Recycling and Our Environment


* National Geographic - Kids
Access to the digital archive of the trusted children's magazine National Geographic: Kids. Aimed at 6-14 year olds.
Access this with your library card number and PIN, or at our libraries.
* Climate Change Information New Zealand
Information about climate change - its impacts and implications, and New Zealand's overall approach. Visit this site to find out ways you can help look after New Zealand's environment through your community.
* Composting at school
Learn how to compost at your school and what weird and unusual things you can compost. This page will have the answer to any of your composting questions
* EcoKids
Play some games, colour in, get some homework help or take up an Eco challenge
* EEK!
Electronic magazine all about our environment.
* Environment ABCs
Glossary with pictures and definitions of words you might need when talking about the environment
* Environment Quiz
How much do YOU know about our environment?
* EPA's Environmental Kids Club
Games and stories that help you to explore your environment and look after it.
* Get Waterwise!
Get waterwise and save Canterbury's water. On this site from Christchurch City Council you can learn how we get our water, how much we use each day and how to save water.
* Imagination Factory
There's no machinery at The Imagination Factory, instead, we teach children and their caregivers creative ways to recycle by making art.
* Kiwi Conservation Club
Fact sheets on conservation, quizzes, events and information about the Kiwi Conservation Club
* Lola and Charlie Save The Planet
Play Lola and Charlie's Look After Your Planet game! Drop the recycling into the right boxes carried by your favourite characters.How many leaves will you get?
* Love Your Rubbish!
Learn all about how we recycle things in Christchurch, what can and can't be put out for recycling and how to be a recycling Superstar!
* Meet the Greens
A site for kids who like looking after their planet. Watch their cartoon online (The Smelly Episode is a good one), download a green logo to put onto your clothes, read about paper recycling, calculate your carbon footprint or listen to their theme song.
* MiniMonos
Come and help save the planet in this virtual monkey world just for kids! Things you do in the game can help our environment and you can earn points in the game for things you do in your everyday life.
* Mission: Migration
Help your flock of birds to migrate safely by learning how choices you make each and every day around your home, school, and neighborhood can affect their fate. Avoid storms and predators and glide for super speed.
* Planet Protectors Club
Follow the clues to help save our planet!
* Recyclezone
The site that tells you what's what in the world of waste. Heaps of games, activities AND the Recycler's Rap.
* Recycling for kids
An article from Startlocal Australia on recycling for kids
* Tree People
Make an environmental pledge and see your tree grow. From the folks at Genesis energy.
* Worm World
The Yuckiest Site on the Internet looks at worms, nature's recyclers! Learn about nature's recyclers and learn how to make a worm farm.