc Taro Holmes. 741.6 HOL
Manga for the beginner chibis : everything you need to start drawing the super-cute characters of Japanese comics Christopher Hart. 741.5 HAR
Presents step-by-step guidelines to drawing manga children and super-deformed characters, including tips on facial expressions, action poses, backgrounds, and chibi animals.

Health & Medicine

A plague on all our houses : medical intrigue, Hollywood, and the discovery of AIDS Bruce J. Hillman. 616.9792 HIL
Hillman dissects the war of egos, money, academic power, and Hollywood clout that advanced AIDS research even as it compromised the career of the scientist who discovered the disease.
An introduction to coping with health anxiety Brenda Hogan. 616.8522 HOG
This work explains what health anxiety is and how it makes you feel. It helps the reader to understand their symptoms and serves as an immediate coping strategy and as a preliminary to fuller therapy.
And breathe Rebecca Dennis. 613.19 DEN
A wellbeing guide to the art of conscious breathing techniques: boost energy, combat stress and improve heart
Brave new weed : adventures into the uncharted world of cannabis Joe Dolce. 613.835 DOL
Dolce journeys across the globe in a quest to understand the clouded past and bright future of the weed. The book provides a fresh take on the new world of cannabis and all the promise that this much-maligned plant holds.
Coping with shyness and social phobia : a guide to understanding and overcoming social anxiety W. Ray Crozier. 616.8522 CRO
Diabetes for dummies Alan L. Rubin. 616.462 RUB
Dizziness : why you feel dizzy and what will help you feel better Gregory T. Whitman. 616.841 WHI
Getting better bite by bite : a survival kit for sufferers of bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorders Ulrike Schmidt. 616.8526 SCH
If our bodies could talk : a guide to operating and maintaining a human body James Hamblin. 613 HAM
In the realm of hungry ghosts : close encounters with addiction Gabor Mate. 616.86 MAT
The author looks at the epidemic of various addictions in our society, tells us why we are so prone to them and outlines what is needed to liberate ourselves from their hold.
Love your bones : the essential guide to ending osteoporosis and building a healthy skeleton Max Tuck. 616.71 TUC
Nature's remedies : an illustrated guide to healing herbs Jean Willoughby. 615.321 WIL
Other minds : the octopus, the sea, and the deep origins of consciousness Peter Godfrey-Smith. 612.8 GOD
A philosopher dons a wet suit and journeys into the depths of consciousness.
Overcoming chronic pain : a self-help guide using cognitive behavioral techniques Frances Cole. 616.047 OVE
Chronic pain does not need to dominate your life. The health team behind this book has established a self-help method based on techniques tested with patients in community and hospital programs.
Overcoming depression : a self-help guide using Cognitive Behavioral Techniques Paul Gilbert. 616.8527 GIL
Overcoming health anxiety : a self-help guide using Cognitive Behavioral Techniques Rob Willson. 616.8525 WIL
Overcoming obsessive compulsive disorder : a self-help guide using cognitive behavioral techniques David Veale. 616.8522 VEA
Pain management Dr Cheryl Rezek. 616.047 REZ
This book combines the principles of mindfulness with research from the clinical field of psychology to help you improve your emotional, psychological and physical state while manaing pain.
Pain tracking : your personal guide to living well with chronic pain Deborah Barrett. 616.047 BAR
Discusses how to improve the quality of life while dealing with chronic pain, encouraging readers to incorporate effective treatment options and track each treatment for continued, incremental progress.
Quiet your mind & get to sleep : solutions to insomnia for those with depression, anxiety, or chronic pain Colleen E. Carney. 616.849 CAR
Slow ageing guide to skin rejuvenation : learn, understand, select, proven treatments Kate Marie. 612.67 MAR
Discover what really works to slow the ageing process; read the latest science so you can learn what to do and when to do it.
The book of exercise and yoga for those with Parkinson's disease : using movement and meditation to manage symptoms Lori A. Newell. 613.7046 NEW
The brain warrior's way : ignite your energy and focus, attack illness and aging, transform pain into purpose Daniel G. Amen. 613 AME
Develop mastery over your brain to prevent Alzheimer's disease, combat depression, reverse aging and improve overall health.
The case against sugar Gary Taubes. 613.28 TAU
The complete book of essential oils and aromatherapy : over 800 natural, nontoxic, and fragrant recipes to create health, beauty, and safe home and work environments Valerie Ann Worwood. 615.85 WOR
Updated edition
The thyroid connection : why you feel tired, brain-fogged, and overweight and how to get your life back Amy Myers. 616.44 MYE
Provides a comprehensive, accessible overview of thyroid problems and explains how to recognize the symptoms of thyroid dysfunction, work with a doctor to get the correct diagnosis, and create an appropriate plan for treatment and recovery.
The undoing project : a friendship that changed the world Michael Lewis. 612.82 LEW
Lewis combines biography with recent intellectual history in a saga about the influential Israeli psychologist team of Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky.
Total body massage : the complete illustrated guide to expert head, face, body and foot massage techniques Nitya Lacroix. 615.822 LAC
When the body says no : exploring the stress-disease connection Gabor Mate. 155.9042 MAT
Filled with the moving stories of real people medical doctor Mate shows that emotion and psychological stress play a powerful role in the onset of chronic illness.
Zero sugar diet : the 14-day plan to flatten your belly, crush cravings, and help keep you lean for life David Zinczenko. 613.28 ZIN

History, Geography & Travel

1919 : Britain's year of revolution Simon Webb. 941.083 WEB
The year 1919 was when Britain came closest to workers' revolution.
88 reasons Australia is the craziest Simon Crerar. 994 CRE
Deadly spiders that survive for days under water. Centipedes so big they poison snakes. Prehistoric monsters 'patrolling' our beaches. Those are just three reasons why Australia is the craziest.
A family in wartime : how the Second World War shaped the lives of a generation Maureen Waller. 941.084 WAL
Explores the trials, tribulations, and jubilations collectively experienced by the British public from 1939-1945.
A nation without borders : the United States and its world in an age of civil wars, 1830-1910 Steven Hahn. 973.5 HAH
A storm of witchcraft : the Salem trials and the American experience Emerson W. Baker. 133.43 BAK
A wretched and precarious situation : in search of the last Arctic frontier David Welky. 910.911 WEL
The story of a 1913 Arctic expedition to investigate what the New York Tribune called "the last considerable mass of unknown land on our planet."
Atlas of improbable places : a journey to the world's most unusual corners Travis Elborough. 910 ELB
This book shows the modern world from surprising new vantage points that will inspire urban explorers and armchair travellers alike to consider a new way of understanding the world we live in.
Blood and sand : Suez, Hungary and the crisis that shook the world Alex Von Tunzelmann. 909.825 VON
A tale of political bungling with tragic consequences.
Colour bar : the triumph of Seretse Khama and his nation Susan Williams. 968.83 KHA
London 1947 - The story of Seretse Khama and Ruth Williams, whose marriage sent shockwaves through the establishment, defied an empire - and, finally, triumphed over the prejudices of their age.
Dark horses at the Patagonian frontier : riding the pioneer trail Jon Burrough. 982.7 BUR
Digging for Hitler : the Nazi archaeologists search for an Aryan past David Barrowclough. 930.1 BAR
Egyptomania : a history of fascination, obsession and fantasy Ronald H. Fritze. 932 FRI
Fritze takes us on a historical journey to unearth the Egypt of the imagination, a land of weird gods, murky magic, secret knowledge, marvellous pyramids, enigmatic sphinxes, monumental obelisks, immense wealth and mystifying mummies.
Europe by Eurail 2017 : touring Europe by train LaVerne Ferguson-Kosinski. 940 FER
Ghost train to the Eastern star : on the tracks of the great railway bazaar Paul Theroux. 950.4 THE
Heading off on the Eurostar from London, Paul Theroux again sets out on a train journey through the East, travelling overland through Eastern Europe, and eventually reaching India and Asia.
Glasgow : the autobiography Alan Taylor. 941.443 GLA
Tells the story of the fabled, former Second City of the British Empire from its origins as a bucolic village on the rivers Kelvin and Clyde, through the Industrial Revolution to the dawning of the second millennium.
Goodbye dearest girl : WW1 letters and sketches : Dick Grace to Alice Crump, 1915-1918 Margaret Hardwick-Smith. 940.481 GRA
Hitler's home front : a family surviving the war and the peace Don A. Gregory. 943.086 GRE
What was life like for ordinary Germans under Hitler? Hitler's Home Front paints a picture of life in a region in south-west Germany, during the rise to power and rule of the Nazis.
Islands : a New Zealand journey Bruce Ansley. 993 ANS
A journey to New Zealand's most fascinating, wild and isolated islands.
Let's go mad : a year abroad in search of utopia and enlightenment Rob Binkley. 910.41 BIN
The amazing true story of a year abroad backpacking across the globe on a sideways search in all the wrong places, with all the wrong people, at all the wrong times.
Mary's mosaic : the CIA conspiracy to murder John F. Kennedy, Mary Pinchot Meyer, and their vision for world peace Peter Janney. 973.922 JAN
Explores the unsolved murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer, her ties to President Kennedy, and her possible uncovering of an assassination plot.
Muslim, trader, nomad, spy : China's Cold War and the people of the Tibetan borderlands Sulmaan Wasif Khan. 951.05 KHA
Nothing ever dies : Vietnam and the memory of war Viet Thanh Nguyen. 959.7043 NGU
A searching exploration of the conflict Americans call the Vietnam War and Vietnamese call the American War a conflict that lives on in the collective memory of both nations.
Pilgrim routes of the British Isles Emma J. Wells. 941 WEL
This book leads the modern traveller along some of the key medieval walking routes of Britain, taking in world- famous sites such as Canterbury and Lindisfarne in addition to out-of-the-way places along paths not so widely travelled.
Pocket Paris : top sights, local life, made easy Catherine Le Nevez. 944.36 LE
Lonely Planet guidebook
Queen Victoria and the European Empires John Van der Kiste. 941.081 VIC
An account of Queen Victoria's personal and political relationships with the empires, or to be more exact, the Kings and Queens, Emperors, Empresses and their families of France, Germany, Austria and Russia.
Rejected princesses : tales of history's boldest heroines, hellions, and heretics Jason Porath. 920.02 POR
Well-behaved women seldom make history. Good thing these women are far from well behaved.
Release your inner Roman J P Toner. 937.06 TON
Marcus Sidonius Falx sets out the characteristics that have made the Romans the most successful people in history and shows how following their example will do the same for you. His guide will enhance the value of your life, boost its rewards and enrich its pleasures.
Retirement in a tent : from dream to reality Faye Hawtin. 993 HAW
Everyone has a personal and individual dream which involves their own interests, what they are looking for, and what they might find. Faye dreamed of freedom. Freedom to follow her own agenda. Freedom to fulfil her wanderlust within the limits of a fixed income. Freedom from other people's expectations.
Retro New York Alan J. Whiticker. 974.71 WHI
A book of historical images from the Mary Evans Photo Library depicting a visual history of one of the world s greatest
Seychelles : the Bradt travel guide Lyn Mair. 969.6 MAI
Sweet and bitter island : a history of the British in Cyprus Tabitha Morgan. 956.93 MOR
Tales from the backroads : a journey through the South Island's heartland Mike Crean. 993.7 CRE
The Black Calhouns : from Civil War to civil rights with one African American family Gail Lumet Buckley. 929.2 BUC
Gail Lumet Buckley, daughter of actress Lena Horne, delves deeply into her family history, detailing the experiences of an extraordinary African American family from Civil War to civil rights.
The great Kiwi pub crawl : a lively journey through New Zealand's most colourful pubs Bartlett and Corfe. 993 BAR
An intriguing, hilariously funny and quintessential crawl around 50 of New Zealand's tried and true Kiwi pubs
The Hungarians : a thousand years of victory in defeat Paul Lendvai. 943.9 LEN
The rise of Athens : the story of the world's greatest civilization Anthony Everitt. 938.5 EVE
The Senecans : four men and Margaret Thatcher Peter Stothard. 941.085 STO
Thunder at twilight : Vienna, 1913/1914 Frederic Morton. 943.613 MOR
Takes the reader to Vienna to examine the events and ideas that led to WWI.
Tokyo : a biography : disasters, destruction and renewal : the story of an indomitable city Stephen Mansfield. 952.135 MAN
Top walks in Australia Melanie Ball. 994 BAL
Organised by state, the book covers walks to suit every level, grading them easy, medium or hard.
Under the shadow : rage and revolution in modern Turkey Kaya Genc. 956.104 GEN
A powerful historical to current times memoir about the Turkish revolution
Untie the lines : setting sail and breaking free Emma Bamford. 910.4 BAM
The sailing and travel adventures of Emma Bamford.
Waitapu to Waitui : a journey up the Takaka Valley Carol Dawber. 993.77 DAW
This book covers the early days of European settlement in the Takaka valley, from the 1860s to World War Two.

Hospitality & Tourism

Hospofrofta : the other side of the counter Hayden Hayms. 647.95 HYA
Hospofrofta is a colloquial, autobiographical dialogue centred around the Auckland cafe scene. It dishes dirt, offers conclusions and revels in indignation. It contains checklists for cafe buyers and sellers, a selection of cafe reviews, a rundown on some important figures in the scene and even a political manifesto.

House & Garden

Alabama Studio sewing patterns : a guide to customizing a hand-stitched Alabama Chanin wardrobe Natalie Chanin. 646.407 CHA
Stitchers can make these fashionable pieces themselves for a fraction of the price with Natalie Chanin's guide.
Celebrate Lauren Conrad. 793.2 CON
Presents a guide to entertaining that offers inspirational lifestyle tips and suggestions for everything from invitations and food to decorations and gifts.
Domino : your guide to a stylish home : discovering your personal style and creatiang a space you love Jessica Romm Perez. 747 PER
A guide to discovering a personal style and creating loved personal spaces, sharing tips on everything from textiles and art to lighting and accessories.
Intimate : a private world of interiors David Hicks. 747 HIC
David Hicks is an internationally renowned Australian interior designer. This book features the best of his residential projects.
Modern living : Scandinavian style Claire Bingham. 747 BIN
Bingham escapes to the Nordic nations with this inspiring and practical guide to creating feel-good interiors that are pared-back yet characterful.
Simply styling : fresh & easy ways to personalize your home Kirsten Grove. 747 GRO
Grove guides you every step of the way, going room by room and item by item, giving you the tools and tricks you need to create a space that captures your personality and taste.


A death in the islands : the unwritten law and the last trial of Clarence Darrow Mike Farris. 345.025 FAR
A series of events in the Territory of Hawaii that nearly tore apart the peaceful islands, reverberating from the tenements of Honolulu to the hallowed halls of Congress, and right into the Oval Office itself, and left a stain on the legacy of one of the greatest legal minds of all time.
All out war : the full story of how Brexit sank Britain's political class Tim Shipman. 341.242 SHI
The post-Snowden era : mass surveillance and privacy in New Zealand Kathleen M. Kuehn. 342.085 KUE
Mapping New Zealand's role in international intelligence gathering from World War Two to the present day, Kuehn asks probing questions about the behaviour of both the state and corporations in our current 'surveillance society'.


This explains everything Richard von Sturmer. 828.914 VON
Part memoir and part adventure story, and also features recent poetry and prose poems - the story of 3 generations of the von Sturmer family.
Upstream : selected essays Mary Oliver. 814.54 OLI
The Pulitzer Prize-winning poet lovingly reflects on her relationship to nature and the written word.
Write to the centre : navigating life with gluestick and words Helen Lehndorf. 808.066 LEN
A lo-fi guide to journaling in a hi-tech world. Create your own series of 'personal books' that provide a home for your mind, savouring life's moments with scissors and gluestick at the ready.


Customize the Ruger 10/22 James E. House. 683.42 HOU


After the war : the RSA in New Zealand Stephen Clarke. 369.2 CLA
Empire of the deep : the rise and fall of the British Navy Ben Wilson. 359 WIL
Hubris : the tragedy of war in the twentieth century Alistair Horne. 355.02 HOR
After more than 50 years of writing about military matters, veteran historian Horne reflects on "the common features of warfare that stood out over the ages."
Instrument of war : the German Army 1914-18 Dennis Showalter. 355.3 SHO
Showalter surveys an army at the heart of a national identity, driven by - yet also defeated by - warfare in the modern age, which struggled to capitalize on its victories and ultimately forgot the lessons of its defeat.
Lords of the sky : fighter pilots and air combat, from the Red Baron to the F-16 Dan Hampton. 358.43 HAM
Former USAF F-16 legend Dan Hampton tells the thrilling story of how fighter pilots have ruled the skies for 100 years, from the Red Baron to today's supersonic jets.

Music & Musicians

Anatomy of a song : the oral history of 45 iconic hits that changed rock, R&B and pop Marc Myers. 781.64 MYE
A cultural history of the elusive hit single, focused on artists' recollections and studio alchemy.
Beatles '66 : the revolutionary year Steve Turner. 781.66 BEA
A riveting look at the transformative year in the lives and careers of the legendary group whose groundbreaking legacy would forever change music and popular culture.
Murray talks music : Albert Murray on jazz and blues Albert Murray. 781.65 MUR
Brings together, for the first time, many of Albert Murray's finest interviews and essays on music - most never before published - as well as rare liner notes and prefaces.
Set the boy free : the autobiography Johnny Marr. 781.66 MAR
The guitarist who formed, moulded and broke up the cult 80s band, the Smiths, by age of 23 has written a breezy and smart memoir - with only the odd dig at Morrissey.

Natural Science

Bird : photographer of the year Rob Read. 598 BIR
This beautiful book accompanies a new photographic competition celebrating some of the best bird photography.
Ice bear : the cultural history of an Arctic icon Michael Engelhard. 599.78 ENG
The biology of belief : unleashing the power of consciousness, matter & miracles Bruce H. Lipton. 599.93 LIP
Where the animals go : tracking wildlife with technology in 50 maps and graphics James Cheshire. 591.4 CHE


Landscapes : seeking the ideal land Soo-mi Lee. 758.1 LEE
English-language version of catalogue for a special exhibition held at the National Museum of Korea.
Lessons in classical painting : essential techniques from inside the atelier Juliette Aristides. 751.4 ARI
Where's B**ksy? Xavier Tapies. 751.73 BAN
A stunning book of Banksy's most significant street art works.


Childhood speech and language disorders : supporting children and families on the path to communication Suzanne M. Ducharme. 618.9285 DUC
How to dad Jordan Watson. 649.1 WAT
How to DAD wrote a book?! Well I scribbled some stuff down and some other people were crazy enough to publish it so I'll take it! I'm known for making silly viral parenting videos on things like 'How to get a baby to clean the house' or 'How to travel with a baby' and I've put my Dad skills on paper.
Hurrah for gin : a book for perfectly imperfect parents Katie Kirby. 649.1 KIR
This book is not a how-to-guide. Instead it shares beautifully honest anecdotes and illustrations from the parenting frontline that demonstrate it is perfectly possible to love your children with the whole of your heart whilst finding them incredibly irritating at the same time.


Rock bottom David Riley. 822.92 RIL
Rock Bottom was shortlisted in Playmarket's Plays for the Young Awards.

Pets & Animals

A book of cats : literary, legendary and historical Dorothy M. Stuart. 636.8 STU
Cats on the job : 50 fabulous felines who purr, mouse, and even sing for their supper Lisa Rogak. 636.8 ROG
An illustrated, full-colour celebration of working cats from around the world.
Every dog : the ultimate guide to over 450 dog breeds Nancy Hajeski. 636.71 HAJ
Fifty bales of hay Roger Evans. 636.21 EVA
Roger Evans faces each day on his dairy farm in Shropshire with a wonderful mixture of dry humour, sharp observation and a delight in the natural world and the animals around him.
Merino country: stories from the home of New Zealand's hardiest sheep Paul Hersey. 636.301 HER
The land of our hardiest, wildest and wooliest sheep breed, captured in all its spectacular beauty.
Mustang ride : the adventures of the Wilson sisters in the American West Kelly Wilson. 636.1083 WIL
Having saved New Zealand's wild Kaimanawa horses, the Wilson sisters turn to the plight of America's wild mustangs.
No ordinary goat : the story of NZ's Arapawa goats Alison Sutherland. 636.39 SUT
The age of the horse : an equine journey through human history Susanna Forrest. 636.1 FOR
The secret language of kittens : the body language of young cats Tammy Gagne. 636.8 GAG

Philosophy & Psychology

The dream of enlightenment : the rise of modern philosophy Anthony Gottlieb. 190 GOT
Gottlieb explains the rise of modern thought from Descartes.


Ann Shelton : dark matter Ann Shelton. 779 SHE
Traces the 20-year career of a leading New Zealand photographer.
Condemned : mental health in African countries in crisis Robin Hammond. 779 HAM
The exquisite and harrowing images behind New Zealander Robin Hammond's W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund winning photojournalism.
Mapplethorpe flora : the complete flowers Robert Mapplethorpe. 779 MAP
The definitive collection of Mapplethorpe's flower photographs.
Wild beauty : a photographic field guide to Australia's biggest, oldest and rarest natural treasures Graham Lloyd. 778.943 LLO


Bats plays Ken Duncum. 822.914 DUN
Six seminal plays from Ken Duncum and Rebecca Rodden.


Now you know Michael Fitzsimons. 821.92 FIT
Odes Sharon Olds. 811.54 OLD
A new collection from the TS Eliot prizewinner finds beauty in the outrages visited on ageing bodies.
Of all that ends Gunter Grass. 838.914 GRA
Red woman poems : two poems after paintings by Dean Buchanan Denys Trussell. 821.914 TRU
The poem is you : 60 contemporary American poems and how to read them Stephen Burt. 811.54 BUR
Truth and beauty : verse biography in Canada, Australia and New Zealand Anna Jackson. 821.009 TRU

Politics & Government

Our revolution : a future to believe in Bernie Sanders. 320.973 SAN
Sanders shares experiences from the campaign trail and outlines his ideas for continuing a political revolution to fight for a progressive economic, environmental, racial and social justice agenda that creates jobs, raises wages, protects the environment and provides health care for all.
Shall we wake the president? : two centuries of disaster management from the Oval Office Tevi Troy. 973 TRO
What next? : Britain's future in Europe Peter Wilding. 327.41 WIL


The seven principles for making marriage work : a practical guide from the country's foremost relationship expert John M. Gottman. 306.81 HOT

Religion & Ethics

Salafi-Jihadism : the history of an idea Shiraz Maher. 297.7 MAH
Shaking hands with death Terry Pratchett. 179.7 PRA
Why we all deserve a life worth living and a death worth dying for.
The early Church : from the beginnings to 461 W.H.C. Frend. 270 FRE
The evolution of the West : how Christianity has shaped our values Nick Spencer. 261 SPE
The lost gospel : decoding the ancient text that reveals Jesus' marriage to Mary the Magdalene Simcha Jacobovici. 232.9 JAC
The soul of doubt : the religious roots of unbelief from Luther to Marx Dominic Erdozain. 234.2 ERD
Touching heaven : a cardiologist's encounters with death and living proof of an afterlife Chauncey Crandall. 236.2 CRA


A most improbable journey : a big history of our planet and ourselves Walter Alvarez. 550 ALV
Famed geologist Walter Alvarez expands our view of human history by revealing the cosmic, geologic, and evolutionary forces that have shaped us.
Aliens : science asks: is anyone out there? Jim Al-Khalili. 576.839 ALI
Rare earth : why complex life is uncommon in the universe Peter D. Ward. 576.839 WAR
Reality is not what it seems : the journey to quantum gravity Carlo Rovelli. 530 ROV
Do space and time truly exist? What is reality made of? Can we understand its deep
The glass universe : the hidden history of the women who took the measure of the stars Dava Sobel. 520 SOB
Popular science writer Sobel continues her project of heralding the many contributions of women to science.
The hidden life of trees : what they feel, how they communicate : discoveries from a secret world Peter Wohlleben. 582.16 WOH
A forester's fascinating stories, supported by the latest scientific research, reveal the extraordinary world of forests and illustrate how trees communicate and care for each other.
The telomere effect : a revolutionary approach to living younger, healthier, longer Elizabeth Blackburn. 572.8 BLA
The war on science : who's waging it, why it matters, what we can do about it Shawn Otto. 303.483 OTT
Examines the current state of science in the political sphere, looking at how strategies for alleviating global warming are resisted by powerful interests and faith-based objections to the teaching of evolution erupt from the public.
The white planet : the evolution and future of our frozen world Jean Jouzel,. 551.31 JOU
This title takes readers on a scientific journey through the shrinking world of ice and snow to tell the story of the expeditions and discoveries that have transformed our understanding of global climate.
When the Earth roars : lessons from the history of earthquakes in Japan Gregory Smits. 551.22 SMI

Self Development

Draw to win : a crash course on how to lead, sell, and innovate with your visual mind Dan Roam. 153.2 ROA
Hygge : the Danish art of happiness Marie Tourell Soderberg. 158.1 SOD
Hygge - a Danish word that is a feeling or mood that comes taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary, every day moments more meaningful, beautiful or special.
It didn't start with you : how inherited family trauma shapes who we are and how to end the cycle Mark Wolynn. 155.92 WOL
Manage your stress for a happier life Terry Looker. 155.9042 LOO
A unique programme for diagnosing, understanding and tackling your stress, whatever its source and whatever your needs.
Overcoming anger and irritability : a self-help guide using cognitive behavioural techniques William Davies. 152.47 DAV
Overcoming low self-esteem : a self-help guide using cognitive behavioral techniques Melanie Fennell. 158.1 FEN
Overcoming social anxiety and shyness : a self-help guide to using cognitive behavioural techniques Gillian Butler. 152.46 BUT
Smart change : break the habits that hold you back and form the habits of success Art Markman. 152.33 MAR
Smart thinking : how to think big, innovate and outperform your rivals Art Markman. 153.4 MAR
The continuum concept Jean Liedloff. 155.4 LIE
the continuum concept is the idea that in order to achieve optimal physical, mental and emotional development, human beings require the kind of experience to which our species adapted during the long process of our evolution.
The headspace guide to meditation and mindfulness : how mindfulness can change your life in ten minutes a day Andy Puddicombe. 158.12 PUD
The singularity is near : when humans transcend biology Ray Kurzweil. 153.9 KUR
A controversial scientific vision predicts a time in which humans and machines will merge and create a new form of non-biological intelligence.
Too fast to think : how to reclaim your creativity in a hyper-connected work culture Chris Lewis. 153.35 LEW
If you want to be creative, remove yourself from technological distractions and give yourself time to think diffusely.

Social Issues

Activities for older people in care homes : a handbook for successful activity planning Sarah Crockett. 362.23 CRO
America the anxious : how our pursuit of happiness is creating a nation of nervous wrecks Ruth Whippman. 306.0973 WHI
The author embarks on a pilgrimage to investigate how the national obessession with happiness infiltrates all areas of life, from religion to parenting, from the workplace to academia.
Born on third base : a one percenter makes the case for tackling inequality, bringing wealth home, and committing to the common good Chuck Collins. 303.484
BP blowout : inside the Gulf oil disaster Daniel Jacobs. 363.7382 JAC
The first comprehensive account of the legal, economic, and environmental consequences of the disaster that resulted from the April 2010 blowout at a BP well in the Gulf of Mexico.
Dancing with dementia : my story of living positively with dementia Christine Bryden. 362.196831 BRY
A thoughtful exploration of how dementia challenges our ideas of personal identity and of the process of self-discovery it can bring about.
Feminist futures : reimagining women, culture and development Kum-Kum Bhavnani. 305.42 FEM
Fight like a girl Clementine Ford. 305.42 FOR
With wit, insight and glorious, righteous rage, Ford lays out all the ways in which girls and women are hurt and held back, and unapologetically demands that the world do better.
Group activities with older adults Vicki Dent. 362.61 DEN
Millennium : from religion to revolution : how civilization has changed over a thousand years Ian Mortimer. 303.4 MOR
History's greatest tour guide Ian Mortimer takes us on an eye-opening and expansive journey through the last millennium of human innovation.
North of the border : stories from the A matter of time project Heather Faulkner. 306.7663 FAU
As the struggle for rights continues, This book uses documentary photography and first person narratives to tell the intimate stories of eight lesbians who found themselves existing outside of the norm, and how that experience informs how they identify as Queenslanders today.
Obedience to authority : an experimental view Stanley Milgram. 303.36 MIL
A 1974 book by social psychologist Stanley Milgram concerning a series of experiments on obedience to authority figures he conducted in the early 1960s
People of the world : cultures and traditions, ancestry and identity Catherine Herbert Howell. 305.8 HOW
Captures the rich diversity of human life as it examines more than two hundred ethnic groups, large and small, around the world, through a visual study of beliefs, traditions, lifestyles, and environmental conditions.
Thank you for being late : an optimist's guide to thriving in the age of accelerations Thomas L. Friedman. 303.483 FRI
Friedman shows that we have entered an age of dizzying acceleration--and explains how to live in it.
The age of longevity : reimagining tomorrow for our new long lives Rosalind C. Barnett. 305.26 BAR
The Chibok girls : the Boko Haram kidnappings and Islamic militancy in Nigeria Helon Habila. 363.32 HAB
Habila tells the stories of the girls and the anguish of their parents; chronicles the rise of Boko Haram and the Nigerian government's inept response; and captures the indifference of the media and the international community whose attention has long moved on.
The color of success : Asian Americans and the origins of the model minority Ellen D. Wu. 305.895 WU
This book tells of the astonishing transformation of Asians in the United States from the "yellow peril" to "model minorities."
The lives of Tudor women Elizabeth Norton. 305.40942 NOR
Norton explores the life cycle of the Tudor woman, from childhood to old age, through the diverging examples of women such as Elizabeth Tudor, Henry VIII's sister; Cecily Burbage, Elizabeth's wet nurseand others.
The new book of snobs D.J. Taylor. 303.372 TAY
A field guide to the modern snob.
The vanishing of Flight MH370 : the true story of the hunt for the missing Malaysian plane Richard Quest. 363.12465 QUE
Unmentionable : the Victorian lady's guide to sex, marriage, and manners Therese Oneill. 305.40942 ONE
A scandalously honest guide to the secrets of Victorian ladies.
Upgraded : how the Internet has modernised the human race Andy Law. 303.483 LAW
A book, by a radical thinker, that provides an important perspective on the Internet - and how it is shaping our lives.
Weapons of math destruction : how big data increases inequality and threatens democracy Cathy O'Neil. 303.483 ONE
Wild and precious life Deborah Ziegler. 362.196994 MAY
A mother's loving tribute to a daughter struggling with terminal brain cancer who desired to die with
World Heritage sites : a complete guide to 1,031 UNESCO World Heritage sites 363.69 WOR
Each site has an entry explaining its historical and cultural significance, with a description and location map.
You will not have my hate Antoine Leiris. 363.32 LEI
13 November 2015 - a terrorist attack in Paris. Leiris's wife was killed and this is the story of his grief.

Sport & Recreation

A beautiful game : my love affair with cricket Mark Nicholas. 796.358 NIC
Mark Nicholas's personal journey through cricket reveals why it really is the world's beautiful
Cricket with Kane Williamson : a guide to batting, bowling, fielding and captaincy Kane Williamson. 796.358 WIL
Fear and loathing in La Liga : Barcelona vs Real Madrid Sid Lowe. 796.334 LOW
Magnum cycling Guy Andrews. 796.62 AND
A peek inside the Magnum agency's archive of cycling photography with more than 200 photographs shot by Magnum's members at bike races.
Speed thrills : cricket's fastest ever bowlers on bouncers, batsmen and serious pace Rodney Hogg. 796.358 HOG
The bike and beyond : life on two wheels in Aotearoa New Zealand Laura Williamson. 796.6 WIL
Riding a bike brings moments of joy, liberation, revolution and change. From cycling suffragists to the Christchurch rebuild, life on two wheels spins us out beyond well-trod paths to a fresh and fast-moving take on New Zealand.
Thinking volleyball Mike Hebert. 796.325 HEB
Volleyball fundamentals Joel Dearing. 796.325 DEA
Wonderland : how play made the modern world Steven Johnson. 790.1 JOH
This history of popular entertainment takes a long-zoom approach, contending that the pursuit of novelty and wonder is a powerful driver of world-shaping technological change.
World rugby records Chris Hawkes. 796.333 HAW

Trains, Boats, Planes

Microsoft Flight Simulator X for pilots : real world training Jeff Van-West. 629.13252 VAN
Miles M.52 : Britain's top secret supersonic research aircraft Tony Buttler. 629.13334 MIL
Rugged coast, rough seas : Wairarapa's maritime history Ken Scadden. 387.524 SCA


Choosing, using & maintaining your electric bicycle : the essential buyer's guide Peter Henshaw. 629.2272 HEN
Clymer manuals Suzuki DR650SE : 1996-2013 629.28775 SUZ
Service and repair manual.
NASA Saturn V : 1967-1973 (Apollo 4 to Apollo 17 & Skylab) : owners' workshop manual : an insight into the history, development and technology of the rocket that launched man to the Moon W. David Woods. 629.454 WOO
Haynes owner's workshop manual series


Hitler, the war, and the pope Ronald J. Rychlak. 940.532 RYC
Perhaps no modern-day leader of the Church has sparked as much controversy as Pope Pius XII, the Bishop of Rome during World War II.
Secret heroes of World War II Eric Chaline. 940.5486 CHA
Spies, scientists, and other heroes of World War II.
Sino-Japanese air war, 1937-1945 : the longest struggle Hakan Gustavsson. 940.5425 GUS
Storm of steel Ernst Junger ;. 940.482 JUN
The memoir of German officer Ernst Junger's experiences on the Western Front during the First World War.
The Manhattan Project : the making of the atomic bomb Al Cimino. 623.45119 CIM