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Imprintsfragments of Canterbury history

To help celebrate the 150th anniversary of the settlement of the Canterbury province, Christchurch City Libraries launched "Imprints", a digital history archive, in December 2000. Through the use of technology we have tried to bring to life some key resources which help to tell the story of the people, places and events which have shaped the Canterbury province.

Included in the archive are the:

Burke manuscript

A lively hand-written account of Christchurch events and personalities during the 1850s and 1860s.

Page 171 of the Burke Manuscript

Photograph collection

A collection of photographs reproduced from historical newspapers, archival sources and early books and reports.

Photos; disc 1, photograph 2

Christchurch Chronology

A timeline of Christchurch events in chronological order from pre-European times to 1990.

Christchurch Chronology select a year menu

Lyttelton Times

A copy of the first issue of the fledgling colony's first newspaper.

Page one of the Lyttelton Times first issue

Ordinances of the Canterbury Province

A record of the legislation enacted by the provincial government during the years 1853 and 1875.

Transcribed from the original documents.

Canterbury Ordinances