Animals & Pets


* Dinosaurs


* National Geographic - Kids
Access to the digital archive of the trusted children's magazine National Geographic: Kids. Aimed at 6-14 year olds.
Access this with your library card number and PIN, or at our libraries.
* Animal Group Names (Collective Nouns)
* Male, female and baby animal names
Find the terms used to describe male, female and young of over 100 animals.
* New Zealand Birds and Animals
Information about some of our endangered, extinct and introduced animals and birds.
* Animal bytes - San Diego Zoo
This site has information on most animals or groups of animals in the world. Most pages have a description of the animal, threats, photos, videos and sound recordings and fun facts. Also has information about NZ and Australian animals.
* Animal Diversity Web
ADW is a large searchable encyclopedia of the natural history of animals. Thousands of species accounts about individual animal species.
* Animals
from National Geographic
* Doglinks
Everything for New Zealand dogs and their people.
* EEK!
Environmental Education for Kids. Learn about plants, animals, and Wisconsin's great outdoors. Wisconsin DNR's electronic magazine is for kids in grades 4-8.
* The Five Freedoms
As a responsible pet owner, you must provide your pet with the Five Freedoms. From the RSPCA.
* Insects and Spiders of New Zealand/Aotearoa
Designed for year 2-6 students and their teachers, this site provides information on the "creepy crawlies" of Aotearoa. Viewable in English and Te Reo Maori.
* Kiwi Conservation Club
A New Zealand conservation site that contains fact sheets about black robins, wetas, possums, kakapo, kiwi and New Zealand threatened species (including both plant and animal life).
* Mission: Migration
Help your flock of birds to migrate safely by learning how choices you make each and every day around your home, school, and neighborhood can affect their fate. Avoid storms and predators and glide for super speed.
* NZ Young Kennel Club (NZYKC)
The NZ Young Kennel Club (NZYKC) provides opportunities for young people to be active participants in canine activities and to act as a conduit to education, leadership and social interaction.
* Planet Arkive
Fun facts, information and games about endangered species, wildlife and natural history.
* US National Wildlife Federation's Pages for kids.
Take a cool tour (recommended) or visit with Ranger Rick.
* Vertebrate Flight Exhibit
This online exhibit explores the phenomenon of vertebrate flight.