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About the Reading Crusade

Christchurch City Libraries and the Crusaders have joined forces with The Caxton Press to create a unique and exciting reading promotion for Year One to Eight students.

Christchurch children are being asked to read their choice of 12 super titles, and complete an entry form with details of their reading. Children will be in to win rugby and reading related prizes and all children who enter the Reading Crusade will receive a certificate printed with signatures of the Crusaders Super 12 Team.

Christchurch schools, Years 1 - 8, have been sent entry forms to give to their students. If your school has not received forms email us at library@ccc.govt.nz.

Teachers follow these simple steps

  • Distribute entry forms to students. You should have enough forms for each student but let us know if you need more - or simply photocopy or download any extra forms you need.
  • Explain to students that they need to read twelve books between now and the closing date. The books can be their own choice of fiction and/or non-fiction. Click here for Reading ideas.
  • Students need to write the details of the books they have read onto the entry form and also complete their personal details at the bottom of the form.
  • You initial the box to show that students have read the books listed.
  • You will need to return all completed forms in the enclosed envelope so that they arrive at the Library no later than Friday March 28, 2003. Please send ALL your school’s forms together with the enclosed cover sheet.
  • The Library will send each school Certificates printed with Crusaders Super 12 Team signatures. There will be one Certificate for every child who has entered the competition. Certificates will be sent as soon as possible after the draw. You will have to keep class records of who has entered the competition so you can write the name of the child onto the Certificate.
  • Children who have won prizes in the draw will be notified individually and invited to attend the prize function on Tuesday April 8. Prizewinners’ schools will also be invited to send a representative. Members of the Crusaders Super 12 Team will be attending this function and presenting the prizes.

The Reading Crusade is sponsored by The Crusaders and The Caxton Press.

The Reading Crusade has been endorsed by the Canterbury Primary Principals’ Association and the Canterbury Reading Association.

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