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Christchurch Photo Hunt 2012

The Christchurch Photo Hunt 2012 was themed The ordinary is extraordinary A celebration of our city, Christchurch, in the twentieth century. We received a range of fascinating images and they can all be viewed on the Christchurch Photo Hunt 2012 page.

Thank you to all those who entered for sharing your photographs and memories.

Winner: People

PhotoSunday afternoon, Sumner promenade submitted by Merle Conaghan

Three generations, grandmother, parents, children, walking on Sunday afternoon along the Sumner promenade. Summer time, January 1967

Judges’ comments

Christchurch in summer, summed up in a photo. It is simply a 1960s shot of three generations enjoying a weekend walk by the beach - but it’s so evocative you can almost smell the suntan lotion and salty sea air.

There are so many things in this photo that are evocative of the time and place – the prints on the dresses, the shape of the sunglasses, even the glimpse of sunhat you see over the top of the concrete wall. And off in the distance, Scarborough’s clock tower. If the people in this photo hadn’t just had an ice cream I’m sure one was in their immediate future.

Winner: Place

PhotoPlace: Burwood Rabbit Farm submitted by Kathy Steele

Was 24 Francis Street – now Bassett Street. Early 1930s. Elizabeth (Bet) & Katheen Cullimore (my mother) & Punch. Raised Angora rabbits.

Judges’ comment

There is something magic and otherworldly about this shot. The location has a sort of arid dustbowl Americana look. It makes you curious about the Burwood Rabbit Farm, and you can get the feeling you are looking into a lost world.

Who knew that people raised Angora rabbits in Burwood? I love that this photo makes me think differently about the suburbs which have a (sometimes hidden) history all of their own. A thoroughly ordinary photo at the time, the subject matter is rendered interesting and unexpected by nothing more than the passage of time. And the dog is pretty cute, too.

Highly commended

PhotoPicnic submitted by Paul Slater

Dad Peter, Mum Norma and Paul, together with a family friend, share a picnic by the car in the vicinity of Christchurch, in 1965.

Judges’ comment

I reckon every family has a version of this shot – the picnic by the car. This is a classic example of that most Kiwi of photos.

Jandals and biscuit tins. And isn’t a Christchurch picnic always more comfortable with the easterly–sheltering qualities of the family car to keep things cheerful?

Highly commended

PhotoCambridge Service Limited submitted by Carole Bourdôt

This is a photograph of my father and his business partners standing outside Cambridge Service Limited which was situated on the corner of Cambridge Terrace and Colombo Street, right hand corner over the Bridge of Remembrance where the demolition of Sacchi’s building has recently occurred. The old truck is a Hupmobile (circa 1926–1931). The people are (left to right): Mervyn Feutz (apprentice), Neil Walker, Bill Hampton (my father) and Fred Murray. I have many memories of cycling over the bridge, down the rise and into the forecourt. Also sitting on the roof shortly after the war to watch Field Marshall Montgomery’s calvacade pass by.

Judges’ comment

This appeals on many levels. What could be more ordinary (and yet important) than the local mechanics? There is something neat too about the vehicles, the array of good–looking signage, and the glimpse of Christchurch buildings in the distance.

One of my favourite things about this photo is something that isn’t particularly photogenic – it’s that the phone number on the door of the truck only has 5 digits. I doubt anyone at the time would have thought that noteworthy but it demonstrates the march of time just as well as the hairstyles or motor vehicles do.

Highly commended

PhotoOpen day, 1955 submitted by Raymond Morris

USN. Icebreaker at Lyttelton Open day.

Judges’ comment

This colourful and action-packed shot shows the strong and enduring connection between Christchurch people and those heading down to the Antarctic.

Anchors away! Lyttelton Harbour never looked so glamorous.

Highly commended

PhotoAt the races submitted by Ruth Cashin


Judges’ comment

All the excitement and buzz of a day out at the races is here – the busy totalisator, the nifty hats, and hordes of people striding off to watch the next race.

The Port Hills, big puffy clouds and crowds of people. The hats might be different but a day at the races in Christchurch was ever thus.

About the 2012 Photo Hunt

In the 2012 Christchurch Photo Hunt people shared photos of 20th century Christchurch and helped build a photographic archive.

The categories were:

View the Photo Hunt entries. The competition opened on Monday 1 October 2012 and closed on Wednesday 31 October 2012 at 5 pm.

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