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 Cover of What not to spendThis page lists some great resources to help you save money and manage your budget.

Top 10 budgeting tips

1. Join the library

A library card gives you access to free resources. Libraries also offer free computer and internet access, free or low-cost learning programmes and events in our libraries.

2. Set yourself a budget

3. Reduce your travel costs

Check the information at Energy Efficient Travel.

4. Reduce your energy costs

Try our Power saving tips resource.

5. Sell up your surplus

6. Shop smart

7. Make your own

  • Our Good Life section has some great suggestions for useful resources.
  • Make your own bread, clothes and furniture.
  • Felt is a New Zealand site where you can buy and sell new hand-crafted items.
  • Etsy is an American version of the same. Etsy has a Kiwi group of New Zealand craftspeople.

8. Grow your own

See the resources in our Gardening guide.

9. Do it yourself

Fix your car or do up your house. The library has a collection of do it yourself books, magazines and videos and DVDs.

10. Cheap fun

Find parks, walking tracks, libraries, museums and local events which are often free.