Reo Māori - Māori Language


* 100 Māori words every New Zealander should know
An essential Te Reo list from the (Ministry for Culture and Heritage).
* 365 useful words and phrases in te reo Māori
Words and phrases compiled and recorded by Martin Wikaira. (Ministry for Culture and Heritage).
* He kupu o te Rā
A Māori word of the day.
* Karanga: Ngā reo o ngā Wāhine Māori
In 1995, as part of the celebration of Te Tau o Teo Reo Māori the Ministry of Women's Affairs arranged for Māori women to be interviewed in Te Reo Māori. You can now listen to these interviews online.
* Maori Words and Phrases
* Reo Māori courses offered in Ōtautahi/Christchurch
Listings from the CINCH (Community INformation CHristchurch) database for Reo Māori courses available locally
* He Papa Panui
Two interactive stories with interactive activities to assist with reading comprehension. Maybe not as likely to be used as recreational/leisure reading but handy to know that they're there.
* History of the Māori language
A fairly short history of te reo from New Zealand History.Net.NZ
* Information on the Māori language of New Zealand
"This site provides authorative, up-to-date information on the Māori language of New Zealand. It presents key information (sometimes with commentary), lists references and links to other web sites."
* Karakia - Prayers
* Kaupapa Māori
This site has been developed to make kaupapa Māori resources more widely available to support Māori researchers and academics. There are few research resources written in te reo Māori so the aim of creating the main part of the site in te reo Māori was one of the leading factors in its development.
* Kotahi Mano Kaika, Kotahi Mano Wawata
Kotahi Mano Kaika, Kotahi Mano Wawata is Kai Tahu's vision for te reo. The vision is 1000 homes, 1000 aspirations that is in the year 2025 Kai Tahu hope to have a least 1000 Kai Tahu families speaking te reo within their homes, as the everyday language of communication. This web site supports that vision by providing online lessons aimed at the beginer to intermediate speaker of te reo or to those who are interested in refreshing their knowledge. Lessons and glossaries vary widely and are comprehensive with audio and video.
* Mā Te Reo fund
For Māori communities to cultivate and nurture te reo Māori.
* Māori Bible
The Bible in Te Reo
* Māori language seminar series
He Papa Huia was a series of interactive Māori language seminars held over the Kiwi Advanced Research Network (KAREN).
* Māori Language Week
* Māori Language Week.
This is a time for all New Zealanders to celebrate te reo Māori - the Māori language - and to learn and use more Māori phrases in everyday life. This site looks at the history of Te reo Maori and offers a language learning resource.
* Mā
Site promoting the development of the Māori language through online resources and language tools. Includes video clips, guides to pronunciation, and basic phrases and vocabulary.
* Ngā Ūpoko Tukutuku Māori Subject Headings
Online tool for librarians and archivists providing standard terms for use when describing items in reo Māori.
* Ngai Tahu language project
Ngai Tahu outlines strategy and tools for nurturing and saving te reo Māori. Links to online resources and videos.
* Ngata Dictionary
The Ngata Dictionary illustrates the use of Māori and English headwords in sentences and phrases drawn from a wide range of contemporary and traditional contexts. It explains usage as well as meaning.
* Pātaka Iringa Kōrero
Research and publications about Māori Language. From Te Puni Kōkiri, The Ministry for Māori Development.
* Quia activities
Links to online games and exercises to help you learn (or maintain) te reo Māori. Games cover topics such as numbers and places and come in the form of quizzes, letter jumbles, and hangman games.
* Te Aka Māori Dictionary
Māori-English, English Māori online dictionary that accompanies the Te Whanake Māori language learning course.
* Te Huinga Raukura
Online books that are narrated so learners can hear the reo spoken. These are children's books and there are three different sections depending on the level of reo fluency and reading fluency. Supporting resources like question sheets also available.
* Te Reo o Taranaki
website of Te Reo-o-Taranaki, a trust formed to manage and co-ordinate a strategic direction for the regeneration and continued development of the indigenous ('reo') Māori language around Taranaki. This strategic direction seeks to lay down a foundation to revitalise and highlight the regional importance of our reo with a strong focus towards social and cultural development.
* Te reo storybooks
Choose from four interactive online stories with Kai Tahu dialect option available. Personalised stories may be printed or saved.
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* Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori Maori Language Commission
Provides information on te reo Māori and lists various resources on this subject
* Te Whanake Online
This series of online modules complements Te Kākano, the first in the Te Whanake series of textbooks for learning Te Reo Māori. Uses animation and practise exercises to support learning.
* Te Whata Raki
Explore online with your guide, Whetumarama. Learn about some traditional stories, told through waiata, pictures and other web resources before trying out the quiz.