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Central Plains Water

The Central Plains Water scheme is a large scale irrigation scheme which will irrigate 60,000 hectares of land between the Rakaia and Waimakariri Rivers, an area stretching from the Malvern foothills to State Highway One.

The Central Plains Water Trust has applied for a number of resource consents. In November 2009, revamped plans leaving out a large storage dam in the Waianiwaniwa Valley received interim approval from the Commissioners. The Commissioners issued a document outlining the background and reasons for their interim decision and the final decision was released on May 28, 2010.

Key organisations

Central Water Management Strategy
A new framework for managing Canterbury water use. Led by Environment Canterbury, Ngai Tahu and Canterbury's district and city councils. This is a very simple website - for more detailed information on how the strategy actually works and is managed go to the Canterbury Water pages from Environment Canterbury.
Central Plains Water Trust
Trust established by the Christchurch City and Selwyn District Councils in 2002 to facilitate sustainable development of Central Canterbury’s water resource. Developing proposals for a large scale scheme providing water for irrigation between the Rakaia and the Waimakariri Rivers.
Read the resource consent application.
Central Plains Water Limited
Private company established to develop the irrigation scheme between the Rakaia and Waimakariri Rivers in Canterbury. Shareholders are around 300 farms in Selwyn district who will take water from the scheme. In 2005 Central Plains Water Limited was given the status of requiring authority.
Read the press release from David Benson-Pope outlining the awarding of requiring authority status
Central Plains Water Scheme notified consent
Environment Canterbury has information about the scheme and the resource consent process including background, reports, information updates and details of hearings.

Other perspectives

White Water Canoe Club
Kayaking club based in Christchurch.
Water Rights Trust
A Charitable Trust promoting the wise use of rivers, streams and groundwater in Canterbury and New Zealand. Site contains information about the issues of water use.
Do We Have Enough Water in Central Canterbury?
Opinion editorial from Dr Vince Bidwell, senior research engineer at Lincoln Ventures Ltd, a subsidiary of Lincoln University.
Fish and Game North Canterbury
Represents and manages recreational fishing.
Our Water Our Vote
Protest group organised for citizens committed to long term action to restore democracy in Canterbury and to protect its water resources and the environment from dams, and abstractions and intense land uses that would further challenge all citizens’ access to clean and safe water.
Federated Farmers
National organisation representing farmers.
Water NZ
Gateway to the New Zealand water industry.
Your Water - Environment Canterbury
Gateway to information about water resources and management in the Canterbury region.